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WUtonvillo, a speeial train earricd the party again
?o the aurumit of Mt. McGrouor. Keaching tbe
stavtion, the l'resident waa greeted by Hcury C.
lViwen and wife, who bad airivod dfirlriK hia ab
sencc .\t I :if haa ipeoial eonveyed tbe party to
baratOKa. where tbey arrived at 4 o'elock.
A striking teature of tiie reeeption tliia after
noon waa Bat taaataee al un unnaaaBy ktrga
nuniber of white-haired oetogenariana, who, In
graaping Prraidei't Benjamin Harriaon by the hmul
tooh nndp in Informihg him that tbey lmd aop
ported hta grandfafher, Oeaeral W. II. Ilarnvm
in the Tinpocanoe lailipalgn and tbat it nffordel
them pleuMti-e ta gieat hia dkaingntabed graadean
at tbla time. Preal leat Harriaon reeehred them
wttb greut cordiailty ,and exebanged a Pew pfcae*
ant sontenoe*, with eaeh one of the
veterans, amaag wheai were Tndce Joaea,
Tudzc tlo.iker and ex-Confiiaanian Jamee
M. jfarrln. Thc Praaldeni aaid that danag bat
trip he hnd niet niany of "the old gaard, and
thnt the h.vnl and nnosi, Dtatloiif nianner In Whlch
tbey had greeted him on eaeh and erejy oeeaaion
forined aoinc of the nlcasmtest Ineidenta ot the
ioarney. Presi.iont Harriaon wlB reoaia at ihe
Gnind* I'nion Hotel until aexl Taegday moroing.
To-night he ia enjoving w\r<\ i"?t, bat 101
Katurrtav and Mondav evenin.srs he is anaonneed,
but not. oflieiailv. to honoi wttb liis presence
half a do7en eatertainmenta arranged for these
dntca. This i? Preaideiit. Harrison's first visit
liere since he nmde hia ^reit 6r>cccli hcre dnring
the Gartield rampaign.
ixdiaxa or. ir.MXOIS-THE EtTCA
Peoria III.. Aag. 21.-Tho strikc on tho I'rori.i aoi
Pekin Dkdea yarde ta -tui on. So freight trataa are
betng ha-irtled at all. All pateengOT trnlns are now
mortng od iinic. Thc i nra Oaatral a?d tbe Terro
llante and laarfa IreJha begaa raaateg tata thc Dnton
Matton last evceneg. Tbere w?s oaty one ael of
Tlolenre reported. An attompt w?s mado to Uunsfer
?aaaa aagar frea the Otaeoae Ooaipeay'a aarta to
tlie Cblfagr. BmrBagtea aad Qata y eara, fale raad
la not hrabrel la tbe atrihe, bat tbe men aawlag uie
bupu- weea aat ipoa aad aerarely beatea. tw<> ar
rcst, were made bv.1 nlght A* the Mg Poar paa
inngrr aata waa i>miing oan ahdrlly after addnlgbt a
switchninn aaaa d Bbeaban lamped aa the piatJorm
and unconpled tho eara. He waa promptly arrested
and wlll be hald for trial anttl tho striko Is ^ttlcd.
Davld I>eaii Bkwe, oaalnium of thc awtkera' oommlttoo,
was mutil yaatoidaj aa a warrant ekargtog him with
llillthig the men to iatcifcre wttb 1'eona und Pclui
tuion property.
PtTii, Ind.. Aiir. 21.-TUC attgtax was capi>ed tn
ttto Laiiu Irle aad Weatern atrlbe yeeterday tn thia
tity bv tho aiumaiuin of Oeaeral Manager Bradbury,
araarlag aa maa to raporl tordaty by midnlgM oreaa
Kidcr taeauelvai ttaebargad. Aboat tktrty-flra of tho
men rnIM fot their tim i. Thc Mtnatlon 1^ extre.l.v
ennvv, as it Is BBdaratOOd the tiremen wlll t;o out ataO,
thus Maeklag nii ttafde, AB baatncaa la aaapeoOed
and tlie lai(je BbOfa at thta pctat wUI bo closed untll
further notlre.
lalbaaajali. Aag ftt^-tent atgfal Oeaaral f-niK-r
intendent Hiii and Maater of Itaaaportatlon Bett. of
the Lahe Brie aad W.-tcrn, left hcre for I.afnyotto.
arhara tbey wlB attempt to more kataa. Thc metbod
adoptod by the BMO to enlone their dcinands is not
sancuoncd hy their own ndea nor by tho.-io of tho
rcaVcaflnn, and gaey have no sujiport from tbla oaar
ter. xiie Bwttebaaaa ba*e rataraed to work vobn>
turtlv at Udayatta and tlK- aaaraa adopted by GencrsJ
Manap-r Bradtmry it la pmerally belleved wlll prove
ti* meaaa of teraalaaaag tbe dnVealtp. The men may
retuni t?> wc.rli. luiv.np tho a^~ui-?noo of tbe lncninirc
ment that gbfeto de-mand* wlll bo falrly eeaatdend.
Tho>e who rataaa to raeetva timc ebeeka wiu t>e di->
rhar?red. Tlie strlke hM not spread to Fort Wayoa,
Cniclnnatl and LouUville. as wa.s layorted. ITivate
advleeH recelved here say that PluMant Raaaaay, of
gaa l'eoru and Pakta fnion. baa aeeured anoagh '
awitolnnen to bre:ik up thc .-trlke at Paorta, and he j
??v* aa wi:i -.top tuo trotibic if it eotta tbt wbok rcad, ,
nttikaig Ang. -Ji.-A aaaaoteb from Pladlay, ??i x i
M?y?: Taaaarday the laidmaa in this city <nitt wotk. j
jotning the aadbara and aemandlng pay for extn work. j
The apent and hls office force have been hept hnsy ;
garawlag iwitebea and handttng eara wblcb are trana ,
leired to other llnea aad rnMieo. throngn. A ilisjiatcli ,
fn-iii Bt Marys, ohio, rCfOfta a BimUM stata of utiatra |
tXlA dfbwrJn' from Ltma, dhlo, says: Owinc to aba !
protnated striUe ou MW l.alie Erte and Weatern BaU
road, tho main abopa of tbal road liere ahnl down
y< -trrdav. Thc ti.illlc of tln- llnc tia?. wherevor ;<??>
atble bi;' n dlvert?"d to competiim r.*<l-<, hut i.undi^is
ol rarloadi of gndn iuv l.ving aloap thc trnelt. wttb no
rfilof in ilght The men itre qalel and tinn. and show
ii,. agna of weakeniag. H>mo threaten to bold p:k*
KctiKiT kaina if aha manogement refuse their demanfll
awab toagar. __
TIIE PTBIKE at cbamp^i vabd xot BEBTOTTB.
PaBadelpbia, Ang. 21.?Inqulry to-day at the
Cramps' infpyard prored tbat tbe -tMUc of tbe rhretera,
eaalkora, ihlppera, koktera-on and rlvet-beatera h-.<i aol
aacamed aear tbe proportl ?aa n ported by thc men la-t
nieht. It ha<l beaa Mtated that tbe aenabet Ol men and
boyi who had quit work waa aboat .'>oo. bat i?o is aii
viio have ,|uit. Tbla tncladei tbe men who were eom
peued ti qait, laoh aa heaten and bkjwers, aa, wben
thc rivetera iwack, tbere arere no rlveta to babeabsd
and ii(' baBowa t.> be blown.
Henry \v. Cramp lald to-day tbat tbe atrtka wooM
not amoaml t i anythli g. *> thc flrra conld get all thc
men it wanted. <>f roune, tbey wera ?ery hu=y, m
tM. and tlie ttrflH woatfd delay them h.me, but n>>l
i.-- .:. Aag. 21 (Bpe lal).?Poetmaate? Hart eaaaed
e, Bttle breeae ol exeitemenl to-day by di-mi-^ing Uie
heads of four of th" Boataa braneb nostoaVea and
appointing ncw men n> taeeaed them. wuuam H.
Eiyna. of ttk.- gaaaorvlBe ofara, is dieplaeed by .lame*
E. Whittakor. a ettlaen of tbat pbtee; Benjamlii J.
bullivan, of Lwt Boaton, by Mr. rlarringtoB, a lettor
aarrkff for aver tweoty yeara; A. il. Oormlay, ot Oam
bridgo. by ?awlti i'. Craig, lormerly eblef elerk of
tho tumbrid^eport ofllee; and John 11. Glblin, of 8 uth
Boiton, by Henrj 8. TreadweB, a fOraaM rallwaj mall
eaark ' rTotblna more deflnite a- to thc eaose of the
n-eiovals could t* tcarned at the poatofflee tlnn tho
general stafment that tho ai:m m*> taUen for tlio
good of tho servhv.
Slongomery, Ala., Aair. ?-'], Tbe laih-y Ralbmal
Bank -u-pendod paymeni to-day tamporarfly fr>m
lnability to maJie good I '?''""? dtacoaated by the banh
and protaatad m Haa York, andaratood to bo drafte
amounting to aboul B100.000 oa Bew-York by Prenl
j.- t WobtobX of tbe Aaahama Teraolnal aad Unprore
ment Oompaay, of thi^ etty. The baak*a depocHa an
tbout ge?.O0O. It ta tboagM tbal inattci-^ wlB bo
arranged so t.at no one tkoJl taffer loss.
A UltTMJAl IS nfl !?'? J- EASCOCM C15E.
pino liiuir, Ar*., Aag. BI fBpeetal).- Tbe eetobtatai
case of the Btate agateet W. i. Haneoeb tanalaated
to-day in a mi-triai In rivo Cwrentt Coarl at Varner,
Ar'*., to wbkh, awtog ta a prajadtaa it waa traaa
fcrrod. Batwltbataadlng tbe fad tbal tbe Deaioerata,
ta oraar ta tadlaaaee tbe |ary, attamptai ta m?ke a
pointrai artaae ol tbe effatr, tbe fardtet ataod atgat
ln favor of aeaatttal ta fmu tor eonrlettoB. Oeaeral
u Binc wnito aad Ootoael M. L Belk two icading
aataraaya, Demoerata, repr.trted the defendant.
orapscnBa tmm vowun c.ir.
AAtaattc lllgkkiir- E. ?:?? Aag. S1.-A aambar of
Govornment oflw.aN, pMatp of Jkjpcpi Bawarda, 4 tbe
Mwarda Piadging UMapaay, who bai Ibe eontwet
for drvdeing thc rbaaaela of the Uraer Bay ol Baw
York uft bare la-daj la a tag i" rtalt the tawdredg
lii boaaVaiid laapeel their i.le of worklna Tbey
S& vtatted ie (taTerament dock a- sandy flook, the
cew f<-n and thc bwg? and ? -e aft.i^a^
gaaatalaad aa beard the tag bj Mr. Bdwarda.
?? ? ?
a cmxEtt roaon catomt.
6an Frat.cl.co. Aag. '-M, lor - 1 'cnial
revvnue ofiu.-r- have beaa aeareaing t<?r the maa araa
to aamaaafanj (arged Agetrl Tbomaaa dgaatan H
the ahaaaaada al hmahi plaeal aa unmannfaetared
ageaaa. TaHeraay taag Oae Oag, ? thriaflaa China
m?n. who wa, taaaaeajd ?f '"<? hagaryi tanhaaal
that he was tho guilty pocson and ln the prc*enro of
the revenue eaVen imitated Tbamaa'i atgaatara <?o
well Uu?t it tould baidly be dlatiBgaHBad Baaa the
Wilmlngton. Del.. Ang. -Jl.-The body of an tin
im?wn man. ?h:*t thronuh th<- heart, was fi.nnd jnst
oeyond the city line th:s gaatalag, Tbere were no
tnaik> of a eanafgfci and aa erktebue of rabbary. The
paatal bad baea aaaf at eaeh a ibarl tlatat "? tbal tbe
de?d inati's shirt and vc^t were bfaahaaal h> tba
powder. <>n bht kev-ring wa* btamprd -J. I!. WI1I
n?m?," arbtah i? tba ""!?? -;. \m bta aaaaa.
< bildrrn >u|o>
gwiia- aaaaa aa
ii'r'iu" ut *'ig? ?h<;ii I" u,,a (,f * 1jmh.iv>-. ana if Uhi
it'ei ?r nn Ui< r t? >i.-t!\> 01 lillinui Un- mot xtH'ifylng
?rkilU follnw 1U II**, ?>'? thut lt i- Uw h?i faiiliy i-iiady
BStia *?i atary aaallf ?.iia have a botuc
rue bk-a>*iit iiavor, gaaaa a> t!"u ?nd w*,ihiiiK oaaaai al
- ?Ahen in a"J "' * taxativa, and if Uvu
a nfTTTWtrr* ?? pomwbc bb?*x*a\ci* on
tiie PLAIB OF M\ME-ST0P.1ES 09 Dt>
rBy iBinaairn to tue Tntnu?E.i
Niimflf, OBOttk, Aug. gt.-On that BBOeay plaln by
' Nianti.- Btfoi iwafg by wfaaU thal Haw Baahty up
froaa tbe <(^i wavoa af Long laJani Baond, ooaernor
BaJhetey t >-<iny lewfowad tha Bfoaa trooj* of Oeo
neUiriit and ncver bave tbe tro'PN of that moM Mtin-nt
| and BOntarahH State, prevmted a tin-r appoaranee.
! There w?> no ajgg of tlnt drinnnill/.ntlon arhkfl Uw
Qoaoroor'a cnaaaJrja bnra boen eaeawtng attaoUed
in the raaha of tho miiitia of ?i>e state, i.nt UMtaad,
then- was a pe.rfeetlon uf diM-iplitw and axaafJenef Of
dr'.ll artrJOh f;;r (mrpa<se>, nnythlng tho statc troopa over
(iid baaora. The let ?aadaaawl did aiparlafty well and
the parades and revlews of fo-day Rhowed that they
wero aoMlera to a inan and that politlcs dld not eartcr
Into the atfalr*. of the Btate Camp. The OBaaf kl
attaatad about half a mllo from the vllmgo of iBQt
l.\iuo. ;md roimdaboiit it are hllls rlothod wlth tnya
Wbteb wuve ln the *alt wlnds from tne Sound. An
aini Of the sen reachos ln armiod the ba?e of tlie
pkatforaa on wttah at thla aeaaaa al the yoar the whlte
taata ..f tha Maea troopa are pit<-i?ed and tne attnaaton
i- Bloaothar hwoty and huallhfnl. To-day waa Oo*
ernor'a Day aod ihwllj before 2 ovioek the aennd of
bngtea eaUei Baa men 10 form in tho eompany itreoaa.
Hohnrrti gtoaaaed among the whlte banta nnd over
ihe broad aaala meaaaad aaaoara ereajt auaiijtag on fleet
haeaaa. Tha stroirg south wm<i aaaw the gaarleh
plaaaim of tha >la.ft oHirers and the horsehair phuaea af
tho line oaacora aaoat la a pktaaeaqaa aaaaaat nnd
arawed tha daps whtob leaned a*aajarhera from loftf
BBaBa, Hlgh over all other flags, of eoaraO, was tho
enslgn of the Ivt-pubiic. BOeond to that BOg and b>
noam other waa tt>.- d.-wt of the state af Cooneetlcnt*
flyinp over tlie, pavllion in front of the t.overnor's
hoad.iuarterv The ramp is ralled Oaaaf watBW thU
ycar in Jionor of that BBpat ablo brigade oommander,
Oeneral Thomas L. Watt-uh.
When |he tlme fot tha revlew drew nenr Oeneinl
TTitnrn rode out apon tha plaln foiiowed by hts ataB,
eoaalatlag of Aaalalant Adlatant-Oeneral loala B. Van
Kouion, brlgade foapactot Pldaeaa II. IngaUe, Brlgade
QaMiliaaaaattii Howard <?? Hiibbeii. Brlgade Commle
aaiy lanac Bronley, Bdward J. WUBame, Brlgade bi
apeator of BIBe Praettee, Medfeal Dlreetoi Qeorge L
Portor, Bnglnoar uml Mgnal Ofiker Charlea U Bardett,
and the aldaa de camp. Captatn uihVrt C Blahop nnd
john ]'. BeUogg. From the tlme the ordar waa glvon
for tbe troopa t? Baareh oat on tlio plaln fn-m whera
they had been aaaaBbted in thelr eompany atreeta
nntil the timo tho i.!H?(> men worc extended in B
Img and plitterlng line aeroaa the broad and wlnd
awepl expanaa, H waa J"-t one and a half aalnata.
Tbe parade betng torroed, the Adlatanl rode np graeo
fnlty, sainting tho eoBaraandlng ofloae wlth tha aweep
uf iils sword. and annOBOCed the fa<t and toolt his
?pptoprtate paaee. Meantfaaa foar aaoontad men
poder (ommand of " aeigoant, bad rraaaa ap to the
Ckrrernar'a tent and the altk aajldon baarlng the Btate
eoat-cat-aQna bad beao broaght and glaon Into tbe
aatgeanPa <:n\'. Tlio aovernort statr rode ap all
mounted oa grey koraea nnd eoffeeo* '" tlie trapplnga
of war. a aorral horaa, roaered wlth yeltow aonalnga
was |ed ap (or ti - Qovornor. Jie ?oonted and the,
wbole eavakada awagrt out uik?h tiie plaln whera
(icneral Wotaon?hfa sword flashlng in the aan,
whlrh BOW brohe throngll the clouds, tiirn-d
orer tiw noiBiaBrt to Ma abteellaney. On the
l.fi of tha line was statloned tbe artillery, and
over lt floated tlie blood-ml guldons of tluvt nrm Of the
st-rvlcf. Oa the k-ft araa tbe band. aod aa <!i<- <;..v
crnor rodo dOWO Uio line, ridln^ well bBCh on hls
horaa, and iooklng .-vii-y Ineh a Qoremor, tlie well
known atralna of "Hall to the Chlcf float?l ln tho
mr. The fctaff foiiowed tlio (Jovernor In that ple
ture^tine ride up and dOWfl UM hiiiK line. ^k\<\- waa
tlie Chlcf Execallve of a Sttte rereived with BWre
Bonora <>r aaoca attaeoeea of loyal dtrotion ihnn w^
(iovemoi- Batkeley yaitmiay as Ma -uit galdon arent
fluttoring down tlio lOOg and perfe< ily-fonne.1 BTM 10
arbera tha r-d flags of the artlBcT} waved and Ihe
bornlabed bnrraja of tha Gatiing'. Baahed in the mn.
when the realew was endeo. tiion- were diin* bv
tho lafaotry and arttUery, \\iii<!i laatad unttl it w.is
tfaaa for the dress pjrode. at .'> oVlo-'k. Tbe Inf uit-v
deployctf a hklrmlsli line over tbo plaln and kept no
u ooarttnaoaa iiro whlrh woaM havc aaada it niaraaMty
oneocafortabla tor any foa, had aael there been. After
raaiona aaaniiiaiiioa. afl w.n ezoeated, by the Inamtry,
iiw artillery eattie thnnderlng an tha plaln, and then
waa board the vtefoaa aennd *.<t Haa grladlng OatBngi
and tho barklng of Uio letl afecea, as
they blnzed away arross ihe well tivddea graas.
Mn: wbole plaln waa wiapped U anooke aow, an 1 it
rolled la gi\'.u biii.w^ ap aroand the th'h toatlag from
its lofty -1111. amokeleaa powder aaaj make arOUerj
ilrlng more efreetlvv, bat it eaa aever famtah ancb a
ptetnreaqne ipeetacle aa araa aftorded by tiie batterlea
wiiirii fired aeroaa tbe ptalai ol Lyma U>day. .\tu.-r the
traaa parade tiiere wa? praettee wlth tbe mortar bat
tery and the ilege gana, watch arr- mounted on earth
works ereeted on tne ihcre. The la-t day af the camp
eleaed wiih an Ulnadnatlon ln Ihe evenlng, whlrh nade
the pla.e look HKc a llttie ralryland. All aorta ol
colored flrea bbued, and Brework* ahol beavenwaru.
Xne camp bai been a blg aaeeeaa, and when, ;<> ai r
row mornlng, Ihe whlte tenti an' itruek and t"'.- war
Uke men ol 10 day are tarned luto jva?;cftii clUten*, the
memorlea and leaaona of Camp Wauon alll anrvlve and
caniiot fail to be of benetlt to th>- eountry and t ? bef
defenders. There were two accldenta, or, ral
ridenU, to-day while the exerritea were a 1
Malor Huidett wa> thrown froin bll borae Jn-t liefore
tho revlew, bat was ti ln)nred. Later In the 1
rivllian wtm wai ridlna aboul tne ramp, bef hb lorae
e?t aw;i\ fron btm, ano the anlmal da ihed Into a rrowd
of peopie. No ooe was Injared exepjit an oM woman
of ?eventv, who was knoched down and for a tlme
-ufftivd from the abock. She w?? not aerioualy In
inred, bowever. Among ihe well-kn rwn peopie wh.>
vi?!t/-d the ratn]i t" d:iv were genator Hawley, Oov
rrn r-eleet Merwin, Oeneral Wllllam II. linlkelev. (' do
nel Partrldi:?. Commlaaary Blchard Ollver, Captaln
A. H. Wllllams, Adjuiant Slllooeka, Borgeon OKhraiie
nnd Qaarterniaeter Hali.
EDITOH Ot T OF ?10,000.
Aabory Ptttfc, Ang. 21 (Hpeclal). Frank P. 0?Brten,
tire nvanagor of "The Blrmrngham (AU.) Age-Henud,'
jn aaa -.uiz the pn."is af the Gwernaej Honae, Borth
Asbmv I'ark. Mr. O'Brlen -?id thla BTecIng lhat the
story <'f the attempt ninde by Cotint Mitkiewic/. and
??>ho.' POX" Miller. of Plttaburg, to "bnnea* hlm ont
Of 010,000 Wiis abaototaly trne. He h;ul llrst mot
Miii--r at Hlrmlnabon three reawa ano aod bad ahowu
liim aoaae eoartealta. On Jaty 3 Mlilor aeeoatad kim
agjiin at B tOlegrapk ofBee ln .lor-y City and lold
O'Brlen that he had a aebeane in whleh handred* of
thoaaanda of doOan eaoM be mmio. ?? 1 toM hlm."
^;lid Mr IPBrlea, -tha 1 waa alwara ready to go Into
a c.k^I thlnt'. >le mado an UUgBgl llllilll with BM loi
Mindov evenlng, Jnl\ ?"?. BtlBer nel aae ..:. th" baaek
piawt at Ihe timo s.-t and we eaane baeh to the boteJ
! togelhor. H" Infradneed me to C anl Mitkl wi.r. and
i both taBmd to me tor *i,w thnaaboni mreating gmxiOO
' rash ln thelr srheme. I saw ibe twentv paga letter wrli
j tcn by Colonel Bhepard One talng thal ronvlnoad me
> thal thera waa aoaaa klnd of a wheme befng worhed
| n> soenro Mg eonaoatloni anaa tha lacl thal the Coont
I intlsted on tnklag aaa ao WaahJngton iuai Introdactng
. ii..- to ea Banator Bkatr. They aaighl have footed ma
wlth u \*v)i- Chrneae kOnlater, bol eooM n ?t bara
; worhed ofl any other mao as Benator BJatr. 1 bow
beUeva thal tii" wboaa lokome araa devlaed abnpty 10
p-t H-i(i.<KH) ont of aaa."
Tha I'lun whtek Coont hntkkrarlea ;r:d "Bboa-Box"
MlOer laid bef .re Mr. O'Brlen waa tn mbata
reaarreettoa af the Couatla oM phw f.r an Amaatcaq
. t.anii in ciiina. Aeeordtag to thoir ttory, fha
I Chlneae Oorarnaaent h?id pnnu<t to^tbeaa ounfeaalona
..1 . eaaona ratna, Inehattng aawtoafre i.anking privi
,11 Cadaa and the eoatrol af all rattroada and
ipk im.-s. Beefdea tnaaiiit; ihaaa kaufnaaa eoa
aa, the Enipero: of Chlna ha<l agn-ed 10 roretfaj
? 1 ? Batat Bkalr as Mtatahw to Chlna, la lefaranea t >
' the wish.'* of Colon?l P'.lliott F. >h"|i.ird, wh > was rep
maantad to \?- oa- of the naaftaMati rrahlnd tha ayndt*
1 <at>?. The chinfT-- (Jooenunanl had apre^d to fnrnfah
? one half < f the money, and the syndiratc the Other half.
Other members of the syndlrata wpie Tsni Kwo Yln.
Lofts ol* Appetite, Bick
Ili'iidiicho, juitl Tluit Tiii'd
Peoling, aro enred hy
tlie. Cnnie*e .MmnUT at \\a*nangiou. aud U H""K
? hang tlw Chlneae Prlmo Mlntater.
The Itaa as tbey preaented It, lookod plauslnle, es
peelallv as 11 was Nwked up by Ictt-r- aad tolcgr.vr,^
imni Colonel M.opard and othcta. inMiidlng Mr. llo. tt.o
f^mnirTon rorrl-VpVTndint, ?r,tM-<l oa tbe aeene befare
-';.' Vie had 1-c, qnlta praralled apon ta part altb
rt '-? "hiHi tbey aented him ta Inreet, aad
I .a.i', iiVv Inetated wa- n.-edc?l at once in rdor to mbu
u ,,, to^lTTW with eontraeta h-r the Bmperor toalgn.
v dt tii Mr. O'Brlen on hia gaard, and ihe (c.unt
and bS iViend Mtter taft I mna,
Thero Is a dcnded dlspu-itlon on the part of rlM/oiw
who havo beea gaaata dnrlng thc prescnt season Of
aaaai of the hoatalrlea ownod by the etty, bapt o*ten-t
I,IV f?i- Ihe t-ei.lit of the pnbllc. and siipposed to M
lin0>r tho conttoi of tba Qaaaabataaan of I'ubUc
Parta of tho tttj ?f rtaw-Tark, to oornplaln of the ex
orbttanl aad mcr-i aateaaonablt eaargea of the jaa
prletors for nrtioles of food supplled at thclr taMea.
t_ eemptatata'ara oajiefBy aataaaeat and aaaav
jvgly aaUfoaadid eaaearalag that, weii-known Ki.-.-r
ataa raaort, the n?tci ciaremont, whtoh thc rntn
Boari baa tbaa a year a^o hanlad over for ? tarat m
years to Tammi.ny's pet Uvero-keepcr, E. S. btokcs.
Mr. stokes is not unbjerted to bwga exyaneea or aa
exce*sivo rcntal. but hc managos to taek on the
peteea fur Bta jare he dkipeaaea in a wag oateatatad ta
alarm p.-opie who go tbere, aaJaat Ibelr laaaetal rot
ing b exeeedtngly blgb. A gaeat atopeed at theCtare
mont. for a meal on Thmr-dny cvenlng nft<-r a drlTO, M
eompaaled by nis wifo. AJtaoagh their oraar eeatataed
ilttio except aaaa, lobatar, ebiebea, eetory aad greea
eorn, lenred m atngle porttaaa only, tlie LIU footed ap
BftBS. At Ihe rloaj ol the lapaal tbey taoagbt taal
laey woaM entay aoaai inn-i.incion, bal tbe prtee
ehargai, tl fot baa diminutivo aaataJoaaaa, aeaaetai
?ertoeely from the taate.
taotber gaeat of the Ciaremont the other day
broaght away wttb bim aama of the bgarea an thc biu
of fara. Mr. Btofcea eeeaaa le have al bta gaag? ?**
a i'ivw i f keeplng away aii eaatamera exeepl Heb Tam
away offleeboklera. Heee tbe wlewam poUUdani
kan bee.ddlng tbalr eontareneei tbere, par
haps tbe parpoaa la ta mabe tbe plaee ma
expanarve for othere, aa that Ibelr Importanl
ronauttattona wlB not bo Inlntdcd apon. At leaat tv.o
prieea ln ererytbtag aeeaaa ta have beaa tbe rale la
maMng ap tbe btn. Th.- etaapeat aonp, eonaomme,
eoata "?"> eenta, wbfle the othon raa up ttaU wa]
rhowder, 4o eeata; ebiebea okre, ?">'> eento: green
,?-,,!,, r,o eenta. Celery raka al 40 renta for i icb
rn.an ajlowanee. BoftabaB eraba (and tbey are ex
Iremely ebeep thla eeaeon) e -t ?0 eenta; frog-kca,
HMoe prlea; ataffed lobater, 60 eenta; wbUe the aaaal
nutattea of Bab raa fn.m BO t i TB eenta a portin..
ror a v ii ehop, m tbe eatraa, T8 eenta is tho prtee:
iwuataieaaa are InvoJeed al fl. aed ehleben aaota
lae at #1 Bo. Boaat aprlng ebiebea is #i ??-.
bal a half one |a had for BI. PlOTer and aquab are 78
renta eaeh; BngMah partrtage, tB BO, aed eoM rbleken
II :.-> Cblehen atad li Bl. bat lobatar aalad la had for
75eenta Saeli regatableaai ;? u-s, itrlngbeona. Ltma
beana and eaaBfkrwer brtog BO eenta ? pktta; greea
eorn is only *> eenta. whlle eggphmt, aptnacb and
ipegettlare *0 eenta eaeh. A gaeat ran **?**?"
in any stvlc for tbe aceommodatlng aam M -> eenia.
loei aad leeeraam eoal M eenu a plata. A rma
ometetta is BO eenta: peaebea and eream -to and weier
awton 80. aii Kinds of rheaae whleb appeaea an v.<*
blll aco narked 30 eenta. if a "dewltavwe" ol Pwiwh
ooflee ta ealled for. 13 eeata arBl be aoded ta tbe aeore,
praettcalty tbe aame blgb arteea rak al tba
MeGoaa'a i-** Taearn, formertj Konnl &'t Vlncent,
whera "Oabe" Ctae baa laeceeded B8rotberln-law
Mrrann. By thc lermi of teaae af botli theae reaorta
,.?. aawnnta axaetrd for rcfreabnienU are Bbaolutaly
axtifit the eontrol of the Parb board. ln rlew of the
fa.ts preaeatad, la It not blgb H'?" tbal tbe Oornmla
?lonera ptae .1 aorne raatralnl apoa tho aeatandi of
theae pra~i)ing preprletoril
in ptaaatag eoatraal is tbe Bat af prtcei
.,< the Casino, mrmerlj w ?*I1 tondnetod bi
tbe lato Wllllam Badfoid. and alnc. hls jkn h
miiallrwell kenl by bta aneeeaaor, Mr. laaaea. H the
cESSS ?n be mn at reoa mnbl ? r?- and to thc . ntire
.?.'/.'. of tho- who rtalt It, v.liv ramnol the aaine
.,!,,.... ;,, ,... t laiemont aad al ateaowBl i:^
BeiTngl n, Vu. Aag. ^1 (ape tal?.-t b rrlea V. Winna
Um aewly etaeted rommodore of tba Amertean tanoe
u ,,,,, ,.. ,.-u, ,,f Ubeny, wbere he now Brea,
aod ta the raptaln of tbe Mohlren Oanoe flab of tbat
,,ty Mr. Wlnne la 1 ma 1 bobblrng over altb good
natare. He eao leB a
a targe namber of 1
mai be aiB be ? aacreaafnl exeenUre ofll
eer of the tanoe aaaoetatlon li an aaaared Ibet.
Mr Wlnne i- paymaator ot tbe Delaware and llndson
, .in;:I oompany, It a tnember ot tbe FOrt Ornnw I lub
of Alieii" . and ol otbei ;->' la] orgaalatxona ot that elty.
ln aii of wtdeh be tabea an actlva part WTlUa
Waekenhagen, the nea lecretarj and trea arer, I
promtnent In the bualne? and - ol Albany.
Be waa one ol tl.rtglnal M iWeani of that etty.
Laat nigbl tbe eaateni drrt km elerted the roil
affieera: Yice-commodore, .'? W. cartwrtght, Boston;
rear-cominoaore, G. U Panaeto, Hartfoed; pnraer, B.
ftppoBonto. wm-1.eater. Ka -. eieeatlve rommlttee.
Bdwnrd T. Towna, Holyoka, Ma--.. and Sldney Btahop,
Brtdgeport, Conn. Thc bat ol tbe radng erenta aae
the , anoe gymnaatlee. Theae a rre tbe entrlt -1
riui, Owner.
.,,,'??? .\mu.W. i. >?
i ' ;,:fi 1.1' .L'lllrondelle.E, C. Knapp*
er .mwn .D. U. u
I.,,,tli(> _.r-ll,i>'-t . '?. 11. 11
K^tcTerbieke,.T?rnado .F. C. Meora
,. ,,,,.. , 1 -,, 1,. .M \. I..r.. 1 ? .>.. ln' ani
K,a ,<.;?!?? k >: Kt? -? '" ;"^
Tbe blgbeai nnmiicr of poTnta were aeorcd by
li agtaaa,
The reeoid for It'.M la Ihlei
? awbtned Paldiing BalUng
v-.iiM. polnU. potnto. iK.iiiu-. Tutai.
n. i). Marpby. a ?> ? }j
H, K. Arrnbold . 1 - o '
Itoy Bweeny. (1 -j
1.. <?? Knappe. *^ J * '
U B. PaliDt* .> \ '
J. \V. hp..rr.,w ...... I ' ' "
n-tniu af th<> six beeee maa ef tba a.t fuiiuvr:
Naaae. Canoe. * |ut>.
H. i). Marpby.. Ignaua .v?|,-; at LowelL
C K. Arehbofa. .M. A. It .Folul Bclalrj, of MonU*al.
l-,,\ >?.,iiv i.iv-n.luroiit.,, ut lorunto.
i' C. Rnaiipa , L'HiroodelU Sprlngflela, ol HprtngaeUl.
\\ ii j>niu,.r . .litrkei .tanthe. of Xewark.
,i. w. Kparrow....?ol .xataeta, of Xtoroato.
Douuii.--. of tbe lantbe, wlnner "t Um reeord ln^t
year, aaa dropped beraaae be had aaed u paddJe la ?
?alltng r.icc Doegtaxa etahaed tbat bta uar, a ra-*?
ot extreme danger, bat thc regatta rommlttee <iid not
agaee entb klm.
Nothlng waa ioce In tbe eanoe eamp to-day, tba
tenoolata betag Um gaaata "' "'" ' "u" fbamptaln
\:u<a\ finb. ln Bartlngton. 'ric- ehtbboaae aaa laaebed
bj peetal rtcamrr it araa expeeted tbat tbe eanoe
raeea aoakl be raltod al oaee, bat the wbiteoipa, botb
toafcta and ontalde tba breakwater, made avea the
oauen of hvgar boata beatiati befare golag out. Tbja
watap aad aiad leU aBghtly, aad it wa- deetded ta
rati tae aalBng-eanoe raee al t o'eloek. tii^ eotrte*
were theae, artth UMeaaoea: <?. P. Doajgtaae, Tempeat:
M. D. Marpby, Igaana; Paal Bntter, h'-<-; C. K. Arcb
boM, Mab; wnii. WhlUoek eaUed Nott dmlth'i llor
aet btoM Bmltb lailed itntior's Eaap, and \v. L Dedtoy
-aii-'i Qeaalar*! Dawa.
BaUar tod at Ihe ifart, bal ho waa pawad by
Marpby wkea Ihe raee aaa balf over. Tbe Brtl baoy
waa paaMd ia bxra by Battar, Marpby, Doaglaaa,
ArehboM, waltloek and Siuita. Dadtoy bad aa eter
tinn aed < 11 < 1 :..t anl -r. | :,.?,, \Viiii]?h pa Md Altb
boM aad Doaglaaa. Batbn laal >.'i>aiii(t m letUi
aii reef, and, attboagb he worked tieae h wlndward,
be rooK not overtake Marpby. Tbe order of Bniah
w,a- Marpny, Bailer, Whitloi'k. Doogl > i Arcbbold.
a -i\ii i np. giveo by \+ Oraod It. Caonon, aaa
the tn t prtaa ai.'t Um aaoond tv,i^ jTeap givea by
Um yaebl elab. The aalf-mlla jiadiiic, ,,j i to all
ynn- by ihe pacbt clnb, aaa won by B. O.
Miintv. in Um Bpark, aTfjt j. ii. Oarnegie, ln Um
? ii.. leeond; L. (. Knappe, ln Udrd,
and L. B. P bner, ln the ? klrket, fotulh. rh.
peddBng i*' e, aii < t ?r , ? ?,, tae yaebl i lub,
Eered by th.- (oUowlng: crtrket. L. i; P
Igaana, H. D.>Murpnr: I/lilrondelle, K. c. K
Ttmix^t. <;. P. Doaglaea.
oidja of tii.i-ii wai Bnappe, Pabaer, Marpby
and I*'
ti.:-'* atlended Um Himnai baU of 'he Lako
('hampiiin VaeM Clnb lo Toc evenlng aad Iben were
carrici .i i ? ii. ? i ike i" Um Ir i art|.
litt-hurg, Aug. -ji.-a "Trtatata Mewe Bareoa"
di-pat.h fium taoatae, nhio, aaya: "Oeorge HamB
tan and bta wifo areai rtarttag thbt aftaraoon, toartng
tiirtr karaa aUbbjaa, Heafta, Btith aad ataaaa, a?wi
ajgab baa aad Iwo, raapeeavely, .it boaae. tftaf "
laag eaareb oa their rataaa the aaweti taaad the 0"T'*
Uttie onei conflucd in an old tool dtekt, wliere they
Mantels, Tiles, Open Fireplaces.
Household Art Goods.
UKIOH SQUARE ?????* eor. Broadway.
ir line havlng 1U own fouodrf
r. Eatabluhed over 00 yeara.
Evcrythlng mad? nliat*cwy.
lr roneern In our line havlng 1U BWB. toBOdrBBB
H'iv of the maker.
No old itoek.
had died froaa anffeeagfaW. A atJeh fasteucd in the
staplc Of the ehe-t indlraten miirder."
If all tha sldes of a BtOrj told ut Pi.lmer's Thcatro
htfl nlghl are truo. It aeonn likely that there wiii
Ih? one BOW ln tho generally Juynua reanlt of tne
H nveair pcrfonna-jro of "The Tar and the Tartar on
Taeadai aveotag, Abo.it flfteen mitmte* bef're t
begtanlag of the eoajra kaal night a awa afpiuafkaai u.*
doorteeper, L E. Hodea, and a*kod hlm what ?? the
,an.o of tha BBM WkO dlstrlbu.ed the sonvenir BgOOOa
oo Taaaiay cvening. The ataaahea of Ikiiaraa jean
to bo aaaplekwa ot queatioua aahai by peopie arhoae
,,? ;,,-s rhey do r.ot know, and Mr. ttodea rafaaed to
?.U um name unleas ho knew the gaeettoner I renaon
f,?. wtdng it. The maa refBed wttk h,?m^ ^
wnnnth that he had bought ?hree eeata *?J*?TJ
ntfW aod had reedven no aoirrentr. He i.wi aahed
,? one and H bad been refoaod. and ha meaot to
brlng a anll againal the maa who had refnaed hlm
: Ihatrnobh, and loa, of timo that ^"frol
,,??,. theae elKnaaetaneeeee, Mr. Hodea dW not
tbtok it was bla duty to tell tho aaaaa aodae
Z was bnaj taklng tktttot. tho ma.itojd W
a reporter who overheard the <'^ '7'; ^
hlm for an cxp.nn.tlon and rervlvcrf ^JbBowlng
rtory. Tbe eompbttnonl la ??Q- ^S"^
rl?.l?..l, Maaa, lla waa m Baa Vorh on M?* lay wttb
btTwlfe . l:i,-l^i inla,. and thev rosovodt
homed from b newapaper, 1,''w''"?.,' .??,,,..
?,..a wero to be glven away the ?ext "Ight, and the
^weroanxknutowalttlU then. ln or* to get
.,, I. w:,si,:,.onv,Pi,ntforMr. Andoi^o- ow^,
u hnaine- demanded bla peeeeoee a. koeae. batlt waa
frnally deehted to atay an* taho the oWlnlghl toaJnfoi
fLtonon raeattay nlght Tha party of threa reached
tho thCOtre al al.t - o*oeh and m thew waa .
orowd. they paeeed tha man who waa giving ont Ihe
aoavenlr. al tbe door wtthoot eeetng hlm. and the bidtoa
Bot none, Mr. Ajkhnaon weot baeh and asked tor two
",ver apeone for tha two knttae, bol the? ctowd was
.,ni romlng la and be eonM not be atteoded to. He
Snrned agnh. after tha opera boi begna, bnt the
m, who had rbarge of th.annlra told Mm that
uo eonM not glve ti..... to any peofto who had onea
naaaed the door wlthont gettfag them.
Mr. Ajatoraon-a r llthW .? thla He to* VBtoahle
ttme and MBerod annoyaoee la get for tha btoiea
wlth hlm tha aou??oln to whteh they were en
n,i,.i Kconllng to tbe awoailaci maala by tho maoagera
,,f ?Tha Tar and tha Dartar," and then he did not
,,., tbeaa. He aaya he ean afford to IrHng a anlt aa
II natl r of prlndpla to eaajgaMfadi tha rlghta af hlm
,etf and other In ?eh eaara, and he ajaona to <o
s,', He retorned to Baatoa bud nlght, bnt aatd
that bnalneaa wubM i rtag Mm bera agaln aarly ne.xl
weetc and he woadd th-n attend to the eaae. He had
,?,i \.i oonaulted any lawyer ahoarl it.
The Bian who bad eharga of the aaarrenlra on Taea
day waa Batley A\ *T. tha bnalnea* repraaentattTe or
tho rompany. Ile tald )..-t olgM that he bad done
hji beat to iee thal every bnty prea n< ??<>< 01
ud be eoald prodnee phmty "t wteneaaea to proea
tht,, ii,. bad no v.ay of aasaring MmaeU lhal any
..,.,. wba aahed h>r a maTonlr aitor gotng In was
aetlng In good fatth, aa be mtghl bo brytag to fet a
?? -..ii?i ,it?r kavlnd recervad ooe. He waa not
Btrrud et the reauil ol ai j all ti al mlghl bo bronght.
' he bad done all be could t?> . wal ewry l.idv
got aaoavCTlr, and eoald prove thal hc had done aa.
Qreenport, L. 1.. Aug. 31^-Oeorge llorry Crarm, the
yonng Rngliahman acenaed of torgeryi had n !???
i .uceJnattee T*rry.. Ilewaaaeeni ?: by
M. i:. WaUer, aeeretary of the Long laland Brteh Com
i | rm\1ng approprlated i rheek for 080, mad.rt
,?,,,;. ;,,??. of CyrU Colomrja, of St. Thomaa, Qnebec.
0,. who waa ln the emplov of th<> brlek company,
?i the eheeh to be malled. it i^ charged that
be r< ged Cotombe'a name. nad after addlng hi^ own
algnntura t'> Ihe cbeeh, bad it eaahed.
Crane preaented to tho oonrt n wrltten atatement, In
whlcb he denled tha! he had eonunttted forgery. He
^ thal the eheek had been glvee. to Mm by one of
the Ftenel.sn emptoyed In the brlchyard. He did
,r the name of tbe man, nnd be had often
rheeki in thla way and depoafted them
in the bank. Ile said the men emptoyed ln the brlek
rard bad on nnmeroua oceaatona eome to hlm arlth
cliecha, and ai they eonM not arrlto, he ama eompalled
the i namea aa well aa lils own. Me -;.aid thal
thla waa what be did In the raae whleb 1-. now pandlng
.,_,. ,| him. Crane waa cohunltted to tl.mnty Jall
a! Rlverhaad, ln defanll of bail Hla eaae wiu eome
before the i oorl ln Oetobw.
yiiss Allee C maray, who waa engaged t> be aiarrled
t? Crane, kt tbe danghter of a well known hotol keepei
at Horton'a Polnt Thla erenlng ahe made the fol?
lowing atotomeol to a reporter: "Crane eame to onr
plare a tlttta over a year ago. He waa a atrangar to
aa boi hla mannera aoon won hlm frlenda and we all
bebered blm u> be anytblng bnt what be baa proved
himaelf to be. He won began t.> ahow me marked
Bttentlon, and Bnall) we won- onp'.cod. We airanged
to an 11 Bew-Yort to proenre my weddlng ontnt. My
br.-ther waa to have arr,,m)mnied as.- Crane waa
, ,,,,,<! on the troln by thcaheriff. He said tjraahla
Intentlon to go to Jeraey Clty and pnrebaao a weddlng
i.utiit and tben gef Biarrled on M mday.
Bx-Asaemblyaaan yaaaea Irting is tytng at Ma homa
in :i precarlona rondltton from tlH? efferts of an aaeault
oommlttod npoa blm by nuhnna on Toeeday nlght
Irvlng la tha proprietor of the Carlton Hooae, at Bo.
in r tt ii i ava., whlt b li aox! to Jaeoba' Thtrd Avenoe
rheatre. A aamber of rafnaoa nanally -'and ln tronl
of the theatro, and Inrtng erdored the pollee to drlre
them away.
Iraing had lorhed ap his llqnar-atore on Taeadaj
irlgM and had gone int<> hN bedroom when ba heaBl a
aotae at th. door. He wanl there to aee whal it was
Hbont. Bo aooner dM he open tha door than be was
Bttacked wlth atonea, whlcb atmek hlm on the head
aad aii orer the body, Bonmbadj fir?Mi a ahot from a
revolrer, bol the alm waa poor. Teatorday Irvlng
wii^ eompelled to tahe to his bed aa a reanlt ol the
attack. The poBee ">'n- toformed of tha maa, and
raptaln Ryan, of tha Twenty iirst Prednet, last nlghl
arrealed Jamea Oaffney, of Bo. 3S6 Thlrd-ave., and
wiiiinni Uavia, of Bo. i-i Lexlngton-ava., on aaa
pi. I.,,, of belng Irvlng'a a aaUaota.
kUDB i <l-''.<y KOMB AT .1 tKIKMta Bf/X
BnrlngfleM, HL, Aag. 81. A grea! arblaveaaant in
rlftoahootlng waa Beeompllabed b) Captaln Boberl H.
Alhen, uupeetor of rtha avnetlea of tbe 8th Infantry,
lUlnoli Bational Onard, at the Btate rlfk raage bere
to-day. it ? >~ ;i aUnnlah mn under ITntted statea
regnlatlona upon tha dlhooatte Bgaroi nnd Cap
?? kea nada a i lean aeoro, plaelng every ahot upot.
tha prona Bgnre, mahlng the klgheat poaelble aeoro
ThM is tha Bral tbne tha font haa
,.\,r been aeeompBahad. The rnn < mal ted of twent]
ahota Bred at thirty aeeond latorvala at nnknown dt^
trooo <^x> >i>iiis to 000 rardi and retarn, donhla
,im-. aod han balta belng made, Captaln Alhen Bvea
in chlcago and i- raptaln af the famto rtfw team.
riltn P. LBLABB t>-irr.rE0 DY i WlltEM,
Chlcago, Aag. -i iSrajelafl^-Wnrrei f. Leia t,
no lariaod Hol i. kMhed al Jaattea Otonnon this n ra
log fn in betwoan ihe Mda ot bbbm baanlagea wrappad
aroand m~ feeo, arhlek ama la.iiy baaton yeatordoy b]
a unhan irattar nuned itoix-rt Jeaaata, whoaa Mr.
I.lunl aad j.od nnd diactuu-ged. J.uneia wus be'd in
*\S**i bondi on ii rhar;e ot M ati't.
i ueaeelled roadway, atone brldgea, aapertor eonln
ment. The ciiilic lliie U uroU'iieU by tho block alanal
Oncei apaa a tlnie, but that was long ngo, Xow Virfc
i itv waa <?icanct oeeaetoaatty. in tho*e oid daye
Uroadvy.iy wa* a wtr.-t. TO day It I* a great ditoh,
gUetahtag through a fllthy taWB. ttetween the geefB
n.iid oaataattaia, the Ceaaaltalatad <;*?- CMaapaap and
that Ured taaBeg wMeh t- IreabBag the sttet CTcaaaag
Jiepin tnu-nt, the once handsom. uvenuo ba* becn trans
foin .1 into a ajaaaabaa Ihlng. whlrh anwlta as badly a*
it looka, it baa "!m<- ta pas; toai the Biaaiwaf baal
aaaa tnan la never surprued to ttnd a BBO of tronchea
gad BMaeaa of atone and :*ind tvfore bta *tore, whleh
be loft Baatlagea ? baay aad pa aabea BtaaeagMaai thc
nlght befare. But baxatafBN the rorporotl'm* BBaV
ducting digglng oporation+i have left at Ieo*l part af
Bta -trcit rJeer. Baa the onttm atcet hj some ?eo
tions hiis glaegpaaeati and cvou tho sidewarxs and slde
streets Inve beaa sMted by tho contractor* nnd their
What was mico liroadway. between Thlrteenth and
Pearteaaal st*., it now a torn-up, rubblfh littere-1 mazc
of Btpaa, aawaapa, lumber, toota and ralli. Planks
are strctrhed acroaa at eaeh olde sireet, rlosing that
part of Uroadway aJtogethcr. on the atdewalks and
along Uio gutter* are plled stone* h d old nette, beslde*
auch toata a* the workmeii's Inrltnatlcns prompt them
to leavc there. From their stor** the owners look onr
on the dewtatlon In hetftaM wrath. The mlddle of
Broadway, from Fourteenth-at. down to Illecekerst..
is taken up by the oaJ;to-road bulhtors. The eaat slde
of Uie strcet Is monopollwd tiy the men of the ???>
?olhlatod f*a- (ompany as far down as Trnth-sf. Thl*
leaeaa aalf a few fee* ol the street, and that ia al
waya more or k>,a taJwn up by tlie dlfferent Imple
mente and the a. .uniulattons of dirt. The spoec |a too
Baattad for two traeba ta paaa one another, and tiaftle
in thc dlstrlot |a nlmont at a ttaadaMB.
What a (.erions iocs thls cntails on the BtOfaaaapara
eaa benUy be iitlmatrl ? t tix-re ?-? a gp-ater dan
gor, and aaa that can be e-timated. Along that M*
row spaee oti thc ce?t slde of the stroot an englne couxf
t,ot !%!??-, WttfWat grcit, dittieult.y and delay. U eaea ot
liro-. a i.add-r kraeh eaakhVI get ln at all. laoata
< oatpaay No. a be eaUai from tiw bouse. *hich is in
Thirtcenthsu oH liroadway. to a flre we*t of that
Itraat. the englne eould not ero*.s Itmadway at THir
leeatb-au, bal aoaM have t?) go pao b!o.k. oat ot the
v.,,v. abotdd flre orotir ln that barrl.vt-.'l part ot
Broadway, eoglaaa waall be tareed to <?op m the nd<5
itreeta, i ? tba tmafeat hydranu. tbey eo?i<i reaeh, and
?i, ?, the rncn would have to dmg the beaa by baod 11
tbe bamtag buiwmg. *me dciay may an.oant toa
:.-w mblatoe oaly, but ln Bgbtlmi B?ea the ^anaa
are roantad, and a minuto mw meaa aetaraettoa.
Bai ii la oaly UMOteUeaUy uiat an eoglne ooald ereo
, awl Ihroagh that *F?* whtcti baa ho-n left. \' ?
tarday, fae knataaee, tbere were a piie of sand. another
ptle ot ttaaaa aad taro Iran aaaelbaerawi bdl of itooed
at ono spot, completely bbMbtag Bg tbe P?-.-ase.
purtbar down, toward Mnth-st.. a ptb) af dirt. ? earl
and a great bcam carelessly thrown down so that
it lay aerma the strcet aftaetaaOy atappal trafga
thero At Broadway aad A^tor Piarc a moaamta of
nnd rompetad wltb a d^ep hoto ln maktag hta aeea
or> pictoreaqae. only a aarraw path aaa left. and H
utis bh ebaded by a lang aaa of watetog bTaeba. 110
tween lloaaton and Bleeeker ata. a lot of laUi hart becn
rareleaaly left oa the rtdewalb, and one lay otoUqnely
acroaa the ttraei, Uireawdng the Hga of pa^l"K horses.
Hetweeai ^p^lng und Haaatofl Ma. a aaw aaa
serorvely ptoogbtag, but the ?mell of aaeaataaj Bta
?polled tne pcacefal Impreaataa of that r*vtor.?l sceue.
Delow theae itreeta, down to raaauVai, Braadwai aag
elear. Prom Canabai. down to Barebar-ai. iraaaaap
i,K>ks as if ? battie were going on. Betwaag rbeaaaa
-i nnd Worth there were olc\-en pile* of blaek, slnny
mud ln tho gatter. Tbey baal beon thera a? d?v,
aeeordlag to ono awieaaeper. WbJls the repr?rter was
thon> a wag'm rolled over and IbrOagh them. ard
ipread them nleely along tho btoek. Then an gaaVeart
i ,??. along altb two men. It wa? snch a rare dght
lhal people gathered to wntch lt. Slowlv. slouly.
ono maa thnirt a spode. no* a shovel. Into thc at
traeHve maaa, Meat of it. feli off before he reaMI
damp it toto the rarh The other n;an yawaed
areariU the oarl moved on over two other pile*. tcae
tering them breadeaat; thaa anoth.-r -IK??^o^ll waa
Bang ln, and thc hapostng exempte of bow not to do
it crcpt away.
The aark of the eable road raatraetpra ls drmrging
on v, itowty beeaaae -" nMoy plpea aro in tho w?v,
Ueordlng i- Ibelr eontcaeta. Vtm pmat dlg twe fwt
li mrkM below tbe Mtrfaee. Mnny of the ptpoj aro
oniv n" fc hotow tbe "irftKe. ^ twaiwi al
\? anntL Thta 1^ hiird work and r-Nalr^s earefal
Hibway and all oUmt Wnda. At Thlrty fourtn m.
?? ili n dm 1 ad tO bo lowored.
,," n>., .??:.,!?; ih.. workmen a nnvvtwey aad
rwelftb and Pourteenth ata. aeeMentany eal two 1 re
ffiSmen" wlrea. remterlng Um atorm boxaaa
Verterday tbere aaa ataa Iroable altb the ?ina.
Chleago, Aug. Bl^-Becetver n. C. Balbyr. af tho
kmericaa Wbeal Company, baa Ued hia bond nnd be
ron the work ol liaentangttng the affalra of that eor
aorariaa, A eonferenee of itoekbokten wlU be heid
to-morrow, at wbtab it ta expeetod aome wthaaetonr
pian of aabaetneat wiu be arrlred at Attoraayi Mor
ns Mid ttda mornlng that tho eredttora of the eompany
weald undaibtediy be patd ln falL He eleo Maerted
that an toreattgadon wiu ahow thc eoneern ta he in
i better exmeltton than tne hrst atatomeat Infleatae.
Tho total a^s'-ts OB Aageal I, 1891, bfl laya, W9
ibown by an Bemtaed atatomeat of toat dato to have
been M^7*,353. Of the tlAOOfiOO lUblUttea, ?,
000,000 ta In tho form of pi-omtssory BOtae and ao
ceptod drafta, The re?t b ln ogan aeeonnta. WMh
ln Ihe but three moatba tae todabtediMaa has beon re>
mrci over B350/)00. Tbe offiec.s wy tbey havo
aiready eontraeta for nexl aeaaoa amountlng to gl,
000,000. Other contracts beyoad one year and with
ln tiK--^' yeara amount to bikio.ooo.
After apaeaattag a raeetvar, oa^-h eoart eatared aa
order aUowing tbe laeelear to eotrtlnaa tbe baafaeaa,
M r!:at. all eontrarts may be tarried out. At a con
rerence heM taday the oflicers said that tlie ussew are
thoronghl ygo.id and wlll not shrink. The phitits :it?
hII sald to he tn good condiUon, and the mllllon and odd
dollan worth of raw matertal ln ?<ore can be laaataal
on at any tlme. The oficers reeoocUa the afpacaatty
good ahowlng and Ui i agpBeattoa for a reeetoer by aay
Ing that di mand aetai matured fa>t?r ihuti ready
money eoaW be obtalned to meat the pap-r.
LoutariUe, Aag. -1-' ?"""" ";vi broagbl tn tho Fed
?11,1 c.Hirt bere yeatardag In babatf af A. Ctaytaa Wood
tuan, of iiK-ioi-. for tite appotntaaeat af a recctver bn
tba Keutoeky BtMel dtoeb Oompaay, eaanaetad with
tlie Amerlcan Wh-vl Company. Wooaaaaa at;d other
(tockhoktera are eredltora of the company to the ex
tenl of 8360,000, and tbey for that oatable eredttara
ralgbt by attnehmeut torea aatoJ of tbe property, aad
? be h-avy loaere. Tho eom?
pany ha- tonr ptanus cmptoylne lia tnea. '?? oe
fendanl rompanj admlta Um ?;ateiuents of the pe
itilon and atao wanm tae rc-elvor.
r.o--i.? BT THE XtOTT H.IVK.V P/BE.
Tho taree aeraa <>f bmd at tba Itartem Rltaf and
une-!inn.l od and llftlolh at, which had batn mvcrod
with a large tartory baUdtog, pUee af lambar, dwelBag
boeaea and ? baadaoaaa graad ataad aaa a maaa af
smouidering embara yeaterday, as a reaaM ol thc tir..
,m Tbaraday nlght Tbe aeatraeaen waa eo?pb?te be
aaaa ol ibe Ingammabk ebaraeter of tae matarlal and
..f tbe itrong adnd that hamed Ihe famea. Heek and
Ladder So. 18 waaengaggd yesterday la leartagdawe
eaUa and ehtmneya, and tw<> or taree Uaea ef hose
^.i,. ;ju in naa. Tho nmnteen tamlUea a*ba aaaa
bnrned oal havo all beaa praatdad wlta temporary
pxartera m the nelgbl orl eod.
The laaaraaeea oa tae property deatroyei were as
roiiowa: Uverpool, London aad Oasba, gftBBB; Phe
'. ix (Braoklyni, tAAM: Unraahlre, B5.000; Pboenla
' o-doai ,'a.Cai.- xorthern. W.O00; Umdon. W.M0;
BfOtttah i'n: n. P^OOO; gun. of ^^??^i.i i^l
wieh Fnton. ?i,i.J:,:t; Commerrlal l nlou ..??... <>.
Soyal.lSS6: Q?en. iijsao; Lfoerty. W.soo; W .b*.
"..,"?.?>???:::.mii K ?'<>;> and Bataara. *i.jih).
gorwalk, C ma., aag. a.-ta tba faartb baal a ata I ??
tr,,t aa tae Qenltaaaaa'a Drivirg Aaaoblatton aata sala
nmi< i.l- atlag'aW. M. l'-. al "?^?b. wMea
ia roaiu- ownad by Mra. ta. H. laweB, a wcaithy Pbibv
drtiihta ?.m. brekae Maudiaaael wh.-n |K.s.ing u.? oir.?.
nuarter pela aad lefl dead m bbt ameta, Thc aaOaaal
.',??,,! i? r:10 la twa eeaei.Um axaibtOon beataea u?e
... iaat aeab, ?nd yeeataay, la Baa city,
tt.VS ? UI AM I A1.1I t^CuillO^
ApnlKHt into Boatrlta li 0??,kl> Ab- irCaTAQll.X\.
li.rLed. Lieeaea ihe Ilead. lieata tae ?r^ftWjfo
^n-s aad Ctarta B*<?-0g?nv^
Baatarae Txata and f-moii. qulrkly
KeUcvea Cold ln lleart and itead
?..lia. 60e. at Uruggtata.
BLY BBOo.. 60 Warren St.. M. Y.
TO A88IST BABjjj j^aja^yj-J
mlaaann of swifT'S 6i*E< inc. Miciobi coxuot cuo
la the blood wheu
1* properly tak?n, a* it aaaaaajgy MBM BaOO out. ana
rurea tha patlont. It ha* r<dlevod Uiouav.da Li a r,,?
dayi who had atiffered for reara.
MR. P. t- NF.f.SON. a pr,inln?nt and WPolthy riUren
of Premont. Xrbraaka, ?.,rfe.r?l for vPar* wlth BCBOPVLA.
and It aaaMaoal hl cro* anr-e ln ?n1te of al! t'oatTrrnt,
Flnally, Foar Bottb? of H. R. 6. eaead hlm. He wrll?e;
"Worda are kaedaaraaea t> eapeeea?aiy Baaafaaaja and fa\or.
?ble oplnlon of
swiprn t^PFCIPl^.,,
T.estiae on itlaod and Rkta gaaaaaM aaaflal f-ee.
swirr aj/ajcxpi 00.,
Drawop 3. AtlanVi. ?.a.
hla ownor r?f ii??d an ofW of *8.coo for hlm. Th.- animal
waa pntpred in the comlni; Ifarfford, HaWlaaafa aad Pkiav
dPlphla racp*. ? _
tiie TRE*<-rny abi,k to BBDBBM ai t. ??- pe?
Wa*hlngton, Aue *n Bhyeetal) Bvrr -\wf the ?n
noiinremetit by MM Treisiirr llefawtaaai t raal Jur.e that
the 4 l-~ !>ei oent BOOda nietnrlnr an .-??,.????' r 4
would be pxtended at t: per penl or r-v m<>d ont.
rlttht, u? the holder mlglit prefcr, per?i-t ot affaafe
hnve been made m tnftoBBt ajnarteaa U rrvito tho ira
prc-s.lon that th" Tr tsiirv ern: ..1 roiU\ r.iak? goai
\U pmmlse for rPd-Topcoii. f tha amtaewg
are p;T*enled In hr,'p qnititifo*. Every hw d*va
dl?pnt'h< from BrhahlagtiQil lirtfaaote tti-?t scrtary
Foster M alarmed ai tha nlioced falluro ,,f Ma ?.i>oin?
of extPiKion and 1- pleodlnc wlth baa bk M r Beo*
Yorlc to h'lp hini ont of hl. gfghroBT. Tha lat<- i ,f
theea intsfadlng alaaeaaaaata h M klm -*M'inx out thla
murnitig post-hasie to Barataga t<- caafer wlth tf*
Pro-ldont oa tho luiest phae* of the OraattOB, and
arranglng to stop t:: Ben Verh <'.r. f.,r a t'.ml ap
pcai to the beaemeJaora thi-ro.
Tlie fuot Is that BOCtajtorj l'o<t r is not conoTntnf,
BtaneaM ahool th.- I 1 - per eanf bond- nartbat th%n to
hce tluat the prop"r BrtaageaKllta ar- betog m.ide ta
eaanrj aaa] the tatnaa ad tha otrei ot MM Jaaa, of
tho ftji.ooo.ooo in bonala aottdaaafhag, ahont pjo,
i)(M,<xx) hnve aarcody be r efeared tor exteaaton, aaf
ln the next two ooeka Btany ather ofers ure liketf
to eome ln. Of ihe b"n.:s aot e.\t-n i-d, p...'4it/
only a romparaiively maafl nntnhor wiii he prcseafc!
at onec for the ladempfton. Baaoy kdng t:eM la
traat aatoiea and otharwhe Mad up. and th? Treawp?
luis ample mnins to t:ikc Bf hU tliat m\\ be broaaM
ln. fOraaj lf *^0,(V<>?>,000 of if2.i,000.<i?)0 ln booii
were presonted for reataaBpttada, the avafJahk rnawy
aarptna aenM be diawu an to aaeat tha demaogagfj
entire safety, and the Trenano aranM be abla to ai
on as naaal withont aretOlli embJirrassmfni. ?a>
retnry Poater i< itmpty awnttlng the aanrae ot eraiu,
aod is fully prepus-<i to aaeel ani iltoaOon thal m*j
art?e in the i>if.,-<^s ol extmoliii,' or e.\tinsnUihir.| (H
4 12 per eent>.
tjif. BOKDona <>r iMkiiixuiM iMMKia.\.Ta\
Washlngtoti. Amt. 21.? gaoafav Chanler, of Se?.
Ilampshlre ri.alrman of the Immifcratton Comitutha
of the f^enato, reci-ntlv wrot<- to tlio r^vretary of th*
TreaMiry, exprosslng the opinion that t,"ongre.'i aanr
intonded to aadheafaa ? gaaeral praetioo of pernikahg
Immlgrants belonglng to any prohlldted ^las~. to aad
slmplv np?in fiirnUlilng a bond that !ii v KbouM BO
baeaaaa a pnbiie etawajh AeBng Baerwlafy Betthhn
in repiy afatea that the k>aaonrf Deaaanhaanl do?
not Intend to i>crnilt thls to grow Into a syatetn. Co4
Afctomey-Geneinl fJarland .-nd Atiyrney-Gopcral
Mlllor bova furnlshed wrltten opinlons that bo"i?
inay t*e taken in aaaBeadtonal a?... Tbe Aetine
bceretivrv states that tha ntnrt ea is conflned mu,r.||
to linitanres where t rciu^al WOBU ro-iilt in eep
nratlng the membera M B famlly, and that ib haadj
thus far taken are rclaiivelv few.
Bhaaahagtaa, Anr. -Jt.?Thd rroaaacj -?- <? <~?
ance to-day M *tated at BthhV-"-* l .".:*--*. of arhtetj
#lil,7(io,()CKi is on doposit with BadaOBBj Vxvika
and $10,000,000 is In anbMdlary eoln. BOnHOafve of
thce two Baaaa and of the *ioo.(Xh).ooo pM BBMaaaj,
there is, t erefOre, now ln the Ttaoaat* nearlv gfNV
000,000, ahowlng a larcc inorea.se dnrlmr the laat
montu. sinre Jaiy i there ha been aa laeeaaaa at
#.>,(iOO,ooo in Battoaal bank drcolattoo and it U aa
derst(K?d that a n.imber of tlio baaks are preparlLg ?
tahe out additioiial cli<alatioa.
W;ishington. Aag. 21.-The War Department ha)
been ofliclally Informcd by Captaln i.eorce Mct
Dcrbv. Corp? of Knglneers. of the eomplouon M th
moiiiinitnt at Wu-Mngton's htadgiiarterii Neabui*
* Y _*
Havana. Ang. BL Prodaaaor Yine^, the mttccflto
glst, thOOght to-tlay that the eyclone whlrh dpvMuad
Martlnkiue was BBOVtog ln a n rthwestern dlrectkOj
probably along the Bnnamn I-lands.
Iioston, Ang. 21.-Tlie BepnbBean r?tau; < ommidel
baa ihsaed tl?e cnll for tlie next Repobtteaa >tat? C?a
rentfea to be heid m Traaaent Tempie, tbta cftfi ?
Septembcr lrt. __
TTaiklarin. .\?n H.-Tha llaraiahiaa CTc?aaa ?J
raaawtod thla mon.m* a^ aarm of Baytt awrlaa aman
Capa Sable. Nova S.oua, .: Bbaat 150 aaUea per ao.
rwa wo.iid brbi* it apaa m< Fionda eoaai "neaaar
?aiafag; bat raparta from lhal .oa.t gtva .... i<'it<fi'~
ot ita BBBBiarh it i? BhalP. thavetora, that Bm wua
of thta hurrtesn.> hvi taOaed BWBJ to?anl HU Ii.-rmu4?-.
nnd ft .r^v miiu- vttk aaa etetai aaw aaiiaag aaatwaagaw
Kortaata Bew-Bagtaad Tho -t..nn eoatral Thuwiif
nlght ovr the apact bwaa h?* aaaved over tne st. U??
^oito^K'tbli .torai laa wen aawked hlgMaOiag
ntrai ?\f- Montena, wkaa eool acrttu*?1 ? l,,,i' "* ?
Pnee of whkh h?s i. f-U Irou. Wo-teni ?
f.**un\ MianMota. ai.d Hjeateovpr th* loy*^imm
rooi arava aill bHna rool and ?.... ,^1.. uJ
?vcr tho We-I duruie Uie a*xt few <ay? Z:\<:'L?
? OT tho Wo-t CMMIK WW ll" ??; '">? - ?" , ' . j-^,
, pp.i^bl^ ln ti,- Kcrthprn autoa sundaj and Moj-Haj ^
I i.nttht. .<?'i afeattiet arlll atevafl eai . la th* "*** <* ?"
Atlantle eoaal _
For gaw-IJaghmd, akaaota la :"" '" *
! r.ftern.K.:;; aaaiat and ia;r BOI.dai , arlad. abif ing ? ?
torlv. #1
roi faatria Bew-Yark, geaera ? *^
?lada; eaetaf and ratr Mwday,
Kui New-Jcraas/, Marrtaad, Vlrgl a and i
aytvaala, fatr Baraiiaj: artada abJftla to ?? ' u*'',,'
oeaterly; eawtae anu bui Bandiy.
Kor oaaeato and th- Oaratlaaa, warm and faBI l0OW*
and Uu Suml in . ?,^>
Kor rini.l.i, Alphama. M.s-ls-.ppi au.l l..o:i-'"?'?
ind nnerallj talr; coulee bj nijfht. a
i.. EaatPra fexaa geaera I I mm ?
north'Tii poition; rooler by Jaalardaj .v.
ror EaatPra NVw-TajWiVe**! a P ? ? ? ? ' ^
Vlrainla and Ohla, .v.'BBOiJid r.;. ? > it) ? IJ,r
K""l:r. **&ueky and Taaanaaa. Mr; r*ol?r aaf ?
Por'ladlaaa, Mlrhlgaa, Wlaeooaia and Blai *?
imo .1 snd DU baturcA) n"\ banda . ^
Fot llllnoli MisiMiiirt a? <il lowa raoan aaa
da.v and g< udo;-. ? ?-.t,,n wirtfeB
K.,r AiK*n?si.. koeal ahowrra ln thp we?t<
ln tho lo'-ii.k . eooh?l >o.1 aeiivta'lj lali > ?' ?'-llurtja.
K<>t ganaaa, Mtoneaeta, Uw i'^kou* aad i??m"?
s'ooioc ao-t iair Baaaiday and laaday.
? -?
<T[ |SounaTMon,.uf. NUtl 1 ";
?,' r?- *.-fliT'oa
Ii ts:; ? ?
afl Mj
ln th dUgram a roatlnno-i. Ilio ?he|?? thi '.j ^ ,
flaciuati.ma \.-st. rdar. aa ooaet\ a ? * . * V'" ,,.d,iW
Mvuai aarvlea M-mon at thn. .if ' "' t,"?V
the Uinipaiaturv! BaBad at P. iry"- l'r.anr.a y. ?u.i n?
Trtbune offl,., Aag. "tT ? * m-Fa:r * jth'r '*J[
vallad yeatarday. axcept for a aliabt .ho?e,
naun and the U.reat uf a Ihuodpr-ho*
Tho alr kP|? raty dainp. At 8 l>. '? ??? h..:?.i'. ^
Bt, and al Batdalght, .??. ?a fmn-r." - rvo ^
taVea 71 and 81 dear^a. "?? jveraae ?.:> J .,
1,1-her tlun ?ii ti.o rorreopeaalaa "" '?'1
lunarr than on i'aur*da.? ,M |?. aaagBn
la and ii-ar th,. rlty ",;UJ '",'. ,w ,.,. ,W*
H.i.th.r. witn a ahaarer, leMawad '>> ??
SATCUHAY AND SlM>A> Al I ' '? -'V ^^
Take thp st.-.-miprs of the fnndy "",k. ,'",?. '?
rttw-Yorh, im.m- ?, Borth Blver. i?v>( y . ?, aa
liKhtful M.U of one honr down Nc? )
nertlnn wlth .?xpr?-^ tralna fion. s-andu n ~
daya ouly), 3:45. 4 MO, ?:W *?? ?=i. - u-i?>> ^?
u. ni., 1 p. nu

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