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The ItUe unplensantness between PhllHp Dwyar j
and Prter Do 1_?cy will ormtlniie bnt three more 8-8*,
as th* Orovewnd moettng ends on Wedrxssday. It r?
n*t kneram yet whether John A. Morris, who recent ly
renrne_ from Europe. -.111 oppo?e tlie poolro""'- ?
??!. Mr. Dwyer has been deairous of mcetlng tho
owner of the WeMrhcster track in order to have thlr?
matfer aettied. but Mr. Morris has kcpt nwav from
Gi-vea*nd. fcomcbody said that ho was dodglng hls
followmembers of thc board of eontrol, who neoded
Wm to make it Qiiomm. Iniportant matters are awatt
lnr the boanT's aetlon. Tho questlon of O-rrlson's
rvtestatement ls to be con-kflfred. and Mr. Dwyer will
probnbly fnrce a tafeBBa on the poolroom wnr. Both
of t-hese Isawes certaln members of tlie board are more
than anxlous to dodgc.
Po far na Garrlaon te roneerned, a majorlty of the
board nn-e e_pre?sed thoniselves as ln favor of hla
rrlnstatement Mr. VWbb-M has alwnys stood by him,
and lt has leaked out, In faot, that the Sage of lirook
dnle waa tbe Jockey's only friend nt tbe lnve*ti_ntfon
ttiat encjed ln tbe snspension of his Ucense. Mr. Morrla
ajras extremely bitter in his oppi.Miimi to GarrWm.
Bo was I'hlllp Dwyer. John Hunter and James C.al
way slmply followed their leaders. Mr. Dwyer has
relented, and ls now wil.llng thut Garrison should rlde
? What we are going to do for Joekeys is the thing
that worrles ns now." said he a day or two ago. " Me
Langhlin Ia prartirnlly retired. Rergen is suspended.
Gaxrison is Kii<.pended. Hamllton has gone to pieecs
and rldos like a stable boy. There's only one Jockey
now lu Amerlrn-Taral."
Mr. Morrla'B feellng against Garrhon wa? cansed
malnly by the St. Florian areldent at Shrepshcud Iiay.
wften the one-eyed <-olt was thrown over the fence.
He has never cc_scd to bellevo that the "Snapper" was
ln some way responslblo for it, a bellcf which It is safe
to say no one shairs with him. Perhaps hc Bl now
wllllng to give Garrison another trial. Mr. Lawrcncc
ls wflhng. Mr. Hunter is wiiling. Mr. (inlwny ls wiiling.
If a vote on the question of reinstatement should be
taken there would not bc maro than two nocs, unless
the board should contlnuc to humor Mr. Morris by
iBtting him have hls own way.
These llnee are ho defence of Garrison. They are
merely sWtcmenta of fact. Day after day the report
goes out that thc "s-napper" has been rcinstated, or Is
going to be. lt is Just as well to let the real sdtuaUon
bc known. _
Aa for the poolroom matter, Uie board may nnd it
the rock upon which there will be a great apllt. The
war has been waged wlth relentless vlgcr by Philip
Dwyer alone. In the sprlng he received from his
colleigues promisea of support. but Uiey were not f"l
filled. The Cuiiey lslan* J&ckcy Ctah could not for
political reasons lift its hand against the Tammany
"heelew." who makc up thc iiriny of poolroom-keepcrs.
Mr. Morris had other reasmis for not eloslng hls gales
against them. Mi Pliilip Dw\rr vns left in the lmvli.
Ho will be left ajrain. The poolrooin fones will run
riot over Morris l_ik this autumii. ju-l a- they did iti
thc sprlng and simimer. If Mr. Morris diu-ed lie would
HUtll Mr. Dwyer. Hc has no love for Uie poolreoms.
Moie Uian ucice, after two niotiths of calm re'!?cilon mi
Uie matter, hc confessed to the writer:
" I reullM) now thnt we made a gi-J-t mistake ln not
gnpportlng Uie Dwyers ln tWelr war on tlie poolrooms. i
By mrt Uoing ?o we are toatBf $11,000 a day."
Hut "beavy, heuvy" h?i!i,'s over Jlr. Morrls's heud.
Remember Peter De Lacj"a ihreat:
'?lf ho (Moitim atte.iipt- to Bg-4 nie I'll close eveiy
poliey slw?p in New-Ynik; there won't be a lf/tteiT
ticket sold from llarlem to the iiaitery. 1'd like t,i
Cgnt John A. Morrla. Hc has aornrthlng What dt>
I cai-e about M8tB?g IBe Dwpen I What's to be piined
by a fight with a couple of Irishmen ' -Mon-is ls Uie
sort of fellow I would like to get at. I know |B8t
where to strike to make lilm squeal. In twenty-four
hours. 1 could rnUe a regiment that would wipe his
racetrack off Uie face of the cart!)."
This last tlgure of speech may not, be clearly under
stood. De Laey uttered lt while on thc ferryboat bound
for Bay Rldge.
"Going to the raeest" he wa* asked.
" VII be out*idt; U_! grounds," he said.
"Why not go insideI Didn't Mr. Dwyer give you a
badgc when you called on him to havo that interview I"
-I did not calJ on him for any interview. I was
trlcked Into going oa the track, and you couldn't get
me inside tUe gates apain. Mr. Dwyer gavo me no
badgc Hc isn't giving aoytliiug away."
'? Let me lnvite you to go in. I have a conipli
mentary for you."
? No, Uiank you. I have business on the outside.
Wliy should I go inl Don't 1 get everyttiing I want
on Uio outaide I"
?? 1 bellevo you lnformed Mr. Dwyer that you couldn't
atop tbis flght because tho Western Union Company
wouldn't let you."
"I told Mr. Dwyer no such Uiiog. Tlie Western
Union has nothitig to do with It. The tight Is mine,
and I have stood all the e.xpense, that is, the people I
?Tho Western Union put up these poles."
'? It did not. I ordercd them put up myself, and
havi> the contract in my pncliet now. They cost mo
8450. I haven't pald the bill yet, but 1'm going to pay
it one of thoe Ua> a
?' You are not flviiig any carrler plgeons now."
"Dou't need Vih."
'? Wliere are the blrds homed ?"
" In a stable on the East slde, sonth ol Twenty
'? Anv new aC-MM to try?"
?? Yoti'll hcar of a new one on Monday, We've a
good stock on hand.'' _
Aiter tbe, Do Lacy interview with the Dwyers, " Mike"
Dwyer sald :
,rI don't see anything wrong about De Lacy. lie's a
ml_hty plea*ant niaTTto talk to."
He hid nener rnet tne great man till then. De Lacy
beguii lfcfe ln Albany, h_ earliest occupaUon being Uie
pureult of poliee court proceedings for a mornlng news
paper. l>e Lacy a reporter! Woll, well! VtAl ott Uie
dogs, aud let's go home. Cau-y the news to Phll
Dwver. Wo always thought there was somethmg
wrong, aome blg mlataka, m all This. If Mr. Dwyer
had only known -Petc" aa a repmter, he would have
eurrendered at once aud with dlacrettO-. llow ls he
going to keep the news fr^m a reporter f
For lack of support, Phlllp Dwyer may be goaded into
withdrawing fn>m the Roard of Control. Mnh an an
nounoemeiit may < me at any limc. II" ean tieht as
well wltiwut tlie board *> witli lt. A storrn ls brew
Ing, and when lt breaks look out.
Gruveaend, Sept. 21.?Raln at last, aud every tralner on
the track t_-i-> the qui'-tion, "Do you Uiink it will be clcar
ta-morrow 1" Superintendent liruwb has hl? entire foree at
work on Uie track. Colonel Rrush ha? Kroivu thln mwtt Uio
meettng begau, trylng to out?enei_I tbe De Lacy forcea.
He regarda the aombre MaaB coons on top of the hlgh pole
?8tb averslen. On Monday a new acheuie will bc trlcd.
What lt la only Pctv- and thc Weatern t'nlon Company
know, but Bob Plnkerton la on thc alert. Forew_rned la
forcarmed. ao there should bo plenty of exclterucnt to-mor
Curt Gunn'e performar.ee and Tlynllton's bad rlde on
KlngaBun are the only thmgs tulkev aixiut to-day. Curt
Uunn wat? peddled arounU ba__B8teai tbLs .-prinj,' f?r iMOO
and oauld uot ttnd a eu-tomer. What will buy him now la
not known. bm thore are n*n bchind Toin Steveiis that will
be* aa much roouey aa any one wheo they tlilnk th'-y havo
an even break. The colt merely galluped at the llnUh and
raced only a elxteenth of a raile ln the in.n < ?ti- teh, aaid the
oUiers w_ee baau-u ofT. Many tralner* 'ay that _? rmild
give tbe Falrview chaniplon, Yorkwlle Relle, a hard raco
aud would eaary their laaaar/. Curt Uunn ia Uie tavlour of
klcGi-thlana this year. i.-tid a raie between tlie colt and
AUy would be a great bettlng eontest.
i_\ery tralner wittiout exeeptlon aay* that the exhibltiou
that IlamllUMi made of Uie urrot K:up-t.,n would dlacraeo
Miy etatile t>oy. It. U- a plty tliat ao good a jockey a.? U."
"iilaik An her," ai Hamilton waa frequrutly called by tuef
wfttera. aBarald lo'e hi.? fonn aud aaal hls eiuploye,- and :ln>
raoogolng publle ao rnueu money. H would be far better to
le( hlui ha\c a r? I
Mostaua's race waa a aurprlae. and the ruj.jiy going la
tha excuac that i* oiTered for hls poor p8a_-B__Me. Jud?.
Iiient, of pace |a a lost art wllh thv jockeys of the preaent
tlme. "Old Man" Hayward ia the only one that rides
wlth any jud^meut uf jaii1*, but he lo.-es racea by uot
aavlir.' Uie power to flulsli _s he did yeara a?o. NVhat la
tb-i use of fcooa pidxin.-i.t wheu a lai(.'e majoilty .,f tle i j. Ba
bj' apr-itlnit aflalrK, and ll's-ewery jock.y for hiiuwlf aud
tk devll and the 1?2?8 bo'ka toke tlie _ta8__Mt
'".vcrrbodv at the tra. ka a?.'ia alout 8aat__i*a OBM and
lf ),, ,, ,. A . iiaiue for hliu 18 r;Ue al Bkl W.sUlnkt.r
li:i. tlnf. John A. Morrl* la at home. He haa told i,ow
n'uch betti'r the EafBaB horae* are than thc Ameri. ana,
evarii la a pound. but ne\er a woid about the "Baafpat."
Th'-re waa no niecliiik of the B<~rd on s,a'.urday, an.l ll 1*
_i.' lik.iy in re wl I be oue untll Ui.- Bieettag al Morrla
J'ark, ao It b* aa hard to gel anv d< llnlto newa in re.aid lo
OarrUon Oi It l? for De Lacy to gat Uie aewa at U.e
Grave-end tra. k.
Jabu Huggl?a bad one of hla (aii.oua 1?1'?3 horaea In
Ue i?ale on Saturday. The leaaou he aold blm waa that
M .uciad, but iinllii Ui ahiua. "finip" Duaoyaa aaid
lt wa? ln the Mndona. bnt Hngplna ou.ht t? know. M
Btuart h_s hla lot ln good Uiape. Ile la go.ng carefu.l.
_ltU them. Plekineker la M aome valual.io ataltos at tl'
Morrla Park fall mcetlnp. LaaM haa a penchan or BMa
lng the -ot of 8y.iidU.rlrt. and B-MBjr get* *J****
lor his BMBM7. htockton la a iSjvndth.t.t and l-BB] m
Oeorge. Taylor waa at the track on Saturday 1 ?
cettln; .long .K.wly, and 88J- it wlll bc . n.ouU., l o.
ho wiU ba ahlo to ride. Oeorge B6B had ****** '
1,,1 li.rk thia ?:ason. Ewr.v ono ?6B p.tt.n- BI... .
M,e back M tho BBtftBC. and lat. r ... **J*f*^V*
(Ind no words h-d cni.gn to rond.im. 8* rMta*.whetje
on a pood or a had haraa. BB17 ***** ?*? l?va*
alilr won aome of tho valt.al.lc BMMia.at BM MB
!Sa ?a< ?"t *?? toat ,ro l-i--,d"ln"CiA *"?*.;
andi Hoey thc Boa M Mr. Fickwlcl; and llo?. a - ?lt that
ZtSSL' of Br.pl.to:. Boach .htaka -fl ?*- J-JJ
a falr three-year-old. Elttle Jlmmy MiOliaMlk M BM
JZ mny or b.a Maaaa M paaaaad, aa ha B raflaa
S norac, Ul tho great 1688681 at Buffalo. *? to
won Ul-B-faiMia of BN raaaa on the programmo. ni
ttmor- wm probably la thc 8B88k of hl? ??*??_??_
oe Tommv Do-. lo MM 8668 makl-.g platc.s with l.it.- - ln
ttimn for MtCotwlck'a bomca ao they can g-t aroun
??_ turna. , __, . -_,_
Thc wen-known atakewrnncr. Amar.on. la n. thc aa c
UM, and wlll raca no more. She la one of tho boat
Uxklng marta on fl- turf, and ahcnld rra.ee a gr.t
Tw, Ro*er* M not ln the voln. aa hc haa won only
one 8888 at thia meotlng. L-mpllght-r B a |Md
oolt. but thc raco la over befor - h* geta readj to run
AooUv-r BMa* Rop.-r, haa no ..-gula. jechey. *h^! '
a h_ndle.p to any trainec TtCk a MrfB BtahM. Q?_***>?
?ar ho ong-g* Taral M rld- MMflM and HaaMttaa B
tm Lanplighwr. When Han-.llton lound he aaa Ml
to have lotl. mounta hc ref-.M* B rUle thc *?*?"*
and B-6-r. .ppcl*d to thc lloard of Stcward (Phi 1
DwreVwho a-- *** to at-a-B-a. that hc aaaM lan
to ri*o the coit or not ndc the rnnainder af Ma mea
ng cclla 1? ln -p'.cndid ahapo. but do-a not raco up to
S work." ***** nothing M the reporta that Rogsr*
Uae kft iht omploy of S. B lliown.
John Hyla-.d aaja ti.-. M 1-8888- ? ontertaln 8-18-8
propoaltlona offered B. his scrv.. aa a ******
jockey for thc aaaaaa of is:.:-. ma MatBat Mrtaata do no.
know that he raaMfad Baaa one B t?enty MM8-8-da.
durink aka bbmMM ad *_r_a- BarB aaBMi him to ride ln
thc jumplng raco,. HI. f_mc as a cro?-.-oui.tr- rlder :W
nn.vcia... 1 meaaagea MM M- E^TT^ia Hvlan
titv MaaareaL Oaaaaah and ruaatae-aafe, W. B. UM"1
la t-MM? reudy for thc wind-up with his taaaaa. and n
tralncr af a publlc aUblc (for Hyland t.a.ns kataaa tu
aeveral dlfTcrcnt ownera, ever had ao good a year a* th
MMaa from the old ??a-na-aa-" tr^k Jack JuMiev
wlll plck up a fow more hors?s in thU vlclnlty and 11
wind up at Bartlm<.rc and WaM.lngton, wl.,-,0 ha "lll
ret.rc and wart for tho aca*on of 1888. He wlll paaa Ma
ti,ne ngurlng the Mlowanc-a Cheaaapeake wlll Rd ln th.
purse raco* next j-car.
J?hn Hugglo* ls contentcd with his aoafon a -ork. as
hla horsca- nmnbera liavo bcen run up of:cncr than BM
M anv other etahle. and 1'. Lorlllard la a prcat.r winnc,
thr,.u.h his bettlng than many o?ncrs who huvc a_B
atak.-a. John la worrled a little, as hc do?? not ?___?_
can't BB66-M what thc ouUon.e Tfll bc of BMMaaeMM
MMraaa Mra aaeh Maaaaa turf g"..crais aa ****y
l-.lv and Plcrc Lorlllard on Uie h.-uso-boat at Baca
SSa o? thc indian RlT-T. Thc other ***<***
tbat another Board of Control wlll be formed. CBJhew
sav that tho BatM of Hartford Ls now -reailna 8atert
Icather ahoca and ls golng to buy a yacht. f****?*
clor ?ay.s tho aho-a are a blutT; that !>?.' * *1***
aatatTM him, ao dnn't bc surprlacd to acc old BaUh
Braariag a plug ha'. to-morrow.
M6M ADaa has his hanea raadry M nmah thc campoicn
of 1S91. Matt has had a good year and F. ,C. M,?!..??,?.
k-ivs he ia i_tisfl<-d, ao all otheia oupht to bc. Thc a U M
hUmbb M ba a Mraaa aaa M 1888, and thc owncr wffl
avcld mmj BfcMMkM which are Ukely to ha,?.-n M ?BJ
aew b-r.ini-r. The ycartln-a pun-hai-d ot tbe <-lrT. r
ent Mlaa i_ve talBIMB etarji BiaeeMtMa B?a M.
Uhcv ata ? grand l?t and c-nnot bc oxoollad rol .-. tiv. .,
Bkrw.rd Oaartaaa'a e_M- ta Ofeaa MjrrM-a iMMa Baw
trained ofT, but are good-loohlnB EonpMlous. that la, U
W.lr Bad lTill DWJ-r. Both BWMd make fa!r tt,r.--.y.:ar
M?a. nurnn. tho dMtartar, la * likely looking Mno?, J*
Mr Corrlg_i I M heaae of trouble. BM BBMMa ..rc aat
a^Lpted "a. Eaat, and thc HawHn-I.ewis CMrt con,
Wr-aUO- haa Knc.ucd hla ga.no out at H MrthOtMM. Bo
thc Le*_MH of tho weat, aa ha *as attlai M m Jaara --
Fncland, ia betwee. tho Ddtll and H8-6 _ H?B8.-.. BI
?h_ dcop aaa. Ba payi hU bmbb] aad MBaa Ua aBaMa.
I>,.d a_M_M*a aUble 1- ^ high-prlcd one without _.
rood hom. Ca-ta- is tha ranke* ktad M *?**?
ment, b_t a hor.-c that, woM.ecl aa well 0. he did ftta M
M -Orth pivin- a cha.ee. Wa?.a.h I. on? of a fteat B?
u?d has a chan.-e to r-deem htaawB on that aceaaat. Her
l iuiothcr arpimont ln favor of a E^^^T^I
-eWlnga. It may pr.-vent more WM-Mka *?*?**
Slttera. althoi,,h tl.er.- was on al.owanco *****?**
waa raaMf. Mr. __-__-ra ycorUnp> aro a good mt and
Z inav got tho -en*.tlo,.M two-year-old of M88 out of it.
?e a , Hbcra, b-ye- and hla -_ee?a. wonld l.c ,7,,ar
Tll, reaaa MaMa ataaUi be a factor M thc racing of lfio.,
as all rho colta and flilicn in tho two-ycar-old dlvl-lon ahow
g^ ?m* and are avemge ataycrs. Albert Cooper hopca
to^vln1 aevcra. ._*. with them befoTe thc _-OW BMa.
Tournamcnt -_-T IBBa in hM nvcycar-old form It ls a
pitv such a apicndid .yaei-Na of . *__??,"*__*_*?
ponc wronp, l.ut lt wlll 1k- a long time befor. hla tl.rc-o BB8
old raccs wlll bo forffouon.
Rvron MoClclland has his horscs ln good ahapo ond
Lc-onawell pn.n.ises to make a grtind tlirc-vcar-.. d, a? ho
la paine and haa tho thrcc prlneii.al qt-_lUei of . ra.c
hoise-speed, Bfaed. apcod. Bermuda is aa aound M when
he bopa.. hla raetog ihla aptlM and ls eaaaMMot all of h s
raeea hetM V** ??_, ti..- btealMea- of the great uily
BalBe M.-Clelland waa reported ln tl.e aet*-.
??Snlp" DfMiovon will try M ?_??? .'""* ^ ^Innlnp
panea with Wah Jim and Mr Oaarfa, ?---? name ahouid
be ehaaaed, a? many paapM hM aa thc countcir.it thnt raa
under M-B. name on Baturday, thlnklnp thcy wert bettlag
on Pulslfer's Sir (rvorge. Thc Board of ('ontiol should Mha
? rule compelllng nomlnatora to give names to their en
trlea and that two hanea ahould not havo tho san.c name,
aa evervbodv doeen't tarry . guldo or thc studbook with
blm to the raco*. ln rcgard to namlng aotta "hdi ?_?
tcred, iviliaps ..no brccd.-r and BM_i_er M Bha baard cannot
llilnk of oitpropriatc name* for them. How would theay
ault aome of them: Shorb.U,p, Qnlckstop, Surc-to-Stop,
Quarteratop. Halfstop and We-All-Stop.
Tbe prcat Rclmont brcaklng-up aale wlll draw buycra
from .11 quarters of the globe where racli.p la carried on.
Auatra.la wlll be reprcaonted, aa the ag<nt of one l.rcoder
ha- airivcd at San Franclaco, and wanta young marca hy
fct. Blalse -Jid other BeBaaat ataaa,
Tho old Hoffman Houae SUblc la empty. It la aaid
that lt wlll I* torn down. It vas a famoua rcaort for
hpr-cm.-n. Dan Maco, Ihft gpr-atest of trottlng-horao
tPaliiora, kept lt for yeara. Knap MeCarthy t/.ok hM BrM
leaaons ln liors.-inanahip th'-v, ao did John Crokcr, who was
known as "Cooler." But few NBBBM of the old-tlmers
th*t made it their hcodquartcra. John (rolicr ha.
tho lleldclburg of racing U. Unlah his cducation, whleh Ul
lllBBpHltT. and only requirea a Chicago poil>,h which GarBeM
Park alonc can give it.
"The Chicago Trlbune" ?J? that Colonel Clark rule_?
men B8 for winnln- ra.es. If that is ao. th-- iMeaata from
Clifton can race foicvcr, unli?? thc 1-8- I -*?_-? _lTB aat,
then John wlll BMBflMMB 1^'k to Uie hclghU of lluUenburg.
Thc lnno\atlon nf caah atakea l.y thc SaraU.pa Asaoclation
la recelved with favor by the majorlty of tralnera. aa ll wlll
do away with the nlghtmarc of modcraU- owncrs-the
lorfelt Bat. _
FIRST RAC1>-A sweop-tokes of 620 cach, for thrc.--ye_r
olda and upward that ha\<- 188 .'md not won at thia
mectlng; with 61,000 added, of whlrh aSOO M aeeond
and $100 U. thlrd. Non-wlnnc.ra ol ?.'.,000 at any BflBB,
not having won nve rac* ol the value o( $750 cach this
year, a'.lo.ved I fb; M 63.000. 10 lh; of 8-.000, 15 B;
of 61.000, _0 !b. One mile and a aixteenth.
Ten laMMa r- ceived.
BECOND BUCflE-A Iwuidlran swecpatakea of 6-0 eaeh,
wiih 61,000 added, of which 6200 to accond and 6100 U>
thlid. One mlle and . quarter.
Ke\cu enU-lcs recelved.
TI1IRH RACE-A awecj.stakes of 820 cach, for BBlMaa
twovear-olda; wlUi .1.000 add.-d, of whleh ?_0<l M
aecoi'id and 6100 to thlrd. Welghta 10 Th belou Ma
acale. llorac.s that hava not run avcond allowcd 5 Th.
Flve, lurlonga.
SUteen cmtriea recelved.
y._r-old^; 450 i.ch. wltli tl.250 addc., of wlilch 6.00 V.
Beeaad at d aioo to third. Tha artaaer M b.- w.id at ave.
tion for 6-^.000. Allowan.'-a. OM mlle and. alxt.---i.tii.
Tcn cnUics jecc'.M-d. The lollowin. are dlglhM to
?tart: Atlantlc, Sir Rne.
Vold Bol.io, Monntain Deer, ,
Dr. Hasbrouck, P?.it.-i.ester. TeBrl___,
Vl'Bi'- Rcglstcr, C'lla,
MuvW.n, Btatex, Wll"7-?
KwuKt, Lbi IM II.. fanowball.
Prince Cliarralng, Joi;n Cavatagh,
LepanUi. Willlo E..
Fli'l'H R,\t']?".?A aelllnc aweei.atokea of 820 eai h, thrcc.
.M_t,r-old- ?n.1 upward; with .1,000 ad.l.-d, (.f
to accond and ?10O U. third. To carry 110 It ; .-? ?.
allowancea. The wlimer to bc aold at uuction for
61.500. Flve fnrlonga.
Thlrteen eaMiea B-MM iv d.
sixth raci:-.v haary h_ndii-an awaepalahaa of <20
ca.h, or ??'. If d.chi.d; wlOi 81.000 added, of whli h
8200 to aen.nd and 4100 t. thlrd. Entrlea, MlghM
and declnrationa M iu accond N04V One ?Bo.
m_ aatriea reeervad.
Aa ou prcNloua day-. Uie aaaal pio.-ramn,.- r<i-f.
at 1:45. 1-liat ra<e at 1:16. QaMa BMaed Ba exlta at
?j and rcopeind at 5. Plnki itonian rally at talaiIBla of
Oility n.inu!.-. ^
K.rt AMATl.tr. lll vi I.i: BAOIM,
In rompllanco viith a general demand f-ir IBBM an.atc'ir
naaa d.irin. ihe eeaataa ^i\ daya1 Meyeia ia.inai
Maeiroii 868618 <.arden, It has \x"i\ .! -.:_..! M ?
Saturday eveninc, o.-tolxr 17 fnr a BBflaa ..f _-_B_-_l
MefeM aaaaa foi MlaM _8i atdBttay afeaaM aa iho aaa
board t-a.-k. whl.h ?lll Ih; aafe and fa?t. All tho el-Ba
are in\lt d to jMirtl. lpate.
Tne conu_ts wlll bv M-rat-h and liandliap rj. ?.-. and
nve inilcs will be the I..n7eat ia.e. <? .od prl-ca wlll ha
Swardrd to Hr?t and accond men in the a.-r?t< h rac-, ?? !t_.
a thlrd prlzc :n the handhaie.. There wlll alao bo faiicy
| ?_d ul.k, rldlng during tbe eveaiug ou a nrta.d Ma-oiu
leavens most,
leavcns best.
,? vlew of .11 the .peetatora. BBVffBl of the ? |r? ?
?eut am.te.-ra will cnnfst. Tha ineetlr.q "'?' .'', ',;,
.., ,..,.<_,,. ? i.f th.- M.tropoi:t-n ryel- rtal* ???
,111 ?,?,.*., ..in.i... ' aMBa ?*_r*"?
oardea caaapaay. TBa laeaa wfll M frmmrt hg BM
, , , Nvi.eeineu rolaa and pr....ui.ent ama
(MT. have Bia-lfled their __??*?? of eomp.-tiug. X
piaaia-BBII of BM cuiitcsta will be ia-ued next week.
Tho autumn mcetlng ..f the NrwYnrk Jockey Club
bejrins Bt .lomme FBrB 041 TtarBdap. Tlie,-, wlfl be
enritig at thc old -aaa-M baga" track M atae daya
:.?d at Morrla Park ou four, tlie order of staUcs being
as CeUowl:
Tiiur-diy, QaaaBer i Baaaa and liunter.
Friday, OalBbrt 8?_?_a*
Maaday, Oe?a* i B i -awpagaa.
Tucsday, Octolier u-Mnaholu.
Wadm B-ffl . i >.*..??? r 7 -Fa hlon.
Friday. October &?I.addln.
Mondav, Oetoher 12-F.Miidw_-.
X-aaday, Oetobei 11 Baa aad Boaad and jerome.
Wedne d.iv, Oetobei 14 ? Farewf 11. ^
Satnrd-T October 3-I>unn.ow and Mai.h-ttai. Handi'-.p.
Thiir-diy, October 8-Mt. Ycri.on and Country Club
Baodleap. _ _, ,
sat'n.iiiv. Oetaber 10-Waraatj and Hiekory.
Tiiiir-.iav. Oetaber 15-Whltc P__- llaudlcap and Pel
ham l??y Ilandle.p.
The, raee of eMel Interest In thc M Bad bealthj
pngraane Ikal haa beaa distm.uted by tBe "eietirj
wiii be for tho iii.hory Mahes, dirtaaca ? bbUb and a
hnlf lf tea horses siurt, ihe prlBB wBl hare a groaa
irahM of BlB^JfO. Among thc thrce-ycnr-olds ellgible
to Btarl are ti.-i i May Win, h>i-lty, MBataaa, Botero,
Warpath, Part Beo_t, Hoodlom, Rej dd Bey. 9m
!?.,? BBUto McClellinnl. Miatlinieutli. Ha-scll. ReeBOB.
Homer, KIMeer, Yatkra aod nehalehar. The coits
earry 132 poande, and tke B-ttaa 119. There are no
peoaltlea aod ao B-krwaoee* Btaek has beea haard
ol Baranada'a ebaaeea, bat as a simpie naUer of eaet,
Iicrmiid.-i la ii'.t BBrtjf BB BtBft, Idiimiiu. li U hc was
never enpaged in tho stakc.
EVERET -ChcraU i raa Tarera, AmtrtmM ?>?*?> at
WaBlu-gto- nrm AVWa'E-He?ty C. -W. o
HUwankee. aad J. Boaa Baberl.? 'V''''? \n',. vv
MAX-WaahUgtoa Becker, al Uflwaak-a .w i.kai
BILL Jeaae B. Oraal aad ?B ?';'-"? "J
-,-?,, Kiri. ..f Ito.i,,,.. M-.W-VUKK-Cciinel ..,???-' N.
,ri i ..f Brraeo-a BX JAMES-Cokael Jaha C. Haa
K.M.'.Jf t??.l..u.?.;a. B.C WlN^?m-Tl.c..:li.ro M. P0_a>
roy, of Aubiirn, N. Y. >
-r.ronv.vn Joekey Ctab raeaa, 0K?a**B_4, *09 9. m.
xviim, Aaaembty D_?rlct BeaabBeaB Club, Ba. BBi
"SZ: LbS-ai Club. xo. 33, Bart Tenth-st..
8 Jaoaa a OawU Pleaaore Cltib axeandaa to wttieailaar.
Caalaoola] eelcbralUai -f B) - r__-4_ B-Bri-ra BtUaert
Haiiem Birer Pa k, araeiBMB-i and e-ra-t*
Third wai-d B-pabBe-a Am? atlaa. s? n-rbund Hall,
BBMth aod -le-rn.'-rh.rii BU., Ur.?!,ly., evM-!.i-.
M.n -,! BMtoty t BW CO**** - -New-.ork, No. 1,
Weat i?'orty-third-at., eraatag.
l.ast s.ie AoU-Porerty B^eirtf recepUon to Dr.
Mclilvnn, Xll^aon Hall, ev.nliiR.
Ua-Md Haataa Cattwtta HIalarteal ?laliay. N U Saile
laautuie, K:ftv-e.I'hth-st., aaat M\th-ave., 8 p. m.
Baptlat Mini't/rs' Oea-eraaea at Uc Xabemacle, faec
ond-avc. and Llcventh-st,, 11 a. m.
The peanut mnn haa laalaa. ltis wagon for a aeason.
and romes to tBe ftBBt with his little oven nnd chesv
nut stnnd.
Weather prophets nrc prcdlcting B eold wlntcr.
WooAcn bottlea are bobkHUb. now for dniL-gisS ta
put up dry iiicdiclnes In. Tlieir chicf vlrmcs aro that
they are eheap and hard to break.
one ol tbe algaa of proaperlty ln Amcrica la the
f,,t thnt the Im-M-aa deaaaod for ibeai cottoaa la
(ormer year- is taUlag uff, while that for better -tesa
?ooda eoDataatly irowa.
The Yiui Nnrmaii Irjatttote, Seventv-tlrsr-st. BB-Weat
Bod-aro., begbia IU thlrtf Bfth jm eai -*ara_ay.
uitii eolarajed acwmawdattoita aad hMwaaed CaeOltlea
ln praparlni paplla for eoUeeja.
Three yeara ago yeaterday W. B. I-Ster, |r., dla
appcared, after swindllng tho Produoa E-Obange
Orataity Fond oat of BOOOrOOO. He has eaeaped *v
raal i far.
A fa-liiun.-iblc ilng haa tlie seal art with diamonds
and rabiea m the pattera of a elaeha*>?o_r_.
A aarrow ahelf raaalai all around the raoaa n few
taehea from Ihe eelB_| aaakea an eflarttre Maaa when
loadcil wlth approprlate bm a-brac.
If pUlowa frOBJ n foldink' bed are put Into vclvct
?Bpa that batton closely, they BMdn falr aafla pUlowa
by day.
All thc niernl.ers of the Amherg Theatre 4Mmp..nv
who had mt arrlwad ptwrtoaaty aaaaa yeaterdaj aa
Uie -ttianrfWf Bagla aad Raaata.
Thia rxaablaattoo of wana wea^hee aad fall faaalom
yiodaeea aaaae qaaer reaaNa ln atrert waar lor woasea.
Wiiiiini P. Ward, BrlBl at Ba. IBd Baat si\tv
eieiithst., appeand al the ToB.be PolBai Oaarl r? '? ?
day, aaa Buralahed the B-,000 baB raqpslred for tha
Mieaae of Praah 8, Colllna, of Bo. 65 Eaat Blat
siMli it, Who was he'.il f.,r examinntlon on Frliai ft?
ObUttolBi BMM-ey aader faiae pretaaeaa froai E. u.
Gllinore, tha Itaatrieal bvu ??
The woraUppari at thc Ftfth Afaaaa Calhedral who
atteadad the B o'cloch auwa yeaterday aawalac, at
wlmli Arilil)i-li"P I oriiir.in olliii.'ie'l, were starllcd
bv the apiwaraaec of a alld Btffl naaaed Joaaph P.
Haorahan, tweaty-Baa yeara aht, of Bo. 11B Baat
Fifty aeaond aa. Haarahao B a raBflOBa eraah, Aa
Ba walkad ap Ihe ahde loward Hn altar he ihoatad
in Bfl ln ..iieient iiiiiiiucr and pjalBTBhUed wUdlj. No
yped the laaatta, and when hc anivad wtthln a
few feet af the Arahalahop he aereaaaad ai the krp ol
Ilis vuic.-: -YflB are I'miiius I'ilute. l'm B foUower
of Dr. MeGlyna." He then aaed aoaae rlfc epltaela
to Ihe eharch awaabara, and lollowed H by ahoatlng,
?-I ain ime of the LoB'l al Al "' aad you are BOf In
it wnii aie."
Por i.ver iive adnatea Haarahaa aad h ?n i'!
vay aad eaBarbad the aertleca. -aaae Martla, af Ba
454 K.i-t i ine haadred aad ati eteanth st., the BlgM
wateaaaaa af the ealhedral, vpraaahed Ihe lanatk lo
trate Wlth h?a, when ilatimliari liirned in a
fury, eaBad abn vtle aaaaea aod aarad bua lo laterfera.
Miiiiiii iini n>t dni-e t.. bwala Haarahoa alna^hanaled,
aad aent oat for Polleeaaaa Qatnlaa, ol the Kifty iir-t
at. aqaad, who ioob arrltred. tha poHcaaiBn aod
Martlii then -ii/<d tho inniilai-, and a> th-y IraCfOd
him toward the froaf door ol lae eharch he atmsgled
aad awore farloaal . On anitiai at the doar he brohe
looae fronj hla naptors, aod vartag hla handa wiidly
aBore hli head, ihoated: "Threa ehaan for Dr. hte
Tha maalac waa aajala aeiaed, and hoatled out of the
chiuvli. He waa luoiight lo the Yurhvill- PoBee Court
und arraigaed before Joatlce Morray. who coaimltted
iiiin in uie Insane paviiimi at ueiievuc to he exanuoed
as lo iiis BMBtal lOnditlon.
;? ioir'1 coi;i.d ix TUOVBUt m.aix.
?? Tuin" 4.. u ii. the aotarlooj "dlvaaeeper," ai
Twenty iliird -!. ,md -i\C. :i\i.. ls oni" iin.re in
broable. He Waa arifJBBad m ihe YorkvlUe PoB o
Court yeitarday on tha ehari.faaaaalt, prefarnd by
jaaMi Barlght, a aalter. Barigbt. fnee pn
a lerrlbV appearanea Both eyaa were btackeaed md
awallen aad ins htoa waa cal and bralaed. iTii-.. he
ni.!, wai 'ii '? ? ild buttlag hUo, on Th
mornlng. The inmrrel iine" a*_r one cbonge. Gould
he thr -af Wlth both haad an I
tnrtlml him i.i tho htee wlth bla head. Barlga
f.-ii t.? iho laar, aad, arhlla i?- araj pra.trate, OouM
klckexl him unmei. ifuth, m,d. aceardlag |.. EnrlKht,
the ii-i<n ii.ii: praprlatd-i J<iim ?'. B|?ajaa, halpad
Uould ln aa.*ulUPg ]___, _j)ng.t BBf| Uiet, tAljtc
he was butted and hlcked all over the 68866, re war,
.hn.wi, ??. * thc street llke 8 Bof. A hnckmnn. who
,s a Maai al r.nri-h.'s. Braaa him to Beiiev.ie Hoa
i,li;,| an.l l.-ft MM there for trcntment.
,.,,,,1.1 eMM lo rourt ye-terdny la romprtny *'l-h
Alhert Adama. n aportlng nir.n. Ilvlnft at No. B81 W6MJ
Tl.lrt.v--r-Od Bt il" alwwed nn BBflM-M BB ihe BM8
houd. which he miM lie recelved by bclng slrurlc <-i
the aaal with . hottta ai -herighl ?? i ** ""*
,-l.erUe.l Ihe forro of the Mow with my arm. lt would
h.ive hUMi ""'?" sn|<1 <Jould.
JBJMoi Miirriy. after henrlnp both sldea of the
atrife nr.lcrd Enrlgh. lo B-B-B :i o.impl.-int of ftaW-iilt
aaflaal GkMH. Aller the eJMavH was .irawii. Ooaltj
dTmanded au esamlnatlo-. _^J^_*SJ^l0C
f.?- octobei 5 and OouM hnd t.. furnt-h sa)'*> ''All fnr
BB appearaaee. ABaaaa waa acaei-al a-* trou.a *
A C-fTJ-tCH coknerstone LAID.
The ewaaiaaD-M al Ihe aa_ Bt ccciiia church,
Habarl aai Berfl Raary ata, wn.e-^-id al 8:B0 ov.iocic
;,v aflaraaoa by BMhop umbjUBB, in Ha peeaenee
..f Bavaral laonaaad paopla. There wns an eiabomta
auaaaaal piugiaaaaaa Tho itov. WUBaaa J. Donovan.
paatuT ...' Bt Aiiii.-'fi chiircb of Haaapaaa laaettoa,
N. J.. preaohed thn scrmoii. (Jov r:ior Leon Abbott,
of Now-Jeraey, who wns present made a shorr nddress.
A letter of r ;-Tet araa n-.ul from (iovrrnor llill. St.
i..i:ii's pariah aaa foraae- ln 1371, by Btahep
l.i.npiilln, arhaaa Ideas wcro carrled out by the Bev.
.l.liii B. M.Dor.ald, n formcr pastor of the Church of
tho Im.-i aeaJah? Caawapt-aa. For a long time servlcea
f.16 BOPd-BB-Bd iu an OM ha.ll until th" prcetit house
of worshlp was dedioated. Today tho pailsh number*
sevcr.il tho-.isand and ls ln a most prusperous condl
I Ii ? new church Is to be l.omnnes(_uo ln des'^n,
having a frontage of lOO feet. and It wlll be 105 f?ot In
Magth. Tho seatlng eapacity wlll be 1,210. The
iH.iit of the rhurrh and Ih; sld* ln Ilubert-st. wlll bc
of pure (icorgla mnrble. The Intertor wlll be Jiand
aiiuielv deaotated. The structure wlll cost $100,000.
l ni. mt! BSBOXMBO ciit'RCn DF.DICATED.
Th... new Mr*', Reformcd Churc-ii, at Sov.-nth-ave. and
C.rrotl-at., wns Bedleaked jv-t-rday. Theie were threo
-. and at l u< Ii a large crowd gathr-red, eO-apOMd
not only of m-iiil.-rs of the coiigr-gatlcn, but of p-oplo.
f;-..m ou parM M -ba etty" Iha aaaM de-n.-atory aaavka
took ptaee at 10:H0 a. m. The paotor, thc IW. *>r.
.1. M. I:\rrar, BO-dnet-d tlo B8MI morning acrvlce. Then
HM rt'v. Hr. Davld Jani.-a llurrell, formcrly of Mlniie.
ape-ta, ik.w of the CBBeajlata CBareh, New-York, preached
Uie aerB-aa, and tha Rev. Iloward Suydam, reccntly paa
lac of the I'ark Reformcd Cimrch. <-f Jersey City. made
the dodlratory prayer. Tho ercat org-n, no:wlth?tandlng
Uie fact tnat lt Is not yet entlrely nnlnlied, waa uaexl.
A unlon s-rvi ?<? waa B M ln the aft. rnoon. at whleh
Bm B6T. Dr. XhaaaaB a. Belaaa, of tne Memoriai Pieeby.
leeMa Ohareh, ptt-M-d, ond mado an addneaa. Spceclva
?.-r,. Maa ;nad" by the Rev. Dr. C M. Orlffln, M Orace
M-tho-JI-t Bptaeopal Church; Uio Rev. A. De Wltt Maaaa,
of the So-ith Reformcd Chui--1i | the Bev. A. P. BMlk
v..-ll. of Ui-> Ceateaaial Ref..mied Church; the Rev. Dr.
Hilaev \V. Baapp, of the Flathuah Raptlet Church | Uie
Rev J \V. MataBta, of tho P8lh Congregatlonal Church;
U.. Rev. Dr. R. B. B-M8JT, of the Sixth Avenue Baptlat
( hun-h. and the Rev. Melvllle Iloyd, of All fioula' rrot
<-?umt Rptaaapal Oi-ttB.
XBB R'-v. Dr. C. L. Wells, of Flattuah, dellverrd .
hlstorlral addre-i In Uie evenlng. Hanglng from the
pMpit ftmt NBy waa a large flonvl plcco b-'0_.ns Uie datca
,1660?188LM _ _
a cor.M.T BX-_D- s.vvr.D her eife.
Unref|iilt"d niTectloii ;nl MlelMMl K'.anco, forty-four years
?ld, who b a native of Italy, to attempt to klll the ebjeet
M Ma B-drea-w <aurly r_a_ar_aj morning. Mlehael Brea
at Llh-r-r-kT-. aad UawaoB-M., B thc Tw."ty-.ixth
ward lt ls a targa tfawuil haaaa, M which alao nvs
Mniie Blendl, aaa-Btaaa years o;d, with arhaaa Bi.wo has
,',,., ?.a,l|v ln lara fnr BBBM Umc BB MMatflH to the
ma, mft-M wtn HtliBMlH, D-? she never gave him
m, .?.:r_r,.ment. Thoueh s-veral tlmes refUfl. 1*
kent "I- hB BOlt unttl l*_t_r-?y nl*ht. About mldnlght
he met Annia B the BUlway .,t Bm Immb ?nd. ataap-a*
i?r foreed her saea more ta Uatea to hM prote?t.tio_? af
liiv,' Aimle flatly refused Wi I-8--M that sh" should
hi. ,Mf,-. Thia s., enraced him that he drew a
r-velt-f and. polnU-41 it at Ito girl's haeaM, flrcd. Du.kdy
tba i.'.lirt, ln?t-od r.f going to her heart as was lnt.i.dcd.
BtniCk a Iteel of Annle'a cor?ct and planee- off wlthont
il,,,,',- hr any injury At the -,?nd of Ito revoUer
,-? nv uiea who llvea ln the same haaaa, radhaB from her
.??, md end arored M atop UM B6_Ma B'anco
turned upon her and blt her sevc-cly ln the orm. Soon
Ihe paUca arrlvcd and arrested Illanco and took him to
the BeT-nteeatt PreeBM* Pallea BUttaa, where he ?
heid. AjBh-taaea Bargeaa O'Haataa attended Mlaa (Maa.
Aniiic Blondl was not lnjurcd.
? ? ?*
rollccman Tvse, who ls conductor of tho FourteenUi
praetnet i.atrot'wagon, narrowly eacaped being kllled _n
BatWday night arhfla takl"- Frank Smlth to the pollee
atatlOO. Smith, who B elght.en years o.d, and arrlv. d on
ren san Praaetaea, was found drunk m the Mraeta.
Oa the way u. the atatMa Smith letaraaal aomewhat, ami
,i?. |.,e,ian happenod to turn his eyes just M tlmo to
mb a reTorrer potaMB at his hcad. Il" struck at thc
a-eaoeo and knoeK-d it down just aa BM trlgger was pullcd.
The l.uli-t .-ntered his left ahoulder. The two men ro.lcd
?ut of BM v.a-on. and 1'olleeman IT.lrs.hoff. thc drlvcr,
wont to the re-.ue of his companlon. Aft-A- a strugg..
I mi aubdued Bnlth. At thc pollee statlon ho said: -1'in
a bad boy. I havo be.-n a mlncr ln Callfornla, aad X'va
killcd two men ln my Umc."
The tanaiaJ ol Otto Wtta, tho tarma BrldfB traaasa,
who dtad on Tharaday at his home. Xo. 4i-_ llerkimer
at., |ook plaea yeaaM-ay alteraoon at tho Qera-aa
Braapalleal Chareh i - Bchanaarhotaat nonr Court.
The. Rev. Jacob W. Loch thc pastor, ofnclatcd.
Tha RapabUeaaa of the Third Ward will hoid ?
tattflaatton B-eetlBg Bi S-cn-orMind Hall, Smltli and
M-hennerlK.ru bU., 6< 7 _J0 _*__0_h this evenln?. (ien
eiul aitewnit L. Woodfortl. (ieucral .Jarrios \V. Ilusteil.
DavBI II?:11v and otliers wlll BMha addressea. Tho
ThW Ward Qlee C3ab will Bng cBmpalgn songs,
inany of whiili 6-6 new, and a bras- Lnnd will givo
popttiar Btra. The BMltO Ol the tneeting is "OppoM
Boa to liiiiiatn, Moaopoly of t>m.cs. and the Boaataa
ol Taauaaay Hall."
Rlchard Howe. twenty eight years old, n colored
man, living at BO. -77 Bt Mark'snve., was arrested
yeaterrtay by Um Tcntii Piactaet EMUaa, on a cimige
,f barglary prefen-d by Joaaph B. Tliompson, a
:i.|ii-.rdeak-r, of BO. R.'J7 Atlantle ave. ThoaipiOa
ilept i.v.-r tha st.iic lie says ttat carly yesterday
nii.ni.ng h<: waa awaheaed by thc man movlng about
l,:, |.in, ami befota ho could make a movement
Howa aaa stan.ling over blm with B revolver, thrent
|o l.ill Maa if Ii" BMBBa any out. iy. Then Howc
took aboart 150 Crom a aatateoal which was liatiging
at thc h.ad of the bad and 6-CaP-d.
Thc linal M-TOaae B-JM between thc teatna^vf the,
Niw-Vi.ik and BtatOa Island athlctlc <lubs, T.- the
,.ha i pioaahlp <>t Iha Aa_ataar AthtetB Dadaa, aill bo
ptayed at Waalilngton I'ark on next saturday.
Tho Rev. Prank L. Meaeeeh, pastor of thc Thlrd
rnlvctaallat Charch, la Borth llenry-st., dellvered 6
dtecoarea hut evaalag to tho a-eaihata of Biack Princo
Laiaa, Bo. 186, Kalghta al PytUaa.
The third annUor-ary of the foundlng of tho Cer
inaii Bvaafetteal FbIob araa eetehrated last aaaaiBf ln
tha 06r-_ao Evaiigclical cluirch ln Inion-ave. Thc
uiiji.,1 araa orfaalaad to found an offhaaa* bmbm.
IIic Rev. Dr. Oerter, tha Rev. Dr. KuelUng and the.
Kev. Mr. Weber tomVt addreaaea. Tha unlon wus
united with tha AJd Boetetjr.
Evoryl-odv Hapl'y.-A ratlrer frivolous lady told her
.. not to fu Imntlng, a> ln h.-r oplnion It waa a
, ni.-i ] leaaare.
?iii.w i:i:i it le a erael pBaaarel" r-tunuHi her
m,::.,,. -I enjoy it. and my do-'s en]oy it. 1 know
ou enloj -.-ii -;r when 1 am aharfit; and rv.-n the
qnall enloy lt, lor l eaa't hlt one oa thc a__| to savc
my Ute.*?(Texai -Ifttnfa.
Bonrlaea & 50 | Net.9:4t 1 -loon ri.ea 1:18 a m I Ma-n'a..sa 2
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;??.-Bandy Hook 4111 (?or. laiaud 447 I U.U Uat. 6 10
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a in.
r ( a?. iipeiiia ( Br). (Juiller, Uondon Sept M. w.th mlao
Arnv.sl at ti.e lUr at . 1 p ni. irtth.
>:<.niier n.?? CeraCitr (Bri, Taytar, L~k-H aur 13. n?
? i.i.i.a. .n ksUaat to inaater. Arrtvru at the n.;r
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mdai and paaaeti.ai a tn BaBdaiaaa I Baa ArrlTadattha nar
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M.?_.er Uiti.o IBr). I'l'TMin, Weat ll-rttepi-ii vla Dt.la
waie Hrehkwater. in hal,ii?t t<> riiiu-n. K.lre? Co.
nieamei ii.iiii-nian iBrl \Mijrie, I. lueri.a nept 11. tn hal
laat in J ll Winct.aaiar A Co.
maemer Anchuria | Mn. ?:-in.b?ll. r.taajrow Re?t U.MoTilia
i?, with mdee aud paueaiara w Ilandaraon Bree,
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St.
Ladies, Misses & Children's
French Felts of all the desirable shapes, in colors to matcli Fall
and Wlnter Costumcs; also a choice line oj'Sllk Velvet ILats, Bonnett
and Toqu?8t at
aasrsis^ b*?^\^w\-S
S^_^_?ivSa_?^^ ?ssia-w
^'^.meVl.-'nonr.oBnetrrl. -.ooeuf "?? *'&r19- *'#
?SS aud paaaen.er. to A Korget. Arrlrcd at th. Bar at J.M>
*?Uamer?'aledon_ (Bn. McOmbic M?a11t^rran?n porta r^a
fai.raltar Sept 8. wlth mda. t? Henderaoo Bro.. Arnrert at
''^m-VVa-dyca (Br,. f^^^JS^JLmttiit^
Ac. wlth CofTee to Buak - Jeroua. Arrired at tne Bar a? c.aw
a8te.mcrl..ne.(Nor). Trontad O.baraBdaya, wlth frnltto
n Dnn.oie * Vo. Arnred at the Bar a i 8 p m.
Steamor l^ona. Wuaer. ualveaton b daya. wlto m-eaanu
paa.en.era tu C H Mallory <ft 0?.- n_v?on?h 2V, dare.
Hiwiraer City ot Anirn.ta, t'ather na Savaanan --a naja.
wUlimdaeand paaaen.er. *> H I. Wal??* cnarle.toa .
BtaaaajM Aiaunqwn. BeXaa. Ji?!k.?,'"!1llV_ ?
wlth nnla.and oaaa.Mi.era to WnW? A <-o ?ortolB
Sieamer Boanoke. Huipnera, >ewport New. ano wonui
wltli md.e and oaas.naera M> Old Domiiilon 8. Oa
Steaiii.rWyano-e.BoaaKHhnion.iau.. NorfolK, wivu
mria. and paaaena.r. to Old Horainlon M Oa. d
Btaamer Kichraonn, Jeonev, WeatPoint. Va, wltnmuao-u
TK^_W__**w!5S Nlc.er.on. Boaton. wlUt md.e to
"bar-^llotKBr.. BalBI*. Manlla April ?. *???w"r'
Breakwurer. with aua.r to Smltb A Schlpu.r; vea.el to P.U-r
aUMBBT?Wlaa at *an<1?- n?oic ll.ht. B| cloudy ana ioggy.
At-iir la__t?WtaaBgBt, NE; clourty.
fltaamera Colorado, for Hulli BnUnnlc, Dunklrk.
MtearaerCircasaiafBr), henc. for Glaacow -dth. having
^"-^Tr^ilian (Br,. b.nce for Land.a. WBB machiaery
QrsBMrrowx S?pt87--Arrl-ed. eteainer Alaa.aiBrl, Mna.
ray. from KewYork on her way to i.iverpooi. -
wulr.1 .u.mera Wl.con.iii (Bn. Worrlll.and Auranta(Br).
Walker, from L.n.rpo<>l lienoe for New-York n
(ll AW'W, Sept tl Balltri au-mer Statoof Callfojma (Br).
B|uV.frc.r Se-.T^Arrlred. ateamer ia Bratairae (Prt Coll
'*8e^"?-saiie5'ateam.r La Tourain. (Fn. for N.w-Yor-.
Munel.Pl KiTfa.Sept.14.::" V ^'"Tj
Artvanre .StTnoma..Senl-1.LSA Br-iH
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v-mi .Br.men.S.pt 19.tt__f_*__
Zaandam.ftotterdam.?118,.Neta A.n.r
Yumuri.Harana.Kept 44.N Y A C-O
TLEPO-IT. kbm -9
Slberun.Glaajo-.Sept 18.Allan-State
Niagara.Havaua.Sept .0.i? i - ^-u*
nraaaar. *Err. St. Vmm,
rhawi Eaa* _ *>r afaltealaaa aaBB,
I_lin.Nr.Lii.rrt.Bre.i,ei.. .10 am ' P"
SaKHiaw, Clyde. 8an Doimngo, Ac. I p m J Dm
wt-jciisuAY. a_PT. 30.
rityoIKew-York. lnman. Uveroool....11:30 am 3 o ra
Werra.NO Lloy.t. Breni.n.... . * ?? _
Kottenlam. Neth Auier. Ain.ternain. * ?" ,.,??,_
We.ternlanrt. Rea siar. Antw.ro.,>t:M>aa _*? , S
Alvo. Atlaa. PortauPnnce. Ac.II ?? I P "J
B Yitleaiaa. snan Traaa. Havana. Ac.lo amli ?
cuVofAie-aniiria. BYA0-8- Havaua.. I P in 8 pm
TnrH)?n-r. oct. 1.
roinmbia. Hamb Amer. Hambure. ? a m 8 aa
Colon. f aciuo JlaiL. Co.ijn.10 aml.4 m
Reware of a elieht irritatinn of the throat. Koep
a boi ol: HrummellA'elebrated Coueh Drop. ln the house.
oenulne have A. H. ?? on each dn,p.
Drt. Lyon-s PK-ITCT Toith Powder
l.-eens the teeth clean and wliite aJid puntte.a the breath.
" An eleK'ant tollct luxury. iSold every where, 2i ccnte.
m -
Henry A. Damels, M. D.,
90 WEST 80TH-ST.
Dtaea.es of the Nervoua System. Oenlto-Urinary Orran.,
Impotency and bterillty. lloura 8 to 1, 5 to 8.
PEQ-OT. E. & W. Pfquot.
Tho Solid Silver Forks and Spoous
made by the Gorham Bifg. Oo. _w
recogoizf)d for their beauty of d?wigii
and ptwfection of flnisb. The number
of pattenu showo la so large tbat
almost any taste can be suited.
Gorham M'F'G Co.,
Broadway and 10th Street.
Do not beliov? you know New.
York unloss you have cailed on
America's Greatest Furniture &Carpet Firm
22-26 14th St., East.
^.iie baa) aaaHaa aarpaa maie)
I r
Tllt PB-VB <?K A> imillNARY VK1.TKT.
BlXfH AVE., UM ABB 14TU ?T?.
We have now ON SALE a larger Ifno lt
choice patterne, and at
These moderate-priced goods an
specially commended for their DURA?
18th and 19th Sts., 33. 35 E. 18th St. .
TRIBI'NE WAR HTORIEai-A .rroad e.llti.n af
thiaentertalninacellecilou of atarie. of ihrllllna a.d
?xcltina adveniare ia the OtafJ War ba. Jaat beea
laadtd by The Trlbune, nnd all order. can now he dilad
pron.pily- There are 40 aioriea. all wrktea by l nloa
aaldirr.. and all actual pnrticlpanl. in tae.eeae. aar.
raled. Twe.ty-flTe were writien in competlilon taa
prizea. Piunphlet I orm, ? paaea, -3 ceuia a eapy.
?Bl-liafl AND CROCHET, Aaau.t. ltafll -Saa*.
ju.t'out, pai.ipbkt torai. ?? paae.. The baot1..B.e?
?and baat Knlttin. nnd Crochet Eaira e?er Laued by
The Trlbune. ?_? cem. a copy. Thl. U.ue la dewted
to pailern. for Ince. ladlea". children1. and baMae
narme.it.. hn.aock nnd cuahion cover.. irlmmtBi.ear
tain band*. b?... ma.a. .e.rla. lidle,, h.u.lUerchl.f.
ele. In ad.l.iion ihere ara republiahed In ibl. werk 44
paajaaai the chariniu. "Ilome and *0ciety arflelBB
frotn tha suudar Trlbune. A deliabtfui n jmber.
Detr.it. 1HB1. iBBJ 888. I opleo can be ordered ?7
mail or bo..?ht in Tho Tribune Bu.lnea. Offlce. Th.
praceedlna- ?n tull. reporied e.peclnlly BlIB
Tribune by a Prt>.byterina clerarweu. ?B larae
ociaa-u page*. "-i* ceata a copy.
HTiniES IN RECIPBOCITV. Laiior. af I. K Rj
lllu.irnted. fro.n il.a Wea. ln.llea. C.ba. *">" ?"*
Ceuiral America. A r.lnabl. aod eol.r?.lnla?
dacameau let* Octara paaea --J ceata a copy.
laaea Differ In Pio.periiy." a rrpubhcniioa. Iu bbmIJ
p.,..|.l.ln lataa ?l ?be cbnr.nin. or-icle ol B. ..
Wlh.op.u Ih.r aubiect io The Tribu.ir. ae.tlu. f.rtb
.beco.l value .. ? a-ill??e ol haod.o.ne appear.ncea.d
aanliary beliermen... the plea.ure io be . er.?cd by be
almbimni. fr.m impr.to.nent _aBllllBlBB 8B_1 888
_r.a. aervice anv man can d. lor ul. .?H" ""???
5ceMt.ac.pyi *_ p.r lOOoopiea.
? AMERICAN MONEY. <.OU?. M****** ^
KNCY." Tbe rurrency nrticle. of Mr Horr. wltB
Ui.dred m.l.er. reu.-d B*- " ?'- J""*^
Wnr."in . heaa ...pplemen. abeel f-rm tor P.pular
d,.,ribu,ion ... IBaaaaWaaa*"*^*^^
lUOcoplea. II e.n... Irelahl lo be puld ^BBMBaiBB
1.000copie,orn.0re,8lper.b??.nad. fre.?bt B?B8
pnulbv purchaaor. __-_
?BMJ 18WTBB OP AN OPP \ E IBJ " The m..?al?c.aa
Tribuae .lur.na ihe Inal K >r. 888*8-1181,.^J""_?___
Ui.dr.d nriic-e, Iro- The Trlbune. la.rtad -a tM
w.oderl'ul re.nlu o. Kec.pr.ciy. ^*?gV*'
-mata'- '-** aad __?!." and u rao.i eoieria...
,,. arllcle by Mr llorr. de-rrlblaa. lor ihe lutorma.
."uo I rclan-boru voter. eapeela.ly. -> 8*?a *
,.,rr?,?ri,. Iu Amer.oa. I.-iended lor _??'?*
Tnmpnian -penke... KeiMiblicao l.eaeue offlrlal. a.?
;:::!?.?*ata-avw ^___--i,5
BaaaiBnaa .ido ?i .heae.rem BaaiHaaa rw
a?od paner. in pnn.plilel lorm. wlth coaera, IBJ P?8?*
-.5 ceuia o eop?. poniiie'' l'-1"1
?THETARIPI' A *Ol RtE~4,P ?'""'"^"'J^J
The.rea. la.ifl ar.l. le, ol Mr. Il..r. w..U .Ihe BJJ
Zlm. rep.io.ed Ir.n. - ^?-"^?55aB
|i. rheap .0Pt.le.neul lor,.. lor BIBBlar 1 ?
a?on. ihe people by .am.au- ,?-**? JJ "
copie.. I aaaaa ~**^~%?-T 'V -!_! e.pie.
,en^frel.bMobepald ?~j?*?, ?aia bT pur
nna over, 84 per laouaiiuJ. lrei?l? HB .' P
. I..1-. r. , -
Tllllll \E 4.IMANA4. II8B8. tbe l?r?.a? *"??"_?
..h.T, ail :'"?< ???."" ?_______
,,,r?ue.lb? Ihe l'"??''??? ,?B flaaacial
|, ? a .1.1.1 ol ui.ilier. ^e?'" ?'' ?"' '-'
VaJaaBBa Bar laaaaaaia J* '?-" ?? ,;a,,,?
THE TRIBINE JIBIEEE. .ba praceedla*. a? th.
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nZ-bm ?f?" T;ibv;e;j:; :aa ...rr lh.
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ratad. J- ia?.a -ft eeaia.

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