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ACADEMY-8-The Boudan.
CA8INO-8 :13-Indlf<i.
OOLUMBVS THEATP.K-8 lV-The Maraula' Wifc.
BJPFB MCBEC?Was Tableaua.
UHaND OPERa HOl'RE?a-Minatrela.
RAhEF.M OIT.IXa HOUBB?8:10?W1B ghe Divorce Him 1
BARRIOAK'S THEATRl-i-8-Remy and the 40O.
HERMAXK-6 THEATRE-a 30-Tbc Sollcltor.
KOSTER * BIAl.'R-2 and 8-Vaudevlll*.
LYCKrM THEATRE-8.16-The Danetng BMd.
XIW PaHK THEATRE-0 15-Boy* and Olrla.
PALMJErVb THEATRE??:15-Amy Robaart.
PRO01ORS THEATR.K-8 Mr. Wllktnaon'e Widowa.
STA/TDARD Tirr.ATRE--5-R*bln Hood.
STAB THEATRE-8?The Club Frlend.
TUAUA TRKATRE?8:16-Thc Ihipll In Maglc.
X4TH STREET THEATRE-8 :16-Mavouru*en.
AutUon aala Real Ba
UM> .10 1
Auturnn Resort* .... 8 0
Uanan-* & Urokera-.ll 5
Jnorr io AOnrniaemcnts.
Pago. Ooh . Page. Cel.
Baaaaaaaa_..n o i^irai xoticea .ii 5
Marriagea 4. i>eatha. 7 0
MlaceilaneoiiB . 9 8
Mtscrllaneoua .12 6-t
Mualcai iDJtrumOnttll 5
Board aad Kovni.... ;? 2 New Publlcatlonk.... t> -
Cu?!u?a6 t'haiictw_ 9 3 ! Ocean Stearoer*. 2 ?
HuMheaa NoUcn... 0 1 | Political Notlcea.... 7 0
Ptof.-asiooal . 8 ?}
Publle Xotlce* . 8 o
Real Eatate.IO ?\
R*al Eauu-. t> t?
Rldinit Academlea... 8
Rooma and Kkata. .10
Rooma and FlaU... 9
Itatnoida .1? 6-fi
Sfan.boat* .10 3
Iiaticme Academlea.. 8
DlUdend N*olIee?....ll 4
pr*a*m?klng . V 8
boiDN'tl: Sltua'.l ns
Wantcd . 9 6S
EjKoralona .11 0
Klnanelal .11 4-5
li.r S.it.. 9 4
Kurui?ur< .11 5
H<dp Wanted. 9 3.4j$uinm<r Re*or:a. b
Hor??a k CarrlaRee.. 9 1 T*?cher? ..????
llotela .11 0 The Turf.11
InatnicMon . 8 J-\|Wlnter R*>sort?. 8
Law SchooU . 8 2 | Work W;.nt.*l.?-? '?>
Dr.oii.rsanci cc5.
And OUlce EornHute
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IU Eulton-at., B\ V._
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BiDdaT Irihune. 2 00 1 <>0 50
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Ownl-weckly Trllune- 2 00 ? ?
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1.028 8d-ave., between 00th and Clat ?ta.
180 Ea*t 12Ath-.it., noar Hd-ove.
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09 Llberty-at.
Brooklvii AdvertWtiR Agency, 397 Fulton-at. op. Clty
W?*hlrBtori-No. 1,888 1-st.
Foreiyn.-M. ktihot, Freaoh Minister ol Poflelfa
Affairs, ?;iokc hopi-ftilly ol France at Bapaune.
?? lt is aaiil tliat the Czar lias proiuised to
visit Lmperor William at bi* carliest oppoiiunity.
== F.mperor Francis Josepli had a splendid re
ception at Fraguc, thc capital of liohemia. ?
lt is confldently expected that the Frenclt Senate
eonualtOBC will tflvr innnedlatc attcntion to thc
bil] passed by tlie Deputies adailtting American
Diiaietlc ii ahorp Bhoeh of oorthqaake was
feit OB MMiinlay Bight in several Mates of tlie
MhahalppJ Volley.:? The laeotdfl of the Uepnb.
UOOB aad Deawcratk parti?s of this Mate on bal?
lot refora are oaapared- sskss Thc Mayor of
rpartaiisiiurg, S. t'.. was sliot and killed bf a ne^ro.
-T>,j riK.k haa been raoahcd Iu the woaderfal
tiolden (late and (iohten Faathet BUBM of Feather
Jiivrr, ( al. .- ?? An eniire fatnily pt-rislied iu tlie
Bteirifl tiies ln Mlaarawta. j?? Prohajof C. W.
liodge dicd ut Piiaeetoa.
( ity and Suhurli.ni.?An el<*ctrieinn tired thtBfl
?BedB at bis wiie in Uooaaaaa., one gavc her a
prulnluy fateJ wound, auotlier ?truck a cbild, and
tbe third beaka h platr arjaaa aiadow. -^-?. The
sfeaijuliip ClrcaaBla retaraed uu this port in con
Bjqoeaee of a eoUhUoa with a achooner. ..- ?
ihoinas O'Briea, a clever baaoo t?windler, WOg
captured ufter a taag t-areer of crinie. -.-?- The
Krv. Dr. Williatn \V. l'age, ot the New-York
Freabyterlun Chareh, Btaaehed hi? farewell ser
uion before rc?isni['R ,|i'* charge. r-~-=- Tlie annual
convention of tlie Brotherbood of LueoBaotlve
ttogioeen waa beld In Jeraep < ity.
'ihe \Veai!ier.?Forreast for to-dny : Fair eind
gjtfhtlp wanaer. Teoiperataie peotcteay: Hlgh
r/st, 7.*) degreea; loareet, 8Bj avcraga, 'iij-8.
A forumatc coIhdoB nmst l?e writtcn over
apair.st the Batihap to Ihe Atichor Lin^ reeaeJ
Circaoda >n tteturdav njfht Thc steaaMhip
was aoi I rporolj injmed, thoiiRh she put book to
piut for iwpsifa, and tho 843h00aet wliich btruok
lur anfferod oalv thc loss ol her boaaprit Tho
intideit fl a lominfior of thc pciils which are in
scparab!e fruin OOBBB travel. Had tho sehooner
strmk tho Ciicaflrie BBaidahipa, tho story of tho
OiTgoii would v(r\ pojgJblj h:tvc heen repeated
-p-ihtps not "itli the sainc good fortunc as re
ga;d> tbe rafctj of poiaengen and orow.
Like many other heoefaeton of tho;r kind,
f'etcr Coopor, when lie esiahlishcd thc Coopai
Tnio.!, htiildcd hcttet than he kucw. Fcw uion
?rho have JtocuBtuIated bpbbIUi bbvb BBfjd it bbbn
wiscly or Btore hcliifully. Mr. Coopet has been
dead only eight years, btit. already an ealargO
ineitt of thfl hig buildiBg BrocBpd bj him is nceo
jaiy in urdar b> a<commodate the great BBOBhai of
atndents scektn*.' ho avail themtches of the privi
lejfos which thc Ooopai Inion afTordv DflBpitB
its foiiiidcr's lihcrait.v, and al though hin fainily
havo coiitril'iitod i,hcr:tlly to it since his BOBlh,
the in<.tittit:on i? nov. in BBBtJ of further ftiuds.
Tho Bepabfakaa party \% emphaticaily tlie
party of ballol reform. In this .Statc in par
ticiilar ahatover has been aon la this line has
been won in the leeth of bittcr DfldBBCfatk ojipo
aition. Tnie, oniy a beginning haa been Btado,
for BBiil the vkions paoter hnll"t has fieon anni
hilatod and th<> blankot ballol put In its place
there wi!l be no gennino ballot icforin. The
only hopc jf thi> dcsirable consiinimation lios in
the cW'tion of a Republlcan Uoraraor and a
Kepublicin Licutcn.uit-Ciovernor aud a Logis
lat irc Eapoblioan in both branches. Mr. Fos
w^tt's record oa ballot reform wi!l bcar the most
microncopic BOtBtfay, B8 <i dispatch from our Al
bany correspondent this morning nnmistakably
ihows. Mr. Floarer, of ooaroo, has no record,
but lie IBafldB for Tatninany Hall, and Tammany
bo?es iu hope of ontiiuied existencc on the pas
ter ballot. Ilis colleagn'e, Sheehan, however,
has | record that cvciy ind*i>endent voter wliu
belicve* in this reform should stnd.y with care.
As LiBBllfBlBt (jOTBfBaTr. be would of BBOBtdtj
uoa all Btfl influence against the hlankct ballot,
following up tli(^ iiolicy hc pursued whon in tho
Aaaembiy. There he not only apoke and voted
tfaaoat t1 e Kepuhlieaa mea^ure, but he even
uiidertoolc to prevent the reception of the mon
ater petition aent up from New-York and Brook
lyn fri favor of ballot reform of Ihe genuine sort,
The Tbiih-xb has hereto.foro mado mention of
tho tokens of Mr. Vrooman'* popuJarity and tho
e.itncst interost taken bv men of all parties m
his candidacy for Licutenant-Governor. More
tc*:iniony to the samo effect is now forthcoming.
Thc souroes of Mr. Vroomans strongbh are some
what unliko those from which Mr. Faf-etfc de
nves his great popular support, Mr. Vrooman
is proud to be known a* a plain buslne* man.
He has a muhitude of warm friends all through
thc State. and thej will not only vote for blm,
but work dillgently for his eloction. Tho
strenpth 0f the Kepublican ticket does not lie in
anv one factor; lt is strong from top 88 bottom,
pj is betoming more and more evident from day
to day. _
rrsn thixgs.
This week begins the last month of tho cam
paign, tbe electlon tiking pbbOB on the 3d of
NovemTTei'. The time which remains is long
enough to insure a great victory for the Rcpub
!ic;iii partv, but it is not too long. For much
remains t'o be done. The potcnt arguments
upon which our party so coniidently and so
justly re!ics for success at the polls havo yet
to be brought home to the intolligenco and the
conscience of all the voters. Arrangements
have vet to be perfectcd for getting out a full
vote ia eveiy oohool district from Long Island
to Buffalo. and, in some counties, for guarding
against fiauds upon the ballot-box. All this
work is vitally impoitant, all of it is in progres*.
all of it otight to be pushed vigoronsly during
thc rcst of the ahort campaign. The State Com
mittee is hard at work and so are the county
committcos, the clubs and the other orgamza
tions designed to oonserve the party's wclfare.
If they all contlnue to do their best until tbe
close of tlie canvass Senator Fassett will becomo
Governor Fassett. and thc Legislature of 1892
will be Kepublican in both its branches.
The political eituation to-day is certainly full
of encouragempnt, The tide is with thc Kepub
lieans. Mr. Fassett is stcadily growing in pop
ularity. liis spceehes have mado an excellent
inipres?ion, have greatly strengthened him and
the whole State ticket. His prosentation of the
bMMM which are at the foro in New-York havo
BBBB cJear and forcible and stamp him as a born
leador. Until the fight ends he will contlnue
un the stump doing valiant service for the Ke?
publican oatis?. Mr. Vrooman, our nominee for
Lioutenant-Governor, and our other candidates
upon thc .State ticket are also gaining friends
Bi the people become better acquaintcd with
them. Add to this that the Kepublicans havo
made a record at Albany which. the moro it is
studied and compared with the Dcmocratic
reoord, the more it commends the Fassett ticket
to the regard of level-headed men, and it is
evident that our party friends have good rcason
to ft-el that this is going to bc a Kepublican
year in the pivotaJ state. Ncrerthclcss, thero
ia dangprin this checnul outlook. lt may Ireed
(iver-cofifidonce, and over-conlidence invites de
feat. Our opponrnts hare put up a weak ricket.
Tammany Hall is responsibic for lta head, and
Li,^aM lt should be sueccssful Tammany would
be a potent factor at Albany, thc power behind
tho Executive Chair. This weak ticket stands
upon a weak platform, largoly made up of fahe
pjptCBOCn. Still, it woiild bo folly to losc sight
of the fact that the Democracy, in apite of lta
weak Tammany-ridden. ticket, in spite of its
discreditable platform, In epita of its scandalm:*
iccord in the Lxecutive Chambcr and iu the
Legislature, is a powerful, resourceful encniy.
Long intrenched in powor, the Democrats poj.
8688 the BdvantBfB whicb the "ins" have, and
all the ]>cmocratic otfices, wo may be sure, will
be turned into rccruiting stations for the benetit
of Mr. Flower. We may be sure, hesides, that
the contcnts of that nullionaire's big bar'l will
bo fieey dispensed, and that thc saloons, as
ibiial, will raise a big fund which will be turned
over to the Deuux-ratic Committee to be used
in the purchaso of votcs.
lt would bl a Rreat mistako for thc Ropub
Jicans in any of the counties to ignore these con
sidoiations or under:ate their significance. Thero
is no reaaea wbj they should disooarafni Bepab
liOBBB, B008 whatcver. Bat they should servo
the excellent purpOM) of preventing over-conii
denco frOBO showing itself any where along the
line. Tuk TrIBUKI believes that wo will wiu
ihe bbttle piovidsd we all work our hanle>t
until the sun seb> on tho Biat Tuesday of No?
vember. Let us do so. The aini we have ln
view, the redemption of the State from Demo
ciatio nile, ia certainly worthy of the most
BtranoooB ajxrtions of every member of our
party. rellow-Kepublicans, ono and all, push
taings. _ _J>
The partisanshfp of the Canadian GrOTSrn*
inent in deaiing with the disclosuies that havo
como out conoBrning ootrupl poblio oflicials has
leached a poibt wherc it is not only gross but
iminoral. ^Ve commentcd the other day upon
IbJ efforl to turn 1'icmier Mercicr. of Quebec, out
of ofiiio upon thc mcre BtHBidOQ of wrong
doing while (ktBUnding of its iollowc-rs in I'arlia
iiiom a vote exculpating Sir llector Langovin,
MBOtc partidDbtion la corfopt traBSbctioaa waa
proTed bj Bworn evidenoa of an indisputablc
kind. This Inoiddnt illuminated tho plans o(
the Abbott (jovei'iiment. Ir was inconsistent
with b just parpoae. It threw disciedit apoa
iii.'M siich as Sir Joha Thomjison. whoni we havo
heiciofore becu disp.>sed tO repnri as high
minded and boaorbble. lt lorc witness to tho
I'.ic; thal thcy were willing to go to any extremo
of injttstice to rctain powBT. Thc worst thal
can be said of a Govemment is that it is willing
to defend BbBoalitj (oinmitted by it? own po?
litical friends and eavagciy to avenge it upon
political ent'inies on the uierest BrMfaMfOBb
Tba bttack upon Mr. Maicaar bas tiken a
partiiularly outragcous iirin. lt cannot be de
nicd tliat the i'acaud incident is highly BBf
BjBBtiTa ol torruption, but thc method employed
to chastiisc the Liberal leadcr Ls much like that
of a dishonest judgo who, being himself im
l? ;u ii'-'l, pii.ee.-ds to denounce- and sentente the
Bb st rJugefDUB of his foos without the formiil
ity of a trial. Lit>utenant-<.iovernor Angers, ?et
up in Qoebec by tho Tory tioverinnent at Otta
wi as the Crown's leprvsentative, has under
taken to depose the rightful and populaxry
ohoaaa authority of the Provime as if his tbe
orotcal fuiietions w^re still actual. He has as
eumed that ahc CrOWB, and not the Crown's Min
ister, is the rval Governor of a Canadian Piov
iiue, and that the j>ouor of the central authoriry
at Ottawa mav m its pleasure ovcrthrow tbe will
of the people of a l'mvitire in tho choico of their
rrjMtfa, Tbia is .daii^erdkis doctrine. Governor
ABfBN BOStaiaa u> Mr. Mercicr, both theore?
ically and actually, the Kame relaflon which
Lord Stanley holds to l'remier Abbott and
QbBOB \'iet/iria to Lord Salisbury. If Angeis
is i inj.owercd to withhold supplies and writs of
cK'eti'.n iiom Mr. Mercicr nnd to rcfuse his ad
vi,y?uhieh BBBBjBB, of 1IIIB88. 88 depoee him ?
Iaord Stanley can do similar thin^'s to Mr. Ab?
bott and the Queen to her Friuie Minister. Mr.
Mercier's guilt or iimocence is a small mattcr
in ooinjim-on with this aesertion of autocraric
Closo on the heels of the scandalous vote ex
onerating Sir Hoctor Langevin, and the equal
lv acandaloua effort to whip Mr. Mercier out of
offleo haa oome the Dominion Governmcnts
reftisal to permit an inve?tigation of the chargos
formallr prescnted in lVHamr-nt against Mr
Haggart, the TorT I>ostma*tor-Ocnoral. Mr.
Haggart is specinYnlly charged with havmg
an intero*t under an assnmed namo whi'.o
a memher of Parlianicnt in a Canadian I\v
cific Rnihvav Oovernment contract. and with
being a mediiim for the collection of carn
paign oontribtitions from thc eontractor* for
the u?o of th? Tory electoral machine. It
mtwt have been to the utter amazement of
all who hoard him that Sir John Thotnp
*on, in refusing an invcstigalion. doclared Hd
chargo to involve only a statntory and not et
senf,:alh a moral offcncc. Sir Johfl ThomiKot: ii
? latwr-'r and has bccn a jndge, hut his notions ot
moraiiry BIB docidedly at variance with thOM
held by intdUgehl people pmcrally. Bul even
if his asserrion flBflg sound i* would bc no de>
fence to the charge. Ilis other cmii>"v th n
the allegation is an old ooe aad that thcio a
no timo for an invostiga-tion now. are too ob
viously pctty hf comment. The fad they dis
ciose ls that the Toiy Governni'mf i> resolved
to tlefy tho honost sentlment of tha Canadian
oloetorate. Ilow long they will purstio that
coursc is an intei-osting question.
The wranglo among the Democrat.s of Ohio has
gon" so far that it is formally odmltted ln 9 daO
jatch to" The New-York Time "fro;n (Vunibus.
This dispatch in obviously in thc intores; of Con
gn>sm?n Mills and Harter. and is intcndcd to ba
I BCBthing arraignment of Oovernor (Jamnboll.
the candidat4\ and his ftiends. Thus, Govcrnor
Campholl had remarked, rcgarding the rcsolu
tfOfl in the platform which advocatcs unlimifed
coinage of flflvar, that ho would " ohanco it" ; bat
this dispatch gives him a deadly thrust, by aayiflg
that it " is regarded by the bankers and btBanatl
men ponerally as a greater and entirely imUnown
danger that might follow if the poople of tho
Stato by their votos indorsod tho free coinago of
?rilver, by returning to tho executive ehair tho
candidate who 'would chanec it."' BA atitnde
as a mere politician is also snecrcd at, for thc
dispatch says "the Govcrnor has no largo in
rerestfl at itaba, and petaoaallv would tahfl ao
risk." Other Democrats, however, tho.se having
large investments, are not in harmony with tho
platform of their party, and are decidedfv Bd
verse to " chancing it." Already Btarchaatfl are
having their attentJon directod to thia matter bj
Kastern jobbers and maimfiuturcrs, for ditcctly
aoro<s the top of their billhcad* aro pifnted iu
red and full-faeed lctters tho words "All goods
to be paid for in gold or its eo,ui\alent."
It sc?ms that Allen W. Thttrina:i. BOB of tho
distinguished Senator who was 80 long the leadcr
of the Ohio Democrats, is on the stunip advo.at
ing BBUBtltad coinago, and that ho apeakfl by
eonsent of tho State COBBJBfttee, gftOf being le
fuscd a hearin^ by the Thurmau Club on the
iroond that disms-iun of thesilvcr queatjon n is
not advisablo. Other men in vaiious parts of the
BtBte aro taking tho same eotirso, loofciBg for l,cr_
sonal populaiity with the " inoto nioney" fanat
ics. So, as fhe dlapateh uss.-its, gefeat i> proba
ble, but " with thc handuiitiiig on tho wail. thc
silvcr BtBB insist on continuing the daVOgSJOB.''
It is admittcd that tho People'a party will not be
fonuidable, for thc BlOd of tbOflB MWh0 were
idotitilied with it will bc found in their old plBCCB
in the partiflfl t<i which they formerly belonged."
\s to the pn ipeeti theso strong words an- USed:
?' if thc DemocraUc party is crushed and humUi
atcd on the third daj of Norember, oa now aeenu
Iikely Uj be the caae, thc si'ver faaalioi will bave
oa)J thems-lves to thank for the deinoraliziition
and' the nensclcss position ln which thoy havo
plBoed ihe party the year piecedlag a Preaiden
tial oontest."
All will undeistand that thcie ate two gidafl to
this question. Tho P'rco Tradan are nad l.c
OBOafl their Bpostte, Mr. Mills, with his a'.siird
oalainitjj wailing, is received by Ohio with de
riaj ib and oontempt Repaatedl; he has be n
warned that his atnazing ignoraaoB of the faeta
doefl harm, and that his line of Bpeocb ifl BOt
adapted to that latitud", and admonished tJ go
away and let the party have a fair chance. Ilis
free-trade fricmls retort that the freo-flilvor non
senso w going BO "crush and humili.ite" the
party. As both are more than half right, the
party scems Iikely to be criished and htimiliated
ahatever it does. The nndiaguiaed attack upon
Govcrnor Campbell thowa that the wrangle baa
goiie sxj far that. ncither faotBtfl carefl for the
Tho ooontrp is witneeeing in Ohio a lin" dreaa
rehearsal, so to speak, of the wranglc between
tho Democratic factions which will bietk out
everywhero iu tho Ppasidential canrpaign nc.\i
yoar. Silvor men argtte that they i.in gain votc.^
oa that issuo, became Repeblicaa farmerj of the
Weat belif vo in free tilver. Hut as mosl of them
tealize what l'rot^ction has done and is daing Foi
them, Demoaacj aontd only repel theiroupporl
by making thc light on the fnilT, and would be
sidffl aliennt-' thouBBflda of erorkingmeB in manu
facrr.ring ccntrcs. Prce Traden anawer that a
fjght for free coinage would throw over every
Eagtern Bhate to the Bepoblicana, and arould nol
gnlti a single mining or Western Stath, beeauae
even there the subMantial buoineaa men bave too
nigr n inllucncc. Behind the taro antagoalatic
policiea there is the strife for the iioininatioii,
with Mr. Clevclaud for free tiade and aglinsl
free silvcr, and, on ihe other aide, manj otbei
candidatea who orant to aee him out of the nray,
Sinco Mr. Cleveland began to m ike oppoint*
meata, if has been Impoaaible 11 meaaure Uepub
lican indebtedness to him.
The Board of Health appetn to have actad
with fnaainegfl and Ind^iaeretioii rather than alth
gix)d sense ln crcating a paak in the grape
niarkct. Great injury to prodneeBI has been
oauaed by pradpitatfl haete m the rxmdeoinadon
of l'ruit. Tho chcniic.il nii.Mun- wiii.-li haa booii
uscd in the vineyards for several years for the
poipoge of iireventing Idack or diy rol BBB been
reioinmendod by tho Departinent of Agrfoaitore
tifter an exhaustive scrios of piaitital teoto. lt
has Ix-oii empjoyed with c^iispiiuous BUfeBBS,
ar4 there has been a markol iniprovetnent in
the grapo crop, ,v shown BJ the finc conditimi
of the fruit in market. this yoar. The Bohrd oT
iloalth, aetfag UapolalvaiT aad a/ithoat odeejuate
knowledge of the factj, has diacredited B uaeful
method of grape culture and caofled Beedleaa
apprehenaioB and BBjeaaiBaai arhich will dlmin
ihh touiporarily tho salo and coiisumptioii of
The ofiicial BtatBBeal propored bj the De
parttneiit of Agricoiturfl ought to re tflaare booao*
holders and coiisumers, and ountoiact the arll
efffcts of BaperfMal aramlniiUnn of a few oon
signments of grapes bj the Hcaith inopeogora.
The answer to (he BuoehieTona com
jilaints of the inspect on is that. over
a ton of grajv-s Bptayed eight tiines
arith the Bordeaoi topjier mizlepg will be rc
aaired in order to forniah ? poiaoaooa d<.sc foi
a single indivlduaJ. Thid BhtBBflaaat, made on
the authority <if chemica! analysts. OOghl tO be
faadaifa. The praeeBjoB of slight tracea oa the
.-"?ins is Bdeojaaterj axplained bi the <h \
weather. In other ajajoag (here ha\c been
is taiaa Ib Bapteaahet and thc aalphaaa aaa
been wa>hed off. Jt would be most BBforteaata
if a hue and rrr raiaod BB^tiaot the Ib.rdeaut
mixture weie to picvent the futuro use of an
effective prevtutive of iungus and the 6teady
improvement of the grape crop in Northern
State*. . ,
The offect of tho prcmature and ignorant
M tfofj of tho Board of Health haa been to make
mpea traportlilj a drug in the market. am.
to fa- ilitaie the pnrchase of tho aOrplaa atJOCk Bt
|OW C08t by Italian and Cerman wine-makers.
If tbe bm of inlphata of coppef be B Boarce
of dangor to the communify the evil will be
grcviv toafeaatd bi this way. Traces of eoppdr
are not found on thc grapes, but on the central
stems where the action of dew and rain has not
sufheed for its removal. When wme is made
tha BteSM ate tioated with the fmit, and what?
cver chemirals may adhere to them will be dis
>olved in the jtiic-e. The danger of poisoning
will tbarabf bc greater than if the giapes are
eaten and *tho stems thrown B8fde. Happily.
there is no ICMBOO to believe that anybody will
be poi?oncd either by tho baskete of htSOfOOa
Concord grapes now in market or by thc de
eottions of wine whii h may be prepared fn.m
them. It is a scnseless panic from which th
gOOd sense of the ptiblic will quickly PBOOtt.
Kegtet may be expressod, but no surprise, at
the abandoam nl of the Moot BJancObaerratorj
piojeoa. Suijirise is rathcr to be felt at the fa<;
that it WBB cver seiioiisiy tmdoitaken. M.
Janscn, indced, BMt with little encouragement
wbTh he liist propoaad it; but [fl tho end he en
ligted the iBtereat of eaeh men as Baron Al
phonse rfa RothacMId, Prince Rolaad Booaptite,
M. Blscboffabein and M. Liffel, and they Bgraed
to givo him all tbe money neeih-d lot tho great
work. M. KifTel BtBO gave much valnable ad
vic" rYgardlBg it. Tho first problem, he aaid,
waa to faraiab Bhelter for tho workmen; and
foi tbia hc Boggaated a boriaontal tuoaal into
the mountain-peak. The ncxt was, to aseertain
the deptb of tho iee-ctp on the stimmit. If tbia
was more than forty feet, it would be impos
sible ti give the observatory sccure foundation
on solid rock. and the schemo must be gaV?B
up. So M. Imfeld, a 8wiaa engineer, and eight
workmen went to M. Vallot's little observatory,
B08B8 ll.-'ut) lect up the mountain, and oatag
it as a lodgtag-piaoB, begaa tho work of titn
aelling Into tho gida of the peak, oa the south
ern slde, abont twonty-tive feet below tho
siunniit. IIow kryiag thoir occupation was may
be eetimated from tbe fact tbat in M. Vallot's
oabia, with two toko fires ragiag, they oonld not
gel the geaeral bamperatare abovo the freexing
point, while water boiled al 181 degreea Fahrea
heit. They peniated in their work, howevei-.
The tunnel was made tbroogb snow c BBpiBBBBd
into ice-gianules, for onttiag which toola of
gpedrtl fom and temper had to bo oODBtncted.
Tbej did not vcntuie to try blaatJag, not know
log what rliaaatrona effeet it might bara. Tho
men sufTored mucb from fro/.cn hands atiTreet
as well as fn.m " mal de moatagne." A fort
ulghl Bgo Dr. Jacottet, who was attendiog to
them at M. Vallot's, died from expoaore. And
so at last. having bored 1b aearij a huodred feet,
or more than half way through tho m nmtaiii.
without Bnding any indiOBtioa of rock or any
thing bni anow and ice, they Bbaadooed the
who!" ntid'-rtaking.
Tho practieal lesults of the attempt are of
little value. It is known that a glacier more
ibaa thirty feet thick orowna tbe great moun?
tain. What the f.-rm of tho rock-summit is has
not been BBceitained, tboagh M. Imfeld believea
it to conaist of 8 Bomber of pointj or ahori
ridges, Tbe bigheat rock actually found is
about Blxtj feel below tho aommit, and is cov
ered with threo or four feet of snow. And that
is al! ; reaolta in value scarcely compaiable with
the life of I>r. Jacottet. Sentimentil ennsidera
tiona regardiag it all will be dirided. To aome
it would aeem like saniloge to ereet a structure
of htiman hnndiwork on tho very crown of
Mthe fBOfUtna of monntains." Othera, how
. \,!-, will remember that on that very apot De
Sassure made. bia famooa obserratioBS, and thun
!.,i,l tbe ii.lationa of meteoroktgieal adeaee
above tbe clouds; and they will regrct thal BB
obdemtory for tho eontianatioB of his work
may not there be ostablished.
What addltional knowledge would be gained
from Ibe operationa ofaach an observatory, near
!v 16,000 feet abovo the sea, is a matter of in
tereating gpeoulatioa. There are few aabjecta
more eagerij atodled by neteorologista at prea
ent than ihe upper ciirienfs of the atmOB
The blgbeel European obaerratory
is that, of M. VaUot, on Motit Blanc it
s If, abont 14,500 feet up; but it is occupied
uii'y for a ehort time la summer. The higheal
pormaneal atatioa fully eqoipped is that on the
9onnbliclc ia Salaburg, lo.OOO feet, up; that
on tbe 1'ic du Mi'li. tboogfa B few feet higher,
baving b meagre an<l ineffeetual eqtdpmeBt.
Tbe " Hermit oT the Mounta'ti." as the dtveller
on t'ne Sonnblicb is ealled, lives |n a house with
Rh n ? walla fodr feel thick, and a heavy eopper
roof to wrve a- a oondnotor for the electricity
whi.h greatly reatrea tbere. For aome months
in eaeh year he oaaaot get oat, Bor can any
one visit him ; but he has oonatont telegraphic
and kclepboaie oommnnicatioa with the wat of
tho world. Tbe Mount Etna Obaerratorj ia
8,600 feet up. and two othera in 11alv are ra
Bpeetireiy 8,800 and 7,000 feet high ; one in
Anatria boaata an attltode of 8,000 feet 1 and in
Switaerlaad thal on Ihe Santi is 9,000, aad that
on ihe Greal Bt Beraard 8,000 feet high. Eng
land'a loftleat station, on Ben Nevla, is oalj
4,400 feel abore the aea. [n tho l'nit?d Statea
;ho Motuii Waahington BtatJon is well known,
8,288 Feol high. That, on 151 ick Mounrain ia
c.,7o7 feel hlgh, the loftieet njxit in America eaat
of the Bookj .Monntains. Hut that on 1'ike's
Peak, "ii groond 14,147 feet high, bolda a
barometer B fractioo more than lt.loO feet
abovo thc sea-lovol, aud ia thus, with the single
exoeption of M. VallofB hut. by far tho loftieal
atatioa in tbe worht That on Mont Bhtac
would have aurpaaaed it by more than a quarier
of 8 inile, and would havo given opportunities
for atodjiag bigber eurrenta than have yct been
systcmaticilly obscivcd.
Tlie paat week lia? lieen one of unusual im
portanea la two resjtccts. It has eahibited ta
abroBg Ugdat Ihe baDoteoee of eten the ablest and
Bowerfnl aproalabor ao BaalatalB aittfleia]
prieea fot ?rain in tlie face of aueh crops as liave
been grown ibis year, aad oonaeoneatip axporte
liave UMreaaed, and large aiuounts of uold have
i ceii siiipped irniii Eareae. Bul it i.ns abn iilus.
trabed tba lael thal the npwanl mavament of
atoeha lms carried ptieta ?>t aome beyand tba
eqaivaient of their earnim; power, ao that unloiid
? i axpoaam haae aatairally foiloared. Tha
obrioaa ooaolnaton is that the aaward oiovemanl
will have t'> i?e uiore dMariaalaattBc bereafter, or
dteeether. Ia the faee of raprolaTlj favor
able BeWB raajardlBB cro|is and gencral baalBeaB,
atoeka saslalaad a raaetlaa from which a few have
Bjot leoorered. Biaea Jalp II, when the uvrrage
prtbe araa (55 98, Bteeke have riaeti more H hMB
e\i>r.v week until the aver.i?e wnn $88 71 n week
Mra, but MBt week the aaataaaj deelJBed t.. .r'i."< .">.'.,
i.nlv ii) erata i?*r ehare lewet than a week ujo.
iiiis t:iii was miiiniy daa ba a toaa of $m :.. ln
,l l':icilic, 00 'he t.'i ,?!:?! at lun that (livideiiil.s
. i p.r tiiree qnartera beaa pald Ihroagh peraonal
adraaeaa by BMUvidaala, wbo woabj in.ik.- bo
fnrther adTaaeea fnr paymeal of aaother dividead
not eagaed. Wali Btraet felt it w;u? laMaoral un
B man WBO Beaa thal f">rt of thint; MMM not to
;;c?'p on dolaj it eaat after, aad while it. haa beaa
well aBMObrb known that the road loat traftlc
hcavlli' becauae of ahort exova laat year. and haa
now promise of extraordinary BBBaBBBB, thfl priee
lell fiharply. Ddaware and Hadeon nl?o decuned
$4 lt, and aome other atocks less. Union Paclilc
fr-11 at one timc $4 25. on Information that cre.li.
tors were not agreed about the plan Bf trraaag
thc floating dobt, which waa therefore Iikely to
tail. bat rccovered when Bat succeea of the
BBheflM waa annotinced. Yet aecounts of the
ompany'a eondltion were not calculat^l to jus
tify blgh prices. nnd in vlew of ita posalblc
troublca Southcrn Faciflc rose $5. Northern
PadSfl prefcrrrd $1. Orcgon Navigution $3 :,0,
while Lnke Shore rose $250, Michigan $1. BBd
Puihaaa $.1. in gcncral. investuient stoeks were
strong, but thc mark-t i cgirih to discriminate. as
.t weii might after a rise of $!0 per si.are for the
whole lifit.
ihe saving of thc enrn crop, by continuance of
execptionally fnvorable weather, tauacd the other
anaatioa of thfl week. ThOOgh corn cloaed but
1 oeiita lower, and wheat 1 5-8 ccnts and oata
1 1-8 oenfs for Uctober, the free inovement of
graln waa grratly faatuBaKd. Wcatern rcceipt*
wore a warniug to all who hoped for strtifi.-tal
prlcca, uuiounting t-o I,2f4y0a>8 bushcls wheat, and
in lour weekt. t-o ;io,{i62f0()i haabakl. against
10,042,100 for thc aaaofl weeks last year, an
nvideooa that tbe Aiiiance aoBtrahl not many
rarmcra. Exporla of wheat, llour included, in
ihe BBBBfl four BJBeBB bave been about 20,500,000
buahelfl from Atlanfic ports oloae, BgatBBt 1,08 If
<>i'2 last year, and recent salcs forcsuadow beavy
ablpmentg near at hend. The prices now prev.ul
log, tiioiigh blgh for rcccnt year* of largc yicld,
do not seeni extravagaut in vic.v of the many
aecounts from Europe, waieh do not improve.
1'ork producta dedined a little, with corn; cofTre
n .s BOaBOWhat lower, and sugar unehanged. /Itit
oottoa rose 5-1G on niiinerom, privute aceounte
of injury to tho crop, althotizh tlie receipto for
tha week were 2iti,.'H>; balea, anrpaflflang tha
phcnomciial reofllptfl for thc samc week last year,
The crop is u little later than a year ago, and for
the month reocipts have been 500,622 halcg,
agalBM 58rt,4."i!j last year, but tlie dcoliiie in ex
ports has been considcrablc. eince they amount to
i47,714 bnies, against 2<;'.?,128 last year, and thc
takings of Northern spinucrs have aleo diminushed.
Therg is at Jcast a ohancc that the rcport* of injury
to cotton will prove somewiiat exaggerated, ae is
oanal iu such caeee.
Tne voliimc of domestic trade, mefTsured by
banh clearinj's ouCTide of New-Vork, continues to
execed last year's, ahout C per cent for last week
und 3 per cent for the month thus far. A marked
iniptovomcnt in tone and in dematid is scen in
uroa and steel produous, though no chatige iu
price is yet reallzed. When it is remembercd |
tbat tl.e wr-ckly production of pig iroii la only i
810 tons less thau a year ago, the output being |
at thc ratc of 8,684,(.00* tons in a year, and only
|s,;,r,o tons iu a year leas than lt, waa September 1,
1190, the condltion of the market tBdiooBBg an
enormoBfl coiisirrrrption. Thc cotton uianufncture
is u;.so well eiiipluyed, with a elight advance in
the prices of a tOW tfchrjog, und though thc cot?
ton ta'ven by spinners sinee :september 1 is smeller
in qiiantity tnau a year ago, the mills are natur.il ly
using up part of the largc btocks hrougiit over
I'rum last year. No chatige appcare ln tbe woollov
niaiiiif:icture, thc demujid lor wool being Bfleady
and iiut little bfllow btft years in .New-Kngland,
thoiisb it is BoUoed that ihe better qtialities of
woolleofl and flanccls. are iu grcatrr deniand,
while thc mills ti:at are eBfl iged upou cotton warp
or low-gra<le goodg liave less to do, and aome of
them mo cloeing. The demund for carpct wool
nas iiotiocalily improve 1 last weok. M.ire uctiv
ity is aluo Been in boots aod Bboea, and on The
whole thc indiistrial aituation is deeldedlp oheer
Treasury dislmr.senients have not eqnalled the
largeBhipeaena to thc iuterior by New-Vork bankB,
whioh aniounted laat yvcek to 90,400,000, so that
the rcscrve was reduced about $4,700,000. But
-old boa begnn \*> arrlve frum Kurope, ^joo/mo
I'oming on .Saturday and $S9ft0,o00 more i? now
?ui the oeean, to arrlve withiu a few aays, Thesc
largc Bhipmenta, in spite of all that has thus far
been done by forelgn banks to retard thc busincss,
BtloagHBDia tho imprcssion that tbe imjiort* of
gold will alford 6ubaMntial and very elTcctive re
lnl'orcement to the Americau money markets ahia
lull. Lu*t week imports at New-Vork were larger
than a year atro, but for four weclcs the d^Otcaflfl
has been $3,440,000, or S l-'i per cent, while
the oxportri from New-Vork in four weeks have
been 98,:iTfi,000, or .12 per c>'iit larger than foi
the satnc weeks last year.
When the Democrats nominated a candidatc
who eannot makc a spcech and who wouldn't be
allowed to if he oould, they aeted on thc well
kuown sportlng theory that "money talks."
The Board of Health, if it persevcres in ite
vagortoB, will l>e raldlng the vegctable market ,is
well as the grnpe Btalis. if BUlphote of copper
is used in prcventing dry rot in grajies, 60 also bj
1'aris green employed in protecting potatoes and
alng-ahot and other cbemlcal poisons in the culti
ratlon of tomatoes and other vegetables. Kruit
tnes gcnc/aily are now systeinatieaJly sprayed
with niixtures similar to sulphate of copper."
Apple and jieach trcea are ticated in this way, and
the practb.-c is common iu nearly all market
^itrdens where ve?ctal?l"s BXfl raised on a large
loale. ln order to produce Jarge crops fertilizera
are necoMary and the richnees of the AOil serves
to attract and develop insect life. Bvarp voffl*
table and fruit 1ms its chnracteristlc rx'st, and
unless it is fooght with cheinieals there is no
profll in market-gardening. The Health Beafd
haa entered'upon a lar^r Beld of operatlona. lt
has ereated a aeare reepeetlng grapaa. Terhnps
it, will now run down tlie priee of tomatoes, pota
u>es and apples in tbe same way.
Mr. Fassett's adveisarics are very 8olicitoii6
abont hie tbroat They fear that ba will make
,,?, many apeeehea for his health and breah ?iowu.
riicir anxicty is toaobinff, bnt BBaeeeflBary. Mr.
Fassett's rolCfl will last throiicli the campaign
aad thc vox populi will dUha the waUdn riug on
?leeoon day. _^___
lan't t'oinniissioner llreniifin doiag a little" too
nmeh adhinff We are Inelined to thiak that
|g Taaunon] I raaea will soon be inelined to "call
him down."' We want clean streeta, of course,
and the way to cet clean streets is to clean them ?
BOt to talk about doiBf th When thfl task is
iiroinpILshed Mr. Hrennan can attord to do a
lilt!i> talkliiK, or cvimi boaating. Ilis intetitioii to
?? make New-York the cleeneet town in the uni
ver.se" is no doabt good, but there is notliiiig
galned bf putting lt so strongly. llesides, we
ilon't know what -Mr. Urcnnan's standards of
eotuparifloii are. Mayor Orant is on record OB
aoyiag some monthe ngo, when our streetfi weif
notoriotisly far from elean, that they were in as
good eondition a? those of any other city iu
America, and would compare fuvorably with the
Htreets of EuTopean capitals. From thc Mayor's
prenithcs it would secmingly not be dilllcult to
make New-Vork the cleauest town in the unt
verse. Hut big talk will not accompllsh linich
in that dircotion, or auy other.'
If all the enetnies of the Wlgwaui unite and
work totrether eaBaeatip Ihifl t'all it is ceitnin that
Tauunany can be overtbroyvn, and the way paT.ed
for its e.implete defeat in the Mayoralty election
next year.
Delaware still enjoys the unenviable notoriety
arhieh comes from the use of tlie whipping-post.
Beaea men were whlpped in public at Newcaetle
0B Baaarday, and 200 speetators witnesa'd the
prooeediiiKB-wh*ther they etijo.ved them ihe dis
|iat. li ihws not state. If Delaware is boitnd to
maiiit.iiii tliis relifl of biubiirisin, it ou^ht to have
the aofleaey to hrt the taeh i>>- apptad in private.
Iiut the little State ought by rights to get in step
with rivilized BfflglBja,
"lhc comnicrcial candidatc" aaj one of tbe
phrases apphed to Mi. 1 iower with releiitlees fre
qaeaop iu advance of hU noimnalioii, not by a
Kepiihlican uewspaper, but by a Democratic organ
like "The lirooklyn Citizen." lt waa, and la, a
food phrase. Th" nomination at Saratoga waa a
j purely omnmercial affair?a mere matter of h?r
gaia and aale. Hut New-York doea not V/ant %
commercial Governor, and will not ha?.e one.
Tlie body of Ihe late F.arl of Northesk was crematog,
and the ashea were dcposlted ln tba faaaUy vaulu
Cougreesman Herbert. of Alahama, iina wlthdraa-a
from tiie fleld aa a candlrtatc for Inter State commerce
Uovernor Bjuaaell, of Jfaawhuactts, Democrab
thongb he be. dtned with Prealdent H?rri*on'i wlfa M
Aulaimdale laat week Thursday.
That nny stepa are now boing taken to aecare a new
rector for Trinity Church, Boston, i* denied by tha
parish autborltlea.
The monuruent to Garllnldl, whleh li to be unveilee"
at Mce n??Jit sundny, snow* tribute raM.er vt tliat
hero'a devotion to French Rcpublh anUni than to
Itiilian in.Ity and tlie dothronement of (Le Pope. Nlee
ls now I'rerich terrltory ; and Frnncc rould not eoo
idatenUy d<> otherwtse.
The Arrhduhe Francta Ferdlnnnd of AuVrla haa
Just recelved a curlous prescnt from a taartat a;-ncr
la l';?lc-,tlne. It Is a b-wrful of eorth tohen from tba
Mount of OBifBB, und ls BMBBl to t.e plaeed ln tha
Arrhdnke's roffln when lie dles. Earth from BfJ
Baered spot l? t.elleved t? pre?;-rve m-.rUl rorr.ajns wlta
whleb lt ta bnrled. The gift wlll be devotcd to tba
Bee whlrh the glvcr deslgned.
The rtatemont imblishcd In many newspaperj
rerently, and orlglnaUtig In Plnladelphla, to Um
effeot that the Rev. Dr. II. I- vYayland's marrlage b
the seouel af n forly years' courUhlp ta pronouncea.
.-r.tire.v erroneona. a? ta nlso U.c aerOMpaayloi lia
putatfon of au age somethlng Hhe aUPf >ear> H hla
The clnlms of n vcternn Dutch watrfimaker. Xaon
dorlT. to lw the DMphfa Loula XVII <>f Frame, ??
now ronfronted with cvldenre showlng their MOMMl
ness. A document hus been found erbjeb la -ald to
be the orlginal offlclal report of tbe p??trinnter\ ?*
iimtrnt'on of the reai DaapbhVa reaMlna long befori
N?unriorrT'> dci.th. The aifMt wa- l.cig ln tlie po?
BeaakHl of Dr. Dnmanglii. one of theplivslrlans who
rondnctrd the autopsy. Mrice 1863 this vnluable
hUtortcal voucher haa been ln the Inuids of a bookseBw
ln Alglers. who has now glveti it to tne French jror
ernbient in exohange fof aome offlnnl puhllratlona.
"The Kingston Frceman'' relatea the followlng lneb
dent: "John F.. I.awson. one Of the leadlng frult growera
ln Southem l.'tater, shipped on Tlnirsdny last week from
his fui-ra at Marlborough forty baaBaM Of BBfl l>e.-i. lie*.
on the foUowinn cicturday lie gave his clieok f..r #J 4g
to the snlea a?ent to cover the loss on the shipmenU
Mr. Liiwson not only lost l?l? I>af8, the bnaobM Ia
pttherlB* lneludlng the ro?t. bat he BMalBaal tbe
Bbata amount ou the baskets l;i whl.-h tl.e frult ku
(ione, An ftnbrella.?Johnson-Confound that Toav
sl>n l ....
Mis J.-What's tbe BMtterl
.Tolinson?He lias Just p.i;o and taken one of my ?ja.
brellAa. It ls DOtbtag sliort of a crlme to t*k-> an nm
bivllti a-'nd It ls a plece of rnreleesne-- and tlunighil.ua
neaa ihat 'a rondoned too ofien. lt 8000, wl.at'? tlilal
Mr^. J.?What ls lt, Jolm 1
.John*on iFleefullyi-Tomiwn took one of mt um
brcllaR. but left another <?ne-a l^tt??r on-. H'-rr. run
and lilde IU He may dlsrover lils mistakc aad be bacfc,
any niitiute.? (Yankr-b Ulfldc.
Wllllam H. English, of Indianapolis, who r,vr. Mr
vi'C rtuMieal on the llaanoai Behea in lioo, d?cbie?
that nothing could ever induce him ao retiirn U> poUtka.
The ronclusion of a weilknown opta poem seenistoftt
this case exoetly : " Says Paaeb to .ludy : ' Do taa wan?
any uiorei' ' >?'o,' says Judy, ? my eye's too ko^e.',
Llcutenant John C. liooth, l?h BJ. J. Vola., dled Maf
i?, leOl.
Iu the earlv veai-s, ere tho splrit of w?r
Wm abroa'i lu the laud on lt-. mi-^l n of woe,
ln tne taillght dim, on the bofi-rlppllng ahora
(if the poaceful James,
In maaieal notea, ?oft aad low,
The volee of tlie slave was baaia,
As his p*<ldlo tne water st.nvd,
glnpln?, "Kow, i-ow. o'cr Bm waMn M blue;
Like a falry I float ? my gura-Lrt-c catioe."
ln the Meer years. when tlie splrit of war
Inflamed every baart, and a nailon in arma
(Jilm blv.niao kept 00 thc pun -wept ihote
? .f the tr tobled Janea:
Wh' a we paased in tbe laU of alarma,
Ptom oar eaaoa on tue blU,
ln th*? twiilght stlll,
The voire ofonr comrade was neard
Iu tone? that our bosotns stl.re.i.
Sinaing, ? Boer, row. o'er thc waters so b-u',
Llko a fatrj I H^it ln my giun tree i
In these Iater vears, when bba spirit of prare
Has stilhU the fletce passlotw of brother- to reat,
\\ ?? >.lgh a-. we thlnk how 6ar nnmbers decrense,
When we meet, year "Sy yCar, rar removed from oor
On tho qnlet James,
And the rolOO of our br ther has tonrhed every breaat
With tbat s.>ng of long ago.
ln muslral notes, soft and low.
Singlng. " Row, row. o'er the waters so blue;
Ul.e a fairy I fl at ln my gum-trec catioe."
Agaia we havo met in the splrit of pe.iee,
Bat the v.IVc of the singer we bear ii > more.
(m the nver beyond be na* found aweet retoaaa,
ln B snnlicht far brigh'.er than sl.otie beforc,
on ihe *parlillng James;
F.ut an erho conies bark from that far-away shora,
Aad we almost fancy we bear
Thosei ninsloal notfl*. soft and elear,
g'nclng " How. row, o'er the water* so blue;
Ukb a f>rv 1 rt at In my guai tree .'an.*.
_t(V.mr:ide F.Ilas D. smlth, Kllzabeth, N. J.
|?f originallty, not to *ay humor, comnu-iid u* ta
tho answers In examlnatlwi papers. liere are two ot
throe which an F.nglish bishop voudies for. A eMM
was asfced to give sotne aerount af OBTM?Cromwell. and
voluuteered the Inforuiation that tba PrOhMtOf "WM
very unhappv. aud dreaded aaaaaalnatloa. <>n hb
deathl^ed ho .rled, -If I had BOTfad my Oad a* I servet
iny Klng, I should not be thiw fursaken in my Ola
agel1" Anotlter, evldently with temperance pim-hvl
tle^ deilned ivntax as "a dooty upon .-pints." 0B8
srnart yoath, who was asked by an examiiur, ?OaaBB
y nr father walk ar.mnd the world f was afjaal to BM
oecavslon. " Vo, alr," aald he. u Why nott" " BoaBBH
he's aaad."
Her Crlterlon of Pnrity.-"Did y.m bear rnv jittle
MrPi last aanart MBMrBt" was a aaaaUoa oiiraeata
on a Plttsburg cabto i-ar th<; other day.
-No, what w?- it'" repBed the lady a-ldw-ed.
? Yoa bSOV she says her prayers every night.
--.l'ic',l..^irt stick to UN presnibed *?*jjP*
I l-iv BM.1 >'?'? ?. t"it ofTers up some ortr-.a-l |?e?OOII?.
Tbe Other night MM said: 'Deor I/>nl. bbMB papa.ard
innmma, and all my auntlra and uncles, an I i.ial.1 n?
purc>. Wabe BM awfid pure. 5Iake nie u* piire^os ihe
1-baking powder. Amen."-U>itt>biirg Chronlrlc.
Tho BbrpOalUaa of an eatate amountlng to $3,000, la
Chicago iv.vntly depended ou tho que?tlon whetlier. in
a niuitler-and sulrlde caso. tfle wife or husband dled
llrat. They had no ehildren. and all the propertj
would therefore MfaUf 8? to *ithcr tho m*nS ^,?1,4live,
or the woman's. In the la.k of cvidenre. Aa Judgo of
[tobata dlvided the property BfaaBf among a.. tha
"I'll gct eveu With those nexMoor neighbora ef
mine f ItTtabea a tboaaaiM raara. Tbey baaa trwncd
thal mlaerable oar of theirs to howi e, eryttna i?ing.
-Why. that la the ataaaajwl thmg 1 ?J" ??*?.?
You don'f mean 80 say thc dag had to be trftlnedl
Uiidiaiiapoiia Jaaaaali
From The Minneapolis Tribune.
Tha meanest trtck Major MeKinlev has done BJJ8 ?
run OM S lowa U, maJtolt s^ech whlle Mlllsand Camp
bell were .fumptne his own BtaM aaalnM h'm HWj??
hihltion of cntempt for Oiose Dcmocratic war-horaea k
cruel. _q_
From The ltoston Herald.
The reslnnatlon of ^BreMman Flower and tbe^U
ofsegtrssman splnola give the Jew-YerbOM; Vmm
?ata a (hnnce to tnjeet aome bralus into their' delega
lou %'onslderlng tlie ftet that New York la the flrat
dty on the fot.tiaent, sueh an lnfuslon would fill a
want long felt._
From The PltUburg Times.
Mr. Bhdaa, wlO. hla usual f****\S**StmmX
ln ohlo plaln ln n slnsle sentenio. Mi Kl Ier eMBaa
for pn.terlloti and honest money; the afcettoe of^op
i,(. l irieans five uade and rormptlon of the curmioy.
aadcrstiiiul lt. f_
From The Boston Journal. _.,.
Tbe foiiiniualty la walting U> aee *?" ^^.Jf^
>? Uoston Herald'' reapond to Oongretjinan ??'?'*"
challe-^ge "f publl-sl. aTK of the arBctaa io eommaa
itse the prke* of which hare been *t*^J*\B*l
KInley tarlff. We tned uii*ucces?f.ill> to M'? ?
lie^id- ao prtat aaeb a lut bMtjrhMer. Miaa mjp
h-.wtlng -McBiiUey p;tree? loudest It la 88 muea
easle;' to He ln getieral than Iu partlcular.
From The Rmhester HeraK.
A dwpatch from Roebeater to "Tbe rJev-aart Her?
ald* sprak, ln flatterlng Mrma of our b?w^?'?'". \^
lam A Sutherland. the llepul.llean tiominee |W M88f.
I,,.,', laaeral. Boeelal attontton u devotaB to M? boaM
UM and bta brtlilant a?c?aa aa a h^fTfeT. T^BMer
JindB who kaow Mr. BatbeHaad ta MUa ctly ?J*X
dlMIJ Indorae every wonl of the **^*^J**2
dtapatrh, whether for poiiticai Moaaaa thay ?hall.*:
dttS to vote tor or agaioatiblaj taKajeeabar. J*
Morning lleraJdV knowiogiih. wt-rth ?ea oiai; ???
aen and a lawyer. iivquenTly ha* had eeeaaloa^Bpaaai
of him tn eortlal term*. lie ta an honor to the Mra
Monroe and to the city of Hochester, aa well af to ma
ticket ap -n which his namo appoara a. lhat ol a caar
dldate for an lmportant ofhcO.

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