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k full, and that mv tongnc respctids but slnwly to
the feeBngs that have I I '.er ? ' 'Clitl
Thlrty one yeara aaa Abrah.m LBie4<ln att>od-_eial
?At thla polnt there wn* tremond-.ua applai:-e. Insplred
!n part by the -jieHker's revercntlal toti ? and manner.>
And what a hMory has been crov d-d into that pcriod
a lUatory fruught wltb how mm Ii of deap slfallleenc*
to the great majoritv of my Uafc aers I. I
a hlstory franght with ao much ol algnlflcance ror
lihertv. ln that meanwhfll we have obtalned a iwln
l-4i flag. (Appiamv.. ln the meantlma we ?*__*
t?1ned, forever cemented. a perprtnal I'nlon '
fonr States, forever eonsecratcd l<> fivedim ln everj
dlrectlon. (Kenrwed applanse.i l do um m
aapeal to anv peraon wlthln the sound of my volre.
be.auae through the efforls nf tlio Kepubllcan part\
a d the dcvofion of Kepubllcan berees Ihe rlght ol
(iMrenahlp beoame tw- to them _- t . nll other*; ai?a
l make no appeal t<> prejadiee aajalnat the DemocraUc
partv, be-cau.-f it ever at40vc t?> prevanl tlie < nsuni
n.atl'oa of Republtean vtctorlea. (Appleure.1 I make
DO appeal t? rare. color or claas. 1 coiigratiilute >??;>
t ccngrarhlate mv?_!f. 1 rongratulate oar eout lr) Uiat.
wherever the sun *h:nes in IU course from eaat ?' a;
Its flrst ravs fall vtmn n rac- of treeanen. aM Ita laai
ravs aqnd a henewetton upon a raco forever free.
(Tremendeus rheerlng and applar
i.ibkrtt Mi'.sT bf.main roi-Pv?U
Uberty havlng desc<*nded into every bauaafl
and havlng aurronnded the brow of every free man
with lta eternal o-ul. never BBB be dtsputed, lt mu-t
reaaaln. (Oreat applauae.) But with the privileg.
ef ettlaenahip .one. duty. Every rfghl bl
agatoat lt a duty Juat as surred aa the rlghl is predoue.
fco I a?p?_i to vou. not aa bbbb whoee Ubortt came bc
Ba pen of UnVoln. but I appeal M ?oo iw dttaena
ef the _tate of NewYerk, ' ound by ropc* of .
ahlp. bound bv ever) conaMeratlon of manhood, bound
by everv cohvlctio'n of <i.ny to tn endiirtng good
goveniroirnt, to eaat your vot?. aa IntoU-gent i Itiiei.s
apart from partisanihlp a.-.d prejodlce. (Applauae.)
Now I wlll Invlte Tour attention to jnst two
of the eampaign. I have to sprak at two Ot*
lugs to nlght or I ahoaM be glad to take up morc
aarWar time. Tae flrst taaaaa la Me toael a
mahliood baliot, af a pure a.id uotrammelled bufloi.
of that baBol whi.-.i affordi the le?sl ogportonlty
for the oprratlon of fraud, brlbery. eeem-m
and ccrruption. 1 had tlie honor <4 =peahing from
thla plattorui ln thLs behall |wo yeara aao. Oai
frtends of the Demotnitlc party atond for the preeei -
H.ortlve syftem. The BepubUean pariv defends un
cqnlvooally tflae peerleaa, wriccleas priyUMo Bjyen to
every man under tiie exemslve, offldal blanltet bal
lot. (Applatuc
Th? other is.ue ls Taaunany Hall (lllsaes). Yes.
but yeu oannot trlghteu the tliwr wltb a his.-.
(Laughter and applau-e.i Whea Abrebam Lituolu
atood uu UiU platfonn thirtyoik yeara BCO. aa nearlv
ua I can recall his lancnage. a Bortfon of hla ?
waa aomethlng like this. Turnlr.g to tho men of tho
l-oath. bo ^..!a: -Vou of the so-ith ._v if ?
our Pre.>ld?nt the I'nlon i- to be deatrered and ?-f
shall be respnnslble. Thal is to aa. if a hlirhwavmnn
should out n b.Hdcd nNtol to mv hoad nnd suv nnleaa
vou vleld 1 ahaU ahoot, and you will be guiltv ...
iyurder. Tha? ls oool I Tha thr-ar of BUT Ilf" tliat
unleee I v1*kl mv mrmev the nltornative is that I
murder-tbe tlireat of ti_? Iii.- of tuc 1'iiton. nnlesa 1
yleld my vote; otharwlse, di-union. That ls cool!
'^AndTet how hi?tory repeats Itaolf. That lfi tiie
attltude to-dny of t_e hlgliwuyman of Fourteenth-st.
Tammanv Hall rav. to Mr. Cleveland and Alft-'d
Chapin and to the Countr Democracy. w;tJi tlOa loude/l
pfiSl of pliuider iu band, " Ci.k? you atand by ma,
nnd plaee me ln power nt Albany. we sunll lo*e Uie
coonfn- noit fall and you will be nlltv cf haylnii
d,feated tho Pemocratlc party." (Applauae aiud langh
And tn tb!a connectlon, what B conrraat between the
dlgnlfled demeanor and word- of Samnel J. Tllden and
his Biicoes'ors. In IfiTA. a^ near as I can lecoDed his
worda. they rang out llke this : '? i-or tny p*rt. I never
hesltate to BdOfl a_ a rule of actoa and eoatfetioa of
dnty, that a mlUioti of people slmnid not bl led to
pnbllc plllag* for any eonslderati-n Qf ftJ e_i>edi
encv, elther ii. the .State or in the Nattpiu" 55*.**
rebuke from the dead to Ihe llvlngl What a criticltmi
npon Mr Cleveland >.rh 1 Governor H 11! (Appl'iuse.)
Tliev aniioiinw from thli platfonn:
of tfto Btate of New-York than thal alx n :i:.ons ef peo;
ple be deUvcr. _ over to tbe plUage of TammBBy Hall
(Appla-i-e.i What a eonfcf?li n f w alfl aai
.W ther not tru^t Ithe lntrlnale merits of their
jK.-iti... to publlc dleeaaalpn next yearl '^?a':'^
hs there anythlng se aacred ln the petson nl Mr. Cleve.
and or Mr. l.ill that this city and thla Btate should
.ontlnue under the plUage of Ttaimany Hall ln order
that he mav poMlbly 1- m I?rc?ldentlal ft.ctor ne.xt
ve*r' Po we owo alleglan.e to Mr. Ovelaiid or
Taromanv Hall or Governor HI111 Have thy aeoom
l,li?.bed so much ln 1h* way of afflrmarlve L*<sla!Icm
that thev fear to po to the American people on UM
Isane- that have been und" or that tl.js vcar we mu-t
rubmit to the Ineulte that THn.uia.iy Hall h_s Bnpo>--d
UPin|eave t_e snbject with yon. Thlnk of lt.lt Ls
worthv cnreful tbonght T mys^lf have this eonfdenre
tn t^e arou?ed ljitelllren.e >r th- Amerb-nu jwy.j.1.-,
thnt I lmow that when MM laana 1- oncv put before
to whether tb?v wfjl have the power o
nmnv Hall a= llh*?traled not by promi-es, but by
acUof' record ; as lllnitraied. not by propotltlons ini.l
platfonn-, but bv tt;" persona aetnally In control, to
extend its powera and enclrcle the enttre atxty conn
ti-* of the state. there "lll b<* boi one aiiawer in No?
vember. and that wlll be a t'l'indero'i- "No." (Long
>iied applause.)
Whtn the leof-eontinued dieering wiiici.
marked tlie elose of Mr. FBaaett'a neeeb had dled
iiw..y Chainn-B Anderson Introauoed Oeneral
iltibied a*, one of tJ.i- pioneera ln the oause of
Uberty. The oheerini whioh greeted him baving
lubeided, General Ilusted enid :
Oolued M.ji of Bew-York: lt la twenty two yeara
? i mlddle-aged man
pped upon thh platfonn. it w?t tne year when
I ifiirod,i<'.4i to the New V'ork Aaaemblv and :
llirouph thal bod> o roncurrenl reaolnuon thal |?ve
yon voor rlghl t i vote. I tp] .,| e.) li waa I
that I wav mado ihe Uald Eagle of Westchi
(Applnnre.) J pre~ime I c .: the HUe becauae I f.?u_ht
y -.ir b.ttl'. (Beuewed . ; Twentj two year
Mi l atood upj .rrn and \. :':< me -t.^.d
and then a::d Ibere IO.OB0 rolois
men ln and armnd this buildlt:g pl-dged their falth to
mstaln tlie party whlch had glver. ihe rlghl of anffrage.
'i hr very nexl vear Tammany Hall attempt'd to repeel
?iat amendmenl to Ihe eoniUtotlon, tuit Beetctary
_oward told them lt wai a flxed hel and eoaJd not be
luterfered ?1th. I Vpplt
I am told that thero aje some colored men w|j.. are
fgag to vote Ihe Demo ratk Ucket. ICrlea ol 'Xo
fcaip that id< a ?t onee. (Applauae.) i rafnaa Io
accept aucli a statement. The co) 'red man who vot?
the I)eniocra.ti.- Ileket w.Il be branded untll tl.e dav of
hl. dr.Ui?nnd after thal ba vii have no opportunlty -
as an lugrnte and a eoward. I om talklng to the dmd
to whom i lalked twenty-two years ago. or aome nf
them nt leaat. I have no n. say, bui to Impreaa
upon vou t'.e nez-s-'tv of vo': i electloB day
for F*s^":: i d v*rooman. (-tolonged appla
f^neml Hnated aloeed bla remarha by int-u
ducing ibe oandidage lor LieutcaMnt-Oovernor,
Mr. Vrooman 8|H.l;e n.>, folh
As "Mivson and Dlxou'a Une <i t ?>-1.i? ?i the BepubUean
Nort'i from the Democratlc Sontli ln othi r .;
llarlem r.rJdgu dlvldet the Repnbli an North from thi
Pemoeratl. I pl_ -1at.' ?.f the pre eul
d?v. Beeator Faaaett. tl . ubllc4in lead.
rmir 1 i ml have been unvelliiig through the
Republlran North ol t'Xs Ma'" for the laal tliree aeeks,
and I am commlaaloned bj Northern, Central and Wesl
.?rn No* ??.riv to brlng to Manhattan l-;.
tldin?- Th .t tlie' propoae to extend to you on Ihe third
dav of November a groeUiiB of more tlian 7.'..'.'
pabllcan t... uitv. ln return for thla .plendld work,
thev :.-k tlu IfnublUu . und iho UemiwraUi as weU,
of New-York City to lntJ-1 upon lioneat resiatratlon.
bOMct ballota and a" honest count In thla grand
work of malntalnlng the llborty ol thla country they
not onlv aak, but thej oxpect, the cordlal und en
thualaftic ? upp r ol < ???? h . t greW
r.n. (Applause.)
Mr. Chalmia i, i aball d^i.. i thia meetlng a momeiii
onlv oe..,'i-e. in the liugiuigc of an ? r ? I lenl when
lniisHln.il..' .. ge: t! liutli u' .. llie. ' . 1 b
Meve n '" "" 'he w.rtk ol "Mi|*'iet .gatlon" foi R<
piibli'-an to a-l. .. coljred man to \ ?! the ):??;
UckH Our |..i't. w-- born Io cd ? it nnd .
u,,.. ,..,,,. w-hitc aud coloi-ed. our party wna born to
enforre the Immorlal d.-.-tri???? thai all mei
free and e<i ial before ihe law. onr party, true to lh
hlatort \o\-i u? Its prliK-lple-. has ab ..' ? latored ??
all um.- and ln all plac.s, not onlj foi tbe edi
and eksvatioii. but lor the et|iuilH5 ol Ihia
lalor T._s been <i
and i am sure lhal if Ihe < ?<:? ?
could be pi.?e I to Igbl th y would ash l
a|a tJ.i- lh country In wn
there ni^ 'lo.il. ai <<ut our chlldreti voling I
tfeat rtriirk of! our bh. I i ua 1 ee and
eoual before the l. ,_, _,
A terj dear frl.^id ol mll N v"
(?rlet.n- a f. ? >'_i- a,-.. a al wili
the concr-toi.e of a gn-at seminnn whl< . wa* then
lu prrn-f - of '??? benefll oi tbe colored
raot. one of the apeal en upon tli ? jvaa .-.
colorvd minlater. a f rn
the aeene a- glven me by my fiiuo! will m
forgotv-n. lieatttted tometlAttbe radvanccd
to the fronl of the pb-tforra and aiirvey* I ':
audiem-e, wltb an Intenae look thal atoined to speak
more ehxiuently thai. .vori-. After a p.lnful
be l*/an with a f.??'? brok. ? : aeene
and tbe aabled aeemed to - u h m iphplrotJon. i.i.t
ing his handa toward beaven, h. a force
and .(ileiiiintv thal waa almoat oj pretaive I i
the Inngun^e. it ?iil D( i terated l
if this ia fi.e world ibnl I waa born ln. For
yeara 1 w_? a alave upon I
penlt'tit.arv Otfenee ? . ? ?
uiv fellow slavea whlpned for trylng ( ? learn.
alght i am on tbis greate-i avenue of thia great city.
speakim.' wlthout fear, wlieji a bt lldli : to be eracted
lor the educaUon >.f my j^op!.'." (Appla
Mv eol red frte l?, la 11 an: mrprixe to y >u ih.t
lhal mhilstcr of other ? waa
U,n world in wbleh be " Who gave hl
froid op] - ?'? Who peimittnd Ihe bullding of
tbat grand u I of Marnlnai e< ? itoi
well ? t;.'??'. i - ? .? . ' ' hul by
qtiotin. t'1
law-, ? e, Ibal Ibe Rep
jpiara: ' II ?' -?? ri lh! i I.
that l . ?? 11 ap] " > ?? Uv ; lhat
VCK. Wlll I
tb" P< p 'o '? ?? partj BP oi-.-.i
. iiutii the <'ornrulttee on
?Phe eiilnraad faiiarlr? und aaarehaaa ^ <>f Flhit _ Co
[WaS 14th tt e??M? Uiaw ' l dtllvery _
Kiialaure. Tb.jr _nUnu. lewe-t lu ;
is the stronpest
and it takes le?3
to do the samc work.
A. Good
always gives
perfect results
in the kitchen.
Cleveland's DCSt,
is perfcctly
wholesome, being composed
only of pure cream of tartar
and soda with a little f.our to keep
thc strength, nothing clse whaievef*
K'f-solitions, reported the following declaretion,
whieh wiis adopted after nll its main feariires had
been appiauded.
Be renew oar aHeghu.ee to Republh-an prlnrtpies
and poUdee ln both Natlonal and Btate aOalrs, arra
lieartllx Indone Ihe derlaraOon ol princlpka n
iterheirar, Beptember :>. .
T,o able and feerlea* Kepubli.aii kader. who?e on
Tumniaoy bave raused that aatoeratle und
undemocrattc orgnnuatiou to tremble even for lt*. nold
thla city, and wboee rcoord li one ol anawerving
lidelity to Uepubllcan prrnelpleB, erabts ...r hearty
admlratlon end rapport,
Tlie lxjinorriiti' party, ln maluug a spcclal cftort at^
t.i.i. late U?'.e to enUel r i of ol-u-ed men by
tnrowlng ? aop t?> bnem In it* state. pUr.form. ha* only
made tteell on objt-ct oi derklon to ihe, rH<? whots
aj b been Democrata.
The Democratie randldato, Roawall P. Flower, by
his x-otes in the <'<? graai of ihe t nltai Btatea, aaa
aliown blmaelf n con?intent aud peraUtant enemy of
colored men and of ralrnesa and lustlce in electlon-.
Mia vote waa ra.-t agalnal UM bfJJ to pr.ivMc a free
ballot and M bone-t eoant ln all Iha Btatea. He
voi.d Hiraln-t penalonlng tl.e prUoners of war wkq
rafferad al Ubbv and AndereonvIlM and other rebol
detis of fJUaiain and ileUh. He oppo-*xl ibe ?<!inia--ltm
great, becanae oi their raoe and color, of Con
cre*smen LangJton. Hill nnd Miller. A candldate with
such a reio.-d as Alr. l'l wei's, nomLnated at tlie com
uiaaid and a* tbe apecial repre??entaUvo of tl.e nioit
eon-upt poliUeaa otgMUaation wlthln thc Denioomtic
party, I* . recelve thc vote of no honest and seM
msD-ectinp eolor.d ettlien.
<Ve view xvith bne utmo?t rratlfloation the rontln
uarioe npo* the st if Cunimltteo of the Rev. \V. B.
Derriek, 1>. D., and deebu-e <>ur perfe*t confldenre in
? Bl ?.::d aagnifled leadmh.p.
The Rev. Dr. W. B. Derriek xvas the next
sneaker. He said in part:
Mr. Preaident, Frlends and Fellow-atlrens: Aa a
raeinber of the Republican party nnd a voter ln this
greel Kmpire Btate, II li arwayi nod aaaaerb to tn-at
?trangen and vleltoa arltb i-oiisP-eraUon and respeit,;
and on .iu- aeoount, becauaa tbe.--- are aaay uis
Ciligulshed men to a.ld;i-s xou, I will not speak bJO
tong. ..-t me, bawerer, *av thtt, tbat the ne^i-o
x^ants no erntebea or nettlng. ii'iMlongcd applanse.)
Ckar the tracU! OItt our coloi-ed brtthre.. a fair
tield and no favor, and we stand xvllllntf to take our
dhaneeij ln th* nvce. and BtraggM for llfe. (Hcueucd
applauso.i Wo demand the ripht of five upoc-ch ln
every pait of this Natlon, a riglit whlch is piiariuiteed
M |.v tho laxv and UM m of.our coul.trv.
(Oheere.) We demand tla right to eaat our vote in
fverv -.eetio:. of thla broad .h".1 a:'<i have thal rota
roun'ted, and to long as tliat righi ls denied iw by force
and fraud xre have not a fa!r ileid. (Applause.)
There li aa anwrltten ?w xxi.oae poicnt innuence
ls felt. thronghonl the land, and tliat unwrliten law
ls pubUc opuTioa. Wltkoat publle oninloii yon can
intain or onforee a law. (Appiuus".i luumuv
aasi all tl.e olvil-rlghta blll* that yon VM-.. but uuIl-ps
the atrong force >rf pubil.- npinion is behlod th^se bllls
they will be a failun-. ReniemtMr that when ut. Btar
aiipeared in onr NatlonaJ linniiu.ent, xvben the Ship
of Btate w^s drifttng, with here aud there ronks and
dan?erous Bhoala ai.d fandbars uhe.ad, oi'.d xvlth the
flag of tne l-'nion at her miiicnp-ali flvlnu- hulf-mast.
and when ihi Natlon waa njd.cd Brom lt- eentre to itt.
rircnmference, our colored trethrcn wer?) in tbe rranti
marrh of the mlghty aroty that .??tnipgled for llberty
and t'nlon. tApplans-.i
It -wa-. BepabBoaa penius tbnt ereated that army.
and it was owiag to tbe u.iiriiire. the patriotlsm and
tho devotlo:. of Abraham Lincoln that xve am freemen
lApphmsa.) The Bepablleaa party la aka
party of edacaUon. (Apphtaaa.) We are aeasrailBad
to rappoii the men and tin- party who have mpported
; i rt ateod by n?. (Applauae.) on Novemi*r 3
..?? will mareb boMly and manfully to the polli and
ir balrota In behalf of good governmenl aad of
Uepublloaa principlea. (Cbeera.) We on our sid- are
condnctlng thla campaigh xviih dignlty, xvith d.
and wltb a aanae oi ual ?ell-respec( whieh la dne
from one man to another, however mneb he maj
,llr?er from us ln oplnlon. In thii reapect our nolle
i\i?-. tt i- a worthy aud a ibining e.\amp!e. (Pro
longed applao . ? .
l-i n^i'i'v: the Berlefl of magnlncent speeehes that
ha\8 bes.-n dellvered by that aingnlarly abb-, eloquent
werful yonng orator of .mr piorlon- nM i>arty, l
,.- any man te polnt to a aragle Benbanee savoi^
perBonalltiea, or whal ?us otberwlae than in
wltb |he ni ' exactlng fbrmnla of parh*
mentary debate, In whal 11. Lalio.K-here has styled the
llgnibed dellbeiativo aa embly ln the world, tlu
senate of the ' nlted Btates. (Ofeal cbeerlng and up
plauae.) . .
No, my frienda. our flpht. is one of prlui iple, and
w.' eere nol \\iio U ? bearer ina-y be, i. i- xxiti.
tlie methodi and poll lei that be repreaenU that we
dght imd aot xvitti Uraaelf. (More applaose.) Mr.
; i ixv,-i repreaania Tammany HaJl aud cotmptlon: Mr.
Fassett repraaenta the honest voters of tho rtate of
Ne-.x VnrK and p^on gavemment. (Ajpla.^e.i New
York ls the Bgaeway, tbe door, the m./uth of thia great
Kepubile, ancl when the month of tbe body polltlc, ro
MM than the bodv phyBleal, la talntod, the eiitlr^ body
K eorrupt aud nabearable. lApplame.) If New-"\ork
be, a- I hax-e said thal. it la, the month of the BepubUc.
it want* badly to Ihj cleansed. aud wo hax-e here lrl
:,- peraoa al Jacob Bloal Faaaett the aaeahpowder of
rn <i governmenl (Applanaed It eoata nobbmg,m.
frlenii. and fellew-ciueena 'lake this toothpowdt-j-,
and take .i. Ioo, I pray you In larpe qaantltfea, and
tead] baod and is aolnte wlU appty lt to tho gami
if Tgrnmanv litll. whieh are bardened and encruited
alw eorniptlon. (Langhter and appbtaae.) Drlve the
? ?- rr -n the Btate and put Jaeob ^loat l'a--ett
i;?. |o Ail ony. (Crlea of - Voa bel,"
onei.-. applauae, aud wavlng of hats, cane- i I
Nearly every sentenee of Dr. Derriek xxtxs
tumult.iously appiauded. IIo was folloxved by
ex-CbngTeeacaan rangetfln. who said amonp other
U , ii Plowerl WhOB I, one of your dnlv eleet-d
atatlvea i , the Congresi of t.be Batton. wonl to
xVatthlngton aft'r havlnp lK-en .?'.?inf.d oai ln Vlrginia
nnd aff-r havtog !? |n -:.it ? ol them bv daa
of !;i\s. Mr. Flower xxniiied oui ol tbe Houv?
v.i.'i bl* Daanocrarle eoUaagneB, t/. atgntfy his diaaeni
and veaation al tbe act that ;t neero bad beaa ad
miit.-'l io i!.e coanelbi ol tbe BaUon. (Hlese* and a
? We il --..IU Flower out." I'rilonped applau-'*.;
i a..i d I afraid thal anx rolorad votara wlD v .te
for Fbiwer; they win vmo for Faaaetl ami th ? nr
pnblican ii.rlj. (Applanse.) Of all tl. peraona xx-'o
hoM pi.? a a is- uil oi' baving pasaed CIvll Bervle*
.1. The.- ? ,.re ::<> i
nenskm rlerl I thewi State*. Of t'u-if n.mil-er
n j. r re.r are eolored, (Applnn e.) The wiered
people oxxe li.eir tllO e pUMOa ln a fl-eiit.
ire i. Preildenl HarrUon, for he suxv that the.
,..- ,? ire ited ;<- the <i. ? Vpnla ? ; In . tn\ ln
? . i . : ..? aay onlr tl toln tbe Bepubllean
? f< ar ai rthlng, (Api
Other hi^-iikt-ih arera 1. I". S'i<-i.ard, the Ber.
.1. H l>. Sinyt'n imd .lo.in C. Danoy. I nlike aoa)
meetinga ihe crowd waa .- large wben 11
waa disn.is-.i-d u:-i at any other thu-.
8BEAT BXTHTJ6XAIM tT ^ nir, -ia-s-Mi ktino in
Thal tl.e (Jer,: ,.s city appreeinte the
bnportanee of thp iin^ro' oampaign, and that they
prepoee to li^-ht on the right aide, wa*. ahaara laal
oighi al tbe Oermanla Aaaesably Rooma in tha
Bewvry, at thc t,rn-:it maaa iaerttng of Orman
(tepoblioaaa. llefore 7 :I6 o'eloekj every aeat in
the large hall xvas fllled and xvben the invifi',!
erueata arrived, they lirol to aqaeeoe through a maw
I rom orgaaiaBtkafl in 16IG to Jan.
1, 1101, has paid to policy hold?
era .'..$145,?3.-),300.80
And now holds for their protcction 0b,747,707.41
A tctal of.|304lM3,00g.l4
II baa ir. i-.cd froa the.-n
only.?'ti4,'.::>8,' 18 77
l- h s > arned f r II pollcy holdera
i, | n i er pgetn am paymenta
(aiter payiag ail expgneei and
t.i\efi of . $10,324,149.47
or 24.5.r. per ecnt.
PUILIP S. 14TLI.EB, fli-neral Afccnt
ft,r >'?? Vorlt C.iv .onl V'.lnltv :md N< ? I
l Wall St . .New-Vork City.
so denw that there was not an inel. *>f aparc
room left. Wheitjhe meetinn wna opcned, even
UM ...Ifl rooms. the hnlls and tbe .tfilrwnyfl were
blflefct- with the hundreds who fa.led t? get
Innide. and though man.* could hardly hear what
taf on, there they stn.ved until the rneetin .
was ov.-r. eor.tenting thcwwivii with t.ik.n. up
Ihc l-BO-B-tag iheers wh.ch broke agaiu aml
Bgain from Uie throats of those inslde. The in
t4*rior of tbe hall had been beautifully decorafed,
with Ameilcnn colors exelusively. From the
centre of the ociling the hriKht, fjJad- of tlie starry
Baga -tret/'hed to all parts of the place, every inch
of wall was cvered l.y tlie glorious colors, and the
platform was enveloped with them. The red.
white and blaok of Ccrmany was miaslng allo
(Ct-cr, but the liKbt from the p-reat chruidellers
fcll on something hetter-on flftecn hundred faces
tlmt. had turned from tlioae colors to the flag of the
Ciiited Statcs.
Thfl meeting waa opened by Charlefl A. Flam
mer, who ?miil?lfl- Ferdinnnd Kidmnn. Mr.
_Mmaa thanked thc Bflflfl?b_ffl f?r thc honor in
a sh. rt sneech, which waa fl-.flg_._t. intemipted
by cheers.
The nevt, spe nker was tlie Rev. Nicholas Bjer
rinj. of the German 1 Vshyterian Church of the
Redcemer. He spoke in German, and made a
witty and characterLstic fld-t?fl, which brought
forth a perfect roar of cheers for Fassett, Blaine
and Harrison.
The next speaker was Ferdinand De Vigne.
He had scarcely be. un, and the great throng be?
fore him was silent and attentive, when suddenly
there was a stir at the furthest end of the hall.
Instanlly ' over that. flHflfl of faces
there flwept a cliange as IL-ht brcaks
over a flea. NO-k-Bg had U* n heard, yet
lnstirictively every one present knew that the
mau whom they wLshed t<, hflai abaTfl all otliers,
the knight wlii.se IflBflfl -?_- tt-i Republicau
colors, had come. Aud as he w.s flflcaxt-fll through
(hfl ci'owd which opened before him, such a sliout
broke from a tliousand throatti thnt the very
hanuers on tbe wall fluttered and ehook.
Mr. Fat-ctt epolce in (ieiman at lirst and won
his hearers' heurtu by thc*comniun<r he hud over
thc language. He __-_ hfl _-_. U-- tu rub a
sn lamatiiler with thc BlflWd, and thnt he was not
unfaualiar with tl.e babltfl oi the Qei-MB htudent,
and with the romauti- valley of thc Neckar, just
where it mcta tl.e Khine. Souicbody m the
audience then called out "?-_-?---._" and hc
turned to him, saying : "Ah, ireidolberg, then
quoting a famous German stud.-t tnug abaut that
old univei_ity town, h. said:
1 toflk my famlly and aettled there: to JSJf*"^]^
ip?. n that be must have i."M, tw_niy-tkwfl jeaiajog
_ thal t.n.e. WaU, BnftUo li a big &'J**.*g
uecd big bovs to /-'il papera. . . ? ?- 5/_^___-.'
Plbwef ls gotaf t. roM__ an B-rt-WtwrBneoj-S mjeob
in ilarlem tO-Slgh. ai.d thls bl OOW 0 lt whlih I
ba.. recelved itooa - fl'clock: (Laag-tar.)
Mr. Faflflfltt tb-n read smue p-_4_wea rroai lt
referrlne to Ta_.es, nnn showed that Mr. i lower
had laggled with the w_f_fl toJj and tax-ratc to
cnptuie votes fnr T:.riim:i.iy. Hlfl l.earers atMUted
B_ain for more, aad when he ata-ted ta iro. thev
tricil to .anv lum out on t-W*ir s.i.uldere.
J?hn W. Vrooman then ipok. a few worflfl, and
after *f lonu. I.rilliant ?ie*-h by Fredenck w.
llcil . preaidenl of the Oermaa Society, the meet
1P AiVum. th._e' . rSent Wflffl Fer.lim.nd DrflflflT, Wbfl
had. C4_u_- of thc aiT-agemo-ts; ( uarles ?)? 1'*?ni",-1''
loTonei v,m;aii. Merar. Dr. Gostav ***^****J
Wolfram, Ur. William Balaer, Lewla S. Goebel, A. ...
,;.f.,-, Herman Can tor. E. A. _??? ntomann,
joim Brammer, TTuoiot \'M^'u-l^i',]^lZli?
C Otto 11.,4-se. jaeoi. II. XllUar, Pmn* i ,-e-. gfOde*?0".
Flaccus, .'i.'i'.i, Beia, John I '? l)r- ' *n
Kremer Freflerlek?grtst, Henrj ? ? l,,|"'v- lh?__r_?0t1'
lieh, A-gastus Hassay, Dr. EmU Hoaber, Dr. F. L.
i -riau Auh. Ilenrv Mombcrg, Frank ke?iiet-en,
F?efl__cU Wtaimer, ir., F.rce-I Kuit-ihach, E-dUp Horr>
Uch lirni-j-d Belcbwann, Jacob Kossler, Augn.tiis
-chulfel Henn- V. L-.ihr., 1'ei.li.ia'id krojter, tbe HOB.
I ,,'h P. Wlndblrrl'v BclnboM van der F_mde, Kudolph
Rubena, Henry KIocltemeTer, Henry fichnrnacher John
vo? Oflrtchten, Charlas L. Broekmdor Lpnla Wat
Cliarlefl Dresa, Istflor IM. sdalph Ilnn.lte. 1 al P
E'i'ilc, Conrad Hottea, Prank Ba h ?. iohn G. iip-it
Oharlei Welffengvh, sr., Christlan Heirliefc.
B-wai- Ommermann, G?ta8 k. -.ii.n-i.ann \\iiham
ErK. bamuel B. Hamb-uiprr, John K. Brgdslw, i nrt-tian
fWa lxvrier ___imkilh], <:.|.trtli Bflvmrfl Werthelnier.
Jltiary FeKHnann, Martin Hanp'. i>:?,",?i',' Mot_!*
,?.,,/ PtalT. Li. Rlehard Muller, Dr, '?''?'.>"'- '/r
Henry J. BerghoM, Henry rtjfitnmer, John Benfler,
II ii. intemann, George Friw. i liarles \>. 1''";'11^'
rSaptaln Henry Delker, Adain Eppla, m-ix von . u.e
Dreyer, John l'. Ronier. in*. Frafl. u
:i:i., Herman W. Tfiam, LonU U. i.4*roy l^nri
:-, |_,ard Cirr. .', Jacob M.v Dr. T. II. N.w
l'uul J?r r.irl Oroscll, Adoipll li'-letinmiin, K il.
Franlrenlielmer. Dr. Max G. RaaBo, fclartta (:';r"J. ,1:,:
;.n Zuschlag, i.-'? Bau, Henry 8chmld, wei
v,.:i.;.er John -'lunl.lln-'. John J. HIH-r, Fre.
Kraemer Gottlleh OrlS4.1er, Christlan FnnseL Caspei
...obel, LouU Herbst, John 11. Idmi. Kred. \oefteim,
Lonls Frledrieh, .luhus Eniri, The, doro 11. Mrhh.
H Piaetorlns, Nathan Fncer, William Bothtnann,
ri ri..- k. Lezow, Jaeok Hnnslcker. Morrls Gerber,
\V Ulam Kelm. Henrr Arfmann, Gottlriefl _*!_*s Jary-t)
H..ti, Dr. Lonia F. HKchofT, EmU Ney. Arlolph Flnken
gw. John <.. P_ter, William Branflraej r, .Geor-e
Mcindel, Benno t^ewy. Adum Machemar, WllUara
r.llniann, -r., Jaatrow Alexar.der, Henry J. acnu
,. Max L,. Maalt-. l'r_nk Btelnbrecher, Doad
? ,:n. Henrr Gra?,se, Mnrlw Sllbersteln, Mnrtln
Hold Rtidoiph' n-4'.now. Adolph Reirnann, J ?epll
Weiik, Ilenrv Kropf, J. K. Munliii.. MarUn Mauer,
Charlei Btelnmuellar, Theodore Banmeister, VMllan, .
rup ?ri Georje F. Gmlnder, Jacob W. ^in'
i ouis L Rolland, Oalonel .vdam s.nc? . Llonel ?'!??- r,
t__ . Labiacblo r, 0?rarC-_iB, A. von Niebelachueu,
Kml'l Toffler, Adam K'nt/^lmann, Julin- Beii ba, John ...
Peter. Major Ckarlflfl leinflfly and Theodora V.elicrg.
__U.___--n_.-DCB--- QBXXT F\s?F.TT
Tlie voters of MorrlMinia . ive Mr. Faaaflti and Mr.
Vrooman a mni-nlflceiit r."?ption lu t evenins; at
Crt__h- Han, 0? fcnr_rad _Jid*aeTan-4_k ai. and
Tklrfl tm. TW rfljta feii in torr_t< aii tke ef-rttag, but
th.it ,ii<i not Interfflifl In ihe w . with ti.e m
it W.I- tiif largflfll and n>i,st flnth-ai__tt? polltleal
latkarlai thal hn n?*en held ln tlc XXTVtk A^etnbly
Dl trlet in many years. Hnildred- i.f ai-ftlllg-flflB
who have. kflrei-ffll. voiM the DflBW I Bflmfl
, hear Mr. I_a8flt. u:id wariuly iipj.'.audcd his
ievera amlgai-fl-i <?f Tammany iiaii.
Tkoraaa J. B_a_ pnsMefl, anfl Ckariefl lf. Bt***
w.i*. serrei.iry. Wlillo the nieetiiiK va* BT-ltiBg for
Mr. Fasaei. ihori addreasei arem auadc by Mlflkael ?'
ivntoji. liepiitiiinu, eaofllflata for Senator In thc Xlflh
Senata Dtatrtet; Jfl-aai L Weii . Bep-hBeaa eflndMate
r or _-fl_mUy_HUi ifl Um XXIVtk Dtstrtet: Omtm* H.
Liflk?naa, and i-eorite 1'. Mitherh_ii?l- lt \vh^ flflflf
lOo'ilorlt whin Mr. I?-?- urriTC.. As ho inadc hU
waj to the plaHlllll the _?OWfl rose to th^ir fe<*t and
rleered hlm aealn nnd uir.'.ln. "What. the inatfr
i\i,'i Faaaetl '" ahontafl aoaaa one ln tiie, rear of tlie
haU, a;i\ iinmedlately the gr.xit CTBWfl MpUflfl Wlttl
one vol..-. " He'a all riirht." T)i"ii fhree ekflflflfl 8__fl
?<t for "the JicJtl (.oveni.tr cf New-York," lo
whleh every B_aa tn the hall reatuBflefl with all hi.s
When thfl eiilliu I:. ni i.i.'l >n!,-.IUi^l, tlie iiudi
I -i i.y the i'loi ,ioi\ Band, aana uAJMrica.**
then Mr, l'a -elt v:,s liitrodiueti BJ * KeW YOI*k- BflSl
,, \ ii, ,.," ii ml -said :
>,.,- j i,a\.- been propcrlj Inlnslaced depend?
opon you, nol upon me. ii d-p nd? upon Ihe
,j, .. U| ,?,,.. , 'i Bepulill. ,.'. ti '.i. tkifl ai I ":
Erie. K yaa vote ., you i beer, Uu _
i floubi about the n ?ult. I prop a* t i -..i\ - aam
tiilni.' io you to-nlghl abont an arganl-atlon which baa
, ige '?: i'i" hlktory of the
. >.-? Vork, in iar. ? ietters and la ww. |
ln_ ; _;fer to tamniany Jia!.. li l- to-day .a.vlt.u
to ? v. f. t.oi ? ?' i" rral ln Ihls rlti snd thU Btate:
Bl OW U- I > J.lu:..!",- Xt* \<>r\
..? ; von inii-i eom
ru ;i. a- i,_ i it. baa evei been mi.
? il. *> ou inu-l BllOil ii- 1" . i : t.i.n it ? -
ln fUth, it- seworfl uneleafT, Ita bnLdlnga -o nnstabls
ihut .-lor.-- of lives inav br iu?i ai sny moment, .md it
fr nt tUM_.v_lop.al, i.u iim-t p- rinit iin to
levj i Ibote on erftae, t,? ?e ?<????. thr punbllni
houses, the fleni ol laouny ^mrt tha anllcanaefl llfljaol
\.ni iiiii-.! -.-ibiiil: to .i'i theae Ihinp aml
a'lo.- a* t<. < ..ntit.u.- ._ri armv of laaeatew wku
. tbe polltiri nf Utfl ..t\. im. rou nnsl go
further. You musl dva u^ control ,,f tne Capltol al
Albany, ^'>u nm>t eleel our niniiidate Governor ot
thls Muto. You must protcct ns against ull legl-la
'i a which eao aeciu. refonn, . muat suifer
tl,-. j,, mi! thc Natioi,. We now say
tlmt yr miist be eonflBBed iu i.-?? rt-eelpl of our nlno
;>-ii milii'iii-. .,f flolhu. fif.ii! the pay roll. We muat
. t * ni..-i in ii..- e\ei-ise of riu;- bj rontrollefl and
: or ?i*e thc Demoerattr party itneii
uiiixi ., (H.t 4,f power. i-.ut part] can onli be , ,n
Ui.ii4.-4i in power i,\ instalnlnc iu. And if it so hap
aeni tlial the j,Hrty d'^-s tr. out pf powar, then you
wiii ba (.-iiiitv and i.oi we."
Do Ui \ Ai.d ao fl,. p t thlfl fi Ain ir:,I
i thli -rjratilr.e. pr_rer lor evil lu N, <v
Vork City Isl Do tiry know tliat Tainiii.tiiy HaU'i
mtative in C_ogr>ss, Mr. Bonrke Cockras, wur, i
tioa ?.-i Ina re-elei Uoo, did bnl a atngle art to sinmllae
.' tluriii-- hls tyrui sl W.-hln'Moti. uhlih |
. j. -,l lh ? ' - laar ' Wliy
- ,ii wanl tha * i'll Haiwtoe law _>?
; " IhS N i'i.'li I Wliy Uva-^
i snimant ll ill u ;?? ' to an hon i ele. tlon bj ?
lt -<? Tani-naiiv II .1
' offender hi the Nallo'i, irid I .oauae, w-re
Ivll _bi ??!' ?? i ? : '. . arnulne i: ,n.,t n>
effeet, rammany ll il wavM laaa Ifla
P'.w-_ f r v r.
'ift- eranlovai >.f ihe KatkM .1 < In thr
number no more ih.'i :'.,tmo. f__
waruB-sal "f ti.e entiie ____a
..f N.? YtIi nutnW I'--- tha, i :..lr" i. Tlie empl . ?
Varli in,w all a.1... lufflr undr.r th,
cc1lt-_, of T.rntuanr Hall, nttniber B4H Ibbi, tliBti 17^-00.
25th St.?Cor. SthJWe^A Cor. Broadway.
Capitnl, ?a.00,000.00.
?iirplus $170,000.00.
OTa5?^^?!_f^P4.??__?!____*? Y-)
(h?o". _?}. pit/.<;buai_u. Vl^Pr-Wy.t.
(Ex-'i reaaare' Mat* of >ew-iorK..
1.EWIM THOMPSON. caaalar.
('. B. r?r.i.ovKR. AaalaaBat Caablat
ai it I ATff.Y In7-IBA?D CAPITAL glvae
Bualnras and uml.ly aixount* ?oli.ll^- of WTd|m
city and toun of Europe. and on the prlnclpal ciuta oi m
'^B-n-lns beura. ? 30 A. M to 8 :_0 P- M. _
,o wl.ld, should be added from 2,000 to 5,"
employed at al! tlmes by roiitnetora &J*Lf2S
TiV- 17.000 pertena on the pay-m ls of **"?*'}* W
i-tuallv raaerse or reoM__ & the year 1MB S17
Ui.ooo. During thla preeeol ywrjhf. Sukmhiooo
New-York City wlU iiggregato at lei?t *1?M*? **'?
?ind there ar- a larger number of men at work aaaw
38 SrtrJrtS tn addhlrm to this than have been so
""ffif, ft. bTSS. ftueye_tl 810.000,000 every year.
?r,,;,"/ n.-V "or iiiV ButeT_aw well auoughjthat the
_veragI reilpta of a farmer for the, anpnort of hl
fauiilv are not 1600 per anntim. But at WOO per
?n ,,n tiTis _a? roii of Bow-Yoe* Cllf wonld feed
not V- than 51.000 votes- Now let na ?ee what
51 Timrannv Mall ptirchaaea with money ra'.^ed
n?, Th^-" v-v ola.'c-holders. The organlr.atlon
evbU TpVcenl on all salarioa of over ?BOp>
vW It cileuletea never to levy t .is r> aer eentoo
Ka than P13.000.000. That glves ft a bank
account V. atort with of $750,000. Le. BB
SSuBe that 1-60,000 be epent ?<*???
tatlone ln the dlsrrlcto. lt still baa l.-ft *.,00.ncp w t
whTto Wro workera at th_ polla, or m alelnBng??b
t, buy vote*. Tbia Bl *10 a vote, meatis ftO.O'M > ?!? '?
u $_o a vote it aeaana W.O0O ?^. AeoMdlngto
h- prl.e per vote, the Tr.-a.surr of Bew-York CHw
Sns ann>lV* ?* ??7 "f v,,;,"s' an. I? K__5__
bWl.t by the c ntrlbutiau of the army of offlce-holdere,
firwso'ooo to 100,000 votes annually to Tammanj
RfflBebBB were n.-*o made by John W, \room_n,
(ioneral fBOMa W. Hufted nnd Colonel A. E. Baxtev.
Colonel William McMlriwel, the Repnbllcan candi?
date for OBBgneb ln UM Xllt . District, ls maklng a
stirrlng aMVWB. He has epolwn at many uaee4n.fi.
fr^uentlv afdraaslBf two or more In one evenlntr. Tlie
district Is that formerlv represented by Roewell P.
Flower a-d haa a eeaaMarabM normal Democratlc mar
Jortty, but Colonel McMichn-V* earneat efforta aro at
remctlng Io bTbi BMHry aapperleaa from thoae who have
Haatty rotod Bm Delnoeratle HekcA,
Co'onei MeMlcibaril is a aaa of Herlaa KelClehaeti wln
waa at one time Mayor of Phlln<lelphla. and who was
closely liaatMted with the dcvelopment. of the syatem of
parka In that ettjr. Morton Mr.Mlci.ael *w tho pro
prietnr of " The Phllidelphla North Amerlcan," whlch
ls now controlWl by hla MB CUyton, a biother of the
OBBfraja randHlate in thla city. Colonel MeMlchael
enter.xl the fiiion Army In Aprll, 1861, before he waa
of BfB< 1!" cnlUted as a private, nnd r.'cHved fre
?aoBa) promotion. untll, ai. the close of the war, he wa*
major- B-f-tevet eolon 1, Btteehed to the wljutant-gen
oi-i's aorpa. HB vbi lehaa prlaoaer at gMloh, and
spent thiv- BMMltlH iu an Alabama Confedeiate prl=on.
Hl w^.s rannartBd with the Arlny of the (?umberland.
and at the RBBlflfl af the I'nlon and Confederato sol
dle:s .. f.w- years _go, at Chattunooga, he was the
onitor of the dav.
. ni,.ii- 1 MeMlehaal aaaaa to this cltv several years
ago from Phlladelphla. lle Ii-ls ar, office with Dos
Paaeoa BrothaiB, ln the MIUi Balldlag, and has teea
activelv eogafed -;nrc he came to this cltv In tho prar
Uce of the law. lle ls a realdent of the BXIal Aaaem
bly Di-trlct, and waa actlve ln politieal eonb ts iK-fnro
be beeame a candidate. Hc i- an eerneet and inter
eating talher, and wili rontlnue un'ii election day to
m.iiL- frequenl addreaaea thnmghout theilMrlct.
one ol the .ubjeeta in ahloh he I- sptK'lally lnter
etasd l- the growtb of the commerco of tho rni'ed
and hi- addreaaea on this aubject have been
gre^ted with applauae, eapeelally by the older realdenta
0f the 'ii itr.i ? iber the ahlpbnlldlng Induatry
whlch oi '? m_38 tho Ka-t Slde wharfi I
great actlvlty. ib' irtrn- that tlie decllne of Amerlcan
oommerce la dne to noatlle teglalatlon or Iminference
,n Ihe parl of the Dei. *.'-, and that only by the
election of Repubflcan I. _i-i_.t-.r-s eaa new lawa be
enacted to balw up Amerfean rupreaiacy on tiw high
Colonel MeMletonel appeila for loval Repuhllcan snp
pori for bunaelf, but i- grsatly Interested ln tne aaeeeea
of the Bepnbllcan btate I ; ? t.
wa-te paaer la oboal bU 2.0'm),ooo ofMal boiiota and.
Tammany "paatera," run out of the Bfaeaea of Martin
ii. Broam, dtj prlnter, and John w. OBver, of OBnal
=t.. are now worth. An error wi dlacovered yeatet
day whleh haa made praetlcally worthleaa aboat l.ooo.
000 oiin.'ii ballota exe nted by Br. Brown onder the
ordera of Me Poliee CommlaalonerB, and tbeaame num
ber of Tammanj "pastera," whleh Mr. Ollver ls prepar
ing for the Wlgwamttes. The ironhle oceoned ln the
baUoM for City Coorl .ludgo. A'-cordlng to the officI_l
proflamBtlon Born Albany, tha ofllee wns to be BBed
unexplred term of -ndgo MeAdam, a_o was
last year ele ted to the Bnperior i'"iut beffeb, aud
jodfe Mccnrtin' wasaapointed by the QoeerBor. But
. omn Kaloner Martin discovered yesterday thal
.indgo McAdam'a term aa a City Court Judge would
have axplred oa Deeeaahar :n next, eonaeqaantly the
. to ba eleceed wfll ba ehooen, not (or Jndge Me
Adaat'a anaxptred term, but for B (UO tenn of slx years.
Tiie ballota and "pastoaa" atready printed road:
?? For Ju-'lce of UM City I'onrt. .fohn Henry McfarWy.
In plnce of John Henry Mctvthy. uppolnted by the
(iuv.rnor |0 IU the vacmcy c-insed by tlie, realgnBilOB
of'David MeAdam." All the terUaiga concerning tl.e
raeano latheaefo-a aoperflaoaa, and tha work of prin
Ing, so far a- !t Ind gone, mu-t hc done over agai.ti.
Mr BrOWn iind Mr. Ollver weTB trying last evenlng to
ohtaln an oplnlon from one of tbe Bupreme Court
ind."- which wlll permll the ballota printed to 1^
n>ed as thev ire, l.ut th*-lr auccesa wa< conaldered Im
nrobable, and it la more than llkely thal thay wlll eori
tiiiue t>> recelve tbe condolencet w thtlr frlenda over
the annoying blunder of u.e secretary oi Btate.
The OOBMBOn Coondl Of Bewarl mel as a Iloard of
CBBraaaei - 11 itorday afternooh to reei Ive and eonnt the
., the ta?'? ol tbe returna of Um cfMrter eleeUon
ia-t Tue-day. Il.rnian Ix-hlha. h. the Republlenn can
diiiai". aeei In a fbrmal protesi agatnat dwiarinc Um
election In tavor of Haynea, and a prot.-t was ai-^o
.?? elved from B. Dlrieb. DemeeraBe ea__Maai f?r
AMenaao la Um IblrtaenUi Ward, af.-ain^t the .-icction
of F. A. Preleneehner, Bepnbllcan, electad to Um
Coiincii frOIB thnt u:u?;. The protCSBB were BOt read.
a eonualttea eonalattag of AJderaMO Bardta, Johnson.
Lockwaod nnd Huegal ?a- spporated ta canvaaa Ihe
isBBini ii *aa eaeea_i_ed thal tbe oOclal latama ?t
the Elghth Dl-ttict of the Thlrfenth Waid vv HOi
yet lu and theieKuv the total voto oOllM nol be retnmed.
Thi cointr'iti.-c therenpao reported thal aa tbe ntuma
were incomplete it w.mM ba Impoaalble t<. make _ n
pon and the toiia.u adJO-riied untll to-nlght n
wa- atated lhal the "Icction otil.er of Um dlatnct from
wiii'-h tii<- rrturna had nol beou racelved wns out <>r
tho dty and had the retttrna ln hl- p
Daltlmnrf Oet. IB.?Rx-henator \\Hdc Haimpton i
\i Btng in thla .uy. He aaya Um Fanaers1 AlUanco
U repMl) .ll-lit-cratlng ln the South. and wltlnn tbe
iu'.\t f?ur yeara it aiO eoanpletety -raaapear, "Thla
will _'? ia<- caae not only Ib South Carollna, bal m
the 'v. bole * ith. Tbe people there are rapidly
awakealag t Um aliaurdlty "f tbe demanda t:
organltaMou has promnlgaled, nnd are gradnallj drop
piug off and forewtartflg all all.'Ui mi. ia the AII
iii my own state Um Oovernoe who was eleeted by
ihe -piititniiit aaat seeared my tefaal tor rc.-iecti?..
.,, tbe Benate has alraaay brofcen away ta a great
The True Way
The Poison of Disease
Swift's Specific
alwaya does ti, - .'.t'l.illy. It tr aU tho (]|-ti-.> ln
nt?ud of Bm s-... p'ua;-, aad mbmvm Hm .?..-?>., therehy
maLIng a aarr
Mrs. B i Rea P, n... n Qalaeyeh, M
ii.t?, aaya Umi bec bmUmi haa beea i ared >.f Hcral
? o. i" r boMMa uf s .-, s. uft.-r havlng l.ad
n.ui-li iKii.r ir ui.i.eni. aud batag iBdnead to guIBi ? lo?
i oii.llti'i. ut t.t a.Ui. .i- It ??_, yio.i-hl hhv < u oil not Itve,
T"al',n on Klowt a.|d S-ln l>t-ra?m niai'ed IM'
iwin RKiomc <o..
1< . t A. Atl.in'.i, da.
meaenre from the AJllMee meaanres and 18 eaterlaj
l? his admliilstratlon to tbe eonaervatlve *nd better
thlnKIng elem'-nt." _ _
Mr. Fassctt broaght with bim to New-York the en
thn?lasm. energy and artMty whirh are rhaxacteristio
of him. HM prcsence ln Uie city ceemed to tnfnae
new Ilfo lnto tho acenea ercmod the headrjuarters of
the Republican commfttee.. Tlie rooms of both com
mltteca yeaterday were fllled with callers all day long.
Many of them were from the city. bat mort of them
were from out of toxvn. Inquiry for tfte "Govarnor
wm freciuent. but It wae late ln the afternoon before
Mr Faaaett appeared at the Flfth Avenne Hotel. He
had sUjed at the Plana Hotel most of the day, and
those who falled to flnd him downtown went In eearch
of him at his hotel. His populartty haa inrreased, and
fn his tour of the State he has aet the conntry a6ame.
He has made over nlnety speecheb, bnt he ls now aa
vigorous ae when he started.
There was naturallv ? great deal of talft about Tam,
many's Infamous colonlzation gchemea. The general
taiprealon waa that tne Wlgwam would not be allowed
to earry out Its doslgTls agalnrt the purlty of the bai
lot-kox. There 19 a provlsion of the Electlon law
whlch reods: . ^
'? It is the duty of tbo T.&ard (af Electlon rnspectorsi
to asccrtaln by examlnation and proof* lf applleanta
are entltled to replster and vote. and the chairman
ahall sxvear thc appllcant that ho ahall tnily answer
all quertlons roncernlng residencc, name, place of
blrth, ciualilicatlons aa an clector and right as sucn
to replster and vote under tlie laws of the State."
inaainuch as it requires a maJoHfy of the four BV
spertora to act, there will be no stfrious iufractlon of
thc law lf tho electlon ofliccrs are alert. If by any
meaua there ahould bc on hia part any wllfnl neglect
of duty, corrupt or fratidulent conduct or practlce dur
ing repistratlon, electlon or canvass, ?ny lnspector,
poll clcrlt or any officer ls deemed gullty of a felony
?nd upon eonvlction ls punishable with Unprisonment
not less than one nor more than flve years.
There aro two days romninlng for regiilraflon ln
the ettaa of New-York and Brooklyn, and on ffeaao
two days as well as on ekctlon day the Republican
laepeotoa. It is known. will fultMuily carrv out tha
provlaions of this laxv.
The regerta of the flrst day's realstrntlon ln tte
raantry are oxeeedlngly gratifylng to thc members of
tka ItevubUean State Commlttoe. Mr. K?-nvon vester- |
gay reetlved a teiczraw from Svracuse. savtnr. tliat tbe j
roftataaawa la that atff exceeded by 1.650. that of
but year,
BaeaeOf Vnn Gorder. of Wvomln* Crmntv. called at ,
headciuarters yesterday. He said tliat ln his countv
BM regletration waa praotleaily completid, and h*
lenmed that ln I.lvlngston imd ln Oi.-i.esee. Uie other
eounttea ln his district, nearly tho full vote baa been
regktered. fc>-nator V'an Oorder is oonfneet tiiat hts
dlatriel wlil give him a maiorlty of 3.800. and ho does |
nol expoet to run alicad of hU tlctat.
Members of Tammany Hall have been crowlng over
their expefted eaay W-twy ln the VHtta Penate Dls
trict ln eleeting their candldate, George F. Boesoh, but
last nighf they were astounded by the news. whlch
eam* 31ke a thunderbolt, from a clear sky, that the
Repiibllcnns, the Steckler AssoclaUon. the Ounty
Demoeracy and the VoorMs Democraey had all with
drawn their InuMx-ldiial candldates and united on John
A. Dtnkel, the fiteckler candldate, for isenntor. The
candldate, withdi-awn are C. Otto Baese. Republican;
Heary All a, Ooanty Demoeracy, and Francls j. Muller,
Voorhis Democraey.
A meetlng of thc County Democraey waa held yea?
terday afternoon end lt nominatcd e.t-Judge DInkel
niiftiilmously. Last nlpht the Voorhis men fell in llne
and at aa 9Bthaalaatie meetlng they also nominated
Dinkel. The Bepnbllcans of the district will hold a
meetlng to-nlght to indor*e this anti-Tammany candi
date, and to-morrow nlpht the Steckler Assorlation will
nieet and nominate him.
Not only xvill akaaa organl&ations wor!i for Mr.
Dtnkel and agatnat Xaaaaaaoy Hall, but John K.
Brodaky, bf the VJIIth Assembly District, will take off
liis eaat aad work for Mr. Dinkel, who is his unclc.
Iaa Oaotral babor Daloa and tl?e Knights of Labor
have al-o de<ikuai for the BteeftfaT candidiite.
Mr. Dinkel xvas born iu (iermanv In 1H40 and ramc
|0 this Bonatry wttk his pa.ri.ts when tive years old.
HO WM eAaeaftai in the public schools here and then
mieiit tkree yeara ln ti"1 i'"rt Wayne, um., Theoiopical
i n v-o sobn after Eaving rollege he began to ihidy
Uw and ln MW he wa,-, eTected BvO Juettee for tbe
ivih Diatrict bv a handBome majortty over tl.e ram
many . audldate. He is a popalar man and the 8J?test
anthtislasm was aliown at the antt-Tammany meetlng
yesterday when he was nominated.
Tanakaaann Flaw, Oct. 19.-John L. Crawford. >e^
retary of Btate, 90 l'riday attaMfceg his stgnatare and
Ihe great aeal of the Btate to a copy of the pneeedlnp
of the joint -.-s-ion.s of tke Uglaaatar* from Aprll -2\ to .
M.v 96 laoksaive, .erttfying to the correctness of the
aama. Thla aBowa of eoaraa tl.e peaeeeeaifa af Hay
go, upon whlch date wiiuiusui. caii w.is deelarad dulv I
ele'et d inited Btatea Baaator. This is the only ln- |
Btraataat la rogart to the senatorshlp be&ring tiie
afgnatara of Crawford and tho seal of the Steite. he |
kevtng dey-lined absolub-ly to aflix them to the Oov- |
ernor's eerttfMata of Da*laaaa*a appointment. Some I
aaya age Oeeenaae Flemlnc instmcted Attorney-Oen- j
eral I.amar to Institute in the Knpromc Court proceed- .
Ings for the WcnafTcVx of mandamns eompelllng Craw
totd to si*a ani eeal thla appointment of Davkfaea.
This morning I.amar tlled xxith the 099968)69 kla oftirial
reply to the c,<ix-ernor's lnstrurtions in whlch he de
Bjkaea k) liaHanki aaeh proreedin(?. The gfaaraay
rjeseral Mlkia tblH there Ls nntliinc in the Constltution j
i.r itatotea either of tiie BkaM or of tho Cnited btates I
warranting sach proeeedii r*. He has from tlie tlrst
iK-4-.n of the opiulon that Cnll waa kaally elected and ,
xvould be -ented. Call atreaey haa ln hU prvs-es,j(>n i
thi- crtHled enpv of the joint BeealOns Of tlie Le>rls
uiiui-i and Benator Peeeo arlll praaeal it to the Banata on
ihe openlng cla> of the i>es-ion.
The Republican Aa?oolatlon of the Xth Aa*?u.blv Dis
irht w'ill baid a niVi-.iueetlng dn tho Concordla As?ambly
llo-mia M aeiaw nluht.
Then arfll BB an opeu-alr meetlng at Rattery Tlacf and
WaakBlgtaa-'t and a pirade throufth BM tft Aasembly
Diatrict to-morrow evenlng. In M, Hedgea and otiu-r
arell-kaowa ipeabeii will addnea Bm aaatag. whi.-h wiu
be under th'- juaple ?? of the let Assembly -Dl-trlrt R.pub
lic-ui Aaaaeaalea.
.X r.i.illca'lon ne.-tlna will N br-ld to-nlght ln the rooma
Bf Bm w. st Mde BapabUeaa Oab, at tha Baaal SadlaMa.
faaea bf. Varaaa, Bdward T. Hurtiett. Beaaral .latuca R.
O'Belrne, Lawsoa N l-'uil.r and fcaaaal j. luudall will
Tha OaBjM BepabOeaa Aano'.-latlon of the xitl. Ass?m
bly lilatri.t x?ll hold a nitlfU-atlon MlBtlag Ui-nli-'ht :it
Central Hall, B*. 1*6 Waal Tiiirty-aeconrt-st., at 8 o'eiock.
ameng ti,- ineaken will u- th,- Ber. J. B. B. Baltb,
r. ii. sinim-. n. artUlaa ih.:.u'. Llapwiard BAawart,
General Hamuel Butterfletd, Lerey it. Craaa ni?i Raaqr
Th* iiiMucibu- tiub of Brsealya wiu Bix?a a naeaaiaa t..
. r. u? o.uior ou Tbitraday Bvealnt at it- elob
;:?. Oatcaara. Many prominent Bapab'ileaaa
?lll ij'j preaent.
A IBBrtblg ot tlie initependent (icnuan Republican Aa
--u'-iati'in .,f Bm vith Aasaably Dlaariet xvill be b.-id to
ult-'ht ut H oMo'K at Bo. 140 Cllntoii C
\ bm -iii'.-tinu of Um Blaakat iiaib.t L-agu? wflj b?
beld to-uiKi.t, ?t, Caapar Ubmb. Edward R.^k wiu pra
...ii,. Tbe follewlng rowlrari art annrniprif' .fcs-pi. wii
ktnaae, Hogb Greaaan, CeraeUtu D.,uovau, U:?-.-iii gwlay,
Qearge Ca>anagb, J. J. Gabaa, OaneUai 1. uoodv. j, p.
i>?>giiaii. WUlaa M Caba umi Baawal B. Jaaaaaaa.
a reeapBoB ?111 ba glvra M J. Slynt kaaaatt and joi.a
W. Vi.M.niiiii -.his BVeolag at th- Lvc-utn C.pia llo.iae.
Tbe foflowlna aaeed: Oaaiaet a. k. b?k
t-r, Baamad OTonr.or, laaan M. Taraar, Jnaeph v. jar
Taa* waa n.> laeb >,t wtbaatoaa aat avaftag at the
Maatbag ?f tb- Bwaallsb Faaaatt and Vrooman C lub al Ba.
\i LailagMn aaa 0*ai ioo aaaaaaa were pn-aeiit. p. e.
ktaiaMtraa ptnidad Aa*>*aaa aara w*dc- by Uaaaav
ant Ax-1 I.i.i.l ankald, "f UM Uoyal Bwaaab Army;
Krnat W. BJertketg, Clarlca Johanaen, A. II. Luudcll and
II. Ihlatrotu.
iii^i,. wiu -.c ;? aarade am] ratlkeatlen BMMlag und^r
ti.o aa*tiew ?f ti.n Tavai Maa'a Imlapeadaal BafaikUeaa
Aaaoelatlon of the Vlth A-s.inbly Dlalri.t thla BVBahag
Ht 7:30 p. in, at N" 88 aiii,iiii.i ?-!., Baa Atiantic
Ball. Praataaal BgaUan arlB atidr-B- Bm aaaaag;
Bm Baaadawaa Oab of tl.e ixti. aaseaety ln-.n.t held.
a rotiaiiig aaMtkag u?t avtaagal it-. i.H.ni-. Ba. l a
tSiiuarv. Wllluin H (or-i, IJ.-' |>ri--Hl.-iit. Ban6ta6,
Ai.iut I'.o paaaaa aaa 8M aat u> saaa tur Vaaaat and
Vraaaaa, a rtaelattan ??- waanbaoualy a'...it.'xi wiu u
piadgad ti.e Bapporl cf u?' ehik to UaBatard awwarl t?r
Btata Btiata. ?'? B, BaakefaUaa f'.r Aaaaaklyaai a .j
VfUlka. U Ib-ld f?r Aid, riuau. |BanB99 t?x-rc made bv
NVa!t<-r Leg**. Ja.u.a II. Va? Da Ltnda. Arth.u War,-.
in iiint. r atui Oearga 8 Daaka,
An i'iitliii?i i-tlc BMetlBg xxi.a h. Id l?.st vxenlni; by ?h?
Waskagtaa BrpaaMeaa t leb at tlaa kaadaataaf Btay-eaa*
?". iV BL" H.lcb l.leorice,
Ul.rixalbd u> p.irit. w.i tlaxur.
All DrUfegUM.
UNIDN SQIWRE--?-? cor. Broadway.
Only coaeern la o?f Une havlng lt*
Buy of tke bii
Be al- at__.
. aaa
Brerythlog raa-e aa'. ufacWrr.
ond-st. and A??terdann-av?. II. B. Wllaan prsaiad
T. F. O'Brlen waa aeeretary- Tha flrae agSBBaj ni I
uel II. Kaadall. Be made a atlrring ?~~ h. aa.
heartily applauded. William 0. Anderson ?!">_?_..
other speakera wera ?_-.Indge Anvl, ?*??rit K?a*%
Oeneral Burke, Themaa Moore and Jaraes ,S. Bawl
Tha __at Side Citlwns" RepuMtran C? r.f ta* X
Aaaeroblx Dfstrlet held IU re_ular weeklr muMat M
1,6.3 Avenue A laat evenlng. 6p*?ch?? were ctelii
by Oeneral Jaraea H. O'Beirne, Comellua Daaovaa
Captaln Uugh Celeman. The oflioer. of the d.i
AJaaaa Mason, pnesldent; M. D'Cost'-r, Tlce-fredSai'
L. H. Balt. aeeretary. A bualneea mneUng of "
man-Araertcan Club of the XXIIId Aaaembly Dlana
waa held at No. 1.915 Third-ave-laat avenlns.
Albany, Oct. 10.?The statement of fJovernor BB
ln hla nufTaJo speeeh repeoted ln Sunday?? "h'ev-Tat
Tim<-s" that Verpkvnck Colvln la not ellglble tnt 9tth
Englneer and Kurveyor haa put BM frlends ot ]$j__%
Schenck on the defenslve. If the conatltutfeoal p?
vlHioa that no pereon aholl be eligtt.le to tt? *t*
who ia not a pi_cU<_l englneor I-. insl-ted upoa Ha\
Mr. Schenck. and not Mr. Colvln, Is barred. %_
Colvin U certainly an englneer ln the strtcteet
of Uie ww_, having servod not only la the
ernploy, but under the Naxlonal Uovernm.ut n
Mr. Schench'a rlght to be calltd n pi-.'tkal
ronelst* of the work be hae done ln the btate.'i
Slx years ago ho vu appotnted a rodman aa ls
canaU by the Supextntendent of PubMc WoeM, _.
Shanahan. He wae nochlng extra even nt tkfcat
Mr. Shitnaban failert to advanoe him. So haglh
with Edward Murphv and the Troy powai al
aeoured a tratiafer to Uie Wate h_iglneeCs di r>~aa.
Then he hcaped abti'c on the head of buperlihaha
Shanahan. Flimlly Mr. _haiia_an waa st??M,aa
and Edward Hannan, of Troy, ahoved in. >!r. fehaft
has continuod to draw hla salary from one oAcsa
the other aluio-t ever since, but never flllcd a ?ha
aa engineer, so far as can be lcarm.-. Just prtor h
his nomlnatlon ho waa employed undej- Supentite&SMt
Perry ln the conatiiction of the Capitol approuch. M
rtrnply ns a sort of forernan.
on tlie day of Pchencfc's nomlnatlon .Mate _o|Uen
John liogart expreased his dlvmst at tlie rhMce. Ba
sald that Mr. IflfeflBafc was not an cn_ineer and waa aat
big enough for the plaee, whlch needed not oolj a
good eng.neer, but a man of abllity aa welL Br.
Bogart had endc .vored to raise tNe oiti": up to ths
poaition coatempla.'d by the Con-tltutlo.i. The atatt
Englneer ls a member of the Quaranilne Commiaalon.d
the Cannl Board, of the Land Board. of '.re State Iloarl
of K.ju.iU-ation, and therefore a BUB of more thaa
ordinary abllity wa? rcqulred. lle intiuned that Br.
gohenck had never -hown grent abllity |M any wor*
h had been p'aced upon. This MBB8B Mr. Schciwl
has been L-ng-gcd on tha Hudbon Biver ln.provemeDl
under one of U-- ofllee engineers, Mr. Whitocck. Slncs
then Mr. Hojnrt ikis loitsned Boma? hai, ? d r.ow
t-p-aks <HtTer?ntly of .Mr. Sehenck. Bal canaal Rferl
U thaT Mr. bcheneh la nol eompetent for t.V plaee, and
that the constltn.ional Umltatlun- are afralnst him.
>*o greater complirnent could have been pald by _f.
Fa->sett to W. 9, Sheehan than to lu.ve notired tka
bhie eyea of the ambltious feaBg BMB ?bs is '.ew Ua
candidate for UcateoanhOcvaroor on the I immaaa
Hall ti'Uot. The eye> of Mr. MMOBJWI BN of B btautt
fii aaare hae ordinarily, but Ihejr ehanged Into a ?__
gray when he waflKB brto DeauoeaaHc hendquarBjl
\e>terday. lt was hi> Bral anpearanee Ihere *i.4 to
loqnbei with 6ome aspeaicy <<f aaanner who vai
re-p<?:isible for tlie pMaraa of him that were txtol
seal out tlirough the conntrv. .Mr. Sheehan evideatty
does not like the ptcture. He must be hard to pleaaa,
for it h the aecond one th?t has been mu.le of Ma.
The llrst one had Ofcmtl around Us h...d, 4<ni.caal
of tho f:i<t Uiat hc wae - Bilng bejond bla helghi
The awond did BOi have tlie BloadB, but bls heautlfal
blue oyes have n far-away l-.ok n-. If he were dre.mlBj
of the lady or the tip-r. But hlBBBIUlh as Mr. SheahM
ls marrled, 1ns tli.oi_i.t- must Imvo been apOB the tl^er?
the Tammany BfST?arfen he had his picture tahea
for eampaign pnrposea.
Mr. Sheehan talked qulte freely whlle he waa al
headquarters, but lt was prlnclpally ab.uit hlm?alt
His thioat, his new clothes and Uie spleudid apesctol
Bl hai nnide at Auburn and at ByiadBBB. About Ul
fI?t?Hli at Auburn ho aaid : " Yes, it was a mlghSg
good aaeeeb, but 1 wa- horrlbly reported. rhey had
tlve -lioi'tliand nien to taUe me, but they made an awfsl
botch of lt. If yon are golng to send It oal M a caav
doctiment l hope you wlll BOITed H * httia.
Ho then turned on his beel and contentedly walhad
Mr. Sheehan evldenUy ls aaUsfled with h!s aWEV
and laeeeas a-> ,i aollMclan.
Tlie gamblei'? .ontiuue to make Uielr conrrlbutlooa
to the eampaign fund. John Dnly, of B* 30 Wea
Tweutynnith-t.. Tlaa glven Bo.000. Daiy la a faf
tlcularly warni friend of .cannell, who w_ proralaad
the plaee of OaafBassaaBB by CBobor, but didn't &*-?
t;allagher, of No. 3 Barelay ?t., has glve-i #.Y<MX> alaa
und now lias a poolroom and faro layout rtirnlng BB
bla .. But he h?l hai IBB HeCBMS for slxteeu yeara.
(ioorge Clark, Thlrty serond st.. betw.-en Sixtn aaa
Beveflth iivet.., !ut> ab .ontributed.
(ieorge .tevens, in E.i-t Fourtcenth-st?. n*? ?
gambltng p!a?<: runnlng which ls worth $10.0*1 aa
lea-.t to Tammany Hall. . . _,
Maay of these gamhllng places are open now, 0-tJ?
of them wlll be runtiltig t>efore election time. ~?
tribute d<niiiid(d by Tammany Hall ls fSOO dowa BBa
$300 a week.
? ?~?
Wa -ilngton, Oa lfl?Tlie storm h?? noved from UM
Me |s tlie Atluntlr l'.*?t, leavliiK a ?llght dl-t?rban?a
Bowever, la tii" Laba reglaas. a gagraaalaa aaa "?"?
fiom Alhaaea M Mamtuiu. Tho slaarlBg i>?* Ji"d',"h'*
in niairi.it.id- wrv s?r.4itly and aHMthaa u. - trongh ?
;elatl\e!v hi_h pr."!?',ir.. fr< in I.ak.' SupeHor to Vjaa
t'nsetilrd condltlona wlll pr. \atl ln the lower laaa r?_?
aud HerthWSM S>UiU'Ji; gsoerally f-lr v>e-ti.'-r .'laewo.?
i',.r N.w-Easlind, llfftit raln; statlonary B_a?BIMBBB|
varlable Vte4a>
Kor Baataaa Bear*Tasfe, 9k*mm Paaaaylvaala aas
Ne?-.ier->.v. rala; aaaMeaary t#mp?i-ture: aaaurti wlB*
Tui Dvlawara Manl.uid, Vlrslnla and Nort* (.\.'?-?
ligiit raui, fuh TnnaTij. and eeoler la the arsasara p*"
TRini'NF T/)CAI, or.sERVATIONS m__
^(ROCr^ BsSaBE >l*'v "1 *t>0
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