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ind tben only to the extent which l? neeca?arr to effecl
t_B object in view.
The Vnltefl -t-ten ateam-hlp BalUmorc, now ea route to
tha FacMc, I* asaigned to duty 011 tho BtaUon Qnfler your
lomniaiid. Vcry Mflflflfll?_b .
H. r. TRaVCT, S-r-n-t-rr ot the Navy.
Rear-Aflmlral Oeorfe Brown, V. ls. N., V. S. BaBBfBU San
Krar?Uco. Navy Yard, Mai* IflbBOB, Cal.
Admlral Mct ann, long liefure he was relieved
BB Adniiral Ilrown, likewisc took neee*sary pre
cautiona -g-ainst .uiy intorfcrciuc by the ofllccra
nnd men under his oeminand. by ir*uing the foi.
lowing gencral ordor, whieb was striotly ot*eyod :
t*. v s. Naaaeflafl, aecaad-rata,
Fla??hlp Soutli Atlantk- and South fmUat Stutlon*.
Talcahuano. (.'hlll, ttt K.-t... UBL
l*he con*__n.er-ln-rhlrf cautlona and enjoliis tlie oftu-cr*
and onlUW rm-i of the l nll.-il St?U-? na>*l force on th*
*?e?l coaat of South Ann-rL-u to BflflflalB frum UlK.u**Ing or
crlttcl?ns the iire*..nt unfoilunale attto ol attalra ln Cblll,
and ln no way to .?xprevt any ?ciitlin<*iin or flflflfldfloa, 9m r
favorable or unfavor-ble to either atflfl. flTkflflfl it BflflMflMO
our fliity to luaiutalu the stru t.-st neiiti-llty ln all our rel*
Bamt, lt 1* aho to our lntere*.ts and to thc credit of the
aervice and oar Govcrn-eut to r> f r-?ln from an.r expresaion
Uiat ean powlbly be conatrued ft* an orTence by clihct
oflloer* and enUated n.eo ?re therefore ordered to be
moat a^iarded aud ciireful In their eeOVflflflOtleaa ln re!_
tlon to the -t-turbad condition of ??airs In thia country
with any peraon* ouuide of th* Cnited t*t*te? n?val sor
,1ce. ef. 1". McCA.N.N.
Rear-Adiniral, C. S. Na\-y,
com-andlng C. S. naval forca, SouUi AtUuitlc and South
l-c-tc btaUona.
Apropos of tlie repeatcd cbarges by tlie English
and anti-Administratian pres* that the L'nited
Statea ha* attt-mptcd to "b-ttf" a weaker nution,
the following iiicidc-nt* may be recalled:
The liritish wareliip Niobe was in port in Amoa,
Honduraa, in 187 8, when one of the s-Uore who
went atthore bec_ine druuk, Wflfl arrested and iua
prisoned. The captain ol tho hhip at once went
tu the Alealde or Mayor of tho towu and deuiauded
Uie rolease of tlie man. This demand waa at
onoe ooinplied with, and then the captain de
manded of the niaj;istratc an apology for having
ma*le tlie arrest.
Tlie official hceitated, belicving bo had done
a favor in incarccratini: a man wbo inight have
been robbed while drunk. The captain, how?
ever, did not look upon it iu that light, und ga-ve
tbe Ma-yor three houis in which to de-eide. At
tlie end of that time, as thc apology was not
forthcoaiini*, the Eiiti.h captain fircd three Khclls
into the town, und would have continued tlie
bouib-trdmeut if tho .Mayor had not upologized
?_ directed. This was followed by au appeal to
Great lirituin for indemnity for the ___MflJBfl i'?
tJiotcd by tho. 6hcll_. and Lord Beacouslield rcplied
to the request in the lollowing bfftrf b.it expresaivo
Tho action of the captain of lhe Niobe ls approved.
Tlie other incident liappeued iti Uon. Ni'cSra'gun,
iu lh7b\ Thc (Jernian Coflflfll, Hcrr Ijucritruck.
having o.'casion to go to Cermany, left his brutber
in chargc. The lattor went out oflfl flight, in
eompany with his brothor-in-law. a citi/on of
Nicaragua. Thev becoifl*. involved ln dome tronble
and both were' B-lflflttd. Tne rolease of thc
(ierman wa* deiuandcd by thc (.erinan Gom'iii
ment. and this demand was inerantly eompued
with. Not eofltent with thia, B-flnarck demandod
S.'M.noO iiideinnity, thc saliitr of thc (icrrtint. Bflfl
by thc Nleai-fflflfl iirtuy. iind ll"' puui6hment M
the policciiian aad of tl.e mai-istrato who had
causcd tl.e Oerman. imprioonment All of thoiic
domnnds were oompiicd with l.y tho Nicarngua_
OoTornmcnt. . , .
It is aiithoritativcly stntcd that no complaiut
lii.s l.cen received by the Stalo Dcpartment f.em
tho Chilii.n Government of thc eooduet of Mr.
Fgan, and that his reeall lias not been considcred
by the Prcsident or Secn tary of State.
*ny TELtonAi-u 10 tiik ihinu.NE.1
S.iq l-flMlflflfl, Nov. ..-Chilian and Peruvian
ncw8|.ai>cn?. received Lcre to-day, throw Uffht upon
Mini-tcr EfOll'a actions, ur.d fuinish clcar proof
that the flflfin?tlnj? "f iinfaiincs. mude a^ainst the
L'nited Siate-. Hiniotet b.v Senor Moutt and other
Congrc-sionaJist'. ure unloiiinlc.1. A Btroog aitiolc
flflfflfl-fl iu " I.a I_l"crta*:l Klectoral,"' one ol thc
most influ.-ntial flf thfl < hilian jo.inials. wl.i'-h
paper ls publh-hed in Santiago and is rctarded as
on ornan of the CongTow-ioiiiuists. It was writtcn
by a t'ougiosioiialist leader, and luis uTl thc more
fotcc bflOOOfle it appeared caily lftst. month, before
thc ptesctit ironble brokc oflt. Tho artiele, after
WtmlUI Um ditlieult position of the Aniciii-au
Miuister, bojo: " W? have iuithcr lo say lhat lhe
Vnited Statcs I/eaatioii has uot flhowa hostility
to thc BOflflfld flflflflfl we havc defended, and that
it waa nlways ils earncst defllre Ut allcviatc ll'c
evils of war. Onr IflBflflCt for the truth pntfl us
under the obligation to corioct a inisappreliei.t-ion
lhat is geacifll, Bfld that arises solcly Irom thc
wai.t of care with which Adniiral MflOflBfl intor
pretod tl.e opinions of the Anrericun Ministrr."
"hc wtite. Lioett on to flhOflf how lhe rumor was
-;>ioad thal Mr. K.au declarcd "Thc (iovernment
? i'nlm.ice l;\ cuniiot bc overt hrowu.' What hc
Bay wai- that if thc anuy ol .0,000 BB-fl rcmiir.o.l
truc it would fceem bflpoflfllble that BdlflflM9_dfl
should bc overthrowu. ln tl.i- r-iuuc letter to
Admiral Mc< ann, Mr. Egflfl adds: "Vou luuy
ft_urc tho le;ider? ?of tho "O|.p("sition lhat the
Miuister of thc l'nited Sttites i* disposcl lo inter
celc ,ti the BBflflt binccrc and cneryetlc iiniincr,
wilh the ubjert of putting an end to thc war,
?whenever these geritlemcn think it would bfl
t'ontiniiin.; the cditorial suys: ' Mr. Kgan, in
a long private ktter to us, nianifestr. 110 feeling
of autiiwthy U> the cause of the Oppo.ition, and
how could hc, when durinir, those eight ffld
months of tyiam.y ai.d iicrsccuiiou hc did not
ncgleet to take ai.y flBBf tmi to Iflflkfl U\M ncrtflec
to allcviatc tl.e atllietcd conditioti of those who
wero [fllflnfl.nl r>r BfltflCflflflfld Ior the crirne flfl
boing ol tha OpiKwitioii'.' Ou every O-OHlflfl li?'
w:i? at thc scrvicc of thc wcuk, and on many
DOC-BJOlafl. we bfld the plcusure of fleelflg that liis
iiitervention suved sufferiniis Bfld in_>forlunes,
already recorded from lhe 'Mfl-fldfl.' We ean
a?irm thut the enduct of Mi. Igflfl. in all the
afTain" of his oflicinl plaee, has lieen striotly
c-irrect, and that his carne.-t deflllfl flrflfl t<> bring
peace on OODdltto-fl honoral'lc to tlu- chicls of thc
The Editor of "The Peruvian Mail," pubUflbed
in I.inia, who is an _a_f__-_n_fl, corroboiale I this
\icw if Mt Kgau in flfl cditorial print. .1 ofl Oflto.
U r .'i0. Ile says that. as flfl EflfUflhflBflla, l:c bflfl
in (li_poMti"ti to ?' whitewa-.>i" Mr iSfflfl, bfll hc
leli.-vi. iu fair phiv. \U' e-fltteflCfl : "AU lhe rc
fBrtfl iioui t'liiii go toflhovi thal Mr. -gflfl Bxerted
Imaelf nianfuil* Ui reaone thc CoOfrc-?ipnall__i
iioiii the tyrannfeal erueltj" ol btalnaaee la, nnd that
ut liiiK-s tbe Ainencai. Legation Mpa till"! with
ri-volut.i nist- who bfld Boughl iwyliim under iho
Amerioan Oag. When the abortive efforl flraa
ni.idc, ii. June. io arrange a peace, tlie ' ongre
tsi.uial party demanded, as one ol Ita oonditiona tor
B trur-c, thal thc \nicric:in Miuister should be one
of the peoee eommiailoners: .md ow icid.-rs will
iciucuiii.-r thal the humanitanan efforta of Mr
K?an. in eompany with tl.e Frcuch und Dnudllan
Mimtfltrro. were fruatrated at tl.it time by an un
fortunate explosion ot bofllbfl in tflfl Bt-Cfl?I of
lt ?eem* tt me tluit we may properly reloi t tliat lf
our puriy ls gnvcrned by a wieked BflfljBfllflfltlOfl, THAT
js OUR afkaik. ieprooflhfli _>oi Ihta Iic-kI
are lrrelevant nnri |UOOR_TIOI<i <ir KKI 'KM ARH
OliVlOtbLY IMI'KKTINKNT.-d'ivdeilc R. Coudert.
ICfl-hlflftefl, Nov. |a?The rmi-.1 gtatai itflflSMhtfl
KflflOM, vMab 1 ft Koar-Yorh b flraflb uat on i.er v.-u
|B J0I11 tha voaaflli 00 u.e Koolk Atlantic atotlon,
ar;1\ed yeswrrtay at santn I.ikIii, W. I.
^ost*?ri,? Nov. 2.?("orurni.iidii.it s^lfrid-c fl| Ihfl
("harkstown RaVf ^'-ii-<l reeolvefll NiBfn||Mfl iirdcr?
tht* foirnoon from Reeretairv Trocy, dlrerting tluit tlie
orat-er Newarli. now ln tlie dr dm-li, be nindr rcudy
tor tea hJ November 10. Order* havo al-.o l-ceii re
oalvefl *rt_titig that, ln et-proylt.fl nien #ur work on the
crnlser, tbe CIvll Serviee rule* reeently put ln fnreo
mmt be strlctly ndhered 1?.
Yalparaiso, Nov. a.-Hatred of Amer1<an? eontlniKs
to be exp:es-fd everywhere. Chllian* ure ronilantly
italillaalnallng ai:aln-.t American*. The same Jii'li.^
that laiaaMgatad UM attack on tho American sailors
laaakad Bt lbe .-ame time Into tbe stabblng of a lier
iniin -ailor by a Chllian sallor-a ca-e parallel with tlio
attack ou the American gallors. A Cerinan ofllcer ?a.s
permitted to be pre-cnl at this trtal. while the trlal of
the Amaitaaaa WM heid in seiTc't. the Judge n-fusitig to
pern.lt an ABa&AJB oflicet 11 be present.
A Llberal cau.u- to nomlnate u Prealdent wlll be
held on WedueKdnv. The cholco ls considercd to Ile
betweeai Jorge Montt, Itarros Lueo and Aolo/lo Altl
niarano. with the chsnees in fnvor of Montt.
Conmrss will meet on Frtday next. lt Vs under?
stood thnt tlie 1ir*t question to be consldcred will bc the
dlnpoaul of refugees.
Affalrs at the Navy Yard are KCttlng more quiet
tluwi they have been for sevcnil week-. By tho de
parture for their respeetive alatloiis of soveral of tho
war-ships that huve l>een ln tlie yard undergolng
wpalra, the number of vutMk ln the docks is ridurcd.
and tbere ls le*? bustlo and eaclteinent. Tbe work of
repalrlng the vcasels that remain, liowever, continues.
Ou feuoday th* Petrel Ieft tho yitrd and atarted for
Clna, tbe atatlon to whlch ahe la ordered. The
iwsel went lirst to Snndy Hook, where th? ship
was "awung,"' to lest the compast.e?. Hut nn order
reaehed the Navy Yard, nnd a tug v.as eaat down to
lutorcept the vessel, whieh than went to Sbipleton,
S. I? and anchored. lt ls thouglit ihal tho ve.-el ls
detalncd in order to glve her some fnHght to take to
Chlna. The Kearsorge BBM fcfl her onchora?e yes?
terday und sUrtcd to pa south for her winter's r.-uiM-.
Tlie I'ldladclphla, Bagwhlp *>t the North Atlantlc
Sijuadron, is to leave tlie Navy Yard thia morning to
go eeath for her wlnter duty. *ho wlll have to stop
at Fort Wadsworth to take some shclls on bomtl.
The yo*?el I- to go lii>t to -t. Thomas, where slie wlll
be ln teiegiaphlc communicatloii with Bfaahlagtoa.
Uurlng the wlnter ahe will ahm vl?lt l'ott au Maee
imd otber ports iu tlie We-t Indles, and will look after
the rjjatter of coallng statlons in Ihe ulundh. Wldle
sho luu? been ln the Navy Yard Ihe ship haa been re
palred and put iu good order. Tho ofliccrs ot tho
I'hiladelphla are a* follow-:
Kear Adiuiiul Uiuicroft (iheiardl. Comtiiaiiding L'nited
States Naval Force on North Atlantlc SUition. IV r
aaaal ttatt: Lleutenant C. II. Arnold, seeretary; Lleu
tenant W. P. Potter, fliti? lleutenunt. Captaln F?
gUdgaiB. Lleutenant-Commandcr K. 11. C Leutzc,
Ueutenant A. Marlx. I.ieutenant J. C Fretnont, Lleu
toaaat II. H. Hosley, Lieutenant (Jr. gr.) P. V.
Uiusdale, Kti-lgn A. A. Arkermun, Fu-lgn W. II. (i.
Bullard, En-ign 1). W. Ifc-wi.k, Raalgn I". WIBtaaaa,
J'jiwgTi Y. L. Fronler. Naval Cadet F. 1-'. BChOMeM,
Nu\ ii <a<iet \V. II. Baek, Naval Cadet II. B.
Kitter, Nuval Cadet F. B. Sullivan, Navnl
Cadet J. II. Dayton, Naval (^adet .1. L Lutlmer,
Naval Cadet V. T. Jlolmes, Mcdlral Inspecior T.
Woolverion, l'a-.-ed AaatotaBl Surpeon 1?. A. Lov.-ni,--.
Amlataal Bttrgeoa r. ii. Bejrd, PkJ bmyector h. <??
BlUlnga, lleet paymatter; Chiof Bfillneer E. J.
WhiUiker, l'as-ed A-.-lstant Engincer W. 11. Nauman,
I'a-<-d Assl.-unt F.ngin.-er II. S. Grlffln, A-s;-taiit
Knglnoer K. 1.. Heach, Ubaptaln <'. II. 1'urk-, ('iiptalii
Of Marines C. F. William.-, I . B. U. <"., Acilng <riiin,.-r
K. H. Whitnev, Carpenter D. W. I'l-ny, Pay clerk J. A.
Uelves, Fleol Pay l lerk II. F. Renta,
London, Nov. 3.?"Tbe Laily Itaagiagk" wiy.s : - If
the itfrhliaima of the saik.rs of tn? Uattad Btatea aarahlp
lidltlmoro ls tinie, they were Iha vlrtlnus ajf one of tho
foulest outrnges ever ronnnittcd upon unanmsl mei^
iu a friondly port. With sueh a report becrelury
Blaine would havo f&llcd of bls dnty had be not do
manded Immediate explanations. W? must BtaQB
ii,,n-ly objet,t to lbe name of England being tiagged
into tho matter. lf tlie CUlUans have concelved Hm
DOtloa thnt Kngland, under tho clrcnm.-taiices, will
Interfere ta l>r(rtect them from the aooaegBBBeM of
thdr own a<t, they cannot too M >n or 100 empb.-iti, ally
ba (li-i.iui-.si af their lden. it k quite aafafar lo tako
Hm ahargaa aguiiift Mtatalar kgaa as iir..of, nnd found
upon lliem an lndictment ?t?Hlnst AamrtoBB .liplonuicy.
The virtce of Bogtaad -h-.uia be beaed, not ln the
latigumre of taunt and menwe, but in advoeacy of
rautloiis d'.plomatv and niutnal forbeannce.''
It ls admitted that Uavid "R. Hill Svrote the
I>mocratic plank relating- to the silver qucKlJon.
Ex-Secrelnrj- Fairchild says it means " the muiiin
nance of the pold etundurd." But what says Ihe
mun who wrote it f This : " TIH-] DEM< ICRATS
Phlladclphla, Nov. -2 isp-ciiil).?If Fmnz Von Mipjio
eould buvo been prescnt nt tbe lirst peifoiiuaiics of bi.i
oaaaetofara eeaataae, "The Joiiy gtatfaata," given i,y
iiudoip i Areaaoa'a epara company at the Broad Btaeel
Theatre UM.lgbl, he would BBdOnbtedly hnve been
hlghbj deliglib'd with il-s reieptloii. The produitioii of
a new work ta this (Ity by a < n-lti,, coinpiuiy is of
-uiiii ient (myortaaee ta attraet a largo taatae, nnd the
aadtaace was u reprematatlve aaa. Tbere wtte tn.
(Uient oulbursU. of a|.plau-e. and at the fall of the
curtain there wns a genenil laeepttOH to th- eompaBg.
Tb"e musie i- brlglrt and coUbJ. Jetfei-on De ABgBMa
a- Otatar, tha adaer, did etavar aark. Tlie part rc
sembles that of (iatliard lu "The Chlines et Noi-m;iii.lv."
The otber btieit'sM-- were, nuidy by LoalM Beaudet nnd
RUta Kaoz. Tlie egeetlve wort ol th<- el orua reflei ted
rredlt ta the atage direction of Max greeawn. "The
.loliv hiurtent-" was preceded l.y "CareUerta P.u-u
eaaa, wltb Miue. I/AUeinaiid as Sautuzr.ii.
Itoston, Nov. 2 isjieeinl).?-Mndaiiie Modje-ka pro
diKid her new foiii-int play. "The Itagle Maak," at
lbe olobe Theatre tn-night before a good hon-,-. lt was
the flrst piortuctlon of tho piece, whlch wa* writteti by
E. C. lleynolds.
Augu-ta, (ni., Nov. 2.-The gtral<-t BSgoaKtaB ever
wen in tbe Kmth WM ' pened today in AagBBta, It la
|,y no niciiu- lfM-al. Exhlbitor- are here f.om MaaaBe
(iiu-.t;-, Kaa-Yoafc, IBaBBjIaanla. ohio, Eew-Jetmy,
Conneelicut Bfeode J-land, tlu- Cai-olinas, Flm-iilu. I.r
gla, Alabama. Texa- and other Mate.-. Putrbk Wal^li,
peeaMead af ii.e expo-nion nomjiaBr. apeaed tif- ezyo>
sltioii. (lovernor Northeu, of Ooergto, WM tho orator
of ihe day.
Byraeasa, Itae, ?.: (BpeclaA^-The Prmhyteij of 9yte*
cuse to-day voted uiiiiiilin'.u-ly Ut adopt a coinmiit. .?'
ivport upon tlie que-tlon of tlie Ooafeaaloa of Faltb
r?-vi-ion, whlcb, among other Ihtags, declnres thiit it
li iha leeke of the tneojt.-ry -thut the ealtaa work
of niutilulln^ !he aticient und BBeiad Ooaiaaataa'ba ar
reetod, nnd thal 'i^ peayan aad baal artadom "f tka
I'l-e'-bytciiiin chareh ba devated ta tbe formalattaa of
,-i brief and slnple -tuteineiit of snch traib.- :,- an- tl,.-.
very talBeaa of Ihe Q apel af t'hri?t aad Iha had baaaaa
An Hiiiuipt waa atada laal BlgM ta bum Ihe three
itorj brich doahta teneoienl kow No 7 Uarcy ave.,
Brookljro, u:id oaa "f aha occagBBla wa- ana t d.
eharged with tbe cHflta. Tka prlaoner N Joaapa
Rogera, takty-lwo peata old, wbo iives on tha - < ad
Boor. BU "tiier finuiiic- aeeapled apaitsunt- la th.
biillding. and wben th'ir IBOmi bogaa I , tlll with -uiiio
the wlldcst exrllelii,-iit j.i<-v.ii!c.l. .Men nnd women.
with their chlldr-n ;.nd artbl'-- of furni'iir0, ni-l,e1
fiiii li'iilU lo Iiu -lie.-l.
'ibo bi-.- wm toaad ti bare beaa hii.died iu the
taatre ,,f tha Boor <,f Rogera^ bedroom, nnd w;i- eon
Uned to a iK-ap of r;i^- an I pager. Henry BehaOtlng,
,i lliiuorsbopkeeper, ,,f No. BOf Noit1, re,-,md -t., who
wns paaalng tbe baljdlog ..t ti,<- Mam, bm atliaitad bi
tlu, exdicmeiit, aad iaa up-talr^. ln tiie hallwaj
,,:i lbe aaeead Bom ha met Rogam. Tba .i...>r of Mi
apaKiaeata ??- opea, aad Ihe rooan m :i blau, When
Rogera aoa him ba taahed barh Into the iumbi aad
N>lt<?4 ihe door. Behellting thea t ?? ???: Uh door and
(ii-.-if.voi Rogaei i" Ihe taeot, tarnlng Mm oeot t,,
.iflin-r UooncU. Ile ti.-i, axUogal*h <i lbe blau altb
the ii--!-t.in,e ,,f otheta. a rbargc ,t in,,!, wm
made aKam>t Rogew i,v Bcbelltlnc Rogeri aayi rn
aM HBohlng hi? plpi when tarnc >>f U,e Ufhted :?
f,ll ntuoiii; llie lak's. lllh fitnili, a ?lfe und l?>,
rliildivn. were .ib-ciit Bl the tinie. He wai ii.-uivrt
tor BBOO.
? . ??-??-? -
BaatfcwBettra i-imiied. via Kear-\orii Itaiiial la?t
?Bf und baal iraii. for (.'li.ciiiiiati, IndiaiiapolU and bt.
Louis. No entra fure.
i u.iiin-efl fr#*a fl-lrrt Paa*. _
bank. lt ha* been ahnmlarly free from knownJ?*<*>
1 aud Mr l'ottcr bflfl bflfl* flflflflflkaflflfl Bol te-l Ji'dno Bl
I ^IIT^J^^ flflSS. more ?*?SUmUUm^
I raoney. Doalneflfl ln i me moner bat for ihe noaent
_een aa-p-fldfld. flxeeil Jc-i- -foi- .trfljuac^ooi ?t
tl.i. own bank*. The ?.M "f,"1"'1 >V '**' __t
: eetlon of the a-olaicd bank*. ln rellevlng fe^Um
I l.v advanciiic thelr rlahfl* will avcrt aol dl-a-troii
, tr.-t- fron Dm fallare.' Tflfl amoont -.. a- vaneefl m.
hc .? per cent or more "f iii.- net Aeposlt, dependent ia
:, BMflsflre oa Ihfl atrength ol the borrowor. U?fl* due
tlie bank l.y the depo-ltor* moal, be tlrsi Mjoated.
By low thc promliion ol a N di inal bank are rtlotrt*
to i.oi.i.w ..my 10 per ?-."it of il.-* capitaIdon oi wo
liwtltut Oil on Uie si.me eollateral. II tlu*. flflSfl OOU
SHAOOO eould pn.p-rlv l"1 loaned to any one per*on,
but 3< ihOWfj ahove, vatlv grefllet -um- Vflflfl drawn
oat'bv Mr. P-tter ond oUfcra. _,___._ , ?.,..
About P-JDOO Of Iho Fll-OMON Uc icf Fun.l w .s
T.la.ed with tbe Maverlcb llaak, but tlie btdk of tne
fund 1, aerorely lorked up ln Uie City T.va-ire.
.ii.-.y vaolta. in thc Moverlek ?a- ai-<> thc joi.n
r.iivlc ri'ln-ltlv fund. aiiioiiiitlnn to vomo #17.01.0.
Waahington Nov. 8.?The Controller ol the Currenev
thl- afternoon api-olnb-d Thon.a- P. lieal reeeiver ol the
Maverick Nntlonal Bank, "i Uodon, Inoolrent. Rr.
Real i- preaklenl of tl.e BtxaoA National Ronk of Boaton
nnd clialrtnan of the CICRrtn- Houae rninniltn-o.
_ettng u.d-r instnictlon-i fr.m the Controller
Of thr- r..rrenr"\. A. D. I.ynch. sii|M"rvl*:ng
cvuniliicr "f Wfltlflflfll bflohfl, left Wfl*hlngtofl
tin-, afternoon for flosioii, for thc puip-'-c
of a<"ii-lli.|r Mr. F.wer, tlie exanlOOr ln charco of tflfl
Moverlek Bank, in l.is exow-DO?oo of tba aflWr* of thut
bank. Me wlfl al-" BBBlel thfl rvrolvcr up'i.'ir.tod to ''ay.
A report received froo thfl cxnmlner thl- mornlng
shows tnat lhe HnbllHk-" of tl.e Maverlek Biinl- are
pp.OoO.OOO and tlie flflflh on hand 91,400.000.
Boaton, Xov. 2.?Tho Boston KflflPj Ilnreau pilnt
tho followlti'f :
Tii-" frierds of Irvln-r A. BVflflM dcelare tl.nt he
offered up his llfe ns a trllmte to friendslilp; that he
wa* 8*8*8- #S00,000 one year a+ro nnd (*?vc oil that
and more to savo his friends; that hc klted eliccks
bfldflJOflfl New York and Uostot.: had enonnous arhitrape
traOflflOtl-flfl ln flflth Eicliat.fres to make eloarlnj-'s be?
tween the two citie-s aud u/isist tlie Maverick Nutioi.al
Itank to BBBBB*_flfl dr.ift wilh anollier; that wlan tliis
atrolfl eooJi bo loup*? ha bonoa hc Bfl-idiow Mfl Beeoflfld
at tho' lamk lo niil.c his own rjfcfltfl i.ulividuiilly
aqaaie; fleacNByed ?n ovtieoeea boplfeaU-g any other
portleo, flofl, decliuliiK tn return to the dty to eflect
a Bl*!llUOItllll npon his ..wn flflflflflflt at tihe Ixinlt, put
hlinsclf flflt of this world to BBVfl Mr. l'otbr ond tl.e
Mr. Bfflflfl- pistol shuts. HMOgh they nii?rscd liis
own heart, went fltrfllght fluwflfh Uio hat.lt. His
fytflf w.u-ds to his wlfc were: "Don't blaine As..*
When his body WOfl cold, his hand flfflfl found b-re ?*f
thfl flfllllfll?ill P'l'l rlng Whleh ii.c had worn for a
long time, flfld Whleh wa.- a gift froin Mr. I.tter.
Hc had Iflhflfl it Oi Ihfl d.ty |iiv\iou-lv and U-rflWtflg
lt ln Ma bond bflfl, remarked to Mfl antit: "This BBeflBB
BOthlng to inc BOW, for I have no lOBflflr auy a-flflO-.'
I'lM.n Mr. Kvat.h\ lumlis nre livc ]..ini BTflflflfltB. IflhM
aceoonl Ko. ?- i- what Mr. Evan? tci.nc- to his a-s
BOCB-tefl uial conlideutial friends ?? the hlg account."
It Ifl this atcouut Uiat ls .*COO.(*X) under water. Thflfl.
ls no evidrnc? outside of ono llvlng man, we bfllMVO,
Ihfll flhOWfl Mr. I'utter wa.- thfl purtner upon this Jfltfll
aecooni. u luu-. beeo flaaa-Boi by thfl b*MflB_B-?flt and
Mi. Bvaafl-a paria?n Ihol thlfl aeeiaflat beloogod to
Mr. Bvflflfl and Mr. I'.It-r Jolntlv; hut Mr. I'ottcr's
nnmo i- BOt RflOD tho bOOkfl, and ilr. Bvflflfl lu his
hu"*1 lclters denicd lt explleltly. To dlffercnt lu
dlvl.lual, wltliin a year Mr. Evans ha.s ?vld Ifl 08B
II?fllBfl thal Mr. Eflttflf Bfld Bfl jolnt ue.ount nnd flfl
trflflflflfl?flflfl wtth hlm.
Mr. l'ottcr bOfl BOflfl pald Bhoflt *ir.O,?X> as profltl
of Joint .-p.-'-uliition wltii Mr. Bfflfla, ln varlous
eheeks. liut Mr. VoUti florlaroa tiwt ho l.a* lecetvofl
no ehoeha irom Mr. Bvaaa for olghlflofl BMnths, nor
has lie (luring Ihls tiino had BB) BflTaOBfll uccmnt With
Mr. KVOfla. All of Mr. BvaOfl. grflflfl flfOflfllfllflOBfl i"
tlie la-t eighteen BMflrthfl flBVO, however, bflflfl eon
dtu tc.i ln tlM) namo M this IflhM flfleoflflt, at.d lt ls flfl
clared l.y Bflflflfl pflflfflfl tb_t ihe. Maverick ffafllflBJfll Bflflh
stiriihii Wflfl ln n-ullty Uio BflU-M* Ofl this Jolnt ac
Hcfoto Mr. Bvflflfl shot hlmsflf 1.I-. famllv under
BtoOd that ho was insolveiit, Bfld thut he owod the
Muvimk Bflflh 1-00,000, Wtttl "M>0,<>00 nomlnal ml
hiteral, aad it was a BotUeflMnt fli*b thc bflflh Ihal Ma
brot-er bad _rra?god tho da> before thfl fatal Oetoooi
10, Irving A. BVflBfl wa* to havo BOflafl down tliat
day at.d tlnl-hed tlie settlement with thc bank. lt flraa
IQfieaaflilwi to the bank that tho house was only
"|sir.,0i>0 under water, foi lf tho bank would take the
collaU'i-l iiud sign u IBlBBflfl to tho house. Mr. Bvflflfl.
futhor and b.otlter WOOM BBB-M th it BBkfiOO good t.. thfl
hoflflfl and n {uidnto thy Qredttora ofl lha baalfl of 100
cent* Ofl a d'.lliir. This aetUOflMflt was e_oe?tOi :i
few dnys aft-r Mr. KVflflO. (h-th, and thfl bflflh dl
rcctors voted t*. rolflflOfl Irving A. Bvflflfl .v ( ... fiotu
ull llabllliy, aniouritlng lo .f.iOO.OOO It is prohflhhl
thut tho dliv.-.o:s did not know Uio ainotini of Ihfl
ii:it.uity they flroro fl*rtttag otr, fnf th.-y w.-.-e assun-d
IJ.at with tlils loss taken tho bank ihS-Ofl would -s:ill bfl
worth ir-'iO. A* thfl eolUiten.l ls worth but BtUfl flflorfl
thflfl f100,000, Ihfl loss taken by tlie bank upon thlfl
ummnt i-. at.out .OOO.tXX), but if the bank were BthflT
oiot good, tbi- loaa ihovM havo only redaeod thfl sur
plus l.v 50 per cent.
Mr. PottOt oaya that nt lhe tln.c of this scttlemcDt
ho wns offered a rfllflflflfl for flfl} peraoool liul.illty h?
inight havo with Ihfl hOOflfl Of Iiving A. r.\:il.s A Co.,
?md be dc lined lt becoBaa he ieclarod oo sueii tlab?lt|
cxistcd, nor had Mr. BVBBfl any BCeOflflt flfflfl wliid.
ho was legafly or inoially reapoBfllblfl.
Mr. Tobey, tho Jonlor portaer of Irvtag A. Bvam .t
('..., fldfl-itfl that be bai never aenl ? -ta cment t*i Mr.
i'utter of lha oeeoao. apoa whleh he bellevoa m.-.
l'ottcr Wflfl liablc
(oii.u.i Alborl A. Pope obM Ir*. t wcek thHt bfl bad
no ovMeneo lhat Mr. l'ottcr was roapoflalblo f"r Mr.
Bvana. rolekte, but hc bel?rved it. i.n.i if tho avMeflce
wa* good the Jotarl aee.nlal wuoM b.ile. u-d lf it
took the ro?I ..tr aome In-tlttitlon. Aai r. l'ottcr o__
wur.ii prsu,000 eleoa an.i cleoi a fcw yeori ago.
TUE F.UI.UIUi OF Tlll. .M WI IU. K HAD 1.1111-1.
IML.li N..I. BUEKE tOUB -TIU.m; C-ITICIfl-t.
The f..llure of lhe Mav.-ri.-k Nutional Bflflh did AOt
have Ihfl effeel ln tlii- * Ity Ihol would u.-tuilly bfl 88
peetfld trom a nsak of >u?l. owg?Kodo. lu Ihe tir-t
lilacc, the Mrcet had been lilled with rflflMa. flf thfl
uapendlag troobla of ih*. bflflh a^ a resuit <.r
the B-UOM and nulnde of Irving A. Bvflflfl. Il Bflfl
known thut A-a PottflT, thc praaldfOt of Ihfl lnsUtu
tii.ii. had bo-n (lusely OOBBected with BVflBfl lu BOflM
of his boMflfll vcntuiss, und bad BO| OOflM ool fleothe
Maa. Evaflfl was a debtor ol tbe baah Ifl lhe oxteal
Of aln.ost fl-OO^MO, aud thc fltory <if his fafOI?llflfl
ti.rneil attet.tlou yt ODCO 10 ih<" Maverick Bflflh. BflO
i.icion w; ^ aUoyed wwMwbal Mai ooeh, bf MMgnu-M
trom B-fltOfl I?ittflg that thc bflflh Ifl (Bflfl?Ofl hnd
Iflctcflaei ihe i/aiic eea to its crc?iit iu ihol dty.
WflflflTlholflflfl, Ihfl Maverick Natltmal was kflOVfl tfl
be a " one man" T.ank, aud lt? BMtSMdfl were (oti-lden-il
to bc not a1 all those of a eoflflflrvflttvfl ln*tlttiti .n. Tbe
llbral CSPOOl.tlng of cofnmercial ai.d B-OOfl-flMdfltlOO
?tap-r, 0M flflflflaal BM?Mdfl lohflfl to piln bflfl?MOB, Bm
hflOVy expofldltfllflfl Cf the Ir.stitution, an.i the Molfll
iiiBBBflf of llfe of its proaMflflti w.-n- ail jj.iliited out a
fat:ii woflhnoflflea, or ol laefll groo__fl of fllronfljaal Bl
lOOBOfl As a BBflBBfljBflflflflj ttttM BBteBflOhflMfll Bflfl
tnaiilfeicl rbflt nl a| w hcti the news of th' falliin- bfl
cn Bfl gend-flUy ___*?_. la bO their rietflMtadefl, tho
?fflflfltalen of lha Moaerlek Bfl?oflal had .ic\.-r been
laivc botroarora, ao far ii" bi known, fi-iim Bew-Yorh
Boanrlal instiiuii.ni-. Bolaocea to the:r erodlt wci?"
found at al Ihfl bflBBfl Ifl thlfl cltv that.were corrc
?poaflefltfl f-u thc Moverlek, aod the t.exs of tl"' faiiuro
wa- ini ?!??< .nel trorthy ofii.-iai Dottee trom ti:- nnaart
ci.tiitniUea of ihe Cleorlog Hoaae Aaoadaltoo. Tbere
oaa, if Baylhlflf, a hoBag of n-ii.-f tliat the laflaebd
BorM bai pottea rM <f ba Unrtllotloa that could com
btflfl flwthndi -> aootrary t" oaool horrbtog rtoodard*
wiii. m Btarhed aBeeew ln ptBog t vrtbaraa aoenBoai
I*.- effi.t .pf lha fiiinre on lhe atoch -Mrbol va
tn -t tnuiked .J1111 n;-' Ihfl IfOl bflBT, flrhflfl tliei-c flrai .i
?Oflarfll flflaBoo, Bvoraglflg i per eeat The aetton M
lha li."-t..u liiiil.-. bovovor, wltb M-vermI OBlaldfl Influ
aoeoa, w.-t.- -uiiiiictit toofoet a roeoatry that ifliaeod
lha paoorol n-t toellflfl M .. -uuii Baelloo, s..in..
ito ba la whii-ii ii.it ti aperotori hafl bsao nwBflty la
terested Bflflfl thfl BWfll B?8* led. BflW Vorl aml N,.w
Bagh.ofl ?ii.?.(i u 'ic- uf i i ?_. aml AteMaoa, To-x-k-i
Badflaata ifl a nol Io-- of ?'? trCMeofo, BarUagtoa oafl
. ended .1 wn t?-, iriThlbMifllpnl- nul Beodlng
rnlhcd ti 88 af r an crl. bltflh lo li 1 ??. Thert
ara* a pafleral acilvlty la lha aowbot, oHIng ..ni, .>
trtm iio-ii.ti belng a itrong laioeBeo.
Tha Xow-Yorb twrearpoBdentfl i lha _to?atlflh Ra
1 ? >l I'Hik fl ;?? Ihfl I ir-. N:.ii. iii. Ui- ChMfl N.i
in.ii.ii, tbe i niif-ii Btate* Katlonal aud Iba BOtlonal
Bank of Um Bepafl II. n?or_e r. imker. tht preaM rrd
.f Ihfl r.r-t Bfl?oi? il. flflM reotflfldo) t!:.i the MMrerieh
hal a hwfla bohwiefl i" Ma erefl?I la ti.at Inatttatloa, but
lhat K li.t not roflch Iflfl?Mioo, m roportfli. Tha
bfllooeefl <>f Um loapoodofl Booton hadlratloa wtth n
rfl-Mr New York eOBiBBpoflBtefltfl w:>- BBflO, The
failure bflfl ? -li.'ht flflNOl Uttj ...| th.- bflohfl of tM
clty. The Kln-iue ('<minittt?-e i.f the Clealng llbu^.
AMoeiation talfced over Lhe oa-e I-forauOIr and de
UNION SQUARE?? cor. Broadway.
?%,-ra us ___tt___~T
Ho old atowk. EveryUinu made aeUnfacUiry.
rlded thal lbe .ii, um-tiinccs rcciulred no nctlon on
their part. Ilencc no meeting was ealled.
in revfowlag Iha eam, a promineut baaber said:
" i'licie ba- been no eoncealuient af lbe faet Ihal
ihe M-iverl- k Natl uial bus been looked al with sti-plcion
l.y its iielghbors in Itoston for some Ume. This
B? duo prliielpnlly to A-;i Potter'- ron
oeettoa wtth irvlng a. Bvaae, or "Ncrv-y
Bvaae, m bo was caiied becaam of the
boktaem of JiLs vent'trcs, tlie Wall Street speculator
WblMe sulclde followed the failtire of I.la llrm two
wi.ii- or M ago. And then the Maverlek wns a
?one-niim' bank, gtrnt opportunltles tor iiianlp.ilatlon
balBg Bgegai up to the pn-sldent. and lt k not at all
unlii.ily tlmt by borrowlnp; liber.illy for bls own
ii-i'- Mr. I'otter divertcd tho bank's funds Into
baaardaai cnterprises, or Into his personal expendl
tama. Ile Iivod lil.ei-.illy, to say the lea-st, nnd con
laeted hb business on ii slmllar scale of mupnltl
,,?!,?. Ile wiis a good Judge of eommerclal paper,
however, and WM u weli tralned bagtBOta man. As
-ii.li. ba biillt up u great bu-incss. If ho
-pi-, ul.iieil. aa 1^ -aid. it was done ln BOBtoB, pii.Uibi.r
in We-t Knd stock, Iloslon und Malne, New-York nnd
New -Knglsind. and cerUln loaal enterpriseg. Ilusineas
tn,-n In this elty knew of no -peculutlons ou the part
of Mr. Potter. III- baak BM aol llgured ln Ihf niaiiy
merrnntlle fnllures in lio-ton ln HM hi-t y,-ar. Al
thoagh thi- wa- tho eam, there eeeaaed to be a -tronii
feettng Bgalaat him in Roetoa, portlp tnm faatoaap
at hl- -ii,-< -ss, und pnrtly from the bcllnf that II- wa -
ii ipafiBtataffi or at bael u proaaotae of eertala euter
jiii--. >o fur as 1- known, tbe exauilntilion of tho
Maverlek imnk hm beoaghl lo llght no greal Irrega
li.i-itv. ll i- mon- lhan Ilkely tlii.t. linlll very lately.
Mr, l'ott-r and hi- frl.-nd.- wen able t<> bon-ow money
froni ,,u!-ide -ources to enrry on Ihelr iiir.il-. aHhougn
jii-i.i,-ii.,v a tarai auioiint of aaciultlea betonglng to
I'otter and Iii- Irl.iul- WM l nrried ln the l.unk. Cn
doubtedly targe loaam bava beeo toatalned during the
laal yewr, nnd the dealh ol Bvana and the tallnre ol
i,i- tinn liiituiiiilv ealled attention to Mr. I'otter and Ma
frlend*, and compeRed tbem t" i-.-ly on theamelVM aad
the !??-,.Iines of the Maverlek illllk. They v.eie lioj
able to -t:.i,<l t!:<- run of the taal tWO week . a run not
only rn. tbe bank, but ul-o on tb.-Ir Indlvtttaal eredlt.
Tliere ls undoul.tedly u i>-i,-onable anioiint of aaaate t"
aectut the loana nade to i'otter und Ua friends, aml tba
ehaiK--- nre that the depo-it.r- will r-en-ivc ;ill or neariv
all of iIh-Ii- money. The only rebitloii tbe MaveHeB
bad 10 any RhW York bank BM that Of a dealer or
(lepo-itor. In some eaaea aeeoajita were rectprocal,
.olii-.ll. ns on Roataa Ih-Iiic bbb! to tbal bank. Tlio
tallnre baa nimo-t bo eif-ct ln thk clty, aad abeolntely
none on the aaaoelatad banka."
Deputy BhertR Plan ba- reeeived nn attaehtnent for
#i -'..; aimlnsi the property ln thk <ltv of the Maverlek
Hunk In favor of Cliarles H. Piutt. Ile serv.il lbe
iitt;,, btnent <>ii the Flrst Nationai Baak, the itank of the
K. publl. , tbe Clia-e and the 1'nlU.il fctates Nationiil
Chl ago, Nov. 2 (Bpoetal).- Chleaga win not be a
loaer bj the Mavarlek Raak faiiure. Tlu; bank'- pcia
clpjl Chleago eorrespondent was lbe, Xatlonal Pnrk
Bftiik ut llliiiol-. " We bava done considenible bi:-i
bmi wlta the Maverlek Raak," -aid W A. Hamniond,
ni-'ii.-i >,f the I .ltik of Illinois, today. "They sent a
,rr-at de:il of iiiotiey (o ChlCBgO, and thl- lui'ik re?
eeived am*( of it. nnd ai-o amay of ii- < *i*?.-its and
Biafta. Tlie Maverlek mu-t bave been dolng an 1m
incii-e bii-iiie-- when it went down. For year- paal
it baa been accu.iiulatlng bimlne-s In a wonderful way
und to tlie niirprl-e of many of the older hou-e.s, wbo
wen ataftlad at tlio toemm^a enormous atitdca.*
?? Will tbe fuilure have a bad etrect BB any Chleago
i-'jii, erns :'" Mr, ll.unmoiid wus askcrt.
? .None at all,"' lo replied. "Most of tlie Maverlck's
theem ienl Weetaard eame to this bank -md wa aro
aet al all toarfnl ?.f loaa, la faet, only to-day we it
,'';??, d a large malttaaea from Iba Maverlek. The
noney aM in mo-t caaM degmlted here before tbe
Boal * baak drew aa us. The Aaaarlraa Rxchaege
aml Aii.- Caaka al-o had some dflallngi with tha
Mavarl '.."
C. C Kldder, whOM father WM head of Ihe ereut
baaklns boare of KMder, Peahodp A Oo., of Iioston, is
in tha city. spea'.ilng to-day of Ihe Mmerirk Pank
faiiure, Mi. Kidd-r said: "I do not tliink the falluro
will bava anv imaertaal effect in the BBaactal worfd.
U i,.,. beaa anUcmated by banaen and baalnem m.-n
for -mn ? .im-- and the announcement was im aorprlm
tn them. l'!i.- llaverlek ba- b-'eu ln dURculttea many
tltnei before aad ama alwaya a--l-t.il bv the other
banka.1 _
A NF.wiii i:<; i;.\NK CAUOHT IR THM lli'iN.
Kewtmrg, N. ^.. Nov. 2.?The Qaaaaalck Nattonal
imnk here haa depoalta wtth the Maverlek Itank of
Boaton amonnttng to 92AJB4A00. Tbe Qnamalrk ex
paeta ta gel baek the whole or part >.f Ita depoalta,
und in anv >.-..->? eoa itand th,- loaa arlthont locon
veliieii.e. II bM a -lllplll- ot ?900,000,
oTIIKK IH-.SINF.S.-, TK" .t'lil.K-.
Jurob Cohea'a elothlng atore, at Xo. lo-^ Park i; ur,
wjlt. ralded ymtocdap aader tha hutatonahk grab-all
repicv.ii-.. wiiiiiiin r. Clemmooa, cloth inerchsuit, got
out iiu- ti:-t nplmtB for aboat BTOO, aud IJepmaoB
Brathsn Ihe meood tot gOfiO. Them taro eredltora
toetad oa the entlie atoek, ^hi< li is worth in-my tinu-s
ihe amoont of their etalme. Deputy Bharik llelm
bergar t ah poaaenlon of tha stoi-.-, i?ut did aot allow
Mie yooda ta ba tahan aaray. Baaaaal Boam goi a
i.-iilMii for *AUB u-al Jleimun Joaegh got two, one
inr .t.'-u in tavor of LoaH Keeaal und aaothi t u>r B8R1
for John Kafka. Mr. OaheB Is a nepbew of Jai.-ob
Coheii, " Kiug of Rastar Mteet," and BM b.?en in
baataam ilnea Aprll, lorT. iie deeoaaeed the affair
a- au aatiaga and --a^d hi- atoek wm worth +-.,.hh..
Tka peneral aredltam wera ealled tagathar la the even?
ing ..ad Mr. .lo-. ;.li announiiil, ou bahatt of hi- clleiils,
tam ih.-v w,,uii .in. i>t ;t aettlement .it 80 centa oa
tka <i iiar. m m to glve Oohaa baek hi- aamn Otbera
affaiad t?, 0va fii.uuo enah for the atoek, .'t hm
propoaed to pa] ?ir tka lial two replevins in full aud
give ull olhm , redltor- 110 cents on the dollar, nnd
ino-i al Iha i i-,.-.!iioi-> asyreaoad a adlHagaam ta aroept
ij aaata.
Ilertnau .1. Blaek, li.|tior dealer at No. 9fig Fourth
aVB., mail" un a*lg:iment peetaPBBg to F.dwaitl .1.
WUklm !!?? t.oiigiit out John Brnggenma etahteen
inoiitii^ ago ai:d Uie atore wa- valued ..t ovi r fw,000,
Deputy Kberifl Rarrp bm reeeived an attaehinent
for -.-. .oo agalo-il K ii. t Marz, patenl.f a bnckle,
.it N,>. 'i'.'". Ur i.u'.vay, iu tavor of E. (-ti-au--.
Ileinrlih liallen, abollt tWBBty years old, of Keiiiuv
-t.. Hewarfc, coinniitted aitlrtaa iu BMlOianp >-e?ter
day aftmaoaa. About ., a'doeh Mra, Jaaam Under
roth. a uotnaii HvlBg ln soiith-ave. iu Vallabarg, BM
walklng ihrongb aouth ciintin -t., Baal Oraage, wkaa
-he ebmrved a roaag mau in tha road abaad ef hm
appar ntiy ander Iha InBuenca of Uqoor. Ra Bnally
-ni iliwn oii tha aliiilmeni ol tbe brfdgB, and ?lie
paaaed ao. Altar going a -hon flttanra -ho wus
-tintied ut bearlag tfcrm ptalol thota Ib rapld me
. and ti i,,ii arouad Ju-t ln time to -c- tha
uHing iiiuii bll h.-.id loiviiio-i in,m the a; utment of
th.i bridge t, the earth. She gave aa atarm.
All exaiiiliiullni i,| Ih- ImhU fbOBed thal o: ,- of th,
iiu,.,. .i.i.:- hiui po.aad through the rool ot the innn'i.
aud Ihruugb th.ntre >>f the bralo. TbK muat bave
caomd Inalant dmth. Tbe rounty phyalctan giimuil
a i < riilii ;ile ol -.iUid--. Halien had pcel, out Qf work
for -ou,- ume r.:,i.?;,- deapondent, Bnd ,?t i ,'i lud
been drinklng beavlly. No otber obbm for tba
-ui. uie ?:v* l-a-nod.
U0XBIQX09 nawrox oeowteo wbakbb,
U.Igaar l*i?taa paaaed a bad day paaaaadag. Ra
iuBei ii ? ..-ui. i.;!,!.? palm dortag Bm .lu.v aml tnm pm.
..ptiiiiv w.f.fr touarii eraatag. Ba wn- reettag qaletl]
iit4- u.i aigbt, bewevm, aud bia pbyactaa bnd lafl btai, .,
taa tailmttaM anm tii.it ta ?i.uii m,. tataagb Bm aigbt,
i;e.tt.,i... n,v ?_?. ti ? icrere loethwaatar ol Hatar
day a|ped oai tha oM aleaaaw l*aimli al tha loww
aad of ini.e Kiie. -i,e bad Ig tow Iba bargm Hutii.-,
iciiiui, ,i, i,i,e? imd Bapartor, himhm tadan for iiuifi.io,
aad aeal aabom Ju t above imnkirk. Iha bargm
aaebpeag aad rode oai tbe piic. ITotklng bm i.-t beea
,-..- i of the 1.,-an-. rrew, but it i, beUeved thm
had reaehed oae ,,f the bargm.
?t r,,?,it,Tbr **\**At3t**f* '"", '"?", Rataaatag
iiaaia...*[t. at '"? C **** Cv *' l4U??t-.
ihoblt raocmm ofbbjm of im show
(,,rvsa?t.,cu??n.lhe.ove.y ^j'jJJS.'S!
onIy ?,e OM tate* tliat she ls dumb, la !*t*B tt*
of tiower taagaaga, Ragmam, baM a **_***?
,?,.,?. to do ber homage Ihera aaaaa a brtUtajn
ntkaring. Tl.roi.ui. the eartatned 8**b8b* atadtaon
, irrt.-n liie.e .:it-red M iB?l *?? d,,H"?
M-S^kSb soelety. I'-ut great M he
__Za_\\m\ it waa S la tba woaiertel ?* J "taj,
' " -sof.u.vurl.utfl'M'a, whl.h IHHte^
111 " .,?, puaaia. gowera overiakeea, aa
\f*.?, I tm 'ii-n .-.-. hnngmc p-ml.nl
SLJftS "li.lvnli.n, ln thelr woiul-rful . .tam
raMMM pogOdB, Wtth the !'.velle-t Of ?^fViJ"
!3tr?.:'."*;:,,', 5S.5... ?.-?
?, HM. ?,,?., k .""rt ?,!,, ??=?. WMOIIK
soutliern smllax. ?TMi.lf
o,il)?ft..e,i.?-tbeautifu.c,dle.,,;,nsw,i-t.e OxUbtt
of Adoit Ladeaharg, eoaataOng of tbe nobtoet varteUm
of etaTMBtbamaam. Among them was a ******
neatataO Ol (tha hairy c-l,ry*anil.en.um, thg KJ
Alpheo. Hanly. a flower of w,,i,derful.y J-*-****
Wtth tlnv velvety halrllko BglfcM pmtnidli.g ?? *?
Jclata! Then thero were gtatagB of chry?untheu,u,,,s
arraugi^d for dl>ply. Bttb foTM and other plant* to *t
taem ciff, whiu, other gMBga were arranged. ronaMIng
Of ptaata wtth one flower only ou the top of the stam.
The-e lOWtn were of all ** from ten ta eigl.teen
taehta BOMM the petaK The... in the centre oftbe
|,.,ll and giM.ip.xl around tho pagOda, thero were flow
ers mhlhllta ou boarda tor tba pargom of dtaptaying
tba Bm of the gmaaaat aataai Anmag Iba 8aenn
arrang-d ln vaata thero were American. ****9***,
Chlnese and JaSBBgM varleties, and what l.-nflhem
added attractlvene-., WM that tl.e fBBM aere rliarm.iig
ipariaaena of pottery.
Qiaaged araaad Ihe ban, and acting as a tam for
the tlnted pieture*, WM B deep, dark green border of
fcrns and palm-, aniong whieh W? Jagaaaal *ea BBH
great curlositles, with thlck, scaly tninlf, ending ll a
bun.hofspU.ed long leave ?
Tbe flower- have como from nll parta Of the eoun?
try, und moat Of tbe famou- Jiorti.ulturi-ts of the land
were represet.tcd. Among the exl.lblto.-s taja
-We- Ad.-if Ladeaharg, Plteher B Maada, Bhort BOM,
V. .1.; J. Condon, Prooklvn: *0* <?? RebBB, New
York: Wllllam Payard Cuttlng, oakdule, L H PBB>
?.,u-e Brother-, Flatbush. I.. LJ John B. May ef ?
,nit V. j.; Oae Beaaett, Hattaak, L. r.i l- *Mtor
?,??. Newtown, L. I.i OoOTge E. ReBBOtt, F atbu-h.
, , ? Emile I.e Moult, New-York City; tnBtam
fr, ke,-. DeagM Hins. * M ?'? ?? ?***. ?"**!__*l
Penn ? Mer Ileiider-on & Co? .New-Yorlt I fe
we- ber & iDoa, Ernest Pudolph Asmus, Robert
Cmlg, T. ii. spaiding, T. II. MeGory. H. 8. WUamd.
George B. Wlnatado, A. B. Pleraoo, ?. Of??. ***
l?,ry. I.. I.I li.omn A Pi-e.-sel, W.-hawl;.-.., B. t? ***
in.inv otber-.
The show Is held under the auapbes of tBUEtui
York HoHH Club, of whlch A. a l'.urn- is pr.sidei.t.
W A Manda, vlro prealdent J John Young. HINWT.
and ?;. ii. Watabered, taeoaamr. The axhlhttkm waa
opened In the aften.oon. and it was esllmat d bv 11
naaagemant thal o.oimi people eaaaa la to mb ma
Bowera. The fornu.I OBOotng took plaee m tae e\en
i?g, begtaatag wtth a dlwmr, wbleb was served la tba
n-tauraiit of the Madison S.|iuro tiard-n. lt wa.s glven
ln honor of tlie BUO WkO had con-enti'd to uci M
iBdgaa. Tho iablo was decoruted with rose*
and sniiliix. while a wouderful Jar full of
prtoe-wtaalog ebigBaaMtataBtaa f,-rme<i nn appro
prtata .entrepiece. ThOOl who were preaent
at the dlnner, whlcli wa- a mo-t i-njoyabie one, were
Adolf Ladenburg, F. K. Sturgi-, laBBM W. Morrl-sey,
E. (i. Hill, Rlchmond, Ind. : Kdwln Lon-dale, Phlladel
phia; William W. Harris, Philadelphia; E. A. Wood,
We.-t NewUin; U. V. POBIgBW, Wllkesbarre, Penn.;
William Falconer, Clen C.ve, N. Y. : Henry A. hmall,
Wmhlngtoa, u. c.: Joim Weateota, Mdtadelghla; w. I,
I'aluier, liuffalo; Kobet Cralg, PhUadelphla; William
I'ettiirivw, Chleago; WI fam J. Hb-wart, Uonton; K. II.
Uattle-. Philadelphia; T. T. McFadden, Clncliinatl:
Alexauder M< I.eniian, uakdale, L. I.; Alfred Memdltk,
Fiti-ik-id; J. c. Anti.ony, Chleago: a. m. Mugadt,
Plttsburg; B. C. Patterson, llttsburg; O. Tl. Smith, of
the llotunic ti.mleus, Wahingtoti, D. C.: A. H.
Fewkes, James K. PKfcher, J. Dean, A. B. Uurns, Wlll?
lam A. Haincii and other-.
Mr. Sturgls pi-e-ided, and ppeeches were m.-.de l,v
Adoif Ladeaharg, a. s. Baroe, J. Dean. Robert Cmlg
and R, Q. HI1L
Tha award- made laat night were as follows:
ln Beettaa 1?Ptaata ta pota.
ClMa 1-Fir?t jirize, $l.iO, Plteher i Maada Clas* 2?
Fii-t prtae, h-T'i, Pltabm 8 Maada; meead prtae, J. Cea
do.i. BroaklyB' Clam B-Flml pitea, ?:i">, Pttehm le
Maada; aecead prUe, $--'.i. Oearga Atkin?jn. Cia-s <
I'ir : prtae, BZO; Meaad prtae, ai?; thini pttm, .tiu- bB
Ui Plt ln r ic Maada Cl.i-s O-Flrnt pttt*, iSlO; second
prlre, *3; 1-ltcliei jc Manda. Clasa 0? I'lrnt prlie, *lo.
PlWhcc &. Maada; aecimd petm, ??*>, WIbmi uroih,i>.
Ctaca 7- i-r-t. prlie, a\o, piu-h-r ic MaaM Clam -H -
Flr.<t prtae, ilo, Pltebm 4c Maada; aecead prtm
i.e ,fg( atklaaaa. tia-s -?-iTi>t pri/e, gUO, Pttckm a: Maa
m. aeaead prtae, 1125, TMbum Bpaldtag; tiiird prtaa,
?ioo, R. >'? Maitin. ci ? 10-Plrel prtm, BTi; meead
pri/.'-. **.o; tktid i> tae, *-'?">: all Pttehm i Maada. Clam
n-Fir-t pri/,-. BBB, Pitch-r k Manda; thi-d prtae, bll
Tbatam Bpahtlag- Clam 12 Plaal prtae, *'jo. Pltabm *
Viu;,i.. Clam H-i'ii-t pii/e, aioo, Ueorga Atktema;
aeeoad prtae B7B, Blebraleht i: Wadley; tiiird |,ri/'-, s.-r>o
liicli-r a. Mauila. Cliss 15?l-'ir-t pilm, :??">'), 1. Oaadaa;
aecond iri/e, ^m', Adoif LaMabarg; tiiinl prtae, <t'20.
frfU Uf li. If'-llll" t.
Cl-J? is l'ir-t prlze, $50. ThOBBM Bpaldtag.
i iu-- IB - l-'ir-t prtm, *'<o, jr.oini.- Bpaldtag; second
[iriie. BU, l'itch.r k MaaM; tblrd prtae, '?.o. B. C.
ii.,., so?Plral prtae, B2A, Thoama Bpaldtag ? areaad prtae,
*20. l'ltiiur v Manda; third prtm, *i5. Oearga Alklnaea.
.;,ii-- Ji-i-'ii>-t pi!/.,-. *io, PitcBet -t Maada i aaeoad pii/.-,
5,:,, Uebreleht v Wuii.v. ti.i: l prtae, t;i. Uaacga Atklaaoa.
( tam 82?Flral pri/.-, #150, Plteher a Manda; meead p i"-.
ol'2'i, ThMDM i-iaiditis. Clam 22 Plwt p Im, jiT5, Pltehrr
i. Mimdai aecead pii/e. B80, Thenmi Bsaldtog. I tam M?
l-'ir-t prtae, *H">. Pltehei 9 Manda: imeM prtae,
gSS, Thi.u.as Bpaldtag. Clam 22 Plral prla^, -rr".,,, adolf
Ladrabarg; aeeeM prtae, BUO, WTUItaai Bayard Cattlng.
,:,.. L-ii-K'.r=t prtae, *.".o, Yhaomt Atttaaan. ISaaa ^:
Plrat prtm, gJO, Thaama AtkOUoa. (ias- :u i u-t
iiri/e, eao, Oearga E, BeaaeW.
In eut gaaeia IM awaida oett
Claaa g!l?Plrat i>n/e, >io. Dalldaam Bmttem; aaeead
pHaa, *?">, K. HotTiiian ; third prtm, r.l. Wi'lliiin Tiliker.
-.".<-, aa-~Fii-Ht prlae, 420. Raiaam Aamaa, ci,.?? w?
Ptam prtaa, *io, Pttehm .v MaaM; aaoaad petm, a-'>. 1:.
gamaa Clam gl Plita prtae, gi, k. Aaama, ? tam M ?
Plrat prtae, 010, WtUtaai Trtoker. Claaa 2N H tp
wiiiun. Tri.k.r. Ctaaaea to and 11?Flral prtm, Plteher
I Maada. Ilam 45-i-'ir-t pr'*^ T> J- B, May; thta "u
Bm preaataa biuom of Bm tat, belag ouo raee, taalra
iiowers, 1, Itaa.
Amung taa luisifiliiuii'i- plaaM, Boaa -t D aaa 11 ?<.i.
tiii- nrat pnm ui *i5o. fur t?'iit.-tive pataM greapta t,,i
eifept; gtabaateM B Bfatttay trtaatag IM meaM prtm ,.f
0100. PlUhrr i Maada m the tlmt prlze uf eiOJ (or tbe
i.e.-i aaBeettm of iwaaaydva amamaatal f.iiin-,. unu
tiuwering pianii. mmasad taa aBaat. pm bm aaa bM mra
plant ln Baam (not au uicbiil,, Pltclur A Mauda look Ui?
lirst pri?-, und rtt.-breitlit g Wadlvy ?on |M Ur-t pll/i
of 4-0 lot a ?1m, iu,, 11 tn-e fern.
iu erahato, t-otov vaaderfal apeehneaa ?'-ie abaaa, Tbe
bm in i/.- ,,f ggga f?r u 1011,, ti.... ot alaata ta Mam. ir
r.u,-- ,t fur ciie t, ?,* araa bv giataalcM 1 BTMley, aag
Pitchm a: Manda ?.>u Ifca aeaead palm ?i *i.'?o.
A9 11 p. in., aftar the pgrtoeaaaBM of "i.a Qgula,"
Mi-* i.iiiiai Raaaafl'e entln traapa rama lato tka pla 1
and Inapeetad Bm ptaata, Tbey imd been ipectaUy
invited by tbe uiunagemeut. 011 WTgdagedaj :v line
new cliiy-iiiitheiuillii wlll b<.' ahOWB, w hi, h |, ealled tlie
l.illiuu Kii'?i*ll. lu honor ol the popular acti---.
Kverybody who ls unybody ln Rew-York w.is ap
par-ntly peaeeM at Ihe exbibltlon at KtaH tinie or
oiher during tke OVealBg, Tlio-e who had bOXM WBTC :
Mra. william c. Wbttaag, Mm. Pama Htevraa, Mr.-!
11. ui, i loaa, Mr-. 1 utting, Mra. Ogdm Mllta, Mr-.
BnrtiBBM wiutiiioo, >iis. tmtaabarg, Mr*. j?y, m,,
B, v. it. Crager, Mm, J. P. Reraaehaa, Mr-. F. it. ,ione?.
Mr-. De N.-uvllle, Mrs. \V !'. JuiTriy, Mra. WII lani
Uj,irla.H Wc4.ni-, iluuii J. ilrout, Mr?. Oaopat 11,-w-tt,
Mm. Ho.he, Mr?. I,.ilyuid. Mm. llron-,.:,. ,\,i, i;_ |('
it.?,'i Mra. Baargeta, Mr-. 11. irvi,,. Mr* \v. p. Deaatoa
Mra. Raadalpk, .1. Plerpaat Margaa, A. Kewbold Morrla,
Mr-. !?'. K. (Stur<ils. Mm. J. K. Van BaMBalam, Mn,
0. P. Daly, Mrs. uvtagataa, Ctarlm laatar, Mr^
a, Mra. w. b. Btieag, J. t. WTaadwaad, n. 11.
Ral'.tatar, Mra B. 1. Rtahataa. Mra, EBwaid Rtag, Mra,
Mi-tiu Carbta, Mi-. .1. i.. g, Doar, Mra. Wllltaa \
iiaini.. Mra, le'iu Craahf Brawa, H. Bowlaad llobbln*
Mlm Rrama, Mra. R. Paltaa CaMtag, Mm j. it. i..,iu
BLY*g iiiKtu iuin
Applied Into Nuatrtla U Qui< klv Ab
iirbod, l l?-a.-es th? lleuil. lleala tbe
Borea and Carm
lie-toi-es Ti.to and Snjell. iinlckly
Ualiavea 0>ld ln Head and llead
?' he. jOc. at Uniaguu.
The Oerm Theory
IS THE THEORY lhat all KVDKMIi*, EPlft-j,
OOUTkOlOVU DIMEASEH ar- pradaaH bf r_<,l/
fe.tfn. irrrm* er mlcroti-a, BOflOMw t/. atth mmht ?.
cntor t_* ayatom as flMfl?flBflfl Ul 0'ir Tr _?_ __F~
-mder _.* headlnft "WlfAT I- V,U,u\> i*oiso'Xfr ,:
rent experlmcnt* ahow Uila tn b<* a fael, and tan __
way to rid the ?yau*m of dlse.a.. u u, tnt-; m_F_
ailcrobee or germ* throuiib. the pun** nt tim ,1^ ?"w
dn.-s this ln th" mr.-t 1 BBBBOOl BflOOer, by fhacflat -
r-haracter of th? bl'iod, ao that the pnl-.r,,,,., ..-,,,__!?
exi.st In It; Mfly ?r'-, BarOflere, toreefl aai <j. $ jj*"1
only (etOflfl out the Bflfl MbOB, bnt ulv, ??? ?.,_., J
,.it tluou-li th<- [Kirc- flf th-" tkla ,,- if ;.,,?_ .|~**
Ih" a aore or ulrer the -lolaon com?-a o-it Uim?tt ^
fl, s. S. la entlrely veK.t-ttil-. Ifl BhaaMWj _?r-|_, J^
l.ullda up th" .cncr-l hcalth. loaflaafl <-f flealegkf, M __
aaa>* with mercury and potaah mUtur.?. M
h.nd for our Treatlv. on Jll-od and *?k;.i 4ii^_*, ___
free. *^
_-TlaABTa, <n.
Mra. KUnford Whlte. Mrs. D. 11. Blflfl,
\Viii?|..'v, Br?Bflflfl OfltTa-ha, Mr?. .1. r. I> /_,,,,,.,
Hiid. Mm. ciiari*- OarraB, Mra Thaafltoa a. im
Mra. Bflhflr it- Btabap, 3. H'??d Wri.ht. Mn. ??
Kenn.'-y. MI** Frellnjrliu.ia.-n, Mn. \V. a. ?? .
A. J. Llmburir-r, Mr-. W. lla.-.j a C-tUag, \i ," *
8r_fl-HJfl__i, Mbb, M. C. Dovel, Mr. 11. H n ., 'il__
S< huylor rfllflflOB, Mr*. r.r.d;.!i lafenaoa Br*. II. __,_
Wf>_, Mra. W. K. Vfl-BBOrMIt, Mr- I. I" R/^J
Mra. J. Iloward I?tlnm, Mr<. I*. I...rlll?^ (r jj
(lr:?n\llle Kaie, Mr?. Wllll'im KflOt, Mrv Il-l-rt r*
th.. M!?-"*_ Babaaaa*, Mra BT. 1 oaiiiver, Mr. Mit *-.,
Ar:liur II. IXidtfe. Mr. and Mr-. Adrlaa latflto, ,-,"_,
aud Mrs. W. B. TlHii.-ln-t, BtegbflB II. OI|n.
? -?
I ihtiy the lifht flf non-rcsi'Ient Repuhli^
carpet-bag-eiTB to critioi*** Tammuny H-ill.-Da-jj
B. HiU."
ThTc wa- publlshed in thi- nflMwil MMflfl time Ut
B little h!st .ri of thfl ifflfflMlloi >f :i | ? ?.?.. vomaaal
New-York. she made an IflVestoaeal Ifl i--;. and fl
a short while elcared a hand :.me pi >t;'. Th?r? fl
alwoya a dccrec of BfltlflfBetloB Ib Indlng a-Bflaa.
tcstlmotiy flfl the BMfltM of a paofl thing, -1 we take ap
the sheep -?u.--t|i,ri flffllfl. A roong BUM ' .t j?
thirty ycars oM wa- flBBfl tv the Briter the other ta
who gflVfl an iflteroatlflg ? '? bbI ol blfl ibeep-rflBflfl|h
the Wc-t. He btgflfl BSVflfl-l fttva ago oa a mr-fa
aeflle, boytflg -:.:> flfld eflrBlog I Uviag _ 1
ti__gbtaflMfl. llli flhflflp provcfl prodtable, ool tB|
fOBra am l.e Bflfl ai'ie Ifl i.ive-t PB.OOQ |b Um t.u">ine**.
Last iprlflf bfl -"ld bolf of Ma -i.t tufmt ?*.*-?. w
that bfl now has his oriiflnal itivcm.-ut Ifltflfl), tvt
flflflflffl with eomplctc onttlt-. and I '."oo Ifl |anlt ba
sidc-. This is fl flflt ppilit of 100 per rent in l**
rflaro, or M per ('?nt fl v.-.ir. He 'I BOOM ??! |
?1 .,-ki flpBM oi blfl oorolBga oa the trlvolitle* of I
iifc Bfter hi- bord Borh afl thfl pMii n- *? xp-^-i* ta
tn:.ke even 111.ar-.- tnolieV iti thfl IMXl lOO v.-:.rs. flfl m
will give bla whole ;itteriti.m o. sheen raUlng. H< Im
bbl aBoep 111 I t;-.'i Ten-it'iry and Idabo and dnes n*t
belleve In liavtng loo manjr. - l"r." h iaM, ".metafl
bope i) BM_M Bwoey in sheep only b* u.e cinseat ?i
tentlon. 1 bave i?. oateb my ""':| and my -'ieep *ii
the time, for a little ear.-lc--!.'- - will work jreat mt
chief and I' don't Bflflt M have m flUBf beM tbat I
ran't lOOh ufter them. You net I keep tU'Bi _v*M
in fleporate flceha, a.id the more loek* om ha* tho
Btoro difllcult lt Is to keep an eye Bfl t.'.-'tn.'*
Afl man who ean Btorflfl- tell w !iy Bfl irD?teur on tkfl
sta-je can't be like .1 -protflfl-l ?Ml" Mtflr flfl *rtr*i
tried It thc other eventne- Blflflr btorlflg Ihfl nnstonlaai
in "Kohln HOOB." - How- 1M?-'." Bflhed a wl-.- '.-<??
wbo Bflfl looklng for un opportOflJt. M 1'ierce thi
otlier'H armor, " ha.s Ml-s >.. nnd .-' been oo tl*
stage?'' Thl* was the flBflWflf I I dnul kn?w how
long, hut I ean U-ll you thM flfl* h. Ihfl Im* I"*" ??
tho stage for some time. lf rflfl BOttflfl, _> I ?I??Ii
do, you wlU sce that she ls free from tlie marli of
the uinateur which ruin BVflflTtMflf. AII aniattut*
show tho same characterl-ti.s. It takes iii-nili- and
ycars to get over them and they are -0 o_Jectl"*i._!fl
to 1110 that I hatc to see an amaieur trv M a<t wltb
a eompany of professlonal BflOfllfl.' Thflfl lt.Wflfl Mfl.
iiirn to boy flotnetblflBa no mitt-i- wbat, f>r the 'oonfl
woman whom he a-lmlred M belnfl fr " frooi ttfl ra U
of the amateur had lflft thc amateor ranka abj'Ut 011a
weelt before this convereatlon loo* pi-<*?. I'erli-ips
some one eUe would UUe to gflflfl flfl tho B_ne flBtflflb
Newapaper men and otlier* B-flflfl 9MB keepi -flflt
downlown untll late at nlght or tarlv ln Uie BSBBB)
are so used to ona feature of City Hall M MM *Aei
it 1* misBlng they are llkely to bo atartl- bj tha
ehflflflfli Two or three of them were croalai ta*
park the other flMMB-flg when one flBflfl brote oat:
-What in the world makes the park look N 9BBJ9
BVflryone knt-w that somethlng was w.-..ng. bot't r*v
inained for ona man to ejaculatc: "\V!iy, there Iwl
a tra-ip In the park. Flrst time I ever saw ?*?
thlnw In my fl_M" C_BN-_y Bvory aeal m Uie parl
is occupied by four or flve BflMfllgM itaOBflflfl, b* ?
this nik'lit only a few mlnutcs bflflflttfl bhfl policemii
had cicared all tlie bench.es for a chflflfB, aii4 froo
stn-et to strect they were flllflflt and roeaot, oal> awll*
tary guard-on of ti.e peaoe rtondlng ere t and ?<*?_??
(,nc of thc entrnn.es. lt BM Ofl tbe rery next?9M
about 3 a. m. that one of thfl partj of ?fwf?*HJ5
of the mornlng l-etora law a loene eoUreb 1^
with a tooch of tho tragli part of New;J0**ffi2r
inldnlghr, There were ... the park a tbroag *9_
boya and trojapa. Two poUcemen helfl ;. "f" ?.?
at the edge of thc f'.unt.iu ba*ln. Ile lefl aMaaw
fa.e. -"u.e one lad ahuhed hlm with :, ki.\t* t.tm
fon-head to jowl. A gnaplng oHmaon wonnd *__**_*
a half'lrcl" OB thc yeliow. drawn tkin. *"?>__??__
the ....Hc, u.an dlpped up wflter from from _t f"inuin
aud l.itlie.1 thc j;ash and tlie hld ?? 111 f.< ". J?
w:>. a trau.p. and fl IrOOIB flfld ? tfl?
one w nt to the P"h-" itollon flltd ?? " Bflfl* ?? ??
ho--plt.il. but v.hr in thc flflflwi BfllWl
Tho fl?flOfll heat of thc flr-t d::v< of OalOflflr w**
?trib-flgly flhflWfl l.y thfl ?-\;> "ti-n. c "f an 0**_
r.itinty futincr who iiridcs l.!t.!f on Mfl "f :*rd an*l
BxpfloU to market at leu-t 500 barrel* I flflflbfl IMJ
yoar. it N i.i- .i.-t.uu to ld Ihfl ipphw ?? ?? M
grflBBi .1 ?l:iy or Ifle flftOff Ihej ?: l"';'":- M0*
taklni: them to lhe burn to bc t'ut afl i bflrrflM Ym
ls thev Blfl ptflh.ind BBl ii larofl ptle*. perliapfl
IWOBtJ or tl.Irty barrcls lu a pUe. "" '"'?
heat of Um Bflfl Wflfl ao grefll on or.e . r two days tbal
in one iu-* I'li- of fi-uit ;i laroe nnmber of ii-'- ?<?"?
on the out-uic of tbe neop were a. ltum\ bornefl w '
-,. thal tlu- oi- ajx b-itn-l- hnd to be ihrowriinwar.J?
fanaer is of fhe optnlon ihal ?u< h
lui-.pened befots-. It 1- .etliilnlv c\ti:...
th.- nin tbooM ba bol flnoofl- to pniduee njeh flf***"
at thc tln.c win-.. wlntor aflple* are reaoj ? '' ,",,^J'
A curlou* peraon n.i.l.t be lorUned to i*k 'V"-'i''^.,
th.- sun -houl.i in.t bovfl u Bhe oioel 00 uui'i'*-*nl"
ore siiu on thfl troeo,
Beportfl from New Bflghwd, by the ~?j ?e* ??
Um ."tc Ihfll thore win i... 1 warrlti flf *r|n,'r
-pptOfl. BO one would thlnk M .'
-''Iiivni .**-?' v-|j_- ".liui" viiii.n ?-_? ?-??>-?
orehord whtch bai la it Um aroifllaa ai i mtaavtt* oi*
boiTBhl of'Iluc fr.ilt Of all _M appiwTOi wflflflflfl*
Ti'.ilv ono w.iuld have to co a Mflfl UM M ??____
. v. v. -.:,.,-,. -.,!.. li.W*""*"
ll will uHier an I111111, iliate 1 ti_|>--i U-'u ol ?'" *"v _L_af
brooghl to thl- Baorbet, ln order to drtern ??' "2
thev bflVe concenled ubout them dc.nh dcal.i'S f"~
Tlie f, uru-i'iitli 11.....tin-.* and dlniii r ?.f th* Qu-I
-?a?. ln W lart BVOBlflfl at t'aik. a, No. Z_ IVeB I'
third-at. Covan aeta aal bM aeveot] lv* i-'*-^'*'
trailflflOt, 1'. l. la. IIh...,i,-..|i. \**U ?' ,l"-' M**JJJJ!
AvflBoa ri.-iiyicrian ci.ui. ii. aal Bl _m head *f '?'?* ""v
Bltb thc Rov, .1. M Boebley, 1 I .dn-t:-'
v.jt..." 01 h a rljih-, .,nd th iBov. in J 'M XSl*Jtil
ti..- 1. ft. O-hat aaUdUtawa a*"***' P*mi w'lx\-fs
Htr. Dr. r. 11. Marllag, Bm Bev. Dr. v. W. "-"^**y
u... Bov. Dr. Jsho C. nii-s, Bm R* * Bfl '?
I'-.i.-h. [_ ,\. UayooH B0J01 B H bvtjM. o___\m
Wult... "s-inccl M. MTrlgbl BBd U B. flflflflM *??*' ?
diin^r ui- Bflbjaafl nt a_s*oflflaflO ??- "t artaflfl ' * m*^
Ihfl K-\. ur. 1-Ti.lflJ .'p.-ncd Ui. 49 ".*;"' M:'V,^!,
au hour a Iflaflah. A lupcr mi (bfl ?.!i..''- OU
Ma K'-v Ur wi.itoii. Bhorl flfloadbflfl ?,'??' ,.,, 1
\. D. P, Ttfli-tlgk. th.- l-.\. J w.-i v iahutem,
Bov, i>r. BoMaaao, aa>prta'dcut ? ur .... uoiier-'V. *h^
r-ji.ii.l PflBJOflfl, of l...nd..|. Thc ten.'i "f th'' "V'',\, 4
iu _eii?-r?i oaa that Bm ao.-ui poaMaai abiolf M ,-?"
bg th.. aborab, uat m it* BarparaM lOflaavBy, ,,;lt ** ln '
\idnal- -i.-.i.r-in. to Mm TTfl-MngT flfld 'I"""' '" lll>lv ' [|_
?!.:? h, u, ippHtfllflV* to ttdfl (iu- -Uon. ?re Kiioni.-U Bg B ??
(..1.1.11 inlc. "Bo Bflflfl Bther* M >? WOUld t.'.at "thi'ti aluULfl
d<> umo paa."
Tha (.mii (-.ui. baa bflfli bubbIbbj iJmbI ttUtUm ?*?*??
and 111. < t clclit tlu..- a yi ar. lt l? .OtBpw- of cr
ii.cn flrha l~..- a li \- f.-r IU. lalOffl. Iii" oflb* !< ?""
Bai Br, C U fbaaflj. aa-flMaat, BaflaH By^aofli iw?
aafloMaot, B/BUbm Abbfltl ?..-.vu.., and IbaBflfl ??
1 .'iiiini 11, jNiircr.
Oflt ..f BM flbBflflflBfl ..f bbi Bfl-BMfl Booflfl .-"Kht BJ
la'l cvciiliig, aud Uie arrival nf th. I,r.-.ii|iii>'? .J|"d
-. BM ? v" It.-iiiiu' BBBBBB thc .Ui-aU. flrhfl al Hr-t th'.uitat lu
hnt. I BBfl ln flanica A _.>l._Mve rtnc ?'.?? thc cawae. *"?
i.fui,- tn,; cn^iii*. orrhed one of tlie ennilorfla w,|,t "?_*_
Uie tmt ?ud tlirew a b?_ ol aa'.t do?B _B c?iruiu* -*?
. *.uii_i,..._._ Ut. flra- ,

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