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Bt Marweli Orey.
Ii there be glory tn thc snn,
If eplendor on thc sca.
Bweet fnnste ln nll rill? that run,
Great God, it ls of Tlic.-.
horreiit'b thunder tlils:
It ls Thy majc-ty that speaks
Among the lonely hills.
The sweetest sprlng flowrr ever blnshed
On brlghte** morn of May.
The rlchest blrd-song ever gushed
At roslest shut of day,?
The matden moon that strayeth lono
And ponalve through the sky,
fnlooslng from her sllvcr lone
Her largesse silently,
The solemn mn'estv of tilpht,
Its stlllness and Its stars,
The glory when, ln growlng llpht,
The crln.son day unbars ;?
All could not charm, except some thought
From Thee wlthin them htlrrcd,
They tonclj man's eou for Thou hast wrougnt
Their beauty by Thy word.
lf there be glory ln the sun,
If splendor (in the sea.
Swect musie ln all rill- that run,
Great God, lt ls of Thee.
God thonght: wnrkt- rolled ln stidden spaee;
He spake. and llfe was thm;
The unlversc in Ill? cmbrac
Reposes and ls falr. ?
By W. C. Moirow.
Centrepole Tom profcBsed to know everything
about all the distiuguLshcd people of the " pro.
fe_-iou" in ail parts of Christendom. and likely he
did know a great deal; for, in hi. bumblc capacity,
he had served many of them in divers cnuntrica.
nn_, though a ho.-tstful man. he had never beeu
detected iu an inability to give trustworthy in
foruuitiou. Bo, when it was announoed. with n
great show ol kirge tyjie. that " ('liristopln-r and
the Fairy" had jwt lamh-d *% San Francisco from
an Australian steamer. under contract for the re
ineiiider of the seiuson, there was mu.-li exeitement
and curiosity among the pcople of the circus, nnd
Centrepole TM* was at onee exploited for Imowl
edge 11,1 in iii!.. them.
" Hain't you ever heard of Christopher and the
Fairy * he asked, pityingly ; " well. that _its me.
The Funys th" p-.irtiest liltle tiick 00 wlu-cls, MV
the way she kin de the fi.viu_ Irapeze is somcthitig
'stonishing. No, I hain't never seen her. but I
know all about. her. A follow worked for me last
aeason that seen her at Mcil.onriie. and lie told me
a whole strit.g of stull about her. Every n.an-jack
under tlie eanvas went d.-ad _.>ne on her. hut she
never took no notice of any ol 'em. and didn't seem
to eare for nobody. s-.cicn bul tbe women's and
that ornery, m.-asly okl ChriMophrr."
" Is Christopher her haflbaaf* asked a long
leggi* 1 young groora.
"K8I* thuudered Tom. with so great vehe
_ne*nce that the y-.ung man (luailod. aml tmred not
ask any morc (piestions.
" Ilrotlier ?'" inouired one of the ring ".upcrs.*'
" No!" yelled the veter.u. master of the centre
pole-hoist I " hc ain't her linsliiin, nor her hrotlier,
nor her uncle, nor her gmnd father, nor her
The head-hostler, as mucli a veteran as Centre?
pole Toiu, and morc modest and less theatrical
than he, qui.-tlv s'lid :
"N>. use _*-arlt>g a fool of yourself and pattlng
on airs before these here boys. I don't know w)io
Christopher is, nn' I ain't ashamed to say so.
Now. who is Christopher." Thlfl was the su
pretne moment for whieh Centrepole Tom had
waited. lle ?quarrd hin.slf around, and, looklng
Btendilv at the hcad-ho.'Ior. Mid itnpressively UM
?with tlie utinost deitberation:
"Christopher is an 'cl.-pliant."
It was asinall speccli, but it WM some time after
this liefore the two men -8088M fOOQ friends
There was a conimotion all through tlie sinnll
? nny of circus pcople when Christopher and the
Fairy arrived. They did not eomo to the tents
Ior two or three days after landing, as it was
riiniorcl thal < hl-ftopbet hnd beei eeaaick on tlie
vovage ncrOM the l'a.ili'- an.i needed a little NBt.
?\Vhen they did appear, however, they were cor
dially wclcotried. The wonien of the circus found
the Fairy (wbo, ln private life. was known ns
Miss ( aiinlla Artnljo) to bc a delightfu] girl, motv
auhstantial than a geimine tairy, to Im* sure, but
lmrdly more so: for, although she was full-grown.
?he WM so smarl and frugile that her professional
name Ml well upon her. There was a light touch
of B-dMM in al! her conduct, and Centrepole Tom
explalned this by Mying that she had recently lost
I'oth her p; .BFUta liow he discovered this, no?
body e%er M ild 99X9, Hut it was clear. ut least,
that she was a very sweel and gentle little Body,
very young, nnd wilh no friend in San Francisco
exoept old Chriaiopher.
I Ml ""'?'' ' hrunopher*' hexviufie it is Impossi
b!<> lo Mnorlutii aaythlng but great un witli hls
MMfMOM proportlOM and ovei whclmiiig dig
nity. lle WM -8 l_ist Indian elepliaiit, of pro
riigio!is s'7.--. A morc solemn aud self-s;itislic.l
elephant it woold have been impt?sihl>* to fiflt],
,Aft<-r the Fairy hnd In'on introduced to the
pcople v.itli whom she WM to 1k* asso.iated ti.e
remainder of the eeaoon, and had phntted an.i
quietly laug'licd with them l little, she turned to
tlie mctia.ci i.' ?___ and said :
"Now. we will show Christopher his quarters,''
And. by tlie diirnilied flapning of his great ears,
Christopher secmed to aad: "Ws; we are pre
pared now to eoe what you can do for old
In fact, while they were about it, and all feel
ing :. ceitiiin inicn-st in the little .tranger and
her big OOMpoDloB, ti.e whole company?the two
clowne, the" man who turned the double back
MM0i8Ml-t, the ItoOBB man, ti.e woman who wore
a vellow wi_ wlicn she rode ln-.relviok-, the two men
who did the (Ril not on tbe horizontal bar. and
Bome others. l'nchidinc Centrepole Tom and tlie
R.irlv heiwl-mftii of tlie hostlere?went to see how
Chrl-topher was going to bfl fUfPOJCJ of. Thal
was a 6liuplc affair: thc grer.t pSehyderm wnscon
ductcd to his allolted pl.iee in thc menagerie tent.
?where an iron pin was driven into the ground
and a chain, whi.-ii WM rivcted to it, wns locked
nrotind ono of faifl let-s. The pin and the chain
were pflrt of his belongings, and hc was a.
eustomed to lie chained np thus an'l made no ob
ieetion. Fvidcnfly hf suffered n? loss of diunity
ny this operatioa, Ior he appeared to say to him?
self, "Thts is nerfectly proper. I am sure; for it
i? the rule of Tt 11 elreVM to kecp the anim-.ls it.
aome sort of eonrlnement. and, although it nc
complishe* no uwful pnrpose in mv ease. I belleve
in dieclplinc ntid eheerfully siibmit to the rules.*'
It wns very pretty to see how M_k_foa8"WM tln
Fairy ol her immense charge. She saw that he
had a suflicient allowance of fr?*h, sweet ha.v,
and. from a bag whieh she carried, she fed him
some dainties whirh she had for that pnrpose and
whieh he took in his lithe trunk wlth manifest
token. of ^ratltude. She patted his great jaws
and aaid kind things to lii ui. aud he took it all
M a matter nf rourse, seerning lo snv, " 1 see
nothing at all strange in the .-it'ection and sol- :i
tnde whieh this beautiful little Fairy Javishes
upon me; for am I not a very large and majestio
elephant, and does she not know that I love Her
better than doM any one else in all the world ''"'
And it wa? pretty to see how gently she bade
him good-bv until the evening performanee, whieh
woald* l*gin in two hours from that time.
There \vns a far 'areater crowd than tisual at
the performanee that evening. for the Batning
Dubilc ann..lii.ei -nieiitfl of Chri8to|ihcr and the
Fairy liad borne prollbiblc fruit Not. only were
tbe W&tfl packed all the way up to the e;i%<^, 881
nwi of extra s>-;;t.s had been provided on thfl
level ground faeing the rin^;. Several acts were
do'-e l.cfore the manngtr aniiotiiiced the new p.-r
forniers, wl.i'-h bc did in ti.e followin^ gniceful
"L-4-H an-1 ..-.itlcmen: I inow liave thc
p'easiiie to lotroduoe to .vou the most eelebrated
perfonncre of Hc" Maje-ty'i Australian coloni'-s?
Christopher and the Tairy. Vou will see for your
?elve. that ( luistophcr is the largest and most
powrlul tkphool in captivity, and ti.attlic Fiiry
ju.Htly deeerves her reputation for being the most
gr;icefi.l und daru_f tt.\ing-traue/e nerforuier iu
the World. Thfl lx-rfonuanccs of theee tWO I8>
BOWOed iiolividuals will consist in ground acts
ln Whieh thev hoth take part, follo.ved by tbfl
Uvirxg-ti-apezc Ml done by the Fiir.v .-.lon.-, ('hri_to
plier _H-8Wl__fl siandiiig below and looking on, at
tlie saine time giving signa.s lo the Fairy and
otherwisc- encouraging her in herjdaring and peril
OU9 performanee high in the air."
When he ha/1 flnished, the <-.'cpliant came slowly
walking out. and tbepeopon root a migbty ohont
of applausc and a great nlapping of handa. Sit
tlng ou thc mas-i\e shouldera of thc enor
u-ous brutC was Fairy. glitfeiing with
?paugles She was eo small. and fragile,
aud daintv. and Christopher wns so ovcrwhelming,
and tnajcHtie, and stern, that the strange picture
oaught the audlenee with gweeping force. and the
applauae hecame deafening. Christopher calmly
marche- into the nug and pro'-oeded deliberaU*ly
around it. the Fairy meanwliile guiding him with
jrentie hand-preanure on one Mde of his m-cU ut
ihe othcr, while with the o?bcr hand sl.e threw
kisst-B to the audienoe. Her bare, dirnpled arms
and Bmillng, dbnpled cbcH<_. her rosy mouth, her
large bJack eyes and curling hlack hair in whieh
diamonds shone. won every heart for her in that,
immense crowd ? for eo much .weetness and grace
and daiutimss thev had never seen all at onee in
a eireus ring liefore.
The cirouit of the ring OMttBrtM, the elephant,
stoprx-d and lisfened gravelv to the aorry jokes of
tlie olown. He had heard them liefore and waa not
to be amuwd. Tbe Fairy boinded to her feet on
tlie great animal's back. and there found room for
?ome entert_ining trleke of agility. Then she
gave him a tap with her sliopeied little foot, and,
ln responae, he brought hls long trunk around,
?aoght E9E by the waiat, and aet her gently on
the ground. Thls made thc audienoc applatid until
_M ____> was almost deaf. Other tliin.*. *omo
old and some new. wcrc tlotie by the iwo.sii.-ti
aa his walking over hcr. st-ppin_ evcr bo care fully.
08 8-8 lay on the ground: rcc.vcring hcr hand
kerehicf from tho clown. who hail siolcn lt MM
hid.len il in his hloiiso: thro\vin_ licr liii^li in thc
nir and stepping forward in time to ,''nv0 ? _*r
alight nimbly on his back: and thintrs like tbal
Then came her aet on thc B__lf ____??
To prc)_re for thig ihe clown fctched licr a flag,
which she gavo to Christophcr to h??M in his trnnk.
Then the clown tlircw a tape over a trapezc hung
lu. h in tbe nir, and, witli a few nartinL' caresses
an.l whispercd words to Christophcr, she aprang
to the tape and climlied it like a squlrrcl. BB8
sat a monicnt on UM trapoze bar and
then glanced down at Christoplier, who, sittiiig
back on his haunches tbe lictter to look so high.
wn_ gravcly watching hcr. Tho band had stopi>cd
playinir. A clear, iimsical voice from above, drop
ping like peavls nn the people below, called out:
"How was that, Christopher?"
Tlie elephant waved the _._? and gravely nodded
his approval. _ _,
Tlu-n BBBM tlio real work of the net?all BOtWaf
agile turnings and graceful leaps from the main bar
to one hung higher still; and after every one of
these feats, each more daring than its prcdecoosor.
she would call down in her musio.al. pearly volec:
" Wa_ tliat all right, Christoplier?"
And Christoplier would wave tlie flag and
solemnly nod his appn.val, as uiticli as to BUT |
'?Of cmirsp it wus all right; but we cxpect tliat
tfom you, little fairy!''
Finallv came her grentest feat-it was to lenp
clear acr.?s the ring froin one trapeze to another.
She restcl awliile liefore undertaking it. and
Christoplier, knowing what was coming, hni.el
hinisell, all his massivc muscles going on a tensioii,
as though trving to give licr strengtli and alertnoss
for the dangerous tnak. Tlie hand played a
spirited air while tlie girl sat, still on the bar; then
tlie nitisic ocascd, and a deeti liush fell on tlie
ai.dienee. The fairy caught the bar in her hands
and swung underncaih it, and hcr clear voioe rang
out ngain:
"Keep a sharp eye, old Christoplier."
The elephant. nodded and waved hi8 flag, but
with less st_t_irt_s8 tlian before. Tbe Fairy be
gan to swing backward and forward in tbe dirc
tion of tbe distant trapeze, which she was to cntch
after ber flight through" tbe nir. Furtber and
furtber did she BWtOf, higher and higher, WM*
and fortb, ber glittcring Bpaaglre looking like
?a shower of mcteors. A ringing voice cried out:
?'Now we go, Christoplier:" and she 1888-4 ber
hold and went flying away acro_s tlie tcnt, higher
and higher, to tbe apex of B graceful parabolie
curve, then down townnl tbe trapcze, still so far
awav, while tbe p "ople bcld their ______ and
many clo_.i tlieir eyes. Down sailed the smnll
BBd graceful fi.iire. coming qtiickly closcr to tbe
. oal: two eager liands were out.slretcbe.l to ___e
tbe bar: one hainl toiicbed it and cluti-lie<l it
desperalely, but tbe otber misscd its aim. Tbe
_________ sent ber flying fnr bevoinl, but sbe still
held tbe bar with one band, and thc ropes which
held it ereaked t_ the strain came upon them.
A hold with one band was not enoii_h, and tha
Fairy had not time to bring tbe othcr to liear
wheii Ihe bar found tbe end of it* tether. Tbe
smtill hand slipped, and thc _irl went flying to
ward the ground. A suppressed cry i,f boffor _MB
from the atidieneo as tbe frail little body slruck
the ground at the cntrance to the waitin. room.
_____ witli a beavy, crnel sound that went.
into every hc-.__ in tbat vast BBBea__?ge nnd that
made ti.e strontrest men sl.udder und groau aud
cover Ibeir faccs.
She fell near the feet of Centrepole Tom. who
was standing bebind tbe miisicians, nnd be was
_M first to approach her. Ile strai. Iifencd thc
body and looked in the blanebed face and WidaV
starin. eyes. and sib-ntly prnyed f..r even a inoan
froin the silcnt, wbitc li|_. Tbe aiitlicnce rose
in an ujiroar, and thoiisnnds pressed forward to
see tli. poor, limp body on tbe CTOOad. Bai
instantly there was a POBMBOtloB frotn anotber
____. Chrhrtopber had _.n tbe eataetTophe. and
hc claimcd ti.e hrst rigln of-way and tbe privi
legea of a frir.nl. He came townnl tbe pittked
mass of liuiiiriirity witli n roar tliat Beat terror
abroad, hvadreda flyin. from his pBtb. Othe_i
could not OMBpe s,. t-asily, and of UM8B. smne be
Hung right and left with Ua trnnk, and otbcr.s
wttt packed cloarr ou either _i.J. by thc Intcr
poaition <.f hia pboiiboob bulk. Boon he reaehed
tlie side of tlio Fairy, lying so whlte nnd BtUl.
and b<- dropped to his knees hcaide ber an.l
groaned und caressed ber with hia trnnk.
rTi-ntle hands were tl_.Bg to lintl some life in
the frail, crusheil body wben be came, bai all
lel! ba.-k upon his 8B_r__. approa.l.? all exoept
Centrepi.le Tom, who feared nt.t even tbe wrafb
of thc giant CbrLstopber. Tbe ebpliajji aeoepted
l._ prcserit-e, seein. kiiulness in il. * __t|_p_le'a
__Ul l?eat violently as be BBW n faiol niovement
of the __B_L BBd he nearly choked wiib joy wl.ci.
in- baheld the Upa bbtb an.l the eyea bmbb umi
ihcu orK'ti Bgain. Some one brooght water, with
which be 6priukled her face. I.liits did niiub
good, lor Blie gasfied and then sighcl.
"She is coming tBl" cricd Ccitrcpolc Tomy
And surely she was; for, with returning life,
came evidence of stitfering, and deep lines of pain
lonned about her inoiith aud 8___ Christoplier
notloed it, for be lanned ber more vigoroitsly witli
liio OCBl BBZB. t OBieloOBiMBB cunie t-lowly bu.k :
and, wben it hau n-turiie'l, thc lirsl thtflg Um
Fairy _iw was hcr old fiieud Cbristopbct kiit-.i
ing licsidc ber.
"l'oor, old CbrLstopber!" B_? said. very faintl.v :
nnd tl.cn, with great difficult., siie pdaed ber
band und geutly _B_BBaad his rouj.li ..I.l I"-,-.
"Four C____oph8rl It will l.icak jroat old bcart
to see BM dic. . . . Von have loved ui<-, Clins
topber. . . . Hut tbej'U be good t.. .oo."
Icti.s tri.kled down ber cl.ecKS, thc bard UbCB
deepeaed, ihe poor faee h*____a more plo. bed aod
drawn. tne rrawtlful *y*f waadered vaeant*. aod
then closed and -bf Fauy |>a__'d mto umniiM.ious
uess agaiti.
A pnyauian now came and knclt bealde her,
aud, after bc bad eXBffiioed her as well as be
could, be said :
"Nlie is (iesperately linrt, but sbe is young and
is slUl alive. Von must take ber at oia-e to a
house, wbeit I may care lor ber projieny.''
They geutly pitked ber up, and, as tiu-.v Old
so, it iui.au i'st-aped ber. 'lliis ronsed tlie BM
plmnt, already dazed l.y what bad hsppeoed. He
is-j;nii olu__B__ riatag to his leei, watchlng them
as the. bore her awa_, aod was cvi.i.-ntly de
tennined to follow. Beelng this, Centrcp./e rom,
Who held the ligbt body in ni_ arins, iiurricil away,
and almost, ran to a small hotel not far dist.un.
Ile took tlie Fuiry witbin aud laid ber on a bed
which they sbow'cd hiui iu a rear room on the
ground lloor.
Hut Christoplier bad not loat si.bt of him. in
spite of the crowd; BBd th.>*' without, seem_
( ln-istoplit r's inteutioii of kcepiti- ol_M to his
Iririid, and knowing it was _BP__-M8, sou.l.t t .
BtB_ I.i in- l-Bjr sbo.de.l to him an.l tne.l to
dri've him bacU, but !__? iioti.c.l them BOt at all.
li.ev threw boxaa an.l ehain ia hll wajr, bat be
t.-s.s' ,i them aalde. A oarriage, wbi.-h atood in bta
WB]f was crusl.etl. Christoplier _-eiue,l lo thlak
that. as his friend was ainoii. strangers. sbe was
amoag eneaieo, and needed his proiectiou. 11c
would not give ber up.
Tlie BitOBtlon iu. desperalc. Men counsclei
Bhootiag him, bat bow coald a piatol-bullel Bad
a vital spot in his enormous body f liesides be
WBI already maddoned b_r thc opfoBttlon be bad
enoonotered nnd fnrther tonaeauag migbt lead
to dire results. Hefore anything could bc doae.
Iieforc any plan could be luatured, be bad reacbed
tbe bouse. Tbe door was closed and locked be?
fore him and furniture was piled bchind it; but.
with his masf-ive hea<l loweied, he went 6traigbt
a.ainst it, and everytbing wa? crushed before
his advance. flnoe in tbe house, be atopped and
listened lor tbe sound ol her voice. He beard
faint nioans, and niiMook tlie directioti wbencc
|_B9 came, for be started slraiglit for tbe widc
sUi'rcase leading to tiic upper floor. L'p the
6tairs be begU a laborious Bfl-BBt, tbe belplc_s
crowd 8_BB_lng in motiotilcs dismav. I p bc
toilcvl, roariii_ ternbly at intervals. 'J'be wood.n
stairs ereaked and groaned under his tremendmis
wolghl I_B plastering near them liegan to fall,
ijnil.is were snriing and wrenc.lred from tlieir
fa-teuings, and the whole house .uivered.
I'hc i-atasiroplic came at last. Just bef.no
t'brLstoplicr rea.-bed the top, tbe whole htair<-;_c
came down with a frig-tful crasb, aml tbe glgBBtlc
animal fe_ beadlong to the floor, which bc .rnslicl
and splintered. A mighty groan es.-iiped bim, for
the fall had doae h_B desiierate burl. He strug
.leil and tloundered in tbe tnass ol wred<ed tim
rn-rs, und tlnally, after a BOpt-flM allcmpt. bc Ha.
gered to his _J__ With a Btopeadoaa eflort bc
steiulicd hitnself on his tottering legs. and, da/cd
and sliattered, b*-gaii anew his search for the
Fairy. Hut be did n?t havc to go any furtber:
Centrepole Tom, folkrwed by ihe pby.ician, ea_M
forward, ixariiig a atuall, daiuty bunlcn in hia
nrms, which he laid gently on a table clo.se to
CbrLstopber; and the tears which trickled tlown
<Vtitrepole's grizzly l?eard told unew tbe old, old
storv. as old as human surTering and sympatby.
"lt will quiet him," expluined Centrepole Totn
to the few 9*** who bad ventured near; "and
nothiug can hurt her now."
Chmtopher eagerly regarded his companion,
lying ao wliit. and ..uiet and beautiful, an.l then
lie careased her cold fhee and ban.ls. Perhaps
he und. retood tbat it wns all over wlth her. and
tbat. with ber had gone all that tbe world, held of
brightneas for him: and hesides that his fall had
.rievouslv hurt bim. He ga/cd at her and his
head aank lower and lowcr. Tbe fury hnd all
left him, and. crushed both in snirit and bod., be
stood a towerino totferiiifr wrecU. Not a sound
escuped )iim. His great body henved painfully
with his slow breatbing. aml swayed from aide to
side. A little later he sank to bls knees, and then
he lay down, and with a groan be died.
On thi- weatern slope of Laurel Ilill Cemetery,
facing the grand 1-citic aud the gloriea of tbe
settiiig suti. und Bfeaadjag arateh over tbe 0_Bea
Oate. through which the gr<-at white ships sall to
the kingdoms far over _M si'as, atands a granlte
monument, marking a very large grave and u
amall one; and it hears only this aimple lin.:
^Cbriatopber and tbe Fairy.
?(The San Francls. > Argonaut.
(Place?Th-* WlMitaroochec llotcl, Flerida. Mr. and
Mra. MagBM Puffball, of New-York, ha\.- Juat arrlv.d.
and have been usht-Kd int.. the dlnlng-roore for breakfaat )
Mr-?. l'.-Well, we're here at lost, though I must
sav I dcn't see what there ls about Florida to mako
sttch a fuss alH'it. Hut then. coming from New-York,
wc can't be expeeicd to go Into rnptures over any other
place. People from other p.ves always look so
coiiiitrifiedl Did >ou look on tho rcglstcr, Magnus,
to see U there arc _ny New-Yorkers ln Uie hotol I
Mag-Yes, my dear, aud I am afrald tliere are none
bul otir-elve>.
Mr?. P.-fh, horrors! Lct us leave uftcr break
fast. I never could cndure a place where there are
no New-Yorkers.
Mag (slylvl? Well, dear, there havo been some plaecs
you couldn't endnre beci-.use there were New-Yorkers.
Mis. l\? Nonsenae. Magnus, you know what 1 n'.ean.
Of course there are low people in New-York reee.itly
eomc from the country wl.om I wouldn't know under
any clrcumstances. They try to pass off as old ln
habltants by puiting on an outward \*eneer of man
ncr and styJe. Hut they can't deccivc me. I can tell
them at a glance. (Looklng around thc room through
a <|iiir.-lng-glass, wlth an alr of supcrior lnsolcnro.)
New-Yorkers always show that Ihey know they are
from New-York, and ootsiders cati't ImiUite us. (Di
recting lier gaze on a ouiet, well mnnncred, unas
stimi.ig lady and gentleman at ihe next lahle and rals
lng her voice for thcir benelit.i Why, Magnus, there
arc tho?o country kioklng people who ramo down on
the train wlth ns. 1 shouid have thought from Iheir
loohs thnt they would have gone to a seeond-clnss
house. But I snppose the poor rreatures wantcd to
get near awell people for onee in their lives. How
en-y it is lo see they arc not from New-York! Such
utr.xiou- drr--iNg. And such democrat.e me.nncrs!
Why they were po-illvcly rord-al to everybody on thc
train, including the porter. And ln the EM ho got
up and gave his seal to a fot old negreXs. Oh, r
Ihcv are r.ot from New York: Did you happen to
notlce who they arc and where they are from 1
Mag (cvidently distres-ed by hi- wife's lnsolei.ee and
liud toi:es)-Not so loud. my _ear. Don't you know
It is very bnd form t"> tnlk at peopleI Th.-ir name
was blotted. and so 1 couldn't make lt out, but they
comc from Iloliokn?, N. I.
Mr.. P.-Nevcr mind their names. then. It's enough
la know where they rome from. How surh country
humpkin. can have the f.ne Ifl comc to n first da
hotcl 1- past my comprehenxlon | Where do you stip
jk.^c they get their nnncy ? I presume. however. they
-tarvc thcmselvcs the i-cst of the year in order to get
a little otitlng. 1 knew she wasn't n lady when I saw
how defercntially she talked lo that rldlnilous, con
.r.mi.tivo srhoolma'm on the train. People who are
used to low soelctv always think everybody they meet
M Pood a< they arc. if not better.
Mac 'despairlnglyi-Wcll, detir. Ict's make the bc-t
of what-ver place wc nrc ln. Herc's breokfa-t.
Mrs. V. fglanclng crlllcally at the breakfaat and np
parcntly uncertaln wliat llne to take in regard to
it)?Wnlter, what Is your name T
Walt?.r? Dcy gln'rally calls me S'nark'rib, ma'am.
Mrs. P. <majestlrally>-l shall call you Hnack. Do
you know lf your French chel h__ ever been cmploycd
In New-York?
stmck?No, ma'am, I tink ho dnn comc from np
Tallaha-see way.
Mrs. p. (Indignanlly pii-hlng vnrlous dlshcs away
from her-?I knew It: I knew it the moment I sei evos
on t/hl- -tilff. Ma_nu-, wc cTtalnly can't remnin hen*.
No on?> fiom New York and a cook from up IBfleBMBM
way ! BaMB. tik'* Ihta bnakfa-t right back and tell
the cook It i- not lii Ifl eat. lle will under-ti: d
when you say that we arc from New York, and aro
n-ed to thc bflflt Take it right back, aid say Ihat If
lio .in't do better wc -hall at onee soc tlie proprietor.
Mr. I*. (who bcing hungry is aghast at the iflBBOMl
of the really excellcnt hrenkfaMi ?My dear, you am
roally going too far. So far as I could -ce there was
nothing the matter wlth the breakfast. Those Hohokus
peoplo orderrd the -iime breakfa-t and sc?-m to Iw
enjoying It very much.
Mrs. P.-Magnus, you don't nnderstand tho rc
flnements of life. F.vcn lf the brcakfn?t was
all right, as you say, whlch It wasn't, I
did rlght In _cndlng it back, for it will lm
flfflfl. M the pcople here thc fact that we are from
New-York and can't bc imposed upon. All the swell
pcople In New-York make a fuss over things, even
VhM they are all rlghf, Juat U show that th?v know
whnf's what. If ls nn Engll-h Idea. (lMPMtl-f an?
othcr breakfaia, vMel BaaeB h.> jnst bnoght.) .\h.
thiit i- better. I knew lt would do some good lo tell
tlieni that. w*c are fiom New *i or!(. You -ec, Magnuts. I
wa- rklit. This breakfa-t Ifl really dcciit.
Saaefe [mt**) OoBy, -hc aa a eorker; bat i dun g..t.
de iicst ol. h'-r. I broughf bflflB ezaltly de ?uuic brekfus
-he -.nt awnv. He, he. hc I
Mrs. I'.-Ilememli.-r, Magnus. wo aro not to nilngle
wlth any <t the people her.*. They aic not from N-w
York. and one mu-f l.e .? .refnl.
Mr. P. (detiantly)-Thafs a!l rlpht. but I know a goo-1
many New-Yorke -s afx-ut whom I shouid bfl very eare
ful. You musf learn Ifl take peoplo as they are. I
dare sav you would find thoflfl Hohokus people pl-i-ant
enough, and I'11 be darncd If I snub them for aayboiy.
Mrs. I'.-Magnus, how can you * WouH you have
me put mysclf on a level with vlllager<. who. perhaps.
keep a .ountry store ? if i m/Mk tn tliat w.man at
%11, it Wfll be simply Ifl BBOW h.-r who I am. and ahflW
her how a ladv fiorn Tew V uk holds hersclf.
Mag. (under his brcafh.-Confonnd New-Y:.rk.
(On the pfazia of the bltfll IPHlag flflMM U thd
rnotlcv (oll-rtli.n of North.-m ai.d W.-htrrn BMplfl ???III
foi.nd In Ilorida durlnR the noa?on. (illn.ps<.s t.t
"l r.o'K-.ra" h<r-> and there. tlncle Cephaa iilhhle, nt
Malne, l? u lllng old n..n Uiihadiib, of INhMfllMttli.
Ohlo, uhat a K^*?t ?tate Florlda would have been if
Mi.lne men hid fettled It. Mra. Topeston.', of Phlla
dclphlj, la telllng a uroup of i_dlc? h?w mpipple m.y Ih.
K*de hi .-l.-vvii dirr.-j.-nt wajna Varloua l.dlea, taflk
warln^ .. shawl, ar- awapptafl fllflflOflfljfl, a pa-tlme fro^i
whlch they seem to derl\e pflfll ron f..rt. PNfflflMfl
Dormonae, of Mo^ton, ls |no.r. --Inu .i|s.n tlie Uev. Ili.-li.
n.ua OMMM t?o fa'ta, first that the Itev. [f.sepr. Cvk
- Bfll ?- oiniii-rleiit ?4 he i ?e<l u< be, oirlnij f> the ,-ir.
i.inisuuice that he Icr.nvra BM, and ??cotidlv, th.-it rt,-?
PTflflflM reUglflM rc\ol.if.loo orl.li.nted In BflflBBa, j'i-?
flflflfl Praffl-flflB Horn.o.mo'K Iwiok ?'M.vtha and Moralit.v"
BJapaarfld. Th<- aaoaaaapIlM n-hoolma'am I) trvh.R io
f.id haj.py by forgettln. that ahe ha* monev BBflflgfe to
r.n.al.1 just two WmE* ln 1'lcridi. Mr-. l'.i(II..I| an I
Mr?. Hol.okti* ar.> -Ulinir Mj*9M, Tho forinir ludy
starta the .onwr-ation, b.ing canful t<> reiuln.l .Mr-.
Hohokus ln a nmltitude of llttle ways thal thern la a
iroat soilal (tulf Ilxed between _iem, all of whhli BpM-M
to alT.'.rd Mra. Hoholiiia conaMerahle qulet ainua.*mei.l.
Mr. I'.iillMll and Mr. Ilghokiis an- amoklnp and ehattlt.g
logcthcr -ml. .1 l.v riio'igh, at -......? llttle dlatance.)
. Mrs. P.?Yes. I presume lt must bc horrlhly dull ln
a llttle place like Hohokus. I simply couldn't ufand
lt; but then I'm from New-York, you know. i >f
course, it is dtrferent with |_OM who have never
known anythiig belicr. Mr. llitfMill -ometlmea
tnllts aboul golni; to llve In ?he country. Hut I tell
him lt wlll he time enough to think of ihnt when \\,
havo lost all our money. 1 t*E9*M >ou in;iniige Ifl
run ln to the city onee In a while.' Have yon ever
attended tl'-' opem? lt M?ems to mo I saw you one
evening ln an orv'ie-tia chalr near thc dwir. Our box,
bcing on the side, commands a good vlew of the
or.-ti. -.(ra. And you have no Mcu what fun It 1- lo
watch the> rabblc down there, who comc to hear thc
mtislc and hi?s at us if we say a word. Have you
ever been ln Florlda before?
Mrs. II.-Yes, wc ran down to the 18881 for a short
time Uist wlnier Hut I think I Uke a quleter and
less fashionable house like thi-. (Smlllng (pil?r.lcally.)
Tho cooklng here Is deliglitful, don't you think so 1
Mrs. P.?I must beg to ditf.r with you. Why.
they don't have any chef, only a coarso negro fnun
Tallahassee I Of c.ur_c such things don't make
-o inii. ti (lifferenre to people frnn the country. but as
wc aro from New York, we mlas our French chef.
(The French chef ln the PufH.all flat on FjmI 'Steentli
st. annwcrr. to the name of Hrtdget BoflBBB, atid she
came from tOrk ln Uie steernge Just two years ogo.l
Mra. II. (very humblyi?Of roinsc, belng from
the country, 1 can't undcrstand how murh you must
suffer. I -oii.it no Uilnk that pialn peoplo
like ourselvcs ml?. a great many vexations that
rome to you Icadcrs of soclety tn New York.
It must be very wearing to be ln the mad whlrl of
excitement all the time and to feel that the ancieas of
everythlng depends on you '
Mr?. P. (plalr.ly gratltledj-Yea. lt ls hard; but I
know my duty loo well to complain. You know we
really belong to tho public. and must not think of
Mrs. 11.?What a dreadful life I Imt of courae on?
geta used tn It, though I am afrald I never could.
ii-iiilllng.) If I ever shouid try to get Into New York
aorlety, I abould rertaiuly beg of you t.i vouch f >r
me?that la I would lf I did not know that It would
be presumptioua lu me. People who live in llohokua
-h-.uld recogntte Ihclr place.
Mr. P.-No, I don't UUnk we ahall auy here very
long. Mra, Pnffball doein't aeem to lUu tt *erj aiuct.
Mr. ______ your name ls Puffball. Do I ****?
stand that you aro from New-York I
Mr. P.-Y.s.
Mr H.-Is It posslble that you aro the man wliose
name I havo under consideratlon as managcr of BBBM
ol my lenement-hoiise prop*rty In New-York?
Mr. P. (very rotuh ...nurbcdj-Why, uie you from
New York .'
Mr. II.-Oh. ycs. my name ls niueblood. und ?e
liave been (Joihamltes for four genenitlons. thongh wo
reglstered here from our country plucw at HOhO-BB,
l_ruuso wc hnve Just come from there. Hut arc you
the Mr. Puffball who wroto to me aaktng to be ap?
polnted my mai.ttgert lf so. I llked your refei.nce_,
and I llked your letter. for ln It you say Uiat you
began llfe us a Janitor. and from that humble posltlon
have rl_n to bc the manaircr of sevcral largo cslalcs.
Mr I'.- (very red 1n the face as ho rememhers hls
w_V. trcntraent of Mr. and Mrs. Hlucblood). Ycs,
I nm tho person you refer to, and I hopo you wlll sco
your wny 88 glving me the posltlon.
Mr. Ulueblood.-Fronkly I am predlsposcd ln your
favor, but I must Inkc more time for th? dedslon. In
the meanwrrlle I wlll wlsh you a very Kood mornlng
Mr. P.-<Lcadlng hls wife awny Ut a scduded corner
of the plazza.) Mrs. Puffball, you have done lt now,
wlth your foollsh snubblng of everybodv who Isn't from
New York. ? That ilohokus couplo whom you havo
liecn Insultlng and sneering nt arc Mr. and Mrs.
Longpurso ________ of Fifth-ave., ownlng no end of
real cst.ite and worth about . .O.tXMl.OOO In cold cash,
and I was dt ad stiro of gc tin_ the management of his
projierty; he as much as told __. so. Hut after the
way you have u<?__, of course I stund no show. A
pretty mess you have made by remarking every
mliiute, "We are from New-York"! Why, theso
Iilueliloods have licen New-Yorkers for f ur genera
llons, and could buy and sell us a thousand Umes.
They ure leaders In tho most exrluslve set of Uio
"Four Hundred," where we can't show our fnces, and
yet you Jeeied at them ns counlry bnmpkinsl Hut
what's the use of tallkngl The thlng ls done now.
You sald you dldn't wnnt to stay here. Well, neither
do I. Wc'U Inke fhe next traln for the North. I'vo
had enough of Florida I
Mrs. P. (wlth unwonted meekness)?Very well, door.
From Harpcr's Mngazlne.
Now I come to the oddest thlng that evcr h.-tp
penod to me. Two or three years ago I was lying
ln bed. iillv muslng one iiiorning?it wa.s tho -<1
of March?whaa a___ae__ " red bot new i.ica eama
wMstling down luio inv cainp. BBd cxplodcd wlth
_teh oomprehenalva effwtiveaeea as t?. aweea IM
vlrlnily rlean of rubhlsby reflecUona, aud till the air
with thelr dnst und tlylng firagmaata. Thia Btea,
statcd In simplc pl.ruse, was that thc tlmc was ripe
umi thc inark.-t ready for a ccrtaln book; a book wnuii
o.ight to bo wrltten nt once; a book wld.-li must com
ni,niil attention and be oi pe.-ullnr iBtefBS- i<? wit. B
book about BM Nevada sllver nilncs. The ??(.rea-t
l;.ui/.a" was a new w.mder th-n, nnd everybody
was talklng about lt. lt seemed to me that UM
paraoo i*-st ..uuiitied to witM thia book was Mr.
William 11. Wright, a Joun.alist of Vir. Inlii, Nevada,
l,v WB0B8 BBta I had acHbhlad many months when 1
was a rcpoiter tlicre ten or twclvo years before. Ho
mlght bo alive still; be mlght l.e <lc;ul; I Boaui not
tell: bat 1 would wrlte hlm anyway. I began by
merely and B_a_B__ BBggl-.ing that hc make such ,?
b,?.k;' but my interest grew as I went tn, nnd I
veiitui .d to BBBB out wliat I Uiought ouglit
|0 be thc plan of tho work, Tfc being an
old frlcnd. and not given to taklng good Intcntlons for
ill. I even d.-alt with dctalls. and suggcsti-d tho
order aod seqaeooa arhlel they should follow. I was
about l<> put thc BB-B-SCriBt ln an eevetoPB, when tho
UlOlight if'-tirred to BM that If his book should bo
wrltten at my su.-stlon, and than no pnbllsher
happen _? wuiit it. I should feel uii<onifortal,le; so I
intii liMl.it to K.-.-p my letter ba. k until I sl.o.d.l have
_ i-nvd B publlalier. I plgeon-holed n\v docnm.'iit,
and dropped a note t.? n.v own publish..i-, asklng hlir
to aaaaa a da. for b bualneaa eonanltatton. Ha araa
...it of town oa a Bar lourne.. Mv note remalned un
answered, aad al ihe cn<l of three or four days tne
Whole matter In.d passixl out of my mlnd. Of tho
otli of Manli Ihe postiuan brouglit threo or four
' ttei- and amoii. them B thlck one whose B-Pe.
, rlptl ii waa bl a haad whleh aeemed dimly ramllfar
t,> nie I could not ? pln.c" It at tirst. but prosenfly
I .iin-eili-d. i li'-u I -sai.l to a __t_ag r.-lallvo who
n;is iir'-si-nt : ........
?N,.w I wlll do a mlrnelc. I wlll tell you every
Ihlng thls kdter cntaius-dale, slgnature and all?
wlUioul breaUng IBe *e_L It is fr.m a Mr.
Wright. of Ylrglnla. BB**., and is dated thc _1
of Mareh?aaVBB days aeo. Mr. Wright BtOBOael
M make a bo..k about the sllver mities aud thc.
Great Bonanaa, and a<_s what I, as n frlcnd. think of
the Idea. Ile says hls siib.eits nre to be so and so.
thelr order and BeBjaaaee so and so, and he wlll clise
wlth a history of thc chief feature of tho book, the
<,.-it Bonanaa." ..... , .. _
I opencd thc Ielter, and showed that I had statcd thc
dale and thc eontents correctly. Mr. Wriglrt's Icttci
s.iuply (ontaiiicd what iny own letter, wrltten on tho
same'datc, contalncd. and mlne s!lll lay tn Its plgeon
hota, where lt has h .m lying during the seven
days altice It was "wrltten.
There was no clalrvoyance alKiut tnls. If I rlghtly
i-omprehcnd what cinlrvovance ls. I Uilnk the elair
Oovant pr_fe_Ra actuallv to -ee eon?M_ed wrlllng. and
read It ofT wot-d for WO <1. This was not mv cBBB. I onlv
?earned to know. ar,<l to know ___4ntely, the eontents
of the letter ill detall and due order, but I had to WOTd
them nT>--lf. I lii.nslatetl tli.-rn. 10 to spcak, out of
Wright'? langiiag- Into tnv own.
Wrl.ht's letler nnd th" one whlth I had wrltten to
him but never sent. were in _____nca thc nune.
Bereaaarll. this c.ui.i not eooae by aeddent; surti
ela'.omte atrld?iits eaonot happen. -banee mlgin
bara dapUeated one or two of the dcUiiis. but sho
w.iild have _____ down on the rest.. I could not
doubt?there was no tenal.lc reason for doubtlng?
that Mr. Wrlirht's mlnd and nilnc had been in c'nso
nnd rrv-tal . lear rninuiiinl. i.llon Wlth ench other
h<t,.s-; three |_____4 nilles of tnoiintaln and _MaH
on thc BKM_lBg of ti.e -Jd of Man li. I did not .-on
sldcr tbat both mlnds orlglnated thnt 8Bre____ of
i<lea?. but tbat one man o_a___B_ them, and almpty
takBrapbed Ihem to the oth>r. l was eorhwa to
know wiii.ii braln was th. teJagraphar and whleh
the receivcr. so i wiota aa! an.l aaked for parttealarB.
Mr. Wi-ictif's replv BhnWBd that hls mlnd had douc
the orlglnaUng nnd tcletrrnplilne nnd mlne the re
eetvlng. Mark that aignUkmnl thlng, now: eonaldev
for n moment how many a splcndld -orlglnaP t-lea
has been uiieonse|onsly iioleil from n mnn throc
thouaand miles awav! If one should qiieatlOB that
thls ls o. lef him look Into thc cyclopaedla and con
unie iiiurv ilnt eaHona UllllL' ln the hl-t ,rv of 1u
vnntlons whleh has- MBSled everv one <so mueh?fbnt
|s. the fianaenfj wlth whleh tbe .tn> marhlne or
other rontrlvanre hns biv-n Invented at the snme (ime
by scvcral pcr.-ons in (.fTcreiit, qaa__BB of tlio giobe.
From Thc l.ondon OkhB.
Tliough tha ttinant and the landlord, Ute gamc
?;e-por and t!;c gurdencr, bcwall the pl.-igiin Of __.
Iherc Is one iwr-onag<; who Is dclisrhtcd ar Its cxlstenrc,
:n:d tl.nt ls Iba laxy. spi>rt-loviu. . poaeblns vllli.-c
wastrel, w;<> lind- ln-ant ciitchmg an eniplovinetit thnt
-,t once .la'llle-, his iiu Iii-jitioti for o.it of door _k M
ti.n, and \llds a re*pe__hle wiige without excesslve
loil. Ill Norf'.lk there hardlv se.-nts to be a listiil.-t
wlthout on- or two men of thls Kind in It, nnd. l..-ing
ln tbal county ahoul a forinlght ag... I tooh a tanci to
w nt.-h a fois-noon's nt cutchlng. That was no dinValt
niiitter. YOB BBBBBi tali>- n walk Wlthout coming
, - MBB8 o'.c i ngiig.'d ln it. The specimen I stuio
bl.. up .ii was a stlilly bulit. but stroug inaib; vet. an
i,< -l\tv or so. Brtth a btlstly gr.-iv muatache, a blg
vt.!. e, a -harp cye, and a JokB ready for everv oeeasloii.
Hh iiiipliri.ients were a lotig spadc wlth ;ui Iron hook
ou thc liandlc, a slrklo for cleartng nwav nettles and
iicdergiowth, and a box, whleh contalncd IT- fcrrcts
at.d a number of gla-s-sfoppcrcd bottle. -'Tlio var
mln bit so." he e.xplalned, "lie hud to rarry olntments
an.l MlaBBM to dress thc wounds." Taklng up one of
hls f. rrets, he showed where lis Y*tA wns all nearred
wlth toothniarks. For the protecUon of Ma own
ha-ds bc worc stout chamois lea'h.-r gloves. Hut W-e
ttio-t lotereBtlBg part of his ciiutpmcnt roaatsted of the
iharpe*! looiiing dogs I have _rer leen. Tbe fatedcr
who iidniliilsleps sniiill U868 of nrsctile ln order to
BM_H U'e coafs look well on thc ibnW bBBCh ni'u'lit w. II
hava .'i.vlcil them th.. bcnlthy. . lUfnln. sklns pro
.lu. f-d b) mnstant work lu tbe ..pen. Yet Uie crcnturc*
Ihemaehrea w.tc boBeleai Btongrala, ln color an.l ahapa
m it uiiiike scotch terrtera, bai lur. er.
A Iml.? was Just belag tlnlshed as I went up. " Is
Ihcro anv more, llob?" asked the nt< at.hcr, addre^siiig
jti-t, as If he had l_t'ti a riirlsllan tho tn.ut a_><l nf
hls followers. llob snlffed and turicd awav. - MI
rlghtk" said hls master, " >.'<> on to the B_f_" Bob
waned hl-. taii. and sel otT .lon. the bank of t!,,. Brhe.
m'-reiy ginm-ing at aaaat-l lltth trtHTOwlnga, - i (oflow*
r.,,1.." r.-iiiark.-d the niatt. as he BBtbared hls traps
to get her. -Thera, lic's found 'Im." and sure enough
tbe t'-rrler had atopoed aud made a "tl.rul polnf
Hf:v vnnis aiong the diteh. aad bo aoonar wm a ferrat
taken out <?f thc boa than hc plant-d _____ in front
of one ?? te.it hob-." hls eompaalona choae two nwre.
riml the WbOle this. sto.?l B__ altd rlgUai. but lier
f-'Mv ..ill whlle fhe fenef WBa put ln. Ilnrdlv Bad
M.nt be-ti i8Ba for n eoiiple of inlniites 880 UM ri.t.
larce and BBiaB, b<-?an t.? daah out Into tl,.. \ 8.
j i _ ~ of Um do;.-*. Kifteet, bad been kllled, an.i tBoa
i a-ua an laterfal IhBl made us Uilnk the last was
fltilshcd. Hut, when we attemiited to inove, Hob
cave ? whlinper aud i littl,' aetatCh at the earth he was
watching. " I BBB dli: l.lm on*.'' snid the nian, and a
few wall dlr-.ted tiokcs wlth tlie si?ad?> dlsrloscd a rat
tliat lniirht have BBBB the. father of thc trilie, .nu.l.t
iu a bllnd all.-v. \ sliiglo stiap w.-is enough f,, |m him
dead, and Bai wlth hls .-ustotnary siilff. turti'd h.-ej
and was off neBln lo new qiinrters. Tlils time hls
point was BBM Oapoattt a Uilrk liedge, the tli v dIMi
runnlng al-mg-lde being <iulte choked up w|th briar, aud
Dottlea,and weeds. Wlth thc roaplngh.Hik these wcre
IBOa ?baP-d nwav. h'.wever, and ?ome BBBB Bf Ihe
extent I., whlth tlie vermln prevall may be. Judircd
from Uie fai t that at lea?t half a dor.en " loi_e'' rat*
wer. kllled l^fore th? ferrcts were nsed at all. I
litmglned n sp'.-ndld dnv's work had been acrompllshcd
when ciglilv >ix ra's liad been fcill rd. and both ferrlers,
f't-rets, Hiid men were obvlously bceonilng fagged wlth
tlie work. For lf nm-t b? rcuicmbercd thai fhe
emiture* h_1 not eon. regated In one |.I.i. e. a.s tliev 00
In a corn rl. k, but wen- all r??ii!n1 Iti OBBB countrv
tbat ls to -?f, in the iKiiirrdury dltt h and hedfM nf
a tunilp field. Hut 8B_aea_ae_t In-inlrv ahewei thw
the .au.htcr had not lieen i .reprlonally lar?e. two
men havlng t.etw_"ti them kllled _4U ln a slnglo morn
Ing on un adjaccnt farm.
The (scotch peoplo have always been partlcularly
hnppv ln what mlaht be rnlled the readv ret?.rt. i i
anawer not only wlHv bnt w|?o. Take the ext|ti|s|t.
htiiMi.r of Um old ini.l.leii ladv of Montrose. who. when
asked to siit^rrlbe to a voluntoer corps fund ln that
town, repli.-d :
"Indeed, I'll dae nae sle thlng I I ne'er could ralsa
a man for mysllf, and I'm no geau to n_*? m?u for
tha Xln_.*-(l____t Free Pro**,
Vr-ey-sf. contalns a mlxture of professlons, trades
and sighfa whlch rival the plrturesqueness of some
European strects with their motley crowds, o?sortert
costumes nnd babel of tongues. Beglnnlng at the
rlvcr and West st.. whlch B8B8J lt, thc first bu.ld.ng
on thc rlght ls Washington Markct, extendlng back to
tho street that bears lt* name. Here ls the overflow
of stalls and counters whlch are charac'erlstic of the
street. Kruits. game. shellftsh and othcr klnds aa
well, chcap-very chcap-mcats. celcry and green goods
are sold here. Here also are IfB, datcs and nuts and
all klnds of blrds ready for cocrklng. Let It be added
that thc Impartlal dust of Vesey-st., faillng on frult
nnd fowl allkc, makes nccc-sary thcir thorough washliig
by purchasera.
Vesey-st. buslncss may 1* dlvldcd into three classes
according to slte-flrst floor, upstalrs and street.
Among the first may bo clnssed several restanrants. a
number of wlne and llquor deale.?. Importers and
rcctlflers, a shoo manufactory. a large groccry. ?
crockery and glasswa.-e store, wholesnle and retall
clgar place*. several large tca and coffee warehonses,
a frult storc aud a place where all sorts of bask. ts
are on ?ale. The space outslde thc windows of this
last I- gay wlth colored wldtcr. rattan and spllnt.
Afl ?ea -lores dlsplay their outslde wares In huge
blns whlch aro dlscrcctly covered wlth strong BM
ncttlng. else many a passer by mlgl.t hastlly seet.rc a
handful of tho fragrant bcans and >avcs. They also
show gaudy tln cans wlth ccrtain brands of goods. and
the reda and ycllows add to thc symphony of hrlght
rolors on the street. Thero- ls aMo a candy store
whose wholc front can be removed. Many of the
stores are arranged In that way and the majority of
Veaey-st. buslnees can be des.rlbcd ln a word as
"street trade."
A toy store overfiows on the sldewalk wlth rows of
boolts, dnngllng groups of dolls and mefTianlcal toys of
all <orts. Hardware stores arc another feature of the
street They always ict many of their wares out on
booths next to their windows and dlsplay in basfcets
or boxes of utilform slzo evcrythlng In the metal line.
They are always surro.inded by groups of men looklng
at bargains in knlvcs, rulers, nutplcks. brooms, plcture
eord. hooks and things unmentlonable because of their
The clothlng tradc ls reprcsented by a store wnere
men's complete outflts are sold. There are places for
the ?alo of rubber and wire good-. ctgars
and plpes. statlonerv. s.ipports for crlpples. dnigs,
trunk. and bags, ctertrlral rontrivances and manv
morc There are stalls where yellow cherse. add to
the number of colo.s. and hasements. carrylng a stock
of plcmes m green. red and white, havo pushed their
rontents out to the b*vel of the sldewalk. Somftlmcs
good looklng glrls preslde over these nrldulatcd morsels
nf peppers, rucumhers and onions. and If yon buv
a pa.ilf.il of tho sharply odorous compound they wlll
present to vou a shlnlng tln pall.
Tho upstalrs busineas of Vesey st. Is dlfferent from
its first floor or street trade. one need only rend the
?l<*ns on tho lia.II dlrectorles to see that. Here ls a
pUce where all sorts of wrlMng nnd typewritlng sup
pllea are dcalt ln; there a btirglar alnrm ls on ex
hlbltlon for tlmid houscowners. Knravlng, palntlng
and llthographlng ItouMsli and one Jewelry manufactory
whlch makes a speclalty of those anrlent "novcltles."
se.. hean and alligator leeth Jewelry. retalns lta slgn
to that effect. Bookslates arc made In one place,
wenther strips nnd n\le-washers ln another. Hags and
hanners In a thlrd. A lawycr's slgn Is tho only one
of Its kind In one large hutlding, despiie the fnct that
mlsory love- company. and the estate of some nnn 13
admlni-tercd In anothcr. One tirm sells gratc
bnrs. another trlcyeles, still another corks. A
place where band Instiuments are kept deaotcs thc
h,t by a cnue of banjos. arcordcons and
flntes set outslde. Picturcs nnd plctnrc-frames occupy
. rnse on tho steps ot anothcr bullding, and that
feaiher dnsters arc to be found wlthin a certaln
"thlrd-story front " ls shown by a row of them swing
ing from a bar whlch projects from the wlndow.
" I.cathcr flndinKS," "syrups nnd cordials.'' " lamp
ahades," and '? hypophosphltes" complete a 11st hastlly
made while pns-ing nlong.
There ls almost too much street trade to allow one
to stop, for the smnll tradcrs look susplclously at any
one who lolters, and think a pcnrll and note-book with
a reporter attaehed are almost as great a curioslty as
n Kodak. To close tlie upstalrs buslnesses, there are
<ome ndvertlslng ngents, and at leaat one paper Is
publlshcd here, while the central oflice of a newspnper
syndlcate representa the world of letters In a atreet
whose dally Inhabltants look as lf they were llttle ac
qunlnted wlth anythlng so clvili.lng.
n.it most of the pleturesnueness of Vesey-st. lles
In Its street trade nnd tradcrs. The men and women
rival famous Jugglers in pillng up wares on almost no
ha-'e nt all, or In kecping lnrgc stocks of clilna ond
fraglle things flnt on iron stcps. with llttle or no
hrenkapo. A ntimher of women stand grindlng horse
mdlsh Just outslde the curb. and if any cart* attempt
lo .Kurp their places or drive too near there
Is an nngry war of words, the women's shrlll
toncs always gcttlng the hest of it. One
woman, standlng on a corner, lins nrranged on thc ond
of a snapbox n stock of matcbos, shoc-blacklng and
dlrty-lnohlng Ca?tllc soap. She can malntaln her plaro
there all day, though no OM Itnows how except the
InlUatei. IBfl stands with her box rlght on Ihe crtgo
of thc curb, and there wlll he morc than one blockade
in BM IflrM-t w-lth rcaring horses, lorked whecls and
swearlng diivers", but she will not be roi.ted. If you
hut glancc at Itcr she will say: " Here you are, parlor
Now a man stcps np around whoae neck hnngs a
qtiecr looklng bnndlo of dried ?tuff, very savory, as
one's nose at onee dlscovers. Hc calls out, "Thyino
and sage, lady," to each woman who passes, but
though they rcmnrk, " How good It smells," they do not
often buv. The thyme and sage man ln the fall is
supportcd by thc man wlth wreaths nnd bunches of
shitilng Chrlstmas greens. Anothcr entcrprUIng ped
ler has hls rlothesbasket full of bunches of ferns,
whose roots are sttiek In balls of moss-eoTered soll.
lle, at least, le patroni_ed by tho weaker sex, and
his basket wlll not hold the glossy frond- very long.
An epg-denler has piled up hls wares wlth a toy roostcr
standing over all, and near Imn is a stall. like olhers
on tho street, where n young fHlow prcsldes over cheap
notlons and fnncy goods, iiicliidinfl red and white lamp
wicks, bandnnas of every slze and huc, pocketbooks,
iiiuiotis, -tocldngs, su-iiender- and many other tlilng^.
If one looks in hls dlrectlon hc Is ready with a MflBL
"Can I BflB you anytliing today I"
A woman who is arranglng her wares sHnllar to
these shakes out a bunrh of chlldren's black hose,
pounding ihem against tho top of a convenlent barrel
to get the dust out. One man has a little stock of eye
glasses, some rravaH, collar buttons and a square white
c.whlon stuck full of scaif plns. There are plt.k and
white pop.orn balls; there are trunks and travelllng
bags. A man wlth hls stock of peaeoek feathers tlcd
In bunches and spread out on a now.paper stands next
to another WB0M varlety of canaiics In llttle wooden
cagQ- has attracted a crowd.
on the pNt/orm of steps leadlng to a blg bullding
a man has -prcad hls supply of se.ond hand sllver and
cutlery. There are a few doien knlves, forka and
spoous, but llttle else except a worn out butter-dl.li
or two. A young woman drcs-ed ln a dull colored
gown wlth a -habby MflB and a crooked felt hat,
wliOse garnet velvet bands and thin feathers look
draggled tnd solleil. Is out to buy, and she Is dickcrmg
Bfl two gica-y-looking plated tablc-poous, on whose
backs the silver has begi.u to wear off.
?? \ou seo dot marh." says tho dealer, polntlng to
tho lctteilng on the opoon, "dot wa* drlple ylai-*,
The tono of the man scttles lt. Bfl buys thc two,
Wkfflh are wrapped in a Mt of old newspapcr. aud gtwrs
proudly home with what is probably her first sllvcr
wai-e. Tho old-clothes women aro odditles of t.'ie
street. They are often grotc-quo looklng women, Whfl
coino caily t<> thcir ataiids tn the lobbies of BflBM larno
bullding., and, unpacklng a lot of serond-hand clothca
wrapped in old tablo coveis or curtalns, they arrunge
them lu plles to attraet poaaen bjr. some of thc gar
mciits .'.'in lu go.nl rcpaii. though much wrtnkled and
dusty. One woman dlsplayed two large s.-uares of
patchwork, ready 10 quiit. as her novelties.
A man who -ells stove pollsh v.-nds tu- WMflfl ?s.
sidu.u-ly on clcai- da>-. A drop of rain would _poil
tho bMutlful pollsh of his toy st..vc. whieh with naat
iron Imagcs and a row of glistenlng stove |eg^ are hls
iidvert^ements. Another has a hasketful of sponcca
at aurprlsingly low ruU*s. .ometliiu-s these apoti-es
drop to plcces after belug iised u few timea; uoiiio
tlmes thev prove quite good. To lnve<t in them ls a
pime of rliance. fctill another dealer ahown a Klitter
ing phalanx of Mcent knivc-, also toy noveltv
watches whlch wlien VMAMt st-utle (hildrui bv a
.Ia. k iu Ihe l>ox who sprli.Ks out. Not f?r awav a mmi
si.ni.N all dav long gildlug a pla-ter linaire uot mot.
thatt a f oi hlgh to mlvertlac his atoek, whlch rcsta ln a
box at hls feet. While Ite sing* out hl? wares he is
alowly coverii.g tho while ilgure wlth yflllow. Oufl
wond.'is Mlielhei' he ran .al.ulat' ?o cki-cl\ that when
i! (l.v elflflM hc -hall Just reach the lop of the
head or tlp of thc nose. an.i wh.'ther by mimc procesa
h.. .in h.i-'i ihe glldlni: off at nlght. lo do tt nll over
again the next day. Ut** proill* ould hardly stand tho
purcha.se "f i new flguro earh mornlng unless he ran
tell tlic gilded oues.
Trr* women wli.. sell tovs and china seen. to he ti.e
.|ii.'.-.e.i i .iitl.ii ii.i . of Ve^ey at. Tlieir wrlnklad old
far^a form such contraats t.. the jnnk rountenaneea of
? .\ dolls und the white and gtlt tea set... They
hatter amlcably aa 8iey aet out their ttock. The
, china dealer pula hen. fearlo-aly oa Uen ol boarda
Jtiit over Iron gratlngs, and ?he aeems to be EM
keep most of thr-m from br-aha .-*.
I'easing up thc MOflB flflflreal Broadway o*? mm.
on Ho- rij;' t the oriVe .. tM rwtof of Trltilty Ctietet
also M. I'lui- 8eh * l and elern nnVa in B aiX*
nlce-looklng brick bnildln. wlth sfmc trlmmlrg^ jCj
beglus thc -elty of tM tli.nl.' < ?idhtg vlieri the bt^t
wall- of old IB. Pa.il'* Chur'' fronl Prwdwav, _n?
ln ground almo-t prledfa. hccai.se of ila %Ue, rmTi
host of distli'gulshed a-id ???' t d?-d fc,
petual eara le*"r.s tiie sod Pm nnd well tr mmM. tha
ahniba and Ir-es Iti cood order. .-md tbe w*ath*r%02
headstones ercrt. The liirh iron fence next tn Vcsm
at. ke* p< out lotrud.-rs. bnt t?. t,r>i1 itone coplni L
willcli It ls fasfer.ed fi.rnisli-s a refltlng plaee ff>r ^_
wearv travellcrs. aud fhe -,'de of tlie gravevar. t? ?q
Invndert wlth traftic ?ave for an old apalc womn-,
stand at ti.e corner.
? ? -?
Scranton. Penn., Nov. 2T -Many nlghts this f?n t*t
screams of a strnege w'ld arlmal were Vard !n v.rto*
part* of the forc-t on Vorth Mo-intain. ov?r In tnP\n?
Counfy. One mornbig la-t ***** iMMEE Wi
who lives at the foot of the w>-f ?ld? of the
taln, found two of hls 8-88) Ivln? dend ln a |fl|
to the woods. Tlieir BMBflifl had been ton ?-d
nf thc rarr?*scs pi'rtly dcvonred. Itflf-M -ehurb.
BfTO*. J, N'l-s et.h had three hmbs ,? ,ten fr-m tiV.
pa-tures. On the east s|de of the monntaln 0. R,
l.Ittle. Ifenry A. Bflflflfl, D-BM T). Hopew-ll a-d j.
Osterhout liad Bflfflffll fl-flflf Mi 9Mt* UBflB, and fl
thev told one anoth'-r abottt the loss thev conch
that, ?ie dcpre.lalioris had all bc*n romniif d hr t_,
same wlld bo?-t. sub-equentiv Mr. H .peweii tom
the remalns of two sheep In B rnvl**e a mlle a-d a __|
from the rlearlng, and later Mr. JV?!|e? ran arrnai **
sheep bones nnd a ma*s of wool between two lon,
mlle back ln the woods.
Vo to the day after election BflM of the res^ah
had a gllmpse of the desfnietlve anlmal. Ofl that <?y
Marcus Tuttle went into the woods on thc we*t -..?of
tho monntaln to dlg glnseng roots. As he was
to croas a gorge, two mlles from the rlevlng. he
a long bodled anlmal stretehed at fnll lenirth on
trunk of a tree that lny acro-s the Bflflflflt
hurried away, and looklng over hls shoulder bfl saw
leap from the log and disappear ln the forest
next nlght Mr. ScliulU Bal another sheep. Mr.
declarcd that Uie bcast wag a panther. A f<w %.,
later Charles J-'dker caugbt ?lglit of it while he ry
hunting rabhits ln the WOflBfl, a.;d lie said he tliot-gid
the same thing.
Early la-t Tue-day Fronk ScrambUng, Ua
mont daring hunter ln the reglon, m
out to hunt the panther down. A Unk
trachlng snow had fallen tlie nlght I -888 BB
.crambling shouldercd his Wlnchestcr rirlc and trud.'.d
Into the woods wlth provlslons enough bfl la-thintir^,
days. In the afiernoon l.e got traek >f the saatker
nnd followed It tlll nlghtfall. Hc slept ln tlie wooda,
and some time ln the nlght hc bflflfl t!ie panther
scrcaming off to the south. At laybfflflB on U'edn?*
day mornlng Scrambling resum.*d his hunt. Th?
tracks led up and down the monntaln-ide, along t_i
top of the mountain nnd through. sev. ral ravln's, ia|
when nlght came the hunter had not got a glimpte 8
the beast. He pa-.rd the a-cond nlght In tlie foraA
Tho snow stnyed, and as ?f>on a- It wa- li.ht ifl
Thursday he took up tho trall agaln.
Scrambling tramped untll nearly noon. when W
saw the panther for the Mrst time. It w-a? w_l_hi|
along a ledge of ro. ks and gn_lng Into n deep fultd
below when he spied lt. Scrambling lnntnmly titei,
and the panther k-aped into the air w.tli a srp>ui
and went hendlong over the ledge. The B-8BB ra
to the edge of the blurT, nnd for y or Ifty feet down
he saw the panther tcarlnc In the bu-h<~<. As'aln ba
tlrcd, and thc panther sprang npward and ro!led to th.
foot of the bluff, where it lay llmp nnd llfeless wliea
.Scrambling clambered down. The wenrv hun-er tu
then eight milea from home. Bfl lueved the panther't
earcass all the way bark and hting it up in h,< virl
for the losers of tlic sheep to linik at. It ineas'ired >u
feet nlne inches from nose to tuil, nnd weuiird ioe
The largest wlldiat ever brought to BBMB88 ?_i
stutfed and mountcd last week by BflflVB- IMflflB. tha
La. kawanua ave. tuxldcrmls:. It was thr.-c feet thrsa
inches long, otood -Uteen Inches high. and weijv.
twenty-seven pounds and a quarter. Thc wild.at wj?
a malc, and In hls stomach Mr. Frlant foood the, ? i
and hair of nn opossum. John hhitf-r -lew the aaU
mal over in MflHM County. He *?'a? huntlng bird*,
and tlw wlldcat spiang out of the braaJl at hla iof.
Hefore lt reached the dog Mr. t?hiffer slot it iu tfci
left sido with No. 7 shot and killed it.
From William Wlnter'a address before Uie 6Utea
Uland Academy.
What will you do with your lives ? \\c. who ar*
older, who have lived loi.g.-r and travelM furtlrr. ara
usually rttidv enough with our loiin-l. I.ut it i- v.ur
Ideal that must lead you DOW, aM floi thfl ad. .-e 8
ottnrs. Honor and tn-th WB uke f?r granted. "I
would be vlrtuous.'' iaM an old phtlo-opher, "thoniti
no one were to know jt, ju-t M 1 ao?B be i
though no one were to see me.'' Thc boob of i Ofl
phue precept Bflfld not be ***Mt h.-ic \*l IBerflB
one woid of couu.el whlch BO- BMHfl than flVlf B
this IBMfl Bffl "l dmial and d-ni et* v OUfhl to bfl
spoken bo tlie vouth of Anieri.a. Be yi.r-.lw-. .inl
never abandon rour noble aapiratlons! You -ann<*
llve in absolute UK-MOB-flB-fl ?t thfl world. Yofl mu_l
have afflltutioii. with other pflCMM. Hut lt U not im
pcrative that those affillatlons shouid bc ni.meroas.--l
vou have it withln your power to make tli'in -.-lct.
. ou ar? under no obligaUoti to tmltate Othen ?<* W
do as othen <io. You ought navar t.. peraill your
mlnds to be Inundated with the Ignoram?<-. tha - nidity
and the vapld chattcr of commonpUKfl pei-ona H
not too much reverence the pa-st. <>Id burdena tb?
have i'.Mled from thesho-ldei--,.. wenry ;uid dying m-a
iuid wom-n -hould not bc taken up a.am tl IM. I?
is vo.r llfe that vou must llve: lt 1- in.t thetnj an?
now that thev re*t from their labors bt th-lr worW
follow them. Neithcr Bflfll you (Uppoflfl your-elves en
iolned t?> assume thc bunlcru titat otlcr penOM haW
erc.,tcd In the present day. Let th M att.-nd W
?rlavaacM who have them. and io not a!! >w v-v'r
splrits to be dejected. voui- hopes darkened aml y"U
lives enrumberd wlth thfl vi.e-. |M flrtoifl M
tolUei and th.* weakne-s of fallures and of fooM. _?
ls. no doubt. pitlable and dep'on.hle tliat -Unifli aM
f.X)ls shouid exiat and auffer: but thev *M*\ Mt ??
permltU-d, merely BOMJM they e.vlst and MKJ
drag you also Into fallure and follv. Bespefll "f
san. tltv of your souls, and beware of 8(8888 <**?
ta't with other lives. ^
For lt ia onlv the UflBBOrary and the e\pedlent tfl"
is grcgarlous. Iu ev.-rv gn-at fliomwl ol 1 re m *\rn
time of tnslght or llMptrtflon or cr!-l ? rhe humflfl t*?n.
is alone. The oMoet of educ.ilon. thflrenn, sn-rn*
W the developmcnt and bn!lll:ig of -i'i .
adequate chaiacter?not slraply ? prci>?
dustrial ptiretilfs, but nn nrn.nment for . v rla- mrn- ?
The (vcupatlons of this world. however Importaa^M
ti-n-itory. The aoul of man I- imniort.U. JMg
vicw,, I am aware. are cotnnio ly enterUlDed. ****
who clalm to be Mrtlcal bnt are OMJ r'"7"'r *7
never wearv of declaring that educatlmi mn-t l>e fl__J
ble and not visionarv. An etfort lo woirv the P"h?
mind on this mbjeet ls a n-irt of the w^tt*a
of the comphcent Man ef Bnfllneas. all the ?*?
over. and has heen sn. at MHflik i-t.rv.l-. for nianr
vears. I rememlicr i's r?*rn1<iou- exi-ten.e loi t *r
the Jealous sneer at what wa- . a'le-i " !??;* learnr.a.
n? oppoied to what WM ralbd pnictical ?7?_'_!.'i.*.
affalrs: meiuln. tl.erehv eotlou. iro:). eMfc 9**2 ,n
Exchange. and the Revtaed stflVite*. Vol lonr ?ir-ce-?"
laoo-ln the n-w-p'ip-rs of New York -that "l'M'm'j7
tnean commonplare borst forth wlth uiicomte.injrwj
lence. and vnrtous Indlv'dnaN. I? -v-rv <s?* P"*Tt!L
of more wealth fiflfl flfliHfl, npnr-d ns '"?' ^T,, .,
tralnlng Is supcrfluou-, Ih-. an- I alm? t" ru" ;,'^
cqulpnient whollv ln cxc<-s ef w' .' :- ['"'^f ,%
nailneaa. Mv ,t"tr old Wend w ?? w^r*!''?,,rT
comedian. Mfli tO tell. ln hl- InlmlUbal MT-j ^
;i'..ut a pompous tradesman. of fi* '.'/"'"' .,*?
who on.o was :Mldrcs-i u- 'h- > pil- at ?, ..^^
?ehooL -i knew a llttle bo?.* *??_*?_. a_t m
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L-lven ih.*!.. wealth. it has irlven them k- "?"klha
no prodljrallty of wealth oan buv. andIM **? ,.
thev know thal ih' oroM-.e ..f -sI .e-"'^ "^ |M
l.u-lnc-. -The worl.l I- "." ,,""'l,1 U"',, Wittl-*
Word-worth. Do not _efer to the w.-rld nM Mattno
t*WM they. helleve me. whB AWflB .
No glfls from (San... h.vc **<**** *al*
Thev. wlnnln.' rPOfli 10 ?*? *** h'^
And tn men'- baBBMBMJ .'-- "'?'?
Through r'oud. of |iBl W *?_,
Draw homewanl to the (feneral hfc.
From Th* Po-tni. 18888-r'pt. . ^
,? QbtlOVfl Ifl ? "??'?'< ?*? U !_|^2L___jM_?ia88
of , lams. MMM* bfl bl M niv-e:.. ****jL**B -l?m
tlat di.v.n around Bt Oejert. Hw ' , them en
dav. flfl heeps HtMB BM ****>***2E m\\MM\
eeiery meal and Irtdlan n.enl. Ihe "u.htH".. ??
fat Then he h,IU them. a hu-ni * lf ,?.,,.
pnts tt, a quart Of Wfltfll V* ***** \re\?V B *
fSfl water Is -tialned flM bH wMB MfJ ?? .,.;
refrigerotor. Then lt ls heated. >e*^*** ??nh^ ?
and iK-niH-r nnd -old f?r \ cenls >> -'?' i>, ,-ent?.
$}JeV. V l-u-lel of . lams .1. hw ;?' '"^s a ?enr
H? f<eds them 10 eaata' .Wfltfll. ?_? B'" . % pi
ounce drink. There are ll.irly two MMMm Ut ?JQ
lon aml slxtvfour Bl-Shfl *9J***?\."_fjT___m1
of clains. Net pniflt 00 a l?Wri ? ? " ^ t.
he -ella on s0me days slx ?_U0U* JSTLg claaW
lmltata him. hut no one *AMhyk99 M *** ?*?
m ho dooa. UA? plg? grow fa*t, uioiaover.

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