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talk ul-r?ut taking up the caee to-morrow. "I
would remind the Secrctary of State," lie aaidj
looking at Mr. Rice, "that I have expreaaed a
desiro to see these r_ _?ei_ in the Derby case."
.. "And I would repcat," said Mr. Rice flerrely.
"that I do not thtnk these papers should hc
made puhhc until each case is reached."
*l_it Burely," ?aid Mr. Bliss, "the Republican
counsel ougiit to tv given aorae opportunily to 88
amiiue these public documcnts, which are simpl.v
in-your custody. for the purpose of protecting the
interests of their candidate."
Mr. Ricc's oppoaition to the Republican re
ques . which certainly was a fair one, to see thc
documents before the Board, had made hia l'ellow
raemberB squirm with di_tr_is. At laat Attorney
Oencrai Tabor said frank ly:
"I ean see no harm in permiltlng Mr. Blies to
seo tlies*' papers, and I would move that he l>c
permitted to scc them."
Mr. Rice did not vote, but hc declared the
motion carried.
Then the papers Michacl F. Collina haa flled
clain.ing the certiflcntc of election of John H.
Derby were given to Mr. Blisa, who began sWiftly
cxaminintf them. Ile soon bhw that tbe charge*
against Derby were utterly frivoloua, and could,
give the fctate Board of Canvaaaers no reaaon for
giving thc certilicatc of election to Collins.
Having obtained a sight of one bunch of DaflBO
cratio papcra, the Republican* longed for a sight
of more.
"I would apply to the Board," said William
_*? ttM-fham. of Syracuse, " for pcrmisaion 88 ecc
i\te piipere (Ued here by John F. Ntchols, jr.,
Demoorat, of Syracuse, cluimiag Uie ecrti.icate
of election which wc believc should be issued to
R.ifus T. Reck. of Cortland, the Republican candi?
date for Senator in the XXVth District, who l.ad
350 plurality."
Then again, Sccretary of State' Rice, to every
one'a surprise, objeeted with all his power to the
papers beiug shown lo the Republican lawyers.
" We ought not to permit persons to see these
papers," he said. " until wc reach these Senatorial
district returns." The Republicatw iusisted upon
6eeing Ihe papers. As they said in private chat j
with one another, they were not aware of what was j
in tbe papers. Rerhaps they coutained legal mat- j
tera which would require tlie oiosest examination '
?aa examiuation which could not lie made at once
and far away from any law 1-ooks bearing upon
the legal qucstiona involvcd. In their opinion, it
would 1 ?c uufair to withl.old these paiiers fiom
their sight, like cannon in an ambuscade,
until their contents were discharged point blank at
their clients. Hesidca, what right had the State
Board of Canvna.?.?? to conaider these public doc?
uments as tlieir personal property. Finally, Mr.
Uli* grcw indignaiit, after rcpeated requeste ot
hia for p?rniission 88 look nt the papers liled
against Senator-eleet 1'cck had been denied by Scc?
retary of State Rice. He said, fiercrly:
" Mr. BtOiBlarj of State, I do not request
that you pciniii me to see tho-C papers?I demaud
it aa mv ri_lit as a citizen of this State. Aa ?oou as
ttnsc papers 8BB88 into thc posscssion of the Board
or State Canvaaaaaa, thev bec_.uie public docu?
ments, and you have no legal right to witbhold
them from me."
The Roard paid no attention to Mr. I.iss's pro
lest. but turned la UflMBJ to c.v-Judge Gilbert, of
Olsego. Couuty, u silvery haired, old m_u, who ap
pcoied to repwaeat t_e Democratic party.
"1 would like to imjuire," he said, blandly,
"whether wc are to ddiver. oral arguraents in
tbe*" ciiscs, or nre to suhmit printed briefs?"
" How ean we prepar. ourselve- to deliver these
argumentd," said Mr. Bliss, " unlesa we are per
nuitcd to aoo*the_8 documenta to which you deny
me 8888881 Why, gentlemen, you must compre
hend how illogical you are. You permit me to
exumine tlie papere rclaling to thc XVTtli Scnatc
District, but the other papers you will not per?
mit me to wc."
Bfll Ihe IflftflCflm of Secrctary of State Ri*.
against pcrmitting the Republioans to see tlie
papcra prevailed, and they dcclined to give Mr.
Hlins the papcia. Thcrc wa* a suspioion among
thc Ri-ptibliouLs that these papers were then in
Ihe pt_a>cMion of David B. Hill, who was putting
them into Bhape lor etfective use against Mr.
IV. k, and that those papcra in relation to the
Onondaga-Corrland County district would not be
perfectcd until Judge O'Bricn, of the Supreme
Court, had either tied tl.e hands of Judge Ken
ned.v in Syracuse, or had not tied them. The
last said about the matter was when Mr. Hale
for the Republi.a.i.s, asked how the lawyers of
Ibe RopuMi.-an S. nators .lect were to know tbe
cont .its of theee |<apers when they had not aeen
them- they had no positive knowlcdge of their
ycxistciicc, but had hcard that eertain papers
lollier Ihflfl tne lcturns had Ik-.mi liled.
* Judge Qlfbetl said that whether other papers
were lilad or not, so loftg aa they wcrc lcL-al they
had no tx-uring Ofl the case.
"But," interrupted Mr. Hale, " we would like
to look nt them. They mij;lit, perhaps, contain
.ome 6tatem.v:ts lienrinj? upon the legul __pe.s.
Tbat Ls what we wonid like to ascertain."
Mr. Hliss tbeti made a demaud for the pro?
duction of the papers for inspection?
Attorney-Goneral Tabor moved tJJ procced to
canvass thc returna for State officers, and this
l_?i'ig adopted, shut olf debatc. The State Board
then went ahead and eanvassed the returns far
riillJLHaaairn rtrrt 'i'his finiehed, thc members
were about to take up thc returns for State offi?
cers v.hcn Judge J. Rider Cady, for the Republi
caus. proteatod against thc use of thc alleged re
tlun Irom Dutchess Couuty for any purpoae. "I
would point out," he said, '?tliat it does not conic
from the County Clerk of Dutcheas County, nor
doca it have his eeal of office upon it, It ia
ligned hy John J. Mytod, but tliere is no lt?al
fevidence that hc ia an offlcer ot thc State."
This protcst, Attorney-General Tabor advised,
ahould bc heeded, and upon liifl motion tlie
Stote Board of Oarivusaci* tliereupon adjourncd
until to-morrow.
As the Board members were togethcr, they de
hiitcd for how long a pcriod they could considef
the election returns. Some hold tlmt they could ?
only consider them for five days? but Attorney- j
Oeneral Tabor espressed the opinion that the ?
Roard could 8008?01 them foi a loiiger period than (
(Ivc days, only tba Board m;ist not adjourri for a ;
longcr *per?wl ,,,a" ,ivp (la>*- illf" ****9\ Hiere
fore, ean prohubly consider tbe election returns
uotii much later in this muntb of Deceml>er.
This aiternoon, tlie Kepublican lawyers, alter
8 co.'ife-ence'd.eided, in viewof Governor HiU'sex
piessed desire tl.at th ra? election dispmes should be
?.tled iu tue eoortfl, to propo-e to the State Board
of ChuTaaanra Wmt BB th<- disputed
cleotior. eaaCB should immediately, bv ngrceineifl,
l* tatkeu to Bbfl (icnrral Icrin of the SflpetflM i
t_?urt ai.d ttarnoe lo the Court af Appcals at once, |
With the aim of getti.ig :i deciaion from that court j
of laat rct-oit in ill the oaoea liefore thc meettng i
ol i:.e l.culslatiiie. in January. The State Board
<>i Uaflvaasere of wUconaih once agrcd to such a
cotnpM.Uiiae ol ele.-t.on dispiltes. Tln> Republican
lawyer* therefore drew up the following interesting
do. ".n.ent, which late thU aftcrnoon was presi'nted |
iv Mr. Sutherland and Mr. (My BJ the mcnibem |
oi ibe Stn'c Board of Oanvaaeere:
To Ui.. m.iru af Btate ClaiaaitBt. aud to tt*- v_riu..a
aaaas-l i-paBnaMM tt>* Dsaaataa-i BaaBMaaafl for H<-i>
a-o u. U?e XVth, XVIth, XXVth and XXVIIth Bi*
IcnUaaiap: Mr. Kellogf, of ('ortla/id, who (888888081
Mr. Xlehol*, Ui. DUBBBiiallB caatft?BB HB S___?r In tlie
On_(_l?8- __il (oitand lUatritt, ye_Uu_.y MoVA, to Mr.
N?U_r._ia_u. *Uo r*nrs<.iiw Mr. I'ocB, thn Jtepublican
eanflldatc, taat all that waa dt-nlr.-d -a? a apecdy tuh
n.i_...M ta and de. tt I.o by the oonrU of tho elcctlon
ltivolveO. Ue ull ihat he w?? prepar?l to ?tlpul?ae
tliat after a d.v-ltlon at tpeclal tern. Uiere ?h.,ui<I be a
ator: that ao axti-oillnarr aexaral terni should be called;
UmI IU deci*ion ahould bo obtained, a ?uy had and 888*81
MfclB to tho Court of Appeaia, where he felt aenured
thert. could be obtain'-d a decl?lon beforo the tlr*t day ?f
Janiia.v. ixi?2.
Aa rrp'e*eiitliia- the lUputillcan party and the Hepnlill
con randld-te. for Vnator lu tlie XVth XVItli, XXVUi
and XXVilUi lilsirlcu. aod ae tounscl ln chai-?e of the
tuvoral ptMaallaBB I" *** courU reiatlvo theieto, we offrt
lo eut<-. iiiU. htipulaUoii- to Oie HTeet ?U'-d. wlth.
?efer.i.o to all tJuo** dlatrlete. A? to the d-uiU
_ Ue arr*ngej_.e_,t-, lf the prlauijpal of cui tnu- ?t;o.ia i?
a*_" - 'ju, w>? i_reauma thcr. wiil be ao difficvlty lo < on.i.._
to an agreouMflt. lt belriK uideiatood thal all that U <??_
llal ik tli^t a full <uid BiMtl d> .;Ulon of ta* Curt of Appeal*
e_?-?.-.---'-? ?? r~"
KlVal Kuakea the bent Farnlrare.
Klint tumiiti thc btf?l Furnlture.
Tliat Baaaaa thc t*e . Kurnlture.
Holiday Presents
Art Gallery.
New Piiimiii-s. Wnlcr l olor*, Kf<-Iiiii., nnit ?BOJO-t
lilfla. Kxqntattel- Frainert Facaimllf*. Arilata' (olar
IIiim-. I'rrnili Milllatui e Fraaic-.
William Schaus,
shall b> obtalnrd, and ceitifl.ates issued bv the State Board
of t'-nvaaftfi* tn accordanre Uu-re.vlth before January 1,
1892. We call ycur attention to the i-a*e of the State on
tli* rel.itlon of McDill against the Board of .sute 000000000
(30 WI-con*ln, 4i<8, 609), iu which tho NM Board
of canva**era la \Vlseoh*!n pittaued thl* cour?u and BOMO
hlfhlv (oniniend.d by the couri. for so doing. Hurh a
courae would al*o l>e hi a line wlth the r^oommendatioti
of th.- (rovemor of th* Stato aa to aiibmltting to thc court*
all que.Uun* of thia noture. l'cndln- th? arcoptauce of
thia offer and the arrangi-ment of di-tail* Aid the OflOOO-OR <
It out to llnal determluatlon, no actlon Is to be taken bv J
the Stata i"anva*?i?rs In the ?enatorl.l canvasa ln the*e |
dtatrlct*. and no quertlon to ba rnlaed at anv time a* to
th*> rlBht of Stato Cuivaasei* to contii Bfl or adjoum IU
iwMlon* and to BOMO certlficaus* ln accordanre with ti.e
llnal detlalouof tlie Court of Appeal*. ItMM communlcal?
jour aiiHwir to the Ilon. Matthew Hale, Alb-i.r. Your
obedient aervants,
.1. F. PAHKHt'ltNT.
.1 itlliKR ('ADY.
Tiocfmhcr 2, 1001.
The Democratic cnuniH met in Oovernor HuTfl
oftloe at the ("apitol t?-nf_ht to oaoiokte. thia. doc-;
ument and hIk.. whut Bter* they should take be?
fore the Stat; Board of CaaOOQBtTfl to-morrow
l'p to a late liotir to-niirht thev were still Mt-XBg
their ce-nlorenro with (Jovernor Hill.
Ojll?fl. Dec '-?Thc coullitioa of atfairs in the
Ouonda^a election MMfl beconies more eofloallflfltfli OOflb
day. lt will, however, be settled tklfl week, Bfl Justlce ;
O'litien has a clrcuit in New-York, beginning .Monday,
nnd JuMice Kennedy will conveno a t-pnela! term at ;
Watertown on tlic satno dav. JusUee O'Hrien opened l
hi* cxtraordinaiy spe.lal term at tho untuua'.ly early
liour of i) o'clock thls morning, ooi he hrard au np- |
pUOflflMO that, lf carried to a flnal Uetermination. mny
render uscl_s anl fruitless all the proceedlngs that
have occupied Justiee Kcnncdy's time and atteutiou i
for bo nniiiy da>>. The application flMfl for ao order J
for Ihfl Board of CBatOflflflr- to -how ca%e why tliey >
slwuld not bc re.iulred to nxonvene and nmkc another |
count of the Assciubly vote In the lst Di*tri<t. lt was
made by (.. W. Driscdl ln beh.lf of Patrkk .). Kyau,
the -emocraiic cuudlUaie. Tiicre wa* no -ppositiuu ;
to the application, and lt was gratited as a matter of :
cour.it-, tlie oider belng made returiiiible. at - o'cio'-lt
__fl ulicrnoon. Tho court directed that copics of tlie
papers should be msde out for Cioodelle 0 Nottlnghain. |
who represctit David Alltm Munro, Jr., Mr. Rvan's ;
competitor. The (ourl then took a rooflfll unUl 10 :U0. i
A grout crowd liad ga.tlie.rcd ln the courtroom when \
Ihe hour had arrive- for thc heailng on the uppiication |
for a stay of tlie maudauius order iN.-med by Justlce ;
Kennedy lu tlic Munro Ryan matter.
- Well, palflofl-Oq. are you i-.-.i>ly now on this ap
plh-iitio;. ."' flflbflO .)iiNti.-e D'llrieii.
liotli sldcs were prcpaivd, ar.d tlie liearing went on.
Louii Mai-hhall inade Uie flCfBOOOOt for thc ?tay. lle
began witli the aUitemeat tiiat .oinetlilug more than
OBOM qaflfllbajl Ot bxoil intere-it weie ii.vnlved. It \va^ '
a matter of great public IfltflOBOt, hc ^aJd. Ihe nppeal
had been taken from Justlce Kcnncdy's peremptory |
writ of niandmnus coniniandlng tlie Board of OflB
vaisfrs to send back tlie return* fpr corrcction to Ihe
lnsjiector.-, ln tweuty-seven out of the flfty-two election
Habrkto, -tivs had been appik-d for to all the
aHBOOMfl af tho diatrlct, but tliey had all refust-d Ifl I
enterlaln tlie uppiication.
-Do I uiidcMaml that they declir.cd to enterlaln
?Bfl application at ain" a-*kcd Justlce O'Hrien.
?? Yflfl, sir,"' roplied Mr. Marshall.
"Tlieu thls application has uevcr been heatd on tlie
merits und iflO-TO-?fld M
"No, alr; as 1 said, lt ha? not even been enter.
"Very well, then, proreed."
Mr. Marshall went on to 6ay that when a pnly
felt flOP-OOOi ho ougl.t to be flOoOffli lo flOfl-C|p> the
tiglit to uppeal. Partictilarly should tlii, b.e done lu
cascs where the public waa lntarflfltflO. lf a May w:n
frranted, h<; would iinuiediately apply to tbfl (iovernor
for an extraoi-lnary OoaflOOl Term to enrry tho BBM -
tiou to, aud he thoafM lflfl pwCflMUBQi ohoaM bl
pas>ed 0000 l.y tlie ABffflBfltfl Couit. Ilo auld
tli.-it Ofl mandttnius could lOflflH-f N-uc to roin- i
pel a Itoard of tJajivussei-s to i>eiid back returns
to tho Jn?pertors for corrcctlon. lt wa- only when
there w:is an error in their own rtetermliiation that
n mand.-iinus would He against them, un.l wliere wns
lt iboMo tluit they hud commltted any flOTOTl Tho
l-est of Mr. MflrOBOB'O firguiiient wa- on Iflle s;iine
Uno aa tluit prevloualy made by iilui bef.u-u Justl.-o
W. P. (ioodelle presented th? case for bflfl NBOOor,
David Alk-n Munro, Jr. it wa* not involved. he snld,
iu any OflaO doubt or uncerfalnty a> flOflUOOOl 00 tiie
OflOOt *ldo had atteiupted lo tl.row uround It. lt
seemed to hlni that there w?s scarcely room for ,
arjrumeitt with referenee to lt. There hud bOflO two
hearlngs before Jaott00 Kennedy, und at eaili tho
decl-ion was udverse. The wliole gr.nind had now
bcen gone over for the thlrd tlmc. HOOOO OMfl 00
doubt that David Allen Muiu-o. Jr., wns the repularly |
nomliiated candldate of OOO BflfBB-flflO party. Wo
other man of thfl OOOOfl of 110000 wa? n.min:it"d.
HO certlficute of any other iiouiliiiition by tli6 Bopab
?flOOO wus llled wlth the County (l.ili. li ?ih not:
even clalmed that any other iiaine Ihan that of David
Allen Munro, Jr., was on the ballot. The Board of ',
(anvasseis OOBTOOOfl* *'"t what did they Ond! OOOfltcal
eriors and nothing else. ln k-aving the 'Jr." oft the
MaflOO. The sanij.le Imllots OfeOBBOi who werc vot -.1
for, ?.nd tliey aaoo made by the stutute u p-it of tiie
i-ottiiii. Why liad that boflfl done.' Muiply to guaid
agnlust Just siiih 00.000 at> th<?>e Ifl fOOOb-M here. |
ItMOO w;i? iiotliing to obOM tluit David A. Munro, or j
D. A. TTiinro.'oi- David Munro,'' had n-.clved u slngle !
vote. 1/ elthcr of b?OO 000000 had becu voti.d tor lt |
waa the duty of tlie lOflfflOtfln 09 at~ach a .siimple
ballot to tlieir flSturns OhOMtOg the fact. A public
pniolamutlon of the OBfl-OflM of Duvid Allan Miiiiro. Jr.,
liad bcen marte fla the night of the election. Mr.
thudell- contiiiued hlf. arguincnt untll 1 o'clvxk, when
the court took a rccess for an hour.
There waa a ahort hflflflflflf, tlii* aflcnioon before
Juitice u'Hilen on the application made yesU-iday
iiftcrnoon for an order why a B-bflflO?BM flflMM not \tt
U.ued couipelling Ihs Uoard of C?OTOflflflfll t^i OflflBllTMl
tiie Sen-ional vote. ii, N. Kellogg, Uw C'jrtlui.d law
yer, drslied to pio'-^ed with the OfflOr. Mr. tioodelio
iiiiniodlutely aoked lor a pflfltOflMOOOOBl untll to-mornrw |
,-it ?- o'clm 1;, pieiidiug that hi* jiartni-r had attended to
thls matter excluslvwly and that today he aao lu
attendance upou Uie i-c-?1oii of the Siato Board. Mr.
(?'rfodelle aald he iiud uot had time, U-mg ol>li.ed to
atteiid court contliiually to-day, to look up tlie facts of
thls matter. "TliU ls too luiportant a matter to .oine
up without our cllent hnving a ffllr opportunity to
explalu his alde," Miid tlie attoruey, aud he iln.iii.-d b;
?OOO?f tlie Indulgeiice of the (ourt. The C.airt tliiully
decided Ui contiiitie tlie matter tiDtll 0 o'cloik to-morrow
Justlce Kennedy'a court al?o couvened at 0 o'dn-k
thls morning. At atx^ut the sania hour Kui>ervl?or
Thomaa J. Welch, of the Thlrd Ward, who MflOfpOBOfli
last l-fltflf wlth the election return* of flve dlstrlrts of
hl* ward, wlilcli he liud been deput.d to i-.-turn io tho
several Inspertor* of election for correctlon, canie out
from hl* hldlug fllflOfl and OOWfl MflOflflM Into UM flflObOtl
*>f the Sb'-riff. 1 hen lOflttflfl Kennrdy OfbOOd OOOrl
ln the (it-neral Term (.'l_?uib?i- the laflM w?? OBBOMflO.
There waa a siro-m of liiterculed people uioving into
th. door .ukI tue lict lntlniatlun tluit tlic laOflOBflf
Hugwrvlaor wa*. anywlie?i aOout waa when he apprm -?i
ln tlw courtroom. Ha stood about the 00001 f >r :i
mtnate or two or nntil th(*a who knew Iilm by -i.ht
liad become aware of hl* pre-ence, when Prwrllt John
_ i._, _' -_
tmr, Ut-vrii ? aad Talu Wafera.
A MMUva r?il?f for *or* U?rt_u.
TOUHU- - SM-Xlf.. AWu.ifart.if__
aon steppod up to him und plnced lilm under arrest
Tba Sli.rltl led tlve way a monicnt later out Into tbo
hall and down into tlie BflflBBtaa. wliere ***** waa
placed lu a evll. Ilo told rna>._ ronflletlna stortea con
rcrnlng hla movp.iK.it-. during th.- pii*t fe.v day..
Tha case set down for thls court at tlils hour waa
an order to show ranac why a wrlt of peremptory
maudamtis should not be IBBBBJ against certiilii iu
iptlUoaa of cle.ti.m of tlie Third Wnrd. Mr. Oooialla
Mi.l tliere liad l..-en 888*ider;ible ditllrulty In gettlng
tha in-pectors to do thls worh. S.ipcrvlsor OhafflBBBi
who hippened to b> Ifl tl.e rourtroom, viid tb.it a
rummlltce. of 888 '1188818. Whlttle, Clough, Kuntm-h,
K. il. y and Worden-liad taken the return* and had
ciideavorc.l to llnd thc iiispectoi*.
Tha Court said he would like to hnve a report frum
thls cominittec _8 order to learn wltat aurces; it had
Alter waiting for a few minutes Mr. Wlilttle came In
and Informrd tlie Court that so far as tlie Ist District
was roncerned tl.e Kepublican ln?pector, Mlchacl
Murpl.y, was wllling to make (-orroctlons, but tl.e
l>eniocratlc lnspertor, John Degan, decllned.
Mr. (ioodelle bflld he should make appltcutlon for an
allas wrlt against Inapector Degan and that a flne ol
$.o<) bc tflfljaaai. He said thls for the bcneflt of
...un-cl and other m-pector . .Mr. Ooodelle further
statcd that l.c deslred h rctnrn fr-.m the Canvaaalng
BOBli ln regard lo the e.rroneous returna.
Tho Court. addre*_lng Mr. Dorchester, aaked; "At
?TT,. hour BBBI . ou ofllcially inlorm tho Court
of ihe action of tiu. eommlttee f The subjr. t was
d.bated for u few minutes, when Ju.U.e Kennedy snld :
-Thls proreedlng may 88 rnntlniied till half pnst 8.
If the report of the eommlttee la not forthromlng ut
tlint hour, I _l:all IBBBB ? mandntc to con.pcl the in
sptctors to act. It ls poislble the eommlttee wlll'do
l^ lt N requlrfd.'1
Mr. Mnr ...nll then ?ald : ? Your llonor. I huve, an
nppllcatlou to mnlio ln the m.itter of proroedings for
Bfl uttachtnent against Mr. Wehli. Au attin-hnient l_*
|88B _-rved upon hlni irturnablo to B8BH0W. Mr.
Welch is under arre-t and ls lu the (usto.lv of tho
Slieriff, und 1 <U- .rc to have him bronght Into conrl
and to hnve his ball llxcd. .Mr. Welch. i* a ******
ot tlie Ciinvusslng BBBfi ni'd Bfl8 af the *M99t%1**f*.u
'? Are you eOOSaal far Mr. Welch r a*ked the Conrt.
'?I have bcen asked lo npiie;ir for him," replled tho
"Il H.ero any objcctlon," asked tl.o Court, "ugul.r.t
tlils iipplli-ntloa .'"
Mr. (ioodelle re?ponded that he would not be uble
to Bffaar ln lha matter now, but thut lie would bc
rcady when it was rcturuablc ..^u.orrow; ther.-foro
lic objectcd.
jur>ti(c Cameiy said thnt the B?Her oi.eht to
be lu.-tened lf lt was to bc acttlcd ii. Ma conrt. a_
hc would BOOfl ho called out of tow-n to BoM a Water
town clrcuU
Mr. Marshall urped that a s.ipcrvlsor and canvnsser
ought ii.-t to be kept in Jall wl.ilo lie ha.l pul.li.
fflfllaa to pcrform, which 99* Mr. \V-lch'_ po>.tioii.
"Thc fact Ihat hc has voli.iitaiily ub-ulitcd hi.ii-.ir
tot 9*r9t9l **Jt flooM secn. to nafea bla public Ifltiaa
npp.'.-.r not rary pieaalnt, would tt nottB sugge-t'.i tha
(V.urt. "Thli eaaa i* a little more enil.iiia-.n_ to
Mr. Welch than would lie the HBBJ Ifl a-. ordlnary
cilnie. I want to bc t.s kind us I* po-ii,!.-.' C .iiil.iiied
jii?ticc KeuneBy, " hut thc cli-.-inii-t.uic- nttendlng
? i,i- _;1.. ara aaaauaL i thlnh I8al perhapa thia
ai.i.litatl. n might bctter cm. before Btl 88800018.
v.i... i- to I. .1.1 a Bpiclnl teiin thls feroaooo.
Thero wa- co.i.-.dciablo argulng. infoinially, f>r
iinU ugain . UM propriety of ullowing Welch to gno
.,;'}. and tlnally iiu. ro.irt tald. -Iflfl_ BlBDOraTtO
ronalder thia man Umoeaflt until Ba i* pr-.v.-d giillt. -
He may bu abla t> alaa* ap tl.o whole. joatur,
presuma he ean. I ti.lnK I win ootao ?<2*5_*a_*
tho prisoner Buy |lvo ball in tl.e mi... *<_88/??.*_
oppear at IU u.. in. to-mon-ow, when alie wrlt ls
''"'^'".laV-hall -uggesb-rt that tl.e tmll \TM19A**
],,._, ...,; i ic (...ui ailowod it to bc reaaoed to *i,-<x|. i
M, I,;,n<t lob'- appiov.... bv hi.?--lf. Al 11 aO|^ClOrt
w.i.i. ara* laflea uio.** -oatteofKaaMdr to aara Bla
ball bon.l Bopro-ed. yha boi.rt waa 4p*tita^ \\.i a
li. KirK and . Iiarle- 1V?I...,-. If wa.- .aU*ia? or to
juatlce Keanady, and Weleh wai raleaaei Iram eaatoOy.
.iu-ti(* Kannedr lool hi* aeat __aln ai ,i:...? o.i<_u i
ii,.- afternoon. At t__U boor were eallaB np the poal ,
im.iksI precoedings ln tbo iii.in.Unius roaa. agalu-t ti..
lioaitj of Cao__B_m. Jlr. MarBtWU rrad the report ol
the dilb-rri-t OMnhera of the comnilttee appolntcd t
t iiv* the returns u> the UupeetOl -? BOB?? ? "l0 '"'
apeoton w.-i-vj wlQIflg lo **** the rorrecLons. nior.'
roold not he fcmnd, while one altngetlicr lafiwed lo
nafea thom. The Court took the report and .*aid .
??I am not going to dallv with IT.U ra*c by pinung
lt olf. I want to o_ tteaa naa ln court, wl.eir l*an
Bfll n.v baad. on them. I will glv? an oidir f r theaa
|n*|..("tors who rottM n^ bc found lo shov; .au-.. wlij
a iieremptorr ni:v;i<ta.iuii- aboold not bc -.-iv.-.i com
pclilng thena t rorteel the.- jatarnj. ^rthermore. I
t tlie :?>.. riff to detall a -uf.nl-nt lon*n to tiu.l
nll t>H.-.- inapector*. Thl* onlci- will be retnninble at
ui o'ci... k to morrow aaorfllng." Tl.e ('....rt wenl oo to
-iv that then- w.-re maiiv 1*88008 Whjf thls matter :
..l?,ulU l.e .-_p.-(llt'-.l: one wa* to end Uie -u-i'c. -c on
the pari i fiw people, .m . before __jotwiflmt. ll*
court said that ba wn-i h _.pr to anmsinrc th.it the
ina.Klamus.-s l-u.<l in h-h-ili of Mr. Iloxie jnd
Wllllam Kciine.lv had l?cen wlthrtrawn, aa thc | ..u
raaaing BoaH had i-uou to them aaruaeflBM elaaaatMk
ISOCOB *x CNi'Oi'fi.\r. CAXDKDATKi 1118 VOU j
1- U_L_BOB_D*0 hi (ii'.: 11 i-it i il.vx ptU/WUW*.
I'oiiglikwp-.e. I)cc.2.-rxlw;,id II. < >*b .. no, the D.-iuo- :
.;in_i(iiit.- f...- inc suu- Baaata ia thia dist.i.t at
Uio ln?t election, wns ln tlils city .... Moiiduy la*t aud
10 Thc Trlbuno (oir--puii.l<-ni I.o MM Ihat when ho
w* ..Hnlaated la-t CbU m th* o_ea la whlcb David B.
um i-. trylni la eieet hfaa at aii kataaiBa i.^ IhongM
Ihat his election was anyflilng bflt BBBflrai. "Ko Bfl
ccrti.lu was it.'" he, added. "H.ut 1 did not pny any
Baaaaaaaaat and took no part la the aBapalfB."
, BflBflr lliu (?irciiui*t-..ii.-. -., is e.\e?-.-Ji.igly I.npor
ticit _8Bt1_Boarr Mr. Qehoraa i* aal a popaJanr mmi
u.,,1 ha 8M at. tUnh tiiit he aoflli bc etaetaB. tn lha
iir-i plaea aa :i aaaaahar of lha Aaaeaabii Um prarioua
?.. .i be .iiii'!.- aa Infl-fferenl raeorl :.nd amooi :. tor
lain >.-. ol Democrata _e was ..ot al all lattafaetafy ns
a eandldata. inJcr t:.t s eondltlon, it h la_paa_tWa t>r ,
..,,- ,,,,? io aoHara thal ba ara* aaaaiai 18 tha Mata ;
Banate la a -laarlel imving thraa KipflhMciifl aoaartiea, ,
ln l^HO .li.dgc lianlcN. who wu* the BflfflbBO? (andi
date f or tha Oourl ol Appoala, i aniel Darb bbm QBj-itf
hy a pl.irality of 1*881 over Judge iv.khuai. Thl* w.n
lOOBfld upon us U "OlI yvaf In poUVo, a.* Ihan W8J
nd stale tak.-t in Ihe llcl.l uud BO great el-ort araa made
to get out tha RavtihUaan waa la tha roontey BMrlato.
11 tlie f(.l!ov>ilig jear meiiibers of both _faOC_MB of iho .
L-. I .aturo wcro elected. Thl* wn* Mr. Dcone'a li.-l :
yc;.r as a cnndlilatc for rneinbcr of the Senate. Ilo i
194 ptaillWIBlj serv .1 lils district iu the Asscmbly und j
he wa* un cxcced.Tigly popular man. Ills plurallty iu
the county over his Lkmocmtlc nnd Piohibillon op- '
pTne.it wa* n.-arlv l.CKH) voto. Ifl Uie eulire Scnato
Hatrfct his plurallty tlmt ycur wa. , lu ac-lual llgiircs, |
:i.i7_?. Two yaara latar Baaaatat i>ea?e was n ciu.di- |
dafe for l-e-election, he hiivlnn rccclvi-d tln- unat.luioii.
BOilnaHofl "i tha tataajBtaa la tha Bonrofltfoau Thla
tline ho ennied DalahaBi County by B phuiilit.V of
1,4.11. VOOBBi an laeraasa ln thls county alouc of nearly
.VK) plurallty. Tl.e Incrcarc ln the total voto in tlie
eoaaty aroa le*-- than i!00 vote*. ill- plumllty In ilie ,
cntlro dlstiMt thnt year was 8,818.
Now, however. thc _hJ_MB8B_i want to BBBBB IhB I
vot'-i . of the State believc that Senator Daaoa -BBB de
f.-Hti.l in thls county by a plurallty of 1*4 votes, which.
__ai'i-t his s.uall pliiralitlca in tho other two BSODtiefl
in lha (ii-triet, aiactal lha DaaaeeaBtla aaaBMata io. lha
Beflflta by fourtccii. Ifl obtainiiig this plurallty the
Daninnala i.ad to steal fnm. lha vota al the Bepohtleaa
candldiitc lifty-thif- as good and hone-t -OOEB as e\> r
__ra ca*t for any man. 'Hicn, to>, tl.et ndded arbl
trailly 88 the rou.it of their candidate tlilrty-tl.ree vote*
wh;< li BOVar liud been east for hi.u.
Tho l_moen_s of Dutd. ss County are foned to
admlt tliat Mr. Oaborno wu* nowhere near as iK.pul.-ir
a candidate aa Howwcll 1'. l'lowcr wu, ln thc coui;ty.
On account of tho campaign for thc btate ticbet tho
Paaawnalhi ****** _an arara loreal to -pond a large
sani of BBBflflf to BBBBB a good nhowing f,,r tl.e head of
th.-li- Hehat. They liad inoii-y lu plenty, it ls true, aud
good Judge. say tliat lt roat thc l-rmo.-ratlc tiovernor
? l.-i BOl le U than 1.10.000 n, earry ln.ld..--* Couuty
by tho exeocdli.giy n.u.ll pluriiliiy tha. wa- glven i_
him. Thls plurallty wos only _v?iii>-Ilve, _ud thlx
was madc up o? thirty-one ballots wMeh were *tolen
freni the Kcpubliiaii ('..luui.. f.on. one low a alono.
Afk-i- tiR?-e Ih-Hy a_a halVHi ha_i baaa _a_a from lha
vote for John \V. Vrooman, thc Hepubllcan ciiiidldat"
for Lieutciiniit (lovernor, hc ihcn had a pluralltv .,'.. r
William F. Bheabflfl of eiK'!itv -ix Vfllaa. 'Ihe... afirr
tl.e same nuu.bcr of votea had becu _B8M from iho
count for Eugcne F. O'Conno.-, I? liad ii plu.-.illty .,f
forty votes lu tlie county. Frank Campbell carried
the county by only fourt.cii plurallty n* tl.o DsaBO
cratlc (at.didaU) for Co.iliollcr, and (Jeneral Ira M.
***?*, Iflfl Kepublican BBflBMflll for Malc Treiisiirer.
carried It bv a plurallty of tl.lrteou. c-ltnon W. llo*? n
dale, the Demoratlc (aii.ll.hit" for Ati ir.iey (icno.-l,
had only twe.ty eight plurallty, while Verplaj.i k Cnlvln.
the Repnbll.-an cundldate for Htate Englneer nnd Kur
veyor, ran twelve vot -i ahead of hl, Democratic op
The .. Ugi.ii* sh >w one thing, ainl that I* tl.at It l?
Inrcrdibl" U;at a BBflttl888 who thou-ht ihat hl< .an
v.- ? tt:.'. :. ' op 'I. one i hat li ? ?.-. oilld
not Mil,-riL_- one (eut to u BBBflPflflP fund would
run o_tr!> 100 vote. BflBfli flf hl* Uckct, eape. i_ h
when far thc aciount of tt.u li.-i-l of tliat Uckct a la:?.
..nn of 888888 *a? apeni. Mr. Kl-.wer *|i?'nt nearly
810,<__ lu the county, lt I* aald, and yet hl* plamllty
la let. tlmn ono-Imif what I* clalmed for Oabo ... . wbo
Play " liiuu. rmr Abroiiil"
The a?w an? p*y>]_u- ftm* ef ttavel
Mal 8128. BU- everf_s_r_.
Tiles, Open Fireplaces,
HouseholdArt Coods.
UNION SQUAREc-??-?>cor. Broadway.
Ir eoncein In am Un* havlng tta ?wn '0'__<J1?
fiuy of Ui* *?--?? K*tabll.h*d twt 00 yeara.
Ko ola OOO*? Erenrthlng mado aaUalaeUry.
dld not spend arent and dld not thlnk that he could bo
fle. I.d. Mr. Flower, to ,, has h*l, wiUi O-feOVOO, the
benriit of all of thc stolcn votes. and he h_> had the
benent also of all of the votes that OTOffl nrbltrarlly
add?d to the Democratlc column. Mr. Flower may not
like It 1000000 enough addltlonal vote-s were not. atolen
for hliu to n;ako hl.s npparent plurality lu the county
eqiuil * li ?_t if Ofl-OfOB,
Judge llaiuard, of tlw? lOBOOOOfl Court, te-niorrow will
have an opportunity lo hand down a dcrlslotr whirh
will settle the poaltlon of t! 3 two parties ln tho countT
ln rea_ d to tlie -.tolen l_.ll .ta. Tho M0-O-MMM flflflfl
of laSac W. 8lK-rrlll ar->ln-t the Board of County OBB
ra-flBrfl, lo iniiipel them to show cause why th?y atiould
not roonl tho rwOOfl whleh wero east at tlie la-t eloctlon
a? UMjr WOn returned bv the liispert-rs ofele--tl.li. will
eotnO ap lajfeBB Ibfl Judge here iu the moinlng-. ine
?ani" OOlflfl fhat were Moien fmm Mr. Slieirill and g_\'"
tlu- ci- .ilon to his ix-nr. cntlc oppouetit were u_.-n
froM ibe Brroonl of (Hlbort A. Drooo, oad, oabMfl m
law _trps In lu tlmc. ihls tlicft will result lu the Mflttng
of thc uemocratlc OOOiM Ufl Un thc t-enate, who was
?lefi-aied by th- vottfi* at the p.ll*. -fldO? lurnard
ha-. Iieen crcdlt'-d wltTi dcclaring that he upholds every
tliing that Ibfl Board ct BBBOmaora dld whlle couuting
tho vote. but the OOOMOO which Ofl handed Ooarfl In
the NVwburg el'-ciion e_-fl -nppirts ideady th" p.HUon
tak'-n |,\ the. Ki-piibli-ans. iVn tlie Ju.lg<- lield thut
ballots given out by loapflfltor. of election wero all
legal hall .n and n*ui?t le- coutited. Tlie atbu-n-vs for
th ? i;?iiubllcaii candldate WOO waa oounted out are
wonderfni if he will faUn Um mom oosltion ln the caaa
wliiiii th. y will argue to-morrow, or whether lic will
now tal.e an eiiUrHy illffereiit view.
jfi.c.1, EDWABXMVI oitOK.it 9M99M9XB TO a COM
mi'iiH nt nnmT neat- mo_o*_-c%
MDOtUUB- KMrn'ii.iN'i/i i>.
roughkecp-le, N. Y? Dec. I <Spee|ali.-Tli* order
ls*uod yesterday by Judge Edwnid*. of Tn.y. for flflfl
DotflOflOO County lioard of OOaflOaaOtO to flhOM ciiiisc
why ii writ of mandamiis should not be Issiu-d In the
matter of tfefl returns on Senator w:is flflTTOl flO Chali
mau llowatt and Clerfe H.ffBMII, of the BOfllO, todny.
Tho one served U|miu (iuilruiaii ilowntt WBfl handed
to him at his bOOM Ifl Hl-0 POTk. 1< 1> OflflflOi that i.e
is at home UI. In rctnrti he ^ent the 000001 to J. W.
Iliiicliloy, Kdltor ot -The Ncws-Prcss." Ilinckley put
them ln his porliet and took them to Judge Ilarnnrd,
sa>lng: "Judgo. Mr. Howatt has sent those BOOCn
IflflOfli l.v Judge MaacOfl yesterday to nio. Wluit ifeflD
1 do wlth them f
? Who OOO thfl OOtflO-flOTSt" askeil the Judge.
Mr. Ilinckley replled, -Wllllam Wood nnd Horaco
?t.lve to them th" pnpers,'' replled Uie Judge.
TBfl Board of DBBTBflflflM bfl-flOM OWflffl of the ar
rlval of the BOfflffl whlle it ?> -ittlng u% a It-.urd of
POfflrVBMOfl wiUi County Clerli lloffman lu tlu- room.
Mr. M>lod (Dcu.ocr.it) loate, saying: "I belleve tho
Couuty cierk. who ls piesent, hua smne pupcrs ho
wislus to rOOl.tO the Board.-1
-1 OOOfl au order,'' said the County ClorU, rtfltOOi
??wliich bflfl been served ,n me OO fl-0O_ Of bflfl lioard
r_ ('anvas-.ers.''
? I nio.fl lio be pcrmltted to read.-' said Mr. Vail,
tlie D-BOuerotk Icader.
Thc Otork then icad the Ot-Of an.l OOl down.
?? I move |ha BflfllO flf Supei-vlsor> O-JO-tttf S?W
Mr. Vall, --sulijoct to tba (nll of thc (?hal^.?, Tho
aat_a oao BBrriei. ? wi:i Um Clork oaw call tir:
BOON flf COBVOMflM lOOB-OM .'" lli<|iiiivd Mr. \':iil. Thu
t'lertt dld _0 and thc roll was OoUflO, MM iMO- D.
lioin.oiid aai apix.inted tOflOfOOai) chaiiiii.in.
'1 ntiw BrpVfl you," s<iid Mr. V.iil, -'tiiat tho Boan,
of Caavaaaen refor the ordtr Just read to a rommUieo
pievlously uppniiited by this lloairl ou u sinillar order
and tbal tlie raooa__0 bfl uut.horiz.ed to employ eoun
II. id Mr. WllMams, the Hepuhliian leader, rose and
H_l: -1 flflOerflfBOi thnt the county will have to pay
tho oinnaori of eoaa al fooo ao_ ihero ought u) bo
aomo liuiit.''
Tlie chalr paid no nttentlon to Mr. Wlllianw. but
pm Mr. VolTo Mottoo aai it aao earrloO .i'id th-n the
PtOrl i<!/.lli;ied Ull _ o'i-IihK (0?00-007,
t. \". Hooaar, of tho lootflaooa >>f Moaflfo bo-oo, came
bora fiaoa Albaoy lodvy arttai ? iooooooat from IM
, tUetUnt the Ciii.ilv ( lei-k lo give lo the
baa i uipy of the <i.uement of thc lioard of County
t-AV-Mco- reqalroi lo ba loraroooW t<> UmI O-oeo
pii:-uaiit to b-W. IbO C0004?( IflOb Mob c MBMi and
replled Ib Wrttfof, tbat bfl aao oooltte to compiy wlbb
lii.ii. ,i- no -uirli doiunient VOO in Ihfl -flHOOtl
nd I.. etiiiig of ilm Couiitv ClerkV BBVa, aml tfefl matt.-r
u i,.,u In Um baoOo id tio- _api_oifl toni-t wjflO
i.n- atiou. Thfl BMMOOgOff left h.-re OM Ali.uuy wlth
oiiT iiiC ic'iiviis. __ _
a >iu"ii v; cAixsDto pjumest loonin r,ovF.R
xou HXX-Va ri_r.
The Cnioii LaooOfl club 1ms flfltflrflOOBOl ta pUi.-e
lt-ilf ou r-. o-.l flfOtOOl (.ovci-noi- 11 i II'- itifamon* at
t-uil | ti nb UM fl-flflaOO-BMM of tho LagtOlOflOOO after
ih-\ g.iiiicd it falrlv at tho polls. A call f.r a n)-ct
lug to piotesl ngulnst. Iiis iicilons was posted at tlie
club ou b_0orOaf niglit and by Snii.lav night It ha.l
OoarUr -"" otgooao-ao. The meetuig will bo held to
liiirht and driiHiiis N. Hllss. vire pre-ident flf UM
rlub. will be lu the chalr iu the flbOOOflO flf OfeOaOOflf
M. D'-piw. UM pro*ldent, who U out of the city.
There is every iudliatlon that the fltflflOflflflMfl will be
large, n* Surveyot Lyon aud olher member-. have bcen
artive Ifl orOOfllafl Uotflfflfll lu the meetlng.
Mr. liliss wus a*ked yesterday 11 he could *ay what
Um BC?MJ oi the club wa* likelv to bo. lle replicd:
?? 1 cunnot s?y what *li*pe our protest against Hill's
attetiipt bfl steal tho l.egislaturo will take. hut I BflO
atire that It will l? cmphnUc a id to the pi>lnt. II we
have any i-i^liih or Hbertle's lt i.s time Ifl _<????rt thetn.
fbetO will be no uiicci-taln sound in the dccluration
of the Inioi l.eague Club."'
Anotlier tuetnl^r who was seen said : '? Some OtfOOf
sp-e.hes will be niade at the n\eeting and
stinti .g re-olutlons will be ofle eJ uud adop'.cd.
The club Is thoioiighly BfOaflfli OOflf tiovernor
lllU's nefarious -.heme, and ls 00?lOOfl to e-prcsa Its
view. on the subject. lt wan a-Uiuishing how <|ulckly
bOOOflfl were flOOfli to thu call on Sundiiy 0?000000,
Oa tl-.t day -BflOO U tuore than the BBBOl BOOBfeflf ><f
BMOObfln at tho club and the desire to hav. a ha:id
lu 00?0?g tfefl BMOttOg was unanimous. Mflfli flf tiiusa
who _iMisl tiiHr BOaOflfl to the IIst had OOOOflitllalng 00
0O| aixui UM lOOfOfllJUMfl of putliiig a olMflfe on so
bold nad mi outrag.-oiis a plut a* thai now ou foot to
wtc-i the cunti-ol of the l.-g.-liitui-e fi-uni Uio>* who
are uuiiilcd lo it.
-Tlie liii.il I.-.igue Cluh is a coiiserv.tivo body
and Ifl BflOOf pfl-OlfltflflBO ln i.ilfliig ii.tiou on any sub
Je?-t. BJoVflfOhOlBflOi when il tOOfl raKe Mo oaiflfl AO
oue vldr flf Ibfl otlier it ls suiv to _y -.ouiellilng that
will ezeri a pi-weifid _ilooarfl. The club la eoaapoaed
of -i rapraiMiitaUTo in.d iMportoot a >yt of moo Ifeoi
w-ii'ii it Uil.es a decided siand on a <|tMfltt0- il I. -nro
to have a large p-.rt nl the Ih--1 elemeut of tfefl i"OM
miiiii,) with li.''
llll.l. CONDFMNKD IN B-0-_0__OM0.
Tiie loOoortofl NflflflOlBOfl i aooa oaaalaooaali otfof <--i
at a it-giih.r m.-i-tlng of the Washlngton KepilbllOflfl
Club. lield on la-t Mouday eveiiing at Its cluhhou.e ou
WaMltln.h.ii llelghts:
Wlu-re-.w.. An infamou* crinie against Qbfl pflOOlfl of
thls bflflbfl, uneqiialU'd in wlckednesi slnce the a?sin,lt
ofl IhiMjflr. ha- b.s-ii rommltK-l bj the prc-eut K.\c
ciiUve, David li. lllll, ttirough hls lilgh handed attemp.
to OM U"'lde the will of the people- flfl legally flXB|Oflflfl_
at th- li'iilol -OO, and
VYIicreav Tlie BBflflflM of siirh au attuck ou the rluht
of frainhl-e. tlie e**cnc_ of wlilch |. tluit einii vote
shall tie hone?tlv coimled, wonld flfltafe?ob a propfl_onl
aubverslvK of onr aystem of OniMflflOail nnd Iu dirrct
vlntaMon of the law of the hiate. aud
tnoaaao. Tfefl mt Of lllegally golng behlnd the retiirna
und deprlvln? talflOO of tl.nir frauclilse and rleeted
i.fii i.ii- of their ofttccN, on allegcii or eoneortfld toefeol
caliUen, l? nvolnttonati ln flrfn-ipta aml la au attack
ou tlu- ( on .tltutlmi under the abu??Hl fonn. of liw. and
VVherea*. Aeqiiie*c_c*i ln, or utbMl*aloa to, such an
Invadon ot the pe..ple-^ rltht^ would not onlv bo a
i|'i..-i ii.dm -.iiit-.ii of the liiiidt'i-ii though nivi-i- up-n
metboda 'uy whi. h a luujorltv of the p-ople of lle
southeiu Mtnii- are iratOOHnflOllli deprlved nf tn,.
right* of fraaehM?, but would abM lie lurltig tlu- roundu
Uon for anan li* in every rttaite of Uie f'nlon; thflreforO
I;>-.iiIm-I. Tiiat the members nf Um W-ahinftOO Hc
piiblli-iLii ( lub iinaiiliuoiisk mid eniiiluitlcaltv roudemti
ti,.- ii itni..i? attack of David II. lliil und hl* corrupt
;i;i| wIIIIiik lOOlfl Ofl ti.a rliUits of tho peopla of tliN
MOOO, and
Iir.MiK.xt. That w? cordlally liidm-su ihe ?ctlou t?keu
b\ the Bepubilran Raecuflva . 'oinuiltnv of New York
and of the Jtidlrlanr. to prerent bv tha emalavment ot
icgat metl.ods the iUMlflfl^BBI;of ^*J_ft_^
dangaroua lnva?lon of the Bi?t raered ot P"!'"'*' .]""'-H_
X Weat SI.1.- Kepublican Chib on ru'^?V? -i.
?ilso pwscd re-olutio..., *tr....alT '^"^'^St*
Imi.d .1 acllom of liuvernor II.II and "I* oi>-' '"P"^"
w ISSma an.l eaJHaj upon tbo aeoi.le to show their dls
approval of such nutraia. .
? ?
_____ V_OTO__T IN' BHABETH, N. .1.
i.i xt:d majohity.
Tie nrpubllrnns of ____fl__M__i W. I. nre Joyful over
the victory nchlev.-d on Tuesday In thc clmrtcr election.
A Democru'le nuijorlty ln-tt year of nenrly 1.?00 i.as
been ronvcrW into a Kepnbllcnn mnjovltv thls yrnr of
0111 for Mavor John C. Itankln. Mavor Knn.-ln'* ma
jority I* the lnrgc-t ever obtalned by n RepuhlKun <.-...
dldate In the cltv, and h.s opponeiit, Frederlck L-. Ih-ld
iltt.T. ls thc wor.t benten man thnt ever u*p.red fof
'"iinVlMBt I***** luethoda and the pollthlri n* BBB*_M
here l.y the Democratlc lenders to lllu_nte then N
,elved a araaMflf ****** from thc Intelllgent voters.
Tha r.?n-tnitiiig aehaaaa ?>y n__B th* Daaautintfa lead
er< hoped to r-fuln perpetnal ****** ot the City Coun?
dl has pioved a boomerang for them. They eoonted
on linvlng nlne solldly Demorratle and thr _? Kepnb?
llcnn 991**, but the resiilt la that tt* out of V* twelvo
wnrds elected Kepubllcnn Aldernion. sicven l>emo
craU und four KepubUcans hold over nnd the m-st
lloard will stand Kepublican ten. Democratlc fourtaen.
Thia Inc'.udes tho Democratlc Alderman Hl-I.arg . Fut
rlck J. Kyun, who has IHO plurollty.
The hext I.ourd of F^luc.itlon will sfand Democrnts
twelve, Kcpubllca.u eight. Tlie four Democratlc can?
dldate* for FioelioWers were elected. Tl* -irprUe of
the day wns In tbe Third Wnrd, a larg.-lv DWSMBM
ouc, wh.-re oliver Story, Kepubllcnn und < iti/.cn_' enn
di.late. beat Aldermun Flynn by 3<i vote . altliough tho
wurd bas over :_00 Democratlc majorlty. Thc l>en.... . ...
BB-I-BBIBM ?wnrnied to Mayor lUnkln'a suppoit bv
hundreds an.l lha "reen tactlon of t__ Dcino. rutic purtv
liulfed their Muyornlty rnndldnte, besaus.; he was
mcog.-.lB8i bv them us a tool of the Abl_tl < lajBM h-rc
He wa* BBM cut hndly by Im.Ui the IrUli and i.urinaii*.
Tlie lotal vote ca*t was nearly 7.000, or more than evar
bofOfC pnlled excejit In n Pre_d<-ntlnl election. Mayor
Kuiikli. received <T8B vote. B>.JL ??*?_??.JP***;)
:i.o77, uud T. Usaaaai flortaBBt. 118, HaMltttav *9*
le U out of polltlc- forever.
BTELL ?? _i.u.i--__..- ix ni ffaI/T).
ItlVi. TAOn/0* at tiif> DKMOCftATIC tMU Mtirs
|_r____tR_M TO BF. ____a____
Iliiffalo. *)cc. 2 (?*peclnl,.-The Democratlc prh
I.eUl Ui-t night nre llkcly to have a -ci?-nti.>i.i.l out
aaaaa. it la *M that a mbm m moro of hMpaaton
aro to bo arruated. Two warrant* w.-re K-ucd l.y
.ludgo King thls mornlng, and a number of bUmk de
po_tlon fonns were 88888-1 , and will bo UM *9*
Blgaai bv |ha -ludge. A number of rievela.nl DaBBOB
raey lawyan huve awai MMI Ihat w*B paaaaeula ?he
n_8_ai8lng Bheehanttaa to tlie_j.it.cr end. lha iraai i ?? i
.?..-<. lOBottad _a a .wceping rktory for Bhaaftaa
over thc Maaal loreaa; ta other arort. f?r tha Hill
Daaam n_a ovar lha cicveinu.i bbbb* M h ci.argci thal
thc Inspedors toro up B___-8_88B-fl bflOBBl *****
for dcpo?it, liitlmiduted 8088-8, nnd violii.ed tlie law ln
nmiiy ways. "Tha F.u<i>.lrer" (l)eni.) says thl.
Bftanooo: "Tha aeJoBi of the Bhoahaa bbbb Ia th*
li.^t Di-t.i.t of tho Twenty llr . Wnrd h*t nlght wiw
a ciiu.o against DeflUKIflcy and a vlolatloii of t'i>
atatutCB of tl.e State. F.mn fair rul"* 8*8 po"
10 teeare a f.-.ir eaacaa if bmb B-lheitaHy _o_ala
tho laW. Ill thls ca?c rlnc rulo (leeelo[?"l Into Inw
laSBflea. It ls nol Iho first UBM that a
BfaflUar ie._ilt has becn ollalned. It ls
a startllng piopo.ition which we nre ;ish .1 to la_<_.*(.
Daaaoeraey ls Bhaohaalaaa, Bho__i?_aa la ring ...1-,
rlng rnla i* lawlaaaMsl."
WilsDii . . Blsaatt, Mr. Clevelaiul's ..ll law p.-.rtner,
Wfla not )w-irnilt?:l I.i vote. bcca.i.e ha r.fu-.d to | II
win-ihei- or not hc had vofed f..r . .loclian in Novcail.'..
-H w:.s -Imply a (llsgrac'-fnl ontiay.e." *.id Mr. lil-.-ell
thls B-OniOOfl. '? I)l*_-ac ful IB ll." onlv tfrm tl'at _O0
ba naed, H.id l tl.lnlc It I* the flrt tlnv ln tli- hlatory
of liulfalo tliat pflSaurtaa wore coi.il.ut.'d aa they were
last nlflht"
?? What a..? vou goin, to d-i nbont .t '"
" Do ai-out it i Wa -l.uJl slmp'y punlsh the peopl*
who wero enaaged in the work."
.lohn I'l-O'tor ("arl.c, pre_d.it of the Knrdled He.
piihllcans- of UM X XI -. A -cinblv Dl-trl-t. yeHtcrdav
aliiiouiic.-d C:0 MlBBrlBBj eoiniiiitb'e. I'. 88* ****** W9*
a lefuilutij.i adopted by the oignuiaaion on Noveni?
ber 9 to i.oii.liiutc a ilckct fir.iho p.lmarv el?.-il>!.
of Docember _: .lame*. A. ?aaohB-B. chalniiHii;
Wlliiam BroohBoU, K. W. Klooml' g__.l . Charles A.
Me?-?, Jame^ ?7wons, l*et?r a. BBBUbbi u*^..r Timtm?..
11. (Hlell. Mcholus A. Knoi nud .1. IhOBBO* Clarke. ex
offlclo. lu pflHBBMB of au urrangenicnt made lie
tween Cl.ulrman lllanrhard and Kobert M. (lallawny.
chahman of U.e commlttec of the name numhor, ai.d
ioi- lha MflM purpos*?. :ippoli.t-*d bv Colou?l Wlllluin
A. ( lapp, cl.alrmun of the Kepiibll.-.in DMlM < om
mitiee of the XXIst.'tl.e two n...nlnatlng c miinltteos
will inoet at tho Kepublican dl.tr.ct l.(.ad(|i.nr'cr*. KO.
lOO F?a*t Flfiv-nliitli-st.. lo-mor:-ow evening ut a
o'.-kx k, nnd cudcav.r to ajrree upm a aafl'factoi-.
H_M lor the pHmary. Tho . 9** ouglit lo know s. v
that it will bo headed by John 188888* Clnike for
|iro*ident. Mi a pnimlnet.t XXIat DiMrlct Kep ib
lican, >-(!? e.day :
??'lr. I'la.Ue does not want lo run B8JBBB and I
wholiy dl-incllned t. 88*88 for BflOthBr vear, but hla
frlends inslst npon hl* maklng tlie, _u.criil.-e. ln vlcw
of tho BMBUM* Ifl which lie has BOOfl att?M-ke_, 1 thlnk
thut his -el. :?'-!>??. t .leai.uid* ihut hfl snbinlt to a
nomlBation nnd a re_8leetioo. l do oot beHera thera
11 anv (loiil;t BBOflt hl* bclug reclecled." The
opposition to Mr. Cfauha is aciivo. navarthelraa, und
.rn- cbancon a.e fhal ther* vviu bo an interasiiug eoa
te-t. Au oppo .tion tl-nct wUl ba plic-d in lha
Held. bul tha Bghl mny not extend t-i :;ll tba pl u cs
to bc lllled.
A*tonhliiug majorities were roll-1 nn bv the Hc
ptibllean cniuliiUtes Ifl th* munbiii.il cl.s-tlon ... 1*1.1.
Held, N. J.. on T-OB-Oy. Two jears of mlsnilo bv
tiie Daaaoeratk -hig Mx* thoruuriiiy bvobobB ihe
jxxipio to tho iiBeaaotty <>f tuking boaacB?la ...tion
aCHln-t IBjB "aeaablfle" at thO polla. The n-ult i*
that not ono " I'lg Six" candldate for Councllman was
re .-le. ted. The Flr. Ward gave a majorlty of 1-JO
over H.-ttleld, In *plte of Democratlc colonlwitlon.
In thc BOOBfli Ward tho majorlty galned bv Johnston.
Kep.iloi.an, was more tli.ii the total vote recelve.l
by Opail_*lll_ir_ Ihl "'dg ^Ix'' candl.lat.. In th-?
Third Ward l'raiik K. M?r?h received three tlin-s as
many v .t-s as his Democratlc ..ppoiit-nt. The ma
lorltlea gu'ned l.y tl.e oth'-r Kepublican nomlneev ?****
ln like proporaon. lt was the ino?t pmnouiiced
victory PtitlnBaM Kepublican. ever won.
District-Atfoiney Nlcoll Is b -omlng cxtrcmcly fond
of tl.o BOCaaty of na_B_M Croker ... lliesc dnys. lt.* j
took Mr. Croker to Ihe footlmll game between Vala
and Prliueton la-t we'k as l.ls gncst. Wl Ilc thero j
Mr. Nlcoll met Wr. f*****\ and ln?l_cd np-.n intr.^l.t.
iug him to Mr. CroUcr.' Thc Tnininanv 1. .Vl.-;- pMttA \
Mr. Fussett wlth a M*88Bfl- ?ml|e, ae.d BBBfla Hiis
clieerful p-.na.U: "Well. Mr. l_B8Btt| 'Ud v.ai gei
enough of biicklng IBB tiger!"
Tiont.Mi. N. J., Dec. ?_'.-The ( ouit of Er.ors nnd
Appeal* todav ile.ld.Ml the cootest for the I'onnty
CkrkHhlp of Mlddlescx County l.y reverdng the de
sbbbbm oi Iho ?apaaaao aaal ChanM aaorla und g.viiu
tl.o offlco to OaatTory, M_a DaaaoarflUa htfanhofli ef
Ihe oflice. Tho caso wsw d-cidei ou t-jehel.-lltle-,
rt'totooaaa i.nd aiaahMaaa of avMaaaa; it had iicn
pending sincc 1888. Tl.e Kepublicim cuile-lanl al
lepd thal lha _i!i?>t hoxoa wa** .-tuifci iu the in
teie-t ..f Ibe I'ciuo. ratle eamlMate.
a nf.w ciiNHirn rioN ici: aki/?>na.
Tuc-o.i, Ar./.. IH'c. ?_ (-pecinli.- Arltoini voled ves
..-.-.lis 88 the ii'.estli.a of a new eOBfl8_B_Bfl* Tho
rettin,s thiM ?r received ahow thut more tlmn l.n.r
Bfthfl of Iba votes are for thc coii.tiiuiloii, wl.i. h will
bw' a.lopied.
I.lma, ohlo, De.-. '-'.-The TMB8B88V *A Allen County
flli _ a sitit ag.ilnst Cnitcd stntcs 8888881 t'alvln 8,
Hrlco this mornlng f .r 187,888 dcilmiiient taxes. Tho
?aaaao* baa cou-iuiitly rehixed lo iw.v taxe* here during
thO !n-t 99* v.i.r-. nlleglna;, ?>ic._v?r p.es-e-l for a
-....!. fiie.it, tl.at he had no i-e-i.l.'.i. .? al r 111 ? pl ..?-.
i ii.< amount aahal for laahaMa ara* 88,080 ... b*o_tka.
Alliany. N. Y., Dec. 'J.-Tho nepubllcan (liuveullnii
for ihe nn AaaaaflHy nutri.-t ot ABPmmm co.u.ty t_>
dav luinliiHtcd John .1. McCiibo for M*-nilier of Ai
sembly, to be \ntcd for on December -II nt the _|..'i i ,1
elfcilou onl'T.-d to 1^ held (o lill Ihe \;i.iincy uin-ed
Itt HlUhlMV HT.
lHllBV A K11..I..K UBNKtO.j.r Uoatou,. roaktra
af tha cel.br?ied DKHBY ltoi.1. 1?P liK-*K-. kava
opvuaj i ?_!r?iu?iu bi ttmto aaai??. Calalosua as
. ?
The wrnny wau
with Catarrh, 12
to atop it without
rvriny it Tb*j
poturiw.il*. irr.fa
ling anuff*, stronf
eauatic -liutionx,
"rreoma," hnlma
nnd tbe like may,
nrrhapa, palhat*
for a Urae But
they may rtrt-?
tbe diaea**. to Um
TIm wrong; wty i* full <t danjr/T.
Tho right way is a pfO___ OM IfO wftb
I)r. Hftgea Oitnrrh rtamMiy. It eurea, p-r
feetly nnd pcrmanently. bf ita mild, anotfe.
jnjf, rl -ruting and hcaJing projartica, tbfl
?-orst r_aea of Chrotiic Cttarrh It roa
provo.1 itvlf right, thouaandt of tl.ne*, when
evervthing 0_O h** fail?l
Aml thia make* tu Broorootarfl B?flflg to
prove tbat It's th* right Uiini for yoa, no
iiuilter how liad your ra* or flf how long
If tbey ran't ruro your (aUa-rb, Uviyl
pay you t-VM) in (?di
They mttm it
Thoy're c-rUln flf tlx-ir medicina.
You pay only for tbe jrood oog get
The Original and Genu'me
Imparts tha n?<?- dea-i
Ot B LKITKI! fr .m
TI.HMA" at Mfld
raa, toJila brotli^r
flt WfJKi 'l-iil-U,
Aiay, losi.
that their iwuce la
b'.ghly e?ie-_i*d In
Ii.dla.pud la ii. my
ooliiton. the moat
p'alatable. aa well
aflthr mort. wtu>le
?oni*- aauce that ls
Beware of Imitationsi
see that you get Lea & Perrinrf
Bla-.turaonetery bettlaof thaOrlrml ?nd<
JOI1J? laX'JCA.Va KO.'a, MU -OM*.
by Ihe iflOtfe of Wiliia.o F.. Murphy. Ihe f*i?.<-0*.
< i nv. .,-',on for tiii- distiiit nomlnated ,\- ? t.Ujbm
Oateo ii. mtt. _
All.: ? y. N. Y . D- ? . - i ":?? '.I ?
-tate. -;-,'<l to nlaht Ofl woi.hl r?J?Ifl TboOOM B. Daa
dlct a. hl- D'-_*rttv fur Ihe c i_il ,_ tw i
Tlie RflVjr, so fnr as ?w Yorl; l? 000-01 00. OM mt
plaM-ig UM gtime flf " Ton l.ltilc Indla-?.-." lu ?_?
aaatO, one after another of thr \e*?e|? bfla taaM 0*
rtepait.ire. ,-iniii l!e Nmv ^nni. untll flafe ?>'-i*BO
i'e ioobba-tarfotol MflaMor aobaaoa i I n.e CM
lettag loof iHmltol WmMmft lao-Mo oftt
BquaOroo of Bvofcotloa, aj-bai poatorOoi, |.c -tn*t
tfefl llfinl.lMi BlMO- POfl-tOOfej al '.'.:M) ... 0
MOff at llamptoti BOflOa, where sh* wlli be |
Um AttflBtfl and tli- lliiiiilii-ton. and nffr t*MO
practlie ln tlu Y'.rk Btvflfl fll flbOOO MB?Ofll ?UlMa
Um (iulf nf HflBfeflO Bflfll BBflOi tlie wlnter. aroMOIr
pa-i.:- nni-t ?,f b-fl il. o:i tli* -Ta??MtBOji -KW.
loaoial flfeaafljM aooo boaa made _ aao >.rwr*_f_w
alilp l:i tfefl l--t BTB MOflba. <!>?? M 0 .- MOOOOI
< oiiu_inda-.it fltfojaaa-o-, Acting a_Mf itafeal JMBA
Walker; Ha- li<-it.naiit. I?OObBBfl I I -t*m_a;
nlde. F;-i/i A. P. Nlblr^k; fltlrai ' *pO_*
,i,. . |.'i n, aHlhi. lomooonala ? <' icimaaVr
i hatle* B. Bpen i. e*a? fi- ? ?? '? "?'
m fll I'. ?oOOOOB, iinvliralor Nfl-kal I O-lM
Ti-voii. iflol oarflaaa; Pooo ii ? I N OTbO-bflaoo, lool
,,,t fl-bror; CO?flf F.!i.iiie?-: UmM J- A-OO, o_*t mo
iimt: (;irita!n (i^irge c. Mi, fleet mvln. aOcrr;
_ii__i_iin. the BOT. A. A. M ~^ *''4i;,v,
:i .1. ( . Byraaa; .\--i-.-ni >ur:?s>n J. K. Wntrr
V.f'A . PaOflfli AflOOOOOOl Knglncr- A. ?. i'-.aga and
F. II. Kldtidga: A<sl-rt?nt F.iiflii<i-r I ?> MrKean IfO ?
|flOO_00. J.'hn lliibinid. W. II - MflfeM nna 000-0 ^
Knlglit -OOtfOO I'hliip Andr-w*. (ic.r.e R. Min^
W. I). MacDougall and UflBO A. KflbMt >>'av.l <'a?^?
il.l.-ii.il Davba, M. M. Ta.. lu-. ( ?- ru- fl. I! .'II rd. R^aaaa
B. |ell,n..p. -\. 0, Met-ti re, Klrb_rd II. W? J
ii v ... ? i,..|.'i- l .1,-1 I-',?.i!?? ??! - J. K. Hnij.'i.-.ii an*
llflorSw. uw,':FiVia( p! ii. RooMoy. ummm
C. llT llogan and <;iinn.-r i 'harle* _.?r*an.
Ti..- rrujaor Kawarb. tha new ...--mp of thaloaa
\tl?-..Mi- .-luadro... prereded the l ?"??'??'?" t-^fS"
,,.h. -he will have tai-et pro< Bffl IB ti*- V.i- mtt
before v-oing t<? Hi-i'H.
m U-J_ra Pii-~nri o? >>hjf mvelw
?Oflftfl-O I '?""' ? '""' - ?,:i,,,", s,,|!,nil,n ln ?*
Cnlt/-d HUtfl '??"< bO-OOJ Iflb-OOOi 0 0-HbMOO ?f _0O>
t-.c io tba ofeoo loaio "i MM oaooOry, lo tbo alfl
tiie iioooooooBl aooolo Ooooflaay, of tm- 'it.. -?ai?o
Hotbaway B-othcra, m BrMoapart. ThaderHMflOOQ
plotel) matotoa tha poOrata of tho Koa-ooO- Bofl_o
Company, Um orbjlaal boroaoot -od pimieer mm
fi, Mirer of the flfllUflOOOl- bOOfebl n*?l ta irrtlr OM
leatiiii- flhooa,_
ll*.l\nvf; B-CT1-0C7TT 101 liMAtPL
c. s. ROflaj-baoooa nnd ii. Hoflfeaao ooobaal boa
v -i..,,!.- ?u the flt??blf Alva fr.m KitlflBM.
JOBIflira i'l-v ,rv OMMfeOia ->f U.e .l*n.al.-..i (??????
mmi a..i aro oaaob bolatooboi m loclaooritv. ??
MM tli.it tl.elr vi-li 10 IfelO ? mintrv ls wlth n .^*0
estabBahlBl oootpooeol ratottaafl bobaaoo th- n
M-tea and Janu.l.a. Th"v w*nt |fl the U<'t'l BM?
wi.k. _ _
taofeaonri-a, i-ia.. Doo. ?-''- Pooaai oaolM ?-**<
M. B. (,'iiav arrived hOOO Ifl OOjM feOM I.i- BOrpOO re.
I.u.ie. lle will leave l.ere In Uw rr..-nt__??
\Va-lilngt"ii. _m_
thl WEATBEE nr.ror.T
TiaMMflMB Dec -.'.-The dlstmbai. Ifl ??>' .^
Hu.uv bumMmm rr^ur.t Urta b-wbMh i?' '"' :'^vm
Mergy, and na? n.ov.d ... MO < ' ** -,?
a?d Koomm, ohata Bm _wao-*-t ?? ?""?''* ^'";,-?..,.
OlaMrbaoeo baa bflM loBowH la ti.- ,-""i_'
r fUms b] au ar-a flf lugh pOOaaWN IM- BM r-?
,,,.;?. ,.,i-!.r nm"- ila "'''^?!'Vl^I.",,,0"r'.irw--M?
m M,? noHOwaid to PaboM and ?i ?.. *"',/?;?? .w*
.uiiiiiiii.-* ttiroi!(.iu>... t'u- ?"'"',.; ""'i,',,.,.,. ?" *^
war.ier.falr aaatbrr wUi co ' .'."pwnatt
durlng Vhurs-Viv. bal Um itor. ln UV tt' * ," VdiaWMO
"aaa wlii* ..- ">- *??"? ""<l ilWV,? .o-i^'T'"*
lui-i-.-.... iu t.a_u*l vallava, ?.t. ??'*'? ????V?'aaa
T,??-d.o. f,.i.r.-d bj -n.iv.-r- ... ...??- ? ? "^? JC
Mls-|.-i_|.i 111^ Lowef Ohio iiili1!- n.1. i-'!.V',
?eall?r '.!ll l-^val I" t'-11 eaaMOl WbMO o, rrWaf.
. K0K1..AST TM.l. lf M. TIU BOO-T.
For Ifll Ohno' ??'? I 'i"fht *???? '" ''"V*"'
KO.itliwrsV-ilv wln-s i*iii .ni Frlday. _^
i.,r -BMooa BOar-Tarh. BOflbaa 'Vnn'v;x,,1*'(l-<
InM,, Datoaara OarybM- oai \^?.? '?"
.l.l.l rhMMMJ M bMMMOOOOOl -..ilh'riy ?
PM piorbba, a-aoai aa ? ' ahaoaM on the ?.?!
and iu BM ? -OMMO ?
,,l)r . J b 10000 00-, M
ln Alabama. , , _., a,
Far Mtf-HtHfl aad UfllMOOfl. flOOBOOafll l'?" *
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