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yoi.jj_N0, 16.4.5.
fynninuton. X. J. tmk 3.-A wreek ocourred
the Fhiladrlphia and Keading Railioad about
* j_if milf rast of Pcnnington at 5:15 p. m.
_ whii- was cau8i?d hy a west-bound train
_^Kjng into a gravel train whieh wa* trying
rtl^ ^ a si-ing lo allow tiie expreas to pn*s.
'ZjL men were killCHl and fifteen injured. A
ITbound frcighl traia had taken thr sitline
Tl tbe gravi-1 train waa following it to allow
*T ^^nper train, No. M3. to paes. But
* th?. niain track was cleur the expreaa
*j__, inn. the rear of tbe gravel train.
^Lmmmw -11 tbr caI* an<1 t3ac en?lne "n<1
^jj- The first car of the expreas was thrown
_ tbe M.uth rside of the emhHnkment, tventy
wt k_-> ?f?on whieh tbe aoe.ident otje.urred,
Z fp|t in saeh a way aa to prevent the re
zl_?f uiianhn. whieh had failen npon their
Amu frM_ folhiwing. The engine of the expresa
_ ?iunged down the north siile of the em
|2_K_t and waa deetroyed. The engine of
?rsvcl train, half destroyed, remained upon
2 tr-cka The *?oene of Ihe diaaster was at
aeirtt onl.v a short distanee e a. t of the Penning
LTgfation, where many freigbt trains are side
rt-A ut ?Uow fard trainn to pass. Tlie rars
ef tbe r?Vfl traiM wrrt pile<l Iip iu * hrap' and
-ay of thero were deistroyed by flre afterwarl.
Tbnae kiiled were Frederick McLaren, of Phila
friahi.: Miehael MbI?T. "f Trenton; and
ft^u* FUapatrlok, of Philadelphin.
fhea taken fron. the wre.-k thev were placed
jkM thr emh__kment until they eouid ?* con
?-o m a lietter plaee. They were all employed
brtbe Readmg Kailroad Company as iaborors on
tnrave! trnin. and were all unmarricd nien.
__? iajured. fifteen in numb'r. were <uken lo
Trtstoa anrl Phlladelphia. lieiug f?.r the n .a?t purt
.?*nti>. of these tw.. rit.es. Tiie en_iners and
fmmtn nf h"'li trains were among the in.jured.
gitbr ensrineer of The express tniiti, it is th-Offet,
rtl lie II? is a Cnhan, Frank Kodrisuez, aud
la the npiitation of lieing one of the bcM en
pujtn in the employ of the Readin; Kailroad
l?B?"t'.v Othera ol tbe injured BM Iaiac Mar
,ia of Philadelphlg : .lauies Jsaae-s, (.f Pliiladel
p\?: Cftarla. WUsoa. of Gorinanlown; (harle*
Dnu-in., Philadelphia, and Dr. A. F. Day, oi
Soon af'er ihe wreek or^urred the people from
pHHii-jrton aml Ihe students from the Ki-ininary
filiered at tlu- sc<-:w <af the (lii_(ster and reudercl
-_uable servi.r in tiUiing the killed and wounded
.'..m the wreek, anil trotag ull la their power t*.
ilkriatr the .?uff.-ring. of the injured, and also in
MiilniK Bai pt-sseiiRen. who arrived by late trair_t
fi.ni one si'le of tlie wreek to the other. The
phrsieia_i nf the town re_p4inied pr.amptly to the
eall and did all they could for the
luffurn until the company's physieians arrived
frm Phili'le.phia and Trenton. The tiack for
liO yarde wns strewn with the wrevkage of the
tralua,-id tlie rondhod wa. tom >ip. A eonptrue
tien train, whlch arrived promptly from Trent/an,
pnaOW-fd to clear away tne vieck.
H?ri Landlnf:, !f? J., Dee. 8 rspeeiali?A bold at
tH-pt wm made to wrer-k a traln on the rhlladelphla
u_-_6hors Roilt-4>nd, hetween Tudtahoe and P.t_rs
b_rg tlll mo.-ring. When the down traln whirh
lean-Tt____boe for (ape Mav (ity at 10 o'clock was
_rl__ tl*__i_ a dens_. . wamp two mll_s below Tnclia
**+ mr -?,.u.i ____.olr saw a tnrge herrp ot rwasr-r |
-B-erxUwi anosti the traclt about no ynrds ahend.
H? vAtetlesd lor bralv-* and reiersed his etaglne
tmtat lo ? staodstill not thlrty ynrrt* froin the ob
Bwliwi. Before ult?mptlng to rcmove th? nbstnic
BB, tlie tralnuien searrhed in the surrouii-lnp woods
B -Acover Uie pei-petvator.v of the outmpe. Not
IM yards frrm where the tniln wa- stopi _<1. the
e?_tMtor. wlio was *head o( tl.e Bearchla| amns,
mtnt a iiiau hlillng behlnd a laige Irae. He im
aa_lat*ly i-tartcd for the enntltirtor. who Waa ik> n.atrh
Brhim. and beat blm badlv bef^r.- ttM others srrived.
Ibe nian adrnitted t<> the iiainnien lhat he eom
aittt. fae de.d. and said lie was only sony he had
Mt mri-eeded ui tlarowlnp the train oft tlie tra. lc
He narniwly f-seaped being lynclied nt the la.ands
_ tho jaiminpBa. and those 8r_0 had gath
wd arr.uiid. ile lefused to pive his name
_id was ,;.t;'-n bi*rk tyi Tin K;.li".<-. wh.-n- he rOOelval B
-_-1nK before a Justicc p! the p.:...-. Neailv all the
akatHntii- oi tl.e llttk vlllaze ruslied to tl.e Jaatiet.
?Bo. icirt siraiti trled t.. pe? poaaeaal-. .^.the in.-u:.
Ile w*^ .li.seiv pnni-rlrsl l.y eoaatablei and w;t* sut.-ly
iVW nu |n the County Jail at (i.p?- Mav Conrt
llmae lo-nlghi The grMteal e.x. itenn-nt picvails M
i-ekaho". and it h P-ared nn ;itt?-inpt wiii ba made
i-Mjtlit to i-i-t tbe man from the jail and lynch him.
-_rti._ls.niiY refuaea to give I.is name.
Bosuin. la..-. 8.?A derlsiun sent down ln the I'nlted
-at? lir.ult Coart tl.ls niurnliig by Judge Colt d ?
*-? that the court has jurl.di.tion of HM eaal of
_arles Head. _dmini?.i_tor. against Sarauel W. l"orter,
-Od glves the plaliitiff Ihe right to pra-euto a siilt ln
mmk ove: .::. .imhi da_nag4>s ls daimod for tlie lu
M-lwient of a patent for c_rtrid.e retmctoi-s ft_r
-eec- k__lii,_ flreai-nis. 11. ? -uit was o.plally
*aa?h1 l.y AlHtan 8. r-nioot against Onlonel Jarnes
fi-ht-toti. then rommander of the riilted State*Ann..ry
* S8i!tirtejd. rharxitig hlni wlth the infnnpemcnt.
aia_iueiitir the defendant dled. ai.d the defend-tit,
t*rvtr, nmstei aimoier at th. spiingtleld Arnioiy. was
ah-tlmw. Tlie defen_a_it app_ii*(_ and without ob
t*__ fl__i nn h-,sw.r, and Ui I I nlted Ktate* altoincy
?II that his (ircurustai.cee tended to show lhat the
941 _ in th.. -ul swtiue. tiKanph not iii form. 8JB-II-.
-etated stau-s. Judge Oolt says he MlU to see Ihe
??aelU-K aigumctit, and ludds lhat ih. si.it -ii.ii.l-.
*<a?l|_a_]ly brougbt against I'ai-t?r. Th<- (M?urt nNo
ta*,-*i it I- do defenee tliat th? d-fendant acteil un
^laknr.f the fultort litate^ (ii.vernnient. and says:
11'a _D,tK lecured t. _ p:1t -ntee under liis grant
"**BaCovernniC-l ai-o a form of pn.pcriy, ln the
????aaBUf wlii.i, be is .-utltled io prrat i-tlon agnin*!
*" e-Baeeers. in.-ludlng the (lovernment. To drv
w,i -la ..r tbe full enjoytoeat of tho?? righta by
Jjjlhh iriveiition mlthout hls eoaacBl is lo Boptiro
J* ?_hu p:..poity withi.ut just oomaeoaatloi or
?i_****s r.i |aw, whieh ruuflict- with the provlslons
**rtt-v11-(\ N. J., Dee. 3.-An old historir biailding,
*e!' had ?<?)_ standin; for nearly 'J00 years on tlie
**** nvige of rn.untHlns at this pla.-e, va? -BlttOj-i
-e last Llght. When Wnshing. an's army was cn
r***" lu the lallev at the f.xit of lhc niouiitaln.
^t fie Kevoiutionary War. he occupied tln ln ns ?
?? -fsVlgiuirteis. ln bm "f UM MBBM UHM 8HU
j** t_e old f.urpe-t mahopanv be4lstead 4.n whii ta
**"?|ton klept. The buildinp uf Inn- wats hnd BBta
tin u l-v''"' ov *" old negio, known 88 ttmtO
7-__""'' "e M*s sl.spiiK iii W.isliii.xb'ii's old
-j. "^D u,e flre broltc ..nt. nnd i.e hud a n.rrow
4gf?fI*"" aelng hunied ta death. All Uio tont.-i.ts
H_-_ DOai* *ere rniiaum.-d, in.-Iiiding the old lu-torlc
?utout*1*1' 1><"' 'L ?*'?" w"'1 ?*>te,Vil ,,l,s BltafBO-B
_-*__._.ei' J:"v"" -*-_-rl rraiaaa. of .\l.c-i.cn\. ln
m?jU*a"M- He is .Imitf-d _i(h it-rainliag .Tl'i af
^T*0"'* i""1 Jail funds. (.(iiitroiler James 1-0*1
tfc, U^ l-tor_i?_k?ii .efuix' AMeraua MeMaaana.
'??.'. **'V"r V"i" *n'"'t*a' -'^ iiiniishisd ball In the
-ifaaa e-'u"' f,r.:i D**-I?l 0-?l ??*. tmm ehargo
?Bl __?(",, .y_T ''eal""" ls _inillar to the BBM pre
?--'ist M.vor Wyman.
- KrirMrsi tmaurim w jail.
^red eaagrafMlaa at Mount liolly, v?*s _rrest~d
?*?-._iT j l1?'* "' a*"*-11 -n<? batlerv prcferred by
Wu*< to __T p,u-,,*, '" 'Wwilt of ball he was .oin
-*-fr OEEBSEBft body ixcixeuated
^-ta-rir ia_w. ., _.
? i- The body of Major lieorg*
H Armf, mmYrOi froin i'lilladel
wa? met at th? ataUoa \a Umiot
m*mm\mjBm II*. ?
** Baroto ..^ltt's Amf' w'riv#,<1 fr,,,n l-_-8ja|p__B
: ' jBpfB nird a clefall of troop* from tho Ihlte. Statcs
Arscnal. The body wa* tnl.cn to the u**T of lil
fatlier ln law, John W. Chalfant, wherc tlie funeral
services were lie d this afternoon. lt ?n. then re
i m ned to Imwa. crematory for lnrlneration. There
wert no aarrtaaa at tbe tveauBarr. The aaaBa arttl be
-cut to Loxtnpton, Ky., tor burial.
passaic rtoi-uxu m__?s not bouv.ht by any
II wa* reportetl yesterday that tho syndirntc whieh
U B8fe___Bg for the purchase of the (ooper Hewltt
Iron and steel Intercsts hnd prartlcally roiiiplcteri its
orgaiiicatlun, oleotrd Its ofhrcrs a!id npentx. und pre?
pared a sehedtile of stooks. The report nl>o .aid that
the Bf__?BBB liad arnmpod for tho pa___B88 of tho
l.i--ai. Rolltup Mllln. nnd iiamod Watts Oooke. presl
dent of the latter ronipany, as n dlrector of tho new
orpiiil-Htlmi. At the oflice of the Paitsalc Kolllnp
MUls the offlccri denlert the report emphatlrally, so far
ac their alleped connoctlon wirh tlie synld> .ite was eon
renied. \V. O. FayerwoUler, vlce-pre-Ident of tho
company. said:
"We know nothlnp ahout nny Enpll-lt syndlrate
neffollnlltii, for the punhnse of our works, and the
publlratlon of such statements as have lately appear<
la liijurliuis, haeaaaa the offect ls to ran se demornll
?ttion amonp our workmen and ttneaslncss ln tlie mlnds
of our correspondents. so fnr a. I know, the only
fouiKLHtloii for the riunors repnrdinp the lV^sale KolUng
Mlll Company ls that early ln the present year I was
?.ri?.i hy au Ameriean pnitleman of undoubtcd re
-ponslblllty if he co.ld btly our plant. Mv reply was
Cliat a cash offer of what wc considered our bu ?b88a
worth would lnduce n? tn sell. 1 pave him the tlpures
nnd a reasonnble time to 88?88?81 lt. Tliat tlme haI
expircd and thnt is all we know about lt. Aa repard
tlie compo-ttlon <?f the reportcd company I know ab
soluteiy BatM?ft"
Tho nflicer.'. of the Centrnl Trust f-.mpany, whlch
wat- named as one of tlie -yndlcite's bankers. said:
"Wa aro not the -yndi< ate's bankers. All tlnt wc
know about the, matter I* tlmt wc were apnrir.K li>'~
some tlme ago and asked if we would take cliarpe of
the subsrrlptions when 1be proper time came. We
upreed to. That is the la-.t wa have heard of It. We
i_iinot .-iv wheu the Mib-ciipUon books wlll be opened."
vr.T- TO BBCV-T-BB tUMttAL F__-,
T'lica. X. Y., Dec ..?Thi. lorenoon the rompluiiI?
were servo- in aaaaa actlons bepun apuin-t county
ofllelals and cx-eonnty offlclal- ln this. county to ra
oover money recdved by them during the li-t tbW
?aata iu iilegal and fr.iudulent 1888. The Miits are
br.u-lit by At'orney (icneral Charles F. Tabcw ln tbe
iih-io (if the people of the State of New-York. The
acUon. are bronght apn:n-t llenry .1. CogfBB?BH, ex
Ooaintv Clerk. lo recover K.l.,870 40; Fr-._M_1 I>.
Haak, present County ( lcrk, to recover $-.5.15 17:
Arthur 11. ______ ex-Couut.r Clerk, t<> Naafat B IBBB
IK.ssibly laachlag .10,000. nnd .Ie--e Brajt?-. p~
(V.unty Clerk, ti. rej'ovcr a sum po-.s!bly ieaclihip
#_(>.00O. In the 8888 "f U- 9*0 last B_-B8d tlieir bllls
liave my .t ruui-!v Bjl8a_>l>taiC- f:-om the fjiunty Cleik^J
oflic'b and the oxact aaai rlalaiaB to hnve beea fmu.lu
1'M.tly taken <_nnot be determined until Uie acconrit
are examined by exiM-rt-. Suits are al-<> Ba_B__ll
WCain-t Coroner Willis K. Millinirton. to I.UU.BI
18,015 10: Coroner Matliias Oaak, to 8888*?T BBT1, and
aS?Oaaaar Harbaii (?. Jone-, to recover iP".BM 10.
The total amount- with intere*t wlll probably font up
ro about 870.000. Wenaior Co(-ge_hull is \i\ Califoniia,
so the papors wcih? IM-i -erved upon hlm, but will
pr.rb_.ly be held until Wa i"turn het?e in a week or
two. Tlie srult* are tlie out-ome of ari inve.fipatlmi
into eaaatr affalrs that v.as conducted here Bwifll the
month of Octjjrrer by n (-onnnlttec ajipointed by tl.e
last Board of Stipervisrirs.
ffor.47. AEE OETKlAl* FlSF.n.
Boston. Poc. a (Spcriali. -Benson C. IlRielton, treaa
nrer of th? Royal Ark. wlilch reccntly failed. and Luroy
C. Powers, secretary of the samc corporatlon. wero
brought. before Judtre Sherman, in the .Stiperior Court,
this mo.- niiic. to answer to the charpe of violatinB tho
insurance laws. A few days ago they pleaded not
_uiU-. but thi- mornln- thev wltbdr-w tliat plea and
acknowle'iued thelr pillt. I'owers wa* flned *400 and
Hacalton !_<);.. In pa-slnp f^-nfenc* .ItidRe Kh~rman
said that he was opposed to Imponlr? a n.ere ftne iti
punlshment of tho offence of wblch these men, hjr thelr
own admls_lon. were guilty. Tliese men and men like
them. ho rontJmied. were wor-e than ordlnary rrlm
inal.. They were edtteated men, and nnder-t.iol fully
Uie wrong fhal they were dolnp. He rejrrctlct Uiat the
law did not allow hlm to send them to state pri-on, for
such a aentence would be thelr Just descrt. It was
ahOWB by the aaMaaca put in by the (iovernment that
fhe Roya! Ark was a elosc crrporation, co.npo-ed of
sev.n ot elpht men, who bad BOOBC?- BBO.OOO for th?
purpos- nf paylnp exri"iiscs. A larpc part of thl
snm. It w.'vs al!ef-el. Ciey hnd dlvided aiaaag fheni
selves ?s salarle-. and they luid voted one auotlier lar_
sum-, lor speclal service- readievad.
Fieeh id. N. .1., Dec. :!.?There ls niu.li comment
hei-i ov.t |Im rapo ted coi.fe-sion of Ilariol, tlir* jroaog
Frencliii.aii. who wa- BM?BB t:p in the Frafl?OM Jall 011
a aaaraja ef aaai81g aaaiaaaai Mia. Laoaart al -\;
latitlc Iflt-laaa-i The re_xut that Hariot h_l con
fot?ed came from one of the oiTic.i- 088088881 with UM
jall. The .-hcrltf, however, denles that the l-'ivin limin
has mado a confcssioii, au<l -ays tlmt no ono except the
keepeis are allowod to -1.5 tho priaoner.
Hariot practically confei~-8d the murdcr to Officcr
.lohrison when tho latt.r was brinpin.' him to the jall
fiom Kcypin-t Ofl saturday ii!?lit la-t. At Uiat time
H??Ol admittcd that he had p.tten the ropo whlrh waa
found ait.und tlio murdcrcd woman's neek from the
aaortBhai <>n Laaaar-'a BaaaUaaa. it is beiieved a.
tnaiiv, ln rptto of the denliil-, that the prNoiicr, tlmt*
ho has been in Jall. ha- aiada addltlonal diim__ln_r ad
inla-ioiis reca:tllni,' the crimr.
Boston, Dee. ?.-- The Journal" says: "Tiiero may
be a sens^tlon comhiR ln the Bell Telephone ca-c. To?
day Ika evideiiio of P-oJaaaur Dalbaare a_l 1.0 con
cluded bc'ore Ihe Commis-lonor, and it is r___fa_
about the I'nited stau-s Do_l_ that the (.overnment
att<iriiie>s aro lookinp uji certaln evidenco whi. li is
likelv lo be intcrestiiip. THalllcl IlllOiai. AQea,
when seen bf tka repj.rters, was non-comniittal. but
flnally admiitc<l that a new llne of ovidencc was Lkmur
examined, and that .omttliini. Uitcrcstin_; mi.ht <!??
The pre?K Is rlpi.ily e,\<luded from the heartiiRs.
Une of the IBOBOffl i^pattliiiK the alleped new evid.-n. <?.
wh ch (animt ta- atithenfitt***\ is that Mr. Bell wroto
.crlaln lctters 88 1'iofc?<>r Dolbeare, adtnittiBf tlial
Dolfeeua llrst 11 -ed tli" pei_??OBI mapnet. ('..iniiii
sloner llalleft _vs there ls iioUilnp of a -en-ational
natare ob ol publlc laterast lu the Uatiawnj'. Ur,
Dolbeare bai been on the witne-- -tj.cd for _8Tei_l
Baft, '"'" ba* aaaattaat ihkI etaeaa?aas?ibB, and i
now on redirect exumlna. iou.
GOJEE TO ESGIASD t*>H A .-invf/I-.r?.
Albany, Dec. :i.?Di-trlct-Atrorney Ilamllton nnd
nn oiluer .all for ___g___i SaltU_I. to brinp back
Tliomas b\ (.'Brieii. wani'-d here for trial 011 a dHlfB
of prand larc.-iiy in OM Brtl deprec. Oa .lanuary _(!,
lfl^W, o'Biien and (.eoipe \V. I'o-t ?? buncoed" John M.
Feck, of this city, oai of ,; 10.000 ln aaaa. Both men
wero arraalaal recoatto aid O'Briaa, wtttLag out on
irio.ooo ball peadlBg triai, Eti u> uarout,
Pittsburp, Doo. .'(.-Henry Bowmn-tcr, n burplar,
was B <it d'-ad tlils morniiip whil- ti.\i'i_ to br.-.ik
int.. the baaaa oi laaata layior, of Daaaeaao, renn.
Taylor wu- aw_kcii.d by hi- wlfc, who heanl 11 iicd-e
at tlie froiit wlndow on Ifce flrst floor. He urosc. and
takinp u rev.il'. ar, a_M lOWB stair-, and BB8l_B BoaT
,. aalar trtia| to pry open the window lired. aBjna__|
btai t-roofk IBa haatl DaaraaaBar was a resident of
Du'iu1,-i.e._ ?
Carlisle. Fenn.. Dec. M.-Thlrtc-n (heyenne and
Arapahoo tumtt are visliiBf tlie 088-88. Indlan K< Ikm.1.
where they have a number of friends. They iue 011
their way home from Waslnnjfton and will .pend
bcveral days liere.
Fort Monroe, Va., Dec. n.-The Jameftown. whlch
ittri :8tr(.und ve-xnl.tv, wns hatiled off last nlifht Tho
Atlantu ha.. prO-BeBoB to Norfojk.
*?*****, 1>w- 3--The trial of Joweph L. Tlce lor
(he ruur??r of bi~ wlfc 1-ft July wus ended to dn. .
Tlie Jui'y rot~r_e?I a verdlct of gollty of mtirder in
t_a -x-t Bearoe. bentenca waa deierrad _,t_ oc_t 1
Monduy. Tice I. Klxly two years od, nn1 '?ened fur
v.-i.is dii-lrip tlie ..ehelllun ln tiie I'nited Siut^s iav
alry. \V!i<"i . een t.a nlplit nt tl.e Jail UM prlsnier
e_press<(i sutlsfnetion wiih HM effoits of hls attorcnys
and wlth his trentment at Ihe Immls of UM BBBBli but
MM thal th-- fiicii.ls <t tlie it-'Kl BraflBBB ha'l pcrjured
thcm.s_lve? t4. .-.rui. his oonvlctloD.
KXTKNSIVi. l.tMUli; YAKDS D__ 1 K(>YK_"____t_
Tho most destrucllve lire l'lal'ifleld, >'. J., haa ever
hnowu bioke iaut in tbe lieart <?f tl.e (Itv last evening,
shortly before ii o'clock, and witLln two hours property
v-.n-ih UMJOOO was consunied. The largest luniber
pnapet'ty In that part of Ncw-Jei-sey was untll last
evening that belonglng to t'ae estate of D. J. Holce.
At mldnlght last night nohing WB8 leit of It but a
niass of glowlng eoa!-.
It was a (iiiurter of 'i o'( ?lo.-_ when 1". lt. r-telle ilrat
dlsrovered flames lssulng irom a .niiill (.utbulldliig ln
ihe rear of Hoice's luii.taer >urd. 1 lu iiul.kly senl In
an alarni of fire, and witliln tV| n.liiutes Uae flr?
depaitinent nppaialu* liad i.ui.ed on tlie .-cene. The
liolce yards ani buildings ootipieil two bloolis. being
boundtsd b.v l'urk ave., the trn.-lis of the OMMBjl Kall
mad of New Jersey, and .Mudl.-on ave. Kast of ihe
>ard.s were small barns, dwellln_ houses and the
umleitaklng cstabllshnient of A. M. Unu. on <fc i>on.
The yards were eniloscd by blg woodun slaeds, butlt of
boards sct one Inch apurt.
The flatnes from the sn,;,ii bullding rrept througli
lhe-e iTCvlres and ronimuulrated wlth the *oft plne
slilngles and bonrds withln. Almost in-taut!y the
whole of one sldc of the yanl was a niti.ss ot flame*.
Wltl.in flve BllBBlBB It was seen lhat lt w.uild bc Im
peaaMa tu B-V* any portlon of the pioperty. Hu__
piles of iMaglM 97099 sivept away like bundles of
paper, wl.ile luinki- sttu BBl taraatj icet high
was ronsumod ln a twlnkllnp. The llre wa- 88 hut
iliat tho tlremen could not fOX near BBOagk to lt to do
nnythlnp townrd i|ucnch!ng it. l'"r ncarly an hour
lt was lmposslble fur trains lo pasr, on tlie tracks of
the New .k-i-sey (eiilral BaUrOB*.
The propiletan of Kunyon'- niidertnking eslabllsh
ment reall/ed thnt it would be impo-s|i,le m -ave thelr
cstabllshtiient, and they ln-pnn t" 1*8808* tla.ir MBCfc.
liu.ei.s ..f na.? earrlel 80-8**, a:id a steady streain oi
th.ni BBoa flowed fr.m the ihOf, tllllng the door
yurds with the eaatoeta al bO tmm Bai ktais. The tire
drove U:e l.elpers ft.arn tl.e pln.e |DB| b-fuie :ill tlu.
.stoek wns ivmovcd, Inwevcr, i.ii'l Kianyun's lo-s will
lae heavy. r-niall biilldlups. harns and shup. in PMA
ave. were swept away like cl.aif under tlie 88-88
heat, but tlie tlie d.-partrni'iit pn-xent'-.l the tia-nes
from dcsU-ylnp the ilwelliugs in Fourth _.. Many
;lm.-s fliiin.-s burst fi\>in Ih.'ir tmBt, bnt tlie well
dlivtted 8-torta uf tlio liremen in-cveiitcd thcni from
|?_-_"? anv headwnv.
Tlie liolie llullditig MI wlth ? 1 n.-li about 7 o'clock,
,.:id l lii.-f Daae and ti.ree aaat-taata ?888 etlV-h by
uiling tiia.ii.i-, bai eeeapel sarloaa injury. Ald wa.
rereived tmm u.<- WTewMM, Faewool aud Beewh
I laius iire departaent*.
John 1>. Kuuvoii, inunnger for t'.e Il..lce c-(ntc. eald
hls l.ss would bc iibuut 8100.U-0. His ii.-iiiunic ls
about *.'!.'i.ii(S?. tlth. 1 li.nvy 10-818 are naoiU -1 .inj'der,
?riiad.iciis ... Itaaae, naok P. iiutt, Bdward c. MiU
fui-d. .-sialuniun Diin.1 iiii.l 1'. W. I'l-iiii-li. A. BL Kun
you A Ooatf loss w,.s lienvv. I?i. I0rp88n were said
io bave I .'ii sav.-il ii-utii tlieir iiiiucriuiiing e.stiibii-h
iniiit Mitli dillnult>. How t_c lirc onginatcd i. un
known. . _ .
While 011 hls wav t-a Um fii-e Arthur J. I pston. an
Inaaranea apent, w__ Unvaa from a mtmopm and badly
hnit. Ile was earrled lo a doct.r's ofltee, wliere a
lu.si\ cMiintuatlnn revealed sciious lnjuties. He wns
still iin.oii.cious at a late hour.
A Un- bnake out last evening on BM light.-r Kllen F.
Robblns, laden wit*i 80*.' b?:.? ol cntton, aud lylng at
llarbeck's .._>re?. Hrooklyn. Hefore the llre 8*1-88. ap
8*8881 S.iperin^nd.-nl I'erk. of the storti, hail the
lighbr to-sed out iu the eUvarn by twu tugs, wliln.
puinped water aboard her. There were. l.oOC balea of
.otton on the wharf, and Uie llghter Thonias Hyland. wlth
804i bales of Jute arxaard. was alongsld"". Dlstrl'.t Knrlneer
Dalo found fault with aun.naonlng the flre .iighies aud
th. n nej.dlug the llre out on the river where they could not
extlngulsh lt, but Vncm f~I.I he did whal ?as Isft to
prevent dan.er to oth.-r prois-rtr. The blarlug llghter
II as .-irled 11 p under the Uridgc I.v the tlde, I.ut ifler the
llre was und.r tontrol it was _>?ed baek to the Krie
hr.akwater. Tho loss wiii be several thousand dollara.
The lle-hUr belongedBto Robbina * Wrlrht, ol N'ew-Yoik.
aud vii* built thlrty-threo yeara ago.
Denvcr, llcc 3. -When JuilK>- Klsing touk hls se(t|
this noratag it was bbBbv-IooI tliat the pio_era___
nnd defence had ngreed l?a a. .ept tlie clcvcn nu-ii ln
tlie jurv box. Tl.tis lt i-e'iuui-d but one more man ba
roinplctc the (ii-.ivt-s jury. TfeBN were twen'v t.ile
men prc-<"iit out of a venirc of scventi-the diawn last
nlglit, und tlie Inwycis went lo work up.m these men
with a wlll wl.irl. -buwed they bad :i sli.'.-rc ilesiix'
|0 tiiaish this worll 88 .-oiati iis pos-iblc. Tlie. tales
1,1.11 wero .|ulckly cvatnined nnd *_i tiscd until only
two i-cniain.-.l. The nlnctcciiih man. John J. I'ctcrs,
from Hob'ikeli, was nillcd. ile li.ul n.a npiiiiuii, ?ai
not Ifpoacl to i-apital pilMlll?lll and ...uld ac
ci-pt rli.um-t.'intial evideiicc. lie wus, in fn.l, a
uiodcl jurur, ai.d wln-ii a. .-.-pte.1 l.y b'.tl. ttitm, 1 In?
jury iu tho fam.uis taae wus ...i.i|iii-t.-. alter nlaedaye
uf tcdl.iiis aerk. Thi name- ol llic mcu who an t?.
try Dr. T. Tl.atclicr Ofavei f.u his life aiv M. I..
Btorllng. i.ubert Aduir. M. Bo-ft-g, ?'? P. Vamar, K.i
wiu- i.i.nc, DavM Uakart, T. J. Oaraeater, E-irtek
liiordan. M. K. (iierb.n, lleniy ftaatoa, BflhOB IVr
riiKi aiul John J. l'ct.-i-.
Mate Att< rncy stevetps wiii bcpln the preseatatlon
nf his <?;.-'? 10 tha Jury 1.1111..1111W norrlng, provlded
.ludj:.- Etlalng, who is btttferiOB fr.ani lu grippe, I- able
t<a iitten.l court.
Pitt-burg, Dcs. S-?_he aiiiiuiiiH'-ment uf the formn
llon of a new I oke-workers' 8ffMU-BthM < rcuted miKh
laaaaal bi HtMhaif Mhor elreaai t'.iay. The MMM
move of tho i-okers is con-iileicd a si^nltleant one, Inas
iniuh as it will conlllct wlth the InlKsl Mine Workers,
who for yaan havo baaa Ihe eoattaUtag paaar >f Ihal
dislr-i.-t. As outllncd in B Megiaai froui s.-uttdale, tl.e
iew oipilii/.ation is lu irl* kiiuun ;is tiie I'cileialc.l Ilnath
erh'iod of t'.ke Worl.eis nf Aun-ri. a. and wlll liavi" al
lts lu-ad BoheH l>. K.-if'iut, c-x im.ster workmaii uf the
(Vanneilsxrie Kgloa. It is p-i.'-r-.illy ls-lleve.1 that th'
dl.giutitli-'l memlieis uf the Vmtmi Mlne Worker- 81*
weklBg reveofe. The Heaatrom lasalt ?.f lha Meaal
striko caiiscd tliouatiiids uf . i_* ffiahMI to lapse in
tlieir dii-'- tu tlM I'. M- W. ,\., aii4f thi'ie 8*8 liHC* IjOCH
a general fecllng of 4iis.untei.t. Amoog Mbor leatfera
the opinion prevalls tliat the B*W o. :.iil/,.lhan wlll
divlde the 90,000 eokera, an.l livtly times will fuil a*r.
fin. iiinati, laec. .'(.- A lili mln. h.tin, Ala., ill-jaat.h
,ays : -The mi.lnight (Oathboaal 8*81881 08 th - Kast
laafaesaae, Vlntola and Qeorgta roMI mrm r i.b.-d by
tw.a niaslted nien this"- B-llC. we-t uf lluinc. .\'i;,r a
inr-v.- tiw eaglaiar saw a toatera asvlng ftaaUeall)
acruss Iho tii.Ti. II.- Aomoi 9V), at:<l iw.a uia.sk. .1 men
uot un b. tween Ihe cxpix-ss e*T and the fi-ont 8*88811081
.ar. ..irking the pa-sciipercar Uu 1. thev enteted the
,..\pi-ess car, and, with drawn 1*8*1*81*, took tbe kajfl
fr.ain UM BH -.-._-i and 1*1-88 UM 90Bm> TIley tlien
iMBpei Otf nnd e-'.ip-'l. it is -nl that thel:- b**tl
.11.1 i.ut exceed 81.000. it 1- thoaghl tha robben are
railroad mea. 1'ifiy men ai.d loga aie a_ui-uii._ Uu
wiii.esbi.rn'. lviin.. Dee. :i.-.i-.im Labaka, a Haa
garian lahOtar at the llnllstead (V.'liery lu DVTjrea,
1N-111 j.. early this BWftng shut and lilllo*! BlaplBM
< i.pku. ais.. a Haafarlaa, aai f-itaiiy aeaaaal aaother
man uf Um _*-B8 iialiuiialliy, w.'.u-.- nauie is aot \(t
l,ti iWD, TlM luiu.l.-ivr u.ade his e-siape.
Troy, 9, Y., Hes-. :i.-The Krie Can.-il is now eutiivk
cb-ar of I.e und thei-c is 88*8] pi-o p>-et ?f all t.":.is
p___Ma8 -hl river iii-f"r>. tln- ' I ising un Satunl.-iy.
ggreral Maaai mmmmtiooit leaehel tha Hv*r reaMdai
_nd oae or iwo boats eaaea ti.iuugh tl.is ataialac.
Phlliidclphla, Dee .'!.-McManus was hanged ln Ihe
rorrldor of Muyaniensing Ii-lson this mon.Ing at 10:01)
.,'< I K-k for the murder of Kugene JiaglnnN on Feb
niat'v 81, 1880.
r.u-tou, i*?e<-. :i - Kx -laeaii.-r Raad left Baeioa at noon
to-day fur New -York, BB th?- whv tu Wa>hlngt.in.
Waahlngton, Iiec. _?- Anslslant is-irelary Wharton, of
Uu- Departiucut of uutc, iiua goue Iv bo.tou lor a
wceki t'mt
The Union Leaguc Club, " the hcnrt of the
Kepublican party,'' a_ it has l>een called, spoke
out in clear, forcible au.l unmistakahlc tcnus last
night. ita denuncintior| of the plot of tjovernor
David B. Hill to steal the I-egislaturo, and uttered
its protest against tlie outrageoits methods af tlie
Democratie tools of the head of tlie State Govcrn
nient. The memliers gathercd not only as Bepab
licams devoted to the oause and pririeiplms of
their party, but also aud more e.peoialiy us
eitizens of the State of New-York, with tlie in
teresf- of tlMI great Empire ( omnionwealth at
heart, and with a pure and high-uiindcd regard for
the saoredness ol the ballot. They voted for tho
stirrtng, lucid and eomprelieTasive a-ldress and reso
lutions offered by ex-Jttdge Nonh Davis with en
thit.inam, and applauded lotnlly the speeches whieh
scored the foprehengiblc conduct of tlio ____?_?
twin oflieellolder.
The Unioti l__g_a Club mny ordirmrily pretsent
more tban one sliadc at political feelin;r. but last
niirht it wao a uDit in expr-r-iiig it- bMm_P?BOC
of the dLsgraeeful scheme to wr-st tlie control of
tlie l-egisluttir. froni hhe party whieh v.on it fairly
und squarely at the polls. In<lependent- nnd
utraightout, simon-purc Kcpublioaaa wcie of oM
mind on the ?u?>joet of the meeting. As citizens
of a Nation whieh aeoount- tlie hallot-box of
suprciue authority, they united to deeltir- their
vigon.us and uno_imlitir<l difiapproviil of tlie plot to
nullify the dc< i_ion of the 8688?I as made on
election day.
Those who eame to the mretin_ with only a
YH.ue and general idea of Governor Hill's ne
f.iri< <?_ endcavor to st._l the I> gislature went
away with a perfcet understanding of tlie ii?
legal and unjust _tep_ tak<-n in furtherancc
of tlie plot. Tln- ridietiloiu. pre___._ of the Demo
cratic CHnvaHsere were fully explained, an<i many
went home in utter asf.iniMlmi._t at realiziug
the barefaced and ahaB??888 wuy in wiiich robbery
w?i plauneil uinl defen.ie.l. Kvery one wu
aroii-i'd to tlie import.ti888 of tha eri.-is whicli
eonfronts good government and rigiiteous el_B
tiono iu thLs State.
The club met la awaken lha people of tlie
city and State to the gruvity of tlie siruation, to
.tir up a pubiie Hentituent, nmotig good citi/ons,
irrespectiv* of party, agaiiu-t the Deoiocrati",
plotters. To aecompliish thla object, an addreaa
was issued to the people of the Kmpire State, iv
hean-ing the faets of the sevcrul eootcaBB for aeatl
in the Assembly and Senate, and resoluti0881 were
udopted expresi-ing tlie .-lub's scntimrvits con
cerning the outrage whieh ?_. bt?B all but por|>o
trated hy Governor Hill and his minions. The
gathering included a riumlrer of tliose who occupy
leading ptoces in the soeial, hiiainess aud pro
fe_8ional circles of the city, but their 8B888M8
sipnifie.l more than individual protcr-t- afrainM
the attempted theft. The assembly was in every
sense of the word a representative one, and the
stand it took was, on tMa aecount, weighty and
important. far more than 8 meio count
ing of the number present would indi
cato1. jVn influontial body of the metropolis
of the State spoke to th? people throiighout the
great Commonwealth. and the importance of the
organiiation will gain its worde due atlention and
thoughtful considefation nmong the pcrsons to
whom tlry were .iddreened.
50ME OF THiiSF. ___8__BT.
The tnoeting-room on the seci.n.l floor of the
olubhouse was well lil_.il when the nieetin_ wus
eall-.l to order. and tliose. who arrived later
formed a consideraMe company in the att roo.ni
Hdjoining. Amoncr 1?888 who attended were:
? "lonel S. V. K. Cruper, f.eorsr' R. -_~_d-B, Polico
.lustiee Charle.s N. Taintor, Dr. D. 15 St. John
l.'m-.i, J. K. Q*f, ex-Judpe (.ranville I'. Ilaarea,
Colonel Wiiliam L. Stron_. John 0. i.awson.
Nathaald A. I'n nii.-r>, ('harles u. Poadiek, ?r.,
George L. Whituian, Ihaaaaa HL Wood, B. M.
(iallaway, D. F. Appleton, ( ol.inc! Hichard II
Irwin, -lfiad B, Whitne.v, Hinloe.ve Blak-OMUl.
l-'.nierson Foote, Marcellus S. Hartley, C'harlis S.
Sinitb, cx-t'oiininissioner Donnan 11. l-.aton, Williaai
II. Wtbb, e\-(ioveriior Aloiizo IT. (ornell, ... \V.
Mi'lave, I). H. (.regory. Artcinas Holnns, l__raha?
li. Bfatke, Henjamin L. liiiddirigtoii, General Kush
I'. Ilawkins, Lo< ke W. Wtnciiestcr, John B. VtM
Woiiiicr, .1. Seavcr Tagc, Jacob W'endell, David
Milliken, Hravtmi Iv.-. .1. M. Rcqua, I'nited Stat.-s
CotnmiKsioner Suuiuel H. _____, JbbI B. Krhardt,
W. Harl Smith, \V. <}. J_il<lle. lienry Bedlew,
.liKseph 11. rarsons, Ilenry 1 liotiipson, .Joseph H.
Hrown, Kdward V. Hn.wii, Charles K. (iregory,
Ivlwin Kinstein, Rohbiaa Little, F. \V. Mcycr. J.
M. ltailey, Woodbury I-in_don, B, (.'. Ho.luian.
(\iiis Clark, John II. B_Btoa, L. (..
\Voodh<ouse, Wiiliam Argyle Watson, W.
.\f. Dowd, General Charles H. T. ColIi_,
W. II. HollistJ.T, John Simpkins, GonTeroeni
Morris, __M T. Smith, lohn (.'. O'C.nor, jr., Isiac
II. Riiley, Charles B. C?8?, Jo_? I. Davenpart,
Sigourney \V. l-'av. Appiais-r Marvclle \V. Cooprr,
John M. (riiiteau and Kichard Hutlcr.
( A1.LIN<; Tlll. MEKTlNlr TO OBDCS.
( hauncey M. Depew, president of the club, j_
in the West, on business, ?<> Cornelius N. lilis-,
liret viec-pnisident, presi>led. At _ :.')'.) p. BB. Mr.
I'.liiss called tbe mieting to order. J. Scaver PagC,
seer-tary of the ilub, sat on lii.s riuht, and e.v
.Iiulge Noah Davis on I.ir- left. Mr. B|_B an.se and
a-ked Mr. Fage to read the call for the meeting.
The secretary read the following
A hp.viaI BMWtlng i.f the I'nion LaaftTM Club will ba
li-ld ea I?ariBa. < v.-nmp. (h.- :id ti__. at n
i'i I <?!;. fur the purjM-.- ,?i cou-l.|.-iin_ .-md a_tln?
iiputi reootatkat- .xpr___ia th<- atntlmen? und vi.??.< -
ot the cluh eonc?-lof tao prea.al _r_v_ pollttral
-ituation _i th. .?i j 11 - - with is-ii.-.t t. tho ie tioa of
H.r.ii.l- of C.,11 ity Canva??!?- of vwi-.il coiinti-N.
Mr. Hlih.. thai aald: -We hare eaoM prapa.?d
!?. make certiiin slat.nicnto i.? you, aud I shall
ilieiefoie take up no time in any rea_?I_B ol my
own, but eimply l___d_88 to you now JadgC
Ilavis, and later one or two other nicuiber..."
THK -DD_____ (Mi U oI.imONS.
K\-.Iiid_c Da' is arose to read tbe a.i.lress and
resoltitions whieb had b en prepared for the clul.'s
liction, begiBAiog a.s follo-.vs:
Mi. I'i--ni .il iml ?_?? nti.-iii.-n - A .WUUt?al tt ? ttW
?HBafeara ot thi- .iit. eel?B tpat ii"- a A* or .ara ?
qiieatlI1K Ull- .i make au. li au tUUtUMU " H? 9ttt nt I ull
ditl'.n ut Uilli!.'- ln oi; 8??I n- 1 tli'.Mi/lit 4V..H! 1 I..
mo-ta_f__?_ ut |ii.-.nt ti th.. |h-..[ii.- ut taa .st.iu- bI awge,
rh.v laft _a nBfeBl afeahf la bv eva Attttt*m, amt i
laBia now tu make a aUten.cnt whlch 1 tm-t coataiiM
?h-t I M.oupht ?|.i-?l mni i tln- . Ir.'uma?iK'i- to ta; ttmtt
Baa_i t<i tin- peajBa <>f __ BBbM ?< B_?>T?rk. [>fpl?a.|
I d" i.i.t know bai i.tli'-r- baV8 MI l? \i.? .rf wliat Im
l.Hi-.'ir .1 ttott Ea U* l'l.'tlon. hut luy o?u f.-.-ll,i. -
lia\<: rlx-n _bo\e all |_rtUiu-lii|i. i A|>p!_.j-.-.i 1 have
f.'lt. lt ia true, aa a lleuuhllran. ..i:n -'.h Bl?llWII i.f th.
.a'"-r. of my purty and it- aaaBIBaBBBi hut i bata f-lt
? tUl ni-.r.- J.-.|ili a- a . ltl/'-n ., r tli.- .ountry _?I U. i i,
mBM?aa B_I i~~ ? BeebjaBB t>> yreBaei _kc rii/rits _| trer.
aaai, whniiy ra_8-8leoa of aatbj BtottaetleaB, "houid _e
.?-|..-._d. And I Ui ? u.ht th' i. r attO, lt 44a- ?ls,r that
_ia bud9 ahould aB?Maa it- Me_~. tttaaaa i.r :ji? tsute iu
lhat M-nw ratln-r than ln any uth.-i. lAtOttOtt.) ___!_.
*c r.s-.-lied liifoiiiiatn.il that an BgfBBBMB)! I- ahout t . Ih
inad.' that wlll a.nd to the Court of A|.;k.iIi .r ..uut ..f
laat re>ort a|r-edlly the quotlona invoU.-d in thi. con
trovrray. (rn<- of Uie re-olullon. Uiat 1 ahill ctf.'r f..r
ih.- ad ...tlon <rf thla in.-etlnir call. upon all citl/.-n. _?
iinll.i In loalatlnc that that tttf ll.ln. aluill b8 dono. (A|.
I be addreei of tl:e club to the jieople, iw .:.;
livereil by e_-Judge Davin, wa_ as follow..:
A ? ii-!- h_> couio U. our .stat- -til.it U.-muiiil- ttiat thr
.. -..|.!.i aball riao abova _u party aud r.-.ji.ir- Uut th?
;>rlii.-lp ea upon whlch our (.u\.-inni.-jii~ are found<- ahal
lie inaliit-liir- (Ap|ilauM.. Ttott prlnrlple- Ite divircr
___ gttif er|B_u?-.aa, aaa: -Mi. ??i__?_-i la taait .U.1VI i
are eascntlal to the peiman^nt cxlatence ot all partle*.
llejieo HM Union L*a**8 Club of New-York feela It a
duty to brlng taefoie all tlie people of th.- State as eltl
_ens hasl.-ag a common Int.-rest, ??*/* our Constlti.llon
and laws, ln ni.ltita'.nlng the purity of the botlot-bux as
HM form of expreaslng tti.-li- will In the cholco of tli.-I.
ofllcers and .cnant., the pri.cnt rimst aiardlng condltlon
of things. WrnngM aud cilnie* upon the ballot-box n.ay
for a inoment 1*8*81 cau? porty or lujure another, but Um
toler.itlon af such wrougs and i-rliu's Is a pernianenl Injurj
deatructlvo of all. Tl.e people must and do conlldo ln
tlie iiitr-Kt-it.r of exlstlni. 8BM888 ol whatevr pu.-ty for
the adn.lnlsti-tion and 88*88*188 of ta'ir el I *: M l.ws, and
they laind them hy oaths and o'oiigatioas and by tlie palns
aud poitaltics of cilmc to MM pi rl.in.uine of that dutv.
The Constltutlon of our htate enjolns upon the 0**BBM8
"to take care that the laws are falthfelly exerute.l." ?">'?
MM ls the siim of hls dut- ?l.en tl.e ballot boxes ;.n
ready to aerouaee tho wlll of the people as snofce.i bv the
vote* deissited In them. The people have .let. rmircd ??>
law who s'.all open th. bo\"-_who shall r< unt HM ?** ?:
wt.at votes shali he rouutv-d aaad what sh?ll be rej'Vted:
what sliia.il b< preseive.1 aaad what d>stroyed; In what form
the i-.-sult shall ba ii.ad>- known. and lo w li. m HM record
of these BSta sl.all be deli\<:.d. _b888 prl.iuirv '.(ll.-ers
are Uie ncightxars and friends and act unitrr th.- Inimislia."
s'-rnriiay of the people who ch.oose them; their dnth-s Ml
mluls.rhil aud Mrl.-ly deliii"d. There ls no power In
tl.e higheat or IBW8M 8888*8*8 oll'cei to Interfere wlth
tl.ns" dutl'-s. and when tlaose durle* ar- d ...e ln coiiforimtv
r.. l*Wa the duty of all hisher (8-8888 ls simply M <<>I!at.s.
8*8*1 ar.d 8***8888 the 811118881 rSBBtM. .Applaus...
In th" late elertlon BM people of this BMB. BappeaM
th s was and wr.ild h.e done. Hut on the v-rv night of
Ma 'l.-.tlon. bef, re the r. s.ilt was or could lae known,
the ciiiif BxeearHva of the BMM, wha aaier Ma i?w has
tint'ilnir to do wlth tlie recelvlng and coni.tlng of HM f8l -?
or naklni; r.-t-rns, or taavaaahM HM- r-turrs. or ultl
niatelv annoi'ii'lng the i.M.lt-, pr-i-l-.ilin<- that hls pait.v
had ...rrled both hotn-es of Ma I.e. MaBBN and would havo
i,.rh; ;.nd trmm it bataaM know.. bv th.- lawfi.i aaavaaa
Mal this B_ ?<-_-_.B ?as not BrM as V- on" ...i.i
j....ir..i,ly as U. n.i-h-r, he boldly se. bi-M-B
U. work to B_MS s.ioh a Na*II and has slme
follow-id thst intent wltli ui.r.l^itinh p.-islsl.... e. lt ls tm
mm to HMM iu d.ti.l all rhe ii.sUn.e- ln whirh this
uiii.lnat purpo.se has 1.8 manif' -r "I ; er to (rivc ln detall
Ma a.-ts of Nlolatlon ai.d BeBaar* al l?? MM have marked
u.is ativn.pt. Tb* ea-ealM D-Wmbb Beaalarlal Dlalrlel
affoa-ds proof of th" most MlcBlBB aud _8-*aM| eif..rt- ...
rob the is-oph: of th.lr . h<Ire in HM oili.-e of 8(8*188, vid
iaa d.-ath af t>.' i-h'-ted BaaaBM has Kiveii iiol.nani-y to th"
rrlme. lly the IWtanM he wa. elert-d hy i fair n:.d BB
doubted i'lijoiitv nf BSBI-y "..- 1-8*8.-. \ot.-. Thi- ?:.
the result of the i-turi.- of all BM MBBllee aud llatricti
.ar.'fully .-cmpiled, ni.d th re was ii" W*jT M cha'i.e th"
re-uit exaeat hy aeM of utaar. Tbe aaM paiafal aad
a-.ra.lm_ l-.lur.' of tl. ? trBB8_8HC ls in HM Met thal
among (IfbMaa ukii a -Bjeritf of th' P.o-.rd of OBBVBM r
(Hm Baawilaeia "f Hm eeaaty of Datehaaa), ebaaaa by
their f.-iii.w -eltl/eiis fet th-ir s.ip|,o-.i ptiaOBBl liit"-'i?\
nnd tltnes-. net one MM f.-iMd af s?ll.,:nt i..t._rity ot
. Mra. t'-r or lenea "f rlgkt or d.-. tmey to _a_ad om ?
tba u.ori-t.oiis wraag. Xhe mmtmta ia?s **rs birlare Men:
taaii i. tier is plain a ..I sii.ii'.-- -bay aaaar Mai Mr.
Diaue had baaa riaatel by a bauds-ai _aa}aittj, u Ma
,. turris plail.lv (ha?rel (BPpUBM , tmt I IBl I.is e.?..p. rlt.-r
had not iK-aa -I'-'t'd. la.ath l.ad leprivM HM p- BBM 8f
their ehoaaa Baaator, bot it bai aM eleet I uioth. t; and
they d.'lilx'iat.ly faisli.-d th ? r-turns l.y i-han.ing V88M,
i,\ aHMfl ratea, ai.d hy (trtkMi out votes that law Hia H
to be counted.
a DaaMsiatla mutnmmmt B*bHib?l at th? plaea where
this crime was ilM-ltlHi -8MI-M8 th.lr i-onduet iu M888
"Tlie P.BM.IBHI PBrtf ln this .onuty feels this and
f... 1- It ke-.ilv. lior" was a ease In whlch thirty-one
v,.i s nn i HHB frmi th- Kepublican .olumii ln Ba d Kaak,
(tgbteea r*Me taken fiom that a_iue parbj M !_----.
and HM tlirni-'H on Senator reveiaed ln a dlstrict In K_st
Klshkill. whlle these iir.porunt matters had never be_
lllilBgbl lirflin the Koa.d for it. dellber-tions and aetlnn,
and the table thus prepa.ed without the Itnowh-(?? of thess
eighteeii De_Mei*ta was aalalBMBal. mtmt <i by thfm
without a Mggattlaa or a (j'i'.-t ..n. One Democrat iind.^r
tn..k ua t ii M rapertei of The F-nfrp. i?^* wbera tho
votes car.ie from, but conld not, and anoih'r told th?
reis.rter tbat he did not know. had not 8N* fhe flgur.-s
and knew nothln? whatever about them. And this is the
kind of men who sat ln judginent upon questiona uf . rave
BapaMaaaa to the people aud who were entrusted wlth
duttes that ran only be performed ln the exercise of a con
scientlou. intelli_.-a.re. a .'I'.r coneeptiou ol" duty aud Ihe
hlghest re?ard for the rlgl.ts af the p?ople."
The law n-qiilrfd ihlt the County Clerk shall be the ser
reimy of the hoard. an.l that ho, with its chalrnian, shall
rertlfy to the . ounty Clerk the canvass and tho r"
sult. The honcst Beeietaty lefBBel to joln ii. the rrime
_ln.Ui.ffv aml wliollv witno-it power he u.is remo\ed as
itieb M-it?JJ" eal aae of thelr own bbbM-I w_s mad?
secreury ln hls place. Ile certllb. to the faUehood
aud Ir. mollntrlv II._ 4-.IIU the. eortilicat" U> the sinle
Caavaaacia aml tbe Oreraer at Albany. The _*cbbm*4
uiuler the law Is abs.ii'iteiy void, '.wi-ept for tii. pvipaaa
of pravMl the crln.o of lts niake-s, and yet lt is be/i.i.
tlu- stito CamasHorx a. the Ixisls of thelr aaticipalad
I5.it wlth th.-s" facts all wltiilu hls __*Wl8*ge,
(.ovcnior Hlll forthwith nnb-.s th" I'lv.uty Ci'ik to show
nUH8 why be should a,,.t l* iiinoved. With the elRhteeu
i-iiininals before him, M sin.lis nUt the ortl'-er iiano'-erit
ol i rl.ne I'.r lumseil to j.ui.i-h.
But alas, ri.ls Is Mt tl.'' only act of M*BM. U
Ononda--- anoth.-r cilme |s parpatiaMI RetBRM are al
. r..l. enois in returns u:o-t esslly (811888(1, ani ?' J
statnte reqalrc* to i>e aiade beMre BM ratarM shall ie'
eaovaaaad?ara s ized upon t.. give the aarttt-cata of
(teettoa t.. a miinnty (aadMate. There a*aM a Coonl.
. -|. ??:, llfuaoi t<i b888BM i party. luul down BpaB him M*
4,ii. 'rimr s?...,i.s virli ( I HM Ittiy oi his puttot u, |*M8V8
him froiu ollice.
Th,. eaarta in-.-rt.-re; a .lu-tlce of tl.e BupiMBC Court
...iirs Me Baaid oi Uaavaaaara t<> sh..? .-ni^ why the
plain statutory duty is not parfNBBMl "f havlng th|- r
Mraa wMiatMl in a.-naiu irIM Hm aetaal MeM mt the
i ,,,\?-s. aba*! whkh Mtr*, U u.. eaatravaray oi fa.r.
Tba "ih.-iis in |,i'-ses.-.iiiii md" M-Bualv ? ?r Bm h* tfmltti
io Aiiany. Bvery amia ta laearld M u> oymAa and u.ake
Uo. MM th ' ii'-indataa ol the law.
In Mal lal-Aai DMtrlet Meie are Mveral Jud.es of HM
BaprOBW Coua-t. One, of whom no (MB apeBl th i.ther
li. ?_-.-??-!. ls -itr.in. in M.e.ial T.-rm in the \. rv .-Itv where
tho crime ls btfBg B8rp(_8tet N'? 8*8 8-8884. him "f
Mionir. (App_MH8.) He one di.ubts that he will ;.? t li.
eO-fat-M. M law and |_aU(*; and no ono <|.i.stlnis bia
liil._rity. (Applause.) Tho l.u-lness of the B*8dal Tum
he Is bsattM IIBliee no additional (?***, and If It sud.
laaly MoaM there are his MeHuaa Maif to come to b:s aid
liut iusUiitlv, without an h.i irs B-H88. BM OaVetBOr
ai,|...ints ? BatcW ttmt of the BapM-M Court to alt ln
thal ('luntv (arMwHh; and orlera a .aMlea of tho BapraaM
Caart to go tiieie and beU th- BpaeMI Tnta, without a
calendar, without a 8-tMr, Wlthawt '-\en ( nr. t iu-.- i f 'lel.y
in bn-lii' ss ; and for what paipMBl To admiaalster j.is
tl...' Not at all; hut to pgsV-Wl Iaa8-M fiom aalag h. .
Ih.ner to elifer.-e tl.e law und restr-.ln .r'-a. vs- r..-i _ - :u J
i-iltnes. The whule (dMflM Is a- plain as _,y o'h-T |?ur
,,f Ma al>l>alMi._- i-nii-Uliai'V to 881 88888*88* "f the UBCUM
Ml* Th-re i< leit i.r.e way t,. ac oii.p'i-h that unli..iy
garpaae: and HuH i- bv praveattag tbe wtta* al Hm (BbiM
iii . iitiri-lnj. Uie lan-s; and that ran uiil.v h. done ly the
lii.veinnr i.ld"-rlu_ .s.irne Jii'l.'. whl 88 bBllevea \v:ll arie.-t
Me aatlefl "f ull aM . jnd-.-.-s an.l thu- t.i.- Me haala of
jes!,:,'.' ?iu ia a LaaMabua a aaM*. MhaMat Ma {adaa
i. dered in.in \.\'-V..rk 1, BjnaeBM .-<t ? i.ui.ut-'s notice,
wlll do tl.ls lafaBMBa warl; ^?l^::^l!.s to M (8(B. -88
rabaly imtliln. ln hls jiast (*K_ ji.stitl.s tli- I "ll-f that
lie w'll (ApplaBM.J Wa have faith that le- will not.
i .\|'|ih.ise.> |{'it that faith IsN BM slii- Id. .i,.\er..i.r Hlll.
for his InU'.itinii ln U.is mo-t ixli-ord.uary 818?81 ia
deerce tha.. aaallghl.
l.TIIKIt AlTBMPT8 AT 1 llAl'D.
Two other utt. n.pt- t'. ' i.a-.'.-e 8M VeMe of tlie i>ojjular
vote BI8 also ii, jiro.T'-ss. II.it I* not the r-r.ar.l alis'ady
lar;.-'' ei.onirh M alann ani warn all l88*ra of our laws and
laatltuHaaa, and eall tmt aash eaal BBaMlea as wlll ar.v-i
U.e flirtl. r 8(8(1888 8f llll.K" I
rellua iIIIaaaa of ttae stat.-: w. aaaa M you as hr.*i.
ers in aae Baaily af rr "i._. Ma aM yaa M a.-t. iux as
nartla-B* but _?> etttaaaa, in MayfaB BBbm wroa.gs. (Ap.
I'lau- . i
HVBTJP n?.. -tinn ran pli'-J-ntlv ls- l-iss d msua bv <><ir
i-o'iit ot last r.-sirt. Un tin part of HM !..?(..lly (fsetal
aflkera that proposithHi has is-' ii mi:ie. There ahoaM M
1... r.-.-t,i.- \.... ? iii ..i.iiiia:id'ii. it- laeeptaaea. lt m bo*.
onoi-b'.e, it is falr, an.l th, p uptt hold that roiirt ln so
hi-.h , -ti'.-m that tl.-v Wlll a.-. ept ?_ jud^n.iut wlth ols-di
? nl a;il m HmaB r.-jM-'-t. lApptoi -
lu io... l.is.ixi, W8 adi.pt and pi s,.(it to you the lullow
m_' i (alaHaaa i
K'-olv.d, l.y the t'uloii Leapue 4 l..b tt UM (ity H M w
Yerii. lhat the aatlaa ..( Me QaewaM ?f lha sute und
tJ* i'.infii-r ?< Hl wr.Mi'.'. t.. for. e BB_hMl tM 88M "' Ml
p BB a naj'.rlty |8 HM 18*8(81 ___B8M "f HM L?glaMNr*
ui .1.na...?? ..r fm. 8-B_aa*- tis- mrmmm b-M. ot _0
ti ne M*Ma of law and lli.ru.
i 11 d. llist ti.. -It-rts ..n the part of^he r.ghtfully
?I .-1.-41 jn.n.ls'rs (af th ? S'-nale and A-s inhlv, to h.ve ih.
.|iieslt.sis i.ivolMd iu th'- te*MM at 88*8 sul inlttsd and
deti'r.ntned hy tlu: couit of U-t rem?rt. m.s<>t our h-arty
8008*8*1, ui.d we eaU ups. all goud e|t!.-.en? 88811*1 '
to insist u.at this ..aii is- laaa aai Ma BMM leii.-v-d
l.y a tmtmti 'l-.i-i'S. ol that hi?i. tnb.inal friin lts pr sent
.11 -rr.i .(nl and p-illteis caMUtla*. {ImiiA and prolon^ sl
COIJJ.M I. lil.l- 1 W.il.l)
When the WBollUloaB had heeu r.-.i.l an.l ..p
plaii'lel Mi Uliss .said : *W? huv.- witli um Ihi.s
ettfliag I'olofiel (ioorge lll__s, who wa_ one ol the
counael of thoae whom they are Uyint. to couut
n*aiiBa*l aa Thlrl fBfaj "* '
_f_3_____n mn _v____d c.w.i. _o tub
_____ra to _BC-P_ iit'iM thf. F__r_______M
[BT __B_B8_?f-l BO BB? T_IH_?_.1
Albany, D.c. .'f.?There is a aiiopialoai araon|
Kepul.liiaaaa here to-night that David Ii. Ilili in
teiuls to have tiie Dcmocratic Stiite lioard of 0?B
raaaera ?wplata it_ aaaiva__ of uhc vote for state
oa?seaa an<l stat.- Beaatoca upon Monday night
ne.t, and then t_?>eit ti.it lha Siate B?M_ waa
limited la a live-days' _e-_i.in. If the lioard of
Statc __8t??ata should adjourn at thai time, of
88-888 the State court. woui.l not have _jtn.ieul
n;.ie to correct tl.e i.lsiiicd election returna
_cnt here by Democratio Boards of Super
visors, and Mr. Ilill wouhl, pcrluip-, bt able
to boast that liis prediction had 08888 t-BB tliat
"a Deuiocr.uie Senate and a. Democratie Assembly
were eleeted.? Joscpli II. Choate. of New-.ork.
who has tiie reputation of lieing a radier good
law.yer, said lu re to-night that tliere wa* a large
niiinber ol dcci?ion_ .howing that lue life of the
State Hoard of (.'_nvu__ei_ is not limited to fhe
da_s. The sanie opinion, thai the Btata lioard
of Oaaraaaebb can iee__a in aaaa-aa Uaajar timn
live days, was i'.\piT-sed by Attomey-litliii-ral
Talmr, the law a.lviser of tlie State ofliccrs, at tha
aeaalon af the state lioard ot Oa_Y__era to-day.
Liut Mr. labor and his fellow-niember.
of the -Bata Beaid laflanaad the BepabUe?? bbb_p
Bel to-day that they, tlie members ot the lioard,
ninst consult with some high authority upon thia
maiter of tlie legality of the lioard cotitinuing
to .\amine the rcturius longer than live days.
The State Board selected ex-Jadaje Cea_tt_r_??.
Of this city, as this adviser. lf the State Board
ol < anvast-ers is compelle.l to shorten its labor.
to live days, how earnestl.v Fiank Btao, the Secre?
tary of State, will reproa<'h himself lhat he suiu
inoned the Board together so taa*, wheu it necd
not have met until Deeember 1 .V Mr. I_ce
aaa aware bhet tbe court- Man 00?88?.ring thej_9
COnteated election tmtt*, and were rapidly cotninj.
te _eelalena upon them. How natural if would
have Imimi for liiin to think that il would l~~
be* to give the cnurt_ aiimJe opportiini.y to rightl
tiie irauds of elcetion olln'ers. liut he came here
ou Tuctsday last aml precipitately or.lered a PBtathbBJ
Of the State Boatd Of QmIVMBBIB the f0?B8Bt_BJ
day. He mal! a eimilar "error" la-t. ___-. when
he had tho State lioard of CB_bT88B8_B meet at
such an unevperte.l date, and without peopag
notiee, that tbe eounsel of H'nry W. ffajBB. B B_?
piiblican candidate for f'onnri_s, was depriveil of
the chance of pointing out that tlie election re
iiiiiis in bla cai-e had lxvn falsilied. a_ was de
clar-d the following wiiiteI hy the Court of
But Mr. Ri.e's extraordinary haste in gettinj
the State Board of Cunvat?ero in motion this year
has put him in an even worse position than ho
h dd last year. Ir Ls now shown that all of the
election r.lurn_ had not been reeoi \ed. 1?8 elre
tion returns of Dutelie*- County vrON hicktn., and
of ccur_e, therefore, the vote for State oflicers and
State Senators could not be canvaiwied.
There was a pretended election return froiu
Dttteheaa County, alyoed by a man named
John J. IM?A. hut fhhl pi-'ce of
woithless paper did not contain either the _eal or
the attcstation of the C'lerk of DetobCBB ( ounty.
Open conff-ssion was, as it were, made by Mr.
Kioe yesterday that he had started the Stato
Board of OaoTaaaera apoa tt_ arork without tho
complet,- eleO-OO returns in his hand by hia
sending one of __ rlerks, Mr. Rooper, to I'ough
kecpsio and requeetfaf County Clerk Hot.mnn, of
Dutobeaa County, i<> eend the e_-o_aa return- of
thai <.ountv here. Ifr. HoEmma __?raaad Mr.
Hooper lhat he could not _end the e_<etio_
returna al thai oouatjr to Albany beea__ Judge
liarnard. of the S:ipreme Court, had the Board
of SapetTioora in -_____?, to correct them. Mr.
liotiniaii said that us BOOM as the lioard of Supcr
riaora of Dvteheaa County ooBapleted its work
be aronU be happy to aend the returns to Albany.
As niight be expeeted, this report from Duteheso
County greatly annoyed Governor Hill, and, per
liajis, also made Mr. Kice feel that he had "r___da
Ihe eona?leratioa of the State election returna
a little too qolekly,
But _____ was a remedy for the muddle.
C-Brgea were preferred Bgatnot Oouaty clerk Hoil
inau to-day becaoae he would uot stgn lha falsi
lied returns bfangbl here from Lhlteh?H County
by the iiu.ii Mylod. lt wiii be remenih.red
that tliese retarna baldjy tta?atacred votes cast,
for Gilb.rt A. Deane (hepj to Edward Qabaraa.
tha Deiiu.i-nitic lauli'lati' for Senator, aud ihrcw
out others ca.st for Deane, the whole ert'ect being
tn ih'prive Deane of his 7. plirality in the d_?
l'o-.lay, also, at tnhlnigiit, (iovernor Mi 1 removed
Mr. Cotton, the BepubUean Cloih <>f OwNbi_g_
County, on ebargea oi' alleajad neglect af duty.
Mr. Cotton's real fault, ol course, is that ito
would not falsify the election returns of Onondaga
County. Mr. Ilill in his paper of removal of
Mr. Cotton eays that. the County Clerk did not
ubey the mandates of the lio_rd of Superviaora
of 0?oadaga County. The Oenrcnaa. f_r_Mf
says, undoubtedly with his eye upou County,
Clerk Hoffman. <>f Duteheaa ('ounty:
sin h ?.'- _ BlaobeB?aca and iuaiit^oriiii-itlon are con>
U-ioiis. lt i- und. r~;.ii.i.l tliat the (ountv ( lerk ot
Daabcaa reaaty baa Baaa Ifea aanx- thin^. au.l it i* ???
toiloua Uiat tho whole _>?'? BBBBO?I la atraitinf (hal
- pb a-ure.
( lerk lloflinan, of Dutehen_ County, is eited ta
appear before GoYerno. Hill in AU?ny at .
o'cloek ou Saturday DBOrnlag. Tliis in an unu-U
all.v eartf hour for tl.e (io.'ernor to get to work.
Every p.H__WI beta tliinkix the (iovernor ititemla
to remo\e Ha____ Ofl Salui.lay. as he di<I Cottou
tO-day, and thoa tnake way for the BfBJM?_?_?I
of a _B.a_oe.a_a Clerk in Du_?eaa County. la
that .a.se tlie lel-ilie'l .??turns of Duteliess County
will of eoaraa al obob be eert?Iad a_ ?? correct" by
the new Democratie (lerk, ai.d the Btata Board
of Canvd!mtt* can say iliat from "llie face of tho
returns" they were coa_pellod to give a certili
oate of elei'tion to Uaboraa ao Baaatae.
It is aaapeeted b* the BepaMleBie here that
t!i<- new Clerk ol Onondaga (Viutity will uend here
ek~S??B retunus whieh will wan.nt tue St?te Bo^rd
ui CanTaaaera ?i lf "TBg a aertlleata of election to
John A. BiehO-. jr., Deinoerar, althougli he lacked
SSB vote. ni aa elee?aa. 1-riti the State and
the Senate Watrlet rett***, Ihe D._iocrat_ i~.mst_
will all be 0?BVaaB-d <m Saturday tit.ht.
Joaeph il. Choate, tha hndlm Uepah_ea_>eo-h?
sel, BrriTcd here to_ight nud will baha the tt**
agetnent of tln1 case ;i.uu-t the lioard of Super
. i.s ra of PuteheaB Coanty at f^aaghfcaapaie on
_atarday. Ba arUI be aaB?Bed by Jadaja Ca_p
and Mr. WilknMOU. The _?Cffwead catr will cj.tue
befeee Jadca Bdaraida at B_Ibbb. bbb! .Viiiiarn
A. Sutheilanil. John P, 1'irkhui>t and Matthevf
iiale wiii appear far ig?' BapahUe_M.
Wlcn ihe State Board of C_itvas-sers met in
the niorning iu the room of __ Sj-cretarv uf
Siate it wa.s known thit Um Kepublican eouiifiel
had some fresh las_oc> tn swing around the col.
leefive nei-k of Ihe I->anl, restriii:ing it from
. M-M??f aOJ e\traueou. BipefB liled with it
with tlie eleition rcturns irom the Wlth nnd
XXVUi Senate D__rkta. Thaaa are the <li_tricta
iu whi.'h John II. Dcrby, BefMB-?S8_. and Kufui.
I I'ecU were eleeted as B?I*%*?*, lie former by
ii7? plurality and the latter bv .Co pluralitv.
i ii.iiu-iily no one oould droao xixtt tha Bepubi
UWU G-9<._rMltCI W Ji-B. _4|U-i- X__4 a* B_%

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