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AMBF.li.i __tBATBB-fl-Cavalleria Rustloana and Pen
alon Schoe] .-r.
BUOl* TIIKATKF.-8:10-The Clty Dlreetory.
IIROADWAY THT.ATI.F. _-The Merry Monarch.
CASl[NO-8:1.'.-Tho Tyrelean.
COl.l Mllls THl'.-TIt .-8 15-BIue Jeana.
DALVs t'11 ....TUI.--8 13? The La-t Word.
?BCH BVflEB-Waa Tabicau-.
_________ TBBATflfl .fl 18 Clgaic.
i.RAN'l) OPBfU UOl'SB-f?Jack Roral of Uie ?>__.
HAItl.l.M OIM.KA HO.-l-?_.1_?The Mercbant.
II AKRK.AN s THEATflfl 8 fleffly aud thc 400.
llERRMANN . TllF.ATKE-8:80-The Junlor Partaer.
_K_r_*fl BABSflOM SQlARt THKATRE-U :30-A Tiip
to ChinatowD.
KOSTKR _? BIAL'K-S?Vauda-vllle.
LYCEUM THEATRE _?8~_-__~y Bountlful.
UflflOZ I.Yi I t M-*_ to 10 p. __. t_aat of Lanterna.
new fauk TIlfllTBfl 8 8 fl?J flaar.
fl___01?8 fliMM'a IMOaaaa.
PROCtOUS THEATRE-8--_- l~-t Paradi...
STAR TllEATRI.-S 15-Mls- H-lyatt.
8TAXDAKI) TB-_ATBB-fl:18-_a To-ca.
10-Xy __fl_OB S THKATRF.-a? Vaudevllle.
THAI.lv TllfllTflB 8 IM. HernB.iii_.hlae.it.
UNION flQVABfl TUl'ATl.E-. :1_?Tha Cadl.
14TB _~T..:iT THKATRF?-S?Mavourneen.
jn.cv to aorrrueements.
Page. Col.i Pape. col.
Amuwmenta . tf 0 {_<____ NoUcca.. _ ^
Aiiaouai-i-n-entH ... .10 - |Marrk?f-H * Dcaina . 8
Aui. MM IK-al i'.-Uta- 9 4 _11m-.-1~u.ou?. .10 O
Board and I'.-oi.i-- _ 3 M>i_i--l in-truiuenf- ? 6
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_._-._??*_ Chaaeea . ;. 3 Oetaa .tcamaiia. li 4
IMii.-ln>:Aiiiden.l-_. !? - 1'ropai-als . .' I
Dlvldend Xiithe- 13 4 Kca! Kstlto . ? l-fl
?oineatlc SituaUoai. |Ra~l E___te. ?> ?
?vanb-d. 9 0-- RellKi''-* -__l_?a..-- 7 ?_
Kinani-ial .'3 ??_ r_ilr.~_s .13 G-tt
t-.naiu-ial Kleatlon_ 1.'. 4 Sii _il Notlcea . 7 ?
.laau.lal __-..Ui_a..l. 4 st.-amlH.au . 9 ?
HelD Wanwd. ... ? U I Teach.rs. J ~
11.. tea A- 4-rrlaR?.. ? 1 WUMei R?-_orU . '.> ?>
Hotel- . i, 3 Work Want'-. !> 4-1
lii-tiuetio-i . ? -I _
JBusincce Xotucfl.
The Xew York Ho___, Xfw-York City,
l__ln_ afljaa under the well-known managenient of Mr.
PERMANE.VT (.I'F.STS. Broadway cars p___a the door_.
TRIBUN_fT-_RMS TO MAIL 8U__flC-_-fl-U_8.
1 vear. 6 mos. 3 nioa. 1 tuo.
PallT, 7 dava a wt-eh._l'0 00 ?_ 00 ,2 50 $1 00
l~_iV,without Bardaj.... ?oo 4 00 200 90
b_-ay Tribune. 2 00 100 50 -
Weekly Tllbune. 100. - - -
_{_.-.Weekly Trirvne. 2 00 ? ?'.. ._*!*
F.iiOage. prepald bv Trlbune. exeept on Dally and Buadaj
aac-r for mall sub-c'ribers lu New-York Clty and on Daily,
Rejiil-.Ve-kiv and Weealr U. fcr-icn -ouiitrlea, ln aahlch
r_.e* extra |his._..? wlli t* l.aid by .tib.crlbcrs.
lUmit bv Foaatal Order, Kxpres* Ordt-r, Clieck, Draft or
QmSmm Fostai Xote, if sent B an unregUtertd letter,
^ jdaU ofltoa al TM Trlbaaa, 154 RMm_|_l flew.TMK.
Adirtsa all correspondt-nce dn.ply " Tl.e Trlbuue," New.
IVtte^wrk JJafla WttMtmt.
TUUBSDAT, Di-CEMBEIt 10, 1891.
Foreign.-rThe funeral of Dom Pedro la Parl*
waa ooiKlucteJ fl-fi- royal lionora:. Uie ex-Emperor'g
body h__? back takeu to Lisbon for burial. -
Fr-nce wiy demand reparation from Brazil for
twelve Frentbuien killcd in Kio Janeiro by Fon
Mca'a agenta. == The Chinese Jmperial troopa
have agaiu defeated the ineurgent forcee.
Newfoundland has levied retaliatory dtitiee on
Canadian gaadfl
Congre__.-Tlie annual mcasage of Presldent Har?
rison wu* read in both houaea. -=-= The rei~rt
of the Secretary of the Treasury was also aub
Mitte_. ,.
Domestic.-Ten or more f-err-ona lost their li.es
ln two tiree in Lauiaville. mmm Thc "guad'
marked ballot* Ifl Dutehe~? CBflBtf have l~en
eounted for Deane (Rep.i for State Senator;
further Icfal procoedinge ta. (H'lay the MflflM were
taken by the Deniocrats. =_--= Jhe price of year
corn in Chicago advanoed 19 cents in an hour.
-*n,e state Dairymen's ._f?ociaiion continued
ita sesaions at Chrego. -=-= The Reg4~its met iu
annual r_ssion in thc Capitol at Albany.
(itv aad Sul.iirbun.-A man was __~8_~M in
Ur..oklvn char.e.l with forming a plot to blow
up a buiiding in lower liro-idway. ^ ~ Truatees
of Columbia Oalteffl made a gilt of fl.5,000 t<.
the Bo-hflleal Oardea. - ----- Final prep.ratior_s
for tl.e I'liion LiMCM Clab election were _n-.de.
__rr-^.- The flrst of tlie __-n>on's Patiiarehs' battfl
took plaee. r_-_-= Tli'- triuls of Darwin J. Meseiult
for murder, in Brooklyn. and of ARKemblyman
DliMBl.al for foritery wei*e continued. -= Tlie
Ladka' H#ah. ftafleett-. _M__attoa held their
annual meeting. _-=_ BtadW nv.re aetive under
the lea.l af Elie. wliich r.~a> 1 per cent, Other
linal IlliaaiH weia ?____. but, while the closing
was irregular, they were leaenUj falflB
The Weather -F< reetuvt f?r t*-day : Sliirhtly
wanuer and gen -raily fair. Ten.perat-.ire yester?
day: liighcst, 18 ile.'rees. lowest, IJC; average_
41 3-8. __-_-_-_-_--_-?
At tho laist sa?ssi..n the Logislatiire wa.. asked
lo appropriato j.-'..o,ooo n thut New-York
might 1.0 fitly i-e*i)i-psentod at the tomiiig World's
Fair. Th" atii'.unt which will be sought. this
wintor is *.'100.000. __BM thoi. is lost time to
be made up. <>ne of tho earliest dtirtes of tha
Ix-gislattm- is to make this appropriafion. In
fact. it would he ? highly gratifying thing if the
first hill pa.ss.d I.y >><-th Senate and Asseonbly
should be the one on this subject.
From a letter which Frofessor Chandler, as
piosident of the Street-Cleaning Aid Soeiety, has
sant to the Ladios' Health Protective A****<?('';i
tion, it appears that the .irst-named so-iety has
prar-pared a bill on the subj4-ct of atlflflt Cl8fl___-H
which will be sent to Albany soon after the
J-ogislature U-ITBB88. Mr. (liandler expiesses
the hope that the two societies may co-ope_ate
in the effort toflflCflflfl lcgislation that will hflflfl
C-a-janer . Bflflfl-- This is in every way desit ihl<>.
A united effort in this direction will pr.mise
much better iflflflltfl than either working alotne
could hopc to a-vonip)ish.
it gives us great pleasure to announce this
mt.riiiiig the generoiis action -?f tlic Columbia
College trust.. s in appiopriating. at their meet?
ing on M.mday. the sum of *_5,0u0 for the
H'tanical (Jarden whirh is to l.e estahlished in
Bronx Park. By an a_ t paflB_ last winter tho
city is to give $EOO,oOt) for this purpose, and
the site. when 9S5fl,tO0 Ifl addition has been
raised. Coluinbia's liberal'contril.ution will, of
4_.irse. form a part of the laat-named sum ; and
it is nui.-h Ifl be hop<~l that the action of the
tflflftflflfl "i" stimulate other large Bflfl* riptions
to a fund which ca_B__fl8 lln- |?iomise and tho
potency of IflUBflflflfl b?ne.it to tho cntiio com
Ia aciordaiu-e with Judge Barnard's decision,
th** e~-callfd marked ballots in Dutchess County
?the marking consisting of nothing uiore than
the imprintof some pritucr's .pia-ls?were eOflflflfll
for Mr. Deane. tho lli-publitan candidate for
Senator. yesteiday. But this is not the end of
the matter, unfortunately. Pn~e_dings were at
one, begun to determino the validity of the
ballot-, and it is undorstood that the question
whether they were or were not legal muMt be
gubmitted to a jury. That will take consider
able time, in tho natural course of things, and
the legal eontroversy may very likely be pro
longed until after the meeting of tho Legislat
ure. When one is bent on delay, our court.
sc'-mi to affoid almost unlimited opportunities
-0 - -
Two Democratio membera of the House of
fiapreaentBtivea showed their feeling toward the
??w Bpeaker in an u~_-___able war at tha
earliest opportunity?Messrs. lloar and Williini*.
of MassMK'lnKsottt-, who on Tuesday declinod vt
vote for Mr. Crisp. Yesterday another member
BTfaoad his lack of confidenco by proposing to
laatrBBl tho Speaker, in making up his om
mittees, to apportinii th.-* members among tho
States according to popnlation. The motion is
significant as indicating one pf the cloments in
his own plrty which BjpeakBC Crisp must, con
front at the outsct of his caioer. Tho Anti
Oriap men BIB prepaied, and preparing, to inako
things nnpleasant. ?_
The one characteristic of l'losidont Harrison's
annual Message which most impres_* every
candid reader is i:* absolute freedom from par
tisanship or prejudice. There is in it no strain
ing for effect. It is a simpie. cleai and business
like sratement of public affairs, full of wise and
practical suggestions. and 88 dispassionatc tha.
Its poiusal, after the crazy factional oontests of
Ii.'it.v.ciats, is like B breath of cool mountain air.
The Piesident. calmly invites the closest public.
scrutiny of every Department. in full conlidenco
that inquiry would strongthon the trust of the
?people in their admini<tration. Ho treats very
briefly of the tariff. only to urge that the new
law should have a fair trial, and that agitation
"cannot help but must sorioiisly impOdo busi?
ness" which needs a measitre of stability. Lo
points ont that msults thus far have falsified tho
predictions of opponents; that imports have not
deeroasod : that the Treasury is not banknipt;
that priees have not advanced. and says : " Kare
ly. if ever before in tho histoiy of the eountry.
BBB there been a time when the proceeds of one
days labor or the product of one farmed acre
would purchase so large an amount of those things
that enter into the living of the masses of tho
peopl(\" He also shows in detail that the por
oentage of free imports is 48.IH, against .'14.27
for the previous year. and sincc the repeal nf
tho sugar duties 55..".7 per cent of imports are
fioe, a prop.ition norver before attained under
any tariff.
Tho President's remaiks on tho siiver quostion
are so dispassi.uiate that his roeommendation that
the present law should have 8 fair trial will havo
rho gieater weight. Ho iirges that expcctaiions
of friends and foes alike have Ixn-n disappointod,
BB8I b.rth with 0818 the causes of failure of silvei
l.ullion to advance in consequonoe of (.overn?
ment piirchases, and oxpresses ?,trong hope that
tho law will yet help silver-producers as it has
not hitherto helped them. llut he speaks in tho
plaincst terms of the unwisdoin of ccntiaued
agitation, and especially of the efforts for free
coina^e, which would biing disaster upon tho
whole people becauso it would make it imp-.s
sible to maiiitain equal purchasing power for the
gold aud the siiver dollar. and add*. in words
that desorve serioits thought :
The producer* of thc cui.try. il* farmer* and
labor.r-, Bava tl.o liighe*.t inierc.si thut every dollut,
paper or coin. Ksued hy the ( .vernnient shall b*. a*
gotKl aa any other. lf there Is one kaa valui.blo Ihaa
another, its _iro and ct.ii-tunt eir.ind will t>e la iwy
them for their toil and for their crops. Tho money
lender will protect himself by xtipulatinp for pay men*
in gold, but Ihe labore r luts never been able to do tliat.
To place busine** upon a siiver basis would niean a
sudden and tevero contraetion of the currency, Bf the
withdruwal of gold and Rold note . and *nch an un
scttling of all values as would produce a commercial
It is the less necessary here to review in de?
tail the remarks of the Tresident, regarding the
operations of tho different Department*;, because
the rceommendations of those I.epartmonts have
been ooaaidBiad in oooaactioa with annual ro
|ort*. Ho refers especially to the removal of
causes of desertions from the Army. to deeisions
of the courts which embarrass the prtfvention
of Chinese iinmigration across the Canadian bor
der, to the great iinprovement of the pnstal
service, and to the ereation of the new Navv,
(*._K'f ially urging that, " there should bo no hesi
tation in promptly eompleting a Navy of the
best modern tvpe, large enough to enahle this
eountry to display its thg in all seas for tho pro?
tection of its eitizen.i and of its extending coin
The Indian Service, the I'resident believes,
was nover more canef ully conditcted, but ho sub
mits that the existence of the Indian Terrftory
is "a startling anomaly,"1 and that tho lij-ht*'
and inten-sts tf the Indians should be ivpiesented
on tho ioor of Congress, and not merel.v in tho
lobby. His statement as to uie diininUhed valuo
of lirst pajaaeatB under the new FsBBkm law
will explain to many their great em.r in est.i
in.uiiig tho effect of lcent k-gislation, and his
appi'i.val of the excellent woik dono bj the new
A_riculttu.il DeparlBMBt is justilied by its re
sult-s. Tho I'resident's ajquoval of the Civil
Sorvice svstein is unieserved and hearty, and he
lefers with pleasuie to the fact that duriug tlio
year he has extended iU" lield of r.perationn.
lf there lie partisanship in urging that there
should bo honest, free and fair elections, the
President is clearly a paitisau. His oomments
on the gerrymander by which in Michigan a
inethod of chousing I'lef-idcntial tlectois, which
has boen unaiiimutisly followed in the States for
many years, has now beon bioken for partisan
purpo_'s, are sUong and earnest, and he is justi
fied in calling it " disgraceful partisan jugglery.''
He recommends legi>lation fo iseciire uniformity
in the choioe of 1'rosidential Klcctors. and urgec
that the chief National danger lies " in the over
throw of majority control by the suppressiOB or
peiversion of the popular siiffrage." To the end
that thone evils mav be removed, he propBBB8
the ereation of a non-paitiean commission which
?ball inve.stigate the whole subject of election
laws and existing abuses, with the hojie that
it may bo able to stibmit leniedies which will be
oaaaiflBOaalj adopted. The cl.ising i-emaiks ..f
the 1 lewident express prido in the " incieased
unilication of our people and levived National
spirit," and ho adds: ? _\ trust, monieiitniis in
its inHuenco upon our peojile and iijkmi tho
world, is for a brief time (ouimiMed to us, aud
we must not be faithk\*s to its first conditiofl?
the defence of HBB free and equal inHuenco of
the {x'ople in tho choice of public ofliceiw and
in the control of public affairs."
A large part ,of the l'resideiit's Message i?
occupied with a luniinous review of the foieign
lelations of the year. The complications with
Chili conie lirst in the order of imjxirtance, since
that is the only quarter of tho Nati'inal hoiizon
iu which a clt.ud as large as a man's hand is nuw
to be desciied. The 1 '_?.?ident's expesition ol
the neutiality po)i_f adopted by ihe tiuve niuient
is admirable for its lucidity. Diploinai'. BB_
naval ofticern alike weit* enjoined (liiiinj* the
civil war to u*e their inHuenco in the latBMBta
of humanity, and to if?frain fr..m inteiference
in the domestic affairs of Chili. The best proof
that they followed their instructions is the fact
that BB ofli.ial complaint against .Miuister EgBfl
oi- tho naval cuminanders has been presented tu
tho Departmenf of State. Tl..- junsuit of tho
Itat'i was an obligation impiv-ed upon the A.l
ministration by the, illegal and hostile conduct
of tnoso who defied tha authority of the I'liit.'.l
States **M**> That this episode ought not to
have excited resentment in Chili is shown by a
cit-iti .i from the correspondence bolween the
Jui.ta at lipi..|.if and Admiial lin.wi.. Witliout
soliiitation from the I'nited States the Jnnta
vol.uiiai'ily offered to return tho vessel, and ie
pudiated tbe action of tho luta's commander.
The two queations now at issue between the
Uaitad Statea aad Cbili ata di-ua-aionate'l^ statcd
in tho Mflaaflffl The Amorican MinLster, after
befriending Congressional leaders in their cx
tremity, allowod ___?_*__- partisans to tako
refuge' under his roof. Tho J're. ident is un
willing to order their rekt~.se without receiviiig
adequato guaianteea for tlieir safety. Thfl brutal
assault on the Baltimoie's men waa f..!l >w--d by
th-.'ir arre*t, and Bflflfl of them BflM boatcn and
crilolly malti--ateil. _____ _B8B oiitragos Bfltfl
cvi(l"iit]y tfllBBfl. not _f |H_8flBfll atiimosity, but
by hustility ta. tho uniforni which they wore,
prompt and decided action Wfll necesKary. The
Pre-sident exprosses regret that the reply flf the
Chilian Government wa* couched in an offen-ive
tone, and intiraat... that if satisfactory explana
tions aie nottfurnishod within a reasonaMe pflriod
ho will send to Congress a special mes-ago. There
in no tone flf BWBBM ___. | bflal ___? is evidenco
of res-ilute. inllexiblo detennination to vindioato
the honor of the NfltfOfl and it? flag.
Among the most importaiif achiovements of tho
State Departimiit during the. year have been
tho negntiation of three __B-iprocity tre.itios and
tho removal of unjust disciimin itior.s against
Amorican poik Ifl Kurcpe. Similar negotiations
with Southern 80Bflfl__ are ifl an advanced
Ktate, and flflvenl additional treaties are pn.m
ised befoie the end <if the year. The Pre.sident,
______ the highly satisfactor.v'announce.neiit that
an AgtflflBflflflt ha.s virtually T.een coiicludod witli
Germany based upon a f__e flflvkfl. for beet
sugar. As 16 per cent of the imported flflgflf
supply of the I'nited States comes from (Jer
inany. there is margin for sectiiing in rettiin
inat.-i-ial rediictions in the duties on _______
bi-adstuffs and jin.visions. Jteciproeity con
tinuew to offer I most invigorating stiinulus to
tho export trade.
The coinpli.ations with Italy caused by law
lessness in New-Orleans are disctisned in the
M'-s-age mast judiciotmly, and the nei-essity of
bringing oiTences against the treaty iiglits of
forcigneis undr-r the dirett cognizance of tho
Fi- Iflffll .-ourts is urgod. The Chinese outrngof.
arw i.n-ll.v (insidciod, and tho pcrsocution of
the UcbroBfl Ln _aa_a is daptond as Lnrohrini
tho enforced transfer of an lm|>ovftrished hotde
of iminigiants fiom their ____lfl.ll houies to
Anu'iica-a lamentable lesult " iieithe. good for
them nor for its.'' The suhinission of the Behr
iag Baa dispute to arl.iti-ation is dt-ciibed i*>
having bflflfl ananged on satisfactory teitns.
This tlisposition of tlie matter is iu auord with
tho advanced jia.sitkin faken bj the Inifd States
in favor of international arl.itiation. In the
Hrosident.. judgment tho IBflfl- regard br tho
ptinciples of civilis_.itiou ought to have impelleal
Great Biitain to refer its ..wn boundary quarrel
with Venezuela to arbitration. Bo long as Kng
land refuses t<? arbitrato a qmatioa which is hflSfld
on Tiistorical fflctfl the I'nited States will c.ui
tinuo to rosent any appearanc of foreign en
iroachment ou the Amorican Con'-inent. Thero
i-, a vigorous touch oi the ..lontoo Doctrine in
this pflBHfe Of tha- llflflflflga as well as in that
relatiiig t.i the Nicfllflffflfl <-'aii.il.
Setretary Fflflflfl. has ipakca so freoly, aud
with such adniiiable elFect, Ofl linancia: tjues
tions within the last fe.w months that hin un
forttinato sickness and conseyiient. inal.ility to
proparo a full discussion of i-ine topics for his
annual report aro the leiss to be regrettcd. [fl
all ICipClf~l the rejKirt is in entiro harmony with
the IflOflBl expressioos of tho Seoretary and with
the I-ic-ident- Message, and if Mr. Vottot has
other r-uggastions of value to add, it may be
expected that a public man so flipariflBOfld will
not fail to lind a Htting opportunity.
Tho period which the Secretary has to reviow
ha.s bflflfl ono <>f untisiial difliciilty and danger.
Itj was remarked a few days ago that no one
would havo imaginod, when -Mr. Koster took
tho Oflflt so suddenly and tngically vacatotl by
Mr. Windom, that ho would 1~ ablo to mect n
?IlilMaafllllj the oflflflfldaa then ai?i-arent. Kven
opposition journaLs aifil financial papers not ifl
political sympathy with him now praise his c<>n
duct of the Department, and admit that ho hfl8
" surmouiited the apjiaia-utIv insurniountahle."
Thi_ is partly __~fla_~ many weiv blinded by
l-.u-i-ui iintiutbs al.out the a|?pt.?i)ii;itioiis. or
about the leal condition of th?' Ti-asury lUfllffU
which tho S'l-tetarj' now exhibits sai fully. l.ut
it is not thfl loss true that anxiety of many per
s-.ns in regard to the stato of the Titasury did
in fact _____ business soniewhat unfavonibly,
until Mi. Foatoc juditiously antii [pflttd hifl an?
nual report by explana'i.iiis which havo bflflfl
lliOfldj (ousidi-ied, aml which have leceived
fiom husine_s men of all j.arties w-ll-dcservetl
During the last year, though not within tlio
Isflfll y<~r of which thfl npoil 8-pflCtflllj tivats.
the Tlflflaaqf had to moet a matiiring debt of
moro than lifty millions, an.l at the samo tinio
to iiK-er luiusual demands arLsing from peaakflM
and otiier legislation, and to do all this with a
'revenue i-cduce_ by sixty millions a JrflflC Off inote.
The reiiort shows in detaii how a/lmirably this
has beon aocouiplishod thas far. lt. wry rately
happeius that tho Finante Minist.'i- of the (.ov
flnUBflfll is placvd by iin umslaiues and by new
legislation in a jiosition of Bleh ditti.-iiliy, and
it was all the time au added enibarrastsnient that
tho now Silver Act, by many flriflflOBStrafld,
thieatene_ to shako the eredit ef the (mivciii
incnt. and to di.-nirb, no one could say how
mu.h, the circulation <>f OtWMt cutrcmy.
The T1.4a.sury Iflporl maka. plain in detaii how
honnrably and skilfully all th'-s.' d-Hofll-kM bflflfl
bo*-n met. Discussion of its jt/'ins may bfl litly
(I. fcnaul, but it would bo unjust to thc Becflfl*
ta;y and to Ihfl Adiniiiistiatinii if ih -m- were not
full and flflfllIj recognition ?.f thc 1 -andoi*. frank
n~s. and singular dflflffBBB -f bis cxpositit.n.
Uo must iude-'d bfl 8 man of BSfffld and DfllffflW
niind who can examine this rcpon and (flfl t.i
honor its failhful and luiid aa..oiiiit of the public
liiranct-, as they aie now, and as they will
be, under existing Iflflfl bf two jOMti to oOflflS.
The BflC-fltfliy t-n__ into no ehboiuto dis
iii..-ion of coiitroverta'd qu<-stioiis. bui the in
fonnatioii he submits. rojia-cting the i-IT.'c_s of
the. new tariff Ofl the rflVflBoe antl rhe. oxporta,
n .j t. u'ng the tflCfl-Bflfl-l puicliassi (,f sihvr and
tho OOBflflejOflBOB. and in regard t.i iiniiiigiati:ui
and lneasiiies for its restriction, are of high
value. The report is one ubuli mciits cai.-lul
stiidy. But it is enough her.. to say that it illus
tiat B 0B-B8 nmie the isciupiilous fitlclity and
splendid ubility with whi.h thfl liiiaii.-.-s .,1 tho
Hchflfll and most pow.-rful QoflflrflflBflBl Ofl 8fll__
bfl~8 bcen conducteal und.'r Bopflh?DBfl .\diniii
isti-ati.uis. ___________________________
The Court of Appaflla will tako up tho oloetiea
01881 to-muirow. This .niiini. inlaljjo ptaaiiip:
,-ic-s tflSUMfl decisions in llio OOUflfl of a lev\
da\ . siiii-e there is nothing intri.ato in any ..I
tho i-Lsus, unlavss the legal inotO'dings at I'oiigh
l.t'i-psii- yestcrday fiiti.diKe RflBa DflfllfpflCtfld
complii-ation. ThtflB is grtaata-sr MMtA fl. a _pfl___3
di-pisition of tha* etBTflflfl m the XVth District.
for, if the eooii Bad. that th* lata. Ur. Doflaa
w_rt the 4-hoice of tho majority. it will bfl BBC88
sary that a special election shall be held without
deiav in 8ff_~> thflt his 8UflCflWM nwy be C_088fl
before the lirst TllBB_| iu .Jiniiai.\. wlien the
J>*gislatlll.- tllr-Ot-.
lt Ls nc.dlt'As to BBflUfl flflf _fl~flfl tha' wa
confid'-iuly .-xpa-t t that ull the four ij_as willbo
decido_ tfl favor of tho I.epiiblicans. The rea
so-is which led us to foim this coriclusion have
been cxhamstively preaented in our columns, and
wt do not i/urpota to refer to thcao ?14____L______ 1
[i is moro profitablo to glance at two things
which thc** cl.'i ti-.ii disputos Icutli. lu the lost
p! i.tt, th".v teach that more attention should bo
given to tho duty of picking out mon for in
spectors of elections and county stipervisois.
These ..nicials ought m be men of the highest
character and of approved intelligence. since they
have only tO be iinfaithful or inoflicient to bring
Ui naught the will of the majority as cxpressod
at thc baliot-b..x. In tOO many place.-. tho im
BMBfofl *-\i<J?'iitIv prevails that any sort of man
will do ft." inspector or supervisor. On this thc
ory tho Democratic Supervisors of Dutches .
Steuben and Onondaga, now in offlco, would
seem to have bBBB uominated and elected. If
they had boen per. .ms ..F integiity and capaeity
th..' -t.it.- would havo escaped the election BCBB
dals with which it has been disgiacod of lato.
In the second placo these eloction disputes tvach
that our ju.liciaiy ?a'n bo trusted. It will be
icni.-iiibciod that (Jovernor Hill a few weeks
ago made a mo*: ladecaal attack on certain
Supremo Court Judges, holding that they wero
mere cieaturos of political leaders. The part
wliich tho bench has taken in these contests is
au uiiansweiable refutation of the (iovcinor's
BtrodOBB instilt to one of the great htanches of
our Stato liovernment. He sent Justico Morgan
J. O'Hrieii. of this city. to Syracuse with tho
ovidcnt hopo that. forgetting what was duo to
his oflice and to his own good name, he would
allow partisanship to control him. Hut Judge
O'Hricn met tho expectations of honest roteri
in both parties. He declinod to lend himself to
any of Ilill's jobs. Ile united with Judge Ken
nedy iu lefeiriiig all tho disputes in tho N.W'th
District to tho Court of Appeals. The course
purstied by Judges Konuedy, Harnaid and Kd
uaids was most creditable and public-spiritod.
They did their duty fearlossl.y and faithfully,
without giving a thought to tho bearing of their
action on politics. It la possible, therefore, that
tho next time David II. Hill feels temptod to
indict tho judiciary of tho Stato of New-York
he will rest rain himself.
Theso aro itnportuit lesson . and wo may be
suro that the _K>oplo will not soon forget them.
The contests fach still anuthei' thing?that Hill
ia an tap-Bcabli foe of honest elections. But
then that is an old story.
Tho Governor of Miunesota has made a tottttl
BPfBBl to thc p.- .|.le nf tbat >tate br aid for tho
fainine and fever Btricfcefl BBbJBOtSOf the I.ussian
Czar. Yaiious other ap|?eals to the same end
have also been made dming the last few weeks
in dillerent parts of this conntiy. To what 8X
i. nt thc pul.lie has respinded, or will probably
k .pond, IB theso calls for help does not at this
wriiing appcar. The American people are, how
over, always geiierous, as other nations will
tc*tify ; and just now their own pruspority enables
tln'in to exercise their generosity laigely. More?
over, their interest in Itussia and the BbBbIbbB
has in late years been much excited by tho
roalistic accounts of that great Kmpire given to
them by Mr. Kennan, Mr. Lat.in, and others.
Wo doubt not, therefore, that this commendable
work of siiccor will bo joincd in by many hamls
and purset*. and that much suffering will thereby
bo alleviated.
Tho 0888 is one that appeals to humanitarians,
not to politicians. It is true, of course, tha*
wilfully bad government, more than bad weathor,
is rffcpnnaibbi fnr tho distiess of tho moujiks.
It is true likewiso that the Rus*ian (.overnment>
is fully able, but unwilling, to neliove all the
actual want. It is true, moreover, that tho
KiL**ian (.overnment, instead of providing ?uc
cor for thoso whom it h;is bronght to ruin, is
lavishly sjiending its money for ohjects which
aro eouspieiious among the causes of that ruin.
Tho " Novoyo Vremya" nowspaper reports, on
indiibital.lo authority that tho Ministry have at
their di.sp.isal moro than 410,000,000 rubles in
gold, of which at least 135,000,000 aro lying
idlo and uii|.i'..dtictivo in Stato cofTors, while the
revenues of tho Kmpire show a handsome ttt*
plus. and this year's l.alanco of trado shows more
thin 231,000,000 rubles to tho good. This
prnsperity pr.unpts tho (...veinment, however,
only to increase l.y many millions the appropria
tions fur tho army and navy. Hut a!l ttMBB
things do BO. of course. matter to the philan
thn.pist. Millions of )K*ople are suffering ; and
if their uwn _OWIIBBBIBJ does not help them?
whether it cannot or will not?ir is the duty of
other* to do so.
It !* there...re to be hoped that substantial con
trihutinns f..r tho relief of tho starving inotijiks
will bo made wheYevor opportunity is offered.
This will bo a manifoMation of syinpathy toward
tho heljiless peoplo of Kussia. As for tho Kussian
li.ivt'innieiit, nu American wxirthy of the name
Bboold regard it with feelings other than those
of stern rondemnatiuii. Its faco is set, as a flint
again ?t liberty, BgaiBflt education, against prog
re.ss, against eveiyihing that Americans ma*t
piiz. And tho very catastruphet that calls for
sympathy arttb the Rtissian poople calls with
(i.pial force for hatred of the tyranny. potitfCB.
mental and moial, that is represented by the
I.ussian C/.ar.
The two young Democratic Congressmon from
Massachu setts, Messis. (.ieorgo Fred Wifliams
BBd >heiinan Hoar, havo achioved disfinction
at tho very opciiing of their Congressional ca
roers, n.-t l.y anything they have done, but,
singularly enough, l.y doing nothing. Aftor
having taken a e mspici. ?us!y aclive part ifl tho
animated and exciting canvass which preceded
the holding of the caitcus t<. noininate a candidato
lor Speaker. and having taken pait in the caucus
and voted on every baliot for the candidate of
their piefeivnce, they refused tm accept the 10
siilt. eignifying their <li**a;isl'action therowith by
<le< lining lo voto for SpBBBBf when their name*.
wero called in tho House. They have taken
tli * (-..ui*,. il.-lil.eiately, and freely give their
IBBBOfl fof it. lt is .*iniply that they had given
assiirance, to tlieir coiistituents that thoy wonid
BOt voto for any . in.li.late for S]>caker who
would not prOfl_B6 to use his inHuenco "again*t
the OOaafderatiOB of bad linan.ial legislatinii and
tho exten.*i..n of siiver coinage" ; and as Mr.
Cdap would not make such a jnomiso they de
cline.l to vote for him, __Hlfb he was the noin
inee uf a ca.iciis in which they took their chanees
and fhe regular candidato of the party by whose
vntes they were elected.
At lit-st !.lii*h this BBOBM a rather horoic |mt
f.iiinance. The young men them>elve* iinqiie*
tiunablv (*.? view it, and are doubtless oiinting
on having the 88888 c.*tinia!e put upon it l.y all
patri-.tic citizens who aro not bideboflfld par
ti-au*. " Pnnniaaa to the paopla <m which volea
ate MBI__d_ 8*8 a primary obligatioil,*' sjiys Mr.
William*, and having emittcd this sententious
uii.-iaii.t-, waits fot applauBB. A faint jiatting
.f hand* from the ditvetion of "The N.-w-Votk
Time*'1 and "The Kvening Post" is the only
i. ippBBB Up to dat.i, though the. DoBtofl procincts
leinaii. t i l?- l.eard from. Th.-ie are no present
indicatioiis that tho tw.. voung uien will be called
l.ei.iie tlio cintain. Thf demonstrati >n is only
liiildly eiiioiiraging. and not by any means
vocifeioiis. 'i ne two joiunals niuned aiv di*
pOBBd by naiiir.il in. Iinati,.n aml mental tem
peiamcnt t.. look with favor BBBB |ieifurniances
?f ll.is chata. ter. Hut i-v.-n th.y tt* nol en
thu*iasti.. They agree that it ua< \c,\ mu
prising, and must have astonwhed the )_.liticiiiis
whw aro uiiused tu such high mui.il staudards,
but tho fallac.v in tho reamiuing of the young
uien is ao patcut that the.y do not vauturo tod
iroflmd it. For the flrst qucatwn flVfl* *+*^?
tho mind of the voter of average intell.gence
h Why did these. young tn.<n take part. ann
stich conspic.tous and flfltfffl .art. in the JMBBfl
if they wero a~ coniiiiitted to their oon.tituents
tbfll they (ould not honoiahly support thc nom
iuen whoever he might bc?
Whatever may i.o said of tho cvils of caueus
rulo and of eflBflflfl tyranny, nothing can be
plainer than that when men lay asido th. n ob
joctions to it by going into a regnlar party tooem
they must lie bound hy its action if they a.e
honorable men. The. time for Messm. Williaius
and Hoar to explain their posirion waa bcfoio
taking part in the caii-iw. That was Ihe time
when they should have infomied their 8880
liu-.s thai they wero under such ante-election
obligations that thoy could flfl. abide by tho ro
rttilt under certain dirumstances. They gav?- M
intimatioii of this until the result was ro-thed,
when they impreassively disclosed the fact that
they could not iu honor accopt it. In oth-r
wonls, they pl-.>(_tl their cards for all they apfln
worth, took advantage of all the tricks, incltid
ing '* biuffing." and then when th* game Mfl
lost calmlv drew down their utakes with Iho
remark that they were under obligations to th .ir
,-on-titucnts ?iot to gambTe-unless they had a
MN thing. Bo these two young men have at
tainod emineiice early. But it is a rather
ticklish eininence. We do not doubt that they
havo tried to act oo/isa-ientioiwly. But their
conscientiaiusness is of that questionable sort that
slumbers while the game is in progross, aml
wakes into sudden activity when it is lost. Had
they won there would have been no demonsna
tion. We shall not stop to inquire whether, if
their votes had boen nei-essary to elect Mr. Crisp,
their scrupies would havo boen so insuperablc or
their stand so heroic.
The positi-n they have taken is quite abovu
the standards that govorn political BfllBlfHrflB.
It is qttito oonspiciious. lt might make men
!.'-s s.-lf-rontained a little dixzy. But they are
young, frosh and lltient. Wo shall look witli
interest to see how they treat the nexb _______ M
well as how the next flflflflflfl treats them.
Tlie trustees of Columbia College have done u
Win _nd popular thing in throwing open many of
the retfiilur lectures to the public on t*ie pnyment
<if a nioderate fee. The tindcretandini. is thnt out.
sider* are to Ir.' admitted unless the professors ob
je.-t. .So fax from objecting, it is to be pffOBNBfld
that they will oon.sider it a high conipliinent to
tlieinselves if others than tbe regnlar studenta
deaire to receive instruction from them.
a- -
Speaker CrLsp has a big job in makin* up his
committees and flotLsfyiny all the demands made
upon him. Hut that. task will not be a oircuni
stanec to the work of keeping the Noils" in order
when tha Democratio majorlty of 14. settle down
to what they will call business.
Now, what is the use of David B. Hill _ worry
ing himself about rnaking thc next LeKislaturc
Demoeratic ? It is commonly stipposed that he
wr.nts to pavc thc way for thc election of a Denio
cratic Senator in view of his own Frcsidential
aspirations. But just suppose for a moment.
Suppose that Hill should get ^lie Democratio nomi
nation next year. Suppose, too, tbat by some
chance, now so remotc as to be inapprcianle, he
should be electcd Prcsident. In that evcnT, would
thero be any n"0__*ity for him to resigu his Scnator
ship? Not the slightest. In fact, hc could much
more easily hc at once 1 .eiideut and Senator, than,
an at present, Senator and (.overnor, jtince his
diities would then all be in Washington, wbereas
now he must, to bc faithful to his doubie truat.
he in both Washington and Albany at the same
time. Oh, no; he nccd not vex hi* soiil in the
least over the complexion of the Leg_.latu_e of
1892. _
The verdiot of the Coroner's jury in the caae
of Stratton, the fastcr, who reeently starved
himself to death in a dime nuiseum, is none taw
s<>vere. Such exhibitions should, indecd, lie re
g-irded as " demonilizing and criminal,"' and it
would be well ir thc sugjrestiou of the physicians
whose opiniou is thus ofticially record.d were
carried out, and they were prohibitcd by law. Of
all tha morbid " attractions" that dime museiima
offcr, proi.ably none exercises a more positively
l.aneful in.lueii.~ on tlie fr. .'iient-TB ..f such places
than th.'se deliberate wairers of life itself. New
York has had too many </f them. aud it is to
\te hoped that this latest self-murder ___) bc tbe
There is a ray of consolation?even for tbe Mug
wuuip continirent?in the Iflfll that. S|_aker <risp
has a better temper than would-bc Spr-aker Mills;
at all events, hc has a better grip on it.
The F.nglish naval experts are exultin.'. it seems.
over cvidence of Vankee blundering and misral
cuhition shown in thc construction of tlie cruiser
l'hiladelphia. This is amusing. That shp w:__
built from l.n,:lish desiirns, which were purchased
by tlie Department of the Navy in Serretary
Whitney's time. If HMM are s-rious blunders i'i
weij;7itt. 88? l.alan.cs slu. vn in that ve.-.-el, these
are BflgUah, not, Anieri.-an, niiscal.tilatnms. The
Eatopflaa experts may have _________ in wnrl-iim:
otr aoaae af tl.eir own baal ___0_f_tfag upon thc un
Hi:_p-tiiu,' Yaukee, but they cau hardly aftord to
la'igh over it. Tlie only iser.ous mistake _____ tfl
lle c.onstru.'ion of thc new BA-7 was the pur
ohBBl of foreign rlesigns. AflMTtoafl naval archi
tects can hold their fffflflfld a^ra'inst Kuro|~. and
there never was any valid reasoti for (li~redifiiii;
rh'ir al.ility as ilesiKners of oriifinaJ ior.c and
practical ahility.
Mayor Cbapin pnrticipatiiiK in a netnoeratic
cau.-us at Washington and indiistrioiwlv __fflf_flf
two salaties from Nation and city i- a s-.rry
i\po of ?anjfrlffl1 refornicr. ^*. the ..lu.wtmip baa
alw.iys adinired and voteal for bim as au ldeully
good aud pure ty|ie of civic virtue.
The Eflg-l-h sparn.w* ls n..t nn nnalloyed bless
Ibc; then* he tho?' who allinn that ln- is au un
paitifattd nuisan.e; but tln-re is gravc doubt of
the wisdom of the law which took effect iu
Iilinois on Ik'ceiulier 1 giviug a bounty of two
eaafl. f?r srary npurrow's haod. The ilaaghfl-f '?
(,'oins; 8fl bv the wholcsale. The edinatiotial etXeoX
ot taeh leyblatiofl cannot he aajr___ h"t- moi
If the deMruetion of the sparmw is _~_l___ or
nt'(-(~_iry, the work aflfhl ta. ?-? |8BI al.niit in a
dirteient way. Soiua-botly must l_a\?' been nappmg
when that law wtvit tbrou_,h the La'gislatiirc.
Ilicre is much sinniflcanr. in the recent letter
of Mr. ('. 1'. Iluntinglon, replyrtflfl t<? a ...rrespondent
in Ti-xas, who affllfld for his exumnutinii certain
ruilroad frtuii-hisa's in that State said lo l?e
valuiible. KxperieiHic in aflflfffltlflg railroads under
Tcxan rcstri.-liaflfl prouipts him to decline 8~8fl t"
aaaatdfll 'bc buililing af any _ialaliti.ni.il line.-.
there. The people of Texas. and of thc ______
Stata-s that have followed hi-r flflfl?Iflfll. -U_ lik'l\
t.i Iiml out Is'fore louit that thc tvsults of liusnii>
railroail lag?dflttofl strike in uiore than otic *11
re.-ti.iii. They will ___T ? out when they see tln*
work of extendinj. ruilroad .'ajuiniunication taraoght
to a statulstill hy tlie iiidis|_~ition of 88|Hfll tO
sivk an inv<_tuient whtrc a proper coutiol over
its pro|?*ity is denied it. Tcxa> has a vast terri
tory still undevdopiHl. aud needs manv hiiu.lied
uiiles of ruilroad to niuke its K.e-it ri-a.iinM m-i
vireable. The agitators ot the Fiirnu-ra' Allian .
h.'li.mi; having fefllflflfltl the I_-<ialatiirr to treut
the railroads as thou_,h they w.-rc ilcvouring ogrea,
may meet henceforth with increasiiw, difll.-ulty iu
ihawt?fl where the net _ulvnnta.n- ?f their poliey
.iui' in. A few such i_nciet?' inatum-es as Mt.
!tuutin_.oii li if. juat giveu of the Iflfaaal <>l
upital lo btap iu where pra.-tical c.nlisa'ali.'i.
awuita lt, may l.nii_ the |h-ii-?I.- of the State to
ivaliw t.iai wklle they may be "getting even'*
wlth thclr ogre ?it railf-ail _oona|_-ly lu oue way,
.they, mn injuiiac tfleaoaelvea aad Ihe i__paota
[ of their State inflnttely more by that kl_
leglslation. ______________________
Mi*'. J eannetto M.lfo.d. dnujfhter ot tb, r_i
prlvnU' ?r.relarv, Brhree her father to tht w__i___.-'r'
4i.tl baal dally ln l.er dnii.lv vletoHa. m
Friink sartorl . brother-ln-law nt Mr%. N?|)U
Barterle, le 11*.k.-*s about. tn Wyomlnp a- a yout_i
II- I- u ji.iHniiif.nt .iittfe ralirr.
?? Int It* l.ltk" "?le_by thluks tliat fiovtrnor *_.
Illlno:?, will hnve it rertomlnatlan.
The l?.*t oi Sfh.iliert awarded . th* !.,_______
snenperfe. t. ln Newark last. lummrr to th* r_*!
Hi.jrr-rs Bf I'lillndelpbla waa unvelled ut Falnnt ._?!_*
i u few day* uRo. ^ r*H
Janic* Baaaal I.owelt * -dom w.nt to_.,
j nml OUWT -." Lil BalBlllap ln nr_ near Brat?_ ^
j OBaar WeafleU Hohaaa, Mr. Hearefla, Tbo ma, ?_,*!,
AMHah, A:L. Bataa and Charlaa BB. Bertoa iB
for jreara W.iliar fltpires lt. tho drawin* rw_u J_
DBoaem Atbeae. ??
II I* intl.nuted tbat llrooke Herfp_ps i*_i^____
varant pulpit ii. Boston will be 011 et i,- t T*
Pi.- tl.-nl Kllot. ai Harvtinl li.lvei -lf.. ? 8
Altl.o ugh Colonel tt. W. .'lupp had not beaa 4_
tK*t <f BeaMh Baaa BB raBJaai from tn?.:..;?)_ __^^
?aal t?f ?riio i*o?ton jearaaT ia*t _ui-( noai?^___!
BM aaaaaBBaa ou thnt paper k/iew tl.at b? wm ?injT
i,l TaaaBar. '"* death was pi.l,Ht,ly th*, r* __fj
up.j'l.'x.v. HB Bai lerved. years aaa. tn tBa CBt
(oiiu.il nnd tl..- >tate HeiiBte.^ I _ u_\ _?n ,,, ?
inft- ui Uavaraora Baaka und Andrew, *_, t ?nui_
in nmi.y pabllc liistltution*. aml wa* a mttubet _\_
Alconrrtdn, .'A. Rototpb and 1'o-tou ,\ r> ?luBs^_2
tlm litwton Athletic AsM^iatkm. For a PimhBfTJ
yi-i.is 1,-- >. a. presldent ... tt.e New _i.ilar,4 A*mh_
Pre**, rel:iiiiul-iUn_ the ofl...- la. ntaimci. \f_aM_!
retir. inei.t fnni newspap.- ? ,rii. I,. Ihet ?__u, _!
the. Hotel VaaBaaaa. Ile. Ici.ves a -ife ati_T___
rl.lMr. ... w*m
Mury How* I.nvln, tli* MBflBT wh'_ie i-rnrtt r_W?
Midden weddln_: Im* ftrao j.p! > litllc eBaa | t, bi
_ooi .. haa Baa aaa*, ? ..? mo *h*n ,He mm u.
husliantl HiCsli their bBBlM_| -:,s.>;i next July (___.
will po to I'arls fn a jrflB. n. -tiuh b little mo .. Tw
both hnve Vierntl, a.i.Mtl.:.-. Bn, l__?itl
aiuiuiu to Baaa it aaduaBuai lhai ba aaaai _g ___,
pupll of Maaa. Mun ln l tnt n.. r. tbaa t?o-naUa
aml sl.e siiys : - |ni inlell.,. a -j.mnarrl -_ m_
spa..l-!i tbre -o.-e* *, ti..v lake \ hi ,.ff \._,r bw b
th~ uxnn we BN ^o!iik' '"? BOi WB t.ikf I, n. beeMn M
thlnk hu I. tln; be. leaehai ln l*?ri-, if mm ,? Kt?fi!?
r_?J n/.A' o# nu />_if.
.SrolL-inti i* fist lo*lnK it-. tll-ti u t;on a? theviB,ij
rvlipl-m-s eaaaaraaaTaafc A f.-? Haaiagra ajo, a?B?
J. II. Cnivvfoid. tlie e-teenifil p.-t..r t,f _ h-jtri^
cluirili lu Diu.dcc, iii.m1i* B Bfca Ifl Ul -*rru m tt totao
IhBBBraa. .\ftcr ealBag atteotloii t, tha bbbJB afMai.
MVBfB p-ti|.'|.' ln l*u:.tlee. f.,r whOBI there t- _, __.
rtaOonu escepl Ibe l_qn?r-?lK>p. in- ?i-. lai. v*tt ui
only aaj to haawalaa Iheia ?:.s io ?ive thca ?__.
iiihotfiit iiiitise.-i.it. uh:.t i(..s aeeiei ?i?a|a.
whero the poor rouW tu>, not only where nothm to.
biwitiR i onld bB *?'n, but, wber.? preei .ly tie BdUaB
eoaeet^aMe laBaaneee w.mld i_ br?uKht tobtariy.
them iu peecteely the mo-t attracBre way. h? 44
not know on whose aiaaliBBa tlijah s mantto amtt
fu.ll?whotlur tho theutre waa tt. b* the cburth Bta
futiiro or not?bnt he Knew this, tlmt tliey fouM aaM
vei-..' dull paoflB understand in (he theatre; tta
toukl make 9*9* taBoai people weep in the tteHn,
and they eeatt m;ilie v.-ry viclou, ul bAB-Brteg
peefia aahaaaal ai IBaaaalaaa in the theatre, a* \h?
ii aaai aaa in the BkaaMaa of domg the chwi-i'i
()f Interest to norrowerv-Wild Kyed Cvitenr
(wet to the sktiu- (ii. vou make uu un.tn-lla ottktt*.
paper, with handle, ri).* and all, BB Uiat lt wlU |_B
like tuiv other!
MiiktV-I ran, sir, but It wlU co?t you aboet a
inu>lh a*
? Don't (nrea snap how murh lt .o*ti! I w?r.tctil
llei.'s an X. Beai tliem to mv aAei ('. 0 D. II aa
does not pa* fnr thi'in, and *t*ii.l >ni .inlrkl''
(Ru.*hes out ... the raln, aeakai tt.roujh, but iMk&a
h-ppy.)?(Cblraco Trlbune.
The thlnl annual ronverjtlon of tlie eolored ("____._
of tl.o I'nlteil >utr* will be held ln PbiMilpfcU, te
finnins op Moudav. Januarr 5, and will rona_*ttm
days. MaaaB-BB are expectf A from nearly ivery 99*
ln the I'nion. Ofl Tuesday mornlnf, .linoaiT *.
liUfh mais wlil be said l.y Kather Tolt-.n. of t'kieafi. ?
rol?r*?d prieat, In Sl. Peter ( lavler's Churrh, vkkb fl
to bo di_.lca:*d oo .Innuary li. After tBe ma* tta
delegates will be pliotograpbed on the churrh *t_a.
Tho Ijnoranre of Man.-Inventor-^.b, th? tof&p
ot thlngRl llar-. I have an inmltierable. n^a-attna
pherlc, spectacular, n-fracUva. non revwMroUtii tm
oaaBhuanr wate. aarieel la detatl and mecum*
and vot I am almo?t *tarvtni{.
Friend Whv don't vou sell the patent ?
Inventor-'nie fook won't buy It. put becam B
wou't keep tlrae. Tl? drivelllnc idlota I-(The ***
ers' ('lirular.
There Is a most remarkable swapplnR hone Joela
In Belfa?t. Me., namol 'I.lje Walker. mi.i * Bcal
paper. Just to irive hls boy an Idea how a pi
uIoiik in tho wt.rld " I.lje" start?.nway from kaaa?a
day on fo,.t with BBflflBg ln his porket but a ;vktol*.
Ile was abseot J'.st BB8 week, and returiied drt\1n| ?
pair of horses hnrnt>sse<l Into a top Baflfl.. llltrai
to tho rear axle was another l.tirse aiul a eow. *BB
?feaai was a tion. "BBB how your paP d<*i Itl* aM
?? Llje" to hls aaa. as he iraz .1 at the Um' M 6*1 trm
a hiitidsome watrh. For a fart. he liad eot the wkiB
tiirnout for bi* larkknlfe and swapplnK tha _MM_H
into one tlili.K ai.d another.
I am a (andidate,
The mifthtv _)ip of State.
Yon aee, needs mlghty rareful stwnna now,
I um u uim1-s! man,
iiut Better _aa_aaaa than
Your hunible BatVBBl never turrjed a ptew,
The pennle sigh for me,
Althoiiu'fi, of r.mr_e, they see
How *hy and how relirln? I ani
They un.i't M BBB alo.ie,
AlUioi.gh I frankly own
For olMco I don't f. ve B Unker'i daa,
So I'm a randiilaU",
l ubiiiitv i Bale ;
n.it l.er.- i am Beaaaa y<xi. ?? yno oee,
More eaHala aaari mui'i a
That Ihe otlier rhaps uln'f iu B
And, b\tl_f wny, I bopa roa'U *_*,_***__
-tsoinerville JouffiL
Th-3 Amherst football team Uu* \ear B *** to *jj*
?Maaaaal * the history ai the aaMeaa T** *? arjay
due t. two ?.f Ha mt-nibfi'-. CapteBl Wlllum H. l**9.
and BTUBaaa f. s- -aaBaaa, unh ?f wh-.m ?r* co*4
inei- and BBMaaa ai VlrKinia. BBM8 -*** *_*T
iu Amherst lie BBB neen the 14 \*t99t ?f BBBM **?
1...-1 raaa ha aaa MaeBai t?. rapraaeol iu* iunrottttt*
i? Bha Ciflaaa *****, aai Ba B lha t****_**j_ .,
II,t. !,..>. >B -o.i.ty ..f Imiuirv. IL- i- ?? *"<?! ,,udf"'*JJ>
nn.- ajaafeai aai haa laaaalli baaa.M"" * '*~ll_ai
n.ent o.-it.-r. .l:..'k*.... 4 BBM B i-d stndent a* **
athlele, and 1* very p.piil.n allh 'I"' l"*v ___ _y
tii-1 bIbbb > 8aaai laatBaB plap*r \* *? *? Jl) /TT--,
ti.<> Mttss.iii.Mspi!* l.istitnte ,.f iv.BwMajr. *_*1
ol Ihe l.iu-l.lest *lud riTs Bi BM instlMite. *r*^*m
BseaaUafl aapa aai Haaaaal aaiaiaaw Baafl --*
a graal BwraiMa arMh BM tttm* *******>
He stood and iBBBBi ?t the *te?m roller t**
weikin. on tha aapBalt. . . _,,___
-Great Ihlaff, aln. H '" -~n\ .i by?taaa? ^ M
??(iivat li.KiiuiK!" w*s thf irpl>. ' '* ? ia
pt.weiiiii Aom iii ih- - parts. aay. ? ay
Caatr*. ti.-v'.i si;.M.t a? aaajaaar ihat .'ou*?
ter'n th:it."-.\V;i*hliiBt.,u &ta?.
From Bm BB UaM Olahi?OaBaaiaal ga
rhe BiaahBeaa BHBarBj ..f to* **__*Smm
preve.it u... Ueu.o.ratl. nuij-rlty '" o\e*
BOMB from dolnn tlie r..i.i.lr\ iUO ntsta.
From Th.? WBahlaflBaa NA , __ere ?_l
u en N.-v. Y.ii!. siippres^- hrr ??tx>n>.
be BB uio.o i">inb Ihnanafi
ii..b Mi.ii bb. mjuoa tm****
|.?ssi.,iv n.hU.... -.f Mr. Crt^ ?**l_*3Pg
?,;,v tr- an e,..i,:..i..n thmt Uoweeaar H" ^ ,4 Mr
p-r-o.iul li 11 - ' '" ynvl,,\ti_J_TZ b* ih*_**
.lotUiut. t,.t i. _9t **** _J__?_Jm**1___*__\
,mly tiiuilu -i. ii iivrd ni will be the m n< ,??
InB a Uiiri auw ?-* i,''r't i.?" . U" _ 2
the lalile u...i.-r .....dltlen- fur ??- ? iJ/ty^u%tA ***
..-, iaaa aroaM bo ** bbbb it *t. t<?
noin.u.it.tl. 0
m BOI ai.wavs 10 PaAB*****
l'r.,.1. The In.lu.n^oll* **_**? .htB.
an unpica?aiil ? " ot ?ctil"i. "Ilu"
a v__v~wiuic Dib-riNt*r'oN'
From The . MeaflB t?_* ?^'__ __<,_, who tfi ??
bonrtit of alBaa aaBaaa,
Till VAtPAEAMO t*J**A****
iv..... Tiie BaltuaoM AaiealaaB. ^^1
? ha- ?..i baaa dropiHiI bul W^ drW)?*?
.bv il..- Fiiiufl rtt?t?%i w ''^i_u tfla **&***!__
np tntu ,o..*ldf.*tloB aUtW .BUe v*
fjtipjou ot tha L-ihAA **?***. ^.JaW

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