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** U* _?_ai-_-i THI C-W-i A*D THE
_,K-.B ____? ___-D0-! OF THE IHr.
?in jve lO.-ln the Rcichstae to-day Chan
, rvon , aprivi opened the debate on the ttJW
me rria! trc-.tie*. He made a strong appoal ;
f?D_v..r of their adoptts* lie dwelt upon the
_., ntart BO-N) industries hnd received a uroat
r_rtu- under tne last customs rcgimc: t-o great,
. lhat ..ver-prodiictii.n had caused i.ome
_X_-_*?-?< ?* ?m*cntin,port "ml exi,"rt
lationa he declared. araald rala both the em
Ij.vfi. aad tha employcs. Tlie oommercial aaaaa
aadei flBKiBBB-ina. t-ere-fore, were neees_ary
jf Mrr Oenaany^ _a_-a___ir nnd aaaaiaaiaa.
Ltlnuinc. the Chancellor said that the imme
21 rffert of the treatic* upon the Hnan.es of
fh. Mre waaM hc a diminution in revenue
?o un'i n~ to nearly 1 8,?.00,00rt marks. Thia ***
matter that re<niired budjret eonnideration. In
* d to the qneation of the differ
_____ tn-tment of countries not in
?k_ ?" *?* 1rratiw>- ,W 0<>untri"
!irin~ "mcat favored nation" treatment w.iild
mwny the heaelWB al the troaties. l.?_ardtn_
?thfT rountri-s. .ie.oti~ti.-ns were _ba?. to be
Ivntl wheteh} Ocrmanv would endeavor to obtuin
J_M_?inns It waa needless to i-penk of Riis-in.
Th- b__-~tabl? distrr--s tliat prevailed in that
-nn.ry. eaoi-f ~ pt?Ppa_~l of exports, would
got l.' rem -vo l f..r BBBBB time, aad it wa* uscle-?
todi_'..< whal weuld be done nltcrwarl.
In r>.ard ta the Tnited Stntcs. the two C.ov
.r-n-ei.'s had dtC-dad t-> _a_t_a_a tn take their
rtmd on the baa* ef |_C nrran.ement - of IM5.
whereby __? Cnit .1 S .ttos rc-eivod "most favored
nation" tn_.ta_.Bt. ln anv rase. the Government
had no int.-tition of mnkin? further ..dit-tion
*l tariffs. Tn the meantinie. tk. Federal Oa~
rmments tirmlv with-tood all aOacks.
In rrtmr-l tB alle_cd distross in C.crmany, he said
St M8 HMj ** ** *** thp a-riculniri-t had
derte more ta m.iintain dtitie* than tlu- G >vern
meut l.a-l doae, LBpcniaHj in the eastern provinces.
ahrir protective tarlffa waat of afaat lf aa_r?
where. NevertheleaB, if it had not lieen f >r ttot*
_rif_., an iitrrictiltural erisia would have come
upon tho country, whieh mi?ht have lasted f..r
jr.nl. FanaeiB, t_ whatcver party they ha*
]n_red. muat I-1 n-ckoned among the clcments
by whieh the State was upheld. It had
hren r-.rsi-l-red how far tariff rates affectinp acri
fultare pouM i*e reduoed without injury to the
raiiutrv. In tl.e matter of wine, it had bppn the
aim to crcatc .harp eeaapetltloa a_ainst artificial
wine*. aehaappa, and tbe so-called ? P_N_M_
c>rrf.." s - to provide. on (.erman .oil, a bat
(Melil f--r Italian wines, as au-i:HSt those of Fran-e.
The ifdaetion in dnties on Beeeaaai-BB of life was
pf advanta.e to workinp people.
Referrine to the treaties with l_-_ium and
| ? rland, the ihancellor said: ? Lest at an.
time we mav l>e unaWe to pre.serve ijeaee, it mu6t
br our desire to possess ns many faithful allie* aa
panihle. T!ie?e we .hall be able to pain by
moothinc the jiath of politiro-eotnmereial rela
tioos. Sine. the end of the last century it has
been impoaeihle ta conclude cabinet con
vrntioni. l^tween government and government:
tt* l)rart 0l* tnc People must also apprnve."
Advertiag to the Mdvinley law, the Chancellor
iai_: "We w__ the countries of Eutope to pie
_rve their independrnc. asrainat America. For
tha ^urpj?e tliev luu.-t ?___ together. Tlie
tRBriea juat concluded will give a s'ire guarantee
for the future." In cloaiiig his spcech, lu- said.'
?I heg you to reg&rd the treatiea, as a whole, with
a p_triotio oonsideration for the intere.te of the
Fatherland. Afik yourselves the question whether
lieniiatiy'B future would be more pruepenms and
ui-.re pruinisiiyc with the treati _ or witlnut t'te
tre.ties. Vou will then l.old tbe 6;iii..- npiniou
t!. t the GoTorunn-nt hold., that tbe t:.- ti_l ai.
cai'-alated to iiiaintain aad advanec the proaperity
t,f Oei-Baajr, and her poaltloa in tha w..rl 1. llerr
v ? K.ei*-. Con-ervuti\o, opposi'd th. Chanoellor'a
aelicy. lie aaid he r-'-.-ette'i tt-at the nefotia
ihowed that they had only Free-Trade conn
M-lluri-. lie li.oked lorwttd t-? the ruin of the
b rman a.ricuituiiM.
The Cliati'-ell'ir rcsponded that ho liad I~?en
ai'l.-d hy the s;.me advisci-s that Baaisted PriflrtX
B__n.M_.lr and that he niust reF-'I nn>f.t cniphati
enl'.v the ii.siniiiilii.il that any UUUuet-Ona Haoed
? .- ChaneeUerie had aot his full aBareraL
..t<- w:.s t!i?-n adjentned.
Cbaaeenor vaa (Japri-i'B apeeah is dc~. ribc-1 a.
one ..f the irreit ai BMBterpteeee af aimtory and
. it. lanahipevet heard i>i the Beiehatag, Prinoe
lb-.ni- r.-l; had a lull siinimar.v of the speech tele
I to hi-n while ti.e Chancellor was still
Ijh.iV ing.
\ i meeting of the (onservative membora of
the Keiehatag, twelvc voted in favor of the
tre_tjr* and tw. nty-foiir acaiimt tliem. Ilcrr
lardofl nad a telegram aaying Prlaoe __a__ai__
intend to apaear <l-iriti_- the debite.
Vienna. Dee. I (..?Tho new cf.ninio.fi..1 trentie*
h-tw.ert AostriBrHaogary and Switaerlaod, and
Gertiia-v aad Swit/.tland wero signed ta day.
Ma.ri'1 Dee. 10.-Flii-In? it Impo.-ihlc t . arrive
at anv ic-e-ment -with l*n_-)Ci. the s;>;mi-li OaaBTfl
at?' ha laatna-'tel the tariff comnilttee to draft
a_Hlly the _ew tiniff for pul.llrntlon.
-verp-x.l. Dee. 1C 'h-.-aron and Crawford, the two
_d* vba were IBB??ta| found pulltv of ii.urrt.rln_
ba-.-. itbei I--V. hi.vc baaa sent to the <__M?C
?iBnaalorr, tt.cir y.mti. aavtag ihc.n fron. eaattal aaa.
a__.nt. shiarnii I . ..uiv el. ht yesu 1 of _~e. aurt <'r_?"
ta-. __ 11aijanlaa la ariaaai la oniy aaaa. i>aw,on,
* ir vtrtlfli, 4\;^ ahout ei-l.t .\ears ol age.
TH BMrter, whieh w_s rommitted ln __J_BBB>Br, ?'_
P-Mcalarl) _r.cio.i-. Rbaaroa freijcntly pia>e_
9* 11 BB-tntB, to ptiulsh him, took Ma cl-.thlap
8_n Mni aot loekei hlm ln n room, but he COtarai
_o--ir 4..t;, aarktog uud e_ca_~_l tnat tl.e hou-e. He
aet < !_?/i,"d. aad toajetber thay aiaaaai t. roo af Mi
tkthlr.t: tl ? _l_l boy they rnet. They f-11 ln with
_--8..-i ?; i indacea him to aeeaaaaaaji tbeaa tB p_v
?a r_tt ? Url araa aaatlag ? tma watar that tuied a
***P -.?.--4 itioo on the o-taklf? of l.lvei]ix>l. oncc
? the i;.:t. slie-n.n and ('rawford threw Di-.v-.n Into
** water, atid even tlme tlie Itlla fellon tried to
_a_ apoa ihe r?it E*E Et*M aaah him _?<__ Fteally.
?"-in. ti.ai t.'u-v (iHiid aat aaa?aaa Daaraaa la Ihe
*i~er, thev dr*. t'ed h!ni <ui 'he EBfl and i^vldlcd lt tn a
**9er part ,.f the .-x.avation. Jlerc Ihev d?lt~sr_tely
Wai M.e pli-iidliiR lit'l.; M ow Into tl_- Miiler ali'l
-?-i-e<| (Tin -heai-.n _nd Crawford then k~ju the
Wj _ ..oi.. where thev -lnpi-tl it of i-lothlt.K.
_"mbay, Dac. 10.-An _<idc..t ocurred hero
***** by whl.h a dariug _en.iia.it nn-t a horrible
-^ti i? u,,. _.(,( ?f nii.iiy pj-rsuii.. Tbe vl.tlni wa..
Janit-nant Man .tield, who had Rainod a BBfatat?_
a? hi. Juinp- irynj a b;Jl-J.. B_ n irreat altii.idc.
?aaaaty, la tha j_T-0_tifl of a larce <r?.w(1, he inart.- :.
?aaaaa __tB-wi wh.n ha i>-**t ******* the. aebjai
?f n.oor. ta* he _..i-p.-d hl, pana-ba and *******
t_B the rar. The ?BIBlBI w'orlied pcrfc tl>. nnd tho
*"rt"~ BBTBaam reaehed tl.e gn-und lu *tatf BBBH
tot ehaan ot the r(-iic-v.?i apaetaaetja. Me Baaaa
quenuy ____>b__I that UtAltty 9* -*"'"'"1 **** an
**** Jump, frou. u BtDD ***** BBBjIf- TE* ******
'>a_leris, U: thi- nt\, whl. h had heet) sele,~cd a> th
***** Irom wl.l.-h the h;ill-_ii woiil'l le- lil.-ii.t-'(1. w;-. :
*_?(;._ vith b vh^t tanwt at the hour s.t 1 ?r tl.e
_aaa__aa. Aa_aaa tbaie paaaaal ?eaa i-""1 Harri-.
'~??rni.,r <_ n,.; lioinh.iy I'rc .Idency. and niJ.t of
?l rivil aM i.illltaiv aiitl.otiii.-. The ballw.n had
*****. a hMght of only abO-i 400 feet when It btit-t
*'<?- a loud report. and iivmedia.-1) -afan-tO i*?H
?w-fleld i?ude Ihe mowt de_i)erate efforta t ; <l?_f?_?Sf
** Poraehute from the rollupUd hallooti- hut 1 BM
?"?** aatanglea _ tha na_, Miw._fleid ?_!__,;***
li-'ii-d wiit, uiriti. larea. *nA w_? in..t_iitly killed.
[?* KATDBJCK visriKi) uy llEi: motiikk.
?***, Dee. io. A prtvllege aeldoni gr_n_- to
jy_B8B8fa iu liiilish pri-Kina was aljowt- to d*jr to
***? -lore.iM?<? Mjyl.ikV, llu Aiiu-rlcan ***** *n? **
**H to Wotiinp iTiv,., , mnliairi of tffe laaar-oa
"ent aa lha rbarpa <>X _._...-.ing l?er liuJu-od, H*9t
**.-it_. a _f___aa| BKsi'chaut. Tbi. privileae wa*
perniHsion for her to rerelve a vlsitor from the out
hldo world; and her vlsttor was her mother, I.a.oncss
Oarollnc d_? Roque. of Renen, Frnnre. Afb*r the
Rarones*. n?d left the prismi siic snld to a representa
tive 4.f tlie Assorlated Pre*-s that she found her dauirhtcr
kioking UI. Mrs. Maybrlrk ls intensely w'eak und is
freiiito.i*ly an inmaTe of tho prlson hospital. She ls
unable to Mef*p or fo en't tlie roarse tond given to tl.e
prlsoner-.. In tahe course of their short ivan-er-ntlon
today Mis. Maybrlrk Mild in do-pnlrlng toue? to her
mother: ? I have done nothing. Nothing hns brcn
proved against me. Why do tlaey keep me here? la
It t-r.ius.' r um a i->or little American girl I I ran
iK.t utider-.tnnd why they wlll not glve me merc-y or
l_.ii_,.i. nnd le. >ou taki* mo away. I am d'-eply,
decply gnteful to my Amerlcan tri.nds tot all they
luive done iu my behalf."
______? PT-f.l-B "WlllUMUHI\KM HO jankiRO.
Rlo Jiinelro, De<-. 10.?Tlie sltuatlon here continue*
crltiraJ. The (_oveinme.it appeiirs to have put off lt-t
apatliy and is taking nieasures to prevent an uprl-lng
in tho elty. I.arge bodles o| he.ivily afmed pollcemen
are patrolllng the strects, nnd. though there arc slun*
caf dlsquiet 4_bi every elde, there ha- been no overt art
on Uie part of Uie malcontents In the citv.
Adviees from .'ompot. a rlty of 40,000 lnhnbltants.
in tlie Provlncc of Rlo Janelro. 150 miles northeast of
thi* rlty. show that at tliat plai-e tli re lins bot-n an
open revolt against <3ie Pelxotto (.rrvernment. A con
fllet orrurred there on Tuesday between the Oovern
ment trtxips and a body of lnsurpents. The advi.-es
are not clear as to wlilcli sldo won the victory, bnt
lt i-i rcportod that ten men were killed and thlrty
A panic prevalled on tlie Rourse liere to-day, owlng
to a heavy fall ln the share*- of Ihe Leopoldlna and
Mlnn-(ierues and the Klo Janelro rallways. lt l<
fearcd tliat this dcclinc in pri.cn wlll cnu-c liumcrous
fallure-*. _
In Ihe nh'senee of any deflnlte purtirulars, espe
rlally in regard |a tlie nnmes of tlie hader- of the
ri.at- at Nltiheroy and Cnn.ios, it Is dlflirnlt to undei
stand exnitly the rl.ara. t.-r of the ki4.il t.-volntloiiarv
tniivenients whlch are again di-tiirbltiK tln- ix.ue ln
Itrairll. still, tl.e latest BBBB, when read In tlie liptht
of former di-pntches, nnd of fncts nlrcudy known.
would i*eem to polnt to the totitintuition of the Mon
BIBMsI aud sec.-ssionlst movement ln a few pli.ics
ln Hra/.ll. Tlie l)is__rgents. indi-cd, cannot any longer
ionceal thelr purpose of rel.ellion under the pietext
of tightlng a Dlctntor, UmtO the ncfmil President, 1 ien?
enil I"elxotto, came Into mower after FonBcca's fall,
ac. ording to the piwlslons of the C-onMltutton. And,
far from lntendlng to play the Dictator, Pelxotto has
aMOfBted tbo decree of lil- predecessor ..rrtering tbo
dl?olutlon of Congress, and he has convoki-d tliat
body for December IB. Hut It appears tliat 8__BM
IKallticUuis do pot de-lre such an assombilnjt. whi. Ji wlll
re-toic, ln lts intcgrity, the .Kawer of th<* people "s
repre-i'iitatlve*. f.\ recent dl-patch ? !?' "ln
teaae diifereures exlO.lu Uw provln-e ol -li i.ivniic
do Sul. between the Natlonal party followtt.* ?nd the
Repiiblicnn-, and tlie Ibrmer wlsl. ('<ai.i_r'-- dlK?olved
ai.d thelr friends rc-cmployed iu that pn.Hnce. The
Kepublicans, on the otlier band, de-lte to maintain tlio
siipremat-y of Congress." Tlils seems to prove, a
alicady stated here, tbat the R.-publlrans. w|io allied
tl.c-rn-.-lvcs with the MonBrchlsts ln order to over
thri.w the Diitator, Fonsera, may have been de
ce.ved by tjieir allies, who piobably bad promlsed to
wlthdniw as soon as Fonseca should have abandoned
the Prenldentlal chair. To be sure, benhor sllveira
Martins, an ex Impeiia! Minister, whom "The Tlme-."
of London calls the real master of Rlo Urande do
bul, .',__. declai*ed to a ri>rre*pondent of tbe "(.'ologue
(.azette" that the provlnce wouW aecede only if the
Pictatorshlp chould be mnds permanent. But lt wat>
not t/t be expected tbat he would disctose his real
projects. At any rste, if the Republican* of Kin
(.randc do Sul deklre the reanscrnbllug and tlie
gupremacy of <__< _igre_*-an act and a condltiou denlred
by President Pelxott?-lt U eridept that thelr adrer
Miries, whetber led by .Sllveira Martlni or by any other
pollfliian, are ulmlng at the overthruw ol the liepubli
cau Governmeut, or at a Bepaiatloa ol the provlB-e
f. mi tlM i'.iu/.illali ll> public.
At Nltclieroy a Mouarchlst movement was dls
covered some tlme ago; Il.r the " Imprensa," a paper
of that place, annotinced Uuut two Imperialtst leaders
were ubout to be sent into exile. As to tlie riot at
t aiiipi... it mav have been a mere l.acal li|,'bt. B-B
tnat watet occurred recently at sargipc, between -ol
dieis und pjllremen. Tlie f<?rni_r nave been lutber
-polled uniler tlie l.overnnicnt ol Pouaeca. whieh tb.-y
act4iallv eixcted, and they luive BW-BM raatlaaa ol ;,ny
ant?orfty. Hut it ls llw-ly tliat ITeaidt-i.t Pelxi.tt...
Mtpported a- ue la bf tbe C_a_BBan and i,v ti.e leadeta
.,! im- armv BBl navjr l?loiigtng to the ***Oaremfci
..liltar anU the -Conti-o Naral,"' tlie two pioinlut-iit
.-lubs af Otteen, wlll be able proinptly t.i subdue an>
secesslouist or Monarchlst. nai.veinent.
*_.)i_oxt..i_ ijtro-enm ouBsno-r thk leltalitv
4_aF TBB Alil'I ti,i\ai_ lailil s ux OAMA'
Ml .lolm's N. F., Dcc. 10 iSpe.iali-Importers arv
dl-puting the lecullty of levying additional dutie
on T-l-W-ll-l po4,ds. The R venue aet 'inpower-. HM
tioveriimcut to imp.i-.4-. additional dutles on fOBdl
imported from countries the flshernvtu of whlch have
ihe privllegc of talilng tl-h on all part* of the const of
Ncwrouiidliind, and in whlch countries dtitles arn
lcvied ou tlih *xiKirted from this colony. The
privllegc of taking fish on the eeaat raf this cokin>
is refu-ed la ('anada; tberefoiv, It is arpued. Uie
aet cannot be applii-d to Canndlaii eAi>?.ii-. sii
.laine- W'ii.t r, i-x-Attorney-(ienenil, thlnks the action
,,f the (.overnment Is lllcgal. The iiuariel witla
(anada causcs a h.-avv Joss to V-farUn of _>h.
and Increase the t_i\ailon on farm product-, whlch
urticl.s only Catiadu can _*eiid her. ,
tondofi, Dee 10.?The Li'oi-ral I'onferenre to con
-jder riii-al reforms opened to-day at Memorial Hall,
raillllBBaa Bl Tl,e Ltbeial iwrty was well rep
IOBonlf-. 4-- dele^ates lai.Tig pi(-sent. No f. rmal
i-esolutions weie adopted, nor were any ?et spc _h
i.i,ne. The -jieakers liad only tive minutes etich.
Mr. s,-haadhoi _t, Mr. sbaw-Lafevre, M. P., Uf Wilfrcd
LBWSBBt M. P.. and Arfiiur Motl.-y were pie--cnt at the
<oi>feren.e. t.pen<-o WbIbbb prenlded. The "spee* he
made Indic^ite the line of tT.e priposed lefct-BB. All
the speakere concurred iu donounclng tho Tnteifererice
,,f pa:_-,ns and xiuiivs in political matter*. Tl.t-y
dsehired -itrongly in favor of the "one man one vote"
mctl.od for elw-tlng parlsh couricils and boatils of
guardiai.-: and in fav.,r of POmdBT COBto-1 of U.e
SchooH tl.e ou?.lnK of elertrata from Uk- cnt-ol of
(.llotnients .a)rtain..-d under conapulsory powei- and
better vlllage sanitatlDii.
tiik viRinxi \ Etun inn_N__.
Ixindon. Dcc. 10.-"The Times." lu ita finaiulal
arti.le. -i.v* It ls llkely, wretched as Ihe terins are,
that the Vlrginla debt M-I.enie will be ncepted a
?i ba*is for a .oinpiomi-e, IkOBB- M 1- nduiited b*
hoMNn who aro least di-p.wed Ua tight any lont-r Ihal
.,, . ?i,ena- BBBB 't be a. e.-pted in III prcs--..t f.rin.
Tbe BMMt jB-BI-lai -u.p-lcd rmadlli.ali.an I- <" >"l,
sin it ? elffctaaa -blfllosa in banii eairytaf :i P''r i"u
,,,,,,-e-. trom ih- date af laaaa. "The Times* ?*+
si'tll -liinf. t_^._
fJilmoo1irl^^ ?-^J|Jl^J8i
the Ni.rlb (ic.man Ii0j4 stcam-. Bm , mmkB oWWOi
it Brcn.cn BB IBtBt-l trom N-w York. wa- 8*fM8l
. ani..,.. i-d'-d ,,-.". ?v.iileUie.-t.aincr was oft
L Nec-dles on -BBBBJ. ? h-r. -M w.i.;,,.,, Baa ?tt
The mmmOA wn* a BBrtBBB one, and when the Kn - BB
ive<J at SauUaampUan Ihl s.ewat'd BBI 9mA0B ta
!llcdT.al t,4_,.n_c.?. F.verythlng po^lblc B? done te
blm, but lie dled to-day.
iiambiiig. Dae. i'?.- PHB-e Maa-rek tom Ut W*
,!,. f.o?, rrmHrUmarmU IM* ...omln,: lar tta aaafaai
?. v,-ltlng 08BBIBI C-unt fOB W-Mcr-cc at AlttBfc JM
,, rmtnrll Hattaa hara la ~- greeurt ^*^__*^_
;;vilfl ???,,,...tow,,,,,,;.!? Ou*tm^*2
UtOBB IM IBO* dinner wtth llaion hchweder. IBIBe
?MIM Ot a conver,-ti t. IM Mtf he wa- und.-clded
iVath-T ?r not io a.t-nd ih ? I.el.n.tag. He retumed
to Frlclri'ii-i-he ton!i>'lit by U_l:i
I_..nd?.:i. Dc. IO. ibe HHBttW 'af tlie Unnk of
KiiJuuid today rcduied Ihe bB-H- '"te of Ull 1^1
from 4 per cent to _ |-f per ceut.
BxmoAfBmm, _?. IO.-ln tlie lower house of the
lliuig-rian Wat to dav Uie MluUter ol Commeroe au
nounccd t!,at the 1,000th iitinlver _ir> of tl.e e*t ibll-li
ment of the Kingdnin of lliingan would be ceh brated
wlth a iintl.mal exlilblti.an In 181'.-. Francis .loscph,
fclBBBWB of Austrla and Klnft of llunsary. wlll Invitc
all loreign soveielfctis to vl-.it the exiiiliition.
the c_D-f_OC WMBLB NOT *-n_ROrNDED.
EMPBtOI -Tti.Yixi; r.x B_____B.
London, Dw, 10.-I .tepatches from I'ek'.n -ay thnt
owlng to tlu- tallf tliat haa aet-IIBl I" gettinp tho
Mongnlian trlbe* top-tlier, the pian raf l.l-Hung cliang.
tho Viceroy, to surround tbe rebcls has not pr.vcd a
Mii<e-s. Another lauttlc has liecn f.iuplit, however,
between the Imperlal triaiaps und the ret><-l-, and tho
latter wen.- i-oute.1 and dl-pet-scd. This battlc ls be
lievid lo lae tha- .aiie lonierning wlijcli the Chlnese
Lcgation hcro recelved advl.es ye*.terday, stating tha'
the liisurgenU. had siistalned u cnishinp defeat, nnd
tbat thelr unnlhilatlon was a <iiu-*tl.,i, of only a
short time.
Todny's dispatches say that the Bnipenar of China
has taken up tho study of ihe Engll-h langung-. Wlien
it wi84 announced that lie wns t4> be tluinuighly ln
structert in Engli-.i, the Tsung 11-Yameu (I'uincll of
State) opposeil the Idea to the full extent of Ha power*.
Then occurred nn instanre of the - petticoat pover,.
nient" whirh, muny per.on- assert, will ultliiiaie y
re*nlt ln the overthrow of the Mancliu dyna-tv. The
Downper Kmpress took a hand ln tlie matter, und owr
ruled tba IfeBBg 11 Yamt-n.
Furls, Dee. 10.?Tho -Journal de-. Debat-" says that
lt bM Itamed on R.ai-d authority that b-aders nf the
anti foreign niovi-ment In (lilna are in rominunicatlon
wlth leudlng Ton.|ii!ne-e, e-jv.-i lally members of the
former relgnliip famlly'<>f Aiinam, wl.ich wn* depos'd
by tlie Fii-in I..
D_.M-_.OS DOXI. IN IFU....xn Al>f> AN roiil
Lcndon. De.-. lO.-The pale whlclj ~-*t ln bi-t nljrhl
lias done an iinnien-'- amount ot damape, and ha- 1. BB
at ended wlth a number of fatabtic*. Tl?- -t,,ru. i
luiiy eiiuai in rlolesea Ib tta two pUai arkkfe -a?|
re.-ntlv pnvailed nl.ing tho Fnplish Cliannel and v*r
? ireat Jti.tain and lrclaml. PKHB even .lln-.t -i. tele
granis piiuied lu today de-< ribing the great .1 -im Bf_
wroiiglit l.y ihe stortn. Hoflaaa have beea BBIBO-Bl.
cliimneys blown down and f.-n.-es <l'--t."yed. A hirue
iiuint,er of per-.,ns bave U-en serion-ly injun-d by
being strnck by fnlllng bttefea or tlles. or by beliiK
blown apainst barbedwlre fenies and otliB- ..b-true
In the ChBBBBl the gale hlew with prent fui*y to?
day, and n nnvy wa waa ruiitilnp. The gjiowns nre
full of ves-els of cv.-iy BBBCllftlOB, whlch have put ln
for shelter and are rldlng at nnchor waltinp fof tte
uale to siibside. The hurri.ane hns nltv.-idv cuu-ed
tbe loai of a BBSlber "f -n,all rOBBtlBg veaaefa alol.a
Ihe HBrth ,<'.-.-t ,.f Knpliiul. The life boat rreWB a
l.au.-.ate i-riti |),,vei- havo ).oi?e to Ibe i, i-lal unee of
veseeu n?'ar ttoae piaces whli-h have 1.n tly 1 n?.
-*lpi-:i 1 - of tli -. 1- ? ??.
ThC i."?l" bas IBB.I n.ntiy di-tri.ts |n Irelan.l. .au-iiij
much daiuu-'e t<> piiipi-nv, and loodlag 8 number w
rlvei-. Tlie pale l,,i,tinie*. The NorWBglaO mail
steamer Frlthjof ba* BMB wrecki-d off llaipesuiid,
Paris. Dee. 10 flonalor Barthele.my s.iint Ililalre,
? x Miii-ter of Foreipn AfTair?, sa'd to the Assoclated
Press coi-rejipondont to-day: -I am di-tln'tly opposed
to tbis attempt to dtnw Fnnce and Ruisia Into an
allanre. I can dlsciaver no c-BBBM laond of union
taHwearn the most enllgbtened people of Biirope and a
.-ountry th_it is almo*. Eastern ln lt.s barbarlty. The
prev-alent idea in France ls that this alllance will
nrtabaV her to rcpaln the lo_t provinrr*. while she wlll
help Rus.-ia to lay hands on Constantinopl*.. But,
whlle Hu^sia wlll not fall to (.olte eveiy op]ioH?iiity
of eonsoiidartne and Increaslng her empire. she would
not embroll herself with Biirope ln oi*der to please
Frai-.re; ai.d, when aomtBoB, ____? would repttdiate any
claims the U.trer Power mijtht have on her. Havlng
made her^lf most formldable by the aid of France,
R_u.s.a would not he?!Ute even to at.ar._- Fnuice if she
thought sh. would advance her own interest- by iVrinf?
s-o In mv opinion tbe BMH nataral and pt-otltabl?
allionr-e for France would bo one with lAigkind."
?. m
Madriil, Dee. 10.?The (iovernment had given orders
that as soon as tbe train beatlng tbe hody of the ex
Ernperor of Krazll from Paris to Its flnal restlng place
in I.ishon should enter Spani-li t'-rritory even- honor
d4ie the exalted stntlnn that Doai P-.lro bnd foimerlv
(K-ruialcd should bB paid. These orders were strl. tlv
canled out, and at all the pi-inclpnl -tatlon- a,I"np
the route -oldlers were atrayed al,,np tta platform*.
and as the traln ru-hed pa-t? they preaeatal arrns.
flajrs were dlpped, and royal bOBOra were paid tbe fead
e.x-niler. IBBM of the statbms were ta*t.fnllv dr..p.-<l
in bhick, wltli the flap of the old Empire of I'ra/..]
fl.tnp nt halfma-t from in.le,.
' Tlie ym-en R-fen1 wlll ni4*.t the body of Dom Pedro
at tiae n.llwaj -tation.
Rome. D?i-. 10.?In tta I'liainber of I)epiitic_ to-day,
replylnp ba a qaeetlOO a-ked b.v Sipnor Cainpi on It.-.ly'
relatlons wlth tbe ITilt-Ml htate*., Premicr Kudlnl said
that he b.,d taken note of tbe frlendlv expres-lian*
.-ontained in President llarrison's MeaaafB, and f.-lt
eonfldent tbat the questions at l*sue between the two
(Oiintriec would soon be settlcd.
LOBlBB, Dcc. 11.?"The Ckroalela_a corre-pondent
lU BBBM amft ', "Tl.e rmt-.l *lite* (iovennnent ha*
piven the Itallan OoverBflBBBl B M_B_ olbcial pnini
|,i M 1..,hI:Iv tlM AnieiH lli 4',,li-t itntiian ns t.i ln*,a,e
the most at,>olute protection |o forelgiKT* | pon Uvi
promlae tte itallan OovernmiBl Intfmate. it- wiuing
ness to repard the New orl-ans dl-p.ite a- |lB88i.a
Pnrls, Dee. 10.- There was a brll laut pittlierlng .it
the French Acaderr.y to-nlgiit, tbe i'C. BSUB I <-ing B
recepiion to Premier dc Frey.-inet. Tbe featuie ef tbe
utnartan was aa afllreae by the Premier. n. mrnmrn he
culoi_1_cd U ""Au-iei-. hi- prvdccc**or In tli- Academle
ihalr. \ i,f-I'i,-iili'iii ..i-..:,l. ?,f tte A'ademy, alto
??ie BB ndilre.--. In w'?lcl. Ih- li.id espaelal sln-s. .,n
tbe value of U. Ba Kn vcli.ct'* -crvicc*. a. Mlnl-t.'i
of War, in iBCBBlllBlillBg tta army'
Pnri-. Dee. 10.?In the (hamber of Depii'i-s tnday
a Kadi.al Deputy, speaking for tbe Radi.nl Deputies'
I'nioii, gave nofiee af a iuotlon dcniiindinp tlmt tlie
..uveinaient intr.-iu.-c a blll diiling witb clerirnl
,, ...Miatlon H-. 0 pielu.le lo the separation of ( hurch
and State.
At n _BHt-B| of Republirnn lk-pu' ot dtiy, Bl whi I,
110 member- were preaenl, 8 ic-ibili 0 8TJ8 adopted
-lpnif\i.ip appi.'Val .,f a pl.ui te B party ..ambinatli.ti
unln.l the Clerlrals.
I.uii.on, Dee. H>.-The yiic-n fBVe B dinner ai
Wlndsur (a-tle tr>-day, in honor of tte iMtrothal "f the
Dake <>f ( iarei.ee an.i AvBBdale Io Mucesa vi-t,.iu
Maiv of Teck. Th - PllBBBBI, wh. wa- n,, onipuni",.
i,y her fatlier and nuather and blOtten, ?,.- re.eiv -,|
at Ihe Wind-o." railwai -tatlon l.y tl.e T..\vn Corpui'a
lion, and tb*< Mav r B__e8_1 I lo her an 8-48888. Tlio
oortm were ttea iinv.-n m rajral pnai eBirlaaBB t<> tta
, a-tle. Tln* QaeSB met I'lltne-- \i,t-.i.i Mhv al tte
..p .if ttie ii_ai.il ilaliia)? -n.i Ki.vt- ber aa aBaeuaaata
paaUag __^ _
BOMB i:k-ii;natIo.vs ROM LLOYDK
Umbob, Dae. IO, Bmm arnatm 9 9U la *,'.iiiiainp
and cinin. nliil ilnh's be.i.use of tbe ieicii.itl,.n> of
lha unoenMii m ai I.|,'\d*. line- m-li w.-rs- eni.ip-l
n ti.e BM-Hnc iii-itiame ha-lnaai bave tonelaiel lo
withdraw, a~ iheir 1..**.-- bave lx*en heavy; a;,d tu
day tli4*y oitcred tlieir re-ip..ati">a-. Ifeia niake- a
total of atwBtaea BaBsrwrltara wi.i. ha--.- wniidrawn
irmo tne aaelaty of Uajnla vlttla a hm week*.
Rilda iv t ;i, Dae. lO.-A tr.,P"l- 1- i'-|"aH'sl f.-om
ba \ilape of Alt KanlUi. A 1 fcfe__Sa_i!__ lu 1.1s
1-juir at 1,1- inability to pnnure w.n-k kllled M* wlf,
.nd tf.ice .lill.lreii. sei lln- lo tl.e lion*.- and ttM corn
nillod biililUe by sUbblliB hliii-elf U tbe beart.
A NF.W V<.LC.\X!C ttLvAXD.
Komc Dae. 1<). -A new v..|.an,. l-Lund, _>00 m4_ti-r*?_
n li.pli. I.*- appeared souti.ward of tl.* l-land of
?ait.-llarla, near Ute scei.e of tiae -Ubmsnne uplieavnl
,f a few in ,i,tl,- ai-'". VaaBBBI aie wunied lo glve Uie
*l_rt I wldo berth.
\ UmWJ iiitcii i.oax t<? hk BmVWD.
ri,.- Haaaa, Dae. ?"? * ".-w leaa ,<f to.ooo.ooo
ilori!,* will be l*?ued by tlie tinvernmoiit ln Juauary.
TIIB KIN4. Of r.l.KWK HAs -MAI.l.Ii'X.
Atli-n- .''i'C. J". Tb.- Utaaaa Ir n. wh c , Klng (i<o ga
ls sufferit.C. whlch w.i* at llral htal.*.l to be cblcleu
uox, la mtB lUkiiounccl to be am.tilp-x.
The Union League Club last night reiteratcd
and empha.ized ita deelaration made tWO years
n?o that lt is a Kepublican oreanizatiun. Tl.e
straight-out Republican ticket of eandidates fnr tho
Nomimitlng Con.tnittec was eleeted by a majority
of over two to one, in one of the most exciting
elections ever held in the club. The interest in
the contest was so great that ahout
?Si members voted. Edward A. Quintard,
whose name appcared on both ticket., received
the irrea test number of Yoles. 601. George lL.
Whitman, also a candidate of both side., wns not
far behind him. The hlghest number of votes
re.-eived by any other peraon on the ticket ho.idc.l
by C'donel Wiiliam L Stronjt waa 446, while the
largest number of votes eaat for any one who was
on the Blakeman ticket alonc was '216 votes..
Two years ago the club voted that only Hepul.
licatis ahould h_ admitted to membcrship, bf
about the same majonty as that galaed by the
?traight-oiit Kepuhlicans last oiglit. The count
of the ballots wa* _______ _____ a ..uart.-r before
1. o'cloek, and a shout aroy among Uie many
supporters ot tln- Strong ticket who rcmained in
the clublilOtise.
The cltihlioiise prcsentcd a niosf aniinatcd ap
pearance early in the evenin--'. One aah after
another rolled up wlth one or more mcml.. rs, and
a great many of the voters aaaM on toa*, The
Bight was favorable for a big B_t__da__8, and
the bat llght whieh had been oarried on between
the two sides caused nearly every meml)er who
was in the city or near it to come to ca6t his
Ka.h party had out ft committee of voluntccrs
.ui W.-dnesdiiy and yesterday, who tried to see
as many men ae possible to ur^e them to vote
for Uk ir side. This eleetioneering continued last
cvcii.ii.' up to the time wheu the voling Ix-gan,
nnd, in faet, lasted, although in a
ilcsiillory way, until the polls closed.
Members who were not known to ba
pledf-d for either side were button-holod as they
enlcrcd the main hall hy the skirtnishers of the
two opposing forccs, and wen- cotnpelle.l t? l.sten
to aaraaat asajt-SneBta for aud agalaat tiie tara
scts of aaadidatcs. Some Bf the members went
home a? soon as they had voted, content to leave
the outcome of the contest. from their mornin.
papers, bat many otliers re'iiained M the club
house until the result was annoitnce-1.
The otlieial ballot sent out by J. Seaver l'aac
tlie secretary. simply enntained the names of the
twelvo eandidates for the Nominatlng Committee,
no etTort lieing made to show that there were
two parties in the Held. Tho names on tho
Blakeman ticket were given first, as it had been
placed in nomination earlier Jhan tlie other. These
were: Birdaeye Blakeman, George L. Whitman.
John W. Cochrane, Edward A. Quintard, Francis
D. Lecompte, Tayson Merrill and WiUiam H.
The Strong ticket coneisted of the following:
Colonel Wiiliam L. Strong, Charlea B. Fosdick.
Nathaniel A. Prentiss, Emerson Foote, Thomas
H. Wood, Edward A. Quiutard and George L.
Whitman. As George L. Whitman and Edward
A. Quintard were on both tickets, there were
only twelve namea on the official ballot, in-tc-ad
of fourteen.
When the liat of eandidates headed by Mr.
Blakeman araa posted at the club, objection was
made tha? two of the men had not an
unblen.ished record of Kepublicanism, although all
the seven, it is said, voted for .Mr. Faasett. Mr.
Blakeman has always l>een a sfaunch Kepublicaii
and haa dune a great deal for the party, but it
w* aigad tlmt hc ai.d his BBBadatea repreaeated
the principle of " taking the club aat af politi.s "
Two years ago, bj B vote of nearly two to one,
ihe club dcei-M that only I'epublicins .should ba
eleeted to db__bata?ip. and tb?n araa a atrong
lecluig that tl.e suceess of the Blakcii.an ticket
would be _ partial nulJilication ..( Ihis dedaion.
Another ti.-k t, a atraight Beaubllean one, with
such au ui'd'-nt paity man as Colonel Wilii.m L
Strong at its head, araa aonrinaa-d Tbeae tata
-t.i f..r the |..ii.ci|.to tl.i.t ti..- Uaion __a__e
(luii is K-piibliciiii to tlu.- baek-oae. an.l thai any
.tn- Brhaaa paUtieB is of the aaiaed Kind should
liave no olbee in ?'? Tba olhcr si lo declared that
there WM no polittei whutewr in the contest, that
all its eandidates WI re Kepuhliruiis. und that
they would noiniuate ouly such BM_ BB the-ciul.
would he likely to el Bt by a large majority, if in.f
unanimously. Both sides have baaa hard at work
for two wceks, and liave sent circulars to alj
the nicniU-rs of the clitD.
The PI__-____-g Committee chos-n last night
WM tbe lirst one eleeted under the new rules of
the .luii, and eapemal int. r.-st *_. Bttoehed to
tlie eooteat on that ac.-ount. Its dutv i.-. in.-tvly
to name a set of eandidates for all the oflice-,
whi.-h is to l?e voted on at the tne -ling in Jannary.
If the Mt_g - i'le is not eati.-Ued wlth its defeat
last Blght, it eaa tapl its strcngth agniii hy
nominating an uppoaltion ticket. Chauncey M.
Depew has .ieclin.d a re-ele.-tjan, and it aeetna
almoet eertala that Comelius N. Bliss will i~?
iiotuinated to sue.-eed him. The aentinient in the
club at present, hs far ae can 1* judged, is de
cidedly in hia Careaj J. Seaver I'agc will nn
doubtedly ba eh?_0 secretary again, ad his popu
laiity |Maeea him above rivalry.
I le Noininating Cotnmittce wiH also name
twelve candidate. for vice-prcsidencies. I'p to
now, tb> whole twelve have ln>en eiee.ted annunllv,
hut the constitution 1ih_ been chanped so that
after next ..lanuaty only four vice-presidents
will l?e eVete-l each year, and they will serve
three venrs Those elrc'ed next month will Iv
.livided into one-year, two-year, and three-year
(?;as.ses, bf lot.
? ?
All any, Dec. 10 (Spe Hal).?.\'hell_r ifflBBtaa hn
-tnick <"K*-ernor Ilill, or aha?MV he 11 adually aeara
U lha b8_ mi" ??! i''0 paaplB over hi. braaaa arart
b) attempt'.nc to -teal the I-?(_slauiT. il 1- a _K- that
h?> haa BBBBaBtj ijcccine eaavtaeed thai he needa
proteetlwi. i >f la'e hc Ii'ls foiiiirt it aprreahU- to baVB
theaa aeteettvaa Beeaaapaay baa to and ff-.m the
(npitol. a.n.1 a iilKlLk?ateliinnli ali.u ihe E\.-<uti\o
Mati-h.n (tnmn<l-. ". _.i__-<1 a_ain>t bBBBb thr-?._?<,
in.in? hut psraaaa kaoara are alloarai t.> croo.-. tiie
Hir__ho!d of the Kxecative chainhor.
? BfletaB, Dec lO.-DUtrict-Atto_Tey AUea baa baaa
Bidan -i t.v -ttoraay-Baaral HUW ta eatar aa appeal
I . the BBpraaae Oaarl haai b_a deetaka Bf .imi_:- c..!t.
waa h.-irt t?M tha Ohreatt court haji Jarl?lliMan of tha
.a-c i.f flartaa Head iigaln-( sainuel \\ h-.n.-r. This
wio, a I.nt l-i rcover dainapc- for IhB ttifrin.eiu.-iit of
? pataaf h-r .iirtiidiie a___c___ tot i.i---- h loadlng Bia
anaa. IhaN i- s_i<i to he fl^OO^OO MivQlved.
Kfi.-rav nUBOMBU i:*'.iJ'/. 9EOM JATL,
?iaie,-turf, III., Dec. 10.-A Mg Jall delivery took
ph.BB here la-l ii._!.t. The pii-..ii"i. >ut '-tf liirec
iroti b..r~. aa Inch thli_. pBBfilafl BBB "f tae uiiidii4.-.
BBBta a. rope <-f the lH?.lti. _- and <le~.celidrd ln >af-iv.
El.-ven o-'-ap-d. It I.. thought ihere wa- .mi-il ,
ilat-iioe. Jmbb of the fBgtttraa bai beea racaptaiaa.
A EEaVtB JUKY Otn OS Blll..
. an Antoulo, Tex., Dec. lO.-Thc (irand .lury. afte-.
^psadlnc tweniy.laht hm.r. ia jall IBr eaateaipt af
eourt, hn. heen relea'ed on iK.iid. UM ...a?tlti..a t. -ii..
ihat they ahhJe i.y tba flpfatoa ->f lha l eaH af .\v
fetit, t* ?>?- Sa raai h.is t.eei. t?k?.n.
r_.v o.v i lif-tM Zask.
Lowell. ____, I>ce. 10.-'-A run wftK hepun on Ihe
Lowell Iiiatltut.ini for N*vlnjt? Ihls nn.ni'im, 888*8.
hv a run. ir tnat Ilie bank l. not -?fe. The Ixinl, p.ld
nll (l'-:niio<1- pnmptly. The alarn^ I-, iBBhai ii[->.i ..
rntlr.-ly needl"--. tli- l~*nk helng BBBBBaaaal one o
the ? eia.ic t Iii the MatB.
I .it .hnr?. Dac. ln. Iiv ati explo.lon of hot tnetal
at the Lury Furii_ce ___ niornlna. loaevh Mendeiui
and Frank (.errtulo were fatally and tliree oUiet*
?arioaatp burned. ?
Fire was d_n_.ia.ai in Henry Batterman's dry
goods store at Broadway and Grabam-ave., Brook?
lyn, shortly after 1 o'cloek this morning. Three
B___M were sent out. The etore ia one of the
larg-st iu Brooklyn.
iestmosy at the g__._s trial,
Dettvcr, Dec. lO.-lmmediatcly after Judge Ki-lng
hiut ordercd court conveneil in ihe t.rav.s trUil tlie
paaaaaaMsa put Dr. J. A. isewell, of the Denver Uni?
verslty, on the stund. The doctor had made an
analysis uf the botlle of llquid proented to hlm by
Dr. Holmes and Mr. Worreli, Jr., uirae ot whieh, It is
alligCd, lau-eil the death _f Mrs. Josephilie llariia.-V.
He :...iinl tliat this liquid contalned _ l-_ per cent of
ar-tenlc, aaaBBBta of pou_.~liiin, and -1 per cent ol
ahoiiol, und, Judging froni the _ualy..l~, ihe bottlo
containcd ID- g.atn.-. of araenlc and no whUkey at
all. Ho stuted thut after lils exaiiii.iatloti ho de
liv.red tlio botlle to Detective __________ of tha
_______ agency.
MiTluirland appeared wlth the bottle and was sworn.
He said he obtaiued tlie bottle from Dr. aeweM ln
May b_4 Alter hc reiehed the bottle he dellvered
lt Uj lTofessor HaiiiL. ln ________ The latter toofc
some of Its coiiteiits uud he resealed lt and brought u
bfllore the Uranl .lury. There tlie seal WBB brokeu
bBBBBaa some af iN members deslred Ui srnell and
ta.te of Ita BBBBBBte. ..gain he took lt U> c:iiic_go,
aud it _a? again exumiucd by Dr. Haines and re
The bottle was introduced as evidece and paised
around aniuiig the Juiois BBd lawyers. nearly all ol
whom BBJaUai bf it or put ii little on thelr iBflara,
i-uhbc.l it oa thelr toiigue*. and ..mm ked ihelr l.p. lu
ih-ir e__e_vor _> dewnulne whether or not It waa a
guod quality -jf "flne old whi-key from ftm friends
iu ihe arootfa oa the BMuatalBa." .
_.__-?? Walter a. ______ Wtt called to .he -t.iml.
lie -ani that be aaa a ptateeaor <>f i-kaaueuTf ta jaa
Ku-ii Medlral Colleg-, Calcago, and lmd beea 1b ti.at
i.j.._. --luii for ?.Ix.cen years. It. .lune ia-t MePh__aM
aave him a Uuid for aualy>ls. He Idctitllicd the l->t
Ue iu eoart a. tln- bottle from whieh the aaM waa
ponred. Hc nade analyala by four Usts, nmoiig them
the Marab, and his raaaMa were ihe ?anie ns Dr.
bewall'a. . _.
I'rofessor llea-lon, who made un e__mlnation of tne
vlsceia and other organs ..r tha dead woman. icsillled
i., tindlng ur-enle ln siitticient quantlties to caoae
il.-u h. Ai the eaaae of the dlre-t exanilnation eOBfl
adjourned until to iiiorruw.
THK fPCO-M OE ____________ KLTEJEE.
Korh..ter, Dec. 10,-Dr. Wheelock Ryder, the eye
ipwilalllt Bf this city, was one of the witnesses of the
Loppy cxeeutlon at Slng Sing prison la-t Monday. al
though bta name did not uppear in the piv.s report-.
To ;i reporter tl.e doctor said yesterday :
- Vt-s i was preeeat nt the aaaeattaa. i t*mrrot
an invltatlon from Warden BrOWB and went on account
of my own cuilo-ity."
? Aia you sworn to secrecy so that you cannot glve
any Inforn.atloti rogardlng the cxeeutlon?"
??The attaaaaaa were requlred to tnlie an oath not
to dlvulgo the dctails of the aa__B-fl_>a said Dr.
? Do you rcgard the niethod as successful 1"
? Hoat de.ldcdly I do, and tt ls certainly the most
humano way of exccutlng crimlnuls If we are golng
to exeeute them at aU. There was nothing _*-8B_Bg,
nothlug terrlble about the manner ln whe-h Loppy
met, his denth, notwlthstandlng sen-ational newspaper
rcports to the contrary. There was no odor of burn
Ing ft.sh, of whlch so much has been said, nor were
there frightful eontortloni."
-Waa death Instantaneous.'"
? Yes, lt was qulckcr then that. Death rtld not ormr
after fhe enrt-ut was turned on. but the instant lt
was applled Loppy did not s.iffer. Sufferlng was im
pn si'.le. Death occurred ln one one thonsandth part.
af a lonial. and pftB. if -U-h lt may be termed. whlch
does not last longer tlian that, ci-nnot cause sulTertng."
-Was there any evldenre of resplr-tton after the
current was llrst applled *
? No. there wa. not, nor was there a slngle evldence
of lifo from tha momcut Loppy i-ecalved tbe flrst
shocl lt was ln-t as though he had been strucltoa
tho head by ligfitnlng while ~_-:.dlng on ground thnt
wus damp. Tho whole thlng was perfect."
Columhln, _ C, Dec 10 (Special).-One of the
noet reni.-itkahle ca-c> that have ever been known in
ihi. state, came up in the Bafiaaaa Oeart .aaterdar.
and as a re.ult the BBCBB Bf the ten negroes BBflar
laatenee Of ***** IB l~.nrcns rounty. for taa niurd.-i
Of Thointoti Niine, mmat months ago, will bB av-<l.
Thev were leataaeed to bo hung on Oetobar _. __*,
i.ut ".he attornaya appealed t.. the aapreaM Caart, aad
tho motlon \e-terd~v was to BBBB-fld the heaitag ani
tian-fer it back to the (Irciilt Uoarfc The ground ef
thla ino;loii waa the eoafeaatOB Of another BBgrO, Heni-y
-iit.ei, wha waa reeeatlj aneeted, tbat he atotm wns
the miiidei-i-r Hi- alli.lavit staied aah -tantially that he
\4aa Bt the lltt-s Chareh oa the night of the u*mt*tar,
tliat ihorUy after tln- m.-.-.ing he atarted to BO home.
When Bboal n qBB-tar Bf a mlle f.om the I hiiirh ho
araa orertake- and aaaawltaf b. Name wbaai ? - haa
and tiu-n- ibol aid killed. lie_i>> bata not nlated to
Inv of the .o.Mlenme.l in-n. hut R?ll thnt it U Ma
d iv o make known the taeto, In order that iaaocBnt
men nnv not saflar on i.K aconnt. He ,ays urther
ih.t -'iv ..at.iu-nt that oBtet Otrtaat were l.npllcated
^Ih^p^cffilad-C-MlSi motlon. and sent the
taaa ha.V to the CtreaH Caart for b rehcarlng.
San Fr-nclsco. Dec. lO.-ThiHy t,-!o~raph operafon
empiove.i on tba Itae8 ef tha Boathera Paetfle in
\ii.onii i.nd New M,-xlco went out on a >trik' yester?
day beeea-e of an ohao_toaa paper whieh thaeeaapaay
hM baaa torelBg its eaaployea to s'gn. Bh lata p.p^r
lh(. men BWCBf that they wtll BOt b"'?ug t.. the Order
Of Rallway Tel.g.aphers WltbOBl the cmsnt of tho
divi.ion BBpartnt-aaoBt BW^eriafcadeal ROmoaaaaya
t!-..t non-unlou men wtll lie employcd in plac- of lUe
Tucson A. T.. Dee. lit.-Thcre ls BOt B I-legnph
cperator ar atatloa aaaal aloag the llne of the Beathen
Paetfle fioai Taaaea la Yaaaa, and la On other dlree
Uob onlv f-.ur betweea this ciiy and Kl PBBO. A ~t,-.l?)
,,' ~.-n .hclaied. The rea~.li f-.r lt l~ B ueuenl
r^fuaal to obey the order reoalrtag them to take an
oath i...t to J'.in uny telographciV orgi.u._itl -n.
f.-ipe May, Dec. 10 ,spec!ul|.-<'oii~Hera~le excite
ment prev.-.lls among landowners at CBBB May -?_>?
today over the blll (.re-ented ln Chanaery at Oaw.
,!,,, reetarday bj Ji"i.e llowaid carinw, aaUag for
the foieelo-urc of a mortgage held hy I-ruel 11. JohB.
aaa aud ?>? EiEtt Martln. Ba tba -urviung exccntois
;,n?i iraateea ef Bwab Mar-kall and Kary H. Jehaaaa.
The BWrtgHga Ul for *1 .'jO.OOO and eovers ahout MBB
l,:ilf the I'olnt, Inc l.i'ling probatih the ...ttiik-e o.ned
l,v Mr .. Hi.iri~.li. TheeB who hoiight lots from A. H.
Hatnlt.in, who reeenU. Ballad lar .t-.'.jo.ooo. ttt not
eet :. n-lca-e from the holders of the nioitgnge WhBB
l!?.v pmvitaaed the lota. Ahout 9001toto, thaaa
botel . waterworka, fanaa aad lavaial BBttaaja are n.
cluded iu the inoitgaL'csi ptopcrty.
rra ptriMFn EtTifvi may eE ryacxrnrr.
Boston. Dee. 10 (Spccial'.-.Iudgc r.rooks. of (am
bridga, baa deeMed lhal V* axeevtora of the <?s.nt.
of It. M. PBl-Uet nm-t n-talt. lu thelr BBBda th- sum
of aaOO.000 \? ******* any |adgBiaal whieh nny Ik)
rteovarei agataal taa aatata hy 1. 9. Han.hro _ Bmm,
.,f bondon, Bagiaad, who ehdai a large amount af
money ln ?ooii..tlon with a contract made to H?-at
nn l-.a- of *1 EOOfilEt tt tlie bonds of the Martelta
_n_ v >rth Oeonda itoPraadi The amount i.f tba eta m
i."tobe .l-t.-rm.u.st hv 9. H. <',M.?.-4 j.!_trl( . .it.jr
n.-v of Mi-dle-e- c.Hiiity. lt U aaM that should lt ht.
found that tbe elata. iwn be malntalned upoa Uto
l- iint.-e -l.m-1 hv Pul-ifcr and Oeorpr R. Baaiw,
th-'- latt'-v the iminairer of tl*.- ioad, the I'uMfer .-late
wiii praga to **'? b___?aal
_-? -
_____ ***?, E* ** '-.'^ lal.-Tlie se.-oud contrl
hut o-i from UM heialqiaiters of the DMtad ___ P-rt.
,.,, __s d.strll.ated to-day. Only ..VXi iva. all-.wi-.l
for th'.- dlstrirt. Thi. has been dl.trlbuted BBtaag
-everal 1 .itidred dependent fnmllies, maldng an ex- - ?-1
I, gn acaaty aaa t* aaah todWdaal to iive on for the
next few aaaaa. tWaaa tbe contrlbutlons nre **9
?;?.,:ll MHBI n.ii.cs nlll he .ompelled t.) work or ~uf
lor f.-i tba :>.???? Mjutea af i b. IThHa Cflf aattoaa ..ad
_._? baai baa af laltofcaa have aaaa ataead at tba d.~-rs
!;f-..ver'il mlners who have he~;n w).?lng ln the BB-*.
-t loiil- Dec. 10.-Tlie MU*)url HUit. (irnuge In
, _f l.lbe.t.T. Mo.. Im. adopted a resolution a-kln?
the (.r-ngt-? of imno-i. l'enn->lvai.u_ Nebf_s__, ln
diana and Ia?-a. mrm In aesalon. to menwriaUte Cou
to put bltullng talna on tho free Urt.
T71H OTATUS OF OOI_. MlbU-MR. _T_-_NC,F__-__
(Br III B(_K .i-ll to THK TBiBl--.'
Wa*hington, Dee. 10.?Speaker Crisp's tima
waa fully oectipied to-4lay by Demoeratie, J.ep_B
sentafives who wanted to diseuss with him thd
K.-neral policy of lcgislation for the eeeeion, and
also to <lrop a few inci.lental n-marks about
"that chairmunsbip.'' Speaker (riap has br-gufl
to thiak about l*eginning a more diflicult task thaa
fell to the lot of any of hia preile.i-_v.orK. It la
true that Speaker Kerr was obliged to conntruct
the commit.ecs in the XLIVfh Congress ol rua
terial a large proportion of whieh waa cru.le and
raw, but even then the proportion of new and
inexperienced men was sinaller than it i? now.
But the Demoeratic majority in the XLIVth
Congrcas was not torn, ua this one is, by intt'rnal
feutls aml dissensiona; the Speakership oanviwe
had not dividfd it into two ho.tile /ae.tiona;
there waa no question as to the politietU orthodoxy
or the inte'grity of any leadi*r or his aupportera
aml pnrtisuns. Th<* election of Mr. Kerr to the
Speakership did not array against him Samuel J.
Randall and hLs friemls in an attitude or disposl
tion of silent and millen hostility. The majority
at that time was animated bf a common pur
pose, an.l its Iea.lors ?11?1 not quarrel and fight
among themeelves as to the means whieh should
be employed to effcot that purpose. When Speaker
Kerr asked Mr. Kandall to take his choi4*e of
committee chairmanshipa, n.rfd at the latne time
intimated I hope that hi.i choiee would not n_
the e.hairmanship of Ways and Means, Mr. R*n
dall took the hint in a gentle and proper epirlt
an.l olu.se tl.e ?-li;,irmanshipof Appropriationa.
Does anybody suppose that Colonel Mills would
accept a like offer uccompnnied by a lifke hint
frrm Sp4*uker Crisp in the same ini*ek and grate
ful spirit ? Colonel Mills and all his friends
would feel that a deadly irmult had l>e"*n offered
to him if Speaker Crisp shonld dare to offer him
a choiee of chtiirmansbips accompanied by any
liinr or sugpestion whatever. Inde*?d. if some of
hi" friemls are to Ih* be!ie\ed. the Sa_;e of Corsicana
.vill refuse to aecept th>* Chairnianship of Wara
anil Means except on a condition whieh it would
be humiliating to tho Speaker to airrce to. It is.
in .rtect, that Colonel -Mills al.all not only be
chairman, but that he shall have the right to
\-4-to the appointment, as a mi._il.er of th>- com?
mittee 4.f any Dcmoerat whose soiindncss as a
- tariff relomior*' lr* may suspeet or tleny: in other
words, if he is uppointed chairman. he will refuse
to servc unlei* he can rhoose his Demoeratic 04)1
kagues. He ih.es n4it intend, say his friends. who
Ihjnl- that Colonel Mills may be persuaded to ae?
cept the eliairninnsliip on tl.e condition mentioned,
to place hiniself in a position when* he will bc
haniliesppcd either by veiled hoetility or open
lukewurmneas. Of courso Speaker Qmm could do,
no less than resent the offer of so degrailing a
condition, to aecept wliich would amount to a
confejsion that he lacked not only judgment but
political intcgrity and sincerity also.
And yet "the logic of the situation" would
seem to reqiiire Colonel Mills to insist on his con?
dition. Hc and bis friends, not only in Wueh
in;ton, but tliroughout the countr.*., have lieen
io. months piist V4)ciferoiiH_.v iledaring, as with.
iane vpice, that Crisp is unsouml on thi* tariff;
that, if not himself a "protection" Democrat, he
is tho re'preseutative of " protectioD* Demoerats
ind the exponent of " Kandallism'1; tliat the salva
tion of " tariff refnrm' aml the succe?B of the
Democratio party depend upon tlie sage of Cor?
sicana, and him* alone, so far as the LHd
Congr.t-s is coffcerned. His platlorm in the
Speak'-rship contest was "tariff reform'' and that
only, and it was said, on the authority of some
of his friends, that he had alrca.iy prepared a
draft of a bill wliich he would offer early in the
-ession for a generai aud thorough revLsion of
the tariff?a bill fram**d on broadcr and more
ilLstinct and rndical Kree Trade lines than the
famotis " Dark Lantern" l.ill of 1*88.
Hut it may happen that the Sage of Corsicana
may BM have an opportunity either to nceept
,.r ilc.-linc, with or without (.-oiiflitioiis, tlie chair
manship Bf Ways and Means. It, is whispered in
in.,r.' than BM <|iiarter that the Hill-Tanimauy
l.un.ian men, tlirougl. _nd by w-lioni 4 'risp wa_
elected SiaeaUcr, ure determined to plurk all the
tiuits of their gr4.1t anti-Cleveland victory, and
that Mills, as Uio s|m*.i..1 tii.-nd. chainpion, ropre
.viit.itiv.- and intended laoneliciaiy af Clovi-Iind
aml ('levi'laii.lisin in the llouse of Koprosntativt**.
must Im* *ct asi.le and shorn of inflitenM in that
body. Riiumr even cuitiniies to assert that in
pBIBBBBM of a welUloliii.'d and earelully matured
p!an, tlie llouse is to *>e '" ruii" in the interest of
the n<.iniiiati..:i <>i Hill or (iormaii lor tln* l.e.-i
.len.-.v next year, and thal aae af the inci.lonts of
thi P_BB is the appoiiitmi'tit af Wiiiiam M. Springor
?Spriugi-r of Illinois?as ehainu.in af Ways and
Means. Of MBIM the fai't is li-nicnibi'ied that he
noinina'i'.! Cleveland for the I're-i.lcii.-y at Colum?
bus at an eurly hour ono Nov.miiUt morning in
1 -mi, but Mr. Sprinper's cl.araiter is so well
umk'i'stood that that iudiseretion d4.es not count
against him. He has already pr.-,-laime<l that
his policy is to devmir the prot.-ctive tariff mor<el
by morsel, instead of trying to bolt lt iu a single
mouthful. That policy ih diainetri.-ally opposed
t4i the one whieh. Cleveland aml Mills reprcsent
aud advocate.
The ruiuor Ihal Sprin^er wotihl be uppointed
,-l.airuiaii of Ways an.l Means was scouted as ab
surd by alniost everybody who saw ii mentioned
in these 4lispatchc*. yesterday, but many of the
persons who regarded it as imrcilible then be
li.-ve it now. Tlie pi..|?isitioti tin.Ls strong su|>
poriers, too, among Demoerats who an. friendly
to Spciker ''iiip They ai^iu. that BfrtBflM ia
l>etter c(|.iipped for the .-hairmarisliip .af tliac
MBNDiMM than the Sage of ( orsicana is; that bB
is the peer of the Te.xtMi in ability, and his .s.i|M*riaB
in tai-t, iii'insiiv anil persi*veraii<-o, und more
over, tliat his |>oliey is B wiser an.l more -.-i:si
ble aiul praeticabh' IM t'nn that ad.oeat.,1 hy
Mills. (li'veland _fc Co. <'n<- of them to-4lay said:
" Mills has served eight4-en yi-ars in the HMM
and hu.s laeen ehairinan ?f one c.inniittei' for %
single term: Sprinper has lieen in OaBgMM six
teen fMia, and he ha-s been chainnan >.f no !e?a
than four diffcrent coininilti-es in that time. Ile
was twice uppointed cliairinan ef B comniitt<*e by
Spe.ik'-i K-nulall BBd twtaa bf Speaker ( ailisle.
Ili> >v s chairniati <>f ihe ("ommittee oo
Kleitfnms lB the Xi.VItli CaBgNM; of thal
on Kxpeiiditiiri. in tl,.* iVpurtment of
,lusii..-e ln Ite XLVTlltli Coupn-ss: of
t laims in the Xl.lXth Congress, an.l of Terri
t. rics in the Lt_ C.mpie.ss, when the D.ikotaa,
Mniitaua and Was h ing ton were admitted into t!i?
I 'ni.iii. Me ha.s nev.-r faih*il to niaki* his com
niitu-e1 pnamineiit in the proci'e.lings of the House,
,,r to fari-e its work up<aii tlio attention of tha
.-ountry. Why should not Spoak.-r Crisp feel J4istl
licil tn pla.-ing hiidi ? in.iii at tlu- hoad 4)f the
( ,,iutnitu*e on Ways ar. I oUmmt Kven Colonel
Mills lannot li.aiiiiain tliat he is a moro sin.'ere
taritT ref?i'iuer? ftmt 1'ra.lor, if you pre ter the
phrase-tl.aii Mi BprtBfM is.''
Theexiae.-tati.in appeara to he peneral that Judge
Holman wlll re.>- s< tho .-h iiimauship of Appro
piia't'iii-', I coiiiinittoo whi.-h was ahofl >af much
of its power nnd intl'ieiioe MVMBl years ago when
tlie Kroe liudois \v4-ro wi.d to pum_.li an.l -gel
even" ?itli Nmiuol J, Kuadall. SiBM IBBl tiu..*
the oomtiiitlcV haa had cuitiol af only six of the
?BRfral appioprtBtlon hills. the rernaiiuler liein*
d-Btrtbatcd among other stait.linp I ommitiees. A
Btr.ang offort will N* naa,lo to n-ciaim tho e. nt.
tereil bills. B-fBetatll if Holman iS apiaoiuted cliair?
inan of Appropriutions, but it is doubtful if It
will IMCW-lil. oVspite tiie goneral lielief ?hat t).?
(listrlbution af the h\Uu has resulted in .ua.
aiderahle unneceaaary inereaf<e of appropriatlona,
1 It ia pcrtinont to aay in thi* relaiioit that tln

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