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WAS ?- -?????? MA'OX-A CABINKT
QEtWM ro:'IBI.l.
. t>c ll.-Thi* IOOfc8l8-i-tHl controversy
EJ\ .rcat (listtirlMtice la th-? CfaBB_-Sl of
e,0*U Mia. N* Httb__l_ ititr.-luee.l a __8ttaa
w***"" ,tl(. ,,? suie .ttmt.dc oi tka ek-fT, and
? Tne* ? .t atepe lf taken f..r tht* scp_._th.n
"fSS ??''?'" ?*-*? M-Fttllio,t,Si Mtalrt"of
?f l 8U(* pnhlio W-TBhia, ia replyin^ aa thc
,tft,(n eommt-nte- at ta-gth apoa tht* condaot
_f__T__i?hblBhopi at Aii aad Ifcmlcaux. In
?* \te to a- intcniipti.in. M. Flot-urt, thi* Fr. ai
***^xhe Chamber, said that Pope 1 'ius IX had
"'^his authTity to Free-Ma_?>nry and waa
PTZu % Frto-Mason. M. i.e Ca__-.?nac and M.
*Jj |>A_B08 instantly jnui|ied up and called
ii Floo.net a liar.
!\nmendvun uproar cnatied. la_ting hilly ten
tte. 'Ihe members of the Kight, shouting at
j_!i__B of their voieK lmrled various l>ppro
imVmttaett at tM K.I8-BM af the Left, who
:!!!_?h) with e<.ttal vis;.?r. Cries af " Infanious,-'
rEmlaaH*." a?d the like. were freely tX
rTZ* Qiihop Freppel shotited that M.
ZLjerii eharga was a ralmnny and a alandcr.
i. de M n nip'* that *M' F*0*!"0*'8 words
2 Lokult.' .ml WaB. Thronuhout the* up
?~- .,,. , \1. l'l...inet reruaine.l perfertly
JT BfB-a '?'' ala__OI had _itb_ided he UB.
S!p__Btk-- t:iot iTn* ehair 8T8B powerless to
Ll with Iti al tnn.lness.
)l Falliere*. resiiDjing his -peech, said that the
G.Y.r_ur.nt was .pi-osed to tbc separation of
Surch an" s?l>?,? Tl]e MlnlaUT. hc continucd.
9*0 ahortlv lntrodnce a Mll dea'.ing with aflSB
4*M9A\ whlch aroald upply eqaaUj Is relisiou
d gfciilar oommunities. 11. atlded. however,
j^t hia blll trust net rejrarded as a prelude
V) li* _rpar-ti'ii of ..'liurch and State.
Jt ? repurtcti that after the dchate M. Floquet
iodM.de ii.--arn.ic appointed secon.ls, but that
y Clemen'(*-'. lntorfered and sneceeded in pre
nnting the l i _ie8B_ d.icl.
It i* th.* rfi!eral opinloti amonj members of thc
Qainhfr ol Depuitlea that to-umrrow"*. ilcbatc may
fcaw>L i 8 tif exlstease af the Cabinet,
ttjpg to the iHaoiiiolBfiHaa of the members of the
Jb_bt at tht* Ctbinet's .iiinounccineiit of ite in
__ti._ to lntrodnce a Ull dealing with rallflaao
*0A*Moot The mrnibcrs of the Kight, it ap
mn. are determlDed Is do their BtBBMl t- pro
di? _ (hbi ii I Ci-_S.
BJo J_r.fi:". I'*(. U-?Di-ii-rccnicnt-' have ariscn
brmten th" <"?'? ei-.nnent aoB Beohoi INaieUts Bsa*
eratr ol the Blaae cf Mo .'aneiro. The diiferenecs are
w lodlc&l IBal tiie doaaraiaaal Ba* i\*<iue-t?_ Osaer
ifli Porleil:i lo realga Bla oflice. This I8?aaal thc
wrtroor Baa BeeUaaB to accaBa t1.. It i.-. now e_
jiecle- IBal '? (...veniment -111 appolnt a mlliUiry
wwnor ol the ft.u'.e. aid U_M m_rtial Jnw will 1.
Ibttt i- DiaeB _JHaiilBaai in linancial . ir(lp> here,
SM crnt ol thc panic vhich pr.valled on the
iv. (.u.u-- havo b,-n (Ktalled Ut W0
_e'b_' Jv. ' The Government has wuioanced iha?
tiacntlU foi the repttyment ol a nopiUar loan havo
t-eti ifl-rlftccd. _ _
luAtm, ix*c. 11.?Lo d PutTerln has been appointed
ftBfet An.basxatlor to Fraoea, in the pl_ec of the late
Uf|LTIt..n. r
IMrrieh Teniple llanillton I-mple Blaoliwoo-, Mar
8? of Lruflertn _n_ Ava, Karl ol Diiflet.ii, Baron
Mtrla ?-i4 riandelioye, Vtaeasat Clandeboye and
lavii Clandeboye, ot clandeboye. was h rn on June
?Ll.'.'fi, and suw.oded hls father an tlfth Baaaa DufT.r
lln is41. lle wa> made Vlflcoant <*la:nlelio.ve aud
Bdl'-fTerin ln 1871. 1I<: ha^ Icld many oflaea under
HBriti .h t.overnment locl-dlog thc I'nder Bauatafy*
tlpof ID-Ja, tln* C-SI-BeufclB al the Dwfef Ot Lan
oaer ?nd the ?. vernoimaasfS_*SSf of the Domlnlon
. Catiada. TWfl latter oflife he held front \H72 to
UT8. l>c.m 1*>70 lo l**-*l h' WflJI A_BBa__B_0r Ex
BwHsar. and MlnNf-r I'.etiljKitf-iii-arv at St. lX-ters
8rg. Fmin 1>*81 to ld.4 he va-- BftOflft Ainh-S'.ador
BCon^autiiiople. and fiom l**^ to 1888 was Vlceroy
ul (iovir-,..r-t.eneial of india.. lle at preseut holds
Uao-ke.f Brttlfl-i AabaaoaBoc to ItaJy. to wBkB place
ke?a. appotnte- on DeccaiBat l. 1888. la 188B Lot^l
Hufeiin manied Harlot Ceotplna, ekie*t daughter of
_? latf Captal- AlcBtbaM ltowan Hamilton, of Kllly
itHb Ctstto, Cooaaj Down. Ireland. Th<\v have living
to hm and Iwo daiii-M'crs The post to wlilch he
la* j_'t !..?<?!. i.j.iK.inte'i 8 oaat-Marei tte
law In the brltiah d.pioiiiAti.' aervloe. He was made
l_rqui> ..i Dufterin aad Ava ln 1B_?. l>oi*d DaBerln
kapul,',!*'-.! -.v-il I..H.K-. t).. baot-BaO-ra being "Let
ItnlroBi il;.!. Latltu-S-.*
BerUn. ii.-.. ii.?Th. debate aa the asat ee_-_ae-tlal
a*e_tif? arai cootlnued la the Betohataf ro day. TjmlbBM
lUrwhaii v.,n bMa_r_tela, Imperltii MtBlatar lec PotalfB
thin, drf.iid'.'d thcli ivcTiiineiit ngiii:i>i the attaekl of
Bflafiariit') party. The proiecttre tai-lffs. he Bu'leMi.
un u or t.'icy coaJd Bot esattaae. Herr
a-t-orfl vuid tkal u.e Rek-Spartel arevll Bfaa ap
lawal to the n.-.iii.- onli oa c.iiditioii thal ataaa
B taken t.. rem meitac -ilver.
C___.tll r \oii ( apilvi te-ix.iided to thi- *M***A
?wa tlie Be] h pa_*tet. He a>sert?*d ihat arMhsal a
*'<Wr atU Au-tiia lliiiinry a taiilf war was iBSVtl
?**. thfl :?? :i)..ia-ii/._ti?ii of -ilv* r. tl..' < li_ii<"!l('i
*9u*, * .nld be laipuaalUfl without the ndhc-ion of
hUBttd. lle cloaai hifl rcply by emphalieally de
(h-u thut b? \\ mM not i.M.pt any paafsaal lixini;
* durat; n ?f tho tix-aUes at les_ than tw.lvo
Har liat-.irir eenauretf the tJovernment for nialtliig
* a_nv ceneefltdonfl ut the I'nltod t.u;es. arhleh
aaar, hfl *aid, retlprocated by m-ndlng to Gerniany
BBMeflted with trlf_Jno?l?. , .
*%aa.cii i vun laprivl repttei thut Oaranaay had
J* 8ght i i queatlon the word ol liilth Of MA
>9ml B_?tes whlt-h t.ovcriiineiit woiii'l iCNWCJaaa
* wen j m-: i.ti.iiF in the fntui-e t<? prevent the
a?rtAtl..i. (il i .f<;.ie<l luein trom that country.
hflasel-, Dee. II.?Tha FStatfa -Balatar iu*s <om
??aiflted i . tbc linreait of the fhantbei' of Dcpntle*
'V ait t_ tl,. ne* fi.mmerrlal tr-jilles l_-t ngfO
*??? between Heininni und t.ermany. and Iielglum
^i*Aon. Dec 11.-This wa* t-ie fftt day of th*
** ? tiie aetloe f..r Btvasee hBMNkhl af -Mi-S Bt
*aa.t_a ectreaa, agalaal her Baahaa*-, Da|l_a_8
"-?m. thfl actor. The Ilrst vltness to-day was a
haifla>ld. mumB llahhia, who wa* ?all*d by Mr.
**?? tou_?ei for Mr. Marlaa. Her |8faa___M wa* a
^n* hr Mla? .-t. John: and her tesUtnotiv Baaa
**? heavilv ;.rl?,i the aetreea. The next *4mem*
^^ *u a theatrkal BNoeer, nam.-d l.mcx. who
?^ ?i.lo>f(l tt the Oat-48 Theatre The *****
***** lo reram to Coheal catLs on Miss St. John.
I**-* BtvarBea, Un leeaai and manager tt the
BHJh-atr.. tMUfled thal he had ***** ***2J**'
*Mlmptt,prt between Mt** ht. JoJin and Mr. ( aw a.
Jf*Ww. N - . Dec. 11.-The Anciior Line stenner
J?*?a arrlved ln p.,rt t.'.j- BflOnitMi compht lv out
"l**tl. Hm -aiied froin t.iLi-U-r 08 WoaBBttet 88,
** *? pa.ienge.-s boaaf for New-York. and B8BJ
***iUi heavy l.ead pales and hlgb aoaa, ***** ,ou"
**?? up to two daya ago, whei) the w cather moderated.
2? ?_I| re.eived no berioiis damage, and procccded
?"* ?fter_w>n.
a? . ?
AN lir.No,. POg M. KENAN.
MME, Dec. ii.-M. neiiutj will be thc next director
*?*? Fr-neh Atademv. ?
, 2_**a. l>ec. li.-Justin McCarthy, as *ole survtving
"J^** <-! the P_i.? fund (Mr. ParneU and Mr. Big*?
J*** heeo hi- .eJl_w-tru_t-e->. ha> ber*n aerved wlth a
*t ? the ault of Meaara. Itaathl ilarringioii, John
J**0*". Claijcv ..)'(.?,,??, K.i.n.v and Klchard LaJor,
2?*?ni-srk ol Uie I'jrnelUU; braiieh ot the Irish Far
J^otarr pwtyi %hl, ^|egc that tnc |Un_? ?? aubject
_8%___,t'" f*Vvr oi themeBlvee aud obher member? of
*m*>*i Lenju* 'ih* **tlti*Dtn raauaat tha n
moval of Mr. Mr-Carlliy from Ihe trustceshlp, and pray
for UM appolntnient ot a proper trustee.
London, Dee. 11.?Foi).- Iinnfrcd of Ih? nirnl dcle
gates to iho National BBBBBi Fedemtion Conferenee,
whlrh opened yesterday tfl Ueniorial Hall, FHirlngdon
st.. pm-took of n brenk/ast thls tnoniintc, at whlrh thc
prinrlptil gue-:t wns Mr. BBBaBBBB, who vas aaaaaa*
panled by his wtfe. Afrrr ihe bc.il.fast, Mr. QMBBBBS
nddrc-sed tho delegatcs. l'.e sald hc thoupht thc tln.c
had come for tho starHnp '.f rontinunus ctTorls t<?
bring ab'.iit i*ural reforms; nnd, he added, IBBBB aBBtta
oucht not to be termlnated until tlieir Just ends hai
been attalncd. Speoklnp on the siibject of wwfelSS
men, Mr. Gladstone BBBfl th* lnbor .iiiestion luid .*. WliB
langc. Home l.ule. was part of thc labor eontr-iveisy.
as IBa bulk of those ln BBBBl l.ehaif they BBBB stn.p
gllnn were laboiers or sn'all fajmers. The condition
Bf rurwl BBMB88B wns an urgent (juestlon. The proof
of this statenicnt, lay In the constant mipralion of
tlK*sc laborcrs. Every endeuvor ought to be n.ade lo
BBBf the laborers at home. Hc hoped to see labor
candidates for seals in Parllament 18888888 ln number.
The> ought not to be t-addlcd wlth frlghtful electlon I
Mr. G ladstone nrped tlve abolition of the commoi! law |
agalnst oonspiracy. Thls law, he said, hnd given riso I
to proeoedlngs that were 88.1*888 to the llbertles of
the people. Kpeaktng with pururutar reference lo
this law. Mr. (.ladstone sald: " .Vc must provi.le _.._?
tlie rurai populaJon of Great Brittln as well ao for
the -varne class In Ireland. Nothlng mu?>t be a c.in.e
which relatea to the prosecutlon of lubor lnk'rests, or
because lt ls done by a comblnatlon of men, unle*s it
la an offence agalnst the letter and tlie splrit. of the
Tlie speaker strongly urged that purish counclls
shoujd be charged wirh the control of parish charltles,
and wlth tlie care of road-, rornnions and rlphts of way.
Thev should al**> see that srhools and dwelllnps were
in proper sanltary condition. He said thnt somo
sch.n.e ou.'ht to be devlsed fc> oftar tlve laborer, after
a lona and blamcless life, soniethlnfi better than ihe
workiiouae. Viitll Ihat wns done. society would not
have dlscharged lt? duties. und the nims of the presNil
conferenee would not be fully nttuined.
London, Dee. ll.-Tl?e Viceroy of In.'.hi tclcprnphs
thnt tl.c Huntn Nlger tribesmen. hnvlng 8188888* the
ciiait fort, asar Giipit, the pBHaaa ea* waBeh i> ea?
peaai of caataBaaa traopa, wtt* Brttisfc aaVara, ..>".
imiudcd by Colonel Duiiind, tlie ganlaaa ?a> ol.llRed
to uttn.k the strongly BBtUBal itlBBfBaM of Nllt. on
DaWBBhal -? De.spen.tc Ilg-iUng BBBBBB. Cnptaln
Av'.tiicr an.l UaalBBBirta DaBBBiBii njid Baaeeek, with
eaaap-eaaaa pHaalij. iBew uv the tort gnte wttk pun
iBBBBB, foiipht their wny In, foiiowed l.y u few BepOJT*,
und eaptured the fort. Colonel l.urand was ahol hiiU
mrianalj injured. CBftala AjrUaar und Uaatonaat
hudeock were severely wound.d. 18888 f-epoys were
Ulled and twenty were wounded. The encniy's loss
was severe. Nine were taken pils.rn.is nnd i?ne gaa
was eaptured. The enemy havlnp illlBBlai B> -BB
itlllslde, and BaBSBBf BS desultory ilrlnp, the troopa
apalu attache-i and dlsl.Klged tlem. In thls ongnge
u.ent l.ieutonant Gorton and sevta Sepoys were
1U"BI I."-.
London, Dec. ll.-A BtopaaBk from Pekin says tluit
the recent victories of tho Imperial tn.op? senl
agalnst the reoels ln Monpolla have broupht the in
surrectlon to an end. All Uie dl-sturbanees in the
country appear to l?ve ceaaed. and uUairs 818 18
suniing their normal conditio?. By order of Li Hunp
Chang, the Chlneae Viceroy, summary punlshment is
Infilcted on the caiptured robete who are convlrt;*d of
havlng Uken part in the ma*ss-cres ol Chnstia.is.
Fortv-two lnsur_;ont? wlio were pnwed beyond doubt
to have had a lfa_ad ln ti.e murder of Christlan;, lu\e
been beheaded at Paiiiou.
- a ?'
London, De*c. H.-A dlspnkh to "The BBBBB* from
Hingapore says tliat a severe gale prevailed i*l Ho.ip
Kong on Deeeml>er 4. A larpe number of ( lune-e
vessels of all descriptlons wc*re de-stroyed and hunditds
of Chfnev. sallors and fe-keran 8888884 al'.out the
harbor were drowned. European and other ve-sscls
lylng at Hong Kong BBBBBB-aa ht'le B-BBBfe.
Port-au-Prlnce. Der. 11.-Presldent Hypi>?Bla Iaal
night issued a proclamation aniw.unclnp a p -neriil am
nesty to i-olllical bBBbIbbi. Thls step has baefl the
ubject of much delibcra.Jon on tlie part of thc Pre-1
dent nnd his Cabinet. Thc prOClBBiaUoB .anles wlth
il tl.c immediate libe.aUon of politieal j-ilvneis BOW
ln cust-Kly in the va.lous prlsons of the r.puMi..
Ilo pio. lamailon has been le. elved wlth pr.*at favor.
EarfBCt tran.iuilllty prevails.
The is,uing of Uie proclamation is taken 11 iii-ll.at.
,l,?t noatiUlt Hvpiolito feels ab>olute con(ldi*n<e tfl
Bm .tivtigth of his posltlon. Ia '?m.-lhl ciicles all
BBBBB. <-f BB uprMng or r.-b-IIion In tha BBBI IBtBTB ls
bettoved u. aa pa"t. Aa IBe aaaaAEf is aaanial, it >*
l?li.v.il |o inclu.lc Ihe. I -pposltlon leadci:. BOW lninK
.? (..mi-linieiit at KU^BOD. .lairaica. The *}?}$**}
"t ,:,.... are General* Ma..ip.,i. rropheta aad ?-'-?'";
-l i,*e or thc-..'. men an.l thelr foUowera t. retorn
',, i,,v 0 llavti. It ls mt .loul.ted. howcv? l.at
r ,;s? tbey sh-uid return. iheli* moyementa wouldiba
cioaely wuti hed, to foreataU any poaalblr attempt. th ?>
mifcht tnaK.' to .reute BBrioaa CffpttMOtm to IBe 1-i-s.nt
The last BBBBBBaa IB the above BUpatlB. depilves
Ihe BBBBBaaj fti.nounced b\ PlBBBlrBl BjrfpaBBB ai
most of IU value. nnd it has, ut least, the m-iit Bl
-UtBBltT The history of llayti -shows that, despltc
BBBBBBty di**rees, it ha.s been imposslble for pohlnal
asUaa to return wlthout #88888 to themselves to
their country us long as the country has been pov
sraaeB l.y the man apainst whom these exlles hnd
fought BaT-BBrtjr, -Bdaaaaa and Baah>88Ba bbbb waat
?IM |8 proclaim '* urbi et orU-1 deerees of ainin-sty |
hut Hol*rond-<-anaI. Hoyer llaz-ejais and other poUtl
,a! toalBta did not proflt much by thc deerees. Life
would be unbcarable for returned cxiles if they should
have to submlt to the r-yetem of close wi.t.hing
-?l-? ln tho dispaUh; und they would be con
stantly I" a?'"P''r of *****' bai "** ?'unl",""g dc.
,recs are lntended to 888888 for thc <.oven.ni.-nt of
Bm Anv lu Huyti a reputaUo.i for n.lldii.*ss and for
Lran.e Mo.eover. Hyppolite B uafiy. and U
knows that J-anlpat, Ix-pitlme, ITophete and Phpuint
would not be so danperons U, hlm when Bjtag under
Bia Immcdlat. waUhinp. BB U*8f are at iBBJBlra, H. the
n.lplits.rhood of Port anlYlnee. Haat tt *** .vv..
SSaS movement* whlftl hav3 BBBftBiaara Haajtaa
l^ident^ have BBBB BB_BB8B M the "rltish - land
Hyppolite has taken UU hls semcc ?88888. FrBatoa
andTThoby, BB Inalanre. ******* they had baaa
Leglilme's Mh.i.te,**. but these ******* -'?*-' true
pHtrloU rather than paHtaBB poliUMans. and w.-r IBBtj
Z serve their country und*.* any tgjg""^ ',! "
c<?se lh dllterent lu ropii- to Man M *."J1 *;v,
L". iallv ln r Kaid ta Upltime. who '\eV .,,,,. .^
D\ 11 ppollteV -vs the latter kn..?> lhat aJapraM
Si has still a pre?t followlnp Bl Ha>B. J here h U
.-, i,.i.i,.p<_l a.s the b?*st r preseutathe Of n.iMian ua
ui ., t>" Tt Legitime should be 8MBAMO wtonj.
'^r ,., Port au-P.1 n.e ke would BCBII B8 ' * ' ' '
LA cloaelT'' that l_e mlght be lnvolv.-d ln 8NB8 im
a0,,arrA.nsph-LT. and be sentenced to death. or ut
leant to another exlle.
london. Dec. 11.-The storm which BBl ? on
BTiBBBBlBJ ulKl't Mibslded for a tlme, but Ihe dlu.lnu
tion ln the force of the gale waa only t>*roporTiry. The
btorra ls raglng all over f.reat H.1taln and I.el/lud
Telegraph, telephone and clectrk-llght P**" ?,|"1
wlres nre aguin down ln all dlreetlons. The reports
vhl< ti ?re being recelved, however. brtng mnny stories
?f W1B8B nnd dlsj.ster. A di-patch fromlOarB BBI UjBt
.Lr WHTO" nerar hkfbbere n we,*e raupl.l n, Ihe pale.
Thoir b'rat was 689-55 ai.d all four were drowned.
Boston, Dee- ll.-?leroent K. Fuy, BBM of Ihe
iiav fetate League, rnme before JusUce Ilolmes in the
auare-aa Court l*>4ai, aad aakad tbat procaadlM* fur
rontempt Issue niraiiist J.iseph W. Hau.ilton. nipret.13
necrctnry, nnd llarry 11. French, suprrmn In-nsiiror. of
thc league. Tho applieatlon, upon whlrh .lu.tpe
Holmcs Issued an order of notl.e, reluniable BBXl
T.icMlay, allepes that the ofncers are trylnp to blnder
thc rerclver In carrylnp cait thc order of thc court,
and asks timt BBB he piinlshed. Mr. Fay sl.ited to the
CBBrt that the total amount whl.h hns come |Bta hls
hands as 1888-881 ls IWtB.tBl At a moting ?'f tho
de|e|j:at?> on Novcmlier C5. Mr. *-*?*? nrh *~aid that the
order had iissct, nf iKnu.OOn. The rccelvcr Bmtt the
H-VI-. to be .f-o.onn less thaa that si.ni, and wants to
know whc.-e the PBO^OOO hns p.nc.
One of the nimors whleh sprlng into exlstence In
Will Sti-cet without. any detlnlte source BBfBBfBi yes?
terday ln a -.tnrtllng form. It wa. sald that n de
Mralloa of #1,00<u>0<) luid been found ln a Hro.id
st. flrm. The mapnlti.de of the amount def-*ated tlie
purpose of the report if lt were lnH>lred for BSBT
purposcs. No such defab-ntlon eould exUI wlthout n
fnilurc. lint the vlclnlty of the MocB E.-rlmngc
was tilled nll d.*.y wlth vnpue talk about a defalcn
tlon or hcnvy loss of soino kind atvd the name of
Ficld, Llndley, Wlerhers A. OB. was mixed wlth It. One
story ran that the asslgnee had deiern.lnol to liiMltute
a suit apalnst a concern said to be heavlly lndi*bte<l to
lt. Tho asslgnee, Mr. ..ould. sald tliat he knew noth?
ing of any ronneclion of thc flrm wlth any trouble.
Alinon G lodwln, 8888881 for tlie asslpnee, kiow nothing
of the ruinors. Ile sald that thn assignee could bnnp
no suit ii 11 i 11 ho had liled hU bond, and he could not do
that until Tle had some stateineot to subnilt. As yet
no statei.u.nt could 1* prepa-rcd.
One of the ii.-ii'ir- __.ugf0.sted tbat the trouble
lay wlth I. <fc S. Warmsor _b Co., No. 17 Uroad-st.,
aud thc talk was revlved that the mysterlous
8888881 with "J. li." 011 the books of Field. l.lndley.
Wicctiers tl Co., whlrh ?.hows Bl 4O,0(X) owing to thc
lirm, shlel.led oi?eratlona of A. J. Worniser, a member
of tho lirm, or of one of the clerks wlm tn-ar-s thosc
lriitials. At the ofl.ee of Uie flrm It was dcuicd Muit
tlier,* WBB BBJI fnunuation for the rumor. Is.dor aml
Mnion Worniser were at the Wlndxir Hotel la*t even
inp, and t'.e latter showed. e\tr<-me vcxatlon Wkafl
asU.d ivgarding the matter, but laldor sald: -'You
ure talkinp BBBBl sometliing entlrely new to me."
Tho nxnie oi ilenry C8BWI -t Co-, at No. 17 Brond
st., was also whi-jiered us being concenied
iu the rumored trouble. ln tbe BfBMB88B
Heriiy Clews deckired any such rumor to bo a he.
*? il would be impo>s--ll)le to have a de-Hlration," he
said. *? Wc Imve a system of che. k_. ond sai 'puanis
Letter thaa that in n National bank.'' ln tlie even?
lng J. li. Clews, a nioii.ber of tlie lirm, dmled BBBl
ctnph-nically, wlien seen at his Ihhiic, No. 'i.l Wcm
Fifty nlnlh-M.. by a Trilnine reponer, thrit th-ic ha.l
baaa aay BaB-kattea aaaaag aay ot the fplnyaa <?!
th.- lirm. He also donied that Clews .*.? Co. had had
any buslness deallngs with Field, l.lndley, Wich.rs
B (<?.
? I heard the rutnors about defalcations about 2
o'rloi..." snid Mr. Clews. -Where Iba reisni-s BtBfted
1 do n.it know, but 1 Baaaartala there i.s no foaaBattoa
for tho rurnor that there ia anything wroug In our
olhce. If there were any defalration I would know ot
it. Kepa.-dlnp any roported conneellon with Ficld,
Llndley, Wlechers ft Co., I wlll aay thnt the name 01
the bankrupt flrm does not appear on BBI 1> siiis. nor
Boea the na.ue of our flrm appear on thelr 1. lOfea. At
leaati so far u? 1 know, it does not. If it Is on th**
books of Field, Llndley, Wierhera ft Co., lt has 110 rlpht
to be there, for we never had aay aecaaatl
uith them. The repnrt that 88 arr.pt>(1 ordeta from
t!***ni and did not BXBeata them is utteny without foun
dation. iU.w su. h a report slartcd 1 cabnot uinler
At th? Windsor Hotel last nlpht only a few brokctv
were 1118*ent None of them knew of any toandattOB
for the runiois, aud It was KeneruU7 tjelleved tliat they
had been cireulated for speculatlve purposes. Ttu.*
stock market was not afferted to any Important extent
bv thc rumors, because of the Impoaflblli'y of locailng
them. _
Baltimorc, Dee. 11.- The reporters of "The .Toumal
of ('oiiimprr.1 have been havii.p tulks wlth members
of thc Provisjon lloard of Trade of thls city. pioi.ere
an.l .shlpp'is. regarding the relatlons of BaiapCBfl
countries tSWBIB. American hog prolucts, with tlie f<l
lowlnp resi.ll, which wlll appear in to-inorrow's Issu.
Of "IBa Journal of 088-8-8-88"i
The OBtOtaMM fff-rts ot the Hon. WhlMnw Iteld. t'nited
Stat*'* Ml.ilst.-r to France, ln bavinp the embargo nn Aiiht
iceii park rals.-d, havc addid min h U> his BlNadj wlde
sp..-ad yaaaBB-ty and tlie confldeni*.- nf B*M BBbUa In hls
abillty and d.slM' to furtber Uio lnt'n-ts of bls Oavara.
Whlle pork <an now, under certuln MBBrtl ti ois lmpi^eU
by lha laws of iiispeitlisi. ba shlpi^-d la Ir-ii". lt ?lll
.?? m*t* tin.c before aay aa-aBI ?.n .esuit to the Bada ot
this eaaatiy By iea-mn 01 bm naBaifa belBB iwaaaaB.
Tlie iBBpflfHf law* trt B them*.|\es siiniewliat as BB
?BbarBB) BBB Is-eause of a deslre' or BB9 lnt-ntloii on tli
jiait of Aineiki-n pBaBaia ta expoit BB-M-Bi M Blaeaart
meats, but i.n aaeaaat ?f laBlaaa methods <,f b-api Baa
whieh aaaaa aaaayaaea *..>t d.-iay. t**Bttt saaa
plaln that the lnspis: ti.ni laws are too -.rli.'it.
uot in elTeet. but iii the process of tiifo.e.'ineiit. and
tkat ti.. y aaaM ba ataBBBBaB and atlll i*? eBaetlva *.wih
bt-iieMeiBl r-1-*-!-". As Uie loulter no.v staiiils tle- |?. k. r.
?aaBfl la st. re uieir pieBaeaa aaal Baal la futrir..s ibBibi
than suoii.lt to the HdBBBB proc. ss i-.tulr-d ta BxyaM
tleir goods. lt is claliied lhat ibe troul,;.- euirs.-d 011 tli"
i,"n r -ide by the use ?f AneTieiin j.oik i? Baa ta tiie
ue-s ol BM I usluti;. ;-, iBBBBtel *?*-11ii ti.eir .-'.IB.
of the pio),. r .iieti.i.is 01 eaaBlBB it. lt. Oaaaiawy Bm Baal
is often aatea raw. la Bm abaaata el mehb-a m.
stoma<h could lonu stand tln* ?tr*lu <>f ni-'-tiii. . n
BaaBaB pork, and atekBeaa t* Bm aataial HtmH. *8J
?BBl "Hl be.ou.e womiy frt.rn ?(-e. umi if t*tt* U>'" 1" "
iom itatr. bbbbb o: the wanaa wfll, of aaaaaa, laaalnla
ii,.- qrataai al taa eaaaaanet.
!.,. aWaet ?t ImmIhib yaefcata tn e\|iortiiip iio*ir paali
U not t.. p-in. ott u]mii ai.ou.ei eaaatiy Bw lalaaa ... Ba b
wteb-latameata at eaaialfl Bbmb. IBay an* Bel ******* 1
MaaawdB BaBa Ba Baaaaaa 88*88, Bat aia itrlrtaB la
balld np a" BBBBBij piollUble aJ.d is'riiaii'iit BBBB. afBBB
the ].llj>lrt|ee a'-'lllUst tlie All.erirail pii^lliet Is lell.O'.isl, as
it wiii -?? 1" bbbb, anri Uanaaay a.nt naaaa Baaa la pra
pan Bm ?ataa*- f?r Bm ubie. there ?iii b. paaaa-aaaaB
tor BM BBB partially HBllllllB artlcl.-.
The pKKluct tn thls UiaBllJ, BI8B new BBMB 8*888!
Uian reg.oii.-d 'or home eon.-iiinptloii, .Bfl N U reas.il U.
M al.i.ost unliiniled BHaat, BBBl a- UllBMBy a.'-l '****
beeaBM ?"'"* ibbtIbiiiB <>t Bm baaaaty al aaa paaBeea, Ui.
upeft trade WBI piadnaiiy ?ssuu.e ifr.aUT and pn-aU-r
luiportance. The t9tt* M our M8188811, BBfll BBl yt
BaartTB tr**u ?n Ba_BtaB laaB, win cvcntuu.iy tftm "P aa
0*J***mt oi In.meiiM; BBBl *oA thelr acUons i.i Uiat ********
?lll BlBea U*n. still higher in tho e-tunatlon ol theli
DBBVar, Dec 11. U BB Ii B thing BBBI PBBBttla, th
crim.nal division of the District Court wus more deusely
PBCkai todav with the ciiiioiis public, eager lo llst-n
t? ihe |.-ti[.,?,ny ln the QfaBSa ln..l. than It wa..
yesterday. As B888 as tl." OtBJn UA *** **** **
oitlcr Dr. ll.aton. who was on tho -(.md la-st lilpM.
was ncall'-d, BBd ....itlnued hls t<;tln)oiiy.
Dr. A. N. Holtn.'S testltled to hls liavlng te-en .illl
ln to tr.r.t Hia, BBIBBBJ nnd Mr.. Worivll. Ile .albd
iu Dr. (irlffin for eoiisiilU'tion, and from lh** ayatptOBM
lliey all aai that both ladles w.-r ? Miff.-ring f.om lrrll.iut
polsoalBI and trubd th-m a< ordlnply. il" lenrned
that thelr iiln.-s.s was 8888881 bv about two ta!,le
reftonfiH oi ii.juiii that aaah B*a*x tttm a battla sap
?aaed la ix* aBlitaj Ha bc aaaa bbbbB-Bbii BaBt tt
coi.talii-d pol-on, and aft.r ho und Dr. OriMa hnd
tnkeii out about au BBBBB for analvsls tle \ MBM
up ihe battla and turned it over to Mr. Won.-ri. Dr.
I ...,'-..fl, the phy-blan wlio wa> ln atleiilance up m
Mra. BarBaay ... IBa Ubm aaa di.-rt. pive BM m"si
irnpoitant taatl-UOBy ot l.'je d.iy. 11- laattM in ti.e
must enii.lmtle t.rins thai sh- died of nme.ii.al ]H.|son
Inir The fl'-fence then :.sl..*d whv he had piv.-n a
i.itill.at'' that (lea.ii was caused froiu rongestlou ni
ihe unn li* npibsi ii.at comaatlan ?.f the lutip- was
,. uum-dlat" tatiaa M death. and tha. lt Wa* the
result of the polson. which would hav..laed -l-ai..
hi.d not tho congestlon set In. At thls point und belore
hLs testlmony war. end.-d. court adjoun.ed.
Chlcago, Dec. 11 (r-peelal).?The Farmers' Alliance la
waglng 1* trrri wur agalnst the Chlcago Live Btock
K\< hang*. >**9* MK'i.nricll BVBBf B**t U* argu
,,,,.?,. ,,r eaaaaal aa .. BaaBnasf in the Bjao*wa**fa_-8B
8888 aawagBt ay ABbbbbbj .i.'uerui Haat ii?ainst taa
Kschange. The Information 8888*081 Huil tlie F..
chanpe 8B80BI law* to control c-.mmls-lon r?t<? at the
_t-*rk vaids and force.- lt members to live up to Ihem
on nei.alti of eaFulalon, and even forbld; then. to
ttB-UwiU- MilaBtn wha do uot ctfitiorm to thaw lawa,
inxitY l. Nonrnos.=, a note brokfr, has
Bestsn, Dbo, n.-This evening _ "Gtobs" sn.va
tliat Henry L. Norcross, of Somerville, a note
brolK. having an oitic. iii l*earl-st.. Ho.ston, who
disappeared on la*t week SVe.1ncs.lay. has liccii
iueutilicd as tlic bomlMhrowcr in Uussell Sage's
..tlicc. New-Vork detectives arc in Boeton.
They brought with them from New- |
Vork this morning a trouscre button and |
portions of tbe tfBBB8-S worn by
tlie bomh-thrnwer. n* well ns a piece of bis coat
and portions of liis underclothing. These were
taken to hia bome la Somerville this afternoon,
and tha hoiisehold was thlWWa into the
grcatest excitement, The underclothing was
identillcd as 'oelonging to Norcross. On
thc tnmsers of the dcul mnn were buttons bear
ing the print, " Hrooks, tailor, BeaBea." Tlie
picces af elothing wcrc taken to Mr. D8e_-B_l
store thla afternoon. There it. was positively os
serted that tlie BOBS-IB Bad made for Henry L.
Nororos. a coal of thc cloth presented, and also
a pair of trouser. of thc same cloth as thc othcr
pieca fnrnished by thc detectives. The button
waa also identilicd as a peculiar onc used by this
Henry L. Norcrosh, who certainly BBB _8)l been
neen at hia place of busincsa, aud ha*, uot been
home to Sonicrvillc t-ince before the day, a WCSk
ago, on whieh tlie life of Kussell Sage waa at
temptcl, is a man about tweuty-eitrht years tM.
Ilc was -nulnute.l from the Somerville High
Schooi. While in tliat neliool he was
a remarkably flne stu-lcnt, Man.ling almost.
eonstautlv at thc head of his e_B8B Smcc BM
Lrra.)natioii hc has cowluctcd B note brol<en-?c
l.usinesa, at llrst in Milk-st., but for some time
pant at No. 12 Hearl-st. Hcporterts have l>een at
work on the BB-8 all thc evening, aud what thev
leamed secms to cnlirin thc report that Norcm-S
was thc man wlio threw tbe bomb.
Oiarles 0. Hill? u cutter cmploycd by Walter (.
Hrooks, the tailor Tuentionc.l, wns seen, aud said
that Soicmss 999 a customer of their house, and
had iH-cn for some ti-nc Ilc w..s always a HmoU
?I llllliaaalT peWOB, nnd one whom hc cj.ii1.1
not conceivc as itlentical with thc New-.ork
(lynamlter. Mr. Hill aaid hc had resagB-S-d the
.oi.ds taken to tiu* Ktire Is-dflT aft .imilar to thooc
whieh had licen aold t:. Norcross last Octol-cf. The
g..o.ls were afriped, black and white, of rather -i
peculiar pattcm. bal wrc withoat dsubt sold
by othcr bsttM than Mr. Hrooks. The gsoda
MIB entered M tbe books by niunt>ers,
and thc number of this pi-co correspotuled
with that entered ajrain.st the B8BM "1
Norcross. Huttons marked with the name
i?| Hrooks were put on his trou.crs
_nd one of these butfons so _iarln.il
wns found with th- rem.tins of tl.e >l.I
man. lt was not imp-_Mble that Mr. Norerosd,
after scleeting these goods, might have MBS in
und chanced them. while the numbers were al
low.-d to reuiain, but no one ln thc st>re remem
beied that he did make such a change. In
Aiigust Norcross also bought a coat and walst
0081 of black diagonal matcrial, of a pattcm
cummou to all tailors. These also correspond
with the renmant of the coat found
on tlie body of the dead man in New-York. Mr.
Hill said lie was unable to rerogmte the pietttrco
publiahed iu tlie New-Vork papers. They did not
look like Norcross, but be had not seen him.
however. sinee he had gTown a beard.
Intcrvicws wiih several people iu Somerville
who knew Norcross develop the fact that he w:t?
gcnenilly regnrded as a harmless but rather
( ccentrio man. He is .pokcn of ns extremely head
stroitg, and a man who would uot cusily ln*
turned asidc from a pnrpose oncc lixel
A ".lourual' reporter called at thc house
of thc Norcross lamily tu-nitrht, but they
rcfused to see him. Mrs. Norcross, it was sai.1,
waa in ignoranee of the alk'ged eonnctiou of her
?08 with the bonib-throwin., and BBpposed that
hc had bis-ti killed in a railroad disastcr. The
father of thc young man, however, is said to lie
;iw;iie of the repi.rt, and it is ;ilso said that
ln* N-lieves hle h"i Waa the man who thfSW the
bomb. This .....iiiiif l.e verilied, however. Thc
ainiioritv tor tlie -t.'itcnient is ;i woman win.
Ii\.'.s in One part of the house occiipied by thc
Norcroea family.
lt is itii|i..s.sil.le to-nigbt to make thc ldentili
?atii.n ahaolutely perfect, bat there _ee__a to lie
rood reaaon to helfeve tbat Nsiero-i wns thc man
who Mear ..fl hi1* aara hcii.l while udeaTorinf to
foree Etoaael] Baga ta give him a large sum of
iin.ney. _
It was -aid at pollce lieadiiutirten last nl__8 tliat
notliliig was known there about the Nor.i-..- fltOCT.
aii the BeaaaMaae cf laapeetar Eftmrnft 4MB wm* hi
Ihe cily ;"id nccoimt.d for all d;_y, lt was mid, and
in t ..ne of tiiem i..ui ione io no-t.'ii wb.li any
port-OM of the bOBh U90*f*ft ch8BhH
TIIE (.oVERNt?i; N"T AFBAID <>!' <It\NK>.
Albaiiy, N. V.. D"'. 11.-<" *___! Wlillnin-, t!i>
OuflUaOl*? pilvate -.?< retaiy. M_H to day tBal there
i- in. t Tit Ii in thc reports tliat f ?? fear of o-sssuilt by
ci.::!.-. .U..1 n.ailnicii (invcrnnr lllll Ifl aceompe-d. I t.y
.l.'ttnives on I.K W_9 !'? aml ttMt tln* ChpttOL Neitln-r
Ifl It true thal guaid- have liecu euiiiloy.'.l tor thal
fUfOM at iIh* Bxaeattre Manatow, and that aii ?8-Non
ih.:e and at the Exedtlivc (linnil.er ara eaieft*-.
|0 **M*t liefore e-aB-a-Oal Tlie trpoi't Ifl Nqpfoaed
t i Imve Htoefl fn.ni Ihl Wtt WM* thfl poUflO of Albany
imve Beea aaaaarttj rtfOaBt m watehlng eranha aad
,tli.-r flfljflffleloafl . liii-uteiN who have beea found on
UM flhOOlfl and in nnl.li'' halM-Bffl, au.l ahp, lt wns
thoucht. uii.iit attempt to enalate the reeeol exainplo
ul cmnkfl in other rltlefl. Oovacaor um p?-" mme
]A> du.les a-. __?__. without any riuggotioti of fear.
tMWMMM <rob, a Oaraaaa, who has baaa in thi..
******* but Ihiae aaaha, yaateaBflS ___maaa aatflaaB
No. jo:i HoaaaB flt., Vaaarfc, a Baa-8_a_rhoaae and
msOHhaf Ho cngaged a rooto. aml then -aid hc
would p> and look f..r work. After bdag awny ?
Ihert time Bfl returncd, sat 80WS at a lal.le and
*t4*tU ? %*?* "f ****' -u"-r ******* ,1,c 1>c*r' he
-ii.itl'1.! the bartenfer by pedudng a large isskct
knlfe. whi.h hc plun-cd into liis thruit. iieiul.v flaaar
ln, Um -To-plpa. A" ainLuUii.c wae HtUaf aaa. h?
wm ..IV.A...I i.. Um Oen-aa Uaafttal, whara ho dicd
v. >n after hifl anlval then*.
_ *
m.iunu.r.1, Dea. U mirW) B ?.wme ot Bm
.1., ehhoMen of Ihfl Baltt-flon Bafar Beaaenr ??Be?
hl K.'tay wns p.r-tpnicd until ll.t-mb-r _J. and It
wa-* lep-flhal that Ihfl BOW r.'tin.T.v was uu.ibl*1 to
((?np.te with ll.e B__8I Tru?t and wlll Bat *****
im-iBtinnfl Ihfl warti l-Mr? beea rijaf fawa ameal
weeB- Bararal taaflai wpiriealeii aspraai wm
cptnloa IBal thi -flaeera ?a- ...id b. Ihe Fraal with
il, ? iiii.t.^-.i.iidlng that it wa. t.. bl .'..ntiiiiusl ln Offlta
linn. bnt that tlie TruM will IgMTfl Ihat part of ti."
'-..?.?i.Mii!. The aturhhoMen., ?ho reeentlJ floMthelr
?teh to Boatoa und N-w -York BBfMei at *U0, rc
lusu to talk._
Sa.ramento. <_!.. Dec 11.-" The Evening liee"
priiits an aitlcle. as?ertlng that k.o-.s fraud- liave been
dlM-overe. in ihe l...ating and B-8a_a*H flf state land?
iv i,,!m A. ?eaaaa. now under liullrtment In __8
Kran.Uro for frii.riulent mi.vcvs, and the tlrui of
D. f. o. f. A. Hyde. It U said 888,000 acre. have
been located slnce Mareh 1, mo*tly through diiruiiit.'.,
-chw>l Und-- belng selerted lnstead of sw.ttnp land.
i ?r.Y 08 Tiu: 9ACMAMBBTO BASK.
BjoaMBBh C8L, DB8 Hj A 18888 881 tftartcd*
i.,(fiiv llart Ihe Bw?i-tni'iii'. Baah ^a-* ai a -haftf bbb*
dllion and I run ?a- uiade ou It by a birgo niiuil.ei
of depo-ltoi>- The matiager. of tlie bank were ready
fo. llieui and promptly land all dcaaindn. Tl.e bunk
MW haa on hand ?AJ*4),OOt) lu ?oWl. b-**da* "yj_WLlii
.!Mr Uttk-i ?walll-f um a\_u_ili antia bo ?-.0,0Q0.
Fire brokc out at 11:40 o'clock laat night in
llic bix-story iBBBBBBBl l.oiusc No. 31 ?> Dehncey
st. The hoiifie waa occupied hf over tBB BtJ
familios, aml wben tlie Han.es starteil
over 100 people BBBB aaleep in thc
building. Frunk Murphy, a bartender.
had just entered the houae at 11 :40 o'clock, wheu
he BBW a burst of tlame on the BBBBBb. floor. Hc
ran to the door und ehoutcd to a poli.cn.an ta give
the alarm, and then hurried through thc big
house awakening the aleeping faniilies.
While hc wns givinjr thc alarm to the poliec-man
thc tiames had shot. up through an airshaft to thc
roof, and the whole building almo.it instantly WBB
ablaze. The people came IBBBBBg Iroui thcV 188888
in their nightclothca and made frantie
efforbs ta geV out of tho house by thc lire-cscapea
in thc rcar.
Murphy ohowed great coolnesa and prcsencc of
mind, preventing ecvcral people from lcaping to
the ground in their tcrror, and utv?i**t
ing women and children to thc .ire-escapee.
On thc top floor lived Nathan Bondoll, his wife.
Bessic, and their two children. They were driven
to tho roof, and eacapc seemed shut
off. In the ?rear of thc tencment
houae waa B stable. Two young men,
Tlieodore and Hcnry Hultz, were in the stable
l.ndt they mauag.nl to raise acveral long
pianka from tho top of the stable t?i
Uie roof of the burning house. Ilaving
made a frail bridge in thia wny,
the young men succeeded in getting tl)e BondelLs
acr'osa it in safoty,
At 1:30 o'clook thls morning, the firemen had
the ilames under control, but they liad not yet
beon able to make a BBBBBi of the
.house and fearcd that some of the tenants
mij;ht havc l>een burned to denth or suiothcred.
One young woman, named Cohn, declared that her
mother was misslnp.
iieruard Cohn. who owned the building, lived on
thc socottd floor in tlie rcar, with hio faini.y, and he
also occupied parr, of the groif.d floor. AfBOBB tha
hall from him on t?ie second floor
lived Hcrnann MoifBBJbaaaef and his family, and it
waa in their laeBMI that the blaze BtBltBd
Murphy, who dLscovered the fiames, 48888188 thnt
tha doors of the rooma of Morgcnhesser
were open and that hc and hU family w*re the
only people in thc house BWaka nnd dressed.
San Fninc.sco, Dee. 11.?Information wns recelved
thls raoniing from Yaqtilna Huy tluit thc steamer
Magple Ross, from Coos liay, for thls city, was towed
into port by the steamer Wlllanwi te, which plckcd her
up thirty BBHaa south of tliat point Hcr house nnd
beata were BBBB and her smokestaek had been torn from
li- po-iitlon und was on the de.k. The hull seemed to
1.6 In good condition. The dead body of a nian, sup
pose to be II. C. Anncson, steward of the aaaaal, was
found ou board. The small bouts of the steamer were
mlssiug. lt is believed tlliey were taken by thc crew,
whl.h numbered slxtecu hands, aud tluit they were
los'i whlle trying to make shore. The recent *.torm
ou tho eoust was a very heavy one. Wednc-day night
tlie steamer Arago arrlved from OOOI liay and re
ported n stormy passage. At t!? same tlme she left
the steaiuers Maggle lloss and Arcata started, but
notldng was heard of the Itoss until to-day The
Areuta wus not heard from until thls evening, but ar
r.ved tafely.
Mnrshtield, Ore., Dec. ll.-The bark General BuUer,
from Port Gamblo, Wash., November iW, londed wlth
1,000,000 foet of lumber conslgned to the Puget Mills
Compuny, .San Franclsco, foundered and broke up on
December fl, about 100 mlles BOBtBBBal of Cape
Arago. The ciew and olllcers left the foundered
vessel ln two boats. Tho boat contalning Ciptain
Iurker and sevcral men lar.ded at Cape Arupo last
nlpht ln an exhamted condition. The other boal, wlth
nine wllors, i. ls feared la loet, as nothlng has been
s.s-11 ?f lt .Second Mate John Wllloughby was in
eaaraa el taa missiug boat.
Concord, 9. II., Dec. 11.?It is reported thnt ex
Baaster Chaailar has had a conferenee with the L'nited
states At oraey licnernl, and that tliat oflieial has in
stru. t.-d DMrlct-Attornoy Keinlek to bring pn.ceedlngs
apainst tlio lioston and Malne or tho Conrord and Mon
ie.ii Hailiond < oinpanv, or both, for nlleped violation
of the lntcrstatc Coiumerce law, in issuing free 88-88*.
? m
Wilminpton. Del., Dee. ll.-The Jury in the casc of
Wllllam .1. (ilbboi.s, thc tir-t of tlie Dupont barn-burners
to be trled, BBBBl in at noon, after two 88888* dellbcr*
tlon, wlth a verdict of guilty. Tho ma-ximum penalty
l* six year-.' linprisonmenl, twenty lash.'s, one hour ln
the plllory, BBi B800 line. (rlbtwiis was arralpned for
si'ttlnp llre to Fruncis Dupont's ** new barn" on Ocrcui
U*r *J.i, IBBB. Hls trlal BBBBB Tuesday morning.
Kingston, V, Y., Dec 11 Oi>cc1n!).-A Judgment for
*^,1J0 haa Baaa entered in Iho llster County Clerl.'s
aJJfB BBBlaat JBBBIB 1). Leary, the raft-lmllder. The
n Bbb WBf IB 1880881 the value of the sleam propeller
AK.in A. Wiishi.ur.., owned by the Wi.shl.uni M-rrrn
baal Conipany of thls county. the vcscl BBT-M BBBB
lo-l on IBa Florlda 88881 HBB8 88888 apo. The plalu
Uff ll BdWlfl Young as the executor of the Thomas
Corncll estnte._
ra a DErivuYii tmEt** foh w. h. bvri.bebt/
Poliee lnspector Ilyrnes yesterday -aid he could .w.t
.iinlirm 8 report that Deteetlve Il.iUer, ol thc iscot
l8Bd Yanl force, was in thc city, B88WH.BJ for Willlam
lle.iry llinlhert, 88888 extru.litlon wa.s -aid to have
been dcn.anded on account of nlleped perjury at the
trial of the <iludys Fvelyn BBBB ln London. Mr.
llurlbert and hls wife were at tho H'tel Lenox, ln this
, ity. a few weeka ngo, but left ihcre siiddenlv ou
Voveniber 3B. It ls siipposcd thnt they sftilc-l to
RotterdAia on the slcamshlp ispaarndan., which lcU
Hoboken on that day.
nultlmore, Dec. 11.-Tho Court of Appe.Os hns
rendercd Its declslon as to flie consfrucluiTi ol the wlll
of tho late Arunah B. Al*ell, in whl.h it decides thai
the trust created by the will eonltnues until the I88B1
of the lust Mirvtving BBBBBBB? of tlw testator. This
w'ris rhe main <i>iestion to bo doterminod and in this
r-e-'pe.-t tho I8W8B court is overruled.
Chicrvpo, Dec. ll.-The meetlng of tl.c passenser
ofticials ln the llnes in the Cei.tml Trnfib* A8B_a8B8-BB,
v.hi.h was held 10 88888881 the 8JBBB8-8B "f ab;ilish
|ag BaaaaBVahBH ti.kets, resulted in thc matter belnp
left to a eomn.Utee compo.ed of D. I. BoBartB, K. A.
Ford. I!. F. Horncr, A. .1. Smlth, C. O. Stull, D. B
Martin ai.d W. H. Shattue, wlth instructlons to report
.a a futuro meeting.
Youngstown. Ohio, Dee. 11 (Spe?*lai).-On hls return
from New York recently John A. Logan, Jr.. **as
siiii ken witli the grip and to-nUht nls fuiully ls alarmesl
(.\cr lils condition. A vlrulent MMtttt has developcd
in hls ripht ear and medlcal sklll has ls;en unavullinp
,:, e.uitrolUnp It. To-nlpht messages were aent. to Mrs.
LOBBO. hls mother. at Wnsl;tn?toii. and also BBBUg Dr.
IUI< hie, a promlnent physlclan ol Washlns-on.
The funeral of Abraham llacker, the well known
dealer in commerdal paper who falled for a larga
amount l_**t "iiring, waa held yesterday morning at hls
home, .\o. :;:,l West Flfty-elphth st. The llev. Dr.
..oiiiiell, (,[ thn Temple BaBBBB-Kl. and hls .-issistint,
Dr. siivennan, wero the oth.latlng nilnlsters. The
BflaVtfB ^.s -hort and -Imple, and thc bodi vus riftcr
BBYt taken to -salciii Held, Ixmg I.slaad, where the
buri-J tiw.k place. Tl.et-e wero the pallh?irer>: BBBB
BtraiT Jaob l-obe.i. David Ma>er. Leopold WuUfelder.
M atacbriLarg and hiarla* _fa-.|.ari. Man?- lalaUva.
M4 toiAit M*h** 8884 BIBA W8T8 | IBJttf
PECTKI1 HEB Wl'i:i_.
JBT Ta^hUKACH TO TUE TttlBL'>_.t ,
Albany, Dec. 11.?The Balble oak-bned room la
tbe sontheastern corner of the Statc Capitol, where
the Judgea of the bigbest court in the State, tha
(ourt of Appeals, sit in judgmcnt upon tha
M-K8 present.d to them from the lower courta.
WBB < row.lc.l to-day with spectators aa it bas not
l**en Iwfore in many yeara. brought there by tha
luaring of argument*. upnti the four diaputcd
Senate distriet cases. Frominent men of Albany
sat Wtthla the court bar. Naturally also thera
were a good many politicians preaent, slnoe upon
lhc decisiona of the court in thc four caaea
(icpends thc political character of the next State
Sei-ite, whethcr it shall be controlled by the Rc?
publican party or the Dcmocratic party. The
Assembly bciug Democratic alreadyi if the Senate
also shouid be declared Dcraocratie, tbe Legia
laturc would lie absolutel.y controlled by tha
Democratio party. Tbe seven judges of tbfl
Court of Appeals? Ruger, Andrews, Earl. Pr*k
bam, Finch, tiray and 0'Brien--howed a kcea
interest in the argument* of the counael upon
either side, frequently interrupting them to aslc
(.iiestions about partica'ar mattera mentloned.
There waa a big array of counsel. Thc lawyere
wbo appeared to rcpresent tbc Republ-can party
were Jogeph II. Choate, of New-Vork; Matthev*
Hale. of Albany; William A. Sutherland, of Kodi
catcr; .lohn F. Farkhurat, of Bath; William
Nottingham,1 of Syracuse; George Bltae, of New
Vork; Judge J. Rider Cady, of Hudson, and C. XL
I,iigoIshf_, of Sandy Hill. The Democrata wera
represented by Isaac II. Maynard, Depnty Attor?
ncy .(.eneral; Dclos McCurdy. of New-Vork; O. U.
Kcllogg, of Cortland', and William B. tlannon? of
Syracuse. Frominent among the apeetatora wera
9% (Jovcrnor Alonzo B. Cornell and Frank Ricc,
the Secretiiry of State.
As represeiitin^ | ne State Board of Canvassers tha
Hrst argument was mude in ita behalf by Dcloa
MiCurdy. He iMj pn_ented the argumenta
made in behalf of the State Board of Canvassera
in the lower courts to thc effect that they could
cxamine papers submittcd to them with the clec?
tion returns to show them who were entitled to
eertilieatcs of clection Bfl Senators. If the Ballot
Etefona law had beea __aebflfB- la the intereat
ef any candidatej they wcrc entitled to know thia
lact. It shouid not ba e.ui'cah'd from them; so
llSB, if tlio.o was any misreprc-cntation of fa.'ta
by a County Clerk or other election offieer. He
esr-ceinlly dwclt upon tln' power of the State
Po___ of Ciiivassers to _08BB_B- tlie question of
the eligibiiity of Mr. Sherwood to election as Sett
ator. Iu speuking upon thLs mtfter, he aaid :
B-BBflefl that the voters ln one of thc Setiate dt?trlrta
In Xow-York la.-* faJI had votcd for llnstli J. Orant for
senator. Now. It is r.otorlou.* that Mr. (Jrant I* .Mayor of
thnt clt". Would you have thc Stato Board of Caa
?_flflflta when infoimed Uiat Mayor Orant wo* 9*Mtt Sen?
ator, issue a eertlllciiU* of election to hlm, d.-nplw tho facl
tliat the Cotistitution say* that (Uf o4_o.r? tte InellffllIta
to be member* of tho I^eglslaturo ? May not Uie Mato
F.nar- of OMMM9* take Uflttflfl of the fact that Mayor
Orant waa Mayor of thiit city, and t_.cr__.re dedlne to
give him a crtittcato of election! RMfl they uot f-BBh
B-hflM fleWflflfll t'?n they not take notice of the fact thal
Krenkltu V. -ln-.v-ood at tbo t'.me of hi* wloction wa* m
_*ark C'onin.lB-loiier of Hornellsvlilc, a city oflloer af th*l
city. and t-wrefore iueUglbSe to bc elocted a mcmb*r of tha
LiOgialatur.* t
-In there any machinery,* inquired Jndge Peck
ham, " by whieh the State Board of CanTaasera
can !>e officially informed of the lack of eligibiiity
of fltich men as Sherwood ?"*
"There ia,'' replied Mr. McCurdy, Who then
referrcd to a section of the code wbicb, in hia
opinion, provides thia " machinery." Mj. McCurdy
then proeceded as follows
BTfl show ln our brief that competent cvldence waa
*nm*Mt ui thc stato Board of Ca.iva.-cr. ahowlnf tha
Inelimi.illty fll Mi. Sherwood. Ihfl comi-cl of Mr. Sher
woob slmply -flflflflfl into court and say* that upon tho re?
turns of th.* eleetlon he ls eutltled to ? cortlfleate ol
.leetlou tM Senator. We d?y tliat tlie Statc Board oi
(anvaM?*rs l.as further to corulder tlie (.uestion of Mr.
BhflnaaflB'a cii-it.iiity.
Mr. Maynard followed with a second argument
for thc State Board of Canvassers. Ke. argtied
ihat tlure was BStfctBg before the Caurt of Ap?
peals whieh would warrant that body in think
ing tbat thc State Board af Canvassers intended
to do any wrong. Thc ordcrs of the lower courte
tigttinst them had been a pcrversion of the writ of
muiidauiiis. In his opinion thc ease of Edward
(Isborne (Dem.i, who elainied the certifii-ate of
election in the XVth Senate Distriet, transeeaded
in public b-pertBBBB the ease of Mr. Sherwood.
lle then coiiiinued:
What ar* thc fa.Us ln thi- Oaborne ca*el They tflfl
tliat tie B.iarU of (.'ounty CBefBflflflf of Dutchefts t'oiintj1
n.ct -nd pflflflflflifli ln an ordcriy aed d?lllK*r*U; n.aniicr ta
'aiiva-.-. Ihfl fllflflfllflB returna of Uiat eounty. Tbt*y coni
pltflfld 'l"ii flflaaaflfl upon th.- -3d of Xovember and __ey
made tl.elr tahulat.-d KtiU-nidit. __* y dlrc<t>. Ux; (ounty
CtarB .it DeMBfl-fl OflflBJ-B t. -euil Ihl r.tunis to Altaoy;
jii'J "Lat did bfl do I A'.'tli"' upon tlic ad\!>'.. of K>>piibllr_n
MBBfl 1. bfl NfB-flf to ?BBsaS that retuin. Hls duty ?as
?olcly n.inlaterlal. Then the Board of County l.'an. ?
apiK.lnt.sl a ?~>eretary pro t-ni. Ut a.-t In thc . ounty .Icrh'*
|.ia<??-. Mr. Mylod, thin flfltl taiy, tiansn.ltt.-d BM M888I
to Albany.
" Did this retiirn have thc seal of tbc County
Clerk;'-' tnquiied Mr. Ha'c, Ior the Republicana.
"I am lalking about tlie jiapera Ix.-fore this
court," answered Mr. Maynard, and Le rvsumed
his argument.
Un BM -0-. day of Xovcn ber thi* Secr> tary of fetaSfl
?ent for th" *ate_Bk aud Uit* ('cunty tl.ik .-.?fu..^ to gl*t
lt 'llie hoIc question her.* U whethcr the htatc Boari of
CflaWBflfltflfl tl* ttU*UM tl.W Mylod c.rtitleate a good one.
c.rtji.ily this MftflB (crtiHcat. 8 9* flflfll OflM__M
yet leli.ic the State Board of 0BB8_flflfl_l a* U>
tho rt-.uU of tho election. What WflM tha
lloard of County Cfl-rfSMflflfl to do J WflM th.y to in. tltut*
a UmnmU BBBBMt thc Oflaafe/ ObwB I BTfl t*J that thi.1 Boarl
of (.'ounty OnaBMflH had a riirht to scnil ttils copy of the
statcin.ut to thc ..tat..1 Bi.jrd of C?n>_*?er*. The County
Cleik i- not (o b? thc J.jd_e of the aefc. of the couaty cau
CTMflM-flL That ls to bo l.ft to the flflflflflfl,
William A. Sutherland, who bad Baaa sclectod
for thc oflice bf Mr. Choate and Mr. Bliss, then
opened thc ease for tbe Republicant*. Hc mada
a stron1,', logkal argument in support of thcir
position. He called altention to aa aftidaviO
pnKmted \*f Mr. _b_r____l_-, showing tbat \*y
had demanded of thc St:itc Board of Canv___cf|
that it shouid issuc BB-HtaBlM _f electiou tn tl.S
four Republican Sonators-elcet who wcrc makinj
this appeal. But now Dcni-erutic counsel were
claimiug that no demaud had M_B made an<l
deuied in these ease.. Continuing his argumeul
Mr. Sutherlan.l sai.l :
M:. Btflfl, tl.e BecreUry of Stato, ni.ike* an flflidavtt
that tho .Stit..' 11 inl if OflBVBflBflflfl would have U?ue4
i | HBflflBM to thc MeuatoM-iKct In the XVth. XVlth,
XXVUi ai.d XXVIIth BtflMflM but for th'?e utm/t tn tbfl
couit". But our ativs meiclv pre\cnt._ the _U?tc Board
it OflaVBflflflW -Mflfl action uixm e.?.U_Jieo.i> i*ii? r?. Ta
that wc lndeed obje.tosl. But we dtd not _*k t_a courV,
ui.r did the court* r.-triirj thc Mtatc Bo.u. of C*iiva*aerfl
;i ? .. B_8 "i1"!' BB ? "le t.i... fiuriis riMwlag thc clection
f Me-->r*. Ucrl.y. l'eelc and Sherwood. Mr. Ulce diatlnctly
m>? 1" hl? al!lda\lt that Ihfl B8*M Boaid of Caii\_*4orfl
could ha.c tmMttttA thc (jueation ot Mr. bherwood'fl
. lKbl.iy, wleth.r theie w_. an into. 9MME ot ballota
ln l'eck'* dl-tilct ar.d whethcr them win clcctloaeeriofl
.t tb.' |h.I1? in l>.rby'? dlatrlct. Mr. Ruc's acceptance ol
theae e\traueou< papcM In proof that he lutended to aot
upon Ui. in. an. thouuhl th^ .State Uoard coul.. Wo coa
t nd that Uie State HJEtil ot Can\-*_*er* cau only ubulfltfl
BM rotarn*. Mr. McCurdy would have thc State Board
of Can.asxers Ro into tbe ujiDds of voUr? flnd decide aa to
-Te!r n.oilve* and rl?rita to voto for a rafln. Ho woulB
bav>. Uiou_and* of votes dei-lartd hlank.
Wo bold tbat even tho l.l/h and tnifthty Board of KUU
OflBflBBfl-M caiiiiot **9M tiSa queatton of ellfllbUltT.
\> ,. . li.in ll.at the C.ti-titutl<*i given thfl
ttflflMnn akaai the BBE* i? judco al
U.e ...T.lt.lllt./ of ll- n.eu.t.is. It _l\ea Ui? _*?lala*nta
.'i,n. j.i.ii. lal pflflMia ia 8_-t MflBflflfli Thc couiU havfl II
lu p fljflfll lo fl-flflfl afiflflta of ihe _WU. lul nol ln re.ard
io ni?Bii.**i? af U\< BMUi _-_fl?l-.?CMa-?. %M BMM Bflfl_4 ul
Ufl_VH*V* 8??M ??????? UlBttliB 9e9 9m*mt m

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