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Y0,-LI.N?? 16,498.
wai.is AXD rr.ixusj mat.
Cep'trieht; 10001 -"!/ THe Sew Yerl: Attoriattd Preu,
London, .lan. 15.?Tha Queen BBfl BOl fel de*>
cided iipmi lhe date (if the funeral of th.' Duke
of 4_'i?7TiT'<', which, bowever, will probably be
hrld on Thursdny. Cahkoei oafltiflaunicBtionB witJi
the Prinee of Walcfl and the Queen in regard to
the h.irial ha\e elii-in-d nn expreaaien of feeling
from the Prinee of Walc*. acaitist any eeremonial
jv.mp. Thf Kintr of Denaaark tBlagrapha that he
d.-sires |K*iM>nallv to atn-ml the funeral if hia
afrenath permitfl, and tli.it bfl will be aceompanied
bv ihe Daaaiah irnaan Prinee, with hia eldeal r.<>n.
Prinee ( harles. The Cxbi will aend hla aecond
arni The day of tln- funeral will be obaerved as
n day al general mourning throughoul tne* eountry.
The iiovernnien'is of Australi i are arranging to BUB
jwnd luiMiiess. The London Stock ExehaaBge ivill
be eloBBd.
The decoreu. fiction that tlie whole Nation is
overavhelmcd with j*nef af tbe death of the Duke
of Clarenee received a startlinc denial to day in
the pro. eediiig.s of tbe ?-reatest workmen's iimun
in FBghnti The delegates to the Mir.ers' Federn
tion. noav holdintr their annual nieetinc at StoBBS
tiU-Trent. were appriscd before ajBBenibling that
tbeir reprrsentatives ia Parlianient desired thut
the Federation ahould adopt a reaaluttoB of con
duleiiee. Tl.e utronu detnocratie feelinir'knoavn IB
nnnnate the body made the pTOpoflal ha/ard?tis. bnt
ic wa* hoped that tl.e deleirates woald not venture
to deviate from tbe arene-ral BUfltBBI by derlaring
that the death in the rnyal family was no partbular
buainess of tbeir-*. Ibat ia exacliy what they did.
A telegYam from their Parliamentary lea !.-r.
Mr. Pickard. hiniself ill witb infliieni'ii. nske-1
for a vote af sympathy witb tlie royal famih.
adding '"The Queen has alwaya e\preara-(l
aympathy with ns." Criefl 51 " rfliBiraraa'1 greeted
tlie messate. Tbe memb.-r wbo inoved t.lie vote
of eondolenre reminded tbe dcleiiates tbat tbe
Queen, in rJaflffl <>f aeatidenta in mines, alwaya
bilped the distress-d.
In pullen silence tbe c.mfcrenee Uatened to
speeehes in lavor of the motion, and il.?'n. by a
vote of lf* to IS, aaMBfld wiihout debate an
Buiendment t" pro.-eed t<> bualneaa. The Minera'
lederation haa 100,000 rnembera, and it is the
beet organi7.'d and moat powerful .tafle UBioB
in the euuntrv. It hn*. aeveral fappreaentaftiTea
in tbe Ho-ise of Commons, and controla th<* Yotea
of otber*. No workni.'M's combinatioB has so
ireely aiven t.. tl..* difltreaaed within or outaide
ot its own ranks.
Mueh nnxiety is felt rejrirdini: the conditlon of
the Prinress of Walea. She Wkes ibe deatb of
her son aaoeh to beart iu.d rcfuse-. to be eonaforte-.l.
Her long aervlee m the aick r.".ni8 of both Prinee
t.eorge and Prinee Vietor has naturallv l.a.l the
effeet. of greatly debilitatiBR ber, and ahe la <'"**..
pletely prostraied. Dr. laBkittff, one of the phv
aieianR who attended tbe Dake ln his laal lllneaa
remains at. Sandringh mi, when- his aervicea are
requirM by the Prineeaa ol Walea He la alao
attendinp thfl Prineeaa Victoria Mary. whoae
aorrow a? the lons aif lier b(Mri.ih'-.| huaband aeenaa
to Inorease as time pusses. She, Um, is priastrnfd
by the intensity of ber grief, aii'l refuse*. tii touoh
food. Her fac? Is pale. and ber eyets plainlv BBaVW
the trsvees of tJ.e tear? f.he haa sh'-d. lireat au.vieiy
is expreaaed najaadlha] bar. Thei-e ia no doul.t
ing tiie love and isympatby espreased for ber.
lt ls believed that ahe in the on.'y rival of the
Princeas of Walea la tbe popular ufTcction.
Princeji?s May aBaad bei>ide. tbe t?ed6lde of ker
royal lover. and (hroufh her blmdinc tears
watehed him ns bis life ebbed rr.vay. When tbe
dootors announeed tbat tbe Duke was derul she
became hysterical, and her eries were beaftrend
lng. BaTortfl were niade to bad la-r from Un
room, but for a long time nothlng rauld Induoe
her to go. She fllooaj by tlie bedsid". and lem
ing over, ahe eallel, " l.ddn-. n;v IM-lie*," in
afronized tAnes, and entrpated him la BB?ok to ber
one." more.
The upixr and middl" elr.ss.") are 00001 l-rfnly
touebed bv the incident* of tlie Duke of Clarenee'a
deatb. Thonsands clad in mourning bave flocked
to Marlboroiigh Ho.is^ to reoord thelr naines. and
througbout the eapita! welMreaacd folka generallj'
are flaaialflg Boaae badp- of grief. 'The .iazeite''
to-niKhl dirre*is tbat all peiBOBfl WflBJ m" .rniii-r
untii Februiiry 28, while detailed onlei-.s are givefl
to the court and to the army. Thfl alarm ol
poople in aoekfty over the prosratet tbal Bocial
reunions would be topoflalbk for the pr'-nt-T pan
..f tT?e Boming BBflaon wlll be relkved by tbe
announeencnt tha! the Quc.-ti will beld t!.e uauaJ
May aataariBf rnniBfl and li-vie*.. Thfl Prinee of
Wal^s and family avill BOl appear in public f"r
a year fo cou.e. Tha doetora bave alvis. d tbe
Prinr.- to reinove hia family fioni Sandringharo
aa S'.on a* aa*a90iba*. The Prinoe-0 ?'f Wai.-.
alt.T tl.e funeral, is going to aome aeclude.1
apot in ibe south of Europe, witd b'-r daughter.
liotb are in delioatc bealth, aad tbeir r)ondition
ia now tbe aouree of JBCreBBcd anxi'tv 1" the
family. Piiiic' Ga>orge, who is siill weak fron.
hia attnek of typhoid fever, is also the cauae ol
Prineeaa May's future Ls undonbtedly the aob
iect of Bjeop national intereat. a.s a pic-ciciit for
her inarriaye to PriBOC <.is.it;e, the im i'.'oat is
reealled of tbe death of tlie < zarewitch, in IS85,
aiter hifl BBtCBtbBl t? Prineeaa Dagnaar, now the
wifo of bift i.roii.ci, tha preaenl i/.r. Bo pru
found and unireraBJ L- the BYaapathY ovei Prince8a
May's io.**), that it would be bo lorprise if Parlia*
Uient were to a.-c.r.l bei some proviaioB Bfl B
"niaiden wi'liw " lf tbe repofl be true tbat
Ptiaoi Geoiflja b. attaiehed to a daoghtei of Prioee
ChruitiBii, bis kBOWfl BtaTOBg will makes ihe proj
ecf of an allianee will. Prin. r->\ Uaj hWptobBbJe.
In tbe family i ir< le, Prinee George hns long
been recM-nized aa the auperioi of hia brotbei iii
Uitcllect, force of eharaetei and open 0eniality
of dispoaitioii. Fraaa bajjrhood be baa alwaya beld
hia o-.-. n Bgainal bia brotber'a pretenalooa as tbe
eld?r. it i^ on reeoid bow, quarrelliog as boya
over tbe noaataiiiin ol a goat ebaJae, Geurire
prompily bit his brother ii. tbe ?-ye. aad fiieu
N-i/.-'i and kepl tha i r>.*i*-??- by hia auperior stren^'th.
Tbeir aiutual affeetiOB waa usdoubtedly gnat,
but AJbert Vietor was ilie weaker of U.e two. 'J'b^
deatn of the ii.ikc of Clarenee bus n-.-alled thr
fatt. tliat be waa bora pternaturely. and tbat be
always lacked the robuBtneaa "f Priaee <.eirf.-e.
The concurrent opinion of tboae around the throBe
aointa to tbe fulure popuihrity of PiUKt* Oearge
lf he live* to beeaWBC Kina.
Tbe Irtafa aewBiBipeiB to-day i-ll cootain kindly
articiea upon tbe deatb of the Duke <>f Clarenee
and Aao'idale. "The NbUobbI Preaa,'1 the organ
of the afel anhyitea, aaya : " All idea >.f royalty dia
app.-aiN before ihe- uagedy in buman ilie which
will tottch every aaan'a beart."
"Tlie i'reeiuan s .lour-ial" i.Mc( arilivil.-. says:
"Tlie Duke of Claroooe and Avondale miule BO
enemies. II** will l*e indurned by all kindly and
genercus men. with deeo sympathv for bJfl parents.
I*he Priuce of Walea, bas faults. II.? has some.
times forKOttJ-'n tbat royalty has dutlflfl a,s well
aa rights: but the Prime baa, a eertoaifl royal
?BajtaBNaaity and kindiie*.*, ol bemi* which are liked
Bf tbe people. Tbe Princess of Walea ba.s woa
tae love and esteem of all. We believe ib.'.t she
haa aympathy for tbe sutteriii^-s and wronpa of the
|?*nple of Irelnn.l "
?'Tbe Independent" parnellite , saya: "The iit
moat Bympathy xoes from tbe beart of the Insh
people for thfl family Ifl their deea BlHIOtaBB. Tbe
Duke of Clarenee and Avondale,' the paper adds.
"waa popular in Dublin. When bfl waa bere for
a few fDya reeen'rly witb his brother, Prinee
Oeora-e, h" visited Mr. Parnell'a grave in Glenevin
Berlin. Jl B. 10.?Taal Oermaii c.i.irt will |0 it.t >
mournim.' for ten days for tln- Dake of Cm04808
and Avo-'.dnle
tTaleutla. Jan. IS.?Thfl deatb of tl.e Duke of
Clarenee and Avondale BBB r-au**d widflflpread and
deep Borrow throughout India. Tke Vnero>"8
Ouneil waa to have beld a meeting t'.-day. but
ajrhaa the memherB ae&embled the Maraula ef
I-nsilownr-. tho Vlceroy, annoimiod ihal na nir-r-t
Ing would take plaee, and tbal all puhlic buairteaa
would be juapended .<? dav aa a rnark <.f respect,
tn the dead Prinee. The Rajafa ,,i Bhinoa, on be
l.all ol the n.-ilive ncea, r-\j,rrw,| tl.e Ueepeel I
gret at tln* death of tbe Duke, and ibe m.*t pro
Ii.iiihI aymaathy with the Impr-rinl family. All
tlie piil.li.. fete* nnd the raee* bave U*,"i aoatponed.
Ottawa, Jaa. 15.?Telegratna of condolmce. wlth
tbe irqueat thal tlir-ir contcnt* be rjomtnuniratcd
ti> the y.ieen. and tiu* Prinee nnd Prinreaa ol
Walea, have 1.4*4*11 recfivcd bv l,(,rd Stanley from
thr- Uentelt?nt-GoveTnora of Queoee. N'n\:i Scotia.
New-RranewicJr. Prince Edward I-lnnd nnd the
Northweal Temtariea: fr.-m t'ardina1 Taarhereaa.
an.l from the eitlzena of Halifax and Quebec.
Madrtd, Jan i.",.-Tiie rnndlgn pnnlabmenl r*r?ently
laBleted agaaa tbe band ,,f Inarchlata thal made aa
at,?rh ,,|,fi? the rlty of Xeraa Omea aol aeem 1 > have
awed tbe towteaa rharatrtera Ib the vlrlntty <d that
rtty. Tiie, eetivrty now prevatllng among tbe Bpaalab
Ait?rrhlata i- aapnoaed ta be due ta tbe wort ol Oer
ninti Borlallata, espenally ln M.p Prnatni ?? rd Andaluala,
ln whlob prerlnee Xerea i- iitaatad. Laal Blgbl ao*
other b-A:\i\ ef AratretdatB, Bndeteired by tbe fate tltal
liiiii iiefaiien in many of their number in tbe at! m i* ....
Xerr.-, made an nttacit njioi Boraaa, a town "f
Ajidalnala, aboat twelve mllea imrttxa-t of Xaraa.
They were rnmed onlv with atenea, bal it waa Im
poaalbta for the peTidartne<< to dtaperaa them. Aa araa
the rase at Xerea, thi1 invalry were anmmoned, utid the
teoopere *oon put tiie a?_lant-. to nlght. Beveral
af the rinarrbtata f*n Into ih?; hairli af the raa?ryatan.
it i> iielieved tbat ihey wiii t,e trled by niuit narttal
London, .lan. l",.?The Ai.ar.-hl.ts who were ar
reated al Wai<aii on th* rbarfe of havtng in tlieir
jio--."--ion exploat*raa for an unlawftt] porpoae ware
la?Bg uguin arralajaed before the pniir<* magtatrate
al that plaee. The i-hlef aOBStabta t<'-tltird a*. to tbe
partii'iilar* of tlie BITeata, and lntuna.ed tbal th<
artaonen were implnnW la h i>!oi whicl eoneerned
many .oiiatrie*. besldo Knsla.iid. At the reyue-t rd tbe
chlef tonitahle Uie BltaoaBXra were renianded untll
Tbnraday. Hall wa- refttaed. IVbetbcr or aol tbe
WataaB pollee have dbuovered a a_ag^tnata ranaplra, v
is ;,? unde. Ided qncatloa. Tlie txttmta thaa f;?r BBade
have li*d to the .-.ei/ui* of a tal*gC namher of an.l. blallc
do.nmanta, aml >>f at-clea wbirh tbe polire aay nre
bomi.- .md nntrli--: bnt ihe leadera rd Ihe *>oflall*.ta
in t_lgtand taugh to -*.?jrn tbe -tagatlen* of tne
pollee ihal the lntt.-r liave dlaeovered a pl?t wntrn
esK'nd*. from Engtand to other countrtea.
?lohn Uortaa, tbe <>.\f"rd -< h.'l.ir wbo waa arrested
4, few 8aya aajo f?r flring a pletal ai Ue-tnnii-wr
llaU, and who, when ariaiirii'*d. deiUr.<i thal h?* liad
tnken tbia meana lo ahow hi- rontempl for lhe llouse
of lomnions, v*_- todav l*oun<1 over in the lura ?l
i-joi io obaerve good i" navl .r for two n,<jntii-. 0 ? ar
WUde became one of bta aeenrlttaa.
Ctl'.lTNM. MtXMX.i HB. 0LAD9T0BI M1BI8T1 ::
r??Vr.,,ht; 1803; BttTk* Stxa-Yart AtteetaM Prttt.
Laadon, Iaa. I5.-A Berce conteal wlll be wagwl
wltb Uk* Vattaan on tbe apprtntmenl .1 ^
to t-t?aal Maunlng. BngBab lalboHca di**lre the
appolntmenl of Bl bop Vanghan, who i- a 1 11
bnt the iri-h party oppoae Um, preferrlng the 1
of portamouth.
Mr. Gtaa?tone wlabea u> retum from the bo
Franre bo atte *d lhe run< ral ?? e of 1 lan 1 ?
and .'iirriliuil Mannlng; but hla frlenda, ani ?? I ? .
renl tbe rleh ol expo ure .<? evere weatl. r, have t ?
^r,ii>'?vi bim betvgtng bim nm 1."?' ?
Ur.-Llneoln, the 1 nlted Btataa Mlnlater, hai n'arly
rerovered from bli raren! abgbl cold. II. 0
-,, well tbat Inqutrlefl as u> hla I ealth ere nnro
Mr. and Mr*. B. 8. BeCora-i k, arltb t*
?rho are 1 harged wltb tbe aad errand of a.
lo tba X-Ited btatea tbe (maj 01 Ml iJ ,? MeB'l.
will -rall en tbe alajeatl. aa Wodncaday.
I'ormhli will rt't.iin a- - en a pa .i.i" tn bw ; -'
U!.e rtat of tbe r.-imily wlll jtay longer ln Amert.
Mmiit Habrtead, arbo arrived In London fi.i Pa I
la>.t nlght, wlll aJ.4, l* a paaaangar OO Ibe MadawUr.
In ?n lniervi?w today. Mr. lialiteaad aaad: -The polnl
tl_,, moat lmprej,.;?l me In resnrd la t'i* 88- .. 't.
Europe ef tba Mea_atay law i* t.i.- anBaaandam "f eer
tnln Jradlt.g t.eiman JoumaK taarard Mr. BBd ?
atrribuf* UBa to the faet tlmt tbe rert*aa*arlty etau e I
oni4eeted to prejudi.e Oeefffan lnte*re>rta In noutb
Ainailra, to Uie beneflt Of tl.e tttHed 8*^" ?*
Vr-dng to tre new ,ie,rnan lnw nnder whih for-i/i,
ois nsid-ut ln irermiiny baa^tane ttabla u> pa] a ?? i'">
Srit SromVtaa. Mr. rfal?l?ad aald: -Thi; ^"..iiv'
,,;ii ol uennany ? large number of Atneati?- uoa iu
ing i!,<:e on luooamaT"
ImrAoo, Jan. i^.-Notwith-t.-.d!-.^ lhe tarrlbta U
jurt"^ iMtained hy Mra. Wddala, tbe a*oman wbo on
Manday alghl Btat (amaed from a rapWly movtng Uain
near latmwtirtb, ahe ia now imprtrrlng. Wben ahe wa
taken ta tbe baeaHaJ ahe aaa nnrimaelaaja; and ne
Ksaon for ber art rouM tberafora be obtained fmm
aar. The pollee, boweve . bad tahen Into
K, v Mr. '."."lan. a tocal prearber, ?:.?? bad 1
??,.. other orriipanl of thi raWPOJiment In u.e rallway
rarrlaga m arhkh Mra. 8888-* araa travelUng lo Ia
worth. Their ktea waa tbal ba i.*'' attenrpted 10
ittark Mra Btddata, ?nd ih_t ahe, to eaeape hla ad
u,i niade ber way from tae r, Bpartmenl to
the (ootaVmrd ..f the rwrrlage, whenre ahe Jumptd lo
ber ezcitement Mr-. laddali rea*nlned 1
, , ?'.,*. ner liory raafermi ta BnUtance ta Ihe ? ? '
tormeo by the pollee. Mra. Wddali -av- thal Ibe mln
UW engagrd her In < onvc-i.-aiio,, after tbej bad rldden
iome dlatan e 1 -r-tirer. and after ?* Bme h- Ir, nll?l
ber Bhe reputaed bim, whereopon he graaped her 1.1
the thi rat, preveutlng her from maWng an ont.
men fi.ri.il her dtjwn on tlie ?"....
dwing to tbe pecnllai conatrucUon of PJigllab ? tll
way ...mar-. II araa Imaoaalble for Ibe other 1
pera or the gnardj v. K>,..w whal **a- golng on ln the
rofflpariment Mr , -. Btraggled ?. peratrt
gnally tba prearber. wbetb?*r almaly ta ri ape deteeBon
ortoeaaae ber death h ..f>' bnown, poahed ber oul ol
the ra-raartmeBt. Porlnnataly. he ^""""?J0!.,,^*
f..,,.,,k ,| ... he v, ,. fallfng. Bl.yir.-'l h'l 1 *?
^ ?aya, howev?r, Ihal -'.<? waa 0 terribli rxi-Hed
thut -he illil not 1-"ill/*" Un- 'ia.14.i-: ?f J.in.pl > ,a
K.. wTtl. onli ih- Idea ol e r.pW. '*- >?*:?;'
the rarria+re, ?::e renwrabera nathing fiirHf r. ....'<r,.i
J,.',U ,., , ,,. arralgned ta aaawer tba wrlon cbaige
Bgalnat bim.
London, Jaa. 15. ttitatopher Fan. Member of
Parilamenl lor llartlepoot, baa lavll d aabarrli
rrorn liritl-h ablp-ownera to defruy the ."-. "f ' ""
i ej ...g 10 tl." Bnaatan faadae mffeiei 1 1.008.000 pound 1
of flour loiitrlhiiUd Iii lhe 1'iilted .-ladM.
Wanhiagtan. Jaa. I?. Tbe eall made )-*' Br. l-raia-,
?f feBbgland, trr-day aaty r?.iiit w the eem.ti- raanbitlon
aatimrtalng the k*AM of a t**aaael la whieh ta aead
Ameil.an f'"Kl C4.nt!.liii1l'ijis i,,:,,,n l^*l?e raltad "!' '"
the ii'"'??<?? Ml- Und, wha rea*i_amtaiw eltbe BlBaa
_ta dtaIrtrta whlrh wfie amtd arUae la IM ****'*
ri i.f ...nl .'><?-.*? "h*n be beard of U?e at-thw. of Mr.
_T, .,,,'-. ti,.-it he feit Uke offering b r?le of ttamba ...
M I',,,'.,.*- bul waa afTBld it mlghl i.i* tabaa 1."
iawioualy. ither frlenda of the rienate n??>h.>Jbm ex
",i.,.d't!,.',.i-i.'- aa arwmed al tbe rtrcmnalanreaitlial
TiuKi'- it |e-- Ibta for --i.h a in.'V.mont to l"- atarvaa i.v
a iwprea??ntatlve *>f Oreal Hrltalu.
Otmr-enta of tbe reaotatlon were not inrtin.-d lo
?? Mr. Knmeka-'s mav.m-nt aa more than a al
Punrombe. it Itafteiid bonetUj wtahed b*4jdd4ithe
!he g_ffa-S i*.V.pi'-"i;l'ven"of "thVlr weallb InjjWlUte
.nfferinc. Btime of them aaM thev wonM ^'"'"f'T
rt,i-.*ian tantta^rmfferera ahe mlgin aiahe **^tr?uU?Mi
,,,,rt ied -Jiipt* to KiiK*:,,. l.ut *4, fur ?> thev ktWW,
', tt.glNh f'arliani.'Tit had not rated reBef aor had
1 !__,.k __.l. .!_... ..# ,i...|r uenltri ,?"> uld the
ufTering. raome of bern sal.l thev woobb **'"?"??.'
ma-TpBraonal -iii.?.rl-.t!o,,- for tbe reltal of tomTne
Tifr."- in Baatla, bnt wvmU aol v.-t- Ibe Ba*onay "f tbe
people ff,r anea a anryoae.
? -*? -?1
Tangtar, Jaa. 18. The Bultaa ol Mororro b_* inm
nione.i to hla ai*eaenee .he Oaareraor of mniter, arltb
a vtew 10 eoncedlng lhe demaada of Ibe ananrgaata
for lhe il.-po-ili'ii of thal ofllilal.
Thl? di^pat.h Irdirales Ihe se'llenient ef one. BBOre
of tbeaa qutxtAkm araieb, like ih">e of Babjaria and
Baral erara eapabaa of atatartdag Ibe peaea of
niror,- Fortanatety the aaaaa BntrB ef pattar.ee aad
niutiinl .o,|.e.s.on Whkb led 10 8 pahtaafnl ******%
Ot tbe fhadourne dlMevJty, and which baa perml.ted
,?e raaaanMton of paaag Kbedlra Abbaa, araa dta
plavcd bv B-ropaaa duilon.a.y Ir. regard ta UBa
Mororco in.uhle. TJ.e presei.re nt TMgter of Mvai
raa-Btfa belonglng to England, Kran.e. Spaln ?** ItaV.
whllo prcventlng the interventlon of a gbtfM Baoon.
h.s awahened lhe Sultai. from his indoleare BBd eom
patted hlm 1" Provlde for the >afe.r af tba forrtgn
rr.ldei.ta. Tbe i..i<*-r eoaiptalaed, aa did the Ballve
trlbaa ..ear Tangi-r. af lhe admbn*tta4. of the
Gorwnor, while tbey aafbsred Iraaa me i"
tiwtltated around ll.e elty by lhe. rebelllu.i- t***?*>
wbo .ried ta athi the ar.lval of Bewrtataoa aaeeaaary
u, iba -bairtaata lt would not J^-Tg'SaW
aoon 10 the si rl iitrfr of h.-a/ls oT reb?*la which orii.ini*tit
ilie gatoa "f averv one of the tl.rec .apltals of the
Clierii nl M .i-i.. i o.
A Tl.ia.TV To nr. 0TGBEO wini iioi,i,avd-n?
ParK .i.ui. l,-,.-Tl.e neeotb-tiona thnt are now
penBlBI bctwfv*n Pranea and llolland, loolilnc to th.*
e labllabflteni ef B eBBBM ICHb] ir.-aty, are upon tlie
jioitit of baBag i-otHii.ii. d. Fraaee win oaataln from
lliillaiirt ihn '? most favored Bflkttoa" tr.-attiicnt, iind
44iii eoneeOe to HoOaaal Um tnlnlmum rarilT on Ini
aaarla fraaa iimi rxmntrr. Tae teeaty avin i? af Ba*
Beflnlte dnratlon,
Madrid, .l.ri. |5._Tha noizotiati ms belw.-en fcp.-iin
ii*d Fraaee fnr ? tronty af rtanfljeree aave faiied ef
r(*-..n. Aft.-r Pebrnarf i lhe bmbxIbibb. tariff of eaeli
country av.n bt appHea lo Impawta fr"n> tln* ethar. ln
the I'l.amt.rr ol iacputl.". BUl nieht BottOt Mlveln,
Mlntster of tt-.r- fnterlor, rte.-inr*ed thal Bpatn had n*
(ciicil HO otli-r ln Joln tho r.ollver.-ln. Th.' t.uvptn
ment, he j.iid^t. aid uot itued t" enter lnt>. a leagae
wii ti mn Power, TB? Chatnber adopted tl.e rioarera*
ment li.ll proloiii.-lnir, the enlatlng (-oiiimr-rcial tiTHti"-.
? ?? ?
BflrtlB, .lan. 1.">--ll.e aflBUBEl ?4? lntr'xl.ired In the
lowar im.ire ur iha l,aaMttag i..diiv ay HBrr BDqael,
Iiu???i.i.i MJnl.ter uf Kinanra. Th(* iBtreaoa ln th* ex
p."Ddlfura. I-- (v-titiiativt nt KtO.ooo.OiK) niarlis. oirlnp
to tl.1* now i-oniii.erci.-il ti*r--itl.*? IBdlMiBg the revriiuea,
tb. vi,mi. a*--ipi.<*d t.i t!ir piaWlBtaW for iBBflf BBBBl
r.e.-dn wlll be MjOOOXNJO maifca l.-sa tlian In lelU.
ri.a Treaaary bUti w.n t,e Ibiibbbhj to 100,0004,000
rnarKs. tn order t<> sllow th** kjoverntnent to clioose a
fivi.rnlle nnunetit t-. make a new lon...
I.ondon, .lan. 15.?"The Tlmrs"' hns a Stintlniro dls
patcb aaylflg that Um last lialn.a. ertl-.t raTi.gc* at BBB
Ain.-i'i. an Lccatlon hns e=raped from r-antlago hy a
nlghl traln, aceompanied by Mlalatar flagaa.
BlO .lainlro. Jaa. 1">.?A mmu.'-Tv'.ril lonvcnUon lia
iie<-i. atgned between I'oru.cal ?ud Braall, by ai-i.loh
apecial adaraatagea ur.- ?.?nmta^ t.i iva-turiiaae wini--.
and BraxlUau augar.
RF.I.F.A-'F.I) OB *?'.'i.e),000 BAII..
UanoB, .ia-. r.. The Narqnli paa, formerly direHo.
of the Boyal Rallwai ln Ptwtagal, wi,,. u.i ,irr<->.ini fc.r
frand ln ronJnnrtloB aiith the i-mpiorps' ponaloa fund,
ha, beea rd lasefl .... BSMA*o uu.
- ?
Ottawa, .lan. 15. Tha Domlnlon Pariiain.-nt 4.111 aa
rammoned t.. 1.1*4-1 on Febrnary 10 fnr tba flleyateB of
? :i )'?: - 11 M.rn'.l' lf. OP CH1CA00, MM 1 I
II iT'.i: ..: m r.\i. OF TUE I'Mii:. MATEB.
< | . -..-... Jan, 13 .-1 ??? i.i.. < h ul-- 11. AMrtcb, (-f tha
Brm of Aldrich, Payne 4 Wa?hl?wrn. ha.beenapp Inl d
- ?lli .-, .1 ? i.i-ii. i.i nf ih.- l iiii-il Btatea, lo lacerH
wiiiiam 11. i..fi. appolnted t.. tba itreaH Ji4)dgeahlp
for lhe fl rithorff Dl ir-i.t of Ohlo. Tha lornaal i?-uder
i.f iiu. plaee. canie '.a January ?;. In ire IVaBowlag
.:. 1 1'. h .
?1 am anthorlied lo olter jron lhe Bppolntmenl a.
Sr.Bi 1 . -,. 1;. r.ii. WIU i.ii acceptl Pleaoe reaaial
1 . nmnaVtitlal. MILLRB, .llomey-Oeoeral."
- \a:,. n I re. ? --I il." dlapnl. . 111 Ni, AMrlrh 10
a 1- |i .;.. !-. ? I n Iv I MV iii'?!?!.?'? 1 Mr. ai.il'-r. l
appn . ' ' ..ll ti.*" a. nr . . aiae t . aaa
:. nn -iii.|'.<l. I nu ?i.ri4 I...1I.:; 1 mi th* aawa
. bdl tt ran nol i.. a- b?rd n >**.''
?? llow dai t (?? appolntni. nl 1 naae . aai '
? 1 .- ? i'.-.. aihar I arfuad
Bra rtartao. -imnc lor J':?tic! ri-M.
1 tbi ? bI -1 ln '!.*..it Ait.r 1 h*i.i BnlabaB Attor
. .,<-i.i! Mlilat an4 .indc-' i'.-if; CBBM to me BB41
BOkCal if I 44011M n? ????]>l Ifl' l44-.it. I in< nndfrldial
.1..." aaM 1 4. mid (.-lio mr un-wrr aft?r e-uiaultaliaii
-..uii nn j.a-.n.s'. I liad lli airJ.t i/'ihlnc <A th?
p'ar.- untll that btBBB, 0JI UBfl l.H I aaa UB'-n
all l: BBd did BOfl n-iurn ta> 1 l.l*~ag ? untll Jamary 8,
arhrfl 1 foaod 111- t-l'-arrani wa.Unr ^.r m?* ?
Mr. AlUrl.Ii h.is la-.-n n n.*mi>*r of the. rhaTOaflB taar
-in"- I*--., and foraaefl tba preaenl flrm ba*>t Juna.
H<> wa bam ln (imtica Countr Ind , fortrona yeara
uto, Ua 44ii. traduatad al Nrtnigan I'nltBrally Ib
i-:.-,. ati. ? di-.r la---- leciure. darina ti.r rooraa ln tl.e
,-l, -i'.i dapartmenl. Aftil eraduaBkin bc pn.(ti~"-d
'1 arara In Faarl \)ii4ii^, ind., cooBng lo
(im a .? . fi.uii Ibal ? n>
Bl, i-nl!. lan. ia ispeclal), Mra. Nir.a HaMaarfl, "f
J .,-! | ;, -.; , \. .1 , 47l... .1 f.'44 44r,.KV Ifu -.T||r'Vt 11 S|' UJ
Fali* '-. D.l fllarof a, baa ju-i ?j..-:*t -.-v-ral daara l:;
- . \ (|1\. IuM.,, e4??ir, tiirist for n yoojl0 rlark. 1'larli
I ? orhO ali.irid.i-.-.I !i.-; nt r?l->-;\ nt'-. Ilai,ire ahe
? ured her divorce ..t H .aa Palla - - ?>- Boalefl ?? 11 i?
Clark, and a> a r*--..ilt bia enrployor dlamlaaed h.m. Tho
on r iii.-ii toa*.Hh<*r In Bloax Fali ? They 4r,ni io
kIihix Clty, aud lai.nri alteoiptod lo breah frran tha
......i.iai.. i.ui ahe f"ii'-.'.-'i him lo Uae train and "ru.
- n-iii-d iii brtnaliifl l.lm bacb after n aia* in n...n..ti.
Hi i.t. |.r..ci.'i'-d t" i.-o woonclled aad *-ia.t'-d "uh
ber 1" Hap.d . ita. s. I)., Imt lhe lr-.uu had l."t f..rl
itarted .-"i af hiwa hrlon he '..mi-ci off. Tha nc\t
Irain hrooghl her baek, bfll las falliad W nt.d htm. bh?
;,4 ..,. arlll n i-i icturn lo h?-r f..ruiT bome.
st. Loula, Jan. 15.- ? dl patrb from Marfa, Tex.,
s,-.4 -: An ntl.pi ana made -.u Wedneaday by ar.
arnied body of Mexlenn hi rob tha CIMIo Wlarer B ?
ut Mhafler, u.i.ty, Tbe robljera arere -..:i>:.--i
'.-, R ,i ?-.,. litn.-i'i of lhe Texa rangei They reaUted
luhbomly, .md were onh pal to ib. iit after three of
Uirlr number bad been i lllcd. Both parBo. arera
.4.;i nrmed arlth B'lnche.ter'a and the i-.m- ?.. "
\4a i. me. No langcra were hart. Tho .irviuii,
onthtwa Bed la lhe darhneaa loward Ihe Blo (ttande,
jpur-'i**-! Ineffertnally bj the B4ate troop . oae "f tha
,1,,-m outlsa i Aatonlo < litMco, wtir..,. reothor a r?fl?
a... -I. it a ranger In lhe laarB. The affalr raawed h
mi.aii .-.?... wtii.ii aaa nnrjr rappre aud by Iha aJd ef
padcial Iroop . An.iuid l"n- n- Mcalmtiii outiiiimber
lhe Amerla-tn. t?'o i-' ene, and aerloa Irauhaa la
I' i:>-'l._
Baa r.-u:.. i -... Jan. i-..--Tl..- ateamera Aiupah"
-,.?i .iu ol Bew-Tora, belonflB0 u> tha im<ii-> hlall
-u?n,-i?[. compaay, i--ft bere at boob to-day fer
Pa, ma in, nm im,).' Banta Bovrbara ihay "in r
retva a ipeed tih.i ln ii\ Ihelr rallai flBder the aew
maii .ni. .a.) - IradBle i.d..|.t*d by tha raaataaaater
(.rnrral, and to BOtermiBfl Ihelr aaadat'lllla al rntaflfa
lf i,.,,i,-.i in the eawil "f >*ar. <?u i^arri the Wly
,,', n.-.i Vwfl. i- ( ipia.n Lonla Kr:,i]iff, r. B B., Chl f
-,f |h? Board of Naval Ji.-i"-. Boa, aiho alll. on hla
return i" thla rlty, BMke a rapeel to lhe QorerBBaflpI
ns lo the 'luallln all.in-. of lhe st.am.'l>.
PaH Rlver, Ma.-., Jan. 10.-Anuthcr Kiiislci.ui'-iit Bf
Kii^.iaii lleBfajwa arrlarad la ti.u dty frvdav fron. ?*
York. They amra qaurlawed la ?euement? in Blfarenl
BBaTta ef lhe citr. i.r,i.< ij.niiv la Iba bbUI d.*iri'-t. A
Bjaaa fr.'u. Bew Torft aaa the party m e**rB*> ''?", h!!
wiii enaaoavor, with tt..- help of tha local li'-i.revr*. to
..-..ii-.- planci far Iba flewceaaflra Ifl faetaaBaiB. Thfl
.niiniriaiii* aradeadtate of ewrythlBf, and laefr boasea
are BOBBUly tlttrd, bdag f ii rn i-. I.f ?1 I.T flaflBfly Miti-a rlheal
lo tha ll.r-.l. bn.4.
I'lj.la.l'li.'Ji. .lan. 15. llunrtfla B. I hrbtn.an. Bged
thlrly-aeven yeara, an e..c u.-'-r oa faa PaBaaylaranla
kaii.'.Hd. dir.i al the t". i'it.'i i/"iav from the effeeta
.,f injiirii-. received *re0Bea0ay flaonilBa ChilatiBao
4?;is on a w.sll.our.d tnUli, avlilrli w.i^ ln the BB0H Bf
llBWlBg up at llidcc ave. -t.'ilion. la thla rlly. Il<*
Jamped off ih.. rrala to bay a paper, "".d '"' "fpi'ine
ea agaln mlaaed ala foottBg, .Upped aiider tba vaaela
and v.a~, nm ovei hT l.l"- rntirc Iralii.
To nnilT ihe CIQABXTTB inr^T.
St. LoaUa, Jaa. I"-- -A morninn ItaaapBpar aars Ihat
a moaaaaaal la on bm* lo Btvaalaa a ae? -ompanv t..
?gM tbfl A.n.ilran T,,|?-.i-... t'....ll.ai.v-''u:*r-ttc TTBBt
Mr. A. Dc TOBBg Bf thfl Dn.rt.niond TebaCCO Cmnpany
af thla elty, i? fatlaar of <?'" n."v.-m.-ni. Obb miuiou
dollara wlll bo tl.e new rompany's rnpllallKitlon and
0300,000 wo.th af bbw da-aretta BMeaa-aea Baaa afraaay
rx-en puri ha ?d_
i-iisio... .lan. l.v--,\t a aaajelal ?"??""'*' "f **? !****>
h.,1,1,,, af iba Pa... Ki.i.UT aawa CflfliflBiBy lo*4kw. a
(on.mitt.-.- was Npp,.inted to sell the pbint at N.utl.
KraiHimliain. A BlBllhflBBW *991***9k*t that 01,000,
000 bad been aunk uu tho enirrBiiao.
a/aabbagjtea, laa. i.v?The Prealdent ta?ay ended
h.? aiaawaattoa of u.e Uphmmtta t?ir*mp?mdance ta
tl.e Chtltaa cintii.vray and aeat the deeaaienta baeh
le the Btate Depaiiment, At the Cabtaal ateatlng,
whtrh wa. eomparaUvely brtaf, taatBaj anly an boar
and a. BB?, lie aniioumrd thl- fa< t aud indirMnl thal
tim next -tep in th,. eaae wouid not be loag detayed.
The wlinle, niatt'-r **,i- ili-ru.-ed in a gBneiul nav, but
no actjon araa taken, a. there la nothlng to be done
nntil tiu* eorraapaadenre ha- been pabltabed.
it i> a-ie.tatned tbal tbe Preatdent will aceompany
lhe transmi-aton of the eorraapeadence bv a me
iiputi the aahjert thut wia probably go over tbe grnand
al ihe entire eontreveray and adaa_.ce eertatn prapo
aHlona thal arBl deflne the attliada ?f ihe Adadnla
trattan i? a positive bbbmbbp. ln rtew of tbe general
N'tlef tbal the lTe-ldei.t I- rou-irt'Talily aggrteVOd al
tho p.?ltlon l.-tlien hy rhlll, tIti-, meeaaana la experled
with raore than aaaal mt aeat. In his aun.ril n'.''---a.-i*
lhe rre-nli'iit Btade t\*o BTOml BB, one roi.dltlou-.il ai.il
ihe other abaotate. The aalter araa laal be wonld, at
aa early dafe, trammit the rxwreepona?aoa 1 iite lormer
lhat ln r.ise Cillll tooh needle,., Uhh* in B4?warblg, lie
wonld ?end a apcri.il me--a*re- II i> uirder.tood t<<
dnv thut he ha. delerntiiMxl ta roml.tna tbaae t?'., and
lu aaod iii. niea-ane -imultane ,u-ly with tbe d.n iimri.t.s.
The a_a*aeaaaloa is that hre wiii have tba Banaaaaa raady
so laat 11 ran be iiihinltted lo tiio Cabinet nt it* iiicet
lug im Tnesday next, and lt is ilierefere thought that
the etirllest ti,;? that it <_i be BOnl to Ct**AP*X*M wlll he
Tuo-day i.fternoon. or nn.re pnibably \\edne?d.iv BKra*
ing, as it is usuai for Baeh iemmiii? altana to be nmde
to Congre.s aai .mon as pos_ble after tlie upeuing of
Ui>* day'* .ira>?ion.
The fJovernment *nvestlgallon Into the Bttaeb upon
the Baltimore's snllnrs, coudurtod b| .liulgn-Advoiate
.ieneral Heuiey, nt Suu l-raml-co, Im- come to BB
end, and the facts thu- gta. Bai would arrm glBBtly lo
itre,.gthen the liovernnient's cat-e. Portton*. of the
teMltw/nv hav?' be**B maUed i" tVaahlBgton from day
t'i d.'iv, ai d Ihe la-l bat. I. ?>f evidence ?li?nild be h.-re in
? fe'.v gay*. .'oi'.ii.'i k,-111? ? v ha> wired a <taiiy rep rt
of the prmeixltiig- ... the Navy Departane-t, and thua
the lYoaatenl h.is h_i ta'tere bim a romplete avnopaU
i.f lhe r**Milts of the jnveaHgaHon. ?f wiii, h he a_l
make mse. whether ..r ii"i all ihe teattmony ihoaM lx,
reortved ln t.nir to aceampany the r^wreapondenra.
a ,'iiiile nie-*?age ?a* reooived nt the SmTt De*
li.ir.nient to da; fmrn Cdl,.nui;,.ler Rvaoa, of tbe fi.lti-d
Btate* ilemnahin Yorkto*. ., nt v"alpnrat*Hi, hut Beere
inrv Trary -ald i, rontalned no Infarmatton ?f Im
pmtanee. it l? ?*Ud at the Naw Departmenl thal it
? oi tnie thai tbe Mlantonomoh and tbe Bewarh have
been ordered to lhe \VeM Inda*-.
ajenor Montl, thr ililUan Mlnlater, imd a short ln
b-rvtew wtth Be*rret?ry Rtalne to-day, bal li ls uuder
-!i.,d that he lutd noihinc ,.i rommnnlcate Indlea'lng
n cbange of poll. v on the parl "f l Ull.
Baa i.i/", < al.. Jaa. 15. .-iiiiun: ordera aara n*
celved to-day by t'aptata Beaay, of tbe rra bw Ct?riea*
tuii. Tbe erataer arlll leave h.-r*- nn M_nday evealng
.,r Taeaday inorning. Thr deadnatlon i- not Baated,
'mt :t u beBeved thal the n-i?aer wiu tir-t go t" Mare
II itil |o Ik' pal ln nnler. nnd then Btarl f"r rjonth
r*aelfk watera. II la aaofllrlaBy aald tbal tbe Haltl
nioir* ?iii reporl here al aara to ttaar-Adaatral i rown.
fwytaaatei \i. UoWiiborotigh, of ti,e Cbartoaton, lus
been appotntad ti"'-t paymaaier of tbe Paelfle Ba Bd
ron, *!"? Itay in-i.r Artbar Burtla, detaebed oo
leave -l Bbaeuee.
Kewport, n i. Jan. 18.?Commaader Wlnatow, of
itir torpedo l,oat C_ihlng, baa r?-. ? iv.-<i ata ordera lo
pn,?"''d t.i Broobtya Bary ,"ani, and now only awalta
ravorabla aaatber, Tbe olfarera detalled ha\- nol yet
.,p-.:i**d ,.i >he raaeb|, a, tha lorpedo Btattoa eaa
ilderabta a, tivity i- dlaptayed. The gna ootton toctory
i? raa >iug m^.n aearly ruii capaclly nnd o:-<ter* ii??v **
ju*t haaa racelead la deahla iha abtpaae?1 fur Mare
lataad Naw Vard. iiinhing -jn.oofi Boaada, bal this
II to b? rrw?*. patttally ot ai>ar torpetloea nnd noi ull
eott'.n ln hulk. Thr rjaMad stalr* lug Feni antvad
at thr trnliilng itniUin thl. iioon wlth a detai lunrnl
of ai'prentlce*, and itorr*.
t nitt:d t-TVTtt" TXfafBUI AT V.M.l.F.m.
Vaiiejo, Ca]., jan. is. _a_gajb__ea aroraa tbal the
rrul-er Baltlniorr aaa n ,f Injured l:i tl,<- le4".t hv raa
tft. t wdUi thr fallejo -h'.re. .*-h,. ,lr.ft,-d BBd aettlrd
on au a_BVlal d,'|K,-lt nnd on nli.ni -,l Um , <l" II *Ht>.l
< ff wlthoul aBalataare. Mo* wtU nr^ he ii,M'i.,^t agata.
A fone of mnrlilnl-t-, lK41er mnker- aad h-li" n ?re ,ir
wo'h oa h*r ? n?;i!"*i and birtins overbaollng them (or
lhe Ilr*4t um" in two yeara. Afl repolrs b. tbe ablp
will be flahbed laalde of twarre 'ln.s. ti,.- Moha-an
la ln atram ready aw aenrlca, and the A*dama nnd
llaiiger am being pal In t>'H.llnr?s for aeirlre.
m:\pin.; DOfrx COAI TO chili.
San Kr.im I-i ", .'an. 13.- Tr." eolBer Ban Mateo l:a
i.e*'ii cbartered t" take eoal from Manalmo to fhui.
11.<? rwptaln >'f th.IUw ?ia.r. iha, the I'nited Statea
tlovrrnrnrnl haa < inriei-eii ihe vesael and bai ordered
Mm t" m h hi- i nrgo through n- rarddly aa poa it.i".
rhe v,'s.-.i l.-rt thi- i',,n f,.r Xbnalmo to-day. The
8an Mai* o ran earry a . a,>.'" ol over i.<"k*i tom and
, n I'.im neaiij iwelve knota an iimir, to thal lt arlll
not tabe man) aaya to ma?e tbe trip.
Ban Dtoco. < sl . Jan. 15, *_meral rt.-nu- K. Coon,
eommaiidi-r of Helntgelman Poat, ... \. i;.. ..f thia
rtty, .'-iiiiir rlre Ballona] rommander "f tbe Bstlonal
I'nlon V'etemn Le4rJon, In bebatf of tboae bodlee, tata
a?iphed Pro Idenl llarrlaon yeaterday, aaklng p i
mU.lon to ralae ri brlgade "f rroupa for < hill.
rHE ir;*r"V.-/', GEBBTBASDBB.
iimI- i-i. \vi-.. .tm. is. Uiiiian, lt, Andrea , tbeprea
<-n, treaanrer ol m. cv<.\ l?nnty, baa beea a mlnnted
by Ibe Bepabllrani for tbe Aaaembly. Mr, Andrewa
niii-t p.r,.j\',- a re Uflcata ot nomlnattao from tbe Bei ix
tary ,,f .-uie larfore bli name ran lie ptaced on il,.*
ofllcl? ballol, arrordlng ta tbe Breaenl ln**- The 5e<
retary ?1I1 be rnjolned ttom laanlng n b a rertifl ite,
Bad b ra ?? ta teal the wnatltalloraUlty of lhe receni
gerr, mander wlll Ihaa m-lsr. i .1 wlll ,.? brongbl bel "?
ine Bapreme l?uri for ?n early aettleaaeat,
Maa*U<on, B'ta., Jan. IS \ petltloa ?., Ited m
thr Miin-cine i .iirt to-day throagb rx-Anornej Uon.
orni K-ui! rnol, o. te-i ihe eonaUtntlonaBty "f the
g-rrymaadei "f limgreaa and Benate and laaemblj
dtatrlcta ta u.e h>-. Itaat^ocratta LeatBtotare. Ths petl
ii,,,, aii<-g<-s Uml ;i targe nnntbay "i RepnhMrae roten
bave been dlafrai?'btaed.
Kvi.ieii,,. i- Bbandanl tbal tne rampaign ln wk
eanala lh,< year wlll !?<? onr of lli ? in"-t li..tl.v COBh I I
.,f anv e?,*r hei.i in tiu- B_8e. Bepablkana have
-i,,,i'- h"p.'s of iiiiuiriiii; the stata bara Into Une
agala, aa Ihey **in !'<? able ta ahow the aattafartary
r >uit. of lhe MeKlntay laa ta eatahllahlBg new aud
greatly Inrreaalng the capurlty "i many "f ihe ,,i.|
Industrtaa ln im* Btato. rhe proteeUen ?l tlw com
,,. achool aya'tem arlll br another l-rju.- whlrh tho
Repubtlrana Ir I that (he* iihinI urirr. and one in n
iiiu.t i?? uiei .-,,n. I'rohlbiii'uii-i - are consid-rtna
thl- tnit'.-r carafully and are perauaded that lt ahoulil
i.itieii prevlojw to ihe Uqaoi aueNtioii. rbe
l*emoerat*i **IH bnng t> b'.tt oa theli aldfi Un- matu;r
uf tamlng Into ibe Btate Treaaarj tbe internat ?*.
rAim?Btad b. Iba r-taie 1?ata
OFPOilXa nn: WASBBtTBB .txri OPItOX lill.l.
ndragff. Jan. 18.?A ataanteb trom 8Bi.aaoUa
sayi*: "The ttaaneanoBa Ctoarlag n raae. -verv bank
ln laa rlty t.e.n-' mareeented, h..^ aaanlmoaaUr adonted
a lang prataat agalnat tbe araahbnrB AnB-Onttoa bill.
and has s.-ni b t*omaBttea to Waablngton to preaeal
lt t.. the proper . aaadtta. The. pn,tet aaya ta
pait: -Mr. Wn-liburn hlni-lf. we un.i.-r-.and. admlta
thal if the t.iil beromea ??< btw bo ona eoaM taw for
futurr. dellverv i-M-pt "'" man..faet'.r.r nnd ev
portar Tbia aroaJd "f eeauae reatricl all Balea for
fntare deflvery ... tb. i"";-**. ?? ,1,IV|!!S: '"" "l ,,:"
graln B**-4Maa tbe targe tdaaa of graln elevator and
i-ommi-i'.u baaaaa, and IbrelBg tbe produeer ta eB
hi- ,,',p io o?" or Ibc alJBBf af tbaehtaaea iwaBBd-abe
mauufartnrer OT MBfB*ter. In onr oplnlon. this taabv
lat.on wouid tajare Ibe tarnaer. aaon artfnaa Breapawtty
?u , .^.tr.r, la drli.'lldeiil. bv r>-tr|rti?g 1,1s
;narr^1??;d";n:'*:]?::n.y,le]:'*v.r.n. ?he priea of bta
pro.lu.is.' "_
Phltade phU, Jan. IIV-After aerernl aaaatbe of ln
artlvlty the Committee of Counclls ta Inv^tiu-ate tl.e
Bflalra af an-Ota Iiaaaaiar r.ard.i.'.v bm to-nlght.
The ametfag waa primi-ui'v '"r ""' ***** ot'hst*
ln. ?,, tbe hi, Ineaa al tbe rammtttae artor b. tbe
arnwlni ap of Ita refota* "????? ***** <* '"
esp ?- wbo bave been tovea?g?Bng tbe u.aaa by
Urdabry -f the ind>Be IWada ln Ua prlvate baal
m-sv was praaeatad. The reaarl eaaMaad araeil
cnlly nothlng tbat *?* ** ',ectn I""'"1' 48BBJ
ertT a lona BBB-. * '^ **** wui '
abo Breaeated shoning lhe nllcged overdrnfts of
the Kcvstone Nntlnnal BBBB, Imt the oxpert* ivhn made
t:..- l.iv-^ticatlon cunnot vourh for Its acnii.n?>?. i.wli.g
to the Baaaaer ln whleh t'w bank's books w?re manlpu
lat'd. Mr. **ml1h?*rs, a n*<*mber of tl.e rommittee. >ald
hla a/tantkm Imd beafl rall?d t" the fiut that tl
Mnte jcndlng th*> BtaBBfBBB arMnir from tl.e Hardsl.-y
defalcatlona, ...^ wttaboMlag aioaey from the elty Sufl
ll. and tha ntty wns pavlric aimllar money to tha Btate.
Tiii, actton hy the State Mr. Bflalthera roaaMarea araa
Mr. Smltbera lntrodur.'d n resolutlon lo ha suh
ntltted i" COttMflla for Ba acrten, -that the Maa ir ba
requeeted to take atepa (bM win reaalt ln tha payaaaat
by tbe btate <.f ahe moneyi due and t. beeoate due l.v
it to tb<' elty pci.dini; the Hllaatton botareen tln* elty
nnd State .-oneeniinn the d>-falrallons of JoBfl Barda
ley, Htid tliat untll aoea r?-^iilts are >e<ured th?* Clty
Treaaurer be r(,nu*--t.si to withbold paymenl ti aha
State of the fanaa paid lato Ihe rlty Ireaaory f"r t'i.*
benrflt of the stat<>. and tbal the Mayor l<e b.rth -r
reqneoted lo iwdeeaw lo aerure nn nmirabla s-ttl
nm-1 of tha dlfferaBoaa between the State and rlty
irlalng om of th" above m.Mtlme.1 aiattera."
The reaolutlon wns nd.iptrd.
MtaneapOlta, Jan. 10.?A dispnt.-h from lsralnard,
Mii.n- 10 "The Jniirnar <oiya: " A frightful rnllroad
acident occiirred on the Northern I'ajitlr road, ?even
nlle. ca^t of Bralnara, aj i o'eloek thla mornl-ig-.
The tOOQt* aerflon of rruln No. B, witb the Anflrews
Opera Company on board, left West Snpcrlor at mld
nlght for (irand Forks. Near Jone.ville the train
striKk a broken rall. Tl.e angin? and bage.-a-re car
passod ovrr ln miWj, but tbe aleeping car was thrown
from tho trnck and ran some 000 feet on the tles,
when It toppled orer. aWBBBBg iBOBfl llBBI the traln.
and went down an erabat.kment five fret hlgh, land
InK on the *ide. The Piillman enndurtor, Hr-rhert <*.
0eott, waa one of the flrat to get out. No flre wns
then vlidblf, but a* BBOB as the windows were broken
to Ulx-i-Htra fho'se. In-ldn flnme. BBBB, out and ln a
ahorl time the rnr was envdoped. Wllling hands BBOB
lll,*rat<*d thoso who avere unable to extrtoate them
Balraa, but no one waa able la *ave Ua rlothes and
the rlarht hMng the (vildeat of the IBBflfBI fhfl ther
BaBaaeter reached 4>'> deirreea below Bere -the suffiTiiu*
was t^rrltile. It was soon dl*roverert that Mrs. Ed
ward Andrews and Mrs. I.lllle Wa* weee aMaatng. but
no human eff-.rt rould render them aasUtiince, aa tho
aar wa* a Baaaa of flame. Th<- lnjured avero plae.-d
la th-* bBflBfltafB-enr, brought to Hraltiard and taken to
tho Farll-agt'in KoaBL A B* of the deart and lnjured
as far as ohtalnabta M ua follows: Mrs. F/lward
Andr.-ws (known as Miss Nnnnle \VUlttn*oni. burned to
aeata; Mrs. uitta araa, ef MtaneaBoBa, burn?t t.
death' Miss Paorence Joy, sererely bur od on ba. k
ud Ii.muI, wiu probably dle; Mlaa May Doaglaa,
buered OB aV8B0 nnd IBat, avi" prohal.ly rerov.*r;
Mlas l.etitla Frltch, Iiurri"l OB iBaBala and arm; Mra.
I? F. Barher, ahraMir Blaltieotea; Miss Marle
Boe allgbflly burned imd Iwaaaed; Oeorflja Andrews,
,'?,-",4i on arma; mi-. Ktta Ranta, i.u.i.."t on neeh
M i arma; J. C. Taylor, eal aaal brulaed; H. Ailcn,
burned on BeeB; rrBaawath Allen, bevtwa: Mlaa
joaaefahlne Blaaarar. siiphtiy burned; L. P. Uarker,
burned on banda imd faee.
aMlaa DOatgtas, whOO -*lio aa-as broupht from the
,,r araa Bterally aaareloped in Baaaaa, aae telr aaaa
iKiiiu '.n Bra, -ihe hodles of the two womr-n burned
YTL? wera ebarred boyond all reeo^Itlon, the
...?,. leca and nrm. beln0 -r.tircly BOno. Mr. At
, p-'ek" I'rn.-a Ihelr lltUe baby. ana. **&**&
wlfe ara" -af" "''ll a cou t araa mad-. ?????IM
alth LTi.-f The member. of tho rom-jany l-t ..1
, .'? n.L-s^i exeepi *tage clothea, Ineludlng mual. aJ
mm.-ni- Watrhea nn.l moheT. ".e patlenta wlll
ll,. r"{,i??."d't.i the Borthern Padfle Sanitarium a, BBOB
-. Boeelble."_^_,
SAin to f?B aiwt to inter newmkxico
raanver. Jan. 15.-A rtl-pat.-h fiom Albaqnerque.
B M t-> "Thfl Repabibav' aiay* I H la i*e*e*ortM
ihat aiarna and h!?. tollowep., numberlng about Con
mon. fully e4iuipped *?l*h ?m*< **9** *"?R to c^n',,
tho Mj.itl.ern BOt*fler ot Ihla tcirltory. The ?*)T**n'0''
has beea ralied upon to order out the militla, but
aa aetlofl has vet h-en taken. Tho pe.-ple of the
8U14 Bf fhlhuahua are ln aympathy wlth Oaraa,
nnd a leadar is all that la needed to indure them to
lolfl his for.es. This i*port ha.s not ben rontlrmed,
bol lt ls belleved to Bfl tn.stivorthy. It ls under
atoml thal Ihrre ara two nr more agenta of Kun-.a ta
thla iiiv. miililtig effort-s t.i re. rult tho ranks of the
gaerllla eiaaf. considet-aii'.e exc4t*aaent a*ilsta, .uid a
namber of aecref Jnataa are sald to have been heid
ln both the new and oM tOWBa of Albuqueniue. One
nf tbe aavnta ls a pronvlaent Aaaerieaa.
Marfa, Tag., Jaa. iv-wi.lle the T'nlted 8tatos
ODlfJIera thlnk they hav* c.atta " ronnded up" flflBQBg
tba fool lilll* of th" k.wer Tilo Orunde, many p.*rM*tis
belf.-V thal h" is ta B-teeatlo a-Vmnty, more than 700
Ballea froai thal region.
San AnaoTUa*, Tex.. .lan. n.-Tha fillowlng dNp.it h
fri-ui MnJ'.r Morrla, In rommnnd nt Foit Melntooh. ha^
i?,'n reeeired by C looel 9. P. Martln. A0}vatMt*(len
oral of thia mttttary d-parttneiit: " It Ik rtinioi-?1 that
0 utrge party of rearotatloiilota or <;arr.n m.-n haff sm
Angelo, T.-x.. aiHiit Jannary 0 or 7, h<>a4i"d Bar i>.'i
BJo, Tex. i B\to thla rv what lt la arorth." Tho
low'n of San AnfBBl 1" In T?'m Uraen rounty. fully
150 ml!--* from the boi-der. lt luv. n lnrire M.-xaan
j. rpttlatl 81.
MlBtary DapartaieBl oavrfata hcio h.ive i*erelv.*d
reporta rtvtng *-u? detnlla "f the aeoutlag by tba rr-K,ps
.,_.,,. .t liarza. Tlmeotea Taylea, a i;uv.-nini.-m aeout,
found aeveral oM eampa betweaa Lea "Ju-rlos and Bl
Plano, They i.ad cvid.-i.fly been iMiupi.-d by OaaTBB'i
men, bul the pcpie af lhe Belghflorhood nt*** i"
ntiswer anv qiieartiona. Al Oaa Dee*BBflaaira d.* Iaa
f.-.iiii hea ri.n.'h h<* totv* Bv ot ala esaaBe af a larirer
ilte, 44iiich appeared to b.: from lhe to twenty (iaj
g| I.otiK .lan. 14.- A ttBBBteh td "Tl.e Ropuhllc.''
rmm Demtag, K. M., -?>s: "A eeanier from Aa. rn
??, M'-\.. arrlv.-.l taBte f"l.i\. Me n-ports thfl Ittp
pn-.-i?i. of tae n-vi.it there. Oa Tu-..i:.y tha Mone
,?,:, orruptod br the rebeB araa **-u*Tounfled by troopi
under Lolonel San QntBea, aaal, aft.-r a feeble reaial
.,,?.. iba bMeeaCnered kwee a?tjri*eBaerei and arera
,,,.?,.,! nnder arraat. The total Baaahar of captlarea la
107 bul th'* taaaer, K-anJi -Si*"- 0?x?b4b1 to tho
mon'ntalaa. BBla Beaerted Ma baaal at tha eritteal
mom-.Bfc leaalBS th-m to ihelr fate. lhe .apUv.-a arfll
be .ri-d i.t .....<?- aad th.- prtaripal onea will ..ndou-'t
aii in. ?h it Bualneaa l-n* been r-.- umed, and. th aign
Ij?;,,* en.a An.'l.ela. thfl inurdjiBj* pr- <?? '? ??
t.iw... arhoae eh)r??an l'r*"-1i"'u^L ' ' ?'f .. ,.
ii^i-.-d to hav* tti'l.sd tt d(f H"* order. pf lli . i
., 4 i,i , r,-ai-e,i t" nll-'"- ihe Chureh pany t*oA ?
"/te tcT^uwWoflU to a,hi,h the bafl.tlnir. lt la
belleved, elc u-d him."
Chlcago, -la... 10 isp*-.-lal..-.\n iJBiajrtaBt 0ga4 ???
bejsufl ta Uae arealt Ooarl ti.tw morr.bii:. by non
JoelBtB paeaara at the 00800 Yaria aaBalnat tl.e
L'nlon Btock Vards ;.nd TtanaM Company, of ?a|?,
the Chleago JtoaeUoo Bmilway. and PbIob stock \ards
Compaay, AiBaoar .<- <'>-. W000 >-nrris * ^',?? tllrt
l^iM.anll Catilllni; OOBapBBy, aud SWlfJ i < -?>?. ?
t.t-.-.u up a teaat "nd BaiaBBOty. ti^ oajeel bi tBB
Utlgatlon I*. t.. aet asid,- aa BBaaeBaeat mad.- ta Jajry
lact betweefl tiu rm?n Btock TaiaJa <.>mpauy. tha
BeWaJeraey rompai.v. nud the three " Klnu; PBeBBaTB,
which ls BBM to all..w ia reiaate to th.' assovlate Backera
md wiii. 1. haa. .?tvftti.41 a ?oaopety ani an DtaflaJ bbbM
Bnd romMnatloa in lhe baatoeo. of ,.?iductln0 a atoeh
rord In th,- elty of C*hlcago. The aarta invoiv.- at lea***
05,000.000. The valtt'* of the reai 080888. mn. hln-rv.
r,,- of the ."oiiiiiBinii.K BOB^aaaoelate parkors la bbM
to txtooi *5 0.0.000: th^ BflaouBt af cnpitai eaaBooyed
.,4 them Ifl thetr baataea. la *BOAB?fiOB and thoir
aataa are ?tO.OOai.OOO. Thay have f.,000 mon in tli**lr
employ, aud they slauffhtiT and u?e ln ttatf business
43 per ent of aU the imin.al) alauBhtered. Tbe
UUgatlOB Ls armBar bB that besun tn New-Jersay laat
? oi *
Clniliiuati. JBB. l-->--A BflBl f-*'n ?' taventy*8lgM
eara beeeaaa anaiaflasiabM on the necp grade at
llttlo HOTflaaBBfl liend. BBM of llalnbrldge on the
OBIO M.,itl..'rn road. last night and a bad wrrck rcsulted.
\V flf. ('(iihran. englneer, Jumped from the englne and
.- mls.lne lle ls IBJBBaiai to have be?*n hllled.
i?-i,-r ? ii" -*. brakamaalwaa utiM. Harry l....s, a
i'r.-,'...... I."l B BBJ and Uta hroken.
nn: iiLiNi.i .?r hosteyideo.
Washlni-'ton. Jan. ,0>-TBfl Na'vv D-partment ha*.
rr*r,'iv.-,l Infurmatlon of tho urrlval of Uie L'uited atotca
ateamer Atlautu at Moutevidoo toaaj-.
Albany; Jan. 18.? Lii'utenant-Governor Shee?
han. when iisUnl to day abmit Uie st.-.tus of Sena?
tors S,i\t<n, ot'onnor ani Erwin, wlio were de
i prived of tlieir ritrlit to vote <?r npeak in tlie Sr?nata
yeafjerday, a_aare*red: "They will aal ba p<*r_itte.l
t-? take any part in tl.,' trn:i:a.-tion of tln- liii.iiiiesa
of the SiMiato tiniil ta?f have apolo^izril for their
eondiiet to that bodjr. Tba Senate Judieiary
< otnniittee will meet on I?_?Bf/i atni then Senav
l<,r? Saxton. o'l'omior and Krwin will liave ari op
portiinify to offer nn rxplanatiaaj af tlieir refusal
to vote. The .Itidh-iary CeeajBlittei* gajj <l?'fide
wh'-ther or not. tlie.v glaa_- Ik* pnrired of tlieir
eontempt, and n'port tlieir jink'tuent to tln* Senate,'
whieh can then a<-t as if plonx-s. "
Mr. Sheehan talklI witii BB_?t?g indifforenoe to
the faet tiiat the piiiple of lliri*e Srnat<* dist?-i<*ts
are at prevnt unr<'t>r.*s*'n1<*d in tlie Senate. owing
to the evdiiMon of tlie tbllH Si-natora. Who ta
conipelent to spea!; for tl.e eity of Binghamt4?/i
aa long 88 then* ia a padlo.-k npon the li|? of
Senator O'Connor? Who sliall speak for
the city of 0>zd**nr.i>,trK at tlie time
when Senator Erwin is foreed to ha
durnb? 'Who shall introdnee and urire the adop
tion of the many legb?lativi* i-naetments desired
by the ^roat asrriniltural oommninity whieh Senator
Saxton ha*s n-presented ? Thaaa thr.-e Senators
repreaenf, more farmer votos tiian any other three
men in the Senate. Aro the arreat bills relorming
tlie Taxation laws, in whieh tlie farmers of tne
State are so keenly inter**si?*il, to ln* cansidered by
tln* S-uate vvitlimit tfaeaa Senators being per?
mitted ta aay | word abont these logislative euact
mon?, or to vote upon them.'
The oondnct of the Demoer itic Senate in gauiritig
Saxton, Erwin and O'Connor is eon-Lstent. pi*rhap8,
with tho atlaption of t?8 "previoua question?
in the Senate, a rule of dehate thal uever 1>efore
has been adopted bf tln* Ni-w-York Senate?or, in
deed, hy any other Senate in the I'uiti*.! States.
The riirht of tlie memra-rs af the upper house?s of
Stat?* Leirtalatui-es and Ot the Senat.* of the I'nited
Statee ta anwadiiafiled <lehate ir, as old a.s the
Nation. There may 1>e "previoua iiuestionh-' in
lur.ee bodie.s, like tho Assemhly, wliere there is
danger of prolonu'e.l di'linti* defeatiiitf legislation;
l,ut not in sii'li small todfaS Bfl tlie Setiiife** of Lexta
latun-s. In t?Ba?Ball ixiiliaini'titary badbnj it has la-ea
tbe univer_ti praetlee never t*. ebeek t_bata, and,
Indeed, it iias i),*4*u ane of tha ebief meriia of
aueh bodka aa tbe Senata abat leuLslativo mea.>
nrea tbere reeelved the ee-refnl aud ihorough con
*jid'ration tahlob tln*y merit<*d. Many a had
mcaanre p.:t.s*"i nnder the appli'-ation of tln*
? previoua .|U4*stioii" in t?8 Assemhly lias Wn <!.*
feated in tbe banate, owini; to its liejng inspe.-ti-d
eli.M'ly hy every one in that bo I.v. Senatora
1'niit. r and M>:( lelland impoited thi* "previoua
i|iieation" from the A-aemhly into the Senate,
reekless of eonsei.,i''n..-4*s.
Only four or liv,* ol the twenty-five rnles the
<",iat" usually ndopta have Iven .-nl'.ptrd thua
f.ir. and tbe ne\v" rule of the " previous (iiiiation''
is aetually ihe only one out of Fiiis iimiteii num
la.r that aeems la la* in operation. It waa hy
using tbat rule to suppress debate that tbe. Enii
mcration hill was passed in the Senate yrsterday,
arul that Senators Saxton, _rvvin and O'CZonror
were d*rclared to be in eonternpt beeauae tbey
would not vote upon a hill vvhi'h they had not
bevn permitted to uw, whieh was not printed, aud
of the true oharacUT of whieh they knew nothing.
Already the people of the following Senate dis
tiicte have l>een depn'ved of repre-jentation by the
adrnission to tho Senate af Oslwrne, Et__elg and
Walker, w ho were never electi'd:
Dlatrlea. i?nntie?. ropuiation.
_V?CnllUllbla .T.*..'..... 4H.17li
Mteheas . 77,878
Puuiaru . 14..SI9
Toul dU'.rlct. .188 Hoi)
XXV-CortUnrt . ?-'**'i.'.T
Ononda^i .14,. ^'47
Total. di'trkt.:.174.801
XXVII-Oheaaaag. .** .AS
!j-*''iiivn . j*i _r;i
TatBl, uT>tri,-t.17-.'.07_
Totnl for thr. e >.',,al>* 4!>trl''t'. 4841,783.
Througb the exelaaaan of Sonators Erwin,
O'Connor, and Saxton, representin^' the XXih,
XXIVtli and XXVHIth Banate Distriets. th-* peo.
pl,* of the ro_onrinf eountiea btvn i-cju t_privaad
>f represt'iitatioii in the Sonate:
i?i.,r!.-t . ,i .??? aa atoaakttaa.
XX?st. Lawrenea........'. mhi,.
Kranklln . ll-llrt
I..'?,. . :".i SM
XXIV---?aarare . 4-i.v.ia
i li'-.'ianirn. 3," 771
Bbbobm. is-.'.07:i
XXVIll?'ii, irio . 4S.I.V1
Hrhaytar . iii7.ui
, .!'? -. ^1 IIUI
IVaui'* . 4U.7-J
Total b?trleta.?M tet
This _akf? in all 821,883 pers,ns, or nenrly
one-sixtli oi the population nf tlit Siat?'. deptived
of reateeenta?on by the Deanoerntae anrcj wuhm
a period of I'our m>???-.-*.
M.U0BITT wrrtiui'T tBJtCEDMXX.
B_tafleaator Oaorge /. Krwin ant*rai :.t the Fifth
At?iaa Hotel ",, Tbaraday from Alhaay, tatebag tahan
tae traln fjr tM- elty after tbe algb-haadei aeatoa af
laVeatrwant-Oovoraor bl>>?iaa an.l tbe Deaaocnlle BB8B>
bera ?.f Ibe rienate, ir, reladoa lo himi'if BBd r--n.it.^_
.-?uvi'.i, and <riomii'i. gaaator BnrtB -a:4 tiiat tiio
oouree al tii" ata] r11> in gectarlng ii?* three aabaaani
niiini'il lu , mt, n,]it ,,f tha >eiiati> *a-i. witliout pree
atenl a..<t bad no arnrraoI la tbn eonaUtan_aB, tha
?tatnt,*> i.f tli- >rate or the rule.s of tll" >.*:.,!?.
?? It i- liup .--:>.!'?." tbe .-"liat'.r -ai.1. " to raBjC?*?
af aiivthlnn more nrhi::ary or linjust. I am lu favi.r
,.f an baawal ?aaaBarattoa I'lii. aad I beaayra tbal u.e
piaiple of tlie 4ll.tr;,l I repi-esent nl-<> favor BBafe
a mea-ure. Hut the men In routrul of
th- Senate woiil'l gtta BM B > ..l?p.Mtunltv
lo Hirti wliei),er tiu* Llll greaaatad by Mr. .Mi.'leHand
ih- Bnaanal tbe JagNtary Co_BaMtaa waa a_a_iat
gletibaiaag was one thal aay Beaala aaaaal reitani aa
atofar aai rlgbl aai ihn i etadi baaaanly favor.
i aabai tbat, baalata *inai aettoa wa- ta_an, the Mll
should be printed >o tliat I rould examine It. ThU
-linple rUht, BBVar tiefi'is' denled In a BBaa of so ureat
Hnportuiii e. wus rat?Bfd Ba_ I wa- ordered to rtvord
my vof either for or ni.-alii.-t B btB of a_B_ I lould
know aetbbig
?? Vfe n"iue-ted to be esrused from vollnc Thia
wa, deatei aa, aad aa oar ra*a_?al ... raeord orn- raagg
nnder .u,ii aatntfeoaa ev.a_aa_a)oaa we wero aaa_eaa]
la roiitenipt and our naiiics taken froin lhe roll of the
.vinale. What tln- Jaa* 1.4,-y t otnniittee, to wliom Uie
mai ter iia- beea raferrad, arBl d,> on the subjeet I
have aa Baaaaa "f anoarlBaj,*
anvatac Brarta baa pmie to us home m st. Laa*.
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