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tiie nou?*F, aaatraxo thit tbk bbcbbd meabt
(BT TLI.l.f.BAril IO Tlie: TBII.C.1E.1
WaaMagtaB. Jaa. 15,-Tbb tfotaufl re-oiutio... were
adopted ha- the Heeiae hVBBJ wltlaoat cbinige. afto .
Mr. Holman had BBplBlBBi thnt tt%8 881 rflOi ?***>? j
did nol mean what 11 BBBB, and Ihat lf lt ahWlM '<* j
aftrfltel it tto** not toterPnre wlth the touineoi m
pracuce of lefljatattaa. n. ether woraa, ^wretl
ihe Hfluaa tha, the ."t.<l res-ilu.ion. whlc. h.,d h.-or,
stipposed to mean lUBBBtblflg, BWBBJ Bat*4BlB0 Bt all and
waa hs Boaflraal and cheaj a yaaee ot de.mag.gy aa Ihe .
T^Ti-hould bave la0flB fl humHIatlng confes,l<-n for
the chairman of the Aajfleofletatkaaa Weainlttee ta
make, but Holman trled re BBBB it Bfl B BBBl er ol
080BB0L aithouph lt araa apparent that he atrippeii u.e
last rag of Maa preh^_ ItBBI his ehlfll wlth IOBJ0
dlaguat and more reluctanre. He WM fareed tO de it. '
howea-rr, bv member- of Ma own party. who would not
be paclfied'wlth prlvate as-tirniii-e that the rBBOlutloo .
waa not llBBjBll to bar fnVure actlon of the Haruee |
ta rcgard to nppropriatlons or other leaMitlon. and
44.S deaipned only fof poltical effeet. They .lcmnnded .
aad bisl-ted that this ns-urni.ee should hc pabBcly
nade on tba floor of the Hoaaa as the Bftao "f thelr
liupporl or allence. On tho other hand. aoaae of the
Demoerats, who favored the BflCBBBJ rcwlutlon 84 it
Btood. kcolded the ven.-mblc clialrman for bta larli Oi
ncrre nnd grlt, and dedared that lf Bfl Bbl uld moal V
his laaalBtlna thev w.mid refnac te support lt He
was thu. bKwe.-n two tlrea, BB0 the rc-iilt of the ro
erclon e.\erclsed hy members Of hla own party wns
seen when he withdrew hl, nmtlon to reeocraMer and
mad.* the flflflBBflfltflfl. before mentloned. The i:
Tniblleana had won a pt* tK t'.rv through 'he
?nlsaen.lona 00 the ninjoritv. and they hart done lt by
pluek aod demandlnc the rlgtt of speech and by fOrcing
tlie Bghtlng at every polnt durlng yesterdaVs debate.
The Democrutlr- purp-.se hns been o-mpletelv liaiflflfflflfl
and the resnlutloes -tai.d out I'- tirlr tn.e liatht BB nn
effuali... of pBMilsjin drmagoii. ''n'r that and notlung
more. They wlll crancly aii?w'-r even to wustc on
Democratic tran?parcnc1ts ln the comlng PlOMflflBlBll
There were eon e Pemomts, however. wbo ?l>
parenUy were flfraM to SruM Mr. Holman'. word. for
aome of them rofd neainst the saror.d resolutjon and
niany more refuaed to vote at all. Indeed. when the
flrst roU-r?U waa flni^hed it wns doubtful lf flflaMgh
Demoerats would vote to make a quorum, but hy dint
of peraon.il appeals a good many arere brought Into Une
on the lerond CBU.
The DlBHMatl who rcfused to truat Holmnn nnd
TOted ajzabist the secoud iflflfltflBBMl were Me*srs.
Amornian, beltzhoover. BbMBBBTI, ('hapman. Coolidge.
Croebr, Plxun, Er.gllah, Qeaty, 0111?*sple. Harter,
Haynos, H<*ar, Bank, of <"x>ih I Lapliam. Lyneh.
Mltehell. Nparberry. Patttm, Rtilly. r-toohdale. Moat.
Traeer, ITiaflirl and Willlams, vt Bftaaai mieetti :
twetnty-flv,. ln all. The iBflflMBBB aa-aa ndTJied l-v a
rote of 104 to 08.
The lirst resohit'on, whlrh deelnres lt to be the
ludgmect of th" Houao that lt wouW N "rel.npnant W
republican Institutlo.-u-' to do |BB88.lBBl| wMfll Bfl
party ln the I nlted t-tntes evor did or proi>o*,od to
do. wa* rarrled by a oaete of 087 Ifl 41. A eonaMeT*
ablo numlvr of Eepubliraris voted for thla, BOl I B-ty
one RepubUrnns-lrrluding aU tl.e promli.ei.t aaaaa.
bor8_v,.ry properly refused to do so, fyr a more arrant
piere of polltl.al aeni-HA>gy wns n"ver framed in
The flrst reawlutlon reads as lollo4rs:
Re?Mved, That. la th" judgment of t'.ila Houae, th"
grantlng of aubaldlea or bouatiea by CBBgfasa, lu mon-y,
publlo lrind.. bonds or by taBaaaeBBBIt,, or by pledge of 0M
public cnallt. to pron-cw apecial prlvate mdu.trle. or en
terprlsen of oorporotiona. iLdapondent cf the uueitlno of
the_BliiBiarl i??cr of Caagraaa to Mka aaeh paala,
la nnjuat and Impolltic, and in BBBBtlrM coutllct .tiu, Iba
apint of our repnbU-an toatttutiona. a? It direotly t4*nd?
to creataa and fo.tar the wealWi of favored aMaaaa at BBB
expemv) of Uae anaata people who bear ihe burde.i. of per*
arnmcut. and manlfertly furnlahe* undue facilltie* for the
Bill |- of mat prlvat- er-'aua-a BaMley arhleh a
j . i of the aeepM BBanat raatty or wfly enco-.-.rag*
by any farra of favoiltlam tn l?ot?latioo.
The seeond reaolaitlon ls aa folloavs :
Raaolved, ln vlew ot the prejJ?nt eondltlon of the Treaa
nrr and berauaa efticlent and honcat aovernnient can only
be' aaeured by the frugol expendlrur" of thu public money,
wh'le unnsceaiaarT and Wa-Nh fxpiaalltarea under any .nd
all condltlon. l?a* lnevltably to v-n.l and crr-.pt
methoda la public affalrs, no rraoAy ou.ht to fc? appre
prlated by Congre* from the BBbttt Treis.iry, except euoh
a.*. la roanlfeaUy n*ce?-ar.T On carry on tlm aevrrol de
partments ftU0aUy, efflcleatiy and hoaestly BBBBaMaBaael
njaabBagtaB .Tan. l.v-The Hoaaa Ooaataittea on
Hiver*. and Barboae to-a_y >>? gaa aetaal arorb oa tbe
prepa-aUon of a Blver and Harbor Approprlatlo-i blB.
The commlttee wlll carefully |B over eaeh eeBaaate
Bubmltted, heginnlng wlth tbe State of M_ne. No
peneral polley nor any llmltatlon s? to the aa-fc-regaU'
amount of the bill have >et been deridrd upon. Mem
bers aai-, however, that it h *?> to aaaajae tbal tbe
biu wiii be etnnadarabty teaa tban that of the i?t Oetv
pre", and that no new iniprovenients wlll be recom
mendeil anbaa they a'<- af exceptional nierit.
The frt-nd* of Um pla'i to alTord n-liof t<. ti." Rit-at
wheat-irtowinK lagtoa af the far Northwe-t by tbe eoa
atrurtion of a canal Bf ablf rallway around tbe Dallea
on the rataaalla Bear, aad tbaa afforfi water trana
portatlon to the Pacille Oeean. have abandoned tbeae
more costly pro'erta. and will endeavor to have a le-*.
expenslve work of improvernent aalhorlael by Con*
?jr***!. Reprosentatlv- Herntaan, of OreRon. lO-day in
trodured a btfl havlne this end ln view. It npi> oari
ate* f*41*.00i. lor the co:i*.tnietion of a porta^-c i-lway
around. the DelltB. The removal of Ibe r>.-.ll<-*- <?
atrietlons would i..aHe the Columbia navigal,.- for .,04.
mlles furth-r tha.-i at pr?*nt. Eliihteen mlllion bush
ll, of wheat ?wc:a M-ually nodaeai ln tbe eonfiw
trlbutary to the part of the Onlumbla River above the
Waihlnirton. .lan. 15-A bill of much Intere-t to
ahippinK aiaiiibaata wa- t_t*aa_cad m the House to-day
bv Mr. Coombs af Broolilyn. .V. Y. It amend- Sertion
0,774 of the Revlsed Statutes (whi'-h nqu,:-"- tnaatera
of vessela arrivinir at a I'nited States p;,rf to makr*.
wlthin fdrty-elght hour. after arrivaJ, to the r*o_selor
of _? dl.-trlrt, a r.-p .n in the form of a mar,1fr?t. and
conUinlng a'l tbe particulars recjulred to be Inserled In
and verifled llfce a manife-ti bv provldlnR that any
nia'ter arrivltig at a port '? for orclei-s." and who**** port
ot dlichaige or ladlnu ha*. not been deelared, shall not
be rompelled to de.-lare snch port of di-e.h,ir<re or la*llnrr
wlthln the fortv-elght bOB8- lt aUo amen,!- B i ilo.-i
3,r07, Rev?ed >tatutr? iwhlrh i-pcrlfle. what ninst V
statetl ln the ajaadfaat), hy providl:e that a reaiel
arrlViag at anv 1 mteu ,-tate*. p ,r "for .. d'-r-' roa)
have lf BO entered upon tho mar,lf?t in lieu of the
name of tlie port <>f "0_charfe and ladlt.g."
Wnshlnrton. Jan. l.l.-The mb?commlttee. of the!
fce.iate I 'ommitN-o on liriance, nnder the dir.-cuon of
la?hUr Aldrich, _M beea uelively nt work kitely ln j
the dlMiinic*. of Ibe duty d> vulved upon lt by ihe
r?oiutlou ol lhe bcnate adapted at the c)o-e of tlie
last Oaa*ffjaaa, dliemBag the eaenaBtttae to make a re*
yort upon tho eftcct upon tbe eaaatrg "f the McKlnley
aet and past -irilt aelB. To.HBBffOfj -senator AMilrh,
occompanied by Senators Alllson, lIUccli, (ai?ata aud
llarrts, the remaining wen.bc-i-, <>! tba BB--4*nmwHtea,
?alU proreed to N'-w York, where tbey Mneet to
* remaln for eaaaa daga, lnve*URatinc personaliv t!.,<
wori-Dars af the etfeet of the adm.nlstrutlve.aaettoaa of
___rlBi*n1_e rerenoeB and bi-lm-**, of the conntry.
aad eoMtUUng wlth oflircrs of tbe caattaeaa aervice and
hftBlnivs men.
Wa-.lnr.ton. Jnn. 15.-Mr. BarabaaiJ. of UBaOta, has
lntroduced in the Houae a bill havma as Na "bU-< t aa
improvement in BBBBtBg B9J the people of .he eoantry.
The bill aiifi.orir-s tbe BBtabBehaBOBt "( aaadh-f aebaola
at the World's Falr, for which iUOO.OOO ls approprl*
ated, and ot slmilar Behaohl a, Ne-v-York, Wasblagton
and Chlcago. for whl. h BlSOjaOO is i.pproprmted. A
1 preacble to tbe bill 1*8.rthBB UN B_B Of uniformity ln
' the m.-Uiod af anajNng. and tl.e I:iile ntt.-ntlon paid to
* this branrh of educatlon ijeiierally. It 1- BTef -"I 10
' eorrect this as far as possible by tbe eetabn_*n_nl of
tlieae large schools, with the ndditlon of 1(X) 8888-1 -r
onee ln varlous part* of the rniiiitry ; an1. aeeordtag to
851bill. Cba_aaX atory, ef Qrieato, is ta imve gee*
eral dlrectlen ? the propotw-d reform.
Wa-ilugton, Jan. 15.-l)eU-gat? Smllh. of AjUona,
tO-Jay Ir.ti-iKlucvd a hill provldlng fur the admlsslon
of the X.-rrltory of Arlrona Into tha Lnlon ln ac
cordance with lhe Constltutlou heretofuro rsntftai and
adopt-d by tbc BN*fBl "f the 'IVrrltory. The a<-t la
to take eirei t on .lanuary 1. IfatB. The i>e"],lc of lhe
Territory art- nnthor_ad at the prneral elecilon ln
November to elect state offi.ers and inenibors of tiu*
~_.__* Bemn. lUqdMcXally Iadexed AUaa of iho
Leglslature nnd one Repreaentatlve In Congres*. whose
teiBBB, except a-, to thfl R.-pr.-scirtatlv... -.hall beglfl at
the time thfl ael take, eff.rt. At the meetlnc pl tha
LegMattire two Inlt-d stat--- .-enotors an- to be th"-' ?>?
RrrntF.Nfii M f.nt me ni ci n* f.
Waaaingtoa, Jaa. ls.-Aft'i- soiemniy **a**^ in
favnr Of ???"?<-: omV to tjetde the "ibal P""p!<*" '" ' ;T
the p.-ni'x-n.tle majority in the Hotise, wlthout panslng
to take breath, l-egnn the ,oii*l.b-ratioi. of the reporl
of the fron.inittee on AeeouBla in navor of tae efl.pl >i
-ent ami peyaaaal of clarka for aB the aoandlng aad
aatod cn.inltt.-es. Two of ta- Hcn.orratli- BWBlberB
of the (ormtilttee oppo-aed the report on the ground
that It I'ca.rnnionded the appointii.ent of derka io a
number of (ommittees whlrh BeMoaa or never BBflfll
and never have any bBjBtrjeaa to tnir,-a<t. ThM they
re-arded a. not only a vlolation fll thfl great DeflMN ratl.
Kiea of -etxaaeary," but as a pfeeo of tBaaeaaaUa
Tii.-v were not tho only DflflaOeraM *vho took W
vlew of the nmtter. nnd for more thnn two boara a
aol dei.ate laaaal on tha Demoeratk -idc over lhe
qaeaUon The great featuie of the afteniOOB'a debnte.
however. waa the speech of Mr. lioiitHle. of Malne. who
kept the Hooae la conviii-ions of Mafbter whUa bfl
held tho loor,
When tl.e HotUBi tben tooB up for eooaMflratlOB the
report "f the Cotnn.lttee on Arn.nnta. BBSigBtaB etertia
to the eartooa rommittees Mr. m>uer*-on. of Kentnrkv.
,,?oied BtoMattei to shOW that there was undue cx
pendlture ln this respi-rt.
Mr BOBtner, ol LouIbBBBB, *poke ln favor of an
an.endm.-.it author./ing each member not a ??*??"
of a eommlttee to appotnt a oaark, and be thought
tLl iBrt an aut'ioilrailon would resul. In the dMpeteh
of prlvate bu-ineaa.
Mr Moaei of Lnulelana, supported the report of
the eommlttee. lf Oonfreaa -xp<-<-ted lo ???*??****
extracgan. e m the derartments lt Brart be provlded
wlth coininittees.
Mr avi-e, 04 MrplDii.. not only surpnrtert lhe eom?
mlttee report, bu. adrorated .he appnintBient Of ln
dlvldual clerks to membere.
Mr afaitaaV, Bf MI?onrl. miM tliat he bnd roted
aanlnM the grar.trnp of suhsidles and be was opposed
to rot.ni a luhsidy of a?.104J a venr to tiie elihlrman
of a comnrltree to whirh no publlr BBJ8Ba84l araa ever
referred. .
Mr. Cummlngs. of New York. Baajgaatfld agnlns-t the
effort bo redurc th- BBflaBCI of .-"mniittee CJeiBalBPS.
For <;od's wike. he Bai 00 not a*k eBBBfllttteea to And
I thelr own thread and bnttona. He Imd knuwn fron. ??
: pcrlei.ce ln the Honse thnt at the pachinhie of ev.-ry
! term of Congreaa UflBfl W400 rertnin men (whether they
??re rn.non.bts or not he rnutf not aay), who B>
1 Hberately began bv BttBtog a fltBBOSBl Ihat nienib.-rs
! of the Hooae abooM tta th-ir baada Bnd fcel und then
' attempl to w.-iiu flfal do livslDeaa. Bal be ivrteed
that when 11 CBBM to v.rtlng appreprlntl 818 for p-ntl'
Bmbj at the other end of ih* ObbMbI the H?aa rui
not w.,i. to 08 MM what thesc get.tle.i.e.. re-iuln-d.
The Houae h.d. in yeara eoii- by, trled to tn-*tifi.ie
L bobi, by wpeallng lhe fnmhin? prlrflege. Whal
bad ben tho reaalt 1 There was not a man ln th,
Hotue ro-day who araa aof payrng eul ef bM own
iK,.-kct from -'.0 rcj.ts to ?1 a day for pwtage. For
whati Tor his OWB hu-ine,,' No, for the hns.ueM
of h.s eonatttncnta. Now ll wns prop ajed, ln nddit.on
tl ? the il.air.nen of con.tnltteea aboojd 1^ nempelWd
lo oo ti.eir owb wert-ajM thelr pena nnd paper, wall
ta the atatonery rooai and hava r.vir mneltage bottM
BJMd, wnir BBOB then.scKe, and pay Mr thelr^OWB
BBBarlBg, whclli was not done Bl the other end of tl.e
(apit il. (Laughter.) _^
Mr lioulelle, of Mnlne, laagan nn o.-nusbii "P'*'?h
OO the situatlon by the BB< lamn.l.'D : " What a ("mirnl
old humbug the Pcmocratlc paitr is." Yyar after
year, he aaM. Oongreaa after o,,gre,c there bad been
tha BBBia old tune on on*. string. lle had Bat her*
veiterdav and looked upon ihe renmraiiMe apeetBCle
prenei.ted bv the gentleman fron. Indlana .Mr. Holman..
who admtnlMcred to thfl brethren BIXHUBd Mn m BBfl
MthlC doaes fha medblne of retrenehm-nt aod retaCBl.
Vhere waa BOBaBtlaBMJ fa.nillar about lt. and he had
ttied to recaB what B waa. He had at laat beefl aUfl
,o do ao. H nll mnie l.ack to Mm. U WBfl arflfy
ataaplfl. HIMon- wns mpentlnB ItatM. TIh. perfi-rni
anca was riaBBaf a repetUton of the portralt ******
Dlckona, aad the earla-aaarfl of cn.ik.hnnk. arho baa
flOBleted that famon. cvcnt aahep Mra. B^flBBTfl gathrr.*d
the boya around her and adtnli.tM^red to tbem with a
long aOOOO thelr aoee of retrenrhment and reforni. ta
W,o ahape Of hrln.M.ine nnd trea- le. for tbe pMaaoaa Bf
K.a.iin, driwn thelr upi"-tlte nnd M.rlr.c prerlMona.
(I ,ugi ter i No". aeeordtng to tho pr-nniintred form.
Mr Becbsnlfl arnee, and arltb tnfb-e ln one band nnd
_? amcndmcnt ln Ibe Otber, nnderlo-k lo f..ll..'.v the
^.t onward eoxxnm of retreacnmenl and ragorm. them
? er friend. tbe Ber. I7ta?band, of Kantiielry. *....,.*
m wltb "btaaa roa, my ehMrnn.* aad Baeajoanaal hla
hanedletta- There wns more af biatary aaal ran la
veaterday'a proceedlnjB than be aad e*m befbre wlb
Maaad on tbe aaar of tbe Hoaaa. There araa Ma
rolatlle friend from Alubnma ''.Mr. WUeieT , Mbe
,?n,p.-d npon tbe bacb of dC-nte artth aa ab-rtty arldeh
readn-nl one of tho ra8e*8aantall?a of tbe *********
Iheory, Umeint, upoa tbe baeb of tbe trlrb ?.
ILwgbtar.) Ti.at gaattoaaaa bai atarted lo hurl waae
thlag or other baek arltb aeorn. He bad got Into
tumcultira wlth hla rolea. He aad anened np Bta n
lealttope on >* Mlaataalppl t_vnt .'ca.nu.at. and bt baa
?aoand np like a l__jreep wltb tba pncumonla.
(Laaghter.) Th*; B*nta*aaan bad rea?aand bfan el one
?l tboae ntriern aatant nbUa al r_taen'a, wltb a
l-a-eaiocrapb wlthin it. humetiincs nu Iroperfeci
nUnder got Into the nu.rhni.-, aad from tbe ntapa "...
ol a braaa band, II ran down ta a leeble axjaeab,
; (Laag*?4_..* h? wa- atraU that tbc _g_tieaaaa had
Ibrahen somethiuar Ui;ide blaaaalf.
I There was a treltk-maii from Ml&so.irl (Mr. BeeMarjr),
'a geoBeaaaa who wh. baaated all tbe ttnta by tta
!alaht_are "I aw>reheriMn:i that ho aaa tOO Rood look
Iiir to be tataa for n I.emocnitlr nUte-,man, nnd Ihere
tare tab obtfcjad ea all ee?**aalona to kts-p up the as
iiirance of Denioerallc party orthodoxj.
After all thl- eaaaa the ' deus ex ma'-hlua." tbc
pentleman from Indlana. und'-rtali'iii.' to Btart Iha
n.-form nwhlnrry by prote-taUou*.; aadartablng ta
denl V.th publlc affalrs as If tbey were a htetal lu
thes'ot mnrblnc, BBd even then nttempUiiR to ebenl
tbe ma.blne by di-o-pplnr. In a aogu, nbli'L (U.uaU
Mr. P.outelle then profeeded to tnvelRh uf.'tn--t the
Democratl,- pnrtv for lt*- lurk of palrlotlsm, BByBlg tbal
in the ln-t atn BBentna he bn.i beard only of one aa_-*Me
remarh being innde bv a Oemocrnt., nnd thut Dumocmt
tvbs a araaaan. He referred m the aaMniabla wife of
the preaeal oovernor ef the great Mate of Mear-Yark
Tbnt lu'iy. ",. visiting tbe BaeeuBrje ataaataa, erMch
for Bavretal torms hml been orcupled by Deian ratJc
tnrhelor* bad. In an li.tervlrw wlth a IMW8flfl0?ar cor
rcspondent, alluded to the necesslty of refuriilshlng
lhe lion*-. Baa hnd sald ou that oceaMen lhal lt aaa*
?ot Beeeaaary, ln order to pal the Oa-i-erniVa manaloB
ln ord.-r. to go l.eyond tbe coullnea of the AJaertoaa
BepnbBe. (Apphwae on Ihe Hepnl'U'-nn Mde.) **he
i,nd rarther hM that, ta otder t.. any her daoghler'a
trimiaean ahe imd found lltHc oo-nsion to g" beyond
the -ahops t.f Wnfrtown. When the lirm, th.-ic <M
not haair ti.c arttele ii.li-d far, ahe wonM bay theaa
,rf lhe iii.i'iufacturcrs or tl.e taBBOTtera. (At tl.e mi.rd
- inip.i,-i?-r-," the Deaaoerata Barat i'.to laug'iiVr, as lf
the ln'iy's reaaarh t4a*engthaaed tl.e. fMBBoeratM rhy*
?l thfl sltuatli.n.i Mr. lioiitell.- th-r. read hla c'litoiia!
from "TN Reii Vorii Tlm.-s," of Jannary 7, 1009;
The retaraa treai tiie Bareaa ol BtattoUc. ol oxpart. of
ni-srviiaiiQiac roattaaa t.. ba (.f a tkmrottm alaaply BBtraor.
rUnaiy. '" I."' rnnrith of Nov rr.h-r. 1801, tWer, tOKt*
'?? 0110,000,000, 4 lalrlliiL- a n"t bBtaaee BB Bgalaot aapaWta Iii
! !a4or of thi* (-'.unti-r foi lhal ui.inth BlOOM of o'-'-r *f..0("?.
' 000. and bilncla.' the B4B b*bUB4M lor taVTjM n.mitl.s pr-vlmis
Bt Blllllbtl 1 ao innrlv 0100,000^000. II la l?pa0Olb*?
that aueh aaaad Baeta aa theae at-all not ta.ll wlth tfr'-al
'? etl'-cl upon tl.e OtUOIOl pro*p.-'it.4' "I Iha icm.rv. I BJ IJ
tavalee dltoaaiy % fleg-iea ef praBt. a. Uaa BertcBltarel i la -
Itaal ha* ii..t beea haaara in tootok yaara, und Mlrectly ta
the uaaaaortatlfra ani BteaaMetartaB lalaraata. Mean
while inoiiiy contlriura entii. ly eaay and aMateaMa by all
wl.o have a K fiunat" u-e for It, aud ?o far aa r."
After the Crip
j .'unvalbarenco l? very alow, and to r*'Ovrr lhe haaBtV
I lone x gixrf Uinlo la abaoluteljr aecva*?ry. ilooa'a .Sar
I aaaarUta laa haaa aaai arhb araatttifal aaeeeaa a. a
I buimiin-'-'iii BUBlllBI B-g blml purlller ?fl<*r attiek* af
the Qrla, alter TyphnKl K'mt, S.?,|Ht tttat D r.hXi'rl.,.
I paeaaaota or otaer piaeaaaatag ghaaaaa It |n????ci?.es
; just thi* bal-lag Bf elfect ao much m*ed>d; it vltali/.a
\ raal rririrh<-a tlie Ihm and iBIgat?B_l< htead, and lt in
I vIgOMt.n lhe kldneya nnd Btlmiilatea II,- llv. r .?? tba'.
] they reminie rttular and heallhv actlon. 1 'liou.anda of
I i,i*uple ba>e tak, n
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Aa a piev nlU" ?I the Qrlp with ancci-... Thoiisanria
have foand ln It rMtoraMou ta bealth aad atreogta aft*r
thia dreaded cem?lalat.
miking Soe? mm h no vl-ltl- reaaon why the Unlted
.-? ,'? - rhraH aat have a "bappy .**>*-.Year."
And Mr. Spenker, contlnued Hr. BfaB88_e, lhe only
peopie la tha mited eaatea to_ay erba fc?n w aawa
ln thal aaplrattaa are Hraaa aba tdaini to bo tbe
leadera of the Ix-morrutic pnrly. and I wlll s?y to
Ihcm In cncUi-lon tbal tbe p-*opta "1 ?,',,' cr';,|
tcu.itry aw golng to imve n happy a'"1 ? pronpoiaai
,.,.?? yaar. In iptte of tbe Deaw rat- nartj, 1**^*
mtntrom ladlara, fHr. Hobna i anB bh HtUa t-anb
nmehine. (Apptaaee on U.e RepaliBcan ****'
Mr. Diioe, ,f T-iBgaaea, enden*rare? ta aaB a
question. and on Mr, Rontelie, refaalng io yleld.
ra-r-i-t.-d ln his crfort. arhteh tad Br. Boata-a to
remark tbal tne geadt-Ban'a aattoa n*aa a dtaeonrta? v
t? the ird*' .aa nol to Mai (Hr. ,;":,M1;;'; ''?
then mi.Mi farther froai Hra. rToaret-- n. er.to*.
in whi'h ata atntea tbal ita l? an A"""? h "?
and thr.,,.,:,. aai Itai .ba ta. f* tn And ajMttet
Mdcheaper ptace ln which to ahoptban ?? Amerttan
storea. (Applnu.e on BepnbB* tn doW ,,_.irt(-4
Mr comntoa ol Haryland, ??mended to .re,irt*nt
,?i Mi- !..r.i-..n tta ,-d ?.CyJS
Flower. aip-riaiiy in regard to tba **^***iot CMB*
(UaejBter and enplanae an f*""*^ ^_d to the
M, tuniniliiit, ofNcw^V,,,.: :v '>^'^(
Bpaaeh ef ihe gentbanar, Iroin Ma n ina
K* tbe two M.?,-,:. -ta ?2*-i^?5
of VewVi.k. Ibe Btate deW BBB >' "
S,oSJoO andltat **:,.*.,,"". 1-1 bo.-', taftlatta
SUur, wben Oovernor ......ggSJJJSTB
bavlng been empty wben f'jover < kjv??
^ Enk^^nne-ee^S -a, fiL afco m*loyed
man from Ittdtaoa (Mr. iMinanj"Jf**' Th,. ~nt.em_i
M tba otttbnrat of publli ?'?* >? "? ?? N .neer,
U-eai'le to tho h"J-- " ,?,,,,"?' iinii ..n-r a tl.."' ""'
W? gS3__i_*y_i_
r.,,i,. i?,i ?r?*^ **_f?*y.;,","..',? ? u..
DemorraUc party vns now *-'?'"?
-tat" to aeel tbal freedo- "t fle?ate wnicn ih i aaa
an ^m,;n':;!:;e':,,'^,';,.i!;na.,',:n,ircw hl. awgtment,
and ,'lU.'"uJ >r. Ralnea, ol Sexw v-rk wa- aee_ir
Soor Vir. T;u-u, of Mavrylaod, demandad
the prevl
Mr Beed, of Maine-Ia tho efTert af tbat to .ut off
^The'spenk'T an tem-The Chalr wlll reply to the
^pfi mVtm *StaW to gn tn our -n
Btate. ... order to tare (bat tronm *?*?*? *****
ine ii.ii. ? .__?.., ..j ,?T. Iaa; and tho mn
fority wJi. '"iiidb^rtnVtdla f I l-trtt-entaa etaeta,
wa.) BgrBOa to. __^,_
Mi:. sT.'Nl'.s atBCiraOCTTT BBfajIXTIOH.
Waablnglon, Jan. IiV-Reaa.atnttfa st..,.'*. of
Kentn :<v ie one Deaiiocral arho ptafeasee to be anntona
,., tearn all aboni tba affecta of rednrc-fltji npoa tbe
axporl tiaale of tM- rana-T, a d he baa arrortlnall
offered and the Haaae baa adontad a rraolnBon re
qoeatlng the ftacretarj af tbe rreaaury to fnnnah thal
Uon, tritb b a>balated lUtea rent ol tbc eaporte ta
Porto lUeoaad tta Dontlnl aa Bepnblle tace tiiere.i
proelty agreenienl a?an1 Into effeet, aaVrtflng whnt ln*
, re ;... ir .,?,', :.. I ihen ptace aa ? t''-*' Brae.
*,.,. sto, e ibowa a .-..mm-ndHi le dupealttoo to taarn,
0,.rt tj aeiaaH etrnnfa Ihal be -louid bav- ooltted
Oata and Btnsl] rrom bl r*wtattan. tn tleai of ter
_ln taets. ln the oa-t pbtca, the anrmal e*l?orta to
P?rto i:i.o ar.d san Donung.-bb ed, bi the rear
endM .lune 80, l??o ihe laal one for which fall ra
?roe bave been imbtabed amoonted lo only ?n.m.
?.-,1 whlto eMv.ru ta Caha aa* anted t? Bi'J..'? ??"?'?
ottoorttm* M8?ah. In tbe amayear tha export?
from tbe n.itod Rtataa to Braafl aararanted to Bli
400 it tbaa afpean tbat Mr. 9t*ittm*i re .InUon ralta
lor a rra * an toaa Bm II 1-4, per eanl ol ibe ea
port trade affacted by the w-Ptnclly Bgi-een>t*nl i '
m foree The g-lBalon of Cnba .tri, ta I.H l i
.tare i-tgnlar ? vi.w of tba btet fbal Cnta ar.d .?or...
Bh , arere n.ri.idM m tbe a__l agreenianl and aani
Into effed oc Ibe M,r,.- day. geadawber l. i-" rne
afrecn,.-.U w'.tf, tl.e l."...:r.:' ?'? < ? t went Int-.
,.fT. rt on the on'.uu dats.
in the FMflnd pbkb, Um fla-reetoenl with BraMl bo
cam. operaMTe flvo nontha before tbe other agreeme,,.
ma-utioted. a,,d for Ibat raaaoa if Boother, the omU-Km
oi tbat country from tl.e ra ??: -? bb aeeina not oall tm
uatnral. but iBeacuaabla. It l.I IneiplUaiMe. h -.4
rv.r ta etew ol Mr. aHono'a tataeaenl ta a r-v arter ol
??Tbe WBjTJllBfftOB P-v.t.- Ifl whi.h Ue BBtd. ?? 1 vu.t
tbe toantry ta bnow ****** taMra baa flflfla anj
.?-.u-t,rai benefH to u.e Aa I an i- pM rtnee uae m
aupuratloB oltlvaia re4.pr0.-al ?**-J^v^{^^
tjiea menuoned In my reaaoluttou. l baa 1. t e
ated all lhe r*elatl , I t tl .-.'??i. . **? ???" " ;"..
gjn .n. I haara BWde b rareful '''??"?'??? "?' ,',,',.
matter a- lar as 1 have been nWo, aad 1 do ""''"*
'?:,- ihat .,i,4' iood ha reaulted t- Uie people. lf .
!,,,. nd'.au"" 1 ahall ba very irJad m aeanowWgo lt
? ??
Waahlngton. Jan. 10.- The 0ei ite ComaUtl
.ludii.arv araa ta aawtOfl foi aereral aonra thta after
aoon - o'.-.ld- rlng the '-.idliiaa BomtaaOona. .-- al
Turpia uppearad befora Iho CBflBIBlttee to pi rU I
agalnal tbe conarmatloa * Judge Wood'i nomloaBon 10
1111 lhe plaee on the VUtit Judlctal ClmUt K<
Voorheea who la the prtae pal - pp nenl of th- aom
Inntlon, la nol ta Wa hlngton and arlU notreaeh bcra
befora oeat we#h. It la Iha totentlon ol Ibe oppai
enu of the nomlnatlon to u a earen ?"' :? meanwMl.
,? po?tp roe d-.i-iv BCtton npon li unUl lhe Indlaau
benator returna to Wa hti - - 1 rotB a?h?t ran be
ratbered from Intere.l d per .na lhe oppo Itton to
jodge Wood'a Bomtoi t-"" la '-f-t Uhely to baare the ap
Dort of anj BepabBcan riei-iatofi Bnd tt will doul
ae I'oi.f.rn.'jd ln the . .,i .- "i time.
it appeara lhal eme Btotawta ban b! i beiea Bled
aflBlBBl Uio .Ol.I.in.aUii.i Ol JBdfB MeCOCBalCB, nor.i
inin.d lo i.n a plaee oa thfl i-uu rtreolt Theae m -
t?-t- it ;s K.id, gro-.v out of IBe aettno of ib- Ju*tc*3 ta
dtopcatng otahtyxWe prceentcal lo him ?* '??*"*
Oraham, Tea., >.s an Indncenieat to iiavuae blm u> Bra
in that ptoee._i
TKVlv.. 'fi I'lir.vr.NT DBAIatKOI 110 PlITBEB.
waahlngton, Jan. 10. Ba nre lentatlare Ataxander. of
North CareBna. today latn-im-"! lato Iha Ila
UU retettoa to "gambBnB tu agri<*nltaral arodacl
Thla gambUog, BccordlBa to the bM. la deflned ta be
ii eootraet to aall lar tatawa BeBeery corn, wheat, onl ,
rye. barley. flte., ti.c eofltractor or aeller not belng
theowaer, or ng-nt of lhe owner, at lhe ttiafl of the
BaaMng of tho eoatTaet. The l.lll exehalea froai lhe
natj aai Mttera, pflfllal earia or Mrealar. '"-??
gjjtnbririg ta BatteBJaaraJ atoaacta, aod ebeeha, drafta,
lillb. iii'.ti.T, BBBBbI nores or aBOBI/ mdeia for u*e
fnr aaeb paaTBoae. lt *i*o - icMdea froai tl.e n.ali
BewaBBpera, Mreadara, aajnphleU <,r puhii< :.t!..n. of
anv Mad rontnlnlng iitlv-rtl-em. nts. Mlea*rBB0BC IB*
aeets, or ettter artielea aivtiii; a^rotatton** of any flaaraw.
relattna t.. puiibiine lt. ngrleuliut-.J prodacta. A taa
of flu a word 1* havted on each Interaute MtaaTapb
or teJenhooe maa age ..-"i ta flM of the kambling
nferred to Ib the Bfl*.
Braahlnflten, .lan. 15.-IB hla pi-^t thla rnorntoi
ln tha iiouso the Chaplaln feattngiy altaded lo the demi.
of Iheinike or Oaratee ani af naralaal MaantBg.
Among the htin introdaced and ..-'-. .--i ?<~.e bm b:
B| Mr. l..ine, of IIIIik.I*.-?PfcielBg aBlt, luinber, iialls,
eattaa Bea, Ma-ahag twlaa unJ agrtCBltaral tarflBaaaant.
on u.e free llat
i.v Mr. MudgtiHs, af TflBBaaaaee Tb ptaee aall on the
free ind.
On nn.lloti of Mr. Mereriith. of Vlr-.-.r.ia, Fehruary 0
waa oal aparl rta lhe a^a*ery M eatogiea t.. th.* hrta
Bcpreaentatlve Lee, nf \ iigimu.
Mr. Hatrh, ol Mi- .-.ri, BatrodBced a. biu BiTrandlni
the Prcld.-ntliil --... '?'? -.OA i" t so a to u'ld th- offlce
of Secretary ol Aarleulture after Ihat <>f tha BOcretary
al tho im..lor. Befenvd.
The Hou ? adjouined un MonaBy.
WaaMBglon, Jaa. 15. ttopraaentollare AMerao.f
Weat Virgitiia, I.mIuV inn "Im e,l a re-aili.li.iii in the
Ji'iu-i' lo oppotat ft (.itniiint'-e of aearea BMBabera ta La
veaUgate eortaln rbarae. brawght agataM u.e inai.a4*.>
ni-ni of the Cenaiia onice.
Wa-iniigton, Jan. 15.?Tba offera of iflrer to tbe
Treaaary Departaaeal to?.y aggregaical 4?1,000
4UIIIII--. Tbe BJBOant purvbii .''I tlO* fc?1,000 ea_eaa,
a* f.illows: 1?W,(XH) oul!.? at. 9M49', 10C),u00 uu.ces
(U tf.UliOO.
Waataagtoa, .lan. 16.?Tta Cotrtrolter <-f Iha ?'ur
laney ha- aartaitd a nral dividend of 40 per ??? :,t la
lavor or iba rw-lliVa af tbe Havertoh Natlonal luuk af
Bcaton on ilairu, protred, amounBng t > I 5,1 M.n.v.i.
I'KF.-F.P.VATliiN OP \VK**TF.KN rX>B_B_l.
tTaahlagtOB, Jan. I.'j.-S.-i-p'tary BObta baa artttaa
Irttera to tba laaatc aad Hoaaai CoeaaMtfeea aa PabBe
LandB, arglag thnl praaapl aad enVleal Btaga be lafcea
Tbi* J. thr. (.. Iluiifrl HiT?ina ( ?.'?
Maaikattan 11.?er .- t,re,\? h?B Bta l? *>l Mall and i|..|...
Claar aad wki/iwoiae. Order bx mili. i?8 Eaat 38th-.k
Tiles, Open Fireplaces,
Household Art Cpgds.
UH1DH SQUAREt *?-- >cor. Broadway.
Ko ald at-avk. MlfllJrafalBI a1**1'- Mtlafactvary.
bv Coagreaa to proaect and pra-erre from fepraftatfona
U.e for-.srt r.-se,-vaUo..H l^J^J?"*0' bCC"
ci-.iil.il by pro, hmiatlon of the Prcsldent.
IILE HJLE9 OF thk iiur-E.
TIU M SliMi: PBOBABtX I-T.ATlT.1-'*'.
Washmgion, .la... 10 (Spctlab-Tivo year*. ago tha
DetnonaN BBWlfld themselves tataiM and aveni about
-,4,ti, haafla Bpllfted iu i.o.n..- beeauae ihe Repablcan
majority ln u.e Haean, of BtfiBBBBtatlrea or th- UM
Congreaa began lhe DBadMflfl of legUhUloB andei tha
forn.s and BMgea uf "general p:.illai.-.-i.i..ry laaa" and
..ruiecde.l Irttb lt untll a <"d" * rul.-s had 1""'"
(roaaed and adopted. li-puMi.-ni. taatltationa arere Ib
d'H.ger then, nnd tvninuy ruled Iho hour. TWO *li"rt
y,-.-i.-s bave pn-e.1. and b'hohl, lhe I)".u'" nitl- t.ia
julllv Ul Ih- H"..*4, of l'-|il-sriit:itlv-s of tiu: Ud
CaiMgraaa i- 0flln0 peflfllBfliy ti"- BBBae thing. aad how
long it will BOBIIBB0 to he done BB n.an mn BOW
toreaee. Ho beginatof haa been rnade ta rramlag
,, eodfl "f ruh uo nie-tltiK- of the Omiiiltt'O Bfl
RaMa hns vet beea beM i" hegln tbat aai.rk. of
ttmm thla i* dae Ifl part ta lhe aerloau iiine-^s ,t
ppeahor < it-p. arho haa beea.0ned to ?..-* bed dur
Ing ii- aaal thraa ...-chs, and waaa, aitin.uci. con
vnl-i"i.f, arlll probiibly not Ik- alde ha Bttond a
tne.-.niK' of th- otrmmBtoe tor a areeb to eome. it
bj BB4BBratO0d that th- otiier Ix-u.??cmtlc uieinhers of
the oaBiflalflor. Mcaiera IfcMUllfl ond CatehlBP -have
MM s.'.nei infoimnl dj*rua>loiis u. regard ta Berttla
leut.ires of the BfOpOOed ' "'.-. bttl that, even thev iinre
not taken op lhe s.ii.j-i t excepl In th.* inoM tentatlTe
44 ay. Thera ims beea, of eoono, ao eooaaltatlon
ijHajTvea Iheai and the BepabBcan Bieaabeta of lhe
(uniniltt. -e.
It is nneVraatood thal Meaara, MeMtQIfl nnd int'ti
taga have fonnd ol l*a?t one polol of dlaagroeniena,
rhe Iflal ii u e Dxed lhe qnorum >f Ih* Oommlttea of
the tVbole ai 100 iii'-n.:' i -. ii p:-.4i i-.n ahlch araa
'. | to vi orfe 44-, ii ro praetlee, farlBtatlng the l*nna
acthan <f bnMBeaa arlthoot ta lhe leaal etidangertag the
Integrlly of l'~i latlon. it appeara tiar Ihere l? ?
^ifTrr-i..f oplnrin between Ne ra. BcMIUln and
fatehlBga ... t-. th- prapifety ?.f embodyh>0 tiil. pro
vtatoo ln the new ru!-* a qaealloB of propriety aol Iy,
f..r onbody donbta U.e wtadom of tha proarlalon. Bnt
wiii lt .1" t > adopt aay proflalon Whntoirer of tho
?i:.-.d rnlea" la an taiportanl ow Uon, .-. hard aai to
cm? li.
Th-re | aof irni'li d..ti!.t tha' th- ?'H -liuaii Mr-i"
,t angrafttai a pro*rl*iloB wMeb will all .w of th?a
faatoBlBB "f "lidera" to ejaneral appropriatlon MIM
?a.u be reeo?a?ended f..r adoptlon vheaarer a toao
la reti.ii.e.l t.. tl.-- HotUBB, Thal 44 i. t .tit.d fo be II
moat rtrloaa provtatoo when it aaa ln ftarce yeara
ago aad Ibe Deraocrata Ibetnaelve. dtararded i* wben
Ihey bad eantrol of tbe llonaa, II readoptloa aoa
would ilgnlfy tbal the Democratlc itiajortty ln tbe
Houae l*. detcrnUned !?? ittempt Indlrertly to repeaJ
, ? iaa .-? i '.-i bv tb- laal i'ongre_ which Ihey
cannot hope i.peal by <iln-.t. legitlmate meana.
lik'j-- i- r>-.i ????' lo bellere, al-o, u.m th" provtalon
,f ita rutaa >.t t ? laat IIoum which curt.-Uled tha
power to BUbuater wlll be ratatned In a modlfled form,
The Repithll'-iiii. riinnot 60mpl.iln, bal it wlll ba a
?iibje. i ,,f iHcuimato roaimeni if the Uemocrata iball
,.:?,- i BopuhUean prvvl?lt>_ which Itay denonnced
., Mtteety ar.d oppoaed io itabbor?tj la tbe taat
i ongreaa.
HBBBlnffli?. Jan. 16.-In the Mou->e t? day llepr*
4fl,tallv0 KetCbiic, of New-*?<>rk 'hy requntl. intro
au'.-d a j'4nt raaaMaflaa aaftbortalng the ra-.-retnrv of
War tr aaSBB?H arfWb Cb?BM J*to,i?i too, <>r witli
M .'u'l toa and aui*ti aabee paitie* as lan may aa?xlata
witli hbnaetf, Bnr th" caatataataten, at a mn, not ex
i ?ctfkig bh,7,,,(Xi4i, ,,f u chi.ui.el fisim th.- Hadaon Klvej
tteoagb t;.'- Ilartan Blver to tba apper ead of uaiidaira
..._.<i. M<> feet m wldfi, nnd l., feet ii. deptb, uatnf
atieb porta?na ;*? ara Mh-nd-. rieaeated; alao for tln*
,'<m*ti-ii.-ti..f ii rhannal tron tb- upper end .>f
ItondaU*a [aland tarima*!, tl*e Kartan KHLi to l~ng
i ..ni ii .- u'.d. -i'-" f?*'t ln \.;?itvi and i"? feet lu depth,
(OT a BBBI li' t e\, eed,!.h- #1.".'.0,(8)0.
tfaa_?fftoa, Jan. 18.-^tanator Bqaira, wbo !a- * ic
.-.*,'.? ,i Senator Dolph aa i balrnian ot tlie Senate Oomm t
,.,? on Fortlgcatl4_a, la pe altarty well Btted toi
taportanl plaee, During tbe BebelUon he made an ea
? ?ell'-nt ri-'..r.l a. nn ohVer ln tho I ,i|..n \,?i\. Bln ? ?
Ibea he i.a? bw b MentldaI wtib tta roanutarture ol
Uraanaa, ami dating ln- exteaded trareta abi.1 tae
?.I.-.. a |.':-ent liit<-r*--t m t',e BUXtoffl BJrtlHi .tlooi "f
ihn OM B'orld. i'**, if any, of hla roUeegnc>a poa .
niure thoroi -'i b?owtodga of Ibe dafence "f tbe
l*adflc Coaet, aod b" haa, bv atudy ?.,,. travel, i
qulred a mde rangn nf Inforaut?on aa to tta needa f
ihe Attantlc leaboard alao. it. raaa of boatllltiea tbe
'halnaanah.p "f ita eorninlttee wonld be .' -
iiiu-t impiiitani in the benala. it is not animportanI
ii Ume. of j.' ?'??'.
v.'a.hinrtoa. Jan ill ?Tba fnitowlag etaagei la tha
, _? ?!,,! datlaa cf satoara ,.f u,.- aabalai *a, ? departmenl
,:. aidefrd Cardata w. i * tVlltard, cemmtiaary, arlll t",
... ,i froai <iity in taa Deoartmeni .,r Teaaa .mi wl ;
, . ,i ta Boatoo, an'l relleva I i,.,aiu J..lm J
nml **ary, a- purehaalng ?i.J di-pol coramlaaary ,.f anh
al ri-.-t,,n. Captaln Ctaeua ?ni pretaad lo ?**'?
I'a.il. Hl. i< ? ani :.'l?,rt t i
nii-ni i.t Dakete, f, i gaty aa rhl, f ta?a -
,,f t..nf. gepaitaaent, rellevtag l?mtenant^ailaael Thornaa
,,, BalUvao, >aaala_at , aBmlaaary ? ? ,i 4
l,<,",t.iiinM'..i..ii'i BaUlvaa "..i are* ad to CI ago, and
rt-lleve Mahw Thaaa? BYllaaa, ci?lmWaary, a- purehaalng
aad tcpil ? aa_U?ary af aahaletaaee ai Chl aga, Mataf
WUeaa wtU aaeeeeg u, Ifew.Tarh ?'d rdiev,*
Coi. neotaje imi, BaaBataai aoaaal -4r/ g,*neiai ef
?ut,.i-t. ii '-, a* panhaalag aud dspat eaaaaaaaarj ,t
(ubatoia?ee at (faw.Ya k. a baatg af eaaeara li ai.
polnfd, t.i ii"-, nt ni,- '--ill ..f tba -. ui - n .'inii". r..
i Idei iha BaatBBi al boada oiN-n bf dlahaaavlBi ad?ata,
, , ictori uml nii,:- a"-! ." praparB aalaabla regalatt?ia
and retjulremrnta i?i tha aeeeplance al beuda ahat wai |*
,:? ,,.| i.v -ur*--y mt?panIta, Tha getail foi Iha Baaid i?
l.inite iant-1 bIanel Winthrep, aepatj Mge-Bdveeato.gea*
,.:.,i; atajar Daalrt B. faaraed, aayaaaai i m i,..p Jan,.?
lilllla, qnarU raa ' Maje. Jrraailah n UIIb?a, oantmla.
aary ef labalataneej CaP?ta Jaraea C, Merrlll, aaalBtaol
,??>,., ,,, mptiln 'I'.H'ii.i-i T'irii.', Corpa ,.f B_aincera;
r.|,Mln \:.l'iiliii" M. Nullv, Drdnan4M DeBBItincnt. Bee?
,,:,,! UeuteaaM iiuvd.n H I'eta, U Intantry, ba* oa
!?? I, ii.Mi.il phyat?Uy g?eaaUBeg tai th,- BuUea ,.f a nr-t
lleutenant bj ra_raa bI dtaaWUty braaMral i" tae aervlee,
,. i,.. giiecUan al Iha PiaaldaaI ratlrad fra? i.tn, -. r
ilea a- b ib... Itaaleaaal "f ?_atry. Flrat Uauta-nani
A ll.lai i B_pp, K th I a^aii., 1*111 repali t- Ralelgh, S. <'..
,ii,d i'|,iri ln peraon n, Iha IJavwaoi ,.r Kortli ?'?.ie?
r? temporary daty ta eana, Moa **it? tbe n.iiit.* af 'bat
.-ut". Tbe f<'ii"**ii.r ttaiiff'-rs in the :.v.i latantry are
ard .-'I;
Kir-t. i.i. nt...nnt Joha MeMarUa, i--?i- rpglnv atal adju
u'it, iiiij**n-.i <i. u. ( BorBaar* <; fliai falantanaal altrcd 0.
i ro-t ii-"' Coaapaay <? la Compaay a. n.-in-i l-.-u*
i nani Barrj a- l4a*aataaoaioer, ?he ?B1 raanata uaaaaianed
pandlng ia- appotataaoBl af a rrgtamntM adjulanl .**? ood
I,-.-.itMiaiit WlBhua r. Martta, la Caaapanj i< , Brrond
!,..,,! aant I . U MeAleroaadrr. from 1'otnpany n t.. Cooi.
lainy I , Beeond Uetitenanl Ilenry I. MrCorfcle, fr-.m Com.
paay I ta Cotopnny n Boeoad 1.1. ut-n-'i.. John B. Mar.
aaeh, f..impaay K t.i Caaraaay C. Captala Mo*tm
Barrla, i*t Caralry, aBl ba rrilavad fraaa reorultlaa daly
aad alU ?. ..."i i" J"". Ma iaMaaeat Tha leara -f ab
aaaaa irraiit.-ii Captala aanjaailn B, Ba-atera, II b lafantry,
It'oxtead i taara aWJalha aa aara^aa'a eorUBeata M ilaa.
I.|. i.Mi.int C. II- Ij.vmon haa t-eeti ordCKd Ifl thfl N'eiv
ark. I.I. iir.-i.aiit O. C. Ilaini*. boa h -i' dcta B?d fr.n-.i
th- N.-iurU and at*aated BB BaeeBBTB BB bOBld thfl V. ....
\iu?; i.i.iii.nai.i a. P reehteler, detaebed fr-m lhaedtea
nf Nair.l lataUlfoaca and orUer-d U. tii- M-hi.an.
Sa-ini-l 0 ih'ir.h. ..f N". 101 ll?daoa.?l., W?*Bt M
i-.n.- Head iua.r.i ? reaaaiday ?"d had a general aiara,
? i- .-it iirectlaa * march fur bia brotkrr, Um Bear. Ba*
.1. II. Irri.rh. Auilloiirrr.
WBthaai t? a..in- ihai i"' M-.i'ia.. J"" lsn,, beaiaalag
a| u ;, ,,, ii,;... a- 44.li aoB tae atoch al Baaaaaaala,
aVat'lic. s-ld hlliemare. Hatsl War-. Ilrmi/M und An.
tt'i'i"*. aj fabaiMa * ?*-"?'? Ur ?'" for* lewalera al 100
IlAwerv, ,nd arhli-h, for i-ouvetil-nre ,,f tala, ha* I e-n
r.-moie'l t? wi ii'ttaT. Baaa ?llal.at.. 44h?re. the aucUon
takta i.ia. ?
drow ... oi.ir'h. of 1'iermoni. B. y? whe eaaaa ta Bweiaf
?,,h hta W-e nnd duc-l.ter on Wediu-rtiv to taki* ....are
:U|,- atraaiahlP "ondo for tta- **tn. ?? *?*
,la-hter wenl dir-ctiy to the raaael and aatled on IfctaJ
STa-aaai. tadta- to gat la ihe pta. ta ttaata yjj-rd
HN aad had di..p,.,.-ed. Mr. Chureh B-daL *****?
_? r? on ir, ?... learaed tbal lhe ...iaiater had naraaatlbm
*,..... ,? a togboat nnd had eafled with hta wfaa. aaa,
? oa Weaaeafar. T..e ..am, aaa teaata-aadad
josepii ii- coatf.s t co* -IAIU-ITIES BBt
ICAT-0 TO BH OVBB -fi.ooo,000.
Alberi BtaMBll Keta, prlnter al Bo. 60 John-st made
an aaaignmont yeaterday wlthont LarafcenaweaIB.*?
*rit,en. Tl.e liabil:...*. BTe eaU?atod nt dlO.OOO and
nomlnal aaaete mbeb torgcr.
Depnty Btarifl Helmtarfer y*seter*iay n*rel*?l t?n
teeZot tor BT.600 ag- .1 the *??*?? J?
tacturlng Company, eottoa fgwda, of .,l.n.ce**ier. V J..
n favor of Ch*_tea H. Hoogh. Tbl. is lhe aoaWt-VOf
, ,-l. joaaph H. roat,-. tta l'l.llad.-l|?..ia aBBB mer*
ll Frltf. i- p:-c*-i.lent. . . a,r,^
A,?i?m tor B4B0 ar.d an atlarbn-nt for COM
were entered yeetardai agalaal tta Otteaal tanaiy Com
nanv of No- 04 Tlffany Plaee, nrrx-hlyn.
1 y'. ? * . nani araa reetetdaf entered agalnst
Jiidgm-nt for *.!-,.Hd wis ??w
the Rmplre Itate TTpe Foundbag Oomrntrnt, of No. W
Fn.'btort -. ln faroV ef Hnnry C. suffen. on nn *vv
?.?. good, .old ta Um laat >u yaaaa. 9. lt. ^ *lKcl
prealdent and P. n. iire-nai. Baaaaiar.
PbUadelphla, Jan. ia.-Th" aa_gi.is to-day maklng
au a,ni...<.wn of tho bool.s of Joseph II. i.oates *.
^?STeottOB Bm Wbteb la.leil i?iay. >od*f
.ut'c sti,t"?.?nt of aaaete and ItablBttaa baa adan aaa
? >,? ii is ntaeratood thnl the nim-uut involv-d
I':"'"1' ba , . 1000 A prot *** ?'"" "f W? ,?_
":", U"" , trom ih. I v-rpo,,! brohera for aoveral
with a eall from wew .a*- i t far oV,.r
arlll bo B_eeto_ t
BaWmoia. Jan. 15 (^ l.l,.-The reaalta of tta Jafl.
,f j l Blebolaon ft so?s, tl.e bantare, are even
i^tta-'atBMrnn-. Hta rn^eteJ taanbta.
1 The rerent death of bta btnt_ar have eoaaptol -ly
hiirrn tl.- ndnd of .lohn .?. B. Nlch_,.m. -8- bte
SSSTna are * t* ^ ~ *_2 ,K?
- , ti eV havtni targe denaatte ha tba! banb. i ho
Wbire, u.ej navun " l F Ui,^ manaf* teaee
pri:?,p<.i ei^tora ara. HJ hngi ^^
A paBttoa tor i recelrer ... t") he llt,oniey
?.K-v wasbU.1 toeonrt.?da> b iim| #7:f-1Hll)
tor ihe trust.e- of tbe BK B ?
it geajKadted wltb tbe m< h-'l ",s ' v,ro ,,,,,,-mg
,J,,lvi,T,.,.,'dl,st'..**'olln^. Sft^othTb_0--e
InTnltaBlch.-alLlay-ndi* o,.. *
??'.2,-JJ :',' .nBam.,."^. Tta
l(ml ,???,rn banha wlB ta ibe ^^ISriSaaa and
- ^.aapoty ^-?tI'''''*7,^*yV:hM1?0-.,n
v....r*!.u by lwu
^adl^Ttta Sl aatete af J. *. Nlcholsoa _
04 ,1
4-- Bleholeen'a eoaMBon to fAttoal lto rontinoaiiy
,.,1Mrhts...-U.I.To?h"r to (omeondhelp blm out
LThl. troublea. His bro-her, UUb-P WaBBBBBBB. of
M.laaauUee. Hmk*99 wlth him. 0**0.*J umn *J.
?ut even know him. Aa tottflaaa, trtond af *?*??"?
.?( '.,dnr that Mr. BtobOtoOB had been iBflBaajtBOfl
Laat MorduT. II- araa BOt ubla to inaka an entry ta
th. book, and Imagtaed that mon-T had beeaijaajd
!,"" m, >--t ?aaara. <i a*J? ? aaaaaa*
..- O - '?
TB, buthd.y of BtoBjaata Mflto wiu aa aatohr-M
bT Ih" Tvputhatae on Monday. wllh a dlnn.r at lhe Hotel
Bru,".wleB Tho member. wlll ta** *a*U at tha table
v 0 0,'looB. and the .r-taakl.ig Ul reaponaa ta MBBMiWM
' ,?, a?r v a- 0 o-elaeB. Cari atohari win reapond ta
ia. - ne, la'ala rraehlta " 9o*m Blgetaw. Bt . mr
i. ?rta ay ?'??'"- ?'-?-? * K**to"1 *"''*? I-*
ung ,.f th* amartaaa ...-wrai.hi.ai s*
eietVarlU t- oeld at Chl.Bertofl ii.li oa Taaaadaf ermttog.
S. IU"" tayamador DlcBeiw. *W dMlare. . taatete aa
-?',. iv.ei,,,. ta. laaBTTtata nr,d Ite-ent fimwrta. ta
OUi-r I'art. of iagyi*V' UluMratam bT <**?**??+j*J*
Ta. aaaual ai eUoa al BBaaera M taa s* ?????> "r "?*
Ve-V.ar, M -Ue TU. lUgtamat waa beld l'l,.>dBff *v.,,
,?, .t Ma.aatU-8. aad reealted .s toltowa: tteaM -
c'r,,e\ Yokc s. Ceyaai rte^preaMaata. O-eral Wberi
' ,, , ,. .?, ,. jr. borlR raad LUVteBBBl 1- >v
Hughea^'treaaatrer, w. U Dartleg: aaetwtary. OBBtato a.
tel''i:i,'.'."l-'t'.re UU* erralBfl ta BM Ceafna tTBtaB free ootirae
..',,, ,,4,,,4i by I'r B, W Ivaymondoii ??lrrigatloa la
r<rv:,' '? arltta liiami???? *ma . ,
.,'?..' ir.,,.1, Biweh ol ihe Teoag Men-. lhrU.tla.aA,.
??. tUaB, at N... 120 Wool 'I-M.i.ty-Uilrd.?t>.. will huld It.
ani. " r-.-v eiai -? * '?? ' -''?' ,
.,.,,.. , ,ia Colleg. Dramattfl Club h** announeed
IhMllwtB praaeai i ta ly, ??coPiaion." ard UB*
md Bulllvan'a eiwrette, "Trial by Jerr.">* the
,. i.i.......... beglantag oa Mfl .day aareatag, 1'bruary
y. witli a . Mlfl.- Bv fMlewtoi Oalaaiday.
_-? o -?
ttbmx of bo-aub caxwouo ynrs.
Anavigemeaw Bbtb beea mad* fot the twenty-third an
?, M ajnoM nt tba Maaaataaa CMleg? alaaaal. Tl.e dta.
pl.n IVi ln atay evtn ng, Pabmary m.
u t,? ,,. ,., 6,11a lattltute, Mlth?are. and Klfrr-nlnth
? [, , M| ted Ihat aboat 100 wBI be Beaooat Tha
araaldeni ??' the alamnl BaaoeUBaa, taa Bear. Dr. MaBeB
\ , . . ? praalde. i.i-"t- .n..it-'">v-ri.or flhaiahaa,
4,i?, u pnalaanl af Iha st. Jaaamh'. MimibI Aaao.-ia......;
Proth r QulnUolan, vi-.t..r ... Iha i>mam?BlMea .f tii- la?t
?rii btatea blayoi Oraat, Broaher Antaooy, tha pr.
o( M.naattaa College, md maay alhar praa.Bt CalhoUa
n and layawn bm "**!?? ?? I te attmd tae dtaaer.
Th. trpatt -I Ihe r.-riai. CalhoBi Orpbaa aaylara f-r
1801 iboara that ! '-' "'?'","'-r ?? '?"?"'?
llrl aading hVptember 00, 1001, Blaoty-oerea boya were
0f 4- ..?-'. tweati Ihiam were full orph.,ti4 anl
M.vetity.lour ?.r ? i.uf tiiphaaa Tha aamaaa of g.r'.s aa>
?.... | aaa 114, M whom tift-en arera full or|.!ians and
ntu-tv-uin- arera ball araiaaaa. Thiriy raaaa trum uie
i?-....:.-,i parUb, -iM.'.t. Irom st- IBM tha BaaatUa pariah,
Saer d n-art. partah, tea from st. ffa
brlel'. partah, Um from the Imamaalata I BMepBoB partah,
lii.h" from st. I- ru. W Xa4ler'i pirlsh, alv fr-.n M.
i , ' i,. f..iir fma Si. BBeBBOB'0 |ia:i4h and 0M
,.. ? t ,in tb. otber parlaBiea. ftamatalag la Bm a*4iii.nare
45] boya aad MM Btrto.
HM \i.l-r atBtatM Chlb h.u. elc-ted the folowniK
aoteerai i'i aloaol, wnium ). V. Hart, Bragaiee-rraaMeah
.T-. - .-..it ii- Mnx44"ii; aaraad rtor pioaldaal, Datuei J.
bmlthi -??' retary. Bdorard ?) P't-ahatt; tn-aaoirer, lamoa K.
M.(i.ui. . raptaln, VUrt Boraa.
ii?- i ,it....iii- v.iuiii.' m-.i's AaaoeMtlaa ha.. ala.aad thfl
(ailowtaa oMcara: Paaaddent, T i:. Drloeoll; rtee-praaMaat,
II. i-v liiiinariln; reriiiill,.!- --.i-M.iri. il. E. Ne-iiiniii :
iitiurn iai -??? p t..rv, w. a. Web-r; eerroanoaattBg aoflretaly,
I, a. Btaarli Baaanrar. J. r. Whalaa; iibraiiaji, J. J.
<'lil,;'.:o. .'an. 1."..?Martin Mi-I'onaha, Uu* niiu who
aaa an?ded a few daya ;i>;" while demandlng h*oaa
Jadge flroabam. of tta rVderal Coaart, B3,000, which
ho aald 'av OoaM had aenl t-> hun (HeCntaba), nrna
ad]m'l red Inaane to?ty.
ftoaf b* deetitxfA
i\v daalara who
", tit' prl iaa,
"T'ltting 11. *
lee_. to " cntting"
good... Por this
reaaon and lo prn**
t ad tta pntdte,
Um (Bjimfae m di?
Icint-of Dr. H. V.
I'ierco, aro ii'-w
sold only tbrougb
reaularlr nuii.. r
Izcl nfrente, wbo eaa BeU only nt tiio follow
ing l,uii<-<*s"bUshi*il prirw :
Dr. Ptaroa'a trolden L-adkal Dtoi?rery,
11 oo imt bottta. Dr. Ptarcea Favorite Prn
Bcripti'iii, 11.00 i*r-r bottta. i'r. Ptaroa'a
Pleaaant PeiSeta, 85 eanta \+r vial.
Th.* ornafne b_*_?nea, whicb enn ba had
onlv at tl?aa j.ricea.are tbe ebaapaal ran
dtaa vi. ean aaa, for ttajrVa oMraafaed,
ltn "*\a!ue rae laad ur m> pay. i.? aantj
eaae a*bereDr. Ptarce'a t_*dit_Ma f-iil to bcno
l.i or eura, tbe r___ra will raturn tbo money.
Ilifusi* ovcrythm.; offared afl Ur. Ptaroa'a
modieinee ut lesa tban tha ea?an fartoaa,
Tney are ganerallj apa-iona
Don't irot soiiinthinir. tbat tho dbaJar*:_va ls
"Juit aa tfoxl." It may bo bettar for Inai,
but it'a Diettv certain to ba worae for vou.
Ulccrs rorni. Ilospiial*. nnd Doctoro
uaelt-BB. f'm/ed wilh Pain. Cured
by f'nticiira Itcniottie*.
Ahont eleht yeara .ao I wrote you from Wllkea-barra,
Tenn., d-arrlblng how your wonderful rem.dles rompletely
,-ur-d'mn * a i-iribie aaaa of aeflaaaa nr aaM rhoaaa. X
ai'oln done far nn-. OB the 2'Jd of la-t
Beptembor, I had the nil-furtune to hrul.e
n.y leir, and I put. a ple-e of stlcklru* plas.
bar on It. In-ld ? M a **** l h.d 8 b*N
rlhle leir. My B08. 0808881 frlnhtened,
and advl.ed me to iro to a utirireon. 1
went, and doetored f-r BBB ii.ontii*. but no
co'id ua-. aaaa bm, beatdaa aaattag me big
mo;i..y. Mv ]ep had hv this time formed
tjliibi an aleet, and (jot wora. eaery da7.
* I i-o.ild not stirid it anv lonirer. and made
yrya?i i !??.. op my mind tn (?? to a hoapltal and aee ||
*4l VC_J?a**m\W* 1 .'oiild ba bBflBBfl. I .vent to aeveral her.
In the rlty, ln turn, but i.oin* ri.uld do me any good. I bad
a terrlMe 1-jr, aaith a bata lu lt aa Mg- a< a dell.r, an4 pala
tliat ulnin-t BOl m- rruiy. I ent aear"d abou. It. and da.
termiaod to try CUTICUIU UKMI-.DIKS. I ohtataad 0
aet and ln*ld- i.f Hv- weak. my lea araa Bfjued up aa weu
aa it -;ver was. i-M-ept the tenlhle a?ar it left for . ra*
iiilnder nf wiiat v.a? oiue a t-rribhr sore leg. Theie
RKMI'.Dir.S ar- worth thelr 'a-ltrht ln .old.
JOHN THIKL, 2YA K. !?3d Srreet, New-Tork.
Cuticura Resolvent
Tlie neiT Blood and Skln Purtl-r and irrrateat af Humar
K.-medi.'?. Internally tb. eloaae. tl.e bleod of all Impurltlea
ai.U poiinnou. eleaaeata. md tha. renioi- th- catjae., md
CtTTlCUBA, th-Rraat Skln (nre. and rfTIl'IRA SOAP,
au eaqelaite Skln itejiitiiV-r. aatemaBr rt.. eiear the .kln
and Kalp, and reatetc thfl ball . aaeedlly and uermanentlr
eara -v-ry t-peele. of itcMojr. bumlnf, aaaly. eraatefl.
plu.plv. acrofuloua. and her-dltarv dl"en?eS at.d h.imora,
from infan- y to ag-, fruin pta.pl. * to acrofula.
So!d everrwhere. Prlce, Ct'TICt'RA, r30e. I SOAP,
28c.; BBSOLVF.XT, Ol. Pren.r-d hr the POTPBM
Iff Boflifl for --How to ( ur- skln Dl. taaaa," 01 pa.ea,
SO'illuatratlona, and IOO to'timonial?.
IM.KS. blaekheida. red. rouch, fhappei aod elly
akln eured hr CtTTlCUBA SOAP.
and polna, BaaB arhe, weak k.dneya, rhey.
matlam, and cheat paina ralieved ln aoa
iiilnute by th- ( iiiinini tn.i-I'nln Planter.
Bra. and only ln.tawjtan-oua paln-kllllna plaaVrr.
TopeUa. Bata., Jan. 15.?Dr. D. K. srJmon. alilef of
the 1,'niled fltBBBO Bur?au ef AaBBBBl Induatry. read a
paper ycMerday b<*f >re th..- State Auneultural fsoViety
OB -Tiie Introdurtii.n of An.erie.in Meatfl IntA) Euro
p-iin MarkMe." AJB004 o-tlier tl.inp, bfl >a.d: "It baa
1/een estiniiated that the VDlurno of our trude annllul.
iit.-d l.v tho proi.ir.it.oa "f Ameriran perft by foi-elgn
i-iiu:.t;1e?, aa;,, not Io*s t.ian s^'S.ihhVj.m) a year fa>.
the laat tni 4.*nrs, or a t. tai of irO'.C'.fa-tO.OOO, ivrU'li
deotroyed oar ebaanefl ef p:-<>f.f ta bbbb. Bal this pamt
(liiantlty nf ment whldi w? were foreei to aflflBflflBfl at
boaaa eOBBBBted arlth bee! and hroupht t.) a erlsa the,
t-n.bU- dtipiiaaliaa In our cjattle indu*tfy. from wlil.-U
iv- bare o ily recentiy bepm u. reeover. Now. If wo
add the ?.".'J'i.<*,*,.<>ajO lu*?t on our rattl. tradfl and tiifl
o*MMBtfiOO OB our ho#j trjale. we have a (frarid total
nf *.j..i.(a..),uOO k!?t to our farmers drmi.tr ton yean
hron u-iju-t aataaama er.forced by foie;.'.: (.ovemmenU
Ba??at our cipirt ta?la.
l.-.Miding tho LnanaC?M of meats fcntended for
eTport. tba iiri-p^rtl.m ha* been in every rcpect a at;c
eev4. It has been demonstrat-d that lt la pe**rible te
luapait anl'iia!-. at the time of 4ja_gtb>r, even tn tha
gretit paa?,?g>_aaaaa, wliero thoiuajjids are klUed daiiy,
wltboal delaytng the b??B8B8 of the pacher. It hai
been demonbtxated that lt caii be nwdo ata wt 4*
about 3 cents a liettd for rattle nnd about d cenU for
bog-.. It has ul*o bacn demor.itraied thut lnspecttoa
rantei ou tn ?4a way has been su?cient to open taa
IB?rteta of tho world to our me*t?. ar.d greatiy to Ira.
provo their reputatlon both at home ai.d ln _reiea
inarket>. That ihe removal of the pcoMbltleai haa a-l
vet KreatTr aifei-ted tbe prloe of p..rk ls becanae the
niarkeu Ui-, galmit wlU oaly t*_" n.e^tfA pork, BM
<mr for. e of ln-pectora, owlng to lack of furuta. ls toa
.inall to Inaneei enough pork to ke*p these mtirketa
annnUed. we ha/e tn?r*ec*<d. abotit AlofiOQ carcaraea.
whl.h is net *mlficlent Vj have mucb eirect."
crash-s irtTo a rtrtn. ctR.
Pa*.?engeps on tho Raltlmoro and "Washlngton cx
prcss on bta N'ew-Jeraey Central road had a _.rmw
i-icaiie from death near Dnn-llen on Thursdav nlght.
At a polnt where the tr-'ks nraej afdaaajek of swltchoe.
OM of H*e swlt.-hes bad been otenwl te jv*rmlt a local
*aa_aaagar traln to shlft tn*.!-. und lt is eaid the
switcliman ncglecte<l to clo-e the awiu-h agaln. A
(relgbt iraln, cvntboiuid, ran into the open e^ltch, ai?
tho reir etTd wiu. swttng around on the main tracB
u?"*d for fu-t expre-a tralris. The Boyal BB88 I?1
L.A_,:.-, rannbtg at >l*.ty mllea an boar, craVaed ir.to
tta trnlgbt ImnwaltalaTJ afterwurd. and before wammg
iLvuils .'iiuld be dl*p!ayed. Tbe fog was so heavy
tlmt tho englneer af the expr**-s faltad to *-ee ti*
anaebeal fl?gbl traln untll he wns almost upon lt.
He aatebly itintinad tlie locouiofl.e. but tlie speed wai
b,-n:' .-lv Chaafead before bta rrash came. Tlie heavy
,.?," enl Ita wap Inta the atalai <>f the wreikaira
before its BttWard courao was sMnped. The cnboota
of tlx* fralgbl traln was otupty at tta Ume, and there
fore n ii-' <-t Ui" Iralnman wna ban. lhe eagmeer
and Braaaaa of tii? expre^ aa Baped artli a Meveu-e shab
Iiiku!'. Tta pas-eiucrs owe tbett e.sc.ipo in n'great
Mi'Meui-e ." t!" ve-tibiiled arrangemeni of tiio poo
.'. .. ,ars. whieh prevcntcd tliem from t-esopir.g.
Th'.??? wreeblng crewa were ?t \*rrk uutil di.Tdriit
cleartng away the wrc. Ka^>. Tli* expte?a was -we
nours tata ln arrlvlng at Jeraey Ott.
Pr. baaua m. wrik-ht, No. ;.-> \\e-t ntaiey atath al, ia
betali of the Bew.Torh P?_*Uc_ A- Beetatg, c-airea to
a.-l4Jiowled<:? wlth thanks th* recelpt of taa followlnf
imr-t-r in Napaaee t.. her aaaeal bm a? fer two eiaariy
.,-t. r. lu rUtcaalh Bt. publ-h.d la Th.* rrl'iune of January
io -V, N ," BtOi "M. U-. ' 4i, "M. J. li.." ?M ; "H- ??
I*. J.," ??'.. : - T. 11.'' 81; "M. A. I'," $3. aad MUB
"M. \v. ' pieiiL". ?:i aa aaa of th" tatrucu. au ui..ui:i_
..hould be mad'* B_?aagb Or. Wrl^lit,
VVa.liriii.'tiMi. Jan. 18.?A atorm ul OM?MBJBhle in**-uaita>
la developlaa ln Mon?na. The tlcaring BaBaBBh? aaa
mov.-d fr, iii Aaalalbata ~ 1.4.14,- Btoperiar. lum o bbjbw
ha.. mi;-n "a th,' At?ntte . ui.t. I'I? ta-inraratnr.* haa
falien on the AUanUc Coaal aaa n, the i-k- roa-ua. aad
baa ktead.ly rlaen elaewhere. t le.ir.cu *Arath.-r la inai
cai.Ni iii Naw-Fjialaad. .-now garrl? h. tta Mi--*?eQri vai
lay, and generalli falr elaewhere. Tae _?fo.'P.cr-are_.wUl
'u'li iu Ho lewer l.akt* r* ul 'i.-> and on the Mldile .uid Ni>rU
AUaaUC eoBata, und wlll K.ueiaily r.-? el.ewhero.
!',,- Ne^.KiiL'la'.d. cleartM*. pix-ided by anow rn tt
InunorJlate cflaat: eatiar; Bartheiti artada
i,.r Kew'Terh, raiinajrliaalB ?fawJeraey, Deiaware.
Maiylaad and Vtagtala, K'-neially fair; north** e*'sr\J
i..r tho Oaiellaaa. gaaanadty b_r; .'.inhtiy cuoier on ?e
i ??,.!? oawgla. nea hla aud atahaaai, aaaaaaahji falr;
For Mlaalaatppt, laamlataBa, Baaaera aud Buitaatatara
Ti-..- araaaaaa, Keutucay aud rjaanoaoaa. reaeraBI uwi
alltiitiv warmer. . .,
r..,- Weat virarir.in. cloarlnB; orormar by night.
Kor Obla and WUdluln. fali iiaiiii.-r bv iiirfht.
|'.,r Indlana and llllnola, aeni r.i.:. falr, ava.-r.-r.
Por Mlrblaaa, genrrally falr, wlth aoow Bami aa
l.aV- Miciiicaii; warmer by ni.-ht. _
I.n Mi.-.m.-i and Kauaaa, --....-rallv falr; warmer.
I'u- |.m.i and N.-braaaa, KtnetoUy fal. ; s.lahtlv irarmar.
por Burili Dakoia, aaoa. im rlea; allBhtlv araroaer1_
l-,.,- >,.ntii DakoU. miov ln tl"' weat: aiighti. ?."*"*-.
h Mioaoaoto. .11.? ili.irie, ii, ahfl noi.hui-n. fali
el-i-44 iior." i wa.mer.
" 1 BJl'?t!.:il...aior;. BB , I *****
" 1 113 4 3 6 7 s ? li) II | 2 8 I | C i oal 10 11 BjgyB
? '.i'".i '"?' ',? * " ' i ?:?- ',"" -'Ji
lo tbi* dlaa-ram a conttnuou* whiW BM *ko*? um
flhanae* H. i-r -s, .... aa indi.-atM by rb. 1 Hbaum-a ta*
n-coidliiB barometer. Tho broke j Itao lapiaBBBBa aaa
i?n,|ieratuie a^ aballrad at P-rrv ? Ph.rinacy.
Tritaaa OMto, .lan. IB l ... nt --n..udin am Beata i d
a'l aay ? attiatay. -th raln 4 rv irlj ? tha "?*"'":;'4
and aol M-...4V daiflaa taa awBaaa. Tl aMea ritaarm^iB
Bta ?.4i-.niti.'. iir.-k aaarthwraal rly ataaVi a r- the mie.
ta taa amratat tha aamiMtty aaa .00 aad 8t i 9. "'y*
w-aa .71. The tamperature f-il frtvoi 4'> t*> ?%.., HLa
I,-;i? .-ii n.'ilnl-h' arul Inl'ln >:ht. Ih. BVrtraCf ' ? ,7' T"-j
:t.-j lower than on tb. - ..ri> -.ihjihI.i.ii da| '?> ' T*** J "
lower tlinii (>" Ob*. Krid-iy. .a.BH ha
ln aad ?.nr tala dty taaiay there alU BraaBflBJ aw
allcbtij i ol l-i. f'.ur ii. uiiie..
IlutTot atamatB- mr, Ihr'.ucli t.? BBB t-aWjaaa, mbj
New-York ?>iitral cvcry Tncsday. Seud for lUoat/awa

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