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V0L-LI... . \?'I (>,..<) 1.
jan bodv of thi: dukl of clarence still
I^ori.lon, ,lan. 18.?Tbe arr.injrenu-nt*. thal wen
made f"r ?? publie. a.ul semi-inilitary procension
tl'.ro.i.'b London io eseort thc body of the Duke
of Clarence and Avon lali- fram tlie Greal Eaalorn
|e tlie Sinitliwestiin H__hr_) Btatloa have beea
obangcd ln conaBojuenoe of (hc cpldeBiic af m
laenza prevailing here. When tli.* ordera were
jvuel ny the hlgh niilitary BUthofitiea prepani
tions were ininiediately made to earry them into
effeet; bnl repre-entntiori-- were ruadi- to tlie
Prince of Walei that, owinp t-o ihe Inelement
wi-atlier. which gives pronuse of laatl&f over
Wedn' sday, it wonld 1'e dBBgCTOtM to the hcalth
nf tlie troopa who should t.ike part in the
Ci-reranni.*X It was pointed out that the tiuard
who were ordered to Une the ronte betweea the
two railway etationa would have to sland im
iTiivi'de for a long time, and tbat they wouM
probably beeome chilled ttilough, and otlierw se
rndaager their bealih. Upon hearing tho viewa
of the auihuniies. tl.e Prinee of Wnles Immediately
pave .inlers lhat tbe projeeted uulit.iry luneral
he a'.nniioni'd
The Prinee of Wale*s is e\ceedin_ly rlesirous that
the mem'irrs of the court nhouM not Ih* expoaed
tn the linnei-essarv l_h whieh a pri>i-<*#ion
through l.ondon wonld enl.iil, and whieh would
he ceitain 1*> affeet nerTt.ohly the hemlth of niany
of the aped courliers. The Dnke of C-B-bridgC
WM npon the point of leaTing Cannes to return to
I/indon, 1"> Bttend the funeral of lhe Duke of
Clarence and Avondale, when he reeeive.l a te!e
grnm from The Fiim-e of Wales, reqneating him
not tu leave there. ns the Prinee did nol wiah him
t<> ran the riah thal would arise from the change
of climate. lt is deemed that lhe health ol Prinee
(,eor*rc of Wales ja not sumViently r,,t>;ust tn nlldw
pf his exposinp himsclf in any way. and the Prin^*.'
of Wnle* hns ileeided that Prinee Uoor.e will not
be alli.wed to Bttend hia i.rother's fnneral
The body of the Dnke is still in the j.arish
chureh nt Sandrini:li:.m, an.l will remaln there
until it is removed to Kiritfs T.ynn for eonveyanee
to London. thenee to Windsor Caatte. AU the
tenautf, on the Prince of Waka'. es*tate at
fcia_iclririgharri, and all the people in the viOage, are
glkowed to enler the c.hnrch and view ihe coftin,
which restfi upon a hier drai>ed with a heavy pal!,
and which i. snrrounded with fi<>ra! wr-aths.
A db*pateh from Johanneaburg, Ib the Transvaal.
gays that jrreat evitement ha* hi.n caused there
hy the actinti ?,f the editor of an Kmrlish paper
puhlisthed in thal plaee. In n.n ar'iele ou the
death of the Duke of Clarence and Avnndnle, the
editor took oceasion to make an Bttack upon the
character ol tlie Duke. The editor attended the
theatre at JohaBBCabnrg on the Bighl fBUowing
the pabtteatioa ?f the offentdve article. When
hi*. presencf beCBBM knovvti he was hooted at. and
thC BUdieaee f*ouj:hf t4, mob him. hut he made hi*
esciipe from the theatre through a baek door.
When the audience found that the follow had
encaped them they were in no hnmnr to li?ten
to a theatricai performaoee. They reaolred
themselves into a ma* meetiag, at which It wa.
ilecided that BBleaa the editor were reiimved from
hii post he would ne foreiMr evpelled fr.m the
oountry. After tbeae proceedinga a crowd went
to the oflcea of Ihe oewapaper and vented their
indi.nation agalnal the editor hy tl.rowin-.' stone*.
nt The huiiding and _uia_lung all the windows in
lt. Tli*- luding-place of the i-dn r is uuUno.vn,
aid it ia balieved that iu tln- preaeai atate af
popular indignatiou ii would not l*e sale for him
to appear ln Johannexburg.
Dnbiin, Jaa. 18.?The Corpovation of the <irv
of Diihlin haa already adopfed . rote f.f eondolenee
with the Prince and Prineea* of Wai,***. To-day the
Corporatlon b<-M a apecial mertin-, a* which reaoln*
tion. of aympathy with the Qtteen and t!-e other
lneiiihers of tbe royal fainily w.-re adopted. Tlie
death of the Duk<- haf, cvidenlly niade a great
ehaBgc la the feelinga of the Corpojration aa a body.
for a ahort time :it.-o, wben reaoliitions eongratulai
ing the Queea and ihe Prince and Prlneeaa of Walea
iipoii the ttpproa.-hin^ marriage ol tbe Dnke ol
Cliucnoe and Av.lalc to Prlneem Vietorla Miry
of Teck were preaented tu the Corporation, that,
bodv refufted to aceepi them.
Uverpool, Tan. 10.?A. a mnrk of respe.-t to the
meniorv ol the Duke of Clarence and Avoodale,
the Cotton Exehange bere will U- cloaed al noon
on Wedni**d?v, at whieh hour the funeral of the
Duke will take plaee,
Herlin Jan. 18.?Eugene Wolff. the Afnean
traveller, had an int^niew with Prince Ri-tnarek
to-day in the oonree of which the Prince s*id :
"Tho death of the Duke of Clarence i* a greal
li,Ks t4. Englaod, and . dreadful blow to la-s par*
ent? and iancee. 1 alwaT."'ikevl him. He wa.
fiank and amiable, and a rine tjpe of the Engliall
At a larue BaOettoR of repr<-.entatlv<-s of tti*- >l.
QuimYt, Bb DavBP., Bt AnBtew. aad Albloa ao
rkiie., ralo4onl.il Clnb, Boaa "f s>. Gearga and Bt.
Oeorge*. Club, heM al ih. Brilla- C*-n_alala yaatar
rt.-,v. Willla.ii Lane Boohor, lhe ' ""-"i Oaaoral of Bng
la.i.1. arn-MBng Ih. follottini reaomilon. arere adopled :
Baaalval Th_ iha Brltlaa aoelettoa ,f Bew-Yart Bava
Nsalvad **ith M-iii.r* "f -. Omtpt -t aortaw Ik. aaae-ie-*
BBt <.*. U.e -Mt. el Ula Po'ui III-Juk- Bm Dalw ol
4'iar.-n.-a arid Atbbib-Ib; aa. beg ... atpri-i la tm tttml
4,r_,ioi* M.,.-tv Qoeea vi, t?ii?. un-1 lo ti'ir Boyal HUB
acaaaa Um Mnea aai PHoeoaa af Watea _.il toUy. Baeli
h.*rU<-lt ,i,iid,.r. ii <?. ln tli.-lr bafeav-BMB*. Tl**'.* a__*a
?.~n n,i*ir aipraaalna al aanaw aa. -vnuati.v !?? L," -x
t?ided to il. r s?imi? HlghMai rririi*. **lrlor_i "f TocB,
v.!. .-.? early life ha. I,. i n BB plOVOxly bli^hlBd ty tlie
4iiitiin ly _. ath of bai ... tn.tli 'I.
BbbiIii-. That iha Nadatloa Joat adopled be bwanalt
U- i.y ti.- Caoeal _<*?etal *,v rablo t., tbe s-> r,_ry of
state for Kor-l^n affalrs, ?BB lhe r'-'|H'-*t tiiat hi will
MN u,e 4'i.,U'i-i-s u. eaaMBMltalC ;i lo Hei MaJeatTi Ib*?
Boyal IU_-_a_MH Iha l'.iiice md Mle ??..*> of Wai's and
Prlni-ess VK?ii* of TOt k.
AN 4C*?_D_iri 70 TIIK WKI.'Kl.NDAM.
Li JDU1UIXC itr.\ into a Bi-.i..
SL'MC l\ .O U.i.mon.
Ilavre, .Im. 1- -A. Uie BrltU atframer Je.si<*, Cai?
t. ? N'ie:**ii, wa*- laavtag Uil* l>'.rt thts BBOT-Bg, mt
raine, into eolli.ion **i.li i 'i*- Oeaeral -hMM___?II. Llm
MaaaMr La Toaialaa, arMefe bm baea l~?? here alaee
Noveml.'-r IU. bOTlag bOOB vv ,ll:,li.ivv n from the. Neu
Yorh v*rv|ee during tli-- uiutr-r inoutli-. The .!< .-le -us
jalned BB upparent iI:iiii;i*_?-. I,ut !.a T".imiii.- ,. leaKiiir.
Laaiaa, .iau. i-. The Datct *- *.?*-_n,.,- n*ai_n_am,
Cap'nin lalilu'i. *all?-d Irom Kotler'.lmii for New Vork
on Saturday, hairiBg aa beard MO paMMgflra. wBtrn
off r*tart Point laal ttSbi tl.e eover of one <>f li,-r
. vllnder* broke, aiwl .he wa*; corniielled to put into l'ly
in.nitli to effei't n-i'iJi-.
A *.te_toer, wkkh Is sujipi*ed la have h**eri lhe
Cliancellor, .'apiein llani.ay, which lefl BaW*OHnB. < ri
Daaaaaaar --, haaad for Idaaapuol, was *?iKiit*-- oi,
Jatmary ** ln latltude 4n BOrth, iMgM?_ ?*" mt^t, pro
cet-diiiK u-der *?H.
The Brltl.h Irlg WelUnjrton, boand from Port*smo.iUi.
wa. <!Uij:ht ln Ute r.i* B_efe prevallcd \este*.iay, aud
tor** up for tlie Xj ne to make a hartioi of refiiK".. Slie
reach^d tho river ?*afely, but a. she waa p.-wslng ln ih"
**a. ified up by b t*t*Tf i*?k and loaaod beaaiaM. <m.
B4_ii..t the stem of tlie Hriti?ti .taa_M> HuiiImiib.i,
wlnrii is 8tiand<_ noar the xnitli I'ier *t BOImBk, The
w.-iiiiictoii strmrk the vrachad atMpar aH_ tnk
v. ,!.?...?? iliai in-r wholo -nhi w_s tiuslied In, al? nhe
_ll<-d aud Mtnk. Two of the brlg'* rrew went dowa
wltl* the veaael- Tbt ather -nx mea ?b*_rd (,f ner were
pitked up by boats lrom other ve**?U.
? - -?__..
Pariti, j?n. 18.-In tho Chanaber of BapaUes to-day
M. Rlhot, Mlnl*ter of Forelgn Affalr*. replylng to a
qu"-t.OB put by M. D.eyfus, announeed that fhe Frenrli
rtpresinlative at T-tigier had baafl In^iructed to land
lhe <ievv- of tlie Frenrli wai vei.vS lf th,- Kuni|>eaii
la that .I.y ma/r* ttm*m08BBBt by the natlve Nhk, or
U Um salloia from other *>hi|?s w?re Uu.ied. Tln*
B-lement by M. Bihot wa* g.eeted wlth applause.
M. Itfbot ?M Eeat qiiestlanod about the -ituation .i
Um -nit- at Xauat aad iu ace._Ult.0_ bj
Franre. Ha BflBraraied tliat the matter w_* one f,,r Iba
___erlaa aaHes, ami in bo way e_ec_r_e_ Moroeeo.
MAHT Pl ZBBOBB CKVPHBO TO diatii. ano many
.St. Potershurp, Jan. lH.-A terriblr cnt.-istropVie
oecurred at Tifli-a to-day on the ocea.ion of ihe
hle-.-in_ of the avatera nf the I'iver Kura. As a
proccs*.ion of tlie eleriry and a dense erowd of
people were nrOB-lBg an arm of tl.e river on a
temporary bridtfo, tlie* fitriicture cnllapsed under
the aveiifht ?.f the mar* of lhe. people, and 1.11
Wlth it-, bnrden iuto the htreani. The peopb near
e>t to tl.e bri.lpe tried to ret'n-af, bul aa- ir- i.
l,.v a den$e croavd etill .-*urginj*- onvvanl. The p
Hiilt. was a terrific stni-gle. in whieh many per?ons
wt-re cruflhed to death and _cores wer_ injured.
ln addiuoa, a larg_-Bumuer avere drowned iu tl.e
-IX H'.'R- IN a JilT.MX,. MIS!;.
I'la^cnw. .Inn. 18.?Whal wnnld prnbably have beea
n di-.a-.tro.is acrldent had It i),,' t.een fnr UM pieaaBa.
of mind ;ni<l eoaraaja of a n.lnrr o.-ciirr d to?BJ ...
tlm BalUeaaoa min. aaa. ti.i- dty. a p__lr_e lamp
esptodei and -et tii-,. t,, n,e mlne. Oat hO-dred
inincr*. a\cr- at amrt at the Ume. and Ibf -Ix boara
thev were pia. ttcally entomt*4*4_, the Bt. maUng anv
attempl nt reaeaa Inpoaalble. a- anoa .,- lhe Bra
gatned daagrrooa heattway aaa ,,f tnc ailnera ran i,,
m -aieiy dmr. provi.l.-d for Ju-t aneli an emergenry ;
nnd dc-pite the Baara roaring aboat him, i.c pd
lantly etoaed it. thaa prerenUng lhe fattber progrea*;
nf the ii.e in ti.at dirc n,,n. it waa wUhout qnea
tinll hla nitlo.i tl.,.1 -aaed every one of the nu.,'-. .
fr-nni belng Iminefl to death. OM of tl.e min rs be?
fore he eould rea. H the plare (Bi -r.feiv made by tl."
il.i-ii.p ol iho door *aus -.crlo.islv Tauri.-d. When lhe
I. aa^ nf ttie .uddent BBWed t?*> tl.e hOBBCa "f .li'
ii.lncr-. tl.ere waa i.n exelttjlg >cene. Wci.eii _nd
(-hildr.-n ru-lie. to the plthea_, and n? n--iii*,.n, es on
the parl of the n ln" _M*ten roaJI Biaar theaa believe
that their hu.-h.ind.-, tathera and bmihers ln the mlne
waaa aol Baaaaed or alreaejy d<-*d.
All the . tTort-* of the men Wl U.e snrf,'<*e were de
voted to extlnpii-hlni; the Ire, and It -WH-- th' .
opinion, too, that their frllnav minei-. avonld BC faaad
dead avhen the flanie- __.?? suMu.-d. Thev workc.l
aaith heaitV _oedBlll. howerer, and afier rflx houi-s
lt was Btteatble to enter tht- niine. Then It was found
that the aaf tv .ipplinin* had an.-ai'ird well the por
pr>--o for whlcli lt araa ln.4-Jiit.-rl. ln an-aaer tn I1,.
crlea an.l kaoeka <>f th.- aearchaK, ihe door aro. aiwned
uiiil nll the Bataera made thelr way to ihe -uifrue.
London, Jan. IB.?"Tba Time*' .aa*: "R ports thal
thei?e ls a hit_l. In th.. Rehri..-* sea riep.tlatloiis aro
entirf-iy aataaaded. The jnint eaaualailoa m aYaahltig.
ton wlll pi-epme a r-cpi,rl eiiilj,>-1yln? till U.e fact- (li*
. li.-t-d Ut tl.e ?p,,t .-xuniiiiation and any rc(o.niii.-'.'l
tlons up >n arhleh ttae Brlt ah and Amerlcau r-preaenla
tlv-s ?re :il,le lo apre... P Iiit*. on arhleh t'rer dl
iiLT---- tl,.- <oiBlBB.ila.nfra wlll be at Hbarty to i-efer t<,
rh.-lr r.-pt"-<-tive OorarPBH?ta. The wh-.le w,>rU atlll
piol.at.lv nMiipy t 11 daya. lt ls beltovad 1,h. ?"???<!"...
Mtit/.-rhuid nnd Helcliitn aalll ba ata.-d Ifl BBBM nn
arblter. i.n thla polnl hn* ...t hoaa antored "l"". ?-,
yet. Not..- of ih- Rower- roneeiiied baa -1.1* Bed ai
? ?? ? ' ,.ii lo d.-part from tho arra!i_<-ii.eiir- agroed
ott.-.w.,. .U". IS. n*t*B* T. Ilnhb-'ll. tfl!er- rd t-M
n.T,k ,-f OttawB, ha- been pi;.<--d n"d-i bitb I b| bM
oa-B l...:-e. where he li lylag 111 arlth Ihe grlp, ? 1
ehaurge ol havlog idraaated lhe baal 10 the exlanl ol
I..OOO. ll-.ll.'-ll. wha 1- .. rn,,n;ed n..,-. Wllh twa
ih.idr n. h:,s been fron boyhood la Iha iervl.1 Ihe
bank. and hlchls Bateemed raa ae efBrlenl ,.il,,-r Ti,.
,.i,i-t- of ln- bll ;- *:.i'l '?' be ?pe ulatlon In -??>? k -
TIIKIR I.IAI'.II.ITIK** nkaki.y iMXM) ???
Montnal, .lan. IB. Meaata. H'-.xl. Manu .1 OB*. Im
port rs of oMaa k'-*** <",'? >*?rthenwaaa.
BlgBaaoot to-day, wlth llabllltle, ,.f _im..iio. * aa ?
.__,__. |s |ndli-ct. The liir_.--t ri.-dltot- |- I'. D.
Lawreaee aar IM SM. Aa%an| tba othai eradltora ara
Laaaraa A Kn-.-nf'-id. th<* Haiate Umi coanaaay, and
Kllngerberg, Kew-Yoim; ar.-i u,-- Korth AJaeateaa Otaea
( ompany. _ _
__Bboa, .'a... 18. ? uli'.r Ken-'-lra. the new Premlar,
raad m lhe Cetiei to-day tt"- .areajrami.f the
Mlnlatry. Tha am. ol lhe Mlnlatry. i.c aaaa, woald be
(0 i-.-m-.m/.- lhe .cMii.tr> - lliun, ::.l atTa.r-. t,, whlrll
end __crtfla_a woald be aahed f""" i11 Tl'r fi
BmbbI a..?i,id in tha mean.,inc Bppeal Ifl tha Ratloo'a
eradltora. _
Beeae, Jaa. IB.?Aatoala. Aitateriedy, tbe Oon-aal ol
to. (ader ,,t .ie-,iit-. i- dylng. He oue.eeded Father
lf.-,-k when the Int.er retucd on Becoaat "I Bg. a lea
yeara as-o. _
Madrid. .i.,p. l-.-Tt.c Keaate haa paaaed the hlll
pt >___B_g ireatie ot ?orn...,-in- aaith f, reiirn cn.inUi'ri.
MoMie. Ai.-,.. Jaa. 18.?Many lltatoe, tha iiea*ro Im
ptteated by ?? i.oi." fiUaa as.. BMaaber ol lhe gaug Ui*i
partdpated ln tha n.a-*acre al M.-Mlllen's family Ln
fhoetaw Coaaty, aad waa ?..* uaptured -war l*env>po
IIS. AlH.. tWB aac.i- ;,;,, V, a..1 to 11 " I ll-^toav
Coaaty j-ll at Bfltfct Tboradai haat; aad the Bberlff,
-.pprebeaalvc ot raob a-lotenee. fave lt oal thal he dled
,,t tbe womad. -raeet-r-d aa-hiie betng captured.
TMs BtOiy was fnund to Ij?- niili'.'-. h'.w.'ver. ..r,d
la-t lujiht tha Begta was ikej. fii.i.i tbe Ja.l by a mob
h.,.1 haa_ad t<> the laaa aa which ? ? h?i> ' Blma, Thomaa
Sa-rage nnd .wn sm,- ?i "(un' _a*/a_a ware baaaed,
it |? s..id that aa ...ad" u cBBaaaalnri Impttcato-g othet
porttaa. Ooaa- taken Ireaa Iha MOiiii.-.. atora wera
_____ In Hlnton'a boose. Neai Mme, "__*_-_? brother,
the olily **** BMBBbOT of ll,.' fnmll.v DOW nllvr. w;,
luirouaaad by a poaoa Ib Oafctappa awamp, Lea*
Coaaty, .m.i-*-. bol eaeaped, a Begro pHottag Mm.
Ml-s llelle M,K,?:./.],?. tbe rOOOg ?' I.I '?<"',"'1
?;,s wounded at il,. M, Mill'-.i B?aaarre ln a h,
County died batarday aad wa- burled yestcrdii .
ma?Dg the foorUi rlettta of lhal horribla botebery.
ChleitKB. .Im.- 1? ?It wns Hiinoiiin , d ln the I"--'!
papera \<--.",<iay that Phtltp .hafeMt, wba aalled
fi,,... Uverpoo] oa lhe Teetoak Jannary ?',, la baatenlng
hl- i-l..ni te ? hlcagl> to In-tltnte Hi.lt uFaln-l Iha
iiistin-Ts and Cattla Feedera' Compaay to reoo-rai a
ialj_c tatoanl ol Baonay, -rartotwly -otlmated bI fron.
|tlSO,O00 to t_00.-00, whteh, II li a--'ii'-'i, bi iae Mm
for eondaetlng ihe _e_____,o_a which led t" lhe blg
ybnfeldt dlatinery paaalag lato the haaan o. Iha braet,
without which the tr.i t eoaM never baaa bobb ?"?"
bualoeaa aa a aaoaopoly. Mr. bhafaMt wlll raaea
CblcagO .1.1* BOOrnlBg and hla lawyer iinnoii.,ce- iha.
legal BjaiiWatlaia woaM baabefaa al aaee.
l'r*a.Klent OraeehBt, of the Whl-lu) Tiust, s.ild l?*t
night at Peoria:
to one the company.
Chlcago, Jau. 1? (fcpe<-lal;.-The aMaraeya la tha
,-uit bii.uglit by aom. ol tbe alaafBi reliiti.a's Bi 99*M
. reiar to break liU wlll appea.ed before JuBir. 'H.l*>
this mornina: to BlfM ? demurrer. Aiter .'r.Uag that
the e*vt?te lelt by tl.e deceasod man I. valoed ?t
MiiOtHX), tha complHlnants ohjeeted to the lollowlng
baaaeaia: *ro the Beeeadl r>aabytortaa &>****?
tl.lcaro. ao louf ?*? ? HBBII"! the l'l-abytetlan falth.
flOOfXX) to the truateea ol the wuue chureh. for
mlaalon acl.ool*. ?100.000 : to tba Chlrago illhle Bt***9,
??*,.kx) eio.ooo for the OMeapa Uaarary tint..
? 1(^,000- lor a colr>?Bal aUtue of Abraliam Lim"ln. and
ihe r.-sldue ol the estale. aiaouuUiig to ********* "*'
^'OOOOaJO. for a pobHe Ubrary on tl.e South Slde, to
oe'taown a. th* John Crerar Llbrary." The cora
i*_ln.BtB malntaln that all tha aboare ********* ?'?
rSa_^rto4_m_- Beeaaaa they ?re dlaereateaary. aad
SaT tne money ahould be tur.ed over tx. them BB
helru and neit of kln.
buffnlo. N. Y.. Jan. la-In the Supenor OtM* t?
day .ludge Hateh aentenced Jeremlah IX.yla. the tltth
?, ?,e g_n, OOmvt*** Ot aaaaull ou . NU __? *J*
clty ln J.ily laat, to Um Aahoni BUta Pria-* *** J
iwaiit- yaaia.
?IX LTVE3 I?7 I.v WE-I VIK'ilMA.
fiinlrinati. .I.in. IB.?DUpntcba. from the rltle.
ne;ir .<r",li,. W. \',i., tell Ihe new. ?f .-, terrlfle cxplo
- "i ol tha Pboealg PoaBei Mili which was d?
itrncUva te ttfe Ihla BMrnlng. The rhaanli nnii la
Mtuated ut Ceatral mv. near Curedc, and aboat hair
way between lluiii iiiirtm, tt. Va., aml CBUettabnrg,
Ky. Thia i. the third eipkalOfl .<t thl. mili wllhlii
three Bfwathl and i- tlie mir-t d.-.ti uitiv.- one. l|?w
"-* wieek lo-day wa*, hroaght about wjll never 1.
becaoac noi a iooJ that w tn the mlil is left
alive t" .-li tho itorj.
,\t iialf-p.i-t 8 i-VlfKk this mon.ing people in Iron
lOB, tuentv I've mi ,.^ away, BBBld tl.e (erril !e d
l.ii.iliiC rwr, 1 , i>ri*'li>. three lalle. awftv, windovv.
were br a. n BBd warea in the etnrea wei-'- -h.lren frmn
ihe ahdvee. lo CBUetlabarg, ne-iriv lea mlle ana*/,
the e.irlh ,-hr.ik ;,m| people were alarmed. Kverv
body dlalaei lhe raaaa aad Ihete **a .> rn*_ tram aii
directioBa tat the ... ene. The loeal aathoiitiea ot
ganlied aad Hurnaneed Ih. ralna wlth . rerioa oi
pol -? through which doim "f tha Ihoa?Bfl. "f ipai
lalora naa i"-:nitted tn p,,-.,
it ln- beea aarertalned thal u.e tir*-t eapleetea wns
in the 0a_tag-!-om, where Ihere were i<n toa. "f
pewder. Than, a_e4*eaatva|y, lhe pocl_ng-hoa*e, ihe
'naparlne nnd the f,,ur a lir.-l rnlU, and la-llv a <nr
load of gnnpowder **<-tn bnrttng la ler* frag-ieot.
through tbe alr. Bti a reattg. "f the aatlre phtnl
remaln., and the roantry lor hall . mlle aronnd i.
-tiv'vn wlth fragn.la of the balMSaga aad <>f Uw
Imdies of Bve men, vlctUa. nf Ihe <li-.--.ter. it |* n ?'
lui.iwn d.-tlnltely, bal al tiu* piennl wrtttng It is
believed Ihal aal leaa thaa tiiirtv tive loa* of powder
arere barned In the leTeral _gplo_?ea. Tboae UUed
aie us fOlloa - :
Arrble Livlagatoa, . -rotduaan, whi, bad baea
raperlntendenl ol the rmii-, Bnoe Ihej atarted; oni\
bia hand araa found.
?? VA" Wlnt.in. th" an lutert nnd en_lne,-r, wha
liiiilt the wiui,.; ln- wa* ln tb. ina,:;,/.inr wben it aa
pledcdnnd ntrange i<> *,?,>? hl* i""i* wn- llttle amtllated.
John iii iit"ii. -i w-'iikiiiaii; _,'.iy horrlblj mangk i
John ?**. bl.r and t'hurlea b. 4t, worhmen, wen
both lerrlbl) mutlli trd.
.\ll iiu.ii-- either known oi supjw,-..-*rt t, have
been In tb. buUdlng*. wben |he explaalon ocrurrad.
Uoberl i'.i.ii,, a glailng-ralll band, waa approachln-;
itlng mlll vvii.'ii it blew np. iu* rPitnlng, hair
aad whlahera wera barned "tr. He mn _.*<> rnraa io
a -truiin and Juinped ln. He wlll imt live till mi.l
K. <> Beere. J?m<?s K?te?-ii timl An),rt JuaUce, who
wre i'i Um tlelnlty Whaa lhe BrplOflloM ineiirre.1,
? ??i.<ii.lv hurt. There i? >i<> d,,iil,t |hal th**r?
.ir- many kllghtly ;irdure<i whoae ii.-inw have imt
been .i-.ertHin'-d.
tiie 3tE.xir.4S roedf.r TRornr.E.e.
p.i'.Mnni i> r.'i.iin\ ; ftCSOBd tuf. rio BBjutD
-TIIE rBCIT-J?B M All'-II tOtx (,AK_*..
St. Ixur... .lan. 1.-. A ili-pnMi le "The Itejinhlii*"
froai iiii.n, Tea . -ar": a proinrnent atortoaan,
nln>^> ran. h i- near Langley, raaae la vrvteniav, nnd
rep .rted that he ?w twe'.tv .,\ rerorutlnn. t? etO**
Um 1!" Orarde, -p_>n*f!e Ua'a!'-*-. '?r. Batnrdaj. ll*
?1*0 p'i" rt - ateetlng a Mexlran, **h" mw hlm a bund
had i?ajitaur. .1 Plcd~M I'.l.i'i,*, ran, I.e. it, M<*\i,<i. .ind
that i . . .? na in that regjaa. The Mc_i
i.i there arer. aa nan] aa S!,MO rebela in tti****
'. ||] well ara ?! ..'i'i ln ll-htlng trlni.
. .. i r . - j Bal . a geardlng Ihh plaea, ?**;??
flghl here at anv I I? ? I ? .' 'V erv
f., rt r , ? - ?;,.:- .long lhe r rar, urid ihe |ne
wiu t.? ..,.??!>'.li*?pa
,r. .- - i .- v d ipiteh lo r
??;??? ? ? . ? ? ?? ? i|l
<ei, . ' ir a- .|"'- I o ? |,' .
. ?.,,! iii, * i- -ull a ge .- ihe
border Ih il Iha wlljr rei
Um troope n ?:.-*,
i ,i,,. i,,,-., : ronearned, there I no Int-Bworlhg tn
f,,i-iiiatio i a- i > lu* tarhlnB pUr. i - bal IhU
? ; h. .* wilhou. BJTI , I
? (,t report, Ihal be \- :w h. Um nelghb-i ?od ?-.' I i
P | -,,i.-i.,!.i.- foi i.i he
aithnul f ui I il * r*'. . r.. iv -1 here I .
rbtrk a* lhe tr?>p* rrtal mex\ tbare h??- *e?mi*-d Ihal
... , ? . ? ,'.,,-- ? ? i i ..i irw ?? ?.i >? '? '?''
II. I>. Wl.lt. inorr, nn Ani-rl. an ml^'-r. I.nvinp larne
l,,,.., t ii, lhe Male ol Za<_lora , aajri Ihal raUroad
travel Into lhe BepabU. I ? ? ** n-.- ed dnrlng
ii,.. narxa tmubl. . and lhalv.ll enteffarlae Involvlng
ii,.. |. v. -tui.-nt ol out l.i'- raptlal bare been Injmred.
il.. bi ti- r al tbere li i a prol i llj n liana'i
-mi ihal nodua Importaiice bai be-i glrea Um
III,,V .|ll"lll.
Delrlo, l.-\.. Jan. IB.?Abotrl thlrtf or f"riv t'nll-d
-i.,i. nhHera ani\>-.i h*-i" "" Katarday ntghl and
rwnped at Um lord ol tha Blo lirande Rleei lo .-m.nl
lt. Ani'th-T il' ta' hrneiit 1- at Ih" .itb "I t'i"**v,?l
I,..,,,- tm tbe aaM p-rpnae. Tha Me.lean.ben i
,iui.-i, and, froai all Uu! eaa be kamed, <i" nol appear
i,i i?- organMng.
BifiwaavUle, T-v.. Jan. 1- f_ptaln Brllo, with ?
rnaipan* nl Baaaar*, relui ed here la*l nlght, ha?_ig
been Iblrteeo Bajri and alghla la ih' ..-Mie. inmttng
il,.- river banha botireen Banlo Marie and Bk* Oraad.
i mv, a -;',<i bv Lleuteaani -iiort. of the mh Hatted
^iat"s Oavalry. "n ti.e nlghl "f Jaaaary ' b* en
coontered a crowd al ?? piar. ea__ t?aJ"- Thr."
thott wera Brei. h- IMal thej w.-re gtgaala. II.
coated u.e chappan-1 aii nii.-ht. Ir: tbe mornlng be
found u il'-'-rt.d ...iii.. etuptj _artHdge boie* aud
.ume i,M rlothlng. ll? alao fonlid a ll.t "f ihlrtv
iinii iniiiin-iidi-d hv .Aii-lin ii'-bili. th? BMB ?hO. J ?P
taln ftiit" thlnk'. -..a. the pommaader ln ute Upht
wlth ..-iptain Hoiiiiv". < HpU'in Brttii Ihlnha Oana*!
gnng ha* been brohen ap m ?o many ir'.ip. are. la the
n.-id and a. provialona ar** ao aearea
ol'l' BJORTHI I'.N UAl ; ~.
'Albany, Jan. te (ftportall. Tha wn??*r tn ihe Ha_aon
i- agala 'i-i.iR. i"*.../ lea f--t *!,...-,? raeaa Mde. a
l,.-:.a-a r.t.n ,- falllng tonirhl. uhl-h a'ld- to tha aerl
ouaneaa of ti.<* iiiin... froaa ... lea har-reater'a potat
,,f v;. av. Tha Had ?.',' l< ? e*Vt I. g, whlrh waa hraalKMi
np by i:i i a-"-,.' ti-.-i.et. beeajae J_ri,.<,e.i at twopolat.
M.utii of bere, aThi-h raooed Ihe oratee t" ael baeb
-.-_?! Tl.e flr.1 gorga tiu- tha rbanoel t" the botio...
?r ..-,, _.____._ CbaBael Ilghl i" ?*"?? Bat-Haaorr-, :i il
loaee "f f.'.u .mi'" ? Tha aeeaad J..e la ttom rox-acki.
ij Poat allla i-'-ir,.. t-.-,r,i.' ..'.?? n111- Ifl eatent. Tbe
Ir. ii4i\'--i,-is ire dloeoaraged .,a?-r tho -eoaaittaaa "f
tba ..-.---thi-r and .-iv,-r u,(i rntertala Bttle impe Iw
.,.ii. t. ,,f .i erop IW. aaaaoa. tteport*. froai all aeaHlana
?ra thal thera la Rttte !"? tlt ta rat, n.e greal.
aawan. eeea ?<t. aoada, belng too IhtB tor bb. ..-<-?
a_ate*rer. It ba eotlaaaeX that thera I oot oarer 75,000
ton. "f lee raaatnlag ln Ibe baam -.! fflg ""r Hadaon
rrom but rear*. aapply. Tbia la .n beld by the Kaleb
erboebef Coaapaay, and i- ii.<* nasllaal amoanl remaln
ln. uv,- ;i -.-.1-',.. in y-Hi- pBsi. l n.ll? -b-.,n <?'?*
ilxth of the erop k rarrtod aeat fr"." a".-* aaBaaa -to
Tii.v. N. Y.. .lan. laV?The rla-er .1 thl- polut I" nol
trottfl over. Ob th- QyiaJ Ha*ln at Weal Trof lee
?Ih,. lee i- Mtd I" ha nf BOW quallla. The nnrih'in
"l.a'Sr Sle* ^"iV^ihe renob?rot Blver \t agaln
rloaed to 'naWgatloa, alt/r -reakti.-r, all r",ord5 In tha
lenglh of Ume of belng o|?cn.
St I.ouls. Jaa. 1A.-K. C. Iloudinot BBd T. H.
Il.,n.r.pto?. ri,-|.-.a.es of Ihe rh.-r.ke-- ftttea, yA*tt*
.1,1 amralag k. VTaaMaftaa. *Ar. itoudinot aaM that
Ihelr p.in.ipai worh araaM t><* aa arfa ih.- ratiacauoa
by CMgraaa of the saie ef ti,?- -Tbe?haa Btrlp. The
ireatv provld.-s fnr Ihe reu.oval of ..11 ******* ****
th. raaarvattoa nn.l thal tha Oetoa?aaI aain go toto
a K-neral _?-<-ountlng dalimt haat Bfl far ns 181,.
wh.-rrhv ih.- aattoa wm laoatea batwaaa ****&*>
a?,i U.000.000 lor laad whi.-i, baa beea Mtow_g_y
Bapraprlated aud riem paM for. Mr. Woudiuot aaya
that UM laparl which ha- _.lned tt*t MMlNli _
th. effect that rherotV-e* were morlog on the fho .. t
land. of tha strip ...d ..._ng Ujem oJMj ?> tre ,
fal-e. A clan-" was Inserted to prote. t aome *f y
indlans wh.. had already aaatttoalt^ajai and m.ide l-,
|.||lll and ihat was ?H ***** atas In II.
-!.-!? iaa. i *. W*t4 baa ****_******* al tha
rraaaary Dapartmaal thal ******** -Wg."1!*?
,o Impmvo ahwlv. l,ut tbat the BBBt-BBBg BBWBt,
Ltber will d-iaiu blm 9%J*AJ******* -uch __J_
u?_ wm iriguuuy oaatemP--**
Itui ;i:i:s *T CAIXAO?navai. AcnviTY.
iVa-hlnjrtou. .lan. l-.-The l*re-l<lent denled blm*elf
to all vl-ltor, t'. day and WOTked <>n tl.e Chllian eOV*
ri'-p,,'.d"n,-e. II.- |a prermririK his neaaag. to C'on
gl?a in Uie Brivary of one of lhe Inner room* oa the
apper loar of ihe wiiite iiim-e. it i* *__ hhe
beUal iliat the BKMBge and tl.e 4.rre.pon4V*ii"-e wlll
be mbI to ("tipre-*- on Wedneaday.
Bacretary Blaine waa ..m.-wiint todtopoaei feakrday
nnd today he deenied! It wi-e. to nnialn iudoors.
S-nor Montt, the .'billan M-Beter, vl-ll.*d th" .-late
Departmenl thl. norntog, In Iha hope of ohtalnlag
an aaileee. wtth the OeceeUry, bnt i.c waa obllged
io eall on him at Ma hoaaa, The BeereUry raeelved
hlm aml tli" -4_WleW _-4?- .ilnnit, nn Imur. A
rutnor w_s in ilrnilation ln Ihe Navy IK-purtmeiit ln
Um BMrnlng to Um efed Ihal Benot Montt. M av
forrmil IU. Oovernm.-iit that an BPOtogT fram <-l*lll
would be forthenmliiic. Thl. MaM BOl be ''onlirm.-.l.
aad li was bmauUed at the Stata Depertaniet thal
Ihere u.i no baali fur t_>* report.
Oolonel K'niey. tli- Naval Judg. advoente ganenu,
who ha, been eondncttng U.e inveallgaUon ol the
BalUmore eaae al Ban Pren-aeo, ]t axpeetad ta retarn
t, thl* rlty ." norrow ar ffeBaaaaaf v,tb ?** ***"
| p.irtlon- "f the te-tinmny.
rary Trm-v thli aft'.noon aml a w.ble nie-sape
. naataaiiid- Bvana, of tiie Yorktown. al Valparalao,
Ir-trao-ag i.i.n b- laka Iha Bahnaeeaa r.**_?ee. bow
, , pi ,i., Uoa to OaBao aad land them there, bat
lO i, e Iii. divretiotl M to th. tiuie Of OU d-paitiiri-.
IIM -" i'.-tary -al'I thl* afterno'iii that BO oiilers have
baea Nat to lhe Boatoa at railao eogtaaapiatlng any
? b-nge iu her alaWan The diipaiiare al tbe Yorktown
lii.in Velpei-iao ?.l bave the rmt.-d Btate. arttltont
? -i?_i, ra Ml in ChlHan ?a1 iia. The Yorktown eoaM
hai'i.v nahe tha h i> trtm Valparalao to CaBao .md
ifiii-n iu I-*- Iha. a weett uni". A* Captain Bvana
i- v --t~i wtth tall dlaeretloo la ih*> matter. lt la not
regarded m at all ilhely tlmt he wll leave Valparalao
\:,r, dtotely, and. i.r taet, not until lie la reli"ved by
_b ??<??:? re tti, ot la Ihorooghty .-uti-tb-d that ?he
m ,,f affalr. ln < lull wonld JuaUfy
Mra ln h-vtsg the rnin-.i Btotea MUriatof
, amm la Chll without mmn *-f
l that eaaaary la eaa. dreaaaBaace. mnde it
,:,* or ..eeeaaary to <i? w. lt I. therefara re
gaiBed a. pmhable that. unle?\s thr* negotlatlon. taht
* dertdedly tavoreah* tora wttBJn a week ?r so. Uw
li?-t.,n. wlibh l*> Iha neJ?re*t rtmatL will bo taet to
Valparalaa, m ?**?_? that u.e Torhtowa r_n _.feiy leave
thal por. with ui? rarageae. it waa ?t*t?i mo?t po?,t
ilv.-lv hi tl." Navv DanailBliail IU. aftemoon that no
arten baarlag "> ***** *om**te have be-n ??it to Ad
rilial Walker at Montevldeo.
A promlneait Nav.il ofli.er ?_d thli aftemoon that
the ChUlaa Mliil.ter h?d no rjw whatever agalnal <"om
.,,.- iw graaa oa aecossl of the. nUato fired m boaer
,.f tl.e Baanlah Mlrdater, wbo gowpaBtoi two of the
,, t.,e Y,,rktown. la taet, he aaM, CBplala
Kraii. would have. b**<*ii llabl*- to r.mrt-ma. tlal If he
hvt imt done *o, im the aartaaton trtttU bava beea .
vaiiatlot. of trv - bwe. of th.- Naval Bagalattoal wMeh
l.p.vides t'ut "whencrer B Ml-.nr a.iBlal tO IBf
NMenl tlie i nltod M-te^' ahroad, ar " bflnlaler ?f a
. ,?;,,t:v. -i_n vi.it * raaael ol Ih. Wavy he
.hall u> raeelved by th.- n,imii-l. eoaunodore or reaa*
??a-lag .-ii"-. aad mt Marlaa f**** "hM ?? !,'"-'',"r1'
A wilute ol nfteen PUII -ball B. flred un M. leBVlBg.*'
ih.* Bavy DcpeftOM-l Ia4ap ** h --i'i U_ *eto* "1
li-Ug. lerrehui Itary had fteqnenl ronanlta
aaa rhWa. fo Um bareaaa Uwraeebea
. were aarklag at aVlr top ipeed. ln th.
,,f ,,,.. rhlef of tl ?? i-n-'i i "f N"a\_al on, ? omm ator.
, bu.tle wa- great Thre. or toar of hla
:.- detallarl . ? nn'' Utle clpber dlanalehe*.
. ;?'. Im v putl
ikiag i'..'lii-"ihi- lhe ? ' " "
thal "?.," ln fr.m Uie SooUi. The Movj te
? ?.. ererdevUed. II la ntrmeral
. rhara U*r, and ll haa aever yet been del
convcnlaaee u* tolerated berana. ol Ita -**'??'*" *?
..... aad .1 preaani Ua a?a u m.
; ,,,, ., I'.urtM.. ?..'... pn-nr B
' i.?r.i.r?,e Bureatt. whtoh
.- fiirl . K ?'m ' I t -? Navy. i.e .iu f ol
thal bu - - ' ' '.- fr,'l" "
1.1*1.1 al lhe vv,,-',in?..". ..'-I. I'e; '?*
...-: m-iinhtrtun-r. .../h.-u he-t .?.'??. i*
i? ti..- ,?i.i.i pnidacilon ??! ma-.-.ml. The gn ?? it
JluMij l__ i.i.v ul-*! f..r -.ni" llnw ln ih.- Burean t
v,v ii li i.!'!..- re, .i,.- agenti of whl. '? -?' ? ?M l_
?.-..., ;,-. worh ..n ;. pfcan ol n po??1ble runpalg. . b**Md
. . | _ . ,. .,!,'. ,-.f .nml; -;. DtNB al.roinl.
? ? ?
THE BALTLM iRE TO - \!l. _0_T
KHB nvii.i. ?" 1MB-CT 'l" *. vrrivo OR l m.i.a l
gaa I'n.i .". Jaa. 18. 'The HaU" Ihla nmrnlnc
-ih."- Ihal lhe .ini-".- Raltlmore, nira .1 *l?re Irinnd
Navv Viini. baa i*r*_*lved -rteva .?? itarl on Wedoe. lay
for t'- oath. Bhe wlll ro dii*-, i t., Acapaleo '>r
i',ii;,, wlthoul * i"i>. BothIng can b- learnad to
-t,?*v thal ba wlll b" J"in"i by Uie < harleaton or taa
i i ,,. now al Ran Dlego. raptaln H hley aad
,,ii th* oftVera of th- BalUmore wh.ml-- haa ei
pired bave aaked '" be reaaatgaad to Ibe ahlp on lhe
undenUnding thal Imahle wiu oeenr artth ChlM.
N-iiiiv all ti- U-MX-alred aallnra na Um erulaer bava
?jaa r- 'nii't.-d or. n UaBlar anieratandlng. II I. alao
_tnl.il that the .M.,bl.aa. a wimkI.-u ve>..-l. hns b"-n
onl'.r.d t<? bave ln a duv or two for I'nniiina. 1 M
Mohlcan I* noar al Mar.- i land n.-ariy ready lor Ma.
__r___jr_ THE CZBHtMO IlKaliV POR I-uVEDO
a__avV.CE TIIK IH.I.IIIIN- Mir i'O
T'i M 'XTI- V11 >' "
There wa? n.ore itcllvlir aui??!!_ Ibe lajBoara at the
Ni vv Vard ve-ic.-dav thaa I* Ihe rule li: IheBS B_yB.
lt aaa- BO. due |0 a"a great ln. .?>?;.-'? of arnili. nor t1'
una- -nier. fr,,in -Ta-hlagton, bal it aeemed (?? t.e la
rotaalary, aad daa lo a reeltag thal the aew. from
Wa-htngtoii aad <-i.in -t,, i:_n,,.n,',i the appreb.
Ibat lhe rvltitl.-li- hctaacen tt,.- I'nlt-d stat... ai?t tl,'
lllll" r.-p.iblt,. -eia* nmlei a _.-,?--.l.*i bBBalOB tli:,r, ea-.T
bt-ore. The atotoffl t . r?-wla ?f tbe B_ry trm Waah
lagtoa aaggeeted th.-ii praparathm aae- going qntetly
bat eartiialj torward t., enaMe n.e <;....-n,>i:?-nt t<.
In-i-t tii.it Iha rlghta nf Ameriran. Ib < hlll be pro
..-. Iei. The barpeao-haal CBBhlag, ablrh araehed the
Xavy Vard f.*,?. l-lewporl an isatBi?ij night, la to ba
l uei onl aaith liuwell aad wTillebead I rpedoe , Tbe
..-, tbe ehangea la tha dyaamlta eralaar Ve bUbb
.- belng li.inl.-l totward. The donble to-rreted mooltor
aiiai,t..i,.,..?.h i- belng n.:,d. naa. fnr aetlre aerrtee,
?nd il,- nonltor Nantorte-I I. readj lo ba repalred tor
trtl-re terrlee. Ueatenaat Ki.rl B?*rer ba. beea <le
tocbed froai the *.?? uvlaa, BBd Ueateaanl llamU haa
been ordc ??! lo lhe raeoney.
?il.rdera to Bl oal Ih. db.pat.-B aooi .pa.n .or
aervlre aithoal aelaj aa:.- a wrprlae at the ICaarj
York -i,e ia now al Wortolb, bal wiU ba pal ln
,,,n,...i--i,,.i ii..- weear, witb I'aimamaaer C. V, Ortdlej
m eommand, and a.,11 -prohablj eome t-- Sen ."r;, to
t-scelre ni.tit onal aramaaenl and ammanltton. anl then
gO tn M.,..l"a|,t.-? tordntj ln Admiral WaU.-.- -.,..'.d
:?n. The aerrdlBg Ol tba "'"'I'Mu to thi* M,..a'I.M..
doea ?,, ?,.-_? Ibal her aervleea an really Baaded
,?,,., ,?? ,?. _m te al a eoowBlenl **** '? *****
around m.i.iii. TheX-raBrkhaBl_ Portfeaa Monry
Md _, _,,?,, ilmcUy I" YinyYry^.yUey^
grapM ,.ea may be aaal to aar. M aeeaee. Mera
baaa '"-en .-..--i t* th* BmaHlor. aHmtaab aad I'.s
aatc to he Bttod BBt. Both of tbem BM -f the .._,<-.
patlern __ tba NaiitucUet. ____.. ,.-r,.?
a,, aaaaer al haa Maary Y.n --d yaoteeiay; Tba
Naw laepariment la poahtag fo-"'-*-1 <>?" **** ******
BOW _?*__. ,.,.-? are BBBJIwaeblag *********** *** _?*?"
ovc-r tm.e |n th.* rtaalBftea gaa heaadry. it la iatai
whal it c_n u. ****** U..- Itttoj "'-<"< y.y, hat
have I.n Wl Bf BT ***** ***** '* _"T*____
ufihedc'iia aaiaatt apee tha ealtora al tha Ba_lmor.
ahaam Ihat they *rre aahftetol to tha aaaat bratoJ aad
aareaaaaabla hraadaaaol by tba ********** *_**"
farlher lhaa U.e CMltao P??-*' ?"d -M.ers took part
la ti-.- aooeaJt n u ettaBal that the authorit.e- n,
.hlll -an maklng BB BBBWl ********* ** ^"^ **_ **"
* Ameriean-. ?>ur 00Tcrnme.it cannot s.arid tlilas and
wlll not atarad lt. son.e paopla see ? BBtoS anatogy be
tween the BBB* ln V.lPar.l*o nn.l that ln New 0,1?-.
ivt yoar. I waa faal laatlag Tha Aiaay aad Hwi
Re-gtatar- on u.i-* eery ***** -aai it npa aaal aae mm*
all beUeve. lt h Uue!
_.ta nral.iRv
The nml, ln Ncworlean- ;..t?, I'.ed tbe Itallan-, not on
?eeoaat ,.f their _atJaaallly. to* aa aaeoaal of tha
erlmea that had beea eoaaaBtedby toea. aa ???.- ba
ll.-v.-d M excelle.it evidrnce. II." BMb ... .nlparnis..
atU.ked the BBllOH "' -,ie ******** ****** *"' *******
ot UB* __|""-a.*d not .?" ara-ount of any c.-imea
toai bad ivaoa ?joauaitte*- by auybod.. U _a /_iaaric*
?aUora had ? BgM wtth (he Cliilian mob we stmuld like
to aee the Bal .,f the kiiied and wonaded aaaiag tiio
nattvea, Ajaeriean nUora la iir^- partlai ar. aot I.
the l.ablt Of BghUag without hnrtrnc WMM OBB The
CJtfllaii ninb attaehed th<* ialleM <>f tho BaBla_ra
nerely hecanae they were Aseticana. 'ine pollee a*
ilited In tha' raa. and iiiiiimitied ontragea ":' 81 ikMa
and MiKiii-.rv beeaoae they ? -re Ameriran*. Tlie
proenrator tl-.al ha- iie-n devoUng him.-lf aa*_aoualy
to the ronreHlment and not the dficovery of the gnlltjr
11,r-ii bora ner tho vhrtlmi were AmBt-lrane. I'nder theaa
rlrrinnatances lt beeomea neceaaary to eoovlnce the
f'luliiin. thal if they do imt treat Amerh-ana ?. they do
BavopeaiM they wlll be kiiied _nd their bnlldlng* de
itroyed an.l ilu-y wiu iiilieiwj.e be put ta grcjit twpen-o
and dlacomJort. "
WH?hinsrton, Jan. 1**.--A rumor *was in ciroula
tion here to-ni<*ht tbal the 1'nileil .States eruiser
Vorhtown had been firerl upon in the barbor of
Valparaiae by the ChUiana.
The atertU_? ruiiior laused <rreat exeitement for
a while, an-l fiequent <;.!ls were _ade on the
Aaaoclated l'r..>s to asceitain if there were any
truth in it.
When M,p storv w.-js r"|eate i to Serretary Traey.
he treateil it very li_htl.v and waB iii**ji<***e<l to ridi
eule it. Ile added thal he had no news whatever
to conimiinieutc to the press to-fli^ht.
I'hilidelphla. .lan. 1-1.?Tlie work o( ptuaptng out
Um greal trptotb re.-entiv balli al th. Leagaa lalaad
Nivv V?rd pn-panibirv to na examinatimi of tlie l>ot
io:ii of the moniior Keatank, waa begaa thl. ?oralag.
Thia wiu r>onaa_ae kra ar thre. daya. au day Bai*
urdav letegrana wen* paaalng betweea Leagno lalaad
and Wa-hltifrb.n, ajid, oa a re~ult, to-day a ,'nne of
men s.iflir.ietit to equlp U.e vessol far MB in MM than
tin-ee weaha was jmt to work, Ihla wttl reqaira, la
additiiiti to the forve of BMchaate. already eanjtogvd,
fourtei n BMchh?Bta, b lleimnker*. .-md , roggenBBtthe.
Tho ordan faaai the Navy Departmenl re<|ii're that tho
Maataak'. anghlM be trled after ahe has been thor
eaghly overhanlad. OBghnhr, CaaghUa, tho acttag
? ommat'datit at Leagaa I-land, mt* tb* m,mit.'r ?ixild
bo eqalpped for *.ea in a week If nee?Mslty rei|uli-ert Iti.
In an iiiteiview hare he .ald : "The Montauk ha. not
haaa aal of ihe water for ei-rhteen year-*, and ahe _ a
raaaa] arith only har aagtaaa and gun? abeard. Ihal
m to *>-*', she ls dlitnantled, aa there ww BB BBBBBlBB
durinK a luik' iierlod of idl~ne**s to ha*e her <*?|ulpi>*-d.
flb. Is preea-rved M well as lt, is pi?*,.:h|e for any boat
t?i be. In <it*d?*r to pie-erve the eag-Ma it la nere-j.-ary
t? separate mi.nv of the BB rt-. a :rt it U afanaal llko
bullding a now enirlrie ti put thmn lojrether. We ha?l
ordera ?1x rnontr** ago oo gri, the Hahaal and. JBeoa
ri_dy for *ervke, but i.o U1_l of enKli m was ordered.
Tho Montauk ls 1,475 b>n*' di-pUvement. We eould
get the Bahhnl **nd j4n-ou re?ly for aervlee in a week.
The rompleruent of eaeh shlp li from lfiO to 180
oflear. .i.xl men.'' < aptaii Coughlln wns _.?-k.*<1
whether tho DeaartnM-l would be lli.lv to aend tha
Kionltor. to Cblll In ea.e of une. He *aid lt would be
danfBMOtia tu rt. Ile reimrded th-'in a- h^inir ad
mir.ihle .t- BMOna <if eoaal and harhnr defenoe, but ll
would. euit?ll gr-.-at expense to take them to .South
Ajaerlea and a..-uld ,ii-<? eaaaaaN ...uih tlme.
Wuhlngton, Jan. H.-.rtorne Asta-BaraagB, who wa**
rh.ir..* d'at!ntr'*s i,f th<> riiiiiau LegaBlOB ln Bfaahlngton.
durinc BalB?<*eda'a AdadnlatiaMi n, glvea bbbb ln
lereatlng tnf,rt-nia.|.>n ln --uai-d to that M of 1<**) tor
pedoe. -hipi*<-d t.i .'hUi whlrh Adnilrnl Walker ratil"d
frmii Montevldeo were o?i the way to their d"*tlna
Mon. Thia h*'nvr ehipment of torp.-does wa.- gen.rally
taken as an IndleaUon <.f .hill** preparattoai f >r war.
and an evtdaae. Ihal aa. la u-tt ng readg to flght tho
t'nHed i-taie..
Hr. A-tji-lniinap aaaerl. poalttvely thal these tor
ju^.hs wete ordered by lialtiiiu .Aa. <iui1ti,r bl. .uprein
i,.v aud paid f. r by ni'.ney ahtaged fr*-ru Chili in a
!n|t|-!i tnariofwar. whieh wa. tha .-r rj of so
riiuili eillhamil They were intended for ,'ix'ratlnr.s
ipunst tbe hnargaalr. aud not ai_iin*t tbe DBMad
Tm- ftmner eharg. d_Mraa haawa wh.reof
he sp"nl>-. M he was r<>K'iil7.ent .>f Ilie n?>p,t_itloiis for
tite lotfadoea When they wer" under way. The >_ito
ment tbat thh) lot ,-f t"rp'-<!<"--. awe oi4l"i*ed b"fnr**)
ti-onbli- witli thl* naili.'! .-iro-e la io:t rbarated by . proml
neol olhVlal at the W*r lii-partment, who *nrs that
enough tun*- i.a*. not *?i?|i*.-*rt idnre tho h*-iiiunin?c >?! Um
nnpleaiantneiis t,i aUow o. _ ronlracl for m many
torp***?nei* t" l"- ?oaed and the K"<1- t" t." Bnlabed aad
Losnra no timi: at nari iblaxo.
san Iranrtaea, .lan. 18.- if hgpaaraaeei eoaal for
anythlng, tbe N?vy Department i* toalng tu, tim<? m
Dttlng ,.ut reaaela nt Man- I-Lui-l Navy v.-ml for im
rnedlate dtonateh i" Chll should eeea-Joa reqttlre lt.
i h" iteaai englne worhed all day Bnaday iuid begaa
this Biorning. Attentlon i- \*-'t,\g paid to w.irk oo
tlvc* Baltlrn. i", and imt a rlngle hmir U loat ln pro
parlng lo u.-r away. ~he i.iniiot P'.i.-ii'Iv leave tho
v.nd nnder a week, bal la ln the atreaai and ls h*
celvtng ' "al rappllea,
a Blgnldcunl (aet waa learned to-day. BhoK'y after
tho BalUmore arrlved al iho Navy Vanl earh gao wa>
prOvlded with -ivtv i.iiind- uf aniniiliilil.il.; thi. haa
been lnereaaed to 100. The Kavy Daparta_nt raa
alao be eredltod **"h loohtog nf.-r thi defenee ?,f tl.e
barbor of **an lYanel <o. Fot ihe rir.t tlme ln yean
tiu* workmen bava takea tbeaiaelvea to the monltor
Oomaaehe, nnd her HMeWnery i*. h,.iu^ overhanlad,
i itT.'T- of the vard -av tli" leporta tl. L tt? Haltlinoiv*
wn. Injuri? by fOlng BgroBBd are ?? Un-ly Wlthoal
fouinliiU'*n. The dry rtni-U b. tn be kerit for tl.e <'harle.s
lon, whlnh will arrlre M'ednaadar. r*he wt.l be
lloaied at otiix*. and her wants attended to.
MAfl OF fllll.1 SKNT TO ARMV OfrTlCBBf.
Chlcago, Jan. IB.?Whal .nay le ragarded as n sIk
nlfl'aiit liuldcnt vv:i4 the re.'-ipl at Anny headqnartar.
Uttxs reateiday of . larg. namber af bmp. from th'
War DipailaMiil "f lhe forttded port. "f ChUL The
napa, whieh were taken from lorvefa nade ln ls_7,
Bi*,- ..ibi |o ahow the azacl poaltlon ,>f every torttded
-.{mt along the .'iiiiinii eoaat. The largeal of Ibeaup*.
i. ..ni- ihowlng the elty front of th" e;tv ,,t ValparulMo
*nd th** e\ai-t imati n >,r every fortlfled ipol ln tha
rlty, Thera are f"ur inr.-<* forl* eoauaaadlng the
aarbor :nni elghl or tea heavy batt'riea betweea UM
north and .oiilh linilt- uf lhe elty, The niirnb.T of
guna iu ..-*<? iu tbeae fortldad ipet. i- proUemattral,
bal Anny ofinera eaUaiat) thal thera ar.. aot leei
than 1<ii>.
GeBeral Mile- deetlne. m dlacuaa the Chllton niT.iir,
..r Ihe reeeipl ol the Bmpa, prefenlng thal ill newa
be gt-rea "..t al R'aeMagtoa, 11.-* able, Captr?n M taa,
-uld thal .!?'? mai'- wera - nl ..,- rely thal tl.Bteera
in.L'l.l b-COOM acquaini.-d \altl, th<- slt.iati-n. Army
ofli,.,- i.n over tl.e cuiit.-v aa.-.r bruahlng np tbetr
kBowtedge ol the tnllltary .Irength ,,r chiii. ond there
aaa- nodonbl i _r..*i demand tor ntap- s;i,n a* 'u.t b"'-n
aent t" bea Iqaarteta her'.
\.'l.l .al'KKKs FOR I (llll.IAN WAI*..
Piovldeoee, Jan. IB.?Iteatennnt Hodgblaaon. al the
u.-.v-i Naaal Beaerve, baa oBbred tbe aer-rlcea ,,f Ma
eommand t<> BecreUuy IVaey _ eaae ,,r ?_? witb < 'BUl.
i-,,,-i,,ri, .imi. in. -Adjiitaut Oeaeral Daltoa, ,.f
M.i-.t- h.i-ett-. h:.s i-c.elved _o rec.ue-t from BB. rctary
Kii.i.i- t" report the ainwhor .,r bmb ... the mii.tia aeall'
able tor lervke III casf ot aaar av|t|i (hlll.
.BftBflaaB, 111., Jan. 1 ?*.?Adjntaiit Gci.enil I'eeci.
wa- a-ked la-t ulirl.t .oncernlng a iiiaxn* that he lnul
b.en called upon to report W the War Pepartment ai
WTOlMagtOB the number nf imlltU avallable tu llllimls
ln the .-aent of avar avllh ChUL lieneral BeOOB BBM
ihal lielthei- hr nor the 'ioveiuor hud __f .-oiiiniunlca
ti.,i. ,,u the subjei t, hOtfl the V'.ir ia<--4**irt,nent, and that
thare wa- BffthlBg ln tho st( rv so far us the lllinols
(iftlclala wei. cortrerned. .'overimr Kif?-r abo stau-d
that there avna no foundatifvit foi- U.e report.
New llaven. Conn., Jnn. 18. Adj,it-int-<;ene,ral
Kahler dcnlea that he haa been < nllcl upon hy the
Wa-hlnpton BBthOf I.c- for a statenient of _)_. number
of ... ei. aviillable fnr -ervlre ln eaae nf a .all for tlXKMM.
He aaya that tbe ralUtary authoiltles in all the stntea
nmkc an,.nui rapOfta to the War Department ahout
tlil-t time of tlie year. and he thinks th.- atatemant may
bora had Its origln ln this fnct.
It la about two weeks since Fjdward de Llran, tJi-5
eld."t BBB of S. A. de I.ima, left hl- beata nt the Motel
l.-iii-ham iu Fifthuae, and not a word has hoe-i
i.,a.d froai Mai b) aay of BM frtoaala. lle baa di
gpaeared inrnpl-'tely. and l.is r'latives f,.:,r Unu the
ma-lei-v will ncacr le- made ch-.tr. The rep-irt thnt
the man who lomniitted siilrlde hy jumplng f.-om the
Balt.'iy wall a-.__ th- *Mk*Bf nian I- not belleved by
I). A. de Llma. lle feel- ccrUii... he -aid vc-.lcitl.iy.
that _e yajung _i_i U u?l la toBaJ Vork.
OtrVBBB MB. AsriNAU.'? Monos TO TABLl
Albany. Jan. 1*.?The I .umcrats in the Senata
to-nij.ht had an opportunity to undo mueh of the
evil which they commiited on Thunsdny last, when
they .leprivcl the |H*?plc of the XXth, XXVIlIth
and XXIVth Senate distrjets of the repivaentativea
arhleh they had in tlie Senate, hy takinj-r; away
trmii Senator*. Erwin, Saxt.m ai* O'Connor the
rifht to vote and to pnrtieipate in the deliben.tione
of the body fo which they were elected hy the
vntei.s ol their re.spective dtotri.?!?*. Bat the Demo?
cratic D.ajnrity. la plaee of undoinu the evil, only
ndded to it, and the Liente.nint-i'overnor did hia
I*.! io foad another EtepabbeaB Senator
up to eiieli a pitoh that he, too, would refu_e to
vot,-, and would thiis reudcr himself liable to
be depriaed ot his riffctB i-. the Sonat,* by the
votes ol' an inten.-ely prirtisan and unfair majority.
'Ihis waa Senator A*-pinall, of lirooklyn, aud tlie
piiorts of Mr. Sheebaa t" ditve him io a ptiat
\vl,er?- he eould have the majority silenee that
S, aabOK too were abaalaa_J indecr*nt. Senator
Aspinall is a f-arless lo.islator, who eares nothini*
for the threat.s ot the D_uiB.IB_l ar_a have lieea
ri.nnin_ the Senate tl.ua far hy tl.e niost pntent
exhil.itione of bulldozin/_ aud tirowlveatinit; ever
B-CB in a l.'/islativp body. Tn-nixht he intro
daeed the .oUearftBg EeBaMtaa. which Mirred up
all Sln-ehan's pugnacity, and called from him a
Btfiea oi l-nlint-.a tliat would make a fair-minded
Deii.oerat blush:
ltc_ol\>-d, That the Jndlciary Comrnlit -e bc dlttharcee
from furthi-r ,-,.,,-id-riiUon of tho ronfmpt proeee-lnca
ni...i.i*. Senatora Krwln, .-snxt-vi aod 'j-i.Vnn.ir, aud that
they M purged of thelr i-<jtitJ-_,|-_.
Senator Aspinall atood while hia reaolutiott
WM 1-oins read, so tliat Im* woiild liave the floor
an.l have an opportunity to epeak to it. Thto ia
a ciistotu that alwaya prevailed herrtofore, bub
precedent liaa no voic- in the present body.
Sl.eehan i-znored S??nut4->r .Vspinall's hold on
tl.e Moor and his ri_ht to speak, and recognired
Senator t'aiit.ir to make a motion to lay the rea
olution an the t.ible. Tliis niove ava*. made ta pre
vent Senator Aspinall hia-aking to hia resolntioo.
A motion to lay on the tabje iu not debatable,
bal the Lieutenant-t.overnor eould not shut oflf
Se.-iator Aspinall in any sucli wTTy a_ -hia. The
ra^pinu voice of Senator Cantor had hardly
K-'ueaked the avords " I move to Lay the reeolutiiia
on the table ?* when the Lieut<*nant-_overnor e?
claimcd, aceompaninar his exdamation with a loud
baiii?in-* of his gavel on his desk : " A motion t.e
lay on the table ia not debatable, and the Seuatnf
from the Uld i.a>piuall' will take hia scat."
This atteinpf. t-o deprive him of a ri_rht of lon-f
standiw* malo Mr- Aspinall indiunant. and he
aaked tlie LieutenanM.dvernor if he had yieldrd
tbe fl"or to any on.. Sheehan ffot around thia
bf aeelariag tbal he only rvcof-rni/ed Mr. Aspin?
all to send in his re.solution. Then he ordered
a roLl cail fo ba had, without Jtivin? the Senator
a ehanee to ropl.v.
Senator __HB_BB_1-I name is first on the roll
enll, and he aaked to Ik* ex.cu.ed from votinj* ao
that he eould explaiu his rea_onn for votintf.
"I object.,'' shouted t'antor and Mc.lelland ln
" ls this a dcliberativc body?" aaked Mt. Aepin
"How (ioes the Senator from the lild vote?-1
Sheelian eould l>e hcard to ask,' above tbe dtn of
hi-* pri vol.
"The absenfes have not l.en called,"' replied
the Senator.
"Tliere is no pmviaion in the rules for callin*
the roll of the altsenfoes," was Sheehan's reply.
"Tbe rule.s peoaride Ihat lhe S-nators ahall vote.'*
Mr. Aaplnall-1 would II-:,* the |,r-.-;d*al of thj> body to
r,f-r- BM to the rala ln the JJl'ie book.
Mr BbeafcBO?Bala it.
Mr. Bafftoall I understand that la the rule by --_lc_
thr? meniber. uf liii* body hava beea atrlcketi from tho
Senator Mot lellatid here wanted lo know jT Mr.
Aspinall was speakinu by unaniiuoua consent. IX
be aaaa, Mr. Met lellaud obj.cU'd.
Mr. -lli.-.-liaii?II,- !? not. Ha 1- siniplt-- aeeains for ln
ia.B_.ltoB atht.-h th.' cl.air 1. iiii.r,l<> to 6-lv<\
Mr. aapinall-l would like to know-, Mr. Preaidaiit BB|
., ntl, n,.,i of th.. BaaatO, lf the S.-nator from tho, md, rev
HTBnallBt ?. vo.ij-tlliieii.y i?f over iVD.OOO votera, wltli a
taxabta peraoaal pnaja rty ot ever 9O99J0OB_*9tk-i avouid Bt*
t. k.,..4*r, leattaaMB ,,f Iha ni.joritv, whethat I have a r.chc
t?, *lt in my t-.>at. Xo, I ?m chuii^o that; I havo a riuU to
-lt ln mg s-at-but avhether or not. on the ftc^r of _il.
Srn.-it.', I Iua.- a neht t<> lapriBBBt B0J Ionstltuoncy. X
wa-, oioeted to p?rr?,,rn, a duty.
hoiiBtur lantoi?lle aalll reprcavnt hl. conatltuencr ty
hoidii.K ou to th,.- raaolattaa.
Mr. Aaytooll?_ra you th. UaaabBMaMleraaaaH I
don't x** U.e Senator lroni the Xth (Cautar) for ln>
llero Mr. Aapfn-H wa** choked olT tempornrily by
the loud ban.ini* of the Lieuteiiant-tiovernor's
K-.ivel. and Sheebaa also burst out with the threat
that the Senator had all the latitude thnt he would
l>e allowed to have.
To that ?___.___ Mr. Aapinull replicl: ? I don't
want to be .its, oiirt-ou.s to tiie .baliiaaa*
Phrrbaa. Iireakluii ln?Ihe clialr .u-i-l- iliat the S#n?
tot ii,,in the nid inu-t a,,r.. ... refaaa ta aut'
Mr. a-i iaa i i.-ae _-...,1 tu, p- "abfeal
Agaifl tl.e Lieiit'tiant-tioveiuor interfupted with
his voice aud -.-avel, and i'\cl.iii:ic.l :
" How doea tln* Seaator vote'.'?'
Mr. Aaplnall?I liuaa r,-n t., i. ,|,,?tlon of lnfonii-tIi_,
*-,,..-',.,!, Tha ,-li.ilr ls unalile t) *,iv th.- s,,.,,:,t.ir Iho
d.-sir ,t infort-taakM.
Mr. A?p!n.U-If tlie |r.-i'-,.r i- BBBbtoto |tVI th- Ba**
atm Imb tha Uld th- Baalrad tofMOMltaa, I wla _aalB_l
tho ri -i,.,iti,,ii. i a,,'.- ,i4.. i \ot- aajataat the ptvp.*.-.!
u,,ii of tbe lenatoi fr,.,.. ihe Xth.
Here Sheebaa aa**poaely athraapted t? miscon
str.i.- Mr. AaaioaU's vote, an.l laeord him a* ____?
in_ agalaat Iua oara leaolutioa, altl.oi.l.. he clearly
Intended to rote, a-,1 did vote, Bgaiaal ('ant4)ra
uiution to lay tbe n--ol,iiini, on the uble. Uni
Sheebaa aaid .i.it Itr. Aaplnall aroahl ba leeeedaa]
BgaiBBl tl.e K-olutioB.
To tl.Ls barefaeed att.-iiipt to neerd a BeaeUg
agalnal ln*. wi.hCB. Mr. A-iii.i4.il BBB-S " It ia
very nii*e for the preai iBBl of thia body to in__H
the Senator fr > a ihe Illd."
"Doea tl.e Senator dealre la ehaage his vote?"
asked Sheehaa, i'i inockcry.
" l dealre ;o vnie afl Ihla re.-ailution, and inten.l
to vote. Botwithataadl-g the un_ee.uly aet of the
pivsiilent. of this IhiiI.y." wa. Mr. A-pinaH's ai_swer.
"How dee. th*' BBBBa-t vote.'' BfBia ahkrd
Sheehan, not tiwnx t>? extrieate hiin.*ielf from tha
p'iMtiou whieh lin own p_rtt_u,n Uot-heatlednea. had
get hi? i?fl1
"I vote aKuinnt the propositimu of tln* Senator
from the Xtl. to lay the rerwlution on the table,"
war* the ar.-wer.
"The Senator from the Xth ehangea bis mind,"
sneered Sheehan.
?? I have never < rnVOtJO* my uiiud, Mr. Prrai
deut,'' said Mr Aepi'iall.
"The clerk will proired,-' sho.ited Sheehan, at
the aa-ie time e.\er.i**iug hid rmht arin again with
the gavel to ihal out Mr. A_pinall from further
Bat Mr- Aspinall ean otit-t.ilk the gavel whea
hi_ blaad is up; and he inteuded to ehow the
Lieutenant.iiovernor tibat he, a*. the representative
i.f a lartje nuinlier of voters and taxpayere, waa
not. to be rhoked olf in tln* hi^h-handel luanner
in whi'-h Sheehan waa atteinptinu tu 4I0 ii. "The
Preaideal wiii _ed out before this nession eh*ee_
tbat the Senator from the Uld never ehangea hia
un. ,1." be dei'Jair !.
" If the Senator wantt*, the Serwa.tt-at-.Vrni*. wlll
put hitn in his N'Ht,'' sai-l Siieetian, tauntinirly.
" The Serueani at-Arina mav do so at the hidding
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