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AM? WO?EM ANTi Illa VI I W OP ??'.
Pit?Il m -?t.?: OP ' OI?J -t:
I 1)1? ???"?.
Sonic time? ntro ? ?p.???>?<1 t?. '??? Tribune,1 I??
the leiipiit of it? readers, farther eoanaaatg spoa
the. problem of how your?" men au?i yoaag aromen
may gSMOSed iu life In W-U-BSBl "f that ormili"
I ?sl.ttll here se! forth son.?? views upon pr?par?t ten
f.,r the work ol It-* hasse part?cularl.v upon the
?_naetvaatufg? "t ?' ?_?ateal education , had saaaa
rule? which may hid lh?' v..?uu leaden of The
Trlbuue r?. Biak?? u .nut uu?l worthy gnocess ol
Uivir Uvea
Not lome ug?> ? volitivi our neighboring city
of I'mUadelphte !.. witness s nable r-tt??? ol arar
launched :tu.id tl.?? plaudit?, of thousand?, ? ???:.??
at?seat speetaele, ararred only by the one .?ui
thnaght thai our age Is -?-till ?>.. barbarean thai
men urt? ?'?impelle?! t<? creine fag?MS of destruction
Weald that tin.? ?lay ghoald erase sad thai
brighter dap ooatc arhea the boso_ af tl.?? ses
?.hail i??? pi..??_!,ni uniy iiy the SMsaeagers 01
iiiioniei. ?? aad of peaee, ami a ship of war )??? ;i
moamtet uahaowa.
? ?itile later if wm my privilege to attend the
lanaek ?>f the Diesel Instltate el An?. Bcfence end
Industry, Ute great aud ^?????l man who founded
thst iMUtatlna has a wise head, ?Jed with the
ripent esperii?te of lite. He ??ees the iniportance
?.? traehlag Ihe yoaag what is awful nf and fot
to-day. liiere Ig in? tratst of tlie iuouli!y past
in all the eearse of lastractieB provided by thi?.
W?? and good bvnet.?. tor.
".Tin. ??.???/?. op wiTLTii."
Pertnit me, m passing* to pav a brief tribute
to thn man who does not wait t?. bequeath
arenila whleh he oaa m. longer hoi.I. There is
im grace iu the legacy which the haiul ol death
?G????, from the man who bee boarded his milliong
of surplus wealth. I rejoice t? hail Mr, Drexel
at ? true dteoiple of the gospel of wealth, which
peerlalrse thai he who dies potarased of million?
?t available wealth, which w;_? free to him to mi
B?-tetar iu Jiis li!?ttene, dies dtegnu.cd. Surplus
?"?ah? is a trust whleh every muti Is bound to
ada1ateter f?t the .-?.?.?? nf the ????>|.?'? from which
iii.it wealth eaate. We have la Mr. Whnrtoa
I brillmnt example of duty ?lone In this leapeel
He fonu'led the Whaitoa School. .Mr. Drexel
has beeoae a adllioaalre giver la bis own da.v
lln? sarplas is aal fai sell hai f?.r other?. With
regard to euch millionaires, the cry will be,
" Woald wc had moie el them.'' Tin? qaestion "i
"Ihe Knli and the G<?G" is uln:??r?t Solved when
tiie rich act as trustees of the pool in the dte
tributimi of theil wealtli.
Tut: ia\f.\. ii op TOT/**. ; m vi s.
Tlie. sanie evening at s businf?? ?""lle^e in l'Ini
adelpl?? I Wltnrased aaother launch?the tenaci
ofhyouag men and women up?.? the ??:? "f life
Tin,?e peuag people are amone these who wilj
I* the future presidents and future wives ol
possedetti??M not all presidente ot the United
States, as one Of nuire ?.( ?.i.n BMJ ye! be, y???
presidents of something worthy; of railways, ol
banks, and ol telegraph, _nuimnee, eommercial and
manufacturing e?*?J?ales, an I I trust, lai.i n.
life, much hlghei yet, psrehanee, piesideats ?>i
Invilita Is, parks, libraries, art museums, musical
soetei?a, educational boards, and other Mimai
angeniest??as whleh have for tiieir objet not
peeaa_jry gain, bat the happiness and ?'leviti.,?
of their If-How?.
The ship which I saw launched was equipped
with all the improve?eut* of our own ace. Ahoul
it there was aothtng aocient. Iu fona, ss ?a
detail, ?be was the product ?.? the late_?t science
an?! invention, the wonderful result of the DMtho Is
ami is?(?abilities. Ol to-day. Her builders had "in
end ill view?the proilucf'.:: Of the timst efficient
laatraaarat for Ihe ptirpo?? intended. The aim
upon whi?b all their knowledge ami energies were
Concentrated was t?> make her " lit lor her work.''
The ?inestion which occurs to m?. in connection
with my Mbjeet i-> : Are the human vessels
we launch upon the ?-a of Iii?- every year, cs
1?. .ally lroin our school?, ami colleges, properl*,'
c'iuippe?! with the lutee.?? arm?, of precision, and
all whi.-ii to-day.? knowledge ami needs ??-?? p ? r,? :?
Have their builders in the poni years seen to it
that, in their building up, there has been kept
ateadily iu view that which would best tit them
lor their work, that work fortunately being !?> ein.
th?'ir i.reaail by the aweat of their brow :' Are
they lit to sail life's voyage well? Have all their
powert?, time, aud attention been eoneentrated in
learaiag ihoronghly the few essential things t?.
enable them to do their apiKaint?-?! work '.'
TIM!. WASHES IN ?.UC A11? <\.
No man can learn all knowledge, nor even the
names of the various branches of knowledge, ?0
wide, no varied aad *<? lull has the i?um oi
human knowledge become. Ar?? our young people
iieing tatughtj to navigate the ship "t to-day, 01
has any man been allowed to was!?? their time
trying to teach them knowledge, relatively unim?
portant, In languages which are ?lead:' In the
storms of lite are they to be strengthened and
sastalaed, an?! h<id to their posi and i.? tbe ?* ?
fonaanec of daty, by drawing upon Hebrew or
(?ret-k bngbniiaus ;-s models, <>i upon the examples
of our own modem heroes ' Is War?) Ington 01
Aureliu-, Lincoln or Caesar, ??. be model '.' \..
M.uk?_.i--.?re or Homer to Is? the reservoir from
whleh they draw ? In life's voyage are they i?.
be condemned to lad iu foreign axioms the
gtf-Bgth and Vigor Which '??._.?'s only In.m ili? ii
owu toagne? Whit support can be gained from
o reek or Latin quotation? fearfully mtepi -
iioiinced, compurablc to souie, for insta!.'??, v.e
have ia our own tongue: "Dont ?give up the
?hip," or "fight it out ou tins Une il il takes
ail summer," or " l! any man touches the ila-, shooi
him on the spot," tt " Death before dishonor,"
oi " Let us do or die."
'? And tii!? above all,
To thine ?*? -j_lf I"? true.
And it mu.t fiiiow, u? the night Ihe say.
Thou *?.'?t not then t.?? fui??? tu ufiy man."
No young man can derive inspiration from two
...urces, the -ucient and the modini, because Do
young mau ha? the tune to learn both thoroughly,
There aie few mcii who can know one literatun
so well Uiat they can teed lull upon i!. ioti
nevai ?aw th?? ehssiea] sehote? who knee?
thoroughly Shake?!?' aie and Milton, Franklin an ?
??ansa, nnd who drew big menial food from
all the precious sowreos ol strength and Inspira
tion seat??ed la bis own Dative tongue. G? the
sx-rat that h?? know? fareign tongues and foreign
hit-ratures, to that extent his own tongue and
hi? own literature aiv iii<:?-s-niiy excluded. Man
n.v.r thinks in t?\o languages, and this meaaa
The art-imen! agaia?! Wasting the time el
yoaag men <?r women, the precious yean of youth,
in the ulinJ.V of ?lead ?Bguages is this : Tha! ex?
cept lor the scholar and .stmient, it is impossible
for a mau or a woman to obtain su?-h intimate
knowledge of a laagaage as will give bim, from
tl?e srlglaal, as true a eonoeptlon of it.? spirit as
he will obtain from the Iwsi translation in his
own taagao. la our day, ail that is pieeious in
the literalure ot the p.u?! is pieseatCd to US
through traii-lations In our own hngunge,
iu locasi I?roagh winch '.?:?'.? out <?f
??very thousand can obtain ?/realer bene
li iban if they attempted ?<? peruse ti.??
or?'inal. ? rejs?ee when yeam "?"'" :""' ?vainen
?tve not wasted their time upon dead languages,
but hav?? l?ee.i lully ???????|??,??? in obtaining
kiiowlex^e of practical aflairs, of shorthand and
typewriliii",', mei hods of tar?n_Dg, hanking
methods, bookkii-pin-, pensnaiMiblp, business eel?
respotidence, busin?'ss cusloms and OOM nafr?isJ
law, and when they are fully equipped to bail
upon the element upon which they must live their
lives and earn tiieir livim/. Do not think that I
underrate the precious ?<?_?n whleh the early
literature of our race holds in it? ctegp, I hope
lOU?a? men and women will uot fail U? study these
thorough translations, which will irive them union
mi?re inspiration lhaa the uiiiver-m gi iduete can
possibly draw from them iu ibe original.
i? i? aald a young loan's edueaaeai U Sniehed
when he leave? school. There ueveg eras a grentei
fallacy. In tbe bighe?! sen.?.?, sstocetion begins
only erben ? mau havee school, college or uni?
versity, in these Institutions, be learns only tbe
?*??? of the toni?. Whether be i.? i<> ix? educate l
or not ts to be detenni nei I, not by knowing bow to
us?? tbe tool?, but whether by the ese ol these
i<.'.:? be make? or mars hi.? future devdopmenl
inni bis lite Work.
Whether young men should ro from school or
bntdnoaa Beilege to s university ?? ? question, Bot
whether they ahould have mor.? education or not.
but between two mod??.? of education. It le beei
tor tin-in m u rule' to go direfctry Into contaci
with pracrteal work ami real things, and ont..m
their education in the Inest school?tbe world
around them?or ?should they be oonflned i-i tbe
utiversitv, which lo, as at pteennt oouducted, tbe
modera monastery mitigated by football, and
th?? four uiost precious years ot their live? .spent
in producing such resulta sa ere exemplified In
a great many of the university graduate?, utter
tw-plotan'-B to begin the ptaetienl vrmii ol the
world, and lack of all knowledge concerning
butanes? t
We beer mudi of civil service in tin? various
branchi-.- of governuwnt, botili is far more im?
putant that ? Btrlel ?vst.-U. of ??vil BSTVteC b?
tuaintaitieil in all btanebee Ol labor. hi the
factory, mill, ?tore, bank and school, deserve?!
promotion should be tbe strict rule, it j.? the
Btrlel rui??, andniuet ????. In allestaMbdimente which
are phenomenally aueceasful,.for the only way ?,,
attract to any institution the nasi capable .your..
men is to prove to then thai in it servie???merit
?is the only test ?uni only tiling Certain t., meet
"?'"h ri.-niti'iii ami promotion. This salutar)
system requires the young i" enter the servloe
v\ bile in their 'teens, and T?. work up from one
?: ' e to another until they reich the top. The
young man wl,,, attempt?, to siart at twenlj two
? t twenty-three direel from tbe university cannot
enter at the foot, noi only because he does noi
know how in perform humble duties, bul bccaii.ie
he lias to unlearn so much tint he bos learned.
He is unfitted to begin al the fool oi the ladder:
b? sides, vi hen a young man Is furnished with ?
? ci liticate troni a tending professili flint hi? educa
ti-ni is Bniabed i: ir? exceedingly difflouli fo bring
him to Hie km.wie,Le of tbe !" t that tbe pro
feeeor is all wrong, and that bis education is BUOUl
to begin. There i? something supremely absind
in keeping under tutelare, at,.?.'buoi, one whom the
law baa Invested with all th?? rights "f citizenship
for years?o man beyond tin? twenty-one yean ol
his majority. Imagine the university student
asking the professor whether be can get away to
vote f"r President, and being denied because be
bad tailed in lii.? (?reek Tools tl.it inoiliili *.
I have uo he?,tation ir, stilting that any young
man or young won,.m fortunate enough io have
t?i make hi? or her own way m the world ebootvs
wisely in making in early start. I believe that
three or four years ?pent at the time ol beginning
life would ?- unwisely s|?-ui In trying t.? obtain
all that a university gives to Cs gradu?tes ? I
bear II often said thai every businera man who
ha? ii??r received a university education wishes In
alterllfe liait, he bad In,?!?? is fiuti, in ?,.?
I know tb .t they regret ???*.?..? day thai they dui
not learn something or Other, une wishes thai
!,.? could convene fluently Un French, or play the
piano like Pederewski, or, ring like Fischer, or
knew more oi the j-'oms oflclassical literature ind
the hi?tory of the pa.t. Hut m le Impossible In
this busy age for a man to bave every accom?
plishment, ??r to fathom all knowledge; end I do
not know of any good thing that business men
hav,? learned which they would exchange lor
any dill? rent tiling which a university would have
given in c? place.
<?f oour-e, lo all that ?I ?:,?. p, regard lo the
pre? t system of education In our universities), I
retar t.? c-. influence upon Hese i\in> bave to make
their living, ss I trust all my renier? have tu du
There i? nn heritage so beneficial fi r the build*
in?? up of character is brines! w..rk stimulated b?
honest poverty, ? any young man bos special
abilities and tastes for ilio parsali at knowledge
in any branch, and 11 u -. -1 ?.. ? means i"t pursuing
that branch as Ins life work, and i? not under
tin- eeceeslty of making {his own living, and osa
devote bimsell to original research in *- i?.v ul
professions m which pecuniary returns may he
disregarded, my strictures bave no reference to
I.im. Such men are exceptional, snd wUl follow
th'-ir nun bent, and obtain knowledge m th<ir
AU things are Improving In this age, I' is tbe
besl age for ? man t<< live In that evei war?.
Wrongs are luickly exposed, ? banges are rapidly
effected. The world ?? moving fore ml at a rapid
pace: and we may all congratulate ourselves thai
we live In s period "f activity hitherto un?
In the universal movement forward, no Ioni
established system is being more vigorou
locked throughout t-?? world than Uie cla
system <?( educai. liven a? the mosl ?tn ruble
of these monastic Beata <?? learning, Oxford and
( ambridge, tbe attack'bee alrooel reaclrad suecr***.
Old England is rising t" a iual estimate id ihe
grievous wrong done 11 ? -?t ;, ? - posi by tb ..??? who have
controlled tbe education oi ?:.?? :.ph*. Last veai
? notion agaiusl lite? compulsory stun ol dead
languages v.?:.? lost by a few vote? only. Thie
year or tin- ne\t, for tin? bottle can end only wlteii
victory i? otl unid, |( ??? expected ?? succeed. I
irr?pressible Emperor ol Herman) has recently
sstonisbe?! the fo?aillsrid profesi?n bj telling lliem
plainly thai tbe old mona : Id? ? I ? ? ur ition
which taughl men how to lie l.reek- or I??
?uii-t give place to th?? ino lem system which
inai,,?.? then German*
It is certain that onlj a tew abort vai? are t?
pass before theee ueelm cteed language? Bbnll
be m? langer re?iulred. dust as sure as the sun
shines, ai ti?'? deod.gu dewu and are buried, oui
own living literature will ascend; and as tbe
university student kni/.i? lesa '?! the problems "I
the past, be will learn {more ami more "i lira llfe
laa-'is "i to-dny. Aa be drope the dead post, h<
will tain- hohl <?i the living present.
tlTEB TWEXTT, G??1 VV'ip.l.!. THE ~ BOOt.
Every man and woman la lesponoible fei
the perlorinance ul the pressine duties
of this day and gerieration. Tbe pool s es
are aol ours, and we Itnow noi tlie future. Oui
duty is t?. equip ourselves for tl??? demanda ??
,,?,?- own up. ?. In tl??? greta reform, ua? . the
revolution, which is impending In ed icution, busi
nena colleges and tbe numerous ?clentiflo and
technical schools which are everywhere ipringing
up ur?? to be credited with playing an Important
peri 'lb.? stream of youth which p.??a?? through
these institu?,.?.? year alter year, ind pi. hi
Indisputable succeaa the Bunerioritj oi the train
(- i,,e.\ have uiulei? ?.;.??, i- rapidly undermining
the wail? oi Barrow prejudice aad devotion to
I ,. ?,-t within v.hich our iiniveitattee have been
latrenehed. We are aure oi victory, for the
univeririty la alrendj upon the defensive. Tbe
founding and extensions ol scientific ami manual
training schools among then prove that at last
even these ? itu?.?-l.-> of eonservatisn are obliged '??
move forward.
I venture the prediction thai within a few
tb,? Vniciieaii stUtte-1 in tl.ni\?-t-.ir\ i?
heroes of his "?in ia?, ?iiu win -??-*"? ? ? -
ideals than can lie furnislic ? bj any rafe ol the
,'' || Mill he mad- an Miieiic:?. not ? (...el.
? ?,,, , and be '-vili ""<"' ???" '"" mTtT*ni
or iiiinin.ii, ???? in?? ?,,,,,,, the w?U ? will
be attains nanbood. Aft? twentj in?
te-Au?lTtawkeietiira in the waetlco of the
lh:s will u? . ,.,.,,?,,,?,?. b?-!"li?
last, generation. Mm all gri j ,,.,,,.,?.,
twenty1 Sen /hre?- of the noet
principals of < ??lumMn "I-?.?. '':,.?,,,,?, be?
Wnwici?. Ai. UT.? ?? am Ant?ion? fttAlUSU?*M
?ween sixteen un?' S? VonWeii. Hie p?? . ? *
?iew?t ?pSne that be WBB two glBJ? later oulj
'??''-e ne stane?! wn n two ?e*;? too ??1???h?
graduated al tenrater,
I am reminded of tii?? story ni g ?? u ohi farmer
who ilCiermIned to have the lettesi driviug ' ,???
in his count*/. Ile went t?i Kentucky and was
. r?i shown through a long sttible ronta ? ?
? imuiie -????.? ,.? the past Nexl he was shown ??v.-r
the voiiii?/ ootte from which irreal thing*? were ex?
pected Un? il..? old formel nald : "Ktramrer. \"'i
ivi ahown me the h ?? loi?a el ti..? posi and
: e going_t4Mios' ol Uie future, but what I am
ufter '" da* ii an ??.??. "
row nxi thi ? ? ? ? \ v.
I nrneotly hope thai the young people who read
mv srenla are bun: t.. the beni ?>? all berli
thai of hone?! poverty; and that we may con?
Udenti] believe thnt, uniese they do labor, tbey
cannai ?'.?t. My earnest t - ' -1 ? - is thai no foolteli
pal m oi P'!jti\e Lt t<> burden them \wt.i v
I he " i'lmit at, doll : br<|ueathe?_ to tIm young ??
generali, an almighty curse. It deadens Uieir
energies, destruya Ihcir ambition, tempts
' ' em '<- dee?traction, sud tenders 11 si
!i..st iiiip'i?.-?!'.,?- liiat they should lead
livre oreditable to thetnscil ??? or valuable
t., the stute. Such as arc not .uencd by wealth
deserve doubl? credit, for 1
tcmptal ion
Bishop Potter, ol ? w-York, a i?l recently:
Tbe effect ol a greal Inherit- :'i"". *-l ? i i
drm, wiiether in prospeel ur p<t*_re_iion, i? seldom
healthful, li L? apt to take away tue stimulus
to mentol or physical exertion, aud to weaken,
u 11 does not debase, the character. Is il noi
U'tter lor every boy who ?"??.??- to man's re?
late thai be should he made to carve for him?
?elf tbe fort um? U? would fate p.isses? ' Will
he i?e the same mau if he Comes Intu a fortune
l.y his father that he would bo it left to take
?,?? place in tbe ranks an?! struggls l'or h.u.???? '"
Mr. Uladstune lui? finely ?-????_???1 ?mt thai in
tin? providence of tines latter? i- ?.? pi.?!?, an
?????'G!?????? piai???, provided for the poorest anil
'!???! laborer, i.ni that tile one mim or woman
ini whom there is u?' lionoral le place is Ihe rich
i'ller. Is m,?, tin? meet powono] InHuence oi
to-day in prodiioing the habits and Instes which
make tin? ? rieh Idler" :ln? Ufi?, tone, atmowpliere
and pr?tent ?a/stem ??? University education.
?very Uniwrrit. graduate in noi a "rich Idler,"
j bul now fan ?? ??,? ,, idlers gre nel Universi*.,*,
.radnates. Tii? habita, ol tbe man are fot?ei
"??!"!<? he lea'..?? fi.?? I'nivei II . at twenty?!w?
or twenty-four years oi age, and eletrant leisure
? deemed the llin-t ii;r>i'ab?<? fife by tii.? great
majority, lie otitains a positios onlv through
innuence im_ father or _???? iftnv push him
? ii? ?"i:,"Miinu or oilier, but without inlta. n<???. be
is iii.? h?? e?, ?,? ol all men in _.?????.._ Notuelhing to
do. Kmpkiyen is a el its loo h uttui re ?I the
college) graduate ?vim wishes to ???^?? work af!?*r
I,?? is ? man.
I trust my real.?.'? are never t?. become wealthy
?'??? ? the lesili ol tua'!?, vean of iii-oful toil.
l'elice lie. young ???? a!,d Women, tlMlV ig li"
tine li uopi?....-,. In life. ||..|' pinji-r .???-! ! P'?l>i?' t.
Without f." pell.,ir an e ,,( ll?efl|| (?ntica, W it Vinili
earnest labor in some nseft I department of human
endeivor, 1 trust that every one will have n>
wort hard and Ion:.? for bis Ii?. Ing,
M VI G. I NT' (| \ tl ?,!')( "Y?.
Everybody wants to preach t.. the young, and
tell fheni fo I?? ?.1 ,.,,| the* ?rill be hnppv ? t..
??? sober and Industrious ai ? ? . ? drill prosper,
The one thing of wfllch yonng people will ax?
?"fiema. lark i? adviPC ? and all ot ft |)l'il>al.l>
will he more ?.r 1rs valimbli i alta11 not cur??!?
far upon tliat field, bul confine mvi*#l1 to pr??
Renting*, from u rnisines? rrtau'a u?.ltit of view, -
lew rules whleh, I believe, lie al thu r? t ?:
? SHI ??????
Firs! Never enter ? rmnroom. ?? noi drink
li t ??? ?r as . h ei.,? I arili imi pali '
' .i! at dpinkenta-sr?, ut ti.e moral crime; but
I suggest f" yon that il i? h???, and common to
enter a barroom, unworthy of anj ???!( reap I
man, ami s :?? ??. fasten upon y??u a lai t whleh
v.dl operate t-> your ill*a?lvanta_:e in life whetnei
? "i ??..?!' * e? nine ? drunkard ?<? not.
Second?1 wj?h young men wonl'l i.? t III* t iba? "
- not that if i> morally wrong, exrepi In so far
as it is need iu e\ee?? and Injures ? vhle.li
the medical faculty declares It ????? I tu I ?
use of toi..?.???,, ???,|???t. yonng men to witl
f.. mselves fi uni l ? - ol women t ? ?
t,? li iteli I think tin? G wn ? uni
any a-?.-!i,blv tend? tn lowei Ihe tone i?l I
a-v?.?!!.!?:',. 'G?, ? ? . at ..t -?. : Inn tends t?? ?
young ::??'?? Ii.'" the ?I'l'iiti ..( t?.?- -1 whom II
desi ruble that tie \ ?ho ilti eimi.-.? m litri ? u.tunal.?
.?? ? I ? .? ? . ; ? vii toba ?. isa?
m.ninnoli \ ??.?? It la I o Henal v?
I U'liev?? the ? " ?? la ? ? to tal I ?tep
fora il. and that III.mlng man Is I.
? .?
?'?H' I AS it IS pi li-tl .,?,'.
??, I believe ?moki! g '??. ill is?.
co a? ? if ? RAI
Tim I [lavina ??tered upon '?-???.- nontlnue In
f .? line of n irk ? t it out tliat |
eept In '?.': ? . ("G ii mattem little ?hai
a\?-iiu ? >unn man tin l? Mrst fi ? .
? ? in any branch ol human labor. 11.?-r??
? ? t tlie top ?.? pursuit l
. eutrul .ili "?? enerj y nnd tl ten ?!??
I? ' ? .i m inee ol \ mil -? '? I' ' ?? ?
to one I rt I It'll that I
? neat tei your shut I lie man who ?- dire? i??r
: a iluzcii lami s, hall ad ? ? nil ?
three ?? foui ma ? u fin
: one ? ? the ? me limn to, ?? ?!? ?. farm, a
l.i'i"! ir, a line "i hi ri ??? ? n -. polii pari
.. ??? , rarclj amo iuta h Ile m ly Ite
? ..?. ??p????? in the maini'?-ni'-iit '.f more than
biisincsM enterprise, but the. sboulil all be "t ih??
?iti?? klli'l, WUiCfl In l,;.!? ! ? alais ??.? gre ' -
cetsaca ul life ???? mede bj concentration
iT'-i t thi i: ? nnai s.v.
Fourth Do noi Ihlah a man haa doue hia full
duty when he bau performed ?h?? w>rk assigned
him. \ man will -ver ? "it be does uni} tin?
i'romotion ? Oies from exceptmnal w??rh A man
must disi'iM?!? when? hi- employer's lutereste '.tu
1,- ..??..?,? beyond lh? range ol flu? spefatl ??,? .
all !i",i to him; and whenever In.? are. hi? em?
ployer's lutert-ts ?ufter, or whenever the Ial
L'it?re*!? oau '?? prwmot?-d, tell him ?" l>:iler
from ?," ir emploi ei upon m Imi you tlilnl
mistakes 11 u ?nil never malte much ul a ? ,.?
'.-.?, ?; you d?? i.ni barn lite ueeils a_.l oppor
tniiiti?-t ?,? your own branch much better than
y. n eniplo.l cr e in e < !? ? ?'> ? " ? linve Is en
??,] ? t , .,!., , ..? ;.r- n :," break own??!*? ' Do n?>
aneti toolish thing if your employer ?i.nis ii|w?ri
n ." i.?.? u/hiel? -, ? ? think will pfi ??? injurious, tell
him -., ?? it-si, .-??.'? ??, ir reasons, and aland to
lliem "nies? ??.??'.??".? I you are wronif, ll i? Ihe
young man who ?? .-s tin-., what capital want? ? ?r
?? "? ?? ? a son in I iw,
SAVE \ ?.????.? M AT V
Fifth?Whatever j - ar??, ?ave ? little.
Ll ? .? \?. it In ? your means ? i.?? heads of ?tores, farms,
ban??, lawyers' otile??, p?yele?m?' office?*, in?ni
laiire companies, nulls and factories, sre noi seek
ii itipital; tin?.?, an? ???'king bruins ami buslpes?
n.'i'tr I i '? man who ' IV?. a little ?G'??? hl? III
rome lia.? given llie sni.-.i Indication ?? tlie ?, Ii
lies %\ln';i every ein ployer Is ?ce king for.
.?ni? OUI ' WAI.I ? : .: ? ?
Sixth?Never i|r**culate Xevei buy or sell
?p??n or atook pun .? margin. ?? \ ?, ? have ? j
ni_?, inva-si ? li? in ni solid securities, Urnis, ? t
???|????. The limn ivhii gambles up?? 'lif l.\
ehangea ih in the condition ?.? ile? man who ^ .
>.!<?? at the >:ai.ii>hi;' table, ll.? rarely, U ever,
make, a permanent sui '???? ll??. judgment go? ?.
his I Li a- :l It I??- are sip|.?"! : limi Ins i-lid. as a G? ??. !?
nerveiw prostratioo :????? an unworthy and iisel -s
DmNT I ?IK)fl ? .
Seventh?If you ever enter b.i-nie.? for ? ? :
pelves, never lodorre fur other?. It ! dtehoumt?.
All your ????.. ?''?- and all your cntlil sre the
sailed property ol the men who have trusted i?u;
;,a?l until .'.?.u have surplus cash and owe no
OWU, it ?- HIhIioIM'hI I" give your name as an in
?ttat't ??? oii.eif.. in,.? the cash you can spon?,
it yilll wish, to lielii a Inend. Non naia.? is too
SI ' " ? I" give
[to not make ??. lies, but ii?i'!uliia-s , \i.ur fltSl
aim; and ?.?? your uhiel prhle l?c lhal your daily
occupation is in the line "i pi?1 rcss and develop
ment: that your work in what over capaciti it
m??, lie is useful ? ,,rk, liomatly conducted, ami
as si ' li enabling to your life.
To sun. up, do not illiiik. ih. le.t si...ike, do
not indorse do not speeulate, t'oiicentiate, |hi
form more than your ??-'t??'? duties: be) strictly
honest m word and .??-?<?. And maj all whu read
these words l>e just U happy and pio-;???!??.:!?., and
tenu lived sa I wish them all to be. Ami k-l thi?
.?-ai ?., ? always cheer them: I' h iropotaiibli for
any ?me to be cheated out of an honorable carec?
unicit? ?.?? .?..?'- Iii?eelI
ANDRKW G????????
l'iil. a- ?, Jan. :n i.p??.?1). A Peor?a, lit, dl ? ??:? h
ea> : When asked il II ?..? h ?? tl si i'? ?r-a I
.,! tVhlskr] i m ? to. ?, ii ? been ai ? odi ree? fly,
? ?? Ment tlieenhul aal. tha? ?s lbs es ex? tl ,
fii ?:?. ??.?t dl p? il t.. talk ainait the matter !i.._n-r
nn Imperlai,? mrettiig of U? ili oaa wf the r**usl I"-*
..' PI ' all' il I 1 ' . ? | 1 |, -it.iV ili Y'ib '-'"? ??; " ??? '!
a>i ?? ?? ? . ?ouimit lit m -'.f nnUI aft.i ? ?1 niwtniK.
Von ma) nj, be udnilttetl. Hi??'? ! -'l,i'l-; .?,; '"' ?'' ;
an?! li.! ai Ih? a." nu? lO'?'la>. H Will I.?? the
Rast ? Inst the West, p ?- '.*?? ,:l", f',""'?,*?,l ''"'
? u? m?.' ??.? ?.?!.? ? .iihot, ??.t?'? t torli, ?umiier
' toihe. ?. ?. Km.._?? ?in-r U?nv) ?' j??;" ?<?.? Iiuve
i.'i??.,:!'. .,|J -;,? , ,, ?, ? ?.: I ? Bi.OW.OOO t .K.,-!.,.,
Parti ty of tl ?< ' - ^JW '" ??
i_st. The st,,,?!-,,.!,.! ? "|?? own a !;-?;"?'?>? J?l
.. .-? enough t ,,1,-t '?? : ' ""?"";1,, "'"?"
Ka !??... .peculators, who ?Tero extremely anjdmis to
purrlie? iVhl*k??* ??-: loch. !l"v" '"'-'"b Iteeii ,o
?-..iiimodated to ivi, ?,,,-,? ' rentepj ?t s Pr*?nlurn of
so. vi.- theae heavf ?ales ti?? ejeoPatlone hat.
??ileu to -_. i
'???. ?G.??1? AND .'U'-?'r NTH GAME?.
BOW .?.v: sit*! ?.. .'? His QUEEN-TB F cu tlfPIOX'B
I th?? tenth ?.mid?? of th?? iho?? match nt
llavans ? L phtyed mi January 21 between Btelnlts
?nd ?-? ?:-? um, a- told by Mr. gtelnlts, i? a? f u ? -
Tl.p.in. wn? ? repetition of the eighth game np
to White'? t"iith in??v.-, when ?Beinln farced hi- *<!?
?.,i-i.? ? - le by Q?? 2, uhi'1) ,ii-, gained
valuable Bom ?>?) tho ne\t move. Yet Uncina
I- .' si ?? . ? ..? ; . ?,?? u.-.-iii-fa? any. which :--.??- to
i ??ia: whit ?'- nenien ".? th?? eighth move i? not
a commendatile one, tot t:ion?li hi? development wa?
-it-1??? ul netatal, in- opponent had on the foerteentii
.?? ui es -n?m opportanlt) ?? breaking la wtth
? ??;'."<; by K' n ... r?ek goriu, a ?wever, ocglected
Cui. sod piepeied a complicated Bttack egnlnsl Ibe y
-i'!??, ?? A'hlte ens bound ? castle oo th?; wing, a
hot but 11.? foil .?.?.?. ??, n, which Tschigorln, ** itii -'fat
ii'? unity, lefl pi????- Blmosl en prise for a Brae, and
la ? ':??- which had to lie BVoWed eHb the great???!
???..? . t'-iiaiiy if.?? heaping up "f forre? agnli ?
???pal number "f pie ?? ongl ? do! to hav?? amounted to
lb?ugk the ? wh- ,? ? thai tide, hoi n- wmettme?
happens, the d go. owing to u? diSteutty, was the
tii ? to ?..? v....n oui. .?p the iwetitv ?ixiti move
?leiiiii/ coni* heve emerged from the footed wit!, u
piece-bead by ?? ? 8, but wnu ? itrange Infatnntloa
h?- mode a premature Bttack on ins ? tide, which,
though it won * Paws, almost Impiicooed bis Q. and
allosrad ic - sdvetttar?, ??? dlseataagte hi? turre? uiih u
Iras .... . ? Io-j. ,,,, ??,? heels "i tai- ansah play f..i
ii.Ai.l "ij,- of Hi?? ??", ?, ill .11-1er? that Use ever m. niml
In ? match. Stetnlta oo the thirtieth move, though be
had -nil ai, .ui foin minim-? to -pa;???, l?mame Olclted
ami overtook ?I Uie hei ibat id? Qeeen vos In Banger
ul being cingili. He recklessly sdvenced bis ? Kt ??
fui tlie attack, snd wb_? bis opponent, who bed "tilt
about half a miauls'? tini?? ?? hi- dispose!, an medi atei)
???./?ii the winning opportunity, eteinlta el uuoe ?
??igni ?l.
iu.? -...re, ..f tin? pune wa? published i:i lit Tburs
day'? Tribune,
'I'll ? ??.?'? I'.NTM ?,???.
This gsme via. played January 24. Then
was rune -????|?!? -?.? when Tseblgorln tor lbs
tn-? lime ?.? ine rnaeah Bbandoned hi? htvortte Evan?
??in ; ? i.'.'.i out with ? Lopes. It was assumed
the Hu ni dm tei bad imetblng effective In
tt Um defence 3...PQ3, which Btelnlts
?dvorsU m in? binili, ?' it iihiiii be promptly adopted
on tin? occasion. Bat the progress ol the development
-.????in. ii in leave the position? evenly balanceo:, ami
tallite mette no percepitale attack up to the dsteeuth
move, when TacBtgortn directed hi? eitorts toward
gain lug Um iMlv-r??? ? ? P. This, plan mtlo-r expo d
hi K n.?. but TseblgBrta thought that Im eould a'ford
It, beesu ? ha would . u p ? ?? I tn?? exchange "f Queen?
Immedlatel) sfterwsrd, llswevsr, Um i?o Utos he j"
rived al ami m.t tavwable t?? til? .'?in?, and ho hmi
-....n io reiiini tbe Stirpi?? Hewn m Order f" -''?'
?im-, ? iron Imnedtalo asestar. B'heo loten were
egaaliscd, NtainUs Ini evidenti) tbe tv-I "f ?Be gsme
ail atoas. Um Une, ? ?? White's ? ?id- -u-, lefcjeoi t?
?, rtgonw? aiiuik Boa BM two Books on Ute open
K l: and ? b til's?. Ill ConjU' c?ou vulh the ?? yd
t. sonai? oocoiaogty iiept .-u karasslag th_t
, until, on Li- thirty .??< orni movi?, be ,-< uivrt tbe
,,? ol "le "I tt.c adverse PSWOS lli.it fo, mod III?: it?)
t., White'? pu?ltton. In Ibis predi etnee! Ttahlgurtn
offered :?? srriBce UM sxebeoga 1st ?? Pawn Bel
tin? ?a? bui eiioiipti for Bteblita, Who Judged ?hat Ii??
..? mora out of-the ?*, itimi by ?? iinoet attack
: tee ?. stM a kui.tij iltuaUoO ua? briinght
Black's tbirty-tliiid stove, when the prue
wu? aUj.iuri.od.
HU the tv?lunptl'.n .?'-lull/. incito?! the WTOOg
I would hav- Moli gut-kcr. f'n the
n,,,:, eveutk inula, he. 1..U1.I ?lo f"i." ? 'ini by .1
IMSpBl Bita .-l'iiilnliktliili, W_tcb ????
?,I penar Bohaoyo. But atelnlts'? ptan
? tarOOgb U?S<?d ?B * sliiuUr Idea, to lhal
. .m champion, ?mi by eoa-otug Uie adverse
rests "f nal'?? h? itaoed ile- g-lu of s ? : ?:
U . ,.,.?, ttftb move, whereupon TB-Mforta ?
.-r -
.?. ?.?
I -
I !? ? I
g ? ?! ?. ?
. ?. ?? .
4 Kt 1. ?
. ? ?4?
??, |. ? ?? .
? ?: ? a
- M Ug
? t U 4
IU ?. Kt 3
11 '.:'?? K tld?
1- ?' ? P
i . , i.f :?
" ? ?? f, ?
. ?. \ i.
?!) .
! . .- I
lete I?.
i. ?
? ? ? .'i
.. ?
?? Kr ? ?
- . rit I! -
an u '
:." m ?? -?.
:;l k Kt ?,.
H** K Kt'J
33 ? H ? '?>
:n k Bulli
?.?? Kt ? ?
:w ? ?- mi,
:.: ?- t p
Il \ li
::?? li II 7 ? tt.
??, ?; ? G?
?, ?, Kta
C ? .
t?. --.??- ini _?.
? ?- ? 4
2 ? Kt ? :?
:? ?" ? a
4 B-U 8
:, ? ?? ? 9
t; ?? ?? :? m
t Kt Kt :t
r I- g ? :i
I' Kt 4
Kt- Il ?
?? i' ?? :? ih)
1.? ?; |? ? 1?
i:t ?? ? 9 ?.?
14 ? Kt 2
! - ?J ? 11
m it k it -?
17 ?: it ??
1- ? t. II '?
?? ? ? y
20 Il ? I
?-? It \ I'
as !.' Kf. 5
99 li ? i) .?
-I Kt l: 4
?.. ?; ? ? ?
?_'?? Kt ? ?i . h?
117 Kt Kt 4
?-'- ? ? :i
?-".' ?? It ? 11 sq
:.:<> ? ?; '. eh
31 l; ?? 5
?R! !' Kr 5
n:i It It <". ??, Hi)
ill ll- |: il M
? Kt \ !?. a.
I; \ ??
I' \ I? ,
? ?; ? :?
? g a
?: ? ? rh
?? ',' T ill
h'? forty !?,?-t
L ? i "?G
? a
i m
" ?
? _,_?_.!! ?fri
4?: ? ?? j
a:: ?,? ? ?: t ?u
4 1 Kl I! s ? b
? , ?; i: '? ? :_
ii b Kl Beb.
4f: I l,| 4
4 1 k Kt:i
?. ? b a
?? K'-Iglls.
NOTEN UV ???-?G?
bu Click conili iil?,i pini li ... I' K R ?"? ; 7 K 11 X Kt.
t C1 v l:, ? Kl -g ... ? g-g s.|; '.? . ? ?, ? ? ? P;
i? n a Kt. in ? ? ??. ?te.
?.? Mon sonad und amila lase ll ... ? ? ?; 19
?? ? ?, 19 ?' g II 4; ?? Kt K ". 19 Kt ? I;.
. ? md it 1 ? ... g li -?|. 13 Kf It 7 rh, ote.
I til no,an,..? ??., limili I,y Mr. ? -' hU'oilu after Ilio
ess "?? r.
" ' si I. ? or - Kl 3 would not h??'?'?? ???????? ??????, SS
VVIilte ? aid BOjSWer ?? ? ?? ?
"!) 'l'Ile alti. ?? OB tin- ? I' i lit l'I?' |u'?m il Ulf. fol
II . iipture ? tp .,??- ht? ? ?Ide, us ?mi be eeii
? n ? ? m Kt .. to ? B i ; lu n n 7 ili (or
IH I ' Il :;, ?:? ??Kl ?'?. with un excellent an,ni,,
III ? ll ,? : go ? ? ??. -?? ? ? Kl ; 21 ??? :?.
-1 It -v B; 22 I? \ B, ?-?- P y I, ?vii an excelleuI
e une,
(? ? ?? t. if ?a\ ?? -?? *. 21 ?- ?? r.. toOowed by
II ? ?? aid dnubflng Hook? win? with ea?e,
? ? ? . a ?lil- til ?.? >t te-i.iii??? if :.:? ??--1; 4, :v.\
(,' ?? \ i :,? |? k ?? ?. M V. It U ?h. 3* ? -Kt s,,.
-'. ? ? kii 30 ? \ ??. 3d tt?? ? ??;:?7 ? ?. ?_-.
:..' y ?: Il 7 ?h; -- K- y -?? tor 3rl K y :?, 3d l??Q
7 rh. <" ?? mate? next movo lu ? y ? ?.- . . . Kt- ?.
7 ? h ; ?tu ? H -?. 3? ? r ? ?? 9; ?" ? ?-? ?_?, ???
?? ?; ' and ???? ?
?in Black .-? iiu have won the exrhann hero tat t
???.? bv Kt-ii ii, hut preferred tbe .?tt?.-h vihicii
f'.'l .w? :
m Best, If ::t ? Kt n*, :u I: \ Kt, followed by
cberklng wtth the iwo Booki would drive the ? to
y -?. ,??;.? then Black would tak?? the ?? threotculng
I' I I' Btld ? oin.it ?? il!i ? I'l-< ? alleai.
?]? Much better wan ? ? ??. In which rase after
: . Kt ? J. ': . ? Kl \ I' ? J?, "'? ? -?? mi, 30 ? ? Kt :
White v....i!.t luive evi.(enti?,? no time t?r ? s ?,
du s. ?,,,.I mayo bowed hew an IsgehMti? win by
37 ... ? ? i? :?: 3? i' l H rh, 3d K- y B: and _
'?? ? \ Kt. 30 ?? y 7 di; ses Buttes in tuo moie
u. .
(ll Imi ?.?:?-??.|?? nini inu'h stronger than checking
with ih?? oilier ?; ami driving the K oui ? :, if,?? Kt ?il.?,
fur White could have oltimately escaped u ? ?? ti.
?. * .'.. ' from.
.? ?.,??,??-? in l*srk Bow ysMsnta) snetnoeo
lietwe??) the Bridge ?nd l*esrl??*., ?ere sgreeoUy ?urpri?ed
t-i tlnd that tie el., tri. ligkl potai acl Wlie?, win, h liad
? . a. BBtaei-ed ne ?ti'l. ha?l '." ron.m,.I, Miii |?
'. l'en??? tbe BBpnm.' Ibe tli"toiiirlif.,r ? wn, vaotit
I ';,..,..f. ||?. , l.st.n- llgkl ."il pan.? swatag II,? ?? IT.
I ml Leu ???(1 _MM ??***? ??? "C-? i' -?"'.V did Hol lein?Ve.
pstai h] th?? eli ?- ??' Jseasry th?. city trovld. a? no
?SlssUea ?m? p.,?! t- i?'?- ' -'??'?' ,,f bmb Besas .-.iriv
.?jiiniUy iiioiniug under din-ctloii of tsatMWlMI rnipia/rd by
Ila? city, to pull down. _)o pole?. Tho fir?', polo attack??!
?food ?m th?? ,-a.r ?ido of Park Mme, BOW the Bridge, and
it ras throe?? M.i-,r.?i raimad ili seni?, stash assis
> iliiii-ii illtiiailt ui hrlnu It down without Interferirli?
With Un- train? SB th- r.?:?d or Injurliu: tli.? lion-,?.. ? ;,?
? ?? ?d te 1.? lian h decayed, and a ciiiisuait m-nare to
life has bees leasved by catttag Bmm dowa. Tb!? morn
n.?.- the work of lottine down pelea wBI is? reeaand M
Baxters? and Park*Bow, and Bm ?or? will extead down
Baxter??*., a? far a? Wortli.
??? VTIf P?'sr G.?.?.?'??'???-.
e? nmander-ln chief .lohn Palmer poseed throegh this
? ?ity on Sa:unlay on hi- way to Us BOOM In Afgan)
f . : so O-kial rieH to the Boati?. While liter? he
attende?! tho depertnnni encampment of tteofgla. which
?t? held ut Augusta In that mate. General Palmer
ll Dm 1?.--I collimalidurili eh ef who Im- ever made lUch
a visitai; ,ii in Reorgia, and declare* that Im via- noel
? ah.,iu- received ami kindly entertataed. After be
l?-nisl bit fuiiiou? order to tbe <:. ?. It. post?. Mitad
?Un;," th- memben of the unnd Army from partiel?
peti ig In pandee or celebration? ,it which th* rabel
Sag v.i- deployed, he received nuiny threatening and
violent tetters fien the Boatta, end was tke target f ?
Confederate abuse and rritlrtsn. lie loyi that eiwa
he arrived at Angosta be rabmHted tbe question falriv
i?, es Coufrd-rate? whom he rii"t : -1? |t iiglit. after
the war ?.? over and the Confederai ? and it? Bag beaten
tliat '.on -hould in?t.? ou Bui-lag ih- emblem of von
?IMoyaltv ti? the brcSBOt* ? In- answer ?rae; ??????n
? ral. we've got .some mighty One whtaBej dosrastalrs.
Conio along, and we'll .how yoa how to -niiiple It.-'
Daring? ibbsequentdtoee?*1on of the antter Deoeral
Palmer ?-Hid that. If Iu wei- ? needed thai Ihere night
be ?oui?, desln t.? reaerate the emblemi ?>f Oootode sis
valor in the ihspe of torn and riddled rebel flaac?, ?tm
ii-? could not Me the propriety "f snklng now Confoier
sta Isgs. Bald h"'? "I have children. 1 neat them
to be patriotic, to know of but oae leg?the t'ntou
emhl.rn. ,'.??? ehU-KB -Ii lUld lie nuuli? to f""?l tbe
same way n-iciidinx the matter. i> o't bave two tia_
tor then to u? I m u?? the Ceni denta Bsg of tbe pa?f and
ttr- ?tit- and ?tri??-? of the pr. --nl." No answer could
he mad.? to this, but General Palmer -aid the Confede?
.ite --iiiim-nt WM ik?! a- strong a- it fi id been, nor ?o
--..rally supported. "Por Instance," -ii'1 be, "they
nei?? having -imi? ? .p of a fesUval or celebration le
Angu-ta while ? was taera, and the city wa? band
-??u: vv drcototcd. There arere p my Cnton Bogt among
ih?: decoration-, but I (Ound a lew- verj lew?rebel
ili..? exhibited. When ? relied nttenboe to then, sad
deprecated their presene?, a Southern snn repBed:
?Well, ? sptaln, yoa kuow Had made a certain propor?
tion of tool- and scattered Uten sround In this world,
aad we'v?? got a lew of I twin, I'm pained to ?ay, down
h-:?? m Auguste :'"
The annusi reunion of t! ?? 4th New-York Pol
ml ? Cavalry Vetaran Afisortsftlon was held at
No ur West Thtrty-seooad-st. ttataidey even
Ing, .iiuiuury 23. After the bastness ?,?-???
Ing at which the tornisi oat eis aren arami
in..'1-ly ra-elected and tbe regului- meetings wen
changed Bom quarterly to the tit?t Bstarday eveolng of
each month, tha anoclaaton, wit!, their gntr-te, sd
Jaurned t.? th?? dlim-r, wWck was luid ont la irood style
unit fully enjoved. After ?im its had DOM IgMli
Comrade Newbargsr preseetod t? Iba snoclatlon, on
iM'hiilf of ? ? - C. T. ?unftelil. a beautiful bu-lft of
Bowers with the netto, ?<?<?.l Bless (?be Hoys of ihe
4th New York cavalry, loui ??," wbicb wae leeetved
by "the li"V?? ?tiiridlii?-. Add,??.-??, were niaile by
? , !.. Marlin T. Hatch, of the 2d New-York Cavalry,
: ?? Comrade Freebmd, of fbe luth New-York Voiun
iilid other?. Wade Whipplo -iva? ..r,.. of Hi
eharacterlstio talks nn?l resi s numb-r of telegrams
from humorous absentees, whbh were kwdl) sp
piumbd. After a lino musteol programme by Con
rades Kaiser, ripear und Nswbuiger uu?i tbe dntfug ot
'.tiiui Brown's Body" sn?i "AaM Can?,' Byne" by the
comrades, the meettag sojourned t> .bm .ar,- _1, 1BB3.
Anioni; ti, me tram nt wer- Comrades .?c'incider-, Kb Wer,
h-u. Kiep?, ???'.????i.k?. MePttlBps, Davis, Broguw,
RelBy, r?hmltt. Vlc?ab?- and .t. II. BeiOT, front New
put, ??.; Yoadsrgrlftsnd .?pour, of Morgan Post, sod
? ni ooauadn ftom other posts. Altogether the
reiinlnn ?vus lilithly enjoyable and fully up to I '??
reputation ?f oil the recelons held by tld? aseoctetioa.
nn re ?'toe tad ofteera are Chartes t. Caafleld, ???-?
dent; Ai.dr.vv Heck, vtee-pra?Meub; Alexander Nee
burger, (treasurer; ivil KsBer, ftnanctal secretary!
Joseph v. Moon, ?c r? tary.
The dTSlk Ol COaU d.Meal llenrv A. Ifarutini, of
George Wosblngtoo ?"???!. e ras tas .? vacane) in th"
im ?,- ..f the Qrsnd Arm) which ooaoot be tiib-j. Few
retenne .?f (he w?u- hnd a mon reassrfcsble career.
in? war recose reads like e romaneo, in? Buoni to
day win be the noel brUtoot stara Uni "f Qeeorel
?herm.iii. C.rsud Marshal Chappell hi- i--ii.nl en oidor
fr tbe sssrmbBni f sii Um i>?i- "f New ???..? ut IO
?. m. In fuit U'ilf'.nu. In fi Mb av.?.. itsht tasting 00
Forty f uriti -t. 'ih?? dead ? unirmi??'? pwl will bave the
? ghf "f the III.??. !'??' ' ?mina atei?- ?ni i-p/it t.? Adju
11-1 tten -rai snd ( bled of stag .\. M. Codner. A lb 1 tura
..m ..f the loverai ? ote ?- look ?t f s*. 1 be fune el etn i.e.
will taba ptace ti West r*resbrtertao ?'hunt,, in West
Port) -.? .u.! -t.. ut n a. m. They win be ?'<?iwtu?'t<?d
b) the Bev. Dr. .lohn ?. Peat?n, abe i? rbaplale of
itearga Ws?hlugton Pest .md pastor ol tho eharoh.
The body will b' tukeji to Svia? ?.-e f ?r burial. As tjjtj
Une <>f BMUeh I? short no comrade ?hould fad to take
? t? who i? sMe to do bo
iti?? Ftortds cotany which u number of veteran of
??:?? war wiih their ?on? ,?n<i daugbters ?mi other lineal
a- w.-it ,?? collateral h?-r- nn? organising, under lb??
uu-pico? of ibe German American Colonisation society,
?.?.?? fair to loerlsb. Captain Francis Inch, of Kottei
Post, ,? one "f the chief promoters of the scheme, end
?,,? hoe made ?even! trips t.? Florida to pich out
eligible tenitori?. Itit?*re*>ted with him er?? Ueaeral
??, ??. ll m ud snd General Proas ??Igel. A new Iowa?
ship, ?? ?*? celled Ftemlng, sfter the Governor "I the
?t -11. -. i- belog laid nut. The Ite bas been serverei
by Lieutenant Howard, ion "f the General Becb
colonial I-. to luu- l>n ??. i?'s of lend ?ind.niip? if he
ran take ran of It. A hendi?me park has, beeo leid
oui In the centre "f the township. Comrade Loot
Llndemayer will -ail for Florida in ? few days to begin
Um erection ?.! dweBing?. The roloobtti will go on
afterward. One -?? the Urti things arranged I? the In?
?Btnttou ol a Grand Anne post.
Tbe Grand Army reatare "f the week will ?
Kobe? Post's twenty-flfth annual iiMitquersde ball .?t
Uermsnla A??embl) Booms, No?. 201 293 Bowery, oo
Wedm ?day evi p iig. ?'.?-? Quarlermader-tienenl Theo
?bue l'elil-l ???? will be t?tere to ui.il..? Um ptwt's ?.??????
feel a! borne, and ??? wilt Commander Charle? heinsej
???? Adjutant Herman W. Timm, tbe committee of Invi
'atlon. Th?? prutreed? of the bell ?m go i<? tbe i?"-i
reliei fund, on whbh Um r*Ui have bega ?????????????
tlii- winter.
Candidates up ken ol tor Jui or Wee Department
Commander lu Sew-York are Major Theodore vv.
lirelg, ?>l l.af.iv.-tt.- ['..-t. ? ?. 1 I ? ?. and Comminili?!
William Ktrrhoer, "f Lloyd Asptawoll !'"?t. No, 900.
Comnute lirelg ?? one ol th?? rlty*? most polite ?,-, well
a- exacting and eflici-ut escile otti lai?. Comrade
Klrehner ?? u sergeant of polle? and ? Be of lbs ablest
aad ui" ? exempkiry In the ?ervlee. He has beea com
mander of his i??-t since tt? unpsnlntion.
General ?.??????.'?? Von Behack i (Belawehr PoSt, Is
talked of for Grand Mac-hall lisle year. Conrads Yon
xchsck In? a das mtBtaty leeord and ?- ?? man "t
commanding appearance. He Is every Inch ? soldler.
t??- M-moiinl Committee might search a long Itane
ui'iiout Badlng a worthier oi nore acceptable nun few
the ? :,.,?. The ,|,., |i,,n wlU I?? li-I?l Uns m nil,.
Colone] iiuviii s. Brown, Pa*4 Coutnnnder of Janea
Monroe l'"-t. has nrany suppott?*rs for chairman "f the
Memorial C am,it.'-?. Colonel Browo ha? been tb-t
v,? e el.:il, maa und Iliad I BO excellent and p. pillar
officer. Many cornimi? ? want.?I to - e luu, promoted
lii-t year t<> tbe blgbesi oftee in tl.nnlttee.
Houy delegates to the Memorial committee ne in
faun of c elertlsg Connie ea Judge George M. Yoe
lloesen chairman. Comode fan lloeeen has bee? aa
able and (earless oflker, wbe tboroucbli so?erstood
ih?? ?tutu - ??f tee pin'.?, and never h- dinted to discbarge
then? il?? Ins aiiea.lv nrved tim-o terms, but in?
friends believe in holding to tbe old naxln, ?? Loi well
enough a'nii".*?
The p'.'i'-ct of inni??m- the oflteei nf depsrtmeel sdju
tant-general .md qnarteruMster-gsneral pemoneot,
whl. h It i? Mid will 1^ ?pnirin up?,a ih?- Slate ??? amp
mont ?t Buffalo next month, win meet hearty opposi
Uon. The "boy." ?eo no reasOO why these "?nap?"
should not Im? pal <'d aiotind.
???- Naval Veteran Legion of Philadelphia, at it?
ragetor meeting la-t \.<?'??. when tbe war (ever ?*?-. a:
p. height, offered the wrrtcee of us nenben t.? the
secretary of the Navy few the CblBa? war. and ??G?-ed
ail I'l'-i- a ?orlati Sil "f Naval veterans todo ?'.??? -ani??.
?>ai>??weei, rirjii,, delici
'.?.pi?il? to Ihe ?
UF Till.
miti ai. henkfit life ixnOT-?N ? compa?y,
M?W.ltk. N. J.
AU/.I llijlll). PI?EMIIENT.
K???i|.l? in 1>?I.
I.---.V.. toi IT ?ni.un? . ??,?!-! 1.001 .O
UrxrJva? tur tuteara? mid Nat ?. .ita?. 2,400,0100?
Balano?? .l.n.iarv i.-., ?SH ..4V-SU.0-? 07
Tot.il . .?>4,47?,_.}7..?
F.xpeDtlIliirra la 1MJ1. ~_
l Inim? !)V Pentii . ??,??,????
I iiii'.?i,,.|if. un? ??,????.,? . l'7i?.7.V.64
sun? ?.?1??p? 1 G?> , ?. ?. NfclTflO ._
1>..1.???.? .- ?.-?????? Premium? ... .... 1,511,11.40
??'.?a i'?>i:.'vii-were, ?MIS.M. M).
Taxe? . . 189,98'_41
? ; ?? ? Includine agent?* l'eniiiilsaiwia.
a ??..'?!??ne, soiaii.? go 1,004,01$Of
l'r, iiiii.iii? Ga?? ..u ljund.?, parchasad. ?0,?!7-?_1
>i7.i:i.s :c; ?A
r.j'i.uc? January I.t, 1892._4'.:.:????.^r7t? M
Toui .?....i'i'.a.?r-ajy
\?.?i? .Inni, ,r. lai, 1.??!)..
i'i-h ?n hind -ml ni l?ik?. ?es.v.l.S 43
?os?t ?.n ? aiuterai, l". .??. Beaga _..i other
- .".,??? . -,(?._.?0? 00
l'iuta, .???at,?, ai., otlirr Fond?. |nr. 11 " .1 ?lo :i4
First Bond? mal MortS-s??? on Real Ratete 1'?>,j?;i4.??7I 30
Real Ra?ate l'wapsiiy'a O?aa Kuii-in.,
? wir . i:no,?y?ooo
ll-al l.-!i*? iiiiri-ha-i'd on Fui??? lu-ure. M2.7.V2 2A
i-i,ai,s ou Kolli I ?? in Forr?? . 5,:!?_?'.?, 1.5!? l?l
rmunum? la Transit, ?Ine? receive?' . to??,.'??: 10
a?..<'.u' lu?.i??? mal ? u-i. OWIgsUoea. ">.??*?? j_.
latereet ?i te ?n?! seeraed... 57*>i,T.ifi S3
n??? deterred ?uni nan port?
isi l'remluina on FullTi?
In fi/'-a-. ?m.-tlKf*
- ?__**_,??? el
Total . ATN...?e,_?i3.05
Rraarve Fini?!, 4 p-t cut ??4,'.?70,312 00
Polir) .lall..? In protesa ?f
aiijU-Mi.-Dt . N.-10 04
Duldend? due _..d uii|_ld . 237.282 Bi
l'MiDiuiie? paid in advance. ri,7'.T 7 ?
-?? OM 3S i. I?SB?
_ Furplus . >JI,191,S9T.0?Y
rroni u.. atov.? Surplus a.
??. Mi ltd Ua? basen ?!???
rlaied t?. ota??rt ??,??. ? ???
title?: thereto, paya?? ou
?.? ti?1 venar] G?. ???.^
Riirplua by Ivew-VorS and
.??ili??a<'lii|?.t(.- S'liiali.i'l
lA'timrlH?? 4 j,. r era?
?.rvi ami Market
Valu?? ef AseeUl ....... 93,oAo.79Aj0S
S.I|..Ui U> I...-? .N. a..
ViirS Man'? A (Am. F.\.
4'? par .'.?,; It??rvei tii, 137,000.03
I'lilnl.? lettili, a. ,! |.\?\ ?{
??. ?.?91. 10.015, ..?urina
027.14401-1 .
I1 "? in fn-i ?? .i:.?.i?i-r
I-? IW? fil?. XV, In.
tatting 0?0,171,08
FRRD'R .??r SHIT?.. Iti?, ?" : \? Y. tt. CO*r?_41_
f"HV I. BL?KR, <.i.??K..i; A. lIAlaSKY?
f.llVVAHl? II. WUH. ?IV .lA.MIS Li. ?'???.???,
l.i.NlAHlV ?'. y. I I.I. i.i: . M ? IH ? ?> l, .V'AITI?.
.MCI I??l?b. ?.? -..?NT?. VASMfllFOOr-,
? G.??..???.?-1 K H. TEFaSF, l-KI.IVk ! Kl I.I ?.IH Vi-IiJ?.
r.. ?rKXiK.u ...?r.i.i;. stati* a???t.
Southern Natw-Yor- ai.d Northern X?\m ?rt-rser,
137 W. 23D ST. NEAR 6TH AYE.
muorimi tatti.1.1, wo it ?.
Fsttiuates oa ????It?." U' Ur.wia?;* ?-li??.Tfullr ?.ibmltt?st
?*_? Wor)ii.',aii?!ilp and Klni?h ??.???_!????3?. ??*?. Ony?,
Brs?? Go?ad-, WrotiKhi Iron, fcc. WSI?!Lt? AT NUUkTO
KACTLTtRHi.? ??.? KB.
iN.si'F.1rriox U__-Bt*TI?*0__tT ixvitrd. i
n? rn.Kta e? ras hbsv?_r? ik Bxouao.
II I (.MF-? I. KAUF. I M FUKT ? l>.
Kew-Tork -Sanili? fri l'euri St. F. L. /.EU.. \??m
i!??si.iuti .an aere aieated metalatai th* ?ou^.? of ito
ITa-^-ld.-iit aad tendering tlia-i.? to Mr. Harii-am and
rieeri '?try Iroef tor i!i?-:r jjiitrii.tic tAx? _ntd i?i->iiipi!i?>s
inanltaaHd in om_ng ami ???luippimr ih? ?essasi of U??
l'iuta, st it??? Ras? for lni!iie'li_t?> National d"f?i.''o.
Next -5atii!*l-.v oeealnf tbo MaaMit? (*oti.n>itti_? of
Kiiir? Osaatr win ??_;?? it anneal ?????*t???. Tie prtn-.
? :p_l <'T7!:UI<lj'e- i?.r eta-SB?? SIS '.?inroale James J>. I
tall, ox Foli??? (???!?!??1??1>!??t ?if nrnoaYljn. tii?? prut-iiitj
nfiliier, and ?Matade M. S. Casualisfls, Cug ? lerU. Ali,
activo OSavasS I? U-tn.' muto, .md much liilervs-t Is felt
1:1 tbe !' -I'll
A large dei??_iti.>ii from Reao l\..?t. 44, aitondod.
tl?? fun???] uf Colonel Ueorge H. Vun immi, who'
iit.?i last ?reefc aft.ir a Inger?_ Hiness. The CO?Ml
dM al hi.? ???'??? In Hew l-rutiiSVtOk, X. -T.. and l?_\'Ml
a widaiw and <???? so;.. CtMBB? inter !;it?'k'*???l?'l
tleliver-d tin? QraB-l Army fun?.-ral aai ?I OS, whtrli
wa* Impeeadee. The Casions! vai an .???? and vaaae?
?orni.ni?? uf ?;??!.?, and ?p? he greatly odaaed.
??? :ux Sem. Vork Cavatry .\-?????_??(??? iioid
tliclr allunai ?<l??ctiiiii mi Tu?dnT evenlnif, January ??i,
and Ita f'.ii'iwiii.' Acara ?rere elected: ?'??iiimander,.
ll?nrv FJaetai?dater ? irtrai rnmmsnatnr. D. DMansaaj
anartem??ter, John W. 1_?????????{'?? : adjalan tj Fr??l
llolii?: ..III.?? nf ili?.? iniiird, Josi-pli KII!onus'lla>r; trus
t?????. Charlea Root, Heorjr Him ;??? and llfiiry nrnnint..
The jviiilniMon i? in a fl.?un>hlui. nnd rin)?p?'r<j_e
??.?n?Utl??ti. bavin g a uwai herstap ?? oieuty-ilve and a
flltid Of ?S'l.lKS?.
.?,? ???' Umi'iiiiiiiiander Dnbej wiii visit i'?>st No. :i*?
uu G??1 ??????? _. ???! Nu. vi?'! on th?? -t.'i. W. n. Han-'
rork, N?>. ??. ?n t_W? 0th, l?rt N??. -I ?>n Ita KJtU ?nd
Po-i ???. :i7rt ?.u tti?; l?.th. whi? li atti af? ?ut end tho wriest
,.f official \i?lt?.
?.? i-'ifttiit?? In the thi????-roriierod ront?>?t for Po
naruneD*M**Mnmander l? reporte? The n.-plmnt? aro
Kay. of Broo?*?*b? Pool?, of Binaeaao, and ?COS**, of
Ii,., lieeter, and h?j dark boras b'> ?r.
HVSFBU.I. AIT ???* IN' ?? A'TlVE STtTF-PR05?
PBCTfl FTIt **t_1?M.
et'Verni of UM ?P?t)toll el?M ar?? :ilie:i?1v in:ifclii_
alian.?, incili.? for f ??-? ? i .?inJiorn irlps. and OD? OS !?'?
teams ???? ?tort 00X1 ?*0?_ ??I what SOUW the
N.?m Vork ?md Brooklyn club? will adopt for the ONs?
li.p arason i? as vt imdarldiii in _d sot?ng oso
??????? done In Hr?.ki> n, mot ?rOI betaae umii MTwd i-t
,?., iv.'iv.i. ih.? Broo?ta dab is tn? bsKnd it*
n\..i?. having as let om two ??r ?roe p_yen under
i'if-iden( C. II. iivrn.? an?! Boers?ry Charles Bbbets
?li.'iiil reely ?lay Bl a??ten I'.uli working ?.ver that
tnjublosoSM l^iii-'iie acbednlo, I?I work, ?????.??? ?-..?\,
?- doable labor toe? tti? yeajr on ?????_1 of die in?
crease "f the Lcasjoe ?iriulr to twelve clubs. Tlu
Chicago an?! it. laouis O?dole MO 0?0 p.-'-inirlu,;
?. Indili.-, aii.l OMO. tlie tin????, or tt new OM eSSbeOC?_
tho good odnts ot ail. will im adopted at ilio Marea.
meeting of Ihe League.
?? ?? now believed that the ? ha?atdnshtf srhedu'.o
uiii c?!.-!.?! of i?_ tarnte. ii.??t?.ad ut lee, as Borste?
(..?? lu voga? erheo eight cl?m mad?? op the dienh
The leosoo win Stata :??".'ii April IS and doso iato in
?? ???,... in.? opening gaate? will t.o played in the
.nie? further Uuth, probably Phi?doto?a, WtaMnf
inn and Bait?sore in the mot, and L?ala???, et.
Louis and ? imii.r.aii lu tac West,
Oeaeral ?ot?_et?? l? expraeood at th?? pr..pe,cts of
an Uiterestlng baseball rta?ptoMklp soMos b?tw.'cii
(he Hin??? of Vaio. Hai.ani and I'iiiieOtO? li^pro
-iniatiies {rum llaivunl and Priiseosas? met at
?Vorcester on Botnrday sad arraoptd Ita Pen oassot to
!,.? play.??! bda-een tb.ieroeolepso, Ita ?r?t pwiio
will U? ployed Bl I'l.ui. ton, on .May 7, and the 000004
pante at Cainbridge, on Doeoratto? Day? Witt? the
college? ma) aot for?ally sesta on Internet?irta?
Leagno, all three ?rill play gaatea af?aal .>:i<? auoilior,
arbtch wilt ???> vtrtaall) the sim.? thing.
<? important awdlng ?i ih?; How-York taoatal
Club win ??. h?-M m Taylor/? Hotel, JOnee CBtj, ?n
F'liiuaii ??. Joseph.?i??n ?in ??? steeled a dtooobsr
of th" ? lui?, and poMlbly OM ?lirs? tor. 00*0 piOO?OOB?
in the aCalra ?.f Has riao, suj retire, it win alto bo
decided abettai Ita torti le?? ertH mu??' s >"utiiera
hip or not. rito opentag pun?? at Ita Mo Oreando
?in, us ii-iiai, ??? bateeoo the Kev-Yoi?? and ih? nan*
battaa CoUege nines, oo Thai??y, Manli :t).
The addition of loseph oordoo i?. Ita ?iln-ctorato
of the local ctab will -prove s wi-.? m???..?. tatto? was
f. raiaiiy a dlfodor ot Ita ?im., tain iettai two posso
as''?. Il" I? w.'ll InfOT?ed I? bSSStal affairs and h? U
a tborongh aportsoMO oui s mol lover ??f bnssh?_.
Iiillk?? -,..?f th.? other ??i.sTor?. ko nevei? M??M
of worklnu? tor Ita ft'HiO ni the ?lab. Il might ti"t lie
a bad ui.a t ? bave Mr. Herdan <>u?? ut tt? Isenl sttaVi
i.pie-.'iitatiV'?? at tin? bOagBS 00000??M?, Had lie
been at lottonapoli?, ita tael ?lui? MaM r.ot huvo
??? so i?-ft ?>it ti." ?ehed?is end !? ?t on? or tan d?'?ir
able players, <?or<l<?!i i? a aoanbor of the Moni?Una
Athletic tinb and ooe of ti"? beet bowlers ? ita ?lty?
? ????????enl iHiy is ai-? sn excellenl bowler.
rii?? new it?-????i of Control 1ms not heeo oppotatoo?
n- ret, but ? I? 1?0?3 i" be txiupoeed ?>f tt. _ Young,
c. 11. Byrne ?md John I. ? ?_? rs. Thla win oot give
in.? old Ain?ri?an Asaoetatioo eteoieet any reprathntn?
non upon the Board.
The Hew -_e_ dob ta? ndvaneod Cstetar M-iFhn
Xioo. aad it will m_K?' a diT?-i-!iiiii??d effort t<? k?^?p Die
yOOBg man. in ?pit?? "f tin- ia? I tliiit lio ha? btioii a*?
atgned t?? >t. Loals.
Tint?? I? not lik.ly to !>e any fhlttar tt*iiil.I?? ?tweea
the Xow-Voik and nttsbarg 'lah- over Thiid-basMOOM
i.v, as. Tlio oflii'iuu of tu,? pittao?n*g club liavo
aenstbly decided to make oo ttrttar ofort t.? secure
the ? ayer.
?. ?. ?'???? will rvtiiv from his c.twrninent positon
at n*oa?ngtOO, and will tm00fisi deroto his ?.??????? at?
t?lit?g.n to I'a-'ball.

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