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At Snapenslon Brldge a large rrowd had gathered wlth
a brass band. Whl e tha trala wbi walttBg -Mr. rlrve
Und *t"pp<-d upon the phitforn. Bfld ihOC* band- wlth
all who could reach hlm. He r. mariB werfl nmde.
? laigfl number ol letter* and M__gMMi tr*M ;.i partfl
?t the State peuici MM th- head?juar|en ofabfl aall.
"?n?ni" flflavaallfla Ma*eiB-Bi at Be, *** wa_l.il
Widay, and _h..?_il Ibal ,:" BMCttog la Vattm Hall,
AlboJiv, hn<l bad gl*al bi"
RlSt.al D. Woodward, one ?f the ( .... n'.;. ol Flfty,
?ald II lll" J -H > imryrtalng M noM i e* Iht taove.
nmt'iH tmtaetima adheieM* M *U coi utle* ot th* I
Many of then, BM BeKBflfll hwdeia ?* I V *? aeal tt locM
toBaaaea Already ** hava i D ral
?ereral of the tamoBm MMager aad -opcrloi ln evi
to any tflhtoh ha*- ****** tbea M hbb) jreaw. H
gf meo hav Jria. t lhe BMvemnt althla tbe lail I
They evIdeuUy bfltoag t?, aa exl.Brt.fl el -*- ?' *>' ?' bai
baan waUfeg the <*?*-*-*? of ,he -1-',n.v BMrtlflg
jjr. ajBad*ai. -ddwi That -on." i t:,,- .,., -i bnportanl
fflatur** -I t_.e aafl-flgfl io the veten ol ibfl BlaM had becfl
?mitte- ln tht eeptaa ri.tnl-hed io IM B<tW**?P**?. One
tt *h*aa "a* "-?* de __u-?tio_i e*aecralag th? Irregnlartty of
Ika 1*11 ranv?i.tlon of Pehruary 2__.\
H0SPlT.A_i-I/)r)CIXG-1101'Sr.*5 BMIXPECTBD.
A new CflMM of typhu* fever from the PhoenU lodj,
iBg-bouie, No. M Bawery, waa Alaeortrto la BeBevue
Hoipiial jaalflriaj. and lt rtmoved all doubt regardtng
the llint_?? of -Mux Baaeh and Bamael OaMman, whe
were t*Uen from the ladghlg hwaie B_H weeh and BT*
now oii KorU. Hrother Island. The lOdgerfl probably
<_*ught tbe dtoeaea from BMBfl man who *lei>t ln the
lodglng hou?e flbam two woflha __?". The InfeM patlent
U Ai.'gnat Herde. a 8WBM rooV, thirty year- ?_t, who
came UJ tld* __untr> nineteen flflonthfl ago. llo nei hed
ln a reataurant In Wlllium-. t. aud -Jepi ______ tho Bhoentl
Mging-house. 'm Tneaday aflarneea be went to tho
ofbee of the Barfefl Bcii-volent Society, nt No. 101
fSccand-ave., and s,ald he needed help, as ho Imd been
aJUng for a week und wa.. la no <ondl?lon to work.
He compiaiued of a aeagh aad palafl la ibo breast.
Mr. Englehardt, of the soeietv, aenl Mm to Mr. Illi.'.ie,
the Kuperlntendent of Ont-Door Poor, nt I_____v*<
nnd Eleventh-it., nnd Mr. Iilake pnve him n tleket "f
adml*-lon to He'levne Hospitul. Herde re.ched the
.Jfcr-jjttnl late ln the afternoon nnd was plnred ln Ward
No. 18, where there wero twenty-three other patients
suiTerlng from nnlmonary hroublee.
Dr'. Opoper, %bo examlned him, thought thnt lierde
wa* lll with a pulmonary oo__p___0-. Heidc remnined
In tbe ward all nlght. Ye-terday foronoou an erup
Uon appeared |B plnces on hl* body. Fe-irlng that
Herde had beeii ln tho l'hoenix lodgln$--hou.e. Dr.
Cooper uent lmmedtately for one vt Dr. Cyrafl BdflOB
a**ii*t?nt*. who pieneanced Herde*! ISn ** io be typhu*
fever. Herde was removed to a aeparale room ln one
of the pnvlllon* near ?the Eu*t Hlver and wlll be t.il.-u
to North Brather lahuri to-day.
Dr. Edson _aid yeaferday nfteraoon thnt He.de wo*
ta the i#st st.-.ge of typhu* fever when be WBfl re
movid from the. hoeplwl ward tn the I-o! itlnc-twvm.
nnd Uie npeaaie to otl.er pattenM ln the ward was ?*>
allght tliat no tcuble waa BBtMBatfld. Haa Baaeh
w??> in Bm hoayltal tor a time M,re hi? fever eaaaed
buspMon. Any man wlw i* scrit to the li.u-ritfll foi
aome time Bt eome, nnd who i*. hBOWB t., hav,.- beea
an lnmate of Ihfl !__eal_ l'*-?lt)?_: honae, Bn bahly will
be ke-pt < ut of the wmd* until hi* dtaaflfl* i* dln_ii',*i-it
laeaMBy. l>ang?r ln tho lOdgtBgheaae htw been re?
moved by <",!-lil rtlon. The pbyrtctsni of Dr. BdflOa'e
bureau WBfl lflflp?flt*1 'be kKlrfng-honses In Oie rlty
oi. Tin-sday nicht nnd vncelnated tlie todgfln dld not
find nny flaBflfliOOfl (a*"?i of BflBaflflB.
Sainuel AhmaMOn. fea v, ar*. ild, one if the nu?ln.ii
refugees held in fuianttaa lB tLC lodglng honae, No.
t-2 En*t Twofth-rt.t beetimo 111 with ryphu* fever
yaataAay, n:;d waa aaal ta Nortb iirotber i*iaiid.
No death among tbe patients on (he 1-Onnd wa* n-ported
Itnbbl Jo<e?ph and (Joroner Levy went to Inqulra of
Prtsldent TA'llson, oT the Jlenlth lionrd, yeiterday, why
tbe bodfefl of the tVphus fever vlciltos could not be
rnunv?d from N'ortli BfOthee I'h.nd t"r bnrial. The
oody of Mr*. Rn^hei Jlermer wa? scnt from tho Mbvnd
on Tuc*a"***> at lha re^ueet, of an undertal-er who had
boen cmployed tg.bury lt ln a Hebrew oemetcry. but
it wai rtopped at the docV ln thls <ity and sent ba/lt
ta '_*} burled oa the Island, by order ?f Frcldent
WlUon, although lt vnn. In a s-_led metallb- ooflln.
Mr. W_?on etrplaidell to Enbbl Joseph ?id t!,e CXWOBM
ttiat It would not be prudent to bave the body dcllveied
to i-laflre* until the Deportmeut . ould BBBd ?Ji ofUier
fo wltneea the bnrial and make suro thnt tlie BOflfe
wn* not opened. He _.Id that each gr?.ve on the
Island would be m.'urked for future Idontiflrntlon, and
thnt after tho typhus fever hnd been stnmped ont, *****
ml'Slon wonld t-e *f**B to removc the BOdMa la other
burlal pmc*5a under the supervlelon of the Depart;:i"nt.
No ctwes of ?mn-llp"X were reported in the clty
Twonty-slx Ktiaflan Hebrewg wbo arrived Uei*a on
tlie Mnjostlo .veaterday, and twenty-dght who nrrlved
on the Wyonung. were dctalncd on boiid tiioie .?t^amet-R
for lr,fcpcctio*i and the fumlgatton of thelr ba__.gage.
TTPBOB FF.VEU r,v*-Es ix Bt. Loris.
St Ixmis. IhB. 9__-_"**- flaaefl of byp-tai fever have.
been found he.i*j at No. 1,00,-. North r-eventh-i. Tl.e
wlf" of Abr-bam ShefTliear a-.d I_-o? HaadeBi Blflj both
IU ,if thla dheaaa ta a rniid t^r.n.. Bhen^hear bim | li
a.*id hl* two chihircn ara oot-aBhctad, Tiie rialfanfl are
Baaalaa Jews, and eamt bere from odesso three weeha
ago by way of Beael Borh, Ark., BBd Memphla, Tenn.,
where thi-y hiul been i;i *>*Ht-eli of worfc. F.very preeaa
tion to cu-iiinc the dlaeaae U betcg taketr.
Washington, Feb. 24.?In the Hou*e to-dny, Repn
sentative btamp, cf Maiyland, oBWed a eenearrenl
raaetalioa dlreetlng the M."i.ate a:,d Hmimj (.'ommltt'xs.
ou Immigiutiot, Joln.ly t.< lt:<|uire lato th? _*?.-eiit sd
MlfllTlai :.t tlie port ol N,iW-Yoih o; rt liii-jje nunib".- of
?aaepaaa Immlgraeti lafeeled artlk lypbai fever!
ai*o to laveaUgBta tho woridnga *>f Um rartoaa tawi "i
tive l'nited ^Tatt* lelBilae to laimlgnitlea f.-om feralgn
eeantrifla; th? bnportatlon "f eontrael laberem to the
Ui.lt.-d t-tatec, and thfl evpeii'iitine* miule lu c.nneetloii
Fhiiadciphia, Peh. '?4.?Ti.e atae-year-old aon of
ftamuel Ooldtish, the Raaflfel who w.i* wiBOVed to tiie
?aahdpal HeapHal i?.st week, flaBflrtag from typhu*
fever, W4* taken lil yeaterday, aad araa tabm le th*
?ame iiifctltu'lon. There ate iniirhed symptoms of
fephUfl, but they ure not yet devetoped *iil!i(l,-ntly to
deterinii.e tlw ra?e delinlt'lv. The houso ln whleh
Ocldllnh lived wu* nciili. dlslnf?.etcd and lumle'uted
yeabaraay aftemoaa and tii* maralag
?fMET UBtMO *M 110 AT tiik j. ABBBB HAitrrr.
Seventy-.leh. pfetarea of the .1. Abner Hurper col
lection of moili-rn palntit._* wei* flold ?t ihe auetlon
sale at CMeheriag HaU h.-i evenlng. Tb* Uddlng
wa*>,-ipt so brwk ii* at tl,.- aalfl ,,f ihe evenlng before,
and- It wa.* after il o*cloch before the auctloneer
u.ada .i.e lu-n flaln tttt i_iitnii-g Umi soid far tii
hlBbe**l>dW'*-. U^ti'iR ih'' morning wn* -'lli.- lo-t
I.e**',f. 4)1 tCtfrntrntf,'* by Vou l;l:i!,*. Tbe li.llin.'
-.tarted at ei.'<^! but thfl BM tiMM*V ilid ra,. 1 I ii go
i.ntil 92.'." - imd baaa annaunced n* tbe prtoa aaa
one ln tbe umiienn- waa flrUUng io pay tor lt.
Ti.e iiio&i_,u^u;-e*ti!>g -? !?? look i.l.i ?? when "A
Prencb MUW, Oy l?o N.-iville. w..* pMMed iB frenl
of tbe nndTfenre for it* BBWldfllBllOO. Thl* palnttng
*_. _bout the *\te ol h cabiiu-i phelograph, aad wu*
.?naidered mie of the ra?-i BMgalfleaal pleew amdhg
th*. celle. tlon. When tho BB Uonflar prflflflalfl. Ih'.
ptUr.tlup I.e called for a Md ri -i.n.. A BMB la ih
uudlcnr? ihouted "PHfe iiu;ii,i-*." Aarihw m.-.n at
one* gnaenneat hu wntmgne? t<. pay >Sjik) f,?- u,;
palntltig. It wa* laally -"!'' for BS7A.
_*oum ef the other pafetlnpi thal broaghl falr prte. ?
were "Laadseapc aad Bheep." bi Mauve, gei.ioo;
"Vtewa of Faris.'' Oarot, B1J00; "Ia UM WhUe
Mountaln*," Jnnes., BtJBIB; " I'ool In the BTood*,"
DU., 1.1,700; "Ingdaeaaa und Cattte." i, iyop,
91.9M); ?? a Oiowing femaat,* Cnrin, PNO; '-Tho
!*ew Curate," Novak. tri.ti'.o; "BBaari," Boaaaaaa,
W,fl25; -'Readlng," Rl'jot, -i.600; " IV.i-.-mi Knlttlng,*
Lorolle, 81 ^soo: -'i*twll_g the Strflam," Boahanr,
?WOO; --BsM-arlan Fca-ant." Deffregper, #:.7.->: ?? siu-'p
In ^h? Moonllpht."' Jucqi'.*, iS-.-H); ? A.ab on 1!,: ?
tacH.." lehmrcr, ??'jo; ?? a Uttlfl SonaMne/ Petrault,
Wfi',; ?? Mai-l.et t.c?ne ln Vliry," t.ri_on, gM3;
""Evenlng,'' I'a/.in, eo_l6.
. Ttte total proiceds of ihe sale lail evening were
Tbere nrirr wu a U*M ?.?,,?,, ... ian. ,, ,-:;,..-i arai I l
for paytieal dcaaune**; !ni),.-\.-rt l>ail.i,ib*. nudliloal
afl_r*. niu'ttt.lv <-oii.Utntli . bui t.'i-K 1.. art. r nU. onlv ...,,<
way t? really c.._i ??? Loi,.-. un.l thnt a .--.,,.
Tua_l-.li hUti. It .yen- Uu-. poir*. an.l put* a'l Ui- aj,
IMMiUol lhe ...ln ln le-lL',.- wariuna ...d.-i. Xhfl t4_4_a'.
V4*Us flru, !U..i? ara Iht ...o.t Inxurliiu* in AnurUa. JS
Lafmette i'... ?*, ?.u< b ?? ii e*it or bioadwar
A.,v bleedtng 44-111 be lopped inrenaai, IrrMatlan and rd
troiii S11I..1I11110*. aanatae Baada B__y ny a-wian
EXTK.IT < (?., 7tt Killli \w1111r. T-ew* ?rl?
st. lm**, tob. _4.-Ti.e mmt ^J*J^ *?
W.ttaoal Indn-trlnl (V.nferemc was caperted tB ta*
B_ca to-day. a re__tvar_d-ta__-_e time of it. fr-.n
, ,, , ??i-h. leouiM tbe only poolb-e pro^m-B,
J ."-Iiueand nmy- ?n,*i-mertlnp. tota whleh the. on
;;,.,,, ,.- ,irad It-eeU betora grapyttag arlth tbe riaiv
p_r_ u,.,i."r:,n.v ponrad otl .... the tronbied^tofe.
vr Powdo,.|r de__anded tha cxpnKlon from Le eefr
rentlOO Ol ?'? pro.-"ionnl atrlkera Bt Allauiy. M 90
-d C:..--v. n, Mw-YorK. imd rWiUlher and poln^l
,h.n. out. Tha ptottonn pm-ntcd to tbe eonventtan
oiM-n.it with Ibli ik-.liuatlo.i :
w. .1,101 in UM ml-lst i>f a Nation Brought to the
nSt _fm_??. pouTl_al aud mai_i.nl rum. Cerreg
no.f ,1.. 1.1 .ns tbe bailot*ox, tbe I/.i-irlutu.-, tbe Gon*
. _., -,' ...boi even tbe ennloe of tbebeneh. The
0 T. 1', i - demoralla-d. Manj of tb" Btatea have heen
ainin-i maoklnd hai been.onantacdlin wo con
and i. taldna _o__e_-ion of the world. If not nu 1 ..'"?
1 -er lrr 1 _t ..mo. lt forebodea XnXBM aoetal eonvul
..lon' tbo deatroctfon ot C-VUKatieB or tlie eatt.ta
Ta ^ttVo^V innuen;?^do-tatatag
lhe old oolll ral partlei have ailowed tho eai*tinr
dreadful t-ondltlom lodevetoi ^tho^itooa effort to
10,'1.1.n or nrevenl tbem. ibey p-op..*o todrowa tn.
uutcrie- of a ptoide-ed peopto with u.o nproar ol 1
Bbam baltle over tbe tarlB.
After mnch more of tlie same ?ort tho platf.rm 01
prlnclplea waa annonured. Her. ore aome of Iha
planhs :
\\\- d'-mniid a NntlonnI mrrenry. *nfc. aonnd nnd
Ue.lb!o. laaned by Ihe Greneral (fcverninenl ooly, ?
r_l leaal teoder lor all dnbtt, publie and prtvate, and
thnt without the um ol banhing wrporattonA a ju-t
Mnitable meani of nlreulaBon, al a taa not to ea
ffi Per ccnt ai -t ft r_ In the *-..b.i",.-..M,ry plar,
ot the I irmiT-' Alllance, or some better ij -t_n. Al* 1
Sy pSymenta In dl-cbarge ol lla obUgntton fur gnhUi
to**5vTdC___and free and iinllmlM COtnage of ailver
We demand that the amount ol rtrrutatlng medtnM
be apeeo-ly Increaaed m nol leaa -hnn B_0 per eaglta.
Wo (!.-n''..ii.l a gradnated Inconie laa.
We demand thnl poatal Bavtoga banha be eetabUahe
bv Ihe ftovernment. ,
Your Hnb-Cominlttee npod Land Rank t-_ to sub
mil ... rour approvaJ t!..- following:
?hio land. Includlng uii the natarnl reapnreea ol
wealtb li the berttage of all peopto, and ahonld noi
be rnonopollaed for apernlatlve purp-aea. and alleii
ownarahlp of land aboald be prohlblted. All 1 indi
held bv r-ilnod- ond otber rorporatlona In exeesa ol
thelr iufnal noeds. and all land. now pwned I '
aUi-'nt.. ihould ba reelalmed by lhe Crovernaaenl aa 1
hcKl tor aetual Bottlera only."
Tb" Governmenl ihould own nnd eperato lhe m'I
road-- In the Interest of tho peopto.
X_i lelegmpb nnd telephono. Uka tiie po.-tofr.ee
ay-tem, abonhl t?o oarned and operatad by the Oorem.
me\\'n d"mand that t*ie OoreinHMnl toBBa tognl toadtr
nataa aad any lhe Dnton eoldler* tbe dlflerance be
twoon tlie piice of the doprerlai.-d 888.8*9 '" u|ll(''
ba was paid nnd gold.
'Ib- w-ldert oxeltom-nt t'->k plaee after the rendin
of ti-: n_8tlfliM One of the ruspeoted " fa_f_rea td
tho aorporat_?ia on tiie loar attsaaftai to adga k ???
m<.tlon atnending tiie drxunBCBt, aud gi?Oal bMtaaU]
th'-re wae a rlot. ? I waa i.qncit?*d bv a a___gaAl to
make tbat moUon,'* *rtab-43rn*jr sald the tmo who miole
lhe rootltm. The man, who provtd tn b? g.ad_rl-h
garag-e, an ei-member of the TdlKfoari U^__B__-B,
wna bwOtVty ejectr-. On motloti of Jlr. Powd-rly __8
dolcgatt- wlttiont teJ-lng a vote on th* ndoptlon ..(
the platform adjiurned for two hour.
A tlght for ihe rfeoirnitton of tho prohlblHon lis..*
ta tbe plat-orm wae trtart-d immedlateiy tii^Hi tba
rea*.embllng of the convention. MM Fmiif", '.vnicir.l
pro*.-:.!'*d a uiin'irtty report. wbloh gha mov.-d bl
adopted lMinil8_lllir. M M B_n8B-_Ben1 tn UM uiajirrity
i**|?rt. Th? imi.-ilty BBBOrl favored n*n__B ___aag*
and d'-inaiided the ''suppresrl.):." of (be 1 iruor _n__k.
Attempta ta i.e_.i <>ff MU? wiiini-'s raadbig rf tba
adnartty arera tnndo ln vatn. Oongraaamna Jarrj
ajB-P88n derUtrod !.m?f!l ii-tt.fled with Um BB-|_rli.
report. Thag mu?i enre poverty befrira U:?y rould
Itit'-nfiien' iee.
HhBI Wt.lni.'i minority report flnclly m? Bhelvei
hy u -ubotitute tejioilng the llqum- qnaBion nnd rofor
luc nooMB aaffraga to the Itate Logtolalarei,
Mi?t viiiard ;aid Lady Bomora-I BUpped '"i' "t Ihe
lmli and dld not agatn retnrn.
1 u.v.ii-i-.Mi o-.v ii.ui another surjirl'o. ib- abouti-a
to ull KniKbte of Labor preaeul to lollow blm, and
20 ,, 1 id. ..1 tho ball lor a caucue. rhey -l.-t ??
.,, ; tl ? Karm..-' Alllance al Ib. - .11 f ?''?
Cuiie al*o temporarlly withdrew, notwlUiilandl .1.1
protc-t-*Ol t'-.li' National Leeturer, V.lllel . ol Kan
,,. chi tha actlou aatountod to ?? iklng up ibe
ic.ii'v. a'i'.ii ln n io.4." After a hall bour'i jwlnlul
uneertalntr, the roiiventioo t,io?l> t'i toi
hi M, Ignatlui Po.'inellv dcclared all the 1 I
,/ |;.. ,,,.,4.,ni, .,1 eonM eaally be lliiUIicd up wlitaln
,.,], ;i., bbur. He imoothly nrgrd lhe adoptlot* ul
; , 1 . ??;, rt, i" appoh ' i. . ?:. 11..1".
? aei wltfi the Nattonal ConvenUon t<. nomlnnto4n
, tildeni u:d \'i".- -I rr-M"t.t ..f Ibo I nld-d Mnt
1 .. ,:i?.. v.a- done. The Idea 1 *>k m- ?
airio,,. tl," I: i.'i ""I li'in/rv delcjmt. . I ' " ''
lui-i- the majority report had been .wnlluwed al one
ralp, belng ndopted aithoni u -1.llt.1r> volc.11??:.'?
\ -i-i-i. l.-nt-iip vwume ol <!o'.i!it and d.
now aeemen t.. be Uf" 1 to the ivof in tha enth.
cheer ne, l_nt broke fr.rtl.at ever* band. lim-. p.
iimi.ioii.4-. Baga, averythtng poriable witbln reaeh am
UUI R i,.(., the alr. the P n mlnute* of routlnu 1 :
pjau-o .t*-i>i'iri~ o'.lv wltb Bve mlnutei more ol :.
trtm-ndoua "Olory, Utoiy, lialioiujai.:"
rtnmeroni ef. rti !-? hava tbe eonvention proeeed > >
appoint Bhe eoinmtttee anageited by Dr. Dontielly 1 .
a_i v. uh the People'i Party National Conrmlttee were
\Kiioiiv Ineltert-al ut.di-.' the n.ilr.i:s of AeUng Chalr
ii.i.n Terroll ur.r tbe in-1 lence of Leetnrer Wllbt. 1 1
tbo Kan.i". -' AlHanre upon a moUon to adjonrn "dne
dle Mcf'une of the larmera' Alllance anndnneed,
however, thal all tbe dolegate. woukl hoM u bum
naeetlng In their individual eapnettg Inunediataly after
Without -tlrrlnr from tholr -oata. tbo do!".;tim, ntt*r
T-n'H's aavel ttm, Ottoi -il.lv nd1o.irt.lii- tbo mu
ventioii. wenl rlj-ht OO, bui wltb (W-norHl W.-av.-r in
tin- cbi.lr. and appotnted the _neb tni-.d r.l commlttee,
a- l-Uowa: Ocnera] Van ?>"><. ol Bebmaha; C. \v.
Mefune ol Texns; M. I. Rrancb, nf Georrla; 1. U.
Powor-_,4,f Nebru.i.a: T. H. Maini'io. of New-York:
1 L Wlf, of Sorth Carogna; .1. 11. wui.t. . ol
Kanwi; i'i?--ident llnniphr-v-. oi tb* National Colored
re: Plrrce llHoi.-.tl. of tflsarmrl: N. U. Barnett,
r.f illlnoK (?. M. B. *-??: I. I*. Morrlll, of Loolilana;
john _elt?, of Ohlo; Ura. Mary hV Lrnaa, ?t Kannae;
M - Babba, of Teza : Bebjamln Terrell, of Teaaa.
CAJI P.F. 1TAI> tOB 98,989.
f-t. I.'ni: , Mo., Fab. ...Tbo Piohlb.tl mi-i of Ih.
.iiv have Lo.-.. Infonned by their National Baeeailv.
Commlttee H.at ..... aandNloa preradeal to Ibe National
Coavanttoa oaaalng here on .iimo BB, ihey ara 1 1 tHe thi
"um ol Bg,_O0 io b'-lp dofray anpenaea. Clnrlnnatl i.i"
offered ta pat ap n.i- am-.iiiit, and niik--> -1. Looh
i-.ii-i - tl.e sum in ton daya ti.o Benunlttee ?iii ehangi
Ihe plaee ol botafbg ihe conventioa rr... bere ta lhal
polnt. _.
w .r. Mi'.\srr.F..
Ti..- u-oni.i" wbtoh liai. itoted between tin. Bev, Mr.
Bernhardl and Ibe Bbaid oi Traateea f tbe New Oer
in:.n People'i Cbareb, al Throoy and htyrtta avea,
1.1 -o .-.,!, 11, leaal-Bd laal nlgM In Ika insiwH tuKin
fuii poaaeaulon of tha eho eh nnd prohlbtttng ibo oon
gragBttoa from aaieaibllng ti."#. There araa to haaa
1..-. 11 a iin-.'Mii- ef tb-- paator .md eaagragatton to
dlk(llK^ 14;.- grtovnnee whleh axiata and waaa Ua
-en.bltd ibey fonnd ll.o ehareh la .larlmr-i ?n1 on. .I
th.- irnateea gnaidlng ti." an-rance. A aT-ften nottoa
waa liaiid.-.l to Mr. Ia-iJi.mlt -)i-'ti*d by Jaeob Mlllor,
? iii.i. of the bo ..ii, inytng thal tlie traateea bad
ii..in..I uni ihay ahonld not hold th.- naetlng.
Mi;. Ii Indifiiaiion W88 o\pn -stil owint* to tbla aCion
?nd ib" WO BBB-Bbeia wlio had _.-.--4-nililr.l Bdjoumed to
Debnaatea HnlL bbbi by, .aaaee Coniad. nperin
ti-ia.-nt Bf iha .-.. .'i.v-.-'i.i-.i. praalted a...i after
Ma'liiK tha litini.elal (oud.tlon ol tli. . hurdi, wblrh he
said th iraaaaaa arara raaaoMlbla lor, aahad Mmmm
|ir.-"iit lf ili-v l.iti'iided t.? stand by lhe aattfJI
fbeea wai n jrciirmi ary ef "Wa wlBi \v- wni."
Valontt;," Brnna__MBB_r, of N? T'll. Parb-avo., mM tbat
i," 4Minid advanee gdO?d_0 pward paylag ad tiie ln
dtMedncaa, wMeb aaaennti ta 9JBJ89Q,
gaprrintendaad ennrad araa B-iaatod yeataiday on
i oii.piiiii.i of Heary Vanderehnta. a -on r.f ona of tho
rr-aiaaa, who Bharnrd Mm win. throwtaa a iiium at
him uu > ..??! 1.. i'lic C-.__al-_iUea mm adjuurned.
tt TO _.
ALLOWED tiu. union r.i.rvATri) koad to
I'.ri I.l) \. I.IXF. IN' thi* tBTT*
tr.T rxU*_.r__-**_ tn TBB **___M*BfAj
\v any, Feh M.-The Senafe to-day P?- ed -*? twe
...., ,,?. ??. ,,,,_.,;, ?f the L'BlOn E1-; _ !
Rallway Cronpony of Broahlyn, allowlng ll to m
.,,? t the two brldge* ever tbe Eail Rlver. and alao
. it tbe rlghl i" bnlM three altei ri rallroad In
Mew-Yorh Clty wjlhrnrl paylng one renl tor the fran
,1, -. rhe Brldge blll wa* nol ''i"'1-11111 -" *** 9**"
ilcular, and it wlB go lo tba oovemer lmmedtately;
bnl Benator M-Carren preaented al the bai mtnate a
lub.Utote for Ibe other bl l. lt* pr??v.-ion* are iweep
big, AltbOBgh, by ihe eomrtractfoB al the bridge and
the i illraad, which are authorlaed by ihfl twe Mlla, tho
people wlll hc greatly beaeflted, and travi between
Ko* Vorh _.-. Broohlya n_B be made eealer, more
iapM and aton eoeriortable. all iheso end* eoald have
been attalned imd more eare been taben BBd had
fewer daageronfl aeetionfl been left ln the Mlli.
The bills were -]ieej.il orders In the t-wnto this
mornluc, nnd th* Ir ilaenffllea look up Ibe entlre morn
Ing t-er--lon. There WBfl <>ue nelle.ni,le fnrt hi . onjtiti. -
Uon Wlth thelr pn.*__,-, tlie Ml.-n.-e of the Tammnny
geaaton until nfter the onin.peoti* blll Introdaeed by
the tno.t (1,'irliiR t.ml " cheehy" member of the A*
?embly, OBHmd BTeheter, pnftlng into tho banda ol
rhe l_mmany gang, led bj Rtehard Crafcer, tbe mr
faee railronds of the Annexed J.i-trlrt of New-Yorh
Clty, hnd ipt.ssed th" AaBCBBMy. Be Tnmmunv Sennfor
f-V.il.o or voted for th. ?e bllls nntll Ward hnd been
reeelved from Um Aflaembly thnt lhe IiroolUvn DeflBO
crat*. bai mpporlei Ibe Marpby-Creher gmb blll.
If IiroolUvn had fellei I* re-potul to the
.l'liiand* ri Edward Mnrphy. Jr.. lhe tynn.-'yt.
riridco blll. nnd iho Blevaled BaUroad blll woald
bave felled to refeivc thfl vote* of th- Tammany S-n
alora, This w;.j the agreemeat made by Murphy wlth
th.- Brooklyn " im*.-1 on Snnday nlght
Benator 0*Coonor Bttaekei Um Brldp blll. n?
flr-t BMde a motion to rerommlt lt to Ihe f'omtnerre
and N.ivl'.-ntlon roinmlttee wyh hMtrBcttoafl to ftrllw
acrt Bm ei b. Uag etoaae, for the parpoaa <?f dtaeairtag
it. iie aaM thal tbfl liiii had been nghtiy defeot.-d la
the lio.t I. _i*.:.tiire. lle had r,o doubt that thei-o
wa* nn alnm-t Bnanltfl* d.nmnd ln __i*?o_lv.i f"r aaV
uit: mai brtdfea belween Bew-YerB and BnoUya.
Thi* demnnd oncht la be reeognlted, buf. ln Mich ?
way lhal UM iBterefltfl of tbe two citie* would be pr*.
tected. Laal year a bUl waa latroieeed provMlng fer
a eemmUtlon wbb _ nm lo eeO tbe fratieh-ee ..t inotton,
to tbe blghe i Wdder, and whleh amnld bm laal ti.e
t.,\..* apoo tlie itraetare were paid. Thla
i.:i wa* defeated hy Ibe mm* men wbo (were
trylBg to paca the pre?ent meaaure. Mr. O*0oa
nor wanted, h* aaM, ?" '?''" ,'", a'tenthm
of ?he Benaton lo aome ri tbe peareri Umi were ron
f-rred BpOfl UM roip ,t.itlo::. Tl.i-y were power* that
oogM Bri to be eooferred upon aay eorporatton. Tho
rompany eouM bnUd tha brldge bIbhmI aaywhere i ?'
eoald extend u* traekfl la aay dfreethm; and Um
atrnetnre lUell ami exempl from taxattoa fnrvver,
aldle ali the approaehe* nn-t appartenaacea were >x
empted from laxal. for len fear*. f^'-t wtater tha
-um of 1-00,000 waa offered for lhe franeMae; Bnd, if
it wa* bow pat np :.t Buctlon. ii- fell rertrin lhal Bn
..?,? ?f ii,,.-.ry wooM be obl ilne*l
for II. ii- argued wlth Benator Faaaett, who betteved
. , rprl .. eooM ba i*_t Itoengh rml *
....... . ? uered lt woald maae r. Mg aam ri
money. The mii rurther prorided, ln Rerttoa B, thal
,,. |V |Q r. r ,. , . : thfl eapHal at >? u need be pald ta,
and thnt COUld be pald ln Bay form. Tl.l'i'.''1
itoek ri lhe eompanj li lo be P25.ooo.joO; ao, for
i. t; ii rorp rall ?n wooM e introl tM* reh.
able rranrhlfle, Fnrther, Ibe clty autbortttM bave ne
r?,.tr il over Um bridgfl or over lhe manner ri ean l
,,, tha a ?k on lt. Here Mr. 0*Connor read Um lettei
ol controBer Myere, ri Bew-Tark, preteriteg Bgalnri
the paflflaga of th" Mil.
Seuator MrOrn-n -v'tn for |Ba Ull. ll" r_\-an bv
?aylag tlmt be npprerl.itpd tbe pir.tv of Ui" motlvefl
II kl Betaated Mr. O'CoeOOr ln opp<??In? rertnln *<*e
Uoni of the blll. The p- 'Pl" "f New V">rk und Brook
ivti. pariMalarly tbe people of Brooklyn, waated thl*
uu paaeed. "i afflrm." eonUaaad t:.- geaalor, ?what
g?aaUW < i'i-innor ha* ?nbl ln r*lfl*VM l" tlie .!?'?
th" AflBflaiblj ie>t year "f tbe OMamfeflaan bUL Timt
wai a iui Umi wm bib led ia pr".<mt the r,.n
rirneBea of a brldge. Tl eroli fartbi i i o need t, Oa*
ci- ii,,- feel thal lha Urion Etevated Ballraad i*
beblfld Ihla b_D ".'id wanti it. n.e pr<>p_*itiou i* lo
UUIIflUBI. B ron-I from th* New-Vork t'-rmlmu of *h
hrrtitf* ?,. .mv part. ot Leng '-hnd. bb Ibal paaaangerfl
.-an tmvel lhal dtrtttn**-* fer B fl-BBB. Now, ?i.|>p,*.n_
ih- frnnrhl a *?:,. pat np nr pabttu anetlon, who woald
,,v ? ?,,( ,, eorporatloa In tbe . itv ..f uew-Yark
und Hr""!,l"U WOald bay lt. exeepl the rorporit,,:.
which i- behtod thli btO. i admll lhal Ihfl franel ?
mlpht 1*? M,ld f,.r ttl.t-oo.OOO, ti.tiOO.OtX) or B-VO.*...
00 '.
Kemutor Mullln ln_*rnii>'ed thfl ip'-alo-r, to u*k hlm
if. under aeeiea 'J". the blll d;<l nol al aeiattly exempl
th:- brldge from laxaUoB. Mr. MeChrrenaajaltted Ihri
the _trne*are Itaell ww lo beeiempted from baamflon,
bul ??''' lhal after tee yean the ippmarhea wea*d he
taxed. lopether wlth uie propeily pnrrluMed tor lha
approaehe*. 'i-<" eorporaBon wai nol ??- ?
? rv mrtttntton; II dld nol Intend t.i pui np Ki
money al a lo i. Bat, if Um brldge were bntlt, lt
irould brli t ni,,i," thaa twenty mlle* *t terrttory wll dn
dlrert eommnnlcatlon wllh Bew-Yort.
Mr. .Muiiin Bghln Interrnpled McOirren b aai i,im
if the ctaaaa exempllng the corporation fr',m taxatlon
,iirt noi alao exempl II from paylng n," preUmlnary
corporation lax. Mr, BcCarren argued Uial the law
npon thal pnint had nol b,-'-n afl cted i ?, lhe presenl
Here Benator 'i<":r.,,r n i.,_ Benator MeOarren if
I... ?? .,"-:<i a.-, ,"|'t an amendmonl to the i m w bteh wouM
prevenl t'.rporatlon getttng tbe fmnchla* from
ilmplj buylng II np and then i-efn?lng lo buiid lhe
iji i<:-_-?-. Mr. O'Oonnor argned alao that tha Bord
?in \<-,'? ".a* Bfl exlremely bread Bne, and lhal the
exemptlon fmm paylng tax< mennl exempllon ftotn
.-.11 hlndi of taxc*. Benator McCnrren refu ? ,1 t,, ..,
cepl nny amendment. declaring lhal .Ml ,,f them were
Intended lo prevenl Ihfl passnge of Ihfl
,-ar A ina.,il, of Brooklyn, ul-o fl
? ipeeeh bi lupport ri Ih* blll. lle -ai.i:
? \ the rrprewntallvfl ol Um llld Benate Dletrtct, i
:im more Inteie-t.-d ln the Dfl Igfl t>t Ihll MII Hum I
? iii? r the Benator from Um IM or lhe ivih. Bverj
'iin li mM i" bave (omethlng wroag la n. Bo i.iii
k.-i* ever been drawn el whleh amae oba eoald am
-hi.ut. The peripie ot Brooklyn am tamlttar wtth th
provlfltoni <if 'hi* bin. ihe eoUra pn -* ?.f tim rity
ba* prtated the I,.1I ln full, aud thg peopfe nr?
famlllur wlth it. A* lhe rcpr* "iii itlve of thfl llld
in trtct, ? Bepnhlleaa .n-tii.t, i My lhal u.e peopio
there, abnapl *" * ****, an in fevor * Ihla MB i ?n.
DOI ao Mir"- h.'kiiii the exemptlon from laxatloa."
Beaator Brwta, who hnd beea lophlng ap the law
on the qacBfJoa, uid here lhal lhe bm dn n?t
exempl lhe rompany from Ibe orgBnltatton tax. li
nempted lhe itrucUire, bnl nol lhe . npaay, Itom
laxafloh; and it exempted thal froa >t_t<; laxartdn
lor onU len yrai -.
- aator Baxton mM lhal Benator Brwln waa rlghl
when be m Id lhal the MII dld nol exempl ihe ? enpaay
fron laxxllon; bul be added lhal, la lha len yean
f,,r which lhe ?tructnre wa* exempted, tbeBMte a mM
lO ? P37O,0OO. ? I want lo .Ote lor thl* MB," he
conUnnad, "bai l an riraM thal there ara *o m.-mv
tlonablfl f.Mtur'-* ln lt that l .ii'inoi ,lo It. It ,i.,.
i glve the j>-?,|,lo wh,. OWB BfWperty near UM
brtdge, wi,,_ property wiii be daamged, anv rflBef
or pi tectlon. if meh Bn BBMBdmenl i* pal Into
the blll I win vote for IU"
Mr. MbIBb bere propoaed .n ameadmenl lhal ti.a
bud(;i! be exempted fran mxatloa until opeaed f,r
pahBc ii ?. a toii-, iii wai oidei -<i oe Ihli prepoalUon,
Students of Wagnep.
The .Kolian .'illonls eepeciQl nd
paatagefl t<> the Btudeoti <il" Wagner.
Wi. liavf raeently published tlu;
??Tlit'ini's and Mdtils" of liis different
operas, togetbei nith a Book of K.\
plaiiiition, and tbete _____ of thfl j?Ti'at
est valiu* in ?flsifltlog many to I morn
oorred undflrstanding and better ap
preciation <d' the workfl of thli great
A plenviiui 4 all is nsstii<>d all uiio
18 West 23d St.
Bodoii U'arrjoouM, liO Trcui.nt bu**U
Manlels, Til.es, Open Fireplaces,
?' ??; '?"'*' ?
Household Art Goods.
UNION SQUAREc -??--. >eor. Broadway.
Only concern ln our llne HiTlng lt? ?wn <o'i_drlea.
Hii. of V m-T KsUbllihed iv.r 60 yeara
K. eld IBM- kbrerytb-g mid* aa'.lifactery.
nnd lt gnva I "']" Ol tbe Semitors nn opi.ort.mltv to
Bfaah m aiplalnlng theli eotea. ar. Oogfeebnll aaM
Ihat tbe paaiage of Ihe NU wnnM glv. an Inenlenlnbta
beneflt |o Uie -diniior-pail briRrulo." tbe men and
wwnen a-ha toO. II wmtii put mto ihMr
pocheta an In.monso amount of money u'inn
ally. lt wotild mnUe a savliiR of (1 eenlB
a day ta ni'.re than 100,000 person.. Ontt
geaniaea xwrnrm, Muiiin, 0*__nner, F.ndre*;, .nxton and
A'alher rotad tor lhe Biaandnaanh
Benator Aboon bere preaeadad ar.othor tfnendnienti
nhleb gnva _a_aag_ to leraane awnlng i.mperty wHMn
1*10 tmt ot (I..; brdlire. Mr. Asp.ln.ill BaM Ihnt I.e wns
-.urpil'ed thal tl." iiinendmoin arai orTered :.t tbla lab
dnto. Tbo bill had been before tbe comniltfoo-4 of
both (Ba i-B-oaably und Uu sciuite, and if the Bertatoi
luid f=o dr-slrert be eonM have offerod the nn.oti.lm.-nt
leforc. Mr. r-mfth BBttled the nmcndmeit by dectarlng
Ihat, undor tbe law. the corporatlon would be Hnble
fnr all eonaeqnenltal rtam;ii*o..
Ptajat-ir Ebwam, ol New Y.nk, pot tho f-OOf hefoi-e the
hiu Bnally paaaed, tr. ipeak agatnai 11 ile aald lhal
bo vn4 anrprtard ie henr aear Y-f* Benaton rotlng
for the MU, ndvorntlnf: mon.ure. to biiil.t n|/ eompetlng
rltle*. ?'l'.v.-rv brl-ga tattt In bullt B-TOaa tbe Be*.
itu-er win damaga Benr-Yo-fc" ho addad. "it is n
s.hcnio, nu.l 1 kr.ow lt, and U.oy know It. for the
imrpose of bnrtor, sale and .Uclu-r. I (.peak agnlns.
ti.is lohama beeaaaa i know the BBOt.vea of the aoople
behlnd it."
Mr. a< f'arren npain pot tbe floor. and doelnred wltb
M.nie ihuw of tompor that there waa not a word of
tnit-i tn what -Vii'itnr Brown had snld.
ihis BUMte Iha Bidenl I__nn_any niaa nngry, but he
rontr.ill.'d his temper ur.til the bill -ivInR the brtdge
uiipiiiBllnri Ihe rlghl ta oonatnicl a rallroad in Now
Vork araa laanhod WThen Ua anme araa oalted ta
rota aa tbla aieaanie, lhe Ireta T_-nn__ny Benator
]ii:.i|..*t lo l.t- feot aud ahented: ?? I wonl it to be
nndentood thal when i ma'-o an aaeertton on thi
no.,r un Benator < dl Btate lhal II l_ nntme."
Tbe MU Bnallj pa ae_ bv thia ? de: aeaara. itbaarn,
AaptaaO, Bloodgood, Oantor, Coggeahall, Derby, Don
atd-ot Bdward*, Endrea, Emerson, Brwln, Ptoyd
..!.,:.-..' ii ? -,:,, Hnnter, Mnllln, McCarty, acCarren,
McClelland, McMahon, .*'. ItoU, 0 ? e, l'..ri..'r, I'luu
l.l.., Boe.rh and fimlth- IM. Benatora Brown, O'Con
nor nnd Walker roted agntnal it
ub.-n il- m. ..ai- bad i.n paaaed. arCarren raUed
for tba nd aj dcr, ihe blll glvlng lhe brldge
,,,r|?,- ? . abl lo ImlM an ? :?" ated rallroad ln
Xew.york i ? ge wltb other rnll
v .r.-. rhe Brooklvn *-??? atof ???? t to the deak
itltata f-r tbe orl| inl MU. The anbatltnto, whleh la
an bnportanl B ' i ? lollowo:
-i ae n ..: i ?' in - ? ? ol I. ? rempaH) lacorporalad by
any ipc lal aei of tbe L i ? ' 'f ''""?
?i... Btatntatolag i.r -peaaitag i
r_-(. Blv. r. ind I ?? dka aet el I which
... , . . ? i . i-,?.. ?: i ta ba aaa
r..-r?i. ie . ____r? t, a__?ta or ni-ruio, m a i?m _| .-r ta
t..a wtth Ua hr-.'.uc ii. approa'h nr appraaehai
aatsndlna aanarelly la an -ailurty md araatorl
-., may dmar-lna- la -i"' ? ' " ?*?* ttag "..i. ?i>
ai agft Khaa, fr> b-IM, B?tate*a aod eparMa an
,.,.._..*1 -i.-.nj. ?-:?? r. .1' Bl WM ? Bhall bl W_
-i-.i. t.,- r?-i-i- of ....h agpraaih Bt approaekaB aa iiii'-nrd
in .aid nt; ...<i ahall a?ii.?? ? B-aaral iibm f..r iha e. aati tt
Um thareof, and whirh ahall mmt ?.'.? gaaai
: ?_,? Baeh d-uii* ?? ta BBMaaer al tm.
.'? ? aaa _?_. t-> Boaeaaary loaaoa th. aatrnt lo'Vhl-b
any itreet. av.-j-.'.a or alhat pabMa ptoea l* t-< ta R
traAehed nim 4.11 iha peeprrty ibmhaj .i..r.*_. a_h ?? I
- in Bhail i' tn..?.:.t*(-'il to ii, 1 Caaimea
. -,.,'. :i .f tht t-.'v ln -i.i h Iha iun"| l- ui b.' lomlad
s? I, j. ..11 Bmiapen ba aad by r* h l 1
. . . i-t- .1 by Beellaa -'? .-f Uit* ?r?. at Umamx
1 ... Ba tnuiimUt'-. by lv' IU|n- Tra..-.t,
( .in:nil.-l..n. r*. U ..i.i.-ini.l.iii-'l ln B-M M U-B.
i'r.i4iTi-d, That where ta ty the ex_l__lva ean
? .. or avenaa whleh 1* lo in
p?m.i -..--. 444 \. Had !.. iny toe - -
epj.r.i-. of t af-naatd plaaa, aod to
eoaitru ? ?..-.'. ? ? ?-- ahall be -??? by 1
1 _, ri, ?, | ?, * i.f. nTid if reajttlred 1- ?
Baeh aapr-TBi and eaaaaoi I ?
., ..?. ? L'paa ..l/_mlrir tb* au\it .4. . : >
,t uu loeal BoB-arBlaa ?? m aaldaaetlaa prm ui. I
.. airaaaara .t-i -ko u*..- ..-?..-.rv .( pt ... b__bIb,
if |-1<v .-nt, <* ti.- pr_party-?waen along tha
1 :. ,,f ti- aaM r-.M'? ai i-riit. - aad h'.i pro 1 <i nga la rr
? ,..t ..( .nii ronaenB. or, whra aneh ronaenta 1 mnot be
. , - mllar In all .--i*-t- to Ib
iu _ald ' . ? 1 ? ..: bu.
1 ralla
? ? - oi.
.,, 1, , - ' ." ""'? f"r '?"?h
. r. uid ...-" I .wi.-ni of -nii'l" 'i.-l,
led n
... rtth whleh 1 1* tateaded 1
- ? - ::. ".
4,4,1, :, uu Beoaeala of Bm i"r*i authorltlea und Ihe
t, nea Utorael Uu wUio Uatloa ol
1 . ur- upon the n
?hell hav. 1 u ? l tali ? 1 and arpaay __aB
I 1 - ? b :. ' ? ??'.! t.i
ballg, ? latabi md ap tt iu.?? vuiI ._u
i-4i.v4.i--. iml nii prevlalena ..f thia aet, ur ..f an]
'? - aa i ' tochlaa
, i , ,-n-ii;;. 1 ina b Blnl ilnlng aad
?r raii.?-y". af r_o,-lrtaB a eorperal 1 01 earpi
.,,-. pti p ??? nf a. qulrtag inch
prlvlleaea B?d fmnchli. 1 I lll othe prevlil ... ol thia
r el any a. I neoaal teat with thia lectioo, are hereby
d?.lai4*d Inappllrable to ib '. r_e.aied rallway, and to weh
Tba ...Ur.- ronle >?( inv alevaled .a:ii?..r eonetruetad
iinrt-r MM p IV-BW-IB ..f IMl BfeBl-B ihall ...-' M ?'.! ihrc
,,,1.,.. ta : ..mi. aeg -i.iii aay parl ??' aaM ral way, eseept
n- .ii- lafgMal _i-i".r. ha teaa Ihaa .ixr..;.-n reetabove any
*t,-(-.-t, aMT.no, ov poblla p aaa bm lam ibriii .'.. rtean ????
iiif.\.> M\y ^lUUna . '.o-.it.il ladtway wlrtcli may I*- .
latarv-aed ?r ta-waeeted Ihereby. Tha aaM rallway nwy
ilad und e_a*_r_ct_8 ... ?" li ai ?* aay int.-.-.- i-i
*_rr-.-t, avaaaa, MgsWag a? plaea etbarwiM 1 leaap-id; ea
r-opt tbut im paWU larK shall Ih- BOeaglad or cr.-*-_.
Ba eoe aeaaaad t4> know whal thia aaeand Mil did.
AU voto.1 fnr it blmrtlv, and It rooolved twontyelcht
TO KKdl'I.ATI*. Taa l'.MfM.i ?YMKNT OF \V< iMKN.
All.anv, I'.-b. Jl.-Tha A.-.- rnblv CoOimUl.rj
Labor and Indnatrtea iruvo a bearlng tbt* aftarnoon
mi Mr. VTIaalg'i MU ia regalate tbe emptoym-nl ..f
aaaiBB and eMMian in BMrcaatUa eatah_dunanta.
M. - ALb" W-udildpi, of tba **\vo.b:.i_ gfonea'd
gadety "f Baw-Verk, araa ahe r.r-t ipeaker la bivor
of ibe MU- r!"' nM that rn pr. - nl tbe law protacted
anly tba emftoyer. Tbe 1.111 dM noi provMe ti.ni
shops shonM be etoaed nt rerlaln hour*, but thal
wiciion and inliior*- -I1..11M tmt be en.P-.y_d more tli.in
lan bom-- iii any one day, ITnder the preaenl con
iiiii-11-, woraea arara aaaployeg Irom 8 o'eloeh
In tho inoriiii.- imiii 11 ar ic o'ctoeb ..1 nlght. Ml*
Woodtartdgn a ertedthal peraianenl phyalcal dlaaMUty
PaUowed theeontinnooaatandlng entorc .1 npon women.
Dr. Hary Patnarn .acoM, rapre-entlng lhe Coa
huiiii-i -' i.-.i'o-. -..bi ihe recognlaed tlml a law al
ready provWed f..- arati lor ?aleawomou, bul the law
wa* n.i nb-erv-d, Therafora it ?..- thought advla.
Bhie ta briag theae mercantlhi eatabllahmenta under
the la.torv in--]..-. li'.n tawa. Moat ol Um w.n ....
,.i..-.-ii 1.1 iheae rltlea wera between tha agei ol ufto.-u
and twenty-one, t*. ? pertod pl formatton -.'"i develop
ni.-nt. if th-'ir ii-aitb araa nol praaerved, it would
-ii..-.'. la lhe -'. .dlng generallona of wblcb lhay
were to be< ome the mothei 1.
The tirs. ipeaker i.. oppoalUoa .1. \v. (.. Thomaa.
ll. ipoka in behall of B_ore than Bioo,.,000 ln
4o>t,-,i .-iiI-.h 1 11 ? saui Ibe advocataa ef Iha MU had
(i<;.ii in -11 ni aad in loma eaaaa la abaofnaa lal i
hoods. it wi - ta Iba ini-nst of BBMabnata t*. pre>
erva tba health M tbMr befp, tor apon 11.1- woaM
thrir .ncro-s d. pi-i.d. ibo liii uonbi enl off wa_roa
boya from benlthf-J, daia ?i..t ranrmnarati-a emploj
in.-ni. 11 dlBcrtmlnated agalnal woaMa, whleh wai
oppoaad ta tba ipliM of ti.e aga. w. n. TompUns,
rcpraaantlng Lord 4 Thytar, af Ptaw-York,
*:.i.i ib.. i.iii wouM reqnira adMavlta is ta
ttCO aud I.-.illb, 44 Ibli would |mv? ,,, (j,,
paid for b) pnrenta <.r bbJMim IbBniauliin
gjnong oii.or- w.'u. aapearad la oppoattioa to the 1 >> 11
were Wiiiniiu M. WMtnei and B_Mn_ M. TThUnej
jr.. ..f Atanay; ,1. w. Mctteery, s. s. jtallay, ot
Vuiiiii m fgaajdta'a "Annr" Llcartaa fvin-i..
a u. ib on* irn.i". l_J_v_ icr. ttu-041. ,
_old by _U i/tuKHiSu. *
Stern Hros. j J. J. Webster of B H. Maey i gh {f
.\,.wY"ik: K.i.rln, of l.lebman r.ro*.. oi J^JSSe
nnd John Man*fleld. ?>f F.l.rlrh Ilr.*.. X*"*.*?
Thr*o ln favor of the blll ware Mr*. Mo^ayJN.:?????
,,t thfl Worlrini* ftfomen'fl . orirfv, and Ldwartl J- *****
of tbe Cor.kTets of Knigl.ts of I.abor.
- a
Albnnv. Peb. _-.-Mr. _Mmld to-dny .-ubn.ttted ln
tne Aeeamhly Ibe report of Ibd A-:*rmUr ******** ,n"
reettgating eommlttee tppotated i.-t ipilag by mcu
tenanWloverner, then __amber, she,.|?,.. to inre-tigate
the ebarge of mi-mnnn. ""'ei't of the runali n"d tne
?AmlnUtratfoa "' tho Caaal DepartflBeat. Tbe reporl,
ahieli i* ri.tl.-r long. revtewe tlu- t-.-timony on ***
.... jflc chnrgm wblch wera made, nnd emhoaMa
.,.,.;,i re-ommendetlona. Tbe reporl 1* signed by
m t McMabon, ehalrmnn) <????."- *'*? Xhytor, <>? "? '?
oouid, Edward B. 0 borne B*A Owep v. Bage, nii tii"
t? ?,.,,,,!,: nemben of t_><* e???lttee. __-_emblyinrn
Gallagher, of Brle, aml EMtfiBp, of rTa*a*-Ye*.
,i,. BepabUcao qembem "f tbe eemmmee, bave *mn
tfgned lt. Tlie report exo.K-._i-* >penUer r-ho-'haii
fron b'ame In r-tatlnn to I'.e ___* Ko<- Hurbor
rhare o, ?nd ln tho matter of the permtt grnntod to une
-..?nnlon. at Tonnwnnd... to erort _. bulldlng over th"
Btata dltrh; llnds that rotml contrncte were fnlrl>
awarded la afl eaeee lo ti." U*** re.pon.tbi* bdder.
_4.an.e_ thnt pollllc* cntc.*M Into the lettlng of tt*
tncta or tlie hirittg 0. bOMrerg; V*lm tbe mnnnge^
BMOt of the eanalfl to* tho but clcven year. a* "ot
? maerlor d-tiaeter"; mfpeetfl tliat mnch money
ntgM b" __vcd to tb" Btate b.v tUe udoptlon of *****
nnlform and pmettcal metbOd of ********** tl.o
reaan aJria leejalnimunla of the m_n_* in tne dUTci-ent
loeaBBea; aaaartj that tho publlc InteresU dld not
raenlre thr, repolr* provld. *d for by J-enntor -Heard *
bill dlrectfng tbo bulldlng of n retnlnlng wall et Uion,
nnd rloMes wlth tbo followlng r. .-.mniendatloii-:
t'poo tho fact.* flhewa ?* ?t?t--?l h.T.._fore. your com
niltt.'i lw not pmeared to re<om.nrnd at thl_ time B",V Ui
lerfereaee wlMtaver witu lh? *v*t,... ?f erantine pemjim
,. ,v M..,l bv th, gopertBt-adflBt of Pubtlfl Work,. either
f,,- wi.r.r nrtvllege*. i_lli-0<l-.. or *or oro-.lfi-r. _nd _-wor-.
Poi ? ,."? of tb"*.' puri*--??? tu,- eraaalar of (*'t_w land.* i*
an nb.olnte n",?-ttr. f?r other, It I, * very g""_t con
naleaee. In no CBM doei H ?-*"*" to bave been bbaaflt.
The mittor ef a. Mon nnr,? thl* nm-?tlon I* _ubraltud to *?'
hoth- ?ithn..t furth.r iiiiJiianadMlaa
A, lt iMfl (MM for fl hun.ber of year* th* MtMed polcy
?l tb* Blam M lamnrra the __*?_*. ?"d th" *ui_-opriation
mm i.,-u -Md* for thal n-.nva*e. whleh aaaaaia .. haa* heaa
boo_*tly nnd mirly "xp-iKld. aad u, have b-.-n of .-r>
,,.t i**no,'.t m r,,. BavlfB*. -f the mgedB, fmaa
imtt r*eommend thfl oonttiuian- of the **********>'<-'
Um bmelhealag ol l*eha aad ********* nt 'TrT^TiZ
ma thnt it I* ln th" mtere-t, of the i-BflBflrwe *A th. t*h
T **th improveBMot of MrtgaMaa ******* * nada a*
ll. llil. _* ,v?:Me bv BMBa. of B r. a-on.bl. ___MB__*_M
^"vJnr'.ommlttee are of the opinion th* ***** ***
.ho-Hd be -x.rci_ed In tht r-t.ng of *flj*dali_?*?
,?.?. f,.r beMgN, baBdmg "f retBlnlng wall*. and Uie lhe
and __.t. M aoBM txtmt, th* e*M of *********J*}<*"
mulred l.v munlelpBlltiefl ihMld bo home by local.ti.*.
,A*-r Lu thBluJ -rholfl horde* ******** h* t***** ****
..,. a. tn the natter of r-__ln.a? walto aod toi
Mau m ti,- eaaala la dWeraBl leraBUm. renr eemmltma
,a_ onlv B-fffl ttal t.?> I,-.i*l_t'.re flhOBtd reinlre *t,.*g
.vtdeaei rt ihelr nee-_.l-sr, aad ***** peavMfl Im? aha
,,,v_ 1n thfl BMNrt earefol a..d -cobomI d r_aaa*r. H U
balleved that, B ?U Ihfl blBi pwvldma fM ?*t**t**a?*u
u Darpo*ei relflUng fo ihe "m.l* eoald bfl b-*?gh
brfan n,o LegUlatnra In a ilngtfl biii. rtadlw to Hm a,.
pronriaU-n or -mpplr Wll. lt wooM W*A M ***?****:
w uw <.??of ""? m*****t*11*: *z
,-,?... ? .l,*.r nnd B10M -BTrtUl IxaMlBfltUB Wlth r-gBlfl]
u, tha Itema rt '<*' ' .
? ...... leeonimflnd a rar.-fnl Inqulrr a* to tho
... , ,j . q ,,?., ,f ma Blaeh Rlver aad l baaa
, ,.t ..,,,.? ihe Blaeh Blver Caaal doubtiea* .
improvemenM ..: i ert b*Iva repatn m ard?r M
.. m rondltlon fot -MrylBg ob _b**fleflflflfl_7 b.
?.-,. ...... io raM a n-ee-rt-y IW th" romplet!?n rt
. ,.. .;. ? , ?,? CkaarpUla Oa__l lor ?. r-rttoo rt ma
dlitenre n... ertBtmtt wlth ntateoto to the*? eaaali tnv
.'.r,,-*l Tour eommUMfl with Ih* BeemaHy for at MbM a
.l,or_nch mnd Cfl_**f-1 llB1_1_*-i_n flf HM MBMMll ?""??
jrnimirl a flBiefal laqahry by mto bodr. *hwu*h, t'",
,rop.r IIIMMHIBI ?-* to HM ..??? tfttf und pmprloly r,f ai>
,,,...-,..".*n, to ihfl bvbbm ladKamd, M aedm Hmi * da
-. rnioflUea tr?y i* ha_ ?_* M ti.e dertrabBWy of p*wmg
H! uator^ay. ln a floadlBM for pmeeHf wrrjln? on
Ihfl bu/lnees l_*,ln? thr u1-''- HMM.
_ ?
BOyCOTTl** *?
Albanr, Fet>. 24 t-*p,*.lal .-A*.emblvmMi IJ^tman's
blll inteniled fo l-rallre N.vcottlng wiw di*.n**'vt at
lengtb n.i* aflernoea bjr lepiflflimlalltei ?>f the maam
IBcturen imd hartnaae n.en ?f New-York, RuubflilH.
_-n_U*fl BBd BnBBIO, und r.'P~*-entaUve* of the labor
organtsBthma, wbo m*? anxleaa tbat tho bill aboaM pa**.
Tbe intentlon of thl* Mil la b> put Into tl.o Unn.1* ..I ihe
k( ;i ... ..??.,?:- t weapea with ?rUeh Ibay
,. |?ry blarhmall npon maanbMlarera aud al Ibe
mm tlne be Preed from anj legal penaMp. II >**' '"?
I al ,i,T ti i* MII t- ali"-* * uadea oatoa to dwlroy
the tndfl of anv one agalnrt whom lt haa a rmd or
., p ^v.,,,. ,.. it dOflfl not make punl*habl" efforts
. rtvlte or eneenrap hy pmeeable neana
BBy peraon or peraonfl to enlee lato any eomhinadon
. t leavlng or entortng lhe a___a^Pmanl ol any
pe?on, Bm or -orporatlon. or le piimadfl. advlfle
or .nron-age by peareahle meana any J^f^
wrpormlon lo wlthhonM bi. or M* enetem.^P^0^
,,.,?., rron any pei rm, Bm ee eerperrtton.
,,. , ,.???, ,.u thhold bl* oriueusiom. pal
-mploynenl or labor Iron any prraoo, Brm or eerpera
,ni Lauterbaeb. ol Bew-YorB, leptemnUng th"
imi AvenneBalli - * - '-?'.V"'"i'"V. t
bui ll- reh iir-cd I ? ti - ?> " **<* r:",; ' " '" '
bo repreaented hid had wlth ri - ' r organltatlon*
ountotthfl trll-1 - - boyeott* aaalnal the
.onpany. Th? blll wa. BB-Amerfran. be mM. He
.. b lor tUe enlaUmenl of lhe rlghtfl of thfl wort
,.;,!?,, ,,, organlze. "" ua* '" ---v"r "* -'v,rv!l""-: ,D
?I whleh wlll glve io the Inborlng men lhal rlght.
? r.u. when Ihej i k yon," he **id, -to pal n. lha
ltetuta booi , d tnenl ol boycottlng, then i an
,,,,,,:,,,.,.,. wbatever nay be yoar har ef adveree
, ?,. that Ibem '- ne nfcnber of a- jr com
ff|,0 u.ii iay '1 favor boyeotUng.'
n h t me t.. raU a hall. Beppo*-* l flrgue thl* matter
._ay. ..ml -uppo** ib" liadei unlonfl c .n|^lne nnd
prevenl ny eamlng ny HveUhood at i lawyerl They
?11IV ?,.. beable todo It. bul wlU you temttac it I wm
roa ,, traclse and demfl k >ny man who bappeni i"
?ntagoolM aome one l OonWne. donl boyeott. wimt
l_ df-lred bj "'"-" who am behlnd IM* l.in li lhal
there *ImII be no .,...% ttnder the l*on*Mracy h*."
r.'i-niir.i Both child, of Roeheater, and < , ll uewlfl,
.f *.\iu, uio, ul-o ipohfl agalnrt Ibfl bill. Tlw romuilt
t... ,u.i ii,.< .., t i"<ii.y.
The l-dei Comnlt-f-e de. ;,iod to reporl Ui" biu rn
pra Ung lhe law aHowlng .-li li.-r part] Io bb actlon to
-,. iK'fntv n Jni-v to ectaMUh ? oueitlon ol taet. 'Iin*
im- ???.. "anaak*d" iiu-ongl. the l_.-gi-luiur," bul winter.
.??. -.".-in* to know v.fn-1. but it ba* had tbfl enecl
_| dhrnnttng llie lop.l bnrtne** "f Ihe _iat*. It 1* mm
thal I-.t-viii.i Mnrpny, Jr., nnd the elevated rallroadi
are r.-*pi,n*lble for IU" ."iHKlinonl ,.f llie |BW.
Albany, Peh. 2\ (Aperlal).?Tbe elevated raUway
,-omi-i-.il,"* "f Bew \,,ru hava beea beaaaa iu tbelr
ntlenpl to Mil In lhe Cmamttte.i Codea ol th,- Ai
*.mbiv tho blll *f Mr. Ryaa, rvi-.-uii.i_c tba btw imaggted
through Um Leglalatara laal >"ur which *ui,*u.iitinliy
deprived propert] boMen, whoie property b..* beea
,:.,!,, u't.i by ih,- elevated rallroad*! of all damaget, by
giantlng Jury ti-ui* ol tbe *nii* ro-day Jullan T. ihi.i-*
. iiiml Brgomenl (or Ihe elevated raU* ayi ..-;? iin I
ih" i,iii. ii, Rtroiig*-< polnl wa. lhal tb" rommlttee
*h..uM eonalder tha Mil a ktag Ubm. w. ... l-eekhsn
mpported the Ml lo bfJtelf af tb" properly-owaerfl,
argulng tluvl the pelltlon reeelved fron leadlng lawyen
all over iii." Klafe *li..v.,il thal 11,.-\ thought lhe preaenl
law an Inlqultou* ,,.-,,?. !!?? al , *ai,l lhal the Judge*
i,| the l'nited Kt*te* ";.uit* hnd gone further than IIkm*
..I ibe Mnte rourU ln gmntlng i-onipen-uatlon to prop?
erty, and t'i.-'"-i",ii' nn iiiiu-il." would bfl done thfl
eievAted i-nuds bv glvlng lhe gtnto Judge* wtper^'l on
a. . ii ol tb" luftfl f,,:' damagea. The Oonnlttee ob
The corning tro?
in nn 0 u ii l. e
healthy. r-h<* wiii
Im', if *ho's v/im'Iv
eared (br. ha _iio
entera woman
bood, Dr. riMf<*a
l-'uvor.to l'r.s<'ri)i
tioii Imilds up aml
itrengtbene tho
s'.-t. tn nr.il ropru
I ii t os nnd pro
| niotejj the fune
tions. It's a Mip
IKirti')__; tonic, umi
a quietiti!*, Rtr*cn.?thenins IMirllM. It or
r.*-'i nn i corm i.n tboae dettaate ?******?*
in, ..-s nnd weakiu's-cs iioouliiu- to tho aox.
Ia every eaae for whhm ii i rooomman led.
tho '? F.ivorito Preaeriptlon" i* paaranlflM
lo glva aatiflCactloa if then*'. no h*tp, '
tbarrfl no i_.y. lt doea ull that'a daimad for
it, or tb? money i.4 rofundc-J.
[t*a a nsky wny to stll it?but it Isn't >/our
Tbe BMoafaoterara toke all the risk liy rell-.
in.. themoii triiil! Bf* on tnamtl l.> '/our
intelligenee for any d<-aler U) ntteinnt t<>"suf.-j
alitute other mediciiuM for tho..*, bv reeOM
iijendlng tbem to be "Juatas good," only-1
thatr he mar make a lxrgvr pcolt.
Koster, Bial & Sander
Opening To-day
of their new plac
75 Chambers Street,
137 W. 230 8T. NEAR 6TH AVE.
MOOIIIMH (.1(11.1.K WOKIt.
Kitimater* on Ai-r-l.lt.>--..' Dra-inj* cl.eerful Iy .ubrii.tted.
n.-*r, Woriunan-hlp ar.. I'lniiii goarantaad. TU'-*, unyx.
I?.a>* O-od*. Winiignt Iroa, <tc. WK r.);i_I_ AT ILUlU.
rAtil.'.iKHS' PBUlKH.
Solid Silver
Table Ware, embracin? everything
needed for the table. Toi let articles,
Silver mounted glass, Novelties beau
tlt'ully euamelled, very desirable for
Wkdddig Gifts.
Eeed & Barton,
37 I nion Square.
Codoa then wont Into e_ .cutive .(.-lon and declded to
report the blll favorably.
prnoM _n_ R_Qri.AK r?Rp.ES**ONriK.NT or the rnicrira.*
Albany, Feb. 24.?The " Hurkleberry P.oa<l,n as thal
street rnlleoad la pt.-fnr.'s.ii.-1. l.rn... which tB___|
BBMWf tho hiir'fJ<>N?n-y bu.shes nf the Annexed DMrlet,
naa .'..111.0117.041 by Iba AaaaaBbly to_iay to take nnto it
se.lf Bavnml rompfinlon .treet .alhvays rnnriln. tt.rrmxh
tba 88888 ii'-l.in, ;und to start BO. (>n a new ( a~er nn?
der the tttta af "Tlie l'nlon Rallway ? nf New-York.
Tha blll wa* atrangty lavoiad by a!I the Tammany
llill Asii-.-ni.h.-ii.n, __B__B8_| in nnmb.-r, nndor ln
strurtlnri- lt araa mmored, fNaa Bf. hard fr.kert
and they all rp_d f<-r it. Aaaeaabtynion Oaanafly
araa Iha anly Deaaonml from Koa-Yoeft vha volad
Bgnfna. th. iii.'(...in?. jie bnd :.h h_ aaapaalena n.?
ui rho iJir>-e Repu-llran AaaSBBblyBBan from Ner-York;
tba thinl BepobBeon _emb, r. Mr. iraOa, was ahsent tn
B0g_BH_B_.Bg of lllnoss. Th-re was :i M OB fl over tho
bill, arhleh aaaanaad a poiitirai bhaja in view of tha
faet that Bdwaid] Murphy, Jr., of Tn.y, U.e chalrman
af ti.o Daaaaeaatte gtata OoMntthaa, who ha. a
BOBB__?_. Lnt4*r.'.*t ln tho " llm-klol-iry IQOd,* was
proenl Nevertheless, a f-oud nnny R.-pubUi-an*
from tha lnterlnr of fhe r-raf> voted for the mu, m.rt
of unlrnpo-r.hablo chomeier, like Mr. -tranahnn, do
< laring that a* thu ivpre,*_nt>attvo- of NewYorlc In the
main wer. votlng for tHo meaeuro they alio f-lt boui.d
to do *>o.
Mr. Deyo, ncipnblican, of Broome County, attacked
_.e nien.ure as soon a. lt wa. annniinced ln the order
Bf tliird rciidinj,. Jie _.|<j, thnt ordln-rlly he would
iml m.-drtle wtth a laagl BBBMO-Oi but that, l_nsm_c*t
ii- Mr. ??___*, ihe i:<*pr_sentaflvc of the dl^triet _hroup:i
whlrh the mnd wa* t" nm, was lll, he felt R 60 be ht?
.liity to expros hl* s-ntlnients aboal the meus.ire. in
his Judipnont, lt conferred enormou. prlvilege* npon
the l'nlon Rnflw-ay Compnnr, without proper compensa.
tlcn. The rnntur a<-f wns nholl.hed. .0 far as thia
raUrond was eu.ieerned. There wns to be no reoom
pi-nso to the rlty of New-York fer the rreat franeh^e
arblah wns eantarnd. The rlty nanM not recelve any
I-'i- Banragaj upon the net msaifla, a* ln. the eaae of
other landa. Ilesldes, tlie eorporntlon would not ha\*a
10 put pavement-i bafamagj Its trark*.
Mr. g-Obattf defi-nded tho _8MM8g. He aeld that
Iha ?? Hnakabarry road" h-d never paid oatjomom, ond,
arlth ibraa othar r.*ni- nere, wns hanlmpt, tiio
-ranahlaa ronferred apoa the Dnhm Badway Company
would not ..rove prolltable VtfhtB Ittsaa yean, sln.-?
lt wns propo^ed to nm the roul up ibtangb a BfMMBJ
M-ttled p.irt of XcwYork aml WV-trhftiter coantiv..
A- tof the (nntor a.-t, lt angbf never _>
bava lei-ti n.a<le g k'.'tieml ai-t: far It pre
ventad the building af strc.-t raflwfcya where
Ibey v.-:- nred.*1 ln spni-elr *.-(tled portli.tis of N.w
york. Tha 1.pla of Iba ilnnaxad Ptmiil de-ire?
Ihe llll lo pa-* and *o (Inl U.e p.-i-.pl,. ,,f .V-w-York.
The land aronM have to Bbaaga more than S eent? fnre
if it earriad peogde dva "r >ix aatlaa throngb a thiniy
Baftlcd r-'.i"t..
A. B. Conhliag, ir.'publlcan. of N.w-York. proreit.,1
nk'nln-t Ibe paaaage of tba i.lll ?< "a most rhdoaa one,"
wi.i.ii wonld deprive ti.e pgopla of Kew-York of their
ju-; conineoaat-tn f..r iin> Bbnihlee
william Byan, Daaaorml, bbM ba n'pres?nt4?d the
dlatrlrl In IVe-tcheater Coonty t.'in.iu-!. vbleb tho r.ill
road voold run, and he eonM teatlfy Uhal u.e people
nf the .ii-rii.-t leetred ih-> paaaace ..r the bill. l'\
gpeahar Haatrd aabed t-i ba aconaed froai rottag daoa
ha bad a ?? pecantary talenaC m a eo_>nr_u_g nad.
The Ull paaaed by a vote of -_ to ::_; .1- (OUowai
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Allrnny, Frb. td.?Oovatnar llanw !ims slirnrd the
tii.4pi.-i- i". Authorltlng the Saklag |__| __ag__>
bin.ni* ..f New.York Clty to leaae f.u- nlm ty-nlae yean
in mi. r-tiiai llo-pitm 11 p.u-c.-i ..f lihiuini belonglng ta
the rlty, *liuaicd on the btoch -oundi-d by Lexlnatoa
and Thlrd ava, and Hlaty Bevontfa and -Kt4 elghth -ta.,
fur Iho erertlon ofaddltiunal bulldlng- f..r the h.^-pi.aL
Chaptar wt, Amending tha Krng-toa Clly rhartar
bi making the lerna uf the ..fi.ee of tha hia-rer aad
Aiii.'iini'i. two yeara eaeh, and .'tr.'i tin*; tha lu lalea.
Chupt.-i- 17 I ...vl Ung fl r iho pavnioi.t ..f the .-al.iiica
of tin. Brooklyn i-.iiro jii*tice*.
1 baptar 1- mvMlns tiwit the Cootrollar of itmou
lvn ihall i*.-i.e .c.-tiiiiat.-.- of Imlehtedneaa to p..
rlde for defldenclea ln .-\|hii^.-s ,.f ..uuiii, tlriK pubUe
.?!.-. tlon* ln l-ni ;*iKi |80C.
Chaptar 48- Provtdlng for a foaiailaalnnai af P.'ir:_i
in Brooklyn, a| an annpal ?nlar\ uf ,f.',,(Bk)
Chaptar BO, -Anthorlzlng the Conimlasloac. af otv
Work. uf Brooklyn to extend de rontrart for __aaa>
Inix of -troets. aml provMIng for cleanlng of an :A
dlnonal nulaata nof to axcoed h,;h<o inll-*.
Aiiany, i-'.i. _*i.?\t tba leaenl eaadhB-aaaJs ..f
iii-icirate- (roea tha eaUegea af Iba atoan CMvanMp
KMcusidii wa* i:.._-ciy dfaenaaad. it was tmoA thal
th-'i'.i was an entlie ap-.i-iiicnt niii-.n. the BStt -'('
and tho BegM-ta tliat the t-est t.tui.itluiiul re.ults
wuuid bo aacarad if aaah eoaaaaanttg ?a* dapgB-baal
oa Ita own raaonreaa ar privala gifbi 8t _B8-B___aB__>
rhrra ahona bo general adialnt-traUve and ?uper
vlaory arork, ln order t.. rtlmnkte and niii-a rumniltfer*
and IndlvMnala. a niemorlal i.._ l.b .i.t bi tho
Legiabjitare ln ralatton t? further provWoa for CraUer
?itv b-ctenaton. In praylag fur iii.. ranovol of tho
appmprlatl.f B10,00_ for t::.' earreril vcar. tha
poationera angfeplad thal the ararft l? now i? ? 1
i-Mi-iliu-ntal .t?_e. ??.d that l**e f-l*ff!~* iii -_sW.'.\
u wiu Involnn hi*<* wnala of .._ 4___i ?!?_<? <w ~* btm
_:il.ied'; tlllatt tClit. U a, s?r4 iu. <.,, tfl.*- a_U*l? POO_*?
- i.ut) h? liistl-11-ioii- oft U-ivriiiin^-Jtiriu'-Jili**,- iiulnrsadi By
Iha iHiiplc af tho __bIb> rim -um urUiiD a.. wBl o..
al.ollj- i\p.-ii.|.,i m (f.iu-ri.1. uUtninlsn-.u-iui. _i.'? *??_*4.-**?
vlvory woik, In.oraaalatng tr..* o-..n-v?. m tm49m0mt
e.xamtnatlons, ln the nereaaary pi-lntlnp. and not at
..ii fur ii.c.i rxpenasa, or 1.1 payaieui af letlBBora or
teaebara, nho_ tba bMaBtl ? atoet mi*iu1h.
PH M.\ v K.\r 1UPBOV YM B-f__L
Ni'w paBaangni itatlona of ^to.i". brleb aad a___j
new enri ef i,.-t deelga: mm anglaea of araodrrfal
powe:- aiiii naad, aaid tho svkc* liloek _Ikii.iI _?-*%
ai" ainoiiK tn.. i).Miiunei.t IuipiwcineiiU ifl t-MO of
cotppl.tiou _u tUfi JiovirYorki.__!__.? B-B

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