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AMnr.Rii THEATRE I II I?r M lllonenbJuer.
Ai'a Hi MY -??Cavalry fireu?.
BKKKii.i'Y ITrri'bf 1 Biadiate
IIUUADWAY ????.?1G.G.-? Th? Lion Tamer.
CARINO ? i". ri. ?le Ce* itti ?
COLUMBUS i in.a TRE-? .?d-e Bell?.
DALT'N THEATRE a ll -Lave Is ?? ?
LBKM Ml BEE ?Vas Xableaua.
i.Aiiiii.N THEATRE?? i". Fan TBeeaaad a Tear.
Oil A Ml OMBRA ll"l M s Von G????,
UARJUUAX'e 'l'in ITHC ?s m. Last of th Bosjsaa.
HARLEM OPERA ll >1 --l- * li Misi 11 I
lii.ui'.M ?.?? s G?????? B.lS-4Mai ? ?
Trip to Cbbtasown.
ECdTTER i RIAL'S-S-Vaudevllle.
LVEMOX 1.11 BUM ?10 ?. at, ? ? IO ??. BV?IM E?
?.vi ?.? ? G?????? a Biia-aeeiri Rats,
MURI? HALL I 18 Instrumental Coa
beldl ? ou ara
Madison ?^?'??,?: QARDJaV?1 p. m. to 3 a. ni?
Bicycle To,.mar: Bl ?
.new ????? G???????a??:1a?Taside.
xibli.i's ?,??????? - rear) ef Beate.
G???'???':? ???G,? 1K1.-?-TI,.? ?.i.i?ii.ti Rest*
FALMXRI ?111 ATJ.K-.' A Wot.? Lit. S 11-lin
pul? ?.
bl'AK G??????-?;? Wm .Money.
RTAXDARB THEATRE?8 :1e?Frits ht Irclsnd.
TONY pAbTOR'B rilEATRE B Vaadevllle,
j ??.?. ?.? a ? m-..? n;i, | Etas Le! bu Parsoa.
I SION BQUARE THEATRE - lo Che l??-t Straw.
Zn?ex io ^?t'Crtioemcnto.
l'aK ' PSfl
Aaiaaeasenls .u o*e|Loal ?'id Pound.. ? ?
Announcement? _?? ? MairlBgea ??ad, UeaSbi 7
Hund ai.u Ilo. ?.? 1 Mi? laneou? ... 'J
;, ..i h in, .?- ? 1 .?; - lian? ou? .. 12 '-'?<>
Bu-.n? s? ? ??' ? ?? ? 1 UUklca tri-Ir'ii,.??:.:- I<? 0
a*i\ . i? ,.d Nonce?. IO :??<? Ni I' .... nUan- ? I
!?r?-?.??.:. '.? U Ocean St.au.ei? .IO
Dome-tic Situations ir??,, ?al? . ? 4
Wanted ? 0-8 Baal '-.?r..t/?.ti l
l'inai,.al.10 lo lUal l.-tate.e ;i-1
financial Meeting? lu ?> Ral I roed? .8 5?<?
or .-sal?? . ?? : Special Not.??.?... . 7 0
Help Wanted. 'J J Saving? Bans? .... 10 (?
Hortee and tarrago? 'j ? ?jieatuioat? .U ~>
???. mi? ii The Tu if .n ?'?
Instru? tion . s 1 reacbem. S 1
L??? ? boo.? .b 1 Work \?*i.t'?l.u M
is ? ? ? ,- ', ? w .;,?? ? ?? - ut?. ? -
L<k'ai Nolle? ?. ?? ^l
?ii?infse ?Notice?
Roll Toi- Desk? And orna; Fv?XVtVBX,
lireat Variety cl ht.?if and Tr'.ie
T. ??. i>el!iw
?No. ni saltaa-ak. ?. Y._
kokt rinvimi N Y. Nov. 16, is??,
?r^irpe Kne.ip. r. 203 Broadway, X- ir-1
DKAI1 MK: Pita*? ??-,?1 ?," at TOO r earl leal cenventen?"?
tare if beule? of "Tajrlor*! ( .?i?rrn ? nr??.'' I hi??? ipeiit
conaltciablt tin,,? une; inoncji in poraull "f ?omelhlnti to
reUevt nv ?'?tarrh. hnt mu?l ?
?'T*jlnr'?'r car- I? the onlv medlctur ? hau found thai
baa ta?e ?.? any permanent good. Hoping t?, bear fion,
?uu -?a,??, l remain,
Your? rerr ttneerely,
TRIBUNE TUIMS TO MAI L B? I>s?" ?11? ??!?
lrear. orro?. 3u.o>. ino, eepjr.
Dally. 7 <l?v* a w??-!?: glo 00 ?-? 00 $'.? '?<> ?1 00
I?a;iv, without Sum?a?? .. 8 00 too 260 HO Bete.
bunrTay Tribune, 2 00 100 '.J ? 6 ft?.
WecKJy Tribune . 100 ? ? ?? Set*.
Penil-lVeeklv Ttlliune 2 'X) - ? - let*.
Tribun? Mi.iilMy . 2 00 - - -tt et?.
?1?< ? NUMBERS -For Rack Xur.her- af th. Hally
and Bonday i>ap.? r*. mire thin a Wtefc aid, mi cx'ni prlct
I? tkarfsd.
Po?ta?_-f prci?aai by Tribune, except oi Daily and S-.:nrtay
paper t,.r nittll ?nbacrlbera in Vew-York fin inq nr Dally.
b?ii,l\Veck:v and W.??kly to toielpe coun'tHe?, ? it \f l.leh
eaK>- extra pottasfl Will be ? ? b) - b- ili r
rteniJi t.v ??.-?,? nrd'r. .' \pr ?.- urtW, Cheek, Draft ut
Rer1?rere;l Letter.
Cas), ?t Poatal Note, if sent m an Bniefletcted lottar.
??Ul b ?t atraer?? r;?k.
M?ln np'owii ofli ? 1.249 Proed?.iy. Main B*et of The
Tri'.'in?? IM Xa? m?:.. \??... V'.rk. Addr.ss all ?
?pondenrt? ?iirpiT 'T>ie Tribune " New-Teifc.
????? ti iIKKi'ls OF ???G. TRIBUNE.
Adiertl?einenta. fer publication In The Tribun? ar.J
erler?, (or reiriilat delivery o! the thaily pa|?ei will be re
c-h-efl tt the following bran-ti oftte..? In Xew.Vork, at rei?.
?alar am r* rite? :
>t ?.? braaeh of e ? tii BreaVlway, upr??r corier 31st-it.
1IS7 ?tii-itv*.. -orner lttb-at.
?Bt (s'liuie.. corner 21c ?t.
101 Weet i-d-at.. Barar cth-av*.
IL' Aveaut A, resr f".i?t 1" il
7C.0 Sdivo., entrine?? 17th ?t.
?,02? adate . between OOtpi and C1?t ?t--.
,?o Kn-r 12.1th???., near ??-av??.
;?? \v.?t I2MJV?! . between 7th and 8th iv?,
l 70s imvave., Bear s.?tr.-?t.
t???? Be ? ? ry neai Hnon*???*
IB Liberty??!
Foreirn.-Mr.s. Oelmrno wa? sentence] to nir?
BMWtha1 iniprL?onmcrit at hard ]ai",r. - Secre?
tar*/ Ftattet aailed iron Sonthampton far IVew
Y'irk. - Tin? areond officer <?? tbe Gnlnn Lin?
-? groan Abyftrtlnla ban lieen ,'????????! liv tl??- taon
,'.?.?? Beard of Trade In p?!;??????? t<> tbe burning oi
tint vaerei - The authorities ol [apipaie will
?, . . .\."k tor tin? unemployed in thai city.
t'i>iifrr?is.?Both houeea in at aal OB. - ? ? II
The debate on the Free Wool bill waa begun, an<l
Ve. ra Mc.Millin ai:d Dinglev apoke, Sanate:
X .? Pare Fo ? i-il! ptaraw I.
l>. ine.-.'i'?.--The Behring spa correspondence waa
?ade pabilo, Budneee trae araetie ? -
pended in many par's ef t:,.? Northwest i.y o
lili? ??,|. Governor Flovrei signed the Enei
River Hri'i:"? liill and the Snpplementa] Elevated
Railroad bill. - 1?<? State Senate paaarrl the
FnedoDk ol Worahip bill and a eiibatitufe Peaolu
ti? ? reirrrlna to t-'ic State Commission t?ir? ques
ii'.:i ol Sanday dotioi ol tbt WorM'.-? Fair,
'llirrc neiiroea were taken from a jail in Memphis,
Tenu., arid abet to doai?i. i? - '??? St-,te Efl
citnipmcn? of tlie O. A. il. began at Buffalo. =r?
Tlie lower beeaM ef the [owe Legialature voteli
t<> reanbtnll tbe probibition qncation ?<> tbe people.
Qtj and Sabafban.?(?encrai Geergjc W. Cui
lar? ? ai?l left largai saia? tur ebaiilable pnr;K?e/'t?.
-?- Anotbei clan *raa graduated fron the Belle
vue Il?,s;;i?il 1 raiiiiDg S'lir-al lar Male Nurars
s_r-: FaxheJl Kerne arrived from Eagland. :
The funeral of Edwaida PierTeposI took pia????.
Tbe Board of Trade again denounced tbe
,?? tortloaate telephone ehargea ? Stocka ir
:??, ?,at ajenerally atroag, ekaiing In aome tnget
with full recovery of .voter lav's lore and in all
with eebatanflBl gaina
Tbe Weaitbel??Foweaat foi to-day: Cloody oi
partly dmidy; Bsataiblv with ? Battle rain: coltici
at Bight? '?'?"'" i?>ci.it u re ye-.terday : Highest, Ut
d((?iTt-s; loMTSt, 4"; averi?.?.?, I?i 1-2.
There wm a lir;u?niT ves'?"'! iv ?ic-fore the Ben?
ne ('uiniiii??e?? on f,;il; i'.s on the notoriom
- Hiii-klfb"rrv" bill. Nothing .?aid bj ?ta advo
u'c? s!ioitf<l .lut it i? better than it it coga
ninn ? reputed to be. The ( mini;?!?,?, will lie in
no hurry to BCt on the me.i-ii,"??. and in view of
Governar FToerev'e plain bints In in? reren! -??<?
eia! mo?VKaL'i4 there ??????? lo be I strong llbeJi?
h od that reas? iiaMe .uiieiuliiieirs will be br roghi
forward. Th?? ?Sili m it ibands confer? tu et
daiipcron? privileges.
The will of (?eneial Cullimi make-, ^ven!
boniest? cf ?rt-ut peblic inteacat, li??
ii'ii.ooo to the Met?opoHtan Mussrtun f Ari and
ania'ler amounts to valions other wiithv Inatihl?
tions, and sets aside 9200,000 for lay establish?
ment of a menwirial hall in coimn ri a ?\ir!i the
West Point .Military ?< ademy. TtM ????'-?i; ??:
(in-graphical BfJCietj i?? rometiibeivd in ? ? ??
that will ho highly |_ij|sjitllttsl bj Ita friends ami
well-wishers, for the Uetwral's iv?idiiavy est Ite
to the amount of 9100,000 is t?? be Band for lb?
erection of a building for this aodetv.
Tuo Osborne case, which i< jK'iha]*? iii)ii|iie
and which has attrai ted an oxtia?^iiliiinrv amottal
nf interest, was dis|Kised of yesterday bj tho
?enfenriu]. of Mrs. Osborne to nine months" jni
pmonrrrent at hard labor. In the tin -1 ;in-t :? 11 ? -
the ao-ntence will inijire???? many people bj har-li.
The position of tho Judge, however, was an im
onnunonly trying one, and he cannot justly bo
sjBtJcised if he failed to mingle justice and mercy
in due profitions. Two features relieve the
dark piotili ? wbii h 'hi- unhappy ;
?Captain Oaborne'? unwavering dei I "? to his
???if?? in ber affliction, ind Mrs. Iierjrreavew? plea
in court for mercy for h t fii<?nd.
Both tbe Senate and tli" Assembli have shown
much ? ' ' cern ?1 mi the ? Losing of the W : Id'*
G???- on Sunday?a matter of undoubted impor
; mee, bul one whu h thou .
talee precedence of a m rig question
tvhii h ,:i" leg.?-'?toni of this State have the
handlit g of. This ?' p lit -'
in, appropriation for New-York's reprei nta
at Chic go. Regarding il the 3enate has acted
in ? half-hearted way, and tbe Ansemblj noi al
all. V'-? l'.'a.?. however, the ?? ite found time
tn devote several hon,??? to the matter of Sun?
day opening, finally refe the Stai ?
World's Fair C mm issi on, which is yet to be
created. Why rannol the question, whicb is of
the greatest Immediate interest, receive from tli??
I. gislature tho confederation and the treat!
that its m?4rits demand ?
The fact Is pretty well established by thin
? me -.hi? the Tammanj leaden have been play?
ing a sharp game oven the proposed m un ? a
building site. Their original intention wah In
late 'lie City Ila'l Park for 'he ptirrsnae, and O
put up there ? gigantic ttmcture at enormonB
expense. They have never abandoned that in
tcntion, though they were anxious to have ii
appeal lhal they had ?Ion?? to. When populai
? ??o? .-?ii? ? ? ? their project had becomeanfliciently
vigorous ? embarraaB them rempotarily they
made a pretence of yielding to ir. and permitted
id.? Legislature of 1890 to in?- a prohibitory
measure without gfavmuouB objection. They did
not acknowledge the neceeaity or advantage ?
;!ii-i it.striction, bul trere willing to appear
acquiescent. The community supposed the dan?
ger tvaa pant, which is precisi ly what Tammany
desired the community to suppose, for the conse?
quent boom of -eciirity and lack of watchfulness
were essential to the plans ol ?he bosses.
Since that limo, applying to ihi? practical
affair ??ha? is known in logic as the procesa ??
exclusion, they have been persistently and dis?
ingenuously engaged In an attempt to prove thai
the ?'it? Hall Park i? the only available aite for
the new building, by prop sing one k cation after
another which th y were certain the public would |
condemn. Incidentally ibey have derived much
-,r ?faction and endeavored 11 obtain nome profil
from a scheme for punishing Mr. Ottondorfer
for the independence of the " ?Staats-Zeitung."
Abandoning that bene after 'hey had used it aa
11:? as they thought wise, they next proclaimed
fhe ridiculous purp se of appropriating Uryant
Park, being sure in advance far populai opini m
would at once declare against that spoliation.
??? p ?\? lin'illy. pretending that tbej bave ex
hausted tike Hal of possible rites, they have causei
a bill to be introduced in both branch?e <if tb?
Legislature repealing the lau of 18.90 tnd ? -
mirili? the erec?ton of Ihe municipal building
in the Oitj Hall Park, when? from the outset
ihf.v hate been ?< tt'i-ininod t<, meet it ? more
Impudent exhibit?oo of deceitful t?ctica the city
has not wittteased in recent years.
The project now is to pur up a htigeedilhe OB
and around the ?.pot when the Citj Hall m??.?
s'ands: to remove that beautiful building, which
belongs where it .s and neither" else, !?> some
p mote ?and unfriendly sit??, t?tere to be Mpre
-**rved" as a maimed and barren memento of a
simple and silly period In local history, before
our dtj rulen bad grasped tho full significai o
bu 1 meaning of municipal government by a se?
cret society ; anil to inapose one or more addi?
tional storie?? upon ehe County Court HOOBO, by
wav of crowning Tweed's masterpiece in a f?ttine.
harmonious ami sympathetic manner. No won
der tha' the oertt**utie*< involved in thi? colossal
Job, the probabilities t-, vrhich if boldly points,
and the possibiiitica which it furtively suggests,
are perfectly fascinating to ihe greedy pon
gpiraton who divido tlie illicit reronuesoi Tam?
many lia!i. There are millions In It, and they
all e.vpecL to e?-ni" in fot ? iban of the rii h
gpoil. There is n-.t and there never has been
the least difficulty in finding ? suitable afte for
tbe new municipal building outside of the City
Hall l'aik. The rulen of Tammany and New
Vork are noi In king fora mutable site, ? ir are
th ;, d .?;. lua of putting up a suitable building.
They aro cagei to repeal upon as large
??- ?? -.-.!.'.? ili?? wanton Jobber] rrbicfa made In
County Courl 1!'?:.? infamous and the nevi ? ap
?to] al Albany ? ? gantic monument of fo ly and
extravaganc ??
That is their purpose, and they will be able
to accomplish it? unless a stronger protest than
has yet boon heard forces its way iato tbe Sen
ate aad Assembly. In its presen! form tbe bill
introduced by Messrs. 1.' eech and Sohmer ??
the beginning of operations until May l. 1893,
but that i?? obvtousiy a mei pretence of de
. li ?. The Mayor is opposed t. any posi
ponement, and i* would be foolish to assume tini
tho next Legislature will be able to protect the
c.tv ayants? this raid, if determined opposition
is no; manifested at race, the bill will be so
altered as to let tho work begin speedily and
proceed too far to bo stopped. The time to pr.
tcst is now.
"??? San" makr?? a reasonable appeal fir
an enlarged appropriation for th?? new Navy.
It directs attention to tlie fad that Secretary
Tracy has asked for ?H 2,280,856 this year,
whereas 617,607,000 ?ta- appropria ed last ycai
f ? the increase of the Nav.v. Hence if the
Democratic House grants the full amount there
v.ill be retienchmeni to th" extent ??G $5,826,?
???.o. The ifiecrotary has recommended tbe m
thorization of two battio-ships of th?? Indiana
clas* and one armored cruiser modelled al ??
the New-York. II?? has als. asked for four
-mal! vessels for foreign service and Baverai
torpedo-buat?. The Naval Committee of th???
House has only been willing to grant anthoi ?;?
for one vessel?a idstor ship t> the New-?ork.
"The Sun" evidently wnsiders this an unwi ?
md parsim mi ms policy. I' advine* the c inatruc
*ion of a battle-ship like the Indiana in addi?
ti? ? to tbe armored cruiser, and also <d two ? ?.?, ?
. . foreign service and several torped .
I. ..???. It? juatities its ?-f-i-oniineinla.'.?on? l>? ?
in from Secretary Tracy's report ihowint
thai all the work now in progress will be com?
ed i ?? ? year, and that very heavy re?
ductions in the construe i'-n account will be ef?
fected thereby in th.? naval estteiates.
Our neighbor'? counsel was intended for nar
row? m inde 1 legislatura of its own party, uh" are
l, ?ot upon inaivi; a unnecessary reductions m :!ie
appropriations for the sake .f posine before tho
??. untry in tbe autumn as e< inominta, We have
no doubt iha; If a Bepublican House had been m
? it would have enlarged the scope ??! its
? ?mmendationt and have urged ntricl com?
pliance ? ? h the Secretary's ad?, i< ?. ? ?
live and cautious bj are its suggestions, \ ?? ip
prebend that tbe Democratic House will < irrj ?
beggarly bill for the increase <?' the Navy by ?
single ship. It ought to pay heed to so sterling
and enlightened a DejoocratJc Journal bi "Th?
Sun": but in its desire to present a partisan basie
of retrenchment in appropriation? il ?vili probabl.i
paralyse tbe creative energies of tbe engineering
department of the Navy, and pnwekally aua^pead
construction Uork after r_he t'.c^ of an, ther rear.
Theie ought, however, to be a sufficient number
of patri ?tic Dem?crata in th?? il ??? lo Join the
Republicans in securing the ? fan amend?
ment ' . '? House 1 , '??;. which "Th ? Sun's"
modes nme ? in >?? ?
Sonai ?? 111 e's bi i ?- r ?? ntl; ?' ? "1 fa?
vored an increase of 'li" \a\? ! ; I el
?hip?, la ? armored ? a ---''"i ? ? :????<?'?? live
' gunboats ind eight ? ped .-!? a , Th - ?s a
? iigcr pro . '? ?. hu? it
do? ? ? . excee 1 tbe toqui remen ?
The ? iti p has n, ule a fn
ing ita naval prestige, hut it i* ??! :' ?
? r defem ? ? U land
I elusion ? f lite work. Itati ??? ?hip? ?nd
? :? m??? vesse - arc u
tion '' ' ?? Ih ree s? a; ini-, l ntil th *c ai ?
: supplied Ihe country will ini le il ?!? '
? ,???: ??ecles* rondi ? naval industrio?! ha;??
been '??' ibi -li0?! dui Ing the la ?? t ? ? ycat
: plani for furnishing machinery, armor-plate ind
nun metal i- now in successful ops ?
al! the conditi na arc lavorali ? ? the rapid
? instruction of the fastest, m -? formidabli
??. >? d??- .',?? d ships ' ' . ! will he a .'
plorablc blunder to cui down Ihe appropriai
and to snspi nd work upon Ihe new Navy. I* is
a time t ' go ahead and noi Io si f short half iva.??.
National legislators need to bo reminded that
a war ui'li Chili was averted main.? bei in
there waa a t rmidablc fleel afloat which was
competen! to defend the h io Hag. li
the Navy had b< in in the ?am ? conditi in in
1891 is in 1882, when the work of building a
now ll?? ?? was begun, ? bili would not have mad ?
the concessions which were duo to the d ?
of the American Government. American diplo?
maci ?? stronger to-daj than ii has been for
many decades; bui il will remain weaker than
u ought lo be ?? long a- tbe coasts are unpt ?
tccted and the Navy dctieienl in fighting-ships
The Atlantic seab tard is confronted with a serieii
of naval foi?iiaaca and naval RtRtiona stretchinf
from Halifax to Bermuda and from Kingston to
St. I.Miia. where nn English fleet could be re?
cruited for offensive operations In any Hidden
emergency. American diplomacy would be
stronger in every way if there were idequatc
coasl defences and a Beet oi battle-shipa in re
?erve for the protection of the seaboard cities
Our neighbor across the street undoubtedly
means well, bul somehow bai an unfortunate
babil o? waking up a little late. In it- leading
article yesterday, headed "Time to Act," "Tho
Times" presented with greal earnestness?noi
entirely free from Ihe usual ball-and-f
gesture with it? ?.if bind leg toward the Repub?
lican ? airar?the ?. >'.--.? for rousing peupk
a sense of tbe danger we are in on account ol
???? acti< a ol the 11 use '???. Monday wilh ?
eneo to the Silver bill. Two thing II soys have
i.e. ? made ? lear bj th il at tion. ?? < >?
?im: to the mildness and gentleness with \?hi?!i
ii ,? stated??" thai ol the 235 liemocratic mem
bers ol the House there ar? barely seventy ?\?
who are prepared non to vote against free coin
age." That i.-? a mathematical, ? ihn, ???--?????
lees tUftement. " Another is"?notice '?>?- I
? ? ? : the rolling of the whites "f the ej
one end and the ball-and-socket joint at ihe
other?"that of the eightj eighi Bepulilicans
there are not a dosen with manliness and de
? e u j enough 11 ? ten misi bfc muh? action .?:? ? ? ?
subject." ? ha* i- a stateo nl which p
w math and vinegar aad politi ?. ?? The Tin? -"
- ? ? Idenl y ? ?l nnpn judiced. A third r ti i n^r
made ijeir is "that the whole strength f the
organ cation of the House?the Rpeakor and tin
? nun."?? s thai be has - I? u I ??
< r passively at the disposal of th<
In the light of th?se disdosures ? ur ci.n'fmp?.
rary risea to say, with a guile unnecessary luir
chara? U ristic kick ?' the onl* partj ??.' ;
the pending bill, that it is "time ? > a.?." I
on th?? business men ??/ New-York ?
pin:/" t h rotigli ?' the country "a direct ?
prOftsion "f public opinion that may bring tbe
in ?G".?G? Of the il 'OSO " ;????" ?.?
publican ? should I.t.\ ?need lhal
mani) nor decent to -'and idi,? bj ind sec their
opponenti make ? blunder without frying '?
nave fbem fo m if. and I >? m . rate thuuld la? , ? q
it? 1 it free ? Ivei It fante ?
liticai ec inomy, dish m< an i ruin? m fia u
? it at all : but thai anj ? li? p by tin- l
disclosing the attitude . frai \ artj m th? qu ?
? . ? :??*',: ?? the | II '/? ' I
other g? neratii n. It mi?*) n le ?- i." - id
" The Times" know ? thi.it. il bararti
of ? ith parties. I' app . ; to be m in
decency ui ? no and tb for | .??.
of tbe other. It discriminates wisely.
But why this sudd ? no?*? Why Is there such
urgency for action? There is ; ? danger, a
"The Times?" it ell -a. -. thai th< ?iilvcr bill ??ill
become a law. Thepreeencein tho White II
of a gentleman wh m "The Times'' did
thing in ita power to defeat Im ires "ThoTim ??"
j^iiii-t ?li-? madness of the Cong cas il
legs ? If to elect It is not t h??:? the immediate
danger ibatcxeiciscHoiii contempt raiy. " Whai
u?- have to droad," it says, " i.s a Natii nal ? mi
paign on the issue of free coinage." A doleful
pit ure w pre* >nted of the ?ituation thai would
;i Hi? Hiver Mil pa *?? IN How ? by th? ? I of
April, are hall bava bobm evea or eight atonth* In
??nuli it v.iii be Uis one farter In the politici i?t in?
? ted ?itale , im.r ti aa half n rear i.i the met ' ? on
rumini anxiety, doubt, dl ? ? ? neot.
During'that nt-rlod Um Bnan il u(Tairi noi onlj ul the
( invero .?.-ni. bui i.f ili?? whole people, ?111 ! ?? ??
reloprd in hura? Ina nnrertolnty. Rnterpt ??? ?ili
be rharked, rapita! win be alarmed, tbe demand e?.
labor will ??? red.? ??, ti:? ;?.???? ? pv/Jiit, ron ?????|,???.??
will Ite hraaeaed, ti ui??. both dome Ik u ,?? ??? ?
be raatrteted. Bo una ran m aaare lh? to - tha? in
Dieted, and 1er u?> peat bui ul tt,? people it ??ill be
?;,..? ?;,.? never be made up, ? ? ?? aase* nu
earned in tv> r ? Ulli BOVcr Ut- ?'.,,,,,?,?.
? ?,, j,? .au tant might ba made, aapartall) lathe
trade, win nevei be made, n alll be tor ih. ro
like ,? ami period ?? eskau ali n ?
leemity .,? reeovery ut it* ? kite,
All this ?,? ?ng granted, ?'.hai would be the
situation il the Mugwump confidence gam ,
? oat] .'.iiiiMii? ut had micceeded oi should sin ?ed
even now, and no vote be taken? The fai
w uld renain that tbe ?em nai?? part} is ?
? ? silver party, and thai il has onl) beld back
fr ?a 'onmitting r-<-ll on the question in ordei
to bofd the Mugrvump* and trick the voter*.
The danger would i"? naore Imminent, tbe I
tia! distrurbance <. catei md m ? ? ?.. d? j ex?
tended. We diffei decidedly with our contempo
rary. The thing to be dreaded ai this tina . ,
campaign in which the I mocratic part] and
ili?? Mugwump Contingent can be able upon any
pretext to -a.? that fr? coinage i- not un issu,?.
All that Kepublii am a k I? a ? lir utand-up Bght,
in tii?- open, without any Hiibtcrfugos, dodge* .,.
evasions, ? ? j* ?? ? : ? silver coinage and tariff -
Our toontemporarya anxiety i- noi unnatural.
Por thi?? Congress, which it i- begging Kopiib?
licans to deliver il from, is of its own choosing :
il irood on its head for joy when the one-hun
?ii ? f - ? ? ? ! - : ? ? ' \ m imi i'\ came in : ai I until the
? ? m oi -;>?? iker explod d the " I gic . f th?
,-i:u itiun" it never rea-?? I to ? ? tho
country upon tbe choice of so able and en ?
ened a b dy of statesmen to ?! ? it- lawma
It d es .'nt thiii!; s, now, quite s?> much or quito
-? hard. It baa, >.ii tbt contrary, become some
??hut nervous about it. and thinks ii i- "timo to
ai": tini?? for the business m n t.? take hold
and organize and do something or other. Hut
ir strikes us that our contemporary baa "raked
up, eitber a Uttlfl too late?-ufte-r it ha.? mode
mischief itself by electing this kind of a Con
gre -??? t " early?in the oampaign.
To relieve oar ? nt imp? rary's netTotiaueee we
tugg ess men" ?* acted" nearly four
j irsago. President Harrison, sitting there with
:i \. : ? ready? rather vindicates their action. If
?',, ?. l.n w theii business, their next " time to
,? " will 1"? when it comes : , putting some ? ne
in his piai bj Democratic ani Mugwump rotes
?. . pinions on th ? questi n are unkn >wn.
\ ithei Mr. 5 inger, who is sunposcd to have
?d tho Wo ! and W >' ens bul, p ir ar ?
. ass piate* or nippt rters, appi ars to bo
? . n,?? ? with fairness the questi ins which
thai bill raises al the very thresh ild of discus
?i p. These questions are two: Who is to be
'. ?. m ? hj Ibe propi *cd changes of duties, and
How shall the revenue be raised which II is pro
i??,-*??! ? ? . ni '.'}' i.? ih so changes? Sol tho least
trace <>f aa intelligent answer to either question
? in be found in the report of the committee
recommending the bill, or in tho arguments ?>f
?:.? Bupp liters thus far.
In any othi r self-governing country those win?
propose a meanurc of this boti are obliged lo
meet such questi ins as ;h<--?> al the outset, or to
.... tbeir bill thrown into tho waste-basket.
Imagine, for inatance, that a measure reducing
tho revenue by many millions bad been offered
in the British Parliament. 1' would noi be sup?
ported by anybody, oven by the political asso
r'atos of th. who proposed it, unless accom?
panied by a clear rtatoinonl <>f tho benefits t.,
be derived, and of the mode of raining the rcve
i.to 1"? Ctrl off. It' auch a sta? meni were pe?
rused, ih? party in power would instanti} de?
cline to consider the naxtsinvj, and Ministers
would be forced t ? offer explanation? both In?
telligent and fair, or to gel out of office without
.: ay. I- there any reason why a similai
???.-[?? ?ability should not areni the proposal "?
u bill to greatly reduce the revenue in this coun?
try ?
There ?? no ra un for dispute as to the fac? th it
the bill would reduce the revenue, it is plain
enough 'lia- if would ? ut off all the revenu?? at
present derived G ? ? ?m the iliri'-s on Imported
won!. It is also plain enough that, un!??-.?? the
importations <?( woollen goods should enormously
increase, a reduction in the duties from more
th m v|? ?-? ? ci nl ' ' less 'han 40 per ceni w< uid
cut down the receipts from imports of such goods
VCT.1 largely. Uut ii is declared by tho sup?
l? irters oi tin4 bill thai it will not expose Ameri?
can manufactures to moro aoven competition,
ami it is a necessary consequence, if this be true
that the bill would ???: increase importati ms of
woollen goods. If ?r would not, more than half
tho revenue derived from imports of such g
W'nild in? int off, besides all th revenue G??p?
- ?? wi il. Tho duties on wool last year
wie s r,,;",:, ?_'.?_' r, 7, and th?? duties ? ? woollen
manufactures were $34,837,453, and including
only half 'f th?4 latter receipts the red
I be It 924,000,000. No man can
? official reports of tho Treasury without
thai revenue cannot be spared,
y if ( agrees It to pass a River and
Ilari t M,; appropriating 924,000,000 or more,
what quarti .??. Inen, Is the loss -.f revenue
? be mad?? good if the Wo 1 and Woollens bill
should 1" passed? There U noi a word of
reply, nor Is the??? even an attempi to explain,
for the obvious though very discrcd?tabld rea?
son, 'hi' it ;s ???\??! intended l e I should
1 ??? me a law.
? ? quest a regarding the purpose of the
bill is n??: the lesi pertin nt. Im supporti
it wool .?? cheaper now than it wi? ! ?
fore th?? duties wore increased. If so, no benefit
would 1"? >? ?????tG?*? upon woollen manufacrurers
?king "? the duty. It ?.b no asaertion
bj th??m. for it a? known to every buyer of wool
hu goods, that ?a, to the whole peuple, thai the
cost of \??->>1?'?? goods is. on ile? whole, less than
?? was tn ? years'ago. If this laso, what benefil
, p ' erred up ?:? puri baser? "f woiJIen
the ' hang ? "G duty ? \ sa ?, there i
? . ? . -, ? ?' ;.? attempi to answer the
?, ???? j????)?:?? ap? expected :.? ?><?1?'.?\.?
?? it -h ? m ? ? : wj ? - mi how be b< m Hte i
bj tbe repeal "f duties which have lowered th?'
wumers will somi how
1 ?? !.;).?|?('??1 I.? a lodili'.?.? ul duties which have
: ?'_??!? V gai ?
is fm? tl.hvloit* but ??-? n a-, ? thai
it ;- i:?",< r ???, nded the bill should beciime a law,
The men wh ? offer this nn u?i re would -
dai to do - '. while makin ? ? ? I ?
? ?\???.??<? ami no c .?-?? ?ponding change nf
Intim itfi? ? ng othi r interest*, and * ?tions, ?I
i: were noi und,?! ito ? ? ? be a mere trick ol par
tartus. The bill L* intended to please a
a ila-- of voters, bul i- never exp cted to
!.. ?.?.?..? i.\ actual result? Yd it musi in falr
ii'ss ?,?? admitted, in tbe ii^ht of the responsi
of a m ? .? itj in ;h?' Huiisc ? presenting the
I? pio, th it ? me ?sure ? mm I be h ???? ibly pro
? foi which members would not rent uro to
?t i' could at once be pasta d. [t is in the
? disgrai 'fill to propose ? measure I
? n r de ont defeni e can possibly I.?? ?? I
I. ;h !\ ? ii- idi ? ?. il :- one of ??? m ist con?
vincing pr?.fs thai ili" Democratic party is en
incapable of government ami unworthj of
?. -i ineihility, ?hat it ventures to ? IT? r fbr purelj
part ??an ends a measure which i; does not seri?
ously attempt ii defend l>ccnuso knowing Lh&l
,? ? annoi ho defended.
THF SCBaNTOS phenomenon.
Why ?Iu ibe bmthen rage? hath been asked In
time paat, and we ??" noi kaow that any altogether
.t factor) '? i'l.iii.itioii was <-\<-? given, ll th??
?)??>?.-??'.?? bad been as????'! recently Hie reply would
probably lie tbat be rages because he boa beard "i
. ?.? lihi iii\."it<'il by Ibe French anuj
Is mi ???, and ?. Intended for iua?
il ? liiiii wlien he tries to make "frenzied
? ." lini le l'ilv pays much attention t?, ? li.?
tteatlien any more. A more vital Inquity is,
Why ih? ??.e wild animals rage around Scranton,
11 are mistake not we have already referred i"
mil Dial phenomenon nt Scranton. ?? ????_?:???
something like ;?- year aero and since thai time sei
end ol our exchange* bave daily contained from
, n,? to half :? doten accounts ol tbe wonderful die?
iurii:,i,. ,? amone Ihe animals m Ibe woods nnd
?!?? n.iituius about Scranton. We du n.>i
remember any such outbreak ol Intelligence, cun
. ? ? ?- miniai kin '?'??? as ever
having incurred anywhere before. No unusual
actions mi tin? par? "i wild beast? are being re
ported from any ether part <? the world, Win-??
the mania, "i whatever it should be called, Dim
stmvwii |t??elf nt Scranton it seemed to lie confine!
to tin? bears They liegen bj performing such
i.iit? .is standing on tlieir beads, i*i? - ?^ ? 11 _; cellar
dour padlocks, getting drunk on elder, milking
and ?-" forth, On one occasion three bean
-??t mit to gel tin? advantage ol a Scranton hunter,
While two of them jostled him the third stole his
powder-horn and drank tbe contenta, Hul the
bunter nas Uhi sharp foi them, and
threw ihe aew-nrade walking powder mai ?
rlne .? piece "i meat with ? percussion can
??",?'?.??'!.? I ni i*. which, when Ihe ''<???r bit on it,
explode] the powder with a ?asi seattering abuul
..? beur, liradually Ihe Infection spread to the
other slid animais, and lite wolves, rabbits, foxes,
squirrels, wildcats, panthers and othera kilned the
? and liegen scting strange parta Then
Ihe domestic iiiiiiiiiiis, tl??? row?-. borsee, sheep ?imi
chickana ??? on the sock and imskin and added
to tin? hilarity uml ,?\p?, nient ut the BCeM. rSMBSN
body kindly tir-d ? Itji-.? KrttJe to the tall of
Dracou Wiuklcr'a old gray mure, the ?? ay marc ran, [
the noise of the kettle frightened the focal sr-hooi
ma'am, ?!!??.?'?p???????.1 and seared Farmer Hajuett's
-.? -a. ti..? team ran away Into the w.Is aa ? stirred
peek of wolves, tbe wolves ran aerose tha
open country, BUI Wllkeye ttarted with bis gan
after the wolves, but a bear came out of a clump
of buebrs and tripped him up with a long pole
and wore the ??,??? out on the prostrate wolf-hun. 'r
before li- po ild stet up. So it has continued ? ? go
at S t.?!nt,m for a year, but now matters hnvetaken
?m an even worse phase. The strange infect! ?".
has begun t,> spread tu t!.?? people durin? ?"' !l~'
two weeks, and a Seranton man is reporte?! as
.?lupin.: with two widows at "?':"'. another has in?
vented a successful flying-machine, another ins
been asleep since Christmas, and another, his rot
-!.-|it f.,r two yeara; while a Scrarfton worn m ms
climbed a church steeple tor fun. another bet
trapp??'! fotti bear Cuba under a wa<slil.oiler, nn?.
another his pieced a craxy-nuilt out of wildcat?
. with rattlesnake rattlers for fringe.
Naturally this straoge outbreak of all animate
things nt Seranton, na reponed in our c\ch:im-?'S
?.?ill excite varying ?motions in different breaste.
lh,? ignorant may be frightened, thinking that
th?? insanity may spread ;u?| affecj the whole coun?
try? The scientist will demand an explanation
,,i the remarkable phenomenon. As for The Prib?
une, what rxcftes our Interest the most i- the over?
worked correspondent who has to collect and -?end
.. it iceounts of all of these must strange ami won?
derful occurrences. He musi ft and the tall heat an l
burden of the day himself, ranee the Seranton
papers, oddly enough, refuse to report any of 'the
bewildering happenings. Our heart goes out tu
him as we picture him sitting there in 1!.?? Seranton
telegraph office racing a stub pen furiously over
the smoking paper, while hilf a dosen others lie
near at band cooling ?it)'? ?rdese relief ia sent to
thi?* man he will kill himself with work before the
Fourth of July.
The action of the Bar Asaociation in proridimt
for an investigation of the infamy of Judge laaao
II. Maynard was earnestly opposed by Nelson
Smith, chairman of ibe Tammany General Com?
mittee. Thus dues Tammany gloriously uphold
its reeord of steadfastly lighting, not only against
the punishment of rascals, but even against ha?
vestigation of their rajcalitlee. As to Roger
Posteri wll, he it just. Roger Foster. What can
you expect of him ?
There wan no consolation for the Demoerats in
tho eloquent s[>ecih made by ex-Speaker Heed tin?
other evening at a reception at Washington in hi*
honor. He waa aid.? to draw a, Bjeat effective eoi -
tia-t l??tweon the Republican outlook a year ago
and the Republican outlook now. The change ?
in large part due to the inefficient and irresponsible
'?'?'us? of tin? tu.? Democratic majority i" ? ''inores?-,.
Then il.?.? McKinley lull baa l?en vindicated, not
only by tie? election of its author to the Governor
thip of Ohio Inn also I.;,' the lei-enf decision of tho
Supreme Court, aad th.? people clearly ????'? that th?
.u-i-ten which its opponents predicted have not
'??.m,? to peas, Mr. R.I had g.I reason t"??
elation. Ilia feeling i? shared by the Rrasiblicana
of the eonntry generally. Tbe outlook i?? bright,
liiere is no cl md upon the horizon.
Representative Magner, "f Brooklyn, show?? a
disposition to emulate 'he Great Absentee, David
li. Hill. Since February 2?, Mr. Magnet has not
been in Washington, hit has spent his time In
Brooklyn attending t<> hi- private law practice.
? thia what In? draw- S"?.. a. year from the
National Tieasnry tor? What do tin? people of
rh?? iaistrrn Districi of Brooklyn third: uf their
Representative, any way''
In defpidina- Judge Maynard nt the Rar Asuo
siation meeting, Mr! Delos McCurdy deebwed that
"i u' y Clerk bimana knew ..f Judge Ingrahami ttay
???! en be forwarded the Dutehecs return* to Albany,
? ml that he went to recover them ? - be was
idvi-.'d that h?- would u- liable for contempt
? !,,? didn't? We dont juat understand -Mr. M??
: uniy. H?? must know ilut this statement n
Inaoeurate??t leant, he must. ??3 presunsea io ???????
it. ??,? ? ,.? Krone's attorney In ibe rsroccedlna
before Judge Callen, and be knew it Ifibe beard
! is own witnesses or read the eoart't deeiston,
-?nil more flagrant was bis deelaration that
. ?rent with Maynard to the Controller's
ufjlce and gol the letter containing the returns,
i.ii.a: ?. .?? ? nothing of tl ?? kind. Joseph Allen, the
? Qirolltr'? in??????. er, trstlfie I th ?t Maynard ?.?!>??
alone, and Judge Culien, m the contempi dt>
.i.i.iii. says: "The third return was taken from
th.? Controller's office, not by Emana, noe in his
presen ??. b U bj .1 . I.'' and turthcr
he lives the fallest me sure of responsibility
.,?? Maynard, by declaring ti il so far u the
.? .. s there ??? ? ' 'iai!- to show thnt
? n. (u much as procured Maynard'i act. Mr.
McCurdy's attention was called t?? ti,.? faci that
tin? record a*aa ag di it blm in hi? *t itemeut, but
? e persisted In asserting that he ?poke accurately.
The points lie denll with were vital, and whether
l,:.s i.mit was one of memory >r morals, it was
. ?,, render the Bar Asso? lotion bere
after properly suspicious of Ins remarks.
ll.;?.? ?? ? .f One-hundred-nnd-nlneteenth-st.
for ?nie block, i? aa Insignlflennl mattet when
compared with the provision nf a beautiful and
m every way appropriate site (or ihe ooming
? olumlila I diversity. This is a fact thai should '
appeal with rorce t" Mayor Crani and tlie other
citi olii' eis win? make up the Board of Street < (pen? :
A hundred thousand children of Denmark, ?rlth
penti) contribuitone, liar? procured a crown "f gold, ? >
?,? presentid t" the King and Queen ?>u theli golden
m ?sill?n- ii. ??, ? h?? fin i- trroughi t.? represent corn? I
??m- mut cOver-lenves, and Interbsced ?rlth ?? ribbon
1., .?: lug I .?? ?? , ? ;, .?,; ? ,? ? . ??,?;. ,.G |>??,??,.? k
hnve aoven im- crown for tin? occasion .,f Hi?? golden
B'cddlng ol Klug Una timi IX und Uncen i. ?ni-??, un
Mi) ?--. 1 Hi."
Caauncey II. Depew recenti) accepted, rondi? |
11 > r., 111 ?. ..n Invitation o, preside al Um ateeUng ".'
du? Bateddfod, ??? VVIIkeabirre, Peon., ?m ilio iTii? [
lust., ''nt on ?? ."nut of other et|gngeiiiout? he In- been ?
otiligrd ??, end in? dccUnuUon, II? lia? ronsentod
1? deliver il;?? nddres? hefon ? lie NVu Vor*. L?gislature
.o t!,?? exercise? In memory ?,? ?.crai ?heruian.
mi tor) of Potter Palmer, t'.l.l by "The Chicago
Sea ." ?? ???' ed i" date back t ? t ?? Urns when Ist
nus ;? ? . '?? man. He and hi ? alfe were driving down
??I.t. m ?? omewhal dllspldatcd famllj buggy one
day, and pa ? Marshall ?"?????? rollini by lu s Dna
.alino'??. Mrs. Palmer viewed the splendid equipage
miiIi proper feminine roveiousnnH. 'Potier," u?:
the, "if ever 1 mnrrjr sgaln I'll marry ? rieh man:''
?So, m> dear," replied Mr. l'aimer dryly, ?doii'j ilu
??. . Kn"u rou lini il once und tundo a (ulluru ol
u "
Colonel Carawell MeClettsn, who ??? In si. Paul
!.. t HviikIu)', nai a -"a "f t!,?? lu?? Dr, Sol.I MrC.el
inn <.f PhlladelplUa, ami a ,,m-ia ..r ?:.,? m,? .. .
'."??.?? ?. ?'? I.11.m. II.? x?:i- a -tail ..II,,?.?,? ,,r fieli
? Humphrey's for two v..?,:, in t'<? Civil Wer, lit
???lian "( ti"? Virginia campaign of 1804 ??|5, snd for
? iu ?.,-t twcuty-llve years hu? .u cugmred in liovcrn
ment und railroad engineering In Lite \u-i,.
I he appear? nee ,,i Prederii :. 11 ugles next Mon
ds) night .u ?????t? Union, will reeaB to maay old
Mow Vorher thai ?? ??. more than b hall s cehtury
? ?..?, then o nanti Ims fmriti*??. appeared in this
city, it was the in-i free -...i he had ever tn t upon.
und leeUngs "t mingled j.,? and ihaiiksglvitig, he
aandcred through ihr great'trude resuer? ..i the city,
ultimili teeing a Immun pen u; ?lave'? block. It wa?
in Nr? Bedford, Masa thai as ?a named utter
-...ilami'. beloved chieftain, an,? weU l,?- he horno,
ih.? nani.?. G?a??4 In? -?.nut, ?, picturesque Itguro
before the American People; hi- venerable heart, I
croSnied ??Hi? u.?? Impress ol ssveniy-flve year? years
lini embrace ever) rondinoti from rhsttle hood to '
linterna hip. He a ill lecture on llnytl, nnd give I
'?:'"? facts ul.? Hi?? M I?? r-t. Nichela? and sum.? |
hitherto unpublished phases of li;.? in th?? lilock '
ItepuUle. |(
Ucquesti of ???,??? each t? ibe Boston Mus?um,
rlarvard College, and several libraries, mads lo Mrs.
W. K. Appletou, of boston, were rondltlonnl apon in-r
dying without heirs. This Ut tie feature of bor will
seem? to have been overl loked by tome of tlie ?tipp.t
beni-llclurlcH, und great dlhiippolntnu'iil result? fumi
tii?? ???.. overy.
'??miai Isaac t. Wlstor, of Philadelphia, bai given
tloo.QDO to Ibe University of reaiuylvnnla, when
v?nii to iniiiii ?? biological ami anatomical museum.
n ira? design??] t., sten the Identity o| the giver a
?gatti but one of tu? Iteatses cnreJesslj twtraysd
li-Milution.i were adept 'd by ?? Bar Atsouatiod
tf this eity on Tn-sday Bight, diivet?ni? an inquiry
int., ?.nduet Of l*\ta? ?. Maynard in conneetla?
with the ahstractioti (rom CJoatrols?-' W-mple'e ot?
ti, ,? ,,? tic ootreeted eleetioa return.,from Dutch???*
County oa the Botnia? of December tt. Itti. Noti
only in the action they took luir in the way they
took it t',- A-?,,, iation iksenrei ?rent era lit. Effort?
wen? Baade, as everybody knew they would he, to cre
Bte ihe Impression that the resolution was a parti.-.ri
proceeding instigated hv k-puMieans to strike at
;i man w!m had leen ???jieiially active and Miccet*.
ftil in circumventing their electoral schemes, 'nils
?irt of talk lad BO efTeet upon the members of tlie
Ifcnr Asso, Iation. The resolution WM offered by a.
leaider .,f the Far ,-.-p.?? i.n.v dbatiag|?******1 for hit
ui'.epeiideni??? of paity t'es. It was seconded by a
I'eino.rat. and almeist all the epecehes in it.? favor
were made by Democrat??. An citi/em, and lawyer?
'hey k?oka)d directly al the sham?: and reproach
Which had been east upon the administration of
Justice hg the rkvation of Maynard to I11*} Cotti
of Appeals, arid their action exhibited them as mea
oi couraaa and honor.
Th?? only speech in defence of Moynard'H conduct
that even approached the dignity of an argument
waa made bj Mr. IK-Ioh Mcl'urdy, who war, a??o
ciatc 1 with Maynard a? counsel for the State Hoard
,.? ? in va ssci s. w'c regret to say that .Mr. M?>
Curdy'a stet* asenta of racta were In imi>ort.int |*>
.-?????? at ibarp variance with the evidence brou-lit
out, in the ?miri?. We trust that Mr. Mcl'urdy
dl i not intend to r reate fal-e impresisi.,as, but what?
ever be intended, thai is what he did. When he
?aid, for hBfUnot, that the Dutches?? returns irete
mulled by County Clerk Kmiins at an hour subee
quent to tbe granting of Judge Ingraliam'? stay.
be slid Wbat was positively not true. That tho
mem ben Of the Kar A.-sociation, as well ae the
public, may have ? clear, strictly accurato and ab
aolutely impartial statement of wbat wa? done in
the matter of these returns it, may be well to recite
in their order the essential fact?.
'm November. 13 the DatebcM County Hoard of
Cbavanen (18 Deooeiata, 0 liVpubiicina; adopted
a certificate of the votes cast for the oflice of .*?ei>
aior in that county glviag OabafM) the
Democratic cat.didiite, 1S4 majority over
Deane, Republican, thereby electing I Nhorne by a,
iiiijunt^? iu tbe diatuct of 14. The certificate waa
immediately forward?! t<i Al I .any. This ?.va? tho
?o-ealled Mylod return. Ou December 'J JSatsBj
Barnard made a mandamus order directing the
aaovassen to Corieot their Tti.icate no that it
-h itild give Osborae only a 2 majority in Dutch???*,
.vhi'h w ?? accorditi?.? t<? the face o? the inrtp? etora?"
returns. The Hoard immediately met and obeyed
Judge Darnard'a order. ?>n December 12 arcu
nie.'it was held before the Judge, OB OfeaboCVe'l re?
lation, fur a writ t? compel the Board to ouvaej
again and to declare tTie n-sidt reached iu their
first certitie-iti?. This applkition brought before
th,? conn fot decisi,,11 go thei- merits tlie alle^ed
fuets ?ui which the Board 1???? Beted in adoptinn
the llylod return. The Court hatl already de?,
ehled that the canvrenprs coulil not voluntarily
? helare any other result than that reached by cor??,
recti??, adding the fl-znres supplied by the pollinif
mapeetora. It now decided that no ground ex.
istf,.,| for impeaching thoraj lilil?es: that thy went
Correct In form and fact and that the rcturu musa}
go forward as decreed on December ?.
Numerous stays wer,; ?.brained by the Demo*
? rats on thi.s order of Judaja liarnard'e. It was
altiriiied by Mie tieneral Terni at Brooklyn, how?
ever, and on Decetnher 111 Judge ?'alien vacated
the then restraining stay and ordered ("unnty
Clerk Kmans to send the eon-e-ted returns Im*1
mediately t., Albany. This order was delivere?!
to W. U. Wood, connati for the County Board ,,(
Canvaasera, wJm throughout the pra-eedinus ha?!'
been BCting in collusion with Maynard and Dei? a)
ifcCurdy, Oaborne'a counsel. Wood took the or?
der to Poufbkeepeie, held it for two days, ami
Uiially ?lelivered it, not to the County Clerk, bua
ta .rame, W. JMnckle.v. the local Democratic ht?*,
? ?f Duteheaa County. ffinekley Brought it down
to New-York, and it wa? found m the afternoon
Of December 21 in Deloe MeCur^-'s office, a cir?
cumsfanee which Mr. IfeCurdy hi? never BatbUae?
torily explained: but at twenty minutes af 5
o'clock tbat afternoon rh?? order wag tiled In
Kmaiis's office and litteen minutes liter he mail-,I
the Mrreeted returns to Albany in comphai.cc
After tlie order had been recovered from Mr,
MoCurdy, that gentleman went before Judgg
fngraham and Baated f'T a etay. The Judge w-u?
just about to go home, and he took with Lini
M Curdy'a paper?, promising t., read them evet
an 1 to rllapoae of the application by ?> o'clock, at
which time Mr. MoCardy miirht stop at the
.In,Ice? bouse fot his answer. He wa* there
promptly, and found ? stay awaitinc him. Bt
conunuoicated by telephone with Ilincklcy at
Poughkeepsie, and sent tlie stay up on the ne\t
train. Judge Cullen in his decision on the eon?
tempt proceedings n-ainst Finan* says of thi?
order*, "thai at the time of mailing the retnrnt?
tlie ? lerlc iii?l ,iot know ..f the order ,,f Mr. Justice
I : ? _ i" ihatii ?- clear both from th?? testimony ol
Mr. Down and the ailldavit of Eman> himself,
Th?? effect of tbat order was merely to stay fur?
ther proceedings upon the part of the Clerk. It
? lid not require him to take atlirmafivc action to
undo what l:,id hen done or junfify him in taking
Mich action." However, late that nicht Emana
aras aroused from bis ????1 in the Nelson H
and. by Hinekley's orders, was sent to Albany
to reeover tin? returns
This ?s the proceeding which Mr. UeCardy has
the audacity to defend ih the face "f JettflB Cui?
len's deoision and of the obvions fact that Judge
Ingranami order wa? void from the moment it
wa? made, since that which it undertook to pre?
vent had already been eoa?. Rmane reached
Albany at about ? o'clock on the morning of IV
< '-till ??!? ?.".'. ??? ?rent inline liifely to <?? veriior
IliU'a house, ani Mill. Beeordtng to the evidence,
told him t" Bee Maynard and be guided by his
?'lews Emana -ays that Maynard told him to
gel th?? returns back. Accordingly he went *??
the Governor's office, took the return from Hill's
denk and carried it away with him. oobody Ihmu*?
in attendance there but an onice boy who inter?
posed ??? objection, lie then went to the effet
,.? Trank Rice, Secretary of State, Kic,? himself
was present aad teatine* that be all .wed Kman??
to lake the return aad go away with if. It is
important, to record hen? Judge Cullen'?? subse
ii'.i-ut decision 'bat "it would seem nni?"*
nible t., distinguish hrtareen tie legal
status of that retara and fh.'t of the return af
other countj then in the Secretary*? of*?ea>a
The significance of thia remark and ihe brand af
??hume and crime which it puts upon the forehead
?t Prank Bice are equally plain.
The third return "/as taken from the Control
lei?'.-, office, not by Rmans nor in Ins presence, but
? \ Isaac 11 Maynard, lie went Into the Con?
troller's office and found there Joseph Allen, the
Ontroiier's measeager. .Alh-n Uratinea that
Maynard told him that there arai a letter in the
nail for the Controller which was directed
wrong, and that he d>-sited tu recover it. He
? ...',..? I through tl|? ?? oiita-olh-r's mail, picke I
?it ? he letter, and went oil with it. The utpec
lacle presented by this evidence ot a man who
s now a .ludi!?? of the Court of Aplic?is, pas?*?
Bg .? ?|????.?????? affecting men'? Uvea ami
iroperty, stealing an tie et sag return in ardetf
hit in? might seenre ?mother resuH than thai
? rd.lined by tlie people, and to curry out his
nine lelliiii; ? wilful lie, is one that oti/ht not to
iced to Us ebara? iterine I in a eammunity ot hone*t
reuple. The wonder is timi any man can have
he impendence to raise hit? voice in defence of it.
On Deeanbet Ig th?? Court <>i appeals rendere?!
ts deeation in the Patehaat County case, la
clared in elicci ihaf the M.vlod , ertilicate wm
dmittedly ralee, that ir sbaald not, l?j
? Hinted, but that tin? Slate ('?invader? gUght
ivi- effect to any r turn in their |H>s.?ei?.?ioii proivrly
Utheatteating the proper uction of the county
auvasscrs. The order of the lower Court wag

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