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?bt rBLBoaam i<? aa ntacva*)
Wacalagton, Mareh 21.?Thli baa been an anxloni
dny tor ihe leaden of the opposlng Democratlc fartloni
In Ihc Hoaoe "f Repreaentatlve*, for to-morrow tbe
gtiaggb) over tba Rtand tatll will begla. Mr. rraecy,
of Naw-Yorh, v.la. baa been puwed iu rommand of Uio
aattdbve-eotaaca Democnitie f roea, waa extremely
baay and in'W baquenl and earnesl .on allatloni with
Mi Bcataaaata. rhay have drafted a targc Bamber of
aniejidmeute, whirh thoy propoac to offoi at vartom
itu+:o* of Uio Btacecdbigi. and ?'!..? or more i>f wtdch
thoy hop<- mav bc ndoptod All thclr efforta will bc
exorted t<> eompal a postpooemeat i>f t'e bUl unt'l
aftor tto preeMeatlnl electlon, for thoy have no bope
of Ma defaat oa a di.-ou vota, aJtbongh eve v RepobU
eaa hi tho Heoaa, wttfa a few ezeepUooi, will rotc
with tb'ni jiKHin-t the meaeore.
Mr. Traecy derllned to sny wbetber the Deaaarratlc
aypooenla ut the blU woald BBbueter (,> prwent Ita
pu.--jt?". in aniwer to a dhact ojaeeUon by a Tribuae
ooriy-p-imtoni Mr. rracey aald:
?? Mr. Btaad aay* tbal Ibe debate bt t> rtonc al i
a'chx-h p. in. on Tharsday. I .1" boI knoa i
lie propoan to demand ihe prcvloui tiuetdbm tbeo or
not. and i ?"?? aof faaow wbal ronrse the oppoaeobt ol
tbe btU wUl lake tt he Rhall do - ?: 1 have rerelred no
ord'Ts a- lo wbal l -hall do ln lacb a eoatlflgeaey."
It i- prctty wbU anderstood tbal Ihe Dcaiocratlc
appoattlofl i> dlrlded. Meaan. Traecy, Harler and a
few otben arc Ib tavor '>t BlfbasteriBg ai tang n- poa
Btato, wbUe Meaara. Wllllams, Hoor and otber New
Bngland Dcmorrata are iaid t.> be opposed (.> dolngao.
Mr, Rbud aad other frleada of tbe l.ill appear t > bc
aa eoni'.dent a- ever tbal lt will pow Ihc llousc by B
tur n.ajor.tv. deaalte the ulmost soUd rotc of th" Re
paiblloaa mlnortty, reahforccd by tbc imall factloa of
ti.e Deaoai ratlc paiiy in tbe llousc whb h adherec to
hono-t BMoey.
Maay aacaaben are anxtoaa la apeah m the <iebnte.
j?:id Uie leadrrv oa U>t h aUea appear t'? 1"- v.illinc to
have tlie rjme eitooded, 1 ut oetther Rkk appcara
wllllug to a^k for an extenslon. lt wai nrgarded a
aemewhat elgnlflcanl to-day tbal aeveral Rcpreaenta
tfyee who arc understiKid t . knuw Ihe vlews or v, ?hci
of i>a\ d li. Illll, bcgai Kuddenly lo ?how a rtmng la
tero-?t ta tl*- eflorts t.> have tbc bill poatpoaed and lo
UdK agaln*t lt altb Bifl b ?1g r,
MOM1 vs TO k'El fld RS,
Wachlagtoa, Mareh 21.?In tho abacace "f Vio?.
Fresidont Mortoo, tbe chalr waa occapled by Mr. Man
Aaraoe, preaMent pro tem., wbo pi seutcd a eommuiaV
eatloa from ibe trcsldeal ol tbe 1 oltcd Statec, altb
taxdnnaUon froBi t:.. rreasnry Departnteal as to tha
parchaac of unpabllahod correepoadeacc and oiaau
acrlpti of Pretld ut Mom *.
Ainoiig tlie bilN rcporttd and piared on the rnlen
dar *a?. tbc Senute blll to panisli the rrlajc af pcrjury
befcuv ihe Inlt-d Matea b> .1 land ofaces,
Aaaoag tbc b:ii- Introduced and nfrn-ed were tba
Ly Mr. gherman To amend tbc acl for the appotot
meni ?>.' bunb i<-.,-ivi-.-s.
By Mi. Vllaa?*ar tbe purchaae of Btnrgeon Baj
thip laj.iil.
uy Mr, Peffei lirantiug to r*ergeanl llarter, i~t ln
dlai'ii Cavab>', PlO.uoti .????<i a goW inedal, lor I
ylcea In "aavlnj l^pe'i arai) und 1 ie Nutlon'i Capltal
from capture b) Leei aiaiy." 1TI11 sanic blll waa Iu
trodured iu the Hou&e i> Mr. >lmp >n.
Hy Mr. lieorge To refund t.. tbe produccn of cotton
ihc laternal reveiiu* tui rulleitol uierooii.
^Ir. I1...1 offerod .1 :.-.?!.ii ?!!. which v\ .-. ..-]? ..'1 n>.
Instn.rtlng tho CunindUee on f'uldlc llulldlntis md
Orounds u> ln?iuire ihto tbe pntctbablllty id pr
mjitii i?-m abeltor, ea*t ?! lif . apltol, loi the pr toitl m
of peraaa* who maj lake pan in the i augural cerc
n.o',,v.-. He ~p,,i ? ol the "aai ?ge wealb. r" ul tl ?? I
of lT?-!dr:.t trrant'i leeond Inu igura lon, und also ..f
tlie "verj beav) itorm' tbal or. irred al the '
l' idOnt Han-lson'i Inaagnratlon, uhen Mr. Ilm
t.v ,'-i bealth ?;o st-rlously endangered; und he aiit!
g. .-'ed lhal a temporarj .-t: . I ire, with .. watcr-l g I
R.oi. !?:?>:'? enovgh lo >!ieli?r tbe entlre crowd, 1 aild
bc*arranged wltbonl greai 'xpens-.
Mr. Untler offercd a reaolntliiii, whlch wenl over
wlthoul aiUon lnt>tru( tlng the CoBimltl.11 Rtdw
to bele.t t'.v., experl arehlteel lo make 11 thoi
cianili.silon of 1 ? .-.. n 1 mdltlon ol tbe (apltol,
Aboui balf-past 1 u'clot'R Mr. Illll, who bad been
absont for tbe h.-t week, made M- uppearanee ln tbe
chauipor ma <*, ipled bb ?enl loi a ihorl tlme.
Taa ciiendar waa Iben tak. n ap and btlh were db
pO^id Of MS follo" I I
To baaaaca ty BOO.OOO tbe iimii of coat for a pubiic
hnlltllni: at cinidai, \. J. PB? ed.
Appr.'prlatlri({ c7"..Imx) for .1 pabllC bOUdlBg M
Brldg? ou, '-. j. l'? -> ?
-?jiate blil t'? aiio-nd the a<t for Ihe reBet <>f eertaln
aettlcm <m ihe publlc land.s and to provtde for the
renaymenl of eertaln (?????, imrcliuae niom-y and com
ml pfona paid on vold entrlea ?a> takeo up aa a
epoeial order.
.Mr. Barry eppoaed Ihe blll?cxplalnlng Its pnrporl
to be t? refnad parcbaae money un ruilroad grauu<,
Where the rallraadi were not afterwnrd bullt, and wh< re
the r-a'it> were afterward forfelted. ln ?.?????
he -alu, tbc taBda bad largelj Inereaaed ln value; und
yel Ibe bLl propoaed to refund .:?? #300 an mre p;ua.
JT).. 1.1U. bc 'flld. Involved '? ? <H"'.v w thou anoa or
tollaiv anU v.u- ui.l'i^i und 1111 falr.
Mr. Uolph replled lo Mr. iserry'" objecllona and ea
alained and defettded tbe biU. Mr. AUen al 1 ud
Toeated the WU-applylng a- it dW to ?oiiu- oi thr
lauds of f Nor fien laclflc Kallway ? <?mi.it .
bettlers ..n tho- land* had pald *a 30 anacre ahlle
thelr nelghboi on the adjae.nl *i,*n8ll^MTL1'nut
fel -JO an acra. Tbe purpose ol tbe blU waa to pai
Loth eJa^--- "f leitlers on a roniBioB level.
Mr. "ewart argued Ib tavor rd the lail. BBd waa
.,. .[?,!, Mr i.nv. who wld thal ume ui tbc
HFtw/had W?ld Ihelr land for *5, 810.or C?o an aciv
at.d tbat tha blll wonM taare to Ibe bcaefll oi U ? (
"'Mr""/vn^"n, 'v'ed to amend Ihe bill bv rtrfWag:oat
the word ??..- I.''.-- and Ii ertlng the aords ? legu
?nutlve " ? 0 thal the b< I hall ?? ?PI?H i?
pairaaaerN from Ihe orlgroal BetUeni, and tbe amend
^"^Ucfchar^lertaed tbc blll a. Tleloa.
ieottonable and a- aue lhal a ?ld lavolve many uull
^^UatpMwho iBtrodaeed tbc bill aad r-|K,r?.d lt)
Mid thal ui- eattmalc Biade by the <? neral Und
i.fTi,,. ,. reor wa. tbal the bUl wonld re?iulre an out
]ay OfVi5O.00O, but If it wa^ twlc* that au.ount thal
fai-i shoukl a?t operato agaln*! the blll.
Mr Teller thoughl Uiat If tho blll w?h enaltoble 1 >??
i?. bellevcd lt t'. bet tbc amoutil involvd ln n wa*
Rt Jt gtaat <M -,'?'-. II tntek hlm a^ ur.f,,
u,.,. th/ooTemmenl -' rnld have lndueed people ' ? go
in tondi b) Ibe r pre*?.u.t_ion tbal fiajlnaid^wejrejo
>lr Tt ller had sald
T ? 1410 Uoa ?"''- taken
a'ft th' vote i*--Tilfod ? V
gbortly afteiward adjeairned till U>-morrow.
w. klflgteo, Marcb SSI.-Tbcrc wai laM beforc ll 1
j|(>?... today a bdtei from rjccretary BttHia traBi
mlBUng a rommaalcattoa from Oeaeral BchofleM, to
Kther uitn a Baanortal to Oongrcw aigncd by aaany
Iroailacirl ofieen al Ihe Army, orglai tbc rapeal of
the taw prcwtdlag tbal ao braroted olleci thall bc
U,titi<-<1 u. wear whtla on doty a anlforai otber lhaa
that of bM Brtoal ran*. "r to l/' addiwsed ln orders or
afbrtal comnrunlcatlaiM b) anj tlilc other ibaa thal ol
liK ;,. nai rauk.
tiik RLLn i-r..\M) inqi ii:y.
WaablagtoB, Mareh Bl. TboRc tteand IIoaacCc8>
mttt'-e aa ImmlgratloB, ilttlng Jotntl) to-day, cob
Bnacd loqaestton Aaalstanl Keeretary Nettleton aa ta
the manner la whhrk tbe approprl d * to eomptete the
.:. puk labaad bi beoa wpended- Tbc
total Bamber ol awardi of rjoatroeb and aeccptnnce
?a- alxtyelgbt tblrtj two of whlch worc awardi and
ygHj Is addlttonal eootracl ? W Um wh de aam
1^-r toartean ?>?? traeta aere tel afler dne advcrtl've
awntala tba preaa, foarteen by elrcatar tattor. 1. tbc
rwBMlaclef aader other leim?. Chalrroan Btamp aaked
Mr BetUeton aa to tbc bccc diy .-f ao cxpeaalvc an
ek-eirt' ptant Tbc aaawer waa tbat tbc Immlgrant*
were n.icarily d< tataed co tbc haaad over nlghl aad.
?- Ibora wa- bb ii aeUalty all Ibe Baaa, he thoagM the
light., woiv eaacattal bj tha arotaettoa <?f Ibe Oavara
Baari paapcrty "? baa I taad. of tho BBotaaeal of
8ii:>,?x)ti for ttK. ajala balMIng proper, tberc rel re
aattacd a ipaM to tbe raatiaatara 81SX?0. Tbe balkl
|ag iu?d Bot beca Bcccptod, aad taa tarf payBacat bad
noi bcea m.do, f..r Ihc icaj ? lhal Ihc laaaataMea had
Baca f'.und to bc aajalt
ln coaebaaiog bM BarrattTc cceoaet of Ihc aae "t
?ortloaa ?t Ihc laaadgraal hiad for tbc BUl 1 tabw d lav
?iQiraaanl . Mr. NotOetoo aaade three aaggeattona.
xii*?.- aara: Urat, tbal tbe a-t af Aaaact 8, IBBB, rjar
lalnly ptaccc Ihc Immlgraal faad eoalinaoaaly al Ihc
ci.pi>-ai of Ibe Rccretary of tbc Trcaaarj tor r>ertata
iBeetfle parpoocc, atthoal aceeaalty for fartber apedfle
or aoaaal aaaaatalattoBBi aseood. h bo part <>f tbe
iBualgraal fi""i ccedd. prtor to the pacaoge .>f Ibe
BaaBry Ovll bin. have baca pacpurly um-i foe tbe Blba
ikii'd laptovemaaca, becaaec boI apeelfleeJly appro
artttod for that purpoae. bow, Mr. Settleton a-hed,
ean anfl nait Ibcraof BC aied to pay Uie mlariea of U.
0% or ai.d rd-rk*. ?' ""' wiperlnteiulenVa offlce ! And.
thlV frtlna rteeretaey Kairrhlld. In a tettcr to the
preldciit of Uie Boaid of Immlgratlon on Marak ?.
jf?7. B'ltiiorl^.i tbe bm of BI0.000 ol tbe immtsnnt
Itxul kir th" purpoao ' bnlldlng a wharl al i i lie
Mr. Rettleton then gatv Ihe methnd of db>bm I :
Oovei nmei t funds for public buHdlng?. All i
n-ed ln fonri". t.on with Ihe wtnrh of in pr ?
I-l.ii'd. ln addlllon t i II c <?? OO. wa* dmw n In ili i
uaual m inu a from th..." ? 1 ln m .
A UW IilVER A XD IIA llliOli 111 LL
IX Al TCAL :n Rl \ i; OF Sfl xr.i.v xw . MIl !.: \
T > mi i.\-r i '>:..i:r.-s.
mv ti i.i.i.itu ii ... in. ii || i gg, ?
traiblngton, March '2i.- Tli ? lllvi, an i llaibor blll.
wbbli was rompleted lo-daj by Ibe Hon e Committee,
ls nol u in??;.-..:??? to which Judge llolman will be able
lo glve hia hearly aiid unqnall led appi ibatlon, al
Ibongli it ? ? ntaini tbe Indlana itema ln belwll of a bleh
Be appcared brfore Ibe committee. Tbe blll rarrir
approprlatlona amoumlng to aboul B90.TOO.000, which
i- nomlhallj P532.400 les* tban Ibe i >ml ol Uie Rlvcr
and llarbor b.il reported to tbe II u e from Um
mlttee In Ihe bul Congreaa. Ilnl thal blll contalned
npproprlatlona amounibig to ?2,140.0.n areouni of
Improvementa of tbe bnrbora 01 t.alveston nnd '
moraj, and bt Mary'a Blver, and Hay Lafce < liannel,
Mlrh., approprlatlona for arblcb were made Ui I rear
nnd will be made ibla yenr, ln tbe Sandrj Clvll Appro
pilot;.... i.iii. Tbe blll reported to-day, tberefore, rar
riea aboul #1,007,000 more lhaa ibe blll reporl
the Committee on Rlvera and llarbora of bwl Congrea*,
os Aprll i-. 1800.
ln addttton to th.tal uuomuI corrled by tbe pend
iinr blll. i oi.tiiii ts are BUthorlsed i i be made, tbe futnre
approprlatlona lo rarry onl whleh will nmounl lo
P25,7ft7,900, ;i? foUowa: Hndaon Rlver ImprovvmenU,
00,197,000; llarbor ol Refnge, Polnl Judltb, i:. I-.
Bi ,075,000; for a Sl-fotd channel througb tbe lt n
laken from Dulutb to BuRalo, ftS.840,000; rharieston
Harbor, pl.878.000; Savannak llarbor, B2,702,0OO;
Moblle llarbor, 01,063,800; CotambM Rlver, Ore., 10
tba CBaradra, fl.310,500; movable dam al or near
tt.c moutb. of Beaver Rlver, on the Obto Rlver, In Pann
lylvanla, 4550,000; MlaabMippI Rtvar, from St. Paul t..
tba moutb, ?12,700,000.
Tbeae Itemi awel] tbe total of the wu. Inrlodlng
both approprbiUona and rontracl RablRtlea authorleed
t.. be Inrorred, to aboul 041,437,206,
l a approprtaUona reeommended to be expended
dnrlng t:.e next Bacal year for the nlne arorka Bb re
uperiued, In addlUon to ti.witrarl RablRtlea antlior
lied to be Incnrred, are aa foRowe, Hudxofi Rlver,
B250.000; Harbor of Refnge, Polnl Judlth, B100.000;
channel of twenty-one faet Ibrongh greal bikea, ??<>?<.
000; Cbarleaton Harbor, ^.:<h?.im?(i: pavannah Harbor,
P425.O0O; Moblle llarbor, fSOO^WO; t'olnmbla Rlver,
?435,000; movable dam, Ohlo Rlver, ?100,000; MI
Hlsslppl Rlver, from St Paol to moutb, H ,000,000;
total, 16,470,000.
rba approprtatfona reoommended B>? rlver md
harbor laiprovomeoti ln Kew-YorB are aa foROwa:
Irutfato, 1*00.000; Rouwe'i Polnl (to rompletc), ?-' ?.
000; Canarste Bay, 86,000; Cbartettr, P25.000; Dun<
Mrk, P20.000; Ktashlng bay, P1O.00O; iHen l re,
|>lo,ooo; Uewanna Bay, 1100,000; Ureal Bodna Bay,
*l 5,000; Qreen POrt (to romplete), 111.000; Uttle
8odoa Hay, 86,000; Ogdenabarg. B4O.00O; Oewego,
#30,000; Roudont, B&.00O; Rew Vorlt Harbor BITO,
igg); Hndaon Rlver, 8250,000; Newfown o->xjli m:d
Bay, 135,000; llaiiem Rlver, By50,00O; Ramj Rlver
aad Hell date, 8150.000; Brown'a Creek, BeyvlHo,
U Im I"?.""??: Ureal Chaxj Rlver, 1*5,000; Rarrowa,
Lafce Cbamplaln, 815,0. Patchogne Rlver, fei,000;
aboal botween slster i landa and Cro?aover Llg
St, Lnwrence Rlver, B10.000; Nlagara Rlver, fi i
Tonawanda I i Porl Day, p2O,00o; Bangertlea, 85.1.;
i',[i Cbealer, P5.000; T<*nawanda Rlver, 873,000;
channel betwecn ?taten Island and Rew-Jeraay, B15,
DUM^ 'Arlhnr KIR, -' ?>; Hunjlngtnn, 86.000;
ButUercnllk Channel, 811.00; Porl Jefferaon, 810,
Pul neyvlUe, BljOOO.
Tlie approprlatlona reeommended for Improve
ln tbe State ol Sew-Jerwy are aa fuUowa: Rarltan
Bay, P4O.00O; Keyporl, f5,000; Paaaali Rlver, 853
000; ItarRan lilv.-r. #40,000; bbrewabnrj Rlver, HO,
ouo; Rm'fcport, *",<)00; Allaway Oeefc, -:*. .<...?. Rli/o
I.. t.'i Rlv.-r, B5.000; Matawim ( :???'.. aji.irjo; R
,ii- Rlver, P5.000; Shoal llarboi a d L'ompton <?
i.i. ' en i !?'? i.. *3,iHX). v Uem Rivei Bg,
The ippmprtal ona re oiiimetid<4 f... lmprov<
ln ihe -'..'?? ol l onnei ih n are aa I ? loa i
j. i i ii.- . ?. R20.01W Blaeh II - k Hnrb ;. ?-.,???'>.
jiea llaven Rreakwater, H20,000; NYa llaven llur
bor, *15.ui0; SliHiingbm Hnrbor u . BliS,
500; Cllnton Harbor, IC.OOO. Plve Mlle Rlver llarh .r,
O; l)nrt( iHi.md harbor ul rcfu*e, pno.OdO;
Stumford llarbor, fl5,000; Connectlcul Rlvar. i,e|.,w
Hartford, auii.000; llouMtonlc Rlver. Pin.OOO:
Rlver, BUO.Ofai; Mialli Rlver. B5,00a
r:.e nii.oiint recommeiHlea for ooiiUnulna w.nit on
the ii.-iiii.piii Canal, betweaai Lakc Mi, iiu-mi and iu
Mlsslsslppl Rlver, U 8500,000.
R'aehlngton, March Sl.?''Tbe Evei og ?- i
nlght prtnti an totervww with T t:: Rwo Uln,
iuii.-.; Mlnbiter here, oa tbe anbjoel of bl Wtci
whleh he baa pre] tred and will probabt) aend to
Secn itary BbUnr wlthln n few day?, nrplog a Baaponae
ii, bb aeveral eommunlcaUoBa to thli tbivarnmenl
with aareran/e lo wa. mrtrleUon ..J Chlneoe Immlgra
Hon. Tbe Mlnbiter asM tbal ever atoee be rama M
thta loni.try he had been endeovortug to aaema brtter
treatoMnt for baa people'at tbe baada ol tba Dnlied
titatea. lo Uda and he bad torwarded a munber cf
,. || ? to ibe M.ite Department, glvlng tt.? paaltlon
in id by Ibe Oatneae ?. ivernmenl In Um matter, bul aa
ret be bad rocetved uo aatiafaclor] anaarer. "On a
viit t.. Hartford," pootlnued tbe Mlabrter, -1
lalked ovar tbe Obln*aa qoesRon *lth a mmber ol
prominenl Rew-Vorkera, i beM W Um posttton then,
:,- i do now, tbal u Ibe Unlwd tRata wl '? to put
p atop *" ' blnaae Immlgratton lt aboaM be done by
meana of a treaty wlth my roontry. For the i nlted
KMtea io agree t>> a treaty provWIi g for tba admlaalon
of Chlneae, and Iben to overrlde it bj an acl ol
rongreaa, ta hardly actlng In i;.*x! falth. Tba repoU
Ron of the Unlted Bbuea ta at aiake."
?? I,,..,. i one qnectlon I wonM Bke to a I," aaM
?"Tbe BUr" reporter. "11 tbe L'nlfed statea pau
I,,, imt restrlellona on I hlneaa Inrmlgranta, arUl ' . i
ezrlude Amerirana from her torrlUi
Tha anawer waa a kmg Ume bi oombiaj and wu-. a
dlploroaUe rwe: "II . to me thal Amerlraoa
bhould eonalder tbe situatton and wltbdra* from Oahaa
f tbeli awn free wlU. i will anawer yonr qneaUoa
by aaktng yew One, Lat bj auppoae tbal tba AnwHcan,
Min: ter ln Loadonabeadd aay to thaCBto??e Bttntater:
?You keep ?w"r lp"!" the AmavkaB begaaoa buw?,
i dont waal yon bera.' Do ron URnh Ibe CWimii*
Mlnlater amaM vbdl tbe Ametteaa Lei itlon mj BMrel
And do yon thlnk the Amerlcnu Mlnbiter wonld ei
,?,! maeh of a welcome al tbe CWnese Ugitlon 1 *m
neiv draw rour own liifvreneeti. Tbe Amerlcan peopie
uv t lV ;i greal deal about rtrlprarlty Jnal now.
Th-? -ii-uid romembei tbat roetproelty worka two
- a
WaablDgt ?", Man I Bl^-?eer Ury RobM to day Irane
ndtted to tbe Benale, In anawer to a re oluUon reqnwt
ing iBformatJoa aa to tbe aafaty, w nRbOloa and plumb.
mg of tbe iiite-.t Ofiee btdldlng, reporta ol tbe
archtteei ol Ibe Oapltol and Healtb Oflleer of Ibe W
tri-t. Aa ti." f'-uit -f Ibelf Inveattgabona tbe bta
retary reeommeBda tbal Um preaaml bnlhlrng be ea
larard or thal a now bnlldlng ba eon trurted for the
uae ..f tbe Pabml Offlee, whleh la now overcrowdod.
? ??? ?
Waahtnaton, Marek 81. Btale DepartnMnl oflelabi
,.IV there 1a no Irntk bi tbe reporl thal Ibe I nHed
SUtea haa ealabBUMd an alUanre oflenatve and de
fonslve, wlth tbe ArgeaUne RepaMIe, and tbal lh<
,,?,.(. sles belng exehanged wlth Idmlral WaJker'i Boel
at nuono Aj re I - ee no -? nilfli au< ?
?ra*hlngton, Mareh 81 (Speelal) DavM B. Illll may
ehange hb mlnd and conclude Ihnl If will be belter
for him to aay aomethtng nbonl Ma effort* \a luduea
the DemoeraUi mambera ol Ibe Hon ? Rleetlona Com
mlttee to eote to keep Rockwell ln Roye '- aeal be
,..,?... tbe former H a Demorral and Iba Bvtter -? Re.
publlean. II waa reported to-day tbal Benator Illll
araa anxloua ti. bave Chairman O'Perrall of tbe Elee
,i',ns committee Joln him ln a Matemeol for pabllra
, ,?, whleh wonU Mleve Ihe Senator, to aome ealent
al; leart, ol tl.dlum whleh he baa broughl upon
ln 1841 were... 810.730 -i
They have Inereaanl eaeh pear ataee then, aag
oa Jan l. l--. "'"'.f5P,?38.47B.0.'
And dnrlng tbeae yean tbe oompany baa paid to
policy bolden. $151,650,761
h baa pald from t?71 to 1881, laeJaalve, bb
arerage dlvidead of M.ag pei ?nt.
[ta ratio of expeaaea ol mnnagemenl to ineome for
the I"-' ?d v,':irs u s v; ,,"r ''^n,?
PHIMP 8. MILLER. Geimtal \ enl
for Rew-Vorh CRy, Uaa i?i?nd- :""' K?w-Jetaey.
1 (Vall ^trnt, NCv-YorU Uty.
Ii Oeta foiil ni.d Pateaaaaa Dateaa it i? Kept (on
?lnnil* Flowlng
At U ? l i . ' I a '.ro or l"??
io ii n ?? ? ?? ? i ,? | dep ? ??? ?''? I' baa
? ;?-,,, doe t ? ? . f Ihe
? ,? uril i ???? raod health
i -??, ui ii. Ii tbU I ; ? i.. -. . rbe Wa. I
Ii |ni ? ? ig r i- - rglab. ll ra I ? I ?' ? BB "?I
iac aotaoai n "?? k p I Bka>
I . ., i -?,?? ran a raanlag itieaai la not
? ??- bt- ".
i aould i.o. i, roui Mood i". ?, ? ap II a ovlng,
. ? p ? t It begloa to ta i
,i.i, to be Inpuro, ,,? t rou will '?"' Uw effecta la
?: aUeaa, aa i , tha tad
and one Tha rirepei way
? ii by tb aaa of a para abnaa.
!:mt .: mod ratlon BUnralat II grntly, nn<i it wfll keep
ln eoaai health] raotion, aad g ?d bealih wtn fallow.
one ??? >? in whkrh t Ii eaa be .1. and tbal
la by ? lb< pw ?? uM beat ittamtCSI ran taa
, , i. prcforably whli aad thara Ii ba? o8a bIm ?? |
pare. n lirlnal wbiakey kaowa lo tha werkt, andUat t
i. ???.-. i>are Mall. NelenUata Mbalt Un-. tha dorton
i.i conOrn lt, it la more geaerally ??od m-Cay ttuta aaj
?r| the vortd baa evi i aeca, aad it Ii
IU i M-rit. 1". i."t lot any Cmf| -'
? r ii.Ive yeu bj MWiag abey have ?acaetblng
??,ii-i ... g< A," "kometblng they ran r.iBMBd," Ctc,
Wtaen aa] dtaler sayi Ibli he baa aa tatereatN BMttve,
ablrh mua ly Ii Is aetl yoq aoroethlBg eheap and laferlor,
m nhlcb be raa raake n.n-" raooey, Do aet bo m Ci
? ?. < i
himaelf it. tbc eatiamtlon of all talr-arladed aaca by his
. atraordlnnrj i ondu. t.
pi:MF.r.i)iN<;- enTHE HOU*E.
waablflgton, Marrfa 21.- Prayer wai offered ta tbc
Home Ihta mornlng by BafcM Bkall ??? lltneb, of
Mr. Eotoa, >f Tetaaeaare, riataf lo a Belvlleged
qaeatioa, offered a reaolatlOB rallng on tlie barre
lary ?1 tbe Traarary for i Ihd of all peram emplo d
ln the Coaal and <;..<i<:ii Sorvey, wboae aatartoa
were lacrcaaed or deereeied durinit 1880, and atao
for a Hsl ..f Ihoae wbo were dtwabaed <v who reatgneel
durlng thal year. Ilo had Ingormatton froai a dfs
eharged emrdoye "I:i1 ,:i" Uooel Sarvey wai ta tbe
ban la of n ?
Mr. (mthwaite, ol ohto. dtd not beBeve tbat tho
mfonaatton obtalned by Ibe aantaeobtB from T naeaiee
?? i arorthy ol bellef. ii" dld nol takc macb ,-fliHii
ln tba lnformodlofl glven bv dtachargad employeet
Mr, Botac Miggeat<d tbal tbc gcattaawn araa trvtnc
t. ii oul a reaolatlon arhlch dld aotbjBg ba1 eall
apon th" Seeretarj for .? lonnallon. Tbe lenUeanaa
? ? ow "f aomethtag ?i?-!nit oovered ap.
Mr. OathwaUe emphattoalt] deniod havtag anj
ftn I. knowledge, lio k\,-n of aothtag balBg eovercd
i bc re otntl n ara > ndopted.
Mr, RlrJ ud ??.. ' l\. from tba (XmuaHtee
oa Prlnl -. unbmltted the rcporl ol th.ramWtee ob
tbe pMulutloo offered by Mr. wllttama, ol Manaoba
aetta, n> expaage from tho reeord thal porlton (>f tiir
Hpoeeh of hi ? eoUeagac |Mr w.iii.T vharh wai pab
II '.-i |n "Tba Rerord." tarl t.?<>( Bttered by bha oa
the floor. Th. reporl ended with a i?* ??lut:>?-. tbal
the piibllr prlntei be dlrerted Ui rjtelode fram bae
purnNiru ? ?'??? rrendonal i ;????? >nr all of that p
of Mr. v :.!'.??; i>- ? ? ' '- I with Ihe ??
?li.it boi r? Mngwiirnpo," ??? . to Ibe worda: "for
... it." 'i '.i. ? .- bMtea all Ibe a
dellv. red p??rl ? ? Mr. i:b' rd o
Uu-ii the !? porl be p led Tbe R< >rd a d I we
notli o :; al be wonld eall it ap tor m ttoa ta BBWraa . i
i ' ? p ? Iblci oppnrtanMi
i wenl i:.ii Coaamlttee af tho Wbole
? Mr. wnaoo, >f Weel Vlrgtata, ln tho ebalr) aa tbc
Armj \;'j roprtatlon bill.
A l'.t.a parllamentan argoaaenl oienod npon n pi.lnt
f y Mr. <l ita, of Teaac, agMact a
provlao In Ihe blll lhal bereaftar bo bmb?] ap
proprlated for Army tranaportatlon ihall be aaed la
tlie paymenl of the tranaportattoa of Imopi a i
_,,,,;,,. , ? i aad ii: ? - awaed,
i.*l oi opernted by Ibe UntoB Padfle Batlread
i ompai y. or by P "'" ' ompani ov< i
. ? ? ed la II Pa Ifh aj lem,
i ,. r| |] ... etaar i al laagaagc whP*b
alwa] ? rlerli alaed Ihc point
of order, bli prlartpal grouod for M aaetatoa bMna
that tt. provlao Baata a pcraaaaaat i?w. Th*n Mr
i,, ? t :? ddi t Bm
provtaton, bul BMklng it applleabta anly t" the p - I
iin. Thla <*n a*.-.,?i to, aad tba aoaaaalatae bavaag
arl ??::. Ihe blll wai aa ed
i. i . . ? - , veni toto OBcaaillaN of tb*- Wbole
fMr. Ploaat, of i.gla, ta tba rhalr) oa Ibe Ftea
Woul blll. Mr. (ioodnlgl t. Ol KVl 'i I ?1 U "
profecttve ?] ?<?.!. aad Mr. Bnodgra . of Teaa^aaea,
, ,? . .,.i | . nie la an uppoetttoB to tbe blll gtvtog
? ooo i" t'.. MTojM'a Phlr.
Mr. Un.iiM. of Sfew \?r\i. ari{ii?d lhal uador n
prokM-tive tanil tbe prlee of BWtton had f?i\* dowa,
gown, down, until from berngooe of tho moat proapd
ou* Indiwtrlea, ol tbta eoootry, U.v raKmrf of w.ul
bad be. ane one tbal everj pradonl man wowM ivoid.
|. araa Boi t.nu; that tbe prlre al wootlea toodr had
[>?*., leaaeaed bv the McfUaK] u't. Tho ?mo0> had
been Inrreaaed IB pcto* and ro4u,-o,t m ?4anlity There
vii BHWC h.alily a -d ln tbU eoui.tr> today tluin
tberc waa u ^ Ib ifcno.
ri waa danlrd by Mr Dtagfey, of Mataa, Lut
rcjti i-..t.-<i by Mr. Mamcr. Tbc latter u.id tbat al
lio llme had -a, maoy adulteraptb been u.<4 ov> now ;
but iii- v <*<??>? pal ln better *.ro.?io. t;nd.-r tba Mc
Kitii-v sct, ibodd] i.i.d beaa goiug up. ap. ap, u;.d
bad been made preapeiana, und Un- logltliiMtii ?'?>!
iiiin tn bad gone d<?wn, down, dowa, aad bad beea
,;.,?!.. i... pmaperou*. Muuy of Ihc people of hl*
.11 trbt were bilMimra, and all thoy ueh. .1 ?., t .t
irhei thoj earned thelr ?*?**?? thoy ibooM BOI bc
, r.-.-d to e.\j>. ml them ln wittalntng the pmtwtlve
, lhal employer h:id bullt UB, And the etu
,,! . .. ,,' |,|) ,. trht were Dol wllling abarei In the
?mite<Uve extortlon. Tliej hnew that th* hundredi
,,< chiiinieTh ao:.- aot Uiere becaaae <.f Uie rleline-i
?f th- ?,ii ol Manlwttan I buid 'l I ??> knew thal
th. v were there b??? uaa Stew-Vork wn- the galewny
of tho Satloo. rbe BMnulkrlurefa <>f bl- dltrl.t
uted any part "t lot ln th* syntem of publle
,,, ,.., thal ?. betng offerwl them for tiolr pro
,. ,-i,- Tbougl B grent majortty of them were
i , j ,'..?, or free tradei . thara wa u ? '
niUiorlt) wlio were Republbui or pruteetionliti. Hut
,. . ,, ii,,.,. lulter 'ii<l n 'i tavor protectiou b>r tln-ir
uwn bonelll bul L< ?;,'! ,*? thej had aii Idea rhal it
w. uld be ui bea?tll t" i. ??"?? elae. Tli..ly dele.
Pitloii wlb ii bud coBie i.. ??? hlm ln the Intere t ol
Irtrl Iwd been a deleaallon whleb ?atd, lhal if
i ?. !,,? mid Ihem, to advorate tbe pond
inir blll Iin ??h..uld glve fnv-tradc all armind. If bc
voul'l glve tho in-inuia, inii : ? Irce iuw inat'Mh.N they
? . ,! , Uke no objri'tlon bi the pcudlng blU. rh i
tl,,,,. wa .Ing wbi.. ?:? -? would bc bo uae lo
pottei "1t!i 1 iK- Atneriean people, who arould advlac
nnd demand not onl> trre wuol, but Uuit evcry v. II ?
[,: ihe pndceUve tarlfl ibouM be ui|x-?i from Ibe booki
Ktft remarba b\ Mr. Wheeler, of Alabanui, ln favor
,,f |... i,iu tbc eoniBdftee roaa and tbc lloaae ac>
I.?"'? ? ? -
Wa blagtoo, Mareh Ji.-Tho Ibcadaaal today -out t>
the Benate Ihe taBowlnB Bomtaatloni:
Mii. A t'-A.ti, of Maaaachuaetta, Dalted Btatea
Conaul at Rlvaa,
samuel L. owrattaot, v> t??. reglate* of ihe Laad
Offlre at flBlbrle. "Kla.
i.,f real i). i.'ioh. regtstar uf tbc laad OaVo at
iiktalioBia f*la
" ifcit" WAtzrwirt davobtem Biona.
s.in Praarl ro, Marrh '^i Tbc BBaoaaracaBBi aa
Bwdc today lhal AbIIb BaMaiB. tbc oatj aaagbter of
? i.uhv' Baldwln, tba aaflaaowB CaBforala aUlllon
aire, had eUipt I with ber i ra?B, *??? ega Baldwra. Tbc
latter obbm bere Bvc yean ago f* bi Crawfard vllbj,
!,,,!, and -ii'" t1'"'1 haa beea eaaptoyed al tba BaM
ain Ilotel In thla rlty. H appean they weramar
,,,.,1,,.. lannsm eeretly. and Ihat havlng falled nh
., ,.|,iii:\ |o uhlaln Uie mllllonalreN i >? enl Iu a pi ?
,,,',,1 miion, thej i/h.u advanlaffu ol l.i. al. en e lo
!,,,., ,,., ., brldal trlp. Tbe mllllonalrc bad lerloasdi
opp<?,ed tbe ma' h.
B \\l.~i>\n- OOWXt OM BXBIBtTlOTS.
Predert k Lot , ... Co ffcaterdai gave an exblMI
bj invit:,ti..u ??' tii.lr Parli aad London roataflMi and
arrapa }ual Imported al tadr rtora bi Paltoo t.. op
poHite De k dfa ave., BrooblyB. Amoag Ibe mo t
notleeal le ci utamea dmaa were a btact -?l ?* bengallne
made i.\ Randnlts, ol Parfa, emlaretaerad with a panH
ol )t . puden drcaa, ^ riaam<otorvd groaad altb
hellfdropc Bowera IHmB. *'ith patal ?c ecne laec
over Nlle-green dlk. ouwle by Boaff, of Parli; a
h?llotrope -nh popMo arttb bTJkfb aatlfl rlbboc bodlrc
and pi.lni de gene tace, and a aavy blae aerge boaUag
-un with a btoaie of yeUow aad lltlk bbtek polka
,i,:. ,?. tbe grooad Boor there arai a dtaptay of one
,,f the Bneal atocki of dm ? gooda, aUka and Baa tacea
,t) ,,.. ,'?,.,? |? jtewVorb or Brooblya. Bverybodj
aromed lo have arrepled tbc Uivltattoa, tor tbc dare
a . rrowded Tbe bu Ineaa of the flrm h growlag M
rap dlv thal II ha- been toiind Bcre^ry to erert a new
. ,,,, ,,.?, of tbe preeeal itore, wblcb aill
-i. .ii bc thrown open. _
Bxacrlenecd traveltora nrbo have trled evcry; liac aay
,hal tne Vew^York Ceotral la -" >w?r.< d, ...e moal
rtahie rontc betweeB tbc hacf aad aTect, , .
Macon, Ge- Bbirrb '-l (Bpeetal). flenantianal a>
veloamenta cootlnue 11 artac In Um ee*e 1 Um Central
i;, in ,,.! h - bM tbal II will be ibown In i.rl on
: ?, t;.,- i ?? c ntral waa never ksulfy wnaed to
t;..,-ti.i Paclflc. I? la mld tbal tbe .rgbi Pa
pn Wenl i rted wllb H any aatii -r.ty In i
t,,.. ;,.., e: that the Central wai. afbirward dcllvered t.,
the nirhm nd and Daavllle wtttoout Ibe arratch ol a
pen, aad tbal ti.- l.i hiriBnd and DanvUto haa no > ??
i,;,,t ,r i....... to .Imw for tbe Ume ll bad been In
I ,.|,,i, Mf tbe ciiiral. if Ibla ta true, and n r
lempl will be made lo pr are it In eouii Uw Kl< W m l
n-.fi Daavllle will owe tbe Central peopteall tbo monoy
rollerled alnee Iben, aa weH a* i talr rental foi tba
property. Tba empli yea ol tbe road are gettb
eaay aboal tbe a.? dn ? ta tbem b> t:. K d
and DanvuM for tbe n ml of Pi broarj' ab .ul ?-??"'.' uo.
They have app<ilnted a oommlttee whleh b tooklng
after Ibelr tntereata, Jadaja Bpcer i- rn recrtpl ol a
lettrr from tlw temporary reeelver, General Alexander,
? tLal be Bnda nomerona acemnti made by tjn>
Rlcbmond and Danvlile tbree to - \ mootS.ii ovevduo,
rbe JBdge R dally ui reeeipf ol lettera from worklng
iicnpie ,,f Savannab teMog him ol money due tbem by
(be Rlcbmond nnd Denvtfie, whlcfl UmJ bave been un
ahle l? get.
.\ promoter of tbe Rlcbmond Termlnal reorganlm
tion pbm -siid yeaterday thal hobtera arere deposttlng
Mwir aeeorlUea ateadlly, though ai rol alowly, for ea
rhange ander Ibe termi ol Ihe plan glven oal lasl week.
ln Mgard to tbe notlfleaOon aenl toOeneral Atexari
ikr. tbe temporary reeelver of the Ueorgla Centml, Ihal
tbe Rlehtnood and DanvIRe would nol operate tbe
CMorgbt Centml Bfter dlarharge of the temporary tt
relverahlp, Pre Wenl WalterO. Oakman aaid renterday:
uNeRher Ibe Rlcbmond and Danvlile nor Ihe Rtebmond
T> nninal Company will Intervene In the proeeedlng*
rogardlng tbe reeelverablp, and tbe Rtchmond and Dan
viiie. arbjrh operated tlie road prevbma M the appotol
tn.'iit of ? reeelver, wlB nol rerame rharge of tl.pera
tlom of tbe company. WTbito lt bad rharge of thoae
oparaflona Iba iUciiiii.mil and Danvlile pai a good deal
of paoney ii. tbe property, which now itaitda In the
-iiup" of iin aneettted aecount Tbe Rlcbmond Tenntnal
Uaaapany ?rlU aimply rtaad in ibe poaltloo of i large
KtockbnMer In tba property. The road arlll be n u
aged, aa lt was b lore tbe ieaae, bj Ita own board >i
dirertora, a majorlty ..f wbom ?r? sloekholdeis ..f Ihi
Deorgbi and rnetde ln tlw lo illty through arhlch the
uml rune."
Ther,. aiil be a lerlea of frelgbl and pa-aenger
meoRnga al Um offleea ?.f Ihe Tmnb Unt AaaortaRon
IMa week. Tbe regular rootlne iii?-tinie? hi bnt*
ii. j.ittin. <nta will i?- heM to-day. To-morrow there
uiu tw .1 ? ???. ??? aice o the fn labl . immlttee wRb thi
Oantml Traftr Aaaorbulon ropceaentallvaa #on Ibe
qniwRon ol the alkXmenl of pereenhagv*. At Ibe
laaae Baae B Um pa wnger department .\ oi elghl
qnaaftona al Intereal nill be dWrusaed. on Frlda)
i!.? RxeruUve (Vimmltl.f tbe Ttnnli Une A ?
alU taki f Hon on nuitb ra pertn ilng lo both ' ?
and i>;; ?? igej b i
Cttk. ? ".i h 21. Rumora ol cul ratcw on eaal
bannd fnrlghl arere Bylng lluch ihla nftfrnooo. eapeci
ally after tha atalemenl .>( ca?tbound ihlpmenta for
u.i weeb waa glven oot, ahowtog tbal aome "f tba
ttrong i.'-- were behlnd tbelr weaket rompeUi
t!,. am iinl of bualneM bandhjd, 11.e U'abaah, f >t In
-i:n.< ??. earried neari) 4,000 toni mora trrtghl tban Um
Lafce Mi ?<??. whlle the Cl i ?. and Lal ? Erta d ?! i ?'
f.^1 1.000 tom bchbrl lt* R'abaab. Tbe llnea tbal are
,..,,?.> t.. be eapei iBj golRy are Um wabaeh, tbe
Mekel Plate, t'e ii . . Taimel ronte, ?r,d tbe Lehlgli
VaUey. One nblpper made tbe -t4,t,.ineiit to-daj thal
i al of nol !? lhan IS renta i>r 100 p
... :,. (,..?,, tbe Mb adppt Rlver t - tbe iUnnUe
Mt r oard, hnl raltway m< -?? ei 41] " I " maal
|. .... rV ?? raflon It la?ald that Ibe flour rato to atoo
?..-! h abadi 1
? ? ?
i ii..!.-.. March 21. Baalbonod frelgbl aMpaaanti h\
-111 r- i! aaat areel imo inted l ? 10,646 toi a, ap
b 1.453 f.,r ihi p ?? "i ? - ?"<,;! and 76,804 for Ibe i i ?
aponding am .. I rai Tbe falbng oR la -uid ta be
dn.. pi '..rnv \ bnowwlorma. The iklpmanU of Bour,
(fra... and pi by Ibe llnea In Uw Caniral
TranV Aaaoctatlon aggniaatad d.iriiik' H>?> araafc 34.062
tii,,, n?aia>* 47.<;r.4 for ti - Brecedbui weeb, a aawreaaa
.,f 12,009 tona and agahi t I.1..180 for Ihe .?orr's-oond
Ing ???-.'U u-t rear, a iecn wc ol MeM tana, Tlda i
Iha tlr-t time h\\nf ika ompe '.rcan ta aao?a baal f*n
thal a (lerr.^-.- haa u-<-n abown aa eampared ?"h the
.- ? ,f t ? pi ? -"? ? y< ar, <?f f ?? total I.ge
U , \?:,. derbltl !'??. ? m ??<! '?" per rent, Ihe Pr
vnnla !i?? - 21 i-i eent, i ?? ' Icngo and linmd imnh
_., ,K.r ,, | ,. .,? ,i ??.? i. |i ?. ?:?? i .1 Onlo 0 per rent.
THK Al.ToVS *Y\\ F1.YKR.
Cbieago, March 'Ji Tbe Inltlal trlp ol tbe rbleagn
ai .1 Atton'a Bew fa*.l braln between Chleaao and Bt,
Loola ?as made to-day. lt la ralled Uie u8t l.i
tiniit?-.!" rolng eoutn, and Ua> ?' hlcaeo llmtted" com
li ? :t>,. |t |? ecbeduled to leava Cturago every day,
exeepl Bunday, al n a. rn., nnd t<> arrlve ta st. Loula
at 7 .ui p. in. Returnlnc, n bavm Bi Loula al
^ .?> a. in . arrlvlng bere al ?? i>. m.
Chleaga, Mureh 'Jt.- At Iba apertal incftne of t!i"
Wfratarn Paeaangar AaaoelaMon ta-day *<> much Ume
*:,? taken np la maklng arranaeoienta for aammcr
to.iri-t mtca that It wu^ hit.- ln tbe BftBrnoon arban
aUentlon araa glven to the AtrMaon'a appUeaUon for
anUwrlty u> reduce Uie mte from et. Lodbi t<. Ohleago
t, B4. uttle Ume waa eonaumed ln th- dlecuaaton
,,f ihiK aubject, ihe akIiIm.h Bnally eoAeentlng to
wttbboM Ita DOtbM Of rcl.i. tlon nntll It dUKOVera fn
raaaa for aarrytag oul Ita ortglnal tbreab it ta aald
tliat ihe agltatlon af tbe matter haa had the effecl
of eb .rim; the markel to a greal eatonl of rtit rata
ti,;...- and f?r tM- rca*on Uie AtcbUon H dlsp - i
I., pontpone action In tbe dlrectton ol reductag ratea.
naclanatl, Mareb 21.?Tho red?a;Uon In paaaengBr
natea from Clnelnnatl u> Chlcago atartad by ibe
i, | rivanla Une haa been nwl h> all the other
M.,. It lakea effecl tomorrow, when Um mte wUI
.,.. an, taataad -f 88, a heretofore. A prop rtbjnate
Hon liwrnada between Indtoiwpolto an?l Chbago
?, tarruto nppnea i.th dlrecUona between
ciai Inuatl and Cbieago.
.-# ?
raahlngton, Mareb 81. Al a .Ung b>day of thi
full board of tha tnteretafo Commerre comiai-ion,
,vm Bm |t, Hoirl rm waa eb?eted rhnlrmnn to 811 UM
vacanry made by Judge C.ey'a rulgnaUon.
A C.IIH \<;o sl 1.1 Rn \N ROAD,
Ohleago, March 21 p*perlal>. The Calnairt i!?'!t RaU
raad Campany to-day Btod Brtbdei of Incorporatlon wlth
tha Becmtary "f Btale al Bprlngflekt. Tbe mllroad
which u ia propoaed la eonrtrncl ?m extend from a
jH.int on Ihe Boatb Cbieago Rallroad, In Chlcago, al tba
lnter?eetlon of Krte-nv. and Boatb Chleaao-ave., run
nlng ln a nowtberty or aootbeaaterly dlrei llon to a polnl
,,? ihe lUiDota-lndbma Btale Une, ln Thornton Town
^hin (VaRi Coimtv. with :. branch eitend ng weaterly
to a polnl on ib'e lUluola Central r ;.d between K--n.
... po and 11 " v- v.
Tban Uiose h<i are now giving cannot j
bo expected; thal Gooils bo excellent i
should 1??' fcold bo cheaply Biirprises all
bnyen trbo never before lia<l so vaai :i
cboice i<? select from, such styllsh nnd
durable Fnrnitnre, i>m ipc prefer mak
in<t for it sliori time a l<>*s <>n eost <>r,
mannfaetnre to stopping the faetories.
Riffhev pricea miwl oome when jrour
vranta and nol oorlack of room Hxes
Hit; prioe.
NaliiiJil afaple and Mahogany l?'a<l
tln' faRbion.
Furnituro Makors,
104.106.108 WEST14TH ST.
The 5tory of a Door.
Thi< itoor hnd not
bi en etaaaed in
laraaey raawa.
Taay trtad all kind^nf
f.<.ap aa lt: ' it tha
illrt wouldn't budK*.
At laat anroebody *u***?tr4
KalrbiinU'a BoM jbBBj
Wuahlnc Powder. Herea
how tt loofced In a few ralnutce.
Hest, as well as the Cheape?t of aJ
rashing Powder*. Sold everywhere.
N. K. FAIRBANK^XaTSole Hanufacturers,
77/7; COURTS.
Franrla Rarion Whaley, ,-i baby threc yeara and
etgbl rnontha ..id, wlfl hereafter bave aa attowaoee of
BS,742. Inatead of B3.000, whleh h:i^ baratofore been
anent Ior tbe rblM, if the reporl of John A. J'oley u^
referee la oannrmed 11 tbe eourl
The baby la Um only rhlM of Laaaafna MeCready
Wbaaay, who dtad on October 10. 1888. The nuner
of Um rl Hd la wjiiiiun P/baley. Mre. wantoy waa tba
daughtcr of Nathanlel L. RTrCready, arba waa UM araal
aenl of ii.e <iid Domlnlon Steamalup Coaapany, and
dMd In October, 1887, leavlng an eetate of aboal
et .000,000, Tbe baby b enUtted to an aatate of nearty
$000,000, from whlcb there la an bMome of ?31,000.
Prom ii.i- ttaere baa to be leducted B?%333, wtdeb U
pald to tbe rhlld'a graodrootber, who is now about
terent) yeaw old. Blnce tbe deatb ?f the amtbar, tae
bobj I uu been taken rare ..f by Mra. Karia P/baley
.Im, aa gaardlan. Bhe, wltk her haaband, Bvea
:.: Rdlato leland, ofl Charasaton, 8. C. an a eotteo
pbnitatton. Bha la aa aunl ol Um baby, wbfcfc haa
been recetvlng an aUowani ol 83,000
The hab) I- whut k called a ri. kety" rhild, nnd
I., tl ootberphyalealdefecta. Dr.Bayre rteoaunenaa
.im! it have Uoi ebark exerclae, and abo tbe aarvlcea
?f :i nuraery gw trneaa. He doaa not tbfnk Uaal Um
,ii.\ -i.onid bebroughl up In a botel, uaaa Imtet-bred
rhild i- i.ot Bkd) t" I"- :i good Bember of Motety."
i refore Uie rhild mual havea bome, arfclcn, togetber
wlth aervanta, nuriaea and other domeaUca, and aoreea
and rarrlageii, will be expenalve. After mktng a greal
ui ovldeme, ihe referee thlnka thal B5.748 "III
i ,., i,. |no mii.!. ol ince for tba ehild. owbig
ii, it- larce ineaiKt, and that Uu< gaardbin ?houM re?
. iw an allowanee ..f 01,000 a year for tnking eare af
It. _
Waablngton, March 21. rba SaprenM Court today
tranaai ted Um folloartng bualni
Ro 811 Ora Haley, pbtlnUff In error, agt Learla
II. Ureeao, trva ir?-r, etc. ln error to Ihe aupreme
. ,.,r ... Uie state ol Colorada. Wamlwed for Ute
?.i,;.: of Jurladlctlon. Oplnlon bv Mr. ChMf Juaaea
I tl.!? r.
Bi parte: ln tho mutter of Thomaa lt. Heaa. pen
liuii'-r, ji.-Uiloti for u wrll of error denlefc. Oaunon
i,\ Mr. t'l lef JuaUee Fulh-r.
' Nu IT'. Kiigene ''. Uvrdon, iil.mititf in error. aga.
the 'I'l.'.d SiiUonal lin.-ik "' CbattaOooga, Tvon.
jiidgmeul afflrmed aiUt eoala and Intereat
i Cblef Jaattee annoonced tbe foihwing orders
of tlie court:
\? gi7 ?Tbonaaa .'. Plaber, aappelhuit, agt J. Ean
rurker et tl. The deatfa ol Thomaa J. FUher,
tbe appeiUii.t bereln, bavtug been suifgeated, leave
gnu 'ed to <tih-tn .(?? Uie eieeutwra ol Kliher and
thetr grante* aa purtlea appelbuita ln thia .caaq.
Tba ronorter huvlii* rcpn ^.-iiW UiM owtn* to Uie
i?unib-r "t dertatona .?t ti"- bwea lt wu w> im
iirurtlrnbto '" I"* th? reporta In one vobbbbb, lr,
i. ttiemfore n<>? here orderad Uial he publlsh mi
uridltlonal v.ihmie ln UUa .v-ur, juinmant to S.-.-tlon
lial ?,', the I'.'taed stniuUift.
RO DBd The Ni?ih?'jti iloltlr rtiilIrourt dompany.
irtii.'itiT i error, agt. J. L. patteeaon, Ooonty
i, . r. et-. Mottoti |n latvanee ?nbnaltted.
s, ... i . Amerl m IrUflelaJ stuna Parement
r, mp ;? \ il.lmltedi, nppelhuit, ngt the ValeonlM
Pavini '???., i ? .?? al Rotloi to reverae deorea
of Urcnil Court bi-reln per aUpnbttlon aiabmltted.
s,, i,44* The Hluui Cltv :if.| St. IVi'il nnllrmul
t, agt. Uie Ui lb I >t;it<-. MoUon
to adviihee aubmltt?d.
N,, i...; The Pe?phJ of the st ito ??i Row-iork
,.x ,,i. The Kew Vurh Btectrli IJ:i"> Company,
?f I, error. agt i: llln M. ~*nnr*?. aa Oonmda
? i.r ..f PubMe Woi!*, eto. i--.iv.- h. nitervene und
Bb i.n.-.f heretn granted.
Tbe <t.i\ rall fnr Tn.<~dnr will b* :i- Wlowa: ><j?-.
I21U, 'J-l. -'?--, B83, ?--!. ?J-"' 220, SSR8, ?--'?? nnd 831.
AJbany, Rareb 81.- m Iba Courl of Anp.;ii? la-daaj
UM foltowtng eaaea were argned:
Jamea iv MeCabo, reapondent, agt J. T. t.;o?ki
felj..-.v, Ireri.u'S':-. et.'., uj |"
I*. D. Wheatliuid. reK;?>tide:it. aai. S. Slorrls Pryor
iitnl auother. appeUuntM.
c ii. Kemer, reapondent, agt C. O. Bareanan,
?t ;il. nj'i- ll! its
Miwy lt. Van Cleef, appeBant, agt, <':.tlu-ir;ne Brnno,
Inipleonted, ei<. reapondent.
The V:r. H'. >V. Ot SoW-York. 1"-|>'>: d-'llt. npt. tho
inv Ooek, I- t Urondwaj and IRJttery Rallroad Con
i anj. appi Uant
ln Um Saoond IMvhrton Um foRowbig motlona were
ii rp i.^i ;
ii. \v. Rarnea, agt. .!".-?> 8>Ilgman and anotber, and
i.....: :.. ll. Iirown. M"t ?!. by plalnUff to ajnend re
^l .f. roRbn appelbint, onl Thomaa Hnnnlng, et
al. nm. ca.se*). SbiUon bj appelbnil for asave to
u-lthdruw appeala, gnuited, witi.i- t> reapondenta.
Abuander Amietr??ig :i?,t. Um Agrtcultural laaar
bi ? i Wnpuiiy. mipcBaot.
T. ii. \\.?'i- i ;it"i anotber :\-t. tbe Rew-\ork
I'.levnieii UuibXMid Company, ayprllant. Motlona by
apiieliiuib* f?-r rearguuieni aubm.tti I.
Appeala ??: I. i'. Androwit, appelbint, agt. tbe Daj
DuitiMi i>>mpan)
T. Ile?-bler nad anotber, appelbuita, agt, Khjah
jl\,r^ ai <i anotbi r.
Murj \. Amermun, nrpcUunt, aet. Iiertlia A. Deane.
,i. .1. liiillnp. :i|'i'eii.-i..i. agt. Jiicob lienid.
Ame<i B?niakl. iippellaut agt. tbe Mutual Reaerve
i u .? | re ? ? iUon.
will';.rn I'-nidaluiw agt, the Rome. Wntcrtown ?nd
Ogd< n biiry Ib llrund fVanpanj, i ppelbniU,
M. t . i iu v and nnot!:?f agt, tlie ?ume, appelbint.
Both dUinlaaed andcr Kule UI, withoul eooU.
? nrj r.. I.netebmrd, aipelbint, agt, RUaabeth Lorg.
The day mtendora for b>morrow nn-:
lir.i Divi-b.ii- No-. 108, l?8, 170, IJ''.. 1 IT. 153,
1TJ ii'.d 174.
Scvoiid l>!vl lon- Roa. 744, '.'.:, 71",. 7'.it, 703, bO.i.
io-> und B00.
- ?-??
, 01 RT C M.; RDARH l ''ll TO DAT.
? npi .? i .ii. . ii r.? mi Ib ? m . onlianed.
... i i ? i?? ?<- - Bul ? rruax, l.-M iti.in e?|.
. .1 at ll ?? ? lo> ^
,,,. i... t -; ..ii leni. Parl i Bofore itMrnt,
. ?ii i.i.n aat. bavr. \.. ralendar.
Sui i . I'o'ii -;?? ? mI lrn |-.,ri II llerorB II. arli.
, n,' -,'.i laoo -?.??". ->r isoj, i.r..', :,-:. imjv
HI,. i i c ir,.i .".'I 1 >? 1843, -'?'?;. '-??">. -J'.ii, 308, 34
i. IC. 278.
,,,, i , i parl III llefo l'i" iraon, .1. Roa
?:-,,,' n;i i... ?.. iioo . 1318, 1327, 1340, I3&J, 1333,
i co ' r..' i Bai ?? Andn ^ -, J Caaea froaa
i ircuit Comt iNnt II-Hefare bawrenea, J-c?m.m fron
l-j.' i n
, uU Court I'ut l\' Adjiiurned fnr the term.
s ? uro'e'* Courl ll.fore lUn?. s. Motion ralenddi
.,..., i, l i.r. f .'i i -ii i llunMi 10:;((. j. ii
i ,. ,, ,.i,|. \\ in - ..i :,.'?? i ii i ... - Hlnna Wa n
,,,,, \j. ii .,..,!,!, i^uuUw i Mlilliigion, Kdwln M al. Uaria
? I- sabiii" I'urollw A. W ' * lt. Ilfum, 1
., ,,. ji." |i i; .'..-li. a.ii.i Klani-han, Kllza A Thoniaa
, ui,... .i.iii.... Muirn ii, Mi:in .m. KrumM i ?<'
? o; ?, ..??!:? i ii 'i. .: idj luraed anUI Aprll I
i , ?,,., tMeaa b|iaclaj lerm? Beforu Olegerlah, J.?
,? pi,?a irdi Term Part i Befora no.u-.ta*ar.
i \,,. 1077 lo;--, 1732, 128'J, 303, 00. 1423. ll'.'i
I, ?,, :,, H34, 1402. '?'"? ",,s. B88, '':-'' 1:"''' '"-'
i:.,. Trlal Terai Parta II aad III?Adjaaratd
,ins!?:Vriof Court tlenereJ Tera .Adjoarned aaUl April 4.
Kii|?rioi Courl >i? lal rerm-Befora MoAaani, J.
M?*iprrior Court-Equlty Teraa-Befora Dagra, j.-n?.
B0Bunerlo? Coart Trial Tern P*tt I-Refora B>dawfek,
? ? i v?? 1016, IH57, 1 toi. l'.:... .,.-.
c ... i , i ??: Trlal TVni l*an " ll?*or? Freedman,
, ,. \ ,,'-, |- .-. 1....I 1712, 1310. IOXW, !.1S.
J.r;',:1nY;;v.:- iVoS'.!:, TSTuW"
' ' ',??,, jjperial rorni Befora Rearbarger, J- Mo
,,rt .Trlal Tero-Rul I I ' v.u, \vv.k. J.
? ' 1550 ??"-'. ?""<'. .??"'?. itfll*, ttrv.1,
-?:; "-;:, ',?? ? 1 "i. * i. '-"? ;'-"- ??? n?t.
,' -,f-.; -,780, 1218, 2324, WU4, K7I. 6884.
,,,' 410 U78 '-' 8204,
???? ?.? w? N"- ' U K
""iou'nol Uoueral Beaalaaa-Parl il-Uoror" MaHbaR J-.
Nos. 28 to 36 Flatbush Aventw,
HKOOkl.YY. .V Y.
Our new store, it junction of Flat
bush Avenue and Fulton Street, will
be opened for bosineBi this morning,
.Mareh '22, npon whieh oocasion we iu
vite our friendl and patrons aud the
publio generally to be present.
The ehoieest scleetions of Spring
Dry Groods, both Imported and ttomet
tic, will be on oxhibition. Evory de
partment haa been eDlMfged, and our
[ncraaeed farilities enable ns to carry a
niiich beavier and more varied stock
than ever before.
We have added a Dre.ssmaking De
partmont, whieh isthorou^hlyequipped,
and will bo under oompetent manage
liient. Speeial attention will also be
devoted to Fpholstery.
Family Sewing Machines,
The HomeoRThe Factory,
If* CAl ?*KI? BY A t'OI.D
whlch aatBaa ln a:id tBBBMa the *ir tubai laadlog ll
...?? luDR*. It '.. tbe boginnlng of
Bronchial Consumption
And If a zloctod l-ud.n to that dl?caa? very apaedlly. A
?i.arp, n.ctullic < ouuh accon.i?nl?4 It Tike lt la tltaa
atid you dn cortalnlv .urc lt "!t!i
U ln, h l? \V ltho.it an Kqunl f?r
ji.i for nll itaCBMa l-aUtiiK >i|? to aud lncludlng con
|)|{. S( Ml.\( K-. KWW Kook *n Dlaeaara of tha
I.>...??. I Im-i ii.i.I MtaaWMfe, ?liould be In r\rrj fcama.
Baal Irre.
IMt. .1. II. BCHBMCK <1 *ON, Phllndrlpkla. Pa.
Ocaf Wt?II JaX ThST
UCt Well. JQSS Matchless
Bv ^?zJ&MB Nolhing equals it
x&-v-tK^Bawf'ir invalids, conva*
^g^^^^^Iescents an J 'fagged
?3??3r r,pt LIQUin BREAD.
^^^fap^Don'texpe.t asgooj re^ults
^car^rom the ' just-as-good' kinds.
At lea,llng DiaBBBBB and Urocera.
. r\Vft
i"...m t\ t.i ?!% Iba n.'r nioiilh, BI hnrmleaa hrrbal
jiL i'u. iu. i j' inj n th? health ..r lalerfan wita
S!STbMlaM !? liurv. lt bulldj ap aud imurov**
'^"if.'oo' st, wniiWl- or flahblaMa fiillow thla tr?at
n .: rE'dorJ* by ptyrtclaaa aad Icading aaeteCj ladlaa.
iiirui'" ' So Marvtog. Baad ? aaaCa m ataafa fir
Uacaw ? partlenUra ta
Dr.o. W. r.aaVaari BTfarlaara Tbe?tr?>. <atoaaa* ut
B j taakaaai Ikactloaaaaraag fiaaacBl Maa l ?o ?.
",i:"!"" \f (?.,.,.ml >,.?.|otiH-l'irt III IVfr.. IHWgorBld,
j..l?diVwiauInt ii.tri.'1-Aiu.r...-y Oatirci Mcc. 1 to 12.
r;f;r;ifir HBTfl f>? AWBtWMBm
?Poiml-.r Aniu-.n Bta" tM the M.bjeot for 41a
-aJoa betora the C i V-????"??? nuh hUiX nlfht **
n :? ,.,. ... Mnfa H...01. The afacaaac
vawnhc Rev. ttr. kValcrtefc T?ry. A. M. IMU'ifr. the
lvv or joaeeh Aadan ? aad ahc Bca. Dr. iloward
DufDrld AU tbc ipcBBan took ^ Baaral vfaa of ti.e
,,?,..,...!.. BBd the trrad <-f IBoh rcaaaraa crac M od
v ? bc, of laoec IBeatraa praacatlag cac U'ttpr rluie
ol phui aaa: of cartptoging aaea fraad fn.m iu
mnVbliBg leararea, af BaaBi aad prlvatc laaaaat
portiei ai dutingaiaacd aaca i?ut>!lr bnlis. an4 cf
other fonaa of aaaaacaBeata aitaacn taatr aaraaal av
.tlona. Lariea ?'? Waiaar pr^uif.1. Aaaaagj
lh0Be prcaaai acrc Kr. aad Mra. f. ll. vlaaaaaaaa.
i... \ ii Btadfori, the Baa. I. U a^aaMar. A. *.
N?U tha Bca. l>r. and Mra. B. ll. Vlrgin, II. W
liabfira. O. ll. Coraa, IL M. liajcaa.

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