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oughly unlted and orgarHzcd. nnd they eontemplatc
the contest wlth murh ronfldence. The tarllf aud th*
eurrenry nre the prlnrtpal tasaeo, and ns the I>e
mocracy lt> on tho wroag *-lde of both que-tions, 11.5
result wlll bc in tho rlght dlrecUon.-'
So sald Oovernor MrKltihy, of ohto, the grent
Cbnmpion of pr tertlon. when s.-en nt the Hotel Ilanv
llt?on lo?.t evenlng faat before he lefl the .Itv. Tlie
Governon la <m Ma aaj home Mter lattBg an nrtlvr
part in the Rhodc lalaad eampalga.
? "Both partle. arc cpirdlv Mget 1" fhOh efforts ftO
aobleve vlrtory.*' contlnued the OoettBOfi "bnl
tf tbere are no Mayat botaeo ln the Bepnbll
can ranba to morrow, Wnrdwrll wlll to defeated
by a good-st_?l pltiralltv. Bat cVcn It the
Ltemocratic eaaiMafe for GtJMmnr le elected lt win
not mean tlmt Kh.*d- 1-land la 10 BO Democath in
the Preaidential eleetion. I have loolted over tbe
fleld thoroughly, and 1 am onvlnced tha.t Bhodo
Islnnd wlll be a Kcp.ibll.au state Wlthoal 8 BoaM Wflea
tbc contest ts (4 Natlonal one."
The Gorermr sald that he waa much cncoumg?rt
bfl the rcault of the local .1. (n,m-'m Ohto. There
waa no Kt, he *.U. ?hMl hla btate belng aolidly
Republlcun. _.
ncflflET city mxo.
The Trlbune piiblKhcd jreaterday Informatlon of a
gang of repc-iters tha. the Pe.n.s .atic rla| woaM lake
trom this rttv to Jeanej CHy ye-terday for the pnr
po^ of reglaterlnB then ns v'Otero. The Hepiblhan
leodcrfl kept private agent* nt the fcrrlc from aaiU
tn tha mornlng until Ihe bour for rcglMratlon WM
pasaed. Captain *iohn Qiahaaa, who haa arreatrd aaaay
vioutor* of uie law at Gtatteabarg, waa atatloaed near
tho PeDnsvlvanla ferry. At aboal B o'eloeh the
vigilant raB|iBtTi >aw a erowd <.f vlllanoua looklng M
lows leave the feny -hou-e. Thera arere aboul tarenty
of them. The gang walUcd up to HaOaoa-ai an.l tarneO
down that tlioroughfarc to MorHvak, where ITiomaa
Kelly, a brother of Police Comml-loncr Kl Hv. heepa
a l*w grogger?. The gaag BBtered thla place, aM
whlle the captain waa watchlhg them, alBei by ono ol
hia fcrother. aud two other Bea, JnM H. Soltlvaa.
belter known as "Hooftv," a notorious waioVworfeer
who draw- BlOO m BBBBth from the street and Water
lioard for dolng nothing, Bftffjroaehei the groggery.
Ju?t as ti* wa* about to cntor hc BflM (?raliam.
He bung around for a Ume, and after havlag ptObablj
glven some aLgaal he alowly flraJkei away. Boon after.
ward the gang ot rapeatera left Kolly's place aM ? Bd
to the haarahnp kept by P. Oaldy. Captain Grabaet
followed. After tlie gang f-'iind that they were ao
chwely wotchod thnt they could not get to the re.l-try
bootba the men becauawahaafaa loflrard Oaplalfl Prahaai
and called hlm vlle liame.. The captam ttrealeaei
thera wltli arrest lf they atteinpted 10 repister, and tho
fccoundrel who gfpaarad to he the leader ahOflted i
"Oo on. yer nhaipl Arre-t Ml I _Mm not.
De gang ovei- here arlll tal.c eare of u-."
Howeier, they did not rcgl-tcr, hut lt is e\pected
they wlll artempt to v..te next ItomikJ. Two other
gnngfl of twenty earii eame over during IM day, hut
they were k> rJoaelj WatehaB tlmt low ?uooeeBN ln
reacning Uie gulfling arm of the fcaHot-bOI _r.i ttei*. to
wbom they wero con-lgnc*.
H wn_.ihe intentli'ii oi tho ring to l.ave the ciinc of
repeaters placed under tlu.* diiectlon of an eaoatoya <>1
Ibe ftree* m* Water BOBffl. wbo la pald a munil.Iy
uilary beoause he ls an _.\_>crt buliot box . turter. and
this flcanndrel wm? m tahe tl.em to four preeinetfl In
the l.tDlstrtct, to two iflTeetacIa In tlie Ud Wstrlct, aad
to odc pre.'inct in the VtB I'l-in, t. ln all of tlie-;
preclncts. tlie eierrt"*. offlrer-, la 1B8J arere eoBVlolei
of bollot-box etufflng and .entcncc^l to elghtven nionths
at State prlt-on. The laal r.aincl pre.ln-t ls tl.e
notorious '?Bn_h House" pi^clnct. trhere ltepubllcuu.
are fortunate to have a doien vou- counted fec them.
During the dny, this ' Jloofty" -..illiviin, before
meuUoncd, went to tbe iirst precinct ot the lat DMrM
aiid demandod tlwt a nuito: ot na ni **eiit maa bc
reglotered. Jobn Hayes. the Bepablieaa iBapeetor. tl.e
man wbo tuude tbe romplalut. agaiaal IM _ang ol
gnmblers at Guttcnburg, refaaed _0 perinlt the 88888
to be recorded, nadaaa fhdnvaa mad? aa afatovrl thal
tbe name was a proper one |o hc lt> orded BalMvan
tnshted, but Hayea lefoaad la to balMoaetf, mi then
tho t-nergruc worfcer lor Alian L. McDermotl dealt
Hayea a terrinc blow on the head, knock.ng hlm down.
The pottcemam on duty rcfused to ants:t sulllvnn. Hc
aad, received hla orders atKl they were aot tu tnter
lcre wlth any one getUng votea for the nnp.
It U known now thai hundreds of fraiclulei.t nnines
were regi*.tcred yesterday und th- heesera arUl try tO
bu\*e Uiem voted. The l'cpublican Campaign Oom*
ndtt*e 1-. miiKlng everj' posslble eflort to d"fcir thi?
Infamou* sebeme, and the eommtttee bcllevea li ?i 1
be -ucce?sful. Bcarcely any ..ac bellevea thal tt m cr
viu I," defeated, if aa huaeol hall ,t la pven and
COUIlte.1. . . . .
Uiiring tbe afternoon Captain Grahain arr.-tc*! Uvo
repeatcra. When he tofik Uiem ln the police atatlon
tlw -eii-e.int eaeh tiuic refvoed to recelve the nrUoner
aud diMharged hlm. Tlie _er?can1 on dutv when tho
ja-t arreol waa made wu sa-rpeant McLougbun, a
cou-in ol County Cieih McLoogbUn.
The annual town elcctlmr- were held yaoteaaay
in Klngs. Queetis nd >uffnlk conniteo. ln Queens
County Uie vo;e naa Baoaa erealfl BJvMed than ln
previo.i-, reara, a.,*a la aoaae toflrna IM eoaii I for
BuporvU.r wao a hoi one. The qaeattoa at Inaoe ta
Jnmnlra was the bondbrg of the 1->w'ti f"r roM im
prov?n:cnts. 11. A. Van AU-u (Rep.) Naweaentei tM
element oivartag a la-mded debt of BC80.0) *. whlle
f, W. Uuiit'ai (Obbb.) lavored tho hoaBlag Ol tto town
to Uie amount <>f MOOgOOa TM Dei.rata ln
Qtif?n? <Vrunty 44111 proMhty contml the aozl Board
?f Supenlsors, whlle the Kepubli ean s ut suffoih Oonnty
wiu freuiin eoatral tiicre. IM naOMatea i
ln Queens County were:
oyater My-flapeiriear, Jo^eph Steinert (Dem.i; town
cltra. j?n? MeQaaco (Sfl-a.)
.N_wtowii--ci|_-rviM,r, Juhn H".*. (Dem.); town eb rk.
jobn t. Rahflaoaa (i:<'i?.)
Bl-Jut-J MpatTliat. Davll L. Van HoottoM [Dem.)'.
town clfra. JaaoM M. Hl.-ln* (Dem.); j.iai..ce, Th.maa C.
JdcKeiuii. (Deni.i
Hempsf?<l-.Sui^rv ?or. Thomas D. Smlth (Rcp.)
Jam?a*a--Vnr''rvis,,r. F. W. Dunu,n (Ma)
?rth Ilenip-tead?S.._arrv..v>r, .\'i_u-t,'j*> D'-nton (Hep).
There was no eleetion ln Long T-land Clty. In
Kuffolk Cou_.ty tbo tolloalng Bfl|N?iB0y 4v.ro
alectcd :
Babrfon-Hi'-hard Htgble fSflOB.)
8outh?ild-tr..rv A flOOVOO (D^ni.)
Bi<_?___i\-an?John M. Itloa fDoa i
I.ltr-WUIIam 11. "i'onne (DflflO.)
Shelter llhal ** V. tlllftln (V.eri.t
?.o'lrbami't.-n?.tone. fl, Marflfla dt'-p)
l__*tharr,r.b.n-Cli;irl s a. MUlOl lb B I
Snilthtown-I.uUi.r B. Ballocfe 'I" I )
tllvarha__l-Jolm R. I**e_hlna (Itep.)
JaaeiBgiaa i-aoi|i .*>:. THinom (iep.|
'in VmrnxWoB, Kings Coaatp, .lames F. Kelly,
(Dem.) aa? elected .Iti-tUe <>t the Rraee. In >int
lai.dK Jobn C. Matthewa (Bea.1 ww, pmbahly elertaB
/..ftl'-e. in Oravescnd Et. x. F. Haa lon (Oem) wu*.
elected Ju-rtite wlthout Qppoeltton.
The Aprll meeting of Ihe Kcpi.lillcali BXOt itlvc
Commiitee of Klaga Coanty wa* MM In Broohlyn
la.,t aaaatai al Ka. i"'i Laaieauaat. larael E.
Fls?h*r prc-lded. The p.inriiKii batttaoaa 44*ns Bectdlng
to liold tho ward piltiuui*-* OB ThBTBtoy, Aprll Sl J
the AaaeaaMy Dtatrld Coaveattoaa oa Api-n -ii, and
the Caagreee natiiel Ooaeentloaa on aj>rii ?_?:,. TM
delegntes to UlC .-iUite Convention to b<- held ln Al
baiiy tm Aprll _7 wlll be Beloetai Bl BM Aaoembl.
pu-trlct Conventlons; und the alght Km.'s County
Selegntos lu tbc Natlonal Convention ul MTuneapolla,
44111 be selecu-d ?t the Coagreoa Dbtiict Convention..
The Hlchiiiond Coaaty BepaMcM Beaoml Cobb>
? Biltiee na-t yestci.h.V ultcric.oii at m hm ibi's llall,
btapleton, 9. I. IM <late for hol.llng tM pHmailea
Uiroughoiit the county to 8Baol Mleajatea M tM County
convention is ii.vu |or Mtaraay, Aprll ifl, aM tn.*
county CeavanUoa i" aleat state aM < oagicaaloaal
delc?ates, wiu hc li'kl at the Ueflaha tluhrootn* on
Tueaday, Apill 19.
MbunttenB to booobbd his fathf.k.
Lom^viiie. Ky.. Ap^H B.?Al CoBkaMa raalaialai
Joseph M. Kenda'l araja aoaaraaled i>v the Demetialle
flBMraaataaal Oaaa*entlaa for eleetion U> laeeeaB hla
father. Repre-cntatlve .1. W. Kendall, deeeaoed.
The re^ular inontiiiy laaaHag of tht J. mt. Xcny A?i.o
elation waa held Itit nlvht at Ka. IfM t?J?t N.,<...iy-l:*'ii.
at., wlth Jtobatrt K Brownrii t? t_e . hiir. atul K R. Roflla
acUug aa mu-Baiy Nai aaa aoaaheai ??re iaaaa av
aud nve prorrt-iti'.a* r?r mt om tmtp aoflo ?aato. iMwoie*
were roade bj John RflBBOa and .1, W. Terry. Anioii?
tbo-e Bfaoaal wcie V.rtln llalcy, Anthonj ?aekMlta.
Chartoa Bot, K- fltofll-MB-BOr, I?uU PeUra. It.*i..uiT.ln
Hobaon, Wllllam llobaou. Hariy 0. Ilolt. Chatla- \V?.ol. v.
|. a. Both, Joacpli KapMal, C <J. Kauaer nnd Janaa
McUl" ? * I
' *rihe J. I'hr. ti. Ilupfel Rrcwlna Co.'a
TRRIOR c'.n-Mli.s-Twr.MY "Mi DEMO
jnr Ttirr****"" to ti.e Taia.aa.]
Albany, Aprtl *?- Y.ua n- was the ?enryu-aaier "f
Ibe CW-gteaslopM -ttatrfcta of the state made by Ibe
bill drawn ap by Oorernor Floarer an.l 1ns pilrate
?reietary, a moath n^o. and then anbMttod to th
Legialature, even tbat meaaure waa aarpaaaed as a
awlndttng eoaetment bv the MU wWeh waa paaaed bv
the DeaMoratle senate to-nlght. Mr. Flower. ta hia
1,111, -foi.veral Keptihii'iui dtatrtcta In the lnterior
of the stute .ma^-'iivc tbem to the N.-w-York an.l
Brooklyn l^mocfcits. His bill waa aa ar
ninp'd that tlie New York CttP C.nRrei
ikmal (ii-tri'ts had an averafi popalatlon of only
about ITl.taa), while BepubUCaa tll-trl-'ti in ihe
lnterior of the State Imd p-.piilatlons ranirinK from
ir;.,ot>o to 808.000. Tho Biooblyn oongreaalonal di
trMs had a llttle larger popntoUon, bnt .-till |be unju-t
Mtara ??* a mueh amaUei populatloa lhan th" Bepab
Baaa dMrtetc ta the lnterior of the Btata was main
To-nlEbt lo the Senate. nnder tho munlpuli.ting fln
peiis of David B. Hill, wl?o ls stlll in tba dty, them
waa stlll (.resitcr compre-.-l N Ol HM RapabUcan
c'inUes. Mr. Bbcebaa, It seem-, wl-lied lo
have two congreaetanal -Betrleta pat into Erie
County. Thnt .ounty an.l RtafMa Coaaty togetber
barcly mnk.. up Rro OongreMonnl dUtrtcta ln
ix.int nr popiTii.tmi. Mr. Bbeeban, however, lopped
oit Kta-Ban Ooanty .md made it ;? p?rt ..f tbe XXXth
Disli-l.t, wlilcl. also ha* within Us llnills ihe eOantM
of. Urt-NJBtoa, Wyonilnp, uencsee nnd Orieana. Tbe
tmiIi of ihi- ehange waa to dliloMe aeveial Hon
pcMaaal dlatrtcu In Ibe weatern part ol Ibe Btalo,
Bnd largely to Increaaa the popnlnttoa ot aereral
Bepahbeaa ifeutcta. Tur-. Iho XXVIIIth DUtrlet
wu-. made to i-rsemble a suddlM.nK, nnd IbeiB maa
packed awa| vmii.ui its nniits ine coaadea ol
Wayae, Uayaga, Oortlaad, Ontarlo nnd Vatee,
i, bad ,-, Mg poi.uiaii'.ii abeady, 800.000;
1,'it tlils lmrense force.1 tl.e popabUloq up 10 -la.
000. Ttana :i BepubMenn itatftet of 815,000 popab>
tion wa-. ereated, whIM Uie New-York mv Dame
(riitle distrltts of only 171,'MX) populntlon were left
Bat this wns not the end of the jrerrymander. The
XXlld and xxill.l Dtatrteta were entlrely leaaodeUed,
at the demand of BMth M. Woed i nnd. aa .i re-ult "f
this. whal Senador Brwln leianad ? "atep-ladder ilt
Utet" was cienti-d, ninnlng from the st. |_aar**enca
Blver acroaa Ibe AdbonaacM wlMeraeea ta tha liud
mm Klver, n tll-.rlrt ___.il mlles iu breMtb and
?everoi ln Ba eentre by the Adbonaeb wooda. TbM
ls tl.e new XXII.l Dietrtot, compofe.1 of iba cootaM
of st. Lawienee, Hnmlltin. Kult.-n nnd BaMOfB.
The RapabUcan Benatera natuMry fonrht sw-h a
vlllnaoua maaanre. Ibe i ppoa.ttoa was le.i by Bena.
tor Rrwia. ii- snid. wbea Benator Cantor annennced
ihe propoaed aiBandmeBta to tiv Mli, tbal th- Ro
pubUcani bad expected .. partliafl meemlre, imt no
aaeh on- as thi-. m.t be bad been mrprt.i to learn
tl.at st. Lawreoee conaty IukI beem m* away Irom
it-, i.uiu;;il eompantona on tn. nertbern border,
ln.iil.liii and CBnton, nnd nuide to fonn part
of a <!l-trVt tlie territory of wblch ronld nol t,* -..i'l
lo be conttguoua tirritorv. The emaity <-f -t. Law
r.:;- wns mnde purt of a dfatrfCt wlth ftaMOga
County. How iibsurd! Tho Adtrondach w:l<!"r.."-s
aepantfe^ them. A man would hnve to trnv.l 830
mil.- bv rall, by a cinuiton-. roiit.*, to IBBCh holb
eoaotles. BueB an arn.T.K-'-ment w,_? a ertBM agaliMl
tho people of the di-'ri.t. Wba ,-t. Lawreoee Ooanty
to bo punl?he<l t^cui.se ahe rolled up y.-nrlv 8,000 li
p.ibllran ni*J r'.tv" Jle re_mrd'?1 Iba MU a- B 1"? "? kl
BMaeb apen blmeatt, whleh he had not deiereed
senator Cbator, the DwHWeratfc leader, of roaraa
medi a apectoaa repty. H- ?Ud: "Tbert ? no ??"
tentlon ol pantehlng any BepabUeaa BmMtor. There
?MMI ba a dMoeatlon of exi -ine poUtlcal relal
We miiM ennrtder the popalaUoa .f tba eoantM of i
.-.tat". Theae two dhrtrtrte have been eqaal In popala
Uon. Ai oricn.i.liy anraaged, tba XXUd Uatrtct had
_.'...'..''.-:i p.pulntion, anrt the XXIIM DMtrtct l??.505.
wa propcae.tB tbaaaamendaMBta.to glve tha xxn-i d
tri't a papalattoa td 1*6.10*, and ti* xxnid DMrtet
n pepnlatton i f 101,155. wadDROtdMwwb any mdi tag
pollUcal MaUoaa. Both "f thr*<* di-trlrt-. were He
publlci.n ortglnally, and tbey ?t-_ Bepabtldan now.
p.i.t Benator OaBlor aiade no reply t.i BanalinraTialH'a
BnanawemMe arpum-nt re^-arding the leogiaphteal
ebaiaeM of tba .iistiict.
senator DonaMaon, of Baratoga Conaty, ai-o d.
nonBeed tbe MU. TbeB senator Brwln Md be wouM
rote f'.r lt lf tho Democrata would reatore tha dl li
as it wai wi.i. FraokUn and Cllntan nntted ta st.
Lawmnce. The othei Bepebllcan Benatom irould .....
foUow Mr. Brwln la thta matter. Benator A plnaU, ol
Btooklyn, ?!.. lared Ibal XI ?? Brooklyn Dem
garrymanaered tbe Ora i - ? ? '' *-'''rM
to BraoUyB that bo Bepnbllean oongreaamaa ? I
elected. uTbh dUfran bl ?- 70,000 BepubUran ," he
wUd, "and bo BepubU. m, ln my opinion, BhouM vi.t
for tl.is b.ii. even lf it ls amended ai ingge lai bj
Benator Rrwin."
"Tbere la a good d-.i <,f jn-iir" in wi ? -
Rrwln haa Md abool Ihe geogrnpMral rharacter "f
bli .1. ':.' t," aaM Beualor ? i*Connor, - bul net eri ?
-.? .,? ,i A-in: .ul ;- right N" BepnbHcan ihoald robB
b.r tbla Intqultoaa WU. Blnce thla iei lon began tM
Demoeratic 'i.n.' rtty baa not eared a eopper tor Ihe
peopi"', righta. it baa ? ed IU majority ol aevtateen
Mrs. (haa. A. Anbell
Ot Avea, Ma->?.
Hawevar pale1111 "'*v l"*'1 **** ** ?'1""J' Reed'a f>?r?i.
aarlUa vvu.i. DRIVE IT OUT. 1 u. tkanple, r.jd thla:
"I . i,. 11. 1-:.-'.
? c. I. Haed b Co., Lewrt". M?s? i
"Fu-.i ...rs op. i i.'.'i a mllk leg, md pet iroaad m
that I thought l arai well. Bal twa reai Bga ?umll dark
apat* beaaa ta appear oo ?y ankla, whleh i did not
iMak maek of till they t,- om. u. pata bb . Tbe de. Im
_.,id th'y taaaM aet hreak aat, j'.t Ibet vt. w i?r?.r
aud targar, UB ?? yeai aw u. y broae j"d t'titae
A Torrible Running Sore
laBaaM and paMal. Tba Baah maaal i_ ??* Maek, n.d
,i?. n r. MaaM la ha caiiua Inn Uie iione. Tba
,_,.,, nn- m mrcra lhal i roaM aet deep algkta, md f?r
? leag umt l aaaM noi walb .. ?.ep wubeat
li.lp. Of co'.r-e Bl trl'-d >-ver>tliintr, wu'he.. tW.. bnt
m BMdlclae d.d aay paad. Hwa bmMmi '.ii'*i ni ;? "??
110,,,1'h BarwparillB, and 1 <l:d ??. I v\?? .-iad inaqgh
u, aatiaa ?iie.. i hud takaa mm hattta tbat ii>*- eaadlttaa
t,i u.e- soie *?as better.
Tho Pain Crow Loss
and Ma 'iu ll ecaM *MBf, aad ?- l iw^' eeaMaag uk
Ing iieod'i BaiBBparilta iha MBpeavaaaaal ha* aM ?
ued. 1 u.f. iiow ...I my U.lrd I-." ? |.baa al.^t
eutiieiv baaM ap, M dai* neat ia* t tpp**t*ei aad
U.e llmb l'K.-is perfeeily bi?lll.T I BBB I ? MM a.i lr
Hood's Ci . es
and paaffM ar* ?uri'ilsed at tl.e \?..i..|. rf.,1 ? beagl I" nr n^
pcaianee atur whal i lmv* beaa i>,...uh i t>. i u ji i .?n
m.t ?p*?a um i.ii-fciy af n?".d -. _._,?... i_?i.:._ i BBiaaaUy
Meeaaaead n" MRl*. * iiaI'.U .-? .v. ABRRI.L.
From Mrs. JsbclFs JUotber.
"I never mw inch a son. I -.- ax mj d-ii.nl.. Iiml. ml
1 never uw K'l'h ? gNBI in,|,r.i\. ne ni, la WTf MN a*.
Ho-hI. Sjr-ai*rllli_ ).?? n?d" tt her while UM I?i l?*n
ukinn th.. u.i.- baMaa, l wait ta ?av aM thit i ti-ott
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Aller llie ?_rlp. and it ehHMBHj my bloiA aad w-i-med te
n:?ke n.e i.\.r n. W. Sa wranter v?e at<- virin lileodl
ot t>o exc ll.iit a medlcliio." Mil. K. OMuti. An.u, MM.
HOOD'M I'll.l.H ure nur.ij v'g'U.-!'.. pe.-f'.-..t'.J harii.
| laa-, do oot cauie paln or grlpe.
A"i! i'-ic.v by Christoplirr Columbus was a great ev.-nt in the world's
history. Eqoally |WRt in its Him was the _U__eom*of AYKK'S _____m
panlla, 77.? Svprrior MetHritir, for tlie cure nf Sr-rofula and all foruis
of Wood <!ise:i?rs. It curcs otheri atiti will CRW jTOR.
-~-? "About thp year
"1 ean p.'.-it;v.-ly
paaert tbat Ayet'i
Paiiaptrilla is the
beit remedy to bc
liail for Mood ill-or
di-rs. I liave put it
totbeaerereat teat, aft-r other proptle.
tary UMdldBM aml pbyildaiM l.a.l
faile.l. nn.l it iliil ita vv.Tk well. My
langbto" bad mffered, aince li
from acrofnlona sores
Aycr'.-. Baraanarilla_
S^w.-SSSlFor the Cure
adeqnately cxpr
1847 I waa coverccl
fr.un baad to food
witli wbltg __cabn_
Tlie dotlOfg who
_______ itteadod ir.e pro
l it acrofala, Mt trato aaable to
h.-lp me. I pew worse.
i.i nn
<io aaytbiag t
Tlie xkin eneked at tlie, joints.so that
r,|l eoald bardly walk. At laat-aonMmd
nn.l emptlona. Iraeotmmended uie lo takn Ayer's Saraa
purilla. I did so,
t___m purilla. I did ao,
a* I an.l at tbe end of
Ol I three montha I waa
___1 aa clean na any
Itade for what tin, wooderfnl i ...an. I ahall alirayi fooi patebi to Ao
m.dirine !ias done for ourohild."-r,eo..t.s,-ov.-rcrof Ayera Saraauanlla. -
II. Pendleton, El Dorado. Ark. K. B. Davla, Uarel, Dtd.
?' Wbea I .-amn onl of the army. I waa! " My daafbtet haa boM afflioted for
,ronMe.lwilbarr..f,i.a. Two botl.e, of'ecTera. yaara ??^^
Arera Baraaparllla maaaa^ i
shssi scrofula sis:
f the diseaie | ' reiult ii ? oomp e.a
T J ' Hopkins.Nortonville. Eaa*. I ..ure."- V. Mattinyly, St. Mary'a. Ky.
AYER'S Sarsaparilla
Frtpaml hn Dr. J. C. Aytr _t Uo., LonA\, Umt. btm by all Dimjgisl*
-Has cured others, will cure you
votee lo paaa n<-f oppreoolve ol tM peoplo and roNdni
Ihem . f tbelr politieal repreaanUHon. Thta blll * tm
rarprlas to ne. Paaa it. pntteaaea ot tto Brnjortty.
it n an oatrafeoaa lerryamader, but tM
peopie wiii paalah yoa. Thal le aty re
u,,.,,.. we atond Mn Bot lo apeah far -.ur
Benale dietriete, Ml tae u.e Repobllean party
M * whole. We. ask for no fcVOTB. No tme iepUn
11. an Beaator ahoaM |lve you u,e allgbteol eertlflcate
,,f g.M_d etmraeter. Your bin i- m laloMable perr.
?aander. Yoa Mva alngled -an IM Repobllean I. adei
lor paraeeatloa, bm i bviiew he i- f<-< Btaeh a aum
to take a:,r tavota from jrOB."
.-.-nator BaStM -ald that n lllgW nflUnnetlr .1 c.il
,.?...?.,,,, had ahoarn him tM1 u.e Hrenty-eae Demo.
rrmtir Confreflatoaal dtetrtcta propooed hj Uie blll ind
Ul a\'-l4l-*e p. P'lhitlvr, ,.f oMv lTl.l)i*0. wl.lle tM
thlrteen Repobllean dletitcta had u popolatlon on the
aveiaga "f 183.000. Theae Bgarea ?:.???'-*i thnt the
bill waa an IntenUonal gerrymander. As f.-r hl- own
propoaed ? 0Birre??lonal dtetriet, lhal - i M caotaln
_i."..<?K) populatlofl. orMieaa IM >?"? Torh ' oa
grea-lonal dlatrtcta would Mea onlj 171.000 popah*
.,,. v . ? .i if ihey had tiut.
However. Uie Hev,0 r.vv najottty 8T88 detefl
fo poofl IM IUI f- t a- Ui, V Ind Bltaaged If. Btkd thev
roted d,,?:i all aaaendmenta propoaed bv ihe RepabU
rana. In Bddltlon ta IM rhaneea ln t <? blll al
ip ,i*en of. TompMna < oaaty waa ndded t" th i xxvith
Dlatriet, wtdrh alrcady Ineluded V ? raaattee of Dela
war*, Chenapgn, BrooflM and Tiofa Thl tnah* .
,., -I ? IM ? ln length. Then tM XXVIIIU.
DMrlet, ahleh rootaloed tl.e eeantlei ,-f nYayne,
Caynga aid Cortland, bad Bdded |o II the <
I ontarle - a I'ata IM orarda and Aaoemblf
dlatrtcta "f Erie ....aty w.-r. Blvtdad ap i".t<> Iwo
Congresflloaal dlatrtcta. TM MU ?raa paaaed '
(olloflrtng pariv vi.t... aii tn- Peaiocrala *? dlof '. ?: it
und Uk> Kepnbllcana Bgolnflt It:
Bm*n?Hnmn. A plnoll, Dorby, Dw ildi ? Bdwarda,
Bmersoa, Brwln, llaater, KalUn, OToni ir, Pflf
liiciv'iM ?!., -i.'.n. Badtft md Van Oorder?ld.
-,,., Hi il . Ah< .:? . Bh* tf >od III n '. I antor,
I . ] lojrd .1 ,v -. ll .v,:,, Mi-'aiiv. Mn arreo, H.
Clelland, M< Mobon, Btt la, O.bom. Parker, Plnnaltl,
..-..i Walher -i T.
i _ , , _ | ?: _i ApportlonBMnl tm. IhM p
i. ni*n -i ia lu'.i i etow:
.s ilea 1- Pbf IB ' ? ?. * ?
_r-'.a _| tha t ,-e*i HUl ?? Ht ? *-'.?? -Mll be, . ?
ntnbr 4
lat 1 ? ..:*_??
0OIl.l?O?t Uf- !-? I' aVl.l.
j;_ lo.lr 1*-.!.' 1 *>
i pn .Ui md Ta -
ooa ? ' ' ' i ??Ul :..-'
lll,; DHti ' h.Thlid. 1
Mnt'i _?. I I ?< '? " I aorda of IM Hr ot Bc* ?
,,.* . ... ???(?'. tofrt ?
j , -,. ... ? . . " J
... 1 ? f ?
lyo. *. fi ??
? , . , . ? ? . ? ' IV'..
V'lh J
rweat] ?evfltith aad T?
\ !' I ' ' ? ?
_ad - ?"?'? v?. ? ? Im. a? ooa
\ II' . I- ?' ' ' '? ? ' r ?
| ?
VlllU. 1' ?.. ' ? ? IH in i - I Vllti. a
,i,.y ,4 X ...
. 11 I'v |l ' '
i\.ii r.-i... i ? IVi Vllh ond VIIIth Ai
, . . ? ix ,
DlaUI. t
v , !?.,. , . i.v,. Xlllth ai.l XVth A*
rti-t':.... of IM Couaty at Rew.Yot* flhi ? '? a KUi
Xlta Dl4*rio?-TM Ktt, Kill* ood Xivth Aflaeiobl]
: -.fw.Yorh kMil ?? . *
Xlth D
XIIU, j, -? ? Thi Kllh, XVlti. aad KV111
lamMy DUUleii al Uk eoaaty >.i St. ??)'? rh iMU
Iha Kllth ln-.rvt.
Xlllth DUI . ' Thfl XV'.]', and XXlh .%??? ???'?iv _H?
,,,,.s _| i of ReofYot* l that pot a of tl
XX!., . Ut. '.i.r ,,f i '
.... ? ? X nn., i
Xivth :? ' KlXth A?flea._l. Dlitrtel or IM
L??.,iv of Xea fort and IMI portlaa of U? .\\l-i a
,,.,..., ,.....?:, ik. eaatN .i i t...vi,v.i.*t. -Aid
. f Reventy-nlnth-flt. aod t;...'. purt.'
xxlIl, A.? ? i???*, ti,- .??.ti- of Mventy.
.,, Nca.Torh - i I ?? paa Ihi XlVtB
, DUtrtet-TMl porUaa nf taa XX1? AaaaaaBty
,',-'? ? ?? ' ? "?-.' **"***?.M-t ??*?*?
,,.??. oi i v . .-I, -? taot i-'ii"" vt im xxiie
,,,:?, ? vf -,n.,,ii..!i ... "f Ui. Cltj
?r Mew.Yorh .t Uia XXlttd AflmaibU Di?trl?l -t me
conntj ?i N. r.Yora ?MII toaapooa IM xvu, putrtat,
XVJlh DUUI I :>? XXIVU. a--,., Dtotrlel ol
,h, ....... ,., Nrw.yorh and Um caoalf ol WaateMaM
ahall rompooa UV XVlth U
XVIim DlfltrieV 1.-oaauo* ol R< hhmd, "r-mi.,
_,,_ Kalllvaa mall t.pooe Ihe XVllth l.i-i.nt.
xviii.t. Dlatrld ii....'?'? "f i'""''""? Walehi -
aag ri,i.t iMIl eonpoaa Uw XVllltt IM -rtei
XlXth Difltrkl rhe ceenUea "i Cotooibla anA
,;, , , ahal] eomi. IM XlXth Dlatrtet.
XXlh io u ' i ,,,'intr "i A.'.anv -.hall oaaapaoa
il,, x Xth Btrtrtt'
VXI. |, . , . xm ? ??nnti.a^ or flraeae, BcboMrte,
uul > ln li" tn.iy M.all (.i?"" ">?'
x> i I i'i-' e '?
xxiii m-tii't- Tii- eoaatlei nt Fultoa, naamtoa,
Rarataffo and Bi. Lowroaea ahall aawpaae taa xxiid
Dlatiict. .
xxnld Dlatriet Tha eoaaUeo ,.f Ui'""". raoaaiio,
i>.'.... w.r.'v aad flTooh aitoa ihall iiaipaai tha XXilid
01 '
gXlVlh Dlfltrtci The eoaaUei <.f Oflflraca, leaenaa
a,,i laewlfl -Mll "??,,.*, Uw XX1VIB Diottiet.
XXVtt i.i-'iv' n, eooaUeo ol OaeMa aad Herahatet
ahail ,??,|. tha xxvih I'l-t.i'i.
gXVlta r.i-iii'' TM eooallefl <.f Mtaware, CMaaaoja,
lr ' xtoga aad TawpBlaa ahall eonpoaa taa xxvith
lu-'i I. ' ?
xxviiti. Watrlet-TM raonltaa "f onond__.\ ana
Mv,,'.,,., ahall '""I. ?0 XX VI Ith I.l-lrl.t.
xxviim. i>'-"i" Tha ?'?'..'ti- "' w:.vn.. Cayaga,
(?rtia?,'i. Owtarlo aad Taiea ihall eanpoM tta XXVIllih
" J ciX? DlaiHei TM eeaaMa "f CMamag, Beneea
KehaTlei and Bteabea iMtl eoaiaoM Uia XXlXth DU*
l'' KXXth D ttrlel -TM eaoatloa of Mogaia, Uvtagfltaa,
w .,...in.. Qaaeaea aad Otleaaa ahall eomi.? tae XXXta
XXXUi Difltrtat-TM aoaaU al Meaioa ihatl compo4r
n? XXXIat Dlfltrlet
gXXUd Dlatriet Th- Ptnt, Beiaad, Thiid, reanh,
plltt, s.Mh. Mflflata. i.i.i.ih. N.nti.. Tnith. Uovoatl
Tw.ltth. ThlttOOOaa. Ki.urtfi ntu. Mi.-t''ti'h flnd TflfOOUflth
Woi4_a i.f th? >ii v nf BaBolo, <u >io? eaaaaiMMOa. imii
r,,,,,'_.,.--? taa xxxii i Matrt. l
llllili WaflrteV Thi 1VU Aaaainblj Dltttlct of
-_, aammxy a* tmaa. o?lwft_,a arW? a m? ba.?-o ao thfl
tvaar aru Wmad ei ma atkr n Bmttnia, mo VU
Dtar.-rr. at Wna Cammtm, *m* um rra-att,
?. r_?.?a-_M_aa%_ __B8___l____a. Xmam*n twet, TwrmTf
Tw*m*7-mirA. Twflatr-foarth aad Twflaty Bfth
?f m* cttra nt lieffa'd. ahall cm-i-*?? ma ZXXIIld
XXXIVU) Di-tilctr-'J'h? toualiea of ChauUuqua. O.IU
'?'.Helilom rrtr" dn tha w*"l>li hav? iuch an apf |.
tuiiltv u, uurchaaa \al<iat.la furalaur, a. tv.w at. uia vmll
knowa bouae oi Uto. (.. Fllnt Pa. 104 Wail Huva
megai aud AUagaay abafl aampeea _to xxxivth Dt?
Pa* 2-Tne w..rds "A-?-i. h!y PlitrKt ?? "he.- aaad In
th:- aet mfer te Amemtdy dtetrteta ?a at preoeat cobbu
talad. vvi.iti.A.r ti,- w.rd 'uard" or "ward*." ls aaid
ln thN ?(?_. lt Ikall 1-e BBdiratlld to rej. r to UM ward
?r aaida a* eaoaU^it-d at the timo ot the Pa?s??e ?t mia
*** _a-?
Of 10 TO 13,
OARD T<"> Tlir. AN'Nrxrn D19TRICT JOB
s: YATOR vvvi.kck ATTACRfl rnr BIU*.
raoM Tin-. ki ot i.ak cettttro-timn r.r nn ranvRR_
Albany, Aprtl o.-U Colonel wiiiiam Brown hnd
nol eatablUhed lirmiv lil- reputaUoo aa an abnolntely
hona-t Benator, Iha pablle woaM be IncMned lo thlnk.
: eertaln reaMika be made la Ibe Brniale today,
Ihat h? wn- BBblasMBgly BttampUog I.rr,'i" ''
ni colleaguea. Tbe UU nnder eowlderBflon waa
thal ".' >fi" ' i'i??" Rallwaj i ompeny, otberwlae known
, tbe " Ho. Ueberrj ' Ballroad MU; and Oolonel
lip,wn ind ii." aodaetty lo .-.v--"i.y natbortty," *a ba
ge. larad ll al aay Benator ooold - gol In oa Iba gioand
Boor" of tbal eaterprta
laaamacb aa Iho _obbyt_aa of ti.e "Hacblebetry
Ballroad arere ... tbat monwol paapbig oai "f "",
, 0f tho Bei ' bamber, In fnll dghl
.,i ,-,ii ihe Kenal r . M need md ba ald Ibal thti ra
narb ma?a a irnaaU n. gerntor "'< imnor tbereupon
,-r,. l . .i.'i.ln'.l < . i"i.'l Brown .,- '.. th.- iiut'ir- Of Ihli
I baad tbal tbal gentleman, while ha did
,..,, | ,-. | atarj iBtaeeat In Um l.lll. and Ihere
f.,r- ui.- nol mi" "! Iboea who bad beea adBdlted "on
the ground lour," waa ..f Iba deetoad optnlon lhal ?
,i:, i, rote ror Ibe MIL althoagb be
bad nievtoa ly ncqulied itocb In Iba mad.
,lu, , itor Brown made bla blghly IntareaV
?? Welhm had eapre .b_ ?j -ap
proi xi .ii of tba ri.en-.'i." I'; .. bnah manner.
Uu im waa ai ?Beed be moeed Ihat Ita aoacUng
. . ..,,,1,1 be itrtcbeo ont. ii- thea aaaalled tba
II t. iaM glra t" ? fteat ndlway oorporatton a
pnrtl. .1 .....:...i"!y "f Ihe Blreal rallwayi ol Iba An
I ,,. ? , .. .-.. a Vork. Roreorar, II wonld mr
,,, ihli ...r|. lu.l'.n. wlthoul any compenaatlon,
? trenebln worth W-000.000 or 03.000.000.
, | ??iiv the mu eaempled tbe company
ffnm ... . |t/, from retatpta new ?,,?.i
..... ? ...?n. Ou- r.iv aoOld I '
? pmvtdon. I'. i..- "I'"'".
? -ror to i" ? Iba MR The Demo.
? e held r-p-iii" if ?t ','""11
- : ?
. i,i..i Ma ppearli '? ,:"''' ,f
... || i. ?... tha V
a MU -: ? wll ' ' ' ? "? ??
, . ..-'. md."
..... prAntei oal
Ite t. ? .'"I ,:- -Htta-hleherry- road
.. m y - t, reo.ald _g ?'
Itl gh everj
? railway i " ' ' '
. , . ||g nenoancrd -
. ' ?. ,. . i" 'I"'
.. ,,: ..... i,- n who would mnke * ra I
nmoiiiit .-( money oal ol ll.
mn* Xo the dei I lhc meaauro.
,,.. , . . ? , luirm m II. Tbe Incorporal
.- | ? ? ***** **" ""'? *
i.M*nlueenl atreal ralla ???
I v nm nol pay a _*"laVad. be brtlered.
...... fwo .-r Ihree milliona ol do lan
I .:?1(. woald I- no return from
.?.?::'.;.:.'.'- < - *..-rr^iz
??.' ? ? [f::1;;;: ,;;^r,r
r ?f t - inI.' Ic " "?'
[aen ,. ,. ,,?..? ln Ihi. .-tu- be
woald ln*.ale.lam to bim. orloanr other*?***
nnt* l baea U.e autbo.' " *** *> ""V,"^
,, uie ground t ? and pul ?P bla money a - tato
?,lli??i/,,i t.. ?i -"? ' ?* *axh*ni*ei i? mi thal
?Ai,.,. they aanl laaa o.tanlty ... ial - <* net to
mrry ??.. Uda proloct I mean lo aaaeH It and then
p, ne maa .... Ihla toor wbo wlU cballenge mf data
''?' ' ....iii,.
Memitor O'Ccnnor loabed ??> UmUbed at thla Ula
me?t. .ad tben rxpr.d hia wnaaemeul il II J - Uw
?,?,,,. -i wonder/ he n-tod. -U tonator llrown
__ _t_ ..,., Merattoa tbe aaaet ol ? atatan_eal al
tbat ui nd'' ? ,
??I v.ni atand by tt." **? CWonel Brown. nnniv.
?I am rery mrry." wld ijenator OTnimor. "Ibal
Mr Brown ihoald mato Ui* atatemmit"
-i pnMmme.11 aaM Benator Brown, "tbal B*natoraon
thi- loor hnve ii rlgbi toengage ln lareat_neata, ae ***U
.1- any one ??! ?
u-jiwi ;, i.,i,.-i.'-- me." i-ep:i.-i senator O'Oonnor,
"vi?i, ?! itatement. Benntow tota nndoobtedly tbe
right ? bnl nnder Ibe Inw, ... a matler of righl and
.? ,,.,. mi Menator wbo li Inlereited ln a pendlng
??,, n..'i.i'."v- H ""' ena-a-on eenaa, n
,,?i:,.- i.i.ii to ab ti.iii born rollng on tbat meaaare."
Henatm Rrwlo ae-a-rely orlllrtaed ib- 1,111. Tl.*w
rmA, be aald. did nol piende Ilmt paaaenirr.dd
ride orer II hm one (are. U v.n- 1, magatfleenl fla?
l , ,,.,1 ii, ? , ii-. u.ini.i obtaln 1 .< .1 iit ii ac- Ior it.
"-.?ni",....? HdwBnta. 'li- iluilrman i.l Ihe rammlttee on
I'-.iiio.'i- "i>p -"i 11 ?' i-'H i>? uu 'iii.ie-t manner. II a ob
i.'-i umt 1 ,'ii ,..i- 1 Imi :. rorporatlonwith unlimited oipltel
?ld be f.'H.1 under lt, and would hava excludra
nrlvilrgea rontran ln lln ' onallluilon.
ise.i.iii.r M.ri.'iii.n.i ureicuted an nmendmenl Hn.lt
li, ? the 1- ...-- "f '"'?" >" Wo.ooO.uoo; nnd SenaiAr
McMul.on handed In b not her proildlng Ihat the rnil
r.,...i aliould Un-p piiveiii.-nt- m rapnlr between its
inirka i'.u. Bmeiidmenu were ndnptod, uml tben the
biu m.v I-.' ed, bj a rota "i l^? to u?, aa r..llo? -.
\.lV M,. , A-plnii'l. D.ii'V, iHni.'.l.l -i.n. Kd
wn'i.i- Krwiii,' ii.nit.-i-. .viniiii.. <>. -nnor, Paraoiia,
-,,\i..i'i siniih, \:n.der, WnlUi-i 18,
^,,,,' Me-iai Vhem, IU<*?dg.I, Brown, nmtor,
(?(.L'ir.'sl.iiil KiMlrc, Kini-1-..n, Royd-Jonea, llagan,
vi.V;,tv M.< ii.-.i-ii Mcllelland, RcMi.n. Nlchula,
1 Kborne,'Parker, I'lunkltt, Blchnrdaon, Boeaeh?10.
IHO Bl I IVI INSl'lil'. tion.s.
Albany, aprtl ?"? "Bpeobdi.-'-fae IdmitoaaaMtooaiiioe
to nlghl r.i.-t '.uii maat "f Ibe Dmaeaiaaie awmbera
,,f tli- A -inlil. nnd Inst. n.teil them vvlint to .lo U.e
ram ot tii- -,-nion. Tbla aaaattng "eaa eailed ..
.uu.11-, and ihe Demoeratta mmnbeii were raptotad
10 fnll lato Une .... ..veii.l WlU. BBt ther.- ?us it
?.|| itevel..pe.| ? Uii I.'* ;ii_.lnH tl.is tn.m BOBM "t >'"'-?
!>,,--.-nt, wbo aortaiwd tbat tbey ?? nid n... Mlow iba
raarua mie <.n ..t leaal aam ol tba .aatota, Iba
f_etm I'HI- l? -? inl'lvii.'-n i.lll.i.e. ...I.: nnd l.nii.oiil
renm t" im- aonni by Iba mir ol tba majority.
... ...iiii.iviiii.ii i_:.iiii.', ..f cutaiaagna, alao is oppaaad
_ tbe hill, ...ni baa taeb-itd thnt i.e wUl rota againat
11. Tba maaa waa traa "f Rr. Unli. af UUnb_m
lo.t.ty h"f'.r'- 11.ho.scH" HmsI up tho t'lmgrca
rlOllill i(l'll|.pf.."ll..llIIH-||| I.iil f'.l lll- (llslll.t ll) sUlt
A r 1 ic.nl ai IIiimii- nml abroad.
li.uruiii'? . 'M'11...*-.?? 11 Chirry -iordial.
^old 0/ Leading Uru.era.
ml.h M flTBBi. ,,ow H*U now s,an(ts ?n th* b"!
maataa in ho BOM. Ho ?eeBn not go to the - caucutj
?oni.t \y* eaaatayoti to loreo mm mto une.
?ino Baeetiag wus BBM behlad do-ed doora, wntrn
.ere carclul'v Runrded. Bta lteytiolcs wero plufW-'d
ip and IM *>'."'lis ?? in* 4"?? BBd under tho wlndow.
.ere -tnffed tull of oM pnper, to pr"*.*ent ? word of
.i?,t wn* aaM Irom eac'iplng. " llu.UlcbcrrV tT*j
i,.,. [ire-Hl'd. llie Lleiitennnt ("overnor wns Brm
;i,l,y| on to rcnd Ml lecinrc. wtncli fte dtd wlth
,11 ino eneffgy ot hli tempcramcnt. Th*n the
.;-,i.e 1,111 wu* taken up. ?tid Mr. OBBB
,';,i,,i his objeetloai to it. oanrfa H. BMh, the
),.,?,? rutic leader, attemptcd to nrirue BWag theae ob
arttoao, but IM effort araa mM to M*e been n dlaanal
allare, altMagh Ma npp<*?i? f<?r Maaaooy were toneta
ng. A-s.nihlvuu.n Hitt. i.f Albiiny. -MO BPfHaMd
',,r harmoay. hut foi that aod <>f Mrm'my ?rhieh win
illow the Albnnv Do_BOrratB to Have thelr own way In
?jio fatara regardlag Ataony county Mlle. Beeeral af
he Broohlyn membera nnd t>m>e of Uie upStnte mrtti
mr* arere ahaept; ao th- "eaaeaa" ama adjoaraed un
li te-morrow alght, wMB lt l? experted thnt. tlierc mny
?c :?- full nttendn. <-e.
Th- Commtttee on Rnlea of thf Assembly thi? nftec
won m-t, lo determlne what leizi-latl.n shall bc pnss-d
O-morrow. Tf:e Albany Wnter blll ls to be made a
.perlnl order ou aecond and thlnt rcudinR. The rer-o
utlon under whirti this llne ot piMcdnrc l'i mrraOt OB
*.'.?_ ?dr.,ltlv wvtMat, .o tlmt lt rcanlrc. a two-thlrds
rote t.. ahragate the ,.rtio*.s of i.h wmmltlae.
The Assemwv Rallroad Commlttee ddeMed thtoiMtar
lOOn to report favnniblv tho ravtood rtiIh'ood lawa. It
aMil'l that there an- many thlnga iu this bill whlch
leed taoMng after pretty closeiy. ummat*\ i_?
The -.ennte In. un....*- ('.....mittee wlll report to
7i-irrow the Insurunc. Code Joat a*, lt pa^ed tho As
d.nit.l noiniip-rvrr mvkks thf. principal
Alhnnv. Aprll *, IKpeclnl).-There wn?* nnothcr hc.ir
ing tlils afternooh on the Central l_urh spcedway Mll
t,v the Aaoambly Crttaa Commlttee. M<>**t of the tlm"
wns devoted to baartng nr,_umenfs from thnse who
favor the rlrlve. Danld J>?,uslinrt. aM thelr rhnm
plon nnd orator, nnd he M'oke tor nveT nn hour If
his most eloquent and cnptlv_tlti|t mnnner. IU**
>;peech waj a llterary tient. nnd dor.ens of people who
nre In favor of repo.llnK th- blll llstened
lo hlm wlth evtflcnt ^njn.-mctit. The h-nrint. araa
In the A?enib!y ChafflMr, which wns rrowded UironRh
out. Thoae who fnvored the repe-il of the blll t\r*t
.poke. Thoy were .lames M.'KIm, Od the Natlonal
Itrotherhood of Carpenters; Wllllam MacNnlr. of I>1?.
trlct Assembly No. 80 of the KnlfMa of I.nbor:
Mvrard Kina-. of the CMdwteh CWe I lub: (Jeorce K.
I.iovd. of U.e Tiii and Bheea-lraa WarMre; Kdwnrd
KeLoaghtta, of Prograeslve Patntera' i'nlon No. <*;
(arl Oppervann, Of tM conference of fwenty-flvc
tralaa; Charleo it. Mover, nt the Park nnd n.ivpround
Aaaoelatloa; Jarnm P. AreMhaM, "t the Ceatial i.abor
Cnlon, and ladga Henry K. HOWhmd, 11-nrc R. Heek
ti,an and W. lIBrrlfl Rooma, repre<entlne the CiHr.cr.fl'
Commlftea. The ?:ime lofclMe nn-imentx for Uf tt
pral <>f thr blll whii-h were pre^nted to the CttleB
('ommllfloa of the Senate a week rtfo w<re niraln hMti^'ht
f,,rwar.l tndiiv, and apparaaMy 4vith pood etfect.
i_iws..M n. paUer led in the argaamaf iu aappaM
of the drlce. ]|e w:,s followed by Mr. Douch-rtv. who
nado tt.? amln ipeeeh. Then john C. SMw, e? .(.idire
II. M. K'hltehead, .1. <'. I?e Iji Ver_..? and otheis ?pol_r.
Among Ihoae who rame Mra Ln snpp'.rt of the drive
?*..;. areie ii. a. HaleMns, .'. C. lt. Kckcr*.>n, C. a.
Crr.mer. II. Ilogeneamp. I'r. II. H. Wlldmnn, B. B
fteaman, ex-Jadaa ll '? *IBTih__aead, tTed?*rick Wetr,
<, r MaeMy, ?' H. CMler, I. If. Mmlta, Baamel
McMlllan, Jobn C SMw. Ilamltton Hu5bey, .ftidce W
\],< ?.-.* D >. Haminoud, ..eorpn i ruwford. C. II.
t iin'ilel.l.Jl'.. K Ford.W. D. I nii'll. ?' < I>e I/i Vcrjn.-.
W L lushman. .1. M. Slmpoon. rlareuce Smlth, Uavld
lionn'cr. B. II. Blmon, John Hudd. and C. A. #\VlUIs.
???? -
DxrcAi of im aoDK *>f xyiDEsrci in the
Alb'inv. April I Iftpertal - Tbe C"do of Rvldenre.
arhleh i- -. eaMtltete f"r IM old HaM Code. ron*umed
rnn h ul the tlme of the A-scmbly todav. The
tooh poaseaalBB "f the floor, nnd fontfht f.r
BBd acatnst the me/isure. wlilrli wi. defejite.1 bv
tallng t.i reeetve eeoagh vnte_ t. make a conatitu
llonal m-Jarltv. 'lTie mm. (Bta l.efeli ihe bill lntr>
Baeed _B IM -e:,ate by Mr. Ud nmn, Chntlttln. the
Mneteenth, Kiarhtii and Thltaeenth warda of Bioafelfn.
Tho Broohlyn membera scmmbled hard to pa*4 the
I.ate BUl nleht the Asvmbly put all the wt?latlon
f,,r thla -? n-i ln IM Madfl of IM ('..mmlttee on
Ralaa, by adopttag a reaolatlon re'ininnp that ?11
reflolutlona calMng f-r apeetal ortier^ aaaM t^ roflVrrod
to tlmt body. u.e eoetanttteo baa power lo report
,t in] tlme. but It rcnuirc4 5 tW4>thU*Je
vota t" dl-a_r-'e Wtth Wa report. ^cnator
im; learaed Un*. tevlce ln lYaaMngtoa, and he baa
l,i ,'i/ht it up here f.r the parpooe "f hlllil *.' ln n
graceful ara| the blll*. thta Marphy doe* not wlsh
TM Kxetm lill. whlrh ba* l^en amcr.ded In com
mlttee i>> stnk.ni. out thoae aaaendmentfl wMeh ''.*?
., it m the a .-eini.lv "i. Taaradap. eraa ready
,,, ut re] I ai >.'. to-day. hm tM Deaaorratk i^ndcr
eeeured an adjournment "f IM As-cmbly tn timo u>
prevenl IM repon la-iap nmdo.
Anonfl IM t.ii- paaaed by IM Asaemblv today
Mr. Mit'iireii's, pTOVMInt f.'r Uie ci.'.t.on of nd
dIUoiial s,ii,,,i'nm .s m iiroohlyn; aloo, for u.e lav
,i ,,f iu- Wollabout M.ikct. it. Broohlyn.
Mi. McCorty'fl, aUooriaa IM lm..,kh u la^rd "f
Botlmate !?? Increaae th" aalacy ,. AMermea.
>!r. McCarren'a, alloalna broohlyn t" laoM bonds
i,i t!i? amount of glj00O,ouo lor taeal impiovameauj
i,!,.. exemptliiB lii""i.i*" bwada from l.u taxatton.
In the benata the Bapply blll was p3.?*.-d. .Uter
rcrt.un addlttaBfl had beaa made 10 lt. AinofiK the
Otlier lulls poooed wero :
Mr. fJbniiotly'fl Rew-Yorh ' .ty luiilduiK law; als.-.,
in regard t., Iiroohlyn ?tree| loiprovament*.
m. uonrady - Kahttlni t" lieoohiyn ilreei Imprava
Mr. Cantm'a?ItevMlag f"r a fee ,.r :,<? eantfl tor
the pxamlnation of Ua. Loan Coinmlmlonen1 recordi m
New V.uK .nv.
mi- MeCnrty't Provldlni ti.at aii raltwaya in
Iiroohlyn, alilch Mve baen ope*eted f.r ten reara,
ahall paj ?"? per eeni of Ihrtr ,*i '?? rm-elpta t" Ihe etty.
Mr Aheai '? Intrreaalni IM number t>f Sarragalea
lu New-Yorh Clty.
Aihany. Aprll B.?TM Clty 4 iub .?f Kew-Vorh iv.is
in,-..ip n.ite.i lo-day. Ita objeeta are t<< praamte s,?ii;vi
IntarcourSe aaamg peiwhi apectally lateraated ta tim
?ood governnteat ol Um rlly of Kaw ^o.?h. ln aoeaitag
hii.ic-tv uud oM. lenej ln the Matdalatrallaa M atoj
aRalrta, in itwerlna naalelpal fr,.tn RaMonal poUttea,
and in procurtng the oetoetioa of tit perooa* to city
ofBcefl; und f.?r Iheae parpoom ta e?tni,iish u elaMtaaaa
und n puldhailun i.flii ? ror Uh. fJetrilMttoa of IM pta>
Hcatlona ?'f Um i lah. The truM***. are Aaftad DM'
nmnt, lYaderk Bfamam, Jaaaee ?'? Cartar, Jahn Jap
chapman, R. Paltoo CatUng, M. Bayard Cattlag,
Rlchard VV. GIMer, v..'.liam C. i.ulllvor, J. Nobl.
Ilaym, lienry B. liomlaad, Doadtaol Keith. RdflMuM
Kelly. I. iiciiiic Kernoehaa, Jamea H. l.u.iio***. ...*<>ri{ii
C Nagonn, J. Ilaroaa Rhaadea. W. Ilarria Rooma,
Wllllam J. Bchleffelln, John w. Mtnpaee ai.d U. \v. t..
WcllIlU.. _
Oeorge Paa?er, a yoang Rerman fnaaer, 44".?*
kno. ked down ln Iraat M Bo* IJBF1 Baeaadaoa. late aa
Monday nlghl and Ma skuii ?m (laatarad. no had
baen ut work latc oa UotMap alght, hatp
Ing |0 tlt up ii ItaW ber .hop f,?r hla land
lord. Kliir.lci'. at N?. IJPTt r*.x ond-ave. Wlll
lam Loehr, u bui.l.'i, and a rarpenler natned i.lnnoi
erere arlth him. Baambody rappad ea ih? vlataw and
I ,i ^ r went out |0 BBB whal wh*. wantal. The nieti
ln* nli. heard blow-. ..Inner weat out nnd found
l-'aiivr lylnir ?>u UM sldcwalk, MBBtaoa] from B (tash
ln his head. After Fntifler was senl to the rte?by
Conte.t baek ?
e4*eiy 4*ent thnt
r.m're i?l<l tor
h*. Pmraaa I'o
vorite rreo?*rip
tion, if you ba\*o
not founil the
bolp thnt you
nood. But, if
?jron'roo tirc<l ond
foeblo womon, or
-a .l'-li'-4?t.' and ml?
Ing one, it'a a rornedv that'fl sura to givo it
rruftlcally. It'a ?<>I<1 on trial. Thnt? wliut
lt um.iiiiit.. to. If It doean't gl\-e -aitiflfa.
tion, lnt.be biiilrilnz-ttp and atrvngthcntnR of
ovortuxed aMtaaamOCm, oih! tho comnleto
cure of ull the dellcate ik-rftiigenieiiU., fiin<*
tiomd .liHiurluuiri-.. aml pninful dla.>rilera
paeaMar to the aax?tttaa you Mve your
money Ua.lt
YouM thtnk that onv inwtk'ino could lie
aohl B8. if it di.l nil thut'. claimwl for it.
I'.nt tbe fact romiinis that out of all tbo mod
i<amt* for n.aneii, " Favorite l*r_acriptiou" ia
tbc ou/p onr that'n aold nn aucb tornu.
Knotarlmr thnoe tbinga, it'a on inault to
Tonr inteTli^_ni*a to hava flonwdlilng eloe,
ihatpoji the daabu- Mtlor. offered M " juaB
On her Face and Body. Sufferlnf
Inten***. We Doctorcd with Doe.
ior*. Without Avall.
Ifaed Cuflcurn Remedlea. The Child
is (ured and Has Now a
Bcaiitlful *ktn.
Krom the Bga al X*** month- my R?f ?dRlPJ
wlth tht eciema on hei ._."? ana bodjr. "'^plftfL*
do.-'ors but ?in.ii.it ivill. Iteadlng of your Cl |. IHA
? MKblSn ?<? "aed the aarna aniT fieinO them la every
FMueet .mi.araetirv. The .-nnd hns now a beaaafiu
-ki i aod i" eared. Appreelattai Ita ralaa, we cha-r.
f.iiiv is-rommena tne aame to all moitiera who bava
****** Ml'-t,iU*' **** aSaaTj. KOIHKNBF.K..,
LMM IIM Avenue, .Ne-v-iork, B. X.
Another Eczema Cured
Kor tne beneut of thoae wn- ire amteted wtth any a?a
aiaeaae, and have iie.er uaed th? (..U11<.? *?___*?>itr
mi-s i wniid iike to inaie the feiiowina itatemeai. __
waa ttBMH wttb aeaaaaa aai rtaaa an?^ha_am.q|
Kn.-e for many yeara. 1 trled rartoaa remert!e?, aam
w-bii-h f-n.-d ie mra me lettef. Kinaiiy.aeeiii_rt.yu
i t ."a *E__Jd_____U& attvertl-ed. 1 d.-ternnned to try thea
?nd am now well. ln coimenuenre of thli, I laBIBBBl
?LX1_..KA KhMKlli..-. invaViBWa tor **T *** ***
Tssst k "^*>*-'Ze::nZt,\Tr.
Cuticura Resolvent
The new Blood and -.mn i"urin*r. and pure?t and Mil tA
Humor Itowrdlri c.r__niei tne hluod ol a.i impurit.r-i iiia
Mtaaani eienvnt-, ar.d th'is removee th* ***,?.,***}
i i ... i ha tne er*v. iskin ture, and iliimk*
BOAl', nn exqulaite hKin I'lriiier uud B"Taijnn?*r. ctaar ui?
iktn of every tmre of dive??e. Ilence, the kAVTlA .._*.__,
KK.Ml_iDl>._- cure .virv diviae ind humor of the ag,
imlp and blood, with Io'm '.f hair, from pimpl's to acroftiia.
Koid eveivwnere. **nce, CtTHiCKA, boe.; BOAP,
2.V., iu.*-' i.M', ai. Prepaiai by the I'oxxtit
BMUU AN' IIKVIl. Al. (_-K_'<?KATl<.N, BoitOO.
(?y "Ho* to tur.- -,k\n Ul**axe*," 04 pa??a. 40 lUua.
tr*'l"n?, and loo teatlmoniala, maiied free.
aaftV'O ***|:i ?nd M-alp puritled ind beautltl-d kp
BABT ? < I il''1 Ka iOAlF. Abnolufly pure.
Kidiiev nd Lt-rlne l'ain*. and Wmxnnn* re_
lie\ea in om miiiute by th-- ( Kilrora AbiI
1'nin I'lnmer, oia only lii*lanta_?eoii_ paln.
iii,,!-.-' pia-t-.r.
Cutlery,Spoons & Forks,
A large number of def-ignsof Spoona
and Forks iu the finetf quality of Sil?
ver Plate. Carving .Sut.s, Dinner, Des
?ert, Uld Fruit Kuives, with bandles of
Pearl, Ivory, and Silver.
Reed & Barton,
37 I iiion Square.
teiir.ii 11 -pital thi? poRee arre<t_"d Loehr on auapi.'lon.
The priamMT snid that Knn?er mn*? have been atta-ked
bv three men who nn away. Tho wounied man'e
antc _uoitc.il statement wv vague.
lUBTBBABt RiCSTfa _M____f-P___-l__b___reB
I.leutennnt i-^irsrc U. Back.i-. of the lat l'nlt_*4
Mava I Hv.nlrv, v.ho wrote tn the Sc?TOtiiry ot War
aalung that Ua re>iffnBtion be nrret>t<il berause ha
^mlM bbneeH nanMe to reatrnln hl> lncllnntl-'n U>
eanaaaH lakiMa. tyaal Mnaday night ?t the .-turtcvanl
ll.Mise. where he has beea living for sotive monthe.
Ba went out ye-terd;iT mumlivs ab??iit 11 o'rloek. and
BM iiit return. The elark hnd no Wea wliere he weat*
or when to cxpert hK returu. I.lentcnant Iluck.ti liad
not l^en cait of the hi>u?e for ?everai dnvt. until yea
terdny. ll? la r*oporte_t to be a moet renhU tnan. to
whom no ..ne would attrlbute a manl.-i for lulelde.
The poliee were a<i_ed to look for hlm vesterdav after
noon by Fnitik .V. ttllllama.
as i??Jt'J.r ns maior WAtBtRB.
Ka'i?n<i <'Itv, Aprtl *? (itodal).?MaJ'T Wl'liam War?
ner, cx t'otnniai-.der-ln I lil.'l of tl.e ..r.nvl Arn.y of the
BepubUe, am viou-ntiv BMaattad thi- geanlag bt the
st:-"et. The M;iJ..r v\a- walkinit paal the Jnnrriou wltb
a party ol trtende, Mktacaaaat the eicuon, and mvde
tho laaaarb that any man who w.mld -*_afia_Ml_lM a voter
was ni vlle as n.an could bc. Ile had no ?r_.ner uV
ten-d tbe word* tbaa n young m.-in natwd tienlcy
atepped ap la i.im aml atiaeb Mm tv.i.-c In the face
with hK .iiinhcd fists, afanoat bnarMag wm dowu.
Tho MajorV friends atti-mpied to BBteb tho youn? maa.
hut he elud.d ilicin. 1 ln> MiJj-.'s ln.-o wai badly
bmlied and lileeding, but ihe lnjurv la not lertoaa.
Al.lii'.M AKI.I-i -I.l- ?ii...|._.iil \>n II.?'. ot U.e '.ernBB
LfffBttia at Wa-hliietmi. RRDRVWll B Btatof WlU.
1-41.. i""r>?'*"ll Daaae, or Alhan.v, o.jd Qnlmy A. Show. ot
Bemaa. rn-Tii avknl'i:?BK-Qaeaaaw Prr*on c.
i n'-n ???-. of II.'w-IUmp-hir- i ex-Seriior J. &lo?t FiuiO,
of l Mia. und k. a. M I.-..1. piiaMI of Uie Fhll*.
gtlpbto iad Rtnilag luuroai Uampaay. ..ii_.sev?
-K-Utel 11. V Irarv, jllllimry of lh N.v.v, i.e.i?iul
ileor_;.' B. Wll '.uu*. of liil.i.in, and "i.neMl Au?Ua
l.-ilii..;.. nf ...ruin-. B. V. i.UAMi- lir._.--.l:. Mieneral
I. ^ Maaley aiid i.cn.-r.l Rufu? liia-.H**. 0. S- Araijr.
1I..!.\.\.N 1 \ *?? utor D. II. MMiUan, of BuftBiB.
H"i.i.vNi> BalvadM d- Mradiam, BaailUaa Miniiwr ??
v\ ,- | ..... ariXOttOBe-Jadajl ?rmtam L. rutaam, at
l'Oitland, Ne._
a i.o\v _m.ii-.miu. Ti.oi '.ll DO-dlRATRR,
nrmameme. Aara l -The amim ha? maead rauidir frrta
OMa '" Onmila dlminl?hln_; ?llahtU ln OMeaT. A BKiad
.i,.,ii lamam m m toaalentaai ka th- we*i oaR ? amaab
ef i..w anaaaaa e\t.'..d'..._; between _baee t?o ?-.onu? a.
ur. d **orm hai idomiI ea-t to Mault.iba. ih" rieartug
cndltioii l-a-- reiualned itatl..narr .,? the IsoutU A_.*_iU4
aaaal, and a aaaaad ilaartag aeaiRlen ha. moved fc??t _?
...:o'?do. BcaMartaai mlai *?>.? hRen m ti.e MlaatoUaji
MlM-o.rl mkI Ohl.. \iillev. tl.e I_ak.- *ea_*fl. a.^1 M* BMe
die Ulmitt. and North At'oiitl. Male-. Iha |en.|>er*t...B
nx* l.liei. ln U.e .-o?U.?e.t. HM n.iadle Mlaaball>.M aiid
low.i Mlraourl vallep. aad \."..-Kr.?i?.-d ; ntoa _*_*
!h. XarthweM. md ha? remaln-d atatXy ?t?tloi.a.v el*?.
wherv. Ueaarallf fair wather v?lll i-revall fn.m ihe MU.
iiMlppI vellev ?re?4?aid; .iiiiriiig lu i*'', .????' ,r?'"uV
?!...?.'rs ln t'ie Middle Atlai.tl.- M.it"< and Ne?UiKJi**.
PORRCACT ron to-day IH nr.TAin.
Ker Baar-Raglaad a'?l Baia_riB V.-w-York, raia. ??>'tB
aVeierty inie-. mauaaary mmperataea ou the aaaaa, nwtar
\\ nniM lu the Martari Mi n.ur.-diy m Baaaam niw
Kor Bmmra PaaaaylaiBla, Rear-JaeBay, Dalaaaea aaa
Miryland, .lioivrr-. pr.iliel.ly .!.'_.rlii_* at nlslit | lalr Thufl
d;iy, ta_det vv.'din'5diiy nl|l.t.
Vor Vlrcinti. tlu .'aroiina- and .ieorjta, ihowen: Ci>olie?
Pac r.*-t-*rn KlorKlj, f:nr.
Ior Wmmn Plartga aud AUbama, _ho*er.; cu?l?r Ig
Kor Ml--l-"ll'l'l. I.o.'islai.B, Ka-tcrn Tcxas ind Ark?ni_*_
fair; aaMat.
For Weat VirginlB. Waabnn IVnmyU-inia. \Ve?t?m
X.-w-Vi-rk and i)h!?, ?ho?er?. folloWid by f*lr; cooliri
fair Tii'ii;*!.^^^ ^ Kfll,(K.Ky fttr two i%yn. eeMa%
For lud....ia uud Io?.'r .Ml.liiaan. fair t?o diyn; coiltt
* K.Vr' l>|H?r Mfchlgaa, mow; fair Tl.we<l*y; warmm
'ivi "iiiii".- aad Wl*.-on?ln, fair two dayi; *?ar_aag
^'K.r'Mn..'.''"''.'.'. -he Dabama, Raaaea, B_M___aaRi cab
orodo and 1"??. '-'" Xtt* >U\ - : wami.r. .m_ma
fn lilaeaart, mr tao day?; gPbHMg *?y v>eane??af
TniniNF i.ocai. onsr.nvATioxs.
||J 3 4 5 a 7 8 9 10 II 1 1 S 4 8 6 '. 01 10UJ "J"
[?' "'ILlo-J '"""v ' U* '-t-1 ''"'?*?"??????'????
39. S
In this dla-ram a rontln.io.ii whlte Une ihow* thi
fh?na'-s ln pra?aiii-e, aa Indi. aVd bv Xhe Iribunaa ieii
loioidliifi luion.etor. iiu- l,rok.'ii Une repnieiil- taa mm'
peratiiie. .i- atoervat at Peiry'n rimruiBcy.
Tribune Ottlee. April B, 1 a. n. -lt w?? cloHdy moit af
the Ume ventei-duv, wltl. a tr:.ee ,.f mln. ll.imlditv re?
Ul.r<-d Sl In tlie Biortilua ai.d .7.1 at fvenlii... boutli-rlir
wliuls |,r.'Mtii.'d. Ibe te.ntH'Mtnre nnu.-d li.-t?een M ana
-,-i aat**, Ma b****Bt tttw) !?'?'"? :" ? Mgtoi abgg JP
it,.najBaaami lay laal vear, a.?i ?'? mwer Ran ?
li. Md nenr Uil* .Itv Uvdav then? ?HI pro'.-ll'Iy be Bcu*
crallv fair .w-.-l.ir, frowlng tolder low ird nlghl.
t.K.lll<-.t VAl.l.KY* NKAV 1)EP?>T.
On wid atter fi.indi.y. April 3. all I_ehlgh V?WT
Itiillroa.1 tmln.- wlll .eflYe fit.m the Kew-JefMf Oto*
tral Depot, foot ot Uberty *t? _***_*** *__l__
ataad of from tha ?<wt of CorUandt and l>aab??aaea
i au., a* iMntofare. .*

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