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|0BQ (BIlTllt-b-Ml Hlrrroelilclter.
AflADRMY-S-Old Story.
BIJOL' .-.EATKl.-'.-Sl'.-A Nlgbt ai BM Clreu*.
OA-JINO-8 15? Fiirle Oleitln.
COIiUMBi'S TRRATRR-B md 8 ilb-URle i.ord Faurm
PAT.Y'8 THEATRK-11-I.r.li.r.. 2-8 15-Tlie I-V r-' r
LDI N MUSEE-W'ax flfaMB.
l'Ot BTBRRTR STUI.I T THEATltr.-S-S-Blue J-an"
ORA.vn OPIIIIV ROUSE-I and 8 IV-TI.e BU1I Alarn,.
OARDF.N THF.ATRF-2 and 9?Xen.
RARlllQAN'S 1 III ATKB-'-'-S-Tbe Lon of the Tloconi.
hart.i M OPERA ROUBE 8 10 B n md OIHa.
to Clilriatown.
BOBTER A Bl VI.'S-'-'-B-Vaud-villr.
XiTCEt'M TiiF.Aiiin-s .i.v Merry <_-f.thair-.
Plano Recltal.
MAI)ISON SQI'AKF. UARDER-2 '"ld 8-Clrcui.
di laM_BeiBMar.
REW PARR THEATRE ?? I'.-Tlie (.old-n Ladder.
WIBLO'S OARl)F.N-2 aml B-lUMaiofl I rasoe.
MCSIC hai_I_-s ;i. R -'un iiii- of th- Mmn.
PAt-MER'S THEATRE 8 15-Col. OBrttr of Cirterv
POLO RRRRRD8-1:B0?RaaebaU.
PROt'TOK'S THI.ATllK-.'-S 15-Tlio Engliah Rote.
STANDARD THI'.A'lRK-8 .l.'.-Ineog.
BTARTHBATKE?S l.'-TI.*' A.i;erli-an .Ml.U'ter.
jjnocjr io _XoticrtisemfiUG.
j.;,... r l\i.r>'. Cob
Amujementi .11 M MBrrtoge- J_ Deatba.1 B
Aiiuoiincem"nta .Vi ' *Ui_e.laneo ia .13 '?'
Au.-.sal* Real K?tiit?i,'
. ous .D I
Buaineaa Nottcfs.0 1 .M.i.ellai.eoiil .. B -
Dr-sm-.'king . U S-Muau-ai tnatrummulU ?>
RineMtel Stts. .New Poblli .tli ia. t> 1
WaaM . 0 e-8 ."' Bteawera.io >;
Excuri-ous .11 * i'ro|.ov_l< .11 0
KinSHiolal. 10 IM tl<*al Eilata. ?> ?**
1'lnancl.l _fflle.tio-i-.lO ?'. lia.lioids .. 8 4- >
fftaaelal Meetlng*.. 10 l Speo .1 Nol . < <"?_?
ko- Ball. 0 2 l******* -,?-?? . }
Htip Wanted. !? I BprlBg Reaorti ...
Iteiu Want-d. 8 - - 'nn r U -
MorV- Jt CBrriagea. n 1 i*.chere .
ja?t?ii ..
ln.-trucr.on . 8 1
_U>st afld Found... 8
:i . 8
lhc Tt.rf. II ('
\vor:i Wanted. _? S-o
jDllClIUGS iN'OtUfB_
Great SaJo bcgina to-duy ?Jehn Foley's Solid
Goid Fountatn Ftaa reiu.el to $1. Warraaled laperlo.
to any ?5 pen la ti.o amrfcr*. Bpleadld OoM ivn Qaada,
Fine Optleal Qeoda al ball prlee. John Foiey, 7 Aito:
House. Eiubllilifd -. 1 ycu...
Keea'a Dress Shirta to Mraaure: 6 for $9. None
better at any price BOB and .-Ul Croadwjy. NevcYor.:.
arid 8-19 ghe>t-.ut--t.. 1'hllad.lBbla._
1 vcar 0 mo*. 3 no*. 1 mo. copy.
Di'It. 7 dar? a Brartl....BlOCO BB 00 ?_ 50 B100 .
Dallv. wlMioiit S.inday... K 0.. 100 2 uo BO Bet*.
Uun'lov T'lbur.e. '-(,0 100 bO .... i'l
W*~*lv Trlbun? . 100 .?,',
S?n..VV.ekly Tr.buue. 2 00 . A rt
Trib-ne M*hth y. "00 .?-' ??
BACK RVMBER8.?Rat Baeb Numlien- of th<- Dally
and -j'uiday popn.., noio tban a >?rek o.d. an extra prlce
ls cl.arg'-d.
Yoe'Ag*. p-ej-n d bv Trib'ine. ex,-ijit n^ Doily and Bunday
iiap^r for null ?'.b?rrlbe-a In N-w-Yo. k < itv and on Daily.
B.O-1-Weakry ana Wnoaly to forfien i-oniitr.o?, in wiilcb
to-e? *xt,ra Wtacr wll. t_r pa'.d i.y rabarrlbera.
Remit by PoMal oiaer, Expreoi Order, Chceb, Draft ii
ReT^'ered Le-tr-'t.
raih or Pr.?Ml Rota, :f aaal in an un-et-wtered letter.
wltl be at ow.:-:'!. ri?k.
Main uptown f>ll!,e. I.S49 nrr.3l"-?,r Mn!n ftJII'l "I
Th? Trfb-n-e, n-t Ra??ai?.at.. Raw.yerk. Addreu lll
correapond"nc6 smp'.y -'The Tr.t.une," Raw-Tork.
Foreign.?The two Annrehists arreeTod wl.ile
trjing to blow ip _* SpnnLeh Cortes were ex
amliietl and (.'om-nittcd for trial; t**.-0 hundreti
tlynumite cartrKls**? were stolen from a BelKian
ColUery.-Tlie inijuc.it on tlie bo'l.v of Mrs.
Deetning began iu M. Ibonrne; her liu.slian.l an'l
alleged munlerer wns idantil.ed by fifty-two per
sona, wbo bad known him under tlfteen allBSffl.
? ?- ? France and (Jreat Jlritaiu will prolong the
?wfonndland lishciies uiodua vlveridi over tl.e
lU'eeent aea^oii.
Congreaa.?Jloth l.raiiches ln aeaaton. =**=
Senate: TJ.e iHMI_B_BBfl of the Jinln.n Appro
priatiou Wll (ihe cla'is. _cq?illDf Aru.y olliccri, tu
aot as agent-. vvu6 ontinued. _^=? Housc: l).b
cu?.sion of the ft?B WToal blll wenl on; tl.e
Spenker refuscd to allov.- an acconituo^aiiin) to be
Domestic.-TI;. I>mocrat_> of Erie County ln
masft-meetuiK at Baflak deaoBDoed HllPa Feb
rtiary convenfion, tmtmjnhtri lietng made by C. S.
Falrohild. W. K. Gtaee an! oth-ra. r== CloaLnf
meetiugs in tho ffeal Rbode Uaad eanp__iga rrw
beld. I-Govnnor Abbett, of New-.Iei_.ey, 1.
fuaed to aign tbe hill le_*a]izinq tl.e ReadiBf deal.
-- -? The btete Senate pBBBtd the Conjfresfeioiial
Keapportionineiit bill by a party vnte; it al?"
paesed the " Ilucklcberiy" J.ailroad bill. -_-=___=
Mueh dBmage waa done I.y i-tonna in the West.
CPy and Suhurban.?Aj-pointmenta for the com
ing year were made in the .Ncw-Vurk ainl Saw
York. Ea?t Couferencea. ___________ Jud_,'e VTerbl ;.sl:<' 1
Uie Hudaon Couhty, N. J., Grund Jury to in lict
lhc Guttenbnrg race track people. asa Atfinpts <<l
tiie Jersey City rim; to re^iuicr ropeaten arere
folled. ;- - Stoeki o|_enel materiaKy hifbai
under London buyiu-j, but the close was jr?
regulajf, with irca_kRe_B in .?pe< ial issuca.
The Weatlier.?Foiecast for to-duy : Oenerally
lair; growlng oolder lato in the day. Icmpeta
ture yexterday : Ili^liee-t. 72 dc^icv*; lovest,
92; average, 67 1-2.
Wlth no flonrish of trumpcts, tho last BtOBea
of th? Wasbington Arch were jnit la pln.c
yesterday. The honor of hiyinfi tbCBB feli to
Stanford White, the architect, and K. W. Gil
der and W. B. Stewart, two of the most BCteTB
prolnotera of the work. The erection of thiK
arch i.a an enterprise entirely creditahle to tl.is
connounitv. Thei? could be no more fittinj.'
memorial of tho great Wasbington c.'lcliratiun
in 1888. Althouuh the cost has considerabl.y
oxceeded the lirst e.-timat* of ..100,001), the
amount has been secured with the exception of
$5,000. There onght to hc no delay in pio
viding for this small l.alance.
Judgo Werts uv.l plain Inngurigo in his
cbsirge to the Grand Jury in Jersey City yeslei
day. 'the jury is eoflipoBed, for the greater
part at least, of public-spirited citizons who
ought not to ahtink from doing their full duty
toward tha punishm?*nt of lawbnaker>. With?
out mentioning any names, Judjio Worts di
rocted a portion of his remaiks at the vilc flut
tenburg gang which has lirouglit d-BglRCB upon
Hudaon County and which is now Btniaing
overy nerve to secure the election of Allaa L.
McDermott as Mayor. The povvers of tlie
Orand Jury in the premises aro not doflbtftll.
Ita duty ia clear. Judge Weits in^i>u that
lawa which exist ought to l.e enforced. Jf the
Grand Jury takes that view, Iludson Coun.y
will aoon be a clcaner and moro reputable
place to livo in. _ _
The Demoeratic geiiymander of the Con
gressional districts of thf* State has gone
through the Senate hy B paily vote?11 to 14.
When firat lirotij-'ht forwaid the RotUatriotlni
bill waa loudly haih-d as a fair and e.piital>l.'
meaaure. A littlo sciutiny shov.i'd, howevci.
that a deoidod advantage vra-t given to the
DrHnocrats. That advantagc is greatly and
nbtunelessiy enlarged in the hill as it has BRBBOd
tho Senate. It is plain that Dnvid li. f iiii has
taken a band in the MBflRRtBRMM of the l.e
publican diatricta, which are dealt with tn B
high-handed faxbion. Hepublican pmii'-N in
the Sooato wero in vain, of course, aud this
most disgraccful gerrymandcr wifl doubtloss
Inn .ine a law. _
UoYernor Abbetl haa declined I ? approve the
much-talki'<!-..f " Beading Deal" bill paseed by
tho New-Jeraey Legislature, ind if aecordlngly
fa]]*. t.. tli-' ground. II.? i- not entitled to inu.li
crcdit for bia hdion, however. Donbtless if he
had dared t?. do bo lie would bave aigned it.
While famning upon tlio bill, tlu- Govcrnoi
undertakea to defend ihe Legislature for paaa
ing it. Whal he offcra in beball - l Ibe legia
latora is a lame defence.
Sing -in_; I'ri-on is in politica, anre enongb.
About a vear ago Governor li.l! removed Mi.
linish, the capable tvarden for many years, and
appointed ;:i bis place an Orange County Dem
ocrat <?f tlie name of Brown. Now it i> aaid
that Brown'a resignation has been asked, for
ii,, otber reason tban hia failure ?.. manage
Orange County politica to IliH'a Iik ing. It i
w.'ll underatood thal llill*a political boom ia in
a precariona condition; hence il is nol aurpris
iD8 I,, _ee him bestirring bimself t,. give il a
now leose ..f life. Bul it will prore a hope
l, ss nndertaking._
That an eleetion in Rhodo Island .should liave
National importance .md requirc the most
vigoroua efforta on the parl of the Bepublicana
is an anomal.v tliat can be easilji explained.
For ;i long perlod ih.' State waa aa atronff
ly and surely Bepublican aa Vcnnont if i!
lia- become a doubtful State whlch tlie Demo?
crata believecan 1..' carried by them, and which
tii,. Republicans can onlv hope to win by tre
mendoua effort, tli'* altered conditiona seem t"
imply a marked dccline <?! tl.e Protection cause.
This is a siiiuitivi.il vi-w. It was tlu* rcstri.-t
ed electorate which mado th.* State atrongl.
Ropublican for twenty-iivo yeara. If there bad
been no property qualificationi nor anv dia
eriminationa againat foreign-boro citizens, the
State woidd have been a doubtful one lil..*
Connecticut, which during the Civil War elect?
ed a Democratic Governor, nd has been close
|j conteated by both partiea for many yeara.
U is the ehange in the electorate effected bj
Repuhlican legislation a few yeara ago which
has tranaferred Rhode laland to tho column of
doubtful Statea.
Since this constitutional reform was deferred
for a long perlod, the Bepublican party in th.*
state auffera there to-day from ihe prejudice
and reaentment of foreign-born citizena who
have a feeling that there was nn unfair <ti
crlmination a<.ainst them. This has been imrt
lv overcome '.-. the excellent record of reform
leglalation made I.v tbo Bepublicana during the
laal decade. They are t" be credited with the
extenaion of tlie auffrage, the introduction ol
the Australian ballot aystem, tbe ten-hour law
and other meaaurea in the intoreata of ivofk
ing people. There reinain. however, na.es of
tlns foreign-born prejudice, and Democratic
leadera do everythlng they can t<. intenaify this
feeling. lt i- probable that Rhode laland uili
he a dosely eonteated State for many yeara to
come, jnst a* Ctonnecticut t-. Th" enlargement
of the electorate and the changea in population
conatantly going on bave mado it a doubtful
State witboul referenee to the fortiines of the
Protection cause.
Another cause which haa operated in favor
of th.- Democratic paity bu been tlie inllu
ence of **The Providence Journal," which dur
ing recenl yeara haa taken itrong ground
against Bepublican tarifl leglalation. A large
body of independenta or neutnvla has been re
cruited, and a few woollen mani?acturera have
Bttengthened the movement i.v lood clamora
tor fiee wool. 'Ihe BepubUeana, being de
prived of the support of that powerfnl news
paper, have been placed at a marked 'li-:i'I
vantaso in educating the electorate in tarifl
questions. This vear " The Journal" is throw
ing its influen.e upon the Bepublican aidefl, al
beit not on acoount of the tarifl questlon, and
the wool-gathering manufacturera have recov
ered from thdr infatuation and are exercising
After a careful survey of the iltnatlofl wt
are inclined t<> believe that the Bepublicana
will carrv Rhode Island in to-dav's elect ?
They deserve to 4*.in, for they have made a
vigoroua educatkmal canvase, bave n<>t evaded
anv National issm-, and bave reaolutely refuaed
t'. take advantage oi th<- tcchnical irregularitica
by which the Democrata could bave been de
prived of the privilege of voting afr their ran
didatea ia botly conteated towna. The Bepub?
Ueana bave oonducted an honorable, uprighl
and wholesome canvaaa for Protection and hon
eat monev, and have fairly earned the re-elec
tion of Senator Aldrieh and the eleetion of tbeir
Mate ticket. "n the other hand, tha Demo?
crata deserve t.> be beaten. Thej liave evaded
the silver question, mnzzlcd the Democratic
Congreesmen voting for the Bland biU, and
broughi Mr. Cleveland intr. tl..- state to blind
the eyea of vot.'is tn the inevitable tendencie*
of Democratic ailver legislation. They bave
allowed demagoguea like ex-Governor Camp
li.ll fo appeai t?> claaa prejudice I.v urging poor
men and foreign-born reaidenta to vote againsl
the Bepoblican party becauae they air poor
and foreign-born. Instead of discusaing Na?
tional issui'K th.v bave aoughl to array work
ing people aj_ainst their employers, d"<! iiiii"!
idly and wickedly againsl " Bepublican boodle,"
and at the end in sheer despetation bave bad
recoiirse lo low tlickery in rJisijilmtin^ circit
lars of the Hurchard allit. ration order. 'I bej
have affronted the intdligence and morality of
ihe State i.v their craven, ignoble canvaaa, aml
deserve to l.c buried out of righl by a Bepub?
lican majority of the. popular vote.
The Becond part <>f th" Democratic National
platform is to l.o framed in fhe llousc by a
voteon Mr. Springer'a Woollena bill. The vote
<>n the Bland bfll ootnmitted the party to free
-iiver, a large majority <>f ihe Democrata voting
for that. meaanre in ipite of all expoatulationa
' and warninfs's, and appeala for dela. until
after the Preaidential eleetion. Next. tr. Free
Silver oostca Free Tradc. I'resently almoal
??very Democratic vote in th'' House will l?
oaai for aholiiii'ii of dutiea on wool, for free
admission of ahoddy and n*aste, and for reduc
inm of the dutiea on woollen gooda. It is i,,
l.e boped lhat the hill ui!| pass the HotUC wilh
; little d.lay. because the Bgitation of the ojnea
'. ii<?n at thin time has no other purposa than t"
. frame a politica] platform. It is perfeetly well
known by the Democrata in Congreaa that th<
pending Tarifl hill oannot pass the Senate, and
, if it could. the measure would be stopped hy a
i veto. Tor the purpoae of ahowing what they
niean to do with the power if they gel it, aii'l
how far they arc willing to go toward destrcy
. ing Ameii.an indiistrics hv permitting un
checked competition, ihe Democrata of ihe
: llouse are engaged in sopporting this hfll. lt
, is Intended as a aample <?l Democratic reform,
and as Boob will be w.I.omed by Bepublicana.
When this bill was under consideratioa in
cenunittee some thm^s occurred whieh mav
well be recailed to mind. At liist the inten
i tion of the coiniiiittec was to make wool free
| and to cut off only the duties on woollen gooda
a*hich were impoaed as a (Dinpcnsation for the
duties on wool, leaving the manufa.ture ex
actly the mea.siirc of j.rotection that it bas en
Ijoycd. .Sttch waa. the Democratic orctenco, but
it was qtriddy shown that abolition of the 0O_R
pensatory ipedfio dntiea would in realftgr take
awai b large part of the protectlon for the
manufacture, leaving only ad valorem dntiea
which ean be easily and ali:i"*t indeflnitely
cvaded. Not content with thi-- Southern mem
bera "f Ibe eommittee inaisted upon even great
,.,? rcduction in the dutiea on woollcn good*.
They weie confronted at onee i'.v - me "i Ihe
noBl experienced Bnd competcnt Demoeratic
mannfacturcra in the conntry, who told the
committee fhat mch a redncti. n would )"? fatal
1,, tbe induitry. Tin- Bbolition i f Rll the
apecifio dntiea, thej dedared, waa of itself
more than tlie indnatry could aafely itand.
To make fiirther reductiona in the ad ralorem
1 ? - alao would cl me. bundre le ol worka, de
prive many thouaand workera of lubaiatcnce,
and cripple the prodoction i:i thia country bo
,!,;,! the '1.rtic demand for wool would bc
niinoualy diminUbed. Theae influential Dem?
ocrata warned their political aaeociatee thal
they would drive ? Rreal boal of votera awaj
from th' ii party by exceaaive reduction of
dutiea, and would aacrilice all tbal tl"- party
bad gained in New-England end other 8tatea
bv adroitly recommending "t.uilf refonn" to
votera inatead of the principlea of Free Trade.
llut all expoatulation waa in vain. The South
em Democrata inairtod, the ipei ific dutiea ivere
taken ofl and part "f tli" ad valorem dutiea
bosides, and aa If to make the blll even more
uflcnaive, ahoddy and waste were aUo admitted
free "f duty to deatroy the market f< .- Amerii an
Thia is tho bill which Democrata will have
to meei nexl rall. I' will evcrywhere be taken
aa an interpretation oi their demanda for taiifT
reform. Votera will rightly reaaon that, if the
Demoeratic party obtaina the power, ii will
not "nl.'- ena< I t'i" wool and iroollena tarifl
aubatantiall* as it baa come from a Demoeratic
oommittec, hut will proceed to treal other ln
dustriesaail dealawith wool-growing and wool
manufacture. Dutiea on ore and pig-iron muat
be awept away, and dntiea on manufactured
iron and ateel redueed far below th" Bgurea
ti,;n repreaenl tl?-' difference in labor i"-t here
and elaewhere, io thal foreign producera may
enjoy :i dUtinct advantage over Americana in
selling in <"ir marketa. 8o "ith other indue
trieai the purpose of the Demoeratic party, as
illustrat.d hy tho Wool and VVoollena bill, is
(., aacri_.ee the Induatriea of thia country in
ih.- illuaory bope ui gettlng cbeaper gooda for
conaumers. When rotora realiie how woollon
^noda bave been cheapened by home competi
li-ni. and how they were nol enhanced in co_rt
by tiie dntiea impoa. d in 1890, if v\;il take a
pr.'.'it many explanationa and ezcoiea u< r.n
,-il.. men to tbe riosing "t works npon which
theii livelihood dependa,
Um ic! Something is pr.iding from the
moutb <>f Chauncey Blaek tl.at aonnda rery
mnch lil;'1 a noiae. \t eomea through a born, at
one 'iid "f which Chauncey itanda, looking a
trifle diahevelled, with cbeeka conaiderably dia
t. iid.-d. eyea -"tt "f "buggin* out," aml a
awelled-up appearance generally. II'' i- evi
.1.nily full nt it. lt i> th" only thing a man
ean ba full of withont inctea-dng bia weight.
chauncey ia blowing it "lf- There'a about a
oolumn "f it np t.i date an'l Indicationa "f over
Bowing fountaina nf it in reeerve t" be i I i n
tap during the eampalgn. lt i*- eailed "Tha
Ureal Campaign "f i R92," and .- the bugle
blasi ^it!i wlu. ii Chauncey ;.- the prealdenl
nf tbe Natlonal Association "f Demoeratic
Cluba propoacfl to rally tli.- Demoeratic party
of tho whole country f?>r whal l.e ralla vvitb
great freshness ani foree " th" impendins
flict." As a buple blasi it is what mighl be
oalled "a oorker"; <mo of thoae "way up"'
thinga tha* make the thoaght ful patriot either
pul his flngera in bia ? ara or reaort to the l>..wi
Read vvith appropriate empbasia and aea nt and
? proper amount of feeling, thia addreaa would
ni many placea "lf the line .>f the railroad
tlniil all bearte, and perbapa '..11 oul the Ure
(Ihaancey Black'a rtew "f the impending con
fliet is that, niile-s the Democrata begin righl
ofl to riae up and organize cluba and "celc
|.uiti' iu lome appropriate manner the birthday
of Thomaa Jefferaon," there'a a beap of tro
ni atore f". thia country and for mankind. ile
aaya .1 it were only a conteal f..r offirea ">? f".
the gratifiration "i the peraonal ambition "f
iii'li. I'lual leadera, heand the aaaociation would
nnt feel ao mueh workvd up aboul it. Uut ho
aaya it is a greal deal more than tbati thal
everybody knowa from ita biatory thal tli" Re
publican party, If it ahould < irry the elec
tion, would "brealt through tl.nflnea of
the Federal chartor on oveiy aide." "This ia
noi Ibe plaee or tbe time," l..- iaya, "to de
relop in its tremendoua proportiona and with
its dreadful menacea the tYderalUt-Rcpublican
n h< me of atrong, apl. ndid, rotti n govci nment,
resting upon corruption and force and cmploy
iifi the P'iw. r "f taxation to enalave tho 1 ibor
ing maaaea in order to build up in luxury and
wealth tbo rulWig cla_wcs." The pieture ia
tremendoua enough and dreadful enough, one
would guppoae, vvithoiit furtber doveloping.
l'i : -olis who <an icad il without feeling ei
irreaiatible impulae to "celebrate in aome ap?
propriate manner the birthday <>t Thomaa
Jefferaon" are nnwortby oi citizenahip, and
oughl to nove away.
There ia reaaon to beliove thal the provoca
tion for this rtictation, the alow match that
touched ofl this exploaion of the parta oi
apeecb, is the tarlff. It ia ( bauni ey 'a id... th .t
the tarifl is B tax ; thal il has im rclation what?
ever to tbe public revenuo, but is intended
aimply to "tranafor nntold milliona from tbe
pocketa of the many who bave carncd ii to iiu
coffera of the few who are liccnacd to acizo
it." And be iaya?Chauncey lilack aaya?thal
" il this ean be done there Ia an end <>i libcrty ;
um Federal Governmonl is uttcrly pervcrtod;
it \- noi merely a fraud, Imt a de._iM-ti_.ni, aud
thera ia nothing I. ii worth a atruggle." II th"
Republican party ihould .any the nexl elec?
tion, he aaya, il "would graap with ono hand
the throal oi conatitutional liberty while with
the other it riflca the peopl 'a pockcl - and tranv
fcra a vast aggregate "f lawlcaa plundui to Ita
tnonopoliat allica." Thia i- the atyle of de
acriptive writing tbat brcaka up acwins; aoci
i tioa and aenda a ihivcr through the malo |n)j>
ulation auch as has nol been experienced aince
il," drafl of is'i:{. We begin to think thal
Chauncey wrote "The Worlda" douhlc-leadcd
articlea la^t fail which made the taxpayi ra who
aleop in tho City Hall Park take to drink
through fear <.f " aatrapa."
" How," aaya Chauncey, "ahall this hidcoua
di-a-ter be aveited?'' To which li?- anawera:
" Than is bnt om wav under beaven." Notico
bow iiiiieh thoae two worda "nnder heaven"
add to the aolcmnity of the occaaion and tho
impreaaiveneai of tbe anawer. Tho bngle blaal
never "flata out." Tbe "one way under
heaven," aa be pointa out, i> for tbe people to
"organize In theii own defenee.*1 Tbey mual
organiaa clubai for he aaya "the conteal will
l." largely a oonteat ?.f cluba." And, fudging
from tlie way in which the preliminary conteal
between llill and Cleveland opena, we ahould
say thia was true. Tl.at is largely ? con
tost with cluba if m.t of them. The nexl etep
after oipanizinj.' eluhs is te Meelebrate in aome
appropriate manner tho bilthdaj of Thomaa
JelTerson." That event occiirs. we beliove, on
th,. l.ith of the prescnt month, lcavinj: now
,,?lv about a week f??r peeparation. still the
?uggestion ta a good oae, Nothing *<> ta
ipirea theaverage Democral us the celebration
of suine fesiive anniversary, when be can ril
down and pul in his beat work Bgainal " bideous
diaaater" by drinking to the memory of aome
i??lv aho died before the trouble began. There
bas nol been aucb an occarion ilnce the birth
day of General Jackaon laal January. and aa
tbe Governor of North Carolina remarked?
The bugle blast, as has been aaid, is "a
eorker." Simply as an Intellectaal efforl
Chauncey mav well be proud of it. Bnl
Chaunccy, dear-a word with you?a whisper,
in pcrfcci confidcnco. It atrikei us. Chauncey,
thal vou are a good deal of a humbug. Don't
you remember, Chauncey, tliat vour late hon
ored fathei and the late Jamea Buchanan and
otber eminent Democrata were a great deal
more oxcited in 1860 than you even prctend
i,, be now because Mr. Lincoln'a eleetion would
j?* "a hid.i** diaaater"?that they thought the
preservatlon .?f tb" LTnion by an arme.l force
would l.e another?that another would be ibe
issue "f ei'.'eul.a.l.s-and still anolher the pay?
menl .'1 'li'' National debt in an.*. thin;,' but
greenbacka-thal tbe most eminent men in vour
party thought the resumption of apecie p;'\
ments would bo "a bidcoua dieaater," and that
there baa ben nothing done for moro than
tbirty years, down t.? the paasajge of ihe Mc?
Kinley Aet, whlch ?raa t<> ptrt on theHnal dto
aatrotia Sniah, thal all your Demoeratie statea
ui"ii have n,,t aaid would bring on "htdeoua
disaster"? Don'l you remember thia, Chaun?
cey? I.i.'t up your riaion. Look at tho coun
tr\ : at tlie people. Ifta there been anv " hide
..?is diaastei"? Tben coAaider for a moment
whal would bave been the prescnt cndilion
,.f ihe country if at anv one <>f the cris.'s of the
laal thirty yean your party bad been in power
and had its way.
Urace up, Chauncey ! Have some style about
nm. The eountry lus had nnparatleled pros
pcrity during more than thirty yeara of Re
publican rule. lt would have been " a hideous
diaaster" not to bave bad Repnbllean rule.
And n would be "a bideoua diaaater" net t.?
continue it. And yon know it, Chauncey.
Come off '?
Th" s, li.iii" to enrich a company of spec
ulat.irs bj enabling them to pri'Iiroti the An
noxed Distrie. with street railroada under eon*
ditiona extraordinarily advantageoua t<> them
and bostile to the . ity paaaed the Senate yea?
terday l.y i vote of 19 to 18. It did not paai
on its ne iits. It has no inciits. it passed
because three Bepublican Senatora who ought
to have been in better companj and better
business deserted their party and v>>t<'.l for it.
Their namea are CoggeahaU, Emerson and Bi< h
ardaon, and they ought nol t?. be forgotten.
If they know nothing about this Job they stulti
li.'l themselvea bj voting f.>r it. If they know
anything aboul il thev did far worse than that,
foi n is imposrible thal they could know any?
thing to its indit. It is ono of the boldest
.md ni"-t ahamelesa swindlea ever dlrected
.*__ iin-.t tbe welfare of this o.mmtitlify. It
romea near to breaking the record of this
fraudulenl and oorrupt Legislature. It nt*'"
away franchisea "f enormoui value, granta ex
emptiona to which ii" honesl claim ean be iug
gcated, and puta prospectivo burdena upon tlns
oommunit] t,? which there is nol a ihadow of
? ?? f,,r aubjecting it. Ani for tlns meaa
ure, oondemned bj everj consideratlon of pub?
lic welfare and fortitled only bj the inaolent
demanda "f the Democratic ring, three Bepub
itora either ignorantly or deflantly
The outrag. ua (? iturea "f this {ob bave been
repeatodly expoaed, and no Senator *.\\in voted
f.,r it yeaterday will be patiently list"iie,i to
if he undertakea t" plead that be did nol com
prehend Ita proviaiona. Two or three "f its
most iii'l.r.ut favors to the monopoliata at
wh"*e .Int iti,-ii it waa rreatcd were atricken
oul i>. amendment at t!i" laal moment, but it
;is essentially rank. Ir will go La, Ic f..
ih.- ..--? mbly, and evcntually th.- <lovernor will
i.ave another cbance i" *.iv whetber <r not il
, imea up fo his exceedingly moderate atand?
ard : so that there is a poaaibility that it ma.
\et fail to l.e, .ni" a law. Hut Measra. Cogge*
hall. Kmeraon and Rirhardaon have made their
I. oi'l and need ii"i expect t.> l.e able to r. w*.'
it. At a .uii.al moment, when their adverae
would have left the bill without a ma?
jority, tbey ddiberately |.uf it through. They
did a bnd da,>'s worh f"i thia city, and, we
veiitiirc to iay, for tbomaelvea likowiso.
ieieee rr.i. i.xi; .v/?; TBOD18 ts.
"n Ifoaday i-f,,re ?!.'? Ifetbodial preaebera*
BtectJag of DostoB, l'r< feeaor Lnther T. Towsaeo I
dellvered his taoeh taiked uf address ,,n elerieal
politica iu tlu- Metliodlat < litirch. ? omtng .. i ii
doea, with ibe nn avory acaadal la Ihe New Vork
? ' :ii.-i,'ii,.- m a i .tnmentary on i',' ii is worthy
u.e BttenUoa "I Methodista generally. Tl e i Idrese
not nierely .i itatemenl "t the peraonal viewa
..i tl.e upeakcr, bat a aeriea "f n-m.uk ible ehar< e-,
vouclied i"i hv reaponaihle MethoJial mlnisters and
laymen. a etrea-nstaace wblch we re-p.ci
. immrnd t.> 'h- Btteation "f Ihe Rev. I'r. Day,
? ? *?, wl." in bia aermon i : laai ? in la;
appeared t,, hold thal newepapen aere re*poa*ib!e
'ill .uch atorit -
Dne itetbodlat minister quoted by Profeaaoi
TovrBflead writea thal be baa bi.ne slck uf the
disreputablc wirapulling m the Church, and con
.'"IH|.l.lt,s jllilllli; l!.,- ( ol.,;??,?_ l?|,,||.,||sts. Al|.
othei aaya ihat there la na retsedy unless ihe
hlKhopa unlte t,. eruafa oul the rlnga; an l he adda
thal lir knowa peraonaily ol methoda sdopted by
anil'ltioua men ln ilu* Church which, if known
i.i the aiitli.'i'iiies, would land them m uu. |?.l;.
A preaiding tlder told ? pr.ni,ine:;! lajrman lhal
he would si'ii.i v. lus church a minister he wanted
if be, ii,-- laym in, wi uld eonttih ite $.1,000. ,\
minifltei gave s preaiding rider gioo for an sp.
|..'iilt!iienl tn a .ertain ehuroh, :i:i~i _of it. \
former MetbodiM writes t,. aay that be left
Methodtam hecauae ns elerieal politica made lum
lieartaick. Another former !._ethodUl minintrr
aaya that 1 iree "i tbe atronge t ? on; rea itloiial
churVhea ln Wia.teiu ara maaned by ex-.McthiMt.
I i niintatera who were driven oul ol the l hurch
by in.- dletatorahip "i elerieal rlnite. ,\ respunai.
i.i.- tlethodiai ot Dregon saya that the atate ol
DiTaln ln thal State fully beara out Professor
Townaend'a eharnrs. Otlier slmlhr atateaienta
aere made aml substantlated by reaponalble men
wh.. glve thelr namea, whleh tand to ahow that
the la?l eamplaiaed <.f is both ehronle aod wide.
t| read.
The profeaaor alao mado aaaa. apeelfle aaaer
ttom whleh he bolda bimeel. rcady to snbatan.
Hata before aay triboaai Asaong them an
three: Thai money has been effered and aeeepted
by preal liag eldera and aUnlateia io laflnenee
appolBtmentB; Ibat private eauenaea are fra*
quently beld by elerieal "ringa" ln whieh the
tarorh "f ih<* Conference is Bxedj tbat "Confer
enoe workera" bave offereo to iccure eleoUona t>>
iin- General Confeieace; that prealdlng eldera
bave promieed a eanalderatlaa fnr vetea; thal ?
? ?*rt,iiii New-England preaiding elder waa eleeted
by the Vutes of thn-e iniiuslels wliu ri'ieivcd a
cunsideratioB; ti.at a minister affered a preaiding
elder fsd fnr a eertala appolatineBl. aad ihat the
pres-dini elder ...ily deeUned the olfer i.c'i.ise thr
?ppoiatmeni w.is alraady au.de; that a ralBlBtrr
gave a New-Knalainl pieakliBg elder $104 for n
tiaasfcr, uud that the trai.e.f_r wus iu_.de.
i ni.** i"iuuu_.ij_. mdii.Luicu1,. uud? by so rv- i
sponaible a man as Professor Townaend, and eup
ported bf name" and dnciimcnta, cunnot be l_t
nored I'.v Methodist... Tho good name of thoir
Churoh and ite f.iture gfOWth and prosperity WOUld
i.f aerioualy ImperiBfed if auch immoral and dis
, fil methods were not promptlv exposed and
luppreaaed. Ii P_*ofeaaor Townaend'a ebargea
ihould on invcatipation, ho sti6tainod, the Ohoroh
will need purgiog with aomethini nn.rc drastr:
than hj-ftsop. ____________
This is a had year for Lo^islatures. N'ow-Vork
licua not in many years been so l.ndly served hy
it., law.i.ak.'is ns l.\ tho present fraudulent body,
which is to keep on with its work for three wecks
or more lonprr. The I_osi-.laM.ic which rerently
idj iirned in Kew-Jersey was hy common conaent
is bad a OBe as tho State WBA ever attlicfed with,
bavlng hoon kept within bounde only by the e\
.rcmc pretriiire put on it by the party bosso." in tli.*
intereat of Leon Abbett'.. election as T'nited Btatea
s.'.utor nc\t year. Reporta from Maryland ahow
ti.at " boodle" is the promincnt factor in tho Lez
lalatare BOW in aeaaton at Annapolis, and it is
cl.arReil tiiat hribory ia earried on in the mo*?t
open and unhiu-diing manner. The Domocrats are
in eontrol at Albany, at Trcnton and at Annapolis,
and must boar tho brunt of the rosponsibility for a
eonditlon Ol things that is scandalous and dis
prarpfnl. That party bafl tl.e habit of ftcqiiirin;:
a " baT omlneiee'1 jn juat tliis way, and the habit
has grown invctcrate.
Sei-.au.r llill has still the consolation of re
floctina; that he has not yet publidy fallea out
with himnelf.
The recent appeal of the Boefety for the Tro
vontion of .'rime, whleh lias been printed and
Bomtnended in Tho Tril.uii", has alre.idf eailed
out a niimbor of BUbBcriptiona The BM lety had
KCeired a eorfl.Wte nt Tho hi~liest. valuo iii the
reeont, prosontmont of tho Grand Jnry. It wonld
ia* most anfortunate ir it? exeellenl work i.s com
pelled to lan,,"i_sh through a lack of funds. We
do not believe that o'.r publioapirited eitlaeuB
will permit thJR. Any coniribiitor to the BOCiety'a
treasury who does not wish to let his left hand
know what his rlgbi hand hus dono, will bave
his wish rolii-io.isly ro-.pei.ted by l'rendent Park
li'irat, and Trensurer Newoll.
"Bc eareful, Cnntor." whisporod Senntor Ife
C'lolland to the Demoeratlo leader on the floor;
"don'l aay more than you know.'1 This injune
tion, togetber with "keep your mouth aU.it.'1
Bompria. I thfl whole art of local Demoeratic etate
New-York Clty h? fond of " broakinst recorde."
Bba |i*rea the COldeal day in years one wlnter
nnd then for a ehange soleets a certain day iu
cprins fer anotber record. Sometin.es it is the
wind nnd sometiu.es it is the ttde. It ia aU part
of New-Yotk'a elaim to being tirsi and btggeei
ot all eitlea on thia slde ot the wa?er in every
thlng. IVhal wo are now waltinf f?r is thla
Citya niood for "breakiiifr" politieal recnla, when
Tammany will wonder what baa happened, .n l
every one e.s>' will )** hrvppy. It is neariy timo
tor ti.e politieal eold wnve.
If titlea nre auppoeed to ho a roward of per
gonal u.erit an.l publie aetrlee, some untitlod
Canadiaaa mnat read in the atOCJ nf their Oov?
ornment acaadala a meUncboly remindcr of kiu_.lv
proj'idieo and partiality.
Tlie Assembly __ pnn-ed a blll which the .**>nato
o't.-l I t" klll without seruple or delay. It f.>r
bida under pennlfy "f I'm" or impris.inu.ent, or
botb, the 'alo nr otTerln- for aale in thia Btale
of ony "paekage, ean, l*.u_e, or otber reeeptacle
eootalnlni mateiiala Intended f"r alimenury or
medlclnal purpoaee" nnleaa ll la labeled vsith ?
atatemenl "f -ill it*. eoatenta Tbem i* no
ncci of aneh a law, nnd any poaaibla good that
ith enaetroent miijht aeeempliah woTild ia? out~
weigbed a thenannd fold i-y the InJuaUea which
it u.i ild intliet. If enfefced, II iroald at onee
praotleally eonfleeatc an lipwfff qunntity and
variety nf tiv-ful BTtlclea of food, and de-troy, or
greatly diminiah tbe valne of eooatleaa Invest
menta, JTie roraann. la nol only oBnebraaary and
uncalled for, bul abaurd. Sueh a law would be
.1 peraonal Infllctlon and a pubUo nub-ance.
? m ?
Ihe Anarehlata who attempted te m.iw up the
ah Cortea have improved ou the iiiotlinds nf
Ouy Fawkea, bul tbey seem ta poaaeaa bia old
adrolt faeulty of getting foaod out.
What wllh tl.e antiea of tho one bundred and
lifty majority In Congreaa, the Maynard whlte
ig gnd otl t performaneea at Albany, aud
n. general breaklng doara and deraorallzation "f
the Demoeratlo party all round the elrele, tl.e
hopeful |iers"iis who have N'ou looking for polit?
ieal reform fiom 'hat gonree liave had lutle to
.' ti en ..f Iaie. It arlll make their bearta
leap f"r j"v, tbongb, to learn tl.at "a powerful
Antl lliram Atkina movement tr. reported to ba
(icvclujuu-; among the Vermont Democrata.*
Has Senator D.iv- 1 l-enr.ett Hill beard any
tliIng drop alnoe he retumod from hu-- delegate
hunt ?
-?? ?
?? If Mr. Cleveland can'l carry Sfew-York," "The
iti'-a Obeerver" araata to know "wbo ean?"
That is a queatlon more eaally aaked than
anawered |ual bow, imt we should aay at a ******
ture, f ?? .. ?..::ie "f tbe Minneapolia Conventlon.
Try- ? ? a Wtrbee, ot iii" t'nlrenlU ?' Ber
Un, the groot S-.inr.il arbolar, recently i< lebmtetl tbo
tarenty-IUth annlvemry ol hi-i appolntaenl as pro.
' 'li..>r\-:" w.i-. .-fifLrat*1,! ln tlu- i>V;i-u.i m.r.
ner tradltlonal t> tlennaa anlvenlUee, Muny Aair
ii* nnmbered annimlly amoog tiio pnplla nf Pro
(,-.?:? w.'Ih r. une of f.1 -? areateai frlendi lu IhU i aui
nv l- Vt.-'. -nr v. tiltney, ??( Vala C .Ik ???.
Rear Admlral Klmberty, wko Baa goae ..n t.> the re
tired llal "f tbe Amerlean Navy, tiada Bne warreeord,
Bnt li i"--t i'-'..''.i.i"-r.'<i, perbapa, f"r Ua s.-ni... ,,,
axrcutlve ofllrer ol FartagBi'a Bagahlp, tba llartlvrd,
ttnndlng ".. Ibe brMge, tutly expotcd t.i tha eaemy"!
i.n'. ln lhc pniaage ol 1'i.rt lludi n ai.-l Urand >.n\t.
nud ln Mui.il.' i.i.y. Ile ?..- alaa ln rommand .?f tli.
Amcrtr.in ninidmn al Apla, Bnm.ni, when the Trentun,
ii nd \ 'nul.di.i ?.ivertaken by the tamoui
liiiii'ii;iin> of Marrh, l - -'.?.
AletaaaBr AUan, the ateamahlp owner, wbo iiied
laal SatBrday, araa ooe "f Bve s,,ik nf Uu thandew ol
the aii.ui Une, and brotber "f tba late >ir iiut;'i
AUan Aiiir.iv Allan la noa tlu- miiv onn ol the
inn.ii.-i-, iu\i\in.-. He Hvea ln Hontreal.
Kra. Amia ll. WiNi.i.ii. of Phltadelphla, left her
v.iin.ii.i.' art eoBeetlon, aod i.nif u niiiu-.n ..f dollan
ii. be iponl in raring for It, i" the <it'y ol her real
iiin. i-: and Ibe aothortttea hnve just formally aeoepted
il:.- .-i:;. lln- plrturea v.m be plared In Memorlal
liul), under tha m.pervUlon ol tae Commknlonen ..[
Pnlrmonnl Park.
Aniiri'w ciirn.-irie is mapoeied "f bartng agreed t-'
lea r. ..OOO uiu.i.'i a new aatronoflUeal obarrvaton
to be ereeted in Baa Pnuieiaco, aadee tha ausploea
..f tke .'.ilifiiint. Aatronomlral Boetety. Ila araa
i.I.- ;i member "f t'uit body wUlo i"' was ...it tkat
v.iv liielilly.
MI-s AMee ltldeout, (lesli*n.r of tlie groapa "f
?tatuaiy io adora tke Women'a BalkBng al ihe BTorW
lull, la -.ranrly twenty yean of ai-''-. BlM is u f-an
Praaelaeo |.iri, aad aeaaa ?f her luna aad Bdvaaee
ni.-ni ike i.w.s t.) Mrs. i.i'ianii Btanfaed, who fm
gteefl lnr ordera for Uuas ot heraetf, aad Beaator
Mr. Ifaaaaaakef admlta thal three yaara ba u.e
puiiiie aaeviea nmy permaneatty dteerl -">iiie bmb
fron. tha llla-IOBi iiiisimsN paraaita abandonad. hs in
his eaaa, v\ith tha Intenttoo of retarntng tkoreto; but
ii.- -,:i\ i ilmt he expeeta tu return lo a nercantlle Ufe
iiim-eif, and i- aii'...l.v plaoning t!i? extenalon of aoma
..f io. nndertahtnga.
A laat ila\s agO, -av I'aii-lan pBBelB, wlnl;- llnii.n
mi. ii i.-i Manaaeey, ti.e mliawatad palatar, vva* gbaenl
irom his haaae, >. aaaeioBgar aalled to detbaae a ii".-.-.
ii irai lahen te tin- Daioaeea aad kmad te eoatola n
thnal to l.low up th:- house wlth ilvnuiiiltc on tlli- aBBM
evenlBg. Tha lettae alao spohe ot tke Munim.-ys ns
aaetarta, pui<i iiv ih.? HBBBarlBB OoeaniBMBt. MadaaN
Uaakaeap, hoaaa vor, waa aot Mgklaaed bf tba oawaaaBa
..f Ike letter, v. hlili ^ln_- MM to the poliee, nnd ron
tiniH'it h<*-r peapamHeaa for .. iBeepHoa aa laa anmc
i-vnnlng. Oiini-rt* wene Btaaad t>i*fi->.? tlie hou*', und
nuUUiig luPi^ood. 'lh* tu'iift did uot ki.ni u| Ihe
affair until after the reeeptlon. It Ifl tollejeA that tlw
_?"?.. wai written by w>",? Hungartan who bad not
been invlted to tlie SaBBaasSB.
The pnstor of a Congregntlonal rhurch of Somet
vllle, Mass.. <ll.strlli.ites n BBSl prlnted sheet contntn
|ng tba <luir.il BOttOOB, In the BBWB, ln BflM of rcadlng
tii.m. TMa was aaa af taa laieat aataassi "it may
not tw lnapproprinte to rall attcntlon of the audteneo
to tie- bud liablt they have fnllen Into of watchlni
people who 80888 in late, e-spcdally those who hava
new clotl.es. Tli.se late comcrs nre modest poople,
nnd It must be a BSatflBB annoyunce to huve thelr
ralincnt a subject of nmnrk. They wear lt uncon
telooaly, and pretar tlmt you would not notice them.
in.. Baaeay asreteea ure at io:*io. at 7:30, for
the bcncflt of ull who deslre to spend nn hour lu
worshlp ; but for all those who havo recently vlslted
1I1.. t.illor. and mllllner, and dre-smnUcr. the mornlng
?ervlce beglns nnyw.here from 10:30 to 11. nnd tho
evenlng serviro ten mlnutcs befoio e. For the beneflt
Of the very tnrdy oncs tho unnouncement 1? hereby
made that the bcnedlrtion wlll be the only porttor. ot
tlie scrvlce ln whlch they ?rc rcspectfully invlted to
Sonlro htakenrider mfter a prolongcd and gloomy
,,.%..i.-.-rvc (mbi BlgB oato fapo oa that boy o
edueation olreaSy, 'Ltaabeta. and lie l.aln got half.
n.iii 1, icnae ;.s lu- BBd 'f"re to went Ut colb-ge.
Mrs. Makcnrlder? You're 188 liard on htm, Joeha*
' No, 'lAihelh, I aln't. I sald to hlm a little whlle
ngo I thought. lt was going to rain to-morrow, tn.
what (lo you s'po.e he BeM l"
"I'm swre 1 aoa't Know, .Jodiaway."
"He begged my pardni."-(Chleago Trlbune.
There Ifl room for susplelon that few boy_ ar.
so fond of school thnt they hanker for a bummer
aehool, In spite of tho _BB_ that s.immer ?<*hool_ are
ono <>f tho fads of the dny. But the Rev. E. B.
Btee. *>f lllfthmourit, rtster CoiiDty, X. Y., l? lo
start a BOfeOOl for bOJPB on June 1, tha. will doubt
less meet tho npproval of all boy_. When wo flay
that tho prosrr-imme wlll be two hours a day for
l,*-sons and thi- rc-st for play and sport. we haya
lully oxp.mned why they wlll look wlth favor on tt.
Tli" bluelitr.Is they are ralllng
The robin pliimes his arlaf,
Tl.o BBOW-borfl fltraBBU are falllng
l'_x?n the feet of -prliii*.
Hr.g flweet, oh Southland,
k-1 ii_* soft. oh Southland,
<iVr iiamlet, (ana and town;
Iflvaee th" Northlana,
hutrouiMl th<. Nortliland,
Aai P"ill that _nowbarik down.
The ??<*? _kap wake from slceplng,
Thev'r.* e.'ttlnc out ot bed ;
And thro' the cold turf peeplng
Th- rpicus .,(,?'* he:- head.
Ar1?e oh .?southland,
Jjlow .ofr, oh Southland,
O'er dlugle, doll and down;
Oo flood tho Noithland,
Ulssolve flie Northland,
And pull that _r.._wl..-.__l_ down,
Oo sound the ro*x-*r,ell londly;
Wal.n f.-itther, fur and tin.
Mv broihen, soo h>w proudly
Tha ipiendld iprtng eomei ln.
All hill, Oh -"uthUind,
(.'..me snn'i, oh Southland.
And Reen Ibe hills of browa;
iT.v.i'l,. thfl Nortlihinil.
(io sniite the N'Tthl'ind,
Aad pallthai aaoa l.ank down
- Daaaaa Hanner. iintArlo, Tan.
A srl.ool te.irher of tlils < ity se-ifls the followlng,
whlrh she roactea f.>r ns a bona-llde rompo-ltlon
wri.f.-n l.y .tn el.ven yenr old boy In ? Harlem
ginmniar s.hool:
roInnibiH dlseov.red Anierka ln 1102 <Vtflb-*-r 12,
The pe .ple \**a.s going to drowned Columhns when
thev d:d BOl **ee no land ha had thre? voyages.
They took-*d three days and threo nights to go to,
Ani'-r:, a.
Cotauabaa dl^rovercd amertra a. far as Columbua
Avenue ho ronld not go no fnrther.
'?To Ml tho truth, tho late E. A. Froeman w.is
nn 111-bresfl (ad," ^a.vs "The Huffalo rommerclal,'*
?but ho got as good as he BSBt at Y.ile Colleco.
When enterlnliied there, one of the professor*. od.
Iltaaed hlm ns Dr. Fr.-ejn.in. *Dort..r: why doctort'
snid tho boorlah Hstoriaa. *i thought you wera
entltl'-d to t!ic do.tointe.' u.is the ____? reply. Sup
p._? i am. _o is OI_a_-teaa. would yon d.xtor
hlm?' mdely repllod the piesst of the evenlng. ?No.
sir,* sald the now BBBBSSriai rufUcd Yale man, *I
eettalBlf would not apply so lnslgullleiiit a tlUe to a
man of QtaBBteaa'a einlncnce.' ?
A Pr-ssperUvo Du^l.?Wh?n people lase thelr temper
thev BN SPI t<? -av thliiKs th.it ai*e eontradlet'TV,
T'.vo Ke*r>Vork gentlemeii K?t Into a innirel at theij.
(lul,. Flnally one of them. who bolieves ln tiie co*le,
?ald excttedly : . .
? You ar>- a low Llackpnnrd. and an unmitig:ue<J.
sroundrel. N.ev. >lr. lf vou ire a gentletran and a_
man "f honor. vou know what you havo to do. Hero
1. my rard." 'T.'xns gtfttBgS.
? Mr. raaaieaall." niked a Bo?ton planoforte te.irher,
"I see that you jihrif-e the forty serond mea.sn*-' r*l
tboren*a loeata tum tl tnm .illustrnting ut tlio,
BabtaatelB plnyed It tum tlttle tum. IVAlberU
w:iy is ttiml tum tum. The ftnti.lnnl <s-lltlons h-*i4*e it
t;i:iiiuin tli'l-nim. Now, if a pup" a?l_s me whleh ls
coaseet, what shall I ?ay I* And iis the master gave
Ifliw _B rure Pollsh. "The BOBtaa Tr_n?^ript.-?i
mbtm fl'.- the _ror>'. fnlls to r*-p.'?rt lt
Flrst >hn^e i.t. con<*ert-goer whlle on earth?Whal
are th >s.> vondroui harmonlefl i hearl
roi 'l shiul-'-That Ifl the muatr of the ipheres.
Hrst Hbaae -n i- tttvlnel Wbal ptoao do they ad.
venl-e- l*.i' U.^mmmm^mm^_^_^_
At _B8 ' Btea I'i-t night N. Ambrolso Thoma*^
"li'?iii!.'*.' had Iti laal peffanaaaea for this flea^jn.
Th- nrt of Ophcfla aaa ?ung hy Mlss vnu Zandt; Mlle.
Otalla BavogK m.d M. Klounrd de lt.*).ke flUed tlio
nvee of tlie Wueen nnd King. but nil the interwt ln tho
porfonaaaea was wmmmoBm*\mj at i-asviiie. the Ham
|et ?f tl.e lOtailOB It ?"s a .plendW triuraph for Uio
paal biiritonc arbo aaa laasUei over and over afaiu
?rbeeeflflW .>i.p.mnnltr otlVred. acd who fl.inc BBi a. t<-d
t,, Uw delUrtU of all wlio Ueai-d MBB. Mi*** Van Zandt
wnAn a *>a.r l_B_Bnaaaaa m ihe tlpat flct. but grew better
later. altliougli ?h- ncv.-r -u<veede<l .n oonvln.lng the
.iii.l.n.- IBBl thr purt Ls ___BtBi to Irr v.H.-e ai:d fltyl".
Her arttatla borlaoa la not an exten.u-d one. ?nd mn
eevtronmeal tnls sea-on hM not tt all been adnpted ie
her iM'e and ni.oniplUhmeiiifl.
Mr. D'Alliei-t nn4e the flr^t of three puuioforre re
ettala raaSBfiai afternoon ln th?> evmert room
ot Iha Mitdir>on 6?iuare Ob_8_B8_. The tma'.l nuni
( Mataaaaa araa eslealataf to etimniate
s*,.., liiitini M t.> tho .nuse uf tho ehange tn popular
leettnt lowari inm. ??wa reara om ii*-s aaaeesa with
i inii.ii,' was :i tno-t ,.mi.i..-iin- aaavaai aattaalv
deaerved. Vwtiriar. toa, lu- ehBBsagSg the heartle.t
iidmlrition fr<mi a!l his llsteneis. bat. thev numbered
lons uhere Ix-fotr. thev mimben-d hirutis-ds. Tlio
cui-e of Ihe rbBBBT of att(tu<te eno s.'flreeLT be B8t
towfl as whollv Bfttatte. Mr. D'Albert plaved only
maale by Deetl v,-n. aai Ib Haa i>?ftv tieid he oa.vu_.e?
:, pofllttoa \\liUh n.ri'14- :tn. iie-lined to thlnk 1. uulouo.
ito is lasata ? suvi.rt, inteflptatar ,>f aaa irreat ?aatar
,,f the Minaia. Hla readtnai are Inatlaet "Alth vltiaitr.
his i.i'liiiUui perfornianee ,vle>i:__te ln even- seuM.
lf he can be <hnr..sl with nnv _.,'!<. at *U. It ti U\
reflparl ,,f tonal mia, l"flYa_8oaal_r a hnnine-*** and
(i,\i.--- ->i iiii.'h nuiU'-s it-"if notteeaUa. but tteaarnttv
und Intelllgenoe ?f LK readlnn nre heyoai the cavll
,,f -eri.'i.s ll-tei-ers. lia- iihivd tlie thlrtv seoond
vniiat'nni on ;. theoaa in ?'. satoar, nnd the s<>natas lu
r. op. 53, K-iiihior. op. BO, F. inajor, op. hk.. and A-flat,
i.. lio.
A llne eoOeetlBB <>f Bli prtlntlncs trWWkt by *-iJvadoi
(le Maaiaaea, tlu* Braafllaa Mlniater nt wishin^t.m,
win be mM nt aaeUoB ay wiiiumi u. ROeaaaa at
Chlekertaf HaU tbta evenlng at a p, m. The pi,-tur.*?
ar.. ehietly BBBSBBlaa ef the BBBBl-OB sehool. The
s.vnuv -.'.vn pnlntlnp-s otfenst f,>r aale aio the *aork
of f,?i-tv-s,-veu ui-'isls There ni*e In Lhe collei'tion four
Cunith. tlii'.*e eaawasas and one panel; n'.ue llOOBSBBB,
the mo-t lin;..rtint MBf ** Vue d'unent; F.ftet de
.-*,ii,.ii coaebaat"; two fliaaai in tha "IBbbbi of Fou
l.iin.'bl.-n...'' :iii<l t\M> sinall l!|*ure ptaOOa bv D88SJ
lavea laBdaeapaa ef Klehet, bb eartj e___aafla of Roua
?eaa, "Taa Hoaae ,,f the F.mpiv.-s joa'phlne"; tiie
- Dryade" by Mevat, t44?i DaaMgai'a, a sinnii laalaSBpa
i>v Danjta, lare ptataaoa bb bwbar, ,w'> ">' Jaaaaa, ***4
a -.iiiitii akeseh m Trettat Aaaaag other actiuts wpi-e
s"iited B88 Da Ki-,n."?'hi, Fragonard. F.mmanuel BflJaV
zales, J. A. ('oiualcs. D__Bi08i llenner. Ilaron Ley?,
Catntno MsfBBB, Maaraaa, Fmii Vemon. \_a.t?iin.
Itraeia, Vtaea, Vlaet. Neuviiie. Masarbal, Hnrpignu.*.
* \ seheffer, Agranto liereliere, Dupont ltsMiilnif),
lioiiiiiiigtou. DraicaMat. Couture, Hlnt. Kn-re. <???.
Ilorlor Japln. IU..- Mahart, Rlchet, Robbe, sl-urno
und Veyraatai. Mbbj .f the pleturen are eaacayMS
of ihe cii-lv work ,,f Ihe artlflts, niul thev foiiu B mofll
Hitei.-tliiK (ollcdloii. Altogetlii-r tl.o s-ilo wIU bo a
tnofli UBforlaal tnk.
DEiin Of ts oi.o ifftOB,
I'hlln.lelphia. Aprll ?'? -"Snm" llemplc. au old and
4vell Hnown a. lor. dled h<-ie ye-terday. 1I? w*. about
suty raaie oM. ne bai noi baaa m-ting of late. -ut
formeilv was a preat fiM.rue In this clty. when. ha
*!?> ii the most of his llfe. and Ivt had p\n\iA btr loiig
parloda .t the arah Haaai and MM Maaat Thestr?s.
lle aatS supporte.1 many of the sturs who were popular
from ten to UUrty live ytmrs ago. Recently ba ba*
b<.-oh la eiU-euiely reduced cln.*iui.tauco?.

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