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V01? LU_???16,??00.
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-??XT'*. \<j Kin ?a?; y PBXCAVTIOm
AOAIB9T 1)1 s?.Kl) ER.
P??s, April 3?.?Tbe trial ?if Ravachol, alia*?
I half n totee other dsbsm; Charles Aehllle Simon,
j,??,, ?? HL-.itiit " : .lao Beala, alias Joseph Nlarlns;
charle.?. Ferdinand Chaumartin, and the girl
?josuiie **" ubere, tonk pia??,? to-day at the Seine
mytet Court. Tin- trial opened at p o'eloek this
Dorili"?'? anil w:.s finished t->-uii*lit. Ravachol
,?,.1 Simon were fouml guilty nt tli?? crinu-r? with
r!nch thcj ente charged in tito indictment, and
??ere sentenced t? pen?) servitude lor life. The
itJier prisoners were seqaitted.
So ni.ii.y threats had been made thiit friends of
j?. prisoner's would attempi suine dc?p?'ratc not
.it'.K-r t<> tr.-c the seasused persona or prevent their
j-;al tbnl odmlsslon t.. the eourtrooe was aererely
?jr?-tr. te i, and Ihe only persons In attendance were
_l.e ?riluesscs, officials, deteetives and joun-tallata. !
If he n .lud'.-*? (.u??* entered tin- Murtroom he at '.
?noe ouuiuniiic-d the jury, who seemed '.really di?- !
(Bib ?. The explosion ol Issi nlghl n?? doubt had
nnieh to ?'.o with the spparent unwillingness of
the jurors to serre In this ease, for it is taken
ta? prove that the police will noi be able to pro?
tect ths jurors after the trial is finished. There
pas a reninrl?-.iiile collection of materials on a
t.ii'1.* in the centre of the room. Besides the
ltoai!?*? sed tin? b-omb-making apparatus there were
I.i-?? snd small pieces ol beams that had i>eeii
|.r-tken bj the explosions, portions ot the will's, an ?
several stonca All <?f three articles were part
ol the evident e against the prisoners.
Tl? juron having taken their phi??*?, the
ailssBens, headed ? y Ravachol, w?:re brought in,
guarde ? I'V s terse number of polios. Ravsohol, in
en ii:s?'ieiit? manner, admitted his crimina] history
co far as it Is known to the poli????, bu! 1m> a kled
tiiat if he shou] l be qu?**-*rtio_ed concerniti- any
crirco t.f which he is stiupected sud noi sooused he
vouM not respond.
Wh?':i questioned ns To hi?? motive*? fur c.a,;iein?:
tlie explosions, Ravaohol replied: "I fell unfeigned
eng? t at the cojivietlon of the Anarchiste
at Leva!lo_-l,erret. I do not think
that Denoti and Bulot should hate demanded
tbe tleiih ol tlie fathers of families. Tin??,
. the brutality of the police when they
Miested my comrn ios revolted my conscience, snd
|determined apon reven-re. In regard to the Si.
Geminili explosion, I loaded s bomb thai contained
slvtv Calrtridges. I dressed myaelf in broodoloth
-_i?l went to Deaolt-s house without attra-sting any
Ittenti? n. Alter depositing the machine and light
lag the fu^e, I un downstairs and reached tbe
|uveui?>ni j-:*?t a? the explosion occurred. The
operation in tbe IG * a*-? l?- ( lichy was much the same,
only ? earried the bomb in s i>?c? ? p rt?-iti <rt the
powder became displaced, and thus n-nderoi it ex?
tremely daofsrscts te light, ss i' might expio'le in
an instant. Yet I did not hesitate to take tin.?
Ravachol ooneliided his remarks w.'h an tXr
?-.'ion of hia (h?celes. He said: "I wish to
pee anarchy pstph?lshl?l. and the whole p-ojile as
one great f:i-_ily, eaej? member ready t., ihare
what he has with his brethren. I Committed
?he-?e outrages in order to draw thr- attention "1
Ilio public to the needs of the Anarchiste.*'
Simon was next examined, Imt no new revela?
tions were obtained from liim. He admitted his
i>.ui-plieit-y in 1?he oufrafi?. CiS*-**mTYTirtin wald.
?when %aettbaaed, that Ravaohol stole from Bolaty
the cartridges which he Intended to use in biow
Ing up the Fslaee of Justice. The other two
pri.so-,ers tri-d to exculpate themselves.
Ravachol? durin_' his examination, expressed
biti?T re-'!??: that bis fellow prisoners, whose only
crime was that they had met him, should be placed
in the t: : - position which they al pr?tent o.?
cipie I. V.'i'.en qnestloned In regard to the mat?
ter, he flatly refused to say where he had hidden
the stolen dynamite cartridges which were to he
?sed Ib the attempi to k-etroy the Palace of
J astice,
Bavaehol' throughout the procecdii -. : net?
ally Imre himseli with an air ol sasumed tevity,
whie'i Simon feebly sUempted to imitate. The
latter prieoner, however, failed In his efforts t.
u&s'inie the Indifferent sppearance presented by
liw leader, and only .-h??*-???-.'?*??? ?fi behifi bnpn !???.
Roea ?? Soubcre, nnder sl'?ful questioning, ad?
mit'?? 1 having carriel the saucepan ?olitami: :
the dynsmite need by Ravaohol in the explosion
In the Boulevard St. Germain. She said thai she
carried the eaueepan rt the entreaty ?if Ravachol,
; t she was l{rnoran1 ??f it?? contents
M. Beaupaire, th?? Public l'ros? ?nt..r. in bis nd
(Iv.'s. to tlie Jury, made sn knipt-eaioned speech,
wluch wa? lietened t.. with the ureatesi attention
by all in the .".'.nil ..I'd" ind si ?
Si. Braupaire declared thai ll-g prinoncrs wen? dia
Bip . - of tin? famous bandii Claude
Du val. and equalled, il they did ?. ? "vcl. hin?
In the daring mapner in which tinir
?etaol outlawry wen? perfonried and in their utter
uir.re?_ard <d ail eetebliahed lews. II?? said thai
they bad aoughl not to coo' eri the ? ?pie to their
ojtini .??, but to terrorise them and to ? ?bj ?.?! them
t?. their will by reducing them to a state ol xbjeoi
? ?
Tn referring to tbe law u^ain-t Moociations of
m. e' etora, nd indicating the pnsoneia M*ated
sear him *irith ? ssr-*-ep ol bis hand, M. Beaupaire
??:?:.I ? "The real title of Uieae men ?*? a_*K_*eins,
im Aaarehlsts This is. therefore, merely a mat?
ter ot eommon law." lb ?rave several inatancea
?f leu: is of rol'ix-rs combining at various histori.
as] epochs of political excitement, The
'.!:???\?-' chief deaire, be syi'l. was t? kill .?II
those ?' ly H is to enforce the law. He
mr.de a sinkim: reference to the red robes
of the Frenen magit-trates, saying that the Judges
were like soldiers?when one was kill???!, another
stepp**- forward t?i take hi?? place. Continuing,
the Prosecutor "aid he Would convince the |ury
ol the priito?era' iruilt, not i>v an appeal t . senti?
?. nt, but by ectimi -rviilence. H?? eaueed a sensa?
tion when he r??.?d a htt-r trom a Belgian maffia.
lra*?>. intiniiiii!'-? bin? ti.;.! Aitai. !i-t- w -r?? ra-ii li?' ;
eajtrid^es ro Taiis. lie closed his speech
by calling upon the iury to return
i*erdic1 *i-.'ain-t RavscVio] ami Simon
wirb' ut sny n*commend&tion "f mercy, and
? , ?>?turn u severe verdict again?! Beala. In re
j-?,r,j t,, Chaumartin, he left th? Jury to bring in
a verdict" in accor.lance with the evidence. " Re?
ganling Rosalie Soubere," he ? aid, "consult your
ft? ? ?? and I'ln-eieu?????."
Hie Prosecutor*? speech, which la-ted two
l.'.sis. will in? memorable in tl?? annals of the
French bar tor clos reasoning ind brlllianl in?
The witnesses were then called, and their lesti
m ?. 11 \ coit'ibi'iatcil 6.11 the dct-ill of the ciilliC
as ?et forth in the indictment.
TI,,? niiirl ifassi-nblt'd at !? ? ??? (,nd M.
?ejcsnet immediately beu'-m his address for Rev?
aehol. He eompmlriird taat the law bad been
distorted in onler to oonvlel the prisoner M
Beaupaire, Uiter|>??4?ing, saW that the new law
applied Ui property, while tb?'? old law WM
limit??! to the protection of i?ers?ii??..
M Laiia.-?-???, continuing, said it ?ras im?
possible to deny thai the pTraonei-a* offenere were
politica], uri-i be roprotK'hed M. l-tr-aupalre for de
seiibing them as common law crin??*-?. Ravachol,
be said! onlv wanted to assisi the pavertv-slrickcn
c?as? tn whieli he himself i?el(tni*4?l. A slonthrison
Jnrv, ?l-si?n!? with the ch:ir?.'(? of murd't. rould be
pitiii-s? aaainst lhivacln?l. hut th?? Reine Jury
sbolliti c.itwi'lei only the dynamite attempt?? in the
Rue de Cllchy. Ine pelles, he said, had uctetl as
ile brtitips He ni^caled t<? ihe Jury to
inmune themselves m MB) ?rorld ol misery with
which Ravachol was peauuainteil, and sii ? th.i ? m?
ran?! bs of "teat s'!?'ii?tli of mind to n-sist becom
in.? ?: Ansrebisl in the ra??" of such ??enes uf
ralseiv ami a??!^ of jnjnr-ti?"?*.
Tlie itri?oit<'i Siniin is ? youw of eighteen ?reara,
with Maintins eyes an?i r? yilbnou.? sppeaiwace
generally Beala aii<l < haumartin meeenl a hit-*?
plea.?ina? aapeanvrtee Rosalie S-ttehere wa? pale
and ?nuali(i,'\vi?h unkempt meto.
A forca? ol tbe .Municipal Guards were,, kept
?nder anus at the rrefecture of Poll? all ?Imv
kmt, while the l'ilare nf .lustice fairly iswaraied
wltb the l.epuhliean f?uards, all ready at a
nioment's notice t-o suppre.??? any attempt by tbe
Anarchists to make a demouatiation or \e oorry
! HE OETi .vor.'TJ-?>. BESIDES LOSINO Ho rr.Mi:
Bridgeport, <'",?,n?, April J,; (Spcelnl).??Colonel w.
U, Stevenson, vie- pr> aident and fonerai monafer of
the lldii-nt'in'.'? i;:ulr?:i'l. :u?<l -pokci, ol u- :i 1"? IMe
l>. :,, ictiiti?? nomine? for ??t?p?*? 'if Oonneetlcnt, In t
nlgbl tran ii"|i:?- ted t., re Ign aa veatryman from -t.
John'* Eplaropnl Cliureli by th? Ret". R. P. Lewie.
Several day? ?g?, " appear*, Colone] .-t? vei.-.m nnd
:- George H. Snnford, the ag?*n! of the Standard Oil tf,,,
l pany, and al o W! agen! fur tli?? Bern York, Hew
llnveii ?,mi Hartford Rh'lroad, QuarroUed. ?'?>' nel
?|,??,???-?,;, ??, ???? ?.?.?-???? ..! W. I>. Ili-lini, ?uni otilen
,?,????, ? i.-? ????? the Con?olldated Railroad, ?.?I trano
|,er-i.nul fi;?'ii'!? "I ?*'? Banford. The -ti-mg liiii.ii:.-'?
uttered by Coton'l Hte****naon tnuaperated bit appo
?,?nt. .????? blow? wen exchanged, The 0,1mei wa
?\,,????^? ?-? ttreH Bsh! eau??5d ? ton nd til, nnd
\\. Nathaniel ?. ???.??,??, preaMenl of the Wheeler <*
\\ll?',ii Sewing Mnchlne Company, and other member*
?r st lohn'? t.'i.i'h ???, ?-?'".? the re,t?.r t? r?-i?i?-t
(?.Itili??! -1? ven-?,?' i?-lKliMt'.(i|i y- vc-tryiiiun. I he
,, ????,,?,???,? ?ra? accepted,tea] DIAL. The affair, III;
-iifl nun? Mr. stevenaon a cbancaa fur tlie nan?nation
?i uoverM**. _m_
a fatai gcrl?wt p?tai ? ol ittitiday at the new Rare?
balMina Jt ??, SS Maldea Une. \ ???? ot irorb- ?
?? the en nl?.V "I 0M ???G?? Saft Cniiionv. were paUiog
. mil?? in in?? banding tei BUxtte ?? t????? d Mattea. rod ??
?,, ?tue. nearo men al h?-'?? ter betetlam ?: t?. u- deaUna?
tinn ont al the . I. x?ut- ??* and. WI.?,, th- teventh
Imi ?rea netted Ite ? " -,""1"1 ?"d lh" ****** !? -'"'
,? ??n the tata mio ?te Inllwav. wi,,?,, the ft?ward
rbeeta wen ?aught 'i"?" ,;"? hmtt. Ite ear. that Ml ved
t ? part?an ?f it- ti\. -t-.n baidro. taah a ?',d?ien alar! ao*
w.rd. ii.?? ti. ?? th? aafa wtet. ? -?,,,.?. ?
Miin.hY. a woikmnii. who WM ?t?ndln.- In fiaal ?,G Y. ? '
kneckfd hlm down ti.? other .i?v?t?r ?htft a tea tt.
I,?,k it ?'?here he ??> ?!. Ite nmn ?.?,? killed taVOOt
h,? vife ttl-u t BPlad over in??? Uie ?h?ft and. Imd It?
not baeaata wadatd m ?mone Mm toaban it wciid have
eraetel down out,, the m?. MOW. Mumhv i!v.*d in
Slxtv-thlrd.?t.. (?-tweeu Ninth and T?aU ave?. Me wa?
twenty-neht year, old and had a wilt aad two cblldien.
d?!-nm?tre.t,,reUth * ****** "'' thm ?***? wi,h
cru-'AT cr.ownr? bvxbouxdixg the wkeck-B
KUTAOTUXT 01?' M. VERT-THK ????????
STORY ?G Till 1.?1?. .MilV-l'RKMiiiR
LOO-Zrr. calls or* ini?, ??.??pt?)
rat, the city.
Paris. April 2i'..-To sav that the ex pi ?-Inn l??t
night in Hm catoof M. ?...y. a! the Boalevaft! Megei t..
and Hue ii.? Lanery, an? rnoaed s feeling ol conaterna- ?
tinti In Uil- city I- t.i put It mildly. The people ol ?????
at- panic ?tile!.,?:, nt (he nndaelty ?if Ih* Anarcbl ti
The ?,?'????? of fear l? heightened by the apparat
pewerlemnon of the poltre to preven! Ihe Ansi? ? I
Mm oommltllngratrsgea ?vieti and where they please.
Thranghonl the ni?_'i,t mil ? da* excited rrnwd??,
aomctl?tea mnnie-ting SO.OOfl peracn?, 111ted the
In Uio vicinity of tji<? exploelati and arronnded Ibe
?rreeked reatanrant. Tee aflatr vv-n^ ducu -?? ? In load
and anirry tone*, and everybody Joined In < ?demnlng
tin* ontrnRe. Ti.e i?-,u- ?, wen? atterri power* ?-? te
l eep bac? the ci ird, which Bnally beetune ?? Mrgci
Slid unruly that It W;;? lie .-??uy to 0_? ??1"'?! tilo
infiltney (or Maletaneo in h?MUIng it. The erowd
miked freely and ?'"??iiiv at tonni ? g ?rlgUnnoe rota?
nilttees am! performing the duty of teaching the
AnnrrliM?. ? le?<*>n th??y v?ill never forpi. Men t ?l?l
th-ir Itetene?**? ol lb? work d. ne l,v the rtgllaace eon?
ml'tv*?? In .-an Frutici ?en y.nr? ago, trhetl tli? lawleaa tie
motit ?1???;?(?'???<1 to t.-ik?? tni\ pm%e*s{(m at the ?ptare;
nnd it v.;,- urged tUit, nnlaat tho (?overnin'ent tpeodllj
look ?mo action to put dotm the Anarehtet?, the
people wnuki themaelvet lain the matter in beni,
lynch the lcinlei? ????? ?irlvo the nnaller fry fi fin the
???.intry. The poofle in the nMghhorhood <>f the rail
are In ft t-tat?? of terror, and many ??f then ?ire already
mn?nc propalati ? t ? tage their pteeea 'f ahodo.
The- nr.? pui-Hciii.uiv bitter In their dennnlcatloo .f
the lnci-icien. v ..f ihe poHee, at it ?aa genaralU bnotni
thai ''"v ttrtcteal prernntion? ware tniien to prevent
what in? jr.-t oorarred at th^. c..f.?.
At tho tini,? of th?? explotli ? there wore eleven i>er
?a? In uie reatanmnt, Inrladlag Dir??? **-or?iiiimion,
wli^ were attghtiy brnlaed. Thny wer?? nt Br t re
pnrdod with iu?J i?-i.?ii )?? the poBt?, who ???ok tlietn
Into eertody : ba! later they trere ??1???.'-<*??. A tow
miniit???? nffr the ?eaploaten a man In the Boulevard
Magenta ghosted -'Well dene." -viv.? in Repab-qoe."
He v?;.- nt on... ?irrott.M, bat denied thnt be bad mlaed
th?* ery. Nothing roaM ??? ?.????.! again?! htm, and
In a few in?::- he wat releaaed, t*.?.? men who th ?'.it??(i
??vivo l'Anarchie." were nrreeted ????t the hlaee of I
Jn-tloc tu- afteru
Th?*, report that M. Very iiari died from the .??t?-< t
of Ili- Injuries vt_? Ineoneet. It II ? ?w tloiirTht hl
reeoveiy i- po??lble. il!? a !?? and bai daogbter Jeanne
were iiwilv bnrned abonl their torea, bat It 1? not
IhOagtlt Hint their cufliimn i?? aetlO-t. Paul Htm
iii?,ii?l, n prMBr, who ?arai lu the rettaaranl at the
time of the ??\;?1 ??; p. i- bonihly ln]ur,??l in varimi
pnri^ of iii? i??iy. nu eondlUorj U rrtHcal. Another
printer. Oaodon Itejrt, win aeverely bnrned. The
"tlier lajored poraon? nrit reeoverlng. Premier Loabe!
t.iiiiy v!?ii??i the pereoni iti).it*,*,i by teal night' ???.
p? ei ,n. m?! aaatued them ol the aoSett?da of the Qmt?
nninieiit tor th-ir wclftro.
l.herot. the waiter In ^!. tttyS laglwilaiit ?h?? !n
torraed the poUeg tJ.at Bavachol wm in the habH .?f
getting bla :.il? there rveelved an anooymont letter
y.??!??:?! iv. |?, w ill. h it WM ??i'l : "Il lin v n h .1 ??
eontaaned to-m??row, remember that at th?? nine boar
yon ???il b' attacked by the eaglacg ?rf oar reegMooe."
A "ropr f the Aaaorlntel Preat bad t
view ??.th Lherol to-day. Lherol aald thai at ahoat
- '.'d > k teal nlgtit ? party cooaletlng ni three men
and thr???? womi tooh dinner it. the reatanrant. They
ciii.ipod him In ronvenatloa, and :,',-k,?.i arhethar, in
vi'w nf the leirt tie bad t k? :i in the urre-t nf
Hi? ? I 1. be ' i? net afinid that the ?rl'-ii.ls o? the
Asaro-tot woald seek tniigroanii uprm him.
Liict'.t ?t???? ? temttOy, aad bwaed th?? nQvena
tk.ii lo nii'itiiir fiui.jo,?. Ra thoaght little nf the
mattur timi! a?t-r the espianten. Thon te re-ullert
tevefal tlgnlfteant Ineldenta t.'iat imd oaeaiied. .vft?-r
tlie ?fitiiicr ?i" women left the ? ta lam ani tir-t. mm
?.f ti.? men i?'i?i the bill ?I th?? party, and then ?xent
t?.vxiiri tin? door, whleh be h.-ii open. One :
i-inn?- placed a pnrrH nnd?si > ??!?!.? be?Me the
.?..unter, while the third man Ignited a malea ? i
liefere ? hl rlgarctte he
held the match under the table, apparently to ?
the M-phnroiM vapor .\ft?-r tin? cigarette wat llghie?!
!. .ih m? u h.i?:.!?. Joined (heir companion, who ??
at th?? door, and a'.l quickly ??.?:,t down t.',? Hue <i??
Lanery. Soon nfterward the cxpli ?? o< irred
The tie?:? that the ezptoMon ..-?I in
thi? manner ,??"?? ???? n^ne ?-;?!? the rei ill ol the In
?? i'iiv thai ha? been ???,?'? t.r the municipal engl
iii,? engineer! believe that a dynamlia bomb wm
placed m the thretbold ?,f the rertanraat. The ? *
??',?,,?? wa- mu, h |?an rlolant than the one Itoti ne
renili- occurred In the Bue de Cllchy, ghowlng that it
ii:. ,?. e aparo, i la ? u I ??? ? ? rti .,f
the - p. : il I bomba that vor" [mind In the lodgi ?
tome of the Anarrhltta who lut?,? been arrc*ted bave
?^?,??? ???.,??. 7???. ??,,?? ????? f..ii:i,| t. ? Hit il., g kilo
gramme ol dynamite at.d a kilogramme ...
? dvimiiili ? rartridge wai totind Ia?l night ander iho
?taircu?? of a hooae lu th?? Rue d'?ughl?*n. Anutiicr
wn. til-civ. i.,i ,,, ? tewar ?t .-? Etienne loda)', it
?? t- reported late ihl? aflcmooo that Ine Itouea ol
M. ni????, n. ih'V poltre c/immli*ar) who arrested
K.ivaelii'i, had been Mown up h? Ite Aiur? hi-t?. I n ?
reputi ??????<? the greatest excltCTitrnt, lint proved t<>
be ? it! , u : .'?.' itlon.
t?.Temp?," expecting that enemtr? nf tho re
pui ii, will u-?? the Anarehlat attempt? h? ???
again I t!''' tiovernment. ralla upon nil Repabllran?
, ?ali? around tti?? MlnUtry, -Lu ? imi?. .
The people ni Pari demand tl il martial law ? ??
proclaimed, thai evert ?otpeeted perton bo -i? ' ? t
', ..i lhat centre? <?f acltntion be uniemlttlngly watched
?,? ti,,, polke." "La I'ranoe" adda th?( i?1?? Kngll li
\, ? .i- i, it lari- today an accenni of the Ann!.? ?
RordeonX, ????? 90.?A Oyn-mlt?? <?:,flrlly* ?va? ex
???????? thi? fiftoni'".u in tbe ball ?,t Ite roaldence ?>!
th,? .-? - I'm. ul ?,? Ubonrnt. ? .?ub'jrb nf thla oliv.
?., damage ?nu dm,??, bat tho atfnir haa ca,u?,-?l much
Hi.m??. April gfl.?eereral nf tUe Ariiii?hl?t lotd'-i-s in
tu? ,it?? an?i In varloua town of ltiili a-ere ?inletiy
,uu,.i, into , itodt br the ??.?!.??? nh niijiit. ' tli?*
action ????: lahtm ?Imply ?? * matter ol pt?Bciotlon.
p,erlin, \prll -'?..-Tho pnliea ol thlt rlt.v to-day
inaile pnotber mid upon kxfglog .i|Hed hi A
j^it Tiiej succord?i<d ??, capturing twentj pritonera
and In telflni a quantity .?! the nana] literature.
fotOfArtForeita Ktwt tee roawtARttft
TilliV SWARM ???G. H0TEL8 and STREET*
G ' ISPEi I 01 ? STBUOGIaE ?:.t\Vi-:i:\ THB IBI ?
Cleveland, April se.?~Expectatloa was on tip.
toe to-nighl smong hundreds ol Ohio politidans
gathered for to-ni trows Republican State _on
ventlon. Ex^lovernoc Forsker, apon who.??" at
?. if war];;;.? or Mherwise, ihr whole
ol i.,.- ..mvent...a ?ras felt t.. depend, had rjeen
'? iti??-! to arrive at tbe remarkable hour <d ?
??. "> It was whispered that he bad demanded
"t h-tst an even ball of everything i ? sight ss
his ulUmatnm. Against f\ raker's personal fol?
luwing, apparent!*?? more loyal and enthnstastk
than ever knee his defeel by .lohn Sherman top]
t!." Federal SenatomMp, there sremed tn be solidly
ranged with the Sherman forces tbe tail pow-er
of Ihe state and Nations! Adminlstratlrma, and
it. remained to be loM whether In the race efsnch
o'd? th?? ttery ex-Oovrrnor would really attempt!
i? test of his strength. ? !?.?? let-ails of the -?lection
nl tont delegai ?-....Marge t.. t!,.? gattonai Coavets?
tion. the Draining of a platform snd the nomi?
nation of candidat?-? for {'residential electors,
.S-endai'v sf Stari?, Supreme duri Judgea, Su
preme Conrl ( lerk und ? m mher of ihe G,. ,r?l ?G
rubli" Work? were ??!l dwarl *e-.i bj the
shaorbing qnestlnn tat t<> what ?rook! be the bt?ml
oui.ome of the Shermsn-Foraker feud, possibly
beiug at Usi brenghl t?u a happy end, or becom?
ing serions ?month t.. wreck th?? National I
iu Ohio in the ? nBSti ? campaign.
The probability of exettin?* seenss in the con?
vention sstnaed to .? ? as a magnet, delegates snd
?peotatsra --wanning into ths botale troni sverj
train. Separate ne->ommod-itiona, uni?? enga d
before?aand, were this evening oui of the question,
and the outlook was for ? tremendo is crush In th ?
convention ball, slthoogfa seats hud been pro
vided for 1,000 people, Inclndlng 772 delegates
uml BOO prominent lu? '- I .?'mrate SITSnge
ments were In progreas all day and night, and
within the rather dibgy exterior of Ihe brick
Muelo Tempi??, where t!i?> preceedings ?rere to tttke
place, btrilliaol ?rhits and bine rU earners, a hun?
dred feel in length, and -forgeons rest<M>ns wittli
ont number, contrasted bandsmnely with the
polished hardwood '.vali? and cell!
Among tbe srrivah tin? earning was Charles ?
Griffin, tli?? temporary chairman selected by the
State Ontnil ?'..mn.ittee, an sitleni ?.?'?.inker smb.
Other notable Hgnres In the crowded hotel lobbies
were A. !.. Conger, Sationn] (.'otnmltteeman; Con?
gressman Enoch, VVc'b llayea Ma>*or John ?
Mushy, of Cinclnnsli, ex-Msyor Amor Smith, jr.,
I "urtli Assistant Postmaster Cener.il Kathbone, e\
Chsirman \V S. Cappcllcr, of the state Com?
mittee; Gen ral VVarren Ke fer, snd World's Fair
Commissioner D. ?'. Ryan. Governor McKinley
will have sn escori "? tlie Cleveland Cadets os
hi? .irrivnl Thursday morning, ami. it is salii, may
he ui.i'l?? permanent chairman of tlie convention,
not t>i mention otb***i honors awaiting him. ril?
le?*, ?ill signs 1 ul, be again is, before the Rtate
Convention emir, ?? be placed In position ?? .??"?t
history t?. rt'|M';it itorll with suotber GarfleM
SpiSOdOij ill the event of lite il If V (. ! Ctod .IplC'U
Ing, and Presldenl llarrii ? filling of renomine
" Mnj'ir McKinley will he < ten chairman of
Ohio's delegation to ihe RepubU? m National Con?
vention In Minneapolis ' I ? ? ? .? eras Clan
man Halm, ..? th- State Central Coam?
mittee "Notwithstanding the amount of g<<+
mi> to thr ss*st-sr*r, to-monewli _aU.rrin_ ??ill
in my opinion, he bennoolo*!*,1 imitinai-d tiie
chairman, who was ".ie of John BheSBHBM 1
earnest champions in Ihe recent red hut cone-at
with e\.i,i.e; .? r : ?: fot ths Coiled ' '
Ip rhe chairman ?reni on t.. expl du
whal iiii.i.t prove t.. lie t. ? I ?-, of harmony.
"There i- a di-*p<*sltion t?. see Mr. Ftoral
pointed "ii?? "i tl ?? i"'1? with
Governor McKinley. Myron ? llerriek, ol l
land, i? the latest dlstinsuisbed l?rpublieun men?
tion! d ?? snot her of tlie 1 ;. sn 1 he b? su
excellent partj man ii.it I woud not ??? surprised
if, slthough s warm friend ol Sherman, he 1 d
prove aati*?l u toi. to all sei I
( 'haiim m II ihn modest : f: *m say?
ing thai hi? own name was scareel*) I
,,f ,,. on? , 1 t ?? Pu n Hi m McKinlej ?? di ? ??
i;? ron S \\ dui in, ?? > wna u ? .m ??
,,f ,.\-t. : ..is.: m the Sa>n ?lorinl coni >sttin(i
?n ,1 ? .ud? . ? retai ol Stai ?. iu -t S M
Tnylor, a Shrrroan m m, und J. J ' ?ester, ?
neutral, ?ros ?iicIiimh! lo '?e retieetil also Ile
lui pro rever, ??.?? S nV repi sent .
livr, < hairman llahn, in d ?ri ir ition ol s belli?!
1 1. e,mir.ir" Iti ."l:el il l'\|r" t iti?.Il, Ce e ?1\ ?II
ii..? m.mi ? ?..? harmonious, Ile win of the opinion
Huit M'-Knil'?. and I'orxiker each would !?? eon?
11?.I??.I a pince MS Irle Ite it-1 ? .?? >?;.? eninni.?n con
-11' Stati? Audit"? !???. <?'??:.'?'1 iiiishnell und
1 ommitteemun ?. I. l'onerr wen* Ihr names most
fie ?el 11'. he-ird BU ' ?? I .f t li?
tuo' ?|???? place* on the lisi "t deiiy-at?- ? ??.??,
urli Mr fongrr has r-'ii'h sjij in m inter?
view thnl ? *p? -1 ? 1 -' it llarrieun, who Iu?- barn re
gnrded ss Sherman's ally, waa tlie loaical Nati nal
Kt'iiidard-lx_r?'r. (Onu-ers name waa ateo often
heard on th? lips "i tbe Shermtn men. Senator
nan's own name "i thnt ol hi.?- friend, M ?i?
danna, ??? is noi ? , ? 'ndln ? the ?rar?
In-? .1 th?? olive hran<*di l Ae rorakerites.
N.-\t |o the slate for ilete?*r*teii-a1 larite, the
Importuni mattet ii the contesi for toe principal
?,?:.,n the Stale tieket. tbe nominatin-fi f??r
SiM>retarj "I State. The thr.a? Wile I fun.Iidit-s.
I :, U", .lit. m nn<] ? 1 --1er. have ?"-?:1
?, a-i'i"." t.'i - p mlji Inii roon - on tlie ? ?.e doni
ol tit?? r'oresi ? ity House. ? bester seems ??? ???
,l.veli,,.::: moi?? ?ti'"W.'h th.m bbi competitors
wen? at ?' ?' v. illtnfl to oonrede and ?- '
v.,.,,. t., nielli ent?rine ?rit h - ?roe ell ni into ?
rombinati? ne pr"p"*""'. Hi* friends claim ??? liim
:.'(??? vol.- on the (irsi bsllot bul Hiere Is room
lor doni't ?m this score. Roth Wydman und
Tayloi ere makine ? pertrtsteitl eanva??*, and the
I, ,fic ?ion ? pol t to th" ? ?rrner rontrol Ing prm ?
eally the solid Hamilton and Unyahoga or
? j ? : ? \ before Jnstke Ingraaam, In Uie Cloarl of
,,?, ? ?,?,? ??. nnlnrr, Late ?. ? ni rhl bnra *b| in ?
verdict fur inatt-lan/lil??!? m In? fir ? ??
Dtiiilel Kennedy for killing John Keating In Derem
?,? ? last, ?< *? rei li id i Ir ' s1 ?? The men
i,;.ii bet p drlnkln ? li tretber and weal ? ti* d ? si 4
,|iiarrel!"il. Keating iti? ?I t.. -la!. ?? in..??!'. BBd tin?
latter hoi Mm. The Jurj ?ra ml Ihree honra. Thl
vet.ii.i carile with ? ths penaltj ol Iniprl ..inn? at
ft, m in??? to twentr ?.? ir .
Willi?? , ?:,.? of tin? ??1.?: ?> ?? ?? f *? f ?G \ 11.,: n-l'f
,??,\ morning thai he land Ii kl Kenn? iv to pirvenl him
tn ?., tabbing Ibi? prl ? 1er, Mr, Welrtnan wa a little
doubtful shout hi? being ohlr to do ??. t Keating ?rn?
la f.. ? tall. Mi. w limati Beked Ibe aline ? !..
demon ?trat? th?? movement !.\ cuti hing hold o| M
,-. .Il:i ? ini'l IioMIiik hint. The ?rltw did -< Mi.
\\ ,-! Illi.-i ti IlirtCd ;iU;i', anil the ? ita? |iiille.l Inni Imi I?
imi. K!v ??" in? ?at down -????. niv .m the -?-! leading
?,, tin? *iiii.?-?, box. Mi?. Wellman aim'm tl ?fled.
The ?liv tree all of "?!? t...i?!".ii against her In???
band. Nal C. tkjodwm, the actor, was down (m mal
in lin? Hopreme Court?, Special 1?'r:n, resterdaTi bal II
tra adjoorned ini temorrow, Later In is* day Mr.
Goodtrln si ?? hi? wife, through, tbslr cooneeli sub
kiantlallj igreed n. artlele? ol aeparatton, arhleh tin
icior signed before be started f.?; Itillndelphla. The
? rial .t the ,., ,. ... ???.,??',.? win ?< .? nera tonaslitr
im ih?? . .ini ?.. :,,? i apon, The eltne?ses have been
ml.?: ??:??! I'm tliev v. Il imi Ik: trt*? I tl I r-1. Ml. GOOdWln
mil imt spprei to '?<?:<???? ??.? kit, a? all the etatrg-r-i
,?:? ivith sMrs e\e?'i>t iit.it of abandon Bien! have been
tnk-'ti ft it:t Ui? ris,-, it i< nnderatnnd thai Mr.. (?????
un. ?? ? . i-av- iii?? hoase In ?Vesl Bnd see.
Oeorge u Sardam, or Um Equitable i.i;.? \ mranea
Si.eietv or ?ew-Yerh, who Hv? al No. ?tt ?:.. rvUlc
ire., Rewerfc, t***M1e sal drlviag ht-at] BjgM earns Inte
e.illlslon Willi a bUslaeaa ?ragOB. Mr. Minili,n u.i
IliroWn out ,?,,.? ..???etrlv |?|????<1. 'lit.? accidlMll hap
ii.n.-l In CiiUitl-uve-. Ka?l OraBSB. Mr. ?ujila-U S ??
Liken to the ?loinoiinl llo-plt**!, (Jiang,?,
SPEED INT } THE IT.;.;;v si.II'?
.1'ieepii Gray, the engineer <>f the Pennaylvanta
ferryboat Cincinnati, ui tiie Cottb-dVat. line,
?vue eraabed t?. death by In.- engine yesterday
nnd tbe ii-'it, which waa approaching tlie New?
Vorli slu.r? ?it lull ipe-ed, run late the end nf
tin? Une of pilea at the north ai?le ol the ferry j
?lip with Mm?;, foroa tjiat aeveral people were ?
Injured and the ferryboat damaged. Tbe Cin
etnnatl ia ane of the new boa??, mi the -1er-.??.-j
City line. She i- ? twlnacrew boat and a
"double-decker." She lati ber slip at Jenes
City nt 3 o'clock jreaterday with David Tuttle In
tie pilot-houat. Gray, the engineer, waa alone
m the engine-room .is neual, and a Hreman ?waa
in the itre-rnnin. Tbe train from Philadelphia
bad Jiiet arrived nnd the boat was crowded with
??a ifengera. In the apace for team ?rere leverai
large trucha aad one tt two carri
\r. ?unii ne Ibe ferry I "?at wns clear "f tbe sun
tin? pilot rung f,,r full speed and the engineer
abe ed tbe ilgnal. The river happened to be
rataarkaMy free fmm cnift. I'aually al that hour
It i- orowded The ???1?? calculated thai if he
rein.?. ? speed tiho.it tbree boat-lengthl from
tie New-York ??? Iheebb-tide, which .m? running
atrong, would carry hhn .'nun i-i ti a! l"? eonld ?uet
make tbe alia. H? ateered f?>r tin? end of the In.e
ol pilea which forma Ibe northern ?lile of the nnn-r
-lip ,.,? t.in- si u? ni the river. Aa the boat aa?
e ? the Ncw-Ynrk abare many ot the pea?
na er?.?viel OUI of tbe cabin- and filled tbe
apace before Ihe horaee, itandiog in ? lolld crowd
waiting u? land.
When the pilot |udged the proper time bui e me
be rang the hell for the engineer to dow down i'??
li? eonaternation, no heed waa paid to iti?- lignai
und tlie boat drove on Mmighl toward tbe bead of
tl.e Ime of pilea Tlie pilot vii lently rang the hell
fn reverse tbe enginra, bul ??? attention vvn- paid
t.. tbat s inai. The next inetant there w.s ? eraah.
Tbe ferryboat Bt?mck fli?? piling aquaiely, nnd the
people "? '?er wen? thrown violently t?? the d.???!<.
. waa ere.it excitement, and tbe bornea be?
'mue frightened und attempted t?, break away
fr"iii the tuen who Imiti them,
Ibe engtnei DOW atopped, und a fireman rntiir.
raahing up fmm tlie engine-room. He met Tuttle,
who bad gun down from hi?? pilot-bowre to .-????
'.v! at WII.S tin? matter in ihe engine-room. II It,
ibe fl reman, mng ?"it, "Gray baa been killed."
One bi"k Into tbe engine-room showed the i>?. ly
nf the engineer lying tangled up among tl.e
machinery. The ferryboat In the meantime bad
been curried down by the ebb tide, and had
drifted .-?'??..?? tbe abort double line of pi lint, whi ??
arparatei the two ferry ?dips Tuttle r.n hack to
ti e piloVhon.se and blew In? wl latta f,,r a*a!ai moe.
? ???- e.Ii'.e ill :,'l-??er t?, fie ?twlial ?nl ?hoVfd
tlu? feriyboat into her s'ip, where the pan engere
v.i'ie landed. Many of them were bruiaed, but
all e\e<-(?t une wen? able to walk anliefe. The
? \. ?pUon was \?r- klnry ?. [lowland, of No.
41? l'elider?. 11 ?s' . .ler-ey City. S ?? ? thrown
io the ?livk by tl.e toree nf tbe ?eollUion with the
? iillcliead, and In fallin ?truck her haeh against
SI ?? wai carried aahore to ? cam .?.?, and
u.i- taken t., 1.1T borne on tl.?? pe\t hoa*??
While tbe the poaxengera were landing, effort!
made to extricate the bodj of t?iaj ir ?m the
mach?Mry. Thia was .1 work of aome time for
tin? btniy arai twisted in ,i*nd out among the
? t ??.? .?. n.,? jn a horrible manner, The
-?t lud evi lently it-en at?ag the engine and
bad lost hi? f<?itiTitr mid fntlen into the m.i? binary,
which, moving at fall apeed, had battered lnm t.?
... nth. Every bone In bit body waa broken , ?
lu.- lend crnahed The !)r?-niiui at work In the tin?
ii'i'u had heard no anuaunl aounda in the engine
room natii tl.e hell connect inn \itii the ;
houar began to ring violently. Aa tl??? en inen
wi n? neither ilowed tlown m.r re verna? I In r??pon?c
to the .-1 n ?'., be wtMH Into the e if ? le : ,om, w bere
he ?w the form ol the en rincer l eins ? "!"? leti and
??.! among the machinery. I'?? Uremnn
hnrtened to ihn! "il the -t.um. hut at that
moment the ? rryboal itruck tba bulkhead.
1 ?? t?i..?\ "t li ?? waa taken toan in rtaker'i
II?? waa thirtj el ? ? y-ara old
and lived In < ol ate -t , ne_i Sixtl it., Ji m .
1 m ??,? ;,? ,?.,?.- .1 widow , Iron.
11,1? Cincinnati ? - taken t?, Jena?' ? ?tj sin?
? 1- nul i.i'lly Injured, !?.: v. ill ? j-. n, ,,
' -? ? ? a tin? line ni Hill, il.?? in?.. - I !
- m?? il??utter el.r?l the? , ineinnati ??n??.. I ripldly
m Wc.i.-t, and ????..?.? the tii? gui ?.?? into lier
slip IV It I _ ?? crilWtl ?? ??| '"111? te I a.it f!i ? ?
Superiute it O roe, of tin? leir.v. w ..
Miiiiiii, ?:e.l l'\ telegraph from Jersey ? Itv. II??
nver and tun? ? luir?.,? uf mutter? It wm
not until after lie arrive?! thai tlie ???? ly <? <?? i\
arai rxti ic .t.? 1 front thr machine ?
The II t ..? injured among the :? wen era, -, far
|H ,? .ul.I I?.? nr.? . -tin in?*? I, W ,.?. ns t' 11"'.?. ? "Pilli
Walt??n. Ihe m in.: man: Mr?. Mar? ? Holland,
?. ???. I7enilemtin.it.. .lers??.?,? ? it\. Iinek Indis
? ire?! .mi internal Injurie?; Miai lai-.? Vokee, nf
' '_ .?, ???.? \ ,? k. Interi ,! In irles in I ; ?
,?,'?? lirtilaei; Marlin Hrwika, iS'ew-York tromplisl
upon ?.\ ..?,???: ?;. ? \\',..,??. No, :;i: \Veni *? ???
t?i-.*i?t!. ?'?, hurt"; Leroy rVhlatler, Jera?**.
? it* , knee ?rnaahed.
Little damage ?? m done to the ferryalip by tbe
? mad rt'.c took poet? don nf the hooa* oceopled
bj N.-i?. ? nallphlnn, In Washlngton-et, Belleville,
N. .i., veoterday, and f??.? ? lime practicall] owned
It. iinii, aim mi?! iu?? family wen ?t dinner
when u large dog ruahed Into tJi- room. Ha iprang
ni Mr. nallphlnn, who stiren.A !.. warding Mm nil
c. in, a .iii.ii?, while in wife and chlklron go! on the
? ,? ?.?, luhii!.- the ilm off. be bai !.. d to Ihe ; Ur
Mai, iiii.i. dropping the chair ? al arrli ndo, ran up
the -tan?- w hen he r ?eh ? I nr he
armed hlmaell with ? rlnb ind revolver, ind Wat
ad.nit t" ii'-i? n,i when tli?? animal bunnded over
the rhali ???"?i np Ihe lalrway. tinilpl. Bred three
imt? nt the brate wtlhonl effect The nun then
rin downataln mid kmnd thai hit alfe had hinted
and f.ii!?-n Iron the table t?. the Boor. He dragged
: ??? ?.?. ..n-? imi- wife int.? another ?.m and ? ? ? ? ? tlie
?door, and then ran back with ine Intention of re
moving ii,?? children, bu! the dog had dr*cended the
? i.ii.i a .-..in attached him. He emptied iho re
n .him. - , I,mu??.?!? . Ol III? ??.??.?. ,,| lie (log, l.ul ili?
bullet? Bew -?? ut?? ??f their mark, linllphlan tprnng
up?,? the table nnd the dog attempted lo follow him.
t?.?? man wa* afraid the dog would r ich the rhlldrcii
ami tprlngtng from the table he ran upataln again
v.iiii iii>. (inu.? m pin .nit I'patali Ihe man and brute
i.i.i a deaperate battle, when ?uddenlj Ui? animal, hav
lag been knocked over ?rlth Ihe club, tpmng up and
?l.i-h .1 lliiiiin.il u window, taking th?? :.?!i with It.
? in- ,i(,i; alighted apon lu feet and ran blindly through
a eel ur arindow.
The notte In the i?.>u?e h^ attracted ? crowd
' - -1 _lit. ????, and When tin- d?>r ?;;?!_..: frani the win
?, ? .liei Mattel?-,! In all direcllnn?. John Si.iitli, tl.e
pnormaatcr. happened along Ju?; then and Mlceeeded
in ?hooting th.- <i..^ while it w?- lmprt?oned in the
reliar. OaBphlan *"?? f nu tul uni mtdoti In Ihe room
p ni??, and Mr. W? uni.? Ii.vd t" I?? rai! i lu rettori
tin.? limn and li? ?If? tu eeoaclotttno??.
-at:!??. Wa-li. April SO. ABottter wntattonal phaaa
la ?!" lladinfT ?,??. ,.,,, deve! ? ?I v-'ii.!av In the
mi.? ; of Dr. G.-uiiii i;. ?altaig, ol Fremont u tabarli
of gentile. Tin? arraM waa mail an the eonfeaalon ??f
Mr?. Itad'.i'fT. parttf thrniiu'l, f?ur ,,f Radi ''. un a?
?.mut nf indu?? iniliiui. ? '.?ilh Mr-. Radi f. an?! i'.utlv
Ihrough u d<! Ire '?? leedve ?? there "i the money,
llallard entered Into a plot altk Radlofl and Kottrauch
in defraud tl.?? life laauiaoca ?m.,poni.-, oa! of ??'?'?.
imo. it wn? agreed that BaHnri would twear thai
Ihe ottptA foaad la Ihe burned nun- al l?adintT's
limi?,? wi,? WUllitm Itadlnff's bodr. This he did. He
wu? al-o i? ?*?'??'3? Mis. Fadlolf. who wai to reiuuln ut
Seattle, in it.ll,?. Ung the Insurance? from the Ufe In
sin-.ui? e eoaip?iuea, lor his aid li?? was to receive -FIO,?
??"?? [lie poliee nee ?lose am the truck of Itndloff. nnd
expect to have |llni |? ,.,1M,?|, ?=,?,?. An conocrncd In
the plot ulH t&eo lia under anest.
?G?.p??* \\n r. EWF.r. s.M'NTr.p.F.D oor t? unKn?
-?? Id AST aig,000 OONB.
Another in the long lint of chups wherein an
old and trusted employe betray.? the Conti.lene"
repoeed in him is now nsder Invest-gatloa by the
Central Office detectives. The defaulter in this
instanee Is Mid to be Ferdinand C. Ewer, who I
for many ?rears has occupied a responsible position
tn the c.rhin Banking Company. The passion
for betting on torse>?aeee bss driven Mr. Ewer to
Ir? rnin. broken np his home sad m-nle him s
ti ?? from pitici?.
The bank controlled hy Austin Corhin at No.
IBS I'.r.iadway is divided into iwo departmento.
The lirst of these ?s devoted entirely to ordinary
hanking btaidnesa The second if? given over
mainly to the negotiation of loans on real estate.
Mr. Ewer win? employed in the loan d?pannant
and tlii'io, it in Understood, had ucees? to mogi
of the Correspondence on matters relating to the
negotiation of lo?n>?, the payment of interest, nnd
ti e r?demption of nrtortL-H^es.
__ it his defalcations extend over a consider?
able period of time is almost certain. Just
when be began to Steal or how he contrived to
(?-cape detection is not yet known, nnd will not
he known until the bank authorities have com?
pleted tlieir examinations of the accounts ?nd
the poliee have pul Mr. Eurer under artest,
Austin Corhin, tbe president?, William <?\ Wheeler,
tin? treseurer, and George C. Edgel!, the assistant
treasurer, arc* all anxious to keep the entire aiTair
?ecrei for the present -Mr. ?.?.t?? jresterday re?
fused to enter into the details of tlio story. As
to tbe particular set of dishonesty which leti be
the dlseoveiy of the defalcations and t<> Mr. Ewer's
flight? the facts ere however clear.
For some years the hank suthorities bad been
aware of Mr. Ewer's weakness for ra'dn? and
hetting. They had several times ?rarned him to
desist, but always without effect? Finally, it is
ul, they suspended blm from duty, only allowing
him to resume work oa the undentandlng that
be would give up gambling. It was just an hour
before noon on net Bat-arday, how?
ever, when Mr. Edgell, who bad lf>
I ? lar?c sum <>f money Irmi
a Western ?dient?, in payment of ? loan, called Mr.
Bwer snd ?eked htm to tak.? the cash to a esrtala
hank, ?rhere the mortgage papen wer?? lodged, e_
,?,???' the I*a|?,M?, s?*e that they ?v-re properly I*l*e
pii.-.| nnd make ? deposit of the cash t<> the se
eieint ul the mortgagor When Ewer cot to the
liank-th?? name ?>f which is refused?he found that
the mortgage pait?is ?sere noi yel ready, sad that
he would have to wun until Monday before he
could rcde?-ni ihe loan. The money, which in vari?
ously estimated al $12,000, il.*..??? nid $?.">.
. was taken hack t?? Mr. lM-ell. Mr Ed -eli
did not ?'m? t" carry such ?? lar:e sum of nione\ in
hi ? pockets tur forty-eight hours anil he pur ii In a
private draw.?!? iu the secouai snd cash lawk tete.
To only three ?? the clerks was the combination
..? the safe's lot:k known sad Mr. Ewer wss one o?
All thronirh Monday morning Ewer lemalned
steiwiiiy aft his desk? and it was net until he lia.1
at?rolled out to luncheon that Mr. Edgell thought
t.f tke mor', ige papers which w?ssi waiting to im
rcd??"m?s|. (?ne o'oloek ?write anil went :iiT?l It waa?
rnifii".'tl that Ewer wa? iinace.uiitahly late. Two
o'clock, tim??? o'clock passed, hut no Ewer Ciimc.
Thou Mr ?darli ???????<1 the sef- aad found - *
the money Mas gone, -V "hurry menage" ?rai
sent t.. lit?? l?ank which held the papers, bill Mr.
Ewer inni imt u-.n there Tiren messengers were
. ? .1! over the city in search ?.f him, bat be
? '??? found. Inquiry at his pretti- home
iu M.irri-?, I.>?-... Island, where he lived with his
wife nn<l children, and when? he maintained a hand?
some er)t:il)l?fchmenl on bis salar} of $2,700, showed
,? ?, id noi ? ""i there
[Tn ?. ye ?'? ?'day he luul not returned either to
hm h .me ir?r to tit* l?:mk. and the police wi-re Hik
inif for him The limit officials deny that Ewer
? fa?? lities f..r eenetant stealing without.
.Tv ani aaeerl thai this is the nt*-?t of his
: e??.
;'\\ I BROOK 1 W I! ITS AGRI ? T<1 sr.TTT.r. ? PIS
PUTE with THEIR G??? with
G???. HI ?- "1.G-.
Ambrose Peeley, a-r.-?i twenty-roar, son of Amir-w
.? Ra-tsiejr, a ?ridl-knotm boatman In South Brooklyoi
?ho lii???! w Hi his f?.tlter ??. their boethouse si the f?wit
n( Hlrl ?. " . '..ill.?.! iu a Ugh! with I'avi'l Ryan.
vgi ! iwcnty, 'f tCo, 7j.*, iti.-u.?t.. |aai re-mlng. The
King men had a difference ?.f opinion shoot ? m ?
ti iiNr In dispute betareeu ?.ein tor some t'.'ne, end
Hi?.) ????. i-i.-i tasi erentnf. to -t??? it by ?? resorl t-i
ili. lr Bets,
? ii-'v went .mi m ti?.?? ?..?* wimrf at th?? Ms Boatn
nml had a set to. T_ej* had fonghl ?ti".'" ?f'e.n
min?tes arttbool either gaining derided advantag?,
wie u t; ? ?? ti .-laik Beriet a poaerfUI blow on the
left stile of lite heed which felled him Uli.; I 1 ig.
,\ii efforts to revi???? him were la rate, snd tinaitv sn
aai'.ul in?? s.irr'e..ii wns ?itmnione-t. ?>n 'he wav to
the wharf tin? ambulance broke down, a?? l?r. Moon
had t?> walk part of the way, On bla arrival Seeh-y
ITS ?le.ill.
Ryan ran e?ray? hut w*ns arrested later. Fatiteli
-?ii'llv, ??* N". II j I'.tisli si., ?ah. also arr?-st.sl ?uni
held a ?? uit'i'--. Th?? elder Seeley has ? boat honse
.a t-iaiiiial?, L. l . and la well-known amoiiK oarsmen.
? OR I'ltl.-IllFVT.
Rangor, Me., Aprii -j?; ispis'iah.-Tin? RepabUian
?:,?,? CiiiiVetitl.T i. Whktfa Beets here M lll'l'l'iiiv t'<
I. I in e ?I letales nt ?.??-w to lite Mliim-apolls ?'.uvea
?ion. ?ill ?end a Harrison d?l?gation. A dispatch arai
|i,-,.ii.-,| from Mr. Blaise l.v a memltttr ??f the State
Committee lo-Dlght, statins thai all onnounci-atenta
thai he ?anuid be ?? candidate for tbe iYeeldenci Were
not authorised by turn snd that tie? contrarr was the
; truth. Tlds nettles the question so htr as Mr, Blalne
?Is I'.itii.'i'i.il, and Ids naia?? v. ill not he eo?i?'?li ie,|.
?? nie. s will i.e aclunt??! lud min? l'if-ld'iil llar
il .. . Aliati,?i-liall.m.
Providence, ?;. !.. April 2?.??Colonel Basses. P. Dolt
i.r Bristol, presented lo the Stale voI'?i?.t?' Home re?
|. viliy a'.?"ill K?) volt.me- oC hooks which belonged (I
the late Qeneral Ajabftoo ?. BatnsMs, snd s large
iaii-le to?; wlilfh was also Uie property of Qeneral
Chleego, April ?-?'.-('. 0. Rtaltmaa, Professor of
ZnolO*** In Ctarh Inivet-Itv. Worcester. Mass., htls
nrreptcd ? call t<> the head professotahtp la the De
purtment of Biology in the umrerslty of Chicago.
Ttt<> tir ? t iinii.ii.i of i? new -?. Itlv peper. knen'H a.?
?Th.? Kit ?- ? '.unity tnapa? t .t." ?a.? pebMshod "rt ntdsj
list. II. I'.ti.HI"' l? at Bate IV?ti,h, in the town nf
,S..?\-I'tr.-.'lit. ?iii'l then I? a liMiu'h oclre In the Real I ?.
lata ?.?? ???:. .-.?, Ka 101 Meatageeat.. lirrH.kivn. ??Tim
? ?? '.?. la ?m -ri-drt-pegs pa_x>r, whi?h ? as?alas sssm
?li?r?i "liter! ili on the i-nndii. t of loeal a(T?!r?. und tl.,? ear*
rapi p I.? ..: tl.?? D.i.,n. ritti.? Miil? In N'ew-l'treeht. ? fOadl*/
Sprlafcllai ??! local new?. ae<t a M-Icoti.m i.f e-iieral read
it. it aanoaMM ihmi n.? ,,i,- -, t ... t,, ,v,lt,.h ,,.,, ,,?,,?,,
'?'- ??' tJlen to ? -tr'.t p.?: (..muti.? ,f tli?-' r iliit-a.
sad dell-.fi tho town treat lbs tymaap tad eetrepMso of
r?as '?'i'? if it ?irne.? sonasti?* io do ti?..?, u mu ter?
'" dl ' ' ? '?" St? Sea, r..r th,.n? era fe??? t?wn? efelsfe ha??.?
L..II in,.r.. ...r-.-d by ?. nal pohU.iaii?. and the deieli.pin.ot
.f .?III li ha- ?.? .ti li,or.? ?eUidwl by ih? oilwu Of ? COTlupt
rla| io perpetuati il?? puwer, * ?
?.??p-a r.rpum KAX ? p??
t?.?* t ix th ? iTorg-B.
Albany, Apri. _<J.?? I.?*_i.s!?itivo Apport I anm-MTl
bill which defrauds tbe rural voter? of fee State
nnd puts controlli'ipr leglalative power into the
bande of the Crn!;i-rs, Miupliy? und Mcf/mghlina
who contr.,1 the De amera tie ?rotee of tbe ?zreat
eltiea was paaeed by tbe D?mocratie ?>*iri?lature
to-day, and then the body adjourned sine die. It
ana a iittinir eoneluaton to the labors of a Le?ie
lafire tbat wns ereated hy fraud, went ot cheating
tbe voter?, and finally d ?strane h is-d thwi.-tui'ls of
voters livi-ii? in the interior of the State. Hut)
the work done to-day was what ?wm especially
aimed at by David H. Mill, Isaac [{. Maynard, Kiori
ard Croker und Edward Murpby, jr.. wlien they
?iole the Legtalatan lant Dermi lier. They eotitrh?
an i.pportuTiity to arrange ibe Sonate an. AseeniMy
Diatrioll so that tbe Kepublican ri.ml voters ebon Id
not bnve an equal voice in legislative affairs with
tlie De m n?? ntt i e, voters in tin? cities. They have
accomplished that am. te far tit? a lecielntive emwit
ment eaa accnmpli.slt It : but in eo doing, they bave
also annihilated the legislative influence of tli?
Democratic voter? in tbe rural port of the State.
It tb? Democratic voter llsring in rural New York
does nnt., in coming State electiane, show bis re
?ent.ment at thus heimr disfranchised, go far -in the
Leg-donate is concerned, praettcal politici.ias will
be much surpri^d.
Vet the bill was aocepted with slight protesti
by ihe Democratic, le<_b,lrunrs reprcecntitijt; rural
constituencies. Senator Walker succeeded in pre?
servili!? the two nieml.ers nf bis own county of
Stauben, Senator Ofebome tbe two members from
bis county of Dutohess, and S-nator Parker the
four members of bis eoantg of Albany. Dut these
were the only conce?inn- made by the " bnssee"
to tbe rural Democrat?. It will lie p-reeivixi
that these paltry grants tn tlie rural voters con?
cerned tbe As-emMy districts alone. Tbes,? votera
w.-re retentleaaljr robbed ?when the Senate die?
tr?ete w.re cniiccrned. Tbe nature of tbe Senate
reappnrtiiinment can be Jedged of from tbe fact
tbat, with tbe unit, of population at 1*1,OnO for
euch Senat? di-iriet. the nine New-Y irk SenatOM
will repeeaeal 174.000 population eaeh : tin? it Iha?J
Senators I5?S,??3, tlie Binan: la? Pnlntnhlg Sen
atnr 1 '14,71?>, and one of the Krie Senatori only
150,007, On tbe other hand, among tlie rural .Sell?
ale diatrfctn WillOh, of cours??, are all liepublican?
tbe XXIsf, with seven coiintic-, contains a popti??
loti?.11 nf 220,0.14; the XXIId, witb tliree counti"s,
215,946; tbe XXYtb, witb live c,unties, 101,001]
and the XXYItb, with live oonntttn? 207,00t.
There is thus a difference in population between
tl.e liVpuHierin >\lst lii-trict nnd tlie Demo?
gratte XXXtb Distri??! anintintinir tn 70,070.
Nor is the As-cmhly apportionment much bet?
ter. New-York and Brooklyn De tun?ente between
tli??m will bave forty-eight votes in the Assembly,
out of G-'?*: auil it taken only M\tyiive VotM to
Oontrol the body. At le st the-e two Demo?
cratic eitle? iu future will hav.? ? clc.ir n:aj ?rity
in tbe Deaaoeratie Aaeembly ea wxtt?, and will
name tlie Speaker of the Assembly. Tbe daya
of Tweed are fust retuminix, and Twee !'?s Speaker,
'Hilly'' l?itnhieen. would now bave "another
chance. ?
In both branch?e of the Legislature, of eour-ae*
tbe Republican, nierolw? oiTered a stout rcaiatanoe
to tie BUL I'? pede-fl thron??., the Assembly
was not secured until there lu?l been practiscl
one of the ni"*t IBtrtglHIM exhibitions of high?
bandednea* that ever have liedi -en innale t>?e
A??enii.ly Chamber, speaker Bath threw off the
mn-k of lairne-- Hid in,partiality ami lee .me
hini-.il' 1 brate, elothed vvit'.t an Minority whicfc
he aaed noat Imtacrntly. l-'?st. Thuraday aftcr
nnon be bad the respect, of manv people; l>ut it
is pretty safe t?i -ay that now le Inn the respect
of few. He ?ami one <>f David B. Bill- m?.-,t,
Cringing slaves l>efore he Iterami Speaker, lid be
las shown Ml?H to ?v entirely worthy if tl.e
name. from bis actmns t.. night i'- Would seem
that be had only one purpnag In Mew, that
purpoee being t?> ?lepri?.?.* -.?.tv-nne atemben of
Ibe A.?s?niblv nf theii rights, and I 1 pn-vent their
making a Ughi fot the liarte* of 1 million
people. wb?. ander the l?ll-Tarnnen? app?,p 1 li?
ment romeni-, ,re to If without representation.
The Senate bill pined t'..? Anannhl*,' to-night, after
many ,?f the eonntrj memlwra Imd been eaJoM?
browbeaten and bultted Into voting foi it .Many
i of th???*? Democrati who voted againel their own
e,,unties in the Assembly t l-nigbt r.my have to
anawor nome hard queatlone within the next
-;\ montba,
A balf-doien caucuses of Deinoerettg membera
of the Aaeembly were held in the course of the
day, to whip into line various" reprearntntlaeg of
the country eountien who, for the time beiti??,
dared t<> exhibit a mall legree of independenet?
At one time the nolon ??f lh?ree country Detaeomlg
became eo ??G"????G, and looked -?? formidable,thai
u committee wai appointed i<? try to pi, ily them.
In this work the committee was aided by t'oin
u,??inner Qllroy, ?l New-Yuk. who was bere to
run thing! in the inter.-t of Tammany Hall and
Hill. The linst caucus was bel 1 at IO o'eloek t'ala
morning, but the oonntiy Demoerata eonld not at
that tune be Induced t?, v.,;e for tl.e bill.
Thev wanted two members for Niagara,
C'attaraugua, Caynga, Cbautauina, Jefferaon, <>*
wego, St. Lawrence, Dntebeea and Steilen 0 eintlia.
Steuben and Dutchew, however, were the only
comities thai ivoived the increase, and they gag.
ceetled only beeanae the tore Democratic Senatore
repreecnUog th?-,? ,?auntie? bad the aoauaon s^nse
to demand the additional repivscnt.itinn; and to
adhere t,? their demanda.
Tl.e A.ssemlily nift at 11 i.Vl? ck ibLs morning;
but tbe Democrats had not then pntehed up their
Internal differences, and a leeeea was taken until
2 o'eloek tbi.s afternoon. At flial hour go a^ree
mea* had ben reached, and ?till annther ???** waa
taken until ? o'eliok. Late iu tbe afternoon
Meaara Lalng, of Chautanqna'; Jndd and QUIettaj
of Singara, and Tappen, of 1 incida, broke down ami
promiaed ao vote for the Mil ah it ?waa Assembly.
,11.111 Holly, of Dm Ida ^ was the only memlier who
pretend.? ti stand out ; but his position wai merely
for form's sake. He is a profeaaiooal labor man.
Immeiiiiitely after the opening of the evenin?*
--.-nu, a call of the Hoaae ?wee ordered, t<> ??et
in eSBie ?>f the D?mocratie memlier.? who bad not
, made tiieir eppgnrnaoe. The call liste?l for nearly
, an liniir. At Its cln-e then? began a series of pro
I eeedinga such as only a reckless majority and a
I brutal and unfair Speaker could lie capable of.
I The Speaker banded down the engrogggd Senate
bill; whereupon Mr. Blieb, the leader, moved it to
? geeond reading.
" 1 object," shouted <?onerai Iliiste.l. To tliia
tbe Speaker paid not the len-t attention. Theu
(?eneral Heated made the point of nrder that an
objection prevented the advnneeeen*? of the bill.
"There are no rub?.?,," sneered the D?mocratie
leader. '
"The bill ha? been -?ent fe ? second reading,*?
added the Speaker, .with a wliat-are-ynii-^oinu-to
doabout-it air. At tbe same time be declared
that (ieneral Hunted'? point of order
trai not well taken. Aawntoentl offered by.
Assemblymen Judson. of Fulton and Hamilton,
and BeUeak, of Oewegeb ehaagiag the Senate dit?
tricts, were both declared lnst iiefore they had
been reu?l by the clerk, and ij> spite of vigoroue
attempt? to have them r?ad.
Assembli man Dcyo wan more suceiisaful. Ha

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