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proposed an amendment to the Senate apportion?
ment whleh struck out Cottland County from the
ptapeeed XXVth Senate Di-trict. The Sjieaker
was ?.rations enough t?, allow Mr. Devo to -peak,
and he pointed out the glaring inoottatateaetei in
the division ?,f the Mate into Senate dlatrieta.
Ilia amendment wa? lost by a party vote. Sev?
eral Democrat?? were absent from the ehnmber,
but tlie clerk announced that sixty-live member?
had voted agnine! the amendment.
(?eneral llueted thereupon moved an adjourn?
metil until to-moiTOW at nomi, for the purpose
Of ?eeiiig who wrc really in tlie chamber. The
Democratic leader moveAto table Ihe motion, nnd
the Speaker instantly declared that the lutter
tnottion had lieen carried.
(ieueral Hnated declared that a motion to ad?
journ could not he debated or tabled. That WM
parliamentary law. Hut parliamentary law did
not count for anything, an?! tbe motion wm tabled.
a?;niri.st tbe ligerea? pretest ol the Republican
leader. "Yon have Uo rnb-.s, no decency, no self
res|-4'ct," be shout??:!, after Ui? Speaker bad ma?le
that unheard-of rulinc.
Then then "were calls for the Scrgcant-it-Ann?
to put General 11 usi.? I in las seat "You hove
no rul?*, and 1 defy yam Serneunt-.it-Anne, " be
Aaemhtyggan Kennedy then obtained r?cogni?
tion, and -poke lor neiiiy half an hour. He
-bowed the eonntry Democrats bow tliey weie Not?
ing away their nullt?, an?! recited various incas
lires ?gainst which the oily member! bad voted
Assemblyman S;r niulum presented ? arrien ol
amendments llifltaalllg from one t?? two the n?|i
rescntatiott from the country COUBtie*. ? bese
were ?voted down. Daring the dlatueaion up?.?
the amendment.?? it waa teen tbat several outeiden
were working with country Drmoerato to keen
them in line. Assemblynii??! Kennedy and (ieu?
eral Ilusted. both demanded that they hi! driven
from the floni?. Instantly the Speaker Is'iame
blind in both eyes and deaf In both oars II??
refused eitiier to hear the protesti or to sec
the lobbyist
Asseinblynian Malby trie?! to make a speech on
a motion of his to Inetta? the wpwaentatlon from
St. Lawrcnc G?nnt*? from one to two. A frivo?
lous point of order decided ?ifalnst him by the
Speaker choked him off. So unjust was this
ruling that much confusion followed. Dunn?'
it A*eemblymnn l?tt moved tbe advancement of
the bill to a third leading. Thi? was done. The
Spcnker then ordered the roll to be called and.
almost before ????.\ on?? knew it, the ekrt wai
callinR the names of tli**? membeia.
Institntly tin-r? was pandemonium. Every
member wa- on hla lee! slioiitint?..
tbe Republican.? lor fair play and
decency, and Ibe Democrat?. for the
clerk feo go on with the roll. Pointa oi order
and questione of privilege were ignored. Above
nil were heard Uie Speaker'?? gavel and the clerk's
thunderous ???ics calling the name?.
"1 insist npOO tn.v rights " enei wcneial liu.tei.
"This i.s intemous." shouted Mr. Devo.
Finally partial qniet was itatored, and the Re?
publicans, who had lieen .shut out troni debating
the bill, spoke it: explanation o' their votee.
They eeored the Speakei lor the >'".-( rupuloii?
method? whleh be had employed, aa well a- the
gam* behind bin?. Mr. De*,'! -aid oi th.? Speaker:
"Hie ralinga were unheard of, arbitrar] nnd die
graceful. ^
At thi6 p??int tbe Speak**! tried to shut Mr.
Devo off bv ponnding hi- laveT, bm. Mi Deyo
continued : " Inder the lead ol a man with who u
ballot-box thieve?* contract for pardon before they
commit contempi ol court-, and whoae health Con
cecticiit hone thh ???- drink before thev liegin :
steal, ymi bave detteti and leveracd the verdial
of ?the people at the polla Now procer? I with
jotir lawlen plans. Oui appeal will be taken to
the courts and the popi? ."
A-??euibl.vni;?n >ul/er calici fol the Sergeant*
at-Anns u? put Mr. Deyo m In- seat: but tba'.
?nicer wisely retrained troni acting upon Salier*?
orders. ?.?ei.cr.il llust?*?! declarad tbu; the entir
act wuB iincuuivlitut'ional.
*dr. Mivliiy ?aid that be could not linderst luv I
how the Speakei could sn debase bin,self a . !"
cut him off in hi- epeeeh. "From thi- time
forth, the potree of the country has ben ebeorbed
by the cities," he added, "lius bring the Infl
act of thi? great IVmoeratta farce, 1 thank God
and vote no.' ??d Mr. Sellick. "Ibi? bill is un
eonstitntional. and the incili.. Is adopted to |u?.?
it damnable," .-aid Mr. Stranal.... .
The bill received the votes of the lixtj?-s-ven
D?mocrate, and t?a negative vote ??f everj 1;??
publican present, 'lb. Asmmbly then again a?
jourued sine die
!n tbe Senate tlie batt?i over the bill w?.?
opened by Senat"; Irwin, a/ho has e meditai?!?,
nnd ably led the Republieaai tin? union, offering
the following protra!
The ?????,t-,???. I ii????i.v gfaltll IHlBIt tl,? i,,ii.|<l?rit.
tlon ?>f anv bil? m ti,i- tl. or tt t/u? ? ??? aliad ????i..?.,
?Iterili??! the pua?Il Sui:?'"?.?. ????p? ?? ,.: iBaklng au ap.
???p?????????G- ?,G ???.??,.?,?? dittrlcta far ti,?? sui? haeeA ??*-?:.
the i?ii'jii!?mtioii ?f Um InhatMtaaU ?I the set.? irmi, |p
Iggg; and tratta Um I.f-;?1??????- of Mut ??,, w?* in
?e???lfiii. and tth ? Iha ?"??leu tf IMI hid convened M ti.??
?G? Tiiiwlav of .laica,?, m ...iid vai. Tlett tal
Aiitiortionni'ilit bill .in.net li?? la ? full ? NOaigeta?* and
l?i??cd ai thl? tini? or al tl.1- ?"?? al?cd ?.?ion. foi tlu
??????? that tl.i? I- net ti.?? !!r?t ?? -?|,.?? Bf tti" ?.<??:?!?
tur??, ?iter the r"tur? of tir* tBWMiattan trfnr?? m?*n.
tic???!, within th?? nuanln? of th?* OmeOtatlaa, and I? not
the flr?t -??.??'4?. ait??! anv MUMMntlOQ n,:,d? p? ()1 und??!
Ute dirrtjtion ..f u.?? Leg??tiare lhat aa aggartl
of Aaeembh ?.d Bcmlartal Dtatrieti eaa bi tawfaO] awdt
ItrlOr u? He ?-Ion of tie- L-rlMat'irt? provid???. bv th?-;
Constitution aiyi ia??- la 'la y?-a: '.-?>:<
The resolution wat, ngned by all the l'epublt
ean Sent*tx>re. Senator BlTwin mored the adoption
of the protest, ont In.- notion w.i? voted down
by the Democrats. SenetOI Cantor offerei
amendments giving Dutehean County and Steuben
t'ouniy each one molt As-em! lymar-, and dep.i>. lag
'New-York und Brooklyn each ol one
??eniitor Brwln move 1 to amend the bill hy
?jiving St. Lawrence County two mei?,tier- bi
btead of one. .?iti'e it hai SO OOO population, ii
npport ?f hie awtion, Mr Erwin mid that
Dntehea County bad a lurplua of oui?. 30,000
If it wa- to have another ineniher, St. latwren. ?.
with a Kurpl'ie o! S4.00(! ; Chautauqu ?, with ? ?ur.
plut, ot 80,000, anil Monroe, with a mrplni of
4.r,,i?0i?, should ea-'n b iv,? another member. Anoint?)
member should be taken |rom New-York and
Kin;*s, where the enumeration had been out
rageonnty "padded." What opportnnit) bad been
girea to etudj the (..l?ft,?,.s tourne? v.im had
teen the figur?e? I'm? whole enameration, linee
the bill hud been whipped out ol Senator Met'Id
land*? pocket, had been eonduot-ed In th?? ?lark, and
und^r oaths of aecn???. To-day began the fight
letween the city ami the country. New-Vork ('itv
had always been treated fairly, )>at ?,:,(? had ander*
taken n??w t?? deprive the eountry of her proper
leprcaentetton. lie inked fur Joatloe.
Ah every one expected, Senator Cantor baaefed
o? the fact, in reply, Tiiat New-Vork and Kiop
bad ca,'!i tivrn np an Aeeemblyau.
Here followed an able arcumen; in opposition
to the bill irom Senator Bast?n. He reviewed
the lii.st<iry oi the Leglalatnre, and denoaneed m
actioiiM in tittiuM terms. Fnumied by fruid, it now
contemplated a WOM0 fraud, by uncoiintitutinnnllv
apportinniu??; the Legielatare. Mr. Saaten argued
that the enumeration ?rat not taken according to
.the re<iuireuients of the Oonatitation. It ihould
have been t_ken in lss:., wh?n it trai vot0.?,| iiV
(governor Hill. Seeondly, that the present
eeilion was not an extraonlinnry ???ion
in the meaning nf the Constitution.
Thirdly, that the (V.nstttution plainly intended
thV the apporti?,nnicnt <>f the members of the
LegiAleture ?hould l?e made at the sevinn sne
oeedinp the one at whleh an enumerati,? v.ge
taken. The whole proceed i nf nf t?,-day, there
fore, wa? a gross violation of the Constitution.
He concluded bio ?-.pccch by gayln?, in an im
premi ve manner :
"The provisions ef the vat ?..u.- Enameration billa
paf4sed prove 01 iicluulvely thai the Legiolntare of
1835, 184.1, 1005, 1?*;:, ami 187S had DO idea that
the rooalte of the btameration biUg pis-??,! by them
reepeetively cu Id be anted upon at an cx
t-i*1 a '.--?.. ra-_;
Loll.?/ (lwi ul T? ? n '
Carry fl->k ll<-<rliig'.? Couenliaf??!, ? iatry Coidlal.
bold or leadliiK srocrr?.
traordlnan imslmi It remains (or the fraudu?
lent 1-TgisiSlaH Sf I*'!?'-' to rush through at this
time _ nessun* which they eaanol constitutionally
enact until next winter. The people in the coun?
try districts sre very much lnte**est?rd in this mat?
ter, 'liiey knew that it the >>ili laeeoBM ? law
their rcpres-uitativi?.? will be largely outnumbered
in future Legislatures. Inder the scheme you
have presentcti the cities will preponderate h i.???
ioiih iii both branches ??( the Legislature. Those
who live mi th?? hunts and in 111-? small villages
look saea that result with grave appi .he: si .us.
They tliink the int?'re?St*? ol the grsai cities, with
their immense ?u ion mutations of persona] property
and iiJ-cgregtationi, ot cor|?>nite wenlth. ale oppottcd
to the interest?? of th?? rund conniiunitii-. Tliejf
will submit to the Constitution and the laws,
winch base ropft-fsa-iitiatUiii solely upon numbers i
hut they ?re not ?rilling to accept a false enumera?
turn padded to increase the epp&rcnl population
of the ereilt *_lsssocratlc cities, or an spportion
meiH mode in diteci violation of the plain l?ro
Ytaione of the Constitution.*1
Senator O'Connor. l'cpuMic.'in, also argued tl at
it was uncons.titutioii.tl to apportion the legislative
districts at thin time. JtSBttee had hcen dune to
Meniteli anil Dutch??.?*? Counties; OOW ?el a member
tie taken from Albanx snd Rensseluer, ??ml given
to St. Lawrence, with it? surplus ol 34,000; anil
to Monroe, with population enough for l<?u: mem?
bers "f Aaeembly ami a surplus <.f 30,00(1 II?? t! en
asked why the XXIai Senatorial I>i-1n?-t with ?even
eon n tien, should contain 229,000 population, while
tbe Albany Distri.t contained only 154,. II??
suggested thai Schoharip he placed trit?i Albany
Senator McCielland, Democrat, boldly asserted
tlmt the aim ol the men who drew
up the Apportionment bill ?ras to deprive
tue rural v..teis of representation in tlie Le
tur??. "When ?re have held our constitutional
Konvention," lie declared, "we shall sweep
t'n bei harrier thai prevents flie Drronei itic citi?*s
from eetting their fair representation in tlie Le i*
lai ure."
"Yea,'' replied Senator Smith, "and once ?before
you ?mimet] a Stale Constitution to yom likini*.
?md the rural voter ?lestroved your work."
Senat.t Hanter ???nnpl lined that lus dlstriet had
been made t<> contain .'17,. persons II.? re?
viewed the Inequalities of the -?--apportionment,
not in the lu?i>e that it would be changed, but as
a pro! ?st.
Senator Cantor offered one or two minor
amendments, and the hill was then placed <>n iti?
linai passage.
Senator Coifiresliall said thai Oneidn County,
with two ????:???????>, lied a surplus .f 33,0iW, ind
waa mow entitled ?<? another member than was
either Albany or 1>??t. hrs?,
The Republican Sena!..!-? did nut vote, and I.e"?
tenant-Governor f?he.-*hn!i said : " Bowing t" the
tleeision of llie Supreme Court, the chair directs
the Clerk to cunt a? present snd no! votine the
Republican Senators." This was done, ?md tin?
?,ill was declared pass,.,! hy a vote "G ? t?? 1??Sen?
ator Kdwai'1', 11 -,. 1 ? -1 -,?;?.. l ? - - : t Republican, formally
voting seminal ihe bill
This evrnin** tin? H??n.".tc ws? Informed lini tV
\-s. i:,hly liad passed the hill without amen h
There being no more hiiainrfs ;?? he dyne, the Sei ste
then sdjourned sine ?lie.
_ f
BKXATOB HILL, <?!' ?????:-?. i- ORATIFIBD.
VTsaMngtrm, Aprii 20, g-enator lidi ?m? talking with
rong*re***-man Cummins*? tonight ?let? he ?.Ived
news of the peaaatu "f th?? l.et*i?l-it:v? Apportion men I ?
Ml m Albany, in ronvsmallon with Mr. Cam
p.? -aid: '? 1 do not ronreal my gtetiftratlon over the |
result of the new spportlonmenl male t.. the 1??.?
intiiie to-day. li ; tit?? crowning S(H "t" bwl toll's
vi.t-.ry. Its Importan??-) i.inni.t I??? mere .'Ini ilei. If
enables ih?? people ? .? th.? ???? tun? ?? ;u -t? y? ?
Pe equltablt and tolrlj ???-,' ??.????"' ?! In it?? i-i *.?t-> ?
am! gives t?. ih" l>?um? rati, parti hereafter Wut
Ir?] of tlmt body in both hraoefcea, Th* apportili
meut ?? boti morsU] righi aiti <. ?? -11 * 1.1.?. ., ' ? -. ...r
red I'lf p:"l? n. - ol fi? ?'publlian?? ih?! il ?- un?
cnistlllilldiuil will avail 11??'!?? BotWng. l'In? l'.t;:?.
!ii;:-t ai ?l will decide sgalnM Ibrrn, beri
?'.nuis a:?? f;i\..liiiis .ita! lingroiind ?!.
-U:;-., which oaghl noi t" have bee? ? ?-'??? ?].
?,. . e .?!.lii.??-? t?. ?.?? mad? I" ?".'Uf 'li' 1'?' -a-'?' "I the
hill, bul thei nil onlj ???? hi. ?? nnd will ii?t ?t????? ??:?
mil .a .Mr ? ..:.i: ? ? no l.? d?bitu*-<! ?- lo Ik . unpratii
1..1..1 ?.a Its .? od work, n ha? made npoi the w.'..>:??
? ? . rrdli.ibl ? r ? ????.*
M ? ; 39? ?, ? ..?. I :??] nv SI :i'l.'- ORl BK G??
ami w ? ?.?. KN >? \ hisr.l i:
Hie pro)? ??.!?? oi ? .?." ? h?r ?i"? beneflt ? ?
i.t gai :/,ili n- ii;,\.? found UBt tS I
111". I lie?. ,.i> ?i!> -?.?:'.:
ein'? ami securins large rrfdpl ? ?.???? hav. ?.?_
bow ?.iii ?? ih. altnieUon ?.f ?Vag? ?
piel??.i l'.lm!?? (TOItl exp '"'i . up :. .. Lili'
i.t people fn n??? h.i.m? ..; t?rele .?; Sea V"ii. n ha
?eversi tim?- hew pal t?. the te ? Uri?: a Inter, and
? elweys ?? Um greal eteant ige ?>f the insatatloi
managt r- hnve Sein ... Laat erenlni Wanne ,
again u treat magnet a? tin? Metropolitan ?; ? ? ? it ?
and ?low hundred? ??! people to ih??
eerl lor Uw ? ? netti "? ? h?? Vouai iVura
iii's Christian ?--.?, iit.'it,. There a ?re tow
ratent ?nits in tac huge hou Tbe audit
loo, wa? ?ympathetli and upi-recla ?. ? ?
in everj iraj .? plea??un it il
romo .-cldl's or.h'-i::t. Frau \? ? ni?, il:? ?:.? ?
? ?p.-? ?,..ft/a?. G?,., , .,? ind ??.?? a loe;? ? ;..
tic ? lair? of their l ? mei Iriumpba.
??..? programme ?us an admirable ..;,?? <.
??! Wagner. It asi Intiodured alili Ibi ? ?vertun
I'aerhaitaie, I*ar1<hin version, in.m "Tannila
piar? ; ?? >li. -ci.ii's lau or heatra. ?
? ?a* iiiiiniiKi pi -,??.??timi, from ? ?. ?.,
Trlaian's AWalh, and ? Idi ?'?' ith ? .ul?. b) 11 ...
j Mielite Then .?une ti.? .'..?.. ,r M'otnii ..ai lirueuhlld-*,
I from ?? Die Wslkasre, Inti-rpi led ?, iti ?. ?.
ti ? ;/c ai .1 Km:! 1 i-. In ;. 1 .,'? ?, :?..:,?,,?. . . ??; .,( -., .| ,
the -tinging o? ti,.? lor ? ils., from HU ,"? e I," ?.
, ? ipprt and Prea m?.-ii.??.
hot..? ?me repeated oalbarss <>t ipplati .???! ?
eat.'. peHormanee. Mr. ?,.,,,! ?,?, t|?. jnari
compeUei to return to Oe itagc arveral Urn? .??
?:?:. ?.mi .,f ti.e programme, i..f.,r? th hesrei- rouhl
I- -It ivllctl, The eoiir.it ? a. ;, , -, ,;ll,,)..,, ,,?.? ,?,,??
111 Ih.? pleasiu?? ^liet, t., tie? iiiullt?!.. .? ?ml ||i ||
<-?-???:,t ? addition t<. tbe treaauij ..f th?? yoai
Christian As?oi lntpi:i.
THF >?/.'? ?'fi" Uhi.I'll* VRKIER TO /.?' ?? .
iti'i. ?. v.. April 30, -II ??? aodaittood bere NEH
the state I'll-.mi .iiithmVI?- Will bring Ii,?? ? is?? ?>f ;
Buck, the oflteer, t?, ihe attention ?>i Un tirami Jarj
which aweta iiere neat Monday, and i*h bl
diriment lot artaOetneanor it ? po aide ibal
? .iii, i? ni ?vidence ?ill thnt ? ?? breagti.?, t., metre '
an indictment ??? other people who are tuppowd to
|i?,v?? I.? a??? e??ii:ie? lo 'linci,'- <? ipe
Troy, N. V.. April -'? (fcpcelal?. !>ne ol tbe r?-ii!t?
?t o'f?rien' ?-,??;.? ?, thnt Deput) Wanten Moon, of
rtlnton l'i!? ti. ietlgn . ???!??!!.- Captain MeXenna
wai appointed to anj In Wt place.
The .-.i|?*rliit?i,d ait of I'll ?on? Arthur Latbrop, ol
Corning, arrived .-,? th? tillaej p,,?? .? jreaterday. He
,!<?. linei 10 av vinilici [he ? ?? a?,.? nl O'Brien lnvii.-ln
Mu? hi*, or lo Ind?cete ??. inn act ion be Intended ??
p rep '?? ' ? Thnyer and Buch, who ..:?? rtt ? ?
Me im? (l'in.??..'- ???. ?up ?. Mr..Lutln ? lad noi i
me! '?Dave" l-i hier, Ihe ? ile? ? mieten who i al n
at IhC ? .?'?cV itoti?-?, Ile li .1 ???!?. n ? ? ?? ?
tondrai Byrne? ?? Inapectoi rtteera, and be mid he
would In?? thl? cltj ? ? Albany e da?.
Afra. O, ?. Stage
a highly mtmamfl lai.? ?.t ?Wavarly, n. y., paRt
VeralJ fiftrn aa Utili ?.f ???<?,?1'?-. und two ninnth? altlt i???
covri ???? wa? terlewtly lieu bird by e vigencia ot
Impure Blood
a. jttiiciini- in ob? rar ?Herbarglag irmly, ii?h?i Ini
a.,1 bm fa???? n-id bead bftuwc lagaatad and .?..11? n.
otiici remedia ftiiinr, ?th<* ?,??;,????? Boed'i '?n??? (Mataient
?ci took Hood'? ?arit?i.?iill?. ?nd Iht imult waa a perfect
rure. ??!,? hlj?My prtl??*? botti |.re?,_i utli.r,??. Mr..
King, win <>(
Judgo D. 8. King
OllO Of Ul? tttt litl7?ll? llf Olii,,, Ali,
??Aprii IO, IggO.
"1 vvaj, fur MVetal ?<??>? nhlmt to bad ?pell? ??t Mrk
Hen.lu.in? ami Nriiiilludi. in! ti, I rariaui un..
??li??- mai preaertptleaa ?"ii?. t bargt maiali aw ? u.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and it retteved m Beai ti* -rat. ? UwragM it ?? ?t to
contili,!.? UU I Int! (??????? -l.\ battit?, mei 11 .ir-i li..?
eiitlnl}?." Mr?, g, !.. dag Wlll.l?IfttU, (I.
Ilnnd'a Pili? a?? thr beut aftcr-dlnncr l'ili?, ami ?t
dlgc-llou, ? um ?lek h? ml??, l.ik
Ami ?ICA by ciirist-.pli.T Collimi??* *M ? preat event ^--^ *"**?
Srtory. Equally ?reut in its lin,? was the il.srovery of A\ ER ? sarsa
nrilla Th? Superior Mainine, for the CUI? of Scrofula and all forms
oi blood disci's. It cures others ami will cure yon.
"I .an positively
assert thai kftete
Sirs iparills is the
lest reiucily to bo
bad for l.l.ioil dl-?or
<lers. I have put it
" About the year
1*17 I was covered
from bead to foot
with white scabs.
The doctors who
attended me pro
? it scrofula, but were una'ole to
I grew worse.
The skin cracked at the joints, so that
to the severest test, alter other proprie? nonne
,;irv nieili'incs nnd physicians had do anything to help me.
fulfil, and it did its work well. M >'. _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^?
?Mghfer bad snffered, Sines infancy. .1 rnnld hardly walk. At last someone
from scr'.fulouH sores and eruptions.
Ayr'* Baraaparilla
effected s complete
cure We cannot
adequately express
our gratitude for what this wi
For the Cure of
I DM !" take Ayer's .Sar?a
perilla I did le.
and at the end of
three months I ivas
as clean as any
nilerful ? man. I shall always f?--?l grateful to the
medi? ine has done for our child. "?Oco. discoverer of Ayir's Sarsaparilla. "?
If. Pi mil. ton, Bl DorsdO, Ark. E. S. Davis, Laurel, Del.
"When I can.at of the snny,t?jrss "My daughter lias lieen afflicted for
trovi bled with scrofola Two buttles of | several years srith serofuin. Having
Ayer'.? Barsaparllla ??????? ????a been recceninended
cured me, so that I O _^ ii-) ff^ __" ? ? I A Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
?are bad m? return V V?v? DX \f rULiM ?rs tried it, and the
disease."? 1*_?_?-_?^_??_?_?_?_-_??_-_--_-?--? resoli isa entap?ete
I cure." ?V. Mattingly, Bt. Mary's, Ky.
It iv
of the^^^
T. J. Bopkin
Prepared h Dr. J. C. Aper? <'"., LoeoeU, Mate. Sold by all DruggitU.
Has cured others, will cure you
111-? A.NMVI R I" . : t V 1*... I,- Mil'!. IIV Ni?VY.I.K
(Ml Ni.V, : ? -l.\M' G. OriaE.
? -rtateaienl bat been furnished to ; .?? pn - b>
citarles Howard, f-?: ??,. 11>- Keaeral manager >?( tu? Sew
Vorh ?m?! .Ne? Kii.i. .? ?{allroatt, in rrplj t" cri Idsmri
iiiiiiic up..n in- manar? tm-it bj a toi ? t president.
Mr. Howard der?.?*-*??: IP I bit reporl t" Um> ?!l;-< i?>r.?
\':t? stip'.ivs?ei| i;i ?,.-,? repul? I" UM ?l??? l?li >n:
Manli, l?oi, lut le? i|Uotes extensive!) fron H to ?boa
iit:ti Urte direi ?? ;?? nppror 4 hl* ?.. .mim? t??.??:?.??~. ?rtth
irtlns apon them. Figuren are eleo lives to es
laburni the r?ala) II ?t liiere ?as no serti lo build np
ani iictui..u- bop? of surplus upon ibe suppoalitoa
tasi tbe general manager was runreaUag lbs soual
condition ut tbe pi ?.'it.. in la- repiirl ??? ISO] Mr.
Howard ? i.-*ri> liKtlraied hl? dl api ? ?-vai ??f nua*?*?*roue
? m ".?. nmingeiueiit* which had been made, sad ?riu
<'|se?l -..in?? ... tbf plaUl ?Aliuii lie? ?it: Um < ?: ?l'I Tell
n? prvml itnj? urea ? ito a ? -ults.
Mr, i! wai ? de larra thai the whole "'.]?" t of opes
lUf ?Ii?? rout? Iv ?? ?? .. Au- ?n s Point it.'l Hi" ?.'???
.. |ru ? an? ?. benefll ili . . Rail
? ??.? .-..? ? nain ? < sapinj. ito
.?.? .?- t!t?t ti.? opening "f tala line reunited In l.-ss
?G revenue to lbs S?b* England road, and rooipelled
Ihe maMgen la maie all trai ? .?. .-ive-nt io the
llousatonli Uatkoad. Mr. II?.?am explains Ibe ? ???
??| .f "-'.-; --?? ?ea.nuil -.' i?;.l -le.?- lem ,? larve
??,i!ll ua. ir:;.i i?, tli liootu ol l-.'l !??'?:?'??? ..f a
rhaua*e In Ih?' n?. il jrcai of the cum pan) unler??d by
u e ? ,,, i,:,..?.<. ?-. ? ; .ci in?????!,???- in. lent,
ill !? .el n| luni 30 ISPS. Mr, ????'.???? ?iI-.i ?i??? ! ? r?? s
limi ? j ni- . ? ? ? .? in raise I pnoojnoo to retire
the !!?? .it. :.?.!??- : ?? InOI. With regard to otar ? ?un
II III , II" ?.?? s
Mr. le ?p,. ?, I : , ? ? thai ?
? "il '. ?? II t"' All ' ??! pun 'm-. ?! !?'? tn ? ? m
I..1S .... . .? ? n ? it? adopt, ?
, itabl ?
4 ?
? ?
? ? ? ? .?il ? . tin- *?? ? ?
? nip ? .(..;.... l
Ml J I. M.....
?i .ved bj Islni I hi? al k I? a ? ? ?
MM] .1 _'. el. . .
"Nu ? ? 1: ? ? l t
nil'i .. ? ?. < . ?.. ? ' lia S
I Hi",? .??:'. If I l.\ III?? Ul Of Itli'll?'
; ? a. .! r? . ' ? . .
I a | tear 1 ?'???? for
'.rp..s. . t,?-? ? ? ,
?? ? .1
dr?.: a that ai ? ?? ??.? tra
? ablii !.?.???? t
??.?? ? . ? ? . |l .
lai ?? ?.
"Mr. I Ihe Irati ? li -du
;?: lily I I*. .it? tl I Ini! ???
.-ni le id li ini , .? '
! . .. : - '. I ' ?? ? Irti "I Ile \? | .\. ?.,
? ? ? . . ; ...
? utIne .
I ?' ??' - ? !'.?,.?,. I|.,|
li Lind !?'.? ? li rt|t ni ..f ? li ??
? ' ?? " I'll ?? - ' . . . ' ?|<1 I
? ri ' It? !
j dar,
? ? ?
I'NI ? PAI HI' - Ml I UN , ! I DAI
IPTAI? it v. ? ? ; . ?? . ?"?. . m ? : \\ n MR
'-.'?.', ? .".?ill:: PROM ill: M::i. TOUT.
i ? ,? n .1 meeting of < In ? " ? G?? m
?: illi ? ???? ?
. ' G ? ' , ?????;.'! Ole . |bt|( -?
??? ?arri?-?! ??m. ?? ?!, ?? tu? ?p -? ? f Joy
.?.?? and Bu ?? Il board ?d gin
:,? .? ? he ? I?- n ?? ul ? :?"? ?? Blchnnl tonten Hatea .?
? . Idi ut. I Ini'..:?. ? li.? nla. ? - ??f
?? ??, ?.?...;. . ? .i b DMed lei ? aplata Haye?
and ...n ??.?? M. Lane, ?' ? ? t
An one??, ? f??. proal??? In ti.?? Int? ? I ?'
the ?."lili i'.-:?'?, wn? developed y? laj It wi found
hai p, - ? '.?..?.,? ha ? nlr> '?'? ? ? ??? pled red to - ppori
A. \. ?. ?.? ? ???? iln. il.?? r? pre ? lath?? id Ihe ' ir Ign
i f. ?? ?,?. n d -\ -. ? ? ?? retiren ? nt -?f ?? R
I Will I 'rei tl it ?.? ?; . .1 tiiHlld
proposed u, all? id Ihe merUng .? .hnrelmldera, bu!
Ur. (j .ni ? ?? "u... noi a,., ke ani la! men! on Ihlt
a: tie nf ten Mr. Hol??i van t u ? it ol t?..?
in? reprcaeniallv, lated thai no Infoimadon rould be
given on ' ?!?? ? ?bj, ? ?.
? T'.ati ?? mi, Intere led In ? ??????? Parifli have
regret! ?I tlml Mm hm Ign ? lati : h r ??11 not wl h ?a
rei un Mr ??????? ? ? il e ? ?? ? boa ? ? ol dircelo -. but 11
? p ... ? ?? ? il!,. !, .,'. own? ? , |p ni tl m I. o
n. ,?.,.? u , ?, ;.? exil ? '. .-.?? ?? m ? ? dut ? ?
,i|.,i, 111? in iji.r.i'. tit? ?I? Ira!.Ilil. Of min 111,it
li g ? he in iJOl ?''? ?
!M?IN "VI! f ni li? I ? ! ? IMiHTK?.
1. ? ka, Kan., April ??'?'? 1 he I'nltH M de '?? ?? d
.??. ? ?.??!?'\? relitrned Indictments tiptlu?! lin? pillowing
?,M., .-?- ot the icio.' Parine Bailara) fc?r violation? ,,f
III?? Intentati ??,?????'-??'??' lav. I . K. Mellen, > \
general traili man J v Monroe, geneml freir?!
???,?,.! ; .i. ... \v? ...iworth, and?tant geneml IMghl
???? ?.?. ?? ?' Hm i oral ?? tent, ? ? ?, ??! -.im.?. t?. , ,
??m brou m. II ? all? ? ?;. un complaint? of Jobbrm
t,l ?nun.,, iiiit'iiiii n. Arhnn ?? <;?? and Wichita
li wai charged Hut! the l'idon G.,?,?.< inni rat the
late ??n ?blpmeiit? of gener.il mwrhandl ? from eremi
e! ili,- Interior Kaum? pianta, and Iha agen! al
raima ? uccuked ni baring mnnlpnlatod the d?al.
NI'.W Yi.KK AMI ????????'.?? ROKDIIOLDKR8.
ili.? areoed morktace buidbolden a! the B?ea forti
und Mofthem ?? ?? ?,?,? met to r??? ???? tin? report
of Hm Council!??? appointed al ? previeni me<?tlng
will,?!? ? j?. held t" ? ?aider ? plan if Rorganli ilion. Hm
ciiiiiiniit"?'? report wat embodied la a form al agree
ment a lilil? bondholder?? are Invited to dgn. The report
I waa nnaolm-iu*l] adopted, if ?.?? ??,? ?. bond? ?,,-???? rep
1 p? , ited ?mi ?>' ;< total ,,f 09.000,000 required The
1 agreement <>f the bondhoMen pledgm entire rapport to
: any action Inai ami be taken by ?,??? coannittee mo
? dating ,,f R. -. Ilayea, Charte? T. Barney, Qeane
! Coppell, win.ini M*rteni and Oliver ll. Payne. The
1 "|i|.?. Ulna WI? i,|, , ::1? ' lu an linnli'? frnni mi?
ni the bondboldci who bad been expect??! tu ??kick.'?
? ? - ?
??.'?.?-?????. ill!'. I -II ? ?|* .-'?, ?|? 11\ Kll.??.
Chicago, April -''? i-i'"iiip. ? n t.-uM of ii?- meet?
ing ?,? id la U.?? ???1??? ?"' Ueneral Cantonner Agro! Hal
foi?!. ,,f Mm Mllwaakea and Kt I'.n.i rood. It ant aa
iio.iii,??,! lodai that, beginning with Jane 1. Ihe Mil
wail,??.? aad -t. I'.uil. tin chira to ami Nortlrweatarn
and the Omaha p??? ?? told aboil ?, r, .,..? ui .?(..?
?' Ha ?. Uni ? an?! limi: tick, t to a rontlnuoui
Journey, blmllar action aiti be talea i,, the Durilo?
???. .inlv 1. rie? '?!t???, I??,! ic. the a?! ipUon "f nu- m
f m. ut Un? i.? Rinnina of ti ?.? vear. and ?.?. h s followed ?.
iltiiiirl Brewtag < a.'a Maa_auaa Birr.
1 .11 uni Moi
u,a?l. Bg ?.?l MOMk,
? ??Miriti teil ??? ?? a ?r, r? .it ? .
t'ii'i'i? -'..oiulii the b vt. ?.n?v,il iron. \l ,?? ui.'l Hop? en'.)
UotBed for private, nor. Or-fT by u,
the ?t. pa?l and Kansas City last week. All the olbsr
roods sre expected i" fnM Into line b'-f?>r* l<u2.
i'i.i.;iL?". April 241 (Sp?cial). The railroad*? centring
bete ????- sfter tbe ralp ol tbe "scalper?." To?
morrow tbe Grand Jary sill consider evtaence fur
ul ?bed '.? Um railroad? (?? the effort laat ? doten or
ti.",?? at tie- ?.?-! inn.ivi ticket brokers In nark-si,
bare been doing battine?? without s license, it is
???????G?(<.<?<? that all tb* road are In Ibe combine to
down Ho? "scalper" snd *??? bun out ot tha "*uy.
Chicago, ?????G ce .-it?? .ali. t?.? Journal" baa
iiiis; ? sNir.v was itartrd in titi- my to-daf Unking I
?. G.. Mi. tonel'. fin?.,.-?. ? .? ?-1 : IVentem rorporatton I
with ile? Pen nay Ivan lo Rallmad In ?? deal srbkb, if
completed, will pal Mr silckn-fp In possession of the
latter'? rsirago snd Ohio Rleer line. An oficial
?ncgettle?] ti'iii it might he necessary for the Oresl
Weotern tin sH "oni.tlon ?rllh the Blchmood Termti si
system sometime In ? s near fnture. and thought no
better ?ehern? cntdd ??? devi-<ed than to purchase the
r -.:?.?. ..? line, If 11 ? nid be bad ai what it l
GRAND Till NK -II .RJUI? ?.?.?>.
Montreal, April -J1'.. "The Star's" ?pei ...1 cable
dlapatrh from London ?ye; ? ? -oeetlng of Grand
rrank Rallwa) -?i:?s*??,??:??. :-s as? held (?day. In
Ihe ??"?f "i ??" lit* .-.?fin tl report, sir II
l'il' r. ih? ?. ? thai the company had
?! t'l'.ti.?'! . Inn - -1 t ? s_ tltltta?, -Ul II.?? ??????????G
?;"??.? met ???<? -?',?'"???"!<?"?? und r happier auapli
?Iti. t.r?s?: :???? ??:?-1??. ? ?. Mr. Srargeant. pMi?>r.iJ
DinnafRr "f the rood, after m??ettns the preaMent? "f
V??? ??.:1?. Iri'l report??*! lite "\|s!elii???
"{ n ' ? ' .? fe-clin 8 :: - ??_.?! t1." ? tiltil-? "G I
?ir Hem ? ?aid Hut i..? believed ? ?'. hoped Hint
? .- ??. rrallM that, whether rates ?.?:.?
rut or n<?l each lini ..:.?' ali ?at Hi"
r.iiumentlnf, on the
? ? 4 Trank Into
s. ??. tu mid U ?? iti- e
ti iti'.t? Imd ???' ?. 11 . ? -
?slltlp" "G f"' '. It? '"li 'Ml'.-', ? ?
, luit Hie reputi Wim
?1? Ih? retlrlns dl .r s rr ? ?.I
IN Till ???:?.?> OF POUTICS.
DELKG \ ? !:- I" MiNM -\ POLIS.
M l N'Y ? '"NV: NT 'IV? 111 I. Il lisi LU.? *?? IN.
IM. l'Ili. ?iW.MIM-sI ????'??.
r?aaadulgtss, ?. v. April J?' |hp-*-rtel)? ?t the
1?, lu? t riiur-s-i'Miiil Convention ???? lit l'elio Vhii Io
il , . 1 l>. ?lein..'?!, ol ll"i ??? ???\ ill? . BITfd MOTHS P.
ird, ?.! i.un Van wars elected delegate lu I hi
? ? ; . Uran ? ?: mal ? ?? nil ? si Kinnes
? . - II.?'. ?. f I', ?,'.?.'. .nel II ?, Odi
: ? ? ?,., en altri nal???.
M tprtl iti in?? Vth Mitrici ?;, pu!.
nomini ? ?? ? .11., ? ?? ?,?,??|< ?.
?? , ? ? ??? ? ?- ?? ? ? ? ' ??.?
?., ??. ??. la-tat? -. .uni John ??? u . .? ? .'.?? :?. and
? ??? A, "f \- ? . the Mm
??* jal?' il C'Olivi
? ... ktoii, ? ? \?-? 3?, At n - tenth Di-m??;
? ... .il.... ?-? ?| ?? IT. '.. K. l'i"? titilli, ol
I ut. Ut?, ?. ?Hi! \\ . ? II ' ' .?! G? n t , Mere
s Loi ? ?? "f \v< ? month, and
r. U Hani . ... i ? ?
?? nver, tprll SS ? ' ? Ri pnhlli an ft' ?
rr. , il ufi held then.ventlon ?..??.? ;.. in end
??? Jake semidei??, i.f ?.?.?.li Hi.. mu? Frank
ii.????.. ..t i.aiii.-i .i.i. iai. ... die MlnneapoUt ....
?? nti.??. Thej ??.- unln Iructcd except tit.it thei ?.?.,??
rote hit any candidate fav tin: the fr.??? end en
limited rotnagr ?if ?diver Resolution? were ndopt**d
Ins n.rti? i.,i t. ?? .,? Senatori Teller nml
\V, ,1,-ot ?. mi) ?.?.?lel.iry lllal ?? and the \.| ill ? ?? ?-t rt? 11 ? Hi
,,f l'rr i. ni Haul?.? ?i't li- I? 1?' ' "" ll"r
... ?
?,,. -,.,?. , m ?.. ? ??? t ? nominoti toar ?eleptei
?t ??,.?.?.? ??ill be held I.??.?? to morrow.
,, ?.,,,?-. vi.rti 80. The R?T tbBcai of tl.?? Vllilt ?
Cmigrea? Districi ??>' the Blatt In ? invention a! Hedalla
ti.tlav elect'?'! ll?nrv K. ! ?va,in Of ?-':???.?. and CokMlll
ll.ui, .?. ??f Springfield, del? pi to Ihe Nati..mil Con
v. mi n at MlnatapoUa rhej am Inatructed for
Suborn, Me., April 9 -! the lid Dhlrtel Repub
n,,,, (..vente?., t day. -?'?!.?? Perhamm wa? chosen
. i. .... :? . ? ?l.in.v M. Iilrd, ol Rorkland, nnd M.
r \v,?.?..?. ?,<! ot Lewhtown. delete? ?., Ihe Na
tiOnal Convention, ??Hi. io*i Wilbur, ol Avon, and
? m filladi n . G ???? 1.1 il . atteri ??!( ?. A ? "Intimi
??,.|.? .in? !??.????????. He ii-?? ?' ??G???!??! .trillion through
,?,t -.u n. an..u?? -?j ndopted.
Klngtton, S. v.. April -?'? ??i???. lai . rii.? follow Ing
mtn rhoaen delemte? lo the ?.,????, al Republican G??
vrntlnn al Mlnnrapolla from tbe XVIIlfa Conur-a? Dit
Hid heir till? aft? ??- n '? '.'lui <;????? r,? II. HhOrpe,
,,r I'hrfer, and J. Leroy Jacobe, ot l.reene. The al
,..,?; :l??. wen .I??!,n I'?? Uiber, ol t'later, and Ales
( ummtng, ut Oreene. Mr. Lawrence, ? delegate
iieliivvaic County, tel the ronventlon spptaudttm
i,j moving thai the dcleente .tn Minneapoll? be In
Kirurtiil In v,,t?? f n Jnme '?. Ilhilne ? ?? ?? I '
||i? -iil'i I'cluwnre ??..? ?II ItneHl a liai...? rouiltv, and
.? .ei man could gel u mani vol? Hu-re f >r G?* ?I
a,.,,? -,,. Mr. lllaliK*. Mr l>i.?l . ??' ? I ter. nid he ???>?
Kc, ,??,? ? , ?.an in Id- admin.? ror Mr. limn??,
?,,,? .,. he wa* ..??! a ? iin.i'iiiii??. he moved thai Iho
,';,',v. ,||,,,, !?? '. Il ?win,ml In a? tin I?. Iii
, . ?j), , ,i pi.,i. The f iIIowIiik Coner? ?- DI HI??!
?',,?????. ?? e|..'.?l: ?. ?>. <- ?t.? ni.ill. Chirlen
liavl- and '?' 'G?* Voting, Of I latet I'lHllit) . laimiv \.
ti'i?,?.. Vlexauder I'uniffllng ond Join. Colvln, ??f
?,,',..,,,', nini V. Il Bea ??, G. II. Wall?.??!? un.I We-ty
(,,,1.1 uf HelaVille.
lUnahnml n, \wrti ??-"' I ???periati, p .? xwnit'.
, ? ut nUoii ??.,- l'i?' ": H ite) Bennett lo da!
Judge ??-?n. ..! Hamilton, pnwtded, r-onator H'Coii ?
? ,,;? ot lllngbamtoo, and Abram r. Becker, ?f Wa
v.-iiv vi.? di,-cu dtdegulm t?? il,?? National ?',??-??
limi, linieri, Mit, liei!. ?,f Norwich, wn? nominated
?.,. ' let ??.
Unte .".vu. B. *??. Aprii 20. The ftmgretud.!
(?.,??.????.??. iift.-i ma ij hnRote, eleeted ?'. R. -,nf?'nt.
,r BntMtam, and K. s. lloodal?, ,,f IVatertown. N'a
ti.ni.il ,l!>'iit'?. and IMHMd C. P. lt.vHiei, nf ( ?? rt hai:??,
|Te li. Mini '-?'?'!?':.
Otean. ?. Y. April ?? 'Hneriali ?!.. XXXIVth c,,n
L-p??? |ii-tiii't Republican t'tturention ara? ??.?? 1???p?
l,,,lm ?. V. I rnii'liot und JaniM McKw-n v.-re
...ned delegate? t?. ii?.? Nan.mai ConveaUou. They
favor lilalne Bnt, Harriton teeond.
-,? nil?n. l'Ou? . iprtl iifl ri,.? RepMbUcam ?>f
I iiiKiivniiiin lie!?! their ,,,???? ronvcnUim lier,? t..?!.??
und cl .led 1 N. Willard im?! I e!i):iii?tii llinilie- <H*
?tea in ii.<* Rational Conventton. When ., .,? niutlon
,?ame up InMrartlng delegai*? to rot? tor Harrison It
wa? votiti down iiln.'.t unanimously, Revorthelem
fjie drlcu'ttr? are believed !?> I??' Hani on men.
in ( ?iMl'l.r'.iK. A?KAM.KMKNl'S AT A!.MANY.
Albany, April 'J'1 (Special). Joba R Kenyon, tin?
peramneal mcretary <?r ii,?? Republican -? ,?<? Com*
mitten reached here te-alghl to complete th? arrange
m? nt?-. f??r th?? Republican Mate Convention, whleh Ii to
??? hei.! here on TO inday to elect tour detegatet al targo
lo the Rational Convenrtoo. Rone ??f the golegntea
m?,? imv ben oaeept Mm member? ?>f the Ihaiatr and
the Aaaembli who are delegate*! and will remain ?'?'???
?,, tn nd the meeting n tbem? t.? be pretty ?????? ,ct
tied lhat Channrej M. Oepew, Thoaiut C. Phttt, ? ?..
at? lll?'->>c?i un?! Vinilici? Mille: will 1." rboeOfl ?1 1
Bargalm in garateare
?f n?w iImiki,? i,?, i?. r., ?. ? 11 ??, ?t ?,???? '? i'iuii Ce?'e, 104
I V.Y?t 14Ui-?t., near OUi-avc.
il full sympathy With everythliu* ds>
Hill, ? hey f'iir that Cleveland's nnnit
SatSS stIsrge, Most Of tlie member, of tile Senate unti
the Assembly who ?ire rtrlnta'trn lavor jhlftlSg nwiiii
KSS " Hin Pour.? some of the (lol<?mit?'i would like to
?ss senator Passetta and Miiiiip Beeksr, of Huita-o.
?fbere Is a (neat diversity of opinion BSSSSSJ aliti
Tasuaany Dsisroerats about tho w|s<ioni of tho May
convention movement is ?iiglnssisd by ex-Mnyor
(irace. While In full
sitziied to oppo
SettOU could ite eBottti only bp a compromise, which
wt.tiitl Involvi) the deliverin?? of the city to tlie Tam?
many spoilsmen f>r antHher term of rest*,
said one of the AaSSSsbly District leaders of Hie
lato County Demo? nicy ySStSttdsy ? " I Icvflaiid's nom?
ination (.'iiiit ne ?in only one thing-ihe aheeejee of a
loral flRht thl? rBBt, and tin? continue*! bssdlag ?>ver
of Ilio ell ? lo Tammany as the price of Tammany's
?npport of Cleveland, Why should wc ex'Mt ourselves
to brini that sort of thing abouti We treat to he*.??
bent Tammany tills year, not to forRt; the chaina of
her power any stronger? Help nominate Cleveland by
circu? itln? petition?- Not much ! Tammany lias
more to pain by Cleveland's nomination than we li;iv??.
Hi? New York friends (who. by tho way, am pridi?
liitisly active in monti? like April, May and June
v.hi'ii nothing I? going on, and as mute as mice In
October and November, when tho lluhtlii-* Is In
progresa) ?ain gal no aid from us. and in saying this
I speak tin sentiment? of ibe unti Tammuuy Desse
erette leaders generally."
I.ewlston, Me., April 26 (Special;.-There was ?i
splendid co-nventi m of du? Republicans of the im Con
irei District lu Auburn today, the attendance belio;
large. Nelson Dingte?, Jr.. ani ?nonttnated for
Congress by scdaatatlon, snd v.ill be **e-eleete4 by
hi? usual bs daosse majorttr. The i-aaolatlons ndoptcd
pay him a handsome compDmenl for bi? ets?*tee in
i ongresa.
Washington, Aprii an. ? Bepreseatat'vo ???-*????
?mi earaily congratulated to-day upas Ma re?
receipt of s di-p.it<!i tefonatng bin of his sevnth iue
co? si ve nomination to Congress iij acclamation. Ovv
srnor Dlngley is one "f th?? fear torteaste men in
Congress who never Und it nec**e*ery to leave Uieir
??titles ?u n'aahlngtnn ?uni ko boate to repair tfuHr
pOll|S>al " fen.?,?,.?' ?!?.??<? ?. no ne.re faithful, el*l?l.-nt.
[nti IUsent or useful |.:n-iat..i? m either brandi of
con?-?!???-?. and M? t-onaUtuenla evidently realise and
itppreclate the feet.
-? -
The wiii? Awake Republican ';kib sf lbs xivth
Ass? mt.lv District gsve a hoaseuranalni test evening
at iti roan*?? No. 2:;:: Baal Tenth it. The ctab now
."??iiiics ths whole ground il or, snd tbe rooms wore
appropriately decorated with a prpfUalon of Bags ??nd
piiiiiies of well known Republicana. J. W. Reichert
ptcsi?!???! and ??. L. Sehrader ?,;;- secretary. In
opening the minting Mr. Reichert ?.ild thut the club,
thongh ?'iily organlied about four months ?v.*". ?roaM
iininlior l.tl! SMOthers at It- next r.-gulnr rii*-*-tin?z.
MUii.-s-es ver?? mad.? by Roben W, Taylor, Jaums ?Y,
llnues ,ntl .liilut Lnwi'-me. After the spSSfttBg Hi??
k*nc?is mit members bad wfrcshsaoate, snd tha tim??
wss enlivened ?ini music and -uni:-, rttere were
delegations preaenl from the Progress Repabllcae (Tub,
?if ihn Xih l)l-!rifi: il.? itili?pendent R ''publltau
Club >.f the Xt!. Dl-til't, and ibi .John A. L tgan
(luti of Hi- \ lilil? District. Annii; Hi -? |?????????!
u.i.? iii t.. , Julius I'r.-t.-s. 1 harte:: Ni;? et,
I itilip Krherer, Uaear ?.??(--1? r. t'aerar Mohr, fieerge
in'?, J.'iiti L'ta-nnora, Jacob F. Bhtamsn, William P,
Ambrecht, t??? ???..<? lleyer, Citarle? a. (tjehaeldsr,
John Tritsrh, lleurj ivut?. 1.??m- r. Dsrnutadt, Prank
Panlktlrb, tieorae Klrchrr, >. K. Stern, William '??
I k necke, John Wood?, Samuel Hot too, John I'li-n
man, ioaept 1 ??--?-? ? -1.1 John ttotbmen. Max /im
nieriii.i!. ,?. p. in?-? ????. \. Srhroeder, J. II. Bteln,
P, \v. Korth, J. a. HUdebrnnd, Samuel mmabarger,
Johi "' ? ' ar, ? y. 1; ,1 aru, 1. w. Roche, A, d ?
llayo? nnd Mf ha? : ? irrell. 11 ? ..;'" ei "l the elub
..??? : .1. IV. Ueli be?, ? :? ?Idi ?? : J. ?. ??, her oriti
? luirle tiiiyd ml, ? It ? pi I 1 b nt?, II. I* -? hrnder,
1? . ; ling ? ?-t.,1 ? 1 ., ; ???? /. lui un lai ??
Ueorvn 1- itir.iu. treasurer, mid AuguM llegoabuehel,
-. r^-? 11.1t at ..lui?. *i ti?- m ?: meeting Ol the ? lull Mill
? 4 "ii VVediu ??'? i- et r ; -. M.t? 1.
? ?? ?
\ ??'.????.'? in FAVoR ot i?K. DERRICK.
a petition signed i.\ lbs ?:??. Dr. Alexander w
ih?? Rev i?r Hulk 1 . ? ? ral other colored asm of
prominence ?.1? ?e?.i to the Republican ?t.ite Conv 11
t.. . \?? (?t-rday, asking that the Rev, Dr. Derrick be re?
tained us Un? colo " 'if ti?" State Commit?
tee, SBd alo tliht be I"' seal a? on.? ol the alternate
Seiegal s .,? :?.:??.? to Klmw-apoH*. i?r. Derrick luw
?evetal rivaia f..r ? place on the state I'ommlttee,
iiriuiin: Hum Ciiurl? - '-?. Anderson, thi weU-knovrn
? rator. A ilvelj rente?! ?? .?i?? ted.
? ? ?
I'.I'.i t'l l.lc\N DELEtiATM IN NF.W .iK.r.sK.Y.
An .1: ???;.?-??? . f Repn ilt< mis was held
I spring? 1 "-'i hip on lloodaj night when
It, 1 ile? .? ? ??- ? ? ? ted d< legut??
:.i ?1 Jam? P. Edward ill? ? -'..?< on
ieiiiii.il at Trenton t ??'., and ?. '?.r-.? W. *??;???-*?-. Jr.
?nd J--' - Harri wet? elected .: - -1.? _ ? ? .? and a;
respe, ilvelj t. id?- iiistrl'i .?invention. Il ua- ,1
1.? ? ? . spring?, an t
? 'iittn ? ? u( Vili - ? : ??. ' ??' t?' ?A*. Sturge*
vu? '?!??. leal |??|??| p tv Rt ?*?
? m s ill be rit? cted In a tea 4 >?
ItP.l ! ? LI? \N STAI ?' 1 RI I'.'? ?IK ?
tVatertown, ?. Y., tprtl ??? in the M, Lawrenre
j III?! Asaembl] DUtrtrl I : ? ? ? ? ? 1 i an ranventlon
the State d regale? ire ???? **-*? /. Rrwln, L ?'. Lang.
?. ?. w.v.kUi. j. u. tvisue, ?. K. Hark snd John
a. Smith.
olean, April ??el imperial). Deictpstcs to tbe Mate
Convention f..r ?!.?? 1-1 \ - -trii-li Dl-Urlci uf t mn
? (', P. V.-t '?t. 1 ' ?
snrlng, W. ?? M.-.rvau, .'.. w. Reed BBd II. s. Mer
1'G.?? BUCAR RDITOIte G? ??'.?'.?.
A Bwetlng of the Republican Rdllortnl V ?aa-mtlon
of thl- Mate hi ? ?.? caBed by Carroll K. Pmltti pi -t
dent, ??)?! Jolm A. SWrher, teeretary, to bo held il the
Ken more Hote', Albany, on Thur?dny morning afa 10
? ?-, l.i-i. The rdltor are ? died t?, m-el .,: ; Is Urne
.mariv nf Ile m ? ill !??? :tt ti.? ??? ?, ;.. -? ?
Convention, and It i? though! thai thl will affad ? :
ronvenlenl opportunit? f?? ? ronfei ..... ??'.;,??;'"??
bu?ln?a? will l-? broutsht before them und il! th.? mem
ben of the attortaUon bave been naked m attend.
t?? Tt'-TM Y M.MN-T Till?'. RLKfTIOR BOARD?
-ni.?. ,. ?. terved yextvrda* "' Bfty ritta -
nf II.iv? M raw romi ' em to ,,p|? nr betol*. '?'*"
(.riun? iinv "f Rorktand Count] t? .ivo evld
again?! the F.:??, il?, ? Board ol llaventraw, Complaint |
hat lieen made thai the board ??a? galtty of Brega
lar.te? in mndurtlng the ?pring riecttoni. teveml
rhargi b&ve ?.? broaehl again*! Ihe board \
?real deal ul romment In? been rau*ed in Haverstraw
bj the a. tl ?p taken.
CORORRHrtMAR BROWR i:.'.v? ?*.!!*?'vmv
in.iiaiinpo-a, April SO A dlapatrh to - The Rena,"
from Rorth Veruon, Ind., ?a?.; ?The Democrat? ot
the Old Indiana Dtatrlct, In convention In thh rlty
I'd.i?. r n.inni.,! Congreasman Jaaim B. Brawn.
The distri, t ?- htrongly Demoerattr."
(?!.mil.u . nhin, April -?'?. ill. I> ????? ratte Stilt??
Convention will I ?? held in f ?l.iiiiln? June 11 and IS.
aitivi. MORRIH in ii.in- r.rn ri.n \v-?
U it llie.'llll-? nf tin- MOTti? Height? I'.' pill'll? .in vinti
hold ?.?, Mondar evealna th* t" laalui ?? - ?????? .io.-t.-d
Im tin? vnii G?????,?????. Muj ? Well? Spa'Jtblei In-- vi..?
|.i"-!ileiit. in.iiL? Iloti? lei, ?e. und rlce-pre?ldeM, Dr. A.
I, Leni?. I. ..il Illllf ?ivivlaiv. ?, ?. Ill,..III . i.re?|K.|l,l
Ina ?.?,? lari. W. ?. Il l'u.k.iul ir.i-i'?:. M. J. II.li?
ent ; ev-.niive ,?.?.?.,?, .?. ??. rumUl r., Albert ??'
liHvl? 1.. H, 11.irne, Uooif? I'. Unii lini.-? fienili?.?! -,
A R. Il' l'kin?. I. Il . ? oli 1! SMn 1,. ?I W .?. Radorgk
and .1. W, Ring. Bufa ? Camp "?? ele t?-d ?a beaomry
??. inlier tt the .inli. In Li, ?il i.f I?? Ilio? '" l?tl"KI nf thi?
Internat h.? im? ahawa la n- welfare. Th.? committee mi
Look over the?? ?ymptoins: hendache, oh*
?trin-ticn of mm, "(li-.<iiurKea f?llinj? Into
throat ? -..ine:m:.?? profuse, watery, and
acrili, ut others, ?iiclc, te incioii?, mucous,
purulent, bloody, putrid and oliVnyive; eves
"weal:, ringing m ear?, dog-M-M "!Ten?_vO
breath ? -mieli and taate Lmpah*ed,_nd naml
debility. Yog wont have all of them at
onco; probably only a few uf them ; bat
they mean CO?trrfa.
??,? the proprietors of Mr. Nate's Catarrh
Rnmedf meni to can it. if you 11 let then?,
no matter bow bad or bow long t-trtnding. '
If thgy "?n't, they'll piy von 000 m cam.
Tli? y mean thnt, too, fast ns it's printed
They oifer you the money ? or a certain
eure, if you'll take their medicine. Hut if
they worunt ccrtruu of tbe cure, thoy'd uuvar
tfttr you tOe igonij.
Stubborn Case of Skin Disease en?,
eied her Face and Body. Ulna?
Doctora Baffled.
Marvellous and Complete Cure Of
< minim. Six Years have Elapeee*,
and \o Return.
A Mg . ...?turner of our*i (Ml?? Ktnnv Atwnnd of (_?_
lino Depot? N. Y.,1 ha? >>???? cured of ? ttabbara c?_r_l
?kin dine??? bv the ????? of CUTICL'RA ? I'M hi* l Mp?
ntootaott taai. km c?v?<: had baatad in?? mill ?t ammto\\z
known |.Hv?l.liiiK. Tiny millantai!? |?rono?mttd ?
i;. team, with lihtaaatlltai lurking in th,? bkoi hL_
itrclicced that any liaetaMM ?tinnir ?siough t?, cur?__
Ectenia ?vuuld lurely increate tin; Kh<,iii.aii-n). Sht. a?i
IWO ??? Of the flMKI'KA KKMIDIKS. TT.? ?#?2
wu? n.iiri-fllou*. lier cat?? of G..??????.? * ?, not ? ilr e__!
(ileti-ly curd, hut her Khcutrwtiain wa? ?fitalli r^vS
?inrliiK tlie traUnent. -Six year? h.tv ? elapaed thMaa_
cure iva? p?rfornied, her Hhi-un.at.liim ht? ?loi??? n?-v?r hi
ereaaad by th?? treatment, but ntirr diiniii!#?iH .usi Xl
?ce?, no ?yniptom? of the rct.ir ? of th- Kcit-ma whl^h ?at?
?o completely took (???ewlon of h?T tote tua body ?? j?
Atwoog delight? In te~lne of ihe cool ?tatti that t_
Ct'TK G??? tr'-Hfinent litd upon her. aad r ?? ?. ?????? !?
?oiicit'-d iha CUTICURA itr.Mi'.niKs for Rtwiiaa ?nd ?Si
kI idr"d .livrent?. Yo?ir preparation- tini reale ??].?
died, CO?1CL'HA SOAP I?, un the li?t t?. b?iv eln.o?'?
H ASK i.\ _ TODD. DraggMa, itiwci, ?. ?,
Cuticura Resolvent
The new BkMd ??aid Skin l?tirlll<T ani ?ir?>?ite?t-..f IInn_?
I'.-.t.<Ii.s, Internal,v .t., eleaiwi' the blood of allV.niirl????
and trill?? riiio'.-? the eau???., a ?'. ? ?'??'?'?,? the .Uh
Milu < ur?, nun ?;? ?,, ? ?? -?(??I' an ? xqnnfv s2
BtjauUfler, --Menially (t.. ?? ar tin? skin aad ? rala tni??
'tor?? tro hair , eur- even- ?)>??.??. ? of .?coil/lna Itehai
.'trilli,-, ?c_y, and pimply ?lls.a?. ? ?f the ?.kin, M ski ?_
li!..ot. ' *?? ^w
Sold everyrht re. I'M?.?. CTTTIOtTRA BSt Boi
Kc.l IU? ? ? l.v ? NT, SI. rr-i-ir.fl l,v Ue Pifm
DRlaO AM? ( 111 MK.'AI, COUi-?l'.ATIO.V, ?..?t?n.
?G >???4 for "Roe tu (nr.? sili Ii! .,a?<??," ?l r*f
ft) lllii-tr.iti.in?. ani ITO trsttnmnjsl?.
i'M'.s?, bleek-heatK r*l weh. cfcapitetf, ?nal _E
Shin .111 ? l.v (ITI? ORA ????. ^
rh"?t, Palas, Keren? ??. Weakaaa?, ??<?_??
I au eh, ,\?thota, Pleurlay, und i:iflimir.iiaa
relieved In one union, by the ( mirar?
Anii-l'nin l'ln?ter. Nothiri?, like it for YV(_k
Luiik-. "*???
gensSMSl luadquart? r? ?a.? dlrc'.-d to stSSN ??utable
bmsMbs resse a? ?pso t? po*?u.i.?. Tiii? c:?it> i- an viia
one. and ?? ?/p.?vin;? in number? and lntl?ienee.
MAVJEI'vEY ItETT'Iil.rcA.VS ?????'(??????1G.
Trenton. N. .1., April _?5 |Bpt~h?T).?OS tlj.> eve at
1,0 eonvention peer h? Id lien? befoi- rwv tit" ??-iva
tteen nv>r?> nnlmnted thnn Iftoee ivltne??.?d to iil-rrft ?
Hie Trenton HoeSS find other pine-??, In tills rtty,
?????' It,??)' ?'????????'???? polli irt.tns ?re. ha?!??, n.p-??^
Ing every ?-ity. leern, rtUsjn ssd hamlet in tin? ?t-its.
?? iitor.-ow ut pen tn? Brtagetm wlB emooaMi ?
Taylor Opera House to eleii iglsShtes u? the Nati mai
ronvention. Tber ?- ?i strong feehng tkreegrmul ths
part] that ili?? stnte ?ill u? r-er-eng juro ti?? Republtraa
Bnf sex! Novrini???:. The leeest overthrow rj g<>
Ilnni.lt l? .|.??-. ? Cltv lui- given tint K->|>ublkar.? (g
Ulta State new lean lor the -front patti?, and thl
?. ntlmsiiism for (lie fray 1- BOSSethlag uupret?.
dented. Pee the \it*.\ tim?-? eheee the w?ir. g?.
fumi inr figure of (.?meni Wllluiiu .1. SesrsU
I? al.-ent on UM See Sf ? at.lt'? < :iv?ntloa,
11?.? luis been 111 With pneumonia and lu'ur deauVi
?I"!, lie I? on (he med to rc-very SOW, bat net
?it nil on! of danger. 111? el???!!?.' .. <1.1. - ite at-largS
i- preceded. The other Ihree detoeRt?s-at-lsrp **iu,
m ?til prabaWBty, be John I. Blstr, of sreme; ?????
('?iu:ti-s-?ii;i.| ?;.?,re.? .\. i|;.l-ev, .if I'.-sex:, and Garret*
V II? bar!. Of l^is-ai. . ? ti.ilriniin of the be ul.? c-im
mitie,? of the ii?!.utili??m Mattonai ? '?mmut??*?,
a platform mil be stfopted ?trengly kadertdsg ths Mb
mluUtration <<t Prsaidenl Hairleon, rsaflrsstag ?s lie
publican poitcj an the tariff sad diver tust ?: ?
arralgotng tb?' Deumemtig Administration in tin?
for lim pert!ses legtalattoo ?if ihe last Ire y?tirs.
In view of the genersil) expressed Bet te Me ? ?rand
new Mate Committee the member* Save SSTSSd to
r? slfu lo-motrou ???? l>**eoaMBeed Ihr formation ?te
new rammlttee of one from earh rountr, wtth th??e
exceptions: Bases end Hudson to have mies Bembas
.??irli and G;??.?.???- two, Poor meni!?:?- ut !a.c" are
ul?,! to I'?' added, mehlng tl??? State Committee ?vue?!
..f (hllt. rie ml., r? ,???.?-'tlier.
CJI.U'TEIt ??.?? ??? ???. IN PJUUOCI HUH E?.
At the eh.rtttr slSattSS in >lnu ?tiiie *-e-rte?>dsy Will?
lain C. Mead (Dm??) "a? ?I??'te-I president by ini mm
)ority, ?.ver Joshua ??. Main, hi? KsptSketSSU opponent.
the tt.-i?' eli?'te<l ????? BdWSrl Ti, ?-hei-iTtyid illpp.),
aTheodore t, Drosrn iRep. ani William iinnidrets
??? ??.? *_eorgs ?. Jenkins tsna sleeted treosaior over
ll?nian A. Minili, Tlie RrpUbBeSS ??.ndldi'.e. Wa'ST
Comml<i?ionerS ??l>-it>>d arc Juin. P. IMSsdsIS and I-aae
?i-iir. lotli Uejiub'.l. ai.-. i h? total number o! ? ?-?S
? a?t was 1^48,
G - 'lei lion a! G ?: I? tester v?-.tenli> i--ulti"l in the
rbotee 'f John W, MrCsrtt, the eaadhla|-| si the
? t'.'.n?' As-iii ii'ieu, us pre ?Idem of the Mil?-*.
George B. Beed ?md William Vosng, ean?Matm on ibe
-amo tlrkrt i?tr tniste?-s r.r tin?0?* reare, sad .??????-??? H.
MeiMall sad Edward A. Broen, Irunteei i"- oasytaR
nr: ? also eleeted. Ytee lureeanfel tteket ?a? "Pp?*?*
by atii.tlior Cltlra?!;?' ttefcet, .il Hi" h Sd of *ihi.U iu
Dr. ?. P. Katthftes. The atlseae1 Aasselalloe uciwt
Iih?I a large nr.J.'Hiv. The .-ont.'st wa? an e.vriilug
",?". ."iii'.st ' verv ??ite In th?' tiiwti wa? polled.
ai ti.e eleetles heu ta females yesSardei tlie f???
?? uiii,? arree elected : Tru-toe?. ??.? trv A. Van Allea,
? ul.?- Tu..:iil'h and Wlllaid B. Doyler; Polire Jm
ti.... l. li. Febet', lrea?ei*er, ??!.???? ii. beer*: '>rk,
i. _?? I.. ?'.??an: eolleelor. J. |{. J-:\fre(t . <??????a?
tendoni ol l.lehway?. Albert I!. Hu}es.
? G.?"( KAT1C r.'l.niCS IN ILLINOIS.
-?priug-rld. Ill-, April te.?The indiea?on? ? ?.it te
the Bontlaatioa of ?' Im P. Utgskt, of ChtaafB, In <?'??
treat by the DsmerrhUr *-tett> CUartattoa, ?rhkt
m. hen? to-morrow. Ike preBmlnary work of the
tonvi'iitim i? going ?? rapidly, the ptttforia being
?In ei? pesel ally sg eed oa. I'tim r will be warmly
Inserted for lit?? Prreideu ?. sltliragh the IslstSSm te
tlie Ntitlnt.al com ????? may no! I.e p??i!ively In?
itTOCted for him. Congr-??iiien Pensas .ind Fltlii-ui
?tier goathers ???.???? pettWrtsa? sis ..pix>-ed is
.?.? e\pr.???i"n ..?? the 1 resi'.1.?nti;'l qtM?tttoS e\eep* au
unqualltled i-?1.e!.enir;it of OfOeer Cleveland. They
aro in Ihe Bllnoritj.
___-? ??? ?
Wa-d?B-tao, vu.ti 2<v - Tit.? msem ha? moved from
? ii ,,?., :, grbrsdn taeie?loa ?rr.n?!?? la MsaMaih
?nd . Attui? In a t ' >i_rt "f I"? nt>--ni-e from A--in:hola
?.? G. \u?. Tin? ti ariti? i"tiil:tl"ii ha? BSSVtd fi"". I?**?
, to i~ti?.' "?un... SlnilaMUaa ir raaeattade. e.
?Sitian h?- ' ' t. Alb- rta.
dvlna . mnetatuie H -' 4 I .??- stCSlearrr. Bam has
filien ?'U tit Mltlille Atlanti ? ?si ?nd in the M.-- I
Val!??? Hi- in.lure lu? fall?a ?Haliti? en th. im?
tii.-d.ute South Aliai.?.!?? Cmet, -ma ba- St_ei?_li li-? u eu*
wli.i? .
Pi.r Sta reamed Esmera Kvw-Verk ???1??? iviuhtI
trials N.??-.i.:s ?. DeUaare, Maryland and Virami* fair
tin riiutsdiv bight! estate : raiiable ?nid?.
!?'?,!? ii..ir'-la nnd the I'ln'iin?. fin ?MSkSt* * ??*?>???
?-'..r M.rida. .Maltona and ?1?????1?|??. fair. ^*
l.r ?.,.???-laiiii mid ? v.??. fait ?a. in tli?' ?????
I,. tiUans-is. fair. fo,|..w d bv ?li.n.t? la Ue- MIS
r,,. ream.tad Kratackr, fail athsMly sMtsssr.
I'm w.-t V'lrgteti, W'.i.tn Bmua-rlvaala. Waamet
Mew-Yers aad Ohio, tab?, fatlowed !>v n?> r??i?iu?: .1.indinole
uni ihewete u? nerthwiaien ota.. eaiusM
PW l.i.il.iii, fair. (i.l!..?.d I? light I??
K..r lUlaeU sad Mi ?..u: , -, ?, re Uwadereteea?! -??-hUjf
??armi r.
l'in- Ml.to-'it?, fair, follo?? ?-! bv ?ho?'r> -li.-htiy ?arm?r.
i-'ur Ttriiiaasm. kevere mandiwsahi?M : ?metstei sreiB?e>
gay ?? ?n ii . ..Id? r Il.iit.day
fee 1???? and .Minn. -u(~, thuiid. r?(> rut? ; much ...ld.fSS
Fot Nel.iiiska. tli'ii'd?i?ta.'ia?. ..
!'.,r Hm Dakota?, aheaei?, t.-rnlne to ?now in the w?)??.
I mid? rit?? ...Id w ivi?.
Km? ???.-.??, fftir . udder at i.u.1'1?
lor ? ulorailo, fair; BUM- ? older.
? ?^ ?
_ . ns*
TM I lttJb'ltS: UoiUiig. aSl_ht. Iufh.
I ItliMU?lOlinSlM? B S IO 11 \ 3^,5
<jO ru i-n"-|-r ?? ; ??"?"?H? lyi t ff .
??" Ig..UV? ??***?- ' llP't 'Tj r-A'+rrc
(11 Uil? dlicram ? contlnuou? whit? lino ?hew? IM
fhauet?? in ?jro??tir?, n? ludlc?>d bv Ih? TribunV? ??II?
?ecoiatlni! bSioni.ter. The.broken Une rei)io?enW th? I????
|i?t?t,iare ?? uSlSIVld al Perri*?? l'l_riiuuv.
Irlbune Oflite, hpeB 27, l ?. m - ( leir WOetmOtgSSSatBi
peetasdagi ?? Itti llirht lariulil.? ?lud? uni ritti. I diy ?IT?
Humidity leghsered 0? ?t ? ?1 ?n?. i3 ??t s 1? sa, ??'d ??
il i.iidiiitiit. The huasstatom ranged bsteess 1- ?n<1 ??
d. .??.?.??. eie enne? tmthl B^fsag s% ?????? ti ?ae ?a t*1
coir.'?|?.fdlnu i'ar la?t ?ear. ?nd *"'? higher ttan M Vl"fy?
in aad ????? tin? mo t'j(i_.i than ?? n? presstdl m ?*"?
ttlishlly war.ier ?reattMT?
The perfeet fTSfSSr *e?tlbul?? ?? In ?-e on sil S?**1B?
dual throurh trslns of the New-York CcauraL ? ?

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