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l'aris, April ?.
Tho poliee interferenep with tlie Mesnietist
Society ha* aeled Bi a first-rato advertisi-ment
for that body. A6 ita nauic ladtoatefl the Mc?
meriflt Soeiety ffoes in the traek of Ihe (liscovcrer
ot animal ii.a*.*neti*ni who wa* the lion of l'aris
a ahoit time previons to tlie Freneh Reveifltiofl.
The BaanM whieh. aabaaqBeBtly hurst in rapld
snecension over Ktirojie BBBBed M-Miicr to be
forsrotten, until the el.ler Daaaafl eaat a halo
roiind hun Ifl three of hia hest novels. Bat if
lie lived ln romatitir, ftrtion, he wafl IgBOied >>y
ai! the faeulties al mediejne. Ifl 1889, hoxvever,
a Mesnierifit Coagreafl WBB hehl in l'aris. Hh
chief promoters were a Ooaflte <lc Constnntin aad
Doetor (ieranl. I'olnnol Roebfla, a scientilie, pro
laaaef at the Ecole rolyte-hnhiue, then caine inlo
the idea of BfletBg what there waa hehind tlie
claima of .Mestner, and if they bora eXBBalBBtlofl
af-beeoflBaBB his dteefple. The CoBgreaa xvns a.
aiiccess. A re^tilarly eoimtitiited feociety aprnog
out of it and bow eoatalai forty BfleaBbeta. A
6ctilptor nanied Allar letit his studio in a eeatral
part of the toxvn Io the MteBatrtete to hohl their
tneetintra, and joincd them. The objeel of the
e-ociety, apart from the eall <>f .Mesiner, WM to
heal the sick. They held that the Aathet of
Christianity was a n.e*meri.st. bat had not glveB
the world a forinnla whereby to gelde lb ln beel
Ing by BflBBflB of " liunian" mniMietism. Obo of
the Htatiitos forbida memliers to tahe money
from siek people who eOBM to them to bg lie:.Ind
areordinp Io the .Me^nierie mode. Tbeae Mes
merists diffcr in theory and prarti-e from hypnof
iisia i.f the medical Behooaa of l'aris and Nittey.
They claim to have lett Chnreot and l.ln.ys lat
hehind. Thia Ifl what M. Allar has BBM t<. me
on the atibjeot:
"We are nia-netis's and exere.ise no acaaothBB
over the BWbtoet. Charcot and Lhaya
proeeerl by paraly/in-. the brain. The last suue
therefore of their patients is worst than the lirst.
"I will elucidafe what I BBy by an eviniple.
Dortor Lliu.vs ordered a sohlter bypaotised by
him to go and make iove to his Boknel'l wife.
When the poor man BWakfl '"it of his hypnotie
alumtier lie WBB leiritied at what he took to be an
irresistible desire, nnd one whieh he kaew iunst
lea-1 tn eertain ruin if indulged ln. Bat be
went forward to obey the <>|ierntor who had
paralyzed his brain to gel hold of his will. An?
other famous hypnotist said t?. a patteal wboBfl
ho knexv tn lie perfe-tly honeat, T ooaBBtad yon
to ateal the wateh of M. fMi-h-a-one to-BJO?OW
at 3 o'clork.' This ..r.lcr xvas panetually opeyed,
It 1- possiWe that he had forbeara WBB were
thieves and thal a l.ilent instinrt WBfl reviwl.
and henee hifl "hedien.-e. Nevertheleafl the powei
exereised by the hypnotist mtist have mjurcd the
nnbjert by dhalBlahiag his fiee xvill and as u <on
Bequenee his moral natnre."
I anked M. Allar, "Do y-i oaawate on xvakincr or
aleepinp Bflbjeete?"
??On both. We peefer the sul>jt*<rt t.. rotinuii
"Doea he alxvays reuinin IBCld?"
- Uwaye. This is why no h'.rm BOtflCB of what
xv-,. do \o had eoiise-jneti-es xven- e'-er recorded
and eould B?l ho. for we, 1 re,H*at. nev.-r BCek to
cet hold of the will I'V paraly/inu* the bralB.
t-hareofa aabjeeta oftea leave his hand- out ..f geat
laetiaqaea). They atay for weeto ?r even for
tnontha stultilieil. They ate xvate.L,-,.-d bulka.
I knew of nne who xvas ?,ider CharooVfl sp.dl lor
?ix ggeathB Bftei dr* bad Wt the Sal.-ttier- and
cnne to live in Lombm. Oa? ^VM-.n gljefl rtoeito
an extraordi:.ary P?r of J?^fftto?- ^
PleePln2 BBbJeet Beee wlthln hm.self. IH la au
lakefulnes* in lefBfd to hifl iBaet hehflj. Th
imvardneas WB an flBtoBiflhiBg pheiK??eBOO to Bfl
when we were Bol nsed ta H."
no-sis of his Btatef" ^
-Acoording io mv eMa*r,-nre e ^^'
that i- if haaaaa ?aaaetiaaa .s poxveri.-s*..
? *Xirre aaythhag etoe re.rhabto th.. vu ean
termVexternaliie.s-teiior.e. There i- aj "? ,r,
medii.ii. of -o..'l>H't.i'ihi.v ?B?BOfl to all. IU
SK ?-_-?;.^^otaeT^^
Ur ___a to iBflaeBee ?y JadgraieBt. I *.U >'"
b"!"t':" ."???"-.:"
ciirrcnt. riUB ? wnj ? _______* ln the ceia
Ox-elope'l .im..l1a.,eo'-l>- 1 ' ? ? *
?lop.*of the oi, fB. BB ^' ;^f t,H.y ,.??.,
Terhaps it ata?klb? m?** ^ ^
into conta/t. I->e "p i aafferiBg
ral -aaahae- fiwa ?b. u ti.e ." ' ' ^
.? ____mM Ihe BMIBtbUitJ of tW IU J' *h
io mm.en. wjlh a , t|?.
bceaara ao k(?*n thal l >'?" _______ he
riuee from the efleewi ?m. ?rark b ???
___&?-%? .?..-M""-?" '""'-""""?'"?;
Mr~ tn. ...i.,i...i'.."? i _________-?
?-?^J_^a^a..^.? ?
away k_ *____ " ', . " ___ ,.?H pmoM
?? r".",,,;:"":,:;,":" ???"?.?-*
"Sm "uL'TraTo-...' *-n ?* ?'"",'??"?
h .l.,rl,,IIV a '..,a?,i.ll.i i??" "" '?
pmw toueli timt eMa*rk-..?'e /?'
j txm bcvu woM i?w vxemu
?w, luu ?b..nt the Aaareatatte oatrafee la
'iTCrf t,d . ">M " ' SL the ?oM rha-ed ,f.
Jffitfboron'.levaledtn,,,,:...,. t.."h(t,er
r. ?.a,tl>iL- Id- llHW-pilI- ?
gjM went oa reaaiaf ^^ ^^ ^ ^ m ^
? MlS1S Tt,e n,n m,t to bhfl I.I ??
r.nrt pea,,-full>. ^ ^^ ,,??,????. Ilis
_S P r ,-,'h of tba eaaaflje, "pi?t to Uaw ....
newapuper N '-ir )<|W ,n sWl? who iM,-, btg
_ boy king- a i-"*|>""'i' hv K- ? ??,, bt eraaked kla
1T Then *a- u- w-ar; ealy a., aaajroaaed
inari?ha laaw ^ |n(Mi wno m((, M,
expn-sKlon ? t'"- '*
M'*d."v'-. ,M?k bVM n preetf abata af aaatra," aaht
'___%_Z\_f_*m *?!. -waaa ..?-,,-u.-y ean
tho man xxltl, tbe fltoM > l)H|.t
themMdves ,,,,. bB .?? " |:([| wll]s(ow
y?U think ll's B uu . Imd (> ^
bw.v dfiaimlte ... ? hja- .. ? ^^ ^
b;^t,nV::g hhii'-.nnir.st^K.,.. fr lhaj
uothlng ?t ull aboul it, for he Bflh n- -. BB d
-.Tion't vou i sav*" Nfeatai tho tedteaaat <itir?n
deflaS H", If"- other inun dtd he BW n(d ?o.n|f
t/. w.v ?o- he aaadtaaaal i<? re'"1- ,,,
t0'M>h. ma bc you obje-t b. n,x? telb.ng _ .von^
^ tha onemy of Annrchlsts in a BfleBBflflg .one. Pte
^^lalbr'you think thto vital eBhBaaM hatl wortb
jSSSr c^bS-ed the rit.,en. daterm.aad ta tetaB
altato. to an IBBBB. That paper wa* Bjere totel_ ng
STe^r. * "?- naahea of the eye aBdla rtotaaj
X made ao Improaaton on the Intaerturhabto nadar
- Marba yen think lfa Bane of my busine,,." .Thia
with CT-enf baagtlttneoa whirh talled nut no reepOBIB.
"Maybe yoa Udah l'm a tatneo atoerer; aaayl..
think rin a eotiiideaee awa; amyhe yea thlak rm a
pr-eii i*o,ai-, man; maybe yoa Ihlab i*m ju-i talklng for
fnn; BMybe >i"i think you eanl ntr,.rd to aaewer a
tl\ii <|ii?'-tn.ii bacaaee the man who iptaki i. yea la
n atraager. Maybe, -ir. yoa thit.it yoar maaner are
good, bal I i!"ii"t. dr. l wlah yoa to anderatand lhat,
Mr. rm Borrjr I laMaged, Mr, oa yonr vataabto
time," antl he gOl ap wnh a ^hni.e ,,f hia htiitl to
leave the rar. Thea nn taaplratlon rame t. him nnd
tundng in ihe ni-i- be leaned over aad -uld wtth
paat dlgalty :
?? Excii-e me, vir. for havlng epoken to yoa."
The ladnatrtooa reador looked ap vith a atart. A
pu/.7.ie<i |ooh eaate over bia laee, a^ iu- mw ti,.. other
inim's red eoantenanee gtarlag al bim. Ile nrlaMl hia
eyeheowa qae?tkmlnjrij and ihen with n raptd motion
wrotr on the edge ta bia paper:
"Baeaac me; dM rou apeah to mai i .,m ;( deaf
imite." \nd Ihe ladlgnanl elMien gaaped ea bo
atairfed for the door.
From The i-an Fruiicl-t o ArgOUBUt
The yonng lady wlih the anltori i- a prominenl
ggara In all aocleUea, iml a parttealariy pi.Inenl
om. ln tho-.- clrclee or in.tham where money la not
ao pli-iitifiil aa icavt's iijx.il ihe brooka ..( Tallombrosa,
but where gentlllty 1- Hourlahlng nnd rlgoruna.
Ul young ladiea, from ihe ag. - of etgfateen lo Ihlrty
live, ni-.- auppoaed to bave inltora, and mo-t ofthem
do. A reeeni authortty baa s.id ihai the mo*d populur
inaid.-n rarely haa more than iwi Ive olfera .>f marrl ige.
and theae i-*" down on a reeedlna acale to Ihe oae >>f
the j;irl who marrtea nt aeverrteen or the penalve
Ifartana of a New-England village. Voung women
lu New Vorh bare probably more than jronng women
Iu |he otber Allantlc Coaal rlttaa. Ihere befng more
ellglble int'ii t" be had. The general nterege l- aiiout
three to th>- ordlnary glri wbo marrtea at from twenty
iwo lo twenty live. nf courae, ir ahe l- posses rd pf
remarkable charm, brtlllaney, beaaty, or a fortune, the
number of Bouplranta monnta np t.< qnlta an Impoatog
Th? gdri with th.- aultora, bowever, appeara, like
Penelope, to be i" aleged by battallon* of men who plne
tn call her thiirs. and wh,. are p"?e?ed "f every
advnntnp" of fortune, appearance nnd dUpoKlUou tbal
rver dlaangulahcd the male blped. Tbe beart breaker
herself, who eausea mneh depredaUona ln Ibe ranka
of mnrrtageable maacnllnes, would nol appenr i" ihe
,,y- of i!,e Bverage behoMer to i- anch a redoubtable
cbarmor. ahe i- ratber a nl." IHUe peraou, iient,
very quletly and n-imly dr.-d. with n Bmall, polnled
f.M.i. alwaya perfectly ahod, nnd a tiny hand ol .1
daxxllng wbttene s, Bbe baa a rath-r Impurtant, luaay
niuiiner al tlnies. 1- nwertly condeaccndlng i" ber
alavea and 1- very fond ol being wlih women and
nnlocklng ihe aecreta ol her beart t<> Ihetr lympathlilng
When mt'ii p> t<> call on her. ahe keepa them wnltlng
Bbout hnlf un hour. l.lvini* ln n -inull Bat, mo-l "f
Ihe roomi only dlvlded i-v portlere*, her v..i,- rarrtea
from Ihe aeelnalon <,f ner own apartmenl to
Ihe parlor, where the gneal alta daugllng
h,* hat nnd kooktng at iii- nln ly pollsned
boota. I'nnble t.. p't away, he l- forced to haraen
i?, -iu h BOandi n- ?? Man Ann. where ln heaveti >>
name did yoa aat my pink -kirt "? Then, after a
bustle nnd a aound of haatlly flylng feet. the rolee 01
ihe alrcn onee more rlaea on the allenl nlr: "Vihere
th.- dt'iice are the tongar" TMi apeari ?<? be part
?,f a aoUloquy, for Mary Ann makea 110 re-|...n-e una
l- h".irii lambertng beavlly aboal la Ihe kttchea.
After aame more expkwlve qaerlea, tiie tollcl np
peara to be comi'l-te. ;. ruatle of aklrt. i- heard ln 1!:"
tiuv hall, nnd the ehnnner appeara, btn?hlng and ron
iiii". iu ihe roorway. Bhe 1- nn etal-orate pictun
of rompleted Induatry. li<-r halr I- rurled t. jne
m-. pilrh of pcrfeetlon. ber dre*a I- rh?nnlng, her
little. pnlnted nnil- ahtnc Uke -h.il-. her feel nre di ?
r|..-.?l ln llny embroldered allpi.a. Rhe wafla a
perfume ..f orrla. nnd. aulwldlng with a tonguhl aaeep
npon the dlvan. ahe Indlcatea a n-Ighborina ? ln? ? *?-."'
a fi'ii-v hand thnl graaps a lare-edged bandherrhlef
Wh-., ihe ainall lalk la over ahe beglna lo ronflda
,??. ,.f |he peeullariMea of Ihe Iad) wlih th- -m-r
l- thut aooner or later ahe wlUalwaya ixmBde. Al arM
sh- doea nol do 11 dlrerUy. ?be d?rrtl? toyo 1 "
hvpoih-ti.nl raae of th- aad pUghl of a friend ol
I,..'-. wl,.. |a besleard by nnmerona madli lio.itu.if
men who threalen fe Wow oul Ihetr bralna iini.-*- tn
dlatreeted falr one .on-i.t- to leajl th-n ta the alLir.
At a later atage In Ihe frtend.hlp -'", :"'"'Vi , ', '
k,??" t?in.-. Ihai -h- h-r-.lf ,- greani ir.ui.l-d -.
the frantlr love Ihai .*. yoang man of <"...' ?<? "?
,, -,,| ,., alM h"i? nnd tort. -^nnder aonM nol
Indnre her lo dlaeloae ll- name haa '"neelyed f..r ner.
l\1? hna htaveu t ur?d her wnh I*-1 fatal pOWPr
A,!d,h-..-H-'-t.?,dni her^weetaaddevataattoghtae
'''"?Nnw. Mr. Bmlth.- ?he aaya, eettllag bmelf '<**?
fortabh among Ihe plllowa and tevelllng ; ',; ;
moal .l"ii;h.l"'.'i'.-' gfcneea at Ihe llal?.r, l ? '
a-n you a .methlng. I have a dear frtrnd. a g . ?b; ?
mv own Bge-twenty*Uu*o-who i- i"';-J\ " ' \^t.
Y.,1 -".-. thongh ahe realiy laal /^v ? ,.?';, ff
a? ineffeetnallooking, qnlet. nnlnter.-tl k li'i.e
bIik haa -i creal deal rd charm, magnetlam. >.u hn<.?
.11 lhat abrt o thing. And realh aeetng berime
a^taaeve? think J all Ihe ?^?^/s?_^?1,
qiUnUUea nf men bave beenjrBd jbont ? -peirf? l
,,., porp.,?lnv.1.-?..e; .,..-itlieae f-. ? ? ??^ ^
[live- Whal w,.n1d you Bdvlae hei ta do
5s i__rB_a ':;? r-^ra
?,/,- of the dnnee, ahe mnrmui i wifl '? ?-' ??' '
, .,, . whieh by her ..wu ahoarlng. ha* lakl one rivll
fflneeTlow wUh -lloping T^'eCnae to tata .
,'? .? ?l.?!"...id lodBedBrtdngdofioi n wlaalatata
a-iliim. not to ni.iit.'.n n wbofi Brmj ol baak rlerk
, , | .... ii.er io a remale Irtend; -Mbej are aottalna bul
".,';, ?;'?,,. ii alm'a*) breakans beart whea I thtak
of ihe irt.ui.le th.-v bn*." rauaed.
When ihe frle4id?hlp i- flrmly establlahed. rnt <?
r.i,.,,r "are more noroert.u-. nnd ihe d.- "f i-'*-;,
Li.-." ihet t.^.k Ibe form rd "ehol Ing ??*? ? '?", ' '
a iir.ir- hearl t. leave hlmdry-eyed.
,? , bow maeb ol Ibe ronflrteneea _re U?elt li
;-V gts? ?as v!,^';:;;,.;;1;;:! "5-T5_aJ
.ti.i...- are *? nuin-i-",.- mai "' r .,..,?,
rnliii i.fli'i-luH.ii, .nut
IW"mou of er thnir. nnd. aa Ibe departlng iwaln'B
fwutepe dloTway aown Ihe eorrtdor, aaya, whtaBer*
'"^'Vi.-.im Mr Browa theaau i toM yoa m...'Jt. I|m
,!.''? , ., fearful predleamenl witb regard to Ma
2_ '..,,. h.-- almnlt mad aboal m- won*1 take bo
}"" U!l Jrer i don'l Know wi.nt Pm gatng to do
fl," !? ii V tl.inU aometlmaa. ln my deaperalltm, i win
"m! ui b' marrylng bim -Jaat to get rtd of him. you
''-" wl!l ',,, aach un open. randw wa) I Mayhaa,
?"'""?" '""i.- in." have if -i.re?d -u-pl.i.'.i thal tho
'"'"rVime ih. li'dv aieeta Browa, ahe wlU aay, wltk
v.uv wlih that
tbe more be ?*?__*'";
the int.it; I"' ?" .y .??, ,,,,1,1, ),...?? ni, ut their ta
s""",!,;"'\ ? u'ti- drmi.and are irreatlt -nv.-.i-l.
fatnatlon for the n. ' (|ip M, ;|?(| (|(.MV t)i,. ^lf, im
Bul Ibes cannoi p> nW Vi,u. l|t1er, ul|i| c..u,.r.,;u
penehment. i "< ? ,,,.., t|ir,,. ( ,. mi?take - <????
brlng them tne ne? fnt1lv(. :tl,-_ j,.-<i nT, |0 rtabl
where. and aeeni. in ? _?M .,.||U _ ..,.,,,.,,,-u
Qiemaelvea ln Ihi ? ? ? (>f ,,,,.,,. ,,.,,.,?.,,?. ,..,,,.,.,.. ,i?-v
? toHnre^.Bndforin?Mx ^^^ m
Btat?Si_t4,ance? -*? ***
rnm Th- l. Tetajre?*
,;""rp; !& io d..i. \--''-l''l"" of Conartora ol the
dinner of t" ?;' ' Bwtaurant. paM a blgb Uid
iw**. ?t "" ,,;.,,,!,,.-" genUemeii tor their tobora
on bt-hnlf of Ilu n'i ' |>u
be "_s 'I'lil' ./.n fanv paaalng aeholar -.W
-l,l, iii.ir "tli" ?? ? '-1 . ;' v.Aa,,|W| B,c?pdlng t" Ita
i? _..i--.-iar,n anerror I y . J ~-*JCT ^ ., ,.,?,
?aaanttode- a < ni "' ""'. f,., . >-.*?_< i..n,., nr i
IBa eerrectora fi*~ '
LU inanuacrlut.
CUBIOUS st iT.rn i:ks <>n sand.stone at
WaeUagtoo, Ifareh M.-The mck tablel at Moaat
Kebel, ln Biadley CoBoty, Teaaeeaee, xvas dis
covered sfltne niontha auo by Isaa- llooper, upon
whoae -si.it- thia eleratloB bi ritasted. Me waa
iu s-ar.-h of buildiag inateriiil at the time, and
raleed aaaae ?>f the saarhed tstones tbal were im
perfeetly ceTered arlth aarfaee snii. Dariac this
up-ratioii it WBl observ.-.l Ihal i-hara-ti-is re
?enbllag wrltlng flppeared _m ane fllde of tboee
wbich had I'-eit exhumcd. They were, tbere
fore, prearrved, iBBtead of betag aeateaytd or
l-.st like tiiost of the arehaeoloBleal reaaalaa thal
have bren foBBd iu theae parte. Subse.|iiently this
diaeevery xvas broughl i? the notlee of William
F. Dnaean, nf Chalata, Ifl the bbbm -eunty, who
recardinjj; the BtailclBSjfl Bfl a BClipt of BBBM kind.
projeeted excavatioaa, aud Saally repaated tbe
matter both to " The National Tribune," ut Wash
iiiutoii, .ui.'l to the Sinitlisotiian lnstitutioii: wbenee
it bappeaed Ihal the wiit.-r had an opportuiiit.v
for obaerviBg this Blagahw objeet.
This aa-ealled "ain-ient xvall" is not a wall at
ull. in the striet BWBBlBg <>f Aat term. It Ifl B
rldge <>f red siuid-toii.- la rat- ro-U la this regioa)
abont tweaty milea lonf, and with n geaeral ime
of direetlon norlh and sottth. The fnruiatii.n ter
uiitiates ahruptly xvithin a inile iind I hall of the
Haivaaee River, nnd it-. altltadc is nal gieater at
the point rallcd Mount Nebel than It is Ifl other
plaeea. Llateataae lnlls run parallel arlth theae
beightfl on cith.T flfJJe, and for the nmst part are
bigher nnd more oUe.-ided in all direetions than
Ihe roreat-elad el-vation in qneatloa.
Th.- preeeal bbbm of this bboI has t?*en only
reeeaUy eoBferred. It araa beatowed upon It in
eonaequence af a eery geaeral oantrictien whieh
e-xisted in tbe vi-inity tbat the eat BtoaeB really
tonaed a-wall. and that thi- had beea ballt by
Mfvei; or. if not by the LawiivetMaBtelf, then by
wbateeet leadei ted the Leet Wbea of Israel la
I'dinessee. Scen as il now app<*ars after eivteen
by twelve feet of il" surfa-e hflfl h-eii
inid bare, U-eee rayaterloaa roeha present
so mnny purzlra of difTeretit kinds, ihal one who
atadiea tbeai B.lgh1 petbapfl h- exeaaed for fol
luxvini' the example of thosc trtli-s of th- Exodofl
who, in pa?lag the .lordan. "atood ou Mount
Nebel io ,'iirse."
The faeta enn-ernintr this efllgeaatioal fcuhjeet,
nre. so far aa obaenred, brirllv theae. toeklag
at the riiriired stone exaoacd, it is nt onre a|>
liarntit tbal in "rder to hax- rearhed the middle of
thoae three biyerj of paadatoae femtag the ledge,
a deep bBBh <>f red. -Inty and yelloxv eby niu?l
lirst have ln-.-tl rctnoved. atiT Ibotl th- outer Wall
icraeked by diaptaeeraeai iu varlooa dlreetioBfl
taken doWB. This has jtiaat beefl doit.-, and Blighl
nadoubtedly hax- beea aeeoaipJtohed prevlooaly.
At the satiie Iinii', it M-enis to !*? iinprolialde that
aaeh waa tbe oaar. aad it is aaata liUeTy tbal tha
plates of rn.-k, fraetur-d v-rti<*ally on both sidei
by oaeillatloa, and alao baakea lt*regalarly la ?
loagitndlnal dirertion, have aahalded ataea theae
marks were plaeed upon them. In this geeara, un
eqaal alnklag mlghl aeeefltfl fnr the elaaojaltjr
whieh th- llBea -,f ao-ealled ehan-ters dtaplaj
I'a-tixe.-ii th- outer and iniier layers a platfl of
naturhl eeaaral laterpoaea Ihal is ooaafloaed ..f
the elaya apokra of. mixed ^x-ith waflhlap from
tl.e aarfaee -.-.il Tbia his partlally eaeeied the
tiiirk- ott th.- riu-ht Thlfl nn, 'f have Iw?n fonned
after aahaldence, nnd xvhile tbe eewral rorks eom
p.?siim the rldge were autaewlial BeBarated, Bhafta
sutik aloag the -r-st reveal the aame fortnatlon,
l.nt here theae lavers are rl.,s.-lv npp!i-d. and
there is no een.ent nnd no Treee of anv mirkltij:*
Purther, at the point Where the irmvlni*'. nppenr,
the roeh is fluted. and the BgflfUaBfl udBBBy the
raiaed snrfares. Tbere is no traee of dresalnu
.ti th.- stoti.ss, bat, aaaanlag the fetaaailoB t" haeaj
beea at oae tim- aab-aerlal ?nd n? r,,nH'iltu'>nt
poitioaa in the flame relatton to meii afhei
aa ri t pr-se-it. there wdaU have beea na
zr-at dlfftoalty in reeaovlBg an.l replarinu
the layer eaeeriag its hsaer tat-le i?f
n.iirse t!,ese are nu-n-lv BUg*ayatloBa, and itinv I*.
taken m aneh, No one i-- llkely t.< kn<>\x* BBythlag
f,.r -i-itain eopeernlng thia adraage objecl until
it has beea thoroaghly iBxeatatated.
The raarka theBaflpIera eortainlv aupe.ir t.. ba
artiflnlal aad da^taraed Wbere the entttaaa are
BOal il.'irl; s.-ori, :.s for e\.irnp!e, on Ihe leff side,
the aigBfl are abaded by deepealag aad Batklng
i.roa.i. r the aharp trlanarnlnr IneUiona. In maay
plaeea, theae are HBed xxiti, .-i-iin-tit, l.nt It is
raally reaioTed with the point of a knife, nnd he
aidea this. it rapfdly weatbera aad Bealeg ofl when
expoaed i" the air ln eonaiderlBg tlie gneatloB
,.f :i Batnral or artlHelal brfgin for theae llaea of
marklBga, ull that ean be sai.i with errtalaty t?
deiive.l from a roagb nnalysis and cotrinnrison of
eighl hutidred nnd sev.ntx twkl of tli-in, pareftilly
drawa hy Mr. Dnaeaa, and afterward vtrlfled by
the xvriter fron the oru'lnn * Apart fnnn tl.e
Midrs.-iibably in.n lintiiral physlo-noniv th-v pre?
sent, there is n re.-itrreti-e of essi-nti.-il fonns, and
a repetltlon of fae-etBillea that. aeeordlng to the
ealculua i.i probabllltiea, make the ehaaeea in fflToi
.,f iii- bypetheaifl <>f their drsi?'n aeerwaelBalagly
The phin ndnpted in the x-ery in-omplefe exanii
DBtion "f this tablel s,. far made xva.s to pla,
by tl einselxes the st-n.s xvhich were essenliail.v
siinilar. to i.ote the rl.ara-teri.sfi- additmins at
tarhed t" then, and linally ta reeord their roiniii
nationa, and to aome exteal the relatlve poattiaafl
wliich they auatained toward eaeh other. ]u?
productiotlfl nr- oflered la-ioxx Bfl exainples of a
nart ot whal has h-en donc BCCOnliBg to the ahove
,i,i-,itiolii-d lin-thod Ainoii^ the H7T BgBrCB Ofl the
tablel the eimpleai an- aigmoid marblngfl. iinuiy of
them deabte, Ol wbieb the followlag are exainples:
Then there are 11 *i rnde variafions of the elrcle.
and the elli|*>e of whlch the followini; are i-xain
Thlrty-eight of the marks leaeaable a rreseent
fluiiiiie, alngle, reveraed, or xxitb eurloua additional
hlii-s, i-iliiet With the hoxv of ihe eres.e.if nr at BBB
of the tips Theae ate repie.sented beleW :
C (l t_y U O d 0 tC
3^?-a0 COC-CifO/
A Ik-ure resetnl.l.uK tl.e letter V is repeated
m vano.is po.sitious 11" Uhati. lhcre are aaal
otlier sculpturea, whieh re**nible to a leinarkahle
(lfpree bome of the ol.leM forms in Uie alpbabet.
i i.i-ir eharaetet eaa i*.* secn at a gmaea in tho
follewiag eal:
NJ/^//1 )J__7?|_<_,a2 . AL. ? TVrLt.
--* v^_ I/-w.SfJ-tUftTCi-C*x.
Uui letter-like foims oreur nl.-o in wli.it si-ein
elearly to ln- intentiou.il comldnntiona with Ihe
algmolda, creaeenta and tjlrclra already Hgured, aa
for cNnrnple' in tbe example siven beJow:
In ail'lition to theae tlirre arp markinga whieh
riiii.-l.v rcaeiable tho tonae <>f aerpenta, birde, the
liunuin foot. and ao on, appaically iu Mtnct cou
nectloa witb. ihe otlier traclngi
Anotlier ladleatton of deeign ln tbe tahlet i?.
tbe frequency with wblefa oertala awrka ur- aaaa
clated logetner. Fei exaapta, Ibe creaeenl ?.?
rurn l?-f,,re tli" y f"i 111 m-v.Ii1.i-ii tnne.*>. nml aftel
it twrnty-two tlmea. Somctimea the rreaeenl i
repeated, <'?', nml aorartimea it uerura hotli before
.uui aft.-r tbe N la tl i? form?CYd. Beeetablaneea
to tbe faniilinr eharactora ol tbe Romao alpbabel
.lo nol eibaual the h-t by aay awaae. The oom.
rinri**"Ti can he fiirricl ala.. t.i tiie f..rms of llel.rew,
Kthioplc, I'li'.i-mei ui, Sy'n.ic, Contic aad Aramaic.
Many ..f tbeae Hguriaga will he tamlllar t" archae
,,i,,.-i*.ta, and nn >.fT h-n>i qaaal ectentUre aeeoaat
,,f tlietii miiflit be writt.n with the ntaaeal eaae,
Ihe objretloa to dolag ea ia that mu<*|i n lelation
vk'onl.l probably be entlrely antrue Here. f"r
rxample. nre area outllaea like thoae whieh among
dilTeieiit rneee and in wtdely aeparated portiotis
nf the worl'l reprcsrvit lln* crcaoeBtt "f tli- new
aad old tli'.on, Ihe au/ "li-lt or Bwaattka, the
tliiin.ler-i.oit aad deetroyirg quolt, the thunder
?uni. and the arltV apiead aarpanl form. with
letter-like BMrkiage reeemblaneee are rqually eloee
and even more uniikely to be rral. It i* .liili''.ilt,
or rathet itn|.?i'l.* to liiui^itit* that tbe tablef is
aot Ineerlbed. but heyond thia, nothtag eeo be
tvlvineed with tl.e ali.'liieat apprmi-h toward eer
tiunfv No iloiii.t lii.w-ver, tlii*- inten-stiwr oh
jt-t't will Le gtadled bv tim-e wbo may oobm to
Boderataod it more fuli.v.
gnugcrs PBirriBg op %wim combt.
Ptefc -or Baraard, ln Th- Bin Praactaro Rxamtner.
<>n Maaday aMwnlag (April ?'. Ihrough haai nnd
,1,,11.1*.. I aeeared a itnklng photograph of the romel
wlih th.* Wlllard l.-n- of llte t.l wrvatorj t"t on i,? tl.e
Blx-tnrh e.-untoriBl cit the Li. I. frtieervatoryt. Thia
photograph reveala a remarkabte atate ,,f alfalra.
japreadlng oal froin the hend I- ahowa ? rornpll.*ated
-istem nf talla. <>f iheae ther* m- three prinelpal
nnra. Ihe aouthern of whieh I- Ihe moal dl-iin, t Thea-i
talB are .-itrnlti -ulallvl.l"d Into a pr.it nnmher of otfa
er>. the entlre BapenidagB preaenilng i iu'-i anlqn?
appearaaee. M leaal a doaen dlailncl branehea can
I,.- roanled nn ihe phorograpb, aon.f whlrh preaeni
reroariuble rarvatarea. Thlt rompHrated atnieture waa
not vlalble ln the teleaeopa ..n th. preredlng mornlng
and i-'ive-t eiid-ii.e ,.f i.ij.'tl rbangra,
On Monday nmriiliig tti--i?? wrre iwo dlailncl and
dlrenarni branehea of tnil emanatlng from ihe head.
bolh rleartl rlidble ln th- pln*-.. The lelaaeonle ii-w
nn Tne-day nioinliK* exhll.i'e.i i|,- fji? t that ln I"? llimi
twenl) loar hoara a thinl Iall had forroed, to theexfnl
..f aboal KljnttOjnbo mllea, while t'l- nnrthern Iall.
whieh had been i-rv brlK.'ii Ihe prerioaa mornlng, had
entlrely dlaappeaied.
nn wedneaday, April d, -mi moie remarkabla phe
ti,,iii"ii. had ptreented Ihemaelvel, and portlonn nfthe
iall ?-i? -ven tn t.inii nbrupt anglea with iio-lr orlglnal
Tl.l- iiiorning (April *o anot u*i photograph waa
oblalned wttn greal dllhralty In moonllghi and dawn,
Allollier vl.i|.-Til chaiiire hnd i-ec nbit ll-t-lf. \
number of new tnil-. Him Raa Ibreada of Itaht, bad
made ihetr Bppearanre, nnd a alagalar and nnlqu.?
phenomenrm wn? pn? .-nt on the aouthern -id- of ihe
tnil. aboal three ovgraea fmrn Ihe head. A large
pr?j**-tlng mi*- laaned from Ihe tnil al a largo angle
and fr m ii'ii ii new taii *h"i h-rth parallel arith ih
innln t.ii".
Taese nn- pheaomena ao n--u irkable. even for aut h
an eeeenlrtc b<alv bn a eeaart, Ihai lt Ihe evldenee
r.'-fti npoti Ihe ohaervattona of u -IhkL- aatronomer, 11
w"uid i." .-hnrpiv qaeatkined, Bul the photographlc
ptate only mentda whal l- actBaBy rfadble, and lt ?
iruiiilitliiewi laiinm he doabted.
The rarloua pTJenomena preaeated in Ihe phoio
grapha whlrh l have aeeared ..f SwlfFa romel mu-i
re-.nU ln . ,n-ldr-iiblr inndlll'iitlon ,.f Ihe arrepted
theory of I'lni'inrv talla, Mnee aome t.f the n.:-tr
cannot be aoeounled for on the old line- of reaaonlng.
i_r.M.'ifh.\T*." .I.\f> tXCMSTUCITIEk OP filti:Ar
Frotu llygiene.
i aeed bardly gmatlon Mr. Uladatone who baa not
heard of tbe firand t?M Maa'a woudcutllng t*\|.l'.n
Among famoiih devoteaa "f rod and line ma) be noted
n/elton, llerbert, Pahy and Dryden, ihe biiter qalte
ti-leiiiiiitii fur hia fl*ibing pnti--. Thomaa B'art.
autlior of "Tl.e Hiatory of Modern Poeiry."' waa ufteu
lo i>e foiind drtaklng ln taverna, a laaite ahleh he
ahared with Taraer, the palnter. t'liarhja Lamb ?.
un iduuier of London, and never wearted of wmidering
aboal tin- atreeta. Wliboul Londou lia runaidered
life would aeareely be werth llrlng; lie "a*ouM nol
ezrhange the dtoileal drah-fre?iuented aBey for
hklddaa and llelveilyn." Johnaon waa anothar euloglsi
,.f Ihe MetropoHa, nnd lt waa down t'l-et -t. thal
Iu- t.Mik Iu- dail) worh, whlrh, owtng to Ibe t-ni- ,,|
m-Us ha made oompulaor) ..n hlmaelf, waa ? reall)
ruriniis performanee. Flrst, evary poat requlred to
be toaebed ea i"- paaaed ll . ne\t n ?a.- a polal ot
hoaor to ?lep exaetto In the mktdle .<f each pavlng
-lil.; nnd, ln-l !>'. a- h?- iippi-oacl.iil Iii- ile-tiu itimi. B
sPiie- of graduated atrldea had t,. ne euiphiyed In
order to rearb the doot with one parttcular ftad.
(iodolplun, ihe atateemaa, ipeal mack ..f bfct ipaie
th ii, in the ro k pn. Pope, like Wiiiiim in. ? i*.
fi.iui of landacape gardenlng. Prlor, oae of >.ur be i
mlnor poeta, wklfrd bwbj hbi evenln^i ut u l'.?
public lion- ? Iu Umg Atie. ehattlng wBk an old
-.1,1.1 i.-r and hl- ahrewlah Irlpniato. Ilarka, wben
ai hi- ct.iintiv eatale, BearonaaeM, tran?formed him
,.lf Irora a p.'lii.'inn Into an enthualastlc hu-mer, and
? tin. rander here I t|in>te from b work bi John
M,.iiev ?? muv smile a- he rerognltea 'ii- ardor, th
ranieatneaa. ihe f.-.vld gravlly ofthe polillral apearhci
ln i.-iii-r- alii.-h dlM-Bna th* merlta ol earrota Iu totlen
nn,' porkera, and the preelaa degree to whlrh Ibcj
ihiaikl be i.t.lled."'
Word-woith. nitii'-u- aad Lonffellow were Iramenae
pedeetrtaaa Wordawortb did the maj .r part of hi*
wrltlng ln tbe open aii ; a rtallor who ralled to ?ee the
poat'a -tndv waa ahown a -maii room, hoato ol a f',u'
[attored bo>ka. ??'Ihi-." -uld Ihe aervaal mald. "bi
maater'a llbrary. bat hl- rtudy I- oal ?r d.-?'' Dtek
i-n- liK.-al Ihe siuhl- .,f a London wnllt. und Waa iiN">
fond of .v 'ranil. on tln- *."!. down-. t'nrli 1- luvarlnl'h
roverad aeeeral miie. before i-eplnfini: work. und en
li.v-.l r.dlu? In-lde nn niniill.;!-. while VletOT HugO I" '
ffrretl the niif-lde. No Wealher '"Uld .l.-l.-'ln Hnckl
from hl- gftoea minuie-' I'lin'-.itiitiou-.il before breeh
laat aad Macanlay wa- gkawtae i pr<int walker, al
wava aecompmiied. koweeee, l.v ? votaaie ol -..m? aorl
?Aheller ii*"*at to iall paper boate on the herp?-nUiie. nnd
look a? much InterMt a- a rhlld In fheir safetv. Hl
VaJter Krotfa ehief pnraulta were rldlng and eeoratng:
1.14 dnam and he Bpp-?r ln the aame aleeea of si-iil?tur-v
lltsilfylBg t* Ida lubiU. Later ln Ufa he pateenlied
BBrdealBg, la afctek Hto Amerlcan hlstorlan. Kan-r-iff,
has alBee borne him eoaipaay. MBtefl sought reiaxa
liou in ihe compaalonahlp ol the ?? .n-nllnK orgaa." and
Hvron amoaed bhaaelf by ahoottaa ?t a piee? >f mone.v
ti\-.i in a iflek, nnd naetlaed this aaara perdst-ntly
than ln* ever did anytbtng elae. Of present cetohrlMaa,
Mr. Chambertala la an amateur bortteultarlat; sir Joha
Lubboek piisses tlie tlvliiB momeiib. In stiidylnjr his aatfl
nnd bees. Mr. Black eajoya yaehtlBg among the Hebri
dei, and many of the nobililv Inixe a pronrninied fancy
for hurso-ratlns.
ii"ME tflTJ I'.Lsr.WHip.K.
CBrteavllte, Oa* April VA.?"i-nm" J<>n-s has
tarned newapaper aaaa. -I doal xvrlte for tuoney,-'
I.c aaya, - bnt for ratlroad Inni.eiue: I get all the
free pai.wa I wani." He xxiu ?<> Borthward to r
Uttle whtta to xrnke ap tho people who .have not
beard bim for twa ar thre.. xeai-.s on the ptotform
,,r in the pilpit. II- may be les.s Mtglaal thflfl
formerly, bal is nol i">s forcibto. Baai hus aaate
CarteravtUe n "iry** tewa, but ooinc of tt.s yaaag flaaa
nro imt tnodels of aatotahj.
a yrjatk araa itrotHag atoag Malnat t whan a
ataaager remarhed to tha barher xvho aaa attavtflg l?m:
"There goea a hard taae."
"Miii.-lii, h' ain' iiuiliin' t'whut 'e B*a tor be,*' the
barher growtod.
?? Baronaed r"
"tdorter. Bf er man kahr orprox-.j 'n Ha pln-e 'e
kaln' erprove nowhera. We/a pot I?Us cr hxlon 'n
di. lown. Don' byer o' nutli'n' eke from mawnln'
f.dl nlght. <."t de btggea' Ugtontot or 'm bB aaai
joeee*. Ded '-r'know '.? iive yerl"
??.ih, yet, I kiiovx .-Mtn .lonos. How do yon like
blrn '
? Don* Mhe laa."
?? Yon lurprlae me. I thoughl he xvas the bic man
,,f ih- tOWB."
- lli--, all dai 'n mo,* bfl* don' lllce *rn.**
" Kaowa 'Im toa xx--u.'1
"Wbal has he done Io Inear yoar dtllke?**
?? Bfl da haa' plaee 'e'e er money chrUtinn. Ain'
dai ernnft"
- il- had to lixe.''
-I iou, .iai. i,u' '- Bia' bfjge ler lay ap bo My
thoaaCB dnllnrs aud Imv up ull de beatea' BtrBflfl -n
,t., Btate oaten whnl '<* bei;. ..' d<- pob Bnnen wpafa
payln de aay ler Boa*- IBtt. Dat'a arhal Vm
erjeetln' t<>. s,mi Jonea'i Bgtoa it roine nifrh. Itaoaa."
-imt Mr. .lones l< balKUng up ('iirtor.vlllc. He
ncr-o- to toke one ead of ihe twadatlek and pix-e yaar
peopto the other ead. ead llfl agataal tha ?rheto
lOWfl More than that: BB Olb-rs to glve !?25,0<K)
to tbe new reUege If the toara am glve *i.-,,ooo. I
,,,li thal Uberal enoogb tor aaybody. %'oar people
?:,. ?f Bdghty uttle Bceeaal if they fla not taha
him up.'' , ,
- Dey know* 'im too w-ll. daa 111c- me. nnln
torgu bow ??? ?-" bir drhre er brark ioaa' towa ea
' ?._. be drai i.ui al nlght eofl ?e too iraaa 'e .'..uld n
(I,,VI, v.,.|f D, Dtaora d'.d.r forgll bow baa' Mteeea
looea ihe u-t-r s-n' roaa' V boner d-v ekaa tor
araar Mfl ane Bia' got Bath-fl' P pat oa. Now toot
?t v,n arlvla' boa' lawa a*h1 poaf phateai ea1 iefl
__? mttta1 ie Mg sxi-ii. Lordl De naV ahV aawhara
Mde o' dcin f.dk.s."
Tho rteaagor gaeaaed that there ??. a peraottal
gradge -wmewhera. and iinhealtatlngly Inveated aalf a
(,()11;l|. |? tba lai-h.-r's .aiiibdcin'e. II- la a brlgbt
iniiiiut?, endowad with ? torge BtoBaura of axatneoa,
ai.i proad of MaweU aad the eoavaraattoaal powera
whieh bli tonaorlal oeoupatlon baa enabtod hha to
rnltlval ?? His toaguage is bettor thaa that af lha
Bverega negro.
"Dtfl towa aater apea' heaps o* money
biivin' lottory Ucketa,a ho flflht, haxing flenaaBed
l.ls ra/.or f?>r th- twentietli time. " V-n'
dat'a xx Imt kep I* M BOh -n no count. Kim JOBCfl
'.- l-nrnt bont It, 'en' tnk It fur tex' en one o' de
tabernlekla preaehla'a. 'K si-d aao* aaoaey was sent
aay from k>arterav11le tor de New-i>ri-nn. lottory
,-n oae week den foaa' Ita amp tef ull ie eharehea in
town -n de whoft yaar, ea '- prayei fur de peopl
t,-r ehaaga all dai ea' qall de lutery htoata. i aad
don- <iuit toag 'fo' dat tex' aaa proaehed ea* tn"i
.lon.s v byered bouten it ea' '- up V aad 'fo* do
wbole toberntekle, *Yob peopto ooghter bn ?iuimed er
v.ifs (.on- aja Iotf.ry btaota. Wy. v.-r.-'s Jolin
Taytor, de barher, who uae tae bay lottery dekate,
bal '- aeed ifl Ma. xvimt wns en it. aa gflM HUo de
tm.- repeataaeer. Ain't yer shamed o* yoselfs ter
l.uhtoae by er nlKarr. er pah iilener.' Daffl
ulint '.d 'fo' ifl wbole tabn-nilrklo, BB' It ri'o
nn- so's I iiln' had no use fur Sam Join-a s-n,-.
.lolin Taytor, ie p<-h ntpia-r! Well. snh. 1 up 'n'
I tol* .sam Jtmm I WBB*aV .no nleifer. en' 1 wns'n'
no p-.li nKrirer, I glv 'Im U-r unders|,in'. -I ain' no
nurger "1 all.' BM I rlirht ,ait en tabernhkh-. "I
waata ie white toffcl en dls town ter BBeaaaBBB* dat
Joha Taxlor's inoth-r she WBfl er Injuii en 'e
fath.-r waa er aao1 aat wadto-Btan, whito er. aay aaate
BM Ml dls t.ib. rnl.Ul-.* IBBPB dea WBBl I up *Bj
aei, en i aia1 bia boti,e.in* wi.i ????, J.mes aaaee. i
kBOWfl 'im too ssell.""
Y,.t BotwItaatanilBg this barher, no prophet was
?v,r more li-rior.-d 1ti BB. OWfl eOflfltfl BBM honert
-iijii .lones. _
upjoh" ?I""*'-. thfl s-x.-i y.ar.'M flOfl of his fatl.er,
waa among tha arore of fdnnen arho aeat up ta tho
moBmera- beneb ta be prayei for. Th- K.>od brotaer
who waa "leadlB' the in-tlii"' BBheetfli l"nK nnd
- xiv yenng brotber Ifl tha Laei," ha -aid ta eoa
.i-rfon --.I.. x..? f.-i 11...t tbe <pirit of our Pather has
dcaeended npoa yoa and waahed yoa of flU yaae
,a waahed yoa wblter than the bbowI**
Tha ehaaeh baU its braath for Bob-a BBaaee, ?nd
Blmoat reae law its rouadaltonfl wben the Uui boy
ol tha town llfted np hto bead aaa] bM:
y.m l.-t I"
unn of Pot''- ptayauatee, a brlghl boy "f dx >i-ar>,
hcwrd the rreal revtvaMal preaeb fi^-tn tha toal - I'my.
Irtother pray wlthoal ceaatng." aud npon raaehlBg
,???,. immentatoly feii oo his kaeaa beahte hto mother's
brd Five mtnatea toter he repeated the per*Maaee.
|n ,,.,, ?,???,. be xxi.s kneellBg tor tha third time,
whieh Bttraeted his nother'a atteBttoa.
?Wlix. M; l.olin. xvimt Ifl thfl world do yon flBMBI
iBe Inqnlred of tbe yoang boperaL
?? M.-.mi,,.,." be repUed. aolemn aa a Jadge, Mr.
IWH)fl ,,,!,i bm to pray trll.I eflaatag. lea ioaa
prayei three taaee aad !*? gatog to pray agatfl ra a
inlii'il-.'' _
Hero'a another oa.> '?. W to ?ate thet peaaeb
M.< hovfl i- worae than anyboiy et*e'* bor?-l 11,>
rhews tobf?.-co a liablt plcked up among ihe raga
? ufflns ol he town. and hl? tather haa k^tiired him
' .,? . .1 ,ain-s,iy. One evenlng whtle taeeJlog
at,.iio,ii-?,!?.' benrh Bob was nnusnall) aotoma.
- x v ...tiif'i ? bilattofl fitend. hax, rou ai.v apeetal
,..S ? , '?? nf ih .-"rd I- Ihe axhorter aaked whea.
1'allnL- <l. |'"-'-l "I ":|"' M^ "r ,'1':h, "","^,K?|"'? bfl "r
,,7ll"!,';,'.on'-.'-ui'' I" ? -f v"be from il.e bendi.
1 !'u..r,,l. xi nl, a abow ol leeBng:
'?? pray for me aad "i\ lohoeeo.
.. i,K," loaoa on- of Baaa'a aaaaeroaa brothera, baa
, .,,,.,, ,?,,?. ,?i?|.|,y. lll. l.r-t er-non wn- p.'.'a.'h.d
. , ...iii.tiv rhureb al .1'"- Utg hefjra olarpaeoB
',.',!, loof lan.i'i.. burkwooda-nen and enekeea.
",,"s , ,-iii.mi- wiT.. f.ii'.vx.d wiu, ronalderahte au?
,,',^1,11 when .1"- branched oi on hia owa koek ha
,n,'i i (uaa ii- eauaed hl? hearera to ennra wben.
?!';,:! ,,?. ,MbH, nearly off the milplt. he eylalm.d:
.' \ man wbal xxill eua? a ..ain 'il ateall
?ii ,,. waa a llvely ?hlttlng among ih.* Pawfl and
..? '- rai.lioui tooklng flround and liead-ahaHBg. Joa
'u and detern.il >" puah Wh potat.
. ?,.-i:,,..-,.-i-? an.l dalera.^ I.c repated. -Iwan toaay
,,, yon t'nii b man xximi wiu rtuw a oath li ateall
.,,,1 ra.lenina Ma glltterlng gnay eya oa tae, aeawtod
?'^"-Bt'terU Isii'serpi. dern Itel*
im aaa ao dlaconiaged tbat he leidjed on Ma oara
tu-,', weeki bi-foi',- maklng any Baraa koM aaaaraaaaB.
i,.e xvas m.-t in Attanta b\ a uewflflBBar man, who
aaked him hoa be llked Wa new lleld.
?, i, tii.t-.;..'' waa the rv-ply. - It aln't aew tu aaa
|now. thougb. l feel like i ?' beeri ln ihehflraeM a
,nI time. it t-?ix-s gHI t.' tn.xei ti,- I'.iut im oa,
I,,, I'm in H - middle of It Oh, I "i bonnd for the
i promleed land!"
! - p.i xoii make money ?.nt .,f u i
? ?,,-' i make money oal of it. Tha Lord paya me
,i ?. iiiar aa rtorkviark Hut l don I bother aboal
1 tluil 1 ju-i go utong, nnd ih- ranh i mtea ln uf n- o? a
. '.,ir,i i don'1 ii-ii in anythliig. ' baatla aroand
',,, ..,\.uiU, an.l that lakoa all mj time. Ub, Baa
,..:it -a,.,?;.. i, ii tii-i ... ghl t > get Im , it.
" -You neodu'i have reHgton to nterl m the arork,
hui If vou in-aii bti-i.K-ss tli.- rellglon xxill eome to x,,u
,. rou go alimg. AU l xiant is a btg erowd io llaten
:'.,, ?,,?. |*v* :.,,: i>:.-:itv ,,f powder nnd ahot, bul i
want aomethlng m ahool nt. yon -e. ir t ran'l aave
|a atnner, i ean make him mlgbty uiuomfoitable. -UI
I want Ifl -l *5'lut ',l him.''
- *>
snr/.vu thu MiaUnrr.
I'rom I/'Istire HOBT.
Boaaa BngBab merebanto obnarvlng tbal ttoCMaeee
i.n.l Jupum-ae ti--il ihln flal It-on bullei-s. wbich lu-ted
,-i sin.rt time. orderad a eunalgnmeal of Ihleh Kueiish
iMiitera. for rooklua rlce. Betng muek atronaer aad
?le-aiier thej were bougbl up. i.ut a aaeoBd rarao imd
no -al-. li betnfl toand thal tl.e coat of fuel for the
rldili iM^lnrs -\. (-??(It'.l the . ,st of repaiiinR the nnflva
rooklng Implemenla. KnulKh necdles aent to C'hlna
n Ihe u-ii.il btoeb paper mi^ not bought. hlaek be4ng
ni BBtaeky eotor. This Is aa bad a- sendlng ontton
aaValfl to MoroaeB witli ,text? from tti? Kornn, whieh,
Inatead of aiirucilug buycia, ara labooud by tha
, govei-ament tharo.
Mllfnrd. I'cnn., April ?!.?It l*. -iipposed to be a poor
tombstonc thal cannot slng prnlses. In a thotisand
paeejaidi the pi-cvaiiing mbMbmbI bi "Wn liea a
good uian." Beeaa yean ?r<? the p.-opie of thia pinea
ereetod ? monument wlilch thr-y in-trtbed to *Tora
Quick, the Indluii Slayer, or the Avenc-r of the De!a
ware." After conslderable speerhmnklna; nnd cele
biating. they iinvell'-d the .-tone upnn which waa ln
aerlbed ihe loltawtag taaehtag tribate to tln; life and
eharaetar "f th- prr-at Detaware v.-iii-y pioneer: -Tom
Quick waa the lir-t whltc chlld horii within the pre-*enl
beioaik of MUfMd."
As he has Ioiik ljeen l.nown Iu hl-tory as n rigliteone
avaager tofaansd with ju-t wrath npuin-t his eneirilea,
the Mlenre of the marl.le upon th jse vlrtue*. whlrh
nearly all d-nd men are sald to liuvc possessed li na
taalahtag. wiiy th,- arerthy geatMhaaaPwha had the
miitter iu hand fulied to nieniloii any of tli'.-e qualltlea
or deeda by which '?Tom'' Qtii.it aaada fame, bal Mmply
Bamttaaed n fact fnr which h-* apparently WM qidto
Irre-poiisihle, i-, poeetMy, nn unliitentloiial rcbtike
to tho-e who bave deBgbted to baaat theee quniitiea of
pttlkee crueity which readered him famou*.. Hle
exemptary eharaeter haa made in- maaaary pepatae ia
many part* of the valley. A lo al wrlter in Port Jervla
somo yenrs n?o was a-lied to drutntitlze a life of "Tom"
Quicu. He agreed and begaa a eoaraa of r.-uding -m
his Mibject. Hut after miich -tudy he wn, compelled
ro arlmowl>*dpo thut he nmld not tunke Qulck's popular
(aaBttN run in n eable and vlrtimu-s proove. He a-ave
np tiie ldea of BMddBg Qulck the liero nnd Introdured
liltn ns a Bicondary chamcter, ns a mennmnniac upoa
the subjert of Indlan*. The little hoys llvinp about
Milford maat be BHBth npltuted orer the roldneas of
tho iiioniiment's tii-trlptlon. f.>r Quirk was n boya'
licro. He hns ljeen .1 subjert for tiie irraplilc and brlll
laat pens of the taleiiied novellsts nf Ihe dlme and flve
(?.-nt -chool. Youth- eolnp wn.stward to ma.-s.-iere tha
dOTOtod red man with a MI purpo-e and a -.mall-callbre
r-volver alWayi crnry a rhenp edlllon of Tom Quick'a
silleped biogiaphy, which Is, when they nre nt a lo-s how
to peoeeed, a lalaabto book of referenee. In the?e vol
umes ull the kaoWB ways t Kill Indlansai" prnctlrally
gemonatrated. The hern I-, pletared ns a pory-lianded
BVeager of nn ndvanced t>pe who poes about -eeklng
how many Indlan- he can devour within a given time.
He is a paragaa of rirtaa and riaaghton bvibbbb in a
very Iiltrli nnd evnlted BBEBaer. 11?? al-o -nys *? b'ar"
nnd ?? thar" and spr-aks about pettlng hl*, ? har rl-:." Ile
la a "dend ihot" and perf.'iat"- Indlnns witb grenl
rapidlly and repnlarlty, whil- tl."V, it seerns, perslst
In offerln-; theeMOtveo a- targeU with murh ahandnn
nnd iboot at him with deaperate arOdaeaa, aavev toming
within MVeral ynrds of their ulm.
Hlstorlnns are, ns n nile. aaaaattaMatal The nes
thetfo people, tbe lovt-rs <f the 1,, nuilful, the poetle
dreamers, have always claimed thnt Quick durlnp hia
Lfetimo ltllled ono htmdred Indiuns. The local hi-torluna
taoatly assert that he only KI 11***1 tifteen nt the most.
Ilut ceitalnly there must be -ome -.-Itv ln flfte n Indiana
nml when the niaunerln whi. h tln- hi-toi1ans say Quick
bllled his Indlans is taken Int" rmi-lderatlon It I- nol
surpri-ing that Qulck oeeagtaa a uni'i'ie pliu e In hstory.
He wa, bera ln MOtold a- abova mentloned, whare hia
paraata had settled ln 1733. IL- tathar bullt mlll*
and own-d other valuable real eatata 111 the town, but
'?Tom-1 luved the irnods and tha _naetaBBI nnd ehoad
rather to spend his time aandailBg with red c ,nipnn;ona
Ihan itaytag ln or near the MttleOBeate. He at came
a verltable Indlan la his luii.it-. 1'ntll the frenrh and
Indlan War bo llved in perfect. nmlty with tha snvnge**,
ihartag their amusement- and pur-ult-. DatiBg th'.i
war, hnwever, some snvages ahot "TeaaV father from
ombu-h. His frlcndshlp turned baflMdiatolf 10 tlia
dentllle-t hatred and he IWi re tluit he would kill eiery
r.*d--kin that crossed his path ; he voaM hunt tlmm aa
lotic as one of them remnined cn-t of the ABeghaatoa.
The tir^t Indlan to be hllled t.v Quiel; waa named Mu.k
wink. After tho Prench and Indinn War th's Indinti
rcturned to tbe Valiey of tl.e Bevei?Bk. <>ne day
Qulck went to a tavern near the ]uii? tion ?f the Xever
aink and De?iware rlvers. l.iere lie tm't Muskwink,
wlio was, aa osnal, lntoxlcatcd. Tiie Indlan approaclied
"Tom" and told him with prent glee that he waa of
the party that Mlled Quick'a father. He au? he had
acalpod the old, man with hls own hand. He desrribed
laughlngly the dying asonl.-- of Qulck's fjither, and
mimlcked hia cries and groans. -Tom' was im
medlately worked up to the convalsive fury of aa
enraged panthor. He .*.natjrhed an old musket from tlia
wall and polntlng lt at Mu-hwink's hroa.-t, drove him
out of the hoose In advance of hlm-elf. After proceed
ing with hlf prlsoner aboal 1 mile from the tavern, he
ahot him ln tbe back, dmggcd the body Into the bushea
and lefl IL
At anothe* time ? T m" and two oih.-i wUta men
went Into ambush In a Ihlfhal which overl .olied *ome
rocks where India,ns OlMa li>hed. Three Indlans came
to the rocks and were attoehad b? the white men.
One waa Bllled by a bl?w ..11 the head with a club.
Another waa shot tlirouph the lic.id and thraagfc the
hand, while the third juniped int,. Ihe river to .-ave HU
On one occa-ion Quuk and 1 niiniher nf other
white huQtera sought -helter for tli-* nlRht ln the log
rabln of a man named Ohowera. An Indlan arriv.-d
later and asked p.riiii-sion t iWtay all alghL dhOWOOi
agreed and tiie Indlan. lOUtag hlm-elf la Iii-- blankn,
lay down among lha wblta baatara. la the middi- >t
the night there waa aa eaploatoa. When tiie bawttrg
haatlly struck a Iight they dleeerered Qatrh arMB a
amokiBg rlflc ln hl- hand ittadlag over the If'dy ol
the Indlan, who had beea -imt deid ln ln- -|e.*p.
Bome ttme after the kBBag Of Maehwtafe, nn Indtan
with hia sqnaw aud tluve ciiildivn wn- paddllag d-wn
the Delaware Klvr la a raaee. Whea ihe tamiiy waa
paselng throngh Itutlers Btfl ??Tom" yuli It iaae from
wbere be lay conccnled ln the iall I'-ed paaa ou the
anore and almlng Ma rBM M them coinmandcd them
ta come aahore. aThea they had eaaaa nenr he sliot
the man, tomatiawkcd ihe wonian aad the t-ro eidesi
rhtldrea and knocked lha bahe'a anatae out agaBM
I a tree.
yutck mad? a itatamenl ta in-* aephew rtmt he n.-id
1 uiiied an lndetiuit.* nnaaher of ladtaae. 11 ? mM lie
' iiould lie ta tbe w.w-d- nnd wall BBtll be hend a rttg
' po off. Then he woaM ereep -i.-..ltiuly ln iiu* glfge
lion of the aound nnd would nfi.-u tind an lndian sliin
mng a daer or n bear. He -uld that it waa aa eu-y
matter tljen to Bad a ball throngh the ivd man's head
or lieart. . .
Another tale taM "I him amarka aomewhat of tlia
inipo-,sibl8 and yet ahould be re. gtiUed aa a
unique melhod of gghttng Indiana. 1 aeema thal ihe
! trlt-ea nsed to send -inall partie- of ihelr yming wir
I rtora to kill thi- ImpUcable batai of Ihetr raee. A
; parto of these ladtana oace mel Quhk ln tl.e wooda.
i He was arpUttlng a tang lig. rbey annoaneed 10 hlra
I tJi.-lr Intennloo of klllinn him. He aarieyed wnh ihem
1 f..r some Urae. I'in.ili.v he -eeoied t.. agree ta theu
I iilan. but reQue.st.*il thal he U* aUowed, a.* his la.*.: nt
on earth. to *pUt tbal kag. They agreed for certiuu
' reasoaa only haowa t" Ibamaalvea. H?* drove a wadge
ln ihe end and thaa be begged a- another faeor thal
i they as*lst him tn BBltalBg lha log. Agaln. t_ey Iti
? imcently and gulleh?-l\ agreed. ArraaMag tMM___
ln a long lloe down tha -d" ol the ???.??? ambeclle
redsklns pluced th-ir gngera ln the era. k held opeiibv
tha w.-dge anO begaa lo hea-e. "Tom" then eajmly
, knoekadoat the wedge. the log cloaed up and Uielr
I flngere were all eaagbl Ughl aad IbaL They, of oourse,
! danced about like s. maay kn ena wbosa elawa were
raught ln balla of yarn. -Toiu'' enjoyed their pecuUar
gyrattaaa ajid llstened to their paiakmata cor_nerit|S
For a while and then pr areedad .1 them up ln atnall
plecea wath hl* Bia. It la a BOtabM fact that no one
' (11 the hlstory of tiie country haa ever dlacovered ihnt
klnd of an Indlan eireat -Toih" Qulck ln bhla alleeed
, adventure.. Qulck linulli dtad fcni old age ln fkt bed
Appikrently, lf theae advewtaraa of his can be taken
ns einmples, "Tom" QiH'k wa*. not an ?_dtall
ftulrter." He was tnerelv nt; Judhin klller. rin-ra
?ir.. three vlewa tn he taken Of "Tom" Qulck. The
deeda which are aeeredlted to him mav be fiction onej
?md he may have been one ?f those sturdy ana
bronaad woodamen wbo elearad the path of rlrlilnttoa.
ur the account? may be true nnd he a m.ono!J^n,^
u,.on Ibe .ut.Je.*t of Indl ina bi -ip-z-sted hv the dramn
bS Or the accoiinis muv be true and ne a tnaji
whoae handa were Btataod Wtth unoflendlng blocd,
purely and almply a Buuderar.
_y ? dJUBMM WOOUtD BT A *T1_.
From Pearaon'a Weekly.
Au englne driver. refoiiiiting Me exper|*we?
that he had thua far escaped amaah-np
111111 nn |it?? u.u- ?-? a 1 -?.Jl.fca i_m ha.
ihought he waa in irrea? danger one night. BW MBl
?It waa a clear autiimn eve.ilng. and T waa runnlna
. .nsKenger trala. We were a itt.lo behlnd time anl
I vns Rtilng alofHT nl u gpod pace. _???_???__
ITOOd to go thnmah. nnd tho line. on eleartng lt. took
1 tkara turn to the weatweid. Jn?t aa we made tlut
...rn mv heart OBBM right up between my teeth top
thera, comlng atmight down the Une. waa another
enrtna, with ler hendiighl ???^?Al"m.le1in.- mmmmd)
* I blew 'dowii-brakea,' and had my eniclne reversed
before IM drawn balf a breath, and sent -ha train
h ick aa hard aa I conld to a aldlng ab 'til a mlle behlnd
BI and walted for the other train Aal I BBBfeord ta
be'cloae by. but ahe dldn't et.me. I made tbe t-Unil
man wlra ap the Une to aee If them va.. aay ipartal
or runaway eaglj.e ln the way. bal Ih- aaeaar ?a*
that tha Haa waa alear. _
*'The paaaangera g?t out and began to lala nni.
aak oiieadone, and aa for me, I .. ia davd I tiiou-'t
of ranaway leeaaaattwaa and i aln wr e' - a K\ r
thlan wa? qiilet ar "und the l? nd. aa f 1: aa I 1 MM M
and near. rvaaaatly l haprened i> jane- w.-twnt
auroaa a clearng: IheiC WBa ,h* h a' iuM Ul m-d
IhroiiBh the t^ee- a- -erene u:id .teuiij a*, you pia?.
lt Baa tho tilanct \cuu_"

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