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Vienna, Mnv S.
Never durina- all my rcsidence iti tlns l.e.iutiiul
eapital htive I known Ut, ordin.irily merry,
bbjbbbib lorim and goail BBlnml iBba-itaalB to be
so thoroughly discoiitente.. und oat ol tenpet BB
now. The pepul.ir iMBatlai-Trtl" i- Bttfibatable
to B vnriety ef eum-c-v ln the tirst plaee, WO Bia
in the throes af a cal stril.e, whieh is ^il.jectirii.
us all to the most iivonccivahle ineonvenieiice, the
Viennese betag more depandeat upon eabe f"r
locomotion than the populatlon ol any other
great city. Seeondly, tlu* BBthoritJea hnve for
?bbm raaeoa of their own, be_ra_d aat eeespiehea
bion. ioaaed Bl the rtty aut nomeal a deeiee
proliii.itin- the ftenl flower oorao in the Frater, on
whieh WC had all hc! oui h-arts. lt was to hnve
lajen a sph-ndid fete. The principal avenue of the
l'rater was to De illiiininated by 4,00*3 electri*.
lampa mi'l ininimer.ible Chinese laataTBB. A
lnr-re eaptive aallaoa araa ta abed electric rays over
the entire park. Kach cairi;u*;e araa to ln* de-oratel
with llowers iiit?*rmir.:.'!c<l with electric lani]**, BBd
as these thinga are done Ifl Vieiina arith gfCBt
laste and re-ardlcss ol cxi-cnr-e. the ellect in
c;ine of fine weather would certainly have lr-ecn
beautiful. The proflaotera belonged lo the iea !lag
familier*. of the ariatoeraey, aad Iai a fortaight or
thre" weeka paat or.lers lor the deeaxratioo oi
BB let-s than 100 BBIliagte have beea received hy
the OetBB Committee. It wa- eonli.lently antici
puted that over 9X00,000 would pass Ix-twcen the
ivealthy ehBMBB and the tradeapeople. Bat f''e
and the Prefcct ol Tolice wilVd it oth.-rwise. The
latter has prohihited the fete on the ground ol
whnt he calls "puhlic. consideratiins." He fin.l.s
that there is not a sufhcicrit fBaraBtc; lor the
mointennnce of puhlic urticv a*id peraonal Beoarity.
BWhoagll the committee li is provided 200 apecial
atawarda, 1,Z00 amy peaoionera aad Bereral
hundred ordinary constaHe*-. It was expeete.i
thal if May Dajr paaaed nh without, a diatnrbanee
the aeeeo?trp aalhoiliaH-ai wonld he graated.
The deci-ioii of the pohce fal's e'.p,"'ially hard
upon thos* who have made e\pen-ivc prepara
tiona to join in the Corso.
The third catise for popular dissati-rfaction is
the ahnndonment of the. _r,.n 1 eeremoiiic.- tnat hnd
lieeti projected lor the openin. of the international
musical e\hihitii.n, ln eoMM4nenee of the -n llen
and fievere illncss of tlu* _ieat Auetrian trage
dienne, Charlotte Wolter, t'ounte.**- O'Sullivan, who
was to hnve taken the principal p.ut tl.ercin.
The exhibition in qaesttoo, whieh embiacee botb
the musical aud the ilrumatic. art, Bfld whieh baa
had tis its principal pivmotcr Princess Pnulinc
Metternich, is located in the Great Rotnnda of
the ftatet. It prrK-**sses above rvcrythiin. el-e
the rnerit of oriuinnlity, aa it is the first of its
kind, its aim being to illu.-trate as conipletcly
as possiblc the history of noote and dratrvi. 'Ihe
exhibits con-i_t, of ever.vthiti'.* c -nnected with the
twin arts?poTtraits of emii ent eompoeeiB, plny
wriphts. actors ntid aetlCBKB; paiiitiiip*. rcprc
sentinz int* i-er-tinr. ephede*- if. theatrieal annala. or
in the lives of musical and draiuatie celeiuiti i;
manuscripts, maoleaJ scores, antograpli lettenb
costumes, sta-rc properties, raaaarkable _r-ivliill-i;
plans and maclnnery of thcatr.s, aneient and
modern testimonials prcenterl t<, a<*tors and
muak'ians, beeks oa maaic aad the drama. mu*drca]
instnnnents of all ares: e.xanip'cs of theatrieal
industry, such ns eof.rume*, Hghting nnd ehenical
appar.-iti.-. and sanitary appUaiifl?-. Severa! ro ,ms
have Iwn fitted BB to show all kinds of theatrieal
niise-en-scene froiu the earliest iK-rimi, beginning
with tlie production at Atheflfl of the worka of
-Aristroph'iii's an-l Kuripi lc?: paaaing t i the Mysterv
and l'assion l'lays of the Mi.ldlc Agea, tlie
Theatre Francai- in the seventeenth r-cntury, anl
dowi. to Shakesp*areau plays of our own day, with
the attention to hiatorieal nceuracy and detail
eeen at tlie Burct Theatre of YJpBBB nnd the
Lyceum of London.
But perhars the eUef nttnctioii t . the *.*eneral
puhlic will be the theatrieal perfonaaneea aml
coneerts whieh will take plaee daily durin. the
whole BeaBBM. A larae theatre aa well as spicious
eoncert halls h'ave lieen erectcl ir. the L*r,.u?i ls, au l
the most eminent artisis of all EofOpean nation*.
will irivt? 9 series of represenTntions. Tlie e\;ut
order of the procmnme is nor yet arranced, bat
probably the Vienna theatre- will come
first on the li-t. They will ba
suceeeded for three ev_niii_s by the com?
pany of the Buda-Pesth National Theitre. an-l tlu-r-e,
in their turn, by the memVrs of the Gerataa
Theatre in Berlin (May 9-VB), wha will perforn n
Felec.tion of cla-?*ical and modern playS. proiB
May .4 to |] the entire eompany from the (',,:.
die Francaise, with their own scenery an I stive
properties, will take the liold. Dnrimr ,I;ii)i* ihe
Bohemian Opera Coapaoy of *_oo pet-s-ms, from
Pra_ue, wil] appear and produee opera- hv vari
ous Slavonie, compo-ers. Dvorak, Toobalkowak)'
Olinka and otliers. .lune ll tr. 17 is devnted to
Ma-iame Kejane ar:d a sele"t empanv from the
Paris Varieties. and after her c-.rnes the company
of the Pollini Thentre in Haaihttrg.
The pr?_ramme for .fuly incliides one -ad playa,
eomedi(-s, operntt.-u-, pantomi'iie-; and halleta of all
nations. Au-_-ust is divided N'twern PkucJi
operettaa,' the Passion plays. an I a eompany of
T.iT'deae pea<-*ant-r, who bring " Andreas Hofer."
Then follow in turn Russia, Ijentiinrk. Ilunt-arv
and the Netherlan-ln, the latfr sendin-.' Herr
Jurrk?rmann, the well-known " Frita-Benter." For
Keptemher there are rnmors of Signor MaaeafOl a*?
direotflrof an Jtalim o|reru rompauy, and after him
will appear Hgaoro Dnse-tlie Pnliari Sarah Bern
hardt, as ahe is led. Pinally, the 1-n- li-f of
forei-n t;?lenf is eonfniued wirh a falaxy .?r Tolisl,
stars, Mi.dame Seml.rieh, Midame .Modje-lta, the
brothers de Heszke, .Mier/win-ki, I'.iderewski' aml
others. while tho perforniajiees will l,e bronghl
to a conclusion hy the companv of rhe Wiedener
Theatre, of Viennn. who will perform a seric- ?f
operett is frrmi Ofl__baeh t.. MiUoeeher, and the.
Jtieml.ers of the Vynnn Dentaohea Volka Theatre,
who will perform a feries of GeraUHl dran,vs.
E-iuall.v intet-e.-'tin!,- are the pl aaa an-l arran;:c.
mentH f.,r the hiatorioal eoBeerta. Th**e wiii
take pbee ia May und June. Hiatorioal works
will lie jierf. rmed by the Vienna and lludn-Pe-ith
Philhartinnic orche.-tra-, the Yiei-na .Maenner
pc.N'.n/.verein, the Ne\v-V?rk C'horitl ['nion Arinn
atul a M-leet Dutch musical eompany. Tlv- .-.-ri.--,
of historieal eoncert,-; is t-> he laaagnrated hy n
performamc of suei-d national inusir, Gregoriaa,
ehoral. uud old (ierman. and ilui*in_- the aeaaon
aeveral celohrat.-d examplen of church nnisic from
the lifteenth, sixteenth and s-vonteenth eeatarlea
?arill lr* g-iven. One conwrt will he dOTOtB- e\
clusively ia tlie -Bitrigal, an.rthc,- to Geraun
son?, rendered by the Vienna Sitiir-Aka-lcmio. Tha
Kiedel L'horal I'nion, of f.eip-ie, wlll jive a
hJBtorie-I oratono, and the Wagaer Boeiat/ aeenea
from t-e Cr-it operas of t'aeeint, Monteverdi and
There will also Ih* several nov-( lties from the
pens of the chief _trlB| .omposers. A?oag the
iircbesti-al direcKirs will Ih* Brnh-is. P.ruch, Uriiek
ner, Bulov, t-.wen, Ihrotak, l-'uch-, Goldxaark,
Mascagui, .Mnsi-_net, Bul-eimtein, i!ans Richter.
Saint-Saena, Strauss. Sclnieh, flgBlhall. Rlahard
Strauaii, from Weitnar, Sullivan. Sven.lsen,
Taclinikowaky and Verdi. The Duke of I.din
burgh has also expre-sed his tiilHajncaj to con
duct. on BM oceasioii.
Miiitary mu.-ic will also he well represented.
Auatria, Belgium, FiBMiefl, fienmuiy, (Ireat Hritain,
Italy, Ru-asia and Turkey have BaHflod the at
tendanoe of o_je of their miiitary hands. |!a len
aends a band wlik-h enjoj-g considerahle rciiown
on aecount of its historieal faiitare coneerts. The
aame band will beglfl its performances with
a eoncert (hveriptivc of the developineiit of miii?
tary muaic from the time of the Thirty Years' War
down to the present day.
.1 EHISK TBADB IX Dl.iilOSl)-.
From The Kl. Louls Makfl-Uemocrat.
'.Vlneti'-tavo iilds falr |B I.e n l.aniier vear for tha BB*
mond trade ln this rountry. Ovar a mllllon dollar*.'
WOrth of hl|_h elaaa dlum )ii<l* Imve l-e-s.i iniport-il
already tW-s rear. und lt M esUmut.-d tliat iiDwurd of
aaotkar half miili- a daUara1 ororta nre either aa thelr
wav or h?ve baea Bidored. The lotal for ihe vnr -.viu
be -can.lv leaa Ihan W.000.000, nnd if th- fn-lil'ti
r mtinire-. In tiii- dlreetlon; evea the beavjr d"mmtl "f
thi-. tchi- aill be ??-.<leedei tke next Ihe oatput -.f din
mitnd. im- iieen reairirted ol late reara, trwtoa t i Ihe
over-to.i(ln_ ,>f tbe market, and Ihe Amerlean eeHiand
lins grawn ao mpldly lhat all daager -.f the rroirk*t
iielnc ulutted would aeen to be over. .-ir:,n__ i - aay,
tji- RngH-li and F.nr,),- nn d-ni.'iiid baa been atatlonnry
durinc the la-t IWO vear-, tlnrlng ~ bii li tinie tbe
demand Irom thii itde of Um Atlnntlc has aimoal
doubled. ^^^_???^___?___??
ParW, Mnv S.
Tlie May Day BBUrifeBtationa paaaed otr more
qnietly than coald he expeete-1. Pooaibly the bb
Benee Ol the jjeople was a more elTe-tive demoii
rfration than the OTOWdfl that fllled the Btreeta
of the eapital on the lir.-t Mav Day of last \e r
nnd the year hefore. l'arirs looked ho unuxtially
,-uiet, from mornine till evetiiir.', that in going
round the city people could hardly realize that it,
was keepinc hiyh holidny. It scemed as dead a*
LondOB Oll a Sunday. I loud.s of .-an I.v dust hl-w
gbaat. nnd silcnce reigoed ererywbere. The
OIM plaee that was erowded mi the Snlle Favie, at
IVUevillc. It waf* often the theatre of OambetttVa
eloo,netice. Thii hail, when lilled to its Btmoat
caraeity, ean alford room for -.'.oon people serrtcl.
All tho obaiia i.ut a few roara in fronl arere ra
moved. nnd 4,500 people were a'.le to -..'iee/e t're'n
t-elves in. A fiiiiii of three halfpence wns char/el
for a-lmii**-ion to cover tlie ooad of hire, nnd the
amount thua collerted WM $340. ThaBBBBdi of
pe iple who were too late rcmtiincd outside throngh
out t'ne proeeedini''*.
The aaeeting araa Soeia-liatie. It had Irccn ealled
to let off t-teani and to help nlBE a fund for thn-e
trade syndicatcs eonnectel arith the Labor Bx
c'.iaii'.e that are mi a strikc. Tliere were plcnty
of lnafers, hut few Ai ar v!ii-r-. wlio nre a
niere frn-'tioti in Farfaa. Not a dngle
notable Fpcnkcr wa.- prefcnt. The
speechef; hrcathed out dennnciati-n and rage, an 1
even thrents of sla*i_lit(*r, a-rnin-t the bonrgeola
and nlricdiunters of tlie Senate, Honae "f Depn
ties, (iovernment an-l Admitii?trnti'iii who have :: >t
Ofl tlirouarh the votes of poor men. Bat the _en
eral ncnt-lnie-nt was nincere nnd gewroiia iu tbia
hmisc that tlie idea put forward ol SoelaUan
was thnt it should cnihrace all pe-.ple, nati Ml
and tonirues* and that r.*:i*>n BBtl Doi balleta
BBOaM la- appe.iled to in internafionnl differenccs.
A ri*_lit good speech was that of Citi/en Der* ire.
Altboogh ill, he came to eoBgratnlate tin* meeting
upon all Socialiats without- diatinetioa being there
united. Cttixen Derenre, wh,*-e name araa i ?
ceive1. with eheers, aaid that the manner of keeping
the First of May wa? nnimportant. Tiie mere faet
of the date wa.- what gare Importance t?. the
oee?-ision. It uaa no longer utopian t" aay thal
penee was within the wrid's icacli. liiivei.-il
Mit.ra,ce woald bring it about.
Citi/en Pieheron, <lele_ato of the Bordean.
workiogmen, La\-in_ Inadrertentbr said " i ;ent!<?
men'" *icveral protests were Ircard Bnd cric- of
" No trentlemen' here." lh* eoneluded u m <-', ex
citcl ipeeeh with t!,e cry -if " No ni'-r* frotitu-r- "
.Madame Astie de Viih-iyre, the fiin-oi- womana
riffhta ehamplon, who claima for tliem even the
right t? lii'ht duels. wa- greeted with warm
applaoae. Tiiis was beeanae ahe hta been rarrylng
oa a aplendld eampaijxn to aeoure deccnl an-l moral
eondltiona for the glrla win, aet a- wr.it. r- in beer
saloons ntid are really. in the n.-'i.f lii"*rty of
tra/le, eondeaMied to the ororal hm l of
proBtitntion by ''|f,'r employera. Tlu* preaa haa
l_.cn ehafl'tic Madame Aatie de Valaayie for her
rfforta ln their behalf, She wns .-mi.rtl.v dre? "-1 at
the Salle Favie meeting ln B yell ?w skirt. _ir.ll<*i
with a leatber bell and an enamelled buckle,
The l.odv was trimmed with black lace ln the
now faahionable "Bertbe" atyle, and the ale ra
af her mantie rose in "aage.'B ariaga" at the
shoiil-icrs. and waa dceply fiin.e.l with j.-t. Her
bonnefl waa a piqnanl arranaenwnt of black 1 ice
and daflodil-'. She might !?' on tbe bright aide
of fifty, bal her Veaetiaa jrellow hair is younget
than her Bge, nnd eaine into the i*vncr:ii Imi
BIOBy of her dre-s. The sleevc.-, heing sli .rt. ahe
wore loag glovea. Sln* held a peneil in onr* hand,
and in the other a aote book whieh ahe never
looked at. Madame Astie de Vals.Mi* i- a feflf
in_ mi.-tresfi in yoang bdjea' high flchoola and
in Bome jroang ge-tleaaea'a preparat'irj aelionla,
and has hcen B good dcal iu the eompany of mll
itru.v men, from whom -in* hai pleked np tbe el u t
and atrong eapreaaiona arith whlch her m.b
wns Btndded. She nld the Bonrflfeoifl felt ilnvi
blood run eold al this meeting. A diatarhoace
here diew attention from her.
"It's nothing," the ehairman aaid. *It*a soth
inp: only a eomrade hna taken ri <ir-,:i taa mneh "
l"iti/en Rou-sel, reprcseiitiiiv 522 uni-.n* ki Ihe
Labor Bxehaaeje, informed th* meeting thal the
revonviliation of the different So- la liat aehi nie took
plaee only a fortaight back. Every ,<? e s ioul i join
trrole- niiiur,-. ( ni,.n araa strenvt1.. The joumal,
** l.a Manlfeatatlon do Premler Mai," sold aplen
dldly. Not b eopy our ,,f 50,060 reniriitu-l nnaol I.
If all joii.e I univtis a general Btrike mi-'ht U* ea-ih
organlaed, nnd theaoeial revolntioa brought about.
The kpeeeh of Ihe Citoyenne llrrthler, a -r, l-faee I
woman in deeji. dlngy monrning, who Beeme l t-,
hnve a poor opinion r.1 honrgeoia l-enrts ,,r bi
l-parti**?araa followed hy the readlag from the ehnii
of a telegnun from Laadon to aay tbal ino,00<
I.on'li.ncis had elicerc l tbe Preiieh labor delegate
in llyte Far)-:. The ebeeriag at thL*. was tjc
Mr. .lames MacDonald made a apeeeh iu
the name of the F.ritish tradea nnlonfl lhal aent
him. They were in all B0.000. lt did not matter
to them what eolors any one prcs-nt boiated, AU
were siifTeriiii.', north nud BOUth of tin- I'imn.iel,
from the eonditiena Impoaed by th- governing
elaaaea. French nnd Bngliah labor interests were
idcntii al, nnd lay in t!:e over'hrow of capitalknB.
All were joiniflg hand- in a greal labor uioveiiie.-it
fnr tlu- three eiffhtS and th'* overthmw of eapital
Ibu. This movamenl would giveeach the fmits ..r
____? toil, without the eapitaliat ot the landUgrabbet
eoming in to take whal thev di-l noi earn. Oreal
eheers were given out ot pollteneaa to Mr, Mac
Uonaid when he wit down, f"r he
spoke iii Engllah, whieh ftrw preaenl nnderata> d.
L. C
f'ri in S< liool nnd Home.
'iii.- r.riti-ii -idp Bererja, dhle-i raeentljr made tii"
royagt Irom Tn-inanlri aroaofl Cape Hon: t . Kngland,
encoantereda remarkable butiaoi iimiaual phcnomenin
at taa, viz.. a -tnrin .,i ilu--!. Afterrroatilng Ihe Bqim
mr -h- l.il into Ho- northooal rrnde aioBi,, and aeen
alioiit tj4?? i-il'e- ue-t. of ili>- Copt de Verde l-L-nid-,
th<- irenic-t lniid. ??llv ! ... iv*. -rill. an<l _.f|.lli. were
tiiinly coui.-d with n verj Bn? poardaan gnal >.f a dar!,
jrellow or aaffroa eolor, aearcely dlaeemll.le on or near
ih" il.-.rk, I.ut proi'ii-e on th.- hitli" -t parta ol Uie rlg
_ln_." ao thni th-' sail ai'j> ared ?? tanned."
nne dii-t fnlllnit >n V-----I- lv Un, Ailn.it..- neni 1,'v
CBpe da Varde arehlpelogo ha' ite;, been reporiad, bul
lt lm- >r> ntii-ii beea ot a reddlali hne <a -? t ll i- known
nnion,: ollora oa - r**il fog." .,t,<t baa been Benerallr
MippOrted Io come fl "(in BouUl -\ni--tliri. 'lh- ,,l. ?vr,
tion oii lioanl Ihe iriereai, jippeii'- 1-. OVerthrOW tl*
(tonernatou. and to determln*' tae Afrlean oiisln ii.tli of
ii,,- .-.iiiintie du-t, mikI tba ao-ealled "blood rain " <-f
soniiiein Bnrope.
Adotlral -mviii manv v.-ar* age r?p, rted, dnrlne bia
stay In sleii\.'on tbe litli .f March, l-u. .-- "Wood
rala," wMeh fell **iii large, ainiMy dmpe, and depodted
fl trttj llilliute -ntid of a M-llow i-.l io|,.r" iiiiii*- -Imlliir
t/i tlmt bow reported hy the Bereon, Ile then regarded
li as ?? -Irncco duaf fi'vin Ibe Afrlean deaart. ??. i iwnlne
tin- beautiful Ibe tv of atmotpherie elreulatlon." liotli
on llie Atlnntlc lleeaa nnd ln Barope lln- .- rain- or
du-t Imve almoal Invarlably fallen betweea jairaarr*
and Aorll ii j.erli.d ol Ihv year iii whii!. the sahnra
I- ln >M mid.
lill-.' DBBBk asii BAXXBB Ot A COACBEAB.
Ilerlln letter ln Tne CUeogO later ocenn.
Cmiit Wr-in-zel, who latel.v pal-ll-hed an exeeOonl
- Book i>n the llorae." full ,,f trnl-m. i.nl vvlti i- :-ru
pni down tbe Mlowlng nikai lor the coaehman, whleh
un* _<-ri.-rtiiiv foUowed r
-Tlv cr-.. I'lnati -h?n -it in ? atralghl bat n<>t ?nir
poaition, arlih the nrma toneblng Ua bottj the ieaa
atretrbeg forward beel t., beal, on the n.ht -ld- ot
\h* Imx, and onlv have evc. f ,r hi- b?dneaa II
mii-t n.-ver aarote anybedv ol lus aequabilaaca whom
lie BUghi p-*--lblv meet. I.ut WBOB n meinla-r of the
hoaaa entera he haa to loaeh the rfaa <-f hi- hai wit'i
tle haadU of hi- whip. Ha -ami tnrer erarh ti><*
wtrip. And hl- feet dteald noi i,e aavend trwa tn
Wlnter, h- il might p-.**l|,lv lend r,e,,p|,. ,-, think tll.-it
1,1- Motgear la noi ln m-d-i*.'* it hiteh- k_ptN>ried thal
on nn aceid.-nt oeearrtng lo the rerfpate ,.f a rlrh
merchant, the co-iciinian. thongh apparentlv IBnttle_.lv
dre-sed. cinid not i.<- Indaeed tc, kave the boi \t
laat, wh*n he ]nnip-.| <iown. ih* w ),?',. troart J.nr-i
lr.tr, l.iti(thtrr. f.rr h? ????'.,- a i>:,ir 0f tuttcred -linners
a-d Hm wooiie,. ttoeliln/i. -?~f_*nra
91LE3H ?_?:- BOFIlfO TO Bl l.ri.il VII)
T 0 thn K d 110 r o f The Tribune.
Mr: it mov appear lil*'* a itret-k_ag ol the inrict
tiiitl..:; to iiti"inpl .1 .?..m|i:iri-..n uf Ikfl <'r:ir ol Ilu--ia,
WkOflfl -iil.Jcrt- live ne:ii>-t 10 th|> Xorth I'ole. Wttk
ihe actlng PrtflMeal of Ika new iira-iiinn Repabtte,
whoae wann-ktoodcd rHUeoi Bwelter ln the trnplrfl, :i
great Bfl-flker al whom axlst aader .the aqnator Ifl
Amattmla. yet u ls a dlffereaee "f laiitude and loturi
lude rather lhan ilgllia or deetOflB of i!e-poli.-m.
Tka Caar ot all Ike RaMtaa, hy a .-impi" Imperial de>
eiae, tantflfcn to th'* froBMi wUda of ttketta than "f
hia -ul.J.ri-, who m.-iy by .the faleftil BTO-l? of evi.lu
Iim beeoBM ib Ikr odvaaeed ln their edaeatton us to
be '?thiirtis ln his Imperial irown." The A.llti- Vhe
PreaMod of tka Bepablle el i;ru/.li. Ploriaaaa Wioto,
Bfl Aitnv f.lh.ir. ?h.i ahclted kla pradflflo?or. Deodoia
Poeaeca, in the ariBtarj and garal eoaapliaej arfcleh
..vei-throw ihe late KinpTor D0B_ r*i*rtro II. nnd wh ?
in tarn nkaaaaaatly aaalel Waaaa. in the ekafar his
lnle leader had -.?i.i."lv wnrin.-d, hns rr.entlv bv a
| -linj.l'* tnanlfc*.to bflldfltad to tl.i* Ipt.er Amn/on.
under Ikfl e<|iin.'"r. Bfl InhOflpUakle end d-BOk-tfl fron
ti.-r. as illstiint from Rlo de .laii'-lro :.a Is -t. 1'.-tera?
burg finfn Slborla. twenty tw<> of the rim-l mlllvutel
n- well ;.- (he ni'.M luiitlillicill pc|--'itllli_e- of I:rtizil.
-Imph und onlv for poRtleal offeaeofl, ar be-BBflfltkej
reniared le exarau pakMely optoloofl dtgiftag from
hi. or to re.pf. tfuiiv iiiiiii-.. in Ika BawiBaper his
ofli. iai BCtfl of ii-urpatlon. All of the pBBlflk-d m.*n are
i;e|.ul.1ii-.-in-. nnd were proailneal Ifl their e.-.rlv ud
bi-aion to FOaaaca. Amoag tit.-m are dlflttaguUbed
fleld mnrahais ond BBBerar- ? f Ike Biaallafl Armv. a
rear-adadral of Ike Navy, laa dead ed Ooreraon "f
Ihe -mte- of ii-.-ira nn.l AaMfloM*, who wflto etertrd
by their BtBlefl, nnd BThO dld Md flppTOVfl "f tkfl
?MirpBtloa of a V-ce-Pre.'Jdeat a_o leatod hlfltaalf. a
Benator un.l Ikna -Wfl-kon rteeted t" Ike Patlonal
Cangreflfl, .siit..rs of .imiv p:.i'"is. prote-flon ol < d
I'-c-a. a doctor aad ;. dektlflt. a eepHaOat, wi.'. i- r?
].uie<l to ke thi* w.nittii'- BWfl ia Biadl; a haaker, a
manager td a large eorpotalloa. oad olhan.
Then 'nm" i" aaekor at I'liiu. wiu.-h i- Bear Ika
moath of Ihe laawoa, reflteiday. ta raata to tka head
watera, Ita large tteaaMddp IVniaaikaro. al tka Uord
Rraillelro Uae. whieh b:.d heen -'ir.at ..r preflaed Iato
aervh-e II- B I... Vf*l litllCH l I rn ll-|" 'I't t.i ...'J'..-V 'll Ifl
iioiiii.iii prifloeer ;iii?i th.-ir bualU-fl orer tke '?,:**)
ml!... of .ae.-in v..Mii;e und 2,000 milea BMN "f liver
tranaportatlofl t.. Ifcidi deflUnatloii an the fnuitiers of
Pern nnd \'? ?im/uela. OB Ihe -tinrl-e ?Me "f Ifcfl tl
Wklrh an- nv f;ir w?t ln AB-fl-OBlfl Bl Bl- Ikfl -Ini..
Nrvada* ..f '-ur oa ii land.
Throegh Iba Mud aahen td ? roaate "f Biaalllnn
offlrlal rrlendi l wan, an a Rperlal fn*-"-. permltted I i
po akoaid Ika IfampoiA, and l aralled flU ??M "f thfl
opp ."tunitv lo Interrlew Um eallea. Tkfl ve.-.*i hnd
an. hor d rome dltdnnee fr-.m Ika cit.. almoal nndo
ih.? ciin- "f tkfl "id ton. aad ehme bv a Btwfllllan
warahlp. Fortlflod alth an odMal peradf fToai thi
.H.v ,i,|.f ,.f Ikfl l.nrla-.r. KeakOT -???tnl'i'". Bl 1
.?iiiomi.mi..1 i.v ReBkon cii'iiii"!.'. I. lawver aad -.
poj.nl ii _.-.-'-fle.ii:iIi Of il tlneii'- :. brother 'f tbe lit"
(ioveraor oad tarretary ol Btal-., aad keakor WfltHo,
? i,,, \. , ... r th? Aaw -ii'-iv and B mpaart r <t
preaenl f-overnB-flot. aa brlked ? Prwlugue-fl
l. nini.-.:. wiih a imall fee. wko. ilemmlng ih- ru-hlng
uil.- of ihe Ati'.-i/.'Ti for an b-_r aader ? Mardng nn,
pmnA a- Blongatde the toddm. We wan r-"H~i
i,v ihe mllltar* otaeet 4 tbe gaard. -kfl dlplomntle
rhermonl lalked i ikWi Ib l-aetagaeBfl lo tkfl guard,
Mm tf laagh ?? cd nataradlr, tkal wa wn ?
li-'n-i-al on t,...-ird Wltkoal 'iu?tion.
The I.- i , . i- n larg* Clrde-hntll m'-d-rn ihlp,
rrll nrrangrd, alth ?'?? ' i ' "",,'''' '" ''" ?
, >-.-n-|\e ,,p'inen:id" d-cka, ? ?'? ? W'...!? ver .-I fl m 1) bfl
-;m.i tendlng t" riatt* a roatiarj oplnlon, H ma*4 b*
? i | ? ? inipn*--! n mada flpna lh?
-..? thal Um ;-: BBgan wew a J-llJ P-rtj
l?,i,,| , I, ?? .. I.-. t e..ur-i.--i Mtli.r th.in :i ? ir.- ? rd
exib-* i-n mate to dl lanl polnti ol banl*hment Thfl
aMpwM in iii"i-e..f .-? i.r.ifiin.'i i-.-i\ii1 ..tii"t. tkongh
tln- regalar raplaln and eiwi alted ber n- " ,,kl
ln addtll-B to Hn- liip'- ".niplein'-tit "f fii'-n ther
w;,. .-,;, armed mlBlmr guard niuBbartng 11'?. i flapn ed
..f voimu'-t'-r. ln gurgroBi .iiiiforni-. Bnd oldar -
rrom Hm i:i" bHnUrj i-rhool tothe BOmber of ta *ut\
Ihree. 11 .- t_M Ikere wen flfteen oOkarfl f.r Ita
iwent] ti.i"'- ' ui-1 ?-??.f Ikea. B*?d eanofl and
.'.II More luillieli-.dl BBd '"'I.-l
Tkere ???.- nrdl arlag "f Ika c.d-i* tkal
would nt aM Imli. at'- i!h* piOfleBflfl of BB* prktoeen "ti
boord. Priaoaew *? 4 "? ? - BdBaVd pi mbu ?? i i
The bojr_ In thelt brigkt nnlforam, -i Hm' on tbe guard
mll. Nhe ".ii'-..-'- boyi on a tna*, rkattered a ?? i
Dndlbin . ui rl at er lot f Iho et
-?-lui-d lo be ,-.i.i'i-"i ni"! laogbed merrlljr "??
ehBlRng aboul Ihelr belng ant t" n plarc wtara anl
men -.,- iibiim roa* i- gndn "f mod, bkhiuocoi "?.
.?\.-i-v bi..1 ol grai . ii.ndtoofl iu .iiii'l- and Hrren
llv :.\ - ii. tka mi
Tkere wan tcattared abool ln Ike tabln? or I -?
abont on dark old men and tdd hni:--. ota prett) .iii
< iy.-.-!. and --.ni'- Ital wera bo. pretty, a I -
.-md rhlldren, and In iwo Inttnneea nnmlng bablei.
M..l:v v?;\.- ..f th" "\lle- had, Hl." tii" ?" ItaHflB 1,
lo follow tiM*.r baabondi Into kaal-hiaenl.
There wn- rolorH -wmuii t-ni Waltlng oa th'-ir
iii.-i-i.i-. .-md mi-iif --f-. BV?tlngiil%h*d looUog im")
-il'-nilv ptomeeadlng ii ? on the appei deck, wfco
pteferred t-. be epnraied from tkalr huatOei latfcer
than peradi them t" rlafc Ika prhralloai ..f exlla. Tha
table ?ii- aell Mpptted wtth good tood, aiaaad afckh
..II..':- , priv.lea and pil?onen pitkflTfld lu ? - " I il
wav nnd draah warm beer logettar. i t.-ilkeii for ?
long utm- alth a m..i iBtere ting Riaalllaa, a retaian
..( i.-i.s oad of iii-tin-'.n-ii'-'i lerrlia iu afl Ike aara
..f i:i i/.ii. wko wa ti'-imii.m- nith na-.- aad ln aa]
.oiiiit.-v w.,iiid hava been latlred wttk koaor Ioi lha
-?-ai ha had aliaady doaa bb. ...niirv. lalker tkan
. xii'-.i becaa?B ._-? :i patrtoi ta aoaM oot !-? .i ntlnew
to ih- BaurpBllomi '?'? tta Pr? Idenl withoul raldng bli
v.-l.e ln icflpertful protot. Thh. mi. l i. i.i Uai-hai
liur.-tlo, who I- BOB ll aeniitoi e|.?< t lo thfl ( .ii.i.
?rblrh !?? t" niflflmuible at Itl. Ma] :;. Hnihoul
regard lo Ita r\cmpl_oiM at.Iad tu la*' -Bflhera, le
Was lou.d ll .111 l-.il la-folv (I:iv;|.-:i1, a. ni abaerd .i
-!il|i .md i; DOW en l.iill- to e\lli*. flol-iMv aBHMIg
iiu- lo. theie in.- mo; who appaar t<> tuffer ..i to f-.-i
in.rra heenl] Ibe degradsllon tkan thia ..l-i toeo. hai
11 I.r* a -i.lil.i-r io b<:t- ll -il.-liilv in.d uticoiiiplaiiiiiii:!'..
Iln- peotflal l^iat hfl .med lo eiiipli.i-,1/.- in.i,i WM
bll dlaglUt Wlth Ita i :.--ii1(-;.t fur J'.lttllil. him uud
i.i. Mlufl ..it.... of hlgfa i-.nli iiiid.-i Ihe gn.irU of
a -.-.ond llcit'-iiaiii ;n:.l ,, | .1 of mdels.
it i, genaniHi eonoeded nnvmg Uraailian . and araa
Ita prtaonem, lhal ii Ita offeaee atarcd againal them
ti mllltar] offiren?I. <?.. of tarlng forn.ad a con
Rplraej arerfl Jaat, ttay derarved paalfllunent, nnd ih.-y
thiiii. tbat a iniiii.ii. exsrutloa would ba peefenhlfl I i
ihi> Uiiii-iiuii'iii to a iiviii_r gnwyaid. imt they ull
.?!??? it poattlreljt that there u..-. oo attempl ?! a revo
liiti'.n; iii-i they bad Imply, n. rttlaan-, given e>
i.. lon i-i their reapeetful prota*t< Bgalnal u-urji.-i
iion. Tiu- .. fl qneation ..( varaclty ora fact that wlll
m.t now ia- tetlled, ?? lha Preaident, i.y ln, mmman
i j.. tini-iit of tka calprlla, haa hat tbom beyoed tta
po-alUUt) of making ani lecd defraea i.v nu open
trlal, by ronrl tnartlfll or ottarwtao, and tkdr Morj i.
liiai told io ihe w.ui'i iii tkeae llaaa tkrougk an Aaat
: .ni paper.
Perkapi Ita moal ctrlhlBg bee wi- |kat ol Joae
Carlui de i nn.iiiio. r.-ipii-. i leneflto, a dUtlagaJ bed ea
i.nv.ii oflkar, aho luu lor mom yeart haaa aell aad
lavorabl) known ba tta u gflieatfl," or mflnflgu. ..f tha
.?oip.'iniiona roatro-ttag the latmeaae tropeeheB, or
.lo'iv, .1 ita grand tartar of tha (apltal eity ..f Rtoda
.inii'-ito. in penoaal flppearaace ta flomewtal reaaa
blBfl Mr. TflkBBOB. II- ..Hirli-otialy nnd utiobliiiilvely
w.ill.'d up anl iOWD llie ,| m ? vcllli ni-. . ;ir. ].-- .ly
dreaaed Ib pajaa-u and alipporfl, talklag ttaat* bat ai
.?i.ii-eiv,-it;veiv a- a coOegi Btofnaor BBOOi the Banersl
niiidiiii.n iif ni.Mii- iii hla r.uiiiir--. TiiN grnthaman
tfcoroagkly aadai-taadi tka MtaaUoa in iiru/.n. .md hi
viewa bi expteaafld tarala amy be aeeegtad aa itiv ?? of
a jf-saiini i. Ha Mya:
?I da nui haow wky i w.-.a arreatod. It waa inii
mat.d tkal Ika aetloa wa- takoi kawBan ..f m.v sup
iH.-fd iniiii.-n." wnii the ma-s of peopai aotptoyad
BhOBt the (loclls. who ?i|| ioor |H. ....ji,.,, ?,?,,, ,,, V(lfl.
im- a \oin\ aaammm lo ita preaaal Actlag Pm-b-aet.
1 wa- L-iv-ii i,., BOtkfl wlial.-v.-r of llie laloadfld nrr--i
and wms nol paraUttOd t l BB__ka nnv .l-li-ii..-. I dld
iiolliliii; ill-tfjllv oi -..-. :vtiv, i?lt pnblished inv Off-Bloai
ni oiln-rs dld flfalafll thf* BCtfl .,f tlic I'r. -I.l.-nl ln deBOfl
i.,,: iaa uevataotfl ?.f Matefl, imd naaactlklli aaggealed
that he -hoiild nii.);e ].rovi.|,m f.,r an elc.lion for
naaMeal by tta people. *
- You know.-' eoattaaad kaakar COrralka. "tkel
nrllher DaflflBHa Kon-.i., ?,,;- ,|,e ppp-mt Yler-lv.-i
dent, I'loriiinmi Pelxotto. wer; elei-dal |,v th" paOBBI.
(mr Provlalonnl GaagNaa B-Wted Ih-m lo aWfl tan tt 1
such llriM. Bfl BrraafBB-BBtfl ..mld bo perfi-.-ird for a
p-flfl-h-f alaatlaa hy tta paagia. aad, aaa timt Daadam
i.ui-f... i- ..ui. w,. iiiink ulllt ,|W aaaflOaa ad a _u.-.
aaaam ...ouid t^ idt te ika uubub, und the ptaea not
p-re-amptod, aa roa aoald my, i>y a VTea. to IB 01lt
th- uiie\pircd term. Tli* OOOgrCBB, whlch 1-r to con
\,-ii- May .;, i, to dheaaa thr* ipieatloa of lha Pr-*
detulal eleetioii, nn.l K 1, la*li-ved they will BBM BVBJB
?nthorlilng it. There Ifl grnerally a motlve f->r avorj
?et, aad one need not look very fnr to dlsc.ver wlial
]?.,ini-t- iin- preaenl Ooverameat le nrrest oarmbora "f
Congreaa wh.. ara oppoaed to ala oaarpattoa, or to dla
ri-.tlt and !?. Ivni-h men who n ny ln* al.le, in a reput-'i
i,!.- way, t-> exerehw any lafaaaea on tha votera, whe
a; ? rv bB -etii to l 'oiii.'1'c-*."
II I- well kn-.wn thnt -etilior .'arv.-illio (OO- eommand
of a gBBBOal a' a * rlT . .. 1 ventiirt* and a--i-ted PelXOttO
i,v oppoalng Deodora'i attempt lo dlaaolae tha Ooo*
pre -. .'. tlnt It I'innot t.e rharped tliat he la lliflu-iu-d
by any Intrigne with Daodora'a firleado. Beebor I m
ralh - i, a _enii.man of lew worda, whicb h<* expreat-ea
ln tlie Btralghtfonrard, baalae*.fl_fl manner -n on
n-iinl in the iBdlfferaat, eaay-gotog BraalUaaa, and I
.iuii" ri-treahlng lo a uewaaeeher. In anawer to tlie
mnarft Uml tf lhe?e niilitarv aird naval olfic-r* were
vuiity of conaplracy, they de*er~e levere punl-hmciit
ha replled leraely :
"Tn l-opln with, then, I're-ldent I'eixotto should
be the tir-t to aaffer, aa ba ls th.* tir-t and head eon
tptrator agalnat tii? Bmpire; aeeondly, againal Ma
leader, Daadora, bai tnmiiv. Bgaloal the people,
(nr peopla baae no proper eooceptloa "f a rapablle."
Thea, Batog ih- tin_er^ t.. lllaatrate Iheae Bve propoet
liiin-, ln* further remarked : "Plrat, we Iiave BO poll
li-al education; second, we have ii"I even republl
eaa Ideaa; Ihlra. wa baea not anoogh |?Lrlo_r_ ; fourth.
thara i- t"" mnek aoiannal and Basreenary feel?g;
llllh, I am a BBVBl oilic-i. I.ut -treiuiou*lv contcnil
thut th'* inllltarv and navy shoill I lv* MilM_rdiii.il" I"
the -Ivil power. Tli-.-iv i- i," di- ipliii'- in onr armv
and naw. All .mr lroiil,|es come from thi- *"'if'**
aud ?iii contlnne until wa redaea the armv lo a peace
tootlng, a- il I- with yonr anny, and tlien put the
belttgareat aaea on th.- ttwEBttt, thay are tha ona*
Who -h,.uid BO onl th.re liit.te.id of the people yOB ??"'?
on triMt-d Ihi- ihlp."
ih.iveraoe <>f the Btate <>f Cerea, dtoated on tlie
north c,.i-i. i, a wefl-kaown Braalllon, who had been
preatdenl ?f an Amaaoulon pruvlnce b} oppotntmenl
,.f ih- i.ite Bmperor Don Podra II. Ha waa a Repub
11. an, lull !,.,an-e ln- <l''< llli'd lo -iirr,'lidi|' hi* Oallce t"
iiv arbttrarj deaaamla '.t t-alxotttVa appointce, end
i-.i-i.-d ih., an- inpt viotaatl) t? depoaa Um, Me
l-.u.i, ,? WB* -h-li'-l for "111.? vourv I,*. a gunbottt, an.l
ii- ii.in-eif wa* mnde a nn-" ler aud -aenl t" Klo, wh ire
:..- . , ,,:?-,-it. oui -ii,,---: .. ,ii. orreated and i- now
exlleil. 'Ihe luie liOV. v -v tli* .-lat- Ol Aiii.i/.-.iia..
uiv. made aach a gallanl i-eai-ataiice t-> Ihe dcnuttida lor
i,i- nin,.. .ii- iiin_ th- unval force aad tiv np
j, ii..t in- iv Idcnl t-- reilre dlaromflled, bul wbo
-ni,lequeiitt) >i, i-i-.i, a bi- -anl. to prevenl tiloodalied,
i-.,;-.. .i pn-oiici ? n route to the front ler.
ll ls va..11 ttv Ol li.-le lhat ol the iilvel-en M.-t'- "f
the i(. |,ni,ii, ul iv../il --v ??nt?- n (avured Oeodora
I,,-,.,, , , ,i - .Ivlnn ,i Congrei_>. rhe "-i'v two lhal
,,| ;-1 i.?-,-.-. ,-i were Bki l.rand du dai, at on ? ea
irenie "f Ihe rountry, .md I'ara at ri,-- other. lt i*
_ald of ',<? '- ? rmir of the Btate of Para that hto ai
I ? ...i I -aai. ln0 irom lli.ti.e- Ol li.ill-i"t
i*iu.i,,,i I,.;.- ii ?<? "i a peraonal grleva.bo held uculn-t
Ihe 1 ti. | l'i- *l'l-vt. II I- nol at 'li .Hi II' ',,1.111."
-nu. i"i iv.-- ,,M. lula, and even -vu- bualne*.
,,. ,|...-. '.. .,!..- itdvantage of tr." ofitetal poalllon they
iv,, rbiiiu to li"ld to wreak thdr pilvaie vejig-aiue
Oll j.,: ? ii-iiiv-. ?.i t>. inirvi.-e bualneaa ir, tn-.r
,i ...i-i ,i iutereal . bul the uttler i* .i wi ahne -
lhal Buij i- aitnint'-i i" nutnklnd genctully. n
woukl, hi b rver aurprlae the aventue fulrmlnded editor
o| , . \'ier...i i J'.uiv.il i ? aee lo what a ilnl'll-n ex
i.--v iiii) i-t? .n.ii.ii-. ai- .nt-l Ui in llie dolll
; o| --nv pm- - -f I'.i.i'U. iiii.i ir nnj attempl la
made ul n ? m.ul, u i* t>l Ihe n ? ol potitiral Inilu
...... i, bave il..i.i-.!'- batniahed or - d.'iron-d."
There are among lh. ? exlle* three ..f Ibe rno-l <ti
ti, Kulahed urlu i odltora i f tbe bO*t-hnown J..iiru.il "f
Klo AlllonlO '.l--.i-|iiiri lliilida:ii>, r?f ?? .Novnla-1- ' .
.i., .. i urlo* do i.n:,.. I-... -( i.i..,!?? do r.i',." and l arloa
i Uudi n ? An -l.ill'-t. '? K'-da-td do I'ombate. '
I . vr- .i ?- . Riong 11, ' jolli- -I -1 Hl- prl-'-li.-l-. all'l
rvidonll) ..-i.-id. i llo'ii cXlh* .i- -i --ii "1 ii lliicil oll
Ihe i .iri ol the l*re . lenl .,f whii h he aill ?
)..-? i ,,,-i patrdon iti-m before Ui *? rea li lh lr de I i
il ,:i. 'i hi. -?? ni- t r i, ? ihe gein ml enpei Iation, bul n
l? Uable I-. : - deUv ed until itfter tr--* elecl on. It
u,,u,.i -? -ii i ,-- . weiUncM un Uio parl <?( tlie V
,u i to m-i-i t ? the preaaare thal fii-n-l* rir- bri _H -'
i ? at i.i*va imii t--i a |..i:i|.. . bul the nv. | ronaert l
llve -t l.i./.iiv r ,n,i. li tbo proper thing 1" da lt
n?| ;., ,.- Ui nppli \i.,-ii'.in pullllral meth I
,iv\ iu,-:- tlviv H vr.Hlld be l>> Htlempl t" -ulti
VBIe th-ir -- ll wil i \ri-.--ri vn i.i v : Iv.-r. . , h- i llmate
ll /,-,!.
jv-rhapa one "f the moal Intere-tllng aa w 11 ?_?
entertnlnlng rhamrtera anuing Itv prlaonen i- an
-vi av. kmu a cliiflen nl llntrll, Ihe well-kiiown
I .-nnt l..-..|-.|-!i: il. Ile I- I.--I Bl aii rtli .v! V vt ril-i,
- || ,i aell i- rn ..:>*i well br?d ..nti. rv
:, fvniv- IIIle '?.-??I ihe King "f l-ortngal, ln ip
. |. ti,.. .,j,|. ,.it ? nf ihe averaire llrailllero,
round tu u\\ nn i j..IIj. !l ? l- r. j-, I-.l I i be Ihe u.-.lt.'il
? ? i ? .- v-r- w I. . -I' .pu o
v . |m ii- r ; roi y a mill . i; *? ? vr*. lime.
, \ . . ,. i . ".- |, op I- llll lll vviv-" ?? ?
Bon*. -t'viiv.t-. .i-.i,- aud r-.-i ?? lale ad llbllum. jret
when i t_ikrai wuh iiim reaterrdaj ba v-.-r- .i ahabby
-.-.-r-iK'k- r -nti and ??il.-i llnen, olthonjrh In hi<
i t,. - ,-.-? indu worth th n-.-iv-:*. and hla < ul
v vv paM i,i- wa ? -'in "t anj i-i-i ? tai.
Ha , ? ? , ? ' i ? a -li imond rl -? fur depo*4_, i dn I
:,? .-i:,.i.-.i. iirderinfl ani i|uiinttlj >l rhumpu
fm ihe <-\. ni-i'v,. Thia man waa forwterlj km? \*.n
ai -.i rlerh ln Para, ;v.i llenrli|ue LowndtM, "in
aaa untn-ni anv ineir- !-\-.-,i hl meagre talary.
ll.- f iii-.i iii aome hnali ? here ai t went
tii Ilin aeveral jrenra ago Tbongh bime and nol nl
.ill h -mi ? n,?? ln pr r- -I...I npi ?? married t
beautiful vr .1 r.nplUhad ?*-> -ni.ti uf f-.iiMii-v Ile
li.iv Ii) jiiiilii.-v- tivifi i.-.-iti. nt and been - I
I,., -tn-- t ? .. v/-,i na ti,- |i idlng aperulator In Ki".
lt i- aaid tl.'t the t'ount i- ln un Ihe -round tl" -i
,,( the nnm ruai Jolnl *?-? rorpiMmllon n*rentlv
f.,r:ii..| al Klo. a rnrnl. r of v. Iit- Ii hav.- - illnp ed.
| ,,iii i '? ... v* Mrn i -!? ?
,r,:i.-r fnr -.vv- r i.r. - ,- ' vv,- ln u!,l-li ttvv
ip|.1 i" huve -nil-i.-rl. aml ii li i matter -f
i.. .rl thal leaal n< IKin haa been bn
him t-- rertiver, Bnd r1,.-" ti- haa under Ihla prea.ure
dn ' ired .-, bankrnpl Vel be t.'l-l m ? lhal he
,-1- ,t.-.i he. nv - iv ara the rli i -* t mnn I i
aml tbi ) B .he ' t ? i. ?? Mnv Vrv'li. ? lll -vv r.-l
i-nneed I lhal Ike I'onnl l- reapon-d le for the Into
.i,,.-. having l'V |he 1.f 1,1- lll'.lie. it'.r.r-.l
i (..,?.? nf r.--. nim.-nf ninilnal t!i.vernment, who
-.. i.lIiic t - I*- ivei fi"i'< bia r late. vt all
.(.!,!-. the I'onnl I- a k.'"""l .'.nii;iatil..n. rin-l a Jolly
' 11 .'.-. f.,; llv* .\ll--. ill.t ll". - II--I wm to bii
,,i .iii ..:.,i nir-i aboal Ihe reanlt. Ile a -nr.-t ma
I. all . ild ? i ?? II,.? Mi.l. - iti* >?"tne i. " ii,-I I"
Rlo bv way "f tle- -n.,it ,,t m.i .-.iin n. or .-.; i-v-i go
to Monlevldeo t i ," .lt n nlla. Tl - 1'imnl wya:
? lh-- real ruu?e of il,-- greal t rllne ln i-\<-hitnge la
ih.* "...vt "f ? -"iiiideii..* ii, Iba -nt Iltt ,.r Ihe '.-\
? i *?'? i nol n i" a or im I rial pni|ai?ltl..n.
When l remlnded him Hi.it on all tli- laple rtrtlrlei
,,f limtll -luvii. roffee, rocia, rohfcer, rire, nni i i
i idi - .i bame expurt daly wtv ..l:..i-.l I.i the Oo.*.
nl, h- roiiredid lhal Rmall .-- uid never become
Imnknipt, ?? Th-- trgenllnea bave onli iu-i- ai i
taii--'A. w> have lhal and all the real t.m >.,-?
provlnee ,,f Para aVot.aiM pny Ihe entire Indebted
iv ,-f Rrasll.'1
Tha lm|.i,:t .iuii--. .11 ..f arhleh belong t.> Ihe
4icn.nl liovernmenl, have <t- * i ? i ? <l , Inrgely thal
ti.,- revennea er.* urfering. Thia i* rnuaed prlmnrlly
, uilillll ? ;.,"?? "? ? ? .? v, i a int
of ...r,nd, nn- Iii f.v.v exportei rn llrailt, damaglng
the ...-ln- to -in li an exlciil lhal tlie bnalneaa haa
lail ,.n v. ,r.-i, oi-i. ?? , .i; : Ilrutlllana nre loalh t.
bnjr anythlng nl tbe pre< nt rate "f exehange, Tho
(.i i_K**?ta aa a remedy, l? -'.c i by ti"' people u
Pr.-, |,1.-nt a'ho la a nvili.ui. Thia lr- Idenl mu-i rall
- . ,.- . i al.ll.el r.,.- v|? ? ,,' Ihe r i ? ? :,. ?',..
liovernmenl who nre rrengnli -l ;.t bome ;.:,<l abroad
n. honoruhle and ---tn ?? t.-ni men -.vlv. ,rn, iiinna_e
Hnanri-a .urr-**-fiilly. Thi* wonld i-atahllah i.
tll, %? i iiv ?, il.i ond exrhange wonld *oon advanee. lln
thlii-.-. liowever, Ihnl noilUna ran l-e done urbllraill.
ii nil th- 1.". I l< vt. |*,|*.,,ti , |n ,||| ,-f ,,iii, .. | |, (vn -r
? ii ea --f llrtulliiina bn laklng no nrtlve part. Tlwi
I'onnl I*.*: -I'-iM-ito i nn old woman who llea
nmuiid lu pii'ama* and H|,|-r--. V...- ,-.,n tce him
excepl th.* rl,,.-ii f.-.r nillllan in.-" h- .v.il, upon In
...n-iili _1th." Ii |. u, ll -viou.h known ln Rlo thal
llw Mini-t.-r ,,f Mmine la n- r .,i power behind rho
thmiv. nnd t* i.-|..-.i,.-:i !-? for the arta of iviv.tt...
lf ("i.-r- |,vi?nil.lv- Iii Mav. th- inltn. n<.- of Ihe
I i-.-nl i ?..(."nn.-ni urll be all polent, nnd onlv -nrh
|.ri.!at|..n wlll be enarted aa wl|] I*, favorihle In
Ivixntio; m d ln tiv- aame ---n -,-. if an eksetlon f >r
Preaidcnl la ordered while he la ln power, p \uil bo a
fa re,
n wna generally experted lhal ? parttal pardin
wonld hnve i.n granled to Ihe etllei ahliu ,ii i*ara.
Miimeroua pcilllona were lelegraphed fnim I'.-ira to
RlO Ir'i thdr beblllf, .'iri-l tlie v,--...-| i,-i,-.,||,,,.| qt||te over
bev Ume In port, tiv oflrera evhlentlj experllng
Ntmiethlng of tlila --ri. lt I- ;- riimmoii ,,-, nrivn, ?
In in-i'ii t. - ni.,,.- nv enemy l?. deportallon, with
the liitentlon ->f pnrdonliigfhlm oo arrival al M* porl
int in thia im--- the ahlp uilied artthoul any imkIoii*
, ii boai I, and i- now ? dl on her wnj np the (mnxon
lieyond Ihe rearh of lelegmma. ivrhapa a rtebii at
Manooa wlll be liad, tn t_ve the mail nn npportunlty
i-, overtake Ihem. While _.? were on board nn nltor
n- v f-.r tbe prlaonera, who bad Bled an appliratlm
l-pfiu- ihe iudgr In l-am for b wrll of hahea-i corpua
attemptad lo -.??? ln* rllenta, bal war denled itdmualon
to Ihe de.k. Ile ' "'I'I only ahoul from hla boni tin;
lh,- Jnd.,- ..f l*in had r, :iim-.| th- ?:||, ,,,-, aperloua
pretext, probal.li wnnl of Inrladlrtion. It l- h..\(
.?cr, ttv generul eommenl thal the ju!_'- dnre not
laka nnv aetton lhal wonld look like antuironlxliia or
nppo>lng Uw. wlahea ol Ihe preaeut liovernmenl ut
Klo- UIUaKin ki;
Para, April Vt, l-.'i
Etiitxo nnm iru ot xo coxseovbxcb,
Bxtraeted hy The Beatoa JiMunal,
ln Dr, Petera'a i.k i 'lllng bow be toughl bia way
ln Afriea, ln* iiniTiiie- ,i riiiioa, atory ,,t ihe kllllmt
of two natlvea br Uentenant Tledemnnn, noi far
fr,,tn Vletorla Nyania. The while expedltlon Ind l.e.-n
received with Btncb boapltallt.i by (Vachora, an lm
pi.rtaiit siiltnii. who Invitvd I'eter- nmi Tledemonn
I,. hl- nudleiice hnll. where, lurrnunded by hla rhL'fa
aml araown, be laeajlved .iliem. Tu imprcxa hl ?n-.ti
\*.lt li hl- power. he hini ,,;i ii.m-l a InrKe rolltetlon >,f
treapoaa naed by ld- orarrlora, lm ludlng n eoualdvr
ahle number <>f rlBea anl other min . Vn ing them
wa. a Martlnl rlflo, whldi Warbore handed Ui Petnra
lo ? vainine. Patera, after exanliiR tli.- weupon,
iiirn-d It over '" riv-l-maiui. who dlHcharjied ll ueel
dentally. The hail paaaed through tne head .f one
..f ihe. men in Bttendanee, killing Idm Inatnntly, nud
-tin. U the thrrai.t i.f ii man who wai behind him an.l
woonded bim ao nvojaly that he iii.-.! t-> daath ln a
laa mtautea.
Nton aadeavored lo apologlxe for tha fearful aecl
?'?>lv friend." he flBld, "I-i ovenvh, lini*<l with grlef,
ii<* iiiii imi ".now iiini the u'liu waa looded, and be
aaa bo. Irytag to tim it. i tiiinit be i- n-.t lo
Tha -nltnn. ninch to th? *,iir|irl-e <>f Ihe whlt * in *ti,
fmr-t out btagltlng. "Oh, lt i- nalblnc." ha aaid,
?? tlii-v're onlv -la.es. II I- BO matler OrhataVBr,
livold'-i ll. wa-, nol your ilelid, but iho gBI llial war,
blame. Your friend has dono nothlflg wrong at
The women ertioed the wordB. af _tt*J*___g_
Thev sald lt WBfl in.thli._r. Bfld __*_____*___*_
,?",r.v. ai.ii.nurh i-tor- ti.gkt _kak*laagktar weea
II.tle foreed. Some men l.ore ?0 tadlflBOB* Ol MJ
hall. They sprlni.ipd snnd over he P " H * "J??
,??i bi-aght iu anotber baekatftU rf*5ll3??2|?
witb wi-.i.-h th- King and hla _??_? _*___ ,, mw7s "i
r__er th" tngkwl ..pe.-tiicl.'. 1-eters aold lt was a
gOOd deal Uta the .?,.-. idelital breaKIni* of n VBBeBB
a ?e>t m a Kuropei... draklag^roooi aadtta bojt
.??, ,h? hoatem endeavoring to rell'^e emW'W-onmii
nnd as-erting tha.t the in.ldcnt waa of no BBBBB
iiuer.ee. _
Love and romnt.ee play HttlB parl ln th* ????
nt China. aeeordlag to the ?0*aala|leeRar UoydI.
The (hitiama,. wbo enters the fcarfcor of niBtrim-j.iy
looka BBon tka mtter as a fuliUn.cnt af a duty aaaa
t.-.. en to his aaotBlera. ,
-The (ii-ton. of the Cklaeae.-' contlnn-fl the Journal.
-to marry ad *<>-1r MMU and dauchters nt an early a(*e
. not NHfl BdVlaoMfl to the Fut-openn*. It ls al?o
t|,e rule in China that unloni only taKe plaeo betw-een
famlllefl of eqaal -odal aud ?aaartal -tanding. Dis
.ai.i of this mle would eaaaa B-keagdeai aaiakla
luvailal.lv. Ti.e COfltOm of early.marrlages ls founded.
moreover, oa priodplea IncoaaaiukiBaihlfl ie the Wtta
.rn mind. Tho boy and gM jolned Ifl wedlock do not
form a now famllv. but rather the VOaBgBBt branch of
the family tree. upon whlch they are henceforth de
pendMit. The duly of pan-nts b.ward their aaaa dOflfl
,?.t end wlth tbelr BBWrlBga | they are obliged to care
for them after tkal time al-o. Thero ls a great di-ad
vantage in tkh aj stem. The son, belng under tl.o eyes
nf tta pnvnts as lon.; as they aro alive, really never
be-OBBM lnd-pendent. All mombcrs of a fnmlly live.
when po.slble. nnder one roof. aud evn after the death
,,f thn. paieata the sons rontlnuo. as a rule, to llvc
(Ogettar ln the family home. When the father dlcs
th.. oMflflt brotli"! asaiimes his placc as the head of the
family. and when the. mother dlcs the wife of the oMost
brother lakea her plaee. Hut. again. tln* sy-tem has
many td. aaUam, Aa the girl- ara marrl.-d very yeaag,
they -,,.. nn-w-'im-lntod fla B mle wtth tho dutles of a
i,...laewif... Ral iii eaterlac tka haaaakaldB of temr
faihetsln law the learn tl_e needful lessons ln family
? C .no'iiy.
-H j, nothing rnro.'' addfl the p-P". "for boyi
tweive to _barteen yeaia oM la marry. The BOP-wal,
m-.ral nnd miell.-.tmil df-velopment flf the eontmetlng
partiei bai nothing vhatevar to do wtth the matter.
otber roBflMerattoai entirely regakde iho arinir. Au
,,;.i cbine-w _pkorlam -..., thn the 'great haalaaai of
Ufe _? anded* wtaa tta flOB? and daagfct-ra are married.
Tka t hiii'-e pareoti do not raia to run H_a daagar af
poBtpoalag the ni.rri--e i.f tl:. lr chlldree. espeelally ol
their i-oii-. until aftor their OWfl death.
?? A ci.iii. -.* eng-csawnt date, Ra bflgl inin:. from the
oxekaage o* red cardi betareea tho p?r ata of tho con
tiacUng partiofl. Tfce-e eardfl ln many d:.-trict. ar.
I,,,,,,,,,... documenta -Ibk-M the riaa af a koraa Weaftek
ii,,.. are Important f-r tta raaaofl 'hat thev are used
a. evi'ie:.'.. in race of dliagniiaaaala la tho future.
\\e wMoni hear In Cblnfl ol broken eegagaaaeta. Yet
?j .. .|in:r.'i ean not ba lettled paeeafellf ****** -
had 10 tta law, and tka |t_dga iiaiially inipo-os. a llno
ii oon the p.-ut*. who liii- broaen tta cootract.
-Tta ..ilir Inrldeni m a CklOflBfl im.rriage li Uie
arrival of ita brlde iu ber bridal elotta; batoee tta
,..-,_ her . no-".. on* That Ifl - do tafto luMllmeiit
" u?. eonunct. Tta weddmg d?y 1- dotanalaed bj
U,0 parent- Ol Ita grooio. The Iiiiperul ral.-n-lar
,,.??'. ihe i?,k> day>, and ob aaeh daya Ou- ea-taUed
.,,, relebratloM' lata pb-te. both ln the dttofl and
lh- -... bridal .'I'.the, mav ho used several
um.-. in (11-tn.i- nrtara it ia iii-t..u.aiv t.> eatohrate
the w.-dding. in tta torencoo tta flreddinp at Vta
,,, ui., . taKe piar< In tbe aftemoon ?r ta the evaoing.
Th,. cbiue-e tha- hope to make them leaa kaportaiit.
Thal the eblof pnrt ol a ihtae-B_aam__* _^_____\
nt llw b'1d.? ut Ita ho.i.f the p_om i- 2.?_f??*?
utmjut b. ihe n.'-t thal iho flooa are ofteh manled witn
? eliig prea-nt at tbelr owa wwJ-ingfl. lt U not
M-llm-ed to be foililimt'- t.. cli?lt?w thfl WflddlOg dfljf
???., ,,?.le.l'l.-d. If tli" future h.iaUind, tM-WOTB,
I,,?:;,.?. to I.? ll.il BWay 00 the w.-ldlng dnv tbe
marrtngB ti.k-- plaee by lendlng th-* biide to.1.1- koflfla.
-.?Min"-' lan f< >gnll."-n .rouixl- for divorif*
from :i woman chlldle-ane*-, Improper eoodnet. eegieri
nf the pii'iit- "f Ihe ini-l.ai.d. o tendenc) to steal.
lealoin. nnd Uirniwble dlaea-a. A natuial ""oa-aoaenco
of iho Important* Bttartad iu (Maa ti male helifl ls
thal whrre Ihei are ataeat Om haahaod mantafl a *_
wita 'll.i- howover, I- not general "nd is llmtt-'l to
famlllefl ut wenlth. Ihe bad landtfl ol tta ay-u.m ar>
..-.,:/.ai l.i the friiii--* them-ilvefl. Ita pr-?il''ai
cidn-ae therefore havo ndopted a m-.r.' -imple wav of
.btainlng hetr* the -doptlofl <>f children who belong to
-hl.. l.f.iii.li.- of the family. Iii thi- way ihe f.-inily
ll na 1- kepl Intact. Ifl tta flbflflfl-fl of BBUfl descetid
inti ln tho -i'l" l.r.inrliea of the famllv. tlm BOBB of
I , ... .... Mtnpted. TtaCklBBfla prefer this nietli.-d
t.i marry Ing .-.-.-.ml wlvea."
-Snv. mi'.ter.-' bfl nld, COBllag around ln City Hnll
Park attk nn uuteadr taek uud waeloa his ni-m.
ni?. a windmiii. -r.i mm .'? kei wlth rea."
, ,-,'t ann Ika Rbbb; lia ia b kflmr." ????? Rai
-i ? .n't keep roa im-." aaid the would be heoae,
reeUng f-r ti.* Mpkall pavaaaaal adtk raaklaai ikat
-i m fp.'n ... r-.-v. i aaa. I*a_ orer tara tadag Jfear*
...ii. I'va leea i.u thi- i- t" raa and bow i want
t. ihow \. >.i wlmt. B .l.'r-.'Viiian ' :m <!.. wlth his
|.., . po roa BUdflTflBBBd tm* ' RotklBg unfrl.-ti.tlv.
roa kn.w; Jnat waat t. -how vou a Udai or two
about .i'-r-.-v ?parrlog. U aaal laaa bm Biora than
a laitiute i.r tw... ni iu-t poRak rea af m eaal
-t\!e aad Itafl w.-'ii have a irtak."
- No. thaak yoa, im m _i kainr."
-rn,. it won't lake me leag." tali the Mr_a_naaa,
gettlng bli i.tuia Into po-ltloa nnd then raaeklBg
wlldli oal in b valn eaael t<> cet hold af a uaaa Bt
nn . " I ln--<- n.imi..-.-."
? - my i bbbM belp rou oa-."
-I don't believe yoo ran ?Par." snid tho fcraej
miin itralghtenlng oal a ktak Droai hla beel aud
_.-. ,Mn_ two langlefl iu bli let.
?l toBl h'-iii-v.- tbal i caa, if fta tat i taa*t.n
-J-OW," -al.l th- oth.-r WHI n leer. Wkllfl ho
BOthefed in oi." i.riu fr.uii Ikfl wide world. onlv to
i.-t .'he other go a ?randertng. "aow I think yea enn
por. i Ihiak roa raa baadle \"ur Bata t?r*-ttv wejl;
eh, mv friend 1 i tktak yoaVe ? eroiai-lwBBl l*d
i,i,,. t) try yea. v.m raa -par." ka addad a-galir,
pulUng iu Ml head fnan Ika air und lrnddlug tt
? III. M.ltlV. . , ,
-W.II. lf you m.v mi. I ean.'' -.ild tho other B-OBr
?? wm N.ut ipar then I"
- N... l ibank yon: no| to nl-rht.**
? m il rou lata a drlnh ttan "
?? \. i io nlgld I -"ii.ther tlm ?."
- w nt d<.rtklng, el. lo meet a Jersevinau
half WBJ ?'
"I'm ?orrr."
- Mui there anv man ln Xow-York." rneft MM maa
from u.i.-- the Konth River mui bli araifl began to
v.M.i ngnln, "wh.. will meet ita Jenej terror half
wa) ??? Ani ihere aaa He raa_e Broood from tka
otber -Ide of lh ' f"unlain In a <iule.t but Blert w i\.
ii,. i ?,;, tho -..ei? .-\ terror"* all ta oaa rrlti bv tle*
rf.llor and >hahlng him ni"' ??> mt ball oleked blm up
aml marched Mm awlftlr In tta dlreotlon of ih.* rity
ii.ii where green llghti ahowed ln n lolemn wav.
AmI tl." ".let??--. terror'' mu-t taVO been .-iitl-I'.c.l.
for Ue mada n . proteflt.
Legal oplnloni ..f s. hlgk and flgolBed a tiflMBOl
:, tta N.-w VorU Court of Appeal- do n >t u-iially e.m
Utln mm-'i tkal i-; bBmoraua or flgtertalBlag la it-*lf
ta tie general reader, bai tke wrtter ran __cr_ai a liulo
p... ailar i.i-tori.-ai Informatloa ln a voinim*. of Ike Cearl
of Appeah report- ti.ther day, wkiek Maada ex*
treiimiy atrangfl ln ttaae daya. The eaaa ItaaU wai
anlntereatlng ln tta extraaw. n wai simpiy a aadl
Whieh :i m.-r.'iint In rhllli. .tl.o, OWo. hr.ui.ht npalnst
iu, rortor in this etty for irittag noaaa pork wklek tka
mfl-. li.iiit hnd Ihlpped I ' New VorU. with ln .trurllons
to ilr> fa.-t.n- to lold Ofl I > H fn a ri-" Ifl pil.e. The
priee did reallj go up, but the (Brtor did imt. akoy
bli iBfltraettOBfl, aad add tka pork. The oluo
inerihan. I.r nn.-ht u -ult tf. re.over -fii.DDO. wbl.ll WBfl
ii..- .iiii.r.ii.e b-taecu ti.e priee tw wklek tka pork
was -old und wtat ll woil.l have brOagM had tho
fai'lor h.'ld on lo lt BCCOriUng to lliatriictlons. The
fnci..r had made soiii.- advaaeaa oa laa pork, aml
for tbal r-w?on elalmed ihe right !? aoR lt when ho
thouglit l.e-t.
in raverdog Co lawor court. whi.-ii had derided
in favor of tiie factor, t|n* Court of Appeabi deelarai,
ua a lea-oii why the ni.-ri'luilit wa- flfltltled to B
ludgment Ib lus favor, tbat a letter from the factor
io ih.- m.Ti'hiint .-..uld have rearhed Iim "ln Hve or
-1\ iln-" Dlld Bfl nii-wer conl.i have been ae iir.st
-Mithiii two weoki." becaBM tta ama "wara _a aear
logether," and for thal rraaon the .-ourt .le.-i.led thal
the factor ic.t n.> right to seii tta pork attfcoat al
Bnl Informlng tta meretanl "f his lateaded nction.
lt WOUM be hard tn lina-lii" a m-'i-.liant in ("Idllle Uhe
lo dnv having inirchamliae worth 0100,000 or mu"
in ita ic.'iit- ..f a New-York rommtaalon moretanl und
nol I..* ui.i.* io . ..mii,iii i..iie with him about MlBog
lt ln le-. lhan two wecfc*.
mitti.l bv prof.--i.eial men that ln the slniiri-le to
Ctaek liiel.il.lv, wbich has a-i larpelv oecupled Ih"
moat ealtared iBtelleeta oa the Ooattaaai of Kurip".
\.ry lutif* haa baen done ln tta advoeoey _d praeUraj
Btann-nee. Tho prevaRIng Mea, it la BOogad, aven
among membeni of tha tnedleal profeaaloa th"n*. haa
been tha tha iBrraaaa of in-anltv aml orottar "vii*
from drlnhliK' haa BTtflOfl from tkn hCdVier aleoh >ls.
nn.l tkal paia, Bnaopblfltleated iplrita, wlacfl ond boera
aia r<"iiiv tmnperanee bevaragaa. Tlmt a new de
partuia i- belng lakan ln thia raapael by -memtan
"f uie medieal m .f.-?lon i- evtdeni from the teet ihat
-mli n.'ii a- l*rof"avo>. Kor"l. of Zurlch: Profrflaoc
Inn-". "f r.'.ale. nnd I?r. Wllhi-lm lloile. of I)--ps.i-n.
have eaUbUlki .1 aml are vtgnroflflly supportlng total
ab ilneiic! floclcli.fl lu tl.o,.- ciUfl.1.
St. Fetersbiirg, May j,
The helr to tlie Russian tlirone ls soon to'jg
married. Rumors to that effect have liecn (r_|,
circulated at various times during the paat t*j
or three years, linking his name with thet now
of one, now of another, Frineess. They have an
however, come to naiight. The present tm^,
niony La stronger than any runior, and ig, ___
deed, unmistakulile. Who the royal la/ly _ ^
whom tho Czarevitch ia to lie married is not yet
known. Nor does any one ra-ofess to be able ^
tell the dat?* of the aitgust e-Tent. Hut that he
is to be married, and thnt in thr immedfct.
fntnre, is aasun*- bcyo-nd the ahadow of a doubt,
The indfcation whieh convinces every one ol
this fact is that the Czar is vaeaftn-} .tr?_
Anltehkoff Falaee, and refurnishing it for a new
tennnt This splendid pile, on the Xev
Frospect, in the contre. of the city, haa tieen
Czar's home rinee long before l.is accesslon te
the throne. But Alexauder III ht the fl
Kmperor who has thus uaed it. For it has hitherte
been tho home of tlie Czarevitch, and La still ib
i*egarded. Tho fact that the Czar ia leaving
tlierefore, certainly means that, his son is to
married, and isTTonaequently, to set up an
lishment of his own.
It is not to be wondered at that tlie Czar
preferrcd to make thii* palace his home rather
any other of the Imperial ediflces. It is certaigjy
the beet situated apd the most attractive of thta
all. The Nevskoi Frospect in the busiest and _____
fushionable thoroughfar. in the city, a splcndjd
street extending thrcc milea, from Adunralty
Square to the monastery of St. Alexandor NcvskflL
On one elde of the palace are the pnblic gardeat.
in whieh stands the fattous -tatue uf Catherin.il
This statue wis erected by the people of S_
l'eteraburg. actunlly in opposition to tlie defire ot
the Czar and hia family. The Imperial family _,
these times doea nct eare ta chcrish the memory
of tbat ancestress whom Byron deBBribad ao truly
and epigrammatically. But she is to thie day
the idol of RfiHsiH, second in the popular heart
only to Feter the -ireat. Ihe Czar and his family
refused to contribute a single kopeok toward tha
stutue, and even let it bc known that they would
rather not have it erected. But the Czar did no.
actnally forbid it, and aa the people went on, raurcd
the money, 'and put up the statue. It is not a
particularly meritorious piece of art, and hence it
has been said that in ic the notorious Empreai it
doing penancc for her sins.
The feature of tho Anitchkoff Palace, however,
most, attractive to the prewnt, Czar is its garden.
This is not only a spueious and beautiful park,
but it is surrounded by a, high and strong wall.
Ihe Imperial family can there walk about and
pnjoy the open air without being seen by the vul.
gar eye, and without fear of tho bullet or iKimh
of the enterpriaing Nihili^t. This is a highly im
portaat considerntion lo Alexander UI, who,
despite hia hereculean strength of body, has beea
in a regular blue funk of fear ever since the
murder of his father. It is doubtloss with the
litmotrt reliictance, therefore, that he gives up thia
see.ure retroat to his son, and it, is eertain tliat ho
would not do so were t'.io latter not on tlie point
of marrylng and thus ncding at once tlie hertdi
tary home of the Czarevitch.
Tlie AnifohkotT Falaee was the favorite l.ntnt
of the present Emperor's grandfather, the Czar
Xicholaa. Tliat sovereign dwelt there while ha
was Czarevitch, and was so fond of tlie plaee
that after Iip came to the throne, all through hii
reign, he went back there every year to -pend
tlie BBBBB of Lem. Why he was so fond of it,
however. is hard to im-trino. He had no need te
shut hirnself awny from tlie pulilic. And cer?
tainly he did not love the palace for its app-ar
I anee. For,' splondi l aa are its furnishings within.
it, is without a monumentally mean ond ngljr
sfjiicture, notable for its great size. Perhaps it
was for its size that he admired it. There is na
eountry in the world where simple bigness is bo
lii.hiy estoemed ne in Rnssia.
l'rom this mountain af red stucco, the fior
nioves ta tlie ftmious Winfer Falaee. Indeed, one
mi?lit say t-bat he has moved tl-ither, for he haa
actnally taken _MBBN-kM of the va-f siite of
apartments on the tirst floor whieh his grand
futler usod to oeeupy and a few nights a_o he
slept there for tl.e lirt-t time in his reun. btmEA
lie did so, of ooiirso," the entire plaee wa. earefully
exatuined by the police. IWS deteefiv,-. K9IBh>
lag for the st.ilen letter, did not evamine thBBB*
lH-.red plaee more elosely. Th.* wall* were prohed
nil tlie Hoors t.iken up. Kven soli I btaafci of
stoiie were carefully sounded, M see if per-han*.
they had beeu ln llowed out and Mde re. ept.-i.l_e
Of lethal compoti'ids. But everyfhing waa found
to lu* all h.ht, ,.nd so the Emperor ven rt red to
dfCf- there. and slept sotin.lly, BB they kiv.
Of tlus edili.-e, as of the Anitchkotr Fala.-c. ont
can predi.-nte only hiajaOBB an.l BiHacoa bb f?r
;im tha exterior is contvrncd. Riff ir eertain ly K.
Its four st'iries make it ,-i-hfr feet hi__h. ..?. iti
fiaaad Baaa is kkt bf 153 feet. Like m tuany
j other Russian buildin_rs. however." its wallfl -ire of
I staeea mm) aJmp IbbIIh tiEfm at lhat. They
. are iwintod a dull red and ftAMW, ind are siir
, moiitifed by an iron laof paiiifod red. QitBBb
| l-rcil ornamentatioii is proiu-ely .-.atterol over
it over.vwhere. and the wliole tEttk is cheap and
iinuttorubry depressing.
Muiy visitors have mved over th< splendon
of the interior of this pahet, bat it i* not e_y
t.. t_v why. 'iho An,biiMs.i,lors* Btalman, whieh
It'iitis the 9Bkt9 9BttOB09 99 rhe buil Iin;, from ttV
Neva. is indeed a ?agB_H_Mt work. It is of
eiiormous dinien-ions, and is com-trueted entirely
"f the piirest whito Carr.ira marl'Ie. BM. aa i*
?enerally used only for sfatnary. The |fea| room
known as St. <ie.ir_*e's Hail, whieh _ 1 lf by 60
f.et in size. is ,v noble apartment, and its array
of Cnrinthinn ealaOMM of C.trrara tnarble. with
i-olden ba-es und c.ipifais, bM iH'rhaps BB aaja_
in tho world. But apart from tlio.-e there ifl
aothlag iti thd whole building worth a sceoni
glance. The great Baloaa are eold, ebeerieflfl. and
reiadlent, ln the extren.e. Fllled with luiiliantly
el;id guests nnd BbhUM with li.hts, tiiev may al?
tnost l*? admired. Bat wl.en aot thu- oeeafta.
their dreniy o-.pan-es ,,f white BWrNe cliill the
beholder and givo the plaee the air of a mfBJkB)
tomb. Whatover decoratioii tliere Is is -*h??
and t.-nvdry. Fteneh art prevails, they say: hut
it is the pitichlieck and tinsol art of the Scond
4 Jccasionally ther,-* is | runior that the RaafCaOf
no longor fears the Xihilists. and that he i*- about
to eonie forth from his _uurded Bti lu>i?n and
jostle elbows with the people, as did lus *mm>
f-ithers. All such are idie talcs. The _?? ?f
dread has nnterod lato his soul, and citinot be
withdrawn. In the Winfer F.il.nv lv will Ito i_
much of n prisonrr BB at the Anitchkotr: au-l
more, sinee he wi'l not have the _ar len to wnlk
in. Well, tho HenaltBft is ekae al baa I, Et- i*
eoaaeeted wtth th<* *fla_f Maai by a ttrVBti
I ri.l.e, tl-at soinewhat irre-istibly ItBBBBB one "f
the Itridge of Si-hs. That cotmeefs a pal.ue ?"<*?
? prison. This connccts two palaccs, aud tLef
both aro prlsons.
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Krom Tho _M Mail ilazotte.
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fiiinlne dl-trlcts. The Queeii of Rumanla'a vcrs-*i
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volume. They run us follow ,
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The d-s|-;n BB tin* eatav I" B work or art by tll*
Proaei AaaaaBtartaa M. a-aad Baaota. n tMtanamB
n rulned farmh.iii-,,'. trttl IBO tlwicli ln Imlen anl tBB
Mlndows hrolien. I'.iHiev, mother. und tli ree cltttalr-*^
lenve tlielr old lionia, cnrryi.i? nnihlug but ? ??_
BWBf with th.m. liT the forecroii'.d n dead laQHj, lj
-een, witli hiiiigry rrova tlutii'ritir onr nnd vttnti?
upon thi* euren-u-. Thn number of Kren-h erintrlbutorfl
to this ull,nm Ik very large. A. Uiinias. Mas.enot,
Tliotiuia. .luiietie Adnin, Alfred Duudct. Admlml t^*
vuls, K. Keiiaii, hwtBW. J. Mmvii, 1'loquet ttok CM*>
coi are among t.lem.

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