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fiirtlier exploitation gf tire tariff question. In the
course ?sf a month per'iu]>?.*, the Spt*|?-di-er Ills, will be
it?etre? io various sub ?triiimltt?*-.**? for consideration,
and later In th.- .?.??-ion a i;enenil ?dv-M-t-e
report on ?11 of them may b?; made In Uie ?-"iiat??. Mr.
Vest Introduced a tara .luti, m the other day t?. d!*churg?*
?Uve Finance Committee from further ??????t??? of
Ihe Free Wool bill, hi? objet being to get the bill
beifore the Sen?'? fur altIISEdE. But whether the
tariff bin? gut on um rateatisi by rEwliarcIng Iks
commit*??? or by mean? ut an iidveisr- report, they
caiiuot be taken up for notion except by Em fott of r?
majority of the Betaot?, and Ibi majorit? la the ?*enat<
Is at pree?i.t, t?. rat? the lea?-, strongly disinclined
io reopen Utriff ?!??rusalon. I'ulU all tlie regula? bu?i
nee? of tho Mates is di?)?.?ed of. the Utaafai win
probably decline to take up nuy ol the Springer bill?,
und by ibat Um?? the majority of lh?? lion??- ?it Kept??
?enuttlros win bo only ton Kind to drop tho raaSfl
?lUeeUou en?rely for ?nor? congenial work on threat?
ened poiIUoel fence**, at borne.
Washington, May 24 (r?->erioli.--The n.-mocrailc ma?
jority In Hi? llou??? Us? iiinilshetl itddltlonal evidence
that It 1? afraid of ?? own shadow. Alter dnwdling
for nearly a fort-tight over the .sundry (tvll bill, Marlf
every panagmph ol which is muriceli by Ignorance or
Incapacity or malignity, there was a UtOtpttA that
Tbe end might lie. ret.? ?*?. It wa? t-he.-i a cj!i?-iT??t? as
to what should be the ne.it ??top. ?hftlrmun Hat/rh.
of fil?? Committee on AgrlcnRui*??. hud t.Apr?**ved hli>
d?*teirmUi?tl<)n To bave the Ant!option bill eniisldercd,
and Ohalrnuin Hendeiwwi, ot the Poatofllce Commit?
tee, had d?-clei??t1 (list the P?-f-!nl Appi*o|>ilatlon bill,
which Is a? bail a? the Sundry Civil Mil. ?hould be
taken up. Tbe Ami Option bill 1? one of (he nietis
ur?? ?Valed for passage at ihe beginning of the wt-slon ;
It waa reinuiled M ef even gi"t?a'?-r Importun?e than a
lori if bill and a? ?ec.rod ouly to a freo is.lnage bill.
Well, this being the situation, u DohkhhiHc
caucus wns called and held t<?-n!ght nt which
were pierserit nearly all th?? Democnilte Rep
resontaUves who ?re tn Washington?about L'io
In all. ? Taris reform" WOEfStl seejil at
tenUon and no consideration, ?nd It wa? the sense oT
a majority ef tbe caucus, expressed In a formili res..lu
Uon, that the House should proceed with tils*? eon
slderatlon of tho remaining appropriation UH? In
regular order. Of eoni-se this thut on the Antl
C)pllon bill, and Chairman Hat; h "JB*b?*SfI a tifatoti*
proieet. Ho became angry a* well as asEtt-J, and WBM
members of the caacu? o-press Ihe opinion that h??
will refuse to be bou-nl by It? <1?*cl?lon. It ll ?mid thut
he paid hi? respe?!? to H??lmnii In language inor,
vigorous than polite and bearded some of hi? party
ass'K-lutes for their c-.war-dice nnd disloyalty to Hieir
It Is not wholly Improbable that tbe bitterness en?
gendered in the cnticus may find veni in III? llnii-e
when the attempt Is made to overslough the Antl
opUon bill and give the Po.tui bill the right <.f way :
but ibe atTenipt will he ll'vCli to siiroe?*d for all ihat
The fact is. as has been repeatedly shown In these
dlspateiie?, thai Hie Democrat? are anxious, above all
other Uilng?. to bring thl? anproflbtble, blundering
?cesi?n to an end, and that cann.it be done until after
the appropriation bill- have become Jaw?.
inr.r, t? p???? p*?; ror. thf.i.i pumsitm. nt.
Washington. May 24.-The bill to provide for the
punishment of violation? of tr-city rlorhts of sBeas
was taken up ?gain In th? Penate to gag?Mr. Morgaa
enn-Mniring hin errnir.'-nt In 8><lT<x'sry of the 141!. I!?
ferrtnsj to Uie rase aj the Rallan? kill???! lu Re**/?
*.?rl?.uns, Mr. Morir?n said thnt If Atneri.nn HiUen?
hid b-*en inn It res: ed In Italy uaxl if the Iti"Jl?n <>ov
emni?sit had given to the O-orcriiment of tbe Tnil-M
St? tes euch no answer ss tbe American ?rinveriiinent
had irlven to Italy, the etiinaiont would be: " Your
Government* 1* h very l;nr<*rfe<?4 one; snd you ought ?to
have inform???! us of it t* ben the treniy ?M pending."
Mr. Blatne. ho ?aid. had b***n r-aimpolled ractlng ex?rf?41y
rli-'hti !<? Baa the seer?-t se:-v!ee fund to pay J".'?"?.?TOO
to MM fsmllles of the men ma-e^oml in Wie prlHon of
.Vem-Orlf>an?. Ihe ?'overnnient of tile T'e.lted States
was In s rsther pitiable condlit-ofi wb?vi t'ho ?????etfti-y
of ?ilote, without rsprtr-sc siuiotlon of lew, wu-s roin
P?llrd to i?esort to tlie terrei lervlc? fund :o keep
??:?:? with a foreign Oovernment. He went on to
?xpue thai It would be ini possi hl? to frame snd pass
throunh ?????G???* a Feslersl col* that w-oaiu cover ail
ctoee, nt vbi'ki.oc.s of the rlg-hte of sllcoe : ?nd that
tho only way to ?lo no win (as prorttj'.-d In the ?-???41???
Mil) to ?dopt tb? laws of tbe aversi Sts^es snd let
tb??? laws oporat? on the F?*der?l courts.
Mr. Gray nsketl Mr. Morgron whether, If t'ie New
Orleans outrage hud happened In England, I.onl Snl!?
bttry would not lutve been ?*on.pel!<*d tn tell the
Itsllan Government that It wonld have SB wt.lt until
the ordinary Judlnal tribunals bad taken artlon. njid
wuuld hive to nbld?? hy that action.
Mr. Mon.?:.1, replied that his opinion w:.s that I/n-d
f?aU?b?iry and every other F.npll?li stiit?eiuai?. In such
a case, would reply t,, Itjily tfiat tJie Enull-h ??????
nient liad pnt In oporntlon the a*SSeaaarjl methods of
p.-ry-tvltire to have ? fa'.r Judicial Inves'l-siUon. lie
would not turn the mutier ??ver to the town eouneil
?if Glasgow or Liverpool. The Engllah Oovernment
would always answer: "We ?re able lo sland up t?,
our meati*-? and to meet our ?nca|M!m?-nts, mid to ilo
what we hiitv agr?:ed to do, because our SffSSCia "f
lav.? et'.tihlt?. U4 to lay tin? question before Hie Ju?
dicial tribunals of tlie country."
Mr. ??ray- I>o \<?? ?ujip?,?,.' thai lbs l'orci,^ Attain
Department of Great Bittala has sai c introl over
the artlin of tjj- ciiii-: or tlifil sn-h cntrnl would
b? tolerated for one moment.
Mr. Morpin No: and nnthlnz of that ?or! is In th!?
Mil. WO do not propo?e to coyfrr.1 th?- action Of the
oourts. We propote to provide cour!? to take B*ttk?B.
As It Is, we llave -?ot do courts that ean tak" action
In !>?half of the I'nlt-d ??tat.*?. The hill Is astaaRder
stood If Senators have lhe conrcpiiua Of it ih.-it It I?
Intended to ?Ive the Culled -?late? Government unv
contro?! over the curt-., All thai we can d:> j?. to
provide proper Jitrlsd.. ??? fir th?? courts.
At lhe elo?e of his argument Mr. Morpan moved,
with I?*? as?ctit of ??he fiimmllfaSS on Foreipn Rola
Hoik, thn' the bill sh?"?il<! co over till next Deceaalmr.
Mr. Ve?t favored th? postponement ?>f lhe bill, bui
remarked ihat under the Constitution aa un natura li z;*d
iitlzen had th? same right? ar<l the sanie protection
s? ritize?:? of the Cn!i<*d r-tat???. Tlie Constitution
provided that '? no State shall deny to any per-mn (not
to any citizen) the equal protection of the law?."' And
if Louisiana should undertake to pass an net di?t?rlini
iisilng ajmlnit an iinnaturullred foreigner the ?.upt-cinc
Court? of the I'nlied state? would immediately ?irclsii???
It to be unconstitutional. Me was therefore opposed
to the bill a? working s d!?'rlmliiatton In favor at the
foreigner arid senlnst lhe native ciliien.
Mr. Turplr fsvori?d the rerotnmltiU of the bill, or !t?
referente to tits Jndi'iary (Vraimlttee. The bill wen!
???ren beyond the recommendation of the pp-ldent,
although that rei omtiiendation wns mo-t radical snd
revoluiloniry. He did not think thnt ihe Judichirv of
the l'td-Tal (?orernnttTit ?houl.l tike Juri-ullct'oii of ali ?
?ri.-n?? committed apnin?? tbe la??? of s Male. Ail
criminal trials ?bouid be bad untltT the lex lost nnd
In the piare wla-rt-, the ? rune wj? r,immltt?'?l.
Aiter further di?cu?sr,n, Mr. Harris, ?ho mile Has
motion yeaterday lo refer th?? bill to tbe Judiciary
Comniittoe. siltlxlrew that uioilon. and disclaimed
hating ihe retnotMl Intention of dlsresfeel lo ?h??
Korcipi RelHtio.'is ? ,inn.lit? ??.
Mr. Teller then renewed the motion to recommil the
bill to tlie ?Vin.mittee mi Foreign Koiution-, and Hi"
mailer went over without action.
ACTION OF G???.?????????. (*< ?MMITTEES.
\Vai-hit:?!?,, . May -J4.-Th? ???;?????t*t? of UM ?????
to-day suete.-di-l lu -^currng from the House RaoaJ
Affa.rs Committee a favorsble rej-ort "ii ?t m?:i-tir'?.
the passas?? of which th?-,v lias?? b<en ???.-1??? for ?oni??
Uni? as es?ent:al to the aaalBte?,BJaOS if tho SfaV ?eucv
of their branch of the Naval miltsi and deniaiide?! by
the iqerea?ln?? numl-e*? iiJid chiu*4.e In t\p?? o? Nava!
??SaAO!?. It Is a T*??:nate bill und SlWllsVaj that lhe re
dtictlciii In tlie numbers of the enplm-er <??rp? of II. ?
Bgetf, ?irovided for in the act of li??, elwll be c.in
?ddisred ?? havir:;; ?aaBSSl Jun?i 3D. 1-:il.
A bill luvittrf ila,? appi-osa! or the Secretary of the
Navy, prov-tii'ii.? lliol Iiercafti-, prf.niolio,?! lo even
Itrsde In the .Marine Corp. below the rank of colonel
shall be nisde according to seniority, mile???, an oflicer
falli to ptv.? the exanilnatlon provided for In lhe bill.
was also act?-d on favorably. ?'?lfloers falling to pass
tibe ph> ttl'-a! ex.tmirs'ioii will b?' retire?!.
The bill lriW-<>diic??il by Kei?-eseniaiue (ix-mb?. of
rt*stv- Yorlc. for the ?sie of ? part of lhe Broohlyn Bgtrt
Yard Uiods to tlie ?ity of Hrooklvn f?,r merke! fpg
paaea tmt taronhi* acted oa t ??lay bff tbs Hoose
Naval A:falr? f ominltte??.
Mr. Mliunsll from lhe CoTiimltle?? on I'rvi!?-.??? nnd
Eii-ctli?!??. to dar rep*^ted to Hie -v-iate ? Joint t? la
tlon ?????????6 ? coii?titiiilo;.Hl amendmetii pro?rtdlns
for tlie clfHiion of Cnlteil >taU--> ??STsStOI*? by populi.
? a
Wa-liis?,''"". Mny 24.?Vice ITesldeut M:irlun pasajMsal
OVCT the !S>nste m gag. The cabndar wes lal.-n up
and blll?i were a?ted uptr as follows:
Sensi? bill spproprlatlng ?KisXi.?-????? for ;i publi?
building st Uskland, Cal. PntMetl, nl?.? r mi euplsna
tlon by Mr. Stanfoid and a ;?ri,test by Mr. 'o.kit-ll
taut trio eondltion of ttn* Trea?'iry did n??! ]astlfff It.
Steste bill sppr ?prim I hi* ir?i(i0.ni?i for ? inibii??
building St .San Hie,-??. < ul. I'i,?s-*,l, afte? u like
ex\AtA*ali<tn by Mr. Slaiifoid, and without any
^tsaaate bill suthorUInc tho etnpl *mi-nt of msil
(vllectors nt fr?e dcllt-er? offices. Laid aside without
?vinote bill recjulrin-g th? as?lr*T'ment of a nnval
offl'T. not 1-r.low the rank of eonuiiander. to tho
Rtir.au of Nailgatlon In ??? Naw DuffMBaiafc
? Panj.'d.
Senate bill lo tran-sfer the revenue cutter service
: to the Navy I>epnrtm?;:it. I.:Ud a-lcl?' without aeUoo.
beulte bill to snbT:ii! to the OOurl of Private Land
1 Claim? Ibe till- oi M'i.initi.-tn (?> ?.hu Rancho
Panocha UraaSe, Cal. I*a*??ud. The claim arises os*
i.f a l?i-aiit madi? bv Manu'-l wcbeltorena, (iovemor of
i pjo.r (JaUtornla, lo Virent ?, Ooaiea, in IS?*??, an?
poMia?,--?! by McOari-alal). It BOfl been b*S0tt I ?.:??
pre?? Ir, ine 'hap?? or another for ninny y.-nr?.
Mr. I'.-ttlgrew, from th" Coiiimlit.*?? nn the (?iiiiitro
(>n ton ? lai, rep rtoi u j??V"? 1 resolnfion directing tho
President to proclaim s genernl h'liOiiv rr?ommem orating
th? ?tooth a ? nil'?? far y of the ilTsYOvery Of America,
in October 12, 1-H2. Placed on the ? nletidnr.
The -.?cat?? Then, ?1 4 :'>?) p. ??, ?adjourned till to
Washington, May 24.- The House today wint Into
a CcBitnlttee of che wlr-ok? ?t. Lester, of (?eorgl.t, in
tho chair) on tue Sundry Civil Appropriation bill. Tho
committee proeeeded to Wie ron.-Jdci-ution of tho-e
portJ.ia? "f tho measure which had !??? ? pas?ed over
lnformully. The omendment offered by Mr. Ctigswell,
or MmshiJi-u??-?*, appropriating .*70,fx>o f .r a llghE-slilp
irf Nai.fiic.Icet PIkwU wa.? ruled out of order. A ?im
ll:ir fate at'ended uu amendment '.Tiered by Mr. Stock
dule. of Mls-?i?i*-lpiri. appropriating 5'i,(j!?0 for ?he rs
e.stnbllsbmcnt of ?t lighthouse at Puss Ch:1sllin, MIs
?l-?lppl .sound.
The nett anrnndment renrhed wns one offered bv
Mr. Taylor, of Illlnoit. appropriating *?! 2.004) for the
consAruction of a ?team vessel to be used In boarding
ve*scL? ?t the port of Chicago, In addition tn th? sum
of ?Jf4,0O0 upporoprtuted by Ihe Piel .sundry Civil acL
? Adopted.
Tho paragraph?* relative to The Const and Geodetic
Kurvny were ?dien taken un. In ?-peaking to the gen?
ual i>ubje?-t, Mr. Enloe, or Tennessee, while milking
no ?petlfic churfe i?giiln?r Die management of th??
(*nii?t survey. Soetai??? Ibat Etera waa great n.ed for
reform In the burcnii. Mr. BalOC olTered nn nmend
inesit. having In view a deluded appropriati ?11 for
party eipeasea under tbe fJOOSl Survey Instead or ?
bulk appropriation as provided In the bill. Mr. Hop
kin??, of Illinois, supported the nmendmenT. Mr
outhwidte, of Ohio, Imre i.?tlm.iny to the value to
lh? country of Hie work "f the bureau. Mr. Hing
hum, of Ptunayhrsnla, ci*iiiei?ed tbe bill for reducing
the npiiMpilatlnn? for th? nirvey $?-?O,?0*-O0 lean t.huii
the etrtlmatca. The nmendnvnt wns defeated.
Mr. Oofswell ir.iit-ed to iiiorte?ve th? appropriation
for party r****p-**Mea from ????,Gt??) br *????,???). Ile
etintftided that te appropriate the tmaller sum would
be to cripple th?? ? rvi. ?? ; 11 contention which wns eon
trov?:'t?d by Mr. Hoiman. who aaeerted that the amount
nsTip?d In the bill was ample. The moth.? (o Inores?*.??
tbe appwrpriaaVnii wu.? loiit.
Mr. lEngtey, nf M?.lne. ofbTcd ? suletlliie for (he
provl-lon with r?f.?:??!!??? (ta ilio AlBBSS lienicary nir
vey, tlie BUbaEtUte bctof to ppoy-ld" for a Joltil -nrv ?
nndei th?? recent treuty hetweep (ireat Britain and lb?
Enited strilo? to ?etile the bounddi-y lice ?ll?pute.
The n m ei id memi wn? agreed to s/t.-r tao appropiteMnn
tte proposed by Mr. Dlngley w?.?; reduced from BU.OOO
(o SlO.OfrO.
Mr. Enl.y? tbtsn moved to reduce th* sslary of the
Superiti tendent of the Cos?; and ilcodette Survey from
?fi.OOO to S5,?XKE
After u long dt-ous??!?? the motion wa* )<e-l ?
42 to 103.
Mr. Bal?? made several other tinMircessfiil effort?
to r<?ilune? ?alari???: aod In ipoaklng tn one of hi?
amend in?>iit?. be tati that If thl? Coorsre ? were guilty I
of extravagance It wue due to uv?i can??*? ?ir?4. fc) !
the 1 ?-1?lnl!?.|] of The UM ' ngreaa' Bn?, ItsCOO?, to
the lad thut Uie OommMte? on Appropriati??!!? rttd
not back hlm up In his efit.rt to cut (aliirte?,
Mr. Payne, of Now Y.?rk ?),? imi rt-r-r m ??- Hiver
and Harbor AppiipitaMon WUT (laMgMee.l
Mr. Bute? The River and Harbor MU ?? o aery
????.????????? lt??B. iljinghter.? It 1? about th?? o ri 1 y
appropriati ra 'rf paratie moa??/ ti al pruni-.. t<? ?*????
the country to any extent.
Mr. Holmen offered un nui? iidment pn.vliling tho!
Ibe place*, nf ail j..t?-.?is empli.y. i !:i fleid work or
In th'i ..fli?.?? who*?? servi. <> ca;. b? .li-peii?.-"! wH?, thuii
be racstot. Ag>s?l k).
WHhout di?-utsirg ol the bin n , mml-tfee 1
SBRORITI RTPORT Ol" Tin: senati; ?'????tp.?:
WasMagtoa May -t {gpeeiail.-Tba minoriti" ??????
of tli" senate COBiuilltss on Rasai Affairs la relatton
In tbe bill t" tran?fer Ihe i?eveniie Marine Btrtica
from t!ie Trea-'iiry !;i the Navv I?? part?::,-it. r.-pr??
?cut!.?,,; th" view?, .?r ?aarialors Hale, OaasartRi, NeFaer
??,n and fRbson, censed much ?arpitse, If no! ?roe?
nernatloa, limone tlie iri-t.d- of tfit.t lin?, Tt it
matassare in Casiers sa, ? bo beRes/ed, apparently, ?. .1
Use Sen?'??, ?rttb tite cxeptin t?' Mr. Hheramn and
one <.r two ,.tb?r prominent ?eaaton ss?.?, ?
expressed carne,! o|.j,osllio:. t?, Use LIU, favored I'
enn'tiii?'n?. Atordln' to the ml?.? ?* :?:? ? anb
niltt'd bv Mr. liai?*?, he ?r,d hi? ?-??-?p???- are "I
the opinion teat tlie proposed ?,-ji-?<?f. r of the Revena?
Marine Betvles 14 neltier advisable nor desimi!?.
'lb?? mli.ori'.y report urpi?.?? ??t?.?. slnee Its ?,?,??.?
ration, in iTii!?, the Retrsnu? MsriM teretm bai rei
iiniioii?!s be,,. uii<i?-r Hi- <-\,it:-isi? oontrol aad
formed purl Of the pm? (teal ??.?? Minis ol ????
Treason Departssenl in ibe exacattoa "i v.i,? '..?*?
rfIn1111 ir to the pr ??? .?'.on und 0 llectluii Of r
aid ttint. -ihlle tlK- pi?oyo?ed etSUHSi ?roald I,?
thnt innttriiUv m?,d;tl?*d Uie ofs^nlsat-lon Of ".at
f-ervlre, it ss-ould be s change in nnmc i.i.lv. 1, ti?
nting Hi?? .?nicer? antl men of the l'evenne Marin ?
al ?, ?. ai.il not the pul,lie ?SlSieo, whirl. ???,,???.? |,e
?he parass ??Bl con.?ld?'ra!lon in all such Iciri? jilbm.
Th?? , ?intention thai II.?? t:iiisfcr of !he. ?!??????.???? Marta?
gerrlrs t" ti.? Navy ?msiM i>c d?? ?-..i.ie m an
additilo to Ils mllUtnv tOfOS Is ??i-mU'ei] with it..
pallen.???. The report 0111II.? nil ?.?1???,??.?? t.. th?
HUhJ'-ct Of b*n? lit or Injury to the ?'j,et?vfit:iiel" 0/
the Navy, ntTd i-> ??,Mined lo a itatnm?or, of tbe
questi ms of publi? polle; Inrolved In the propmition.
Wa-hln?.'! ?n, hfgm ii. In tin? Hon.- to ?Iay Mr.
Mess.irt, ?,! Tetas, fron, th?? * oiiiniltlee ?in River?, an?!
Mart-or?-. ii-ported back the River and Ilail?u Appro
priiiiion bill tilth ?h?? .?>-tmt?; aw-ndinents thereto,
svith ???; recommendation thnt tbe fienale BSsandmeQt?
bo non-conctint-d In. He, a ?lied unatilniou? lonsnt
th.-.t this course be followed and that a p.?.G??.?,? .?
I.e ordered: but Messrs. Iloltn-in an?! nyn:itn, of In
ttlsua, ohjreled and lhe bill wu? referad to Ih??. Com
mittre ol the Whole.
--?? ?
Washlnirloa. May iM.-William G. Hamilton, of New
York, and Oeleaaaf Gillesp!??, I". ?. ?., two of Uie ex
?xutors of th? v.-ill of General lencirfe. W, C'ulltim, to
duv (?alHl upon ?he ??*??*???1 an?l *?*<??* rrtarv of War
with ??-enera! Scholiekl. und finiallv .??udci-ed to the
T'niti?d state? (-?iverriine.it lhe bcqurf.t l??fl bv General
Gulltim of Ihe iiiiii of 9?t?*%000 to en-ct a memoria] hall
nl Wet Point. It I? p.-obabl?? ?ha? a ????<??? messa?,-?
win be ?cm to Cimgisas an ihis sabraet,
?? ?? ?
Washington, May 84. OeaesSJ John ?". New, OOSV
?tul-General nt London, I? In !he city OB a short visit
and -pent a portion of th?? ?ley ai th?? White I Ion:.'-.
(.?nenil Nesv ?t?id ?hi? afternoon Dial he would UetetO
Wa*hln?Xon ?-.n Thur-diiy aflSIBOCSl for Indianiip ?11.
?bere he stoakt raaaaln a sew ?ins?- and then he meant
t?. ??r?? i" Mlnnsmpolls la situes? th.? nntmainaAttm nt
II-e-Klent Hani-on."
Mrs. Moj'ij ?sten
ut I,<wi.lr'it.-. l'a., ?ufl.TcJ untoli ??'-.?t?? from bl olirli
??trlcoee nie?, with Intel.,? It, 1,1..^ .turi burnlni,'. (?..
the rtKcnut.?-iidutlon of a pbyaliUn ?I:,? took
Hood's Sarsaparilla
tii.J i,-',l lii..,<l'? Ulive Ulnlii.rtit. Sam the BtMH l?waii
la hi'Sl, tic? li.llsniiiiation cia??-?l, ?he si? c?,ir.pl? l? Iff tatet,
snd ?ss??. "1 enjoy health ?? 1 have not fur many years.n
HOOD'S flUdl cur? Habitual ConcUpatlua by rs
stoilae pcrielaltlc actlua of the slimtutarj canal.
Art right, thm oo ahtad ?is especially applicable to anyone In ?fnr-Ii
of a biood-purilier. You can always be eure, by takin?*; AYER'S Sar?
saparilla. For the crure of Catarrh, Jiheumatism, and Nervous De?
biliti/, AYER'S Sarsaparilla is superior to any other rem??dv. it
searches out tlie destructive poisons 111 the blood, expels thetu harm,
lessi y by the natural channels, and entalilirvhe?* perfect health. ?
"I recommend Ayer's I ? "Ayer's Sarsaparille
IsarsaparilU in my pratv IIUCl^T *''*** universal satlsfao
tice."-Dr. D. H. Avery, I ll O I O I tiou."-Dr. C. F. Lurton,
j. (Tersoli, ?. Y. 1 m I (Jomiikey, Ind.
"Kor several -?ears, I waa troubled ? "I bave been afflicted,for years,with
with intlanimatory rheumatism, being j chronic catarrh, and after naing many
?? bad at times as to be entirely help- local application? of various kinds, witii
less. For the last two year?, whenever j out benefit, I tried Ayer's Sarsaparilln,
I felt the effects of the disease, I began | a few bottles of which gave mo relief,
to take Ayer's Sarsapa- -? ? ? ?bbbbb? I regard Ayer's Sorsap*.
tiila, ami Lave not bad a I | Q A nt rillu ts an excellent
spell?ince,"?ET. Hans- Wl W II blood* puniier." ? J. t;.
brough, F.Ik Run, Va. ? ?bbbbbbbbbbbJ Van Fleet, I'leetvillo. Pa.
"After ?ufferiiiR severely for many I "VTe hav? nsed Ayer's Sarsaparilla?
?tears from rheumatism, I was iminccd , for twenty years, and bellevo it to be
10 fr?)* Ayer? Sarsaparille, and received I Tbe best remedy that can bo had for all
'Tnmetliate bene?t."?L). ?. Wincheeter, kinds of blood diseases." ?James \V.
Holdos, Me. I Gray, Honey Grove, Fa.
" I siiiTered so badly
from rheumatism that I
was unable to work for a
long tim?. At last I took
"My daughter, wno *x.*.s
afflicted for nearly a year
with rheumatism of lb?
foot and ankle, h ta been
Ayer'a Bartaparllli. and was cored." I cured by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla.'
? George Bledricb, Prospect Turk, Cal | -?. U. HutJer, Westmiuster, Md.
AYER'S Sarsaparilla
Trepar ti by Dr. J. C Ayer A Co., I.oittll, Matt. Sold by Dru??istt Everywhere.
Has cured others, will cure you
? BKkE eiit.hii*i1?4?Slt* meting of tbe VV'e?t i-lile Re
publican Cini, ??is |je|d MM p.??!??? In the rillt.'?.
lietv und h:iMl<e>me quart?**-?. Bt). IO? We?t Eighty
?er< iid?t. It ivi*, a h".n<? wiirinE .? f . the Elk BtM
nearly h?> ?????? arer? ptaaant. "ver ? j?ur
aso th?? ? lui. outgrow Ite oM ?joartelt iti Wem
Seventy ?ec.iiid ?r., and Hie new lOtSBS wee token
In oilier To nceoiiitiiotl-t,? Eie lar?.? iitteiid-iii. ?? ?\
peatet wln?n tilo clui", 1?-.? raS IS toko (in active
itit.-re-r. whleh it ??????? ut out* te il". M Mm
kimIi:? ****** -1.1 iitbil r.-impii.i-ti.
? br? new ii.mi? ar? lir.?"?, nnd with a eeo?l:ip
cr:j?rii|ty <?f ???t I???), will be ?.ne ..' tie m?-?t Inipor
iiint nnd comfortable meeting pim ? ? In upper Bea
Yerk City. TIM tl-1?1 t*t*tUt by Hie c;u!i ;.? | '., ^
one, mu? t klnt* In. :i? It d?.???, ihe -ntlrt' XiXtb
.*.'?.?:nl4v OUttitt, w Meli ha? BRjBOO tut IS, I*? Bl
Iluence it will ),?i e In MM lull ?'an ???ili lie ?cuter?
-I. ? ?.
I'roniptlv at H rial nY'e-ck I'resldeirt TolntOr ?'Bl'el
the me.-U:it? t?. i-r-li-r. ?ind In a !-r.?-f ?peech lati?
ilie-l Hie ? ?-? .-?.,?, G. ? :,arli?.? ? li? ??. ?;?????'.1|? ?. u
member of Congre?? Boa iviawan?. Mr. Treat'?
-????,?? ???, ?I. Were ;?!| Eie ?Jtjl?;,. ?!?'.:1 llfld tn Hie
(Mint, and :.? ; ?<? rxpreasloa ?>f ?n sruttVrtte m?
m.-nts ?iiifl rvf.-r??:?? ? - t?. Ere I.'. It ?????.? tie
?ppteuaa and ' ?? - ?-- ? ?? ;.'? ?? ? rtotou?.
Tlie ?.??-? ? alter, Its) ?- ?. Mad!? I ' M
!<.?:? : ol . ? ?. ? ? ,?? ile e? torme? ? ? -,
..' ? .? .I.??.; Of lb.) per, b : ".?.?.\? |,, ???- 1?. ? ?
?.??? ?.,.? tetre ?r easvrntry Biould have Ibe ?tro? ?
li.?ld nn ? ur affeeUooa, mu? ani te thb), batre? ?
UantocraUc ptitx?pU . . Ilratenl watt ? toe! ??.
? .it?, approval ??' .ili preaeai
Ti.e t a -.? iket? ware l*fuf em ? i.?->r*??vv. ? inri.??.,
cbrn'.e.? D. Bstrrw ?id lucani if, ?,?,. ,? ?.
die ?-??. ? sverai proteet '??? nl Eng
II:?? Ho ?1!'..'. ?:.?| (.,-.'!?.?<? Italy, ? ti..-? Vr <?? Ibi
club, ateo ?????*. A: io :?'? ovine? ? ? pe
'??.?.??!. Tbe rt-esl ? ? ? *? .? ?* t ? ? roti a Q be h? 1-1
>?? u.?? Ur-1 i atada? ?a Jai ?. ?'? ?
??. Jane? CUlgln, booti Bunkel, ! Hodfrej rViteiaon
Charle? Bv Itaamastd, Ju-rutti E. Tatutor, tteaairatel
( urmti ???!. Jr., ?***** ?, Rltn-.lnii ). l-l-vi:?l 11
Beyer, ller-n*y vv. Bailtb, !?. II. Dana, SniSara .v
W;l.-ht, Ot ..??? ?. yTrlgbt, II, ?, frUAAt, WHIleai
Irwla Martin, E'IIHuu r*. loi:? r. .f. C. Pnmpelly, VflU
iHiii A. Dsfly, wiii?iii w. .vieii.ii, .1. \> ?sail
'??? ?? ?? ? rflql o I ot. I.'?c:?.
'??? netten at Iba rlub ?r.? pr? Idi il, rhar ?
T.-.iiit ?r: tir t tteo-pr Ateot, Joba ?. B. Haut ?
VP ? ; :? .'!? It, J. ? ?.?- ' I ?
tt -il, 1.?. M, .?'.'?.? ???.?!'
I.-op 11 lato , r.lUll - ?? ? . i ? . ?
M. ?1 n;? ?. ? ? ? crii?. Iti??-?.
of 1 3, w.ii.?.-ri p. Bellamy, Willi m H. ? ?
n. m, Ateiaotter t'aMwelI, (":.-:?? E U.c.?.?
Eieklel C. B.1 ? ??'. '. i. il II. Ban?
('uarle? ?, lloffn.an, jr.. J ?!,? Coer, wu:*.?,:.. ?? ?.
Toit ??. ?.????! I. -..in.;.! ? : I . 1 ,. : it II tl
Al al ? ?. ?. aber, Buvld Mia beU, Lad ? H. Hab ??.
-on, Kilteen V ou Rei la er, and I ." ?' il.
? ?u!?. ?..*. ??.? ? '.
? ?. ? Rast -. ?? ???./? p ' ?* ? ,' ?* ??? * i"!- Md ??
? ??.?.?,?:.?? meet Ini si ? ???'?? ? ?ra n M, I ?
? , . Avenue '??. R I ? Ight. a. !.. R m. t'?? i'?" '
,?,.,?, ??. ?,:.??!. ii ?r? ????? ? : ?? m ?, ,? ? s di
? ? ... G,.??.? on Julj -'?. l "- loll I ?
mitte? ?in hove rhnrg*?' ol lhe aflalr: I'mu Burri?,
??.,,.] Kramer, Loahi Ii. ?obt, 'aeofa Miller, A. I
?t?-?,n Mid llenrj Kit.iitci. ? ???,?.?.?????:? ,?\? ?
(he ??. iti? ? ft.?? el ,1? a! the d lib nt J hi it
? iii-'n'?'!. ?raa a??lopted. Rrtnk'stt? ?hand
it,?,, the i: m during the meeting umi ? lajred a stirring
t.i.-, aller width (fame? Rlxoa made g samo
add Anton g I i eat Won Lotit il. Boi I,
?????? tarj . ?'p i: Ban h Ham B? las, Tl
ohm, V. II, "' is . ? : *''; rilelnbrr^her. .?,?-.??? Wens,
lle:;ry Render, A. Retman, R, Kalmuea, J. ? r ????..?.:..
u. ifunet, r. ? King, frana: Miller ivi-?-,?. .?-h <i..u.
and ???.?, ??. <????.?.
? t.., t;?,.? ,' ?.? I : !, ? -ne:|. ..ti Republican Club Ot
the Wiild V?*M?m!i|? !?l-nict ?nil 1, held ,.t? Fiidai
evening, si Kahn Hall, No. i.M'T Thlrd-av?., to make
erraufcmenti Coi ihe arm aal oatlng of the eleo, aad
,??????? matter? pertaining to Uie camp* i ?p?.
,\ spoetai oMettos of Mie ttabaibaa i.'i>iii,iirai? < i.r?,
\r *. 11 ba ?]????? a wert f:.-m i" sjonroir niglil at the club
lions??, in Park-aVO. and Gii ? l.:iiirt.??J a,,d ? ,-s ?mtj
slxth-si., to arrange for the opening of the l'r. sui'-nti;,!
???? llfl.I. PR I MA III?? TO III". IIF.I.I) TO-DAY.
Tb.? ?nil Mill pilmarlei. s.ll take plu.??, It. ..|| t\,e
AtOtmbly districi?, of lbs city todas-, for th.? el.-,?????
of delegates lo the Slate. * 'invention, ;.t ssnou???. on
Tu'-*-day next. TbS mnnii-firs of the I'l.'-ldentlal
Democratic CoinmlHc?? inii.ounri-d yi-?t*'rdav ih.-.t n
sv.is e? peeled that the nun,ber ,,f vol??? <;.?t sv.iiild
i,e f.ir larsjsr than the number east al miy pravtaai
D? inocriiti*? primary In tli!? ?Ity. ?Oininndlou? tnarten
bare boea engaged in every disun? for tbe aetma
inodatlnn *?f volets. Th?? XlXth and XMIld ?1l?tri<l-.
bave been ?iivi?i.i, esrlag to tbe large aamber saraOasl,
and two halls in each dl.lri.t have l?eeii tetani.
Daring (he wceli nearly ??? convention? will I,?
held In the Int-tlor cuntl??? for ehooelflg d<l?r'nte?.
in sroordanee with D^mtieratls enatotn, three d.-ie
???!??, svili be Heeled front eii.-h A???ii.!.ly DI Met
In the st;it.?. This will malt?? the tot;.? ?.????.??t of
del.pit.s .'IMS, luit the rittet.?I;.nn? t? ?J |?-, ?.?<! to
far f'Xie.?d th?? n r'iliir tStCgateS, Tin?. < oiiv.-nlluii
train?, t?? carry abooi ?.*?*??? from tiii? .itv. s?m go
by tin? ?,??. Yoili Central road OS .Monday niuniing.
eonatsUng of ileeplaff-earai lu mtaeh the lelogali
?.-m li?.?? durine tbe trip. Prom Kinr? county .'?'"
Dem?crata win go by sraj al lbs Deiawara, Laeba
wanna .md Western RoNrose*.
I! hs? been decj.|.?d to hol*! the Cuhvirtion In the
Alhiuiilii-i Ulnli, Ssia<u?-e, ln?tea,| of the W.??li.i?
Hall, which I? t.-??,G?,??: of n< rotiiinodiitlii?, unis -J,:!<M'
people. -\b,ut e,??)<) people run be got Into Hit
Th?? pilmnrl??? in till* city will be held In the follow?
ing plac???, the poll? being kept open fnmi '.? in ?
tin- aaaralag until !? al nllilit: !??. A.-ciiibly DI.
tri'-t, No. 07 North Moon? ?t.; lid, No. -107 IV'trl ?t. ;
Hid, Everett Hall, No. .Tl Fjut Fourth ?t. ; ivili. Ro,
177 F.u?t l.Du.Uay , Yth, No. ^7?) Spting-st. ; Vlth,
No. -I'?'- Grand ?t.; VIIHi. No. I'M stltham.; Ylllth,
No. BJ limoni?? si. : l\th. No. :,:n Hui|?,.u.st. ; Xt'i,
Hall of ??crinan Inde-x.ii'lont Awa-laUon, Nu. U'.i
Kan r.'inth -t.; Mili. RO, 1"7 We.? Thi it* [oui ih-l.
MU?.. No. ii'.t F..i?i II mi toi. ,t. : Minn, ?,,. ??.,-,??
Fighth as???:; XIYil., Ro, KM fasi Tenth ,?., xvih.
RO, :i(X) We?t Thill*, third -t.: XVIlli. N.. :i|l s.i.onl
live.; XVllth. No. .'.'-?I We-t I ,,rts -..-.?,??,i| ??,; JCVIIfth,
Ra. 710 M?,ml nv.?: XlXth. Ro. -j.:,.?,,, Qghth-ov?.
fot til) limt JMirt of UM districi .??rlh of and turiti lin??
West On?? llillidn-? ????? U nil. -t., and No. ~-? NlnU'i nv ?.
for ail tiiat part ,,? Rh iimuu atsatb of and ?xdudlag
v, .-t *>i..? li.it.di'-i! uii'i ?.?,???-?. : \.\th, ?,,, ?o.. Tlrtrd
nve.; XXl.?t. No. c", Rasi J "l ft % i.lntj. ,t., XXII?!.
'Ihlrd nie and sixty ninth St. : \MIld. Ro, i.2,A
.?ve.?ii:d-iivt?. coni? r of "lie hund? .-tl and <ilU<?Mllli M.
for all that pari of the dl-lrl?! ?outh Of ?nd loelllding
'?tie T.ii ini ? ?-d ami ? I xi .-.-iitli ?t.. ?Mg 1 Nt ? l.-tn Turn Vc
Yi.,1..?,. Abe? t Keep nn Ysur Ron!?
Heerln?'. Ceassitbagaa Cl.eny tardi?!. ???IS by .?.sain :
?tit?, sis.
ivlii IlHll, No. JE? l"a?t One hundred and twenty foilith
,t.. Tor ?ill thai Bart of Ihe distile! north of une boo
dntl and .?llteentit-E ; XXIVtb, 3BS .Vle.iund.T in??.
EElTBEr?BO ????1??G?? IN Till". VVIOVV.VM.
DavM I!. I1I1I returned to Washington yesterday
uft.rtiO.in In anything but u Complacent ?tute of mind.
He feit ??? conn . 4 ind iii-i*u?t-i in? he had abundant
reason t*? teE ?. Il? eats? Iteri ta itralebten out
? Ing : be ?reni ?way leaving them more tuuirl-d tasa
evi?. H? ?run?) to t.lr.d T.iiiiiniitiv ??-?? ? I"-? Iv to In
f'.itutiP? BOd 10 ilp In tlie bud th? I'l-tili-iulnl ??pin
Unii? of William C. Whitney ; be return.?! to the capital
with a fawning gulf between hi nt and the Wigwam
??'<1 leaving the hiibi boors of tho former iNecretary of
-,.il In a ?tut ? of ulmnilng expaii-lon.
To ?lute the m??? mine, ?p.ctflciillv, Mr. J 111 t came
iver ?.ore to persuade Mr. ClOBOt and Mr. Murphy
U it It aa? tlie duty of Ihe New York delegut?** to
?linid by him In tbe, Niiti,>nal < '..iiventluii to Hi? end.
!??? (but end bitter or ?meet, and that it was -.Imply
'. ??:??*???)?? fu: t'l.-ni To think even of dill))? Mutilili?*
Itja? Uiaii thl?. Tie Junior s.iiet??!? fi.? New Vork
p WOB ted tris argumeiil? in the gHMt altra? Ilvo form,
but 111? h??rer? ?at mnnm-vl In Btetn. Tliere I? U">
?emi|in-lit ai,-nit l'auiu.iinv. In the vernacular of Lo??t
K"tnl'Ciitli ??.. t-Hei "plnv puliti?? cobi,?? Mr. Hill ? ?
tli?? hero of tbe li'.iir. s? I,?? \t ,t? tin??.? bMSUM ???.'". und
Er. Hill today, with every State |fl ib.* Enlon ?ilm l*\
t htm, IU* tWO entirely different. per?OH> In ?be
? imn ? ? mind, ? . spatial t-ji -ri urta marie to con?
? al ti'??. Appeab were la rale. "II ?? ill retry
well," -? ? " ? : lb? ?? patriot? yeat?*rday, "for llr.
lEli to talk al ?ui ear *p**iug out ?? hi? "!?i guard thai
11?. but ?:"v.-r -??: ?? :??'..t?, tut 'liitnuiiiny Hull i? imt
???, tiiit ?.,rt of bu?lnaaa. We ? ?? nd looking for ???'"'?'
BiedaU, ? ?. .:?? not ?? i.eut ? in ?. our politic?.
p ? > ??.?? ?,?,? be goo? ter lob? at tit?- Custom Houm t
?..???.???.? andel ?? Deiuoemtii Administration, aad It
I- J.-bsi we are ?It?r. Mo, W? ?! :.'t mind giving Util
a rompllBMnter] rote or two, bat us? can't ?l> SJlttt
til/n .? !.?? bist.'
ili? ravoSM altana?? as? toned totrt a little k)
..? ? r?... I ?t Ei II bu! b? anrterateod
it peife-ti? and r??.iIIa-.i at? r thai e ??*?*?? *at to be
ui ? tin n c bi:? .i ;. r'u: ? ? ?; ? ran? Mato al Chicago. A
ii<-A fan hid .tiieesarr.J, and ?rie tb.it #ili/ T.immitnv
?? ?e peti, .? lead, fir lette: than RIB. Ite I?
. , ? lib ral More thai flit. El br?**} ?? friei e?
?.? I. 41, ?ld>- . it, ?????!, ?, ?? ntwel tb| ?>??? m.TiHte
? ?f p.? Cleveland ?.?iiin.-t abo bu? not ? ?t??? ?? lubM
*?? ol the "?\ !*-.? ????? ?. ari I I eure ?-?? BreHng li?
?r ?? ? -??. ,?, ?? e ?i?i|ir"!i !*'? ? m ? it'dale
. ???'? .?? V? ??.? ???????'?, ma ri Jli.t ?|U??(eil !
marked al the riera? of t ?? lew: ?? ?? looba ? if
Ih- non.ti?- ..T l?.?Ii ?l.ve'.it.d ?cid UHI ????,?' fall
; ? vv ... ??
B? ?' ? ? bad f? ? ? y? tarday Mi?.
? ?? In town bui h? I ? ind : ? lime to e*
li?. N'Hther did ani of **o otnt* mch?**n?.
Hill un? ? fi alone m...t of ? ? 'f.? lettela t ?
? : ? ? ? ? ? , til *>?.d publish In the
? - ??? ?
|.?? o.? Unlmg tel VVaabl ?*t? n Mr. ll.ll ?uld to ?
? ? ? . h? WOUghl ?'.??!'.?"' Hur;! up wsild I??
renoiiiin !?
rn y n wi. t mi naa ir? ?ut riiw ?iu
? ,:i G , ??:?,???? POMI '?'
? he Pi t :s ?? morvoty, *? leb ss?*?. - ipp .- ? to bave
?. . ?? :,'.?! ??, bava ?. 'Ir.??! fr ,111 b'l?l:i ? ?
permnnently, ?? ? >>?? "I? again al the eti ?? md R-witi
? , ..,,..- ? , ? ,?, ?., ? evening, srllh thi? aan*?nren*r-ni
? ,? ??;? i-.iiioii? temporarll]. in ?
?.,, preps nd lo rei??"?? it? ronimti f??r demolishing
I .?.It!,.'.I.V H'll. ?'''Till?'- ?. '.?,' OB, ,' .???,,?. ,-f III
I 'im y t otiti IM??*??, |,r-?ut??.!. ..tul Charle? .1. M, ??? ?
seersssry, Km ?senator Fraarla M. nixbv, Ben
'amia Frsihiin. Rrnesl llsrvler, John J. Qttlnlsn, John
m 'luire, Wnillem V. Uroto, Rdarnrd i.n.*?.? and leverai
uthers ten artlvg in propagailng ?|?<- sentlinenl tin.?
.l'Ir rrgsnltstloii ?ras ?? m I ni a gres! .?? .1 si
vltatty. ????? .?t.?? ii- rank anal Ule ?rent? eager for
.?n. ?Hier battle ??'?? the liger. (Several aaeachea lo thi?
cffett ?rere p ??'?. ?iter ssm.ii u set ??' ? uviully pre
pTir?d r??-olili;.????. uji, .ii..|.t. I, usiti; th.it th?? l'otints
leu,, .?, ? primarles for ?-'??- bad be*sn postp imed lo
.isi.-it the redi HicUng ??f tas ?n?., snd thai ait.?!? ih
i.es? Asaesabl) itajtrieta bad bean formed, in July, the
? rtnart?s ?.?nid ?-- beM) ?si '?r about tbe seeeod
l'iuS'i.iy la pugnai. The re?<?lml?ii.? ?J??? lai?**! Iba
,,i,'ii,:.:ilioii to 1-e lu active and ai*???'???: tve ihag?,
am <uil??i aii?.?iiii,?t. ta Ma v..t?? ..[ 11 >,??<?> tasi rear,
.??t under mo-t di?vl\an ?ge .???, ?fid illAciunipi..:
. Ir uinstaiiiis?, as cvidt-tit tliat it ?ma ???????..??? ??.
ic?,jjnltliiii. Il;? puri?,?? to loiillt.ue UM Unti"
?irln?t th.? <'orriipiliig sud <Ii-?ir,., ttve Inthicnri-s ot
T.ininuny Hall w.a? dWliti'lls a*??i*ed.
l'util III?? icorgiini/ut?,,?, ?-????jiilr???! by il.? rcappor
Uniment UM olT-nnDiillon will b<? iin.li-r the ?<?:i.lu, t
ul an executive e, miniti ???? the composition of svinili
sus last eventi,e ??Ism us f.illow?: Kt ???<*???>?t
ll.trlci, Churl??? .Munii; I'M. Di tini? Unni?; llld. Ri
?.??ni <irii??c: IVth, as Aiti? ? mi m DanM ?. Dowllng;
\?h, Henry Ds.r; Vlth, Mtehaal 1, Rarit?; Vili!..
l.issi.iKc Well : Vinili, A. <i. FJ-cruu, IXih, Kri.e-i
laavler; Xth ??\ ?Senator ?.???.rn- ?, i.im^i?-in ; \nh.
.??im Malttgan; Xllth, wiin.mi f. Orate; xiiitii,
I..a? P, Ktnlln?.'?. XIY'tb, e\ ?.--?-? tut Dlslrbt
Ulorney Hi-itiv Allen; XVt!., TltoaUM ('???li.'.iti ,
-.villi. ixJusi1.?.? Muurlee .?. Power; XYIIth, Janiea
??.. coiilici ; XVIlltb, John RcDermiitt; XlXth,
rbomus II. I'.'H.inian : XXtb. 1.? ?'??hen ; XX 1st,
filarle* A. Jin :,? ,,?. ; XXlld. .lohn .1. Quintini ; ?????,?]
liet.jaiiiln liuniillu ; ??1\???, .lui?.,?, ,?. Roonejr.
gasator lUaobllaTe? whs vanta to be lbs "boa*"
tl tin? Hemm tain party In EtaBBk ( ? ??????, N, ,E,
lllld Pm-ccutor (?iXlliel, Willi i? tin? present "bn??''
?rid Wlu strotiplV object? t> gtrlftg Way I? Hin? iillll'-.
will carry their Mltfctasl fighi lato lit? DeiiioiiU
Eni'.venii'iii ?.? Treutoa Today, (?ti tbe fuer or the
return?. gBttrBtOr ??????????? tuul til? follower? receive?!
a rnisiniiR SOttoal II Ita DMtatrotlc piimuric? Urtjoogb
ont tlie county a few duy* BSJB, und Hie (lourlev
men wei-e Jubllutil ??ver ?be victory et llrtiiin, v\ lo.
vriis their repr<-?ent?tjve iignlnst Him ?ililTe. Hut
tin- Setiiitor latetM? I? contckt eveiy li.wn.iilp and
ward carried bV llnillll. und will appear ?it Ibi?
convenu.m with ? full dek-gnilon. Ilo will ebarg?
IBal fruud wu.? carried on at the primarle?, mid lliut
ballot b'.yc? were ?'ulfc'l. BSBSISl llliichlirfe eg?
?, re ???*-, himself s? confident ? hut bl- delegation will
be sostrd. He and hi? Mefitis ??? I*alersi.n for
Trenton f*tt*T**J ?alleninoli. Mr. (.?nnli-V und hl.?
men, ri..?inipu.ib'il by I band o! inn?!?-, will gn in
Ir? nl.ei This morning. Mr. OlBllSf llilnk? thut II I?
nb-unl to tatti ve that tli? ?uie (.inventiti will
? iiiiuvor ?? ?? re lh Stateti ? of tlie pB maries, sul
d.??? nut eon id??! Butt ?.?? tenu u.? "bom* at inr
v here neatr Iti es?? if H 1?, h? contili? tiv expesta
? re e|r? ll"li.
COLONEL <?.??!?-?>.?"*4 DAY IN WA-?HIN?.T? >N.
Wu-Jiingtoii, Mav ?_?!.?('nloiiel? Clurksnii uns ?? busi
man lo day. He ?.?. .-ivt>l in ?my caller? ut hi? liott-1,
bat wu? untin-iv irraccsnlM? all Mm evening, Taa ?*?
**Ort from New-York Hint III? gtHMBl vi?lt |? Wash
iiiKion was foi- lh. piii|i'i-.i.' ol ?curili); a ?';??'????1 ?tit;?
Noni fi-oiii ??? ?.???? Ham.m *- to hi. *a*aSlEE with
ru -??????! io Ita rmiMUHon II BO! t?-riuu.?ly regarded In
uflisial circle? here. Colunel Clurluou lut? Oa let made
no effort whatever to see tho President on that or any
otlW subject.
r.tsii |i)Ri'i"-s AT TRKRTOR TO DAY.
Trenton, Mny 24 (?sperlall.-YVhen Uie Dsmocrotlc
leaders ardved lare ??-??????? to cut out the work for
Ihe Stale ?'oiivcntloti to-morrow they fuund S?imtor
*k*aPhSsassa In ? Mg reos? st the Trenton House, sur
ronnded by a throng uf ??.??<1?. :in*l working like a
bearer, not only to prevent the execution of tl.? pro?
gramme fnr turning him down when tt came to ctnio?
Ing delepates-at laic?* to the <h'c?go Oinvmtlon. but
sl?o to forca tlie cnnventl'ui to liu-fruiH Ihe delegation
f,)r Cleveland. The slate orlplnnlly made out for del?,
giites-at-large was '?oveifior Abbctt, .lames Smith, Jr..
It. Y. baa ?nd Mrles l?o??. I.oe wan named In
order that Sottili Jersey might be reprif-eiited.
II.? d?+clnr?d that h?5 had no desire to
Dpure n ! Chicago nnd ounsented for harmony's
<-nl,e to retire from th?? light, and when Ms decision
to do so was annouti'ed the McPhcwon men threw
up their hat? and begun Uie work of creating a senti?
ment In favor of sending the d?l?gation to Chicago
Instructed for Cleveland. ?Senator McPhewn ln?n?tert
thnt nine Tenth? of th? Democrat? of New-Jersey were
{or Clev-ehind. an?! ?o s-ere m:?rc than throe-fourth? of
the delegates to tn-njorrow'?, convention.
The stat?? ('??uimittee was in session at a late hour
dl.cusslng the questl'-n. The friend? of liovernoi
Abbelt energetically oppoied the Ides erf Instructing.
They thotpht the delegation ?.hutild be fi-*e to do what
neenic-d lient when the prevalin?? ?lentlment at Chlenpo
wa? kftown. The matter will not be settled until to?
The district delegates will be as follow?: 1st Dis
trlct?\V. J. Thompson, of r,-imdea, and iieorg? 1!.
liurker, of ?'lo?nse?tcr ; II?!- lohn If. tScudder. of
Menser, and T. K. Prltte, of Durilnglon : HId-MI!!ar<l
Y. It????, of Middlesex, inid John Hoi-ne, of Ron
ino'ith ; rvth--Johnson Conn*, h. of Warren, and J.
Nelson l'ideo??!*, nf Hunt.-rdoti ; Vth J. P. Corrigan,
of Herpen. an?! ?-Ither S?*tiator Hlnclillffe or Lewis
Kraut., of ???? al?? ; Villi Qottlftesl Kriieger and lota
ii. Dasenberrr, of K*?ex ; viith DtMols M< Uughiin.
and l.?>bei? s. Diivi?., of Hud?on ; Vlllth Joseph Yates,
of G???????,?:?!. un?! Thiuiias Nfvln?. of < ?runlie. .Itidgo
Chaaneey li, Beastey, of Rercas*, will t?e tsaaaiirsij
and pt'ubablv permanent ? li.-rriniiti of the conventi >ii.
????t'' a??? WtWrtTVl Toncv-niE
I? A STO R AL T.I MIT G???-???.?'.G,?).
far IEI.U4SRAI-II ?? THK THin*?.?*?*.)
Omaha, May 24-Tli?; aUAhtmht '"?en eral Conf?r
, en*"? loduf, in ?pite of <h? conservative attitude of the
bishop? ,uid the non partisan dell ? eran*?.? In the DSj
rlpltt?t?. virtually d-y .?.red In favor of lie Prohibition
jxiity. Tin? cooler l.??ud? la th?? botT, It Is true.
provati! end^irored to iinniil th?) fnrre?**f the ieelaw
tlon, but this *ni? e!Te,'t.-<l only after ? slruggle, sn?!
the p:.rtl?:.n Prohibitionist?? on tlie door afterward
ch???:eil svitli nndlmfnls'ied vigor. ??." can?-? of tills
I B?-tl??n svtv? a violent report ?m the liquor ciue,ti?si
< fruit th,? *f>nparanc? Cotntniitee, Issi sting thnt t]iose
, who =tt -tul?, the li?|ti??r tt-nfTi?? -hont u??t receive the
-ulfn.-,?.*? of < hrl?tlii'i inen, und en?,lincine l!ce?n.?<?
j taara as Ihe ?? liquor trulli,??? ??-??n?r.t hulwHrk of de
, faaeet* The. **ef*oH roriMassai in *fTe?t :
w? rondi-uin ih?* Itoose ol R?fC-??nissttraa f"r It?
? r--;?? .it.?! r-fu ?* to ??.?- the 1,111 j-ovldlnir for tl,,? Bf
polntanenl of .? National Ooemlss*?!? <>f Inquiry to r?*
pori on the Influence ?,f n,.? trsfflion the liuteria! and
- ? irritar* nf the riwntrff. Tie l-nltee* ??tat'?? ??t
' ?.am! cl ?'?t?? ,'?>?.-rn ????"?- Tre gallar of a wl.Iied
eompildty *s.ii. ? ?.???it;.-?- ni, ?.- msrtoj mat* ?,f di>
?tnteil ?n ??: .: <i? ii .?- alike ?'' ennay of ?rj-od and man.
\\?,. denounee the ?cue li.?T?rta?.-?.t for pro???tulini ???
p .?>???? , ;.? fi... r? <|ii.?*t ???'Ci.* Arnerleaa bro*rsr? and
? nwlisteri t ? rolle, t infosnaUnn and to aaa the ins
I rblnerj of the <.?.???????-?? to pn?nu??? tho ?.tie of
' Amerii <:; !! ??e-. Il ?Uli Am? rl'on e/Mintritv?.
Wh?-t th" apptan ?thai folto???! ?ho r?*adinc of th!?
d...nin.-t bad nbatat, .indg?? VTRRasa ..awrenr?. of
olilo, p,,:nie?! ,.,?? t.';.'tl '??.?* r?-iu-u, of the report
vlrtnt?y Indiysc/ Ubi I*rohlbi(l?n rwrtv.
?N>. nn." r-ied many ?>f Uie del?HC*i>b.
".nit It dev?." th? Jinl?" ln?lste.| " Yiu say that
tM..:M m <?'. th? l!?r,iof tre"*!,, is 'eliminai ompllrlty'
ni ih? par. of the Mate? prucll ,tng it."
" eo It R," ?ned the rrolilMUorls's.
?Tt,?; ?fitfetninit meat?.?."' contitiu??! JPssffR Iatw
tl.it ?orne p.liticai purty in this eonntrr is
ptil'l of cmptlcltr wllli the liquor tmffle, becftuse
? ,-',<s ha? pmvMed for ? tax. and it ????ridemrs the
RepabUeaa party and Indorse? the tliird or ProhlbHion
II re the lYi'tilbltiorrlstt cheerH v.'a'Iferoiialy. "There
is pa dire? ' rafereaee t?> ani party,a $.???"-*"?? a dele.
?? It Is not Bj?*eaasarff that there ?hould be ? direct)
?.f.-,...,.,, ,,.,) ,,? \',")i.i;?t Bptseopsl Chnrh cannot
?T ???! tt. |.ut ;t??lf ?<n n?,, nl In f..s,,r of tho Third
in.rts ?.
JiuIt;?- I,.-.vretv?.' OiTersd ?? a ?>u!.'?'itiit? f,sr the SB?
port ?!.?* t,-i|i,p: ,?.. p.-.ri.-ruph in th? Epl-copsl ad
'I t'.ink thnf the SS??? h tliat lia.? been l.enrd an
! r Ila? If." ?aid Dr. \. R, Leonard, a def?-??<?<!
Prohibition cundid it.? fnr the Oble ?"???v.?ri'?,rsii:p. "I
n. ,?.?? thai tii.? MhsUtntc, be laid on the iabas."
? lit? ?..?!,?!, sn? defeated by .i rote "f SW7 t.? cjt
Jit.I,-.? I ?ssr.-n.? ?reeptrd u- nn Timctulnient ili?? addi
Hon ,?.' ''.? t'-mp-r:m* ?? pa-ragraph from ihe DUdpilne.
?Thi? nport," .ii?! Dr. J. ??. F.v.n., ,?f Illinois. In
u he.i|.,l ,|?-e. I. "|?-,eise,| t?.,? - in?"|nu ,.f ev.TV man
on lbs i"inii.:tt??4'. llu're U ?. ? partis in ji .'.ni.?, lu
if Bleep! what .Indir?' l.iisvreii.?.? ha? put In. If ???t
part of I? aliali ?mow In ??'?nfllct with any partff that
|?ut? into it? pltttitirm Whs! ?!i?>?. t!\- or lr.?1liv?'tly su?
? ? n thai tratti.?, *ve tir.? noi I?? Manu*. TI??? >upr*iti,?
? o.irt ,,f the i'nit??t Mat.??, anlbo Jnd-?? laniesiw.
deride? thai tbe sale of ilqaor ?? net .? righi of am
rltlxen and ran onlff be i-is-tt tbroogh ptitltieal artton,
and thai i?iiltl.si ?artlon ?? the r.??-u!t of principle?
mainlalned .nul praetleaU]? ?urie?! oat bv Um? politteal
I?:.nl???. The ll'iii'?r Infine?!.e Is felt In emmet???. !-t
polities, and, I feir. In BMHff ??.???? even ii Chtireh
piati,?i,: ?nd it is our ptsce ?? ?!,"?t??? ?nain?! tha
perpeiu ition ..f tbia criaos.*
Dr, (?rand.t'.ri, of N'-rth < 'umili??, ?? colored dele
p-at.?. raEad ta ?? *fssi by otuar*. TM? wa.? set tat
iul!:e.l ??rid ?? ? ?abVUtat? uoa rejected bv u vu.? M
?.:<?> tO -'?''?? '''he rc|*?n*t wns then ndi.pt.?.! nniid I
?Torrn of iippliti**.e. tta daSfgBl?**? vuivtiv Ibelr hand
kerchief? and to??lng rminphlett Jubilantly nt'? the
"?mfe????!? l.HHe, ?>? F.vnnMon, had the pre?eii.c of
mind to retail/..- tta full force ,?? tbe action, nnd moved
Hist it be djstlm tlv ?Hiderstn-U that the report dl?l
not oiiiinit Th.- eoaterence t.? tbe support M am?
party. DT. Hell, 'if ?ihl?>. promptly moved Hint tide
be laid OB lb? tabi?. JUUR? UiwtVlico contended Unit
(his wu? BUl of ?*??* und. Hie |?-liit being .ii.falii???!.
the roles were .?uspende?! to ?dinlt of the iicHoii. But
even after Proftsnor LltthV? mi-ton; vin? u?ufte?, the
Conf?rent?? airain went will and lbs ?hccr-l:?.* wu?
k.-pi up ta another live minute?.
A seii-i.tlo'itil re|?irt Unit BIsBOp Flete? had tn
dor?.?t a petition for the eliinltiiiti.>ii .?f dancini- from
the II?! of ???..???!.???<1 ?niiu-eineiit?, ha? been widely
published, und tho tarai church organ baa been ?Errad
up over profane newspaper carteature? thai be*? taad
Ih.'ir way t-? oiiuiha. Thy Itutti Is, tta Trov Cui
tutuuee .?'ii.niittc.1 io ibi ga-rtsral i?hIv indu? ?
mein.>iml ?u|t*ge?ttag Hun tin? prohibitiva *-4uagm***h
In? ni.rely re?tored to It? rNlglnaJ shape, tn which ?H
objectionable amusement? were f- >??!?????*?? In peserai
i-i m?. The majority repart on Ita memorial, d??
chires that th.?!??? ?? nu taJSclent l*c?i->?ii ta BBtklBg
Um ?'??????'-???? change In tta Hi-cipiin??. ? *t*dnority
r..|K.rl ?li-'tied bv Dr. .1. VV. Eut) ? and ten others,
rei ommetids the otiii??lnii of lb,? word? " problbltiug
?itteinlain e al theatres, Inii-e race?. (In uses und
??????? *?-?." and tin? -iibttituHoii .if paragraph? declaring
that ??*r***err**tblag that BppeaU? to riu- ?atMaal appetii?)
?!????( b?" dl?".iMle<|," :,? mint ni.?, anuiii.t-tut-nts wlilch
A ringing noite
i:\ tbe t?irs, heud
acbo, dcafnt*ss,
eyes weak ; ob?
struction of n?)t*o,
ili-a-liart-e? falling
into lhro.it, ?-?????
t i p????? profuse,
_ . wiiterv and acrid,
tM ?Offl M ... ",? at ntrieli?, thick,
*mV '** ' ' r tenacious. Moody
and putrid; offen?
sive breath; smoll and t?.*.tt? iinpinrud, and
generili "leliilily. Nut all uf tbt-.?e ..ympt-juu*
at raies lYobnbly only a low of tUoiu.
Thut? Catarrh.
A medicino Hint bv it.? mild, s?x)thing,
cleansing uinl heetlir?.?-" properties has rural
tin? IIUI1.T hii|?uie.? oaaaa Out* that ? ill euro
pom, in? iniitu-r imw bail your ca.?*) or of bow
long htandin;-. A medicim? that tl?*e??!?'t
simply intuiate tor? time, but producen per?
let nini permanent cure*?.
That? Ur. Sage? (."uturrli Runusly.
A cash payment of f***?, not by you, ru
you might SRBSet, but f<? you, it you can't tt?
cured. It's nn offer that's mudo in gooil
faith, to prove Their ii*?e?lidri<?, by r^wnsihl?
ci'-n, tho -?n>priettirs of Dr. Huge* Rtinedy.
That's the kind >.f uitsiioiao to try.
Du**n t it team ao I
Little Boy's Nitflerin-*; Iron? Krtenuu
drirew II orsi- Inder 3 Dottora.
?Cured by ?Vutlt-iirii.
For one year ?t,? I ttle boy waa troubled wit* er-ei-rta.
After trilli? Uir?e eminent pbv?ii.-l?ii?. Uie disease ai??r
??r?e; both rl.eek? be? am?? a ra?? ?or?. Then ?not,
1?'???? P. break ?in, ?n Ins bod- ; ?ud I am of an oisnli-n
that IT I lud n,,t tried Cut?cula K? in?'.':??, iny bev would
uitlay hav.? Oeo* ?>.?,?? llon, ^r?? ^ fo0, wittt y^
terrible di?ea?e. After u?ing tl?.? renuslles ' r ? wo month?
he wit? ??ntltely cured, and is BOW a? fair ay> an ? boy. f
?end you Uil? te?ti umiliai ?? no]n*? son?? poor ?tfll'tef! oa?
may tee Uu? cure and e.btuiu ? l*TK dlv REMEDIES at
??nee. j WILLARD case.
tshrltcr Island Height?, ?. Y.
Skin Disease for Years
I have read a irr?.'! d???! about th- CCTICCR.A P.EMF..
DIE.??, but 1 did not tali?? env tteol ,n tl.cn, until I taw i|
with mv own ? vis. My Meter had ???? "??????.? tor ? lar??
number oT year?. It broke nut .|, f,t?r her bodv and Tac?
li.? ter did her no goo?. Tried everything. t?ed one at?
ot 1 iitlcura?. If lias sil disappeared Yon cu, tek?
this fur a tavstioioiilsl. ???? M ? ?; v M o Ai'.riiy.
71 Etra*Yafk-a**?., Ogdeaabarg, ?. ?.
Cuticura Resolvent
The new Bleod and Mkta Purifica? anil ?in-aieef. ef ITnir*??
Konie4lle?. interna : ? (to cleoti?o ?i" bino?! of all Impunti?*?
?nd thus remove tbe cause), and <???' ? ha. C?e great s.la
Cure, and CC'I'l? I'll? ????. an ex?n?i?lf>- skin b?aiilat'er
externally (to dear the ekln ??id scalp ?nd restore tSm hair)'
..?.?? ...?*?? ?r*??.|e* nf ?????? / ,???/ IL. ?.li.v l.llrnli.n ...'..'
Sold everywhere. Brice, Cuticura, 5<V. ; Kosp, 2Se?
Resolvent. ?1. I*r?i-?red bv Ui"? HOTTER DRi'C, AXB
CW fiend tor "How to Cure Skin DUeaeea." 64 nage?,
60 lllustr-itlc.il?. and 100 ?>?ti.r.onlal*.
I'l.ES, blackheads. r?-d, roiiRh, chipped, and olir
skin cured by CCT1CCBA SOAP.
Chest Pains, Sonine??, Weaknes?, Bieklig
Co'ijrh. Asthma. Pleurisy, and Hifiarr.rr.atloo,
relieved In one uilmiie bj th? fulleare
Anil- Bul?? I'lu si er. NoUiing Ilk?) it tor Weal
Cutlery, Spoons&Forks.
A large number of designs of Spoons
and Forks in the finest quality of Sil?
ver Plate. Carving Rets, Dinner, Des?
sert, and Fruit Knives, with handles of
Pearl, Ivory and Silver.
Reed & Barton,
37 I nion Square.
ksid the worldly minded to suppose tlutt tb-yse who
Indulge in them ?re n..t devoted chrlMlant.'"
Paragraph K*fBAB, as amended, w.xiM read: "Ii
ca?e? of neglect of duty of any kind, Imprudent ecu.
duct, indulging siDful tempers ..r words, the buying,
selling Or BMBf of InroxlcaUng liquors a* a beversg?,
signing petitions in favor of granting license for th?
??in of intoxicsning ll'iuor?, becoming bondsmen for
the persons to engw*e la sudi trame, renur.r- properly
a? ?? phtte in or ou which to muti ufa" ture or t*ell lu.
tuslcttUng liquors or for luminiti purpos*?*,, tailing
aji-U amu-erneate aa are obr.ou?ly of a misleading
or questionable niom.1 tendency and Therefore ?re, aa
declared by thu gin-val rules, su. h diversions a? citi*
not be takou In. tbe name of trie Lord taaSj or d:?
eihedleri??? to the order and d1?. ,pl1no of the ?Church:
?? Klrst, let private r?pro?>f I?* given by ?? preacher
or leader and If there be li^lniowledgment of tlie fault
and proper bumlllatlou, tlie person may be borne wltk.
In a ?eeond otte no the preacher or letida-r ruay take
oi,? or ?-vu discreet member? ot too Church. In a tUrd
o?Tei,.? let him be brought to trial and If fouiid
?rnili.1 a*id Urei?.? be no .?.??n.s uf reul repentauca b?
?hall be* e*.p?'lled."
?The ?igiintt? hublt" has also ?rrotight up the Com?
mittee on Temperance and lYoldbltlou to tlie point
of i??ulng i? general raun?terbtaai alatasi tobacco.
aitiimlrg that no preacher should be admitted Into an
annual innrerem??.' ?Iiu doe? not promise lo AbstiUu
wl "??. fr? ui tn?: u??? of t ?bacco.
?? Ph.? minuter <?f tlie gospel,'' the report continues.
??r?b??ild be ? pur?? nun. Tree treat habite n. iking lus
intlm-ine perilous to th* young people of the cougi?e>
.-??f. ?:. Ui view of tfie ????'? l.il I ii ;.??:?!.?.' <? ?ud ?acrirsi.
:ie?. nf Uie exMtnule before young penplt?, we urge
upon all tbe superintendent?, ?aid teacher? in ?junda)?
.'Ii?>ls ne;tiier tn u?e nor traffic in t-vb*. oo, and ?re
insist that in all our InsUtuUon? of learning the n?e
of tubaci?.? ?luill be ?1?G?????????t? both by precept
?Ud example.'*
A| t ?.? - in 'rnl:.?"? ?e?*lon the Conference deilnliely
decided t ? leare tli?? paatOfal limit undisturbed. In tette
uf ib?? strong majority repon urging lu abuliu?>u. The
minority report, opposing toe aboliti .?, wn? adopt. I
ufter un amendment to ?end tbe ouastura to taaaal
tuiueieiii .?? tmd b? ?n def???ttd. Tlie mujoiltv r? ;. rt
? .. tupported In a strong ip?*aeb by l*r. j. M. Kmg,
>t New York, wiio?e rue?* appearance on t!;c r.>->tniia
la always warmly applauded.
lh!? r ??otuiiieiiiiuiloii." ?.nd Dr. Kl'Jf. ????G???1??
er-:ii>??t advance ?tep In Eethodiam In Hftv year?. No
inovement f.r ? ittiui* ? time ltmir <?n tbfl pnttotaia
.?..? token until tw?'iity yean ?tft-r the Methodi?t
l-^iisc .(ml Cbui.il bad been OtigteattM. Before Uvat
fiieisa ?ra? only ?ueb limitation as -'?ud h??en Imp????]
!<y Tin? will oi ?.'.?? liKtividiiiil bl?hop. Our pa?t?)ratea
?m? ? rear only in duration, and any Bombar of re
?pp.iiiittiients ??.??? not d-?tn?v ibe Bineront prtu.-.pe.
? ben W? li usi a muli ritteil ?,. Ut?? wink he i? dEog. It
,- ' li?h to stake hi? day of judgmcot c?>me in riva
vent??. Thl? action win put a premlnm on .?xperiei???
?uu! mutuntv. The only ministry lu t'ls ci-uiitrv t!?at
ha? | demi llu.? nt tlftv I? the Methodist. -As it ?*??
In tho b.'glnnlni*. now j, ?nd ever thai! be' i? inly ap
pliiuM? to ?. ?G. woi-k? u'id not b? taaaf*, W? muti
not b" eccle.?la?tlcitl BcmrbM?, never U-arniii? nnvthliig
and never fi.rcettlug anrtlilng- vv.? may ?av what we
11k??. ui>.l pilnt wliat ?tatistic? ne like IB the news
paper*, but we ?ire falBng In ta? t**S*tr?S M popiilnilon
I ) do MM work w.? ou?;' t pi do.''
Judge Murrav. of Alti?ion. opp.rsed th?? sb.illtl.wi ??f
the time limit. Dr J. K. Cluiffee. of Mlnin?-**?.
favnifil ll, und pro voluti ?? storm .?f grOSU? nnd hi?????
l.y a-? rtlng that the coiititrv charg.? WB? 'h*.' " Rlf
Van Winkle nf >Ietti<?li?n.?? Dr. Buckley and Dr. J.
M. lilggiti. ..? Vii/.?!..?. oppo..?1 th?? cbuiige. Dr. <",.
BrMgerrosn, **4*e**i?ianl of ItemBn Inlverslty. offered
??? rinieiidiiu-ii! peotidlng Unit "iinv bishop prr?l.llifg
In un ..iiiin.-il eanfecWO? ??. OPOn ?? Itali ""utenient of the
? a?e bv ? lie t.WIiop?. ?nd the concili rene.? of three
Tourths of the numbers of the annual conference vot?
ing by bullot und wUIkuiT debut??, muy appoint a
preacher without regard l<? Ibe limit of five year?.*
Thl? wn.? lnld on the table. The minority report was
then accepted bv a vot?? of *J".??? fo ISS, and was ?uh
?eiiii..ii Iv iii'iipled. The |-e?ult was r??m-hoil amid
much' evltenient.
The liev. P. J. Res-Mr lin? subMYlied BiO.nco for
ihe e!??tion of ? Metliodi?! church building on a lot In
Rome, ????!? ihe Vatican.
I?r, ,T. P. Ileri-v. oT ebb ugo. wa? t->d,iv reelected
etlltor oT -Tlie Kpwoiih ll.rnld."
THK STOl'.M IS NOW Ti:*?l'*i!l?"R?G?G?, !JL*T .VOT
VRaTf WKi*.
Wasl.ltiglo.i, Mav 24 -Th,* rl-arlng rondiUot? ha? moved
fro'ii A UI,J>. s tu tlie So.tli Atlaul'lr .-i?n?t. ? ?e'ond
ilaatag .ondiUou ti?? i.,.?..*d ir?*?, ge* N,,tih Pasta? te
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