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.-..MUER*? THEATRE-8-Th? MlJietrel.
WUOt? THEsTKJ"?**--? i6-4Sport M'.AllUter.
BROADWAY Tlli.irwt-I U,-Witif
CA?.I.NU-?!4:16-Chlkl ot Fortune.
lULl'Alkl'g 1 HEATRP, 'J S .15-btrussle of Life.
EISEN ??'?.? -Wax Klfre?
l*OI*RTEENTU STREET 'niT.ATRE-2-ti 3C-In.?8?ni?
UAlUiKN THEATRE--? ?lo-Ro?t,ln Hood.
?.RAND "??,?a *T1T**t?t 1 ft'It IV Midnight Aaiui.
HI UHMANf-i'S THF.ATRJC-rilta-Klyeluni.
a iO-A Trip to Ciiinstowii.
KfsTKR It JJA.AI.'8-?.-?-Vaudeville.
LYUIM TtrrTW 111 11? Orey Mare ?nd The
.Mi B-st HALL??? 14?Fron Cliso* lo Man.
rautjuva THKAiRE-8-jupitair.
i'l.<<l'l?l.'b lHEA?ltE-8-lri?h Inapiratloii.
IMluilOR/s THEATRE-?.'-? ??-Oid Jed l'roaiy.
aT-.VDARDTHEATH.E-8 16-Frleadi
bOflH BI.AtH AMPH1T11KATRE-8 l?*?-Fall of l'levna.
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Bunt.??. Kotlc???.... S 1 :MJ?cel'e?u?)ou? . 1? 8
C*>moret?ar*ilO MUceUaaiooii? ... 12 20
~'Vw?c?s '??.I*? -? -Mualoal ln-Hrum's?. 11 (i
??uni*i Maaid.0 * ..New PuMlcsMons... 8 1
IM.i?mjd ? ou?**?? . Il S n,eau Sititauiier?.U 2
XerommetloM . ? ? IToposale . b ?
isBSSafee ItAusBas? FuUi?: IfoOres.?? ?
Wattled . 9 S-? {Resi F.?lai-. 8 ?-4
B><m??loa? . 8 ?'? Railroads. 8 ,'.??*
flnaBcinl . 10 3-?. 6??*??1 Notjcf?. T li
naseejal .11 1 ?8U?i?4fe Notice?. ? 6
?Tti7auirt?l Mee?Jii|? 11 2 {.nmeer Koaort?.U 8-1>
Far tsaU? .?... i? U fcunime? Reaort
Help Warted. ?? 2\ Guides .11 ft
H?.rse?. A < iuTtagaa.. S l retri,,.? . (S g
Bot?!? . 8 ? The Turf.11 ?*
Imi- ma . ? 1-2 ?work *?.???<-?. ? ?-S
??neituee Xolirra.
Keep's Dress Shirts to Measure : ? for $9. None
enter st sa/ prie?. 800 and 811 Broadway, Now.York.
said oiH CA?aHiiitr?t., fhlladelpSiS._
1 year, ? ????. ? is??, l nn> ropy.
Daily. ? tier? a weUt....?)D 00 ti OU t.- io Si 00 .
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BA* h *t,'i'>lBl.RS.--Foi' Harn Numbers of the Dslly
und *?.ind?v paper?, mort thsn a week old, sn ?xtrs prit?
is ?;.,'.? a
1 <?-??.r ? ?paid by Tribune, except on Dally ?nd bundsy
r*i?r f .t mal, -uU-criber? in New.*?ork Otta snd on Daily.
?sen-! *n ??,..? and Wessi/ to foreign oountrlas, in whict
him*? extra i--,-t?*e ?ill t-a paid bv subscriber?.
Remit ty Vottt? Order, Exprtis? Order, Check, Draft or
Rs?i??ered letter.
Cask or nessi Kote,-it sent In M irnisglstered letter,
will l-e at onnar's risk.
.V.i . uptown offl, ?. 1.242 F voso war. Main oS.ce of
The Tni.iine. 184 Na*~?so ?t., New-York. Addtess ??
laiaeiasaSiBS? ?imply -Th? Trlb'in?." New-York.
lllll.MII OPFH >.!-* OP THE TRI HI NE.
Aiieru??iTi?nt4 for pulllcsttoa In The Tribune and
?ra,i? lor refill?? de.ivery o( ?lie dally psper will ne re
.?e|\,-o ?t the following branch ?llices !n New-York, at reg?
ular ..ii.??.? raw? :
Mala br?aeh effloe. 1,242 B'oadway, uin-t corner ai?t?t.
la. lit, ?tie , ,?.,,??,?? Hti, ?t.
?Jot geh STI, fornir 284-?t
It". tVeel 42(1-??.. near Cth-ave.
?'?.' Av-ntte ?.. nest Esst 4U?-st.
MB .',,sve.. entrance 47lb-st.
*.'<? "-ait 4**d-?t n?sr **l?dl?on-ave,
1 ".**. .iiasw., betaeeo ?tsOtii and out ?I?.
t 'I'll via?- beSween 11 ?th sud 1 Itili eta.
is?' i.sst r.".u. ?t , near Sd ??*.
.'id iVV.t l?Sth-st?. between 7th and 6th ?ves.
:4?.?0 \Ve?t Kill, ?t
1 "?in ut ev- near 8?tA-?t.
!?*?.' newer?? near Rroomest.
?tl I. l,-i t.i ?t
Brookim Advettlainf Agency, 897 Kultonst.. op. <";tv
Ha:: nj Court ?. ; 506 De Ktlbsve ; 1,200 Bedford ?si ?. .
IP Broadway.
*A'j?hn?ton-Ko 1.822 F-st.
e^e^-itrk??a^ ?rihum
WEDNESDAY. MAY 25, 1892.
Foreign?The Irish Local Government bill
, u.???c ? it* seco ail resditi?; id tlie House of Common?,
J..U lo 24', ; Mr. Ulttd?t*>ne vigorously attack??!
it. un*l Mr. balfour replied to Lim. essa Tho
tuie ot Duke of York hits been conferred on Prince
i.e?.ivt of Wales, -r? King Leopold approve!
tin? itHsolution of Uie Belgian Pnrli&nient providin.
? or Sj revision ot the ConsUtutiou == Senor
Kiimert?, Mesicun Min.it.er to the I'mied ?Stai-ee,
??.?? latea appointed Minister ot Finance, t-? It
is likeiy Hist Freeident (nrnot will pardon K*l
uiini l'a ? Lei Deacon on July 14, the unni ver ?try
ol 11,e lull ot Die Bastile.
? ? n ?u?*.?Both I) is astata in (-ei*ion ; Tlie Sen?
at?? : lin- lull to piovuie lor the punishment of
-.i.'l.itiin. of lu-niy ri?-his ol aliens \tu? lurtj.er
iliisuuansil. r-= 'flic llouse: Consideiation ot
? in- >,iuilry Civil bill was continued. =.- A caucus
? ? He Democratic ineuiber?. of the House decided
t.i.ii the ifii.aiiiiin* appiopriation bills snail he
i,i.?l>?.-?-iJ of in their ?ei?iilai order before other
I?illn aie teken up.
Domestic ? Majority and tnltioiity reporte on
list Ihi?,?.*" cuse cuuie before the Presbyterian
QtStttti A!*eeiul?ly at Portland, Ore. .-.rrr? The
.iletii.xli??! lienerai t'otilerence at Omaha decided
to leave the psitoral term limit undisturbed. ==
1 Im .New-York bssstball team lost two games to
Bo?)on. -~-?? Tlie Wistem Hoods nre sabaMlng;
uiiich eulfrriiig existe among the victim?. =?*-=-=
? '?'iiiplimeut.il?>? banquet ivas given in Boston to
'i'. Jefferson Coolidge, the I'nited State?? MiniM<i?
lo Fran?.?.
Cuy and Suburban??Superintendent Byrnee
inaile s report to the Police Board, telling what
he had done t? supprera vice, ?nnsna Winners at
(?raseeend : Hammie, Bolero, Raindrop, Patron,
Trinity sad Sir Arthur. ?-Broolt^'n def-ostid
Washington at baseball, sansa Many of Mr.
Biaine's friends ?Mtll-ed upon him at the Fiftli
Avenue Hotel, insana Stocks weak, on what ap?
peared to be European selling. The principal
declines ware on selling for the short account.
The Weather?Forecast for to-<lay : Fair; slightly
warmer Temperatur?*? yesterday : Highest, 7b
degioes; lowest* It?; average, 60 7-8.
Ex-Alderinan Barker has escaped again. The
evidence against him of violating the Internal
Revenue laws at his vinegar factory was t-x
cecdinglv Htrotig?to all appearancx-s conclusivo.
A prompt veiditt of guilty was looked for.
After several hours' deliberation, hoi?.?;ver, u
verdict of acquittal wat? handed in, and it was
disclosed that only three of the jurors bad been
in favor of conviction. .Such a result in tho
Tinted States Circtit Court, where good juries
are more likely to be chosen than in our State
courts, is both disappointing and discom-a-jin?*
A muss-meeting ?ill be held in the Cooper
Fnion to-morrow evening to give public ex
piessjon to the strong sentiment in this com?
munity in fayor of sustaining the movement,
?^presnntt?d by Dr. Parkburet. which aims to
compel the police to do their full duty in en?
forcing the laws against crime and vice. Tho
? all for the meeting has been signed by a large
number of representative men of all professions.
If only a fraction of the people who sympathize
heartily with the work of Dr. Parkhurst and
the ?Society for the Prevention of Crime attend
the meeting, the hall will be crowded. Dr,
Paikhiust, himself will be one of the speakers.
There waa a stirring debate among tho
M?thodiste yesterday on the question of abol
?Hhing the limit of the pastoral term. The con?
servative element was strong enough to defeat
tbe report of the Committee on Itinerancy,
whose reeommendation on the subject was ?o
? adi* al as to be startling. Tbe strongest s-ieech
?$> Javor of tbe report was made ?,? ?)j. J. If.
King, of this city, whoso argument in favor of
keeping an cflicient minist??! In charge of one
church longer than live years trai presented
I with grout fosos. It was ???p??'?<1 out during
I the debate that tho proposed reform would not
| destroy the itinerant system, since rjsjMtori
would continue to ho appointed from yeai to
I year at the meetings of the animal (-(inferences.
One of the conspicuous triumphs of the Har
I n?i>n Administration it the s?itc?--?*?fnl Initiatlofl
and tirm e?lablishment of tlie poliey of Bed?
: procity. In tho solution of the novel and dilli
! cult questions thaT have arisen in connection
; wirh the Reciprocity section of the McKinley
Tanfi Act the President him??lf ha? taken an
; active part, and his wi?"lom and ready gia?p
, of any subject presented for his consid?r?t inn
have contributed largely To the s?ic(??? which
has attended the adoption of tins policy. The
review of the work done which is furni?l?rui
hi our Washington Bureau to-day shows that
l.ooipr??? iti ha? already passed beyond the stage
of critiiism and partisan attack.
Two great parties ate ahsorbed in the work
\ of ?electing Presidential candidates. In one
1 party difference?? turn upon personal prefer
; enoes. In the other they go down to the hot
torn and concern tho gravest questions of Na?
tional policy. Many do not realize how groat
the enntrnst is, or treat it means. Hut it is
evitlont That (he Rcpulilii.in?, ar.? one party,
while the Democrats are divided in convictions
and In the very purposes fot which party or?
ganization exists. Some Kepuhlieans prefer
the nomination of 1?t*>i<]?rit Harrison, others
that of Secretary Maine, while suine favor other
candidates Hut no! the faintest na?e of a
dividing line, as respects the principles, pur
pns'-s or measures of the paity, can l?e fsund
between the friends nf different candidates.
Nobody advocates one rather than another on
the ground that ho is more or les? a I'rotootioii
ist, more or less in favor of sound currency.
innre or less in favor of honest elections and
defence for the lights of all citizens. Tlie
policy nf the party luis been one in which all
tho prominent candidates have 00B4 urrcd, and
which .ill have taken an active part in r*JM****ilif
and advocating. Contending thus for convic?
tions and National policies about which they
are united, I.epublicaus are chiefly anxious to
determine which of several men will most ef?
fectively and worthily represent their common
aims and beliefs.
Against them there is a mass rather than a
body of vot?is. No man can hide from him?
self the fad that (lifTcreiHos between Dcnm
crats are radical. They differ ahotit men. hut
mainly because thej differ uiore profoundly
and Inore widely about measures and convic?
tions. One faction prefers Mr. rieveland lie
cause he would siiliordinale everyihiiig to
a struggle for Free Trad?. Another oppose?.
him because it would siiliordinaro everything
to a struggle for free minage. Some rejoice
in and boldly approve the unscrupulous and
indecent methods of S?nator Hill, caring only
to secure present victory for their party, no
matter by what means. Hut others despise the
man and detest his methods go thoroughly that
they would net vote for him in any case. Yet
wider divergence spring? from the demands of
the runners Alliance, which a host of Demo?
crats are resolved te press at any cost, appar?
ently standing r.ady to desert the party if
those demands are rejected. But to a great
number of Democrats these same demands are
detestable, and they would spurn any candi?
dato committed to such doctrines.
These are not trivial or ephemeral differcnt-os.
They go down to the very root of party action.
A political party has no business to exist at all
if it has n??t some principle and somo purpose
reap??< ting matters so vital to the Nation's wel?
fare SB these. Hut no DeBKM rais can tell now,
nor will any Democrat he able to t? II after
the National Convention has d]f?pe**sed, what
tlie purpose of this patty i? about th????? vital
(jtiestions. He can say that it is f??r Free Tra<l<\
as fsfJBBtOI Mills does, and yet there are Dcim.
crats who fought against Mr. Mills on purpose
to get rid of that issue. No one can laj lhat
Ihe Democratic majority which voted for free
coinage, or tho miiiorily which volxl again?! it.
embodies the purpose of the patti as a whol??.
How many Democrats will drop nut if Alliunn?
doctrines are rejected, how many if ihoso doc?
trines aie not rejected, nobody can tell. This
is not a party, but a mere combinalion of fac?
tions for the purpose of seeming the spoils.
This radical difference between the two
parties will probably bo felt with more die
t;n<Tiie?s as rho enntest advance?. The Re?
publicans cannot nominate any one whose con?
victions on important questions will drive a
portion of the party into antagonism. Hut it
looks as if the Democrats could not nominal??
any one without driving into revolt a portion
of their number. K.von if no OfjMfl and formal
break occurs, there must vet be deep disgust
on the part of those who do not share the con?
victions and purposes of tho candidate, who?
ever he may be. It is not a cheering outlook
for the Democrat*, for indifference and con?
cealed hostility hurt more in many a cloee con?
test than open revolt.
The royal decree issued by King Leopold
yesterday dissolving the National Legislature
at Brussels signalizes the inauguration of a new
era in Belgium; and as it will involve a con?
siderable increase of the political prerogatives
of the people, its advent cannot fail to bo wel?
comed with a friendly spirit by our eounti,?.
which i?. so justly hailed by The Old World as
tho cradle of popular sovereignly. The dis?
solution was not unexpected. It was the natural
? .ii)?oi*uenee of the resolutions thai have been
adopted by both houses of Parliament dining
the last three weeks, providing for a revision
of certain articles of ihe Constitution dealing
with the franchise. The terms and the extent
of the revision will In? ?b termine?! l.y the Beit'
Legislature, the elections for which are fixed
to take pia? e on .lune 1 I. This body, which
will have the power-, of a Constituent As?, m
bly, will at once proceed to deal with the articles
of the Constitu? ion submitted for nintliticatiiiii.
Two-thirds of the members of each Chamber
musi be piosent to form a quorum, and no
chango can be adopted except by a two-thirds
vote. As soon as the debates on the subject
of the revision have been brought to a doso
the Constituent Assembly will in its turn be
dissolved, and the ??lei lion? will thereupon take
place in accordance wirb ihe refoi ms of suffrage
That may have been determined.
The mere fat!, however, that the now de?
funct Narional Legislature should have at Ien,-t]i
acknowledged bv an moi whelming vole th,?
n?'(vs.?ity of revising the Constirutjon in a mm.'
liberal and progressive sense may bo rogai ?I? d
as an indicanoli of the collise that is like|v to
be adopted by its successor, thu Constituent
Assembly, now about to be elected. The Na?
tional Charter, as it stands at present, first saw
the light of day in IMI, and provides for a
verv restricted franchise, the tiupayin?? quulif'.
ration hein?,' exti?m?'l> hij-h-so high, indeed,
that with a total population of 0,147,(Mid, the
electorate of Belgium does not exceed 1.14,ono
citizens. The rcniaiuiug 6.000.000 are de
barred from all exercise of political righi?, and
from all vue?? in tho conduci of the National
Ciov eminent, althqpgfa call? d upon t.. pay heavy
taxe? for the support of fh?? latter. Such I
coi '!i'i<??> of affair? ooiild not la?t indefinitely,
and at lenftb th?; niiiiifestaTions of popolar
? discontent became so ? miitoua that the electoral
oligarchy who have since 1S.10 enjoyed the
monopoly of political power in Helgiurn have
been 1?.iced to ? ?-cognize thai the '?"in.ni'l* oi
tho people could n<? long?! be with?tni.d.
It is charai-teristic of the ?'iilightened Prince
who occupies the throne of Belgium that hi?
people shoull have found in him one of the
warmest and mn?t powerful supporters of the
movement for (he extension ol The franchise.
Indeed, ?t ?? Mierted that the pronoaed rxmsti
tutional establishment of a referendum, sim?
ilar in principle to the plan which we adopt
hero for dealing with pro!? ?? of constitutional
amendment. ;s entire!,! duo to hi? own initi?
ative. Shrewd enough to understand the pres?
ent condition* of tho politici' atin?>?pliere, he
?????ms ti? hav.? adopted these men.".? of t?i:king
to windward, and alihough himself a sovereign,
presents himself before the world a? tho prin?
cipal champion of the sovereign rights of his
The belief upon which Dr. Paikhurst, Bl
president of tho society for Ilio Prevention of
Crime. ba?od hi? remarkable crtmde was this,
That lnivlucaking ?ra? knowingl ? Tnlerulcd by
those who prete chai god with the enforcement
)f the laws. Xottodj has forgi if ten Th?? angry
deino!i?tnitions with which the local author
?ties, high and low, pii.te?tcd against this bold
avowal. Tammany Hall was thrown into
spa?ms of virtuous indignation, and forthwith
set ii?? :i chorus of f nial and abu-e. A 80b
aeri lent C?irm?! Jury endesfored to ?????? t the
commotion i>,\ condemning the man and the
motives that bad proiliic? (1 if. and Dr. Pail.
hur?t was contradicted and villiflcd SI a pre*?
liminary to crushing him. Hut, in**oniideratetj
refusing to be cri'shed or even intimidated, be
???t about the onerous ta?l. of d? i:ion?tiating
th?? truth of his a?serfion?. A <?? ?'??id (.rand
Jury, takieg op th?' oliar-?? ? which ho had pre?
ferred, found that the fact? ?ii?taiiu-?| him, ar. 1
bravely BRaigned the police for compili -l'y with
the criminal dssaes, H.v this rim?? Tammany
was tornlied. A public sentimeli! had btiefl
amiiso?! with which it wa? dangerous t?? frill?*.
It was n?*(ossar,v t.? do ?"in? thing more Than
bluster. Dr. Parklmi??!'? punishment and dia
grace must, ?till be BCO0mplUh<**d in ?.ime man?
ner, but in the rneantillle IT Was .lb???|lltel,l
n??'?? ??ai ? to mak'' a txHintoi d?monstration
Superintendent Murra**'? r??aignation vvi? .?,
oepted, and lii*speetor Rjrtiee uai appointed t??
since? ?1 him.
The general c'iir??? of eventi lince thai time
i? familiar t?? all. but until now the communi.**
has not known what th?? net resalta hav?? been
Several trial? hav?? 1.?? ?? CondtM m?l a? ??? gii.?
all p.'ssibl?? ?annoyance ??? the president of the
-ii.i.Ti for the Prevention of Crime, without in
the ?lightest degree w< aliening hi? d? termina?
tion ??r impairing public confldenee in the sin
crity of his motive?. Al the ?.?tuo fune tin?
police force, renrgani/. ?1 nini reinvigorated bj
tr.Hi?f'is tod r<m?.va!? and under the spur of
orders from Headquarter*?, have been ?bowing
more than ordinai*, figof in ? iifort ing the laws,
ami a general Improvement ?>f condition? baa
been visible, tbOUgfa bos much ? reali*.
amounted to Ihe public has bad BO ni'-an? "??
knowing. Hui Boa Boperlntendeni Byrne?
comes out with an olii? i'il tepori !o ih?? Board
of Police, and for the tir?-t tim?? it |j poaslblc
t>) cast u]) the aicoiint. The Superintendent
finds himself able !<? declaro that there ?? BO
public gambling in New-York at the present
tinte, that the det?r*a*table polity business ha?
been ? oiiipht? l.v broken up, thai within ?i\ty
dav? t.'??; persoiu bare been arrested f"t rioiat
Ing the Excise law, and that with the co-opera
tion of the ciiiirt? ihe Illegal tale of liquor
might be entirely ?topped. 11?? **apo*rta alio the
euppr.-ssion of nunnroiis viciou? eatabUahinenti
and fh.- arrest of their inriiaf???. It ?? proper T<.
?ay that the Superintendent questiona the sd
vaniage to the community of dealing with mi? h
???tub???1???? nts in tin? luann. r. au-l ????, its that
the Lxcise law cannot be uniformly enforced
by the police alniie, against the will of "the
ggaaSOB of the people, who entertain the belief
that it interfere? with their rights and pnv
Leaving disputed poin's out of con?i?]( ra?
tion, these solid fad.? ar<- disclosed bv -uperin
rendent H.vrno?, rhat since be rj|M into power,
and in onnso-pieric.? of " th?? ?isti-m inaugu?
rated" by him, 41 public gambling-houses and
l";i poluy-shops have boon closed and vacated.
This purification ha? been aciimplished ivithin
?ixty days in a city which, aoeiirding to the cx
poAenta of Tamasaiij Hall in ofBeial life, was
wickedly delame?! bj a rookies.? cletRJ man j a
city wbsfB vice and ? rim?, were punued wilh
relentless vigor by the police, and which nee.l
ed no better adinlnistiation. Superintendent
Hyrnes has officially refuted that pretence. Ho
has proved that lawbreakers flourished Undei
his predecessor, and that nothing was needed
to bring theni to a hall but the will to do so.
He does not report, of course, that they pnr.
chased their immunity, but he removes from
tho popular mind the last vestige of doubt on
that point. Superintendent H.v rues has vindi?
cated Dr. Park hurst.
A full year has passili ?ime the more im?
portant changes of dut? Bnder ih?* new tai iff
went into effect, and the oflieiitl statement for
the month of April presenta in a striking light
the changes which that t.irilf ha? brought
about. In April of last vear heavy Importa?
tions of raw sugar look place, because 'hat wa?
the lirst month in which Rigar was idmitted
free of duty. lOr tvvtlvc month? prior to April
th?* proportion of imports bearin** duly bad
been (>.'? per e<nt and tin* proponi.,? free of
duty :i7 per ?t-iit- Putting risii]?? th?? neep
tiniial movement in April of lest "fear, it ap?
pesii that dining the'twelve montha which
have billowed the proportion of dutiable im?
porte has been Olli" In and the proportion of
imports free of duty f>."i per (cut. Tlie ratio j?
substantially th?? *MBM as for the twelve month?
ending with March, notwithstanding the nn*
ii?ual character of lh?? imp?.it? m April of last
year. Once more the statements of Scnatoi
Carlisle and other leading D.moctats arc refut?
ed by facts, for they afiirmf-d (hat the new
tariff would by no mean? open to free admission
more than half the Importa in vaJue.
In April, lift? the evports wem about
?-..VJOiEnoO 'arger than in the same month of
IStl, mainly because nf the frem? increase in
exports of breadstuff?, hin the impoit? tkia
uu an? about -?f?r.,limi.(iu(l ?mailer than in (he
?am?? monili of 161-1, ami tin? tlilTeniue i?
mainly du?? to the unusual imports of wutMA a
war BgO. Thus it conic? to BjMg that th?? <-v
cess of ini'tort? over e.vjcirts i? only fl76.tif,
whereas in April "f last yegjf it was more than
fid,???,???. For th?r four months of tin
present calendar year the rac4M8 of ?'v-xui? ofSt
impolis has been mom than ??.*.;!.Oiki.ihmi, nnd
for ten months of ihe cunei?.! (?seal year lh??
excess has been iriMMI ?.Mt!..r.*Jl. During tin?
same time the ?Ji"juorts of gold havo exceeded
exports by moro than 120,000,000, wlieica.?
during the corrr?.p<>n.]in'* ten month?, ol tho
pr?-\ inns Bacal yetar gold ?-? port?. exc<8eded im
port? by moie than 132,000,000.
Thor?? wil! Ito a convention next week at
Sviacu?o. It will l?c ceiled a Mate Convon
tinii. and ivi II no doubt contain delegate? from
ail, or nearly all, part* of the state. In it?
preliminary (tage? it ha? boon railed by various
names. Midi a?? *Anti-Midwinter,'1 *'Anti
Snap." " Anti-Hill," but tho actual miming
?vili have t?> bo d'.no by the convention itself.
N', t until it has assembled ?arili it bo positively
determined what ?t has come together for, how
. mg it will ?ay, and whal shall be the name
, f it. It purports to be a Demowatic Conven?
?;?,?. and the call for it i? said lo have boon
signed by a great many th-tniaand Democrat?
wbo ai?? represented to bo in ? r-tat?- of burning
indignation. What precisely they are indig?
nant about cannot be definitely told until the
element? are fused and an organi*wtion U effect?
ed. Then, if it should not be decided to call
it a miacarriage and dissolve, doul.tlo?s a plat
form oonmining some <?f the mosl captivating
phraaea of current politics, constructed with a
vietv to the rliythmic Sow of tho rolling " r"
and rounded " o" in " Democracy," will inform
the world impressively an*! at 'great lencth what
it is all about. MeanwhJk the Olffttittd De?
mocracy scoff at tho niovoniont as signlfjing
nothing, ami say tho persona engaged in it aro
??,lot.t.i d*'sp.-ptif? \?h?i have mistaken tho
ii?i.Mii*?itations of a sour stomach for the birth
of a j?'r"ai ???? ji ??*?.
liven amnifeetation <>f human activiiy on a
scalo so large as tlu? promises to !"? la of public
Interest. Thia demonstration, In?.auso of it?
unusual chara*!*?! and ih?? ??'"iit.iiioous energy
?,! ,ts origin, ha? not e. a?, il to attract attention
from it? inception. It will continue i?> pique
curiosity for al leant a week longer, and may
af'or that time 1?? <?????? a permanent feature in
politica. It lia? not yet, notwithstanding the
large nufnbei ol peraons arho seem t*> be en
gaged m it, passed the 'danger of ?becoming a
h//!??. For when one conies to analyse it, it
d"''s not -"'in t" have an adequate ? a?..? for
being? 'Ih?? iir?i question that will naturally
an?,? after the twga**iization has I" en effected
will be, " What aro we hen- for?" The natural
answer will ho, MTo affect in sume way, the
actionof the Democratic National Convention?'1
Hu. being an irregular body ?ritbout tveden
iia!? or known relation? or aflliationa, it mual
have some pretext of ? grtevaace *<?? complaint
against the regular organization in the State to
(nit it in a position tu daim even a bearing
before, t" say nothing "f a standing in, the
National Convention. Otherwise, its repre*
tentativi ? can gel no nearer thai body or any
of ita ? mmittees than anj other belter-skelter
crowd ?? political traini?.. In the existing po?
lit:, ai conditions, and in the face of the record
they bave made for themselves, it will noi be
eas?, to formulate an adequate excuse f?,r ar
t? mpting even though thej I"? 200,000 strong
,?? ih'-y < l.iim, t,, interrtipl the ordcrl* and reg
nlar pr*????'?lint's of t!.?? National Convention.
Por they have nothing to complain of except
that the convention which appointed the reg?
ular delegate? in the regular way was called
at ? time "f the year which aeemed t<? them in
? nv ment The] bave <?"??p???? themselvea ?.?
that ?;.?. ?.?! ground of complaint by the term?
of tlnir call and all their preliminary pi???? I
ittga. It is, to be ?ur?', the biggest ileiii"iu*tiu
tion for the inulleaf cause thai mils ever known
In our politica : hut thai <?f it??-lf < an gire it no
standing before lhe National convention, 'l'hai
bud\. if il ? Riirds the pnr.-deiit? and trudition.?
of th*? party, can only give them the ?ame ? ?
purtunitj t?' bo heard that it tumid, out of mere
i.1 nature, offer a straggling l"t < ? female
suffragista or labor reformera. Kor the eon*
vention to pause in it? word to discuss ???? friv?
l.tii? .? queation a? whether the officiai repn
tentative? of the party in any -tat*? had vitiated
all t1??? pro?.ling? of their State Convention
by tmUing it In Februatrj Instead of Maj would
be too rldicttlou? for ? moment'? conaideration.
Ii might have been poaaible bad tbe ntovemenl
been begun earlier t?> have baaed it upon a real
grievance; a?, im instan*?.?, if it had been in
the nature oi a protest again?! the despotic rule
..f Tammany, which had stifled bj bru?.? force
all opposition ; or againal the method? bj which
Hill and hi? co-i-"ii?jiir.n or? bad defrauded the
votera "f the ?State. True, t?tere *rould have
been small probability of ?uc.rss, but there
uouid have been at ?.??? lometiiing of dignity
in the poiition taken and a standing place troni
which to reach the door of the conv?'iiliuii.
Al ?' l*. they are shut up U? the "Anti-Mid*
winter' and "Anti-Snap" cries, both of which
lie?,in " Anti-Hill." though Ibe} have 11 * ?t ??nit??
dared put it in that shape. They condoned all
the offence? that they ought t?> have denounced
and cond'-mned. and only ai the laal momeni
llr?? up Mill? Indignation over a pitiful little
date in an almanac. They ought t" have got
mail, but the*. K"t inad too late. And now th??
public waits with som?? curiosity to ?ce boa
they an? goiiiR to get out of the predicament
in which they have put themselves.
it is announced from ltoston with wntider?
alilo solemnity that Cotagremman Andrew,
"having brought his family homi? for the hiiiii
nior, has seized th?** opportunity to t?'ll his con*
stiiuonts that Cleveland'? nomination ia alike
in? vitald?* and a n?'c?s>ity.'? It is very thought?
ful in .Mr. Andrew to se?M this opportunity, and
it reenia wmething like a special Providence
that, he should bo bringing his family home for
the rammer ju?t at this time, a* it docs n??t
appear that otherwise ho would have had the
opportunity. What would have happened if the
opportunity had in?t occurred ot il he bad noi
Mixed it the mind ?? left to conjecture. The
.?natituenta of Mr. Andrew have every raaaon
t?. be grateful to Providence for furnishing the
opportunity, and to ???? especially proud of their
representative for tli?* quite heroic way in which
he KUtod it. M?. Andren sa* s fuit lier tha?
"the ItTcnistiblo popular wai,? sweeping over
the country which gives him (Cteveland) State
delegation? one after the other which his op*
ponenta had twunted upon, seems like an ele?
mental ?????? of nature."
This intelligence, txmveyed i<> Boston at Ural
band hy Mr. Andrea him?olf, has created such
a ronsation in that important intellectual and
political centre that it has been thought proper
t<? ?prend it by wire f?i the remotest points in
the country. It is not impossible that by this
tini'??she disp.it?h left Hoston on Monday?tlu
Gulf Mai???, the .Mi??is?ippi Valley ami t|,,,
shores of Puge. Sound are all alive with it. In
many parts of the West, however, it so hap
pane that they have been having another irre?
sistil.le wave that .?? ? m* d a ????| deal like an
elemental r*tiree of nature, and the diapoai
tioii of people generali* has been to turn t<>
ami ?lam it Let us hope tha! they will nut
in th?* confusion liable to arise from hi? (.|.,.
?pK'iit flgure treat Mr. Andrew*? " inesistihi??
wave" in the same wav.
?.???? baa evidently ?*??':? aosaathiag in the natm??*
lit " flll.ny lill-sllll??*' 111 <-iilllll'l't|,>ll wllh Il.i* .>|.v
ti?.n i.f ?'''.iiolliiniN?.. in this city, Judging finin ( 'um?.
niib-i'.ner l.iiiunii-, ? ?i.-ifriiirnts iiefoir tin? llourd
uf Lstiiiut??.?. The JJ?ar?i uf LJuaitiou ha? re
jcctctl a bid of $265,000 for a certain school, hav
tna found that under different specifications it
roiilil secure for 916.1,000 a buililing to accommo?
date JO0 moie- chllilren. Siniiularly enough, the
Tirm making this last offer put in originally a bid
fur $.407,0100. The erection of schoolhouees ie one
of the Important duties of tho Board of Educa?
tion, whi*h. it is obvloue, cannot keep too close a
watch upon this work.
ronsrefismnn Beltrihoover saye the Democrat? In
roncre?*e ennnot afford to violate the nolemn
pl-.f|(res of their party. There wa? a nnson
keper up in Urica the other day who had the
same notion about bunco-steerer O'Brien and his
s.i'omn pledfe. O'Brien differed.
It is no ciclit to Brooklyn that it has done ?o
iitt.ie toward Uif? cottiplction of tho Grant Monu
ment Fund The sum contributed in that city
Is hardly more than !?**\000-a m?-re trifle. When
t.ci.cral Perler wt-iit across the East River to
endeavor to Internet Brooklynires in the projecr
which he has temei ??? with so much zeal and
skill, he WS8 most c-rdially received, and while
no positive pledge ?vas ?%**?, it seemed to lie
generally agreed that $50,000 would be raised in
llrooklyn. The re?uli, in comparison with the
half promise, is piti fai. It is true, Uoubtles?, that
many men ??vini, in Brooklyn and doin-j business
in New-York have ? ? ?lifter i bed in this city, but
that is not sufficient to moke the people of our
hisfr city at all satisfied with what they have
It is proposed 1o celebrate this year the one
hundredth anniversary of The birth of tlie canal
s.vsrein ef NlW-Yirvk? dovornor Flower has
already relebrat-jd th* event??n Ma own way?by
lulling the appropriation for surely needed canal
'* M-moria! AiMrggaei and Aftor-Dinnr r Speeches''
?a th?- title of the current issue of the tori??? of
pnpillar Tribune paniphli fs. !t includes the most
noteble addresses and l ampiet Ipeeebes delivered
in the metropolis during the Li?t winter. Among
the Tii?*nii.ri!tl addre??- ? ire tbOBg of Mr. Dopew
on General Sheitasn and I'arnell, anil that of
Georgi William ?'.Orfi-. <?:i ?lames ????*?*11 Lowell.
Among the iifror-diniior *?i>ecehos nre those de
livereil on varln'is puni?? 'ifinsiona by Grover
Cleveland, Bishop I'?.t'ei, .Secretary Foster, Dr.
Charle? A. Urn;???, William 1. Wilson, Charier?
S. StiiiTli, (?encrai Svvaviu?, Whitelrivv Beul, Sccrc
T.iry Kllsins. Chaunoey M [JefMW, ' '? lonel M"
('liiro. St. Clair M'Kclvvav, Warner Miller, Frederi?'.
B, ' nu.leu, Chirl.s ?. liana, (?eneral Horace
Porter, Setti ItOtr, Mirar Hilslead, Frank K.
Lawrence, James W. Alex-tSder, William II. Ife
Elroy, Thomas W. Kimx, Tho Rev. Joseph H.
? .vit. hell, tho Kev. Dr. Iluntin^tnii, Isaac II.
l?ri>tnl<'V, J. I'icrp'iiiT Mnrgan, John Dsliell
and man?.? others. The Inimitable address by
Jisreph Jeffe**r*-oB, ?>? The Urania, la In Hie same
pamphlet-, together with "?ne ef the ??t. Dr.
Parkburst'a r?i?t?*T vigorous ?ermnn.? on New-York
crime, William A. Sutlierlaud'i brilliant **p?*?ech
on "The Future of ?.??????>1?G.????*,?G' ami other
addii?*.?.??. Ti,it? pamphlet will I?? -out *ro8tpsld
in any :?'! h -.?. gpoB ?a* rec-ipt of twenty-five
e ??*?.
It i? rumored la Albany -hat Governor Flower
will lollow up hi? recent lovely eulogy upon hi?
own Career IB The Executive 'hair with a splenditi
re?ptl n to himaelf at the Exeeuti**? M?salos.
It 1? cl'i'.r that Flower think.? highly of Flower.
-f ?.
"lu is? eleeted a? retrenc-teri und refet-naere
Bad then *?> find excuses for copying the extrava
i;.irico vvliii-ii they rebuked, ' i?, In The ".pinion of
Tbe World," -harill.v the fair tiling.'' Doubt
lea? the response "f The Dom..erario ? Oncresemcri
la wl ?. tn it e adilreoaed will he the ?aine a.? thai
nf the rSBSll boy la North ''.imlina, who, la answer
t?. ?i stranger'? Inquiry, .-:?i?l there was nobody in
t .? bouse bui bla brother ?3111, and he tesa stak?
ing l'.vo !o Th?? m.'.er i*tri. "Well, thaj's pretty
Ii ?tr> I. ** .??ui tlie ?Hanger. " 'Ti? that," said the
boy, ' but It*? the liest he can do round here.**
? ?
"The Al!>any Argus" a?t?erte that the general
?.Tvi'vs remleicd !?> ihe public by the late
la?.?!??iT'.ire were ?>f "the hiebest quaUty." ?So
they ?er??, s?? ihey were?of the highest quality
of premeditate l depravity.
Ir in reported by the New-York eorreapondeni
nf "The Pblla-Delnhla G???-?* That Bourks (Ock
ran will aot I-?? a .-.uili-lar?? f.?r renominifion t.?
' lot*4**e**S, bu| "if th?* Mit I-ei/is?atur?? is Pein?.
eratio" he expects to g?*f tl.?? L'nited State? Scn
uf?ir?hip "The (ire.?( G..????p?'' rktSBSl't begis lo
l-o as Urge a? Thai " U.''
Mu. Mort.n, Ih?? 1\???!????.?.??? ?'.?per*? "fVy, v.'t imt
go abroad ini? ?ummor, bat vvdt entertain ;? Burnii
??f her frlem!? at Bhlnebsrh.
A *? atletuon wb ?a leareelj any ana rseogotied had
the privilege 'if tTlr fl?> >r t.f tin? senate Chamber ..n the
lag Of sennini Riirh iiir't? fineta!. Mo looked ibOflt
ilxtv vciin- ol ?u-e Hi proved to !-?? the ei-senator
frutti luv..?, Mr. .four?, who li.t? r-tiched ul* nlnetlot ?
Hasty ?'?'.m l'.umer?juktsaon, ? OwmiraU?? mem
MB f '?? lion??? of Ei.iiiiiiiilis fur Boston, liar? in,
nonni?.*?] t tint r*a-1lig t?i the ? oniUlln'l of hi? health I."
win not oast??! ani ?"arilosMebuy ?'-ut at the coming
p?n?nil ?JietlOB. Mr. I'lirtu.-r AthlBIOfl Is w-ll luinviii
in commercial and ?kipping drei??. II? l? chMrmati
of tbe Hull Marine Hoard and ?? member of the < >m
ml ita? of Lloyd'? U??*-ri4er of Shipping. 11.? ?ras t.,??
???? iirc-M'?it ..f the Chamber "f Bhlpptng ?>f tbe
? ???????? Kingdom, ?t"i l- now a nie-ur-er of Ih? ??
? ? in.?! ? liuiilii?r nf ( iiiniiieree ..f tl?..? L'nited Kla-fdom.
?'??????, ???? ..? the Ini? /ulti Kinp OetCSBUyO, I?
la this country and ulnis t?. MCSTI an .slucatl??? ??>??>?
lioff.ro retiinilii? t?) bla ?>???? peopU. Io ml??? M0B?*r?
to pay hi? i-ximm.-i? Ui r*oU**r|? hi 1? glrttig ?mall
??nierlalnmetita In BTestera etna*. Tun ??<???-??( pila
ei|i:illy of iiatlv?? ?.?nit?, rhinite, tn.inltul.iii. .if Hi.?
Bngll?h t<> ;?? tala tong?M ???.?? lu answering question?.
II?? I? nnJy nineteen yeaia of :*4te und w.i? Indiwed t.?
eosM ? ???t??? '.? mlardorutrie?.
If th? I'i.-?i<!.?iit ihoul?! uslr I.Tuilp? nhxlie'tt t?i
?UggeM n suc e??..r t.i the rtitt*?! statit? Dtatrtfll
Court Ixiiieh In BOfthMB Illln?.!.?. th.? lellrliis Jii?t(.i
ivniilil tiriin.? I'Th?? ("lllciijro Tiit>iint?" iBUnUt??) John
P. VVil-i.ii ; nnd tt Is tn-llev-t! thai Mr. \ViL?nH iv.ni'cl
Colonel Carr, now in command al futi Biobrer?,
Neh., is warmly comarsinded bj "The OMahs Bee" for
ih.? raeancj t?? h? BMdeon June ? by tleaeral BtSnley'a
?????????!??????( from uctiv.t .servi?.? lu Um regular Army.
??????? ik?;" t*ny-: ?? ii,? htu not been -?> fortunate u?
to ?einr? .tonn luvt or other duty ?t Um Mattonai
? 4tn|lai ilio) UMWfOW tMnnOi pull vvlrt? for 1??????.??
In IVMhlngtoo. Il?? mu?! in* pmmoted, ir al ali, ?usui
hi? merli-, li? l? ih.? ranking colonel ol cavalry, in t
1? bui ?? few (lnys behind the ranking Infantry colonel.
He relit??? In I-'.?! ?nul therefore if In. ??.?? ??? ?????,??
over ni till? Unie will pin!,;i?,Iv licvei ni, h |!i?? |*?lll!l
In whlt-tj be ?? mtltled by raumn ut hi.? vnluaiiie *.?t
1U-IM l'UE-l'EI) ???1?G??
l'roin The (I? ve! uni ? ?utder,
?lini?,? oetn? lo be ? ?j?jn-t*rsl d-?tr.? on BM pari
of iln* iieniiM riin newapapera timi r*realdant Httruon
?l?ill not be lclioliiltiateil.
THF. BRI < UH) IS NOT ( ???Ml'l.KTB ?1?7G.
ftom The Nan fJrissaa Delta.
Coiitiirv to the umuil ?inte of affair?, the floods m
Ihe Mlssi-tslppl VitlU-v llii, year have cuiiso-1 ?mater
lost In thr northern portion of th? vaBcy thnn In the
reclini further soulh.
Prom The ll?i?ti)ii AilviriUi-r.
Whll?. lie cmlil lint, ?,? sh'.iMi ?tH.ve, hop?? to tm-unt
un.! he known Ui Luv?? raeQr-fd Uu ??nt????? of any of
? leveland'? rival?, hi? could, bv oppot-nuiely ,-in,i
ioii?|ili iinii?!v ? I'Ul'lirir tin- ?iv r..r ?*1???.?1.????1, remove
the ..nlv i.i.sttii I- to ?? ?????????????,,?? thut :.-, ?cemlnily
Inevliiit.li? anyhow, Ion nu,t vnmi.t otlierwue lK? nm.i,.
wiiii fear and irembllni? Thu? be would put ci.v,?
land nnderauch nlili-riulon? that? Iu the event of Demo
ci.itlc ?n..,?? neat .NOvciiiii.-r, j ? ] 11. a, n?? ,,nlv Deaio
.nule s.-iiiit .r fiiim New Vork, iK.ui.i be in poeltlun
(o lonliol Ihe Insterai |?it|.iu:i--c hi tin? sf;i(,. BtJ **,,.??
Yin-It f?.r four vci.r?. ?mil wmiM rMtSblbM n pitslllrtoiis
?o.ilin Tm UlO I'll?i?l.-Mlla.l immliintliMi lu 1-iUl. Th?
?ei mitt roaaOfl 1? that CleVflatl-t could not pos.il,ly
he ?? cniKii.ii.ti. for a third term, ivldle any other 1???????
crutlc l*ie?ldent umilil nuiiioeuvre for u re election.
I'KsKltVIN?; I'llV, Ntrx H|,AMK.
I'mm The Ho-ton NfWB.
II I? not Hie finti! of TSSSSM JelTeisoii timi ******
mit? u v. Ue lu? l'ltnic. It,? uatUt hy ?voi-d or deed
nid -?vnytlilng to Justify aw.u conduci on l?o Burl of
the IrtoTrude parti.
ClnclnnaU, Ohio, May 24,-For tho visitor fron Nein?
York the elements of curiosity and Interest In thi tenth
May Musical Festival, which open?*?! here to night, are
more numerous than they have been for some year?.
Such a visitor, In the llrst plac?, is nkcly to X! con?
cerned flnt ?if all with the chorus, for that Is tlie feature
ot a festival which H local and which the stud?nts of
musical culture throughout the coui-tr-j look b as s
measure of the ta?te and capacity et a comnunlty.
The circumstance that the people of ?Cincinnai have
been a little slow In recognizing this tact, and a
little Jealous of Judgment ? ;.???<1 upon It, has t-een to
blame for numerous heartburnings In tlie past; lut th?
incident? of the last two years have ben instttirtlve,
and it Is po?slble that an estimate o? the preseiit festi?
val, based upon the only st-indard worthy of tie city
and the institution which used to sited suili lustre on It?
will be received more kindly tl.ls year 'hau such es?
timate? lia ve been received In the pa.?t
Two years ago the Cincinnati fcsUvaU which have
been practically of biennial occurrence since 1673,
h***me<l to be hopelet-ely d<*<**dent ; neve*th?>!e.?s local
pride and the ?pint of tlie management (pu-dnnabl?? in
a snowman, but not In a bodv of citizens frofe-uing to
devoto Ui'Hr labors un?elfi$hly to tho pOmotlon of
j art) i*efiised io make public conft-m-ton of Wo fa??*, ??a?
bitterly resent?*d It? publlchlljii. Aitei s pltitul
choial eihlbltioii, Mr. Tit .?.?,.?? wai quoted as ? J lag
that Hendels ?' Me-siah" hud never boen ?ui,?. ?.. u-j|
at s Cincinnati testi*?!: lind the pr.-iltii of
t"i>* ess*,elation, tn his annual t*ptert\ In ??? . ??
dignity ao far a? to rt-ll.-ct upon th ? Mo?
tives of a newspaper rorro-pondent w!w !:<t im tt?
tioned the deciden??* of tin? festival emir, ,?
months later, however, tlie director? ??::?--?! .-.:. [?j
announcing S reorsanlzatlon of Mie ci."ii, Ml ? wie
coiidiicted on ? thorough u plan t.'.ut IfeNs ?,-.:).
eial cause for fear that the n?*w ?es! wa ?..? -t.-e
and tftat a familiar (iermnn maxim relativ.? t. :?
???*???? of pouring out the bal y w!?. tli? . ef
from the bathtub hart b"c??. forgotten, 'lt.e nor , a>
lion ?SBS conducted on ? lie basis of Individu.! ?:, a>
1 nailon, sass-aftst mudi sfoci a sJaaras ef s boti .?o
VOlCl? WUh aCCUl?tl.
?fita Ils)? ?hoir a performance of "Elijah"? was
glviTii lust Muy, which is ?al*l to have been sdmlraile-;
but when It was uccoi:i|iIinti..?l, the clioirma-itt-r vuo
hti.l elt.ct.d tht* reorganization ???!?:!?*?!, ?ml Uie
directors ver? .?? dUc.iuiagi-d at th.- ?.bata-ies m rhe
way of what Low they knew to be tile chief elemtnt
of a festival thru they formal I ? r?-?olv?-<l to nbaulon
Il.i'lr deierinlnnt'on to give a festival In 1 -:?:;.
The time-honored Ineiitmiou ?ccm?-d thus to luv?
SOsas to an inglorious end, but nt this Juncture it Aas
t!l?, ,.v,-i.*j tliat there wa.? a pending contract vitti
Mr. Thomas and also Mr. Edward Lloyd, tlie Eni?i?h
tarier. Kor reasons which need not bo Inquired iit<),
Mr. Thomas was unwilling to abandon the ?? ?:. ?. of
1 sii-J. and last November tho dirctois rccoii-,,d?n.-d
their resolution. Mtuc then tlie work of preparatlonlus
been isillsi on with most SsfaUnMs v.go:?, and ili?u.-!|
tlie clioii- which t-.?????' .Mui'dcls-john's ".-it. Pani ' ;,?.
: ?,,?a ua.? the ssasllsal I" point of numbers ??fatty
that baa atta i<:irii<-.i>?t_ii in ? <teetaaatl festn-t, it
Vai niii'li, nioru "la'i'nt tJMM the clioir "f lSi'0. ???
eottilai la ta? a?khtl ii?t it numi-eira l?vi
\'i,,f?, <li-li!biiU?l a?, foil? ?us: ??.praiioi, 40;
? '.iitrilto*, 108; lenors, 'I'J ; bass??,
; This ?i:????, of course, un 11! bulan?ed choir, an?; the
j niTUitiiT iti nitidi Mr. Tho.lia? iu;:ie?l IsSSBS be) bt*
, ?iriiiiieiniil forces. lacllHag ItSS gr?at organ, laMsa?
I delssotan'a moi?.?, indicated something of a wll'l:*?.??-???
t?, i,-i,ire the relatlon-hlp between ?i,tirer? and pa* -4
1 sbich u-<.d la prtrrall la Um iayi ?>f 1?:.?i-.*I
: and Bach wlien H??* in?triun-Blafists -?'?.vay- tate
I numbered the lingers. ??.???p!?????.-? fJM result, hong!?
? inn what the Cincinnali elaiK'.uixJ ?>.giit to exu*t. waa
! on the whole ?nUsfylng, sud tl.e frteiSs ol
' the festivals who have wutched their pr'*"
pass ?Iti? nITeci.omite teal during the niii?*?
' t'-?*u festrs ??f th-!r exl?t<-nce, must hu? MU
? a swelling of the h.art to-night which they luve n<>S
' bfjsa *i;lvil.g-?l I?? f-'el for six y?xir- ut lea.t. The
? ??,-? !,l!:ly of a return to an artistic itBi.d'ird fir the
? choral restar?? *?f ihe Isstlral -ras i-T.-iigumi.
Th?? -Tottd feature In which the visitors fr,,m
I tlio East felt a curiosity and Interest never?
J felt Ix'for.* was tl.e orcbestru. ileretufore th? bunt
SJM frjiii New York. This time It come? 'runs
| New York gMt, but by way of Cil?ag.)?
, J| Is Mr. Thomas's ?.hicago iii'Ciu*?tra, atig.
? ?1 Iby (.'^t'liiii.ui musi .Ti'.i, to -.??*? 1 i H
triti.lMi's io llJ, in the ordinary dlstr[j?.itl,;i
if liuti ,..????????.. < -??? ??mi:??; lit" OSPMltf a:,d ? ?."?
, ? :'?t,r? ,,( till, ?,,.?.,? i -I...?i ????.? .?.,?,.? t'iliif,? Vi ?jy
lot. Its ?itili*??, ????:,lulu laatag tait*moi u? Sta**?
, In g Ih?? iiccoiiijniii'.iiieii?.? !:i th** "i:i:orio, l?-re ?s? u?
tuai o? II* r--;il lieule. Thul ??'Il Cuine mhtg
Ii.ot:iove:i's - H? ??,1c ' ?>;,*,).:iy l? j,::.>,?! t-,!i:unvtf
, iil^l.t.
llie ?<-l?) ?tiiuen., b.iiriiig a few of I ?j l,?ui!a;,,n
! nnd Baase, arito ara t<? utha fati la the taaSlval i...?.?
.? M .?firn in New V-rlt <??,,?'( r'*'?'!?? thai Ih??*
...in ot ba ?:.? :..,'.e-t in 11*49 l:?l taf lu.ln?. ?.? v. ?.?, l
tl,e:ie 111,? ??j.ial (Uteilloii of a:i Haitett
? -riaver; bel . ihlrsl sj4****aai ,?r ii.i?r-?i u
iiii'il in tiiis-s riuti.J ?rorln wl.lcl, ars . ? ??? -??!* .,:
? ? in ini ? by Altari lie? if*?*, AiKos ?.?... ?,,?'G.? .?
?).????G ?nil I)v.,t,t??'- K..|:i-iii. 11..? tn??t IWo ?<
III,.-?? **.,.U? I.ale !"/? Jet 1" 11 ..? :.t?I it,
NeivVor?, nml they u.?? e\c.?iliigly tnt<crts
Mi. I'li'iin?.? and ti??? frstnil foie.? itiv.? *A,,.Ue?ll
wltli ti<-iii?-ii<l.?ii? anetg* ?uitej ? *? bul . ':r*1**?*. .?ud
if leal ti^tI elloit in bolli the bu?lii,?.? . ?,,? .?.: - u ?>??
partsatal raa rahaibllta?? tit? faaahrab, aa Bsaf sa?
1??<?? to *?'e iliat Bios! totniiii iiiiiig ?a*co*iipll?ti>*4t. 'Hie
public ?.??'??'??? bat ??? ?? ta ??vug.'.'..? ?.?..,,;. ..?t tlie
;??iHi'i.i'i? pnseat ??? mtiit ?*? smks] prosatati ,? lot Hi?
B nanti*?! ?md Barisi ?u? ?, ?? ??? r il,,? BattcrtahlDf ; .-?"d
lliiiin.liil ;..ni Sorta] .-t... ?SS fOSS vety i.u towani
iilling Hit? ?imi o? th?*? avoing* i iti?'lniiiiiian tvitli >n!i??
(ai lion,
l'Ie ai?..!!?*:.,.?. ! G, 1 ' . ? ??:G. , .-.1 abolit
... ?-? parso as, ani v,?? trattami la ?'???
meaner, brilliant In appearniTe .-itti mess] gratifym; ?
sppri '-laiive mu? iii?. rtmlnetlig. This eras ihova !,v
their trtT.tiiii'ttt of the rtag**n all" nag the ? SS pai!?
lt. ??>(. l'ani." Mr. LddsiS*. alf.'ct.il imi le ? iti
please; Mr. Ltoya'a artlat?i stnalna ??,* aduii,???!,
?specially la tas air *??>?? Ihoa raJthfal''; M?-*?
? ?,im:,?? M?>,ii- I.aw?,.n. ai*i...i lot**li .:.??,:ll*. ?a?
warmlv ivwai.le.l for all tut sh? <lld ; lait in ilM
?rai part the sssal luioaaUfM anal ih,? i.e.-i <lc.e,\?l
incoes? ?ras von bj Mi**- Me SI. t-mita, il.?? ??,!?
tralto, al-,? ? local ai ?-?. WttO knew li"**' Cu ?lug
fiotti Uie head tir sell t,s th? heart. li. ?. ?.
*M|s? BTSlya ?AB?M l'eior.at. daughter Of W.
.Teimuigs Deinore?t, wat iiiiirn*?l lo AlSiaa?er *?ar?vt?
.-.? Bea. "f l'hi?iirt *??'1??:?, ? t!u? l'?'!!'',-i M K-foi'nie.l
Church l.??t evening, 'flu* H*v. Di?, (liarles ?, Denis
?nul II?- ???, Dr. 1*08 Mtietll?? <>????;?!???? Clergy BBSS.
The ?.',??!?? **?? alterni???! I,y tv?i 111?!? nieces, Ali'e und
Maiii'ierlu? DSBSOStiat, :md four briile-tnai'ls, M:?s
l.lllio Kill??!?. Ml?? Kiitheit.,- Kan? ?in. Mi?.? I.tie?.t
?."???-????, am! ???? >!??:.?.1,? ?..-itni. I?,ift?*r ??rl.*i?. ?>f
Dii.m11??, G??????.. wa? tl,.? bet man. Tlie ?SSBsTS ?ero
G risi Slira Piaha, Of KM-n.u.lVnn.; Kufus K. iOIU, of
l'ani 111**, IVnu. : Charles MatM, of 1 hll:i'1el|?l?U;
Arthur l.lltlo. Maini??.? l'lets?i.? ;u..l ? OB? rt Mt. 'Ili'lL
af New York. ? ??*? epllon followt??! nt tin* home ol
Ih?. bn*!"'s parent-. Ho. ? ^??t 1-lfiy sieiith st?
Auiotig ??ha g,?'^t-, a?*? Mr.am! Mr?. William Demo?
re?!. Mr. and Mr-? 1. I".. Krliy. Mr. und Mr?. J. II.
Johnston. Mr. and Mrs J. J. I.llll?*, Mr. an-1 Mi?*.
Murila CBS??*, Kr. ?????? Mrs. ?\. C. Dexter. Mr nati
Mr?. A. J. G Tinptoii. Mi'? iindMrs. W. 11. ihiimberlaiti,
Mr. and Mi???. John lleiiuet, Mr. ?ml Mi>. J. U.
l!riiggerh?i*T, Mrs. .1. C. CTSf*, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
rainier, Mr. and Mrs. f. C. Angel, Mr. snd Mrs. J.
II. V. Arnold. Mrs. K. Cl>n?*r, Mr. and Mr?. 11. C.
F.lllott. Mr. and Mrs. I, B. laber, Mr. and Mrs*. IVIII?
bun l?ockefeller, Mr. and Ms. J. (?srretUon, Colonel
ami Mr?, llalli, Mr. and Ma. K. llaadley. Mr. and
Mrs H. F. bunford. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Judson. Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Mhuvler. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm
rowuteiid, Mr. and Mis. Mlliam Ziifler, Mr. snd
Mrs (?eor<-e Ven Allen. Mr.and Mr?. C. E. Mitchell,
Dr. snd Mr?. A. K. M? MlhaeJ, Dr. and Mis. A.
I.orici, Mr. and Mrs. s. A. Yorka, Mr. and Mr?. D.
D. Yo'unaus. Mr. mid ??. .Mm Zebley, Mr. snd Mis.
J. It. Young. Mr. nml Mrs. ? K. Van ?aiidt. tlie ???.
und Mrs. S. J. I.lie Mr. nd Mia. ??.-a will mak?
Ili.-lt lioins in rtilliidelphiu.
Mis? Mary Untier <.re?.ti md Kllslia McC. Pulton,
jr., will br murrii-d today atnoun at the ?? fili Avenue
!'rc?byter,i?ii ( liurdi. 111. witldln;? breakfast will
fol!..**? a! Hie inline of the u?de's grsndmotlicr, Mrs.
Tl.'Mtin Untier. No. ?t:B Urti ave.
The \*.-titling of mu? Mar.? II. Mitchell to Henry M.
l.ihhy will take piace an Jtuo 1 ab Uie Church of bt.
Mary teas Virgin, In Wett i's-ty-fifth st.
The weudlng of tiara Wrijlit snd Henry Taller will
mho place at llenip?-.'?-ad, !.. .. on Juno 1.
Mr. and Mrs Oeors*e Bvetaon Wo?Nlward have ?ent
nut curds for tho marriage of their daughter, Mis? Ethel
Deidatu Woodward, to Mixtfjier I-am?on Itarle, st tH.
(.??oige'e (jhurcli, *stuyvetwt*>qiiaie. *t noou, oa *?b?V?
uidsjr. J aja 4, *^

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