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-ppj-aaaj**? S1?.N TBC CALL FOB TUT". MASS
Tie ?Ifrn*"*1* ,0 ,h?" ffi'1 *0, ''le nir?'"nli ? Cooper
raion to-morrow evenni"? to express api?robHtlon nf
co'.irs?* **" t,ie -*ev? *-1r* ?*-l???lP-*d H. Parkhurst In
u sttsf). ou crime uro so numerous nnd M reprrMOnt
\?n ot all thut h) brnud minded, patriotic ?nd of high
V-ra! putpo** bt tbd community that the gMhertng
ui tfrtrtlnlj be IMSlrtlbhl tillUe for Mze, ei.thu-l'i-o
^,4 Bra liitf?^rr.cc of IBS?? present.
X??. ml ?*>'? t'at "tlie object of IBM meeting is t?>
-???tain the movement haarlad f?y Dr. Parkhurst to com
, (jjjj police and oUicr publie aatScsritlea to ?afore?
?h? law? BgataM ?"lee and c:-1me. and by a strong ex
? ^tliu of ? ?'?He opinion and ttauukttt BtTurt, to
] t ?pn the (omplkity which exist* between crim?
inal*? ?Sd ofhelBl?. h? forcibly ?how? In th? unsr.lmous
,jrT5Mi*nieJit of c^e March Grand Jury.'' 'Kill Ian
ria"?*, ?f hic h !? not a ?rbU loo strong, us all well
lu/ornied people know, c?. press*? the semi ment* of
gj, a*?SSreSl ?ho have ?rtixed their nun??} to th?
jlvt? society "for the Prevention of Crime, as tlw
????iiient of WMeh Dr. Parkhurst has carri'.??! on his
kri?f?rfr.t ?'rusade. Is in ganerttl ehax-re of the arra-ng"
???nt*. I?? ?SS meeting proper will be the u Itera tie e
-iven hf citizen.? generali*/ ef abhorrerne at the con
iflracv to pretesi and to encourage evil-doer?; and of
L . diep iDlervf-t tn the uca* ire? of Dr. Parkhurst on
n*. ?id? uf decency, law, JusUee ani tuunl'Mpal honor.
Ou th? l'?T "1 ?ftgaaai are the names of ? ro-.d part of
?er BMI eminent? Influential aod public spirited clergy -
,,.? of t's? city : of mem tfuin whom none stund higher
lu the buslpess world; ?t! lawyers of di-tlm tion ulllie
i,?r .ibillty ?rid hnoest pride In good dty government;
of memlKT? of other profe-slon- ; of mUOt leader?.
Hid, Id ?l-ort, representative?, of nearly all callings and
lud"*" of Belief, eign.'itutes t-> the call have come in
re npidly thut they would fill columns of ?a news
user, und Uie volume ?.?em? to be growing raUier
?ian diminishing, foni? of the iismer? are given hc-re
?lifi. From thorn an Idea of the character BBd ??engtJi
I ef the movement In sui port of l)r. l?arkh;.r?t muy be
J. A. ?icrt msar, e* Muv?' A. S. Hewitt, the IU*v. Drs.
g Ce S)la Mend.??. R. ??. MucArthur. S. II. Virgin, S. 11.
B***?ivt. Lyman a-V.vm. vv. H, l?. Fuuuc?., c. D. w.
?G?,?.?'.?????, ritan M. Fl?*Ml and Middl-diteh ; liayll.??
t l'-rrv, ?*. H, Lstrronee, Bowlea (>>lgAte, Jame?
Talc?? t, John Croeby Br >wii. I). Willis Jain???. Lorettill
?????t-elf, William A. Wiiea-lock, J. C. Ibivt-m.-y? :.
Cornelina N. Ullsn, Lout? C. Whiten. John I). May back,
CiarK? I>. K-.ll.ogg. William S. < 'puv'.ie. Pormnn B.
??,?,?. Flovd Clarkitnn. William A. .\'**h, Q. ?. D'.iivvu.
?arauel Min luir. John h. MacArthur. M. A. BuMnd,
v'..? ?a?. Dr. Abbott R. Klttfdg?.. E. I). Jennings, Dr,
A. W IjO-W, John 1). Rocke'elW, Walter s. ?Logan,
Jnmes P. Archibald, the ?t??. Pr. C. L. Tbomp?OU,
T. !.. Cran*? ton, ?Bt-oroe Nixon, the Kar. Dr. G?*.rge
AJyxan<lor, thu Rev. Dr. Howard Duflield, Uio Bev.
Klohard G. Woodrtdp?-, the Rev. Dr. ht. H.
Harri?. S. G. Pullman. Morti m?r 0. Addome,
Robert (iriiham. lleruv 1?. Nove?, ex-Judge Nitah iXtils,
tte Bev. Dr. W. .*?. Rttliwiord. Ihe Rev. Dr. IV. B?
Htintlr.sttin. th?. !>v. Dr. Ci.itrl.?-? F. Deems, John
(juiiirv Adam??. Colen?! A. P. Keiriuim. C, H. Lading
fia, F/lwrrd G, HartleU, Dr. t..???^? O. Wheel????.
?i-Judga VV. O. ("h"at/?, Tli**?.ph1!us D. Brower, the
Ber. Dr. -'. B. Drury, the net. Dr. David ll
Greor. the Rev. F. C- iLdelmrt. Jam?? g*tOkea, the
Rev. Dr. .felin ("olniaii Adam.*. H?iij:uiicii 11. BtQfBss,
lauac V. Irnshaw, stuiiuel HosB, Kilhieii Vun BtfMSlaer,
F.lwiird V. laoew, H. < ?. Arn,?.or. VV. A. Jotiner,
Pt'tei I!. ?'Inev. the Rev S. IE ?amp, the Bev. Jame?
v. Cbalater?, WllUam H. M.Elrt.y. !.. 0. Warner. (..
Waldo smlrli. John D. Tnwr.send, E. K. H?lst??.?,?1.
J. R. Duryca. II. C. DelafUdd. the Rue. Dr. (luirles
f*. liob'inson, f*amu"l B. l.ittleloin. Elchiird (iregan the
B*r. Wllt.-n Merle Sml'h. Ptok??Ot T. W. Pvvlght,
the Rev. Dr. Thomas 11. Lurch. Robert Ali?seit, the
Bev. Dr D. J. Pattlaon. Hot-ace W Flab, Horace E.
l>eniiii-?. Jumes H. Hitiidl????, the Rev. Antnnlo Arrighi,
Rev. Dr. Arthur lin-<?k, Willis s. Prune,
)!<-v. Dr. llenrv M. Harirters, Miirr-hsll
11. Brajjiht, the R?v. Dr. William P. Sabine,
f.obt'1-t JI. A. Leod. the Rev. Dr. Anton P. Atter
bury, Sanniti P. Henry, the Rev. James Palmer,
llenrv A. Hurlbllt, John D. Prln"?. the Rev. A. W.
Bprctull, ihe Rev. R. ? McNIehoU. the Rev. Dr. Peler
fHryker, th<- Rev. Mlrhol?? H'errlng. Artliur B. E.rav.-s.
the ?;???. ,lo?ep!i Reynold?, the |>v. G. H. Eaton, the
Iv. F. Bottoinc. the Rev. l.lndsnv Parker,
tj.o lie?/. Thoma? Mitchell, the Rev. .1.
?. A'.dr-vv. the BeT. John Kerihuw, tlie Rev.
J?.?*?? G. Forbe?. the Bev. D. M. Flritn?-r. lb? Rev.
John ileCoreu?k. the ???. Osmnee E. st?rrv. Uie Ber
.i.ihii L. Mitchell, "the Rev. F. 8. Unwell, tlie Rev. ll.
C. Earlr, Ihe Bev. ?. C. L. Jenldtis, the Rev. T. (E
Veitch, the Bev. Gcorg-l R. Van J)'? Water, the !."v.
Dsiilel E. Loren?, the Rev. .Tames A. ('?'Connor. Jame?
M. Iii'uce. John F. Terry, (.??orge ?. Brown. Henry ?.
0?ltlty. 11. T. Niehol?. Henry Dexter. WUllnm A.
?fash, Jr.hn H. Bewmey, IVIt-r Doiinld. John B.
Ford. Stephen i). Brnpie. John D. Townei-nd, V. I
rchull, llenrv A. liogiiri, .!?????1? R. Dune*,
Jossph MrKee, F-lwin il. Hall. ?Law A li'.vd, \
1?. vici,. Quackeobasb, f, J. Button, George S, fi?kcr.
ri'.-nl.?? P. Btiirtevant, James VV. -eil-ck. William H.
v..i.e. L;i Salle A. Maynard, UenJaoiin i>- F. curt???.
('liarle?- VV. Webb, F. <?. Ever?*n. Bdward vv. Ball.
Tti'.'iia Tuck! .: . Vlllllain Harlan I'?ige. ?..
I.. (l'I: ti. ?? (lerle,'! M. Crsvit, H?*rl.? rt
Miiij.lfs. W. II. Bes/nt-dda, Tiic.nia? D. Gale.
Walter A. Wlieel? r. Prank ?. *G???!?a?,?, Hasaou Tread
veli, Olllert A. Webber, ?. ?. U*4Men, The Rev. Will
iam F. Antlerson, W. ('. Bitting, the R.-v. Tliomn?
lamont, ??? Iter, ?ldney O. i.av,?. Jan s m. Whlton?
the Rev. Dr. ?.?t.??? !.. Ppiali g. the Bet. Dr. fruirle
E. Bonon, vi. A. Rulnntl. W. II. Whltlr,7. the Rev.
C. tV. MJllard. Donald D. M? Ltuirin. V.,? Betr. .Tnme?.
B. Dar, tbe MB? EWanl H art lev. tlf Bev. ???**}
I. HnSaoti, Joachim Klm-*Tid..rf. The Rev. M. Bt C.
Wright, th.? Bev. Padvard B. ?larh. v. VV. ?a!.???.?.
Freeman Ktir-i. et?*phen 8. Wlae, Winiam L. Loftivs,
Uovd VV. Eerrv. ?he Kev. Arthur f. Klinlier,
A. P. New-on. Charle** W. ????*????, E. I?. Jennines,
I>r. A. .1. ??-ldoii. (ie ????.? I?. <(?.!(. WIDUrn II. Harris,
g. is. Bi**rwnell, Richard s F!y. David Manley. .t dm S.
Ma??!.? ??. ("?i.irl'.?? *>. V'ile-rt. Fred ?ne l4ak<-r, Thetjdor?
r.lmiau. Charles M. (?;ir<Mid?.r!, fluirl-?.? A. R..I?,
Charle? L. Colby, Henri B. Lar::????, W!ll,,i-ii ll.
i. Th?.!ii!i? Muir. William P. COnBolrr, l?eorae
?. i: berts. f. vi. Brooks, t. f.: ?cu .?a'??.)??, .j. r.
Hiver?. Ctioiies A. Duliols, wnUam A. (r..ilu??. J. .??.
M?,.?: Emory filmini::::-, William H. Lumi??. D:?.
? P. Har-ta-rton, A. B. Ot*?!mti C. H. I*r*?v*ie. .T. H
' .-!. (". W. Tiismhl on, .Tom.-? Fither.
Hamilton llarC'-v. H. B. DengM?, Join:
Eide...:i. Wiiiiuni Warntv Hoppln. garaVuel ("oigat??.
W. ? Magnes, Harvey Terry, un R<\, M**dl<sfrn G
Brrte (lie ttev. Kere-ton rvr'-in?. the Bev. Blehard
G. W*--f*.:.rid.-e. H K. .-'?iriervllli. und H. T. McEwen.
Dr. Parfchur?! h.-i? < ?? ?ented lo aretinspany a rom
Bitlee e? mpo? ?? oi <!??'<? .?.?:? - to tbe ?'entra! Labor Urden
on a tour of Inveatlgatloo among the uiwea*Jng*
laOM ?nd other pifia?.?!? on the E(v?t Side, ubere it i?
said that working girls are ill-treat'?1.
Tf tV re i? anything von need In business or nt hotn<>,
you vvii! prohohfaf find It advertised ou the nlnti. page
of Xh?. Tribune to-day.
Mr?. De Lancev Nlooll, to whom a ?on wus born
last Thursday, was In such poor health yesterday
that Mr. Nicoli r.;majried with her all day. At their
home. No, is;? Eaet Thirty islghth-ht.. la?t night, Mr.
.Viroli eald that hi? wire wa? resting easl?r than she
hud btren In ihe day.
IHB ffrr Of MRW'TOBE MAKW A recobp.
The ste-im?hlp City el New-York, which left this
?ort on Mai ir, wa? reported off Brow Heod at 11 Trgg
?'?Inf-K y??i-,rday morning. Tlds mukes her ?ottial
time from gantry Hook to QuecnsTown six davs ?md
taeoty minute??. 'Iho dally runs of the city of Nt-w
Torli were M follow?: 4".??. 4B7, 470, 472, 4711, 47."?
Hid eighty-one miles to Quet;ii?town. The ( it? of
akar-TcMh went over a long course, und coven?'!
?.81*45 mil??, making her nverage speed ??*().o<? mil??? mi
aoiir. Jf sho had gone over the northerly cour?.
?lid had made tho ?nino speed she would have in:??!??
the ????.*,?!???. In five d/iyn, eighteen houm nnd trs*SBt*f
This I? one of the records which might hnve been
?Tid will b? untilo When th? City ot New Yorli ill??? lh
American Hag. As It Is the City of New York u?ld?
to her Inured? by getting the record for the gr.;.i.-t
Dumtier of mil??? an hour on the f-otvvnrd paMaagB.
Thl.? reeord ?? tilnargj conte?!?d bv rutase >.f ti??? liam
?sirg .?teamer? which have nisde rem;ukahl?- t BM ?
**ntly on Iks ?u-twitrd run. It would natiinilly l..?
?upp'),>e?l that the best time would b?? made by a
Trai.-atlanti?; steamer on her ???stwiird Voyage n?
Ihj I.?? the li.iliietne of the (?ulf lf>ti?i;a.m to help her
after sh? pus.es th- Qootpr* Banks. The fu? t Hint
?(??ami-r? do not do thlt I? <i?(ril>d by tin.? Engh-!i
I?*"??.? Is the inferloritv of Anit-rj\*un loul. Those who
ace tn a poeiUon to knoa* f?v that the English Brraotea
8J the trrtasatlantlc line? do not know how to use
American cc?al. aod that the best grade of American
??1 1? not bought ou till? side by the steamers.
CAP1UBB OF " OBBKX-aOODS opyhatohx.*
S ilevcr capu.r? of five "green-gond? op.rators" was
nsKift t(J Captain McLoiiKhllii and Det.'M?? M*****, ot
OM BtafMBMtB l'l'-'liict- Yeatirdav ?iftcrii'.-n Captoln
McLeujjhiln noticed a young man enter the apartment.hou'c
Bo. 125 w??' T?teiity.'lghth-sl. II?? retocnl/. r| ?,?,?,
M ^ Harry BIIVhi, well known ?n the f*olit e ??
? ''green ,-,??? operaUii." f.olng Iwck to the ?tntlon
a??-.?*, m Tiiiiii.ui.?i.. i.c MM BsSSMlM MirhbM la .._,,..?
?n im? ?-?ti-.--.ti.wt. Madiin leEirind ?nd M*fMMd thai a?
MB ?-..imi ?iiOli'leiit i.ioof to convince hliu lliat a gBBfl
?**'n<U?r. uu i.j,ied SS* flai on Uu- gioiiinl Boor <? tin?
bou Mr.
Al t? p. m., ?Ith tb? detective and ft.ur poli? ci,,,,,, c?|*
talo M"-lj?jii^hllii it ont to the hou?e In Twenty-eighth-st.
In the room? Uiey found Hilton and a young woiiatii On
the table m? a complrt? i.-alum *'!*.? out." Wilh tin
S*b na? the Mt ???? Harry l-*4waid?. The ?hici
MUotit-r, ?,,.,. ?^?^^,, ,0 ,,,^ .???,,,?.?,???. .
? In Uie nxiin ?t.e t**Ut 10,??(JO elrcular? with the uati?!
.**t*?? Beee*" foimula .?? them. Hund??d? oT Bmm were
?*???'-*-?*? jesdjr for ruaiilug, and to ?Jjnott every luttaavo
were directed to pcruors living In small town? In tlie
W**-***era State?.
Late In tl.e evmilr.g two mo:?? a'.l?g?d "opi i?ter?" were
?l-ssstN*? ?? il.ei ?resi up th?? tteps of ihe btetm. Tney gate
Uiii. nsit.os ?a Doni? Sl/in of Xo. 415 West lift* ?-seventh
?t.. ?nd Trank Wl'.llaii,? fit .Vo. IDS We*'. Twtnty-cighU)-?t.
Tlu y were ali lucked up fee Hi? nigh*,.
TO Illa QUASI ?!> Al'*. HTER.
Sccrelnry I'iuine ?pert the f*r? ?iter part of ysittfa*?.?
at the ??1 h Avenue Hotel. In fnct. the only time
h? was ? way from then irei wl.?-n lie was out driving
or paying s visit to hi? little gi'undd?ughter, Mr?.
j Damrosch's ShlM, He ?reni up t?> ??a lier In t!.??
f?>renoon with Mrs. G?????t*?. Latter In the ??*>? ?,.?
| lt.UtUi,??'*! in ? grita In t lie Park in his -?-n-lii law?
.tiiiluge, retnretni la time to din? with a friend In
Mr. BlsJne*a raon la the Fifth Avenue Hotel, nrougti
out Wie dui aad .venitii there was ? con?tant ?tr.?.m
?,f ?uni- ?fotai u;? i.? .'tim from pci-sonnl Mend? i.r.d
?*o!liiciuii?. *?f ?ours? he srai able to f-?.? otily a
fow of those who cull'tl.
lix->eii?.t?-ir Flat? had s long Interview with lhe
Secretary during lhe afternoon. Ho declined to ?ay
?hat tlie result nf it wa?. Ex Collector Robert,-.??.
earn? down from Knlonah lo psy his respects, but Mr.
Binine wa* eat; so he simply left hi? card ar.d de?
parted. Mr. G???,<????,? said r*hat he was ks* lhe
nominee o? the M.nnoap.?!!? Convention, but every one.
knew !iow much he admired Mr. Blab? and how
eagerly he dc.-ired te seo hin In the White Hou.e.
In going la and Ml of the hoM Mr. Blalno was
?ctwted by msny people pui-t!. ulsrly reporters. To
tsU he repll.-<1 with the uitno?t frnnkiiecs ?hut he really
bnd nothing to communient?? of public isl/re?! ??r to
odd to what he Bstd upon his arrival; n?mely, that be
sis here 10 80S hi1? g!.iiid<liu:..-ht? r, to con-uit ?.ti
oculist about his eyes, which have given him SOSM
trouble of Iste, ?md t>> take u few days' ret in.in the
ear??s at the blata Department. He mav ?-atead bla
vscstlon b) taking a trip to Maine, but apparently he
had not settM thi? point.
The crowd in the hotel corridor? beenm?* so gr?*4ii
during (he evening Hint at on..? tim.? it looked a? If
It was an .?!., lion night. Nearly all the local party
lend, is were on heal ?Mgeil* dlMasela** ih.? ?Hu
au,,n. an?! ?eeklng for the latest news.
li, noral Horace 1'orlir wns nin.iig Mi. lilalnc's
callers last r.lght.
Every one who wi?hes to buy or rent a house |n town
or country ?houid examine Hie little ud\e:??cmenis ?:?
t!;c i.iiitli Bag*? of The Tribu-je.
'J O 1 IO N Oit T HI 1 ! ; ? ? W .? : M ?, ?.
Boston, May 24 (f-p.-cl ili.?A complimentary ban
rjiiet wa? **.a*tn at th?? AlS*OtM*faln ClmbhOOM, on Com
monw.ii'.ih ave., to t. JciT.-rvot. c ?,ii-!.?,?, recently
app latee Uniteti Hatea Minister ?<? Ptaaoe, Tas
gaUicnr.R w?s a taUllaai one asjd rtpiBBtnllns the
beet btisHiess nnd tOOlal eli-jn?-:it-. of l'<J6toi). JVlit
lea! line? wan ?,? drawn, as bolh panics srere
pretty evenly repret-ented, not ?o much by tlie mettre
patty Moikers as I,y the ?laid mai ,-,.?,? ?,?:, of tt:.?
'Ity. W'.lll.-un A. Baiaci] pr???!?!.?.'.. <>:. I.i- rtffhl
was tl.e gii'-st *.f tlie evej?Bf, bd4 oa jii? left Pre
de.it Eliot of Harvard. <?tiers pt??"i:t were Al?
bolt L.iwren.0. the Rev. .-?, .J)f? ?T-.1, l,r<?,,,??, AlOS
ander II libe, the Bait. Dr. E. K. Hale.
E. 1'.. Hu-Kell, the Ut*. GtOtga A. trordOB, 1'.. ? ??-?
Lucius M. ?siii:?i,i. Eugene Thlbaad, Hci.r.v I.. Hu
??in?.?n. t'??l t!,,?,? ?. W. ?a.'u'il, Martin i.itmm.r, ??, ? .
??, >?::->?, the Ber. ?. ?', l'e iti.? ???.. Joba ?'. Sopea,
Alpheai H. Hardy, Charle? ? ?. Poster, '?? Tga Y.
Fabyaa, Mattel p. Dana, General ciiari?"?? il. Taylor,
J. Artliiif Bache, Henry B. Howe, Willi .ni I'. ?Vil?,si.
Jonathan A. LaBS, ??.,,?.?? 1'. Beai, Aui'TV ?. Lu*.
reno?, M. !'. K?*iiii;it-J, Ji.'.ii W. Chandler, Henry H.
i-ptague, Chares .',. ( ,|hn, Jerome Jone?, P****derlch H.
l'rlii?e, Arthur Botch, William i!. Unc-lii. John \V.
Whcelwrigh'. E. li. (lenient, tl.e Hev. i.ctg? ti EHI .
Franklin llsveu, Jr.. L?*'!?. e. Dabney. bolomon Ufi
coin, William T. llar!. Charles A. ClltTor?!, W. E Ilsr
rett, Bvfaa **. EmM, Baarael Miasoa, Bobort Treat
l*ainc, 0?80rf? Dexter, Bogar Woi-ott, Henry -niton
Ftnll, J. iVwU gtackpole, -kieeph ,faabet?, loha <?.
liny, Kustace e Fits, Ajmos w. *!et?<,u John p.
Holme*-, John !.. Braiser, koynl E. BetbMa?, Blehaard
?.liney, Fnnn'l- latnre 1. I'eicr C. ItvaSaka, ?ieii.-ral ( harl-s
J. PaJne. W. Et.dt? ott, Jr., tl.e Ra*/. Lelghtoii Pi.r:... 1 .
W. Lincoln, (tin.s Guild, ,L*?>pold Mor?e, Charlo.? L'.
Coding, John M. Little, Jienry M. Whltnei. ?????????!
T. F. Edmond?, Edward ?. ?'???.??, ?..
Rollins Morse, TTslhalU Xtayer, ??? n. Unun?
u.il. ?oneriti W. T. Draper, Henry II. (?oodivlu,
Maral?] W. l'iene and Thomas Moiby, Jr.
Mr. Bissasti Rtuc.-fiiiiv opened th?? iiost-prandlui
exer? i?-es. The other ?penkers wer? >'l-?!?t?-r l>M>*M???,
l'reti'lcii! Eliot nii.l Eticviio Thiebnuil, tlie ITen? li
Consul. The s??ee<'hes neri?, of cour-?', etitlr'-ly ,?1 a
aoa partisan cliaracu-r, ai'pisiidiig the i'ii>:?!?iit f ,t
hla wi.'o'ii iu ?electing Mr. OoolMfa to sii'ce.?.1 Min
l?ter Whitehiw Reid, and r'?-riing irracefully lo the
long-time frletid'hlp m.d co?; ???:??????????? relnliiu* ex
isting betveea tbe two repabhes. Mr. CoolUicc ?.,? ,
lhe crnir??- of In? -osseeh :
1 bo Bt***DS?1 at n m >t .liteie-tlng p? rk?d. ? !.?:??
ar?? two groat ?|ii?-?ii":i? coming tip ?Sit hi ? the year
which luve M'l'l ?:?? ??????:. ??<|????!1??1 it. it,.j?,ttiu.ee. I
rater, ftrst, to U-metaUlsia. The ???-?????' ?.?, ????'--:
the ?,????'??.? ?,f Barope to Bead ??? ii.-ii? - : , ? ?
ferenes, at:?i tht? lavitatlori baa been w<e*pte4. I'ar:?
??.?I pr??t?.'i!,iv I??* ehoaen for th?? nH*?*tlng, because the
Preach uii/uth:?- i? the oalf on.? in uhieh Italiens,
Qennans, PrenchaMM u'.d Bnslleh raa ?Met or, ?
??.????,,?. grooixl *i"l otadefstaod on? another. Tln-re
oerer hai ????4?? n ?,-iier lime t ,? ?ach a conven t km.
Hi iiieUiiliam ha? nr-wii ?ti?'S<llly in E:i?lsi.d. 'Il,??
board, of traile ?u over th?? ? lilted Ki.tedom hare
petitlcmed in favor of |t, at,ii n i- ?appose? thai U)i*s
Rallshiiry and ?alfour sud ??c/?< lii-n snd mam othcT
leading stai? ?men ???? f.iv,,nii,l.v Inclined. In- ides, Uie
,:? .-'roils ?????????? of tl.e tradii lu India, caused by
the <l?|?r??. ititi?,:, of the sllvir rupe??, mav indu?'.?. Eng?
land lo go farther 'ban it has .??. r bMBO williim tri ?lo
before. There is Blready a la???' ?Bowing SS per fin
of the bank reserve to I..? held In slli.r, and if tb??
?hould ai*r?*e t?. hol?! ',?. per cent It w,,ul?l occ?s|..n pur
cliases of aboni fWW.ijtjo.OOO of slleer, aad sl**e a
strong ni"ral ?up|K.rt to lhe natl'm? wliirl. Ilk? l'ranc??
i*.n?1 ?iiir.elv.? wi?h t-, establish a bl ??'?.????? coi|.i.|.-e
al a fiX'"d ratio ?????*?|? gold sn?! ?ilv.-r.
The olhor mutter I? ?he liehrlt.g Bee conlrover??*?.
wlllch Is of more importai..??? tlutti Ih?? Alabama treaty.
??',???? (?IVE A niMNEl',.
Ttve Alumni At-soelullon of the Riilstopsl .-V04id-*niy
of ?Tonne?? tic ut pave a dinner and i*-*cept?l<>n at Sherry'?*
last evisalng in honor of the Bert, Jume* **t??ddard,
who was ?**??t??d principal of the InsMtnUon a few dnys
ago. By fimmon luoiihent the Alumni Ar>ef?liiti"ii
never pa*?ed a more eujoyable evening. The new
prhicly-il mamtat a wel<??me from Urn former pupils
which he will long remi-mb.-r aril h pride ?md plHiMin?.
C. La Rue Mini-?*!?, of Willianispor!, l'eiin., prefcld??!
u( t'i" in ?ctltig and Introdu?ud th?? spejiker?; of ih<* even?
ing. Tt.? llrst orat-?r. after th?- cigni? liad basa hsiKl'd
ai'oiii.d. tn* tor. Kt?iri<Iini!. ? Hiors flll?*?! t.l.e room f??r
?.????????1 ajlaatss after hLs name was anii?iiinc?-d. He
made an clo<|ii?'iit, ?a???.?-?? ipeect which shoved that
he appi-eili'l'-d <!?'? re.pot.-lblllty of th?? pisce which lu?
is t?i hold i'* prl'i'll'-'l of tl,?? old.-st ln-?:ltiill'ni of the
Proteslaal Episcopal Cisarch in x??'?* Kiti/innd. He
pralT-ed the academy and promlv.il to t-< rvo It !?? the
be.t of hi? ability. 11>- as-Mribcd the Improvement?
to !?? m::'!'' ?**"*'? ?? the -.'loiinil? iin.1 pr .ph?-b-<l a
fatare for the latdtlirtlea wi Ich would !?.? brighter, if
i?,-?ibi??, tl.iu) Ma Bast. He hop???! thai th" former
pupil-, would nld l.lui In the iind-rlaltlng and Ihn?
tog.-th r th"V mlillit ?.,ilw* I? on?? ?.f the b>?t ?vndemlt
lu II." land.
Mr. M<x!dnrd was follow.'d by Frofe-i.i.1 Phillip?.
of Tale 4v.il??>.*?-. irao ira? forth eathnataittc ????? ?;?u-??
from Its? alumni by btfasl reminlscne??? ?,i the SMdeaiy
und pi-aiv* of M tetW principal ; the I'<-v. Dr. l|.?i",'o?>d.
of Bam Hav'-n. ai.'l lb? K-*'. In?. HunHiig?..?.. r<?. tor
i,f ?ii?*?? C.'iurcl:, who, although ?et an alumnus of
the lit-Htuli?!?. spoke heartily In its behalf. After
A. I!. Cool*. "I tbil ?')? best read a I??,? in In honor of
hU alma mut? r. the Be?. B. ?, Un?-, n?tta of M.
PPM?H Chiir?'.h, .NewUliveti, was fallai upon lo mi?Us S
?aiaeeta. mi estasses was one of the most lalaieaMsg
I of the evening. U*'? '"". l^"?"''! memorie, of tl.e
?cadeniT. and set forili Ihe u.lvai.lng-s of
havlt.n an i.luiniiu? "f ?*? ?"^????"l" ' ? ?t,???????. A?
a former cla?smBt??. "f Mr. *-??,|.?:,?>?, Mr. 1-lne
wa? al'le to tell much <>f Intel???! r.'ganling H"?
new h.-ud of Hi?; acadt-mv. Hie ?,,,? ?pe..!..t
wa, ihr l?ev. Ur. t?. ?'? 1?"??""- ihe ?"tiring principal.
He ri-clve.1 innii.v erldcncs at the ,??Gp lion In which
hi? former pupils !u?l?l him
Among gradu?tes pr?-?eiit sere Robert Piothcio?-?.
i;:r,i...nd liobbln?, !>r. A. M. 'llioimis, Dr. W. R.
S.tnpsoii, I'iof"--or C. Y- Ilawley. James II. Dill, ?. B.
? ...,k. E. A. Xew.ll. I>r. .1. W. l.vmaii. W. (?. Malli'i'.
A. M. hllmpson, L. I. Hownes, Ii. 1'. Vimulmn. WlHiam
M. MurU, ?. M. Thayer, tbe Bes?, ??. p. Baltety.
i,.,is|,..i |!u?-"?-ll. W. I?. M??nimmt. .?????? H. Hall, ('corgo
Watson Deach, <.'*or?,'?? M. cuHih. a. .i. Ceatrei-*?.
K H CuitK C. S. l'etkl'i-. ?. T. Miller, I*lx?fesT-"i'
J.' n. Eut!dock ?md Charlea Wblonf.
'Jls ofllier? of llic Alumni .\-->"1iition, whl? h wai
onanlsed lo IH7h. m? ;"" e\en\ ?. l.? Une Muii-..?..
Wlil"?nsp"it. Penn ; siti p e-ldent, C. M. f.' ?ddard.
|i,.-t<?'i. Mnao?. : tua-iii'-r. the l?ev. .1. f, ?exlii.
ch???lili-e, C.mn.; ixcretuiy, Dr. O. C. E. William?,
ltnrtford. Conn.
:n'.;-iiow lECUUnrj would
OrjTaSfSl Bamae] Thome.??, of the commi'te* of Rich
moad Terminal security holder?. \--,.:d:iy d!.eu-?.?t
the plan of rt-orgaiilratlim Wuirb 'he committee
eernesUy reeommerdled to th? mectln; of aecurity
I den "ti M ? day. li- raid that it w?i? not prepoo? '?
? pay my banUni h?, ??.? ?? bBUIob dol?an t/? ???
th?? mnti'-y of t:.?? ?--curlTy bolder? under t ?? plan.
Hur?h a c?.mml??lon would dOubtleM be ei.icled If the
plnn wer?? pi m ed In the hands of ? largo booking hous??
and ihcn If th? stockholder? did noi pay Ihe trsMerorsry
?--?-??nient th? plan mould be deci-ir-d InoperoUvo.
The seeurtrtp bi Bien propoi rd M carry out the ?*?
rMfanlsaUon tbroagb tbelr nun c-rrmradttee. It l? con?
sidered certain ihnt th? ?'.ntr-iil Trust Company ?111
I,* .ei,,?,.?*? -,. ,?... <|.-[, ,-',?.,; y for TSMUrfllM under lh?
plan If ??"?>!cd a? now printed !? ? not yet r*er?
tain, however, that th? Mrong-Thnn.as plan will go
It wa? learned from undour?ted authority yraterSBy
?Ui4*t lh? following Is lh? !>a.?l? of rffirpinlr.itl-m wl.lcih
lh?? commit!-*? Is working for: The use of the chnrter
of th? New Kent) em Railway Company, with power
M iMM $100,(S)0.000 now bonds for th? puni?se- of
(?-msolirtiitlon and future rf-irgmiltotl'ei. The com
assy would hav- V7r,jz\n,t>(*) -?-nraoB sud -m?!.?1'?0.
(H)') prafeiwd Rtock. Th" exchaug?' of ?-cutltl- I would
be nitido M foDowal 1*3,11*00,000 Iilehm.ijid Terminal
?** tn receive 1???-8 ht n<-w pn-ferred stock, equal !o
*n,l"-,ii.(>(>0; $?0.???,.-..?-??? Richmond Teimlnnl "?- nnd
pref'>rr?-d isbs-k to <?,,? n-w preaSfTCg itoeB, ?ssal lo
r-i<;.n?;?,,(?>?>; .-? -.(H)O.ooo ?-?-?? Icran, th? let id ?*i t?? gol
now pretattet ttoeb al c><?. tomai io iiaj**33J333; F-i-t
Tenn., Virginia and (*?*orgte wcarlUes t'? lb? 0***
"nl ? ?::-! I", iiipuiv under ?he ??lctt plofl to Wreive
?B:;.T71 .-J-- : he loft || the llrMWIJ". *r"?".?"*?.:tt?.>. mal ine I
l-iliil Of -t.1.?!.(???,.???, Tho new r-nii?,. my would have
lh?- liichtn.ind a:?<1 I>a;.vll!e nyst-'ti of ?'!.?'-'" BUI?*? Of
read. Th" li??t ?:?????!].'? thl? j?.i: i.!?? ??- Imated ?it
ovr S-J,?i7.ri,(J00. The total bOBd?d 1?.<!???'.?!????
u.iild tm -.'?.?.?,!>?_? 1,350, on w'.leh the BSfd ? ' ?
w??uld b?? s-i.iir,.??.?.*?.. The pr Vi:>d itockhoMer?
worild alsn own ??,??????? ?,.-.?.-'? (-.??:;??..? Ball! id
?tock and ??,???,??? out ol lb? ?*".?".'?-. of Uu
F:.-t ???:??,.?.??-... v ir.?:? Ut a ? B? Iwey t"? '?.
All Of th?? rollnle'nl ROW Behind tho Booting i bt BBd
vari n trusta and all the ?.?. ? rittet b? ? - I !?? Ib?
Richmond Dm,uni Company trould b* In in
th? protectton of th? now preferred -.I?, trblcb would
elect tvo-thlrdi ?.' the board ol direct ? unttl gve
consecutive dividendi of 8 per e? e? h had beca
paid apon the ] I ?tock.
Thl? ?? ilo? ri ;? p which wai I ltd b? '? m lb? ? ?
boMi r? by th?? . ? mmlttee :
IV? reeommend that the ? mmlttee propose to tho
public an ?. -.???>..?vi loan lo be - ibicrt i*d fur a'
;??.' ,i ?_?. pmdnrlng rdb iu( t'.?'-?.???" Thl? ?um
:?j tm u-jd u. ?.n,-iiKiiig th? ? ??.,:.?
t|i?* lllrniiiond Termlrial, Richmond ?nd Danville,
Ba t lctme-s'??, Virginia an?! ??.-.rirlt Railway rnm
that ?h
be ?eeared by all Ihe ? ? ? ahi? li
U ?it?? BOW ?.?.-??. idi ?ni ..tiro militi ?
? imp. .? ?. :.? ha? o to iiffei. '
t?. beai ?? ????? cent on demand "f r?mml t???. n ? h?
?n ??.?.? ?,,.? ? tend It I ?r two yen it tb i opUon,
nei ?tintile ? ? ?.? ? ?, Ici f.. be l?sin?d ? >? ? ??
??? ?? ??. '.?. tu ti ? ?|???'.? to thl lean
In Ihe following order : R. J ? ? ? ? nnd ]<??' ':?!.
! .-: j ; . ? III" d.
pro raie; Hic R. T. '? ?- r tei?! bo ?::,"'.. promt
,, an) remai R. T. s per mi
?n ? on nn? iemumde?t ? ? by the la?? ? '. ? ?
' ni,' ?I . ? he r- I ?? . !?> III.? pill.II?
ll a! ?. ?? ' ?? ?? ? ' rribed. ?Ilei ? ? n c
?. ?? . iimltire t?? organiza? ?? ?. ??? r illr? ;? I
. ? ? :?,!, 1*75,0 ' ? ??? ?| ? . ?,?? .. . -, ,? ?
? .??? of ? per ceni r imul ? ? ? f? rred
!.. Iii .c p .wer t.Il? I r ' in ?
bond . f tueh ami ml ? ? - ???? ?. ? ;? ? -' ?
i. ? rah ol Intara?! ?ritti whirl, lo refill ? ;.?.??.. ??:????- *
of the
hav ? ui! II? ??' ??'iv uf the i- - lied I ?
?en .?? > sti '. under thl ? Plan.
Authorize ihe eon Itti to art ?? a reorganlta
lion ? ? p,?,?p? ?. and lo |w ??? ?*? on the first ?'? '??
on any .?! the i:. r. t. ? ?... ?.il??.
: ? ? : . ita ai ?' diati II I on o? the I ? rd? und r t : e.
f ur H. T. !iu?t mor,.-...?.? un Du follo? phi ? ' All
tii?? i:. T. ?;? depiedtad lo be paM od ? par and In
Irrest, \?i'!i t'.?? new prrfrm?d .. .nt? on
th?? dollar; nil ti.?? *.-..??,,.??. Inn ?? ;. ,? ?? .
?md Intere?', in i-i? '? ? .???-?'. ?: ?
'??? ?n d ?. ?. 11-?fi-n-d ?t?.? 1. lu I ?? paid pai sud Intere '
hi new |??.????. ? lock ? por; Uie hobt .- of the
? -,???. IM?I |i,?:i ;,, |? , ,,'. ? ?,, ? . I
?i ii.t'ii?. ,iii the ?<??'???|????? ???????? tbe ? ?? tona of
*?-,????,..??? ?nd ,,ii ti?. uther tru Ii In be ?t?? ? r ? ?
liiia?-t behind ' a???. ? 1. ?? of ???' irti ? - t ? ? hlrh il?-??
beloiiv dining Ihe foieclneur? ai.d -nl?? ..f ?e. nuil?? ,
authority being pi\ <??? to the ? omiii?t? <? lo tur? '
nnd ?.ibi ..r -"?'-uriti,.? lo piy ove? t . ilo?-?? ?
ir,.? ? . *,? '.? me tbelr pi? mia -hit?? t.\ il ? .
due them ???????t II.? il?
\ (burina the . mmlttee lo dUpoe? ' tbe
preieited -teck nf ??? !?. ; il .? U
?iti? which lo 1"V ..?? ut Tire, |...un? ami -?..le ti
?e. m .tv holden ??? . r?l e lo ?.me ? ?:'.?- lo thl?
:i?|. ? n.en?. in ?ri. li -.-il?? ii'.tl.?? al the ?'
pt? ??' - I . ? fi? ??, .ir.?!
" ? I ,
mi ? hav. .. ome ;?. ;tl??? l
Itovi?!? In tin? ?,? ? .. ? ? ?],,. , ,? i .,t-'. rr<d
noe inrSmeed ?? il. ?
the Centi ti Tm t ? m uani h ?:?:- all ?
? <?! dal ?: ck and ill ti?? 1 t Tei
abd '?...?.-'? ?(..-k In f-:-? : o I he ?,??.?'? |?
(if ihe piel. : ind that ??
holder? may vet? ?|"?? ?urli ??-'. it all ????
:?'?! ??'?'?! ? ?ill the righi? "I ni' io !-hl|) Ih??!?*?.', .,? 1
mai ?Ithdn ? Ihe ??? " ??"?? ind lutili
?]!'?! l'I ll ?lll.'t'J. ?I . .[-.?. Ihn <?.??!|", il,?.
Allo", i'ie l?, ? Tenn. Vlrjrln . :,? .? .,? r.-n
ito? HI ..I''?! .Who ? ? ? '? ]?? Pet! Ili Ir Ii?
n.i.tt j)!au ?.. ?uh*. rli.c t?, tit.? new j.i-vn? ?
on t11 ?? ? t..-1? )..:?i tit? f,.r lb. ? ? '? :
-?..??. 17 f?r l?o-Ir ????.?.ni pn'ci..?! ?., ?. , .; ?;
for their cotniniiii ?tocii, to receive neu preferrrj
if ?41.
Th.? ?.???,! pref.-iicd nock li elect twotltlrd Of the
boaid uni il ?urli time n- lb? coMpooy ?. tv have puid
fit? con.nil??? dividendi.
?1???d".Il .si.l'.F.l'l I?? FOB TUR ADIBONDACKB.
Koariy nil Iho >l\iv mili?? of Dr. W. mu.ini W. ht.?
reatare, the .vdii- ?? ?in ?< ?n?! bt, Lawrence itolhoad,
lh completed, itr.?l Jiir.n ?? tlirou/h ??????? will I??
run f>?m ?"??-\??( f.. 'dl l'orge. Fi.Hou ?;nsl!i,
BecBrn*? Tra? t, ?;.?...>?-? Lass and i"?ki?i aad Btoe
Mountain ?.????^. Ofl July 1 tin ???.??? trulli? will
be run to Montreal. OSSmecBeei k made ititti tim
Crf-fttul Trink of (?ninia ?it Vnllev II? Id, on I!??
n. La?renn Blver. Of Dr IVebb't own fMam
tli??!?? ?ill b- grty-etght mil*? op-n on June G?, and
\<n mllei ? ii July ?.
The newly .-l-rcled bcnd of directors of the Mi.sonri.
Kan?:-? and Tun* BSltTOad mat yc*t??r?1iiy arid ?arrlet
out tho progriwTime pf "hoodiig II. C. K*ms* a?
president \u pfjae? of il. C. Ore??, leMfSftd Mr.
House will ulto 1^? chiilrtnan of the bnanl of ilMetStr??
Tlie ofh?>r oftlier* ?I??? ted were: First vlc?.-pre-ldent,
J. Waldo; MSOfad ? I? I president, T. C. Pu rd y : Thlr?!
vice prerlden!, William Dowd : ?i.iilmller, tr?B-iii?r r
and liCretSry. ?Chart?? (?- llndgi; .??????1????1 ?.rcn-lary
for Kuri?j, las? Clark; for MlMIMll. I, 0. Thoriipsoti,
?md for New-York, J. Ii. ??walii, Jr.. it ?! It-iveretix
Tutor; loes] treaasrar ?t ninooa, Kan., it. vv. McOuire;
local ttreraBurer al iMSIsllaj Mo., I. ?'. TT??4jmparsa, Tu*
..??? util.? ?oiiimitti?.? cno??, of William Bond, J. D.
Ri. u.-feller. coL.it.? Itovi. William D'?"d und Henry
W. BOOT? Mi. I,'?.? licfcll. r tain?? the |iliin" of Simon
Mirile, who remull?? ??- le?era! counsel.
The company Is? prrpai ? l? pu li li? propnaed ???
leroalo, fr..m lh? pr? .???,' t ?rmlnu? i" Hooston, Te\.
Tho railroad confer? a? ? n n.Btoe of ?Oommlattoner
Boddard yederday noultod la ? Rood c.iv* work.
Not only were sivth cbuui mtee advanced, but the isle
on grata and product? uri? pul up a 111:1.;. The Hie??!
Ing Included r? pre entaUve ol abtrat ihii-ty read . than
being pi.?.!.? ..p?..!, ol fourteen lake line,. Um trunk
line e\ei UtlVe I 'ninniI Ii? alld ? ?priai ? oni.'tilil "i? from
th?? Central TrafRe A?v?octatton, Several traehi afra
the catting oa grata rat?? led to ?? fermai ? -?in. Uon in
ih?? rdxth-clttK? tail if from -'? cento to j?> - en! per 100
pound? irom (hi. ? .? > lo '.? ?? ? ?'?:.. An effort vm?,
,ub? -i|ii.-titiv mod? to advanca the Item in alslh-cl? ?
f,iil-i-1c of grObl, 'I'll?? all? inpl f s i ! < ?1 In < .ill ?? III?: hi!,"
line? refased lo rata? ?-??? r-ecaee? they fr-ared thai
the ail mil ho? - would noi maialato ml?
Ai ve?t?-rilav' ? BMeUni ?? ?*? ?!??? i?l.<l that II,??
?iiiiiitlon trarranled expetitallon that Brmer rotes could
be ii.-id. n waa ananlaiausly voted thai ?a Jan? m
all artici??? In lh? ?Util ? In?-, ??????pilng gr?ln and It?
? rod acts, si, .mill be ratead (Tom M to :? bard? of :.?:,
t- fi n ? . ?. ? in Bea Volk. The rete on grain
unii produci? -.vili t??? advanced from 20 (<
p.-r KM? pollini from (lib rigo I?
lin' ? util ob<?."?? ihe??? rati
??. ?.? 1 p ilo ir favor.
?_'*J I -? . ?:.?
York. The lile
With ?? differ nUal "f ?
Aliiiouii? "'incili I. .'inni?? In Irani? B. .M.'lure,
inaerei affasi ?>t Hm Mow-Vtirti and N-w-Bogtoad
i:aiii ..id, that the rasslsg Um? <?f Um ? -?? -hao-rn
"ulil'e linlu"* letween M**W-Yot*B BBd BoatOS has
been ibortened ? gf? heur, and tarty ii.i.i.t.??. IMm
IretS BOW 1- ive; tin? Oread ?'eiittol si.-itlon at :i
p. m., ??? riving at l.o.ton dally ai 1:40 p. m On
mukI.ij*. tin?, time ??! arrival lu Bt?vvlas la I? P- M,
???? ?civir?? ?nd equipment will b?? the ?aiiie ui
hi-retr.fore. _
The iinnouiucifci.t bf tologiapk tint the Nonlurn
Prr-dg< lli!!".:"l l:i'l ot IfMl WWSSdatl H? ?-lii'iilslnii. a
jl;.,- of ,?.,???.?! !,?? vvcen T??? l mi nnd China und
| Japan BTM ?'ilitltnicd here ycsU.nl?>. An BITSBpSMBt
I b*-. been ioaij*-Icied Mlth a*u Ln.lish ?4udivate Ut
which .1 new company, oeUed lhe Xorthern Pacific
??.??rit!i?h!p Company, has ben formed. The pr,-**ld nt
1? air William reni-re. of London, who orKaiiUrd Hie
Canadian laii!'." St?uiu?I.Ip rumptuiy. Tlicr?; will ho
thro?, ship?, ululer ih?? liiiilsh Hug, nnd vnyaevs will
be tamia sisafhlj 'u aaeh fMrasfloa. and withiu a year
It 1? hoped (o htm a SSSSl aaiaalfclf service ???tabHshed.
Th?* first st?*am?? ?>f the n?-w company left I!?ing Kong
?m Mny Bl. The ime Is opened In lime lo carry a pati
of tl.e tea crop, of ?hteh the .Northern I'n.llle Kail
road has MU?e**to tnntporta? ?boat 88 per cent.
The X?'ttlier:i Paella BSlllllOd. n* n company, will
not have any pecaatary luterest in the ?team-rs. tlio
itMRMhrp line tal mg the ?Mesa earnings and Uie
Noi-thern l'i.il?c the overland earnings 00 (ho lr:\"
liner, hatig.'d. II.,? ?t? ,.m?!iip Hi." will deliver fi Igt)I
exclusive'* t?, the N'ortberu radile Baltlroad, hut as-Ill
rotnpete tor the ??.?.;-rt.s of tt..? Pacific coast at all
MB. nxLXT'g tuocaasoa not yit caoai v.
Chirac??, M.iv 14.- At the -rpeetal meeting of the
We lera Psaienger .\--?>?lattea today the re4*oma?ea4a?
il<?u of tlie ataaapen w:..s act'd upon and a .all
ls?ue.l for another uiec-.????. lo I?- held ??????t, Mav
Bl, for the piii'-H.v o( ?JajetJng a rl.nirinnti Farther
tii?? this ihe fanoni passsajsr agent? did not touch
upon tlie ?"abject of u successor for Mr. Finley, but
contine,! th<-m?.?!v<s to tlie couMderiitlnn of rate prob?
lem?. I or the meeting of the society of Chrl?tlnn
Kiid,-avt,r. In New York, and the (?rand Army En
ramprnent. In Washington, It wai decided to mall?*
u rate of one fare for the round trip from all as?
sociation point?.
The ? 1,1, ago Freight Committee of the ("entriti
Traffic As?.?., lation ????? to ?lay and considered anione
other tiling? ?*<[??:?llitiitlon of d4*U**eriSS on ?.instruction
niHt'Ti-il '"1,'lgii'd t" ih?? World's Columbian F.xpo
?Itloii by tl.e Itaca In ?-? ???? p.-t 11 i- m with the l?alllmori?
and Ohio. A, th?? latter road mal?", no ehSI*fB, tn*
citnsu It us?? ii? own truths for ?ich dellv.-rl'??, the
?>! h- r com!? wi-r?- ?n t bori tifi to absorb the rhari?re?
|:?f???-? bv th?? Balttaaiee and "Ilio. TliC old nuestlon
?,f pen '.-nti.-re dlvl-tot.? with thn Chlcaco ami North
\ir-triii int.] th.? rlibai?-... Mili*nuke..? and >t. l'imi
roads on -iTi|?n,,? it- pi >??,,1 front point? u It hin Ih,?
<:ti lltatti ?res again brottghl up, rat It ?,;?* decided
I.? fill ?? ????, lai m?-, ting for tho coii?ld? uitloii of the
biii,Jc t on Irldr,?..
?t> ? ?
Baaam ci:?. May 54. The gai? ,,* ti,,? Kassa?? eitv.
B'ysDBjOtta ?ni *fo?*thaiateiu Baller?? la Jav Ooald
im? eompleted ??-day. Ihe ?,.?<? run? froai ??p**...
at? t?, ?.. **t : !... Beh., a Stataacs "f i~'? u H???*, alta
ti Spur frolli Toi.?,? Sie, Kim., to Curl.ii-d.il.?. Km, .
a MstaBee of fartj Bea mil???*. The rond vus aeeei
.. paying oae, *i ?? si ml ?**?> *.?..?? ?so it w? ut tato
the ?.,; ??, of ? r, ,i*>r. it eras then beaded n'
? "*i>, of ut,i? h ai.-tWO.tl00 was held la Bngland
and th* r ?. stadei by lbs Northwestern Consti*?
tlon * impenj". Th? latter atz?-.??.?.! to assi thalr
M-earlties ?" Jay Ooald for ?,???,???, end Ooald
|,",k b)I bal -r:??".!a ot Ibesa, .'luitnltie (hut tfu.i
amount of tlw b ? I ippaaied oa et.?-??? face t?i lave
been eanttsQed. The Cooainiettoa <'?,mpativ elalaied
lo th.? - ? ntt.try aad brottfht *"?lt f? '"iiip'l Mr. Ooald
to eotcp'et.? th? tmiM .?"lion. A comproml??? of th"
lall haa ?,?????? 1???<??? eff?re.ed Slid Mr. Ooald tnke? the
rentstn tig leen Hies. The ro;.d alti be u-e.l h? ?.
Ml-? a,ri l'r.? Hi?? f ???- i < G .md ti.iv t,e e-,t,-ndc<| north
from lies?. !?? lap the t'nlon Parlltr, i-imMna ..
roniiectlns ?init between thnt ?yat.-m and ?ii.ul'l.
Sotitbwesl ?,-t-ni.
TIILSl i'llL'Ml-corirr VACANCY
r:;i i; j *.r p tkui- ? . i.ikii.v TO ttlXCT A
1?: '.nsvi.v wi \x ill? BXCELLBBT Ji'i?:
i \;. mi- -;vi \ii v,*? it: vn.vi.n.
: IT TSLI.'.llAI I! 1>> 111). Tkllll.'.NK.'
ui',!.!.!,. M:,?. 84. it ?? ?set-Beat that Presi
deal Utrt.oli ba- ?' ? l?l?d to F', ve a n? ? .<1 deal
? f Haas sad lltoii,-lit t?? the -??k-CtiOQ >f an Associai.?
.tto.t|ee of 'he Supr? tn- Ooatt, 10 lili I1,?? pl-oe m ?.<:??
i.i-ti'it i\ th.- u.?:t. o| Jasttae Bradley, if the
t:?,minati -"? C"'?-. H- J ,U???m:ilV. to g state In III??
).iill-iil c.ri'tlt fr???? Which .1 ii ?It?
?nd ???. er * hi* !i
nil prt.l.i'.ll.lv hy
isrsver, ? la
r a ji Ige,
???:, ..It und "elchtv
ta u ? f ? ?
,?,?? ,? ? ? p?. * ? ? III
G.????"* .? .?
he p e ????!. tl.e new Judge ?III In
PenneylranUa. Tt,<- Pr?siden ?
hinted, gn ,,'?- -LI.? ?*,?? Tulnl
Bad IB lh.it in??? rien mot??
(??,n?|.|ertitl >t:- will cn(<*T Into
It ;? ItW.-lv, ar...r?llii|-ly, trim
t. ' be IT.ad?? wltliottt tnnrli
further ?:???'??:?> ..:.?! del ia:t n. BOd when made the
.,.,mle.,t|.,:i ma'. , . \> ? ?. ? ??? ?,? alata the untuuallT
?.1.?? ? -stani of es?*? '? ? '',: sierll sbosni in m -,
Jedli-tal appointai I have fallen to thi? A4
..I tl.
it ideai Ma risia bai beta oallsi oa to nominit??
aowas ??( lite Br?l ?hi.??** i?-T.r? Of III? t.-rTii in<?r.?
redera! ????!,'" ??? il higher gratta than are asaall]
taw ? ?Ad? ? ? be w ?
ta ' laled ?in be the third
put , bea? ii by lhe pwsei ?
, lire, a'? "? ?-third of the entire Bwaibershlp
| ? r,?.-t ?111 t'?:. hoi! ? otnttil--I ,t.? from him.
The ???,? p;l r ipptitntmenU of Justice Bas aas, In
,.f Jastlee M.m ????.???, at A Jmtlc,? flrosn. t"
u ????'! .lu-tl?.? Militi, ?eiv r?*- ,-lv.d vlth tinlv?? ?
? Mini..? ?ni.it.,.,. ??.?'ti of i?,ti, pai Be ? snltlag la up
pros il -.f tlii-tn
It. tt.e Ualted Slat? Clrenll Cesarle, the r.n .
the Pr? Ident'i spnointmeits has i?*?*n asen alder aad
t ?,.t, ?,- ?? ?le ninstesn Citrali .i..?i?i??
noe? -imi?..? :ti lhe nine Peder?] dreni! ni?i?? lut?-?! un
der Ibe ois laa und bf th?? proslstoris ?,f the ?.?..ri?
tti? ol Mani. 3, ?- ?. eterea, or more than half, "*?*<?
their i..mit.iiii,.ii t.. President Harrison. Among
ti,?. ? . ie\-<-., ?..,? fudge ahlpssaa, ,,f < ? ascBcul
? t,?,?'?,??, of Arasa ? : Woods, "f tadlena, und
M? < ,,p??? k? ,,f Tesas, dl formerly distrili Judge-* mid
???.??t,',?? ?,, the ???? ui? bench oaty nft'-r loag aod
brilliant ??riic.? in ti..? lower eoartai .iii?1l-?? QoaT, of
v..? t Virginia, tonaetty Bcpieacalatl*?? m r,,ni*r.
and .-'?reiaiy of Ibe Batrjr; c.\ - ??,????<;????.t.???
Taft, "f "hio: es-Bepr.nlatlve Me Benna, "f Osti
f r:.l ' . ?i?? TEC M. ? -,? !!.*>. "f l'en: ?v?vanla- name.?
m hi, ti n?-??.! ?u.!; t.. bt? metiii'i'ied to Indicato th?? uni
tona high chareeti?? snd ?taadlaa "t Ibis se** and pre?
iioi.di'iatiii'.? ??,??!)? of ladgea tha? ?*? aithla ? ?????:??
jrear or taro upon the Pisterai beach. Tan of tho
rlrealt J.idp?? Bocaisated by the i*re?l?lent were <*"ii
Hi in. d wltluuit crltli lam or oli]"itlon of inv Kind.
The c>tilr c??e In ?ioch r.pp,,?itl.?n mi- .-iico'inleied
?raa thai of Judge \v.m?i?. of laataas, srsl the tight
III...I.? Sf^tinat him ?a? ba-cd confe-*,-.?s?llv and oxil'i
utvely sn pollili ul g:i,iili'l?.
in the eetabUshtBi t.t ,,? ti..? umv Coati of lassai
Un?an-, ?alhertaed by the ?,let, Ceosmss, Hi? i?r**s
blent ??A eqaall] happy and -n?, e??fni in iu? aeleV
lion?, ?bile ih?? reorganisation of ib.- laterstete
'?.lumnrte I ominl-sloti, .,11 !|vc? of Uie Cumiiil?.! uier-i
t,,,??,' I,,,Mit,g ?pp'.li.tm. tils from this Adttiliit.trsilmi,
bas al??, met ulih nothing but commeiidiiilon fiotti
ih.? repr?sent?t I ve men of both j>>lltical parile? ami
in the public pn?-?..
No Aasnlnlslratl ???. ?? ?mi bo fairly saM, ha* niado
n retold of j'l.ii. i.il MipolntmentS moie prnl<K?irorth>
or mor.? f?licll,,ii-; ., .1 lhe -"liiUotis of the lunt ihne
?.'.ii?, foi Un? Pisterai bench n.t.y ???1 ?erre a.?, models
for manv otbei Administration? to PO??.
-.? ?
?irsinii .?J'f.'.v etJrOTfO*fd at ? ALM.
V.?* noven, Cotia., Mas -i (Special). Tonight
B-Oald hill?? |??,?|| "l?i|i|.|fn light" Bjght Oil I lie Cllllip.l.
but ??rlag to the death Of W. II. Vattderlilli. 'n::, the
p.w unw," ..? n.i< junior ?(?'lety snare poatpOWCd un
Ili nevi Iti.-iltiv ?\.?..|???. Thll ?.tir th"ie has b"eii
. oiisliierable hu Ulag toi men. ?'.-? V. und 1). K. H.
baie ? ori..-,? t?. ai .? lo -e.nie the "creala *?f ihe
??????."1 The gsnetol linpras loa wetna i?, i.e tha? d.
?. r.. ha? pi igei ih?? be? ?ot of asea oa tbe whole
11,1? ?ear. The ill*-1? lion, the CBBsa of '!?l VbO hnV.?
i.e. ? pledged ? ? Junior -.,, t, ties aad win r**ct*lve formili
? :??, Una on TaHuai night*1 ore ,.<, fotlosrs:
?','?.? Kapps i-i? II? ? G. >. ArbuUuiot, Penasyl
Vania. A. A Ulgtuiw, -t. l'imi, Ml.ut.; .1. C. llis.wn,
N'ew-Yorh; ?.. It, Co ??, Kamas < Hy. M<>. : G. (Och
ran. Jt . m. Paul. Mlii.. : P. Owlght, III lolilvn. B. \.:
.1. M. I'eri-ii, ??, Plllsblirg, 1'eim : ?'. II. (leoi-ge, Mil
??nil.'.?, Wi?. : N. W. ?,?, mi, V. on. let?, Mb-*.; .1. L.
Hall. Wll'lmnitti' . (Ont..; ,|. a. Ilawes. Sem Torh
B. ?'. 11,-llon, Jl.l.ii:.. .Mon!.; J. lloivhind. NoW-Yurt. ;
l: ?'. Jume?, litiiiiiiioi-, Md.; N. il. -learett, Buffalo,
N. J.; ?'. t.. Kitin, ??,n t?.,,: A. W. Undehe, St. Paul,
Minn.: II. I:. Marker. Covlngton, ??.; P. II. McMll
biu, D.its.li. Mbit.: W. F. Murray, I'hiliiii.hi. N. J?;
K. D T.iiii?-. at, Augustine, Pas,; \. ?. ?????. Bt.
lauti-, tt". Bastili, .al.a; .1. ?. .?-?.?????????1. All! boro,
Mu??.; C. ?. Kink??., -?. Loa]?; j. li. goUey. Je
laiili-1.1. ?'?in?.. W. f, -l.ii.n.t., Ji .. l'hilttlleld. N .1.
I.. M. Mlllmnn, Brunklrn; tt', ?. VValcott, Jr.. Kew
Vorh, uni ? P. Ward, He!)-na, Mont.
Pal ? ?,.?,,?, s. H. ^. lii?ii|l, New-York; .1. K.
Iirua-n, PHI ?burg, l'? un ? ilvln Burr, Auburn, ?. \.,
,?. ??. ?????????.??.,???. N<sw-Yi>rh; A, >. Dtven, Elmi ru,
B. V-; * Inni ?--,. ??????????, Ind.; <?. ??'. Eaton,
\.".-. I!.?, ' "nu. Il I. Elio, .V??? Voi'lc: ?. ?. ?'.
??',?. t. ?.? ?? l'ail?. H V.; M. Hai??. \'?*\ Yol!? : J. H.
Jenkins, -laiiifoni. ? inn.. ?. ?; Uiunabary, Hartford,
???,??.: I?. !: I.untili, -t.Il Lalo? City; !.. ??. Melili
? . . ?'.., umi ? ?? ?* Kinne*. Pueblo, Col. : <?. II.
Mli.t?. Near Bis belle, ... v.. r. i. Botan, L'htragn;
! .*?. !.. ?'p. K*:t'i?vu;.', Ind.; y. e. l'-rhln?*. Khnron,
?-,-?,?, . II. P. IVrhtns, |r? M'arran, Ohio; P. L ???..
.N.w-YorU: ?. ?.r, New-Yorh; K. II. Be??*?, Hol
rohe, Ma-?.. J. e -..**\,??. hoi,t. B. il?: O. <?. atiy*
???,,???. Ir., Iiilil--e|H.il. e.un.; j, |*. G?-????,?????.'?'. l'Ili
?ago il. il. Tueker, Troy, n. v.; ? P. Wiiiim-v.
Se* York: i:. li tt'orthlngton, Badtlrnaro; J. A. Wal
1er, l'itlifi?.-??.
/.?., ? l C. -. l.l? ?li. UtrhfleW, Coaa.: F. to.
?, vr w ji-rioMii. ti Y. : e i\ Cmwfard, ?*??????-?'.
r - CrOSby, -pi ?ni; o ,<!. Mass.; G. .1. i'.l?. ti ol - -,
linsihlyn; \ \. lirceley, Jnrksoovllle, I?!?.; ?'? A.
V ili. ,-w in an. ?? ??* ll:?v?u. C. P. j;.i?|.i, l'onghlieep?
si.?. N. Y.: C I Wahl. New.?Inveii ; B. Tous*,
jjivuli?n, and O. II. Towii-cnd, Uarti'-id. Conn.
t;i." majoritv dfxlarks the ???e??,t? de i.v
?. P.! ? Ell- TODAY THE 9???????? WILL HE
<"?!?* W Tin: ?.???.???, USKMBtT.
Pfirllainl. Ore., Mav 21. ? Flowers adorn?* ih" rnt
Of nialiv of UM ??.iiiiuUsioner?, 10 the ?.encrai AI88SS
bty to-day erhtte nearly every woman la the itallery
? f the ??-?? t.l.ly rhurrli unti In the cht:r?li where th"
women's nicotines are held (???1?.*<1 a briquet of r?>??.??.
The profusion of toaei m Pot-ttaad la the eoristaal
tiiTirvel ol the Eastern visitor?, while the liherallt'
uid. which pood thtaga nre b'Mowcd ?iron then is
dually morvelloui ?,:,? delightful.
The Briggs ease easaa "l> th!-* afternoon, on lhe
report of the Judicial committee In the matter of the
appeal fmm the puieefiitlag eoassstttee of tlie Bww
York ItesbytSU, hISSlsd by Mr. lurch. 'Two reports
wore msile, tin? majoritv report beiti., rend by Dr.
Tralsters t-mltti, of HuIThIo, in behalt of eleven mem
l,ei?, unii the minority a-**ort by Dr. D. ?. Kriuer.
?f Newark, in behalf of four members. The reports
will ly arte-l upon to morrow at 4 p. m. The major
Ity rep??r! was t,? follow? :
Th? I'reahvtorian Church In Iget fnlted State? nf America
aiailii-t ?'hsrles A. Brlsrs-s ; sppeal from ju<Um??iit of th?
r.'-hvt.rv A HSW-Tsrlt, dl?ml.".lni{ the esse;
The Judicial C?>inniltt?-e r?*??.e<?.fiillv report? tha*. It hs?
t-arefnlly eonsldered the iloriiin,tit,. siitirnlttx-rd. to it in *.lil?
eis" and adopted ?lie following re?o|titlona :
r*lr?t, That In *Jie opinion ti th!? committee the ?ppesl
t?lc?n !,y tit? l'restivietlan Church lu the L'nlteil .Stai??? of
1 assi Ira an orlKlnal party ripr-senteit by :he coimiiltUte
of pr?>?'-,iit?nn, ?ppo.tt->sl und?r Basteas 11 of the ll,ot of
III?, iplltie, h<t? toan tak'ti from tl.e full judgment In dl?
n.lwlng lhe voae, end :hat tin* ??1*1 committee have th?t
p?t?? u? take thi? sppeel representing the ?aid original
rvi 11 ?.-.
S??-.,tin*, That It Und? tha*. the notice at th" ?p|v?l he?
I',., Liv.-ti, ?nd Unit lie? appeal, ?|"-cl*lc;it|,,n? of error,
anil reei.rd, hsv? bMB II1"<1 In ?GG?G???? with tettiti ?? '."i
ioni '.'? of tli,.? Botta ',? 1?:- ipltae, and the ?ippe-l l? in
Thtid, Tlia: in the judgment of ahS committee, o?.?
ippesl itoald ? entertain?.?*! and s lime ?et apart for tlie
letirli.',? nf the ????.
la \.e*v of th?-?e considerations tho committee report*
?hat ihe appeal is in oider, sad thai the Oaasial aaaasaaly
?hsald praeeed in ?cordane?.? with ihe pmvi-ii.in?
?f S?-, tlon '..7 of tlie I'oulf Of DUclpllne, by
eaoklBg the Judgment appial.il from, the notice
f appeal, th- SBfjesI and tl:c spi ? lf'tentioiif of "he
rr?r? atiesad to I?-? reed, then to hear the ?pp-'.luii*. by th?
? ,,t.,?.,??.?.?,? of i*"?j.?eriition, then th?- d?tendant ta person
by M? conn-??! ; then the appellant by th?? Commute?) on
rrOBBtatlea In reply, upon the gWStlea ?lutticr the ?????a1
?hall h? < rif>rtuiiir-<i.
A motion thin tlie report be received was seconde!
and carri??!. Dr. fi. M. PatersfT?i. of rhllssltajlhto.SSOTail
Iti ad 'ptloii, an.I Dr. W. A. liartlett, of \Vii?h!n:.ton,
??"??oniled Uie motion.
Dr. Pnilth -I understand, tor. Moderator, that a
minority report I? to I,e presented an?I nil! be retid,
I presume, bv Dr. Finder. IW.ire It Is i?e.id. I wotill
state that notwithstanding ?he fn?t of ?t? ] Kcentottoo,
tha *? liberation? of ?h?- com ml I tee have shown a it:o-t
Mt.dly nr.ii frati mal spilli, und there luis not been
manifest.??! In any man or h?*nrt a disposition io il"
anything exrepl what siiouid be iion.ii.ib.?' t<> the p.?
?>??1 of .Je-ti? Cbrtsl aad loyal to the eon?tjtut! ??:?1
principies of the PreshytertaB ( 'hutch.?* ? Applause, ?
l?r. Praser Nsy 1 *iiy, sir, thai one
"f the Infelicities of a minority re
r??rt i? thai it toaks Mtasjetdsttc ; but we
sis rimi'iy standing ap for that tshtoh we tostava t"
!??? gnat principie?. The report of the minority of
ih- '-?mniittee, which 1 have the honor to pre-soiit. Is
a, follows :
The uiid"r?l^ni?d. a minority of the judicial con.tnlttee,
?ouii leapnitfally ?uhmlt the f ,;,* ..,,.? lepert!
\V!,?r,?n?, Th" |;?,?. o( I)t?,l??',!ne requit??-, thst appeal?
?r- BB?*4a*Slly to bt taken to the J?idlc?u,ry immediately
iwperloi i?. that ?ppeeUd from; snd
\vi-;r?? Xhasa ?r?? n?, ?uH.ri.nt r???on? f?)r matting
lhe ?ppe?l ?arali,-t MM action of the Pr?*?hrt?rv In New.
fotg, in di?ml??ing (hs <???<?> ,.. i?? ?t Dr. 1'?.?,..?. ?n ex
. ji ?,t. t?> till? rule.
rhaiefwa a? neoauaead t?> tt,.? *3aaeial ??.??e'nbiv ti.at
ih? ?|,|?st?1 l* noi entertain??!. Dial Um paper? In the es???
le leSeraSd U> tha api.el'.anl?, and Hut, they b* ?il.l?..l
tn bttaf tle'ir ?:,|, si ?? c'.ii'|ilstr.t, beioic the Syncl of
Thi.? report snts sl-rned 1?y D. \V. Fmfer. Tliom;t?
'.,,p??.?. Osaren I!. l>e*ter ur.d ?'.eorge W. Ketchum.
The r?-i>'?rl w.,? ... .?.-p?.? !. in?, ?smith st)gg???t?*d Unit
tl.e hiibj.? t ! ?? 8*4*488 llu* i.nlcr of tin- day for 4 p. 111.
to iiiorr* *??. This wn? :.? ,?.?<!'? ! tr, n-i'l n^ain tli?: boass
taiadled by a b**Jldras] ST two, who had crowded in to
lo-ur the ?l.l t?'??
Dr. ?.?.-'- ? rehdy for tit?" fray t?> im-rro-.v nnd .?" I?
Dr. Birch. I? I? the hope of th?.? t'nloti .??????.:??>
????!? thai If th.- A-?eiiitily ?, Im ?w 1.?Ic??- t'?,.? heal
?t ?tn-? ??( the ?'?'iiirn.it??,? Iw-ud'-il by Dr. Hlrch it
uiu ??, rn si??! ihe ease :? the Btn ????1? Praahyteri ??
?,? the 8) t ,?l "f Mea -Xork.
KJlioit P. Bea pai !. al .**?<*-??? Y >rk. while ont driving
to-day, mei '.???ii .???. stxtdent attach easas Bear result
lng Nriimily. With hi? secntUry, Klb-ri Bappley,
Colonel .*;,.:! **.?- driving on l'oiiliiinl Hetghta.
In rvtiirtilh-.-, on,? of tin? bt***aee tonic flight ?it ? cable
?., ,? ihe Inte ? lion ol Dghtveiith and JeaTei in-st?.,
?nd ?.. ?,?? : ;i shied. In ?"?stag this the anlssal WI
and a*ai caught ander tbe rnni...?.? loagae. < ??!?..???
part of ( ,?i ,?.? *?li-'i??ini pteient'-i more ???1,???
?rrtdeilt, .mil the anTn, .1 w:.? exlrtcale.l without
Injured When near the later section ol Eigh?
teenth and Hoyt-sla?, the leaas fell lato s <???<??? ditch
?l.i'li wa? being ?Ji:?, tot u aatar main. Th.- tangue
of lhe ?unei trae l>r??Ue;i anil tho fi.'itt end .?( tie
?.?,?,?.? ?...??.?.,?,?. ?.,?,,...?! bbspard leaped oui Just lu
um?? to (.acope fallu.: dova lato Ih? ditch,
He i?rtii-'d on.? leg und iras pretty badly ?l.TiVn up.
???.? oi the horses wa? hsdlj hurt, Culor.ei bhepaid
broughl fi.'tu the General ('.?ni.r.tii'o at Otuaha ?-or
dial gret tings i?> the Assembly.
The Beard "f lloroe Mlestaas snd ihn Roard of
A:?i for ? lUeges and Acadesntea in the w"esl anare
presented ioti.iv. Dr. B, M? l'her-on ?uni Dr. B. ?'.
?:.?., (?ih of ? lili:????', rapraiinsad the 1?re <*aaaaas, it.
th.- aesler named. I?r. Ir?*ln, "f Nw-York; Dr. Alex
iimler, of mu? I'runclsto, ?nd many other? tsar? am m;
the speakeis.
The Commit!?-??: on the Oo oporatinn of Charchas ?*c?
l?trt.-?l through I!?* .htilrniiin, Pr. diaries L. Thoinp
?on, and ??? recommenditioiis ?ere a<!"i?led. IhSBS
re<uinniea?isll >n?t were as follow??:
tirsi ??.n oar Beard "f Hosae Mestane be di
is?.-ied to lii-liti.i It- ?ynodlcul inlikioiiart??? und l li el r
inl??ion:iPV ?????.?-. t" lii?r?*a?i-d i'wr<*fiiliii*ss in lhe ur
gani/.Till' ? ..?? new ? ?.???? lie.,, and Ihn! Where donlit
mar exi?t M t" the pt-oprletr of the orgrmltatlon of a
new ehnreh, BBch orajanjiajlon ?hall not U' eifeeto!
until after r?ai*jBreace with ??Iher local t-hnrthes ami
? wllh the Hoard of Home Ml?-I"iis.
?-,?. ,.?.,i--wt,? ? oherchea bars basa sislTHd by t*)e
Board for ?eversi yeaia und sh.?w nule prospect of
growth nnd ?"If ?ii|n?<>rl, the Bcstrd !?? tire??! t.? strlet
' a<!l.er?-n. - to it? nil?? ?? ?????????? ftinher appr?pilsil??iif.
? pending a <??????*?<?:. e between Itself un.l the Home
? Ml??l??n <?,.minltt.?.? ,,f I',nl ??.??|,>!????.
Third Thai pr ?byterl?*? be itnjtjrrssd (?? exerrtae ih??
iiiiii..-t rare Bltaa In it.,? ???!,?< tlon of new iiohi? ami of
tin? men who are t?? ooonpy Ibeai! thai new ?rrhrh be
I uiidertsken unly when li gtvea i*roml*?? of dextattd
grow't-h; anil thai pr !?yl?-ri.?? s????!?, s.? fur n? p?.s-il,le
f,,r u., u?! sien t?> be put in charge)of whatever new
work I? undertaken,
I'oiirlh In view of thn (set tliat n lack of eon
f.-1-.-ii??,? ?? given ss the truquent rrason tot ? laeb af ro
operation, **?? recommend ? Joint rimferenee *?f tin*
exeouttv? ofil??,?!?? of lhe allied iltiKitulnaiious, lo be
held ut ?olii?* Hun* lu the near future, for the put;.
of devlatng stane plan for future operation.? in tin?
. r ,.? line ?f ?h?*? (art.** snd priaclpie? herein given.
\i .? would -in-'i-'e-?. aa s step neceaiisr** t" securlDg
? ??? h ?Hilen?...,?. that the matter be called i.? the
? ,?. 'ul. ? Btteiitlnn of Um executive oflliei-s of .?Tir
; hoard ,,f Home Missions, snd they be adelsed la !u?
j rite ?neh eonferenoe .\i ?neh ttase and piar? a? may
: ??,?.,. b? ? t.. them.
liftii iVe re omniend t'ii? tin* commltlee l?.? ion
I tlnii?'?! for Mich further worh aa iacreaslng haowlectae
I nnd th.* iii?i-?liles of the raes may seem to tnshe
I a,!* I?.il.i'?. _
The aasjatal *ele*grami pabllshad duilv ?n The
Trlbane durine ??..? -.???? ,t. of u..? l*Teshytartan Deaerai
? - lembi]. ni lOithmil. Ore., adll ??? supademetUed bv
1 ttenogntphlc report? uf ih?? d?bat**? na ??*??-?.,?. ihn
1 New Creed, th? Itrltfu'i Cn?e. and all th- ??tifi Im
portant questions, m.<l puni,??! i?, a n?*nt paaaphlel
uniform with The Tribuni Extras cowing thi? meedlna
1 in former yean, lae Ptatrs will t.e prep.-ir.-d by the
official r<-porier of tht Assembly, who I? also a metti
her nf ih.? New-York Presbytery. The pnn? for the '
BJ-ttra will I?? : Ringle copies, 28 rent?; .10 capisti,
BIO; 100 coplee, 115: BOO .,.?.?,-??. sal.*?, nm! 1.00?);
eoplea, :l|!l Adrtn-ss THK ?????'??.
New York.
Yon will always Rad sown thing of tt.tere?t In th'?
"little .vlvrtl-etnetil? of tint people." and mav tin.I
,?*,:,? ti* ti,u t-argaln >ou nave iMKhed for la vain el-?.?
trm tue FtJXEBAi Of iv. tr. riyDf.-fiOirr.
Th? funeral of William 11. Vsn.lerl.ll?, lhe **??n of
Coraellai \'anderblll, a*hO died from Uphold fever
nt hi? home. No. 1 \V<??t Fifty seventh ?t., on Monday
light, will I??? held at !?t. llaitholonieWs (hiinli. J
forty fourth si. and Madison avo., on Friday, at 10
u. aa. t?,?- re et or, tin* nev. i?r. David ??. otreer, win !
ott'ilat.'. aad lhe services will be e.ttremtlv simple.
Tin- Saitai vili lie al the family tomh al New Dorp
The palli,eoi?, fs have been sekv!?'?! from uni' ti;: Jotlli?.'
Ynnderlillt.'s BStBeffS friend?. They are (,. F. Fearin?.
Jr., Harvard, 113; ('. <*. luldwlri, llarvsrd, 't?.3; J. A. j
Liu-den, Jr., Harvuid, *03; Moses Taylor, Yale, '03; I
R. B. Wade, Yale, '03; I. ?. Laugblln, Yale; '??; 3.
Holts, Yale, ?3; ?. 8. ChUholm, Yale. '93; A. L.
finar, Yale, '1)3 ; C. L. Bat-hbone, Yale, '93; A. Potter,
??*?, ?4 ; ?. P. Whitney, Yale, '04.
A lart-e number of Mr. Vajitterbllt'a climates In
Yulo will probably ntiend the ftn-ral. Many ?friends
of the family calletl to offer cottlolencc y?--teijlav.
They were all received by Chnuncei* M. De-pew. wh'?>
ltiw been at the house ever since the young man'?
Illness became criUcul. He ha? laken charge of all
u m ? ? gem ? 11?, und Mr. a.d Mrs. Vandorbilt have
Men it/? ??no.
New -l tu ven. Conn., May 24 (Sp?ctel).-Mueh frerrow
Is felt here b*can*e ?,f the death of W. H. Ynnderbilt
?The Yate News'* tosfjay In RaaaSag of him say?:
'His -?liege life bail wen for him nmny frieoda who
now rrrtev? with the bereaved tnmlhr and feel that
ih???.? have lost ?.re who bod gained the affection ?nd
r-eopacl of hi? r-Jautuiatei by his open lieartedne? and
sincerity erf ehatacter. Ht? popularity wit? attested
l.y ihe many college honor? which he rer?dve?l at the
hand.? of his clu??iii-?to?, and by the "trust and con
Mencs which they put In him. The benenVUl ln
Buenc? whhh he exoited cm r<)!l*4j-j Ufe at Yule wju
Iv? long fejt even by those Who were r.ot InUmntelv
a*?.<v.iated with him, and the pince which he occupied
iu tho uireeij.?!? -.f hi? trien*? will never be tiled''
The Junior cla,?? met In Dwlpht HnJl thl? mt-rnln?*
and ndopt?d ?niltiiblo resolutions. His rbis-mute? wlD
wear mourning for thirty rtaya.
An enioyabl? concert wa? given la?t ntrlit at Chkkcrmg
Urli, under the niinagement of D. d* Vivo. The jrrtn.tpel
Tr-attiro wa? the einging of Andre? Anton, who made aft
e-ccihnt lmpre?sion on Ute large audience In ahe M?*eral
?el? tlon? in whleh h? wa? heard. Me um "Al I ?I bel
mio" and "DI quella pira," Trom "Il Trovato!?," an
tria from "l'ho Huguenot?." ?nd two duele with Mme.
Adel? ???-icrv. ?bener (?arela alio tang, and Boo Aurelio
Orueio? gave piano solo?.
Ry trifling with a cold, many a one allow? himself
to drift into a condition favorable to the development
of some latent disease, which. ther?*?iaVr teas? full
posttes?lon of the ?ystem. Better cure your ookl at
once with Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant, a g'/?? remedy
for Ilir-at-Baa. and lung nTTection-j. .*.
Toilet l.niioline, e.vtruordlnarllr active remedy to
r-lo'v?? the lnt/ib rat?!?? Itching in r.ie*?]e*, ?carlaijn?, ehlck-??
pox. it -f ri'iiiedi again.? hemorrhoids. Iu collaisilble
lul.es. A?k for 'Dlltt LANOLINE.
?speed end comfort. You can a?cur? both on th?
Sh?? ?? Lui? --Flyer"; lime, .1 hour? aod 40 minute?, la ?
USUMd parlor-car train from Ne?.?-Vork to Boston.
VV ben haby ?a* -trie, we greve 1er Caatorla.
VVhou ?he wa? a Child, she cried for (.'attoria.
When ?be became Mite, the clung to (.?storia,
Wh.ii ?be had Children, -h.: gave thorn CasUirl?,
RKOKAW-COrBERT-On Tucr-day, May 24, ?t tbO?
(?atdflqc? oT hr mother, by Rev. John Ball, D. D.,
(tiralle, diuelitT r.f thy late Louis L?once Coudert, M
William ??unid Bruiva?.
Notice*? of mnrriiitres must lie "indorsed with
full name and ????????.
JENNINGS-On Tuesday. Mav 24, of pneumonia, at h?r
hou:.., 211 IIonencS-K?., Brooklyn, Mery E., wlf? of
? liarlos ?. Jeniiiii.?? and daughun of Alexander Archer.
l'uni ral prual?.
ta Ml antut M Norwelk. Conn.
Kill?.. M II M ? ll-.'?ralium. only child of Herman R, tut
1-?~ ? <.n,!ian, Krctochniar, dt"d ????at, May 38, aged
4 y?ar?, 2 rnoolh? mid 12 days.
Fmi-rHl seril???*? will be held at, the residencio! hi? ??rent?,
N'.). 188 W?M g||b?t., ??? Uiariday mornbnz, May 2d.
at, 11 o'clock.
Reiof.lv?.?? end Tr1*nd? are invited.
LiivvKKKK-On Tu.raday, May Blah, at the residence of be?
?on-lu-law, David U. Yuuiig. S?? 423 Clermont-ive.,
Il- ok',,11. Sarah C, wldn-v ?>f Thomas H. Lowerre, in the
?o'tli y.-ar ..' bel ???.
Notice of ?unrnl heiutifter.
MII.LEH-At IMford, >'. T., Tuesday morning. M?y 24,
Amella ? , dauarbtorr or chari??? Miller.
Pune nl ?ervi-ea fr.,ni iyre?hyt..i.aii Church. Thur.?d?r. ihe
20U) ln?t.. ut 2 o'clock.
Carriages il ?Ultimi on arrival or train leaving New-Yora
at 10 .12 ?. ru., Harlem R. R.
rHILLIl'?-I".nt<?-od luto rest nt Mau.aMter. St, J.. Mav
-4 lafjej, u.? ? ?Till ?ad lieiijamin T. I'ulllip?, In the
72d yeai <?? !ii? ??e.
"ntTuent nt Rondout, Ulster Co., ?. Y.
VAS A.M?i;.\-May 2l?t, 1S02, William Van And?n, ?g d
77 years.
Relativi-, and friend? or? Inv1t??d to attend the funeral
?etvleaa fioni bl? iato reeule-n -e. No. 0?7 Me/Maon-ave.,
un W?<iii"?dav m< rnlnV. Mey 28M, ?t ha'f past 11 o'clock.
Int?: ? nut at l'"'i?hkeep?le.
Kind ? on.lt flower?.
Y vNLEKBILT-Ou Mondar, Mev 23, 1892. at h!? home,
1 WtMt .'.7th?t.. N-w-York. William H-nry. elde?t ?on
of CerneUiu aod .vile? (?ivynue Vanderbilt, In Uie iiA
???: of til? age.
Poi rui -enrle*e will h? h*?ld (it St. Bartholomew'? Church,
Friday, Mav 27, at 10 ?? in.
l'l???-?? omit llnwei?.
VAS VVYl K-(>n SunrJav, 22d Mar, at East Ft?hklll.
N Y., ot l?i??nnonla. s.iii,nel V. \. Van Wvck. ?eeond
-??? ut UM MU Illfliard T. aud Sarah V. V. Van Wyck,
In th?) loth veai ut hl? age.
G.?, itlv-e ?nd diiiid? ar- lutlted to th? funeral tervlc*?? M
Ihe r.*?1<1.Mice cf hi? ii.'.trier on W-ili.etlay, the i-ilh latt.,
?t 12 30.
i.ir: .?.? - at TlrlnkerhotT will meet Uie 7:30 ?. m. U*?la
Tr.m Nsw.York.
WlNSI.oiV- Sttuiday. May 21. 1892, a*, hie him?, Irte??!.
liii: Baud pad Oak???., ?.ioii.oj.tl, Ohiu, Auguttui Bvden
hum Wtoatott, in trh?? 7.Vth year of hi? ??.?.
MAl'LF OK'iVr; CFMLTF-UY, Maple Gro.e Statleo.
1 Lou* (?loud )Uilr?ia?. For d???? rlptlv.? irsmphltt with faU
' pertlciihir?. ?dilr-stsfh? city oTBce, 1.273 B'way New-Yerk.
j Special Xotices.
A. - 41eoree A. I .c? vil ? ? 4'?.
A ? BUK L ?.????.?."??.?
? Mil'. I.N.ir.AVINGS
G?1? II NOS,
AMERICAN ?Mi Fnlll l< ? ? 1'<1RTRA1TS.
Kcvol'itionarv 1??.??1.,????. Bar? I't'-riiric il ????,??., llut?riea,
?.. . .. : ?. Ila*,?, .ve,
i; ,. m.? lu Ui. lav
..I OBOE VV. v-.o'it. ? ? Pilli.VDF.LPIIIA.
F.DVVABD ?AV'.Vnl.s t^rtrait | imt.sl Imni ,!Te ef
menti. ..?.???.?- \. ? ?n ?.,. ?,, . ..?,?,. ??? r.,i,,r.
l.iiihli.l.e.l 1*?7S
MRr4 McELRA 1H S tlUMal M.vDE ritE*?ERVF.D
' G?'?'.?'G REO Cl'RlliST JI1T.LY ? STECIALTY.
Evcrvtblai put ?n> la g??*? a?"l left until fall. For
?ricca r-reifiii-aa. Se, adiir???? Mr.? *??G..?? S. McEIa?
,???. 3011 U??raw ?t.. llroililvn. N. Y.
Bokrr?' Biner?.
?in.? 182g ?*ku..wi?di?ed ??) be by Tai ih? best ?.'id fine?!
-?toi.acli unter? mad.?, ?heiher ta?en pata or wllli wlnet
tu liq .or?._'
I ntb Apple Bloaaoiu?.
It t? Hi?? da nt ..--i ui u n ,..?t deUciou* ot perfume?."^
Argon.i .t ?..!?? t-ier? vt In-re in etown-?t?ipp?'ri <1 bottle.?.
I'.'.lolU.-e >oll.e.
(Should be read duly by nil inter??ted, as cbanfo? may
lit-un at un.? liiu??..
Leiter.? G?? Tur? ? gii coiiiilrle? iie.?d not be ?peeia'.ly
aildiv?M-d Tur U.!.|ii?t.U by am inrtitrulai ?leaiiii-r, except
??hoii ?? ?? di,?iied ?? ?end dupinate? or banking ...a
couiiuertiul Um on.e.iu?. let*, i- boi ipeiitafly ?duus.i-d U?in|
??Ut In th- fa-t.el ie?.?el? avul.ablt?.
iOr)-.g:i inali* BM tue ?.???? ending Mey 29 ?IH clo?o
p. :.., ' . ni alt ?????.? at this nit? e a? follo??? .
VVl.IiNl.-i.iAY- Al 3 ?? "'? To? NeUiijlauds di:?? t. per
?. ?. Rotterdam, via Anittordani Cleti??.-? musi lie dircit^S
per "Holt- -l'ani ; at 11 a ai. (??i Foi tune l?l*iid. U?3U,
all'I ?a ?.?.?.a elf, por ?. ?. A.lde?, at Vi .M
t.. in. laiipplviiieaUtrv 2 K?J p. IB.) Tor Kur 'pe, per ?. ?.
aUUesUc. v;u QaetaaiteMfB; Bt 1 ? ?. for luna, per a. ?.
? ?? . ut vva*hlii,i..ii via Havana; ai 1 p. in. (?uupl-mentsry
l:B0 u. in., tot Jaui?ia. BevBalila ?nd (Jartnairen?, irr
a ?. F'nii'iil'.u i!etn-r? (?r ?'????? Bica, via La..cu. n?u?t ?
dlr-eclird "liei Fn..oiu"i ; al 1 .*> p. Ui. ?,.???????.
m-..! ttti ?. ? p. m.) Toi I'.uiep?. ??* ?? ?. '"-.?' 'f tul? aso.
o. (Jueeudewa ilelW'i? must ??? dlrect?*d "??? illy .if
Chicago' ?; at i.* .80 p. in. (er 14.1?.??????? dlr'ci, p--r ?. ?.
? .-., ?..?.u, .?.? Aiiiitorp ilctter? MM be BttMted "p??
1 i.c-iai .1
L'Ut* BSD A Y??? * t m. for Frinii??, per ?. a. Colum?
bia, via Se .u ?impioti and Itemi uri rw ls et (?appl?nBt-a*t-j|
1 p. tu.) io Blu Janlrro, -aia?'* ?noi I>.i Puua eoiialrtee,
via Rio J.inrli... |? t .?. ?. taillai.; ?t 1 ? ni. ?n?i|.li?
le n 1er y 1 IU ?. ui , fi r ! .?ino,ila. pel ?. -. Mm et a?
1 p. in. supplementary 1..40 ?. ?. ? Tm Nassau, B. t., |> r
a. ?. Joltaiiae? Brun.
??'.????? ai .4 p n. i,.r Ulti held?, per ?. ?. .Non ?
???. Troni ?"?? Orleaii?.
BATI lU/.W-.Vt I JO a. n.. Tor I run??*. S?? il ?ei lang,
liai), Siailii. 1',???..?? ji?l ?nriiei. pur ?. ?. La Tnuiahn).
\?i Ila? ? . al, .' MO ? li. lo! 1 ii.ioa. ? ? ?. ?. ? lluilmli,
from Beassi ; ti 8:30 a ut i".- .?i.?ii Britain [except Urs.
irmi utili.? ipaclaliy addteaaeai and Itx-laud, ? ?r . ?.
.v .ralla, ila Quean lewa .oi'er- loi atltei puii? i.r lluroi??
musi ???? ?l.i-itu.l pei Aniiioi.t ') . ?I 4 J.) a. in. f? r ?.???
Ue.i loi.non. .%.?',.?! Ini I?. Austrie, lienuaay, Ueninars.
bttudan, Norway .u.u Ittt-ala, i?:r a. ?. Beai via souiii*
?mpl.uid lli-inrii ilct;?-i> inr oit.er jrart? of ?.??.??? mu.?
b?; directad '"irai '?"" 11 at s a. m. tec u*oPu*t dire. t.
?,.?? ,. . Ulli ot II. ?I? iiU-SOW iletU-r. lliu?t las tii?
i?. tisi ? |>?r ? ilv ?.f r.i.iiic'i, al f> ?. m. fur Belgium di?
riet 1-er ? .? l^miland, ??^ Autnerp ;lett.?!.? niu?t I?? ?II?
i, eil per l'ciiiil.i.d "? , al 6 ?. ??. for ?? Uiirlitnd. din?tt.
?? ? ? t. Bpaatudaai, ?'? ituueruam iieiur? ni.i?i be it?
?,????<1 -per i?|?oitiUiiiic ?, al 11 a. m rot ? stupech??,
? blau ?a. tab?ee and V iieetea. pei ?. .. u? ut Aiitandiia
-Iter? Toi Cuba, lampi.?? ?ini iuM-aiu ?lire? I, and ?.in -r
Mexican ?Jtiit??. v.* V ? ?? ? ru?, must be dlr>?i.il "per C)iy
of Alexandria"! ; at, 12 m fur iJreiiad?, l'i mi I id ?nd l'ubato,
n?f ? ?. Alp?; at 1 p. m. lor l'orlo Ulto dlicvt. pi ?. ?.
MONDAY?At '.) ? p?, fer ?.'?.?(? Bica Via Linon, per
? ?. lovl.all. fi??.'" New nrl-rin?
Malia f.,r Au-ttall?. NawJteMaod. Ilawetian, Pijl aal
?? ,,??? l.ai'l? p?r , ? ??????.? ?riun? >-?!. f-*!?liirlseo).
, ?, hei? dally up to Jun? 'IS, at u .30 ? m. ior an ir.
mu? nl N-w-V'ork oT ?. ? Aurain? *.*"B Brttuh mall, ror
V...'ia!i.i . Mall? I't tl"' S?? lut.V l-:aiid?. je-r ?lilp ?.?bl??
Kron >?a?? Jr?ii.i-c. . .Iu*?.? ker? ?J.ilv "1' ?" ??? -2?, at
?, ??? |, m. Mull? Tur China ???nd Januii. |?er s. t. OrtBBato
||. .san I'niiilsn,). ?lo-e I?.?!*? dally up It, May -J7. ?e
?? .?? ? m ???jl? (ur ?he Jlawa.lan lilai.d? |ier ?. t.
Australia (Irom Baa Fra?lela*?)), il"?c h-.-e daily up ?.?
| um ?, "?- 0:80 p. ?" M all? f<-r NewloundUnd. by rail
tri MoliTux and ?tient?? bv ?tenner, cl<??e at this ?afBa? d.nlv
tl . ;i,i o i?. Mali, fur Muiiit-1"", hy raij to Bo-tun, and
Uienctj I.i i???? ?m? r, il????? ?*. ??!? '??"*'? "tally ?t a an p. n.
Mall? T..r ?HI?? hv Mil to i?"i I?;?. ri?., sn?l tii.n. ? |,y
?t aiier i-ailiiiir Monday? ?ml Thursday?! <;|i>*? ;?l thl? ufticn
liailv It 2 H'> a '"? KfU? f??? M-Mcu. OVCrhUt?, utile??
?peektlly eAtitatei tut di?p?u.h by ?tean.er, close ? ihi?
uti ' .1 nil at 3 ,? in. -.
TiMiis-f??.?!*!' In?!!? ?re T..iward.?d Vi Nan Fieiici?^.) dtalv
and ih?? ?'heduie uf eUxlai i- irranged .,n th? presumption
uT their unlnnerupted ?verland transit to Ban Francisco.
Mail? (ur the BaM arriving on time a: !S?n FianeluCO on the
dar oT ?alllit? of ?teaiaer? are disputi bod them?? th? ?air,,)
?I1.. ?j I ???rei mall ?lo???? ?t C. p. m. previous dav.
Il? tra Supp'.'iiiti.lary M?il* ?ire u|?in?l on Hi? pi?r? of
tlie F.iiell?.li. French and (icrnian ?-.'?mer? at Uie hour of
.,,.,.in;.? ?? *?u|.|ilem.nuri Mull? et the 1'c-stolTlce, ?hick
:?-??????? upc? .tutti ??idilli 'ten Minutes of Ut? hour ef
?Alili? ef ifrCMBM.
CORXF.LlirS VAN G???, Postirwffs?-?.
?"fjJ-aMjte*-. N??-Yorlt. N. T.. May *?, ??.

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