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Algiers. May 10.
There are posaibly to he found in Algi*ra a
grenter niitnbcr of distinct national types in pro
portion tt. lha aize of the 888?0-9 than in any Otbar
B-88?Tl land in a state af acmWciviliratioii. The
Algeriatia as a cla*?. have heon repreacntcd both a-s
a people tnidern in their way* of thinking, eccu
lnr and acepnc, and alao aa graap, rcli_ious and sur
prlalagly ereduloaa Bath atataawata ar* of value
in so far a* they ahow grounds for the deductions
Diade hy the casual touriat. In Algeria ns rW
wher* tie phvsic&l fnrmntion of tl.e country ha*
had it. rffeel apaa ti.* eharaatet ani hat'iis
8f the people rlwclling ln a rvmntry wi.ere nature
baa Iwen iiuiiaually cnnsiderate,1 onuhling them to
diapensc aith tboae luxurie* which in a eoldet
clmiiite are nce<-_sities. Nearly all that ia ner-ileil
lor al.aol ite self-preservation 888 been b"Stowed ;
the matter af raiment and ahelfcr haa been re
duced to a triQing conaideration, and the native
haa drawn a distinet line in hi.s onn nnnd between
the luxuries and aetual necessitics of life.
The tril-es living on the dcucrt under tlie glare
of the burning sun are not prone to exertion.
They lllt al.out from one part to another at will
and have reduecd to a aeiciiee the knowledgc of
how to live at eose witliout the restrictit.nh and
inconvenionces imposed by soeial ohligations.
Their round tenhs are generally arrnnged in cir
elcs at any BBOl where wnter and a BBB-ll Biaonnt
of shade or vegotation is to be found. They mi
grate as ro_ular]y a*> sivallows, often for no ot.lier
reaeon than to get a change of nir. Thr-y have
re.lnced all ti.eir worldly posw-fssioiis in tlie way
of fiiriiitnie and movables to the MB-lleal nuinl>er
posaible, and they ar* able to fold up their tenhs.
move nll Ihelr belongings and Ik? settlcd in another
laoatlo- betweea the hotut. of daybreak and aun
rLsc. Their le^-al and religioii.s appurtennnoes are
*haiacterized by the simplieity of their other be
longings. live or aix ru.les for oonduct 88?laa,
wlth a sack of barley and a bottle of frcf.ii water
lor their preaent needs. They ar* phlloaophara
in so far a* t.hey live only in the preaent," alhrwtBg
tbe futnre to take oare of Iteelf. Tl.e Iball "f
their defiircs 1* the possos-ion of a flnek of sheop
and a few horsos to faeUltate tiie tranaportation
of their gooda If you ahoald ask an Alcerian
what hc wiahed lie wonhl reply ivitli pastornl
naivete, "More eiie^p, more boreea, more barley."
Another cinss that have beea alfected some
what by tlie restriction of Earopean cnlonjzati.u
aa- the few sun-ivors af the early wars. Strictly
npeakiu?T they are neither aaaaa?_ aot asttlera,
but might be classod ns semi-iioinads. They have
been cheatt-d by traders and toaii-te, 8epriTed ,,f
their right-,, and even rohhed of their religion.
They are Igaoraat and auperstitioaa, Indifferenl
rather than rcigi.e 1 to their oondition, lacking
even tho imiitfinati >n that eould eoneetve of a
po-4.ii.lc relief from this Bdaerabb) degradation.
They look with indifference at their atupid, half
naked chihlren, their raggedly ilr<--scd uivos aml
their mLserable fh.cks. They have neither the
oouragc to atteinpt anything nor the energy t?
A little higher in the sorial acala ar" 88 lie found
tribes, iwilatcd by a proeess af nataral aeleetion,
thnt have made the attempt to adopt some of the
custorus of the Freneh aonqaer-ra. In teaapera
ment, they are le.si raliglana than the IsJ;unites.
byaa barbarous than the Kabilyana, laee refraetory
than the nomads, and leaa easily depieaard than
the hut dweller. In their made of life they fqr
nisb an inter*Min_ eaatraal to the other tribea.
They are g"->od herder* und tillers of the aoil.
Their small fartns, althaagh aaaaagad in a nnirjua
and original fiufliion, ahow eviilenoes of aKricult
urnl skill. Tliey have rc-ently roted for coni
I ujfory educariou, an_ ure _.? vlgUant in the mat
tcr of rairJing revenuca -.a t'.ieir eoaqaaiara. Some
of tbe tradea have been iutroducd into the coun?
try, and one may li,:<l cood blacksmithii, ful llers.
buildern and carpeateta, It lr, BBid thnt they are
always eivil. Almost any oue would a_?ure you
that hc takes pl*at<ure in explaining the mysterie^
of liis religion ahthough he hu6 not tlie allghaeal
expectation of eaawart-Bg you as aompaaaatioa for
liis Uouble.
These people lazily setfled under tlie Freneh
rule, mirxuing the arte of peace, and jrenerally
advancing in a slow, harmle>s dircction are a
indlfferent to the WBjra of tlie world as poeelbie.
They hum about tluir work iu a moiiotoiioiin,
?in?-sons, uniniisiciil loiie ihat baa about us mnch
melody an a pruine uind. Uy way of varlatiOB
they thump up Imararlaad LaBtrumenl aorcred
witli 6lreU-l,*d parchnit-nt and produoe sounds
about ae musical as those produccd upon a c/mib
over which hae beea attetahad a paper. Al] day
li^ng the unemotional Arab huins and moans like
a creature in dLstress
Theji there are Ifaaaatmaaa who ahow an alnmst
enviable imlifference te all muadaae afTairs. an 1
who in their caln, ivay would daUgbl in nothing
more tba-n to sec all the soeial organiaationa of the
earth _?appaar. When they have paaaad through
the aaaaa?Ova stages oiered by a devoai religi au
life, and have reached tlie tifth or sixth "state of
grace,? they look fanrard to tlie tiuie ivhen they
will Live in what they .-ull "state of prleetion,"
wiieo Uiey wiil e-perienee neither ioy nor s .rrow,
818888-8 nor pain. It is us^less to attempt to
argaa Wttl them ..n poiats of reliL-ion.
Tliere are fully three and a half million people
in the different tribaa BCBttered over Aliiiers.
E.iro.funa who love a-i abuadaaaa ol aaaabine and
pure ?ir >--tt!e down here iu spite of eartli,|.iakes
and sinxx-os. Iu Owae atraagely eelxad natim,
alities the dissiiniihir habit-, .ocinJ enstoms aad
reJixions ahowed auflieient cotitra_t before the in
vueion of the Freneh. StBCC the mirodiiction of
Freneh cnst4,ma aml hnis the land pre.sents a
hctcro^t-iiity or diver.-e aad iliacordant elcmeutis,
in whii-h tliere is no faaioa or cdlisiou of tlie two
olviliziitioue. At pre.-ent the result ia peaceful
ertough, bit whether this condition will reunin
indetlnitely is a problem aduch confronta any
aocial observer.
The city af Algiers 8888 not represent the pict
uncsqueu?-s? of many other Ka_tem cities. There
are too many evidence- of exotic inlluenee, antl the
people in many wnvs have lost their individnality.
They are reacgadea and wandercrs, not remnining
long a-'.ough in any phice to give it tlie st.imp ol
t'ir-ir oini Cbaiactcriatica. There are too many
niodern luxiirie_ in th* "city of pirates,r too many
Turkiah c-rpet?, too strong an araaaa of tobacco
comtHinnils .ind poor Fien.-h cofli-e?fpr there are
Otiie Freneh cafes tliat seein exactly like those ta
be found in the cheaper nuarters of Faris. The
"Jardin d'F.ssi.h," otherwi.se callcil the "(iarden af
AcclimatlS'stiorl,?, olleis all the arfilicialitiesatid itn
powdbihties, to lie fotin I in civili/ed
countries. The Arab caravanseries, erected
in all aorte of out-of-the-wuy places, are
filled at all hotirs of tlie day with Arab ,,r Freneh
Souldiers, lo.inging on the mate, drrnking coffee
and playlng dominoes. PosmIiIv a gioup of baggata
will wander in and for a few e..u_ will give a
novel entertainnient, s?i"g tbroii-h all aort* of
pbyalaal contortions. The combined efTect of the
heat, the coilee, fbe haahaaah, and tue tom-t<m
euflice to make one thoroughly enjoy the siest..
which follows, wben haiste anl tbe ttight of time
and the marth ?-f prag888l are all forgotten. Tbe
"Sons of the Piophet" liuve eaught the F.uropeau
waya in manner and to some exteut in drea_. The
patriarchal cbaracter of the bournoue Ls lost when
that garment ij. thrown over the arm of au Arab
walking with accelerated footstcps aa if to make
up for lost time. Despite the air of change and
and of elow pro?i-ess that bovera over the city,
ene may atill soc oce_&ional artistic spots tliat
dellght the soul of the tourist-|.ainter. The
Moorish stn-etu nre moro charaeteristio of their
inhabitante than in other localities There is
everywhere a harmony ol color, for the Moor h:i?
an instinctive appreciation of artistic effecta. It
ta eaid that no two Moore will walk in the atreet
together if the cojora of their costumes are in
hannonioua. Ibe merchant dresaea in colora to
bar_-%.ize pleaaantly with tli" prevailing tonee
ef bia -area. A_ai_at a oerulgaa eky agd p an
atmospher* mercilesidy elt-f there is eT-iywhera
a fanfarc nf colora brilliant but never cr ide.
Th* beauty of the Moorlah woman i? of Ibe
ebaagclesa, aaoaataaaaa '.ip* Tha t***. la*k
lr.g expreeeion, aagf-0 only phlegmatio repose an?l
stnpidity. Th*r* ia no traoe of emotion ln the
Moonsh f?~>, 1,0 eviileno* of a divine fire smntild
! enng under ? calm exterior. " N'? wond.-r that
Moora advncate a plurality of wivea." reniarkcl
_ tourist, " fnr if one woman reprcaents an
emotion, a haren would ecareely suflice."
St. Fetersbtirg. May 22.
Tragic and dcphirable aa _, the death of Oneral
f.r'Mier, it has given to this woe-?f ruken country
|ta beal laugh for many a day. It is charneteristic
of Ruasia th it even ita cm d ea mu t b fo lad. d on
giimness and BUffering. The praaeat outtiurst of
mirth was an immediate a.-qn,iue ol tha death of a
dktlagaiahed oflleer, and waa aaatolred i>y the fact
that thoU?_-da of people, from piinccs lo mou
I jiks, wer* llterally in what Ennlisl.u.en rall a reg
1 ular blue fiiTtk. It is 888- a reign <>f tcitor as no,
| even Nihilishs have been able to provoko. And all
[ the reet of the people look on wlth Bproarion.
mlrth. It ia a pity some one doea not baaaartallw
j the sitnation in a oomie op?ra
At tb- bittom of it all is a 880 nt medi' in* o,.,ack
land his noetrums. All Euro|ie ha_ lieen overrun
with s,ich things for ycara; worse, porhaps tli;,n
Ameriea, Some are gedd, some ar* had. and soine.
the great majority, are qulte indiflerent. I?r.
Biawn-Seqaard did mnch ta inaplre tl <? craze for
panaceas and .-llxira. Sonn _fter he *nn..uncel hia
dlaeovery, aaarea of ehariataus all over the eoati
nent arere aelling and Bdaaiaiatariac Taitoaa com
poiinds warranted to onre al! ill? and restorc the
vitalify of yoiith. Profeaaof Koeh's alleged con
aamptioa aore gave the ImpahM fnr nnnthoi grruid
charge of the qaach bricadc: and another was in
spirod by the B8WS that aom* one in Ataeriea was
injeeting drugs into th* blo.nl t- cur? delirium
tremens. Amntig tli* ignorant und crediilous Raa
0??8 anah elaptrap m*et? wt_I great s.,c.-o*s, and
in almn_. *v*ry villag* there is now -'<mc 80-ealled
d etoi who. iv,th loaeagea or bypodermic loj -twnr.
is reidy to cure anything frou. tootbsebe tn ol I a.e.
The lateet genlna of this atamp is a eirll ea
gineer named Oatchkowsky. Some time n--> he
iient to Ttirkestan, to work on the Tranacaaplan
rallroad. On his return h* had a Wd-derful tale
to telL He had, in the 808188 ol his t.avels, near
the boadet of Thiliet entered a bitherto iinknown
country, "where frngments of forgotten people
dwlt." They wt-re people who never fell ill,
and never grew old. Struck with B_ua_nwnt|
he asked tho secret of their perpetaal health. At
lii-t they would not tell him. Hut on learainf
thnt he wa_ an othcer of the Greal White CiaT
they reco^ni7ed him to be ihe man af dcetlny, j
through ivh.iiii lha se.-ret t.f iinfailing lile wns to
be given ta the world. Aoeordlngly, a Ilvely young
niin af four or tive huadred bub?aera k?k Mr.
Oatehkowsky aside and told him all al.out it. They
kept fheiii.se'.vet, fi.rev.-r yoaag by the use of 8
my?terioua elixir, which they lajeatcd Into tbeir
ii-ins. The niandarin-lor those iv.-re I hities*
people?Imparted to tlie Raedan th* formula f..r
mak.Bg thla elixir, nnd sent him baek to Burope
to conqaCf d?8888 and death.
When Qatehkowaky returned with t'n- marvel
lous tale all Rmw-B belleved it and o.wwo ruabing to
him for health aml yoath. Me c:,].el bh elixlr
" vitaline," and aharged an etiornioii. pii.-e fr it.
Io maniifacture it was u tedintisand lahorioua t.->k.
Its ineacdientfi were extraordinarily aoatly aad dif
ficuit to obtnin. Uut what priee waokl om- not
pay for the elixir of youth :' Sa tl.aanda of
people came to him. t i have thf-ir arma punctared
with his magie necdle nnd lanaortal youth sent
coursing through their velna. To deacrihe it a*
a mnnin is not too mueh.
Gatchkowsky'6 otTice was llternlly beaiefed dny
nnd night. In tli* throug were Oraad Dnkea and
Mini-ters of State, garteral* of the army, mlllicav (
aires, bankers, diplomate! eal.-driver-.. 0-oka, peaa
BBta and U-g-ars. Tbe nu-sf learned .ind nn.sf ns
tute came wlth faith ns bapHcll as thal of tba
lowliest inoujlk. I-i-licsof rank aad faahion came,
.?iyi,i_, like the n.an iu Pllgtim'a Prngrr a," Llfc
life:" Even the Emperor him*"lf became ? be
liever in it aml sent foi hla BOB, tha tirand Duke1
George, who ua- ln Caa-aaaa, t<> eoaie and be
treated for ihe .'iiiino:it* tbal nrtli.-t hlm. Ilefora
the Orand Iiuke receivad traatment, hawever, a
startHng event oeCMTed, which i? a twinkliBg
chinge. 1 Ihe ivhol- aepeet of the eaaa. That eent
ivas the death of tieaeral Oreeaer.
This ofh.er araa prefeel of St. EVterabarg, and
was on* of the baat knoivi, men in the clty. Hc
was aafferlaf from no acute dlaraae, bul a _-neral
nervoua debilitv aml decline of vital foreea So
he ivent t? Gatehkowaky f'-r IreatmeBt, ln com?
pany ulth General Baranoflf, who alao wanted a
iio.sp of " vitaline." The Ulustrioua patienta re
cei- e.l bypodermic Injectionaand went away l appy.
Iheir example faoncJ the (irtnie <>f ihe papular
crazc. The rciruhr phyatoiana wer,- abandouel by
their patients and e-.eryl.oily wished for doBM of
the wiinderf.il " rltaU-e."
Iraaginc, then, the ctiuternntion nhcn it \in
annonnced that t.ei.eral Greaaet was dead nnd
General Baranofl dying. lastaatlp the retreal be
came as wild as tha advanee had beea. Hiere
w.-.a a j^-rfeet stainpede away from Gat-bkoaraky'a.
Bul that wns nol all. Every one who had KCcived
ll.e "vitaline" wa- cnizel with fright, lea! ha lao
sh-'iild share tlerieiiil liresser's fate. Ilnndreds of
them sent. for doetora and BUIgeooa an-l begged la \
have the nrm in which they had received the in-!
jection8 eat off And it araa wrtii difflealty that
they were persaadad not to take aaafa an extreme I
step. Thonaanda were thua frightoned out of theirj
wns and not a few beeame aotaally viry ill
through Bheei alarni.
All this aervpil greatly to amuse those who hnd
not tiaed " vitaline." Bai the beal was yet to
conie. The |>olice soon arrested Gatehkowaky on
charge of hnving eaas-d General Oreaacr'a death
by the administering of a dangerona niedicanient.
Whereiipon, to save him-elf, the qaaek made full
confewion. His atory al.out the Beaer-dP-Bg
r*'ople in A6ia waa sheer iuv*ntion. Th* lormiila
of " vitaline" bad not been reveuled by a mandann.
Hc hail inveiife.1 it himself. And instead of
bf-ing an elaborate and costly affair, it 80?8?ded
of nothing ln the world hut borax and glyccrine!
f hemical analysis proved the truth of tJiis.
Theu there wae a univcrsal guflaw, partly
at the expense of iho6e who had lieen seared
out of their wit?v, and partly at the expense of
those who had solenmly dclared tliat "vitaline"
had OajBd them of all sorta of illa. Tlie victima
of the fright are not over it yet, and the laughier
atill continues. As to tlie death of (.eneral
Grcaaar, it was probably aaaaad by blaod pejaoa
ing from aoim- nccidental uneleanlinesa ol the
bypodermic syriii-.-e. A su'picion of intcntionril
polaoaiag has ariaaa, hewavar, and Uatchkowsky
is unuer arreel. p'-ndinp a ritrhl 8-8-81 natloB. What
elTect the imident will have un the populur readi
ness to accept guack MBtrU-M ia dnhcult lo
determine. llut ihe next successfiil BWB\Btebahk
will do liest to iiiietn bobbc atory far dilicn-iit
from that of the roinanee of Tiirk.at.iii.
From Tho I.ondou Lancct.
Wo gmher fnmi a lut* number of -'The Iteaeer
Mall" tliat nn o|iportnnity has ariscn?ln conii*<-tlnn
with Ihe ron-lrii. tion al a B8W and lmproved 188?0
hou,e at tin- Calcatta _ootof_cal Uarieaa, vrjii.h mu
r.tnUn speilmens of all the |.rlncit*l poiaonons snake-, I
iu the countri of mHKing eapeiimeata In a ayitaaiatle ,
ni-iiiiiT wltb make i>.?.- -n mr . ni.r.'i. ?t,d praetk-l ,
pnrposes. ronaiderlng th" ]n*? ,,f j 1 r.- ln lndia .,i
inbuioblc to this cnu.-c. it is a niiitier for tlic Imperlal
iHthrr than f'.r any proviiu ial ..ovenUBeut Ol tliat
country to ta_* up. anil the I_*?ieiin?t ..ovenior of i
,';i-: -nl haa, lt ls Bitaeratoad, a?irtri^..si iin- Qoveramenl I
of i,i-lu on th* suhjuft. it ia prapoued la nt ap ?
-maii laboratary la raaaaeaaa wllk th* make hon-" i
for the purpo.-e ol praaeraOaf laqalite bearlna apon
,hc p.i,ii.>in_\ of maaa Mte and eogaate rabjeeaa, and i
af t^-tlng l.y exrwriment tho vurlous alleg.-d remedlea
for -nake blte which nr* from time to flme beaagM ta
ti.itirc. Th* CBIeatm /oiloglial 0810888 wotiltl i.fTr,
opportunltles for lii-,1,iilin_ -urh ii,<|uirl<-s WBlch
probably could nnt be had aurwkera e ?e ln the Oriti
aud Surgeon-Major 1). I>. CiiiniliighHm. wht. i- uul
nentlr fittcd for orpaiilr.ing and inliliitliiK suoh a wntk.
and is president of th*. commlttee 0f Ihe loaMvlcal
Gardcna. wlll, it la bellcved, be wllUng to rouder
effecUre ald 88 tba mattor.
DR SCHUBSiA-f- ltt_tt_U__?- CAREBB AS
m? PNSEg \- a arr-DEBTjrUMEROt- ?* >V~_*?
1-..WKI; *: A Tl 14 HFIl A.Mi .!*? AN ""- \TOK
III- ll Pl ? f ? R PHILOBOl llV in Oi: -i< x
Tha eomparatlveiy brlel kimorj al Coraell -"al
venltj bai u-e:; rall "' _*-deti aarpriaei and An
m.-itir gecnta. Bal no oerarreaem too eeted nrtlh Ita
. , ? igraai have been "i a n- e ai tpeeted,
h u e-ttag '?? reamrtmble rharaetar Ihan tbe riream
itaoeaa ot tha re al eha_f. ta it- preatdaaey.
When I" Ad.ims becaam preeldeBt, tha taftiU-tea
wa- -ta.B'er::i- aloog BBder tie heavletl bardeni and
rt-,fli -uiii"-. Bnanrlal nt..: gherwtae, thal lt ha- ever
known. Wheti?? it wai the Bataral turn in lu
i.iair- an<: !.-.?? ? msaqaeeea ol foramr arlee raaaaelB,
?r wh-tfeer it waa reettj daa to Prealdi nl A laau _ ta. t.
energy and other admlatairallve gaagttoi, tiu- taet
ataada b'-w.nd .ll-pute. tbat fr an the nmnth wken h
_r*t eatared apoo bli datka at Ithaea, I araad ea>
tered apOB B . 11 -.r ef < ..n-lttnt iy expnidlnc ii-.-fuIne-s
and pn.-perltv thut protmbiy Im- m.t be.n eqaalled ln
tim experieaee ..f aay olher int-tatt-h ol learalng.
Kisht bI th" moateni ol Ita greateet BBceeBg aml when
aii ihe aatward ilgaa ImUeated n..t oaly a eoaMaaaaee
of that meeeei bat the taOeti barmaay batwasa Ihoaa
ebarged wttb Um tartkaranea at th- mi-n-tv m tha
in-iitiuion. with..ui the aBghtaet gaaplatoa ef Mea an
ev.-nt liniiin- ii- way even lata Um uiiiv.-i-.itv rom
niunity, aaddeaty PreaMeal Adaau realgned, glvtag :u
the reaaon Irreeooeltable riltrerenoo of opinion iu nuu
u-rs of admlntatration.
btnwrdtaary as was this ornirrenre, lt was not
nn.n- M th.it the i-vent- tliat f..||owed. The re-lgna
tion was aeeepted with a premptttade Ihal maat iwve
fliied i<r. Adaam. mlnd alh -ad refleettoea reapertlag
th? -ralilude of uiilv.is.it ies. In-tanMv. the rve- and
niin.is nf all tatereatod Ib CornelPi future were taraed
taward one man?a voiiii- tiiiin, t",.. K-.ir. .iv Ihirtv
eicht years old- a- utiltiBBarlljr. In the natural litneas
of ihlnga, its ne.xt artaldent. Aa roan m Ihe Board of
TraataOB r?nM be gathered logBther, witho.it a di?
matlng vatee and appareatly wtthoal any aer?_a .-i.n
-l.ler.itlon Bf othPV ciindidates. pTOfBIBOl .la. ol. ..rsild
M-hurmati wns rho-en a th" thlrd pre-idetit of (ornell.
The annoiinrement nf the mleotiOB wa- reeeived wlth
eiithu-iastic plca-ure by Uie undenrraduutes and with
r-.r.Ni i.l.'s BEW PRE8IDI NT.
evtdenl cr.iiiii atlofl by the nwmbera ol the faeaity
and th" bodj -f Ihe nl.nn:,i generaUy.
it raa no ordinary man Bpon whom Ihli anlqaa
i1|.iltir|j,in wa- ao iinli.--ii.it -.- ??? ferred. Irom
eaiiv boybood In- ?...l dliptoyed anusaal raental pow
I had wortdng al I r hlaiaell a rea . k
ai.!- eareer. Blnee bl? advaareamnl lo the h".ij ol
Cornel] tha aBenl evenla "f in- llfe have been fre
qnently publ ibe I. The itot - ka been t? ?t-i ol his
. | irom ? M Dntch famlly. whieh caaae lo Hea
York and aettled neai He- Rorballa more tbaa 200
reai ago; "f hi* father"! remoral tn Prinee Bdward'i
lalaad, nnd hla Mrth Ib. la May, i-'i -.f ht?
at.iille, whlle ,i 1-1 oa lil- tather. farm. .md of ln*
hegtnntng a Btarkablp ta a geoeml itoea al Iktrteeo
yean al -.-?-. whlel taetod two year.. Then, ey
p.irenth ?.:h mam reaMgallon of hla iinn-n.il p..w
er?. he began an eemeai itrngg?' tar a Ui imogh e.in
.-.-.tinn, knowlng Uml he nm-t ba dapendenl apoa b_
hli i.wii tabora f'-r hi* luppori ln the meantlme. ili
Mereai in wlnnlng monei pr./" <raa extraordlaary,
.,-,,1 ,t ..... i,- ? i. :-. ai .. - -'!!?-'- me derived ta
tl..- BMMner thal be pald II.gpenaei of i.t pro
t t ... i.-i p'tkhI. of atody, I:" al I'iii"- "f Waa?
College, ?'i. '"l- Itetoa i . ln 1870, be won a noven
irhotarahlp. whlrh gave bim i llvlng and eaabtod klm
to ptirsne li edll -.'."- fw Ibe ncxt l?-0 i.Mi-. ?''i
tlm.in-- in- im!,.-. in i -? 3 and i-7i .it A.iutin Col
lee... be le<i ,n aii hl 'ii- ? and waa awarded leveral
a. ? ?? prlxea. In 1875 tbe Canadlan Ullrhrl i whotar
-hip rr..ni llm I'nlver in "i London, worth g_oo :.
i,-i,; lor Ihree y< u . aa glvei i" him, and when be
gradaated al the I'nlvei Itj ?I London two reara
later, be weal awai wtth Ihe aebotarahlp ln phlloaophi ,
?!i,,ii provtded klm l__0 h year lor thrae yeara, ln 1
eddltlon, a tebotarahlp In i?-1ir:..-,I ereoomy ..f glOO
n year tar twa yean (ollowed I re. 'i In thal ta
iiltutlon, aad he ni- ? n - ln i Ri t pl iee In Oreek. Bng
li'h, l"i,l und pliil" -.ph>. ln 1-78 be t""k ln
Nor.TII .'AMPt'S PROM BAQE ro?r,n<;K.
dooior's degrr-e ln Tar1?. In Jun", 1676, he w,,n Ihe
lllbberl TravelUna Peltowahlp, with H.000 a rear
for two jreara. Thla waa after a eompeUttoa apea t<.
aii padaatoM i'f Brtlfah anlreraltlea, ln whlek ha imd
Io m-t-f more I Imi ti -Ixlv ..f tin- l.*?t nii-n thnt Oxford.
Cambrtigr, latabargh, Dublla and Loadon eoaM aaad
ugain-t hlm. This i"llow,hlp .nil.l.-l Iiltn lo -pend
twa jrean rtadyui nt lleMdberg, Berila aad Qottlafea.
lt ?:i. lu Un- in-t rear ..f tin*" etadlea thnt he Baade
ihe aeqaalntaaee of es-PreaMenl Andrew u. whiie,
who wa, tbaa Mini-ti-r to Oeraaaay. Dr. Ohtta is
alwavs qnlrli to iii-iovor and appredata bbbibbI
BMalal tapailly. aad be wa itrongly diawa laward
Iho hrillhii.t Ani.-il.an Mn.l.-nl, wl,.-..- a< .pilr neiii i
and boM phlloaophlral vh-ws 8818 iilic.idv altturting
attpnti .n in edaeaOoaal drelea. lle dhi nol lorget
lOting -iliiiriniin, aml I, WBt i lu> flv IhrOBgh ea I'ti -I
clf.fit WhllB*! iiittinni* that ba -iil,-i'i|in idli iiiini: to
Cornell. Whee Oi\ Behsnaaa retaraaf lo OovaOrotta
in 1660, he arai appotabal peaaBwer af Kngiuh nt-r
ature at Aeadla OaOega. in 1689 be rrOgaed lo aa
rept tlie clialr of iiictopliysli , and BagBah llt.-ralur ? ln
DalboaOa < ieOafB. Tin. place he beM until 1666,
arbea hc waa called to Ueroell. in Ihe BMaaOaia his
leac-lagi and wniings np-n pklloaophlcal BBbJacta
w"r.' iitk'iiiniii- ,o albael wlde notlee bbmbn arbolara.
ftor mntiy yrars the chnlrmau of the llnnnl nf
Trnstiv, of Oorael Dalvaraltp ha- baea llearf
w. >ni.'i-. -io aaa aba kn^w Mr. aagr. i? Brooklya
ptinr to 1677, uhitf, li" WB8 one of 'hc shinchpst
aapportera U8M the FlyamaUt Cbarak laaa Or. Deeeber
tferoagh iill hla prt-.if.--"t tniiilili.., r.i-ed bc ndd thnt
Ii" Is n ma.li of gr-.it pwlluaitlj of |*tir;Ki--e, ileur
ncas of ladgBMBt nnd en.-rgy in II.88-8008 of
plaai arhteh he haa daHbeeabOi kwaaed. u- araa
born on lha lilll- 8 BT8 mll", b.-n k af IthaCB, but
aent ?i-st when a r08B| ni:in and iiind.- a trr.-il
fortiine 18 luii.b.-r d .-iliiig. 11" was ilnnin baak
in iu- n.itivi- ii.uniy afu-t reara af eomOwtabla
reatdeaee la BreoMyo, i.i tba parpoaa wMah ba had
i .nt civisi nf luakiiiK ?eo adaeallea* aa eaaea?al
i_irt of fi.rn.'H's iBaadaOoa. ii-. paraaadcd tin
Iraateea lo in-i-eiii Ua gift ef 1230,0-0 for lha 88.16
Ing 'if th" >:.'-'?? < dlogc f.r Womeli, and co-"dur_tlot,
aot.n b.-mmc an B-iaaapBabal f:n r al (ortu'll. It.it
this was only the bcglnning of Mr. -Bge. 8888
fiirtion-.. wh|.-h hnve aaaOaaat fron, Ume t I time
until th? lotnl ainiiiiiii plvrn hy hlm to tha, ln
KtltuUiin*^xe..ed. eT,_.Vl,0(X). lt ain, not 888818181
lhal ha Bl.ouM be plaoed ut tbe h'-ud ol th. li-.ard
ot Xiu.tr*-. and. Uiai uii vi.w? ?_ouu_ Uave aie-i
,,:.- , ta aidvaralty eimaaela. aapeetaW ^X^
for hin.alf ? beautiful. parmaaaat bmae *t nm ...
?d -ava to Coraefl -d-mattaay all Bta mn aad
Z bea-tl of hl. pmnieai N-_-? 2?TJJ
Kver, ItamB Wha have been __**-?> ta erittrtaBtha
?..v!..|.:in_ minner ln whieh Mr. gagB ha- maaae
..,?.. ,. prevai. in uaive,s.,y B-talm have tama
!,,,..? ,., rxmeeda that uie great _rmaetal pt-P-.n
:,',t ,,..ve,-,i:v. and Ita taet that m ;-??
,,v, ,.?.,-. d -ii.i.il ti. tlie enormoua detnn 3_- BBOn
ii/hav. been very largely ~""*!"Jil?
.?,, b?, ?.o m the w-|.e and -hllfu. ? ? ?Jn ?
nlpidt] Of th' .halrmnn ?I -Me Board of 1
V ,.-,: Mr. Bag( endnwen the BaaM UM aege
,,?;?. ..i.i,,, of phiiosophy. ir. Bmamry ef bia aead
V^' >gp
wife He wns then Indueed by ex-Presldent Whlle,
who had never taet BlgM of the Ameriran genltlB
wii-m he hal found ln (ierninny. to olfer the < nalr
u, Profe-aor ftabarama. The tatter- Bae-eai
at Coin.il wn- laetaataaeeaa, and be hns
~a,wn in popatariay avery eaeoaedlfli > ?""?
no has bad the targaet etaaeaB ever
aatlmred by anv teaeher al CobbbII. Be aaa
?t onee reeogataad as the flne*t teaeher and ptatforav
?peakar ta Ihe aalvararty, nnd not on.v taroaga of
itadeata, imt atamal bb maay town ,-peopie florUed
to iii, etaaaroom. Aa a toetarar h? wn? exeeedlngjy
dlgnlHed und mainiell.- ln niniiner. nnd orderlv nnd
cumutatlve ln metbod. -Iwara eooraraattonal ta
p.n.iie addreama, he. yel itaeloaed the traa orator evea
apon iba dryeat Ih-mea. ___taata nnd rtettera
irambed aad Bataaed ta aate-lahnaaat -t Oret, as they
hv logk und metaphyBta) made aa lumlnoaa nud taa
dnattng ta bia handa ;..* tlm moal taterartlag of
itadlea. Tbe lewer claaam be baa taaghl malBiy
by I". turea. Uie diill work h.-lng dOOB nfleiiiooiis bv
taatredors. The ngher etaeaee ba baa hmtraeted
largely Ihroagb the remlaary metbod, L e.. dlreettng
peraomd reaeareh oa tho part ol Ihe itodent nnd hold
Ing dlacnaatoaa wiu. Ukbb. IIH aaceem aad poputarlty
vv,.,,- I.... ephemeraL but ttrengthened eonataatly. The
andergradnatm beeaam hla ardenl Bdmlrera; ao Bmm
ber of tbe taeeUy wn* more Mghtl mtaemed ta that
body, aad evan taa braet.i aeem t<. bare eaught aome
tUni of tha leneral mttaataem over Profeaaor Schur.
mm, Certdrn it t. thal Mr. f__e eoaeelved a itrong
Uhlng ror th.- talented yoang profeaaor who Btled tho
etadr whleb the gmy-alred U-stee had andowed. nnd
ti,.. t'v.i i... hb ? taal frlenda.
pr,_;,i,.Mt ._iiiirninn bm beea opproached for the
preaMeaey ol aome of the eolleam every reor anai be
baa beea al Itbaea. bat ba Bndi ta CoraeU bia bteal
..f an Amerleaa aalvonlty. and roald not bo Brdaeed
to leave it tii"u?h tha temptalion ta eoaw taBtaw*
wa- rery great.
Tbe toiaenea "f Pi-teaaor Behanaaa. toaehlngi and
vrltlnga haa been amrked. Tae ">;.l- Behool ol -_-?
oaopby." lo whi.-h Mr. Ni_- gava aa addlttoaal g-OOir
000ta i-:"'. aadofwbtab Pre?ldeet_?hurmaa haa beea
th" di.ui. proral ea lo b.am, if II - md alraady, the
,.?i reatre ol pbltaaophleal taaektag ta Amerlea.
Oradaataa --f bome and torelfn Bnlver-ttloa am already
th. re pni-.iiii. aorfe in n. ta rdltor al "The Phllo
. ;, Iral Bevlew." p-bllebed at Bo-ton. PreaMeal -<iiur
man baa alao beea arldealag tha drela and acopa ef
hi. Indaence. Tbta m .. looraal ol phUoaopby ptaaaed
apoo ?'?? Mgge-I poaatble teata, ..: <i btaa talr woa to
baeoma the .ii.--tnii orjpm ol phltaaopb] ta tbe Bag
Uah-peaklng world. lt alrcad] eommaada the p?M
uf th.- greateat mbolan aad manhari ta paltoaopby
,,ti both aid.-- ..f the Attanta , Profeaiom deth and
.aidweii. ..f Bdlaaurgh; Blt-hto, al Oxtard; Jiuine-.
ot llarvard, aad Ladd, of Vale. hme alrcad] beea ln
rlmlrtt uitt-ng Ita ronuibutor-, uml Prof-aaora I'li.-i.i
,i., .,f uerroany, and Boyre, of llarvard. are aoon to
be ii.iu.il n. .Ilenl -.hiunuin - owu . iilrtbuUooa to
-li,.. Kevtew" bava attractcd wnle atteuUoo. ihe
inn .1......I. artr-'.e from bli peo diew a pmallel he
i,v,,-ii in- roudlilona nnder win.ii Ureek i*nl;o_jpii>
?ii,,.. -i?i the r.HKlltloni aow exlatlng ln Anterka, and
ventured m,, predictlon Ihal ihe nexl greel ron
-tin.tr..- ou-burhl ln phltoaophj wai Ukalf t<> UBe
I , li .Mi" '1.an -'ll.
uthcra of hi- puMi-lfl wrltlngi di-plai hl pecallar
...wi- An artlcle fi .ui t.i- n-n ln ihe Mai :h rium
I- r ..f Tl.e Ni* Mortd" waa an addn-a dfUvered be
|. ihe la; eml . I.I Uufl d i. und ai- i before Ibe
I till.iiliin Mli,i-"i ' A.Uon ".- II -i ??:- lll '1.1
liv-i'icat hcliuimaii I'vi.'iii i-.'. i.i-r.ii-i ii- pi.ii.'-opi.y
.r. fully, ii.vii._- aireaa upon the fm-i tltnl rellulott
I -. j^veloped thnmgh nm.il '.I. and Irom .i eo
|,i ?p|rlt. Ile |,"li"\.-. Uml nll thi-i- elementa nn- ?
I.. reUgton, n.?w a- alwaya; hul ihal Ihe em
li now iip.in tii.- aplrli. lll l.'-t publl-ll'd
?ork ? Kanllan nnd Kv?l i thi. -." I a rrll
|r| | ol Ihe ethlral |.lill"-'-pli\ of Kimt and llerbert
-,,., ...ni, a , imptete rel.Ttlon nf Ihe lall -r.
i;.,. |-.'i,i,?i iinp.,rt "f Diit-wi'i-iii" npnenred after
i-. iteul srlnirman wtnl lo llhnra, and ?... un ,.i
i.-iiii.i I., altnw th:.* ihe dortrlne ol ev.iliiU.m doea n.rl
lll .vtl.b- clill'ill U- 10 lillli'-iri .1.1-111. I. II I- per
i,.', ti\ rompntlble wlth Ihal absolute iyatem of
moniHtj for wnu i. tbo Intultlonal -?- for Inatanee,
Marllli. inn liaa alwais BtOOd. ' lU'llcl lu U-l" wu.a
the tli io of a aertea of lactarai dellvered nt Andover
I'heologlcal Hemtaai. two yeara aaa, and Onee pab
Ukbed ln book-form. it i, ? rumul?live Brgumanl tor
tha batng ol .mi drawB attke from Ihe nature of ama
and ihe r in,,i,ti,ii.f the aulvene aa thej bave beea
nnirti kaown to n- i.v hlstorical and pbratcul ectance.
lt propoaea to aubatUate for the meehaolcal and
deUUeal concepUon of Uod, tbe notlon of aa ever
iniin..ii.rn belng, who, fmni the polal al vtaw ..f .,.1
*nce, ,nav be ralled tbe toul >.f the untveroe, nnd
from tl.e i*iint of rlew of religion, tha rather of
iplrits, wttfi wii..tn our tplrlta am] have Ufe aod com
PreaMeal Rehnnaan la a bwb capable of a aaal
anionii, of work. He ls lu nuunilnceul nhydcal con
dlilon. never aad a doctor ln hla Ufe, aod iv.>i-i., more
in.iirs even daj than nwal awn nr>- able ,i<> do. Ila
i- ui Ihe breakfaal lable even daj ;u 7 o'cloek. ln hla
Mud. iii 7 :.',<>. meel- his f.r-t rbl?I at 8, 8 nlt- nntll
4 in tin- aftei?rjon, with a half hour of IntermU-tlou
for liiiieh, wniii, utiiii dlnner, nmi inu, the evenlng
for itadj oi- aoetal dntlea, aa Ihe demand .n.n he.
lll ulf-, n youriK nnd very p,,-.,,, WOBMMI, th ? aMcat
daufhier of Qeergc Munro, tti*. mltttonalre pabllaber
of thl, rlty. und UU" her huehnn. ,ii" ptrtare of
bealth, I-. n.-arlv aliuivs hi, rompanloa ln tlu--" wnlUs.
wii rn- drv, um there i, iinic oi tbe coontry b_o_m
liinnii tbe) have not "looted" toaethcr. Tbey havo
iw,, ini.-i.--iiiik- und allmctlve chlklivo, a boy and a
iTeeldenl Behnramn mdted aith th.- BapOal Charrh
whan <|.iit?i young, bm in the coallleta of dimM whlch
i-aiii" vIth later veura. ?u, 801 cloaely allled to It
or lo any rellgloui body, Ihnuah alwat i an attendanl
upon publtc aervleea. wuidn tl,.- lan, year, bow
ever. ln- airlicd at tlcur coneluaioaa apon religion,
nnd i<"iiiiii-ii wlth liu- Lapllal L'hareh, flndlna a home
lu Ihe rliiiiih of thnt f.-il.th ln Ithina. lll, ratholl
ii,nl yet deepl. Chrtatian atatcmenJ r,f falth, pi ?
BBBtad al iliet ilti'". hn- in, n wiibiv publlshed .ind
commeated upon. lle ih one ..f tbe lera* -nti.i<-i smii,
who n Bll" ln teUowshlp wlth a RiBgle lect, ,i-e w hat
I- trti" and ".-"titltil li. ul! relldona. II" ls ns ion
itaBth ln hi- place at the BUBda* aioraini Kcrvteea
wlth ld, famlll as ia tho pasior. I lnni_-'i cimiing from
tlu- eampaa a tnih- away aa do -... lll- paator, the
li.-v. Itoben F. Jonea, who i, hitnv*lf .-, broad tninded
r*iigi<ni, leacher. ean alwaya rrly apon Pmldeat
lehurman lOr a manlv aad effeetlve far?lerance of
uii his -beral phma for -pedal forms of rallgloni
work BBMoa ih" foani people of tin- town aa well as
of ihe uniier-lty.
Prom Th* lioitnn OeWB.
,\s i waa waddag alaB| lha aOaal the oih*r dny,
a l:idv nnd i-lilld were walklng Blong ln front of me,
bn,. maa la n harry, i paaaed on. ,iu,i aa i wa
golnp i.v the eaapl* I overhcard ,h>- n.oiiiei ,t>"nkin_ to
her rln'd ln woids Umt IB-Icated tlml th* ildld h.id 8808
doltiK aoma-MBB wiong and thr moit.-t araa rcpiovluj
Ibe im-Uoii. When tfi* Indi had tltiKh.-d th.. , hlld
Ir.nkod up Innorcnily and -ild, "Well, luaumiu, Uod
didu't make me _;ce,"
n-rlin. Mny T.
The ncws of the death of Pl8-8881 ABgBBl Wllh.-lm
von Hafmaaa. th* OaOagalab-l oaeapaat of tha etaw
?f rbemotry ln thOUalrerOtj of BerOa, ?in mi the
hearta of many Amerleaaa with larrow und regrat.
w oerman profeeaor. of whatarae braaek <-f leaming.
Uaght so ninnv MNU of lha tra.is Atlantlc Kepuhlic M
Von Hofmann. Blnee the retlremeal of Von Baaaea m
llcld.lherg n half d.radc BgO, ba bad 88 rival la the
BffecttOfl of Amerlcin stud-'iits. It oftcn b-PPCBed
lhal l.ls prcat lalM.ratory ne.tr the alBBB BMder wns aora
than hulf I111"<1 Wlth them. Hofmann was so great
ar.d 18 popnlnr that lt WM 888888817 to make applica?
tlon for ailmOaann to his worfcahop amatha, nnd e-.-.-n
aemestera la advanee. Owlng to hla hmg reatdeaee m
England, he spoUe Bagllah wlth the fcaaacy ef h aatlra
a?d earrled on laatraetloB wlth ???^ in that toagae.
Many Amerkaae to wbom the laag, aagalar Qaramn
ebeaBcal leraaa Beeaaed so many "Bohemlaa viii-?;.-~.'*
have had reaaOB to be irr.-it.fiil for the pbOOtBglcal at
talnm"!its of their BMStcr.
It wns lu n rert.-n vnse unlversity fushlon t/i attend
the lorltires of Von 08-8888, nnd men of all dep:,rtmi-tlts
from tbeologkal to matheniatli-.il were to be fcmad
li-tenlng dally to his uords of wlsdom. Il* pOBBeaaed
tho BbUtty, ln nn uniisimlly eaB-MBt degree. of maliing
the dryest stibjects full of Intercst nnd Ufe. He pee- |
leaoed a larK" v.-m of haaaor Bleo?aaaart-tBg ?tni
rnrer Ul (i"rman unlver-itv prafeeeors. Hla 8881888
wer* ofton k-pt In a cnntintied rtat. of hilnrity. 0B88
whlle he waa perf-raalag tha espcrba< al to prove that
ilaaaonda wem earboo, he rahbed Ma hands for
aeveral mlnatea above the bot fliiiiic.
?i..-iitlcincii." he snld. turnltig t? the Btadeata who
i .ni -in hlm place tbe -m.-iii plece of br!l_aat la the
hent. and wondered whal the rubblng of hnnds had
| to do Wlth the experlmcnt. " I Blwayi do .this when
pesafbte, ns I am not exanlv accustomed to warmlng
, my hnnd?i dnllv ,it a 8-UBOOd llre."
Von HoOaaaa was afteo a weh-ome guest at the
varlons eelebraOooa of Amerleaaa In iieriln. He was
rvcr gli.d to be of the nnmb-r who commemorated
the Poarth of .lulr. Berreral vears ago, he wsa th*.
chlef gucst of honor at tho Am*ricnn Thanltsglvlng
dlnner. nnd mndr, .. rpeeeb In OagOah, whlch every
_t,"st was happy to bear. He pald then a hlgh
irllnite to Ameriea nnd her In-itltiitlons, and praKcd
' tho nbllltl88 of the rnnnv yOBBg men who Iind como
i to hlm lo complete thclr stndles.
Three Fmiierors were parOal to the dead profensor. I
1 The ilr-t Wllllam oftcn lnvl.tc?l hlm to d.-llver bv-turcs
ln the eeaOa, and deBgMed to hsten to his nnecilotes
nnd aeeoaata of his experlcncca ln forelgn Innds. ;
F.mperor Krederlc ennoblcd hO former taacber as soon
ns he enme to th* thn.ne, nnd His Mnjcty Wllllam
ll. boaored Pba Hofmann m ranoaa wnye. To j
Bmpreaa PredeHe he wns a friend. and one of th*
m.-t di-tinfrnlshed members of the clrele of lavnnts.
over whlch *h* prc-lded when In P.erlln. H* dedl
i.ited to her his bo-.k. " M.-morte- of a Dead Friend."
whlch be pabUahei awaral reara ago.
IT .f.iw.r Von Hofmann was B8Veaty-f08f years
old. ihe praeOeal resiilts nf his chcmlrnl researrhes
hnve made his nam* famllia, to lavaMB and sclentlst.s
allke, not only In thts eoantry. bet ln nll parts of I
tba world. At tho tniversltv of Gteaeea. wher* he j
waa edueatai ln pnrt. h" devt.tcd hlmself under Daron j
von l.leblg. to the sttnlv of bnso* of c.nl lur and tho
metamorphoidi of ladtga. whil* still a voung man
he mad* the laaportanl 60aaearg lagardlag tho com
poaltlon nnd ebemlcal eharaetac <>f nnaiine r*d.
Every mBnufBetarer ef eoal-tar dyea knows the ralae
of thal aJaeorarp.
In 1846, Hofmann wns appnlnfcd sup*r1ntend?nt
?t the Royal OoOaga "f Chamlatry, ta London.
at tbe reeommaadaOoa of l>blg. Ho raaaOaal
ln K'.-land until lS'H. It wns durina his rt??l
deaee there thnt h* pnbllsh*d " Intmductlon to
the Madf af ri,emlstrv\ In IgB-, 1-BBOa again
v,-,-iire<i th>- B-ialaaa of HoOaaaa, piacing him tn
charge of Ihe ehatr of ehaaOatrp at iionn. in
1->-.-, i:.. was Muaaaoaad t<> Berllb where he niied until
bla death the profeaaorahlp of ebaadatry, and beeame
on.- of th" grratest ora?BMBta of tbe _?M?i t,ia0?
tntion of li-arnliig. 00 ninn, prohablv. .-i >-r trnlned
... many eadaeal eheaalala. aii hts former papOa
were prond i" eall blm aamter. aii wiu aaoara hia
rt-nth. Hla pln-? -01 b* dllTicult to -111.
Th.- forty-flfth annlvi i-.iry Of tho Mrth of mad KUw:
Otte of Iinvaii.i wus cel*brut*d ln Mnnlch i few dava
ngo. Th-- pnhllc biUldlugs wer* decor-ted with flaga
nnd baaOng, work to a irreat *xtent wns dlaconUn
aed, eaanon were iiri-d. aad pamd^s waaa beld ln
t, nor oi ii..- day. Bat tu- BBbaaar Kin_ kaewBOtb.
mg of th* faaonttea whJeh ln Uie iight of His Muj
. iv'. iKiidltlon seem.sl iroiibul and aad. Thera was
it is tttie. ao Bpeetal fuaeOoo at conrt. ns the dav waa
obaerved <iul~tlv by tha memben ef the Bopal P_Bd_r.
I.,,, th.- i.i,l" "viit'-niiv ,liou_iit it tbeir dutv -8 glaa
ocnlar evtdeaee of th.i, alleglaBce and Jov.
Beporta arbk- rame fiom tho pahace wbara th* Klag
H .- manad ladleata thal nis H-lesty'a ute nuiuot be
ol long daraOoo. OhOe a icar or aaera ag'> ba imd
vi.il.ut BtUcka af minln.-, BBd wuald att.-mpt t> br*ak
_,l.i.', of fiiriilture luar hlm, to-day hi- Umbs ar- aaM
, , be Him"il paralyaed, aad it i- ..niy wHh dliii.ulty |
thal ha can ? m. H" eala abaosl nothlng. Medleal \
?pedali-U ln Mnnl.h ar.' ?nid P> loinb-iun tlie in-'i'- "1 j
of trea-neal adopted bf taa Boyal pkyalelaaa t"?nni
the cmaj monarch. Bul p.-"pl" m K'.-nenii beOere that
lt w mid tn- u i.i"--iiig ii hla aad eoald to luiat.-n.-ii. aa I
hla life is leriainiy of aa rahaa t-> Ua buaOy or hU
country. Tbere wiu u, loy, la ted anfelfned |oy, ka
i.i'rtniiiiy, wten Prinee LattpoU is waaped King <>f
l .i, \ ai la.
Tbe pollOetaaa ol Qermaay are gn'ntiy lataraatad ln
t i .iin,ine of the i "iitroicrsy wlth the thirtcen
repreaeniatlvea ..( tarmera' Ind-peadent prlncely f.mii
n- - who, np to tbe preaent i?ue, have been exempt
from oppre-alve taxatioa. Acc.rdlag p. tbe blll lalro
tln.od in l?rliain>:iit rct.-ntly. t?aae ao-called " llelclis
nitttebare Uralen und Pueraten' are u< have tteir ln
coine* t.nosi :i- .ih.-i y..-"pl* lu tl.e fat?ra. Bai as a
rerompense for tbe futnre contrtbu-ona t<> t.i" axpenaea
uf tin- .-.i.11?-. the) are lo recelve ln aacfa oaaa tiiirt.?n
,,:,,i one ball tlmea the aiueunt of tin* anaaal nu. Ib
u iiimp -um of BKMiey. lo un- thaj obleet, and
demand In a petlllmi to tbe Betchetag, a preaent uf |
twcnty-nlne Umee the amooni to be pald eaeh year ln |
ih" diiiire. The peUllon i- simeu i.> th* Prlncea of
I'.eiitheiu,-lii-nth. im. Uentheim?stcinfnrt, Lwaburg hi d
UudlugeB, "f lili-ti-in; laeaburgand llBdlngea ol a'ech .
Birtibuota; rs-lin?-b_lni, Bayn- WilttgenatelB-IIoheniteln
.-.lii.t. Hraiinfi-I-. S-Ima?llohenpoho?h-h aud W'led;
aud CobbIb soliu- Ito, le.h.-ini. Stolberg- -tolborg, ,
b.oiiiHrt; Koaala nnt Inenburg? lluedingen. The only i
prinee who deellned to Bttacb hl- name to tho demand
i, i-iinie nf si dberg Wemlgerode, a member .-f tha
-mperor's household. T.arltemenl ovei fche demand
of the wealthy noblemen is growlng, aad lt may end
iu ii icfu-iii by Parttameat to gnmt them any ooinpeu
aatlou whatover,
Tho nii'..oui,,-t'i?,-nt ef tlie lUgagement of COBBt
Herbert Ulamarck haa dven ri-e t<> more arOclea ln
tn.. Uerman preaa regard-ig th>- fiuuoui fainliy tbaa
any oecarrence dnce the ea-Chancellor'a rotirement I
fiom publie Ufe. A Oorj ln ihe ?-chkaalarhe Zeit
iiii^" a f'-w iins, ago declared that lt eould b* alated
mi the beal of auUiotity ihnt the Conn) loteaded to
eater the polHIca] ai*n:i agata *i")n after hi, marrlaga.
lle had bo lib-ii, however, accordl-g to the artirle, ..f
aceepUog the poat of Imperlal Amba-sadpr ai Ihe
! i.iuri of st. r-tenbarg f,?r w.nit- Ume t<> eama at
leaat He has aaraded, th* Btlealan paper aaya, to
?aek clesiion t" th" Betoh-tag :ui i thaa pn i?n* the nuy ,
i<> th.- .penlng of a brilliant, rareer rul <?tt b> ttus i
? reetgoatlon of tbe Prinee, it will be aa 8_aj ?aO r I
i ft.i- ih* Coeal to entar Para?ment, aa be waalf ba
i returned, probably arltboat ..p|H.-tri..n. from tha (iis j
trict ln whlch the l.l-nii.i-.-U eatatca ar* Otaated.
After a ihorl axaerlenee ln Ihe lfat-M_d Leglalat-re h,- |
ndght a..e|.i tin- ndaalon to at Pateraburg wiiis.nt!
injniA to hl, pii.i" or dignlty.
lYrdence ls glven t- t.'ns Inierpi-eution of t.he
i Connt'a plana, beeauae of the f:,.-i that tbe Bmperor
! nn, decloed io keep Couul -cblemlta al 8t. ivteci.nr^
for tbe preaent. Tbe j/>-t. however. aiual fall varant
1 in a ahort tlma us Ihe Ambaamdor I- more than foiir- |
-.i.r.. i.iiis old, and has lieeti dCB-tma
of reiiriiig t<> his e-tai.t, for 8 year
ai leaat Oo one would be i?..r* welrome
ai th,- Baaatao eapttal than n lUamarrk, _n.i Coant'
Herbert, with liln own wealth nnd thal ..f his futura
' wlfo. could BBPport ii blilh.-uil e.Uiblishineni i? the
land ot the Caar.
I'riii.-i. ri-iiini-. k is excee-lngty hapnr al the eh Me*
' irf :v lii-lde made l.v his lon. IBl the dav ,,f Ihe publ*
annooncement of the betrothal be d-atrlbated t.<>??
ninii.- uin,,nK' Ibe w-oriuiii-ii a, th ? Beboenhauaen. ,
Oounl ll"i-i."it im- been Moverely crlOctaed lor hli
proik-i"i\ viii never BITgei Uie eltt-i-l or Ihe liiiuoiia
telearam reoetved nt Veatee bnm ibe BBgry Prinee.
??Ciim.. liai-k liunn-dlatelv," lt read. " "r i.-u -l"ill Bevar
..... i? ?...-. -j'lj,. coant obeyed. and haa
.. -tt,iiii-,i uii-dl
Ine. but OWtBg to his hiiiIv BBBOQlalllllBa, proliebly,
??? aaaajra graatly Intereated ln msBte aud nin-j?...t,.-?!
For thlriy-two yeara, Indoed, he wai dlreetor nnd
member of th. _oclety oi tha Friend* ot _Iuale ln
the Aaatriaa eapMaL Aaroag the moat charagg.
laK.ks ls Ma - MeaMdra of BeeUioven." ~"a
Mueh resret Is fett in .ierrnony ovi-r the |m
of Madaam BcthO von llutisen. the widow of gSJ
v.m lli.el>en. for mnnv years iiitendnnt of Uie UaZZ
I__.tr. of liiis?4n. ller hushmd W'os known ni"C
liand-ome?<.t ninn In Beelln, and her -on I- now 2
favorlte adlaatat of the roang Bmperor \\_|^
iii.- il _d woinati p- i_s?s.si eonaldeiabta llt_2
uHlltv, ind wns the atiti.or of a !n-ge numbej- 1
wot;.-, Inrliidlng ninnv novela. ?_e alao cmmy
"Memoti-a of Hotlio von Huelsen." It li pr^UBa
thm tl..- iteatJi will delnv Uie inarrlnge of lar an
at whieh the Empci-or wa- to ptay luoh a oon.-ptcaoj
To tlie F.dltor of The Trlbune.
Sir: gach a gaaattoa, ashed nt snrh a moment. nuw
apacar to B great many on this slde of the Atltntfc
cxi.edlngly tarelral. and yet lt ls one whieh Irelaialaj
nio.t \v.nlthl?et and most influentlal BtOIBMB h_-, witi_
calm ditln-ratlon aod solemn i-e_nrd to po-.alhl?
,-voiitiialltlea, been asklng for nearly a quarter m\ a
ceatary. Attaehed by aottaa, politieal or rcii"ioaa,
wlth ihe other thn-e provinees, exrept In a cora.
pnintlv.'ily modJfled form, I'later milly forms no part
of tliat Iretaad ef which the vaatara werM henrs a)
jnurli. Ita wuys are not as their ways. n0r ttg
thouirhts a.s their thonghts, and to *e?h to obtala
niiiinlinlty BBBSag su.il IncongTu'ius ehments would . _r
tamly prove ns eoinplete a fiUlurc now a, |t dld |g
those llery davs whlrh preeeded the Hoyne.
Noi- Ik the fe.-ling which undoiibt.tUy exl-ts U>
tweett Iho pio-pcroo- I'lster aiiit tl.e perlodirally ia.
peeandoaa buuth and w.-st wnnt of aaaaladtg mereh.
It ls absolute antaponlsm; and the depth ot UiU nom
can estlmato but those who have betg
nj a position to fathom tt. On the p_|
of tho Siiuth maltgnunt Jcnlousy gix-s hand la
hand wlth rellglous ranror nnd the pjfi
of the North, a BtaefUaB memory ol tho-e
days of trlumph when the " Imperlnl ra.-e-' stood at bay
bohlnd the walls of Londonderry, or niurehed wlth tha
vletortous Wiillam on the Irish rnpitml. I l-tennea
know full well-and tl.ey have not been without rvv
lelvlm; Intlmation of rt?that their humlllatl.m bat baga.
resolved upon, and that In the evcnt of what ls knc?i
an "home rule" belng obtnined hy the malcontent
party, the poiltleal subjugatlon of the North. by thi
>-oiith form. not the. lea.st prorninent part of tta
determlned on programme.
Wlth sueh a knowiedge, eould It be for one moment
-Zgeetod that the E-%-aetaBta of I'Lster, so resotati
ln th>- pust, would calmly recard the tiireatenlng uuw
look and BBBBN with folde.1 arms the maturlng ol
'?veiit- I That any klnd of compronilsc conld p*.
stt.ly be mado between people of an_*edents, *_._.
mente and asplrotlons so dlsslnillar, ln out of tta
i[uestion, and there remalne but one nJternattve, *
ronfllet to Uie bttter end. That such a confllct -oag
be immediately forced on t'Utter should tlie goven..
ment of Ireland be handed over to the party whlrh
iOW buttles for lt, no matter what thu suggeitel
gaaraBlBSa mlght be, ls as cert?In as that the flrlng
upon Kort Sumter eaaeed the Federal siatcs to spr_|
to arms.
The programme whieh has been reecntly lss.ed by
"The Ilelfast T_*_i_ph" ls not a new one, and only
eontalns a molety of Uie wholo, the more lmportant
portlons belng yet undle.iosed. That no ele.Uons for
the Oollege Oreeo __rlianient wlll be perniitted to
tiUie plaee throughout the enflr* domaln of tliter;
tlmt the wrlts to the varioui .herlfTs wlll be publicly
burnod: that tJie offlelals, high ?nd Iow. of the new
executive wUI be ntteely reimdJatfad; that the t&iee
lovled by the Dublin I_r_?ment -wlll not be BBJd. are
polnts as aswured a* tliat the adopttog r.f mch ex
treme meaMires by a hltherto law aWdlng people win
pr?*luee a eonflagratlon.
But. when mat*er. hav. reached ,pirh a ejlmax;
wheu lt becouiee lmperatlva upon Uie powera. Id erse,
to a.ssert their dlg_lty, Or becooie the laughtng itoc.
ef tho world, theo must be de<-_ed tor weal or woe
the all-tre-nendoas qnestlon?U'l_ VUUt flght? Con
slderlng thnt a elvll war wotxld Inovltably rcean. ta
the flrat lr_tance, tho di-rnrh:n_ of ita vact and an
nunlly tnereasl_g rorrrnieree, the matter U one of moat
eoi+iu* Import; bnt lt has been alre_dv determlned
tliat of two evlb. the less mu.st be cbosen. TJ? oeit
eaaaMeraataa is, eoukl the northern provlnee. ln open
rebeirion, poeelhly mulnt-ln rieh a tti-ugK-le, oppoeed
v h.-is be**n a.-serted it would Bi^vltalj-y be. by the
Queen's troopsf Ihe Orange Soelety, nndoubtedly
tho most powerful poUfleul orgaiiizatloii in Uie world,
h, BBgah?I of muitering ln Ulster tomorrow
?_4iO.(JOO m_, b_r__ig wlth enthuilasm and
tralncd to tbe uae of arms. The. nuniemus lod?M of
)__g_utal have glven a g__rnmt*_ to r__e. IX neei_~ry(
laree levles, and even Canada and dlatant Anrtralla
have eaeh promlsed no amall contln?-its. Tliat any
itdeo.u_to' forre, polloe or mllitary. eould be ralsed br
the Irifih Parllament at all lullielent to eooe wlth siu_t
*n overwh^lmlng mustejr of tralnha?<_*. well oB.
eei-ed and ropplled wlth the munltlons of war, Is ont
..f the une-itlon; _nd lt l* abMint to *nppo?e, no mifr
ter whnt Oovernment hohts tlie reins of power ta
-ng-ind. that HrlUsti troops wlll be emploved to ab
Jmrute lYv>U;stniit ITster, battling, a.- omv before ll
battlod. nnder rlreumstances not altogether divalnlr
Uir. for lt* her_lit_ry rlirhts.
The numerleal strenirtii and. no le?s. the teflerlbli
prln.iple of the Or_iire _aaBe__km are quite as weO
known txt Mr. <ikid?tone and bis f._towera as ta
lu- oara fliand Ma-ter. More than onee, wheo th?
Ltheral party were in pnwer, the two authorltles eama
Into Ciilllston, and alwnv* wlth Ute resnit that thi
ofhelal- in Dubtln C-stle had to gtBB way and humbly
ertt th- I'-ek. The writer well remembe.ra that d.rlni
the IVnlan seare of l*o7 _.0<>0 stand ot armi
w.-i-e hinded at the North Wnll. Dublin, en p>ute tor
the North. TJio Metropolltan ja.lire, nnder the Imprea
^00 ttmt they had iecure.1 a .-plendid prl.e, seired
upon the formldable eon_gnnient, and, bv the advloi
of the tlien (iilef Seeret?-. Ihe arms, whleb wore of
tlie nowi'st pattern, were -oiiv.-ved to the Ca-tle ua
der an lmi>->.lnK e*-.s>rt ot cuvalrv Itut bef >re maay
hotirs had atapsod B telegnun was .reeelveo fra.m tta
hl-h i-llclal to whom tlie ilfty formldable ea?e? were
eOMtgaad, denuuiiling an inim*dlate .-xplanatl-xi. Thi
r.'piy w-as an ample apoln-r from the exenitlee for
h-vtiiir " thronph 11 mlsttihe" made rhe seUtire. and lt
ooneludeo with a re5pect^ll tntlmatloii that Uie ama
wouki be lauaadlataly glvea up if s.-nt ^>r bv the
i-on-lgnee. Aa emphatlc reap-.nse was the intm
that. under tho elrcuiiastaTiees. on no iveoiint weukt
the arms be wnt for to the CestK &nd the mutter
tanded by aaotber Impostn*: BBeerl heing forttiwlth or
Aered to eeaveg Umai bark. a .listiin.-e of over tiiwe
adtaB, und fnrllitnte their belng at onee forwarded W
thoir destltiaUon.
lt ls witb an or___/.ation of thi* chumrter. _s reso
lute ns It ls elfecttw. that the IrUh " Kevoluttonlstt'
wlll have to deal, shonld Mr. Glad-tone onre mori
Ket Into gOWer, ttilil. to purchase the a.tliereii.e of tl_
ai.-ltators, ]..,-- a Home Hule blll ln any r-liape or
^rm. That act will be the sltfnul for the brestoig
out of the nmet IflmgBBaary clvil war whlrh Ireland
hiis wltnessetl for c.'iiturle*. lister wlll onee mori
ihOBl 11 s ?' No snirender," und one of Its tlrst aets wlll
be ta rhasa from its loniers avery one vtmaa >'i'P maai
1> lilt.-iy to beOOBM dnii-emns. Niituralli, bloody rw
pri-ais must bo espeetoi to take plaee threagheat tta
.sou;h an.l We-t, WheN the co reBg!--_?1 ul ITOteitanl
lister, .eattoreil aud he'ple--. are ln a terrthle B*
noiiiy, n-pil-ul- DBB_m Wmofa Uie outrnie* and W-BBj
whieh eharaetertaed tha waret day? af Uie UuJ _-!_?
Into atter Inslgulflrauee. _
There are not wanttag ragaeUve men and ?emat
p.illtleliili. who -ay Ihut Ireland hus luid .|iut?- ";"?l?*
uf pul. blng and uicii.llng. und thal lt? OWJ -alvatwa
i- to be found iu BghtMi tha butii? ?f Bta __?
over aaaln. uin-n geatta eaaolltanta, Inegeetaany ?_
plled umea wttboul number, faii to tamua a ?-ur". M
lOta bope for the patlenl Itaa ln the ahaip knlfe ana
-Mlfui hand of the mrgeoa. Htotory taaehm u? wai
iu the llfe of iiatioii- th.- snine prlnrtple h Ma jaah
uud Ihat wlnn oth.-i- rein.-du-s IhII a .inul-' operatluo
beeoama Imperatlvc. lt nmv be Ihal ara me *P:
proaehlng mcb a ertala ta the blsturj ol IretoaaVBBiB
that. reatoratlvea bavtng ha.1 onlv the erfeet Bf am
creaalng the rtraleaee >>f um dtasaaa, _a time aaa
now iiiiivii when noatraau nnd praBertpttaaa nju?i
l^> Inli! BSMa aml inon- ,-lte. Hinl tr uliiu-nt ^"VlfJl
H tln- ereaetan 1111*.^, an.l Utetor tahaa ui>"" Baaa
ihe reapon-IUItty of ruahing t?. iho Bnal maearea, ?
iniiv ba iiik.'ii f..r rranted ine _?gtamnt apoa tne oc
easton wlB be thoroogh. ll-t.r wili tight to w*
hltt.r end. - ? -
With snch terrthlB Isains Iii the near fumr*,
wlth coiist-.|ii,':i.-es whieh involve the Uvei W
thoaaanda and tiu- toaa .>i a_Hrma' amrtk Bf v^'ffjs;
lt ?.s?iii.s ararraly credfbta taal the paeaai m Bnmm
Brltaln wiu pennii aay Prtam kQatater, ao mitxaT
hnw popalar or bow powerful. to carry ont a PmZ
BO finuiiit wtth lina-ii.-nl daiUJ01 t" the Kuip-i'. ?
oiator m Mttafjr the , mvln_s of a hand ?f denuipi|-"
who h?vi- tlnt'i-elves nothlng wh.itever t? Ima. "
I.s leoreely puaribie imt that al the laat momc-it W?J
wiu reanaa the ewlol graviiv oi the oeeootaa.^
ateraly Interporing their authirity, deelare Uw* w'
I 'iiti.it maal l?- pimmved al .mv eeat. .
Hut shonw it be ardarad ethaiwtaa; ahaaM^Q
II maeatary majority, mtatod bv tais,- miides. ___!
l.y party prejudlre, l|rnoranl or (.uvi.e. af tne ""e11*/
Interosta nt Make, for rerj aearhMaa af ??*___
noInv to |r, Uw exp.ilineiit of e-tabll-Ulng ln gf*K
(...en nn Iiish P_rl'ame_- tban, ladeai, nmm
wtitei-join heertlly in the piag-r, "<.od Bave lre_n,?
tor valn will be UM h.ip of man.
New-York, .lune B, IMB,
From The Ixmdun t.lolie. ,
An eplgta.-i on Mni.elet 1? rc-vived In the "?___f_
whleb may be roaghly _nril-hed _- follows:
Most le'irned .Vl.h.iel. Inin thy p-ge?
A double protll innv we reap :
Thi'v wakt- to llie the nilddle age?.
And lull Uie bitter world 10 ataao*

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