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U ? ?? S?ALLY LIVELY ???>?G ??G.?' MONTH
ON ???? WH U.K.
All went vl?liors to ProepeCI Paris who have
tauml 'hat spbndid pleiisiit?? ground by III?? mam
_?*?ii> tiiive notleed thai Ihe soldier* nn?i gallon'
\gm\ ?ii.il Arab in ihe Park Plaga is approaching ? ????
un. H ahOWl up well ?ill-aid??, till bought tt? true
(irti ?n? cniitiot yet be Justly ?*,tlnuit<?d on a? count
Jj "the ?cafToldlnc lOid fais.'Work which are still in
?l?ie. aad b'? itise of the high fe< ? ?? timt surrounds
?be ptleanri Thai in ttseir it win prove a handsome
.n_ mi?faci rv work ?io.?? t>.t asem at ait doubtful.
fue Hirh is ??-ll proportion??! . and no fault is to be
iciniii wM? the es??iiti"n. ? "*.??? in blemish?? are to
Ii noted In tne Maine, supp?t in g iron rust, bere and
0PT? ?,n tbe gra.nU'?; afeetber greater care In getting
, tn* .'?.ne might not have prev?ate! the us.? of
Hoik* thus morhrd is u qaeatton ? nm not prepaivd
to ???????.
??? th?? mm i'??ut?.? and ti.e iroodcB platformi
?bniit iba atraetuiB, ara Baally ramaved it ?Ml, ?
?ni ?nre. baCOfe tnor?? evident than ,\i that the
,,,h I?. n?'t In th?- rlcht ??'.:?< ?? ? ? G ? ours.? ? berce nie
r??Tt~in potata of vi.??? from whlek lu hararanlou!
p:ej? -ti'uis muy ta> 100*1 to advantage! but the tiicl
Maiala?, and ?in ever remain, mat the arch baa bo
reU'jon to anything else, ?? ?? an aside, a? an
?un, u mci?nk ti?>ibi g, A simple ?nmammi
??mated, or s ?tntiie, mlgld not appear out of place.
Bat the prlinwv ld'-s In nn arch is that pBopta sluuld
ptu under it Therefor? ? in? moBiortal nf itt-HiW
jtn?'? brave should bnve keea n gateway t?? th?? beanti
mi i??,k, ??r. m???" appropriately itn, it should kave
?p?r.'i?d t'?e pniiclp.il nvenue leading 10 the? park.
Thi.? greeted. It ?vuld have born?? the ?ame relu 11?? ?
U> Fla'busH-nvr. and ll?e '*.r!> n.? the \i.? da I riomph??
bear- to lh? greal drive al tarta and iha Hois de
Boulogne t??? mistake nraaof ho rwiitie?! now:
tout the officili)? raaponttble for tlie present site ware
frewly WMMi, ;nd <!id not alt wtihu'it knowledge
It is announce! tl_nt the unii ?111 !?? ronipl?"ed about
??cj.temb?.? I,
Considering that Ihn* i? the midsummer month? then?
bs? been sn iinwonted stir union- the poUUclaa? "f
Kroaklvn. und the feeling aroaaad by two eenepleu?
om move? on Un? political ehenhoard bs? i?> ao mean?
been confined to ?<?tive workeri In i<urty make. The
change? in the wsrd boundaries nul de I iili?n?t. ??:?t?
am matter? of genuine Importance ani general inter?
est. The ittaatlon s<> far a? the waul? ,u?e eoaeeraod
bris ben further eompUcated by the aettoa ?? Ihe
iSupervl?ar?, who teem to hove tJinii.lii that It lay
in th-lr power to ?eplttmii'e t_ie a.-ti ?n of the AU?
men, if that aettoa i?h.iiild l>e held t?? be noi togal.
There ?e*rn* to ke very Itti" ?loiit't that the gcttoa
of ihe gapenrtaan U althaut binding torco. Un
law ?f lr4? h explicit in Us pi urtai ni. a- I.) tha J*.'??
er? <' Hipervisora in changing the bonndarlm if towns;
and th* ward? of Brooklyn ?re. in a certain ?ens'?, lowni
of the county. Mich change? are lo l?e mid?? only
ou pet.tlon of fres-li ildeis?, whieh must be published
for six weeks m advene? of acMoa. The eapmviaon
hf.y? tha? done nothing whole ?ver toward rleartog up
tiie metter, althoagb the supervi-c-et-l.aige haa haatlly
approved what th, ? did, appnreatlv without taking
Into runslderatioii at all the question ot Us legality.
A question ha? etao lts'ii ral-od TvgardiiiB Uie eoastltm
fionallty of the la? pii?.?ed bv the lui-t Legislatur?',
authorising the H(?ird gf Alder:ne:i to aller ward
boundaries. The entire mutier |s greatly eompMoeled,
and ?ill und mbtislly nee?l to be ?tmightened out by
the cour" s. (if eoBMe, ai ?M bottom gf It all 1? lw>lttt?'s
of a ?irions and iiidefcn-uble ?ori. From nomo of the
??.k that ls heard nowaday?, it is u >t Impeeelb]? t.hut
<??? eTe.V of 1.11 this .?.r.t.ir? ,:, will be ;< a,? id?-?' impulse
in the airiHthm of uniting Brooklyn wttk New.York.
! en the theory that tlie rule of the Tiimmany tiger
?rill be le-s? objecti .nable than that ,?f the eOMCtoBre?
less pB-M-riaM whose t-ip?? apoa Broofclpi Is bo firm.
Ar.otlier IlliiiUatioti of tbe variety of politic? which
?bounds In th?? ?ity i? io be seen in the Cnlon it
railroad grab. Th- Aldermen deliberately, or?! with
their evrs wide open, v.it.d a franchi?? tor .. railroad
In Cnlon st. to the Vnlon Railroad Company, whlrli
is a purely political concern- liberally gave it u fhH
rtn?*-- i!?houf?!i the Cnlon ?street Railw?y Company,
which had no political "pull.'' .t?>i>d rrmAy t?j pay
ano.fioo for the privilege of constructing a road there.
The prinelral baiker of the Cnlon Beflroad ODBBpany
I? John Dcltiiar, the well known ? ?litlr.ii bo?? la
M>utli BroaUya, and ?itii bun et?- ans.s'latisd oth?'i
Dmaaeratta poBUctom like Bd*eaid PreaL Thaawa a.
Ken'lgfcii and ????)?.??.? luirrvtt. Wlietlor there should
be any rullroad ut ?11 in Cnlon ?t. 1? im open gUOOtlOB
It tt. a residence stie.i. and a hBBtfaame ami hli{li?
tened one. it h?.? a gmKi graalte pevoawal aad lb
tlie dlreet r.ad tot driving from G.?? C.irnill l'ark
l-egion to PWXpeet l'arU. At tbe ?ame lime, it ap?
pear? to be a oatoral rallwai iiae. und a railroad there
wouia >??'??p? t?? amai aa ohvtoai want. A <*bit
r.sd or a:, eleiliie i.md- >i.? h ?.- ??,??? ?.????: ? ?t !? .ut
a poieiblllty whieh do.? not us?; the trolley system
woukt undoiibtcdlv i>e Un mosl teelmbla, ?nd a road
of that kind would noi se i??iislv Impair Uie ???1?__ ui
property in the ?treet. l:ut -.urli a ?r;>l? as Uelmai
?i (Vxnimny hav?? engineered is simp!) ahoa?Bahta
?r.d outmsenu-. Public lenilment Ii emphatlrgll.i
ags?n>t It. ft'.id U WIM le surpiisii.g iBBjed if It Is
finally aaoraaafaL
lien??*?! iNrtll ha? been talking awsl hopefully
sbo.it the pr?>bablUty ol lh? enn a.v nein af elei iil.ltv
m a ?ubsUtute Tor engin??? 'si the King? runny F.I??
valed Railroad He ???? to b- convinced that the
rssc-iit lmtirovenieiiu m Ile ak-eage battery sysit?i are
full of promise; and wawth-Bg t-> I I MBM e fient
Vas recently been ?????p. on Ih? OMiei iMe "f the Wta*
Brver. Tiie efhetai? of t????? ether iliVatoi company
it r."M believe thai eUi-trii ity hu. y??' lOBClitd th? point
w.ere it can bt imployoi u? propel heavy tiwin?.
CnexprOted progre-s |a lt> dovetopmeat, however, may
re?si.;iably be hoped for. The pisi vision tha. lh?
ii'iderground road?? ln Rew-Yorh?If they nre ???~-? con
struoted?must u?e some method of traction that will
Ml re?iuli?s eOB?N?BOO Ul the ?cune!? Il lilolv to
eilmti_ste the electr.clen*?, and all lyateea? "f tran??
portatton win g<n the boMBl of their labors, don?
erai Jourden ls not given to over-confident?? or to
i_!_-iig largely ?baut temoli lontingeiules ? h!, ?aii
g-ine ?fitnde regarding eleetrtcttf oa Che road ??f
?a.???? he ?* ? moldea! ta tbeiafari mom encouraging,
Au anaoylai delay on Hk? Broahlya hMevated Road
during trie week, about Bfetoh BOthtai boa been -..??
tl. tbe ^tper?,, MfpasU one?.? ??? Ih? hol that lh!?
toni|isiiy kM noi yet toltowed the example ot tin?
rlevwed rjsids in BaW-YofB lU.d provliU-d ?alk? sl.'lig?
ad? id? track alieiehj palimi gira oa a ^??????*??" tra?a
o:*y g?s; u'.n of durance vile by walking U> th. ??a?????
?UiUoi: Il ?o hap(icii'*d UkiI ?t the point wtier?! the
train m ijiio-? ... w;ks baited it aaa pondbl? to get to
a autUm un foot by a walk part of thi waj on the
Oil tolde uf the tm?ks ?nd for Ih.e r?st of the Waj le?
ts? "tii them. Bat ??,??? mm paiiingor who ?a.s In a
lurry, ,.?i ?bout mollili km Meape In ?Vils ?ay, he ?as
dltvUnctly ord?is?d by * trainman not to undertake it.
" . ?,'?, get Ulled, ?are," .said the latte:, ? and, be
Bdaj, juu would get BM into trouble.'' ilo?' a'a-urd
Um, ??: why ihoald not thta oompany be ooaipelled
?>' law to pavide what i"??; '.Vftt-Vai!. aleVOMd ? ".i'l
lav? pmvidid from Hottvea of Mlf-totorMt I
The ?pe<-lal eOBBOH for the citv In the matter of
Ae panche?? of th?? property <?f the Long lilaad Water
topply Company have ?*?! out an omBlbua Invitation
to ?n whom p hoi concern to ?apply them with laeh
farts at may t?. available refardlag iBe eompeaaaUou
*?hich may rightly be mad?? to the company tor Us
right? ?nd poss?dions, ? ?? kaown that ? hurga
number of f?(t? bearing oa this point ?er? collected
? jear ?nd a half ago, ?h.n Mi. glegler'l ?ult to pr.?
"?ait the . eaaaaumtloa of the bargaln enterrd int..
by May?,r Cluijilii ?u.? geadtBg' and all ?G the??- should
b? pul at tin. MapoaaJ >?f tbo ???????. l(e?tiolds aad
?McOonalO. Hotli ol tlie..? Uwj^-rs an? BepUhBeBB?, .so
lh?t no charge that ihey an- urtlug in the Interest of .?
" riBiifetion" ??? ? bapln .an He. The eommiaslonon
?nd ihHr counsel an? nl.ove ?iisplelon. ,\t ??II events,
it remain? t?> be s.-cn whether tti.? eommbatoaen inn
be hoodwinked by ipinloai reproiealaftoBi amde la
Uie Interest of the Water Mipply Compaa] or of ilio
official- in-lrriusd by the laudai of HAI,
A new roui,., ,,r vt ii_si 1? vliiuilly a ?,?, rouie, to
hsth iteoeh, Beaeeah-nm und caaey Islaad vai ? peoed
an -^lursday, arhea Ihe ?ruoklyn and Bath Ball road
opened Ma ui-t oaaaeetloa ?ith the Thlrty-nlnth-st.
*rrrj. Ihie lin. pM-Mi IhrcM gb the big ? ut ?I>|< h ga ?
?I much trouble while In the pracass ef ? ?istiu. ti?.?.
A treti pan 0| ,j1#, ciittlne had t.? be msde Ihrougk
**? heraest kind of hardpaii, and it Is saul that eagi
Beer? ?s-onid a good deal Mn.ner ?? Uickle" solid ro<'k than
toll hnyieieiug at,_ unmanageable ???????. '??.??-?
J*? ne?? ?rrangenient tlie trains un ihi? rallniad ur?
??rak?-i. to two ?t \Ve?t Brookhn, purl of the car? ?.
to lb? ferry ?nd part ei th.- union MattOO at Fifth av?.
??? Tliirty^lxihkt lleretofo.-e people r?iiiir to Ben
ramiBrnt tn>Ui t?,e t*ny ,m%> ,,,^.,, ab!e (|) U)W wi)_ ^
MwRt ran: now |Beg have an opportunity for choice,
be-vdes tlie alternative r??ite through Brooklyn by the
?"|ev?ied mad In Fltih-ave
There ?? not mack to be said about the four Justice?
who were ^-appointed early in the week. The action
of the Mayor, Controller and Auditor, who are tlie an
pointing ofll'lalrt. wa? ln no sens?? Htrprlslng. The
Juatlooa knee gfvaa fair sstlstectiee la it.? pia
they have filled I.r varying periods, and It 1? to be
preaamod thai In . political war ther have don?? their
full dut? by tl?) party of the majority. The llr-i
appointaient ol Juatlce Walsk ares * purely send
menial on?', he Miaecding his iOOOBSel fn'ier. who
iisd long ?owed m h (astlee* but, oa the whole, the
fOaag man ha? mad" ., g'"??l record. The new term,
?.f tlw-e oAdall do riot begin until the first of next
?! ?? und will run for Imr ?cars, Tlie Salary
S.,000 a year.
TFN'MS i'VMIS AT Till ?.'Rr.Sl'F.N'T-V 1RHH"S
hot ?-.
The ?"l-.enl Athletic Chit ha- !" ? ? devoting It.?
BttentiOR I?? lawn tenni- for a week. The annual
handicap lawn tennis tournament began on Tm--d.iv
with a good niimliir of entri'-- Cliarlen A. Sherman
lad charge ?,f las arrenaenwnH. Both in the -
and doubles iiw.? play?n ?rere dlefcled into three rlsssei
in?! sack ?la-?- lato lare dlvlrtons, A and !;. A eon?
ceded katf-sneen t?. B, Ihs irsi ?las-? eoneeding Ofleen
ro tin? second und thirty t?? lhe third, und u?e second
ranredlag Bfleeo to ti?? third, ihe prim.?? ars band?
s .-ne. Tlie lir-t In ?ongle-, is a p-tr of ?liver-backed
hair brushes, th?? seiniul i- u pair <?f gold hnk sleevs
button.- and Ihs iMisl a gold scarf pin. The llr?t
prise? Iu the doubles nr?? silver pocket flask.? and tlie
second illver-kandled nmbrellaa. Inania ?? bv fur the
BMSl I?.pillar ?port nt rhe (rrstent grounds tin?
summer. Larroaae, ?? ?- hop??d, may tie well -tut-i.-i
mi the mud to popularity hy lbs end of the ?ram?n ?nd
be one ol Hit- lewding i.-atiirc?? of the ? .ten lub con?
test? next your. The Inter**?! in baseball ?- -light, ow?
ing to the but thai ti:?? CrcsceBli nr?? m no league
because ii ana found that n was ?mi, tad libi lo draw
a crowd ut Ba] BbifS Wllk professional games going
on in Brooklyn,
Tlie Crescent tuia l?'t-ii tin- BMBl fortunate of ?ll
tlie large aiiiletic cltthf In re-J.-Ung tlie ancroach
a?euls of profesetenalism Tie principi? has slwayt
iie.-n adhered to of bhsiag nit trami made up on those
who were Batarefly ssunhSN at Iks club, mid sevet
potting on a tenni or taking Into the ?lub a man
because ho luid gissi ?raseles nini had mude It hl?
business to live bv using Hum In n'hletlc Contest?,
ConsequeoUy tin? Crescent while being imlihrt e
drees nor a jn-l/e ting, i- u sureesafnl ? lub. on a good
Mnarirla! basin, and with every prosperi "f fid fu'nre
The UMsn Las gas flub has as large nn attendance
during lhe BBBBSMT BMSlUM an say Organisation In
Brooklyn, The rotasi are at! rented and tin- dally
roomepMlon of prrBtlfsin Is large, Ihe mild
Isw-jJuetvi men of the lllll ulso frerincii! Ihe ? 'lub! iOU?S
In ?'.-MircMi-rati'.e number-.
The 1 limili..?) (luti has rede.-in.it.sl tin- billiard
njorn. The walls are tinted In a light redillsti brown
nmi Ihe .rfatfurm ?rotir.d the room Iuhs U?j:i Inlaid
trlth r??! radar ?nd ?ahila ash. New (arnlture i
lo In? put In.
During t.he week Ihres aie a g??ltv number of
awn :it the Qerawnhi Qub, thoagh iliere ?* not hing
m tbe way <?! NUsrSatasneiMs going on. Ft ??>)
FMday antll BlOoday the bouse ? uim.?'t deserted,
however, for ail ihe mon go to the eountry i<? ????
Uieir Mmllttn or hi soda,
The Riding and Driving ?lub has r?N ?ritlv pn'd
?1-9 per cent dlvMsad vu the #?-_'.G.?? of Incoes
bonds whleh BMasben of the ehtb loot? in ex? .'nmi:.?
?.,~ ?eeond uaeSag? bands wben lhe slab wa? ?u seed.
riiis shows tit.? t-ltib to be lu u pros ?won*, criinlltion
,1..??? ??. JatBSB 1.? pi-??stdetit of rhe <!iit>; Will t.m ?.
i>Tknii_-, floepitaaaani ; Oeorge H. Preasjee, **rr??
tury, and Alexander Baine, tre?i?ur?e*r.
The Marin? and Meld Otab will bsfbl billiard ?nd
P'??l roarnaateirki HAs week. They have bass ur
i-n-red by D. TuttJe. The game* will be p!uvd
during the ?nUttncs OB no n-gilfir achedule, but a?
convenience may d?ctate.
A new dleeeSBOO (or the summer BaOBBhl among tr.e
membon "f rh.? Midwtxxi Hub, of naltmsn. ts the
formation Of flsb?ig p?irtu-, kaewfl a.-. IBs _lldw,??l
i'i-hing ?mi?-. Oartnln ?lavs In ihs week ar? nit? ?tied
on wMcb club?, of six men go p. SfcoapBheed lia)'. WmtO?
a yui'l.t Is Intx-d to takv. tliein t.. |he old wr?t_ or?
Rochaway laies, ?-.?m? ?*??? niu.v?* are often re
por-t.-d ?nd experience? related -a tbe ? lub nafa
Ttie Miei nani BMtale aaaong Ihetr noasber Prssfdsnl
WUIkua ?., ??*??*??, of (?etierts: c, B. Jsaaaaga, V.
?rehrbuftar, a. Braarm, II. Ab'.??.", j. Lets, Jr..
Wlllinm 11. BstSSO, 11. W. BulMvaa, ft. F.. May.'.
It. (MKas and K. .1. Merriam. Th* |asHvMaal bandi
caj? !?'wll-g tournament, which vu* b?-guti But mat
by lweiity-??? Of the luemiber?, will be k*-j?t up ?ill
r?epi??nl???r I. 'Hie t?jurji?nient It ?-otidm-t?-?! und??!
IhS rule? of the Amen<4ui Ajuat'-tir howling Union.
'riieee pa?ses util ??? ?warded, to the Bianibera ??-?
.??.?.ind and udivi la the luimber ?if ????? won fa
enure sartes. a fourth pri/?? will !?<? given to the
iiie.'ii? er making the tr-rrut/cst rnimb??' ?if -l?ir?f?t In
the tmnilaJiieJi*.
The rnetiibei-s of Urr a* nil BBS In nil r Field Club, ol
Flati m-hi, are rnthusbuttlc over the .? trnprovomenis
and a4itttlns ro the present clubhouse, ?sideh are t"
be mud?) tu a .stunt lime, l'lam? for an enlii? new
ehibhouM are ii? tie" bauds ?! l-arflu Brothers, tits
Brchltarut, ??nd bkla bave tiren called f??-. Tae m?
adt?liloiis ??ill be put on the pr-CStlit ? lut hou-o, whh'li ???
?tarved a?- i, .? i,,,??.! >? allevi _n?l general clubhouse, and
wn! be ? lhe oil Dutch Colonial ?trie uf areMrecture.
11 - dlmenslonB will t? i?>i feel by to feet, and the kouw
?at?, be nnWad elf ?*1th natural eukw ?hi ostra. 1
las-tor ?- u> ba of yellow eine. The ?toward'? ?luurtei
win b?? l.xi-i, and tb?? auditorium ;>>\'i-, with
a -tag?? i4v.'io. There witi abra ba a Bbrary. ro
?eptuii hull and ?rosnen'a itu*l??r on the Brst Boor! a
nmulng trn?k a" 1 wJlcrv sii-i??!id?il from the roof will
I,.? iiiittt sronnd ti>" room? un ti?? second boot.
'?Us floor will mutuili the billiard room ?i?J directors'
n?im. The miun tin r Is to be e" arruOfBd n.s Ul
mnk?? a large gviri allum, snd ?II tbe apparatus for
it in.- been proitided loi to Ihe pttuis.
? i.koti.n . s major- prona or tub bjboiuejcts.
The 23d Kegimcnt ??? Monday evening unnnlmoualj
.ii?'t.-d captain Kn-i i)?? Poreat, of Company C, major.
to ?ucoeed Major charle?, ?. Water- who recently re
Signed OB aconit ?? bis r?-:ii!.v;il from the M-ite.
'lhe BCteettOfl "f Captain I>e F"r?-.-t has ?????? ? foregone
conclusion for sum?; time. Brlgadler-Oearral laaaej
M ? Leer jni?'ii'-<i ut !he elorllon, and the tenere wen
Colonel John X. i-bi-trldge, of the 23d Bagtaasat, and
Lieutenant Colonel Joba ?. Frothlngham, of tti" Be?
?md Briaade stair. After ihe ?-ip? ti.,n bud beea de?
clared, '.??n?ral McLwr, on behalf ??! the ?,???t? "f
the i-egimeut, presented u> Major praters a handaomel]
engroMsed ?s-t of resolution? m b'?ik farm. Major
Water- ha- 1.? ? mneCtOd vvltli tin.? regiment sin???
January t, ?-74. when he enlisted In Company A.
ii?? was niridc torpors I on March I, IBT5; n tinrent en
March 13. 1970; Brsl terpsanl <m .\'iL*u-t 7, 1978;
first llcutcn.nit of < ompanv A on May 6, lo7l>; rap
tain of Company ? oa Marck ?. ISSO, and m.ijin- of
the rrglmanl oq April IB, i,--ii.
Unce the retara from ?amp ihe Nth Beghneal be?
not ???<?? active, lleadijuartere night was held on
Monday, but only routine business ??u- transacted,
The i.'ith Beglmenl returned from I'tekskiii ye?
terdey. after a bol an?! busy ?areek Ifl ?amp. Their
vv.irk was well don- there, and th?.? iM?M eaase bmk In
go d spirits. Tbe camp duUcs of the Uro ,klyn guardi
men an- now Bniabed, ?? neither of t.'n- Other rergl?
moot? go to PeckakUl ll year, ?,1,,? ;,_ti Bcflmeul
would probably have gone bad it remained la v?
latence, with tbe end <,f the ramp ana ?cm. e?, lai a?
the becond Brigade ?- wncei-ned, activity ros ses, ??
eeptlug for an occasional outing and the trips to L*reed
?.iiipanv i', -?.?a i.'-^iiiieiu. will nave ail exciirtiliui
t., ?loniv.r- <?n Julv J.l. In.? <i_y wm ^ eeVOt?-d ? ?
ulhh'tlr -ports.
on Augu-t ??. Compente? u and i>. 47th Bssjmsnt.
win have an excnrslon ap lbs Mud-on ?u,n win return
by mo.'iillglit.
>.-rg?-;.iils W. -. I.nut? It ami '.V. II. Adler art? both
?p ?ken "f a? possible candidile- for the vacant aerond
lieutenancy ot < oin,?i;i\ ll. *7lh Ueetment.
I'he-e men w.i?? ciili-t.-d In Comi.niiv A, 47th BSSl
ment, un vv.-dn.-day. Compuny F. i7tji He?lment, ?
iBlklng ?'f having nu outing for drill practlea on Labor
L?av. Tttc Mat?? Inspect?* of Blfle l'in?tl?.?., iHneral
Hei'ljamln V. Whillo?!,, ha? ?udered that the ?hooting
of Ihs second Brigade, for state nnd brigade pri7.e?, tahe
piai e ut ( terdnwor. on Beptembrr u The ?bootlns nf
Ihs Plrsl Brigade win lake pUes ?t the ?um ? urne.
Fue match I- upen t" team- ..l twelve men cn?-li tr?nu
each i?--nment or s,?;?ar_te ?iimpiinv of infantry.
From Tn? I1ul?deli>ala Time?.
lnirliu. the ?torni of riiursdiiy iJt?y ,) lUlitnlrig
?frock .. large tree In a ll?-ld 00 has farm af l/Unrxi
Mi.rin, iv??j..>s.,:i, ? brother of Panoook Monili, thi?
borouSb, tell? "the Wi-n Cheater Ne?-.*' Under
n.?atli the Uee BJUS a BOM and ?he was killed Inelitiitly
by th?? tx>11 - Scattered ai-nund :he Held n?ar tlie tr.-e
were twentv seven lumbs ?nd ew.-, and after the eturin
bad pr*????! ever? one of the flock "*?s found lying
d?td. all their he?^? brine In th* some d!ree'|..n,
!u?t a- the flo'-k hMfl been gra/.lng ?long In um ??1?
?'!??. iheep were ef ? ?-?biahl? breed ?rid Ilie Jo?? I? n.
keavy ?me. A rlipulnr feature if the oncn-rente I?
lhat not s mark was U? be loui.d on any of th?
We know it.
Bat something big lias happened, we
want to tell you of it
A leading Western mill turns over to
us their entire next winter stock of|
Blankets?-strictly all wool!
"(Jet about cost out of tliein,"1 say
they, M and we're satisfied.-1 Motive is,
they're heavily stocked with raw ma?
terial, they want to relieve themselves
of these milled goods, keep their mills
running through the summer, and
work up the raw stock ou hand into a
supply for the winter trade when it
Every housekeeper ami every hotel
keeper nt all likely to require blankets
Boon, should be swift to take advantage
uf this opportunity.
Price list is here :
?Sale (irine Winter pii.r
will lie. will 1m.'.
I??-1 E-Ueketa, warrant???.! all
wool. ?"fit.-."??4.0H u pair
11-1 Blanket*, warrante?! all
wool ... $4.-G?? BR.it a pall
1.-4 in take (a, warranted all
wool.95.00-9iJ.50 a pair
11-4 tuonicela, extra tin??, war?
ranted all wool . . $1. ?".*.? $i'.(i0 ? paar
12-4 r.Iaiikft.?, extra tine, Cali?
fornia all wool .... 'ffi.'jO?fffi.00 ? pair
? l-i lUankete, eStrn bravr, Cali
forni* si. wool . $7..'?n B?.rifi a pair
i'J-4 Wanket*, extra line, Cali?
fornia all wool .... f;..riii-l? BO a pair
? cirri e-Ib. ati'l .Vit?. Silver gray hlnnKet?, $1.00
end S/T.lo u pair Instead of 91.80 and? 92.oo.
Ulenket '.a.emeiil
i? f'on? Isft.
Tlekete in the Trinimeli Millinery l'arle-r rea?! $l 1
t?? |18.
Monday they will In? altere'! to rea?I (trimn-?'<l
niourninc hate rxrepte?! if.*, caeh.
'Die 93.5? Silk Mull Hats will lie JI BO and f'.>
Rlrh?? rentre.
? ?: t ? N G s p ? BT81
Late in the season?wholesale
maker.?*, are ridding themselves of
their holding! in a (right.
Men's .Madras Shirts,
Men's Cheviot Shirt?*?,
Men's Sateen Shirt?,
All are excellent patterns, each shirt
is made as if it were made to special
order. One kind (has been held all
season till now at $1.35 and 11.50.
Tbete Monday .)."><?.
Other kind??- quality?to he I1.2D.
All Bizea in both qualities,
Msn'i Ktiiiif? fmni, rifhi
Prend) .re?*? Pik-BP, all wool, 4i> in. wi?|e, rje(i,
high graile iiimmrr fabric, never Mild for I?*??
t|. ,?? 91 51 I vonre Monda) BOt
BOO yds. Lupin's Bee all w????! Bati?te Clotli, 4.'.
In. wi?!?*?, Mirk pr c*?* ?1 15; theme .',?*> ? ? vnM?, 7??
ii... . tires? .rit.
i.<ti ?m?, lesa.
S A G. E 0 F
Sale of women's and children's Stock?
ing* and Men's Sol !
I*'ir>*t ? 19c. a pair for a collection of
women's everyday 39c to SOc. fancy
Coltoli Stoi'kiiiirs? some tust Macks
among them?also, some russet shades
?Monday U.c.
Second?29e. for a collection of wom?
en's Richelieu ribbed, fast black lisle
thread stockii!?;??, everyday 45c, line
?Monda] 29c.
Third?liic, several hundred doc pain
last black children's ribbed, Cotton
Stockings?double knees, everyday
39c. and lie. lines?Monday lile.
Fourth?12 1--?'. a pair, men's fancy
Cotton Sox?fast blacks, modes, tans
and st ripes among them?25c line?
Monday 12 1-'-'<*.
llo'ler Front, rlsht.
W'e have on band ??"'?? ?"?', ladle?" rhnllie Wra|>
iht? They <".-t t?? manufacture !?.'io.(i0 per
duien, and must i?e Barohaard by the theiyni.
I to get theai at that. We have eoi.) humli-rd* of
j tlirin heretofore m $?> ??". bol lately Uiey have
1 been slow. We're ?"1"??-' ,r> QBiehoB tlieir da?
' imrtiir.? Monday by k-Hiiiu ihe whole lot at
ti .,- ??,?? m/c?, 32 t?. 4ti .mat .
Special?1,000 waah Wrappers In thin fatirie??,
bfai,k around? with eelored 'innres, mirle with
voke :ill eround a''<I "?lit fitting book, oolil
toretofOK f??r $1.49?Ott day only-Ble.
Aleo Monda* we will cioat OBI tlie hal&nee of
our extra tine white Ir?lia lawn Tea Oowiw.
The? nr,' Mioiatlely made uni trimme?) with
Idee end HbboB. The liner.? rim re to-rlsy
fr??in 916.50 t/? 900.00. You esn loir them
hereafter ti 9S.M to 92?. on.
,',??? Iodica' eiirnh Silk Wei-El i'l blsek, esr'linsl
i?r nuw, Hr?*t-r;-t_p? qaality, $.V7_- *t least, for
250 ltvlir??' Shirt Waists in silk striped shirtinn?.
?.1?! till latclv for $4 TV hen-after 9l.M.
Wrajiper D*Vt???t??it ilnor
Have taken an inventory of stock of
Inlauts' Mull and Muslin Caps, and
have reticketed the same 1-.'} less than
former prices.
Handsome Embroidered Cap?, ?.Me.
formerly, to be 48c.
Handsomely Embroidered and Tucked
Caps, $1.00 formerly, to lie (Wc.
Handsomely Embroidered and Tucked
Caps, |IJK) formerly, to be Orte.
Handsomely Embroidered aad Hem?
stitched Caps, 91.?IS formerly, to be
Jj-taeU' Wssr-?t^ouS tomi.
S different styles ?f Lulu???? Oxford Tn?..-until
\erv reoeatb |3 *n?i $?.?.50?97?. Monday.
:> different lines l,a<lie-? Light and Dull ?).???1:?
llitton BootB-fft.bO and $:i liner?Mon ?la \?. $1.1?.
None ot the abort i*o?,di will In? exehaBfea. Oil
objeot in redneinc thenj Ls fo rione tinte parti?11
Ur maitre out.
Thf eiM?* are broken.
|hoee-*SeceaO floof.
Uri) pieces of Crepes and Crinkle
Zephyrs in pink, bine and heliotrope
?tripes and fancy effects, always been
held at 2Sc yard?Will be closed at
14c. yard.
5,000 yards of -?olka dot Challies will
be sold at ? l-'Jc. yard.
\v??h OeeO-L Uft
M?.n st-le, bu??
odd lot of S5q, Hue]?? nnd DsBtudi Towele, plain
white and colored borden, for lie. each.
SO piece?? 6?i-ineh extra heaw S.?,teh S.itin Tahle
Dnnnifk, 15o. kind, title, rara.
1,000 pieee? of beai qaality English Flannelette??
Bin! Outing (. loth??, wov.11 colors, new pattern?.,
sell rr-Kiiiitrly far ?'.' 1-SO vd.. tor s i-;,?. y.u I
?.?" of the 10-incb Panted Irish Lawns, in new
?tnprs and figures, ;it ?. ? '.''? y;ird. I?e>t noney'a
worth in this elHsw of Lawns on nie thi?. entire
VAtht, Mu ?
Aisle, t? t.'.
A N D ? L ? ? ? B S ,
BO Y S' D ? G A K T M i: N T.
One hundred Boye* Fauntieioy Suits,
size ?"? to 7 years, inaile from English
plaids, checks and fancy Cheviots,
trimmed With soutache braid; tinse
suits have sold till Tuesday last from
I,?).:.*) to I&25-Monday all to go ai
1,3.00 a suit.
One large lot of Hoys' Blasen, sizes 4
to 18, made from line French Flannel
and Jersey cloth, latest designs,prices
till several days back $:,:?:>. *:?\7."?,
94,25?Monday $2.48, $'-'.7.'? and $3.00.
???.' I Ol.alllg
Dep ' ".? lesr.
_?e Window Serena, '?? fit nnv wit,.!p\\?, I 7e eHeh
1 .?e Larden I!??????, the he?? quality, Be foot,
Qerdefl Hose l'e*?l?, 91.00 kind, twt. eueh.
Si.lt Sore*n ????G?, reedy ?<> han?, t""? each.
Tr. Moth Hull?, ia sun* preventive . ic. lb.
Hamuio<:k?, lo per Otnt off.
TrUBBB, t'\ prie???, ?Hid ?i/it., 1 0 n,?r ?'eut off.
Water f'oolrrs, IO pei reni <>?
Ie?r (ream Fi-e^rers, tieni und Lifhtninfl, all tAtti
from 2 to 12 |ts, beem $t.H<_ to |S.ft0, to he front
$1.5'. to $5.76.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Bngg ?. Y.
l'I T.I.I' MI.N AND .UTAH.**.
? NEW 1.1 p BUCA ? ? ?.?'? ???? p :? G111
? ? ? :, ? ? ? ?. ? ? ??-1 ?7? "V ??? DI ?'G. '
A? s? eeteome ?>l s preBml ur, meeting bsM * Fee
u??. nro bv ?? nun,. ? of pinnsn? ? downtown Ri
pabSrani u namateol lis? bot? befan tot lee torma
?m ??f ? new <jrf_alaatleB, tallar in ebaiarter i?? il u
? ?.??..! ? ????-.?? not?, tun More rsefaelrety di-roted t..
iiu: aleeea-lBatlon ?>f ???.iti? ? <:,??,. ,.:.?i laokini Ihe
lodai .'???te.e? "t ih i'i"' type, ??' k ! : '? the ProseBt.
It U ???|????1 li. r*l! li ih?- ?? Slrn Bepabttcwu ? luti
kiid t.? e?UuMl'.'i heedijaeriei la ?'?* rWelt? ?>' the
i".??? Hall A in??:??-: brglnBlOg will 1.? ??.iute nn.l (?e?
he? ?ni ??? e*???????! n?i .'* the Initiai ton f??. tai t
ilk* turn for >nn?I tao?. The ".?'? t? tei furti for
tlie wpnlielloa are Ie Inciaaea Interest in Repufcllran
piiiiriple? ned t? promote paod fuveraawnt, rlty, Mete
n; ?1 NuUnliul. A lOfMlllllb BBBAer of trtlVC ???.?
Influential KeptiblKsii? havo ...?.????1? rxpfBeeet] Ihelr
wapothy ?*llll th? myvciii'iit IBd tlielr desire t ? n.uho
It s ?.uci-es? lu every *m\. Am?.ng Idem ure ??? Judge
ji.-i.iia M VuiiK.i. Naval UfSrer IVoSon II. win;.
mum W, Uooirlcb, FtaakSa Woodruff, Ue?irf? i.
Forrester, Howard M. taalil, i??s?:h'u l*. Brnlnard,
Joseph Litiijniuiii, ii?;. n Rl ncbart, Inhn *'.
Chopaann, I'^uurti ?? iiu.-?, J. J. ?chln
??_ indi" Aleaander S?. Lewis, ?. M. Marlay,
W. A. liooOi, Ueorp il. Roherta und mnian 11. Heard.
Oaa "f the inen artlve In fie Bmvemeni syn : " It Is
IkoafM tii ? ? th?; jwrty wn be gri-aiiy atrengtltened
In tde ?oaraloarn ?""rtiun <?t the ?ltv b| .n oraaaliatlon
whlrli sill du ;:> tin.t .|iiiirl?'r wlmt thu Union LaagBC
lUub I? doln? nprowii. thnt I-?, nrTni'l ? Commet] meet
tur pi?<e ?>.r RepohSnaaa, where tiny rae latea '??im?,???
rlevi and dml??? p'.sns fm i?? tier ? ?irritili,? into praettni
the l?eoe Ihr wm?Ii the pnriy atsnOe. it waa hoped
(rt si-riire mwielhllH ot tht* ?oft WhOB 'he achelM WO?
bMin'hed for tin? erertloo ol :? Imlldlng whieh BoaM
ser?'e n? ? juirtv heiid?|Uiirters ?nd piece for tin? meet?
ine? of ibe gowsfalBg foawaHlees, lint Ihot erheme
fjtl!*?_ to liiilirulli.? mid ihe ??irtv lis? lieen t low ?
Iberehp? wiien ???? Preohlre i??i>?ir>itrniri l.so?ne ???i
i:. _euil<iiiar',.T? neiir HM <1ty lln.il It ifforOWl ?Bel
n pitee ?p? it flii<^i en Important (^?-?_??>? In tbe part)
ornarti?, hut the ofti??? 1? now fur uptown and th??
orp.iniistion u eoaqSrtol] orarshedowed hi Ihe Pnlon
l.e?ifiie ? lub. The old Kllips QBUBt| SrpBbtt-Bn Clab,
with if? rooms In BerrepoBl st., where the ic?iii Estate
RxdBtBfi now i'liids, fill???! eiii-??? the gAtee Which it
I? proposed thnt the ne?? t ?nl, ??111?? till. Th? e I? 1 nm
for ?11/-I1 un ?irdSiit-iillon. It letOBI t ? me. If rightly
tnumip'd and It nal a?r*fa ?s n nnrleii? of ioai<ttblng
^^? ii-Hir?? Importent tn th* fut ur?? Jim n* the Sgclnl
lepablbion (*iut> of tiie Twenty Ihlrd Wort b?-'?nie tat
thriviiiK and proeporoM G???? leogaa Qah ot Brook?
im "
Ibe fornintjoti of s 0-MpalfB Committee of One
llmi'lred br thi? ??|???!,1?\???? Is i sIxti lllinnt moromei 1
In the Ba? nt aoeweearally proarentlng the w-oru t?????????
ui ??eure a RepabMcafl rleiorv sell Ibll. H-tWtofor?
the pnlley ha? been to har?? fh?? muMgeaWBl "f tfi???
mmpslfn In the hm\A<- nt s law men. who devoted
niurh of their time lo the detnils of the work mMiIi Ii
h?d to b* done, ? riroi.der p?ll?-v i< now put Into
f,?ree bv brlnelne Into artaal ton.h wlili tin? w?ork i\
wide elreli? of aide, loinpetent nml Inflmntli?! men,
who ??111 t,e re??iT to niahe eegpasttewa, rompala eon.
rlu?l'?ns nnd devi?.? pow jiIhii? for irOBstflg the In??-?ft
of tiie ?mt?-rs who hav.? to be iia~B t> the polli by
H<inie esperia! fort*. Last yeer 11 l?"?inninK toia nusle
b. ivalBag the caa-palgB Ciaemlltoe Iroai ???*?.??? to
thirty, or mie fr,,ni et/U w?r?l und town. ThK worked
to well that Ihlt fesr tir?? fitnl hat ?heen In? r?-ii??y| to
mere than tlirer? tini??? the total |n 1101. The (????
mltloe of (me llundrrd Ini lude* gol ?>nlv a niitntier o|
tii? i"en Atta* a/ttve In the n-piiar part? arorfe, hut
also many of those of mo?t proatlaaare In Bw pirtv
win? ere outelde of the mollar afgnat-Btlon. Th?? aim
will he to serur? fhe active Interest und CO-OpcrBltOB
of men in everv ward who aiv rseogntaod a? lh ?p???'??.?
rapreeeatatlvo, sud win. moy he <?????????<? ii|oh to re.
fleet at u? meoHagi or ih? CMapato* caauatttee the
artitlment* of their re<j??^tive MBOlltaOBC?oa. Am nig
i?i.?e advuorv menihera nre nel liromtnenl eftlBSBg
M e.t-Mavor .?ii'luMeiier. M ?'rsigreannivi White, et?
liridge urei I'.irk l're?ldenf StrftlnhHii, el?I.lciitentititl
(?overuor Woodford. G?*?.?1 stati?? lilstrkt? Attorney
J<Jin?on. Naval uffleer Willi?, .?? iViti?iie-siniii Wall-i?'.
A^semMyninn (OnrsMldy, CbSeetBf HathBB, Kle. lions
rmnnil>al'ner OBMoa, ? ?,???.?? Itnlrd. M-fxiiaitu? Rao?
tell, esA??onililymiiii np#rry, IgM?M A?pinall, 1 .en?
crai Jame? Jounlsu, ex l'ubilo Works COinnusiio-ier
Great Midsummer Clearing Sale. Our Stupendous Stock
will be disposed off at 1-3 of its cost.
$12.00: reduced from $20.00,
For this Parlor Suit ; double Cane Sri'? :*eatly carved Oak ur SixtecatU Century
75C. $2.00.
For this Beul Lidies' llieh ?.?-1?* Hardwood Gont's lata? doubfc.ee??seal Arm Roeksr.
Sewing rlockir, worth sf-'.o?! Reduced irom |3.00.
.:.'?? i" CEDAR '?;?:?t in MARKKT.
? ft.. 3 ? . ? Ineltes. l foot.
?SI.30: worth $3.00,
For tin? fery uaelul : ildine. T.itile. It makre ._,_ ?? ?? -n ?? ??
u *.? cuti in r, ? .r?! "i sfwini tsblr. ?6.00. J>7..U. tS.UU.
Bkamd IW* >?"?? 9llit-tt-*tl?*?l 4 ;??;?1???_??<?. I'itc.
553 to 571 FULTON ST., BROOKLYN, ?. Y.
Outchei ?apervHoi ? ? h.?? M '.'"' -?- ? ?
. ?. ? it W
Charle? \. ?;?-!". Uenjaml F. BUIr, W?ltei
n.mMn WV? ' ? '"? '? ^-::;:r
,- ? [?, ?. 1 ? ?
?......; , ?., ,,.., ?. r. Pitcher i??: oih - ?-. .?'i
? :.?.? Ulld '?
,, ?, _ .,? tuai I - - I' - ?'?
,,:?',,,..I 11) do ?ll m hi ?
,.,,.,.,,.,., ol il,,,,!.- and Bttd. Bill I- DM
,,? . . ?itree ??.' 'Mie Hu d ??! It? .
It it it ?ri r mmwt Bis! lohn G. Il-nry.
,,?. lmMur-r -f the llcnernl Oommitt??. ?I
m ? ilk- repartej ti the liunpeljn IVmmltte??. I
,., .?,... the .i-'?!" i"? ? ?"??- "ll":i ;,;" ?!",:""' '"
,"t minor tnt-r. ??. bul In ?Tallonai end ?ate ren ;?
u ha? bere ? ?-'" '?I *? ,IMV" '' " ' '"'
l!ii:,?,. ?,.- rends, ..? .. Israe muent nf ? rfc U re
.. Mr. ueirj n..- .i'"'t"-i ' ? --? ? and m.
/??, rtii ;?-?'?? ??????*?? ???? *??? '"?lJ" ' .^7u
(,r, ,? .mm-:', "t lh.w? <'i'nt"*t.-. will tin
,',,. .tK? pn?| In the rampatsn I ? "' ''?'?" ?' v '??',?
.,.f Attere ini- t.een totwttt lo handle lhe
.??tv detail? ??' r-mpn!ea ??t?, t? ?- I? ?- '
,.;?ni? dlHdid .leni 1*????' ->?*' "' ,:" P" '? ?"
.,?..... ; ?.' I? :- i'i-"i.i-e.l ?'-?' all fari.? ????
?Uli..? laid tmta sod eren ?Bori snd ?ne?? d
,.,,?.?, .,,.,? . Bpslasl tv i..-..,.e.-!,t?. ??? ?.!??"
? .??de ?,? .f >?-??. ""? ??;"-;? ???;???;;?
.??d?. ?lUInnu. ?hUr, ?'.?drulT. Un?II. Itonth.
iiTeiii'.T rmtUlns. BArSett. Muri r. ?-teint ?nd f??
wtii chmltamn ft-teon >- ssomrto ? raen, .-.
committee. Ooc-ball ol i l? ms* ?P ?T??
r Ute Kaer ? Ive ? ummtrtt?' snd the Aer neu ?
j'.',. .,:m'.'. ] m miare -f ?? CSmpaKa <??"?>??' ?
\tr \\ '-4. ? tell? ".'??? I? alTt-et v"ll: "'"" "?*' 'lu* v
? , ,,'. ,??,.?.- te bare ette) ward and el?
L,.,, rSvfull? lo-??-? .Ber. In ordre te pet ev,,j
BepuUB.-Jjui te rajtotre and to ?. ? I
,?..??? i)e,ti.-.!-.ts u possible ta ? ne Ih? li.?.?. ran
??? D'-nnirriitt? lui?.? pal ti"- partj marhtnerj for
Hm rampalffl sfl aader Ike control ol rhemae R.
??, .,.,-,? end WHBam A. G???-y, resperUwly. rharrtnnn
and ?ecretan ol Urn penerai, executive und rampatsn
? .?iTiTi.i* t- * - Mr. Prersail ? an eminenti? -..'? maa
(or the trip!" I"1??? f"1 ?"' ,:,!' ?"' wtptu?tA apon ta
do vl.: be Is loM 99 "?" ??"'* '" ???p> "?*'? ui,l"m
aueaUoo the boheeto ol tae tener drele. which reali?
? rantroU all thai ??? sane bp IB* Demorrallc ?mente??.
I ll.? has had die prise el a |aspwBlp daagBng befotre
? Un br n Bsmber ol vars ?md l? Baldini ?>nt faith
fully lu tbe hope that hi- lure ?in rene ????. When
! vacancies o.nirr.-d In lhe fit y < ourt It?? Mppuaod be
' would recette the nomination. bet tome aae ??-? was
pteferrsd Bato? sha. He bopcd in-t rear thai Uta
L'OnktitettMial ?meiidments lii.H'n-i:?',' til?-? BBBll :
tnd.tr? In tii" Sopreme lOurt **oul?i be ud?ii>i?*d and
I ([.?t tien Id? OppOrtUBtH wnlild ?n? ur. BOW In? ll
Ii. ia trip tot the n<iiiiln?!i'?:i, u fear fr. tn next f;i!l, to
? nil nie vtmii'v whlok will be rauaed bt the lasprvme
(juurt tv the i.tlifin?i.t .?f .lud).?.) Barnard by reiiMm
,,f owe, im sir. PrersaB i- ress_?ded u Bm Brach
I D| ? prtii. tl??'! poBttdaa bp man ? y?-?ji)le to ba placed
?,,?,?? (tu- bruih as a Jud?re. He priipoore t" d-reote
blmsell rrasslj to bla polttca1 duUea until alter eW?
tii.n. und ??til ISSO ?" ?a? iinm. II? WlB Kara
Bla i_w bafflnm ?.??-r to bla bralhar. Joseph H.
? peaieell. to ?? mint d.-i/r???. Mr. Pear*aB ?? Bhaad
|0 reim.ve !p?p? No. lu. rjliUi ave. t?? HgMBseS,
and l'reaideiit >t.
wiiiii.in uney, tha v-etoraa Dtmeriettr ?sreeterp,
I ?rhOSS funi Ila my ?fith the dSl-th! ot rSBtBSSSna and
1 immpalpnBig do??? not hinder him from ?Irn??? lit?! kM
mag ?iittiry as DsnialssBiBiT <>f ?Terses, ?- priperlai
Us plana G?? UM -??rh ?d the ran. Me ?ay? thai (he
ntimtier ol eiiroIle-J Democrat? SPPTOSlmaten ??,???), ?
i iiilstiiv ami ?it votar?, wtio are prepari-d ti? do a? they
? aro bid. .Mr. Kurey >i<u> BSSBM that hi? poUU?al .?ervire?.
I will enable liitu to -?teure once more s uonilrutttou tor a
DE iti ?I N'S
tor [ilieumaii*?m and Gout
??, im.?. Nile mmt Wpeedr. mtAwtrnmr \? uie. ??iib-Arui?
ur < I.rum..
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wli. t<i .?'.?! . ,? ?.. menti? il ? si Impoeslble for
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liiil) ha.?? oui.) !" per reni <>r tli.? legislative
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? li be ?? n..?:. lo du ti? renon baa been had to
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nm tl?id " a Republican t? t>> rep?r?aent.
|?i Hdoitiuti ???? ??- T..: t rlglil |ii>tux-iAtir ward? are
given an Ariseni Ijmuii i? .??. while three republican
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put together In nm Tke aelieme t? h*
,.:?'l?:r?i il ?, ?.?.? it ti.t* some .?? I hai put In lore?
thirteen ?-enri ... .:.?.. the idne \??.mbly Districts
?f tli?? rnunt) were liiereased ;?? twehre, ?md ten of
iiu?,,.? ne.?? made ii.i:.,,. rait? nm it dur?rent times
tin? Republican? have ra-'rted ?****
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ill ??????<? of lh?? new i1lt:|?t? l.v l"pi>i!ii: off Inconvenient
Republican roles ?nut adding Dwnoerots, hv tlie MB?
?,. ileiil .1? \l<-.? of ?!?<-.1??? arard i..,und?_rlo>, is lilwly
to receive ? mimo? ?et nini? II tli. nisi 1er ?? ran-i.d
lo Ihe ?, p ? ?'? il I? U"?'* ? ' '?e. Two of "ie best
lawy'er?i In ? i"? rlty Jes??? Joh'mon and W. J. ay imr,
iiii.liitaii unii tho *? : ol U-xieUiturr under w eh the
,\U: nueii lave net? : t- m< ??? '.itati ??jJ. aiid ;an ho
overthrown, The action of lite Mejor in ths matter
?u? I???? n <t?'i?-.ert by ih?? numerou? rhangea -hi. h ihe
Aldermen Biade In ?"?? ??"i.iti-. rwuliing the reiolu
tion? repeatedly.
il:?? ?hol? question f the lrilltv of the action Of
?'??? Alde?oen im? been bogard by aecortpg etmllsr
a? ? on by tbe Nipervlsors, ama ? ted wholly wltlwit
?arrant >f law, wd ?????<? lo fol ow tiie procedure
which the) have pur-nej |t, renrd m entama town
tioundiir'.'?? !<?. ??'!11> . If the A Mermen had lieen con
,en' al m pi ? to 'li?e on* end ihM ?n for Demoeratle
nurpoMt, pi?'l'iihl.T the legal ?iue,tloii* In r-gard to
ihelr action ? uhi never have been r.ii-ed, but when
?!..??. ttrore ti Itomonl RepnhUean dittereneea by ?
partiiaii ? !,aii|.?'? ol u.'inl inujoritl?-. tlie? arouaed a
piibiii- aewtlmenl ?vblch is uueiv ??. s?<vp away ihstr
entire acUon. The min ?>?.,.-??.? deh is likely to
l'oii^d.?. the -ut?'??, t ?it a meeting <?1?^1 f;.r the pur
pose, und to rive ?upimri tn th.? movement to tost th?
qoeaUou In la? ? ourts.
? lair ?? ?'G.?.??, Hdltor of " Th.? Eagle." sailed
for Kur?!..? bud ?seek, accompanied by his wife. ???t
silt he i-one ?l'Ont rv.., months. Flower? and other
(oheaa ef renu'iibnuiee from the atari of tht newt?
Ii?k>er cheered Un.r li.puruire. This It Mr. McKel
wsv's first trip ahro.id.
Aaavatat G, iato, ex-t'nlted ?tstei Marsbsl, asd
letely bum rsbji 1 of the u ??? lulled stn?e? Circuit Court,
In.? loot the lucer ?iffl.c hy being lent ?Is ted out of tt.
OOOgresi bas ulKilbshed tbe m:?r.'ial,]?iu?. in ths MV
ledersi c??iu'l-,

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