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4'oniiiiufd from firat p-_>-.
aorrow of the aevere lUaeaa tbal aEMeta thc wife d
iTo'ldeiu Hairlvm, nnd th.u we extend t?. ber and t,,
liim ,.ur ht-artfeit -ympathy, nnd that we aa-ure th,
l>i-<vldeiit aj,d his famlly thal we ferventl* |do ln lhe
f.ioyor ,,f th- wholo Anierlcan people timt 11!?_. Imnd o(
11 m whu fttards. th- _|ch and BUnedOg B__y spi--_llv
lift ihe si.adow thni boar baaga aboal tbe b-_side of
a hiv.-d wUe und moth-r.
WakaOBI J. Squire, of Oliio, received reeo.riition
froni 1he ptaat-B-l und IBB0> a .short Bpeceb in
fa\or af hoMin- tbe Nattooa] Convention of tln
Lc:v4,'uc enilier m the year. 11<" aald that tbe
1/Hugiic had notliiir^ to do wlth tht- poinination
,.f candidat*. or lhe traming ol the party's plat
form, liut niniply wlth tl,e eleetioa ot tii,' candi
dates who wera nominated by tl.e National Con?
vention. He preaented ;i reeolution that tlie
.Natii'ii.il Ocnvention ..i tl.e League be held bere
alt'-r on Ihe tirM VVc-Jnea-lay m May. Thi* r,-so
Intionwaa r*celve>tl wfth much approval, but un l<-r
tl.e rules it wius r<-|.-rr?-<l to thc ( ammittee ,,n
Time und Place for lloldiag ili<- Next National
(onventlon. This committee met this- afternoon
hi. l decided t?> report thia reeolntion to tbe con?
vention to-morrow aml :;sk loi it- adaption. Thc
only ehan^'e made in it waa thal lhe meetlng
ahould i>e licld on thc aecond Wcjdneaday ln May,
in plaoe of the tirt,t VYcdneeda} ln that montb.
Thi-, reeolution will prebably l>o adeajEcd al
the nicf-Tin_ ol the convention in the mornlng,
baeaoee the delcgatca have learncd thai at thia
time of year there i* too much dedng in tho
o-untrv in politica to permii ;, full aelegation
attenrllB^ a Oonveotion of thi" nort
Thr- r<-st of tho afternoon s.-ssj,,n -.mus- speni in
rccai'ring reporta from tbe leading mrinbera af
thc- state- delegaUena in regard t<> tne eampaign
work lu their respe<tivr States which the I,ea_iie
hi-s t-een doing. lhe repoitB were BrCClVOd in
alphahetiriil ordei by Statea, and they were inter
esting in thc extreiue. W. ||, S.-.ii.iati, of Cali
fornia, reported that there wcrc 500 League
rliir* ln his State. that they were in the Ke
pnhliean j,arty tO stav lor this campalgB as well
H? for flltnre cBBBpalgna.
p. "Luth^r Hrigga, of Connecticn-, reported
thnt in lu-> State tbe proapecta wcrc bright for
l_puh1lc_n B-ceeaa. Ile referred eepecially t,<
the toriHcco-irrowinf.'0iil usiry, nud tolil how the
MeKlnley hill hnd enceuraged and atimulated
firent orur-er*. greeted the vcBcrable ex-Governor
Harrlaoa Rced, ol FlorMat, who made a report ln
regard to tlu* oondition <>f a.Tairs in his State.
H? tolil the 6*_e__tea ar.out the dlfllmlty tbat
the Bepatblicana r>f hi? State hmi to ei,iit,.nil
with. nnd he nmealed to the Republlcana ,'f Ihe
Nortn to nelp the Eteanhlicana ln the South as
nnieh as they could. Tlu- tnlk nlxmt negro dom
ination ln the South was abaurd. h<' aald, bc
eanae thrcc-flftha of the population there waa
Mr. Jcnea, from Idnhw, deelarcd thnt thi- Stnte
would be true to henelf. "Wa bcllcvaj in pm
feetion, reclproyity, honest moncy und an honcd
dollnr." he M-U-, amid ehecra,
W. W, Tracr, tlie bnlliant and enerpetin pr,-si
detit of tlie Illinois State LeagUC, srtid that Ih.-re
were now ?.*,n Leagvc Cluhs in that State, with
a rnefijliership of 130 each. He promi-?-<l the
cinventhm that before th.- middb* of Oetoher
thcn> would Im* 1,906 rluh's with a me^mborahip
of over 100,000 young Republicana, "Th" Stito
of JJneoln. Crant and E-ogaa is eiire f?r 25,000
maiorifv thi- fall," ju- aald, amid great cheerlng.
Mr. Manafleld, the Beeretary "f tne State League
of Indiati.i, was ealled Up n __" th,- iir-sil-nt for
a report. Tlie State's name was ehcercd when
it wa? mentioncd. The Bpeaker sai<l that there
were l.-i'ii LeagUC Cluha in tlie State, nnd th'-ii
tint.il ir?-mi>(*rshli? waa 125,000 Republlcana,
Mr. Brigham, ol loara, deelarod that tha State
of Al!is?a and (,'larkson wonld be truc t? the
Uepahlioan eauac. There ar.' 500 LcagttC Cluhs
th rou.hlv and completely organized.
Mr. Moorc, of Kanaaa, reported that 1ns Stnt.
Waa aJl rlght, and thnt there were i.OOfl League
Clabe there, wlth a inemberahlp of 100,000,
When Ncw-Yorh was called there ?;.> a j-r.-at
rherr. Colonel K. A. McAlpin, thc Prealdenl of
the Stnte League, was received cnthuslactically
when li" re-" to -iM-ak.' Ile r<p rt?'d that hefore
]on_- thrre would Ih> a eluh in evcry town in thia
State. , .
The reports which were received fro,n th.- otner
States. N^rrh and South, all were extremely
lnteirestliic phnwin_ that the itepohlieana thr turh
oat thcentire eountrv are worklng for th- prinoi
?1<_ ,.f thdr party. After fheae r-p-rts had hren
re.clv.sl ti-' eonventlon adjourned until to-m r
row ni'-rnlntj.
\ raucus of the delo-atea irom thla State wis
beld to-nl_hts hti.1 they phoae Jamea \ Blanr-hirjl,
lhe president of tlie Republiean Cluh of rXew-\ ork,
and who nmv is the member ?f th- National l.\
e-*utive Tommlrtee from this State, to continue.
on that rommiftee. nfi I Geonte I'. CurTifc. of Unis'
hamton. to he the vfCC-P-Cddcnt 0. the l>ea_ue
from thls State._^ _
Whltclaw ReM sfaric.1 lor llufr.'ilo __1 cv.-nlne on
the <?:ir. (.'<!.nll trdB over the SfewTerk O iral
Bailroad. Hc win ravlew th- parade t.. take ]-!> -
I-, ,'i.it dty today. nr,.i wlll he the goed d the ( i
vction ?t tbe BepaMlran Leagae now In ?e*don In
r.nfTul^'. Mr. BeM C-tperted to return on s?t,iri?T
ln tlme to he prese.ni Bl 'he rc-ep?l..n tt, hc glven
h'm i,v the rntoii 1.--HPUC Clah "f Brooklyn ?n Satur
d,i? arenin- 11- was accompanled by his accretary,
C.'w. TVaoa._
A LAT-r.F. ATTrVD4N<l 1-tB A __UL._1 KNT BPKEI a
The Depew Opeea Hoaae waa opeaed lad ???"?"?
at fcekskiil. N. Y. 'ir i- th- Bral tfceatre to he baUt
n ??. ,044.1. and th- oeeadofl wae ma.-krn i.v a large
atfidanre of pepreacBtBtlve people *???-???,;
-.lln, ihe P-aaaB" wa- preaeated by A. M- r_lmer?
ooaaaaay, and Chaanecy M. Depew made -, -i
At eight B-cloek Mr. Depew wdked down t... h,
trnhl and aad a roadng r.pUon, i he -rlng aad u.r.^
?B npor bau gratted htm. Wlth Mr-. Depka-. ?.
.Mer.brother In law an. toa he oceBphd a pro-eaBlom
"wSa appodte ihem the lamlly ol Oenerd
Jamao W. Haated orcupled another box. Tke <""
,2 wa* BBahk to be ,,.-??.. Mr. DcpeW. appear
ani on the ataga waa the ocradoa ... laaewca ap
P'*HiTa(l,iie.s aparided wltb bamor and wka largdy
nmtalBeed d hla early boarl.I daya and lhe tradl
S__ andepl?de. d lhe rCvdutlon to* Ite oonnec
tioa with Peehaklll. He apoke for aboal tareaty ... n
Utaa, bdeg f.-iu-nth Interrupte- by epplause. n
dw-i, on Peeksklira advan em nt. moraUty and bual
BMa PM,s,,.,t . Hall ii doxen funnj atoriea wer, tdd,
^tTdoataghededlcaieittk,- i...,,:.--i?, '"?-*^
_nd Elo'iuc,'-. iu* remark. were fdlowed hy long
applaoaa, dter wblch the play waa g-vea.
fv.-d M Taybw baa the Daanagement -f '!"? u?'pe"?
CajeraHca-M.. _He movemen. to balMil. waaidarled
1-, m.-iv. 1-5. wbeB, bj iheeffortaol bdwln 1. I^bt.
Lpivmiii'i.i .?.. ifarturer ot I'eeksklll. the Muskilldl
tJoclaUon wa. organl-ed, owlng ki oppoaltton and
!__.(_ _l_coarageBiei.t?, th- work weat on ilowly
ln Aprll 1800. the lai l d Depew aad South -st-.. a
noition d me Depew faraa. waa parehased, BBd a
-..?? dterwad lafflcleBl atoek imd been auliacrt-edto
warrani lhe beglnBlag d balldlBg i.,.-rinh,.,-. rbe
cor-eratoae wae 1-i-i Ueto-or a. laiil. wlth Maaoah
(...,?,1.,,le.. ai.'i Mr. I>pew dellvered an -
Ta.- halMlng eo.1 aboul 075.OOO, d whh:h *"-'-.?'>"
r,_ ^r^fr-ntand^rreddc^
nn'l llghted holb by gai and by elertrlcltjr. ll1"1
_p^,i,f.?.,.ts and '1.ii-!'-- are ?"*-?!. '
r-flrr.-. ?f tbe ,,s-o<-i-,'|oii whleh eontrola lt are Will
1h.ii Mai.le. preaident: Stephen Lent, *eeretary, Jen
er"l J-aae- W. Haated. Bdwlii B. L.-nt, Edward i ,
Younc aad I'uul Weaaell, Iraaleea.
a iwaanj campaeed d aalhtrea glayd "Pygaadlea and
?___?< ai tha nio,,d?a. Thaaaaa retaarday altaraBaa lar
2a beaaM d th- Preaa ci-.i. an.i add.d BM0 to me huiid
in_ fund. Tka foUawtag ?-?> aka eaat:
-M,? .,?? .T-aaaar Ram n
CgaidlBO. 0?ve ,_(.rk,.1(.v
QaJataa. Kdlta widm-r
Oirdaaa ... ? . ,?,tl_. Hornan
Nyrliie -. H-ilic I'.dlliip r
rhryi-oi. I d?u S|..l'i-'-r
Daphne. Saaon , ?,-1-r
Mlmoi. Inlnir PIuomt
_?nrlp|~ -- Watter Le>a
Agealinea.. ?? z Uu _aatn
_C_i-4*^ei__iee'ai :_ei?lad Oaat of Caartn*>a
, lt _, .aa nrth tvaaaa TVatra laat ththh The
I^rMJlp-e-al.? tddet,!^ BB?
a .:.,>-. artah a H_e _ aa aka paay aa aaa aMa a?d th.
oth?r 1'ft blink for ua*. _
< rrii T*ier _m bay aaaaaaa, who ia to Baaka . aaaa*art
tour" thi. mimi, tUl K.ve M InM.at-o.. m.tlnee at
Palmer'i The_ir? on TBQBday BUBiaaBB.
CMaafa, sept. is. Th- Ber. Dr- btryber, af tbe
Feurth KaabTtedaa rhnrrh here. has re<-otrl<1"H<l ?? la
imcntion of ,,?t a<-Cptlng the preaMeoej of RnOka
Coiiece v.v vork He wlll laforaa hl* eongregauaB
B_nd??: and . Mrti.UM lat? Wiii pmhably as-u.ne Ha
new dutlee at Uie eoflege.
tEAitt AMt _/-/?!.?' B9KMABD* RFISED HY TTI\h
Elmlra, N. V.. Bept. 15.- Th- peael und appl
otrhard- ln ttie nelgtiborhtK^I of Tenn Yan WBBa I'ady
darnageil by wlnd on Tncsday night. Koaie of the
gaxhaJrda were eeBi__el?lr de-t-o.(_
sPKF.cin.s nv < ov.iRr.frMiiN uot.myer axd f.x
snxn.R PAS8_~-V-.il __IT_.8-A.X-- B_>
.ut lEt-EoaAra t?. tue thi__ni_J
BulTaln, Kcpt. l.V?T.ie irreat rjiass-mcctin. hell
in Muale Hall to-nlght, nnder tta a,._i>i.-<-- ?f the
National Refuhlieaa League aad <>i Ihe lea llng
Republieana of Buflalo, araa a _u_ruiBe.nl
(leiijoii.stratioii. Tli?- hall wns crowded wlth 3,580
eitiz.-iis of BulTalo, will. their arivea, wlulc upon
the platfarn -at many oi the ohief Repnbltcana of
Weatern New-York. PreaideBl ClarkaoB, of the
National League, praaided, The Republican
apeakera of thc evenlng were Qovernor McKinley,
of Obio; Congreaarnnn Dolliver, "f luwa. and
<-\ Senntor J. .>l?..t Fanaett, ?i Elmlra.
Mr. Dolliver made tl,.- oB_r___ Bpoech, arhieh
wrus au able utt.uk ujioi. ti..- Democratic party^B
paat reeord aad pr.-sent plaaa
Ooveraor -fcKinley waa arelr_a__ad arlth pro
lon_.-rl cheera and applaoBe. Hla aaaaeh araa
u maaterly expoaition ol the Reaublioun tarlfl p<'i
1, v aad critic-rn of the National plat.orm of the
Demoeiutio party. Mr. McKinley chaiaoteriaed
th.? tarlfl _lar_h of ahe Csenweratk pa*f :us a
fr?-e-ti.i>l.- one. He alao a__ailed the Denaocratks
part.'.- poMej oi reviving'the State bunh eur*
lency, pn-dlctlna tbat if Boch a policy was r?]
lowed greal Bnancial lon aould cn_,'ie. The ?>"
dience fo.lowed Mr. McKinley'a remarka arith greal
attention, an<l frequently cbeered liir. Bentimenta.
'J hc ispeeoli will have a BOBt favonible efl-Cl on
tta Republican eaavaaa ... WeaterB New-York.
Mr. J-H4s.s*?tt n-ix-iv.sl ;i I'.y.il w-!<-me upon rom
ln_ forv anl.' He n.a.i- u Btrong Bpeech in .riticisin
of tha Dcino.-ratie. party'a eonrae in tl"* State*
Govarnor McKinley -i>">-- a- faUowa:
Mr. PreaMeat, GenUomen ol the BenubBcan 5a
II .nal League and ny r>ltow Cltlwns: I am tath
gratlllcd aud bonored H hr presenj wlth tl.^ I. .111.11. _n
Natlotial League ln tta fornial openlng whlcfi il -
to tbe camp-gn oi 188_. Youi urgnnlaatloii, 1 ,a.p s?"i
aa lt 1- 01 tn- younger manboud oj the l.-ynbiltnii
party, I* a mlghty ferce, mlghty ln lta.ll anl ln t >??
1,1. h' -lmrn.-i-r of IU membershlp. I."' mlghtlar s IU
III II.. caiise for whleh lt staud*; -. cau_e wblrn ,.-|.
resenu the beal porposea .1 tl,- Amerlian people iuiii
ibe hitfh.-si de-tlnv of tl.e c-untry . a cause whicii w_s
novor agalnat liberty, or bumuntty, ... epuntry, ?r
Baa, but whkh aaa _orn aud c.nsecrated to 9?*?'
..nd defand them nll. a cauaa wMch, tor tWrty-els
i-eara, has baaa al.led with all ih.it la t>i.s ?us and
pil.-le- ll, Aliierlrall UlSlorj und Clvif'??""? ?"'
whlch, to-<l?v. mora tnan anv and nll ottar poiituai
organlaationa oombtned, represeut* H?e?-***._' *"'
faturo -.ntwln. of th- Bepublte. as well a- Uie eoti
tlnuunce of iUl wMcb has been ww ln ihe pa*t. itw
lhat oaaaa wMcb yoa ara rnajml_ed to P/""':',J'- ?"'?
to tho, KueraaB of -hl.-l. you have dedlcated -.wth en
ih.m.i.-in vour best oBorta; it la for thal <?.?>'?-. im'
up-.ii yottr tovltatlon. lhat 1 aaa hrre to speak ,-?
nlght, lo s-pesA what I talleve and whal I bral, roriii
l.s stircea* 1 tlilnk lie- Ita h.ghe-t |rrosr~*ritj ol toe
ronntry nnd the ta_l Inawaats ol m\ c?untirmen.
I do not moan to Indiilt'e ln reiiiluls.-' te. .. w
tbonafa tbat would *>? an agraeable ia_k. " "ia . ;
nol that lt w?uid not be pleaslng and praatahie. rot
it would ta bo.h; it wpuld diMlu--? ii..tl.Tis_a: f..r h
any ol na mighl feel ashaaied, bul ^trtinl ???"
?,;?.! ejclte our pride and _atl?fartion. It taiwlh
tbe preaent nnd the tature lhal we are rallod upon to
(leal Tbe pnst athlrveraenta ol the Repnbllcan partj
ar. -?fe andaeoura; what they have Blready an
?..-ured Ihe people enjoy. Tlie l.sues thi- yrar. whb-b
ar- to l>. tled by tta aultrage* of Ihe p.-'vi-. a
made bv the Sailoiial nlalforms of the Republl. i
Uemocratlo partie,. 'iv. Ihese wa mual gi?; and. hup
i,lh, both -i"-.'.U ln ii" rii?.-,i.,i.i Inngaage. bntr. wi h
,?,. .,,11,1111, atK.,1 ?r -.,ulv,..u.lo., state Ihe prlni
f,,r whlch thev Btand, nnd bolb Biusl bo Judfc-.sl bj Ihe
eountry upon the U.auee Ibua J "'l"'1- ,'.,,-,???,
I*?4i strUdng questl-i - uie ra sed bi th- pla orni
of our i-.ii.l. nl adver-arles. Hrst. .1- m.-i ??.?"'
I,,.,,.-.... ti, Fl? Irade. 11 I* bj la.' tbe boldc*.!
dorlaraUon ln ntvor ol Pre* rrade cver rnade. by in
pi.lltlra] party ln th- I nltcd staU-s. _cc..i 1.
!i,r,. -.,r ..,.- 11b,illtlon of Ihe ln* ?P?" ~; :'
nf |.sne. Thls i.-ix a_s ln,|"''l bj . "., :r- - ll.at
ttay mighl adopl 1. Natlonul money. 11 1- pr<- j.'^
,j 'the bomormtlr lenden nol ..nl) lo g<> ha k to
IVt- Trade. or a ravenue tnrlil wiu. preyU .-d tn the
r.e.nl.A from l*4fl t - IHiW. tttsd d irliig whl Ii. f?r t ?
,-, iter part "f thnt tlme. the ,- intry, ln lt* - ? ?
and conlmcro-il nnd ! ? ' - w ''; :
,.,.,,i ,.?.!.? .ondll. bul II ?- pi"!" ?! atai l ?
"o tta as- ol "tale U.nk rln . ..Uon wiu. v.
?,:, ?.,. ita exrluinces nf the p?-ot?le.
lf .he . va- nothlnc el ? i" ni
,.,?,' -l.i.?. for th- abolltlnii of ''" la? apon ih
?ar_.s .....I tbelr revtval, UmI 1 t" '?? aiifflr-l
,!,f,:it ,:..- Democratk' party. i?ur etpert-iu'
hai s*-..?!.. ' "i" '"' re,-a!M I
Hi,d liiindreds of thi._*i.? of ihe 1..'?
eountry, and no nmn who t.a- bad anj ? \;.e, ? 1 ?
Ii wm' traiil '." reinrn to II. Il m.-ati l.-ai i
Insieiid ?,f National money, lt nu-an* thi l
ln il,- I'nloii ahall have money ol li 1 *u, | 1
-nt- nuthorlty. and under uch repilatlons uml wii
such sisrurlty aa the aeveral Leglslmures nuil d-ter
?,,,?.. 11 mean-i thal our room. shall ta conflned l?.
Mat- II. es. WhlCll \MU iBterrUpl nnd <!l-.,.':'"*
nier*late rommeree of th.intry. I' wlll meaii
thnt v.l,-n I rros* fnun Ohlo tn'" !'? -ntisyh anl., I mu
rhnnce mv money and atand Ihe dl*eouut. and
i?i-- _?<> Xea '?'"rn -i.ll Bnother ex. rmlige r_ 1
?nd -ml anoiber dlseouut: and ihen ..li U.e
certain an l? whether the dollar whlch I bav.
ulne ..r wbethei 1' l- Jount.-rf.lt. Bvery mun would
l?. i-'-,i?ir,si. if he wanted "? be aale nnd itan ta
wouldn't be safe i" can. whst wa* k.?,?., a*
"bank detector.- It I* propi^ad lo go bach tn that.
II ibe Democratlr partj should be an esanil. and
,.?. nrinctple* .1. < l-.r.-t al < Mragu should l- pul Inlo
perntaiienl forms ol legUlatlon. we ahould !.-.' I
l.ritl-ii sy-tem ol PreeXrad. and Ihe ?>n Mate bnnk?,
wlth their worthlesH drciilallon, The Brltl h svsu-m
?f rr.--Tiad.- would r.-d. Ibe wajres "f latNirliig
.,.,-n 11, (be fnlied .M.-ii.-. the wagi-s of every ?/
j:,. e who perfonna aertlce for Bnother. ?
.,,,,? in the 11 ? - 1 .w- ilngmen 01 ??
?,?-? ..,.- wages are ri-ducid, Ihen .- .- |.-"P"-i "?
.-I ,, "he InlKirer and employ. f-...-i'. bl i-;i'
him .,? ln a depmrtated rurrenvy. rhat l- whi-re
tta T^-Ki*?ra?lrle_d,ra would pul Itawwnlrj If bej
were uon.-al when thej made their platform. I do
?__ _.i"ve tkal Ihe S4rf,er eeond IhoiM of Ita
LL\. ?f ihl* ronntry wlll lahe Ihe .ance . und-r
,?-, ,in,nii-iai,"-. of a tlemocratl viftory. All
hepeo?e. whether l?m<*rn<U or Itepi.bll *n, w.n!
,?!?,,,. -table and unvarylng ln value. and -.- ?
SS ?lrx.-,u,'ta \,:::\
^,;:,,!,;:,,..-,K,x;;,s,i,i4; g?,--- itjin
"' ITT. rnrioldVls ^h^..nd?ed^..N i'
.' ,.,, ,,al 1. .ver. meni haa for H- *r?urlty lt* . - -
. -.' w trh are at a p.eml. ln evwy moi. Urj
,,, ?;.-. nf thc v. iM- Oin mom-y _? "
VHtlo'..] ? nurflug. Thal I v . :? 1. , .... h, .;;a -
.,,, .._,.! be a* sarrr, as our haUimaI bar. and a,
;,. ou (Iovernment lt?-clf. l ?" op. >
,-,?,,.trv 110 mora wanl free trade and i?'" '?""". ..
wlli"h 11 wlU Impoae, Itan they aaai worlhle Mnti
taF.1,Nm<}r_d. ln IM. rwantrv wcmM ta? wel .> '
ev.r K.""-ai ronntry nl the worhl, 1.4 .4 -rv .--.
?. nlal rh.,1 of il. ? tnlted ^\Vt.BrtFrtalrade
, 1.i- ,.ru--i- nnd pm M'llty. 1 ?- ' ? ';
u?, im-reaae ForcKm prrKluct on add dim . -
(lor -tl- pns-uctlon in nll comp-llng pr"dur^ ui II
Ih" Inborers of Ihla ctmnlry a nkl -??:> th- "";?":; ;;
,. ,.- whlch ...'" imld fnrtgn worknien. . ? '?
would encourage Ihe forelgn shop and dlsiou 1
.merlran bop; lt ? .uM Incr.. Il-e drninnd foi
w."rklng\nen Lbmal and dlrolnl h Ibe dem.. lAi wiirh
uim'-i ol home: II w.d U.ke eaipl?ymenl aij"
trom Ibose on thls Ido; II '?' wM Incn-a - Ihe aplrotli-*
of f.r.-1-i, fa.io-,,. and dlm. Ihem I.i our own,
build ti?- ln their furnace and.^^
oirra: H wonM ope? "P '''- marhei l Ih. i"'", " '
?, 1 perml. the foreign produrar l<> enjoj Ihl .
Srtandtaal marhet ln InTworld fitaut .jwal 1on?
- rainl ?pon "xacily Ita anrne lerms lhat tta l
_,?-,r- of our eountry enjoy thls murket t-d.. ? -^'
ri- not for.-1 thal whalever ot our mar_etth"j ";'.;"
loss to onr own dtl-ena and won ';'';'*.
_ oa* lo onr producers "^/?r^^?i,?H
,,? ihe Inlen-sto. of our own lal?orrr> and felJM..Mtiaen*
for tta mi. n .md ihe Jtranaer. Free rrade w a
revenue laHff, *ueh aa 1- tavoeated bj ihe D-n".
S_tl" leadera end 1- I-r*-nUhned by them la s?e,-h
_,d ?,.-. wr,?id make ever/thtng free ln th-. mnrkel
uhl.-l, .n?ii,.-..-s whb whal iv- wrodnee n thta market,
K ,,;,. ,:,.->? sre Bnlnat pro'-i".! ln every torm
___ would tai only lta_e lorelga P_nducta whbh have
V. lompeiition ln our own markeu Bnd *rlil.-h we
nnnol wodnre ntnon. ouraelves. I'rs.i,-, .1.,,, lr,
?-" f-s tsrttts nuoo sn eiactlj oppralte pi ln- Ipal.
Oermria evet-tbtag to eome teto M* coiinlry, -v
ee.t luxi.rl-s whlch we ,-?;,., ,t wodnce at bome.knd
,.i.is it? ?..rlffv npon Iheae prodtii-t* from abroad which
eome Into nampetltlon wrt_ Ihe prodoeta of our own
_ST and eur own abopa. Ihe pro8*M*ta al our own
I...I -.nd of our own liitnii'.
"_,__, m w- bave le bdve ., tar.tr. th- Republican
,?.ri- tii-i-t- lhal ti.Ht mriif shall be pu. apon the tor
'_, ?r durt aeelrtng B marl.et ln the rmi-d HUtes ln
...pe.ltion with ea.r own, and lhaa ilarrtmlnai.br
, Ttariti agaln- Ihe for-lgn prodn. t and ta .,- gn
ModuVer and ln f.vor ol the bOBM arodart Bnd Ihe
aome pr-dneer.. IWeettoa tha* ewKmrage* our owa
i,,d,i...ie. and our own r^'^iZhT-^T'e^
nienti- HIKl "ur OWTl poojHa. Prote.il _ glV. empi ry
meS to our owi. labor. bread to our own peogda and
__."own markW 88 our own produ.-.s l>" **? '
eivvs onr mom.v. OUT markots. our inar.ufMCti.n-. I ' OUI
SaameraW nv*i- **Sfl?n_ PVr tS^neflllar^
k.-i- und niarufi'loi es at home far the 1,. 1. i,i oi our
?wn l i-l Free trade among cmraelvra n torty f ur
!,' ll,*1ViTl",h-, Bnd w.lh l48.tU_.OOO "' J"-'
P-"! ., d ,.. 1r-nsonab - restralnl naon thoae wMboul
Sa. M-e "o iVvndTanr ruarbam wtth comuetlng nrad
T,.\, is ih- dtoaate of enUghtened pat.iotian aad tta
S.Vrtrine et the BeimbUcan parry
rsarfe asar-^ .^ulE^ted"^
JSreSa1"-? ^.vafftafT'S. W* ****** ?" S
_!_, w- s,.n uitt-.i --t^--i-:?^;' ^- ^[:S
?ith the keenad Intereet; aad - ? ?>?'. '..gniiiii
be not rea,..e_ d] at onee there la f^^^S
ii?n thnt one of the greaf Amerlran pari ?- ? .
?.-ree iriui. pura an- drnple, lhe areat baWe^w
Um fiitur-." -Ta- Argu-.. 1.--U- .:.,. -V.t Uea la
:...? I---,.- agaln raiaed In tke JJltea B_-ie-i.
.vei may i- tne iBterual AlBennen " l^lt
Au-lralinii- a- 1" lhe queatloS- Ol *? ____,-_.
? i l-rotectlon, we are al andaaB ta ff\*\
i?-,si( aud aatmrive eaport irad- ai.d "? ,%??.,,
coaat the hape wlll i. " rt- Ined that tl?? "*??
erata ma) wfr. Thdr rtetory would meana wiaar
,?:,rVei d.r Auatralhm Pjod*, notably *?*" ?
have aomethlng mibatantld to |dn by ">? rmmm
of Mr. Clevetai d." . . v0 |..;.Ve
Mi-v i no?. ii, iw ???;"-,!l'''i';,:;; '' ,-^-el.
ren much ". I - ? bj lhe electl ... oi >?'? .
ln the dreclien n| Ihelt gal l!? 'V, , _,- ei
paper de lar**: ' Wc cannot prr?l*_r Tvl" ;?"., uV, r
,?!-,- ,. ,he I'lit.-i iftdaa. I'-.'. i.;-'.; "??, _, ,J
univeraaU) ln favor of Orwver V . i WloiH
Urifl reform: and we ferventl- bope r* hl- *>. ?
,.,,.,-io:,. ?> .-ti'i't afford to l;- ?f.?**? 'H,
en, in the world'* marhe -.' Mr. '"1-ll1" ??,,,,.."
-Tfin-' -iv "Mr. < |. v-i.i ,<i'- l?-t Admlntatra
t?m& - 'good and i.iu.i-1- ita.,;;;;:; $
Mend. ln I'ranee, who wUI be glad I i aee hlm aaiter
,!,,. whlte Houae Bgaln." . . ..-?.,_
VI.unl de Connaiitln. of -'.11 niaa." aaya- Tbe
Amerteati anrteeUon -? !"'. ??"* J';;'"?
Kurope. Au I- ha. I?.me r>'"'!''':-' ?
,?.?,', looki darh >m far aa eommerrld m - >?"?'?
-?ne.-rn.-d. Bul l do nol thlnh he bZ2?L__& ta
? i. The ' nlted -?'. ttH a"bad ''\"""j1'$
the M. Klnle. l on Sow Ie them rtajng
eiample hj rl. .. , Cleveland wlth "? -^I??
s.-?tin,.-i.ts." Mr. Rlcon. el the'-holr. aayB. r* i
deni llarrUnn'e dertded. proierUon Ideas l.a*e mane
i,!n, m n Kurope, o we hope Mr.Cleveaaae
t\ill rome ln i**?d nf the poll.
i>., ron really thlnh we wanl whal Ihrse otn r na
llnaa wanl antj what they deelare te. be ftw "
nd arhlrh we know aboald be lo lh '
i thal whal we wanl hare ln "'" '.'?''
. , ? i,? v?n b- leve II la anod oollcj -> lhe
American people to tahc their polltlcal e. -v; '" ; -
ni.- rtlreeiloTi : II I - -al legMafbio from rhd ?
uerrld natlon* 1 IT, Ideni Waahlngton, ln hto *
well ...Kl,--. wained the people rf thla ;-'''???>,' ??
the genetatlonn whleh were te folkra hlm ??*I!JS
adoptlng lhe polle? dleUted by other BB'lon*. ana
l-reild-ni ll.'irrl-.n'- AdmlnMrailon apoke tn "'... .^ .
-i>in: in one ol It- Siale papem wnen it _aia ?
tJovemraenl h.,- never yet laken Ita ordera wm a
fordgn governmeni and doea nd propoae w "
n is .-, gnod thing Ui know what your ad [ ?rl*?
want, iiii.l then do lhe nther thlng; thai l- -'.','"r,'"
V..I-, ai wcii a- ln couflleta for tnjde and eommen-o.
Th, Demorratl, li-aders for more lhan iMrtv ye?J
have wneed their warfare airalii ? the Kepiibllra pani
?]..? piaphtvlen of fallnre tBllure ol K*^*-*.*?
;?.: - ?'s and Repnl.11, ,? pollclea. Their ?'"'":';
have i.. .ii rampalgns of pmpherle* of ? vil. ;? ? j
of awfnl ralnn.ltlcs whlch would h*lli>*? bi ? , "',,,.
Rraublh-an leClsl?.|?n nnd It-ptilibran tdmld IraUene,
Tlie man fiimlllai ?i,h ih- Matory pf thls roi niry
-i,,,,. l-.ii vin reeal1 lhal ln even National - ?
ili- in-??! n 1 of Demorrattr wnrfan* haa heeii a ft ?j
tiuli of llepiil.llran fBllure. It eraa predleted
l,.,i<Kr- of in- Democratic portT, Bot by lhe sr-a rani
and hl- ol i.i,' party, ln fiwl that M.i dfort to aafj
thc ii.-.n would bo a faUure. H wai predleua *bm
,he RepaMlcan partj could ad l?anc, aad tfit ?o
ls u."im nol imt ln r1iii.l.-,tloit und bbbb among ui
,-.,.', ,-, par. tfie greei bark enrrency of the 1""1''^
Then yot. Jrin remembrr the famom ,-M?,Pul_n (1?H
whlch '-:.- t?*ed upon the deelaraUon that the wai
waa a falrnre; ihen that lhe' reauniiduu of *pee?? emr
menti wm, ., fBUure; no? Ihat the Partfl law dliw
I, ? fallure and -ia Interrnpt t_aM?wperlty o: ">e
rtninlrv. Thc mident ol W lon wlll aL*, ramember
ihat eiery predlnlo.i of fallnre tmcle by that i*"rt> na
billed ,.f verlhii.i; not one ha- been vlnd<atedbl
ihe tnith ..I hWtory. if reaulu did not overtwe pra
dldlom the Dei.ri.tii- party wmild bea nea i* '??
and if f"t- -><l n ?' i "i fdlow thdr pi >pe>-e\'*.
, i-trndlctlng them. lt wonM be the mod aaaeeaelBl
,,:,-i:helM 'uv.^'",:1,-,.! the Urifl haa faljed to brtaa
a l.i-sii,.? or a bcnefli t,. ti.intry: they aaj[ that
ln -Ichl ..f i)-.v f.-,.,-i:-l-s that have hiitenbnlldlng
gtvliic pmployment m Ihrnnandii and thonann* oi
Jrorklngmen: Ihej any that ln dgbt "I ?* *"
diisinc. whl, li liave be, ? ??? ? ? " '"
the i ?-?- -n, ?? ofn priHperlty n? "i-" a jre have ei :
?i ln our hlitory: f'-v deelare that t ..!? .- ?'
? hired our kirelgn trado. In plte cf ?' - - al
- -. .-ni fi .ii, tbe Trenenry Department I a t.,.
oominene ot llila conntn w.^ ?-??'??
,,.k-, n it ha- heen in Ibe laat
...,.;,, mr,i tt.-: th, I de, bre .? ln inl ?' "
even mai i ,-? ? i ;
v-,ir lhan i.v.r >ld In mi) rear fn.m Uu I
? if1 - r,f ?-. ? . .1 ihat ..ur esp rt n.
. ?-. st..i a I.IIII.-B -I ?'
rd ln .-,11 of ..ur hl
and Ihnt 1
. . , Im- u? for '?
, ih,
He- ii . ? ' ' '?,.?'.'.
llkel - "
;,. - ..' '?'. : . ..1 -.'iiii "
- I
iii.ui ? ? - . ;,.
portcd Ihomi " ? Bnd >en ; -";" ?
' -
J--.il, ?':-'1
; u i
? -
. ? . ? . T of 1
Mil v." I fall.il. iu .1 i
p-.NI.-d. bai
ll-.. || ? ?' ? ???'??
' . .
i . i ? ?
. , . ? , - ? rere liicreaa-d
'' : ' ' " ,:" ! '" ''?' " , .11 ,,.,'lle
....... -...:, !.!?.' in-:;
. d
?Indl.-atl.,- .i .11. it i wtni
' dei of ll.PW*
. .. ,,,!..- f., lt, tollow, i bj Ver
m0The"pll.ll ')'iN';f the I ? 'U*.>
,l,,,i ?f i-tr.-n- |(,n. lt ln li- np - - "i;r,l?
. it |, hmdle - of lhe mo-l r?|--.i,l'-i- aeta,
..?. ,,,. ? . mi fc.li mlnd.d
.,?,,. ?:-.. Ir. 11... UM!.:-. II U
,-aiii.ot ,.?'? ' made thai deelaratl -
..?. ,:,. i ;-,-. -., \*- ? . ? >n?0dered it: ' -'??;
? .,,!? |, ||.Nti I. ll nfli rv :,''l. and -rill InM'ti
li plate rai nol li.,d ? In thi- i?intrv. aid la n,-t
. |,l,. i (hl cuiintr- - ' ? the ofl il lali-ment of tha
,,..\', .??,. ? , ihoM ii nt we have twenty ???--" racto
. ,,, praillial operalhm lodaj and --venteen more
? , ?r?, ?f i-4inslru.-tl.-n. whleh rerj ?<*>" v '" h"
.,, ,,,,. ratlon lt I- hnrd lo treal ihla warfare npon ?ur
llidi. Ml-s wlth patl. and f?ehearane.-. 1 i'
ln the rllj ol Blu.md Ind.. >>n Piieaday. he wor*? oi
thf \in. i in,,: Tin ni,t" < umnany. Tljej hgvr .
t.,?Ht i phtnl i ean le. ronnd anywhere.
i Ww wlih mr own eyea. b did IO.000 people. ;*
mniiiifnetni.f lln plate from fhe rn-- teel VII tne
iiiiit-hlrien ' ' . rnltedjMatee, and
tl," -i-.-i i.-l ? : -' -1 rrinn whlch
11,-v made thdr lln plBt. wai made In lhe t n t.-d
_,.,),.- i,.lo I ia*< t.M,..iv . mpl r>tng ?--"
M?.,i und -a..ii-ii .ii pHal llvlng wnire . Imppj riiid ?
,,.,,,,! work men, and x 4 lhe DiiniK-ntl, h-adei ai
lhal we nre n >1 maklng and rwild nol make lln i une
I ?. ? , lo I,- , ididercd lll. '! i-^ .il'l B ?
.(,l ? ,,- ? ? I lh, \ ni l we could i,"t make
., | r ,|| i ? ,ld a.id ti"1 make wnl
,. ? poli.-n-, aml i l.lna nnd ifl.i n l pln ? tlu ''"'
tindniii mi hi Ihi-lr predlrtlon-, we are i
.,, , i , ? ni mvuhen ln lhe aorld Biid
I ,. Vmei , iii |,.-;-l- ran
,,i,,i,., Uon artl, h ? ? i-:--i'-- ?? i" -'''" ih< m, i ? i ?lu
. vcrjlhln, ll ? ? ?'?'
i mn t .1 .-?-. other g( iitlenn n m- fo r, liow. i
l,v- alren.!) iK-ciipled t.ai mu.h ??. vt.ui tlme. i nm
-Ind th- i:-,..,'.H. . ,.. rtt |"is .-nll led ln J' '?'.'',
. ...r.s and bi ilvliy nt lhe young R.-pul.lt..m
! tho pul. ?nd l nm r n.-.?llj dad .igralB ate
., R,.piii,||ran Satl.Mid i ? -.-? -"- iip.m lhe mnt
i.?l,., ti.i have ln Ih, per .f t.enernl < '"'- "";
wnl, hlm. j "' <<<?< ' be ? nilirhij ' i - ?
ndii ni and waire ... our , n
.. ,| your <.perall ,n wlth dl Ibe RepubHeaa o
*?, 7nr.,reo'nfMenl lhal Ihe Rlh d Jfwetnber wfll
,.,. | ? H irlumph and detory ; a d. lorj mr laa
Idted ftat, ____ '
n, ,\ii\ vil i? pon .'"N<;i:r?.
iDdlanapol . -i". I - ? dl?Pateh to -Tbe ***
trom UI ind., ey*: "The i?-i.pi d lhe
IXIU c.ti-'i-'- DNt kl "f IndtaBB Ibl mordng nom
inated raptaln Mllton Bdl, d Kokomo, bb thdr
randldate for Congreae.
l-ort Woith. Tea., Bept. 15.-AI tbe Repabflran
Congre ('..ni.-nH.ui h.i'i here yeaterday, A. J.
!?.ntl-il wa nominated lor t_e xth Di-trii-t : *'. C
Drake, for Ihe Vlllth DWrict, hh.i A. 0. Stalkry, ol
i i paao, for the x11ii 1. DlBtrtet.
Rliidngliam, Aka., >? !?* 15- ''? w. Tarpln. member
?, congi* from the old IVth Alabama Dlatrlrt, ww
BMdnated \. iierday bj lhe Deaaacratli eoaveflllaB
af the new ix,h Dtdt-h '?
Marfbaro, Maaa . -i". I - Tbe Deme rata d tae
IVth (,.i,ri?-i"i?.l l'i ii" < lo-daj reaoaalBated Fr-d
'^ewb'urVlfalrlrMaaB., rJept. 15. Tbe DwaaoerwU^f
thf Vltb I'hfrl't to-aj nominated Henry u. Uttle,
of rtewburvport, for roiiKr.--. ,' .
Itorn.- Ln -"I"- it>- "<'..'l"ii'' XHtt*, "f Ic*..-.
?poke"here to_y, and Ibere were fall* SOO d/hh
Mloweri proaeni. Mueh entbn-daam i re^dled. i.e
fora the apeahlng ? raneua wm h.-ld and . ?? ha .A.
-im. , of ('..11.. 'wa- nominated a- n randl-ata lor
Conareaa. Ut ruri agdnal John w. Maddaz, Ibe Deaaa
f%onCenrye.AIa.. *'-i-t. 15.- It, tke iie.?..cr...i. ? i'-i.
ventlonol lhe III- rongreaa DI irlet, :? -.al-. I?day,
w c (v.t-s wa- i.i.?,iniit?d i.i acclamatlon.
Cedar RhpUI,, Bept. 15. Ibe Demo, rmU, nf thc \th
l-ara Dlatrlrt h-vc renomluated Jobn r. Kamlltoa m
(0|l.!.vou- Maaa.. Bept 15 The In Dhrtrid Itepubll
ran t^Bareadoiial Uonventlon thla afternaoo n aal
ii'.fd a'h. Wrlght, d Sedh \dain., i.v aedaautloa.
Jokndowa, N. Y., sept. ia (Speetall. -Al tke Pattaa
-n-i Haadltaa DeaMMtath Oenveatleo beM bereta-day,
lohfl ll Vim Oerder, ot aioveravma, u-s nomlnBt^i
('V^rt\.. leaa. 15.7lafe B; TrtBP of ror.
land. I-,- been renomlBated for Tbe A.ssen,bly b> ili
K, pol I in
.11 |>,,K Ul'.li'lS s.U's KOTMIIfO.
judge Werta iduacid ta aay "etua bc (ataadei to do
aboal th- PeaaaetBtk Mariakirkaa t*t Ooaaanar. He
M *iear__t_i aaked thr ajaeatlaeL but his aavarylag
re_?Jy aaa that he l?aU nol yet Bad Uine to thlok Ute
matter over.
('oatlniied from flrat Pa*..
are wel-ome tnii-pejident of di.trlrt l.nes. hy whleh th'
,-lnt. 1- nor, l*_Md4rte*_, Tba <-lub I* a inf-riibor of Uie Rtate
Leagaa nf RapaMleaa Qaba.
p. u. i_ird, -ti,- Btn.rtaar," ?aa* a_ prtadpal ud
dr-s- is-t -vei,in_ .,11 PaaaatUoa mu tae ieea*d "f aaa
fV-i'iibii'-an party, si,"?inL' t.i.i paag i maaa ia um paaajta
mrv _l-o.Y* r.-'l'en... ,n .ool isitn. l-'or,,oie aiid tlm-.y
Ht-l-frallena of ._.? BaaMtoaa beaaata watob uu taberlag tn-.i
.jtiji.v a* ? reaadt ?f a pratacUvc tadg, wara rlvea by Mr.
i_i,d. ?h.. \..i- t.- i|,i-nt.y api.Biia.ti aarmg tn- evaamg.
A M-Blg-BB, BBtWt .4" en___<.nent vl_i the RefmbllOM
tStmat CaaipalgB I ..mn.ltu--. alv, mid- sr. adrtr-*- on th"
p,u tasl WBfb-Bfa -f lha tiri.I. Th* Bktettag wa* en
anahvUit. aad i?ll -???*** Ibe eaaerj. ae :J. K-tehh.
son, piesMcnl; WUlla-i Warrea, dee.p**BB_eol; bt L.
W-lte, neaaarer, aad Jooepb Weal, treatarer. s-ptember
28 le ti..- d..;- ot iba aeat a..n>., whea praaeaeat -pe.k
ota ii- expa.. J t.-, iv piaataa.
it i- axpeeted thal there wlll be _eeenl thon*nrid
aaen ln aaJB-rm, repcenentlng th- aaareMng craba
ut uruokiyu BepnbUcana, la tta pi.rsde taaawiow
evenlng In honor of fhe randldate af the party for
rr - PreaMeat Mr. It-ld is axpeetad to reacii the ettg
in tinie for dltiner at the Moiifauk C.t_, as the guost
..f Charlea a. KOara, pinaldml ?f the club; 97. C.
Wiilla.e. <\ tn.inher of COUgrcsa, und others. P-veral
pmmlnctif BepnbHeai- of IfeW-Yorl snd Brooklyn wlll
h*> pre-.nt.
Kr,.,u the . lontaiik Ctab, ut Klfrhth-iive. and I.lliroln
Place, Mr. BeM wiu be eaeorted by th* BepahUean
cluba of-outb Un.oklyii ta tta tTnton taague elu-houee,
Bt lle,lf..r.! ?v-. 1111.I Dean Bt There all th- CBtba of
the elty wlll 1- r-vl-uvd from h plaiform ln front
oi the elubbouse. There attl be four ttvlatoae. l_e-Outh
hrooklyn <tivi-ion wiu lora. al aavtalay~laea and
Rightb-av-. Tta 8/eatera dlvudon wiu form ut Lafayette
and Wasbtngtaa avea. Tta W_._msburg division wiu
form ut Claaaon nnd tafayatta avea. The Baatern
'llvi-u.n *lll form nt 8t Karfe'a snd l:o?ers nves. It
h pr,,p.v.-d t<> have the rinhs (orralag la Lalayette
nve. mai'.h ln Cl.i-r-onave. and frospr, t Place lo Bed
ford-ave. wliore tta other* will J"ln th"ni. and all
iniii-'h Ui Bedford-ave. post th- revlowlng polnt ?nd
then countermarch und form ln fn,m of the elubbouse,
where tne throiiR wlll l>e addreaeed by ex-Governor
Poraher, es Omgi-astnau Horr and otheis. beslde*
the gueol of il.ventng. Tta rcc.-pilnn to Mr. r,-ld
..lll be ln tJ.e rJubhouse after Ihe pun.de.
rhe rlubhouse wlU be i.h.,'!-"1u-!v decorated nnd
brllllantly lllumlnated, and lt only neada flne wenth-r
., make the nifsir one of the tinest -%-r aeea iu the
it.v- ________
TTm K-srX C.urty K-puMi'a.. f'oninilttoe, held a
baaaer-ralttng at Ita __dquartara on Ualaey-at laat
Ill.hf, nnd It proved to ta t!io greiltert nnd 88881
entbi ilaado poliika] damoriatratlon ta BeanrB Uiin
rear. \vi,.m, th- bandaome banner, taarlai tho aamea
und portralta of the BetathBeaa randbaataa awung
araOBB the stn-rt. tta nel.l l, rl?">d w;i> l.lnek wlt!*
tamantlr, ui>d. tta ?padou* ..eadiitiarters l.ulidln.
wns pa. k.-d fo snllo'iillo.i. Therv wore two BMStiBga,
one Inslde und "ii- out.s.do tta lu)ii*e. Wlthln th
haii th- prluctpal apeaher wrts Jaaaa* K. h?aaa of
PUnoU, wh,. hci.i bla rrowdad audlanaa for ,,\eT an
?*,ur. Another offecilve apeaker waa Mr. Vaarlper. a
tynlrnJ farmer. Tlie demoOBtraUon was s aorprlae
_, fj.mniltte.', ai '"'i. a turiio.it nnd 1.n uu
l.?.k.-i f'.r, and li waa regnrded aa a h.ippy eaaea <>f
Republican a ui esa ln the btate.
AI1..-.11T, ttrpt. IB (?pedall Cleve__d and Tarllf
Kef.-.i raceteed little attentloB al the openlng Btaaa
roeatlng ol the loeal B*ni *racy la llarmanua Bleectar
Hall to nlght, Tbera waa a Uuaa aodlenoe, bul u waa
. ,|d, and cheered m ly wtan Davld n. HUl'a nama waa
..i a) i. ,, .- i ,- kran wa ? tta ?_*raher. He
?,-,k ita ? l-.r? btP" hs hl text, Ifl the Blmoat t"i;il
. ,:? i n nf the i.u.iT. M ",:- rtme Mr. C irkran
.>? ol Harrison, whlch waa followed
.. . ? .. in fact, the mcntl >n of Mr.
lUrrl?o.i'? name ren Ived mon ?l an rjvatlon Itan lhat
f Mr. i ?
i .. ,. . new BapubUcan wlgwam, al
, ,? | -.,,-' -,...... Muunt Vern *T to nlght
,..,., mg ni-tli.- It wlll alao he tta
; |0i i,y the Itarrlaoa and
K.-l.i tumpnlgn tiub, ind aill be a ratl8eattoa of tta
... the XaOonal randtdate . An Bttra. ?
?i b) Ita Campalgn Com
? ? "?" Mount Vernon Hr..s,
I ? ,| md ti,.- Voung Men. Campalgn <.i-s' Club.
,'.,-4,,,^- man Boswall <?? H".r. of Mlchlgan. wlll
, . ... | ?.. '..,i -[- iter, and ibe anrto_IU?>menl ol
- >,,, :,r a_ed much entboa-am. Owlng to
- Uander i lakeuun, \. St BbUteman,
,,_,,!? .? ,..! man and preaidenl of ita rlab,
\uU ? .. ? , be ;,r.-..,t, and l'.. K. tuuwn, a
. , wil. l-.r i.l- Tta wliramm i- a
- en '.?: . ? Ihe ran polgn by rol
pilona (!>?..i Ihe K-pubiloan-. ?f the
.,, i__n, t.uio pniple. Seata wBl
.. : tui won n. wi.-. are .-[?-.i.iily tnelted.
? ? ?
v,,| r.s Of TBE CAXVA8S.
.,... ..... ,- - ?.-?.? bI ibe i, ba * Uajaa
,.,.?. ., . ti waa beM aa Wedaaaday Bvealag at H -
bj L-diow-at Tbe rr.-etm. naa ealled ta raUfy ">
. ,. ,.. ,. (.??:.....1 a..d R. id. whleh waa dool bbbbI.
. ,nd wiih cheera. Ilpeachea wera made hy John
. ...... Marl ', Bnd Tkeodon F. Ruhle. K-rty.
men ' -r- ?? ,-? enw ; I
s? ? .---.' ?'. i aai B le Republican
i..,.,,.. ._- i, n laat evenlng al ga 20 Orcbard-ai Over
,,., ?. ., ,,,?.,.,- ? IM "? the llat _ awmber
i,. pr._id.nl ol tbe ..-?--i-, teaala Altkrug, de
,'. .,..-- - addr. - '?'. U_ _h8, hi- ramarlf*
-(n tollowed '' ?peerhe* Iron foaeph Tant-hola, R M
, ,,i.? ???. - ? ?'??? Tbe oflkera af lha taaga*
.. ,.., ,; . ._ i uu tlthrag; Bral rlee^raaldeBt, Loal*
Hl .'.' .,r,??i \i...i?'-,'i-i.t. Ilerman O-Hamaai reeord
,?_ _ ,,,_., [|rM Klllsi Baaaelal aee-Hary, Byman
Klll.,u ,t. ,...,. r. Bernard Rosenburg; wrgraut-st-arms.
Jost-pti W III ims,
v,.,,.,,,, |. Mason, andet hl* ragagemeat wlth th?
., _? < ,?? mlt.f ihe R. pukUeaa Club of Bew-Tork
, ,', -.ii, BddreM . I. Hi' " "'" '"' ,"il "'
, ?,i si rli.g n Y . ihl* ???
,_ , ,., s'j. L'lUien*' |-..|,?l'l.'sn Clob Wlll b"ld a
?-,..??.. le-Blshi al II* ro toa, No. v:.4:i Aveaaa A.
.,,,VM .,,. lk,,. arlll Bddresa the meetlng.
,,. ,. i-ii.. m i sgue < lub, -f yonkera, I-M *
., - ,- \v.,,i,',ri,?, iinil. Tha
,.: .-? ? .," |i '??' "^ aa*_ew_ai chee.i
.. ,i?. ,-iub liad ,??>.' ''"? I" 'i-. pawlng r--".',
..,. ..' in- '. ata "i -I. Milwart. taa
-,, ol Ihe dua i. i "'" ,;r'' N'" .,'
' ,? , ?,..." '" '?""- ??.****?? '
. . UI I "--I' W *?' - '? ""'" ''" "." _,B_
. . . , Ropubll.ai.lflH al ?'- '1 ?>
.. ,;, ,,,. ,',,,-: mappolnted '' ?- t-Ulna, Blp and
,,.,,.,-,,, . ' resolUllons of .loleuce
,!',..,,.--.-' ??'"""._?
?. Hr. Mllward. Janwa M. Bun wa* .?t"
? | I.I - ? l.l- ut. , , .
n ,,,m, ,,-, - -f ti"- Long Island RepB-Ucan I lub h?\?
, ,-,?, d ,j,- K w. BUsa llattary. They pwpoao ta havs
'. ah*- ??dgc. Benso..
,,,,,., ,;, ? r. _ h BBd lon Hun,....,, Tl",- h*A
... th. .,,.?-,?. *lll ???"? n?..",?,-. aii Republleaaa are
- , .,.,.?? rlab at FlftyflMl .l.aod
ii, ,i ,v. Kouta Brooklyn, on Katurday evenlng, aaea
. ,?,_.,,.;,.- wlU ba a -I foi BoMli."? parade.
TM Am ricaa IT-taeUve Tb?B teague wiu hold a
?.....t..,. al t'arper fulon on vfedneadaj evenlng, Ueplem.
i,..r vi. .oha i. wi.r. i", wlll. lo* ih- laat Uaa* la UUs
rtty.'preaent his srell-known llluatraled laclur*. B* pre
AHita th* laH8 questloa la ahaa that II prM-eta Uie
.nrrirao -or-lBgaaaa, snd atawa avet 180 al th- beat
-', reoptl, ",, \' "-v -
;,., |-..il |.. -I..H Bf BM Xllh A*B88aMy in-trl't. niet
f,,r drlll la-'. evenlng m Bxtalatai Aaa*?My Booms,
,,.'., ,,t., _\.. ....1 rweBty.aiath.at. roai eampaale* kaye
I ,.. ,. i i.,,, arblta aad t?" ooloi-d, aad iBlly
,0.1 RBBB lur.I "t !*>t nlKbt 8B h- dnlled 8j '?!"""
Reoree W. Schaelter. II la espeeled Ukal 800 Bl BiON
?..u _iu .?,? oul Bt lha paradea. rn- a_k-ra thaa
IB, seleeted ???? I'- 'I- Murphy. eol.i BBanaaaadtagi
laaea n MrMarny, malori w- <;- aaaaaga, Ja.. a.
Ho-r* _ad Bearj J. R-8aor. eaatalaa. Th- aalfana*
s.-, ,.,,? ,?i. ,a anl ?iii ba laaoed *-? aaaa ** the
,.,.?,?? |, readj .- parada, Thera arUI *?****"*;
(Tenadlera ind a NBlary, wltb aae ar twa UaaUag gwast.
At th- doaa al lha dnii UotanH Murphy addreaaed ihs
aaa snd eoogratalalad Ihem aa Bka faad Bh-Wlag they had
Um r,|,i,i,!i.-...i etaetara al lha Ce*?ty -f sutT-iit wiu
,?,,,! _ ceaveaUoo ?i Rlverhead aa T-esday avealng,
October * ?l ? :,? a'etoeh f-r 8m aaraa** nt aaanlaattng
.,??;?.?,,,' ,.,- county oBtaes, aeaeaUag *WegaaaaJ? tha
,,?,:.-. eoavealt-a, eh4*B_lna - aaaalp aaaatataaa for
1-',:. .ud f"r "tl.-r uu-.li!
?ih" lui-ri a Oteacea Btaaory P**r_.i~_ ia their aew
_B__rm, Sluwagh ta* BV*. x.n.i.. xvnu, BXtaiaad
Ktth abbbibM] Blairl -- .'..da',,1..:, rvaalag, Captala
DBrtley r-amaadlng. headed by * Rta aai dreai rarpa.
Ih* i*?r..d- wa* redowad by praauaeat BaaabhUaaa al the
N..?!n_! beada-arters aa IHU'-.- T*a LaaMary haMa
meetlaga on .:,- Bral aud thirl Moadaya of ea.-h nionth.
The dBeera ar* WUIkua a. U.iriley. .aptain; wuiism U
T-rner Bral Ho-8eB_di >? Deot. aeeBBd IMaaaaaatj B. K.
,-?. ^daaae* aergeaat; iamai T. BBey. ar-t ea*9*aa*i
i,.i?, w .Jrady, coartaimaaler; l taU-a, galdea.
?i-,?- Opbii BapubUcan i ampBign Clab, of th- Tweaty
-,,.- arard. Btaaklya, ?j- Brgaalaad aeeaember 9 ut Bo
rt* jBBBaarB-* ?'". * awmbeaiku ei harty reame. ih^
ofii.. r- sdeeaad ara; Sohm Bebaaaaabay predi*al; J- J.
Brn.o *4ea-preaMW?i; f?c4?rga W. Kiu. aaaratary; Chruw
phet Prol'-t.. I**a*_rtri T. Ith-lnharrtt. -?.r?^ant4--Usrii,.s.
Maatinaa *r* u b* hrui every suaaaay at ? p. aa.
tua* -Blared rVvubllcaa aag-nltBllaa of tae l?t As
leinblr DUtrlrt held a meetlng laet evenlne at N'o. BO
Xa-iau-M. TV ipeakcn vrere J. S. Chav and C. J.
Maefcay, Twaaty Bra new ___abara wara admittcd.
Among thoae pr<-*ent were J. II. Neal, Wllllam Bayard,
K Haak, Wllllam D?l>lt?. Harry F-rema/t, Henry F
r.awr-mp, Wiili.m Jahaaaa, K. Brown and Wllllam
Daaaaaa. Xbe otncer* ar.-: Walk-r Smlth, preiident;
Oeorge Rlddell, vlce-ptesld-nt; Tlionioa K. C?rter, sec-re
t*rv; Ollvcr Hol-iea, treaaurer.
The rcfular ormnlwt.on of lhe XlXth Asie-i-ly Pl*
trlrt held a Baeeth-S la-t Bf?lag at .slxtj-neventh-it. a?d
ti- Bealevard, arhleh far tataaal enthmiaim ha* bardb"
bc-n tarpaaeed by _ny other lu tha rlty thls fall. Thc
pr-s.-nt eiirnlmeiit of the trgaalSattaB I* over 2..-M) \-tcr-.
??d ia?t evaatag tha r-nm araa paekad vidt* f?u aaaatsg
eaparlty and aaaa wera aaaMa to aeeaaa 8t_iidin_.ri.oin.
(harlei F. Ilrud-r preslded. 'Jho glee club of the Bed
proclty Republiean Clab "f tha XlXth A*
sembly Dlitri'-t nm prewnt and aanir "Oood
Jlj-, i.rover," "iom Wat?on. d Oorflia," and other Btlee
tio.is. Joeeph ht. Deael was the tir?t ?pcakar, and he
iJBCaaard th- t-,ruT ln gaaead and l-a t*h*U upon WBgBa u
ii -a-etaeted eaaatry. Bx-J-dge Maehey eeaabraed thedla
cuxslori ..f the tar.ff and exp?Md the wnnlerful ad
vaBMgai lhal reelpreelty wni. south Am-rimn lapab
lln was already npenlnir to our BieekBBlea He went on :
"Bt the 1-s, eeaaaa talten ln Oraat Brltaln the populatton
n B.700,000 peapaf, aud Mn? aamber of legMaaad paapeia
ii 1,2000,10, or abeal one t- every thlrty-ela mhaWtaata
In the Inlr-d state.,, wlth B popuiatlon of i.v-r 112.000,000
-KjulK, the number of r?aister<_i |i?uper. 1? 74.0OO. BB I BB
i^uper to aaeh hhs etttaeaa, X_la Btata of affiirs n?ds
n? eeaaaaeat from any one; the , batea Ib between >'re
Tr-de and I"mte,-tlon. PBupertam and Preapeitty." ,Ap
plaue.) Iiimes Qi.liui p.v.- .|e\,ti leaaBBB why the work
Inprmeu of the , ountr/-hi.'ild vote aealnit l.rover Chare
John Relaenwober, chairman of th? committee of ar.
ranpenient-,, ls trylag to aeeon a laree hi.ll ln the lower
part d the dlitrlet wh-r- a grand ratlflcafjon rally wlll ba
beM n.-xt week, if paeetb-B.
TIIKY ("ATIlV.T. 0N' CHICK \M lt'1 A B4TTTr.__r.l_D
? <iF.VF.RAI. UOTXTON'S _!>_?__?.
ChattaaoafB, Taaa- bept. i.'.--ti..> f.rst da.v*
meetlng nf the godety d tha Army of thc C-_aber_ad
rook p!_e- Bl CUekanaegB lo-dap. At 10 a*eloek the
flrst nieetLni- of th- aoelety was cllod to ordrr at the
p.u-ic Kotd. Oeaeial W. B, RoaeeraBa pradded ?t
n,e meetlng, N<> badneaa exeept "f a roatlae nature
was braaaaetei. W la uadarnrtood thd thc meetlng ba
iH- held Iti lBit.1 Wlll be Iiel'l nt CleVHland ln Deeaaa
ber. Durtnir, the aft-rnot.n tii- vot.-r.ms vislte<l tha
hatlldleld nnd Bp_t almo.-t nll the Hfternooll at that
pla.'". Ahout -<M? gaeda were preeeflt nt the reunlon.
(leneral lf. V. Hoynton dcllverod thc anftnal orutioti
hefor- tbe aoetetf to-night. Geeeed iioynton revlewed
tho aebtoraaaenta of the Army d the _____r_Bd,
and lo ?o dolng isought to rorrert lome of the errors
of blatory ta the aaaaaetra "f 'ii-ant und Bbaeaaaa hy tbe
liRht ?f ofllcinl reeorda oaly reeeatty made neeej-siiK
ln tlolng so he caalmed f"r Ruell the crcdlt of
iuvinR (Irant from tbe dl-nrac. ,,f a BBrpdM d
gblldt; for Ro?iecraii.4 a vidory at Chlckamauga, and
for Thom.'is the aaooaaa a? Uaalodary Rldge. Oraafa
and Bheraaaa'a memdra, whereln ini-.-epre-entiittons
concernlag the Amiv ?,f tbe Cumberland were gtvea
eurr-nrv, were v-iuistjcallv r*BV_rWed. Thc audlenrc re
warded iba apeaker by frequerit apptaaae.
Baarlae, I .IBBltt ?i !0l Mooa rlaea "11 a.aa.|Meaa-a tga, _8
ni'iii w.irni to-iiat.
a M-Sandr H-..k. n 10 ,;.... leland, Tii n-'i ,;,'o. 8:04
P.'M -si:,-y UjM, a 4.S'.-,.. lalaad, t:l9 H-il <?_?, 0 1-'
EBCOMEB0 s lha__;_._.
*.'????? K'om I.Ina.
Bectiranca ..*."...."..V?m. Aaa. -4 .IU:l7-'1 M lli
N . Copenhaireii, Sept. 1. Tbln_vall_
Hobemla. Hambura, Sopt. 2 .llamh.-Au.-r.
1: ?? 1 . Llvi.r.opl, .sept 8 . 1 unar.1
.Ha, burg > pt 4 .ilan l
phlladelpiila. !?" ''uairra, rJ.;pt 10. .Il-i Li
.Nn-s-iu, bept l- . N *, aad Cai.
BATt'ROAY, si i-n.Mitr.!' 17.
Btrurla Dlverpeal, Bept. 10.Cmard
,'itv of rbeeter ... Llierponl. "Sept- ".Inman
|- Blan.areB . ... r-.uU>ampten, s.-nt. 10. ...Hamh 11 ,r
Bermuda. Bt. 1 r-.\. Bept. 11.Quebee
M Mi\ V. M.l'l I.MilI R 18.
Pumeaela.iMe-fow, Scul B .Ani-hor
La li-',.,,.'.rhcrbourv, se|* 10 .l-rench Trtna
T-,-,,1- ...Mverpnol, Hc-pt '?.Whlte Stlr
., . li,-,m.i'l., Bepl IS ...Quebcc
M?n elaaaa. auiii.
Aunnta. r^in^rd. Uverpod.. . .".lO:30aBi '2 "0|> m
A aaka, '".!?", tlverpool . _ ..-.^pni
\ :. r \ 11 doyd in n,en . 11 .io ? n, 1 no p m
V, ?? 11 ??-. Rott. 'ten . II Wt '" 1 :*_. t> iu
ll. U-nland Red Star. Anrut-rp 1: :30 p n -?'_'.''?
1 ? ampaffne Preaoh Trati rherbourg liOHaai . OOaa
- : n . ??. st 1 roi ? ... I '""ii i' 18
hj.: iw, rivd- Oape Haytl . 1 OQpai S Oppw
u u ;, 1 |.'k Pul ', ' .,,- IIbj-U. etc.ll '-..'a m I 00 p u.
Clty d Airxaii-rui. N _ and Cuba,
Ha%_na . II W- Bl ' Oi) p.n
TTESPAT. si lTll.MIilJl W.
TTB-re N (; Uoyd, Brernen . I OOaai 0 ooarn
bia, Paetfle Mall, Cehw ..... l0*0Oa ? IX**) m
1 ity of rhei_?r l?n,an. Llverpoel ? _:oopn> 5:00pn
Rhvnland, Red ?*r, Antwcrp rj.,.'|ini _!10pm
M.,].s,i,. Whiu- Ktar, Uver|.I .l'J ?'-) ,u 11 "i p iu
Nlagar*. N Y and L'uba. Haiaaa. 1 ').pm .) 00 p iu
PORT OF W_6W.TO__-T_ttJttS_?AT, BXPT. lg, 18_.
st/_,?er Croft (Br). Boblnapa. r_-tth. Aataat S9 and
Dumiee no "Hh mJ1-' aad a paaaeagei. to Blmpaon,
KDencor v Young. Arrlied at th- llar at 0 a m.
hteamer Trb*. i'?r . KelniBaaten, Rremen s-pten,h-r
H end Bouthainptoii 7. wlth B_lae n?d paaaengera to Oet.
rlchi 4 (?" Arrue.i at tbe 1 >r it 7 20 j ?.
HWaater 0 R Booth (Iti . *.a\il>, LUbon Augnst 27.
viiii, mdee to nrd.-r \*-s.i to Bimpaon, Bpenea V. Tonng.
Arrlvod at the Bir at lo a m.
Nteanier Monomoy Ur bbw, 1.7tr. tena), Jdnklna,
Hund. rlaod. Bept" mber 1 ln i*m-<t u> r ^l-t:_n ,t s-ii-.
A,ri'.._ _t Um 11 ii at 1 no ,, r. ... ,, ? ,,,
ntranier Vhmn. Buruer, llerana Beptembar 11. ?itii
in.is.. and paaien-an to Jamea 1 V/ad t- 10. Arrived
;,t tln- lUr at fi a tt,
hteamer <iud_.i > ? miai (Span), L-rn,oua, Kavana Bep
leniber l" wl'.h mdae ??"" p lenge-- lo I ht CBballaa v
,? Airlwd at the nir it il BO a BJ.
Hteamer Old Domlnlon, Loueh, lUchtnond, Neaport
N.M.. <in.i Norfolk, ''ith t-.i-" aml paaaeagen ta OM
ii ii inioii s,.--,i,,-.,i|. 1 o.
M.;l?...r Winthrap, Momer, Bt Jaha, N II, to Chariea
" >.'.',.'"'? || M Wh!t,,.-y. Hallett, BestM, altb m
" s''.',"',",'.y ol >t-iitr-.i '.?-.. Londoo. 18 daya, wlth
??is- u* i.?,.,.-s Dunham'a N.jdiewi v to.
--iiiii J,.-|.ii -r Mat land, S >. M?-hol?, llasr-. _n
Uins ln hallMl to .1 II Wl." h.-ter ft I o.
ji,-L Mi-- "1 r Whia ll.mburit, 11 .lavs with adae
m , ? lor ? \. --S-I ,,. lln 0 Ki. r.<l ll'"
' i,,.,',,. 1 ,,.-' : Ital '?? ? - ? '-?' '-?
_i,i. ,,,1,,. tn 0|,| 1 \cs~.| ,.. KtilK'h, Kdy.i v l<>
,? |g t T-v.-.'r. imyu-n. nt I'roU. Id daya, wlth Bdaa
-,,,, 1 11 ,s. nirr - Ui llartiai llroe,
"'m. , llatl la. - vl . Bepteinber _il.
.,,,1 , ?irl, ??"... 1-. w'th - -1 .1 '? i-.Bgera 10 Wllllam
C 4 i v.l- I ' 0
si SSF.T Whid <>t Kandy lloob, B-ogena*., w, elear;
?1 1 lt) l-iuud, ll__t, W, ? ? 1
Htaamet Astraaaaa (Bi , an paaa, aaniiiBam, BaB
P,t_Mm,:rlBh,-he*U-r?n(Ou_h)l IMMe. Ratarraam, Bd.-ll
"";:';.;%Vi:'.;;.,.i,.- IMlph^a Kewpari kewa wd Bu
r";,,,.;,":!?.l;"';u"K'r.i,:-,:,HV?;;;. m.-m.,,-. o*** .. *
^^..i'Neptune, Ktaaer, Bt Aaa'a Bay. tt* I B
BTt__ier''-ehaa. Braa Nor). W,.berg. Naama,
" "'. N,.?.,,..? .?siniih, Barannab R ?,.Wdher.
7,Vi""' ireVdi. Ilolihkl-.. l*hlladelpblB, Pena Woed,
N''.,'.';,!','?? t R-bbla Oidfrey (Br), Utmttt, toaeabarf,
^s^M^erd'whlt- r, '?- ira . Boakm, Maaae-B K
r'!V,rK -rar* tk-ottt (Br), I'-'-t'T. Oh-al Bhaye, Pr I W
^BlSp Mtau^erea (Br), Bltede. Uverped, Bad BtaaaaaH
B __i* tlalaahea (Bar), ll_aaaea. 1 aaaaa-, ?at-0
T"i?__5rt?a*e_ (Br). BaaBlaa, iHcafow, Beat AaiBa,
?^iSSef wiheraara, BiB.bi, Mararillea Fraaee
KuTrrri, Bdya - Ca.
Maaaaai Cereaa tor tolth: ym-hjedam, Awtjjliaij
roteane- Bruaa, Baaaaa; algiera, Odveataa K"an.,k,,
N,,_!'.','_l l-_ia Burrlll Dadln 1 Baraaek, Rheaghd.
AtH?,K^,Kior,;;i,i;:- _ **v, n****n* ?. ??_
r,>AiM. _fiTvto Uad lalaad Baaad-lBaaaaar Baaaad
^r^uM^nsTMMnis H>rt,i,NP'M:.s
naamaa Oara__ (Br), tepi .'a."-;"1". ""'? "'""t
_1M fri.ai tSSeStowB f. Bew_-e?B at - J', 1- Bl
8X5S1Sar_l? (Br) I m * jMrteb gfPBaahar 8 far
U^^&Wu_5pT illrU'^T^lWfrom :."-'(..".
**-_-g^ig?W&_ faaa ir^Tark.laaaaaabar
-"?^r^^^,";.:^''&s^i^^?-- n. v.
T __r_R "uVU-ndan, (Dnteh' fr,.m N-iv-Vork Nentem.
. ?, ...r,v,d uf ll.r."Mil .Seefetnl-'r 12.
A _?__U'l-_w_ea (Br)?PwUli_. afficd tram Ulrgcnti for
Baw-Terk Beptarnbet 9.
ls tho only Mne tliat malutalns a ddatt fl?t-cl?__s,,
llmtied traln between .New York ai.d Chicago. All
other -'Umlted- expreaa tt-Jr.-- are mere.v lmlta
Uoat of tha celebr-ted Penaajlraiil* Umlted. .'.
The PoBBlblllly ?f a (holera Kptdemlr-A Faw
Worda of Adrlee and tVarnla*.
Tli-r- can be no doutu a* to Uie pre*eiu-<- of rholera here
In Amerl.-a. nor Uiat it will inrrea*'-, bul ttiere Is no reasoa
why pe-I'le -hould beeon.e panc ntrlrken. It ls trua
thata I- poi??n ln the alr snd ln the BVBBtj but that "aa
.mu,-- nf pr-Miitlon I. wnrth a po'.nrt of eur." 1* no ) s. tru*
keeaaaa lt I* old. That eholera ls .anftcro'is I* most true,
but lt e_u be, should be, prev-nU-d. lf thc du*t 'ont_ln
iiil' lha .-nn af ahaaaaa i* bbbub by th- wind into your
haa ? - a* your f_c?>* you Ttiuct klll these L-.-rm- snd sr onee.
if ita ?ai i- paa driak teetabaa aanaa of ch?iera you nm**
_. *tr.,v Ikeaa irerni* qulekly. They can b- kllled. Ilowl
nv I,. <tln_ what tlie hlghest kn.ovn m-dleal autaorlUea
amnhaalrally ?tate.
ruitaaaai Au-tln Fllnr, Uie bsviliig professor ln Bells>
V.i- I ,,li-_e navs : , . .
"The j'Kil. I.,ii? us* of deehollC *tlniulsnt* 1* one of taa
etrtklng rkar-ctedsttca of progrea* la the practko of _*_?
clne durlriK th<- ln>t half .eatury."
Profeaaoi i.ph Partah ana:
? w- ku.iw Uiat alcohal wlll -' ady tha hesrt, s!o- taa
pulae, edn ex.?ir-nieiit, and are a_ghl to hm> lt."
I.r. J. B. Ilarprr. -dlloi of the M-dl-al Remrter, 'Brs:
"When ?? de-hoUe stimulaui I- n-eded imrTy'* .'ure
M-lt Whlake* -h??il<l be nl..-,,."
Profeaaor ll.-nrv A. Mott ?ay*:
"The porllB "f _a_ys Por* M*ir \viil?k?y ?hould cer.
t_iniv reeommend it to the hi.h?t publh- fivor."
Th h.-st pnaatNe :.'M"e ?.i|,-h .an ba ?Mven 8a people
nh-ther reBldtog ii, the elty or eountry, l- n v,eke u*e of
sorue pure al'-->holl ? -tln,uia.it.. whl.-h wlll keep Uie blood
ln heulthv elniilailon :.nd prev.m gtfBM from geltin- a
-trona hold on th- *t-.?_nt flystem. I>uTv'? Pur- Msll
Whlskev wlll do tlU?; U-Pare wklafcev will not. DulTy'a
Pur- Malt Whl-k -v ?ill dilve nut ?r krll sl. dl*ea?e g?rms;
impure whl?kev dn-* ""t. Th- .lutv, therefore, of wirlng
rtint. and that ,,-ilv whleh 1* sbs-lutelv pnre |* appsrent ta
all. and that I* a dutv the nmst ad.ani-.-d aelfttUde and
medleal auth-rltt"* ae'ree and the pres-nt emergeney _??
1_ .-:-?- J
VletorlB, B. C, Sept. 15.?The seallng srhooner
Trliimph has arrived here fmm Copper Island. She
brlnps n-w* that further ronflrms the reports that
addlUonal tctxurea have been m.-id- by fhe Russlana.
che siirht-d the Baaataa crulser 7.iiltak* soiith of
i'opper I-lHtid, about foriy n.il-s off shore. A short
__rtanee away w-re four .rhoon-rs, ?IT their guard.
Th- Trlumph had nll her boats ln and was carrylng
all sall. She siood away and the crulser ran for tha
other four schoon-rs. C.-iptaln Whldden, of tho
Trlumpli, BBga tta eru8Mr t-te-med ln among the
aehnoners, and he Ls e-rtaln sh- must have captured
aaaaa of ttaaa; but a taavy fog shut oir his alear.
Tw<> days later Ita Trlumph sltrhted the Ameriean
bark Majes.ie. pnsx.-d <-1<>kp to her and snw a lxi.Ua
throw.i from tar whleh cor.talii-d the following note:
On l>oiird Am-rleun bark Majestte, nt s.ti, Aug. 13.?
Latltude M north, loagltude iooAM aaat* T?. sealina
achooaeri in si^hr. Tata aotlce You ar.- ln danuer of
capture i.y tta Bumtan erulaer fndla-B. now- at Capaaff
island. i bave ai"'.-ird f.n.r erews, ol acbeeaaia .\riei.
C. H. white. Boale OUn an.i wiui- lleOowea, .-.iptur-si
by li-r, thlrty fpjir m-n all t.'ld. three days out frum
r>ter_onlky Sound f?r l?uKet _ouad, Th- .-ruls-r went
by us day before yeatenlav. Tbera ls another
aeboonar lylnp w-.*t by aouta of you. about flfi-en
mll'.s ?ff. Tta eruls-r eapturea all wlthln llno drawn
frvni K-hrlng .s._ dlvlsl.m to r.-irr..ll stralt.
S. r. I.ukk.\TZEN, commandlng imrk Majeetlo.
The wheat spe.ulation cmilnui-d dull, Irr"--"!**
and waah yeaterday. ti.c teaateMf of vntaaa waa
_0__~_r_ and final losses reaehed 3 4.7-8 cent.
Only a little mor- than l,O<s.,n(s0 taa??l rhnnped
baada, and the li^al traaera were ln control. De
eemtar oattoaa (.p'-aed. at -?_.'!-> aaaia und feii to
Bl 13-188)817-8 Oenta t'nbles were dlsnppolntlng
earlv and cb.scd w.-nk nnd lower. Kn>-t did not
al'i-ar nt tta Weat ree.ipt.s w.-re Btaral nnd the
f.,i-.- rep.,rt uUs.t ii,- Bohemia, WhtOb was sellt from
ihe Stock Bxchange, all bad a weatanlng e_f*-t Tlie
report w anbaequenUy d-ni'-d. l.ut it Tiad lts In
llii-ii-e, as tiien- wus ao inark-d rerovery from
Ittwest pricea. Oa tta s[H>t there nl-.? ?a, n de
pressed tn?rket nnd l-_0.?s*? bush.-ls were taken f<?
t'.'iii itls.i brate ai.d closed _-8a7-8 cent
lower. Bo ???**?!" waa reported from fr^t nt tha
n/eet nnd thia, mupled wlth the eholera Bcara and
realltlng. led to tbe d-<lin-. There was eoneMetaato
long seulng on the downward barn. ' aah bu.* wera
wenker, :,,,d km.ihio bashela w.-re sold for export.
, ata drapped :; -- '< - evnt on the agttana and fhg
long* i.'.i.ikI.iI fr-civ. Cash oata arera d-pressod
wiih only a nodeaate trade demand.
l4.nl Ml T'-i. p..|nts ..ii tbe .lu-lcrn srarf?.
The linal ijuotattona were aa foBrura:
Wti-ut-sep.-mh-r. 77 8-8; rtrtoher. "-ri't:_';0_
remtar, 90a -. Decemtar, Bl "?-; May, i-.?a, il <-8
(orn?Sept.'inb.T. v',l-;: October, 551-8: >ov?m
ber ",.'.: Decemtar, ?>?'. :t -: Mar, 1883, *>7 centa.
Oata- Beptcntar, 871-.; Oetotar, 38; Nocember,
30; Decemtar, -u>; May, i-o:t. 4-_ cent*.
I.anl sopiemtx-r. 87 83; Oct-tar, g?80.
Th- reca.pt* ,.f fl.'Ur and pniln report-d yesrer
dnv ut New V?rlt. Phlladelpbla, Unltlniore and Bo?
t..i, w-re aa IbUowa: Wheat 538,738 buetata. enrn,
14'JM". buabela; oata, 213.008 hu-h-ls: f..rnl (rraln,
-?u'-T.i buataui; tl"ur. __._gp pactagea. At Cjataa*
go MUwankee and 8t taula ttie arrlvala arerei
Wh-at 4.'.i..t.K. biish-1-; eorn, 887,880 taatats; onta,
318,170 bashela; total iri-iln, 1,088^-8 bushc_:
Boor, ?_',"!" barrala.
Chleago. Beat. 18 (gfacial).?waeat, toclay openeit
krwer ..nd then augeeed another Beveea decllne, the
ciose atowlng pia, ti, ..Hy ,1" leeovery. Daaaaaaap
opened at 7d l-nc, sold bc-tw-en 7.5 l-f?c and 7.V, and
doaed at 7.". 1 I c.nts. The choleru was the potent
factnr, the low nrleaa of the day belng made on a
story fr<in. Bew-York about tl.e I.ohomla arrlvlng full
of vlctlms. riprlii- wheat ree-IBta -l."W, an Inereas-.
ik).-, cara at Mlnii. apolls h.i.I I.uluth. Th- latest ofrl
elal esilmale of the FreUcb wh-at CI-U?_00Jt>_0XI00
i.n>heis. nn advance ovee tta prtor e-.iiinate of j.oon..
i?s? bushels- was, ..f .-our5-. bearlsh rather than buil
Ish. The cxports from tta aeaboard 5_0X*00 buahels,
ii.cludli.tJ fl.uir, were not -mall. but were not larire
enoogh to help matte.-s. Berelpta here were 488 eara;
th..in,at.- f.?r n-iduy. 383 cara. October eorn
opened .'.i 48 l 4c. aoM tatweea 48 8-8?47 88c, and
closed at ir :i 4-. Beedpta are falUag oB 38B cars
to-day, 313 .?stlmatcd f,,r Krlday. Oata w-re dull and
easler. (Ictotar s.,id tatween 33 7-8a and 33 3--<-,
.iii.i .li.s.si a. 33 '. -'. Bbrb bnlay deeUned 17 l _*
?-jr: lard, l'*'; n.s, 5_ IS l _.. There w.-re big; !.og
rec-ipta. ln war aaya over i_o.<h>o hoga have been
r.s i-lv.-d, nli.i'ist as iiii.ny aa w-re nr.-dleted for the
entire waefc. Th- aarek'a packtag in ihe West was
140,000 u.ad, agalnat 145/-00 bead the aaaaa weeh
bul year._
\TW> rBOM THI". Flli-n ABO BABOB 08* rr.l.'Ks..
yeaterday waa a bUnk day ln the all aaaital at lha
Nr? Vork Bxchangea. Tta trade baa beea deawraBsed
by tta r-inaiUai'i- ataylBg powera ?'f tta MeftaaaM
ti-I.I, :iu<l by tta iiiu-riainly .-,- t<> tta etr-.-! __ tha
app aniii. e of A lati'- cbolera ln thia clty. Ilenee there
was nn entire IndUposlUon t'> operate, even ln thc aa>
tlun m..-, im i a. tlvlty l- not llkely to be ktndlad, e_.
,-, pi by iin-\p? i.-l >t? v.l ipntenta, <>r a n-.ev-liy to
reiillce en holdlug*. The W?;-ru i.iarh-t ihowedl
ln li weakne*.*, -al-- at <ul Ctty belng reportad down
.,, 53 l s i-.-i,t-. while 54 l _ centa ??.-, th- _al prl'
here OB B'edll. -<la\.
Beflned p.ir.'l-uiii was unrhanged at ii.io eents per
galloii ln barrels, :t.i'<" ?nt- ln i.:.lk and 8_*8 cent* ln
..,.--. r..,-i.,, quotaU-na \..i-: Antwerp, 13 34
fruues; Br?men, 8.03 marks; Loodoo, i ll-lu_M 3-48.
i.iM'ip.'i. .-nt. 15. i t?. tn. Cotton?Futnrea daaal
ea .v ; A.rtcao -itddllng, I..W ui.ddllllg < hlll-e, ,s. IV
i-iiiNt d-llv.iA. :; 5U-U4d buyer.; ? pi.-iub.-r and Orto?
ber delivery, '?: 50--4d bauren; Oci twr nn.l Boveaabet
dellvery, 3 ..ii'.-iii buyei.; N'ov-eaiber and Daeaaaaaff
dellvery, 3 r.n.'.id -3 61-44d; Decemtar und .anaarf
dellvery, 3 i-'i! 3 ??:t-?" id ; ianaary nnd ivhruaryi
dellvery, 4 i '^id aaBera; Pebrnarji and Mareh de
11 very. 4 3-84-4 4 .;4,i, March and Aprli d-livery
4 .'. i.id bayera; AaeU ..nd May deiiv-rv. 4 ?-.nd_?
4 f 84d.
..nlvest'.p. Sept l_.-4'"tt,.n uteady; mlddllng. 7c;
low mtddUng, <?> 1 ?-?'; .oort ordlnary, (ie: net end
.-, s* recelpta, 8,488 bales; exporta, eoaataia-, BA8B
balea; -al?. 883 balea; atock, 4)8,018 balea.
Vorfolk, s-pi. I".- Cott n iteady; mlddlln.. rt 7-8o:
low l.il.idll.i.. >'? 7 ii.e; good ordlnary. 5 3 4>-; net and
groh* i?eipfs. .;:,7 bale*; exnarta. ecaatalae, 14 bai.-s;
wil.-^. .id.". baies; -i.s-lf. 7.-J.I.'. I.al-s.
Savannah, Bept i.v-Cottou ateadyi mlddllng. 0 5-_e;
low mlddllng, d .)i>i-; w**t o*__ary, 5 li-io.-: net
und grosa rc-elpis, rt..4<.? bal..; exports. c.iostwlse,
3 358 balea; ^il.--.. '_.--> bale*; stoi-k. 34.683 baJes.
* Tfaw Orkaina. 8ent 15.?Oattaa aalet: e mlddllng,
?l 15-100; b.w mlddlln.. rt 1 J.-; .ood ordlnary. .le:
net reeelpts. H7:i balea; (rcsv. rere.pts, 9W balea;
exporta t.> ?;re?i Briuuu. rt.s_ri L.I-s; to the Conflneot,
1,800 balea; snJes, :._o b_e.s; atacfe; _&,_*ii balea.
C_osi-s,i BB80BE 0? nasTO.v stockb.
BaatBB. Kepten.ber 15. lfl{_.
gaaBaatay.Tadai i ye*r_.i_aT.To.day,
At. h t T?ii 35'? ?_^l___8?__ . 16 Tl
Uu.t _ Albany.._i?- -08 I iMnklln . 12, lj
_..... * Maln* 1T"_\ 1.1
I'hlc li'.r *? 07- fl' vs*>
Kalt II R o*. .1_8_ l__*J
Klt-hhurg prel . 84 8.1
1. ROCh k Ft. S 7s ... 8?
<!... Central .... 13- lo
Maa > -nt eaaa... 15'* 1*
\ y . x i: ... 8S 34.
.'?id <el"ny .1*8 1*0
SVls ( eut eon. ... 1-H l-.1*
Allouei M inew. 1.00 W
Raaraarga . io io;
"s-e.'la . 2?H _?'
ssnta I. I ep .11 \q
4.,n,ai_,-_ ....IM lil
Aiu,,.t.,ii I.and. 20 _0
l'."?4..u I?nd. 5 8
,-,-, !..??', I..IH1. 1.1
W,*t F_id I^and.. 17 . 17S
11-11 Tel-phuiie. 208 202%
I...- .??,, Hla*. S.. 18 ' 17
wat-r Power. a
AtiHNtt'-. . '?>. 8a Ceataaalal Mla... 5 g
Boat * Moa*.... ai. 31. Ij. B Tal ? .-l se. 87
, _, g _faa_.._ 880 211 itutt* * Bost, Cop 8 8
C_*_U_f<- P__CX8 of 8_M i-'liiN. isco stock1?.
s_i graaaaaaa -s-pt. i>. M88.
Te.*tei.ay.T<.4*3 Y-?terdav To-der*
Vit_ -J ??-?*> I <"eiii.iionwe-.ltli .. .05 ....
Buiwe'r'".. ? ?*? .3.1 M'.no.10 .10
Be?t t Be_bsr..l.30 l.an|.?phlr .-.30 2&>
H.slle Con.30 .30', I'ftosi .70 .70
Chollsr . .. ... .85 .85 ' Savage.8_ .8..
4on 4/?t * Va. .8.88 3.15|Mena N-vads .1.76 l.Tft
Croarfl Potnt.70 ._."? . t'lilon Consol . ..l.*0 1.40
Pur?Sa Con.86 t'tah .80 .80
liuuld _ Currv. 1XK) .9.1 Vellow Jacket.-5 .<*
ttala & >uf-r'-H 1 r.1 1 >,o ? Xe.ada Queen.18 A8
_d.fxic_n .1.3d IJ

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