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London. Oct. ?_?Loid Tennyson died at 1 :88
o'clo.'k tlu-** ni.iMiii; . ;it his home. Al.hvortli
House. All the un-.i.'' en ol hi.-< fiunilv were l>\ tli<*
hedaide, hiki Sir Andn*w ( l.u k nnained bf hia
.1,1 fr'.n th<> mv-Benl of ari-ivin_ at tlio bot-n
yeatcrdaj nntil ihe pi.ti.'nt bnathed his laat
Su 8 ?ttj aIli POJ-B-OB wa- Uw I.nu 8 ite's pass Dtf
away lha* the familv dld noi know h.* wm
lfii.l nntil Dr, (I.r!: >>rol;.* the news to Lady
Tooayaon, wiu. bon the olea-ng aeeoea of h.*r izr-ut
rni.1 well in M'ito of her extremely deliette
health. I?r<l Tennyson Bpokfl to hia wife about
an h.mr befon h?* dled. un.l his words to her
were tho la??t ho attend. His features iu doath
bear a look of B-Oolata i.eaec.
TLe Hon. ilaHam Teni.yson. the poet'f, son!
?ys that bll fnth.-rV d-ath whm emincntly peace
ful. Ih- did nol s|,..w a sinule tricc of sufferins
|0 dftrtltaB h_B .oriowinn rolativos and friends.
Ouoe or twio.* ln tho nurht ho lirtod hti t8J*9 M
tha faoos of the watchers hy his bedsidc and a
tfuile p!a.\o! ovor hi? f-ature..
Hall in Tennyson is now so ill as to be> con
B*M ta hia bed. _____* ? . ?
A friond of the liereaved familv nny?. that
mteiday aftornoi-n, doitng a wakefll] mnmcnt,
Lord Tennyson askod for a copy of ShnkflBpenn
tnd With his own haud. turnod the leaves
uutil ho found tho dir_-? in * CymMine.'' Then
ho t'lNod hia ejree on the pnces. hut be did not
jpoak. aml whethei ho read the lines or not ti not
kaowa S. be Bgnin passed into Blomber, and
h_4 left hi.n.1 KBted oii the ?ih*u hook until he
Sir Androw C'lark Beid that T.onl Tennysons
tteath wa? the most clorious ho hnd over t?*en.
Hiore IVM no aiiiricii.l linht isi the room, and
tho ohamNr was B-BBOCt ln darUness, savo when
_ > r- atl Sood of mooaliffhl ponnd in Ihnngh
a window. The BBoon'a nya f-U nenaai tho b<*d
upou which the dyni- uuin lay. All was silent
but for the Btghing ol the antumn wlnd.
All bopc w - pra.'tically nl>andonod oarly in
the afternooo. The phyaieinnB wen Borptiaed that
hn Insted thfOngh the pr.-vious ni^ht,, so ftx-t
wa? his .l.-l'i!ity. He COUld tnke no nuiirishnient.
and eonttoned to grow wenhei and wenkee un?
til tho end.
TI.e body of Loid Tonnyson ll.-s on tho bod
ln whleh be died. He !.. >_? Ifteen years yowuer
tha:. b. io;-* d-'nth. the l_M8 a: .1 wrinklcs of tlie
fa.-o betaf len nppnnnt. The bemd, whkh waa
unkcmpt in hfe. ha# txvu eanfully trimno'il: the
haiids nn fo!.!.'i over the eheat. 8 Iflttml wr-ath
or"\vr.s tlio bead and anoth.r liea at Ihe fcet,
TI.e cov.-rl.-t ovei ilie hod.v is alm?8t hiddcn be
neath Bowers. Bornlni wax tapt*rs h-nd a su!>
du.sl lifht t.. the ehaaab-T.
The Bi-phnp oi Wln eheat et wUl preach tho
fineral BBB-BM in the Hnfllemen Chureh oa
Sui.day ,.
The Canon of Weetmiuster Abboy has formall*,
Invivd Hallcm leunyaon to bury hi- fat.her in
Wostminstor -.bbejr. The lun. ral will ba B publio
Dr Clark saw Lord Tennyson in London three
mont'hs BC* He ihen told Hullam Tennyson ho
thought the latter-s father was broakins up- ?t
Andrew baid to-d_y that denth was partntlly the
resrtlt of VffeMBed gout, complicatod with influ
oiiz_ but it was chieliy due to natural decay. ?e
*_dc_ ? " His ond Lord Tennyson hnn*olf nii^'ht
W4.ll have pictured and earneetly deaired a_ laa
lot." ,
It, may be mentionod as a coincidenc* that a
yei.r ago to-dav a man died wlia was ?'.s P-Oeml
neut _? bla Beld of labor as was Tonoyson in his
VhuT.e* Btewa-i FbneU.
?The P-H Mail Oazette-1 thinha tliat Mr. l.la.i
sw.no will appoint Ai:-'-rnon Bwinbarne to tbe
post of Foot Lam-oAe, made tnennt by the <i-ati.
of Lord Tennvs.'ii. It qtto tt *&?*&*&$?.
etala -Th- **piM-;.l.?>r, written I'.v Mr. U_B<lBtone,
ent.ted " HriLl. P?-try to &* ilXth JJsnwgj*
Af er awarda, Tennyson the pa.iu. MrGhx-hrtone
..?.?? -Prob-inK up.-n Imu or walklBB u. tno
aaWZ ivtl. iwe have MA many txue P<^ts, BO>?
5 .? dnary k..i many of W eonntdernWe
,' lx-T.ru A'li.ii" thoae raiinin. the first or ti.es*
i^cr uiiom. e ave mentio_..?l Browninf, ud
?rlTpi. \l,lH;,'Z.'iie' adds: " ln view ol the
abm &!b._iel___ tartah-d >?-> Mr. (il^ton^
''..Thoi.e would be ehar-ctemtio und an in_t--loe
ol a uciit BMP'8 ina^niiviinty.
B-.-l Hillfl of UM Ytammm't OU ten, printed in The
lrtbune of yttterday.} _
*t___ he tiiinks oy ti... r..i T IVUKKATl- AXD
__?* P09 IBLE 6LX_--_80B.
Term...... aaya ol Uw doath ol Uw ?oet-laun?t. and
^tlTaamUHoBMatB.M.*?>??? ^ ^
the expresslon ol U.Bbt. tbe Breateat and aaoj
-.v" zj'r'iiJtVZ
;: ;,.vv..v? S_*5r_-- :VTV-';.~
. .,.,- ,-.., iu -v. p tbe poeUe leoder ol ib.- teaa bi tonc
{?,.-. , a ,.,.--p U?e. Tb. VietorUn Pertod. m>tmm
lt. .i.s,i.,'t!v.-iv IdyUle arl and Ut-rature ara con
.,f imr t-.-utu.-v, 1 .Oll/ll '??' n^''1 **?
oi our t ... ..?,,,,.,,, ,?,. own Ume. Brown
iln- tiiroii'*. !i..vii- mu.i?"' ?' , ,
f??i;illM1.r of. ,,-w era tban tbe '2__\?____m
bti owi, lor ..II hti -IrlHo, mu I---" ...r da.rn.Ue
?WUV. i.l:<l.,isl.v:l-lP>';s?.i,i.-atlV.i.p.. 100*
,._i,A, wmommtt*-p-tti.".. 'r"">;' ;; u ?
..utt-ri. indlff-r-nl lo tbe expn-i-o ol twaut*/.
,?r;.,s ,i. -ifbt I..-.", bo^-Fj
fe-ndar. b.ra no ..,.,- In^t, ttmttho t*M*
u,"-,,,t ..f l-ony-o* if enyeeoa-d wltb Uw lattwa
_ii.Kiii.-p ci.;ini'-p aad i-bi'iJi'i'v.
'V,,,. ,??.... till,1-,i,,,v,-,il.,,eoftl, n-,i. l;^i-n
ballada and idyla of X-nny_an. Th-y ?***? "J
-,,.? la,, MOtMBMi us .-x.,-1-1..-. hi t..*.rd.t f
pr,,!,,.,!,,,,; .ma aofora all poota of tbe ?ntf -
Uiiti.i- tvoi-iii had eaothl Uwlr n..*ti..|d. ?bo ?'
f,,,.,.: ,i?u ibelr .im.... aadoov-lty tbHBed aa wb?
i?- !??iv made ibelr vay ta tba Aa-ertcaa pubUo
v reara ago 1 Ho on. wbo dld nol be?1- wuu
T.i.m.;,,,, Before tha data of "1UB-1." and thm W*
loe um along. ean fnlly andentand bla Iniuenee w
o., jiiPti... K. tha (ane and rtehneoi of bta aong.
in, adnatfoay blendcd tha t...tl. to _*-_-?> '""
Ugh atovated tho-Cbt. ol ireedawarth. wlth tha un
UvalM plyl.-tl.-riv.-_ fron. MUton ai'- K.atp.
-\.p, li aix in mwBUB poetry waa rebow ??_
Keat,. it war. BBB-lraBed Bad BB-twad l.y T.-nnvM.:..
rh.- lattiTh Wnnh rarao end that praataat of au
Bjraaaiia la Um ta? of an BngHab bbmIw la J>.*-t as
Ui...-,ui,u.1, just na elB-rneterWIe. aa Ihe Uenk-i-ena ot
?wh-Bpaa-o. of Miii...). or ol WoBdawoBth and Bryan
lu la.t. then, ha u<i<i.--i --. fonith ord.-r of Ma_-M*? ?
toour rbjlhaalral aroMtaetave.
- UU BBB-lIMd-l WON Just as BBMBfBBl as I.l
FWlBWB. but not out ef h.-epinK wlll* the aplrlt o
i.n at.- ln Inrtt*?tUm bt eeth$nly b-n ah-et of
Vapdaworth- moat ahrvoAoi wood. Ha taUed, oirer
md over again. ln draiiiatic efforls. at.a tl.c gW-faHJ
Uiidrumuil.- tanOT <-f hti W**B wap .onllrtn.-.l bl bM
UfeioiiB B-itadim r- tatt-BBey vMh antnn mthae
than wlth men. ln BV08P and fervor. and B-P-rt
l.:t*...p|tv. iie wns l.-ss tlian I .roii-aiKi show me nuv
poet ot our 11m- wl.o Is not! liut ln tlio MtH'i""
and even w.mblnaMon of peettC .?<:ii!vul.-!.t.s of a Mn
onl-r. nnd Ifl artlsllr prrfe.tlo... unll.-d. as I s?y. WlUl
a eertaln IntlBautoBl Btoadtb atifl wlsdom, Iif exeelMd
? i.ti-i- ni His-- two paadaeeaaeea, aad, i t_l8__ Ws
Mn iiaawlln eooapaer.
"Ills art hiid BM ?|i.a!ity i:.t?-ly n!*.'nt from th't
peataei art n.- appoakd m both Um aalaei tm
and tha ii.uliltii'li-. on one slde or the, other. lt has
been BMMeaaaaiy. nt ?n eiente. to BataMWi aelBMla
and clusses. ln his llfetlnie, for Its interpreution.
? *ln MemorUm' alone woald _-_-? him abovo aU
Others an thi- rlilef juid < harar.erlsll. Vlrtoi1.Ul Ptiet.
lt erntiudi**), with noble atid aetaae harmnny. and witli
a then aawaotad hal naat effectlvo form. tlie ne-a-eht
leurnlnc. the niost advamed apeealattva Ihoaght, IBa
t.nderest emotlon. and 'be niont liiMllgrnt r.-llitliin
nnd a.plratloii. of the years wfefl__ It av,i* wrlUa-n?
nnd that date was Bm very rulinliiattnn <.f the
pBltat, and of thfl ByeiMfla of his own cenlti*. It
.'Itowed his t.rotul. p.ocif--ive ?tudles: l.l* Innnte re
llKions tnt.uld. Teiinv.t.n wu<. ln thoiight and falth,
conserYntlvcly llbenil?of tbe srh.n.l ol Maailee,
Uogatof and the like. F-tifll.-h aliove all! EiiKlL.h
ln phrase. fenaa, ki.owledc- ot and lOVB for otitdrior
natiii-e. truth tellinc, loa r-lty. lniji.itl.n.i- i.f btOfll-B.
'?AtKive all, too. fltted to bi- Eaglaad'a laareate,
ln splti- f.f my BkUaiB Anierl.aiil.sin nnd i-ep.il.litriii
Ism, I rotifi-g-i thnt 1 luivo rn-vi-r bci-n able to eotB
r-i'-hr-iid why B8BM of our most honored lltrrai-y
friends lm\'o deploied bls n.-ceptan.-e of nn lii-riflli-ity
titli? havo defliii.-d thal II les-.ned 'Itln-r his ir;.'..
petidi'ii.-i- or lils preainess. Koi Ti-nnv-uii waa ael
a din.n.nil. hut a llln-i.il ronsi-iv:\ Ive. 1'e Waa BOt
a republkan. I.ut a . on*MtiitinnaI mnnarrhlst, not nn
American, but an Knull.-Iinrati. AU thnt he wa* Ba
was l.y birth, bre.-dinc, tonvirtioii. As n Bbflral
yet cotiserva lve Kntllshnian, nttaeh.-d to tlie fiovern
m.-nt of his own n-alm, why ahOOM he not aeeept
tte liifli.st murk of amlnence whlrh tlu- r*-alm
rotild bestow upon him ? B hy t-hoiild not n poct bB
IBa foundiT of his house. under tho sy.st.-m to wlilch
hla .otintryint-i nre loyal. as well ns n soldler nr
a state. man I The ac-eptanre of a tltle. snobhlsli
and dlsloyal ns lt would be on the part of an Amrrlran,
was perfertly ronslalent. witli Tennyaon's aelf-respcrt
a.s an FnKllshmun, a lnuroate and a con-.ltiitlw~.al
"He lias Rone tn tlie fulnesa of yeara and plory,
nnd tlie feallnj of lifl.t and love that made yotith
I.i-antiful for us I* revlved for a Bioment aa I thlnk
t.f whnt he was, and then fadea with "<h?~ duvs tluit
are no more.-' Who ean |09flfl what tlme must pa^s
whether lt ls to be roun ed by decados or by cen
turles-before tho old realm wlll BBB ltself .so bntv-ly
and faithfuily expreiMB, aad m H-s b.->t, by b Battoaal
mlnsirel ln epdurlng songt
On l.einr ask.-d a- t? his vl.-w of the matters nffert
ing lhe eholee of a aaetiaaBor lo Bm lnureat.-i.ii.
Mr. *"tedmnii PBBtted :
??Tlit're la BB d.uibt., I fanry, to. whom the latinl
would be Riven If lha i-holco lay with lha majority of
HM poets of our taogae and of t-ritifal Judgea of ikh-Ui
taste. Their vi-rdia t WOOM, 1 t.elleve, give lt tn
Alp.-rnoti j-wlnbiiri.e. This ?n tl..' BBOia of his un
pan.llel.-d lyrl.al tfft, his tal.-nt for lhe qalek inaMni;
of lnTolf nnd supifin-'iy rhytliml--il Bdee, an.l tin- ln
t.n-e BaBBBh feellag whl.h anderBea hl* ao-*
wliflhi'i- It lias expn-s.-al th.- ni.li.nlNm of his earBer
llfe, <-r the BlleflBi torjlam of tater ..ut-_lvii.es. nm
it la in-i iii.ili.-ly that I'l.iii-iiiii-ni ?ili bear Bgalnal
tta aifi n#d-ii.st the eeattmafBl of tiio m
trary world.
-William Monls ls p.,s-ll,ly UM second ln rank
amotiK livinit i'.tiii-l. peetfl. Batl as * aeelaBal aad r,
furniir, he uili-'!.t be d.'barr.*l; ln loct, Bilghl BO.
an to be bmnaile bo*bi the extattag iiriti-h aya
tems. BeaMea, deaplU Ma taete .-uiai learalaa. nnd l.l*
riiiiu.iife tt- a peeounler of Bttea whleh B_ahe hla a
Und .,f iiHi.l.in Cbaneer, he haa nol oflea aoandaB Ihe
ivn,' note whleh aeeaia esseattal t.. a Battoaal <"i
??it woaM be ln?_dloaa to ibmoUoo Um naaiea ..f
,,,?. ot two whp are tald to have Ihe hwror ol thoae
hich in liiilii.n.'-. and.ol Whom n.-llh.r.. .-iialnlV. w.iul.1
mak.- the hmral anj greeaer tban ii l.a> com.' fr>m
tke beowa >,f Word-nroith and TBOBjraoo.
-K.-r.-ntis an BnsBsfa aathor wrole lo aae ttun he
thi..ii;l.t it "would be a Bttlag thing ror au Bngh h
Queen, for Ihe Uiird time havlng the BppotataMn
ol ii l.iu.'-ea-,.'. to give the wreath lo a woataa. He
udd.sl that riiri. ine Kom-tto. in aurh eaae, ahOOM
'.<? tke f.D" lO r.i.lv.- It.
? \.,T4 lf Mr. Swlnburne ls not to i.e r.iinsen, aaii\
not go baek to the eoartljr Bradl tona ol a tonreatel
whv not sje.t ihe nind.ni poaaea-ur od Bng-aaai
br.'- elegantlarum, ln tast.- at.d nmrals flner ba*
?v ,.f lo- r..vi,!?r l-iils. and in g.?I.IUB. II WB OHlj
realUed it. equal lo ihe tetA ot U.-mi Austn.
DobM.n'a an I- both pertecl nnd gnonu.n.ou,. hU
M-rlous meaanrea are as aood aa ma Ughter. n.
toarhei nothlnit whlt-b he do.-* not adoro, and I t^
':, _? would pr-ve eqoal 10 l.i.iv.rtant na.lona
ofcasioiia. ln fart. us i lenf Bgo wfada ?l.hMa, H
ls srlll hard to d.tii.e hlfl BBUIattono, 191 ho BBB nol
yet none beyond thera."
Iudiatlapoll-, OCt 45.-.lames Wh.t.uni.j Bllej eon
trli.nud :o --Thi- ladlaBapoBe Beaa" loday tha f"l
lowins; til-iiit'.- io Teanj m>b :
We 'f lhe Bew BTorM elaap haada 44 ith the 011
?a 1 a? '-irvoi a:,d 4*uh Bnaer b. ll
A.,fl ."b Ier felloteahlp.
(1 ..fl- rs'u'-r. wllh th" Bnger-tlp
t.f d a.11 lald thua o.. t:,y.BMdedloai llp.
All at-- tiiou baat booored wRa ti. art,
At.d -c * V'f unborn tfcoa 44!.t b- i?tt
oi ?ll .fiitr* l.wro and MJie;
Tl.l'..- 1. ,44 Uia unlaf-r'al homog.- OUO
rn,m a"-l 1 and N'--4? \vor:d?ay-r nud
Arr, _u.d BBttl im- XtSW :
VI' nn.. Ort. O.-Twontv (it-man rld.r* liave antved
ut Floriadorf. but aooe ol then. haa made betler llme
thaa Chptala Teppei-laaW, who waa tbe thWeeoth Omr
bm eompetttOT lo Birlva, aod who rode from Berlln
iu etghty-three houra .-md twanty-lbree mtnatea. I ap
taln Foerater. a OarmaB eompatllor. reaehed Ftortadort
l? ...v.-ntv t:\i- hoora aad lonrlaen mlnatea. n- 1 ?
reU-known ipHnter. and Ior a long dl lanee he ran
lin,l |ed ..i* horee. He flnlahed ln a aUB n.i, on loot.
Tha Gfrmani now boM the aeeond and tomth P. '
thc eonip^tlllon. ,,
., 44i- eKpectrd lhal Ueotenanl BeltBenateln woaM
nmlle n betler raeoid thaa aa, ol Ibe otber ildera.
,.. r.r?:,,i Igtea .r, i.ftv-i.v boara Irom BerBn, bnl
wben li- artlved al Florladorl he had been on tbe
,,,1(i wenl three hoora and elghl mlnnl ?.? hour
.?;(1 tmrty-two minutea kmgei than <*unl BtarhoiB
',,.. - i.i. utr-M-ir.t Beltaenatehi waa the Bral arrival
,,-f the Ihlrd ?raop ol <"''"':,? *t*rten. Hla hoiaa
toU exhausted a f-? parea heyood Ibe goaL
CerUn Oct 0. Iha Germana are Jutdlaal over the
, ? ..,.,' ..,.,?,?-i t.ir.d.- i,v Lleutcnanl Beltxensteln.
? '""', . r ., - - Tho urae rWden ?-y I.i- itcnanl
\e_ I'lm'Tllll . l~ 1 l?? il t--' II* I ' '? * '' *' , ,l,
fi.m and awalted lhe la-' ot tb. AaatHan rtdera.
oltJv. Totiliri.t rh,- y,-,,,. Joael Begtaaaal Bave a
banqnet to the AaatilaaB,
R?mo Old. O.-A vi.lenl rtOCM ,.r.v.'.ll-d thfBlllJ
i i ; : ...w? belna.dl.I. B9> 11-r .FAP-..- ??'
Wlnl lr-,. f.Idrie. *M*M*T >?r^Ml?9.
^ ttB**m^^
h,7,;':,^li'V^'to s,,rn, th,., prevallH ln th.s
'"1 t nl-rkl dld fi.nslderal.1.' dt.mi.p' here.
i?_r'th,' BBle Tbe Haagno, whleh pmiaaa lhe eaatm
;? ?r -.im. omBowed its i.:,nu- lod?r. ihe
,1 , v,r .. roaslderahle area aad Invaded two
o;"r:;f:[.,n' . m?s* **** ** ?><u* **"*
,,|,t..|y tlu. d.d H.nimne pi'evallf.l t* Mt i"
V.!e_ft nnV-XUn.'" SS2S ****? BM -OfOli.
both plaees. __,_
,c_o___ <..in. im oraaa dawwaii cawtai.
JSl.???????.vr;.:1;;::;",^:-,::;,' "::,
aw_y__rarjs ?'!_,..?.<?
pr.s-M er. __^-?
___. i?v UMt Ort. .*, r. C. iBBMdld l
S?^t^.i..ir: z-^tiZ:::
?IU" Wl9d ?? '''?'i"^;.;b?)f tlM. poliU.al .situa
Mr. cleveland Y*^**x*ctM** otxu **j***Om
ii,,.. ln Bea V?n.. ihe *?>??' u" t M Vct been
2SS, 'his Wm?tt*Z*Mt**?8 "bat lhe lamlly
derlded "pon. but U V u"
wUl le?,*o p**r* tmou
u.vr. oi* thk PATiF.vi.s di:\n-A nr.ATii fp.om
LU78 IX llA.Mlll K . M7DA
i -ril's DAILY Rl ORO.
London. on. c,.?.\ pftaoaer wln. Imd bi-en contlrifd
pinrf* Deeember ln lha Hoaaa of C-mctlon bere dled
from ebolera li.-' Bight. Ha trac. >.f lofaetlofl hon
outsiili- Ihe lli.n ?-? ..f . iiM.-ni ,.i |u, |?-.-ii f,,iii;<l, tboag
a strl.t InveattgaUon haa hc.-n BMde tn determtne
hOW tln- iIIpi-jip.- ?:ip lnlnidiii-.il. |., <1ny tv.n nii.rn
cii^ps nn1 reported lo tha bbbm lacUtutlon.
A dlapatch from Corl to tln. Bxehange T-i-praph
COmpany s.-.vs lhal a man amptoyed bv tli" C-ffc
?ti-.-iiii l'a.k't Company wai eelied arlth ebolera ln
Ihat 'itv aad dii-d a few ii"inp. afior he waa taben to
a hospttal. An examlnatloa ahowed thnl 1." hnd true
A-UtlC rlioli-rn.
Ili.ml.iirc, Oet, .1.- Tli-* officlal rnolera riadBtMa gtBOB
the new ra-rs yeaterday at twenty on... npaltipt thlrly
on Ttifsdny. Tlie deatba yaatartay were (tfht, a do
ereaee of threo oompared wlth tli" itcures of the prf
BCdlttg dtty.
BerHn. Oet. 6.?A worknn-n dlr-d of cholera ln th
Monl.ll Ilosplliil to-dav.
I"arls. Oct. <5.?Iu Ihis clty nnd stiburhs yestnrdaj
twenir eiebt freeh eaeei nf choirni imd dfhl denthi
from iln- d|pe;.pe were reported,
ll.vre, Ort. 0. -K'.-ir Bew c.-ip<*s of rhoWa wi*re
r.-poiioii ber. yeaterday. No deatlw ocearred.
Vlenaa, on. .;. -Two bow eaaea nf ebolera ani one
d<*a*ii were rcpo.-ti-d in Ciacow to-day. it la nflbMHj
anii.niiii ed Ibnt no r.is>- of chol.-ra exfeta In tbls clt..
Ainstiiili.ni. O.t. fi.? Thn.iiL'h.iut HoUaod tn.l.-iy
thr.i* bow cholera eaaaa and tin-ee deatha were ro
r.ii.ia-i'e-iji. Oet. fl.-An ..fli.iai buiietin laancd lo
day ihoma tii.it ot. < >i tober 2 tbere were rlgbteen nam
of ebolera and pix deathi in Hils ritjr. Etiewhere the
eountry wm fr.-i- fn.ni the dlxeana. On Oel i
there arore th_rty.ooe ca-e* aad alnedeath ln the eltj
mul oni- ili atl, at llaab. < >:i the i.-vt ilny i.ii.ity four
eaaea. and rjghl deathi o-< irrad ln Buda l*c-U_, aiid ,ne
-l.mli .-.<< li in s''i",-'-l,.ir and T -lin..
Antwarp. ?>et. .;. -The UiirKotra t>-r ot flila clty to?
day recelved the eoo-ub -tuiu.n -<i ber. and deerrtbrd
t,i them tbe nnttatlon nf tbe .Ity. Thirty conw.l*.
wera preaenl. The lluntomaeier -i.-r-i lhal between
Aii^'npt .'. .uui Septeml .r ;, there wen '230 caeee ol
cholera ln Ibe clty, and lhal teventy-elghl o| tho-e
attacked had .n.'d. *Ax pntlenta. he _drt._, irere pilil
andei treottnent. The liuiK-master a i.-i the eoneul
in requeal Ihelr fiovernmenl* i-. mltlgal ? ihe n_naraa
Uoe lmpo_ed by tbem upon nrrtvals lrom Antwerp.
? -?
T1IT, ;l'l'Cr.-SI'!'l,.\Vi'!;K OP THT. CHICAOO 1'IIYfiI
r.-.rl-, o.t. 8.?Dr. Rhner Laa, af ruii-aif". who
.,:i -i-.'ut iiv.< u.-vi,- otaervtag th" ehehra pallento
in tbe <i. Petei-burg boepltali nnd tatrod-rliif Mp
i,,.\ rbolera rure, i here ,u praaent, having i*en
-Anmoned ta Ihla Itj on Imp-rtanl i-i.-in.p-. The
m. r-i.T-'mv papen ;- ? ' Dr. ti a. and, al
? :,,. r.,|.i .,f thi- r- i-i - -ni..hv- >.f (!.- \.-..:.'ri
I*r. - . be baa given Ihe followlng o..tii!i--s >.f 1,1
? r- atmenl i
ln-. Lee m.\p tbe t_r-.it fear >.f eholera aunlfeeted
everywhere i- entlrely unfounded; tbal Ibe gr.
i- lrom ehoJem, Ibe bb i ttttof "f ?
rommerce, proceedi entlrely trom lhal (ear. Ttum
long st'idv and fr.nn bb -- ? rt BbaanraUon ln Bae
^iM Ba ba ?reaehed - ? eoaclu i> t,i?t ,-iu.i--r-, l
pniirely a dllb <iip.-a?e: that people laadtof -tead-..
noderate llvea are la iw dai -.-r. n .uku m ihe m-.d-.
nf inf.--t,i.ii. - i ' .-l'-r.." -il'l I>r. I.--. 'linda BO
|M,b-iMe f?-dlnc-::..i .?*.- ? !>' Ifl eitreme nl'h. ln
i, aqoaoee, eolj the p..I nnd loweel rlaaao* of
mm i.-ty ar.- usually attacked. Ifl all tha cholera
epMendca, dnee tbe real ebaraet*. ef ?;?- ?l ?
beeoBM knawn, Um phyak-aaa ?nd aarata in iu
riioion. b'.-i.i'-'- ? .- ? i aa? -1 ? ?''? '
Aineiliaii- n?eU !uv_ m> leiir af lha lnt. ' ;. | of
th.e eholera Into ibelr boaa. -. The -r.-.it maaa ai
th'-m llve iti eoodlttooa of d-anMne-i and mnttary
iarroundln_e whlch praebide any eoch n.va i.m of
:,,???,., Sem Vorh i- nippMed wtth .-v-n-v
drlnklng wat-r. aod u- leweran ry-teai I pei
li?,,. i ,?, dai |?r "f i-pidnil. mere. lx-t w bj
,.,11 neana ihut oul 1 Hltl i emlgranta, bul tbere i
,.,, r-a-.-n f"r .. kHi| q-arantt-. "' -bwii, ??? -
? aliiii pn- ? ??'-?
Dr. Ue"a ir.'.-itiii.nt <>f tl..- eholera n-'if u 'O
-arihiii.-- contraal lo tbe ,? d hl berto tol
\vi,ii.- phyddani baire irl-d lo ?top u far u i-- ? ??
;,u evacuatloii ol Uie bewali and ta o9*tl Am wa?te
.,; ...???, ..,- lemenl ol Ibe i.'.....' b! aali
wat.T lufiiMon-.. Dr. Le. heh-T-a lhal the oolj ar.
tnatment l^ * thoroogh eleaidng of Ihe tote?il__J
.via.-t. RM p-Uon 'l,i.vii,.- mm l-moi d, th_re
r.-t.i.niip ii- fur (i-i- excltlng eanae ol cholera. Tha
, .!..-!.. ip repealed onee a day lor tr.r.-.. -iinr-slie
,ilVc The pailenl b bepl ln Ube meanUme M ?
"imple, nourli ilng dlet, u i u mOh, egp aad mmA
JllJ..r Lee ba-i per?n_-lly ;r.-ui.-<i tweniy-aa-reii pa
,,,V ,,, -i?. si. i-.-.-!....>- llot.pl al, Uf theea
,.,.v-*.,in- n-.-iV.-:- I. Ol Hi" "tt"'.- tlir..\ "ll- ?8i
,. .,',,?',i -.v;? ? ri i.ii'.i.-m Into ii- bo plial, ?? I
,,i!?.i-. w.-r.' ln a Uopele i i ) iu .11. lele. 11.?
,i, .m -i- .-I Pl ?'' ' " rure '"
11 ,.,--. Illld " . ?- ' I'.-v-'i tl ?'
?. |,...-. .-,.,:-,-.-ni i !"?.-. 0 ? i noi onl) for rho -r
wt tor all otber ? ? ? - bavbig tha Btma general
p.iri-. Oot, 0.?Tba iii.-'-iii.ri"i affdnel eholeia of
Mr.' tManhop . Ihe American De*?*.p_iper corre-4poml.*nt.
i:,,- pnidu. "i ? gi ? ? ?- '" :' '" -" ' ***?**? '""'
\ .,, .,- ,[ I-,.i poi di nl i. i been .ilonlng
j Ilng \n,-ii'.i!i '!'"?".'-. wtMi pni. ll ... Il.rl .
,,,, ,|?. -?i,j.,-i. Dr. H'l lead BoyUnd, ol tbe l-rtn
r':,,-,liv, i"iiii-:lv prof. -r ol Ihe Baltimore Medlcal
Lollege, wld: - r.-..in a imni.i;i!laii polnl ol rlea
M, btanhope i- a hero worthj >?! men one. r- pi*cl
.nd admlratlon. \everthel. . wtroce irould profll
? ,,, i, ,?,?,. by bU experimem if be bad cboeefl nnother
,,.;,?. ii.P'.a-i ol --"i'i-- Ui . bo p tel, where Ih ? I
,,.?,-,.,raiiv-ly littledenger, oti ?croiuH of th-.--i l?nl
.,,' ;,lt.i ,n infe. tion II mi i' '.-?"-. and wbere the
?!?-.... u:,,, bave Md been Inorulated ar- 4_o expoaed
,,, ;|,.. ,ii .., ... he ahould bave p-i;-- to un overcrowded.
ilinip ;.:.ii dtriy tenemenl bo- - wben tbere hava been
___, ol rbolera b. fore, and lh. re lead tbe Ife i' -
.:,? :i ,. ir he ibouW <l" ii.is, lh. -ni. u.-y or it
ii .,'..:?. moeulaU-a would be proved. l Brmly be
Hera ln lt, bul many oaae. ?_eh ap Mr. 8Mahop^e
have to eoaie before the publle, who v.ui ,,niy then
avfr-elate the valoa ol M eulaUon."
ln-. Oood phI.I: -I! Ifl 1" be tfmented tbal Mr. stan
I,,,,,,-- eouraga-ui experlmenl -Hl be ?f bo aae.
, i'|,.ra ci.'i I- prevenied l.y Inoeidatlon. aa lt w
? ,_?_,..,? the -?'? - Into the body bj Ihe mouth, and
nol ii.iuiigli oulward coni i '?
-ii m.i. ii'.iisi.s am. CARRIAGEI Vt M.wror.r
Wl RE M.l. ITTAI lll l?
Hewport, K. I-. Oel. ?'? ^l1*- P***a, Bt-vena, "?
Kew-York, who Bm apeol the - ?< "" bew aceordlog
to har ,,i,t.,in. wm in Lowall, Ua . yeaterday, ralled
Ibara i,v ib- death ol ber motber, Mi , K__" "'"
Baad. Dnrtng Br*. -tevew Bbaence Ihe eflUre
,,,!,!, nip ol ber itnbk . ln. ladlmi / > ? ? rarrla
two ii?.r.--. ;. pony and earl u-mi .. number >>t i-ir
neaaea, waw attached tor debi bj ?* deputy iherllf.
rhe enUw tol waa aenl <._ i" a Bvery lable, where
thej rema-aed over mciit- ThU awnllng lha pwp
trtj u.i- ralaaaad, ? boad covwtng tha aawant ?.f
ihe etaln betag flvon. The _.t.i>n araa broaghl by
j-. p. Oarretl aa _ '-.., groeera, who cam. beee f;,,:i1
Ne. Vort eaveraj yeara dnee, -u.d bave sim ? ea
jovcii i 1-m:- I'.ni "f the f i-iii"!ia.M.- Hunawr bM*
la that une. The .-'?!'" b_bo_jiU t-> abool 88*80
,,,,, i fnr K'.ikIs furnlah-d lr. bi the rtere.
Tin- earriafH and barne-Ma MM thongh ftob
ably greatly axeeediag to valaa the amooiit ol 'a'
,i.-i,t, are Boae nf them la modern ityle.'and aee rd
lagly nut w inl. aa m.i'ii ..- mlghl be mppoard f'"11
,i-, enn-MraUon ol the Brtld i. lt li und r toid thaj
Mrs Ktevens .iNr>.n>? the blll on the ground ""' "
,'?v..r.p iiiinl.-.p furnlahed to -m Lv-p ln her I""' ?
uiib'.ii: I"'.' hnowledao or c n-nt. and V!l*';'"'
i,v them ..n<i n..i b.v ber__lf. Tbe Brm having trled
,V,\ other iii<-:iiip lo ->...r>- lt? ctolni and f.i-^1
took thi*. extreme Bjeuanre, aot being aware ?>' ";
nm,. ii |- -;.!?:. ,f Ml-. -t.v.-n-'p al.p'ii"- li"tn tOWD.
\Va.v -uii wlll probably bc ti.o ButeoflM af the -nan.
CUA909D WITB B9TT1X0 .1 lioiEl. 09 TIMtU
Oaorp ii- LWni-ten, |l -BMnaneneli !*-<_**-i pe?
prielor, va< arn-st.- vestenluy by OOBBdal-B H?rfJ
>f,iii.-rs OH the clurge oi attoiiipiiin,' to lire Ue Llvlng
uw.. Botat.
r.o to thf famii.:ks OF TII B
Kanananty, M... <Vt. ..-A .lisp._t-;h to Tbe
Star" from CoiVrvil.... Kan. **X*. [J>J*****B
tyrtn* p.?'k.-i to-day wi* erowd. of ?***??
..rr.1.1- nr.lt.... tr,,-'."lv of yeotordoy. fm *X***7
Htr.-et r.irn.-r, In 9V1, BO*,, ??\^JJ
,,.?r,l.. eagerij diaeoBBioi the atten?.t.*d book roh
,rg ..A,.......l:,y with Ua Btteodoal tnnin BJ
,?,,V Iti'tlii- eitv j:.il an BWOinf had b900 m
, , u l..,. HorittL' tin> BBornii.
?rorlfled, nn.ler whleh la> daring wa
ho four dead bondltfl in eafioa prov.ded bj IM
^nnH-. with a guard fo M_ tt* th-V w,*n? n ;l
fli.turh,*.!. Slneo m.-rnlng a BtoeeaBhx ef Btgb*
. o-ra, Whleh 898081 to be B990M0dlnii **** *******
,'hi-ir (B9flg uneoverfvl, B898BB9 ? >?~?J*E?
tion for tb. ciirlnua which waa alm..~*t without
PaTh!.".'?airwav leodinf to tho room wtaW Emmei
Dalton 188 dyin*. ??? dead, BB wns reported yOB
,,.;,,? i- -,t ail tboea Bunoooded bf a erowd al
??. c?r,r.l la led tl,.-? ra- up the rtepfl *
,)re.-?,,. nf the wooaded "ian. Throii.h tte
'??,..-,. of Shiarifl Tallahan . "Star ?port?
,,,? ?,,??,.,, t? onter th- room. EmBBOt I . ltof.
w;!,av,,,kfr,.mth,.W(if!i!-l^lta!U-"l ?'?
II,- aaid: " I m.-t tho ban fctBroBr near i "?-?>.
:.n.l i.? *0 co.ira.of tbetf ?^?^JI"*|2
bow ,??eh money I had I iapU*d 120. ,
,???, ti.i-y had Sonn. and then ...Id me of tt*
pl? ie rabbott the banka ?.f ->ffoy*rtlle '" '?</
,1m-. Bob aaid he wanted to low-r Jfl999 JonWB I
reeo.d I ttkd to pi-rsuad*- him n?t lo trv it,. bol
(1,,i not -meeead, a< ho had a grudge againtrl the
town. und waatoJ iwronfB for whot lie had heard
the ?,. ,,io Imn we- -aying aad tryiir; to <k aboul
,,. I bad ,,.. ii,,,..oy to Wv.- tho eountry on.an I
I aJao dld not thlnk wo coui.i g??t away if we
,-a,,,.- I linallv eoooeoted. W.. know tha lay
,,f Um li.nd ttoiaofhlj, and lt waa agroed ttol
i-.,i. a.. l I ahouM tako tha Fir*t Nottonnl and the
((fhl.r lhw, bon CoafdoB'B bank. Bob thou*tal
,,. ,i;,i i were better ih-many nix oi th- ..ther...
?d kBOWiag th.-Fir.t National to be tho hardefll
t? rob, we aeleetod that and Bflaigoed Coogdoafl
to ti.tteto."
Tho woooded roWw Btoted thal he waa b
,'oum.i of tha V.i..i_..'i ?..fttew. I alll ha- know
,l,:i, iho othera wera doad be lefooed to aai any.
,,??. ,?? when ti.oir dead bodlea were oarried
ap ,? him for in*.ii*-"! ne Identlfled Ihem ba
..,-?.,? llMl| Gnttad Ualton* "Tom" Erana ond
??jL-k" M ..... i!- Me~ teon aa bo goBod ...i hir*
,iea,l brothei*. The na....** he aave to the other
two ??.? ;U(. ??. Um Bamea they wer- known by
Thoae ar,- withhdd from the pn' U* 9-wloj fnr
o ,i roaaona. bol their Bamea an* known.
, ,, ,1ri:,,.,:.f.,(.,cl,:ir,'.li.-re tlu- after,..,..,
,, ;i ?.. ,e.e.v ..??''? ??**""' "'? ""? u?'?"':,
famlly. H.e bodi-a weie oorrfcd ... tho aravfl n
,,, ,:,-r w,.'ii* witi,,,,. a tdnale Btoonmrox
..?:. ir.',,! tO-kd n. tl,- l**t r.t
? -,;?. ni?ti?.r..f ihoDaWooB whotetetropbed fo.
,,,;i.,|;,y; aud thia .'??rninrf ? iBB-BMB W99 rj
,,.llllv ih.) he woold eome on here. oaa
' ;.r irn with th- i-'V* ln their laidh. an.l
Kii Lfi.sl.er. Oklahoma . ,
Kn.iii-t .* woand. i m nw na" <
i,- .v.n.-ii.a-.-r balteha. and m hla ''.i- k ..i
Iiiiii down
,....,?, ?,i, ..m??nt "jr^ , ,,:??,?.?
Rurllngton. Kan.. thta n.'.r v. .
, i, ,hia alt-rii'-ii. '?"'' ,ll(- body "' '
.:,U bflHSS al Uidopeod.;- K.ii, C-h??
V,,.rs'H WOOnd 18 BOI 89 BfriOttB BB B
,,.,.,,. andnnleaabl.l-potaoningtaetn n he wlU
tl.vcr. Charlea Gump. arother ,?,.,/.,. w^
J ,.ii.i-d bythoBong, receiVtaB a ttot tn
, l.-t, wrtat. whloh alao drove hta gnn agiaina
? CUllitl-f W? badly. 411 the woonded
,,?.,, are gettlng along t:i--l.v.
il.,htl,r.*is*.m.i.-. t?lW ..f ? -Iini,
,.-???.'t Dahon, .t boa laken oo deekkjl form
and tl.-- reanh cannol be faretohi,
NoSag ha. been heard of the party .,, ,...,
Ji ?i wi,.- <>-""?. Bewarda f5r t.optaie ol
,, '. ,?,,??, ? Um d-liv.rv of il.-.r bodloa to
Lvi-r*.,. thotaw^rtaadlnBtot-Moaiounto
c,., offewd hy tbe Southern Paeinc, tte
Ml-'-*,.r PneWo, th- Tri-co. the MUwonri, Kan*M
. .. -al, ind the Santa Fe. n th?e rea -i*
.,?,?(,;,l? mhopedtlwy will botarned over
,::,,,?. fail,1l?,..fth.-..ie..u.ia.l-'"--".i
"Tl!!^ A. and 01909 C9BB9U* nM.-t.v-lX
ann .?d da,?hicr of MarahU T. <*?*** o
Coffej-vUle, Kan. who led the poflflB wl Ud. . x
l.-riiii-iated the .i.-penU.- "^"V^, ", '
K:?,*r,s.',tvyc,t.nl,yw-l.ei. the ha. ?* 9 ? l
,)l(.v ,,,??. MKa-iMs ...... i.rr.,.H the .....
U(Mt. ,???. fopoaitton BnUding when ? '-l'^ ?
44 ? handod to tahe bob Bpprtalng, blm of hta
r,?bert death. The danghtor w .k ,.ro*.r,..-1
;IMl ?, ukea ?? tho St. Jaioea Hotel lnia*^*
ri._.-. whe,,, friaadfl en for her. ftoajh
itcally ?.wd tha bob bore up bravely and '"'
of Ua fatter ond the oloafl whioh he had mr.,?,.c I
Mi -Mv fatber haa beaa manbal ol Coteyvilta
,,?,? ,,,,. BMBtha," he Baid. -l-ist BpriBB be
VMS Kieeted by th.- law aad order elementa,
becanae II wob thought be eonld m..-.I ln elean
,?. BP thc ?jointa1 ln 8 few day* hta rcoigna
uon iv .uld have been lendered aud he would
\Z UkS bta Plaoe M prlnelpal of tto HUTh
s,iin.,i 1.1,44' nearly couinl. tetl. Mi-" piana win
^ ''?; I, proaoaition made to him by tte
t,u s-h... IV, ,1 had been aeoepled. rWr
. ._ l,.v,, a .'iiiivn of .oilVyv,,.. for four yeara,
;',:,;,?. which "?wj^jjtffS
ll,* eleetlon a.* clty m r-lial waa onu i"i tne * '
,?., ? . H .iw thought he eonld in thal ttae
. ..,.-.',\ in reatoring ord-r and ... eloal; ? up the
,./?-? whiS. ttourtahed al lhe tlme of hta eloe
,',,? ' o?r fatnilv oonH'ata of mv motber. two
itatoVa and mywlf. Mrfather wao a feorieefl
., .,,, in.l I nn BUre he did lu* <i'it.\ ?
?,^ViH,',Kr,t,..0,,.,--A,l..-U,.e tie.-nlym-,,,
,,,,. ? t|?. i);,;,,,,, Ki...., who eatmped at >?
vill* ve t.i i.v. 'iv;.. :. natr ?? ol thta, Sliawn
,?tv? and wm well known her-. II- was a aan
of John I. Oaee, of Pottawatomte I onnty. bi lu.*
'..o i ivife. aP.r.o.^,?..-i.rlv related to *e low
tnd wealthy famlly bow ?vu?g_B?ar Sllver Uike.
I i. , ...f-..'.rtl. Indlan. LacK of har,,?, y Btor
,u-iu.-,\ tl..- Lie ol hta laareota. aud bta motlMi
..,(..-,-.? rt ahort Ume before tto bear .aa* born.
?n?,v fiwd m ropufca tor a whlta, then went to
. vici'c.-. and trom the.,* to ; ?i .-yv.lK where
ihe bov waa broughl up in the lamili ol i>r. Wood.
11,- came baek to Sh.i44ii.-e County foor yoow boo,
i i ?i,i,.st bolf-hrother, RohertOgw, raJo^Ta
Mtii-Mi!,!. of the legiU-nacy ?d bta Mrtt aadI ooo*
2_Mted hw luf-rcat iu hta fath_ra BfltttO. H. AL
I'urtis, now 1 ..in e Ju.lc.-'ot l'opek-t au.l eand:_at?_
for l oont* Attorney, wae app.._htcil gutinliau for
the boy. "'l'lie eaae wae liearu lK.fi.re A. li. y.iin
um then Prol.ate Judge, who deci<lo?l in the boy'r.
favor. IW- left here two years a_i?>. being then of
,.?<?, t_._-.int, 9500, all tl.at reinaincil after the ex
peuaea ->l tne sult had been paid, an l went to the
In.lian l.-rritorv. lle secmed to I* an or.lerlr,
Miiiei boy, except that hc ha.l Um Indian character
latio of a roving diBpcnltion.
he nvn DEcr.ivr.D his iwrtxer and iackf.i.
Phlladelphl.i, Oet 6.?B_a_BBBB clrcl-s MBre ^tnitlcd
t? day bv tho announc-meiit of UM Mitrtd... of Willlam
M. Raak, B member of the tlrm of DerttogtOB, Bank
,t Co., Importeta and dealers ln toney drv|.?od-i ai
Nop. 1,196 and 1,1-M Chestnut st. Mr. Bunk was
aaa of tho beat-known men ln tho drygoods trade, and
his hou.-e doo-i a large haUBBM wlth tha *********
.laps of purr.ia.pprs. The ir-AgeAy occtirred at St.
DevtdB, I'-nn., a f.-w mllcs fro.n this -UT. where Ur.
Bank'a eountry homi- is. Oa returnlng horae at lha
closo of tho day's work. Mrs. Unnit notlced that her
ba-band was lrrltable and unllae him<elf, upcnklng
?Bflwa-hat Irrnllonally at tlraes, thonph she dld net
dri-itu of BBllOaa -BB-BHWeWi Miortly before 8
oVlock Mr. llunk sent his little son lo the rallroad
?tatton near bv *** meet a messenRer from the tttorc.
Wben the boy depaHad his tothw lmni.-diateiv walh-d
into th- siat.io eoaaeetei with his houae. HardU twa
nlnatea ha.l dnpscii wheu tha gardener ntared tha
1 lulldlng and dto-OVOred Ua ea__pMyer Ivlnjr dead uix.n
tfea n.M,r. a smi.ll-calibre revolver in Ua baad, and a
bu'let-liole iu bu iemple.
For MIM timo Mr. Kiink hnd shown mental de
pneatoa, antl hti rartner, Mr. Darlinglon, npon his
retnn from Buropo a wecit ai?o. uidrawired ta Mstera
bla lost ppirlt.-. it waa toaad tbat Mr. Baak had
been f.-r lome Ume, dariag Mr. DarMactoa. abeanee,
dealtog in itocka. He beeaaM " faadHar lipure ln
Thlrd pt. BBd to and about fiomc of the n.Inor ex
ehangee. lt appeara Ihat Mr. i.unu. whon ponooal
eatata la atfd to be a bandeoeie one. <ii<i eot m_i.o
n,e-o ventaret wlth his own fundp. bat, Blded by th.*
al Hnce of Mr. DarUagtoa, he emptoyed the mmwya
,,t 11,.. Brm to un eggrefaie of about 880,000. Cpon
Mr. Darbngton'i retarn he aude Inqnlriefl ns 1 > th,*
ronne ef buatoeaa whlto he wa< abroad, and wns to
rormed by Mr. Bank that eertaln Ulto whleh bad
accumalated in Um laterval, afgnfattnf tho total
,.,?,i above, bad boen pal.i. wben lt wus found
? .-.i.-niiiv a-teraooa that aaeh was n-.t th- '.t-e. Mr.
ttunk aaal UneUy lo his home at Bt. Davtds. 111*
?i-lfo was eu.n?.iv BOUdlOBa ov.-r Ui condWoo,
u-hlcit waa one of great depro-fltoo, and trlei to eheei
blm up. l-iter In tba evenlng hc wrote two totter.
:,iid tofl them Bpon his Hbrary tobto, addreaaed te
Mra. Banh and to Ur. DarUagtoa, aecjaalnttng them
wlUi the eaaw of the aet lt wa. evWent that tbe
unfortanate maa- i-aort to mtolde waa not beeaasd
? ,f an irretrlevable embai-BBameai, becaaaa his own
,.-tat" wonld bave _aade good tbe loaa, aad the flrm la
Um p.'u.diy baaed to ?>.- Mrioaaly affeeted by it- it
.-.-in- probable that the reaaon tor the deed araa thef
be bad deedvad bla partner, aud laeked the ooamgn
1,, iu.ii,- a etoaa breaat -f his tiaaaaettoas.
Mr. Baah WM f..r:y -ix y.-ar-i old and enti*red the
jijV-.|a trada a* a boy, ln the einploy of his uucle.
gtacy Baneroft ?f DiDcroft <fc Co.. ln this city. il*
remalnei with tho iir". anttl it went out <-f t.upln-ss.
Pourteea yeara *& h? anpoclated h'.mpdf wlth Jeeep_
1.. D-rllngtoa ln whal has proved to i?- h B-CC-eMf-il
enterprt-a. Ha -;.p pr-mln.-nt in tba **u:iday sehool
\ w lat lon ..f the Dloeeaeof p.*i:n-vivi. .i._ ania nu*m
i?.r ,,f th- Board <>1 Hamwna of ti.e Am-ri.-an Chareh
h.milay .-< h...l Inattt-to, ind of the |otnt dtoee-BB <?..!..
miit.-.- ,ni Baaday whaal io~sons for tlie Epawopal
Chur. li. A,* a memb-r of lha Urotln'rho<Kl af Bt An
lirrw he .-.\lilbiud great actlvlty lu f.irth"rluir the
powth "f the M^lfty. Ke wa> BlBO a m< niber of the
goatbweal Oonvocattoo an.i >.f the last dtoeeaan eon
rention, and on Tnepdav next was to have BOM tfl
Baldmore to r-rperaent th-* Banday Bchoola uf tbl? ota
'-.p.. ui tliM American Chureh 6und <v?-' hpol Irl.'iinl.il
in tltute. Ili- f:.inil>' ?*??'..m-uip are -.-ii.i t-> have been
haiM>_ Mr. Itunh'i t'-r-t rtfe dled -? prol yeara a_o.
lt ?\ijiar two s. ii-.. Tln.-.- chilln 11 were the r-sult of
1.1, -.?i Dtarrlage. all "f whom ar- ll.lnu wlth their
Tl... d-Hfh of Mr. Bank may prova t" be ? beavy
ln p t.i the Uf- Uuuranre eompanlee. He w.-.p .-. *_
reetor of the I'enn Mutual Compui) ol thla clty aml
tarr?ed an Insurai.f *W_,000 upon his Iir.-.
The nnnouueement of Uie sni.-i-i-- -i william II.
Runk pt.-iri .-d maoy br-U-rs \_ Wall-pt.. who were
nwara that be had at tlmcs opcratc-i conslderdbly to
-t", l.p. It wa? thoiKht at tu-.st Ihat Ht aoi iulj.ni
have iK^-ii dua t> h-.ivy l.M^t- ln raaculation, t-ut it
rould not i-e leemed fi>im well-infern-.*.! por.o-is
that he ha.l traded on a suffiriont y lar.;.- tea** ta
varrant the auppa-ttlon. L. w. Dlckley, ot Blekley.
Ice .1 JobB-On, sald: " on January ill 1801, wlu-n
th-- tlrm -f Hambert, H-pKins A Mnktey iraa dls
.olved, t e pti.ek account <>f the Phlladelphla Brm of
,- [1 lu-ii.-y A Co., the aueceeeor* of .lav Cook A
.'., wai trantferred. 1 think. to i.nder, Parr -v <'?>.
\V M Kiiiilf's aicoiint was tnu.-f-rrtnl, I know, to
y m 1 K*kwo d .< ro. I first mat Mr. Runk iliro:?h
c i? ' iiarnev A Co., and h<* nubaeqoeBtly ommed a
umal acconni wlth >.ur Brm?Bleklev. Ut* A Johraon
? 11__ |,.. .s wlth >.- were extreraeb' medemte, and
then- N oniv ? p'nall cl. bit liala" - now :i_:iili-t hlm.
I w.,- 1.1 h-p-l at the n-w- of t .? piili-l.-. lt la
... ?;. , f,-. -i.iv- -wi-- 1 recelved fr >m Mr. Rnnk a
'ilc-'i-ni' i'tt.-r '-j matten nol ronneeted wltli 1-1-I
J,,..- |M .-.p nf onr ri-atl'.ns h- was (he sonl of
h-.n :r and piomptneea it.p-if. lf I had been H*k?J
\,--f.nl,iv lf he eiuld I-' lnvi.H-sl ln bipllii*-s I allOdld
have emphatleallv wM no. II- a'w-.vp ha-l tlw- be-t
,,f nedll --mii stinllti- lu VMIadclpMn. wh*n- hU
lirn. wa? ,,-, h par wlth Atiinld. ConstoWJ- * On
i?..>- - Other who knew M-. Runk in Phllad-'lp -i
pxpri-a. 1 the warmeal appredutlon of bta cbaraeter.
F.ITII. COLLISION OaV tbe ebie boad,
.,ni. m\s iiii.i in \M? StX -iv::.,t- i.v IXJUBED
\N I.N.,IM!'.i:'> l M'.I ' 1 88KF/8.
Btnghamton, H. Y.. Oci 8. One man araa Ulled
nnd -l\ "'li r- wer.- -erli'ii-lv tnjut-d in :i Wrech Whlch
nccurredon Ibe Erle, aboul a mlloweel of tMa etty, thli
mornlng. A crew waa enpiged In Mtchlng car- it.
tin- weal end ol th.mpeny- yarda. One of the
KWttebmen falled t" throw the lever qalrk enoagh f-.r
the englne wWch ?.-.- puahlng a munber ..f car. from
th- \\--t t". the -?pt boand track*. and the train aaa
thrown off the traek. A wrecUng eagtoe waa wai ta
tha -..n- aboul 3:30 o'clock. Through a Bdaander
atandlng, "!? earelet-nem bb tbe part "f the eagtaeer,
Robla-on, Ihe wraehef rraahed lata Iba dleahlad iraln
iii th.. rat- af Bboai tiii.iv mii-p .... boar. Jaha
Uaher, a -gaJvaataer." wh.eaptei the pib.t rA
Roblnaonl englne, Jamped. n** waa thrown torward
aml bu bralaa arere daaaed earl aaalfl 1 ;. rnll, whleh
h,. itruck head Bwt The engtae partly tele-coped
wlth a car of glaee botUee, Bobloaoa mu. 1. lo his
eiiKliie BBd e-c:i|>'d ui.huit. Th- other, Jumped.
riie tojnnd nr.-: Tbeodon Ka-Una, Breman, rlpl.t
,.li?,? fr 1,1 ii-i : IM... Ul. y. gali-antter, hactara al the
i.-ti leg; K C. McDooglaii**, jrartma-ter, ?pralned
iiilile ul-o Iiii.in.illv Injiir-l: M-lviiii \Va_"iui-. rar
repnlrer -vinn-l wrlat, broken 1. and mm!|>
wounda: hitrlek ('ari"il and Wllltom Oeorge. car r
palrera. wa"p w iukIj aad Inteni-l Injurtee. Tba tracka
have been eiear_d.
Duviii Hevenaon, preUdeal of the Mataal Bank,
\... 1-1 Rlghth-av.., <ii-d al bh h.-me, No. 1 Moat
Tw-nlv-.-Klh pt.. at 1. o'cl".k \ e-tii-itav BWralBg. ll?
waa born to tU_ dty on Aagaat -. to*''- aad laherlted
i, large ba_tn_M from bls father. ll- w..p tha owoer
i.r tha ala brewery al Tiiirty-niniiiat and Tenth-av*..
whlch oceaptea tweaty-ala etty lota, ln OawafB, H.
Y., i.un-.i lavaral a*rg* awll bou-ea, aad ba a.'
ramnlated property fnlued ?t over *j,.x^).mii). iiis
bandaome home to fcat Twenty-at-th rt. was ortginally
Btted up i.v Mr-. KorfBB, the addow af the ^t.?!lm.
Bblp owner. by wlmiu lt was daeoratad to im eiai. oata
aad co-iU- atyle. Al Barrafaa-att Ptor b. bad a
i,,,-_,- eoantn bomc whwa ba >i"-nt the lammer wtth
ii. famicr. Hia wUe waa torawrty Mlaa Cfcwk, ofCora
? ,n on tha Mudaoe. iie waa toad of horaea and drivtag,
aad wae a niemb. r ol the n- *wond Park Urivtog Ajm >
!toll ;,- m.ii ai t!..* L. I'l. ?*ii!x and Manhaaan
,. ,1,- aud the American Varhl i lab. He waa ab? B
.,??,.,? ?- ihe ...iinthiai. Lodae of the Maaool. tt*,
...nltv III- wife BBd peven ci.lldn-ii-tiiree b'.\s and
fSar girti purvtve hlm. Tha funeral arlll bea prl
vale o_e ..n -Btardaj afternoon, and tho hurial wlll
be at Oreenwood OeaBBtary.
CB-JH-i- iiakkis. THE ACTOB, VtTBB.
Chictgo. iii., Oefc ti.-v'tuiri-s Harrla, a awo-her al
A Mbmt- eonapuny.' now ptaytag ?t tha
.-.'iliiintii*. i-p dylBf of BHS-TS d-MB-B at st. l.-he*
Hfl-jttnl. Tho pliyal-iaus att-U-lus blm aay Uicro
__ oi, j^tollblu Uo^o.
The eostly house of S. D. M.Clure, at MapIO*
IBoB L. I.. was tot.illv tl.-. troyi-fl hy lire laat night.
The lire .rarted from a neavly kindle.l grnte liro
in the parlor, wiiiuh igmt. .1 a dof.-etive flue, apd
the whole uppa-r part of the house ?w in flnmea
aliunut bef9W the faniilv kno4v if. Fire couipa
Bio_ re-p'.iKlod from llath lleaeh, Bay Ridee and
I'lvthidiourtie, but .ucceeded a?lv in kt^ping tho
ffg-from sureadiiifi-. A t.rribleaeei lenl happeiied
to Albert May. a yoiinc medie-il atudent livlnff at
Letlerts r.irl:. He antl Ountav Sehwilk. a claea
nirtt.-, were ia the ra-rnnd story retw.ving th?5 fur
niiure. whon tho roof and third floor fe-U ln to
gether. Sehwilk was near the hall and ran
dowi stairs, a niaas of tlames. They were qulekly
?BMthend and he mifler.-d nnthing woree than
having Ms eyeliroww ttafed aml his coat burned
f.ff Ma baek. May WOB further haek in tho rooma
and a great BBB9B ot hurrimg tnnlter fell on him.
Immediately he waa enveloped in flaniea and by
the time he reaehed the t*J9B*B, Minded hy smoke,
ho found them on lire. He ru.hed down atatra,
however, throngh the tlames, and wa* a frightful
siuht, when he reaehed the open nir. His faee and
lanils were burncd %> a cri-ap. and rh* Hesa 1 fell from
both cheel.s antl his forehead in great patchea,
May had heen blindedd b.v tl.e Uaines, but had kept
liis ejes elonod and said to the men that he could
? .- faintly. A phyhieian WBg n-nt for and toode
char-je of the unfortunate young fellow. He waa
twctity-i.,11' .-e.ir. old, and WW%9 have been gradu
ated at the Lon_ lhland Medieal follege in a
Mra. McLure, who had been watehing the de
?truetfon of lier liome, went into mnvulsiona
wlien iaiie sa.v the young man stag^er out of tlio
bnrning bolldlBB. , .
L.ter it waa reported that two other men who
4vere 009091 d in n.-moving furolture from another
par. ol the houae wero erashed hv fallintr tinibera
and periohed in the llames. Their namee could
not ho olitaiued._
Tiire- parsons w. re badly ttokOB up, and.
several more _,earod our of their witn, hy a CoL
Uaion laal olgW betweea a Delt Uoe .urfa.-e ear
ad a fr-iulit, ear ol the N.-w-Y.n k Ct-ntral I.uil
road. It was iiist aft r seven o'eloek when ca?
No. 11 ?f 'ln* BorCaee llua. drlvea hy Henry Hig
giti*. reaehed Tliirtieth *t. on ii* aptowa tripalons
T-nth-ave. At Tinrtie'h-st. nnd T.-ntli-ave. aro
tl.e four fre uht yard. of tlu- N-w-York Central
Railroad. 'ih.te i.n- tw,. yards. one being i.n
tlu- i-asf Mi.lo af Tcnili-nvc, whlfc the maiu yaid
bj ?? th- w.-r-t i-ide. Aa thfl
Beli l.ine ear, ren.heil Tiiirti'-th-st., aigkt freight
(;,.r> drown by engi".e ?9. driven by Frank Dun
ii.iin, begaa alowly to baek out of the Eaat Sid*
..nrd BOrONi the av.-nue. At this point the freight
traek eroaaea that of the mrfno*? Ubb. Jan_-~_
Kenigan and John Cattow. rhe watchman oo
duty nt thc yard, say that tb< V 4vaved their
l.-iiir.-rii.-a an u r*itr"al to tlie driver to *top, but thnt ha
4vent on. HlggiOfl flayfl lhal n.i Pignal wa* given
and that the treiffhl r.trs did not move untU
h- was Olfl-Blni th<- railroad traek?, whed they
middcrly hookod on tlu* surface car. The ieog
,ar of the li-'i^it traiu toirhed thB
Cit Line tra.k in time to striko
tiie fore part of tlie ear with such ."orco
a. to throw it half off tlie traek. The dozen pa?
Bengerfl ia IIM ear made a jump fa-r the sidewalk
a. they gaw the tjain running BB them, and all
bnl tin.-.' penono eeeapeil lojaqr. Koot MeGlone,
of I*.- ...tii.i-av.-. Joney < iiy, was badly bruL-ed
an.l Bhaken; iiSJff* Early, of No. 4.'.4 \\.-st Forty
iir*t-*t. haa b dhoocated ahoulder. while Hifigina,
tl..- tlriver, wat* throv.n trom tlie platform anu now
BUffera from a orvaiied Land aud lii^er-N. Ihey
w.-re taken to Uooaeoell liospital.
Alb-iny. Oct. 0 (SpeflaD.-Tlie arg.nieiita on the ie>.
muiTer to the lndittmcut eaarglag ComaaaHaaae itch.
Bf tlm liureuu of Labor Shiil*tlcs. with tle*trovlng tho
rccorrts iif lils 09*09, WlB-* Ifefl .Miig4vumps d.ei-led
to ^-f*t acoaaa to. tm* had bif.ir.- tl.-- Ooart of 8.-<sion_i
t..-i"av. Mr. M'.v'rin, aa eoaosal f'.r Mr. Pei-k. ln
iiu apealag icaaufea, ?.iti that the Mtaoawt waa
the n...-t ?MMtttfOUfl BOtlBBt that t****i hnve iicc'ii
perpetrated ag-dnat aa La-ttvMaaL n aaee ^\idcnre
of tl.-- BBSte With val.irli lt h.tfl -t.-.n pn-parnd. Iri
no parttcalar di'i it aBeBfl laat Um docaaaeata aaH to
havo beea deetroyed wbtb la laet, the flkealan re
ulvi-il from l,usli.,-s nnn, iH,ss.-isi,,n of wMeh clr
eulan it hai beea r-oug?it. tiiDigii tn* .and
tivii pnceedlnga, p> obtala. Tbaa Mr. M.-'san rtcited
dn- law ereatlag tbe aflke of whlel Mr. P-.k H t''B
head. Tiii* vp.a-iii.ii Um bmob * "' eaUoellag stntis
i..-. Bnd .f obtoli Ing InforaMB b. Ib bo ***** ***** ti?
Infonnattoa obtalaed umi* a pabBi lee. nl. la t-><'liarge
that Mr. Pi'.k hut deBtioyad pabBfl dotuniius .4-aa
bia*. Beetloa i'i <>f Um criadaal tXA*, ***** arhttt
the Indletment 4.a- found. provldea ti.at Um ioeaawutB
deatroyed moal bfl pablk reeoNa, eonatttoted aa br
imi. Theae dreolara mm* mo m.ittfrs of n-enrd.
Tha imn. tni.'iit cbarffld bo ipealBe or dlrea-t aet.
It ilial n.,t say tlial l!r<- .inulars and UM BOBWBB9
tbereto were aOBtroyed, aod i" mBtag to d,? that the
lti.Ii.tiii..nt \4ris fnlally .Uf. niv.. Tba l.-uv ereatlng
Mr. i'f.ii'.* .'fiii-- siiui'ty provldai tbal ba tmm*M 9flfl>
plla and report atattattea fram lafatoutloa bMoBmI
I i,y him. n c -tii-i ii"i bfl beld tbal tboafl -BroalatB wera
I .tail-tl.'al il.lr.il: BBd Mr. M-rgnn then BfllBll wbal
! a siaii-ii.al ti.'i.iii \.a-. it oaa O?iply ;. eomgl?Haa
: or utiiia- "f atattBtka, aBade ap Baaa laaw-oeolau obV
| U-, .ed fpnu VariCMU lOareea. Ikfl tlnulars and
i Mnwera wera not ti.* alattatleal ootaU re.[tiir._ Uy
law. aud ln thil IflBOBflt BBBOfl lll- lndlittucnt avua
.\.-si*taiii Dlatrlct Bttoraay .'olm rt. f.nd.-d the ln
tlltiin.-ni. This i-,.lliK|iiy iMMladed th- argunient :
Jadfla Clute it? Mr. Cohn.-It bbbbob to mc thal
ihere la the potat where yoa aod Br. afaegaa ii..r.r.
He hi.i.is Umi the materlala thn, roUceted wara ttj
i.?-l- ol Ihe BnnuBl report. 44 Uh report l* a i-uhua
,,, 1.1. Yoa -BBlotala tbal ti?' Inlortaortna is ui.^n a
'"'m',- cSSS-IbBl i* laal I!" BOlai We tnalntattt
II 11 thf .ii.tilar. aad l..f?.i 111 ti. 11 ;ifi- .-. porUOB >.f the
I _u>t|stloal 't''t*.il or report. and asiti. lt .'..n-ltut,- a
t.iilll,' i-.H'.-ni. And lhe charglng in lhe Inaii.-ttn. nt of
! {i?. dlatrtbutlon of pobBe recorda, I.ks. paaaaa and
1 it.iitt.i.. ..ls. ,,,4.-r,il ll , . tii'l. ti'lv.
lu.lg.' Clnte- lni iii.- lulonnaBou, upon whleb the
njioii l* baard of the -am,' oatare aa ihr ta^tlmony
?f wltneaaea ln a trlal In H.ir* ...art:
I jjr rolin We raalntalB unt-lbal N J'i-t tho
point.' We in-i-' that tl"* drculara deatroyed areraa
.?.ri i.f Uie pul'lli- ier.nl. aud i.'?|ill;'.sl 110 spi-cltlo
..uti.orltv nf ir.vv to male then ?? h._
Judge Clate r.ti.1 l. - would anaoooefl his it.si-ioii on
Tbe Magwampa aro Bfl I down .a.i- V-,e l.t.ni^ronj
th-it th.-y -t.-trti-d ln altaeldng Br. Week uud hla r*
i> it. ihowlng th- i>i'--i? -my of Um -Bb* .
Ilurry Kertn-ll. the 4V<-!l B-BBWB lrl-H .,.m.-;llan, haa
bean ptoaoooead laaaaa, and is aaw an Inmate ol
Dlnuii.tllgdBBl .t-y um <m BTedOflflday he was ex
amtaai by Dr. Btaart Doaaou, od DbBovos iio*pitai,
aml Dr. Phfltp O'll.i.ioii. fl B 11 tt OBfl di-t. rmincd that
I... wi-. mBbriog from paraalB. TBs .lis.:-^- waa ao
fnr advaaeed thal Um eoma-Baa'a mtt*, Maia Quavnio
Vasaar, waa Bd-rtaad io place hltn in an instltution.
Me aaris ptnovi-d to Illooniini.-da!e vestti-da.. KerncU
Ib a riillatlelpliii:,,, aud 4411., born In IVbniary, 1850.
II.- 4v.-nt 011 tlie st_.|_e while bfl ?as gaatfl young. and
at oi..- 4vim iti.irK *1 Murte.s. He wa.s f.r many y?-arB
t!k- hlgfeBBl prfBfli I~* if.-i-na.r in hlfl ola-s, and witli
BOd-OOBBfl .-virywln-rf ln- had BBOB a ready f*9**mXB
of luuK'it.-r. ll>- i.av. ll.-d f.?r many y.urs with Tony
1-H.ioi'a road ron.|.inv. Ill* ?? _4d..-walk sr.vMir*'' have
heea erBty aud ..ri_riii.il and many of th.-in haa-e be
oome faniou.. Al.out tw.-lve yi-nrs ago his brother
John, who had b.-en a bollertnaker, went on tbe atogflfc
BtimulaU- by Harry'a aucceau.

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