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The RepubUcan woi-ker. ln Wall Btrcfll are puttlr.it
Uie 9olahinK touchas to the Wu orfranlwitlon tl.nt mnsses
the brokers and baiikers ?f thi- cl'y iinder thfl name
of the Bankers and Ilrokerr.' Republlfun Club. The
memberahlp of thf ilub ls ?_rovr1tic rnpldly t.nd lt la
now a_.sur?l that an Impreasive turn-mt will bc made
when the unlted business orgaulMtlons of the clty
have their blg parade. The commlttee havlng thfl
matter In charcc ycsteprlay nv-t rititl eOflBfleted lhe iM
ot vlce presld?nt_> of tho rlub. N'o dlsappolntnv-nt ha*
atte-nded tlie sendii.c out of lnvltatlons to prniniiicnt
flnanctal men to lond thelr nnme. and th.-lr actlvlty
to the campaiffn for Pioteciinn ufll flflOOd tlnnner. The
IM of ofbcers Include the BOOMfl <rf nini of tl.e hlchea*
atonding In ba-nklnj. clrrles, ln the BtoeB I-xclmngc
and ln tbe Coneolldatf-d Btoeb and I'ptroleum BaehaaaO,
All rivalrl.-s have been lald aslde between the two
boar_? when tho qaofltloa nt issue ls tlie worh to lie
done to uphold tht- AdmlnMratlon tiud lll brllllatit
record. BBnk presldcnt.* and baiikers, who are unl
versally reeognlr-ad Bfl KaaOTfl ln the world t_ 000000i
prl4*ate bankera. whof-e reputntlons are world-widc, nnd
broker. who are at the head of tlie buslnf*s rommunlty
wlU be found among thc offlcUls 9f tlie Republiran
orga_.laat_<m. The namt-s are an Indicatlon of the
aerlous thought whleh ls glven by bu_4_;e?i nnd linan
oitl men to thc grave lty_uen involvcd ln Uie campaltni
and to the earnewtness avlrti which ti.c conservatlve
toreem Of the comintinity are rttlljinu to di-fi.it the
revolut.?_nary pnrpos?\s of the " wlld-.-at," frce-trude
Demoe-mtle platform.
It la anDfttitjced that a call for a meetlne of dele?
gatea from nll th. RepubUcan bU-Bueaa men'* rluh<i
will bo i-em-afl Bl onoe, hifrnod by the presldcflts of
tha Ranker. and lirokor..', IVholeaale Dry Ooods.
Produle and Marltinie Kxchange, insumnce Men'*.,
Jewellers' and 1'apcr antl Aaaafltatfld Trad.-. ilulw.
The mecting ls to bc held at the rooms of the Ohlo
Society, No. BM Hfib av?.. i.n Naadoy, October 10, ut
8 p. m., to coinpict,- anaiigeiMBBlB ff,,- Um graad
parade which u. to take place on _>aturday, Oetobar
~_9, and which'lt ls bell.'vil wllleqtta] tho dcniui.striitl.in
ol thee" club-. ln thc camnai^n of 1004.
Follnwltvj U the compl.te lis* of thfl l ivle orpml
aatlon ol the Haiikers' nnd lirok.-rs" BepabUeaa Club:
4 0H2CKBB.
PreMdent, i*A9*9 D. smitb.
Flrst vlre-proldc-nt, B. H. Thomaa.
Treasurer, .tnnii--. B. I'uniont.
becretary, K. A. Drake.
Le\*l P. Morton, J. llerpont MorR.n,
Ellls H. Robert*. Jeaee BeUgaun.
Georg. W. Qulutard, Goorge C. WlUlanw,
George C. Macouu, t.enenil 9amu<_ Thomaa,
C. P. Hnntlng'.m, Henry Clewa,
ITioma* L Jbums, Weal Thom...* Hlllbouae,
Henry W. rannon, Jaeob H. fccM'T,
P. C. Loun?.burv, l.corge R. OlbaOO,
Davld P. Portcr, Krederic Taylor,
John G. Moore, .Fredfrtck !?? Tnppcn,
W. E. Conr.-r. iT.omn* Dt-nny.
Henrv 9. Wllson. irerlerlc P, oli-ott.
Phlllp r>. Armour, Oeorga W. Montflgue,
H. 11. Roger-, l-wmae ?'? Aetoa,
tiamuel M. ShafTer, 9. V. B Blte,
H. K. Mellarg, ...-.if- f. CUrh,
Gffn-pe J. (iould. Archlbal.l riirncr,
Alexander (illbert, Iiravton Iv. -.
lohn n. 6-lavbiu-k, : Poiii.ld Maekay,
Meholas Flsh, H. W. Male,
Henry A. OaUIey, H. H. llorutrr
John K. Cllifv, 3. Haraen RboBdee,
Allan O. Apgar. Alfted C. riicni-y,
Fred. T. Droavn. E. A. Qtilntard.
James E. GrannlsK, W. E. Xrotter,
John T>. Archb'.ld. Horare L. Holchklaa,
Wallton H. Broarn, William A. Baaa.
Cbarlog E. Culncey, Danlel BaflOO,
E. c. stedman, Gaooral 1%omaa L. walaon,
Jamen ^ellgnian, Gcrge W. Jonea,
h. E. Harher, John Btanton,
C. H. IHueitU. R P. Hflnte1l|
W. L. Bull. K- F. M. Miller.
A. Y. R. Martin. H. J. Bott*.
A. de Cordovo. 0- 0* B* 6_?.
6. F. Btronir. H. B. Alejand.-r.
B. J. Klmball, L. *. de _-or-*c. t.
L. C. ClarB. Charle? E. ri.nprnin.
OeorRO E. Sholdon, Howard 1*. FiolhuiRhim.
One ol the mo.t BOBflaaBM ?BBI ?llBBgl of thc
fear wna held last ntirht .uidor the aaepteea of the
Harlem Republlcnn Campalpn rlub nt lts hcadfiiinrter.,
N08. 158 to 160 West One-hundred-and twenty flfth
st. ' Bv 8:15 p. m. 'he hali ~wa_. llt.-raliy packod wTth
an intelllgent body of rttlzen.. who were BOtflrtaloed
/or B abort tlme with the excell.-nt alnglnu hy U.e
glee Clubs. JuIIih M. Mayor preblded and Imihc W.
(ole was secretary. It wns announred that durlng
the week ihe membenahip of the club had beea
lncre??cd by 143, to ti.at tho total ~?.is OVOT 1,&<>'
The 4peaker of the evenlng was 0. C. BOayOB, who
was heartlly (ireeted. He sald ln part:
Democrat* nnd RepuMicnn- niny dlBat BO lnternnl
tiue*tl.,lis. Whfli thi- tlme arrtv.* for unlted BOlOB U
defenre of thelr eountry thi-y lay aalde partj tlea ana
loln hands and luiarch shoulder to -.'.ouidei ln diliiic
ol thelr BMOU-BB. Ihelr lia.n.e- ai.d t~i*,r c.,u...: 1..
If our eountry were threat.-n.-d by a for.-lgn nrin>
to-morroar the American people would not -U-cu-s
the economi. nuiwtlons. but wo.Ud uiilu- at once und
lieht ,"he forelpn foe. Our eountry 1. Bow tareatenea
bv forelirn tnvaslon. Our InOustileB nre endanpred;
the houiea of tbOBBBBdl of our eountrynen MO ln
Bponardy. What la our duty? 8hall we stand to
aeti-ier as brav,- men, as true Ameittnii*. and PfOtect
ow lndutatrte-s and our hom.- I Or ahall wa atand Idly
bt and alh/w toralga rapl.r.lus at.d Ihetr govarnm-ata
to break down our ltidU-trli-s and mln our homi*,
cauiCbg ml-?>r> auJ dlstrow. to milUon.s of our ftllow
I claim that paaBaetlOa tn American home,.., Amer?
lean lndustrlt*, and Unet.-an labor sln.u.'l .JO BUB
talned by the Aioerleoa pet.ple a* a pati-l..iio duty.
lAPPlftUie.. We are now ongagsd ln our Ol the mo.l
ImporUnt campaiens lo the li&tory af our couniry. lt
a^Tva-fU iSted lu tl,i. ..talo by thiu BomeMe
meeUng at Oaooer I'nlon laal ^ook. One of th?
largeet political nioellnp. ev-r BaM la tbat tw.-ui
audiiorium. Thoaaoada could not paln admlttance.
lt wbb Insplrtng to m.n avho bave the Intereal; ol
thdr roumrv at hea.t. Thoae who were present
44-ere proud of thelr toanlty atid thfl m.il ? hua
orodUced. Kour (rrand m.... Um equal of any ln UM
Natlon. ?tood on tbe platform ai.d eloqaenUy apoke
ior tho eountry they love and Um eflaaa aojaear to
the heart.* of all true Am.-rlcat.s. Thfl dlfferenrea
which exlsted betwaoo Ihe party leiuters at lll .
ncap.il-. vaulshi- Uke the mornlng dew brfOre the
ri?ng aun: and to-day tbe BeonT.ircan party ot the
wa ta ol rfaw-Yort la thoroughll unlted. Hmn.are
iio Miller men. BO 1 -tt i..-n. BO Depew or l.lnlm
men but all i.r- now AaMricag patitota onlted la
one'common toofle. Tbeafl "enrwglae and thelr
fOUowan reeognlao. but om- k-ad-r Beajaaila Har?
rlson. of Indiana. lApplaaaa).
The Bepubltean party of the state ol New-1 .rk ls
rroud of the (our patrlotlc men who atood totetber on
the platform nt Coufer Lnloa, nnd lo ehwuently
id'aded with the pe/.ple for loyalty t<- thelr Inl- r. *t*.
Vhe cxample of Mr. Hatt ai.d Mr. Miller ai.d Depew
and Reid wlll be toBowed by B BOlted party ln the
Emplre Ptate. The wheela wlll bo s.-i ln nottoa IM
the lnrgern RepubUcan majority seeti ln many v.-nrs.
BMtaaaa men nre not gfllog M cbbI b vote to d?rtroy
thelr busln.-ss. Many men. wbo bav.- b retofore voted
the |.en.ocr?tlc tieket, -.re wtlafled -alth tbfl eon
dltlom: Uiey recognlae the taei that under the poli'-v
of Protaettoa lha eountry hM prospered. ney ara
MO-dble men and bell-ve ln havlng Uie beai tor thelr
own people. They i-Bcognlae Um daagee aii.a.i ehouM
tae tarit.. which baa bu.lt av lha lodoatrte. ol the
"untrv. bv ?,?isi,ed. Ti.-y know tta. oar woa*
men cannot and will not worh Ior tha lame wagej^^aa
are pald to thOflfl who do thfl MUM Wflrt IB oth?
SloaaMoB. Thev know that lf the proteelloe torttf l.;
Sen otf. the la?torte? wlU el. ae, ?.,.i hal Ui?B?Bda of
wor-nen wlll be throw,, oul of employmont, enu*lng
mism- and distrcs4 to thouaooda of oow piaapuooa nnd
^H^^v't^that Ameilcn Hl.ot.ld_ ba controlbal l.y
Amerlean* for the beneBt of Amerteona oa Auirlciin
?8 I have beea freiiuf-ruiv aaked. by my a^tataa
ln he varlou* eoanuiMOUl oraanteatlona to whleh I
talonit whv I take .uch .... Intereal ln poMea. They
^v : --Vo.. don-i want ar. oflke oor any <dhetalitovwa^
whv n.yt l'-t the iKilltlclan* nitn.fi to the ix-lltlib of
the comtry?" My aaawer i lhal I leel U to be my
oSbHweapeotlve ol panonal reward. to promote the
SSflMtof^oe beai OovaranMOl and ,.ra.id.-M couiitn
m uTface of Sta earth. and that bv odvoea Ing tha
S^CtalM indorswl by the BepubBMfl ^?Tl..ai..l U?Ve .
{.(an at MltinesDOl'ii. I am il'ilrx my duty. (AaflBUae.)
Bfl-wae"lm*i* * mM*A* w...-.i I wa* a youag man
uTvotfogth o.niocn.-.lc lloket. i feel it mylgundea
dutv te?4o ?n I eaa to oartalB th.- party oMeli boj
BoatalneO my hoi*^. and thaa to BOma BOtoat BtoTfl for
the error of my youth. (Apptouae.) . Amerl
There will bv everv raaaaa for the patriotie iurn
cantoTeel inMous for the future ,1 ^^J&Bd^
the tlin-' nrrlva when our people will be aupplleO ny
Sfl products of forelgi. InluatHea. nml <;"r fleotloni
ind ou7 lawa nre MOtfoUad W ^"^.^t^,,
elgners now landlng on o.r alierea wtth thejwatotanco
nf forelcn natlon*. 1 do not refet to th.- elaaa of for
eLSSmJ?5 "re buibllng -M- good bomea here. to .<--Y
maaTlie counted among our I?-*t .tnd mo?t l_i? -lWdli,-.
titAtem I r?-.'.-r to the du*- of lorelr>eM wbo hava
no iJ-gard for our eou-.trj no rtgeel for our UWa o.
?vmi-athT-tor our lnstltuiloni. Kv.rv American cl I
2?Pb-he nartva born wllh the Mrthrlght ol Mbertj
win lnteritai.ee. or by idoptlon. Demoorati aadl Rja
SJ-iiiUjan" -ahiinid Riln totetber and no only juatalB
fhJ, Sdtoy o I'p.t.Vtloit. b..t they ahouM toalat upon
rongT^a paaatog moro atnogeat ***9 governtag ln..,n
^ir.-he'nS'ty wiu... Bi^^ain ba-jojoyed
tJirt Washiietoi. down haa l^BTdurlitr the yeara
JS^-CtiSt-On (Bpp-B?iae>. .md all lhe advemlty. the
taxm*To\^Bortag aod mWry. wm darlag thoae yaaia
89009 ."/Jg.'g K why si.'.tild the Amertean pe..pl
vW^Pc-mocrntlcll.Kei. votolo IrnVo all ti,,
____________? tn ihelr lndu**ri'"? i**-no4ed. tlu* allowlnK
iB**t*nm*4% UTaapply Klr market and Itareby
BSLfiSTaowa thalr own .Buuaaiaa, to their own in
mrrVtM MnglnB .uftaHng and dl t-.-s* t.. h*u?anda
iif^wor-Tmen ind8 thelr fnmiaes. gjggLjg j "" g
mm-mtimra buyer? tlut aaat alm).li< ity. durablllty. **M
gjitm.t C*.. lt* W. 14U?-?U
A Letter fron Prraldrnt Harriaon
Tlio second "Da^haway" fountaln peti recelved and
Just suits me. The first one 1 gnve to Mrs. HarrUon
and she ls uslng lt wlth great satMactlon. Thai.k
Ing you for your attention, 1 am, very truly, your.,
Erery ono who purcha.es a Caw'a "Dashaway"
doubla feed fountaln pen this week and names the
r.cxt prealdent mny exehange lt after election for
one of double value, or mny have an additional pen
of same value free. Prlce s from $-<_.r>0 to $10.00. ?"all
or wrlte for partli ulars..
CAWS INK <__ rEN H>.
104 liroadwny.
dollnrs for gootti ti Europo that should be manu
fiictured at home.
Why not vote the Rcpiibll.ao tlrSAat .ind au?1nln
the policy of Protection. whlch haa done ao mnch
lo enrlch our c-.ur.try. empkiyine onr own workn.cn
ln our own fiictorie-p. In onr own eountry, and ke-p
lnir the mnncy ln onr own rountry to be spent by our
own peoplo limutivc our own pe<>ii"c. fApwaileO) This
poiicy of Protection shonlrt be SUstalned by the
Am.-ilcan people as _. patrlotio duty. (Long-ontlnued
Tlio members of the Union T-fasrue rinb. nf
Brooklyn. eave un cnthtisia*tie reccidi'.n btfl
evening to tba Secretary of tho Inb>rior. .John W
Nol.lo, and Itafened to an oloquent addrcsB by
liitn. Tho Se-eretarv was cntertained nt dinnor
in the club before the uioeting. which was helil
in the larire nss'inhlv room. Thia WUB Uled te
o\crflowin_, and pc< Ph* Wen atjindinc at the doon
lon_ before the fp.-al.ln_. began. Among thoM
presept were .lelin W. Ilormi.n, IS. H. Hobleo,
Frnnris il. Wllaon, Robet-t H. Benedlct. Thomaa
S. Rooker, Eugrne 0. Hnekford, Ernal Nathan,
Ifnnhnll T. Davidsm.: W. W. Henton an.i (Jcor;.o
('. lirain.rd. lloward M. Smith. the prosidont of
the elub. was the chairman. In B hrief
-peeeli ho peeaSBKcd Mr. Noble? who waa
jrror-tol with hctrtv aml prolonced npnluuse.
Among ollier thintrs Mr. Noble BBid: "I BM
Rttatly gmttfled to be neelted sr. kindly at tbe
Union LmgtM of Ilrooklyn f?r more reasons l,han
one. lt is gtatlfying tn me penonally. lt if
frratrfying V? BM Tts an evidenee that a niiin who
imea fn.in the West i.s :is suro of a hcurty wol
cnie on tlie shoros of tl,e Atlatitie ns OH tlie l'a
fie. I am ii'.M. uratiliod for I f?*el that yon r.*
rcivc mc na a humble rcprosont-tive of the A'dnnn
istration, the bead of whleh beentwe "f nn ahnoet
i.vorwhelmin* sorr-.w i8 unable tu appear lum-rlf.
The ilepnrtnwnl with whleh I happn t.. i** eon
neete.1 may Ih* t-aid to stntid at the par. lon gutrwel
the homeittead*. ef tlie eountry. Thnugh lt the
veteran .olliors have rcc<*ivod whnt it wnendtnow
ledged they were entitlcd t... but which the.\ never
reoehred ..ntil thi* Adminintntlon lt had to do
with tlie Indi-.n lande nnd the vantly gnater pub
lio domaiu open to ndllcis. Ia his reoent l-tt.-r
.f acceplanee tho Democratic c.ndidn.c mado a
feiateinent which 1 pMfOM to. controvert. lle aald
thnt tho Democratic party ntwajB rcpiv.se i tha
prcatost oonfidenee in tlio peoplo. I deny if, and
ptopoM t.> abOW thnt it ti not. true. (Applanae
At the bepinninc ?>f th,- lant Adminletralon
Con-B-t-BMaeC Spark- was at tho bead of tlie
Land Office. lle staitcd out, with tiie B-BUmption
that all the peopk wen stiiving t.? defnud the
Covernment. He suspended the i.*?iiin.{ of lan 1
pntenta in bne w-tioru. nf the W.-^. Tho out
(i-y acainst thia inju*<ti<*e was iaal whnt y?u wonld
ixpoot from nelf-roKpoctinK citizens. FiaaUy it
N-i-anie so ?reat that the Secrelury of the Ir:t- 11 r
said there mu. f bo a chnm;e, but .Mr. SparU* would
ui t make it, ar.i flnally Mr. Diinar iir.de nn order
hininflf, but tho ConiniisMoner m;.n.-.p<*.l 10 pr<
vent Its a^coniplishin!,' anythinj l.y eatnbllahlnd
another diTiflBon to criticlse claims alrcidy paaaed
ui-n favon.biy. ^Tien this adminintntioa Bnne
into power there were l_,000 claims Bontinf
thore. Prcaident Harri-mn toolc Ihe poeition thut
dlahoneat dninM should be fdftod ont bnt that ln
the sifting out the whole people should li"t 1-e
treated as intruders ujm.ii tbe publle d'.iiitiin
i.Jreat applanse. Tiiere w.-ro fnn^uleol elnlna
doUbtleflB, and they wer<? inv.?tig'.t?-d and stran
ple<i, but at tba same time tbe hon.-st elnlna wen
Bllowed and all those 16,000 dtlayc-1 pntenta
w.-re iidjnstod. ((.ho.*!-1.
Mr. Ncblo ?poko on the aubject of peiisinns and
told of the rapidity with which claimn Imd I?**'ii
BOttled, thus giving tho soldier tlio reeoffniUon
which was his due while he could yet enjoy lt,
and at the aame time saved tbe (i.v.rnm.nt im*d
aaaounte which would have btberwin te be paid
in intero.-t, on delayod elainiR. Speukinir of hia
owu State, tho Secretary wiid thut tho RepubU
eane wen making a brnTO hgl't. an'l wen* going
to koep it up till they won.
The Seentnry gnve 8.>me interestim; ani eon
vineing etntlatka of tho pr ^perity of the eountry
which Democrats aald wae b?-im; ruVoed by Pro
taetlon, While doing thia h<* was Interrnpted by
a n.i-iiibor who nonwked on the ^r?-at aaaount ln
aniringa hatiks ln thia eountry as eoinpar.'d with
Kur po, and Mr. Noble quieluy replied: "I think
rh.* people ben bnte mon money in thoir troua
er? poeneta than tbe pople hav.- then ln the mi
ing* hanka." In eloeinn he aald: "I holi^ve wa
hhall .-l.-ct that honoralile man to tbe 1'n-si l.-mv
who is already ln it, nnd plaee beelde him thnt
pre.-.t eitizen of Ncw-VotJc who will iidti.iiiih <-t
1,',? liovi-rniuent honoralily uud prolltal.ly. Itireal
Si-cret-irv Nob'e wa? followed bv Wallaee I'.ruce.
tbe United Statea Coneul :t* Edlnbnrch, who
made a short i.ut elo'tueiit addreaa, Pnaldenl
Smitli announeed t.hat Chnnnera M. Depew would
visit tln- elubhonae for a aborl time on Rnturdny
r:ii<ht nfter tlu* publle meetinK and nddnaa af
tbe Clermont-ave. rink.
wakim; ip t.mf. k.i.kventh ward.
a regular weekly Bwettng af Ihe Baveeth Ward Har
rison nnd Held club -Hiis h.-id laal evenlac ln Dry
i oeh Hall. Ko. Sfll Baat Foastb-at. Aaea wu< a larga at
t.-Iid.-iiice, the hall betiu; cro\idi-<l (.. ihe donrs. and Ihe
sp.-nk.rs of the i-vi'iilnii, >ii'iiii..l KoaBJlg and Chl ??
MiP-ii. of Uu- RepaMMaa cii.b. taara well re-wtred nnd
thetr laaairha waat at i-ntivey i,t ?.* ta, ThaetabwUi
athnd In a hedy tha n.eellnif ln niBlUdla H..1I thln
BWnlng and wlll turn out <-v-r 100 men. The ofllnrx
of this gourtrhlng wgaalaatloa are. I'r.-sident. Joba
Kelnhaidt: fust vtee-preeMenl, Kdward Wi-rtli.-ln.er;
M-cmid vtee-preiddent. vvaiik Matruir.-; ireaaurw. M..x
Aliman ; secretary, A. F.. I.ux . serce'int nt-nrms. John
Tlie Nlbth W.nd of llnn.hlvn was nhlaze wlth ex
dlemert lnst Bf-HtBg ln BOnnWlllBl wlth _ miiss.nu-.-t
InK BBd banner-i-blnp ..1 lh-* h-fidquarters of tlio 11
pabUeoa aaanclatMa <>f Ihe ward. .\o. gga natbuah
ave. The meetliiR wus pre.ed.-d by a paiade, ablel
passed ihroiinh the prlnelpal stre.-ts >f tbp ward, m
c.iinpanied by mn*lc nnd tlroworln. Then were
? peeehvs at tlie meetlng by ex-Asslstunt DtatrM Ai
torne*' F04tcr L BB-kaB, exK4tintor Stephen M. ..rfp
j wold. Dnvld llenlcv, James Woovtor nnd otlicrp. A
liaudaoiue bannrr wa? rnlsrd in tttmi ot the baad
riuarters nnd whk fir<-te<i wlth cheerp and applaufte.
An llliiMrntrd l.cture on the twlfT wim plv.-. |,\
T. I). Q. Tully l^'ore iho Repulllca-is nf UM TaOnty
1 foutlh Ward of Ilrooklyn l_?t evenlng at No. 1,81'J
llcr-ena.., uud It was r-ceived with iiiii-h favor.
Th.. MMnhera of ihe nnaela T. WUuaaii i-nti.-ry
I of Uie Klphtc?ntti Ward of Hrooklvn penided llinniph
, ihe princlpnl stit?ts of tbe wanl tixt evenlnp iin.ld a
! baaaa of bonflrc*. nnd IraworM, whlla tboaaanda .?t
..i.-riple, wbo lilled tlK. sld.-walk*. chcered tln-inselves
; hoarse for Haifteon nivd Reid. The stai-t was rua.le
! from the headounrters of tAe hnttery. No. 11 Baah
i vl.-k-are. Many ot tbe dwelllnps i.Ioiik tbe 11..<? Bf
I march were jtuyly decorated with bunilns BBd Am-ri
! can flags.
The e.x.cutlve commlttee of tin- (oloreg. R.-publlcnn
i lub of the viith Aaaaajhly Dtatilet BMt at We. ioi
lileeckers'. las; nUht and dlspoxed of ronsldernble
hitplncss. lt appulnled ? BBaBBdttaa to miifer wllh
UM l-aders of the old VU. and IXth Assembly dlMrlrt
r-u'ardlri- a mn*s-meetlnn, to tnke plaee, probaMy nn
! t>rtober tl, ln Uie Hlevcker lnilldliiR. lt ergBSJ-Ml B
BBBBB-tttn to look after Ibe (uhan vole ln th<- dlntrl. l
and took prellmlnary stepi lomard fertnlnn the Van
, (ntt Battery of Ihe Vllh As_etnMy Mittlct. It a_-v>
' made arrangementa to have the club go ln t bodr to '
ihe comhined nreetlng of all ****** organlxa
tlons, in the Cooper Union. on uctooer ai.
iu:PUni.irvNS HAYI ? n:<; TABAtfB, IAISI -
The Xth A^sembly Matltel was ?Rt_w* with Uluml
BathMM, red Cro and fircworl;* laat r.lgi.t. IM
WblMMW Reld Campnl-U Club h?M * mtm-mcetlng
BBd hnd a banncr raH-ig. ?id varlo..4 KcpubUcai.
cl'ibs parnded wtth Nmnois and nuislr. IhfOagfe tht*
ptr.-cts of the dlstrtct. BnUHM-BMB bubbi.- up nnd
ran over evervwhere. In the pres-esslon were Ih8
Ur.coln Ctab, the Whltelnw Keld Bnttallon. Uie Wl.lc
Awake club, th- Propress Club and the eecond
battallin of -The iie. -ordcr's" firft voters. K.ch
orcnnlTintlon was about MO strong. After the bnn
ner ralMnp and the prorep-lon th.re wtus ? m_p
tr,"ittng In iaffentM HaU. ln Baa! Hereatb-t The
hnll was packed as full ap It could be . and the mcct
lag was nddr.-sscd by .lohn ,T. l.ef.lln. Jo'm A.
cuifey and Anthony Mamtghan, of Haaaa-haaetU.
Kcsoliitions uero paeB-l .er.ewlrg the fallh of tbe
members ot the club ln (he abUtty frf the Kepubiican
p.irly to conduct the nffiiirs Bi the ..overnm.-nt for
Ihe btrt liit-re-ts of the people. Tho re?olutI ms
called Httention to Ms- fact thal Mr. cleveland WBgai
wai a-tnliir-l an Amcrtiuu Industry ln br.-aklng up
John Konch's Bblg yard.
Aaaoof the promlneat Kcpui.iicans present wen
John K. Nupeiit, James V. Hart, John O'N'ell, D.inlel
T. Murphy. Willlam Rlclurd. Adnm I. Miller. AttjMj
Schenfle. James K. lVpiani. .lanies A. <ole. I'tiul
SclinlUler, Ur. T. II. N.-w land, l'eler F. KufTerty,
william ll. Abercnanble, Mni c. Timm. John J.
Keh.ie, James MrMahnn and Henry rihust.-r. Jamea
Cosprovc prcided al tht. im-.-llug.
The Oerman Repnt.llcnn Cnrnpnlm Club of Ihe
l.-pil XXlVth AsvmUy Dtotfhi held nn BnthUB-BtUl
meetlng nt Turn Ilnll. N .. 58- Cotirtlandt-ave., In-t
evenlng. Abont '_h><> men were pre.ent. Henry I
Sehool, ihe ptaaldefll pni tampore, Introdured the
f,r-t spe.-.ker, Krnest Ilnll. who spolte of tha t-_d-B8J
Of romiK-iiUiili In Ihis coimtry ln Inwer lha prlr.-s on
protect'-i artii ii-s halaw theaa of a sompeUng roun?
try, nnd gnve aa In-lnnres sfeel ralls and plala gMsa.
Ha traa Wloirea b; Onatav A. Baba, wbo Baade aae
of i.is earne-t pp.hea in Oarman. The nwetjaa
rleaed ullh i few w,*n rboaen word- by Dr. T. H.
Newlaad. The thth'4 next BBMttng wlll l* heid en
Thuraday evealag
A Cermnn Ann-rlcan KepuMlcnn (lub was ori.nnlr.ed
last erenlBg al No. '-.-*?" lMr-1 nr-. wlth the followlng
oHeefs: PraaMeat, i..-*.imrii batoet-eha; elee gceeMeat,
Wiiuain DaaaaaMa: Beeretary, Aaguat laeher; treaa
nii-r, I):.\ld _-il.-dp.im. Mlrrinj: ipeeehca w. re Btfde
bv Knill Labeablner aad breaard Ldaenokn Lconatd
l.wnitiiii, who aald he wap n Demoenl orw Udrll
y.-ars, beeame .1 aieMber of the club nnd wiu ra<-.t his
rote on Hoeember l Ibr Harrrwn .md n.-id. Mr.
l.iiew.nt! al in.-id. n wptteh In whlch he gnve his na
s-,!:s for Inelng the DMnoeraey nnd beeonUaa a l.e
pubUcan. Reeolatloaa ladenlng HbitMw an.i KaM
u.Ti adopted. The m( meetliiK af the .lnt. wlll lah
|,l:i, e nn i *ru,\?r 1_*.
iln- .i.-rinnn Am-rii .-.n BcpabHean Clah >>f llarl-ai
\.in hold a BuuBMaeeUnfl at lu beadqaarlee-, Ko.
I.n IS Ihlrd ave.. u,|, erenlng. Pnudnent. spe.-.k
rn arlll addrew t!..- awetlng. rr.-id.nt Knll
i ih. niii.r ind et-AMermaa Kr.-d.n--k .i_ri*.t
"lll ?peafc. The tarlif will bo ,'iddr??pso^ from I i a
chai'lr.-il polnl i.f vi,n. The llermen <.i. ? t'lnb w.il
aiini-i- Ihe alldlenre, and n- iipiiiiI ofti-r the tn.'-'l' g
Ihere wlll be aa eatwialnnMBt.
Tha ..ernian Republican .U-?h lation of lha Xlti,
Aa-enibljr Dlstrlct, li-i.-n-.i ... grmd Bepubllean ?i?
irin.? i.'.?t erenlnf ln iho rrahrooiiM at \", 841 Usth
av. Tha ii--.' lat lon has al-sit i.s. BMBiberi nn Ihe
bookv, and the (Ollcming eneagMle ofllcert. dln-.t lh
aark: Prealdent, Martin Maaer; elei^-iresMent, John
*-e?-i:cr; ?arretarT, Joeeph Hgnnerj ir.a-nrer, l'lilll).
stang. l-ti-t iiiirl.t James T. Van Ben- rlaer made ai
able nd'ire-s i n Reanbtl"Bfl prlticipi.-p aad aae fo|
I .W.-.1 i,v Ki-rdlnand lh- Wlitne, who ipoke ln ??erninn
and Rogllah u <i |.i.i..--i i.i-. aadlenea wllh hl > wnd
ide.-in. Am ?:!-? ili ?-e preernl aere Charlee Wandree
Fredetieh i; gottn, *-\n\ Ka-ke. Jaha Uahraaa, rn.i
erirk Wltte mul John A. Mauder.
At <siii F. llowa' ll.iil. N... 88 POmrth -'. lael
evenlng, n .irrtnin lln.-rl*.-; n>Ml lt-Id .'lnt, was
f'iriiiH u;-.ler tlie au.pl.es i.f ihe Oerman QtUrn*'
AMOrlatlon. Dm d r.i i i aa. elected |>re Ment, tdam
8tr1ck_r, .;-*--pi'-iii. n'; Angael BrhmMt, ?weiary,
.-md Max .."hii-ii l'i. ireaaurer. Prenldenl firoai thea
;niiir.--p--d the meetlng, and UM ireal atrew on lha
fa t thal only i-\ the heartf ro -pHiatlon .,f ti.e m, m
t,i'p, pr.-pei,i -'.iil'l tlie tamoa ..f the elub ha aamred
Dr. I> ^kl|ts.?h -|K-k,- on tha heaegta i>l Ibe RepublV"?i
Adinllii-t'-ation. an.i ??- <?? thn-l.-i-l;. -il'v Kppll -'?' I
rhe meetlng aae Bdjonraed to Tharadar, t*eum* 18
The promlmnt im?mb?,rs "-r,- ... N. Tblndhelm ?
*n\ie. \. Altmann. i' naaMng. c. Mrllaa, P, Baaat,
T. V"ti Zauner, M. I:.-rk, A. Neff, F. F. lan.
.T.'IIN BOOHW _n__J__ IN lIK.a.KI.VN.
\ BMBttng "f Ihe .-si-cntlve ciirnmit.er. if the Kiriffs
County Proti-ctlvn Leagaa, ti.e ]ip--lil.-iit. John BOQnBj
In ihe ch&lr. wa- beM al K.-e.et? HaU, BrooMyn. laal
evi-iiing. Tin- dttegaM tnm tho vartoai aard* mn-i
rejK.rLs ns to ihe warh bHngdooe by the leprc-sntaUrei
i f tlie leagoe, aad Mr. Rooaey then awde an addreaa
on the Inuos of t'..- rampalgn. Tlu- leejrie tmv imited
ip bcadquarteni two loon in tin* hntMlai b1 Kuit'-u
ave. and IVarl-t. and the r>inis wlll be Open 04rerj
day durlng Ihe nnvaw.
After addreewlag the detegatei --f Ihe leainies Mr.
H""jiey rp,\-.e ]e:?e the Jri.ni'-- \V. lluMnl 4 li.l. I
tha _e*eat-, Ward. al n. dlfl Claamn an Mr. Staomy
(llt.ecte.1 Ihe I'l'inni Btfc p'.rfuiui, nnd h.-<1 tha!
the only prim iple tiie J.. -ji ,. ?? i., 11. j,,i'v rtt l-ui/..!
.-.a-. the abaenea "f nli piinelpie. ll?> ehowad Ihat |t
had been and was .. nartj nf neentloh sn-i obatrue
Uon. atid Ihat li aa* tha daly of avory patrletlc rutor
i-i iipiK)!<i the .lii.tiiiio iif I'mtei tion to American ln
Congre ibbm Betta L MUllktm, of ttalao, addrvaaed
an lmni.-ii'i' audlenee U?t evenlng la TUrn HaU, in
i.r.p 11 pobtl ave., li.o.kltn, on the l?p|ie, of tl,,- , .nn
palgn, The Meetlni aaa nnder Ma ?nspice? ..( tb.
eampalgn commlttee ot tbe Seaenterath Ward Asp->
rlatloo, ll.-f'.re the atestlng was cal'.sl tn .-nW bv
ihe ebnMBnh, ___< Dwlgbt chureh, there wae b M|
ii|p|,iav of Irewarha. >ir. MUhhen Batda b m-^t la
tareat-bg addreaa. Iln aaM aawag otbor iiiini;s ibal
ip mi i_i.ui be baloaged la a party who bai oorrt
ting ior eUaadtlea, but Blaaya loohed lorwan for the
mccoii "f tha people of lh. i winliy, i*
aaa a party ibal had nerer s.'i.^iit eahual
Un for the ahe of ir--ttln. aotea
lle decland thal th-- Peawemtle jririv want-^i i..-.
Trada, Bnd whm Ihej loM Ihe people tbey Hdn'l
aaal lt thev loM tti.-m aoaaethlng thnl wns aat ao,
Tln- queatton between Iba Iwa parUea an as elaaa
ent ns it iu'ild be. lle deekurad lhal Ibe beat legM
li.11.jti ln lha wm id wn- iindi-r Ki-piiblli an rule.
Ib- dl.ln't b.-ll.vp in a jiiutv who ?t*UM lo pal
upon Am. ri. u i.n Rngllah pobey. '? > better bb
Amerlean ihan Renjamln ii.-ir.i--.ii, no more eaar
Bgaoaa aml noble m.in 1 lu.ii he had --v,-r -at ln tln
i ii.-,ir Rlnee Uocoln, a.id lf ln* coatloaed to ?lt lu ibal
ciu.ir for the ii'-.\t four yean u.ey would kan a
protective larld ... muefa ;is Uiey had laday,
'iii,- men who aaated lo thta ihis aauatrji aader a
I.'?!!;,,'T.lil,- ll'lllillll-llllll'ill M.ri- ineli Wl,!, l,..!|?,l (0
tis.r down th,- tM* I.i 180- Ihe It-puUI-iin part*
stood f-ir rec'iii-tnu-ii.ti ,if (he (iov.i nmi-nt and ln i!,|p
nar lt sto.sl for a fair. pure. rlipjtr .ind honeot -b?lj,,i.
it sioi^i f,,i -niinid i-iiin-'iry nnd proteetlofl lo American
indi.ptri.-- .nd -ii.inid rommand tbe honeat, Intellgem
oipjs.rl of i-Vi-ry uuu. who b.llevea ln his eountry an.i
lovi-s Ms i ii uui iwii'-i,
The ragalar waahly awettag of tha Jnmea v. ix._tu.i
Kepubiican As?ocl:it1on, of tlie XJVth AaaaHHy l)ls
lilii. wns held last eveiiin^ ,-,t Nn. .'if.l 9m Twi-nty
nlnth st. James V. lOgBu |treshled. and Jo.iies
Tlertiey s?. il,,, socrctury. Ihe Iganhan were Colo
nel Joseph I*. Jnrdlne nnd Alfred ,K. 4'onklln. of tbe
Vllth Aaaafl-My Dlatrlet The hall wn? tllled and
mniiy Democrata aare nmuii(( tl,o?e pn-sent. Tha
club now- numljers about 180 .uembcrs.
Ti.e BapabHeaaa of Kuionnh, Weatekaetar Osaaty,
held a louklnc BBMting ln Ibe Town Hnll 00 WcdneMlaV
rvinlng, JudR- Kubeitson piosidcd. and atier a short
?paach Introiiiiced HOBWell ?;. Hon, who uwde a rltit
liie and impiessive apeech on the urtlf ?nd r-*clpro.lty.
Th.- aeeand ssreic- of Beng, with ind-Mntnl pp.-e.ii
maklnc. openert lo a lartfe beena at the Wholekale
Dijgnoda Merehnnta1 _tepnhleaa Ctnh*8 rooma, Ha,
::i!4 Broadway, yesterday noon. Mx hundr.- m.-n
f.irred 1helr way Into the hall nnd mag and eheaM
wlh tln- iitinost eiiihuslasiii. Vlce Presldent l-*iil|er
pnaMeC and fllled ln the Intervnls tietwe.-n aanga
und spc-ches with his droll reinark* on P-Mcol
n.alters. (.eiii-ra.1 Cyrus BU-B8f wns the llri-1 BMBkn
and he euh.ifti.ed ln eliMjuei.t paitada Ihe pB8_hlllBB.
of Ihe Kepubiican party. ipanMng nt leticth on U.e
peaalen eaaaUaa. j. ts. Ktiiiman. -,t v.-nnont. taik.-d
Iti an .nlwnllng nnd <onvlnclne manuer on tho tnrlfT
ajneattan. it. a. Mathoan, ihe iHah oraior. wi.rked
Tin im irn nn irTBram \
will ln- enjoyed by those wbo ha.o tp
cludcd the purclm.se of <?
in their plani foi tho comtnjg week.
Their enjoyment will m>t be disturbed,
no matter what the Bignal Ollice forc
t-;ists. A good MaeWotosh is a ivise
ii.vestiiienl, and ia quite as nece.s~.ary
as an umbrelliu
Rubber Company
BHOADWAY, 21 West ?3d Mh
Tor. tirnnd Slicel. nilj.fllh Ave. llotel.
the err-wd np 10 ?> IdKh pH-h of en-'huslnsm and hllnrtty
by Ma telllnp aalllea o{ luunor antl Btruiig rommoii
A-R. ''onklln told the story of the Oomocnitlc
theft of tl.e N.-w York hena'e In n *?*f thnt left n
cl-aY ItnprcsKlon of the onomilty of that pollllc.il
robbery upon oftrg mind.
Ti.at thc ItaUaOl of the Foiirlli Ward nre pitherlnc
armnid the xtnii-lnrd of the l.-p'ihllean porty ls shoavn
bf the cuthtit-lnr-tlc BOI axell attended meetlnirs nf the
Ma._.iiil RepubUcan LeofOO, which are held nt Xo. . 0
.lam.-. *t. 1-t.H-t eoaatag UM roaOH of ihe oiyanlwitton
irere ewajdad irtth earoeet ItaUafl RepubUaana. Ifl
,l,n ab-.ii..f Um preaMeOt, Vloobaoo Marlao, lhe
cbalr ".is occiipiiai i.y the elaa piaaMBOt, Mici.cie
Mercurlo. Iiiton-.stlng nddreaHC. V8TB made by l.ulRl
laraclla ini'l Ml,'i..'le OppMo. Ainonu tliosc prtSCOt
Mere Vltic'i.rfi Lolgl, rumunlillo AolOOlO, Manelnf-lll
Olaotnta, Kivi.ii,. BaflBalo,?oatafdo MeMe, Pampeota
Paeto, Cortaao PerdlaaaOo, CowWM i-uigi. OantaO Pbb?
auBle ita Ooaaaro, PaearUa MlebelB, Baoocristlaao
dernrdo, rseanlone romaalno, Allanlello Vlneonaa, lt<?
frni.f, RumiBvendura, Vlneento Qtuaeppa, Flore Andrra,
Vlncnr... Mlcli.-le. r*pera VIliteiiM, lortfs- \ lim-n/.o,
.M.irlnui'.'l Mlcli-I-'._
The Y.ni: K M-nN l.ep.ibll. n.i l.'lub of TieOMMt held
it, ...?<-. .?! r r*lar BMettag al OOO-hoo-tioi nml-M-veniy
six-h-t. BOd V. f | Vaii-li-rhllt ave. la-t nUl.t. Tl.r
gaoliattoa rontalaa Blty manUiera, loaoy ofwhom xvork
lu the vnri.uis irlrino ?BBBlfletOt-Oa ln thl. clty.
Cbariea D. Baker mM* a rtnglng ipeeeli, ln irMeb he
il4i.lt ot. lh- ndvatilatfe. ?', n prntecl... InrllT. A
riitcrt. ronalattBi ol tt**** ;1'"1 loatnuoeolal moale,
fiillcii-l. Tbe i.fl.cr. ol IIM rlab ar.-: I'r'sirtent,
.,,-ir?e j. Dagaer; -leo-pioaMiot, Wiu Wetakar; .rre
t.rv c ii Bt***', lieaanrer, rharle. \. f.ron; *er
aennl nt-arm*. Atnold Moller. K.xerutlv- ruiimltt-c
i(. It. ItaiuUll, R. A. OMM and J. M. WlttMCk.
The ii.-.n-isi.ti tM BeM (OMored) COmpalgn Clab
,.f UM Mili Aaeembly I>l-irl.-t, baM u paeked in.-tlns
,,t N... 4711 Mlxlh .ve.. BM-t I.'ttht. The . lub l-".iif
4a -r- app:- .piln.eiv nui n-ntlv fl< iniat.-l, t.'iil lhe many
,.ple prtaent I itened ~*in? abaorUng latereal t?. iba
?pea-rh. aod ii'.-i in-i negleel to appMad laattly the
many , i.i.j.i.nt allaalooa t" loe BepabUeaa partj
,-d ii, nomlnee*. Th* i Mal ipeaker ol Um evenlng
tha Ber. Dr. BUnbeny, ol ihe n.tii.-i A. M. R.
rhnreb in RnUlvan-al Pioderle P. Ilayea, II. Prlee
Wllllruii* nini W. lt. I'.ivl- BBW l.iiule a f.-4V 1 rtef bfft
...1 4-n-'itnf idaiaa. Tba BMeera >,f UUa clab ara
Mal r i: Poole. prealdenl Bdwart t. Hoa
>l?4g-preKdent: llenry A, Hill. Mrond vbepi.-id. nt:
larai-a . Lancwiter nui Bamuel I. Aletaader, M-cn
lartc, an-i Thomaa ll. Rrown, trcaaarer.
.is, OP rnr BTATI C0MVRXT10S NiMI.n~4
TIOXB POR < nN.'i'.i Bfl
I n.vi.i,-ni.'. It i. Oet. 0. Tha Btata .BepaMleaa
.~.,,i4,n I.,.-, wai ..ll.-d t,...nl.-r UU tnortilni! by llunter
r, Wblte, rbalrman ol tha Rate Central Oofluatttee.
liemtta A. l.."l. t-!.l. ol IVovMeoee, ??- rboBBa leW
pofary caalnoan, and Bacena y. Waroer, al Coveatry.
?;\. ,i.,i lata. lhe temporary organliailM waa
made parmaoeat. There oaa a ronleal orer lhe deb
. fr .ri, Raal .".-. ii'4|,.. whleb xa a - letUH bv lha
iMtlni ol ? beaaed bj Repeeaeotattva
B. W. K. ..ii.-... A pUtfona mi- peeoeated appiavlafl
lbe "I.*'Inralloii* ol lh- Ntil-.i.il < ..nv-qObB, UM pfBaaOl
i.nri'T i?4v. aUfer ealaagB pMley, edorta f.-r a fr.-.
? >n... aad poatUoii regBiHlaf realHeted ImmltraUoa
tt-1 <i4>i s-4,,.. eeform <?( lha RepabUcan Na'lonal
\.i:,iir_i*tn.tii,n. The p*bU<~ ?? rvi,, ,,f Oorernor Browa,
ind ??-if-iiilv hla niju.n roneernlnfl UM Xewporl
i-,-tri'ii tiDBhle, ata-. romoMOded, al*o lh. IdaUnlara
ri'.n .,r PreaMeoi llarrtaaa, wl'b a lympathetla r-f
creoaa t<- Ma domeatle troable and a pledpe t,. h-.|i[H,rt
him ln Ihe pendlnn rampalan. The ptatform oaa
...lopted A reaolallofl InOoralafl Um paMIc rhool
4>t.'.'n v. i- ineorporaied on lhe proaad lhal the poatlloB
..' Iba [Mirt> I* t,*. 4arll litiiiaan (?? niaki' lt i.->"??nry.
Tha raUoartni Pn .Menllal Meetora were Bomlnated:
s>\4|?,r-, Louta I. i.oriiiiii'i; Wanrtek, Wllllam ?-.
it.Mik.r; iiiUoi, Joahaa Wllbour; PBwtaeket, Wllllam
il. HaakeU.
A n -oluMoti ar..* udo|.ted hBOrlafl i_"-?l ron-K aud
? ';,? f,,i.vi',iiii,:i Bdjoaraed.
Th- Dtatrtel raareatloaa ~?'-r- beM Immedlalely
nft.r lha adjonrnmeol Bl tbe ttate CanvenUan. ln
ibe l t Dl Irtcl Frederleb P. Rueekert, "f ProrMencB,
?4,1- cbalrman, and J. T. Perry, al llewporl, MerHary.
I.I.ni.ir.t.r ..-., ir,,.r M-lvlll- imn. of MMdleiown,
?.4na ananlmnaaly nomlnated ai the candMate fnr
T',.- Ud i>i-irlrt Ooo~renllofl orpaalaed vand Wllttam
rt. Walker, ol Pawlueher, .- chairman, and Raoene
y Warner. of Coveniry, bm -? ? r. tn. v. Idln rapron,
nf BmlthBeld, Bpeaker --f lhe Houae, u.t. nomlnated for
t..i,rr.*? fi> f.-iitit.n Warrea <>. Arie.ld bj a aoM ol
10J. to 2SB.
JAC0B LE Kl'-VKK N.VM1.1) fOn C0N0RE3S
I rvavivor^ ROM:_tATI0-l 'I" BO i i.i 1. .'K\
l iim. Kl T. BAM.
I_mghkeep.de, X. Y.. Oct ?> (.Speelal). The Repub
Hean Oonpasan CravenUon >.f taa aaw wiinii 01
tii. i. compoaH of Dalcheaa, Patoon .? u<i Ulater coun
il- 44a* caRed to i.niir ..t 2 p. i.i. i,..iay. b* Judfe
Ifooa. of Potaam Ooaaty. Oooeral Doolol Rottar
BoM "ii- choaeii rh?ir........ Bdward ll. Thomps-M
..ml Oeorpa iaaleatyne wara elacted lo Um Coograaa
. .'...I.liit.-. t.-.i.-irii Bharpa. ?,f i ***** r. mada a -trom:
?peeeh, after whleh h- Bomlnated Jaeob 1*0 Perer, <>f
Clater, Ior Coogreaa. Tho BomloaUoo a.ns recelx-ed
Vlth Krmt fa.oi. und -au- BMOe uiuiiiiuinu* Iv rn , la
nuitloii. then thera waa i*r-'at bppUbm. fio cutvr
I.ple wi?, wer- prf*-i.i -p 'l,-- lu the hl.'he.i manner
nf l- Ki-a.r. and aay thni hl- nomlnallon aviil h.-ni
nll iini.-r-i.i .'* ii. Ihe RepabUcan party ln Umi ronnly.
Delrgatea arere prepared lo --tv- ananlmoaa renonil
iiatl'i. lo Jilii. II. Kelcbam, bul he peralatad lu Ihe
di-i-llnatloii mttd- publl.- *,.,n- al.iv * ..,-,,. Mr. i/*
I-v.r la oi.e ..f th- l-iidlnit Republlcana of l.'later,
ha* four Ume* repreaatited tl.ui eounfi ln the Aa*t*m
bl-. ituA is presldi'.ii. of n.o llnguctiul Natlonal I..uil,, of
Waablaftoa, .><t. B. flenolor Hlaeaob waa ln Waah
InftSB t..<lav. HO ...ll-al "ii tho Prertdent, ..nd hr.il
a taiii ou Um p.iiitiiai Mtoattofl ln .n." York. Ha
k.m1 altar leavlng ihe WMM Hooaa Ihat ba waa on
Ma avay t-i t'hliiti-O ti) brinu ln* fiuinlv fr .m th-rt. BOd
bavtag ??...-? nini,,r jnaiici* of boMnoaa ln Um De
piut.nt* lo ntleiid I.i, be *t..pp.*l ln-ie Mr tha dav.
Ofl returnlng from CMrago )..- wlll inko i>art ln tae
eampaign lu oiuo nnd laalaoo.
Aiii.nta. on.. .ut. 6.?"Tho OonatltaUon" clvcs
kemi ofiiciai retarna this BMrolag. OovernorNortheo
nt.O'.rltv l^ 7t),.~,.',.'i. 1'eck, lhe Thlrd parlv tri.iill.liil.
f,,r .ii,.-, rin.r, ls i..iten lu Ma boOM eoaoty, Roedale,
bv 810 ?BjOrtly. lla carrleil only m out of 1TT
tv.iintlt". Tlie IbniiMiaN elcfted tlie entlre Slale
lluii*.' tlcket antl c.tnl.il .v.-r) Beaotorlal tllntrlct, ex
cept two wMeh BN .b.iiliifnl. an.l cloctad the bnver
11.,use, xrith the azeapUOO of f.uir Republl.ans and
ten Thlrd jmrly repri-a.-nlatlves. Th- DeB-OCiata
awept -very Coacreaa dlstrtct, eairylng Wataoa'a <n.
triti l.y 1...H miij Tity. "Th- Conatltntlon'a* re
i.tirt* cov.-r 187 countles and nearly -J.0.H) clc..tl.m
The DMOOOfOM hnvo another little trlck l.y tvhlch
they bapB tf. gnln v.ite*. Kcpulillcaiis BOOaM be care
rul that they nre n..t cniiRht l.y il. Wheu n Demoeral
caaaal voie boaaaaa be boa net baaa ta nu* *>tate for a
year, he ifn-s M BBBM -.-piil.ll.au and Ott*ta n> pair
wllh l.liii. tcllliifr tl..- R.-publki.n, of course, tli.it l,e
cuiti voi- u.e DeaoMiotk ii. k-t bere. RepuMleaaa
whn nr- a*ki*l to(.i.lr shotild itialt- sur- that the Demo
nnt eonld c.ist in. vot- bere.
Ai'niny.... t. .1 (Opaetan.- A atrow \,,t ? waa takoB on
the trnln BBOTeytM 'h- Altanv Mri-onlc lodges to ril.n
yenterrtay. Ihe \-ote was eojleetad hy n reporter of
OBillh *.- laorll'* niacH lln.lrr, |. I>...panoeB
ES '?.'.:, ,4',_' v"?*lnt uuaililei, U Uia Ikmi mid cBnao-iet.
an* MllJ-ll-i al rwin.lif n. .. *
aad retaUi at nooalir nrl.-o*.
' "The Argus" and William Llojd. The agreement waa
thnt tha resuli was to be printed in "The Artfua" thla
njoriilng. lt dld not appear. however, for this ls tli"
wny It stooO: ilarrUo... il.i; Clevoland. 3-0.
repi:blic.vns. enrqll your namesi
The nctlon of tRe Kepubiican County E.xecutlre
ronimlttee on Wednesda. In eettlnd to-dny and to
nwrrow- aslde fer the enrolment of tli- Republlcans ln
this clty ought to be the COUM of swe.llni? the llst of
the tepuMlean orj-iinlratl n by many thoa^and-. These
two days of enrolment at thla tlm- have been selected
io allow all of tlio.so who have not th.-lr n?mes now
nn the roll to put them there without delny. It U
imporfant lli.it everv Kepul.lli'-n ln this clty who enn
posalbly do so sliciild go lo his dlstrlct heado.uar'ors
rttber tu.lav or 10 BMTroa nnd slpm the roll. Thd
pln.es nl whl.h Ihe BBOmt will t.e open ln each As?
sembly dlstrtet nre piven ln H'ls nrtlcle. The new
jlanmblj dlstrlct llncs are followed. In ense the
couit of Appeala BkonM bnppea to *et asldr. the Rerry
Biander, Iba na-BM af the ___-*|?-t!ee_ui on tho roun
wiu he Innatemd by the IxeenUn committee to
the bOOh of the distrlcts In whlrh the ol.l law wonld
leave them. Tho cnrolliiR place ln each dlstrlct ls
as tOUOWl:
l-i \ppomhlv Dlstrlci, No. 153 Hudsonet.
Ild Assembly lnstrlct. No. AM l*ear) st.
II,d Aaaotahiy Dl-trict. __._-oo.tfs- Aa.-embly Rooms,
No. 369 Iiii.ome-Rt.
IVth As-emblv DIMrlrf, No. IW Eist Broadway.
Vth A^semblv" DMrlct. Nn. 11 Pltt-st.
Vlth A-sembly Dlstrlct, N>?. 741 Hftli st.
Vllth Assembly Dlstrlct. Ni.s. 98 and 30 Ai-entte A.
Ylllth Apsemt.lv Dlstrlct, No. *><> clinion Place.
IXth Ass.-ml.lv Dlstrlct, No. 1 Al.liwtdi.n tiquare.
Xth Assembly Dlstrlct, No. 88 Thlrd ave.
xiti. Auembly DUtrlct, NO. b_d Slxtb-aye.
XIIth As-eml.ly Dlptrlct, No. 4-7 Secnnd ave.
Xllllh Asp.-mlilv Dlstrlct. No. _??> ElRhlh-nve.
JClVth Aaaea-hly Distnrt, Uo. 118 U?n. Thirty
XVtb Assembly Dlstri.*!, Bo, 44f> Klirlith-nve.
XVlth Assembly Dlstrlct, No. \bi Ent Flfly-fourth
'xvilth A-sembly Dlstrlct, Wcii'l.-lls CaMno, Forty
fouilli-1. and Nlutli ,-iv-.-. _.. ? ._.-.
XVIII h Assembly Dlstrlct, No. .141 West Forty
XI Xth Assembly Di,trlct. West Elghty-_oventh
.t. aqd P.onl.-vard.
XXlh Apseml.lv DMrlc. No. 1,22* Thlrd ivo.
JtXMI A.s?embly Dlsti.it, No. 1<>- E-jf-t Flfty
tllll.il st.
xxiid Aaaembhr Dlstrlct, ICaylor- Hall, >><>.
300 Ba-t Sereniy sltth-st.
XXIIId As-enilily DUtrlct, No. JO_ West Elsrhty.
srciind pf.
XXlVth A-seniblv Dlstiict, 1I--11 -iato Kcpubllcnn
Club. No. 1.564 Tli'lrd ave.
XXVth A-p.-mblv DUtrlct, N >. H7 laat Nlnety
thli-l pt.
XXVIth As-i ml.ly Dlstrlct, Ko.irine's Hall. south
e.-tp. eorner Onebnndnd'and-alxteaolh-el. and tseond
XXVIIth As-. inblv Dlp.rlct. No. _!.C."0 Thlrd-ave.
XXVIIIth A-.x-mi.lv Dl-trlct, No. 301 West llne
huiidi-ed -imi fortv tlftli-pt.
Tv. ii-. thlrd ft'*H, 8m. 8,-61 nnd 1,603 Th ird ave.
Twen v fi.urlh Wanl, Mihiirban Club. . un- huiidredV
mu! leventf -1vtl. st. and W.-pt Vnndei-bllt-ave.
Klntrslu-tilKe, Kcpiibll.-an Hall, Itlverdaleave., Ktngs
THB i.i un-iis rivr. tii .t rnr.v iivvr. a hard
Th.* Tummsny Hnll CnmaUttM of Thirty h>-ld nn
rsecnUve leaalon ln tha new eoaaetl chnmber of tbe
?i_.'v.i!ii la-t evenlng. oonunlaaMMr Thmnna W,
..iiipiv |,r. pi'ie.i aad John T. CarroU, lentn el the
x\iu. DUtrlct, wi.p Beeretary. Rleba-d Crahet wns
pri-p.-ni. as wi r>- must of Ihe distriit leadare, lmlud
log i'"iii.' Coaualaat-nera Martta .md ^hcehnn. T*8M
JutUcea Divv.r. Mi-M.-ihon and W.ld-. BegMt-T lite
paraia. Ifnd*. .-herinr neatoo, lawrenee Petaaear, if.
i . Nlner, E. T. and James Fltapntfteb; eeuators
IHunkltf. llni:an nnd KOBB-h, <-x Ragtstar Relll.V. Al
dcrtiiiin DooUng nnd W. K. HIIllnRs. -Mr. Croher
rnll.p| tor Ibe lepuiU from ihe varlous dlstrlcts nnd
ua fn.nhlv ii'ld l.y si-v.-rrl of the lenders that lt wns
p.lnu to be .. lsiird tiisk to h<-<*p tho ituih nnd flle up
tn tho support of the .NVlonal tlckot. Many of the
t.- |eal ramttuiny men In th- cltv. lt w?i sald.
po.iMv.iT rel-aeg to roM lot CleeiMad. This de
f.-cti,,ii mi. mn eondned M parUenlar disttici.s, tut
aaa prevnlant la all parla ol n.e town.
Mi. Crohar toid his man that they must do .heir
>e?t lo prerenl the lalV.ng off ln the Cote M the Nm
ilrnnl llchet, Blthongh ndaUtilng thal there wns reaaag
r,r It. II.- uicisl tha dlptrlct landan u> exir* effon
ln Meurlag .. bearf r.'iflstr_tloii on sll the days ap
-<i fnr URM pnrp. la e-.er. dl-trict. He als..
iidM-. d lha ouanlBBtliBi of Ctoraland and Me**eaeen
rlal ? rn tba dtUeranl eM-tton distr.ct*.
lt wiip d"lil-.l 1 i bdld two m.-.s--nie.-t!nes durlt'it the
rampalgo al TBaunany HaU. Ike -tM ane wm iu.*d
for Tiiisdi.v evenlng, Oetober ?--. aml the other tor
T!,i:.-ii._. .\-ni._r. Nosember ii. I.-,m!nent _outhern
,,,,..,. and Conyro-imen ?in ha ralled upon t.. lur
nUh ti..* nratori ol tba Idnd ot which Tammany is
r i ii i uiall) rammani HaU holdi Iwif n doaeo nli
,;,;, :: ,- Ui ., dutlllg .1 I'.-pIT.-ntial ciinilMlli.1l. but tlio
iii u. ?_.-. i- hava declded lhal Iwo aill be as many _s
lh. re aill be tlme f r tlu- fa'.i.
Samtoga, <>ct. B, The dectalofl ol the court uf
Appeala In tl e P-opto aa r-i Fraah J. H__n_an n^inpt
John l'lT-'in und other- seftlcs fu 1" na lntere.il.Ig qu.->
tion ol th- Intarpretattoo ol ona >.f lha prov-Uaan ol Ibe
aea i-i-. tion .-.xtr. At th* town laaeUng an Mareb
i, iu tba t"?ti ,.f Miit-.ii. ttiip eooaty, tt.-* n-i?t.,r aai
tke DemoemUe eaodlda-e tor -upervteae, kbaneen I.
Lawrenre b. lait the Rapabhoaa candldate. Oa the
iivnss of roMB six Repabhean iM_.tets, aara tonnd
ntuiinsi tu n.iii'its ladoraad "Kaetae," -mi the town
bo_r?i roaated them f ?r Lawreaee, othaewloe n-daatB-.
und d't lared blM ? lactod, deaptte Ihe prateet of willlam
Waterbury, i i.i-f olerk <f tbe aaeretniy ef .s:nt.'?
"lf..". Hr.d tttrorge _ l.ewls, -ttorney io Uie st.te
KuiiMiid Coaufld-atoaer, who aara iegnhU-y daalgnntal
Di-nioriatlo pnli wuUheni.
Bberman appttad to Jaaltoo Bxxvrar tor a mandatnut
tn compel Um board to raeaavaaa add throw out th.*
i\ pMtera aa lllagally i-.ti-.t--i. -"naneeenafal theit..
... Bppcaled lo the Qoneial rerm, ahare. tha ocder
?iip reveraed and tbe mandamna waa | u:i;o<i. The t;?wn
board nppealed to Ihe Couri ?>( Appeala, whicii nov
iiiiiinim,iii-lv afliruis the order "f th-* Oenoehl Term
in il.ptnlon <>f Jaatlee llerrlch, of tlmt tribunul.
whlch ii"|p H'.it I'.-'.pte.p i-i.ii bi- cannad ln a c-jivbm
only wIh-ii propeny paidec] .m. baltota of liho natura,
up sbown i>\ ie- prtuteO bMkx-rmonU.
111!. di- l-li.n wlll prcveiit nuv dlfllc.iltv a.lplnit al
the Blnl. election ln Sovember fi-'?ni tte vorben f
'Hi-.-r 1'ii-v uslnaelectoml ja u. balloti by attachlna
tbem ii- dtli.T ..!- -.11 < f u.e eonattlaUonal i_?ilJt. an.i
votlng them lo hava then pouuted, thua enabllng th,.
eleclor lo vote four electaral b.illots.
..i-eeiiNitie. Mm., Oet. 8. Pbe Repablkha Oon
v.-niii.ii ol tba ni'i Dlatrlci ii_~. -OB-b-Blad .;. W.
tiavlcs, coiored, f'.r ttoiigv- -p.
ContJng, 8. v., Oet. Ii (8peelal| The DamocmUc
Confiepp|oii..l Ci'iiv.-utliin "f Un- .WlXi'i DUtrlct,
wlUrh im ludi-p Chemung. 8teuben, Keneca aad M-hn.li-r
ruuntlea, ?..s beM In this ilij to-dar, and i?l_.is-i in
iiiiinlii.-ill'iii o.\ AsRi-iiiblyii-.nn rruiit H W"lf. of llslh.
The nomlnatlon ip ? men* tnalter ,.i tona, ?? ti.i- i?
n iii.ti rt ahlch belleves ln Protection, nnd wlll ateel
Major f'harle. W. (illiett, tba KepubHcan candldate,
bv a Mg plaraht].
Mlddletown. N. Y.. o.t. .'. The I--ino.*r?ls of the
xvi uu DUtrlct to-daj Mimtnated Heary Baeoa, of
t-oshen, tor fongreaa.
Albany, Oct. H.- \i fobtoik-ll to-day Blmon J. iseher
iii-itiiiMi. of Schenectady, wai uoodnated br l'h* I'.-a..
rrata of Ihe XXM Congret. Dlstiict, ou Ibe twenty
Ihlrd ballot.
??? .._
Itbaea, n. v., Oct. 8. O-ngrea-aaaa OharbM A.
Doatelle, of Malae, deUvered a poMllral addiaaa h.*is?.
to-nlgtit. Among iho audienca won- a nnabat of
I'-ii-r'.- profeeeon.
Mayor P. ?'? Oleaaon, of Long laland Clty, wns re
iioiiiiiiiii.il last tiiciit i.y ihe tortton al ihe DeaaBeney
i.f tliat rlty. whhh tappori- Um. Theodon K.x*hlt?r
was iionilnaled for hup.TvIaor.
X "I
Jvxt like eloek-utork
?that's tbe w&y your
whole systetn movea
Blong, wben Doctor
Plaree^i rieasant Felleto
liave put lt iu order.
That's what they'ra
mado for.to rtirulote
the systetn us well aa
cl-uu.-i. nii'l renovata it
Tboae or.< tbe ..riKinal
Little Liver Illls, tinv,
suifiii- i-out.sl. anti-biii
oiib Kranults; mil.l and
entle in their iK*tion,
_t ii'T. uiiih .-niii --ir.s*
Uia Ml pain, u.? grlp
ing. Ono litUe l'.-U.-t
for a l/.xative ? threa
for a cattiartie. Hick
neadnehe, Bilioiie Heoducbe, ('"t.i.ripnt-iou,
ladbpeaUOB. Bilious Atta^-ks, and all deraaga
inonts of the livor, s'omAi-b, an.i bowels ara
pr.itnptly rellorod nml |s*.rinani-ntly cured.
Tbey're tbe smalleat, easieet, nnd beat to
takrw?nml tho cheapetd pill you ran buy, for
thoy'ro gnamn-BBB to givo satinfaotlon, or
your money Ls returned. You pay only for
tbo good you got
.an you aak more or batter proof ot tbe
an-ariohtv of thaw little b?B I
A rouslng meetlng nl t'.a Wanaor lndep?ndent Club
waa held laat nlght at Uie club room*. Grand -nt. and
Commuj.lpaw-ave.. Jeraey Clty. Mayor Wan.er wa.
present as an lnvlted gue.t. and reeelved a warm
a'cloome. He made a brlef apeecli thauking the club
for the honor they had conferred upon him. and for
the receptlo. glven to Wm. He alao compllmenu-d
Aie members upon the good worl. they were dolng
and which he feult aenured they would conttnu*. He
bellevcd thnt what tne pnrty hod dono for him ut tho
Inst chnrter election could be repeated this fall for
I'lanlson and Rel.'. and John Koen. Jr. other speakera
foll.wed, and the meetlng ndjourned with enthushutlc
cheer. for uil the cand.dates. The club rooms wera
uandsomcly decorated.
Tho Itallan RepubUcan League Club of Jervy Clty
held an enthuslastic hMBtla| al No. 443 Oentrnl ava..
f!n Wedncasdav -venlng. \\"lll*'n J Yanderteo made
"TS^in RepubUcan Ra.tery. of ,h.
Young Men's Repn.ill at. oftib, of Jerac-y ary. ha* re
celv"*? M many aetv,bMOB to Ita iwka. ^at a new
-ubscriptlon ha? been opened to purclia.se additlonal
UnThemval?itlna Rchmllrt RepuMlean Club of Jeraey
CltT held an unu. ually Inn_o maattaf on \E*?****9
nHht. BBt-OeheB wer.- made by the pr-sldent. Mr.
ScUiltt. Wllllam L. Vanrterr.ee and other.
The Ild Dl.trict Rewubllcnn Club of .I.-rs. _ Clty haj
changed Ita beadqiiarters to P.ergen Hal 1. A ********
R D.i^enbnry wba ui.nrlmoii.lv mtttA .IKtrut 1-ader.
He will appolnt n captaln f'.r every pn-clnct ln the
clty. Ther. wlll also U. iwo lleu.en..nl. selected for
ThoHU-lBBO County nepubll.an Club put up a hand
lonic Harrlson and Keld tratisimrencx- tt Ireeht, l.ill.
at ConBrcw ?? t. nnd Central-ave.. on Uedni** <l?y nlulit.
.peeches by u.nrlcs Ploaataa. Ou.tave Iflngsten and
otliera were made.
thi* crj-Uuvcr.
At the upera Hoii?e at En>t oi-inpe, ln-t nlght.
Elljah n. Kennedy ..iciiKsed the nrllT. re-Ipraiiy nnd
the currency. His .peecti wa* illti-tratitd by a lariw
number of vlew. thrown on a mOOO. Many p'c
ture. Kliowlng sotIhI condition* In Kurop-i w.-re takea
bv .Mr. Keunodv hlmiaelf. There wero num-rou.
pltotofrraphs of new factorlc*. tand 1-tl-r* from thelr
awaera *tatm6 that th-y wara bullt aartof M the pro
t.H-tlve t_irlff. S.-v-nil ot the new ._merlean-bii.lt
.t-amshlp. were shown. and l-tter?> trom thelr agent*
OON present ed ?n the MfOOD, explalnitig BOW the Re?
pubUcan pilicv of remuncratl- fef tmn?portlnp oeean
mails wa* c.-mslntr new -hlr* to hi bullt hv Amcrl.ana,
and new lln.-. to bn BBtBht-BlMd to port* when* ********
no American merchant . t.-amshlp had BOflf rarrW the
Ametlcan flnp. The in.-thod* an.l lOaalM of Uie re
olprwlty pollcy were. aet forth and di.played hy tha
MeraoDtleon. Mr. Kenoedyl eipaBBtOO Of the cur
mer OOMtloa. mUed by tho Demi-crntlc. proposltlon
toweSo *.*te bmmx* ' bm*. waiibbmI thnitnwk
I'liol/nrraphs of many MIM ***9 okOOO. V> one
ir,r%*\\l nt awoy Ignomnt of the meonvenlener taea
Snd ruin rc*.,l'ln? from th- ayatem the Democrata
prt.posi: to lOBtOPBt ^
O .vrrnor McKlnlev wlll pet n rouMnir welcm- from
the RepubUcan. of Newr.r.{ to nlght. He 44l;l make
an addr-ss lr, 101000? HOU, COMiloMB PBlft the BBOt
ing ropoetty of which la f ono. This atn awkfMyjO
tbe h-roatesi dctnunstratlon Bf thc eampalgn ln New.-ru,
? ?
The llnrrl-oi, and Reid Club ln B**A*MM hns be-B
mmt cnerjetlc and the eampalgn promUett to Ba a
t,plrit.-d one. An ft* the local R-publltans have not
organia-d a unlform marclilng club, BBCBB-BB M seemod
(..st |o s-pend th- funds ln securUig the ,r,ol' Interestlng
apenU-n. Tbe leading BOM Bl tl.e place have ba-en 80
llberal lu their nubrcrtplloii.a, however, that tlie form:.
Uon of a brlgade with torches, ete.. wlll be doue t.v
tuorrow evenlng. Colonel Jutn-s Kilrman xalll ma .e
an addrejts. The colored RepuMlean- bave band.-d
ihen.?elve. tonetl.er under the name of the Overpeca
<3ub aud with Aleaander Jaekson as a l.-nrier forai a
Htro, p aaaortaOon. 'ihey wfll baM a paibUe meeUnCla
th- BepubUeaa clabroom oa Toaaaay vvcning.
Oovernor McKlnlev has wi-lttcn to John McArthur,
pre*ldcnt of the Fremont Republiran (lub, iMBtp Clty
lloight*. that he wlll .--peak M the cliib*_i mecting on
i irtoiwr 27. This wlll be Ms only i-pt-ech in HudKin
Coanty. Tho meeilnir aslll b? lielu at l'o.i_n_?n'a
sitprkssing facts about tin.
Thls l~ supjiosed to ba- a cfimpHtpn of educatlon.
Oa the Demoeratie slde Itt appcai* to l>' a eampalgn
,.( Mpfgooooo. --.ne or the paaatrt BUMmaaM of tho
DumiTBtll *le?*i. which wlll OlOOaMy know oo walt
Ing after the soporiflc efteot of the BBOfOacMOg clco
uon l* iTir? Un- H M bOOOBBM d-,irable to ex
BSOBiaM nn othcrwi*.- BBOMM memln-r ... Dt-MHOry
,i mentlon of f_MBMBa tin. .solid BT plated. OlBBBl Mm
Mto a freniy of negation. Thcu Mialt _M4 no tin ln
ABMtMB ln Ma firs', laist and greawwt coniman-Uuent
rn the rv*nio.-ra-.l.- d.-calo^ua.
Not conUnt with ar-**-rtlnir and rea. scri_-ie tha
jaaucltv of American Un orcs. rhalriuan Har.-.'T tM
his Natlonal Dem--ratle ONMMMB-S thr ugh tl^ll
apentta. hav- reecntly BBBO ?> 1** aa to pet tNO B
rxHir oM iccologlst and mlnlnp eii^rt ln this eity tM
IllHBBIIBll rvlatlng to his dls.x.vcry A* Important ttfl
mlncs ln N-w Mexlco. and to uttemp. to Mippreaa tha
? am.- diu-lnc the prewnt ctunpaUm. The fa.-U am
theae: ITUlfcBtaa A. I'lblkov, a BOBalBBB and plcasant
MBkaB nd BM-daa, of great iclcuUflc knowledge, but
e_1.4cptl.mal lniu .ence of the woyB of this 4?lcke_l xxorld.
recently camo to this clty with the documenta rclatlve
u. large tin mlncs ln Ncw-Mexlco wMch ho had dle
roveiOd while aotlng a* gecloptst for th.i Atl.ntio and
pBrtfle Ral^>ad (ompany. BflBBg POBT and without
Menda ta Hm paM otty, he made UtM ******* ?
fccurlng a h.-arliin from capitaiiai--. Hc waa befrtende<l
bv u patent BkpBft, Albert MBMBO, and a yOOflg WB>
>,r Adam Frank. who iiave ollicus in Ika l>iv-.el
iitilldlng. und conltded Ui them MB womWrf'H dw
coveiles .?f tta. They were unable to plx-e hira Im
n.cdlate M-BOMBM and tli,? old man wa? downcast
BOd dlshe-.irtened.
A few iaya ago he came M hl* frlend* rejolclng. At
bM )?? had r.tillr.tl -inethlnP BO Ma Ufl **********
aBoa?raa ..f taa DeaMBiatM Battoaal Daaamlttea had
, ikeo him BlM camp- Wa OffB and lamilBOdB and
tempboah af WbbMbo Bewayapee elpflaaa ai""" tha
,?l?-s h?d baaa 0M9 ov.-r t.. Mr. Harrity for aoM
kaeytos Bl aftor Ika bMoOoo, ib tbat II UM Boaakty
IJepubllcnns thot.1.1 ut'.er any unrruilia BkOOl lln *****
in Amertea lha DmairioUii cammBlea could rrM"
tl.-m by pul.llsMng th- nael taeM fn.m loooa iMO*
,?.?:*. i'or thl* th- pen...cra,lc inunag-r. !????''?
the I.r BO-OtaO WhOtl Tl.e place of BIBlllHt BV
u rpn-ier ta .. B****AlTB p*\l*'* foart afceo lhe praaeat
incumbeni abouM OM, OVaa nnd bla ***** of W"***
were not a clrcunntance to tl.ls Uonaae |..n b ?^
a ax.ntitt.ng aelentlat oaa OmpoUe* ofl i.e.-* -~ a.y
ertdanca ot bla pr.rau-cUv- WeoBh ? ?M 1 nn.- r"f ?
"t.oat oMt" ?n a pollce court interpret.-rr*mp.
Vhen 'Ufe-saor Mlblkuv's fil-nd* .....d- a d?* ent
on th- iment of the Deflworatlo eommlttee ne ..n, r,<u
to ,-a i-.-y tor lbe p.ivii-i,- ol hoMloo the mgrn
tiii pi-c I,. duv bai tfeey arere taezorahto anu n?
ilrtH v th ? NaUon. .'oimi.itt- r.-luctan.lv and ii.ul.-r
,-omp.il.*l.... dlaaorged the OocumeotB, and t... y a*o_o ra
tUPIl.-d to PrOWBBOf l-lhlkiiV. -
III ?ipeoklBI "f t"e ii.1n.4S y-M.txlay. the ?M01 - nj
aaid ''I tlrsT locat.-d Ike Ufl BN Bt 9_|*BOa ?N
"ooRdge. Ofl the Atlatitlc ..,,,1 I'lt'll " ?f/fe*^"
lOOmfim weat ol AlbiMjueroue. A l.n Bf t h- oraj*-"
IhHrlvi Into a llniehtln nud eam- ..ut ln gl.iMU.a *t
, Zlui. I haa,- ha.t ln .,11 ai.,..,. tirlrtv BBaaya ******
and tbey ail show tm. from l t-> * l-t W* I"-'',,,.1.!
5 e 'how. ln Ile Bkaaa i.f fl Md? efBMtag *****
ditf.-r.'iit polnta ov.-r ? taaare artleol t**mt*ty.wtam
"rtaln Indlc.tlons I btti*** U t_ ?*?.*4JlTaM_____^2
n.en. The MCOBd Irnitlon I made al Tra*^ '"1(_"u,-.,'_
Vhe Da-nver aml Rb- OioaMe lUllroad. about thirty milea
s"u.h Of the COtorMM Un-. ln short than BNMM
of iln-bearing OTB ln ?*? MetMa. t hM B9*m*B
ptatuana, taBfBtra and Baooetatad "''.'?"?? _* g^
not h.d the mean* to work th- depaMrt. bOt WO BB?f
cut sevrn.1 ereaa drtfta of algkteefl et ta~tatj MM
depth to dlscloK.' ti.e ore." t-nUemitT
WofMior Hllillmv ta fl prridunfe ??'????" / "Vr^irto
of Muiileh iiikI ha*. o?*ciip|ed a nirmbci of aeteonaa
rface. and "olieg.. profcaaorsMpa ln thl* eemotrf. _t
I, * ?Urt?a i\*ni-mUr to Ike oflea of 2*S__
campilmi ?'tra.egv- ls a _00*M Ofl^'****^.m\ ^
Mi,.'wn.-n. it la eaay to aaj way he K?J?i"Jft
\m ln hl* old age xrlth -the pdeolMHiy^gSz
rlrh beyond th- dnOm* tt av.u-fce- lu hta p.?4i-??lDn.
Boaton. Oet. 0 (8peetal).-Tho PBM.?_?*??
tlacd to hoM a blg raUtl.--tlon meetlng + ******
Temple t.i-nlfht with Ilourke i'ockrau. of ^l^
and Jamea M. Deck, Bf IMMIjI'IBM aa the ****
so-akers. Tbey also htred the MbMOOOO for an over
fl'w mreting. T-rer* W9B n, oveiHow. Tho Tempto
was qult-j large enougb to hold tho rro.rd. IMRIB
tmall IB coraparUon witb tho Rcp.ibllc*o meetlngt
on Tu.~?day n-gbt. mrnJB B_flM and IBMBl ******
crowded to tho door. and hundreda ?****?**|
Hall* nnd Ro*** woleati.
uw SBaUB ia iwtura tiva m* S_ota u f*.,-^

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