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a better coostitutlonal lawyer than Thoma* JefferMin*.
(Laughter.) I* Adlal Bt-evensoi. a keenrr lotarpreMr _f
eonntltutlonal prlnclplea than James Medleenl Are ihey
both tag-ther ebove Uie Supre-ne Court ot tht I'nited
States . That trlbunal ha.-. a/linned the urirt Uw al
l"?-0. and lf that law l? not protective. it I- the rroult ot
a.-cvdent ?nd not ot drdgn. n.reat lauphter.'
They sald that thal lavr would keep us out of thn
foreign markft, bat our foielgn trade ln the la?t twci\e
ironths ha?- exceoded that ?.f any previou* yrar In our
l.lslory. Our exportu aiiiouiited to $1,800,000,000.
Eorepe paid u* $230,000,000 ln pold to natl.fy the balanee
of trade ln our favor. 1 flrtafe every voter couid read
the hlstory ot hia eountry befo.o nr\t el.-ftion day. He
neodn't go abroad to lind out about the w-orklnpn of bo;h
systeros. The htitory of his own land prlor to 1901 given
ample proof of the conditions re*.ulting lrom tbe Democrutk
lmllCT ot low teriff-. and no urlffa. Thousands ol work
iii?iuen U-_.ii.peU Ihe rountry BM }otia Uist could not bo
found. We couldn't eollect ennuph money to |.ay the iiu.nl ,g
expensea of the tJovcrnniont. We Vfgfl so poor in IhM
thtt a Den.ocr.ittc Bott-tary *i th.- Treap.iry ssked Congress
t? allow the Statea to lnderse tiio Natlon.il bond*, aa
they could bo rendeivd msrkeuble. We don't have U>
__?k anybody to po bail for us nowaday*. (Cheers.) Ah,
but they say free trade will __t U.luga abtapar. But.
my friend-, whether a thlng is cheap or denr drpenil*
on O-hether WB csn afTnrd to buy lt. Free trade cheap. nn
gooda by cheapeolna tho BMaaa They say. buy whore
you o?n buy cheapest. That meant boyine labor too.
i'll give you a prou-cUon maxlm. Buy wliero you BBB
pay easleat. (Applause.)
We can have free trade whenever all the natli.ns wl.l
pay wagea thn we pay. (Cbaaia.) Whm they do thut,
we oan meet them ln all the market* ol the world. It
xxul be a case of tbe survival of the flu-st. and tho
Valted si?t?-p wiu be the llttest. (Cheers.) Baaa to?
day our prndu-ts go noarly everywhore. Our agni-ultur.*.:
Biachinery ls rittllng "Hall Columbia" aroui.d tho world.
In wm. pctrts of this eountry lt i_? dangerou* to .*sy thut
we are rro*perotis. One is llable to arr?st. (l_oughtcr..
They mav erreet Peck. but thank Ood they eaat arrest
the prosperltT of tho Katlon. fCheers.) What a .'pectacle!
The leader* of o pony arrevting a publle ofBelal of their
btate beeaaae bo says that f reot State. ls proaperous I
(Applauae.) The Derooi-Mtlc leurter* have hsd ror their
aele artror for thirty year- pre.il ">tion* uf the failure of
KerubUean undertaklng*. and i.othlnp elao. Every pre
dieUen Baa proved false. If fac-ts dl-.rt overuke rrcv
dletlous the Dcmocrscy would be tho greatest party that
ever exlsted. (Laughter.. They Psated tb* people Ifl
l-*00. but that w?s when th'*- Tarlll Bm ot l!rt.O wus only
four week* old and too young to *peo_k for it-*lf.
<Leught?r.,' To-nlpht it i< tmo year* old and UUs
jOBlnlv. In the little rl.y ?f North Adams tlie other nlght
1 aaw 9,000 men and wom-n a**en.bl -d ln a vast fa tory
baildlng lo dedlcate a ne?- lndu-try bmupht here by ??t
larlU law of titoo. (Aiiplauso.l Ah. they -eay thaf*
prlttiea. Well, l'm for that klnd ef poiltlcp. They aay
they want fr*"-* Pt** n it rial. Whv, wa B$*IB_ had any
thing but wsr-inaterlsl under Den.orraBlc tarlO*. (Greal
tatxgbter.t And lt ?aa the rawect of the raw. And y-t
the Mtoaeaata are not h-_apy. iLaughter.)
Now. wha_t ls onr duty ? What svsU-m I- the bent for
O-t Let -tary man coaaatt hia BBtlg famlly and HMtrta
aa their tadB-NB-a dl-tau*. A day's wages in tlie L'nl>-d
Statea to-day wDl buy more eomf.itt and r.-llnen.ent than
it wlll ln any other ronntrr in tho world. We con?ume
more and spend more. than any other 08.000,000 of flflaV-B
m. Iho glot>e. a.i-1 we have BBHB to spend. Wo are only
b pe. cent of the world"* ]K>pula*.ion, but we consum..
20 per cent of ail the eeOt-fl and wool of BM world. 2b
per eent of the BBgaa 30 per rent ol tho Iron, and 50
per aaal ot afl u.o ti.. yhM paaiaeei. Xala l-s tii. pri/e
matket of th--. world. and the PwetlBla waat to throw it
open |e tho competition ad ..ndo.-_.aid 8M*9*. Bat we
MT to tlie worlJ, lf y..'i wish to enU>r our market you
muM aahaaB to the eeailllaaa ** latpaaa Wboas eoaatry
in tttlx. aaybasrt lA ahout. "Our*.") Well, let us. wo
to lt that rt remalnp ours. [Oreal i.pplaus-.) llght und-r
Uie l_ann?r carrled ty Harrison and KWd, and w-*!! con
Unuf. Am?:lca fot firrtnaag (Prulonged cheerlng and
applauae.^ _
barmoniovs piUMAP.:n?-CLrn_ or.f;ANizr.D
Primarles were held by tlio Republicans ln lliid<on
County last Bight to elect delcpates to the Concrepp,
Senate and AsMiubly eOBVeatloas. Tlie prcnte-.. haa
mony preralle<l ln all tlio dMriets. The liveliost BOB
f^-t wns in tbe im Matrtet Ba* Aaaeaably ialagabM
The delepites eleoied h*t unplodpcd. nnrt tintil tlie WB
TentloUK are held no one will BBOBJ WBO tlie Asscnitily
candMateK will be. TI.e Consrea* and Son.ile. eonven
tions win t* h-id bb Octaber n nt Wood** Hnll.
Ipitay City. llerbcrt i*"tt-. will pr-.l':.b!y be Btnataated
lor Senator, bi.t tBB aateetlOB for the OOBgWM non.lna
tlon has not twn hlntcl nt yet. lt la Bnova that tbcr
are a numt^r of tapabb. R^imWIe.ins wlio wlll accept
Ihe nomlnation if it ip o(T.-rc<l. Tiiere wlll be n preat
neptiMican jggaBBliBlllBj ln WaabawBea to niKht, and
elubs fr.,in dlfferetit partu of tlie caunty wiU parad-*.
The Jac<+i Kraaaar AaooctatlOfl n- orCT.ilr?*d on Thuis
day nlght. and yBBleiia. it pla<-<*d a tir~ trans
perenrv benrlng the jiortralts of llairixon. Keid and
Kean ln fremt of the hea<l<iuaniers, ln (.?reKory-st,
jenaay Qty. A1 a Hrhw awetlag of Bm um Da>
trlct In-epend.-nt Club, Jetaay <1t>'. on Tlmrsday niplif.
the Repiiiille.ui randldstea were naanlmoasly lndors.-a.
?j-he meetins wn-. we!) attendeg, and l.?:il s|x-nker
evplalned 'tlie lv-uea of tbe <ai.ip.ilpn. Many m.-mtiers
of this elnb hnvc bltherto l-***n iilenilficl with tne
Democratlc party. The co]ore<l RepuWloani in llnd
^.n Connty w'.n hawe s baaae-Mabtlng t.Miipi.t. All
cJore-l men have been Invlted to .iwinble ?,t No. -M
Mr-ntpomerv-rt.. .lei-sey Clty, nt 8 o'eloeb. A ratlllca
tion nieetlhe win be he-d bv the Oommunlpaw Avenue
Clilore<l Men's IU*puhlleiin Club nt No. K.il Monileello
avr., Jeraey Chy, Wedneaday algat, t.o.Ki spciik.Tfi
wlll B-Mresfl the gatlu-rlns.
The Republican Assoclatloa of Iluds'.n County con
vened nt Beialttl Hill. HoboBea, on Thursday
ever.lnp. 1. H.-rbirt l'ott-s and f.. 1'rank ?utherlnnd
oddr. p.ed tbe nicetlng. Mr. I*ott> s concl.-,- arpum.-iit
covennp the etlc.ts of tlie BBleaalon Of the 01
Istlng local povernm.nt wn* entliuslflBtlefllly recelved.
Mr. sutherlaiid IWBlhllli his arpument to the Na?
tional Ifcsues and cr.-at.-d ft favorable lmpr.^plon.
Patrlck Londricnn, ex-D.-niocrntlc eOB_MO_BBB af llo
boh<-n. look BtaaaBaja of ibe eppoilnnBy tliis m.-.-iing
offen-d, snd pledpod l.ls nlbplnnce to the Republl.-an
partv and reiiounc.-d hU reaael tion with "h.* Deaao
cratic "rlnp*' conToUlnp tba city povernin.nt. Mr.
LaaBrlgaal ftrralpnnient of t!.e " rirr.*'' wa.s s-lncie
and was s ttatemenl of indi-pumbi.- faete.
\ puMIe nia-*5s-me--tlnR under the ai.pplcos of tbe
a-iVM-latlon wlll be I.eJd l:i < ><1<1 *V]k>wV Hall, llo
t*ken, on Ottober -"?
Oeorge lt. Harrlaaaa gaee ? lectare niiis.rated by
ggagaofMoea obrm in BctttagefB Opera Hoaaa,
l-asriaie. on Tbal ada J alfbt, ibe areaaloa batag a m?,ps
meeting of tno Bepablleaa LeagHO. lev.-n or elb*ht
hiitid.-ed i?-ople princlpally woilili.pn.en, wttaewai a
iwri-? <>f ftawa tbowtag the viatBBeiaafli that exists
nmong the woiKinp ebaBwa iii Englani, portratti of
emlnent Am. rlenns vl-w-p ln Ainericnii lltlefl wtipl.
have r,ro<;per.-d und.-r ProteettoB, and tablea mastrattBi
the ?ood resultp of the M< Klnley tailir.
Next l'riday evenlng will b?- d.-volitl to tlie .11
cusMon of Mala Iflaaia. JOba K.-.m, jr., win be
t.renent snd tbe other tptabrtl will be ('oii(rr-Miifin
James Buchanan an.l Henry Doherty. <?n Monday
,-v. niii? Merrls c.il.or made nn address in Hungarian
te Turn Hall, und.-r tlie entf-eea of the League.
TI.e HaKbrou.k HelghtH and Lodl Republlcnn Club
ls doing retnarkabie waat la tba _e_aai Dattftat of
I^Hll Townshlp. Batfaa County. At Tliursday nlght's
meetlng tlve furn.er Uein'-rrHts wi-re enrolled in tbe
club, and fifty more unlfomis -were ordered. The
club already bBB h marclilng corps of IM men, and
a totnl iiiemberpl.lp of 197. It bns l.n conipllmented
by th.- >t?tr Cot.i'iiittee on Its flrn- vvcrk. John I.. C.
Oraves. an active yonrip New Vorli b'isln.-s man, Is
the pr?-s_dent.
Smltl.'s Hnll, Ri.nipcvs. N. J., was flllcrt to over
flowlng on Thuixliiy gjgbt wllli nn ? aOBUBBfltk BBdl.
encc, who wlldly cheerrd II* nry Dobarty, of IBteraon,
candldate Ior Ooapoaa Ifl the \ th New Jersey putrl.-t.
The MBgriBBfl snd Reid club, of Uobokua T-twaablp, in
i.'ne unifomip and Baaatag taarabea, raoattai ti"- niu
burn ?n_ .-uffern ...'ilfoun.-d . lub nt tlie r.-illwny ptu
tlon, ai.d. preceded by tba laBJBeya baii'i, paraBed
through tho fjwn to tlie ball. Mnny women were
present In the audl.nee, whleh includ.-d getrgflttnna
from Allendale. .-nddlo Rlvi-r, llohok.is nnd Rllge
wood. J. H- Waa__aagB waa BBttnaaa of lha .n.-i
tng and W, 1. Thurston was .secr.-tai-v. V. h. I.ewls.
of Paterson, made an elo<|iient addr.--!. on National
OOllUce, and wa.? followe<l by Henry Doherty, wbg
made a fpee.h lull af p.^ aenae, arltta und to the
nolnt A'- w-as enihuslaptienlly ch.-ered. An able
addr.s. waa also made b.> John HleKinai., of ntarBOa.
- ?
Waftl.'npton, ?k*I. 7.-The Secretnry of tba Tr.-:.Miry
to-d?y seir.-t.-d Um flgBforty $a "falaat-at., betweaa
tixtli and S.v.iith sis., Rlillud.-lpliln, ss ti.e sJU of
Uie new Mlut bulldinp HiiUiorU.-d b.v Congr-s , BBi
reyuested tiie Atvri,< V Oea-MBl to liiMltule tlie BM
taaary cmden.i.s.ioi. p-roea-BlBga Thla ls tba? alle
ortgtnally cboeen bj the apeclal . omn.ls-loi., oi whleb
Mr. Urexel vm- i-luilniian. ^^^^^_..___..__________.
Pa.uo-if. af ? ?U>ue ln tl... biadder d.-*?oed BBl a
OotVot Buffaw wuiia WaUr ore ..ow aa eahftftlaa la
iSaati-i fii 1 -??-? Uroadway. ca.-. BsMuy st.
is PON&S EXTRACT. Wkmver in
flammation ii it wi// fittd and will al/ay
it. For internal or cxternal use. In: aluab/e
RHAGES. Rtfust suhstitutes.
rOSVH T.XTKACT CO, ',9 n/th Aee., Wm Xork.
Yesterdav wa.s the flrst dny of Republiran cnrol
ment ln the varlous Assembly dlstrlds of tl.e. .Ity. aM
tl.e resulls were gratifylng beyond th- MOOt MingUnc
exix-etatione. Only the names of new member, u.ie
a.ld.d to th- Ua**, but the numbers who api>cared to
place lh Illil III nnder tlie lanncr of the rcgulnr or
ganlaatlOO proved that the Kepublicans of tl.e clty ar.
awafce to thelr duty. Among tbe w-wly enrolled
n.cmbcrs ar.- many Democrnts who have nev?-r bO
fore roted a Kepnllirnn tlcket ln a I'rcldentinl year.
but who wlll rn,t th-lr bOllOOl next n.ontli for IK.r
rlvon and BeM. A l.-irge part of thli clnfw are li.t.-l
******* woattogmca who reallaa th- foUy of deetteylag
tlio bulwark of Proteetlon to American Jndustry. nnd
expectlng thereafter any better wnge.s ln this eountry
than oro pald ln Free Tr-dO Knpbind.
fnMher .'nronrairltig feature of the enrolment yea
terdav was th<- larpe min.lK-r of young men ennilllng
then.selves who will on November ft cast thelr llrst
vo:o for Fresidont ot the -fnltcd state*. Many of
them bc^ong to fan.llles who bnvo heretofore bc-n
aiii.-d to the Demoeratie portp.
To-dav all tho varlous district baadqoartoro wlll be
open agaln for the s-cond and last dny'* enrol?
ment. from 3 p. m. tO 9 l>. m. lt ls boped that no
1rue ItepubHean who ls a legal vot-r ln ROW-Yort
Clty wlll noglcct tlie opportunlty ofT-red to plaee his
?aae npon the party rolls In lils j.roper Aaaembiy
District. Mombtrablp in the partv ean be. had today
by elmpiv plarlng tbe Mgnatare upon the roll, with
the i.-gai reeldenee of tlio voter. Hereafter the naaol
form of referrlng the names of upplli-ants 10 lha
pn.per commlttee nnd a vote of the organUatlon np
provlng th.- can-JIdat.-s ensl loBOW. B?t today this
formallty ls dlt-ponsed wtth. nnd every voter Irlng ln
tha cltv ean b-rotne a member of lhe RepubUcan or
ganlaat'ion of hll APsemlly Dlstrl.-t by ilgnlng hM
name to the rolls. ,\s Uda Is a half hollday, It ls ex
pectcd that the numb-r enrollcd wlll ba largoly in
axeooe of yeeteednp'e magnlfleent wortt.
Tho foilowlng reporta ha%-e been roolvcd of y-s
tetday'a ennlinent:
Thirty four names were reeorded on tho enrobnenl
tm) of tlu- RepubUean organtaiUon of tbe lal Ai
?embly Dlatrlet. Yeeterdaye l at, togetber witu theae
voted ln al tlie la.*t two regular meeilngs of the
organlaaUon, maaea nearly 450 new voteaa In thta
d!,trict this fall. The enrolment of tho dlatrlet now
numbers nearly l.rXK).
Flfty new names wero enrolled at Iho lleadauart-r,
of the RepubUcan organlzation ot tlio Ud Aaaembiy
District, No. 4tiiJ Paarl-et., yeotarday. Of thta num
ber the larger portlon are membera of tbe Young
Meu's Independrnt Club of tlie Ud District. Tlie
rlub. wbleb wa.s formed thla fall und deeiared for
Harrison and Reid. have. they clnlm, been kept oal
of tlie regular orgauiz.atton, and their names bave
not b?en put on to Uio RepubUcan 11st until thla
enrolment. A much lnrger li,t of names, lt is cv
pectcd, wlll bo added today.
In the IHd District there were ior bamea reg
Isteied, wbicli ta eonaldeied a good ahowtag f"r thu
lir^t day.
Twenty clglit votcrs in Uie ivtti Diatrict enrolled
thelr names at lhe Arthur (lub rooms, at No. 187 Baal
Broadway, yeaterday. To-day is tlie tlme when they
ure cipccted to iiav- thelr i.am-s plac-d 00 thc roll.
ln the Ytu Di.strli t elghty-aevaa names had been
placed on tl^e roll wlicn tl.e time arrlved for closlng
last nlght. Tho Rcpibllcans of this district are en
rolled at No. 2 I'ittst., and as today wlll be a half
hollday with nearly all tlie votcrs in tbe district. lt ls
expected tbat the roll wUl bc Inerooaed hy aomal
liundrcd names.
In the Vlth District Ioo Rcpiiblle.-ins appearod to
repistcr thelr names, and it Is expeci.d that there wlll
be 400 in tho two dnj* ot enrolaaent. A btg met-Ung
in the district kept a good many nway last nlght.
At the new YJIb'i Assembly District enrolment
plate, No. 26 Avenue A, Lhe men tn charge fe!t elatod.
The populattoo b almoal exclaalvely Qerman,
many of whom do n<?t read the Knglisli paaera, wblcb
had tho BOtteeo askiog for enrolment. The Qerman
papcrs dld not nientlon lt, so tlie news traveNed
slowly. Still elglity-seven new names were subsciib.d
Ia tbo Yllltli Di-trict 137 names ?were enrolled nt
No. 50 Cllnton Plaee yeatetday. A*. many of th
rotera la fic dlatrlet wUl bare a baM boHday, it is
cxp<-rte<l that fuily :.<H) namea ulll be enrolled loday.
F.very on- ntK.ut tii- Repubiiean beado.uartera of
the IXtli Assembly DtatrlC^ at No. 1 Ablngdou
(?quare, wjre a satlffiod Oipretaloo. During the li.ur
for cnrrflmeiiL of n-w vot. rs elglity-ix naines had
ta-en added to the list. Tho lnrgi-r majority of th(-,e
were young men, who will eaat thelr llrst vote f..r
Fresldent on NovembT ft. Never In prevlous enrol
ments, havo >i many namea been added ou th^ Ind
In tbe Xth District, a larpe number or youug men.
who will eaat Ihelr flrst votea thta year, were mmbi
the sixty wlio were enrolled. The l.ad-rs ln ti.at
district secm Httafed with lhe numb-r wlio tuin-d
out, for lt comes fully up to thelr exp-ctations.
There waa on eneooraging disptay of enthMlaaa
on the part of Iho RepubUean voteia ?,f tha Xlth
Assembly Dislrk't to .-nroll th-ms-lves on th- M.l
of Piwteetkm yeoteeday afternoon and evenlng nt
No 680 Hxthave. The eommlttee ln c'arge were
greatly pleaaad al th<- r-suit <.f the tirst day-e w..rk.
and they U*oh for llvely work all day today. The
roll, th-y say, uHl po far ah-ad of laat y.-ar\s.
Tho VOlen of tlie Xllth District tcirned out in large
number-. and tlie elerks at the district headqaaiten
were kepl bnoy enroOIng lhe oamea np to th<- laal
mlnute. Atn-ng Ihe IM who \i-re enroll-d, there
are the names of slx who hare pr-vloii-ly roted lhe
Demoeratie tieket, but havlqg beeeaae dtaguated witb
Tammany'a eerrnpt rule, regtatered laat nlght uith
the RepobUcaa onanliatlon The onndmanl in this
district ls larger than laal year, nnd the outlook ll
very promls'.ng.
Theiv aiv OOW 2.o41 loyal R??public.-in riam-n reg
Isteied on the boeha od lbe xmth Aaaembiy Dtatrtct
Of tlie* T'M new nntnes werc ren-lv.-d from tlie XVth
AoaianWy MoMol aoUa, imd BOOwere glrea to Ihe new
Chlldren ot Mr. and Mra. M. M. Soller
Aiu,<?.a, l'a.
Both Had Eczema
ln Its Worst Form
??We thlnk Hood'n Narwparilla U th^ mo*t valuai.lr
medi<-ine on th' uarket f-r Mood ir.d ?km dl?c^?ei. Out
| two chiiaren nutT^red leilbly ??lth th'
Worst Form of Eczoma
I for two yirh W. had thrc- phv?|, la.,? ln ihat tlme. but
ii- taal '.f th'm aneoeadod m oartag ttttm m vn* ta glr?
lag then. a llttl. r.ll.f. Al lOOt ?- Mod ll.^'d'^ Num
pinlli m.d ln a inontli t?"th . t.ild.e.n w. ra prrlrrll) ruri-d.
Wi. raeaaaaaad
Hood's Sarsaparilla
a? a ltr~lT~* fm.illv med.i' .,". H.nl ?.,uld n-t be Withotil
it." Mi ?nd Mr*. M. M, HOLttKR, 1011 iod Avaaw
Aitooi.a, l'a.
Hooii'a pili.? eam Bree 10a, ron?tipatioe, Htteaa
nea?, Jaundlee, *l k h' ? .if he, lodigitloo.
ixth -iistriet. whue mty-aama ba* ?BtaB_ wti> h?ve
fthM a rrsldemi* lu the pr.--.-nt limlt* Ol ti.e di t...-t
ar.- now ou raaari ?? opfflaed to Iba flattaiaet-BB al
I.iltlph Ftre Tr.i.1.* iu this eountry. Tlie con.mlliee
pal Ht No. -JOU F.fchNi iiv.-., nnd r? memW of It *a\A
laal nlght tdst bc BflVBetfld Uie coninilttee wonkl hsv
all It i-onl-I do to-day, for a heavy enrolnicnt wus
terluln today.
Tb.* w.irk of .-nrolllnp tbe IM'ul.U'nim nf the new
XlVth .Vs-.-mi.lv i>i ni'!. who ??*. *SEr. <lnr?"52 _***}
roring, took ili:'- al \" Bll I'^.p Th riy-fmirih pt.
wh. ii tln- i?h,!v- arere elaaed ?t i? o'eloch, iili namea
had be.n added tfl lh.- roll; 1,458 nnnies were reglstered
laal aprlag an.i tbe .iMriet wns thoroughlj i-anvaaaefl
ut thal ime. ll ls pi-.-dl.-t-d th.-it over -*is) :.i"i- muii'S
will bi- addifl l" tbe roll i..-day.
Theia ___ ni.iiut 1,200 Baaaa. <*f aatbaalaatle A_aerl
..ui- on tba BepnbltaflB enrolment reeoNa <>f ti.e xvtb
Asaembly Dtotrtet. Ona haadead and 8m new nsm.-s
wcio ie'-.-lv..-:l yeaterday, snd the flerk.s tJBfl. kept falrly
l-iipy while tbe ll-u were aaea. Aliout folly Of ti.e
n-w nsm-p wen- tlto?* of young m-n a*b0 BIB BBttB |
thetr first vou-s ihis yesr. Al lenst llu.) will piaaenl
lii-iiisi-lvi'S today, lt ls ssld bf IbOBB wliu nre well In
forined iv tfl lb$ -ntlmeiit ln tbe dl-tri'i.
One liuii.iro-1 und aoTooteen Bepubllrans M ine
Wlth Assembly Dlstrlet avalied iiie.iiseiv.-p of ta ?
opju.rtiiniiy loenroll st Bo. IM Baat ntt. r<-urtF..--t.
U-t nlpl.t. I'l.,- 1. araa w-n fllled throughoul U.e
evonlna and tbe prospeeta .-f victory tbla fall w.re
tiii.iipi.i to i-e brlgtat,
The Repiibll.ansnf the old XVH'Ii ..-scmLIy Dlptrl-t
had iwn plne.-s lor Bba enrolment of voters. An
ofllcer of the repnl.-ir nrgnni-atlon snid to a r.-poHer:
??At No. 841 Weal FBrty-aeveath-at and al ftrty*
fourth-pl. and Nlnlli av.-. about 17.". 111-11 HUnfl ln to
aee ibal tii.-ir addresee- w.-re rorreetiv entered oa
.mr books. A nuniiK-r of theae w.re Democrats. who
bave d.-1-1.1.-d to put thernsi >lves 011 r.-<*ord ..galt.st
On- present plntform of th, lr party. ??ur ergBflUa
Uon coniiiln- orer B.800 Bmabera,"
ln ll.e XVIIlth As-.enil.lv Dts'ltcl the .nrollinp Waa
brl.pk, nnd when th- Ihh.Iip were rlosed at i. ... l.-k
uver B00 namea bad 1.n r$glatera-L t^tiil better
re.pulU urc louk-sl f..r txtiiy.
At 7 p. in. 11 ftv right iisme-i hnd been replstered ln
ih- xixih Assembly Wstriet, and nt 0 o'elofh thes
bad been lncrensed o peventyllve. Thu dlsirin baa
alwaya been Demoeratle, but tl.ls year many rotera
wlni Bave forrnerlv .snpp.wt.-d tbe Ib-nioernlle raup
tmve de.-lnr.*d themsei-rea ln favor of the BepabBeaa
nomlnees, an.i have iiiroll.-d tlii-m-.*lves aeeordlngiy.
Tlie enrol'iicnt of tlie BepabBeaa voter- of the
XXtli Aaeemhb Dlatrlel weal on nieiTlly ln tlio
rmmw of the iw Club. HereQty-flr-t-tt. ani Tltlrl
nve. c.ne of the enroUlBg offleers snid last nigl.t !
? We ull led CTi.tlflid ut the n-sult of the first d.tv's
enrolment. Hera aro one Inmdred names. entln-ly
new one.., on tli<* Bata. They sre larpely the, namea
of promlneat mervlwnt.. ond woce-er>rner>-. lt aeemi
that tlie me<?l.anl" und lal.n-er ls beelnnlng to nppr
.late whst l'wiertion Iw* done for hlm nnd what lt
wlll roiitlnn.. to do fnr lilm if Harrlson snd Held ara
elected." In the XXM Atsembly Dlstiict ihbty-dgbt
new namea wen* eiaaihaf. muklng a total amatanent
of 1,-rs liicii.l.i
One biiiidrHi ond twenty new name" w. re a.lil-d to
the lat of the BepubUcan Organltatlou of (he XXII.l
Asaembly l-istrlc-t, io;al eorolmeat, 1,02ft
' in ti.e xxilld Dtotrtet enrolment was n.-tive. and
107 new names were sdded, bBBhtaa aboat Hfiv wbo
ha.l prevlonsly enmlle- nnd cnine to verify tlie fact.
in the xxlvth Aaaembly Di-uiri *_ofi aaw aaatea
wen- enr_lled, niukltip n tolul enrolni-nt at 1,1.00 meiii
Tho eolorad rotara linm-d Bat generously lu tli?*
XXVth Dlplrlet. nnd the proportion Of flr-.t voters
was large. Tbla h:.p Irt'.-n n p.-m.x rafle dlstrlct b> a
l-.rpe majority, liut liidlctMi-, an- that lt will
be redaeed. <'ne hMBdied und ?ix nnm.? were, en
i-ull.pl among them iwo who ntuteU thnt they imd
been Democrata np to this year. Abont HO men
prevh'.i-lv -nroll.-d also enlled to Hssure themselves.
Tbere were '.-Ji R-pnbiie-ins rnroutg tn the XXVlth
A--.ini.lv Dlstrlet b?l nipht, Ibe boofci being opened
ut une hundrcd and-alitewith Bt. and Bepoad ava., nnde-.
the management nf Peter ll. MeDcnakl Tbk ahowt
Um! Ihe R.-publleHil-s of thl?< dlsulet are tnktng a
lively liilen*?t ln llie coinlng prlmaries and ln tbe elec
tlnns on November 8.
'ili-:-- were f?7d namesj etuoiiisd on tho Il^t of the
XN\ lltli A--enililv Dlstiict.
At (he l.'epiihllenii headqnarters of th? XX\IUtli
Aaaambly Wafatct laei nlght, .".77 Miaea'ware aaroll-d.
l'oit-, eipli. i-iiincp were i-ntcred on il.u enrolinriit
11-t of Uie Twcnty-fourtii Ward BepabBeaa Dtotrtet
? ?
Harlem win be ablaie with torchiipht processions
and llepnhllean ent!iu-la>m this eveninp. wlien all
(he Republican clubp in this iwrt of the city, somo
_.,000 io .VOOO atrong, wlll p.-ua,1r. through the priml
pal streeis and Baat tlie etabtflBBafl of tho H-.rl.-m
BepabBeaa Club iu Oae-baaaiaaaad twenty tiftii-st..
wbere tbey win b<* recet-red by Wbltetaw BeM. Joba
H. Cp.n will be the pr.tnd BHirabal of the parad'.
The Fli-pt I*re-I(leiii:il Votert' Repiibliean Clab,
UBlformed wlth ?*grandlalber bata,* nnd "Harriaon
eaaea11 wffl turn oul aboul :,oo stronp: tlie Iwedlah
RepabHcaa <"hih wlll -how aboal 300 men; Ihe
Cbtoreg Repabllcafl Clab of Harlem. ahout 180; the
Harlem Repubii.a*i Oampalga Clab, aboat .'?<>?>. and
tne washinpton BepabBeaa, abont BSO. it is earaaatly
requotcd Ihat aJI Rep.ibll.ans li\ ing on tlie Une Of
niarili decorato their lioim-.s ap far as p-issiblo. Tho
lino of mareh wUl be ap fUtowa; From Moaat Morris
ove. to liftli-ave., to One hun.lr-vl a::<l.tw.-tity-niii.li
*U, to l.i'xlnsrt'.n a\:*., tO < ?i-.c-liundred.aint twentl- lll
st., to Thlrd-ave., to < Mie-ImndrM-and -Ixfeenfh >t.,
I-. l.i-.inptoii-avc.. to < .iie.lniiidre<l-snd ten.li p|., to
Badlson-ave., to Crne^hun4red-ang-sUteeiifn-Bt,, to
l."ll'.\ :i\'*.. |r? One.llillidied iinl twenty liftll st., Ii.
~t. Ni. h"i:i-a\e.. lo < meliiindred nnd twem v.^evenfl.
-t.. in S 'venili av.-., t-. I '!.?*-Ini'idre.l and-t lrt\ *? - "ii'l
_t., to Lcno.v ave., tn ..nc-hiindred and tweiiiy-liftli st.
Thnt influenti.-.l weebly newipaper, --Ti.e Metrop
olis." publlsli.,1 by W. (i. M'-I-Hir'hlln. f'.r.nerly raper
v|p"r of "Tbe ory BeeoraV" is oatapoinu agBtnsi
Clevelaod ai.l glvea Its rfadera good reaaooa f-.r <up
|?.ril!.p Harriaon and lleid. Iu its lapt I-piie ll piiip:
???'llie MetropoBa' Ip now r<-_uly to open tlie I'n-p|
dentlal campaign upon aa InBepenBenl platfonn, wbleb
rommabds li-eif tn every pmsi elttoen. \v.?, are to
raror of rn.teetion to the American worblngmao, and
oppiMed tn I'lee Tnid,- and tlie e.-ilaniltv pesslmlat.
We ar.- ln tovor of Ibmmany iiv'i as g lastrmalble or
ganlaatlon, ptodged lo honeet and ocorjomfcal gnvem
iiieiit, aml opposed t" lli<- Vipiaiii OoatlgBB panjj of
iii-riiiiiiiv robbera and rufiiai^.'1
Tln* beadquarlera <.f ii..- Plral PreaMentlal Votera*
BepubUcan Ctab ol Harlem, Koe. l"** and ir^> \v--t
. na-bandred-and-twcnly iifih ?t.. w-,.s rrowdrd laal
nlg'ii hv tbe masa-meeUng beld tbere umli-r Ita bu*
lil.es. As ti the eaetOBJ wlth thepf lively young
BcpnbBeana, tbo Bral balf-bonr of the erenlng wa
ai.-n ap witii good eampalgn ^illping, li. whleh nearly
every Btember ol tbe <~iui? tK-u part. Anaon B. Ooto
prealded over the meetlng, and tbe ebatrmaa of th
Cmnmlttoa ..n MembaraMp announeed tbal the men.
bershlp of tbo rlub n *w numbered over fioo, whleb
ptorea tbli Urat EYeaJdeattol Voters' club ln ibe frmi
ranka ol anch orgnnlxaUons in Uie eoaatry, Iba
-|?e;il,cr f the evinlii:; wns JatlMS I'. lii.lke. Uie jiri'-l
?lent .f ti.e League nl College BepubUcan Claba. Mr.
: urke li-*- been nenrd ln Harlem before, al iheopenlng
of the campaign, wnd laat nlghl li- recelved .1 iieait.
Extenslro nreparaUoaa ara being inn.le by the
Rloomlngdale BepubUcan Clab io bave a blg den.",-.
tiutlon s.mn- Ume durlng r a latter part of the month,
at wbtofa aome <.f ibe beat-kaown ipeaketa to tbe
oonntry win main- nddreaaes. Ibe tcmonatratton wUl
te beM bi i.lon l^ir-.i. at One bnndred and eiphih tt. and
I'nliiiiii.iip u\e., bnl Uie date l.ap 11.t yet bet-ii ieetdfld
npon. A paiii^.* wlll preeede the meetiug, ln wbleb
.n:i:iy <i ti.e uiiifninisi )t-i.iibiii:iu orgaalaattoos ln
thnt parl of tba rlty tTUI p;.iil.-iisite. AaMmg tbem
WUl he. Ihe l.r-t l'i- ,i!.-li! I.U Vntei I1 Repiit-Ucai. .lnb
if Hariem, the Wa Idagton BepabUean Batlery, and
ibe nio-iiiiiiiK.ini.- I.eplnii. .\ bnaas band and drum
m-i uie eorpt ???iii be in atteadanoe, betldea whleb
thei-e win be flrawarba.
Roebeater, Oet 1 (Speetat).? MHfcal eBtbaatoaai
was at 11 lilph plleli In Roehe I.-r to nlght. when 1I1
BepnbUeaaa fbrawlly ogaaed tba eaaapalgB trttb h
buslnrta aten'a ateetlag. Frederia Tbylor, of Bew?
Yorli, mu, llie pji-.di-r of tba -veiilnp. Bhortlj
before B o'eloch be aat eseorted bj Ibe Boya ln
l.liie, iln- iTii.lt BepubUcan Buncbtog elab <>f Un
dty, from iii$ hotel to Waahtogtoa Itlnh. Th.- blg
biiiidii)?' waa erowded to tbe door Mr. Ibytor, in
bls nddn-ss. eompared iii" prinelplet of tlie two p<ir
Bet BBd tli-lr plalf'.iiiip, IpefM of ll.e OgpOBlBg enn
didat.-s. aad ln ganetal tonm dtocaaaed iba |p?-ues of
Uie 1 aiiip.iicii, <|i-vi,iiii_; . .>i.*-l'l-r:>l,lc allenllnn in Ihe
baahlag guaatloa. flla aioalag atteraaeaa wen- jmr
iiiiii.iiiv eloquent, and iber- araa deafenlog applauae
for ih- -p'.-il.-i n- be t""l. Mp eeat.
.rge C. ii i'11 pi.-i'i.-ii over the me*rtlng nnd
on the platform w-nii him were Kayar Curran, Mai
?Brlckman, pri-id-ni of tbe Cbamber <.f Commcrce,
nnd oih.-r pi-onilin-iit <lti/-..
BADGM POB I'liKN.II UFPrill.lc \Ns.
Ti..- ro-inip of |be I'mi h Batlonal Bepablleaa Ctab,
n? No. IB9 Weal Tw-iry teveatb it., are Ibe scenca
of iiinnv IntereeUng meeUaga, and laal nlpl.t Ibe
attcadaaea ?-i< aaataallp larp.-. The Baw tampahn
iiiiti'ni-, wera tletrlbuled aad to-day Iba ajaaibaia ..f
tin- elub BM] ba ... -iiv racogntoad, Ibe hattaa bai
in tbe eaatra lha A-aerlraa and ii-i.'-i. iBgi crosaed,
Hnd 11 baam lha worda, ?? i'r.-... i. BaUoaal BepabBeaa
Club" and " n.iri_-i.ii and R.id. Addwtn wera Btade
IV hrn >?.?re
N- ?!- ,.--;-. mn- 11 hia) be h.-*t Ui r. mier it premptlj
imt , ne ahould .. in. iiiii. 1 to ii--- even Ibe inoei iie.fe, t
renedlaa aali when ., .<iii The beal a- <i ..,?-t alm^i
t.td ui'iitn reinedj I* n.e B>vap ul Mg*, lua-iUlsclul-tSl b;
?..- eal '?:..'i 1 it to- ?* Oo.
Offers the best security
against the dangers
which are common to
most of the ordinary
drinking waters."
by K. F. Aueafcne, Qeorge Braoon, WOeoo Hoe
tm**** and OOOTge MorrLs. A letl-r Wia leeelred
from I.evl P. Morton. ln whlrh h- aeeepted Ui
hoaorary presldew 9 of he elub. Qenerala Horace
Porter and M-ridith Read were ehoarn bonorary-mem
hor, The prc-id.n! of the organtaatlon ts R. Bartro.
lhe vlc-pr.-sld-t.t-, K. F. Am..lgn- imd A. I.all-iiialid,
umi tiie Mcretaryi ''? J- Ancalgno
th:; 00TLOOK-OTHRR rm.LMi .
Th? rec-pllon leeOU ti^rd bv botk Cbalrman Carter
and Mr. MaHtoy, of tiie RepobUooo KWlonol CornuHt
tae wera erowdod lealwdOj witb vtsttora. Am,,ng me
earileat of the rallen was oovernor MeRlnkgr. of Ohlo.
H- was wiih hta brother Abnor, nnd they remained
wth the riairtunn for OOOM tim-. Tae Oovernor wns
i? the beai of sjtilta, md be deeiarcd ibal the ontlooh
ror RepnMleon adeeew neter, la his mind. aaeaaed t"
be h-tter. lie added :
?? W- had ? niagiililcent nieet|nK al ReW-BHtaln,
fonn. ta t Blght and tlie meetlng a' Wort-st-r. Maoa.,
the pr-vimis nlght was eqaaRy large 988 enthnslaelle.
Never before ha^c I leea N-.v Knitland -o lUrred over
ih.- tarM gaeetion m II ta thta year, The people on ail
ideg i-e-ni io be deeply Intere-ted in that lubj-ef. ,u, I
I do ii,>t thlnk ihe Demomta wlll necure 0 sliurle
etaetoral rote from the Bnatern state*. i tMnk th-\t
many of tbe Congreaa dlstrteU ln thc F.a<t. wlll be r.
lr-n.ed tbls fall aa w-ll."
Oovernor McKlnley bad a long intit with Cbalrman
Il.ihn. Of the i-i'-ali-rV liureau. nnd arranged for
kmm of bis iipeeebea lOr lhe real of u.o eampalgn.
ti,.- Oovernor win apaok in iittnois on Oetober 11
nnd ?:t2; at Kansas Clty on oetober 84 nnd St. Dmls
on Oetober 2:,. <>n tt.e day foilowlng ho wlll npenh
?t Danvlll-. Oeneral Itussell A. Alg-r, of Kldblgan,
wlll apeak in Kansas -very nlght irxt w-ek. Ma] t
a. m. Haneock, of Karyland, baa been a--signed to
\V-,t \lrginla.
The oiU-r call-ts nt tlu- eouimltt'- hc.-idquart ts
w.re. w. J. CampbeO, ot DUntls, member or the
RepabUcan National Coinmttie- fr.m tbat State;
Frank lUtton, Bdtttt of "Tho raehlngtOH Ptost";
Oeorga C. Haadton, of WnaMngtata; Ale?and? fchaw,
,f Raltlmore; General H. A. HMdekoper, and cta ls
r. ikirdoii, ef Chlcago, . . _.?
In the afternoon n number of c.ilege boy* peslegeo
Uie buiidiiiK and would nol be s.ti-n-.i until *'?"'
niry llcComaa made a apeeeh t. them, jphlck ba Lll
m bla usual pra.0f.1l manner.
rinilrman lliiliu. of the Speaheri' Rtirean, waa
rallcd upon by !'. B. Wade, the piesldenl of the Yale
ollege Republiran Club, nud !'. R. la> -r, W. lt.
1,ro 1. - and \V. B. Swanke, of the -wne. club. rney
wanu-d upealter* for the blg college roass-meMlng
wbleb wiii be b-id lu Vew-Havon on October ss.
A magnliieent Ilnrrison and Reid bi.nner waa HWttng
last evenlng in front of No. nt* E?.st Oae-hundred-and*
stxty-iirst-st. by tiie Woodotoek Repnblleaii Club.
II. II. Chlit'iiden. Alderman Henry L BehOOl and L. P.
Meteh, ih<- pmldenl of th- i lub, apoke on the laaum
ef tha eampalgn, nn<i reeelrcd mneh applatiee, When
A. W. I.lgl.tbourii" wae Introdured he met an earneet
weleome. He polnted oul the danger of wfldeal bank
Inc. and show.-d bOW falae wns lh- liile ?.f " Force
uil.- os applled i" a meaeare deotgned to aeenre an
bonest eotint. Atihongh this dlstit'-t Is a Demoeratie
itrongbold, the VToodatoeh Club hns atrong bopes of
vleti'iy. and these ar- the m-n th-y truat to guMe
tli.-m: L. F. iil-teb, preaMent; <!? Hauaer, rtee-preal
d-nt: R. l/'inan, fliianeial aeerrlary: L. gchmldt.
reeordlng aecrelarr; 8. Retchnlts, trtaaurer, and ll. 1 .
Flsh-r, .,' rgi ani nl-iiriiis.
Tlu- F.leventh Waid Bl pnl.llenns of KMsaboth, aftOT
the pi-iiuary f.r Congreaa delegatea on ThurMay nlght,
held an enthusteetie meetlng; ?n?i fotmed a Harrlaon
nnd Held Mar.hliiK (lub. Plfty name, w.-r- enrolled,
and tae rlub expeeta to swell the number to 130 withln
? week. as Ihe Elevcnth bag alwaya been n strong
RepnbBeaa want. The, anllenH of the elub wfll be
Harrlson hats, and they wlll carry Wg apoons mnde out
of Anieii.au tin plate. The oflleers ehooen are F. W.
-tiilniaii. preaMent; Beter Burdett, rlee-prealdent;
T. K. Whee.Ier. M-rretary, and an e\eeut|ve eommttte
eonslsilng of nln<- membera. Th" latter wlll ni-et tlils
evenlng lo mahe nrtnagementa abonl nalfonna.
a junior Bepnblean organtaatlon, ronaletlng ol
young men, wn, torated lnM nlght al lhe H-puldiean
hciid.|uaru-rs In RUaabeth. It will tahe put ln the
campaign as n martblng elnb. OBlcera wcw eleeted
nnd .? oommlttee appolnted to aeenre nnlforma,
Arrayed ln bandoome nnlforma, tbe eolored Bo
pabUenm of Ibe XUItfa A -embly l)M;i t 'ti adod
leai evenlng througb tba prlnclpal ittveta of lbe dl?
trlcl. and h-ld 11 ii.ii.-.,ui-lli!g m ih- Omud Opera
Houae HaU Dghth-ave. and Twenty-thtad-et. There
were fuBy BOO peraooa ln llne, and al tbe Grand
opera Houae many were turnM away 0.1 eeeount
ni ibe laefc of room. Tbe parade waa headed by th
BIBott f. Shepard Battery, which formed in Forty
MMi.st.. and ihr* Kliioit F. Shepard Ouarda, wlio
aaeembled ln Twenljr-fourth-st. Tbe parade msrebed
ls sixih av-., Broadway and Flftb-ave., paaahig the
headquartera of the RepubUcan Btate Commlt'ee ln
lhe Flfth Avenue Hotel, und then proeeeded to the
(irand Opera Honae. Al the maremeet'ng B. i".
-iinm-, prealdent of lhe Hanlaon an.l i{-:.i Club of
lhe xillth Aaeemb'y District. prealded,
;1I1d F.. C. Yotmger and I'nink Cli.im
bece were lhe am lelarlaa 'iii- tni apcaker
?;is the K-v. Dr. W. ll. Darrl.lh. ile il.-noni.c-d tbe
Demoeratie party as the party of '?free trade, wiid
, it, noney and negro stavery." The otiiei- ^eaker
waa Qeorge w. Bryant, a weU-known eolored omtor.
wbo was equally weU reeelved. Reaolntlona were
paaaed Indoralng the eandMatee <>f the RepubUcan
party. Among the manv iiiMmliient RepubUcan*
pi.-'iit wer- Charlea 8. Korna, <?. w. Murray, the
\\o\ d. v.'. Wtaher, lhe Rev. D. s. Clnocon-, llerre
Rarguet, \v. R, Di.Ms, of Waahlngton, D, C.; Samuot
Btorel] atwl Ciil-b r-lniint
a nbw it.iii.n Repablleaa elub, Carari olo Republiran
Club of tin- xvi'. AaaemMy DWrfcl wai ba*t Thundiy
evenlni argaalsad ut No. S00 Wa* TiiiitytiiiiJ-t. au
greaaea wera eado hy A- Ma^rl, Oharlea Hwarrla aad
ll.iL'h CoteaWB, Th- olti'-i-is .,f th- ilub nre: .1"!.'.
Th'i.iflv pr-slilent: Vln.-.-r. /.. BapoaltO, \l< -o pnsldent;
.huii.- Iwarria, neietaiy; Hlebela Ollvlerie, trcaaaier,
411.1 1U"?' la Coi laa targaant'eteraiSi
a anotleg >,f lha SoMlera' an.l .siiii..r?' and goes of
\-,t.rji.,' RepaMkaa tiragae Qab alll ba held la-alghl
at Kliiikiiiyer's HaU, N?. 130 Raal OaehuBdKd-aad
Tha True Btae RepaaUcea Clab arlll i.-id it, regular
weekly a." ting toalght ..t. Re. -,isi Rlghth-ave., al
Hhi.ii evJadge Maekty wUl s|?;.k.
CherlM Tewaaead, s?f tnrv >.f Mata af Ohla, wlll
ixok Mtallht at Y.l'', <'|-tu II."..-, Mu. iiron-.-k,
..nd.-r th. aeapleea <>f tba lUrris.ni und Reid Club ?>f
Maaausaeek ^..d Rya Naak,
I..,,., Baraee Oallvercd la the Preneh taaguata nn la
trieetlag addrma laal RTedaaadny eraalag nt a meetlng "f
Ihi J',1.1. W. I'.riv Preach I taedtaa Clab, Hla lemarka
mrntt aalhufllMllrally leealvad nml agptaaded.
A l.anii'T r?l?liis. aadei tli- auaplrea <.f th- Ind..-irial
Aiuw.'-e Marri?..ii and Reid Clab <>f Ihe XVlIIth a- i ...
Mr Walrtat, alll i?ke place i-niirht at Va. 189 Tt.irJ
,n... I'rnn.lu- nt -.p-iiker- .Mll d'llvr addraaaM
At. Hm re'/..iar haalaeaa awattag af Bm i B. urant.
Repehlleaa Clab held .t R? 71 Bedhlh at, laal tvealag
l.nfav Srhiiln... a 'I.i. n .\ipiU''nr r. wa* ladeieed f-r
\--. mblyman -f tha Vth IMatrb '
ei,. 1 ..t,ii i i',,-,,n Krpubllrau Clab wlll h.,l<l a nai?*.
?eoMag ao n**t Needay avaalag, ?t n.> r.s \v.-,t ISSth
tt. Jan.'- B. U lui.alir will SpOOh.
lhe Itapubltaaoa -f Ihe xuih aaaaaMy Dlatrlet haw
r.,,,,,,1 i ,ii,,r,.ii,.,ii i.att.iv. whleh atreedy auabara 171
??,,.?.., Thla haa baaa ealled tha Wllllea Haakel Ba*.
mt H a iu iku.i'I? lha ,tr,"t, .,f it?. dlatrlet vlth nmali
und tn...,;,:irii.''!'?? -,,,?.. :;ft,r th- . lo?e "f tl,, Colurobui
.. i. bratten \ neetiag ?r thla argaalial. wlll be beM
...i.i. ut rn ii.- beadqaarmra -f lha xini, .\ sembly Dla
triet argaalaotloa, Ra. *72 9metM\*r*., at whleh
ii, w i.Bbl ia ? II I"' el,-, Itit
'ii,. . atored lt. i.i.i.i:.',.., i.. Rew.Rraaawiek ..'.,! Mlddl
an .,'"i"iy. .N J. heveierfealaed lha th- eaamalfa. li
i,n jb (i.ii.u. ,1, rel i,,'iii....H I, ,: n .. BraaaaHeh Ihey ?.i
leaa parl Joaleh Reaaae i:t- been rlerted p
,,t ms 'i'.i' ahleh i- kaewe .?? Bm MMdl \ .,,....i,
, i i Ki pub i in I'l'.n
An aalhaetaaits meetinH nf the itiiimi RspebHfae Clel
et tae xvutu haoamMy DMaM ??? i.-n at No. tsc
Wmi l*"t?J -fllth-at. laat avaalag. Tha maeUna wa? ad
dr-ined by Thon.au Coerlnla end olherv -'"bn Thoir.au.
th- pre?ldent nf Uie elub, wa* > h.ilrn.?ii. I
A masvnieetlt.e nf the Vo.i.tR Men'i RepubUean Club.
ot TerkvUta, wttl ba held thi* oraalag al 8 ovioek. at
me TerkvRle aaeemblf Reeem, so. I.toi BtoaMM*.
Tbla evenlnc HM KlefcvMe. I? I.. IV pubHeaii < ???
petaa Clab wOl Ure li? Imi K?n by ralslne a handannia
beaaer. Pnvleaa m aafarllag lha baaaerohem ta * t*
t terehUahl earode. la whleh. tt taespeetad. nearly 1,000
voter* will tako ixirt.
rrcieii.k. Md., Oet T. goerotary Chorko I'oster
ipoka bere lo-nlght befbro a largo nnd eathaotaatta
eudtance on the laaoea of lhe eampalgn. He wa* re
.eived wtth warm apptaaae, and Ihe many teUng polnta
of i,i, ipeeeb wera greeled wtth keen appredatton,
s-er-tary roater begaa Ita apeeeh by contraating
the reeoida of th- two parttaa durlng and atnee lbe
war. Ile poMled 10 IhO l-pl.-udld 1- onl Of th- IU
p.,bli.an party oa al tba ..loin-ntous questteo of
lh,. wai and of r-.oii- im Uon day,. HO would
m.t ptetend to eny Ihere waa ne eneaoa bc iho ex
i,t-nc- of the Demoeratk pnrty, nddlng: *ne
eountry neede a good e-romj pnrty lo erittelae, to
Ond tault, to leold, if you pleaae; a, raultflndero they
,,, 1 remarhabta m*.m." Ile looh np the Pemo
cratie eharge th.it the Iteoanry ta bankrupt, erl Waing
,. 1.1.llv the Vie- I'r-sld-n.l.'.l candldate. Mr. Heven
?en, fo.; groaa Ignoraaee of thta gneathm. tf, *88
Um Heeretnry, Mr. Btevenaoo wete aot Ignorant upon
? uo suMe.-t. be wo.ud know lhal thta AdmlntatmOon
had redeemed and paid ol giK0,O?8,ew of Ra doht,
B| n eeot Of more thaa 9EMfiOO,000, and with a savlng
iii Interest, by the Uhm the rlght to pay Batarea, ol
$Z*Z :c,2 103 "?!. The hotd.-rs ef niore than #-<,
000,000* of 4 1-2 per e-nt bond, re..ted bnl ihey
,?. cootinued at 8 per eent, nnd u.is Admlntatratfon
placed .1 Coverrmieiif loan at a lower rnfe ef Intere.s
end ln a more ndvanlng-.u, poetttOO than any other
Oovernment on -arth."
He th.-u M.nnsti.Hiiy spoka of tbe gretfBeatlon
ptv-n him l-y lhe gnnonBoemenl of tho DBBimtfc
Icadars In the Lfct Congram tbal they wooM reiinee
tpproprlatlone BHWWMHO, and of bta plaaa for u,lng
t',;, surplna cash. "But ala,." -nid he, "theae
Democrata dbeovoced lhal onra waa a bOllon-doltar
eountry." They aetually Inercaacd npproprlatlons
?10.000.000. our Demoeratie Menda hare p" them
telvea in th- anpatriotte attttada of darirlng a bank
rttpt Tr-asury- The Admliilstrntl'.n doee not. ex
p,-ct to add to thelr pl-asure lu thta reegeet The
rev.-nu-H ar- lnrrea,lng at. Uie rat- of tBfiATOfiOO a
month orer last year.
Taklag up the tat nr queaUcn. lecretary floater am
ti.at WTaaMngtOB, Jt-ITcrsoii aud Jaekson Mttled the con
itttatlonaUty of Proteetlon long ago. He defended tho
McKlnley law, and sald that wMta no low of Uiis klnd
.an bo obsolutely perfeet, upon the whole, be be
Uered "thta taw eomea nearer the Meal of the poBey
of proteetlon than any arerlowa ennetment." Bnder
lts operation UM r-v.nue bas been decreOaod BM,
807,000. There has been nn Increaae tn the total
ralue of <mr forelgn eommerea of 1810,400 MO. as com
par-.i witb IOOO, and an Increaae of 8tBo\3ST,S8i over
the annual Ineomo ol lbe ten years piior U> 1001. Tl.e
re Iproclty ef the new loillf ael hoa opened new
forelgn mnrketa, and our exporta i) the eountrtee wtth
ui,;, h reclproclty relntlona hava bera eatabltahed hnve
lacreosed by the anm of bio,886,8M.
The State bank plank ln tlie Demoeratie platform
wna then taken up. and. from personal eaperlencee, the
Becretary gnre n deeerlptton of the -vl! effeets ef tbls
sy-tem m former yeara. Bpeaktng -rt tbe Interna
iionai Konetnry Conference, heaoM: ?? 1 om ln poaaea
>i..n of advlcea that taad me to h >pe that anch ae
tion witi !.,- taken by thta conference as wlll reaull ln a
siiti-fi.etory aolnthm of the vexed ,ilver gneetlon.
Belng a Umetallat myaeU and earcestly deairlng thal
Rlver siiaii tahe Ita itghtful plae.- beside poid. 1 <lo not
ii.'iiev- tlmt fr? eolnage of rllver, nadeetred by many
of ..ur people, would aeeompUah the re-ult d?lr-d. I
admlt that the ptoblem is dlflirnlt. but l bnve fnlth that
tbe atateamanablp of the RepubUcan party ls e-iual to
tbe "<?< naton."
Tl.e espoepre yeaterday by Dnvid Martin, wbo li
the member of tho RepubUean Natlonal Commlttee
fr m Pennaylvanla, of the icbemee ol th.- Tammany
Mall leaders ln this clty to carry on extemdve cop.nl
latton fiauds thl, fall d!d DOt p'ca-e t'ie D- m,cratie
lendere. Mr. Knrttn'a bitervlew abowed thnt he nnd
too iutiinaie a knowledgo of the Tainniany aehemea
end plana lo make t!i-m at all aomfdrtaMa. Mr.
Mat tiii i'ii r.ot have anytilluK to add yrsterday to
what ho had sald the night bofore. but that doea not
in.an that be is doiiu- nothlng further loarnrd atopplng
tbe frauda thnt aro to be attempted. He la moMng
investlgatlons, I.owrver, wb'ch, lt ta sald. are MUely
lo lend ripht up to eome of tbe b-st knrwn ot tho
keadera.in the Tammany orgnntrotlon.
-At tho proper tlme the pubilo, will li-ar fio.n
Mr. Martin agalo," ^i''1 ? member <>f tbe BepabUeaa
National Commlttee laat niein.. "He ts not goleg t->
be f.ig:Mened byony ol lhe threata that tha Tammany
men may make In regarti i) blm. They tr.ei thwaa
end bul d ?lng witb Senator Quay four years a*o. and
th.-y even went ao Car as to threnten to < ii.o his llf
lf-iie dld oot -eall off the d. tcciives wlio were ae
eiimnlaUng erMaiee of thelr eir.iris to ootantae
illepil v .tcrs.-'
it is probaMe that Um RepubUcan Rntlwal Com?
mlttee will Uauc a (ircutai- offerlng n reward of a
lerge amount Ior the toteetlon and the coovlctlon of
m-u wiio u- engaged in lhe oolonlsing buelnees. Mr.
Martiu la nlao looklng after llie unturallutljn buroau,
Wldeb la b.-lns run by tbe rouimany leadera, aud
tkere la ? prObabl^tg that be wlU bo heard from ta
, onii?iioii witli this ln i* duy or two.
Waahhwton, Oet 7 (Speetal).?Tbe artleaaneaa some?
times exhlbil .1 by Bouthern Democrata ls ln refreah
Ing contraat t.? the indlgnanl denlala ?.f their Northern
alll's and toola wbenever the suggeatlon I, nu de tliat
.-..iitti-ru eleetlon methoda are oot alwaya above re
prooch. In on Auguata, Oo., dtapotcb dated October
4. umi pnbltahed ln "Tbe ttlanta Conatltutlon" -f the
(ollowlng day the da) precedlng the State electlon
,t ls i-cliit-d ti.nl :
rhe Thlrd-partylteo ar- becomtng deaperote. Th-y
tm... bave begun la p->a!Ue thelr mi-siuiosh nnd
ilnit thelr el.an.e, fnr si...-? aro liopeleaa, Ior tue\
-r- ^a'.l i.i b- Intlmldatlng Ihe Ignorant negroea ln tho
rountry, .-.niiu- ile n. by lelllng them lt tbey don l
\o:,- tlie lw>ple'? pnrty tlckel thev wlll be 1.111-t.
Au Anguxta ladj wbo oana a piantntion lu Uucoln
L'ounty, ln ih,s disttict, bta Jtsl returned from ber
airui ln Lincoln, wlur- *he hax b?n 10 inuke hm ar
rniigcnicnts wiih \*er hands and tenanta for the next
year. The loJy, who i, 0 true Democrat, reporta that
iit-groea who bave been ?". her place. aome aa l-ng
oa twenty Hv- yeara, wiu-m ahe ...uld heretolore al
waya routrol, have become demorallred and annuin
ngeable. >h<- ?ay? Mw negroea tell ber th.-y are all
^oin^ t<> vote lhe Thlrd-pax.y tl< 1.. t. tjecauae tii>-> bave
iH-en uaiii'.t thal if lbe) voted vlth Democrata they
w.-ild be drowned ..r ,t,.,t t- death, an?tno one wouia
1- miiv the wtacr. The negro** l.ave b-n t,.ii if tlio
landlordi dlacharged them for votlng the fleople'a party
i;,k. 1 iu.it tbe propvit) "i everj wnployer who <lli
iliaipil his laborer npon thal gronnd wouM be ael
lire to an I devaatated.
The la.lv tri-d io influence l.-r hnnda to vole tho
1 .-.11.111 nii>- ii...-' : bul ike laborom tol 1 l.-r they eould
..oi do it. bh Ihi-y were afruUl thal th-y would bo
fniillv dlaptwed of. The lady i.-ld ber uborera ahe
would tal.e th- chancca of havlng boi h '.;,-> dealroyed
i,v inri'i:iii..ii-?. nui ahe baa du hiirg.si the btboren
.ui ber place.
it may be added tbal lt bas nol i"-en enetomaiy ln
tbe e. tion Statea to enter Into vcaiiv eootraeta for
labor or lo execute leaaea until long aft-r tbe flrst
weeh in October. Al tbal llme the cotton haa nol
beea plehed, glnned and marteted and th<- neeounte
for tho . arr. nt yeOT bav- nnt l.-'i lettled. Thi;
?*nrrangementa" refenred t<> ln tbe above dlspatch an
uauall) made ..t the beginning ol ih- new year.
Whal would Ihe pure-mindcd Mugwumpa or lhe
honeal sympalheilc Democral ii, the N'orth a> lf .1
Itcpul-lleiin 1 ewhpojw .,-. The Tribune -h -ul 1 pub
li',h ueii n <ii ,'.'t< 1. nN tne tnregolng, nboat "a tne
Ani/of the rarlirr trtaget of CooaOBtpMaR
enn t?> eniwd. It's a matter of evi.leniw?
Wttx**x enougii and oumptaoo novn t0^^
rent tnemonroof I>r. Ptareoli (iol.lon t***w
Icol Diacovary In nromiring thta:
If itstak.11 in onwOM meB a falr trtal,
tiievii refund the meaaay m nny cooowhoN
th-ir ni'Ntt.-in- folla tO Un-tlt Of *****
Hut it's n medklne thnt doeanl fail; it goce
to th- r,".t "f tho ti-uui.le Oonotuapttea ta
developed througb tho blood, and muel ?>e
enred ln Iho samo way. lt'?* n acrofuloui
affectlon of tha lunta?a blood-tolnt And
the aoraal remedv f'-r Bcroftiln ln aU it*
1 Mins. tho BMM potmrt blood? elonnoar,
s? ? iikiaatorwr. ond Biah bulhtar knowa
t,, rn..luiil aotanee, .s Hta "Q "Men M,-du-al
Diacovery.n It .-urei; Rcrofola; it onren
Cotwumptlon; it cureaaU Bronchtal, Tbroat,
nnd Uum nftecttona, Aathma, Weak Lann,
Kevere, Linpering Ooagbo, ati-l kia.lrod ail
manu? through the blood.
?ad lf thero'a ao halp, thare'a ao pay.
B..,000 i:\prn-I.U on Dnrtora nnd M?mII?
t-lnr- wilhoul nvall. ii-.txc
liini-rH'iip to At**.
<_iooil Wife angccat* CutlcurR Rerne*
diea. l*r* tbem 7 monllia, nnd
ia s-nllr-ly tfurrd.
I wai ln 'I e mg durlnp lrW3-'dl, Bad bt-th ? beajw coid
it Ueuyabuig ir.n. i.hl.h I ne.-r f .1 y _p?\"?-,.*i*
talo l lirok- onl 1? Mir.* all 8 er ny ? i.e-t ani Shoulfl ? ,
,1 .--I ?.-.-,... 1 Inrtwaalbls to eai . Uled ??! th- t*,-d
lectors i .-.ull nm, aod to .... a-.a.i. i aawrtdsdl ssswe
tu. t ....'--....I debaw pyiag n Bnd -. tm . ">' "*_?*??
md. flnMiv pivlnp my-e:f oa ta dle, my ?? <'?/,"?'
n-i-.l i? me, one day, ba Frj Ib- i ' - " ' BAJg*m*_
blEs, wni.h wrp- po exteostiety adv.rB ad m8o**B.t
r :.pi h-: luggesUon, o> d ain .'.-n. y ... wy bi -
.-?'..., of vo-ir <i hl ?'-*? ..,..?! I.I'l.-. f - - ?
, '. ?? ! I waa entireh- eorid. after spendl .g n.e yea - jf
Ume nml i."ii.-v HlttOUl <^*.l and ,... B ?"'?'? "?JJS
nm. today. Vou maj er,.,- ta me if you srlah, M if^ul
i I, aay tae ?i?o may can oo n.e '? V.'"',1 ";.;.?'vV^.xr.l..
l kmioo Hah Market, Ketr-T r*.
April 18, 1800. _
Cuticura Remedies
Tbaa g~.tef.-i t.siiir.o.iiii ni ;he mn af rreat
nhr.ioi.i taffeitag, el aaaasal aaga.sh, r;V ",*,'",',,,??
areate.i *-*'_.. Corw ft'-tsl I'uriiteia aad Baaatt MBMdMB
%CT%t^**W*VBirT. BM ne-r Btoad Md
i-unn.r intinaiiy it* eleaaae . ie blo daI ell >";.i"-'-^
BOd |.o|.i,?.,iM eieme f- ,'ii Ul'TICtTKA Btt greol
Hkin '.nr-. Cl'TK ? KA BOAP, aa o*9***m bsm
l''.ri!ler nrd ItraiitlfW. SXte nsU. ftf "'??r '"7
Un end -slp ttd n--v-r? tM I lr>. jaa **v? r.; asaaea
ire... intoney la atfe rrom ptaple- "? * "J'J,3,., "'' 1',,
beet rbyelelanB, boapltals, snd a'l etoer "?""""_ ?'\.
rtn.dev.-tv?here. I'rl -. i I Ti< i IU, >0' .- 7 ..',.
2.V i:-'.l en., tl 00. I*r-,:,i- I I.v the POTIEB I?l.' '*
AND CHKMIi'aL .OIl.'O.tATlON. Ito^t ...
B ... fo. "Haa .' Cur BBto CHsaieas, Bl p**"".
bO I lu. traflons, 100 te?t n.onla!*. __
1'I.liS bla li-l'-nV- letT, r-'-'.-i SappSl and o!ly
Bkin eu.edbr Ctt tV I BA ?OAF ___
,? .?r -a*. ie rhe ??.le?r?. Ax^UTalm
?'[**??<:??....!:v:v:.,_irh^.?,Lin:." W n^.?
mu-r.ili-. a-il ehest psla
fv 'ii t,.n
wh" faiiingt.. do aa, -dlachargBd the labatan BB haf
pUce't m ____
M paai Mm.... Oet. T .?pp.-.-iaiv-N-v-i, haadtoei
.lt,d alxteea emplayaa ef the Aatattoan MatJ Barm
rompnny at W?? B^Iar. ?!,, mi.e.s ot tte?bab>
bvk ptenmei-p. hav toeated tbe I'r,t,-.t..e Ir?!
Uague aml eotontarttf ahja-d tha toUowtag ptafejat
??Wc the emplovee of tba A... rleaa ?-* c. l Barge < cta
M?, Ines^-.tiv Of PBrtg. do BWSt cmpl.arl.n.ly
brote-t agatoal tbe Free-TMe po'.i-y of ti.e Deatd
iiatic MTt , and e-p etoflj BgBBBal tbe punk Ifl their
Diatform wh^eh prop aea to redaee the duty on maaav
laetarad L-on and metala, and .nli upon ali brotbat
'vurknic. |::.-pe,.l-,e ?f piriv to vote for tba**"
teei.in u mlnese. Ilanl -" and Reld- A larga num:
ior of t"o aortoeH bw BigBaB aad -toetea.
FrcBericb W. Iiper. of ibe fi.":" af T. W. f*_m h
Co. leaaeea ..r tbe \v*-t Brighton Hotel, and a partner
ln tbe re-tiiiiriuii. st N... 57 Broadway, commlttfli
siilride by shootin^ l.lm^lf Ib tbe head wltli a putol
je-t-rdav ai to-.ev lahai. Ibara i- Bttle doabt laat
ihe sulcide waa BBBted by BBBJoBimry dae to ra
veis's ln ti*on*y matiers.
The fii*st known of the sii.nle was when Mrs. Da
Braawere reeelved B letter f.om llper, suiins that
by u.e time -he reeetred it he arouM be dead- Mra.
Deliraawera ba-teaed t. ti.e hotH aad gata tha alarm.
gbe alarm.-d the e_ag!oyeB, and. eeeompaaled by Aagaag
Kllie, a watetBBBB, -carch-d tln- buthline. Th-y aaa
nothing untll they rei.rhe-1 tho offico at the corner ot
tbe iiiiirtin<. nc-.r n.e cecan. >ir. Hpet?a body aaa
found in a ebalr in the offlec of tho h.tel. lle was
si-an.r-.i Wlth h'.-^-d. A HB ealila- i-v.'.vor lav st
Mr. llper was a mnn well haowa ln lino'tlrn snd
NewVorii. He aaa ? bacaeSar aai ?a-> hrty-Bvd
yeara old._
THE TOBE COVBTt FAln rj.n?F.n.
York. I'ciin.. Oet. 7 rpeelnl).-Tho Verk County
AgricuBraral Dodatj eloaed the most aiaeecaafBl f.-.ir
ln Its blsto-r today. The attendanee to-<lay reacued
lin-Hii. Oattiaor RotHJrt E. rmtlson vlslted t_e
fnlr tbls sftemoon nnd msde a __paoeb. lle com
mendert tiie farniers of Yorlt (ouniv for their ttirim
nes, and .sp.l.e, <>f th- beoeflU of eoanty .'sirs. Ti.e
frniure today was tbe raeea. The j:io race was
foi- ft Barao Bf IdOB. The s-.riety ..fter.-d fo add flOO
to tbe ivir.se li tbe trnch rc-ord of -Ji'Jl wss brnken.
Cbariey C, owr;ed bv E!i U r.arrett, of Lnncsster.
won the rrtce ln three .ptmJght baata and lowetrd
the igteb reeord to -i-.tin i. tM total ?tt?i?dance
for t.e weeh, in round aumbera, reacbea iio,<>>.).
This ls lar^er by mnn*/ thousands than any preel -us
>??*"??_, _
Albaay, bet 7.?Ia th,* court of Afpeala to-day t'.e
toUowtag eeaee wen.* nwici:
Tbejdore llutterfleld, et ai., agalaat ll. E. OffBa
lieinnr. et al., appelania.
I- .ilraldo. un Infani. etc, a^alns. . oney Islsnd and
Bronhlyn BaBroad Company. appeUaat,
Ifary J. Barnctt, appelhmt. apciii>t C. 11. \\ilg.it,
nx executor, etc.
i.ii.ii kv-ts ngsdaat .toi-as WelL "t a!.. egpaBbBMi
in tbe matter of tbe e-tate of Petor Caia.
The .:av oalendar f.r Houtoy ip Haa, I6B, 3", 40,
4-2, 44, Ail, ."il and btt.
a ?
| Leilagtoa, Ky.. Ort. 7 (.speclah.-IndllTer.-nt worh
hy tba atarter detoyad matiers aa aaaah st the
i.r-.di-r'p nieetin;; this afturnuaa tbal only ten heata
aere raa aB. Aa n r.*suit. the 2.4a) mn gtaada un
tmip!,.si. CBraeo, the f.v-t yeaiHag from Tr.-nt..n,
N..!., ].;..'.-d two i,n:ir'..-r- ln :;i i - Bad :>i 94 leeaaaa,
Bamnuiira i
_:.o PACE rVRBE, .l.f>00.
Bodd Beat, g. <-. by Paaeeast?BeBe Dadtoy
!?.'!?-,. j j I
Klng Medlnm. b. a iXiller. '-' - **
ii... r. r '". .. Halonra . '2 > '
l. D t'oruo, -. f. .'.iu'" . * a i
l.a.. tXlyard, .-. a. (Kerlla) . ? SdJa
liti (lloRauj. ^:*
i - J 20?a, 2:1 - - .
2:*Jl CLABB I'l K_?E B1.000.
rioni-i. i,iu in.. i- UmIbm \\i.,.-- Albetto
.l'i nuv. . 1 j *?
Ilo Iv... h. x. tl. San . -' j -a
i.aiiii bni-gue, g ? . ? ? !
Wonder .im g. [Mlllei .*_ J A
l.-it-.-ti'-p. t>. in. '?*- ? . ??? * [ ?
.l-i,..,,- iv'llkes I. H ? '?*?. I ia
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