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Y0LUI. . . . N?? 16,782.
The Kings Court]! Democrat?, always notorious
for election frauds, hove entered boldly inn?
<t scheme to ?well the majority tor Cleveland in
Kings County. They have t>cii warned bow
desperate i* the Cause i>! tli? || p'irty end hare
("pen Instructed to casi ??.<* many votes an possi
Me, legal and Mega], for tb?> Free-Trade enroll.
fiate, as the only hope of the D?mocratie maoacen
lies in the grossesl ?i??. ida below tie Harlem
Kiver. Follow m- these Instructions, the Brook?
lyn liian?;i'!> have begun to register fo'uity ?>m
ployea, both in Brooklyn ami Id Flatbush, an<l
BO tlouM i:i other placea, to that they can vote
more than onee on Election Day.
In the Fourth Election District of Flatbnsh
Mark II. Knifiht, ? well-known Republican, was
watching at the registration booth on Saturday
hist, registration ?lay. Vbe place is in the school
house at Albany and East New-York ave?>.. a
wild, billy and sparsely MMtled country whan
many shanties abound, Three blocks north are
the immense county buildinga, co'nnrising the In?
sane asylum, hospitals nrnl almshouses. Mr.
Knight aaw bow men were heing re/istcreil there
who lived in BrooUya, an>I kept a careful watch
on them.
"Tbov eamc OBI of the county building! in
droves." said Mr. Knight to a Tribune reporter.
"The street waa black with them a* they came to
the polls to register. Some of the:u, I know, live
in Brooklyn and are only employes In the build?
" Do. you know of any or.c instance,"' Mr.
Knight, was asked, "where n man has registered
from those buildings who lives in Brooklyn ?"
"Yea, I do; a month ago a man engaged rooms
from me; he said he wanted to be all right tor
election. He has not moved in yet. Hi? family
lives in the Twenty-sixth Ward "t Brooklyn, and
le eame here and registered Saturday. There is
a man named -lohn Mullen who H\,?- in the Seven?
teenth Waul of Brookb/i , ami Saturday alter re?
btering be went to hi* home toward Brooklyn."
"About how mans men fren thone building!
have rcf.1? et df" Mr. Knight was asked.
"Well, l should say about 2f0, and it is sur
prising where they all come troin of a sudden.
I notice a grcal many new men are being 'Hk?-n
en now, aid always are around election time.
I objected to these men registering here, but the
?n-rx-c'ors >alr? th>y bad to l?gistes nil that
same alo g, This Is n'j pew tl Ing here, but I
Bin deter:: i me ! to know this time foal ho* things
stand. All 1 wan' is a little help. 1 am gains
down to the Rep **> : ua General Committee to find
nut about this thing. Every year it's tug sain",
ami that i> t; e restos this district hut always
surh a larpe D?mocratie n a.iority on Flection
Day. Why, Jolm Muivihili, an idiot, wax made
drunk last year. <m Election Day he ?wa?
taken out of the buildiags there, and pat in a
wagon and told me when I met htro la Brooklyn
he had been voting aii day Th'-se men, who
have roistered here, ha^e alsu reKi*tered iu Brook?
lyn m tjiMr ow?i wards m the city. The r*t
Utry In this <listr>t of Oakland! !a.?t year was
8P0. In IStiO it was 422, and la*t Satur?
day alone 3S0 names were re^inered This., irom
the county buildings swell the number far in
excess of any ether district m the town, save
the second, and but lor tin, r'.^iMry lrotn tlie
County buildings the number of voters here
wo'tl't, bf lew than any district in th? town."
William S. Ryan, of the Kinns County Eepubli
can executif'' and campaign committees, said last
niarht that the illegal registration in FMtbttSti wa*
enormou.?. Ihe Democratic oMWals, he said had
registered all those men who livcU In Brooklyn,
but were employed by the county in Flntbush, in
both place? It vu? their intentfon to vote the
county employa both in Brooklyn and Flatbush.
unlchs the election supervisons stopped them Mr.
Ryan is bard at work getting a list of these ille?
gal registrations so that action may be taken ,
eeainst the men who have been illegally put on the |
rvrozTAVT seizukr or orrrrx.
Suspension Hrlfl?, X. T., Oct. ?c 'Special.?Or? of
the most important ruptures of opium smuegl^rs made
on the Can?/! Ian border rererflv ti> engine-red iiere
to-night by fcpe< lal Agent C. at, Lewis, of gas Treasury
rx-pajtment. TIi*> oflloar l*a<I be"ii In ItorontS ?11
day, and while, waiting for hi? train at the ItattOS
noticed two nifn, one carrying two satchels, enter
the day ooaea. Ont ol theea -mea tb* afBcsr
Vri'-w to bo George Johnson, formerly ?
r.m-.i agent, whs 1^.1 before this
be?n *T)?ape<l ?n opium tmuggllng. Between Hamilton
and Toronto th?> othei man entered Ujc e!?^"t of tJj??
t%T, t?king a aatehd and John? n's e,?t with htm.
\\ ?.. ? .*? ibu 'it tin; coat runfle a bun'lle of eon
%A rabie sise. Arrived at this station, l."\w^ derided
viiat it was time to act, A large amount of opiuui
am 'r.v.f.? trots John 6n .'.nd his partner, ?Im Is now
k:.ow:! t.. be J. B. Adams, und (??ti. mea arrre arrest?!.
Th?- OOloreC j>"rier, Williams. '.\.i^ alvi UTetted,
? .1 .1- -.li will be taken to l.'-okport for
examination in t.'ie at irnlng.
Bastea, Oct. ?"> (Specsal). The i{er. M.-,rv t.
Wa tney, cf Cambridge, has received and accepted
? tall to bee .me i>a tor or the >--<ond Cnltariaa
sselsty a? West Somervllle, ami the win enter at
asea spaa bar pastoral dutlts. Mrs. Whitney Is the
s1?- of the Rev. Herber) Whitney, pastor of the
Hut Uaturlsa Chareta of AtboL She Is president of
tit- Wone-'er League ol CnltarlaB Women, and is 1
d'-ive: un address In IU? women's d<portment of tl
M baille?' l-'alr on Sovomlier it, on "Woman'
lalla^, T<\., Ort. BS^-Pr. II. lottos, a prominent
physician, to-day shot, and kUled W, <i. Vial, at ex
OaafadsraU bendquartera. This l- ConfeBerata Dai
at the Taxas fair. A great crowd, taeladlng Oesersk
Beagaa, Boa . Hantel and tira, lf:iyes, daughter of
Jeffenoa Davis, were pn ent. Captain Vial waa la
the r<x,iii of the Confederate headquarter! writing. :it
a tab>, whan Dr. Jones appeared mid without a
??'.rd nf\t;ui,!ii|i RbOt \ :;?! In tbe r1;-;,l temple, gtliln.l
b!m Ififiiiiiiiv. Jones wan aire-t-u and pfaieed lu
kit. It i- reported that Jon? Ihli morning <ljar?<-<i
Va? wit!, aaaaulting ui# site some timo aifo
Asbarj Park, V. J., Oct. 29 (Special).-The dwelling
?.'i-*n of Nary .'. Brown and Harrison Sebanek, m
'nir ave, West a bury Psrk, were t.ta'iv destroyed
SJ Are ),t |U O'clorh tO-nlght. The Inn.nf.s wets
ii'l^r? at the time and had u, be aroused and carried
sat ?j (Meer Bowen aad others. Most of the
l;iin?iek ?ere unie children whose f?ret,u had fone
i" attend ? political meeting. The loss Is parUullj
''??-r.d b> In uranee. Tbe Bre was caused bj it?e.
. ol ? kerosene oil lamn.
Uwreaee, fasaa., Oct. 2".-in the AMermank brt
br>- eaaea to-day, lohn W. Boll?n, alderman from
v'itd Su. wat bronght to the bar. Aldermen Doyle
?'?1 QaJhtgber both denied voting f"r Jaaws H.
Beidon'a licenso, ;<nu both i- uiied h to the granting
sf :>? n-e-. juaea ?I. Wcldoo, lbs principal wltni '.
t*jtir.i^i to giving B1.000 to AMermen Bolton at his
?fc'e, March is, and receiving the AMeraasn'a prosslaa
? a U(|uof Uoeasa.
a tnwnoMM ijr i um catskiu..
Hlgrtan, \. Y., Oet e.">.-Thepe was a heavy fall
01 ?<>?? in the Otskllls this morning.
?SHOP yjTVU.i.v MBT??MX? TO Oiflui
^"nd Li,kc, ST. Y., oct. ilc> (Sp<-ebl).-Bishop New
JJB left b,re today for hlx h>Iscoi>u1 residen?e at
?*?s*. Wbenes he will return In a few weeks to
'???York to attend tbe full college of Methodist
"lstioph, vi hi, Ti meets thcr<? on November ^7. lie
2J 'oMi s;iil for ?south America ta attend bis con
for*'.'e in ti, .t country, aad ?in not retara i:ii
**Bmt. The BUbop during lbs summst bad rblted
**n> Basta of the West, and in soavsraatJea rsesatly
krY,??,"^ '??'' ,r"1" *bsl be eonld gather from bti
that r nunlstera und lavriM-n from varions pints of
jg. s>etk>n the trntid of public avnttment was ram
^"S ?truu^i toward Harrlaou'a re olattloa.
"mir Kon-, Oft. S3.-Tbe Xorwcthin ab?mer ?bt
mau?, whwh tailed fiviii Nagasaki <>n October ? for
(-iinfai.o!*-. whs ?reck?] on one of Um p.*advrea ]si
an?a ?Jiirin^ the t>piii?n m ?kkh the fttutnauhu und
Oriente! ateamer Bokhara ?as katt. Twe aciaont arc
known to have been sav.-a from t!..- Normas?, i.n<i u
l* ?oppose? thai other? made their earape from the
?reek, though they have not ret been hew? from.
Tbc Normnnd \rns commanded by Captain J. Jonas?
ion. Sk? ?as an irr,,, steamship of 1,440 ton* and ?ma
twin in ISM at Bergen, Norway, ?he ?ae 326 teet
leaf, forty one feat boa m ?nd twenty one feel ?eep.
BxracnsD bvppobt.
Berlin. Oct. 25.-The military Uli la eoldly re
celv.? here, eren In quarters where the tlwajiiiiiwiil
expeeeed support. The " VnaRaha letton?* expresse
Itself as pleaded that the 1)111 ha* been published, and
aaye that tlie diff?rent parties cHn wr prepare lor
tb? In?vitable gen-Tal ?leitlons for members of ?lie
Brtnhalag Tie "Rational lettuug* says that wi.Je it
desire* to meet the ?Government'? Vichea, tJie (?ov
rrnmejit's demands are more than It 1? pre pa .?d | ,
sanction. The "Ofjmmte" (Clerical) expresse* dis
?athrfactloi bevau-e there will be an increase of over
??".O'K) men with a merely conditional tvo-year ter
v.-e. nie wivoie meaanm ju.-t:n< s the ?ont ream
that Hie Reluiras will reje. t the bill. The ?? Kreu/.
Rettung* is the only fenrnal that supports tbe t;ov
trament, it approves tlie reorganization of the art il
i'i.v und pioneer?, but retrain? (ran expressing Its
llnal opinion on the detulls oi the measure.
Chancellor von Oxprivl ha? ordere? the) an Inquiry
be made at to ho? the "Cologne < ? y / ? 111- "' obtained Um
Onpj of the bill ?hicll it publUhed yesterday. I1.,
tintine of the bill created a bud Impression on t s
bour*; to-day, an? there ?as heavy selling of ??>??
man i p.r cent bonds.
0\i: cam: REPORTED tiif.uk -few CASE? BUI
Pari-, oct c.y-t?.c Government Hrglenle Committee
announces that between OttCbet lt> and <vt< her SS
Dlnet) death- were repotted In Franc? ns due to
choleraic disease, thirty three of the catea occurring
In MameUlea. N. Blbot, Hlnttter ol Foreign Affairs,
! ?ui- tent to the repreeentatlvei ol foreign Govern
; menta a protest against foreign p>>ru quarantining
j vereis arriving from MarteUlea. The chamber ol
1 DepuUea. alter a two days' debata 'in the quest] m ol
th? purification of Ike voter of the -win.-, adopted
to-day a motion, sanctioned ,v Premier Loubet, call
i In? up<>n the Government to execute the uorki slreadi
I begun lor filtering Uta drinking water or Part? and
I its suburbs.
buda Peath, Oct. 1?. Beventeen De? i I
| cholvra and Eve ?eotkt Iron the dt-ease ?era reported
i In this iltv (a day.
i Amsterdam. Oct. u*i.?Two otoat of cholera and ont
death from the dtoeOM have been reported at Vtaol
| atein. a town on the YeaeL near ' trecht
Hamburg, Oct. 86.?Twenty Bra neu catea oft
wer* afhc.ally reportad here, yesterday. No <:? atJ.?
from the dl'eaae occurred?
Washington, oct. 21. The tnited stot.* Conaul
I (General at Vienna has InJormed the tiecretarj ol .-t-?:.
I that the lirai tase of choiera appeared in Vienna tea
I U tdar.
Berlin. Ott. ?".?A grand feature of Ute leeon
ttcnavn ol th* Lather >l?morial Chnrfh. at Wlttrn
bern. Tvhleh wit?? place on October Bl will Id IN
pracesslon Into the church through the gaor at ?kick
Luther nailed his calibrate? i ? ??.- agajpat th? dm
trine of indulgence?. This proca'atw will compil?e
Emperor William and the other sovereign princes ,f
Oeyiii/U'v, and promise* to be a spectacle of ftv.it
ipleiidor. Trumpeters xrlll be .??tatloned in f^e tfcople
of the ohurch, and a* th? ptcpfes^ton eitaned Um
ktatorte threatuM ther win piav "Ein |>cta Burg."
Aft<-r th? aetVtcea In the church the members- of the
royal family will cu to the h"ii?e In which Luther
lived and Inscribe their names in the rtejtofk' aJktim.
The .Supreme I'rotcstant Council of Pluaila ha"; or?
eare? that memorial sermona be preached In nil the
pulpits with It? Jurisdiction OP Sund."v. The kp ab r
part of tin- coal of restoring the church ha* bean borne
br Emperor William. At the loeonaecrntli
atOCdea there will be present repreM n ta th-es nf nil
foreign I^oteatanl eoveretgns, who win take part in
the erand proreMlon, The I >uke of York, heir i>p
bumpuve to the
sent Queen
thmne of Grant Britnln, will ni>n
UmdoOi <?ct. 'J".. ?It I- stild that the Inman Line will
Inaugurate Ite ne? aervtce between geuthampton and
New York on Man h 3, 1803. The Drat re a?l to 1-?
dlapntched from Bouthompton ">\111 be the City ol
Parla, and thereafter nil the tteomera ol Hie line ?111
?till iroin and arrive at Southampton Instead of Liver
pool. _
j.-itne<? Wright, of the Inman Line, said thai It wa
not the intention of Ike eompany t<> pive up Liverpool
altogether as a port, but It Is md known whether a
reguhtf service will be maintained there. The DO?
schedule "ill probably be arrange? soon.
jvimbiiigli, Ort. s;..-intensely cold ?eethec prevails
in gcottnn?. The locks In PertkaMre an- covered with
thick lee and the snow lies deep on the mountains.
London, 'irt. '_".*<.-A snowstorm preval?a today Vn
the Dartmoor Hills.
LonUon, Oct. 'Ji.-ln an Interview today William
Morris, tlie socialist poet, whose name hn? been prom
Inently meniloned In connection with the poet laureate,
ship, said that be decidedly d?*-1r"d the abolition of
the oftb.e.. Pe? personal he added, would troohle
themselves about anybody hoMttiir ihe po?t If Lord
Tennyson mid B'ordcvorth had not held it.
a BVrary Mend ot Jtohert Browning ttntee that
Browning strongly favored the eooUnnanre of tin
laureateahlp, as it wav in his opinion, a great ad
vantage to the literature of England.
Havre, Oct. ?o.-An explosion oeoniied this gaorn
ItiK at the military- depot In i-Uidros-e, n tuk?rb of
this (I y. In which a large number of Ir-beJ
mrtrMgee had been ttored. There was much ex
dtemenl for a time, but it was tjaeerfntned thai
nobody bad been hurt. Beyond the ?reeking of the
DMguine Hie only ?hannge done ?w the ihatteripj of
the Windows of house.-, In the rlitagn.
London, Oet B6.?It is announced that Queen
VletOlki ?ill .-pend the winter months In Italy, Bke
will reaMe at Blenttna, eleven miles eaal of Plea.
Ian-, Oet, 25. -Advice? from Porto Novo -how that
lh<; troops dispatched ilvm Dakar to reinforce the
I French column operating asainsi the Dahomeyani vil]
not reach the buUb body until Monday ne.it. in a
recept dispatch Colonel Dialds, the French coautander,
slated IL?' Bd w Uiklng every measure to make tho
next battle adecUlve one, and as BJ will luidoubtodly
wait until the relnfercemeate rcaicn him It Is not likely
that the result of the battle will bo known before
Thursday. November a.
Halifax, R. S., Oct. ?!?5.-Much regret Is feH over
the rervirt'ed lose of the steamir brltannla at (ape
?Sable today. She left Bouton '?tantoy I? thta
aayt The brltannla was owned by the North At
feBtfe Company, of Boston, and only begsn service on
?h,. line In J?*. -s"r ~*nn ? ,"'w \"'"',' -# ,k"
?Sgttnd, at a coal of *3<m,ooo. Parttculan of the
^i--,-ter ?ire meagre so far.
-. ?
um from rut: ancn or thk rrorxo
HatlatNrf, N. V-, Oct. BO (Si*?lan-AUun Moore
son of E. (?. M?*"^. I?"? ?a* niorning from the effecu
?Tn WMBi received fataP?U by th* accidental dla
ciusrge ain elBa.
democratic corruption in ALBANY, la
C1TT POI.I? r. vmi DETECTIVES v ;i\c, iv cou
AH.any, i. . - rial?.?Tho city police and riti
del r-Cvei hav< been alert today, and su luve t?ie
Democratic ringleader?. They luv, h- n trvin^ bv
every ihs^?Ih meant t-. etrcumvenl ?ad eeunterncl
the work of arresting rrpratera by the United States
authorities. The detective? who have been employed
in ferretlsg oui the ooienlmttsn ol :???? < - - here aj
that thin e|;v |< th,. t;,0:-- ,?.rr:.?,- paUtlcsUy cf sa|
they have ever been employed in.
Tbe examination of ? Fred? M'hernion, ttie licuor
feeler, whose place was the besdquatten for repeater?,
was begun :od:iv i?r<.re ?'ntt#-d gtates Ceagm'oatoner
Mead. While Detective Morris Gobtfera wn- en the
si?:id two ettj detective?, Mohan and McCann, came
into the court-room and heM i renversattoa whh
Norton Chase, the Aesktani <'ltv Attorney, who ap
peered for Inspector m Election MeDtemott. It waa
Mr. Chase wh,, look an aetive iwnt in the persecution
of Lalsir Commissioner Peek. The trtectivoi RMS
dtaappeared, but roapp warts; ar;iin ^iioi ly. During
their absence OoMfera me served with a Cntted Ht?t??
warrant aharglng him with *?]!?? rsgtstratton iiii^
wsa lo preven) tbe dty authorltlea from ?ecurlng f> w
fern on a warrant under the itofe law for false rrglstm
tien. When Uie tWS Albany dstectlv? nap
Beared they were .ill intSes. They were
armed with a warrant for John J)oe, who hud r?cl
tered ai '-Morris ItOWdnakl, 01 Grcen-st." |M
Dermotts place). They did not gat their man, f?r
lie was already ander arre-t in the inn <\ Ktatea
Court. Had the> beateq tbe National officer?, Ihen
Uoldfern ?onid bava been hurried oit t., toll,
"h the stand Detective noMtern testified that he
wna taken to McDerm tt's place by Clerk ul the
Common Council, Thomax II. Craven, uoldfern
said be was promised So for every time h vol ? bul
?ras lo forfeit fj each time tu McDermott ll- wa?
red lo the ol |i m, at le In p. i tor m
? Hid District o? he Fourth w ird by -b i> ? i<>
?S ?' OI)e of nur r ell." I he n pc< tor ?pool led :i
i i loin lime for hi in t.ue aro iikI Ui I he r< : I ??
W i,- i.Id;, !n resl ?? i ,; ., i: : . In 1.1,
had i e ?? In ll.u irj foui m nubs, i he. i li i
Mates Mai liai, <?? .H.-,' Ma? ley, , ? ? fed I h
on hl~ i? ,,1. !??! challenge. v,i>-t.h prono s,il
t.. pul leildfern ihr"? .-h forl? to Hftt Unies ,n lid
city and Tr m
--'"?'. i ? examl ilou ?III < ui <?- t,,
n m ?
CLEVl LAXI '" m \v.i ES r t n v: D '! Bl - 0
Denver. <Vt. ? -, \ pUi i 111 ? ly to ei nr
In the i might Dei Ion b< re ???
that I (?? li % n id? !.'? the Nal
? ? ; :i the i !? \ ? : ? I the tlcfcel
m tl i- State. I' ?.e p an ??? hi
National Deawcratle Committee i g out 1 UI
,.f the North? rf: and Northweetej Blal
them front i -, has i- n Inti ?
Into l lorn lo i s ? 1 ai N< I n. ika i Mate?
adjoining. First Nation?! Committed! ,i. <-i.,r'
l! " il r, ? ;n.<-d fr< tu New-York and gave OW
achetas, 'lhrn StSt? Chairman l.mnk Ar''e,.l? ie*de a
trip to NiiHotiiil headquarters, , d ?' lad
mali-d the ?-ame thing. Yesterday Ben UN M< K i .e\
returned :?nd prseUosBj ?<inr;iti'?i i t>. ?vi f ??
v "iid b?- eabmtttod to the men i c< auatttee,
whlrh, he saw, would I- called together In a any
or two,
\m t night the commute? or a parti tl met.
The itsilnn SfBS ?n Interesting ,?r.e. aid full of fight.
??saetee MeBnlsy ataied to lb? sossmlttas thai the
?Calo?a) PSSSSfeatJg OimrrJ'.'eo wan'ed the < le^ eland
electori taken down, und tbat It w.?< believed 10 ???
for tb? bast Interests si lb? Democratic party, rh?
meeting lnst'-d unhl enri? thli morning. A malerlty
:.-;,i:<-<1 that If the wrung was dorn I r? ?rould ?? '
the |l:.rr1*oii Hellet, and w,.nld in ver mbmll to h,
In? forced bato wrapping around them tbe silvrr Bali \i.
fringed with free had, which "T'uiim-. " Fhtterasa U
trying to bestow 'i:<n mem. The chairman srged
tl t || was the win of the National Committee, ?nu
th;it it ?as u plan whlrh I? being carried ?wit in other
mate? to he?p out Mr Cleveland. The s<a1*art^
-till fought lbs proposition Itterly. They declared
that H ?ronM Inaun the Mciorj of tin BepubBcan
elector In * alorado, and thai thej ? siM never !<?? -?
to it. They also I hey wu dd pn-l r to hove
tl,. state pi that os] I han to have Patterson' crowd
obtain tbe control ol tbe ptjllth i of i olorado. B/hen
the llieet!-K' ?dJOUTI "I It ?1 "' '' 1""ln '
crate throughout the ??ate would iollow their own
conrictkms. The tlcveUnd ele?tors ?111 h- with
dra?n, and tbli Uisnrei R? p ibllcan u
st. I'.i-il. Oct. 23 "?[?? i hill. It la stated ti
thai the !>???. ,:..? ?ill abandon their Mate electoral
Ueket entire, ,:? t''-v have already done In |?,rt.
It :- reported that the stMie committee ?111 Uaue an
Bddn ?i ??' an Ing thl . and advlsl . Ir voter? U>
vote for the entire Ptopnllsl Electoral ticket. To
fidlow in.m m it i- e's ad vie? la. th? commltu-e thinks
ture to lake the st?it,- away frota tbe RepuMI
?:,,i thus tu furthi r th< hem? o| throwing U
election Into the Hou a bv glvb . Ml " to Weaver
The Republican SUU CenUal ' ommlttei
h:|V been busy since tl? DemoeraU ?n
Dounced tbeir fusion deal, getting ?ccumti
information fioni ?II srcDots of the M?U n rard
in? the feeBng In the D?mocratie and I *? -1 ? .11 to
over thl? action or the D?mocratie bo ? ? Chair
u.?r Jamison has le*? sbsenl from bead^uarter? for
ame da)?. pli.| ut' f.- mom Importoni ecttom
IS lo?.k Ifje mutter up. 'I he report Mr. .I?iniU,.ri
bring? to St I'nul and the re|K,rts thai are ?eat
m by chairmen of rountj committee* u'\ over t .??
state, ?re t., Um effect thai the fu Isn deal :
unpopular; that lb? DemoernU an- r?pudiai I | II
with m mach determlnailon a? the l'opuiii-, and
tluit wiieu election day come? thousand? of iiem,?
erats In sflnneaota ?ill go to the polls lo i Am
for the five Democmtlc atrslgbl aleetoi . ttopplng
liiere; thai tho:i ?,nd- ,,f PoPttttatS Will i-'o to toe
polls and vote lor U?lr straight elector?, ?topping
there; that neither party, ?>? Ihr as Its amusca
uro concerned, Indorse? the [tutu. artll apport
It, <tf roui ?'. there sre Democrat who ?ill awnl
law the whole fu loa hog, and "upullat* who win
vote fT the entire nine elector?, hm it is .-., 11
on good autborttj that lhc.\ are not In the au
jorlty. This Information ha lasen collected with
much Cure, and ? believed Ul he eiillrel] lin.t
Omaha, Neb., Oct. S3.?'For some lime Ibe lead
lug Dem?crata of Nebra as have been ?M en .inc ih
?Avisabtllty of wlthdmwlng lb? entire Stil? ad
elrBtoral ticket and Dmnbmlag wltb the VlUance, thu
tares ng the rroddentlal vote? ol the State t., Weaver.
A Bseettog to kam tbe feeBng mi tbe ubjeci w*
held In ?'iiiuh.i li 1 night. Leader of the parti fiutu
?>ll over the state were pre nt. The ui uti : * ?;?
beotod. One eiemenl gi h ,1 1, keep ?II ,?:,>iiu,:,
in the iieid 1 , encourage Um partj ii ???heir. Othei
favored abandoning the Held, li waa decided ?fh
u aioriny dun., ion to pwtpotK the mat lei u '
;i (. w un bofon election, it k mated thai lh<
whole ii(.i,e| um 1,,. a-ithdrawn. Il i also 1 mon
that a ?ecrel circular will be Uouud forthwltli ?d
vi-.ng Nebraska Democrats to vote tor the Bfcavn
electora, bul aa to tl state ilckct to support thrii
? ii'idldi'. . fu I ,11 would have carried h;:<l II not
been ha- a de-iro to maintain the ??tote organisa
Portland, "re., Oet. ?_??.. Pmden betueeu lbs Demo
erats uni the paople'i party was completed restetda)
Colonel n. a. Miller ?.,- taken from the Deaieerad
electora] ticket and I. n. Pierce, one of the People'
party electora, sabstltated. Tbts was fsBswsd '
tbe wiihdriwai of another Dem cratlc elector. Tk
memi>ers of the t"(i parties will eve their votes to
two Deaaocrati and two Pi mlc'i partj eaiidldal -
BLwente r/x?fjor wihkf.
About 100 member* of the BUetrk WlremenV
DatSn ?re on ?trllie i-i tl,|s p'ty. 'Hiey object IS the
euiploynieni of non union workmen, gaverai week?
n;o twenty one linns ,,f eleetrtca] ceo Isadora ergaalsid
Ike Klectrtcnl Contractora' a ?,, latton. The members
of tbh a??ociatlon ?greed not to dburlmlnate between
union and aon-unlun men. several non union swa
were employed by member? of Um aaaorlatton 't1"1
strike? were Immediately ordered. Work bas beca
?topped on Ofteen bulldlna.
If K not likely that the alrlhe will agSUSM SSriOSS
? proporUoiia. j
One of the W?jl. known business men of t-htfl
cuy ?ho are rwruxeeted with Nnaneial intereata
of imp?t I n ?? sad trida Influen?a who have ro
fuaed t. accept the Free fradc platfomi or the
Democratic party l? Frederle p, Olcott, president
of th. i nntr.il Trust Company Mr Olcott is it
Dnt.'oerat, s urdy in his N-'iof in the general
Mine plea ol hi.? p:rty, and hitherto he lias
always 'en' his ?upi?ort to his party s candi?
dates. While In no sense a "politician," ?hen
the expivanion is use.) in reproach, and while
utterly indifferent to the attractloni of offiee
holdlng, In- Im- a! way- atoad blifl 1". the eouneils
cl lil- party, ana has been one of the men in tlie
Financial community to ?hon> the Deaiocratlc
leider- luve often firt.iil for ?dvioe an i substan?
tial aid. Hig record in this regard adds to the
seeioasnegg of his detection, espeeialh as lie rep
rcr?'!:'s a larf/o element in the hanking and
Ltisima? world, which ia being influenced this
yeai oy the ^ame considerations that have im?
pelled. Mr. Olcott to de'crmlne to rot? for tho
Kepnhlican National MrV.?t.
Mr. filcott has a wi<l" r?putation as a flnnn
ria man of alirewdnea>, soiimi m eaent and fore
tight. His ira.t ooinf-anv ha? an enviable record
from i 'is connection with numerous guccessful
r-ort n:,-i'iii?n of rniiioid pop ite-, und h- ?at
fet re in tin- negotiation* ?hielt ! il to tlie re
?indin of the State debt of VirainH tliis year.
.Mr Oliof's attitude ban re-en Influenced in the
pntsent campaign, primarily, by bis opposition to
th.- tari '?' revolutiot threatene ! h\ th.- I? m era tie
, ? ?'. i ae ondly, hi lilt roe urnlti in, as a
i nani lal man, ol tlie dan et Involved in the
?r Tim -f tin- Chicago platform i"i th?' re
eetnb ia' ment il an uus lund cum. Mr
< hot i a- allowed the use of hi- name a- one of
the vie pr?sider ta ol th.- Danken and l?rok is'
I.'ogi '?! ru? i I '?. i id m rc*pons<< tn repeated re
?, i j. - - r ? from I" r Tribune he ye*'erdn,v enntsented
f, t1 e p ' ? i ? ?. ? ? -, m of the following interview:
"Whj are you in favor nf a pi ?tective tariff?"
Mr. Olcotl \- - naked.
"For tjte i Mowing rcaaona: The t;niff w;|e in?
stituted tor revenue, not for l'rot.-. ti m. ,\- i re
lit, t'i-' man facturlng industries ..i the country
groa enormously, and vaat numbers' ol laborers
r '\ on en ard j oung peopl . h iv?
N'en given remunerative emplo ment, and c pital
ars well lia? had it.- reward. If u fair to ruthlessly
t.-ar i! mi thai ?hieb the needs id t.?untry
rie.it. | and built up? The triumph ol Freo
h ?;.? t- a blow .umed at both 1 I r und capital.
lia- t .nil prot?ete ''i:e a*, much as th" other: in
lot, it protects labor more than it doe* capital,
: i ? ?m that rajui i] ran m re em i ) Und
new channeli ' r .- ploymenfc It is entirely i ??
yond m\ eomprehenaion how .1 patriotic citizen
oi the I i.if.'l State! can be an advocate of Free
Trade Our Fnglish rnemie* il r enemlea tltey
arc are dlrectlj rtssporaaibst for 1 very CO ! I ra?
li..- -hare of tie tariff. Dunn., th? war between
the North md the South, they aid d tlie South by
ret meant in their power. Bj their rfforto the I
\ r a s p oluiiio >i. and a a fault our enormoiw
miment d< ?1 wasi creeusd, aad bundrelt of
s f dead and manne?! soldier- rreuti I our.
largt pension, liai. Tlie tariff afford*, ua
an opportunity oi letting o:.r enrmir? pay tea ir
full thai? of the harden. Tnfa condition 1 would
like to Bte contin 1e os Jon< ne. we have 1 dollar
pf debt or a widow or afphag or maimed foldicr
on the p. ..., a list. Aft.-r thl* ia done, 1 would
eoottnoa It ?? Ior.sr ha we lia'?? a navy to build,
?O artr.y to |>*y, fort|float??Ba to provide for, har
'?or* t?i df--,en. rivirs to iinpro.e or anv Internal
kmprovensrat which need? money to carry out.
Nothing ?uuld pk-as? Knglatid more tlian tlie clec.
Ron nt th* Democratic candidate She could then
ope tor Free I radc in tlilt? country, which Would
be hfe and eroe-perlt*, for her and death and b\>o
lation for us. It is ?safe for the United Mat's to
k?p on doing wli.it England wanta m* to s-<>p
A former preajdcni of,an Kantern college In his
laureate H.T! ...ti thus ?arned bis graduating
1 'lase: "Be h'ial to tdMr country. Give no
?? :. .- to the orafty and selfleh deaigna of
t i real Britain ii|s.u oar industries and coinmcrce.
Ne.er he deceived by her hypocritical Htid dm
t profeusiotu ,,1 regard b-r our welfare and
, ??? ter 1 ro-|s-ut'. ' 1 (,.- I'ni'.el State? for ltarif,
aoumia much better than the United States foi
i.n.it I h .tain."
?* What do you think of the plank in the Dem
ocra t?o plu 1 f. mi looking to the removal of tlie
tax on the circulating note? of State banks :?"
?'This tax wtis 11 war mraaure, Intended to
abaorb an a pennaneal InveaUnenl a larse amount
o| (?overnment bond.-, und t<> fore- >ta'?> hnnka
into the .National ayetem. Tbla it did, and In
iddition if gave to Ihe people tlie beat teourity
for banknotes tin-, country hu-i ?-ver had 1 te
1 re cnt generation uf huaineaa men can know reit
little by experience of the currency exiatin? be?
fore the war. Several Staha, particularly New
Vork, had excellent luws looking to the security
d| bunknotea, but th? majority ol the States had
eery poor laws or none. Thua the eurrencj was
o| \rry ancertaln value, and the witeal hn.-w
but little about the ralue of Ma- notes <*f banks
m rea,..te dlatriete. Ii th? tax wat remove,!, I
think it would be difficult lo Ims-p Stat.- Bank
not?? m circulation. The public being uned to
National Rank notes, which are current even
?here In Hm country, would refuge to take then
I'hej might bave a local circulation whop' ttn>
1 unk*, were known to u- well managed, but they
could not have a wide ami general circulation.
Ueuming thai tti" notea ?ere amply secured, their
iar.ue to any conalderablc extent, would la- a terl
1 ua menace, for the rearen thai In times of panic
or distrust they would le s. ut home foi rcdenip
tlwn, and the bank ifeitiiu^ them would not only
1 i- to provide for the payment of a.udderable
portion of ite deposita, but would as well have to
provide tor a veij aonaiderald? portion of its
circulating notes. So /real and m well merited
?s the co.iii le nee exuding in the present National
ii.iuknot.-s thai they never go home for redemp?
tion until worn out, not cien in tits seveiesl
?? Vi i'h the onntemplatedbane it would he v -Uv
different. They would undouhtedly go homo m
i'i?ry lat^-e amounts, and tiie banks would b,
lOrced to di n\ .ui to their customers in ordei
10 I.-I..--0 their notes, Iliej ?ould stimul?t.- In
Hut ion m times ol case ami add fuel to the
h.'ii.--, i" tiinea of panic. Panics are now larccl;
?onlined tn the ri<!i and ?ell informed, Seeing
iheir aecuritiee rt?preciating In money value day
b\ day. they hasten, to nell, throwliu ou an
inwilling market more than it can absorb. Let
the vcTj much btrger proportion of the people?
tiiat is, those who are not m 11 in fo nurd?ii ml
m their pockete t bill of a failed bank and
tie paulo Us nines very muoh wider. Involving
a\i!i-s banks and all otiir-r depositaries for
no e , n ri ? i aiao Involving every corporation, firm
?r Individual who teeka tlip aid of credit in
ill or ?t?-. liiisin.>.s 1'iic Urget the volunto ol |
: isinesa the trorae it would be. Next to ti..-1
loption of pre? Trade; Bathing would ?*!*?*?
ind more than to gee the L'nito.l .states
adopt an unstable cunee*?/."
"What do poll expect will l>e the outcome of
tbe election ?'?
"President Harrison deaervec w*ll of his party
and of the p.. pie Natwlthatonding bngnvnaa
absolute and Ion/continued prostration nnancl
ally, growing out of the practical failure of the
arge-t banking and eamracicml bouse the world
has ovrr known, we in this country have uwn
prosp?rons, \\\- have pntd l.ur pe for nearly all
nf oui peenriliea held tliere, and ?e nave money
,..Ii left to do x 11 the bualni*w ol this
country. The ^reHt ttanlea pro?l.I by us at.
now b.-itnr moved, and we hardly we a ripple In
the money nnwkel Labor and capital are both
:>r di'ahiv emplajred, ar,?t it ragnlr?a no pr phel
to ioiet'il that-a poriasl of groat prosuenty. id juat
nt band. The policy of the presen! Administra?
lion is wen known, anil business tiss sccommo
ii.it.>! itaell to it. Tinkering with the tarifl an i
the currency will unsett e affairs, and babor and
capital will have to a>.just themselves to new
ci ulition? and h th will be forced t,, a lower
?llano of compensation. I <lo not for at^ instant
believe th.,t all the gjeshbers of the Democratic
patty are for free Tia'lc, irredeemable currency
and destruction Having that faith, I confidently
expect that Its candidate will be hopelessly h-ateu
in November."
tut. ia^ts OXT.TONE KORT, rii.w B.
Everywhere in this State outside of New-York
City und Brooklyn, there is only one more day of
re^is'rati.n Th.it is Saturday. October 20?next
Saturday. Tlii-. date and fa't hould not he for
gotten, In all the sities of the State outside of
the two larcest oitiee four registration days were
provided by the Legislature in the new Ballot law
and in the country distnef?including Ihe town?
and villages not in a city?only two resKtratjon
days were provided. In the cities of the State
tlrree registration days have now boq? h?d. They
were on October 6, October 18 and October 2'J.
The last day on which voters in the cities up the
State can have their names rejristered is next
Saturday, October 39.
In (he OOUBtry district?, outride of the eitice.,
the Legislature allowed only two days of r'eistra
tlo-i. They were October .'2 and October 2B. Bv
a provision of the law- on the first ?lay of the rep
tatration in :i.e country districts, the names of all
men who ;ire known to be voters and whose names
were on tie registry list "t s year ago orne be pul
upon the new rolls. Hut this can be done only
on ihe first day. That day this year was Octo?
ber 22- last Saturday. Tlie Republican leaden Is
every county m tlie State tri d to see that the
name of every Republican voter in each election
di tjicl was put up n the roll Although every
et!.,ri waa made to get every name on the lists on
the first day ami t,> have t'io namea of those who
voted 1 sf year transferred to the new r.,l!s. there
are proiiably thousands <>f Instsnceg in which the
tiami? of good Republicans, men who surely will
vote the Republican ticket unie* by s,,nii> humus
th?re names are not registered or they are kept
sway from the polis?n Election Day from some
unfnrseon reason, have been overlooked. It there?
fore is t'.ie Imperative duty of every Republican In
this M,ite who lives either in the city or the
country t,> are tl ?t hi? name i? on the roll* h-fore
he gora to i>ed on Saturday night If In the
country Mb name is not on t.he roll, there Ls no
power on earth thai 't.u put it there legally un
let? the voter goes personally on Saturday to the
place wliere the Board ol Registry In his ?lection
district meets snd personally Ins hi* aame regus
tered. This- provision of the law waa sdi pted by
a Democratic ?ye'.'isla'ure simply to annoy the Re
publican fanners and to keep as many of tliem
from voting a-? possible.
Democrats also ?re noing through the country
telling Republicans tliat the law in this r'-^ie.-t
has not been changed. This is not true. It ha?
been ohanged ano1 the purpose of sending men
to tell tl e Republican f'nuers that it had no'
I en el II ?,-l ? i? to k.s |> : h m:in'. of them from
registering as they could. No Republican should
be fooled bf such a deception as this when the
Nation.il election depend? upon getting Republican
votes in the ballot box.
If you live on a farm and your name has not
b?vn transferred from tho list of the registered
voter? of a year ago, ru to town and have your
asms recorded, it will I* time that you can
well ailord to spend. There as another thinjc
that the Hepublioans In thi* State ought to rec?
ollect, ihou.sanda of them did not vot<* last year
?iiev would not ta?? the time to go to the town
snd do so They sai<l that it was a State elec?
tion and that they did not feel that they could
afford the time to vote on an "ofi year." Those
men who did not vote then will find unless they
register on Saturday that they Cannot vote this
\ear. Their names are not un the retrisfrv lista
now and they will not tie put there aiiie-* they
attend to it themselves.
If you ever want to vote in your town you
must be registered, end once your name ?a on tlie
hooks it cannot be taken nil" as Ion* as yon re?
in.un m voter there. Go to town on Saturday
ami have your name added to the roll! Alter
thai for subsequent elections, -\\\ your Republican
friends m town will have to d,> will be to trans?
id \,,:r name from one vein's roll to another.
The.\ cannot do it, however, unless your name is
? n the roll this year.
lie reuistrntlon In most of the Republican
eitien of the State it, far ahead of what it wits
I m year at this tune. Tiie Republican leaders
who an" working night and rl.iv for the sue esa
,,f the Republican candidates ami for the - : was
of Republican principles, have been greatly en
coumged by this fact. Do not disappoint them
i v staving ?way from the place of reei-trv on
Saturday and failing to put your name on the
Philadelphia, Oet, -J'>. The water In the ?Vbnylklll
River, from which the PhUaietphla water supply t?
obtained, \* m, low that the director of the Depart?
ment nf Public Works la ?rrloualy con ?Hering the
advisability of Issuing a rirealar rautloatag house
keeper? and other? to be ecoDOtrdeal in th-.-ir uee
? f ihe predoui fluid, raises some aneb action i>
taken there is prrnt danpvr .rf n water fnnilne.
PotUvlUe, Penn., Oct. RS.?The BrhayBttH coal
re.iun is threatened with a complete cassation of worit
at it: Industrial establishment? and dlstree? generally
^ lu Inltsbltanta reaulttug from the ?mall water
supply. 'Hi- managers of the Induatrlal sstsbkah
aie alrcadj urrat ting In haul water from
mountain pond* and atreamn wherever available. Of
the Mnhuno) \ ijie\ iowna, MabAooy < lty. tihenundoeh.
(.n.iiihllle and A-Mand lave ??lily from on? to two
li,aus' ojpply dailv, while at some ol the ?mailer
i ein and mining pstcbe?, *ater l-, doled nut by the
i. i iojtful .Uilv once in iwo or tln-*^ da\s. A trimv'er
or ihe imnller eolnerlea have hean r'udered idle, while
the laruer oocrailen? are j,,-pt going with water that
I, hauled by mili s.d.
LaBOB 01 ham/.MIO \ I BVKft
< in-:ii!i?ii. . ."'. 65.?Two *uit-t of (ar-reachtng
Imp rtauee wars Btai today by Joliu II. HavBn,
theatrical manager, und ihe Walnut street Thee>
tr- Company. They are each f'>r B90.000 lam
, and for Injunction. noth>autti ?re against
l?lor iTganlistions and ti.cir officers, and srsbaagl
mi the recen) strike by lb? stu^e employes or*
lei d bj the Stage Employes' Colon, and mpp r.-d
by Ihe the Carpenters' t'nlon and tho Amalgamated
council ol Building Trad ? and the Central Labor
Coimrli, The salts or damages allege tost these
i.Tganluitlon? nave Interfered with the buatuesa of
Iheutrea by threatening boycott? and otherwta?:
and Hi.- prayer for Injunction Is in
.:,:! n i l?t they prop
d on the all -
milnue to Interfere
?i Id _ tho public to withhold patronage bom
llie theaires. Judgi1 I'liinl-r, before wnoni the aoi t
were br light, bo-, hailed temporaiy Injunctions
i training all the deten anta in ihe ?trlct | ton
ner possible from Interfering In any way whatsoever
with the management of :he putlntUTa buclness. The
judge ni ' -tai.,1 f un t. ?' bench thai lummary
pun imeot would follow any Violation of the order
,,f the court lu lids reap* t.
San FYsnetSOO, Oct. SaV? information reached hero
to-day thai ihe steamer tl-ic. of the North Ameri?
can Commercial Company, which wa?> reported
missing nt -itUn. broke down 100 miles off Nuchl
s?i>a, and tbs passeiigers and crew, together with
the malls, "?re safely removed by tho steamer
?amo. The Bhss will be impaired.
Chicago, o-t. 25.?Judce BIiMl?ett bas conPrmed
the stntement that Ma resignation as I'nltisJ States
i>stri t Judge for tbfe dtotrlet ha.-, been handed to
pre ktenl Harrison.
?? \ ?a," said tlie Judge, " my rfslgnstlim was sent
to Washington 0.her IB, to take effect the first
Mi ndav in December, i thought it Urne, aftsr
twent] Iwa yean ol mi vice ms u stalltet lodge, d
retira und make way for younger blood. The work
is Increasing every year, and to keep the mill
grinding requtrs? a great amount ol energy, whlcb
a younger man cau b?Uar ?up^ly.?
rftde sympathy with the president
in his bi:ui;avkment.
&bbarobmbnti j\)r the ftxeiul oe mr*
wamu.\<;ton to-morrow and ix
indiarapouf/or fripat
Washington. Oct. 2J.?Cold and dreary appeared the
white tocada of tbe 1 resident's home in the gray an?
ad ty autuinn mandil?. There, w.-re signs of mourn?
ing about tiie ettj at an early hour. In the flags
which dropp-Hl at ball mast on th* public buildings
and on hotel? and private house-. The guard nf
special oftb'cr? deuiile.1 tuvnedlatcly on the death ol
Mr*. Harrison to prevent the entrance of Intruders
Into the White House or Its grounds was maintained
this morning, and no one was admitted without jOm*
i perlai reason.
Funeral services In Washington will not he held
early W"dn*s<iay morning (at Intend*?! last night?, but
will take pace Thursday morr.ing at 10 o'clock. It
Is the tapeclal wish of the family that the services
shall be as private as possible. Invitations will ha
Mrlctlv limited in number. The funeral services will
be bel? in the Last Room. Tliey will be conducted
according to the Presbyterian form-, by the Rev. Dr.
Tennis X. Handln, pastor of the Church of tlis
Covenant on Connecticut ave-., of whhta the President
and Mrs. Harrison havo been regular attendant*.
Only tbe kinsmen of the Pre.-ldent and of his late
wife, probably the meoiliers of th* Cabinet and their
tagala?*, and a few Intimate frler.ds, will lie bidden.
After the services here the funeral pirty will leave
Washington for Indianapolis wheie services of a more
publie, character will take place. The funeral train
will reach Indianapolis early Friday m uning; and at
about 10 o'clock th* church garth tea will begin.
They will to!;e place In the First p-esbyterlan rhurca
of Indianapolis on tin- corner of Now York and P'-tin
-\lvaniii ata. The Bev, Or. N. I,. Haltjes, pa-tor of
(bat church. Will Ofactato. The b-slv will then bo
taken I ? Crown inn cemetery ant buried, after which
the President ?111 return to Wa-liing?on. The
tendees at Indianapolis will be very simple.
Arraageateata for the sp?cial train which will
bear Mrs. Harrison's body from Washington to Indian?
apolis have been completed by \ b >? President Fran*
Thoasson. of th? Pennsylvania Balaraad. Aeeaanaae>
dall?os win bo provide? tor toe President with tua
family and a few personal fri.-nd.>, Including th?
irioa Pi-"-i>t.-nt, memores of ttie l ablncl and their
fain.lie,. .\t 1140 a. m. 'Ilmr-day tho train will
have Washington, reaching Daltlaaar? ai l?:3'> p. ra.,
Hnrrtsbnrg T:??-,, Alloona 7 o'clock; Ptttsburg about
10:30, Bastern tone; Coaaaxhnt ?> 4 ., and ladlaalag -Us
at B30 O'clock Frida;, morning. Tiif r.-tuin will be
made gs M'.n a- convenient after thu funeral services,
on PrMay evening; and the moaraera are expected to
bo In Washington again by 6:lo p. at. an Saturday.
An endue, <-. atbtaatlOB bagSBga and drawing-room
car, a dlnlnc car, thr- <; sleepers, the President's
private cur ami an observation tar eontatakag the
body win comprise the ttatn.
All the member- of the immediate families of the
President and Bra, Harrison ur?- here, except tie
I're-ldenfs brother, John scott Harrison, of Kansas
Ctty, ?ho l- now oa hi- way ; Carter Harreaos, of Ten
nesseO) and Mr-. Harrison's only brother. John 6eott,
of Portland, I me., who left the.? yesterday. He will
pro ally DOC come to Washington, but will go direct to
IndlanaiM'lts, which tttj there Is only a bare posst
blllty of hi- reachlag la tlm* for the burial.
Secretary Rusk will teach here tonight and tjecretarj
Elklus win also arrive in time for th* funeral, so that
all the member- of the Cabinet will b? pre-ent at the
ceremonies. They trill act as honorary pallbearers at
th? -.relesa la this atty. ibe body? ian era win be
employes of the White llaaae.*
Tlie pullbenrors "".Tio will tdasaate at Indianapolis
have be?n selected. Tliey are Dr. II. R. Allen, John B.
Klain, Hugh Hanns, E. t. Tirtlndoie, General Lew
Wallace, of Crawfordsvtlle ; William K. Nlblack. of Vln
conn*.' : John R, Elder and ITaaaaaaW P. liaughey. AU
the members of the President's family, with the ex?
ception of hi* three grand-children, will secompaay th?
remains of Mrs. tfaairtaon to Indianapolis. This, of
course. Includes Dr. gOOtt, the venerable father of Mrs.
Harrison. It was at first felt that hi? advanced age
would prevent kit making th* trip, but wh*n the
matter was broached to htm, he announced emphati?
cally that be proposed to go, urn! would not lata? to a
proposition to the Contrary. J. R. McKe?, the Pre-i
dent's ?on In law. will nlso accompany the President, as
will the numbers of the Cabinet and probably the
women of their families. It Is also likely tlmt Vice
President Bort?n and his family. Chief Justice Fuller
and i tew others will be specially Invited to accom?
pany the party.
Attvrney-General MBUr was early at th* Exeeurlr*
Mansion, and aaw the i*r>'-hb-nt. Betreten Traey
called a Hide later, and aho -]?? I t ' B Btomenta with
the President, pestmaater-OeDcral R'anaaaxker and
Secretary Noble, who, ?rtth the Attorney<JeneiaI and
Beeretary Tracy, are the only members Of the Cabinet
in the r'.'y. also called this mor? Ing and eo.ih gamed
about half an boar artta the Presldft. BeecetarkM
.t. bn W. and Ckartei Foster will reach the city to?
It was the expressed wish of the president to the
members of the Cabinet ?ho eaRed this morning that
the arTalrs of government be carried on as usual, and
lu deference ?o <Ms requc -t the heads of the several
executive departments ?ere at their d.-sk.s during the
greater pirt of the day and the department? remain.'?
open as usuaL
Mrs. RRIer, ?lie of t!i" *.ttoin-y-i;en?ral; Mrs.
Rusk and other women of the Cabinet families calle?
this morning and apent some time with the family.
A few other Ultimate friends ware also received, Mrs.
Parker net Btuat of the callen aho went upstair?,
A numb.-r of Mends ol the family called mid left notes
of eonakdanee, tenet of them for the ?eaten of the
' l.b-f JiL-tie? Kuller, of the Supreme Court, called
about II :".o o'clock "ti hi- any to the court-room to
expre-s his condolence and to learn the President's
wtshei In oider Cat he miuht eomanuaVete them to
hi- a?-oi'iafes. Ha was ihosrg into Mr. Halforda
room, but did not tee the Piesateot, Senator Kenna,
Of Wet Vl'V'.nla, aK'- call.si, and left a mes?aje ol
sympathy. Among the persona who l?ft cards at th?
Executive Manobra during the day wer? senator and
Mr*, cockreii, Joseph k. MeCaatastn, Itaator Mo
Pkerata, Judge and Mr'. J> r. rutah Wilson, Commis?
ttoaer of Patent? Harris. Bentvnratatte? snd Mr*
Dalseil, Bsnator Praetor, Commodore and Mr-,. Baa?
lay, Mr?. pu|?or> Mf,. ?f (be Chief Justice; Mrs. van*
it net ?ion..mi Brice, of th.- Army. Many flowers w.;-<
receive? and were smt upstairs ta Lars, DtaaBstefe an?
Mrs. Hebtet. The eryaantkemam was one of Mm,
Harrison's favorite Bowers, and many of ber friends
s?nt tributes oumpnsad whcUy of \aiietles of this
Punctilious to a ?egret In all matters pertaining to
social and ofti'-lal f'inc'ioiis, many an tahua of tha
Diplomatie taras, ?heat frequent rails during ui?
critical period of Mr-- Hani ana UsVeaa made thsm
teem to take atare or a Mendly tkaa a purely ofli. tai
Interest in the wehere af the afal ted ?osaaa, kaatsasnl
early to the White ?loaaeand toft th"ir carda. Michael
Herbert, < baraja ?'?faaRe? ai the BrRlah Leaxritoa, w.u
anioii^ the tir*t to leaos a Btesaaga of condolence.
Emperor WBHem ana repreaeatod by itamn CleasaM
von Bettler, Cliaige d'Aftalr.s at the l.erman LtajBe
tioti: the syaapatby of rrestdead I arn?t was tatrndfd
by Jules Boeufvel, i banceDor af the f/taaeh Laasdana?
M. Mairie?. Depres, Its secretary, and M. TklifrauR,
French Oonaul in Washington, other diplom?is to
leave card- w.-re Ye Cha Yun, Charg> d'Affalreh of
Circa; Cayetano Romero, Charge of Mexico, sud Mr?.
Homero; Minister Tateno( ot Japaa, and his wife;
Salvador Menaonca, the BraalBaa Minis'?-, and Dons
Mandenea and Rlfdrdltch Eifcndi Ncriihlsn, secretary
of the Turhfadl L.?a:ioa.
At the n unes of Mr. Do Mruv?, Minister from
Russia, a dinner which was to be ?lven In hi? honor
tomorrow evening by some sixty prominent fellows?
member? of the Metropolitan Club as a rauilng evi?
dence of their esteem ijhist prior to his departure tor
Europe,, has been Indeflnltofy postponed.
Althoagh the wife of the Piesldent Is held strictly
to be. a private Individual, the death of Mrs. Harrison
will b? made the subject of a good deal of the formal
notice that ordinarily accompanies the death of a Presl?
dent. In all foreign eoantnes when, the Cnlted etates
haie representatives the Ministers of Foreign Affaira
will Ht eme call upon the heads of our Locations and
express their sovereigns' sympathy. In this city th*
foiMgn Ministe! ? win ,-all on tos Secietary of State
und extend t.> hlni. for transmis-hm to the'Presiden?.
messages conveying their own personal sympathy aa
well a- that <ent them hy tin Ir borne O.ivernmenta.
l.at.r these meaaaeei will be more fully and formally
expr?s??? in ?rHtng and to placed In the tiles of th*
Mate Department. It 1- thus aattotstoo? that whs?.
ever official honor'- will la? paid t.i tlie memory of Mr?.
Hsrrlaon will come from the Indirect channel of synv
jatlhy for th* blow that ha? fallen upon the PresMena.
It la th? euly way to express personal or official ra*

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