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1111 Hi nn.I un,.
Senator M. B, Quay, of Pennsylvania, did not have
?un h time for real yesterday, lie was baay nearly
all day with members of either the Republican Na?
tional Committee or of the Republican Mate Com?
mittee in going over the campaign la tin-- and other
?talos. The Senator received B oaB early in the day
from James s. Clararon, bis associate In Mie victorious
Campaign Of four years ago, Together the t?-o cam?
paigner? dlernssed the altnatlon at length. Mr.
-on called upon the Senator in both a private
and an ofiiciai character. He 'md been Instructed
by the members of the National fomnillhsu to la
rite Senator Quay t., the head qu?u tee? asauSBng for a
i inference of the leaders ai 4 .no o'clock in the after
neon. Senator Quay readily cootoated to ninhe the
appednsment, nnd at thai boar he reached the buUdlng
with Mr. Clarksoa mid ble eon, fttehaii n. Qaay.
At the tiui'iiiiig Senator Quay met Joseph h. Mauley,
of Maine; ? halrmao carter, of the National Committee;
L. E. MeCeanae, the ase rotary of the eoaandttee; i hnir
miin Charlen \v. Haekett, of l|ie Easeatlvs Committee
of the RepuMlcnn stale Committee, and William lirook
Held, the clutirman of the Republican >;ate Coaimlttee.
The members of the National (-miml'U-t: nnd the m.-.n
agen of the state campaign were with senator Quav
inr isonie time. Together ihey dlscusae*. tue sltaav
Uoa In detail ?n this State and In several of the
douhtful state?. Particular attention was paid to Uio
details of the campaign here.
Senator Quay previously haa given the national
Commutes the beneBI of hi s exp?rience of four years
neo in preventing the oolonlzathm of repeaters in thin
c d other cities by the Democrats, ami yesterday he
tallied for some Uino on tin- point. He told ihe
members of tir* comsdttee pr,-.-..t thai it v,-as po?.
to prevent such frauds beln?; perpetrated as the
Democrats contemplate carrying through if only the
right sort oi smrh wore done hv the men wh i bin
t i power to Stop it. Mr. Quay dt-. ?osist to Mr.
i artet and the other-- present a1 great length the plans
I ?t as followed when be made nK Dght agatnst Tam?
many corruption In this elty four years a?-o. and it
waa hi- opinion thai work of a itmuar natnre would
prevent fraud upon the ballot again. The ?npervlaor?
<? election, h< -: i-:. oug i i?> prevent wrong l???Liijjc
dune, either In this iity or in rroy, on arcvanl ot
Hi" lad ti.Ht the Democrats in these two cities aie m
a majorltj on the elertl >n boards.
Mi. gumy wlB be at the servie? of the national
Committee au na .a- be remain? in nil* (it?, which
vin probably be lor some day? yet. After be leave?
1 are '? will be when he can i?- reached at an; time
by telegraph, in case that he is wanted fir consulta?
tion and adM e. -Mr. Quay Is slid h oion? pale and
bui l.i- eyes ?re bright .vid. ????n. and !.-? thinks
taat he wBieoonre/ ivci bl health complet?!}.
A lively campaign agalt I the Democratic party
haa bun begun and wlB be k-pt up by Rational
Trade? Assembly No. ?oi, Knights of Labor. The
Executive Board of National Trades Assembly Ro.
-.;i has opened headquarter? la the Bt. fenis Hotel.
The i?i?,?(t y composed of John Theln, i>f Boehaatar;
Frederick Archer, of Syracuse; Samuel H. Jacobs*?,
of this city; James A. tVrlght, lb? general lecturer of
the Knights of Labor, and James Hughes, who as?
Been sentenced t., ,,:.<? T,..ir m liard labor for entor
t -.aid whom Governoi Flower rstuaes to pardon.
It wa- lu Hughes'? behalf that T. V. Powderly, Reli?
erai Master Workman of the Knights of Labor, ?poke
in th.- people'a Rentre on Sunday evening. Mr.
Wright, the ;:< ncral lecturer of the KSSftfalS of Labor,
-a I yesterday to a Tribuns reporter:
?-.\s aaoa as possible the Bsecntloe fioatd of Na?
tional Trade? Assembly Ko. SSI win |?aus a doou
ment appealing to the Intefllgence ot the worhlngmen
nf the stir.- of Res Vorh severely erttlclBlng the
action of the Democratli Uovernor of this state und
to? party behind him, who ba\. offensively In
Miltisi lite worklng-p-.ople of thU State In reta Ing to
pardon ?dr. H .-"--, who li an honored msmbei or
our boaid. The Korbester combine hive said in iii?-ir
organ thai '1 Is b nn Issue.' We bellev? thai 11 l
nn issu.- with the Bochister combine and the Demo?
cratic party on the one ?Ide and the working people
on Ui>- oth.-r. Aiid ws purpose showing thai o ir P i
sitiou In the p emlse? i- to Indm.very h'ii?Kt w rn
insman In tue Stste ol Ses York to vote against
ti.e.r common enemy the Democrath party."
Then is trouble Hinontr the Brestehestcs County
Democrats. The can-.- of this trouble ptUaartly i
fctat" senator < barloa P. MeClelland, who. ever ?ince
he wa- fleeted la repr? enl his district in ih? Le^i
1 ture, ! - run rough ?hod over every one in tbsl
p.ri of the State. Mr. McCleBsnd nominated ?
? inty tii i.et a few dsyi ?go, and li ?,h-, been re
c l\ed with such gratlBcatlon thai In some parts of
. county he is hardly -nfe fro-n personal Insult,
Il< v.-a- advertised to tpeak recently at Mounl Vernon,
? be 'lid mi tro there, li was -aid thai he be
i ime ill. extremely ill. and conveniently to, v/1 en
In Democrats --.'it word to Mm thai he would
le "egged" If he tried t> -peak in Mount Vernon.
He wa? ?o 111 tlst h- did nol po there, und perhaps
! ? will not appear In that city until after the elecil in.
A Democratli club In the eastern tide ol (be county
- ? ? ord to him th il he maj slscl II ? ? Ucki t if
be esa. ibey win not help blm.
A mi- meeting of the RepabBcam of FUtbosh,
L. I-, wa- held In the Town Hall btsl nlK.ht. William
(-. Bysn was president, with William A. Btevsm sec
retary. \ll the candidate? eeoentfy nominated for
t offices were i.i?. The ticket I? a fasten
t ??; aisde up In esueti by Repuotlrsna and the
?a. ? g|4i Democratic A sneiatlon, of ParkvlBe, who
?re di latlsfled with Ihe Demoeratf? Urwn officiai?
Inated tooftee. 'i m llckel waa oathuslsstlcally
I, many promlnenl Democrat? being present,
? d ?fterwsrd the storting resolved lUelf into one
el ?ducation on Rational bwne?. Rousing speeehe
by ex-Aaslstanl DUtrtet-Attoraej P?stei
L. Bachos, C?ptala W. E. C. Mayer, the Independent
nominee on the fusion ticket; William S. Ryan nnd
, . The ?p echi were frequenlly Interrnpted
with roii-i,a ? oheers for Harrison and Refd. A com
i- ?-, ni three ?a- appointed to arrange for anolher
? up. _
Thi ? :. meeting of the Tammany election Bis
. ,,? the Xllltfa a- embly Dl?ttfel on Is I
!: was pre Ided over by John C,
.. ?? a .,? has i number of dlwtlngulshlng
li.. . ., Tammany Police Commissioner; he U
ol Ihe Aqueduct commission : he I
: - , ,??'..-.. rnor Bheebaa, and he I- th?
os Ihe llckel with whom Grovei ilevelnnd re
hised to "heoause i- was an iri bman." Com
, It is rep ?Tied, told Ike dlatrlcl cap
,r own policemen for Election Day.
"if there I- any man on he foiee whom you would
pr :? r. why l-t me hive h - name and i wlB ee thai
he i- ?t? toned In your district on Election Day," he is
reported to lave -aid. The member? ol the Repuh
lian County ' .?i"! i- wondered yesterday 1/ ibis
??s a part ,,f the I amiiiaiiv Hall seht me to run things
1 ? ? the Tammany bo? ?- ?Hi lo on that dav.
They ar.- liivctttigaUug U now.
Cblosgo, <nt. '-'? (Special). -Bi Ooveraos IcObert w.
Ihraaa, ,?' Behrasha, i- In the city, nnd entertain? s
leasste vhrw of the puMtteal sHaattssi iti thai state.
?Tea BspobBoaai of RibrasBe ar- heartily unit.si, and
ttnt SMana RegsahBean saeesss la ReeesaBst for both
?he State and National ticket-, ? -aid be. "The
CSSaase Van BTyeh debates have fold for the principles
sf Republicanism W ,s '"> hone'-: )aigm?nt thai
Csasa?s hn- met every basse Bf th.- campaign as a
Soil.-man nnd SS n patriot. At this lime there seem
to be m. loophole for the PopuBsts to crawl through.
AN wants but little
here below,
But everybody
wants H-O
Whll*general yn? WycV ,?, ?,?,?,, ?,;,,,????. ,,
ra?. . p! "' **i""'i''Hy among Un inteihgen
o t",d?;" ?^T? of **??-?-. by advocating lm
P.< tld-n. curtvncv. ,,?.,. lra(l0 ;,?(1 ,;?,,.,,,??,., ,,?,
tro of railroad :??! t.l.-^r?p|, systems, until he b*
Mvan the ?WsCted Kepublb.-m vote ?f tie S,;,?
bwB URO ll'.ie. ?nd there can .,.- ,,? doabl .. ,.
AndWwsl^e'i^rl,;;;^-,^-^ ? *?
liY or.n wi) y iijjrrj VOTERS.
The German Veterans' Harrison and Held Campaign
Chjb heM a Meiii.tten<i,.,i ?.Ung Monday nlgbt ai
then? rooms, Ho. as Fonrth-at. Th?? veteiaaa, and
Hiere was nnt a ni'm In the room who 'u? not. two
Beere ysart end ten. wer.' ?Red to order by finir
president, Major Phillip Beta, ?ho gave an account
<>f the w.-ek's ?nrk, srhtclt bad been euhhentlj tatR
betory. ii,. was followed by Major Jartro? Alex
ander :md Captain Hermann Beneke, who nrged every
atember to continue to strain every nerve in registering
and bringing to the p,i;s ,.v?ry RepabUcan they kneu In
their dls1rl?ts. Th" members all > determined unani?
mously to take part in Ute great German meeting
to be held ut Cooper Dnton ?,n November 3. The
veterana expect to bave u**. men In the ranks.
Th.'.v win faR in m Ro, as Ponrtb-sl., and march
from there to Cooper Union, beaded by a band, while
the procession win be lit sp with tor, ins and trans?
The liernaiin Harrison and Held Clnh of the Vth
Assembly I?l-trlct held their treekl] neetlng at No.
IBS Rlvlngton-at. Prerident Men?*] Joachim celled
the large meeting to order and disposed of the routine
work tost bad accumulate? during the ?eek. The
apeeehea of Wllllan Grauert, of New-Jersey, and F. \
Schulte, created great entim-lasm. Ainotii; those
presmt w.-re m, Joachim, C. Buerman, n. Auerbarh,
I-- Mondlnger, H, Durscbt, M. Elaaser, M, Grossman,
<;. Jaeger, Mas Ehritch.
Mendavj evening in the XVllth Assembly District Ihe
German Harrison and Betd Club beM t!ie|r regular
weekly meeting ai Wen?*Ps linn. No. ?so Ninth
ave., President r.. Nnaaptekel lu the chair. .1.pb
Kckert * i-loiiuen; address -tlrr.'d th?- assemblage to
great enthusiasm. ?Several others tpoke. Among
V. t?r"sen; were p. Nu**ptrkel, P. Murm. fieorge
Diehm. F. Moser: P. C. ?ehelln, .1. Nagel, F. Thiele,
ii. I.andw. br und I'.. Bader.
The German Harrison und Ibid dub ..f the With
nn?l XXth A-- mbiv Districts li.-i.i its weekly meeting
last nlghl at Third ave. an?i Pifty-aetvnth Kt. i
?bit? i- n branch ol the German Republican Citizen*'
organltsnon im?! ha? over 250 members. l?r p \.
F. bnetzkes, president ol th.' club, trat In the nhalr.
I" speaker* wee business nwn, trim quoted I
from their own experience? to hear out ihe aoundii?-**
m the RennbH in platform, an<l therefore their words
had ?sp-cla: weight with the many wa ?.earner*. 1 .
Kolilmeler, of the XXth As emMt Dletrirt, gave price?
at which he had bought g.md? i.-f .r- and after Uie va?
rient tart? Mils foi many years. He further added
that not only had priri? on protected articles actually
gone ?o?rn ?After Um passage o| -n. :, bill . but that
the unie).'* m?uie here. In tno>t ?use-, were nuperlor
to those formerly Imported. Jacob Blau, for thirty
years In active business, followed np Mr. Kohli
One of argument with additional proof.. Dr. boetf
kea tnd L Deutachherger also addres-ed the meeting
in (?ermsn. A campaign song set t., n Oermaii sir
closed tbe meeting. The rdkeert of ike club are!
Dr. P. A. P.. boetxkea, president; L. Dents?hberger,
vice-president: P. Brooch, terretsry, and .1. 11.11? l
bacli, treasurer.
a BONR8 op aeoo.ooo optbreo to him to r.s.
TABr.isrj WOOLLEN GOODS ax;i hat
Detroif on. 2!i.--A dsvpatcti fron Sagina?, Mich.,
Mft that Arthur Hill. a prominent lumber mann
fiirtiirer, h?v- offered *-?<*>.???<? to Speaker (Map to
e--'H',:i-di a twit tartorj und also a wooOeo goods
bctory In thai etty, <>ne h?1f <.f th?- -mm t,. be
applied to fut?. Mr. inn does thh ? the showing
n-o-b- by Speaker lYIsp In ?pr?che? delivered l?
Sagtna? and Detroit, of gr'-at pr-.:'' made In the
manufacture of ?ad?en goods und hats, becas
Hie present tnritT. This priipnritlon is to stand for
ti.lrty days. Mr. lull hi? d.-p ited a certified check
for ?10,000, payable to Mr. Crisp's order, si a forfeit,
? ?
l.llbrts ?iii'lii-iiii; iiinib tn ?'??Ionize fill?
city in tit? int?r?-?t ol I 11 m inn nt Hull
ntiil BrtTW < Iciclnnd. It' the It.-pulili
??in? tt HI r?'|;ls>t<-r m-a l I liih.r tli.-y ?-un
ultl ?rreutly in pi?s?'iitlnii thU.
Troy. R, Y., Oct. 'j:,.-l'iilted States Mara?al ?axler
has sent a letter to Commlarionvr Landen, of thU
rltv, in which tie Maim that the I'lac* for Ihe
?epoty nuamha] on ?lection dav u incid<- the mil It
the i?>lllng phiie. Cnlees be |a there, Un Mar bal
stivo, be '.'?'ii-'t ase !kiw the depiity-n.-i.c-!..j ran
protect the supervisors -if ejection, preserve oni. r
and prevent fraudaient voting, h-? he ii directed t 1
d 1 b) ht?.
AJbnnv. Oct. '-i.'> (Special).?Through tbt negiert of
the Secretary ol the Gre?nbtnb Bepuhllran Conven
tion. ?hlch nominated village oiiicers issi -.v.y-k. t:,.
nominations ?rere not iib-d tritl ihe County 1 let
required by luw. The aecretary -till earrie
noralnaUona in but pocket, and ?he BepnbuVai
have to retort to the ose "f p> ten mi ElerUon Day.
A-. th.- ecrctary trat 1 Democrat until a short Unie
ago, mim-, person* are susplriou* <>f Mm, but bis
friend* sa-ert that the negiert wa-. tlmply t :
Glens Fall?, N. Y.. Oet -J-. IPpeelal?, William 11.
Fagan, Democratic nominee for lbs Assembly, tibd
til- declination arltb the Count] Clerk of Warren
County to-day. He ^iv.-. at th? reason for hi '? :?
,,, ;.; t that be hai so much bnslnes* on bit hand*
that be cannot possibly think of running. The bu 1
,,* running against Howard ConkHng is un?
doubtedly bl chief res.on.
Miidi-on, WIs., Oct. '-''?. Aifr a Me.-k spent ic
the Joint Apporttooment Committee in ttudvtng ont
th?- Legislative RedlstrieRng Nil, tin- Demoeratl? an"
Jorlty to-day broaghl In a un against the protest -f
the bvpiiblbnti minority and submitted it to Uie leg
The iinii.m Republican trrub ?ill hold the folk??
lni? meetings tbi- ?sieh at campaign hea?qsartei .
,, 1.,- and 100 West One-bundred-and-tw*nty-rlfth
-t.: Thlt evening, Harlem BepubMesn Club, ?peak
an, General Henry L. Burnett and William Wood; n?
morrow evening, campaign club, ?peskef*, John 8,
Wise und Henry Grass*; I'ibuy. First Presidential
\dters. tpeskers, Senator I rmik lilacock nod ?\
Judge W. H. Arnoux.
A parade and open-sir ma .Ung was held bun
nlgbt ander Ihe aaaptcet ??' the Industrial ARIaoes
if th
There Is not the ?llgbteal vestige of apathy In Ihe
Vth A- tnblv District At ".?? regular meeting of
ihe B. F. Bhepard Helrrew Republcan League, No. 5d
\,-,ir, .-, ?.. last night, an overBo? gstherrng ?at fceM
?,, (be -.'b-?..:k In fioni ol the but.- ball. Whli
parked t.. Its utmoat capacity. Bpeeebra were nade
|,v |?t. Morrl Wechsler, !.. BchUlU?, Adolf Realer.
David Nussbautn, Abraham Wttsoo, S. Block, Mn\
ttirabama, W. Louh tnd Jdkn Slmpsim. ?ho spoke
,.:in?...!v on the local Issue* ol the pr'-ti camia-U-n.
m meeting ol the kegne ?ill be brid on Net
A-bnry Pnrk, N. .1-, OeL 88 'kl'"'' :i1 '---Another lm
,.', . ?lathering "t Bepahhean? was heM m Bdaca
lonnl Hall to-nlgkt. It w/,s one of the greatest und
-?.?I erithuslsstb- ni.-etin-'s ever b'-ld <"> IM? ?' < '
,,tl. btstore tin neering aaaetabltd i--'eot throngs
-meied on the str.-ets to wlUtan tbe ntarcbtfig Of
,,. ?htbt wi,..?e parade ?a? another magnlseent
.'.'??,nstration of RepabMCtW y.'onntirv of MOBBtO?U
?.miitv The hall waa Blted lo ovetsowlng wRh sager
? t ....ni.-t voters. The chairman. Frank I.. T-ii BtOOBk,
uodaced J. K. Magie, of intaeb, whom brilliant
,?i a 1 ttr *~v^<>i teem?? ?lib tcaoebdknra arganenta
?tin Rational tl.ket. ?Vclttng ir-qn'?' an?
lominreheera for Ham??d and RsM. John Km*. r?
2 J,. whole ticket. Mr. Mss-ie s?.d " bat he
SJ! built the Kepnbllc USO. b? ******
'Les ?.f Nations! prosp-tHy Mattonl pr-tclm
ra"orist,,,U..nHl c,v? c|?:..i.y. Nortons. Pj?
"J? and -be purity 1 th. ^T^'^
?misracy had gabverted every on?' of ri.-m l^??
vhlch Ike Govci-nmcnt was tnjBtgs. ??? ^d
" By far the most agreeable
of all the Mineral Waters as a
beverage for the table, whether
drank alone or mixed with claret,
sherry or champagne."
un- election of Abraham tinenta lu \-<\\ the RepubU
can party had rastored m ?he America!; people Hi-'
saered belongings. The ?phi todi\ was f"t ihelr
nerpi thai on through the eta Hon of I larri? m and Bel t.
Ill- exposition of th.- principles of Republicanism
made a deep Impression upon th. people pr.-sent,
m.itiv of whom were Democrat? ami Prohibit onlsts.
. Addresses fol.ed by 15. Prank Sutherland and Major
Mci.auirllln. Tue meeting closed amid ?lid cheerl :
i fi.r Protection, rerlprxlit and iho champions of th
, cause. ItesoluUons nl condolence on too death if
. lira, llarrt-suj wen- passed.
A ?Igoro? eampslgs is i>ein?: conducted In gfvsl
cheater County, particularly ?long the il se fronl
Th.- !!? pnbUcsns hsve aomtnated for regtoter Wllllsm
V. fdeiloy, the aapervlsor of Rew-Rochelle. II" i
a Dative of Westehi 1er County, and wa? bom in
B tehester thlrty-sts yesn ?so. HI? opponent, W.
.1. <?r.iney, of In :? ' Ferry, bsa been known a- ?<
?lavish follower ,.f Beiutor RoClellnnd, and ii" ob
tallied hi- iiomliiatlen in the D?mocratie Convention
by one and a half majority, and thai only after a
bard Bght. The Republican nominee i- popular
In hi- own party ami strong among a large branch
of th.- Democracy. II'- has been three Bases elected
by Inerva lag majorities a- roper visor of New
RocbeBe, a Iowa which In National camaalgas ha?
gone from SOf to 450 Democratic for smny resr
and lust, spring ha had a majority of 250, the
ini.-?t majority ever given a supervisor of either
political paity a Rew-RocbeUe. The feeling sgalnsl
Gran.v Is rartlcuhirlv lutter among the Mill Dem
im rut*, mal they are in n majority In Weeti bester
Coanty, If? i nl?-o opposed by Hv,-ryt?4\ who
opposes a man Who spet.1' much time |n the loht.\
at Albsny.
The two Democratic faMion* in the school di?
trict comprising th.. town? of Westchestcr, F.a-t
, i,, tee, Mount Vemos Otty, Pdham, Rew Bn< belle,
Msmaroneck und five have niitnin.it.il rtiarh II
Roxoa, a biwyer if Rew-Rorhelle, md William L
Mullican, a politician, ol Homal Venn,a. tn ,.*|
.inri-d sM|,f,)nt. p. m. Buck, an honorable biwyer
of Mount Vernos and a staaach RepubBcsn, ha?
been nominated andst th? beRul Isw ?ad Utdura? :
by the Repabllcaa County Committee, and ?u th.
Rel u!,!l, SB Club Iti t.' i dl-'r' t . ,- mfll I the
nomination. if ?very BepabUcan In the 4 tri i
find-, a pool Mr. buck will be elected, ?.- there
are a thousand Democrat? win, wttl not mpiiori
Boson. He l? ? .'nan of i? litrle popularity that
he baa been bseten a> ?*>? candVlet. ?,; th? l*
racy ihre.- time- in Democrat!) Bew-Roeaell?
Mr. Brandreth, the Republican candidate for
Congress, ?rill run ?head In the Hudson River B>?
but he .'.a an ?dvers? majority ol '.i.iss) to over
(nine in th.- district,
The ri-vi.it again I ti?*- despotism ol ienator Mi
dellaud In w.-ht beste? OeonSy I- -? tn that t
BcpubBcsn ticket ran be abeted If :'? i
strength ol th.- part) cw t?, the poll?. lu
Bhodes i ?gala i indMata for the A? emblj
1 sound district, .uid with ?very ? I a ol ? ?
rtie district luidi-: the rsspportlonmcnt I? not
?trooKly D?mocratie a? it was, lu fact H i 2?) i
votei weaker, and >U. Rhodes*? i ;?? took
; bricht.
?iba Carpal 1er, : a Ib ;? ' un ,..: dldate fur Count)
: Clerk, i- Ihi last KepuhlUu ? . '? tl.nl
. mid i- iip]cis?si i?t John M. ISgney, ?)c> i
I for a hairL'i term.
Pred.-r.ck W. -' erassn, ,,f Ft?e. Bepnhllta ?
far Diatrlct-Atiumay, I ?cell known In ?? Wi l
?? bv and -Ni ? \ork ronutlea, ?ml shuuld
liniry Baser, th? RepubBcan cuieon'e :?? pi
! Blaster, hu held II ? term, sud ha aves -i, ?
i,, . ?? ??"'!. He ?' ? c '- 'l I efore t . ?? ..re tlian
1 2,<*)U It ' rl'T Mile Adams, hi? oppoue I this I
[ it, u ? ? cud hoi ?mhl md Mi i
I light ' 1 win,
DECIDO* ; 'N THE <nri< \\\. BALL??'!>.
Till. POM I ' ?rMl MORF.Rfi M't.l- >v TBI tn
VIC1 "!' Tin: i illPORAI IOS r UXRF.1
?p. e pol i ?- ' ? ? rs pa t ?evi oJ hoar? \.
terday afternoon prepat i I for Ihe election bj
?.g of c? did its ? . ? ??.-' I
deriding which ram.- mild ?ppeni on the
ballots. To begin with tl ? ?'? ' ?' ' ?'?
four newi papet - it- II ' rltj to publish t1 ? nai
eendtds ? U> the election
bj Isw. i ..n,nil Boner Mecieran desired ?
?i he Tribune end 'The u,:h New?, the i
papera previously designated to psbtl Ii Ihi ? t lion
dl ,trli t ho indarli s mai tl.ffii la I i ?nva -. ' nl
overruled bj Ihe othei f'ommleslonei . who i
aelecl two Rep iblb an and I wo Den ." I '?????
?| a., pap. i resign ited We ? i
? r?a- Dalfj Be? i" and "The. v in."
In selerUng the nam< if i indldatea t" t- pi nti '
on tlie nrSdal ballot-, the romtnlsstonera ?ecep??<1
I wltbout quesOoa ihe ?irt of aomlnstfon? wl i
| bean nM tu the regular RepubBcan and Dei
1 urganlsattone. The i|uesthm ?" Bt the kind ,.f nflb ?I
bail?la to be printed '?? tl i ?? n? ? ?. and
f. Hes Norlt Democracy ???? derid.*i h\ the n|
r lbs Oorporatloe Oaaa rl t orpors i >a.n ? i i . irk
decided that the hcasrd bl PoBee ? ouki aol aswfulh r ?
rdah heBota (or the Res VoritCnsjatj Demorra | md the
Mew York(Vonrhto)Dem rraey upon wl uh hallapis ir
1 Ihe name? of Um Demoeratl? i m wildste? lor Ivealdi ntlal
lihctoi? and ' ld"t .lude,. ,^ the roort of Appeal
H? declared thai the fad that no eerttacate ol nom
Inatlon ol Pre?tdentlsl Elect on and Judge ol iln
i .mit .,f Appeal? had been Bled with the tjecretan
,-tuti wa conclu Ive sgalnsl the rlalm id tl.
organisations to have ofBclal baOut? printed, n ? n
nr.it.? and ill tlmt |M.!il!cal parties, -o lar a olUce
i to Ih- hii.ii by Ihe voters of the ?ntlre steht are con
Mr. i ink"- opinion win compel the erganlutim
iiuiii"<i to u '? paster? Is voting loi Rational ami stab
After reading the opinion, the Commissioners on ed
h resotatton divBnlng lo prtnl ofhrbtl ballot? for the
Res Vork County Democracy and the New York Dem
oeracy, upon v.huh -hail app??r the name? of can
dliiai.- for IV. Idetitlal eleelor? mil ih- candldnli foi
Chief .iini_-e ol the i .airi ol Appeal? nominated bj Ihe
I Dei.iitic part) of the SUt? : ?ud directing the prln
tng oi hail. 1 on which dull sppeer th? run
candidat'- nominated bj those orsunlzutlons for city,
,,niii, \ and Judicial olUce . for i ? 11 i-* i. -.. and foi As
? cini.lv anil Aldermen.
Following the pushing of the r,-, lii?i.n- the Com
; ml- loners decided not o, print it,,- name ol Micha. I
Kedniond a? ihe County Hemocrnci randldnle for
AliUiinaii in the Twenty fourth Ward, on Ihe ground
Ihn' Ihe persons who nominated Redmond Uv?. In tie
pwentj ihini Ward. The Commt* loner? n.i.
rllliid to prim official ballot? for candidate? Pur A
semblymen and Aldermen in ?everal di tricls, who had
been nominated h\ various Indipcndeui organlr? Ion .
It was nlil that tin o,,-.,nl/all.Tii- ml|(h1 appeul !?? tic
court for redrew if ttn \ thought Ihelr fight? hud i.n
violated bj ibe refu nl ol Ihe Uommli loners to prlnl
offii ill ballot? for lie in. Here will Im- nnh el ell i
i,f official haiiot- for candidates in mo I or the elecUoti
, districts.
lam Itepnlillcnn nlin doe? nut realsler ?lie? hall a
?ole to Tiiiiiiiiani Hull, I'm- Pi ce Trade. Inr ?itit-'in
Inink? and Im the ?real i einer nl piai-luii 1,111-. Tu mir
>ini nui?! he i rni?ii i cil grata Resjtatev ?eat Prhas) '
? ?
Tin- lir-i of a series of meetings to be hekl even
evening this ?reek ander the ?espirea .,f the Colored
KaUwnal Uniean w.-n bebt on Mowday aven?as ?I Urund
i ni.m Hail. No. ?Bl leeenth-ave., bets.t Th rtj
fniiilh and Ihlrtv fifth st . The ball wa- crowded, and
standing room w? ai ? areaslam. The meetln? an
nsUed lo order by Ihe Rev. D. w Wisher who pre? ded
The iiudliiin' wa i an enthu SSStlC on?-, and ? 11J ? .1 ?-*! the
mans |Hilnl- l,roii|(ht out. The peahen ?':'? '''
Bov. K. l.vons, Hr. George w. Bryant, of Rentaeky,
Capta ii James Bonner and the l{?<v. llr. William H
jn-n-ick. Amofjg ihe prominent RepabBrana present
wets Hiram Waddy, tfdward ft, Plow, las Rev. i
Lyoas, Hurry A. Hill. ThoasM ?'. tiirroit. Ftederlck
r. Haves, Reuben smith. Major R, Peeie, John Taylor,
roloii.l James It. las'. Dr. (ieorgS W. r.riani, Posiei
Pike,rJsmuel .1. Alexander, Kdwani il. Hardy, Caleb A.
hliutn-, Lewi? A. Mitchell, P. R, > mm-. Krederlrk
Poole, liani'l Moiri-on. Jesses Ian,a ter mid other?.
sti?nu in inr. iii.Annr.it.
New-York I><i*>t. Tribuno i.u a a
Professer wiuiam Sarlriton, a well-known author of
'?id books and the writer of ?The Twelve i>. , ive
?? - o? the War," "Campaign? ol th? Army" and
other mlBtary books, wa found dead at hi- :- ? -.
Bo, ?_'',?_' '.Vi-.f Right) fonrth-st., early yesterday morn
?* " hi mpj.it thai he died from apoplexy. H?
"' bora In sslton, Scotland, on April ?-?;, i.-:;:t. and
w.-i.t :.. (anuda when ? lad. He wa? a brothel ol
lohn swiatoa, nm ..( the editors ol "The son" for
rears. Hetts? educated al Kmv College,
i"t"'"o. ami ai Amherst, with the IntenUon of be?
coming a Presbyterian minister, and began preaching"
In lS5a. lie -...jsi afterward lefl th" pulpit t,, i..
come pro fes-or ,.i anrlenl ami modern language? lu
the Rdsrworth female seminary, tireensboro, N. C.
lie eami lo thta .it\ in i-:,t i0 ?ccepl a professor?
ship in th.- Mount Washington Collegiate Institute,
and fuiir yean Inter became a newapap r writer.
In IMlKi he went lute the Held a- a war i orre [hind
rut, bul in- discussed tactical movement? with so
much freedom thai Genera] Burn I ?!-. whom be . rlti
? i s ? -1 wliii vigor, had him excluded from Ihe camps
of hi- army. Ho also got i. difficulties with Hen
??ral ,.rant becnuie of hi Vigorous letters. In Iflii'J
lie le?ame p ,,?. ,..,r ,,( i,,-:;, u?uru* In the Cnlversltj
of California, win re le- remain, ,1 five years, aval then
returned lo the Ka-t and went to live In Brooklvu,
devot Rig much oi hli time t" ti.iniposltlon of edu
iathm.il works, whtrb wer- used in pubBc and
private schools, and for a series of which he received
' '..<i medal at ihe parla Exposition ol lsiiT.
G ?Th ; Rellogg, a wealthy retired merchant and ?
director in several anearla] Institutions, died ut lila
home. v.,. 4.-. West fifty fourth -t.. on Monday after?
noon ai a-i advanced nie. He was the son of 'h??
late Rcnerei Kell gg, of ffewlngton, Conn. II- cam?
to ' : rttj when ? young man und embarked In the
? "i- commission business with James f.. Bromley.
The firm name wd Brurolej ,v ReUogg, In January,
lmm, i ?lib forced blm to retir,.. .\t th?
Mil "f hi death he was dthei director or trustee
in hcveral InsUtutions. lie was a brush:.f th?
Bowers Savings Bank and the UetropoUtan Plate Olas?
Insurance Company, ami s member ol tue Cnlon
i.,u- ?? Club, Genealogical s,?|eiv, Rew-Ensland
Socli-l . md t: ?? gons ol the American Revolution.
living \v. Fuller, a broker ;.t No. ?SO Broodwar.
di'ii ?nddenty on Monday ftvm laryngMl? ?1 hi? home
in Ardsley, lt.- whs i swmher ol the CoesoBdeted
Mock snd I'ttidcnm KxchanS* and ,,f liilnv-tt.- p,,.t
No. in?. O, A. B. Tie- Binerai will take place to-dsy
at the first Presbylerhm Church, ?t Dobbs Ferry.
Friends and member? of Lafayette Pnsi ?re Invited.
A t: du will leave tin i,rand Central station nt 12:13
p. m. "ii the Re? Vork Central llallrued.
I "I IN'.ii \M i "< K.
Rfahghaai Cock, a well-known old Ren York i ei
rhsnt, died yesterdai In Ids home at Chappaque,
v.c.v fork, from beor? failure, M . loch, who wa?
horn In Flushing, N. v., wn rigHlt one year-, old, and
ip ',. i-t:, bed bees actively enraged in romraerilaJ
|,'ir-uit In 'ht- city, except furs ?hort lime, when he
went tn I 111 noii wi'h th? Intention ol establishing i
drygoial? bu-lne-s there n.. wn llrst connected In
?ii- eRt with the ' t del states Fin In aranoe Com
pony, h''', whei c k.-reiisi his ?mnectlon wi'h it be
formed the 'ltv.-..?1? how? ol B. -t ft". Cock. In
i >'o h? became a partner in tlic Brra of Booth, Web
-.?r ,v i i., ui cedar ?t., and wa- with this bou ?
intll l -i'.-. Mr ' ook then formed thi Amltj Fire
r -ai i-,,. c imp ii ? ?i d x- one of It .-'i ? until
i -: . v hi i' ?h men ? I Ii .-i ,., ..pan.. at d
Mr. ' ??? s i 'tired ft
nu r, lal affa
. ? ?
a ?? purl In ? "fu
Will 1 \M A8PINWAI.L.
Boston, Pet. -' fspeetslj -Wllllsm A pin wall of
? : .-.i ii i morning. He *??, ihe onlt son
,.' uolunel Thonia? ?.?plnwall, who wa? United state?
i ?ninl al l..'. i :. nom ISIS t., 1853. H< was born
In LotHlon on February I?, l-rc Hi- grandfather
ma Dr. William \ plnwaB, of UrookBne, a patriot <>f
Itevolt ? lav?, wl look u pari with the i..
Mm ite Men l , sttai kti I the Brltlsli troops on
th. ii hdreal from ? ineoid oi the memorutle loth of
\; ?.!. it;-. William Aspln ?II was educated In a
prit ite bosrdli l i h ?1 at Hamm tismlth, neu London,
?in",l ' ?????. war- of a??, .uni then, coming
t., i'..- lui.-?! -tn'.- with lit fethei and tamlly, he
entered Harvard In 1*3*. II? ? i graduated In i-.'i-.
n>- began t o itudi ol law In Cambridge ander Pro
'???i. .i -? ph f-t-r% ami Simon (?reenJeel In 1*40,
and ? mHi ' ' d hi? In He si other year In tit?1 ofBi -
of i rankRn Dexti ; and Go ????? W. I" I Up? I rom the
.. v a adi Hied to He : ar ui ?il hl leal
rae engaged In t i , I nl fesslon -'
t - it he ti id t - -i a rs blent f Um iklli .? ai i had
Ive. part 1 " ? ell a- In
state ai d Ra? l ts htli - From Ie50 to l -?'?- he
i ? i '. rh. In W'i ai d i-'.- he renre i
the town ii Ihe lowei h ' . ,,f ,< ,. i , ,-i ibjture. in
l-,:; >,, -i. member nf the Constliutli al Conven
In 1- I he WB? ii S1 ite hei III ii from Norfolk
He ul n hehl Ihe i.flic. nf -?!.-, t?rm. ???
. ?st.-t i ,.iii!-il-? lutii-r and Ini lee ol the Public
I || r n. In N iti-i nl poMHi - ' W h I ol the
? III 1-'1. From 1-'- l ? l-'.'l he
, a mi ml el nl the Whig -*ite Comili Its e. In
l-..',. In the Fremont rampalcn fie was rhalrman of
ib, W g eon "??-? From IM1 o- the presen) time
he had acted with the 11. tn.., . M, |,nr:\. ?ervlllg f.ii
si?!, i . ? i i ,,, mlttee, und i rhain ?i,?m I -7
In tl ?? ?!?? lion ol fioveni ?: '? . toil. In i -ri
i ? n he r... i' >.i the nominal nf ht i irtv for
He ua- an ai't' nl nop ? 1er ol tie I< ?
. ihi Hell W ir, und railed the li-t
a.,?tic; in |1.kllne ?ft nr.-- Its llgunuia prose a
It MI r.n.tf) tUTERI 51 I.
The pi. -nt management >f the Bending i: I id
h.,* given -pei i?! attention t,. in.- laf.-ty ,.i ,t> pa
. tratiic, n, arder to Increase the com ton n'<t
ecurlty ol tt^ jcrrlre tn Ihe rit! m d sut-iii'-. the
lermlnal at Market st., I'hllarti ipMa. is living 'aptiiiv
ed. Al th? same Una contrticu bare t.n given
out to extend Ihe automatic Mm-h caul ?> ;
? l Brook. It i already In exlatence Isiween
? Bri ? k md Me ? Ti ru. and .?el hav? al i
n.-. i, cH.ii to npply It to the Une a far as Bethlehem
md Pottsvlllc A.n a po Ihle Ih? an*'
block I ma I v 111 ?"Ver-, the eiittre Besdln? ivsti-m.
\t the name title- th?- road I- 'r, inithiti.il mid 1m
proved in nilici respecta. im tunnel? hetweea
Heading and lYIIIIamsporl l.av.- been Sldenist, and
i ei. on il.hole ???-t. ni acule ti, conform to
i t m,lard width The new car ar<- ol modern build
i rnntetn all Ihe remii Improvements, I'he man.
ige.nl is iihxli.ii t., BVall Itsell ol evert agency
, : a\ lead lo the Reading luTomlng nue ol Hie
tjtid.uii railway? ol Ih? world.
Mir.Y i?i\v Bl'MutlB OP A ? DEAL."
The regular monthlj meeting ?f Ihe directors
,,f th- Re? Vcsrh ami Be? rn.-l.md Railroad was
n, id i ere ye (? rday. it wa ? ?Id by Ihe pri Ident,
? Im i le l'n i- m*i i, ihal only i.lie busln was
iransartid. Mr. Panons emphatically d-ii.il all
Intention of rr-lmilng his [i Hlon. Directors of
ihe rompan] denied ihal there was anj fotindu
lion for ihe recent rumors or a '?deal" in i intu-i Ion
: with ihe N'-? England property.
Bo Ion, <?? t. 2?. The Boston and M line i ? -? Id
-.: .is'iih? Bftj vein 4 per eenl bond I ' M. -sr-,
i;?) i Staiiwotsl. The prl ? paid Is pHv?l-i, by
Bgreement, lindr ?aklng price Is IOS 3-4, which 1
np m a :; T ?< m.,.me ha's. Th- bankers Ii ii.M the
l.u|c I vie
? -??
Providence, k. i, Oct. 25.?The committee on
rnuncll, ai n- session lu-i evening, passed ? reeoin
lion dlrecBng the mayor lo Inform the tru-tr- ,.t i ?
ft.iviii.-ii.-i- and Springfield Railroad Company thai the
payment of the principal on the bund . dm' July I,
i-'-j. had been defaulted, and req.ue ting . trustee?
tn dia|.r the property la their p*> ---im, at
aii,ti,.i; ?:|e. f,, h, m,, payment to the rlljr,
\ GREAT M MBEB OP 1.1'. ROTES ? \N' I.I.I.I'D.
a Boston dispatch <*n mai up lo date aure
than g|,150,000 Felon Psriflr guarantee fund ?'>
per rent, note? hav.- hc-n canrellod.
Ckfesgo, ii.t. -j."i (BpecBU). The Chicago und .^t.
Loali Qeetrli BsUrood Company has begun the cob
?truetkm "f an electric railroad between Chicago and
?t. I.mils, i ?ru th uaand iharm of Ha capital dock
hav? been put on the market. Tin- company has
been organised lor the purpt.if constructing, main?
taining snd operating * eomplete electric railway
-\-'.ni between the ritte? of Chicago und Bt. Louis,
and for the further purpose "f supplying rtttes along
the line nf ti,,. reed with light, heel and power for
giste, iiiunti, iniiiucipii, dome.ti,-, burning, mans
hirturltn; .md nih.-r purjos??. The OonstrUCUOS of
Both 5135 of the Question
should Im looked into. And when thl? is done
the intelligent smoker use? BlACKWELL'S
tbe road Is nnw being prosecuted near Edtaborg, in..
th.. .-cat of one of the power bonaea. Tlie road will
i?. douMe-tracked and roek-beBssts?. It ?Hi kave
no mlboad m- country road crossings at ?rude, and will
malo- tbe trip from 8t. Louli to Chicago, abool MO
tiilb-. In three hour-. It ran be aperste? nach
, in a],er than a it earn railroad.
Washington, Oct. ."-. -Postinsater-General Want
naker to-day, on behalf ol the United state-, executed
an agreement with th?' Pneumatic Transit rompanv, ?if
Ne?*Jertey, by ?bleb the latter contracta to lay. at
It; own expense, :i line of two parallel iron pneu?
matic tul"'- ,,f an In-ld.? diameter of ii 1-fJ In be.. f,.r
i!ie transit of malls between the main postoftiee
building iin?i the rab-poatoffloe on ?'he.mut -t. ??-low
poiirth-et. Ii Philadelphia. The company agre** to
i,,-ir the entire nest of maintaining and operating
them for ?me year, nnd to remove than when r
quired '" do ?o by the Pistmaster-Oeneral. n will
turn tbe tubet over to the l'.-t<fiire Department for
one year after completion, for mea practical teatt
is the Pnitraaiirr at rhiii?b lpuia or the Ptntraaster
General nay direct, without coat to the ITntted Stataa.
The company also agi?- that, at the expiration of
the year, it trill lease tbe tabee t.. the Unite? -?,*??
?.,-ir by year, or will hell ta.m to tbe United Stat?
? east, with the right to ase hU the pat-ntcd do
vlcej connected with them.
Washington, Oct. ga.-Oenera] A. W. Greety.
Chief signal Officer, In Ma anima', r.-poit to the
?Secretary of War, dwell? ut length upon the reine
;,, the conatrj of the i"*-> mile* ?>f military tels
graph lltii-s which bave i.a maintained ?luring tho
year by the titgnal Oorp . Speetsl attention bus been
given to the equipment of held telegraph train* for
armies operating away Irom the permanent telegraph
Hn.s of the country. Much tpaoe i- devoted to
a nimmnry of the experimente mule by othn na?
tions with military bstloona. The heltogmpb has
been perfected to 'hat message* nay be **nl bv Its
Ughl beam distances ranging from sixjy bo 100
miles, in conclusion, (?eiierul <.r--e|\ suggests that
ihe Militia mt i ?? ainetal'Ml so a? t.> permit ?gnul
stores t. be Issued t-, the Stute guarda upon requl
? it. a* isirt m th.-ir allotment*,
Whs',m .-ion. n, t. go.?Arthur L. Thomas, the Go?
! ernor of I tali, In bis annual report f?> the Beere
tur) of the interior, .--o? thai polygamy In tka
i'.-rrltotv I- mi the do? line. In his report of last
year the Governor stated that the Moramos ?era
then obeying the lows ?is to polvgatnv, and be
: no? -at- that he knovra of nothing which has happes??
' ?Turing the year to lead pirn to <|ii:iii/> this opinion.
He <i. tot believe that any polygamen* nsrriagea
hsve taken place during the rear with tbe conaent
: or permisti?n of tl t M rmon leaders, und it l- his
i mvirUoit tiiit there l- a sincere Intention on the
I.. i ol Mormon people noi t?. approve or aanctlon
pull. .m,.,i-, mai n ,_??- m the fut ire.
Washington, Oct. S3 I\>?tmu*ter-Ueneml Wane
maker ?pent an hom t*in. ex-c>ecretsr) lilslne st bit
house cu afternoon, and when isked it regard to it
.ibl that the purpoae of alt vi-it wa? purelj personal,
tu ex pre* his gratiflrutlun at Mr, Ulalue'i return.
He said be found Mr. Maine u.-ll. ?with lb? ..id thine
lu III eye and the well-known rbu In his voice
?i Hi he and Mrs. lilalne," add.? Mr Wanxnwaer,
ulferlng from thstr own r t .? bereavements and
i ? iv feel and plain!) manifest their sympathy with
the i'i-, -id.-nt and his fand:'.. Their lender and
'?? i'ui lni|olrle, s>,..v.<d ?. depth of feeling it at none
mi-ti?b?-. \ |mn ol Ihe Interview" Mr. Wauu
m.nor coiitlnuvd, - lat.sl ',. politics, and M , Wallte
?III mal,- up ?Ith Ms ?H-n ahnt he cannot do by
ui ?. ;. ? idle he nur - a <? m] ;-,i-v a | , -i of 1 lu
ti,ie.it. it- is evtdentl? gr? ith interested h the
? ??li ..t Mr. Harri? m und anxious that nil hN
iii,-ui ihould !,n? " It? and he fi-u expressed hi
belief thai Mr. HutTtsoii would 1st el? ted
Washington, Oct. 25. Ph? state Department is in
res'i'tpt ?' a cableirram from Minister twrugga report
li> j: thai arrangement! I r the recognition i.\ the
tic Mat? ui :'? n- m Government of Vunexuen
und i i;.-!,eral lirespn were concluded iirtober It*, nad
I bal th- formal n-r, iiihiii, ? -d recugultbm took puo*
on Sunday, the '.'.-tii. i..,,.. m,,i, bj othei foreign
powors ?ill M low.
ggntOVH V0MK8T I >h'y< /, {?;, ? ,
PlalntleM. Conn., Oct. J.I (Spe i.,i,. \ ... rto.u forest
fire i- rugtng ju-i southMst ol thl* place tn-nlght II
?as probnbli ttnrted bj i-??!? s hunter* tnd was
'?; ' 1 >ll< -' a'""i .' ?.'il... I, this aft, ,: ,?,., prheu bun
d" : of acres ?era scorched, it i- no? burning
Berrelr, but mav be got ander con trot. A lar*--?
b".f men an- ?oralna bar? to extinguish tbe
llaim .
>i nbrrr. I'.-nn.. 0? t 25. IT.-1 roke , ul on Pie m sin
tali let? >n here and Slmtio.lii last light. To-day It Is
i ' lier? .-li, and imtM : valued hi th iu mid- ol
dollars i- f.- in-.- destroy?*!, "?in, ?? the .i.-u
?'?"' It) of wnter the own era are tillable to gel the
flame under control, although severa] hundred men
i i.te at v urk.
? --
? Mil.-. N. \ .. i.,:, -y, s?,. | . |went)
i Ofth annual ? ?elon of tbe New-York l?tate Pasturs'
f?nt,;,-.iiii-id i :?? to-dsy. order was mlbsl
i.\ llu' chairman, the t;.-i. D. i\ b. Anderson, of
I;,,, he More In in I -> dele : - ? aro pr ? .-nl.
\t i i?. morning a.Hug an admirable psp?i in the
Hiate of religion, 'The Present as Compared with the
Pn?t," ?a- i'i'l '-i Dr, iKborn, Ubkm. l>r.
ray lor, of I'ties, read a paper on "Catholic luduence."
\: the iifteruoon minding resolutions of sympnth) with
Ci-,-iii. n Harrison ?n- passed and a nieassge of
c,indolence wn- -,-nt lo him. I a per? ,,n pastors] work
and l?de stud) were road by tlie Rev. It. .1. Ji
,,f || i, a : the Rev. C. K. lia i mi, ol Unm, and
I ,, '.- ?or R, 1 Wheeler, of Cornell University. |n
the evening the annual ser.?t was preached i..
i,, i hivers ul bntlalo. The Hunt I I Ml? lunar) O n
vi-ntlon u the -'ate of New-York, ?hi hold lu
annual m.Ing lu-ro W,sim-uai and Thut d
\Ye invite attention i<? onf stock
lof Desks, comprising all kinds of
desirable patterns in all woods, j
ranging fron tlni lowest price lor
I which a reliable article can be
bought to the most expensive made.
Nos. 104,106 and 108 West 14th st.
Largest and most complete stocks
Rifles. Revolvers, Ammunition, etc.
n I 326 Sovcnth Ave.
Il,' Talepkase llM-lfl. -?end f*r
! Oil lag Circular.
Tit i: it w ??: I. I. a mo r C*
?lolhli'i? nil?l ??errhiiil , i.ili.rs. Es.
AM the lasest r'sll snd WfntVI huitines bvtb Import*?
in.] l-ivi ??-! Walking and Driving Co is. A.s.?.one
filete i., iii|(-i'-i-?i's Kuml-hin? l?eod? ?ej?* tatest.
?4)1, tin. i??. t(>7 iJKottiw tv. i <>r. oi Braad at
lim- ?ion Maksea asd Paral*h*ea.
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M I l??*M S A '-??-',: tue IVuple. .
A Heeal n? k??- mafeeslajg.
lo..? "f , :,. . ;. rent
perca? ? BV verana
Public Xotice.
I ?sin ', ;, i- Iii ii in i* by th? li ? d o( engineers,
i . s. army it. the Arnu II I I ,- No. ' ? v.h.tens I
--. . New-) o-i. ? : ,. ,,r it j tn .,,-,!? v ? t .:>.
|-.;,j . (,, - - ., f..,; a.-io.?
Uie ii i i:i\.e b) the East Klv. ,?- iy be?
tween i - -7 . lurk II
1..-1 . 1 the V? ) 1 m <i Autl irity l ,-??!-?-.
.- .- i , '1 :?-. In - Stste <? I Sf
l-'M' All perron* !i-r. r.-.-- 1 ?-? |nVlt.d tn .- ;-? it
Ulell .'.v.- u|H>ll Wie ?i'-'.i Ol th 1'-.'/! tl
.,?1 hri lire? , : ? -.??? . It tl I ri?ei height I ? I
high ?rstei HF.NKY I- AHisrr. I'\* l.'uf-f-n..
1 m. a i-- ?iii t or th. " ? ?
-t. Paal, Oct 15.?A dispatch to -The Ptoatsaj
Press1' fr.dn ipokaite, wash., -a>- an tppaHIng aed
dent occurred eg '?' ' " '":: '' ;: '""' ''' ,!"' i;r".lt
Northern road at 8 o'c'ock yesterdaj morning, reanltlng
In ?'>? death, of seven nun, the total Injuring of
ttve and U ? serl n* injuring of -i\ oils*?, n.?' ?and
are: John L< ?naed, cm.'tor, at. Paul; .tonn John
ion, Jame? Wright Daute] Waksux. N--:- S?dson, J.
la-idy and A. Olsen, laborer?. The fatal-, injured
un- .t. Oilman, J. Robertson, <>. Nel? ?,. .1. .1. Osmp
bell, and .1 Ltnvllk The track-laying 1 ?w bad
-1 work np t., the Wens tehee River, and this
morning started t. ?.r ?al!- teros? thai ttreem. Tn?
east approach and Best span were crossed aefety.
When 'be 11 iddle or ti ?? second pan ?a-- reach*?,
the false work an?*i the bridge oollapaed and
track n ickloe, trith two oarlooda of ?"s und three
ran loaded ?1th ralla fell hato the river, alxty fa't
below, i he men ??re thrown lo every dir*
tnd - m.- o| them ?rere buried under tie ?nd rafla.
i'lal'.p-T, 11 )j. Mo., Oct. 23. Th. ? ??> I gsa>
tel p train of ti.?' m. Lout* and ??sit: .-'?.-ir.'l-, o H
?ay ?. is R-rerki? on,- :..?!.- essl "f bete -it ', ??', ck
thl> mor tu,:, lho lag ?ar, smoker, i"d ?\>o
rhulr 111 v. ,. turns] uv? . ami A 1. Dickerem, of
eld, 1 he '? i.'giu" '.- ,-ti-i. il ad Itarwood, at
Miiishutteld, the new* ngent, ?-re killed, Pnurteea
pa-- t- . r- ?en- i.or,. ul !?--- ir.Jiu-.<t, bat BOB? Ol
them futiilly. A 1 r (ten rail Itjiuppo? l to hiio been
the ,a.e of t ?? .?? Idetit. Tlie Wounded p.-,-- .- ?
??i" taken t,, uouway, where those thai requl it
. '? e ||ie,? 1 u| ,,?|
\\ i-'.'n :i ,:, ? )? i ? '. -Tht H-TIi, ? ht u m 1- c<-,
II.j-t?,:i ,.r the f;.,ii,Ih esaal thit 1 iiaia? ia ?
aast) Moving ic.r.'e 1 :-.;.!-! fallowing Ike mir
..-? ? 1 arts shown)? *tr -
... -:. \ .- ?? 1 .. B7u ... ,-? .1. bsiisnstel et?
::. I.-n s?.?.\ ,111 " Ulidi? At 11.U CoSSt SOd i
1,1, ,1,1 In '!." Nolttl? -l I I.IS ef b stl J
- Un eut r,- country u, the ??? -t u< she a
?? ? nui --...i S'ortheni ttockjr
M., .ni.-iiii >!:-:??? 1 -. ijrv>.-?u,, , h S prevsUtd *XC? .1
Ue- ?south i < , n-t i.ii-i .e ui' Un.-- i>v.oiik. e
?ho.vcr> are 1 poit. il 1 - . ? ici 11 eu a, ,t,
n Stab - ? , M ,-,.- |..,i . 1
. i- . ei In |---\ 1? an? .t ?? 1,, ,,,:.i- ,,f orl u
, mitin?' ? ,11 sll cl-' K . . v \'.. 1 ., p .. ;ar
,v ? >?' stll ?'i.ntin ? . t ttie t'entm .?. -. . .,,,.
- ,1 , - und U.r \1.Hl11resl (lui ? v\..: . .^
|irotmli riiniwlai '-.:.- . > , ? .. (n i.h,,
e?. The ? - N ,rt:i
? ?roll.:. ?t wll stward 1 ?-,r.g
:?-,-? - : :? ? - In ni., psta ol CrsussUsut.c ?tesn .- oa
a . ? ? ? .
D vv
l, 1 ",?" ?-' c ? 1 ?-. !? ;
Pot hVw-1 I :
! ,
!?'?? 1-, '?.-:, n- -.i -v. i'?-- 11 l'-in- Ivaais, N'?*.
1 ? .i ; ii. 1. 1 fsir, e? .-i t protabty
-h. mer- ..11 the .S., .l.-r v . . .: north?? >:-r'v ?v n ?,.
11?. n- u In, 1 ' v . Boston sa?
N.--> ? \ . ? . Il ., -,' ?v
- Il ?'* Pjs
n ,,vin? in.i;ii--,-!c
foi Wit-Uni N-? Vor?, U,-i 'n IViiii.vIvuiiii "hia
sud Ml< n-- ? , r? lie iul 1 ??., . . . : ? v.r.
ut l.j? -t.il lins : ' uni
Tul 111 NT. I.
!" li.'t.'a.s: Mvililiig. Night
|i?8dietapionii?4?t . e 110 11
ai fcss?r
i~ '".- ri. . .
I ?- - ils - -
1 ? ,1 l H.
lu rh.- dt*mai teo t.- Hat -im?- ta*
haus. ? lu | ? ? 11e'* ?di
Is. " ? ? 11,..' -, .. .?:,; . tl, ,.
,1- ..-.*- -, ?.-d V !? .
Tribunei 1 ', Oet 20 !? m.?Oear weather ptevagei
n.i.sf , f tt,e d.iv v - i ? bal ?ith rload aess a eveoiag.
1 hei.- . . -- Monday, but it cm - i
ni.rinvi,-t. r v Rumldlt) r -i-f ? I c:t m tic- assrnhtg
?nd .09 ut evening. The ikon.uetst run,'.si bats ara
10 .nid M d,- o ??-. tbe ,".'- he na I . : re?
than ei. the rorreSpondlas ?'^v i-?-t v-ar mu\ ?, Iucsr
ih m en M? ? laj
1.l n? . im- i-liy '? It thei sill '-r<)i)*lM* be
... weath i. vv.,1, ,,.,; ,-i,uii.e-.
Sin Ii i - -,... ?>, t. il, i?*;?.'
V,-s! -idiv T ? Ja V. U idaj J I
.y; j . M '"> ?ata t .lo
?1 ,?,-. . .il* ? "? "I 'il . -?'.">
v. V I'.-Mi r 1 .' 1 70 : oto I . t IS
,, j Co i ? -2 ?' B??a.i '.'.
Chollar . *:' ?'?' ' S*?t N ?"!? 1 j,
, on ? a' \ Va.. - b' el ? r. i i, i on ?I.. 1.30
. i own I'otat. i:" 1 " 'a I".
I ? .-?<* c ? 1.80 Teltow i.?- sat. l.tO
?...ilhl * - i.r;-' .. .*?> l.CO ?on. Health
llrt'e t \iT -,.. .s.l ,V> 1 O \ . <?' : '? e-li.. .O'.
y ilesa i 25 U I* I.- Isle .1?
Mono ? . v' ? B?!!* I-i?'. . .'<?
Mssnt ni?tio.100 l no ??? ch.n 2..V)
The rumble or tbe Rmptrc ?tete hUprrs* the yew
Y?>rk (etitmi's fast ?t Inuu in the pOCBSj Ls livurd
round tlie slob?. ?*s
1 ;<o
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i ;?..

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