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sraaiMT or MCMC-B--B?las snsek ero?*.
4MbS.AU TUatA'lRE 8:1.1-Leute Von Heat?.
AMFJUOAN L>STlTUXLr-10 a. Hi. until 10 p. B9
Xaduaulal Pair.
BIJOU TaVltAll'JCr-2--8-A Parler Match.
BROADWAT THF.ATHI. ?-ii.c Lady or the Tpl
CARSKOIE MVB1G lIALL-lO-O-?'be Vo ?: BsUcry.
CaBIHO-8 lfi-Vaudevllic?.
COLCMBi is i BBATBX-2-8:1S?Tkt Power <f the P "?.
SALT'S TIIEATKE-S-8 .18? D? a - and BeBKk
EDEN Ml'M.r.- Tab? World in Was
K1STH ATXSTUB IHXaTBH-B-B:1S?y/arltaala.
? KABli OPl.HA HOI Bl -8 -Th? Plant-r s ?TU*.
<*ABi>i:.N TBXATR?- S 8 15 a, y?u USI It
kARi'.r.M ci'EHA iiorsE-8:i5-A Jslly Ssrprias.
?VARRii'AN"?- THEATRE-B-8- Ban?SSn Btvi reBSStT.
SfiUUU?AMB'S XaWaATRaV-B US Mu - ? .
to OBkasssva.
KOSTET. A HI AL'S-:-8-Vaudeville.
LYCEUM THEA'XKE?S:15~Captaiu I.ettart'.a'r.
MA?ISON bUt'AlU? ?AIUiL.N-11 a. r.. U, 11 p. m ?
1 Ovd hi"". :,.
MUSIC 1U.LL-* -it?WalSn I'lma- h.
PALMER'S THEATRE-S :1t?Tb? M?s..-d B-ill.
PKOCiOR?*! TOJSATBS-:--8 :15 -vr Barll?
STAN?aRI) THJiATRE?8 ;15-Jane.
STAR THEATRE?8 :1.V-Dlpitnav.v.
UIU 6TRAU.T TUE AI lt.E-2- 8?Tk? Iil>a.
Jnbft to IXurcriiornicnis.
Paite, i u. Pace, i ob
Amusement? . Il I Lost aal 1 -?:??? . 10
Anueubvenimta .. 12 51 Man lagt? :e u Deal ?- 7 U
?aakas? ?ai? Breketaii 6 .??;.->? ?
aliialiieat i ? .. ? - ...10 ?">
Bu?.utu ffetlesa. tl 1
Baiacliig Acaspuales 8 s
M vider d N'-t. ?? II 4
?Mte?rat?na . ? ? 11
Mr,aucl?l ... H Hi
Fitnauis.1 ?le.iUngs 11 -4-".
IIMll W?4.taj? .11 :.
He-el?. l" <?
lnslmctlon . 8 - ?<
Law Soh?eVs S l
Lecture? ?v Meetlnpsl? 5
Lost and louii s
....- il
.s-? l?ubll al ou? U
h, , an --i ?laei - ... .s
... M
Cubil .v.- . M
Real li-'-aT- .. l!>
aue ;., S ?:'? ? '?
- Wanted, il
-it- .ll
l.-H h*r. . ?
iv... Turf. H
Mint* Resort? .. IV
'Hie followm? i- tii? i'?tup?ele li-t of Presidential
Electors to U.? rated a? a whole \???l Rfpnb i<
In this tet?te on Novcaabn 8.
H*nry W. B?(e. ??"?-?? Sellgmaa.
1. 1 red rid; I*. Mot lia. is. Samuel M. < ' u: h.
2. iinmre E. Dreaier, is. lirrman Uvlnsatone.
:i. Ibiward M. Sailtb. SO. Edward A. Durant, Jr.
4. .fames o. Carpenter, 81. WIBaini - c. wi??y.
5. William A. Booth. 82. Daniel Hays.
6. l>anl?l W. L. Moore. -'??? Morion s. Fnrmelea.
7. MaitJl H. llealey, 21. ??????.:-- B. bloan.
S. Llspfiiard Stewart. 25. John \V. Vrooman.
s. Beats! <-.. RolUn?. 20. Frederic Mil bell.
10. Juhn L. Hamilton. -'? r'ram - II. (?ate?.
11. Edwin a. McAlpin. --? Joton ''. Bai >
18. Qserfl BUM. -"?' William MrCii) I?
13. Geerfe ?V. waniaakcr. 30. (?eor?w M. waterman.
IS. beta M. MUllken. 31. Lewi? P. Bosi?.
15. William I.. i;- i - . US. Christian KBi i
is. William ll. Ten : ?rck. :- ?HI M" H. Walksr.
17. P?ui Tuekeinian. 84. i:.n..en u, Wright.
?lloilU'OS Xotuca.
Keep? Dreea Sldrt? l<- M?r?M>ui? : 6 for $.1. None
botter at any prie?. s" oj.i1 -si i Broadway, B?w-y?ik,
and 829 Cliiilnnl?1. l aucun...,
1 v<iir 6 noa. :i mo?, "t "
nallv, 7 dsvs a wi-k ?SiOuO fioo I SI 00.
Bau- wltiio'i? Sunday... 8 "0 l <%' - '" ?"-, ?; -
(aaliy inban?. - "' i ?-O 6D ?? ' ???
Y,K?Jy Tri; ipr . 100
ReraeAV' ?k - . lu ne ... 2 00 . ,-.'?"?
T'lb ne Mj tb-.. . -. 2 00 -- .6 it-.
BALK S?MBERS Foi l'< 'I Number? o! Mie Daily
and s-inUav tais:?, ?or? u.iiu ;? week i S, aa extra itrio?
Po?t?g?'prep?l(l bv Trlb n ? ? ? >?? ? t?a ly and Banday
paner fa: nail - era In Sfw-lor? Oty, and -.? ???
ieaal-Weekly an; Wcekli to fon ? whi ii
casas extra nosCagi oej) * beeilbei?.
Rrnilt bj l-u-'.c Order, Expr?s? Old I h< .: I'raft or
Registfil-il Leitet. , . ?
Casa o? Pastal Bote If ?eat lo ?n uoreBUtered l'tt-r.
will b? at ?waer'? rlak. ,, , ?
Main aptowi .."?- l '.. (* l'.-.ti'iiv. Main el" of
TTi? Trllaiii??. l.*4 ? -? ?? Sew-York. tddre?? all
cansapandeti i?lnipli "The l'i ' ai "? '-?>
AivertiMi e t- foi puM lea tien In Tii? Tribune ?nd
?rders for ie-u.a- deliver' of tic dally paper will M ie
telied at tie- lollowlng brnnrli ?Sir?? In Bew-York, ?I
raguiar afllee r?tea
Mala bianch ofliee. i.^a.'.' U o?d ay, v.pp'r co?ner Sist-si.
167 4Ul-?V.-., ne lier 14tll-kt.
CM aja-ave.. comei 2M-?t.
1C8 \\>,t 42d-ai . nea uth-ev?
50 Avoaus A. i ai- 1 t-t 4th-sL
700 3d-ave ?airanre, I7tb-st.
?9 Past si? ?t.. near M.M- n-ave.
A^, ild-ev..., betwe, ri (lO.'h and til"'. ?U.
20.M M-ars., between 112th and 1 Kith at*.
159 Kant 47tti-?t.. comer ill \
181 Eaaii lL"aii--t. nesi 3d av?.
2'8 W??#l 135th ?t . i?-."e,ii ,-.n ?r.d B'/i aves.
820 West l45th-?t.
i 70S 1s:-s\e ? <ar K-h-n.
102 Bonsrr, n?ar BrooBM at.
alVafto^wrk Dails Snbtotat
tu i: y i: 11 s ni i s u < 11: \ / s ( ?.
ForeiifD.?lia? Norwegian steamer Normand was
?cat iu the China Sea in the typhoon whicli
wreckcxl Mm Bokhara. The new German
Military bill i- coldl] received by most of the
Berilu Basrapapers. A case nf eholen sp
pearesl in Vienna : In l.uinii irg there were twenty
five new caws anil ns deaths, and in Buda-1'eath
seventeen oases and five < : Severe
wintry weather prevailed in Kncland and v I
!a,nd. ae=s. Queen Victoria will spend the winter
in Imly.
Domestic?Tlio fanerai ol Mrs. Harrises \s II be
! eld privately in t.ae White House ThuiS la} iLor:.
Ingji th?; I ody v. ill ili-iil?. ,aK?-ii ti, Indiunapulis,
i.iier* ssrsiota ?.iii is- he4d Friday moi
< iivemcr MoKialey made gpeei lira ;il -
?? teas la Missotirl Phi Kpir npal Gi-noral
< nveaUan ia BallB&ure adjourned a?ie die; the
l:--. Dr. W. R. Thoma? i*, elccti : MUsionnry
H 'op of NorUien .'?;: ?n.nii It v,. . i
parted that tin? Dsotoorstic elector? in severaJ
>?'.:? 1.western Sra'e- will be withdrawn. -
'1 !:'? examination oi M.-Deiinoit, iIi.h. i with
toliuiiins repeater? In . lonuy, was L
Bin of tlie n.i-i. linn. -, iy < ipbuip Kolb with
bi ;il.ing up lits aieetini at (?ordi ,. Ala., by
ih. i.wuix rof.-n esP have in'aa an -n-;.
? ity en'i Sul urban ?Frederic r ?icotl i
p'i'iiH-d why he should v :e fur Harrn.nd
I;, ul. =.- I.'e. ?tiation i i ud> in l\ n s Count]
were t-xpoK?<l. I . ..'i any Hall had : r .-.
Bt| and |Bdo*?vd i:- lo.?ul ticket * Out ol
re peca tur Mrs. iiartt-on, Hie i-,. parale ol
i i Inesa nien, which ?Vas to i>- !?? d on Saturday,
la- 'en abandoned. .s ,. , s n|?n"d fctron-j
h: it ' losril rather heavy. Kp laities wrre ad
\a..e I while leading .-?. ek? le I ne , Mom?)
ml ?1 .it o i*-; rent.
Jin? Wcaahei ?ForecaM [cr to-dnj . I.i ?
im obBaga J. ?u| iiatiM? yi-t.-i la' : 111 In
H ?-,- -is; lswtat, n?. a,? raije, '"
T c r.'inimanv ralifaj ation m eli ij; Ina! n ght
v?;> i ?x in Busabers, and ? r? a tvn*e cmhuai i
I. was not diflicidt, though, 1.1 .,,-. a< ?
serves u> detect a Ltch ol linecriti in il. pi .
?""?dings and the ah?-e)tc ()f genuine t i..r.
The feature of th.? Bieetiug sa.i Scnatoi .
S| i"*ch?the tir-t, bj the way, thai h ? ever di -
Ji\cr?5d in TbIbBBBJ ilsil. To tiie . mi .
(,; ,is party Li devoted tuche line this time,
?be teas when ho sjwike ?>i rjrookl.tn a few
weeks ago hn was content srith ;i tingle p<
fiiBilory mention of their names. Ii ?a i
less t- say that the fjenatoi received a ?arm
?tel oiue Irom the Taiumauv c ihoit?.
" ll is entirely beyond my oomprehensioB how
a ;a:ii.)tic citizen of tho I'mti-d Btatei ein be
an advocate of Free Trade."' N? says Mr.
iideric V. Olcott in the rifnitfeant inter?
view elsewhere reported, and the words have
MPMfHoiMl weight as otMsdng fn.m i man who
has habitually aot^d wiih the Demoeracrf heie
loi(m' and ha.?- stood high in ?t- rxwaioUa. Mr.
ok-oti i* president of the Central Traat Com
fBaijr, and one of the Dlto's mosi influcntiaJ
?nancters. He has resolved to acl with the
Republican! this rear, and ha? become n vire?
pn s.ient ,.r ihe Bankern and [In k< i ' !.'? pub
iiean Club. He Rives Ihe rea*ons for his a ii >n
in Inainont and effective language. The in
t.'i view is worthy o? a v id.
The provisional h tdgel for the city ha? I" t )
virtually com|lol d and a table > printed thil
moi Bin ' - omparing the \ ari ma i: >m. i ith ihe
appropriation* !??. the presen! : ? ? '?'? ' ?I
be seen thai thi re are n it ant inert ast s
m iii" amounts allow? d, while in sot ? - -
re lu tiona have be a off" cted. The ?? aitl ol
Kstimatc ha? n< * llnished it.? work, h ?never.
The ttnal ? ttimatt ? will not be Biade tip until
December, when some large increases may b?
looked fir. Tammany ii putting it? best I. -t
forward now, I . obvious reasons. The tax
pay ' ; -. '.?? ill n * I? doc i ved.
.? ? ?
Attenti? ii i- ralh 'I In an art irlo prinl 'd on
the ic-- page of this ??sue to the impoitam <>
of attendin : I ? '??<? \ ilal in tttoi ol registration
i!iis weck. Saturday is the la-t day of regis?
tration thro ig oui the Stat ?in ihr c untry
-';-,., a-!.- as w< Il u- the cities. Thi rural voten
ought i" i" ai in mind the ch tngt in the law
whoieby the registration oi every citizen who
??'??- i : ?-s, to i it.si a ballot ??required. Kverj Re?
publican should see to ?1 personally thai ltis
name is on tht list. Otherwise disfranchise
ment will follow. !.? t n t ,t singl ? i; 'pub?
lican vote bo losl through neglect or Ihrotigh
blind eonfidenco in Democratic misstat?m nt?
regarding; the law! Remember that Saturday
i- the lam registration day ! See i.-? nail.
i i ,<! j ?mi name is on lho list.
The whole country mourn? with Presiden!
Harrison. This is pre-eminently the land of
homes, of domestic virtues of tranquil fire?
side joys, <f respect for unsullied love and lifi -
long devotion; and in tit'' bereavement which
luis rallen upon the Presiden! and In? house
hold his fellow-citizens will fee] themselves
bereaved. Mrs. Harris n was ;i gentlewoman
whose happiness depended not al all upon the
mperiicial distinrti ns ol a brilliant public sta
lion. She recognized it? obligation?, and .-<i
licitonsly discharged them t?> the uttermost,
with a courtesy and kindness which endeared
her io every one with whom she came in ? n
taets She t ?:1< pride and satisfaction in fill
lillin? the - -?-ia! duties of the White House, be?
cause Ihey naturally and rightfully devolved
upon bei : bul she never became enamoured ol
social gayety, noi ceased to find het nil mea
uie of joy and contentmenl in thi nami and
})!:t<o of \s i I ?? and m?'?le i.
li i- impossible t'-i think without emotion of
the lies which death has * nd ted. They were
so close and tender, and the rond ? -, - undei
which they had lately been observed had made
them so familiar lo the minds of the American j
people, that a sense ol the irreparabl? loss whlcl '
the I*residen1 hits sustained will be felt fai |
bey ind ilc rirele oi personal acquaintance
Human sympathy alone cannoi console him i
luit yet he will surely derive tome solace and
gome strength to bear Ins grief from the knowl?
edge that ?i ?- shared by millions, II ? will be
fortified by the assurance that :he gentle life
which has gone oui remain? a memor; and ,
example of all the \ irtue? ?>i An eri man?
hood. _
Do tl?" chieftains of Tammany Hall and the
manager? of the Democratic machine through?
out til?- State realize what a ridiculous spec?
tacle they are making ol themselves? Here
they are frantically appealing to th? ir f !! iwer*
t-. prove the chosen leaders of the pa t; false
prophet* and ft n unwoMhy ol beliei Did n t
every man of ptomintn ?? in Tammany Hall,
;-i i every man oi mtiuonce in the party ma?
chine throughout Ihe State, affix h.;s name to
a documenl a* Chicago declaring thai fjrover
? and could u? i i arry Ihe ?t?te of Net?
York? No one <i them di potes that. Theii
. it m?-- ar.- on i-1 nrd, plain In all nu n i i
see. Now, why ate they ?o an i to b< i
|o-td and made objects of derision by thi
cess of Mr. Cleveland in this state, which they
are seeking to bring about? I? not Mr. I ? ?ker's
reputation I r knowing something about poli
ti? - ol any value al all to him '.' Ha? Li n
i nanl < ?>.\ ? ? : :.?? : Shichan no pride in his f.i
mil ai it;-' n ifh pul it ici I allai; ? in !!,?? I. .
State .' ! t Goyi rnoi Flower hei dl-?--? of ihe
ridicule which !:?? will bring upon himself if
Iii- prophet it s are i i be brougl ?hi in
November? 1- Mr. (Jilroy willing to make
himself the laughing stock ". the vYe e rti n <\
Southern I ?'in.". its and Ihe Mugwumps -, ho
i:,si-i?d ?m treating with contempt his piedie
tit n thai Mr. CI - ? land <? mid not eai ; ih,s
llave ! : --? c mspi non i li ailei -, thi
Democratic parly in this city and in this State
no tense <d' humor? Are they wholly r
??s. ni the fact thai ii Ihey should succeed in
carrying the State ror < leveland they uould
be j'-. red at, and fleer d and Routed in t
part ol this Republic, from Ihe Andrwroggin
; i the Rio Grande, fi mi Sandy ll?,?.|. to
Tacoma ?
Never has there li?':i a queeret and more
laughable spectacle lhan the command r* and
Ihe captains and the centurion? of Ihe Demo
i rat ic | arty in thi* -t,,: ? arc mak in f, ol I hem
selves in tl.i- campaign. L??. tliey < iped that
their words will hm ? Ihe slightest weight in
any future National Convention of th" Demo
era ic party If Mr. < Icvclacd c uriei New York
State .' \\ ill it n >l be .aid in the n mott ?
'? -, tier of the I ind thai Tammany ihr tits and
Tammany prophtci - an but as lh< id!e wind?
Will not every Dcmoctat ootsid" i i Net \ ? ',.
slate join < agt tly in the d < latatiun thai il i
ui n i consequence how bitteily Tammany may
? and del? -t a candidate for iht President';
hi n after, sin? >? Tammany has coneludi d to go
I ack on its ou n re< o?d, and to us? .--, - ry effori
in n p . ;n pi ova that Its leadei - i tlulged
,n leekless 1..?-- b ,. r|. al Chi agti, n !. i, tl <-..
-i "I with all o-. - .i.l ? "i; has-s thai Mr,
Ian l ?? mid n il ?? ?? the i lertoi ,1 veto ol
New?) ork -*. t --.' lit n much authorii. will
!,'? Bp| ? 'i ; . I 11 . .-:,!, ?f I adl ! c: ii .- city
?o'1 in Ih - State < i ry in any fi lure conven?
tion? They put theii siguatur? - loth strong
i ? documenl wbii h they could pie] ire. Thi y
practically p i dgi tl fheii faith and tii- ir honor
tl.. Mr. Cleveland ?? ml '. noi carry New*. 1 oi k
State. Xo political . rganfzati >n ha ei et !.? nt
t.stlf :., e " ,:.n tl, i-, thi work of lowering
1 - i pn ation. ol lieiittling its influence, ol
!? -- :i.-.- i ? a il, t It; in the party (?.inn il*
than Tammany Hall i- now doing.
The expl ratio ?:> netally ar ? pted ami n ?
ivell-info'rmed politician? for ?:ns wonderful
change ? ? fronl on tin ?>a:i of Tammany and
of tht State machine is thai Mr. Cl veland has
bound hiintell in l>":.'U that even he will not
dare to break, to grant lo Tammany Hall and
the Btate machine all th? patronage which those
organizations may insist upon il It? should be
Blected. it is believed, also, that Mr. Cleve?
land h.ts pledged bimteli noi t? dis,ml? the
present organization of the machine in the
State Committoe and throughout th? Stato.
The leadi'is ??i Tammany Hail ?tn<l the man?
agers of the Demon ?it ic machin? irould never
ha\e wheeled about so completely, have calen
their own words so humbly and so meekly. bavi
- ; tht nun I' '?- :,: " ork t i < !"< : the I lemocratic
t;? kei by ei ery del ic ? ol dishonesty and Fi ,
uni??-- they w< re satisti d I bat th? j bad Mi,
Cleveland in their power and ;u their mercy.
They seem'to be confident that, no mattet how
much hostility Mr. Cleveland may havi
played toward Ihem in the past, n matt? : bow
deaf and cold ait < ar he may have t irned to
? ? . prayers and eni i aties I pat nage, n t j
mattei how mm h comfort and s,' :( and h I -
: ..- , nstntitly gii ' n to theii bitl it tl
ent in.'??-. hi f aftei he will I"- theii man. ;
representative, and ihe fountain ?>f pa ronago ;
?ill tiiit: its generous streams cxtlusivcli in I
th< .1 direi ti ?n. Thai ;- tl.nly pi mail . -
planafion ol the new-found xr-al ol Mr. Croker, ?
Mr. Uilroy. Mr. Sh? ehan and othei Demi ?
I. id ?- in Ihe city an 1 Si itc ft ; the t le^Hand?
Stevenson ticket. Rut i' i- strangi Ihaf^hcsc
leaders do not appear to lealizc thai even i!"
they hive succeeded in binding Mi Cleveland
to such a bargain, lb y hat - discn dited an i
dogi tded themselves in the eyi t of th< I >t tin
?iiis all over the country, have shown then
nun folly, theii own weakness, th ir nun luck
of courage ind baeklxme by spitting upon tht i
di i ' i nti n whit h they signed so ?? igerly in i
t hicago. and by trying to put in Ihe Priai- !
dential ?hair a man who, above all others, has
|?een the object nl licit vi?licat?on and abus?
for many years. I' will I.f no use I- r Tain- j
many t > li!: up its voice in the National Dent - :
i rai c ? n'i\, nti ?n hci eaftet. VII I he delegal s
h, m ol In r States than this w ill unite in the
cry, "( ?!?. Tammany "- talk is ol no ron ?
quenco! Tammany ?ill always supjiort the
candidate, no matter how hard he may have
tried t" stab Tammany and injure the organ?
ization in the past. Aflet Tammany swallowed
Cloveland :n ISU2, Tammany is certain to \ ? te
for anybody whom we may name. Yes, even
for Will,am R. Grat e himself, if he wi <?
eligible."' _
The Democratic managers know by
time that they made a stupid blunder wh n
tbey called to theii plai Form in this i wn
iiidiscrccl a apt al-'.ei- as Wayne MacVeagh. As
his son w*a - Mr. Clcvcl nd's la it partner, and
as lc wa* himsell ?.rinnt 1-. ??.- . ?r?-1
ihe Dt nun ratic ciuididate in bu <i i ?-- and .
f-'ssiiinl relations, h:- declaration of h
to II publican pi inci| le* cool I be ? - i
I lain? d from sell . i: >i < --t ?I moth ? ?-. and
sequent ly would n il intluen ?? men - in?le
II ndoni \ i< - -. M neo*? ei. : h" .t. ?. .i
vert- is a 1 \t ay s ? . ? is imt ili
? i ?? -d by inodi e.; n". and pi i It ., \
.,- Mr, Mai V? igh round him I t : l d I,
a Demot ral B lienc? in t'oo|ier I"nj?*n h? ?'?
libernt? ly n--1 It? d tbe i:n nl i- .,- i
American voters by a wanton und unjtM I
assault iq*on 'he ? i - a-nire, ol Ihe I and
League and the \ me ?can v'! i list? In I
'1 bo Rtltish Mini?!" r was Mr. I'iev? 1 nd's
llurchard in 1*>--? Mr. MacVeagh ?- h
Ki n h .:d I '.- ' 111?'.
Mr. ??gan n i t ,-? im ?m \U f nd of Mi
Pai nell and tl ;..,-. ?? I. ?? ' l.i tgu ?.
Honoted with the conlidetui
o| Ihe It ish moi ? un ut, lie was ni I ! with
u large fund l il un n had t
m ovi ry qnarti r of t?ie wtuld II
t : rn?- and ??!?. ?ces gi for thn-e ;
r,i this Irtisl ! I Ihe iilll'l ?? ?Ih -n h
busi .? - tagai ly that ?--''? ono wa* ad I? il i
,i fr- m inter? t on in
sign d bi oflii ? tin uidil h h
Rev. K gene *h< < ht. ai l Mr. lia
tha ,\. i.v it? m n. ? had
mt< d for, and tha his an mint* had '
kepi m Ihe m< -? -;? -t matii and h
manner. This is the man whom Ml MaeWagh
has - ? ntun d to intn dm ? lui ???m? il ?
,.,,, -. :ts :i -.?.-. indi* i and a fugil ? 11 at i
?nstie . and whose i ; t to I
. -, ,.- 'was .m in : I '
? ? a|. , a i ?n* It to ???? ery - i i : ? . ? i
j man in the I'nitt <l SI
It ?a- not P ? it liai n ? I
? i ? ??hnn n b, . ' g 1.1 on"?
u:, i i - | t It supp t": ; i ma
iii-,-i- of lh? I. ind Li i ? ai d pn ?id?nt ?
Irish National League ol Vnu
;;, m !, -I !:|, l liltilll 111 I' '?I u- II Of II
! home and ahn ad. ii is this in im ?le h
associate ui Mr. < 'levi-l nul v ; i ha
uffrotit? d Irifli Vmei ii m \ ifei ? b; his <
and ma vol la It* up i Min
In at I i king him the I ith? r of Mi i l- ?. ? .
la.? partnoi i a- ?iisulti d the pn m I,. ?|\ ,,|
Irish citiz? ' ' ' ? l-i
? ? , : |)i ., -, i .it i. I'i- ?? Ti d< is r|< mi
,1- '? -._
TUIMB1.E i.l'..
?? Take n ' '?? it! 'men and lo >l< ?
II re ? ;, niuli r this thiml le I Vh, ??it? N ?
it's nudei ' it Vnd not? ivhei
ii'. mid? r this tbiui' le no utidi that N? n
j oil -"" il and now .????n di n i and I II Im*i ciy
gentleman live dollar* that he ran'l t II
tbe little i-l.- r is." Thus i he ? himl ! ?
v ?- ii his lu le game. Sometiti is ii a .
pn fesso , ?ti- tiling by. t hai i-. al - it it h . i
taitity the little joker and nndortaki a to hi
? i'i. and sometim * it"- i!i ? " ?mait
who ha* bad such '-? |? ; ?em e, I- now? all lh ?
tricks, and i - - un? thing of a gambl >r him
'I b< ;? alwa; s go away wisci n< ? i i.? lu i Th
?il.--! way with a game in which tin little
joker i* now under thi thimble a id now uni'er
that?" now you see ii and now yon don't"
is to let it enttn ly al me. Thi ic - n<
m- icy :, -r sat ??faction in ?1 foi any bn I
Ihe man with a long thumb i:ail who put* up
11??- game.
I,?...k yc, men and brethren, if Ml Clevi laud
is c?.'i? il -?in? body i ? g< ing lo g ! In -li,- . i,, ?i
ed. It's tl??- i Id game ol thiml I - :::- I -
i tu n'ai ?iti'sii, ns of |i?>l.ii? -.. ni lall.y th
no one knows <?i ? an know foi ?? rtain m In i
be : There arc Pre Tradi rs l?, ?ting thi i
be stands on the plai I tm th it l'.-,,i., tion ??
robbcry and a fraud. Thi re at Incidt ntal
l'i.ii' 11 ii nista ??-. h,? .no betting <.n li,?' s.,
of hi-- letter of a? reptan c thai he favoi ? a
modi iat ly I'i" ?te lito 'I ar fT . ml the c i
,-'li i-- lib.n ?? mti n.. o 11.-. ' Tbe .'., ,?. '
.- .in." uh" stake ovi ry thing m Hit ?r c niCd
assert it n thai llwi tariff que ition i- n-,r i , ,?
thai thci ' i- r > real ?--in- exi >pl what I ':??-. i ,??
" ihe l'on??? bill," on which he i. ab* ilute!?,
sound. Somebody is going lo !-? ?',,:,,,.| ?n
ibis malt -r if Mr. < ievi land i - elt cted.
Then there is the question ol Ch d -, , -, ..
leform. A considerable number of vote? ,-i ?
supporting Mr. Clevel ind l?e< an- ? th? y i ,
he ? ill carry util the principles oi (bal ?. i' i m
iii the a Iministratii n of the (?ovi rnmeni . thai
he will not make sweeping rem >va!s from u -
for pRriiaan reasons, or except for k.i ,-.
and thai ninler him the ? BtilC t : ?| -
Will be ele* at.'d and purified. \ much la ?
and much more influential and effective class
of roten are working for bia election in in?
confident belief that bia success means <? mi
plcto r?volution In Ihe Kedeial office? and lho
distribution of an enorm nu amount ,ir patron?
age and plunder among In- supporters. Some?
body will ! , hi a'- d in this maiti ,-. | ,,? |(
Mr. Cleveland is elected.
Tlie ahtrpert lino of divisioa is bare m New
Yuih. His supporters her" arc. divided into
i '., ?.Il defined rlassea, mutual!?, hostile 11
, . ,:!,,., lll;, ?jppa ,;;t J I B?I '1 ?fl I-i- Sltpp H.
Ti. ^ ai", first, "the ele mo- he hat Biadc,"
;,.id ..., ;, ?. ?.,,>.., ? who love in.n for the
in. i:.!? !:?? ha? made" Th< ir differences are
? . : .. c tmciiabl t, their hatn -I f n em h
,,;?i. i interne. So one who knows anything of
i c.-i?t |i lltical bistorj bcliovet if possible for
? . ??, ,,i dwell legether i'i harmony :i ?ingle
thi ? I' ition i- ovei and the emer
i |m?j |?a?scd which compelled them to join
I,,. ,|-, h Mi. t'i'".' land i- elect? 'I he mu?!
i choice bel w i ;i thi -?? two wai I ing
; ,, ? ?on?. Then i? no possibility ol c< mpn
,., , no ? h'ii' ?? i " iinii lo tu?-'' :i' ul ml ground.
lie i;' , : ii lp build up Tammanj "t help teai
?r down He o tes bis ni mil ation i t the anti?
Tammani fucti ?ii. Should ho he ? ! ctcd Ii ?
i-.ill owe his tnccess t. Tammany. I!i^ h s
(?lit) i" Tammanj leader? before his nomina
li n was open and dc ided. Sjinc ? thi n he
1, es .-oui w? ii" effi sii -?!;. i nit i va ted and c ddli d
;.. i \tli il ."i.i (sting coolness and indiffor
i i in- eai ' "i friends.
I nder b hii ;i thimble ' The game is on.
Ni,\-, !??-. ander the anti-Tamtnanj thimbic;
h iv under the Tammany. Now yon see him
and hum von i|i:ii. And who wants tu bel
; I. ii h ? can ''< I! under which " the little jol ?.''
: ? is V
"The Demociat? maintain," ?ay* "The
Hitffal i Courier," "tti.it the present tariff in
it? gem al offects i? ? <\ ?I and mischi roiu ; thai
, docs n i |,i-I'ni.ii'. l"it hinder? and retards,
tho nal mil and bcalttiy development ol Ameri
cui industries; thai il <l<es not Rive steadier
employment or higher paj t. the masses .>!'
\ n ? ?' .'i i ivorkinpmon, bul increases their bur?
den? .m I l< ?sens the purchasing power ol their
bard-earned wages, and thai il is obo of t lu?
drawback? to the Rouerai prosperity of the
c uintry."
Now, if" this r nieni i ?n of the I >< mi cratic
parti could be substantiated b,\ a rcferoncc
i, hard facts, to trustworthy figures, why,
; ? "The Courier" obviously would be act
i .? the pail of wisd 'tu and patriotism in work?
ing f r t::" election of Mr. <'! veland, and the
, ? -1| ; m substitut! ;: ol th ? \, lit j ol Free
Trade foi flu? pulir) ol IWection. Hut. tin
f r,h:.ii.-',;. for our Huffalo fri nd, :i candid
n i'i i nee i ' fact? aii'l ligurts proves thst what
?? ru- I i-n ? ? ? it ? main :ii"." in regard i ? th?
present taritl Uentirel.i untrue. I Ins the? '
of ;| r ol the McKink'j bill been evil
\ h?y 11 ? - .: hind? r and n laid
th ? in altli.? dei ? iopmeui of .\ m 'iic in Indus
ni . ' ii,. s it hurl the \ ui< rir in working
m m .' I- ii one ol the dra vbacks to th? iron
? ' tja-rity of tii.itry '.'
Well The TltSI I'M has fr< fjUi utlj > unsid
. . I tit ? - - anil the related i|iie?tiona growing
-, ? of the Mi Kit let tai iff. T?-daj we cont< nl
.-.??ii repnwliii inj! a few rompai I ?
n hi< !i we Ion <? aliendy puldisln ??' -? -, ? ral
? - fui nishi -I I-.
All? m:- ' i i spi itdi m ?? i n Mondai :
' - ai.-,
1- \ <li.I?7.IIJ.-|
?? ? 'i >rk
'?!..,;, . ll
I'i l H 11 ill.ill.l.llO
, I -"I. a- : .
13,733,1 IB
. ,. , i i ni
?- .?',--.. ?-.- ,|. nt
' !? 1 -ai par?
' I I
CM :II7.?.'?.I
: i"
'.. ! ? ? !. tO
- - . - .
:, it-t.viio.o.-.s.
? - .' . :
I"-"..':., ? (i
- .
I - ? ?:. - ; ? . .
t ? ? ! ? .'I I 10. 10 1
V ti i , I.im" :i I., . Nie proof ol
I n the ( lili se alai
. uditio . ol the ? il tin
?tati of I I :: :i tu d< r the \| Kif.lej fat ii
,. ! lia do lii< ?linn Th".v demon?
? lhe I ii'inii ral - m lititain" in refi i
i in " i i I'rotei tii n thoy inn utain w th< ut i
?-, di limn of the essenl
! es cat?n I i il? il. Thej
". t? :.-r1 erod 11.1 Siai oftli i ils in the i- ?
r, ol theil ifll tl dm
.' ?? ,:'i-. 'i :.- .? .i ail DutiM rats, and
i f tin m m ippoinl d ...i M r.
i . land h litio he v as ? fovm nor. < bit ol t i
? ' - ' l these hem et Uii witi'CSsC? the
? i horn " I he L'ourii i" ?p ak -
'! ?fl- i onti idicted.
ii i? Me hem<M-rati( theor; that the M Kin
1 ?? bill li ? ? proved a nr< ai Nati >nal < alainit.v.
I ' tm- lh< ?;. i- :i". absurdity on it? i.e e.
I '.. ii an i"- 'i'i" an i nj ,1 In? .1 high 'I
"" ? : pro-peiity, and Ihej know thai lh"i
? ? eiijo, -..' I iiduwl ries are thrii ?nvr, and
Mi ii' number i- iui-nasing. NVorkingmen are
w? 11 paid and have it cadi emploi meut. This
I- tii" l-ii'. aud the ' ' ' plions are >?> !? w a.
10 [?rove ii. !n .' r ??? 'it -1 eech Thorn 1 !)
lie .i 1 lupli 1 I this 1 inl l>,i asking the pith.i
tion : " \\ 11 re in this state is then* hungei
eve jii in i'-- mouth "t 11 Demi? ratic oratoi "
1 lib un n v. ili i-. :,- nt In receive lh<
rlion? of :i |i"!iiii il pa 1 i.i toiichiu? ;i vital
public ??sue ?ithoul deniHiidin? proof?, what
? . ir- 11' nu crut luaintnin" i;i regard t" the
lai M w? 1 !"? ol -ii .'il! puisequencc-, ,\yi| jt
' ?|| be ?mullet ?till ?f Ihe.i attempt to respond
: 1 :i all foi proofs.
,\ etna? iibserver once said, ttU'i nazii ? at 1
II- '-r 1 .ca. B ?ens 'it ?>: ilroiil 1, t, at n thin? ill I
11 much ' ? improve the appeamn.t :i ?ti.1 as
w .t.-:- Similarly, nothin? d<a?s su inueb i?. itn
pr?iv?. the appearanif u( n w rl I'- fair a? eshlb l
1 ! ? 1 in, 03 Kail bus been brilliantly opened
\ .-. I? 1 the world th.? Km| lr?> Stale Includeil .
tu il that it is liil.-l In overflowing with what
???..-r . ? . ih 1"'iWiii- m an ! studyin :. Tlie
I ?ni?' I II II t ? -111 : ' u i.-? t . (luitis ""- '"'in 1 till) r
? ;X'- :i e\p isition shall h ? thrown ope 1 to
?I.? public I? 1 '""i- tin l
? ?
"Ol? 1 ,r une hour 1 uniuterrupted activity
elivt m day!" 1- th-? mourut il ery of the
v 1 .1 -?i-'-v [lemeersts who are Kin^ VA ,:,
|,.- lint ' - 1 (?rimes. And those ruemb?ra of theli
|...'-, ???.le :'??? atill st i ir^?? mourn \?.it!i them
I'd-if r. Wl.irlcr 1- one .,: the high priests
ol rl|i '?? "ii.?a iv, ami iliould Feel un?1ei special nb
I itici ? 1.nduet ln.n-"li at least with ordl
pi ? ' ". if sll times \ rohe ?.r virtue is
lb?? 1 uitahl ? appar ! foi ?ich a pert in. T.> mofll
1.-1 an r il srmpet ? r irivc oUier evidence ol pn?
.,1: loromonplnee human na?<aions is \< prove
;,.i..! '?'t unfit f" hold fell m ihip i-.iih th.ils,
lew but dt. that make np the Idlsaful eompany
ol Mug* amps. It is s painful fact, however, that
on Mond s KveretJ waxed aagrj and smote a fel?
la v lawyat on the nose, Did it. too, m ? public
1.rtroom, in the an eaee of several spectatois,
not tn mention s number ??r reporten The
gravity "f Mich an offene? it is hard t?i overeat I
mate EYerett has plainly laid himself open to
II acipline, i" ;?!''?'? "f 'he apology in which in? [B.
? ill."! iti.r the lawyer whom he attacked had
called bim an "aM man," and boasted .,f his
ability to "lick him." The whole affair is verv
-?ci. Something must i>e Bone shout it. Just
what, we wouldn'l presume to say. A Mug
wump council thould certainly be called to rob
kldei this momentous and possibly epoch-making
The man who believe? that the Ame:nan peo?
ple t ..ii Mi Cleveland'? I ?ttei ol acceptance as
, courageous, ocm-istent, able sad eonvincing ex
poeition "I his party platform are capable ol be?
;..-,. g almosi anything-that Mr. Cleveland is
to be ili-i led, lor example.
? ?
\- ? Ii '.i mat become ? ? ninlrte" it.-tunan
a- "? ii a- ?''? '- naturalised, lint the nialm: Irish
,- unknown In "v - - - - ? ?. i : i poiltlr? before IS84, -
: i :,.iu- in-!, . 11. 23,
The mas- ol the Irish vote has bean Demo?
erstic loi many years, und is now., "The Post"
) insiders every Iriahrasfi who rotes for the
D?mocratie doctrine "t Free Trade, aad thereby
promotes the prosperity ol Eagllsh ssanufactur
t?rsj a.-, h trentleman and s scholar. Hut it
denounces in the vilest language to he found in
it- vocabularies ol dead or linn; tonguea any
Irishman who votes againsl English Free Trade
Tlint kind of Irishman it describes as a mis?
creant, a refugee, o swindler an i a dynamite liend
i-i ,-!i i?*, i ' Hi.tie e Irishman. '
f?overnof Flower Is reported as oxpressiag the
oplainn that Mr. Cleveland was ?nin-: t-i earn
Sew-V'ork by 50,000. Ii Is evident that theOov.
? ?nni ha- a gifted ami (hi.'lit fancy which Is BOt
hampered In lit flight? i>y olrvious fact*.
-? ?
No more effective speech has been made In
tin* canvass than that ol the Hon. i". R. Ken
nedy, president of thi New-York Board ol I-i
derwritcrs, umoog the hot makers of Orange on
Monila.i evening. It wa? strong in ?rgument,
lucid in statement of fa t and had the best
elemei I ol politl -i, oratory?that of winning votes
ti-,,,1 the oppositt tide. Mr. Kennedy, like Sen?
ator I'i..?, ?ti ngtlient hi? speeche? by cogent
referent - to tl ? condition "f \:.r working classes
. i Europe and by Incidents of travel winch have
cum.? under i.i- pcrwuinl observation. As he il
it?-j his tarifl ud reciprocity lecture? by
llie sterenptioon, he provides varie.I and ?ellght
t u I entertainment for hit audiences.
i ii i at orld ni 1er tii ?? i In nmstances, thnt In
, ?.-.,' nf prepiirntli a i ir ,; :< h nn "1 ?? lion
m -,. i- || ..- . ;--n ai i. - r ?. i - - the A;a 'rienn ptilill.i
-: nn|i| i, |||>. [m - - , i;| , I, , , ? :? ? ' ?11 'il,-ei!ie f r Lu
ii |i ,',,,- . ; i ;? -..., -, a m m wh , ii ".--r lii'ld anv
nrnl i ?>- te uli" ? ? mark
,. .a-, of iw-tivlt) ' filie Evening
'i I? is the audacious way in which Mr Cleve?
land' ? pei smal or mu t -i pm ts Mr MacVe igh'n : t
nanita upon a pro.nin?'nt Irishman, who Ii t been
I,,- : i i i>f f .? i m-l I.?-a : le, President ol the
Irish Niitini ' : - i. ?. Intim?t?) ass? 11st? nl
Mr. I'arncll and American Minister to Chili.
Mr. i l.-vei mcI's followers mutt be slreadj '
mi rsliaed I y appro? bin del it when t ???? are
ileliiierat.-k all ron ting Irish-American votert
I..,!-. Republican who hasn't rcgiaterrsl i it tht
t . .....;... ., pn nt nl ? ??? .. bis n'."-t urgent bust
. m ,,' the wa i ? ? and t.- morro??. s., that
lei ? to keep i Is n mi - "if tlie
1 ia .a, i id,y. Aft? Friday comes Satur lay,
- ?H true, bul Urnt in tltc Isai chanee, and a last
i... 11. ? ? i- often a !? -' '?
.???I to I ? ' '
?00 ?
Ho? vi rn .m I-"-' oln n i ? i"'. lai m " - of
-, \. a. rl! ? ?'? bj i .."ma- i'. All
y in st ! ,ci . in ??'! ? i., i Denn crat": ?? I
111., ? ? l ??
Ii ? Unroll
?nil ? .. i ;. nil : .i 1er ??? Un ' ? in ol ?t. J
of Mi : ? ? : . I
? parlor, or '-HI '
.. i , n-adliifl poper. II i [led a
,,!??/ .,-..:?-', rorhcr, and I rraarted under it to
fri m mi 11?' mot? ? Presid? t!
-I.,-. Mr . Lincoln began to ?nan ?tsmt u
it ' 'Id v.. ' tneivl) aid . t tin voungsti ru
loniinlttee nf i ?'?? , -i-,|.? to rongratulate him.
illns up .?? Il et' ? i- ' Iv r eked ,,ii lev ti'
and 1 ncirriil
? ?!. 1. II- luui
v 1!. I |< ?nd a paiM
? .- ? . :. r- ? ' "
Senator II ' I I, I he ?)
' ? ??'! -.-i p?llt rth In liai'
?il? - I- civ ? ': .-? ??? \i i".:? -
,1.1 . IV
'la.- K'ltlow ,-f ?.. ? -r.il liai.- , -i .. [,;|. I -u au a.
from '?v ' Ingt >n for par?, baa n turn? <i
' ? -? .
In lti ? ?-..?? ? . Uni? n. 1'- r
been a grr.il
?? M In - hip. !?? i Ived l . a
' il h I' -i am i or i lui at
nil-1 . I : ? ' r to live i i:-- h.i re -imong
I- I i ? ? '?.-?:?
ll t'.n Y. M. I'. A. i
I . ;na n!v de
II ?
II W ???!. i ? old dime n i
' ? ? '.. h-SI" !
' v as a
i big n - run '.'
from p m ? t.. pli .,,,, .
I two rc-.ii ll
In l-ri. ?n-l In
; ' '?? Hm lelpiiU lii |>.
? ' ? ? hll. liment ut
nul Anil -' He . : ,
? ?
? ?">' ' M 'i'i.::.' dnjs.
y .. ? \ i'.. ?(dent i r, ,- .. ? ,.v
? :' ;" P""d II: ? | .,. ,?,
It lms 1? -.,-;.., 1
? ? nl ?t idi gone i . .!? ntone, |
"-' I? in .?: at.-:ni |n i ,. |, part m tit of t?
.oiret i.nlv ii ?i vi nal? na .
\ .,' to i,- Daily ? im p!il? " a Japan? p
1rs i ;?- pi 'in ed Un? ( illosli g advertisement :
, nimr: in our ? pp ? t '? : my. are sill
, |, m u and ' iircfullj wash ur ? ustomsr* ? li
I hie c'-t-r i ?. folios s : I. die?, S ?il*.
i- r hun?rrd g? rttt? raen, i i - <'--i-. per aumtr I.*
\ hitrl'd ' In' '" ell your rote lhi yi ar '"
"iii:'\ u, : ,- ' mn . IntUiuui] II ?' uraol
"The pn III? i throw 11 a ho -? l ever as
down m Res >t.-. umcr." sal? I>. c.
u \\e i-in lutdeniun, : i a ?t- l-ouli Ulub Dein ? ral '
i, i, mi. i. -i had gone util lo lot* at a bunch .if
i-itlili' i ta uglil -i buying, und sa* itundlng In front
,i Uie "??? m :' In? ? ?? dl ,!:;: the prop -- ?i Ir . :?-.
\ two-year o'.d child was playlt : about lh? town,
a,hell -uilii.?i ilj II l'lup|H? Ita blinds unit cri.?t out a
. i, . ;.,|. d. 1 lurioil mi ! ,..,1 and -aw. i .
m, horror, that ?i sn< umu iug Itself with a Bom>t?*r
i it tii n ii,,- Hat bad Just ? .?' .1 !-? ttrlke. it aas
i, ?Hing II fork d ? ; ; i"? -t Into Ua I aa f
ii,. child, and It was Ihls a? ?l? a that o please? the
lltUc Olio, Il mi aid?" ?tOl? a Mexican . .u Ui>> \illll
., ,.i io on i.i arm, Uulck a- a Bash it sent ahlsalug
through the air and rluse? around Ihe neoh ?>f Ua ei
|, nl ja-?.:.- it .ii'-vv n- ii.-iui sack : r the fatal --tin.
lh?? father ol the child aotUed bis bead, renarlaj thai
li w,\. n repita] Utrow, and resumed our ?ussaWon
with Inperturtabla -ia\it>. Y rar RexU*an I- nothing
I UOl -.'i-l. nl. II I- thfl re-lllt of his liiiiinu Moo?.*
- i., i-,mi .-e; ,- fi . thai] " h ? asked ,-f the man trho
nl iie-.i ; 1'n ..: the -:.
? -Olli -. '
?? Are \ou u plaj> r
?So. I'm a <ura>? u." (Washington 'tar.
There I- a loanf Utdy on Capitol inn. aejra "The
Wn lilngton Post,* who has a austeal rat. After
iiiitrl* a war ..i bard work on the feline musician,
? h. ?apt it ran ?Ing Uta be i portion of two w.-ll
Itnosrn s,itii:-. "Home, Street lloras" mid MAald Lang
?-?. i,.." bul win.om the usual vsrlaUoBs, when ilii?
young Inly santa pussy n> Rag ,i?. put? her on n
M-ivei footstool and eomsnands, "Puss, dng 'Home,
?-llei-t I lOUlt?,' " 111 I'll' -aille lllll? 1,11 Mlllll II e I lie lllf.
I-i.s-y alunis respond?, singing the desired lunr In a
,: high falsetto volee, a little broken, but lull
rleiill) vieil to be recognlu*d bj Ihe bearer?. ?Mime
oa ,- when nd- cat I? out on a uiouittlgbl expedition
|,e|- voice ran In' li? ?lid nl.ive those of ll?T l'i'tn|>nlll 'tis
in the feline, ""i door, back fence roacert, rfaglng ral
? A'lld Lang sin,- ii "Home. -\m?m II. in-." na
young lady does not wanl her aianj mentioned, for
Lai -in- trill i?- L.- leajet fejr m-ait ttffaetora or ?tase
iiiu-i'iini iiri'prie'oi-s, ?feo want to bav, bcz, borrow
nr stmi her niu-lcul i)?'t.
P?aaUy Explained.?Cholly "n friend ehe la paying
a hill. I I bough I you Just told Itardup liai rat usa
nullt out your lii-t dollar.
friend Ves, I know, '"it this I- the n?xt to the
|S t dollar. (Chicago N.'Ws Kecoiil.
Mr. Boaatter Johnson, In '-The crltlr." aaaerta that
tf ti?? raattar of tim" !>?? eeeatdara?, tataryaaa was
not a vninmiiii.il- trrltar. In Ua tiny years taaasss*
it g bia tirs? [Hii.'.icaiioii be prodaetd an ?a rage ??f two
Unes ? day. i!.e playa that h<? has written itnee,
iidd- Mr. Johnson, would laeraaaa thi- s*/e?aga>?if
they wer- poetry, it 1- ? enrieos fact timt if aa
put together sU the Brlttafe poetry that has }-?vierr,iiy
i "*n roneede? to he worthy of preservatfeM In populsr
rtfleetlona, It pr?-"tits very nearly rflll aaaM averaga
Of I"? Iltie- ii day for the live and n hiilf centuries
slnot t'<- btrtk of Chaacer.
The melancholy ?ays are here;
The wind l- ?..id; t:," leo! i- --?.ir.
The weary tramp srltli visage pale,
l- looking for some Bice ?rara (all.
(Waahlagte? Btar,
Rany "f the cranberry pickers en enps cod aa a
"machine" which c?,n-l-t- of g small boy llhe nr
rangement that straps on to the ?ritt, .u ti.c m?
ar.- long slender ateel rallt like t.-.th, trfettfe shut to
pet her by a aaovaaant af the haada, ?imi the tantea
are thus stripped ?.if the vine-, in aseh has time than
cm bt done by hand work. Many growers have
claimed that this injures the vines ?nd some have
in.l allowed tile ti-e ?if th?a M their twits. Put
t .- preyadlca against tiiein -a-.-ius to be ?lying ?ait, and
the] an- gradually eoalng Into general use. The
crops ?r?- harvested bl much leas time hj the ns? of
i le-ii and ti.e ptekers ?'-'irn aore,
Her Idiomatic Kngllsh. An ol?l mii'den French iadv
who had mach difficulty wi h h r h r ?ri t - r. smpl ryi d a
gard' le,- io ?lu m.me work In ber grounds.
When tbe work v..?i- iii ished, and the man pie an tad
hlrn-'df fir his pay, lie cliiirg?*! more lbs? t S amount
agreed upon when the lady ? agaged him, Bhe looked
m lilin quita teilously, snd remarked': -wil. do
v,-!i i.n .ir, Ir, \ m are dearer tn me m-w- thai? when
?re hrst w.re ni.u','1 I" (De roll Kr >? Press,
Btudenti of heredity may litd toma Inlerettlag
material in the history <>f t!,?- Daltooe. Accordlag to
?Th" Fbtladelphla Pre--." the assjsjatdtor ?f thta
lately renowned family of outlaws j|v.*l in that <-l:y
ninety years ago, and rave the authorities much
iroui'l" by bis d.-e.i- aa a blghwayaan. One di
ttopped a carriage containing two young ladles and
their elderly gant. Oi.I the younger ladles was
about to be married, and strongly objected to h.tr.d
Ing over lor wedding presents to the landtt, who
wiiii a chivalry reminiscent >? Robla Hood's hest
days, allowed tbe party to paas unlholested. some
Week* later Dalton s - ?m ted, and it would have
gotlh hard with blm had not the young woman, In the
mean Ume married to -'in nhVial ..: crcat Influence,
secured him ;i pardon on rondltlon that he quit the
State. This [laiton did. and nettling In the West, be
tbe progenitor of a lone line ,,f highway robbers,
?? it was ?i lold f.hinj-y for a ?toatan to lad; h,w
was she disc -i-i' ?: '
|[ustl>.r well, -; e had hud the cashier M-r-.-eiosj
and was Holding three nfBcom at bar, s'hen a ni .uss
ran out gad the fainted. ? .icugu inter yc-au.
A correspondent of a Denver paper deecrOes Ha
' id Lands" of Bouta Dakota as the m-.si acceatlhla
and attrarUva hunUng grounds in 'he United tftatca,
i ?? enson i- now at It? height, mid old teintera ity
th. y never ww feathered game n.. r?> abundant, ee>
j. ? ? i - : 11 --- the prulrl ? chicken. I>. ? r. ? '? : pe, r?
ba?lr?'ri and f >xes ire .? I I .;?.;.?:.? ,
bei . and there are still saauj beat ? lo Ua i
i iiibiitory to ?' ? v lurl. A tuU grown huCal i ?
i!!!-'? . ago. D? cab r bunUng partlea
. ; ? ? r are - ? oming popular.
in i and i";"" Pora pe, Johnny,* ant
the -?:.-? ? ? r, "C tit > >u hav?. : . a
- !,: Ml 0
, ??' right," ; a leaelier replie?, happe to I ?
-1 it III .11 ..i t !..- v \i.1j
- g -ai fr li. ?? n a t.. , ? i., i i rgav?
in.-.. '
? : ? ' - !. ;? r'r -ii- ' ? . ?: ?' r |flts>
1 : '? :
\\ It 1 - PL\. IM? v III'll H Bl'XCd '? \HX?
PK.VI XT 1 , . -,
Fr mi ? '; he i> ,?? if
II ? : v ? I., i, |n " I ? .\w Yo .. I -I .?? ?l ? ',*
?'? t. Uli.
. . . In the pr?s n I i u ?? ? - the ;, I! qii ?tl >?
ha- c- moral a? w-ll a- Its material ..-;>? t, a hlch
mu-: n >t be lost -l-.'.ht i?f !.?. those w'io ..-?? aril Bg
t ? | unfy u r poll lb - au I . tie the - f
- HI pUI II? ill. . tin |<i u ill m ,.::-. ., o;i
e-t'.v proclaimed it- view- nt It pinta
in its |. ,,|,| .-. i .... ? . , it: its <an
the ?ame ai ?' no '??>>? ra doul t - t-?
. ' I .HIS
iHli.l 1 : ? K.v ??' . ? ? . ? s I ?it
i A MI :
i ? ? i ?( ?: a
? -' ' I ? ' 4
; le of Cl I? III ?? ... i Wir J
i.\.- : .
' : 1.1 iff i*ir h?, i
? VVl. Il Uo i I ' .
- i-1. p ?i un
? t i- plu form
- t ,. .i
| Ing i.l- i.'iutlit. -- i ' '.' . IB TtYH
n it os i ;.:' ;? ?...-?'
j i ti'.o ;:,-??'. it r?.-'.:. ?i u i
?' >?r ? ? lu , . : ?
?'?;?? - l
.... .,,-,
ii'iu if It i - ;. i- l'iip ? ? . ....
IT I? \ '?: " '..: ? w: "' - ' l'F.rP>
' - : - ..--,..,. Hjlimi ,|e . .,- u
Mr. CI ? ? ? >
solicit? t .- ' - r hi* m tv,
... i s
, .
:|,..| f iiiarkel -, . ?
!- I h.
iitiUi , ra?.- ,' ? o i ? v .. , i i ;..
in vo ?
. i?iMi?i ever, pria
, l;-!e of p .- . ? t -ui ?
v. lection S?>-| l?>
! would I e '.-? m st .!, dit '. ? it lude
?? :,; - hav? - ? . ...
T'li; -. ->i c ' KVF.Kt P.x "
I r*ald Mr. MacVeagh anta Mr C. Srburs:
? S ---v ,! n'l you ad - Bop, truth ta
pml -." - ifd s ?- ;
c , sell."
WHAT A tXlMIXil l>" "
lY-tn 'I he l' ?ton Ad? er .- .
I The antl Hill, ? i ?? ? menl was ?
v..| in i ',,. mnineaI .?' n ? triumph the ;..-? ? lio ?..id
given It I.I' g u< .<? glvi . i - i i o
i1 '."- f. rn?er chief, f >r - - ml .-rim?. In?
(Ii ?'?? and dan it ? mm Ii. ?rn* I
Unie m be i'.. Idem i ? the I'nited Sluti . Bat
t-lilrs lillil ??i? i l?i that . t ' . - a 'i
L-ut. Ii pn v!s|a:ial iiiini ittti ?? mn??t dl Inn ' or tt
ii a-' r-'tiie into Inn? u .- ii- auetu !??. ! ? J
enrolment must be pill out ?I -la.. I
i I lie mai l?ne t: ni wa - i i be : i I <? >l
. ; o] ? ? m. Th.- i i| iteti ' l'Iev.
tend'- plectlon mu !- rarried on In al? a I?
1 \ i.is enemies a. I no by M- filent! A >"i - f,
?. <. i -?r . ?? ? \ ?? i ?est,
i ; ; i ? ' ?uh . led ? .
i Tii-,-?? never su? cl: -i tul I ? the ?Stan
i -iil.-i.ii-l ?."oui Mount Arn a nfter ti - ll :
\ ? "ii Air mt::i'i-?!?''? jour,
Ti ?n The Bnlttra -re Amerli. i .
For a rest, live, unpai illeled i' ' at, *>?
hold ??'Hi- Bear York Kveiiieg Post* hiipporf ?. i ?m
man) '? municipal ticket i
BANK UM 1 - Til \T Wll l. N ?i r\
From Tiie chl ago Intel - ? ran.
The older eta- of voters have rlvM rnemorlst "t
Mil.tcat banks. It 1- sol.? loe rostiger roten v St
ii??? .1 In Urn Hen r S irdlng the iiii-.:i , .- a a f
?- ta-?a] I ??? sett
! urrein ? . t lilted ?tale? ia<>:
the world ev r ts?
OS TIIB1R k.m:k- in ru..K,i:.
i nun The New-York Horning Advertiser,
Tii* vcrv name of Tamnctn* a i- ? ?tench In Dess?
rotte iiosii i-: Chien r >. Ti - ? -a.-, i - ol ? iwSer**
Im-tue- were hooted al upon the sirena. They ?rets
plot-lied by tin- rhli-ngotnis, charged ?1 ? ?? i'? 1 ? prli "J
for drinks, niuboed In the i?jrt) .anci -. in????
in the ronventton and o|?eiil) ?.-it to go alt r? Bw
1 ?roi ii illet!: not and the Bre I not ?| i Sel. ix
i-iiiiv ?as not ?ranted then, rtie blatnni victor???'?
Cleveland gang irampled them un.t*r foal Bo*
, Anderson and tlnn-e ?nd ftilreblkl in I < lev-land
! himself ?re i-otnpeBed t.me, hat In hand, and -'S
, i| the door of ii'ii.i'i''. U'lfwam for ?tolltI?*Al t-',;
! rii- Titaunani boa? is ti.lil last the hie id il"'
I in i nl I- in Tammany'? hands. Phe Ni lonal ft rssl
I must be carried on In t lit-- city on faramncy line?.
From Tac Indianapolis Journal.
it is not id.? manufacturer? of this ?" ?In BBj
I need protertlou. w li.n workmen are willing :> n"rlJ
for lair.ir".m wage? tsvrs ?in be ic< ftuthrr naai ?
proteclh n.
itTota in,, uilwsuaea Bsntln I.
-dialer VUs? .1 e-u'l mi it frankly Ii? aever *JfS
anything frankly hut clearly It la ?it? optiil?? II "
iiiis iiiini; ,if invoking Jostles when-v. i the Homo '
ll-V tOdO llliytlllllg U Jnsl l.r.'-iMn? up |h* )>. UK?la??
party, lie I- ?Irooat ready iv> say openly tliat JuaUa?
u> beeomti g opju-i ? ivo.

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