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ajtfjif rl.iy wi'.l piohahly bo less tryliiR In tle
f ri thflfl "ii pr-vl us yeara. There ma-. be Brreata
IgooeBpi ibe abMBttoa "f Pohce Jnxileea aad Orttad
axglM O? laalBBtantera, bal tbe Court of App a:a d'
_B?oa th.'' Ibe JuflMflfl i-untiot laxae MflBwamuaea ex
(fpt tu c,.n:i. and, aa.ourt can be geM on eie.-t.on
d:iy, laal o" wriu- of BMBdamaa ..m be granted on
that' d.-.v. *? 111 (like awav the onlv duty whl.-h the
,H1I JaBlgefl bave forni-rly p-rf-rmed. Tlu-r- mny
tr tb- u-ual iiuiiiher of nmnhiniis pa.c< ?lint-a 00
ji,, aayx preeeflrtag the Mfletton, anfl lha rnit-il
Kuites <""iirt- mav he ,.p.-n. bal generally u.e rourta
,-oj prtbablx have utu- io do wlth Ihe rindu t rt
_?..!.?? ,-it tbe poiiinc ptaeea on eleetloB day. II r"
ron'-ltituilonal anien in.-nt- are ndopted 'h- lourta
-.li bereafter hnva tbe d?l-l n ol d'.apute- eleciljri
rosex, and eteetlona will Ihen f.-equenlly Le rerlcwrd
Before Judg-s an.l Jurtea. Tbe ameadmeat, lo? ?> ? r.
?t,d Ibe ? tliers whieh will be v .te-l ?n are uCi-i lt._
jitde altentjon, and mav f..il for want of tt.c i,??.???- ?"??
Bumber ol affbrmatlve vfltea even if no n---aiiv
rte- are raat._
Tha poiHi.iii ranvaan haa fltverled from tba trtal
0f eflflflfl ami Um wtoaaag <>f Bm? flaaaji of th* orell
Iflcaii laxvv-r- of DM <H.v "ho kBVfl 9069 engagcl ln
mnkinp pxaatlea] apexwkea. It bt Bappoaed to be eaay
pjf a tewyer le laJk, bar) the flaerlBee of Mnw aad
jgtxgi whieh aoaae flvtBadaenl mimkara ol the bar
j.ttiTv- iii a poitleal ramxnlgn i-i wbaob thej are ln
lareated i- great. Ra-Senatof wllVam M. EXrarta bfl
B,,t raeaatty tmmtutt la Uie eourta, bnt ln aplte of
MUM-rei ey. dftht aud wvali.-n.-d voMfl be flaadfl tne
afforl Bfleeaaarf paribBely to axprtfl bM poBtleal vtewa
lar lha b-t-.ctit ot bta party. Jaaaea C. rjarha and
joeeph H. Choate, th- aetlvc MaaMra of th- ber, have
aol beea baay in pohttcal apeeeb maklng. bul
Itederfc B. raadait. Eiihu Moot, Btewart 1* Woeaiord
aad others iiave, been ii.iive iu the eampalgB. Tho
efton wMch eacb of theae Mwyen makea wfluM. lf
BMdfl f'.r ? private eaaae brtag bljn n wra*e ?e. bat
rlve t'.i'ii Uu.-- rrr.iv to tbe advaneement ot ti.cn
Dollllral \i..?-. Theae are exclustve of xnch oralorx
& Joha K. l.lh.M- and W. Bourtte Cocbran. who,
holding othce, Are eaperted lo be Bnenl m oratory.
There are thnoaand. of yoanger or lr-s wonunent
membora of tha Ut wa?i are "on tbe ataaip, ln, thla
and othoi*x Slatea, xoroe under emplovment by poiiucai
rommltteex and otherx who glve Uielr aervteea wlthout
eomnensaUon. Tlie oratory whl< li baa u.stnicteu or do
llchied nudieneea it: the pcdltlrul .-.impalgn OOfajea
larselv from llio Bpa <>f Mwyers. Now tr.i.t the
".eech-Tnaldng ls over tl.e arofmalonal men will ro
baeb to t:-n ofheea, and when they bave reeovered
from their exerllona ti..-lr voteea wtil ngaln be neard
ln the conrtx, and Inxtead .1 Protectlon or free Trade,
acloiiii at law und aalta in eqnlty xviii oecapy thoir
tlme. _
Tbe ('ourt of AppeaM aaa tabflii a flaoatVa raeathni,
pf666Xaahly thal tbe eaflex flb*eady rabmtti -d may
be paaaei apon. Bo tong a reeem ufter a aeasi w of
i.:,:-.- Man w.-.k. an.l that to bo follow-d by a reeeaa
Lt t'ie CfrrlMmaa honaaya, bMtteatea that Ihe ladaxa
will not be frighuuwd hy bbfl prooxflet of aa iBflreaa
bag caUndnr into any l.-s ahoreajgh oouriderfltkw ol
Um flflBXB-OflH bflaPM theaa. Then- will proh.iblv be no
utt.'.npt to li'^p .-.lma*.t of the .a'.eii'lir l"' the oenls
- ,n ,,.' written ..pl.iioiis In many casee, im had i.?ii
au-'grtied, but tlie buMneaa of the eourl will firoeeed
ii. uxnal. .iii.l xxl-.cn Ihe ealendar heeomei o' rcr wd
? new -.-.- nd dlvltUoo x*.lll be orgaBBted. u.< . -..t"i
.ui-- cir.iitt r.-iirt oi Appeah) meanwhile coi
t? ui ,p ??? ..i IM appellate biulneax wlth gtoal rapldlt.-.
Tli- ludgea :ire dei.-i :ilu"il thal lh-lr .iluidur J.nal!
not arow unduly targe. -nd that the deMya ln tha
heatirtg ...' appeala. whlcb have eauxed ao irrent
:.,iut In the Ruxtc courtt, will probably not
k,o:i bfl fflll in the L'Blted Btate* I.ourts.
The fuil te_,i of Chtef .t'utice Pfljixon'B cbarge to
Um -Viie-h-i.v < ..unty Grand atnry in the Home
sictd eavaea, pi-ciuij.- Ihe Bading of uMUctmeah. for
t- aaoa. baa beea pubUabed in om- of the nnmbera
tf the ivii:.ayiv:,iiia Coutity Oourt Beportx, aad baa
beea ceeaflaeated oa by nway laxv jonrBala. Mueh
4.f ahXifjfl r.ixM.n's il.irc- innsi-ts of expreBBlona
of dlsapproval of the aet. ol the Homeatead xurtkera.
'il.- part of the eharge ln whteb Judge Paxaon de
ft;,.- the crlnic of treasoti, aml xava tbal tactx auch
as npp.ur in the blatorv "i the L-hw-eeteed rtota ooxx.
atltuta b-eaaoB, baa been eMttx*Med, The luw agalBat
tr- aaoa Mm beea m haree la laaflnaylvaBM lor ovar
thiny yeara, bal tlbrre kaa beea no proaa*x*atk>n under
lt. It proviiles for the punl-lun-n' of peraoBa wbfl
lefy wnr :i_ain.-t. the BUU or adhcrfl 11 the eaeaatea
af the .-tate. The .ot- oi the HflflMfltead Btrlkera
nave been crltlclseal ;?.- j.-rhiips w.thln the u-linltlon
oi rlm, Rfltatanee to aa aJBcer or a?aH, .n.i Um
liidletineius f.u BM-Mer OVOfl Wflffl BOt surpri-lna*. es
p.cMllj under th- di-.isioii ln the Chlcagu aaarchMt
en ? . but tho B-Mttag "l iBflafltaaonM for triMson,
tbougl thut crlme ls not aXrvflealy Bfl-BUUMd und-r the
lennsylvanl.'i law, bflfl 0996X6] s-ome unfnvorai.le OOBV
ment in tbe lciaU partOBBaaM. aaxfar HoMer,
rf u.is citv, in a commualeatton to 'The
Aibaay Law .lon;.,;.!'' rertewa Um reported arkUa
f. ireaaon ln thla iont.tr>. Aaaong tbe eaaea moat
liearty roerobllng the Homextead trouWex were U.'i!
of one l aii"-. who, xii'h Uxty armed men took .i raft
of luinh. r fi-.mi the enatody ?.f " coUector ..f the p"n
ln Vermont, uftei a Hghl wlth th- iiilli-.i.i. and that
er CaxUivi Hanway, who, at the head of a moh, pi?
vented the captm.f fualtlve Bhvea by a d-puty
marshnl. In each cose the pre&ldlng Judge dlroeted
an aexjuittaL Jturtlce Grler. iu tha Mtter m e. aaM
th-it re-l-tiiiic t. revenue offlcera by .. l.n::<l of smng
Kl-rs or t.. a deputy aherlfl by a crowd of debtora
woaM not be Ireaaon, berauae their InaarrecUon woaM
be of u private, and no| u auhUc, natnre, and their
otyect to rexnedr a private, nol ? pubBe. grievai.ee.
Mr. Poater, vl.il- not dlreeUi eommentlng on tha
ijuestion i.f thfl gnlll or lonoeenee of the nwn c-n
nected wlU. U.e Homeatea- tronblea, wva al the end
of hl- artl'l-: "The reader wUl have obaerved I .1
ln -verv .:.-- ln whieh there baa been a eonvhtlon
of treaaon. rtnee Uie foundatl.' the Amcri. ui
I'nlon. U.e defendanl waa roanected wlth an lu
aarrvcUon of a _"!'-ral natnre, bavlng ai Ita objeel
rexUtanre to the exeenUon of a flrfleral publlf b.w,
or with nn Intentlon of rabvertlng Ibe OovererxMat."
The portralt of riilef Juxtlce Ruflin littii.gly BfflBMefl
tbe opealng ertteM la "The <;r?n i:ap'" f?r Oetober
on '?'Ih.; siipreine Ourt of Nortti CaJX*_UM.1' JttdfB
KnfTin was for nearly twentr liv.- yaari on Uie hc.nih
Of UM Superlni- or Supretn- lYurt-. ati.l |,v hl- vlpor
and iBduttry ea-!ly raatrflfled hta rnflVagnea. He
mado Bome enemlex. Hnd waa rxmaMered overaeverfl
in i.u aea aaeea of erladaala, aad be ?as aeUve in
t!,f. ..^,,.;ir,n inoverner.f, ?"-,' ;is :i judy- bfl flfflfl BhM,
orlginal and forclb:-. PHpik .1. r.ini.-n.. r bflfl BOflM
vei ? s iu "The .'rf.-i Bag," ieaerlptlvo >.f -The
OaMMOfl irt ..' iho Lawyer," and fbe BUseslkBeoua
arttetea aaw _.?Ht. Aeaooa Ibe noti,.- >.f reeenllj
le. ixed tawvera are xbetehea of ex4?e..ator Kernan
Mv nn.?;?? mokM earn aay i-r .''< -?" ???__ "?
flc'pnxlilon wai en1 baeb to tbe nMuriatraU who hx?l
: ? :, it. and 1.ipktlned lhal Ihe pawaire wa?,
Tl i.'.-.i-.iii iv..- nol Bl all proaenl when Ihe eort
wa- in-.-' The plalnUfl walfced 1!':,, dllV a,l<1 '-Ul
not drive.'? So w..rid.-r "The Jut.t" WMhed the
?aglatrate lo wrlte mora phUalv.
Th- BMtaaer ln whieh rhe aa(*?Bt>en af Bhe rnif.-d
nrt arere bxwMrad :.t t1)- reee I ' ?
l ,, |n rii4...'it-<, w:is ,-i raroof "f Ihe
bflflh regard ui whieh lhal dlcT.uiei Mbuaal 1- beld.
Th. other I a Coi irnmenl ofl laki were l< - hmb
pBtxa Ij pteeed end bad lea? luxutfcaia *flrrounda_i*x
t!_i;, . co-trt JuMleea on tbetr W4?atefB trlp.
A ? . nvnltl -.. of rhe Chteago bar, led by Judge
E. ,\. >-'- .?.-. ?.:-.-! fo Ui* recepthm aad entmain
i,?. ? o( ih ..,. t,.. -. n,|.-f JuRtMfl PuBer. <?!. h_4ba_|
?f . ? a letter of u 'BiMwIetlg.
n... L -, .-, Uee 0 ' aeaoetatex " '? r th- im
r-t,! '!-,e .. t. ii.-i-.r- exl nded to ux on Ihe <?<ym> fl
M our i .-- i vrall . ? Oldeagt). whieh lefl rio*h_na_ to
;,. .. .; .,, i ,. ndered our itay l:: (he hlgheM d gree
M ' , '??."
The owiMf of aa lee-pond in Loneaxter C~mnty.
r. , , r-.ov. red ;. verdlei ,,f B300 Bgalnai Ihe Mliler
Ba p Cocapany f.?i lk? OarMruetMai >.f a ewp of aa
l.arveatcd Ice. and thfl Sii.ie snprcme ? our: has te
aaatrr rareraei tbe paegaaeah Tbo ooap eomjaaayV
xi,.-;., waara aear .-i rtream nrhMk ran mto a pond
eon-tnicted for UM puri^.v of flatkorlflg be. Thfl
oata ln whirh Um xpflBt tye fp-m tba soap workx wax
hap lr.li-. aml th- material wus w.iMied down the
BBBBBB. ancl Uw crop of |re renflBred unllt for nte.
Tl..- defendants BBM not al!ow,*d io nhow the x-nlue
ff ::-? irv-sH-d k*6 UflU vc.r. aud the suprcme ("ourt
jj-ec!d..d that the rejeetloa ?f tho avtdence xr-i?
1 err ? Aauther eaaa bavlBg 199X6 i?c-c.i bw faatarai
w?s the ciltiilnal fution u_nli.it Altiert Cnrt-ty. a rc<i
6MUT of U-r!.lmer (')uuty, in U.is Btatfl, Wbfl was
OMvielad of pol-nnlnf,' bOraiax. The General Term of
aM Mipr-iii- r.mrt haa raoeaUy r6fl?_axxl tne eonxie
Uon. (htl-ty wa ? .imp-tltor lu hualnea* Ot tne
?exa of Ollkr ilrox., aad InJuly, 16*9. ihree ofOllloj ?
lorva, w. pol-.i-ed. A witn<*sa. Oarlork, t-.tln-d
that be bongt.1 boib* arweiih tor flirlity. and joon
aftcrxri,^ u,4. hnraea arere laken xiek. The defendant
on ihe irial waa noi allowed, bowever. to aak u.i-_w.i
986a -. n.r pertlncnl uneutloBB, and the General Term
-as or.h-r-.i ? n-w trtal <'f Um raae.
A araMMoa Of bUereat t-. bMa*ela rt?a*a waa reeently
glren u, Knitlat'd. Two yoaag BMO roafl to x l.ot -1
at whieh they InMenaed Um MaxUord lhal tbay woaM
atay. Thev aaked tba flXxBaw if u.e oaaxxxbaflw
*."-.Ul B61 Bfl Ikfl safest pl;><- li wliiih 10 MflVfl Ibfllr
BawMifl , bul he di rttd ti.eni to phKfl th ro aeainat
ih'' ?i_il ,/ ih,' M..I. wi-il ? thfl i*Bora w -t- .llnin:
9B? of Ih- !,i.-a<|.'- v.i. -loi-ii. aiMt thr oxvu-r I r.ii.'I.t
,V"t torltx valna ajalnsi iba ?._" '? 1 ';??? ,.T"1t;.' '''?'
'iC".i, v)? preai.led .1 Ihe trlal. sul-' t>.:.. th' I'm
_9iP9r v?. I,,,-...! ti, t. Kc c.-i.v of the t-o.d- of the
t/?.ell-:-.. .,,-1 ti-.: "aooda" Ineladed bieyrioa. Tha
_?fy K.-.V.- ., v.isii i oi .:.?.it flWo bb* tbflflwner of tha
?U_ei?. uno u.? .u<l_? 4?u_-:aive4 lha vomict
l.KM.MN AI' -':04.
HOW TIIi: iroi-SKMl \ WRRB DEC_ttV8_0
From preaent indlcntlona th* s*a- u. wlll cteaa with
tke AToild'i; rerori at 2:04 for trotUng, a- Ike >a:n
paiga on tbis <lde of the country la BTBcBcaUy over,
und even the iallforiihuiR ha.-* only a few more iaya
befoto the rain wlll ptve the eulliles a vacutiou on th*
l'n.Ttir Ceaat. H ta te tb* Weatem-toarthetn Clreull
that tlie Inrp'-t me.sl ?,f pialoe i. ioa f?t ooollibnttona
ta Ihe n-t of aenaalloaal peiteiuaanco* tba oBly rerori
Of any Importunre Biaia oiit-ld* of IBB1 xerles lielnc
Ibe one aeoroi reeently by _aambool al Btockioa,
where be aon Ibe Btsuaoa ekamplonshtp from Palo
au.., over th* bbbm Mto-okapei traca where Ihe d*n.i
-.a <.f Bbctleacer tr..tt-d ln 8*008 t nearij a twelve*
moatb ago. aii tbat lemata anbeateo rtnce tha
blcycb) BBjky b.fruu its trinmphnl niu.'Ti aie ihe r*.
orda for one, two and tbree yeara, aii ot whlch are
beM by yoJangatara un the '.ther -id* <.f ahe Bocktee,
BO yiurlllips that bave been out fllls BCaUOa bave
ahown sueh foim ?- Proa-Froa aad Befl Bi.'l 'I"'1 i"
1801, and ArlOO. flBlb) ln 8:103-4 bi.l- falr ta Wltk
Btend all attaeka for som* tune te come. Rol s> the
2:10 i-_ cr,(iitt4d to _*_aol m Ihree yeara, aa uireuum
has put iacgeroualy near to Ihoae Bgnrea In a taee.ani
ran probnbh cr,t ih* 2:11 l-i he mad* al BaahvHIe
wben ke ieteatei Bentucky t uUui and other craeka
I.v at lea?t a s**oiid in u tlmc tnal. Starcely h'-i
notabta waa ibe beat in 8:15--4 b> :h* Iwoyear-oM
BIBCOO, und lt Ir geri*r.'.lly ndmitieil lhal of all UM
yotaagateri now on tbe tani tloue twa uru Ihe moM
The (umbcrland Pirli Assoriatlu.i w-i, ieaervedly
proad of tbe aueeeaaful naeeUag beld at BaahvUle,
and is alrtady BUklng eXteoaive pr.'pnratl ai.s ior
n*xt year, but what proaMaei te be a _a_Ulan1 ctoaa
of a most oventfnl %ea?on al < oiumbiu i.n far rbort,
nnd all tiirout'ii tlie B-bmanagcmcnl ol one maa,
whom his DCtghbora denouin e. Wl.*n W. C. Jonea,
a kualMng and npinreiitly thrlfty dtlxan of ihe pn Ity
llttle town lu Maury County, ritnatei about Bfty
Btllea from RaakYlUe, isid out a irack of the raodern
lilte pattcrn. Iha attentlon ot turfm*n WBB aaturally
attraettd te Columba. Aa b akrewi itioka to ..i>".>
tiie i;*vv park, Hai rtotater, the prlde of Tenneaaee,
and Dlreet, bis most hmou- rtval, were engaged lo
mcet ther* for the tinal t"*t of tluir BbUlt] ln I
y*ar. Th* Hato hnd pr.vlou^'.y m> t Bl T'.ri" Haate
a:..'. BaahvUle wltMa a kw weeka pre*rlous, and. as
bonora wen even, th* bn'.tie ai Columbla poaa.--"i
r,reru*r Interest, as It would decMe Ibe aupremacy
lor Ibe time betag, at taaat. lt was iberefore aol
nrprtalng thal npwari ol B^OOO people axaemMed
ro aee IMa patr of erack pacen ta a Bupreme eBort,
aud the resull waa Ibat EHrecl lowerei ti." rerori
to 2:00, and made the thr** faateat heata ever leorci
ln a race.
Backed by thu iirc-il-e, the cnmbertand Aa-trakv
tion, AAliicii reaUy me.nl nobody bat vv. C. .'one-.
came oul earty ikta >.ir wllh Ihe moal BmhUloui
projeri ever known In Ihe blslorj af Imrneaa ractag.
Thla* ita- chlei'.y tlio op.iiln-' of Blakea f?r all BgOa
aud both :;aits, tbe vMue of whlck wa- plnred, ta
roiind numbera, M 1400,000, the amouni ..f *ub
acrlpUona lo each betag ao roall lhal ii aeeinei Ihe
beat liiA-i-tn;*i.t ever offerei te breeiera aad oa
Tbe re-iiit wa- a llbeta] patronage from all parta ol
Ibe country, nnd bo axany boraea were named thal
Ihe meeltag attWumWa baic fato lo eellpae nnj Mke
of tn* We lern-Boulhern aerlea. Aa most of Ih, I r
Icita were payable earty, a inod.-i eaUaaati ol Ihe
Boney entraateil te "Columbla Jonea," as be beeame
ramlllarly known, ahowed tbal rloae lo ^'- '?'-"'' " "??"
. ,. ? been loraei to Mm by tb* varlous -ir.-.i'.-r
u. tae atakaa. <uio ot iwo of th* more pruieni
breeders in-tililled Inqiilry. and Bndlng thal the uan
who propoaei ta io ?o mneb Ior the lurf wa- pi .ml
?*:,; i'i bu'laeoa al hta koaae, Ma eBtetfprlaea Inrludlnrj
a eotton tactory and atockfarm, Uietr eonBience be
came prdty IbOTOUghlj e-lahli-hed. The B?"t UfcU
i* ?:,- anable lo retaln Ihe Bervlees ot a aeeretan
:i,i tbal two compvtenl peraooa re-dgtud af. f a "hori
period '.i aervlee did nol prova eoough ot a warnlng,
and tha taoney came ateailly In ?s lorfelta wen d ?
K. K. Cbri-aoun, a weU-kbowB wTlter on irottlng
afialra al RaabvlHe waa tke Brai ?-* retnry. mi II ta
now aaeJarci that be aoon itocoverei a ml approprli
llon of tbe stako fund, and gldeUy mvoroi hi- con
natlon with Jones an.l hia anter_a4aa inon B. B
Wllhera, a Ketitm Ma... wna enenged, but, Bta) a ...
Chrii man. aoon iroppoi ontj but belng r..th r mote
,.,t-p.,kei. made no aacrat of bla alacarvery tbal
was netog tke B-ooey as bai as tt eame In ta rarrj
hlm Blong at the tacal Umk. A mmor of Ud
bi.cli lo Jones. and meett-g hta aeo nd ea-aecn-tarj
at tbe fair git.und.s lu Columbla aotaa weeka latar be
domanied an e*ptanatlon. H* gol IMa ta Ihe ahape
,,f un opea eharge thal be waa amptoylng a irual
fund lor hi- private aaa, and a beated quarrol en
anei Avhi.h came Bear brinplng the Bouthemer's
rareor to an aaHmely ebi. He attackei Mr. Wltb
en and Ihe Kentucklan ptompUy ire. bl ,
two .sh..i- from wMch ploagned terrowi throogh the
Uid BhonMer ol Jonea, aai,,. then b.sl trom
further danger al th* kand M h!a indlgnani ?
The mniier was 6o well hnahei up tbat only a
hini ol 11 i":"b.si tba boraeraen who were then al
Tcrre Haute -Ogr-*ued wltk the Benaaliona M th.
tasl areek ln September.
When th- cinuit raaehed IdBUagtoa, there ivas
Joaea, M Columbttt, raatiy io aKsur* every obe lhal
th* proapeeta f..r his nuotlng wwe of tbe brlgbteai,
bla atrong ratrt betag a poRtkal gathetlng lo lake
ajaee |nei oppoMte tke ttaek oa tke flrat, hia moal
tnodaal . -rinmte of wbkh waa 80,000. Aaaamtng Hml
the nu.Jor part of IMa gawembly woald gravltate
to where Ihe bmoua fllen were ta conteai for th*
big premlama, tbe meettng waa to itail off wltb auch
.plendor that lt- laneeaa was aaaured, Thla waa Iba
fmindatlon on whlck tha ptojoel was boaed. nnd
althonl furtber taveat_^Uon averybody who had
ptaanei te vl-it Cokuabta iteoceeied there from
KaahvUb Uil tho Baaltoi aecommoiattona of tbat
rrrlmi.ivc iown were tasoi to Ihe fnB. Tho an
acajneea-eat tha. th* SoatB-rn vlaliora were lo
enjoy tbo r-ouihen. hoMilmlltv of whleh -.icb haa
been wrtttea aeeinei ta taanre comtartable qnartera
for Bveryboiy, bnl on learatog thal Ihe private bouae.
wtn oolg avallahle, ut a I on-ld. ii.bly blgb? IBta
lhan the ataall botel, tke BrM marmar af ekcoatenl
w:i> beard.
From tbo Irack Haell <-mH> a genernl pr " '
agalnal tbe arretekei bcintlea for atabllng, the lona
(lH(Uth -,__!?, a i,k of water tbal mnd. 11 ilfacuB
to tnra for tbe vataable Btoek qaartered Ibere. AU
thla made 11 u nnionmlring oa tbe eva of ibe open
Ing that Ike ansplclona whkh bai been lulled te
,;,*,, were arooied Igaln, an.l Obubta bj I i tbe rood
leith <.f Uu T*i..i"-*"aii grew atroogee thaa ever.
WiU.'huteBHy.gott.i.'pi.ii'.-pi.ywiiie:. laacharacterl ik
of turfmaa Ibay awMtei aovetepmenta krurtaad ol de
?,.,.. iim ,. guaraBtoe lhal Ihe money wouM i * fortbcom
ing. i'1-Min.li.g thal -baea r*lb-d OB Ihe Demoi mtl* rslly
to brtag th.- croA'd to Mi ttacii. the teUare of lhal
to BttraM ave* two t-Banaad !>*? '."'"? ? sl "' wb0*
iirturaei korae after the ape.i nioktag waa over. may
hav* m.stetvd tho prlcking M tbe buhhl*. Utel
Bi i ulopeneri - petal te a iwemeillatei anlnale, maie
poaalble bv th* iil-ndvised anpparl wfcleb avb, bai
,? ? rhem* thal. oi. Ihe bee af ii. abouM have
been laajeetai ut tke Brai tdgkt. Rrtlber (xanmbta
Itaeli, aor th* aparaely peoidei aartlon ta whlck lt
ls lOMtai, c.uld hold ..at i.nv lnduce.n*nl tbal tbe
nta recelpU b1 ,. raee BaeeUng wotaM imoanl to n?r<>
,.,., ? f*vv baaiiei iaBara a dav. m H?1 aniet
any clrrum-tanc*- ther* mnst t?< B ieiell la aneb
?n extravagaal Baie-tektag as ihe one la qaeatlon.
To bjbbb IMa ap, there reaaalaei whal wa- reaBaei
Baaa "prtMbfee," whleh, Bl C*Mb_bMb, Indoiisd a
cocking BBBla, aad aboad atary .onr.lvxbl* aorl M
nie.-ins for sp*rul.iti?n UWl eb-gB to lll* slilits Of BB
othetrwue aeeeot -pon. Aa evid.-nee of tbe rkara tei
of the mxn wbo tontrlved to buinbug so n.any
aaaaBy keen fcart-un, k fumiahci hy baa Oawbra
Uo? that be Ava, (o receive ***.<**> ?T4BB caeaa
prlvileg.-s. w-lieri. as a mattcr of fnct, tliey Aver. wi
l ? niiit a tenth of that amoimt. ______
When tbe foltapee .-gne OB UM second uay BObod)
waa atrtrtaa- m'* lt waa tke towlteMe rewlt^
what waa appar.nl from tiu BMment tbe ateMea bad
i?ni-dl The ... tion of the Amerlcan rrotim? Aa ?
Jdatlon" ln auspenilmr tbe member at loliinibla wa
f-'u.d Uicae ..'?:.".- und drtvera wlm r*baed W tak*
tl'r n I- farce ol ecanpetlBg for faHhtaa birt the
Jomi'i' e,,.,.i getting g -.nali part of tbe ... -..'.i
V'/f-f.';:.1 -'..--' tl?n &-,000, wlll probtW, r
J la i hetter ayxtem lor Ihe gcrveriimen of tboae
?.? ,rntr..l Uie Bumeroua irivtag park attaoctalljma
! iu it ls ..tdv a few vv,"k- -ln." b amallc
i'lir1 , ,'.v?. <i"in.".:.ie irnlrag. wa. rommltted al
Im. npp-"'' . aomewhal s uu ar oeciir
^e-ftelb^aanudr-^ .Ity of tetter
pn'itieiVo,. i..r tboae wbo maiu- a kwMaeaa of aarna-a
,'"'?,'!:'i of tbe oM aaaoetatlona hare a vveii-.-tabiMi.'i
reoi'iti li "n'l eoniucl thelr m.-tlns'-i on araretel
I m, ".' ke plon, 1,11 the l.4',?e.i.l'il- grow ''?'"''
?I.,* ,i,i,-i ba* aBuedod lemptettona vvhi-h n*.
' , ,* H-'i" atripe a- "ColumMa .1.a" rannol re
:o pi.y rorfelt* ajang gmwn |_ (BVOT Ol tMj laBflk,
mwl lt ls rbUned Joaea rould onli bave obtalned the
i. v Ih.irh tho roilnalon of th* offlcioU, f"r bM
i.-r-ouni us--. \v. .1. white, proprietor ol ? atocb
farm, neai Clflveland, i- one of ihoae wlw aeni bla
-ul-crip.loio, ii, thlx way aud aloog xx .ru leveral
otber vi'iims io- will _irt the uuil.-'' inoroiighly. lu
bobm raxfla, hotabtji ti,u of IV. R. rteele, a looal
horaeman, nt < i luaihta, who one* nwned llal Polnter,
U,e rheeb aiade payabte t, the '?' !i al !?..:. wax
n,,t a?.1, ns thnt w.-,a too rfVar bom. lo be uaed.
A ieu kreederx had forexlkthi .... r'i t< "*nd tinmt
nutioiis to what 1ns tnn ildcal i ?' nl
on Ihe prondaa that they ?..ould nol depoxli money Ull
th. ilmfl ol ihe meetlhg, - , i lal
beea aaved bi this way, ibj ih<<f wl i pald up
promptly, M-nro- BaHabary, rhe shrarwd i ? [forntan,
[. rirohablv the hanli-i Ml bi bla contriTTulloii waa
,1? to ?i.ixs., i?-i_,.4 ? ,_.i,t uearlj ? laraa ln
t i hv .lon-s when _?? i>uirhaaed iie xtalBon P.ree
tor. a xon of nir.-.tor. in >..(;r- of ihla imfori inota
rndlng the .Vextern-ftflatheni .h.uit mnxl ne recboned
,a rurrdslHng more Inrportaal rea*orda to U- -fatl-tL
of harneaa rarlng than anvtMng ever kaoxrn ln Itx
hlxlory. There aeema t.. be i prevaltlng opl
h rw. ver, tbal a retnrn t.. i,u- ,,|.| p.,., _f ., n. i. ?
Ire on .'?! pnnxea and j pr portlomstr ln. i ? ln tt."
anhxrrlpUona lo ?-.'?- -im ... :,',.? rmteome <>f tho
flnancl.il wreckii a! Ihe rwo ptarex nentloned, biM tl.e
eornpmmlxfl thal wai made al Grand Raptdx earli":- ln
Ibe -...,?.. .n. The norxemen will x. -. - .- .. rnle,
ilnre xeveral aaaoeMtlonx bave been able. bj g .1
Bunagemem lo (oBow th- .". per real ptan arttfa proflt.
0HAK6BB in TKN'Ni.-a . i.i r.s pi.ws Of .\>so
,\t a r" -.it BMeMag -.' Bm i.-i.-x Teaalx (Tab, EL.
c. iiiiur araa atatted preetdent; Mlaa JaUa D. Bejrca,
v... |,,? ; i:t ; j.iiui ... (aiiini.i. treaxarer; T. IrvSag MfldV
,l.ii ., r.t.i.1 .inii ? B. luird.;:. raptaia; Mlax T...-U.
ibmMi MM ?'"l Oeorgfl M Townaend. BddtUoflal a
al UM '??*"' nnx ?> m.ii.i.,1-1.' .
Tba aanaal nwetVag ...' Ih. SCew-Jerxej AtbleU Clab
will l,e ln 1.1 -ll \\ <? ll."-'la'. .-. Bg XoVBBlBW 9. at the
ilnl.h..:... ..t BOIBVB I'olt.l. N". .1.
Pfofeaxlonal 11>sir,f- Bnd prlxe-flghttag re- >n u> aBXwet
B>e mt' r. M M BBBM -f Baa BthleUe rlaba nt ;,-.. i \
nuibb-r ol puglllaU. exMMUana bm alread) aeheda
_ . t.'i BesMex ti.- i.-i.thiy awlSxa^rlptixaa 'Wao. x" ? H
Kew-York a.-1 Manhauaa ttiletk cinha the Arcrn 6-b>
let... A.-1 lu'i.'.i will li.? 'al a a ric- al boxlng roolextx ?
Bovambei i-. aad UM KaMoaal AUtkiM Ctab aa Sto-oat.
Ma 14 m.i 10.
Tlu- tin.'l .?.'.i'i. I'. t1"1 .'?..'- " p "' .'.- i.''1 h-adirxp
buXbMw' t.i.ir.nui.. ni -r Bta Kin. u. ri-u.r Teanli Cl-tb
xrafl ptoyed aa" M*t week, aad roaalMl ln a vMtery roi
jav s. Rogen (MMax BtMea . arho baat W. a. ii . .;.....
(acntah la Ihree auaughl aeU; leore, o-i, 8 ?> ??? 9
\ Byaani cf aBertag p-"t aarula te Ihe ithl?? - - ariae
,, reateal Baunba ?? i-.nt- la IndlvMaal rbamptnoahlp
,. | ?? ,g ??>, aea ... wax Intr du ? I ln t a a.
tthUtl' ' i . '. hvl '?-.-. ..""I '.""'i eUUaq fm -,.
ajti. i prltea i eaUj eaded. J. B. Mteh. I, ft. V. __
0 area Brat, wBh ., xcora of 18 pa ul ? an .""
rhaaip. oah y aod ? "a ruofl" la ti.- wrlahUUirowlB
,<..,'<. e, w. Iljertbrrg, K. i * >' won aerood, . IU.
tl |?iint.-. lor alaalag eoe ehamplnnahlp u.i
. .. .,,,;.- ,, Bg-diatenri r,nn...-?? t Bxyer, N V.
j, y j, w ,|. ,.,t . n- in:- x. < . ;< "I I ? ' J' .'?' r.
M A' c., earh a wed 10 polnta, aad Utnt tn Ued rm
:.,., , priu. Bayei ?-.' '?" l ?' "-" ' ' ? ' '? *<
? twa ap. .'t ng ebani.ablpx aud PoBei two ...
hurlllng. ,
x Buaaber ol rb-naea li aa ? the ....... laan (ennla
,.,....,,.. ; : -I. - fxll. aod Ixx ti." iprlog xeveral
, u . i,?-i "rracl i" aill ;.?'? " ' ? ????'??- " '
,. .!? ?:, K lll ''.. il ' ha*-e
,,,ih j.u Me \-i T.-i.iii- i I'.n and J. P
i,_, been '.-'t.-i to .'?- ?hlp I" :
Teunlx flub I - ''"' ei "' ??' "' ?
,r Klngx ... nt.- bax i ?ved M Xew.Tora i wi Bixaaklya.
anrl ...ll ?,.-..-.:? M "" !' '?' tl UM I ? I .'. taMUB
pl? xhlp i - Uu aprtng
rha OaaaU aa K< flub wl l I i
annaal ball at Uw Uaooa Lyca ... ??.. ? I
!,....? 7 Hand) ' ' 1 '?.?? I- ?:.
I m ...,.., a|l| be o
mi ? be . on ? of Un tooal -.ful I
? ? WlBl
?j.ti, |ea of the fall
cap t ? ? '- '
L-xxox 1. '-t we. . !.'ii..n
i. ? ''
i ixrfoM aad ? ?: . x
Tl.. Ut
Tbe -??? i ?
66. -.' alty. J. 1
pr txidenl ' ' ..-,-?
??? . |ub I'.H 1" ' ?
;?' '
TbB Ari"! T. inna - .
tbe n:..t : i ? ? ? :
(tvefl ?.
'j h< ?? I
:? ' ?
,, ptien an i aaa. ? ?
?venln .-, i>- ? mb . - at I
Th- la-i c. " '
nvnl "f tl- i
inrt a: '?? .'?.'? ? ?'
round-J ? ' '
B : i .- 7
Mla 1 d'.uMea rii.al ; " ? I A. B
. '- :-' M
Tbo i inklr.x ol .be rr-- i ? ..????
. ? . ? ;-.
_ii.ii l I i- I"
l I | , . I,- i '. 1:11: I.. - '?!-.'?
|, j iai ::?'.? "? ?'? Bal ?
w. I. X. Bra ' I i' ?
.1/7.1/1' SOTE* '?< ISTl El *?
? 'iu- Annv and Sbvj Jolnial I ' ? ay ln
regnrd lo Ib. ellgibllltj ol M
,. ., nemtx r ol < ngr. -? whlht i ? i
remalm on Ibe Armj B m othrer .
retlred li-i ind draOri Ihe aionthlj paj
Bfl -of oili.-r- of hlv raiili : " No f"f. al de i I
ev?f beea iwndi -al by tbe rourtx or othM Jndlelal
rflkera "f 'i- Oox/erBmml ou Ihe , ihm ol Ihi
ellfllMlltj "f ii r-iir.-l .n. er of tba Armj lo ;i ?eal
ln CToBgreaa. A Ihoeoflgb dlxcna lon by ibe Mw
i.nu ? r- ol Ihe War Bwpartmi-nl ttenilon wax
miied to ihe e i ?? ol '?? n. .: -. i ? w. ?? r.
,,. ? p,4i in ihe eonduxlon lhal I.e '.,?? - I nld '.tll. ?
uithlii Ihe niesnlng of the Cimxtltutlon, and I .
lor., IneugiMe. n ? i-t ? lli.uxa
wl.1 1. i.i, ..? ludgmelll ii|".ii the i \ of Itl ow.1
,;., ? ,.;. nia) vote lo -.... hn. lt ? :? ? led, bal II
laellered thal i'i- Kupr*me Couri wouM
n t ti on enii-tlliitloiinl grontld*. M h:i- been ...,:'1
ihn' Ihe deelxlon ol Ihe llou and
tla' there aoitkl ax no way of gi-ltl . Ihe .,?.-.?
hefor- ' ? eonrt In anawer i" Iblx U .a .. ald
tl. ,i it avi.uhl !'?? .i nalural roui ?? ror Ihe nrenuntlng
.,nii-s t- reft.ae t.. illloa hlrn hia |.,n i r-.ii.r
oii ihe -r.nn.l th.u he l- nol -llgllile for
i. would Iben I" Ihe onlv r< uui ? for
liei i-ral KTrklex if he <h lr?*d M< pay. ind I
Kij I, flnal deeh li n Irj rh. .' ? hunal eoold
l?.' n1.laln.x1, The trttextli n of hl rlgbl lo i '
pnj :i- :i majorgeneral would be In no wa.v Involv.xl:
h i, almplv .. une ii? i ax io whetliei e ean hold
Ihe imi-iiIoii an.l drav, Ihe pay ..i a Uongreaxman
vabli.. .1 retlred otheer ?.f Ibe Army."
.-.. mu. h rriUel n. haa been made among tbe
omrerx and i rtler ol Ibe trmj of lha aetlon ol UM
BmaD Arm MagflMne Rlfle Board In rerjommenduig
tbe Danlxfa Krng-Jorger_?en rlfle lha! It I- beBeved
lha Ihe gun aill never be pul Into lb< bandfl ol Ihe
ir.."i?-. in..1 iii.il the e.oiinlrj v.:ii h- ]>.r->l Ibe
...oi titi.'i.tioii ol golna ..I.......I lu . ??! .. i.... '...ut i."i"
? >f Ihe Kiii-l" ;n. u ' de ? ' x. : -a.u . (. ?.
Bnd whieh bai nol Ihux Mr iborrtmrhlv . t ii,|ish-.i
Its.lf ln II own fr>.r..,i rountry. Ti i- x i...'t th
?iii :i flxed tnagariue holding i..- rartrhlgex; the
ii.;i.:i/.i:.. !.. .1 ? .: ifl ... i he ilfl ? .n 1". .. od
ii- i -in.!- loarliT, \ amall .-r.n tor nilfllnr.i lervlee
tnii-i be xlmp!* ln ronxtrucilon, have no lutrtrate nor
delleate partx whlrh are ih.i.l^ to (.-??? oul ol iirder
?: s lv, and mual be rapabl. ol itanoinc tbe i - .-i-.-i
Hnd of ..... uuil xtfll reii.lii lt- ertieenMllty. M
nn, . be al I. lo '.:..' i N t...- li im _ni unt ol
?iiii, e wtth Ihe n.lnlmuni i.unl o| Injury. The
War l'.jj.iit . < t ;. <t IneUnod lo adopi .. r-r-h n
_-111. .-\..|.i ii- ibe I..-I I'-si,.-. of n?.- iu. um n 1
Inellned k. xel Ib "ll . I.?rii and .nipi it nll ? In
....j jM.rt of Ibe .'.- i .,-.iti,,n .,f ii., UepuMI ii |x.l -
to h.v-r \tn.i, an i ??? enlloi a and Am-1
nopa t , ibe iii-i.-i exteul . .mpatllili wltb i
xervlee. For Iblx rea on Ihe Deoairtnienl Ix lo Rave
Ihe hoard inake .i evere leal f lh< i.'-i Ameriean
rifl lo wbteb ..it-ntl.... araa enl'ed ln Iblx rolui.iti oii
Mll.llHV U. st.
Tii- foOowing aaaVeraol Um Army have been ord red
io rei_.ii t...'.iioti.-i i.oonii- L. Lanpdoii, h.nmaad nt
Porl li.niiiit"ii. aad preaMenl -f Ibe board . aveaed
ihere lor the rxamlnallon of offleera ax lo ''.-ir fllnew
;,,:? promoticn: Captain Bdward FMM, Itn Ai'iil-rv:
md Seeond Uentenania Rlebmond P. DavU. --'fl Artil
lary, Oeonre ... -uui-r. rio" ArtUlery, and Oeorge ar.
:l, 4th Ar-Ill.r\._
?? The flxe y. nrx BOW drawlng lo 8 rtOflfl Bflffl heen
', beyoad nnv xlmll.ir p.-rh.tl bl t!,- , I tOry Of tlie
military ofltaMUbBMBt, i.v legMMllOo aad Bt h-katJ ?
,,f regaMtMai cj.1 alatad lo ameMoiate the roaxtlUoei
und Improve Ihe dtoaUon Bnd iprroiasdingi ol Um -n
llsted iii-ii." TMi i- uik.ii from the nporl ol .'- Ad
jutant-General -( tke Army. New nuartera of the
?iii.-t Improved dealgna bave i.n ereeied. u.e vegetaMa
romponenl ol ihe i-itlon haa been Inrrex ed, p"*t -x
tbangex bave been eMaMlx'ied, ihe clolblng haa beea
Inrr.xiaed, :???' barraeb furnlture and ei|ultmienta bave
been xupidled, x melhod of proruring rllxcbBrgex by
rmrrbiixe haa heen pro\1ded and Uie rnllated n.efl bave
ih, opUon, al f..- end of Ihree rear*1 xen I -. ol Mtorn
|... t., i ni iu- ?ith .in honoraMe dlxrbange, and ' te
exlxllng mettiodx .( nghting, hrallni xnd \*?ntllatloii
,,f ibe qaarterx leave notMng lo be deslred. lt aoaM
....?in thiit tt.i.n-t-.i in.ui luis no longer re.laWe
u-rounri "f rompbilnt. ll.- rnalerUl aiirroiindlngx :n.'
in.u f..r In advanre ..f th.prevalllng ln anj Bar?.pean
ormy. \ Bxed .-.at- of punlabm.-nt? hn> i?n aaVipied
_ftet full ronaddernllnn <.r all mrperla of |be ..u?'I ai
wblch ia now Bppll.xl by roarta bmiIMI ln ..'l raaea
i.ri.u.-.'ii before Inem f..r trial. Ullllary dlxclpllne .*?
malnx Ibe nme alwaya, bal Ihe nethoda >.f obialnlng
nnd rnforelng lt are aabierl lo i ...-?..bancei foree
I,..- _1v n |,l.. lo Iui*-nifenee. and Implliil nbaxllenee.
..ii4,ii n,..., trl ? autxirdlnailon, foUowx, Ti??? ? :,n-?--*'
f.,r .- i now .|i ,--.i -f nioal iiit-iii_ in snd proMl"lii
rnaterlnl, and x.aiMbi r-x'ij i>> recrive Ihe hlgh-xt pr..
fifldanal lnlan_aa> i
Tbe football **a--?i ls now fa?t d-awlrm foword Hs
aaaasl raluiaaBoa o-i Thankaglvbig Dty, aai -P"'
reaaiiii : Ihe relaBva Utength of Bae BWea blg coii*(,*e
?-.,11- ii evgn gn itei ti.?n io- BUHty yeara fcebta T'"0*"
bbH Maroa :t* leaaaaa uu-nvoiUiy d.u from wtdeh to
aattaub a t*am'? rbaarea in a eaaateg eantrat, kat they
x.a tha only laBBkR of play. and thus ro'ot b* Baneadcd
on largely far bracaali r p?oteMa reaaBa. rn aaaaf
I ara 11 in* i<**n atevoraaUy admitt.d t-hut, ti * lexa.a ot
Va!*, llarvar.l and |*TlBtlt.a WOre UM lUaagaM I" Ui'*
.,, ii,rv aai kaa axala Ixom. i.1 Bka taaeaa. a-id th* gfeataal
puhiii lalsreat .. oawtrei la Bka reoalt ??' Bxeli aaaaal
at/uggt* f": xapiearaey. Tboia a." of .our" otaay aota
kwoea, xaeh ..- tt* yearly gaaM botweoa Weoleyao arti
i,? irnlverall*, -I Praaayh-tab, Ihe twa ,*tall-f^M*ra'1
in th" Mg ii.t"t"..ii ?v.'i-'e leagaei w*- aariea of gaaaea toe
,',e Ne ? Bngla .1 totetitaibgMU eloranpbaablp; th* au
?ual game betweea ' I Bltod BUtox Baval ani MIBMry
a.od aataa ood tti* AaMrioaa football tnion eerfoa, bai
uoiie uf ti.*? -an..- BUraeU BB? XpeCt-t-4 ta t*n wbo
Hltnes- rt* Yal*-ll-iv-:d and Val*-l'rlii.-.ton gBBlM.
Th- plav ol aii ihr-* nt rl,.- 1,1 _ n *:i ? tn- il.t. year b**-?
iiiro.iX.?t*'if. Hurvard'i .coi*s |,a\p ba-'i. gbltagly -".
for, *MM early iu Ui? ."ii-on BMy were ruunlng ap to
,,:, i, t. ? ?. < - ii- 48, 83 aad 68, Bkeli kwt iwb gaotea
agamw a. >.nt :uid th* MBBxaehinetti laet-tata of Teeh
. leim- huv* beea 4luppe4nt_ag t* BVelr aimlrera.
ln-tu.i ol Bae raay aad uaaetlaiea avw-ieaBdeal repoitx
vthici. were re< ivai aimo-t iaUy >arii.-i ln rh* eiaaon ef
ti,* team'i Bae wwrt al pmctlee god the generaily -tr.,u.
ra-dltlori el t a ptayera ".in 0r dluppofotaaaat aad dla
-.?! nt Ihe pOOl -IiOvUi* nt fh" pi.iyer.i BOW 1.04-1 us.
svater-. Lea, lake Bad Bewoll are "?. tbe aMh tt-t, aud
f,*i. abaaaca aaeBH t.. ibaoanage thr Bthere. Tba weea>
,e., ,.f (ha pb. "f th" BMB 4," in- !> 11" -u mn, li in UU
leaa ?..r;. and laterfera.ee aa M glva eofoi M tb ,; ??''
Ibat iba overeoaBd. al UU earilet part al th.
,,:? ,.,?.,,i both pb-yan aad eoaeboa t-. xB **??'?: tn th*
.,,,,i.i .;,,(? aRttera a i.t'i* t<-. aaally. raa mdi
vMual pby ..r aaveaal o' Bae otea i- britltaal eaotujb, bul
tbeie - ii- ta I aa lOtatad ptea tt teeat, w?rk and the
r-ain r- BM M. oftoo !"t,. BBBeOBtfUd aad v'l'.i: iii UU
-iicht*..t (i- laUB i in tho way of laurferaaee froM UU
u-h-iiii. aad htlo baeka. Th* aaly uap-ntaat gsma to te
Piavd l? acainat Vai* at Bpeteg-taM na Bevewbet 19
lliarva I aad ITiie-toi) wlll BOt m-et Ibla V'u ;, and
,,.,,. || ?..? !? ,v*ei<. |n wMek t> l-tprove tba hraat,
!,.,., j- .. pei .... ? ur th.-ir two atteogert balfbaeha Lea
', ., i , . i r .. : _M ia." Hiraln. and lOUe ol Un)
,,'. baek ea bV BeM, win n, doubi bupl
ln UU BB__?, and X ebua .'aui? n.ay be l""k*d
for agaln-1 Val"._
jn reiklaa eoetraoi b> UU reporta rrma tba B.rvaM
aarni aw ti.,..- reeelved fr-w, th-.r ti..bonor*4 rlvala
I ? . iiu.. Earty ln th* BBBxan Yale'a a_rt waa
, . ?aaliU an kglng reporw were iBduatrlou.lj
I, ,,..,, -..,.,, Xew-Haven. Ia Ibelr BrB -m." fMe
~,i- ?.,,_-. : ?.. lefeat WeeByaa by <) M o, aad s f**?
a^., i?p |."?.I Bka ir-.-pit AlbleUe Clab I bm M
*pt tha ball tviire wlBkta a f." yaria af Tata'a goal.
But VaU baa, aad n:?av? baa i~d, th* odv-nntav* or Bka
beat iBdlvMual x 4 Uam aeaealag, aa ""T aa UU baol
ot ,,,,?,,!.,_ Utal ??iu ba foowd in any ?* B>* rat
,,'_-, , ? ? 1 -" rl.t-t la :.ri|.rov*Tii^it Wbleb ar?
. ?. rrade In t?i."T bhwiUi af Ihe l-am'a prae.
. . ... ., . xurprla rale'a palUy :- ?
? rl i iea wbleb prei I ao au
,,-^ -,:. "?. . and h.ie? - I n ktl al | 4 -
r , ,.,.,,.. , piaj Thu.
, ? , xeoras and tae ? -? -?
ber |.'?'*r- have '???? eapeeted te ?"
,'ha ara ' famdkM wltb Vate'i xyxMW
,,,.., . ? r m pra - have araeh -n
Ke?-IIav.'. enUioBbau, u I i
,,..,,. . - ..in aa I
Hi t! Tafu defiat*d Amherat
ral, ?! TafU te u
, g ? . , io. Bai laotte-l
? j '
y m j.r | a iiBer bi rep, rt. me d r ?
!...??? . I iba .ext day a
? ?. ,- ?- ,, i. i
? - ? ,,- M year'a
... Klnx aad
I ,,.,!,.. : ? - -"u. !...?? "
... ... . ? ., ./ ,; .-. aad Warren two of
... r. iH-pB" ' ? '
t ,.- tastai
,_, _,.. | ,,.,.?|. - "f I" '? 'I'". ? I I .-'? f ?'?
: ii,. ?? ii . ; ir. aad I - Prlnee.
- 4 ne? n*u v. Io. |l aUy -??"?? gUUa
r I'.- ?? . l I'.ii.t ?!'? kaa ' ra
I , < >bi ni ra ? "f tl.e bijory . f rltbtr Poe or
and VlB*eoi, ? ' ? ' . ?
... '? ? ' '
- ,, .Tl;," IB - ' "
. pai bai bad i rroubii
,., . ,. i
UUoa ? : ?? -' v,;"
r. I. XII
a.npie r ber
. ? i- , ? . ?.,,
: hei burferen a brtng
,.. ? .toli* wi
:-..,( ,4 ta pn Bll Iba balfba
,. ,i brllllaai roat Tbere .- a ?:? iW
.! thi n .ii" :?>. ? '
..,,.. itarbi
. ,.. aerk ma?i '?
? .:.-. -?,... i. ,r
I ? - i.,,,. mi h 'i.' ?rli Bta
-., . ,, ., , - . ? irnell, rbrttDoatb
;, rena kabla att i gtt Uxia ? rar,
I e Uu fact tkal WAttaU Baewlodga la
,,_. ., j-,-., t? th* t.itii.'iu) ?*...., iDllegex UU)
Um atragglea tetwaea ujo braa !.?<:
. , . ,?,i rhe i '. ? eiparleweed rivnl. wlll not
, ,Uip.!:.i i of Um Baa >.r ri" wora
Wp, .in an.l Bka L'Blverall) of PaoniytvaaU botb
> onu.u.1 atrengM rl -te begtaal-g M th- ataaoa.
,.,. receallj lalien bB bl th-lr ptoy. Th" rtcnual
... -. ,,, a ttroag - Bugh -aaaa
,t ....?? ,.r Um Wa ' aa i a - awra tbaa - ?
.,, L,|. rear. r-neauiaccd bj b i 8 ta 0 eeere
,. | . . wexleyan ci down to Bew.Te k avi
i rtou, bai went baek la x aiueh aura kvn.b
? ? ran ip a xeeu (,r "> i . B.
nlvetaity al PaaBBjlva^a ..bi played a rnw
,.,.,,. :?.i ,..,? xgalraM prlneetoo'a rieven and tja- ,c.r
li, .,,:. ,,, i ,., deleat lt, lloa i? ? -' tb rennxylvanlB
,, , ,, ,..?:.. ii, l,ii- latidaM. itt-uipt Blll te ?<?? u by ?
v. ,., . a- ??? r- por) "I ti. I-.? ?'?""" r -???? "
pnuiuxbwtx ba.B :. ?? a. lared aaai Uieti '???...
f,.,, (he pittieetoa p j"1- wben they u **t ln
. ,i, .x. v*iul? 16,
lai, - t.i'in alll pb) t? ? n "i :-.i. - ai B v.y.,rk
,i,K>. ,,,-, I,',, ? ih- n.mi tnuM agalnM Prtncgea. I?
? , || -.. . ?ior.. AUll tl" ( i'.l. ''.'i'' Bl :i,' l'.'l"
. ..., ;,, ? i.,v iifi.i.i,-,n. :iuil Um inlvi-itv of
j, ,. ? ?. i,, o rbampbm.Mp ." al Manbatun
(, ii on Satordai afteraooa. Ibe prlactpai bbbmi BSh*i.
ul | f0i thla we k .<>-? ??>- fo
M ,ii,i:i\ Butgera ' ollege va Ootumbta AUtleUe Club, al
? . . i. ?
| , , nl A .'. v 4 A'.'. 4| v i:i Iiiiv r-:tv, ftj
i , ? rn l*ark, Brooklyn; Oraaga \ < , n PrlBeetoa Vi>\
:,t .iriiit',- ..vai. Oraage, B. i rntvi-itv of
i .,-!,. II i'i,iv i ?:?<? al Hi"-'. M V. rale
Li.iv.ralty v-. Bew-TorB A. C, at Poto OiwoBda B ?
w ..,.-,iiv in,.?n I'alveraity v>. Maa-arhnaeHa in-tl
t?t.. oi Te biulooy gB Bul a, Haoa Ad Ipbl leaiei
vk. Brooklyn Bl '. B bool, al Waablagten Park, Broohlra.
1 rniii- rUwdotB < oUega vs. I'.rr.v?n I'nlv. r.lfv, ut PTOVt
d-l.l". II 1.
HaturUy?Baw-TorB i'niv.t?itv va PraaMla and Mir.
..,.; ,? I., ii lor, I'l-nn. : Amrer-t t'rilv. r-itv v?. luirt.
.,.ii,/- (Xew.Eagiaad latareaUeglaM rbaoiplaa.Blp
,.,, . iu .Auiiu-t Ibaa.; Call-ge of taa Clty of Bew.
V'o?B v.. -..t-.. latoird Crickrt Club, ot Livtagataaa Btatea
li reni AthleUi Club v. N'ew-York A-htaBe
,.] ,?, .\. r" i'. chataplanablp pam . .t k-Mtem Park,
ii Harxard Bi reralt* ?? Baataa Atblatta aih#.
clatloo, rn .'..nt tidf". Ma..., Baggera Cktlega a?. WUI
i:i1i s . iilegv, .i*. WHItaantewa, Mdss. : Barveialty ef
i \ Lebbjh I'niV'Ttitv. at labdo, Ohbi fniv'
.ity ,f PewaarlvaaM a?. ') ?l* fatvoraBy (latutaHegtaaa
ilaBoiplanabty gama), at laba-aaaa. rvi.i, x^w.YorK.
Th* why and th* wh"rc.f,,r* Of the drlft of the slilp
Fr.*! B. laytor ara now pnssBag 'ho experf- of 'be
?.?/ixographU Ofaee at Waaalagtan. Th* Fred B.
r..'. im waa eal ta hvo by the Haaawf Trave on .iun*
Btkeaat ef Baateeket Tke Trave passeii eoaa
pbtely ikroagh tke -h i?. frtatttag ber as if with a knlf*.
rjM Taylor now b*i...u Iha BBMT1 rcmarkxMe voynge
wMck ahe m aay ether -hip ever Btada. Har -aiis
?*r* s*t when th* accldPtit occurred. Th* BBVerei
portloi - did noi fink. bai ^tarted away ln apaaatb di
rectlone. Tke siem atar*ei taBttb nnd from ttmc to
,1m* vta. rcpurt,.! bv liicomlni; shlp* a- h.ivln; been
Igkfei, bggiag aktai ii an aaay aaaa. 'i'!|e nfter
portlon of be ddp Bta-a a eeeaaa alaaeat dne aortb
unill off I'..,Um.d. Me. Th.ii Ihe phautuni .lilpP'-r wha
?.,- navlgattag ikb pevtion ..f taa ibtp apoareaUy
tbougbi " Ume ia auka porl aai kbs after part M
th* Fred B. -kytor, still wBk all -alls s*t and imw
Ing, mail. fur the cn.i-i ol Maln* and gn.nndpd at Cap*
PnrpM "?
Reaawkfta Iha Im.w M tb" ship had. aRar tawjjdng
aad iiMit.g i? ibe aelgkborkooi of Iba pim* wbara tbe
icridenl look pi.i**, Btartei al tawari Um aoa'hweM.
II .i!!.ii ia a dtrecnoa exaetly epfauUe :-. Hu abw M
the (iuif Btrcan ..mi th* arieatbta b-H-v*. ot preteai
,,, ,,. l.ov* laal th* Avmd bbW tha forward part of the
iioior to tb* Bfoatwari uf Ike tM-J laraaa anu heu tuc
r.,1,1 ,-onnter nirr-n' xxl.trh tlnwa alnn? tl.e eOBBt Iri'lrte
tbe atre.'im r.'UTl.al It 10 Ikfl BOBtkWeM. Bul -x--: \ tnitly
liii.v- thal ;i phi.nio'ii -hiup-r *o..k eonnnund of tba
[orward part of tbe ibip .1- well aa t!:e after pnrt and
i.s oavtgatlng It toward a "OfldherB pflf*.
Tt."her day tbe bow ol tba Taytor waa aMhted ?tJ
down loward the rapea ol the Cheaapeahe. .\lni?-t am
d.-iy now 1 m.iv reacb Um ibora ami UM dunl eraxaa or
Um Fred B. Taytor be ended.
or.D i'l'STOMS Of THI. TIMK.
Th-re are many xnlnts WhaMf tuemorles bave long
UV...I green, and WUI mueh longer IU- M b.-rause of
the BflartM bflflBty "f the xtnrlex MM Ol lh-lr BVOB and
aetfl, nnd UM dellrnte hun.or xvlta WhMb they bave
lomeumea -MphaaUed their ptaxty, ..nd whteh appeal*
for Ohflfla mr.re sirongly In BM mlndx of aome Wbfl BOU
them lfl a.lmln.th.n tluin WbOM IvXO of gelf-d-nb.l
aad ibM-.iving. Oae auch U at. bkurtJa. His ttfa
pleaaflfl Ihoae whe bave a mimi to a saint eaaaMe of
toucblng s K-siirriuve Hnd nixo af a aaraUXaa yetw. ?nd
tiita dav l- oae ..f flolM ?aa.a ehoer. II l* bo woaaflf
that bfl -i.'.ul.l he popular. II- ls one of Ihe salnta
arho ara boaored by havtsg thetr iaya .lesiimated by
BB8M8 eaaxag la " bmb." hi? dny eoaaao thia week, on
PrMay, aad la eaJlei MartlauBaa.
Tli- beal known .story ahOBt Bt Martln, an.l altogeth-r
the pr.tti.-i, 1- thal -f Um -flflojaf w"b artMaa ka al
vi.l'al his rluili. II- had nothlng eLsc to glve blm.
xo be eut bM etoek Ib two ?n:i bM axrari and pave
blm tinlf of It. At nlght the (Urlst appe-.ired to him
atteoded by BBgeta, .in?l tobl him iba. lt xvu.- llims.-lf
with whoM be bad .tivi<:.?.i bM faixaaat, t.-ning the
111.???!?. alao, Ihat it waa IbM boty man xiho had had
i-onipa.-.li.n 0B UM BflOf beBjaU*. This rloalt was long
li.pt iti Pranee, aml lt used to be beene i.-for- tbe
Preaeh BMaarcha ta battlfl as an BaaBOraaee of aueeeaa.
n 1- to bfl noted that lha i-'r-u-i. tor IbM etoak ls
rbape, ami Ibe ptoee arhere lt waa kepl Wfli celhfll
11 i-Liipelle and Ihe U-ep-r of lt u <l_.pl.ilii. 9*9669 c lt
has been sni.l Ihe kaaUtar wov4ta are <i-rivert. chapel
nnd ebflpMM may be rAmneeted wiiii rbape, but lt lx
not mr. ?:.ry 10 supia.sn thfll tho refariBOa ls solely
to th- rloak "f Bt. Martln.
11- araa a aoMler when thal bapaamet, and lhal was
bow be bappened to have a aword. B? did not cnre
for iniiltury affalra. Prohably Uie only reaaoa arby he
ever bad aaytblng t.. io wtth them a*aa that be wax
Ihe -r.n ol fl Boman military bribnne. \iterw.,rd he
wax rnade LUebop <>f Totirs, and that waa a ...lllng
atore to bla UUug. ll- u.is bmM laa-KOtia lu lt. nnd
tor" down BMny pagaa teraphw iuid butM ehvrobefl ln
th-ir -t.n.i. Then aaother InoMeat b-f-i him, less
poetlc lhaa Ibfl laraxer, bul BBore amuataf. u- flree
onre golng toward Bome on foot when be m-t Bataa,
who jeered al Mm f-r walklng, wbea he ought to
rl.l- ln b manner worthy ol .. i.l-imp. Bt. Martta
Ibereupon rhanged Babu blaaaatf ln'" a maM and
jumptng on iu- baek rodo eomfortaMy atong. waea
ever be wvwl too alow lha xalal made th<- slun of the
rr.,* and tl..- miil- wai goaded to _reat.T etfort.-. Al
la t ibc Sataalc mule, thoroughJy weary, ezcMtmed:
Mi-na M, algna: lai.ann na tumi MaagM;
14..in 1 t I.. mUM BiaUboa lt.it amor.
1 .1 1- ui to rn.'.ti "Craa thy-eil, croaa tbyaetf;
you troubie aad annoy ma n-.-db.s-ly; by my -x-r
tl-ns '...;i mM aoon ...11- to Bome, ih- objeet of your
.I?ir-." ThM rn.i-t ba regarded aa a BeeMeflly Rraa
irai -iiti.'.'i. .iti.i ll xa 111 take an aeata l_iiin Bebotar to
get lhal oul oi it. lt I.- io be f-.ir.-.l thal wtth all his
well known learnlng, Bataa ln Ibta eaae flllowed hlx
.l.-lr- 10 in.-.li" tv.o Uaea racb <>f whlcb abould read
Ihe -.in.- baekward ami forward, us theae <io, io over
BDflM th- ai'- lul- >-"i r-i t-iess of his l.:.lin.
lt 1- probable tha: Bome of the obaervBaeefl apx
proprlote lo Martlnmai orlglnally rtekmaed to a feaM
of Baeebufl beM Bl ahool Uali Ubm. II wa- then,
on th- conUnent of Buropo, tu.-.t tbe n?w xvine waa
? ? taated and .. day of .ovbUlty waa tuo natural
r--uit. ....? arere ais.. aacrlflcfld pi-ntifuily, aa in
BogMnd ai Mlehaelinas. itranii's " I'upuhir ABttqut
(:...-? qnotea an old catondar whieh xara of th? 11th
of N .'..-!iil".|-: - Win-a ;.r- Mfltfld hkI drnivn from
ihe leea. The Yin.-.n.-i. a reaat "f th- an4*lenta, r
11 .? "i tn i'.i 1 dny. !?... ? hux In the Ogure of Martta."
ln i/i: l.ui'l ibe day wax more aacred t>> beef.
.... _ t' ... be kUled f".- th- whiter'a meat
b.iiI Mnrtlemax Ueef m.-ana bccf *lrh-.l ln i'i- eblmue]
Ike ,. on. In th- nortli >.f Kngi-ind xeveral of tbe
p nr-r fainUlex iimxI to ioln locitUier lii Imvlng 1. . ..??
..r aome other anlmal ... be Mllod at tlu- tlme. it
wnx lll tle enough mea! the poor |as,pin of Bngland
,-,.? ..,1 iho 1.-? ul 1 :???-. m.i it l- IllUe enough they
_-'t now. Such an anlmal aa thla waa called .. mnrt.
rd whteh mlght e.-.-Hv enough be derived firom
Martln, bul wblch bax alao been tboughi to r-f-r t<>
th- 111.111 or 111:11 :<i'i ut whieh It wa* bought- I'.ut nt
.,?,.. ? greal dellcaey uxed to he prodoced by
Inklng oul tho rntrallx, xturTIng Ihem wlth u hind nf
i... meat, tylng the.u Into iniall linka nnil holl
Ing them. The rexult v. ted bhtok puddlng.
I; wax a yard of thli ism. blneli puddlng, it aill ba
remejnbered, lhal 11.^.! 1 oninn ao nrdenUy deadred
li the niirxer) -'"ry of ??T1.. n.r.- ivi-h.-. "
.-?. Martln lui? yel 0 more pretty ^i.-.im ti
nffeitlonuto mei r,. In Kranee the f. -.-. warm BBd
|i . . mi daya a-hleh eomnmnly wrur ;.t aboxit this
? are I'.un h-r- 1- 1'idlnn lummer nro
rolled t.?- Btunmer ol Bt. Martln. And then, wbea
? man feelx n return ol jrouthful .-..dor and "f
love, lhal ln Fixmch is the xummer ol i-t. Martln,
nr..N. f l\ THE PIB8T vi:.\r.s pp mr. CITTt.
\ wealthy N--.v V-iii merehant, who travatlod oa
th- iv.- -rn rircall for hta Brm in the old daya of
OeaweratM w_kh*at earreflcj before Um wa.-, ro
rently toM ? Tribame reporter ? few of nis ex
perieneea ln tboae iaya M BafliiehU aaeertalaty
i.efore lha BeflwbtMaa BMIoaal Mmalflg ayxt?m wax
'? You young n-."ii who came Into tlie world at
Bbflfll 'he aam- t;::i. U UM untlonal bflBMBg system,"
-ald he, "can bavfl no Men r>r tha stut- >.f ti.ings
before Um eflrreBey ii..- reudered Bnlform. a uni
lorn. <uri-.ii.v ls BOBOlBtelj n-eessarv lfl tlie con
rentenl and Mfe frnns:.. tl.ni of buMBBflfl. In one
.- s- it (lo.-n't taatter bOW ir-ort UMI rurr-nry Is.
it tnak-s Uttle dirfereoee ahether tt la baafld on
goM, or on allver, or an bayaoeta, ao I-uk 1* it hi
unlveraal. ll bi bettei to have a CBrreney thal 1
.l.-pr. .I:it.-.l -1 v. 1. per "?.... If the .l.-pr-.-lailon 1< tho
Mme from Maln. to < 'allforiil:., tlmn t.< li.iv- t-rtv
i,,iir dlferenl Idada ..1 Btate carrency Mhject to
varylng dlaeoanti ol mneh lesa -xt-nt.
?? it. I-:.; w- had a KT.-at panlc In Utta eouBtry
whteh began wlth th- mlbire oi a rjtnrtnnaH Life
xml Tru-t Cbmpany. 1 bad aoM over 1000,000 worth
of enodi ln CaMago f-r mv grm. The lUtaota baoax
were baaed on Btatu u.n.i-. When UM paato came
lh..s- hoti.ls weat down to 10. Iu (-..use^uemo thla
IIII11..H .urr.-n.v weal tl'i-.in lfl M fflflM ou a
rtollar or IhereabouU. when ..ur i.m- oa. >tue thfl
Chteago people Inatxled on paylng na ln mis money.
We ot.j-.-t-.!. t.ut bad to lnk< thual ?r nolhing, aaM
,,, bm were eompeUed lo poekel a loaa of M p.-r .?-ut.
?? w lu-ii Ihe war broke out bi '01 Ibta mom partl
eolored earreney gol ln a frigbtiul condltton, Bow
Vorb I-".-- had Ihelr Soutlicrn dehtora repeMMM
their obUgntlonS, iit.il We-t.-Ji. . u-totiiers ivould not
pay us anytnlng bnl this wUdral raosey, ti.tt waa
golng down, iioivn. down, Uke tu.- Bereury m a
barometef tuba aft-r a amall boy h.-.* panokad a
ii,,i? in tbe reaervoir. h'ew Tork axebaagai in
Chleago wenl n\> lo 10 aad ij per cejit. .md
then beeame aBootaloabU al any flrtee. 01 eoane
IBe pn miii.us p.id for esekange obbm oal af the
N-w VorK mer.-h.iui-.
- rin.iiiv it beeaaae ao bad tiu.i are weal baok to
ihe priatttlvf Btate aad begaB la bartaf. w- t.wh
eorn or waaal for oor Chkago MUa, aad aMpped it
ou tn Jfew-Yofk aad aoM lt beraa. In cawaflaaiaBca
of this the N-w York marl.-t w.s BOOQ glult?l wlth
eorn aad we ooe-dafi ixallaa. Many rar_.ieS re
BMtaad 011 bonrd tlll tb-y baatal nnd xpoiled.
"Those were greal iaya, m\ frMod, an.l nothlng
bttt |be r.-pul.llran natiomil (?iiri-amv syjleni snv.Kl
the eountry. If thfll had Bflt OBflBa to restore
bflfllBeajfl faelllty ind r.-nl-r the proce-xex of trxde
om-e more poaaiMe, w- never cmld Bave oarried on
thi w-:r aml suppr rt.-d our armli s. ll.inhr.ipiey would
In-.lt.ilv h..v,. 1-cl to tU- m.lltory aubjugation ot
(bfl N'rth and Wiiit."
/.ystead of _i_.voo'Ci_f.^.
From The Doston Globe.
norolliy Madrio- wrttes me tliat inonograrni ara
ranldly golng out. for ihe brlRht OBflfl Ol - u'Ui bavfl Ult
iinoi. a moflfl Of marlilng Ui-lr belongliu*- whlrh U
ni. d-ilntv and eblr as one eould Whab. F.v-ry plrl has
a blrthd'av MoaaoXB. In sel-etlng lt her rbolre Ix,
of rourae, eoaJafld to lha il-w-r- whieh btoom ln ber
natal month, any oae ?f whkb ihe may rJaam a- h-r
nwii esp-elal liloxxoni. Thi* l.ei-on.e.s a romrmraUvely
eaai t-uui to tbe iiam-.-i arboflfl Mrtbday Mua in tbe
montbi when 11'.r.-i reigaa npreaM. nut th- mald. n
falr ?ho mual ml-pi this pretty faxhlon under Ibfl
Boverelgnty <'f Kiu_ rYoot 1- eeanxeUfld to giv- the
m.-.tt-r a _oo'l .l.'al ff .-onaltl.-ratloii bflfflffl inahlng a
deetaton. . . __?__^
oaee bavlng eboaen a aoweret, bowever, she lixsteu^
to briBg I' Into us- it. a doaaa ?.r mera i*haraalBg waya.
Th- immoitram lx dlflCflrdfld from her hvslerv. lln-n.
OtO., Mti.l Ita I'la.e ls IhIou. hy th- Mrth.liy blosa.im,
whl.'-b .ppe.irs In the dnlntl ?1 etohr. Marlea.
The lancy. a i.-ililnc on-. _. as ioooraUva ns 11 ls
?<. ful Bome -Irl. bave their Mrtl.rt.iv fl-w-r Btamped
upon lh-lr l-tt.-r-pap-r. and this olfers an opimrtunlty
r, r n greal bmb? unlnjue Meaa. Bhe who elfllma Uie
\ |, |e| 1 rdorx .. . b.-t.-r of Ihe Hay btooaxx t.< be ptoeed
lu one rorner of ber vtotM Uated aapetrta: tbe owaflf
of th- rooe _??? 1-0-y bu-d papw au a bachg.uuud for
ber baOflOflMi and au oa.
i A. Vii k tt,
Japanese, Chinese, Turkish & India Goods,
877-879 Broadway,
Cnll special attention
to a now and uniisually
fine agsortnient of
Now on display in
the foHowing sizes
and colors:
Tlio rliecks to pay Ihe membcrs of tke city regl'
nenta for tke Buiata trip aMved ta taa aaaty pirt
Of the areak, and all af the men wlio liave Bppear.4
nt tbelr re-p "cliv" nruiarle- have BBMlvei UM ani'iunte
iu. to tt-HB. Aboat anttvOOO was t*:e nmount
dt-trtbarted Baaoag Iha men ta thls < ity. The meni
bers of tn,. BBM Begbaoat wara aanaag the flrst to ba
paid, C'olonel Camp di-tribullng #7,1*11 50 omong tba
ilBereat raptatBB on Monday evenlng.
The slmting 898908 <*' f'recdmoor ls over ani
rjeaaral It*apaajtoe of itifie ajraetba whitvock and his
.xhle asslstant, f'aptaln R. It. TBBBillB, of Ui* _i24
BeglflMat, ar* hard at Aiork flgurlng Bf fhe returna frar
th* yp.'ir. Tb* year ha* been an e.xreislliiirly euc
rp-sful oae, ..ccrdlng to tlie iinlversal report. ani
?a rvhodv Baeaaa te kare aaly paed t-nrda t<r the nd
m'nKtratloa of the neiv oftlcer. More mark.-men ani
t gooi niiny BBore at-uraaaauaara are te be -ftat-tai
to tae varu.iis ?caj-gaaata who u-e taa creedmoor raaga
than ta BBy one sea-on, for mniiy yeara nl least. ani
pribaMy more than for uuy year for whleh th.-re ls a
reeord. Rumors nre Bytog uhout of .-eAcral imrrartant
match's. wMck ar* to be UbM ii"xt BeaeeB, umong
then possll.ly BB ltit. rnall'iaal otl".
Dr. Oaorge A. Tftttto, of Bo. no aTeM FortafOMtb
st.. ls tl,* new aaabteat lurgBon of th* _"_d Kepiment,
who hn- l**n iipiM.lntcd by Coloiiel lamp.
Ambulaiicc rorps men are bekog rceognlzed for
their true wt.rth B0)*a*aiaya, and tka reeei.i order of
BlIaaaBerOearial ITtztrerald ln that respe.t ls worU)
lepklttog. Part of it ls as folloiv.:
Th* fohoalnsr meuih. rs of the anibiilx,..* BBBJB of tho
raapeaRve legBBoaaa, baaaatka and troop of un. bricado
havlag pt-ferd tho 'pre?< ribed exxinln.itlon in BeoeBBBBBe
with ii. 0. >'o. -3. scrie. 'al, A. B. 0 , vvin be p.-rmlu,'4
to wear at all time. th* di-tlm tlv* bad** of th* ambulniico
ecrpa of ti>e State, a. au bileaatOB M * sp-.^inl fltnes. to
xld th* slcii xnd Injur'-d under BrgM8 circvii..-taiic*x:
S*TPnth Re-lment? l'rlvat, - 11. II. Luckwood. W. J,
\'at*/>. T. O. Tutner, BBBWait Bunean, R. P. Lancaster,
C. R. BBeeeker, j. vv. CBry, H. Vo" L. Meyar.
Klehth Rpglnicnt -PrlAit* K. Maurer.
Ix'lnth Reglmcnt?Prliates BB?BBBi Klnirsland, Thomaa
S. Kl.-hor-s, jr.
Twelfth Bcrln.*nt?Privatea Otto Iluster, r.eorge V.
RUler, B. u. BarebeU.
Tw*atv?.cond Recim-nt-Prlval*. I', A, Wvaard. P.
I. Altats, R. R.ul.diri'. B. C BTeoaWtMa, <?? VV.
McCTIntlck. ... Hold.
Flr-t Ilattery- l'rlvat*. OJOoaaa A. Putting. I harle.
A. W'-nd*l, jr., C-HUtea <i. Knlc., Fred !!*??*.
Bimafl Battery-1'r.vat..i. BBjBff K. Tompktn.x. Wllllara
j. Il lywooi, .lo-.'iih T. Ctelgbran.
Troop t CeipoiBl v. M. YaayaBye, Mvaaaa a. w.
Bpayon, <.'. F.. Tbaiaell. K. U k*aaaaiaaa, BL 6. Korn
J. VV. Th.-rn.
The l-t lialtery. (aptnin Louls Weinle!, I- arantlng
to take a trlp to Kort HumlltBB on Tbaakaglvlag Dflfl
ror tb* purpose of piBlllatag BO the liovernni.-i.t rali?0.
a gooi diiiiiet- w ii aiso b. part af Ike prag B9_aaa
The _d Battery. under Uiptuln Davld \VTI_on, ex
pet'ts to bave u (food tilll" at lll" Lenox Lvcuill OO
Ike BVaaiag of I'rldav, Deiernhpr V, wkea ii diiiiuntlo
aud inusli-al euteitalnineiu vtlll bB keM Avltli B reCep
llon uftti'Ward. Tlie lommltiee aaIiIIi Iihs rhaigB) of
Ihe artalr Is eoBBaoaoi >.f ( aptata RTIaon, Lleuieiiant
WllUani L. ITiiiitiio."tti aii'i K.ii;:.! A. AlBea.
Btaeekeir s. iburaari waa aaci i eagtata <>f torn
pnny 1), li'th BaglaHIBt. "H Wednesday evea inr la-L
BotBlng bas been beari fiom Ihe *o, adttee wbtek
araa appolnt*i to Bai h aaw bVateaeat-e onnM foe
Ih* reglfiient.
The tlrat. mntch of ihe aeason of fli" 7th Itfginient
itltl* Club wa? held on the armoiy nnk" b>*t eveu
Iiik OoaaMerabb tatereM k Mt thls y.a- la ?
einl nuitches, the tiophy for whtak avIIJ probably bg
nerinanentlv uwarded io one of the t.-ain-. In the
Teaii. of Five htetefc th'' trophy ls to he nvtnrded 10
th* teaia whleh wlns li thr** tlmes. not nec.s-nrllr
cmsecutlvely. If has 1.n won tAtlr* by the teaBB
froai Coaipaay H ani ibe -am-> aamber '.f iime4 i,y
th* tenm from I'nmpinv ?'. Tbe tenns fraaa IkeeM
two eompanles wlll no doubt put forlh 1 h ir be<t
eftorts tu earry otf Ihe prtae IMa year, ,is it u-iu b.
thelr lnst cl.nnc" iinless on.. Of th* teBBBB from ih.
oth.r rvonipnnles COBaaa ln and eaptures lt. T n
plcturv prire k vpn hv (iiptalu A. \V. ('oaover a"d
the rrophv glven hv Private J. W. ItBtlteai avUI b.
shot for for the flrst Ume this BBnaaa. Privat* Het>
stcid gnvp ihii Iropky aooa nfter li* won r';e prt*.
ntr*r*d bv th* rlfl* "lub Inst year far t ?* man who
ln a fourteen sh t Btatth BBBde 8999*1 shot a bulFe
? _-a ?
rtOSOUS FOK A XATAl CO_f_f4VD**r7.
(ommander Rlchard P. Leaty, of the Nai'V, has
l^en honored l.y the Legl.tature of Mnryland wltb
n hnnduome tesflmonlal ln recognltlon of his herote
xervl^es at Samoo ln 1688. Ihe te.ttmonlal ls a
gold huntlngcas* wntch and cuble chaln, valued at
IWOO. It ls hand.omely engraved wlti. the eoat Ot
armx of Mnryland nnd tbe lnJtiala, "K. P. L." 4bt
th* lnxlde of the ease ta the followlng Inscrlptlon :
x. .I
The State of Maryland, :
to :
: Commander Wohard P. I,eary. V. S. Navy,:
: for hta hemt-m and gallant aervicea :
: lu prorectlng and vlnilleatlng ?
Amerleni. rtglits. .
: inrlng th* RevoteUoa lu Samoa, :
In 1888. :
Coriitm.ndei l.earv wax la eommand of the t'nltog
Stnf*x shlp Adama at Samoa, and was aenlor
Bflbog present at ih* overtbrow of the TT.in.is.sa
iiivernment. He protested agalnst tht- unlawful
md Inhumnn -aaateriBMBt of plaeea oecupled by
men and aWBOB by a foreign naA'al force. lie
rifecfialiy prevented Uie nttnek by followlng tho
kantgn wnt vaaawt, aaaBa bta .hip ready t?r batuo,
ind sp,,i a vv Itlon prote-t t>> Ibe commander of th.
foreign wnr VOBBM A\-iirnltiR 1:1m that 8_cb an ?ttaaB
would be ooposed by forca.

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