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ba heard. Perhaps lf I *?"re to BBI to yon, lidle*
and gBiitletnen. that you sn- consunilTig Mr. Depe.v'i
tlme, yrni mlifht feel soine laaaaaaa abont lt. flaugh
ter.) 1 had alr.-adv .aid to T"ii Hut portlea w. re
net found by accldent. I wa* golng to say te you
itlll fnrther rl.at the dlviston of tbe part1*i whlrh
we have in Amerloa 1. precli.ly tlie same ln lt*
-haraiter aa the dlvt.ion t,f partle* all ov.?- tlie
world. Ti.ere wlil plwaya be twa partle* *KTeiln? frotn
oach other; one of them pi-.gre-*lv<--that uii-ans some
thlng for tln- fii'ure; and Iha athaf a party of tlie pnst.
(App!au_--.i 1 do not in the leiut l.lamo anv man for
baanagBBj to oae party i-ath.-i- thim tl.e othet. Bat
for Bky part I had ratlier ba in the vanguar-1 of etvUI
eatlon than In the n-ar. <(he<*rs.> That Is tlie
ri-ason whv I um a Urpiiblica-i nheeisi and Inteiid
to stay _o.
Th>- R.-pitlillfHii party, ever bo mnny vrars apo.
when It wai formert. had no more Idea of lt* mug
nlflcent future than th. D.-mori-atlc jxuty has '"
day of its Uraaoaaa j,a,t. (TtabaaaB* eheera I -
men ijot togethei becnitfe they thonght alllie and ln
t.- d'V. to act alihe, and ev-ty tlm,- t.h.-v liui-- art.d
they luive acted wilh all tb. good sense tiiat there
wai ln them for the tlme betbg. Tlmt thelr Bletorj
hai h'-en what lt ii arls*s from the aatare "f tba
8allB0tl0a whl'!, wo _____ the party; It a< ts from
the general good sense of all. 1_M gcn-nil good BaBBB
of all l. th.- beal eiMettoa at all tttnea, Ihla la
a world Wheta W* have to l.elong to one "f two
partles. unleis wn want to strtigirlc on the out-kirts of
..I-IN 4 I'.I'.TV OK Bl I/ONKMi.ll
I fully symput.iln- with the man who d.-slre* more
persorwl fr*-t-d?iii ln thli world than he geta ln two
ptirtlov 1-ut I say to hlm fninhly that he cannot have
aay more UlM-rty and rannot be anyb xly. (AppUnaeQ
There beioc one thomand inllllon- of us ln tbla wtnld,
at leait, and there belng only two sldei to most quea
tlons, we have aa* .o traln with our fellowg or be
lon?<*-_ne. (Applause.l Any man who tm.* tnilned
wth th . nepuMlcan partv ln the pnst has never felt
lonMome. .Applause.)
1 have not the __l|hte*t ldea of golng over the
n-ord of the i>ptihii>un party. bocaaae that ls hl>,
tory. (Appuiu-e.) H ls the whole Btory of thls
country for two __,?_ thlrty years, and I am only go?
lng to allude tu wme thttift*. BOt for the purp,,-e of
brlnglng up anrleni malters, bul simply to Illaatrate
tlie doctrlne which 1 bellcve otight to b<- preai !"-'l I
that 1*. that there !fe an esaentlal dllrerrnce betw.-en
the two partles. a dlfference , whl. h url-es from
thelr niake-up, a dlff.re'iice whlrh arlsi-s from Iha
nature of men. 1 saw a small proees-ion thl- after
noon (laughter and contlnued applaaae) atoetly eom
po__d of very decent young gentleinen, trylnp t" BJaBe
thcm.-elves out worse than tbey nctually were. AM
l felt that i ought to aay to thla uudicnc? to-nlght
thnt I d. not neiiev. that thos" geatleaaea are rary
much worse thim wc arc. I don't bellcve tlmt the
Indlviaual Deniocrat _tand_ upon any wurst indlvldual
basls than we <lo. I sttnplv th'nk that there l- a
aiffei-on, e tatweoa theaa bb* bb, a ..riiuii aiffereaee,
pn.bably only 1-8 of l pvr eeat. Hut tli,- aiflereaee
of 1-d of 1 per cent ln tlil- world ls tln- dlfference
between BBeOBBB and fallure :_t buslin-- and pollttca
and ln rellgloti. <Appl:iu._.i lt ls just that 1-8 <>f
1 per cent uddltlonal good sense wbleh baa B?I* our
peopl,- for tn,, aud thlrty yeara to the front.
1 Uo not one wihat wo huvi- done. It doea n_t
niaU? B8 BBBBb diiroren,.- ?- tha plnJ" fBCt tbal
the Republiran party ha* been in control <f thla
country far two und thlrty yeara. Thls country i
so made that n,? party cai b,- in control of it eie. pl
upon condition ..f ttvtag up to tho uverap- r,"*! Beaae
of the eiitlre Atuerl.an people. (Applanae.) Aad
the fact that tu,- Hepubllrau party durliiR thls long
perlod of tlme baa ?'? conini-'iid,sl its.lf to tln- peo?
ple ls tha m-mrndotH testltuonlnl to its worth, its
uioderatton, Its proeranUVf-ne .s, Iti BVaftaatlBg eter
nal good seiia,-. (Applaus..,
I have aald to you alri-ady that partles nre made
up on the .atii" plan all rv.-i Iha wcrld, and I add
to 11 that tbey bave U-en made up on the sanu- plan
over all human hlstory. And two and thlrty J"ars"
oontrol by a gr^ot party of u f^-eat countiv was soin,
tblng unlaiowu until the Republican party spraiiK
Into baing. lApplau-se.i
Dld you BVat take the trouble to read Knglish
hl.-tory 1 Dld vou evrr tahe the txouble to s,-,- bow
long lt was bi-tw..*n tne rls<- of Ctomw.-ll and th,- wel
cr.mln? back of Charlea II I Oal? n d,-cad,- of yean.
Tbat iiiagiilfactit ple<" ol I_J)gliiU hl-tory <K?s BOt
cover a perlod of a dor.-n y.ar*. From tho he*_BB_Bg
ef tbe Freneh revoluilon until the tlme of Nnpolcn
Bonapart? U less Uian a doren y*-ars. From the
llme of the first oomlng ln of tbe Republican party
to tlie present day ls twa and thlrty si-lld yeus. ,Ap
plauie.) I don't count th,- four ycirs ,,f OrOVer
Cleveland daughteri. baaaaaa nothliik' arha don,.- durtnu
those four years. (Baaewei laaghter.) The engtaa
ran on th. ??am that the _a*B8r lmd olready B_a*e.
Tb?.-c wai nothinn tn Bfhleh ),e dld not endf.ivor as
muah as. be couM to lr? llk.- u.s ..-x?--pt In that proclaniu
tloo whlcb mln<*d hlm. (Louglit.r.i
I want otx-e more ro eall vonr Btt-Btlea U, Ibe
tremendous fct of aar r- puyii.g lae yean Iba aveiate
eood eenae of th,- Amerl un people: it im-ons so much
In tb* post ond eaa awaa aa ?tteh ln the future: lt
appeels to Iba v.-rv KMK-datloa itoaee on whle* aur
Oovcrnrnwnt Xt B-dVlnL We *a aot heleve in havhia
thla countiv gov.rii-i by ? *rl_*oa af the wlae: "<
do not aeHaaa aa having lt taverawd by the roHect
?f-daaaaaa?aay, vv.- *o aal avea Bal-eve ta latvlBg .?.
(fovorned by tlie v.1-aoai of th* __MtaaW>*>_r| ;,<iv-.?,..-.
Wllter. We b.lle4e In BaetB* lt g.,v.rii.d. n. t bf Ibe
M-i.d-.tn o/ ui.. 08aaa*aaaaaaa, or tht- Seaator. or the
wi_e man. but bv t'.ut w_a*aaa aMeli is greater und
mlnhtler tban all ihe w___do.n of tbe Wbete of na, tbe
plaln eoiiimon-seni-B of our forefetlif-rs, onr fa'hfi*,
our lelvea. (AgBlaaaa.) And the fact Ihat tha __*>
pubUc4in party for riil* long BBHea "f venn has l>e<ii
ao UTiarringlv aWe to strlke the l"v<4 of tt<?*d een-,
to h oomplim*Et blpypr than al! tne pages of Its t-pb-ndld
btotory. lAppleu.c and ebaaaa.)
We have orrlvrd now nt a perlod of tlme wtdrli
doeply concerT.? every lndividin*. here. It ls .eldom.
ln my Judpment, In Iba hlstory of the wnrM thnt
a people c.-m (let?-miln<- l,v thelr vote* thelr own
oondltion. thelr OWB rotTifort. thelr own h.pplncKR
for a long wl.-.s of yem--. Tor the !a-t Wilrty yeara
.hia country has h.-et: growliie In wealth and power.
Ita growth has b<-ni utterly unprercilentiKl ln the
blstcry of the world. There I. om- clcriim, tnace alon,
which sllently abawa lt more than all Iba Sgares
of tbe eeaaaa or tba aayaaeal af tbe ffatloaal d?*bt.
Years ig? when th- Uritl'h wrlter ased to rome to
thli country tht flrtt thlng that be found on every
croeswalk wa* n boaiting aud . bouting Amerlran, who
waa endeuvc.-lng to cram rtowr. hl* thrriat tlie. great
aeia of our iBBBllJ To-day b? can mnrch from one
end of lt to the other wlthout h?-nring a ilngle hoost.
Amerlra I* U>o blg for boostlng. Its greatne.s
1* too appurent for any man to speak
about lt. except ln n political m'-cUng
where. he i? trylng to ln*truct Deinorrtiti.. (l.aurhler
and applause.)
I saw the otbei night another B-tBBBpB. which tohl
mo mon; of the weal.h of thls country, wbleh I could
romprehenrt, thun tlie piled up labalatloni of our
wlsest atalUtliliins, even when ihev bad been ap
polntod by Oiavar .1,-veljind aid inrtoned by Dnvld
Bermett hiii. (Laagbtar.l i nKie ?n a greal aagfaai
for an hour, a ilxty ot seventy ton englne. und 1
recollected tlmt flltcen yei.ru ai;o I had ridden on the
englne of that perlod, t.ot more than thlrty to.n. lf lt
was tbat, nnd I reflortcd ?- Bra v.ent bounllng over
thoae itltT and atrjng neel n.ll*. What thnt
liicreased __*8 ol tba BBglaa m.-i.nl. It meant
a quadruollnc "f tba <-i,i--: lt imant a dou'.llng or
U-ebling or "ii aipllng of th<- truln ; lt men.it a CJBB*.
mpUng of tl ronients of tba trnm; ii rn> ant an BB
creas-d nuini t of bBJBB als:>. nnd it BBeaat n tre>
inendoii* Ini.iMvi-mtMit lu the weallh ,,f tl.U cmntry,
for Ihnt ra,.n,_U tmln. BBM ull lh<- o'hers, via.s dl
tribuUiiB afl ver tbe fnlted .late- the Ihlagi which
tlie people need for their cotnfr.rt and safetv and
bapptnt-- And tn flfteen year- I myielf hnd wlt
ne?sed thli growth. and everv mlniite of lt tbiaaujh
ULe tears and snfferlnps and s.rrow* of the nveragu
Deniocrailc orator. -Laughter aad applau-.-.'
I am t-lklng now not ?o much fo nepiiblicans as
to the stray Democrat* that rnay po_s!bly be here, and
I feel that I am rlght ln aaylng ihat nln'--tenths of
tha duty of the Republican spenher ls not to in. truct
Bepubllcat.s, but to bring Demorr_U up to date. (Pro
longcd laughter and spplauie.)
The attltude of th? Democraoe party miy loo* to
ba **, virylng ae the oolo:? of the r*alnbow, but lt
ta alwayi ln Its e?sentlal? tbe. 4am*. Tbey ha*e not
a slngle prtn-'lple which runs from Malne to Texas.
I ehould ll*e to se_ a man atart with the I>< mocratle
prlnclplei of Malne and land ln Twta^, any where ex?
cept lu a grave yard. ILaughter.) Long beiore he
goi a<'Ji>ss the .-Ute of (-corgla he woukln't be even a
rocogniiable corpie. iKenewed laughtor.) Tlielr great
cbleftaln. tho real < Ueltain, like all true, llneal d
srandante ln abeyance and ln axlle, thelr great chlef
ln thjK t._ate e-f New York, r-oJIxtug mere fully tban
* the-man-4-etter-tlian-hls-party" doea, whal the party
actually li. has had to Invont a lenr,, and Uie only tenn
thftt rovers then. all- I ani a Democrat." (Laughtnr-l
A alngle addi*,.n to thot tene pUraaeology wouM ni_a
*. (R'.aewe* laughter. i
la ana other ariaoiale, er rathar, eoe real
prinrtpie, not a deirrlptloo. whkh rea;iy runs tliroupii
tuem all. They are agulnsl the Kepubiloan P*'rtv ?
B8B8-M Whal wi hure done wlthl'i tl." la?t 1?-o ranra
alwayx; BgahBal what we are golng ro do. and BgB? I
what they thlnk xv? are patBg fo 80. (Laagbtar.l
Jtut look at ihem for a momept and see lf lt 1* Mt
?o. The food ''.rovwr l? agB-BBl aUeer. Ihe g""<i
1:1m,d I- for stlver. The good I'emocmt "f tril* eeaa
ln i- asalnel agrarlaalaaB, whleh tbe other Deaaeersta
an, afioutli.g foi. Now, Crox-r nlslllu-s i:lca..r*_:
Rlehard la aaapMoa of Orover, bul lhe| both haaa
taa BepabUcaa party. (Unghter and appteaae.)
Tli-re is a bond of union that mnn through thnn all.
ri.e ien-t of them eaa compwhmd K. (Laaghler.)
Now. Jn*: iinderstand what this m.aii-. I' "
RepnUtean party haa to b- boB-ogeaeoaa. lt hai to
bealko al throagh, he aaaa lt baa lo 8o aomathlng,
aaa u party that has Ie ao aamethlBi bbbboI Baje
Itragglara. Lel them g* to the rear, or el- ataaa
..p attl ln fnat. Let thaa ta ln laeor of tne trath,
M tt** let ih-rn -.. to the bad altOf-tber-BOthlBg ****.
Now, the Daaaaeratle party baa aa aaeh trauhle.
lUBghter.) Tho Demaeral aoeent haea to agree
?Bh his hrather. Ua doewu'i heee anyttlaf to
do. au he ts oMiped io aa *
?, nnd fan* with *>? nepabttrBn
party, and vou notlce bew n.tumllx tba BBW con
v.-rrs aeem to take to tho arlnelplea ol tl,- party.
.Uughier .md applattse. Why. th* reoently ??*?*??
coarerta are oal] gelBg t,. he the leadera of Uhe
DemoeraUe party far Hw aaal two or three jeara.
Wbenev. r a man gata nenr-slghted and wa bave to
pltchforh blm out of tbe tatl "f our party, ha toftra
__ poalUon naturaUj at Iba head of the i>mc< r.-;
party (laaghter), and that makea bbbm of tha aM eaee
liloua, and henoe leal Dl and toagnM. Bal they
are all Draaocrata.
The Democratic pntty fnlllle a good inLs-lon. It
B ? pirty of faiilt-fin-lng, ond lt 8088 the. xvork
tboroughw wau. if yoa were to take an rastaataae
om photagraph of lha Democratic party al aaf
moment. you WuuM Bai It doclur'.ng that eomethlng
could not b<' dona. When the HepubHcin party Brat
baaaa we moieett. >*:d we would have no eteeery m
tbo country. and they sutd that abnlltlon could not
Ue done be-euaa lt waa unconsti'uTlon.l. (l.aughtc,.-.,
And we dld lt. lApP-BBBB.) Thef U.rn aald wa
could not carrv on a war. Tncy aaM *o Bf to wlihit.
aaactli U?ea montba of the ia*.t day. Well, we
cnrried lt on. (Apnlauv.) Thev nM WB could not
coerca a aoveralga Btate; that it **?** uiiroustit.iu.m-i.
Wa eoercad eleeen ol them (A_>piau.-e..i Thef aahl
we could nol mar.li from the nu.ntli ..1 tha Ohlo I?
the mouih of the WeattelppL ?> marehed. lAp
p-anae.) Ttny aaM x\e could nol aaarefa from Atianta
to tbe aea, and the Atlaatk BBBHght toohed upan
the gua-barrel* ol onr troopo. lApptoa*e.) we
marehed. (Renewed apptauie and eheera.]
They wid we coaad not lasae greenbacha, when
greenbacka were oaceeaarr to -av,. the ffatlon, H waa
naeonaUtutlooal. We laaaed them. When grcenl.
got to bc Injurtooi to lha eouatry, they tnU we
coaM nnt atop laaalng them, they aald thal waa
anconaUtBlional; they nld we could nol pay On
boada becauae 11 woaM be uueonatitaUoBal, and 11
would imit the p.-.i bborlng man. T..ii,.v eeerj
band thal baa nol beea pald is aa aaered as a aol
dler's grave (appl::u-el. and tln* Cace of 1*8 POOt
labortng man ihlnei wlth tne oO ol proeperlti aad
gtadneae. (Applaaee.)
Do y.-ii aappoaa that durlng this long Bgbt of more
than thirtv yeara aay Demoeral baa alUmateb I ean at?ny
for anything thal the Republlean party ba* d
iCrka of "Kol Stol") Not one. Xbe* are glad we
aboUabad alavery from the eeej face of the aarth
They ure glad Uiat wa haea ma.'.e the boada of the
Unlted Statea ns aolld a* the eamacy of the world.
They aro plud lhat we marehed fmm Atlaata lo Ihe
-ea Thev are Klnd that we coerc-d lha BOraralgn
Statee-moet of thee* There ts not one a_gl* Ihlag
thnt we have done ti.ut la Mtf reata oW, Bal tbal
they ore glad of. Tliev somctlmo*. thlnk that Ihej
dld most of lt lhaaaaeleea. (Laaghler.) i haye
actuallv twlee ttateaed lo a dahata la tho Hoaaa ol
Bepreaeatat-eea whleh t.-nd.-d ta ihow lhal the Deeao
erata fougbt both M"< ot the war. fjaaghter), nn.i
lhat that great bUtortc coaBI-l waa only a
*llght distnrbance In th.v Den.ocn.tlc party.
Do you aaapaie tbat darlag Ihe time of all tb"lr
reatataac* te Ihafalth imd trwtb, tha Democratic party
his nol bad plaualble reaaonal Wby, they alwai
have. The dlfaoolty wttb tbe Democratic pai* '
lhal lt has got no Imagtnattea. II doei aot under
-tand how a law wlll look untll H \* on tba Matat
books ILaughter.) They bare gm to have an objeel
lesson of the Ihlag aetUBlIy In Igbt belor* Ihej raa
l,e r_concll<s_ to It.
Tbe K<'pubiic-ti party baa gel Imag-BBtlon. it i in
iae bow a atatute wtll look before u is la Iba booh.
i wn; ouee rt-ag behlnd a horse out in the eountrj
when UeyeJea fust nuaa tote nre. We un* a boy
,,n a Mcyrle, und the bare* besaa teterlng up and
down. The boy \mi- a i',v ,,! tenae, and be gol
..ir. arrt tha boraa w?il on t.is way. Ha haew ?,
wbeeL Ile hnew a boy, bul be dldn'1 nnder*?nd
lha eomUnatloB. (Laughter aad applauae.i How
Ihera l- not a bora* In ihis liirik-dom that don't under
atand aii ahoul lt. Do you ?? Ibe appllcatieal llte
newed laughter .mi applausa.)
When the Democratic paity, two yeari ru:o. bah*M
th,, MeKlnlei b ll, they went lalo the alr In aii dlre,
tD.ns. They doh'1 ?'.o II aaw. Thaj haea been led
baakward aad forward ? froa! "f lt Thej bae*
l.lir-h.d t!ie;r s f' li'.-.-- ii,'aln-t *t. :.:.'] n.e.v U.-v
to ana_'atand aomethlug ahoul lt. It two yeara trotn
now, 11 rlghteeBaaeaa prev?la, tr- teern* now pkeit,
ti.ev wlll all be itruggllng to ahow that thev never
really had any dlfTlcnpy wlth tha M'Kl: ley blll. |B81
ai they tay now thal they really aever had
dlfllcnlty w|ih a pis'-"iit <|iiorum, or B rcal quoruni.
but tint thev wer* aaad oa aeeoaal el the way li
wns done ro thnn. (l.aii-hter.,
T*nivm.vii <>.v Tlir. TARIPP
i eeanwl go m to-alght to dtaeoai al length, a.- i
would lil<" lo. the qaeatl ? i eonnael I wlth the tariff.
I ij not beUeve Uml the produ.tirin ol Iboumoda of
miliion* in rigures earrle* wtth it aay ktaa to the bmb
wbo *its aad B-tena. Harlni trlcd II aiyadf, i am
qtiito e .nfid.nt thal they di BOt ooneey any Maa lo
lha man who utter' them (Laughter.) Bul Ihera aro
oertaln tldngB whieh avetyhody ean anderm?nd aa l
brlag t<. rh" leeel ?,f vxrt aenae. ti..- atrongeal m
gaaaetrt to me !?,r tha 'ariif I- aol
Oi" piiod up wealth ei lha Datted Btatea, hat tbut it
im-; rirt ihe comiaaa -eaae of aii clvUlted manalnd.
Fer my part, i am a thorougb betterer ta the doctrtue
ui?>n whi.ii oar <iriviTiini''in i-, foundad 'he doctiln*
that the xvlsest hod-h ln tbls world 1? the av. r..g<
aaan of anBlrtnd (Applanae.) i ti.ink there ta
a great deal of truth ln that old ldra al reprohatlOB
whleh we aarpreaa by *nylng n,?.t it k oontrary to
aoaaaaoo sen1.'.
Tbe aoetrtae of Praetec?hi hai nol l<vn adopted
thrairh lgrii^ance. H hu* foug.'it I 1 xvaV through
tb'' wor'.d, and ls thereiare ..ritlllext (/, H|| tbe more
coLsidemtlon. Thei*; wai a time, lo l"-!-, when the
nobio Hei-r fiafaaaar aloae w.- gtrlag his atlaatlan
*>~ > ;??'?:
:5'# -'
vv*t***s_t_t?-aa*-_?/! wjwaj^W-v^.
Mr. i/ariyi/ llred
I._..yvlll?, O.
Catarrh, Heart Failuro, Paralysis
of the Throat
"I thmik Ci4>d and IEooiVh Snr?npn?
rllla for Perfeot Elenlth.**
"Tur the bencllt of milferinr buro?nltj? I Wtth to uta'"
a few fac|? l For ?pv?r*l yc?r? I have ?urTffr>d from ra
t?rrh and i.-.r- f?,lur*, .etilng ?*. bad I ,-o.ila not work ar,d
Could Scarcely Walk
I l,o< a v-ry bad np-\\ of paralynl* of the thrnnt ?oir,''
Um? a(ft. Mv throal irrirird . lo?"l and I roul.1 um
?wnllow. The do<t,,rs - ,,l lt wa* eBBaad br hrart fail
ure. ai.d gave medl. Ii.e, *?blch I u..,k according U> ui
rertlta*. but It dld not aaam to d,< nn any go,4. My
wlfe urjfd me t., try H.K>d'? S?r??i>urill.. When I bad
r?K?u iwo bottlen I fell very nr>urh beiur. I have coo
tlnued iau.ru ll, an* an aow feeiing excellent. 1 rhana
'.od and
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and my wlf?> far mx r?at?raU?n tt pc-fecl henlih."
HARVKY ntKD, UtreyvlUt, C.
nbOB'B PII.La do aot purgt, aala er grlaa, but at*t
fi*oa??ti7, aaaflp ?*' aaki-nilj. -4c.
the best remedy il
Cherry Pectoral
In colds,
bronchitis, la grippe,
and croup, it is
Prompt to Act
sure to cure.
to ii,.- .(.i.sti.n ,.f Frea Ti;.,i- aa* I'T-te-Uon ba
Ion pa I,.- B-OJM apfbed his ataaVMB to lt. lt BeenBed
:i- If Pr.-,' 1 :..<!?' was gOla* I" brcoinc BrhBl BBW.
De_B4M iyt?- BOW thlnlt lt Is. n lnw of Ood and
humani y. Bal -luii- thnt Um,' Iba peopU
ihi-'iugboat th- Iaa*. rlch aad i" ?. ?""'
cated und __ae*aeate*, hava been attlag tbato
BtteaUaa to lt. And the reault of thls n-nrly Ifty
year. ?f the in.>st iplea*M progresa tb<- world U_s
ever iee* ls all on one .Id,-. l'.v,-ry iiuti'.n ?n
aarth, es, ept Oraal Brttata, ls a preteatleBlat natlon.
and ,-very party I* a protectlonhst party aieea. i^>
adMy tba Democratic party. I aay po-iMy the Dem_
crallc parlv. The IBBBOB why 1 say tbat 1? tbat tbe
only sound pro?f tbere i.s thal tbe DaaaaaratK
party Ls a Krce Trade party, It Its own platform
and tbe Democrats v<-ry prnperlv ?ay that
ihat ls not ln any way a proof of lt, that one of tln*
dUtliicui-hlng chnr_it.-ii.4t|rs of the Deniocratlf- p.niy
is that it never *oea after alecttaa abat II aaya
it ti, going to do kafara aJeetlca (laughter and ip
phatae), ftll(| i found my appeal ta tbla BB*leaea not
upon th. declaratlon-. of the Deni>><mti, plaUaraa?
not ln tbe l'-.ist. I adinll that the I.epubll, an purlv,
arhether la tho Bujority or adaority, li .-iiwaai aa
gaai* for th* tatemta "f the people. (Appbtaae.)
I l.iio'.v Ibal ln Ihe future, a- tn tba Baat, BTbaBBV*!
>h. d B-Ociata ha.ve u tetopoimry vtctary, ara, aa tiie
BepubUcan sid,-, bave ipeat taoal of oar aaeiejea la
rlgglog .i-iii,-;.- to get tbeai out of tbe b./.e- wMett
tbey dlg for lhe_a_el~ee, (Laughter.) Btrnpte und -ln
fnl ii- i itaad h, r--. I bava doae lt more thun a deaen
tlme 'in. !,(,-:? uml app!ause), aod tbetefore, bMne to
ext iii oae -,f thi- guardlaa aage'a or the Dem *
raey, i feel al Ubertj ,,. >-p<-ak fe. tbero ln a teatfer
j-..i helpfal aay. l alsb theia better aaaac in tha
utnre, arlatBi from more kflowledge la lhe pa-t.
What t-- the danger froai Detnocracyl Tba danger
from Demoorary ta tbe uakaowa. (Applauae.) Ita
platform to-day, arhereta it propoaea lhe repcal ?i
ti,,- national banlctag ayatem, t- franahl alth the
nncertalaty of thelr tamperin* wltb ibe eurreocy,
wfelcb to-day i- a good , uir.ii, y. every dollar worth
u dii.inr, all th-* world ocr.
Why, Ihe i' mocratla platform de avrea thal Pro
leetlon i- uni n lltul mal, becauae j i caaBot bf
aay poinlblllty uac the taxlng power exrept I* ralae
And yet In Ibe aaie plalforra tbey pr ip t
i. repeal Ira prohlbltory tax. Whal t- a p iWtlt ry
loi ? it ls b tax thal doe bo| rali n oo. ?-. b ? a i
Ibe thlng from arhlfh the money wonld rome doea oot
exlat, Tbal ba been proaouBec* toaat.tBiloaal b
Ibe Sopreme Courl s-> long ego lhal even iha Dcmo
. r.-uli- party have go! reconeUed to II. Thej
n.i v ,?iin,>t ':-,? Ibe laxlag power exeepl lo rai t ra*
eaae. Why, I bava - ? ? u them *o it myaelf.
Do ii t give yooraell I aboal tba Ooaatl
tatloa. it la good lor all it i- warth. lt waa au_*e
f.r ihe beaefil of tha r ?;'?? Tla l tl tttloa aaa
made for Ihe parpoae ol aiaklBg aa go oa to proaperity
nnd aarcasa aml bapptaeas. We bave aot -.
l -,'i.,i i: f..r ibe i irpoae of ereetlag a barrier agalnal
n,e pro*u. le of cheap lai ' bat wa hava eatah
llahed lt for the purpoae of keeplag la Ibe trrin*ndoti?
rcaooreea of thU conntry and dUtributlag t
mu people. i.V; ;? ? ? 11 -ii- va that t M
?j item i f Pl ?!" "i n i. t oaly paaaerrei
I t ,',,. p ;?-,. , ( ihla ? ?:?? tba leaoan ?
,,f thli country, i ut la the m eqattahle ai d i -
... ihat wai at -r
Invented by the gaaiaa of t ' ' '
Dem'" : ? ' ' ' ' ? I ' ? '
i- - , it la foi Ihe beneflt of 1 Ing cl
they labor with tla r hi oi th. i a Iaa, a:.d U
a .... .-. , . ih rooat a Why, l t<?.:{ ap
,t - World" ti.ihai daj langhier . l ?i -l; I aciually
dl*, .,t.,i i fooad .. ' rhjeb I
thera waa no i . : ? I over to
lhe ii-".' page and tb. n a ' ; tbal I ill
Rlver t,..: ..-??. lhe wag f Ita 1
v.?'. evei tb< re ,- _n, :, ? ? n ';?:?'
thi- . oaatry, Ibere e m ?
, aaaa aaa arorhmea have ? ?
them, n. <i our p? ?ple ? ? ' ?
them, I wanl lo p -' one ..r twa qu tl aa I ?
bu* tben l am d ?.-?. i1 rlea ,-f So, -? ? oa I)
ln th- itatemenl I rnahe, I challang. ? ntiadlcllaa.
li; t, I aay thal , - ? ???? i- ??? \ ? ? a gaa of
i-i',.,. lhe wage ' I ? V' ? ra with Mi
or bli braln i- t.,.i.i. .,, per ? ? I , ati
tban lt wu- in l~OD. (Applau?e.)
I i,.,,,,. , . ? ..: ui. I i, :..,ii,-: K" vou t>.
,,;.r.,l.,t wi.ui I say l Ihat, o itaMa ol tarm
producta, evarythlag yon bay l- chrapvi than by -?
l?-r cent than it ajpi Jn IBM). lApplau a.) :
li |, ii .it-,1 tnla "?? , " that i,.,i < v. li a 1)
. ,..t , ouM io... anj uiiu l ol lt. rl ...
I'ou i-i uon _? loi i,,,r dajr'a labw
and you i'''t in'.re Rinil ,,,, y ,ui aullar. I'on
Bl bolfa ,'na.s al the roole. \". :.?! ii,, i" dn i,.ii waut;
,i,,t ur,- w,u waiUng .'.- I'hal ba :??-.: golng on
, v.-r i|i,, ?? 1 BOO. IVi ; ? c it< adll) ln, i
und st.uilll) .'..-..?:. <i i-i.. . i',> iu -. ;, .t ihat '"
ro.'.t i,.ie . iCr.'s,,. '-. s: , If yun oo. thia kn-p her
bvaded lhe ?'? Applause.l li yoa
'.,::,: no| lo kUOW Wbeie \,,u .,!?. ul Bberv you jt?
r-..,!,^. ^ ? ,.:. | .,- Di mu, nnd turn bei .;
-.a. i re ,-i-e und <??? a i al will ba >p D to I er, ti.a. I.
nll. ' 'ii-. i.i ?"? l >-d ,n.d luug - onttn imI and i e-i.-.,
Mi. r.lnii,'liiii'i Introduc, . Mi Depra i>>, one
v I.., " j... i _ oken ,.ii more -. , ,- , aad -.poi<i-n
i?-tt r, than aa_ otl.ei mau ol ihia generation
.Vii. I >? (,-? aiid .
Ladlei and U-ntlemeai Tbe Ilepubileap eagtaa la
pull.ng aide opeii. iLaughter.) li I* ou tuo tracb for
., ,ltu ll...--. and U golng tu gel there. I Vppla ifce.j
I have ipuken thli al ei ? i foi an h?uc aad ?
l.ulf lo S.,Ouo Itepubll-oiM dowa ?u m..i.ii lalau*.
..1,,;,;,, ,1 ?'., I "I, ..,;I>,1 lll I** l|ll.t .,.'11 >U> - ol '.'.I'.
week thlrty-twe apeeclies. i< rle- ,,i ??.^i u,y."i
1 rame lu tli,- conclu Ion that 1 .'.,,' ., caitlron ronatl
i-i.i->ii and , gulta-percba Uanial. I^iugtiter.l I
could not bave tlont n ll n bad aot ),-< n ln a g,.,*i
. un - ??. lApptauae.) 1 I'i. that n wa- n,> duty io
loiiic !,,'.? tu nl/.',;, ibouah i had t?,, engagataeaui ln
mv own eountj for l rall Weiirhenter m) county, be
mn-,. it i- n,\ dniv ..ip,- i, year to report -.,. inv frl*a*a
?f il?- BepubUcan t'lub ?ha| 1 imi ln the Btate.
,\;,,,i;i .v.i i have found n.i- State on Ure i_* 1
inv.-i bave .-.-.ii lt ataca IdM, h.ai and 1MM. iAp
plauaa.l !'? "I'.i a' ...i Ibe ,_-,,,,.,.-, ?p|Ni.< uilv in
enttre populatloa, aroae rtgbl oul ,,: __,,!. ^..?_,u. I_
by aay accMuai w* aiopti**] ten mlnutea, uej wauti-u
,i -i?,-h, and ti,, v 40I 11. iLaughtrr.i
1 na- 1rav_.i1.1a: *.iiii iba i" al Vlce-PreaMeat ol
?a.- 1 nii.-d Btatea. (Applaure.i if v., Weat thru igh
1. Rtatloo Bt t,,r:y iiiIk- nn Uour a t:,,._._ii,t 1,.
publlcana wonld 1,.. wavlng L_uidkerchl*_N ,,i u,.- It*
pnl.llcan duwt lhal ire klcked up. (Uaugbtar.) Wbar
evar we *toppe* 1 .i-k.-u 11.-111 whal 1 1 ih, aewa ,,1
ihat natgbburbood. 1 dtd i."', niu, the uptaUtn oi il,
rhalrman "f ihe rommllte**. 1 hare g,,t pu-t lahlag
optnloiia ,,f elialrmen ,,; romml.le, Ibey alwayi
i.-l! yon Ibal inin.'- nre geittng ,,n much better than
Ihey -.vi r.- under tlie prevloui. idmlnl-truUon ln u,,t
town. 'i .nii.-M.-r.) imi i r-'i down amoaa ,:'"
voters, everyone ,.f tn, m knuwa iur llaiiRbteri and
I sniii : ?? ii,,-.-. aboul Ibe II, put.lh ati rote ln Ihla
lown '? --.ii,i ;,- a r,? H : lt will b? all 0.11 even
man oul ?( lhe grave and ?om>- ln lf v.111 1,1,'n. Ib*
'? I I I aaked, 'Am tl,... u,,i fHcnd/
from Ihe IVmueraey V *.,?. ihe rhalrman .,f tl,"
?:,,? ti,., alway? -n-4 then- are, birt when fuu eome t,,
materiallte tbepi, Ih.y nr- 1 be mahirla tl 1 ,ir.. |? ti?
11,xi ti/wa. ILaugbt. r.) I ,11 ? -j n.Ult 10 kn w
who 11,. v are; whal ar* II1H1 n-.m-. whal ar- n..-ir
"eiupalhin und ..' everj itnilon, al everj 1 unti
'<;" ". ii'- -- .,,,.,,1 ii,,., ,,.,,. tll, ? *. .,,..
rieeepaUon. a ,1 Ibe re I l.-n .- ,,f ? lufbcl-nl p.-r
centoge ,,.' U.-nio, rata, thal if u, ,,? r ,, ,. 1. .' ...
? ? '?? /v;!.',,"1 ?"??'?? "llJ.->??'- ?" "'-,!."??'1!."','
v.i'n 1 I..'.' 11 men, 1 vj |i nn-,-..
I -ihi al ('.ii'ii-t ,,;,. I,, rvwnlng, ji Horneiiaeiiia
Sa?^1:"'What*? :;"A"' :" MV*?n i1"'1 *" u'' "?'???
l""1, fnpwvment lo lhe unemplove*, ti?ls addlna
ih.-y all thorouahly undenUnd what
bll Ine-- ???
boom 1* on
Bhfffi ftaA""*i,s ?"?r'' ??o*lery 1. t aBaraaiiaa
.?a uut: t.,e accutnt^ta -gf* g ^ "?ff* g
,?,t to br i*W;, "S,,, raxJlrogatg which
l?to Um BulMtaR ?i-eSoV property; It Io
, ,..p?v lakor ??? "i. ?** ^ MnucP., of
,,-oi..2 lnlo tha opo "?iI1frlt ,, lotng |Mo tn* --
t.l, i?!,?,.?i.tof muro |? n nnt ^ |ri?m??ion of
evnvi...y r?pca.that tl ? ? proajpertW pwi-lble.
f ' ' ' " "rv r- '.Viv i I.-,iiiiii < tlmt lf Mr. ( 1,-vc
(A|.,...i-s') /%-rvt H,.' ,i,,.w wtiuM be ii araltlni all
* ' ' ' arifl -'?', tl, H i* * K.'I-n-"liti,.,v, -. And
canle'l ulil. blrn 6fl " ? U(. .,?,, ?, f|l,. HoMe ,)f
,,.... gnt ,.,.-.--I... r araltlni Io aee If ho
S^MibR for? tha prinripl" ^^ In hl-ciii
? J '..-, dorlared In M* me?ao?e to cangreoa In
., i;,,,.!.. laLmd in 1*01.
ivhUa ii.- ..-.-."> wa? a-aJtlni ror that. thero wottM
t, ?, i .. n.'? onlrrpriBPt Tl.Id m*a mUh
'; ','??".'.?'., plant aouki baonlargcd; ,,. naw tnlU
? ' i. Jt.rlal '.110 lu 'A' fllll'"'-. 11" ni?W liiV'-t
v";';'1':;:;:, :,w Zm *mn ?... k,?,w ?.,-f,t um
l- ih.r wi- ?.-i" to enter unon an era ol apecuUit "?'?
ivo l,m- Nt>w "lV fll'Ml-' Mr' '?'^?",;""1' il '??
^' - ,17" -ii rniAday nlaht, ,,t tha Lr-nox Lyceiiin.
'Iv.1 .,'.'!,. 'i. m? ?nd Mld tha R.-puMlcans lind
i. ,.L'h t (ApTiloBat..) ll- ??? eoontlnf In ndronot.
' ., nVti'm ui,:,. wouM .p. i undVMt.ndthat
?h. \v.-- .-in Unlon T( UMsraph Company haa rmt mnde
,m, li n?i-v li- nnv thr.- daya In ll.e Inat ten yenra
fh?t havTe ".m* 10 th.- l)n.,..--r;ili. II-;ia!a|-.:irt.-r- l " t
'"v'r ,.,, i-'innM-v. to taWB, wl".,h"r tlxe* j.Inwl
Z Mr ri"v.,.?iti t,,.-,.i.- a ?p--* '?< n.?ht Bi ?'?? - \
;:Sh?I?i V*li, 'nBa-iKt th.. I?
In IBT8I9B89 to the pnrade to-day, Hornoe PtflRff
RBI m^ to-BkfK 96 bavlnff b6M ***** ?? bo ttd
gruud inarslml 9f Okl R6??kdl690 prorosvl,,., If K "?'
tukan 9HM B, bul whlrh V96 abaort -nod bOWOJJJ H
wiv to B9V6 9699 l.nm.alli.trly i.ft.-r th- Hkl ???Ul 01
Mr- rhtrriaogt, h? auld b^ Imd stuUonod ni.Mi BkHkS 9W
llt^ai f.. aovttt UM P. mocMtle BBMlnaM tnen lfl pro
..oa.oii' aud that 96 had OrM ma ?t .W^JftJJn'
LVanBfd 14,000 tuon 9?l6tt9e); and there w?? o
hTx-a baati Kv.or.o In ifce, Th- 9B? WBJ lnj? ;|^
Poai H.-o-.n. fnr H t, that it wba b "btuln??- *?&
?rxxeaRoti, aod the btuliiBM 9bbr u not a DoBwepaa
llnlf the f)oti....iaf- I ltnow walk aroimd wl M i .ir
Cnfcru thal arny. [Uughtar.l I oRfd ><n-'?' IM ;??
man of a Demopratli 8tat* ft)inmitt6a atalk up ...? ?
ptlti and fH*grntulata U ?? trnrtarg nfon tho niaa
i,iiw.-tit worl. ;.-\ irajro dolnfi and tt.o pp.-P'? '?? "f
. t?d than ,- .nd ro.o tt? W^VJ1^
aj'I'Imu--.- Ih.' ifooda ara taH of tl.o^o klnd oi
fj.nciit.Tl '.V'.-n x-a r.-ii'Miiil the ?- uinl-.lL'- ?' ?"'?
iw li. w'rV' h" -x-r'l'-'- ""I"' 1"11- ??? ,T'r
?. ; ' .-? K. and rh.i BliVtl ??? h:i - n t*
ST nfanrrj wltl rnj rtaB t?n '.;?'.;'V
v .! ? ' VYhti aixi yon Hvin gtia ? i>:.. ??-' !?' ?-,,:'.i
x;. frirnd ihrrc i a i?-nulne N'ea ^rker. i ? -> ?
v-ltl, Mr i:'-'* W> da nol brag ai y i";;-- bu in
% ,.. ha tn,", I- ' .!..? al- flJi?6ht?r.) Thov- gr?x
t.ulldlnirs .f riilrnpi <1a-monBirit^ '?'?? grratneaa li>
,-'!? ,:- ,"-. ? ? ? . ' - ?;?:..-.: 1'V. <?<
;, | . er lhan urar
- , '
,,:,d ...'I : - nnli-ii. "'I j
.? , tl ? -. ? rld '? ' iw ??? I "!-? ?'? H (lnatrtaj
f.f t i.i - Urptibllr, ' ? ' '? the arorM whal ?? ? ara
wh.it u.. ran do, AppUa ? ?'
imf i araaal an arneh Inttw brd In xraRytel Uhj
ar.-T.it. -fidving thal croartt I r*ad '!"
,,,.1" ti. -A|.:.|..-r- uiM tha Damocratlc Bpatrhrt
arlth 2i-:i' it.' r*e1 . and I hu.! ba4?9 la ;-.I ' '?'
?-..- lavonrrt ..( dlatreaa aad n.iy thal prt-TolW
|. thla <?? ?ii'tr-. I -"id. ii?-r?< i- :. I'' opportanlty,
hm nr- 300/)00 of peoplt rjorn all parta ol tha
L-nltod BtatajB, and bow ara arttl taifa "''";'' ",'.'
... ,,-v wrairhad and poor we ar*. l /'^; ;;
p. ntfg aad baii aat and I '? \ ?
Zm t ?i:.??'.,. t?.i,ull from oae .-nd Ol UM
tn ti,.- utbar. LaiugUUr.i it w . a p
-? "'?ll 'r'- '"?'?; '
,.-,,.., i ,,.;? . rrowd, I ha- .T.'iv tolatlon I rould
I "wa. that P- artbU thej bornrwed tha
. -a ,.?? araa not to ba i.v.-,.K'.f ol arhaa I
? ?.-'! t - ladlaa- drraai Bttt*. (U ifRMM
,. . , . -? | BAinday r.,..r.;:i-'. i fB)oy*d httrth.
I,,. H -? l xald. it ?m Boa b- MtUrd that thla la
,. proaparV.ua rouatrj ittei all. Bul on Monda
.. ?r.'.',:- r..-' !? ifo Harald.- "Tha i nmoa
pap^ra aald. Tha < vium
i? , .,? - ? ' ? d'dli ? '?' ?? ' d. ui.i
llT.pra.4rd lUalf upa.n the worM wa
?r,- noa ,..-.i;? l .-<1 Bga'n to cwntamplato th* p?\"
:,l..j l, | ... U| ""I i.I'I" " l - ' '
ll,- atrdkraec art up n.?r" ohccriogi ?'i"'n -%|r
Iumh-h Un -...?!. and al] '??????' l?oow Ju" ?* ""?
hapBleai antl Ipatl u of victorjr on rueadBr.
N ... :s WMW-TOU.
By .t..'irt:al.
.. | ,. .i rtrpantfdly ptdntad aut Uuil
-. - , ? '? " U?-nl aa ?r? I - taxfa
nklng i"ii'"i prloi
,-'. B '? ? in ' ' rv - ???
the n.u v.rk Ranh
\,,.,'. i'.i and '.. ntrrfrlt U#t4?rtor.H ol rkytVibar 8,
at thal ? I ?' B min
? rtira. arorthu
l ? . HiilTalo, rluaod
' .'..ki'.l. wortl
li - Ki '" "; ?' P N ' " "? '
17. 1-?.::. .?...i.t.-rf.-M
,. ij.rf.4t m
Irr natni nf
..;?:?! from i ?
? l IC I" r i.-ii'.
I. |- .1 ? i ? .:'.rf.lt t> r-i. ?-i
ixctr :;. .??.?.?? r.-.'
,,,.,. .. - . ?? [| d r..init..rf. l;
fl\.-' I ? ? ? -. ; r- ?
i (Hintfrfall ; fr?ni ..ti- . banh haa : - '
Kn.-K-r'.. : i- i.u (.-,?:...!, xrlndlnii up. Cotrnter
. unllka L-.-t!"iii.- Btrra.
<i.'.\..-., I .,:,!.. ? -??-.' In 4.
I .,r.;i..? ? i. ink, ?' !' n Yan, ? orthlrae.
Farmi t ?' i mk, nf i ' i' - ?? Cmoty, ttand.
I nn.i.i-' llanl ??
Farn ?' ? Uanh ??' Malm ? rlo?j.d.
I ...... i ?:.'.' . !,.. la f -r LUR
f arman' l anh. WarwU k, i !?
Fannarx and Marl .nlra' Bank, OfdtMiBbitTf, cloaad,
runii-"-.' llank, RoniultiK. no xala ror trilla.
I -.i M ? ' I BTll i.,-!..-o^. RiifMr.
rll^rrtiii ' "f ' t"'r r''"' Bawara of Mlla
??I'.i-..' fr..in ?' briikan l.ank nf the aan..' Bania in
'mi, i,'L,.,n i . uuil f. mala nn rlghi Imlia
:l n ..f genulli". ' .*? r*? 11 Ihrra, Bltrrrd frntn ' i
,i, ,-., n< I 'I'i-"-'.. i'i"'. Conntcrfi It t"n
11 dgod ;'" |-. nuiii" Ubi ii not.
Pur ? ' ? ' ":.l... Rochrt '??.''.
,,f ti,r . ' 1 j ,r "? ? t. ( nuntorfi 11 thro.
nir.,, i,, ,.:k ii ? tid, imllko Banulna. rounti>rfetl
tlv-. '? .if. -x- f'iti'1" .'i WU, r.iiitit. rf.lt lu... lat
t.T il j i i t > r ? 11 ('...UiterMI fl\"n, ti"t r. ^I'-i-il cr
,,iiin'.T'iL-ii"il. *'..-iTit..rf"!f tanx, oltorad ; - ? i:.. I. ? - -*
f,.r'? BtamrM*d nn. Oountwrfidt Iwentlaa, alttrrd;
" Rnrha Ut" atnmprd on.
ParaBtrB1 Bank. Vu I rdarn, -n rnunl thr.'
cf 1 p.-r (.nt. (",,urit"rf"1t oncx. Bltarnd; ti"t i gtt
? ,.r, ?: or r-otintrfatpnad. (".mti'. rf.lt onoa. rrd back,
pu.ir il. 1 ti t ..unt.-rf<-lt thr.-.n, rtn.wn In fortn >.f
rti^li" - frnnda '. unt. i'.It tbr??*a. sIuii?h1 II. Urntrtl,
praattdrnt. c,untirf.lt llv.v.. m-w nahxalnn, <" MHI.r.
pr*xld?nt. ?vnfnt/TfaW f'(?-rir|#i., . *i;.'rnx-r-'l u;|?,
Indi. onxra, ih#?f of cnOn. rfc.
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wlil^h al.ovr ull olh^r ^tnt.-a, baa altrays baf-n Wo'aed
wtth i-otiiparntlv.lv aound nnd rniiM rxnilv.. twiiklng
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pharactcr" In lla?* m-f.-r ..( i.r:irii,..ii j,,|?-. T.|, u,,.
rontrary, hf N of nplnhan a "lltlla harmlaaa artlng"
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bIwbj - ramrrobrrlng lluil prartiral Jokt-B 111,. W In
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I'nfortunati'ty, tha- phntngrni , by n ikli ? I'Vi-ry
ioi\' f- ..mr. ? f.iuiiiitir nnwadarit, ralln-r ip..ll thix
:uiiiiai-ii..:i:. * VeBti'lday. l.'.'.-.v. r." -;i|.| Ihv puMUllir
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>., I... t:i" in. ..in.- Tna i'i'uwiiU i":i"r. and llio othcr day
\\,"i..ii i.r.--u it'. in. I l ?.nt t.. il.- Tow.r and n id
iiri "it. r f..i- i'i.. hlrt. cf iba Crown |t>xr?|i (,.r aotnc
prlratr tii.ntii.'.ii-."
/^?->4.?- lf. inr/Trrtirr, j.xrTpf for tha
y -x Baotnonl ihn ogwiiary pUl r.a
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ll t/'J bbJ eoonomy, yoq Davda't tbink
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Tnk" soBiothini; thnt's botta?r.
Dr. Ptaroaa I'lpunnnt, Peiletg do
f. wl thut /.ofa. ThtfJ rtifidate
t:.n sihl?in, an wcll ua t'l^auao and
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no cniunij, no violento. ThorVai
|ha anmllust ainl tUo ?>afirst to
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over kuonn. Onlv ono littla
I'ellet for a laiutive? tkroa for
a ctithartic. Kiok or lillions
If^ailu.ih^, Constipnlion, Indi^eM
tioj, liihi.tia Attacka, uu<l aJJ '<li
rangcmpiits of tbe llvcr, stoma< li
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Tbpy'rp tba i-iifaprnt pillx you
can btiy, for tli'.y'ro (ruaruntetd
to gjivB satisfaction, or youx
monpy ia raturued. Yoti pay
only for tha mtod you g^t.
Caa you aak bctUr nroof nf tha
?uparigritjr of thapa Ilttla pliig* ,
Rb afafi
& co.
F urs.
(Serond Floar, Maln BotMlnf.)
\laska Seal, London Dve, loose front, Walking Coats, sizes32 to
40; value 'J00.00.12499
Alaska Sable Capes, best goods.28.41,32.41,35.99
Alaska Seal, London Dye, Capes . . 39.99, 44.41, 49.99, 59.99
French Seal Military Capes* 24 in. long, wlth sable collar . . 12.99
French Seal Capes, heavy satin-lined... 8.74
French Concy Capes, 10 in. lon#, heavy satin-lined .... 4.99
Fur CoTlaretteSp
Finc Kussia Sable.10.99, 1199
Alaska Seal.4.99, 9.99
Prinie Mink.3.74, 4-99, 5.99
French Seal.1.99
Krinuner.2.81, 3.99
Seal Qarmenti remodelcd and redued at moderat* charye.
Cloaks and Wraps.
ItMBOOR Floor, Maln Bulldlng.)
Snecial sale of 200 imported sample garments, no duplicates,
'it nrices lower than co.st of nianufactnre; prices range from
' 12.49, 16 81, 24.99, to 39.99
Tan Melton Cloth Reefers, mink fur facinga, with fur buttons . . 13.74
Imported Matalaate Cape Wraps, satin-lined, handsomely jetted
with silk crochet and cat jets.62.81,74.99
Imoorted Clotli Capes, 4.S inches long, fur-triinmed and silk-lined
1 _ 29.99,37.49,42.81,49.99
Dress Coods.
Greatest Values of the Season.
French Armures and Crepons in a variety of weaves and
colora reduced from 79c. per yard . ? ... .49
Imporred Bengaline Cords, all wool, donble width, in all colors,
iiiclnding evenlng ahadea, rednoed from 89c a yard ... .59
An excellent quality of imported all wool Zevge, very desirable for
entire toatume, reduced from 79c. a yard.59
Complete aaaortment of our celebrated twiat irarp ."lO-ineb India
Silk. This ig the only silk af a inoderotc priee wliieh will not
gjlip and pnll in Beama..69
Oood Value for $1.00.
Creat Variety in high-grade Bengalines, plain and diaogeftble,
alao plaid Velvets. Taffetas and Surahs, adapted for
combinations or full coatumes, ar rery attractive prices. Large
collectiou ??f Black Brocaded Gros Grains, all pore silk and
new deaignfl..89
Woitli $1.25.
Vk for our Cachemirc flnish Black Gros Grain, at $1.14; it is
woitli 11.75. <>'10 idOt of Rich all Silk Black Tricotine with
Pink, Blue and Cardlnal Strlpet..79
Worth .t51.20.
Umbrellas and Canes.
Ontlenien's Canes and Umbrellas at attractive prices. One
Special Lot of flne Umbrellas, Natural and Silver-trimmed
Sticka, 20-lnch ... ? ? .... 1,97
Worth $:{.<K).
Worth 13.50.
Our ?pecialty for this treek in trimmed Millinery will be an exqnialte
braid and fur fell Turban, excellent value for O.Oi), at . 6.49
Weare showing very attractive noveltiea fop afternoon and evening wear
in Round Hats. Turbans.and Bonnets.
IVHislin Underwear.
-'.1 1'lt.or. Maln Bulldlng;.!
Sneeial priee* in ff"' following freeh and new goott* made tn out
r."?''rowns;.54. 69. 79. and 99
Drawers, embroidered rnffle ? ? ? ?.g
wga,yirttig g|t<?*tBi. five tucka and embroidered rnme.iv
Short cambric Slips, embroideretl rujHe . . . . . .74
Infanta* long Iltuinel ShlrtB, embroidered . . . 99 and 1.19
t ?ritoa' Rubber Cloaks. cldth surface. Xnverness shape. 1 62
AUo aome Bped*1 ?,ues ln Ubildreu'a Cloaks, at 33 per
'. >. t lesathanregularpricea. Two,tbree,andfoiiryeara, 2.99, 3.49 and 3.99
Men's NJeckweara
New all-silk Persian patterii3, in the newest and most
qtvlisli shapes?Knota and extra large flowing end four
iii-hands at 1-3 less than sold elsewhere.
100 Dozen Extra large flowing-eud all-silk four-in-liands, new de
s'mns, worth 1.25 . ? __?_?_.73
Silk Handkerchiefs.
soo Do/rn UuHevV Japanese silk, vrhite and colored embroid
ereii, good value lor ^><'., al.19
400 Dozcu Ladiea' Japanese silk, white and colored embroid?
ered. regular priee 45c^ at.24
Table Knives, Bnglteh Bteel, eelluloid bandle . . . 2.86 do2.
Carvers, EngUsli steel, eelluloid bandle .... 1.34 pair
steels. RnglUh steel, eelluloid bandle.34c.
Carvers, KnglUh Bteel, Btag bandle.76c.
Steels, BngUsh steel, stag bandle.26c.
Dinins Chairs, benl back, caue seat . . . . . 2.46
Gas StoreB. s-iuaiy.H!S?1S
Gas Stovcsi round . . . a Svi to b.5x>
Deiiner Sets.
..,?. -. . (Cd I'loor. Maln Il'ilMlrJ.)
' Doulton Dinner Sets, Bnameled Flower Decora
SPECIAL tions, lol pieecs; real value, 140.00 . . . 24.63
1 Ueal Obina Dinner Sets. Flower Border, gold
BARGAINS. | (M)l,r> new Canleeabape, 125 piecea; worth 8')0.00 3981
Silver Plated Ware.
We ofTer a large lot of Tea Sets, all ricbly enftraved and embosaed,
nutternaofthebeal makera, all warranted quadruple plateon white nietai, -w
Jlat^nis vary.nu lfl priee from *14.99 to $29.06; worth from $25.00 to
$49.66'; and
) Fruit D
Dish, worth from 14.00 to 16.50
100 Fruit Dishes,(iuadruple plate frame and Bohemian Glass
.a 2.19
Art Room.
(6th Floor. N?w Bulkllnf ?)
.t0 Mantel Sets. comprialng Clook with Candelabras, IMexi
? . 17.4?f
caa Onyx, wlth rich gold trimminga, worth $27.50, for
,ntel I
..... w..,l .X, ...... ..V... H^'.>. ?.-ft-, - '-7
Mantel Clock. rich Mexican Onyx, with gold Arabic dials, worth
.B ? laWflV

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