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LobMjOB. Oltobef '-'*'
A word of explanation is due to readeffB of
tliese balatod imtes. (?n the day after Tannj/oona
death I sent you two lotters which I hear have
Itren lafS, To n'writ.- thein, as you wt-di, Is net
eaay. Wecks liave |RRM bjf. Tlie Biwagahere is
no 1oiic<t the Hitne. The first feelinrs aad ini
|iulse.s of th<> puhlie, have faded <>ut The p->ef
haa been boiled; the woyld has igone aboni i*s
uflunl boalneea. Ihe freahneai of tbe ipmerai
aympatli.v has graora, n .t perhaps gtabr, bnt leaa
freah. 1 In-re were n few daya dwrlng which
evervj-oily talgad abont liini. If he is nientioned
now, he is inentior.xl ns Wordsworth migbt he.
He- has beaoOBg ii classii-; his plnep is in t.ho
fBst. It in hardlv possible *B return, after
an Intervnl, to the mood in which a publlc
losa loavcts 4>ne. The sense 0f tbe h*s may be
just as keen : on?''s ndmir.it.'oti f<>r the nnn or
for the poct is no i"<s. Bul a writer who wtahea
to r-onvey to distant IfOdeiB the Imprctoion made
on hi* mlnd Iiy the gpeetoele of a creat p.-o))le
bow-isl by u eynit ftitt must do it at once. or
flot. rit ull. AaythlBg one eatl put on paper ROW
iiiii6t i?- Inadcqnate, There ar.-. bowever, many
thints oi e would like to sav, ev.ui if -me ftannot
Tf*ay t,'ie partieulnr thlag Brat aaid.
What was ni'isf ytrikitm al flral waa the out
hnrst of BffMtioa toi Tfnnyaon which r*emed
almost nnlveraal. The cxproaeton of \> in puhlie
was reaaarkaBky; ln private ir waa more re
Riarfcable stlll. It was moat rciuarkal'le of all
1>ecan.M? it BTOfl not, und couil not hnve been, to
nny gieal exf.-nt, penunal; Few men who have
fillel M gl*?1 a BBBCe in the intel le-tunl life of
their time have dwejl so much alone. He waa
BlBRflR -i ',-cii-e. Iie did not carc mneh for
?m-u-iy, nor siicietv vr-ry mue): for iiim Ife
ael'loin or nevcr allowed himecif to Iie lioniicd.
ITp had, at times. a henor in Londnn, i- "thal
lnns, anlovply a'recty" which be.irs Harh-r's
na'iie. and there Lady Tennynon flomotimee
taleitalned. llut I.c formed no r**gular parl <>f
tba Booial estateuce, which ao often haa ?o much
influenee on fjirne Bnd oti popuiari'y Iie WBg ?
froijiicnter of IM club. Iie nevet eiitercd the
llo-.i-.- of laordo for the taiBineaa of Irgialarlon
JIc wis Bever ,s.?en at \">".\ n.ru ket, which is
not only tho Tuif tumdquartera, but a grenl
Boelal rentre. He did not go to private viewa,
r.or to first ni.dits. n,.i to Court, except privately :
and levcr. or hardly ev.-r, was a fiirur" in any
of the great ]>ubiie functions. wMah nr,-- an many
?aagfcfl "t. which mr.ny a praetiaed performer e*
hibits hinp.-lf to the i'ri7- 4if the pul'lic. 1
(hm't think he evrr attended a Lord Mayor'a
din.ier, 4,r t-ver atiywher" made ;i puhlie s-pe-'ch.
He chose to li\?- at Freahwater or at Aldvrorth:
jibeos not inacfcssible, eertainl.v. bnt remote in
deed from "fltreaming Loadon'a eimtral roar."
There he o\er<ise i a certain hoapitalifv, i" i
fashion of hta owb. He iwrHved his own frlenda:
rtirelv his IrJonda' fricntta. There ot gliwahere he
Jed a M-!f-ce;iire.; Itie. FricniN he had, of conr???:
not very omny, but .iceply aftaclieil t4> him, and
in no Fn-dish bonaehold v.pre family ti--< cloaer
than his; in none the domeatlc life more beuuti
fil He Ooald draw ont d.s^p fwhnga <>f attach
ment in otb?-r meu aven nvn- self--en*r.. 1 tban
liiinsclf. (.'nrlyh- hnd aUno-t ai afle-tion for him:
jind there WTM otorrs. Iboflkgb nom- so remarkohl?
as that srrim. dour Seodab peaaowl wh i dwelt
apnrt in Obelaefl and fortred thnnderbolts for the
world. In slmrt it ls t4> he s.iid of Tcnnvaon
that If Iie wn* laved, he wns loved deeply : in j
hifl OWB phr'se. he wns. t<> rach friend, all in all j
or nothina nt all. Tbey who mourned for him j
BBOOl bitterlv were tImv who knew him well. or
who krew him never.
Peopto had a ecrtnin Idea "f his p<rs .rality:
of his oppeoranoe; of hia nuacnline force of ehar
neter: of hta remoteflMafl from other men; <?( hia
e-irt mnnner. a"4l, on <"?. bsIob, roughneaa of apee '1
or tot-il silencc; oi ''??? InipatPmee: "f many ot!..-r
trit^, nt'r".cti--<> or ofherwiflP! all nier^in-: into
n rer.l grandeu.* <>f rnttire: an Indlvldunlity that
was Impnasrlve ll i ol ahrav* i ttachlnz. I! ii so
fnr bb he waa prally known, be waa known by
his poeins. Ont of tbe ti lirty-flve inilli"iis of his
fo-!low-conrt:\ inen. in.t mo:e than a iew thoii
sunils ever >aw him or i?Boke to him. Thej kn-w
what ninnner of mai. ta wa? oalwardiy by in
nnnu-riilile pbotocrapbs If.. wru t4H frequent ln
the sliop irtodowa nr n piofeaaional beauty. They
krew, p?-rhrip?. Mil'ais's portrait Ol him: n fine
jiietnre, but too the tri-nl in \v and trentment :
e"c?. a Tennyann ta he mighl hnvc looked on
tho otiier s-de of the fraitlighta whither aa anthor,
i.ot getor, ai; unf s'iiir.-il Bmbitlon !ed him. gll in
s-:in. And yel Ibere wns, heyond all qtiewtlon,
on tho BMtrow of l,is death a moal ecneral and
jr-nuine iMorop througbout the land. It mn-t
hnve bean H?e j>oet wlmm tbeae mllliona r.
orefted, yet the poetns were i-4ir d.-n-l; only Ibe
t.-ian: and ihe anrrrtw whleh f<-11 upon England i*
B tostini.viv t" :h- unae1llflbae?Bj of knman natnre
nn! ta the flympathlefl which nre. nf;--r all, et.-mai
in Iba homao bieaal
TIk- BRBMB of aH this .-ire well wortb eoaaider>
im; ..nd -e;ti:>:' ut. if one ooald. bat amonK tbem
all there la, it Eee-n? to m?. ?.'!.- eo-wpleoouab
falso and one cawaaplciinnflly ttue Tiie t'a's" one
is tiie relieiona. An gKatl is made la rep-.^ent
Tennyson ns a crent r-lit*ious teaebef, and a greal
pirt af Ibe boaaoRe affeied him la art down to tlie
relitious aentiiuent which garvadm 'his people.
There ia haU a very alighl fouBdation for thal
iiotion. One writer ITiea to diaw fl MBtraal ?'.
tween TfBByaon aad K? mm: nll to Ihe diandvaii
BBge Of tiie hiftev, of conrse. riBCe it is tlie olthn
dox vi.-w wlileh this alagrnbaf writer naeaenta ta
his r,-:i(h-rv. TennyaOR iie s;i\s. liti- ua iin<>
anothcr worhi. ' If he had noi RenanV learning,
be had a raago of th.-i^ht far wil.-r an I e iveiing
a v.rv ditTei.-nt Wd." And he pro,-, i!? i, al
l.-rc in his authorltotlve iray, bb?1 fln na i i? ^:
rhn of great aothorlty, tba! TeBayaon ha I. al
most from his first appearui'-e. a powerfnl Inflil
enee in fontiim.' ti-.c ruiivN and in dlieating the
tliontrhta of his kind-mcanin- the Higaoufl
Qioughta-and "m-ver WMted his i-Horts |q Uie
wilderness of bairen criti'is'ii."
X'it bv such BOOMlrleitieg as tliir. ta T,.n
ni6"ii'- fame t> be a Ivnneeil. or the Boarea
of the love men ,hore him to he dlaeovate i.
lle waa no ec >-i:is'i ? and no Iheoloarlan. ih'
wns Bat, in any right iWnae of the wordo, i
le'Lriois t ae'i.r. Ha ha 1. imt, iM-rhai--. irom Ihe
1-eginnini;. I'.it rfariog all bbl mature life-a pro
f4,ii>><llv |f41giaaa BBnl, bul nowle-re in hi* wiit
inirs \? there ai-.v toaaideiaMe had) ol e\i'.-n?
iBBadtag to show tlmt he looked upon biflBBPlI "
i*mt into this w iM with ;? dtvii e mi?isi?)ti Tbei?
i- little or oothtog iu his poctry thal is Bpoatolic
What he valued in ndiiiion was not doajBM, but
the spirit. Llke HaWBMB, he had d?o1rtad, aml
like N'c-.viiwn's. iiis settie I failh wns. iu a m.-isiire.
ua a< t af will. It is the reilgioua fetv-r an I th<
passio.\ of iinmortahty whlrh taeothes tb^iigh
"In Memonani," lo which ihe BOtioB of Ten
nym.n'.s mifsiocary int'c ."..<? i> fltoatl) traoenhle.
II Arthtir Hallam bad Brt di.vl. on what would
tlie roneeptioii of Tcnnys m r* a retigMOJ looehaw
re??t? I.ike WoaaJaaraHb, b*
By Um vi-i ? apleadtd
I- on bbi waj .ii" ii'i-u.
llut neitln-r of ihcs two inr.it poeil RWd Tenny
enu Ihi lesa than Wopiswoith. who allirmed Ihat
he eain?- as a BBflfbri .tflMRRBil lt oaedfol tO |>n-'ch
p<s?try from a pulpit. or nut r?-li..ion into a niet
', rical form.
The trua not - ln Tcsnyoo'i, inat v.luch, apait
frwm hts pieto- cenius. endeared biin to his coun
ttymen, was tbe nt- ol hetolc pa riotism. What
?Im Euidish felt, as th.-y hear.I of his puaaing, wn?
that a greai Engllahman wai gone. Frotn hia
earlteet to hia latr.i hreath he aang the lore ol
aonotry. Thla acagln hde, with its Imperial
depeadeneleA, waa ti hlm tlie world. wiiaiasrer
waa herale he vul.i-d, wbaterei waa '<oth beroie
aad Eagltoh hp lored. If thprp waa anjrthinB
be deapiaed avl deteaied it waa the modern n"T.""
which w.it.ld make Englacd Into a HoIIaad.
radnee the Emplre t.. a pariah, and put ttade be?
fore tha fla?. Ile wai an En'gliabman ol Ellxx
la-Ui daya Ihe ^p.r.t nf Orenrllle aml of Balelgh
waa hia; al Howard ana of Drake. If lt bnmed
in any breaal ot his ?Wii dpye, so mnoh theTMtter.
Oordon waa to hlm aa mneh ? hero and martyt
a> Craatner waa Vfhat he hated wa- t),p njane
Interrtationaltom wbieh haa Btriven, and atrtren j
vamiy, io anpplani Ib En(.liah hearta the lere of
thla Englitt-h land. Ile hated ll ? pmoe-ol a. j
priee people. A13worth vv * dhtfant from Man
ch.-to; by milllona of mHea. Th.> aure a.r which
tha popt breathed on glie lir-clad riopre ol hhi
Suaaex horoe had nothing In rormnon with the
patooned rapora on which the men ol Ihe Man
eheater rahool nonriahe-l theli blood. The Mm
eheeter aehool ha* dled oat, learing as it- npawn
whal la called tbe Sew Kadiealiem. Foi that
also, and for the men, 01 moal of them. who preach
aml ptmetire lt, Tennyaon had a healthy ;n<l manl]
BBOrn. J la*. foo, WlU <ii?' on t.
I de not belteve thal the lore of eoantry, or
the lov.? of nahtin-.' I?r the aake of country.
has errei cuiic oat of the benrt ..f 'his
Eagliah raee, bat if it had, Tennyaon woold have
rekindhrd ihe fire. No such BBpeal had (or lonif I
bren hrard in England a. that autnmona 10 Briag
which put life Into the rolunteer morement, aud
pivp England nnother nrmy. " Bale'aYa," " I.uck
now." the "Ballad of the rterenge," and mnny
nnoth't. rihej with tt*a elaah of ateel. Emeraon
well aaid thal th?? Ode on Ihe Death of the l?uk,
of Wellington" waa ? more rttagniticient monii
ment than any ot all ur Um biatorica ol tbe Duke'a
lif- Tliere .s not 1 Une "f it which i- not
aflamc with patriofiam Hia admlration for Oor?
don, and his rlghtcoua anger againil Ihe ntan
.|oni".'iit of thal noi'l" pou] to his niartyrdom ln
the Somlan" un- .> 1 th.- aame Bbre. That, nn?1 not
mere'y his r.ielodr, t. t in any dcgrec I.i- rellciou*
rhapaa-iien, 1- why tl* grrat Poet, !ike the great
Dtike, i- boried "wltb an Empire'a lamenia'ione,''
buriei "to thp noiae ol the mourning of a migl.ty
Tbe attempta to ns.iL'.i t.. Tennyaon a deflnlte
aml pertnancni poaltlorj br poel nre Bumerona.
Whethet any of them .- eompletoly anceeBafu! ia
aii.ni.ei- matter. The arahitlon lo anticipatc lh<
vci-dii't ol poateritj 1- n natnral mi'-. |?"rh pa
lauTlahle, bul is not free from peril to hlm who
indulgee lt. Po*t4*rlty i. apt t.> pay llttle bratl
tn theae predictlone, Brow .... uaed lo aa
Im regarde I fcrelgn opinion as a kind ol ron
temporniMoita poaterily. Tbw mlghl aeen to
p--ii' to Amciic;.. aml In a lette. \\ritt.-:. mmw
tin." !..?*,.)?? thla?the third "r fourth o! thia ah?rt
M'lics ! apoke it Mi. Stedman'a critlciam 01
Tennyaon aa ono ol Ihe fuih-' an I most nde
quate ot all. Bul Brnwning woiild not a Imit ihsit
America eanv within ihe wtegory ol foreig 1 <? mn
tri.-. If wc keep ln Engliah eatimajca, lt la
to In- s j.; that; while tho l.at'l ol the lliillatit '
is \ isii!,, in i:iaiiv. aome of them ar.- uVlieate an 1
true, as tar as they go, it not .on.plpt.-. To anm
them up within the li.nits <>f u roneludlng pnre
erap'' la Impoaalble, Bjnd it >e now, perhapa, rather
late to attempt it ln a newapaper.
Many ?.f Teonyaon'a qualltlea aml gifta were
anch ius nohody roiild .mss, and pvery writa-r
oirpr,* pon 1 catnlogiM ?f them. There :irc bui
two poitvta on which I wlr-h lo aay a word, an I
Browning'g natne auggerta Ihe nnrt. TlMrp nrver
were, Ihnt I 1 .*-;? r 1 of; un;, Tmiiij >n - ? letlea, is
there were Browning aoeictieii, and Hm i
la plaln. The Laanrtate wrote ao aa ... ' >? un
atanded of t)?- people, and not to req ur.-. a
Browning eertainly dicTJ eren. duiing his life
time, an nrmy of wmMnentators aad expoait?in<
His lucid rdmplielty waa aK mlmlralde as lt waa
ribaraeteriatio, Ile bad no thewy ni i^e-tr>
which waa compatlhle with obaeurlty, orwith rmgh
workmanahlp He hrfl Ihe groteanai* <.t. one aldr
II.- phieelled and Hnialted; aometlmca, do rtonbt,
oreranxionaly, for the elmngea In tha later edi
ti.uis an- seldom for Um i"-tt.-r. But he waa true
to his eoarlctlona Thal he had anmethlng In
pommofl with Browning in v he ?dmitted, bul ll
waa .ehtng the aubatanee ol tbinew un ??
not at all aa to Um inethod ol peMtlc work?
manahlp, or the true deflnitloa ol poetry.
The two men were friendn, but I donbl wh 1
Tennyaoi ever qulte underatood the gr'wth ol
the fame which rame bo late ln BrowningV lif?\
or whal etenayit ol popularity there waa ln hlm.
They were both deeply ooncerrne-l with aome of
the dtvpeal pr:?bhnna nf hnman natnr??; Uiai wis
the r.-a' hond ..r intellectiial atvl apirittial aym
pathy l.'twi.'ii tii.n. It may Im iinr-ii.'-d th.it j
,l?. dlaeuaaion of their own work waa not iiru-1
with them. Browning, Imteed, had many fr'enda
wh.. cared for hlm, and eared not for hia paw*try
He had the magnanimlty t-- disregar.1 lu- friond
hlindneea or indilTerence to Ihe work ol hia lif"
Hc wouhl tneot people day after day, on intlmat"
t.-rms sopJally. and exchang^ riewa with them
!i,m.;v on gl| or moal othei gnbjeefa. aml B??vei
-.-. m t., ri-:ii'-iiil'p| that the I i n t i I --i"
t,, inm ol the one them'- Im eared fnr :'"'-'
own poetrj. Such, I eoncoiv* were the r- l;-ti ??
m which he .-. od to Tennyaon, exca?pt that I. -
intlmacy with Tennjraon waa not rerj rloa?.
Tbe otli'-r pofnl la Ihla; T*?nnyaon waa .'.
Hterature the wpreme artia* "f 1. a ti b? an I ol
ln, own country. So Engllahman of hia day
haa s. perfectlj underal od Um oae of worla.
When all ? !-? ik aald, when Inepiration, poeilc
c'-niui. tnelo.ly. llivthinic il rath-ty, h - u i - - T. -- .
ove. ineti.-, and all hia other gifta ar- all .w I
f?, in eatiniatlng tl.ffeel and lnll.ienc4> of hi.
writlng, tla- irial analyai.i comea back ta thls
point . It is ahove all thinp 1 w rk of Brt. 1 1
Ihe anpreme art u- ln the cbolra. am! nae ol w .r<l
The beat worda In the henl order?thai la piaMrj,
aald l ol< -ri Ige Vel Tennyaon 1- ol a eountry
whicb carea llttle f< 1 art and k-r wi leaa, wh thet
it i?- ol canvas "r of the prmt-l pi .-. 01 ol
marble, 01 whatcver eh?. H-."- it la, 1 aupp >?.
'that so i.ttlo i- hhhI ol Tennyaon'a Brt: gi llttle
acknowledgment BUI M ol tbc plar* II holla Ul
; hia p<?'tr.'.. The Engliah concetr tiien-1. - with
reauite; aeldo?ii wltb proearaai** TImj bi* cu
' tent to perceive thal a poetn 01 a pici ire la
heantiful; rol aaklng why lt ia 1
I fui, Tl.at is WI13 .-. mnch ul the I
,-,-,:, lam, 1 .11 ?a it is "f appreciation, la a ? Im
petteet, and why it m1"- you no full accouai ol
, th.- inatt.-r, .md uo diacloeurc of tl.-- aeerel an
i which tbe poet'a fame may ultlmatoly reat.
For atyle, whioh Tennyaon bad In the hi-li.-'
Banae, ,- .; no limc and of a!l ti., The
' taato in poetry may change, and doea ohange,
bul -i maatet of Engliah remalna a maater lii<
had it i.i proee atoo, Ihough llttle ol hia proae
has beeooM pui.iip o.v-|,t i.-tt,-!-. Ii baa .n
aaid of ByroB, with no troe diacernment, thal bto
l.-tti-r- are tim-r than hia poema, Nohody woukl
now aay ii ol TVnnyaon, aor can any proae writor
be p'j. in bto m '?? N'ot Carlyle. who waa a great
' writer if not a great writer ul Engliah, and who
i had, even ln proae lhat qualitj of plcturea'nic-.
...-?. oi af nreaenting pl :tur<a to the cy<' or to tl ??
! mind, which s Itaell a poeUc qaality- Not Kua
| kiu. who haa luu'h'ii aaid thal r.o page "i hia to
i worth B line oi Tennyaon'e; an acknowhedgmaut
aa true as it la gen^roua, No' Mr Frouih*, i^ rfeel
: as hia wrtting la ui Ita awn kfnd; alnce perfeel
: pn.se is a thing entin-ly diiT. n-nt from perfeet
j poetry- Xirt alattlMa Arnold, Ihongh hH beat
proae a..d his !>.?-: poetry are rn ili .??? Rne as the
| 'i.-t af any other of his own tlme, Bad th* ugh,
I aa nian of iPttcts. he muet, by vhrtne <>t tbe
j and play of hia genlna, atand i-vci in the front
rank. And if not any o:ie af theae, who eJas eaa
iu- naaaed"
TaalBJaaMI'g uit baa aomethlng af l subtier ainl
pmret and mon- dirine nature than an\ al theae.
I.iko Wor isworth, ihutgh ij. a leaa degrce, he baa
wrltten t?o mn'-h, and llkr* rVordaworth, aa he
ti.k'.s his ni.t.eh down Um Bffce, tiae will aift
and WinnoW hns work. SotBC o( it mast bg laft
hehind, but, if any critical opinion is permum-iit,
and if the futurc of En.lisli literature ia to have
BB) convietlone nnd eafons ln comn.on with tbo
preaeot, and with three ecoturieo that have gooa
before, tba beal of Tennyaoa maol be ta.nv.ttai.
(j \\ ? B.
i.ondon. Oetobet la.
The onacdotM of Teflnyooa ol wblob thla letter
will b. made ap ora .-.11. ao far oa I Rbbw
unpubltohed. It ls eaary ta oay they were new
when flnrt written oui bbom weekfl ago; leaa eaay
to be aure bow thot wme of then. haa got iato
print:hni I will, at any rate, use dobc that I ****
s,,.,, I Mring tbem togethei without tryirjf ta
ClflBfllf, tli-m, or tO .nor;.l./e on f.iem OVeTMOCb.
Amongtbemen whoa TaaayaaR knew bfatwd
Hkedbeal waa laord llonghton, tho Milnea and tl?
Dlekv Mllnea ol i.e of tbe kttwa, and o all
l,-,;,r:vl,l.-. Iloughton. With all his worldl.ness.
bad r I.-..I offection lor h.s trienda, and per
,u,ps.orno,,.-n,or-fha., forthelrothcr-poe* who
m, -ompl'telv outahone blm thal the tltle oi
i rotlier-port arema mlajdaoed, if nal ludtofona
,,llt ,,,,, ,,,,, >ir l.lwm Amold clnun M:.?th"W
AriMld Bl naniesak.- anl bro.h-r f Iloughton
moreover. llked chaff. and llked ta amuae btonnelf
athlafrlend'aeapewie. Tennyson. perbape, dldjool
like it, but defeniMhlnmelflB hla own way rbla
oddly.flawrted patr. on a aertata ?ve?lBg row many
v,,,,^,,-.. w.r,-.l.nin--t..,ethera. thehon-eo. a
Umon friend, and Iloughton betook hlmaelf to
hta favorlte amuaenient. He aal direeth oafwalte
Tennva. and the moment ritber of then. apoke
to the oth.-r everybody eloe became rtlent. " l.-n
nyaon." nid Iloughton ln his eaay way, f?f no
K,.-iish.,,a.i woaevarllRhtarlB hand. 1 have roI
a Dumtai of your earUeot unpubllahetl ,?oeaH ln
N?ni own bondwrlttog, and as ?oon as you an
,!,. ,,i I aball pr.nt them." Tennyson Mared grimlj
,-,t. hifl lormentor. nnd, aftor a panee which fl?H
everybodya attcntlon, anawewl: 'Vott liruat.
li was sa.d hall hnmoroualy. ball angrily. bul U
Bilencetl Iloughton as if 11 had beon ? blow.
Il Ihe tlir.at 1 a I any BerlOBfl n.e.iui'i'. t:i lt. fate
ordainrd thnt it Bhould never ta fninllc I. Ilough?
ton, bora in tbe nwoc Bnnua mirBbllii of 180?.
which produced Tenhyoon an<l Mr. Uladatona and
ourdeai Oliver Wendell Holmeo, dted Boven yeara
tafore l is friend. Nor nee i anj one ln i
H?uKhton capaMe ol a dtaloyal act. Iie waa not
UtUe a- Tennyeon arr I for aociety h ? waa
? oui- tiin.- to ie u .-? ln hooaca urhich Intereated
!,?.. ,.,,, one ... thur w is the ihieheaa ol l* d
i, r iv |n I'ut" . S;nar- . i ow tbe Oow i >-i
I, ,'... h was al a i"it. there ane evening
thal I.e iaa a eertahi gnai latly. ol wImi i I
h,-, ,| bn whom he -iu, nol know. Iie ileaired
to is- mtr-li >-'i t" h--i, or. periispa?for hta waya
v,i.mrtimeo r.--a! <!c-ir-, tbat the mlgh! be
,?,- e'.t.-l t" htoi !'. whichever wat ll waa the
,...,.-, ,,. y \m.. tranaa tr.l, ? ' I T.-nm s.i,'.. aee ind
remark waa thia riuea*lon: "?*h, I-ah-. ?'?
! k,,,. |.,iri_>~ The peraon .hout whom
|,e i .-in , nr- 1 waa a I rtl * ??? ,;-' ? -"' "' '"'?'?
had wo.i much diatii.etiou in i-u'di- llfe. and waa
widely known in private ll a wlfe, aa ll hap
pcned, waa devoted t.. him. nnd jeaioue of any
v,,.r,i whluh aounded II.taparaaemeat "f his
,?.-!',on ,.r Indlffcrenee to his rnoam. She looked
'i, -.,,-, |n tlie face *n I answ.-rc l, with .jwrfeet
,,,?ip. s.i.. ,,f iiian..r: 'I am aure, l^wd Ten
| ,-,,, t aa] I t:-?v.-r heard him meiiti'.ii
?,, ,i i anie ln nu llf*. For a momeni the |?el
,,;,.. tf g ,r,-.| l,y lliil. fltraighl 1 ll fr'<n, tho
. 1,4,1,1.:.-r bul Iie had Uie good h-iw- an I gou I
i to tak.- it well. Iie llked to ta n.et on
even te nis. anl like * maa. oi a woman. ritber.
wi,, would fa - him in hi. moel rrogonl nooda
They lieramr frtanihi and i,.-.rt..l tn-n la. with the
,x; ..,.,,.,, of i wiah on rennyaon'fl pnt that the
husband w mld rome and *e him: whleh I mtlw
think he never di l
Ti-iiiiy-on's di-lik-- IO iBlraaaOBa upon his s.,li
tnde sh-'we i Itaeli al tn.. - ni n-- entlre dlareganl
. f ronventionalltirj II- allowed hlmaelf t..
ind ilge ln what. ln anylwdy els--. would be ealled
dow iright i.i'hii--* Dne "t bia neiarhbora, with
whom he waa on '-""'l terma, onoe oaked taavo
to bring '" AliA-rth i ladv wlm waa riaitini
him g ia ;-, ?,-! known ln aueiety, as l?-r huo>
hand is well known n a worhl much wldet than
,. --v. She li.-i'l. it a ,s nrefully expialned, a
I r.at dealri l . -??- the i net, l i whoae wi
i,.r adnnrano.. v-*~ gr?af. TennyanB fl?ae t*d
with niiilal'ilnv. t.-lnn. his friend to taing her t<>
luneheon "n ? day nomi l ln tbe following w.-.-k
When they Birived the poel had forg iten all
aboui it, anl. by IH-luck, was ln one af his
Bolitary mooda ll- lady waa Introdueed, th"
poel howed. I.uirhc... W.M aniionn-.d. and fhev
wt-ut in . ahe mi im-nt i,.-t hoat, who utt-r.-d nol
? word dni.ii. the meal: al the end "f whleh he
m i d r-tir.-l in flllence to hta own ioobb. Rho
i.-it the bouae, t-i which ahe had made this pl]
grimagc in ? -\in\ ut liope and of r-vr.-nc", not
having oi. heard au much oa tlm aennd <?i tha
Jj4.1t;. Vol-4
|t would !)?? u tnisfah", how.-v.;-, to fllippooe
ti,;,: ai,i,\ iil, ..i Erimhwatci wbb i bermlt'ii
, ,? . or that hoepltBlity ?;i-- nn known t, tbe
poel There weri ri'italn frinnda whom h- lik-d
to have with him: flometimea ol I, aonaeUmoH new.
lt waa oi.f th- hitt.- wh" j?i i-l him a \isit, n ?
prcat I'.nii?:? ul years ago, at ? kiad "f rriata la
ln po-tii- iM.- wh.-i ? The ' .;?' hovl .ii, oi
u;,, ..I... it to !-. produeei] Bl th- l.\e.-um Tlelltr
liitiner over, t!4.- butler, Imving .ilhsl this fn?.-?'
gluSA, |i!ai'-d the il?allt-i ol p rf l?for- nl
ina.t-r. Ih" t.ilk Was 4,n a wll >?" Whiell de-pl\
niT-r-.t?-I l-uin-iiii, uoii. uih-r, I iiiia,'in-, tli.in
tbe produ.-tiou of thia sain- plaj fron, wlm h the
po.-i fondly and valnly hoped hta fame aii ?
dtamati ? writ.-r WBfl lo tak- it* ri.- ?
.\s h,- talked be drank, and n t aotlclng bta
fri.-nd'-, empty gtaaa Bltal his own till the
ii?aiit-- was droined Than be nid: "Thal
was :t v,-rv good bottla of port, don'l you flnnk t
I Sluill Wi l.a'.. aiiotl,.-, f* And, lln- gu-s? a-.s?-nt
? tog, th<- buttar hiToiigli ln ? aecond deeanter whloh
u-ni tbrougli jiisi the mme experieaee u. Ihe
liri-t: .Mi - having nm- glaag fioin lln- bnthhT,
and T?*nnyann, entlrely erigroaaed iu m'k aa before,
!iuii. ali th- r--t Early ii<-\t moratog hla
gueai Bwuke to lind Tennya n atandtng bj hli
la i and regardlng him witli a mrt of fn-ndi
aoll it i'l
?? llow ar- you thia tnorning?" waa Ibe boat'a
"All rlght, thanks."
'? Mii- you an- all righl .'"
HQuite sui
"Ah, bul pray, Ifr. --, do you alwayi .lnnk
! two b ttl-s >,i port aftei dlnnei '.'''
|.-i,ii\s,.ii, lik- liruwiiin ?, piei-rr.-l port to all
441I1-1 wii,.-s It is .1 tuate they elmreii wlth otlier
-r?-at nwn: with Mr li|adatone and l/ord Ehlun,
. and ni-iii- more, lxm\ Eldon n lorioualy lik.-1
l.ad |" ri ; th- s,,rt of lihi-k-drip of which Dr.
Johnaon'a friend olwen'ed, In unnwcj to oaotbar'a
? eoi.iplaint : "lt is lliick and it is black, and it
uia!.-.s y 4, ihu.ik What 1111111- ean you \an1 '
Tounyeon'a |ii-|.-reiii-s rau in Ihe kiih- dlreetlon,
I li..',. heard. II.- liU.-d wh.if I h- pil.li-aii call
? fruiiy" port, whleh is th.- horror of the true
port-wine drinker, llowevor, tiiere it u st<,r\
wlta-h, m b 1.1- alij 't ibagreo, tenda to eonfuta
? his eulumny, I h"|>e 11 j^ ? oalumny. His
iri'-nds ,is.-,| to iwnd blm anytblng particnlarly
good which bobm in their waj Oae af tbem, an
emineiit tnriri of flcienoe, on-- dtapatehed fi him
a sin.ili p.ir?l ol the vlatuge of '4;. B/hen
aexl th.y m-t ihe p..?t lamarked: "Tint p.r:
1 01 v ur.s wns lilthy rtuff; it waa ull nmddy." Ih>
-min.-nt 11.an ol aearaee mildlr RUggested thad
he had, iwrhapo, nol ^vea it tim?- onoagb lo
r> st after ils joiirm-y ' 1,'est '> Then w nm't
enoagfa of |t to pui away. Tog only ^nt m->
I luiif a iioz.-n."
If there he eaaaataaeurfl of port to AbboiIib.
where p.,it u-ed not t" he in f.i'hion, th-\ u< i;
like to hear the optoiOB of ibe 111111 af fltioiMd 11
Ui- .(Uesiion BOW ion;,' |?irt 00gb1 t^i ln- lj,,pt
aftet tnvaUlng befom it is ready to irtak,
"Thero Ls not," hc dechued, "in auy bnttlo of
- ..r.ist or Btditneiil which
portofnny vh.ta?e anr CttU' ' ,,. ,.,.,,,
will not, B Im f hoBI aftet T" ' ' ,,,
. i . i. _nk to th" imtto-.ii a. t<? ?)?
aa end, bo pomaletelj *i?K TO ... ,?( _,
Evtotoie." Dul tbat, Ihoagh tho ,.. fcnwmt of
"VJj.lsnot .i?wh,chthohard.M..dcon,,..s
wur obb ba p\pect.-.l ta eonenr.
" We need not take part ln the eritietatna upon
Tennvsons likittg WI ????*. le If any man ta
entttUHl to htdfa for blmeel bow much he wil
i_. Df other men. aurefy the poet la He m
DC n poot only on bbl own c.ndi.ions. and fcnowa
.. what cir.'Hinstancs he BBfl thtnk aml wrif.
,?l |B what othera be eannot. Xor, I may add,
?_,*. m.tlon that tbe prlvate lltool'a publ ?
man ta public property erer gota-eolld foothold in
Ihia eountry. Th* lotwrfewer extata ln Englaml.
,,,?. ,,.. |__ ?ot vct lieeome aa Integral part of
,t,e aoeial rahrio The better journata will have
Httle or nothlng to do with hlm. The tourial and
the alghteeer hare, no donbt, pretty frw wayn.
They 11*0.1 to dog the poet's footatepa and to enter.
? fVv to enter, when- ibe inttrrlewer woiild not,
knowing be had bo chBnoe. There wbb an -wk
arard paragraph In "Th.- Timea" aboul his aatlim
kllty Beferrlng to tbe peftinaeity af excur lon
tota i>e.it on a gtlaxaaa af Tennyaon that journal
?Trouilnrnt amoTig theae dortng the anrnmei
montha, adJam the |x??t made Aldworth his home,
were AmecieanB; aome "f whow Imre been known
t? n.nke a fortnighfa aojourn ln fhe neighborhood
with tbeeola oi.jei-t of areing hiiu "
That ls not Bffiaeahlc reading for na. nor d<>
f thtnk it fair to Impute thla aorl of morbM
cuuosltv ta imerleana rapeetally. TIm Engliah
toorlat, from 'Any upward, is apt lo take large
views ..I hia p?rileir?i The Ameriran if- inucl.
less infrnsivp. and Bl taatf >s Hltely M hi. Eng?
liah e.eisin to thlnh hirnaell in need of rreden
ti?N: wbieh, indppd, n partltiUar elaM ol trnv
,.ll.r. rwnfdileti onghl to be fortheoming when aak- i
f, r' whitber from iriend ..r atrancer I; take-i
Ume for Ihe arrlvtng American ol thla ehva to
L.t:i. , tbe tact ibat Mttera of Introdnction are
here glvcr. apartngl;.'. The rnla ta never to give
mi.'I, ;, letter untaa- Ihe gim haa Bome Halm
npim hlm t.. whom th- Introdnetton L< boii rht.
I knea ? eaae nol tang alnee which may aerve
as a h|.e.i!ii.-i. A man of aome dtatlnetion ln li
prnfeaaion ralleil upon une ol hi- rountrymen ln
lauuiot. !le aald: "1 know J.re h .-- and I
will fnk" ii-.-.- "f yom limi i ?! aal roti onj favor
which will givey u Trbiihle All I want la letta-w
t,, Saltahury, tllailetone and Tennywui ll waa
. . to try lo penaua ta bim '1 al lt waa hu
,(-..-ii.!e to ..iv,' auch !??*?-.- II.^,:"?,,,' /"""
rintvd tlul l.l frtan I * ia n >l .1 -i" - ' '
lf th.- letter to Tennyaon h d been written it
woi Id not hnre aerve I I la p irpaaw : n.
atl era Thlnga ar- nol liere ?' ne I l tl. .1
Bul 1 auppuae no .laj p m ??- w he I ? ?.
Mintater la m I paaten i with dntll
I,. | -,. ? - pi iteeted hin aell aa ' ? al be
? -t ih, ae, as Bgninat nfhi-i lieru ar. hip
un.I waa :,).'.? to ll e hia own life * ? ?
bad ratohli.li.-4l a reputation for moi
waa a livel reaolre that !.- wonl ' nol ? '? '
lifc to u- frittepl away In mere rirl
Tennjaon'a ln i'itl< ni.t rrlth Ism '?'-'?
aft. r hia iniiii' n- ?- ?' eeaa mighl bave made bim ll
differen! t" lodlvldual renaurej II- m- o. over
rarae hia dtalike to lt: 11 II never ah. hia hellef
ln biaaaali and pta ^"rk. it annoyeil hlm. He waa
.-..iit.-tit with aothing sh-.r- of unlveraal apprn
l.auo.i When oecaaton offered !.- tooh an odd
rarenge on tluav- who preaumed to Jndge hlm
A u.it.-r of tbe rritleal kind ? ? ??: hlm
tbat be wmld nlway fell what linea wrot?' I ?
. *| -. p re h gpiratlon and wlial nthera ba !
been lulwred In r?wp"nae fo Tennyaon'*
tation I.- quoted a famo.M rena an an liaxtance
,,f | o t|, ip i,-.,;.. il . ' Ah. yea,' rejoin?l tli
p?,ct. " I gmokeal i il.i7-n piiM's over that Im- "
lt waa ii"t difhcult to Indace l< i to rea I
bla own i>?rnr. t.. a aeleei clrcta TIm po?*m hc
preferrrd waa " Mau i." -r perhapa l- unlj pr
ferred 11 f r reading alond lt waa, at inj nt .
tbe one be moal aften ehcan when aaked to re
cite. ii- read with enthntJamn. VThethet l
pneaaa r-allv gnltse.l much from the anthor'a
dellterj of them i- ao "i>eii uneatlon II.
?-s leep rafi.et than mueleal, and his elueuffon
IMcutiir fo hinis.'lf Stil!. theae audieneea were
alwaya Intereatlng, and ot.t tlu-m waa mure
Intereating than all th-- otl ? ra
l> ? ....j, waa one of Ihe party Invitetl aome
. alnce by Su- Donald I'urrie on n yachtinn
trip; the yaeht j>i"y Ideil i idn an ?- ea -
ateamer of tbe South Afrloa line, known as the
pi-mlimke < aatle. Mr. Itlaitatone a ta auotber
gueat, I t!? inU certolnlj ls- waa on one "i tbe
ktwo or thr.s- trii*. Ihen taken Ther,- waa
hnard a yonng Engliah girl, alnee married nnd
ii.-a.l, wlmae beauty and intolligenre and ?
were all remarkahie, Tennyaon at-taclMd bituea-ll
to thi-a hrUllanl and aympatheth creature Ile
a ,. iftea aaked to readj and 11 became hia hai.it
to read boldlng Imi barfd, which, ln tbe f??rvor ul
reeftntioB, he often prcawd
The shlp put in al < openhagen, and tbe Prin
cl?-^ ..f Wuht, and the Empreaa -f Ktiaafaa, tl.en on
? -. iMt to ] pr old home, ram" .m Inmrd. Ili-t
waa lunel.n, and after luneheon Tennyaon waa
aakeil to n-a I, and dld, rittlng hetween tbe
Empreaa nn une ahle and the Engliah girl on
the other. When lt w;us ."pr and thej had -oii
up on drek, he aake?l the ?_'ir 1 wlietlMr bIm tln
the Empreaa llked .f
"Well," at ?sv el- d .he, " h-I MaJ-.fv m.Mt llBVC
Ihought if b llttle un.i9.ial.'
- VYbat .I.. y.ni mean f
? I mean Uml 1 d-n't tl.lnk tlac Empreaa la In
the bahil ni liaving ber band aqueeaml in piibllo
even bj peeta."
lt aeemed |?r<>iM-r tn Tennyaon to offe? lo the
Empreaa hia nn*t hnmhle apuloglea for his mla
take The Empreaa hnghed, and buld hlm .-h.
had enjoyed tl.e reading rxtremely.
i ?f Tennyaon, a* ..t Vletor Hugo, it haa been
aaid th.it be Bvenged the authoe upon th,- pub.
liabee. Both were good men ,,i biudneea, with
?in adeqnate sensr of the money value ol their
wrltlaga, and i.oth were eapabb> ..f drirlng a
bergslfl I ih.ut kaow thal Tennyaon Ims ever
had tho ere,lif aa 11tt -1, had of riiiinng his
pohltahera It waa, I belleve true thal Ihe
tr-im ndou-i prieea Hugo araa ii, g poaiflnn t.v
iiIit.iin brunghi one, ..r more than one, ..r theae
u-eiitl-.iipn t" han?ruptcj It la eertainly true
that, after his fame waa establtahed, Tennyatai
\\as ahle to exact targe guma, and that, rither
heeanae Ihe terma were more profltahle un une
ahle than on t-I.e ..ther, ..r for aome other
good reoeon, be ehanged lu.s pnbhalMra prcttj
often. lu other wonl., thev did not care to
reiicv their coiitrii.tr- with him
Hut for in,in\ \ear- aaal lonn\ s.ii's l,on lo'i
piihliahero I.av- been Meiwr* slaemillan; an
eminenl tirm. who are hellered t.. adj.u.1
ti.-.r relatl n.- with authora un atricl bnain m
prlnciplea I am only repeatin^ the geanip ul
the uad- when I aaj that th-\ were undcratooil
to pay tbe poet a v,-r.\ large aum yearly tm tln
right ol Brintingj pnd aelling aueh ..i hia poema
as were aliea Iv in |irlli' When g d>W |m lu
ia..mt, a i'pw laargain wbb made fw that
;,uiu- nlar tia'isactiuii. I think it hotiorulib-,
i.oth fo the p'K't aml the publtoher, Uial the
relationg U-tweeti them aboul I have extatod .-?>
long aml on a ii,ihi-i ot mutunl good will aa well
;,a .,f hualnraa, bo < I ?e were theae relutions
Ibat, up.n the author'a deatb, it wns Vm pul?
llahers to wbom tbe arrangementa of the fnneral,
so fur as they eoncerned the public, were oon
Bded. Mr. < rnik, one >.f the partnera m the
iii in, had, I think, Ihe praetlcal condnot uf tlw
wboh binUneaa, and had t., grant ..r refuae
admlaaioa lo the ahhey-.?ay t.is|{ when you
i-i'iisidpr that the BBfJliCattona ?-\.?-.-. I,-. I |o,.
for lean than 8,000 place
Tto- talk about the abaen..f th- Princo .:
Jfalra from TVnnyanna fnneral aoon di-i awaj
Pow .,f tho Bngliah papera i Ined m it. aot did
ti,,- on- whi.-l. atorted it peraovrre. i thlnh l
aaid at tha tiiin' ih.it it waa donbtfal whether
-ti,|iu-tic or ..omo ruli- of i.-o'irt did nat pri?t ?..!
kia attondanoe, <>i. Int|niry l am t<. d thal
i? ao. Xi aaomhee of rh?- royal nuaily i- ex>
peiti-il t i ba pr-sint at the fnnetal <>f any aui>
joct, Bajaaj of on" ol tba ruval liouatdiwlU; iu
that oaae ll b.mea optional. "If." said my !
,nformMt-a pctaon who BBdef^Radg theaa hlgh
,?,?.,,_-th,. rule W.-re ..?,,? to ***?*"
w.-uid be Impoaaible to draw ? l"1"- " ?*?
Prineo "f Wai-s bad .gooo to Taaiiyaoara f>"mra..
h0W oould he have stuy-d away Irom half a
,!?/,.? othera whleh may bo Mpaaaad to oaoor
juring his llfotlroof" This ortaaaoal doafl oot
Zm v.-ry c uclu.siv... but I give it us II RTBO
fllven to in.-.
Perbape, alnoe ovao ktaga and prlneea are
,,??,.,?, tlie Quis-n or beg flOU may wnridar tbat
t,?. margln batwern myalty and the BRbJaoi is
,lr,?dv narrow enoagh, and that lt ta not ???
;,?.,? to reduc it to any way. More probuoly.
U,c prinoi lacked a aufflelently powertui motivo
f? ,,..,?. , precedent, ..r tako ? aew d.-purtur.
v,?l -is I nid beforw, no comment would t.av-t
been mado on bia abaenoo had oot aome too
reoloua Oladatcnlan thougbl it .irabi- t ? div.-rt,
r,t,c:.su, fn.,,, his clu.-f. Mr. OtodatOReV gbgani -
;,,? , rewon, and b good rcaaon, bai the reaooB
,)Ilolv ,,.,?,,.,, waa a toto <???; haBoo tbe
I,,,,,,,, which fell upon him. Even fhal h- bas
.urvlvwd, and flbout him. tOO, or aboul his con- ,
duc jn ,his partlonlar, tba talh has oaaaa to j
un end.
Some of the Btorlea I bava glven you may aeem
,0 ,?,.r Tonnyaon'a Amafieaa admirt-rs tocR
lfW ,? r..v.rence for tho great maotet wbo ta
?7e I .iot think ao. They an-. ut any rato.
T?ey are tohl la*B.RBe they ar- W**???*?
Bhow. eaoh obo of them, fl *???'"? ?%n""'
or aome tralt whloh helpaexpalB the bmb. Then
are pototo to which .*.W ha-" ****"<%
.,..? ,? ta other th.... I.-was; to a? tbew in^al
??.,, 1;ilt we cannot make blm over. or t.jatoe
U,v .r We have ?**??**?
]ilm ;11|I, ?, ,?. rhankful ior blm. and to draw
,!; ,.,, i-s.'? aa we can ifom hla l.fe und
-,-,-ter l,t the B-rce llghl be.1 upoa .....
al upon ihe Tbr.s *w -.^ USS ^SZ
Z i-.. known lully. Tta apirlt to wbfch a ,
,?'-.v ta -.' l-e app. Jflb Jfc?KVtlS?
"' r^vetance bul l ?atao.i ? / ..... trlfll.
to I.- a .shir.t ol alncerit) bimi oi k? ^ ^
fnlneaa _____??????
nu. /?/.;>' /- " ////: PL n
itow ii;. i "v"^ *KES AN" " " *"
i-r, :i. Tl - I. indon Moi i.
?itef, I, .i th- Prim ? " -
h ratlor do wlthiui
vn ? I ? M'" |K ""'.
liot ri
? ?
V'! "i" ."''?? ".-i .P
.-?,;. s.-- \- h- si.d 011 one IKW.lin,
M'li ld d? ?.n..H.me?l r.| every meml.er of .?, s
?,?l|...,-.- be dlsturbed f..: ni\ Mikel TWa waa al
rlng tbe mn ol ?? 1-un ob tbe
, . . heeaiuo orrn
.. ? - Ihe orcl.-.f.,
... ?.,?! ?,. m i ,e :,.:,-! e of i - perton
, . . puoluii "?! Hta ita l*rln. Walea.
musae, -\- \ ?>
?nd ihe -.;.,>.? .-.- aaj
I , |. | ilnt.-ly lefi t iie i -X and
. i. Mr. Jarratl a rlveii a:ci
..,.,. .-- ol a loo
liirtor. Thls ronclnded t!?e Incld nt.
: , ,. .\ . a pn Hd..iit. and Ihe aame tn
ully. I'hi- la why y..i
,.. ,i p ?in|.. -1-. ln o ti; -4ii- tow , 'i tlie elose -r
. f, rtiiane.. ? WTiy. ther-> t ?? ITI.f W.,!
.v.-r ii,.-t-? ln .< i"\. ??'??I tb??> neve* p'ayed ?<?-! -
Ibe W iei ' VVh ll
The Piidi- had never vtalted the lEmplre Theatra
|n |f, , ? : pei K?: led 10 M'n -I fll
i,.. M-onld '? i?le? ?>! wlth ? ih- Udj ol Ihe Locket.
.,.,, |, .. ?, tlut i >ii?e. lt waa wrltteo. aayou
,.f an Amertean Judr-. Rr. uuib>
The manng n med tl il "?? }'r'"'"
would nol eare |.i pai throngli !?>? geneml publlc 0
||,e r .v d !' >?. I-''' ' "!' ' ""?'"' h:U?e IIB I
tiinn-l fnmi the l-P- '-r Squon.trnnee to the Btaffe
>.. .| end of the ei ?-' acte. when aome of Hi
..., ,., ti, rn i. thei taund lt emptv.
.,, ,i , nid not for Ihi nmnienl aceounl f ir the faet,
u, ,, ,,. ,. ?',,(. ih ? d I!!- ItOl i! HU'hti
' atlea uf. at
' ?
I . .,. ,. obllvlis ? ,' >! il
,., |, ? inni ? ! . ni -I "'ii-r manngerlal pre
? | |di rallni ' .r the romfort of I
,,,. .?;,' . . ? ihe mlnd of HU Royal
m i, more thni hl nam minsem< nt. u
..... M,m ,.?. i- u-.d in keep tl,- rurtaln down
untll Ihe ? -t I '- ? ? -.
? ? plnit mn ing the is'i?ilar p.-ut<.
. ? ,.f ih !???.! fa ??- of Ibe raae n
. ,,f ihls iinre, and was ro annnred
. ? , J1(,- ,,r<ten in ,t iil - iint " ?- he -v-i
? ? .' . heyond the advi r
. ,?. ,,-,..?? he ,.? re pen arki d. ?? bave
? h their 'bn--- fliul tidos. nnd ln order ta 10
... .!,..- .i n the ! ? -formai i ?? beglnnlng. and
have a rlpbl lo exp.-rl Ita dolng ?o nl the Bdvi-rt'sed
,!,,?. no t? futnre pleaae ? that tl-lr- armngement
?,,. nol ,,p-' for ui-." Then Bgaln, yon will uway.
n?flre thnt he walts tlll the flnul eurtaln has d-s.-. ? |< |
!,. rore rlslng l? lenve. Thl I hla Invarlable rale, ?o
? ,t i have kn iwn Idm ?ll oui Ihe enUre
nlnnde of j Drurj i ni ?? P intomlm ? There are
? .. ires ,,tii\ wl -,- l - -v. r breaka " l
I . Tliet a a "?" - ' es ?: leh ' 4-.. roy il
,l here the Ivin-. Mtletpatea tbe flnal
M two oi Ihree niluntes. si t- d bla departura
?l!l i.Ilstnrh Ih.irrl, ?- tinfflc of fl,-' r tn.di.l-r
Of lll- i' ?! ? - - _
1'roui T!i>. M in, beater Tlmi
Uurtng the recenl poptilar .-\. lt.-ni.-nt and rlotrnu
.i- ln i;ii--l i 4jroa Ing oui ol tbe uutbreah
,,: rhob-ri, ?? |ii ? ' al S rutotl ivua ;.11 i. ked by a mob,
,\ n.ai: had ?h ?'?'!. Ilt>"ll isMng him: Tli-r-'s th.
in in lhai --l/"l nie Blld biiri-i! ui- al'.v-. I'v- only
? ? . ? ipetl i "ii the grave ttal he pul m?
IU." i :.trltod people IbiHsuighl) ei?n\1need thal
th,.,-,. Wll i n Iiit1-l-",is i ..n-|.lr:i. \ BgnlllSl t!l-'u. ril-h.-d
him,,, the |,ii--t wllh ? i -- Whleh ihowed their il
t..|iiiiii?ii. t. i" ihi htiu ." death, Ilie prteet folded
n? nid -ailli.l ? You liave Jusl rome oui uf
Ihe grm ?-. you -.,N '" he i- illi ' an. " \y-.
thtit l bave." "Then how." aaked the prteat, "doe.
li i ippen i nl vou've had Ume tu gel dranh already ."?
v |t wi ' lll ! ili-u tbi inni,'- lirc.-iih tmelled "f
hqunr ih- ln'ii;li ?a.s turiast u|. him. and the crowd
l,.!t the pii"-t unmoleoteil .
Tbe lanu poputar axcltemeni lu ItuaRa has been the
oeea?|oii of an eanmple of what nm be nalled poetle
nnd pli-lnreaque retiibtiUon whleh would b.- i--s-ir,l,.
,,. iv |? ; .t ? i ? .ti rniintn. At MlJnl Novgofod, wtara
,i ,. nnthoiitli- ind phyalrlnna were maklng a atrenuoua
att*mpl t" -titl- ih- rholera. i niereliBni b-d u rlolenl
uirliatl.in a-hlrb wtis dlreebsl airi1--t the doetora. Ita
ciniilated i-p4,:t- thal Hi- piii-i. laus w.-re burrlng
putleiiis allve inni i-ndeavorisl lo Influenre ihe p'-pi
npnlu t Iheiii rbe i...\. i'or'?-'.-r-d nl ihe piovline
,-,iis,.,i ih,- merehanl t-> i - aireated, and afler an -v
nniln.-itlon waa lonvlneed thal lln rh-irge agalnat him
%v;i, tu,.. i ani golnn lo glve yon a guvernment
:,pi,ointii,-!,t." ?ald tbe f!"V4-rn r. "bi b rewarri for
wlnt VOU r-'-nil a- \"iir ,\, :-, :-,- of pnbllr s|ilrlt."
? \ p.vernmcnl appolntment 1" saW the inan. de>
i,-i i, i Ye?, i apr*o|nl ".,, a i.ur ?? un th,- fl,.it
.1, ,-? la.spltnl In the riv-r. There you will
have an opportiinlt) t.whelher there I-- eholera
,,,. |,ot, aiiii al-.- to ol en ? whi'ther nny per*ona ar4>
Pi-uic l ntl'-'l nMve." The man a-aa s.nt. tberefnre, to
[lik,, ,?.,!? of i hoh-i-a i-iM-'d It i- unii-iessai-\ to
iv tlut he ?, nol Idghlj pleaaed wllh hl- "appolnt
m-iit "
Pfrrri k m try. RRT^rvgRr,
Prom :,'? Inlervlew wi-, r iran ler-CJeiieral Waflfl
niali-r, ln Tlie 1 .t-urual.
i. pnaial delivery In Uu raral dtatrleta is eomlng
Rome i'hi- The (iovernmenl do-s nol glve Ihe
rarniar h - hari "f Ita- l-n-Mts 411 th- m-iiis. ln
anotlor ve-.ir, : Ihlnk, Ibc r.-i-tii.- Depnrtatei,) win
1.if 11 lalnlng, nnd l thlnk th<- Ume will then
i?. ,|,?- for ih- n of in,- fr4- delivery
,,r matl ln the riii-d dlsHets, The plae, li,.w-v-r.
ls fi-tislble , 11 \ wben ti'i" ar- i;o.,ii mada, 1.Bae
It Invnlve* in- ui ? nl bb ye|< . ! Bfll glad t" kn ??
vmir state '- h irlnnlnu to how in Inii-resl ln good
i-oni . nnd ih.t in- indliini RepuliUratM have In
eorpora'el the denimd for auch ImpMvenent lu m-ir
i sinte plattnrm, It 1 qnl poa mi-, wiiu r-ads
1 i.i-s ai.l- at all s, .nn lu Ihe year, ln ?,,p-i-u- the
; i-,:i-ii 4i,|i\--\ ivateni snd ni - rolleei ih- malls from
i 1.:,,..i alnng Bn P*id. There nr- aome pnris
,f 111 - > 1 dlslrleifl n a i' lladelpbla whleh mu-iit have
, , kllvery new if Ibere were monev to eqnl? auch
:, arrviee, We ar- iialng i>levt.|4ea in IVaaMnglon wlth
;,?,??' nucrifls in dellverles as w.-i: bb c,,ii-ci| ?n-. If
ilrely feaalble, und alar. proper, to extend every
,..-- 4>r 4,. r mall -,-\i.- to ihe tarmers.
Kr uu Tbe l>>'li-olt i'i? Pn
?1 t, ;i you v.imt." ...li an oid travt'llag imm ln
ronveruiUon, -ih-i-.- ,ni\ be mipewUUon In thl-. or
ii I.,,\ i?. only a rnlnolileiico, bul I i.uv- noUcvd tini
?,.,i ngula ihnl ui my luel. for a trti) depenaa oa my
I'ettlng lower 7 ln a ? K-plng-ear. 1 never nike aay
iiunitar wi;!: nr having a ih-i of bad hn-k."
?T'l.-i, you wonldn'l ?' p ln room 13 m a boW "'
?? N..I 1 1 worda. 1 would ^tt up all ninht Mi-si.
ii., you kro-4 it 1. .1 fort tbat in.- BMdarn hotel h
imilt'lng lluil fatul ? ni i Thee( bave been s )m.
li, i, -.!- Im 11 durll : Ihe |ir--i-,,t v.-ar and i.h-re
.,,- 11,. tidii- ,,. on t e ls'. su|?.,stj||?,.,. ? Well. 1
ie 1. ,: ii inav t"-. i.ui im preJudKaa are fa,-t-.'
And b? 1. OV -! - ?? iong ?a 11 :.,,u n.u 1i1.it he Uud
told Ihe truth.
Vienna, Novoiula?r 1.
Among the thousahr.a who hu\e oflered up
prayara M the elirin,- of Mana of %ell during thp
iHst auuimcr, the paaMafaat as aajfj m, the moat
iu'ercstiiia of all tl e plot.s pil/iiros hns Ix-en the
little cipht-yeur-oM Archduch'va.; Eltaabcth, the
only daaffhtCf of tlip ill-fati'd Grpwl Prlnoe
Rudolph. Th?- tiny AjeMBBaMBB BJBff J'vm'npanled
by her mn'her, Ihe widewed Arplid.icbeaa Kte
phaola, bo who.n, howcer, sh?? liears but amall re>
itMBhlanrn ataber merally or phv.-icaJlv. For ehe
io,'a fui. to develop in Baorat of tim.- into aa oel
ebrated u heawty as her trranilmothi-r, the Em
prpss E'lzaVtli. and ihe has itiheri'.-d all the
iwietiio? of t nipor BOd au inv .roo.l miture of her
fafhor, PriBfle " Radi." Her (.ilurimage to the
ahrlne of Pt Maria /."ll wbb Btenlhnrly appropriate
iu view of tba laflt th t the pl<ttirrsi|i?e chapal
Bwaa it?4 orlsrin to BBOthef little cbihl ArcliduplieflB,
the K.nperor's yountp-st daughter, who, when
Imt. little o <ler tlrin FrlBMaaa lllizaleth, devotcd
all her moncv which s-li" e nl I either save or
beg fr m her r latlvm ta the .-rectlon of a chaoel
dedknted te St. Marta Zeii imi t., St. Qeataa, aa
1 ihunk-oiVeriiu for the marvelhuis escape froro
death af btr motlier. the Kinpres.* Elizabeth.
rSetae jreara ago tTn> Kmprpss, who hBd nlnndv, oB
teveral oeeariona, riaiard t.iie ahrhfe. of St. Mnrla
Zel!, ileterniifie.l to rct.irn thlthtl. an I undertooli
the (ourney oa harrebaek. /aad before reaeluajf
fhe sacr-d apof fhe road tfBM.*,"ll d hridge rtidely
Btade af tTUnka of fir tn-cti, which spans B deep
an 1 furbtd for.cnt. Tln r.niprcxs waa, aa
u.snal. ridlag a aptrtted horae rMgneJaae* or otlier
the iiniuial CTi-.'lif one af his hfsnV feet hetyveen
the rugged i lanks, and irum-diatcly '-ommenced
rearing ln his iranfle ladearara la frpe himaeif.
it waa only with the greateat dlfBeatty that the
Empreaa, ptrfeat honwaroaaan theagh ehe is,
nmnaged to r.'f.-.lti h?'r sen' in-1 t, avoi I helni
hur!".l i.if. 1'ie lorrent arathmg among the rocks
below. Ai lenetn out< of Ihe ggvtmmt, b/9b aTBg
fol owlng her, auceeeded In ouiefinir the teirir.p.1
.. i'i al Mtireiently to *?nalil-* bet to distnount, and
after having amiate i 11 exfTieat* tha hotara foot
from hetweon the planka slu- eontfaeed the re
mainder of fhe way on loot. The Empreaa
attribnted her pr.'s. rvntton ia the pppcial btker
rention ln hpr behalf of the Btaaaed Vircin af
Zeii and ot St. Oeorge, who is the patron aaint of
II lioraetnen and horsewomea ?n l',Tirniii? af
ler tn ther'a Jangri uaa yoong krthtMthm
Val-rie waa ao liupreaaed by the accoaat tl.nt
ahe arranged for tbe tcton ..f fhe iieautlf.il
ehape1 wbieh n..w povera the sl.rin" of St. Miria.
Over th- antrahee is ;t marhle Mock lx-arln? the
follnwing InacripeloB eompoaed by fhe Ar<h
duch -'h- "llo'y tfuther and IH-*ss.ci st. GtBCffB,
patron of eavalbre, who e n prea*rra us from all
? ia g .. and by whom my nxothei l.a* been >o often
profecte.1 when no hnman hetp eoold avoil her, I
j r iv to you both with eoalMenee that you w;ll
not diadain my humble peUUoo, and thal you
wil! alwaya he tha Bartan of 'he precioua Hfe
which gave llfe t.. m<-. bfarta Valeri-, In BB
membrance, il, l SII3
7he ehapel or ehnreh in giMwtion is bailt in
Gotbk atyta on some BhelTtai raeka i" 19b mi.lr
of a d?-nse pine WO sJ which partly earefB tk4
iBountatn alde All arowad nr- precipices, the
lx.rd.-rs and baaea of which are li'ack with Al
tri.-s. and a great monntaln p.ipp,',l with anaai
towera ahove the aaered 'siitic. it. eidea brtatilB|
with ji-'-'-'l roekn, thaiunji and huge bowlders
Tbe treaaury of Ihe ehapel la BHed with BBtgaiaV
....,!? rjeringa, preannted by Um ttent ladjea of
Um Auatrian Imperial Family, and of tha nobility,
and ui many caaea emblaxooexl w.th their mon.
grama and arnaorial bearinga. Th.- CMBBaai d-?
f'hambord, arlta <.f th- Freneb Legitimata Pm>
t-ti'l-r, preaenred a abori tlaae beatata aae death
t!ir.-*> nuperb buapa in aolid gold f r tha c.nptuarr.
und Bhw a bagaa diarnoi'll eftaa wliieh l.ad
betoaajed to Qaeea Marta Aatotnawta. Tbe altai
coverinn is af Blmeat ugtoatam patbxl de Ven-ee,
an.l is the gifi f the Empreaa KUxabeth. In
the inid.-t of all tbeaa offerinn of the rfch an!l
of the gr.-at ia pw?a?rved the tribute <?f tbe po^r
peaaant girl, wh...? htotory Ib a ton^hing ,,n'
Mi- waa of moat humble ? ri.-in and apenl h.-r
daya In lamding bet cattta on tbe grajay rfoaeg
aronnd l^r father'a Arplne but. Gay and thonght.
!.... as a hiraT ihe I.--1 a hi ppy. Mreleaa life ia
her mountalr. and aana from morn till "i-'1
One day, howerer, Vapalr BUexl ber beart ?*?
aanaa h.-r betrothed, a handeome, braamy mo.int
nineer. lay at the p Int of death from the efleetB
of ar. Injury weeiretl irblk. oat huntlng Beady
to aaeriftoe almoal aturthing for the aake of bto
reeovecy ihe cut <.rT her superii goldea lu.r *nd
cftered It ae a votiw gifi to rmi I*taty af WI
The roang m-?n reaorered, but, aad ta relate, ba
w aaodbamayed and even dlagOBti*d at the Baajeat
,-r.nted by his betroUMd ghorn of h.-r ?aarnin>
eent balr, which had been one ot the prm-tpai
featurea of het beaory, thal he requitei her
devotion wlth r-oMn-sa, iworn and mfl*?llty
h-ok-n-h-art.-l. the po..r girl retlred t- a chMater.
i?? to thla luy het lorelj golden tr.a, tW
wlth a faded blae rtbhan, ar,- pr.rred m IM
rreaaairy of 81. Mana Z-II, alonajaade af tke
diamond croaa <>f tha yet far m re unfortunat
Miwort of Klng UaU WI of Fraoaw.
Marta Zell is aitoaked ... the beart af tbe Bty
ri.'in Alpa, far away fr? ra the laaaten track of f?e
ei_? touriata, who rarely Uml their amy ib r
Every year, howerer, ->?>'<? bw '" ?*?,,ve '
.??.i Anatrlana Batkitating of aenaaota, :.-;.r^ --.
noides .....I namlMtB of the Imperial Family vtoit
thesl.ri.ie far the pnrpoaaof ...vok.ng the i.i
i?, of the lUeaaed Vlrgln af M\ aad af ^<-w__
The pUgrima generally arrrea in larg? baa^da n*
.?" as- tbey Baarob, and Um melody af the ba*
dreda of harmonlotM rofcea Hnging Bnt ln tbe
freah earar AlptoM air ia itul.^rril.uMv solemn BttB
grand, Austnuns. ev.-n to the loweat etaaaaa, aa
poaaeai retnarkabU bmbb and lore af musn-. ??
ture .teelf ln fhe Autrtrian Alpa ia full af melody,
the eehaea of the Baaataa torrent^. the aoaxg btrda
warbllng ln tha taxnxda, tha marmarlag af tha
wi.,,1 through the tkll msla wh.rli cnrrle the
mountaia tahea, all anite in a eawMart <>f the moat
antranclng raharaeter, md it. la ..ot aarpetaiag-that
the rnhabltanta of theae Boetteal tea*MM ahould
l,e intluencp.l therel.y. The castumes. tOO, of f.ie
pllgrlma ure aaperb, and nowbere e.m such a tm*
rietv and ,.ict..re?,ue.ip..s af tOMrh ba BBBI BB IB
n,...,. p?.Bjiona al woaahlppera .... their way aa
Maria Eell. Tbe Styrlan wonaen weat vla.rt skirta
,.f bravy bfocawted aUti ln bright <-ol-ra and aapJ
adorned wlth goldea Btlajraa, wbloh are ao valua
l.le that th'V are BBBjgcd BMWII Bf mother to
daughtcf from a/raerattaai la generati '? The
girta from tha hmli Kamaxergat, in th.-.r <lark cos
tumea, their aXKew-wblte maatta blaaaei and their
,', iiiettiah little hats, from hee*atb which bbbbbji
their lotig btatda, are BB u/etty u\ a pieture. IVy
weai broad tMcktaca? caxnpoaed af aaxay t.nv p?*
ehaltta With here aml tla-re ixrent aqaMN BaMffB
of g<dd INffjca st.i.uieii with ganeaa, ninjuoiaea
..nd toaaaea, and their hrw i??li.?c af heavy cloth
or velvof ls tiiste.iel wHi iinti'iue eilver hutU.na.
Ttefl there BIM the llunnnriun anajBBO, who im
pait B aenii-Orientul BBftMl to the seene. FBfi
liko the BlaTonaana aad the CroaUana, haaf *?r
rohea of whlte ihaen thiekty embrd-iered *'"?
nianv-hiii'd allka and la-t.-ne.l aronnd BM anMBl
by OffMBaTB ''lu.' an.l crin.aou r.lilx.na, while the
scarl-t Bllk J...n.lkerebl..f BB aWtaf wound around
the.r dnaky tre^*ee iv.nlt.ds one invnluntarily o*
the Turklsl. Feg, aml tlie piBBaalBB9 raM9 of hugo
eoral and aoabe* beada aaM^othag fbeir necJt re
ciill the ortianientK ?<? <h'?r to harem woinen.
The atataa Bf thB Holy Viraln of Mnrla W ia
IHeralbj eorered with priceiare jewiia the exv?t..a
of wealthv pikrinm. On her heud gllttem a
dtoaiem af gigantk rabtae and d.am...ds raaaa upon
ropag of aoftiy gieamiBg aearia ****** her eaajff
a?d BBff ajgaat, rfaaaj pa| erttti ?i?rkllng W nlorn
her BBUJBBB and .-ven her fa-s. whlle her BaBghef
allrer rol>e is taaded wlth atllBBaB ef sypphlr",
. lu-t. is ot emorihls BOd rivrr? af diamomla. In
d.asi the atataa w ura BtrUrJag BfHiaai af tbe fact
that Uiore is no more populur Salnt ln 4BBB99
than St. George and Oux Lady of Maria ?f Zcil*

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