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A IBKBO TBBATRE 8 14?Laokaade Qvvd-ht-T.
A i...l> A.N l> -T1TT iT.-iO a. .... BBUl lt> p. Bb
Inrttx.r. 1.: Fair.
liljur TUEATRE-8 :lt?Bba on ti* Br.*'.
BHOADWAY MiI ATT'.K?S-Ttie Lady '" * 'iig..'
. .vt'.Ni .11. Ml SIC HAl_L--0* B- until 10 I- n.?The
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CA-INO-' -F'nr.ng Mx-t*r.
4 BlCBEBIMii HAI.L -: 30-Mu.lca; rec'.'x:
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D.vi.v .- TURATRR-a IB ATam>0a-e.
:.: i he w.,ri i iii wav.
P1PTII AVRRUB TRRATRR-8 i~-a GBmed faai.
UARD1 S rilEATRR *? Battk- )!..-.
(tttANO OPEBA RO-*4U_-8?Tha Ba-ataa.
ha)'.li;.i OP_-RA HOU8E-8 l.v-'ii- - 'io-. foi Biandal.
ii ai.i.. ".'. s a iiiLXTlir i) Btnaiici Bavonlga
HERKMANX'G THIAT1.1 - U I.tt.r TlBpett.
j,,.. , . iDlsO* BQVARE 1 l.F.Air.i:-- 30-A. Trlg
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p.vi.Mi.Rb THI'.ATBJi 8:18 Ai-tt raey.
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BTABBARJ) THRATRX-a:_8-Tba m**k*i b?ii
8TAR THBATRK?8 .4?Dlpiaeaaey.
'10NY l'ASTOR b -o vaudevl.le.
I.M..N BQ. ai'.i. i lll.A'i'KK?8.15?Can.y.
14T11 BTRI-.ET THEATRL?8-Th? ldOJ.
inbrt lo lAbticniflcmcniD.
raa. .oi **??? f*
Ai.'uv'.,",,> . t- 0 I.egal Notite* ....... ? -?;'
Announcem-iiU. .... il) 4 Majr.ug.a A DeaWia 7 u
Auction bd* R*Bl .M,-a*i_..4<.u* . ? -*
l-al-la 8 4 Ml.or. a.irom _?__*_ -
BaiK.'is V hr.lvar. 9 6 M .xleal l?ejg_IBBW g ?>
Bu>lne*a Not.c*-.. 8 1 Be. PuWlcaAluna.... 8 l
Danriag A. ad mia* t> 1-- "' >en Svau-ira ... ? * '
I)lAia*i.d XoUcoa... I, 4 rrop-a.1* . ? ?
Dryg-od. . b - IVd Tr.\mX*. - ? **
I'.v-7,r.i,?,6 . I. 4 _*t_-??da_v___. * 6'_
Kiri.iicl.l . . 4-*, S/.'oial Notic*. . . u
i aaneh-l Meri.ii-.g- e .'. gUamb-a-a -. ? 1
Help Wanted . l> A T*a. l.t r. . ? -
Hotel* . K -I'/ ?.*?-?? -.???. ? ??
Inst-urtlor. . f 1 Wlnter ReaoT-t. ?
Lretufex _ M-vtl.-g* ft 4
__ " 6iiif _*_, ^0l'Cf---_
__oep. Urttsb-urm tu Meeaure. _ for |9. Neaa
better at .ov orlea 84? and BU Urvadway. Bew-Y-lB,
and 829 Ci,e--.ut-?t.. Phi.?dr.unla._
1 v*ar 8 no.. 8 mov I BM_ copy
Dally, 7 dav. . _*ek ...10 l-l 88 "0 82 80 81 00 ....?
Dailr wh .ut Bunday... 800 400 - Oo 90 ?et*..
Bunaav Tr bm,* . 2 00 1 00 50 .... B v.x
Wtekft Tribun-" .*. 100 . J cBJ.
BBml-Waekly Tylbifie. 200 .?;^..';
Xr:^;'i/'NrVri.FUS.V-For-Bxni Mmabm. d jfa Dailj
and l- : day paprr., nur* Uiuu * t**_Ok eld. BB 'Mra pr. -
la ri-.ni.'d M bv .,,..,,,,,? exce,,,t on Dxlly an4 Suo(I?t
raper lur in.ll *uba4_*lb*r* ln New-York City. ?"' on DaJ...
_,.-!,,! AV*, v , ..d VV-*k:r lo foraliii. countr.e*. lu Avhl, _
(x**i *Atrv. pw-ate ?'H1 I* l*m by ??v*yTibW'?t, n..f,
H ,,:, , !?--,: Order, txpr??. CBder, rheck. Prxrt,
?r K?fl?'' r?-1 I..rr*r. _. -
C**h or P"*tal Raa., lt Btat In an unrrgt*-red l*lt.-r.
win '.* n* il * owatr*- -:-- _ ? -
Matn offic- of Tb* Tr'h'in* 154 RaatM-d.. Jf*>w'Y<??'5'
Maln ,i),rr,-T-i otT'-'' 1 '.'42 )lro*(tiv?v Addr"?. *H "nT
r-.-o- r .> rr '? -.?? ' Ni . V "
nitAMii OFiirr.. of thi: ntlRYXR.
Malr, bni,.-), olllc". 1 241' Hr'*dtvay, upprr corucr 31st-.t.
'.''?1 ;t> av-.. .. *. ror d 23d-.?t.
i '?.' Blh-are., raraar I2_b--t
)*?_' 4'olin, '"...av* . n?sj.r We*l <18th?t
10*1 W-.? t'.'rt-st.. nexr (ith-av*.
"f, aa -t , ,'h..t nrar .'.'h-xve.
fr." vv .? ?*!.?. ,,.-.^r, 7th nnd 8th ?v
i",7 ithave., renor lath-at.
> ? - ? . . hatween 7n_h a-d " th .v.
i.:a 8d-av. , botweeo 75th and 7C*.h ata.
l.n-'n Bl-aie., ?*or Olxl 4.
1,708 t-t-ave., n?ar Sftrk-'t.
?? er 47th-d.
.',?,1 Bdav... i,*t.r F.i-t 37th-?t.
',2 Avem.p A. hetw*?n 3d xn_ 4th *tx.
17 Caial-t xnd 157 P!v!.'nn-?t.
1-.. I'titireh-at., kttweaa AVirr'n *nd Ch?mb*ra .t?.
n>i T'i.'-tv.?t. n"^r Broadway.
fWI T41"*"''*r?t . nrar Crir'st ph'-rst.
IBn Foat 4"rv.-st., r>-rn^r M-ave.
?n F-r.. 4*Jd-.t niar Mnci!.r>,.?A?
?--, 0,1 T-, t,.tw?*'i HCth xnd 113rh .*..
Foreign?A popular denionstration of Lnndon't
unemplnyed workmen was held in Trafalgar
- ?*-Dr. Koch saya Chicago B88d have
i ,, feai of c?'t<>hiiig the cholera from Germa_-.v'i*
rxblblta B-a-as The Czarewitch left Vier.r.a foi
Doiii'Mtie.?A former emp'oye of the Ce__RB
Bantu wa* charce'l witk arMBB false iuformatln.
la Um (.overnm*iit iii the I'.ehrlng Sea case. =r-_^
! ii . teiia-nt-Goveriior Slieehan was called hou.
lo I *lp his henehmen out of t-T?) -ToaMa tb^T
gcd into by falalfying election returne. _-=--_
A l.e.vy shoe.k of earth'juake waa felt through
niii Cailforanv r_____ chi*f Jm-tl"* MeaTtmon, oi
tl.e Supie'i.e Court of North Carolina, and f>t?t<
1.1888182 ltein are dyir.g al Raletfh.
Ulty and Bubarbaa.?Tba hodiee of tbe tw.
firen,o;i aaIio wen leat at the flro in lbe Htfbeoh
? .,.h, Brooklyn, -batorday, were reeervefad _____=
T'I:" Fr.-nch I.in* BteaaiBblp La JVoiirgogne r*
p.i'.-.l !.-vtng paaaed the mlaaini ati-aua?hl') Eng
lnnd on bet way la thi.* p'rt. r-^__ Work of tb<
ajiprouching confereno.* of Archbiahops outlin.-d
[aabeg Btea _k**___re-_ tllat muny p-eti<*.
bakorlct wen conductt-d under dangerous sanUarj
coiiditi(iii?. =-=-- Final prepurations were raa'1'
fi.r opealag tl.e horse ahew lo-day,
Tke Weather ?For.-*ast for to-dny: Fidr BW
war?,.?r 'J\'inp*rature y.-st.-idity: Higheet, 4!
?jegreea; lewaat, 18; aTarage, 40 8-8.
Th-- rastlll of tho Hoctinn in California and
Ohir. atill r8_aa_na Ib doubt Idalio has giv*i
ifs fl,t t<ml vutc* to Weuvor, but tho Repufa
Hfl I4U .ir.' B-B)CBM--fal ai. to tho rost of tho tirk't
Tn Ohio the chanecs favor tho RepobUoans, boi
ih ? vote will bo cltrno in any even*. Both then
und fi t'aiifornia th" cHicial CBBTaaa must bt
waitod foi liofore it can bo (ertainlv known
which pa -ty has r*"''p|l rtw *argHt nuinix-r '?:
vot0-. _
The lloiinblicans of Now-Je-rscy, l.tl by Johl
K'-an. Jr.. nirwle a Kj.len.li'l iisht, and tha aUc
ItOa ntlUTta --how that. if it had Rot baaa lo
the la.id-lidc the noxt Govornor of Novv-Jorsi':
would ba a RepablicRR. Cloveland'.a majoritg
in tho S-gRR wax 10,001 fiaatar than that o
^'('rix. the D nn. ratio candiflatc lor (J'.vcnvr
an i iu an.AthiiiK liko nvrmal _-_*4R___4xtaa 88 BUcJ
,i diffei*e_K)e wonld hare moivnt a -aajority 01
the othor -id' Tha Konublicans mado no mis
lake iu lAshinatiiii, tho tomper ef tho p<v,],le o
tl.e Mnte rafBidiag Abbattwaa. Thegr did no
win, but they de_tarred to.
\\ hat |b? Domcorats wi'l do with tho;r vic
*?;.; iti an intr-r.-t.iii'.' tjueatloa, ai !c;ist 80 ia
as n>Rvrerita tho LIHd CcaRgraaa. The "logi
? ;tuuti.,!i"-a phraae lo vAhK^i <.iiil' o
0 i. D ni N ia'ic frior.ls hafR beofl fuuTial-"' BB
to d riiand Baveral tliiii'.*-. Orb la that th.
tnirh ,.f ''tariff lofuna" ooghl nol to ba de
layed. llcrico. of cotnae, thara cajghf to l>.
;: c tia x .S4i,,.'i ,,f CongiesH _- carly as jio-siblv
Our fri. nds tho eii'-iny. howevr-r. an likely t
Ba I B greBf lack of hannony __bbo__| their oan
1 inil.e*. and it will ba hard for IheoR to agie
<ii r. dfiiiite !ino ,.f policgr. To a nuinber o:
thiiiDs They aii^ moro cr less cc-mmittcd by thoii
platf(.-m and by tho 00-0188 of tho Housr. ir
th't present OaaajRBBa. Hut thore will ho ki
lnaiiy men piiilinj? so many ways that p*!t.v<
action is uiilikely to come up t? popular ex
fj'datioii. _
Every dav thla wo*k. from 9 o'elook In tln
m riiinj* until 10 o'clock or lati-r in tha BYaadngj
ia n Square Gard'-n will be tha CB-ttn
i f iRtareaf for t-HB-t-tirda of Now-1 orkara. Th<
Horao Bhoar aaaBM thpro to-day and v\ ill oor<
tiii.i ? until a latu hour noAt Saturdav night
The B-ththaaaBM tif the National *-4NR8 Show At
sociation have always been r-mhioniible affairH :
rhe prenent ono will be. if tbat is poaaiblo, mon
fashioiiable thati over. The b,rxrii have heen
-o!d at auorion for $.._?.000? a good index of the
in'orest **olt in the show by the world ol wealth
and fashion. Ahout 750 hoix.es 8-iO he on ex
*__b_-io&, rangi-ix Irou tbe huge and heavj
Clydeada'e. f. thfl trin. thoToughbrcds and -he
I.hI.x Sh< llands. I.\ nb d*. ? lll - ' '-' t]'?
II,,'-<. feh "?. BBd t i ne .-i, . ? " iil be
? ,._.-r to ro again.
N.ivf.ml.fr. ii' Wfl MrT? fll"n .>''**n''i:i.v- ;'
.eeking to riYBl 8_*ptembei Bnd Ootober in poini
of k -.] ueather. N .1 often do wfl ibc b fincr
duv nt this leason, in this latitude. The
,?/,,.?, made a "bad break" .aal xVedncsda*.
aft-rn on aad erening, bnt few were diBp*-eted o
oomplain about it. _te.au*. almost the entjrc
antumn haa beea pbenomenally pleaaant. One
auch day as yesterday, bowever. would atone
for manv bad ones. (it courae, we muflt exjx cl
, good doal "I miaerable weathci before tl i
Beaaon of rose. comea again; bul he would be
aa ingrate iudeed who, after the enjoymefit of
v.-tc-irlnv-v bright Bua aad bracing air, ahould
heap cursei npoa the flini.it" of New-York ai
"the wotflt in theworid." Although wiien _ '??'
it i- very, venr good, it muat be confessc. thal
when it' i> bad it i* hoirlble ba the eattreme.
All the s.iin..'. I.t us pnake U.e must of Indian
siimni. r whllo it b*____
Fivo million workera iu Ihla <<>untiy ar.
ajpeciaUy Interested to know what tbe Demo
crutic part. will do nl.mt th" tariff. Many of
Ibeao reted with thal partj in the bellef thal
il would not do waal it had promi?ed. Tho
platfoun if bad adoptcd a< Chieago meant noth
ing tha. reaeoned, becsuiae the candidate had
tiiudilici that declarati. n by I.i* letter of ac
eeptanoc. Wlth tqual reason othera eoncluded
thal Jiis Btatanienta meant nothing, becaiu
thej were contrary to the platfona he aceepted.
y.t to thouaandfl of votera it i* n matter of
grare poisnii.il ci.tis,quoii.o whether the partj
tvill do wiiat it promiaed, or whal Iti candidate
pramiaed, or lometbiBg clse.
Tbe iinc.rtainiy about Industriea upon whieh
many depeud foi thetr lirelihocd caonoi be
benefioiaL Y.t, it must continue until tbe nexl
Congreai haa acted. No change can eome until
Maroh 4, when the fiexl Pieatdenl will make
oath to enforoe exiiting lawi. Ou acoonnt ef
diifereneea regarding tlu* and othei qut ations, i'
i^ bv aoa.ipected Urat be maj aot be d.?*
poaed lo >'nll nn "Mra aoseion of Coagrefla, and
unleai h?- deea the lawi bow ln forcfl must
itand foi more than a year. Hence ihrewd
Democ, a'* alread. adviae an fatra lesaion and
a speedy dearision. Tl ere are hundreda ol
_*orka whieh hare be n brought Into operati.in
bv tho aew tariff, and the proapecl of a change
will lead ownera of aheae to preparc for thi
remoTal of duties whieh bave made their ex
Bitence poasible. Many bundred otheri haye
l.poii adapted dnring tl," laat two yeara t ? the
production of goods whieh could nal profitabl*
bc made here if presenl dutiea were aboLUhed
or muofa rodnced. What may be done in ull
theae e-tabliahmenta to prepare for fnturo
ohange caa only bo cxavnjectujed, thougb there
(? little reasoB to expecl that .-tablishments
will expand their buaineas.
It is therefore Ukely that if Congreai do. ?
not meet until Deeember, 1M8, it will meet
after a yet* of nnpleasant and coitly uncer
tainty. Iti _____ an. perhape ita __oet difflcull
taak. whenerer it Bteeta, wfll be 11 deeide upon
a poli y. Tho Democrata who believe in iweep
ing away pirrtoctiv. dutf.x ytogether, in ac
oordanee with the declaratfoB ..f the Ohioago
platfona, will be supportcd br theopinlons and
prejudicea of a great majorit* <.f Democratie
'roterg. especially in the Southern Stat. s. upon
ivhirh tho party dopends foi more than hait
itx strength in ( ..nK-.ss or in the electiou of
a l'resident. Otheri wfll r.sist. BTBying for a
more cantioiis and ten.it ive oonra.-, bul they
will no longer bc able to aay, aa they said in
Congr-**s lax-t year or at tho eonventlon in June,
that Demt oratic buccom Jb oiif er two _3aartern
Statea ia oe< ssary. The -ictor. ol the party
in great Westeni Statea ob ao extrerne
form in.'s' t nd powerfully to streugthem thosa
who ur_" a .on. mi reoonstruc ioa of the taritf
uccajrdini{ to tli- deelaratiofl made ;a Chi
Hiatory teachea that the woral t iriff Che ?
try ovir bad waa the oompromise meaaure of
Mareh 2. l*-:t3. proriding I and gi ? I
oal reductjon of duties extendiog over ten
year*. The prostratioB ot industriea and of
ba-ineaa whieh r?_iulted waa thea withoui prec*-?
_.?!.!. and ln-* never ain. e I.n equalh d. A. I I
reduotion 4.f dutiea al once, far enough to open
_*orki to aevere competition, wilh pro*pect of
further reductiou aftei a year o two, cl
*a__lbUshmentfl one by one and forcing |
downward oontinually, would probably do more
harm than Bny aharp and ia Ical i bang . ho ? ?
erei bitter ita immediate consequeno.8. The
danc.-r i*. that the itrife of Democratk' factl tn
fcr the maatery vrithin the p:ir:.'.. and the eon
tinuing une rtaintj how far the dom uani f.i.
rjon mav vcutnre to go at the uexl Bewion of
ToiiBreMa, may Lriiit? upon -be^couatij oondi
tif.ns <-v4'n tvorae, aa rexypeotfl the tariff, than
those created bj the gradtial bul d. finite reduc
tion under the aet of IS38. lt will re
more oenftrtactivo it^eamanship than Demo
ci-ats appe?-fed to poaaeM in the lasl Congreai
t? meet tbeae difflcultiea with any meaaure <.f
iucoHb, and the aooner thej take h"ld of tho
ta-xk the bettfli for the eountry.
lf the Deaaocratic party can bo modifj the
tariff, I.v any proeeaa whaterer, as to give tho
ciuntry gretter progresa and proap rity than it
haa realixed, Thk Tribujik want- t/).sr>.. that
d.Hi" uiti: ih" leaal poasible delay. The whole
worid baa been leaniing 1?: experience, and
Republicani are extre_Bely adlling t.. leam if
tho leason lirini;- grcater proaperity. Hul if
tho Democratie party ia nnable to make an*
lienotiri.d ohange, or when ii .'let*. nt bU i- eer
t.'iin tu diaturb and prostrate induatries, the
looner that is known to the i.pl. who bavi
latrusted it with power the better fur all, for
ihe aooner they can prepare to oorrect I eir
mist_ke. __^__________?
.v'/.V I'.Il.l I0X.1 OF D0LLAR8,
Al the moment when tli" acrimonioua di -
n in connection with tho now Army bill
? i. rlin haa led to lhe publication ..f thfi l.nt
that aince i-**71 Gennany has spent no
than |3,000,000,000 on her army, an offlcial
report drawn up by the dlstingui-hed Fi nch
imai a-id et-Minister, '?? ? I I i?,
h i _. made ita appearanee at Paria, ihowing thal
durU-g the *am' period Franoe ha- derot ?! a
ainn of iS.OSO.OOO.OOl toward a rimilar ob
joct. Neither of theae immense auma c >mprii i
ih" cnurm iui 8X] enditiure whicb both Franoe
nnd (Jeim.iny have inc__rr**d in behalf of their
reapeot-Ta navlea and in the rarioua brancbei
of naT_.l def< aee. N- (thej do they LacTud i the
Mtlfljj during the twenty-two yeai * <>n *r'.'.: . c
! railwaya and milita.y penaiona. Still has do
they take into a__*otmt the yet more heavy in
diri.t liird n iiii|>,s.ti un the time and energies
of tl.e iw;. n.t*i ii. by compulsorilj draftiug
lhe taauhi.od of the two oountriea inte the ranka
: .if the t'lny at the rery agfl when men'a labor
\xitji hand and biain is <,f mwA ralue to in
j dtisfry itrtfl trade. lt is alniost aa_n*4*rasiMA t_)
IClBliW -bfl ?'iiyriiH.'iis -traiu and <?(.|c j?l;ic*d
I iipoii tho ptopeiiiy and progreai ot the tvu
i riiuntrife in qnostton by tavc* neress_ry foi fha
I Ba__-_a8flTBj_acfl of theae great military iTBtBhliili
BBMaa. lt must be borne in mind tha; dt-riag
! tlie t.M. d ___dflfl in whieh this \;i<t npefljd-turfl
i haa bc.ii laciincd Bfljthet Fl-UWfl n.i Cioriii_iiy
baa been Inrolvad ln any YAmfowt war, noi
?h.v even bad figbting going on nearth i
froBtiera. Tho - mn in
apent on anniea which havobeen kept thi
, ? theentire period raerely on a peace fool n?
Thera is aame faint ray ol hope thal Ih
Hgurca thua pnbllahod almoal ?lmultan< lual*.
,t Berlin and al Paria rn iy awaken in Freru h
and G-niiau boaoma a deaire fai disarmament.
lt ia, howeyer, bt*! aottobai maaa p ??? tb. ul
-... natter. For xjtennany ia al the pr. Mni
momenl .aking atepa to tacreaee ber army bj
tome bundred thousand men, arith a ri<
?j?g ji tip to -ii" numerlcal atrength of
that of Frani??: and it ia lo be appreh.
tha- a- sii.iii aa Emperoi William baa - ?
i? accompliabing this Francc will in her turn
immodiatclj add another bundred thousand
men to the peace footing of her army in orde.
to maintain intact the numerlcal auperioritj
of her militarj foroea over thoae of Oermany.
And ao it wiii go on until bankrorRey ln* -
one or tbe other c tuntrj to cry hall and to
oonfoga beraelf v-UBq-dahed In a oonflicl thal is
dow betng fought ont upon the domain of na
tional etoBOtoy.
So Mi. Edward Murphyianot to have a vralk
over for the United Statea Senatlorahip, not
withatanding the hearty unanimity (n his favor
of Mr. Bichard Croker, Mr. Shotbaa nnd tho
other influential Tammany peraona. Another
candidate atepa aoftly Into view. It is Mr.
(ml -cliiii/.. "The New-York Tin-eo'' i- lead
inp bim. It iuti.'.liic.d bim In a trery eopioua
article ln it-1- Satnrday'a laaue, ln which atn>
oerit* and ingenuoiiBnesa and acerta.n dtHght
ful eagernesa t.> do good and be iiaeful to a
grtsat sii.r.'ssfui party are blended in barmoni
,,:,4 pr iportlona. There ls nothing whatever ln
the oiitnc aiti.l" to Indicate thal it la nol con
,, |red with a aerioua i urpoao. I' la wrltten,
in -li it. in the aame I and <?? mln
manner which n.i auch a marked charaoter
is-:,- of the aariea of Brtielea whfch appeared in
tir.it fournaJ durin-- November of laal y
the queation "f th.- Speakerahip. aj' vHlI, per
hapa, be reiriembered thal our ?nlemr* i
convinced pretty mucb everyrmdy arho va- gny
ho.lv tbat th" "logic of tho BituatioB1' in ?
tlvely damanded tho election ot Mr. Mllfc
Texaa, t> be Speaker, and would atop nt noth
Ing ahorl of It The few who fafled to bc oon
, ,. i happened 11 be ln i
Mr. Mllla would have 1.a elect d. Tho?o
lee began with c.-ilm and dfapoasionaro
Btatement, b it gradually Im reased in robiit
nnd ai.'"'. until they becamo .1 1 _?l what n
I,.. cill.'l bot.
The nomination of Mr. Fd un ' eglna ln tl o
game way. " The Tim-s" doea nol aai
rnany worda that Mr. Schnn os L'nil rl ?
Senat tt ia the ab* lule, Ine* ltab|e ??
and nnappeaaabto "1 Itic ol th< ?
That will. n . doubt, oome later. lt l< at
impieasion very diatinctly on the mind, how
ever, In this. iti flrat, easay on the Mibject.
The \ tera In thia StaTs In thi I .te eiactlon,
it aaya, "apoko ont witb auch atartling di
Linctneaa that their meanlng muat becom. |
ovon l.y the leaat attentive politl ianB." I
meanlng '- that if ti," partj wonld retain
power it mual be bj "kceplng faith with tho
people" "The party muat keep ita w
It, now "baa an opportunity by an. ad of con
apicuoua wisdoai to confirm the popular con
Hdence in its aoundneaa and to give a novi
guaranteo of its devotion to purpoaea thal
every oltlten most recognlze bi puta nd
noble." The "act "f < napictioui wiadom"
which, as "Tl.e Timea'1 gradoall*
up. v.ill bee ime the la Itable, and nl.ibl<
overwhelming "logic of the ritMtion,'' -
, *, ction of Mr. Carl Sohtu-j tu th* Di
? Ir woul ! i. I onlj o mfer a
hi-'h honor on the -' ite, but it adda that
?? he wonld di :nifj tho ol I - un>
happily lowere 1 from Its rar] i
Thls laal alluaion aro I 1 i to th ? H i
Davld B. Hill, who will bo Mr
oolleague if the latl
this ni.iv bo eni Ihftil, it bardl,
to 1"* I'oliti or diplomatic. Afl
.-, hur*. as the Statc'a ' bei
our contemporary aaya: ." T ? ?' ?
Grover Clevi land I - th i I'i ?' ? ;??
! ? :! . ? m I, menl the clreti n of I u
? , t. .- . ru! ? f' 'I" New-York."
With v< ry much, if not rjuit**. all, tbal
"The Tiiii. ?>" aaya of Mr. **< i emineal
ibilitiea and hia eqnipment for ih.- place 'I'.ii.
TrtiurNE is in pcrfetl ngrcement. He bai
already aerved in tho rVnate n I only with
crodit bnl with dia ln. tl m. Bul It occnr I ?
us ihnf, be ha- cbie/1) d itinguiahed
?!. agre ing at the tarl bl< m imi nl
!iis |.;nt.'. __4.40_.atea, and by l.i* i ? ? ?
oontampt foi tbe na hincr* ol partj
ment, the men who c ntrol ir md all theii
methoda and device*. I!?- ia a man ol gtvai
iibilitv, but in tho ni.ii'ls ..I the ].....' rai p
i i: 4 his us. fiilno-4 i, soriotisl.) imj.aired l,.1
bia inabilitj to work in harncss. So il d<H?a
not atrike ns al tli" momenl that hia randi
daoy, though clearly lorioualy pr>_tpoaed i.a
"Tho Timea.*' ia at all formidable. Foi the
gentlemen who prop.to make a I'nit. d Sl .tea
Senator thia year aro practiral piliti. iana, e ith
profottnd faith in the machinery methoda and
in.'ii deapiaed by Mr. Schurz. Thej rare noth
Ing for his abiii-icB or hia equipment, and we
Buapect that tbey will pay aboul ;i4 much h'.-d
to our ooBtemporary'.*) nomination aa Mr.
Croker would t.. a propo_aJ to pul the 1
Dr. Parkhur-t Bl the head ol the l'
Commlaaion. Still, wo .11 nol withbold atir ad
miration for the c li ik itntw?, xineerity
ingonuouaneaa of "Tho Timea." Il i^ rerj
bi autifult
Is it Aeaop or Fontaine who tclla us of tbe
I.iiml. thal A-.i'iit h ol ng witb the Tiger ' " Lel
ua keep faith ani d.\;'!' faitly,' wid tbo I.arul,
ivh n the apoila woi.c u d. " i 'i\ ide? I >1
v. le nothing, you littl. iniscrablu gramnivo
rous I.- i-i ' Tbere lan'l m .ro than eno igh foi
me. You may think j ? umell Im k* if I
bave lo Hniah up my dinnci with lamb rho]M."
An old c iiii -? ' ho v il ic - i iho
football game i n Saturdaj with . videni d
and man] i heera foi ?. ale, ou bis naj h .:
to moralizing, Bei ig a ked bj another old
f 11'iav if he ha I enjoyed the e e c <?-. be repliod,
'* Immenaely, but atill " " But still what v" in
qu red the othi r. " Anytbing to complain ol.'
Think our team ought t. have pul up a rd ton r
game in the la.it half ?*' " \\ hen 1 qualitie I mv
uion of i njo* menl i f the ^:nn.* b; adding
'bul .still.""' his friend wenl on, "I vms con
jecluring as to whether tho prt-amt tend ncy of
our oollegea is not (?. do loo nrhch foi football.
Year after year the gami - ai .pringfleld an 1
New-York attiac thousandaofapoctat i . Tho
Yale-Frinccton game haa come to bo i garded
l.y undergraduatea and the gradmtea ol thoae
institutiona of the hlgher edueation Bnd by a
raal Dnmbar of other people aa a faetival In
coiiipaiisi.ii with which the Focurth ol Julj i
Bowhere. Tbaitkagiving J?ay arithoul th:ir f. ,,i
baU game tkey v.-m d rega d aa being n- mm !. of
a liuluie ;_s :i plum pufUlng Wtthoul pliiuis.
Now, I am not kick ing al thia | l oever mi-s a
j:aiiie ; I invaiiai.lv howl myaell btRtrae h.v way
of biacuij up *7UT Ca__i8gB team. All the 88888,
, arnn.oTedtoremark-butBtfll- -toinrtody
. membrr. that weab^ilddo our
utm *' toenc.?__" t> Beautifiil, becaui
r . en..rage. itaeif [t ** Ju* aatrue as
I |ook it it tbal we should do our utm
ollege study,.?--*l? P*ay ?*
oHPagex itflelfjwhil. the fact ia thai we do our
. , ,. ,,. g8COUegeplay,learingfl .1 go
noourage iteelf. An. I nol right?
,,,, point tn" t.. anything whieh doea aa
rnuchto srimula-e oollcgfl boya I i itudj a- the
j ,,i< Thankagiving game or the Spring
,;?],! ?;,?;,. doea to make them take an intereal
in football ? Vou may tell me thnt training for
. otball and the football e mtest* d.. mueh not
m) to , ,.v,| p the ao nd body, without whieh
the sound mind is of iraall account but that
th \ ;,i-, developauch manly virtucs ascourage,
fortitude and endurance. Vou maj tell me,
;?..,,! ,, thal the regiatera of the oollegea in
ivhicfa football cuta the largeat Bgure show that
,, ? football men aa a wholo ataad bigh in their
clasxcs. Thnt i* ___it-i8jtc-admirablfl as br
,s it _, ea. Uut it d.."-11 t go far i nough. The
? it_aque-tionremaii-?,and that ix. Doeaordoefl
not the emphaaiM placed upon football-the great
rjublic football gamea for thfl championship,
,1 ,? the prcsence of orowda ten, twentj
,im s ns' lu-" a* the largeat aodience that an.
ullogo commenc ment commandfl?doea or do. -
IM. guch wnphasiB, I aay. go far to make the
... ragfl e dlegfl bo. think that a atudent's chicf
,.?,! [a n ,i to study. but to play .ootbaJJ:
rhe maifl ftmctioB of a college is to Inspire a
love of learning. Let it misa doing that nnd
,: is ? failure, and I wonder?or, aay, half
nonder?whether football la aol 8 *iien ooming
,etween th- atudenl and that love. A friend ?'
nine baa a boy at sehool in Ctonnecticut. - h.
boj came home Fridaj nlghl tf. Saturda- *
The prfndpal ol the sehool and two ?f
. . - ,.i ii- t.. N"_-Y"tlx b< nl ' n '
?am. errand ' Phil. *'d mj fii nd to Iia
? . , hatt? '1 during dinner, ' I wish yon
,..', rJn'l pu1 quite ao mueh fo ttball in y#ur
., ? ? !':i?i.' laid tbe franb Phil. ' that's
,i?, ,i all we talk ah .ul in scho .1.' Yon will
,. rn ? and h. ai me on on ? of the Yale c iach.
, , : ..ng Day i 11! sport all the bl e
olora ahich I can o n i rtiontl.i oarr i I'ml" h
. - | ,._?,.,| t i th. Rame with all eagirn ia
V verthele* I rernark 'but *' !
[,,,! ? ? ? right of ii or the
.... ? ,r ,.,,!!,.(.?- la. _
i. .. ,,.,? , r proportion, and hence al ?? '??'
ia to I- laid ..n football? la
? , ] ge bo :
in hix - id - largel* perfui I J whilo the
h r..!- ri f otball !-_? mineand
?? I there an. d i. duri : ' ?
? ?,. .!' adoi I
r . i ? - .? i.r lit rattiro l o d -
linguixhed i n- d ration " . i ?; d t ?
! . . ? ' ' '? "
licld ' -
? I
? i,.,:','. ntry whiih
m xv oi ? : i tli" wintor.
\\" . ? ? ' ' ' ' ?
lay theni . ? lhe largrat ra*__i
tx?_? in the whol ' ? ?? " ? Par
tt (?;,??? . ? ?- ilaa ln Jaaa ln _M tor
j> ,. aaewaxjrlvfl raontha Inme *f bui
IhI i. grrater than trtttt al txi_ _*_
0 to
, , . plaeed -.n r. or. lfl wa
rertewa of l ' i ?" wlll rejoir,. l\
,,-i-.s artlll ? -? '. rabU r_B0lt fr.>t_ thfl
? ? ? v' Iflflfll i. r BfltBfl rr.' ' ' ?
' . ? - :?.'?!
arity l.:.a I-.-.... Bttalned arlD i-mxin in ?. .
-.???? . ,? may h:a.v..
? ??' i. Tl ireek hrought '.nlv a |e
prenvlon ln - ''1*
|0W |.r:l .
The ' ? ?? in ' ? ' ? 'i ?'
? . . , .. ... ' ... , '
* '
? ? ? m f! ?? a ? Tli*
........ . -
; ?
,? r- '
'.,??? i .. ?
I th. ? f4 ,,f i i-,| ryanta ln
... ....
? * ??! .>\ r-.?. ,| from
? :- ' ? :t ??: I !??
'II'- - ? ?
|o 1.700,.
'. ,,f ii\i> i,. ?..,....- ?!,.,-., rt ? '
T| .
...... . .
? ?! ii tr .'ler* ,?'.-.?.,
?,, ptil ni, ?',- i.v ?? ii l ftth.* In .. '.x- ??'.
. . .
? the . nd of \iiarn_-, nr "? ra?i rv nt, nnd it N
.? i .. :, ., t ;. - t ; ... \..l r'l . , (bfl ? '?? ?? ? ???er -!i..| t
?? ra v h >, ? ?'..- t.ri.'.' .?.'
r l "'i'.." ? x .? ? .. n in
, ?. , ? H ' tl 1 ? ' '
r.-'r ? r'.-r tn tlir ? ?' 1 of
l?.in the wfll of Anifii'iiii pot(
nver S.>r.f?i-it t 1 i.v-.-ti. .f.| .'I ,'." , hfllea I, ?
? bet il ?.? . ",l 1 ... oq i,-',., a- the w
?? nmntii laat J i tfl l< fretn trrlers oatv
' ' I : ,i n f,.'''.in, -i ..|i.p nf onlv
mn. l-.l-s (hia ) ? ti>,r" t-. haa
? ? ,,.,-,"? aerl Septeaiher than araa lefi in 1898
I,'-. .>int- froai plaal itiaaa Ibta month
Ihus far have heen ..._.. 41 i.-.l". aaainal -: ? ?'
li . i hin ..a.|i.,|t- h?vr he " only 27.1,8_fl
i,.,;,-, ,;???' i'i-. i i Ib i' year, and lakinga by
ploneri 83,0 fl hal?>a aliort
'I ' ?? Rflpa. Ity of H'li firtr.i' ? in lll ll ?' ll > i
I.t,000 i,,ns in n.t,.t.,.., aad -' ?'- ?r**Te alao r.
In u.'ir moatha of the half \??:.r tlie np
narenl prorluol .. I:n^ ''..ni 2.ST3.000 tni-,, ;i, |
the red u li m ot it?i '? ? "i t,000, m iltlni ?'
? ' . . tiaip! on ,ooi,. tona Tlita was
1 ? .|u ii.tiir 11 . hie. : ln thn
p, bul lhe ?'??? ?' ? .... i
"? r 1 ? 0,1 ??'..? that thr .,. ?
I t ? . ? I..' ? i. i'i reafei lhaa ? ? -I l(l,
1 .n.i na ('ir
? ol lai nl nr. ventii Ih pBtnhlixh
? ? I . pi leea 'ii v '?.? woll iiuiin
? ? thai .?!'. rn ?? i- ?;?!? ?. Th ? mnnul
nre .if .'...'.I, thoiigh It haa heei
.? fi i ? ? ?, \i-i: , ?' k n I alacken. Ral ? i|h. e
\...,. r; al the chief marketa have t.'-en 175,000,.
.i ponnda, ? I .,0i 0 I al rear, a
:,;n of lfi per .....i. 'I h. i icre n_> in Imi ortt
hflnl 20,1.000 poitadfl, BO thnf th.> in
? ? j.. cons'tmptlon ..f domeatte woel Imx heen
? .:., ,.,,:? ooo poiinda.
\. eotton Bpinnera*nrn lniv!.- uaing artoeka ?f
rottoii i '?'l during the In^t erop yeir,
their '? ? i "? do nol Indl ate the conxum tlon,
! M it, i- known Ihat the milli I ivr n.vrr heen
"iillv ruiplo; wl, 'i tl lhr> deraanil for
, , . i-.-.i ? ,,i ?" -.lx.,! ? ? i ? nt prinl ' lotlux
Rnd i.l...li'.l .ni.l .":..t.. i cr.ttofa Tli- i"..' und
? .. oannol yel i t ;. up \\ ith ita
ks will not until . !hi i?(
but weekly ahipmentg in.ni the Mi-*, .i.e.. i.v
sii.i- nii'i l."..tli.r I:. i.n," fool ap for the
ifla. ci\ moatha '.',i'i",iTi ooaea, against l ..:,i(.
n-ll Iflfll v"..ranl 1,808,1 Bfl m 1880, ,m Inoi
nf ninl.' fh.in i.. p.-r osnl fivr i:tst rear and D
i?.r ooal i.v.t 1190, lha jraar <.t lur-.-st bualneaa
ean kaewn. l.?r 'iptis nf eattle al prlaclpal
We-tern marketa f'.r aU w.s-ks baaa bflea l per
Bflfll li.rger lhaa Iflfll V":.,r mivl !. flfll ..'i.t hu_.'i
tiiau lb?_?(?. ln thr.T D-oiitli., eu'hin; vvith Soa
,t 187.008 tona of anthracite coal wen*
,,i uf. an tocreaae over laal year of ,... per
''' . ,,, per oent over the previeui yaar.
'''! '.'.,, ..mi of toanofactuiaa, howevet reeaark
* ja? i.,, iubi . *; by ,i vaat laeieaaa in
, ,, it produeta Tho rallraada hava bad
Her eropa to move, bat bave done more bi_r*_
October earninga, mported by "Tha Ftaaa
i , i_.-oi.iil-'." ahoarlBg un laereaaa of 1.85 po*
I though la*,*. year. earnlngB inereaaed B per
t over 1880, an.l in Bplte of one iPs.. werklng
,. ?___ year and bloekadea on many roads. For
V, laal tiiur moBthB the increas.' over luet
r-af i,ni4 been about 3.0 per cenN
hougb laat yaar'a tnflle araa hv fur
I'.. largeat ever known. Baak cleariBga aataida
v,.\V.\,.,iv- for tho flrst week of Norember galaed
,3 i per oent over laat year, and for fonr aionthfl
,i!',,,.,_ ffith October, 6.8 per eent Wltk Ihe
,lose of the Btrikaa in MoBoagaheLa coal B-Utaa
ind al kVew-Orloana, the labor Beld h BB__mally
?r,,. from diaturbance, and thaadvanoe in wagea
,t Fall Blver and rome other polata ataakea tl"'
,,;,,,! level of wagea hlgher than ever.
Foreign exohange haa not beea muoh diataaj ed!
though weaker becanae of antieipute i dan-amda
,v i:u-.|.-i from banka of weatera Furope lm
torta ..r __*rehane_ee atill Incmee, for two a*_ejka
,r N'ew-York amonntlng to 38 per eent n.or-> than
aa* y.-.-.r, while iii value of e\port? there op
mn some deeieaae. This is largely ln ootton,
?xpor_* af wheat foi' two weefca from both ooaata
liaving been 7,600,000 buahela, a_.ii.i8t 8,300,
rjoo buahela laal year, an.l for toui weeka ea>
iorta of oorn have been larser than ft yaar aga
li,. ex|.ted niovemt'iit of Beouritiea krward
*urope doea nol appear. Tha Treaaury, __eaa.
rhlle, b..mulatea ?!."', $8,400,000 laat wek.
igainat $600,000 more rtotea put out, and Ihe
olOD.f money in ciroulation ia ampl" for busi
leaa aeeda al all cot-iii-Tclal eeotrea
Tt, will be th* duty'of Judge Werta, th* aowly
-lected Oovernor of Sew-Jetatj, to mak* a large
nimbcr el Importanl appolntmente aoon after he
.,!.,-, ofl ee. One of theae wlll bo the appotnt
uen. of his own Buceeeaor on the -kipreme Oourt
?.,.,.!,, md i. additioa Bumeroua ..'her fndgea
,,,;., i?. | lected, beaidee proaeeutan and other
kfflcialB. ii- power whleh the new Oovernor
m11 be called on to ex< tBakea it all the
i ,,. ,,. rettable thal N-w-Jertey waa boI "
? . - -,, thal offlce ao able nnd efflcte 1
i man aa the Republican oandidate. Mr- Kean
,;i:,.: ? :.: and taki - bta defeal philo
ly. He di - rve i lo be eleeted
Th, r lations of John fi Carllate, vYilllam R.
. thia eampalgn
,,,11 thal deligl " ? :',"'lt t',,? :,:;MU'"'
I ?!.,. preciplce. lt waa rrfven on! I I
ld i.reeted ln tli- temple ot fame b
itatue to the Ixeaal or Mrd who ai.*ded In
... | ?? . preciplce. There were
nany efforta and a* ? - faUurea, until Bnallx
,,, rh* t:.sk nt";
.,,..,.,! a th tl ? eapenditure of all hia
,,-..4, j,, ,ii i gli g and pnahlog the
. . tl . . the falL There. whUe
...1 on .. I dropped, exhaurted.
. -? pP ng | y!v forward,
,??,.,,,. ? \ trlumph, nnd, beatlBg bla
...... . dLttarl-ad Ita equi
Ibrium, and .-e,.t ir plunglBg over the preciplce.
rhe anlmala. witl i B-olai-Blna -trlee, a*
,,0. v.'.'l the st.,- ;?? ?- the aaek, d-*__-_ring hlm
e be ihe mlghtleat coember of their aoetety.
It i? oertalnly anythtng but utafal for b>
i 4 ?? .,*;:.i time telllna aaa -n.ther whoae
. u .,,,?. rbe Bgura are eetmluaive of the
? that the Republteaa party ww. d*stmed fo
lefoal ia 1802 on the muea as rh* ko;.!* BB4ler
bem. _ m
M 0f ."ir more acrld frieU-B th* eaamy
Mpear to le* dlaturbed beeaaae TV Trlbaaa la
iot in deapair, or at keaet aut of lemper. liu*
,,?. phlloaopby of afler-tileettoa poiiti.*-, men and
Irethram U thia : When yon ar" or?Avded out of
<,e mnin mwtia tent, gel what eomfort you can
. , . . ,.v. And th*re aie a good -nany
. . a aii laomeo ': n ar
... .,,,?:*. rhe impre-alve
, . ... ... ,? aympathy with which
?? gpreeaaa ita hnm
,. .,;.;-' te ??' n thaother D.
...?.? it hn- i-.i-n fr..u
-. . . th* tore the ele I
. .,. ?? .,?.. || Sobody
? .?,,;.",. bul everybod)
. ? t- the '?-.'??? lave a com
, rhat i- whal t .- Unencan
.....,: proap. . a ever
. ,i,.,r i..-r,,v hav. dell-awately voted
for. _.. m_
- ? . , , -I hti i ". eaonot be ileeeribed
. .,.,,? in a qualifled aei aa, bul
. We ie.-l dlBpoaed to take ofl our bnt
evenla M - Mary
,hml henelf and ac-ulred a wide,
temporary. t'lncv 0 i Friday nlghl
uaual hahlt. ahe looke.l under
.1 d ,..,? it hnndreda ol timea he
" ' !i"'1 ;,n-v
Thla time waa the exceptlon. Mra
? undiv the beil. Wd ah"
? ti aa ao. ?? aromen
S ? . bil of it. Mra. Mary
- ,,,.?.? ,.r , , ? eloy. She oalmly left
? ?? door, aad Bummoned the
? lt la siiil. waa greatly aatoa
;..,?l Whcn dn '*l forth by the offlcora V'tVll
,,. m| 11 hnvc been Bla experience va- atajo
.. Man Co* bl a wo'iiat) to be
;,.,, Wlth. The aneak t-Oewa af fhi-.v
,. -ertaln to glve he? hooae a wkla berth
hei ??''?''- .
H waa ,, battlehetweea phraaea nnd taeta, and
,;,. phi .*. won. Bul faota bave a vltallty of
p . ...s,;,:, he AAoiu oul aad relegateil
nfle,, tt- itm enons deauetude.
,.? u,.,s ,,,?,?? be kllled aff. .roarlcan proa
ily ,,,,,,? thirly-two yeara oi Rapubltoan l?gie
lation i, ?,,.?i theae ractav The tatlnlct '"'*?
,,., rtctlvltj '. id tli" employmenl al all iBduatrtai
i rative w igca la Baowbat.
,?? Rdaln ll Fltler. of Phtladolpkm, Beeltoea
.,.,,?, .,, pr-aideal of ih. I Bkm _-*agae
Llub ol
, , ?.." W. ?.??'bw. of Maa-aakt.
.,.,,,,,!.,?..'.... ,....:,.- ..r.Hv.ar:.-iutlV.I
,?.|..rvedf..r :..*?*.
f ?,,. ,-, ?i, ,.r I'.intn:.]) Pleaa tn I B
. 1:171 ll* ?
rtatn Supt*em< Coutl
reara laier li- ram?
' ? v'',. ,,. m-itb'n "f bl* l'"''r ' "' '? ?
? ?? waa n ni.-;.. ? ' i " -
?i- .iroaJlatte BBd Uterary world of Oeannaoy baa
MtTered a greal Iom Ib the daatk of Otte Balaek f t
', , .-,,?- eil.tor ln i! i.T "f ?'"' -MBOUa weekly
L-abe^iffi BBd Meer.- IfoerB-iaek -aaa
. ? ily .i -Inrt .,
IV,,,- yeara nr-, lt la mld, O-B-tal llarrlson weal
I i. ! on the nlghl of electloa bef-ta ke un*-- tn*
i ir* ol Oeneral Baacoek Beelared tbat
w??, to bed ni 7 '.vio.'k In th* evenlng
, . .,|?, pav, 1.--0. belog loo ti,-*. to mvalt newa.
I,e nwoke ut dawo an4 Bakcd li them
',.".'. ,?v tie.iinlio tlillm-4, i i-.ii her reply: " Y*-.
,%.?,| .?,. |,,,-. ;,,' I,* fi.ii'ii over aad weat to aleep
, . ! ': .aay, aa i- weU
M?;> ,-!?, thi chlel phyilclan ol her hpabaad durlng
,. ',,,, ni. \., ,i texumonlal ol her reaartf,
'?'" ', .?t:-*.t.,i -- " m '. fund eellectJ ln
r.',',i.i. t(, build .... aildltlonal aviii- Ui u,e umptud
'?:,,,,.,?. 0f ibe riiroat. Ika .Umj la t.. Be
li;,m,.i in boaor ..f Ihe dead u'iv-i.-uu.
Nl,, \ lol't l)*|ri*,, ,l,r vouii. Ki.b'lM) urtint vvbo.o
entein.tunieiitM he.-* hMt W-Btet a,-* laaMaBbarad with
ao nack plmaata, la artBBlafl ai*?-t aaceem Baa 4r>u
aaa M I-aadea aud ?,(_.,. ,.|tirs ,>f lbe I eBad Kktf1
_...,,, vrill' _f_ Hrxn.xili un.1 imutl ul BBCttala. n la
boi?:<i ~*>'li. *ni ^""'r long pay n.i- eo-atry a
_aoc__- a**a?
THE .Mlf.M'LN'.VH'.M.
Lonuon, November 4.
Mr. John linrna, 11 P., is- ? conspicuotis pgja.
? thia week, both in i.ondo'i and in ParLs.
iia I will sp.-ili* p.".ently London has long
' italliar vvith tlie nanie of tho aroh-asitat.ir
?.vl, . waa the liTe and snul ,.f the great dock strik".
He Bondueted tliat AB-aypriae wtth porhaps leaa
s'T.ip!" it'id l"s* rflfljard foi eoaflflqaaflMMO than any
nrfisin I. a'ler tn Knalanil hai ever shown. Ha
haa -iirie. becflaae flf be may have !_ <>n b.fore?a
pald and profeflab nal Bgttator. By trade h" i_
nn flngtaeer. Ha haa Bbaadflaed ttae h. next ln
'liisfiy ar,d now lives upon itlmx. The lmt goex
roimd f..r him, and he ix B__B8IBtuU(l to receivo
tram .olBB_Biy and iuvoluntary eontributi, ns fhe
inade.|iiato .xum of $l?i a week. He Lx vvt.rfii
mnoh m"i-e than that, bnt a aptrit of thrlft pr_
vaili* atnoii'* his artisan consfitiii.ttx: aud, atiu.nj
thfl .. iinu.iinify whiflh he BBTTfla in two e^pacitlea,
a spirit "f BflflBflflbiBg more than thriff. Ax meti>
ber of the London County (ouncil he re. -ve*
nothinar; 88 t_B*_8lba_r of I .irliament, nothing. Hia
el.'Ction in eaeh ct.se cost? money, bnt bls ele<>
tton fl-TflMMBBflB are pnid by his admirers.
It wag ns introineer of a deputation of County
Coiincil m.'inb"rs to thfl Presid.-nt of the Local
Govemment 1. ard that Mr. Iltirns haa thix week
made, hix voice again heafB in London. Tbfl obj. ct
?f the deputation waa t-> Induee Mr. Fowlflf to
do lOBWlBiag foi the iineniplnyed. It doex not
npp.-ar that he has power lo do anythinjr, but
thal ix not thoupht f.? I.e fl r>-a*on vvhy Mr Hurnfl
and hix romrad.-s ixhould nof a_k him to. Nor
d_e. it app.'itr that the amount of d-gtreaB Lx un
usual. It BflflflM tfl he rather Ire* tlinn usunl, bnt
that a;aln is Bfl rt-on lor n?t antieipating ltx
arrival. Not has Mr. Bnrns anythfinr BBW tx)
?_? -t by way flf relief. lle has sorne vagu*
not.on that .omeb.xly. preferably the loeal
BUti-OrlttflB, eoght t" provide employnient f.r the
uaemployed, aad tha't the Local GhrveraaBaait
Board OOgbt tfl make tJ.ein, spite of ite want
Of legflJ aiifliority to Baakfl them. Not by looxe
tallc of this aort is LoadflB very mueh impr-r-se-l.
M. Huret, wiio liaa eflflfltfteted himself lnf.?r
vi.xver ti.vieral to the universf*. ai >1 who. adtnif
tlag thnt b thinir of thla kind i< to he done at
aii, doea it well, has mtegvlewed Mr. John Bun:-,
M r, iur thfl " Ki.ar.. " NaturaHy, he e.aits hix
r. but it is exalfiiR Mr. Burns very far to
of him as Ukely ta beeflaae the m .st Bxaanlar
man in Engiand. EkMne af bla feiiow-workin_,men
and Socialiata will have ;? word to aay to that:
f..r ymir ref*_?rator of manki nd is by no meiina
? a leaat {ealoua ot bla o\\n fame and inter.^'s.
Mr. Tom Man'', Mr. Ivir Hardie BBd many an?
other think themflelvea al leflaat as leprcacaaa-lTa
of th. uae and of theli eomta_I-e _a Mr. Baraa,
aad rlghtly. f'-r aught I know
It b) us SoclfllJflt tl.nl M. Huret pie_>. idm out
for i-.t-Tvit-xvi!?_'. aad aa S?.<-i.ilist that he han.n.'X
BUCK fiuesfi.-n- as are presented to him. lle tfl.
- Ilkc Mr. Frederle HarriaoB and other a*_to>ra
of minorlties, by proteetiBg that the strength of
his party is not to be Jedged from its nnmbera,
[ta Btreagth must be Jadged by the number of ..>
fonns it evtorts from Ita adv. rt-irle. ; not alto
ether a bad wag af ?.stim_ti_g politiry*! and xorial
atreogth. He expbins to bls Frenoh examlrer
thnt, in Kngland, the -oveminc flU-BBM have al
?iv. onntrlved to gOTerfl hy dint of eonce-flions
?o ahflM who knew how to deman.l them. Hut,
a-ks M. Huret, loes not the grantln. of all thexe
reforms-they nre egjled refatBW delay the IBOBBl
revolution you alm af. nnd quiet the artLsan?
"Oh, ro," ;_nxw.red Mr. Hirnx, ln one of tho*.
barata of fiaflknaaaa wfaieb make him xo flaefal to
' is ..pixn-nf-. " rot al Bll. The nion> you prant
t.i the xvorkin^men. the BM_M they want."
Thff is .i"ite IB the - pirit of tlie
eelebrated deetaratloB from the -ame Hps,
,.,t verv lon? f?^o, that fhe Bftta
rl.n fflff Kight Ilniirs waa only th?? prelude fo au
ii_itafion for B6**fla or alx or even four, a declara
ti.n whieh, in snbxtarre, he iepeaf. even now.
lle liken? the Soeialista to the wolve* who foree
tbe P'tssian conrhman to flinsr to them flrst bfl.
'lothea, then his food, tln-n lis rhildren. ttarfl
- -.if.., and, ln aptte -f all, Le tinallv deveured
himaelf. The eeaeh-Baa, of eoarae, is the eapital"
IA, M. H'iret natunlly flsks hoxv BOOB hi* So
-? rrlend will eat him. To whieh Mr. R'irns
malcea a reply ti"t derotd ln a'l petnta of sense;
?Oh are nre not ia aaeh a hnrry n.* you nre on
the C-ntineat. We are c ntent to se.* tbiBfa ga
v ami flurely Befere we balld we wanl
. ,,., i. rJeep, solid fo i ' -lon* bo! ti'! we h.iv.
..,? rh'.-- d."' wethiBkol raWng a fabrw bb them.
ln Frnnee yon think only of deat-ojing, and you
? ? to run up floniethlBg Bt ""?'rt for l '
,? ,,. ixeetflflj tt. nnd without maeh thought
whether it i* d iratole "
For Ihla aud "'v er |00d reasone Mr. _tarr_B is no ti
in favor of n Tloieal revelutten like Ihfl SoemlLs's
,.f Fraaeo and Oermaay. He ia for cllmniaf ??
gtairca^ s<ep by atep. HU atepa are the trajea
. nioaa, nr. for he xraria. tha -J*Haa>bor mUatr
?bmi-ly. thev aie the t-mw. -_.r-_.-Md m t-eao.
niallarttO eharlot. The trule -uumis are rupid.y.
be thinka, ba*eamlag ?eoll^viat.- if Boe must
,._ ta, ?ar.i,iisfie (argen; the blatory of theit
.._,_.., pvuxesif And T',T" 'tl" twelv.a S..'1-ll
,,t of 138 memberB of the UmdoB t oaaty
,?Uneil'. ar.d the CdbbcU bae already tatm lata
the bntldiag burinajaa, not BtetafaVirlCB-ly, boi Bt
erallr, aad a) plug totfl i I l ?teret1-8a
parely iwcialtBtle! Thev ar,- rnaBing attee. ra.i
,-,,,.,!.. ror examale, a?d _ohody wlU work more
than elght _*_nm on aCoaBty C^BBell road. Bt
daefl proflta ' Ko dflabt. What do we eawl
lt us onlv lha nll" ahareh4?Met8 who aatSer, whieh
hi or ? piaea with mnoh of tbe pelltleal e^noniy
,,rofe__.d BC. only by Mr JflhB ??BB, bal by
Sooialiflt. who poaa aa tJunkem. Ib the end. Ibe
. imreil i. tfl aaraja all P?M?tflBtflfljaf-Baa that are
pr..titabl.-WHter. elcctr'.eif.v-not gae. bev-aaflfl tl'.at
b a dead tudur-ta-y. Thi_ very Parhament wlll
xi.te BB Kftihf-UouiB bUl for mia-ra ?nd for those
emalaycd i" daBayerana wdflfltrlfla.
?? ind what _ vxeupon it WlU be la the h__d?
of Ike SoeiailMb for demolishin. eapital and com
pletfl-rag tl"" odueati-n of the wirkiti_uianI"
Ttaj word _aaao|lahlBg may ot may bb. have
.?.,.;, tha word uaerl by Mr. I_irn_. but it lx IM
Uteral tii.n.l..tien ot the Fr.-neh word giVen by
Vl Huret. aml 1 piesutne it flXptlMM _*** aceu
?, v Hfl) tl...ug_t and the p?r|i..s- _4Kp-H d*?WB
,., .\fr. Biiriis's uiiud. Capitai is tfl him th
..n.-niy Whefl flBflB vou have .leiimlis. e,| th- aO
oumuUtfld nvlBfB <.f the irerld'a lmlustry. tl.
luilleuntuin is bere.
ii,. aeqnlaftlon by the State or maBietpalitiei
,,f waterworl-i aad of ratlwaya mav aot Beera, at
,i,.,r aight, b v.-rv ftmaidable projeei. St;it.- ra_.
waya fla-flt iu Fraaee, the tetWaph is a flaanepe*
ly of tbe pofltoffifle in (ireat Bntain. und Mirui
inxh-ui bflfl ion: hill.e t.._.n evn gaa mid xxater
rot tbo general beaefll of the eommnB.tr. lf;>
Mr. I'uitis's viewa go Bax beyoad thia. He baaa
theory tbat when all theae greal euterpri.es aball
hax.> been naoaMpallaed by tbe pubiie, the shar<
hol lera wUl n,.t know what to do with the im-iry
rornaerry mvested in theae st.eks. He aska trl
uuiphantly :
"What will beeome flf the people who draw
their ineomes from thexe stoe.kb? On what wlll
the-e seouudi-'ls liv<>? They will no longer knevr
how to inve.sf th'-ir wtetched money; it will -et>
eaaarlty brlag them in leae aad Leaa interest, and U
i- plaia they maa. .'u.l by ba_*_lBg tt over ta tha
commanlty, and beeoaaa part af the collrctivist
Sut'li is the BOflifll or ei.Uet'tivist future its
it pieaflBta Itaelf t.. lhe iBaaajiaattlaa of thia prao
tir.u philnsopl.er. l-ukily it t* afldy i'? t^
future that theae getden vtaieaai ara t-. ,"* "'
Bllsed. The __Bgiiah alde, th<> ttmmm4m?*
Bldfl of Mr Hiirns's eliuta.t.-r. shows itself when
bfl Hn.ls himaelf in coutuet with a tealtty or is
. outrunted wlth a dtVuiina
" lf y..u Bflh 8B8 what ehan.e of BaaW_BB an
ii_?m..liftle revi.lution would h_ve, I uiuiwer,
None. A revolution to-vla.v. 88 b8b__B? where.
would I .? eru..lie_ in a wevk. Bb iMg B8 y?u
hdvtt to t|o with the iifuorant aud st_a_?i_j_ _____

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