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BOru .'. Lb ANIi 81L.VEB AXD THK F1X-'
fouaela, So*s. 25.?The Intertiation?l Rfonetary
Conf. -I'.'ic.' ror-i);:.<'1 Ita atttine thia mornlng. The
propoaala made by the Anierican delegatea tn tho
Oonferenee al ireaterday'a aesaion were printed lo
parallel colum ib, one ln Engliah, the other in |
Freneh, and were uv-day diatributed among nii
tbe delegatea, each receivins a copy aa l.ni ir. l
the oonferenoe room. The prop ?ala aubat intially
"It is gencraliy ;iilmiit'"l thal a very large de
prociaTinn ot aUrer aa oompared with gold, and
fraquent vlolent fluctuationa of gold and ln the
prlee of ailvci Ineident thereto, have been injurioui
io the oommeroial and other .?(?111101111'* Intereata
of all eivilLzed countriea, and have oauaed aml
ar.> eanaLng aerious .'Vi1** and Inconveniencea to
trade, the full extent of whieh eannot yel !>.?
meaeuied. It 1*. the onanimoua opinion of the
people of the United Statea thal the **?-.:;*l.li-'.
mont of a Bxity ol value ol ijold and siiver, and
the full uae ol silyer aa a coin metal, upon :. ratie
fixed i.y :::-; '?iii'vit between the greal commerclal
nationa of the world, will greatl; promote tlie
prosperity of :.ll elaaaea of the p.">p!-*. They,
however, are aot unaware m the faci thai public
opinion 1:1 oomq other eounlciea whoae eo-oper**
tion in h aucoeoaful movemenl ia mosi deairable
i> not 1 illy in ;.ord with tli" American view* of
the practioability of auch an ngreemenl Hiey
belleve that a aentiinenl in favoi of a larger u?
of ailvcr i- pteadily growinn throughout the world
?md ti. .t the time i- pi ipitio - tot holdinn an
internatronal eonferenee '" eonsider the m1.'.
"The Government ot the LTnited St.-it.-. while
franklv Uiaeloaing ita own viewa of the proper
v tn be applied, doee noi wish to impnae
nditiona thai will embarraai nny noTern
menl willinii to confer on the questlon of the moai
advantageoua relation of ailver t.. tl,.Inage ol
the world. The Government ol the I'mt.* 1 Sl te*.
for tl:.'*-,* reaaona, pioposed a eonvention of ili<"
Powera for the pnrpoae of eonferring and de
terminine wbal meana, if nny. ahould be t ,k.-i. to
Inereaae * hc uae of ailver m money. The Cnlted
S-at**-- delegatea, In conformity with the reneral
pnrp ae of tl,.' Confereoee, aubmit tlio followlng
That, ii tlo eplnloti .f Ihli .onf-THiee, H - ?'
? ibmdiI I nd for I. rea-rtni ?> - ln th<
cirr'f -v - '- * ' ' ' - o' tli'1 worl I
?? ln preaent4ng, M reqoeated, a further pro
framme, the delegatea of tho I'nlted Statea eon
f.(}oT it due to otbef Nationi tha^ nn opportunrty
)>o affordc 1 theS to eonaider plana othet than
tl ose favowd by the I'nit.d Statea. It la o'ir de*
* :t' and expectation that the Powew reprea
aubmit propoaala looking to thia enfl. We _eaire
t tal Iheoe propowl? ahall htXt preeedenee iu di
, " In nddition to otVr plans that mav hr* pro
eentcd vc aubmit the followlng, which are aug
geated hy recogniked authorltiea: Fir<-*. the plan
which Morlta I.--*i propoaed al t!Tie Confere
1881 ; aeoond, the plan of Profciaoi Soetbeer; ami
ki-tly. our own pl.m.
?Tbe Government of the I'nttcd Statea '? ?
tbat tho rc-eatabllshment and maintenancc of a
fixed parity between gold and ailver ond the rrin
tinucd aae of br,t,h as eoitaed money of full deb*.
pnvin? powor -would be prodnotive of bnportant
benefita to tho world.
"Theae ?f*6_ will ba aeeompHohed by the ro
moval of t,!.r legaJ reatriction now c\i**tin_. and
the eolnage of ailver Into full legal-tender money,
roatorlug by laternational agreen t, .1 i> rity ol
value between th** ni-'tals at auefa a ratio u
tho eonferenee mav decide npon. The eeaentiala
of auch a.:. inte.-nation ,1 arrangemenl ahould he:
"Firat. 'Ilie unreatrieted coinaae of hotb cold
lilver into money of full debt p ivina power.
-. ?? <l. I'lTinr* a ratio in tbe eoina ?? between
| ? -Y.ilf,.
?' Thlrd. The ?tablighm',nt of a uniform charge
if any, to the publie for minting gold and rilvcr
]n explaining tho poaition of hinwelf and hia
eolleaguea, Senator Ailiaon aaid tliat while I ?
came reprraenting lhe Government <-f the Unit-*!
Statea, 1 nd farorinj tho bi-metallic pl.-m. they
? i'i. nu any plana calcnlated to
?,. .,:, inereaae in the value of ailver bullion.
WVl, tingular unanlmity, he aaid, the people of
t!,<- I nittd Statrt acre 10 favor ol tl ?
mintage ol rilver. It waa to their Intercat, aa
well aa to the Intereal ot tho otlier N'ationa ol the
I tn aecure, under an iniernati mal
ment. a atablc atandard of value
111 .',' | ,,,-NV, an, -P.',l.in: l'.f f.W-ll
.;;,,,-!, ,|..V...,f- :, ll.nn-.l 10
j -?,<*r 1 ? ??m resolution, which waareaUy lhe oomh
od which tho < ouference mel
U"M .. 1 [..,??!, dclecaUon, aaid ??
Iho htthal the oi-thorl ol f1**".^.^'^}^
the Amcricana w >_? i" ?' ?? 'r . ';'" ' ' ""! ''
Ji!.. r,in,-f.r. convoked . - ' oDfcrence and tho
.,,?.,,,.lelen t.- were naturally I.?*! l ' ??"
;,,- piwramnie and |.rop.?.la . Tlie 1 itement
nmvVuhmiti M ' ',' -'""??"'
r' '??,!/- "? lenrig 1 . ?' Ihis
?,n n..-.V I: 'I not, thrrefor.', ha.. an op
Bidertng it ... all ol ita lw.irini.-i
.. nwi'ver, foi him",l .md 1,1
, . ? .lie* had e?m. lhe (ouference
... . . ? ,1 _,.i,t m ??t rordially
, . ;,, p<?al t-11 ling i" rchahi itate xiVx-er.
- A -r.: ..1 and Oerman il.-lej.atea 1 ntiir.at^.l
.-,.., ,.,' ., .???I tu *? that thej
eould no a--" tonny n.od.fical.'? th.-.r exlat
in_ nionetarv lawa TIk- I"' ******
Mexicrln ik-leaatea -"t-l thal th. h-a-ly -
;o.efa?orabl.i ... the Annrican n- ,,1..., : wh.,;
,,,.. ];.,__...?. halian. Ituimi ian, *?* -
,.'..*,- ,|..,:,r.-d lhal under tueir ii u-y ......*.
' .'miY'"!';:.;.';;."^'
.... nf,-n ?? nltimato ?..' '- ?' ?' ' '? '
.-."--* I >**'*<* P"t
'"-il'^'vn.,, ."??!.'"- cxpreai th.
1 ? ' ?:" -"""'"
, . ,.:.? With lhe American programine.
Trrr: enoush delf/iatks in a hurry.
.. ,.. , .. r\ ,; \','',': i'i iil' 11
PAILURK 01 ril li* K>"
? ,.,, ?,;,;; r ,\l F.BF.Xt 1 VIF.WS
;. \ *> \ 11
? . " Bt ??" ??"?"?" . "";
,,?,,-. ftttv.BB r-eforethe Raglhli dr.ca
, . . - ? rei.ee m
11:,."..:.. <:,,.-::? of I I ***0?*> '' M *?'
y, ?:-. the ."?'?" Masier ol -.1
e? \v,i-,.., .",.. io expedltr the 0- bcroilon
.n.l.".Vf,lt. '." rtltlnga. ??lly. *rtU. '
eeption -f SaKMay. niwl Bundaj . *- ua lo brl
r?, ...r, ...... tn an eni wllhai n few w.*cli .
v " Vernon Har.1 I. ??','< -';?>?;
ean t> * ***** '?' "*" '
_1lb Ii:,,. .,.,, ut tu w. to .'7''V'^';;-'::;;
. wouM enabla Ihem lo pre .nl ex
I,. ,..,' ,.,',i. Thl ? ? nvolvlng an aOJon.
SerVhrtaiina . ***"* *???' lhe appwrval d neither the
Mlnl ter not wrialn ol lhe EnBII?li w
v.i,.. . :?" atroim -'-'I' tonllard men.
.... ,vt oi Uie tlty lha del. 1 "' f"r
i , tbe repreaenlallve of Ihe A? oclfltcd !'??
I from 0 h?gh a..ir.orit| ll*l 11 ****tcont*
u.,. prolongeal b?i mt -'-' "-: ""' ******** '
repre en.atlv-KwouM lelum I ? 1.- n ' - ' '?''"' " *' '
..., membor ..1 tb. flelegallon lo a_lcli Ibe pro
._,,,,.., :,,..i,. fi'i-.i i;n,--i. thorn t....i Wr '
Ith,-, Wlhoti opened lhe oppo Itl.- prohinpejl .1 ?
kataa. As aooo aa lhe ?>?'?' al ? ' "?'' ' '"
aenmn-caUoip heol.Joet.-d '" "'" i""'"-'1' ">n' ,'r'1
...fit lerl bad nia.1.-. on the augge tion of American
Mef_tea, aupported bi ? majortty of tht eonferenee
0___ an latarval oi ?? ***! *" <a**B*****?* ''" ?Uow?**
after eaeh alttlng The rea aaM* rem ? l
the delegatea, who ipoke dlfferenl languni ? nell '?>?
Freneh and Oerman- ronhl nol exchange rlewi wlth*
" il an opp irtualty to atudy thi m lud no
the Engliah tetermlnatlon to hurry the deli ?
through, >ir C. Rlv?-ra Wll on ind bb
flnalljf aaaented to Prealdent LevTa propoanl u
flndlng thal the] itood .,i ?::?-. The larldenl haa
ereated the Impreaxlon among the meml r
.onfereflee and Brumela ofllrlal thal the i I
delegatea wanl lo break ap the m.ing
to fall to Hihi.-v and de'llnlte reault. In lhe meantlmo
the* bave received a dedslve eheek.
The apecial eorreapondenl ,,f "The Manche*ter
Gnardlan," who I- In Intlmate touch wlth some
leadlng del. gatea, - i du, I ol ll e
Brlttah del. gatei aurprti I r European repre
aentntlvea. rhe Americana a?k wh] lhe) ? '? i
lhe Atlantic lf aaeh t policy, almlng al :
fallore of tbo ronference, Lt to be pnraued i
eorrespondeqi addi that all eyei are turned ap
American delegatlon, walck le a i
"ne Beaator ADlaon haa the blgheal repute among
tho membera of tlt<- ronference, senator ?*?'? i
a man of extraordlnary lorce of character and ra.*.
ai.nny. Ue haa dectd-jdly Impreaaed lhe ?
pondent wlth hii itagle-mlndedne-n In Uie matter.
Were he to make u tour ol England, he would win a
l,..,t .'f adhereuta (-, bia cauae. II la allh a
eenae ol ronfnaion that tha Bdgttallmen Hrter lo
the remarka of the American delegatea on the Im
perfeel knowledge ol tlo- rudlmonta ol ? irr. i ?
queatl >ni dlaplayed hy Engliah rcpre
The repreaentatlva of tbo Aaaociaied Pre i hera had
un inti-rri.w wlth B. Dana Horton, who i
Bra ael , in ronaultatlon wltb U e di I. ati -. Mr. lior
ton aaid lhal there were aevei "f I'i' I !i- ]
gome -, pl, wun ? ?'? Ivi r l< t aloi ?? lo I i d i: own '
level; *.wanted ,-melhlng <'. bul wl?l..*d othc
< ountrita than lh< ir nw n tn do 11: ? ... r?' i
out and-onl tri. i.J- ol ailver. 'I ?
di iil.ii dl) mo4.1i a fi" ward bi d r.
**. et, ?., far ., lhe ronf.r.n<e
would pr ImI.Iv i !? n, i- I, |H! than pmin -? ? . Inun.
dli. .,. avorahle ,- II .VI llc -.I ll d.i
I . , ihlnk tlmt I
v, u j.e prem ii.u I ' i I ??
lt| l..o tlKHll |.u:atll:.
, | n ., t ' ?? ? n hil. Mr. Ilorloi
tlmt ih, ? ? :.' ?? n< ?? would t'-i lh< ??'-??? '?< ' :
tion ,<n '' lhe *' 'ntln< nt.
f-he ll.'.n-u papert r.Joli ?? ln M ?? r.-irl .1
.1:.* di I. gatea are ll- hr. ???, lf,. Inrtinn I'n Idenl i vl
u ho i.- Ih.n ..t ii I ? nd.?n m. n lianl. Hc
I.ini-I, -1. ?_.?--1 nntll ? _ '
lll*. moll ? r i- lhe dn n hl< r ol
.,, ,1 ;, . fant ua n,Illln' al
]a\1. Itaron de Hln*. h i- hl- br.nl ? I
dead banker Blarhnffshelm was hia fath i ln law.
1 gi 4P1 D RO:XH ASHORE IT ' '
P .',\'T 1*. ?. I '??
LottAot, s v. -2- A rep rl ? * ln I
h-rc to-day lhal lhe NoHh i
ttore, Captaln Sandera, from >'? * >?
i , which land. i - me ? I ?
ton reaterdav and proce. '? I
...,?]..- from runn ng aahoi.
? ern entremltr ol He. .n
?f .!... North German L
?? natlon tba! they bad no offld.-l
tha Trava waa ta anj d.r ?l '
:.., | .- rep rt ei ?
ter, the) added, bnd told I ' ' '
..... ?..,? mu In danger ofl Marl >? i ""
pe .,t ln darkne ? and a denJe f. g.
The repreaentatlve ol lha A odal d Pr?
Intervjewed Ia nn 9. Gootfaall. ol X** Vork.
lhe paa*engen ol tbe Trave wl I le.
,,',.;. Mr. Good all - iM ll .1 everal I '
trere ilttlng ln Ihe imoklng room :< ??
w. .tn I 'her all beai I the 1
!i' .rea. AU
., >.. . .i. ?
L nnt lll
Tho oBic i ' a< '-tl Ui ?n ellli l< nl n i I
| .. ,. .,.???_ ,!?? J.i *?'"-'?''? T
. . uxatei 1 - orlr a few mlouhaa Mr. <
added that the rt< n rr' " f admlned Ui
veai.-l waa oui of hei .rac, and lhal ahe waa
nortbex.1 Inatcad ol eoat,
Parl , N'.v. _". 'i i. 11< " pap r owtng
Bueh coneern ?-'? r the apeeeh dellvered i ?
vi,ii < ..piivi in pre llng the German Armj
, .. |., |, ?......- Tbe ' Republlque l ranrnl ?
plre aco
do i oi i..-.'i." lt add . ' to defei t oui '*??' ?
thal nre . redlted lo i. .bodr."
i iaya: ** The J r wll ? li the 1 p
hai notod the pea. ml He declaral
eon Caprlvl . t io be i rlou rarnlng to
?',,.,.,;, people." The Journal A
German ChanceHor'a
?.:,.! it.-.lv are b
th, j ma? aomo day req '? my to ippl
...)f wlth the ??? fourcca I Itlwrtn ,, ured Ih
l.?: don, Nov - i ? ' , ? ??
. ,; . ;,;,vl upon thl Ul ? 01 ..I
apeech In the Keti h
i erlln, Nov, 20. I peroi Wllllam '
,.,\ tr m i.i recent Indl *kj i'i"'.. on I
.. oui '!. " ' ' ? '"', v "1',y !''
,.r, on ? bunili g expedltlon ln Wh ln.
]? ii,H \<'V .GE OF THE BRIT1SI1 PR1NCE.
|.,'il .a, N'-v. -?"? TheBrll It '
rapmln Morte. from ?
rlv.M al Queemitown yeah*rday and ; i ?< ? ? l-l for
Llvcip ".I Mie reporl i thal
(.v,.- from li.-' Northea-t, which la led Inam Stw-ni
ber l- t? 81. Tbe ateamer wa li e to at I ?
fo, (m.'i:ii 1.:-. The i _al I. I l?a ln her
, . the l." t i),i. day. ol bar run lo C
?,.v.. were mad-i und.-r
Rritlah Wnce encountered lhe ttturb I
Sovembef BO. Enom. ??" broke l? rapld
;..,.;,? over tha ata.r. and I.er .
,U*r rhe i-'. ?'.?'? '?"??-? "?"
j ....',',.'??, mi,.,. i on dech for four daya.
? ??
Umdon. Nor. 83 "The Chronlcle' ? M. Mei barg
rorrea,.lenl ? ***** *? ''il";' ! ***, 2_!J '/
Hr up lhe Volga .?". antry bj mena ol |?a
:,?', tettera ... revoll agaliral lhe Uovern..
huve i"-.. inatructed to mppn anj
.... atu*mp1 ? m_
.. ,.,.,; ,?ir,. >.,v. 25. Tbe ?/.!' bi nomlnated
,.?. cxarewltrh lo l? I'- >?'? "' ??l l!'" ***' "," ]" '
?, B?d llu. ! halW aa . Ign - '
, morelH-era!
.... m t. n.ci ??
..?,,',* ....... ?
ii rel.gloua lanatlc I Irnt^^
inuncil. I ... und.*r Il.e |* W?i' of ' < ?
,:., ,.,,:-. -I.,,, i* 11 ' ' ' am even
uallj Iw rt-laxe-l.
LASKER'S bKILFUL Pf^YlNG IN '' '" :;:I;'''
M ,,f::l. N'.v 2- La ker playa-d twe t] la
,,.,,,. .!,? h re li ' nlnht, i
ol ll-cm. Camero
::.,.| llurrle made ii dra ?'??
... pweraburg. Nov. B5.* A gn ? ?
,,,?..-i lt. il-:- cltj ""'?v hj lhe mutini ol
Mv.'i.'i:.. ) '; '" '. '
j,,,,. for '.'?? Ume. The m n ol ih " rtnw*<
?,.. be.n complalnlng ol lhe lll t. atm nl '??
Ihey have b*en luhjected bj tbdr officera. Ihli
n0 longcr able to en.-ch trealment h_nr *
,,.,., m -,i !?:?. thli momlnn and .tartrd f" '' ?
.?,.-? ai ...... a the fciel ol Ibe mutln. >?
? Bno,h,.r reglmenl waa aenl In i i
,,.. muttneen. were overuken atH.al tw.lvo
??. and hroughl back to tbe dty. "'^ ?f?^ ?hJ
;,'. V |(?nisl,l.?Ml wlll be n.e ed oui lo I
;'; ji,, _._,. ...Iliuar) lata i* exlrem.lj -? ? ? ln
o| t, ullnj ?_^_
.lon. N"v 2:.-r- foll
%ir.,,,:?,,, appear. lo-day ln "Tt.. l ? '
I',, t " ? f ihla cliy:
..:.?, i;,v. i: w Davey. ot I..lon. ha.
.? titx, v,:-i- from Central Am i
,he g?*al ol Mi lanterbllt Ih. milll are.
Th, Rer. R. W. Uavei I nol al lhe bome ?', an]
nfT,he VanderhHu ... li* rity; ln f. I
' .,?. ,, Fnderleh W. VanderWlt, No. . ... 9\ I
.;?,;,?,...::. ki,..w? oftu.'-uiii'-v.,.". < taan-i
Vandi-rbllt li itlU ln Bewpo :. bence B! Davoj rould
rt, ai tbe h'in.- od *>'? K
VanderMH, .No. ?... } thave., the r.n.-'.i h trav-ller
? i i. .r.- Vt. '-'?>? i ri ''it ?r
iv...1 in san 1 ,..:.. lerday on bl
... I li rlty l*, hl ' ??! Bm v.-..:',.l. Mr
Wllllam 11. YanderWlt, wlitii -'?? > b. i i
ier thal iba had
? ird .1 th- Bev. Mr. D n
PBEMIEB i.t.t-t;: -:?-- BRMABES?X, DEI.AHAT__7S
Tl.vn M..\y s-*T EXPLICIT PBOl H ?
r.'iri-.-. Bov. 25 Preml.1 Loubel and Mtnl'tet "f
Juatlre l.'n-.n.i nppearr-d befaire the Binama Canal
i i i'i:..- . on mlttec al Ita openlng
day. Tbey -.. .',.? In oppoMtlon lo the propoMl nl
M. Prnirqoery de Rol srln that tha? committee shonld
be Invmted wu!, the power "t an examlnlng ma 1
n.u.., bni they itated thal tl." Oovernmenl a-ould
granl "??- l papera and docnmenta eoHected I t
M. Delahaye wai ......m,i ied and added I Bttle to
tl' * att nd] mad -. ' il dld n ?' tJ,re tt lall*.
lil. evlde. waa merely n repetltlon of tba gener
prevlou ly relerred t" ln bla. ipeech ln t t
cii.-inii..- of DepuBe , Wbcn preased t<. be more i -
pllr.i by the m. tnber ? ? Wm be ? oatlat I
tilin-.'lf t., mentlonlng the name of n former Mlnl*ta*r
' \ Ir.Uture, n >_ di A. He added tba! be ? I
tii-i. :i 11*1 ..f tbi l>"i' .ii' IrnpU i'''';. ai I '
d bave the material erMen-f, bul onlj
proof Ile gave, however, the namea uf -everal banka,
wbleb ho dertared rould posalbl) glve evldem ??
tl ?? r || :i. ? l.ri Llbl-1 I
.1 t.i the < iinr.'.- n ide ln U.e eolu
? at paper ai B. 1 He ?
,... i li prl "'?? eould
r '
M, i rov t, Ut] ii ? from IMis-Sej
,, ? r rerelved mon'. y
: ' '
i i , i. j .1.?t tbe "
. : - | >|. I" r r . ? ? '
.. , . ?., r queol ' ? vi ' ? ?
.,...,. ? ?'.?.:? I
lt h .1 li i i
?I - ;-. 1 I
' ? '
Un .1 bj lhe
Fl ,!:?.. the . n l '???
? . v rlf. ih ?
? ? .. i* ?
i '
I ? ? " d>* I
' ? ' ?? . ' ' .
rl '-;
r. S ?'
? ' ?? ?
..... '
I 'I de
, . - '
' ' ? ' er*. II
I r ? ? ' l at C ' ol .
,. ? ?????'
port of 1
' "
? ?
lhe I
r and ? I I
I ' ? , .
??; i
ii ? . '
.. de. J
i . .'.-, Mr. t.i id ? ?*.' ?m retnm i
li - Tho '' '
Mll ' '
. ? ? :- 'I
I. Whal
. . ? nt nf ? I -i
tn. ? ' ? Impnl I" I
, iii i- found I" ?
|. ? i I
>l. II '. ? r:-"'i r-r.' ?? Mll ler. p
ra.mmi I I I
?-. ? i lat. ma nt of I
. |na t ln r< Ia n nee ?
? i ? iimdl ind. I. rl Bn .*.??.. !?
n poi ? i' ' "
i . ?. ? ? ? iry In r< s
irt. It ls
Iti tha* II r ? ; ii thi
i ? .prli 7, la*'
| . . ? dUin '..... inri,. m llfl l Ha*d lln Mnrapil
,.f i.'i,,,., ,,.; :, proj. . i.-l ? ?? ni ni lal "- ilj '
i n. "i.. and B. il< i. lhe fon r nlln li - lhe i ln
. ?-..,? and i
? .. linportiiiloii i lu M<
i .ui idlan Wh.-lll ll.ial llaalir. Il.il.nf-i' I'*'"! ? "I"1
Th< r.- nr.- r. ?.???.? 'i nimair* ol a i"": alde r.
: .1 i ?? ? i.. i \ ai .1 . I' lt" i x ?'
nm nr Im "' ?? "' ""
!"i'i'i t-ecradarj *
.?ith. ili'.? of il..- II ij .1 I .mllj.
? ii rm- op a r.B ?? n.'i'N'1 ii pav. i'i'
1 I ',.? wa 11 l.n-.v n I ? ? '- l"i,:'
nd 1:1 ? im nltted ' ' '??
; thr ' ?? !?? art. 1 be a. I i "M :
... b] lamll
\l. i 1 Itlnj n v n ri nallt ? ..f l*nrl?. I
le . .a ntlam I d I-* '?
I for hl ? ? ?? .] ??! ??
Yi ni ? '.iii'' II" ? i i ' ? ?
, || thi ? *-? ar, wh< n he i-xhlbit. I only ln lh
? : ? ? im| de Bai ,' ? l.o i"1 bad
\.i ? Fa i" 'l
t i | aid.' Arnoi x M. Ulavn" n a a-k nr
i a l.H Boat." i ?" Bpnre Vpurt," " An Myl ?<!
i; .,; .-,., ii ,. ? ?? \ m.i .I-. i i. ra men,*'
? li . i :,-. iii. ' ?? ln the I li W I, ' .ii 1
I...ii.|..n. Bov. 2 . rhe Madrl I eorre pondi I
i -.. ?? ? .-, ihat, ni, :. t'ablni-t n ung yeata
,:,... ?? - - r |.i idlng, lhe Premler, l*en i
I i n nii a. i,. ii un.e l timt ln I' of ??a?
h ... i . . m Itnled Wtth -??'?' ?' 'I N r.' i.
. d, I". in irk, ' ?IUi rland and 1-ur-UB.l
Parl*. Bov. 'J'. An ofll lal dlapali b r-* Itrid bi r
,,.,.,! ... ih ral Dodd . Hie rommander ??[ ''?? I :
I.i |>.ih .ii. ? . i r -i' ln . n ? ?;????' ?' nl the
: Li. .- li. mtln lhe < I'I"! o| I :,r'
? ?! i .ni nn. ni. General Dodd add
!?? ii intlng ti ?? antboi lUe . and I
? . ... i|...- i ,? coaat terrll
i, .. ? i '..!.? i Ka ? ? wbo live noH
? aiil.-Tilll.d lo lhe Fr. ... h Th.- bealll
,, ? Fra-iicb troopi la ga> d.
..".. \ i.I 4 J'." dervtahe . i> ?
. i . , i n man Dl aa, i
,ttn. ??: Fort i 'iinrin. m a< !'?. wi I ? I -v i,,l:i
l re| i ii. dei i
lattei ... ra i.ni..o _...?'. "... . i
.... .1.
PROM thi: vi.ami,--? 091 i.v TAPESTRIEI
[nr n 11 i.i; mii to tii i: TXIBCXE.]
Kewport, /; i., N'ov, .5.? "The Breakera," the
- imtnei , ome ,.i I 'ornelius Vanderbilt. aituatcd on
the cliffa al Urhre Point, ln tl"' citjr, waa totally
destroyed by Bre l.,*<* t 1.i ?. afternoon. Mr. Van
- aud l,i- family were oeeupying the houae
md expected to remain In Newport ;.; leaat until
after the holidaya, and <ltirin_: tli- recent cold
-i, p ha I oumeroua grate Brea aa well n* the
furnacea ln operution. It is llkety that 111?- forcing
of theae Brea in n houae aot originally intended
for wintet u_c, though i' had often been occupied
i'. t"i" in much aeverer weather tluin fi-1*-.
been experieneed thla fall, developed
?ome defect in t!,o fluea <if the maln i
th.t reaulted In the loaa of the handaome villa.
Al ml half-paat i o'cloch thla afternoon Mr
Vanderhtlt'a attention wna attracted by ii nolae
in tli>- : [ng from bis r'l'itn, he
?i .i amall Barne laauing trom a mantel, Me
?1 ,. ce rpuaed th.rvanta and bad .i telephone
meesage nent to the Flre Department. 'I'l..* houae
...?I- well aupplied with Bre extinguiahera and
|..;'., an.l th? were qulckl.. used by tta
cmploye l about Ihe plaee, but to n.> et*
rhe Hai ? rl almost with aa
arc.it rapidity aa though the plaee waa oatiUrate.1
with . il. Tlie w ... Iwork if, tlie 1 il ?? h dl, a
plece oi work, w ia n ?n all
?.. -, wl.ilo tl ? h .:.??', rnnning up ln??lde the
p irtil ni ?-. qui !.!'. communlcated to all the upper
1.1| ? . : t .? i i ,. ?.. ge. Alm. al in leaa time than
.. tu teU i:, tl.e oecup nta were compelled
r.i ii\; .klng refuge in lhe handaome little Ivy
coverc.l lod ?? which haa be??n the admlratlon of
.-.- tl <? entlre intei l. r
uf the iiiiiin huilding waa ahlaze, nnd be*
flre il partn c it eould reach tli"
flre had i ain. 'I auch headw iy and w.?
-, i ni.-i i.\ .i atron ' breete that ;iil
Imp.n ,i * tl>e ouae were aliandoned
O.VLT 1 UE Sl KV.t: Q I Cl US fi *-Vl I).
l . - ? -., work with a will, and f'.r
? . ??:,- ... wntei ,-n tlie Ba.i and
the r that f. llowed their < oura '. Tl e only
portiou "f th" flne Iniilding i-aved, however, waa
? .;??!,. ,:-r l :i- aervanta*
Wn In leaa 1 I . ti, ? lira ?
the nre tlie r mf i d
? .-. if. ti', : th" 0 '? ?:i, ' I 1
i ., nd the r maindei ol tli"
. ? ? leel I '". t ?" brick f the |ow*_
i neai i tl.that th." al
? ? ? |t made no app n-nl linpree*
; ? ? in tl," alr, .'in 1 were
lifteen mil.w In nll diree.
f; .. ..ir with - " an I
. ? '.'..i gathcre l t , view
epe taele, amon - the
entlre colony of aum
in here
II... Hrr l ? tl, ,t t1 (? mi
..- pron pl ly on han I.
el , wlth which tli" w< alth o| r. Van
. ,im l 'liT- meml ra of
:. || gla 1 to i?cnpe in what rlotbing
. ? >. ae l ei ? waa conaidei
? ? rneaa "i tl." Hro dcpaiI
,., reach in 1 ?? ene. I h a " - ??' ie?lii t, to a
hc tn"-;! " nent
t, n \h \ ,? ? t '. n bein un lerntoo I tl, .t the
.-.ii.- i nhimney llrca - i
, on the arrlval nl wintrr weather, and
vrhid ? prewnco ol an eTner eni j
theae ond
: in l.i,'.' I to
?? tbo alarin, and \\; ?, i another waa pnl led
lu \ tl.at it waa
. ... beinj. 'ii-. ..'?;'? I that it
II . i.u I.l have ! wn done
: . " . lerhill
r, ,,_ i,, i ti,.. Hre broken "'it late al
? . ,t I! hia i.itn.lv foul.l hav. ?
- qc. Ileeidea Mr. and Mra.
Vanderbilt, there were in tl." houae their i<"ir
retinucol xor ai '
in - t.. i in - ?? i, an < '
? -? ,,!i.,n. i . -i injury. and Uie fur
. then ii w. re aaved.
Ul "?[,, ;-, |)| l II lll KNI D \ 111.*
,.,,, (ii . pj ,,,. Lorlllard aboul
portiou ol the WU iatn
lieaeli I .? '" ? ' '" ?'olnl* -*n ' *V*W
? ? I ?"?' ol ,!'" '""' l:' N"w"
,??., i? th,. fall of let**-. Mr. Vanderblll pur
... and -i'"'" then Iw
I large ",:;-- ''.' n
the l.-. which v, .-. in the intertor. a
..vork of art. Tbo lo*. cannol Iw anj way
.. . ?? ... I, bul la .-KtimaUHl al aboul
.;?? iifg famUy wiU leave here for
\,.,, \oi . lo mon ? he remaining for a
.,.., to mn that everythina P******1 ;' :~* i"r "'
,,-,1,-r While I." would s.v nothing about any
f?r another huilding, " *>* ??*?"?? '" *********?
:,. will ., ilekb ?" -11 ?< **** ****** ,,,:" w'!1
.,,,,-,- fnvoi ,'?'?. with Ihe palatial and coatly
.,1,,,.,. .nlly i iiii bj hw brntlien-. Freilerie.lC
W Vand. rblli an l Willinm K, VanderhUt, ?n<l hy
?thera Mr, Vanderblll ia a greal lover of New*
porl and ia perhapa the moal popular ind i"-f
,,?.,.] ol th.. many who pa - ihelr aummera hcro
Xl.r ,,,, t tl...r the i remen w. re ui able to work
;? :,.|v ntage waa pirtl] due to tli" amall nun.r
I, .,, . in lli .; ae. tl >n nl the city, where fhe
i ' ? an.. acattered
,:,, - lt waa alao
!irt|V ,i,i. to :, luck "I aufllcicnt water prcaaure,
. ., ha l bre ik In lhe maino, the wnler
Mrorka iiad redu.ed the ?,.'"-'.w-half within
? , lioiira pi.aa lo lhe birakii.I "' ,h"
,,. However, l? I-* p" ' .'?''' ""' nolfilnv couhl
;.;,.,. nav.il i':,. houw, tl," lii" havin ? u ' auch a
,:, |W ;V. T-Mbt-V-a nxp*i ' ""' h'" ?**t***m ;l"f '"
. ra, t il when Bre. nce iretr well atr.ite.1
? oi.f Sewpotl - I.. ' -Ulna o ital l- a
I _. ,t, , ,,i tl,.- city ti," buil.luu - ? 1 ''"'
.?????,,i i-.l... ;. t"t .1 I-**- The.laewmi
,,r Irregiilur aliape, ?????< "'" |lV '?'" f,','' '" "''"'
.,,?? ??.. t0 three Btoriea ln heinht, Ita lowei
,,, i rj ,. nnd the upper ?.f wood with numerouti
towere nnd b lil. - Tlie cho a?ter of the furni
.?,,. .,,?! i\nP ,r.,tiona may Im Judjrcd trom the
,ha, | , .. ,;i. i,. hnl! were hun^ topcatrtea eati
iu ; . i to i,. woi ih >">",.' or in ire.
\l,-. van<l ri ill and ramily i"''"'1 tomporiry
nleni-r'a c ''?''" "" ,,"? premiaca,
and were enterl dneil during the ninhl by hoa
? ?i ,i,l.. ?..,j,i,.,!> Mr Van lerhill ond family have
,.,.? i,., , ?iv Kince Octolier I, having anenl thtt
ear becauae of tta re*
rnl ileath '?: i teii ol.lenl ? ?'.
Mr ' i laied ?' -i ' : '"' '?'' ,v ," ,
.. , .?, ; mipa.H.*** lll N"-V.,..ll.
.,,1 i.v Mi i l.nil I Wnri ??< Ihls c y wbo
..|.,,.vf,t,-l II," l.'-ii'l" -I M '! ;:" I (,,ohf ,'"
m ,,,,,? . !?;,;, ?:?!.- 'Ita Inwiranee wii i na "l
Uon .?,::!.... Mn.I'm''. * ? ?"., h"'"r
iii 0,000._
M wiBliun li. Vondei.411 reeelv.*d laal evrnlng ol
,,,,- So. 0.0 I IfU. are , n 01 i-.H'i,. tfom
.-. w Vanderblll, who wbh ?'' Xi -v|.rt. .nytng thai
i |? .. ,1,,.,.,. v j, ii, Home . nml Hwl H mtmbt he
? i-,.]., dwtr \.-.i. T ?? 'ii |?i ii n id : " 'ir" br. k.
,, ,1 ;?: i i . n ,,, ., i thi bre ik. i >' I I '"' ??',.,:. i.
,1 ,|. ui,." IH .?.i'..|.;i.<l ,i ni"
. , . n.pal \ nnd iml I
').. I |, I,, ;. ,.!. :?.',; i.-i
?ver, ahe bad n?'i '? iclved un* luiiii.-i nwwa "f tna ,
Aettoa of an extr.'ir..'iv Bgnlflcant eharaetar arm
taken bv Plymoatb Chureh InA evenlng la re-ianl to
fnrth'T rr.ntrlhi.tin_ to tbe Kippoct ot Bm AAmtBMB
Board ot Foretgn M:--1' ne, of whleb Dr. Btona is preal
dent. 11 waa praetkally declded lo glta tho anm.nl
mlulonary coUeettoa to otber BieBBa of evanf-Hilng
th.* bea-boa. Aa Informal church meetu.i; wns h.id
it tbe '?!"-?* nf the weefcly prajr-r-mae-lnf, aad K. L
1'n.tt. preatded. He tald thal th.- Board of Deacons
,1 ,,n ezpreaalon ol opinion ln regard to tba dle
I . ion ol the mlaalonanr coHectton from tha church.
Heretofore H bad been g-iren to the Aaaerteaa Board.
l.r. Lyman Abbott exptaJned tba -Itia-itlon. He tald
lt u:._ a r'lfra-Tt-nat* of opinion and not '*nt* of ti. ? I".-*
th.t waa Involved. Tha awalled iib.-i.il cborchea be
lleved ln Uberty, and It aaa Bol allowed in Ow i>re-ent
management ..f tb" AaMrteaa fiaaiB. Ttn.
u.is u tl.-.. eorporatloa, bbm_8__*1 hy
II prndentlal romml'.tee, wlil.'h l.art re
fn.ad to aead aea aa mlaslonaitea abroad who dM
m.i aflbrm tbat there waa bo hope ln aaotber Hla f?r
unconverted heatbeae, and In one tsae hnd haaltated t..
-1.1I Lark a u-.-ftil mU-Lnary bceauae lie _-t-4*vad
thal Ood'a mercy was not Ibui Hmtted. -'hnnpes ln
the eommlttee eould only ha mnde by the for.e of
public opinion, and s.. long aa tu.* eharehaa roiitribnte-i
tl:.. committee uld that all w.-re -.itl-'ied. Hut at
tbe laat tneetlng ..f th.' board itepe wera tal?.n to
ehange thc metbod a.f repreaentatloa tn B. About
three or four yean ago lhe board r**f.ts..,t t.. aend
ont Mr. Boyea, ..f Andover, i..-..iuc" "f hl- Iberal
. ..nal be wai afterward aenl ..ut t.y -omf Ba
churehee, after thej bad .vunln.'d hlm nnd t.nani
nia.'i-lv BgTced to support bim. He was dnlng
good *....n_ in Japan, aad '!"' ytetAmm nf bla
la..ng tii;. n up by lhe board was, lt u
tald, under conalderaUon. Dr. Abbott read lettera
?etUng f..rrii th.- viewa ..f three emlnenl Congi-r-gaOonal
ulnl-ter-. mid he ih.'.i m.-ved Ihat th" annual u.i
.. . .::- tion ba -aten a weeh f'.'""' le^morroa .
that envelopaa ba ptaeed ln the pewa, and that ..ii
tbe money 1.il to Hu Kojrea Mlaal ai, uiiie-s nther
?a,... .!?? Ignated.
l.r. Boaalter B*. Baymood eopportcd tfaN in a vtfor
011s >I"'-' '.. 11.. -ai'l '?
-I an ilrh BBd tn-ed of golng to tl.c Amorlmn
Board u. -ttffetaaee t.. aid la .upportln. BHaalonarlea
who believe ..ut nu.l ..ut la the daawatton a.f all the
heathan, and ti;..t damnable bejnxy thm Ood doeea't
:,,.-.? the heathan. 1 .nn Urad "f tha wbola mtaeiable
' hurabug, and 1 won't glve 1 ceal lo apread tha
? ?f damnatlon. I wonl let tho damnable doctriae ba
,ii ,11,1111:..ai t,v my money. Thal '-.-l 1- love 1- _.1
i ,??_-. but it li made itale .?:?! itull by tbem men who
Juggernant -nr over Ibe beathen and wanl aa
.?.....! thal In'illt. I' l-myClirstlandiity
- ..;...., ?: -. concern that wlU loaeh Iba 1.'
thal thoir tothen woat to beH."
'ii... Bov. Howard B. Bllae, wboae fatherln-law |g
1 vtea-preatdeat of tho AaavAtma Boaid, t....k excepBon
.,, -..-ii.. ..f Dr. Baymoad'i uttetaaeca, ..n.l moved na
iiiu.-ii'liii'-nt ti I'r. Abbott- mottofl Ha' afl tt.Bti.
! bntlona, nol oth-rwlaa deatgnated, -.-.. ;" '!"? A__eT_ean
1,, .|, ThamaaO. Bheonnan lecflnded His. bm -
itl odvocac. ?.: i"-. Abbott'a rn 4tou, taytng ba would
? 0 tnora money to lupport th.* goapel of l?r.
Alden, -<? retary "f Iha prndentlal commltteo of
tba Ameriran Board, wltb it* bortthXi dcereca,
g, v. Uiitt.. -nld ke dld tmt want
?,, .... n M.itl- nr' itl.- ot fl"' eoUae
:.. n tliekk te thr AmertCBB BtaUd,
6,, tl. lt lated bj maU' ?? aad prapenajr.
Wh.-ti the V..te waa taken Mr. ull--'- amendment
ri-as'lv-.l only two or tlu-ee vote*. and I'r. Vbl .It'a
1 moti..n waa adopted by a vote wiii.-h wn.-i onanlmoaa,
i save that Mr BM* v.ted -umlnat It.
PAB6I \<_l.P.s 031 THB BOBTRBB-I P.vririC T.osr
MiNl V ANU ir\Vi:r.RY-THF. POIl
;?? :*. r.. \vt\
Por*.land. '?'??. Bov. 25.?Tlie Borthem Padfle paa
..??r r train whi.h ... -tv..i here tbl mornlng araa h-'M
:ii> by three nu.-.! oal men la t nlght near H - SpH
Woali. E. II Mlller, ona of IWe paaaengera, gli'e* Ibe
fr.lli.wdng j-ir-ti. niar. nf Ibe robb-ty: "1 waa ilttlng
,j0,,. |,; ihe amohlng comportmenl of the Pullman
- :,..,i thr-,. ran.ked men ?.I lhe rear "i'd ol tbe
.,-, (..,. of them bnoebed my hat "tt ind roachly
. ,,i 1 : ? .1 row np yon hand and do lt qulcbl' I al
,,,? ., | i? the 1 l one of tha n en pro
.. * , relleve me ot my money and fewelry,
The fr.'*- ol two "f the mefl were eovered aitb
,....,.,.,, handhor (i.f*. wnrle the fae. of the one who
,.,?.,, ,,, t?, ,..,. 1, ,', . ... . ..er.-d wlth a brlght ra 1
One waa >.f imdiom hMgbt, one ?Hghtly
I the third a llttle 0 er the
average Two were armad wlth Wlneheater
Hflra ,;,,i one carrted an oM ra-thloned
rlmflre Colfa plntol. Alter rellerlng me ihey
orden-d me to walb Into the body of lhe car an.l ..p
le to near Ihe froni end, where I -at down ?n
thc nrrn of 1 ieat. Two of ihe men i'-ii paaaed oa to
,.?. front ol U.nr. whlle the mr,n wtth tbe red
bnndiinna eovered the paaaengera from tbe rear ol the
,..,r. au nl the paa-enger* rompBed arlth Ihe order
.,, hold up thelr handi and whlle two of Uie robberi
p..,,,!,,,,! itaUonnry al elther end. the iblrd man
, , ,,, ..., | ... .;.!.. md tooh np a r..tle.';l.>n. Tbe
wotnen were nol moleated. Tbe booty amounted to
1Doul fl.100 iu eaah, besWea ^l^ gold watebea aad
.... i.r.,i.i.. fewelry. Thelr ?"rk r*omplete4l. ""
robbera, who had conlln-d Bbemartvea to the aleeper,
rang tha* bell for the train to Mnp, keeplng the pai
,.,, ?.,.. undai rover all the wl Ile. When the train
.,.,,. .,1.t ln a .r.-in.l-iill ih.'\ -un i'i."! for II Ii.
'.,, ahead nnd lumned from 1 ? pli.tforni Inlo 'larhn--.
*s? one on Ihe train pxiept U. ln the al.-eper hnew
of the 1-..1.1..TV mi after the rohhera eacapa-d. 1 ??
raihba*r* nre H..ppa_aa*d lu I-- the -mi ? in.ii wbo robhed
the boiib al Itoilyn a few weeba afo."
A roal ti.iin waa wreehed yeaierday aftemooa at th.'
si.uih Amboy JiiBctlon **f lhe l_ong Braneb and Bari
i.,n Blver Bnad. llre ooal caia were deralled, bai
11.. one waa burt. The aeddenl waa eaaaed by thr
rrmoval of a guard rall from a fr..... a paaeeagi-r
train, whlch nm ahead of tbe eool tiala, had a aarraw
,...i|..'. The road waa compb-tely bloclied l.otu wayi
for f.-ur l,.'ir-. It '- i."' bnown whether n deUbente
?ni,.iiii.i u 1- mad.. i.t wrceb Ihe ira.r whether the
guanj ra|| ,nl 1.??: b eame ml?plared l.y arddent.
riinrlt- Carroll smith. a weH-kaowB t'.:.l dealer,
??:..- broughl t" rhambera Ptreel Hoapltal laal nlgbl
in ., ,,,-,,;,,,, 11. rondltlon, rafferlng trom beaaon-hage
,.f the braln. Hl* recovery I- roaaldered doubtlul.
Mr -iiiiih ia- nn ..ffice al Bo. 1 Broadway. and liv.-s
i.nii hla ramlj al No. 4fl0 Grandavo., Brooklya. ,
inaliat i;"'i . N""-'. 96. t-4_*orge Baathard, a proa
;,.,.?i. fai mer 0* Jaaper County, mel rtealh imder
J,.. ||.,; ,-;i-.-M.i ? .:? ?-.- Thuraday. A reBgloo-i aeei
U|.| ', |, ,m-; t'nl the .'X'. l-ea,f <t\C\,-\, nt fatth v.ir.
i-iinblo the bellever lo p.'rf..rm mlradea Boarlihea In
,,r ihal eountry. SouBbard bcrame 1 eonvtrl to
,1,,. na? hetlof, niri phbed up a ratUeanako, uwder
,1,.. 11 pp itlon thal hl- abldlng and perBlHteBl faltb
?,,?;.! p.i..! hlm from bijury. The wiake Ml bim
.,, ,.,,. arm, and aftor euffering frlghtful a|oali*a be
died. .__^_
I'.,*!vn! i*e. B. 1., BOV. '-".- II I.e-t.T, of I'l.illlpi
bnrg, a t'l-aiv mn:. ..n tha Let-lgb Valley road, waa
!.i.|..l rtda afternoon at Martln _ Creak. Tha fieifal
tii.iii an whlch be w:i- ?t worh brohe in twa, nnd
i.,. ier in ii-vin^- to eouple lh.* cara fall betweea ti.e
bumpa ra rm '. a 1 1 ruabrd t.. deatb.
genate. BrdBeM P'*>-tor. ..f Vanaaal, arrlved ln tho
,itr laat evenlng froai afaahlOB**"* ""' -agiaerod ?t Mba
1 im. a\ tn." llotel. ti... W-aaa-ir m ? aai-?b"i a.r ma
j-enata Uwninltwa ol lBMnlgi-_.-o, *--..r<-h i<.t*. ... <!..v
, ,i?. 1 ,iu. A..'i'i.. II' *"!? Ha tolal that te* hid nol
,,.,.., ;,' 1 ? (a, _rli.. auflklent att-nt-a,n to tl.e inel.-l- l?.r
, _, ,,.,. ? ima ?-:.'. ...iiiini-i bl s.na-ar Choadlar. >-itair
11..111 of tt. .....ni..it. ? . in The I'rii.iii. yom ,,:,?. ? . .
,. i, 1 wa ?...nnir. Iham. "Wa ...n laaB into
,., . ?? i.,,i- unpoRaai <i'.'-*'. aitb eai. darlag aai *??
1 ,, ,. bi . ' he addid. "but 1 hav. Dothliig v, say ate.-t
I'ANY'f- I'.l CI'IVF.R.
The Paci.ic Mail Steatnship Companv, through
tta iitti.n.ev, Edwari footeihoiih. eppMed yester
i!;iy tu .MkIl"' 'lrii..\ in Sapreoae Coart, Cluinlx-ra,
for an Injunetlon reatralning the Panama Knll
road Company from exeeatfag a eoateeaajlalei
contrt.ct with tho Chilian sieanmhip line now
plying l)Ct\voi*:i Panama and Callao. Tlie con
tn.ot ln ineetion would gtve eertain distinct
odvantagao in Ravor of lhe Chiliaa lini> it. the
event of tlxur extendlng tlnir oervtee frotn pointa
below Panama to pointa above, as far north as
aeapuleo, whleh tta PaeMe Mail Company b*
lievea to he la violatioa of it? eontraol riuhta
wltl, tlie rallroad eompeay. a tamporary lnjuuc
tion waa grantcd, -etarmahla before tha t*ame
eoarl oa Taeaday aort.
Thi* iipplicntion and tiic rcccnt action of tlie
rallroad company in BOrvtBg notice on
ahippen that on and alter F< hrootf 1.
1803, no tliroii.'h bills of ladm* from
tta Atlaatle fo tlie Padflfl woald ta accepted
from the American reprcsenta _ve?i of the com?
pany, and tliat all 'raflie, grranaameati nov exist
ing between Ita railroad and the P.oifto Mail
Steamship Company WOOld tl.eti l*c terminated,
,;ii! attentioo to ;. aabjeet of vnst baportaneo to
tho Amerioan people, aod ono thal htda fair to
l?*oome the anbjeet of intcrrifitionfil complicatione.
The Panama Rallroad Compaay ia a eorpocetiaa
orfaolzed an.l ehartered uTi.l.-r tha lowa of the
State of Kew-York. The road was bnllt hjr Anv-ri*
e?n capital, and has alwaya beea aomlnolly under
American manaa___-ot; bm eeaae yeoia na a
majority of the etoek ol 'he read araa aeoaliOl
by the Panama Canal Cempaay, a Freneh eetpoia
tion, which hn* finee controlleil its policy.
When t,he great on-.li of tho Panama r.anal
Compaay eame, nnd tbal eorhorotfcm wool into
the banda <.f a reeeiver, the railroad waa left as
tba moat valuable, and in lael alaaoal tha onlv,
teaet Dndet tha Freneh law IL Moaehiteoart, Hm
reeeiver aad iadietal liqatdator, hi an eoaeot ot
the Freneh Gaveruaeeat, aa thal the aaaaaaleag
Bituatioa is now preaented ol an Aoarrieea rail?
road. bolll ander a ipecial treaty by An.eric._u
enterpriae and capital for the beoett <>f American
trade, belng praettcally owaed aod eperatedwf
? foreign Governnaeot, aad aaed by thal Oooera
ment fur tta lajary of American coninierce ani tho
obliteration i t Amer-Can rifhta.
Tbe eoodl lona ander whleh the Panama Rail
r,.n.| WU bolll and the gtoondo npon whi<*h the
PaeiAe Mail St.-atnship Company clu'ins its rij,'hl
t , reatraio the Freneh reeeiver from takine aueh
actlon as woald gtve tlie eontrol ot thi eoaatarlgi
tra.le on both tta Atlantk aml I'aeiiie to foreiftn
eteamahtp Koee, at tta aaaM ttna drtvtng from
the apaa the Pacita Mail, alaaoal the only crcat
?teaamhin line thal Bfea tta Amerteaa itrnr. are
brlefly ao foilowe: By tta Treaty ?f it-M be
twteen tta Called Statea aad tha Repahlio ot N"w
Graaada, aow the Cnlled State** ef CohanMa, the
ataolate aeutrality of t.he lathmua of PooaoMi nnd
the rlghl ?i aoeamfng a ptoteetorate ovei it were
Kuamnteed V> the L'nlted Statea Gavernmej-t*. At
tbe aame time all faeilttten and prlvl*o_es for the
aaa of the iathmna and its porla and roa.hvaye
,.,,,,. ? needed to Aiaeilnin eMaeaa and lo Ameri
,..an ah.pp.ng, thaa plaelng tta people of the Cnlled
Statea aad their naerebaal ourine on an abaolatl
equality wfth the eiti/on*. uf New-iiranai'la.
Theae prorWodfweie eoaatdeiad aeeaaaary before
ti,.. raUroad ahoald be baill in order to pn-*?. vein
tjet the priociplee ef tta Monroe Doetriaa. Il.e
rare which waa taken lo fhuniog the treaty nnd
drawing the charter of the road abowi lha im.
portance whieh the Government attacbed to theaa
principlee. It fi alao appoteat that in aeearfa-f
the peoaliar privilegea granted under the treaty
the L*i\ed Statea Goveranaenl tnteoded ta nso
them ri- aa Inatrtttnentality f"r buildiog up an.l
rontrolllng American oommeree. There was a
further provielon ln tjta treaty that ao canal or
other method of tranait acroaa the ikthmna daaald
b? coaatrncted without tjn* eonaent of tlie raU
ru.ul eompooy.
*? MOST v.w.r.nt.r. kPPVBXEXABCB.
Wh.-n, in 1 ST'?. the I'aeiiie Mail S'.-amshlp
Company and the Panama Rallroad Company
entered into tta contract aow about to exptia. tlie
railroad eompany was tta owner of aereral Uoea
: att ini'Ts plying between Panama and th>* Poeilt
port-. of Central and South America. The ateana
ihip company pur^iaeed ttaee Unee, togel ier wit.ii
ti,.. ..,.,,,i will .,'r tta road and ;.ll the righli
tppartenonl to tta trade, of whleh one of ti.<>
Biaet raluable <rae the hwae <>f tbroagfa bttb of
Tta eontrol of tta railroad waa aeeaied by the
canal company beeaaae of tta treaty proirMoi
by which ih" nohaent of tta road araa ?eOMaoey
before ;. charter f..r tbe bull ling af the eoool
could i"* granted. This eonaent waa obtolped by
the purchaae of the road. whleh went mto tho
handa of tbe Freneh corporatio'a orftheat any
elfective proteat being made on tho groood of
BO infrincement of Anu-ri mii rifhta under tl-.e
treaty ef 184a, and ainee ttaa AoMricaa lolereall
have been ignored ln Ita manageoaent, wiiile
Fronch Interrata have beea gradaally eomlag to
the front. until now the property is actnally lu
the handl of tln* Freneh iJovernment. I'nder the
policy adopted by M. Monehlcoort. not nl.v do..
a further riolatfoO of AoMrleoa treaty rujhta
sccm likely, bat aa attempl i*- belag made to
rleprive th,* PaeUk Mall Steaaaahlp Compaay of
the property ricli't* whieh they elaiin a.*? thcira
under tta euntia.t ol 1878. This i- to h?> ac
.ompllahed by tta refuaal of tbe r;iilr>ad la Isnue
anv more throttab WUa of lading, and the traaoaar
of the good will of tta rood, ao far ae it atfeeie
buaioeea oa the Paclllc m a fareiga ateaamhlp
[ine, owaed by Rngliah eapltal and il.vun. the
Chillan Baj
->ia..oma is rmtRATewco.
If the Preaeh reeeiver is aueeeeofnl in hia
attempt. tl e mln of the American ahtppiag trodg
will be almoot eomplete. The E-Cifle Mail St.vun
-Iiip Compa. ) i' etaal tta only line <luin? an
importanl baaioeaa, whieh Riea tta s'-'>? and
Strlpes. It has opentod lor tnaiiv \ears four
coaatiaj li. e. with Ihe Iathmna of Paaaam aa
a letitre lt BOW has thlCO ste.if.iers | niotnh
runnlng eaeh way between Kew-York nnd C.don;
two eaeh way betweea Paaaam iu-hi San Fran
e:-?,.'. one eaeh W.IV between 1 aiiama and Acu
puleo: and alwaya nne, aud durina tlie enlfea
,, ;,v,,ii two, nnd Nometimer three. each way 1n>
twecn tta wentera porla "i Coata Rica, llanauroo.
Salvador and Ouatcmaln Roth the S.i Fr.in
. iv.. and Acapuleo Htcameni .:ill nt tle ehlol
Central Aiinit.'.iti norta |!n miwt valuatle imsi
n,*ss is thal wlth tta Mevii.iit aud (Vntral
American porta, when* the company I.a- prac
lieully ro romnetition. Its future exlatwiee la
ali-u! I'elv lependenl '>n tta eood will of tte Pan?
ama '{nllroad. Al.seeution '>i tta emtiact
'..hu-li that corpomilon, at ita dictation of M.
Nloncliicourt, is nnxloua tu n..ik?* with tta South
American Steaamhlp Comnany, aad t e oafofga.
ment of tlie order aa t., throngh Mlla af lad
inir. would deprive it al onen <>f ..!l chaaog of
exUtenee, and mark tta Bnal dowafall of Ameri?
can ahipping Intereata.
tii ;-- Qcaartoa v nr.o.n o\r..
While the imine.liate liinn. i.l |oaj in the evrrit
of M Maoehlooarfa aoeecea in carrylat out hi?
IM.liev wuul I fall mi the I'n. iii.- Mnl .Ste;im>hip
Compaay tta?taeatloa is a broader on.* thaa that
,,f ihe Indlvldual ioteteeta of any per?
son or curpuration * is or* whloh
u,.k_t- Ainerieau citizens geoeraUy, aod

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