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tv'.s.mx'nn\ sr:i- XO wim.r. H-VA-tA
|S Wt'Vl. .
-,fom a a-Arr i*oaa___****4TWtin or ni taiaoiri.l
Matatuae. Dee. 7.-Tlie Inlaad ol to***?**
ArerAv eonccrncd in tlie n.ainten.'n.-? of Ihe Ke.-i
Iro.'nt policy. Dnring tke la < week I _?**_ mel
Lnv are-ataeal pl****o, oMMohoMta an.l pnM
2*. and 1 havetalted -Nftj withleader. ?!
L vr.'.n?_.i"-t 01 Liberal p-rty. Wherevw I
Zn gone Ihe ._??*?<? ?? B?iipweltj baa been
Ztae. nnd the eHaneee ol Ihe n_-__n_-loa ol ttie
tre,tv witti Spaln hy th.* IncomlM AdB-ioialrn
!I have he? e;,-.-.lv dteuaned. Not once have
I he.ir.i nny nealre expreaaed foi the N-ftnri of
L Reciproeitj poliey. Every one whom I have
JL h Cah. hna atrongly favowd Ihe mainte
D,nee of tl.e exWing relatlOM of <-,>inn.,*r.-i-il
OTK,n witti the Pnited State.. BW om- ha,
mAA meet emphatically thal the i-eetpratlofl of the
Zwdatiea md the repeal of the A-drfeh amend
nent nnder whl h the trea tle* were aaade. would
U nonnn- Mn than a ,_-U__ity t? the Bpeaiab
*vr.*t Tn lt.***
if aelWnfonned Cubana cmnder tb,* rever-al
,1 thr Reciprocity poli*cy by th.* nexl Drtaoeratk
C^trm and .dmlnlatTation nn Ineredlble nct of
foik thej are reaaoning tnm Indh-putable evi
irace ef a very greal inereaee of the Amerlean ex
rert Irade. They do not need to 1?* reminded
> ,, the atal atica of thai trade obainable at
Waitiington ahotn i galn of nenrly $10,000,000
_.e.- tht flr*l Re IprocitT nchedule wenl into ef
fret Thev knon that every New-York gteame.
rome- Into port beavily lotfded with cargo; that
, , publle wharf in tlnvaog i- alwayi beaped
fcl_.n , ..-??, freight: that the lighten
_dve been oi '?'? to load and nnload veaaele with?
out protraeted tWay ih conacqueow of the e-mr
i | reaae ol bnalnean; nnd that the enter
m : i?.r i? order to eacape detentlon at
Un-.- na ond to f Ilil tl." conditlong ol it* mai]
. ? _ j M been eompHled to charter ? large
fleet t i '. - l aervice with Matanzae. Cardenaa,
fmgau and other porta. "We may bave reaaon,"
,- , H v ? for dlaappointmen! in nol har
ing eur bread lmm.-diately rhrapened one-bnlf, a*
H would have been il tlie bakera had not, boen
greedy; bnl American exporteii bave
D? ground foi romplaining ol tl.peration of the
tr-itv It i- rapidTj givins tfiem eomplete eon
t.c' , ? ? .. eta "t tbe Spania-h W. ?t Imli.-.s.
It haa enonnoualy Increaa-Ml the trade in flour and
?foviaiona and ii la*- bn i.M into Cnba u'.t onky
?eehinery oi all kindn, bnl nlao a wide raage dl
Ameriean maaufacturea whleh were never be
f,,:e ttm !,.",??' When it _?> ___zgeated
that the Do-noeratT' fongreaa may leetore the
_ t; * at.'l cancel ttie Reciproeitgr tr.mie.s,
tl.e*-' qufek-witted Cubnna nreh their eyebrowi
eredulonaly. " Ht-a the- Yaakee eeaeed
to i?e h Vatil;.*-"' they avTT] exelaim with pantS.
, ., .,: wink nnd geatuie. "Doea be not know
vl--. be ln* i',a !?? a good bargain ln tl-alle'.,"
Whatever ma.1 ,:" tbe logic of the Tnhan nid,
r,f th.- Reciprocity quetdion, the apopalarity of
the policy cannol be cniled itit" queetion. Tbe ron
aumer here may nol have obtained in enrrenl pricea
.1 ndvantage oi the lefin.-eii aehedalea^ but
while l.e rte. l.iim-. paaaionately afrainat tl.e bah
.-if' e_-B-4nation, be is eoneeious oi a marked
Inaproveinonl jn ^-"neral htudneaa He Imowa
that wben Bour is aelling t'?r *7 a barrH. wberea.s
it ,-o-t $13 iO two yeara ago, the priee of r>ri-a,l
mnal fall aooner ?,r lat.-r' and that whatever may
l.- tlu* te-mporary derantremente cauaed by tlio
?auberitution ol ailver i"r a depreciated paper
eurrency, t!,.> general tendency tn livinc ex
j-?? - - - downward. Moreover, th.- inereaaed
proaperity ol th.- augar phntera i* uamiataka
Me, aad thal aleae leeaaiellea Oalm la the re
h'llts ?1 the Qeciprocit' policy. The frc. uiark<*t
lor the ehlel prod icts "i rhe Bpaniah itslandis
]<*? attimulated pruduction and inereai*ed tl.eir
gtic,,ooo,ooo sitiee tln- Bral
ile wenl toto efeet. The railwaya lUditer
men aad nhippii. I uueea bave proflted direetly by
,.- r ? I everj form of buainean haa been
:???! ??? ???' ?? in.- ti\. Every well-informed Caban
frankly ndmita l-hat Reciprocity haa been nmrk
edly belplul t.. tlie iala li
Tl* si.'i,,- .-,.-'> ni improvemenl whieh are
j ? eable I Havana may be obaerved m M..
taniaa Aa the centre ol t_?- richeal augar belt
Ih i iimnerre haa befii larirely Inereaaed. There it>
\ in,,'..?; trallic ln the Btreeti aod an
Improved tone amonji h alneaa men. The chlel
pl?nt_ra have hren making large inveatmenta In
ia.,. i,i-,. i-\ antl many >.i ih??ui are Btill heavily in
debt, bul \mi-ii : ??? speak without equivocation
mit that the laal year wai a proaperoua
; tl al with two more aenaona
, ? ,rai le thej will I"* in exoeih m con
-, thi) in ike haate to add,
uot plunder tbem with
ii.,-r-iu- ,l taxatiou .\- i i the amaller plantera
wha . ,!??? 'im under eontracta for .soiiir.^ It to
t ,. greal ia- t.,i:---. they bave nol taken anj rink**,
i a, !?? i--'" ?'ir-- clearly better
Ing tl.-it condition The improvemenl in ma
-., iu,* ereated a demand t"t cane, and tiu*
(_.-,!>,,ii n ii i',ii-,i thai there wlll n"t he enoUi.li
lo aupply nll tiu factoriea and t., keep them ln
: oprration 'I ,<? wnall |. antera conaxiuentlr
eommantl '.??.-? i pricee lor tle-ir eaae and bave
p-u , ;. i ? cont, ni. -<J with tbe ontlook for th<*
.-. -. ?
A' ther inerring indication oi Improvement
: ? '..- mentioned, 'i \x-,> yeara ngu
when 1 waa in llavana and Matauza.i th? pawn
?hapawerc 11 led .'.iti, a tiquenilvei and furnitur -,
dinmonda, laoe and embroideriea; medala ol honor
in tn.- !.<?: i and heirioom** "l the early oolonial
prrto-i ,,,.! , tiin.i and cuno. ol nll kinds. The
preaaure ol ? . tl ume. had broughl all l-liia wealth
ot bri, ., bi e mt,, tlw elitapcsl ol cheap market*.
There were bargaiua tu be had then ln every pawn
?liap .,. i.i.- i .,int?-.-?*?? i? I ha ,- i',-'.i tlni_-n__li tln*
aamei ? . . ., ., . ml found th?-u empty.
'Ihe -. ? i-i.-.. .h. Jewelry, china, ailvei
?i .,\<- disappeurc I from the aliov. ,?>-..
- ?re i>. ti<-i and the moal melauoholy
?.._j ol ,-> lauktion ,,i ? uban rtsourc-a i> nu long*r
revealed iu pawnshope uruwded tvitli cb< |i har
ii ia not, bowever, oi theae mattera thal Ihe
Cnhan apeaka when be ndvocat?_ th<- mainlenance
of i; ? x.-M-. co .ln,, - ,,. , mmerciai union.
ll- ... - tlu'ii be ia a-- ired lhal Ihe
purcli. . ? i he island ;.a_ t . - -ii
i. it. 1..1-. i l>\- R?-cipri"city, bul he i~ not
int-erested in eeononiic atudiea. When
,1 that Secretary
. in Wasli ? |,i,,f.-.-t.-.| againat th.
tmiii. OU -in* f '.,|M.'>-* '.I tln- Sj_lTII_-.il
aTeal Ind to a 1 .-.-. hia fa ?? llghta
up with a flne a ..\ .,| pIcaHUiable pxrit?'m?*nt.
The efleci ..; lie, procitj upon currenl j.n.-.-*
tt*y Im- ini,r>- ,,i -- .?, imi one ihiti^
i? it.t.-.;,.,i.;.- i,, him, and thal ,- Ibat th.- I'nitH
btet,*!. (i-j>\i-ii.iii.-.'iT i,a- i,.*-n ilrawu into tlie : uban
?- with Spain, and ia now
poaition t" pi< eel ti,,- inttresta ..t the
Bfai - -1, ie an l ur._id.-_ th. v caanot
ihe battle 1". ln-n commercial redemption,
With tbe I t.it.n Statea for an allj thoy can work
' theii <. A I. M a'.
If tl-ni.ii'.'im .-ni.-iit ,.at ihe Stat Department
a. W aahit. __* i ? ? i? would uppoae ttm tertning uul
?f tbe latoma t" a l_-_e__n byndicate wa* i.
oeiv.-d with in.my aigna ot public aatlafi llon, the
Nwalatioiia made a day ,,i two afterward i>
'*>'"? tn.. the i....,'iati.,,,? i.i the Spaniah Uovern
i-er.t with at; Eagliali gyndieatc and the autono
Pearline?the c.niy
Washing Compound
ever imitated.
W'*? Know it is thi* Hest Lamp
Ull.l.. ( lll lll II. A, .
-o **e m-r ...ii in in, bu* lniii|.? I..-in..- ...int
rr'TIIK ItIM IIK-.TI.lt.-_83
Th-t 44e hair- n a.l. M BMa* 8V*1 OM Mllllon,.
I le-linio-iliN ?t li,\, fron u|| ov*| ,h" ?..rlU. .1 i il?
i .il'ARANTKK ar. tfocl reaeon* 4ihv you KHOl'I.U bl ii
! Tb* "I.i.i i. "?''!?? uul TO *jKI li I'n IH i Wi nahe
? i \ i.uv STYLE "f a lamp (t?o larae anrea full "f
?amplei onl] tat isli and mam patterni tlm aee
? <-s|i.s uiiiy neautlful umi appreprlaM loi Wi.JUMN'r
IO nml IS f_*8*fl4-ajr*j IMiue, ""Ic-w--**rl*.
Mu.rt w?ik troa. Brooklia iituic.- m Jcr*ey feaia.
lni-t lea.iers wero roj-ar.lifl with BOBplcion an I
inoredulit.v. "Tho I'uit.-.l Stato* liov.-nmn'iit will
; never eons.-nt to it," waa the oommenl geaerally
lieard; and the newnpapera were ohaiged arith
i inakini* mu ih ado abool aothing. That tbere waa
i n"Dir fauadation for the Btory was evideat. Aa
, ofjeat of the FngHth baahen was in Havaoa
during Bhe suinmi'i. aad he agiproached the Ulwral
1 le_<|..rs 44ith a propoBal that they ahould Mip
port tha goner.il .srheme of funding the Spanhrfl
ilobt. ami nahiag BnaneiaJ advaaeea to both tho
Madrld an,i Cabaa Gove-rnunnta in return for
l the eoneossion of borae rule f,,r the ialand. Pbey
li-tei.-d politely, bul iloelined t<> coiinnil thein
, Belvea to the BeMnae nnleaa they were authori
i.iti4.-lv siuiinioned by the Madrld G*overi*_oent.
Ihe Bvadleata was reported to be willing to ad
vance $300,000,000 for various pnrpoaea, aad to
extni'.'it.' the Spaniflh Oovernmenl (rom it* finan*
rial extretnitiea provided it eould be empowered
t., colleci tl"' revenuefl of Cuba and Porto Bico
as aecurity. The detalta ?>f the Beberne were
reeeived here with ahoulder abrug and eyuical
Mnilo. Cuba confldently i'\p""ts tin* Uaite l Stati *
GoverniDenl to veto all tbeee ?yndicate deala,
The landownera, whetber Spaniah <,r Cuban by
birtli, know where their int.-r.?t- lie. They have
been Btruggling iaboriounly, an.l until th<* Recl
procity policy wae oilopted, alaieai hopeleaBly
ncr;i!ii-t the rulooufl conditionfl of Bdtnlniatrative
corruption and economic folly, Tbey ore cooacioufl
of thelr o4vn ln-lpl.-.-neea ln deaHng wlth Spain
Th.-y kno4v thal tln*ir patriot war e*nded in
(oiiup-s- becauBe the Unlted Statea OoveraineBl
was lndifTon-nt to Itfl BUI.BB. Tlifv are enn
vitHi'd that the econoralc revolntlon, whleh wlll
reatore the ioduatrial fortnnea <>f th<* ialand, ean
be hroul'ht about only wlth the <.peration ol
the Unlted Btatea Th<-y hav,- welcorned the
Reciproeity polley ;,-, the Brat siiMi of a de*
termined purpoee on the part of the I nlted
Statea lo bring the moral force of it- diplomacy
t. hear upon the future of the Ialand. They
4vili regard the premature abandonmenl of tha!
polley as highly di-u-trotis to Cuban Intereatfl
Tliat it 44-iii be so doea n<>t admil of any rea
Bonable doubt. Here is Cuba, a eountry oearlj
as barge ;ts the "state ol New-York, with un
Utaited bat u ral l*<*aou**cea and wlth ? great
market at its doora for ;ill that it producea. It
only ra**t*dfl honeel and enlightened Bdmlnlfltra
tion in order to become B i'i-'li BBd proepsT
ous State. Its preaenl inlniiiiistration is utt?-rl\
incapable umi corrupt, The flnanclal eondition
ot Spain i- 80 doplorablo that no relief can be
expeeted frora that quarter. The Madrld Oov
ern**_'-njf M r**lii<<*d to sueh Btraltfl that it
-tands ready to hand over the isla/'d to anv
1/uropean svinli.it.-! Spaniflh, Fieneh or Engliab,
ivhich will pay liher.illv fnr eori'e-?ions. Not
tjaiiHlied with taiiniiijr onl the mat'h nnd di
r^et t_.\et?. and with increaaing the tax.-s un
prodietion for tbe ne\t year, thal ('overnniotif
is no4v aegotiating lor ne4v loana fnun hanker
in Pnris and Ix.t.'U.n on the beal t.-nns it ean
f.-t. a,-*t staml- ready to hand "ve,- fhe .-ntir.
,-unTi'iiis revegiuefl of the ialand aa Becurity. This
is the Cuban Bituation, .'.r.d tbe only qnartcr
nini which auccor ean cotne is Waahiagton. With
80 per ceal of tho exportfl ol the ialaad naarket
able only in the Cnited Statea, nnd with Ita
eomnieree pussin^r rapidlv nnder Ameriean con?
trol by tho provision* of tbe Roeipror-ity treaty. the
i;?vernni,-nt at Waabington is in a poeition to
overt Ita inflaeaee with r^on-mandlng force bo bb
to protoct the iiit*.T?*sts of its own eltlxenfl iiti'l
to reecue Cuba from Impending ruin.
Iu theae circumrrtaneea 1 do not raarve] thal
intelUgent Cuban*. laek tli- patlenee t" diacun
_he ehaneee <>f nn ebandonnen! of the Reclpr *citj
polley by tbe Incoming Dentaiawatie AdminlntRi
tion Tbey do nol know very much al.t the
llnea of Auta-riean polltical diacuflaion, bnl tbey
bave a vague bspreaslon tbal ihe Democratic
party faverfl the removal of reatrietiona npon
international trada in the int.-r.?t <,f conaumera
and that it alao i- hoatile to protected Induatriea,
?? li theae are Denocratic piimii'l'-.'' they have
?aid t" in-'. " wLv ahould the sugar dutiea he
reatored for the benefll of tbe Liouiaiana planter
al tl," .'4p"ti-- of tl," greal body "i eonanmora '
Or why should reatrietiona upon International
trade be reatored by tl"- repeal ol the Ireaties '
If tbe Democratie AdmlnlatratJon deeirea free wc .
why doofl it not make Reciproeity twatie*. with
the Plate countriea, and with Auatralia on tlu
ume llnea bb Ihe BUgar and coffee treatiea? Wlij
d?"s it not enlarge and develop the Reciprocit*
policy Inatead of abandonlng it. and Uierebj
bringing ruin upon Cuba?" I fouad thos.- qt_ea
t',,'is hard nuta to erack. Poaalblj th" Incom?
ing Democratic Btateamen will flnd a Bofter shell
nn th"m_ '? *"? r
l'm the Baal worh of tbe Rnard of Ravlew on
saturday, at lha Murray Jim Hotel. Ihe time wa?
niveu up ,-ntiivlv to prtvato acaalon. during whleh the
memben paaaed apon the Banirou* ca*?i Un1 hav?>
been heard dnring Ihe aetalon. 11 aaa cloae to
mMnlghl wnen Ihe la t ,a- waa reaehed. and the
board then Bdjourned to nnel ; r a ipeclal apring
.lon at Ihe call <>t ihe preaMent. Ainong Ibe Im
portanl coaea ,1.Tfd.il yeaterday wa? tbal of th*
pacer Grover s., 44h;*-" death at Pmladelphlt last
October 44::- 10 Mi-uiil'u- ihat his ,,4411.-r. Wllllam
shanley; the drtver, ?'? IV. l-ymn 1, and R. 11 Ho_l*tcr,
who l-i agalnal the horse, were all eapclled. Tb.
baaid refuaed to rcmove Ihe expnlsion, In Ui* c-im> ol
Reuben Ruah b al th* pacer Kebua, 44)., 44.,-. .\
pelkd for all.-g.-sl fraud In Ib. geldlng bdng dl
lancod, Ihe nntence agalnal Ruah, Ib* driver,
WB4 changed lo a Bne of *-'><). and
in,- pacer aa* nln?uted. Anothei eaae from Hcl
monl I'ark, where J. B. Kreen 44.1- Dned flOO
a'le.-.-d crookednea* In drlvlng hi- pacer, eatadln, wai
dei i'l.-i a.'.ii:.-' tir ? i, " h ? ntence tand* Bpprov.*d.
ln ihe proteal ol Harker end liurn*. agalntt the Bnl
I?|,, \--o.lati..n. Where lli" -talli",' l."l? -t r 44' nl
l .,,.-i ,,, .tin; ., t- i i" nn reporiel disiane.d, li,.-pi ne 1
!* - miiilntd nn i ih.< m >n. \ B ?'?- t? ihi -?? 11 nn Pla i o
', .- i-lmi-ge aaaiii-l ( 'donel r.. s. Edward* n.r "Iipi*re
Ina ino" ?" Laneaater, iMin., wa* dlamla-ed. II
,?,,-,.. . appllcllon foi tlie r-iii-t.ii.-iii'iii ul I'l- hla..',
,,,,,!.- T.-ni|* . i '-.''- gun ' "l lenip 'I'.'il'.. .* iiiiiiil.".
,,? . i)',.-: ri-iii-tn:. iu. ut- li mi ? an. iia aii'l "'..'?: put.
were atao giaiiled In raae* "f ralnui Importaucc,
The tlr-t s,-i-i.- of frw lecturea lo Ihe p.-ople
ui <i i the anaplcea ol tt e Board ol Pdu, itlon, for
,-ourse "f l-'.'- and i-'aii. wlll end i I. ?e*>k. i udei
,|,.l4i i.' I'l. II. M 1 ' li'/l-- !'.
bava l.ii d. llver.*-] lo audlenci ? i bi h
,00 in number. ln i-'.'l th?. nlgl
i. 1,'i.ui' ?? al eaeh I.' t .if 44.1- mii . ?
ii;,. s,.,.,?.i i im ol the pi.i l "ii' - alll
., ,,;. th. in. I ? lun i- engagi d , oi
1 ...,, aork antll April. Althougfa len baPa ar* 11044
..i, || |. prubahle lhal atill another i-iii be
. .,. i. Tlie miiii' - "f Un I". ".fi-, Ih 1.
aud the p'u." ? '. ?'' i i dell. ered
are aa foiio'4 : Ot_mm.r Bthoal No. 51, n... ;.?.'.,
w i. , ? , irth t . i-d ard Kiug, 'C ncl | nlon r..
144,en l.aiK,r and i ..pitil" Uraninar .??< h"..i ,s ,. *j*i,
I Ro. 118 Wct Twenty t-lgnth ?t., Jam. II. Vai lielder,
A J'ri|> Through iii" *-<?uili i" I'.-...- nini .n. 44
4 .", Uramniai Hchool \... '?'.. (iiove ind lludmin
.st-,, MIm r-'il' liohl, -ll.mn- 1.1.'.- in owedea' .
! ..iaium.il ?" h""l So. i'i, tevenllet*. '. ii*d Flnl-ave.
Hl., Aunt, i. .4..'!. I'utruvi ij*.*d L ibr*di*r und Uie
I ', ,,.iii,ui.ir .-'I.I No, :'... .**?'-. :;? and
i nv Mill lli"'. I'.. It. vi.u Naidn.ll. "Tlie K'"t,i
i urreul, lli Propertl*^ aud La***"; tirnmiaai
No. -7, Ro. 2>e. 1..-I I "M4 -"iii:i(l -t., , liul. II
,,,,4,,n. "-Ufe *nd IVrltlngi ..i -li Waiter brott";
l.rammai Bctnol No. 15, No. 728 Flflh-at., .Mi ? M. II.
< irler, 'Tn* i.l?iory "i lood"; 'Jhe In.Uluie, Ka t
l.roadvra* -ind .i?-n r-on-t., PmfntMir 1'harie*
*- j> ii in- -imr-. "**: a'u ' . Ma Lon llili. < Ml- - tin ? r\ le I
, , ,i iwhii] fthi .1 <i M iii " ive . Ur. IVeudeU . .
Miillipi*. "Th" Brigtl aad Darh -ides ,,f Hoaptt-l
i ;. Me.raae Lycenm, On?*-liii*idred and-nftleth *1
nnd TlilrdH4,"., J. I,. Uii'-l",, ?Tl," storv of < oluin
rioxs nw cohti__-_ bepohted.
i buatnea* whkh i- nov oceapylng the attrntton
nf eomradei. ln the varlona Grand -rmy ooxta .*? *'"'
,-l.itln'i ,,f nftlcen for the year l '?''?>? Yem eonte-1
have been reported, and when tbe? bave oecamd the
ilvalrj Laa b en -. <i natared an t f.aternal, ?*i.e maln
purpu '? being t i aeleei thoae who ran beai arorl uni
be ' _t.ee. Ma v oM an. rffl lenl ofllc r bave been
reialned in thu plarea, a litnlng exa npla belng com
mander WUUam MrRntee, of IMhlgren Poat, who haa
been re-elected f.>r thi Bfteentb term. Commaadcr
Mllbi, ,,f Alesander HamUton !'"-'. wil begln hl*
-.?m.ii.i term; Cemmaader Halatead, <>f John A. Ma
Poat, la ahonl to enter u]. hi- tiiir*i yeafa aervki
ni me li-.-id ol that ti.Kiv. aa_ Comnaaadar Bemtey
,.f Koltea Poat, tah.-- offlo. Ba eommander <>f the mathei
ni a,am Bourlablng _fe_ To kpo I for the foarth tftne
Addltlonal eAEcert eleeted In Uie aeveral peata f,.r the
eomtng year np m Uu- pioenl date are irtv.-n ln tbla
.iliiiiti -o tar a- they li.v.- he.-n recelved. Tle- n,-xi
thlng ln order v.ii i?- the in-talbatlon ol tbe tveeetmtul
randldates, wblcb lahe place al Um Bml enoampoH-il
ii.-M in January.
l'ni.iii inataUitioni are tnrieaaing in popa_ar Bavoi
ini't aie growlng )., number. Same ol the ICeW-Yncb
;i:,,i Broohlyn p-_?ta bave amie dabotate praparatl n
ror iMa mtereeUag an.l attrnetlve oetemoory. Ren ,.
Morgan, Lafayette, HamUton, K,,lte>. .n.hn A. Dlx.
C'aflln, Kearny, Parnham, v-t.-ri,.. .v,vii. itelnarabr,
Pedgwiek in, i othet pr min.ni p'-t generally m aad
ni bavlng larps a'tdlenc aad Unpraaalve tomrntn.
_*h_ permanem Batlonal cemaittteea for the yeai
bave been annonnced bj the cimmander-ln-chlef a
rollowi.: Penalom, I. N IValker, Indlnnap-ila, md.;
li. k. Talntor, nwifoid, Conn.; J. IV. Baret, Byn
,,,?,. ni.; \. B. Greene, Ufcompttn, Ban.; A. K.
Warner, Clnrlnnati, Ohio, Congreadonal cnam't'-e
jn (.ph W. Ka\, Ne-I Taa*; A-nn- J. < umni|iiK_,. New
yor_ lohn itiiit,.-,, BVw-Yaafc; Charlea P, Unroln,
Wa-*>blngton, it. C.: Wllllam B, W. Baaa, KaryUnd.
C.;nunltl.n boldlera' Homea al BaM Laha CHy ?'"'',
\._ i,ii-hi- Benjamln F. Bryant, La ''r..-se, wi.-.:
.1. w. Graeaman, Ball Lake Clty, I'tnh; Welaon Oole,
.J ,,,, .? .,,...., ... on Bentoi-ty of u-part
??'.??. R. B. Beath, Phlladelphla, Penm; ?*? h. Pew
Ung. T. h i". OM '? Charlea H. Freetnan, Oornlng, H. V.
Tbe foJlowing aldea Ae rnrnp on ti,.- rtafl <*f Uie
National _*-_-maader.n-Ch_el bave beea appointed:
Xea lort Cltj Ytfi A. Wott, H-Utom Brtttim, llenry
\ ',,,-,..r ,.,.?_.. 1'. K'I.mi. WlUi.i.n V. 8. Btblet, W.
v,,, ||,?..,.? Jamea Delehanty, A-raham Wdrteadyke,
, , Byrnea, BroolUyn Phoma*
-.? john Benny, Henry Ea___-, AUmxo B
|.,,,..., i; Hobte, J. 0. Oavendy. Om ol tbe Xew
V.,1'1. -.i'i-- ii wUI !?" obaerved, b Boperlntendeni
.?,.?, i.v,.,,-, ol the Polce Departme-it
,.,.,., . chlef Weiaaert, on the n.imef*
?, jj umnai |n pector-? >_w?l Goadale, I appdut.-d
Comrade George Btwaid Allea, ol ?*x un Pto-t,
providenre, B. I., A* latanl Inspector-tleneral lor the
Departmenl ol Bhode laland. Caaan-de laaa, Vand.T
.j ,,, AH?ny, baa recelved ',l?" eame appotnimenl
lor ihe Departmenl _i >ea ^l.r:;.
?ii,,. foUowiag poat elecUaaa tur U?a coailni year
are Uj be uduefl l_ th-_e alreed) publl-bert:
i ?iv,.|i,. Po ? So. lt<> Abrabam ?-. Milla, co
minavr iseeond Him); Jamea A. D.*nnl-on, aetilor
via,,,,:n,n?ti'l.r C. B. Ootcalt. Junfor *^^omniaud.*r?.
Pnderleh l.jsier, ,|'iart,-r:.. i. ,-. . Ur. l-rand A. ( ii' r.
m;,^',,; A-i-.n g. H-jyl. ,rlwplaln. WhIWo m
nitiei -,f i. d?v 1 Je_ibth < . Cuug, Jr., -tl," ?
mi.rd- -ill re-._.etlon* exeept the aenlor and |unlor
v.eec.mmandera; delegatea lo .l.-pni-im.-iii en.?..u.p
m..in M..i-,-.',tli L. Jo..--. I-. Curtla Uraehett, f. .,, ..
P 1'.,'i_.?'..'. John II. Cook. WUBam Lee Dartlng, Willtain
?_' i n.i. delemte. t? ni.-t,,ui-iM* , oiiuniii-.-. J?nn
A. KSng .'.-.nre M. Vnn H.en^ llenry P.lBuUer
(Vn-ert S. Knlghl, Alexatniar rhain. H"'-O ? ."' '
bmlth George W. _*elton. Jobn B. Boake, PntHck
ll, v Murphy, J?Mne? Bleecker, Aaa B, lUake.
Horace B, llaBln I'--'. Xo. 57B-Command,-r. Walter
i,,iii- -,-'i.,i- m. ? rommaader. Andrew J. BuUon; jmiLt
etre-eonimander, E. B. A. MIUo, ; offleer of ihe day.
i.,-,,l, Lewey; offleer of :("- guard, rhomaa llarrlson.
rhHObtln. John /--it-1 . Hiu-geon. L>r. .i-- Morgan.
,, ?"'r? ;.-.-.. M.l'.'i, Surre; deteprfe td ,l.-|.:.,:.,i.n
eneumpment. Jamea Owena: delegates to memorial
"nanin.!, Kil-.,.'i J. AUtlnwu. Ferdln.nd I^nt-r.
Jnm.** Ow.iw board ot *_r_-r?eee. P. M. Bmderlek,
Henry Cramer, Hearj B.ahe*r, John H. Croofca, l. A.
rVihig. Poat, No. 113-O-tr-mander, Wllllam Mc
,-,1!;,.''u!.I1i?1 vlee-eommander. P lllp Ktark;
rlre ,.-i,,?;,-,<l.i. WUUam sMuw ; .,n.,ri'rm. ter.l luirlea
F Kleaele: chnplaln. K. A. Ilammer; oltlcerol Uieday,
P. j. Dunn; offleer nl Ui< guard, Oarai Page]t: dei?
nte* i" memorial commlttee, J. ?'? Murphy, wnih-.n.
WlJworth Pnat. So, 87-Oeorge A. L llly. e..m
?,, ,|..,. ,*ixth t.rttii: Jobn 1?. Bynie. .- idor vlee
dore Uelson. Jnnloi vloe-commander.
W. Perrowy, ' I i?'????/?I' - Ni'liJ'
eh-iplaln' l*ndore kahfl, Brget*; Jo-ejdi M u lutll
?',?...,?; ih, i ?? A idrew Doolln. ohVet ol
,i,... Mte t , d, pnrim, nl eneampm, nt. l nb '"I u i >-? H.
? :.\ <ii-lee,iies m ni.-nu.rlal commltiee, i.eorg,
M |)u - ni.. iiv. Ml, ! ;;??'- Mi bafl
WIIHnm O. MHrhell I' ' No '? ' -tomi
lohn W I'niwford ; enl.M \ ce i omn n 0, r. I
iea TtM : n
, . -.mi,", ' *urg.*on, Klmon II. llimi i
,, tnm kmiiiH i. KIiib ofl ' -'? Wllllam
._?.?' ,n II i 'M rat.
. |., eampni, nt, P.-h i M. W. \.*rti? evea; d..**
c.,,.. io tn- tn.--!,! rommftii ?-. <--.,i-- U. H?n y.
.1:,,,... Moni.'--I. No. '?*<: Commander. i hnrlen
,;. ]i,,|,l , ,, : : i ?? i< . -, : i ?: Vl.liailU. r. Jame
? i, xi , , onima rtei rh, ' ? ?? ' ?? A
,,,,.1,1..,.,, i ier, -? h i: Jobnson; -h
,i ,., imp ei , :i. .i,.-vi, P. .1 inllnj ;
. .iii. ,.r ,,' ihe <i iv. Jame*. B. T?mpl ln . '".I ""
-?;,, | \ '7 li ind* '1- lepili I" ''? inrtmelil ? n'aiii|,
,,,. m ;,.,.) ? emori -1 rominlil i - Hn.wn.
,.. nn i ,, i n . i-jT ('..mn.n .. i.m,- - '
? ,,,,?:?. Mi.1 ??'?! -' Bnrtle' |tinl. vl <
lommanrter, Ihoma* B. (*<>rr r.m : .|iiurl rm i ' r. J.-re
,, inh t'ollln*' urs mi VI' i': 'i'" "' ?' "? ' Impl ln,
Tlionm* 11 W Ilil m . offi' ei i.l ihe ?l .?-. lie irp \
John \. ?'?' -a""' ? _ele
,, a, pM m enl en, mipmeni Pairl< k I>" dj ii
,.,!,.. Kynn: ilelegnte. ?? meniorlnl rommlttec, John
I i \ , p, , .
Adam '?"- 1' t, X". ?? ?" Coinmander, Itenjamin
C pn Bo| u-nloi vn. eommaml.'t, Amcu ln> 111
?. ilil n vt- ll-?? t' ',i.;n - '"
j ? n i' i. .ii. ,-_,,. , haplaln, "? ?i u
Miri:., john P. Klehard_f*n, M. l? : offleer ef Ih"
dny, Wllllam ll Smltli offlc??i ,.f Ihe gunrd, <hil tii.n
Si'lly: delegate lo state eiieampment, Pred.rlch M.
Vineent; delegati i" memoilal eommltten, Jamea P.
Miirray, .i"!m P. Lnnergan aud Martin i '
l-.,.i Ho. B-7 <".,i'i na d*r w.iii. m B. IVUbur -??.
vfee-rnmn.ander, \u--,-t,i- P (irdPhe Jnnloi \.,
lomniHi.der, Peter J. Cunningham: ouartermaster, > '
, ir Uexander; wirueon. i.-.'.-r' li. M<-t ttily: , i apl 1 .
i'. Kremei . offl. er uf Ihe dnj Charl, i i
.verlil; offleer nl ihe gu .rd. John .'? Tuttle; d.'legiil ?
i<> rlepflrtm.nl eneampnient. .i.nn. - Delehiuili n rt
tharles l. w-nli: defeir.ilex tr. m?morlal coinmll.
im. Delehani) und nldnej .1. V'red'nburgb: irn-rte, .
Wllllani II. U<-( ,.i.|-.. Jame, A. l(,.hi,i-m and John J.
Wllllani i.h.y.t <;;,n ,,', Poat. N". -"" f,.mmHnd.*r.
li ? -) unml**r. Iwuu lai, kh at*
mi i ,, \i.iT.munder, 8-imuel llrl_tow iju rterma*
I,.,- john M. I(,,.'i,-,., -ni.-.,;,. I..xi .-. Wi.- n ; ehtp
laln ihe l.-.-v. w. ll. ll. Iinller: offle.-i ol th
W il. SVrlght: offleer "f the gwnd, ?.- ? II. **mlih;
del.-EHles ia Mate eneampnient, John l.inv and the
Rev, W, II. II. l.nil"!
i , ,?<,., ii He, l.,-t I'"-'. .**."? IOh -t'ommnndei J ' i
H .,, _ .,: i ,i x jr. ? n ii man i >r i'; ink '-.? rt h li; ju .1 '?
v|ee-i nmimiiirter. Ern ? l??rr .|ti irlenn i ler, John
Jaonli ?utgi mi, ?'l > !??- I i cl er i li -i'i ln, ri'.-iih
\ Mlller. oflieer , f ihe d,i*. John ll<.tlnian "tt. ? i
,,f ii,,. piard. tntone Chrl ln ml deh-gute lo me
nmrinl rommitie ?. fia.il ' i,?Klr i h.
Mi.hnel W. w..ll Pn i. N<>. '?_'.: r'umiiander. Ilnrn
~ lu-lm 'itl - enlor i' ? ' ? nimtmder, .i"!> .1 !
,?.;,,,: ?.,,?, i.mmanrter. Ihoiim- w hlttle eh ipluln.
,,, .,???,. Dr.-w: .|ii,i t -nn.. ' ???. **.niii?*l k,- i? . >,ti., ??>
,f ii,,- da.i. Davlrt Mel i Icen offli -i of ih gi ird, J. L
? in.. i d, lepite i" Slate e.npi ent, J hl: Fnli-y.
.1,,,. || ?,|v. , i',,,-|,- Presl'le lt. Mr-. I eph' P. I *- lieh
.,.,,1 ,, vli ? pre dent. Mr?. uali M. I..,~?e: jiinlm tli ?
,,,,. |(|,.ni ' Saiah i ,'?? "? o uier, Mr*, Mnry A.
l,i,,.r; , i, pnlii, Ml Jo ephlne ft:i*sell : eond I I
11,.||| |, i ?;, \\ _ Mi ? . tiH i'i llulm* .
di |i.'gal '*, Mr , Wai on and Mr*. M, J. "tlm*.
\ aumber "f fierman \.:,,; nnd Navt veterai
,,,,., rmterda] aftenioon and orgnnnted Ibe l?-nenil
\.iu (steuU'ii loinmaiid, No. ?.. v\it;i flftj \ n m-n,
11, folbiwing nffl, er* were eh*. led : l*aul
-.xxlt/.-l. eaii.:: lllder !? ?" k. I.nn,, i,,|,i . Ilelin
?lohn ,1 , i ? i-. ,jii . i, rm iister .
I aiehwniu, a-i-:i|.i.-iii .1 *>liiim?n*, ofl't-.-r of ihe
,|;,y ; ... I.ie 1,1-. offleel ol Ih, .: .i,| . ' \ ngi !
\ I I'li II I'.- M t I l( IU I IIK K IU M III II |\ Tlli:
ru \ni:.
., :
. ?Mll, '- I- .1-. -. II ,1
Mm ra.,- Manlel .:.--? I.... .. - i ,.\ . i,?n- all ol thi
..I \. X
101. IOU aiui ION M est llili Mieel,
"*af**f *a*? t** -a*'**/>*' W W *****
Mrs. Lyman Abbott
Wife of the pastor of Plymouth Church, in
Brooklyn, and one of the most experienced and
earnest women identified with Ameriean church
work, shows the wisest manner of
Conducting a Ladies'
Aid Society
in a special article, full of suggestions for members
of Ladies' Aid Societies, in the Christmas Ladies'
Home Journal. Ten Cents on all news-stands
entlnel; .1. i|.,lit, nutslde aentlnel; Jaeob BehnoWcr,
IV. Szallal und A. Ivnler, truatoes. The nexl >n ??
Ini; wiu b* I,. 'd :ii , p. ni., .i.'iuiiirr .-. and rrgiilar
? ? ngi wlll i.f fi. i.i ihereaftor on Ihe ?<-cond and
fourth Snndnv riftei.- lu eaeh month.
Ueanrnde Phlllp s. rtiaae. l*a*i D.-pirlm.-ni Com
mnnner of Rhode ls ind, haa beea Bpindnted ti
?1 ri* r tlu- I'.-ti-l"!, 1 .I,,,-. ol all 1. t.-i,nt- :ii-<if ntHii
lu thal s|..,|,.. ;m nr.-H 11 those ol wldowi ind orplian*.
? t 'l-.'l soMler*. free of i-.|..-n-i- tn iii-m. lli Oenenil
? nter . Vo. 12, 11. partmei t Cotnmnndrr D*vld ?-.
Ray Informa veteran* thal t'omrad* niume ?ni l*ave
nothing nndone tn s.ini-f them thelr right* uu.'.er th^
I'nited Btate* Penslon Iaa**,
.'..ni'iiiiiil-r iu ' hU'f A <;. We ss.-pt i- |n \l-it the
Ne? !.' ft] 1 n?i ii-p rl '?;!-. besintilng about Pebruary
l, 1-i'ii. Ilis rec.-ptlon by thu Rhml* Ialand pmt>.
twenty s.'v.'ii iu num'ier, aith a memberanlp "t _.00O,
wlll 'alu- p'-iee nu I'.- Iii-nar.v 11 ati'l 13.
VaUonal Inapeetor l.eneral Ueorge L. Ooortale, of
Mis..i,-ini-"tts. wlll nrcompan* t'i" deptrtmenl rom
mander and nla atn.1T "ii an pfti.-ial vlttl t.. Bloeiini
r.i-t, Ro. I", of ProvMenee, R. I.. on IVedneslay.
-in. wir.r. nr. REP.vIRED at iii.i: pier- vo in
.iiitv PORR IO BER M\rill\M'.V
A larce force of 111<*? n iva* bu.*ry yeflterday repairmtr
tii" daaiag* rattained hv the ateaaiablp \m Rratagna,
v. iii. li on Snturday ran Into the pier at PVnnklhi-at.,
Nurtii Rlver. Earlj ln tli" day Mr. Pejrget, ageal
"f tlio fteaeh llne ln ttn*- elty, arrompanled by (teptaln
Lebocuf, of tha Bourgogne, and Captaln Colller, ol La
Bretafae, nia<i" a tlioroagh b-tpecitan "i . r.<- -inp.
lt flra* fOaad that rle**"! platv*. ei>rli*''eu rili-, an.l
-i\ i"-aiiis had heen i-roiipn and they were ol opilU?41
that it 44'ouid lake al aaaal t*vo aeek* t,> repalr Um
dfltnage. Tne onglne* were fonnd to i*- bi exrellonl
order, atid Captaln CoWer said thal they were work.
Ing perfe'-rl? al th- time ,,f iiie aaeaflent, and tlie ve?^ej
bad auaaeied weB to Ber Beaa Tha aooaa-nl wa* tn
no aay to i*? attrlbnted to any defaet ln thi- maehlnery
nf t'.e r"-s"i. Sbe ..iii be r?'iiH,i-.-a Mt her pler. Boat*
nf tiie aaloon paeaengeri are -'ill on bourd. a- 4t-.ii
a- iii" 408 flteerage pai enger* Ti.--e latter meaa to
i" having a happy time <t it I"-i*t, .-u the good raeala
provtded for tbem and Ihelr aMllty re gaaBhare when
. v.'i' th?j 4i i-ii.
Tli.- paHBene*era \\\n tn- traaaferred to La Bourgogne
,n .i.s i".s-li.l". nnd It \- huped r>v tlu- agonl iriat
Umi vi?i rlll ;iii ror Havre imi IVedneKda* evenlng,
nut us nu a-ord li..- y.*i beea 11?-?i-<rt fnun fTi.- aiitborltlo.
in ii.iii" he inuiii nol I..- pmltlv..iiit poini ye?tcr
day, bul aaM ne **o Id knoa lo-day,
] I 4 1 j-citl' ,SE
Ther* -? era t. .-. good praap***! <.f a blll raawlng
Congn*** provldlm for th* re****try of rnrlitlng and
sbippina n.i.- . .,? i th* |n>poatnB of a penaltj "f Im
rnerit npon peraona lylng futga to whleh Ihey
are nol entlfled Karfa raeht haa lt* ptiiate atanal;
? a, b ya. lil rluli h ? II burgee, bimI eneh merrhanl
4.- 'l Iia- lt- Iinn- flag ii II belonga to a regulnr
llne. By cu ton Immei.laJ these .ymbola are the
i-\. Iii-m- propert) ? i ihe ? ?-- l flylng ihem, or in Ibe
ra ? ol b laiiu- private aignal ut ihe yaeht'* owner.
Plagi i.' \. imi.>ti ol iti.- .iit.-in having taken plaee,
and people having Soirn on board ahlp Hav- to
wiiii'i iini wer* nni entltled, thereby, In bobm caaea
liiliifflli^ dl*-rai" Upon tlu--'- llgtial*, ll," 4:ii'lll , lul's
and th<- -'"am-'ip t-ompanlei aave thoughl lt Ume i"
irv t.i gel ti"ir Iai nret. >ted bj law, Claraflee U
liurger i.a- beea engaged n atl imej t'> pn*h the UI!,
umi has jns, returned fnun Wa*blngton where bc bai
i-.-kii iu ,.iiifi'i.'ii" aith tli" rhairin.iu ,,f tlie Com?
mittee oa L'ommerce and Ravlgatlan "f thp Houae,
arbo ha- pinaaVud '" u-" lu miaence t_ have tii"
i'lll prepared and .-? jxirt.-.i faverably. The i,lll is
.it.i.i.i I'. ih,- Ve* *i"-u, Larebmont, Amerlean, 1'l.lla
iii-ipi ia. Corfnthlan, ttlantlc and Raatern Yaehl I'luii-.
nnd by Vernon H. Beawn A Vo., agenta ui tbe Cunard
|.loe; li.iiiituii. BII'-k- .1 DaHon. .,f Ihi Red i? Ll
i ., ii ,,. i.iiiiii.d .'. ? ' . "i th. i i Ited Mat.-. and bm-il
rompany, rsnow 8 llurge .um other ablpping Urin.*,
An Inatanee of nwatal breahdoim r.riuii.-iit on by
griet and overwort - furnlahed ln Uie eaae "f Jo*eph
-, , . thirtj '."t old, 4ii"> in Mitiii'ia.v nlghl waa
removed to r li? - Inaanil) ward al Bellevue llonpltal.
siL-el, who waa orlglnallj a rbl* lu Ihe ufBce ol
ii.niif! DonglK-riy, began tt.id) <?' law aboul
. o montlta .i to. Itv li ud worh and lead*.
appiiiiti'iu :." pi'..'!' -fl ao r-pldly taal be \..-,s able
tn enter ti,.r,i"i' "lii-s i,r a law aebool i.f thi- elty,
Mr. Dougberty'a death, however, alteeled liim deeply.
--Iiii-.- tinn Jn- ii is been aitii'.-t i-.matantly de pondent.
ii, pn,. ,,i 1,1 eondltlon he wenl on wlth lil - *tiidles,
,fi,n siitiin: ai ii- 'i'-i' uiiHI far Iti'" tb* mornlng.
un -utiiniav li" i". ni." dellrlou*., and al laal 11 waa
I,,-, *??? i-v i" pal blm under r.'-tralnt. rwo phyxl
1-1*811*. :i'Hi"'l iu- i.-i'1 '" lleHeme HoMpllal. li.
?ll prubatilllij i" wlll be removed tu IVard'a Isuind.
7.'.' 1X8 i! i. i J i''/' M; ii BLLEBB.
Among Ibe i.M.'.r- wbo arrlved here reaterday
an board tii" iti-m-blp i.. Ilourgogne from Uavre
?I,, \i-..iiiut de I'tiabanne*, ,i"--l -. Crosby, .Mi
\i. II. H. J>..'i>.'". li''l-i I'.ii.nt Mr-. .;i*s?,,i,| Gray,
i,,-. I.-I-U-, 44. S i- Mr. and Mn. CUnton llos-i-n.,
Mr. and Mra. Rlgotll, N'i-. Condll r-aiith, Mr and Mr*.
tV. -i'i. Mn*. .i. ii. i pi. nu and Mla* r. P, i p
Tbe .*. n!i fJern i'i II '4 1 leam*, . p K.iis- i- Wll
11 arrivid ? ? | ?? i Uenoa. Among
...r U.I--.-.I-- t- M. ' ' - P. Ayi Mi M Kl n
d. Mi ifi.'4. I. IV, llowai i. R i
im,i Mi . t'liarlo* ll. llall, Mr. nnd Mi -. St*< lilln von
Knzbeir. tVllllnm Duill.'i llall. tl" Uev. Iliigti -ulli
\nn. lu. i "ii" llowki it 'i ihi ii' -. i - ? .'iii'.i.
' 11*1 I/.V /.'/.if tl.i) l- stu.i. i < ' i -i
Tae raa* <>f Captala Bdward r. Meeaer, ol Ibe
4i ni ? i irp . v !, ? ? i .un mnrtlal un tbe BaB**lilp
bai ..!,... , ; nn ni i liruualii
.Sai v, i i . ihe Nnvy I*. prM ' m ?< t ir
d mi thi ilp ii : ? N-ii\ i Vard \ ? ?terdai
lhal ti"- delay ln .,? ll ig npon l part of l
? - i .: . 11 'i - altelMloil
io hl* nn ii! report, ai.'I Ib-i i ?? ?- ild n?ia lake up
?!, i ii-. Manj a . rai'.ng upt*
eaae bave I,.-. u lan-full) i-.ni-i.i-i.si bv flh* iatfga a-i
? i i,i .-.-. i.-i.iii r/rarj Amoua ik*
- to be ii--.fi-.! ar. Wa* Reai Admlral w.,n?. r
'-<i by Ua "i rrgulatlon t permii a roaimH
? ofla. er ln be puUNelj r. ' P*aa ite
. : | ..f thl ".-piiiiiai .1 lli :' "f th* - r.'.i
,,., ibi 'laiiit. r <!. k "' ii" l-bleago, and arhlet, re
|a ?-! Mi*"i, Captaln Meeher'fl eharaelcr, ,i puaialuaaai
ui lueif j v.'*s ua* Btuitabmeni u lawfal aai l _>m __u
Vdmlral Walker bave Uie anthortti in oriaf a rnnrt
inirtl.il of Chptaln Meeker after liavtng bon o-nee
punLahed for tl,,- offence 1 The eaae Ib of Impnnsint
latereel t.. the whole aervlee, and it ls h mjtntkm
trhether the Beeretary of tt"- Havy ean art anldh* the
actlon ,,f .\,iniir.-,i Walker, beyond .-'.??r.-l-.liiK the risrht
to r.-niit Uu* aentenee ,.f the eourt-martlal, arhether
the entlre proceedlap were lawful or not.
Mate Lawrence B. Oallaghee, who aaa eharged with
t*^ln_ under the Influenee of llnnor wJill.- on duty <n\
the in.niioi- N.-.ntuihat nt tlie ehotera qnaiantlni- ai
s-i,,i\ tlnok, waa amtenrrd by eourt-martlal to two
yeara' au penalon froni duty on reduced pay. Breia
larv Trticy, ,n ''' -li-I.l' rall..ii of bhe pp-vloua eoM ili.ir
a.t.-t- of Oallaghee, ns i.-stith-d to by hK lupertor
? iti. r*_ haa eommtried ihe aentenca to one yeu*o
,n ^iH-iis|,,n.
The Alpha Delta Phl Club held Its thlrd annual
r.iiiii..ii of ntemhers nf tlie fmtcrnlty :m<l op.-ned lt -
artlata' loan exhlbitlon of palnnnen at tln* '-liibhouse,
No. tfld M.idl-f.n-ave.. on SnMirlay evenlnp. *.-vernl
huwired membera <>f the fraternlty an,i ? number ,?f
a.tls's w,re pre-e-nt and refre?tim-nt* wsre aerved. Tfe
painttngN were ptaeed on Uie amUa of tlie llbrary
and parhM* floora. The pnlniinns \xa-ro_
? Tl.e s.a." F. K. M. Kehii ; ? M.-llow D:iy-." I.
Pranel* Murphy; "Good Hy.*." Beymore Joaepb Gay;
"fleenei fiom -Mr. Barne* if Bew-Yarfc,1 ' ?J.-.rR.- ll
story; "Gotnaj foi a Drlve," Chartea ?". Oarma;
'Jo-eph. Chlef of the Ner _?*__*_?__fl <>ltn L. Wnrner;
?Mt. Hr DonaM on Oanadlaa Padle BaBwag," faaaaal
coinuin: "PlouagMng la Bonaandy,** .1 H. Dolph;
-Dari.thv," WHIIhiii II. I.ipplneott; "Late Aut.imn."
U. D<- Forert Befmer; " Drtfl Wood." Seymore Joaeffe
<;,,v: - Viihge <..,s-ipine Plaee," Walter gaUaalie;
-K.Miii_.rti, OasUe," a. ii. MeCord,; -At, the
North Haad, Orand M-aan," a. t. nrirnier:
"Tl.e Qn.-"|,in." Wllllam Verplanh nirn-y; "l-aetaaa,"
L. E. wiimarth: ?? Biagara FaUa," Alberl ni.-r-t.iflt:
"Carmeta," Ueorge ll<Mirv Mull; "St. Ro<-,o Grlm.te,
Lake Como," U. geyatoar Blnodpond: '? Th,- QnilUng
I'artv." Bdgar U. Wari; " Low FMe on tbe Overpeek,"
C. Harry Baton; --fiipre;.,'' .,.*?r_e Heary Hai;
"Bovember Dawn," J. B. Brtvoort; " N?*.r Algtera,'*
Loula <'. TifTiiny; ?? \ Bouthern iagoon." T. Addleon
Rlrharda; " Voang Beagtea," J. Ii. Dolph; " Adlrondack
Tr .ut Brook," a. P. Banaer; "Eehoea
of ihe w.-iltz," Charlea 9. BeiBhart :
"Ftabtng Boata al Vealee," llenry a. Pnguaon;
?ci.i.ii >tu,i>.'' Otto Toaapern; "On the Baathampton
Beach," B l. Henry; "Beturn ?,f Ihe Flork," A. F.
Runner; "Caatle ol IIUBob," Cibrtetlan Heyer; ?? Tle;
Uttle Motiai-.-- winiam Verplanh n.irney: "9tony
Clove, iHt-ixiii-." M. Saymoar Bloodgfld: "Portratt,
i. w I.' Bdgar U. W'ard; ? HtoAy, Afternoon by ihe
-ea.'' M. d>- Foreet itoinier: "An Angnat Morning,"
Iharles C. Cuiran: "Vp the Hill." Y. K. M. Relm:
??-iin_-t." B. U. "slmirl.tT.
The followlng water rolora were ln lha collecdon:
"Mornlng Mi~t-.'' B. M. shui-ti.-if: "The Bew Scholar."
E. L. ll--nry; -The Landlng Plaee," C, Harry Baton;
"ti the s.lne," t'liarle. s. BeiBhart; ?? Irteal Head."
wllllam n. Upfrtncott; "Prepartag for the Bervka,"
L. <'? Barie.
ihe pietnre eatalogned "Farrralt, B. w. F.." ls a
portralt >,f Benjamtn \v. Pninkiin. lerond vfea presi
rt.-nt nf th.- club, and h?-< boen porcbaaed by aoane
of the ni,-mhirs and preaoated to the elub. Mr.
Pranklln baa h..-n ..ne (>f (fae ei.ih's most aeUva
?rorkera, Among thoae pr?-..nt were: F. K. M.
I.'.lin. WlllUiin H. Llppineort. ii. II. M.CokI. K<U.ii
M. \Vnni. Oharlea il. Keinimrt. B. L. Henry. L. <".
Barle. BBla ll. Baberta, w. HamUton o-lhson. Henry
>. Deanett, Horatlo N. TweaaUr, Praah L. Bobbatt,
...s.r.',- c. Bralnerd, Chartea B, ipragae, Baoderland
0. Bmlth, Althar C. .lam^, Henry L. -yrnifne,
Dr. Villllam n. Clark, Menjtinjin \V. FraokBn. '.roiire
j. Peet, l>r- Boberl T. Motri.. L-Chta ji. N'utUng
Bdwln B. rucker, wllllani E. Oonneil.
\ifi-.ai Bly, A<i<ii_?ii F. Aadrewa Jom.* m
Yeager, Willlatn N. r. a.-n. Anrtr_w P, Alronl. Collln
trmstrong, W. w. I.yon, WUUam B. MTUroi. Henry
ll. Porter, Jr.. II. ll. WlUiam-. .ieori;.. R. Alltn
Stephen II. Tytn:. Jr., E. T. Atwoo.1. K. >. Joy R. C. B,
Judge IVarn n Hlgley, ^.?^v,-ll t. Tvhk ind
( Iln ton I'llm-r.
Tlie loan exhlbitlon waa arranged by collln Arm
-in.n^, Arthur C. .lam-s. Charleii B, (Jnlmbv. Stephen
\\. Van -, haiek and f-vigar M. W'ard.
Tl. e elabbouse wiU he open to women thi*
.i'i. rnoon.
peeoaO crn**r?non or ?rao??n. tn__?jr agrei
xvlth tti.-lr fatber* in .?-.??*
I.y loan adda th.- h?ii In tho xv.rl.i. ?toid ?nd
-?ii. ? ,1 tf\ervH|i?"..
\v.- h;i\,> on band n iin<> mlMtion of tli,* e?.c.
brated Weber Upright Ranoa, in aU Uimla ot
wooda, auitable for Chriatroaa _*reaaata
W.irerootns, 108 I'ltth-iive.
Tlt I 11 IV I I. I. A *. I. O I 9T
llull.iei* ii.i.l Vlr.eliniil lnll.ir*. Ca
aii Uw iBteet iiiii and Wlav-i gaiaaga ia>ii. tmporteo
?nd Domeatl. Walklna jnd i>rt\ 'mr Coiu. ai?o ? oo-n
; ,. ., leinen'i I .r-..' ihlag Ooot- lepa n nt
im. iiii. in'. lti? iiKO.ltvvti v*e. *t unmomn
Ilil.' -I.lll l,,aV,-,. ,111,1 I all'l,l*!l,-r?.
Hm f-*|"*( a* > lle.llhf?llin,, n-fr-*hliif;
I I E |?. W j A I.rniK fur iaa I'rople.
A B '''nl j_u-kt_<" mn*.. * grl
lon* or ? rtellelaiw T?m
l^iai.. , ItevcikC*.
Bravest Deed
I Ever Saw"
Is what Gen. Gibbon, Gen*
Merritt, Capt. Chas. Klnu,
and the daring: War Corre
spondent, Archibald Forbes,
? who all have *.?een where
brave men were,? wiU do
scribe, next year, in
A Weekly, Illuitrated, F.mily Paper. ??*
Three Milliona of Readen.
CRFF t0 ISew SubKr??,e^?
l* for 1893 from tho dajr
their subscription ($1.75) *
recelved until January i.
Boston, Mass.
- Jt&C*-*-******-'^ V*, "?"
FO R %?**??? "^ itsam. )*OB
THC ^fjy.vM^-mJy THC
Table. W$f Healtt
The Favorite ]$% Imprcvcs
wherever {!? }he appetitii
known. wOfm
Verv grateful \M ***&*M
and as tfW DaV******
r-ttervevTent as jf.Jfl l"J"C? Sleep.
BaVmaX A ^V*'1"1* ^r
Thr ideal ?*JkL Headache,
drink /5 ?**?* Indigeation,
for those who _HB^^fflk. Nervousncsa,
can choose. _H tT^ l.-i-omnia.
Sold in bottles only.
For urty iBforinutlon. addre**
Saratoga Kissingan Spring Ot}.,
Saratoe-a Sprlnga. N. Y.
rr>T4lll.l?IIKI> i**oi.
iaaeeaaata 10 0. P I BIRRICRBJ
29, 31. 33 PARK PLACE, cor. Church St
-. \tii Av,'. Blanaei R ll r-tntion.
ll.s|,-. ifni'.v soli.it au iii.p.-. 11..11 at tli.ir ,in'.*ii?Uy larga
di.pl,n "f
TO.l-.'IMII.I.-. <..I*IK-*.
IKTI-TU I'OTTKItl. ... __
I'OKiKl.iiN iNni.i.iaauiBl,
MKIHIMI II. JjntKK^.^ mM ^Afo|Jli|j
.'emiliir M. I.f, niiilii *MU-eiil laiiiip*.
MiVI'.I.I !?' B ..I' EVERY Ul.*" KIPTIOM from ail tae
4rt ' '.-nt 1 -s , 1 I 'ir-p- -'. 'mt,:** foi
The I_'I'-l Am. rta.-iil el ? u-"t I'l >t:..i..fl? aud D18H>*
iev say la im- lo'iutrv.
59 NAKSA1 Bfl A.Nii 88 M -H'l B I..4NK. NKW-YORR.
?*t**-*8"-B||*r*f**-i 111roKTr.il i>n i>o**.b*tic>
l.arae.. ""'I n.n.i i.a*.I.I*
,oi-k ul It.llr*. Hevol ??*?"
Aminuiiliioii. elC.
UAttTl_~ . 4k OHAlll 11, Sl. Br*adwa|?

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