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-i BOTALIST th; mk km*, a PBO
V.'M'-X M. BOV! iiV'HRNT.
nit e \l i i to Till : RlSl'SB.)
mmmtipAt lt ?'?? '' '? '' mbaas Jutetettem.
Piyis, .Inn li* - lli'M- I- ii i-Iu'it cml'Urraesttienl
._ tt,f rains <i Hie BBti-CVraol forces U iii His
isl**' -snri-? <'ii whieh fli'-v r.-!i'-il io discredit tl."
tw(i.*>nt **~*r* '"?''? ""' mt**to? denied, bal dis?
proved tf (l."'-.t!i'-iits, BB il these -li" unicnte iii.
.onirnipiir;iiv "?"??"'' '1|0 iin'i'l -nts lo whieh limy j
trite* ll i* proved lli't M. innot loll] Iii" onni
rlttie?ii Ibe I'.ei'ini loan in Mil Hi it he
.hnilll Tinf .I'V'il'' til** bill, il Tl 1 WSS DppuStH] to
t glWUBBBl fi'l.ilillit'-''. Ill-* Signature tn M.
Ksiiiaufs lull i.ioint eii.iply that, ii- Mn.i.-t.-i al
rsr__re, hf hg 1 BO flnilBCial objection to aller.
a|f \Vi:-.iii-I'r"v I.s charge thal ('Hrrmt illegally
?rgaii! IW** ,] ir:-'s ,v tu t with gran greater
?gfgBo M. I mot's refusal to remit nr .???
i?m] tin- t:i\ i.r St Whieh M, W'll-nli i l.lIlUi!*--I
nt (hr i"it:i'-'! ?">' CSBse of lu- io.-uii;'th>u. M.
ft'ilwin at lhal *>''??* '? ?'"' I B-Be-BS.* enough with
m o.jij io ?' : ! "' ?'- Mil isti-r who resisted Ins !
Afainds. He gel "' of M. Carnal, and th* lax !
?? tsfaaded Ij M. Carnot's successor. lt waa
Wit-K'B lui.'-'il "-'I'" st ii tod *li?- facts in ? leit"i
trri'ten sn'' paMi-*1ied la ISS..
T*nis co*! faith nf th" ?? Lanterns" mav hg
I'i'lifH hjr i- * ??' i"'t la thia matter, lt omit* to I
suMi-li ll ls '? ! ' ?t*0H or "" ""T""' " : H"** '** f'on* i
tin..io? ls harp "ti Kio slgaatare of M. ("arno! to j
t,ir haitian! bill, though the truth on that point j
was told hy lh? "Figaro" it-t-!f. The Royalist |
partner in this busiisjgs has a sense af d-r?*ney
,Dd of fair play which tho Radical part nor hxs
tr! to display.
S"i-h HBbiiiiBssmfBl bs tl.e exposure of these
two calumnies has roused tlioir suthors can only j
be temporary. Their powers ol iBventlon ar.- not (
vet o\hauste<i: the gift of subtle suggeation which !
M MaCTinr.l poasesses is uni exhausted either; lie (
rcntiB'iea to sammarize the opis-ona of the maa j
in the str.*?*t. I imagine the nun in the street is ;
?! tiroes s'uprised at beiBf told what his n-tinions '?
?re: bul he does bo! prolest. Mo canno! proles!; j
if he did. lie wmil.) in- told it BM BOl lu- opinion |
which nu. uuflmari-C 1. bul ths! ol .-om- ot!a-r ?
nan In anni" ether ot rent.
'llien* l- nn liii.it t.i the elasticity of a public
opinion fsnaed la 'lu* wv; tlio lato-t expsesaion
of it is not Quite B?*w t **r characteristic. " We
ill a-jree ihat M. Carnot is h'nieel and tint he
knew salhlBB "f ',"' lalquities gwiBg OB about
lum: IB! hi* fan lt rou-'-*- In his dignified Bi_ei.ee.
It may N- auiaaary in tl" preses! state al the
public mind ti fend ont semi official denials "i
ridiculous libels, although thej gre besi disposed
(,f hy iii:lo),-:i..-l ! 1i-t;iac'\ *! hut whs! would in?
laid of a Pre-i-ant who should meet Bueh attacks
hf un oflieial in-- vet lt would *;ivo to theae
attacks an tapsitaaee ihey h.iv.- aol yet acquired.
That proves that Ix* in not dear-righted ;?n<l not
fijunl to lu- D .-i'ion
The Pro-i'lon' aught, _sys Magnard, to rio some
Wag to reassure public opinion, to r<**.*iin publlo
rontiflenc*. -Why not publish a laeesitg*? The
effect ini-zht h? considerate " Ii might; ati'l
the tirst eff.-ct wi.tild be to sivo his <-n?-ni.< - ii
fresh exc;:s?' for an atlack oo Carnot's Strength.
The very m-w?-*-rt Ku.valjst BBhcfDe l- put forward
in ttu'uy'fi " Soli-il"; it., author its BOM Other tli.ni
AI. Edouard Herr*! himself, who hus lonsr brid n
i?-ii hr the Comte de Palin, if If. Carnot msi'-'tis.
Hms ought to Im-, *ays m. ii.-rvn, it provisional
troveninient of hoaeal !<>lk who arould Hnlsh off
the Panama bu_dasm and then bold a fri** election,
afV-r whloh eith.-r a now Pr.-s <l-nt cuiir'it b ? ehosan
or tho Kinn ooino hf his own. "A In-" eleeti rn''
bean* dimply an electloB in whieh Franc would
he fn*> to voto as sim was tald hf h"r provMooal
fovfrniin-nt; an oleotjnn in Kruno- i? oho;! as
Le.* gs an oio<"ti'in in New V rk onderTammanf
M. Herod starts with the hypothesis of M.
Carnot's rcaigaation. Many other pe..plo have
bis-n BUggeating, or diaeusaing, or .li-mamlitiif, his
Mlgnatioa, r>ut no haman being haa yt given
s reason why he shriuM resicn. The walls ol
ihe Elgate btu nol ns tho walls of Jericho to
that gggHog ol Hie Knyalist party whieh is
running <ieneral Saunder, tnuch ii^ainst his own
wishes, for tho Presidency. A dictatorship makes
rn headway. Some of their writers denied that
Krviaaier had visited tho Prealdeal aa his m
Sppointment as .Military (.ovornnr ol Paris. Tho
"Figaro" itself, whieh often publishes nows a*
news, ii now authority for tho statement that,
l.e did make this visit, and that ho mad'* it in
order to protest a_;;iii.>^t thf attempt lo forte
a Presidential randidatnte upon him and to as
?s-iire M. CBrnol of his personal devotion. That
B a blow for tho Royalist iiitri^nors and dream?
ers, if Dey finiid rapture SatiM-ST they might
have a efiaase; with Saiissier and his 40,.inn
troops, loyal to the Republic, the prn?prrf- ol
lioyalinta, or other revolutlonisia, are eoaalder
?ibly le* bright. ti. W. S.
a M'.miii*'-. (ir nu*. COMMISSIOB
Purl*. Jsn. 17.?D'-iuiiy I'mil de Caaaagnac appeared
Mara Hie BBitlao-eatarf Ooaimlaston ol Inuulrjr to
*?>' sod b-liaved sn irueiil-inly Unit v. viral Hm.- lt
H-quind the eomMaed peraaashreaess ol Chairman
Iirl-vm md his eollasgaes la eslm him nnd liidiic
tim to pneoed eobereatly with his testimony. M.
ee K:iM.,i_ti,,e ebarged M. Dapay Datamps, n member
?I til* eaaimlsBloB, wit ti i.n inc clrealaied repotta '<?
lbs etr.et u.,1 :, bad accepted bribes Iron th'- Pan
?ma ?*.,', p,,,,N. -,,?.|, ,,.,??ts were aiHiasllSed foloe
nsda, m. de Cassagnsc said, aad he chaHeaged anj
**t^v t" >lmw :'ii l-.i.i nf evhlellio llmt tlnT w io true.
M. L>upii\ Hm. ii,j,- Interrupted M .lr rn--..?.'nar io
*l tba! be bod never believed td. do Cassagnac gell ty
W li" 'idling I'liiuiii.t m.nov, und Iiiul never iirrnl.it.fi
""J* r.-j^.n arbatever eoneerolng him and the Psaaaui
barlil pen),|e.
M. d? Caasagaac li-t.-nod to Ibeae assavsratlans
"*lii. s seoiiifui expresoioa el lacredaBty. As soon
l* B Dapay Datamps rrauated bis -'?;>! M. de Cao
?bpsa ? dd:
"M. Daauy-Dutempa aaa ifsiad r"i>orts thal i re
*__*** a I'aiiiiin.i i !ie<?:., |i.,\:,|,le only lo lo-nivr. I
"??'' proofs ni ibis, I d'-nv Ibeese reports. They
*re hiss aad _-alttleua, and i shall d'-niiiiiii pemaaal
-BBsfoetlon from th.- maa win. i- responsible f-n- Ibem."
J ^'simian Brlasoa st ipped M d.- Oaaasgesa to H?ure
*"m ihat lhere wa- some Mbmnderslandlag, as no
?jJiarm- iud ison prrferrad agabist him bf M. Dnpay
"iiltiui?N or ;l|,v ?t:,er moiiiht-r of tho CommlSallSI.
*1a tii?t Ua mt.ui-;i> tm- not Hilder aaaalilull
Jl- Dapay-Dalampa mi iii ts aird M. Brtaaoa*a state
?mi and several aib.-r Deputies made datllar eBOrta
!o ralm M. de Qsaaagn.-w*a wrath
M. de fUaaasaaa len the Oo-aaalsoloa, howi-ver. still
PSI>aBlBl| Ms ...mi. non thut h.- Im<| lue,, Hlan-1e:o.l.
Md inls .teni,,.' i,. wwi iiis second lo M. Dopai
^'1 -'Plfls. '
b.iu" v"" "'.?"? '"--H"- i''ii- tarisiiaaadml of "The
LuL,Us ,!1>N ,inl M Hnpi'v I)iit-in|i>. despite
Saki-i,',K,1*"",IS I" I'"- Commission yeaterday, did
le>tt_-. iir,r*!ir :,e"l'i-i M. de Cassagnac raeently lu a
(?.. ,,".' Toulouse dally with trh'ch he eorrespwid
lir H.- ,";' :l',"*ail..ii, ans lli.it Hi- per-oii Hid|e,ii.-d
Port... ,.! i " ' '* ' '*?" "?"??buted H. N Ilmv- re
VeViel. ? . :""""''' '""'iiiiis. w.s Kaili d-- i aaeagnai
franev' f,,'. ,'i ,"' ' " *"--"' admitted nvetrlns 00.000
rniiti.uAi, 1.?'???""?' ailvi-rilalng lu hs iiewiiuiprr. bal
et Vi **1t ''"I1 tu* ??? lhe amounl du- H. him b.
eaptJSb , "?????vertMBa mles ,,.,.i the space ...?*
?rifd -**-?" trUammta notleea. Ti,- sun..- rulea. ft
?t n'tiv , h*y* '.' l"-'*'"t*d to tbe Boa Marchs
o*___**t '"?'?r-itiiii-* panrern.
N,.?*'-7''""' -wm '"ft tbe Conimlaa|oa.*aaya"Th'
Ismser ?2"|,",,*,V"r* '*M Dupuy lmtempa i.-i bbl
ll- <V.,t. ' '"''',,"- .'" *"?_? Mn .-.sii.e.isiiiiiiiy for
stand f.r V ,1x;,,n,n"d Well. If -I', c." doea lint
"'It 1* i/l' ,';'"'*' ?-'":'<?. abai dn.s lt st.md for?*
Uo?' *.,-, w "P ,,"v|,"'s'- lo supply you .lilli Infonna
< hart.'" i ? '' ''^"??Piiii's retort."
*<? th?NoJd ?^.K<'i:.'" "r - '*" ITi-nee' and Deputy
bvdaii- cii?iu.'n? P.. * <".!<rs ci-rrespoi-.deiit heata, yes
^ CHaUeng.-o Camille Dreylus to a dtti-l.
or burt foe, and Bir Benalors Benault i'i"l l'?*\ ?? ? j
and Deputy Antonin Pr. ? t. H1I11401 alli
hot. inierest to-dsy centred in ibe ????i'? ?-!* n <f
Charles d>- Lesseps lu M. Frunnuetiiie. ii' .-.r ? nu ?
i ral biston of tin- l*anaaia i-il' t* . Implhatl
more Deputies as ree. Her- nf ir-gulaf sutnldl s Ironi I lie
lan.il Company. Il i lUhgea tit hr gn'
ut dales nml amounts and Ilia! Ibo sum moi -? - fur ll ??
linn whom li" named hove iiltcady hui i-uii. m. di
Lesseps's examination ticing eiui.U, this cont'
ran noi affcei ni- position. Forinerlj be wai r.-ti
cent, bul p'-t l-itom heckling Bind* him n- m. i
loquacious of tin- accused directors, il
ibo Panania "flu ? rs with Uie Forest of Bondy, Into
which nil Hie bricands ,f I'.iils rrowdist rii sen
th-* -illirie of roii-tani t.-rro:. ii* ss 1.1, Tlflr itt!
tad'* waa: * Your atone) ia your llf* '
?The ra-'- agalasl Hen rests ii|,,in M. de I..i '?*
confession Hint, i.ii.l-r Ibo Inlhi iee 0f an evil
-ii-.T'-iii'ii, lo* gave in ii'- lo barun Heluuch i"i
ills TINK.
Parl-. ,!jn. 17.- Tho f.et tli.-.t M. Andrina . rtsfted
to-day for I.nn'ken ls looked ti],.,n u evtieace Ibal be
I- ii'ter mon- auiTniitiltin i, mid thst, bo tot bs rbsrgea
sgalnot ike fJoeeromenl ar- concerned, ii"* former
stueU hut been exhaasted, Audrie.... made i.e. *.I
of hts departure, ind seemed on ile- contrary In lie
rather ostentations aboui IL He I- -ll lo be <lt
appointed tii.it m. Rii.i.i I.,is ii"t honored him *-itii.-r
wlti. a due] m* un arrest, and i" be medllaUng mme
fresh promo:,timi thal ni.-*, tit.ic the Ministry Into
taking persona] ardon against him, Tlie iriilh I-*
tlr.it tbe Oovernmenl *n> ? aol consider M. Vndriemi
to h" in the teeni of any pint. Tin- Mini fry hs
bo doutt Hun li'- his leen made i-i- of hi those
lave ii-, per designs, bm thorough in\*. ligation bas
convinced lhe authorities lhal Hie enemies nt the
Ho;.ut,iii have not Invited M. Aadriena t?. thi Inner
mysteries, lie his therefore been permltt?-d, appal
eatly in Ms chagrin, to atari fir London withoul
ev.ii Uie poor distinction of p*.'!.*'* surveUkrnco.
Bx-Mlntoler <>f War dr Freyelael has i* *,iv..i to
keep i? the background for tin- present. His friends
-uv tlnit M. d'- lYeyrlitel behaves in oralUag tut thal
calmer public "pinloi. whlcl' will follow Bis esl i --
storm, and thal Ihen he will prsseal s rase Ibu!
?till amply vindicate him flora sny sin dow rr ii
pl'lnn nf Impi-oper liifliieine lu regard tn th*' Panailill.
esnterprlse. The "Kaulois** slstss H.it M. de Freyclue!
hes declined to I.- elected t" the Military Commie lon
of the Renata, He prefers nol to teem t , Interfere
lu BB] "-'ay wi'h tb* plana and purposes of the
Government m to aUBiarf ": olber smilers. This
nimmie nf M. d'* Freycinet ls sltractlag iho (amiable
tiltlei-m ol many wh.. have boen inrllii'-'l io regard
Mm with HVi-r-lnii lu Lhe i*.i-t.
it is p'-t experted ihat M. ii-rr. win return 1*i
Fianee. Of ?n persons connected wiih the Panama
soandsl br I- tte most hateil and despised. Ile '"in?
to he withoul a Mood, so fur as public capre lom
i_;lve Ititlleatii.n, Bhd ll wniil'l h..- dlflkult fur Un l
.uue m. entirely Impartial trial. Should Hen i
?nuiu away li.- orlll doubtless i?- condemned .ml i
sentence imposed lo bo InSlcted at any Hine whei
he should la.- brough I wlihlu Ipiuv'i Jurl-du il m.
ronni limos, ibe Austrian Ambassador to Franca
railed at Ibe Foreign Oflks to-day lo Inquire imo tin
use of M. Ssekeiy, tin- Austrian newspaper torre
spnndent whom the HoverameB! in- ordered expelled
from France aa the grnuad thut in Hie dlspatchea s-boul
tbs piituitnu Hiluir seal bf him tu his newspaper lu
libelled Baron Mahn n 'lm. Ibe lin-inn Ambsaaadnr
to Fruiu'e._
Paris. Jan. 17.-The fiivi-r-nniont will -non .'rilio
a blow, it ls reported on exceflenl autborltf Ibal
lhere |t now ample rvldi-liet- of a BoyaBat 6 n-pur-'V.
and lhal arrest! will be mude at BB early tint-. The
coaaptracf has b**en haiched In London and Madrid,
mid the COBBI *>f Paris, Instead of having |e?-on piped
ally ? V'*e m expeudltBrea "f 'ale fnr the Boysllsl
i-fliis--, ha* tieeu utiusiially lavl-h. He I- not lilm-olf
Bwaaglag Iha detalla, sud it I* not de stied thst he
should, Imt hl? leading representBtlves aro mar.- active
limn erer Royalist influence and fund' have bad
iiii.ih. to do arith thc r>rent artlvtlp la revalBtl_aar)
rirelea In Pan-, ard lt is inparted that arack ol lbs
applause foi K-:r. ml-t speakers at tin- Tiv.-u Vaaxball
whs famished br paid BoyaBsl ekeqaera The Koiuii-t
plan appears to lie to overfbr iw llie Bepabttc bf
.ome noai:*, no matter what, and to fuinent and pro
moi.- ill-rrder. In IBS hope Hutt tile French p"ople
will tura le the C nwt al Paris or the Duke of Orleans
j, r leseus or protection.
Ti"- avadqaaiisia ?f BoyaBslrBoelaBi*! lairtga* |u*t
now sib wild io bs the Mu Hon du l'eii|ile. and lt I- there
Nial Hie pollee Ibraagfc tBelr spies have ar.piir.~d ame*
raluaUe iBfumaBon as lo ihe d?_lgni al the BM-mies
of the Ri public. The Maison du Pctiple l* u BMSJeal
-tiuclnre un th'* hclglil- ot Montmartre. lt was ungi
nally lui.--nd.-d for the free discussion ol everything con?
cerning the working classes, but has degenerated lnt>
MAXDED-THE history ok Till. EX
Trr,i'i;i*r. BEVIEWED.
Pails, Jan, it., -ii!,, eourtroom was not thronged
when the nial of Charles d<- Lessepi und hi- :,,.
sociaies ?.*is resumed today. Tbe prisoners looked
firm and confident, wllh tbs exception nf I hs rles de
Lesseps, upon whom anxiety relative u, m* situation
and ihat of his aged father is evidently baring a
wearing effect.
Advocate-General Baa opened tor Hie prosecution.
Il- swiii that uniil Ibe lusi moil), nt h. had cherished
the hope thal tbe delendsnta, whose rrpntation had '
hitherto teen unsullied, and -nine ?( trkom had ron
tributed to Hr.- _it.iv ..r France, would furnish frank
explanations of the charges ssjBlnol them and establish j
tlnir inui.. enc... in ihK expectation he hid been dis
appointed. Ha lound him-if compelled to demand !
from ihe court :i judgment that would brand them with
Baud, lie also felt it his dutv io demand an adeqaate i
Malones upon Fardtaaad de Leaseps, whose formet j
glory sud honor had ls-.i. wrecked in thl- iragl. ad
venture, willoh had r.-diierd to poverty many thousand!
of thrifty workr.s.
The ABvocate-Ueaeral then reviewed ihe Mttory ol
the Paaaata Kanni enterprise. He dilated on the
frat-dalenl moan- resorted to In order lo Indnco people
to inve-t their money In Pbbsbm shana. Dal ol
.300,000.000 of frnncs Drat obtslaed, tine.- anita had
lorn IliegoBy di-po-d of. Fef-dBSBd de Lesseps, hud
Blaftf lounder's shares sssigaed to himself, and
CrenBeua had received a romaUosion aawunllag io
...ooo.noo ituiiis. K-idinrinii dr Lesseps, pereelvliif
a deelinitig dl-po-ii|un .rn ih-- part ai th.- pabllr rn In
vest in th., shares oi tb. enterprise, sppfled In )-??'?
lor power to 1-sur lottery bonds. In order to sustain
ibis appilestlea he mud" false slattmsals mid de
reived th,- pabBc hy ,-issertliip that th.- canal would be
completed la three yeni-s. The press uas Indaeed hy '
sysirmstlc purchase lo give it- sapport t(, tlio hitter)
scheme, nnd fi-andi-l -n*. contracts urie <n.i<i. with
Ki if ei and ni h.-i-. Baroa Rrlasch rei ? H.-d over T.ism,
Disi fran,-.. Everybody -mi- bribed trhc i iuM bc
reached by bribery, aad who had Influen e that ronM
affect il." scheme either fa rora bl j rn- anfavnrnbly.
The capital ol the compaaf wa*, sn laid < pen ta
pluuderon that 7<k).<sk)...)o frsnr. were- eta mdered,
i..-ides thr sum- expended in actually carrying oui
the legitimate objects of tbe company.
Tbs Adi "e ii-non,thI w.nt on t.. stste I hs! "f
,;o.i,;i<s?.<hhi trims n.-i us.s! lu operaBoBi on the
cabal univ 850,000,000 bad been sen-anted lor by
the pay inn.i t,f Interval on hnuds. ri,.- ipeakei ppi
reeded lo analyse snd nitlrl?* ibe lr i>.-.- -inn- i^mi
out under tbe headlag al "remaneratlon" lo the di
ivetors <>f ibe company, tha Amerti-an mmml tee and
other liij;h ofliiiai- nf Ihe company. v.iiii
..xi,"ts.,ii,kj intaca had bees paid io aautrartf-m.
M. Kau do. h.i.-i thal the payments made un rom
mission were oulrageousl] huh. rspertaBy iii".:. the
e.iiilr.ot given lo Ki.el, win.ill Hie AdVO. .it.'-(? el ? ll i
blamed so\ei-.iv tor acoeptlng 33.000,000 frnms, The
iranaactlaa b.twe.-n vi. Klffei rui.i the Bi|utdatnr ol
lbs l'aiuiniH eompaay, be said, wa? effeci?-d bj our
pris", 'ihe books ni ti" compsny u??:*.? kepi In an
Irregiilsr manner, and Hie account, ma Ipulan-d aft.-i
th.* emit iii-ion ..I t,,. contract, kl, lian i-oipli
that newspspers ol all shades, thin editor* *? ?
ai.tl managers, had r-'eiv.*.; money, a*:.; oil
disgraceful irunsa. ieer.s wt-n coni'i-aiid under Hi
heading nf Bdvertlsing expenses.
Tue Advocate i..-i:-r:t! h "i ii t tin'-li-'l bl n<: 'r?
vt .. n the COU.! utijeiiiri.e ?!.
I.* nd.m. Jan. la.- !..?? irirdl.-ilItT ol ri *'ut i.
twi-en M. K'..iri-ei:- nnd M. Bouvier Ui i ?? ? ' i i
bei -.i'la-..' says tl*..* Kuri- rmre?ponu.-n. ol i' ??
Dalli News," -ms-.lr .*? t'i rumor I ii Dep i
th s i; *iivi.*i*. ii i ?. Al i. Di - ?? :? ' * i ? .
* n ri i'lld - li:*l?ii ll'*: d -.* Ill h ? ? ':i*-**. I. '.
lor senator (irvvy, who b p rcrle ;?
|Ur .-dis! us Ken*,nit i,i,.1 Dei
a hotted of .revolution, :t i, lhere thai si] n.o in-ni
'" looary demnn-tcaiioni ari >prepared, it contain*
a hali capable of holding 1,000 persem, and li d-.o
rated with blood-red dag. bearing revointk i j
scrlptl-.ni; the platform i* oovered arith red draperies,
ii-.ii overhead are Bea kuala e.f the Bepublio, with Hie
Phrygian rap, also surrounded hr red Bags. M
:?:?* !*' h! II.'ie I Ki. r* innes a Wei h.
Tin ie I- im doubt ii al -e. i.u a- i lie Kir.-. -
i-i- are concerned, tn*- props inda ol loree i- igain
in tin- as.. -nd.m.. snd tli- exa. ilj nit* the ll
plottei* the mon dynamite, the more rioting ..n!
teri or! sm, and nie nure ihe yearning of Un .
lins.,... tv|,n Ik,*,- supported Ihe I.e..',, :,,,
pe. it- nnd order which thc Hoyallsia promise t. bri -
vlth (hem.
. H mw IY TBAIX TIKI-. Fl BE W'lllLI p,1 *- * 1 *
Vi" 1 I I.I. BPI t ii
Pt Petersburg. Jan. it.-a fr.Tal raliway .,, ? i-i- d
occurred lo-dnj oa Ihe line between -ia.-u-li and
Samara, \ liam rompooed of leveral can lilied arl tl
.??'rui's im i mi iiiu c fnun glatOIMk (o -.linn . When
Bsm bur t from lhe foremost car. P1 lr li
ninnlng ,,t mil speed, iud in a few moments all the
car. wers blazing. The engineer dM nt stop the
'r i'i until lt hud run a cm-ldor.-itiie dlslsnre, I'
"?' I ii freimti that forty-nine ot the recruit were
dead, and tw.nty 1-rrll.lv lmi-iiod ..r otherwise Injnred, !
A alric! Investigation trill be held t> determine H.- i
ruliso of ||,o li,*,*. lt 1- e'l.ii**.-. il th-.| ll-" ? li'.-iti*** ? '
maa ?-iiili\- of negligence In nnj stopping tin trail
soon a. lie -.,? ihe Ure. Had I ?? dm ?? ? . ihe I
life vmild have been small.
I ."-tMKii'l PBEBEXT Titi!.". BEMAXDB TO
Hrii-s. K. Jan. 17.-Ih- mis,-rv ,,f c,,. anempto. i
Pelgtan vorklngn. hid a forcible lllnstrntlnn Hi Ihls
? Uv t,.<lav. Two hundred and Bfty men, wbo lind
lt Impossible to prorure fbnd for tin ?!,-? h*.- and
families, arrived here fnun lihou, this morning, having
walli,si iho eiuire distance, thlrtr-oae miles. Tbey
wen- greeted in* hiiiui'-et- ni the idle workingmen
"f Brass I. ami paraded Ibe atre ts, rbauUug r. n ..!>i
Houary songs, \,. attempt was made l.v ibe an
Ihorltlei tn top the parade.
Un.ilk ilr- er,.w,i reached the Ministry ol Public
\v il,., .ni i ii rommlll. .* d. man I. ?! an ;*i**:a|. ?
the Minister. They toM lb. MU I H-r tl a! Iher ? id
ihelr wives and rblMrvn were ab-olutetj itanini
ihrongh no (anil of their own. T iey were willing
mid unit.in*- tn work, bu! no ? mp! ir men I could be
f Rind. In "!? ir di :r.- i they appenle i io ih
?,'iv,*n.tii"'it tn do -,.in. thli lo aid th I
Minister of l-Uhll. \s..ri.- pr.' i-d t.. expedite i ??
exlensl.r m irk In lu- departim-nl and thus fun.Mi
mi ni lo a li- ?<- numb r of men. 'i he er md
remained outside, singing and rrylnt -tJlvi bs work."
"<?Ive I,- Bread !'
Wli.-n Hie I-. in mil I,..- returned the )? ii ld. 09
t . Ibe i ha rab ??! In !? |||i< , .1 prl enled '
-??;.* ,ii.*, ii petlll ki .. ttl ?? (orlh Ihe evils -
by ' he a eel Klni.-'iuii <,f tin* .
? iK te famished i. the unemployed and that
*| - ii Ti .? .--? ba e tnbll ii'-i. I ''?? l'i
memben ?*' Ibe t'bam er i> ?**i--i Ibi-lr support lo
the men In securing ih-ir demands,
The * ? . ? -mei.ii'.s- i.f ll i r- -ult
of their VI ll I i Hie i li ? ? I wll
nii-mliers th. ci : .:.*??.
* ;f ihe linti ri .o' it did nm
::,.* I g.
furn * ? . Hu Pity i
.ill eel,' He VOl Ut) I 1
1 N ELAND \Mi lill KUI .?!'? ?*
thi nm ti bm rsnvKffffM ?? f pb i*ob!_b :<i bi j
I'l'.l >- ll' I*- '* I *' ? ' -.
!? lon. 1"
ihe British n| - ? * ll :? < ? n o st
reign Oil early! .. ? i
ward i.'i n and Fi
' ? in ?? I hsrgi a A tts In I Bo ebery.
I ,.* ! nfl Ign Mil i-"? r, . *.?'? :i in ' ll : ? led
i . look place wi ii mid duri I
* ; -i ? M. Bi
Tr. ie h '? d 1 M. sinai, the I
? ,:. .til ?? .'i ' Mr. <
I'.*-. ? lng i. and ?? ? re ? i 'Brim
Mini ?'? r fur s,*m. lime. At 3 :1
? * * .i i Kn Ul ? ' mr! I ol "? *
i nih aa exporten, ed In 111
riigi-i wen ml In i-vi-i
ind ll \t..s I,. - - li?!?? after lbs
t?..it t:. - ml ed. K .ron ii i
Lord i'lianc ins imt present, he I
. iriler li, lhe ii,-. for B Ind *?* '*? . i ll "?? "Jni
i .. I ,,,.i? il ,., . st '? " ?? lbs -. si -: :
iinaiiliie usly h. treal the Khediv. I I* .
Crime- - l'l* Mil ?'? Ided i" " f ?'
t aisnuer lhal ld po r;i"'' a I - r
F.uypl dep >i el- upon th- gi, st ? 111 nf i-i*rn : *
I (be British '? iver imenl will r--fi. ?? lo nmg
BIM lhe r.-.r,! m ,v Mini try K.it he bas
Ii i- !,.-ii- v.-.i that Mr. ' mun r'a ai
I*., Khedive' allon in i'.n*.i*'"l lin- lim. Ki* '.
nml i url I ' I'.'r v..
'I he ' ni- ? i ??-*'?? p"'.d' nt of * Ti ? Dall. Vi "'? " -'"*? !
*? sir. i r flier lids aft. muon l sd in ? "I" '? ? ?* Ith he
Kins!11 ? and preoentiil sn nlilmsinm ?* ?
.11 mils si ??! lhe ti" -? Ml '*'- wi hli i *? ? ii-v f .in?
ii,n;- . Tlie Khi-dlve ? si t'." c., >??? -: ind pre
sided li. |..th-ii. xi rh. Khedive's reqm '. Fakhii
I'm lui resigned."
M Tl RI WI RI I'M* * TO *A Pl LL1 T\*i M. BOFR
.,* IS'- Pill - - r.I I.I. REPORTED.
l'aris, lan. I". Deputy IVtleton mule ? ri len!
,1*:, i, : , da* i Ibe rtmmher ol Dep nj* np * Ih.
Bank "f l ran. ??. s hi. b, le- wld, i sd In. nm - '? li"
,,,.,. I- , .. 11 ji. o -ni.si fmnca In tho Inst fe* nmnlbs
I , ,,;? ? : '** ? * r. ..-. cull ed by IU oura i ? i'i-.-h' t.T
H.- policy.
jg, Tlrard i+plled thai the preaenl financial dead
lock, consequent upon tbe general feeling ?>' appre
hens! n, had gresUy hampered rommeree, and bod
rompeUed tbs bank In dros span n- gild reserve,
whieh was lhe gnaran'ee of Ibe mrtiy ot the
Nal Ional credit. Thr bill extending the hank nota
l-sin- wa- pa "d l.v t.':' <iiiiiil.IT of DefKltlt-fl tO'l.iV.
Th- -.nate r., ii,i, ult. ?? tu v I li ii M i. em.* .i ' Press
MU ws referr d bas reported ib? bill favorably.
Laadoa, Jan. 17. Dbipatcbes fr *m talent In -lute
thnt Hi.- M.iri|lll- "I l.rin-ill.VMie. VI, ? rot* Bf Ill'itil, and
,.* rmi niii-r Kieiiii*.- ..Hi. lal s ol lhe Indian Hovers
men I threaten la resign In <-"iis qaeni.f lhe di ap
pi* Val bf the Hoi.V-l'ulit-nt ol Un v,nin| n* .*li
tlon of trial bj Jurv In Bengal lhe '.',.. r..v lu- lele
graphed in Hie Karl nf Kl.rlcy, -< '*r *. iry nf state
lui India, u sh| ni; I.', un iii. Hi ite sa ne I ion p, Hie s|l|M.lli|
in. ni ol a i oninil-si.iii lu lon-lder th' jury .pi- linn,
_ - rn
Hamburg, Jaa. i"- F-our negro seamen behmglag
t.. the Oerawa iln.r Orotchen K >hi n. whicb bi
lived here a few dais BgO from I.rand Popo, bavi
been Bllaehed by cholera. They were removed t"
Hie hospital. The iteaater trill be grdered io proceed
to the quarantine ita tl ifl. -? sri n deaths finn ehoierab
dlseasei have aecarred si lbs lunatic ssylaui it Halie,
Prussian Saxony. The <u'i-? nf lbs disorders ha.
been true, d to tbe impure orator saed at Ibe asyhim.
Landan, .Tim. I7??The si timi brought by H.- iwaen
of the stearne] l.i.h.- Huron f.r ?23,000 fdr - r ? h ? -
rendered la lowlag 'he Ni.nh ..em,an Lloyd teamer
Spree into Queenstown kai been settled oai ??'' coart
Hu- owners "f both steamers having srrtvad ?t aa am!
Cable una:.-ellie iel hy thl I- in- a! which Ihe Ninth
?Herman Lloyd Steamship Company *i-lll pay ?12,000 to
ii *
..lt ll. I - Ul lhe Lek- lillie.I,
I .pilllillCeii, .lull 17 ?Ile pile the II --uranie, fiom
the (iei-inali '-"V. rniiii-tit that the reports of C'bSII
rellor voa ' ul'ilvi's r.e.-nt sp nh I., fm"! th- Belch
sta:.- . iiiniiull.n Ile Anny lill wein <l:-lnrted, ll I
? viiieiit here that hi- BlaleawBU regardlag Dawmartl
have eaussd extreme leaslaa between ibu Govern
linnts An IBUatnltOfl of Hils stns (riven In (tay. tl ll-ti
ii aaa saaaaaced Hist King QBrisMaa wouM not st
lend the aiddlBg "f Mace Krcierh h 'ari sad Wa
? iOB Margarethe, feffBgesI -I let o' I'nip-mi tVillluln.
\thuh ?ni tal,.- place lu BerBa, un Jaaaary BS. The
i.-ii-on given lor lhe King's dei lining la BttSBd tbB
?.-:e.iionies is ih..i tin- weather la t'*> rtfaraw inr
bim to attempt the Journey. Tke Herman t'h.ili
rellor's refenoaces lo Deiiuisrk sk- tbe mal n-awns, it ;
I, thought, for tbe IQng's refusal ro go to Berlin. j
* bPARE PBOPI f.r ri: BRI IKS _*_ ??. iv 'nu;
HOLD \.\.) r:\, BJ _ j;..-.: s IN Tm;
?-Mi! H I I- Tl;!* UTI WK |; |.[.i*; ;:y
?'? IRK i\ A -i RM,
Tha tramp ste;*.,*-!,,,, ; m., commanded bv rap
'?in I medea, cann*- ,., ...,.., -,v ,,,,,, s, Vin.
'?;it; lri ?l"' Cape le Verde Island-, with b story
' ' '?"'**? fl Cli *.- i.a- few i*e, iMels in ; ,.,!?.,.tu
"?',,:"*" '?--.. li.- FIai? ,* m.. hen ? I., I*,-'
*" -" ' '? <????' ' rr:' -r m ||,e I . ,: j --. -, . ? \
?'??,/l1 kim- ?**!. irr. I;* '-',; in *,!, m, * , ..,
?"'?'' '? ? ????- el i i over ".orin ?*,*. ,, ;.-..,, .
[? -':*' ?'?'?' ;i H in H i- ! alls ii*, ., -.1! th* world."
"', capfain is, ol ci ur* *. i -.-? ,\ ,Mt, otic,
hu* '?" has Mich ;i kindii fn Un-* for th- Creal r
Hntaln that lie has nine American wea I eagles
in gilded V.O...I ul., ?; |,,s ,.*,, .? -j-j ? I; _?. :ilw,vs
'tn - ??? i ire propeller and a .-.in- "tall shaft"
with h.-r as -'? roam* the world ol waiora, aad
Ihese Imavj pi. ira ol Iron ar* kept securely lushed
I..rn dee ,. ;,??.
She had i hurd trig "f ii aero* the .??? n.. As
bli" ap|,ii..,,i ,.,| t,?. American nen-" she pb
coBBtenil ireniendous sens md teriflie gales
She w.-.s iced up from stem tn stern, in.- sDmiiht
' a tossed Bim*it 'iiiul sh.- keeli 'I ti, an angle
"' ';:; *i*r mea. Ai ., o'clock an tiie murali i *r
January ii -le... cann i .:, >? eraah ni the hold.
The second nflic-i ami tho naptaia were on the
bridge ai tl..- tl. ,,.,,] ?,<,-, -,t ,|?. ,??, w ss-i"
luriie.l in, trying ti sleep, In less time than it
tak.s tn tell ii tl,-- captain an I nil the deck erow
wero In Hie hold, when* br the gleam ol their
lanterns thej sew th,. ,M:*,. nropeller cavorting
fi"in one si).- ol thr -I in t*. fl.llier, rii-liin*.:
doa n th.- ,',?.. r , . ...*?* terrille I*.roe* and
I r** i ns ai Hm ? ul -
The ship i *? i great weather roll Bad a
blade nf th" i-i ..i<-11.1 wenl through tin- .-nie an ri
stuck then*, Imbin a ri.-- mass ul iron. With
tlM< hs- lurch ti,|. .' e h| i.'r- ,.f till! |'io
i ellei i.te-k" ..ii i.i** ' * , n hutt -ring, ih-t at
<*'*r aide and than at the ol ? i'h.- erow dashe I
among tie chm :* - ul iron and tri'-l to
get lines ??- I them, hui Captain ' reeden mw
i gyrate ?: ii :-*r 1 he I iii shaft v i- fetching
h ? -?? in i '. ? ra ! ??.--?. nnd if that
.'ive. it '.- ? ? : the ahip to pe, ?-.
Iii" tal! sim ft v ii tuns, bul the Cap
il >w :i In v hero it w >-? s\*:i\ iiii*
? i piece ol wood
one rmi and i se ' Ihe end up sn that
* siting '??? lld I.-* pm ..- -I it. Every ti,a-t in
thu) ? ii a ??. . *i n.-ii --? -i I obi km - lu ->?? tn ww k
' r li- life, an I n m ? I \\ ith a w ill.
. ? ? ri h time was too
** . fhal i he . apia n t..M t dem In Iel
. ?-? ? i secure the shaft.
. I ? .ih- n n lc rs ,.? eyed mon* |tii k v.
I >?? ? ? ?.* Hu ,i - ft wis occur *d and
ran Ol'"! I . r: ?*-_:sr lin
prop -iel*
Hie part . f in tlie lille ni ti.-- ship had
? i :r..i\ i.n i ii ni .mee i iin- m.ni charge? ol
ila* otis lt timi, Hirer lum rs nf aa hard
I i dal -.,-..i-r rn in did lo gel
la.-l ingi sn ?' i K" pi ?.* * ol iron snd fasten
--it : ? .lld ?:?? mi
1 . n Si., i. .-h. ? in l ii i'ii.-. i nally
? ? can?
al ll has lint
eas of (nat hattie In the dlu 'v
I - ;al*esrt sui lura wi?h tin*
? e. i.f iin* .? : ader ol the
I uni ihe Arctl
col l
. a- l t ?? - ptain and
his sailors I.I a ni Itv. lea! lio!i\t w?i ? in
Il-.-i i-irt. Into th'-s^
... . ??*...
. *.,..*? * nml ill sorta ul
? ? . ? -. |ni!i ? i . ?-..*. Hie nt! *-,v ,,*
aa w, ali-il
nu,re i ? t .lay tin Kl sb*
.,,?,*, 11. ?? i ? i ? ? * ? I .ri -h.- rame
. ... ;,, d 'm anel ll * *? ? Wand II
* ? .' ,*?, t thi ?" lays to i ?:? ii tl " darna t
l? the -steamer.
? ?
F AI lt L! ' ? *'
\>. * tr Dr. Jnhi .ton lett the Btalne
i, *. , ..,, p ,.-, ] ? . (ti . v. ? lng, He - i - the ron
dill.' Mr. Illsli 'I nn a.?'? *? l dm-e ibis afternoon.
Hi ,,.,; p, tl I " i fairly good. Hr.
Johnston will not return io ihe bouse m night, nn
In antin ned bj nine ant ir irsble turn In the con
ditton of ' ie patient.
After their v:-ii :,: ?_? :m o'.: ?? I. this afternoon the
,, m mr I thnl - i- ii ? eh inga li. Mr.
pl lim *s Ut ? ? rda?. Al I" ai "'? !?" k
ibis muming ' i Bl ten lani * ab! that Mr. |
hid i>* ed a - *i nlghl and was Ihen resting well,
- m -?
lin:.sin Hf.10 "I flABILTOS COLLEGE.
?s vi e,e RA , ;,,;, iii phi -l'i XT KTKVKI !'. DI
..:? |--Sl.'*.|l Ititi 0.
Pom **. v., Jun. I", Al Hinton 11.1- afternoon
\- '. , ? . S|l e| |,|. s|ll *nt ol
Hamil, (iii ' n le e, I-liane. Hor A, ?'. ' P *' presided
st Hie luaiii ,'.?*??* ? . rhe a '.'i ? - ?l Indm
Hun was bj Ti,.-**: .re M. Pomeroy, ol Auburn. In
id. tuan inti address PresMas! Sli-yher discussed
Hi., bl d'.-ri. i li ni?, U '? I-" ? ul -l Irtt, sud th- Im?
mediate need ? I Ki- eu le * Ile* Mid in purl:
Hamilton *'"? i tim ind fur nu re nmadl. ? I * linns.
,,,- tli .1 linen i ir iii ! Iti 'li r-nt d ibbllns iii s|-- laities
; n is ?*, u in r .it l-l -'ii. i ul fur ti rn : In I
tl l,|.?!, keens p-ri-epll ll. '' rests ?
, .... ,,. . ? ?: ?? e nal ?? i. r-' pin - ian
nd uri i mit ?? ? \"'i '"''
?., ie una I I ' i ? I'"1 '" DI
,, |, ., . -. |t III Vie.'IT |,| || tta I ri, I fur
ne iii iii,'am ll al lhe ld eu ll ?? ill Bli I III" Min- I
tutor. Sperlallsui i ; ri ' I ? one sn * re sud nfti n
? , i ,, pal I il*. K I- Ih" task id
,. ,i|, tu * * iii sn thlt ll hall
.,,.\ ., i?. ferrett. I p linn * r Instiim-ei. I.
I,,,, ,,;,.,,,i ?,, , i, i, ll.. 'lim up ??? prl . Ipi .' al
?,. . nr r in, ?, i* :? ? ? l ??? hat a iid Ind i. Hon
ls th- hope and li nne or r.
After ihe pn Wenl hsd finished, add res es ol f 1
e ?. |j, **,;.. ?, ,,|, i,\ lier * Charil s A. Hawlej. "f
-,.,,., i Fag . and ll !.?. Hoyt, * ' Auburn. Pro
f. .* Brain. ?' fl. smith, "f Kurnell i liv-r it-\. was
...,,.,..,, i ? n I'mfi - "I uralnrj and Rb imn-.
and i*i.-f.i* Clinton -".lilli Prof?'i- "I BugU-h
Uleratu.**)-. The billowing dei.? were ronferred!
\ h., e\ . aila IVilllnni Mignsiii. Hubbard, ii,
I*,.,,,: - \\. hv, 'T'.. ?.-ii Aldrk-h i;i-e.i,-. '-I.
\. M., In roume Hie Itev. Firderlrk I*e*il:l:i-. 'Sll.
V M., honorsrj Henry William King, Chicago!
.inti.. N-'.ti.en I-- sch, Hr <ikli ii.
H. ii , ii,eli mil?*. !? ll v. Arthur Wephen Hoyt,
'l-l Auburn Thi-obii iry.
I,, ii. D. The i;. ? in*. Kin Iel Baining, Morris
Iowa, E. A
l.i,. D. Hieodore M'lui IHimemy, '?;'_'. Auburn.
Madi-nn. Wi-., .ian. it i-p*' iii* Dr. ? barlea Kendall
Adams was nus afternoon forpiafly laaugarsted ss
president of Ihe Italveralty ol Wt- i.n-in. A large
i of pn ??- wen i. ??? nt. In. Iud ng delegation.
of alumni Irom t'blrago nil other titles Tho ea
-rei? tonotste! ol an Invocsilon bj Bishop FaBoua,
.,f Chicago; iddreoses, ai folhiwB: Oa beball "f lbs
fa. uitv. hi Professor John C r.maa; an bebalt "f
t ? undents, ly ll ll Jl obs, ''.iii, im bedail of ihe
alumni, hy James I. Hi.h ol I'ttlrago: on behalf of
eeih-r iit-iv<-r-ii--, l.v it. James i;. Angril, prosldnil
? if the I nlvertltl ul Mi. llgsn: on behalf if Un rum
Bmnwealth, i"- iiovernor Perl on behalf if Hie
regents, hv inhn .loiii-oii. i.f Milwaukee; Bnd i ?? in
a p n ,i a idn -s of l'l.-i'i-m Adams.
H'lenu. Meat., Jsn IT.?"The Helena Joarnal,"
Willi h WSS ?**l/ell b) til" -lierllf Hie IIIOIIllll'.' sf'er
th- Presidential ideeilon -"li r lame paMIr-attos lu a
feu .ii,ts, ali trimbles barlas beea adjusted.
.1 tr -?lt ? ?: ??ic, Bl Miss IV Ll A s BBTAXT
Mis. lain - ii s mi. i.; noolya L. L, in,* yoaagesi
la.eli. ; ..t Wlill.iele . '.lill I ll.nl, |,j, idt-n I,, th.- inn
kata i.i th,* TUBbs Trasl sbaosi u ihaaaaad rolaauM
SUM 1 from lier fjllier'* llhr.trv at Bqilfk lu BM hook.
BBM ad I'd unie lliler*-.tln? e,?t |iaui|ihlets, tnd a Inr^o
uuji.Uit ul mudall.ons ui.ru (rum t_K ama* collocUoii.
| I \ -"? iKTV.
Albany, Jaa. 17.- Tlie largest annual meeting ever
[ l.oM by He Bew-Vbrk ftoi .*.ladon was ,uiird to
1 "i'i-i in iii.* Assembly ? humber to-night bf J. Newtoa
liri, the i,r---i'l.-*ti ol Ihe BsaoclstloB. Oae "1 the
i*"-i dl-tlns i- ? * lee'i ii * ??- ti.iii aver graced the
Ohsmber ;*.* ???. among them i"*lnz Koreen i
Flower, f .'??I..*- ,.i the Conrt "f Appeals, Bien b i
*.1 ' *' I ' '. Ill . IK) ri . ll -* ll.lilli.el of the pm:: I
i*. ? ?? me Mat- i,ur. Judge Piero Intro
-; ?' VM n I*. I.:i.-:, Jus.li.i ihe New-Vork mate
M.prenie Court, ?? ba delivered **.:. addi ?. lu- subject
I '* 'i v I" i ?? ol the l.av. Reform."
Judge Parker, In oprah .:. relerred to tho
??vii effecls e.r smendlni bj legislative action Ihe
lav- ol tin- -t,:t so a.s t i emasculste or nullify their
Intended action, The need ol a inni*- thorough sent
tm' nf -ii< li 1 ? _.- i -1. t;,. 11 ni's app-in-nt. o-p''lally after
i eenl rare .'ul revision ol ti.- code, and ka view
nf Hie fact ii...t -.ne l--:; ;>?,,? amendmenta to it nam
lier -Jin. This everr reruning tide or amendments, be
sahl, wi- because lhere are large Interests, ledlvMaal
m.I corporate, which hmo tlnir shrewd and rspsblc
cnuiixt-l vigilant rn watching legislation, Blert to de
i al .nv which univ be adverse to tho interests they
.-1'??-?!:<. i.-nl adroit In framing and in procuring Hie
|hi -..- nf pri.visie.n- which have a teeming public
porp ? *. iii. uiiieh in fact hav- an lulen led iip.'li
ini|.-ii Known only to themselves and thoso Interested
"i'h Ibem. Tbe .peaker then gave a lew Illastratlv*
Instances ol tbe Lind nr legbdstlon under dtscusalon,
and i om Inned :
Bow whai ir- you '.'oin? to go about it' Comblaod
? e- needed, sad Un- a--.i latina lm- the requisite
OI-gaulBBtloa. Vou In. rotir - r t.irr r"s .;In.' in tl,,.
Capital, uh,, em |,r?o.i.,:,l*s ,,; i|| hUll arte, tinjf i'm
'?it* or iu practice. -,*,,*! hs . rom rommltl.si Low
P.oform, tin.r wha>r members reside in eaeh iodielal
il.trlft. Tiveiitv.fii.ir ibis und vl.iliint li,en at sn unlit
'lll>l"l|t | ,,.,, t_ , |, .?.,. ,, ,, . .j,, >-.,,, ,, (. ,|,,,i, n? ?
kaooledee, or whai they might leora hy Inquiry, weald
b* coni| ??nt ... jil,:*.-.. ,,f ,i,,. ,.i or propriety ol any
pr.......<i rbange, sud ti,-, lesltimary or tl:.- roven af
t- motive and nrlTin. Tho. vnnr a?*o.-laiion. if suv Mil
>? i- fouad ri bc bad or without ment, would h.- ann I
*""" ressoos and fart. to nppO'S it. and hy its se.
fi * *' rcpt ?! ti-it.. i.m; i nu. r,.r ? befor" ute Judiciary
fomnirtteo, or. If not in .ee.dn there, before tiie Oover?
nor, rind thus, not Sleeping, prevsnl any atomy from
I ta - inning tue wheat of IrglalaMsa.
The address was closely listened tn. After a lew
mn.lrsl selections, Justice David J. Brewer, "f the
i States enpreme Conn, was Introdaced. He
red n m.,-ni.i i Mit >, laking fen* bis subject,
?Permanence of Ten ure ol JudMal Office and Its iie
lr.tie.i- '., the Peril* e,f I'.paiai- Government." H.
? *il.| iti imi :
Three (blass dIBerentlsle tin- cirlllzed msn fiom th.
. ib 'ii.i' tin.I. he itne.-.s. that wlnoh ho ii, and th.ir
whieh I.* hi- Dui thal which ei n.u, hi.s ii-? within th
i -:i I. ..I others i.ivn power end *l liognass aa the pa -
?it tin.-,- ah ..' teini, tai x a in a n b? Mrlppd of ali a's
material |..-.---?i..n-. Th- danger which BMnaeea tbeas
? ? -. a- rx pr -? - it-if in i ?o wars: Kr-,, in tho
Improper ase nf Isbor orgaalutl * i- lo *i ? nov tho freed im
"f i ie i.i.i.r r .mi rnntrol fe- uso | i ??. I ,*, i ,,th..r f rm
f this ..enieoi ssoumes lhe iu -?? e.f s regulation ol tha
i..*.- . foi tho ese of property -ubj?-??.-1, ni supposed to
lee. I,, ii public use, Pf. a thst th. re ls ls ? .? I
, host, of wisdom an-i jo-- ur! thal wilbla Halla the
?-. i.e.tn di a Bo is ill s rh mod ... -.. *. t.
* -? ..a li, How enn ii- e\ ?".- i, those race-sos which
Bl iii ... ':r t.* De* N.tl..ii I.- ila) <l I
Ths triple subdlvll .**'.*? iii powers into legis?
lative, e\o 'itiv- a ' , ' .'.'iii.- - the filth, sud baa
pro-tided in this last ro-ordlnato deparuneat of jovem
i> si r ie r -lr,I.Uni. loree. And ft* .|ii"*tlon Which ii"*'*
, .-e.-i,, |, *,(..? ,,? tl. ex'smey, Hie fs
f - * -.1 n si.H lie ???? i. " en.-I ..nd .-ii itr-.- M. or
, md restrict"*!. The groat hoiiv af jul-**
?U tiTilrt of Utg a* any hodr nt men.
snd tn r ?.nn 'i jil ti.e ?*? - d aesaaaaTag
, partner*, s-*t'ie ihe hu.Uie*. of the l?ra??.. i-orpo
ii*! "\t-i-- Bil til" troth froTi din moss if H lui
,_??; torilla ?? thal fSUl from the lips of expert wit
ne***, ii, |?tenl * ieee, "il I ss ? tn .i.iii. ni _>- in doter
m ? sa ?!ni I- iicht sud wrong leta* I) ? n.pl-\v--r aad
employee sad olbei queaUeas nf pablls right.
w .t then .,imi,t ie ie- taaat My reply le, sn aug rh en
the I'utie : irv. Il os 1 1* nuoooal teaure -t offl-o acrom
pll-hes fi.- Aad s,,r- iv If th*> )?;?!-??? hell oOXet by a
? 'i* n-i! with n -n'sry Which ??ni"t bs d.turt.-l.
lt would treat n- I.rt aa bsd I ti anal ri- ft- rsmavrd
fr*.... dis ta '? as inHti.rt.-? s< possihl Ihoagb If 1 wers
t? |, ii- i i.- jiu'.i.urt i.i stem, I Hould add >i piavUUn
thal Ue.-v ihouM ni?.. u- ii.e.i_in.- i" poilUoal adke sad tn
? ? leal frte fre.m pol Bl. il amhltloa.
I. may he said thst fi- i- i rs I illy ?ubeUtuPag gov?
ert.-i,' hy Um j adm - for gnvernmeat by Uw i.p's.
HM this nw,:*, - ii total :*.-i.ti !'-: rn Lu-' "f !'?? Mu
lions -f lodges lo Bovsrameni rhere is n..thine in thl.
poa.f ih- ju'in-. ary detre Bog bi tl te teem from tba
.I*, nf gai ow asea! ol and by the people, The emir's
hold .'? Iher pur^e' nor iwotd; they coaool e,,rr'i|.t. nm
. , satrol Thej Biaka no ln?- th-r estsbUsh
no p I c, thej- Beret eater late ifcc <i mala ol papular se
tl. Ti., i do not so vero. The r fu* il ta* ls r-'i.tion le lbs
mi- Mte umltrd to teeing tint p-.pular aettoa d..-s aol
,-.*-, ns upon light aad Josllee, a- it exUla in wrtttea
i-.iiisiitutioiis and iiotunil l^v
Who 'I * - )'"t - '? the "il eiiir.e-' thal t'.'.ls tbs land;
?vi,.. ?: rs i..*t feat that *n-t -serial ?" ?- Br* laiaeadlng,
.* id : .iii o that those chan Res mast be goldi* in jiistlr^
? ,,f. te snd li""", oi fiet ttlll .in mst.- In rCVoluUonl
The hist! rai.- nf inarrhlim, *i,e r. ?! Hag ol loelsUiai, or
ti,ai ,,;,,*,... piers .f cloth which mggosta Ihat tim
Stste take all propertj nrui din :t all Bil work imd life
,f Individuals, moy seem to iii thr ali with their gutter.
Bul -i* eSgalntl tm** wbeme*. -r any othn ph*, ot vagary
,,- b. id fool er fanatic, til- eater and earnest protest .md
,,, ot ,,... Anglo-Saxon I- Kt* iiriiitiilu.il freedom aad shoo
lui pim una cf all hi- rights ??! n* r-,.n sui property,
ind it i- tin i* which revetheraUog o\e'r Hil. rountrr
lr*:.n i.sa, thanh '??"! will aol ?-? unheeded.
And ... help uni -i .-! -__). n thal -??""! Baie, we sh-iii
rei -?? in i-verj Btate uti litdopeudcat iudirlary, n.id.- as
Indi ...*i ?! ni ..f ail .. itside laflui nc - as pusslble, and tn His.
1,*: ,i, ii |.i i r ne ni t-n'ire .if ogler mid UB
i li .ne.-.il i ? -ai.irjr BBd Sb. theoi thu ,'ourt oro itel l.y
the fer.-ii -ii|.r..me In fa t a- WC 1 a* III .lilllie, holding
eli. ia lit do n- ami Biasoe?, rorpontUoas sit'l Stol - avaa
th.* gieoi Motion Itself?unswervingly true t** lbs mau Bea
Of J'istl.*-. that JUSUCH "lil ll is tie* sliter si.,** li .lll>t 'h
colii n bond in the jewelled diadem -f Him t. whom ail
nation- i?? *? i...l ..'i wi rids - ie alb (toa. a
Until .peakers w.-io thanked by iii" a.-UBoa.
Vi ee,, chme ..f the meeting i .octal gatheriiiB "f lhe
iin'iiie. i-. "ii- lu-''! in lhe A--inie|v epsrlnr. The bu*4
i?. - n.ii,**; rn' lie- association will bo held to uniri-ow.
rm.ICE RAIDS OS c, .\ muli sa BOUSES.
!'.e".i<s;. i-n.nv BLIPS \M? S12.000 *-\. r.\r>.
Ilill.li IN --lill.!.'. ' .Ml'liliAVs PL.AC.
I*.v .,:'!,i* el In?|e-*e ..?> William*, lhe police in .ne l.i -t
li p ii, a pi?t rici n nie all* al a ii ii iii ii *r ol poi Icy -.n.|.-.
\,-.r rim tn, nr.ieii .ml l> ' l.ai. in UW lit'r
i. lien*, ute. fairy mid minivan, ol Um Mulberry-st,
squad inest-d Ott.Idm rm allesed pollry daalar 'it
No ns Mett-.--... but ii. .tn- discharged al Um 'lomiis
PoBcs ('"int. I.at, i ? raid ??'- ii uil" ... --nilli'' Munn',
place, Xo, MC lt.'o>i*.. Homy, who i- n sated lo bs
the * ..? ls. ? t f,r .i in in. I. . i ,f |..li.'v shops mi ile* Kaalfeide,
nu- nut caught iti tue pis ., but tie polka mic-t-u Henry
Thomas, his cashier, :u,d Beaty Btallh, el Ba. soi u>-t
KeVeateeath^U. a naml . >f booki and poUcy ilipa sod
fi.*,ooo a, raab won lelaed iv Um petlca. Xbal raid was
iin- ine.-t s.r---t.ii .un oi Hie day.
-vinni-1 M.lip-on, nil e.i.l ? olore'l n in ?|?i Sept a sh"|?
il s i.!s i roobf-at., was BrtesWd l.t.- m the' sftem.i
ami nj- In. ..eil -ip iii Itu- Miell.env si. station. 'j'h ?
i..ii e iii i.HridcB.t. nude- miij oas capture, thu u'.
Jos.-ph llooglaod, an alleged galley dealer st Ba 3
t i.n .ti.-?t. John Cutler, .. clgsi deab-r it No. di Beet
ii..u-ton si., was lunged up iii the Flfth-st, ila Ilea aa ra
charge "f aslBag policy nip. last rvealag- Betockvei
Malirkey anil l'ia.,1. af Ihr K.t-i Tl,mr.nitli.-i ,|.iei.
,,.. --*,i Beary mi,itu. abs Sept a elgar -.or- at N<> i.jo
Thlrd-tve. 1*. in-y ?ii|i- ?.i" louad ia his pomaelnn
in teven! other prectocti rn n.?pe lae wu.laius's dis.
tri i iii* poll * "iv m.mm; high .md low ior pollry
Baal rt, but a. i caught Boor list Bight lt wai .aid Bum
the laspoctoi "a. iiviii_; haul to keep ahead af the. Cea?
tral ott.I'*" I" shuituu; up gamhUag plae* and pulky
a vood deal 'if asm eamon ?a* rsasod rtestidsy hy tin
pei iilnr iii* utii.tniue. el th.- arntul hoi- of PeaaaiO
Boaa, the Itallaa ue tte-., whs i- is ?tsr ben aadet tin
?BBSgeoMal "f the Hu-eiife.il llroiJn-rs. TM BBVBSgare
undar-lood that -lies ua- M COOK on the Aller, which ls
.tug tn u-I nm, hui ike se ii,ie -ii objected io tho racapttoa
uni. li -he kiiei* weald he 1.1 par.d ior her IhOl -he weal
.'?ini ni i-r i-onipsnv. t,?i_ qsuibqi weamn ead tal here
three m tour dajn ssa The BonaMUi sir that moy
ii"'- ' I..*!..' she- la, bat th-y ar,- l>ouiid In honor not to
tell and nolHHiy eba ha- bom Skis to lind ant. Tht)
sliipl.. hut i.f BM ns- seoui- to ls1 thill the ?< tr.-*i do-n
met itimi t teri pl Ba sud will not hst- one, and thet her
Buaaasei hutt) leen e uiiipleioly bsBe|4 in linn stlempi to
Kii? her uue.
Fr mont, .nun. JM, lT.-Kx-Pre.i.iont Ruthe*.
lor.l B. Hav.-s lit-.i bera la-night. Karly in tha
pveaiag an lnt|Bi.y .-lirit,v| ti,,, reagaagg that tho
(Ieneral Inui gassed a fairly good Emt ami waa
.??-!in- n-e||. Th,, ehSBB. for lim worso waa
lapi.J, ami at ll oi I. tk tl.e distinguished ex
president pained away. T!i<* first inb-lligonee ot
this was r.iv,-! when Webb C. Haves rame
ilowntoarn and quietly anneunecd thut his father
hii.l iiim died.
lin- .-x-l"r?iil.-nt left home ln*f Monday on a
trip tn Columbus, J-.itini., and devdaad. During
tin* last ii).inti, he Iud iXBUBlBiaed of ono or two
.-light Bttueka oi neuralma of tim bearii hut as they
BOOB pJosed uwav lu* tbougbt nothing of thom.
on Saturday, while \ i-itin^ hir* .."ii Webb, at
("loveland, he experienced a m-vr-rp recurrence of
th.* malady, hut. being prepared lot his return
holli.-, proceeded on lu., journey, arconip.uiiod by
his sou.
Tba ox I'l.-il.-iit was met ut tho station by an
other son, Rutherford l>. Hayes, and hi- family
physician, Dr. F. S. HUMab, who taik him to his
home in it earring*. The phyk-ian from tliat timi
t.i the .-nil was almost constantly in at te:.dance
on hi-. ilistiBguished patient.
Altin.illili Mr. Hayes's condition wiis regarded at
rather Bartons, uml o\.-it<*.| the alarm of hi* family,
the gneauiUfeBMBl gitan them hy Dr. IlillhisU
I.si th'-ni tt. believe thst the patient woul.l gaaB
recover, i'or this ?reason all knowledge of thc ox.
President's illness wa- k--i>r from the public, and
tho fae! that lu- v,;:s suffering ttoio lu-art tronl>lt>
.lill not beeome known until yesterday. The
ritizi'iis received thc news with -sorrow, and
the ex-President's condition ama ottos umbi* tlie
subject nf discussion today, as ho hud ever been
lin* wann friend and bunefactor al ihe peofie
of this city.
A grail many messages of sympathy were ro
eeived at tha Hays mansion to-day and ka-nigbb
Rutherford Kiirhir.I Hayea ?tv.,- a nilli ve of Ohio,
a (rniduuie it Kenyon Ciitieg- and the tumbridge
Law Behool, au ludusl-ton. lawyer, a gallant soldier
under Boaecrai -? McClellan and sin-idai.. a Caagrese
iii.iii. a ....verii"! lu. re-elected and "ii"- President.
Mr. Haye- wa, bom In Delaware, ohio, on October ?_,
l-ii. Hr led his tia-- at r .liege, und after ruin
ploting his studlea in ChmbridgB and In ThOOMS .-par
row's law office ai Ki lumba-?, ae.pnr.si a tine praetlca
st * Hu iniiii'i. in- geelal manners and Uno aotal
re*nun, nded him to public (avnr, and lils i.-pu'.i'i iq
hi tl.* inn un- ?n good that he waa, eli. titi t 'Ity
Bolh itnr in isbn.
At th.- outbreak of the oar lie r>-eolv..*d iho appoint?
ment of major of tin- -.rad Ohio Infantry. This waa
one ot Hie first iv.n.i.i,; ? In the Held, nnd lt had a
aistlti'.-iiisti'sD lender-1'olonel William S. It werona.
Emly in June, i-s.il, the regiment was mustered Into
servlr,. f.ir three years, but b-foro lt left Comp ("base
Its ruiiiinaiutei- received a commission as hrl*adlor
gBnrral in tbe Begahtr Army. Lalo in July th- regl
nieiit was ordered i-> naiksbaig. Bf. Sn., and hui ita
tirst active s.-rvi.e in hasting down tho guci1lla> that
Infeotsd the span of tin- Bick Mountain mega. M-ijor
lute- lerved temporarily as judge adm f ski mi Oaaaral
Bosecmns'i staff, snd in November, 1801, he iccel-eeg
lu. rommlsaloa .1- Beutenant -Okmet. In April, UBS, tho
regiment, und-i- tamma Bi of UsnteaaatOstaMl
Hays, l.ft Ks winter i-uurt-rs and BBSred In thc direc?
tion ?f Princeton. After two weeks of skirmishing
and foin ul iib', the force WM attacked hy four regi?
ment- of Infantry under command <*f Qoaeral Haalbi
and after making a determined stand, was r.itnih-lled to
retire, la tbs keel **f Augaai mtiers wera mullet
to uiii'li Wtth all po.-ibh- dispatch to Un* (In-at Kan
awha. The rrgiauail made i"i ndies in about three
days, embarhed mi transport, lee l-hrBMburffi and
tunk tho earn for B'ssMagtoa when- lt Jom-d (ieneral
McClellan's army.
I'm- lir-t shots ot south M uuitnln wen* fired by
Colon 1 Hayes's pern Bland. Tl.e regiment waa ordensi
tu r.-i .nd ih" iiioui'.tiiii: at au early huur by nn unfr.
.lueiiieti m.d. ITk- 1 iieiny were pasted is-iilnd -tons
Malls, i.n.1 greatly cutnuatbered their assailants, and
th.- Meglaieal m.-i- exposed to a marderoai Are of
musketry nnd g.;.tx- ut short rung.*, out of tlio HiO
mea who Went imo actioa, n.o -ism lay Bsai or
wounded on iii.* geld. Ueuteuaat-Coleael Hays wa*
Ludly wounded, his arni h. Hu I Token, aud th.- coin
maud devolved up,ui Major Comly. Tho com?
mander, how.-v.T, va- nol ready for am.mian.*e or
hospital; there was .silll a goad deal ol fight In Illili.
f..r hr- reappeared on H.- held undaunted, with lil.
wound half dr.s-itl, .md fought undi he was >., wuk
thal his tuen had to tarry him away. After the hattie
of Antietam the regiment ana ordon-d to Hu- Kanawha
Valley. Ueuteuaat-Coloael Hayes wa.- appointed to
itu- colonelcy of the regimen!, and in n.-ceniber. l.tiU,
aaa placed 11. tbe command of tl,.- Hrs! Urigade ol
tin- Kaaawha Division. Dariog the campaign ol
Ks "I bl- dlvisinn wis .-xi,.,s,tl to arduous rather
ihr,n dangerous aervlee, int lu IBBd ho
non his proatotion bf kia gsllaatry nt Pflachfstar,
ITslier's lilli :m.i .'-?in Creek. In lim buttle of
I'l.ee.ii.ia, lol.mel llay.-,', brigida, after advauelng
,11 piss several open Heida, gabled ihe crest of a hill
and eaughl -1 gi.mpe "t th'- raeflsya Uno. Moving
forwsrd undei a beuvy lire iho briputeBashed through
,1 fi mm* >.f underbrush sud baited mi lhe edge of a
-lough fort) 01 i.tiy yurds aide and aearlg waist d?t-p.
Winn in- Mit tin* ti ii..i.- Hu.- wavering Colane! Hayes
1 -.i.i ged ii, 11,aler a ibower of ballets and
grape, and dragged bia way through.
ll,- wns tl.e tir-i iiiiii over. Tlie Infantry
i;,iiin.|ei.*d throught Hie m-i.-n--. and tiie enemy w.-ro
drtvca back. ? Waeel il..>-s exposed himself reck
i< ---ly. au.i was ball ike time in advance af the lino.
At Winchester his bone was shot nader Maa, and lie
nair wly escaped Wt I. 1 I- life. As he lay 0:1 the Held,
siunin.l hy hi- lull and winni ring why tin- toops
were nut .urie.itl lo charge the enemy's line.
Here MUS ll I ii.ll'l of dll-l l?l ilia
w.i.i in- !? r latap'.ke, and bherldaa rode i.itj
? .imp .ni als iiui.-irliii eui hors- tn time to save
tin-da:-. Dunn.- ihls tenlblo carapalga Coiaanl Hayea
had lillis- bor-C, -hot nuder iiim and wa- wiiiiiuhst
four linn's. In thr -puny ,,f 1-.;;, he was given tho
command nf un rxpedlUoa against LyBehharg, and
wa- pn-pariug in crass tba BMuatalaa of We-t Vir?
ginia winn the wai ima 1*1 might tn ll .'lose. For bis
bravery at Plaher*a nm and Osiai Kn-ck ho was bro
veted MaJ*r Ken'ral.
lu lim fall "i IBIll Oeaeral Haves was elected ta
1 illirie ss lie.111 Kin. li.cali ly 11 large majority. Ha
seldom appeared aa lhe Beer al lbs House, not meit
lag uni elaborate tpeecbcfl nor taking a prominent part
in the reeuii-trut tl li lilea-ure- whieh engross'd the at
fut Um "f Congress. Ile was a iii.iiili.-r of thu Kum
inllt.e ..ti Private Land Claims, and was i-halrman o|
the I'.iaiuultee .ut Library. Tin- d. legation from Ohio
nt that tim- wa- :. v-rv atMBg one, lin hiding
Oeaeral BebeaeB, -'.'iii. a. Ittagbam, JUaaaa st.
Ashby, satinn 1 -li-l!.. li n u-r amt I nluinlnis Delano,
and it is nut M-rprtetBg that the Inexpert
eu'*'*d nu-tnlier tonk a lower sent limn his brtlllant
toll..agues. Hint wa- i.iiitent to be n ll-t.-tier. In IMt
he wm I-<?!??'teti. bul resigned tin* place in li-iUT, lu
order to accept the Bepiiblicuu nominatiiin for Oov
amer. His agpanaul was Judge Thurman, and the
contest wu- :i iio? one. The Kepulilieaii phitforra
tittil y.-ar bsd aeveral anpegalM jilatilts, and tho
De ame retie caaBMats eras au exesrdtagly stioug ting,
hut ...-iier.il Hayes entered upon the eanvaas with
unwonted vigor, won hosts ut friends by lils bealing
on the stump, mid wns elertt-d br a majority ad
nearly 'l.OOO votes. In IS.*!) he was renominated,
his opponent being Mr. Pendleton, and be tn*

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