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run over snd killed hy freight trains and switching
esjgbisa sa Um Ms RaUraed. Aboat 900 men visit
tho yards di.l'.v. and business to the amount if gB&c
(loo.ooo a y.-sr ls done there. Brea Nader Hm most
favorable du hms lances, whea Ihe boatman 1* toS-*
lng "flt" aad tinr< ar.- aol '?><> nany eanatbTta.
?utile finals and rsaaela loading with wheat ai Hie
Erie elevator to i.inrU tiie way, the voyage acraa.
Hie (ovi- in tho rowboat i- ledi "is ,-i-ni provoking.
When. u_ ls usual in winter, then arr- mon or less
Ire and snow in lbs Cave, Ihe trip sonsaaiea eon.
slderable innr.- Uni*- sad I- * sreepondlngly aggra
vatiug. Yeaterday there wu* io mach lee lhal the
"ferry" was closed altogether and the tinforiunat.
Galil* buyers, botrlisrs and drover.- had to wade
through sIukIi aearty hneedeep al the kins way
a rou ml the head nf Qt* Core. To inv I bel fell li)t?
committing murder expresses th.ir ferr:,-, i<,0
nmm t_g wished thst uai> -tilt?* com
The state of the street. 'A New-York was BUS pa ah
ai'i? yesterd.iv, but asfarhera wns tbs situation bmsc
outrageous and i-Mi-pemtlng thnn in Chambers---,
rark How and Mall st., especially In Std about the
Ciiy Hall Park, 'ind? the vert asses si CMamlsstoaer
lireiiiian nnd lils chief _____ ol UM central street
cleaning <_ire_. The .-mire departiin-nt sfffesred t*>
be parul*_*<d. The rain and melting aaOW had lllh-d
tue crossings and gurt, rs wllh slash, water and -Univ
loud, in Broadway and in all ihe -tn-.-ts contiguous
to City Hall Park, vet late In Hie dav no eff<rt bad
been made to -.pen tho calverts nnd sewer ronnoc
Hons to l?t Uio tarter druin off. Pedestrians attempt
tag to crits th* str?-et anywhere about I'rlniing Ilon-e
Wquan found themselves struggling In the mud and
-term, ofton knee d'-ep la Flashy prater, ll B mun
rnls.eU hla fr nt inf; lo the sllpperv pav.-menl an*l fell,
he waa in imminent danger *,f groaning. Ito sttes
Hon was paid tm the snow and les which covered the
walks of City Hall Turk except t . run a snow plough
over th.m once or mn iee In the doy. Ibe waler stood
In pool, lu the park walks during lbs <-ntin- dav.
making lt necessary for persons to laka a Vine cir?
cuitous route to get mound them. Many wen Obliged
l> BO blocks out of th_f way IO pus* Un llCtCtl ailinn
the pu rh.
Commissioner DTCOnso, lo whom is allowed Shoot
?7,__) a day by Uie Board ol Estimate tor keeping
tho city hnhltaiil*-, assnrrg binjah-ii .it the sir.-.-t
I lenulng _)ep:.itin**nt that he waa dotng all la Ms
P-wer, but, the weather was against bim.
''I nm very sony." he said, ''hut what rsa any
man do in such infamous weather ns this .'"
'?They must be Inking good, caro not to get th*ir
-_ln9 wet today," was replied. "Not one Of Hem
ls now to i>- sei-n vlihln a nillo of thc City IU11. .m*l
none has bSSa ftBtott since n.Kin.
-uh, yes,'1 aaflwereg lbs Comtnlsslonei, wit! b_
nsrial Jolly expression, "they are > it 'e-eplng the
crossings rl'-ar and the culverts and gaiters open."
" Tben why ls lt that Hie culverts ar-, all dogged
up In lower liroadway so that Ibo gaiters nre maning
c-rb-blgh with ?insti and Water I"
Tiie coniml_luii<-r *ent for the Broadway contractor.
Mr. Wlialeu, ru.,I a.skcd Lim why thia work Wis
neglected. The contractor dt-nl.-d that thi- wns th.
case, but anyway lu- onkl tint h>- wns not n_uln_
to keep tha culverts op-n. lint gnpertntandenl Bob
Ht*-, on a stntenient of the situation by a Tribune
reporter, ordered tli_f au tasgSctkm be in.de, and
afterwards telephoned for a force r.f men lo go iii
work on tho crossings and culverts In tho BStghbar
hood of tho municipal ohVes. Thc sapsriatendeM
wron* ont himself and oversaw their opeiaUoaSi ai_t
tho result was u pleasant chango for p.-<>p_* win
were ..bilged to go out Into the -torm. If the
proper -system were observed In tho tareel Cleaning
Iiepkrimeitt, this necessary work would have bees
attended to early in the dav. There ls noi the slight
est e_cu.se for the manner In which thc openings, to
Iks sewers Hud the street crossings win- neglected
yesterday. Th? force of sw. ep.rs al the disposal
of the department ls abundant, and the discomfort
'Visited gpss thousands of citizens who went ah,.tit
with ssaUng feet rill day might have been avoided
If tbs simplest pr.-*mullins had hoon Liken by the
htnet dsaatag officials.
'Un- downtown streets were in a horrible stat**.
Nassau-f-t. la hard enough St nnv time, but with the
space between thc curbs a m?s> of *nnw mid mud
mid water which wns Ihrowa in gnat sheet* on the
_ld.-wi.llts and over pedestrians every time, a wagon
struggled through the slush, the Situation W'fis ex?
asperating to a degree. No attempt wns made, e\
crpt fur a block er two at Wall-st., to k.-ep truss
wiiv- dmr Tha ..wners of stores and the i_ln had
et>mbi-_l to keep t:ie sidewalks free from snow, Htid
the raia "Would hiive dun* more than Ihe Ttimrtidiit
street cleaners If lt lind had half a chan*e. As ll
was, tho sewers were choked .and lae ruin settled
Into tho snow, making a mixture whick was al .'nl
uilraldc culture medium for pneumonia. Overshoot
were no protection. * nie would have wanted rubber
Im ots tn keen rlrv feet.
Early In the morning wi.en a thin conting of li*
was over the walk*, many a fall occurred which sen!
tho victim sprawling in a foot or two of waler which
Ihe i-hoked np glitters ln-ld.
Bullery Park was a Md of slosh yesterday, bounded
by streets miming with mnddv sra ter. bouth-st,
was almost Inip.is-able. j,nd In -mn,. ,,f tt?. thorough
lares near the water-front pedestrians waded through
six lnilie-. of slush and nun!.
There wen a few men downtown who wen turn?
ing sn hon. st p.nny owing to Ute gilby condition of
the streets. One man lind provided bUasetf with eight
amply seep hosea, asd bf joining each two with a
board, tn- laid a roadway half way across Park Row
from the inst centre door of the PoetoAec toward
F.e.-kman-gt. The owner had to keep hlin-elf boar
picking up ll >? BCCttonS Of Hie bridge as the cars
the mn ut;e.
esme along. The bridge loll wa* a cent, and though
lt lsd only to a puddle, people were glad lo pav Iks
money for th*- short relief and the niau male con?
siderable money. One mau who hud started from
Ihe east side af I'ark Kow and wits making aaa nf
the bridge for the second half of lils walk declined
to pay. bnt Um Inventor Insisted on the rights of
bis patent and pushed the nifin riff tutu ono of tin
deepest und dimest pudd!re In Ike str.-r-t, much t> tue
amus<mont of ?v.-rvt'oIv but Ike viet.m.
There wert- twa plunk lirldgos In Na-san st., but
Bs Hie soap box was not In this cnmhtinillnn the
wood was soon brok.-n up bv the passl.ig tragic.
While it listed, however, pepi.- were quita willing
to pay their cent.
Water from a broken multi so M :itg *m* r. si.. J-r
*ej ___< washed ghoul a bnadrad itel <>f Ike road*
way d .wu upon Um meadow, yeatmday afternoon,
dostroyliig thc trolley irru'.ts and necessitating UM
tra_*.fer ot passengers. The break occurred about
thno weeks ago. but the ground was frozen and tb.*
watoi rut a passage for Itself nn1 mn d-iwn upon
tbe meadows, an the nuthorlHes did not consider
it necessary io put in a new Joint. When ihe rain
Of yesterday look the fr?,st out nf th" ground. Um
street, which wus bulli across the mi adowa i*i ihe
Heights, pi ve way. and now another good "Job"
awaits one of the ring contractors.
Scranton, Penn., I-Vb, in.?Th- greatest snowstorm
ta many \ears prevailed beta all dny. The aaow i
liow mon Huin a foot di*p hen and Hi'" storm shaws
IK? sign- of abating The street Balla BJ I r>ii 1 all
conveyances for iravcl are snowd np. ex'-cpilog the
steam nads. At Tobyhnun.i and I *h ,i,? Mimmlt
elgliteen inches was th. d-'pth ni arl,isl at 7 o'clock to?
night, while point. In Wayne ant ousipieliannn c"un
tics nponed twenty Inches ai that Innir. with th"*
storm still continuing, -tare I* great f**ar ih:it be?
fore morning all ihe railroad, lctdlng from Hits city
adH be blockaded, and to night tbs Delaware, Lacks
Any bl. ding wUI t.o Mayat*., -..r Boss, irilt-tlnn and na?
ri** _ -pl* _r. B.1 skin O' tatt?Kg.
AVOID SI'IiSTl'l'.T*_s- li .l.uno mode <.:.1_ by
Tanti __tiB?t io., to ____!?., Kew-Tart
waana and Western i. emt?ag hera all Its section
un n. shop han-* (.url erigin*-!) mi-?? employe* available,
... aa tn aa m_anily ready to nu nus- blockaile Ibal
?ay re.'iit. No coal trains ors being senl ant, and
none bat paaaengrr trains and psrlshah"** freipiit nr
u-in. more? The .u.rni \slii ii I - ? torre id:<n--s al
immy ,.f tin- min--, n^ lt will ba uni* - - * i * 1 - - I.ir a few
days lo g-t eal- upon tb- i?-alter s\*n.b- .
tl KAW S'N<?\\ KA l.l. IN MAS -A< IIIUSETT..
PlttBB-M, Ma-s.. Koli. |_ ?prelat). sti'isv In- boca
rapidly fniiim* -lute >> o'tloeh this morning. Tba
hi.h -ind from the taxi kai grilled the highways
and trains are somewhat delayed, it is Uta beavla?
Bnowfan of the winter.
Trenton, . . ?!.. Feb. l.t.-Thc nut hurl iles hero are
abu mai oreg tba roa__bm nf tic* ?ear. Ko waler
far i?BkIng purpaMM lin- l?-eti obtainablei fiw four
(lavs, thc pnmp-hOBM at the f.-er-vnlr ls*ilii.' ill.-abk.I
l.y th's |,r. Thia nfter':.a.n the IMBI. ..f Public
Works iieid a Beseting nriti datermined oa aa ailempt
to -lari the Ice out of the river l.y the u.f (Hun
mite. Contractor Thomaa Craig and fl force . men
svin po to Periwig Bar to bkmtow mondag ntifi be.m
operatlanfl on tba i*r?iii purse tbara, where tba ka is
pl bit np thirty met above the surf.. ?? _ lb" river. It
ls solidly Imbedded In ibe st?am, ant tbe Jam eatei?S
many miles. If n few hundred tims can be d_odged
tbe gorga any be t-roten. All thc britgt* aero-i
ihe Delaware mid Lambert?le are now in danger, as
the bc is pre?eil aga Ina! the abutment* nut i- prul
Itally unfleiiniiilnp them. Thc flour mills of th- .Hy
.-.li cuni- to a Bland?111 to-day owing t<> Um InaiMta?
tinn of ih-ir lower than**, and ali..pet her lhere ncc
now i;.(hu* hand; mil nf cinploMii-nt. The Delaware
i- higher lonlphi than ever befote in it- hlalm-y, nnd
the submerging of the baalness streata la tba heart
.?f tho etta N probable.
Port D.-p..-. Md., Feb 13 (Special). Karly Itali
morning tbe lee lu Ibe _i?inehsnns again gorged al
MeGall- ferry nnd t';e Water thal had riaen on the
lower street.; nnd C'V.-r.-ti the railroad tracks Slowly
?seeded and lbs people were afforded tipperary re
lief. The ire boats partly opened a channel near
ll:- bridges, bm lt Was soon -hoked ap with I u
rak- of lee. To-day waa the annlrersary of the
prent fin? that nearly d"'-tr?.yc<l tbs I iWn seven
var"- apo. Winiam Roberta. I ? owner ot Robert'
Island. opposite ihe upi
l>. rllous position.
nd Ol I'..rt Rep .-H. I- In
He cannot leave ths* Island nor
.ifi nay ont Irma tbe rnslnlsrrtd renes him. ahoold
:*? rtrrr il-e mtsrh Maher ht* -only safeij would be
n bia bonsetop or lu the branchei "' trees.
ROAM B-sOCKEO IN IL .Tl*. i'"l'NTh
Rtngston, H. v.. Peb, I. atpeelal).?A moderate
blaaari has i.een raging here efl day, haring begun
?linim. tho night. Tba -now i- ihe hearte-l "f ihe
winier, and i? I- still frilling ropldlv to-night, d Iv. ti
I.v | ll.ree north-nst pile. Tharr ls te* OT twelve
in.hi". ..ti un ereng? The merrnry i- ?1>..m 35, and
thc drifts pack solid, blorklng tbe rant* and -m-1
i.ndlv. Nearly all bO-fteBl thu tuopettttt today.
ah trains, w-r- delayed.
Fonda, N. Y..-Feh. 13.?/I beary Bimw*toi_ stnirt
the Mohawk Vail**, shortly after no a lo tay. ll
-mi snowing bard tonii.iit.
Chief Inspeetor Rot**?s, ?<f the Ra?-an
.t 4
t.-ipei.iis lil- ti- . yesterday reeelvet a m?.sage Ui
i-b ph..in- ihni that- wera two or three wa n
_ typhus lever in the \v..ikh..u? on Marka ll'
l.liind. bal Ibe names al th- paiients wrre noi tent
to him. Ile -dd Ibat lae patient- would I" rared
f..r mid Ike usual pr.-.-nulli.n- would ba t.il*. n lij hi
pbyaMana aa tba i-i.-md. Oenrta lldmert, iblrt* li
yean old, a t>pim. palleni wba wm removed lu
North lliother Island ..ti .lunn.uv 30 from No. 33b
East Ninth st., diol y-.tciiiny morning,
A report thnt there was I ?maper!et rase ol small
poa at N". ->'- RobMns-are, raasrd an Inspect roi thi
Bul eau -f 1'onlag-?is DUease* to si-ji thal boil ?
yt-terday, He found thu* Nra. Mary ?-hmldt, thirty
*<??:. a years aid, bad di-d in the house Iroan amnll
poa on Baaday, after bb illness ..f levcral days, sh
had I.n tOO l*.'.r to hnve n <|..< I .r. BM) Hn-r. .'? re
'he raw bad rv.i brea reported t- the Health I?ord
.....n.-r. lu the -ame dons, m.- Inapertoi tooad Anni.
Mill-r, ihlrie.-n yean oM, Buffering b_n Ihe tiara ?
she was Bent !" Storth Ri?lier Island. -aol Motion,
twenty yean ott, who vs.i. ant?ring from smallpox.
walked from bl- bum- nt Wo. iv. Weal Tss.ius
levenUt-l. t<> Rel-?ie Hospim! yeaterdiy and ?.
Beni to the |.|:ui(l.
Wllliatn Wallace and Daniel Hairy wei* remor_
from Ihe lodging hun? No. 0 Cllatham Ki|narr to thi
pii'.u llo*pital yesterday as ?? a_.p4.l1,." riiej
ls n.'iu. lever.
(nay h.is
Tte- i\itiria <'i iii h. 11 it. iM.'.iiis m hUbb .. ? ?
lag Bl ?_-?. B, ssith an s"<-i,i!jh. . nf i.i..,.it. lOQ. Ibe
tin-n e cf tin- B_a_g ssa- ? .sum.. I..-..on. n| our I ..ur
lim.tiri. Team." r.\-.liid. W, ll, Arnott* pr?Med ,u,.>
aptatt th' di*easslM. Edward Kggleal.tnt 1 nure-*
man W, C. P. Breekia*?gi men un.1 1 -I a* Ibe
tpeakera al th- rv.-nitiif. bal Hr. Rrrekli.ridte sa. an
ul.!?? tn ba p|i??il. Mi. Ia'.'I.-. ;..i,'. j.lin... irks .1
tiinughllal sud Ml*-?as |.i.-.i'iitrii,i,i .,t Um ?pl nnd.-i
_lac_4l. and s"-j- ||_t_s? t". 'sin, marti mt.
I_e_ ?_.* sn Inf itnsl Hi*' -. i. hln h. lui hy lo. Whit m.
An.nm! th's**- r'""*''"1 Bretrl O. Ii. Potter, Mr. wini Mi.
Warren Bigley, llnn,iit..n iv. Ship?tn, Mm. Llo*. 1
Houaaa, Mr*. Mary Lowe BI*-k-son, Jobs ,\. .telther,
*r_i*_aat and Mi*, a n Waatttrt, Unrk-a Wai
Atidtow Stiiimd, ji.. Wilsaa 1, oin, Mr. ont Mr-, iomrt
Talent. Bliss ll. -".I'-it*. C-4S?I nnd Mt*, iii..:... II.
l)i"iil..-i, th- -ev. ?ml Mm, mf. ll. Ii- I'i . Miss Mi.
1: M-ftla, I>aiii-I .ir-ni sf 'I in....,,-..ii. Mrs. I. C. I'i?y,
Dr. mu. Mi*. I., ll. <'(.., it Um K's. JJ, Winthrop ll. ?"?
man, lobm WlaBeld .S'?tt, w. Oaorge r I?Mia.ta ami tte
l\t\. t . p. Chap-*.
?m i'-it I. t'luii has j'i-i Unmet 1 rlr_!_r io _**
< I. I. \ lii.-M nf Bl ss *,',,:k n.kniL' tint, ..ri IM Sn:..l,s
loUowtag Washing-?'* Birthday attreeam bc Bellven.
in Ott ri.nr.li.. ..11 lha -niij.it, ?Tb.. XbIIm'i Debi t..
tb- M<.:in-i- nf Washai-i..11: 1 .ni-, ?_alni tm Clti'en
?hip." Tin- 1.-'in.-t 1. Bignell by u co__lila a of 1*1.1 a
ax-lodge Ni?a Davis la ilea nan.
The annual meHlng ol Ute Board >f iru-tesa ol Uk
. -i. 1111:1 ll.--] lui ssh- h.-l.i at AI?1 Un. ii-' ni.'i.t.
I':c?i4i.-nt Thoma ?"lunn .raided tt_ ebalr. ti- fol ton.
Mg attn men eleeled __*_?: IB. WIIIIbw Bal**- . ti. 11
1.1.1,1, C. r..in.i, .1. Mew-is. J, r. fara.- bi u a. gin* >i
uni., a ssin 1,. elected iii ta- next rr.cibog.
The Maoal repoH at mt ii__ . showed Ibal Bto.ooo
bad bool ot?atari ha ihi coo bu at Mon ..1 u bolMlns . .1
Um ii-- cf Sha Tra.hiing aehool f..r Nur*es, The bulllli a
will <<..t *7.*.(-0, iud t." ti .1-1.? BJBj?Bl ? ll- fin i.i
<.f Um hospital le coo tel bm* the _km>i-r uer? sry. Tb*
I.an. i.t fluid ..1 Uie boapital ssa. 1 i:u-..| al?ot
*i;,t)04i dariag Ui ? year.
.ni Jaaaaty 1. lau., mort sreie 1,907 _b*erlbing nant.
t..i*. in the ?BB-_mry St?ti nattenta m- ? t .1 1
fe.- of iliarve tai?g thc 4eai, While l..it;.-i-i. j.li; ?!? i_i
<ar. 1 f..r Um sick, giving I't.sii. |-??rlpu?a*. rb. 1 s
pt ii.-'- uf Um in ?|iitui tarina Um rww wm +00. ooo.
I.. 1 _- > -11 ? ? Hayer, ont ot Ike eaMn pn-s-n. r. ?.f me
stesiii.-r EltM, ss is ann.tmMMd t/i BU? |__? BO .*> ifuds;. -,
and thou- gaosUooad i.v Colene! Web? ... t.> obci?* he
bsd nilli.- fi .111 i-.tii.jiiv timi-1 a .'iilril li a" I f Ihe
maiia.-i-r of the Aii.t-rnaii I?aaeh >.i Beuss, Ri*?lela V
Co. A* there ssa. no is Iden. .? against lilli. Ml His ;
wa* p-rii.lit.-d t., .onie 1,1 iii,, lits. iii,- 1 ,,ni|ii tint against
him ss?? bm?a by B. H. BrateM sud V. .1. 11 ines, ssa.,
are coiinei-U-d ssith UM _l_ of X.u--. II.-.!. In _ I"
The .enloi- BMMb- of the linn Hst. in i.-iniiiiv. Mi.
Ba*_a ssa. not in ? - eaajtay ti Um Brm, a-.d hal eoaM t..
this country to fannlarl/c hiin-df sr!th Anerlian bas!.
ne., m.-thods.
Ihe lii.inthlv m-'tlng of Uie Obit g_|Q*J waa held UH
i-veiilnj In lt* rooms. Xo. *BJ| Klfth-i.s. . It wu* an
lioiinci. seveisl ils.v* ajto thst a mtptdM WU la atti* f-.r
mern "h- aitaMidd Bm __ttag< The aarysriaa ss.. s
?io?t BgOBeiilili" one. t'oon.-l Wlllmm I.. Mrun., pn-al
dent of th." fci.il."ty, _v.- to the aoi-lety |h.- la.t pt?BN
I.in!?I by .lam.-s ll. ft'-ard. lt u .. Iii... If.-an- |.or
irslt i.f Hciiera! Mitirutiii. Tia- |it?. nt ___B -t .-???- la ss a*
ii,?, by .j**neini Wag" 1 ? nwyma. Qaanal Xkeeaaa Ewing
aiiepteU tin- p-.tt:_it In an t lt .nen: .,.h. s. s. I*aek<
srd thea '<"iK l-e i-halr ind ni.BM I Mr. lc stjok- I In
..Iiier srsaker. iver.- S_-0 senior s'anp'i. ll uni Muhlon
.'?-ll. e.
I*.-.inti.m. wen adopted ? u.e flask, ot at fit?Aral
?_?*_ and __B- ?lim L, Tl.liall. sh., were BMmb i
of the soelrty. V.\-Jtid_ Wurrga IHghy |n.-eiitcd tic
r_olut-iu on Ute death ot thc ?** I*_s_ea_
rm i'i.ki k DOLaLtss gives -"Mi- iNTiiu.-r
iv; RECOLLECT!* -S OF Till- <_'-'? *T
__*.%_ 1 PVT '!'.
'me loans saaasl glaner si Um Hr "kiwi I'nlon
League Clag In rommrmorailon ol Abrabam Lincoln's
birthday wu given last evening al Ike clubhouse,
Itedford-ave. ont Dean-st. Howard H. Maka, ared
'!. nt ..f Hie rlub, who was lo preside, wan unable
in be then and hi* pla'-.- was occupied by V1''0
I're-idenl laitjamin V Blair, On rllber ride of th*
presiding ofllnr, al u.e guests' tab's ml ___-T_*
Douglass, Ike Rev. Dr. H'M* C. _-**l_-. lbs _ **?
Dr. Edward UraUUn, ei-Congrcsiaisn Ktephei V.
While. J. s. T. stranahna, Deams Rtronf, Charles
H. Ruaacll, Bdwaid .-. Wallace and Ueorge <?? Rey.
noids. Then were ten * nm lattes, six with thirty
one rovers ..nd four with twenty-Kre sara. Theea
were presided Over by Theodor.- ti. Christ SMS,
Vf. li. v I I.I.I .MB.
Pranrls lt. tmaon, Chester B. lawrence,
Wl'li.-nn ll. Williams. Clark I?. Rbbieb-trt.
Horace J. __rse, George P. Eliott, Andrew D. Dstrd,
Wanan I'.. Hill and Frederich L*. Truslow. The
large dining-room oa lae fir-t Boor wu* spproprtstely
decorated for Ihe <? raslon, anl .'tn MCbestrs pl:.>* I
patriot lc music nnd airs of the day. particularly Birt
i| Hm ia..
\ ira- pre -I -i.-i. t Blalr'n -i.ch "ii railing Ihe aaaem
blagi' lo order aboul fi-W o'rlorl! -aa In Hm nalon
? f a modest apology fur assuming the fnncllons of Hw
absent pnsldenl of Ihe rlub. The Br. loosl *f Ihi
evening wa? ?? l*?-r-..iii.i Reeollertlons ol Abraham
lim oin.- sad li.-bri* k Doaglaas responded lo li
Then was much enthusiasm when ihe venerable nnd
pi. tut-.? IU.- figure of the fatuous .a. .rail ni .lor slow
ly Brow, He stooil fnr seveml mlmrtes looking anon
Ihe i leering group, With a ladle of evident Mils tart lon
nj, n hit Intenstlng real ire .
He *aid
lirkaps ll i* lui.ini- I ?? <.r f..r anv stan, I
? ni .11,. it,!, i .- . -|.- -, l-.l.v te** ,f A' r it-n-ti I,ii -In Il?
ls in tie- mind a,el ii.a-t ,,f all *-f aa, w. km-**- hist Bad
anew cf him _? we knot ol na Bihei gnat bm af sa
, mntry er boi reatary, uml **? ahall, l thlal all fa i
aalik-i f..- reviving and keeping alive, ms m. hi. Bats
tl li,_ tte- n "ti,erv ..f * a-li i. gr it 1"."''. I I'"" '?"'" I"
e.itiv lliiii". i. vety f-Munal mat. a'i*1 Bawog 'I ?? -lr, uri
ttaiirea lu ubi. r. I deem B"_?elf n,.,-t forWMBM l? tie
fa. t ef nu having ?u iii-_ii? gtmt "-ii i"'.!', hen asd
abroad. I hsv. wea lhal ' I ra ?: n 1 Ban" win l? Baw
,. laina lu I I,'-itel ai,,.ti" i i fur th liberties a
Ireland fheet*-, snd ??- ol "<.:.. !??? v "', 1 lu*
-,,-ii r,.* wham ne ban all braid (nert aha s ri
i??.iir*l d ?? atandli ? Utile k?? i thoa Um n-,-.i- bal
I bavi Birt wi'ii no Bam bi it ate .t Hiir..j,i nit., tm
pr. --? '. i- I" ','-' poa* - 1 ' - . I. a | dilke i Bl ?
ai tah ie I. I ?? n
Ini . 11 m :-. ii? ?? nay hsvi I i ?? Her e* n,
Iml t, mv eau,I mel fl-tl I l? '-' .if hun. In Wt lllb
.?f human ronda. -- and sol ' starter na belier a aa
??j \ i , ,i Lincoln evei *i ?: ?, ? ? * i apon ibis
nt i. *.r-..- ap|' mi H i- on. lb i i aa
n ni- and bim in pi ? pei Ij "t> Um
in l ii ia ,. and nu U aUa-r I I ...
pru. pt-rltr and ' ? sa ' theo
I n .1 Mr. I.i.In ;? waa In 1. _ I ' - n I',-, la
r;?.k Uv sall
Ibe I i,...ii ..; di r - ?h cal .1 ??? I - 'i- ll 'I '? ' i '. ? I
i- |,ti-.-ii i, ,f mir bul -'nell I.* -li.' er I. I
n i -- ,1 in- i thn I i . I i ?'- 1 la.. r- i-tn.-t,.- , f
. .i,.t il troopa .iel niel - -1, t ?., ..i nv awn tao* e ? tt
Ibe aral J \*a- duoMj i.-.-n ? in. I ii, Hint url r. fal li,"
? ,i ,.i .,.? e* ?. aftap Ins
I went bi Wi rt " I il > ' ita
K. < Pom.-1 ny, ,,( l, jti-1-, '.i.i ? ? .. - -, -,i. !,i i ; , ra Ni
_.. iii- t'blri Usg ? .I
r.ked. I mon -nv I ni- in tie- pr* ???.if . i
Hld a er-at mali ml 1 -, ..ii ill..,,..- . I, t ,, i , ,- ,- wi*
in than a HU!'- ori I,aught*) ll.
? a: en - ? tnt. ted ii- :? ?. - I
part ' " ii rna i Tb n b?>
began te ri- and ha 'll r-- until I ssw ? big man
' ? to. -i i,|. i r bli li-- rave i
? ? that ?>? exactly righi aol Un mei,, not toa
tu ma*' it . nmfurl ibl ? Ila di I
-mt -I..,. OVI ' ,!? .. ? ,i ' ,' , i, . .. I au le al
? !.. Kt. WWI
Mr. Doug repealed the '..rv h.- 1.1 ? Int.I bi ' ?? '.
of im". he sugg* '*'i mit on ?*.??< mk- order la I md
declaring lhal retaliation, man for man, s uM follow
Hie esii-ntlon ??! Ji-Iei un Dnvts'i frd.r; lum Mr.
Lincoln listened utl.-nilvel), bam niter d?lll_ ration h*
I- bile I nut Hie li all. n, Hie mn' v olde, il, n- Uml
hi.'I 1. li , il n.ila -? ll ? negro. i I li- r
i ow i an rul Ibe ..mi. al'. inu-i lie
mit t . ii*. . nytbliig ?.. . ,. ii, ii..- pr. _mii. ? ..[ tu.
willie -ihii-i-. "When le' came i> the i|uoatlon -.f
r. i:iii.-.ii..ii." nhl Mr. lamgla* . -H.- lend*, lean ,,f
the gr-ai I'i- Id.-nI ppin*red lu Ihe expn -mn of his
eyi .i:ni in every Him of hi- ennwiirn connlen.
ns w.-ll as Iii l,e t,,i.f |,,- appealing Voice -Keig
la--.- he said, 'I '". retaliate, i raiymi 'int,.
ne ll in ciilil bl.,,. I. 1 i eiiiint bang lien
abo bave had nothing lo do sith maidertag colored
pil-nli".-. <>' lol I". If I "nllltl gel holli nf ||?.
ii. ni.1 murderer I would deal win. Hiern as Ibo*
deserved, bul l rannol deal wllb nen whs have so
lal,il i, tl,.. Him.!. 1 - Helli ? Ives." Mr. Mongin--,
continuing sold: I wai ncl convinced lhal hi
logic was rigiit. I.ut I wa ronvlnnd lhal >lr. Unrtdn
iiim..if waa right." (Laushler snd appfatwaed Mr.
Dooglass relaied ..ile-r kneldenta In bia personal re
i.iii-.n i*t Mr. Mi i..in. snd -poi., among other Hiing.
Bl the appMu-U loll, Ibr pr.-- n'lin.-nt. thal lin Prod
deni would be ii- -.: dilated on lils Wa) In.tn Ihe While
Hon , io Ihe i apllol nc during lb. lnaugurailnn . \
.-ri-.-. Ile i In-'I l.l- nillir*-* villi at, .|i?|iiei,t
tribute ''. Mi" g'linlne -ImpllellV, .ncertt) lind folly
patt loii in ??! Ibe 'I---ni ema lu Ipalor.
'In.- ioi*i. "What We Ma. la ai n from Abrahilin
l.lii" oin.'' wi- r. -|...iele I lo fei-llngly and .-1< ?< pi.-t. 11\ lil
tm- lli-v. Dr, In m. I Wayland. U.x rongre-sinah
w nit.- ?? ;, i tr I h.- I in un lal I idle* ul ihl- fount rt
a. Koiuiubiied i>v I lu.oh. ..n.i ins ? aid ii I." Kdward I..
Walla,.- I-nil.d to tie- last toast, ? l;.-|iiii.ii. im Iiln
? ipi.-.
Ile .lilllie! l 'Hill,lilli" e mn Isl' ll of th. -Lr ll.
Lawnnee, Kthan \ll*ti Ihily, .lame- I), Carpeater,
.1". i ph H. Huron nmi Kdsard ll. Ilobba.
? - ? _
WAR wu PEACE rvi'iill li AT TUE Dl.vMIl Of
The four'h .iiiiiii.il iiitnier nf Ibe hon of Veterans,
I I\ I -u.ri of Sett % ..rh. Lafayette Camp, No. so. was
given last nigh) in i .- Hotel llrunswteh. The larg*
dining ronni \\a- draped Witta I.inning. Stack- ol
nriii* were hall liilib ii by sweet gowers, llaadaoaje
ns wen ii ??? ti .coral.. i.f iii.- rum. none attracted
inoi'e Bl teni loll than a flag w b li -Iih.I lu a cirilo
of gun- at Hu- li Mn iml of tl,, ri nt. lu- lt ig was
pn : I**! lo !'?? ramp by ion* ral Vf. T. Sherman, on
'**i'l-l 1-. I ?'?'. .al fl meeting "l'l la the Ma onie
!? it,plc. Colonel Charles E. -prague pnatdrd ni tbe
dinner, ai Ibe right were seated Oeneral Wa-rr
I dwayne, commander "f Rew-Yorh ?.mandery, Mill
i iniv Order ni ihe lanai Lrgkm; \. <.. Min*, com
j mander of LatayeHe Post, U, A. R? and i!-- Heir, Dr,
\ t.eorge '.. Kplntng. "ii iii* left wen- \v. b. Oberdorf,
' " ".mmauder ni Ihe Bett % * rK Dtvtaion, son- ni \v
? -Him Dartow 8. Weeks, Dr. Reynold W, wilco*, ami
| tha Rev. Edwin C. Holies.
| Ai u> o', lodi Colonel sprague eallsd for order, mid
I in ? l.rbf speech Introdseed the Brai speaker, Vf, U,
I Oberdorf, The speeeta which followed provoked
laaghter and appbase. Oeneral Swayae spoin- on
Abrahan lincoln, the Ref. Edwtn C. Holies lind "(?ur
t'otiiiiry- for 1,1. Il .me, lind A. r,. Mm, gpofce of
"Truth Waaia >o (alar"
'av,- that ,,r na-iiii BSd pn l-alililiy, ard
whta apgUad t"i iis-_r-tt-s lbs OM Db
niiiiiiii pBava hy Um parity sad *.mu .f
theil I'l.iinif e un, tl,,.lr lone*', fer llr-t
pl.c- iii pul,ll,- favor. rhSlSgllSh laclw,. d
la ssch issksgt.
"Huny adi" Waters.
-anrmp'a. lave nesutty npp*_rod m
aime Rewspspera hera stating that a Bott.
Vast firm of mineral water d-sleis nr>- tbe
I* s-e.-s Iii America of Ihe Hunyndl Waters of
lui i:i Pest, and respectively Bets agents In
th*- I'nlted Siiil-s for the famous Hu ny ad!
feprings of Hangar*.
Thees _tat__eata ure ABSOLUTELY false,
snd the Intention wrltb Which tU-y ar.- made
ls OhviO'tS.
Ilofnre rinv Hunvadl Water WSf practically
knowTi In th** Cnlted stat..*. TU" Apollinaris
Dempsey, limited, si bondon, widely and
sneer mtalrji Istrsdaced lbs Hunv-ii Janos
grater, the Proprietor In Dud. Test of tbs
Spring bavlng entrusted ls them, for a t.-rm
of yssra URI naespb-d, Hie sol** sale of this
waf.>r ls Kn. and and In all frat-marin*
places. Haayadl Junes Writer h-vlnc 1>e
Saste very p*ipulnr. quite a numb*-r of other
Water* nre now offered for tn le. under nani*-,
of which the w-nrd Hnnytidl forms prirt. nnd
In bottles, nnd with labels, t*lo_-Iv resembling
In appearance nnd mlor tlmae long used for
Haayadl .ssas Water.
The word " Hun. adi*' Invlnir become a
generic linnie fur Hungarian Ritter Water,
good, bud. or Indifferent. Ti" ApoDlmUiS
Corn pu nv affixed ts the Mottle- of H-invadl
Janos, th.- itaaaariaa Biller Water at which
tbey hnre still the %n\e sale, a sin ill Yellow
Lat-el With th.-ir Ib-d Msmsnd, lbs Bbfect of
Ihls Trade Mark being ONLY to Indlraie to
the PnbllC that the bottle go labelled ls fold
bT The Apollinaris f'omp-inv, limited.
Consumers, who desire to secure the lt nn
g-irlnn I'ltf -r Waler said bv The Ap-lllnnrhl
Oampoa., ure requested tn see that tin- botUs
bears rh" n<*d Diamond and Ikey sn
caattoaed nsain.t ?ucii ahaalntely fal*.*- state*
men's sa tie.se contradicted henka.
nc. Reaver rt., Rew-ToHfc
Bois Agents In UM Called States snd Canada
of The ApoRlasrts Company, Ltmlti-d. London.
'Pool ami Camp." and i'.tin'sl as much appiaoae c.*
the other speaken.
Among those present wt r- Arthur ll. Elf, P. "?
Crane, t_ren_* D. Brana, Mr. Rdmund < srieton, iv
Tecumseh ?"herman, Colonel lloyd Clarkson, Colonel
Mason A. Stone, Mr. Rd wa rd 1. Ayme, c. I'.. Hrdllday,
i-a ic Vf. Fowler, John v. R. Clarkson, Franc! M.
Lade, (apt.un liny fi Howard, C. rt, \ ; I.. L. Oralie,
i . iiiamln ?. Mead, William ll. Hubs, Orahnm Scott,
Henry M. Davin, Vf. -. Ilophln. and Uh Bird I*.
Wi, re.
LIN'"I.N i:i*.M|-.MI-Ki;|-.M IX .E__KY CITY.
Tbs Uneola (lab of Jersey < Hy gave l's twenty
eighth anaaal dinner si Hie HoM Wnahlnjpon laat
evetlng. ihe toasts snd apeaheri wen -. Mlowa:
? -w. i* nine." i're-i.b"t Charles i*. Case; "Lincoln In
lbs li.tu. .' Roaweg ll, llorr; ""Whal Hi- 1'nlle.l
stat.-.ipi for Abraham Linc-h.," 61. Hair MeKelway
?The Huiworo-S .-li*- of Lincoln's Character," VteA
? rilli Taylor, and "New Jei ey," Julge Jonathan
Dixon, Mr. Wliiinm Iiovd, who was down to r pond
io 'lite Dat) "f ile- American titian as Ikughl b>
Lin.iiln's Rxample," wu* iinai.ie to altei I.
The I.Inc,in tlui, ol l:.Kiwi held H* annual
ladle*' reception lu*' evening al Itt cluldionse In
ialuna.ave, \ pspir wa read upon lim 'In. b)
t i?i.t, niii,i-Colonel Thomas I', lian, C K. A.. *-?* 11.
I- - anni..-1 al Oovernor*s Island, snd i mu k si enter
tal m. :t followed, lin- reception waa attended bj
BWIl) in- mle-r ? Of the * lah ..I.tl Ile lr f: lend .
? m
? iii. m \. !!_-__. RD l* MU' ion
? tilca pt, I ? :?. Hi, Ata_il na I. ii oin' blrtlid u a .
nb erred ir, i i go ?.. dat by ??*-? ri, - - si t _ pub I
.: snd * ? * i.'-i'.-' . ' i inh and ihe I... m ol
Trail-'. Se?". r. I till BUI I ? ? ' ?, le 1 I ? \ .
Intllg.lt 'lie Mai.|li.lte .hu, g.|\e ill ,| , I ? ,r.i t.- lian
,|i.,t \t il,.- Auditor! -rn Ibe larg, il eh ls HI rn .,f
? gnni! ' arv .ii.-,.I I'i.ni.,', I li,.rn i '- nrelier
'll ; ,* i ?.,i .-il of | .'.'I I.ni er I altin
I .:. li' ? nd sn orallo . on lin* ai irtj i i iv. ni. ni
_/M1- ir/,-/: OAS WoRK.l soil* To R-5TO.V MES
Nllwaahee, wi-. I.'., ii. . lunion lyndlcata bax
pun .. i-,.i tbe Ulla inker lia Work, snd will las.
i e, ???, M u i . i. i . con 'i i ti ..a i, -.-j.
aili i,i,.
r.luiii'.i. N. V., i'.:.. ia, Pnstd.*nl Van Morden, of
x i Indra .emale i nil. ge, , rt dgned on ai ? mint
of ii ill.agre.-in* nf between bim*.Hf and Hit* ru - a,
Ti,,- -saint Andrei - i .-? :?? r King'* Dat ;hb - I. l.l a
K-t'i-.i, , !..-? ii. ht Iii I i. - .., Ila . 1 lotty < hun h
ll " ....!,?! tvv .-ari.d' -: ii I I. - .','.|..u-a\e .
it mt i (? t ti." i haili lld soi I . li i
.. ? uga | l In ..ii im t - ? ii tm. -i ii; m.. a i.
glv< n in He- ? irlb-i lian fi
t Mi. Its tai \ am td band
?? , Bil i a -,i gill le* f ? , \ n
In fie norh ..f tte- rlnl i t ?.,! d gi ?
rbi Settled I un a I ? | len nmi- i ti..- n . .. 'I -
V ll- Ul, Mi- i _ i.nll an I Mt- I., ll j;, . i.
////. /I IA I ll LR REPORT.
\\ asl la lon I ? I ll Tba __ri alili h waa renu-jl
'll Hie Neill. I ll,el,I.. ? l.-t tills it,,,: nu, .- |. ||,.? ,?,.,,! a|
.a tie- *.,i.t i mi Set. I. t. -.? I ni<l e,n, attended bj .eve.
nertie usn tlv gal.g tie N a I.orin,il ant >' ,,l l|. \.
laatlt ruaata. H.- iii-n.i,....,. < thai waa In Ute I tm-1
>l?.?mt.,iii region thia morning lu* n ? -\? <t louthw-rd, uni
aaa rosers Bt-tara Colorado sod Wcati ru K _?*_.. Thu
<ll?tijrl_ii e l? n l!.>?,.I li] a ' "I'i v ive, i lu ** aaa
reaehed Raethers * ... rada sad Wrster.1 Nebraaka and
Hm-. r.aHi.tUs. alt-i-ib ft In high lertln r!i Kinda uni Ml OM
Sinn. i. repartrd f .in Kew England sad "luthers *> s
.??it, aad r.in la Ron i i - * bal the wt iib i hi- rd ired
la me BMihwaid. iteaviatly tali Hesther rontlnuei
In tit- M -*,*.ip|,i Valle., uinl then? ,.,,t,. .,| ?\,, H..
i-i-i t ri mi mel iiiii,. Valley. Tba t> n.|.. t .mt. baa ri.
lu all <l.?tii t. Bast ef tl,, Mla.ta.lppl ?,,,| In ih, South
weat ll i- SO .!?.?!?? * ..a! r lu the Wi-ti port lona
_ ti,- Dakota*: .itel Neb i ia and In Kortbern coh.rado.
The uni;..I. ?i ? Ilia" min Kill pnvall In 'li rent Ml
vail..* mt lake iegt?i dorina th" altai. ai Bl.bl
inning ,tit.. mos m ibe Kortbwrat and the -tatra ..r ile
MK-e..*i \' ii,. Warner, *n'iiii* liv winda te.ann...
in Ibis i "i.e. \*i:i he tiin.v.'i in :i , kl wave ra.-adsy
III 1,1 LT U..t,e s. ,
riie r,.n,,n I,,... heavy rainfall in in.*,.., ?:l. reparted
dating Um la-t twenty-foui baan: prawpalla Ala., 2.00,
ll..- ile,, ar- above the ilaiiaa line (ta reel ..ml nulli-,
niel rl-luu'i Al . in, li,natl. ;;..', j KVBUSVllta, Inti., lill;
Mount laruei. lad., 8.0. Th* Ohio, from Plttabti
Pa-:." t -iinrg. i* laillag . baa i'la, inn ill n. Caira ll I- rta
in.'. The Lower _.la*l?aipp| fr.Calla lo Newr-Orlcana la
Halag, 'lie i timi,.-ri uni at Keabvltle, sad Ute Tenne.
ar ChaMBSBBga, sn H-ng rapidly, Tbe -svanash ut
A',"n-tu ,- Halag, Thr ingle-i ilsgo ..t CinrlnnaU, 40
f.-.-t ?Ul neem mi ihe nth. U Kvsaavllln tie- *l.ig.- of
1_ f.-ci Mill |?- pan It'd eil Un- ITili, uml nt .'are, 111
f.et in rn. jots,
I'et Korth ra Nen l.ii-.-i ut I, *no'.v. followed n* clearing,
I er Momera Kew-Knalaod, hms hMilsht, followed bj
ii ? weather i'm "In , norUw ly winda, thlfi rig lo
le i.isl. a gew-T iii. I i*i. r i Pennayl vania, Kew
Jeromy ami D-iawaic, rlesrtng daring thc sight Bad gen.
aislly fan on T.,u* : northerly slndn, thlfttng to nouth.
a-i. h warmer Tuesday night; rain on Wi Ineaday.
I . Mar.lani, Virginia .ml lbs t'sroUaaa, r..ii ; Viiiiier
Tb - ?'?. i 'i Wt 'i ? -ia*.
l-ei \\---t v I'.'inii. Wi.-i-i, Kew-York, W tern Peon
?? iv it na niel t'liie. warmer; ina m mom du rue-iby night
,.r *". ?? bli -iln
l'..r Indian, sad Illinois, iain nr mew; nana, followed
liv a rold ?a\ ? I ii"*'!u\ nigh.
TIlllH'M. LOCAL 0_H_B_VAT!0.!S.
Ht__-_ Uurulag bight.
i 11 4 fi ? i s . pj ni: I 4 ? ? T !? 10 ll
-i- p_MiOT_LB_ffi j ?-;___M^i_t_r^y
ll', | '?J.y_l_r(^,ap^ii(^i''--fc'T^^
t^,r;-*-'i.if,:F.J?.^^ I
?VA L___v
?": __M_!l_-____ii_-__.
in un* Siagnua * laaMaaaaa wails imr .non. th.
tlian|(*'* Ml Inc-nra, as Itulejtu by Tn- Tilbulie'i lg f
rerotutiiK banmeirr. 'lha brakea lisa ri-praaeata ibu tem
parnta a a* Sbsarvcd at Ferry-. 1'hsiii.i, y.
Titi,nu., onie.*, pei,, ii i % n, it ? w cloudy v.- tan
dav, -i'.li light new .mil ;l _ ??| deal nf rilli, fie I... :|
BH-lpttaUoa mi.naiitiiu; to IM Hillie*. Thi-r waa :i
(leiriii. leads* v nt sight. The taasgsrsia-s nmgsd hs.
n.e.ii ...? ami :i, decrees. |fca gverssa ll!', . betas lu**
hlgnet thia aa lbs sarraaaaastag day ta* vcr ami a.
lowe, th.lti nu f-niiiil .v. *
lu s-iil ne ir mu' , itv to-day the.a will probably ba
generally fair, .lightly .aru-rr weather. " ?
vin: n:\v\kk ORDIXABY F.-I-S TO OSMjt THE
DI LEGATE*- IN. --i' II N- -KXI l'.sOR
[nv TKi.i.s?iaiii to tim: Tnntt'M:.!
Wa blngton, Feb. 13.?ll I* und.. tooti .'" tBt Cat*r*>
llc i nlverslty thnt the cur-,- af Ll-h-P **_gf- In th
ra-' "f -t Thomas's i lunch nt Baronne baa been ur
eepied Ly Am hM-in. s-1. ill a* apel contempt for lil*
.ililli..rttv bb tm Apoat<>lic Iiele.nt-. ""d thnt having
ptihlb-li_ an arti, lo lha rtetari -?? Bt. Hag-*/- ani
81. Mary's tbnt.h_ _ direct vai_*_? wBk bis aaa.
inniid. i:i.i...p -lager vin h- a-indgad guilty al ann*
tempi ot ti.- ii-iv *'? '"'?'-* ll" bwrntmrnxany com
pltes wllh Ibe .vl-r of the Apostolk Mrfata mid ns
imi iii is m.-.k-i reparation for the act ba hus earn*
miii.--. The rathol- ecdei__t_a here familiar with
Hie Hui. un- ditl.iultv iver- ,-idvN-d .1 weah nco that
Bishop -lager, nctbn ? mid not I"* _ iircnrd with
Ibe order <f -rehto-bop hUt?tl. Ob F-brunry t
KriH.er Abne. the pastor <>f Bl. Hfiny's Cbtirth In
llayonne, In a lone Interview printed in a New-York
pup. r. ls quoted aa saying:
'?Yon rmi further s.ty ibat tbe ilapateh paM-he.
from Washington ihl- B****rn_*g purporting lo give
Monsignor BatonTa d.-i-l-ioii ls not _tflfe_s- true and
that ih'- alleged decision ls tone, et*pe_a_"f In the
.l:.111 oed. cn.-.ri li-; my?If.**1
The pubUeatlon lu The Trlimn- to-day of Btabop
*Ylgg-. letter tn Father Anna nnd Father Killeen.
|nst ns lt ?.Mis rend by them tn th-lr respective ron
gregallnn* yesterday i.v ardef of Ute Bishop ls the
fir?I p-iilv- .vid-iic.. receired hore <.f tho eorrectaem
al Father Ihne'a aaaumptlon eoneernlag the future nf
-i. ii.in i-'. Chareb and ihe cause of twa af _-*_r
KHl*. n*. charges against Buhop **_gger. la attar af
the erder tataied yesterday ta the paston of gt. Mary
ant St. H'riry' - 'mn bea, aa entirely nt rariance
derision of tu- Ap_toUe Delegate, lt H
proper tn -iv lhat the ai points gi*?a in this corr**
spondence on th ? morn?g of K-hrunry 4 were ilirtnted
by Arebttshop sm dil to Ms aettag secretary <>n the
evening of Fehrnary 3, Immediately after Bishop
wi.-.-, r had signed hi- aame to tl.rlginal order, and
thu be gare then witb the full uiiderstiindin. thnt
I!,--,- were to I*, lariated throughout Ui- coaatry and as
bl* full und Baal derl-oii lu Hie llnyoniie ci..-.
eta*- theref..--. the aartab Brief- at st. Henry's In
Kuy .rm.- saw proper t" declare publicly that Hie de
rlston <>r Monsignor Bot >lil wns pot Blt4*a*ether true and
ihal ii was only nn alleged ii elston ami false ea*
p. i inils In one Important part kolar, th"--" la tba ("tin?
's ?? ol (be ApaatoUe Delegale suv the. were not
-;rpri .-I al f'" tenor ol Father Ahne's statement fur
n lied yesterday ur st tba contenta af tba letter al
fll-iop Algger.
-hi i the ordinary -r the - ewart diocese waa before
Ihe ApoHtolic D-le-iii- Ibe M-l -i was required loglve
hi* wriltem promise i at, with tba btu. p___e delay,
h- would l-ii- a < In iihir to ? v rv prlesl tn hu
ttl. deckiiing ihal bis prerloaa otter forbidding
iii" arran, nt* lo potents wno aenl th-lr children
In public -hool*, or t<> rhlMren who mended such
. v..i- revoked, it l- now under*ito 4 herr thur
m .?!. Ul.-, r hu. tu. Int.nil?i -hut.-vcr nf comply?
ing ssin, thai promise, ii- i.-ii-, lt I- mid, that
ihe r..'irte.ii -t__-i|c propoidBoob promabjateg by
Urhblshop .it.>ui are only i.i. personal vi-w.. amt
-illili, lu 1.1 B-Ore wright than the afgan*? nf any
r eminent peelile. in rapport <>f Hil- po-lti ax
Ul.hop -II-- r malnlalns Ihal the Bowfeign Pontiff
lim elf ;i<-.ii Hilt ih- entire n-i ,:i.i bi ii ty for tkasa
.li ric pr.p. .H.ti-, iitul having n-.li.-d the views
VVIgger .:i t..-i- unil' . in ioiinciiii.il with
..' .s.'ii bishop Iii the t athol. I'l-rnrchy.
p.p- I*?tea bb encyclical lo Hi** Uahepa
i'h..H.- flinn h In the tatted ..at?, the
p ?tolll ur.- o' nu pur -ciil? r vain
' in- iimi.-i- ii- a bishop emin.( be gueatloned
r-.i hs ihe ApoatoCc Delegate.
......ml potnl of Moorignor BatolU'a tethtkm
?! ? ? representative of The tribune aa Fab
read :i- follows: -a new palish t* formed of
two i hun"bes >.f tit, Thomas and .*>:. Henry, the
:? . Ol -.. Tb...mn- I- iii? tit* |. Ii.ilpal. und tba
burt . ul - Henry being tbe iu_m_Rlate."
Ill hop -lg*, r says lu pta 1-ttcr t.. Father Ahne
.m'i I- I:., rector "f ihl* in - pariah .ind the
congregation will worablp la .*. Ht-ary. Charrk.
Mon Ignor -it.dir. orter t.. Mabep Wigner awn Maa
l it the i inn h ol (H. rhomaa shall be reste?sj and
r'-.i|i-ii-d. iimi .ni Bandar* nnd b dv flays Ike second
mid principal mn-, .bull ba celebra?d in st.
I '-'?. Bishop VYIgger -ns- Ihe only Hm- m.is
shnii 1- -ubi ii. m. Thomas, ls on fraal dapa, if the
linigri-iailloii ? wi-h nmi the pastor ch oars to DMB
I'lv wllh the -r-iue-t. lt is left hv Bishop -lgger
?tl-, r.-ii-n.irv r-r Father Ahne to da erea this.
Mon-lgnor Batollt'fl ilfth isilnt wu. that all scrimm*
snd ta?rueUons, not only la itt, Thomas's but ni*.
In *?. Henry's cburcb, -lull he given In the BugUsb
l.ui.-ii I--. Ill-shop -igger -:.\-; --tm Bandars tbe
rtur -.*. :il preach In English al the tlr-t nasa, and
lu English nmi Uerman Bl t. ? tee* nd m.i--. _- he baa
gone In tbe pn-t.* nt- in other wort*, iigaiflbras of Wt
allegi ii Bulb*-ly -f the Apo_oUc Delegate. lil.lb.p
lll.if.-r says m. Thomas's will Uer?-forth be u-.d
i\. Iu-l\"ls for divine --nh.-, nmi lula -t.p. li waa
...nhl have in-" ii taken isiii.-'iit any taterfen__
i i-.- ss. c.- nu.- pries!* pi-.-"lit when Archbishop
I feinted for Ihe press the p-.ini. ..f his mtier
??;. Wi... i. Hies un .ill willi.--.-, to Hie
..ri- ri ? ul lh?" potnl* .i- primed In The Tribune,
ll re Wits Hill !!.?? -li.-U.-i iiii-ii-idfi--!.i-nliii : Hui
i t iiliout the m...in.h.- ..( i_eh point. rb.- th?.
Lunn -holar id nilly heard th**m dictated lu Latin,
bul they heard their English i *lou repeal.-a lu the
? :. i ? Ilelegate.
Ih. Influence i- thal Bishop Vilgger does not rec >g
-ilibishop -.it..in :i- tnrestcd with any authority
i,. ..hilt.- ssiitii h.' -i.iii or shall not d.*, and) h;.
? p. nh -Iihssu bl* iiiiilcinpt for bl. couillliind- b)
mdering Father Ahne i . go esactly the eontmry ..f
ss im- Mon *.|gnor .aUdll requlr?I -h..ult be d.sie." A
ili.-.t ropy ul I'.i?i.p VMgger's lette;- to Kat ber
Mine nnd lather Milieu. Bite.ed Ls a Botartal soal,
in- 1.i received bj Uonslgiior smolii. Homo has
l.n advised bj cable ..f (Im ciitemptu.. k treatment
An lit l-h.ip -nts*!!!"- art Im* t.-elvisl. mid tb- public
-diiiiii ss hh b Lu- rnnflleilng orders maa! surely brina
up-iii Ihe Apostidh lt?egalloB and the liol* flea If
i-iiv nnd dignity Bra noi promt?Iv aefe__
Siiti.lii, ii is ni?4??iod, ea perts t.. r
lld- Mei I, I hat univ mtilie lt nun. . i-s
f I : op
the Mew.
un ll the
..f iii- <
vi.ss- .,f Ar hbl-Ji
n lb.
M..n-i gin
ise milln
? itv r-r the Vatican b
wi.-- rorthwlth to c
imni.-iiiiiii- ui-st-r why
Ile will r-.|iiliv ill.hop
ii- io Washington mid ms!..*
he -hiiil not he adjndg-si
guilty nf roiiFrmpl of Ibe bu! hort li ..f th- liol] ?**-.
If lie to?i noi pi-i.mjilli- e.-v. then Home wit* be
iiilrl-c I In -ii-p.ml him fruin l.l- fmi.-t[nn_ mid order
him '.. i-p-Ti Ui the Vatican wubin thirty days.
The indignation of Archbishop sm.dh m what has
happened, lt I* -ld. baa Browsed bl- Italian I.bl?
inni iipu .ii' real to n deg?ss of fervor turpaaatng Ma
emphn.s win n lecturing on hi* favorite lh4-ologlr-.il
siibjt?, The ?... ni. tin. it.-itenienls In the Bayonne
iii-e mid th- failure ut Hi-hop -Iggyr t>. promulgate
hi* pr..in!--l clrc.ib.r will deVehip some extraordinary
ri ult . In n slum Um.".
Tin: i u.uiiriT pf.w soi FWORFJ* i\ pi.vin
IT ll.H. N. .1.
a member of ike PlalntMd iN. ,t.i Roard ..f ?__
cation ubi yeaterday that the board m.-inl.ers flo
ii"' I' ?k sith fm.ir up..ii the l'.irlhuult -v-i-ui of
public Inst mellon for _ith_ie .hiidreii, and atagd
ihnt -.i long n- the pr?.nt hoard hold, odie- no .-nh
-y-i.-in would be adopted la PktnfleM. <ui- feature
nb n- of I'i" liirll.iuil -t-tem, b- -aid. -.imb! pre
real li- adopHon in Platan... Duilng il,.- la-t few
days rtrrulars rontnlnlng s synopsbi of Hie Faribaall
plan have i nen Mreulated In Pininiiebi, ike three
general reaturi- of wbleb wera: Flral (hat the etty
snd stat' affiliate parocblal seltoola to the pubOe
*':"*"'*. '.?iilnr i-ueaiiin being under the Mata
>r ill) superintendent; second, thal the parochial
-hool hull.imi;. be rented al a nominal price to the
Mate; Ihlrd, th- teacbera la ba CathoUca, holding
ih.ii- c. mr.. ii- . fruin n,.- inl lt.- rommlsaloners, who
with your flt-i reilueed below a heolthy
standard, for Cte_B*_*pt__ nn.l ether Ben.
ul'ms and <latii<erotis tliaen-e*i. And it's for
tint this i .iiiitioii that Dr. 1'iereos Holden
Mi-toni Discovery is especially valuable.
If you're thinner than you ought to bes,
whether from wasting disease*-, defeetivo
nutrition, or whatever cause, tbe " DIboot
ery " will atiroly bring you up to the healthy
ataii.lar.1. By r-torinK the normal action ti?
the, daraaged oranaa ami functiona, ta a_a_aa
every natural sour - and moana of nourish?
ment. As a Btrength-r-rtorer and ___.
lu.l.ler, nothing like, this mMielne ls known
m*Bad_a* aclaaea Fil-hy Coi Liver Oil ard
w th I 1?"U com->*-??**** fan't cornihu-o
Its Bold on trial. That ls. in everything
that s ekiined for it, if tho " Di-covcry " ovo.
faOato l-neflt or euro, you have your money
What odor could be more l*______a*
Whether itching, burning, bleeding
scaly, crusted, pimply, or blotchy
whether of the skin, scalp or blood
whether simple, scrofulous, here,
kary, ulcerative or contagious, are
now speedily, permanently and eco.
nomically cured by the ( .itictira
Remedies when the best physicians
and all other remedies fail. The
almost miraculous cures daily effected
by them prove this. No statement
is made regarding them not warranted
by the strongest evidence. They are
absolutely pure, and agreeable to the
most refined and sensitive. They
may be used on the youngest infant
and most delicate invalid with gratify,
ing and unfailing success. They have
friends in every quarter of the civilized
world. People in every walk of life
believe in them, use them, and recom?
mend them. Ina word, they are the
greatest skin cures, blood purifiers,
and humor remedies of modern times.
Sale greater than the combined sale*
of all other blood and skin remedies.
Sold throughout the world.
Prier CI'TICfRA, Me.; CCTICl'Rl
?OAP. _?""?.. L'l'TICCKA RK-OLVEXT. ll...
Prepared by l*OTT_K Dltl'O AND CHEM.
??All About th- "skin. Si-alp and Hiir"_t
race*, 100 I?l?eis,., ? a .aa fl- d bee.
Solid Silver.
New ideas and designs are beinj
constantly added to our celebrated
line of Sterling ware. It merits and
enjoys an international reputation.
Reed & Barton,
37 Union Square, \. V.
wnild have tiie rt_tit to RRmtMBot both tra.lier, tal
pupils at any time.
While not c_ir_cl'ing ?,i'' adoption of any of tli-ne,
ide Behool Boori objects oMoly t_ the _nt piirn*e,
ablell tiru*.Ide* for Catholic tenr'tien. With that pro?
vision Insisted upon the Farlbault plan would ama
le- re. 11 ii i mend et hy the School < om missioner, or ^
ctp'.-d by Um public at larg.-.
Mahoff Wigger was Keen In the chapel it _?:.?
Hall fnllege yesterday und was -kM ll In. M tnt
statement to muke relative to Mon*1giior *r__l'? lp
.1 .lons, but to every question nsked the BU-~ Re
pllwl: "I have nothing IO PtT* VfhtB ***** lt
he did not think thut tl:' time hud come for Un to
tiiril..> smile statement. h?> iiiriln repeated lila r_M_
aid paaaea* *.uf Rt Nm chapel. Th.- priest* In _?
e. llec-. wi. are membei-s of lite h.tu*ehold of _?
Ordinal.', nr,- nil Mal lo bim In iii- ? ?>hip_'t__ ?**
aa* tl?I li aaa resulted lu a victory fur him.
Mt. Cuni. Minn.. Feb. ia (Special'- .lum*- M. -*?-?
Rfiii, ne.-, twenty yean, eon nt a banker of Ao_t_fc
Minn.. ha* been s.-I,, t.il by Lieut.nant Peary io tn
company him on his Arctic eipe4ittoa. Vonni _--*?
mm ls th** only one thus far rbooea of P__T- Bam
pony, mid is probably tin- yoaageat Baa .-vcr >_?__
for au expl.ira'loii of aha an tlc region..
Thc iii.-ml,.-is und friends <f the Bpafttaf _>-_?
crowded Leno* Lyceum list tatting, th- ttmtMM
bring lha thirtieth anooal brill of lhal aM___-_
Am ag ile- many pr.-ent tree* Major Milroy, ll''?*
.1. i.nuit, lornni'ssloiier Hretipau. .Inni.-* _ C___-b
Jo-epli .1. i)'I)n*hue. William lt. -race. Mp ??
ray. Jnm.s 1. MaPttB, Kdwnrd C. o'Hrl-i. C-rl
Wtilt.ts, Thoma-. .1. llrady, Frank T. Flt.(teraW. ??
:?. Mitchell. Oaoiral .Ulam, Jame. ?> Martin*
riH.ni.is E. 'rlmnilps. lanaailni ll.al.v. Peter Be
Oopnell. John .. tuvniiii-li. Junie- s. I. ./Muan ai*
Thc aw itara und Merni* <f th. npai-lag Cot?_i
... . . . ?.._ ,k. ,i,a-i.|)0
. ,. If ?l 'lill- , \1 III lit III ll. ' ll-ll ''. en-g'' ?**"*'
raj, .lum. s i. .Martin. Kdwnrd C. o'Hrl-i. CK._l
iViilt.--. Ti.oma- I. llrady, Frank T. Flt .gerald. "?
:?. Mlt.li.11. <->neral rO-tOM, ___N ?' Martini
Tlu.ni.is E. 'rlriiinlps. Augu.stl'ie ll.al.v. P-**** He
Donnell, John F. (uvaiiiiftii. Jinn.-, s. vjle
H. M Broara.
arrow w tut, webster bill
T_- opposition tn the Wet. ter bill providing for itt
mile of private property o*n lea dav*' noll..' In ron
lt Im aroota, by the city fm street purposes __?
Untie, to spread. The ..pp.i_ti.ui I* not confln-l -
tha prop.-rtv owners lu Kim-*', who pr.*re*t'd ?ptli?t
llie bill fl few gay* ?'<"? Tin- bill full* la BBS Rt
favor of Man. pimple. AhfOM I. II??lti ha* _"__?
a letter to ioho Hayes, of No. ll I Na*-.iu .-I.. pUM-f
out defects In the Lill. Tli" letjer reads a* follows:
Iti ...Median,,* wl'h veur ru|i|.-i J mt* Hoi - ** ?*''*
.rill,h Tim liu'liiscd tn n.e hy arhlrh Ph* ,'tv :? mRBRBB
M take pn?-sslnii af propel tv. pilbil, and BOtlOtO. I" ?*
laiiii' of thu a*A:it*_ nf damage.* and tin- ???.nllriiallon ol *?
i.yan. 1 de not think that mah i"_*i..t aa ll m '_ _**
Ile Inter.- .. OeeaabMM may ari?<\ ?s la th* MM <* BB
Aq'ted'nt. Whoa th** ptil.ll. health r-qulre* lnini*_i?t** W
Dom, wh. h can te- *Jt/tenot-d hv th.. Borntm* -*_i'i* '?""r*1"'
suprema le^." bul the aoantao ut ii ?tr-'t pettmRt m
?oh ra?e af neeeianty, arni -n'il.1, 1 shmild fhluk. <***
within the eaoalttaManol ptavMao that prtva_ prop-M****
*!iall not be taken without ju*t .-iuii|ieii-iat!nn. It I* l"*^
talnlv not ju*t MapaaaMt-B to take a BOB- proierty "J*
elve him th" award twu nr thi.*e year, aft.r M la a.rt*_"T
deprh.d of aaaaaaaaa. l du not npaaaa thai ir.y BBaBR
will carry intuh weight with the 1.. ul-l-t'if. '"'? - ,u '
ut liberty tn nm- thin l.-tU-r ii. any way yu n-?T ??*** '*?
I li.vi- tOttattati from Iin1-il_in_ lu Int_*__?? ?rl**' **
pre? ?!mf my term nf onie.-n-y-ii. atti t pW_? h<A "
i hauje the nile will, h I ha\e adopt.d ni Hut ?-__?*
Tin- Kev. .1..lin Knox Allen. D.I)., in -h_at_-?j ,,P[
lo Illlike an estimate <_ ?^E^S
lu-re are minor tlt|ti*_s lo will, lt ne may _-?_? J 'fj
tig to Illlike Hie Volume aili *'I1U of Ills l?"w''r' ?,M
f ni, tiioii--t? ii-'
ilh *APM*
a iv the originality and fenllilv
-??Milli ami fell* Itv cf his .Union: Ih.
Imagination. We might ai?> (utily *v"
manlliies, nf the mun. lt ls not liishop lima*
the world nouiiH. Willi that title he I* bu' *B y
c-_ia*tle win. gora not fri v-rv nen lt. ">? __
inillips lirooha ovet vikmh< i .ss men p*t*"-.*
?aiiie-t, aympatbetl., nwmieti
l?r_ "oal._
a-tietii', larg. ttnvnt^Za
Mid beyond ? ibm ts an dbe* and Baal Sf^g
Ot his power. He ?;_, u p.op'i.-t, menning H>
one wh.. ls the Interpreter of dod, and the -_o__3
of li.Kl io tin fellow men. Ile clim- with a ?"?_**JL
to m.iiihln.l. Tho*.' other thtut's were a " , h.
Ihruugli which what lie knew about (M *_"hC
fellow m.-n iu-_l.il to know, wa* presented mm**
And this eat -hal held men in thrall ie ??__T?a_
bim. What ba says lu Ma lertarea *ai |?J?all*S
uii'iiiiMcloiisIv In ht* own e\iiTi,-nee. " l-l J "j"1 .m
ii true preacher, really intering Ihe inuit thr._i._o ? .
.wu peraonallty, au?i lt la strange how R*\J\
I'.inllarlv too. he *>
gather lo llst.-n to him."
TM-ipTiet for Mm ova llm.-s
.-.p-ct for Mm own llm.*s. Ile saw the ,'"1"..,.
th.night, felt the especial lK*i*d* ol UM MW- ?*?? Li.
'?lioil was mnrehlng on,- u,nd M he strove to ? r
tu.ti who were a lim- conflls.-l alni du/.-l IO ??? mm)m\
lieiirlni's. As su.h lie wa, a leader whom tue *rn??
could 111 attord to los**.
SYLVANIA railmoah. .
The next C. nn*vlvnnhi Hall__- t'??r- ""nj'r,,.''vTrlt
of Tourist Agent and Chaperon, will leave >*'w * '
Fi lu nary l_fii for Wasliliigt.n, l>. C *???**? ?''*? ,',.
eilnc a period ..I sev.n .lays, Uv.* .md ih_",',-?", ^.
.lavs ni the Capitol, will b- s*.ld al rate .1 f ?- * '
Hi- round trip. Tites.- ere tho o-ilv P,,1'*j:,,l,."'?U_t
ducted loora under Ht- tllr.s'l nianng-ment of -'?"JS
i-oiporatloii. and appllratloai should he BMMe WJCT
for since tn T.iiniht ARttA, et-O Hroridwai, >ew-iwm
or bOO _ -Hon al.. UrookJiii.

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