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-?,; CO_OE-_i COMMIT
Xl.irTI.M 'NV l'l
USTF.X9 T> Till.
,,1 m RAL '?? S__T IN THI*- < OUSTRY
- TIII. tMI I -N i \|M| TM I- .
MpaaaMaa John R. Fellows, chairman ..r the
' '?? 'louse ??' lleprt .entutlvi -
r. -.. ?J .1... i, .
Sfeeiiil l ommlttee of i
ti atti *rt*h '' ' ?'?
. ..,.,. i
__*a '?
tai witta int -'i tins ll ?? nlfnlr ... ike l_imm:i
ic.! company, and f >'i: ol Ma .. - ? ? i itt
in_:i Patterson. ": I _-?__?; Power, ..; Verm nt;
pi.irer. of Ohio, and tlenry, of ? allfor ihi rnteri . apon
,^lr aarh la thia eltj y< lerday morning In loom
So- ?;!'' "f ?** 1'"1'"1''11 I',',!'1 : -'?
Xavl'.'i- BOT-**- ""' present ms;odin
.1 (|,e Aa. ii' :|:i * mimili, e, *-*?;:
., a i ..1 ,; 1 I -ll-.W * li:.
\,.Vl'.a ta' * .' i'". '??* ?" ?' ' " ' ? i i' .11 : '?-! * I *
,; the Alu- li' ':i _ -llllitt* ". wa the
rall'-'i- Colonel l'"i!'.w* pressed Mm for parlimlaia
? to Mi ra-'::* f"i ' rmiiig io A.. ri i. He nald
gm hr rama aa - ?? retar. i" Pm u >ni
??.*, :?? rhe ?'il'P *i -i had reqiii st. i i. u r, hrlng
fmaRi and POpera. ll" Bp. ll 1 ?1I I'm. sii.a.l
l^i,... i'i -''-I a I*:" ara r* ? ,* ? ked
C ? -
Co!-n"l F-Boarn. He naked for ni?*r<- booba. Th*
?_.poei_i had called fr everything, lawyer Crom
well, ipeahlng promptly for hi- client, -aid they
would be produced inter In the day. Two or ihroa
Mg tiwiki Hied with booka and papen were tumbled
into th*' < mnilttee room Curing the afternoon sen
iM, and Mr. Hoyard waa with them. Ile rai eeded
MifM-Mf rMef, ..'''i'll . a- purchn.ng agent In ih.n
r.ffire. he aM1. tabed lu regard i ? bi- flnnnrlal Iranaac
dons, be said be mat'.-- cheeki Bl J. .. Vf. .ellgman ,'.
i ... '..,i,..:- in t.,i* elly, and hud never made checks
f.- anything not entered for the Panania Canal Cotii
pai: v.
Tin cnminiite'* aeeembled al _ o'clock aft**r a
Mam tai 1 n* eoo, and Nathan Appleton, of .Boston,
appeared u* .. wttnt m.
Mr. Appleton mM thal bi company with General
Bsi'.ks he visited Europe In 1889 to witness the apen
lng of ihe 6noi Canal. Wiuie lhere be bad made ihe
atojaaintancc ?f Ferdinand ii. Lesseps, with whom he
hnd dl-*u*-- ' the possibility if a 'anal anyon the
Ittiimus of Panama, aad Ita Immense advantage to
lha Caked Statea. ir. l*.. ho had again Halted Parti
with a letter of Introduction (rom Pt.__._l Grani
to MinU'*r Washbnrae.
The wltne-s, after relallng In detail th'- progress
of the formation of *i_e French companv, road i letter
<_t-d I'ari*. .iny ai, ism, fr*-in Ferdinand de La ?eps
to him, mylng that >..-? wilier weald recommend to
tn* direeii.rs tbe appointment of Mr. Appleton as
?nana! ageal i:i h..- Cnlted States, al a salary ol
_o,noo fran.* I year, in August, 1870, he had
vl*it-l poi:.t* i-i France with De Leasepa, mahli g
siieeckes in behalf ol ile* cnnnl si.-, me. \ prospectus
Lad 1m-.-ii lasaed for ? lean of -joo.ono shan
of stock al 500 francs each, 1>" Lesseps
tb* willies- s;,id. Lad hoped Ihat till* amount
would ha sub-e:ibfd by tbe people ot France
and the Catted Mates conjointly, and Lad IhOfnagkly
nelleyed that the canal would t*e more valuable in
America thin lo aay Otbor country. Th*' wltara* had
.ugsest.-d thal ike sahacrlpttoo booka ihonld be
?pened in tbe notional banks of th*- United .-stat's.
Oe Laaaepa had visited t..,- country in December,
WI, H.- had returned to Franc- In March, IMO,
?nd Ho- see,,*id attempt made there had proved
highly HMOaaaM nuder tl-..- taaptfattoa given to lt bv
lie Ltaaiipi. Then bad followed the appointwetA of
t..e Ameii..iii OomaUttee, with Rh-hind Vf. Thonpaan,
CT Becta tary "f Ika Navy, at it* bead. Thi- arrange
ment had been perfected wltkoal Mr. Appleton'i
knowledge, on Morning <*f lt Lt- had rant -rd to
lie l.es--iis thal he r. tiered tbe Conni ol prevloos
oalisratlotis to him. Ila bad been assared thal lo
would still rr tain BOOM plate, and that hi* salary
would h.- continued. From that time forward he bad
drawn avery meniti 1,006 francs and Od centimes
through tte- hons- of .1. ,v W. Se.lfmaii _ L'o.
When asked what bis otb ti lil OOBIMCtloa with tb"
comniltte.- _r ti.e oampauy waa. Mr. Appleton said
that he reported alway* p.-r-oiiallv to Oe Leasepa,
His duties had eoaslsted lu arrittng newspaper arttelea
an the siil,j. it wherever b*- c?.nld R.-t them publi-h d
and in laetarlag. Once ii- had made a vl-l' ta lb*
tattam, i>u>iui_ hi* own expenaes.
Chalrmaa FeUowa i!i-i, and tater Congressmen
Pkttanaa, Patera and Ptorer, {.sited the witness many
OMettaas wiih a view to fatting any knowledge be
?Miwiud beering on the withdrawal ol Richard VV,
Tlwrnp-i.n inun the -Bee ??! Beere tan ol Om Navy
to a.cpi the chairmanship of the I'nlted ~i.it.-s . nni
rnlttae, al 4 sa'ai- ol 0-4,000 ? year. He ?.- .1*1.1
il h.- knew what Inkuencea ware brought lo oem
upon Beeretary Thompson, who occupied a Cabinet
Place In the Admit l-lrntl'.li _ ITCfldenl Have*. Willi li
sis taiown to ii- it stile io Ibe . instruction ol lb*.
canal nut Its control hy for Ign capt tal I la and a
foreign povernment Mr. Appleton replied thal h.
ht- no Info.-routlon "ii t_ol point whatever, ann dui
not ki. ? whe the ageut via* w.iv made the arrana-!
_ent wifii Mr. Th_npson. Pr_*Menl Haye-' met
rn op ti," Panama Canal, be saM, wa- published
*?*h_e h.- arid De Leasey ware In Washington. I'--r
?--ally the wituesv had been disappointed by lt*
otfrleiidlv' Utuea. The wita__ waa stiriuls. ii, hi
?s-ld. wh?n De Leaaeps, on reading President ll.yea'i
***"*'?*<". Immediately telrgraphed lo Pan* thai it
**--.d Insure the potltlcnl aecurllv of the canal. Mr
OppMon mild be bad mel Mr. Thom ps >n nt ihe 1'iftl
Avenue Motel In thi* elly aftei he bad be. ai. ohMr
?an ll the American Committee. He added thal h
*u In. li.i.*_i to accept the vina thal the purp.
?***drui(r the nervlcea of Mr. Th mp__n w..s io alla]
}*T hUiipirion In France thal h ainv by tin
lated Mote, to tho . ? (ruction ur thi i mal cxl Us
??? re-ult of Pr-fTdent Haye - message
Ihe committee win bold a session to-day at li
ksvor Qflroy t'.'d the committee od Hm AMMO
A*on in'iori nf ti-e College ot the City'ot Now-Yorh
which enii__ wornt him . e-terda>. tiwi be was opposer
ta Ihe bin pendmc la Hw L-glslataro to allua Ha
???Cge to pur. hasp a new sit*- and lo erect nev
Ml'd-mrsnt I cst M01,000,000, Ih" tr:i-te -s wa- t I sit
What is Drudgery?
Washing Powder
28 ami 30 Weat _.'d St.
Open Fire-Places
A fine and large a-ortm .it of Brags,
Ufuiue _iuj iron m new and . .-ant de*
in all -otxts, n:itivo and fun-ian. **?_?
'?in .lui e|_*_aJ designs
of everv foreign __._.. in rich enamel
citlitnnga and Patterns for Floor-, W'.ills.
Hearths, Pacings and Bathrooms,
Our nen facto*-*;, with extensive facilities, cn- ?
amos ns to produce the finest -la*- of woih at
Bi-eatl*/ reduced w st.
I'oniiiliy ami | .irtory.
G26, 528 and 530 West 25th St.
on the We t sh le bI*o**i;*.nie hundred and-tenth-st., snd
Insisted that if thew was mneh mor.sbiy j; c.,ubi
11'' be ..i.-ii n-ii rn a icu-.m.ii,i.. M-ii... 'ii,,. Mayor
*? ! ' 'i l"' waa In hiV4ir i.f Improving the coodlt.
of lha e:amentnr: gi ide- ol school before buring new
sites and et--ting exp nt.ive buildings foi the higher
ll. I rowfoid I- l.l Hie Mayor Dial the
?er.i >.i?i and unsafe.
'He.? billilli:
The Presbytery of Nea Y rk met yesterday lo tbe
N ???''' Utcll .::..I derided by n v.,I,. ..f IT {,, |] (,,
aell a pun ol nil ol ih- property ,,r ibe church of
-'?a ami Land al Market and Henry ala.; t?. .-i.-ct a
'i ii.-r building ..;, the ui,...bi par! or In Hie nelgti
ii'irii,'..!. and tu Invest the balance of the i.jr, th*
Inieresi ..I the fund t<> be nco |n rarrjrlng mi t ...
ss..ri; in ihe new building, .hi. calle, lortb a goad
d il ..I dist :?-;,m.
Dr, John il. Davies, and the Rev. M. .1. similby
*?. received In the Presbyter** nnd accepted calls
Irom i e church*-, which ha.l pr*-A-|ously Invited them
t.. be.-, m.- tii.-ji- pasiors. Dr. Davies accept*. Ibe
call i" tbe Fourth Av. um- church at a .-ni.irv of
.1,000, and Mr. ..Halley goea to the Km,\ I ..un h for
?M.?-) a .Mu-. Mr. miuU.-y will be Installed on
February zo. The paal aral relallon he!ween Dr. B,
L. i I.ni. aud Hie Chore. of Ibe I?triton* waa dis
?olvi. -ssi,i, 1,. regret ol the l'r.-bvt.-iy and Dr,
huls was distill?ed lo the Wi-l Suffolk Congrega
llonal Assorlallon of iKmion. The Rev, J. ,i Dun
Up, ii licentiate, was n_? ved from the Kefortned
l're-l.yt. ililli limn I., and notice was given lha! the
Rev. I-. K. Douglass Would apply for tuluii- -i.ti|, J,
D. Ibbotson, Jr., a I'nion ?fnlnary .imbin ss..- taken
under Un care et ti..- Preebytery, The trnatees >.f
the Tri .!?>?;,'iv were ant-srls*. i" pay g_,00U toward
Ihe ini.r.-i ni the mortgage on the ->?- York i hurd..
The repor! <>f i.e committee resro?mending the sale
ol the downtown church cl.il a- follows:
Rt solved, That said prop cv i?- ...id in ssh.:- ur in
i nt --.J .ni such sale said _utte_ make and *!?? i\? i ?
i -j ?.- he tonto. That, In case Ute arl?ls be
-..id. obi ot th.- un,, ? ti- ?! surh sale, when icade Ute
trust?i of tha iv -i ii' is- ba author!. -1 i" pm has
in th"- ...ii." arel?'tal neighborhood That tics- rn ? .-.
appropHate building for mlsalo_ir.r and evan.eli?i. ss,.:it
en ti.- portion 'in-...! or ..n thc hit* pureba., as the
. a?" may tja* at a tota1 rOSt : I. ie llteludlhg sit.', ml
-. "Ii:...- I7..000. Tim tics- ins..t Ute balance amt
appli Hm laea_e io the lupport "f the ss ,:? t.. be ii
ii. it. -_i! !.'ii:d ii.-, th<? fund n. le k pt separate I i
ath? (md- ni i?e hat I il mid trustees, to be known
ai Uie "' .linn*' Fond."
Toni c?i:iiii-it ?? furthei r.runond?, In md r tn awet
Usc i-. -juiree en'., ol tl. ? d' d, tb-- folio-Ina " '
I*-!rh requires foi Ita adopt on a three-four? rote ..f lb
B-Bi__ pr ?-nt ssh n BetteB t- ta'-- ii :
Ressl ? -, That it ls, in Um inda?en) >.f um Presby.
?"-., ba ;ont.'..r exp*?I?nt la uonUuue or tasiaIb rellalous
scrvires sr mla-lanar s- work in ike church on tbe cari?I
of Market sad Benrj ?_?., now occupied i.v the i hui i.
nf Sea .ml Land, ssin, the _hj.->t of my eranfeiiz*.
non, ci,Shi hm a_p?m al Um r. -'y::s- being Um said
pn 1 i-a. .ons?? . to th>- trustee! of Um Pre*bj ts I al
Meiv.vtrK bs- iiiiti.oii _. Cbmitti sud witt bv __ d^t.-rt
Julv 13. IS'_. _ _
POtJ illKKI I* .1. HCsi'ii .1,
Cou.like.-p*|.-, If. V., F.-b. 18 l-pertall.?Mi.. Lena
Miller, whom U?irge App... ihe wean?ed **grettiguod
man. -aid wa- hi- Wife, nl"i\'< I batt -1. Ort If U lore
11..un to-day. a man accompanied ber, im.o said be
ssa- J. *>. Ro__s, 11 min uiiu. lurer, Ile -aid bia borne
1- on ru.uk l-l.mi. The woman and ber companion
went tn th.- New-York lietel and viewed the room
\s tere App.. wa- shot, will.- there -Tn- i.m.irkt.
<-_-nally that App.. was shot In Ibo Bbdimten In
.[.?!-.?>? City last Christma snd still carri? thal
buiM, and that a week ago be was stab?. In a
barroom Ugh! In ;i im'cl In KIImI?h. N. J. She mid
ns,, in. 11 were to have accompanied Appa lo thia
citv. Alt.-r viewing Ihe room al Ihe hotel, Mra.
Miller anil her companion isdl' to \.. T Hospital
to see Appo. ami they had an affectionate In'.-r
view, Appo exclaiming:
"Where. Dolph." RM he gel swart Tbe i.h.t
-Dow was n nice Bncker. ll" skipped and lett
me, and ha.n't shown up"
Mrs. Miller replied: -'Ralph ls nil righi and s_.
ile v.111 ink*- car.- af >?.u and me, Don t yoa worrr.*'
"_*_ sou t-'iv" anything away, Oeorge?" interpo-.-d
the uiHli Ki.berl-. BThS WBS with Mt-. Miller. r<
AppO, and he uiM-l : "K-ep a that* inou'ii; *?""
Bint geing to tte"
- Dolph |Q4 assay on Hie li) o'. Ur k, didn't be.
siid Appo, But thei. waa bo answer tu ti"' . ???>?
Hen. After -onie lui-ther < .ii\er-at|nii Mr-. MM?I
and h<-i- hrlend -fl the _o_plial. Mr-. Miner saytin
she woaM stay la l-toghheepei- lill Appo either get*
u.-il or <iie-. Ex-Keeper Hugh Morgan, formerl) "i
_ng Ming li',-?, vi-,ii*i the boapltal leda* and re
agnized Appo us a tenner ?__*.?. Qolmho App.,
farber of <..-.,r-', waa plat.il In ding -tag IH-'li t-1
1 me M-ttfence, Imi be ka aaaa In ti..- Fish kill ,\.\iniii
for Criminal Inaane. I*tal night Drs. rom mi, TulUe
__ker, Ward and .adit- beM ? ronsnlmilon orel
Appo and to'lay n.. bled what eon i*. t.. pmtant, bm
tii.-y have not attis-optai yet t*' probe for the ball
This iiinNiin. Appo n.ii.-ii for _*?___! and s*-". Wm
a light iiiiini-liiiieiit. The -et*_0-t_af*es have btu
stopp*, ami he seems io be gaining strength. Ile hui
asked lor aa opt nm pipe -veral Umea. ihe Howl
Carolinian, llof^h****-, who did iii*' -boot_*_ and at
Iniii.'r lniass. t.i.i.-, will hav- au examination br??*
Recorder Morscbanaer al - o'clock Wttmattmy nttmt
1.1. a poiiteiniin la at Aag-a i?-d.ni.- iii-iit ant
day. _
Off-?- at I'-lice ll.iil.|iiart. r. in this "Uv. yes
terday, said that George Appo, Uta "?greengooda
swindler who waa abol at ??ughkeei-le, _onbtles<
s il..- ...ii ol <.ilmli> Appo, Hie Chinese iniit-lr-l_
who is serving t lita sentenee ta prison. QulmtM
kiib. .ohn K. Kelly iu the lodging house, No. ?
Chatham gs**_u. in lr',*;- "" a**4-i?mBlj had -.-rv.-.
11 t__ ol ten yearn In pii-on for kOMng Mary __f*_er
iit No, 4.". Ohvei st. in- wile, Um mothar ol _*?rge
\sa- (atharlne ITispatr-k.
V' uiiu* Appo I-.- been Imi-ni to the poMee n* i
sneak iblet and swlmHer. Ill* wife wa- taken to thi
?. ii. ? -imi..n iii We Thirtieth-*-., apparenily In ant
mi iii.- oiglii ol Jul* SI, l--'-'. and ssa- sent lo Rella
sn ? ip, ,??... iii., police did m.: know yesterda!
where the woman wa*. They were a-k'-il to carry i
ii,.-.--, ii cn Appo 1 > ber, .ii No. ni Kii-t .1xty-fli-l
.1.. 1 ,u 1 .in- ss.- n.,1 lound lb*-*. 11 wa* said ths
AplKl hi- B*4?mid .-'Vi ral linnie-, a!i:oil. "I:" ? IbOH
oi ierorge uii-i.n iind .rge Leon. Among th
ih?vt. who have aaaoclated with bim, bc la said l<
Im called " Utile lieoi *e.
?i-i?. aefenee la Um ease ol CtmoneX Vt. Ii. H.s.- 1
Oeneml .-..-.-ion*1 lalroduted acm- t?UaiBaj ... -i...
Mbtcfa v.,. aol brought ool m Uw fomei trial for |_**i
jurs. Tin- d'iciuiai.1 i- BBc_*_ o' sweariag falsely Um
1. ,,,1. iu i-,.: na ,11 Oelobrr, IMR sad that \.- did .1
n.ake n 1,..l. foi lS.000, lasil.lc is Miss Anna M. _-u
... Mra. Charlotte Stamm A Kb, 5-03 RlgbUwiva
I..tili.-J Hut Uss.-- ssa* la HI-ri"!* al tlc Iii... iel
lil.n.ii. I..-..I-,-.- 1:1 .wu. bat boabaad totrot?rawd ha
Rnd so did Mra. r-ti.cr I".. Mimi, tlloWd. "f v>. '.'? Eai
tm..limn!! ii -id-tlnM-ili-t-:. Al! Bl Ililli loM (ll
.turlee. Mar_1 Coater, sa t-nti Botary ol Ifo. IS Brow
w?y, i<..t -. badly Baaed Bp t-*t ^udi*- Mai?m hu] 1
dismiss imi. fiom h.. is_Beafl ebalr.
Charles .1 l*e-_all, Uie iermy City l?*??er who *e
imo Uie pap?rs **__dlcally, l-ffawad in eaart, md Jad
Mum., -provod bia shairpty. Perlnil -i-?*-? itaek, at
Um Judi.'.- ss;., at u.e p. int ..f _4BBB?_sJ Mai lor Ba
i.Mcj.t. lin- trial -in ga rn la-day.
Try tb.- WorUCs I":ilr Bgeelal d_s of the N. w "1..1
Cent-Si's uiudi'l truliw for Cbleago. So e_:ru fare. .*
HELP ASKED lui'. Till. NI.-' Y-PK. \SYI.l M FOI*.
I.V I SC, ! N \V i'll.\.
??io- of the n.0-1 d. -ervin, of th.- n?:,ii\ eharttles in
H.;- elly, tia. Kew Vork Asylum ; ,r Lying-in Women,
inni- ii ne,,-.;,ry. because of "the pressure of tba
*'?"?*. Ihe need of mort room and a I UH m il ince
lo appeal lo ihe p_blh f.r bHp. Kile rall in- help
ought to meei a prompt ant generous respond
i'll tuiie Idle,red ||,.(,,ilM,?, waa th.- Br*! of it,
',II<1 in 'id-, country. n baa twenty
six fr,,- i?d-. mut it-, door, gre open, ir lt limit
any charge, lo respectable -tarried women of all nation
lilith - ami . reeds.
The a-Mum was organised tn 1823, and recelvi i
li- charter (rom ti,.- Legislature ni i-_t. i mil 1--.,
ii wa* nt No. bs Marton.it- inn following lue move?
ment uptown, i's property lu Marion-st. wa d,
ami Ho- ;, vinni wa- move,| |q |t* pre*ent home, N >.
138 beeond-ave ll record- -hw thal ...mm women
have leen ron fined within lt- walls, ami ll'.TOO have
recelv d a- i-i. fruin it- uutdoor department Min.*
l *_?:!. Among Its physicians have been Thomas
r. Cock, Otlbert Smith, John Vfnlt . Ansel lt". Ives,
.1. c. lui-*, F. Vf. Johnston, John c. 'ii-man, J.
Kt trie \ Uodg i , Isaac Woad. Jared Lind ley, J. ll.
Lonou.-, '.iir-loii litick anl lieOTge T, Kl.I a.
in addition loll.bjeet*: for which Um asylum wai
founded, another sphere ol nsefulnc - has been de?
veloped In later years?the training or Inlclllgent ob
uletrlcal nurses. In Un* waj tin- Institution can
serve Hie im.-i.-t ol the well-to-do di- * in a man
uer a- yet little developed, bul tbe value ol ?b_U
talmoi be overt tl mab d,
Mrs. Ann E. Wynkoop, af Na isa Madison-ave., is
lir-t director ol Hie asylum, and Mrs, Julia K Vcr
milve, of So, IO r.a*i Mx teeni ti il., treasurer, on
th.- board ol managers am Mrs. Iieujamln ? uni-, Mrs.
william F. Carey, jr., Mrs. Frederich A. llurrall, Mm.
Tram I- ruin.'-'. Mrs. Adolph lin-, h. Mrs. Jam. N,
McCall, Mrs, Aaron .1. Vanderpoel. Mrs. Il, K. Enos,
Mrs. M. L. Howl.... Mrs. Oeorge < oppell, Mr-. < hara-,
W. i Union. Mrs. A I;. Bal] Mrs. J. I.. I'hapin, Mrs.
?*. ii. w. McLeod, Mrs. J. F. l_gener, Mrs, William
l.a.l.l. Jr. Mr-. .1. (. inr, Mrs. .lani-- Kill..it, Mrs.
Mom li.f Mit* hell. Mr . Leonard 1>. White, Mrs. .h. rph
s.mds and Mrs. i . I.. Atterbnry. Dr- rhomas F.
i *.i h. Wali.-r i;. lilllette, _. li. W. McLeod and I inri*
_ Ward a-..- Hi.. < msull ii.- p'y Irian, of the a ylum,
and Hr. Paul oiit.-i l.ri I..?. Hr. I.eui- I.. Heitman, Hr.
Henry 1?. Nicoll and Hr. Miall.- H. Scudder ar.- the
attending physicians, Hr. _. K. li.ii ls ihe rt M ni
physician, and Mi - M. I.. Kingsbury Hie mst nm *.f
ih- institution. A lillie pamphl t l-*u.-t by tiie o_
r.r- ,.! il,.- asylum cb.-,- b- appeal fer filliil- lo all
to m.' hospital another building as tallows:
ni i ti \ of its annual -mI.-i tii-r and donor- have
j, i ? d a'.v.iv. ami then '.\ ii lin line lia !? cued.
i.u: the rases of sorrow, ol a . of rni'liy
and desertion lhal . ??..!?? '?? n are more frequ Ul, ul I
might lill vt lum ? . Hi-.' "f Ihe a rh re
<iu.:?? - more room and additional Income: and tie
IliutiK-.-r* appeal .ml.-nils li lt genemii. Aa 'ia. ni
publb willi ti ber tl ru ii i- uni) loun I lt n ir)
tn Know ol a waul ni order lo respond lu il moat
Hie lally.
Tl.sis \ WATI Ml ni 1 ***- I HR VAN liVKl
An article was publl ln<1 yesterda) rontalnlng whal
iras 'el tn I ?' a ?? iti'-iiioi ...1 ?' i. -?ilti:.' fi"iii :t .
P irty .ii ii *'.in- lime ag ? bj Dr. !!? ry ". in Dy-",
ul ihe llrlch Presbyterian Churrh, kn l - lownrd -li?
ri i oration >.f h irmoni within Ita di umiii itiiai ll
la said thal th.- memorial -.iii!-.I upon all l*r-?_)
teri i'.- I** J"in wltli Hie Ignet - lo r lore i. lo
the Probyterlan i burch by poul -- i
ben -v trialr now le ?. Ui. ls, ai A bj di i mil ul
lng ti,., furl lu r Uiii dug ..f tl_ Ihii'ri.? ol hi ;l ? i
rilli., in in the lliei.liu- el tn :,,,..!-."
le ran I>* i.- ? lld lost night lo a frlhum reporti
??lt would be very .lid., ali f-u an) ordinal) p. -
i lt her io m.itv h.ii mlsi ik< ur int
ii. lona :i ai.ni iii cd hi Hu arti si ?ho*
me. lt ls entirely unworthy ol any notice whatever.
lina "f 'he cblel .1 tiru li li lhal we have In 1
11.- pea. >-. or In doing n i wurta li I he I'i ? .???
i hun h. i- the esl**tel.f nen iv ho la i I i.n
on -ui.j. 11* ol whl< ii th-y ara Isnoi mt.
? Ih.a.- i- Just Hu- feii. dallon lol Ibl mnl ???<!
piece of fiction. The nu ii I | ie V ? .byterlan i hunk
win, have no rmp_tlij with Ihe calreme* of dog
mat Ism oti rkber Ide '?? i thu' the lime ha. .i.
f..r Ihe i hun ii to step quarrelling ,r..ir miall I
and engage In the great wort .,f practical r-I .i..n.
For man) month' fhej have been talking loe-iher
along ibis linc, entirely wit bout reference tu ant par
H< ular tua] and without the Intention of exerting *
politics] or ecclesiastical Infoeuee upon Hie acllon of
the future tssetnblk . I h-\ have nughl luipi) to
lind i ground oi which Ibe; could i m ? ??.????
ai;*1 Ihe) d'-'Vote them .Iv** in pr.:,. !,:;,_ Ihe l.o.pel
and carrying an Ihe ?..ri. lor which ihi i
I bun h wa* or.ai I. I.
"When Hi -\ - i reidy lo ... ., >-, rig to fhi i li
Ihey will .le...... (be medium of a li ithful n.-w.pap r
like I e Tribune |n which to expre theil itew.s."
Twu or three memo.-!--ol the Vn byler) wi li shorn
il..- reporter talked wild Uml the) !,.ki -.-,-,, Un pa pei
tn question, bul th. ) .id nut idve hui ?:
'tnt. m.-ut r gaoling ll. except tu say thal in geneiul
li wa -iiui-wiiai st ni 11, i t.. the jud gnu il nf the
i'i" bytei j nd tplid aflei ? ii db ml al ul the hen *,
cn-.- against Profe oi I riggs.
Frederich Keurhardt, ;i crippled Veteran of the war.
was teni from li- borne, al No. 13 Bast Third s\. to
Bellevue ll" plt.il In ? dangerous condition yesterday
morning, hi -kuli having been fm. lur.'l In a quarrel
willi a neighbor on Katurda) night. Neurhardt draw a
pension irom ibe liovernmi nt and do's no wurt . ll-1
ai*i io I... 11 na rr.! -om.- when drunk, and penalan day wa
follow**"* by bard drinking, Ile received som. ..i ni*
p*-iislen ninney on Saturday, and went ,q ,i drink! ^
baal willi ii continued until nearly midnight. On ti.,.
-KJcwnlk In front of 1,1 horne be l>*-k'an lo aim ??
Samuel Helm, whe keeps i . I - m r store al No, il
Knsi Thlrd-st. lt was nald lhal be ckillengnd Helm
lo Hghl and Bise abused Helm's nether, who was
present. Helm ilrnch bim In the fate, um intending
ta hurl him -erloii-ly, be says, bal .N* url. tull ell
i e.,\ii\, and bia head struck against the sharp cornet
of a stone Hep.
The veteran was carried late the bouse, where ht
had Its.-d wltli bl- -on in law. Fireman Laulh, "I
Hook and Ladder cempaay Na, -. and ? physician
W8I called. The Injury to N'-urh mit's head wa.-, lint
believed In he serious antll yeaterda) morning, when
tbe doctor said lhere wa* ?., fracture of the -hull, flt
police were Informed ol Ihe case ita and 'hey teni
S'eurhardl to the hospital. There Ike arreon _M
Ibe matt was likely io die fr. Ihe I til Ul"/. Hern,
who had iml been :irr*-l*-(l In the afternoon, said _?*
would -urnnil'T himself.
Berger d HaiUam were Ike proprietors antll la I
October ot Ike Rorhy Mountain Furnlablng More und
I.nan Ottce, ai Cheyenne, Wyoming, lu lhal bobUi
they gave a chattel atortgage for W.__) on theil
-lock, which was appoaed lo be worth -_>,__>.
Tiu-ir crediton ..i "ii"- hroaghi suits if attachmenU
again t them i" pd bach their goods, bul Ihe -teeta
bad been taken away, i'm-half ol lt, packed In eighty
eases nnd worth ?90,000, waa shipped lu lida city,
? rem bing Ii an November 87.
i The New *. ..rh City Brun wko awn part of Um
* (.(.ids are I.iii-heitu'-r i Le_-ii-t.ii. clothiers, ..i No,
,i- Broadway, hii.i Jacobson Bran., JeweBere, _..
IO Malden Lane, winn Ibe goods reerhed Hie New
York Central Irdghl -tallon, ihey were carted lo i
..-Har al No. HW PHI st., and thence lo a va aol
-tore nt No. 7-> AHniitii are., Broohlyn.
Ki er man .*- Uraer, attarneya al No. -j"*ii Broad
WHV, h.ni been engaged la loeb aftei
Ibe tater ita ol ibe rredllon. They ae
, und an oid'-r for thc Sheri- el Kings Fount} li
-e|/.e the R-OdS. Wll'll III* III* tl KUI lhere III V |0UI_
;, truck loaded with elghl ol Ihe rases. A k'""! p*_
'?( ||?. ^.ta. wu r,.ii!ni in a loft over the More ol
\ii,,li-'' k<-t' hum. ni No, -IO iiil'ou-t.. Brooklyn
ihe s-n-int in- iii. pending farther proceedings.
Flint's Fine Furniture
Saves Mono? for Buy. rs.
Riches uki te U_a_otv_ mags-wlagi whl ta Igaotea**
often sepplles. KaewMdl* "f baw uni whal aad wm ?
,t - I,.-1 i. bay. '.'os win mv y.,.,r BMaey.
I rtati i" ..ur warctosma wlB leaeh yo* mach abos
fnriiitnre bayiag. Tea'U sea u.- aeweM and a_-l
tut pattena, toa kaaaapaiwi eeverlacs, the m.,-t to-w-ta
torriags and araaaMotatioaa, _-u*II leam bow -heap Ut
Ram* _?___?_? amy _? i?* I R "?"'l l,l,v "f "'" '"?"'"
u , , .. y.uii naru to buy al u- aad "_\e Baa *
??lil v of Tilt: HAKIM."*
104, 106 and 108 West 14th St.
How to Divide an Income
of $1,000
$ 1,500
$2,000 per Year
The wisest way of living on these
incomes by city people, as shown
By Maria Parloa
In two practical articles, the first
of which appears in the February
Ladies' Home Journal.
Ten Cents
on all natara -stands
////: i 01 i: rs.
lill' EDIT* HI I .?''.AIM*. All. MAI.irR. .
'in- ulai "' tin- -un Lr...!_-i,t i.v isaar K. .'tink, "I
I'iiiiI, ,i \\. mall . puliUab ;.'.:...- ... ilOO.IBs.
('?'ll 'Tl- I.V. lil.-- PO-" tnt lille ;.s| 1 I..-I. SS.I- I,".lill
I. fm-.- Judi- Lawrence, of tlc mi pre tue I'liort, f_
t-:l is. Mr hu] A I a-..u rej_N med ii ? plaintiff,
and -heeler, 1'iwll* A l.udklii. with Jnsepli ll. lin?ie
a- i-.iuii -I. :i;.|....ii. .1 j.i- iii. def.-ndmit. Tlih mill ls
i *.'? netti s- lib |, i pur ai* .1 In ? I he
r.s..inn/ IH-l " ..ii March _, I?ii, ami ihe dn) fid
lon ne, <hu| Mr. Funh aaa enti .-cl ii - pu- i'!n_" Itu
f * ? ? i ut liryc 11 b \ in" i- u < .uiiu ns.- ilih."
Mr. < i... ? b i -I Hm! Hie defenrr lie allowed tn _*-?
Iii-- cn ?. .... t . /i.iiiml Lilt |||H pn!.li. .i'i..Ii v ,i |d
ii 'i--i. ind that Ibe .l-l. ic '. id ll e affirmalive In
pr ivlnu ii. ? ? e ol ii ill ??. I. il Jud le I ia i sm ?? ..v er
; in!- d Hi .. -i h. K. i.. '? -kin, i:.ii'..r ..f "The
r.s.i,.nz Ci :." ss., . iii?| ., ,i witii - - tor the ptain
liff, .? .' . . . i . ? .I . lo Ibe al mdlu i ..I lu- paper,
' ? ? itiinlind Ls Mr. l ? _*e, lie mid Ihal in um
, In/ Hie | i pinned ul he ?.i- an .;. tn
. >i ??? - um. pei i ina I III i ellng, ii nil i lin)
| lie in-, tl ii in : ?? l.s I 'ii- ss.,ni p|| ,irs " mid
lliefl"* tbs ..... ... i >| ,, || ... ,h ,,f ss..i-:,.
|. ??. ? 14.. ri I ii- trial vs.n be
led lo day.
TIIK l>KF-Nl_'_ sIDE IN MIR linn KY <v-r
Sr '-ii '. I ..\ [Niki tor ie irlj tsso li.mr- s-.'-r
dal iii ..p. i.li./ f..i- Ihe J. I. m.- Ihe Mill brough! bj
-lilla? -> ii h. .1. Miles f..r au ai > omi!
Ing ot Ih*-1 . ? in-, ll- -ai I linn, i.u
li.'in defrauding il arMoa and children "t sbmuel
Hurl .", Jacob Mlh and his bruther, IVIIItani Mil?,
I.a.I ii i'.ul..1 ii.. ,i nilli:-, skilful*- iiml /' in-ri.'i-lv.
? an bi a |" ? . ital dl*_Iv intage. Instead "i
h.ivln/ :,ii i n.-rs. a* Ihe plalotlffs alb.-il,
li rh j .s Mlh - :. id b mall ? lu-Uhru*ul, and Ihe
i ul i part - i I. ul !?? ? . r been ai. Iliai
-i '-' . a y.nr. Mi ;l rley's ramil) had lived lu
! i .1- .m. limn ti., v bad done
pi.si...?!-. Mr. Ilurlej and lil- fainllj had received
Iii all up - ..lil o' S.-II.I ?'
Mi-phi-n I*, i ri..i.-.. ? ll. a lawyer Irom Sorlh?*n Nea
Vork, s>ii ihe uni* -\i>n- - i ill*.. The purport el
! I ll -tall ll) ssa- Illili Ja. nb Mill :. ' I ibll. ' '.
pi"-" . nh il hi duly ii ? \" alor "t i.i-tlale. The
-.. Um a ill !,-? . n f.aiiiliu .1 i . .1 ij .
Till". ?i IT OVRR Mil', lil ci iXEll wu.I EXDKD.
The -'in 1.1..../I,i in determine Ihe valMlly ,-f the
will of In. Anion;.- Itupp un-r, ssh., lor BlBtlV real
s' I ' .- i .'? . \- ? 'ni- Ib.i. !. ba?
be, ll "i lldru-tl, In llupnanei died Jlllj 'l'>. I-''J.
leuvlug .rn ? late val.,-.I ai marl) *?'"' """? John
.?. Keyes, .,' IoiiiitiI, Mai . and l_eodore B. _nillh.
of ti.!- .ns. s..r. appointed i.s..uiiu.. :n.ii iii. -.iii
was I. in ii.-, it bs I bein. ||e le fl large .-quests lo
I'.l.iiiv.N and in. n-i. iu -.s r >-i laud nud tu luslltu
ib.n- lhere, ll- al i [rave -Mo." t.. Ilarvard i rn
i-et-ltr. i'arl l ? - > ?: ac h. ul -?. li/.-rimi.i, ssa. tbe
realduar. legatee.
? . ?
BITS OP l.l '.M. MW.
in tl - sun i'i. i,i i.s i iori tn ?? Van Ai HsIm_ i h
ic us-r i|..u. ; io (I.late ot bel alleged bu -end, Jeceb
Hal*?a4 lulu. M, li- -i- i.|. e-e..imf Hi"' def?ice fen.
I- -isl.iv j-i.-ii i dgi< i:-.-nc al nc -.'.j.i nm leu rt, i",
sa aid?i ? ampi ll ni Mrs, Hals*?- tu ailee bim u. tee
. i-i-am lette ts win. i. -ic Blleaed she nail recelietl (tun.
Mi. li .I-'? -i Ti.i- h.bi len ea* opposed, an thc gt-iind
Utat Mrs. Heist?- eas -rtonaly ni oat could i.-m.-i
tit - sa .in. ii' ii i iel '. ? troubled s\ ni, the affair a" are-wiit.
I), i-i-.i eas |. ?i sesl.
The pu. ?--?i i *? v-. ii.-tit'it..l i.v Malglierlte A. Mantell
to punish bet au-?end Keher! Mantell ihe actor, lei cen
ti-in lit el i-i' f"i fellini tu i.iis ann...nv have been ssiiii
Jmssu. Mi. Mentell aaa In j: et ? ri BOO, but baa i-id
Tba Will of l.n'il- Wilkin-, ?ii. ssj- :, ate Bit. I of His
Brm '.( \\ii...ih. wi ,.m. i .... ea* ah. re* ? ? -.i.?> r..r
prebe?. Ile leaves B5,000 le ll.mom lleaajital. tlM
r. -t al I.i- ?tat- 1- (efl IO bis 'annis mid relative*. III
ssii,,vs-. Miv Patna Marte Wilkins, rec -is.- ali the real
? --tat.- alni (190,008 aUtliSht, ant Ute b*_e_ ruin, thc
i,-.idu.- 1- Ute. Mis children, -lilian __ls Wilkins,
1. i.i.. Web? Wilkies, Ubi ?.|isi" Wilkins ami Alfr?l Polk
\\ ni lae, i- -is. bi .'I- al i"n. > ? OOO i" 110 OOO cai ii.
J.niue Aii'li'ss- jrc-tetdaj i.-.-i'.-l .!. . 1?>>n mi a nt-tloil
ii. ol- by _.**_*. ?*. btokea la strike ..." ..i c.. i ampi ilet la
t ? -..it b'on.t.t nv W. i:. l> >i..is?- :?? m.i-t ..un Um
j ? -."al 1..11-, ut ili-liii.n -I s ami freud in Iii* BMua/.-in-ul of
ll,.- Iloltliull Hun-.
COURT i Ml 1-_A_8 TOR TO*D IT.
. .pri'tt.e < url ii ii'i.'i '!'? iin H'f"i- Van Braal, P. J.,
ii lin a and Polleia, JJ Nos. 80, -C. To.
.1101*?ie Lour, -luini": Hil.-- Andrewa, J. Motion
cab nu ir . aii.'i .i ii " - i" k.
Hu pren., lour! -|".ui Term?Part I llefore Ina?.ham,
i i-iss aud t.. ' s???? ??'*?. -i*"1 ??_. -'.-?'. -OU,
.lill .'I..., '/.'..H. 20?, '-'"?''", -'?'''''.
(_??,m loi' Sp. tai I -in Pan ll ? _?? lore Ilair.-il,
j. , ,'... .,,,. linil-s vb, Mlle., .V. . il -il.,.
i ,., u|t i our! Hart iii fa-fore Trna*.. I Vee. .500,
1078 I'.;'.. .'COI. l'.'i'.'-. ?'?>. -?"?*? I'-'."'-, -i.'i. 2.-7,
-il"' 14170 24*- ??-' . ll'H, __ 1713, Tilt; 2C0O,
"ll"' __ 12.A '--?'? I? . 1712, -"-'oi. 23?
Cit?nit lunn -rai i l -Meiers Pall?see, J.?Ce*e* tram
i ir. ..ii Coert?Pan II?_?sis Imwnmoo, J.?Cases item
'"-.-ia i..nt Han IV-Betetre Beach, J.-Cbsm trott
ft-_rr-_ate- Ceerl ta_beri Motlea calendar .aii-d at
10 au e-lurk. l -? I".ih elli* -' I s-ard k. i'i
I .lui M i.'i.ssas. Mm.ar.' lur. ?!, Cal?ll hu: Cha tillo-i.
', .,?j il, mi.iii .allin.ii A la.i.i Annie M. UUui.-ll
Maria, t C.unoj*, -1- ..1,. ia A. Wallie*-, <iisill.- a. Kn.,i'?
la, k Man., I. Pat l- h. 10 _' a. li.
i.n I'.-*- .ral Temi idkiurned until 1'i-i.ru
"t imi i l;h? - - il Tern im. '''*?""?' Sa. 11.
(oiiui.m Ilea*- lapins- Tenn BefoTc lil-l-ff, J.-Nm.
ia, u. io, it. ia, I'' ai, -- -;t' -?? -'-? -" -"?? -v.
' :. .11. .!_' 14. 10, !". il. ' b. _, _?. <". I- I*.
i ? ii ai) 4. 52, S3, 00, .. _
,,,?,,,;?? i",j- m.. lerm l-art I-H'io-- Dale, (' I -
No- ??'.? 71'.t _- H"'l. 0*1, '?'-'?'. '".'7. *?3, I'm.... 7'..l.
'.'.",' Hit'*?'..I ' l__, '.M. *? l. "'?"', '.O'-K Till, ?".- HW,
-..'.'. 70., SIM, 527, 2-1, 1087, 44, !>:4'... 7..I. 171) 7' I
l'_a_eo Pleas-Trial Terni- Patt lI-B.-f<.rs i -tr-ra-li,
' Ci.,1,11-n Pica* Tri"il Term?Pal. III-U for- Xli-U
MBvet I -Cases flem I'"' '
anne?or Couti Heneral I'rn. Adjourned lei H.- I-un
hui.. ...t ' .url -*|?ni Terni ?*???** l-'r. dii-an .1
Nos 4.*... ISO, BM ?0
aqnerloi : ourt Biault*/ Tenn- vljo'irm-il f.n tlc t-rm.
-.,, ? n -... I I 'I fi ? . "? ' I IM..-.' M Alina. I
-Koa! ISSI. 1750. 1788. BM MM 28_ l-l'
bupenui Coors Trial Tetetr??iris ll uml ll I-- Ail j'.'irn- a
Clti i o' rt Sis-elel Tenn?Hefee M?lown. .1. ?:Mot.un-.
I ,t- . OOH 'lr r. I r.iii' I'"" I I'- ("I Vu, ll '
Waa 7i*.i 717 100- 1100 tM liv. II'.- 18*-, 1*12,
i "i-u i:-.-.. MO. '"-'t. "I. ?'?'") 1705, 1 _" 17. l.'HI. 1280,
I2-! 8*1. 1102, 1287, 710. 7U. Ho., loir,., itu, ):._,
1 .-i'i" 4''irt -Ti lal I' rm- I'.nt ll -IM..'.' Kl.li. I'-I -
Voa r-'- iu7- l-l., i">ia. aol. in... '.'.I sa 171,
icm liuu vi. ?-. 1*91, iii, 1552, 'Ml, Itt*,
,-.,., iob ..ci aaa wu, lasi i__ ti_*, ian
B7I ' 4l'.i ,' Bid, 188? 10? l'-'.". ISM l_?l, --.">,
I'.l'l 4*7 "'i'.7. I'*" 0*8 040, I0BB, l.'.sli
i it-- T ...i-t -Trial Term- Van III -I'efu- KIUbIuioiis J.
?Mee ItO 199 100-V I "MO I "< 1-5 -Oki 2??, H.".*,
87! 1", ?.*. li..i. -I*' lt'-' 14 7".. !.'I4. IOU.
4_V lo'itl .rill lotui-1'ail IV?HSfeiS .? Caitl.j", J.?
Sh..it i-ii-n *...- _;_l 22ta :- .". li--- -100, '-"*'?'?
-.I'S, .'l-l, -.V-,11 -j;;;, _.;_.;( eJJ7|, |:(|,||tv eau-- Nus
- ? sis ? . 11.1 ini ii,?? m..
?"'lt el .eera s. .,,,.,, 1 >., i ? I-f! f,,le C.,Will.. ,f.,
and v * mi ., ,-?-. r/.n.,;,,.?. .1,. \,,.. t i , .,l.
Court ... lien i __-_n-?i'arl I l-l. fore Smyth, IL,
and * - fr* ? Dlel li t -vu m. ? Wollniin Sa. 1.
? "'if ul '.ani *. --i.n, i'm; III -lie fore M?:titie. J..
? lui A--.-.'ant lll-tll. t...\tt,liney Wevk.-NO. 1.
"I i ll I KS OP I III I*-, a UTIOM II.la Tl-1) -
Wi i.i. *, rTBNDF.n mi- Mi:
The \ -.., i .ii..,i ,.f mc New-..>rk Alumni of Un'
I ulvt i -ii\ ot lim hostel :. ni i,- annual dinner last
- *, - r ? i i _- ,? ||?. il,.-.| -.,?,,,.. Vin.ll I sevolltj :,ietul..i*
-Ore I'i- I. Three lull--. Were ai ian'-'-d al righi
angles io i.e i,.ad i.il.I ?. in. I,,hu I'. Munn, presl
'!? m of 'ie' -i " tall in, ?a- mil tmaster. At hi* righi
-it Hr. David .1. lim. th- pre klein ..f the university,
and :.t i.i- I.:1 ku ti.-- nam i \ Macomber, af the
-iipr-ine court, other. :.i He- t:iiil.- were John P.
townsend, the Rev. lu. Robert -. MacArthur, Ihe
R?-v. - -olio ii W .Hui mi. i ..i.n..-I William llamllien
Harri-. Mat lin Vf. Cooke, Theron <?? -irniiK'. the Ref.
Pl mi' -. Evans and Ueorge I*., li.r.
!? ":?? He- dlunet a i.-u it. meeting ams held, at
Wblcll Or. .lame- K. Mi Iud-, . nan man of I lo- nomlnat
hg i .nunn:.. . piuporteO Hie following O-tevrs: l1-.--i
.1. m. Dr. John I*. Munn: in -i vice-president, Theroa
i.. otroog; -eil,' d \ n ?? in-e-iii.-iii. Frank d, Capra:
IMN \ n ? i te.id.m. .iain.-- Duane tkiulrea; aecre
tan. s.Ui .prague r?1TJ ; treasurer, Cl.arl.- J, Town
end; executive i mimi i__, Rossiter Johnson, Ueorge
ll. Pl \. I,. Kinin. it Holt, Frederich Taylor Lutes and
-onutel M. Iiuchner, Thej were elected unanimously.
in*- Rev, r.uiip .. Evana said grace at the dtaaer.
Tl..- -peaior- were President Hill, Justice __co__a_,
Dr. lt,iinaii .1. Ihe I ii-. Marlin Vf, look.-, Theron 0.
strong, Francis Forbes, the Rev. Ur. MacArthur, .lulu.
I* T..W i-end. Jane- M ii'nt. Rossiter .i.ii.n-,oii, Chaun
* *-y ll. Ripley aiui ..th. i*.
Illll-e pt'e-ellt i|l,|l!i|,-i Q-UUI M. < ' ii T 11 ? tl f ^ P. Ul
Rev, Hr. Justin D. Fultoii, lobii ll. Howard, William
?' -...'il ni. fills i ll, Leonard, Walli r M. Moor-,
lieorgr A, Allin, Dr Monto Pettit, Ueorge
P. i.'kH.im. Franels Forbes, Dr. Uet.rr. s. t'_.
im:;,. s i apeii, I runs Huntington, :he n.-v. john
I ..v.-. jr., ai1, it c. Hil-. \i n/o C. Raymond, Dr.
Ioho ll. Ii.aiiv. t'burles ll. Taylor, James C. Foley,
Hie U-V. Ur. KuIhtI li. Hull, Ju mea M. Hi-nut. Ur.
i'rederli'k J. Nott, .?? ll. l...\iui td. Dr. I.iitU-r
Kmmeli li, n, tbe i;-\. .luhu li. iiil
veil. Ailinn ll. t.iiflui, .1.ph W'ain
i. \. Frederich M. Dean, Curtis N. Douglas,
Ihe Rev. liam -a, Ham-v, Dr. James K. .b iml-. Ihe
Kev. Wm. II. Dexter, I liarle* .1. To'ui.s-ni. Ilomer I).
I'.rooklns, .l-n . M. Hunt. Harmon M. "mgr, -aid.
li. M..i--. lr.-), mk ll. Wilkins. Hen,-, M. Brigham,
i m. \|,|.. Haine, Seth -prague retry, lin- Kev.
Wllllutii N. llubMI, Kdwaid li. Itlpaom, Dr. Samuel
ll. Url-liiier. Milli,rd c. Rn. berger, Vf. It. Willcox,
Roscoe r. _. I'.rown, i:. lt. Hllmore, Vf. H. Illlltnun. M.
... -locum, Cornelius A. Ila ld win and N. Curtice Holt.
Pincus Pehlaskl, doing business as p. PohlasM I
Co., manufacturers of elga iv al No. vf Warren-**,
and al Kel Weat, I'la., math' an assignment yes
trida) lo William Arrowsmith without preference, He
an- been in Ihe t Igar business dnce 1">i>o. Ile luis
i.-en iii inr the pas) two montes, The assignee -aid
that th- (allure was result of several .nw
ill health, bad irade, rest of i irrylng an Hie factors
al Iv \ Vfent, i..--e- m im i.e--. and Ihe McKinley art,
I a.- hail ti .in ??l affected him In a i?- -liar way. Ile
'lid nut I blah the bill would pi*-- and he neglected to
i.v lu a itorh of I--ii tobac n as athen did. While
leaf tobacco wvui up. Hie prto, of Hears did not, *n
Uml le' ,ad lo pat, in,-:ier pi i. es for Iii* tobacco and
did not gel lue Increase on Ibe li'.-j.-s. Mr. Arrow
-mini -aid lhal the lliiblliiles are about gluOAWO and
fm Mr. Pub lu ski I nought he rou ld pa) 7. cents
on Hw dellar. Pherc are milt about eight creditor.
and Mr. Arro Wutul tb thought a settlement Blight bl?
air ingid.
I'-an -i tip! of ii Judgment (rom ttl. hmond Count*
Was Hied In Ibe I'ouuty "hilt's olin.- yester
da) for tm.i'A" against ?' arl.* Knog m favor "f
Henry A.. Ueorge P., Kinma E., arid Adelaide f,
11, ker ams-ti.
Judgment f..r .fii.'.'i'.i. obi lined in the Court of Com
mini Ilea , was tlle-J i-'ei'lay _ jen 1 ri -t Frank II.
I'uwperiliwali, .,f lirooki)n, In farer ef James W,
tienird, "a i bund riven to us-ure payment ef pre
minni-, on ii life In-iimn ??? policy for MO.M0 ol
William Ito* well
Brtafa comfort and improveiiienf and tends ta
personal eaJwyuMat when rightly uefd. The
inn!!?. -bo live helter than otiiera, and enjo?
Iiloiiiore. with loss expenditure, hy more proinplly
I adapting the world's baal products In lha needs
I of phvie-al bolas, will attest the value to health
nf the pur* liquid laxative principl'-a euibraced in
i.be reiiicdy. Syrup of Pip.
Itj. eteeUenoe is due ta ita prrsentins in the
furn, most acceptable and pleasant to the to*t*
the roftMlhlBR and truly beneficial properties of
-, perfect laxative; eilectuallv cleansing tba sys?
tem. .Iispellinit arida, headaches a'ld fov.jrs. and
permanently curing constipation It has given
satisfaction to millions and met with Mia ap
..royal of tko m.iiieal nrefaaalea beeaaaa lt acta
an the Kidney*. I.i'.er and Dowala without vrealr
euinx th.-m. and it ts p,tf. tl. Ir.~ from every
,,iiiei tiofiiii.ie aabataaaa.
Syrup of lu's n for khI.* '>V all dnigtrinta in
Atc. anl fl bottles, but it ts mann factored by
the' < iilifornia Fig Syrup Co. only, whose nama
is printed on ev.-rv pa.*U._"_ a1-*** the name. Byrup
of figa, &n.l boms well informed, you will aol
accept ?uy substitute if offered.
For iiftirh/ forty yeor* tot
liner mo,lt it specialty of Linen
Uoodt, mid there in no detira
hie linen (illirie or fabric for
the Kitchen, l>n,in'j-Room,
Dethoom, or other household
use which may not he found in
v freda J.erfc our stock.
james mccutcheon & co.,
U4 Went 93d Street.
You Can See Any Day
The Singer Parlors
The Different Varieties of
Art Need!, Work
In Process of Manufacture
On Singer Machines.
The Singer Manufg. Co.,
Cor. 16th St. and 3d toe,
'_ ROADWAY & 26tb ST.
China, Glass an^Pottery
C>r?rtT__: morphine Habit f oren la M
DPitru ta. gadara. _? pay fill eared.
OPIUM Dr. J. ?'?-._.-*. Lebanaa. M.
LAM HM. sTi.l.l \ SOOIM Rfc* OVER--.
An recaped ronvirt. nrfeOM ri.--m.- I* sold to be Pat>
rltk McGuire, bal who Mm U-.-n known hy several
eaeuated niiini-s, wns ;i prl-on.*. ul Mice H--_<lq.uartt*re
v.-i.i<iiiy. Oa tin Bight of October lo, io_0. Mo
i.uiri- brake Into lae millinery -'ure of Morris Dan
aenberg, at Nw. Tii Ow bart at. m ii -as b-liiiu^t him
-i If to .-ilks (lier.- when lu- wu* surprised by lliuiuea
berg. Il-- Kn ii k.-d il.- inlHii.-r dowu with a steel
??'iinni*,-' aiid beal Min late Insensibility. Tlien he
a mi. un (?-< ip.-. tafetag sin,* ralaai ut *?_;,.). i>e
t -11 iv.* Beep, who was tli .i ul turtled to th..- Eldridge*
it, -.iiiit'i. arreeted McGuire, and the burglar waa
convicted and .sentenced i<? t.-n reggi In j,rIson. Ia
th** courtroom where ba r.cetv.il his sentence Mo
t.uiro -iel tli.it h.- would kill tho dilative when
iv regained bu liberty. H.- vms *,_it t.. sing **ing
Prlaoo, vili'-r*- h-- was kapi at lund Inlier for u year.
ll,.-n be acted lo a Maaer tl.ai lid the prison official
tu think ih.it ba waa faaanae, aad ba waa reat to tba
BBflBM ti*t Hi*- laaaaa at Fishkill. From timi asylum
li* .-.aped on July ii. Ititi.
Beceal barglartea in this .liv were i.-iteved to be
the wm-;, i.f McGuire, win. wns u |ewea*e_ before ho
i.>.-tn*, u thief. Marowan tah* d at ?*:i*.*? was stolen
frutn the bewae of OMacajr E. Matta., ai Ma, xii Weet
Oue-haadred i.n.1 thlnleih-st.. on Um alghl of February
4. Bad ihe house af Mm B. Bieaaean, at No. 7t8
Laaoi ave., wa* entered it i vt..- night of _'? bruary T
hy ii thief who stole allv.-rwi.re worth i._00. Ia
each caaa only artktaa af solid siiv.-r wt re inker..
Detective Beep, whe i? aow ut the Caatial Of-ceb
v:i- j Mal lld by In-p.sti.r M<'l.iiti*_hlln to .?rch for
Mit.aire, and Detective llallaad wns aaeigBed to no.
.Ni tn the aearrh. Th.* detectives nut MeGako la
West Twi.ty s. ..-nd st. tnt.- on gall I ga J ntKht and
arreated bint. Ila alteMptad ta resist, bul waa
promptly knocked down mai .verpewerad, in
his packet- wen- found a simrp knlf.- nnd a number
.if pawn Ildteta. Ile al*o hud u silver .poon with
the luitiiil- "i.. M. H." engraved upon lt. By
m.ans of the pu wu tickets the detective, found moat
..f the silv.rwaie thut had been Melon from the
Maltbf and Broeneon famtli. -.
m.'.iiir? had arcupled a ream at No. .124 Eaat
Twenty sn'fiiid st.. where lie did his own cooking and
uind*' up his own bed. In the t..ii the detei-nvea found
:i r.itiipl.i.- --.! "f liitrirliii*' tool*. It -p. .tor Mcl.nugh
! Un y?_-_Uy sent Information of McGuire, iirr.-t to
th*- as*, lum at Fishkill, rind Ihe convict probably
I will haw U> be lal.en lhere nguiu.
The meeting of tho manager*. *f it, I. ii'/e's Hoe*
pttal whhh was beM yesterday ufi<>m.?oi' ut the offloe
of George Ma.'cnllocli Miller, the pre-ld.-nt. at No. 80
Broadway, was well utten.led. All offers for the
parohaae of the present sile of the building, at Fifty
fourth -et mid Fifth ave., wer.- re).Tied, .-md |f waa
.tedded (0 hold Hie price of Ihat property nt *"_.._h>,0__
rallfornla produces some wines .gu.il to Imported.
?Clover Lear' _ellte__e Wines Hre just aa goad at
half price. All grocers. Depot. 1,2.1 Broadway.
Wholesale Depot, DI Hudson ?(., New-York. .*?

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