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_H_ REAL ESTATE : X< ll n :. ME.__.*_E
IM i. i'l i ; _ ALI iM
IT. n- tr.i uki _V 1 ' : " i v ' on "i ur. in
FLU- VI E 'I Iii: TIMM tXV BOS' E_ l\i) '1 Iii.
M '.'. ll ITT IN ' iMl'.l N . \ N I :-.
l.,. OJ till I'l M '? I! .TS.
[Br 7111 QB IPII I" 1*111 TBIM'***-]
_Iba_r. i eb. Ill Hu Ri 1 K Int ? Kxi ii . li
Tran-lt trill bis ni !-. I - dn -I i'i il ?
_i.t-.ii.-. but Hu* li ?
are -Hm. lt n 'I.-- ? i lhere, i v.11! depend rn
the |>nv. : - i . . ii I ' lk. i P ld Ihe M
Kleii4f.t Railroad t_ii|?n* bave ell ti Ihe l"m rmilr
mnji,rit\ n the Itt '? ' ? '?'?? P ,v" ':: '" '"'" "
In laitb branriu - it vl'ii.' lo rs ' ' in mv
way lha! will give I M i ', . I I . n ;?? i Heal and
_t__le mean* rf tm lt, bul to eel ihl* bill ll
Democratic voles must be seeurH In both
and Asaemi?j 11? ? *.- I ii) Hall's pt?ictliiii
of the -antiattar l"lei ? ? d R Uro?I Company la t"
extend .-ii . ? .nts! ni Ihe temi rn cl ? 1..-: ? <.;: the
BSBB*eas_tatlve* el thnt i-ompany and Ihe bo ?? - nf
Had er***anl-a_4-i I- n 1 doflnUel* known, bul Ihe
Betka af Ihe I?'ins nil Tbbiuiiiiiv men arlin anled
again M aa lnve.ti.fBtl n ol R ipid 1 tl il Com
mls-on iti-c.-ii.-- flin Ihedealti Inli i'l po tnueh
?arther than Ibe pee] l- ol S ????? Y...;. riljr ai*- lt I ? p.o.
Tbe Eeal Est ne Bart.. has i. trying for olin
time tr. .e* B Tniniimiiv Hall man In Ibe A -eml.lv In
present the bill tl.at rame In In night. Tl ? *. ,-\p. 11 I
IVtclvnl Farqnahar In Inlmdnee lt. bal Bfler being
fte., from tbi Influenc. ..I Ihe rommlttee repre puling
Hie Kx.!iai:. foi tu. nts four bom-, be changed hi
ininti mid Introdaeed sn entirely different minsiii
Tbe re., bb he iv,, pn'. in ls tor IM rl_ngB of mind
was thal he ki-_ thai i hWl r-iulrlng the lil* lo
con? nut t!,e rnad weald not pet thi?igh. This
*-lateni?iit iti'li'-.-. t'mt already otdors had been I*
Fu_ io prev. i : th j. i?a. ci an* s i_bii_> tliai ss..i,iii
be likely io lake f_>m Ihe Manhattan Comp-wy any
pr>?i.>ii nf ihe -rent monopoly which ii noss- enjoys,
T_e Ta ?mun nv memh.-r >.f tl,. Assembly who tinnily
ha- be. ?! Indar, or p--r-u-i.!..| lo pal the bill in l
Wliiii'n B. _Di*_*, n lawyer, ..f No. 220 Broa<Iwb! .
"-e-T-Tork. ll- repre m's i , ? Will! A
Dl-trt t. Mr, RM*-? . once or twlre -in.ssh a
aa_d_r_ihle mu..nut of liidependenee oj organl-Hon
rill-T*. ill- lie s-eiiis tn 1-' -o': e\s !,:i! above the a\'T.-i.'
of tbe n -ti-, l repeeai nial tee ol _immnay Hall ss .
cones to Albany t.. rep:- r?nl New-York: t'lty. He
sahl to-nigh! that he Inti*?.I the lill In good
fuitb: bu*, lib' r.'ir-.iaiii. lu oaae organl?llon pi**
mra becomes loo strong, be inns- "come t" see lhat
Kilcli ti bill e;itii".| (rsl Ihl?Igh tbe I., .-i-l.-nui'.-.'' >
boob ti- be he_-d Ihal the Real Estate Exchange hill
bad been introduced. Mr. Farqahar baalem. t,, a ??? i
ibat be araa personally In fiver ,f tills bill, bi_
Hint in- wi ubi oo all lu bia power io mi Mr.
Eill-ion io p.-i-- it.
Tb.- Tribtui.-. in these dispaicbes, baa given another
cnu-e oiii-bi" nf tbe ib'iil between Tammany and the
BIB?hatton Company for the opposition to a bill thal
might .-oho Ute mi id transl! problem. That i-. l?
caa sc such an under! oking woold put ap tl e elly debi
to tb" roi-Ills?tonal lini'. and fuminany H.-ii would
not have tin idi bli es from ths many mintons ol
dollar- expended .inli pear la one binn or another lor
Impiov.n." ni-.
Tb., bill pi.lid,.- that If upon the Brat attempted
Bah of tb" mid.-r.ro.nil franchise lhere -Imll b" n?
bidder, or aa Witter whose bid khall be accepted, or
If any -'.uh bid become anil and _dd under the
pro*,i-bm-i of Ihe -nt. or that ir there shall be an)
Uko f.ir.,re apon any attempt., see md sale or resale
f.f the ftanrbl-e, the RaaM Tr?-it Commlssloncra
must cause Ihe eja-__*i whether thc undergro nd
railway -bull be eons tract ed ,-r pabMi expen ?? to be
-ihnilui- to Hie rote. f New-Yort City. -HnlB
thirty ii iv- nf ttl" next general ejection the et m
ml?1 in is mu-t theo til.- i ri'iu.-t tii.it such separate
ballots be primed and supplied to the il'-.-i.rs. Tb.-y
shall read "For municipal eonatrucHoa <'f rapid
transit road.* mid "Against numb Ipa] constru-lon of
rapid ireii-it road." If a majority of the ballots
_~t are In favor ..f municipal . on_t_U 'lon tba rapid
transit nat iu.ll be eOBBtraetcd ami operated Ly
tbe city.
Within thirty days after the i__| baa been as
eertaineti. |Jm Bsaaa_Bs-NMa shall np'ln eonsMer tbe
routes pi-evii?_y laid out, nnd they shall have power
to niobe such flte__e_t___ as tiny il. .in !,e
They -.ball Ihen entsT into a contract for thc eon
atructlon of Uie road upm taja plans adopted at
the expense of tho city. The contract shall specify
tliat the contractor i-bull build, C|ulp and operata
the rtad, paying an iimiiiiil rr mal to be spt-eii!,-! in
the oontmct. This rental shall ha applied to ray.
ment af lnt.-rf*st *.n the beads tssned by the dty
for the payment _ the eODBtr_et__ < I tba ro.-cl.
The remrilnder of tho reata] not required for payment
cf Micb interest ls to be npplb-d to the -militia fund.
If th.-re ls no slnkinp fund the remainder 1- to ho
_rt?flB?d ns a . - ukin** fund for payment of the bond-.
The WBItlBOB? will be irqniicd to pive ;i bond in
puch ani'.unt as the eanimissioners shall r.-'iulrc. and
to qualify in double the amount of lil- bond. In
ca.-.- fha contra*lor fall- ti. complete ids work, the
commissioners may laka peaBeattoa of the road and
enter Into aaa?her contract. Tho ooo_r_? cannot
I*- assigned mi thom the eommls-onen' consent.
Itefore awsitlitiK tbe contract tho (Jominls-loners
mu-t a_veet_a for proi?o>ii!.s and the. C?otrar. mu-t
be approved by tbe Oorpanatloq ?tawisri ih.'
Boartl of _____ nnd Apjioi-tloninent slmll dlr.-.i
tho font?iller la Issue boi;ds at n nt<" of Inter.?t
not exceeding _ per cent. Thaaa bonds ure B_ to
ha MU for lc-- than their par value nnd ivlll be
free from taxation. Chanws may be mode ?_B
tiuie to time by the _B__*ae_?*_ In Ih.- plans for
the road __b the ea_r_- Of Uie Major, the i '< Mraller,
?"orpoi-? lon Conn. 1 aid Beard of Estimate and Ap
X*?'tionment. _
The KapJd Trunflt OOOtmlttM of tim Heal r.-t;itc
_Bja__ajs asrt Asstartdyman _3_aoo lu bia o-ieo,
Mn, -j.ii _k?adwoy, jraaterdoy morning, mi denverod
to him tic- eoptes of tbe amendment prepared by
en-Corporation Cciisel llenrr lt. Packman. Senator
iirown wrote to the eoa_?t??, saylni ii.it ha i.
gTcik- Ms InaUHty to meei t__o, bot that the t.ui
would rc. elie bl- h'-ar'i Bl SUpoOTt. As-eiu! ls mn!,
Fa.i'ii.ibr wrote that lie would wit .raw big Rapid
Tra: ,-it, MU and BBpport ibe amendment to the Rapid
Transit act pi._ur.-d by Mr. Beek-MH.
un___r___iNG %vnn women, hight.,
A mtSASVBM TO pp.i.vmnt THE -_ARIM.I OF
C**"-J__f.-*_r-____l BILI- IN Tin: ASSEMs-bT.
A!b.:nr, F-b. I. fflpnilsl) ASBISIllllynillll I".mill
T). -inlUi, of El? County, __da bim-clf famoni to
nicht by peoaeattasj la 'it Berton ness the -"armera'
'JaRtmmma Anti Hoop skirt bill, it bud been mi
Bounced .arller In lha day that he had .-"cm <t :i copy
of a himiiHr ii.M.-iii!- from ? asember of the I-sflslatnre
of a \v.--teni Mata, arba \sn the Bather of the Mil. The
WU was rend ii full, .iti.1 it.i,u_ a .rent deal ol
BnutM-ni'-i.t. Mr. -imih bud pi**paied Ci? aotea of BB
clala.r-iic spaaa_i ant il*.- mead?_ _*ujbed so loudly
und s. hemitiv that ie became ita. stn-, sad had
io irive n up. He mamMftd aomettilng
about bopin. thal the llr-l ia<!y in
the land Mould appro.ve of tbe __a__re,
and sat down B_Bs_ig w|ib fri?'. T .-re araa,
i-Ver, I'.'ll-. l.-rabb- li*?li*, a:, li.' lbs < inmltt.-e tbatr
mcii fr tho UH. ?? Hry DaOar" ?dil*?ia araatcd ti."
bill lo fa t'. . I- con,mill..., f*l*tB*_TITt and Ea .a*st__;
Duffy, fixtrn Ute Mata my, iis-<*i te hpeaher ia rei r
lt p. bis conuniiti-c. Public Health; and Kerrlcan,
Mothar Tau..'nins m.:!. thaught lhat lt ought io ... to
TV?le* und Matiula'-tur-.. il.- bili want lo Vi.
faBtvaa'B committee, and ta baa alreadj eootracted
with o tailor for a new .-ult ol .lollies lo wear Bl th
"Me__*f. The Ul: almply prevenu Ihe wearing ?.f
hoop slvirt- iiiiil < rn ilia -.
Asaeui Myrna ii EUlsoa pu-. i.t.sl to-alghl ii bill
_g_a___Bi tin- Liw uini.-r whlrb tii<- tranaverae raadi
throuiri. Central I'urk atc bulli so that B road cauiot
be built in Klelily s.xth ? 1. wi-t of Ki-it'nive Tins
ts tn ihe interest nf the property .wm r* In Weat
Etphtj" sixth st.. 4vbo bav.- lon. oppo-.sl the building
Of ii mad throuaii ti-.ii -r.-.-t.
?mollly 1). r-illivnii sei t In a bill dlr.*eted at the
hahliii? powd. i- niuiiulu lurer-, it i_|a_r_ that Um
lng?silents of N.Htti_ BOBd_B shall la- print.- In lull
on Hie lahel. aa tl.e eui.- In __fa_ ll ls sold. The
aa me member suit In a bill wbleb prcv.-tit- the sm
face railroad companies from r.-ntlntr spaces tn (be
cars or ii|?.u the -I.lu.::- '..: iilx-.-rllMn!: pui-|--..--.
sVaattbr Adam* Bad Assemblyman I?lnk.|*plel both
tntrraj'iei. a bill to-nlsbi prchli Itlnir any _oa_at_ or
foreign life liisiimnce <-,,mi?iiiy *__ _*_!-11i.-._
-ii-i!',-- til. i: ir- in niiiic aaaa Eves tutetth
tl,OOO,,oki Otui.
s.-v.-i-jI Hil- -ere ssal bj b| a_aaa_t**aaai Stajth*
worUi. of Net* Voih, amendlim' the Oaafa*a__M law.
The tendenry of tlu-se bills ls lo jit-, v.-nt the Watering
Of -__l aili the -.-Min. of lani.s uni il tbe full amount
of capital -'..ck "f .ti IneorjH rtti-d comr-iny b?s I?-n
paid In. **!.-. ? .tit.'i-orfh itl-fi put in ,-t un_iire wl.hh.
If lt b.s-iiii- a 'sw. will p.-eifiu Imisi-liion upon J
aarsiTs of multi f* tt_k lu tmiislt iii lase ol dela)
Food furnished ii faith cannot ls- charged foi
ni re i .an ,i :. per rent Increase on Ita actual valai
ri on 1 ions r .-i.n wu i.n.t. .11 - ; ..
I.IVI I', li IX Till. --I SAT1 \M *-*-: MBLV.
All.hiv, Feb. M.-Te- -i, if- di ?"'"'? ll ' ll tl
i i ii.- i derail.i il i -i.il- romnn m i atlve u
Mr. I'.liilne. Seiiaioi ?'uxiou prc led i lie
Hon pn | ired bj Hie i ? 'l committee, a i lion
Wli rt a- Bj ?: ?? death _ Jan t? filll pit U iIn. '
-t ? ol li' : li-ul Ubi 'tri - - i
l ora .. i ?? e ? ; itcr, ii
a great, limo wm .1 .--..
un< ?? ho* . .'.- ha toil an i d' ibl.' Imprt -- (or ( ...
i.j...a . ame, nd li i] list h ! ?'?'! th* bord - ol ir ? ..-*
Ill '<? I i.uti..h.- ; ?? . who -crve_ bia . ouolr;
it i,,\ e ut a tai , ' an i wh.i held
??? :i; ii ? pla* ? In t1 ?? )., uta .I the Mi ? li an |i
anv .,' ti ? ii in "f h - '
Ri ? ?:, ?:. Thal Uti. N i le : ii pu illc r_p
the prof- ??.-!?? it thb> i D ? bj I
? /? ii in tie Empire Stan il
: bl - p iei ? - - . ? ? \ i. ? - : theil aol row l ? bu *!? a'li an
|e-| ? I ? lot I.,- m. ii o i.
le ?..lied. That t .? - ? rea ilutloi - alth the pi
>l i j I en ti. i J henel an I ai engru
.,f ta- -.m..' li.irt.it,|. i t,, n.- _eii_yrd l.l n . ?0?'i lt.
a_.it a ? petl felt 1 Uiem by M
m.I. - - .,f ra- body.
Senatoi Hoxton moved Ihe adoption ol Ihe re__ii
llona mill 'i. Ivered n eulogy of Mr. Ulallie.
"senator O'Connor -?-. nni.-tt the resulull ns, aayli
Ilia) In had worked parin' llj i? mah" Mr. Maine tb
I' 'pul l ? :ri iiindiinl-b.-ur.-i In tin late cl ellon, au
dwelling on iii-, robust Ain.-rlcnnLsin.
- : Mi ul I-eu, a* Sen ,i .. i .lulu:-, in the ali
nee ol ile- l.leuteiiunt Governor, ceupled the rhali
nuule Ihe nrlnclpu! .ji.i-ch lu la half *.i Hie DcniK-ratr
* onion _dwurd. Kocsi-h, Smith and Mcricll.tni
al-? ii aid- -[...(la--, ih.- resolution* ?...?!?? udopt.i
hy a rising vole, mid the Senate adjourned out l re
-|i ?? * lo Mr. lilulne'a ni morj.
In the Aaaembly Mr. -.Hithworth presented Ihi
resolution* on Ibe denih 'ii Mr. Ulallie drawn hy Un
Joint .nerlai committee, uml moved their adopillai
*l.hes were niatl- bv M.--:-. Qulglev. Marlin
?'sullivan, Ma!!.-,. Terr. . M.- ..:. h ml Hobble
ih" ta - .lu;i..n- were unanimously adopted by i
ti*1np vol.- nnil Ihe I lonni* :nlj<nirii.rl
Aldrin*. Feb. 13.?The full..win/ were arnotts H_
:?'!!- panned by i1;" AanemWy UHlaj :
Mi. Haley's, providing for thc purchase bj Hi
- ti , ri.ii.'-'Jl ol thc ' na Ida Cou y In alie A J
Mr. Kool h wort h's, permltilng the public aucUoi
-.il.- of ho:-.- and live .-:ih|, kn New I'ork I ij ai
III. el.
Mr. Walker's, providing Ihat onlv n mujorlty In
stend "i i iiiuinlnious vote ..; the New Vork 1*011 o
Roi :-i shall be rc |ulrcd lo remove un official.
Mr. Met'arron's, permlttine liraohlyn in l*?:n
>_? ...i .hi in i it "i i nial .lmii _ i-'?:\
Mr. \\.'l.-!ei-*. ju .Milln. Hun the ; oim-.'l lo th
Corpora lon In New York iit\ mm di knut' nny ol
hi- ;i-i-'.i;r- in ussume l.l- dullen; ni-> relative t
ll.iii jon ? taxes on prop"rty o'vited by New
York i itv, bm located In other comities.
Two .pr. nv Booventn were distributed el t-.v.
iii.-i.h-L* i.i-i night, and ii- Bt. Valentine'- Eve In ai
pp .rina!,- time f r aweets, each Included a boa ..
wis, Al the t.i.!..-ii Theatre th ? .001 p
: rnunco _ Hw lillian Russell Opera Company __
plvei . nnd al Ihe Antin rg Theatre Ihe Hfllet_i ol
- ii r Vogelhaendlvr" took (dace. Both performance
Attracted lan*' .-nu.i ?; .?<?-. Th. "UlUan Ru i1
Valentine," wlilc-fa waa given to each ladj at the Uar
ii.-ii Thcatie, constated ol a gootl Ired antin bay 'I
lu.ii l oi.-. wllh :. bunch -( roecs attached lo lt. Tin
l-n-- ? will in.t lae! long as souvenir., but Ihey wen
beautiful laat night, and Ihe b-_i_ can be kept,
Probably the contenta ol the box., will not I I
even .so long ns the i?
Tin- souvenir ut the Amberg wai i heavy cord with
the < iai ..t Ibe opera printed on it, ant a Utile l. n
Lon b<.\ attached al Ihe t op. The boa wai preitllj
rated :ni<l fastened with rlbl m. An .-'-?
Incident of the evening was ihe presentation ol ..
uumber ol handsome glfti I i the member- of ihe rom
pany by _he dlrecton of the house, Mourn, Von
Kaveii and .tit ii -ti. '-.l. The gifta were a. foUowa: To
Heinrich Conrled, ;i diver smoking act; lo the dlr i
tor, Mr, Ferenciy, i aUver tablet, vviiii ? oliver elgar
boa niui ;i-h box; lo Mi-* Lader Virdter, a diamond
bracelet and diamond ring; to Ml- carin* to ii rider,
u diamond rlnp; i i Ml* Mathilde ott i, a diam in l un -?:
ii Wilhelm Uauer, a charm with diamonds; '?? Carl
gcbuls, ;i gold obana with dlameada; io l.- ip , i
jair-h, .a diamond soarfptn; io Has Gabriel, ?,.
di.iini.iid irarfpln.
Pittsburg, Fd.. lri.-Tiii* ease of Hugh O'Donnell,
laa Int coalman of Home-lead, (amoui Advisor.
Board, wii- ealled f<*r trial before Judge Stowe ill
mendng. O'Donnell i- .har. si with murdei ?
tho riot of July 6. HUI perhapi the moat Importunl
of an thc eaaea In eonnoctlon with Hut event, Wheo
the ease waa called (.Donnell .toed while ihe indict
Meat charging him wtth the murder of T. J, Conner ,
a Pinkerton man?the same upon which Clifford and
Critch low waa tried?wai read to him. In response
to the nsaal question O'Donnell replied ftrmly. -Not
guilty." It -ns l o'clock wheo tbe work of
?electing the jury war flnlsbjed. <'<>urt then took ..
receai until 'J o'clock, When court reaaaembled
Mr. Patteraon <>i>--iie'i the case for the prosecution.
Several witnesses repealed Ibe les tl ni nv given In
i ... i: ,! ol Juck i lllfoid and at i::_) o'clock court
adjourned until u::>- ioui*.rrow morning,
The subject of tin* inf"rn.u.1 dlaeuaalcn thal arc ,
the BMalbly dlnaei el ti,- American .rad i-i s
I, ?hUh \i_ li, lil at ti." Bl " .. Ii"- ?!
la.-t ni-ht, waa Ute problem *f taelltiattna pie I u
r ? and oin' Ihlfdclaae nail matter. A_*l tam I' -?
maatei I. Gayler, A. B. Mate, _ thc Peaton - , Colonel
Timi: ;i i a niel Art omi Wald Mob perl D Un
Colonel '.os.hr Mtd ''.f*! be wu.* sppoacd I
proposal lewariag of 0m paatal rat*--, ea tiur.i ..? . (enrth
elate matter. Ba ?r*.* appease* a:*?i he tald, to the Gov.
cn.i:."Nt'.* gOfag Int/. ooi_j_:t!t:..ii with Iii'- .>.),,,
paaltit ami att-guj-ini.' M bangle aiaftee fha* proper'*
la>lou(, d to them. Bath o. cm.rsc nc.ld r- -'i't ii, ,1 -
fins .ii. th* ..'li..- It01 lia r*-.
The regular mooting *?! tha B-publleen Organ latloa al
the XXirt Assembly District ?_* held Ism evening la
*>.'i<).;iii Ball, -ixt.,-:iv.' *?,. i**lfty.aeventh>4l
1'. w.-iitHi.rta preside., h. appointed . committee rm,.
ttl ? ??; Mon'-.-".i Lester, John Prod I irl .1.,'in i.
Baker, J ese pa M. Dane] and B L. Ladlngion te Itali
. pi prlate reaoluUoos eoncernlnr tho death ol Mr
Tbe '.-Ai win repaM at the ii *.( monthly meei .-.
fellowing other eoasaritteee were appointed '? Flnanet "-v .
lum Jay BehlelMtn, Joseph Murray, Jamea Owen, IL N*.
Elita t J Henry Oteaaoa; bouai .1 rawford, r.
.i. Bally, Michael Vf. h_:>, Theatta C'allaghaa ind
n ' bolas a. Kno.v.
. ?
-,., promote tod d Int i . ? ti,.- pr .f
Cotumbia 'ni.:"', ti,, faculty baa taken a loom
Windsor Betel, and ovary Monday evening Infom ii ptli.
- tn held then. Aa soe ol Ute pn :? rora c\ju
lt )a-t night, tbi -t ' n ol Un- (acuity at foi Um |
I ? urlng a place o-beia Un pto*c?? ia . aiid ti t
amoke their cigars, to dr.uk tin-ir _eei _o_ lo -.ai i
ku lal <v:ili,:- LOM nijrlil va- tin- - ?'.ail ..
tin- professora were icbeduled to n*eet, bat Uk t-i i
weather k< pl n-o*t .1 then ai hon . Ji ht? )?
iii.-.- meeilugi. wera brought tboul bl fra d '??
inlier to pa--li nji au 'mlia-ri'li (ceilng iup| . i tot
between Um (acaiflet of tbs different achoo! ..: th. i
"There i* ns ?,ui. feeling," muJ 'am '.f thc profi or?
ii i . ..ht M a Tnt.um- reporter. "Thees - .??<
are ? ?? lcd foi Ihe roccpfiona ahlc-h Pr>?)deni
Liw gave to Um faculty an Monday cvonlnsra throughoui
th.- winter, sud which be eas foHrt I tn din iitlam ev Ing
lo the 'i ir ? "f )?* i-ti..!, a. a. Lo**.'1
A Powerful
Flesh Maker.
A process that kills the
taste of cod-liver oil has
done good service?but
the process that both kills
the taste and effects par?
tial digestion has done
much more.
Scott's Emulsion
Stands alone in the field
of fat-foods. It is easy of
assimilation because part?
ly digested before taken.
Stone's Emulsion checks Con?
sumption ond all other
tA'ctsting diseases.
I P'-r?r_! by Scott _ Bonna, ('hamilla.
I-'.'.I ".-? ... M-!d bj druf?iu??irry?r._.
. . X. V.\i ll r ' I. "il AGAIN I!"'-- ? ' '
L* R OW Ml: "1 I ll'. WATI I - :
Ung of tbe Al * '''"" ?
it la- -t. ll ?? - .1 ? "1 ??-' ? ::
:i .-ht. la .pit. lb atm ?
?l .".??.. i ?
? ? ? , | : - a , i . - '1 I. Aft titi
online hu
lei-n-tary and I
' '* '" '
.1 ? , :
I | ?? , ? | . i .au* iii
VT Heh, "ii
. : . . :? ?? __il 'I
. .a,.'. ,n ..." Um : p ll ?? 'J imoiota
jj. IT
' N" s_<i_ ._
.'. D* !
' n.%vin I', wi:
and A ?" md i P. Kc' hum. ol tl. _oop * u n
,.;,.. . .j , ' r ' 1
i 11 mutch, li i ftlnl
i ? ? I
I.t; Maxwell. VA I ? I_ ..moll
Vt*. vv Kei '??. and Jai - IV. li li
i a ll : ? n i id i ii..m. l ? ? t
Hi. . ? ? i
I'll KOfl . ?
ll i lu ? -i ith li" ?? ? ' ' ?? iv?n and ti <
\ ?,.,,.
?.. - ; -i ? ? bim of tit
I i D mi i-.-ii ? III !? the _ ? ? v
i lui. v hi le In Am- ? brit l thal (1 i hJ m
clubhouse tear the "aler .a an ..era in I
? ? -, .-:-.,*: ,,r the Ml inti rlub a . te* ...
pit hai . .. I. ? ;, . M .
- ..! til ? V i ? ? -'hil- 1
pr. ?-re*a next fall I i -v.
\ . Llub'a equadron . \ ? '
harbor, ai tba rac_ will ? the I i ? . .
; |t VJ| Ul '
? I*.
lt waa n I lan t thai I >i op* ?
Ute ? lab !,? held on Ima VA t
the Lower Hat date (ur I
well o* that (or I ?
l.. I,, si on A) :.l IO. Al_ul
The ai : .
- ? ?
Th.- third annual ?!' mer of I
,ii. \- ? ..,. ,.,,.-,. ? lt L'S i
Ihltd-kt. and -Ixth-a* Co I . . i i - ?
..." * '. tai irale \ ,i .' ?
- at.-d al Um t j>. ?
. .-, all the > ,
-i i |i ? ii
I M-t.- ?? ? " I -|
. ' '
' ., ' , . " ?
I <l|
. ni , lorn A. J. Prii ?' ? ? ? ? ?
? I ? ?. ot the A il K.I
i: tory, Pa -' sn I Putm '
la , \ i I ' i Va
. .- . . .? i: i - . . ?
I. Il W ntl i
.hill ? ?
ila" r Yacht I I. I l*l_ni '-? ?
V i ht Clol .. . . ,. . , ?
i hn Xl ?? ? >? "?
"Columbi- Yacht duh Cha?! ? I "X.-aarfc
V. it Club," I -. I 1: .-?
Tb ? ? " dlnnei I ot
I- O'fl I i; A harli* ll. IU
? dan T w ?. ? ??
Ni war.: ind C. J_ L. ll ... \
? ?
w hat tiii v . in -? I*.'.
?: .
i( oOl two ? . '
l.a.* r I. -. ol tl. ' tm ? ? t I :
fr.r . e ?
?; h. um .?'???'? ' yacht (
|] rt, ii All o( I
? . -ni' '..im" Rii. i. I lt ?- i - ?? ? ? ? ri
M* rolla I ' - fal'.'.'.- lo . pu
im malana ot tl.- boat which the il
lob, and with i
.... ? .1 ol tie- moat
i.t- ''.i'i ti?? it ? la-1
SI ? v lil i. -*i !? ' on ?
I ll U-a lt), -.f . a
' . t *' it. - Vi' ' ' . |
oard ld f_*t 5 li ? I ? ? i .ip.:
Tin i ? ' ?? ?? , , ? .. i , ? ?,
? ? ? , rn : , , ?'
? ll ,H' ??:'?? i . : r
Tl. Ni w.Ri nelle Vachi fd tl ?? ft i ?
lug 'ii lei ? Hear .??'.??? ii r . .,
Ica-commodora; Jabei j|_iri* rea ? ?? i: I
TM) ae* rotary n n Stron ? ? I C. 4. Han
? ?
Ti.'- ?: anal race, of th * il ? ? I
(ni Hm sintli ur rhsi I Ui* I'nti I state* will i.
ia i thia iiieriii'i" h to* '
mirv Rivi r, opp ?? Ked fla ik, MT. i
prohable that they will have c -. r? j rbi
ire store t portent rm * mint ol th. t.i.i.
able ti ? ell.f -I - I I ? i j. 1
af two of I ?'?...
t, te- world.
Tli.- annual spring handlcop nm - ol Um _ < i ix
Ai ?" loila a 111 li bel the armory. I
i\ . i.e.,i -.j v rd ? a ?? on Kal li ? ? ? ? Ipi il t.
Petet ' lu h of N John N ll., I bid ol Um
P ??, ,,,., ii oktt-i ii ,:?; i ii i- ? i. nf X - a- wi
*he chi '' the oof 'I 'i i ?
ii..' toa ll l_ . dil ir of "Turi H I and Pa
?1,1 lt.. ? ll .,' . le ? Uh I I
who expect. I li
I,.?-, | to okale I ri I
C_arteo Mit theil, the i ivj ?? r. ? of :
i.-i id, oho a ? from tail, I esp i , i
i ',
i im- avon I ?? >? t..!'
? la to i halli ? eil. .i Ja J. I erbott foi th
hm ; Ini khln <.f ne world,
md ? e of iii- Ri
i ? will ba h-: i i'i:, * ?-? nil .i I n t ol M
I ainu. I., Oil i ? ,-'. --. uml a
V. k.
.. - i ? of I *; ? tbati ui nhl Ur ' lob a IU i
..ii i pertoi ' i ?"', n I i ? '.'inn: in ti . i n Munt*.- Un-iii
: . ' ? 1 ld" .I'm .ai. li- ,.' |. lil ..n.ali ,ii. I I
? ? -a i ? i. i: ? . i ? ihl m
rreditors, the HhcrUTt *l put" -I , r?-lv?*r, abo u ut
ni j om. liii i *.f the ? lol 'a hr-j.. .?.. n III i.t i .
nani a elected and the club on i
Tin: Pl Ri Pl i \ i IOX "l < ? 1.1.1...1; .\ ritl.KI .
.'.-? i*-ll i\- ii. I'. .. IX. I le Toll .Mel. :.. A ,
Iel-, I.', ll |Bfl I. ?! || ' 1 .'.... ? tOil
.ri aa adm nt t.. the couaUluth n ol Hi i ti
AUil.tm A--, lath ii that a ill h
" tpet !l_ t.. ' ' ... I.,, ||,|,le, ;,
mi -uah i.i I... i: ?' n.pete Ul au* i -ll* ii h am * ho ii ? i
tempe. .1 mi moth, r. rm- .- I ? ., <i np . in ti
I sa approval ol Ute Tah captain**' i. in th
n ei I f..i Um i inim ..timi of ali , ? I -
proposed m -warthmore lhal Uie entriei ui th
? I"- t! Hil- W| .-I,. I,. I .. |,e .J., ? - dil e. ,| .? . .
ia.ii.-e.. thai] tooti mora than Bi . n, ,,?,,|..
lien: Hun all ia.'.-, rogulrinl mon than Ut ree i, ,
?ii Ind * -l i.*i t,, arm thall have - ..:. :....- , ,:, .
iiini-nhi.' ind thal if a rellegi rolla lo -. | ?
?ecntlve Vam .1. -I,, I ',. ,!,,,, ,.-_ i,,,,,. t?, ,_,,!.,,,??
NS,iat . \,, alli poraue la i";a:ii lo th -??
'"' *aU ? it .t .I. .i .1. r:,. re ?* Irp-i itlni
-..'? "i. -? beau nea ai odn nts elli ? ibm h. il
? n-i'-'.- trow u ran hi toll v _ llai-i-ai I ana ?
'?'" 1 '' 'I'"*'' '" I - ll . ?!??: ed, arel a
"""- -??"'? . le '- jut in ita plot . i ;.'? aaa a I
? p ii" ailad whet will he soo. ia i id to thu |
__ leecUng ki it*, noe il. - bmui ra aili be beM ?
i nih ami,h. Hotel, New-York, Kebruary ?-'"..
Motahcft nf ti.- fal Ui,.i Itan-rd Ari.: tm AAtitot)
i -m.,ti -lt?.-- ar.- ?? ii'iii.ti. an,," ,..,n, ? r\ , ,??, ,
luriti. tout, rsa -t.n pita rn ec_ b looklag ?
j,er..- ir. ia athl t ? ?
? \; tv-* - ? ? ? i , ? ?, , . areeee. i>i
a> d.-irnna u, ti.oM' _i,i- wfotaUag i Aloa, adbiatlea
CapUlu lvca, of the Vak .r.?, t,.nl?nt a.t_iu.d
- :
I'a -liii-ui.li- null I -lui.
.*?_-____?atm. %.i-ViM;-\.;?aiT:.v.i.
i. i Knapp, ,.t > '?' ? S ' ' ?'??? ' " ' ? ' ' '' :
' , ,,.I.,:,, i Uk i - ? ? " I W. ll. tr-.**.
.,-,., |.. to a I rial ll Van
.. ol Ile- ll- ' ,;l ' "* '""
?| -.:?,, I Bil?
li Tali ila. a i ' '?? "'- N '"*'''"
Boa hut J
A HOIt -I MAX'S hfll KOR
... i i ? i. - ? Plea
to-daj I. !'.. Mor_.i K. il- ? t the 1 lev
i, .. U ... | V s /. la* . i ' tl\.?" '
Hr tole* li III ' i'1 lJal ,' '
. . . ., i ? ? ??; ?
... . , leland ti ask in IMSH. '??? "*-"
- li,. I-X1-.I-I-M ??? ' . -' bi I ? ' "" "?*
md that ii-.' " :l ??? " " 'I' '*"*
Un .... *vdu I .,.. , ?':'??? '
TBYIXG un. lt a Pl fi rr I USE.
; ,,;-:?,? v. i, wm lin rt tue .ii i-i- nr.no
i ?? m iir. vi -' vu- i Efl. 'I" "
I- ,? Hot I. ri. I'., Keb. VA. |!" 'i::' .'' "'"
. , , i Kaili If hi- '" ?'?? '" ;: '
I Ihe Vi iiv.u Ju t BOW. The . :' ' :'> ;l wcl
- la, rall .1 In "'il ?' ' :',: ?"'? ''r'
..1 fjne lion of ssh. li.-i- ll'" Hi- - I'"' ? '?|'"1
the last two d.y-" I ri l * Uh fillip" ?'?<
! , |,ii,ln l.'i |il."tl lout I) ami ?' In Hint lu n? ll I" ' ?' '
?I, i . |Wvu "?:?'??'i'll. Ile .'I ? tl I ll I
limn pi e gu nco't on prinu r* did m I d
. ? ? ? l ? i
, no Hie bli- 111- ' ?
[.? t ? . I lhat the lb aid,
,,, , rt, ,|,i not il lull H. ii Hie in ?? ' >
I llKl C. illili ' ' .ll.'"!
many ol I ? ? ? ? ? ' ' -
Tl ?? un Hon i . .
. i ht ., . in ......
. low I l-l I ll
? , ; ,? , , , ? .'..I b) ? le.
v.. mo] e was i ? iph
| I bel . bi c.- I inlicit I ss bb li
l-l lo lluil .pi 'I i '
lo Iii ll iii- il -.-.,:.".
rids aili
. ? I ? ' :
iii rii? r-bin, i
,..,',,,. I s
' "
tupi R'i| ? i..... . i... , ? i.\ ital
ll | . ? if I el
ilropjHil it imn ? I cord arua ni
bu ,..i mid th i ??-... i? ? tl ? . ? ?
loll S . I.Ill bo .
Hi.- I...Il fr, ? de ll
tin- |N>. der I min In
?> . i ?? ? i ? i I i
.:. -j ;. "I oil i dis-li
... ..ii- I.
i ul Hie inp nf lin- I ri Un fu ?
dropp. i ii un i-levutioii ol Hint
i . Bruter
I ? '
I I.' ss I I
. .ill I'?
? i li
. . ?? ?. ? ..: : ... ll .I
ii. B
I l-_ TT PERFORS IN' / ? / IK THIS I! / / /,
\ . ? I .
it. -nd
t.( lin" I 111, i a
, I* mvir lu.t. : - lt, Ita :? i
I min li i
, illili- i ii- Marte ,- Tri i
of ir.,In, .I . railed
ii ic of ??( iiprine paradn , i- i- iii
Mi- :
i ? ' .li
ral] i", ?! ??' ...
I ri-'lli .? . y linn .. mil ol lim ?
Hie ot hera i .ir
i : ? 'i'll:,
I i- ' . .' ? bell aud Ml M iggie Eva .
Hr ls : ind Ki - . 1.
i t night al ."-'???. i ,!
aero add. n to i progn rt tue i
lion ' . tm. ri. n nf ll. ll.
? ; : <? .. ' I .? i wllh I
i rodi ii';, - . In-ite v, r. na, Mai I - and
i harli ii. bun.. ? . M. IM
mu. . ll -linn ? Inlicit d
? I ? i ii ? ? r JI
? '
lo tho pn ? ? st-.
:- -. Hu
me Iii
Mil -. I Inp. ,'. i ? <?
ii! I Mi.tlttl 111. Ill !
a. In a and Kit
Xi rs, -j illlbrUi, A i ? - i' 11 rh ii ince v ill .
i ? . ?. md i . ?... . . i ;. io
head ""? li i "i utic linn* al ll In p rial Musi ?
Hall, on I i, ."I. ?? ei ? r received tijr tin
? "i last t Iii Ides Ih. ? I wo lb >r ss. re
Jolui IV. Myers. I bal Ida How.
In ii \ li at lou ? manner Pie irette,
!? ?!? liar a '" er : Fueler i I
' . : \ . ?
I lin '. i : In li J. lc ' .! .? ?' >; ,.',.
I IllCed Well', .MM.,;; ,<? a: ,| _', il, 'I; ,,,. ,
.ir p firmer on a number ol musical Inst*?ri- nt.;
Shermnn and Morrl ., lim inp ,.. buri, ,M ,
luis. !!??? lil, ni : Mlle. '.ii. .
il. BO lld Mlle. A ll'l ii.
ec si ii t', OP WI VET ft ur or
!'? '':'?'. " t., Fi-li. IS.-The I in, ral i.?
Henri '" lat Ml le, Ute plays ' ?. ? n died al I
he ?-. wi re Iii 'l lied i) In fbi t Chun '-. Th ?
lb s. Mr. II ile, i f M -.lair, nttlt lille I, rite tu
were i r ef and I ip ? . ?! ari ? ire d dh] , '
il na ii from Nea Vort ov. r
'?? ? 'lueliatma Kuli ii a number ??'
? i p "ide i . alli nd iii,- funeral, flu- leis
viii I, :
. |itla i a': 1 Itali ' ii..i Wm ?. I...)...,
' D I?a r' li mi.,ii ?t -asr.Yot. .'.*.?. tris h. 1
l**t ni ; bi 'i id ', ?! i ?, den I lore ss.,. .
mn bei present pei?te i aUen?!. .1, rn
.'I. I . il .''.?: I i. ? re ll." di lier- In
un ?? iijni'i in, I i. i ? at, bul also I
ss no,
I,.;.i.,i ai,.I heir d-alel Bs l I .. | .. ls. -,
acre not -iw ii.I id Ut* vi 'i i ? I,,- i,
tr, i iq ii... ..i,|.. cien though ll ss . eil . |
, i,??., ciitty Utcj .lil ., i la] ...S..S a- thejr are .li used
" i - : s- <! o' il,. DUI tide, I'll. ba||
'I ?? of til i'
uv. ITU ur 'nu .' ;' nc xx
O-alii i ? Vet I. Ji i n I ic in ll . hi ??? r, ..
lt dis..? Mi. I.,:.,., eas i na Ute ?
' i. cl lived In I i Ida i n ni iii .
.1 - .i iitiiv. I BVlng i ,? n a | |i ,, , , |n I,,, | bo | ,
du ' ai 'I ' pron ii,.' i ink. r. Il . . . ? ,,n,.,: , i
. i . ll ' ? ....... || ,,ii. J p,
Hi; Di-_JV____ a SO Lt. IN WAKNDKS _<
* nit !:si:i:ki:i:s.
\s III. ni: t un*. 11. M. I? l" THE WAMTE-BASKET
Vi i.-il.llN I'l.HT'.-lM XTERM BE8IEOE
Lakewood, .v. .p. Feb. 13. Mr. t__*eb_tl has ben
overwhelmed with letters directed to Wm bera In
riced of being _ddn'_-?d lo h_ oil ?? In Sear-Yorl
nial n. hm irrlvate -.. iviiirv I* in 'he -Itv th*
lieavj ion.-|..,. i. a ?? ii.i- tahen much ol iii- Hm
and ..'in-.ii him mach annoyance. Mix n ill lo-da*
t nala.-I i v.-r daly letter*, li"' . '''I|11' Of WhlC
were "f a nature lo require Immediate attention, bu
*-. r.. i ?; Um mool part, applications In advam ?? ; ?
|i!i,.. i udi r ' ?? ''i!!;- _ulon. Ile al '
i.!*...! a tull' I*./, n iri_-.iiii* from nea ?__? aske
...li; |i ?,*.-. || Wit* Mr. Ih'Vehillir. in
ti ni ii i ' atold all 'hm ^ ti. ii .!?? Kel :i -ht" ni
enure week for -.'.ii:.- people and ann.iced Ilia
he would be ni hi- -theo every day, bul thal aflei
in.- expiration i f iho vent he il.-ii. I Ui ha audi
duh ii. Mr. Cleveland -al I i" I
I .?>? i - uni. thing In '' .h. ri lt n ? i:.i mt n - Ire
mem lu Lu ht "woo J ii. hi- un hoy ed me very lundi
i o' i?'..|.|e ' ive eui let ten here in-i--.. I .
Hi !. ? im .pond.?>? i - nu oil! - lu Xea
Vol h v ' ? re I ha*. ? ai lal' . :,, li: - lil 'T' for their ii -;-1
-iii.,u ..ul im- i u* early aubml*d.m lo me of all lotter
t ni I-..|? i.i- - Immediate ittmilioii. Solwlth.tnudln;
ihl , .mi !.. ? (iel Um: people gi*uerally musl under
-land ih.ti l hove many I lilli gu on hand ol pr.---,ii.
Import inee, I um fairlj d 'luge; with l_ ?? ol ill
di - ri pi lona dlr i lid lo me lien*. _o far as i ry re
late to oih< ?. i suppo ? li lr wrllera expeel ihey will
-in nie itdV.i'lt'lgH by 1 I'.-.-iil nz ll. ir a..
it Hil ? nu, n .i .ii i : Hiding m. r >|im-i '.. be re
liol in ai - in ii uni I lt tl I tl ll ",l - i- .1 ? : ? .1 'I
I.i t rut.. Hie) :ii'.- i * : ' .m.* tm: ', ie' alan, 'ir I (eel al
p. I-,. ' :.!.?? ,*. io ? ku lo Ihi ???.. '? ba__i letter.
? ai v :n li, it ..i '., Xi a tori
.'." I I .1 ? i I .' ir i I.,. ::, ..
?ii... aim HU |i". -, ? in en I ng l< lien of thin
I.-*, lip'l ti ot iii''-.- ul no mort! Importance lo mi
Iii 'i. ma ink' ' lr ci,nut { Undi li Her. t\ ei
it lng rend, foi li i ? ut let l' Imp Ihl for me l<
rivi them .iii.i'-.ii al ilibi lime, und their writer*
unpin n .I. ulii'i Hil .' liing, i'i. y ni'.' alto
rt th.. ni r 'gi rd d. I i ope, ab . timi Hw fut I lhal
i ab oluti lt m .*i the lim. I -'tween ibl and thi
[o.-iutruiiii!oti lo du work which rennin, abaolul
crin lon will be iuflrlrnl i. prevent to man) p
[iib ill n ii I hm (hui :?? lia i lo appoint lime fo?
il . ? fen ll ."
? V* I. ul Ml '.nil. rame h. re on ll ? srlj
.???lin nnd had n long talk nrltli Mr. l1evrla:id to-day,
i?? nine.i itu. rlalina of ??. Governor Pram-Is, ol Mit
m..i. for Htlwr i .? Interior *r Ag! letti tura pori fol le,
*? ii.ii.T Martin, ol kima . nnd !>.'. rt. r. ___y, from
:.?? -am. > ate, n rivi 1 lien' lo day In ta ? li i.t <?
(Governor G. Vt", lill k. ??' Kaiiaaa, for it .rotary ot
i h. | i wk room al Hu hotel and sent ii
ii-IL ni . .ia Intel\ i- v.- Mr,
i : 'i lu* v.,1.11 tee m. .ii tn morrow
m. . v ni . nil hi - a i "ni -ii io fi ? |> i li...
i . ?. i ii I poil i< ally, uml th ?
l ? l)e|||..i tu , III '- . 1 ._? ., fil-ion
it Dt-in.M r uh- I I tl - u ? rt" alor.
I". ..." bulked bj a prtl.loll Ulled ll) rep.a
ol .11 purtle*. '-'...? favor tb" --l-rlioli Ol GU. -
i - i tn rv ol A-ii. ul' .i
: r ? |> i .. |. Her lo day from Pr_*l
??rn ii.i:.i-i.ii . ii nmii friendly term.-*, and
11.1 1 ? | ltNl.11 III I ||. V. i Ile noun.' l..-l.-1-e
I i.' . l m. Mr. ll ii a.- ii :tP.. ?.:f. re i ;.. n -i i
i lu ? ht) .'...? in hi* power in n gard
. .i matti rt *.f i
Till! \! I'.'INIMI.M' f)F iRESHAM
'? ll mp* YU i MPTOX '.M> I UN I,
. \I\ I.Wi.Iv ; \|; | T jr.
i Comp. nf Mu-* I nd, who li
He lit. ? -I i.i ? ? ' alor '?? ? i ..I I. I
le I.i .? I If I iVi-r ('level ?' ?;??,.;? .!,?..,.
ind Hoke - to the i ap
will I-- n p.. l-l hv il ? Demo, wile pori r,
1 I 'h. .. - Ul" ' 'el V.
" li '?? - lan of State," ,*..i |
en if thc Fifth Avenue
h n ?.election may i?- regarded
- ini-ii ni ur that, In ll r opli I levi land, lhere
not.igh br in- In ii ?? l>- i ? Ile purl) lo . in... ,
?i .m. Thi r.- are men of gn I
I Hw lb ? ? '. pi i" . iil d Of ut li ? it :: Hie i ..liiml
? di."
' Do *? ii ni ' ? ? .'?.? .lia!.-.? i .!?? '. mt ii I ie n... i.
? ed,
" Xo. I ih. not. ll I not .a H. 'tm. rat. He n p
' ni a.. Indi pondi t I eh neut, arl o no doubt helped
Mr. Il :.-..ii. bul ll ?.:* imi
im I.i - ,t.' :. Om . ? t . ? the Ile norrat, p rt]
ni''; Illino!*: li vu- dua |? tbe har.I work of
1- i'll Ol . Al:.'. 1.1 : nd other . .uni the food I>? ni*mt::iIi
In i ii -' le, Mr, Harrison mav md
'.t um, and Jud .? ? <i? lum m if wm
ki the 1 ? nt il.. likes iiml dislike, do
Ht ai." rat of Gresham. 'I lin. i- ptenti
' lira er rn ihe Democratic party, and i' thoald
? d. I un ii"' nuking anv patronage ol
i ' ?-?' md, ai ii i ii., not i .-it..i.' t.. -.a*, lhal ll
-..' o n iiil ri nully ii i .1 bli Inf'ii.-ii. ii to
ter s.j "ii !'..? Ilemocralfa party, and who
ndl late 1 .|.,re Hm* Republli an
n t built I ie ven I I.i . i appointed t.. ii lilllie in the
? bo n gardi 'I bf tbe Demo
a'-* of K..mit;???? ai duwil .- th i Mr. ? IcvHal '1
liol ll I-iii lhal lie cull lind men In Ihe Demo
ia tlc |?ir:v who are i [. i le of ..-mi lg lu Um man
-?.?m. ni ii .., -; ii ."
? i- h..,,.- -:nr:i .-.iii known in the SouthT**
- 'Wini in the Ila les l link ? iml th I' ,- Ihe ll lulrj
i mi from all -Ide ." ii the C'liign-sman. "1
. . er heard ol in i he **'m li be
- cnieiil wu - t.i.i lo lhal be _ - lo -m
' ll III. i pl. Hoke, ? I u:;.l i-tuid li. I* Ihe
dtii-r o( a paper In a lown lu Ueorgla, and thc papei
sn ? * ? mu pop. r ni thal. Xo 'I .uni he I i
lina. ia.' he nus never beard "f before, and ll ls
? ei iiiv under*! > ?i thal ba acvet i?- * d any
-.p.'il.? in tiinii. r, of >i ?!??. lt U understood Hut
lr. i lei ? Iai i aania mru In the < sbinel a ha sn
i pablo ol -ll public qui tl lol . hut I doa*!
in a . Hoke ? iii be n.m.e.i of being u Mali mian."
lin i I'li-it- n:.in ii- Uml "in ..riler tn prevenI
i,< Ht-ptibllcai - from miling (he laugh on aa," aa he
.pu . i li, Mr. il-ii b mi aili be I trroi to call an
atm sena.i Con gre t. "We cant agord lo Iel
?* ii.;..ii, n .rn- Lil.- ip the laugh, you know," said
.. a ..I i believe th.- extra -.--ion trill be called."
' ? i ma ii John I.. lfc'll**on, of \Va_hlngton, *.r>.
i.n lhere will be a ii ml from the old UourtKAi Dem.
rat- if i.f.'-l, un i- (elected for ii glare la tho Cabinet,
The o'I ii .ini.. i-iii - 'nive li.'-ii looking toward I;,,.
iii! .1 I md for man) ? enr " ni I I ?? when - en iii
ip a. ri Hon lerdiiy, " uni .in awful kit \
ill i ike i-i?-? if ' I* Cal Inel "th ?:- are no) nil Hm.
k ral i* inn- !)? mm mi- unnoiinre that lin*
p|Hitnlpielil of ..re-l..i:n would I. good one, lull
i ii .ni ?? .|ii'.'--inii *i( opinion -m.nhl eanry Jn-i about
a,n 'i Weight a- Ihe -'ii'eiimn (rom the man w!'o
lys Uni hil- I- ii plea .ll I "In\. \ nun ml |
I- a rdee dav, bul i'm truth of Ihe matter
he In- -a lien he -ai - ao."
i . m in lYIIsin i- "Pi.I lu fi-.- ? ...in i-?.. uni
l.'.-'i-la'ai' "! ' klate re ellllV t'ot< 1 th.'., n
! Ill v Ult i i\ m- ' th tree iiilnag ? ot -iver.
? ?. ?.
a _ron\ ak'ii t .mm.i*. riREsii tx.
' i, .Yb. 13. "Th.- Jonrnal" this morning
In) an n.lcle i" show lhal Judge Greaham mlghl
v.- been nominated al Minneapolis by Hie Republl
ti Xatloiial Poiiv.'iiP'.n i"i- President, li tay. that
?.-.iruii wo* suggest.*d a- ;i compromise candidate
tween 11i?iri an nii.i Blaine. Pennsylvania's dele
Hon offered t*. pal bim in the race. Ex-Judge
mi. -...f Chicago, rounded Gre ham *.n Hie propo
lon, Ile :ii.-oliit.|.\ declined Ibo honor, a* bis
ill Ural view, were opposed to Republicanism.
.Jo mineral water will pro?
duce the beneficial results that
follow taking ONE ONLY of
a glass of water immediately
upon arising in the morning.
_aee_*_*S IS n kaOBI?Ul pm BO__d *H? tssreieaa. *o|nh|n cern lng
?' tv. ith a getasa ii boa."?Pr?ooalf ?:.'. .'.-ins.
4)f all dru.riv*, .r ii -ix will be mn!. ?1 ea Neelpl .f ?-"?cte in atampe be
i- f allen i O . Ml I anal m.. New Vork
"A thing of beauly
ls a joy forever.**
A Homo wit,mut r'-^fflatuftaaa-a,?
, niau without ?*)-i'a-.'||,>a*rlp?*aa_ej ??
?.stilly. Th. Move i*. not ?*<_ i.iblt* nor
I dor*, lin- -onin radiator glow ?.-?
: lio**|>it;ilii>.
lu family nfl ii. ?*, vr_*| pg -*lUf ,?,,,? .
i it also pi a, tit al. Dnim .Ur happi.,,.,,,
ii a practical Matter, aaa* tin- han,,."
Ike _-l__- af ?*<? tifiiiit.it. A Fiiopia
i*. ibcccatrcaf t_c hean cli-atc, -urn.
heall*, amt hand** alike. Thoii'lore
i -ay aca-aaaltlc tklafti foi* tac ute**me
iJW. H. Jackson & Co.,
UNION S()l AIM., <or. ii,0.-,dWaT)i
lin.- v.'ood Maates, nmi f*hlaaBe*/*plaee -_*e_a_,
*-i nm; _ RY.
i RI lADIE- GI '.-ERA- MA** _.s li DBLQ)||
Hrig id lei ii. ne i I lyaa Doa l lap, mba rjij
fi'.'in i.ii-..-.,. .... - .lui-mv. ni Tyror.Br, . c ..
?.M li <j*a r. i>o"U"'i;.'.. ni en- u.ni. .,',??*
Ki''- in.":., un.' i ie i.e.':.i i- of (,.ii,r.il Abner l,
tay, wi... iii'i iu i..i city twn ni_ta tat |-i,?
Wont- .a) ra ?? fr. Xerth t'mnlltm m gbmtt tm
Lion.-."- fuii.-:.,i. Hi ...ni ht o --I ban ar| ii .
it"\. Lu. ...I Intn puen.li .. i ,.i- r'.rni, f?R?
Iii- i-o -on-, I In robt i;iil .inn - -iv. mt, am . . '
ll m. I'li.s-. - In. lil :!.., vu. boru in Aa_aj_,| V
AiiriisI 31, !--i and ..ic.Iv.-I Lls .-du..ufa | o*.
ncadeny ol bia native town, ii- nu.. .? tlli_ ( .
. ii young man and > ti ? red ... ...,. h_| .
hu lu****?. ll. hi inie :i 1:1"-!i.'???>? ot t... *4_r-Var.
" ;- i- ?? Bnge, ... ?'. Lie ol 'li - sar _?
I,.-, inn;- in ijor In the 'Hi N'ew-Ynrk .v.-i'.:.r\, hia
? i \ 'I ,- Uh dlslln li.c i ir u .. ul t. , onl i ?, , B
I ??pii-ni'ter 15, lei?, lu U-canu lleuleni?"e^laa*** u,
nu- :ii i nil d stat. < ulan. 1 cop . ead o. t_t<_i
rt, ... wa* made C-Oticl il Uie lil i .i. r . -_s*a,
ll.- i mun Hide : it bi. ad ? ..i ..... i-'.v Tort*
In M.ii. I, ll. lr.:'., i.-- v.i- i. -,. . . | | ;, ,g|
..; v Iiuiteers for , ull ii lo lu s i li, ll ? 3 ti", \g
mai i* bard fui chi i atti aud Bra* .- u la_] ...a
-..Inion, in th bBttle ' I lil ll .
ai i iv i lo > of iii '.'.r .. !??; r i"' ii rtt] .ni
agni ii inc.nu. ii bro!?r. Ile cou'luut**] lu beelarc
?tutu 1---J. v.,1-u ic- Mild hi. -,".n in Uie KtrSitp
and moved i. Xorth t'aidltu ah li bl ts.is, a
tin- lini" tun..ul I?aihietiay' b<allb aaa i>i-r__
I a*i. I, ip .1 Hi il the \ Im foi - n \ ? i
would la i.'iii .ii"., il" lia i li-- i t,.-. ? c
nmi eiigag -I pat -eil , i . lu ih , ? : . :
Iii-",.;, . ... o?
Juan -ewart of tl:I city. Mrs, l> il lida! -'.l-l la
1-T-. |e ililli' I-.li . ? -ntic.il
Ih.IIB Mr . < li il*l< W. ' ..' i -' ul ::.v nu-, ih
tui..-nil vii' lu al i "" i to-d ? ..' -'. .v.. ri l . .ri
i ,;i ive. ai ' dr -ii ? i -. , i u-o h *>?__
thi burial alli he in Wt udiawit.
MAJOl; OK I. .!:
Si jo; <. ?..:.-" W. M. Lean,
\v m*li;an,
v.:.'".? ? fro jrian old, foe
iiiiinv >...: ;...|-.- r ot ii.V' . In th? .lu. sad mm
maadei ..r ihe old Uaei**, t 4 i bl lo-i-iug*, No,
30 Weat Taeni) seventh -t . la t ni-..: (__ pas.
m..iiin aller a short iib?et He : I bee* la P?
health ant1) r.: r..ri . ahen ?? ...u.'it :. trtttt
ciiii, whirl resulti. In ala death, ll Iud fi;i;r.
In milltur*/ -.-ul .lc i - s Rood di*al In lbs s_t-f,
.-.. .i bis las! i uhlic bpi cari :.. ??
bte ' mi anj al ihi i rrai tilt <
rtqaare Uirdea. Dt. \i I u i. I
li ad .' pb) -i' i.m.
Major Mi i.> sa aas i om 11 *
mored arith bis pareal lo thi il'.
Ill* 1.nh. i. .1,.m. - M< I i m. bbb n
Bad i*itii-i tu ii- i Major M< I/ sn r
' lae In-Ill nf
i ird n ii: st Midi ma
Hill* waa in* et?
ti U'S-B. -Ut
I .ti. es/l7 ile?
ra Msh
d - ? ?.'..
ilen lu-r... and -iran bu In -- aa a nor. 1. ker. ills
mi Harv rarrer begun u 1.1, abes bi haesaw a
I., ut. mini li, Ihe 1.1 s_t.T iiii.-mt, ii ??.?i-'i" nf. nth
m.'i- . ..un. inn -il bj Captain Yin-en*, in l-l. ths
iimpuiiy aa.- n ? ?:?-?..i Into the Tl I lt_-**_Bet I
v,n" ?,. ihe war In command '.: Cul n**l Minni. 'Tnt
om*l nf ibe l7ih, or ?? I'- ____. _es>
mi in bs it was ': li. d, a i o teret lo Usa! _
MeLeaB in 1801. It" 'Ic'llin'l the fagot ? I
.,r iii health. Ile a i tiail med ut t '.-.ttf
nu i ni m. war li- '*?- '? i... ?..> . l.l ?_it.
'.!.. and In- '? - made colonel, a p**__
a . h |i Iii i ns . "lil ever *iiu*e.
When Ihe rlty p?-_l l?r the ciiotrol eft.
Tu.-? rtmr. Major MrLeun, a hi hid boen --rrt:ir _
-?:??. i I.-;., .ii- rei-ivcd hi i-*d'r nf wilina
il r?eed. Ile was pri-deul ..f I.e N'ew-Yoril tMai
V.\ li ?? I..: li - ?....-. ll ! "1 I cf ?f
I. \ fur i .ni er of yo M Jnr Mit. a - ?
itt one Um.- ;i Bienib r of n nuni'icr f .?-. un-i" .
ld lin the -it, Ni '. ?:.:? i lu'.. Hull ' l .11
\ M., nnd the M mb itlan i lab. ll- aa* BM-tM
, .ir \ In lit", and le iv< - b wife s l three i
.i.iNvmw O. HALSEY.
i ?: nth in 0. liiil-.v, v.- ii ni;,.mu in the 1'
. . ? i i-l .?. i'i.*i on -ondaj b-i_-_ii si M- ?'nr'"'
lu Eas! Ors ..? fr.'in an :i': i k of qnlch con? _
Mr. iii"- . was burn In -ainscoft, I- i- en A
1 _t_. In ia*?! be enter.il the si
? ?, . i.if.- Insurance Coaspany. Hi i
thc -? ?.!,.. .- ii ai comp it ? antil i* - " ?? ? li" **-"
. nm.? rlcep-fildent of tl- Natb I I InaanBC
ompany. Al thal llaie Vr. Ilal*ej was t ' "
r as*enel_ for the Manhattan. Ile remained ?l_
ihe n.i Ional Ufa Inaaraace Companj at til 1-73, a_a
li Went OUl of l.i.-ln.--. luiluidl il- Iv r.-'Hui.ia* Mt
c. ni ??;?:.. n witb the Manhaltaa aa mea - rr ?"
clea, Mr. lt .I-, y remalli*, with Ik ? 1 peal ***?*??
the \lntr of bi. death, lt-- aaa prominent In .-it""
la the riranges. iii- ll?ary aras. ol t.'.> taest |;*
_mire end was laa.rall?*" of kt* Blerarj isata*. lu
Masonry Mr, ii..!-.-k "a.i* protnlaent, b-iuj a thirty
th-d it. .ic Maaiie ..f tin. i.t'ciu tit" s.ni : ?'
masier af (li i . Koa Vorlt, s *Bea__
?f J. rii-.il- ni i .injiti r, l{. a. M . Bad a Coeard "*_?
ii-itiiii .ii..!.-ry. K. l'. in poMiics I'? aaa sn .'**'?'''?*
i'.-|iui.ii.i.i!. and had been a reade! of The Wkaas
r*? .tn ma boyhood. __< f.iii _ was attacked atti
.(C.i.u ronsnmptlon, snd lu l___her be wen I te ethe
i:tiln -pri';-, hoping lo i.-r".ii!i Us health. Bis tm*
ditton -ii'iuiiii ire* vor_>, and be start l '**' "i1"
borne :i w.-eit ago, reaching than on _ta__y. Ht
died twenty-four hoar* later, li.. kav_ i alaaa sal
,i married duughter, Mr*, li, C. ?elua, rite laacril
ivill I..- held ut bia home tomorrow, rhe burial ?U
lie lu VVo__wu.
? ? ?
\viiii:itii ii. Da Uraaf dh. oa gaaiaj ai :?'? iioma
**iO. 3,1-- tifili ave. Mr, l>c lirmf va- wdlv kti)*n
the \iic pr.--?*.-rn .mil treasurer af the D'-i;r_f
.'. ir,I..i- l-'iiiiiuiir.- Company, ot No. -i" Rori l'"-"*
? nth st, li" waa fort*, one ream etd, ama ? nsti>'?
at Cauajoharte, tin^ >iat.", and winn n reaag nu3
lie entered bu_lne_ aa a partner In the furniiut**
company, whick hat been rounded thirty reata up
l.y bis father, ll. P. De Uraaf, noa pret_.nl . *-*?
li..v..-1-v Bank. Mr. i>" I'.raal aaa .i _Wy-seti__
ii.-.i?>. Maaou mid a m.-mt.. _ af ConBtaottne L*1."
Ile mn- tr.'11-ur.-i- of the Mew Nor-;, atala Mtrt-BB sl
Ihe Lesa*.t -merlcan u:... im. n. ai ute lUae .
vu- ii member af the Manhattan AU-?tie _*- ?"?
bUo ..f toe Lotoa Chm, bal he realgnsd "_? kedtal
i organizations, il" contracted .. .li aMbene
visit to H.--..h. wbleb developed Into pnsBiasalBi tnt
otter sn iiin.*-. of onlv roar days reaaited -***-*?
Mr. H.- i.niiif leaves i widow and fonr chlUren. hrj
boys nmi two girls, th. .M.-t b daughler tetel
fenn old, riu- huierul alli be nil t. ls ern I - ??
hi* home, and the body will t..- taken lo-atntrt* W
. lion,-, i ..ly for burial,
I*...-., u. I", b. ll ?p i' -oo. ti aaa I "f* i di'**
thia eveaiag. Mr. Hat. ?..- Bara aa f___bei a, I*'*
lu Iii?.ci. Il" ?a. i-i-.nl lat. il at Iii.- ll Billi _l '"****'
Aeademy .iud Umbi aatered '.ii- n__er]rwa_ ?*?**? ^\
reaching kia ss-Je-ty ks Bagsged m be-b__ for k-P**
a* ju a' limner anl emin..--.nm iu.-i.mmt. "'" M^
peal latereal bi poUUea au i by u gaaeesl wes ?' _."
at .. ii.ct.ii" iu Marett, l_>7, hs ?*. ??.t<-i tu una
Mi.-uic-v iii tie- Board ?r AMenaaa. Mr Bakh astsaa
ii- Ba AMenaaa la lf-ir. IBU lad __. "" "?*" J*
l. -. nt.ri w.ij naven lu Nm Ceauasa Oaaamtl n ItVS, i"***?
I8*_ uni l!s">il. ll- al-., served l?u terna In ti>* ?"*?"""?
..f I'., j.ii--ii tilt i\. - a^ a I.-no.iaf. ll ?Rad un **?
Uai"i Baaed fai rom >???-?
aROilOE C. IM iiUNi.lI.iM.
1,'nr.." C. 'Uu.klii'.t.aiii, .'I Ui" .allie _- of ?',1-d *
Dbi Blinka- dlsd si kia bsa-, Se. *>' ->'*ataM>< *,*J?
.m. riatiiaar, l__ i.:<. ; Betae-lag. i-j*- "**'*?**"
.vnr.i," um acak sf a -aster. Ike ka_ icaarlta*. Jil'J ""*
,i it- alawa -tins :uU' in- kaai. h_aed pajtoaalscBSt ?
uni prov . -tai, despite the e__i_ of u,*. Meals ssa
r.uideti. Mr. limb laths ai ?a* aB_aaj*_gbl *<'*>* "a*
rae iu.li 11- _ _B*rh_ii ?uJ aa aaaaMifa. _u survive hi*.
l.i.iin -ri::I ii'.
Klilm ?sp-ic r. ii BIB BB BWB CS him-t uni cn tln-er af
ainbea, n. J. ui--i asaks__ ai iii- ksB_ at i11-1* ''''?''?
tr. Hpaaeas ??-, aaty-_a rtais o'* Mt kat ksaa
??saiga, la th." Scn-r.ii n.e.liaiils.l -BJBC hw-u.-s in
ll/ahetii fur Utiitv-tlM" )'B. , Mr. kisrn-er jt-***
elle and two _:is sal * bro*u*1'' *,hg ??*'?? ?*? B"g,'"*'*m'

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