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vot.Ln.N* 16,901.
A(iO-THi; 1100,000,001 BESERVE
AM' A OOtiB lM'.I'.MIfM.
[by nii.'.nara to nu: nuncan.]
WsshinBti-n. Fob. 31.?There were rumors to
pm y* Tli-I'* i- -rood reason tn iM'lii'X-o tbat
ti**' *'fre MM!t brottdcas I <>v'''' ?''*' country?which
v^ it that tho Cabinet al its meeting to-day
formally resolved not t.> issue bonds, nu matter
tilt tho tituatioii or necessity might be. lt run
u itated up"!' tn.* highest authority, to nae a
HI but easily untrlerstood expression, thal there
? not tho least foundation for th,' raamr. Tho
^biDet. it i> true, discussed tho flnaneial rdtua
m, a* it has done at nearly every ineeting
(itkiP th*' last two months, or when tho exports
,? gold tir>t began t** attract genera] attention
?it it reached no conclusion as to any policy
ti iv adopted In ?>t h. ? i words, the Adminia
I t-ttion, for obvious reasons, belier**- la tho old
I ,dage thnt it i- noi wise to jump until u ditch
j^a t>e.n retti hoi.
It ouriht to l*o borne in inin*!, _?*reorer, thnt.
liter all, it i> the Seeretary of tho Treasury
tod not the Cabinet who xviii bo held responsible
(or the conduct of tho National finances. Ii
k- eomn.ii'' a blunder, be it is who xviii bo im
s-aehed hy Congress and not xvhat i* vaguely
^lled "tho Administration.*1 Ho. therefore, xviii
determine what i- to ho doro in ease <>f an
emtrgenry. Hy this iho Idea is not meant to
le eonx'ryed thal Secretary Foster is not in a*9
(ord with tho views hold ly President Harrison.
On the contrary, it may ho said that they aro
oont thor-'ii-hlv agreed in tho ends to h.* at?
tuned, tliBu.-li tlioy may have hal dilToronoos
of opinion in th** past as to matters of detail.
"?"hc-se have now, however, disappeared, and it
n?v conti'lo.'itly be stated th.u nothing will be
done that has not th" nnqualiHed approval of
both th?? President nnd Secretary Foster.
Tis situdtioi is viewed to-day by tho latter
Sith h? concorn than it waa a week or two ago.
It is true that tho gtoik of gold In tho vaults of
th, Jr.a-arv has dwindled doxvn in th.' last xvo-k
ti Iff. than lull what it xvas i.-,, day- ago, bulk,
tn the ether hand, there are also si_ns wliich
jivg promise of e iming improvements. F it
one, th* rate of foreign exchange has ri-o-n, ahow
iag that it has I'.'f'ii" lees profitable to ahlp
gold to Euro'--. This greatly encourages Secrt***
twy Foster, xxl,, i- l,y no ui**an- to i>.ntddered
the Tictim of a ssngulne temperament. Ho
view*, wi'h greater composure, too, tho prospects
ot the gold re? rvo fill ini_ to mar or even behm
the* traditional !*?""..,""<i than ho formerly
did, believine. a- 'nany ".hors do. that shauld the
reserve _mtu*it to >*9l-,0t>9,9,i0, it would not
neceffvirily result in gold being quoted iit a
premium. That tni-f rt uno. for ns sn li it xviii
be regarded hy eveiybody, xxiii not ,lop.*,id, in the
opinion **f Ueeretaiy Fester, upon th*' (set tbal
the Treasury carries a million or two more *?r lem
of reserve in it- vaults, btit upon th.- xvant of
roniMfnce xvhi'-li, it. a temporary li', ol fear, dii.'l
en.tti* eoutrol in any eo'ninr'ial community, may
be e\hibirtrd hy a comparatively -mall -sody of
Jt msy be said, too, that neither the President
Soi the Secr'taiy of tho Treasury at any time
ss>assrf tam uXmsUOO, a? hns he-^n mn iriii.lv charms]
In btsUla papers, in _ merely political light. It
hes n--t occurred to either that it might be *.f
tahrautago to him personally and to big party
lo leave offlco without set-incr. gold quoted at a
premium or adding to th*- National debt by the
isle of benda, but both have always treaSed th
question from the point of view thal it is Ihe
ptiami.unt duty of tho Executive power to pro?
tect the '-rodi* ol th- <? ,\frtrin-trt iit all hasar 1-.
at tlie mme time doing what it can legally ? ' 1"
prevent n financial panic --.. epina the country.
AU this is sail merely to abo**/ thal ti"' Be sre
tary of th** Treasury i> l>y no means pr<-piri*l
yet te say what be will do m ia-.- ol an etner
?reney. He may -ii bends, and ho may think ii
tafe to p.*rmit tho rivrv,* to fall below fl 00,000,
As to tho sa'o of ? rndl b-r tbe purpose of iii
tuning gold, it bas been stated In .?.?rtain quar?
tos that the S-er?tary had no guarantee that the
buyers xvould pay _"M l->r tbe bonda; thal they
could locally (i'T.t diver, and thal siivor, being
coin, would have to be accepted by tte s<*<tretary.
This MMrtl ",'. i- diasipated by reference to tho
Methods adopted by Seeretary Sherman when lo
began tn accumulate gold in order to prepare for
the n-eiimption of specie payments He sold
nearly 990,000,000 of bonds by private contract
ta g hj-_dieat** composed of Drexel, Morgan St Cu.,
Mortrin, Bliss .V Co., Josse SeUgman A- Co., t!"
First National Bank and others, stipulating that
the IkidiI- siiou'.i he paid lor in g?alu by the ern
oicat*-. Ti.is wns done, in fri.-t, and eatablished
sot only the gold resnrve "f the Treasury Depsrte.
?nen:, hut a |,r>?- lent -,. well. There is no rett
"on why Secretary 1 -t.-r sh mid not du tho game
thim- ii be deci'h-s upon replenishing his stoek ol
|ol*l ly the --ii!,- of lioiids.
The |.(,i(| reserve tod,iv was l.-ss than $103,
OOO.nuo. Thot.* xxiii p roi-a ii I.v he no sniputents
on Thanday. lltTwi-on now and March I, th-ro
lorre, thoro remain only four davs on which Bold
* likely to i*e shippoil. Whih- Si-cretary Foster
JJ**** that iii- xvi,de situatini may chance
*itliin los., than twenty-four h<iura, h<- is i>y no
-**?*is witho ;t hop,- tint |-.e will be ai>l<- to pull
toroueh without infringing up'rii the $100,000,
ooo re-4-r\'. ,, Belling bunda to replenish his
?tock g| gold.
*Hi. sim r c nfi.i;! s i: kkf-ibt.
*i*?.T:- v vj , ,'*:\|' -. in'l I'iv*. X|XHI
*"-*:rjt<i,., ct,. -.M.-Tin- President t" <l:iy sent t..
* *tst> the i',.p ,, ?( u?. Aii.--rt.nii delegal-s to
"??lalerria'i,,,,,.,! Monetary ( .iif.-r-io.-. held al H*"U.s
"?"? b-sgliiirlri^ November -ii. 1803, :i- ro upai il '1 by
'*,!l-l''!.:i i.i thc pr h., "!i,i_- and m: appendix
rgj-Wa *,f ii si-ri.'s of documents relatlag "? tum
mS**t laws and monetary situation of ihc vsrksis
_J*** my tluit in tlie <ii-oiis inn ol thi- various
**'l'>*(il.,ii.s th,, attitude of nearly all Uk- govern
""* -.us fli-eii-..;!. t,.- recognition of ri monett!.
? requiiiiif n rwnii-dy, \'ii- general lu ihe 0041
^- Artr-r rlilog copiously from speeches made,
lele?aten say tijn, ,|?. confarrnoe is la reetmvene
May ao. lfv.i:;, ,.,| |iniH<k.'lrs. Ju tin- mean Ume lt
**Peeied ih,t ,h0 propostlloat ind plans already
t:,.;-^ M(ld M|< ,( |)t|l(,1.^ m m.|V ,H, k,1|),?||,,.i lg
P^tWent of tfes eoaveailoa mihi _y iiim isam
^y. - -""... V. ill" VlfllVCIl' Hill ililli Uy HUH HUHS
?ele *? ,b? '''?ver:,I Rov*-! tillie,its throucli ttu-lr
^-tte*, w)u bf> ,.orlsldf,,.,.! j, ,s aiitlclpnt-d lhal
delegate,, upon ,*,- r,-:is*-eniiillnK of 1h? con
?kelr'0*' *11' ^ Ml''" in s,n"' ,,",ln'','*,v ,!:" "lews of
Otme*J^^r]iv<k f*-''''**'*., men ts iis io xvhm jilnns nre
sart^*^'* t0 ,Pi'ilr*' ""' greater uso of silver ns a
**y *> ""? iset.Llr mo nev of th- world.
swJ1 '^hdlng their report, the delegates bosr testl
abn . lL* ?Br,"'-t xxl-li of the cont renee that xi
F**n lop th** tt-si
?bl* ^ 1? pnuupe4 u%r of kIIvcp a*i 1:1 li_J. ncfoin
___T^ ***J Ulf* na,*!
?t**ai_s _,?_* 1""'' "nd -""-1* ina*v- lu Hie inoii'-t.irv
4_?r r.*olt Irom lu UtaJtUrsiloiiK. No
?i ff** ,r ?uggestlons of sar kind ar.- msJe.
/?_? *''Sned by W. li. Alhs-ti, chalrmsii,
tt_jr**.Js*nes B. McCre.iry. llettrr Vf. Cannon
?"Wtmii; vndrews. Bdst-tn H. Tarraji was act
Tin: POpF*s ADDRESS to irish cathou cs-ms
The Mebratlon of Pop,* _???< e^seopsJ jubilee eon.
thined today, n?ci the etty ts brilliant with throngs
of Hatton and -dig-dam from all qaartera of the .1 _e
rae Pope gav.* ? reception 1,. th- American Patriarch
xxho pros",,,,.,, ?.?,.,? of congratulation nnd glftfl from
the Millan of Turkey.
-.'!,',xxr,nl Cardinal Lognc Introduced the irish pU
erlms ,? t|?. p,,,,-, wb0 ,.,, ..iV(M| ,,,?-, ,___, -..?.,??,,
Blshop Inm-is Micormicli. ?( i?-,|xvav and Kllm.-io
uuagb, read a Latta address from irish Catholics
to tho pop... eangratalatlng him on hiivinK attained
a venerable ape. and expreastng a xvisi, that he might
h.- spared for many years to mle over ihe cunnii.
Hi*- Popa began reading *, r,.p|y )m Ll?.-% SUl.r
reading a lev xvords h.- .said that he xvns safferiag
from a taro throat, .-md asked Monsignor Bfadrtl, one
ot hts ecclesiastical attendant-, to eonttnne iho read?
ing, 'ihe lupe's repl> expressed the pleasure which
li- Mt at Bering tho taltbfn] son- of st. Patrick, mid
h.* thanked them i? grariooa terms for organising the
pilgrimage. Ile said lhal Irish fallh, pi. ty and dcvo
Hon m the Vatican were always the Min.*, in cod or
??vi! d-ixs. i? closing, the Pontiff exhorted the i>n
grims to persevere in ibelr attachment to thc Charch
ami iii,' lii.iy See, tct forgetting .-t. Patrick's saxinj.-:
't-i'ilt < lu l-l irii-.l ita et Romani."
'Hi'- pilcriins i|stet?d xxith reverent attention, mid
nt the rime of tlie address tli-y xvere presented to 111"
Pontiff. Each one kissed Un* band *,f Ihe Pope, xx in
??Mended i,is benediction to fie pilgrims ami to au
Iii li ( alholli -.
London. I.b. 21.?A dlspat.-i, fr?m RonM says that
tho Jubilee Mes seemed io give renewed health ami
energy t,> the Pope. Every day he devotes nine hilar?
io tlie pilgrim, and 1.. receptions to other vtidtors, snd
shaws no trace of fatigue in his features ami bearing.
Cardilla] Rampolla tdd that .t xvas marx.-lions t,,
witness the freshness amt elastic loree exhibited by
Hie Pope. il,, xkurhs long inio the night. " Tho
other night," aald tbe Cardinal, -after the pniuic
lahoi "i the day xx<r> over. 1 sent u messenger ts it li
documents .ol pre-Klng Impnriance lo the Hope, order
ins the messenger to keep the papers until ,.nlng
II Ills llolii],s, had rdir. il to rest. lt was lheii ll
o'clock:, bal the messenger was astonished i" Ond His
Holiness nt work on his encyclical."
The Qoeen luis telegraphed *,, ? ?,,. Pane: " I con
pr: itnl.it.- yo,, upon completing Hie ti rt v year-- ol your
e-liscops/ie. and .sincerely xxl-h you health and
Home. Feb. 21.?The Dake ol Norfolk oniertnln.-d
tho min-!, :ii,d irish pilgrims at the Hotel de Rome thu
eventng lu cider that the-, all mlghl m.-et tanlliinl
Vaughan and Cardinal Logue. The reception lasted
taro hour-. Among iho guests were Iil1.*.-n bishops
iind archbishops. Tho hotel was decorated and Illu?
Home, Feb. 21.?Signor Tnnlnngn, the director ol
ihe Banca Ron,ima. who ls now under arr*-st foi
complicity In the bank scandals which have cai,-ed
so much excitement bera, has handed to the |adg<
i itateateat <>f his defence. In di- statement Mgnnr
Tanlongo impllentes many wefl-known nn*n la the
Hgnce Morirllll. the flnx-ernnient oHcUl. who ls alsn
under arrest, and xxho ls alleged lo have declared
Hint If he ls proaecatcd hi- uppenranc,. before the
ciuts rill t-c followed by that of -ey.Tal high
personages, lias made , statement -Imllnr to truit
tarnished by r-l_- ii?.r Tsnlongo. Manor Monxllll
.l.i.is that Ids whole guilt consists tn having obeyed
1 ls .-upcrlor-.
the panama obircxaMOB iT.i'i.t v.rn pntii.
Paris. Feb. 21. M. l)ex.*Ue. Mlnl-*ter of Beralga
Atolls, today 1nform.i1 the Cabinet that IBO P ? 1
rt>-n* of c. I..,nhla, In accordance .xph 'li*' aath ttiy
conferred an him by aa enactment af the Colombian
C agrees, ind extended Ihe concession io ihe Panama
Canal C mpany nw one month, from Febmary 28,
1803, when the ctmcesshm would otherwise expire.
lt I- leport'-d thal this short extension has I.*-- ti
teemed <.iiir wim considerable dURculty, and wai
granted for Ihe purpose of eaabllng those btteretted
in ihe ennui company to give some mbatan'tal
erldenee of :iM't'x and pin**.-" to conttntM tl.-lr
ax.!?*.[. Cul,-ss nial evidence i?- fmlhcomtng, Ihe Re
public of Colombia will !>?? prepared t,, enfl*r toto
possession fortiiwlin *>f the canal property.
London. Feb. Si. rh*' Brand orange Lodge ot n**i
fast bas gent not fl vehement manifesto against Mr.
(?ladstone's lloma Bala WU. The manifesto demand
* ither ur:|r>n with Oreal Britain or complete separation
'rom lin-iii Britain. "We would arcept the latter,"
ays |be ninnif.-to, "sorrowfully bat courageously, at
the only alternative left t*> a deserted and betrayed
people, bat are woaM rrajpi to tbe death aux- attempl
to force upon u-r a i'.i itard combination of the two."
Tho manlfo-1o Dames March 2 iis Hie date of fl
great trntooisl d4r*monstratkM in Ulster HaB, xx here
iii*- mea of cist.-r will forataBy declare their nurom
promlstag oppealilon t*. the Home Bale MIL lt dcaei
arith .'in exhortation to the TTntonMs ,o dvotd all
action calciilnt.-d la cans., dlsordar, and thus -lt,,"'
tn betray them tata th*- lin nd s ot their hi torie
Farts, Koli, lt.?M. Uni'l'-ux. trllS prc-id.d in the
Senate to-ddy, read ? letter Bram M. Le Hover, rerign
lag the Presidency ol the Renate, m.* election "f M.
Le Hover's mk c.--or x-.il! take place on Tbaraday.
London, Fob. 21. -The Corm in stem,kt [talla, Otp
tain HeHer, fr*.rn Row-York January 8, for (open
hagen and Stettin, pol lalo Gothenburg on February
17. Bbc mallard i<> reach thal port by meant ot a
liny mddrr. after .twin.: f->r weela eaaght hal in the
ic,. she r- pori- having s.-ivcd the crew of the Danish
lank steamer Christine, Captain larson, xvhich xxn.
crashed in the lie near Kallen.
London. Feb. 21.?Mr. and Mr-. Oladstone ann Mr.
Xs.iniih Home Beeretary, were entertained by the
Que,,, to-day, and trill sleep al Windsor to-nlghL
-?-?- ??
London, Feb. 21. ?Hank of Ireland Stock lins fallen
nine Mints since ihe Introduction of the Home Role
? ? ?
St. petersburg. Feb. ll. In eon*-,-|iieneo Of tho
desirn* ii on "f 'lop- by froai um\ sammer, famine and
disease ara noxv prevalent tta-mghsttt Plaland.
Towna and vlllapes are fhr'iiig?*d willi beggars, 500,*
OOO of xvii-1rn aro barely able to fln*l th*' nu nus ol
-,ii,si-,eiic They hara eaten most af their draught
Bnlmals and Heir doeae-sUc peta. Typhus faeer is
carrying "ff hundreds daily.
Pirn, 11, (.'ha m. Ala.. Fob. 21.-Tho Sheri!, of St.
(lair ('..inity last slgM started f f AaVriBe arith
"iii,!" Maya, ansi BB cen years, the negr* whs as
lallef Mto. m< Boyer, at St. Clair -*pilng-. last Sun
il.iv. When wltlili' hnlf a mile of hi- _aatlasl*Sn Ihe
KhrrlB was iiieipswtred hy a mob af msSked men,
xxho hanged Hie prisoner to the llntl* of a tr.-o. after
ks had caltfemsd his (rime. The tmdr wns riddled
xxith Imllets while siispended In tho air.
Hosetm Tex.. Feb. 21. Mews hus arrlv.il here
?vf a. doiii.ie tragrdy at pniehssr, isa urns from Rich?
mond. Jost-pa Wada hud diMiiurp-d a pi-t..i in iho
street, nnd Deputy .-hcrl.r llolfniin attemiileil lo ar
ic-t him. Wade <li?xv a dirk and Honman mt-mpted
to get li's gun. Wade was the quicker, nnd put a
|,ul!*-t imo Hoffman's hrcaat. HolTmiui fired and
brolio Wade's arm. Wade then stalled to retreat,
hut iloflmiin. who was ni'riiiilx mounded, cmMnaed
siKsiUtig hilling his antagonist Ive timm and killing
ulm. "JToffman di. _ lu a short Ume
Wn-lilirgt,,,,. Feb. 21.-Kepresentntlve McPreary. of
Kentucky, while leaving tbe Capitol about 0 :.T0 o'clocli
this evening, slipped, on the loy st*?* walk and fell.
In-caking ?me of his iran, lia was ooiiveycd to blt
home st ones and reoslved mtdioal aUsnttsa.
TUGS, Toxv.s and BAI UKO i g x rr iii i.i-i.i s> in
'J'lt** Hay xvns I polar SM yesterday, ami tho
two rivers were gorges of I-*'. The ferryhoata
toiled palatally through tho rh,,:<.-.i elmnneb
and, foundered hy lee Hnea, made th ir wny Into
the ahallow slips. The tide has not eWied an
low for years Monday night th.* strone gale
pTt-siio I the icjs n,:(| y\;lfei down into Hie bay
and l-'ft hardly enough water in -o,?e of the
ferry slips for a tah to Bool m. The rivera were
lilied xvith craft hemmed in by leeor run aground
u|ion mud banhV The niiiv-cs ol ic* Irrought
tl'oWn by th,* ebh tide mied the streams and
made navigation hazardous. Tho biggest boats
found it hard tn resist the Impacl <?1 the ice. and
several aebooners arere crushed in Hy th.* floes
The rivers early this morning xvoro lille I xvith
tows left licipii-ss by their tugs. One of the
dumping scows was l.-ft in the mod and re?
mained Immovable for hour--.
Voyagers, from tho Brooklyn and New-Jersey
shores were delayed. The water in the slips wat
so low early in th,- morning that th.- boats could
carry tm trucks, and only a limitesl number of
passengers. The Roosevelt-st. ferryboats, which
usual ly gu from New-York t" Williamsburg in
twelve minutes, yesterday morning could hardly
make thc trip in an bour. Hy no-,: nest <>i the
lu.;,ts xvoro tr;, vol lin'.' on about twice their ti-n:il
headway. (MT the seawall of th.- battery thom
xvas n manging of cakes and ll ea "i ic* which
held tuga captive, and hopi li.h.eis tight..*
lion,ni. Many vessels dragg-M. th.-ir anchors, Th ?
tug Niagara xvas caught in the lee n. ir Erie
Basin, and crushed in by the heavy floes. She
rank near ber pier.
With ber bow low In thc xxnt.-r the tteanv-i
Sane,it rame up iho hay this nu.ruin.: in tow ?'?
three tu.s. she went ashore Monday night an
Rorner Shoals, snd sprang a leak. Bbc had six
feel ol xxat.T in her hold.
The S\"o,:ai,i"\<.ii, the calamity collector of the
l*ort of New-York, \x.-s not satisfied xvith the i-??*.
but t""k ni ti 1" In her wheel. :i!i I tho schooner
Lelia Smith broke from lier pie., al th*' Atlantic
Stoles, [Imoklyn, and 'l,:i<--l ii front "I ti-'
Hamilton Av mu,- Fi-rry slip, whoro sin* ilelny* l
tho bouts l"f .rn h''ir. She wita towed IkicI lu
In-r pier
Tin- vessels coming i" from asa reported th"
roii'-he-t kind ol wernher, Il -x were covcr-il with
leo trwni >t. tn 'ii stern. Tho t'i'j ..| Birmingham
.-airi'-.l tons nf ice upon ln*r hull, anil h ?? t
\\:,s hhosthed in smx.x white Tlie At,-,? ?? en
con nteired a gall- ?h'*n i "" nih - "Ut nt -ea. *v I"'-1'
sent th*- tvatei surging "v,t h-, I!i ?
xv.-r.' ex,-,'-I with io**, which ti,. ,>???.'. cut
with av*- as the 'es.,.: ?,.:,,. n;, th,- l,,\
Hr,tish .-t.':i:ii'-i lrgonant, from Reline, met bi
ri tic gales nfl Cape Hatteras, and raine into p**-t*
xesterday clothed i>, lc* .
Pl BIL "'' x PX TH I R \\H -mn
Port Deposit, Md.. I*:-. 21 |Bp*etali. Worn oal
trllh anxiety and sntTering trim Ila
,,.-s t!i" i'. Op] ??'?!.! ted loWS it' I
wi etched *-. ndltlon. Nan) fun liles bax-c
their wat*! iked 1 I' "I I I
Rood' d ? - ,. '. sg ?. Bl d the
para! li ?', and lm had io ll -
on c .ld food anti in i .1*1 r.ns. Hundred ?' \
,'. iv.- left the iowa until the gorg ;
a it-, - tabalde, < rn Baa laj hllssard
aver ti." place and added to the i fort I -?
a furioas hall and fdes't tri..-!.: ra rig rhe
ulong the fiver ? ? ' I
their p st.. The ii?? and aral li I
'.a f ?? railroad m ih ? tr.ix.-i imi I
rani ? ? ; rd I the l!,|ch ?'?? k
Henry Bot, rta and ???,:'- i
person, on Rob* ri
have I, id n ti rrlblo i-xp.Ml.-nr,
Island bas heei, rovered two t* ? t d< p
lt M.i- '. bp 'I thst H e a,. . ind ' ?" I
To .In . 'I r ?' ?!.? li ?.''.','?'! 1
... ,i trip ..v. r ,?i- b ? -,.
Ihe l-l.i' .i. lb !*-.?- ami li boj i ? ?? ? mhd |
loft ? lr HtU li -ii ? rllh (aler ntl ar in !
Thej. ! " ? ' ve ? ,, * ., o lb.- niiilnliii
thc !'? ' .,ti ? p itv r.'t-.rned In in ?
Cou Without tin in. I:.,ell snd hi- "li i ,<! !?? ?
? fl tr rn . '!.ri,i.,':it i'.ii with the mainland Inr two
**. ?](.. IV lu i tbe mali
icii that '-HI '? i'|i the I land 'viii no rbnibl d
their house and Imp rll Iheh lives. Rot, ri
the relief porty to t.-ilt" hi bo) ashore, hill Hie lilli.
', Ilia refused to leave lil foi her. Th ? wi ter lui
undermine I I he fiut nm ny hon-*
?I* Rock Ron, and ir Ihe) du not * ilkip-*e llu-j xviii
have to be I, rn <!-,'.* n.
? ?
CAB XI.li" i XI'S si \K |;x li ?? IN TMK - .INH.
A tow, consisting ol a lug snd !,-,?? < n '?'? il . b
rame lee-bound lit hong I land - und !i ti) ter Bay,
I.. I.. Sunday. During the heavy wind Monday after
oodtl L'-e i"w ill appeared. Nothing more was -.-'-ii
or beard *>f the boats until yesterday, xk!,.,i some ,>f
Ute .rex- lriml'-d nt Oyster len. The*/ t.|ior!"l that
ihe liv,' barge bad !"on wrecked, tine had gnni
Bs lam- nt Llo.xd's Norh; one ni Cove Neck, and a
i lrd rn Centre Island. T .? other two were sunk
ult I'entre Isbind. Tli'- ? r.'M reached the -'',,:?,?
I.v xkiillitn;.' ?ii Ihe lc. Tie tug |, ,, tnr New X .il.
for ti it.on.- nf,er Hi*- tow xi is |,r !;iii up. Th'
c.inrili, ,-ns ?, I-,* r.wned br the I. ? high Valley Itali
read, and w.-re loaded with <o,I. The tug l owm-d
by the Bee Transportation ( umpany.
Commissioner Brennan, while pleased '.nh rester
day'i r.p<.rt. from ld- superintendents and foremen
a- tn the way they were clearing thy ireels and
crosswalks of -now, :ui!i carting greal qtianit'li for
dumping Into tho rivers, xx is di tr, ed by un
pleasant tldlngi from hi* borean *if lugs .-"'I ram .
.up4>rintendenl Charies P. Anderson, rd thal bureau,
imis obliged i*. report thal no dumping scowl srere
xil.lf lo gel to tea I,-' night. Ile aM! " l do
not i lil nie H xxiii be pn i' !?? io pt "tu- boats oul
to s<-a tonight, as ile ba) .-nd harbor bi* blocked
xxlih lee, from ln.ro lo shore, and ll extends ri f.ir
doun BS Cooey I Imd. Il would Le unwise and
dangerous t<> start them oul s nlghl t<> fight lil?
lie. Wo prohaidx xxiii gd ili'-ni om to-morriw mom
i 'ne ,,r ti,,' d' p.ii lui",ii scows, loaded for a, lining
a leah nnd xvii, iH|.-l/i-,l liv ihe wind *.<-.., "u and
dumped Hs refuse In#the Bast Elver al KUM -.-nth-st.
Ptttaburg, Feb. -'i- District Master Workman llagh
Dempaey, convicted <>f complicity In the poisoning ?.'
nm'union nen al Hom,-i.ri'i, who u.i Bgaln placed
under arrest by order <>f the court on Monday, v.n
released 40-day oa S10.000 ball pending Ihe appUca
Hon for ;i ie xv trial. Hugh O'Donnell, "Jack' dil
lord mill Sylvester Crllcklow, xxiio hara already been
io ipili,"*i on one rbarge of murder in connection arith
Homestead rial *.i Joly a, vere also released oa
i.iiil i? ,h" sum of S10.000 each, 'l'ler.- are yet
rharge* of murder, riot, con pinn* and treason pend
lng Against (h.s., non. Their irlni may tn!..- place
at ih-* March term of conn, if not at lhal lime
they xxiii no' be tried before the s.-piim. ? r term.
James Aker, charged arith ,-i..t al llomeaiead, bsa
hen In j.ill since AUgast. H's C;i-,. li i,| I,.', 11 losi
sight <>f until lo-day. Ball \*iii be furnished for bim
lo-morrow. Oeorge Champenour and another llomi
-,,.,,,i mini are yoi in Jud on the charge of m 11 rd' r.
They "iU furnish bal] abd i*- rel eased toatorraw *,r
Ihiiisd.iy. <_
Nattisn Haas Piotr, v, h,> -vii. f,,r.s. !?!,- , areB-kaowa
ui'iv-i ii|'.-r r.|,< ri.r sad Bathes', lied finn, klrlncv ,!.n,!c
m BL i'"ke's Beep Mal aa simd cv last, ii*- ?i. tata la
Cincinnati, niuo, fifty-four T'-.ir* jim. snd .sin.' I" tatt
city when twcnty.tvku rc,rs <.r flgl ru, 1 ln,ii,,-di?t Iv -'"'
.'inph-yiiierit os i, lapSttST. H. ans s BBBSB-Sr *'f Tbs
Tiib'iii'- sun: foi .1 shari tboe, aad "rot.- nts -Muk ,,r Hm
barning ?f Bsraas*/i Maaraia "nen it am at aaa?-?
and Broadway. BM at-caoai "f Bm - sm, at ma bm sad
Hi,, -ul!, ni.l's nf Xv .iliiiiiSli. "-is -o i'-:il!stlc ll.at tic- stor.v
v ns copied Into nany papers In thv Cnit*-<1 State, and
11,. lift, roar! sseaata * "Baa msee," eaatiiiKiunfl ta
a!l the lendlnc dally gaBMB "f tSM 'H.T. Bad ??, , . , ear.
re-.|rOiu!c;it f,T BBt-ty "Bl >.M<''-'ii l'J|" *-? '" ?W '?'
hal h*'-n au sln.1,-1 i-.'ul.ir wilt-r Rm "The I. sad
did inii.il wm tor street I smith pobtlshers, ol Mos
_.?. to 81 itoM*-t. i.a-t tpetaa bs sra, ll *-.'t, 1. gr p.
hut aasavaati ham aaat, bm aa Hm tasi tani 1.11 - hs
been ssaSaad t*> Ms hon.'-. Bo, BIS tram totty-spttUt -t.
ile ima ieu.ok.d to "st. Lmmtft llospltr.! I?'.?: r 1 irv ll.
T_ faamal a-fll u-<t sasm at Nu. 1*. Uisaasm.. ijiu.i-.
ira, to-lay. sud Uis burial vxUl bc la -*iuii?.*l. ll, 1
liars, a widow. I
uni: mxn BILLED ind mx.nv PEBSOXI in
BE -ST I M. cn ni: it, lie MASS
Palmyra. H. V.. Feb. 21.?As the day o\
pr*-ss we-t hound on the Weat Shore waa round?
ing a curve near here thu morning a brokea rail
threw thc train down an emhunkmenl tat i
:i creek. .\t least one lifo waa lost, and many
persona were Injured.
Conductor M. ll. Dougtssi waa in charge "t the
train, which xvas made np of two engines, ono
(?age-age car, one smoker, one day >*oach a"-! three
sleepers, and which xvas well lilied wirti paa
mngen. Engineer Pearsall snd Fireman Minth,
of the second engine, stink to their i>or-t.s and
wen. hurled mulei th* ir engine, which bi ko
away and rolled down thc em-mnkment, fellowed
hy the baggage and paaaenger car-. They are
i-otl, injured. Pe n-a'I bad his leg broken snd xvas
lr! fitfully cut. The Dm engine did not leave
the ti tck
Signalman Myora and Baggageman Kiley were
the Brat persons out of the cars lifter the train
u.jit over, ;?? <l they hurried to tl.aaistsnee ol
the Injured. Several paasengen were chop.,,,!
..ut from under the wreckage and others tren
r>- -ned through the windows. Messengers were
aent to thia place tor help, snd relief parties
xvith s'lr-.-eotiH lind HU bu lances were harri.-I t >
the ttrreek. Tho Hrs! body found was that al
.i mid I! ?-!:. s| niiin. whoso home is supposed to
have I .*"ti in Chicago, He was itt in two. Sear
him xvas found a Poliah womsn xxith
h.-r children. She waa bs Uv injured
Th.* injure:! were removed to the Powers ll";.*],
where the*, were caird for by physicians from
Palmyra nnd Rochester, lt is believed thu bot*
.?ral bodies xviii lie lound under th.* trreck, a
ei. ht i ergons are missing.
The list ,,f th? killel, ;;s far a- nscertaincd, and
th'* roll of th,* in Ju nil :!,,? .1- tallowa:
i' ii Un.. ? ii nan, ni cit rori Bv* -? iri tdd from Cblesga.
IS Hi'.! I>
pi*, xx i'N, '? urge, of lil sge; k td eat sad haly
xn.-. iir.-tiuti >'f Birt id cal ind body
- a
Hui.HI MU.IX! frederick I..wi.. ,.f New-Tork; a-rn
? ,W . |< ? ."lt.
ti eman ; hesd cut and a* I raised
.,. i j . , * ? , ,i -',. ? of b ila.
PATTI ft-v't-X VV, I! ; ' ??'. f.
ic ,:
Pi -. ns xi, i, -, ,r p. T,!.. ?? ? '
? ? ?
i. ?; ! \ s ' ' . ? ? ! ?
!*.I!. ,*v xx.' ? arm cal aff at
Bl I.I .X' I ll ..-.,. ' 't *,n! i-m
i li,." i ?..-. ..-.,? n ? , :
XXT.l-t ' V xv ll af : ' -, Mp la*
. '. ba. ii aad Md
?/.'?; !..s! : .?. ? . . a child tra - tnt
I'en ot ? r pet som who were slightly bruised
and ? ? ? ? ? arc I i"t at near v farmhiwaes
1' -. c. that rill, r the train loll the
tr.ok lt ran ah 'it soo f.,-? before it pinn.ed
,',,'\;, ti,. . nt. Aa hnglisli traveller
sn l tl ?? newsboy, Quinn, were In th** smoking'
tl ,.* accident ?
and wem -. *dged ta so tightly that they bad tu
window to i<-i out A passenxrei
, . - ; i In tl ? I la] , naen when
h |.-ft the track, and the man who xx is k,ll"l
. ? ;..,;? me lh* si '!'? "I tor the do. r and
in,p. I, .nd the Ita,it !??!! o*, him I xxvat to tlie
,i ,,r n i f. i aver a msa whose ann arm
rru-li*-I \ft< i I got him to ti.- gr, ind he
? l mr lu hsve lila BtT "
rgeons hive Ju t atnputat rt tli*' arnui ol
taro men H.f theoe patients uud i: -? ?
n..-r are ta a critical condition, i - ul ?*:- who
, bI the Powers Hotel aro considered oat ol
i|an -*'r.
i 'i:\ivriVK. \Al.r XI'I.K. ItoRSES RILLED.
I,. ? , UL, Feb. 31. In s wreck ? f ri wild train on
? :,.. : , lenl fiann nd y, '? rd u :-? Pn lon'
;,,i-, ,,,. -'.v., , ir- . i,',',i.',.- fort) iwo valuable horses
1.1... .-I;,.* b, I rm | i "i , "? I, ni Ihi place, rolled
dViwn fe cmhanl mi i? n'l five nor -?? wen
lilll.-d ami Ho- rest were more or '.* ?? badly Injured.
j-xn-xs RF.PCBI4CA.NS IUD I.: M" i:\Ts xvii.I.
I.I.I ' T XN"! lilli M XN I IN M'l I'A
li<iv in WYOMI IX fl.
Tapes*, Feta, SI. The Republican, Bod itralghtonl
H.,,...ii- have practlcaU) derided lo el.nother
-.un,.,r from Kansas, incl iii- seal claimed by
john Martin ??Ul be ront, ,"1 hy either Balley P.
Wsggener, of Ai* hi "u: t'olonel A. A. Harris, al Fort
Kc it; Edward Carron, ol Leavenworth; or W. IL
Itoaslngton, ?.f thi- rlty. The Republican, n--'ri thal
they hove dispatches from (he National len.!.-rs. de
daring lhal Martin's election t- rlesrty Illegal If
ihe courts deride against the Populist Hoase,
imd h i if another Dem erm caa ba agra sd u|?"n
!:,. viii I..it'.l. ll I- ih.- general optulon
I,,.,,, thal ihe courts Rill deride* ignln*>l the Popull ts.
i.Iv tupia, Wash. Feb. SI. -The ballot for United
-tin-. .-? natur to-day showed no < bange.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Keb. -I.- Ilnvernor Osborne has
decided, on Hf advlee of hi- Bttorneys, to postpone
ihe appointment <>f a Ken dor nntll iii" i .?
srtuilly .xl-s by the expiration of the term of F. K.
Wurrin, Itepubllran. A. L. San I- !>"ii.-\?<t io hav,
l|,e I e t Cll IU*'".
Topeka. Feb. -Jl.-TI,.- I., c. (lunn luil-errs* corpus
msc. ih- decision of which will determine wlwther
or ir I, li He- opinion of the Supreme Court, the Be
publican lion >? I- the legal Hoase <.r Representative
ol the Slate, v.ns began lu the Supreme Couti this
i.nlng. The bi t legal lalenl In thc Kl ate ws
nike! on the ixmi -;.i"-. i.uiiii. the petitioner, s
Democrat, vns bit td 11-i week on a warran) I- u.-*i
hy -peaker Douglas, of Ihe Republl, in Hon ,. ,h.n In
i un arith '"ni tupi fm- having refu ed lo respond lo
ii uiiini"!! In appear :i u aitlirsft |, f, rc the Rouse
I.',-. I,"" . CiiHinnllec. Ile amys his release on b
v.r.' "i hahetis rorpas, "ti ihe around thal hpcskci
Douglas had no iiutii'iliv to order lils arresL
?otana i -.iv!' -. through in- .eui., i, ii,s. Townsend
t M- - i- lian I rx t ri,, md libels In Um trailed Stat
Di -tri, t .I .e.-.ile-*. I,,'i \e-s, :? ,,i ?',, ITaltel Ktitea
aad Biastl Mail StcsB-bla Csaapsay for ates* and sapplies
fninlibid tiic'ii- Tin- a m.'ii:!., dat sba ur-: rrom lbs
,\l.:. uk ri. Cl .MK 83; Ad v .icu, <?. - x :< Segumnv,
? I,-.l.i-". anl Vi -Ililli.ri. SI AST SS. Tli, Adx-_a*_ ,..,,
-ei/.-d by a tranny iiiiiistiui. tin- stace Uuat sat betag in
lt is -ail that Mt. Baylee*, a,,omit. Ilk" i. athers,
aa, kaea r.11111iir*.- t r upward of -i\ sisami, aad it i- alas
aid Unit Bm cri'pi iv is cnaitdarabt) ei.r is-, ii gaaa
ektUy. WI 11 tam xi. i\,:, i, presldesi ot Um caa-pauj
ll,. I,as boen in Hrj/il lui- tne lu-; mit Btonths, arhere h,
la m,i to i,-ive -* iir.i . valuable roaceaaloaa. Bs
11,,,., ii d ni saeurlag a ?ab*l4y nu the tmmtpmnj.
i. !? iiiiiitiiiL't.i'i. aaa M the larges) Morkbolgers i.
Ott ' v pan r, sra. Mia al ld, heats, Ko. u Park-are.
I..-I eve.of DJ .1 ll,HUH'- Kptlrtl . Mr. ll l.-l:t_- _, .,?']'
tbat wiall, a, ora a st-icsii....'! ni th.- , n p,? ., |?, hwi
t'lk.n Utile ut .in tims te Hs .1,1:11.-. sad ,'!! aat, as .1
.ni., a,, nd the aaMtt-.fi al ti" direriors, --it, 1. tn.-,"
said ii,. "Uiat th-- Bsaaaay bas bsea raaatag i*hini
te -,ii" Ume and inri ut ?t,ligcii t, ga i,,t? HgaMatloa
I hav pal my BB|ney 1 M Bbs nstspaaj ai va law tin, s,
bat hake not gix*-i' ssa <*f my Matt 10 11- again. part
,,; ma tune th* eoia|.* h.. and, 11...nev imi sari 'f
thc Has1 lt ha*> i-.-t 1.urey. Mi. Ivtai bas aad, .
nt s ri ss.- "i.i ? t- in Ittu-ii aad IM raa_aaj sagkl i<>
1.11 hg th-i,,. lt i- "*it- 1 ii" that iii I,- i. aay beaUi
II 11 ivtinler-t i,,!U"- bSlWSaa n.c a-,| ai tr ,,f tl-'- Bil I
imtkhaMapi. 1 ?i?ii"* agm, iitii ta, llmtori sa what
they |iro|-.-c aiui I prcmine tl ev nuv n.a'.i* sinr," srrniiie'
lii.-rit that "Ul hrliirt the ultalrv ,,f tl,,- aamgaa. -SS
aaM fie.- v shsps. '
lt was vnld Ult overling inst v liol., M. Pratt, of Uv*
gaaaSsra OU Con.utxxy, aad sexsral other directors bad goat
to P.oston to confer tvlth larsons there ihont tlio aiTalrs
at tli" ? MBpany. Il aa, alo -aid lhal there was ?omo
USkalty or Bsfsaaderstaadlag IQBteiBlBf Uv acceptance, of
tho subsidy aSBrcd hy Htu/.tl.
CTeveland, Otto, Feb. Sl.*-Ooversor McKinley is
?tin st the lc m<* of colonel xi. T. Herrick in Hils cly,
arranging the basin aa rompllcatlona rasaltlag from tim
\\.ii?,?!? {allure nt Youngstown. The Governor ana
-??-?ti tilt- merntog and questioned In regard to Hie re?
port thru be wiitii<i ro-i?-n ii- onie ,-is (lorene, "f
Ohio. H.- s.ii'i m's' positively thal there xv;is no truth
lu aux- such report; that h>> ind at ao time coateat
pUtrd resigning his ofllce. The Oovemor, und r the
present embarrassments, I- showing what i grand mau
he i-. He bad a imaD fortune before be ixent to
Congress, imd li- has added nothing to lt In 'recent
years. All of that will be swept away. In all the
years In which be las nerved Ihe people ha has been
-, scrupulously honest thal be baa allowed to puss bx
many opportunities for money-making.
Oorarnor McKinley baa decided to romalo in ci-'v,>
lanil un,ii Thursday. He wns o have deliver.- aa
address to,morrV>w at the Hayes mceatrial Mrvleea, ut
the Ohio Wesleyan I nlv-i -Uv, hut tba crushing blow
thal baa fall n moon bim made it Imposrible for tum io
! i'i ai" .'imi in liv ,? thc addrera.
lh** ie vernor refused k>discuss the trusteeship, ny
lng thal no definite arrangement contd he made undi
le hud harried the exact amount of bli liabtMiy. it is
probable Rial toaje conclusion xviii !?? arrived at lo*
morrow. i* |, auld thal bl, trustees xxiii be Mr.
Kohlsaat, Col nel Herrick snd .Indee WUUnm Day, of
('union, ohio, ;ill personal friend of Governor McKin?
ley. These men, if .nip intel, srouM endeavor to dla*
pose of the property ot Governor and Mrs, McKin?
ley, rn lhal H xviii not have ii be s .ld andse the
hammer, if dUpnsed of lo jood advantage ii might
realise ti sum itiflktent i" satisfy all the claims of
a Mockbolder of the itamptag works "f wtdeh
Boberl L. Wslker was president saya: "The affskrs
,.r tba works an not In such a i>;i<i condition ru oas
would Imagine I have considerable stock In the
con, rn. which i wonit -.-ii si par, snd not s cenl
1,--. i if coarse, If Ihe xx ,rl.- were compelled to .-hut
-I-."* ti now lt would lc doubtful If the comer,, could
pay it- debts, However, if lt is permitted lo run. as
it undoubtedly v.*. I li be. ihe affairs ol lae company nfll
ic nett] I up and dollar f r dollar xviii be paid. The
''?pinn nt win probably resume operations,
tl." material on band xviii be worked up. and then tba
department xxiii !?,? rio ,!. This txill dre the stimn
,_? depart? ni glass rnough. xx-ri, the aatoant .-il
r>ady .mi hand. Iq run until June The assignee Ls
? * preparing n statement for t'e creditors, which win
be re idj In a -h"ri ilai".''
Ch'i g . Feb. 21.?Governor McKinley baa n.-Uel H.
II. K.'lil-.i'it. of li'. < i|\ . '. BCl ns hi- tril-t.-e. The,
?? r.'e which led ,r Mr. Kohlsaat's selection traa
held In ? loveland on .linday evening. Mm. McKinley
hat property Which will mt probably 075.000 If .-old
under Ihe hammer. She proposes to turn thia over to
Mr. Keb leant She ti an invalid and her for, um ? rame
.is r, legacy from her lather. Her friends protest
again I allowing ber mean, to go to cancel (he Gov.
ernorii debts, Incurred by mi'.ther utan, bal -lie In*
-lt-, rii.y will io-,. ,|.ir Cantu) home, a:.il all
?in ir household goods. Mrs. McKinley's Carats and
iii srlll go, to thal they x\iu begin life la poverty
Mr. I"'hi nat. Ip. an Interview til- morning, -ali
?ii.ii the news was correct, and b, tho transaction,
Between Mr. McKluley and hlmtell had baan mad,
I'tii'iic be xv .uld till tiie story of the calamity. He
coi spured it <.of ihe most unfortunate thing
had hupp rn-*! Within his memory. H.* MM:
'?Mr. McKtnJe* i- c.-.- ricttm of most aggfavsted
tr..-i-!,. rv. He never knew n* what extent ba waa
I -coming Involved, because be trusted implicitly lt,
Ihe Judgment ?f bia. Mend. l'h<* exposure "f his
completely unnerved th*- itctlm; and while
nollUi -I rox'ei ,-- were accepted r,- part ol a political
life, he ,- iiitii t ii ml!" to endure ihe present crash
Hui .?-? h.i-i tint he alway: in- besn, he sadlt
? .-,i ? ? would begin Bgaln, an" no man
lu.uld lose j cn who lenl Um at wey l?y reason of
?lt ' probable thal Mv*-'.n T. Herrick, -rensurer
of tbe Soctay of Baringa, of Cleve!and, xviii bcI with
me :'- Iruslee. Al present lt I- n A possible 1*>
say how rbe Bnanclil end of the calamity wlfl bs
leHlcl. The tiovernor will turn over every penny he
lias, bat ihi- "Ul onh be s drop compared with the
segregate liabilities, ll- void his xMf* wa* thoronthly
dei did to help bim oul trith her own means, which.
I think, win rnnoun' lo aboal S70.000, if sold al
sucti-io. Th.* pos-eHslons ronsltl of form lands near
Canton, sad tome other unimproved property, li ?
.v,r. nil ..f it xxiii noi eov.r ihe debts, -inc when
l l ft Mr. McKinley we Bgared Bl l-u-x BOODOO lia?
bilities, nnd they ni''' In i- i-ltit: almost hourlv.
??The Governor will retire from politics, Mace he
cannot bold otaco and again gel up ilnam lally. Il"
uld ii" could begin lils tow practice again und make ii
ni- object in life I-, pm- nil lhal ba had been
drugg*". Into oxxinc. iii- srtalra bi* b complete wreck,
the failure i iking the modes) horne airl li- contents.
The friends "f Mrs. M. Kinley, heroic woman thal -tv
I-, dei Isre she must no) pul her fortune nt the mercy
,,f cr,iii,or-. .In-, what xviii be <l ?.,i ber pirr
ls m., vet de.-id.d. she ls positive one wa! : lier
friends nix- ei|U*lly decided il.ther. A dt-pntd,
, reived las' evening say, Mr-. McKinley I- alta her
husband lu Cleveland, snd the parties were iu a <-on
ference *. tn tin il net lon.
-WM] the t...vernor resign' Well, it ls liar liv pos.
11,1" lo . xx hut else li.- ian do. H xviii be quite
ncc,--'irv. since he proposes io settle dollar tor
dollar, .md there l- tm money In being (lovernor of
any sn,!.', ile on,-.- liad ii g .id practice, nml bli
i rilllShi reputation will sd l i" n."
ni's ur.-, i.i,. 21. \ dispatch to "Tue chronicle.
T'le.-nipii." foin Wunga nun, ohio, s;,-, s; ?? .\ .tx ie
mein, as u n-iili nf Ihe Investigation int - Ihe
failure of Roberl L. W-tlker. shows tiovernor McKlnlev's
Uni,ill I* , to be from ,4.iO(..iss, ,,, .-silo..mu. ti,,
? tu',-ni,-tu xxus a iiirpri ?? io the (iovernor's friends,
bs lt wu- tHIevcd thnt hi- liabilities woull n K
>\.i rr- i.i m.". VrrsugemenlH nre being! mule to
lake up .-ll of hi. pipr. Mr. Walker has i--l mod
as j,.'"Iden! nf tbe Farmers' I'-inh. ,,f poland, and
Hie l.llM.I -:lk|r;K', Pinlv. llOtll IllMlllUtlonS .ire IMT
f.ciiv solvent."
r.iiiuihus. i>hi>. Feb. 21 i-pi-nl.- The financial
misfortune thal lin- ox i,ii,"!i a.ive.n ,- .xi Kinley
rails i rtli tbe grmiesl sympathy 'rom potlttcnl
, PP.nt- ri- well ii- ile- members of hts own inn,-.
Ti,,, rumor of his Intended resignation of the Gov
ernnrshlp lins b->n ofllilally d-nli-d. bal "I In- *?? I
lo peculation ;is to lo fullll-' Kir* xvii,i rtHp'ct
,,, accepting rt renomination. Tbe fr a <l, of n,c
tloveni-r i.i-i-t Hui he mn?i l":-*i the party stain
next lull, and it I- cert sin Hal. unless I,, puttlvelv
lecllties, iii- nomination wou'd gi t- him bx the
unanimous vote nf thc i:-pu'll-ntis nf Ohio. Cbnlr
mun pti-cell, "f tbe -'nt" t "iiiiii Committee, ba
declared in favor "f sn earit <? nv n lon, end n-i'i on l
Hu* cxnimltt'c i.-.'H. wit.'in th. next thirty day,
I,, sri, i n dui ? for lt.
.1 JEALOUS iyomass CRIME.
sin: cits TUE th:;'xt or hit. LOVES?THE
p,.t,e,i Poole, ? colored man, twenty-six rein old,
ls hine al the Nen fort Hospital In a critical eon
dillon xx mi his throat cat. (ha reanll of a quarrel
xxith fl woman. The ru! "-is amde tilth s maur.
Late last nlghl Poole Identified Badly Johnson, also
i mored, as hi- assailant.
Cuni lihou, -i\ weeks aga Poole xv.-,s stgagfl a
a hell hov at ihe .Noxv-York Chili. After that be
fired with Badly Johnton, xvii,, bad a taralslMd room
ai No. 217 West Twenty ninth .st. On "-nttirdny the
iu,, quarrelled, uni p,?,!,' lett ihf anama, who
becaate Jealous, ihe board Ibal Poole
wu- with ber rival l?-t night, .'lie stood at tim d ?
of No. '.'I- W'-s, Twenty ninth st. until alu ut XO
o'clock, xxiieii Paola came out. she nsi,e.i hhs ta
go Into tho rear vanl ol tbe house, Hying thal she
enid nol Ht without him and mast talk with otto.
When they readied Hie glace -he xvns hehltid him.
and drawlag a moor, win,,.ut prevtons waning,
nc de ii deep gaeii across ids throat
l oo'.e ran t" t'e Niii.-n- mil Precinct atattou la thoa
captain O'Connor bia arnuad, while Peale was tni.cn
to the Nexv I'ark Ilosptlal. Detective O'Connor went
after the woman. Sha amt andre,sad aad lu h.*r b**i
and Sealed all knowledge .-f ihe altair. isim xv;,,
taken to iii" hoanttal, where iha wns led beter, tba
rounded mun. Poole Identitlel her at once. Poole
ls mit expected to live.
I.oxvell. Muss., gah. 21.?1,, tim Probate Court to?
day th.- win ,r daners! B. T. lintier, mad-, many
j ears ago, xx as allowed, and letters of admlnLitrntiou
witli thc will asneged. xvere grunted lo X'aul Huller
and itn. Adelbert Acnes.
Speculative excitement in the Stock Exchange
ran iloxvn yesterday from the high phne it
roaehcd on Monday, bnt there waa po abatcnieuS
of Interest in the affairs of the Philadelphia sxW-l
Beading Railroad Company. The force of tTft
liquidation in th*' KCnritleg of the company litvj
h.-en expended, bal t!.e whole financial com?
munity is bunging upon the developments which
may follow tho action to secure a receivership.
Tho recant alsnghtet sf hoi Ungi has been so sud?
den and extenatve that the consequences may
not easily ly measured, especially as there aro
numerous questions in the railroad world yet to
be settled. The sjK'culativo situation in tho stock
market, may be bon**lito?l by tho puncturim? of a
bubble, int perhaps tlie downfall of tl?* Reading
struct uro may load to revelations sf man.i?om*>nt
that xviii disturb Ic'-itinirite interests. It io this
lour which left Wall Street disturbed and anxioua
ai tim close of business yeaterday, and tba wut*
ried mon oo lld see no nfl.-etti mr. advanta-ze in a
possible war on coal rates, even though that
iden was scouted bf tho Icalinz officers of the
coal-producing compsniee and prominent mci ls
the coal trail".
The magnitude of tho collapse in tho soh'cncy
of the Philadelphia and Beading is yet impossi?
ble to measure. Tho full atgniflcnBcs <>f thc suit
through xvhich tho roc"ix-oisliip was "Hooted ostw
not noxv be* outlined. Thc surface fads woolf
not indicate that the niana.enont of th^ Woad.
ii>- bsd been s-riously dist?bed. Ono of the
receivers is the executive officer?Archibald A.
McLeod?>who is hold responsible for tli" errors
of financial and rafVoad annngenaent, xvhich led
to tbe COllspee. Another one of tho r*s'*ix rs is
a man trhose In te reata should naturally be de?
voted to tho protection of a property that, when
it was paying dividends, xvas turned over to u
company that hail passed through twa bank?
ruptcies. 'Hie third receiver is a man of the
highest reputation in legal cirelee, wheat in
tegrity is unquestioned, but whose capacity as a
reorganhttr is not known wholly to the satis?
faction of important Now-York interests. In
these cirenmstnneea som*, exeuae may i*?x
gix-on for tho l.iuti-hiiiff of criticisms in Wall
Street banking circles agsiast the present con?
stitution "f the r<<*Ivcrsliip. The brant of the
objectioc-s inevitably falls anon the continuance
of Mr. McLeod in the direction af tho affairs of
th** Reading. It i- urged by his New-York crit?
ics that tho failure ol' tho Beading Company
proves his incapacity sa a finsneis] manager, even
if it may not iv* deabted whethei ho has not
given tao mneh attention to outside schemes
to warn/it ;i|tprovn| as a railroad operutine chief.
To put him into a pl.,od xxl,iel,, ii his ?.-.eaknees
as a manager la admitted, would give him promi?
nence in tho future direction of tho insolx-ont
company's affairs is eaDStdetred by many persons
a mistake.
This question, to.othor with many othors. de
pends lu ns snasrer upm the (level pmanta whioh
may he aisde it ta tho actual financial condition
of the Brading property and tits cans** that led
to its auspCBStsn of payments. Tho size und
chara fer *?f the Beating obUgStisni of tho Reud
niir are unhntwn; the methoda and possi'*ilitioe
of inoigapiistlnn .'ire equally unsettled. There is
nothing yet known hero af the actual situation,
and while all bUggestlonS of s an.lal may not be
!tisti!i"d, tiny Cannot ,VC ("lippi .-ol. A loul call
is tn.i'i" for fl Stringent scrutiny. If then- are
speculative motives st thc bottom a,' the financial
-ollaipe, they should be exposed. If rix -il rail?
road iut?i"-ts have holne'i to crush a property
which otherwise would h iv*- sustained Hs solve*-***,
coneervative men in Wall Str****t deaaaa I that
the responsibility is- lixei!. It Unsocial
integrity can he proved and existing conditions
traced simply to errors of judgment*-, the facts ar_
nood.-d for the enlightment alike of crediton and
Investors in the prop ny. If th** proceedings that
recured tho receivership wore inspired by a tlosiga
to protct the present nunagetnent <>f Reading, it
is hoped that the schomo ihall ls- exposed fur tlie
vindication of innocent mon who may havo been
I.*,! into tho tmp. The Wieek in tho prices ot
Beedina securities represents au enormous liqtiida
ti- n. The attitnde of investor- mast hereafter d?v
pend upon tl,** quest lou as t<> whether tho xvreclc
wa- largely speculative, or only the precipitation
of ;, crisis in tho affairs ol Reading that, in ita
coneequencea, may not <Msily bejgmged.
It xx.ts impossible to [gara io Jsew-Yi*fk the
?xti'nt ol' tl,.- Iloafin. riobt of ti,,* Reading system.
Tho amount of interest unpaid BpSB thc pta fag*
once Ineome bondi cannot bo deter,limed. At
th" annual meeting of the stockholders of tho
company on January I, th" declaration ol' the in?
terest wss made, rayment xvas began on Febru?
ary 1, and tho Corbin Hanking Company, of this
city, xx as delegated to pay Kow-York holders.
I his bank mad*' payments if inter*',-' up lo last
Saturday. It is' said that payments were male
on Friday, but on Friday th,- holders of preference
incomes who presonted their dalma :it th" Corbi:i
bank were reforrod to th*' I'liilndelphm ollics of
the Beading Company. The nai>eis in th-* suit of
Thomas C. l'latt. on which th" Reading re "ivor
liip xxas secured, do not. according to tbs tele?
graphed summary, say when the payment al inter?
est .ni Ids holdings of thyil prob'tenc- bonds waa
refused to him. Tho belief ni Wall Street circles
is strong that many balders "f thean nonda
ne.i.'oi ,| to draw their interest proms?y end so
aro l"ft to walt noon the developamntg in the rn.
There sra numerous guesaca ,i> to tho extent of
the Boating debt of the Beadles Company, but
they ians*- fr<"11 JdidsMl.OOd t<> St'.uno,inn-, xvith
out data to huppoit any cstisaste that is trust
worthy. (?ne ol the cully reports of tho day was
linn th,* Lehigh ami Wilk.-sbair*' Deal Company,
which bi en-trolled by the Central Bnilrond of
Sew-Jetsey, held nine notes of "ftSS.SSS each, a
tot.il of "fl,sim,ooo, against the Reading C*?nt
pany, to cover ceo! mnssationa arhila the Jersey
i .nf nil's interests xxas nuder the Rea ling
lease. resident J. Rogers lia tamil, of
th.* Central Railroad of .New-Jersey,
malle tho following statement on thi**
point: '?The total amount tine .liteotly or in?
directly from tho lt* ul in,' to tho Lehigh and
WUkesbarre Campnny is *$io.s.ooo, the bal,non
having been paid Bom limo nm. The Reading
owes th" .leriscv Contral only -?l 17,0,io on traffic,
balances, which is lam than the usual amount in?
cline! in tho eattme of intereh thj-ing baS-SBBB
Thees aro preferred liabilities under the odor of
the court."
Then' State rumors in the Street thst co*!eid
erabl** eiims of money xvere owed to individual
coal operators slang the line of the Reading
road under Iks sirnnfaBHlMB for tho purchase ot
production made wiin tito MoJjQad management
dreamed of " cornering" coal. It may prox-e thal
these are no more than the ordinary aJx-ancee
made by all the coal companies when they pur
chas., production aliead of the marketing. There
may be obltgatloac <?f this sort upuinst the Read?
ing Company in asesm of tho amount usually car?
ried, but tho aggregate it is impossible to esti?
mate. Th" extent of thc default last week in the
payment of wages due to **inploy.t* it is oTaS
imptrr-sible to estimate. It xxiii be remembered
that thc pay cars of the Reading Company wera
recalled when on the way to Trenton and Wilkes
barre on Friday. Yesterday it yraa offloiaUy SB*

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