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rapidly In the country. Iho charlotte EH-cnle
K-llroud ls snowed ap. There ls about one foot ol
snow on the level now.
Troy, Kel-,, i-i.?A great many of H:e collar nnd
Bhftri mar.tifiictnrles etaord at noon, to allow meir em?
ployes who live Iti suburban paris of the eltv ta reach
their bernes.
Halls!,,!), N. Y.. Feb. 23.?A Acree northeast mow.
steam set iu hereat IOo'rtoehlast sight, and Ht"-now
cniiiiuii.s to fill la-day althaal ora-aMtoa. Tbs naow
1* fully a foot dei*p mi the level :u,d I- very light.
There has been no Wind yet lo form heavy drills.
Trains on Hie, -teleware nnd Hudson Rattld-d ure
niaMng fair time tata morning.
Tort .lerv s. Feb. 'ii. This is the worst Washing?
ton's llitLdtv lu- fae memory of Ihe olde-t Inliabl
tSnl in this section. BOOW began telling ut B o'clock
BMl evening and continued all night, and at 10 0*clod
this morning it met -tired shoat liftcen luche, on iho
Jevcl. ard was Still snowing hard. A SHOW _H?l0
m*ar Lf.ng Krtdy lui, blocked tlie Delaware division
cf the bte Railroad nt a point fifty -tear mile- wast
of this place. _!?<? slide ls alma BOO Int long nnd
fifteen feet deep, lt will delay traftir nearly all
day. (in thc eastern, division the snow is drilled,
bnt not as badly, and traine are BTTiVtag here from
nv BRM tr m sag ' * '*? hours late. Ths Monti?
cello and SiiinitiltvHIe railroad-, tire blocked, no iralns
having arrived hero from these places since Monday.
Knglneer Sandford Clausen, of tbs Monticello I'.iiil
road, had nne of bis eyes p::t out While trying to
force li, eaglno through s i/.g di-ut yesterday. The
snow carried away tbs cb q| his engine, and a
.pinter pierced one of lil, eyes. He ls being cared
for ul the Hunt Hospital in this plate. Thc annual
4)!h!lci of Uki Millr-ilik Valley Historical Socie'y. which
ur,, Iq bo held today, WM postponed bOCSUM Of the
Boston, Feb. *_?_.?Nine Inches Of soft, heavy snow
fe.l herc last night. The mercury stand . at 30. The
shaw turned to steel si RUBI a, m., with wind nceth*
4a>t and stilt. Them is n"w more mow In BostOO
streeta lhaa st Hm ume of the '-<-> bltaisrd. The
steam reads arc working on lor great dtteeulty. Many
trains are cancelled and all others arc Irregular. Tho
join masted schooner Glenwood went ssbore on Hard?
ing- Ledge at 'A :_0 a. st. Tlie crew were saved, and
are ai Ihe ttfesavlaf station.
Rockville, Conn.. Peb, _~_.-Thc most severe gale and
BaawsloiBl sin*** the UltUld nf ISM raged through
out Toitand (onnty last night and to-day. Behoois
am rinsed, mills an* n.iiy partly -Baaing, hartness li
almeo! entirely suspended, and ths roads In Tolland
and RBtegtoa are ImpasBsbte.
l'ortland. M-.. Peb. 29/?The storm 1* lii'-reasing in
severity. A heavy northeast gale is blowing and it
Ls get wing colder. Bevca Inches <>f mow have i Wet ly
fallen, and lt ls still snowing hail. All trains are
hours behind Hine, and el alric car travel ta greatly
trnpoied. Xothlng like Uiis .simm has ben seen
lure Hus winter.
Naili-k, Maaa., Peb. St.?Ths oMest inhabitants state
that iiiurc snow bsa fallen het-j this season than in
SRI winter fur Hie last twenty years. The electric
roads im ve beea unai ie t" connect with boatb Prssn
lnghain or ( ochltuate, nnd there ure fully three feet
of gnow on thc ground on Un average. Drifts ranging
from Uv,- tn seven feet bl _ei**ht have blocked travel
to Saith Nariel, und Wellcley. Wires are down te
several pisces.
Ycrgennes. vt.. Feb. 22.-*inee B a. m. a bhssard
bas prevailed here, thc wind Wowing fmm the north.
The roads are btoeksd and bu-ine,s is generally BUS*
pended. The drifts in Ihe streets are from four to
I.Inc fe"t deep.
I inningham, Conn., Feb. __.?A heavy snowstorm
prevailed hero today. A strong north wind ls
blowing. Trains on the Nuugntnci. r_ad ure Rtnlled
in Ibo big drifts ii few miles south of thia place.
Rrattteboro, vi., Peb. gt.?Aaother sevem storm
prevailed here to-day. Krom twelve to flit cen Inches
-<tf mon fell up to l o'cl'_ k. Tho wind ls blowing
' furiously. Hep nts from all over tbs county indicate
that (he .-torin is the heaviest in recent yeai*. The
highway, aro Mocked and stages and some of the
railroad trains haw beep. dtS-OntteOed Three feet
of .-now have fallen within a week.
Wo cs,i kit, R. I., Keb. BS.-To-day's storm lia:*
sealu thrown Iblnes Into confuitou, particularly on
the N.-w '.mk mid Ncw-Fnglaiid Bat-Toad's broach
between Woonsocket and Newton Highlands, Mass.
Travel bsa Leen almost at a standstill all day. Thc
Hist wc*.bonni Rate arrived hero seven hours late.
On Hie consolidated Kcud Ibo tanina were but (.lightly
Lowell, Mu-s., Feb. M.?Fifteen Inches of snow fell
herc i.p tn aeon. Daslaess i- tied up. Electric ear
men worked nil nluht lo keep tb* iracks open, bul ut
6 o'clock Hiis un,.nmg gave np the eflnrt. tat, wert
"lltrail ulong the variom routes sad horeee pulled
Hum te the Btsdtoas. The storm will be more dl?
oslrnu, than tbe March billiard of four years ago.
A nnrtkrsit wind prevails.
Dover, R. H., Keb. _*_._-The storm here today has
UStS i.rri!,le. A bleb wind has picvnlled and eleven
inches of snow fell since 8 o'clock this norning. The
electric mott between here and -omer,worth bas len
Mocked, and ll lins lieen impossible in get lt open.
All trains have double-headers ar.d even then are ovet
an hour lau-, a iuonplsu|b fr.,m Fortland pot s*urk
nen sad had to be shovelled out. The mail on tbe
bi-ige width tefl BtraRord and Rorthwood, yesterday
inoinlng, got here st ll o'clock ihis nioinlng. Tbe
ktag" will not -tart back to-dny.
scranton, Feb. SS.?-The smalls of snow which
envelop* Northeastern Pimi-ylvatiln nsessnrea thirty
Inches tai the level, siitecn Inches being added to
the fan by e ntafm which began last evening.
KaUroads everywhere er.- blocked, and no train, have
pa.-si'd over the JeRent-n I -ra neb of the Delaware
md Hudson tir.ivi.iy Railroad to Honesdale this
week, owing t., .Sunday night's bHssard, mid Hie
pis-nt -tnnu adds further io Ihe blockede. Fun
o." danger from drifts nu the Pocono Mountains are
intiing the Delaware, Lackawauua and Western
Bslhrasd per pb* on their guard. This afternoon re?
lief iralns, with hundred- of section hands, shop
employee and mine workmen, were held ready to
bo sen! out to asaist in rai-lng anv blockade that
may arise. They will bo amp!*.- provtatoaed so sa to
rvuev_ passenger- on anv tra.ns that nuiy be
The deep un aw kai forced Idleness nt tVery Hillie
In lids section of the anthracliu regions.
The stern changed into a terrine norSrester, and
tb*- wind ls hurllni: Ike snow Into ma,-Ive drlfl,
evervwhere.. No trains have come from New-York
today, and thc block-da oa ail t:.,- roads ssoms
almn-t t'lnplete.
.An unknown wimtin attempting to cross tbe
Delaware and Hudson track nt Oj) pliant this morn?
ing failed to sec or hear an approaching engine
bp reason of Hie -now.tonn, and mot ran d rwn and
Ai,I,,nu* the pseeeagera m the Meaatei Rtagam, which
loaabad Bria pttrt Issi Taesdsy Bight, wari four mea tum,
thc Rerwegtaa bark Vtikesaaim, whtek sailed treaa Rag
laud for Mlsiatltlan. .Mevi?, in La !_?t. On January l'.l.
when 100 miles off thc Real aa coast. Hie bark . ic ounn-i-ed
s heavy ira!" wbtah !-i?>d fa twe day-, gae araa drives
cn a hH Beal Miaatlttaa. 'J he wave da?hd over her. and
she ir.lej with water tlir.iti'.-h several Hail*. The erew
got BBbeee la the bark'* icu,. Baton toe hall of the
merni went to ptoeea wreehers sav,j the taavaa and
ridging. Part <>f tea r.e.- riUpped fteai athel jmrt, a.vi
four vt them were lakes by the Kisgam at Vira Cns.
Tie Vilkomn.cn OM ri Inri, nf _ii_ tun, limden, and un,
owned by B. Olenoii, of Bysgaer, Noi nay. Ole Xlcl.eii
was her captain, ihe was built ta ISSI
At Havana tlie N'lagari received as a passenger Captain
Eaitker. of tho Dutch Laik J. P. a.. whick waa wrecked
at Cape 6>an Aiitorln. tuna, on Jiimuiy 5. Tte Rtagam
en ounteed roi?-i aresihei nette or Cape Rsttcrsa.
Two bSSgSa anl a su-amer made tln-ir Brat BSpeetmee
in tiio Upper Bay early yOBtetdsy incrnrncr us "knack
iNout"' comedian* and BO* Ikey arc laid up for tepalrs.
The bargee Morrtasm and R. R. \v. No. . were lylag nir
Liberty Island. PMSBSi hp MM I ". they diaggBd Heir
li I "rs and drlffd u'nut tlc Bllttah steamer Am Hy,
kapektai a sol in le-r stern anl taeaktaB isverel plates,
Thc _..g Mutual lowed sway ste R ortaUMI, and thc R,
M. Tl inn.Ins got the other bbr^r. out of the* u<lV. The
iteamer Was Uien towed to her pier In Biooklyn, where
abc will unload h'-r cargo of sugar. 'Die esptotB of tim
ancny ai nr*t retuaed as-i-.toticc. The n.ate waa traaij
injuied while ti\n.-.- the abates.
Tho Mas_H Msry R. HcHon, Captete Davis, from
Mim_riai_a for New-York, wa* rimpallrt t*-i lay up at
Cliy I?lau_*_i.*t itiKht on account of lee and hlgU wliul.
Captain I)av1? reports tint outside of Execution Itorks
he aavr aa Inward bound mvr of UgM barge... Some of
them parUd their haw?era and went adrift. At dark
Vb*-* was a action of a bsr.e tow anchored or fa_t In
Ibe Ice juit cavt of Sand* point, whtah may be the tow
Moaned u?.
lah NOUMAXDIF.'S itoruit TOTAOR.
With her bridge covered with |SB U N'ormandle reached
her pier yest-rd.y 0?_ Our lehind time. She had been
bureted and _,*.cl by the _torma, but had nvoived
lltCf dssasge, Tteomjhom hei* voyage the winds wi>r?>
neteMC and thc lem wera high. In tie* lil.lits of r,.?.??.
ari- IS sud 1. there wer_ violent atorms Hom Hie vv,__.
-otitbtvcit On F.brusry 1'0 sud 21 she waa in a hurrl*
cat.,-, ana tiie i.lth seas rolled over her deck* anl awept
awar everythU!. movable, and damaged tli. surbovd
lifeboat. There ms no proniMialiiig _i ih-* deck
lhat dav. In fact, during the e?tir voyage i!u. ,,_.?,.?.
Um ne:-* on. too gUd to 0tS? Setow. Among Hone
To combat fin te in I e. tu nil Ha Tarma, uetlilng caa r. -
Btoee BuKeatid a Wine, toole and nutrlllve. prepared
f"lm amonens titi cotoa. T0 be hst ot tho uriu.ipaJ
"It SC'S like ma.l'- la ophthalmia. I Hilo lt so math
(or mis eyoa."?Rev. M. jamison.
AVOID Bt*RBTITt*TR_t. UeoBlne made only by
l'oud'a I'.strait. Co., 70 UfUi-ave., New-York.
on loard were Lim..nant I'.muiy, I". S. N., who bas
returned from a rsnretaf i**t lu Loudon. He ba, been
lntrusuJ by Ute liieelon M tee Wsrid'i Pell with lb ?
wini; of the department of naval ai'hit ? lure, un Ibo
vcol wm thc Indy of l.l-.-u: nalit Lii,oij's c!iild, who
died In London.
Cenlral New Jersey country road- ore blockaded bv
snow, ranging In diplli from four ta eight Irat, and
travel is almost enthvlj in.pended. The tortoni wind
which svrept over the Wstclrang Roantaln yesterday
wrenched oh* the ruol of Hi" te-uae owned and oecupl <!
by .leiitiia w.'igiici-, :i 'tench larmer. While driving
from Bahway to Plainfield, Aaron It**ow.i became
stalled in inowdrlfta, and wes hsdlr froxeti before he
sneeeeded In making h's way t" s neighboring house.
The tws Coddiugton brothers, tannera Bl Ronni Horeb,
wen* driving aleng the brink <tf a quarry, when toe
gal.- picked np their vehicle and threw lt ti the le t
tom of the pit. iii* v wire badly eui nnd braised bt
tin* fall, but (heir injuries ure not Bertoas. Robert
M. clark, of Chapel Hill. Bomeraet County, wsi over
come by the cnhl nn the mountain near Washington*
ville, ile revived sufficiently to moke ids wnv ti Ihe
Wa.shingionviiie chapel, into which be forced un en?
trance nnd ol-ta ii c,1 shedir fur !!..* ni.li'. Tlie wind
obtained suth a velocity on thc mountain tba) tarra
hnu-s were badly shaken and windoo Bissit Bbitt* n?'.
All Iralns on tbe Central Ballroad of New-Jersey sri
Cbatbam, Maaa., Feb. SS.?Tbe terrible -anthea.!
gale, with snow jind rain, of this morning -hided te
westerly th_s afternoon. An unknown three-mssted
schooner, lumber laden, wa- discovered by tbe Bte
patrol dose under Chatham har at 7 a. m., d
slowly toward the bar, over which fleece breakera
win* maning. Distress signsta were Hying in the
rigging, snd ssstaisnee wsi badly needed, tail no bool
could live to gel to her, ss she was beyond the outer
bar, and no line could !.<? shot to such s dl-tsncc,
Both thc Chatham ami Monomey life saving CTCWN _.?.,?
al tho scene, bal her deatrnctlon seemed Inevitable,
as the gale wss lerrltic and the sea fearfully rough.
The crew took to the rigging Anally, showing thal the
v-s-el was lining with waler, and tbe seal were running
all over her. Ju.,' a* she wi-s almost on Ibo bar
there caine fl iuii lu tbe gTie: then soon ll came M ?**?.
lng Herc.ly fr.mi the westward, causing ibe st
to swing around oR*sbore Ju-i in :i'ue to escape going
to pt-_.ee on the bar. Bbc ema si anchor si sum-'t.
Tbs wind was blowing a burricane Irom the norih
w,st, and li w.i- growing cid f.i-t. The crew came
out of thc riffing, manned tbe pump*, ami are trying
i,. i,. ., me *,-???, tree, lier ni si name i- ?? VMllu.m.
and lt'is- thought Hut lt may be the William Flint, ol
Wnld-lmm, Me.
Oeesmlsi-Oner Brennan's mea were al work rt
diiv ami Issi nlghl removing ibe fre_b snowtall fr?im
Broadwsy, Plfth-ave. and the more tmporlanl I boron ii
far***, including tbs ferry ttiveta Mr. Ba noan rmltn-d
soother wall yesterday In ibe ahspe <>: .1 bolletln, In
which he re|m eatcd himself sa tbe victim -.f mot*
dispensations ol misfortune than an. pr*d.r he
ever bad in the Street-Cleaning Department. Ev>n
lime tills winter v,h*n be thought he was gettli _
best of the elements, down cnn'- thc* sn.nv again, nnd
?nade work for twice the men ii- could emptor. Ill
mulei fur street coUecitons wi- pim I .il-, abut
again yesterday, owing to the masses of Ice Boating
down the river. Ooly Ibr.I tb*, ntnetrvii dumps
were supplied with SCOW . snd but seven dumper.
Wen- able to gt t OUl tO -e.I.
.Nu actual attempt wu- made jresterday lo i Meet
the aabes and gari-age through ito* div. ti'" ??"
being .-ill at norh on ito Know ptl-*s. lb*. Comml*
doner said tbal be was Jet.rmlued io k.-. p tl*-- rnmn
lugs cb-ar thi, time, and lo have tbe nullera cl.-_u,>!
ont ui'd culverts open te carry oul t.i'.- aii*eh and salt
Thc He.* Line barge Itellel, bi charge of captain
stephen Douglass, ahleh bai boen lying Bl anchor
In fold spring llsrbor, L I., Bounder.d In ??' gale on
Sunday m.*,it sad tlc- cr.-w barely e raped m'.tii I rir
live.-. Not only was there a high wind snd a
driving wind storm, bul tbe crew declared Hud tie!.
waa thnnder and lightning ai weil. Tlie iapuin and
crew alter Intense Bullering for many boura li i lld
nnd exp..-un- wree Anally rx cued by iii* crew >>f
the togbont R. .*? Packer. Tbe barge I! iffi mi
broken away Irom n tow of three tang ? lt uri I tor
Providence, lt. I. A nell oner Iles high and dr. un
i ....p. r's Mutt. Her name ls unknown.
The mall service wai mach hampered yesterday by
ih** dei-iy to trains. The mall ft ..tn lite South oi *i
the Pennsylvania road, due lure ai 7 no a. m., dhi i"i
arrive amil 1 ?27 p. m. The Montreal mall over th.
New-York Central, which should have gol here Bt '.
a. M., was two hnurs and lim!', live minutes leland
time. The in-ill from the West over the Peniiiylvanla
rojid, missed connection st Pittsburg, snd wai righi
hours tale in getting here. its icheduled lime of
arrival was 7 :.VJ a. m. Tin* pouches fr..tn ban Pian
rlseo and chicago and Intermediate pointe over the
.N.-vv York Central reached thia city st aboal -i p. m.
Instead of st ll:-.- a. m. Thc llutfalo mill ovei t ie
-.?mi" line, due n \i;:;.-, a. m., wai delayed until lh<
mid ile nf tin- sfternoon,
Samuel ii. Bowne, mperlntendent *>f Ihe ??
Postofltee Delivery, was on du . from 7 s. m. until
4 p. h., (imi had hi* regular torre on band until 1
o'clock, although linir the nun were *upp, , ti i., g,.\
a holiday. Tl.atra clerka, kowever, ...t tbe inaH
in tirsi cuss shape.
? _. __
Ry oid,r of Superintendent Byrnes, the police were
ot Uv.* ye-tenlay In Hying to compel bOU eholderx lo
keep the .(reel gutten clear of slash, One policeman
was seen In Houston -t. urging a Chinaman I" dear
the sidewalk ta front of bl*- laundry. The Chlnrman
dbl not seem to under-lund whal wes wanted until
the policeman fairly dragged bim out on t:," -bi. walk
iiiiil mir.I.- motions to Indicate tbal thc _lu?h mu I
lu* removed. A number ol persons rr.- burt iv
falling on Hi- dippery walka during the day.
Emanuel Wsgner, iwentj one yean old, of .\?.. 513
?sst Ninth lt., fell on tbe sidewalk in rion I ni No,
lui Worth rt., snd the pninf of sn umbrella which
In* carried entered his left eve. An amhnlanrc
penn who examined Ihe yoong man before la kn
io Hie Chamber, Street llotplts] raid the umbri bi
pnlnt hud entered th" eye shoot three .nebea. Th
wi,und la dangerous.
John Byan, Bfij -ls years old, Ml In fanni of Ll.
home, No. Bl Divisional., and broke bl, righi lei
He -.ia* removed lo Bellevue lloaplial.
Norah Crowley, t biri J niue rears old, fell down Ibe
'!<?]? at her h..me, No. ?_',?_ K.,-t One-hundred and
twentieth ,t., mni !:<?!? -kuli was (nettired, She v. -
reafoved te u.e Harlem HospitaL
snr. is the SAME OLD biiacramazor,
Rm i? it ol tic ghat kaauxoa * Sh :- ihe til li laliad
f.-i-r v I >...-,?.. and *lie Bevel leta a div pas* li I without i..c t
lug an aeeMea.. wiiat ste ii"-*:. ju,t noa li i good
calamity ar..?tcr. Me- ru,* late bsrgea, ilk * ap : gi
and lecher.* in ber |m-!dl>- ah els, breaka bel radder, and
is sonii-tjiiK-- witiimit a bmw. Sba wa* tied ap a. Uta
lidtpv nni,-!' j.i.-r yesterday snmlag. Tbe mipioyea of
the lanalgtatteB Bairns win. arsawd ie tt t B'-Ua lilia*)
?wt in her rakia bs bnnr ur aa ? alttos toi bet t- Marl,
but twit a nove did she make, lb r crew bsd -truck be.
tame they h-id int received their Jamar*, uteri-*, 'ldc
ates_Ua Busily ealleeted a erew, eeariatlag ol a Brandi.
navlan Immigrant, ari old *-ii|,.r, an 1 ii reapta , f -tv ,1 tx -
and the Bhackaamaee ns Med sst m h<r daily eeeseb f"r
diiBT'-i md edvcaisre.
? - ?
JurkHonvllle, Tex.. Feb. ?_?.'.-A BtOTBi struck this
place shorty after midnight last nlghl. The dwelling
of Jnrnes A. Campbell wa, lorn fruin l!s found Minns
and wrecked. Mr. Campbell and hi, fumilv wire
sleeping .-it (he Hm.*, but were mit Injured. Cblmneyi
outbuildings and fences were destroyed.
it'll Rad la Smoke,
but that ls nn lea,on uhr you'll not en
Joy your etgB-Sjte. Ile mr. lt's tho right
brind. IMt the Old Dominion. ,\ phst0>
graphic autprlsc wl'h cadi package.
Coullnurd Ham Pira. I'.isc.
serve slowly paced the ileck **f iii** New-York, tim
str.*i".'ti. of tim wind being a. timm so gieat ss gi
iinst to miry lhasa o!T iimir f et. Steadily the sn cv
mun* dawn, while tin- passen ci* from il'" Carroll
made their way ta the deck ol the big steamship.
There was no loitering ot promenading, bnt nil
hastened tlirou-.-ii the entrance, to saek the wm
I'Tt of tlc cabins and taloona. Her" a loncheon
was spread, nnd there wa* a gen-ra] gravitition
toward thc tables neatly spread with tempting
food. I* became known <*n board tba Now-York
linn an sc.Ident at Philadelphis had deLil*.*.! the
President's ir.iin. and tbat he would probably be
an lour and a Itali" bte In arriving. Bat ibero
were ample opportnnlties fur pleasantly pa?*lug
tho time. While many regrets were eapr.I
that tbe day had proved so unfavorable In point
of weather for the out-of-door ceremonies, tiaro
was ? disposition i" make the bcgl of thc situa?
tion. The snnonncement was early made, also,
that the proposed (ri:* down the bar, aol to i a
rmi return nins! he abandoned both on sccounl
of the finlay of the President^! _iTiv.il nnd the
rough weather. There was a um* disappoint noni
:tt the receipt of tlii., news, yet the nsreemcnl
wa* gen.ral that Jittl.* in the way of plea.ure
was possible under aitch circumstance*. The trip
would necessarily have bean s slow one, ewing
in the great masses of tee ip tlie hay ni;.l tho
strain inc n the _.**atner_ propeller blades conee*
quenl upon thuiupioji bei way Ihraugli among
'JS and 30 Wost 23d .St.
Open Fire-Places
A Bim and targa *****i*&Jn\\*ffi
Ulonga and bon in now and B-CfROT -io
in all woods, mtivo and foreign, f*om
our own Bpecthl designs
Of every tovtiBB make in rich .n.md
nl'iMigs. nml I'Mttoin-f'T H""r>, Wall*.
Hearths, Facing! ami BathtooiR*
n,,,- non- factory, arith extensive ^Ntija.-JJ
allies ns to produce tho linest ctau of work at
greatly reduced coat
I'o.in.lry J*"-1 *?m*mmTft
226, 523 and 530 West S5th St.
,,r nsrfae srchlteeture to Ibe AmCTlcan ?jggg
runrln... i?,-n?, '. inch sa lb** :,r" "'V " .'n'^ ^,.
sith !!?? civilisation of this age. ""''\ ^,,,',1 ?.
,,? ,,,.? this cclebrall?.n Inanftum es, a spl "? .?;.._
T,:.-':..:,;,,-;;,-;:,,::-;!:^""^.;,:;tfgR *;-...,
;!?:;.;;::':!"?.!,.! Si _-_?*? ^^?a?K
._"*^P;_. ? ;^?
Thc time was pained under eaaer In chatting
ami nerrymakiug, while the Nani Reserve nu*n
..a. in; tim deck lia I i ? bend them* *l. ?- nearly
H.,',bl- wii.'M the r"!'irn beat required th?*m to
walk against tho wind. About half-paid l o'clock
the - mw stopped falling, though tbe Blonds .'Ul
huns nver tbe antere.
A few iiiiiiut-t ta'fore '.' o'clock Hm* Sam Sl":ui
?.?.us i .-ii moving from Ihe Jersey shore, Tlc-n
hustle iiii'l ceil i-i ii r'i m< 'I Ihrouj l.'.'.t the ship,
while s number ,,i tu., wii-ii hail hs-en dsrtina
uround tlc* 'uj *te:in;,.r in a meaningless sort ??'
way l"--:i:i inrir-:*i: i*-f-.\.-:i ibo stern ni C.
ami tin* Buttery, Hurried onion were given by
tlie commanders ?'f the Naval Re_?*r*.e and - i I
alter squad marched alt where t;>* * -i-? ???
were tn ink*- phce ' .tnmodora Henry Krhen,
Lieutenant i 'onim indi r ll infoi I and Lieut.
Frank <? N. rion, reprew min. * ? l.i
N. VJ Yuri, were lm it"'l bj t,
A_..*i.t Wright ol Um American Lim.1,
liberty and enlightened progrr - (prolonged spptaui
Aa anon a* Mr. Cockran had linished speaking,
President Harrison, who abo stood with Ins
lit-r,,| covered while ho *<pi>k-", said !
Mr. Cockran mid f.eiiih-m. n : it gtevi me nlraiurc
In c ii- initnat.' here liiday, hy ii" act ol Hf Ung
lill H.,:. Icf-l-lnltOli t. u il. I, | _iv my L.-nri*. up
|."it. I have !"!t ns rt lit laen incl :i I'i' 1'b nt Hie
ll..rilli, .ill .li Ml,!: . Vi rv Suer!, .ii lum' fi" I vi lm
?Mimili., Into Ihe landing ??! ihe fulled Mut.- li,
Hm nicrrh-ni marine nf the anrld. I believed that
io bad rraehed an epoch In cir development where
H,e Brest v.nru ??! Internal development! wai ??? fur
ri-n mum.it..I tint vv.- might Uc.-i if ul ly Ink*' up the
v.'tk nf .rerinc mir fair hara li the rarryiViR
trude ot the vv..ri-!. iAppUu_e.i We bf th.- Bas
lu 'Liv ni. hip?a in... eal :?? > lm* n ol
a* hi tei Um', ? ii" 'ft' i" -i ntl" ti "', anj wa.
I hat event li Inti ' crest bi
im- i- In Hu ' ? ? lhal ' i -?'!>!- the I) pe snd Iht
pr><ftir ?; ??' n.r'ir- iitheri tn nre lo ibui thia flag.
\:,;,i u_e.i I ,!? , i* rei eniirelj appropriate '? i
l'r, -ni. ni of Hie I I Itt I .-? .ie, .!,,.nhl
? \mi ni an Bas I \pi>'
\ .- "I un attendant, one of the officers ol
ihe phip, handed tim president a r..'f_-. to whl li
wa* attache-:] i.rilk Bag. In fact, Mr. Harrison
r i
Sik __5^ -^
'?"* </?>?*~ _-___? __?
! r^SmmW^V \____^^"
lin: PftP_.tnr.NT itAlsr.s Tin: ki.\ii.
wlm wa-- iu di.a e nf details, to tiik" t:t* pcfi' ns
near when thc President -I,"iii stand \ rope
-, i- -i|.;i'ii"i ,ic:n-. the siiip from one .-;?."? to
ile* other, t" k?***p back tin- crowd, and alon. tlu_
;.t Intervals awe -*intum. ,1 ruardi "i Ihe Naval
l.'i-s-i ve.
At .'.,'' o'clock the Sam Sloan sras mailc fasl
to iho New-York, f'leinenl a lithe tm, <<?? i
,|>'-! n! tbe A no 11- i'i I..,-. .-,'-,,Mi "I thc I *i ??-: c ? it
.ni -, the i plni k Th . .-.i-i ? :??! , ,'..? I !,,
til'* ,??<?.nt nf lin- Naval Ke.vrvii ml Hu* nicin
I ,-is nf tim I'l- ?*! lent'.. [t ?! !>', AlII'Mll tllt'i' Were
Secretary ol tlie Treasury * iiarlo* i' -ti:
.* eretary *.t f r N i*. y ll myaniin r 'li iej : -
f.n ni War Stephen ll Kikitit.: I' .-tina,ter i.'.-ii
e: I John Wanamaker; S.-orot.'irj ni A-ir. ilturc
Jei.'ii.iali Hus!.: Senatt r V. sslib . '?.. \\ ll .1
ford ami Mr Tibhotts, th ? Pre I loni .tomi
As tia* I'leaidcnt stepped upnn the dock of tiie
had luirdlj Untidied tim Inst sentence of his sd
dresa with tim pirni'leant words: "I de m it itu
??iiiii.-!,-, appropriate function Hm! tbe President
ni tin* I nlted m.ii*-, should lilt thc American
lh::,' wicii lm mired th.* nip.* and gave il three
rn- i,mi vi orena pulls, which ***i.I tn my thnl
hi, heart was In what lu* had jost uttered and
wliSI Im w;,. doing, uii'I then the Stars anti
Stripe were floating and quivering triumphantly
i inc -till ni a greal oceang..; iteamer.
With tim shouts "t ib*- peopVi mi hoard iii"
ni ?:?!- ,,; boonilup connon li un tho Chii iso ami
liovrrnor's I-i,ml were heard, mingled with
tl ? -lull, lill prc.cm: Whistle* nf thu-,, hillier
in mysterious tilga which bad been skipping
n:,.in,I over iii" !? '? watt rs
'I h.* ceremonj rn - noa -?: l"l. lt I , I | u-tc I
'? nc t- * mi'-. \li t.i i-c,rn rv' ut.-I tim
I'l'-rLrit an'! hi-, party t, ihe drawing room of
lp, wlrnn* tim 1 *l. - j.Ici11 li:|t| lllllellfoll nml
j.'iT\,*ii ;i limited nuuii-i ul visitors, it was
_=*_* ?!
?i _?__*
Vj Ott ?]3 -7\ V
Tin: sum. "ii* rii:i: N'O. l.
New- Ynii-, tbe band from the limn!.lyu Navy
Yard played "Hall Colombia.1 Thrungli tbe
apace thal bad bein cleared President Qriecom ra.
Barfed Mr. Harrison aft, follow.** '. Ihe Immedi*
ate Members ol the Executive .-.?. Tbe wind
was Mourin, liereely, and Ihe Pyealdenl pulled lite
hat closely down upon hi*, head, rho ordinary
formalities doe aa Important occasion were itiin
gctlicr im...**:,.linallie, ami with an exhibition "f
good Bsnm W, Donrke Cockran Badi no preten?
sion nf removing his hat a* he advaaoed io maka
tim opening sddresa Htanding noir the i..*.i
ihiii, hut partly facing the duster of nen beyond
tho ropes, ho s-ii.l :
Rj i'."i"i : | have been asked by Ita* oflteem of tbe
company ?_in.,. h.. r-'i ,|itv vu* enjoj t,, open Ihe
iti-?mni.i-s ol lim day. thc e ceremonies on -t nf
replacing a i..r. len Bug bv the Bag "f "in- countn
ai Hm maatbmd .,r iii- triumph ..f Hi" _i.i|ihui_i.-r*s
_rt. lt ls ii magnlflceni occasion, sod ii marka _
piHcefui eonquest?a conquest of cf-rlllsatloa which
we eclchnile when *"? annes (UL, .plcndld Bfectasea ,
remarket! that ins manner, always dignified
wa- unusually grave. He shook hands with thoo,
presented tu hun. but talked Int..*. Among tho**.*
in the roon wyre Vf. liourke Cockran, ..Isyor
Milroy, the uenilwrs ol tim Cabinet, several of tho
visitors from Philadelphia, and about seventi*.
ll vi other:'.
ih.* tenta for tho return trip to Washington
lining scheduled to leave Jersey City at l o'clock,
no "'imral reception was undertaken, .t .; i:,
?.'dock ih** l'l'-snii'in i,-it the drawing-room ami
ilc'-oiid.-l the Muirs ti. tim point ill which lie
should leave Hm ship. 11?. crowds ware a_
stiiii'li.l ia the saloons aad upon his sppo-ranco
linn* wa*, hm I cl:.si inj.'. He raised his Int two
er ihr.*' linns in returning ih** salutation, Sev?
eral sboU'B of " Speech." " Speech,'1 weie lu ar I, hut
hu sn wiy retire I ond crossing tho
;.'nii_pl ti'h t" iht* Kara Sloan, dlsap*
I . are I in thc ca! r.x. I lu* boa. pr miiitlv
moved oil toward tlie Jersey sitora, uni ino guests
ai once begafl tn make their way to the Howard
Carroll for the return to pier 43, which was reached
shortly Iteloi-e B O'clock. I.ut*-r the New-York re?
turned up the river urn! resinned lier berth, but
this time under the Caa ot thc United States of
,iw ir OILROT ARO oTi.i-P.s nvklcoxid: ffR
m-ti vic wi ku visitor-*.
The BBcerteinty of fteryboat travel and the'blind
inp snowMtorm which iel la nt tbs tims teed for tho
arrival ot tbe Presldenttal party at tho *********
Bsllrosd Bt-tlon, In Jersey City, prevented any eon
-Ideiablc crowd of people from gathering to get a
I-.., ,,,- ?*,,. dlattegoUbed men from trashlngton. ne
,??..,. however, tbal it was lb'* nB-Hy train
vvhici, wai in the wreck mar PMUdolpbte, teaiai
to sw.-:i the rim of the intliertog somewhat.
new who irrlved on ths Sari section had to wait
until .erv -j ..-clock before tho train contalatog tho
President and bi- party palkd Into tt..* station, lt
having hen delayed by Ibo neddent te tho Rate in
fronl Ti-..- membem of Hw reception eommRteo, wi.,
had bec, WBlltag simo ll o', lock, wer*' on band.
Headed by May,a* tlllrey Bad Commander -Miller.
of tbe Naval Iteaervo, they greeted the President os he
came down the car step-, followed by the members
of hi* party.
Tba detail of policemen k**pt OW crowd of specla
trrs back, and the p.oc.-.-imi of guesta .ataklj formed
aral iimvcd down tbe platform. The I'rcident led
the wey, with Mayor Oltroy on oas -bb* and Oom
mander Miller on the other. They passed around
th.- wait n.' ronni, nn tba platform leading to the ferry
!,,;,* snd t . ? eosrered p'or north of the ferry .-Up*,
where the Laura M. Warta waa walting for Mtsm.
The guwti win. caine on the curlier fain fell In
bellin*!. Within ten niinut"s after lb" President's
-P'_l tiin arrived st ths station all the gassts
mtss tv boerd Ibe steamboat, snd u waa on ita way
lo fte N'ew York, wliich was lying In millstream only
ii sii,.:-, distance below tho Pennsylvania RoUroad
Bp tbe t.me tho-,* who returned from Jersey City
on tin* ferryboat had srrlved on the Row-Yori Rda,
the booming of the run- on tbe Odesgo, and tbs
screaming of the whtattoa of the craft In tho river
announced thal tbe President bad psrfsrmod the
Finishing tniiclies lu naturalising one of tho Beean
I ret minds.
II un, aleut il:!.", when Hu* Sim Sloan returned te
ii,. Adams (.spross pier with l"re_ldenl Harri on sad
bl, pm tv. lm- tinln drew ..ut, of the station al
1:10 o'clock, and in the car with the President were
.-,., erv pn_ter, -*?'rotaiv Tracy, fsecretary I-'.lklns.
?*,?, retury Wntiamaker, (Seneral \V. ll. Kewell, tbe
\-.i-i.uit mi i-et-irv of the Navy, J. I!. Holey, Russ ell
Uh .11. Killah Halford and .-enat.tr Washburn.
When Ihe ti lin departed thc Naval Reserves left tho
rammlaaloner Edward C. 0?B-ten, of tbe Bureau
of N.ivi.iilb.n, viii, im- In nttendOBCe upon Hi*! eire
ninnie, on i'm New-York yesterday, mid last night
nial : ii'-v we;-,. f? him an Inspiring object te mon "f
iii,, pstriolh Impnlses which were now al work re.
l.ulldlng ihe merchant marine of <hl. eoantry. "The
hol_tin_ of our Bag over the .few-York." -aid Hie
rom missioner, "iKiy., homui.'" to that rule Of public
P ? 1 \ r .a ? I"..' Hi-' Amt r c m si p wi I h Hie fund r
nf our Hov* rame ni istaUUbcd ai an oppression Of their
pu tri* ?H .-.'ililli favor of the Ind p. ndence of Amcrlraa
i'm .hip wa* bi the beginning sad ever
has i.ii re "_'i/,<i ea a iymh l of American nation
iinv. .fd ss ..neb it ls Biting tbal ll shall be i"-th
phi-ictllv and hy ownership entirely American.
I'nder the Inspirations of tbli policy oar maritime
? - - wire f,ir many years ih> at atabssmt of
ihe w. ral. As Urns I"- "I UoweV-r, tbs rn g lfl.cn.
pm Itllltlm of Internal dorelopmont in Hits eoaatry
pi*-in!ei Bttraetlana ii eapltal and eaterprtae so
nile ii Bri iii.- than were at!?> de I un ci* Hie I sriUUb n ?
of .ni ui P'-r: -,.i . wipetlUoo In tba foreign trade
? were forced tn ree a ? the lnt**inational carry
inn ir.ni" upon t ,..ni to other nations. Wat
tim art of ihlpbulldlng, with all I'- re'ated Industries,
not only ubi survived, bul made great advances.
. ir domestli carrying incl" the largest uni most
remunerative ol any nation on th. |iobe baa (rom
i- I'.iiii:.-.- I.ii ron lind evtluh.lv te Atnr.iiii
. and Hm remit bas been thal In l-'int of
architectural dl*ign, ipeed, ieaworthteo*a and gin ml
? *?? ere no vessels afloat whick sarpam oar
mid i'.iiii \.--1, ao onipl"..*il uI.hik our
ip, a our Like-, lui,, .,,mils nnd rivers.
In thal supreme tesl >.f eXcellcncj In naval areal*
bulldlnB we have f'*r nearly halt s
roi ld. Mi-' al_dom ol ..ur i eriev r
nt.ce iii e full which Ibu le'. us durina di Un i
tot .-, -I ? >. tin-.\in r cr;-rn in tho flt tetonmce
ul an Vinci cnn m. eli.,nt tuiirlii" 1, vin,ia uni uiul
em report nf tb ? linn. Hilary a.
He'''!, nf Alabama, in m. ra psi I ?? .. , airman nf
nimlti.n \.i\;i! ai!..ir. ,.' tao Ne i mil doune
? ?f l!"|,i. .-I'ativ,-. in referring tn Hi., law of
\u--'i,i :;. i --.'.. nnd iitbsequent ;n i*. wal li require
ill our modem wa* v..--i- thal I !?? bulli lu n.e
1 ? tu) . mid nf An.- i-i ii mal rial, Chalrarui
ll"i I-: l that 'Ilia ri ina-, m -ni wa, .severe.
ne plot ? I li to Lav.' been a se,
i v. iv v. .-. i pm afloat under ibo tew
of August II, l --c.. and kUhticqiieiit acts, ba
!???> ii L'.ni" n .-iib* throughout, uud there la not one
"f 'ii.-m Hui) all! noi compare lav, n.Uv with U.e
i-i v.... i, .f like tip- ,, r. ii.,,, mr. ,t lu otter
ri ? during t!i- Slime tim,-. lt may ROW DO
ri'* I' a .cried thal -tome, Bl lesst, >?! oar American
shipyards, . iii lurn ont an unarm..ret! \>-,<l of the
highest lip. nf . \. . II. lice ;i- i|ll|ikl\' US lilli I"' *l"!ie
I.i iii" .Ll*-! -hip-/urdM ol Rurope.' .Mr. Herbert
i-t', Ibe climax of ll- tni.tit.- \n our American
uri' ni'- p.ii. v by .1.-t larina that sim-., its year
i--t. -i'm pile* .,f Die mulei-;.il, entering Into lbs
rompo-lilon nf n modern iblp has been reduced
tullv nm-i alf. nnd the i rb ?? of ;i completed -hip,
excludion armor, lina rome down !I3 per cent.'
I i* li-t word* are j,rim.'.1 lu Italics In (be
"H., i,l report, nppt.rcnth f"r th" pur'".-" >.f c.\.
pr.,-Hil' u.e p.-ni,,in- pride nf Hm cL.iirmnii lu Hie
"f vii'iiiiin enterprise, which embrace
all th*uh' nu.ci ludiii. ii. li .lu nie vin!, a contribute
toward tlie construction ol a ship. Tbe law (hut
tun... ihe Sea *t "rk auder our Baa nd mit* foreign
bulli ihlp under itwrply defined conditions wbkh pay
hiilllrl.e nf Oltr lime h'Umr.'il Ililli! lille pnllev, re?
quiring ti.at ic m?|.*j mi admitted si..,n t?. aleam*
-..ii.- ,?.?ipui le ,,f a ipeed of twenty knots sn hour;
lhal Ihi'J hall tie a! tim Hu.f their adnilsshm
lU'tunllj employed In commerce between the I'nited
-ia!.- imd a foreign country; that they -hali l.f a
I on nug*' noi le-, than .-.ni'ii tuna; thal no. les, than
'?'ii l-l- ..-Miiin nf their shore of capital shall be
owned Iv clil~.ee, of Um I iii.'tl Mates: that their
>>?i er shall Mud Hi'iii-ilv* t., build sn equal amount
?il nggregnte tonnage In the t'nlled Mts te.; thal Hie
ihlp* -,. ;r.in-f, neil in tlie American lag *hrll not
eugngi* hi our t.nsiMive or domestic ira.te, and that
H.y may ni nny lime be taken nml u,.*i ly tho
imt.*i Miii.c t,.,v.inT<ni a. armed cruisers or a*
iraneporti for war ni_rpo_c_ upon payment to their
owners nt their 'fair actual value.'11
BWIBT, l*i. Wi Hit"!, and BTATRLT.
Tbe Rea Ynrk, formerly Ibe Dritish steamer
Clfy of N.\*. "icrk, was bulli nt Glasgow in l-.'H by
I, 'c Thomson. Nie i, .".-j:, feel long. Her berna
ls 113 reel mid her depth nr bold I-' fret. Sm* bas
a i.-.-i-irv .,r m.,t*ti urns, Her engtnea liave a bone
power nf I-,n ii. Bbs bas two aeta of ryllnden of
ilxty Inches. Her wi>rklng prt*__ure st iteam la
IM p..nml-. lu -j.i. nppolnlmenl ami furnishing
:"' ! .f Ibe queens nf lbs Atlantic Reel nf
imrili.un vessels. The (few-York was one of Hm
hi-i passenger steamers lo use Iho doable a row.
The si-ens nre t Derated by ,. purni.- engines, which
are placed In different purls ol the veaael. Mi.mid
.f them pt oul ?,i order lbs New-York can
make good ,|a.d with n ningle icrew, Ihe engines
which operate the m-rew* are Indepindeiit, and the
sbuli, real upnn solid tads of sic, I.
(laing tn the large number of ii-r alr-ttght coin
pm Um in, il would i> .pille n u,...il innnv leaks tu
rink Hie Sew 'mik. The radder ol Ibe Ken Vork
ls ??normou , tmu tide hu a surface of'__-u iquan* feet.
Thc itei'ring .'-.i! is operated by hsdrnulh power.
Tlie New Yi-rk's record for the eastern trip bi-pms
the Atlnnlle la Bve day* nineteen boura and flftv
-?veli n.inn;. . li, i- lab i lilp, tbs City nf Purta
ui-,".i-.c| nil others Iq making tba went word
t" ri*" ;u live days fourteen hours and twent, four
Tbe New \nrU lt owned by tbe International Ravtaa*
linn Company, mid Bhoul imi per rein ni tin* ,(,,< i<
holders live lu riiihi.leliiLia. lu Um Heckler Um Rew
York I, tillered sa billilli- from Philadelphia,
pica ant in the taking, pleas?
ant in their ui-Huii- out un*
rlvulod in their results. That
fairly describes Dr. Pierce'a
1'lenka nt 1 '?Hots. In every
disorder of tho liver, titoniach
and bowel., they give a lattina
For Biliou_nc.s, Jaundice,
Indigestion, Constipation, Dit
Izinens, Hour f-tomseh, and
"Sick or Lilious Hesdaehes,
they aro tho HdRaaal renietly.
They're tiny, ingar - coated
granules, scarcely karger than
muidart I se.-ii_?a compound of
roflned and concentTatixl vegetable extracts.
PW up in t-vilctl viuls, alwaya fresh and rc
linble; a conveuient vestcpookot remedy
They're fuaranssatf to give aatiifaction, in
every case, or your money jg returned.
Atom ttnerlmentlng with Catorrh in the
Henri is dangerous. Serious troubles result
rrtuii itu being driven to the threw* and bini's.
Hr. Kii-.o'h catarrh llemo.lv, bv ita mild,
soothinc, rleanaing, and healing pn inert iee
completely and i?ermaneiitly ev rr* the very
wornt ca_ie_. Ita proprietors ofter IA0O r__
ward for any iucitrablo chm*
Full of Pains
Aches snd weaknesses*;,,,
W? the tot .?d 0A';
instantaneous p_in.__liBJ
strengthening plajt-.. ,?
Oas MjmTtFu J*
aching sides end bec?
hip, kidney and uterine pains, strains tn.
weaknesses, rheumatic, sciatic, sharp and nerf
ous pains, coughs, colds and chest p-j..'
Odorous with balsam, spice and pine, it j!
the sweetest as well as surest, safest and
best plaster in thc world.
Price: 15c; _--,|i.oo. A( all druggists 01 te std.
Porraa Da_o ano Chem. Con.. Bostos. ^^*
A loller wss Issued last night by Ilraytin h.
president of Hie western National Dank _nd a ^_*
ber of the Northern Pacific Railroad Cos.|eayt|5
holders' Committee of Investigstton. it ox tu
ply to tbe severe criticism of the committee'!
port made by President Abbott, of tli. Wisc^
Central Railroad Company. Mr. Ivst'i soinera
u_ follows:
New-York, Fehrmr- jj 1M,
Bdwta H. Abbott, sa?., President WUcocii. tenim
Dear Slr: Vou will not bo satpetasl te heir ?_,, ?
ham NOd With crest lnterc-t your "open letter" v> v.
ita'n*. the pr.-iden. *tf the Northra racine Rii__j
1 SsasjBSJjr, While you du not mention my rum* VH,
r*'f> rern-e to ni" 1* SMRstSksbto. Voa chirje at ma
bstag tli" author sf thc report of th,- -1..-kiioldera' toa.
mitt*-., with "ssrisafoo of Impertaat farts,*? *;.>, ,^_
tortiou of truth." witli nspsaalhlllty for '*a vli'iom .n,
1 tem of seesoattegN and with VSriOU oth?r tim. is
j ste r warla, lt yemt rtmrgm are t.-u., 1 am aimm
hud a man as the rc*x,rt ha* teOWS rou tu be. jv.
pi,.?llliity ls s, appalling ti nc- that 1 proi....* anairKag
your letter without delay.
In attributing to me thc soi' au?hor.hip of th* rep*,
sud alladin-,' no frequently to inc* a, "ho," you lo ia.
justice loth to BVSaR and to my fsllaa BBBBSWI sf ai
committee a..' ls ihown by th* following MstoaSBl bj Ot
cbalnasa, -which wa* pabtlriMd ysiteiday. >n. ci?ve
nays: "Thc report of the Investigating Committee i, ut
ti. ? math ut anv .inp'.e sMaber. bit leanaaasi nw tum.
.'i* .,pinion of Hie coinniltfeo laiwhleh Mr. Rn.eri, Um
advisory coi:ns*l, fully tensors. BlMf ititemiat ti a
loibte and prt.iiu of tiie wis,narin Central, a* wen ti m
tiialn lino ind all the branches, aral r'-i'di. 1 frog, (t,
treseaiw and sadlias of th* Rertesm Ps rite comput
and thc committee, bu* the document* to .usuln lu cu.
eteabum. AMsaRm i* esflsd bi tes tn. tint mp. aumh
?ssas no reply to ste isirtr* of lbs WSSM which r?4?? tt
xiv petsssal re.'.utioin nf the, WiscotisTn .eural ininm
Wlte the Northern Pastel rail"
I confess that os our taVBBIteSttm went on. and u tk|
svtdeaee of the magdetag sf peeia if aad yotir sttr_*at?i
Bssiaptled with aluo,t teemd-Ms rapidity. 1 wm led tm,
gu ?? ? gail! at times with a elgar which would not kivi
I mi *? "iiily In a re|x.rt. Mindful of th|* leaq tit 00, I rtrort,
a* did tho other*, to suppress undio tasting, and to tin.
? at.* a* temperate hmtuapo as thc clr-un .'an,*s would
Sill W. A- a result, tea ISpSH I- the SBISMBl us prods*.
Uso if Mm v.hoi" essassstee, oed sBpmtcd te an ttiiwrt
cnn.*-!. !'.>. ry pig" tu* NVfBed MIBgSl -SBM t*T 111 ?f
BS, and no effort wan --)?i-,d t?, make our work i|>*_a
mademta and BaparUsI a.* it wm -oeadeBdem; bits
In diltlctilt .1 *ay "Stop Thl.f:" la an unim;?*A|_i?|
mri'iii'-r. and no matt* r h>w lt I* dam fie Uil-.f li alsoa
n'.r* |a te- Ul- .it!*H-d.
A, ls the ??vliio'r* system of icounttng." the fault,
If fault there be. rest* with th.- tr-i.--.fr ond auditor ?f
the IflllbSIB PSCldl I'-'iiipriay, of v* hi* h fas ar* a dlreevr.
We did net gea. a mi s "f BgSMa ind th* n arian.*, the*
to suit oui*"lve-. but we t.ck the .'-tem-iit* furaUhet
Iv tessa official*. V' r !!ed th. ni to our i*.ti*f,e liol. Itt
|.r!nted Hem. PoaMtaei you >'an, and will, t f I* r*
iirratige tb'*,-. Items sn a- to -crt your vi" s*. but yoe
manet deny the fu.t th.it the teem resqldsf (ron thi
nriaeeasla daliel app ir, j, reported ky sar ssnmnte,
in til" _.'ti"'-i bataaee mast >.f lam .10. is:2, . -dot _t
which I meslmd f.om Ibl auditor, a: d *'ill hold. Firth*!,
m'.re. I am omlldeiit Hint bSSSSl iiivi-t:gat...u will coDflna
Um Bgams flvea, lot Romes. iv?\t?*r mid Harker ar*
sRcisU In Wbasa IBS! Bl bj -*"1 ability I have the hlgh<.*S
.,.'i!!il-ti-**. If the Reethem PBClB* Cempasj had !.? a
?arvid with equal nml ead bmsaip kg ?" tl,r,v' nteil
duty lt Mri* t.i protect Kn Int. ie,t.*. natters would hsv*
Ix-eri now In a very different .-ondit.on. In sriy BM rm
had fcvea nmritlt. la which to c?,ri"*t their errors. Ind ??
v.ei a.r no*, only a digester, but 1 rcident ot a leaned
-v.t in. it w.i* yans d-itv t.i are tba. Mks seeNSSi ww
pr-'p Tiy kept. Vetir -t iton'vnt. ticrcfut", that the r*
pelt 1 d' ll ? ? t la ??-Imply untrue'* BppltSI at to U?S
loiiiiiilt. e. but to your own oil: HI
An ti. um -ti- -* whi.ii v..'i Lu- ..n ibe ssntesi of tho
vv:-,*, n-iii Central lue 4. 1 most mil pm mu nt.oi 10 a
few teeta which amy ba af (alena. t? uh paRb ?'?_?
You nay that * Wa o:h r ril'.rtaa .,,lng out of bt. Pill
or sornlee; into Pb binge bow UH Rsnb, w.-t or Sank.
w*?t. ear.-is nearly a. inr-.? an amount." Tli*a yoa d-O
Uic eamlii'.'i of the .N ir'.hwc. ru Un-*st. 1'au!, RaC-MBb
I.urliti-t.ii and Quin, v, Uv I!?k 1-linJ. Um Onishl, sal
I th" Chi. ugo and Alton. Anl sew UM i?'rt:n--nt qmeUn
srtom: What i_*-"ii.,* of teem maraaiai -srstspstBR
Wisconsin 4-e11t_-.il 7 Th* other r...i u Baned hy vol pay
illvld'-t!'!- (with em exc'iitioni n..t cnlr on tlit-lr pref?rf_l.
!.ut on th. lr cumin rn Staeka Tlcir steeka '. r.ni r'ls
lively v,ry h;-.h priv'*. and their koadl ar- -oufht bf
inve.ter.. Bat iTtaremts Ceatral mcsHU 1 us not i?t??*
:.,i n, Bwrtgagg !??..'- .' Bo, a:thou:h U_T
iiave Hv peeiecttaa st tba KaiUwrs Psrite i'i*-: it* ?*??
lened llBek I* o'T-r*>d a: M wlUi.ut a b.d. itn inroai
1. ntl* rutisre about :iO, -.tin!.- it. saasaaa *_j'_ h-? S
t? in.nnl vn'.'ie. What 1* thc , v| I ii._tt.., 1 cf thli U__P_-RH
..tate nf affair* 1 Rea will not give it, and Uieitiut I
inn t iio so.
Tbe reason 1* that thc aamtegS ??! t., -tay Inter*.! ml
dividend, cn th- bonds and .to. it* of roaJ* b'ilU br
y.tur*elf au 1 a..*..i lat n and leased t" 'ii* Wi?,oii?Iii t'ential
Mad at meesmm advance* asea HmR orinimi eo?t. eui
after un,,mer y,ui have (BatMMd ie w r.uJi (" th- old ml
irigtml one, ati.l always aa tern.* wlil.-h Umt fivorsbll
ui tba tommr, hat Blmatroaa is Um latter, i,( elite RB
aram a "traesar," amt so u teppma that abte the -finer
glows anti son.logs Increase, while cnxjietlng road* ttVAUt
then- Msebbshlsm with dividend*, wiii'.o th" m*ASBRB
t '-arni tru?t.", bsssSH rich and bulli beautiful bon**,
ihe Batters ?f the atoks an! basAl 0, UM WlgHSSR ceulKl
rtMid gm no prout,. If thi, rind Iud kSN BMBBBSl ??
Untie with windi viiti kara . .-n p.. . t iv it will *bsw_n
e;-oriiio'is .arnlngs of which 10a sj)?a:-., and would have ,11
it* *,.-urines iiis.ii tim same level And. SB -*?* oUl*
liam, if vour Byatsm <*f ssammmem wrns ?" ta ARR*
dii**ed into Ute RSettwestern or AUm road*, th'-b ?w<u
wotill ?_ii be on th" ssa dlltemd 1, > v!, 1. '. t.
While yen ,-,, Hlned v,cir t.i,tr,* tl .1 SBSt* "-"?'?JJ
which rsmpsmRvoly taw weis mtwaawd ,"'"' ?'UJ?
were sm >?( goat int. r ?._ to tin- sabin. Bat -dm ^*
eaptaiede greai taBaaeeatfaeatal road, aid h-'-raa to vt"**
11* life out like au ectapaa. ikea x'v tRmmUms mt
ekaaBod. it kw wm k_m*e__m bs. inly ";i u*mt***R
Bttgaitada Bf Mm prspsity, tm* keeaaae of BmmmmB
of law- and -gelt} taV-lved. "v-t-n. ' _- P* ir* tt^*
me io retem fem *emptte_mtary mrw . -i"i eaiefi'-y *
pso karn sssd iii" lan to pro_K< jroorielf tad c**~5
in all ansesasta Csatml noM rs, 1 kelleri BmtytrtjAm
failed you in rei feting th" dettlll af th- K-rikWk Wm
mpkam. other attie |aw*-_ta asslsC-d m tte tatuAVm
th"V had no latefas. rSSBp. la their pr afc** WBl 'tH'.^)
veil- if und vour feilow-tru-t.-*-* UM BMktaB of ** ,;
url* *M*
w.i, ,.f vital iniportiince. I b. IL ve that th
l.-jfriivl your interest and yot:r tour*e lu UM uati't
stitutlng a Mal d?f.'if.
1 am not pilBBISd. Iiowcvcr. *.t -iv "'?''? ,h' !_.
pa situ Hi of UM coull- -Imuld h" hiv .ked. " t0* ^
the gthm tli-.ler* ?f Iks N'ortlierii I'a Hi wlRSteW "J
,t,i khold r- ibal you ar- dl*po-*?d t ? mott ***^Luu
1 -v fer t li Mr lu;, t -t,. i'i p' icci I' ** JT
dlitarinnm. lint, if you propo. BaiwerlBg'R" .']i(
t-l?ni* by calling name, it von taluk joli mm.
Iiluiidi-r st." kh.i.ltlers anl Ikea ul u* ? I an *)* m\
punity. lt iiriy Ih- n-i-cs-ary t. t"J. li von ? .. *TJ'|_nii
t? ??i.iw vim that you ait* 1 .it lu lou.n ww* v
leoUmeat. iBievtisi1*11*
l eonaeated to s*rv.' a* a member of th. '''., ^ tia
conritilttce :,t thc |ern?uul r ,|tie,' .,' Mr- ?'?"
thalriian of your board. Having doa ni) *'? "
iclenUouiir and ini.-hig -aUj
?peat wc.-ks lu travel sal 1
ic t quietly to abu-e. -itiier ..
director. It ls not the fault <*f thc v*jii;n"''7 -||g
1,aw I. acting without holiest) and liiU-HUC*"*'rf4 a)
lather their misfortune thnt they llntl tinTi-l*"** ' lVt/u
make MiMIe tue lad, and Incur the chaine "**[',,. vmt
a* jour-. Tn.* reefat kaaknipSvy of tka 'bten*.&|
siiows tim daager of givin*.- iou i"ii''i'.l")"er.*?'i_ ol
1 liane ot dim-tor**, even vv Heit then
nelf-litU-icst. Hui when thut eletlien;
,'r-e?tiniai !
t?, ell ?-?? P"U
If Um act* *-f )"iu--:f a'!J "W"'1"^.1., B".t*rtim
with th,* WiscniMii v.iitrii am! Northern wjw .r.'rt.*"
,,in ba defended In law and --"tait/, itu ?""%?,aa*.??
amt ?Uli-ertor" munt have new Ullii.tu.ti-- > rf g,?
Uiv-rt rrtnelam ky .ullin- ast-aries f.* th.ime y,,
piopeity under your clmrg". Thc gl_jel ?' JJ m?n
greater ara the o|U*,rtiinltt.*n for pbindi r, ad- ?"-*
P""** ^,-:.1"^
nec-sarv pi* I" r Hieguatd*
Vollowliic your t-Numple I shrill .
without ton'lilting you- As f .r tftir pr*'*> ,,,4 n0|
t*. the ronni,Ut*'**, mr r ?u? . f<
snd we shall not ft cl gr.-r.llv -''??,'!:.l,' ._*:fc
hiill not wad to th
,1 not ft.'l griuv -"-''.-..t,
irSra']"laa. saw th.- *t "'k Uat you ked ??*'? llt
>xpe t it.
a fa-t which I* creditable _> tm
lt 1 ind known wbal yu ?
dolls , ?. 5fi of _*
If 1 Ind known wdb< .iou .... -*"?"?,? on- ot u?
have own.d hut little. lastaSd Bf centli. ""? ?" ^jti-v-e.
lat gent .t.kholder*. In fact all of rear mRT ? . j0Uf
aald mt i.ra.-t!,*a!lr when they esw mtmm* ^
work il-vlng ek-SO-d yo.ir.elvc* dice MM^
v.arn. and -titrtcd UM .?io|'.ov oil Ike i"'i? l"
pa rmi tl
Votir*. SS',

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