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vet. Ul.N#? 10,903.
PASSER WITA Tin; aid of
II'.isii VOTES.
l/rndon. Tub. ti.?sit. Asquith, ipr Hom*- Sor>
_t_rv, Introduced in tl,** Hones of Commons to
_v a bill !*"-"l'''"''"- ''"' CWntlflH of now inl.r
_U ja churches In Wales, and Um Bensure
mtatm it* !i:>t readlBST- - '"* in<-asur<* Ls tin* Bret
IrtCticul step in the tlir.'.Iion ol disendowinc ;iiil
Establishing iii*' I huieh in Walt-s, to which
xi(, Liberal part* i-t distinctly pledged, fir.
ijnuiih, in l'i> .-peech introducing thc bili, usiA
?bat iii" membership of thc Established i"hnr?)i
n, Wal,-* Included hardly one-fourth of tho poptt
Winn. I'i'* question <if disestablishment*, he
jdd.*l, wae in the main a Welsh ont'. Tin* decRdon
of ih. pe'i*'.' given ai tbe laat general election
bid d__tioiitly shown this fact. Out of tho thirty
four ?Mahen of th*' House of Commons who
?eprc-ei-t tli*' Welsh Parliutiiontaiy districts,
(iji-ty-one bini been return.si pledged to support
B*a?_re- tn disestablish th.* t'hurch.
This statement was greeted with cheers.
Sir John !-? itvvhi, Financinl Secretary to thc
fmttstj under the last Sal.shiny Cabinet, moved
injection "i the tull.
L-i-d Randolph Churchill, in supporting this
ootlon, charged Hr. Gladstone with having
shandon,-! ott his former principle, in order to
ireuro Totes faToraWd to his scandalous JrisTi
Mr. Gladstone, ri-in-' at ll :';0 o'clock, con
p?tulat.-tl Lord Randolph npon Iii* skill in
makins; hy .ppofdUon to the bill a cover for a
-*D*ral attack upon tlie Government al br hour
when a proper defence wai out of the question.
Tlie Governtii* nt. however, would Rot refuse the
diallen^e. They were redeeming th-ir pledges to
the country, while the noble i<*rd was tr*. in_r to
plsy Welsh Di-e_taWial_ment againat Hom,* Rale
ood Home Rule against Welsh Dieefrtabliahoient,
Mr. Glad.*?'me then analyied Lord Randolph's ob?
jections, win*-li he pronouneed t|ulte Ulusetjr. He
adnitied thal the bili in *iue-tiou wu.-* a Disea*
ahWuaeal bill, lt was deman-Jcd, he .aid, alike
br o p.licy ol justice :md the voice of tlie Welsh
people. ,,
Sir John Gorst ft nv'iion -was r*-j*-<.'t"<l eventual!*.
bj- a vote ol Iel lt* '-'-15, and the lull passed the
fast r-adii!!1. W. W. B. lit'a"h. Conservative
Me_,b.r for West Hampshire, directed attention
ta Ute fact that the bill hud been advanc**d with
U.e fc-Mfciauce "l Irish vot?-s.
Dublin. IRb. -3.-Tlie financial agitation In Ire?
land, on actount of the dread aavtag weurltj hilder.*
of ihe effect of Home Kale. 1* Inereailng. BsnR of
Ireland stock to-dai shows an additional fall of S3,
and Guinness Osages*, slock, ?10, while Ihe slock
of th* (.rest Ni.it!.era Railway of Ireland .-hows u
diclloe of ?9 _ share.
Rome. Feb. 23.?Fopa I.eo XIII lo-day received Hie
pilgrim-, -sin Lave ooma t<> alteng hi- eptse pat |abt
fc-jfrom s nth Am'Tiea, Dangan and France. Reply
tog to the congratulations and _? ml wishes extended
to Mm by tbe 1 4era of the French pilgrims. Hie
rope __W -1 know thal Franco S-Stres io remain
C-'Aolla. F t lill, purpose she must le free, Christian
_B_f-_o*i* must be allowed fre.-doin t-t develop, and
-S_tt_t- nv.*. !>*? allowed lll_>rty to have their chlldr.ni
ducat.-, st Cati. *U. school**. *.Ve do not <l<*nifind the
absorption ot the civil power hy Ihe Church, we
Barely wish that in France fill liberty b*- given to
Uie people to ex..-else their roll.'lon.''
Th- Fojie, In SSUtt r-mg with Cardinal I-.gue lo
lay, asM ihat he approv.-d ol Irish ll ime Rule. -Ins
tlce to Irish Catholics, t!,e 1'orniIT -aid, would lend t"
! stre_g*h-:i RngtasA TV F j?- e :lo_l7..-d Mr. Clad
I iton*. who, he remarlied. bad Ul heart lu the success
ol tbe sch*me so dear ti his .ood Irish,
Otlawu, Feb. 2:1 <Specliil).-L. H. Datrtes, ea Preml. r
of Prince Kdward I*la_d, erssted a seen,- lu tbe Com*
mons tadsy hy hi* srrslgamenl ol tba Goreniaient
lu tbe maller of falslil* ullons of Um record of th" dele*
lates' trips t<? Waihlagtaa in Bearcb of rectproctt-r.
Mr. Faster said v*-sT?rduy that !'.? /Itrrtrm Qo*ret*n*
ment -sould gTuut only a ir.-uty wblcb woold be of
unllinped s,',;,-, Riehodlas ? unlfonu tarltT made a!
Wublnpou and dis. rtmliiatln-r _ga!n*t Rmlai d. To
lay Mr. Davie.*, gave the ll- direct io ?!,e Fliianc-e Min
liter, sad read tlie whole report on Ihe sabjec! mud*
ly Rr. blaine to t"...ng_e-_. TLut report showed Hint
tbe Dominion Government would glVe Its consent to
no trosty -_hlcb embraced other artlel*--, than naturul
Products, s eondl'lon whl< b every Canadian knew the
rnlted States would never a'e**d>- to. A ll-t of man
nlsctur*?-, >a)d Mr. Havl-., vu, alas Int luded In tl,"
treaty wMoh the I'nited states would grant; and as
to uniform tariff, lt was a pure fahrh-allon.
Shaking bli hand In the face of th*- Finance Mln
ls*er. Dariel de-lared that while Poster k.-pt back Ihe
ncoriof Ibe proceedings from I-iirllument, the speaker
wm Justified in calling him u falslller f..r the purpos*
Sf deceiving the people, so that he and his colleagues
*-il__t r.taln tbeir phices. Tbe report of Mr, Ulallie
l-SVed Um OOTernMOBt to be guilty of deceit, false
tood si,d political trlckerv of ttl- worst Mud. Mr.
UtiMes ?.'?li'-d Mr. Foster to contradict him, and th*
Rlr.Mer did not Uike up t!.** shallenRr,
I-ondon, feb. C:i.-The cofnrolttee of operative cot?
ton ?*-Tine-s to -day met a committee o! Hie Fedora
?loo 0? V-is'T Qotttn -pinn, rv, In Beal the . xplana
RM In reg-rd li the pioi o_ed redaetJOB of ."1 pet cent
li ?-ges, and why ttt.. aBBldoyen Insisted on the re?
duction. Aftor listening to the Hasten1 reasons,
?_* tommin.-.* ?r operatlrea Bbsotatel*. retasod even
?** *>ub*Lit ta,, u-rm. to the gsneral body nf operatives
?>*'*? on ,tri!..- against th.* reduction, anti adjourned*
*mtR dnte. This puts aa end lor th** present to
?-- -tope of ternilnatlug th.* strike.
Undon, 1 .-h. 83.?Hmm .!?_*,?. liberal, Member for
-?-? Orimsby, (ms resigned hi-, seal !a Farlla
??J* Mr. Josue is a naturalized Frenchman, a
*^lijy eos] inerciiar.t ai Grimsby, and a banker In
tv*** ll'- I* -,, veiny one \enr* Old. W Ir.'n l.oul*
"Wron over1bre^c Un- Republic .Jo*se waa lapiisoned
<K>*'_l!ie tie ustirpnilon. Mc. losse was never
^J^dli.meiit befnr**, and has found a !*rlef ejjp-r
2^V", l'arllauic,,._ry ll!.- too muco ?*f a tux <.n lu*
I'sfcS "aMts ",'' I'-slgliaUoa leam .* IO the Liberal
*-?*Uts a lighting chance for th.* s.-at.
?Undon. lei,. S3.-CecU, tbe son of slr Henry Drum
**M Ro_t_ad secieiary to I/)nl F.sntlolph CbureblU.
??teapt. Ul, UabUltles nc- nearl*- C1T.000, sud
"** ?re no as. i-tv His credlto**! have ngr*****! upon
? icbemc for settlement.
London. Feb. S8.?Robert William IMP, UbasaL
***-*r of l?urllitment for Inuilf-hit.', bcotland, hus
?? IppMnled .,ov?*nior of New Sou!h Wah s as
^*>?or to th,* lari ol -erse*-, letdgned. Mr. Duff
*A S emmsnder in the Na vj. from which he re
tamil ?n SUcc"e<11"i: u> hl* 'HK'I'-'s e-inles and ls life
c____TT T** ln liar,,n,nent in -801, when he also ex
^^d hi-, own name of Aheicroniby for thut of
Of th IS flfl1 sev,'n gears old, wss Junior Lord
Admi?i?xT?s,'r>' la IMS-Sd, and Civil Lord of the
Sff '*?-*X In 3fr. mad-tone's Administration of Jf*?45
Be'it0"* __*" W ***** I"bl'i?'0 l!?'<l b'-'orc tbe
* us t-mi,y the progr-mru ? of the new Cabinet.
Prison Snmmo Bltltmmou tor the amnesty of political
tbs __!I_ 0IMl 0*****" Ogalsat the l'res* laws. f?r
*re**?'n nt tho press, and lor addi Ional pow a 1
bLlldt."^^ *"?"???? i,,e pirtateeatary
--ive*, with Them '' ijaj,'i,',i ?"? '"
? ? ??
CJ_*-VE|" GET ij ii: imprisonment POR TIIF.
Palermo, f-l. _3.-_The Italian Goverament 1- paso
th-. Melli:,,, bandits, -po-day titres brigand! were
jonvlcted below the Amte. (??,, J ",?:???.?:,,
?"nii-clB.,t miles northeast of ..irgentl. and all of
usn were aentcueed to penal servitude for nu
Hi*' crime for which these nea were BITSSted Wai
M air, .-Um* one, thoagR lt has had many parallel . lu
?>'<iiy. in Angus, last they captured a wealths
landowner named Riiif.tu, aad demanded tor bia re
?"-?>?? UM MM,, of .-,00,000 Ure. BURRS sent letters
to members of M, ,Hn*liy. ,irfttI.K .*.,.? u, tOPmlra
V.v money io hl? captors. Thc money failed Ut rea.!.
the robbers at the time Hwy had M.t for Ita delivery
IO Hu in, and they therefore proceeded to pat Into
Szecatloa th.-ir threats io un RlUottl. Tbe evidence
adduced at the Ulai showed that Hie brigands placed
their victim st .-. -take ,,,,- buUI a ii,-*- sroaad bim.
After h.* ,?.,;., .,i,,10.t .-nd they itrangled Ma anti]
life was entirely extinct. Tire authorities made an
attempt t'? rapture Ihe band which had made
BUIuttl u prisoner. Much vexatious delny waa en?
countered la consequence or the Ktettooa between
ii-- brigands and the peasantry, but fln-dly Hie
gendarmes succeeded li, taking prisoners tbs elev, :,
mei, who were today convlcled. All the eondemned
men are notorious de-perado*s. whoae evil reputations
bave mad.* them a lerror to Ibo law-abiding people "f
t!,e part ?.f slcilv in which thejr Operated, so leur
ful were the auCbortUes that an attempt a, rescue
might be made, or that He Illiquid* themselves
lUlght make a eoiithlm-d fla-h f,?- lil,,.itv. Uhal the
nun vcr** confined lu a strongly buln Iron cage during
ail th.* court proceedings. About the cage were
Stationed Mtv gendarmes.
parties to the im; 1 i 1 ihn ;.
Paris, F"b. 2:1.-Charles de Lesseps, Marius I'on
tane and M. san*--Leroy, who were committed It
trial by the Judicial Chamber on February 7 fer
giving ur receiving bribes appealed lo Hie Court of
OsassttOB today for a reversal of their committals.
Their connsei signed that the bribery claus.* in the
Code contemplated only the offences of executive and
administrative officials, nnd not of jmcinbcrs of Pnr
UaasenL The Deputies who received thc Fa,,.una
stoney, therefore, ai weil ns the persons who gave
them, could not be charged oorreoUy under the law
with bribe-giving or bribe-taking. Th.' offence li,
question was rather breach of trust Thi* line "f
argument wa., sspoakdly intended io exculpate M.
Bans-Lsrey, who sold his rote as n Depaty when ti.,'
lottery lenn wiu> under con-id* ration In the Chamber,
charlo.* de Les-.-p-".s <..un.-ei pleaded, moreover, that la
Rm casa of -M. Bnihauu the Minister of Fubiic Worts,
wn? wss bought i,y tho Panama Otmpany, tim money
was extorted from thc- director.*, and wa.* not offered
by them voluntarily as n brll>e.
"The Radical Journal" expresses displeasure nt the
selection of Jules Ferry for J.isldt-nt of the Sennit.
Th.* Conservative newspapers also protest u-tainat
tl,.* choice ns Improper, Whilst "Le* Debats," and
oilier niodernle Journal* approve M. Ferry's election.
Parts. Feb. ii'A.?In the C.minber of Deputies to-day
M. Tlrard, Minuter of RnaUOS, stated that tl.e bU]
taxing time bargains on the bourse would be Bunted
to COUllSSe operation- und to stocks not quoted on
t),.* r.-i-Ular bourse. The tux, added M. Tlrard, would
apply t<> Hi** c. iills-l< r., Who coii.*tltut<*l an urinv ol
outside brokers, largely forelgnsrs, to whom must be
appli-d the law th.it every one earning ninney In
Franco mu-t contribute to the revenue of th** eoui Irj
M. Lannirzclle, Deputy from Morbthau. demai ded
olltton "f the oouUsae, which, I," said, would In
ereaae th** number of In-lde broker*.
M. Nat|Ut*t, De-pats from .he Betas, advised the
Qoveniment to permit fr-** ipeeulaUon.
The lilli B?ei wi! Ii Hie, general a ppr*,val nf Bte
Deputies, and the Chamber d**cld>-d to dlacau lt by
clau-f-.. _
The MU proposed by M. Tlrard, Mini.ter of Finance,
ls one of the outcome- of the Fal.ama scandals, lt
was ihOWn that the money BSed In connection with
the PanaiiKi adair had sassed through th*- hands of
foreigners like Retnscb, H-TS, alni tiie eoallssieri
OborndoerftT aS3 Aston. That dlscloaare aeemi '"
have brought to a climax tli" disfavor will, which
tin- coull--!.wa, or curbstone brokers, w.-re regarded,
espeetaUj after H.?- dissstera ?.f the Comptotr
<TF>*< otnpte, the feoclete* des MsteUX, the I'nlon Na
??"? ab-, the RaUQUO d>- Rh -ne et Lob*, e**-. Th'--,
men for many years were accustomed to sase mule in
-mall groups. In the pSSSSgs D'- 1'* >iiera. UM "f
'i au niall streets or alleys connecting ih'- boole*
a-tis with' parallel streets. They met Hu-re and In
.i.,i.i of th*- passage, often practleaJljr blocking ihe
sidewalk. Tl.e public complained, and finally tha
cul!- i.-r- nut In the hull "f thc Cr-.llt I.yoniials.
They wen* driven from there B few yean toter, and
returned to Choir form.-r place of in*'ting, but In
imaUer numbers, so as not to bring on theaSMlvea
UM wrath of Hie policemen. They assemble nsaatlj
iwlce a day, in ti,.- afternoon Immediately OB th.
closing of the bourse, and In the evening.
The quotations sf th,* French rent.-s, and all other
securities admitted on the Exchange, were hr.'Iv Ri
?aenesdL, if not completely Sxed, by these people, wno
had hundreds <\ oStoes H Caris, ann wno wee In
direct couimutiication with the -.mitll tovsstors In the
Capital and Hi** provinces. They tiansSBltted tb*.r
clients' ord.-rs ls tbs sixty air* ste de cluing.-, who are
the only fiiaons nuihtjlzed by ibe Ooeenunent to
buy ami sell Bocurlttes on the Rxchaage. Tbe tovylng
ni a tax upon the tran*-.. Hon*. Inltiat**! and effected by
th.* eouS-Bte-S bas i_'.-n dtoeusssd by ths french |
press, and thc main ni gamete offered by their Mend!
hus been that su"h a lax would curtail boar." opera?
tions on a large walo, for tb" oouUssicrs, they said,
were Hie life <Jf thc boorss Rsetf. Only through them
gould tho small investors bs reached, s rouslderstlon
not to be deaatssS in Mmes when Oovermaeul toesa
-,*?,- t" be niadc. The parSasas ot Mm proposo. tea
replied among other arguments, that mic), a tea would
not be an Innovation, comtUtutlng a danger for the
linancial market, since it was apt-Ued successfully
in other countries, notably in th*- German Emin*.
London. Feb. ii'A.-James William Hobbs, of lh
linn of J. W. Hobbs A Co. (Ilniiled), and Henry Crail
Vllle Wright, solicitor. wore to-day committed for nial,
, fttber '>i'h (>. Hswsssn, ol ... Rewmsn
,v Co. (Umped 1, on charges of foi _? fl
and fraud In cinnc'tloii with the run ol
the Llb ratt.r Building ?odety. Thc evident,- shoved
that tor aboal ten years Hobbs ,v Cb, bsd conducted,
with Ute eniiiilvuncc and as-liann- of Wright, a system
of fraud up .lt UM Liberator Building Soddy. Ut-OTgC
. 1.arie. Kentish, who hud beea for many yean caablei
mr Hobbs A (?., sxplslned the methods whkb bsd
l?cn followed. False bills w.rc accepted by Hobbs.
purporting to ba drawn by merchants wh*. supplied
Umber sud amterlal t., Hobbs, it wa* intended aol
to pay the money on the bills te tbs linns whSSl
nain*'* were us.-d, and these linns were unaware of
Hie existence of the bills. The bills were accepted
bv Hobis and elven to WrighL "iid 'he UBOunte were
p_M by Un Llb, rat.,r ButtdlBI society, which Uiamcd
the bU-taOS- Of Hobbs d OS.
Anotlier method of defrnuding the Liberator St.' btv
wuk by imi ea ring ths wages tessi, und marshy ia*
ci-ivlng u larger amtiunt from the BSslStg each w*-.-k
to meet th. llSUadllliri for WSgSS than was actually
Deeeasary. Ksattoh rth* 'his by direction of Hobbs,
t.. whom Ksnttoh handed ths greater pun si Ibo aswan.
ov.rcast, beeping S HttlS himself. Another clerk.
BoSsy, who was not In the Barret, noticed th.- hands
lent overcasting, and reported to Hobbs, who, in 0-S0
ii. kOSP u)> appearances, had to remove Bsudsb, but
procure*, him a pluce elsewhere at a larger salary.
AHhough the umountB Involved la the actual charge*
acalnst Hottbs, Wright and Newman nre comparathely
-mall, th.* amount of loss to the LU-erntor Society.
through mt*.management and fraud in various forms,
probably exceeds ES.00O.O0O.
The defendants WCTC eoniinlib'd without ball.
-.? - - ?
TanOOUVSr. ?- C.. Feb. IS--Oa and after March
1 chartered honks here will accept American silver
only st S0 per cent discount. Formerly the discount
wa* _ per cent. The reason given for the change ls
tbat it U desired to get American silver out ol tbe
country, as there l- too much of lt here at pn -eat.
.Men nant- Intend lu Uko .-liver al par and ,-li.n li
Io the ! nlted state .
Pad-, Fd,, -j:;. The Coamdaston of Arbitral icu *.n
Hu* Rab ring gea tonlrovers.. ii.rx tbe L'nltej
Btatei and t;r'.-r Britain tii.t to-day In ihe POrrtgn
? uh,,' to open lormsUy iii" proceedings. Ther. were
present -festlea Harlan, ol tbe 1'nlied Btatei Supreme
Court. American Arbitrator; Lord Hannon, BrtU ii
Arbitrator; Marqnli VlscanU Vsowtis, Iisllsn Arbttra*
tor; Bursa Alfonse <!<? COurcel, French Arbitrator;
C. H. TUpper, Canadian Mlnl-ter of Mari:,,' atrd Pish
erle-, who i- lure a- British scent; .1. T. Winiam*.
counsel f ,r tha I'nited States; sir Richard Webster
and sir Charles Bassall, connie] fir Oreo! Britain.
Judge (irani, of the Chriailanla Supreme Curt, tho
Swedish Arbitrator, uni noi come to Part! until the
n*-xt meeUng,
Daron dc Ooaree] wsi sleeted to preride. The pr?
seeding!, wi.i,!, Hated only haU aa boor, wera purely
formal and iii- Commission adjourned d iii
?_?:;. m. Devella li expected io p-*-.7c a ,i,.
meeline of iii,, whole .'"aim! -in. The arbitrator,
ami their cmm-ei attended Ibis evening a ball riven
In their hoii.r at Um Elysec.
Home. Feb. ?-':'..-si-im,- Aanlnl, Soclall*| Deputy,
ipobe at lenetii ii, th,* Chamber to-daj concerning
ox Pren let Crtopl'i rhar.e tba! * I ... I . wh n RI I I r
of Finance in 1880, bad express d ihe mm thal the
Dank of Rome was conducted til honestly. Statement -
had been made generally, signor .gin) sold, tba. roon
prom! rd several premiers aud their Cabinet . end Un
only honorable way ot repudiating aeh rbargc wa
through a searching ami impartial parliamentary inv*
ligation. To thia course only those having something
to coin, ni could object, lie would move, therefore,
tbal a <.mltlee of ..even DepUttM bc Bppont-d t.
examine and report on the retatloni ol re. ni min
istries to the banka of burne.
Ei Premier crt-pi wai received with .beer* mri
appiauaa when be arose to -npp.rt signor Agnlnl's
motion. The gravest imputed in* hav, boen made,
be said, ng&lnsl the honor of the men wiio lal h bl
or were holding the highest olin.'- .,: stale. The
m.-ii occupying -mil conspicuous positions of trust
and honor should bc abu.' suspicion, cit.linly above
listening temety to ihe mosl blackening accusations.
For lil- part, he repeated dat lc had .h.a- n I
to Godoeal and that lu* courted Investigation, bclaj
meant only that the kuilty would 1,,- escaping thu
merited punishment ot their misdeeds, whlli
Innocent would be kept nuder a cloud ot unju.l
.-a.-pu ion. To prevent ih'- continuance of t..i. in
Jusilte he would sages] to ih- Chamber te approve
the motion.
'iii" Harquls di Sudbd, al-o an ss Premier, sad
Included wini signor Crisp! and Premier uyollt
th.- rbsrge ?.f having sustained Irregular lesstiotu to
the Dank "f Hom-, al-o _p,,h- lu tovor ni .rn ininti.
at- iUVMtlgStlon.
Amid linn!, co:ifi,slon Pretulot Qiolllil rp-u'*i
bl. lornicr argument! f,,r delay, Ths courts ol i., .
country, he .-aid, suflced tor th- work ,.; i,,-.. .ii--.,
tlon .,nd punishment, iii" C a_,ber would t!,.
by posti?otiiQ(' loi- u.ree m.,:,i :. ti* ,:i , | |.,., ,,- \t\t
balik trouble*, a- Well a.- ii.l a,'.inn looking I i .ia, I
ii parliamentary investigation.
signor A.iilni'.* ni"ti"ii waa thea rejected, hy a
vote of 1!?7 to BS.
Constantinople, Feb. ia. Five hundred boasei In
the village of Rsdiksy, scro - t.-i" Rospborui from
Constantinople, wera barned la -t night, The Sultan
bus sent assistance to ibe sufferers.
OS WI I n.
Chlraco. Fd,. 2'.',. PoRce in snlform were tl I ni rn
lng detailed along the trscki "f tbe Western li
tend from Ibe Etdk-sL depot t,. Thirty Br I I..
but .ir.-n* were no slims or trouble. I ???
showed no disposition t>> Interior! with the property
?,f the emil.my. The itrike Involv, i
tender . tower m. n snd . i m r ? ,.
ICM elabana ,.) the S;,;,;,, F-, i llntgO ant (.mild
iraak, the CbftagO ar ?! 1:1". .Idea*., . | I.
llllnoi nnd Ibe Hon n, all ??' r I ? ? Ij
,,mt ike \> ? ler i Indiana i .-, ? m d
tere during iii- morning to Indicate a ipr id ?' I e
Superintendents and other high-salaried adlftala
turii'-d the snit* ii leveri t" day, bul all lo. urning
were delayed l'r- Went Thoms ,11 a , aid, was about
lo grant lbs incres - ka the wag- ol tba mea, bu
now owing to their samraary scUon "iii noi do o,
A local pap r -ny- thal a ?*
of the Chicago, burlington and Quincy, who can..*
fi..in Iowa to chicago t,, ri I* tr," official- ol
road and secure the sam- pay u-. conductors and
brakemen u- to overtime, did not have t,> .->?? t;.
officials, a i!i-ir demand! i,,t*l been granted belore
they reached ihe city. The new schedule bad
printed and malled before tfie engineer! i* fi borne on
their ni|--l"!i.
-m ?
Chicago, Feb. SS.?Tho O.'K* bUUdred elccttlnil IP'
men at the World's Pair grounds In UM *mpl".. ol
ihe Rxpoaltten Company, went ."it on a sirlhe lld*
niornlng beeaass their demands i"i rm Incres ? ??! ?'?'>
.-nt* n day ta wagei sud time snd b half lor over Ime
und double Hm** for Banda! work wen not a,,-I'd
io. Director of Wori.s Rarnbam says that ho ran ge.
ul! the m?-u hs want* lor tha waeel paid heretofore,
nd that the strike win not embarrass him in Ihe
? ??
ISM ass BRFUBB to hive fp their IANDA.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Feb. 23.?General .i*>i.n Vt.
Meldrum has returned bera from Ins S'lnd River
indian Reservation with Um news that ti"- com
mHalon "f which he was a member w.t.* unable t"
make a ir. aiy for a cc -Jon >.f tends back lo Ihe
public domain. Tlie otli-r BM nil * rs w-re Judge
Prank P. Bterllng, ol Helena, and R, B. Cramp, of
Aiaaaaas. They w-re at the agency a month and
helli liv connella. Ths Indians Intereated sn -
shonei and Ami':,ime*. They number -i.Ttx*. and
hold ni,.,nt 3,000,000 seres *'l land. The wl.lli i desire
for setUemenl s strip of four mil. along Ibe wntei
ways marking the southern border ot iii- iroc.
Thc Shoshones were wilting to sell, bot ihe An imbue
uoiiid not consenL The tetter offer lo sell Ibe en
Hr- norlh" rn hall of tba reservation, bul much ol
he land l* sterile. Al 'ii" sec'-nd council the Indian
ul mosl fought. The reaervuUon belongs to Ibe Bbo
shout.***, anti lb" Arapaho*-* remain ii|"'ii H mer*I] li)
sufferance. The .iuuil.ni sere reminded ,,f ni , mid
il,-lr rblefn, Wait Coat and Sharp Nc.,-, bei-um*
vrv angry. Wnabnklo, tbe bead mi.f lh?* si.,,
-in,h.-. averted a co ill-Ion by forelng nn ml)..un mei.t
ii. ii' ral Meldrum -ay- Unit lhere eau b- nu treat)
until certain designing white m-n reuse lo lut.-r
.,.,.,. -ii,- Indians fare well, bul an nial,;,ur slos
progress ta ii"- dlrecttou ol tx it uppori.
AHatita. (,a.. lib. 'Jil.Major BdWSld * HsygOOd,
a cousin sf es <io*. rnor llsygood, of BoUtb Carolina,
and ii Confederate rsteran, wa.* taken to Charleston,
s. c., yc-tcniay to be tried tor bigamy. On Ibe train
w-re id- tero wives. Kajar llaygood wen! lo Chi
sags sewn yean ap> umi thin min It'd Hm. Duncan,
WhS was his third vlf-. tue I- -aid *,, b- worth
BlOOfSOO. A y.-ar ago tbs) cnn- h-r-. Several
month- apo tlie Mujor WCUl IO louth Carolina on bn-l
rn--. His vi lt wa- protracted. Ten da) ago Mrs.
Havgood u-.-rr-i that ber husband aaa In Jackaonvllle,
Fla., rich. Bbe w-nt ther- and found him llvlwt
with i young trite abom be bad staiib-d in Cbarte.*
ion. Ins brought bim home and Ihe other wile fol
lowed and had him arre-ted lor Uga my. Ile el
plained thai ii- waa raftering bom an old war wound
while In Charleston for which be bad lo take mor
ol,In.. It was whll- und. r the Influence ..f thi- drug
that be committed what be calls -ti:.- Indiscretion ol
marrying again bsfors hi- wlf- was dOSd.*1
Milwaukee, Feh. ?3.?The business men of Cii* cl!y
nre complaining at the treatment they li.tv.- b? B
stibji'cted IO at the hands of the out.Ide |n-tirane,
companies. The Manufacturers' A-soi-la.lon Iii- pn
pared a mu which win ta tetrodaced te the i.-'-i-i:
lure, and they have l-eii assured of ll* pa.sa gc Whit I
declares all eomUnaUoiis tatweOS insurance eompeale
to fix rat-- of teaaraaos in Maseautal te ta iib gai ami
unlawful und name- I SMlSS of p, millie for riototlOS
thllSOf. Ti.!* 1* one of thc moat ilra-Hc nici-u.-s
directed ai ihe Insurance companies ever brough! be
fore the Legfadsture, and if successful, win revets.
llonlie tbe insurance buslncs. Di the State.
DEXTS OP V.vr.i'i!'. RIXSR,
From ibo upper logions of the Rudson n pro
eesston of ic* Hoes sw.*pt Into the hap yeater?
day, crri. d down by lbs ebb tide, For i time
they were stationary, anti then with the flood
titi.- they rushed up the riv-r* ami sf*io?l lik-> a
bric!< wall ii_,:i;:-f tlio OIIBet of thc '-'?? lines
which floated down the Streams. '1 h.. ic- ;:"r_"l
and choked th.* Barrow channela, ami spread.i
Over the bay. Th" .now which th.* *'li;plo-, es
of Commissioner Brennan have 'Jumped from The I
ends of tho piers .erred to cement tli" e.-ik_s and
Hors Into Balds ..f lee and .-lush through whpj,
vessels -,-.ii!, the iharpest prows could hardly
mal;,* their w.-iy. The snow wilie" lm* fallen in
tl..- Issi few days ha- still further bound together
tin* ice masses, ami ;. low. berrina temperature
is nil that i* needed to cover th** bo*.mi of tho
harlmr with a c tat of mall.
The southwest wind sent the ic* over to thc
Brooklyn -ho,,', mil hurried tho Boes ami frag?
ment's into tin* larry slip.-. Several ferryboats
broke dotti* and tnnis.erroti their pssseugers Cir
ii'iai-, c.,ai bargee mil lighter- were imprisone I be?
tween frozen ban leis: schooners nial steamers
?br. .-iti ??:?? :,:,. hore, anil accidents and collisions
took, place at all hours of ih,* day ami night A
lunn standing upon the sea-wall at tho Battery
' oi,bl, with tin* ai'l of a gm,'l ?py glass, see three
accidents going on at th,* sam. i:. The Annex
'mat No. .*. received a blow- yesterday which
sprung her tim .!. forward ami .-ont a sliivor
through her n-am.*. sic wss following in the
wa!.,- ,,f th,- i,i-' Maryland. Both boats were
loaded v. nil railwaj coaches li il.-1 with passengers.
The Anne*. ' oat was tripping along gleefully in tlc
open space cleared I.v the Maryland, when the larger
boat wa* stopped by tin* pressure of the iee.
Tho Annes ran into tho reai of the Maryland
with a hamp that resounded over the harbor.
Tin- on Ines were reversed nnd both boat* escaped
with little Injury, Thc pas-cngrrs in the roaches
were considerably shaken up. The steam-heating
attachment on nae of the car- on tli- Annex Mal
was broken and clouds *.f steam came forth. A
i,fitly passenger lay on the deck of one <>f tho
busts .mil cautiously peered over the Bide to see
ii the vessel were leaking. Ihe boats were soon
separated. The Annes boat turtled lier bruised
Dose In another direction and mad-- lier '-wn aray,
She was not finite ko handsome sn she was before
tho accident, bul sh.* knew more.
William ?,' ic-.-, t ?? Battery boatman, went
out iii a rowboat ye lei day to carry meat to the
steamer White. Crosa On the war back from tho
? * ? lu- Kori- was caushl In the Ice and waa held
la I rise-like grip by tl,.* floes which surrounded
it '!'h.. Government tug Catalpa, which wis
pa?m.*, i ame to hil a?siBtan *', and Ihe crew iri*"l
to i.-i'.a* aboard not only th venturesome Quigley
i ri lila bul. On ii'-, 'int of th- overhang or the
tug th" host could not be Uftcd on board. Tho
lee floe lill ti,.' frail era fl on the bott,mi and
throat, ii- 1 to '? ri it to pieced
"Ul stay where I am," cried William Quigley,
"before lil have thi* boat smashed?legge!"
I .- crew released their hol-J and down went
i" at, t.i ,!.;? v .-uni sll. Th,* Catalpa steamed
i-h tin* boatman hemmed la by lee
A dosen t. * pa?I liiiii without offering
assistunc** before the li. S. Croeby rescued him.
I'.-.- ti.'- time the boat was opposite Pier A, and a
crowd ni ipectators lined the shore watching the
adventuroo'of tbe boatman.
Th" pri'l-. ol tha ferrytnaster, tbe ria-'!.*
VTIbmu, put "in from hef slip at St George yes
terda) morning st 0 o'clock. In l tew minutes
si,.* was imii" i'l--1 iii a ib-ld of lee and wss a*
hoi pleas a* an Infai I. Kitten ling 1 H. dlow'i
I-i.h.'I was au expanse "i Ice which waa almost
impenetrable The trust ui W'iman strained and
I io A,,!-* l.cr woy through the ice until
? her pa hi'.- wheels hroko. lu h-r tte walli
of rustle Williini she halted snd signalled for
I!.,- ferryboat Northlleld passed half
:,u hour la'* r op h.-r way Dcm Sow-York lo
St, (.* r ? The i ap! kin ol il" Erasl is Wiman
-.il that ti?- boat wss In no Immediate danst?*r
and the SorthUcld went to hey Staten Island
-lin and then returned to the h"!p <>i her e'*t. r
boat She made fast to the Erastus >Viman with
a hav. r. ran "it a gang plank and transferred
the |it-.--:i-t rs. The Erastus Wiman was flnally
releas.il and towed hf two tugs i" Bitten Island
for repairs.
ll,.- captain of the lames Turpie, s British
.?I which was lying off Bcdlow's Island, i ul.
a limit al tho lee-bonnd harbor yes-enlnjr morning.
then he got hi* ship auder way and put to >-a
half ii day before ho was ready. Ho preferred t\
Mom, upon tbe op'-n sra to being pounded by
treacheroii! ice Ho--* In th" harbor. The Nor?
ri balk Kassel, in tow ol the hark Garfield,
was eau th! In tl" ice. She signalled for assistance
I'.-, ihe unit'-'l ??ii""t- ,,: i" ir tugs Mi" waa drawn
in!., clear water near the Sew-Jersey shore. A
luglmat and Imr tow, a long car it at, were held
in ti.,- ic- tor boura beloit, the) il away. A
Pusey little tug waa steaming alu. . yesterlu) after
no ai t< . ing a car float Itohlnd _ r was ano liter
tug wit ii a similar low. Tin* lirs! tug stopped
..ml lier low almost ran o'or h-r. Tim second
tug ara* soon in close quarters witt, tin- first tug's
tow lil li,,ut ami Win almost crushed hy tn.* float
bchiml her. The Margaret .1. Sanford took lm..
breathing spells in her work "f towing a big barge
loaded with eight cars. Tor an hour sh.- bardi)
ino., tl au neil
I be ht. alic rs < -hioogo < itv and White < 'rose w>'i"
anchore'l "il Liberty ls rr.I. They tii rr ?-* 1 with
co h other ai-i-i-s tin- Icc Hms winch separated
ll cm au I plaiiicl io ell pe. I lc* ( hm:i_ . City
.ii:..:;?-.i h.-r anchors, ilrlft-il serons t" the Whit.
i r?ss, and tia- two vessels started down thc bsy
ins their anchors together. Tu i busybodies
)|, ll... .,,!-,? ol hi lot- i. ,' til" tWll -I" llln'l -
? lear, and Umk tie-in to widely separated um-hor
aites. Tlie Tillie Starbuck li:.*_._;_.***.-..? tii-ssle with
,!,,. ic,.. I'?,i M'.'l"i ut ?' inl.-rb rc I ami I.mk h-r
to Krle Basin for repairs
Ami wi ie re wa- tio- Shuckamaxon all thi- tun-"
Wi,,!,. iith'*i boat- arerr being torn, crushed ami
smashed, notldng lesa than au explosion In mill?
stream oi Mnt "Ht njuare In tte ?slio.il.l have kit
i_.*.-.|~ i -r. N\ ir11 hoc usual perversity she matle
. \,-i\ run on schedule time, an I safel) an |e*l lilia
Italian Immigrant!" fr. I'l* Wand t" the liar*.*
Otliee pier, One 'I th-* VVe??hawken |orryl->iat*
...,. i?.| i in the [ce I - ov-*i three hours yt -t"i lay
,,,, riling. The lh Inly-ninth BtroH Ferr, almn
I'... .1 Its a i ? I e entirely, ami the Hamilton and
Vtlantic Avenue ferri-a ran limier difficult ie*.
iii" Pennsylvania Railroad bool X w-Brunswiek
broke her rudder and waa laid up for repairs.
Two 'oi' wen? rn, by the Pennsylvania Company
o? ih" t'ortlsndt-st. '-ne and three <>n the Bes
brosse* nt. route. _
Tin* ru.- ni! -lorin- .*ln. li hare swept over Hit*
Atlande in the teal lea tia-, s have delayed many *.r
Ihe dover pneaenger steamers and fr.-l_r!it resect*.
Th.- laiii.ia. ..f c ?? Anchor Line, wbleh tefl Oil
, ll I'cln-nrii. I. I- i\ ti.iv- b. lund Rme. stn- lundi
her lat pssssge from Glasgow, bul December, In
f,.un, "ii .lay-, snd la lammer she has frequently
Uni.ii'-ii her trip In eleven days. She has i large
rargo and boko pn -cn era. Tho steamship Frame.
. r th ? Rational Line, which teri London on
February 8, bal boen out betore ai tong ai twenty
one days. She nsnaUy sukes her trij. in from seven
i,-ii to utimteen Amy i. The luntburn-Amerlran
.iiti-r Taoradna bas buReled the save* lor twenty
i.hys. -li- was due rn le-isi Ave days ago. Tm
Lepanto tefl tin- j* Tt of Antwerp twenty-two dayi
sgo, rh*- oil tani steamer Mannheim lias i., on
the way to New vcrk -luce February" L lbs lia
bern known to stay oul loner. Th* Nonrdland ulled
from Antwerp on February II. She btoEh lier sbsfi
,,n her last rorag-. and near bai a new one. The
Moravia, which i- several days overdue, tefl Hamburg
.ii February 7. She stopped severs] dar* al I'ortl.ind,
i - i migrants on boord.
Erl**. Fenn., peb, BJ i.-i-ct iaii -Btladed by the
-no?*'*irm of lt, day. ttagfaeer M. Rrown plun_id Inlo
Ragtnoor lomas OUPi mglae sa the Laka ..iinr- sad
Michigan -oulli-rn li.iilroiid at VticMitfe. tUO was
killed uud lil* lire mau WM tU-OWu irom the eugine, ]
wliich ran away witli thc dead engineer, and was not
ttopp.d for a nillo and l htlf. Muara was totally
iiijuud and Iii- li.oman crippled dr life.
Stag-ton, N. V., Feb. S3 (frpedall.?Many of the
railway tram* hi thl_ rldnlty ar.* -till snow.
b mid. Th- We-t Shore trains arc -till miming lr
regularly, even with two cngtnei on each. Tko Stott
Ulll Valley lin*' I- yet blot ked. one train with throe eu?
gine* started from here yesterday afternoon, bul
tended in a drilt nt Oardtuer. Rvery engine on the
mai I* now lied up lu the snow, lt 1* ..aid a thaw
mu.-t be awaitid to release Hiern. The lister ami
Delaware trains aro hu ling -Brough boldly with their
paaeengef tm-lin--, though mach behind, the drift,
near Pine Hill betag twenty-five feet d**ep. Thebtony
Clove rood ta blocked.
RTatertowa, R. Y., F**b. _.. ?The total fall of snow
throughout ihis part of n.iilum Rew-Yorh te yester?
day's sb rm waa aboul aU Inches. Nearly all trains
have been run aa the Home, Watertown and Ogdens
burg, though 10ms ol th.-m iind hard experiences
routh snd west ol bert. To-day no tr..i,bi.* i- helm*
eypertenced. Al Aider Creek, on the ['..lea line, toa!
night, a ti.ilnmun. who aaa teni back i" ilau' a train
following iii-, lost iii- way in the saow, and, after
?an Inn. lor him. hi. train waa -cut on without him.
ll- f.,m.tl a shelter lu a farmhouse.
Belvidere. R. a.. Feb. S3.?The Lehigh and Hudson
Railroad ls completely il. .ked with -now. .Ml trains
are al a standstUl, and lhere were n doaen trains
stalled along the road this morning between Belvidere
and Warwick. Tbe road bas been closed linea yes?
Reading, Penn., Feb. ?_'!. Tao Reading and Colum?
bia, the Schuylkill and Lehigh, and tn- FesMomen
railroads, which I,nv- been il . kati*ti willi snow since
yesterday, have not yet i.n opened. Thc Schuyl?
kill ami' Lehigh la so l tully drifted lhat li 1- not
likely traffic can ,!,.' resumed%before to-morrow.
Many *,f tim long cuts ar,- ci mi I- til*. Ulled with snow,
This will have to be slmvil-d out. Reports from
rural district* -av tbut \Vcdne* lay'- -torin was more
disastrous limn lue blizzard ol 18*8. Country roods
are . I most Impnssa! le, and lancers cannot attend
It i- learned lhal Un* !'? nn-yhauia. l*ou_hk_epsle
aini Boston road, which ls <!? pended upon by th"
Rending lo carry ii- N'ew-Endand business when th"
Lehigh and Hudson is miall,* to handle lt, ha* live
engines In a snowbank at Dintlelsvllle, Pinn., snd tbat
Tb- mail has been shut since Bunday night's storm.
This road runs from Kb..biston, Penn., to Maybrook,
N. v.. through a n-cllon Inaccessible lo direct com?
munication here, and lt- actual condition was un?
known until thi- morning. lt will take several days
to open th" road.
Lancaster, Penn., Feb. 23.?The passenger train on
the Reading and Lancaster Railroad which was
caught lt, a snowdrift nine miles north of here carly
?.. -i.:-.i.-,v morning wns extricated nt midnight, ofter
i..ii:- engines hod been senl In ii - sssistnnce. It was
till-d with pa?' i-.'-r-. who lind a tiresome walt. A
large gang'of .hov,lier, tried to clear tim track, but
iii- snow wai blown back ni tost ss lt wu- token
Halifax, N. S., Feb. CI.-Tl.e over-due Alton Lire
steamers Restnrtan and Mongolian eas_e into port al
B.30 o'clock thi* m ming, In eortpany. The Hoogo*
lim, which left Liverpool on February o, encountered
gales during the entire voyage. The Ors. day out
from Melville the -Mp made only IIB miles. Tre?
mendous seas ,were running and the deck wa. r
pea.edly swept, but no serious damsse ami thine.
The m..i .*.iipin bronsht iwentv*iwo cabin, ?"? toter
mediate nnd 3*5 -.rage passengers.
Tiie Nestorlsa also had i tempestuous passage.
For atna dnvs ana battled "i'll s eontlaaoai gate
nnd seas that at times ran mountains high. Toni
,,f wster iwept over tn-r, carrying away skylight! an*l
ventilator-, and starlin; several of ihe deck houses,
Several ot the crew srere rn tee ..r i-*s injured, one
having hi- collar (".ii" broken. Two of the porte
weis* stove by itu sea*, and ths cabins were loaded.
?? rn
ip ;tip.te*,4 Harbor i< orswded with l< abound
vessels and several of them are in danger ol hiing
wrecked. lt took the tuc ('len Caae, Captain Peat-,
,,:i day yesterday to reach the steamboat wharf with
two bargea i"-uied with coal. Tba -loo;. Plowboy,
( 'ptain Anion manor, wai in a daageroaa position
*,.- terdag "If IhO Yellow Hanks. The _l,,op Mary
RSaabOth, Captain Harry, was palled .m. of the Ire
ami towed to the steamboat wharf. BUs waa dsassgsd
. iiti-Menihly. Doth bOStl itt- own-d by tt:-' Oleo
Core -t.ii..-!i Company. Captain Putts til.rt to pull
out Iwo other vessels with hts tug-boat, but could not
move them.
Halifax. N. g., Feb. S3.?A howHng bflsasid raged
hera yesterday afternoon. There ls more enow on
in- -greets "f Itottfax to-day than there has been
fir twelve -rears. It ls piled np t,> inch a h.-l^rlit
at to make it dangerous fr all vehicles.
TO MEET Tl l?vv.
John w. Poster, who i.ime ex-Secretary of State
yesterday al noon, arrived al Ihe Fifth Avenue Hotel
las) night. He waa accompanied by H. G, Smith,
hi- private secretary. Mr, Foster, when Baked If he
expected t" swerl .inti--- (iresham la Xew-York, -aid
ilia! be did not know that Mr. Cleveland's choice for
Se* r.triry of >tai- wai in Hi- city, ind did not know
Hut lu* was coming. Later Judge Oreeham telegraphed
io Hr. Foster, however, sad arrangements were nude
foran Interview, to bs held to-day.
Mr. Feater, when hm by u Tribune reporter, r-ald
lhal li- would leave New-York tomorrow al -1 p. ni.
fm- Europe. H.- i. c.,int,* io Paris i" attend the Inter
tiattoii.il Tribunal al Fail-. France, to arbitrate tke
Behring Bea dispute. Senator Morgan, wh.. 1- al-.,
.me of t!i- arbitrators, reached the elly las! night and
will -ail on tlio Min" steamer with >ir. Foster.
Mr. Foster -aid thai tin* feeling among Hie public
men at Washington, Democrata a- wefl aa ll* publi?
can-, was iii favor of Hawaiian annexation, and lt
aui hoped thal Ihe treaty would !_* retitled at thia
?.-ion of Congress. The Commissioners were especial!)
anxii'ii- t" complete tbe treaty, and Mr. Poster said
ks i "iiiii iee ao reason for delaying the affair until
the next session of Congress.
Judge Walter y. Gresham, who left Chicago rather
hurriedly Thursday, arrived In New York bul evening
and i* at ih- Buckingham Hotel. VVben several news
paper reporter! called al the betel the Information
thal waa given oul by the clerk! wa- that Jadge
<;i-.ham waa ?? not In." lt was learned, however,
linn Judge (,ro-hnni did nm leave li- nu.ai at the
hotel aft-r ld- arrival, and that he spent almost
the eatlre evening in conversation with ex Beeretar)
Bristow, who called st t ie Buckingham about .
At 10:13 o'clock ih- coming secretary of State tele
graphed lo the Fifth Av_nae Hotel and ex-Becretar.
,i I n \\. i ,,-t-r. who ls there, **os communicated wit!..
Judge (iresham asked Mr. Foster If an Interview eouM
be arranged for imlay, ll. T. Smith, Hr. Foster's
pi I vs.ivan. immediately calle 11,? ,i? ige ,,r,*' nm
ami arrangements were made fm' a conference t., :?
held to-day. lt ls aapposed thal Judge Oresham will
go rn Lake*.1 this evening or to-morrow morning ri
-??? Mr. t ? .eland.
iak.\.I. N. J., Feb. 83.?Hr. Cleveland ?ld
to-night, tu reply to a question ss t . whe he- Judg*
(iresham would be here lo-morrow: ?? I sro thal hr.
*,ie-!i;uii i- i . be in Ni'.t York to-right, bul i ito not
know wheller he will oome ii i.-tk ?-.?., m to-moriow
or nm."
There were no collers ai de col tag j tudu .
Melville w. iiiil-r, riiif Justice ,,f tha Catted
State! Supreme Court, I- at the Fifth Avenue Hotel
ind lt wa* learned yeaterday Hun the Chief Jaatlre
hai no Intention ol radgntag sad returning to liU toa
practice In Chicago, lt baa been r.'is.rt.ti thal chief
justice Fatter intended to resign koo after tke ia
riii.ii.ntmu of Mr. Cleveland, but the report wai
evidently without foundation. The Chief Justice, whoa
Been hy a reporter lor The Tribune reaterday, -ail that
he w.atld return to Washington to dav. and thal he
would mit tare Ume m vi*;t Hr. Cleveland at Lake
?- ?
Bprtegfletd, m., gah, S3.* A joint reaolattoa pro?
viding for t!ie appoint men, of a coniniltt.f three
to teveatlgata ulleged ill, gal operations of th,* Whi-kcy
Trust was presented In the State Senate today by Mr.
Salomon, of Chtoeaa. The laatdaltou was adopted a'
once ainu st unanimously nader a BBBpSUStOU of tiie
rn!-.. In Hi- House th.* rraolatlon was sharply fought,
but waa adopted?IIS to IS.
Meda, nhl". Feb. Uk?The bmu who came here for
Un- parpsOB of forming a Irttst anning lite heating Sud
vi tllatlng concerns of thc country hive departed
witli,mt a.-,"i-npli-liing anythlni. In .hut direction.
Thev lound that Uiey could nut acree on uni tung.
Ria.din., s collapse snows FURTHER FFFEOf
The effect of the collapse ol the rhilailelplila
ami Bending Railroad, couiing at a li'ue wlu-n
linancial circles wer** dkRuibed over the question
of th** National .urrency. w;_. Shawn Ir the stock
market yesterday IR a uion* marked manner thau
wimn the receivership was ansonnosd sr Mondup.
Other unhappy featnrea sunk as the uns'ttled
sentiment ereutud BS KgUrde the affair-* of tue
Northern PuelSe Railroad, hy tka recent toped of
the stockholders' Investigating committee, am. ths
-witclinion's -trike on thc Chicago belt Line road
?cave encouragement to ths bear faction, and
tlmre was a laid on values which grew In VSMSJ
BB thc day wore an, leaving finnl prides materially
below the last quotations cf Tdeeday.
The uncertainty a.* to thc -Hair, of the Bead*
ing system was Increased T,y tin* Bunounoenent ot
rim resignations al Churles Parsons. pr**-..i-ient of
the New-York und New-Enr/land Railroad, and
the directors wh i have ropported his po'iey. Th*j
1'ribuiie has foreshadowed this'step amt explained
the reoaooj tnat have lo-i t-, it. Mr. Pbisoob un
dertook to work the New-England road SR a
strictly business ba is, ami lils business capacity
,s so widely recognise1 thnt Hu* invest irs in tito
property arere encouraged to Rhpc thal he would
Ito able to glace the company upon ifs fe*t iu a
f. w yean. To relieve the management froai un
endless nantes, against speculative aoScmoB hf a
more or less hurtful nature, the voting trust fog
live years was proposed. The plan Bailed through
the opposition of the New-York, How-Haven and
Hartford Intel-cut, coupled with tlie indisposition
of operators, who have been allie to use N*w-1'.no?
land stock as a football at tho Stock Exchange, to
co-operate in tb.** Parsons plan of campaign for
Kauring an Impregnable position for fl.* New.
lin.land roal. Tim entrance of tlc* Reading
Syndical?? into the New-England board of .iirecfors
complicated Mr. Parson-'** plans, snd left li im nu?
able to carry ont his purposes of developing the
property on legitimate railroad li;n-s
In his loiter of resignation printed herewith,
I'n -i lent PUiaotBS r*'fer* to the att*'nipt of the M*>
Leod party to expel him and his friends fr un tho
management of New-England when its purchaao
was made last BBMIUCT, or at least to obtain ub'.o
lute dnminaneo. Tin- r".*istanee to this poli??)* on
th" part of Mr. Parsons and his friends is yet to
be fully instilled, hut the opinion iii Wall Str**et
la that it has beep oonflrmed In its wis lom, to a
large extent, by 'I1** downfall of the Beading prop.
.Tty under the McLeod mailagCUMUt. The Par
sons' control of the New-England will ito -leliveew
to the stockholders on Mardi 14, with the record
of numerous Innrovemento effected und *r un?
toward conditions, Th** new BURigement sehctel
by ihe siocklio'tl'Ts will bear futur*' resp msiliill
Fha resignation 'if President Parsons was ne
oepted ;it a special meeting of tl," New-York and
New-England Board With it were submitted tho
resignations as dlieete-S of charles Iwanaga, jr.,
ClanT.ee S. Day, William LuaimJB an 1 Anson R.
Flower, td take elTeet on Mardi 14. Theta were
fourteen direct r* present out of a total boord
numbering nineteen, the prineipal men nb.ent
being those closely identlQed with ths Pea-lin*?
Boston and Maine -combilla!inn. The only loller
accompanying these resignations that wont hujung?
Ibo Beete firm of resignation, was that of Praident
1'arsons. whicli was ns follows: ___-*
To Hie P.o-ird of Directors of the New-York nnd New
F.iigianti BaBrood Company.
Oenttomini _-?-\?tnt asentka ago iepr lentationa
w,*re mad- io BM lhat a contr'liing lnlore-t In tho
-tock of thi.mpany had boee acquired by pjrttee
who derired i" tuna.! tee management of tb*- road.
Mv personal preteraoea at tba. Rms wa*, if >u-*h
represent sttods eoatd have boes eorfSed, to retire
from tba eharge "f tbe road, but lt i-eemed to me
my duty to remain through wi tbe year, to return
tlie property to it,- itockboMen who ind Intrusted
li te the present minagement, snd permit the fcelco
tion of s saeceeding one lo de* Ire apou them.
Recent developments hiv- 1.a such a* to convince
me that ly -., ib.ine the interest! of tba eompanf
have in no way been prejadlcel. lu view el tho
approaching annual nsertng lt -<? m* pr..p.*r ls ma
'o now make known my intention of rettrtag fnia
ihe magdgement, and I herewith tender my i?l-i-n
linn ia president of the New y, ric and Rew*BsghaS
Railroad 0**apaay, te take eSeet ea March 14. i*;?3.
l il \KI.F.s F.VI.SON8.
There was unnecessary epeculetioa in Wall
Street yesterday regarding tbe m ttlves that h-d
to the action taken bf the Parsons dents! at
this. time. Some sarprise wns expressed thnt th*.
resignations of Mr. Puraoas and hi- friends wets
not withheld until the annual BMOting. Tho
directors who Intend to lettie declined publicly tu
discuss this matter, but from Bootees close to them
tin* situation wa-* explained. Mr. Parsons .ns
not felt himself Justified In surrendering the con?
trol of tl?" management of New-York and New
Englund to the McLeod pany until that party
demonstrated it.* power at tl.- regular siestletb, .
To retire now, after th.* downfall of the Bending
Railroad, would be regarded a.*. moat Inexeun
ai>!*\ if tli" claims of the McLeod _jmdlcate aro
admitted. Bal while entirely imiispos" I to cuter
upon any contest to retain th** management. Mr.
Parsons, it is understood, has tell that in vieut
of the Beading eollapse bs was bonni t*> make
cleat the intentions of himself au! lu. friends,
If the New-England stockholders. In th** lulu of
the catastrophe in Reading, are mtiaSed te eCool
a change in management Mr. Puison will retira
;ift.*r delivering the property in a wrcditubhi _hap?.
The tim" is brii'f before tbe closing of New-Eu*g>
land's transfer book, for the Beatteriag stock
holders i? organise tteroselvea against any gss>
tinuance of Rending control, ami Inti** work could
be accomplished without tho aid of some power?
ful int. i -t.
lb-re ariana Ibo tpsestion whether the situa-*
tion may not develop an opportunity by which
the New-Haven Interest may be able te ii nish
tbe emile**, speculative squabbles oreg the Rust*
\oik .md New-England toad which bare kept
railroad affaita in the New-England States un?
settled for many years. The an-w.-r Mate Iar.t_o.y
upon the tlevelopuicnts in the affairs ol th*' BonSV
iim Company. If the linancial position of that
.nunpuny has boon impair**! by any OUtSBfie rail
iomi rentutea ih*> geeesattiea <?f the Bsadiag^i
reorganisation may make the way e.i-ier l.ir the
VIotgan-New-Hnveg power ts dos,* Regotlntingg
im the acquisition oi tia* New-England. If thera
is a control of Knur-England exercised Independ*
ently af ths Bending as a company, the synili
tate will be tax.sl to its uttunst in any endeavor
to retain power in the face iji the public senti?
ment growing against lbs SMntpubSssg of tha
recent McLeod schemes east of the Hudson Hive.
and with tba still existing hostility of the Penn
sylvania Railroad and the Kew-Raven-Vnndags
lilt interests, l'erlrips it was this recognition of
the outlook which Ld to tl,.* heavy fall iu tua
pri"o of New-England stock yesterday.
Thc new phase given to the Bogling situation
by the public announcement NSReet-BR the at?
titude of tba Parsons putty in'-Nev.--York ami New
Rngland almost threw into the background dis
c!i?-ion of the affairs of the lii-st-nunied company,
lhere were no announcements from Philiddphia
respecting lbs eondiiieu of Hu R'-adinij's ll nancee,
although then is aa earnest call for information.
The delay ol th* reeeivua in faruieb|nu somo
i icliiuiiutry exhibit has increased the fe*'lin_r of
depression, anti tl.* stock rolled-d this in a further
important decline in the stock market. Other
leodine* cial interests arc suffering from Ute un?
certainty as to Reading's condition, and tho held in
left open fot bear attacks that depress the value"

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