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frightful wuperiexce of a bboe-sxaixr
netectlon in a swindling UanmctiOfl I'd a mun to
ittcmpl murder and then tn commit -ult bb' In GeOT|B
Bttterbaed'a abos atore, al X'*. 108 Madlaon-ave., yea
lerday ui!erii,"t!i. Tbe a_aa called Mansell -Oaepti
liaere. ile was abm. Uiiny yean o',d. rilul wu. well
dressed. ii" was unknown f> Bitterband until a weak
ugo when bc w.iit tn Hie store anal ordered a sato of
.hues Vi billi w.-:e to Mst BJ. When iiskt-d tu BMkl
u deposit, liket*. enid lie l_-*l no eltnB|e, but would
puy toe tiie abaci wben they were rea ly. ile went
back tu tba atore about l p. m. yeaterday, ami tried
on the shi*? uTiiiii unod lils toot perfectly. Then bc
o.'tertd in payment a ebeck foi BM. ibe cbeeh imi
been Amara on Dm Mmiay HUI hank, nt TMiaVare.
ai.u Forty sevciitb-st. it was inr.de payable to '-J.
Haere," unu wu* HjjbiwI By "Flank Bream.'1 Haere
sal*! be Ubtd Ibe BtKKM .sd well timi be would have
a paR ot pa toa, lamber aboea made ateo. RR.erbnod
niltbl take out ol tba clicclv Hie money lor both pairs.
1; Ut er l*a 1.U answered llmt bc did noi have the chanfe
In tho More, but would g*-t Ibe check cashed .viole
Lac- wa.s bellin n.e.i-uivd ior tbe patent leather aboes.
Hltlerbund's helper, Jucob Mans, waa lu tlie store at
the liine. Rltterband, who was .suspicious of fraud,
went dueclly lo tia- bunk and presented the ebSCfe
tiicre. Tho cashier banded lt back arlu* tbe statement
Hut lt was worthless. There vere BO funds there
lo meet Ihe lunount ol Um check, tho SBSbtee Mid.
He slamped "no account'' on the check. The denier
l.u..:e:.-ti back io lils store and found Haere walting
there with tbe pair of shoes in his bund. He snatched
tho shoes out ol the hand of the swindler and then
flourished Uie check lu bis lace, with Hie demand:
'? What do you mean by this 1 You aro trying to
cheat ri,,'."
haere appeared to bc excited. " Do you take me
Ior a swindler 1" ho -shouted.
"Yen, 1 do. You g-t out ol here," carnie the reply,
liaere made a OnaB at tin- shoe-dealer, who nu be?
hind a counter. There was a glass snow-cuse on tlie
count.-i-. Lu. re brought his t'..i down ou the glass
and broke it. Then HillelImiHl cauglil hold of Haere
and oidc-i-ed Mans to call a pflltreaiin Laen* drew
u revolver. Al the sight of the weapon Klttcrbund
let go ol the mun and tried IO g-t out of his wuy.
"I'll tench you better than to lay hands on me,"
Beere shouted, and bred al tho dealer.
The bullet attack Oie counter. Haere fited again,
and Hie seo md bullet also mts*.d Rltterband. Mans
run out of Uie stoic*. Rltterband irouihed behind
tho counter ali .<>st paral.vz.ed witt. fear. A third
bullet Hied by Haere struck Kitterb.-md In tho lett
ilde und inflicted a slight flesh wound. Rltterband
tell on Ibe floor witu a groun. Bases probably
thought bo iiad lillie- bim. He Immediately turned
tliu revolver to lils own bend und flied a fourth shot,
Tho bullet entered lils foivbad and lie sank to the
floor Insensible.
Policeman Mlohael Collins, ol Ibo East Sixty-seventh
at. squad, BBB to tlie store with Mans. He called an
ambulance from tba Presbyterian Hospital. Haere
wo* d*-ud vviien tlie ambulance arrived. Rltterband
said he had been hurt desperately, and tbs ambulance
carried him to the hospital. Gills fir a Coroner to
Uko an ante mortem statement nnd make a post?
mortem examination were sent over the patten wiri*.
Then the surgeon* examined Rltterband and found
thal he was not hurt seriously. He was much iv
Ueved In iiis mind, and decided to g*o Lome. The
body of Haere was removed to tbe police station.
in Baeiv's pockets weie found four pawn tickets
for handkerclilefs, sonic trinkets and a bill for article!
purchased at the store of George Bellamy, denier In
men's lurnishlng goods ut Thlrd-ave. an.l Sixty
flrst-st. HellHmy s_ld tbal Baste bad of>red the
check on Monday in puyment for goods worth ?17,
but lie bad rcltised to accept the check and Haere
bad gone away. Haere hud given hts addreaa a*
No. 14 F.a.t .-Ixtlefh st., but he wns not known at
th<t itoiise. lu? ul*o bad referred to Ludwig Ii..sen
berg, of No. 1('<; Beat Eight y-flrst-sL. as u friend
who could vouch fr bim. Rosenberg said bo did
Hoi know Beete.
Park Prtllc-man Michael F. Fallon waa filared on
trtol for perjury before Ri'cord'ir Smyth In General
tiecsfdons yesterday. Eight Jurors were secured. Colonel
Robert Tuwn.e-d is the prosecuting attorney and Lento
J. Grant appears for Fallon. On November 16 the
policeman Bf teated Mas. Lillie F. Coleman, of No. 110
East Forty-seventh-st., as a disorderly person. When
bc arraigned hor before Justice Kilbreth ia the York
ville Police Court, he swore he bud arrested her In
Flfth-ave. It came out, however, tbat be had long
persecuted her with lils attentions. Ho called at her
house ?n'j si,,. aaM abe noaM kare kim arrested,
fcbe started for the police station. Fallon accompanying
her. When timy got tbere be preferred a 'huge
against kw, UBSandora! locked up. jii-ti,-.* KiiUi?-tii
oomniltted him for the action of tie Grand Jury.
The Slnhing Fund Commissioners at Ibelr meeting
yesterday authorized a lens..* fr,un ex .lulg.- Henry
Hilton of a set of rooms In the stewart Building on
Dbe first floor on the Reade'at. side for tbe otteea ol
Hie Tax Department for a terni of titree years ot $18,
000 a year. The Tax ofli* es have been for a decade
snd a half In -Tbe Btnata-Seltaa*." building at ft
yearly renlal of _-t,000. In Lie Beer quarters the
department will ba ve -.,500 square feet of floor space,
with vaults for records and other papers of value.
The present offices have ;i,.;oo square feet of floor
room. The removal will take place on May 1.
Commissioner Daly wa.s requested to Investigate
and report what progress was perceptible In thc
Griminal Court Building in Centre st.
Thomas Fox, an Irishman, sixty years old, was
burned to death In sn attic room of tlie tenement
house No. 107 Lreenwick _t. Betty yeaterday morning.
Ile had lived tbere with his wife for a number of
years, and they paid no r*-nt because they were the
housekeepers. Fox carried a hod when be was not
too drunk to work, but he bad not worked for six
months, lt was said. In a drunken frenzy on
Wednesday night bc beat his wife, and she fled lo
tbe rooms of ii neighbor, leaving him alone In the
altlc. Ho probably upset a lump in his room by
accident, and lt set fire to bis clothes as he inv help?
lessly drunk on the floor. When his wife returned
to the room early yesterdny morning she found tils
holf-roasted body, from which every siltch of clothing
had been burned away. The flames had not set
Ure to the room, fortuilifely, and there was no dam?
age to Ihe house. _ _ _
Mrs. Fox's neighbors said that she had been sup?
porting him bv washing and .(rubbing for several
months und his death would be u benefit to her.
Charles Laster, of No. 17 Nassau st., the general
treasurer of the Hospital f**ittirduy and Sundny Asso?
ciation, said yeaterday that the collection books would
soon be closed and the money already collected dis?
tributed. He expressed tlie hope that all persons
holding collection funds would send (hem to the treas?
urer as joon as possible, Gifts, however, would still
be woic tn*-.
The following additional contributions to the fund
were reported by Mr. Bonier yesterday: Calvary
Church, Episcopal, S-'iOO; Christ Church, Episcopal,
tMOii 40; Church of thc Holy Communion, Fpl-copal,
118-50; Adams Expre.; Company, $.'.0; Church du
St. Esprit, Bpisoopul, gao; Church of thc Beloved
Dtoclple, Epl--opri], (f*J6; A. C. Henihcini, William A.
Du Bois, Abbot-Downing Com pany, ind David Lvdlg.
each Ht! AtSUOt 0. Carter, BBB', st. Btepbea'l Church,
Etotoropul, 810 'Ai; St. hal's Church, Henani Method
Ut, Eltou Avenue church, Qeitunn Methodist, Horace
Waters A Co., uvi Turtle Hay Brewery, each BIO; All
Balnt-s' church. Episcopal, B8S3; Avi-uue A .Mission,
St. George's Church, Eple.pul. IM Ul!.
The seventh annual orchid show of Slebrecht <t
Wad ley, of No. 40. Fifth-avc. opened at thctf tifty
;two green h ii*.-*. Loge ibm Knreeeteta, Ruw-Rtm
clieil-, on Wednesday, and will continue until March 4.
The exhibit itu bides orchids, noble Bataan, roses, exqui?
site fej-ns and handsome foliage plants. There are
also aevenU plants of thc ever blooming kefaatS, ft
n?w variety; a large collection of iinpical Howers
and foliage, Australian tr.-,* ferns that tire ts be
sent to tiie World's Exposition, groups of Hiles, am?
aryllis. Inn, imlc. cannu**, etc. The nariolta* Occupy
eb mt tbli ly acres.
Obx Commissioner George C. Clausen signalized Hie
end of bia lir*t moiftli's service as a public ofliehd
yesterday by presenting to each of lits associates nn tbe
Tax Hoard, Pre-.dent E. P. Barker and Commissioner
X. L 1-arrli. ii costly hill Jewelled gold walch. The
presents were exactly alike, open-faced, stem-winders,
with Roman numerals, and Hie monogram* of Mr.
Harker and Mr. Parrls handsomely engraved upon Hie
barks of Hie watches. The presentation was as In?
forms, as lt was unexpected to the recipients.
"Gentleman." said C-.mn_U._oti_r Clausen, after ba
had divested himself of his overcoat and "arctics,"
and had greeted bis eoPeegeea ns Banal, "you bare
made lt very pleaaaal for me here ellice I l.-tc^T i
member of your Baaed e month ugo. Please accept
thane little testimonials of niy appreciation "f year
petaoaal Madneaa to me and tin- pains yon have taken
to acquaint BM with tbe natara of my duties."
it I* nee4thii in -ny ibal botk Commissioners
prnmptly secepted t'^.^vatehei and iieanliy thanked the
giver. Mr. damien amy always be found at Ills p"*t
In the Tux oiiice dining tout nina boara, and kai
rapidly masterid the 'let-ills el a Tux Commtastoner,l
duties. Messrs. Barker and Farris ure proud of their
** student's" proficiency, almost as ninon aa they ara
delighted trite bb. reciprocal tendencies. They were
vend. 11ng yeaterday what be would gire them lee
- 0
Flbrldg- T. Gerry bas written a letter !?* Tba
Tribune in which he maintain! lhal lix report of bis
address before the Committee fnr Ibe Prevention nf
Mate Reguluttoa of vice nu Tneeday mabes amby
misstatements and misrepresents bim. Ibe j sd
Hon thal bc assumed is ontHned by bim bi a ile.
ment Which ls in juirl as follows:
??I nm not assailing the tegtUmnte th-**atrt-_>l pro
leaston, nor the stage itself. lt kai sinai
a mission to perform, nnd for centuries lt baa beM
bc mirror np to nature. 11 bus prodaeed men ead ewart
of brilliancy nm! genius from tbs (lavs nf flhak-spca**!
down. Bul In Iheee degenerate days lhere lm* 1.B
engrafted 00 lt what ls commonly known ns the 1e|
drama.' nnd nn attempt marte to further bring within
its province Indecent phyitral exhibitions ot the
lowe.t grade. Und ns the modern leg drama ls, ll
ls much worse to have children brought In coi,tact
with many women about wbone private character
the less said the better. Last year Hm Legislature,
for thc first time In lift.-en year.*,
nm-nded tho law so as lo permit the
exhibition of cllldr-n in leglttmute Ibeatrtcal
| business us nn incident to the plat. This winter
un attempt ls threatened to open ibe .Urns to vice
by legalizing song nnd dance In every dive, den,
concert saloon ond dim.* muara IB In this city. And
while the use of children us an Incident le B play
was asserted to i,e necessary nnd noi harmful, and.
to put lt In tlie language of Hie udvocntea ol lust
winier, tn permit Hiern tfl carn Hi. lr own living,
an enlargement el thu! bill BO BS to permit ibe In?
troduction of song and dunce In any llcebaed place
of amusement simply means the rd neel lon of female
children for eventual Urea of prostitution. . . .
??Within the next two weeks Ibe Legislature of
Rew-York ls to !*? asked, it I. sabi, te practicably
legalize the education of children la vb -.* by opening
the door wide as to song anti dance. If an. ii a
luvv passes, my arm falls to protect the children,
because any place wliich bolds ti lleense, be lt
ever 80 Vile, ts In Ihe eye of th**- law a reputable
place. It mfg nt thal every den, dive and concert
euloon shall be allowed to exhibit these unlortunnte
children In song and dance. Tbal simply end! In
vice. You kimw what sort of pla Ota these nre, and
what such licenses amount to. Such places, ll
children are allowed to perform thereto, are simply
sl.ks of Iniquity. ... As an nc! of simple {natka te
myself, and io the toctoty wbleh I represent, 1 re
speetfully ask that you will insert lids comniunlcullon
in your -rateable paper. The mnnugers of reputable
theatres in this city are always, without exception,
warm friends of this Mdety und of myseU p*-r
sonullv. nnd I rio not Intend if I can avoid lt to bs
misrepresented In what I soy concerning th? -lac-.
I have not assailed, ami do not Intend la sessfl,' tba
legitimate theatrical profession. !t hus M warmer
filend than myself, and 1 Indignantly repudiate t ?
assertion that I have made intemperate and unju I
attacks on the reputations of wemen in ihut profeealon,
or that I have denounced the stage as nntblug Uttttt
than thc education of children In tlie rn hool of vice.
1 made no such assertion.''
A. M. Palmer gave a breakfast at tlie Flayers'
yesterday to a number of bbl fellow-manager?*. and the
subj?* t was dlscu.---'d. Among the guests were
Daniel Frohman, Henry F-. Abbey, John BebOeffet,
Frank B. Martha, E. 0. Wanton. Frank W. -unger,
Rudolph Aronson, E. c,. Gilmore. Eugene Tompkins.
A. A. McCormick, li. C. Miner, E. F. Knowles, Heinrich
Gnarled, J. Wesley Rosenquest, >iar<- Klan* and Oecar
Hammerstein. It was derided that the managers
shonld unite in ft slrong prote-t aealnst Mr. Gerry's
attitude and methods in relation to the employment
of children on the stage. A i.ting of probably
nearly all the prominent theatrical managers of tlie
city will be held this afternoon to take further action
on th? subject.
La*t winter lh? law In reg_1 to child actors was
amended, un. th*- managers thought tbal they were
to have Uni? or no further troabie, bat ns -o-m i
lhere was un opportunity for a ted "ase jt was found
that Mr. Deny hud by no means lust bis power lo
regulate attalis* to a con.|dci-ab!e extent, la fact,
the managers who wanted to employ children have
been scarcely a particle better od this Muon that,
they ever were before. Now, Hiey suv. Ihcv mean tn
make a fight, if it i< neeeeaery, fae Mano decided a*i
vantage, lt ls eanally tobe expected that Mr. Gerrj
will Bnpoae U"-m. If they en* ouch on (?round tbat ha*
Mi bert o been lils, with his accustomed determination
and skill.
James Blewlit, w-ho was a dealer In HmcMnlstB'
supplies, at N). 4'J,'i Seventh-see., was adjudged le
tte a lunatic, on thc appbcaUon of bli artie, In lune,
l*fO. In January. 1J(*1, he applied for a, new examl
nation Into his mental condition, end Ibe appUratlon
was denied. A short time later be BMdS another ap
plication of the same nature, aid tl.i- time bbl re
qifest was grunted. A commlssi ,n was appointed,
but Instead "f appen ring before lt Blewitt went to
ew-Jersey, and did pot sppear In Hil* city fur roane
lime. Fnally Ihe comml?-lon was Itt a hailed by the
court. Recently lie made another application to bare
bis mental condition Inquired Into, nnd yesterday Jus
tiro Andrews, I,, tb? f-upreme G.urt, denied Hie mo
tlon. The Court says that Blewitt did n ,t tuite ad
vantage of the other chance, wliich he had of ap peal?
ing before tli? commission, and a-s th" Judge doe*
not think that lie ls capable of taking (ar*- of lils
own properly, bc thinks I bnt lils estate ought not lo
be burdened with Hi-* coat of another proceeding-.
Blewitt declares that his wife ar,<1 children are can
spiring lo keep lils property neray from him. His
business ls mid to be worth about tXBIfiOO.
Th? suit of Charles F. Winch against Wullace G.
Andrews, to rec iver (.fl,500 alleg.d to lie due for
commissions on the sale of stock of th** standard
Gas Light Company wa* Bibbed mid given to tIn?
jury lute yesterday afternoon. Mr. Andrews was
cross-examined by ex-Judge Qedaey, and the quos
tlon of his religious belief was biought up again. Tin
witness -tuck to the story which he had told <m
thu direct ?.-onilnntl/n. At ii o'clock tho Jury had
not agreed and Judge QleBcrlch, In the <i>urt, et
Common Flea*, ordered a sealed verdict lo be brough!
in this morning.
Judge Mc.iown, lu th" < Hy Coutt, yssteidsy ordered
WUUam H. McOlery tn pay I7SS t<> the, nr?, of ti. j.
Lanallan _ Co., of Baltimore, Wilbla (Ive day. or to-rn
to juli. The Min, wus du'* fur a liquor bill, and Hm firm
leenied a judgment, which was not p..id. Metitory was
examined In luppleiuentaiy |,roce?-dlnps, and sln-e then li?
ls charg-d with having dlspo?d of somo of bl. BrOBWtl
lu violation of the order of ihe Cotut.
ludg! McCarthy, la the city Court, ycstcri-iy gave a
judxinent of $77 40 against 1 *iedertek H. Yiiengling, Jr.,
in favor of Brewed Brothers, f?: Hovers. Mi. Tueegllng'i
lawyer wanted an adjournu,e,,t, savin, that his elton! wjs
in ibo Weet, and thal be would be back In a short tim-.
Judge M-Cartliy refused to grunt BM adjournment.
Justice Beach, In Ibu Supr-ni- Court, Chainb'-rs, yester?
day ordered that Mrs. RbM Mn., h.: allow el t? ,,.,. ),, r
boy, who I. four and one-half years old, and who lu*
been with his father for several months. 1 harle. li.
Mo-., Hie futh-r of the child, ls au actor, and he l
sulDg his wife for an ab-olute divr-e. Mr.. Meei liar,
(lied a counter ault, also for absolute divorce, lu Whick
Ike name, Carmencita ai Uio aempoadeah Ho d-nlcs
undue Intimacy wita tbe den. er.
supreme Court Gmeiul Ttim Reeem continue!.
Supreme Couit Ct>amt,er?-li-fore Beach, J.-Motion
lalc.nr . ulled at ll o', lo. a.
hupitm. Court-sj), dal Tenn?Fart I?Before Inarahan,.
J_Elevated railroad cassi.
Si IN cm.- Conrl-.-pwlal Trm-1'ort II?Before Ilarr.lt.
J.?Cu-e xi, Hurley \?. Mil.-.. N,, cul-ndoi.
Circuit c'.urt-l'art I ll?li. fore Truax. J.-hhort eaaeea:
Nos. bfllll, .470, 4047, r,444. MOO, 5111. ,',.t7.', 5.180
?','.',.', Stitt, _7l!i. Dav cal-inlar: No.. MOS 'JT-'O "771'
277:i. Ih'X*. _H()7, lilt.. _.',-7, _?>;,), .401 l.'7'.i' T>._i.*,'
&??>?*>??. 21.8. i__7_, -?-.>?'!. 2A2o, uni, *md 2:1.1 "rrj'
looa . - .
Circuit Court-l'ait I-Reforo Patterson, J.-Ca-ci fiom
Tart lil.
Circuit Court?Fart II?Refute Lawrence, J.?Cana heat
Fart III.
Circuit Court-I'ait IV?Before Andrewi, J.-Case-, from
Part 111.
Surrogate's Court Tltal T r,n-IWore Flt/-er.ild S.?
Will of llobut Kali/e, 10 .10 a. m.
-surrogate'* <V>..-i'i?,i>t> ,* .Before Hat,som s-1 -tit
of Bemoaj i. liv,!,- and win of Maranrei *.raliam 10 :.o
a. m. For proba>: Willa of Mn, B-BWa, Jan- B
Forman, Remy Fr-r. Abbie RVonrhe ??, mjiwln r, yt*\igh.
C. I. Ff-lcl-oii. l'iti-lck M-^tllom, Marl. rVholI F J
l*v*ke, Mary A. Hart, V_v.ik.kk O. Harris, Frederic
MaSSMeaen, John ll. Kell-r. Marla (iarvy. Tcter Tlelnei
lad John J. Rr-lthanpt. 10:30 a. m. __ _ ,
Common I",-a- -te n-ial Tetm-nefor? W-OhofT. 1. J.
in,I Pryor, ?' No.. io. jo. 22, 2.. _ .. ..._.
Common l'l-n--s,.-, ui Term-Befori rrvor, J.-Motinn..
Coa-mau Pleas-Equity Tum Adjeamei until J eu
'"'Voiftc.n I'l-i.-lrlt, T-rm-l'iit I-B-fQ,e, EUAtCC. Jj
Raa. HOI, li:**. IOU. 2r.7. HOM. SOI. IMO. 1420. BOO.
1000, 106., 1062, 1063, 1064. I06.V 1066. IOU,, j-.
I.".,, 1070, 1071. 10T2, 1071. 10;_. 1070, 10.8. 10.J.
10V^,'ee,!'l'.<-,;:-Trr,l Term-Fart II-B-for. Cleg-rich.
1'" lariat".nr?'i\*..--Tri il TlOB Pott III-B-for. nook
itaver. i " i,-c- from Crt I
Raeerlor Court?General Term-Ad:numed for .be term.
f,.:,,'r,,,r t ui: Special Term Bctora FitiSniaa, J
' ">,7f-r'ior Conrt-Eqnlts T.-ri,,r.vdjo.,rii-*i tor toe term.
S'i ,.rl ,r (uiirt-'l lal !'? rn -!'_'t I-ll'-fr- McVd.m. J.
M., .r ian.,.. Voa -''.it; J:i7s, 2010. 2637, 1.68
'' ,s'|, :io. ' nutt Trux Teroill-ait. II sud Ill-Adjournc*
?'citr i u-i't?special Term?Tietttt McOewa, j -Motions.
City Coan Trial Term-Pan }-2jiore Van Wrek. J.-r
v?. T? ?.t un: 1275 ,21. 17-L.'. 728, 11-4. 1260, 1,11.
Ita*, i'i l"'.', is:*.', ll"-, "'.vt. 184. killy JIM.
I-..!'. I?.V.; 1181, ls'I'. ISSI, 1-'-. b-"l. IBSB. I*1""
""I'itt'r u t'-T'rl'il T-im-I'an. Il-P.efote Kitz.in.ons, J
N"? 487 177 KU!), 1816, 1820, 1071, 1816, 1850.
' .'.it , .arl -Trial Term Perl IIl-Betori EkiUefc, C. J?
N'"< ,,^c*el.--!*-i_fTerm_-Part IV -ttetatel"-^jg^r
Rhart canoes. Sos. 2710. 2667, 2S0W. 2?77. -^? -J '
'... ?'!.'". 2S3H. 2889. '-MI7. 2H37, '_..-?. 3830, .4.-,
.H4i! ft*17. I78S! 27-?i i-*9** '-':?s;,? -,s"' -044' *44*'
?'"! :,?*t'!f ,"..?,,. ra.' '.-,*.-lon.-rirt I-Il-fore Cowing. J..
ind u*limnt Oiittrtet-A-to-ney Ma-dono-Nos. 1 to u,
, ? pt llaneral S*?l'ns-Part 11-nefnr* Smyth. R.,
,?.| \--i.!_i,t OI-trlct-Attorney Tea-niend-No. L
, ,r .x-neral Seaaloni -l-art III-netoie Martino. J.,
?nd taaiataat Dtotrlet-Atlomey Mclatyre-No*, l to 8.
lm iusic-._
DICT vi; vi.NST HIM.
The second trial of Colonel Vf. H. Hayes for perjury
mded yesterday trllb a verdict of guilty- AaaManl
District Attorney Barlow s. Weeks made a powerful
iddtem to thc Jury In thc niomlnp. Judge Martlae
charged the Jury after reese* and lt retired nt ?TTiO
p. m. Hy r> o'clock a verdict had been rea* bed. on
lie lirsf ballol thc. Jurors stood ten lo two In favor
if a eonvletlon, end thc neut boUot showed Hie
twelve |o be of on*- mind.
F.\ Judge (ifiiris*** M. Curtis, who conducted lite de?
fence, and evidently not expected a verdict ea Mea,
roe he wns imt to eoail when the Jurv returned.
lt. j. ilaire represented Haye*, and announced ibal
i nioiion fnr a n-w tri.il woojd be ni.ule. Judge
Marline Ihaiiktsl Ike Juttirs for th.ir Bervt.es, aii'l
ioltl them lie believed tb. ir rerdlCl .lilli-Iv Ju I.
Ile remanded I lay ea unUI March a Ior Kalenea.
On tbe fnnner trial ths Jurv was derra le one
for a cniiviiiinii. Ilayei arel aceaaed ?,f auklni a
rai-e alBdavtl in support o( a nioiion le reopen a
lefanlt In a .-nit oa a note. Ha wsa tke lather of
Bim Anna M. Reatta***! child, and ea October ST,
1887, gave ber a promtaaory nate f"t 12,000. Ile
lld imf pav lt, mid she brought a Bal., IO Wklck he
ireri'n-.'ii un defence. Judgment wai given against
i'm. T,, reopen Hie ease he mode affidavit lhal be
lid not owe ML* Keating :i dollar, and tbat he "_ ri *
n Florida on ibe date which ibe note bore. Ina
rims Were both lung drawn out.
DslllBane. Feb. -.'i.?flour dull, nncbanged. r*
? ipi*. 0,316 "...Ts; iMaaneala, l,7M bbto; ab .
? ll-. Wh-iit brm; Ru. D red, ..'.ot. 7.. l | : , :: - ,
.? bmary, 73 l -di 7S l Se ; M -r. h, 75 1 -, 7', :i lc : May,
7- :,-?/ 7_ :i Av. iteamer, No. - red, 70 i 2.71c. Be
? ijiis, 48.075 bush; fttuck, l,'J_j'.l,*ilN) buah; .?_!>?*,
cloud bush. M'lling when., bv .ample, 7:., 77c < "rn
?nsv; mixed -poi and February, 17 X 2 47 .', * .
Ran b, .7 ;; I. 17 7-*.-; Mav, i- ii, 40c : July, 4? 1-2
blt. ,l*?iicr uu.?-d. fi 3-1 ti lie, i;.Ipi
73.107 buah; shipments, 25,711 bush; dock, ri.:,7i7
linsk; sal?. H-j.tio*) buib. White corn, i" -ample,
lu l-3aftlc; yeliew do, _0c. i_u ..rad] No. _
iiii-.- IV* -?-in, -li) 1 3a il I -' : No. 2 ml led \V tern,
;7,. :i7 |-ac. Reel nts, S.oiro bo li. -tock, 104,411
..u*h. Rye quiet; Bo. 3, SA n-k-d. Be. ip'*. 1.41 i
mb ; s-,? I,, M-j.-j-n; | n ;,, li,', i,rm.-r. 6"""1 lo choice
limothy, BIS ."?<>? ||.i. o. ',i In fe Ighta on ?' :' adj.
ili-biilig-d. (n,ton lion,li.nl mtddUog, :< 1 .'e. I'm
i1.|oni quiet; meal iii;,, .-"ju, bulk meals, loo*r
-hiulders, io 8-4e; toni rlear, ll l-3t ; clenr rib
? ide,, u. ; ii.-ni cured, moked, ibonlder., i-j.-; hnmi,
IS-16c; lard, refined, 13 l 4c. Uniter 'tui t; rrenm
ry, fancy, .".?,. .'i*>. . do, fair '*> choice, 2d. --<?. do,
nutation, n-V; ladle, toner, 24c; gool to rhotce, ina
iii:, ell-., line, _*Je . do. fair to rood, l't- JI _'i.r?*
IMCbed, no<\ Eg..* easter, 25c, foffe*. dull; Bte
?ari-oes, tulr. X'x 1 2" : No, 7. 1-.. Rugui ' Bdy ai l
niiv.*: iranntoted, \\\. i 7?. Oopp-r duU; reflned,
ll l ll ll l ic Wbi-kev Brm, **1 24ag] 25.
Bestea, feb. BA Pleoi Quiet, bul Brm. corn
ie niv; sfeiuner yellow, ">',,?; t tjt.- quiet; N" 2
abli,*, 4 1-. sborta I'litiv bal quiet. Pmrlalnni
t.-idv. uniter dull; Western creamery. -?" ' ben.
inlet. Fcc* ateady and finn; vv-.tern e.tra-. -'
kecelpti for lh" week- Floor. 81.170 bb!-, .md :i7,7'i.',
tacki; corn, i-v':u baahs; mli, 73,liW baaba;
.bori-', 211 tons.
ibba_>, Feb, 'Ji?The 1-adlng fulures rnnged as
Arti' 1*?.
vv ? .* No _. Opentnr. ]!!ch',.t. Lo*v?*t. Cloatng.
>l r i.ir v - Tl'i 74'? 7". 7.
lay . 77fl77', 7 ?. 7S 77'.
uv . 73. T5?a 7**al7|?a 7l*ae75**j
t nrn. No. I!
etruiry . IOS 10 * , 4n io1,./."'.
lay . 4.*', *..', ?? . n't t.t*.
I f . 44 . 4i . ,41 , 13'..,4.1', !.t ,
":.'?. NO. 2.
Vhruary . _> i'O', 'J>4 ?.'?',
lay .. SI ia. -'- a i"J'._.i- ?
?I--. Pork, I--- bbl.
loy IPSO 1930 XAVtS i
i ,-!. I- - ii*i nv
! . 1" so 121*1 13 !S 12 so
n!y . 12 :."> I. i'** 1. 1" 1-' -">
I 1 WIS ll ll. -a ll S3 1 1 '.*'.
*-!)? rt li.!.-, pei !.!> IB
! ,. 1" 17 _ 10 17 _ 10 ' 2'j 10 ll
? H-b quotatlona were aa fotlowe: Flour dull, erny
it iint-hangcd prices; No. ;.. ?'!'? i -? . No 2 .ping
? eel, 733-4i 74c; No. :t .pring w!,en., f. n h.. Kit
Sn 2 re,!, n ypri* e ; Sn. 2 ram, 4*1 1 la I ' 1 ., .
*-'.. 'j oat! ?_'*'; 1- Bot; No. a white, f o.b., ::i :i -i., 37c .
in, :i white, 32c . N... a rv.-. 33 l 2c ; No. -j barley, S4<
v',?. 3, l ,,. i,. 12, floe; No. I, i. o. b, :;>i?,r? ; No.
Ilri.\.."1. f 1 iiiP, prim** tlmothj *'I. - -J "J. M
mrk, per bbl. Bis ;.o_gi sos 1-2. Lard, per ino
CIS SO; '-."rt rib* liden, !,., .-. .?un ].. **|,> ?_? .
liv lallel .boulders, boxed. ?*'.) c-7 I -J,' .lilli; stiort clear
Itt-., boxed, 110 Ml tf 01003. Whl,Lev. .l|st:llerH?
i ni .bed i-ie*t]s, p-r i;,Ii,,n, r-1 17. Kuaara, un* liruiir-I.
VtU'I-.. It.Int.. Sbl|.nt..
l"?r bi.l* . 4S._no .a I, ,.
.vi,...,t, i-i-ii. :i.-, i .?
rn, hu-h . .'tl'i.'-O I",'.
ni,.,, i-i-ii.if.-e. ,i 201.non
i"- bu-ii. SOO! cuni
?irl-v, bush .... .IO'," 0 (Vino)
un th., iy ..lu-.- Kichange lo-day lue butte, ,,,.,,
tel was quiet: rreamery, I0*27c; dalry, IBS23c,
Kgt's ipiiet; stilctly freak, 83134a.
Cincinnati, Feb. 83.?Fleur quiet Wheal dull;
Ito. j red, Tje. H.-,.ip... -J.5.S) boah; iNpmen.n,
,.ihs? bu*h. torn st.-ndv; No. -j mixed, 44e. car?
in,,; No. 2 mixed, 34*34 l-3e. Ure Heady, 57c.
?erl? dull, BIB SO. Lard brm, tia ."><>. Hulk meati
inlet, i. io mi. Lm nn Iii llghl demand, .?'l .'. WI l-l. ??
ii f.ur demand; mles, stir. bbl-, hu 17. iiuttir dull.
igg. heavy, drooping, "_'?h-. < lutes strong.
MUwnahee, Feb. 83._-Flo*ir qalet. BTbebt Mendy;
May, 61 _ -i ; No. 2 -piln,-, is, 7*ie; No. 1 Nnilh
?rn, T'.W. Corn lower; No. ll, 38 I-SS SOC, Uat!
nwer; Ko. 3 willie, 31 t-__33t. No. :i vchlte
IU. 34c. Darley qalet' Ka. a. -.-_. l-30-Kle; sample,
linxx-iv. Rye nulet; N'o. 1, j7c. lYovlsions lower'
Kark Mav. gie IO. Laid May, fin -i l a. tint
?etptl I lour, 4,100 U'.ls ; wheat, 43.500 bush- b:ir
.-v, 304)00 bush. Shlpmeiite-FTonr, a.uuo ' bbL;
vheal, 10,400 bmk ; barley, 4,but!.
MtnaeapoBe, Feb. _.*l.-The, range WOS narrow to
lav. 'Ibero were BOOM spread d*-ul.. lb,- iniuki-t
ree about sh-mly at Hie piles of Tiie.da.-, but tho
bise wu, u uni.* weaber. No. l Northern, uM Si
Mle und No. ii Northern nt lille. The bining wa- by
be miller-:. Becetpt! Ol wheat her-, for two .liv
vere 535 cars, nnd ul Duluth and Bupertor Sd ran
.lose, February, t_i l Sc: Mac opened B7 7 Be; high?
lit, Udc,; low.--,!, i;7 3 un 07 1.2(*Tnnd d'-*ed, ti7 7 re?
illy opened OB 7 nc; highest, 7uc; luneet, 00 i'J-:
l ',-od 7*v-; on inn ir. No. i hard, o"o; No. i Northern!
.", l ?_?(?; N',,. 8 Northern, <i2??i4c.
I'liiliKl.lplila, Feb. 'J3.-Flour-Market conilnued
'?ry dull; prices were Weak. Itye tb,,ir qulef and
teady ut 10 23813 30 p<-r barrel fur choice Pennsyl
?ania. Lu, kw bent (lour quiet and easy; B2?r|U20
-r 100 ih for new. Wheat- Prlcea underwenl no
m POI -lani Chang! up tO tue closn OB call. No. 2
?ed February, 70a 7*; l ie ; March, 70 I 4a 7H l iv
Vprll. 77 l-3a773-4c; Mav, 78 :i l?:.i,-. , ,,ru
'pti'in market weak and prices declined 3-8c No
; mixed February, 4H 1-2#4S :i ?]<?; Marci, t - ;i -
I'.-.; April, 4SS-Sa_S0-8c; Mav, 48 3-4o4llC
mi- Market fer ear b.is weak and i ?_?.? lower, under
i ligiit demand and increased pressure to irll
'uliices were Imic! Iv e. n nd unchanged. No. -J while
-bi univ, -KI./40 1 je ; Mnti'i, 40 1-4140 3-4c ; April
'i ll-in:; ie; May. 401-4^403-4. Egg* weak
ml lower; Pennsylvania iii i*. 83.1*4e. Relined
ligar* <|iilet nml .t-ndv ; cubes. 5.00c! tatt tige
* ?-i. ; itandard powdered, oAhSo; Inc granulated,
.-ic; itandard granulated, 4 Mle; crown A 5.00c
ryatal .v. 4.81. ; double refine-] diamond A. 4.Mle;
on fcc. loners' \, 4.00c; rest star A, 4.50c; Kevsl-uie
v. i,.f,r-; FrankHn B, -i.44<-; inn,bil,, extra C, i x -.
vd star c. -ii-,-: green itar c, 4e. Receipts?
?lour, o,__o bbto; H,;t.? Heka; wheal timk, bush'
?im, 30,300 hush; onto, xt.hxx bush. Bhlpments
Vluat, |,S00 bush; corn, 17,'./00 bush; oats, 10,300
m. boola, Feb. 2:1.-Flour snebnaged. Wheal was
U*;ismiiii- ,in actions, i.hiftiiig without kppaianl
au.,-, clnslni l Ba l 4c up f,,r ppttona; N,,. *j r,.,|
i, -, il-. ; February, <>7 1 .,-; March. 0g?; vim
l l 81 .1 .", se; July, 7-j I Br. i orn unsettled, lower
?ri larg- leielpl*; Nn. -J ,?Sh,37 3 -,?; t'.bniarv and
larch, 37 a sc; May. 30 3 hu.'HI 1-2c; .iniv. ii-,-,
tnt. lower nn lbpitiinil'iii, Nu. -j rash, :;i i -j,?? Har
t-2 ;i -tc. Bye, un trade. Harley iteadt llssaeed
inlet, uncbanied. Hay um hanged. Benn Briner
... l-Jc |,.<1 er..1 Irr . :.. Lr,I -tn.ne, S>:i 7,, ? .|?.|i,.r
lull, .lu;,, conim.-nl weak, uncbanied 'liueiriiii!
nd il.-. Heady, whl hey. -M 17. Provision! nulet
lomlnallj eaaier, licur'-s however uncbanied e\,,iii
SW p'.rli which ls dnvvii tn #-jo. Reeelnts? Flour 11 -
'*"? ..ll-: wheal 40.000 bus-: i^nL 302^00 bush:
?ut*. 34.000 buah. l.occlnts Flour, '..ooo bbto: wheat;
ve ,.'.._: ',"r''!' V',<,'"V" '"'V'; "?"*? -?-ooo bush:
><-. 5,000 hu.1,; barley, X.xtxxt) tomb.
Toledo, Keb. -j;i. wiieat dull, iteady; No 9 raab
'.bruarv. 7J 1 Je; Mav. 7tlc. July. 7*1 3 1,'- " tin,
* .iv.*, needy] (ash, 4-j 1-Bc; Mav. 43c; Nn 3 IV
lo. 4, Me. Oato nulet: raab, M t-te bid.' hv.
un ; i-risii, 58c. . inver-e.-ii active, iteady; prim.
.-.-*, l-brufirv abd Mar,),. BS BO. Reectpte-lloar.
MO Lils. wheat, JLiint b,,.b: corn. 18.415 bnsh:
ve. l,:i,*_. bll-b; cloverseed. Hil lons. Shipments '
lour. 3.017 bl.ls; wheat, 3/jIO bush; ,?rn 071-/,
.uah ; oals, 400 bush J cloverseed. 07. tona.
n. nv. ri,mr, pkg
1'. rill., ia,is.
I ? in-. ' rt-'- .
Bu, kwh* .t bilk
i orton bale..
(ntl.,!?.?'? I Oil, I il.
" 0| I' r. -lh'-... .
I c.*. bbb. .
I ?'. ra* - .
l k or, pkgi .
' oi imeal, bbli ....
t o nun ni. bala- ?
wi i ,,! bi -li .
Com, ie,-,i . ...
Cit.. ! icli.
Malt, bti.ii .
Barley, boah.
l'..t* bu*i,.
Oatmeal, bbl..
I . ix.*-. '1 ! ri .". . .
Or rt--, pkg!
Ors., ."d. bag!.
Hld -. bu >. .
H..|.. ll.'* .. .
leather. .Mea....
Vi"*., bale, .
??' . - * b! ls . .
Spir.t. turi)., bbl.
114 Reata, beti . ?>?!
:t.-j Pitch, bil-. ?
.... 2,207 " ni cake, pk g.. 1
:. 87.1 oil, lulu., bola.
-, pffl ,11.,, sin. S. pkg!.
. 2 ii ".* Peanut*, ba$i .
... 1,042 Pork, 11:-'-.
,:i!i I'" I. pkg! . .
r, jss cutiocat*. pkB*>. I
... 29.0.11 Lard. p!ie?.
. . SOO I od. kesa .
.. :'. DO. Butt" i. I'1:--*.
... l',7'-. Ll-. I*-"--.
... .71 8.10 Tn ,?d b .-?-. N i.
... 80.7*10 C! lb li-ilv- r. tl.i-K- .
. 7,830 ' llai-m* c il). ! - iea
77". Sugar, blt''*.
... 2.'jut! M'l*, pk'.'* .
4,7 Soap Mock pil,.*.-.
4ivo .-lin*, bales .
?ju ...carine, pkg!.
280 Tallow, pk-r-.
ci , Tol a. ro, niel..
LU ,To''ii'?".., pk'.'?.
... 23,177 wi.i.i,er. bbli .
J!) VV Ol, !,,1 *.
407 Wine rf nf,, pk?. ..
:.7!> linn iv (Cal.), pkge..
3 ;e.i;t
.", 822
Till )
7 Ttl)
'J.-,! I
4 VI I
(Oil iti. i'.,r I'.r.i7li erawtfca lh* _pot market ruled
dull but -t.ailv. at 17r,?1s,' br No. 7. Baton, 1.000 bays
Santo. Nu. 7. coal tn,'I freight, 17',-. anti 1,000 bric*
Santo* No 0 to arrive, ISJSle. Tbe milder growths wore
dull .sale- "to boga Maracaibo on private t rn-- Option
undina aaa dull -al-* 17.000 baa*) ind th- tuirket
Hiini.lv followed llnvr- mid closed |Ulel with tame months
unchanged and other* IO po nu np. ihe official Kio taoie
nu'it.'i i-i,-t ndlnary Mokiio-i. Bomlnal: goo. /econ*,
un kilo., dor exchange (private). 1;;*.; receipt- inRia,
7,uni, baas; mo clearance! to United State-), ftiwiniji
Hi,, elearsneea _> Knropo, 8,000 bair*: Km -to k, jo, .ooo
1,-il'-; lifo market Inactive; receipt* In Santos 11.' 80 Dies .
Santo, flock JO.,Otk) bags: SontOI marhet. linn; go-id
everaae Nanto* I2S200; rec_!p_- at Rio July I. IHO,-. to
L-biuirv 22 'ltC.il J I0!1.0(H) ba_s; same tine XfXWi.
?714.000 bag.; sanie time 1*01. I.7')6.000 brr* ? rej-HpN
Vt Kinta* July 1. H?. I- Tel.rv 22, 1803 2 *. V*0
bars; ..au,- inn* 181*2, 2.829.04*0 haa*ii tame tim! 1801,
??.ion tia) ba*.; wareham* d-llvn-. Mure I*-limaty I.
if.'):.-' New-Vork IO;, set bair-: llaltlnior*. 18.7J*.! I??*i
Now-brleana, 18,8.1 hags; mal, 2S1.401 i>?cv
Month*. t.'loalne. ttlgjie ..Lowest. Snl--?.
Febtmry .17.30.M7.43 17.43 17.48 2250
Mu !, . 17.20,117.3*1 17.:C 1. *0 ??.-?'
V'.,,i ..;..:: id.BOdio.?i i?.?. wg i/?????
M,V 10.75418.80 10.80 1 I -SO 4,000
? .gi '. Ul c.-,,I 10.70
'l?iv ' . 18.80 ' 10.8-1
lUIU-l '... 1.1..-.-.,, I''..Cn
September . 1" ??'". l"'.o
,, |.,l,.r . Ut.4.?.?!'?..?.")
\?t",,' , r ... Ul.8.*?_ld I'l
i," ..',.,_. .. I-,:'"..!.', SI HI f. Hi .Ci ?'?'
COTTON" Tl"* ?'?? ' nial el ruled dull nt unchanged
price. Mica. 128 bale* Ut .hipper, ind I ".0 bale-Woe
, spoil 1.1,1, tnt ,..,- 1 ba*. 1 ii '?"? Aa* rn an
nf , la.ilOcatlon. ,. , ,
Cpl ft'!..
" irv .". *S
Kiri ? Ordinary . i_
'?on'- " 4lnsr..'*. ,.
-.' rirdtasry .? ,', ,,?
I.., t M' tiling . J* \\'<i
Mri 1 1."? Middini.-. B ii'.
.'?'',' ,?
liOtt Ml Ullin? . ?' AAO
Kiri ' 'e-.I Ml.Illfi, . ?''?
Middling Pali . . *
I .1.1'J'a
'.-ni Ordlaarv .BbLaa MUdiing.
-.,.l Ordinary ... 7 MICdllBg.
Liv ni) il t- le.ram*. I ? '? '-'?' 1 13 p. bi -B
II CH) Lil.-, ,.! ?1.1 li Ac.?!, rill 12.000 bulee. -c
10 IH ' '-, - ol ni,,, li foi si.1 nine, um! exporl 1
Li!*- ? Au ??:: mi '.' i > ,i market A lnr bu
M,d< - 'lian! > Lied
.' . ? . ; . ', -I ' ll - IC" ll -
20 507 bale) tol !'?' ding day I.*-' vo_t Mn<**
cr 1 the receipt* hiv.- I ?*? -u l.'-'l '* *' ci bale,
.i/a.n-i ',.:.'-'.!''. !?.?* duilna *ii.rrc?pondlna i" I ,,
-.-1 j-. 'ii,,' 11^ rc* appended .how th* ? ek'i 1 P
Univ, Ile Ul :
v ,?t ?? nipple .1 '-"?? ?'*"?
Receipt*, I do- ???? 41 197
I ii*>r*. tn ?.r--.it britain, i dari . 1 ? ? ?
: - . " ?'?
I.e-- to ? ? ? div ?. Il !????
, ? ? ? ? ' I dat.
. Xe V ..rk In Iii lilied '
. mun ted dall! ...2a
- pla ? ?? iwtln.at.-di - --'<
1 ii , - a-k lu N 1 v , i . ru 1
- , : , ? 1
i'll i'nited Mate* -*
i ?? ri, .,1 ne 11 ..|.-,..?,.
.I'll.SOO ? - file do
itu li ?? '*a* v.irt .-, - ? >' * IO Ul I. Il
tt ni ? ? - ? 1 ,-, ,.
of it,, 8 1 Inf*, bu at th* ? * . r j ? "ii of 12
I ,1 lain pl!
Moil,*. Ill ?'? ?? Lot -' Sale*.
I a . !?.07m !"
II ll , '. " lu.,:* ll
t| I
Mst :? u.i'tii'
I in* ?> r "I!
10.01 10.80 8.250
H 1 Il'l
!l ll''.
!> ".H,
I) lg
'.) II-1U
8 1 lin
t.OO.'l .!''. :
tu .;;.;
7 .i.e.
ll Tl
:?. t - s -
'. ??
n .I-.
?? ie
.* .*,-.
n .,?)
?' in ? ? IO
1 ?* ITO 1
.-, .(.-I
?" r
Ort, ... '1 1- '? ' ?
- . ?' ll--' lit ".21 '-.ll - _ '
I I.'*' L VN|. V|| M. 11.01 I". Tit*'- wa. a mod. tale
I ? - . , ,-.. .,,. 1 md v a *? ? ??? without tu,1- - mi
henri sj ... , ? ,? ,1 bbl lu ru ti ? ?'* '??"' bbl* -;? '?? ?
; ,? ? -i , 11 M I Ort ... ' - 1 - ? i 100 1 ' -
? -1- '' '
1 in 1 J00 i, i- winter patent*, -1
II 11 > J.' ?< -'
,.....?.. j; 40(1 I ?? 1. 2
.?;,,..'-,,, ., tal ? - 1 ?
clear I4..-T4 I*' ll" -..I.- ind bM* ?1 c'.,,-1 ??" - p -
One bbl*. 4 N'o. 2 *'-?,,+J l-l
v- I . ear - ? -'. -.* ", atralght* SI COa
84; t'-i-nte ?. !0./e. 00 ?,ni.r. bbl* tine 12142 15
.merit ie. t ? : to Va .- ? ' Uti 12 IO v. !
; | | - *. |.-, ,-vi .n .tra!cl ?- 13 '-OS**! -'?
. ?. mr, nt'CKvviii it ii-" ii quih .
ni ? kw in vi t.i: vin
tat.- i . ?, '?'??! il '"'" '-'I ?l '
,i. -,-, kv i. i ct i: i n ' .-I. *'ii--ii-i
03 lOSSa ii. ' URNMl AL I) ,!!. !, t
Hpj , ?? . vv. .?? ;, anl So ill
i,HAIN WI I LAT !?'. -I - all ?? ii oven-e il i
md tl ? ' ? ' f ""*
? ? ? ? . Mino. , ? :,t IKl
Crl v |.rl -- Indi, Kt* ! Blt rc'.' in ? ll
.??, th .1 -.'.,'!
.,' t' .,,,,. o I ,.|, li ,| ,.t. ,| hi tl." weeli,
tuppi? ? I bt Hm I.,...-'' I. il rei rl-n
-..' ,,-,.iie.i, ni.ed a ' ? I after a (*? -I
- i
t,e tot Ihe dat rin ? ox point, were
Til 8M1 - .- ? om
paring ' ! ' SS7 an! IO. USU ? . I? ul
for . ? ? ? i' vt ihe
* .aboard ''.- arrival - e 00.nl4 I ,.-,.-?- ,
huak and makin* tbe UH.ot* Int ? md ?eabnore
;<70.SG9 t.n-'i igi ? ?? l-l* 407 I-,-:,. i ?
tho Allan! * -i I ??-'' ' n l ue?d iv
? S8S.7M buah f-r Fehruarr 21, I-'1-' lb- ?pol
i arke| <* ,- aa-.'.', I "?>- no d'u uid In
.- , ,! r lion *,'?'? ' 0 '..OOO bu di r ' ire 32,. h -
^i.,, including N'o 2 red " n_*r a* 7'.i'*oTOSx elevami
ll _:-i', ,'? .,, s ? ,, b N',, I N
*. , :i de vi',, m \n i hard, tm ,,.?
N? 2 February closing at 77',-; il,, March, 77'.a
7h 1 lc. rleMng al ?'** 'o Mai HOI I'l.-u-., i n.|,i|
(, >- v, ,t.. I,:,-, st\?s. | , (,|tv
Opton* 'I --- i !n?-1 n ,, ai , re.ul. ol ? g., bul
*ul.--'t'i'-it'.-. i?'' ivered a -I -'I -i*v at au advum* of
"a* OB ' ir!-.' an! a de ',- of '? ?' '- ' "ii late ii.onfli. C.
??nt lhere -*** a fe'' (ol !? i - h Kin*.- yf -'.-art v ?r|, . s
WM)OOO !? -!' fnl ? ir:-''' n i.--ii .pol Includion
Sn. i nit] i B ',-.'? elevator. '?:!.'',*, tfl, ,- radi I
mixed, .''" '?'?' '* ? ti-! IO . sf I I do *>" 'i
\... 2 ivbfviary, cloalne il ?". ''??''. d. Mareh .',!',,?
,',l . ? rloilni a' 11-ie ''?" Mit fan,, '?n',-, cluaing nt
r.nS' do Jult 50.f51*ae, eloalng it '.n*. OATH
l,r ,,;fon n.irk'.f ? ,. *tt -i-v ,,. .? ,i , decline ,.r '..'
lie si.ut oat-, ru!.d in-a,ii.ir with mixed "ic lower ind
lt! ifllhtlT liner. Sile*, I SO OOO buah future 138.000
bu., -pot *)? 'itiiii'.' N*i 9 whlbr rn', .ic. n.i ;i ,i,,
I"' '40', Nn -j. *:'.?,./.-'.' v,. :.. a. N'o 2 Chi i*-"
l tuc, niel Wei.ein mixed, ;i7' .,.?:.'**-.,?
i\? white !'>, (','-.- No i Kel rn.irv .i;*,.* rtnalne *l
; do Mai'b ?7?,t cl., i ?: it ??:',? do May, B7-aa
i l.i-lne at '.'?", ',?? r do ahlie Febmarv rlo.lne al IL
dn March *<",- ? mint il ;,)'.- BARLF.V We..t?m
.'."./ 7"..- - i niif" m. brewing '?'? ''',:'.' I'hevaler
Mx-rowed si,,.. 7.-,?7s,. two-rowed ,!,,. 85_ 07c; n, ;?
Toronto, B5e fo im:*,. Se. 1 ,!" nominal; ungraded do,
>n.'I'.. MALT WeaUm, '.ii- -'"? ? two-row ed suit-.
7'.e77- -i\',,v",| d,,, !-."????*7i.. : Canada rountr ano
? itv nuide, s,,, rei uvi. Duli: limitation* Btl-.liie
on .lack; 80101c delivered i l'.l'.!) Quotatlona tit
'JO,- fur .0. Cu un'! BO II ind W3. fa* IO*, tn un*l -liains,
.nd SSfttOe f-r tv* Oi! u,.al. ?l:i7'a; J"b tot*, 2_?
un,'- i ,,t,,,!i -cl ii,-al. al 17^081.10.
1IAV AM. ,**r.ivvv ha*.' Quiet and iiii-liancd.
Panrv, 13100c; lan- ba!.* ,o_,i N? 1. BOOSAc; licht
mixed, 7'J''.'.i 77lv. . tlar.. mixed U7"??? 7'jv,.- ? clover OAS
7n-: ?li!|i|i|iir. 70- MI1VVV- Lon Li: rve. (;.*,,i07'-c ;
*li?r' rv, .S-SOe: uat. IOB.Se: tv|?at, 40043c.
OOPS At-riln week-r; New-Yorh "tate, lf'lj. cho!?e,
Me: prime, 22 .T'J'J'?..-* ?: rnminon to n,*<liuin, 20*4021 Wc;
I SOI, ni.ise; old oidi, ?',,'.? . I'l-ni.- roaal 1802 choice
22*I8c: fair rn nrim,. rt,,.'!-- California, ,,;d oidi b ,, - .
Bavarian and Bohemian, 47?f50e,
vit'LAssi.- New-Tork centrifugal, HOlSe; enmrnon.
1.-.,M.'., ; fair, IOSIOo ; prime. Jo,, _??_>,? ? ,.t??\ onen kettle
28d."_-e: prim". ..l?l.i-; choice, :..,/:.;,,?; r?,?-v :.,;,,_:,?'
dull ami week at .!;'.?,,::.- ROHIN i'lrnc .falnix!
iiuoted nt ?l l". u,?<l do, * I 50; L ipi ".'.',."?! .",.-,- k tl no ?
xx. iii 7, : II *.' _.-, ? 1 rj 00,7020.1; IC. .;. 3D ; M ' mit -.;,'
N, t.'l BS- VV 1.. H25; w vv pt IO, '
(ick.an litlTii. iiT-s-u-ii. r To Antwerp, 1 tl ooo
buah grain wera taken it l'.d; Leith, Scm 1 u-h 2-d
,,,,1 Donlee, 10.000 hu.h, il J'.il. Qn,,nt|ous 'l.lv.r
I""'. 1.'? gialo, Sd; Hour quoted na.idS7.Od: pro.
vl-lons, p01.1i: -I,.**. i:,,r.'0s; 0|| ,.;,?<<?. .1. .'ld ; t';,l!?vv
us 1.1,1. beef, I* Mt2. ? ,., nuremenl eo-ds, I0_; p!.rk
1*7*,' huUer, 20ii23a; London, ilea rn, grata, l'.d: in,ur
told! provis!,,,,.. ||? sdi? 1.1*; -i- , -e. i2aSdl15a- ,,11
rake, Ba 3d; tallow, ll* Sd: I.f, |?!M02a; m.-tisur ?,',-,
-""','"' .',"".' J.";<- '''"l; 1""""' '-'""? fllsegow. Btoam
rrala, I'.tl r fleur, 7.: provl?|,,n., 12* Odu 17* ttd ; rhe>?e
lleate. 7.1; unb.vv. 12*Od; beef, 3s; meaaurem*>nt
goon* 1 .- 1,., 1.. ?.'. butter, 20*.
ul l.s 1 ,,,, maced weak, and His 1 en 'ral market du!i ami
aei_r.--_.ed otUmaecl, rrude, prime, W_,1IC; yelina
P._i_!..' ?l'1 offered al Mr*! rocnanut Cerlon, 6*afti ',
"':?" , "'''?*" ST ni, i" , He; lina rd, taw, America,
.ii-:!."'!.! io*1 ' ;'S ""*? 1'"""' ntetent make,
*. ,l'Kni.,11_?XI ?t?M '?"" ,""' "i'1""'1- ehBuae.
, :*' hW*: 1 ev quo) d titi ::,,.-.-n ,?.rt ,n,.? . ,,
"i"',1 ?r'. ' ,'** ' :""1 ttmtty, I2III22 BF.l I'
Dull om! Meadr; family ines quoted ct *|j? .i;t .-,,.
,.V'."^?':;.'<!?^,'"',tf.?'',;'','? :?*" "x,-r:l tntl. me*a, *_0
i'.i.) 1 11 ams Du'i ami unchanged; quoted at ?:i io
herr VI I,I,I.ls. Dull a.mil . ->,-,..-.., 1,
IIOt.H-Raalcr, quiet; itv. light 1.. heavy, io*., lo',
r.'ci, Vi. iia1'1 .U XT" D"11 ""l *''i"l* plekled
bo .1.-. 11*-_ 11 ?,. : ,1, .boulder* lenin',,; do ham*
,,::,4l'.:, .,';vl:"."":l. *?? .'???-: M _??-_
ini"t.',l at. *si:t 1",
lb."I. lentil,,'nt
(|Ulet. unit Inn, ar 012
n;.".." .,,,tii.-?t. qiioted ?t eil 85, and South America,
-.l-l *... M ,r-1. eli nominal: TT, cloalne al 0128.1 non
in 1 1 k Anln easier. New butter rrcai.r. l'"nn
?vlvinla "viiii- ??; do vv, item aeparalor, oxtiai, ?e;
Bo .n.t. -?.'?-.??? do aocond* 28S2.c; do thlnto, 21_"22c;
Mate dalry, half-flrkln tub* -vi",- "-, ,1, tiru* -'..r'l',-?
d? second,,22.724. i|? thiiiU. ji'uJK';' We?. rn'Imitation
.ran,, v ll;. . 28_*_4c; d. -.'I,,-.'.',; vv...,.r.,
,,'. -J . ? *?*-**?: '''? *e< ond* '.'i'./-.M.-: do t'lPiL. is,,
l:..-. We.i'ri. fm .,,v. extra* -.".,-"tc ,1, Brat*. 21822.';
,,, ,.,,,, ls. lt., Jil. ; ,|? t|,|nl. ,s. . ,?,v ,,,.?, ?, ..,
" .-s!,' " , ,,rN '' '.'' I**"-"' "Ul hit. r -re:,,,,.
err. Ma.c fall ma,,.. JS.12V ; So VV-t-ni. mi,.r irak".
.xi-:** -I,/'..- do aiimmer make. ll,-is. _2?28c; do
"?'.r i'uk" .e.-rt. SOeetc* s*a* ? ,1,1, v tnt.- evtri.
2.1?r20c; do Hr-'-, .m.'i, ; dn _erond*, 21 |*J2 ; db t-ilpU,
.'..?: si.it,. ,|.ir:e.. Brk In. and tub- extraa 2'..- .1, lli-t
?-?:i_--'4c; ib, aecond*. -.'!,. 22 ,1, third* 20c; State dalrr
llrkln., ''Vin. ?.Mt-..,.?-.?.-??? ,|? ,ir.ts. -.-Lr.'lc ? do -<*,?,?,,!,'
'-'! -' -'"?? : do Hurls, jd. ; liv.t.r, fa t.orv, ilrkln.. IOs2I<*!
,1,, lob*, I7,,ji,, CIIF.t_.NK Dun i,,,,| unchanm-d:
s-i.i.. ?:,. ne-,, fun rream, fib mad" white fan-v i"":
colered. toacy. 12c; cimic. ii,,,.. _?? 1 to prime, ll fll_e;
f.ton '.. file I",,, in",,?; nnrt .kim*, fhenancu nml
11,,.-iii oiIiil' rountle*. small si/e choice lt)'.., li,',,- mil
tu prim". **,/l'l-; |,uit .Ulm., prim.- sn. ?:t?? f,,|r ,,, ',.,, ,|
:,,_,,? ,',,mi,??i. t?,-?-: rmi anima. |?2*.e; ivni-tylvanla
?kima, lt,UlS> i'."-* tiraln weaker; htnir ont
Fenn*ylvanla nsw.tolrl ??'?,',.,ti-,'-. ; Ballimore and I) C
n??-.lal1 -'tl',-r VV.'st-r i ami Houlhweatei-n new.
laid, mn JU'.-; Koo them, fr.*.h eolleeUon. best, t3MS_r
si 1, \l; -ltwv. v dlghl ,om-s.!ou in nrleea iurtueiicT*d
a fair bte;r>--- H"acSVado, Hi, lest ;i, ana .m t^st
ceiitilfiiKal. 1*.e : ..il.. 700 ton. miiscnvidn HO test
le. 10.70.) ia-, cantrlftiaal o<i leit, :iv,- iti-'.KlN'i-'.b
-Quid, cul loaf. O',<i-.tlc; cruiiicd. _',..', ll.;
i a ,;.a-,i in,. ? granulated, 4?ia4.81c; Ono
l-owd-ril. 4 'if-i l-io .. S-w*** ? - * granulated,
^"I'i'i'.t ? cub,yM/.V000?Xtk\xX powdeVd. _>.*
- iv mn'uld A 4'.-t'*0*i.-. dlantond A, 4VM.81e; eon
'ci'mf ' V 4--.-V._i.-: Columbi. A. 4-?if..5Sc : Wlndaor
'., "."-J.M Mk ; llld,etv(K..| A. 47.1 ?4 _c : PhemAx A. L3.?
;'? -.,!.?. ? No !./-._11411*! Nc. 12, 3..i9,i3.c; No. 13.
" '-'i'L v'iu'n ITT).ll an i' wholly nominal. Lard quoted at
HT1VL,i..)VV-'_ui..1t"'a!.d'''s't.-..l.v; prime city ClOflDg St
SBBSe. ,
New-Ynri., ThuiMay. Woh. j_-RKi:vLs-Re.--ipt_. ?%
,-ar- t 50 h.-A cai- dlreei lo sIsuBhtarera. and hdl
_ ar of ioctl -tock. No trading. ->,,*?ngrteady. City
,ir? ,1 ti.-v ? *'d- sb,tv bal st-r.dv ut 7 ha'Ar pet BIBI
f 1,,,.,.., uo.kI choice, '-"--c. Cow beer nnehnnf.d Bj
4,7 \ late 'ca le net.-. Shipmen-,--. JO cattle ami
?'.> .h.,.,, io L-iinud, on the trinidad. To-morrow none.
The Cor au will not K-t off before Sunday.
mil, u i '.vvs-K-'.'ipts. pert lat- Wednesday, aw
CO head. N'o tradltiK reported. Nominal Quotations S20a
if.V) per b'Md tor |.*ir t*t choice. i . n v ...
.-ALVIS.-Only (.bout 40 calves received Bl BU Hew.
York marketa, feeling Brm. and reata were '.-to *M
i i.-her .ellln" at c. *?? <r P1--.: for common to I hal 00 Kl
-?I s,.r, ,r vVeslern- IireJsed calves lm and bl. h. c.
Country dr.?.I leal! sold at 8?l?e. xixxt choice near bv
.1, _t L'-c ; -Itv dre?d ot BOlle. ind extra prime car
ca_*ca up to IS-o; dr-?u barnyard calve* at ?_*?>_
,!r..*",i M'eaterni al 6?7*ae: und lift!" calves mainly ai
i;,j7" lnf-rl'ii- (bi H-lllliK down In a few -rises ti MKrse.
Sii-.-.I nillenbiitk ll veal*. IM IB 170 B average.
at 00500*050 pei io. to. . __?_
Hume ,fc Mullen: 4 veal*. 153 to at. *fO Wk
MILLI' AND I.AMRS.-Kec, ll'ts In-ludlria I! ear
dir-t t,. bub her*, were 18 cara, er J.0B8 itaad. At tic
i.ptowB vu,tl*. ..Ul, only A ears ,.f freak stock and .1 tan
bit ovei yesterday, imtto waa i little hrlak and petoei
lOe bl-iier ,.? gund to choice lamb*. Tlie tu (Ta In stock
waa nt, AlUuir with .onie um-ertatntv a.* t,. srhea lt weall
-et through, with 13 eara at ler-cy (Itv and, tan
bu ree* trad-- was dull und no Improvement wa* man lie* ??*)
in tillers runt lt ear* vv-nt ovr. Medium to choice ?h*'T
sold at e-WtW pei loo Bi; elis and huck* at e_..0-*l,
ordlnarv to ehSte lambs nt, ??',,**? 73. Dressed n,*itto:i
steadv at YXJ'.h; per lt,, cbob - h'-avy wether! rsaehlua 0.,-;
df-ssed tamba a little hrrr.-r al On!_.': country dr-..sod
sining limb* unehaaged, at *'.?**_ 50 p*-r mrtotm.
Sireo-IIillenbeck V- Hollis; 127 Stole lamb* ?_ to.
avenge, at Bli 73 per 100 to; 1712 do. 7*.i to. Bl BBIOl IBO
dr.. iw li, *t SB; 7.! Kiata skeen, 101 lt*, at BBM; 20 do. 8_
Xix. at ei 21 : Bl do. *-?* to. at S3. __ ? .?
V. Harrington : I'm) Mb hljrin lamb*. SI Th, at tfl 7.1: 20S
do BIS Itv. ?u MOS-a; Hi2 Ohio do, 08 m. at MM; BS
Obi,, -heep. 70 rv. nt S3 23. ? _. __.
Hume 4, Mniien; 17.1 state, lamb*. 7_ TD. lt. $0 ,_? 16.1
do. s;l St. Ht (at til; 27 Matu .lie-,,, 10J to, at MM; 2
bu-lis, 110 Bl, at. SA .10. . .
M. ratline: 37 Ohio lamb*. 100 ff. at $8.10: 1.1 do,
po m. ot mn*, imo ohio ihiep. !0-i ff. at *8: __ do.
IO.*, ff. at er, ci.
f>. M-l'h**r.on t Co.: 157 State Iambs. 07 ff. at ?<1; 44
Slate iht -n. si ff at M.
S wton v *.-iil-ttr iss Obi,, lambs, 82 ff. at a0 37_:
1. ob!,, -lee|i. <l| ^v, at fi; (late vo-ti-rdov, 17!i <!!ito
In, b* --. lb, h* *.!.',(): 2nA do 71 ff. at M ll; MB ohio
-!.p PO W a' 85 75; 27 iheep and lamha, :i7i to, Bl Mi
:!1 Jeraey .1.p and tamba, 7.1 it. at M 23.
Hi-,- Re, e| pl., 'i cr- ar LYU he-id. The N'*vr.Y,rk
Central hr.e* wera back, end ar mid no. t-reh tho va,<|,
to-dav. I '"'Ilin.' .feu!-.-, and fair to g,,',<l ho!* ar- (|not-d
?it OS SH tts SO ;-- 100 Bi nine I Mullen *? !'i 27 mri.:
hoc., I'll Bl i'.i-."- a' M 50 pu- ino Th; j renell do.
3*5 B si 87 50, Country ii re aa ed ".ait at IO,die for
heavy to ll|t>L
RulBlo, Pcb. M.-CatU. I!.Ipt* la*., it hour* MO
I,, a<l . t.,',.: r,,, week thu* far. 8.820 heed ; for mm ' tim" i'i -f
.k. s.080 h'titl : ron.Inned thioiiuh. J,.O') bead : to
N.w-Yorl 2,120 li.I; on -il". -.0 bead; market <p-ne?t
dull and lower; ,b,.,,l weak: light r. zood -i.-.-r. ??.. 7-1-e
14 23 common bi fair, *?'( ?'.< a rt 7.v Hog*?Receipt*
la-t 4*. I.t?, 5.7* i le-st'l . Ital for vv.-li thu- far. .. 150
head; tot ?mme ilma leal - ek. 13 2.10 head: rooilgn-d
Uiiounh. 2.700; io New.Toek, i ' *??' heal: aa -tic
it',"? i heal, market opened .-m and lotv-i ; elosed weak;
nant Ui eood Yorker. 07 ttOtUn IO; a-adiam to I. ave,
M 2.1-48 IO; ? 'b..|..- to prime ;.,.,) Ri, le uv. 8830118 73;
nie. *-7'/*7 Vc Sheep and Iambi -Receipt* la-t ts le.ur-.
5.200 head; total fr feet thu* far. 48 000 bead; for
-.ii- time bul vi" k. ;.t ufo bead; con?lened thtongh,
l .'id head: to New-Torh 8 000 head: nu sn!". 1,400 h-nl.
ne b'd!-i'.' 21 .?:!..id- hold over: m?r.('t opened eaaler for
for ''uiiiici ; -lo..,| w; r 11 downward tendency;
vond |o choice lal.,!)-, *?'> 7.',....'. IC ,,million tn lnr,
???-"? ? 'a ?? go 1 iheep, tl 7,',,iF>; choice ti eu,.i,
? -, -.,. --, no
, hleago, Feb SS "The Fvenlm .lournal" rermrt.tr
Iii 'lilla, I. is-) held; -ltipm.nt-. .1 .VV> lead;
i ik." -t- el-. n.i evin .l.-.r- on iiatl.ct; Choice t,
prime -..,-.-,i-,c oUieis, H-OSI325; r*\ans, lt 10
.-. ?*.',:,, i, i ??-,. ii,,.-. i:..,i|Hs. h,ih:_i
H. j'i i r.tpn -nt*, s SOO !?? ?: market lowei mis i ind
ci I.- - |7 -' prime heavy and Butcher*' wrtehm,
.Hernia light, ?:./*,,;.',: pip*, eeitol SO Sheep?Re
fi-lpt*, -.cn head; .hipmeni* 2.000 bead: maru-t ?low;
ire-s aimdo tower; natlv.*. tx 15 75; lamb* MOSS
si i ul*, I-' ?-?:. ' atf ? Re, -.fi-, 5.000 head: -hip
? nb. ' OOO head; market ni*edy on all urade- of i-i*!,
native ind Texan*. Unod U 1 Tetan .teer* -.h.-, flog.
Ibs-elpt. 1..) 'i*o'! -Inp:, 'it- ,1,000 h-i'l mnr';-',
?Ked. i".iw i7 -"e-f-t lfi mixed *::o,i**i. light,
? .-,.*./ *7 : n sn- . 700 h- fi *binu .-ut - Bone;
No mark I owlag lo lack Bf r",-*ipt- u, make om*.
I! vil'l'l.s OP NT.W-TOnn ni'.ALfN'CS.
'I lei- was a 1,,'tbr feel'nc in ei-ln circle, on th*
Produce iv inn,-- yeaterday awlai to th* lick of ?tr-*it*th
ikewa i.v tim'adv..cat.*. r,f the AaU-OpHea Mil lu the
Honaa <f i:?pr-?-iif.it,v-, at VV'a*i,!ner ,n. T!,e ?a>a of
wheal apttoni smouated t** 2.023.0M bi*h*l*. and tina!
tai ni indi '"i an advance ot ', reet**K>r the div.
. ibioacrounta wera iteady, ilthougk ailp;?r*' ''ni's vc ri
!,.! ,t* market quotation! and no > xi*,rt bualneas ?a- u. ?
-:."! 1 ,.r milling 82.000 bushel, acre taken
vi ir. h option* -" 'I it 77*??-7fl 1-10 "nt., Mav at ."**? 1-Klu
?-. i ?! July al HIVa si., , ,*n,.?.
? "rn fufir? declined Sa1! ecol eorlv in the .o.-ion. but
*?.' - ,j'e i,nv recovered and rloaed ut a net id vance or '?
rent oa early. *i*i a se. decllaa sf '.n*. -*nt for luxe
montha. spot euro enjoyed a fair jiibb ng bu-:n ?*v, Kl!
s-ii - in thi. direction reaching 182.000 buahel*. 'ihe
m i et fifi**-- vver- -eiDnfo btish-l-. M-ir-h onf|,,n.
?old it ',1 ', . .1 i ceuta; May al 50!?-A***i eeau, Md Joly
,? .? ,i . , eats,
la oat! Ute mark-t cl<v*"d ,a.r In ton- at a decline of
'..,', .."it en futures, bpot OBIS were Irr-cilar, i..!."l
claalng ?. c nt lower mid white -'.!s-litl.v limier.
The tiru! quotations were i, f,,!., *
wi. .i i ' r .iv. 77',. Much, 7s Mav. S.*!; J'i'.v.
*r- ??!,
.orn Ifinmry, r.i':-. Mn-h. ,',i' ; Mir, SOS; Inly,
, ntl
,.-. I "brurirv. :.7', Mir h, ''7', Mtv. ,17', cent*.
I.rr>i March, SIS Mai el'J 85: July. 4)12 47
'lie- ,... h.,. . r m reported v..t-r!iv ..?
yew.Yotk, !' ? , i ? ? : ? and i."-f n w* ie ,
Whx >f 7" -it I rn, 17! 227 hnahol* ;
? ?its. 72,245 buahela lota] grain 8M.2.8 bu.hela; tl-nr.
'.i .-.'i pa. lagea, v. Chi ? ? -, Ml ? in iee i d st l.?ii.
tn.' arrival- were: Wheal 4in,.i8_ hu*heb>: corn, 7-",'? -.7;
bu-h-l-, nata, ll-t .-,-, bu*heU; t ul gialn, l..'_7'J.'D
Sour, 11,201 barr' la,
lin-, nunn in chicaoo. *
Cbleego, Pth. 21 Specie ?Wheat wa* h'li-e.i to-ay
t,v tie* Ill-luck attending Congre*emen Hatch'i effort! le
g-t lu* Anti "pti,,a hill before nv Iteuie. The {forth
wost teat i li t ut bear aewi and uept ita o?n Bwrketa
, lied. Mav ken c"t t-. IBS, th-n ra!!;d to
77'* and , lo-erl at 77-. cento 'Iii,* So u tli west sent eotr.e
, rop-eamage reporte, "Tke Price * arrant" *a'd the
-ii'iatin.'i during i'i- vt.-;i had not changed. Recelpta
here tren 2U-. 'ar- ihe itlu itt for 1'rtcT.iv 850. 'lh
N'oraiweat f"r tv.o dav- Iud .-,.-,;. rani. The bull ellqu*
siiii|iiv "atood pat." bu. t'.i-r- waa no breaking rbi
Mav prl-e. Tills -te.idlne.. und r attack -ufg'-.t'd what
(hi happen if Ute Maj bulla t?'k th- aggressive.
rle. feeitng to-night i* thal the mark t ha* turned for
j, wtille. .nd tbat *hort. "ii! ,i?n do the milking for a
lew day*. The Western weather I- a little t,*, mild to
I.- (av,,rabi- .'orn vv?s weak, eltli VVall street ?ttll
--liing out remnants. Mav corn unlit from ia1, to Iii',
ami ,i,,-,d at co. cent*, Th* r*"eipt? wera :48!? -ar*.
the e.tluiate f?r Frlduv 120. The bucliig iva* bv lhart*.
Tb* tocal fe-llng I* .till beart-b. but the be*t"vletv la
.' (', ? market han had lt- break. out*. r?r May I,eke
ti ,m .t:>'? t' BS anl Cloaed at ll'-'-, eeata. The r
celpta were 181 cir-, me eattmatr f-i Friday 313. Thora
.,: .e.- targe looaely held long ll ii *??. mid effort* ara
I til I making bv Ile* miders ut bi lng th tn ou'.
Th,- prospeeia ol a .wlBrhmen. .trike on al! rollroads
renirlng u, t'hlraas mad.* a ratler weak provision mar?
ket. 'Ile r- vt,, fi, a n'lling of pork anl lard bv Cul ilil?
li ,1 liv Armour. There wera ls.OOO hugs, and pit ?'*?
wera tower; ti,o Western picking. 115,000, wa. onlv
40 OOO leas than the same week la-t gear, Mav B rk
sold from IIB 20 ti *IH _7, but clo.-d at BIB 07; May
tare, from *I'J so to III 8.1, bul cloW at ?12 HO; M.iv
nt-., from el'* 17 tn -flo OJ. but etaied at ?10 1.1. Flav
.-.i- ?'ik; May seel from tl St bt $1 JI and clot-ed at
II 21?B.
Th- -arly mark-t for ttwAt option, at the CseaaU-BSBl
Rxckange wa. aeffleetel, bel la ike afternoon thorn vt a.
moro ure und 11,000 harrell ehoaaed hand.. Kir*t prleee
* -line (iou, Tuesday "f 1 cent, on tho
nO-TOn \V(.t>l, MARK KT,
Doaton, Feb. 83.?The tfeanaBi fnr anool is eteaty
nuil Um .ales nf tl,,, weeli ure 3,050,200 pound! nf all
I,,mis. Harket I. lli-m and fleece wools ure l-Kli-r.
ohio x snid ut 20e, and a bu nf -j:,,,,'.) pounds XX
and above al .'Ur. Fnr XX ill),- ls un In.ld,, price
with nie asked. Michigan x ls -Utter, erith a salo
<>f .,.).().)() po innis ?i toe an i-ae per pound. No. l
ohio wool snid iii ::te and Ml.blgan ut ?:ic per pound.
Fine Helaine lelectkms bIno liigher, irita s.iles of
Michigan at 31e.TJc nml .Hilo at :!.-| tjc p,T pound.
I'nwashed romhing wool qntrl Mt Jticf-JTo per pound.
Ti iiliu-v vviml bas 1.ii active mid (lu- sales l.-irire
Bi :,7"i;oo clean, f..r titi.*, 54?57c for tine medium,
ami .',.)? ,-,'je fur medium. lexus. California, and
i'c. cnn woola ure In small stock, Blandy nml without
Important lales. Pulled vvn.,1 In steady demand Ht
:;:i, m.- for inner, and domea.to icoured wools ar,.
nciive. Australian wool aettva. witi? snies ol ov.*r
I.iud.ooo ponndi at. 34*406 per pound. Foreign,
carpet wools Iii good d mimd.
l.lverpMil. Feb. -Jil. 3:4.1 p. m.-Reef In fair deinand.
Pork in lair d*'iii.iinl; prime n?-ss Western, fina, timi
nt ','?_?* ul; iio iinstliini. linn at -*7s lid. IfemsJjl pong
demand; -liort cut, aboal 14 to 16 th. dull ut 65a <kt.
Oncon?There ls tm demand; Cumberland cut, about
38 to 80 lb. dull nt BOa *kl; long clear middles, about
46 Itv, dull at ;,ls; long nml short clent middles, ub.nit
.'."> rn, dull ,-ir .us ci. shoulders, about 1-j to i-i n,
dun ni 40s. Cheese In poor demand; American rtiie.t
white imd colored iteody ut _m. Tallow?There ls
noililng offering. spirits of turpentine tn p,or de
nm, wi. cut..nseed nil. Llv-rp..,! ?-,-tlne.l, linn ut
J,*. Rosin lu fair (leiiiiin.l. Laid?.not ll) pi.ir .le
iniind : futuna- There ls nothing offerlni; prim" \Vest
ern -i|M.t dull at BSs Od. Wheat nnd Boar In p..,r
d.u,anil. Com?Spot mid futures In fair demand'
Blind Western spot, new, steudv ut ts -jd- F-brnnry
iteady at is SM; Murd ste?dv m -is i :j-a,i - \.?a,|
iteady at 4i l i -t.i. ii*.ps ?f Loodon-PariBe Const
lu fair deiiKind.
I.lveipiini. -.-eb. gS, 4 p. ni.-Cottotl?Futures mmmt
s.eaity; Amertoen, middling. low Uw g cl, .se
February *envery, 5 -i.'.id tellers; Feiu-unrv ami
Manu delivery. _ 4-Hid seller! 1" " ?
April delivery. :, 4 .14*1 fellers; April and Mar ita
livery :, iiltoai O-.bld; May ind June Uliven
.1 1 *vid viilue; .lune and .Inly delivery i M_A
5 0 .lid; Joly and August delivery. 5 lO-itd huyera;
August and September delly.-. . T_.*"
september nnd October rt- v,i!' 7 ^--lls ia.
lober and November deb. n^y-' 5. T** v.]'***
und December delivery -,, -?i " ?,5 l?*d; x*'<5
norfolk, Feb. 23 cotton ,ie d' "??
low middling. 8 llT.lcTgoo.1 n,d:*nml<1,IIln?. tia.
grose receipt.. M, bie-^e^J?^*; kV_S
bales ; ?.,|..s. 300 .,al-s ; stn.*. V. c V, :**-*n? ft
Savannah. F-b. _:!.-_(?,\Z,n ,"lf) b?''". ' *
ss.*-"0.,iA* ysttij-afja
.NeW-Oileans, Ft b. M -.folion ' '"*
el.'I ender: _"*.d middling" J|fiS< _k_J
ll l-Bej low middling. rt 7-e; _._d ,,1*1,: ?5___
net receipt*. 2.380 bslea; _..,;.!f?2.,'."tlK?* ? TS
to Oren, lirltuln. 4.000 ba!".' "', ' Ul "s: tt-Zi
slock. :!.10.7_t! balee. ? ? "dl'-s. 'i.i-o Bj
_?"an Steamers. ^^
*?? !?H*l|lj lWlll,TI)l,Uv".O'O,C0.
IBfc itesr low ^ "-S;-^ m(
H.lLM-ler. Feb. JS. 2p. ,n. Lohn, Tue. i__ *
Aller. Tue. , Mar. 7, '.) a.m. ran- h.,? *\i*Ith".21.Ii^.
Havel. Tues.. Ma:-.li. 5 a.,,.. Xrave. J i .*' ,',' *.'-. HjR
baale, hat., Mci,. 18, 8 a. m. ;i in .'-4 '.^M iii
? -sFLIN*. SAILING, l?,M,'l tj
. . le Baeiharoptcn (Lond?n>. Btttkan
I Lahn.Tue... April 18. .L.inn "HS**,
*??_;.? >?*.. Amii 2j. bSu*. ;;;-_a?.Rum
1 Mee.Tuc... Apni 25. Spree.. .^h SB A
I Etas.hat.. Anil! 2.,. I.,,-. *.TJ ???-Mir *L
; *??';.Tj.*e- -^ --iAll'>...'..'."-"T__' -VS
1 Havel.Tue.., Mav ..'ir. .Xtt?-kirr5J'
xx. a. Maier..wed.. Ma,' m M_vi.___**J-to_
Irsve...-,.t.. M-,v 13. Trave.t_.*-J5*,i
MKDITF.nitAN'FTsV 'riv. "**?*?-?a j*
New-York to xienm In le-. th.n iu.._ .
Kaiser W.ll Mar. 4. io i rn" ??-, da *,t ??. **S
Werra, Soc, Mir. IS. 10 a.m. Ka -_'*v 7 KUu
Kaivr WU,Apr)' 8, 10 a.m. VV. na. bat!' Mu tl JJ**
Wcrra,.Sat., Apr. 2--. 10 a.m. F..!da .Sit ft n. ?' >?*
Pa.Mge. efOO. 81?.*. or ULIO a b-rh r,,_V0?*
_. OtLMCHB ft rL-Vkgg
? Tri MVEIIl'OOL. VIA QL_.L*sro?,?
Aurania....Feo. SS. 1 p. rn. I Au mn la ."W,
Lt uria.. ...Mar. 4. 0 80 a. m. r.'.run,,. ",?-,,". 2' ?*%
S-r-.-la.Mnr. li none Scrtlj iF,1, ->t
liallla..Mir. 18, .1:1)0 a. in !'u,',r'j inV,0.'2-'-*
rrom Fl-r 40, North River, foot ofX_J I->%
Cibln pissa-e. SCO and upward. VL^tTJf*
Steerue tim*., to ard from n[| nari-Vrf pB.*bln' ?->
lew rate-. Kor rratshl and ?*a___a>?_W-??_5
pany'i ottlca No. 4 Lo.* Tin- ,.._,;, SemY..^ ** mi
_VERNON II. BROWN _ CO., -icn-r^*^
j:\trkss BEBVICl to
SOUTHAMPTON, l.uN'lMjN. AXD ?**from,.
bv the i i,,.,_r.i:i,e.it ttviii-.eieiv -? ???.,,..,;' yy{?***.
ft. p. Spriul lallloea: "* niH ? lt-io.oij.
Nonna,,,ila. Mir. KO l p. m. rolurn,!*, M,Tll t rn
Col.-a.bla. At*r. Li , ,,. m. (A.VIctorta, Iii.V*__K*
v Vi-toria. A,r. SJ, '.. a. ,i | v. ,, , jj W * tot-*
Norn ann!., ait. .7. :. p. in. I1. fll._.are, lun.fi I-**
F. niimarek, Mtv ..Ha- , . *. \'??*>.
To NAl'Lli- md I'lA'n, vin <:-Lrrr,!t.r' T_1M0*'
Twin-Screw iv.,"*- > > m ,, vii rcip!,'t! .
HAMBURiLAMI i:;t av PackF] .?,, ,;*.-. **?| I
A - A?*IEBICAN I.INi:.'"
-*:?-* nlw-vo:;:-:, -*-??TiTlirnT. LOlMt
LVLi'.v .s.v i ri:;,av.
New-Terk. Feb. M, 1 ao p.n,. Pana, March u -m.
Clie.'er. Match I, 7 a. lu. , jl-r.ui. Mirra __|_b
I-ron. l'ier 43, N. lt., foot ol Ch:l-W.hM..t
Shortest and Moil ? !. .. [J ]MAjKj
I'a.*-nr-r-. Iud .it I u pr*., rio, k. ivglilai a-?
valence ml espoi'ire of rn infer he tender.
Mi*t Cabin paaaarn fo h uthamritoa. London ot Him.
tHO and upward, according t. ?fc.imer iud i. i'___
room. Second CeMn, 135 and SM
.St-erage at Low Ratej.
_Henani Anent.. Ni. o Bowling ow. y*w.T-rfc
to the Iilaud of Jamai'.i, rc:".rel (or lu ?vh
ciimau, and nata ral b*aut?; wute .tattoo tf u? 'r,*L?
Navy and he*idguarters of t!,? Bru -, Anny m tu'*,_i
Indies, (ioo'i hot-.* anl .pl-niii rad*. m
Regular -al'ng- il-o f li--;. Usa ilici a_ a.
many Oid World fewa* el the Bpaal*! mt n.
l.i'i.t aced par*,I.he: n.ilei f-m.
TIM. FOR'.VUOI! v (.'.... A!._tt. 24 .sat-.., ?_..!?_
or THUS. COOK ir S ,.Ns. ., ,r. -. , As?c_.. ^
i.i st. Ihomai Mamu . Barhada* iel a__l
T11L V S. AM' IHtA7.lL M VII. S. b. CO
from Rob*rt Pier, Rroflklyn.
S. S. vTOILAN. I.v ??' itoy, i'b.r.lp a
b. o. AllVANCL .Tre-d*'. F?D. 2_, I ? ?
PACT. P. (iEl'.lLvRf) I- i'll i..n-i.1 A.-.-4
I, VV! Itehalbm.. N"-.Y?t
TenHH Agent*, THOS. CO'tK ? SON, '-'6l,a!1.2-.'IB?a
_H.VRLF.STON. r- i . the sou!.:, ?nd S-lthSW.
JA. KSONViLLE ind all K or.da Poba.
From l'ler Sj, L. L. ,:o t ui ttoo ??-: . :< p. a
al.m)N(.it.\-.Friday, t+tthmt* it
SKVllNoLF. . Montav. Ftbrarr 9
lI'.i'Ul I-* ..v..:n*-iit. M?-r. 1
Ali .team?rs hr?ve -ir-' elsa* |.is-e- r r li imiiiillmaa
wm. P. cLiUi. a co i.< rni Amnt*,
i Bowling t?reea. \. T.
T. O. FCFT.. den". Ar.. O. b. FFt Lin*, i.7 Bt_-t--*|i
Sailing for Xcw-tork ??* An.wera weeiiijr.
.NOORDL.l.ND .Wedue-sUr. Mrii 1 4 p.
WvOLaNIi v. ,?<*. ,-ii,i ..birch S. lt** a. a.
rir-t cabin. S'.O upward *eeoa! ,-ibln. to Astwwa,
038: from Ar twerp, e.*). Redi :-o.i M r md trip. Ap
ul* for --F.-u " -?t .rn* a- rary Isa rj'u-.
Ot uer ai Agnnu. n llowliui i.reea.
lir:nnnie..Mirca l, 8 _. -?? Bi laanle, kUrAtoilat *
*1*iii.-lc M.: n* IO a. m. "Ti '? le .ApHllffctoi
Oern.an!,- March 1_. :t p. tn Oem in.c, April 12. 2 n. n .
?-*!?,, mt Via- h 22 ' i M ' ?? IMA 301-m .
.croiii vvtitre -.-ir Deck, loot el Wtm H?i-?t
Sa'oon rotes, ?.V> i.p.tir. ar.-cord.lt' M -leaT.-r aa! H?
lion o? bertn. *S?' on : tabill un t,-- -t a'-r. ?J m
tttx. Frepald. ?"> u I -?'? -? race, peuit Wt
from Kew-Verk. 82 '? ."'O. 2? Breatlway, X w-io:* lit*
Ceiunla ollKe, 40u Wau I ?? .
.Vb.,lii; . M ::- :.o:;. via
T-> Tarcrj - ilk Pad! ?, Mei i lad OlMMk
Sa.irn.-. I N-''. .','.:?. I' r '?! N. il., f'Wt MO BM
?*' ? ?-' -I -' M ..? ,1
?atttni from Colan B. B. MARCOB, -TaRCH Ii
For tretaht, psaisift. a-*1 Btnersi toteflaattea an^f
the li itu- Departtnent.
bi a.MI ORD PARRY, BhRnuB ft CO.,
as Oiiadaeji
Telephune No. 4,70i ..ortlandt. _
.NEW-YORK TO JAPAN LN 17 11.118.
_u-9Mt.il ajLin_ from Vancouver.
rMI'RI-.ss, of i MINA .Mure*,*
EMPRESS Ol-' JAPAN ? .... ?*l''l1/1-V
Uau'l Eaat'a Alt., China and J?P'".-;'.'<: *,AV r.
OiS Bi adway. N. V. <?-? W.I---_ ?-?
COM PAON IBU EN B__A I. E Trantail-uitiqat
LA NORMAND1F.. Ri'i* . S'l, i*"; -?? A _ J
LA OASCO.i.VE. SanteTll . ?M"_S_l*i. 7_l
Lta BRETAOXE. Collier . bat.. Mch..m.Lg*
A. rOEUnX, oe.e-al Aleut, no. ? now.iB<^r?^
6taamers Iravo San F?nci?c? 11 folioei:
BF.LOTc....r:..r.z._____^_,__*:R i&S
OCFAN'IC.Tu.__iv Mirv* H. IB|
OAELIC (will call at Hon. lulu). TaiBtoT. April I'l*
Superbly ippolnt-d-Superlctr iccomraodioiO-. .
Reeervatlom can b.) nide bv letter or te'.e?r?n ?
cabin plsni seen st _87 md 848 Hroidviv, !f?w'''?^
Bitt-ry ril^ or room 74, Railroad MMMb *R~
rlico. LELAXD .STAN KO KD. Vt****
T. H. OOODMAX. Oeceral Faa-en.er A.ea_ _
From Xew-Tork Wedn?tav. PHday and Saw*"'
Through Kilkee*, to Bil powis ;n lexM, -*ulo:*fJ_ *2
Arl-ona. Ullforula, Mexico, Icc. ?.cv)i_w. *T'^
Havana. Cuba. Excellent ra-.'"""',??" ;\7fS.i.
Write for our 04-pi-go l.'.'it Ma".uni "**'",'1. 7 y.I*
C. H. MALLORY _ CO.. Ocu. Agt*.. Pier -0. **?S
0" L D DOMINION L lA-t^mRRs,
ommatt tor N01UTOLK, PORl'SMOl'TR Jf?7?
COMFORT and NliWl'ORi' Nl.VVb. ,,, ' u viOVD, VA.
U1N1A BSACII. l'l'TLR-HCR,;, and R^WgS ?'
.nd VVAs,llN?.i"N, D. I. lu'/"..^'-"alvBPir?4
.sat. Cr RH UM,-ND. via ?! v V! Y - BigJ _*.
and Sat. For WEST POIXT, Va.-lu**;. ?? ,. j
Kat. From Fier SB, new No., N. lt., n ? **r*a ?__??
t. M. Tlirou-h Ucketa arid fre:_lit nt**JW-6
boutli and Wea Applv at Itoneral om,;- B\ wi Un
ir ft 47 2J9 ,.,')7 Ml. -S7. ;! 7.V. Itt, J*}mmUU
Broadwir. ' W. L Ol' ILLA J1) 1 ^^JomWR*^
I LIX EB 10 I ALI I'-' RX I.v I A FAN A'^ V.-.UJ*
Froin new-York Flor foot of Canul-.u. " ?___?
tut .... Fraud, a. via the l**nntmttt*** ,iwli
Ci-Y OF fara .uii. tvaaday, Vehttotymm
Fi.u. nan FrancUco. i.i and Bnsns -*-*??
it)R JAI'.VN AND t rllN-^ ? ?
l'I'.RU *ail* Saturday. March <? JJlon ,.plr *?
For irei.hi. p...sa-e MO aeneral MffiW.T"
eompany'i ofli.-o on the pier, foot of .jaMBiar
lt. J. llL'LLAY. .isneral ^ul*??l^^__?
FOR LAOl'AYRA. T.' 1:^K'l'u.lv!,l',v'-,*'l'V*!
I ARR. IN', Vl-st) MAILS VNI' \.^\J
i>)R HA RAC A IBU, vulLliyiv'*
s S. PHILADELPHIA . V,'^1? m^ ,'b 7 1 '? ?
s s i viii, s-s .I ue-dtv. M?'u, !'. ?. ?
8: s: Vitnlzcitla /r*"<**x:?zr -,_U w*
,8. VLNl./.I'LLA Tnurauai. .....-?(i--* (?. m
Theaa Aaierlcan st-ani-ltliis. -?i ?" ?*?' ua^ntDr
ade. have very s.iper.or WCOnimo4atioBilorBj?
I.-DK ki vka* -vino,. I''11; 'J..'V l fi
, s. MARACAIBO .Waaacaday, ?^f ;__-??
, S. HOLLl.N.sll'r'. ???? daIXET''^
ourlsts- Aleut-. o-m-rai. Malta*' s '^..ly.
THUS. COOK * son. -'1 sadj ?> 1*J!Z--*
_'- - 1.1.4
"? .onU-.ng^.l.'c.lb R. tf^SSfc^ ic-^
sorell polni. in OEOROU,?-JK__,_*' Daiana9_3
innuTlir-l- Firatcla-i ?blo dhote.
pa?*age apply to v ,. mmttS, -_litf_|
3. D. Haabiien. E. Ag*., "? i,1'.,, n R. 317 B *w*
?. M. SOIUUIL. Manlier. Wtw net e?.

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